America Needs Unity, but it Needs Something Else First


I keep hearing calls for unity in my country right now, though these aren’t spoken as the desperate prayers of hearts desiring peace between two hurting sides, they’re spoken as chastisements of one side by another. They are words of scolding and shaming delivered as a teacher to a petulant student. They are not spoken with benevolence but malice.

They are white voices speaking to the ears of the marginalized in the middle of their mourning.

Used this way, the admirable need for unity becomes a hurtful tool to police another’s grief, to coral their emotions, to critique their methods of mourning. It is a fool-proof conversation stopper, delivered by those who do not wish to have the conversation at hand or to deal with the depths of the despair another is carrying because they have never had to.

In the wake of the protests happening throughout the country in response to the election, unity has been white America’s go-to reply. Just so there is no grey here, know that I believe damaging property and acts of violence are never good or helpful or effective responses when protesting injustice. Our loudest statement is and always have been our shared presence of nonviolence in the face of violence. Vandalism and looting and destruction always undermine the cause. That to me is clear.

The problem, is that when the value of property exceeds the value of people, we’ve lost the plot. When broken windows and burned out cars are made to be the story, while the deepest pain of those who are crying out, is treated as inconsequential and manufactured. This week I’ve seen countless indignant white Americans lecturing “rioters” for perpetuating discord, and I’ve seen the President-Elect take to Twitter to publicly shame protestors—and I’ve watched both entities be absolutely silent on those victimized by hateful people emboldened by the election results. They have said nothing. No outrage, no grieving, no lecturing.

This is the seed of our national acrimony: selective white outrage that seeks to control what is grief and what is acceptable and what the rules of the conversation are going to be. This is what privilege looks like. And this is the singular greatest barrier to unity.

White friends, please, please, stop asking marginalized communities to show “unity” with you right now. They don’t owe that to you, because you have not done the work you need to do yet. If two people are to come together at the table of reconciliation, it is a far greater ask of the one who has been the victim of injustice. The one who has held the power or been the beneficiary of circumstances needs to extend themselves first. They need to do some internal work. They need to be renovated.

White people, we have to prepare the ground for unity. It is our responsibility:

Unity isn’t possible if the color of someone’s skin causes you to see them as less than human.
Unity isn’t possible if you believe another to be morally inferior and seek to deny them the right to marry someone they love.
Unity isn’t possible if you don’t grieve the shootings of one mother’s son as deeply as you would your own.
Unity isn’t possible if you make a person’s faith tradition synonymous with terrorism.
Unity isn’t possible if your Church advocates for the reduction of another’s basic civil liberties.
Unity isn’t possible if you justify or ignore violence toward another because of their orientation, pigmentation, gender, or religion.

Unity is only possible when two parties recognize the inherent value of the other and do not view them as less than. 

Unity cannot grow until equality is firmly planted.

White Americans, we need to make equality our priority right now. That involves listening. It involves learning. It involves resisting the temptation to control the narrative or to shut down discussion or to blame victims of injustice for not responding as we believe they should, we who have never known such injustice.

Treat people with the respect that you desire for yourself, and then unity is an attainable goal.

See people’s inherent worth and maybe they will be able to walk alongside you, to gather at the table with you, to stand with you.

Yes America, we need unity—but we need something else to get us there.

194 thoughts on “America Needs Unity, but it Needs Something Else First

  1. What John has posted is absolutely true Minority communities, oppressed communities, marginalized communities cannot resolve our differences. Never has reconciliation or the end of discrimination come at the hands of the oppressed. It must always and has always been resolved by the majority community that has been the source of oppression and prejudice.

    • Respectfully, you must have huge blinders on. Obamacare brought life saving access to healthcare to millions including myself and my sons who were able to remain on a plan while they were able to go to college through greatly reduced interest rates instead of being sent to Iraq. Today they are alive, educated, healthy and contributing actively to taxes and their communities as late 20’s adults. I thank God for this president’s policied.

      • Rita, I have no idea how long you have followed this blog, but “Joe Catholic” is one pseudonym among many. He/she is obsessed with abortion, Many have tried and failed to reason with this person. This person is here solely to attack John P. This person is a troll.

