White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump: Fix This. Now.


We Christians like to talk about Hell a lot, so let’s talk about Hell a little.

In the very first few daylight hours after Donald Trump’s election victory it began:

Near San Francisco, a home in Noe Valley flew a nazi flag where kids walk by to get to school.
A white middle school student brought a Trump sign to school and told a black classmate it was time for him to get “back in place”.
A gay New York City man getting on a bus was told that he should “Enjoy the concentration camps, faggot!”
The NYU Muslim Students Association found the word “Trump!” scrawled on the door of their prayer room.
A female seminary student was stopped at a coffee shop with the words, “Smile sweetheart, we beat the cunt.”
Parents of children of color spent the day picking up their children early from elementary, middle, and high schools across the country because they were inundated with slurs and harassment and unable to study.
A group of Hispanic kids in Raleigh were taunted by white children, telling them they were “going back to Mexico.”

And it has continued 

This is the personal Hell we’ve unleashed upon our people. 

And if you’re a white Christian and you voted for Donald Trump: You need to fix this. Now.

You comprise the lion’s share of Trump’s elevation to the highest office of our country.
You knew exactly who this man was while you held your noses and covered your eyes and endorsed him anyway.
You are fully responsible for the flood of personal sewage now engulfing children and adults of color, those in the LGBTQ community, those in the Muslim community.
And you, white Christian, better get you spiritual shIt together and figure out how you’re going make this right.

Let’s be clear about something, brothers and sister:

This is not the time to appeal to minorities and marginalized communities to “come together in unity” with white people right now. That was Hillary Clinton’s message, and even though she had the track record and the experience and the wherewithal to make it happen—you passed on it. Instead you chose the guy who’s entire resume is about supremacy and privilege, whose entire campaign was about the fear of the other (the other in this case, being anyone not white, straight, and Christian). You chose the guy endorsed by the KKK. You did.

You need to understand this.
Oppressed people aren’t obliged to make nice with their oppressors.
The bullied don’t owe anything to the bullies.
Victims don’t have to make their assailants feel better.
Young children of color aren’t responsible to educate racist children—or their parents.

In the 25th chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus tells his listeners, that those who followed after him, those who would bear his name are to love the least; not those who are less-than, but those who are treated as less-than. He then paints the picture of the eternal suffering Christians are always so willing to condemn others to, and he says that it will be their lack of love and compassion and mercy for these most vulnerable, most hurting people—that will condemn them.

White Christians and the white Church, especially if you voted for Donald Trump: this is all on you.

Your pastors need to speak clearly and explicitly into this, now.
Your church websites and social media pages need to address this harassment and bullying and terrorizing, now.
You need to talk to your white children and teach them how not not be horrible to other kids, and how to stand up to those who are being horrible, now.
You need to talk to your kid’s coaches and to your midweek Bible Study and to your co-workers and your church staff and your gun club—and you need to call this poison out, now.

White churches, this Sunday, your only sermon should be the one that reminds your white members what the parable of the Good Samaritan was compelling followers of Jesus to be: radically merciful when everyone else looked the other way.
You need to reach out to your neighbors and coworkers and classmates and social media friends who are part of marginalized communities and reassure them, listen to them, care for them, be Jesus to them.

If not, no matter how you rationalize it or try to squeeze your way out of it, the personal Hell so many people are living in and will continue to live in over the next four years, will be one of your design.
It will be your shared sin.
The blood will be on your hands.

This is your place and time in history to show people what Jesus is supposed to look like.
This is your urgent moment to make a testimony that is Christlike or to willingly and openly deny Christ.
This is your crucial opportunity to be the peacemakers, white Christians; not by compelling the marginalized to be more understanding or to ask them to come to the table with those who are injuring them—but by speaking directly into the face of those inflicting the injury and demanding their repentance.

Now you can dismiss these stories or diminish their collateral damage or accuse the victims of exaggeration. You can claim that things will die down once these people “get this out of their systems”.
You can turn away and logout and retreat into the cloistered security of your white Christian bubble of privilege.

Or, you can step out into the school hallways and bus stops and coffee shops and Twitter feeds and bring the bold, loving, redemptive presence of Jesus you’re always claiming you want to be in the world. You can actually step into Hell and bring the freakin’ love of God.

At times like these, Christians like to smile sweetly and say, “God is in control.”
No. God is not in control.
God didn’t vote for Donald Trump, you did.
Stop passing the buck to God.
God isn’t defacing prayer rooms.
God isn’t taunting gay teenagers.
God is not bullying kids on buses.
God isn’t threatening Muslim families.
White Christians are.
You are in control of this. You have pulpits and pews and a voice and influence and social media, so get to work. 

You need to do some knee to the dirt exploratory surgery with your Maker and figure out how you’re going to respond to this—and then respond.

For the love of God and for the love of the people you claim that God so loves—fix this.



Writer and activist Shaun King is documenting the thousands of stories pouring in already. If you claim Christ, you need to read them.

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1,441 thoughts on “White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump: Fix This. Now.

    • A quick fix, [and lasting fix] would be to bring Prayer & Bible study back into the Public Schools. The atmosphere would change in an instant. Put the 10 Commandments in front of the Classroom, and read them aloud every day.

      • Oh yes, Paul! Forcing non-Christians to recite the 10 Commandments is *exactly* what will turn all this around!

        Are you out of your freaking mind?!

            • It is not unconstitutional. Separation of church and state was mentioned to keep the government from running the church. Christians have the right to express their views in public just as every other citizen.

              • Noooooooooo!!!! Separation of church and state is to protect the state, and thus the citizenry, from a particular religion being required by the state or a particular religion running the state. It protects citizens’ right to practice the religion of their choice. The founders knew their history. It was seeking freedom from state religion that drove many Europeans to America in the first place.

                • Dawn you do not know you history There was NO separation of church and stat in our constitution. It was penned in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a Church who was I fear of government oppression. He clearly state that the government had no right to pass laws to oppress the church. There was no doubt that the founding Fathers wanted the Christian Church to be the foundation of our Nation. They se the Bible, instituted prayer times and bible study , began each meeting in prayer. Like it or not those who quote seperation of church and state a mainit up.

                  • Anonymous you really should bone up on AMERICAN HISTORY, but on this subject I will save you the time!

                    The grandchildren, children, and survivors of the religious wars of Europe from 1537, 124 years of ongoing warfare over religion, which ended in 1648! After AMERICA gained its freedom from England, is it any wonder that these self same individuals would have written the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights WITHOUT THE MENTION of, church, god, or any OTHER reference to religion? The ONLY mention of anything other than themselves is a SINGLE mention of a “Creator with certain unalienable Rights” in the Declaration of Independence.

                    “The PURPOSE of seperation of church and state is to keep forever from THESE SHORES the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuires.” – James Madison

                    • When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


                    • show me the constitutional language. Our beginning fathers used the Bible not only as the basis of our laws, but also as school reading books. The majority of the founding fathers wrote how important God was to be included every aspect of government and governing. People like you like your liberty to speak your minds, but then you berate, criticize and call us back names when we offer our opinion. BTW that is very unconstitutional. The incidence Madison spoke of was not the true church that did those things. they were awful people who was using the “church” for a cloak for an evil purpose. I truly pray for people who voted for Trump and who are doing nasty deeds, and I pray for people like you who wants to take our right to speak away. People makes their own choices in life. I feel I should be able to not agree with those choices. I do not condone treating anyone bad, I do not agree with hurting any one. I love the sinner but I hate the sin I will help anyone who are in lifestyles that is unbiblical, and who are in trouble. That is what true Christians do. I despise the way the so called church handled the election his year. I never have seen s much hate and lying from those who said they were the church. I am a Christian, I am a Democrat. I could not cast a ballot in the presidential race because I could not with a clear conscience, vote for either one. I am having to actually pray and seek God’s advice on leaving the democratic party because I feel the party that I have held dearly has turned is back on us who truly believe, and are doing their best to squash our constitutional rights. Under the present democratic administration, I find my self and others like me as terrorists in the army terrorist guide. I love our country, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I am worried that my country will turn its back on me and then destroy me because in whom and what I believe. God bless the USA

                    • 1. The Declaration of Independence is NOT and never has been the rule of law in this country. The US Constitution IS the rule of law.

                      2. At NO PLACE in the Constitution is God EVER mentioned. You have the right to worship and believe as you wish (or NOT to) per the 1st Amendment. However, the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment also says there is to be NO established religion of ANY kind. In addition, under Art 6, Clause 3, there is to be absolutely NO religious test whatsoever for ANY elected or appointed position of public trust in this country.

                      You do NOT EVER have the right to force YOUR religion on others. PERIOD.
                      Christianity does NOT EVER have special rights/privileges over other religions in this country. It is EQUAL to all others. PERIOD.

                    • Yes, please read the history of those blood baths. I do pray we do not have to resort to this in our day and time.
                      Every war that has been fought on this land has been for our FREEDOM to choose how we will worship. Every soldier that is sent off to war in other lands are under the same auspice, we fight for democracy and freedom! I continue to weep that there are those who are so stuck in an ideology that we are to all worship some crazy religion that kills it’s own kind in the name of Jesus!!! Please Dear God help us all to wake up!!! Your Son died on a cross for the same reason because He came to tell us this was wrong and we would not see heaven unless we changed! They killed Him to try to wipe him out so the government could rule the masses!! Lucky for us that His word was carried on by those who believed in such a merciful God!

                    • and where is God EVER mentioned in the Constitution? Where does YOUR religion EVER become the law over that of the totally secular Constitution?

                  • The Christian Right Does Not Want You To Know About This Day – updated

                    By Frederick Clarkson  
                    Saturday Dec 27, 2014  7:15 PM MST

                    In the heat of our political moment, we sometimes don’t see how our future connects deeply to our past. But the Christian Right does — and they do not like what they see.
                    The Christian Right has made religious freedom the ideological phalanx of its current campaigns in the culture wars. Religious freedom is now invoked as a way of seeking to derail access to reproductive health services as well as equality for LGBTQ people, most prominently regarding marriage equality.
                    But history provides little comfort for the theocratic visions of the Christian Right. And that is where our story begins.
                    For all of the shouting about religious liberty — from the landmark Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, to the passage of the anti-gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Mississippi, and more — there is barely any mention, let alone any observance, of the official national Religious Freedom Day, enacted by Congress in 1992 and recognized every January 16 by an annual presidential proclamation.
                    The day commemorates the enactment of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom in 1786.
                    Why is this seemingly obscure piece of Revolutionary-era legislation so vital? And why doesn’t the Christian Right want you to know anything about it?
                    The bill, authored by Thomas Jefferson and later pushed through the state legislature by then member of the House of Delegates, James Madison, is regarded as the root of how the framers of the Constitution approached matters of religion and government, and it was as revolutionary as the era in which it was written.
                    It not only disestablished the Anglican Church as the official state church, but it provided that no one can be compelled to attend any religious institution or to underwrite it with taxes; that individuals are free to believe as they will and that this “shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities.”
                    As a practical matter, this meant that what we believe or don’t believe is not the concern of government and that we are all equal as citizens.
                    Following the dramatic passage of the Statute in 1786, Madison traveled to Philadelphia, where he served as a principal author of the Constitution in 1787. As a Member of Congress in 1789 he was also a principal author of the First Amendment, which passed in 1791.
                    Jefferson was well aware that many did not like the Statute, just as they did not like the Constitution and the First Amendment, both of which sought to expand the rights of citizens and deflect claims of churches seeking special consideration.

                    So before his death, Jefferson sought to get the last word on what it meant. The Statute, he wrote, contained “within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohametan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination.”
                    That is a powerful and clear statement. Jefferson, almost 200 years ago, refuted the contemporary claims of Christian Right leaders, many of whom not only insist that America was founded as a Christian nation, but that the framers really meant their particular interpretation of Christianity. (And they are sometimes encouraged by a surprisingly wide array of pundits.)
                    Jefferson further explained that the legislature had specifically rejected proposed language that would have described “Jesus Christ” as “the holy author of our religion.” This was rejected, he reported, “by the great majority.”
                    No wonder the Christian Right does not want us to remember the original Statute for Religious Freedom — it doesn’t fit their narrative of history! Nor does it justify their vision of the struggles of the political present, or the shining theocratic future they envision.
                    Religious Freedom Day is nothing but bad news for the likes of Religious Right leaders like Tony Perkins, who argue that Christians who favor marriage equality are not really Christians. They can believe that if they want, but it can make no difference in the eyes of the law. That is probably why on Religious Freedom Day 2014, Perkins made no mention of what Religious Freedom Day is really about — instead using the occasion to denounce president Obama’s approach to religious liberty abroad.
                    This barely commemorated day provides an opportunity for LGBTQ people, and progressives generally, to reclaim a philosophical, legal and constitutional legacy that the Christian Right is busy trying to redefine for their own purposes.
                    Alright. So the Christian Right really does not want us to know about this day, but if we do, they certainly don’t want us thinking about this stuff — and so the standard fare of faux outrage about president Obama and various conspiracies against faith in general and conservative Christianity in general is likely to dominate our foreseeable future.  
                    But it doesn’t have to be this way. And the Christian Right probably knows it.
                    When I say that the Christian Right does not want “us” to think about it, I mean everyone who is not the Christian Right and their allies, and especially not LGBTQ people and the otherwise “insufficiently Christian.”  I think that is why the Christian Right is mostly so eerily quiet about it, even though religious freedom is so central to their political program.

                    But what if we did?
                    What if we seized this day to think dynamically about the religious freedoms we take for granted at our peril; freedom that is in danger of being redefined beyond recognition.  What if we decided to seize this day to consider our best values as a nation and advance the cause of equal rights for all?
                    If we did, we might begin by recalling the extraordinary challenge faced by the framers of the Constitution when they gathered in Philadelphia. They met to create one nation out of 13 fractious colonies still finding their way after a successful revolt against the British Empire; and contending with a number of powerful and well-established state churches and a growing and religiously diverse population.
                    Their answer?   Religious equality.  And it is rooted in Jefferson’s bill. Let’s remind ourselves about the origins of the bill.
                    Jefferson wrote the first draft in 1777 — just after having authored the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  And it was James Madison who finally got the legislation passed through the Virginia legislature in 1786, just months before he traveled to Philadelphia to be a principal author of the Constitution.  The Virginia Statute states that no one can be compelled to attend or support any religious institution, or otherwise be restrained in their beliefs, and that this “shall in no wise diminish, enlarge or affect their civil capacities . . .”
                    The Constitution, framed according to “The Virginia Plan,” drafted primarily by Madison, contains no mention of God or Christianity.  In fact, the final text’s only mention of religion is in the proscription of “religious tests for public office,” found in Article 6.  
                    In other words — Jefferson’s words — one’s religious identity, or lack thereof, has no bearing on one’s “civil capacities.”
                    If we thought about the meaning of Religious Freedom Day, we might start thinking about things like that — and not capitulate to the Christian Right’s effort to redefinereligious freedom to include a license for business and institutional leaders (both government and civil) to impose their religious beliefs on employees and the public.
                    If we thought about things like that, then we might consider them in light of a host of initiatives in recent years, often advanced under the banner of religious freedom, but which, in fact, restrict the religious freedom of others.
                    We might consider, for example, the recent federal court decisionin the case ofGeneral Synod of the United Church of Christ v. Cooper, which found that North Carolina’s ban on clergy performing marriage ceremonies without first obtaining a civil marriage license, was unconstitutional.
                    Since state law declared that same-sex couples could not get marriage licenses, this subjected clergy in the United Church of Christ, the Alliance of Baptists, and the Central Conference of American Rabbis, among others, to potential prosecution for performing a religious ceremony.
                    As religious equality advances, so does equal rights for all. So you can see why the Christian Right might not want people—people like us—thinking like Jefferson. And that is why we must.
                    Religious Freedom Day was the brainchild of some of the town fathers and mothers of Richmond, Virginia, who have since created a museum dedicated to education about the Virginia Statute (PDF).
                    But we need more than a museum to breathe more life and liberty into the living Constitution.  Not much goes on around the country on Religious Freedom Day, January 16th.
                    There is no time like the present to seize this day.
                    This post is adapted from two recent columns at LGBTQ Nation, and is crossposted from Talk to Action.
                    UPDATE  There has been some understandable confusion about one important point. I have written elsewhere that the web site ReligiousFreedomDay.com, which comes up first in a Google search for Religious Freedom Day is not what it seems.  The group behind it is a small California evangelical Christian Right agency called Gateways to Better Education, headed by longtime activist, Eric Buehrer. This group is part of a wider movement with a long history of efforts to hijack, or compromise, public schools in order to promote its religious views and to evangelize children. (This is detailed inThe Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children, by Katherine Stewart.)
                    Gateways is unambiguous about its intentions:   “Gateways to Better Education is a nonprofit organization founded in 1991 to help public schools teach about the important contribution the Bible and Christianity make to the world.”  They insist that “Religious Freedom Day is not ‘celebrate-our-diversity day.’”

                    • No, this is all on people who are bad parents. You black Christians and other democrat idiots including that Hate Group, Black lives Matter, all this rioting in the streets, beating up elderly, and anyone else you own this we saw black people pulling whites beating them, you animals attack anyone and everyone that doesn’t bow down and kiss your ass, and you are an ass. The last eight years has been Hell with the great divider Barry. MUSLIMS around the world have been threatened Christians and Slaughtering them raping women and children, oh let us not forget those damn Muslim Terrorist attacks right here in the United States, so grow up and learn to take responsibility for your actions. Why doesnt Obama let Christians Refugees into the USA but those Muslims he fights for everyday? I don’t condone their actions but it has nothing to do with me.
                      You hillary supporters LOSS, GET OVER YOURSELF IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU

                    • How in the world did “In God We Trust” get on American currency if all you say is true – huh??

                    • Max, I don’t want this to turn into name calling etc. I want open discussion. I agree with most of what you have said. I am an evangelical Christian. My belief is for freedom of religion. You are open to believe what you are lead to believe and we as I was taught growing up are free to believe what we believe. The Bible says, “As for me and My house, We, will serve the Lord.” I am not to judge you or anyone else for your belief system or lifestyle. I am to love you. I don’t have to agree with you.

                      Here is where I have problems. It seems to me that it is ok for every other religion under the Sun to be ok to be openly accepted except for Christianity. You can’t cross the line into believing in Christ. Christ is where the line in the sand is drawn. There are law suits, etc. A child can speak to another child about Allah or Budda in school but if Christ is spoken that child is trying to proselytize. When classes are offered in Religion they are Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, never Christianity. Christianity goes too far and is considered to be evangelism rather than the study of a religion like the other religions. I think if the taboo of it all was removed and Christianity was taught side by side with all the others and not considered evangelism there wouldn’t be as much uproar. My children have learned about the other religions in school but are not allowed to say the name of Christ out loud even though it is our lifestyle and our belief they are not trying to evangelize. Just my thoughts. However rambling they may seem. Its been a Monday on Tuesday here.

                    • I have been a long-time progressive Christian and have never heard of this day. After Googling “January 16, Religious Freedom Day,” I was very embarrassed to find out that in none of the churches that I have belonged to was this day mentioned. As far as what our Founding Fathers meant, I would like to add that most of the people who came to this country to find freedom to practice their religious beliefs established themselves in a particular place and then denied that same right to those who came whose religious practices were different from theirs. The only difference was William Penn who declared that within the land he owned all would be able to practice their faith without fear of reprisal. 300 years ago our Founding Fathers were already confronting the problem of differing religions — differing Christian religions — demanding that they taught the only true Biblical doctrine.

                    • No you would not… Correcting someone on their grammar and spelling is petty. I do not agree with John’s opinions… Christians need to fix this now?
                      These fears did not come from the White Christians who voted for Trump… These came from the Democratic candidate and her campaign. She has made false statements to her supporters that have them scared to death… Telling them these outlandish lies about Trump’s idea for our country. Remember, the Democrats are the ones who rigged the primaries so Hillary would win. Remember Project Veritas? Remember Atheist George Soros, Hillary’s buddy, paid ignorant people to create violence at Trump rallies to make people think HE was the violent one. Now, it has been determined that Soros and Hillary have bought people to start the protest and riots that habe been plaguing our country for the past year and again, is responsible for the present protest and riots. They hire hateful people.
                      It is time our government and country are cleansed of this corruption. That is why Trump won. Because good old Americans with good old values and morals were sick of the status quo and wanted the America they grew up in …. Back. If you never lived it, you cannot understand it.
                      This discourse is of Satan’s army…. Satan has been working overtime in our nation and the morals of this country reflect it. Christians ARE NOT responsible for this…. The parents of these children, who bully others , are the one who need to fix this. Bullying did not start on Nov. 9th… It has been going on for years and it has only gotten worse in the last decade. I am sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions and want to blame the good guys…. There are repercussions to your actions and you must face them… Not blame them on others. This is why our country is in the state it is… People have been coddled with this PC crap, which was another type of manipulation by our government…. People need to toughen up…. Today’s millinneals will not make it in this world if they don’t… Life is tough and unfair at times. We do not live in a Unicorn utopia. If they can’t handle the loss of an election, they are in trouble. Our media is responsible for this distraught…. They lied to the Hillary supporters by doctoring the numbers at the polls…. They knew Hillary may not win, but kept calling her to win to appease her supporters so they would not jump ship.
                      God is responsible for all things…. Some things we don’t want but He knows what is best. We, Christians could try to FIX this mess but you would not be satisfied with our way of fixing it because it does not align with your principles…. That is why our nation needs healing and our prayers will be the only thing here on earth that will help that.

                    • funny , i understood her comment, but i am tolerant, and not as judgemental as some progressives……………………….they go low, we go high……………………………….now go burn something

                    • Mentioned? MENTIONED? It’s part of the first amendment – you know, the one that comes BEFORE the 2nd amendment. Please actually read some damned history – preferably primary source, you know, original letters written by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, not tracts published by the Southern Baptists.

                    • Adolf Hiltler used his language to perfection .He had millions of followers. Would you be so easily impressed by spelling and grammar to have been one of them ?

                  • Your history is weak. Jefferson was explaining the freedom of religion to effectively be a freedom FROM religion as well. That the state and it’s entities (judiciary and education ow) be free from perception of endorsing a religion.

                    And the majority of the great thinnkers of the founding fathers (Jefferson, Franklin etc) were deists. And the founding principles of our nation are not Christianity. If you believe that to be true you need to spend more time reading and researching those principles and their origin.

                    The majority of the founding fathers were also Mason’s (whose imagery is stamped all over our nation and was a bastion for the intelligentsia in the time of the Churches oppression of thought) and the majority of those concepts come from Scottish Freemasonry. READ instead of looking for confirmation of preconceived point of view and realize much of the history taught in school over the years is mythology more than truth.

                    And prior to anyone labeling me some sort of heathen I am a Christian who takes my religion quite seriously but also a realist who can read and understand.

                  • Amen anonymous! I will turn the other cheek and pray for those who are ignorant, intolerant and with such anger in their heart. I will pray that their hateful eyes are opened and they realize that none of this just happened on 11/10/16.

