Hey, Tom Brady…

Tom Brady
Hey Tom Brady.

You’re a Super Bowl champion four times over and a Hall of Famer without needing another snap.

You’re one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football.

You’re the billionaire superhero supermodel golden boy who got the ring, got the girl, and who still shows up first at minicamp.

Your work ethic, your attention to detail, and your leadership qualities on and off the field are legendary.

That’s exactly why you need to step up now.

It’s why your arrogance and smugness in response to what’s happening is so disappointing and so darn… deflating.

There’s a lesson I teach my children when I catch them in a seemingly small lie, which I imagine you probably teach your own. I let them know that what they’re actually lying about may be quite minuscule, but the act of lying is itself massive because it almost always eclipses the initial offense.

This isn’t about deflated footballs and air pressure percentage points. That’s all rather silly stuff.

It’s about integrity and accountability and honesty. That’s rather important stuff.

It’s about our response to our own failures.

It’s about not deflecting attention or covering our tracks or pleading ignorance.

It’s about not vilifying others or questioning their character when they call out our missteps.

Sometimes our efforts to conceal our mistakes are worse offenses than the actual mistakes themselves.

We understand that this is a game. No one with any objectivity thinks that your transgressions here are grievous. We just expect you to take a higher road now that they’re exposed. That’s what great leaders do.

This isn’t complicated. Just admit the shenanigans, apologize for the poor judgment, and stop playing the victim.

Teach the millions of kids who rightly look up to you how good people respond when they stumble.

Most of us have a realistic perspective on the situation. No one is calling for your head here, we’re just asking you to show us how champions respond when adversity comes, even when it comes at their own hands.

In a world where professional athletes deny being role models for young fans (and often don’t deserve to be anyway), you can be one here.

You’re the play caller. Make a wise audible.

You’re the quarterback. Run the right play.

You’re the leader. Lead.