        • If his concern is abortion, the GOP has let him down and used him for 40 years–since 1976 they have been trotting out abortion issues every 2 years and then doing NOTHING about it. From January 2003-January 2007 they controlled EVERY part of the federal government–the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, W. Bush was President and 980 bills were signed into law with only 1 veto. They held a majority of state house governments. They could have passed laws or even amendments banning abortion but they did NOTHING. They gave themselves raises and passed legislation giving money projects to their districts. THEY DID NOTHING ABOUT ABORTION. They have at least 980 priorities above it. No person of any intelligence believes they care about abortion. They are using it to raise money and people who claim they care about it are using it to cover their greed and bigotry!

      • With all due respect it did not. I work with the poor. There are many who fell through the cracks of Obama care simply because they did not have children. There are those that are in the margins between subsidies that cannot afford the huge increases in cost, no matter what the “charts” and such say. I see them every day. I hear them every day. They now fear the reprisals from the IRS for not being able to afford the healthcare. It is unconstitutional to penalize people for not buying healthcare, yet that is what is gong to happen. My husband’s company is laying people off in a depressed economy here in part because of the increasing costs of having to provide insurance to their workers. So, now great, they have insurance and no jobs. And this is not a huge for profit company. They are small and struggling and many of the struggles have to do with restrictions put on them by NAFTA and other regulations and taxes. I am so disappointed by John lately. The problem is the left and many others have refused to see the other side. They listen to the vitriol the press has put out, they watch and see the small margin of people that are wrong and hateful instead of the whole picture and the problems faced by this country. I can barely type this between the heartbreak of reading this and the responses. You have bought into the media machine. Trump was not a racist until he ran. He won awards given by minority groups for his work on breaking down barriers in employment and advancement of minorities in his companies. He hired the first woman ever to build a skyscraper, Trump Towers. But, her interviews are never aired. He also hired the first woman to run a successful Presidential campaign. And has put her into one of his first cabinet positions. He has the respect of Ben Carson, a man worthy of respect himself. And he is also in Trump’s cabinet. A gay man is also on Trump’s cabinet. But, each of those choices is being dissected and put down. Nothing will be good enough because it is Trump making the choices and the Press has vilified him and they can’t possibly be wrong or a major part of the problem. They can’t have possibly done as much as possible to discredit him and paint him in a bad light in order to get HC a win. The fact that so many of you can overlook the wrongs done by HC and her organization for years amazes me and breaks my heart. HC has proven ties and a long-standing relationship to the KKK. Her mentor was Senator Byrd and she is still friends with David Duke, both Grand Dragons of the KKK. And both of those are facts found in many press releases. She supported Byrd and Duke for the Senate. Trump did not. But, you won’t hear that.
        You refuse to hear the many voices that voted for Trump because you have already decided that they are obviously Racist, Homophobic, and misogynistic supporters or those things themselves when that isn’t true for the majority of us. We voted our conscience. We voted against a candidate who is in Wall Street’s pocket. We voted against the status quo. We voted against the continued degredation of our inner cities and the loss of our jobs overseas. And don’t even say that hasn’t happened. Look at the rust belt and the coal mines. HC lost soundly in

        • And since when is it a President’s responsibility to teach parents how to be better parents? Since when should he be held responsible for EACH person’s own choice in how they behave or do not behave towards each other? IT is my responsibility as a Christian AND as a HUMAN BEING to stand up to bullying and discrimination whenever I see it. It is up to each one of us to be good neighbors and good human beings and care for each other. NOT HIS!!! he DID NOT advocate hate. There are actual videos of his speeches, unedited and cut by the press to show the worst in him out there, that show how he really feels about minorities and women, but you have to look for them. He DID Not make fun of a reporter with disabilities. He is a very animated talker. In previous speeches, before he ran he would do the same thing when describing something hectic or out of control. And he has toned that down a huge amount. Much more presidential and restrained now when he speaks. Look at his current speeches and body language. He is trying. There is an actual video out there that shows how he would talk normally and how he is now. Much improved. But, boy did the press make that out to be something it is not. Did he deride the man for saying one thing and then doing another and being dishonest about it? Yes, he did, But, he did not intend to make fun of his disability. He has said as much and apologized for that perception, but not what he said and I agree with him on that. Or can you not call out a person with a disability if they have been dishonest?
          He has always and I mean always said he intended to stop immigration TEMPORARILY until proper vetting could be done. He would prefer to set up safe zones in Syria so that the refugees can stay in their own country, which is what they would prefer. Until ISIS is under control and no longer a threat it will be necessary or we will have more incidents like the one with the couple that killed so many in that office building. She should never have been in the country. There is no doubt that ISIS has said they will use the refugee crisis to infiltrate countries. And they have done that, especially in France. It is a real threat, not racial, not prejudicial. A fact.
          The need for controlled immigration is needed. And it is a fact that there are illegal immigrants that should not be here that commit heinous crimes and then run across the border or into sanctuary cities and can’t be touched. That is wrong. If you kill someone or rape someone you should not be able to run somewhere in this country and not be brought to justice. And yet it happens. But, you see all of this as racist ideals and a closed mind. And that is far from the truth.