                  • Anon; it’seems right there in the first amendment, you know the top of the bill of rights. Rights so important they separated them from the body of the constitution so no one would wonder if they guarenteed.

                  • per the 1st amendment’s establishment clause – NO established religion. PERIOD.

                    In addition, NO religious test whatsoever is EVER to be used for ANY elected position or appointed position of public trust. Article VI, Clause 3 of the Constitution.

                    IOW – there IS and ALWAYS will be a complete and total separation of church and state.

                    The Founding Fathers made sure of that and were adamant about it.

                  • Our founders did NOT want any one particular religion to be the foundation of our country. They were escaping such madness themselves. Many of our founders were Athiest and most were Deiest (sp?). Christians are free to practice their faith, even in public. What they are not allowed to do is FORCE others to practice it by insisting on prayers and bible study in public schools and public places.

                  • “There was no doubt that the founding Fathers wanted the Christian Church to be the foundation of our Nation. ” I’m so sick of hearing about the “founding fathers”! Native Americans are the ones from whom we “stole” this country!! The WHITE AMERICAN MALE has been blabbing far too long about what we are “supposed to be”!! Let’s aim for equality for all…that goes for race, gender, religion, IQ and whatever the f the white American males have trampled and overlooked heretofore!

                    • Had we taken this as “the people have spoken,” then Hillary Clinton would be the President Elect. The electoral college made Trump President Elect, not the majority of the people. In fact, Hillary has received at least 400,000 than Trump. That sound like the people talking to you?

                    • The people DID speak and Hillary won the popular vote by over 2 million. The problem is that the electoral college gives more weight to the less populated states than they deserve rather than one person one vote. Tell me why a vote in Iowa should count more than a vote in New York? Abolish the electoral college and we won’t have to deal with an over-inflated bubble in the middle of the country who don’t have the sense to realize that their factory jobs are not coming back in a global economy and who hold on to their God and guns so tightly that they do not realize that they’ve been duped by a man who has been screwing over the working man most of his life. What makes you think he is going to be any different now? Just like after Bush the first and Bush the second, we are going to have to wait for the next Dmocratic president to pick up the pieces of a soaring deficit, try to fix healthcare and social security, and in general repair the damage done by an administration from and for the rich. Today I read they are going after the Consumer Protection agency that has recouped over 2 billion for individuals screwed by the banks. Does that sound like it is in the best interest of the common man? Middle Amercan needs to wake up and deal with reality insteadofhoping the 50’s will come back.

                  • No one should be pushing any religious law….not Christian, Sharia, Jewish, Hindu, Buddahist, Pagan, Zorastoran, Wiccan, Atheist, etc.. Separation of Church and state was founded to ensure RELIGIOUS FREEDOM… for all…not just for you!

                  • What is the difference between Sharia law and Christian Sharia Law? Is this how the deadly differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims began? That one group would be so convinced that they are right that they would kill hundreds of other Christians to make their point?
                    Are Christian Ayatollahs so much more righteous that the rest of us should bow down to their interpretation of the Bible?

                  • No, it’s more that white evangelicals want Christian sharia law. Believe and do exactly as you say, or you’re not a Christian, not an American, not even a human being.

                    I’m Christian and used to work at one of the fastest growing churches in the country. We regularly held inter-faith events with Muslims, Jews, and other denominations and faiths. Members of my family are Muslim, too. Not one of them want to impose anything on you. They just want the freedom to be allowed to live in peace.

                    They aren’t responsible for what radical people do, falsely in the name of their religion, any more than I am for the lie you tried to spread.

                    • You are speaking in generalization. I am a Christian…. Been one all my life and that is a long time and I have never heard of Christian Sharia law. That is the biggest oxymoron I have ever heard. We are not shoving Christianity down anyone’s throat. If you don’t want to accept it…. That is your choice.
                      As a Christian, Jesus said for us to be disciples and go and spread the gospel. So we are doing what we are asked.
                      Sharia law is the one law that does not blend with our religions or our culture. We do not cut off hands, throw people off of buildings, behead you if you do not accept Jesus Christ or try and over take a country. We voted for Trump to keep our country safe and to protect our Constitution. Hilary is anti-constitutional and was on her way to hand over our country to George Soros and The New World Government. Now you have Obama and Loretta Lynch giving the U.N. the right to rule us. That won’t last long though. Trump will pull us out of the U.N.
                      This is not a white thing or a black thing. This is about saving the sanctity of our nation.

                • You are wrong, Dawn, the separation of church and state was to keep the state from forcing any religion on anyone. It was to keep everyone free to practice the religion of their choice, NOT to protect the state in any way, shape, or form! Our forefathers came here because they were not free to worship as they chose. They specifically wanted to be sure the state could not impose a religion on them, they did not intend to restrain religion in any way and they did not intend to remove religion from public places like schools. Did you know the first Bibles published in this country were published BY the government, for use in schools? History is a wonderful thing if you just study and learn from it!

                  • How can you say in one sentence that the state cannot impose religion on anyone, and then in the next imply that your particular religion should be promoted in schools and public places?

                    The founding fathers didn’t all practice the same religion. Not all were Christians.

                    This country has multiple religions. We also have public spaces and religious spaces.

                    Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and members of Christian faiths that differ from yours should not be imposed upon to conform to your beliefs. No one has to read the same religious text you read, nor pray and worship the same way you do.

                    Religious instruction belongs at home and in your house of worship. Then you show how well you live out those teachings when you’re in public spaces, like schools.

                    In schools and in public we learn how to socialize and accept each other.

                  • They came here because they were trying to push their extreme religion onto others. Look it up.

                    they were the most of the religious groups. So extreme that they left so they could force the extreme views on there people without being told to calm down.

                    Look up the history of the Puritans.
                    Has no one heard? The pope has declared that hell is not real and neither were Adam and Eve.

                • WRONG! Separation of Church and State is nowhere in the United States Constitution. Nor is it mentioned in the Bill of Rights. Separation of Church and State is from a letter that Thomas Jefferson sent to a group of baptists and what he was telling them is that they would be able to worship without fear of prosecution from the government, It is the progressives the ones who have twisted that and turned it into kicking God out of schools.

                  • And who actually penned the majority of the Constitution?

                    Here is a question: If we were founded as such a Christian nation why was Church attendance at the founding of the nation so incredibly low? ANd most of the mentions of God entered much, much later as revisionism.

                    And most comments made by founding fathers mention God or religion, not Jesus or Christianity. Be sure you understand that significance. Remember the moral pillar of society then was religion.

                    People are moral or not based upon the influences in their life…religion or lack there of is only an influence. That is why you can see a great many immoral Christians and a great number of moral atheist, agnostics, etc.

                    Those who wish to have prayer and religion in schools have that option. It is called private school Public education must needs meet the needs of all people and for society promote inclusion and understanding. It is the great lesson of those institutions for these children understand those different than themselves.

                    • If these stories are true, you can not say these type of incidents have not happened also before the election. When President Obama was first elected, the saying was white America get use to it. Now the other side is crying. We still have valid laws to protect Americans.

                  • Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
                    Read it. Then read it again. Then maybe once more. Let it sink in. The government cannot favor one church or religion over another. They cannot force you to practice any religion, nor can you be prohibited from practicing OR NOT PRACTICING any religion. Why is this so difficult to understand? You don’t get to push your religion on me, and I don’t get to push mine on you. And if my kid goes to public school, I know that she is not being asked to follow any particular religion. But if I want her to have religion in school, I am free to either send her to a religious school of my choice, or teach her at home. They may be allowed to teach her ABOUT various religions in public school, as it is a significant part of understanding the human experience, but they cannot preach to her or force her to practice even a tiny bit of any particular religion. I’m sure there are other inferences and implications to derive from this very crucial clause of the 1st Amendment, but I find it easiest just to remember that I am required to refrain from pushing my beliefs on you (whether or not I think they would be good for you), because you are protected from this by the highest law in our country (and also because I’m just not that kind of a**hole). And in return I get to live in this country assured that neither you nor anyone else (including the govt on any level), can push their beliefs on me, or my child, or my neighbor, or my dog, etc. Yes, it really is that simple. Oh, and here’s the kicker… Read carefully please, because for some reason this seems to get stuck sideways in some folks’ heads… Ready? OK, If I choose to live my life in a way that is not in accordance with your religion, even if it offends you and keeps you up at night, even if want to shield your children’s eyes and cover their ears, even if you think the devil is making me do it…as long as I am not breaking any laws (like sacrificing you to some heathen god) or practicing this lifestyle, say, on your front lawn, then I am IN NO WAY RESTRICTING, OPPRESSING, OR TRODDING ON YOUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS OR YOUR CAPACITY TO FREELY BELIEVE AND PRACTICE YOUR OWN RELIGION, OR EVEN YOUR RIGHT TO NOT BELIEVE OR PRACTICE ANY RELIGION AT ALL. You are even free to teach your children to be intolerant of me (though there is nothing crueler than planting hate in a child’s heart), but be clear that you and your children cannot, under the law, act on that intolerance in any way that would either harm me or restrict my freedom to continue to live my life and raise my child the way I please. If this is all too much for you to remember, then maybe these few words will be easier to keep in mind: When in doubt, BACK OFF.

                • Sorry honey you’re wrong. Thomas Jefferson came up with separation of church and state to assure his friend that he could worship freely without the State interfering with it or controlling how he worshipped. Learn some history.

                • While you are correct about attitudes do need to calm down, what is happening is that the ‘other side’ is dishing out the same crap that they (we) have put up with for 8 years. Once Trump starts making changes, these people will realize that everything is not lost.

                  • I agree with you Richard…. We did not act like heathens when Obama was elected….twice.
                    These people have been brainwashed by Hillary’s rhetoric…. Condemning Trump. Even the media finally spoke up said she never really laid out a plan….. She just used Trump as her reason to win.
                    Give the man a chance, first. You are making negative assumptions. We have to give Obama a chance…. But, I knew the 2nd term was a big mistake. But, did I protest and riots…. No! You are right Richard… All is not lost. We made it through all of the other administrations and we will make it through this one.
                    These people who fear, need to turn that fear into faith.

                • Wrong …separation of church and state was included as a means of preventing the government from establishing it’s own religion (ie the church of england). It has been used by the liberal left as a hammer to beat Christians over the head for decades. It has been perverted and twisted by the left to mean exactly the opposite of jts true meaning. It does NOT give the government authority of religion. It does NOT sanctify 1 religion over another. And it does NOT favor secularism over religious devotion. Read it again …pay attention to the wording …you will see. BTW … this lesson was taught to me by an agnostic teacher that didn’t believe in GOD or religion. So she had no dog in the fight.

                • If that was the case, then why on the same day that Freedom of Religion was passed were Chaplains also approved to serve in the military and the entire assembly was opened in prayer? Dawn, I think you could stand to educate yourself a little more about where separation of church from state (WHICH IS NOWHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION OR BILL OF RIGHTS) originates.

                • Dawn, you are wrong. Separation of church and state does not appear in any of the Founding Documents.
                  Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
                  This was to protect the people from the state not he other way around.

                • There is nothing about “separation of church and state” in the US Constitution. It was mentioned by Thomas Jefferson as a way to be sure the government did not control religious choice, but it is not constitutional.

                • Dawn, what you just said about the seperation of church and state is true in that this is the main reason MANY europeans came to America. However, it was the state that forced their beliefs on their people, forcing them to conform to whatever they put out. The seperation IS to keep the government out of the churches. But this means ALL religions also, not just Christianity. We all are given by God, our Creator, certain inalienable rights as stated by our Constitution. Not to be singled out as Christians and held to a seperate degree of law as other religions. The Constitution was written to be as it is, not twisted and interpreted to fit a certain need of a group of people. There is a legal process to ammend this document, because the people who wrote it were human, but that is the corect way to change the guidlines of our country. We must ALL come together and show LOVE to one another!!! D or R, black or white, Christian or Muslim, none of that matters unless it is used to seperate us and devide us as a nation. Remember, divide and conquer, but UNITED we WILL stand!!! This IS the greatest country in the world, even with all of it’s flaws!!! I love America and ALL the people who make us that way!!!

                • I wish more Christians would understand this. If some day Muslims or Hindus or Satanists become the most popular religion that is what would be taught in schools. This separation protects Christians.

                • Thus is not in the constitution. It is mentioned in a letter from T. Jefferson in response to a lady that was fearful that the state would interfere with religion. He was assuring her that the government would have no nterference.

                • Thank you, Dawn, and thank you founding fathers! I don’t understand why the ‘separation of church and state’ concept is so misunderstood. I am a Christian and I am free to worship in the church of choice. It is not necessary or in any way advisable to bring MY faith into public places such as public schools attended by people of many faiths or no faith at all.

              • Wow, how turned around backwards is this! Separation of Church and State protects our freedom of religion,the freedom to believe whichever religion you practice and it came out of the Puritans being persecuted in Europe wanting to ensure they were free to practice their interpretation of the bible and that was Puritanical. Can you imagine the reaction to requiring all students in all schools to recite the words of the Koran and to pray on a prayer rug at the required hours throughout the day?! Neither has a place in our schools. Practice as you like, not are forced to perform.

              • No, it IS unconstitutional to bring back Bible study, unless it is also accompanied by study of other religious texts. It IS unconstitutional if it is required of all students. You misunderstand the Constitution – it was meant to keep the government from mandating a national religion, so that we could have freedom of religion. I mean, you do know that the Pilgrims came here to escape religious persecution, right? The government is not allowed to make laws regarding the ‘establishment of religion’, which specifically means that they cannot establish government-supported religion. Public schools are run by the government.

              • what you mean is every christian has the right to express their religion in public…along with every other religion (at the time it was catholic, protestant, lutheran, amish–jewish??? No, so much….Muslim, hindu, wicken… Hey, lets just keep all of that worship at home- and at your church. Why is that so hard?

              • I agree. And to blame the Trump voters for the division is insane. The Adminstration we had the last 8 years has done this. The news media has done this. Not saying there is not fault on all sides but that is where the most fault lies. And the liberals are still perpetuating these lies. And so is the media.

                  • They are settled facts. Obama was a divider. Requiring Brenda to write it all out for you incident by incident is nothing but an indicator that you cannot counter her argument. Nice try though…. you lose.

                • Got anything to back this up? That’s right, you don’t, do you? And, I’m not talking about those little voices in your head telling you things as proof.

                • This is true, Brenda. This article is trying to tar all white Christians with the same brush. We knew what Hillary would do if elected. We don’t know what Trump will do. We need to stop the hate and the lies.

                  • Lou Ann

                    if we can eliminate all the hate and lies it would mean the disappearance of the religious right along with their allies the white nationalists.

                    you can’t deny that the t’Rump is all yours and that includes all the hate groups and all the lies that put him where he is today.

                  • I agree that blaming everyone who says they are Christians on what others out here are saying and doing in ignorance is wrong. Everyone that claims to be a Christian, is not necessarily a Christian. As its beeen said, just because you stand in a garage, does that make you a car?

                • Paul. You are the problem. Let’s all think like Paul and then everything will be ok. No. It would be forced and boring and humans don’t think like Paul. Nor should we. Paul is a soul sucking parasite on the human mind.

                • Paul. You are the problem. Let’s all think like Paul and then everything will be ok. No. It would be forced and boring and humans don’t think like Paul. Nor should we. Paul is a soul sucking parasite on the human mind.

                • President Obama calling the police “stupid” before knowing all the facts. Ramming Obamacare through in the middle of the night with no input from the opposing side “You have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it”, Nancy Pelosi. Executive orders, ad nauseous. Facts

              • The government cannot run the church. The church cannot run the government either. We were founded on religious freedom. I am Christian, but I have no right to impose my belief on everyone else. God himself gave us this free will.

              • So viewing your opinions is slamming people that aren’t white or don’t believe the way you do & talking hate. I believe Jesus loved everyone he preached love, kindness & compassion,

                • This is true. You will not find the phrase “separation of church and state in the constitution. It is found in a letter from T. Jefferson to a lady who was concerned about the action of government interfering in religion by establishing a state government.

              • Mentioned? MENTIONED? It’s part of the first amendment – you know, the one that comes BEFORE the 2nd amendment. Please actually read some damned history – preferably primary source, you know, original letters written by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, not tracts published by the Southern Baptists.

              • You don’t know the first thing about the Constitution if you’re getting your information from anti-Christ propagandists like David Barton or Mormon supremacist Cleon Skousen. But I’ll say it plain: there is no such thing as a capitalist Christian, and if you think the two are compatible, then you have no understanding of authentic Christianity and in fact are a servant of Satan in need of redemption.

              • Yes-everyone can pray. It is personal. But, those with position of power, like teacher over student or principal over teacher can’t force others to pray. Leading the Our Father in a class puts a muslim kindergartener is illegal and should be.

              • Yes, they have a right to express their views. However, public schools are paid for by public tax dollars. The curriculum can never be allowed to reflect one religion over another or religion over atheism.

              • However, as a devote Christian , I must say , no one should be forced to pray in schools. You can pray in your mind, at home,at church, in your car, wherever but it is unconstitutional.

              • Yes, it’s unconstitutional. We’d need to have a prayers of every religion (including Muslim, Jewish, etc.) along with the Christian prayer. Would there be time to teach after all that? I doubt it. Remember, we are not all Christian in this nation and we need to be humble and kind and loving to all, no matter our religion or the color of our skins.

              • “It is not unconstitutional. Separation of church and state was mentioned to keep the government from running the church. Christians have the right to express their views in public just as every other citizen.”

                Okay. So does that include Jews? Muslims? Sikhs? Buddhists? There are others as well; I just can’t think of them,

                Separation of Church and State was originally aimed at the Christian Church, to protect it from the government and vice versa. But you can’t let the Christians in and keep the rest out; that IS unconstitutional.

              • Then get started dude! I believe the theme of this piece is to start personifying love and peace and tolerance,m. Stop dealing with semantics and start living everyonr

              • Then get started dude! I believe the theme of this piece is to start personifying love and peace and tolerance,m. Stop dealing with semantics and start living everyonr

            • Catherine, it’s really freakin acceptable to riot in the streets, turning over cars, burning things up, looting, beating people up just because their precious little innocent Hillary didn’t win the election! Is this how the progressive liberals act when they don’t get their way? What an poor excuse to teach your children tolerance and love. Blame it all on the white Christians that voted Tump in, it was atheists, Blacks, Latinos, people of all religions and all races who voted for Trump. We the majority are sick and tired of big government breathing down our necks, taxing the middle class into oblivion to support those who rely on the government for handouts without earning them. We are tired of the government for the elite by the elite to have their way. We are tired of our government giving out millions even billions of dollars to foreign countries when we have homeless veterans and others living out on the streets. It’s not only the white Christians, but the majority who has spoken. Get over it, and accept or don’t it’s your Constitutional right to have your freedom of speech, but when you take or destroy another persons property as has been shown by the media that’s infringing on another’s personal rights. Catherine if you believe all that the writer of this article states than you are stereotyping all white Christians. Not all white Christians voted for Trump!

              • You are incorrect the majority has not spoken. Trump won enough Electoral votes needed to be the president. Hillary won the popular vote. That means the majority voted for her. Simply stated more people voted for Hillary than they did for Trump.

              • You do know that the “majority” of US citizens voted for Hillary Clinton, don’t you? Clinton has at least 400,000 votes that Trump. I’m sick to death of folks saying “The people have spoken.” The people did not speak, the electoral college did.

            • Well, if you must know. The phrase “A separation of church and state” never appear in the first ten amendments of the Constitution. The “Bill of Rights.” The First Amendment states that in essence that there shall not be an “Establishment” of (a State) religion, or the prohibition of the free exercise thereof.”

            • Catherine your an idiot. Where in the constitution does it say you can not have the Ten Commandments in school. I believe the founding fathers even print our money and pledge with the words in God we trust!

            • What a joke. I guess you folks on the left haven’t been paying any attention to all the hate the non white, non Christian LEFT is propagating and fomenting as we speak. The LEFT has been rioting, burning and beating people for a solid week but some of their feelings got hurt cuz someone said something mean and their candidate didn’t win. Whatever, you might want to get that big freaking stake out of your own eye before worrying about the speck in other’s eyes.


            • How about just practicing The Golden Rule?
              “Do unto others as you would have done to you” .. that would fix about 100% of our world’s problems.

              • The Golden Rule is from the Holy Bible. That’s not going to fly with those Atheists, either. They can’t possibly practice something spoken by Jesus and written in the Holy Bible!

                And WOW! I’m pretty sure there was racism and bullying before Tuesday 11-08-16. This was by no means perpetuated by the election of Donald Trump.

                Talk about passing the buck……….

                    • Actually, versions of that Golden Rule date back over a thousand years BEFORE Christ. And yes, Confucious did say something similar.
                      Check your facts.

                  • The Golden Rule is in the Torah or the OT Bible, but it is not the only place in history that this can be found. Ancient Egyptian Proverbs dates back to 2000BC. Jesus was referring to the writings in Leviticus, 700 to 500BC. Confucius 500BC. So, ancient cultures spoke or wrote of human morals that should be taught to others.

                    As I understand it, only about 10% or less attend church. So painting every white person as a Christian is a very broad stroke by the writer. As some have posted here, they are atheists, agnostics, or have no belief in a specific faith. So the author attacked all whites as being Christians, the same way Trump spoke of all Mexicans as being rapists. Neither argument holds any truth.

                    Final thoughts on the 10 commandments. As a society we can or should be able to agree on these:
                    Never lie. Never murder. Never steal. Never be jealous of others or what they own. Never cheat on your spouse, partner or significant other (can’t come up with the right wording for this). Obey your parents, teachers and those entrusted with authority. 6 simple morals that should be posted or taught. IMO

                    • He was specifically referring to white CHRISTIANS not all whites. Exit polls have shown that about 80% of white evangelical Christians voted for Trump and helped him get elected. That is not compatible with what Jesus taught.

                    • It is the 10 Commandments, not 6 simple morals. What happened to: not having any other gods, not taking God’s name in vain, not worshiping idols, and remembering the 7th day Sabbath?

                    • Okay, just teach our kids a set of morals and good standard conduct that is fair to anyone with a standard punishment and reward system. Let parents be responsible for their beliefs and life styles. Good morals are a plus. Bring the paddle back to school, it was seldom used, but the kids just knowing it was there seemed to act better. Trump being elected is not white peoples fault. I know whites, hispanic, and black people who voted for him and a few from China, Japan, the Philipines & Viet Nam. Some people are just plain worn out on the Clinton’s and don’t trust them. Democrat’s should have provided a better canidate to vote for. If she is guilty of any of the stuff that is on facebook, she should be in jail and so should Bill Clinton & Trump. Trump will be watched closely like Obama was and I’m sure if he messes up too bad he will be fired!! Everybody please just stop fighting and try to improve the situations in your own areas. Trump is not super-human and cannot miracle fix anything no more that Obama did. He is just a man. Hopefully with the knowledge and backbone & backing to improve things.