        • Joe Catholic… He has said that on day one he will sign a religious non-discrimination bill. That hurts me.

          Question answered.

          Others… I hear you. You have been left behind and you’re angry about it. I don’t blame you. But, if I give Donald and Mike too much of a chance they will have me in conversion therapy, refuse me medical care at any price, and invalidate the marriages of my friends. Honestly, I am not too inclined to give him a chance.

          • What rights do you lose if gay people marry? What rights do you lose if a woman controls her own body? What rights do you lose if someone who had cancer is still able to get coverage? Ignorant troll.

        • Trump forced his ex-wives to have abortions. He committed adultery over and over again. He is proposing to destroy America. He knows NOTHING about running a thing, except businesses into bankruptcy and getting rich off of stealing, cheating, dodging taxes and suing people. He is blatantly racist, and thinks he is better than any Hispanic, who he wants to send “back to Mexico”, even if they were born here. Trump knows NOTHING about God, the Bible or what a Christian even is or how to speak about religion. He lusts for his daughter, and is accused of being a pedophile as well.

          • Marie that is not true. Both of his wives have said they said things in anger they should not have said. Ivanka especially. Until he ran for President he was hailed for his progressive hiring and advancement of minorities and women into executive positions in his companies. One of the best records in corporate America. He does not lust for his daughter, he says she is beautiful. And she is. The court case involving that peodphile case was actually thrown out twice for her lying on the paperwork and supplying false information. The judge who said he would hear the case again is a friend of HC’s. Conflict of interest? I would say so. He has stated over and over that it is the criminal illegals he is going after and that the wall is needed to stop the flood of drugs and criminals in the country that use the border like a revolving door. He has said he will secure the border first and then deport CRIMINALS first. Then take each case of families and individuals already here as they are contributing to society and are “terrific people”. He had the highest number of Latino and Blacks voting for him since Romney and he got more votes than Romney, so obvioiously they see the real issues of economics and national security and not just the garbage of put out by the press. His bankruptcies were chapter 11 reorganizations. Not full bankruptcies and corporations use it all the time. His is not the only corporation to use this law to their benefit. GM anybody? Ford?
            I feel sad for you that you would actually believe any of that garbage about just deporting anyone. That little girl that the Democrats trotted out during HC’s speeches. Her family recieved their notice of deportation under OBAMA!!!! So, what about that? He has nothing to do with that. Obama has deported THOUSANDS since being president. Not him personally, but the country with the laws that are in place and only occasionally followed. Stop with the hate yourself.

        • Trump does not equal Colossians 3:12 NLT:

          Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

          • Yes, he is and sadly All Too Many are feeding him. But he is not the only troll. I consider any commenter a troll who begins their comment with “John, you are such a disgusting nasty person attacking Christians.”

            When someone starts their comments that way, I am confident that is a troll whose only purpose here is to denigrate John P because they despise him for revealing the truth about them.

            They’d rather hate than repent.

        • The did not go down as anticipated, however, they didn’t go up as fast as they would have without Obamacare. The fact is as long as we have a for-profit healthcare system, it is going to be hard to reign in costs. Insurance CEO’s are paid millions in compensation that could go to actual healthcare and then there are the investors who want a profit. The only way to control cost is to go to universal health care which would look like medicare for everyone. That is what other countries have and why health care is so much less expensive than it is here in the U.S.