                • I agree with you on everything but the golden rule. You should treat people how you want to be treated. The problems of division started and the fire was fed by the Obama administration and the media.

                  • How did the Obama Administration start this? Oh by being elected to office and happening to be Black. Seriously?
                    The media shifts both ways – left and right. “Fair and balanced” news – remember?

                  • Wow, “some one”. Talk about drinking the propaganda Kool-Aide! Tell me – which president on his inauguration day had the leaders of the opposition party meet and agree to block every bit of legislation possible, every judicial appointment, every initiative submitted by the new president so as to make him a one term president? Hint: it wasn’t Saint Ronnie Raygun, or Poppy Bush, or Shrub and the AntiChrist. It wasn’t even Clinton. Give up? Well, we all know the answer. This bit of RWNJ propaganda that accuses Obama of being the divider doesn’t hold water, and I ‘m sick of seeing it repeated over and over ad nauseum.

                  • Yes. There’s also been a lot of fake reports. And I want evidence of these things. Anyone can write them. If true, they are also things that horrible individuals did. This pastor or whoever he is is buying into liberal media rhetoric and it is irresponsible

                • Lan, yes there was bullying and racism before the election. America has a proud tradition of treating others like second-class citizens. The Civil Rights Movement and the end of Segregation were supposed to resolve much of this. But, it is recent history, decades old — not centuries. Those who bullied and brutalized those who were different are still alive and well today. And, they have taught their hate to their children and grandchildren. There has been a thin veneer of civility covering much, but not all, of this in recent years. The difference with Trump is this: as a Presidential candidate he made bullying, racism, and hatred legitimate. He peeled back that veneer for political and personal gain, with wanton disregard for the consequences. Now that he is the President elect, the racists and bullies among his followers feel free to indulge in this behavior, as he has sanctioned it. Do I believe he is a bully — absolutely. This behavior has permeated his whole life, both personal and professional. He has made Mexicans, Hispanics, Jews, African Americans, Muslims, the disabled, and women objects of derision and hatred. The extreme behavior we are seeing is in direct response to that feeling of entitlement. Do I believe he is a true racist — no. He has exploited the fears and anger of various groups to get votes. Do I believe he is a true “born again” Christian — no. Again, he espoused the beliefs of conservative evangelicals to get votes. Do I believe he objectifies women — absolutely. There are too many examples permeating his entire adult life. I think, however, that Trump was in this for the rush, for the high of winning, so there were no rules he was not willing to break. Now that he has the job, he has to deal with the fact that the majority of Americans did not vote for him and do not support him or his views. He also has to deal with the fact that the entire country is his responsibility. He can no longer make disparate promises in various places. He can no longer behave like a reality TV star. His every move will be watched and critiqued by all Americans and by the rest of the world — with real life consequences. It is one thing to claim that you will not rule out using nuclear weapons on allies, such as the countries of the EU. It is a different matter to face the leaders of those nations and be held accountable for those words. It is one thing to shout slogans and promise to “build a wall” to keep immigrants out. It is another to face the reality of the cost, feasibility and opposition to building it. I can only hope that the enormity of what he has done and must now do, as POTUS, will cause him to have some sober second thoughts about how to adequately govern the only remaining world power. It is not a job to be taken lightly.

              • The Golden rule doesn’t say “Riot,burn businesses ,damage cars because your parents told you a lot of unproven stories. Don’t go to school & sit around & cry instead We have been voting for a long time in this country & this has never happened before. The perfect Christian, lady Hillary lost Praise God! I for personal reasons hate liars & she is one of the best Remember Benghazi ?Those young men dead because she didn’t do her job. Then she calls a Gold Star mother a liar, She believes fetuses have no constitutional rights therefor can be murdered till the 9th month Jesus said “Thou shall not kill”Shoot a pregnant woman & be charged with 2 murders.She swears like a low man What would you be teaching your kids about them Questions about him occurred while he was a private businessman She had token an oath to her countryMy Christian conscience is clear. I prayed for my decision I don’t believe a word of the beginning of this But I’m watching 3 days of usrless rioting Imaginge a riot against Obama & many didn’t like him &still DON’T no riots

                • Betty

                  in case you missed it, Secretary Clinton has been investigated quite thoroughly by eight (or is it nine? who can keep track) congressional committees and no evidence was found that pointed to her responsibility for the death of Ambassador Stevens or the other three people killed in Benghazi.

                  i assume you missed that little detail when the wave of flop-sweat from trey gowdy washed over the landscape when, after eleven hours, he and his republican colleagues couldn’t touch Secretary Clinton.

                  or maybe you thought that MOIP* was perfected?

                  * MOIP – Marines Over Internet Protocol (just open your browser to the Marines homepage and they can bring an entire division to wherever your laptop or other mobile device is. instantly!)

                  • How do we know, when questioned….she can’t recall or she doesn’t remember…..she didn’t know “C” meant classified. Just a few questions…if she I sointo women’s right, why would she be happy to use jay-z to get votes when most of his lyrics degrade women? If she is so truthful and honest, why cheat Bernie from being the nominee….I have lots of questions but I’ll wait for answer to these. Thanks

                • I’d like to know WHO’S paying for these riots? People are being BUSED in from different places… takes money to haul people from town to town to cause riot.

              • The golden rule is a flawed principle. It follows the self-centered idea that what you want, others want as well. So, while you might like someone to tell you your dead loved ones are in heaven (for example), another will take offense to having religious platitudes preached at them while they are grieving. A better principle might be: Do unto others as they would have done. That includes not forcing religion on people.

            • Randy, so am I. Paul Inebrea (sure hope that’s not his real name) says Atheists have tenets. I’ve been searching awhile now to find some tenets ascribed to atheists. I think what we believe is that we’re on our own. I think that we believe that which is believable, that which if verifiable. I think mostly we believe in science. I think we should have tenets.
              Science is amoral. It does not proclaim a right and wrong morally just true or not true, fact or not fact. And science also does not take responsibility for the results of it’s discoveries. This might be something that ought to be looked into; any suggestions.

              • The most important thing being Atheist is to remember that you alone are responsible for your actions, that our actions will have an effect on everyone & everything around us. Christians, Jews & Muslims have rules that set the tone of their lives, Atheists have only themselves to account for. With no afterlife-there isn’t the threat that if you do wrong you will “go the wrong way”.
                You are totally dependent upon yourself to be the “good” person.
                (it seems that we intrinsically know the difference-nature or nurture, I do not know)
                Theoretically, tenets wouldn’t be needed because YOU will do the right thing for every situation no matter what.
                Because you CAN….
                (tenets would be creating a “religion” anyway)
                I am no longer an Atheist, I’m a Deist if you will, but still do not believe in the crime/punishment heaven/hell or tenets of religion.
                I believe that we were once created & have evolved, that we are for the most part left to our own devices…
                I still believe that only I can make my way, and make things better for those surrounding me.
                Look up.
                Look in someone’s eyes.
                One small gesture…
                Can make someone’s day, week, month, year.

                • Thank you for saying this. I am a 59 year old, white college grad. Ido not believe in ” GOD “. However I do believe in being a kind, and decent person! And I voted for Trump!

              • When Christians talk about atheists it is usually from a position of ignorance and fear. I’m agnostic and I can tell you what I believe. I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in the ageless, sexless, indomitable human spirit. I believe in our ability to see past our own petty self serving issues and willingness draw together for a common good. I believe we can love and respect each other, regardless of our beliefs. That so many people voted for Trump shook that belief to the core. Reading this particular article gave me some reason to hope.

              • No need for you to hope an Atheist changes their mind, Anonymous. We are quiet at peace with our existence and lack of belief in a fictitious god. We need not your pity. We are not some helpless, hapless, homeless dog. We are smart, brave, even brilliant beings, that just don’t share your beliefs. We do not seek your pity. Nor do we need your god to have morals, ethics, and know right from wrong.

            • Look around you. How can you truly be an atheist when you can see God in everything? The world didn’t just form by itself, it and each one of us were formed by Him. And yes, getting back to God is exactly what this country needs.

          • Leslie. You know damned well that you fundies would “jimmy” the system to get a fundie teacher into every classroom to teach the kids about fundie tenets ONLY. The kids would be hearing crap about the Earth being only 5,000 years old and that a worldwide Noah flood was an actual historical event—and that Moses was a founding father of the United States. When are you people going to finally figure out that people want Jesus—but they had rather not hear about him from people like you because—they do not like you people. And no, they do not dislike you because they hated Jesus first. They dislike you people because you are simply YOU and most sane people do not want to spend time and be taught anything by ignorant morons.

            • Atheism is NOT a religion. Please educate yourself. It is the absence of FAITH in a god. Here, let me Google that for you: a·the·ist
              a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.

            • Exactly. It takes a heck of alot more faith to believe this all came about by some random chance, then it takes to believe in some kind of intelligent design.

        • How about this. We leave out the ones that refer to God and Religion. Would that work?

          Don’t Kill
          Don’t Steal
          Don’t Lie
          Respect your parents
          Respect others
          Be true to your partner

          • BIBLE STUDY!!!!!! are you mad as well. you want to keep teaching fantasy. lets just teach our kids how to be good people. but i guess if you cant do that maybe you can just change my water to wine for me. ha! what a joke a god who made water into alcohol…. and created hell. yep real good idea. at least the Koran isn’t full of fairy tales, even if it does have some old fashioned ideas.

          • What victims? Trump hasn’t done a thing in office as of yet to hurt a single American. So until he does, please stop from referring to anyone who is unsatisfied with an election result as a victim.

            • I agree that time (in office) will tell more of whatever the tale of Trump will be. However, I recall his frequent assertions that he was a victim… of rigged elections, other people’s lies, bad media, etc. I’m looking for hope that his leadership will include calling supporters out when they act badly… not just looking for what ‘the other side’ does wrong. He’s officially in the grey hair making office of President, and he either stands tall, or weasels out…. we’ll see.

        • What’s wrong with the 10 commandments or is just the fact that its in the Bible that you don’t like?
          Short version:
          1. You shall not have no other Gods before me.
          Okay this is your decision to or not do.
          2. You shall not worship idols.
          again this your decision to do or not do.
          3. Keep Sunday Holy
          again your decision to do or not
          4. Honor thy father and mother
          Something we all should be doing anyway.
          I think repeating this one everyday would be
          worth it.
          5. You shall not commit murder.
          Happens every day and it shouldn’t be. This is the
          decision of the person doing it. God, Devil or Trump
          didn’t make you do it. I think repeating this one
          everyday would be worth it
          6. You shall not steal.
          Okay every one should know not to do this again the
          choice of the person. People who were not taught
          that if isn’t yours don’t touch it. I think repeating
          this one everyday would be worth it.
          7. Thou shall not commit adultery.
          Wow how much of this goes on everyday? This
          is so common today and why are you surprised
          when it happens to you. I think repeating this one
          everyday would be worth it. Don’t you?
          8. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy
          neighbor. Yeah this doesn’t happen at all does it?
          I think repeating this one everyday would be
          worth it. Don’t you?
          9. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors things.
          It means if you want what your neighbor has then
          get off your butt and work for it like they did. If you
          sit around being jealous of what someone else has
          then you will never have it.
          10. Don’t take thy Gods name in vain.
          For people who don’t believe in God sure uses
          his name a lot— OMG , GOD DAMN IT and so on.

          Your choice on what you believe but a few of these needs to be repeated on a daily bases. If you don’t want to repeat the 10 commandments then don’t but why do you want to dismiss the Christians choice to repeat them.

          • Christians amuse me. Their world view is so narrow. No matter which origin myth yo chose, it okay if it give you inner peace. Not be condescending but there are some people in the world who need to be told not to urinate in their drinking water and not to covet their neighbor’s wife. Others of us have our good common sense and ability to reason to tell us those things. You want to know I know that basic goodness is not founded in a particular religious doctrine? It’s because if you ask grandmothers from around the world basic questions about right and wrong, you get very similar answers. Whether you’re Christian or not, you know right from wrong. Going to church just provides fellowship and helps you feel good about being a good person. If I can see that about Christians, why can’t they see that about me?

            • Actually, as a psychology and counseling professional, I can tell you that a Christian worldview is actually the broadest. Christians are set free from time and space because God has no beginning and no end. It is a willingness to realize that we do not know and understand everything, nor will we in this life. Human worldviews are finite but viewing the world through God’s lens enables Christians to realize that He has unseen plans and is working everywhere, all around us. If I spend my life in peace pledging myself to something that does not exist, then I have lost nothing. But if you are wrong, what have you lost?

          • We’ll I think people have put the bible up on a pedestal and worship it more than they follow Jesus’ teachings. That makes it like worshiping an idol? This all gets so tiring…

          • the first one especially offends. I worship no god. people do not need god, they need other people to be fair, reasonable and compassionate. i just wish all reference to religion and god would disappear from politics altogether. We would be able to see things clearer if it wasn’t all coloured with prejudices, fears and fantasy. Just teach you kids to be good people by setting example. I dont need a god to know what is right and wrong, my parents taught me very well. the bible is full of fantasy stories. you dont need to study them to know that christ was a good man. (MAN) The last thing we need is more religion in schools. Get rid of it completely and let people believe whatever they like. It is how we behave that matters. How about instead of bible study just have a class where kids talk about morals or how to treat other people…or even how to get on in the world, maybe things like the environment could be discussed too. A combination ignorance, fear and selfishness is the problem, not lack of religion. Religion is one of the biggest problems we have in this world. Why cant we all just live and let live.

        • White Christians that voted for Donald Trump are not to blame for you’re allegations. Don’t tell someone to fix something and blame them when you are causing the problem. I guess if you are not white and not Christian then you have no responsibilities. Sum up your article= we need to blame white trump voters for the alleged actions of a few…as for Hillary she poured on the message(talk)alright, but she didn’t walk the walk..she is a lying criminal.

            • Once the looting and violence stop from the butthurt Hillary Supporters burning the cities… maybe Libs need to focus on civic and civil discourse… versus calling for killing

              • How do you know the protesters are/were Hillary supporters? Liberals? Perhaps an assumption?
                Because you don’t know – Just like we don’t know if the people spewing hatred and defacing property are Trump supporters – it’s people acting out plain and simple.

                • Not an assumption. Interviews on the street clearly classify the flag burners and hate spewers as Sanders/Clinton supporters. It’s like watching scenes from terrorist countries. Can you imagine if those who opposed Obama would have protested? It would have turned into a racist apocalypse! The current administration and divider in chief set the wheels in motion for what is going on right now. And the media just keeps adding gas to the flames. Not all Clinton voters are left wing nut job baby killers, and not all Trump voters oppose human rights for all people. It’s just that those stories do not make good tv.

          • Trump didn’t teach children to act out, parents do. The guys not even president yet and he’s being accused of things that have been around long before he came along. He’s either the scapegoat or a miracle man to move the US in 3 days. Nobody on this earth can tell what kind of president Trump will make, you can only assume.

            • Trump showed who he was, what he stood for during the last two years. Some thoughts to consider.

              “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Maya Angelou

              “Actions reproduce themselves.” Maya Angelou

        • That is exactly what this article is about!! I am a Christian, but I understand that not all Americans share my belief. My job is to live as Jesus would, loving others , leaving judgement to God and being inclusive . I have trouble understanding why this is such a tough concept for some to grasp.

          • Theirs violence and bullying on both sides. The people that need to do something about this our the people who looked up too and voted for Bernie, hillary, Obama and trump need to all stand together on TV and say what people are doing to eachother is not right. The protests going on aren’t proving to be peaceful either. Let’s be kind but let’s not also rip a guy from his car and beat him to a pulp bc he voted for trump. It’s on both sides of this divided country, not just one.

          • It’s difficult, I think, for Christians to be inclusive when the very nature of Christianity and most all religions is exclusive. How can you I put myself in the shoes of others when their beliefs are wrong and there ultimate destination is hell? How can I respect their ideas and opinions when those ideas ultimately seek to erode my own faith? You see the problem?

          • Actually Barb. Christianity is all about nothing else—nothing else whatsoever—but saving as many souls from Hell as possible before Jesus come back. That could be midnight tonight.

            If people will not accept Christ willingly, we must force them to do it. If a deaf man were standing on a railroad track with his back to an oncoming train, the “true” Christian’s responsibility is to push him off the track as hard as he can, even if his fall breaks some of his bones. The bones will heal up, and he will thank you later for saving his life.

            Similarly, if a man is unsaved and unwilling to come to Jesus for salvation, the “true” Christian must do everything within his power to save that person’s soul from Hell. Whatever it takes and no holds barred. If it takes harrasment, so be it. If it takes anger, so be it. If it takes government force, so be it. If it takes being mean to people, so be it. If it takes denying people food, so be it. If it takes denying people water, so be it. If it takes imprisonment, so be it. If it takes torture, so be it. If it takes the brink of death and even death itself to get a confession of faith in Christ and salvation first, so be it.

            Whatever it takes and how kind or cruel it is does not matter. All that matters is to get them into the Kingdom of Heaven. When the saved person gets into the presence of God, he or she will look back and thank you for what you did to get them there.

            This is “true” Christianity.

            • What on earth are you talking about? Are you serious? Are you trying to be sarcastic or what? I assume you are really angry at Christians and the way you view that being kind and helpful to those not like themselves has been forgotten. I never read anywhere that Christ “forced” people to believe. The best way to have someone believe as you do is to live your life by way of your religious principles. I hate to say it, but living like Christ with his attitudes toward the poor, helpless, you know all those out groups is really hard. He just didn’t say believe, he also said take up your cross and follow. Salvation is a personal affair, not something an evangelical can force or frighten someone into. I guess that is why my Christianity is not of that flavor.

            • You’re ultimate goal is to bring people to Christ, but forcing them will not make them true Christians either. It has the opposite effect in most cases. Our job is to love all people so that they can see Christ’s love through us. If God wanted to force His creation to love Him, then we would not have free will. However, we do, so our mission is to love ALL people, regardless of their differing beliefs and lifestyles. By doing this, more people will come to Christ, but force is never the answer. We must still have respect for other’s beliefs, or else they will not have respect for ours. Religious freedom is for all religions, not just our own, Christianity.

            • Charles, please worry about saving your own soul if that’s your cause. Those of us who know how to be decent human beings without the trappings of religion are doing just fine without your help. We don’t need your condescending assumption that if we don’t follow your beliefs we need you to save us from hell. Give me a break.

        • AMEN!!! How DARE you imply that man is more knowing than GOD? WE voted him in but GOD put him there. How can you call yourself a true Christian?!?!

          • God did not put him there, god allowed it because he has a plan in all of this mess and the world is going to see god’s plan real soon

          • I am a true Christian. I don’t believe God wanted Trump or Hillary to run. We humans put them there. I truly do not believe God wanted us to vote for a man spewing hatred. GOD gave us free will and a brain. WE should have figured out we chose 2 wrong candidates. MY Lord wants love, honesty, truth, and peace. Just because I am a white christian doesn’t mean I voted for Trump by the way.

        • Even though the Christians were forced to not say prayers at school or to read the Bible, I still think the non-Christians shouldn’t be forced to do so. But, Christians should not have this privilege taken from them either.

          • They HAVEN”T had it taken away from them Reginald. When I taught in the public schools just a few years ago, there were prayer groups in after school if Students desired. There were also ‘safe places’ for GLBT Students to get help and just talk. If a Students wants to study further, there are Christian Schools. There are Christian Colleges. It is not ‘oppression’ of Christians, it was the need for some reason to insist that EVERYBODY must pray to a Christian God. If we are to take this Freedom of Religion seriously, it can’t be simply tailored to the Christian religion.

            • My sister had her Bible taken away from her in public school, not that long ago. She was then told it belonged in the garbage. so yes, it has been taken away for most children in public schools.

        • I agree! This is all God’s plan to have him in office and the devil is fighting it all the way.
          I’ve never seen such torment in this country. The real Christians are calm bc we know God’s got this.
          I’ve been persecuted in my own family for being a Christian. And now I’m being persecuted for believing in trump.
          None of this is my fault it’s God’s plan. We just need to have faith and pray

        • Prayer does need to be brought back in the schools. Also, parents need to teach their children and I mean all children to respect each other. Maybe that could be a start instead of blaming other people for what is happening.

        • and teaching the Quran to our elementary children and telling them God is a myth this is right? There are things that could be done all around to make this world better – our Bible teaches homosexuality is a sin against God and yet because there are some that want to force it down our throats – if you are homosexual good for you. That is between you and your God or your faith but don’t you dare spew your hateful rhetoric blaming White Christians – there is good in all the worst of us and bad in all the best of us and it little behooves any of us to talk about the rest of us –

          • The Bible also says slavery is OK. I guess you’re in favor of bringing back slavery? History shows that churches defended slavery before the Civil War.

            The Bible has all sorts of laws and commandments that modern Christians ignore at best and at worst pretend don’t exist. Like the commandment against loaning money with interest, or saying it’s OK to stone disobedient children to death, or wearing fabric of mixed fibers or that a woman who is raped must marry her rapist. Deut. 25:11 talks about how if two men are fighting and the wife of one of them goes to help and touches the other man’s privates, her hand must be cut off without pity or remorse. If someone did that today we’d call it Sharia law. But it’s Biblical law.

            That’s the problem with modern Christianity in America. They rant about homosexuality being wrong and act all holier-than-thou when they ignore…or are painfully ignorant….of what’s in the Bibles they cherish so much. The worst Pharisees ever.

        • If you are going support the notion that things in this country are the fault of white Christians but expect them not to invoke their faith how do you expect them to fix anything? Kids aren’t as jaded as adults, what possible harm could praying or learning the 10 commandments do to them? Short answer is nothing, adults would be the only ones with their underwear all twisted over it. I find it ironic that most of the complainers about learning about God have no problem with kids being taught about the THEORY of evolution, how is learning about one different than learning the other? And before you start with a seperation of church and state lecture you should really learn what that means and it doesn’t have anything to do with God being mentioned in school!

        • No, this is all on people who are bad parents. You black Christians and other democrat idiots including that Hate Group, Black lives Matter, all this rioting in the streets, beating up elderly, and anyone else you own this we saw black people pulling whites beating them, you animals attack anyone and everyone that doesn’t bow down and kiss your ass, and you are an ass. The last eight years has been Hell with the great divider Barry. MUSLIMS around the world have been threatened Christians and Slaughtering them raping women and children, oh let us not forget those damn Muslim Terrorist attacks right here in the United States, so grow up and learn to take responsibility for your actions. Why doesnt Obama let Christians Refugees into the USA but those Muslims he fights for everyday? I don’t condone their actions but it has nothing to do with me.

        • I don’t believe for a second that the Ten Commandments will do a thing. It’s just malarchy. I was raised as a Christian , but I think it’s just a fairy tale now. Doesn’t even make sense. I’m tired of being lied to. Santa, Easter bunny , etc.

        • You just don’t get it……….that’s why Hillary lost……..but you just don’t understand. This is just a really racist article. Very hateful and very immature.

        • Let’s get back to the subject at hand and what John was talking about. You folks digress. How will American Christians help to fix the poor behavior of their fellow Christians who are hurling insults at exactly those people (and children!) that Trump disparaged. I think real Christians are awesome. They follow the teachings of Jesus: compassion, care of the poor and weak. Please, dear Christians, step up. Step up in your communities, in your schools, in your churches and, at the least, tell other Christians that this ugly behavior is not acceptable and is not what you stand for. Pastors, priests, elders, church goers. Please. Thank you.

        • Yes Paul is ” out of [ his] mind, Amy and John Pavlovitz, I’m a white Christian who voted for Trump and I have not bullied, harassed or terrorized anyone; nor will I. If you think that we are in control and God is not, you’re terribly wrong. There’s a reason that God allows all things to happen and you nor anyone else knows God’s mind. Not everyone who voted for Trump is a white Christian. You might add unplaced blame to your list of the wrongdoing that people of all races, creeds or colors are committing and start correcting this problem by examining your own soul. God is our judge and shepherd, not you.

        • Maybe if they recited Thou shalt not murde 100 times over, there would be less deaths and shootings. Thou shalt not commit adultry x 150 times and they will think before they sleep around getting aids. Thou shalt not covet x 150 times and maybe they will work harder for their own things and stop getting jealous of others.

        • I want to reply to the whole article but will say during the campaign what about the white Christian children being forced to learn about the Koran and to say Alla is the only God?

          I am a white Christian woman of faith, my children are white Christian moms and dads, my great grandchildren are being raised as white Christians. It is not up to me to fix what obviously was learned at home at an early age, those kids didn’t learn that behavior overnight or even in a month. The moms and dads of these rude bullying children need to take responsibility for that. I pray for this country and our president elect, with attitudes like this he has one heck of a job facing him. God bless you all.

        • No he is not out of his freaking mind. If you are non Christian, you are bound for an eternal hell anyway. You can believe it or not believe it but I am going to pray that you fall on your knees today and come to realize that God is definitely real. He created all of us and he created us all equal. I don’t care if you are black, white, purple or green, in Gods eyes we are all his children. People of all color and nationality are evil! Who won the presidency has nothing to do with the way an individual acts, that is all on that person and they only have themselves to blame!!!!

        • Tell me this! So we as Christians are suppose to preach Hell is Hot and sin is sin. But in the same breath pat the LGBT community on the back which is an abomination to God? What Bibles are you reading from! Sin is sin and yes we are to love and let the love of God change them! You can’t shack up with th red devil and expect God to pay the rent!

        • Non-Christians, and by the way, non-Jews or non-Muslims (all really into Exodus and the ten commandments, by the way) and for that matter anyone who does not want to does not have to but the rest should be allowed to if they wish – not prohibited.

        • At this point they probably isn’t a wholly lot Christian can do. If you think that we are going to change people’s hearts if we won’t be listened to about who Jesus is, because that is what is needed. Only God can change a heart. If we pray that Will change some things, but if we talk to people about who Jesus is would they listen. That’s what Is needed. lf I come to you and talked to you about your need of a savior would you or anyone else listen? That’s what’s needed in this nation and world. Salvation first, then God changes hearts.

        • Exactly correct Amy. Morality based on Gods 10 commandments do nothing to hurt any one of any religion! They Anchor morality on something instead of relativism!
          It is because of Christian principles that everyone in this nation has freedom.
          If people want relative morality, and the end game of biggest bully wins, go to Iran, Syria, that is how those beliefs end, EVERYTIME.
          Study some history…

        • I’m not in the least bit religious and frankly have extreme dislike for some of the “in your face” tactics being used on college campuses and elsewhere used by religious fanatics. But it’s not like being orners by a group of Muslims telling you to covert or die. No I really don’t like religion at all… But I’m not a leftist ! I hate war and if there one absolutely undeniable fact it’s that both parties are guilty as hell when it comes to war…. Well our economy is based on war and they use fear and the need for “national security” as an excuse.. We need to change that… But still that doesn’t make me a leftist. I advocate for clean air and water but realise the need for scientific advancement before turning off the oil spigot. Nothing leftist about that … Just common sense. The difference between me and a leftist is that I don’t buy into the Care Bear concept of everyone is your friend and all they need is a hug and all christians want to subject you to their rules.. BS.. Leftists tend to dwell on things they shouldn’t… My favorite… All whites are racist. OM F G ! I took my daughter to a daycare at church down the road. I noticed that every other couple in the place were white and had 1 or 2 black kids in tow. Wanna know where all those abused crack babies go ? Enlightening… Not enough to go off praying about.. But still. The left IS way way misinformed… And much much more intolerant and hateful than the right. Dat from out da box lookin in bro !

      • I agree with Paul. We need more of the Bible and God in the homes, schools and other places. No one knows what God’s plan is and I believe he does have to plan for all of us.

          • i am a Christian and I voted for Trump. I love all people whether black, red, or yellow. I raise my boys to respect and love everyone no matter who they are. I may not agree with some people’s way of living, but that does not give me the right to judge others or to be judged. The people that are saying horrific things to blacks and muslims need to look at themselves along with those judging all the Christians.

              • Trump did not condone nor encourage violence. Only hrc did that. She even paid street thugs to cause violence and upheaval. Didn’t like either but Trump is not a criminal and have his professional license taken away.

                • What planet were you on? Trump encouraged violence at his rallies and it’s on tape. “I could go outside on the street and shoot someone, and my supporters wouldn’t stop me.” is one of many examples. He watched as his supporters pushed a young black woman back and forth as they forced her out of the building, encouraging them to get her out, and said NOTHING. He watched as supporters pushed a boy’s wheelchair from side to side while forcing him and his mother out of the hall, and DID NOTHING. He watched a supporter sucker punch a black man being escorted up the steps of an arena, and DID NOTHING. He watched as a reporter was knocked down and kicked by supporters, and DID NOTHING. His behavior gave implicit approval of the violence. It’s called stochastic terrorism. Look it up.

                  • Janice, thank you for your response. He definitely encouraged such behavior and stood back and watched people “perform” for the benefit of his cause.

                • Trump is too a criminal he is being investigated for fraud for Trump University. Almost everything he says is a lie. That may not be a crime unless you’re on the stand in a courtroom but it means the man is untrustworthy.

                  • Hillary mocked a12 year old and said it was her fault for being raped when she defended the rapist. She supported her husband many times when he was doing to many sexual things he did. She condoned it. That makes her just as guilty. She was caught in many lies in her campaign. Fact check it.

                • Please bear in mind that the claims of HRC paying off protesters and related things are unproven and thus are gossip. The Bible strictly forbids spreading gossip; some will even say that by saying things you have no proof to be true are a violation of the commandment against bearing false witness. At any rate, you are not as good a Christian as you might think; by repeating gossip, you have committed a serious sin and have endangered your soul. Go thou and sin no more.

                • bob

                  trump didn’t insight violence? where were you this whole election? calling a majority of mexicans rapist and drug dealers is racist is condoning violence against mexicans. saying we have to build a wall so all those ‘illegals’ can’t get it is condoning violence. saying we have to ban all muslims is condoning violence. all of this creates a them vs me complex that instigates violence against these minorities. also, trump has said he wanted to punch a protester who was disrupting a rally. he’s also said things like “I love the old days. You know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks,”. if this isn’t encouraging violence then i don’t know what is

              • Not getting a woman who lied to all of us, who think she’s above the law, a woman with no integrity and why was that her aids pleaded the 5th? A woman that is ok with abortion up to the delivery date. No thank you! I am a Hispanic woman, pro-life, a Christian and voted for TRUMP. I know that he’s the man we need. Don’t judge by what he said, but look at what she has done. He’ll be a great president, not like the one in the White House who has destroyed so much of this blessed country. GOD BLESS AMERICA! We need to keep praying.

            • You cannot say you “love all people” when you voted for a man who openly abuses them. I ask you this… you are sitting with your boys at a restaurant. Next to you is a black family or a Muslim family or a Hispanic family or a group of women or disabled people. Someone approaches the table and openly hurls abuse, slurs, horrible hateful speech. Do you tell your boys that this is an example of the worst kind of behavior? Then later when you see that same person running for some important office in your town, or community or school – quietly enter your vote to endorse them because… well… they are going to do “good” in other important ways. It is called hypocrisy. THAT is what you are teaching your children. All while telling yourself you are full of love. It is this that scares me most… those who are actually able to believe you did not just endorse the very worst humanity has to offer.

              • “…you voted for a man who openly abuses them…”

                I voted for a man that openly supports USA. The USA used to be a ‘Melting Pot’, a term I feel was also wrong. We should have been more of a tossed salad where every ingredient works with the others to make something better, not an unidentifiable concoction. In recent years, the USA has turned into another type of place where everything ends up. A cesspool.

              • “You cannot say you ‘love all people’ when you voted for a man who openly abuses them. ”

                You also can’t say you “love all people” when you vote for a woman who agrees with killing unborn babies.

                • Thank you for that. Both are wrong but; you without cast the first stone or run for office and work your way up to the office of president and fix the problem.

                • AG -Amen to your comment. I voted for Trump because I think he will do his best to bring our country out of the direction it is heading . Every able-bodied person that can work to earn a living would gain respect if they didn’t wait for the gov’t. to support them. And, we need to pray — the people full of hate and violence are playing into the devil’s hands. If you can’t say something good — keep your mouth shut

                  • I agree! People want to put the blame Trump, but look at all the name calling that HRC did. They don’t want that to talk about or acknowledge that.

                  • “Every able-bodied person who is able to work…” And the others will die of lack of medical care or food, because there will be no safety net. “Pro life” folks are only pro-birth. The elderly and disabled apparently will get no help except euthanasia.

                  • Trump said exactly what his supporters wanted to hear. Now wait until he get in office and you all are going to see exactly who he is. Just watch and observe because Trump is going to disappoint all of his supporters and put you all to shame.

                  • There are million of open jobs that are well paying on ‘mikeroweworks.org’

                    Millions. Those who blame Hillary for no jobs and voted for Trump to fix it shoudl maybe get off their butts and not think they are too good for manual labor. Mechanics, electricians etc all earn a GREAT living… and honest living and there are over 3 million open jobs.. what does this have to do with the first posting???

                    • My last job paid $41.18 per hour plus an extraordinary benefits package. My company billed out my work to our customers for well over $100 per hour. Do not talk to me about electricians, plumbers, and that old truck you drive. Go kiss Trump’s hind end for me.

                  • So you think all poor people are lazy bums who refuse to work? You just insulted my mom and dad. Maybe they will get a weekend pass out of Heaven tonight and fry your stupid ass in your own bedroom.

                • “You also can’t say you ‘love all people’ when you vote for a woman who agrees with killing unborn babies.”

                  Someday you single-issue voters are going to learn that not only does your way not work, it creates division and destruction far beyond anything your candidate could ever rectify.

              • How does he abuse them? You prefer a woman in office that lies, steals, cheats and has put our country at risk by giving out classified information. Donald Trump has done none of those things.
                With all the horrific acts that were going on long before Donald Trump decided to run for office. How is any of that his fault. The problem in this world now is the fact that parents are not parenting or leading a great example in the home. Everything starts in the home. Parents should be teaching their children life skills on how to love and respect one another. If your children hear you belittle someone else or you make fun of them then guess what…they are going to do it to because mommy and daddy did it so its okay for me to do it to. Adults set the example on how to act in public or to treat other people. Why as we as a nation sit around and blame someone else for our failures. Yes Failures! The president didn’t raise our kids…we did and they are doing exactly what we raised them to do. SO GET OFF YOUR ASS AND START ACTING LIKE RESPONSIBLE ADULTS AND TEACH OUR KIDS THE LIFE SKILLS THEY WILL NEED TO MAKE IT IN THIS WORLD. TEACH THEM TO LOVE AND THAT ITS OKAY IF SOMEONE IS DIFFERENT FROM THEM. TEACH THEM TO JUST LOVE THAT DIFFERENCE. If you make racist remarks in the home then your children will make them also and we have all seen enough on the little videos on the internet to know what parents are really teaching in their homes. Lets teach our kids to be kind to each other to support each other and stop spreading all this hate and blaming everyone else for our problems. All these people protesting burning , looting and causing damages to other peoples property is a crime and they deserve to go to jail for it. The way they are acting is telling you the kind of people they really are. No matter how you look at it. It’s just wrong. While your asking White Christians to fix this…. black and Hispanic Christians also voted for Donald Trump so stop making this out to be a white thing. We are all Americans and we should start acting like it. I didn’t vote for Obama either time he was elected but I didn’t go out and burn the town down because the one I voted for didn’t get elected. So everyone should just grow up and give him a chance to see what he can do. Democrats called the Republican deplorable but its the Democrats that are running around having a tantrum in the streets destroying property because Hillary didn’t get elected and if you asked the majority of the people that are running rampart in the streets question on how the government works they couldn’t answer it but they could tell you Kim K. is. Stop trying to make trouble and help try to bring the great nation of our together….it has to start somewhere and it has to start with the people who live here not with who is in the white house.

                • Hate much? and you call yourself a Christian? This is what turns me off about religion, so-called Christians who love their fellow human being…..not.

                • Are you people blind or what Trump has done so many terrible things and guess what he is going to shock the world because god is going to expose a lot of things about Trump that no one knows about. You all need to stop acting like you can’t see who Trump is if someone shows you who they are people come believe them. When Trump put this world back in World War l then we will love to see what your opinions will be then. Trump is bringing out the worst in this world and how can you say this man wants what is best for the country this man is a celebrity he does not care anything about all of you white christians no Christian me and anyone else just wait and see he is going to show all of you exactly who he cares about.

              • How does he abuse them? You prefer a woman in office that lies, steals, cheats and has put our country at risk by giving out classified information. Donald Trump has done none of those things.
                With all the horrific acts that were going on long before Donald Trump decided to run for office. How is any of that his fault. The problem in this world now is the fact that parents are not parenting or leading a great example in the home. Everything starts in the home. Parents should be teaching their children life skills on how to love and respect one another. If your children hear you belittle someone else or you make fun of them then guess what…they are going to do it to because mommy and daddy did it so its okay for me to do it to. Adults set the example on how to act in public or to treat other people. Why as we as a nation sit around and blame someone else for our failures. Yes Failures! The president didn’t raise our kids…we did and they are doing exactly what we raised them to do. SO GET OFF YOUR ASS AND START ACTING LIKE RESPONSIBLE ADULTS AND TEACH OUR KIDS THE LIFE SKILLS THEY WILL NEED TO MAKE IT IN THIS WORLD. TEACH THEM TO LOVE AND THAT ITS OKAY IF SOMEONE IS DIFFERENT FROM THEM. TEACH THEM TO JUST LOVE THAT DIFFERENCE. If you make racist remarks in the home then your children will make them also and we have all seen enough on the little videos on the internet to know what parents are really teaching in their homes. Lets teach our kids to be kind to each other to support each other and stop spreading all this hate and blaming everyone else for our problems. All these people protesting burning , looting and causing damages to other peoples property is a crime and they deserve to go to jail for it. The way they are acting is telling you the kind of people they really are. No matter how you look at it. It’s just wrong. While your asking White Christians to fix this…. black and Hispanic Christians also voted for Donald Trump so stop making this out to be a white thing. We are all Americans and we should start acting like it. I didn’t vote for Obama either time he was elected but I didn’t go out and burn the town down because the one I voted for didn’t get elected. So everyone should just grow up and give him a chance to see what he can do. Democrats called the Republican deplorable but its the Democrats that are running around having a tantrum in the streets destroying property because Hillary didn’t get elected and if you asked the majority of the people that are running rampart in the streets question on how the government works they couldn’t answer it but they could tell you Kim K. is. Stop trying to make trouble and help try to bring the great nation of our together….it has to start somewhere and it has to start with the people who live here not with who is in the white house.

              • Yep, exactly. hypocrisy is the problem but also the fact that freedom of religion is a right under the constitution of the United States of America. Hey, what do you hear about the Electoral College having the ability to still disallow someone who is a dictator from attaining the highest office (kinna in the world!)

              • First I am a white who seeks .belong to Christ I live in a county of over150000. All of elected officials are Republican.
                There are nos burning crosses on lawns .But there aren’t any abortion clinics either. The primary source for help for illegal residents bears the name Helping Hands for Jesus. Our major medical hospital cares the name of a Christian Church. They provide over a million idollars a month of charity work EVERY MONTH. NO LATE TERM ABORTIONS ARE PERFORMED THERE. No one remembers when a political candidate even considered having secrets kept by timely accidents. When misfortune
                strikes a family of little means the community (including the churches make the need known and opportunities to respond are broadcast far and wide. Sure bad things happen but not along party lines.
                The above article had more hate under the banner of justice and love than any white Christian could only imagine. You say Trump symbolizes
                hate- then at least acknowledge this article was hardly written with love.

                • You are absolutely correct. People who had hate filled hearts had them well before the election of Donald Trump and a single group of people, with varying degrees of thought, cannot be held responsible for how people respond, either with hateful symbols & speech or by rioting in the street and destroying cities.

              • Seriously? This, from someone who voted for a person who referred to her Hispanic contingency as “the taco bowl”; who defended a guilty rapist and laughed about getting him off; who enabled and defended her philandering husband while vilifying his accusers; who allowed a US Ambassador to be sodomized, beaten and killed while she threw up her hands and said “there’s nothing we can do”; who values an “uninformed and compliant” citizenry; who has destroyed evidence and repeatedly lied to grieving families, citizens, Congress, the FBI, the Press, and anyone else who dared to question her; who takes her lead in politics from known Communists; who thinks babies aren’t human beings and have no rights (until they can vote, I presume); and…. there is more filth under there than even History will ever dig out. So, yes, many people chose an egotistical, womanizing, blowhard, whose “crimes,” misdeeds and ill-gotten words have been mis-characterized, distorted, and lied about REPEATEDLY for the last year until all the people, who never read past a headline, or have never done their own [unbiased] research, have filled their bellies with the poison and now it is spilling out on to our streets and destroying our Republic.
                I’m sorry, but this whole election has been about a VERY BLACK POT calling a badly-tarnished kettle black.
                And just so you know, I think the author is right. Christians of all stripes should be doing what he says but, if you ask me, its the distorted media that has perpetually lied about and distorted Trump’s words that deserve the tongue-lashing; not the citizens who saw past the partisan rhetoric and examined actual speeches (whole and in context,) and policies (available to any who choose to look) and voted their conscience regarding the best path for America.
                If fringe groups are responsible for the abhorrent harassment going on, they got their permission from the MEDIA reports, not from Trump. And here’s another thing: I’d bet my life that a good deal of the schoolyard bullying is coming from the children of the Left, who listened to their parents rant and rave about all the sexist, racist, bigoted, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim crap that was going to happen IF Trump got elected. So, when it happened, they took it as license to do just that.
                We ALL need to get a grip and show some grace , quit pointing fingers and get on our knees. Our future depends on it.

                • Your life is forfeit. Studies have found that the worst bullying comes from the children of the Right. Lots of gay-bashing (the Right is against gay rights), and demeaning of girls and women (the Right is against women’s rights, not only in reproduction but also things like equal pay for equal work and even voting), mocking the poor (the Right thinks poor people just need to work harder), bashing minorities (the Right is very anti-immigration), etc. Just do your research and you will see that the Right produces far more schoolyard bullying than the Left, by a wide margin.

                  Sometimes what you hate most about someone else is what you hate most in yourself. Be careful about who you accuse of being hateful.

            • Well said . We know the anti trump riots in the streets in NYC were bought and paid for once again by Hillary Clinton and her buddy George Soros. she does not live this country she only live power and money . Will she create enough chaos and blame Trump that Obama will declare Marshall law .
              Trump is bit against LGBQT community . It’s not his plan or his supporters plan . It is a tenet of Saul Alinsky to blame your enemy for your own crimes and I see Hillary is very adept at that at every turn. Trump is a man of faith and generosity with love of the people and our country .We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places . Therefore I take them to myself the whole armor of God that I may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand I stand therefore having my loins girt about with truth your word lord which is truth contains all the weapons of my warfare which are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds I have on the breastplate of righteousness which is faith and love my feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace .in Christ Jesus I have peace and pursue peace with all men. I am a minister of reconciliation, proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. I take the shield of faith wear with I am able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked; the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. In the face of all trials, test, temptations and tribulations, I cut two pieces the snare of the enemy by speaking the word of God . Greater is he that is in me then he that is in the world. Thank you father for the armor I will pray at all times on every occasion in every season-in the spirit, with all prayer and entreaty. To that end I will keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding in behalf of all the saints. My power and ability insufficiency or from God who is qualified me as a minister and a dispenser of the new covenant of salvation through Christ. Amen

              • You say all that after supporting a man who openly admits to groping and sexually assaulting women. How do you justify that to the females in your life?

                • OMG you guys are idiots! Bill Clinton has raped several women and that’s a fact. Hillary is a murderer and a liar and that’s the role model you want??

                  • don’t let facts get in the way of feelings, right? Hillary said “we are in this together” join our mafia, we will say anything you want to hear and do what we want.

                • What did Hillary’s husband do… he had sex with Monica n the oval office and has raped several women and has gotten away with it. Hillary got a rapist of a teenage girl off. How do you justify that to the females in your life?

                  • Hillary was appointed to defend a rapist. When you work for Legal Aid you take the case you are assigned or you lose your job. She took the case and for the guy off. That was her job and she did her job. Next question.

              • What exactly is Trumps faith in? Himself.

                You claim he is a man of faith. He does not claim, verbally or in his actions, that he is a man of God. Trump even specifically has stated that he does not feel like he has ever done anything that he should ask forgiveness for. How can one be a disciple of the Lord and not be repentant?

                Get off your high horse of faux-Christian indignantion.

                • Your riding that same high horse. Your no better than anyone else in this world. What do you know of being a Christian? If your one then your not acting like one either and if your not one then that’s okay.

                • That’s funny. I just got done watching a video of Trump expressly professing Christian faith and promising to give Christians a voice in our Democracy. Guess it all depends on where you look.

              • and yet you judge others, when God is the only one who is the final judge…..your words speak of so much hate….maybe you need to visit a member of the cloth and tell them of your hate-filled mind, and receive counsel, so that you will be at peace with yourself and the Lord….

              • Wow! Your willful ignorance is stunning. You might get your “facts” somewhere other than Breitbart. Your entire rant justifies my having left the church when I was in my teens (I’m 70). The original opinion was so gloriously about the teachings of Christ that if I didn’t realize it was an aberration, I might consider rejoining. My athiest and agnostic friends are more “Christian” than you are. I’m sad for you.

                • Since my post was separated from the one to which I was responding, I want to clarify that I was specifically addressing Cynthia Strobel. That said, my opinion applies to anyone else who posted similar beliefs.