        • How can you possibly say you “voted against a candidate who is in Wall Street’s pocket” if you voted for Trump, the very personification of Wall Street, big-money politics, who aligned himself with the party that does the same thing? He is not the -political- status quo – but Big Money (Wall Street) *owns* the political system. And Trump allied with Pence, a radical right-winger who would turn back decades of progress that helped bridge racial and economic divides.

        • The author’s points are valid, but he takes too much liberty with painting all whites as equally privileged or in positions of power to effect change. What he misses is the divisions in our country that based on class. You have described some of that in your post.

      • Amem… my husband, daughter, and I would not have had health care if not for Obamacare. For the man above this post… I have a healthcare team, I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, migraines, asthma, and two different neurological disorders. I am a disabled US Air Force veteran, but I would not go to the VA for anything. I would not have been able to see any of my docters, and my daughter would not have been able to get the treatment that she needs for her behavioral health and mental issues. So please do not marginalize Obamacare, because it did not work for you. Think about the people that it did work for.

        • “So please do not marginalize Obamacare, because it did not work for you. Think about the people that it did work for.”

          Candace, you nailed it. We do need to consider those who newly benefited. While not minimizing the struggle of those who, believing like you in a wonderful plan, find themselves with a heavier load. They are the guarantee the government used to step out and promise help to people whose health is affected like yours. Those who criticize on either side should remember this… 🙂

      • William and Rita, JC is a total troll and not worth answering. Please ignore his ignorance. He posts under various names but never his own. He’s here to cause trouble.

    • I don’t see how a man who has said such hateful things in order to get elected can now claim to want unity. I only know that I was visiting with my family in NYC on election day and I didn’t vote for Trump although to my dismay many of my family members did. When I woke up on Wednesday I wondered what Trumps America would look like, I got the answer to my question on Thursday night when I arrived back in Knoxville and tried to get a cab at the airport. Two of the cab companies refused me service (me a 61 year old woman) at 10:00 at night because they ” don’t provide service to my address at night”. Lucky for me I eventually found a cab driver who had no problems giving me a ride to my destination. I fear incidences like this may be a regular part of my future in a country where it’s now going to be considered ok to discriminate against people who live in the “wrong” neighborhoods. BTW I have lived in this apartment complex for over 8 years I have never had any problems with anyone and there have not to my knowledge been any major incidences of violence or thefts. There is however the belief by many in Knoxville that this place is largely occupied by people of color when in fact the opposite is true it is 90% white.

    • Hi Bruce. I understand what you are saying, but it has a pitfall that radical conservatives haters like to use to their advantage.

      For example, the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical faction on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) is well known to despise minority groups and their roles in American history. One of the key goals of this faction has been to either purge key elements of minority history from the state curriculum or to rewrite real American history according to a false conservative narrative and stick the rewritten history into the state curriculum and Texas school textbooks. One thing they have attempted to do is rewrite American Civil War history to claim that slavery was only a minor issue that really had little to do with why the Civil War was fought.

      In board discussions, which are televised, one key member of this fundie faction publicly argued that minority groups had little to nothing to do with throwing off their own oppression. For example, the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s did not really achieve anything good for the African-American minority group. His main point—stated by him—was that EVERYTHING American minority groups claim to have achieved was, in fact, not a minority achievement at all. Rather, all of the rights that minority groups now enjoy were solely BENEVOLENT GIFTS FROM THE WHITE MAN. He was saying, in essence, : ” You minority people are weak and can do nothing for yourselves—because you ARE nothing. We white people are EVERYTHING, and all that you have in this world comes from us white people who were nice enough to give in to your requests for more rights and freedoms. Of yourselves, you are empty. If you experience any sense of fullness in your minority person lives, it is only there because we white people were gracious enough to put it into you.

      This fundie faction on the Texas SBOE is like peas in the same pod—if one member of the faction is on board with a piece of nonsense—-the others are too. They walk in ideological lockstep with each other. As you might imagine, news from the Texas SBOE often hits the national and international wire services, largely so the world can laugh at all the strange things conservative Texans are doing.

      I know about this stuff only because I have been a supporter and on-line blogger for many years with the Texas Freedom Network (TFN), which is the main political opponent of the Texas SBOE.

    • Plans to help? He has plans to ‘help’ the angry white man get his foot firmly back on the necks of PoC, queer people and women. Get Real.