              • Funny, because I know dozens of the people protesting, in at least 3 different states, and not one of them was paid to be there. And neither were the dozens of people they know who were there. So, I won’t say you’re delusional if you think the protestors were paid for, but I will say you’re wrong, and I have evidence to prove it. So, if you have evidence they were paid for, please provide some.

              • The more I read, the less funny this gets. Dang folks, do you even hear yourselves? I think the way this whole situation came to pass is because conservatives make up their minds based on virtually no fact checking then just surround themselves with people who feel the same way. You just all sit around in your little Christian bubbles patting each other on the back and talking about Killory. You act like if you repeat something enough then that makes it true and it doesn’t matter if Trump is a criminal who cheated students out of money, if he really raped that 13-year-old or if he is a big fat racist. Even though he filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy 6 times, he is still going to balance the budget. I don’t get the feeling you really care about any of his racism or incompetence as long as there is some small chance a republican led coalition will allow you allow religion back in schools, deal a final blow to women’s reproductive rights, and legislate your Christian views into law. This really is the antithesis of every principle America was founded on. Clearly from reading these posts Donald Trump was successful for one reason. It’s easier to convince a simple person of a lie by throwing out short catchy sound bites morning, noon and night than to get them to sit down long enough to understand the truth. Makes me sad, really sad.

              • No they were not paid for by Hilary she has gone on with her life. These people see Trump for who he is. As soon as he was elected he brought out the worst in the USA Agee with me or not nothing but a fact.

              • thank you Cynthia! Trump supporters are not the ones fomenting violent and self centered protests based on conjecture, speculation and misinformation. we were given a few heart rending examples of ill mannered gloating people (who are not necessarily Christian at all) in this editorial. I am sure such people exist on both sides. I am, however, seeing hundreds of self centered and childish people rioting in many cities including my own. these are not simply sore losers “peacefully” protesting against a freely elected official that they do not care for . they are proving to be criminals and vandals using this as another excuse to tear down the very culture that enables their freedom. Christians are, in fact, urged to respect the governments of the countries in which they reside and stand up against evil. why don’t we also focus on constructive and loving counsel toward godliness and against self centered hypocrisy and violence?

              • Trump is not a man of God, he is an atheist. That is common knowledge. His pursuit of wealth for its own sake should teach you that. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

                Also, we DON’T know that all these protests are paid for. That is gossip, which is strictly forbidden by the Bible. By repeating gossip you have defied God and condemned your own soul to everlasting torment. You say you are a minister…you are leading people on the path to damnation. Gossip is evil. Repeat only what you can prove for a fact is true.

            • With your vote the truth is you don’t care about those you claim to love and respect. You helped create this atmosphere of hate and violence. Shame on all of you Christians. Jesus would be appealed by your actions. You will burn in hell.

              • I am completely disgusted by the comments people on this page are throwing at each other. You all call yourselves Christians? Blaming fellow Christians for the country’s issues is so ignorant and no one Christian is better than the other. The country needs to focus on love and acceptance and anyone that drags those whose political opinions agreed more with trumps through the mud is just as guilty too. Hillary has made racist comments, she was against gay marriage before she began to campaign, she openly SUPPORTS the murder of a baby in its third trimester of gestation, she lefts troops to die in Benghazi, she put the country’s security at risk because of emails and lied about it, admits more. Trump and Hillary have both done terrible things in the past, and even though we openly preach to not define people by their mistakes, I find more people doing it now than ever this week. Hillary did not lose because she is a woman, she lost because she did not have as much support. I am a millennial female voter, who actively lives the word and faith every single day, I could not openly support a woman who did not prove to be a good leader in her positions that she has had over the last 30 years. The media has presented a side of Trump that is completely biased and untrue. The citizens of America do not do the research to see that many media claims are false or extremely exaggerated. People change. People learn to accept new things. Change sometimes takes time to work. Clearly this country was not ready for change if they cannot accept the people are entitled to their own opinions. I am a woman who will some day change the world in whatever way I decide to take my passions that Christ has instilled within me. I love freely and openly, and consistently make an effort to support other women, races, and sexualities. It’s time to wake up and see that God watches over us and guides us to what his master plan for us is, and we must not forget that EVER, especially as we point fingers at people we called our brothers and sisters just days ago. I pray for All of you that you may learn to love openly once again.

                • You talk of love for our fellow human being, and yet you spew hatred towards Hillary…. look it up in the dictionary…under hypocrisy. Go see your priest and confess your sins, and you will be saved…. and quit judging others, by complaining about them judging….

                  • I talk of loving openly because I do love all. I was only listing things that she has done that are equally as terrible as Trump. No candidate is perfect, and I completely informed myself before making a decision. Hatred is not the answer, nor do I spew it. I have not judged anyone, I am stating a reaction to the absolute hatred that I am seeing on this page towards one another. Thank you though, Eric. I applaud you for giving me another view into a mind that sees things differently than I do.

              • Really??? All of this hate and racial crap has been brewing long before Trump even announced he was running. Gee everyone STOP blaming one person. Look inside your own homes at the children you are raising!!! They have no respect for ANYONE including you!

            • Being an atheist I believe it’s up to
              Everybody to make this world a better place to raise our familys.
              Treat people as you want to be treated.

              • Thank you for that. The avowed atheist seems to be speaking more like Jesus than most shouting each other down. We have to stop talking past one another and start listening with our hearts or we will never heal this country.

                • Hi Lisa. Charles here. This whole 800+ thread is disgusting and confirms my worst fears. Jesus did make a second coming within his own generation and took the “true” Christians to Heaven with him. The gospel writers said that all of this would be fulfilled “in this generation,” meaning the generation alive when Jesus was walking the Earth in human form. You, I, and every other so-called Christian here are nothing more than the descendants of the dregs Jesus “left behind.” I think this thread of posts pretty much proves that. We are all burning in Hell right now and will do so from one generation to another until mankind is extinct on Earth. The “Fires of Hell” are human passion, anger, and hatred, which is burning us all to a crisp and has been for the past 2,000 years. The “Second Death” is the extinction of mankind on Planet Earth.

                  Once I was blind—but now I see. Thanks to myself and all of you posters for demonstrating that for me in spades.

            • Thank you for these words. Here’s the challenge – please post them TO YOUR OWN Facebook timeline. Speak them to your friends who also supported Trump, to people in your faith community, in your larger network. This change must come from YOU. Posting the comment here is fine, but you’re preaching to the choir here, so to speak. What needs to be done, and what will take courage from you, is to bring this message to the people who actually need to hear it. Clearly you are a good, kind person. Will you do that? And will you ask your friends and family to do that?

            • Then you won’ t have any problem with taking John’s advise, and I’m thankful for Christians like you who will stand up for the oppressed… the “least of these” that Christ calls us to serve!

            • Seldom have I read such rubbish as john pavlovitz’s rant. Not only is he totally wrong, but is likely contributing to the unrest of people with it. Much of what he says is opinion rather than truth. And, where would we be if Hillary won? She is a habitual liar, cheat, and likely contributed to our national security. Sensible people recognized that.


            • You still supported racism and you agreed with the racism so own that and understand that you voted for hate. You voted for a racist, narcissistic, xenophobic bigot. You might not be a racist but you support it. Own it!

        • So now your going to put this in God’s Lap rather than take any accountability? Look God’s plan is not to hurt a Nation of people that have had that propaganda thrown at them for hundreds of years. Do you have any idea how many time God’s plan has been used to start wars let’s say, God’s plan OK”d…Slavery ??? So tell me…Is this God’s plan or just you turning your back on God. God gave you free will…make a decision, stand up for something…and QUIT putting everything on God. Use your BRAIN !!!!! He gave you one. Oh yes…. I am an entitled white woman who is so very sorry.

          • Actually at one time God did send a nation into slavery. Read the OT. Isreal was taken in bondage because they did not follow the law God gave them and broke His covenant with them. I can not say whether this election is God’s judgement or His mercy (depends on who you supported, I guess) but God is righteous and righteousness sometimes results in judgment which God has also promised to execute. God is love but He is also righteous and executes judgement. If “your” God is not both, he is not the true God.

          • God was not in this . There is a Devil and his demons are at work as they should be. Those who call themselves Christians many are not. They are secret undercover racists. The. new President is the poster child the in your face representation of secretly who they are. Cowards undercover racists. Ain’t nothing Biblical about this. I am a
            AfroAmerican citizen whose ancestors slave free labor built the White House.
            Don’t be dismayed. Read the book of Revelation. The real Christians win!

          • Yes, Joanne. Exactly that. I am really tired of hearing how this is God’s responsibility. As John says, God didn’t vote for Trump, or Cruz, or any of the rest of the leaders of the GOP who have replaced governing and real moral leadership for scorched earth tactics all in the name of WINNING and POWER.

            • P.S. Hi Lisa. Charles here—again. I follow foreign affairs pretty closely. Some of Putin’s advisors have been telling him for years that the United States is going to fall apart from the inside just like the Soviet Union did. These advisors are university professors who follow all the telltale signs of such things in assorted nations around the world. I bet Trump and all the commotion—like this thread of posts—has the boys in the Kremlin licking their chops.

          • Yep, we have free will. And so does everyone else. The things people have done in God’s name, they have done for their own gain. I, and other Christians like me, do Not condone the people who started wars in his name. I do Not accept the people spoken of in this article as working for God. You have to understand- every group has outliers who do Not represent the group. These people spreading hate CANNOT convince you that they are the average Christian, because they ARE NOT.

          • Its was Christian Radicals like John Brown who read the Bible everyday and saw that slavery was an affront to the Lord. He died for that belief. Christian Radicals Marched with the Suffragettes. Christians are more charitable by far. A few bad actors get attributed to the Faithful and we get this. This is yet again a broad brushed screed against Christians of all stripes and denominations, painting all of them in Blood for the sins of the few. I’ll wager the asshats doing this sort of thing are not Church going Christians. As to the gouache reactions that trouble you so, a fairly sizable segment of the population has been silenced and has been fuming and quietly raging against the Political Correctness domination of what used to be open public discourse. So yeah, there will be some ugliness as the pressure comes off. It will pass. Do I condone it, no, but I can understand it.

        • Were you not reading this story?
          “At times like these, Christians like to smile sweetly and say, “God is in control.”
          No. God is not in control.
          God didn’t vote for Donald Trump, you did.
          Stop passing the buck to God.
          God isn’t defacing prayer rooms.
          God isn’t taunting gay teenagers.
          God is not bullying kids on buses.
          God isn’t threatening Muslim families.
          White Christians are.”

            • I don’t condone violence, but support peaceful protest. It seems to me that while those you label “liberal” are marching in the streets and derided as criminals, the alt-right has done infinitely more damage to our country through a concerted, scorched-earth effort to legitimize our democracy using the airwaves and internet. There is a never-ending stream of right-wing propaganda, intent on controlling the minds of Americans, eager to latch onto something to assuage their fears–religious fear of tolerance, economic fear of globalization, white fear of an increasingly multi-ethnic world. All of these fears were manipulated by Trump to his advantage. This is how fascists have risen throughout history. No wonder all of the worlds dictators and strongmen are cheering his victory. This isn’t about Hillary’s emails or Trumps vulgar statements. It is about the very real precipice we find ourselves upon. I hope we have the sense to back away from the edge and find the good that actually makes America great.

          • Yep, we have free will. And so does everyone else. The things people have done in God’s name, they have done for their own gain. I, and other Christians like me, do Not condone the people who started wars in his name. I do Not accept the people spoken of in this article as working for God. You have to understand- every group has outliers who do Not represent the group. These people spreading hate CANNOT convince you that they are the average Christian, because they ARE NOT.

          • Can I just ask you a question? Explain to me, here, what the difference is. You are blaming every white Christian for the hateful things that are happening, yes? We are all evil, and want anyone who is not a white Christian to know that they are going to hell, right? That’s bull. I am calling you out, right now, because the way you are talking about us, matches the way that YOU say all white Christians talk about Muslims. You say that lumping everyone together, because of their race or skin color is wrong because everyone is different, right? So how’s come that doesn’t apply in the case of the white Christian? I know, your first answer will be that no one is oppressing white Christians, no one is openly trying to send us down the rabbit hole to make us hide out beliefs, and I will stop you right their. This article is literally shaming every white Christian for something only a few people do, people that we do not agree with. This article literally says, “The blood will be on your hands,” and I fail to see the difference in your supposed hatred of me versus my supposed hatred of anyone who is not a white Christian.

          • Ya know what. I don’t do that either. It’s the 1%ers on both sides. That get the notoriety. And you know that. If you change the word Christian to jew, makes you sound like, Hitlers SS.

          • First of all you are incorrect in so many ways. God didn’t vote Obama in this time. People vote by how they and what they believe in. Christians are not defacing prayer . Bothering Gays or bullying kids on a bus. Local government not Mr. Trump took prayer out of school. Kids have been bullying kids forever that will never change no matter who is in the office. Muslim families are being threaten because they are trying to kill us. They do not like Americans or anything we stand for. We has a whole can not help what a few people do. But I can say I have chosen not to have a woman in office that I believe is not a good fit. I was very turned out when the service men she was suppose to protect died because she wouldn’t help. I find it hard to believe when someone breaks the law like she did using an email server she getsaid in no trouble. And she believe’s it is ok to kill a child at 9 months that can live outside of the womb. I work for an ob office there is no such thing as a late term abortion that far along its flat murder. She was for women however she laughed when she got a rapist off . I chose to not vote for her and I would do it again.

        • Gods plan is to bring glory to Himself, and gather his Children close to Him.

          Either way, Clinton or Trump, God’s plan cannot be thwarted. Thank God! 🙂

          • Then all the woes of the world, war, starvation, torture, bullying, are part of God’s plan. Maybe they are. Maybe the whole point of creation is for the Unmanifest to manifest and experience every possible thing there is to experience. So what’s the point of love, mercy, and compassion then? Let all the horrible and blissful universe roll on, it’s God’s plan. Jesus – he was just another manifested thing, so was Hitler. No meaning. God’s going to do it all, good and bad, light and dark. I don’t believe this and don’t want to live with this mindset.

            • I have to say something about all this hate coming from both sides of this election
              1 So many people are angry at Christians for vetoing for Trump. But when you look up what people say who really know him ,they talk about how giving he is , how much he donates to the sick and under privileged. If you are spewing hate you have no right to yell at anyone for them spewing it as well .
              2 I am a christian and i can say with out a doubt , If you are spewing hate at anyone ,rather because of race or even if they are gay ,THEN YOU ARE A IMPOSTOR and do not know our lord and savior JESUS .You might say how can i make this claim? Well just look at Jesus response to sin in the bible. When a women was brought before him for adultery .the law of the land said she must be stoned to death. His response was HE WITH OUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE .Not one stone was thrown .Soon he and her was all alone ,And Jesus used a term that said women with a capital w a term of love and respect ,where are your accusers. She said i see none . His response in love was a neither do i go and sin no more .This is how we should be living our lives, love should pour out of us and over whelm hate .No where di Jesus ever show anger at a unbeliever , only time he showed anger was at his own people who were using their power to harm or cheat his people .
              3 As you can see i have spent more time talking at us christian than those who don’t believe. Why is simple . If we do not show his love in all things we do ,then we lose our effectiveness to show his true love to others. SO PLEASE STOP MAKING IT HARD FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SHOW GODS LOVE BY YOU WHO CLAIM TO LOVE GOD BUT SPREAD HATE. Hate comes for Satan not from the lord god .It is not your job or mine to change someone , thats gods job. Ours it to show the love of Jesus and maybe then they will want what you have .Hate is not from god
              4 so in closing LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER ,AND PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE US so that through Gods love all might chose to know him .

              • Travis; I can’t say much for your grasp of English grammar but your heart comes through loud and clear and purer than pretty much everyone who has posted. Your words are calming. I hope some listen.

            • I think I finally get it. The Christian turn out was so high because it’s time to crash and burn society and usher in the apocalypse. Buckle up and let’s see what the next 4-8 years bring.

          • Paula, that is the fantastical lie people tell themselves because the alternative it just too terrifying to face.

            If he’s real, God does have a plan. He supposedly put humans on the earth and gave them free will to see what they would make of it.

            Look around and tell me what you see? Do you think for one minute that a caring and compassionate God will overlook the harm that is being done or his chosen people teaching their children to hat? Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think any of this is GOD’S plan.

        • If this is your God’s plan for all of us, your God is an asshole. If this is the result of your Bible study, burn the book. Accept that.

        • You – and the government – have no right to impose your religion on other people. You want to study the Bible and know God better? Great. Go for it. I support that. I would suggest you start with Jeremiah 22:3. But an overwhelming majority of people who read the Bible and believe in the God you believe in voted for Trump, so I would also suggest that it isn’t the rest of us who need to do spiritual searching – it’s you.

        • Why not invite the kids and parents to your church and Sunday school? I’ll tell you why. If you knock on their front doors to invite them, you will get a door slammed in your face because people equate you with idiots like Jim and Tammy Baker—and all the other disgusting, money grubbing, seed planting, faking it fundies on TV. They think you are them—only you arrive personally at their front doors. They cannot choke Mike Murdoch through the TV screen, so slamming the door in your face is the next best thing.

        • As a parent, I will take the responsibility of teaching my religious beliefs to my children. It is not the schools job. If you want that, send your kids to a private school of your choice. Can’t afford it? Talk to your church about that.

        • “God” was in the public schools during the Jim Crow era. It had no positive effect on the legal discrimination that existed in those days. People are the answer. We must “own” our beliefs and practices rather than putting them in the hands of God.

      • Do This Without Permission…Droves of Ppl willing….put the word in our hearts..mind…body and soul…And
        No one has to wait for laws, legal and legislation approval…one by one….no One has to fall in and Be forced to recite the Ten commandments. If you want to…just say it…don’t post it to be said…..say it out loud. No matter where you are at….stop eliminating God…

        • The Children are not the ones creating the hatred, it is the adults. Have family bible sessions and teach the parable of The Good Samaritan. The author says action needs to be taken now and that responsibility is the adults.

      • Bringing Prayer and Bible study into the Public Schools would be horrible for people of other faiths. The separation of church and state is what this country was founded on and is very important. How about studying the life of Jesus and especially the Sermon on the Mount in evangelical churches? Loving neighbors? Loving our enemies? Being kind to every human being? Who would want to be a Christian when so many Christians have sold their souls to the a serial sexual predator and a con man? Christian Nation? What a joke! Mahatma Gandhi said he liked our Christ, but so many Christians are so unlike this person they say they follow. Maybe this sell-out of evangelicals will be the death of this kind of Christianity! The world would be a better place by far! I’ve never been so ashamed to be a Christian or part of a so-called Christian nation as I have been the last two days. In fact I’m ditching being a Christian.

          • Don’t give up. You may be called to do your prophetic duty in your own church and if not, there are loving, accepting churches out there who would welcome new members as they hold and support each other in this dark night and do what they are called to do to protect the least among us.

        • I was raised extremely conservative and time after time I could not understand how people around me couldn’t empathize with the plights of those around us, those people who did not meet the description of “white Christian.” Over time I felt that my care for others was better put to use outside the church and away from the god people used to justify marginalization.

          • Similar boat here.

            I love learning about ALL religions and seeing the links between them; always have been. I was raised in an evangelical church and have distanced myself from it over the years for many reasons.

            My family keeps telling me I need to attend church more (and then specify they mean the “right kind of church”). By believing in social justice and loving my neighbor, being understanding and tolerant of others, I have apparently “fallen away from God” and they worry I have “become a heathen.”

        • If the sins of man turned you from God, you were never a faithful Christian to begin with. Your grasp of what a God fearing faithful Christian is wide of the mark. A Church is a warehouse for sinners who know they are weak, and are looking for guidance, love and forgiveness. No one is without flaws or sins, it is the struggle to be a better person that defines you. You will always be welcome back to the flock

      • Great idea!

        We can do Bible on Monday’s the Koran on Tuesdays, and place the Humanist Manifesto in the Auditoriums, oh…and wait…let’s add Drum Circles and Spirit Dance at recess….


      • Ummmmmm Paul- the people who HAVE been inundated with “God” in their lives all voted for Trump! This argument makes zero sense. The problem is that Christians will vote for a republican because they use the phrase “pro-life”. That’s all they have to do. They don’t have to prove it, they don’t have to take any action on it. They just have to SAY it, and Christians will vote for them en masse. No matter how vile, hateful, bigoted, mean, racist, sexist, ableist, and disgusting they are. It’s absolute horseshit.

          • You are so right. That has always disturbed me. We liberals are not pro-abortion (as I believe it should only be used in cases of incest, rape or health of the mother) but are pro-choice (as we do not believe it is the moral right’s or government’s job to tell a woman what to do with her own body). A life is a life, so why does the moral right think that the death penalty, war, guns, poverty, no heath-care, a bad environment, etc. , which all effect lives, are not just as sinful as abortion. A sin is a sin too.

          • And at the same time, people who are pro-abortion but are anti-war and anti-capital punishment. Kill the voiceless but not the killer.

        • Kelli, I am one of those Christians. A strong Pro-Life supporter, but I did NOT vote for Trump. I could not bring myself to do it. In the past I had been a one issue voter, but not this year. It was because of all of the things you said, in your last two sentences, that I believe he was and is, no matter how he tried to cover it up. I believe that Christian views on how to be “Pro-Life” are what need to change, from going past just being anti-abortion, which is where I believe a lot of Christians stop (you know, the sign holders and clinic protesters), to being truly pro-life which I believe means caring about the babies before and after, and the mothers making the choices, and adopting kids and supporting those who do, and trying to rectify the environments that put the women in the situation to have to make the abortion choice in the first place.

          • LS19, I appreciate your comment. Although I am not a Christian, I was raised as one but can no longer align myself with Christianity because of the hypocrisy that exists in the church I was raised in. I consider myself a spiritual and political independent. No political party or religion will tell me how to think, feel or VOTE. I had hoped that those who call themselves Christians would have used your insight and reasoning when they decided who to support in this election, how naive of me.

        • Please know that you are speaking of only the evangelical Christians, and they have hijacked the term “Christian.” Check out all the liberal churches out there who do NOT follow the evangelical agenda. We work for peace and justice, for people of color, gays, straights, Muslims, Jews – EVERYONE. Please do not include us in the cast of characters who vote only on one or two topics, abortion and gay rights being biggies. And we do not support the “God is in control” movement – we believe that life is up to us, and God is in the trenches with us, helping us use our brains to solve issues and bringing comfort to those in need. Christianity is simple: Love your neighbor – and complex: GROW UP AND DO SOMETHING!

          • Well said, Janet. A posting with sanity at last. I’m a ‘traditional’ Anglican Christian in the UK and our church is nothing like the Evangelicals. Our door is open to all and all are welcome. We appreciate the talents of all who come through the doors of our three churches in the Parish and none will be turned away for being gay etc. The third great tenet of the Christian faith is ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ and if the world lived by this, (or the equivalent in other faiths) we’d have no wars and violence.

        • Oh, please don’t lump us all in the same category. Neither I nor any of my Christian friends voted for Trump and we are all appalled that anyone who would call themselves a Christian could even contemplate doing that. Trust me, not all Christians are Republicans.

        • Nope. Christians came out to vote against evil. Period. Not reading the information on Clinton because it’s too dark and ugly to face is no excuse for blaming half a country for having opened eyes. Decades of compliance in the deaths of good people, compliance in poisoning our food, our water, our air, and actively working to give themselves raises, and selling out to evil governments…and you think people voted just for pro-choice? NOPE. That’s just as ignorant.
          Evil is evil, and now its clear who is really pushing hate, it’s not the Christians. It’s the ignorants of the world, and those people exist on both sides. Do you honestly think the kids who do this crap have good Christian parents? No. Do you think the riots happening right now, where angry mobs are attacking Trump supporters, is being launched by good people at all? NO! Liberals have been yelling about “peace and love” then signing up to riot, and being just as gross and disgusting as ignorant conservatives. There are no innocents here, and to say so is to be naive.
          Were it not for the Democrat-ruled government causing so many issues with open borders, legal minorities would never have faced such ugliness…I know, I see it all the time, in the wealthiest and most Democrat-heavy counties to boot. I have witnessed second generation Latin and Middle Eastern men and women get treated like they came here illegally, or like they are up to no good, when they were born here. This crap didn’t happen to them before Obama made open borders a thing. These citizens, who have a right to be here are being discriminated against by LEFT-LIBERALS because of their own President’s policies. If not even liberals can look at a brown man without assuming he should be watched, how can you expect a hillbilly from the woods to see it any different? To act like all people, no matter what their background, are not flawed and capable of great anger is just dumb. All you can ask of Christians, or anyone, is teach their own children to step in when another child is being mean, because good Christian kids don’t pull this crap, and good Christian people don’t go out on the streets and riot. People who are easily manipulated to spread hate do.

      • That brand of Christianity is what got this mess started. If your kid wants to pray in school they can. Just bow tell them to quietly pray. Nobody’s going to stop them.

      • Bible study and prayer were never removed from public schools. Children are 100% free to pray and read their Bibles on their own time, as much as they want.

        Oh, did you mean you want teachers and administrators to force religion on all children, regardless of consent and against their parents’ wishes? You mean you’re completely aware that when left to their own devices, you can only get religion into kids by force? And you totally don’t care what religious instruction those kids’ own parents would wish to impart to them, because you totally know better? And you see no way that this coercion you so blithely would wish on everyone else could turn out hideously wrong?

        I think we’ve found exactly what your problem is. I’m glad you aren’t in charge–and that your attitude is spelling the end of your religion. It can’t happen fast enough. Without coercion, Christianity is going to die. You’ve just demonstrated that point. Good job… thou hypocrite.

        • I am 60 years old and as a child every day
          we said the lords prayer and the pledge of allegiance in school. I believe it was a good thing because it in a sense started our day with tradition and made us feel safe and warm inside of ourselves. I never felt like anything was being forced upon anyone. No child ever complained about doing it. I think it made everyone believe that our world was the best, For someone did look over us at all times. No one was coerced. But most of all growing up I loved being American. I felt like God was on our side and that we could do no wrong and no one could beat us or destroy our world. Yes many believed whenever they were called for services to our country that they would give their life for what we stand for. The pledge of allegiance and the National Anthem stand firm in our hearts. I believe still no one can tear us down. I melt in my heart every time I hear them. I am so proud of freedom of speech and all the rights we have as American citizens. It hurts when people criticize or don’t honor these
          things. I have always believed that God is with our country and its beliefs and that is why our country is great!!!

          • Are you old enough to remember, perhaps, that the Pledge of Allegiance did not actually have the words “under God” in it? And that courts have routinely found that teacher-led prayer in schools violates students’ rights to believe and practice whatever they wish in terms of religion?

            I’m sure it felt wonderful to you, since you were in the majority and shared the religious views espoused by the teacher. But what if you’d been a Buddhist, or an atheist? How included would you feel? How safe? What if your teacher had led everyone in kneeling and praying to Allah five times a day, or lit candles to the Triple Goddess?

            Are you aware that Christian kids bully and torment non-Christian kids in schools where your religion is allowed to trample people’s rights? Kids who openly dissent from the religion of your god of love are called names, pushed around, their stuff vandalized, and find death and rape threats in their mailboxes. So usually, they’re too scared to speak out. That’s what you mean by “nobody objected to it,” and the rest of us know it. As long as nobody told you personally that they felt unsafe or excluded, then everything was fine. But that’s not genuine consent. The fact that your tribemates viciously punish dissent tells me that genuine consent is not there. People are NOT free to object to your overreach, so they are not free to participate either.

            Freedom of Religion means freedom FROM YOUR religion… and you know it… and you don’t like it. Your religion depends on coercion to survive. It cannot make the next century without force. And Trump just lent you a sense of permission to exert that force. Do not imagine for a minute that the non-Christians around you are missing that point.

      • I think you missed the point entirely. The First Amendment doesn’t just guarantee you the right to practice your religion. It definitely doesn’t give you the right to impose your religious beliefs on everyone else.

        • On a closely related point, the First Amendment guarantees you freedom of speech about your religion or anything else. It DOES NOT guarantee you an audience to listen to what you say.

      • Agree. What is going on now not Trump’s fault. This is generation of Obama raised kids who do not know what respect is, what God is because there is no God lately for our government. They do what they were thought to do. Disrespect, violence. They were told they are racist by default so many times they started believing it, they started feel that way. We are picking Obama fruits now. I really hope Trump will take better care about his seedlings…

        • What? You are trying to blame the current generation on Obama? Give your head a shake. The hatred started long before Obama. Now Trump has made it acceptable to be blatant about your racism and bigotry, and bullying is the his method of choice. I grew up Evangelical, and I no longer identify in any way with this denomination. I won’t deny Christ, as He never taught any of this. I’m doing all I can to help be an antidote to the poison that is now coursing through our land.

          • Perhaps you grew up “evangelical,” which is different from “Evangelical.” The media’s “label,” evangelicals, is a net that does not include our (Evangelical) theology. The teachings in my present church, ELCA, center on Christ’s commandment: LOVE your neighbor as yourself. So, “who is my neighbor?” The answer makes the difference in our lives.

          • Yes don’t blame Obama for today’s children. My goodness, the oldest among them would be 8. Lets go back further, Bush, maybe Clinton, Bush, and back further. When parents lost the control (it is wrong to spank your children, you will be prosecuted by spanking) is when the children of today, and who grew up, think the world owed them.

        • Except for the Obama comment, your right on, there is not just one reason or one person that created this mess, we all need to work together, open your eyes, stop looking for the one to blame. Either do your share or shut up and live with the wrong that’s going on, whoops, just broken my soap box, as for me I am getting on my knees (it’s my way)

        • Have you looked at the demographics of who voted for Trump? It isn’t kids who just got the right to vote. Stop blaming millennials because others don’t want to take responsibility for their actions

          • it was the seniors that voted for trumps most millenials voted for clinton… trump won because more seniors care to vote then millenials did, which is sad considering millenials are the one that have to live with the choice that was made…

        • Valeria, I couldn’t disagree more. Trump’s behavior in public, which a normal parent wouldn’t accept in a three-year-old, is enabling a lot of people who hated having a black President, but suppressed their anger and alienation. Now they feel that they have permission to be racist, sexist, and religious bigots anytime and anywhere they like. Obama had nothing, repeat, nothing to do with their behavior. Racists hate being told that they are racist — I understand that. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t. It means that, on some level, they understand that it’s wrong and they can’t handle the internal struggle.

        • Didn’t take long then, “it’s all Obama’s fault… “you have to be kidding, please take your head out of the sand and actually read the article, it is directed straight at you.

        • I agree. Kids disrespectful and feel entitled. PArents failed to teach kids anything but hate. Always complaining but not striving to make life better for our future. They were divided by rasism-one blaming the other. No respect for law officers teachers etc. Make America a Christain Nation Again

        • Are you actually arguing a chicken and egg philosophy where racism is concerned? People accuse you of being racist when you’re being a racist. People don’t go around telling people they’re racist until they finally believe it. That’s some convoluted crap being used to explain away horrendous acts of violence, absolve Trump’s responsibility in this matter, and misdirect the dialogue.

        • Blaming Obama for the current generation is absurd. He didn’t personally raise those kids. He didn’t force parents to do anything. Parents chose to do that. And let’s face it, there were lots of conservative parents out there who raised their children badly. I saw it happen to kids I knew in school years ago. I’m almost 60 and we had hellions in our school. We had parents who were gun totin’ militaristic blow-up-Iran conservatives who instilled no respect or dignity in their kids at all. The nastiest kids in my school were the most conservative, beating up and yelling insults at anyone they felt was “different.” We said the Pledge (not the Lord’s Prayer, it was illegal then…you couldn’t have gone to a public school….) Self-righteousness was everywhere. We even had a local preachers who praised Reagan and promoted conservative politics be caught in sex scandals….one was a serial child molester, it turned out. (Not Catholic. He was Baptist.)

          This is the “good old days” fallacy; people like to think things were better back then. I clearly remember mouthing off to my parents at times, fights with my sister, all sorts of problems. But if you read up on history, you’ll find all sorts of horrifying examples of how horrible kids could be. I read a story of some kids in a frontier school in the 1800s who murdered their teacher and set the school on fire. And really, if you read writings by the early settlers, and go further back to the ancient Romans and Greeks, you’ll find that people have been lamenting how the younger generation is out of control ever since time began. You were probably horrible yourself…you just choose to not remember it. Like claiming you had the Lord’s Prayer in school….if you’re 60 years old, it was illegal when you were in school, because it was illegal when I was in school.

      • Yea sure just like it did in the past. We are no longer an all white “christen” nation. In reality we never were. get a grip and wake up. Do what Jesus taught – Love Thy Neighbor as thy self. He did not say only if they were christen. Can you do that? How about just not hate them, harm they and disrespect them. Could you at least do that. Dont talk to be about prayer in schools and 10 commandments till you live a christen life as Jesus taught. You made this hell now what are you AS A Christen going to do about it?

      • If they can’t learn enough at Church every Sunday to not behave this way, what makes you think more of this will change their behavior? You’re basically admitting the Bible is flawed.

      • I’m sure you mean well, but we have separation of Church and State in this country, and for good reasons. It’s part of our Constitution. If you’d like to do these same things in your own home, do them–you can. Even if we didn’t have this as part of our country’s initial setup, imagine if the classroom teacher used prayers of which you didn’t approve, or interpreted the Bible differently. You probably wouldn’t like that. Maybe other people wouldn’t like someone that you’d have up there. Not so workable! Converting people by force is not only unlawful, but it’s also not at all effective. I went to school in the days of the Lord’s Prayer. We had no idea what we were saying, and just trudged through it. Didn’t make us better people, just confused us at that age.

        • Sadly there is no consensus on whether there is separation of Church and State. The Constitution states that there can be no establishment of religion by law. This has been interpreted by Constitutional scholars both ways….yes there is separation and no there is not.

        • Sorry, but I absolutely disagree. Nowhere in the Constitution are the words “Separation of Church and State”. It’s not even implied. The Danbury Baptist Church wrote to Jefferson to share their concerns over government interference in religion. Jefferson responded and assured them that government could not interfere because of the “wall of separation”. Those words are in the context of “the government interfering with religion”. Not that government had the right to ban any reference to religion. In fact, the day after the First amendment was passed, Congress established a national day or prayer and services were held in the Capitol building and the Treasury building. Any reference of a “wall of separation” was in the context of protecting the churches from the Government. Not the total elimination of religion from the public. This argument of “separation of Church and State” has been used for decades and it simply just isn’t true.

          • The Constitution does expressly prohibit the establishment and promulgation of a state religion, and forcing Christian prayer into publicly funded schools would breach that provision, methinks.

      • The Children are not the ones creating the hatred, it is the adults. Have family bible sessions and teach the parable of The Good Samaritan. The author says action needs to be taken now and that responsibility is the adults.

      • If you are a Christian, why are you stopping at the Old Testament? You would do better to demand quotes from Jesus, particularly Matthew 25:31-45.

      • No. Just no. The public high school I attended had four grades and 1100 students, zero religious dogma and most of us turned out just fine.

        The problem with introducing a religion into a public school is it is then being sanctioned indirectly by the government. This is where separation of church and state comes in. We separate the two as a direct result of our history with England, who ran the Church of England and drove other religions underground, among other things.

        If you allow Christianity back in to the public schools, you must allow all other faiths back in, as well. You must also be prepared for the government to meddle in the affairs of your faith, including taxation, if you do so.

        Please re-visit some history books on the role of government controlled religion and its part in the formation of this country, as well as the thoughts of our Founding Fathers on the separation of Church and State.

      • Shall we also read aloud from the Quran? Not everyone subscribes to the bible and prayer. We came to America for freedom of religion. Therefore, forcing it on children in a public school that may not share YOUR religion is unacceptable. If you want your kids to learn about Jesus, then pay for private parochial school. Public is just that, for the public in general.

      • As a teacher in a public school, the backlash would be tremendous. We teach students without indoctrinating them. There are christian students, Muslim students, and students that follow first nations spirituality in my class along with atheists.
        Teach them tolerance.

        My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.

      • If families are teaching the priciples of the bible at home and at church,, their children should be living it!! You don’t need to implement this type of change in schoosl to instill values that should be tsught at home!!

      • But it would not fix the homes. It is the parents job to teach love and respect. Having Bible study and prayer in schools will only help if there is Bible study and prayer at home.

      • If the bible didn’t help the white Christians who voted for Trump see they were choosing hatred and bigotry over love and unity–it won’t do anything to stop harassment now. Stop promoting your own religion and open your heart and mind to diversity.

        • Are you saying Hillary is love & unity? Have you been watching the riots? Is your head in the sand?Thou shall not kill. Except Hillary approves of abortions to 9th month The Marines she abandoned in Benghazi & calling a gold Star Mother a liar Wait till the files come out. I’m a proud white Christian who voted for Trump I have a personal hate for liars She is no Mother Theresa

      • Leslie. Not if I have anything to say about it, and I will work hard to make sure it never happens. I will never accept a fundie school administrator, teacher, staff member, fundie pastor, or meddling fundie parents teaching their fundie religion to my United Methodist children in my public schools. You people are poison, and no other nonfundie Christians in their right minds would allow you to do that to their children. If you think the nonChristians and peoples of other religions are going to let you do this, you got another think coming.

        I think it is great for the kids to learn about Jesus and the Bible—but it should be done outside of public schools by a competent person who has studied at a nonfundie seminary—and only with parental permission and a parental review of the learning materials and curriculum.

      • Except for that not everyone is Christian. And there are some of us out there who would be offended by having that shoved down our kid’s throats in school. What we really need is love and tolerance for all people, regardless of how they are different from us. Separation of church and state is still law and should remain that way. And while our founding father’s were very religious men, they weren’t specific about any one religion in particular.

      • Im Christian and this is not what we need. This is taught at home. With over 450 churches someone is going to pray different or a different God than what we believe in, just a thought. Our Constitution seperates church and state. We will pray and study at home and make a difference daily to show Gods love. Does this make sense? Sure not condemning you, just look at this .????

      • Morality and civility and mutual respect. Children are socialized into the politics of whiteness before they even reach 1st. grade. Parents need to realize their privilege and teach their kids to respect everyone because we are all human beings, and that should be enough.

      • We have a thing called Separation of Church & State. If it’s a private school, gets no public funding -go ahead w prayer & meetings. Religion- gives all kind of permissions for exclusion & discrimination. So no, it’s not a fix. It’s part of the problem.

      • I am a law abiding, tax paying, daughter of a Viet Nam casualty, athiest parent with children in public schools. DO NOT PRESUME to inflict your beliefs onto my children. I don’t presume to challenge you or your children’s beliefs despite the fact that my children display the morals, values and compassion that Christians preach but don’t actually live by.

      • Public schools teach children of ALL FAITHS. That is why there is the separation of church and state. You are free to teach YOUR religion in YOUR home and in YOUR “church” and in YOUR religious schools, but not in public schools. That is the only way to preserve Freedom of Religion.

      • how much prayer and bible study do you think a person needs? if parents want their children to know the word of god, there are churches for that. don’t children spend more time at home than in school? a christian parent has the right to teach their children their own religion. this is not the job of the public school system.

        besides, if prayer works, one good prayer should do it. but if you don’t believe it’s enough, children really are, contrary to the many erroneous reports, allowed to pray in school. they just can’t be made to do it by administrators. they can pray on the way to school. they can pray as they walk through the door. they can carry a bible and read it during breaks from classes.

        i am very much in favor of religion being taught in school, but only as part of a world religions program so that children know that theirs isn’t the only religion and theirs isn’t the only god.

      • Our Constitution demands a separation of church and state. Prayer is allowed but may not be led by a public school employee nor any one religion endorsed in public schools.

      • No we don’t need prayer in schools that is for churches and religious schools. School is for learning other things not for religion.

      • Which version (of the three in the Bible) of the Ten Commandments would you recommend? Have you ever noticed that none of the commandments forbid rape? Do you really prefer a theocracy to a democratic republic?

      • I can remember when prayer and bible study were in school. It was great for me as a middle class white christian. It really sucked for the Jewish kids, though. They felt left out, different and isolated. Believe it or not, my fellow Christians used to tease them mercilessly. Kids do that, you know. There was supposed to be a separation of church and state for a reason. We don’t need to make American christian in order to make it great again, we just need to find some tolerance and stop shoving our religious views down everyone’s throats constantly while pretending it’s noble

      • Yeah, being forced to pay lip service to the dominant religion which is not my own would TOTALLY make me feel less put upon. As though non-Christian students aren’t bullied enough without being in an environment that supports it by intentionally alienating them.

        Paul just cements my opinion that this is exactly what most white christians in the U.S. wanted. They voted for it, after all.

      • Paula; that is the exact opposite of what is needed & what this article is about. You can’t force Christianity down the throats of people of other religions. Doing so will only enforce the white christian is better than everyone else thought & make hate even more pronounced than it is now.

      • In response to : Paul Inberea
        November 10, 2016 at 10:28 pm
        “A quick fix, [and lasting fix] would be to bring Prayer & Bible study back into the Public Schools. The atmosphere would change in an instant. Put the 10 Commandments in front of the Classroom, and read them aloud every day.”
        My children go to a church of England school they tend to be the nicer schools because of their religious teachings although we aren’t Christian my kids embrace it however there are still bullies at the school and a couple of not very nice families. Such a shame.

      • I teach at a catholic school that covers the bible pretty thoroughly as you would think. Monthly Mass, hourly prayer, compassionate teachers that promote christian values with earnest. I can assure you, it does not stop the behavior. It may not happen in front of the teachers or the Nuns, but it happens nonetheless. The student population is predominately white, upper class, and extremely privileged. The boys have relentlessly shamed the girls for supporting Hillary and the fact she lost. The boys have been heard yelling “mow my lawn” to the hispanic public school kids next door. These kids have warped their identity as christians to include their sense of privilege. This article is on the money, and it will help, but this cat should have NEVER been tolerated from anyone who would be represented our identity and culture. The pseudo christians have made this happen.

      • I teach at a catholic school that covers the bible pretty thoroughly as you would think. Monthly Mass, hourly prayer, compassionate teachers that promote christian values with earnest. I can assure you, it does not stop the behavior. It may not happen in front of the teachers or the Nuns, but it happens nonetheless. The student population is predominately white, upper class, and extremely privileged. The boys have relentlessly shamed the girls for supporting Hillary and the fact she lost. The boys have been heard yelling “mow my lawn” to the hispanic public school kids next door. These kids have warped their identity as christians to include their sense of privilege. This article is on the money, and it will help, but this cat should have NEVER been tolerated from anyone who would be representing our identity and culture. The pseudo christians have made this happen.

      • Anyone can pray wherever they want. It’s a personal thing. Public schools are not the venue for Christian prayers. EVERYONE’S children attend public schools. I understand your point but that belongs in parochial schools.

      • Not all Christian denominations gave the same beliefs or interpret Scripture the same way. If people want their children to study the Bible, they can do it their own home or take their children to church every Sunday, not when it’s convenient

      • That would infringe upon the 1st Amendment rights of freedom of religion and free expressing thereof whether Christian, Muslim, or other. To post only Christian values imposes against their belief systems.

      • Have you read the Constitution? It clearly states that there to be NO state religion.
        I went to Public School in 1950s thru 1960s
        without prayer and bible reading. I am a very good moral and religious person. If people want their children to behave appropriate, forced religious studies will not do it, only lessons taught and lived at home will! Jesus told us “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”. Caesar in the US includes public education, besides who truth would you teach?

      • No, you are missing the point! I do not want your 10 commandments and your religious point of view to be taught to my children. YOU need to teach love and respect for others in your own home

      • True, yet at the sametime it all boils down to what and how one teaches their children. teach them to respeact others, we do not have to agree on all subjects but we MUST respect others and their right to be who and what they are. I do not treat my sister any different because she is a democrat, or my husband any different because he is on the fence, c’mon, lets chill and let our fellow Americans be themselves. One of the major issues here is not I think this is a people thing not only Christians ~ Labels and boxes separate , how can we unite with diversity ?

      • FYI: Nowhere in our constitution will find Separation of Church and State. Read it! Educate yourselves!! Then, remember that no matter what you do in life, SOMEONE will disagree or (gasp!) be offended. Grow up!

      • Perhaps except in our public schools we have many faiths . I ask you , whose God will you be praying to? Instead I believe there should be classes just on tolerance and kindness orcbetter yet, community service hours as a required class to be involved in the community.

      • No one has forbidden prayer in the public schools, anyone can pray anytime they want to , however it cannot be lead by teachers or any other in school administration. Children are free to pray before a test, before eating a meal, they cannot require everyone to join them. Jesus said himself, when you speak to your father go into your closet ( bedroom perhaps) and when you pray in private he will hear you. Jesus said explicitly that those who pray in public would not stand in Gods favor. Read your Bible.

      • Unfortunately, that is a delusional response. Forced Christian prayers will only opress non Christian children further.They will feel even more marginalized and frightened than they do now.

      • So sorry but prayer was allowed in schools at the time in our country when black children were not. Segregation and Jim Crow co existed with prayer in schools.

      • As John spoke to, you need to fix the rot within your “Christian” communities, create a message worth spreading, rather than try to force your warped version of Christ’s message on others as it is. Too many of the “Christians” I know would welcome a Theocracy and believe that’s what they will get with Trump (so deluded and misguided).

      • They used to do this and that was during the era that white people used to take their kids on picnics to observe black people being lynched. I don’t think it worked.

      • No, all that does is force another layer of oppression on the already oppressed. Not everyone is a Christian. Can you get that???

      • This is not the answer. The same people who say they love the bible are the very people doing all the harm. It also negates those people who are not Christian. The Ten Commandments were ignored in voting for Trump. He has violated almost all of them.