      • He is planning on a very diverse cabinet and intends a diverse group for the jobs available. He is putting a black man, a woman and a gay man on his cabinet. HE has stated that the marriage laws and gay rights are on the books and he has no intention of changing them. Roe V Wade won’t be overturned any time soon. He has always pushed for diversity and prior to running for President had an excellent civil rights record and his companies are well known for the advancement of minorities and women.

    • i agree with some of his assertions YET as a front line soldier ….teacher and SW in public education for 50 years in the inner city of the murder capital of the US Chicago ……….a globalist diversity agenda 21 which is a mentality that I see as an emotional and mental incongruence of the marxists of Saul Alinsky model left ………….this now being countered by the alt right ( yes ………and framed as evil which it is not in my opinion)

      • May I ask, Donny Do, how much much more evil does evil have to become for you to see it as evil?

        In what way do you consider the following things to be anything other than evil? Authoritarianism, bigotry, discrimination, fascism, gynophobia, homophobia, intolerance of those who disagree with one, misogyny, racism, rape, sexual assault and/or molestation, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia are evil.

        How do I know? Jesus says that we must love our neighbor as ourselves and none of those above represent loving behavior. In fact, they represent the opposite.

        It is evil to vote into office people who do not believe in feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, clothing the naked, or providing for those unable to provide for themselves, such as the poor, the needy, and veterans who come home from war maimed in mind/and or body.

        It is evil to vote into office those who believe the planet is here for humans to ransack for profit, regardless of the fact that they will take the earth beyond the point of no return and make it a place that can no longer sustain life.

        It is evil to kill off creatures that God created as if the only beings that matter on this earth are the human ones.

        We are meant to be stewards of all living matter, not its rapists.

    • Hmmm…John said nothing about Obama or Trump? He was speaking of white privilige that attempts to control the emotions, reactions, and conversations between themselves and marginalized people; minorities, LBGT, women, non Christians, etc. Your insistence on making the conversation about something else beautifully, but sadly, reinforces John’s very point.

    • The pastor’s words were not about Obama or Trump.They were a reminder that rather than relying on the leaders to unite us we need to start the process ourselves.Maybe when they realize that we are the ones who make this country great,they will follow our lead and stop the rhetoric.

  2. John, I constantly feel like you take the contents of my heart and all its lament and pour it out onto the page. When I see that you have a new post, my heart is lightened before I even read it.

    Thank you.

    • It’s wonderful to hear how you feel encouraged and blessed by John’s words…God bless 🙂

      Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

      Colossians 3:12 NLT

  3. Thank you, John! Thank you…thank you so much for this post! I live in Jacksonville FL and in a nicely blended neighborhood of all races. But this morning, as I walked my dog, I saw on the back windshield of a white neighbor’s SUV words to the effect of “Stop trying to start a RACE WAR! It’s just Trump! Now you see how WE felt when you voted for someone we didn’t want”. This devastated me. I’ve met this woman. She has 3 white kids and a white husband, and yet feels the need to put something on her car that’s so insensitive to her own neighbors. Two of her kids are autistic, like my son is. She even told me a while back that she’d love for outer kids to have a play date. Why would I EVER want that now? She’s a racist or a racist sympathizer who doesn’t want to be called one, so you take the offense and project it to People of Color, like me.

    She will NEVER understand how much it hurts to see that, and I will never tell her. I will never speak to her again. I’m done with gleeful and gloating White people trying to tell the people who they have hurt with their views as well as their votes to “get over it “. I will never get over it! I will never forget. All the progress that we as a nation has achieved in the past 10 years is GONE now. No one will believe that there’s a chance for reconciliation with a candidate and supporters who are vouched by the KKK. Period.

    While I’m sure there’s plenty of white people who are aghast at the Trump campaignits results, but finding them where I live will be the proverbial needle in the haystack for me. For now, I will view them all the same: as people who will smile in my face, say my son is adorable, and yet if he gets shot by a trigger happy white cop because he’s autistic and non verbal, will say something disparaging about him and myself.

    The time for unity is not now. And I don’t think there will EVER be a time for unity.