      • Paul Inberea, the lasting fix would be for parents to bring prayer and Bible study into their homes. Put the 10 Commandments in their living rooms and read them aloud every day and teach their children to follow the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount when he told his followers that hating someone was the same as murder.

      • You’re right. And Hillary represents the very people who took religion from the school in the first place, the liberal supreme court, which is the primary reason i voted for Trump, so the Court could return to its original intent.

        • Ummm – honey? The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution, which most clearly separates church from state, and is incapable of altering the original document itself. No matter how you try to put your conception of God on others, that document protects people of other faiths from your tyranny, and will continue to do so as long as I and others like me draw breath. You keep your God, I’ll keep mine, and we’ll both be fine…

      • The Torah was given to Israel’s descendants,yet Israel rebelled. Just put the the law of God given to Moses plainly before them did not prevent the Golden calf to be built and worshipped, incurring the wrath of Yahweh. Why was that? Mom, hanging though shall nots….in classrooms or on the grounds of courthouses, schools or wherever is not the answer. The Saviour, the Lord Jesus himself told you and me that the human heart and soul is the answer to all hatred, all fear and most of all bigotry that leads to all sorts of human degradation and racism. The Saviour said, I came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it, to bring it to perfection, and example He gave us says “it is said, and eye for an eye, but I say when someone strike you on the right cheek, turn and give him the left cheek also, when he asked for your shirt,give him your coat also. He also said, when you do good to only your friends,what good does it make, rather love your enemies,do good to those who persecute you. So mom, the gospels teach us a new way of living a life of witnessing the Sacred and divine word , those wonderful words of mine and your Saviour. Only by living example can we really and truly be spirit filled and bound for his glory in our father’s eternal home
        May He who never sleeps nor slumbers keep you and your loved ones on the bosom of his heart and smile on your all

      • You just didn’t get the message of this did you?
        Would you allow all faiths messages to be shared school?
        We are a country of men faiths as the founding fathers set it up to be.
        This articles call to “do the work” not just sit back and say it.

      • Really female Paul Inberea, how on earth do you think that you can force children to do that at their schools? What is your plan? Hold guns on them and their parents to force them? Tie them up in their desks? Put them in little handcuffs, and take them from their parents put them in to others allowed religious families? Oh yeah, they did that to my father when he was 3 years old, ripped him from his parents and his tribe, and handed him to a pedaophile, and then my father was trained to hate Native Americans and African Americans. So really Paul, exactly how can you and others force them? I know that both of my children at a public school, from Kindergarten through their Senior years, every week had posters all week, their home teachers at the beginning of the week discussing of things to not do, and things that are good to do to help others, be kind to others, I noticed that they did cover the 10 commandments,
        AGE APPROPRIATE, and covered also the ones that are not in the 10 commandments that should be in. The cover all of these half a year, and when they are back from Christmas break, they start it all over again, over and over all these years, there are people to answer their questions each week. Also, after school there were always bible study there who wanted to go, there were HS students gather in the morning outside for putting the flag up, and have a prayer there. EVERYONE can pray in the school, at any time, just pray to themselves, there are a lot of different religions in the schools, let them pray to themselves, with the prayers they are accustomed to and leave them alone.

      • No, that’s not the answer. By Prayer and Bible Study, you obviously mean YOUR religion’s prayers and the study of YOUR religion’s book. What about the students who don’t follow YOUR religion? That’s why we don’t have prayer and bible study in schools. Schools are for all citizens, paid for by taxpayers of all faiths. The constitution clearly states that one religion is not to be established as the official American religion, and yet you want to establish Christianity as the correct religion to be taught to all our students. Clearly. Against. The. Constitution.

      • How would that fix anything??? We aren’t just a Christian based world. Many people celebrate different religions and forcing people to do what ur asking is wrong.

      • No, it would just intensify the separation. Do you not understand that some of those being harassed are not of the Christian faith. It is enough that we each love one another, even as God loves us all, every one of us.

      • Are you serious? this is christian taliban behavior and talk, no, no and once again NO. Your beliefs are YOUR beliefs, not everyone elses. Drumpfs win empowers this kind of crap , not on my watch or in my life. Our founding fathers kept church and state apart for good reason , education fits in there too not everyone believes the same even you christians can’t agree on one book of fairy tales to follow.

      • Bringin Bible study and prayers back to school will br ng more discrimination against the non Christian minories. Do we need to aasume that people who is turning against non white do not go to church?, if they do, there is no prayer, no Bible study?,

      • The only way to change it is to get rid of the white people who stole our native land. The native American people need their land back because white people are &#@!.

      • Paul, ever heard about separation of church and state ?
        You want Bible study… GO to a private christian school.
        Stay out of the lives of those who choose a more inclusive education… By the way… NOT EVERYONE holds your beliefs…Please be christian enough to let others hold theirs !

      • But only if all religions were studied. Part of the problem is Christians who hate Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and others.

      • By the way, you should read up on what happens to non-Christian kids in schools that allow religious nuts to trample other people’s rights. The kids and parents issuing death and rape threats to non-Christians are, presumably, exactly the Christians who’ve been inundated with religious teachings their entire lives. And yet they are violent, vindictive, and vicious animals toward anybody who dares suggest that maybe not everybody wants to pray every day or get religious tutelage in their science classes or waste money on stupid monuments to religiosity. That viciousness is what results when Christians feel like their dominance is fading. That’s the “Christian love” the rest of us experience. And that’s what you want to institutionalize again.

        Hooray for Christians! They are spelling the end of this horrible religion.

      • Prayer in schools? Ridiculous! Unless you mean ANY/ALL religious prayer will be encouraged and tolerated. Oh wait, of course you don’t. So much for you understanding even one thing about the point of this post.

      • Yes I believe that we need to bring God and the Bible and prayer back into our schools and houses. However God is in more control than I am. I voted for Trump. But did I force these people to say things they shouldn’t have? No I didn’t, you are basically saying that i have more control over what someone else says than God. How can this be? It can’t. So please don’t put the blame of someone else’s mistake on me and every one else that voted Trump. Secondly, if you are truly a white christian do you really think you would be doing those things? Let’s think a little common sense here….. NO. So here again you are putting blame on people that shouldn’t be blamed. Because if you are a true Christian you will do love, yeah we are humans and we make mistakes, but not with such hate and malice. God IS in control of every situation, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to interfere in every thing that happens. That is why we were given freedom of choice, that is why we are not robots. Are you saying that God isn’t in control of anything when it comes to something bad happening? That makes no sense. Also if you would go back to your Bible and read Romans 13:1 & 2. It says, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.” So if God appoints the authorities on this earth then how can you say that God wasn’t in control of that situation? I am not trying to be rude, and I am sorry if it is coming off like that, but I want to raise a few questions in your mind about the things that you wrote in this article. I hope that you have a blessed day.

      • Amen!!!!

        This author is a joke. I’d love to make him as responsible for ending the murder of millions of unborn babies during Obama’s presidency as he is trying to make Christians responsible for ending fear and racism….both of which were largely created by the leftist media.

      • A bible study leader in my daughters middle school is the one who stated this!! I am Christian and my daughter was going to attend this bible class at school led by him and decided not to. He has made racist comments about blacks Hispanic and gays. She tells me “mom I’m so glad I didn’t go”
        What am I supposed to tell her??? This is not who God is but this white boy is portraying God this way. Another white boy said that his church would never let a gay student to his church. Way to show Christianity to the world. Nice job on being the light of the world.

      • SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Not everyone buys into that religious crap! Public school is for everyone, not just christians. I would be horrified if that ever happened. Unconstitutional.
        -A school teacher who teaches to children of all different backgrounds, not just Christians.

      • ABSOLUTELY NOT! Anytime anyone talks about prayer in Public Schools it is always Christian prayer. Others are ALWAYS marginalized. Besides, there is separation of church and state for excellent reasons. Your right to your religion and the practice thereof DOES NOT and CAN NOT infringe on my right to be free of religion in ALL public spaces.

      • Thank you Paul, you are correct and John is so very wrong and full of hatred.. Christians are not rioting, are not shooting Police, are not the protesters on the streets of our beloved America. Real Christians are not guilty of what John says that they are! The people who are doing these things that John mentions are haters- apparently just like John. Because John just used his right to publish his hate speech on the web.

      • Oh sure, put “In God We Trust” on the money.
        Did that help?
        Put “Under God” in the pledge.
        Did that help?

      • Hi Paul,
        Which god should the students pray to? And from which bible?

        Also, what should be done with the non-Christian students during reading of the Ten Commandments?

        Lastly, while all of this is going on, what should be done with the students who are non-believers?

        It just seems to me that your “quick fix” might have a teeny hiccup or two.

      • Did you just miss the entire point of this blog post? This is another example of how some white Christians just don’t get it and don’t even have the most basic understanding of what Jesus commanded them to do.

      • The answer is not in the schools. The answer is in our homes & churches & Bible studies. It’s not the school’s job to teach your kids the principles set forth in the Bible. It’s YOURS. They’re SCHOOLS not homes or churches. TAKE your KIDS to CHURCH to learn about Jesus. Take them to school to learn math & reading.
        There are God only knows how many denominations in the Christian church. What if whoever’s teaching your kid teaches them a doctrine you don’t agree with? If you want your kids to learn about Jesus, YOU teach them!

      • Wow. Certainly didn’t take any time for white Christians to hijack this and make it all about them, the most persecuted class of people in America.

        Some of you are stepping up, and you have my admiration. All of y’all claiming that Christian supremacy is baked into our Constitution, and that all we have to do to fix things is to let y’all be in charge the way nature intended? You’re who this essay is about. You disgust me.

      • Boy, did you miss the point. I have raised my white, NON-Christian children to value others as they do themselves, and to defend those in need of defense because it is the right thing to do, not because the Bible told me to. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

      • “A quick fix, [and lasting fix] would be to bring Prayer & Bible study back into the Public Schools”
        So, just WHEN did the Bible, or any other book of theology, EVER become the law over that of the US Constitution in this country?

        I take it that you don’t understand that the Bible is NOT the only book of theology here – would you say the same if it were the Quran? The Torah? or others?

        You don’t get to force your religion on others. Not me, not ANYONE.

      • I agree with you about religion and the ten commandments are need in school, the lords prayer was removed because it offends other non-religious, other religions so they take the one thing out of schools because of the few who opposedo our beliefs. Trump was not voted for to belittle other minorties, he is not racist, just because a hate group might endorse him, he does not believe in their idology. He did not ask for their endorsement, you can’t believe all the retorhic spouted during the campaign, do you think Ben Carson would support his agenda if he was a racist. President Obama has been in office for eight years how many gang infested neighborhoods did he clean up, how much of the drug flow did try to shut down, how many jobless neighborhoods did try to bring new industry in to rehab the tough living conditions. Now president elect Trump wants stem the flow of drugs into our country, he wants to revitalize rundown cities and improve the education for all americans. Instead of bashing the president elect, why don’t you give him a chance to improved the quality of life for all Americans.

      • Hear. This.
        Christianity. Is. NOT. The. ONLY. Religion. In. These. United. States.

        Turn the table, Paul. Imagine that someone says, all schools must read daily from the holy scriptures of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism or Judaism.
        My guess is that you would lose your freaking mind!
        Just. Stop.

      • Please advise where you EVER have the right to force your religion on others? Who do you think YOU and yours are? This is NOT and NEVER will be a theocracy. Not now, NOT EVER.

        You want prayer in schools?
        Go to a church sponsored school.
        But it has NO PLACE in a public school. Never did, NEVER WILL.

      • Your suggestion would only make the problem worse. It would make those not following the beliefs of the majority of the community stand out or pretend to so they don’ t stand out. I know I grew up an Evangelical Christian but my community was Catholic. So I often was looked at funny or asked why I didn’t make the sign of the cross when we prayed. Some of the kids I went to church with did make the sign of the cross so they blended in. That is only one of the problems I encountered. What children need is to learn religion at home and at there places of worship. And if you are teaching it correctly it will be about LOVE not hate. By the way I read my Bible and prayed in school but I did it privately and did NOT try to force others to do it my way.

      • And what about Jewish kids? And Muslim kids? And Buddhist kids? This is just another way to marginalize them. You might want to go back and re-read this……

      • That attitude is part of the problem! You cannot force Christianity on anyone. Many children in our schools are not from Christian families. There are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. Freedom of religion is their right as well as ours. Besides, the schools are not the best promulgators of the faith. We can’t push this off on the schools. It is OUR responsibility.

      • Hi there Paul. Prayer never left public schools. Anyone can pray at any time while at school. In fact the bible encourages silent/private prayer. “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you”. My understanding is that it’s only teachers requiring students to pray during school time that isn’t allowed.

        I honestly don’t think that “bringing Prayer & Bible study back into the Public Schools” is going to solve the issues stated in the article above.

      • Paul…you are forgetting the importance of the U.S. CONSTITUTION that guarantees the fact that we will not have a state religion.

      • Prayer has never been taken out of schools-I am a teacher and pray for my students daily. That is an overused “catch phrase” that people like to throw out to try and prove a point. I invite God into my classroom EVERY day. If parents and church leaders were doing what they should at home and church-there would be less need to scapegoat schools for what they are “not doing”- it is the Christian’s obligation to “religiously educate” their children, not the school system- that’s where the break down has always been, the home life is lacking.

      • How do you think pushing your religion onto others solves this? Did you not read the article? That’s exactly the problem! People putting their way of thinking onto others. Yet you think it’s a solution and not the problem described above? Have you learned nothing? Rather than push your religion maybe act on it yourself and learn from it instead!

      • Fine in a religious private school….NOT in a public school! Separation of church and state!!! Prayer and Bible study have NO PLACE IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL…..that is the job of family and church.

    • I don’t mean to be impertinent, but I’d sure love to know if this piece is passed along to one single Trump voter who does one thing to improve the situation. I get that there is some sort of electrical charge when you read or speak something like this — a shoring up of your righteousness (don’t get me wrong, I think Trump is horrible.) But what is actually going to move us along? When you yell at people you usually get well-defended people. Not ones who see your insight and change.

      • We’re in this mess because we were more concerned with being civil and making sure everyone got to speak that we didn’t object enough to his hate filled rhetoric. If you read the article, you already have the answer to the question. They did something horrible and it is unconscionable to expect the people being hurt to reach across the isle and make amends to the people who did it. The fact that you made this comment tells me you are not yet ready to leg go of your white, Christian privileged. Settle back and pull it up around like a warm cloak while others suffer. You’re proving that you are just about as unreachable as the Christians who voted him into office. I read this and personally sent it to every Trump supporter I know, because they need to hear the message.

      • No, your right regina — Any REAL American christian would vote for the person who brags publicly about how many women (who are, of course, inferior to men!) he’s sexually assaulted, cheats his workers, tells his followers that he will support them if they commit violence, and lies so uncontrollably that he regularly claims he never said things he’s on video saying less than 24 hours before.

      • AMEN
        All life is precious.
        Abortion is evil.
        You can’t speak out against slavery, KKK, internment camps, racism, terrorism & then tell me it’s ok to murder babies in the womb.

        LGBTQ demand rights, their right to have a family, adopt, who speaks out for the babies they are willing to allow to be murdered??

        • I imagine you think you are – while hiding behind Anonymous as your name. Takes guts to rip other people from behind a keyboard – welcome to being the problem…

    • There is currently ZERO actual evidence of Trump’s policies on the issues above. He is supposedly against ILLEGAL immigration, but why shouldn’t he be? It is, after all, ILLEGAL. And, he married not one, but TWO immigrants. He also employs a small army of them.

      And let’s not forget that Hillary called Robert Byrd her mentor.

      We can’t help what a few nut bags are doing. What I can do is personally be kind to others.

    • John Pavlovitz, YOU are extremely prejudiced. I could not read your full article because rants like these are pretty much all the same. Full of ignorance, projecture, and misplaced anger.

      First off, if these events did indeed happen as you say. The idea that these people are in church listening to a Christian preacher is pretty pathetic. And you must know that it is not Christian churches who teach murder, terrorism and hate. These things are taught within the family, on the streets and with heavy media influence.

      Stop being part of the problem. Try using your station in life for good. It is much more satisfying.

      • You missed the point; he’s asking for Christians who actually follow Christ’s teaching to bring those who say they are Christians but spew violence and hatred back into the light of Christianity. Silence makes you complicit.

    • It is not up to Trump to “FIX” any of what you say. It was and is the job of the Adult who had these children to raise them right and they didn’t! no respect of anyone and that’s what is wrong with this country. FIX it at home first!!!

    • This article is so filled with hate and lies. There were people flying Nazi flags before. There were little bigoted children being hostile to other children before. People did not suddenly become a-holes because of an election. We get it.. You don’t like the outcome of the election. But trying to place blame on white Christians for people being a-holes is cowardly and intellectually dishonest. Grow up. Some of see this article for what it is.. Shameless self promotion and contributing to divisiveness.

    • I agree with 99.9% of this hard hitting article.
      I too, love this and hope my fellow believers are inspired to act and love others and build bridges.
      However, part of the last statement was unclear.

      ‘White Christians are’.
      I and so many of my brothers and sister here in Madison, WI are most certainly NOT bullying or inciting violence.
      You may have meant that we have the control, and we can do our part which does include praying to the only GOD who can change the hearts of men as WE serve and love those marginalized and under attack.
      Counterfeit Cowards are committing these acts.
      Thank you for kicking us in the pants, John.
      Proverbs 27:6

      • I don’t believe that the fact that the KKK supports someone or something means that thing is racist. I’m sure many KKK people shop at Walmart and watch Disney movies but no one is calling Walmart or Disney racist for not calling a press conference to tell the KKK they don’t want their business.

        I do agree that this harassment needs to stop. Trying to create division by complaining about who the President is won’t help. Choosing to come together and be kind and reach out to others is what’s needed so I do agree with that.

    • This reply is meant for the article itself. You ASS-U-ME that all of the actions you mention are caused by WHITE CHRISTIANS. Where is your proof? Are you a religious person yourself or do you just have a propensity to blame only white Christians for all the troubles of the “crazies” who can’t possibly believe things won’t always go their way. I am an American citizen! t doesn’t matter what color my skin is, what religion I do or do not believe in, it doesn’t even matter what my political affiliation may be. Fact of matter, we are ALL citizens of the country of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA where “free” elections are held for our leaders. We may not always be happy with the choice of the many but it is our duty to accept the results and go on with our lives and live each day to the best of our abilities. IF, the people who were voted into power prove themselves to be corrupt, it is THEN and ONLY THEN that it is our responsibility to remove and replace them. It’s time to forget the rumors and innuendo, don’t believe everything you hear as fact until you do your own investigation to find the truth. Personally, I’m sick and tired of people “playing the RACE card”, claiming “sexism, homophobic, etc.” There is NO excuse for stupidity any more.

    • I do agree that everyone needs to pray and help make things better. I don’t agree Hillary would have fixed this. She is anti-gay marriage and onky changed her stance to gain LGBT voters. As for racism and Hillary – she kicked this lady out of a paid fundraiser for wanting to challenge some of her racist remarks.


      This is why I don’t understand people being so upset about the election.

      Both Trump and Clinton have opposed gay marriage and both have made very racist remarks. I didn’t vote for either of them – but neither should you have. If everyone was bold enough to find a third party candidate and vote for them we wouldn’t have this situation. We would still have it with Hillary. She just smiles and pretends but she feels the same way and has said as much.

      • You can pray if you want, but that’s not going to fix this. We need exactly what this article is talking about. We need Christians to DO something, not just pray.
        And policies aside, the difference between Hillary and Trump was that one had an entire adult life of experience serving in political office and had a clue about what it takes to run a country and the other one was a racist, sexist, homophobe who had zero experience running anything except failed businesses and scams.

    • I am from San Francisco, I know Noe Valley neighborhood very well. There are racist idiots everywhere and please do not call them Christians just because they wear a cross …. my neighbors dog wears a cross and he poops on our lawn. In San Francisco and every other town across America where there is poverty, homelessness and hunger, The Christian Gospel Missions are many times the only hope for the down and out folks, (guess who pays for these missions) not the bleeding heart liberals, not the government, not even other so called religions. Like I said there are Idiot and evil people in both camps and all communities! Get it right!

    • YOU is the person in the mirror. If parents at home disciplined their children this would be less of an issue. Hillary supporters have been talking love and understanding yet when they didn’t get their way they are rioting in the streets. YOU should have given them a spanking and told them NO

      • What century are you living in? There has been no prayer in public school since the 80s. Also, in the 1970s. When I went to grade school we did not pray, read the bible, put on religious Christmas plays, etc. What we were expected to do was respect all people, especially those who were different. That is the true Christian way.

    • Why is the assumption that all white Christian kids need to be taught not to be racist…Hate by anyone is wrong. What about the protester burning flags and promoting violence…any articles for them to read?

      Which candidate supported abortion, the murder of thousands of unborn children? I’ll take Trump.

    • Quit relying on the government to teach your children… Those kids learned that stuff at home. Better yet… You’re right. Let’s just abort them all and we won’t have to deal with it. Smh.

    • Quit relying on the government to teach your children… Those kids learned that stuff at home. Better yet… You’re right. Let’s just abort them all and we won’t have to deal with it. Smh.

    • It is no more Trump’s fault that people are nasty to one another than it is Obama’s fault that people are nasty to one another ! Listen to the music kids listen to it talks about killing,Bitches and Hoe’s are the way females are referred to . It glamorizes violence and then lack of Parental control over their kids. What does the world expect with these kind of values?

    • I notice that no black or minority’s crime is listed in this article. Maybe white kids are tired of being called “cracker” or “honkey”. Maybe white people are tired of being called racist when people of color are not labeled that for doing the same thing. Maybe white people are tired of not having crimes committed against them reported by the news media. Maybe they are tired of seeing hairdos, nails, cars, clothes etc paid for with their taxes. Maybe, just maybe, some of them are tired of working three jobs just to live. They make just a little too much money to qualify for assistance with insurance but don’t make enough to go to the doctor-who can’t take cash anyway. Of course they could qualify for insurance and many other benefits if they would have a child out of wedlock. But mama taught them differently. Taught them to be responsible for their actions, to be independent and not take what you haven’t earned. Do I approve of the “reported ” actions by a very few – no I don’t. But we live in a fallen and imperfect world and there is always going to be good people and bad people in every ethnicity. I would suggest everyone look to himself and clean their own house before singling out one group to put the blame on.

    • No its not. It’s not Christians responsibility to fix the problem of people who hate. By this standard it’s the rresponsibility of black Christians to fix the BLM and black panthers. Nobody can change another person. The only thing WE Christians can do is love on those who are hateful and pray for them.

    • Oh Please. If you’d even bother to fact check you’d find out that the idiot who flew the nazi flag was a Hillary supporter who was protesting. You spout such ignorant rhetoric as if none of these things took place in America on the day before Trump was elected. Reel in the hyper-panic attitude and sit back and watch and see that the only harm to America will be brought through the hands and voices of fear mongers such as yourself. (As well as the idiots rioting in the streets.