      • I haven’t read all the responses, but “Joe” doesn’t deserve the hatred you’re throwing at him. Beg for understanding from the right, who have been ridiculed and compared to the enemy since Obama was president? I really hoped he would draw the nation together, find areas where we could agree. Instead he took the opposite road, driving a wedge between us and using identity politics to encourage conflict. If I’d seen ANYONE on the left try to understand the sorrow the right felt when Romney lost? Nope, just more ridicule from the press and “serves you right” attitude from the left. I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary because I felt both were unacceptable as a leader. But I’m willing to give Trump the same chance I gave Obama and his supporters. People have become fed up with being told what to do, what to eat, rewarded with treats for behaving and staying quiet, and punished if they were vocal. So this time the other half won. Grow up, grow a pair like we had to do the past 8 years.

      • I have to. I don’t own a gun, and therefore have to assume, based on her views alone about this election as well as the 2 elections of Obama, that she does. There’s no talking to people like her here in the South. I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve heard the reports from the local news as WELL as my family about how Duval County responded to PIC wanting equality. Ever heard of the Bloody Sunday Woolworth’ s riots? It happened here. No, thanks. I would talk to her if she was rational, but not now. I want me and my son to live as long as possible and I don’t trust her.

        • Hi Shantell. I am a white guy who was born in the American South and have lived here all my life. I agree with what you say in both your posts above. Prior to 2008, I wrongly thought that American racism against African-Americans was nearly dead. When Mr. Obama was elected President in 2008, I thought it was the most wonderful thing—-contributed to his campaign, campaigned for him—voted for him twice. But as soon as he was in office, all these racists started oozing out of the American woodwork. They had not died off, and racism had not died down. The had just been chased underground for fear of losing their jobs and things like that. Having a black man in the White House was just more than they could take, and they felt compelled to come out into the open and save America from the “n-words.”

          The whites in your neighborhood are probably part of that great mass of poorly educated, economically marginalized white people who have lost their jobs or been confined to low-paying jobs for a long time. In the 2012 Presidential campaign, I learned something that I did not know. I grew up poor as a church mouse in poor white ghetto. Because of that, I thought that all the Republican complaints about entitlement programs were focused on ALL poor people who the GOP regarded as lazy bums. Huh-Uh!!! The thing I learned in the 2012 campaign is that in the American radical conservative mind, the term “welfare loafer” is seen as being synonymous with “n-word.” White people have no problem with entitlement programs when their poor, lily-white Aunt Susie is on Food Stamps. In fact, they love it because they do not have to buy food for Aunt Susie. However, when a poor old black man is on Food Stamps, that is a national problem that threatens our country and needs to be fixed.

          The conservative Republican narrative for the past 36 years has been: “All you middle class white people are in economic trouble and have lost your jobs because of federal entitlement programs. They are choking our country.” Well, when poor white people and middle class white people without jobs hear that mantra, they say: “Wait just one damned minute here. Entitlement programs are programs for black people. That means I lost my job and I am going down economically as a direct result of all that money the government is spending on lazy n-words. My misery is caused by the n-words.” In my opinion, that is why that car in your neighborhood got written over with all that hateful graffiti.

          In fact, poor white people and middle class white people are losing their jobs primarily from three things that have little, if anything, to do with entitlement programs and who is getting entitlement money. Those two things are:

          1) New technologies that kill jobs.

          2) Globalization of the economy.

          3) Massive worldwide cultural change that is occurring as a direct function of N. 1 and No, 2.

          Your white neighbors are scared (full of fear) that a day is coming when ALL their money runs out—all gone—not even enough to buy a jar of peanut butter and keep the lights on. They have bought into the false narrative that African-Americans and other minority groups on entitlement programs are somehow responsible for everything that is going wrong in their personal lives. So, they are lashing out, as any severely wounded animal in the wild would do, at the people they wrongly believe are responsible for their bad situations in life. Donald Trump picked up early on all this unhappiness when none of his Republican colleagues did and saw the minority blame connections when no other republican did—and he was able to use all these insights to craft a way into the White House.

          So, Shantell. You have every right to be scared because you and other African-Americans (as well as other minority groups) have been wrongly “framed” as one of the primary causes of all the people out of jobs and struggling economically just to survive. The only antidote to such “poison framing” is the truth about why people are jobless and struggling and demonstrating that minority groups and entitlement programs are not the causes of their struggles. My only fear is that when hatred of people becomes in deeply ingrained in a person’s psyche, they are often unable or unwilling to see the truth, even when it is presented to them on a silver platter.