    • Oh Please. If you’d even bother to fact check you’d find out that the idiot who flew the nazi flag was a Hillary supporter who was protesting. You spout such ignorant rhetoric as if none of these things took place in America on the day before Trump was elected. Reel in the hyper-panic attitude and sit back and watch and see that the only harm to America will be brought through the hands and voices of fear mongers such as yourself. (As well as the idiots rioting in the streets.)

    • Sounds like bad parenting, to me. That’s what you get when, your nose is in your phone, everyone gets a trophy, and idiots are raising your children.

    • Nothing more than another self loathing white person. You must hate yourself so, every morning you awaken and find that you are still pale. Constantly apologizing for the actions, or the currently reported actions, of someone that lived hundreds of years ago that they probably aren’t even related to. Hell your heritage probably wasn’t even in this country when slavery was accepted. So stop apologizing and making sure the divide remains. Your action are keeping a feeling of entitlement and lower standards in the population of a race you, and probably no one in your family had any impact on whatsoever .

    • Maybe the massage never made it to the 5 black youths. Who pulled a man from his car’ Beat him and laughed about then stole his car. Cause they said he voted Trump.

    • Dear Lisa, I respect your view and understand why many people might agree with Mr Pavlovitz, but I hope people might consider another viewpoint, and since I couldn’t figure out how to post a comment of my own directly to Mr Pavlovitz, I looked for one already posted by someone who seemed reasonable and I chose yours.

      Well meaning as I assume Mr Pavlovitz is, I think he’s missed some critical facts, and it’s not his fault. Trump is fallible like all of us. However, prior to the campaign he was never accused of bigotry, xenophobia, hate, violence, sexism, etc. All that is the product of a mainstream media and a Liberal Democratic Party deliberately twisting and/or distorting, and even adding or deleting meaning, into things Donald Trump has said or done in the past.

      Donald Trump is rough around the edges, and some may even say he’s crude. However, he’s not a hater, nor a bigot. Nor does he abuse women. I could go on, but that’s for another day.

      My point is here, and I’m hoping Mr Pavlovitz will give it some thought, is that our problems today are not the fault of Donald Trump. They are the fault of liars in the mainstream media and the people they choose to support.

      THAT is the problem we as Christians need to fix, and the sooner the better.

      Thanks and GBU,


    • Seriously? It wasn’t all white Christians who voted in Donald Trump, it was people who are sick of the bullies on the left like you who make you feel like you can’t even say who you are voting for without getting expletives thrown at you (mainly because they have no real response) or your business trashed or your car keyed. I know that many of my friends who are black, Filapino, Puerto Rican, Irish, Italian, American Indian were all in agreement and voted for CHANGE. Hillary abused her power as Secretary of State, how far would she go if she were president? Ask Saul Alinsky because she followed him vehemently. She thought we were a bunch of fools and you know what? She was wrong, only people brainwashed like you were the fools!

    • Didn’t hearealize nothing when Obama invited black life matters to the White House for dinner after the riots and I’m a Christian thought it was disgusting

    • This is a time when President Obama needs lead the people, all people. Can God fix the problems raised in the article? Yes! But God uses imperfect people like me, you and even those that have hate in their hearts. Do I as a Christian condone that nasty behavior? No way! But our world is filled with evil. We need to come together as one country. And stop the division that has been growing and growing for the past 16+ years…yes there was growing division during Obama’s time as President, too.
      There is a great saying, if the people lead, eventually the leaders will follow. It is encumbrant on all of us to stand up and lead.

    • God is in control. And I think most of what you posted is one big lie! So, why don’t you stop this BS and teach your own children right from wrong and what God is all about. Yes, GOD IS IN CONTROL. It does not matter whom I voted for or you voted for. God is in control. If you know God you will understand that he thinks YOU should do more than expect someone else to fix YOUR problems, and stop making up things and blaming someone else. IF these things are happening it is not Trump that is doing it. It is the other side. Have you not seen and counted the buses that soros has sent in with people to riot and cause all of this. Get your thinking cap on and think for yourself and stop blaming someone else for your problems.

    • Actually, what needs to be added to this article are facts. How quickly and conveniently JP forgets to mention the vitriol coming from the other camp … even from Hillary herself (I don’t recall her message of unity to the “basket of deplorables”).

      Also, attributing the Nazi flag flying to Trump supporters couldn’t be further from the truth. It was a Hillary supporter’s lame attempt at satire (his explanation) to protest the election outcome.

      And what of the Muslim female student at UL Lafayette who falsely (and illegally) accused white, male Trump supporters of assault and robbery? She confessed that her story was fabricated and is now facing a charge of filing a false report.

      These are just a small sample of the culpability from the other side … and some serious stuff that needs to be said about that too.

    • At the same time you crying ass liberals need to go get your kids, brothers ,sisters, friends, and/or fellow cry babies off the street hollering a peaceful march, My ass out there tearing up property, pulling people out of their cars and beating them, Hollering F@#ck Donald Trump. just because your candidate lost. acting no better than a 2yr old that had his candy taken away and your no better writing an article like this!!!!!!!!!!Pure Democrat Bullshit Propaganda……..Who said that I said that!!!!!!

      • Hey Bill, this post wasn’t addressed to you so don’t be so offended. It was addressed to white Christians, and you obviously don’t meet the Christian part. ????

    • So who’s gonna fix this?

      “You voted Trump” yelled at man while he’s beaten in Chicago streets

      ‘Die Whites Die’: Anti-Trump Rioters Vandalize NOLA Monuments

      Student Trump supporter attacked at Woodside High School

      Mom Kicks Boy Out of House – For Voting Trump in School Election

      Boy Beaten After Backing Donald Trump in School Mock-Election

    • I apologize for butting in, but did not see how to reply directly to Shawn kings letter, which is as pitiful as all these colleges letting their students not go to class or take a test, because they were so upset,triggered or whatever pitiful excuse for their mental and spiritual weakness and all these people, (many paid and bussed in by George Soros ), out protesting, (rioting ), because they can’t understand the mass of facts laid before them, that again, proves hillary clinton is a sick, lyin,traitorous criminal that was kept from prosecution by Mr Obama himself, for he was lying about the illegal emails himself and so much more I would be here all night, the degree of ignorance, Mr king is truly staggering, even the Kremlin put out a release that if that corrupt person had become president, Russia & theU.S. would be in WWIII and it was our own security agencies that gave Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks! Lord help people understand and know resl truth! And if anyone wants to talk about murderous blood on their hands, look No farther than liberals, hillary and the democratic party, for the horrific, despicable murder of up to 60 MILLION Children! !! There are lost ignorant souls everywhere, people are posting for the sniper murder of our President elect or even asking a black guy to ”take one for the team ‘ and kill him, true Christians did not slaughter people, ever, people pretending to be Christian did, many times,it’s called the Catholic church, anyway, I’ve gotten another headache listening to liberal ‘reasoning ‘ this is a fallen world, in case you haven’t heard, most in name only Christians don’t lay hands on new converts or disciple them or instruct them as Yeshua said to as He returned to our Father, read it multiple times at the end of some of the gospels, go out,lead people to the Lord, as is our just service and if you and they become filled with our Creators holy spirit, then that,multiplied, will do way more to combat ignorance, violence and intolerance, than anything blaming, whining or finger pointing, can ever do!

    • This a message full of hate. Hillery is indorced buy many black lives matters groups. Which is a black kkk group. Michael (Michelle ) said white people and America is the problem. She can go back to Kenya with Obama ( Osoma) since he also hates America. I have seen worse videos of you Anti-Americans doing worse things then you acuse Trump supporters of doing.

    • Lisa, you give the author far too much credit. There were plenty of black and latino Americans who voted for Trump, too. But all he wants to talk about are the white voters. Who’s the real racist? Yeah, thats what I thought.
      All those horror stories he slopped into that hate speech you responded to, if they’re even true in the first place, are all, ALL, the responsibility of the perpetrators alone. How about holding those responsible accountable instead of a man who wasn’t even there? Get real.

    • In less than 24 hours since Donald Trump has been named the President-elect of the greatest nation on this earth, it’s become apparent he’s being given far more credit than he’s due. There’s anguished cries of, ‘How will my children grow up knowing not to discriminate?’ or, ‘How can I look my daughter in the eye and tell her she has purpose?’ Really? Really, America? You have given Donald Trump, a mere mortal man, far more credit than he deserves, especially considering the man hasn’t even taken office yet. Trump does not have the power to mold our families, that is our flat-out our responsibility.

      Your children will learn to love or hate, be respectful or disrespectful, wise or foolish, not by the character of the family in the White House, but by the family in their house. May I submit to you that your sons and daughters will be far, far more influenced by their teachers, coaches, 4-H, FFA, Scouts or church group leaders than they will a man on TV. I don’t feel my character was molded by the Bush, Clinton, or Obama families, but I did learn perseverance from my Dad, work ethic from my Mom, and to do my best (and then redo it) from my sister. My college bible study leaders modeled to me how to seek God and my husband leads me in prayer.

    • I am sadden by this belief we need to “fix this now”. You’re telling me this 1 man was able to make a child become racist? That child watched continously at this election and seen and heard trump tell him to act in such disgust INSTEAD of playing video games, having soccer league, doing homework, etc.? You’re are seriously that delusional, that you believe our children are acting out inappropriately becuz of 1 man they may have actually heard spoken about once on tv? You are what is wrong with society. The hate does not come trump that made these people react. The hate was already there, it was taught. It was learned. What we do within our homes and what we teach our children is what causes hate or love. Not a candidate. You’re truly misplaced anger is disgusting and pathetic. I pray for ppl like you, the ones who claim to be Christians but just put on a sad facade. Stop blaming 1 man for others actions, it is only us individually who can take responsibility for our own actions–we all have choices, he didnt force anyone to act like that. If you want to start by taking some responsibility right now, start by apologizing for blaming trump for the hate that already existed. Start within your own home so that your values and morals reflect what you preach. Stop blaming others. Start being the solution instead of creating more issues.

    • I read the article and I read some of the replies and I must say – as someone who isn’t sure where he stands on the idea of God, that the article was spot on.
      It also amazes me how many Christians there are that have distorted the history of America to fit some ideal. First, as a historian, I can assure you that America was not founded, nor ever intended to be a Christian Nation. The idea that freedom of religion as a basis for America is ludicrous. Our Founding Fathers were concerned with freedom FROM religion. The separation of church and state was not to keep the State out of the church but rather the church out of State. Let’s not forget that Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Washington had all seen Christian tyranny and persecution throughout Europe, and upon drafting the Constitution they specifically made mention of that separation as a result of witnessing religious oppression in the colonies firsthand.
      Anyone wanting to read about what our Founding Fathers thought of America as a Christian nation would do well to consider that no mention of God, Jesus, Christianity, or any reference to these was EVER made in the Constitution. Wouldn’t it make sense if America were founded as a Christian nation that it would be up front from the start? To suggest that the 10 Commandments be read before class each day in school is just preposterous. It’s as ignorant as claiming that all Muslims are terrorists, or all Mexicans are rapist, or all black people are murderers. It’s just ignorant.
      Now, with all of that said, and the admittance of confusion on where I stand with God, this article is spot on. The problem lies in considering Trump as a joke. I made that mistake, never believing for a moment he’d get elected – but he did. He’s trash and Hillary is only marginally better. Our problems go much deeper than the candidates and I’ll give you an example. I’m from Arizona so I’ll use McCain as the prop. McCain raised $11m for a reelection campaign, spent nearly $9m, and did that for a job that pays slightly more than $116,000 per year. Consider the lunacy in that. Consider the corruption that is inherently bred into that system. I wholeheartedly agree that Christians must show love, and I agree that there is no place for racism, bullying, or being oppressed. What I do not agree with is the distinction between White Christians and the rest of America. Isn’t that the same as what we’re trying to defeat? Yes, I understood the message, and yes, I agree – Trump showed us all exactly who he was in each and every appearance. We shrugged him off as a joke (myself included), and now we have a huge problem. Yet, until we figure out a way to rid our government of the greed that exists, it will be one show pony after another, correction: it will be one obnoxious, racist, sexist, bully after another.
      It’s time we all showed each other the love that made this Nation great, not just a certain group that hides behind the banner of Christianity.

    • Excuse me but what was the race of the bullies in Chicago who beat up, stole his vechicle and rob him because they thought he voted for Trump. They did not know who he voted for so they beat him up because he was white.

    • The key Word There was children saying and doing these things that’s where the parents comes in and teaching them better than to do things like that Good bring him at home is where it starts .

    • Oh yeah, sounds real Christian to me. Condemn Trump for the actions of a few others. Especially since he hasn’t even taken office yet. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I suppose you would’ve rather had Hillary’s constant lying to our faces, allowing the murder of thousands of unborn babies every day among countless other evil deeds. Yep, sounds real Christ like to me.

    • This article exemplifies exactly why Trump won.
      You are only presenting one side, like the dead and lying media (or you have just chosen to buy in without reviewing ALL the facts). We could list all the abuse and violence being perpetrated on people on the left. A guy pulled from his car and beaten for voting for Trump, or the mother kicking a way to young son to the curb for voting for Trump in a mock school election. In the days since the vote, those that once said “Love Trumps Hate” are spewing vicious hatred.
      You cannot bring about peace by scapegoating “white Christians” for the hate be shown around our country today. So stop, and please preach love, forgiveness, grace & mercy, rather than more hatred. (I get it, you are on the left and don’t think you are capable of hate despite the obvious).

    • What about the white teen chased and beaten by 10 or more black kids for wearing a Trump shirt. What about the white old man dragged from his car and beat and had his car taken by black men and women for voting for Trump. What about all these incidents. All I have heard are how the white Trump supporters have verbally used slurs which is wrong. Not like the black people that are actually beating and lay in their hands on people for voicing their opinion. we all have a voice we all have a right to vote our conscience. Without it we are nothing. So if you want to talk about Christians speak about all the issues. You cannot be a Christian in America black or white Hispanic or any other nationality and vote for Hillary which stood for abortion and correctness.

    • This article is bullshit. Trump has nothing to do with the hate being spewed. Stop making him the scapegoat. You all are brainwashed by the liberal media. Stop crying. He was voted for. He won. Get over it. Stop condemning the man. He won the election.

    • Boo hoo..sorry, the majority of Americans are fed up with the pushy liberal agenda, and the only hate and violence I see is ironically coming from the same liberals who scream about love, tolerance, and acceptance. Unless you disagree with them or are a straight, white, Christian conservative..then you must be an uneducated racist bigot! Oh but now it’s our responsibility to coddle their hurt feelings too..people need to grow up!

      • That “pushy liberal agenda” gave people Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid which have all been threatened since the election took place. There is no stopping these people from taking these things (and a lot of other things) away. i actually care about the people who need them.

        I could give a damn less about a straight, white Christian conservative who is angry because he has lost his job or some type of control. It’s okay if these things happen to minorities because somehow they deserve it, but God forbid, white people, men in particular, have a rough time.

        Newsflash: a lot of minorities do see you as an uneducated racist bigot. How do I know? Because 5 black youth can steal someone’s car and white people will absolutely smear all black people. This has worked for decades–hell, centuries. I can tell you that doesn’t happen in the reverse. The mass murder of 20 first graders didn’t make anyone smear all white people. The slaughter of black people in bible study in South Carolina also didn’t have the same effect. But maybe it should have; you know, identifying white people as domestic terrorists. I know that after this election, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    • How about the white people that were doing those or terriblee things goto jail, get thrown out of school, or just get a good old. Fashion butt whipped. With that being said it’s going to be nice to be able to walk around this country again as a white Juedeo-Christian male.

    • Are you all stupid. It was never an election based on race or religion. The people have made it that way. Get your head out of your ass and quit only picking out scripture that it not out of the true word of God and get on your knees and pray. Other countries are laughing at America because we are allowing this to tear our country apart.

      • Other countries are laughing at us because the election of Trump has turned our once-admired nation into a autocratic banana republic.

        A buffoonish, reality television star is presumably the most powerful man in the world. (I would not be surprised if China is now considered to be the only real superpower in the world due solely to this election.)

    • At times like these, Christians like to smile sweetly and say, “God is in control.”
      No. God is not in control.
      God didn’t vote for Donald Trump, you did.
      Stop passing the buck to God.
      God isn’t defacing prayer rooms.
      God isn’t taunting gay teenagers.
      God is not bullying kids on buses.
      God isn’t threatening Muslim families.
      White Christians are.
      You are in control of this. You have pulpits and pews and a voice and influence and social media, so get to work.

      You need to do some knee to the dirt exploratory surgery with your Maker and figure out how you’re going to respond to this—and then respond.

      For the love of God and for the love of the people you claim that God so loves—fix this………………………………………………………………………………………….to be clear, what you are describing as actual events is false and misleading. please provide the sources of these hoax hate incidents….. several have been exposed as false flag already…………………… don’t obama my religion as hateful, when i can turn on the tv and see the hate that is destroying the inner cities right now. those people are not white, or christian…………………..please take your father flager “Christianity” and do real good in the inner cities. and don’t you dare try to preach to christians who happen to be white as responsible for this hateful crap…………………..deceiver you are…….it is strong in you

    • Are you freaked kidding me. You and the moron that wrote this is exactly the problem with this country. The division is this country did not start with Trump’s campaign for president, his erratic behavior or even his election. There has been racial tension rising out of control under the Obama administration for years. In fact, Obama has taken this country back far beyond where we were even in the 60’s. Obama, Washington, and the liberal media is responsible for getting Trump elected. No matter what anyone says, Trump was not our 1st choice. He was simple the lesser of two evils! Grow up! You Lost! Put your big boy/girl pants on and learn how to deal with it. Just like we have had to learn to deal with 8 years of Obama.

    • Had the left run a candidate that didn’t smell worse than Trump, he never would have been elected. As a lifelong Republican, I would have voted for Bernie

    • Pathetic whining cry babies!! Move out of the USA if you don’t like it!! Obama has created more racism in his 8 years of being the president.

      • You know, black people have been in this country for nearly 400 years. And have been villified, disrespected, degraded, lynched, and murdered by white people the entire time.

        You’re upset over a blog post? Really?

        So fragile.

    • It’s too bad that people like you have such a loud voice. The author is clearly fear mongering. I decided to do a little research and just stopped after learning that the nazi flag guy was not a trump supporter. The guy raised the flag IN PROTEST OF DONALD TRUMP.

      People like you do so much damage with liking articles like this. You make the rest of the world feel like you are the majority. Well thankfully you are not.

    • Yes, it was a timely, needed exhortation. I appreciate your thoughts, John, and the motivation behind them I appreciate even more, but I take issue with some of your specifics. Though white “Christians” may make up the majority of voters by whom Trump won, there were millions of us white voters who were very against him. If one agrees with some of the hateful things Trump said and walks according to them, though they may have checked a box on a survey that associates them as “Christian”, since they don’t attend church, read the bible or pray, they’re NOT. And there are many Christians who voted for Trump because they believed he’d be a better president & they agreed with his economic and political views more than Hillary’s. Though they chose to overlook his negatives (which we all have), they tried to do what they thought was right. AND WHO ARE WE TO TAKE ISSUE WITH THEIR CHOICE? And why are we still complaining? Your anecdotal evidence stories happen every day, all the time, and similar things happened all through B. Obama’s presidency as well. Maybe there was a surge the day after the election, maybe the media was looking for those anecdotes to share; it doesn’t matter, nothing is automatically so much worse than it was because of Trump’s win, except your fear and mine and the fear that keeps liberals complaining about what happened instead of talking about practical ways to love Trumperdink and how to pray for him and his presidency. Everyone stop complaining and griping!, pleeease! None of the things that happened that you included in your piece are in any way acceptable, they never were, and never will be. Let’s go out and talk to those people and love them with forgiveness and compassion like we need it ourselves and be the change we desperately need to see. That part of your piece I loved. Let us step up and be who we’ve claimed; “who cares who’s president… because I love you”; (ya know, that sort of thing…). The more we speak from a position of, or with a tone of, or with words affected by FEAR, the more we sound like Donald running for president (and Hillary at times as well). Those white “Christians” who voted for Trump, it’s not their responsibility to go out an fix the problems you described, it’s mine, and every other true Christian regardless of race, who chooses to do as Christ did and pay with our own sacrifice for the mistakes of others. It is my privilege and joy to do so, as was done for me…

    • Yes, it was a timely, needed exhortation. I appreciate your thoughts, John, and the motivation behind them I appreciate even more, but I take issue with some of your specifics. Though white “Christians” may make up the majority of voters by whom Trump won, there were millions of us white voters who were very against him. If one agrees with some of the hateful things Trump said and walks according to them, though they may have checked a box on a survey that associates them as “Christian”, since they don’t attend church, read the bible or pray, they’re NOT. And there are many Christians who voted for Trump because they believed he’d be a better president & they agreed with his economic and political views more than Hillary’s. Though they chose to overlook his negatives (which we all have), they tried to do what they thought was right. AND WHO ARE WE TO TAKE ISSUE WITH THEIR CHOICE? And why are we still complaining? Your anecdotal evidence stories happen every day, all the time, and similar things happened all through B. Obama’s presidency as well. Maybe there was a surge the day after the election, maybe the media was looking for those anecdotes to share; it doesn’t matter, nothing is automatically so much worse than it was because of Trump’s win, except your fear and mine and the fear that keeps liberals complaining about what happened instead of talking about practical ways to love Trumperdink and how to pray for him and his presidency. Everyone stop complaining and griping!, pleeease! None of the things that happened that you included in your piece are in any way acceptable, they never were, and never will be. Let’s go out and talk to those people and love them with forgiveness and compassion like we need it ourselves and be the change we desperately need to see. That part of your piece I loved. Let us step up and be who we’ve claimed; “who cares who’s president… because I love you”; (ya know, that sort of thing…). The more we speak from a position of, or with a tone of, or with words affected by FEAR, the more we sound like Donald running for president (and Hillary at times as well). Those white “Christians” who voted for Trump, it’s not their responsibility to go out an fix the problems you described, it’s mine, and every other true Christian regardless of race, who chooses to do as Christ did and pay with our own sacrifice for the mistakes of others. It is my privilege and joy to do so, as was done for me…

    • What about the flip side of the coin? All these protesters turning into riots. This peace focuses on white Christians as being the problem. Not all are Christians even tho they may be white n on the other side they r not all black n illegals either. This is how race Baiting gets started.

    • This blog is the perfect example of the ears closed, bigot mouth open policy of the liberal left today. ‘This is not the time to talk about coming together with minority groups’ It is always time to come together and become a stronger nation. If the left could respond to ‘I don’t agree with illegal immigration’ with something other than ‘RACIST’ or to ‘Maybe we can make a third bathroom’ with something other than ‘BIGOT’ we wouldn’t have the problem we do. Talk about the issues, talk about the policy, stop be so offensive, stop trying to segregate people into groups based on gender and race and treat us ‘White, christians’ (which I’m not by the way) as if we are people with legitimate thoughts, feelings, and positions on the policy.