    • Shantell, I can’t even begin to imagine what you must feel like. I feel betrayed by people I thought were my friends and I’m white. I thought that we shared the same principles and morals and love for our fellow citizens and travelers on this journey. I am so disappointed and distressed to find out that people that I thought I knew have come out of the shadows and they are so ugly and unkind. I hope that you have people in your life who will love you and support you and your son. The one good thing I’m taking out of all this is I can trim the fat and not waste my time on people undeserving of it. I’ve learned from my experience that sometimes the fun personalities, the ones that people laugh at and are attracted to and say outrageous things and get away with it, are the most destructive ones. They manipulate with their charm and yet underneath it all they are hollow. From now on, I will be looking for those that are more introspective and quiet, maybe a little boring but honest and have integrity. I think that’s what happened in this election. Clinton is sincere, diligent, a work horse and somewhat boring and guarded. Trump is a personality who speaks to people’s basest nature. He is saying things they think in the back of their mind and now have someone telling them it’s okay to do that. Aren’t we having fun now that we can be ourselves. Yuck, yuck. I guess I can thank him for exposing them. I am with you, I will not sit down at a table with them, I will not unify with them. I will not listen to their ignorance and bigotry cloaked in language that says it’s their right to “free speech”. Screw them, I’m done. I have no respect for them or their “opinions”. They are a waaaaste of my time.

      • Dear hurting,

        It’s an excellent idea to protect yourself from people who say inappropriate things and disguise them as humor. Some things are just plain wrong to say.

        I mam sorry people you cared about let you down.

        You might enjoy this. Please google:
        This artist brilliantly tackles the concept of ‘being offended’ in a colorful comic.

      • Shantell and hurting then you are part of the problem and as guilty as any for perpetuating hate and distrust. There was nothing in the message left to you Shantell that said you would need to worry about being physically harmed. But, it sure sounds more dramatic. Any of you that say you are Christian but would not sit down and have a discussion with those that disagree with you are part of the problem and continue to perpetuate it. The majority of those who voted for Trump voted for him for his economic policies. He actually has a very good Civil Rights records and a good record on women’s rights. But hey, that can’t be right because it doesn’t go along with your narrative and the narrative the press has given you. Does he always talk well and say the things he “SHOULD” say. No. But, I went back and researched him and there is more to like and admire then not. And definitely more than what HC offered. There are huge questions on her credibility. But, her sins and crimes can be overlooked. And what she has done is much worse than saying the wrong things. Which he has done and apologized for. SHE HAS NEVER apologized for crap!!!! Even when she was wrong. Just because you were never prosecuted doesn’t mean you were not guilty. You make me weep.

        • I am sorry Pavanne, but I am confused as to how you have come to the conclusion that Trump “actually has a very good Civil Rights records and a good record on women’s rights.” Perhaps you missed in your research the video in which Trump brags about his ability to grope women’s genitals because of his celebrity status and power, rates women on a numerical scale of f&%kability, was sued by the DOJ for housing discrimination in the 70s against people of color, took out a full page ad against the Central Park Five to “bring back the death penalty” against five black men who were proven innocent…I could go on and on. This has nothing to do with an unwillingness to look at a personal narrative or the media’s narrative, they are simply facts that you must have missed in your research.
          Secondly, unless you have walked in Shantell’s shoes as a women of color in the south, I feel you really do not have the right to tell her that it is her responsibility to reach out to the white majority. Would a conversation help, perhaps, but it sounds to me like she is feeling uncomfortable in doing so, probably for good reason based on the way minorities have been treated there historically. Perhaps instead you could have asked her in YOUR comments why she feels so uncomfortable as a minority now that Trump is president-elect if you truly are interested in starting a dialogue.
          p.s. Hillary has apologized many times, perhaps you missed that in your research too.

      • Everyone, I am certain that given time the Clinton voters will show all of the respect and loyalty that Trump and his supporters have shown to our current president.

        • (thanks to Kevin Williamson for the idea here). Remember the great riots of 2012 when Mitt Romney lost? Hmmm, me neither. Or the massive law breaking? Like someone double parking at the Mormon church on Sunday or young men in business attire with their ties askew? Yeah… me neither.

            • Peaceful protest is covered by the First Amendment, freedom of speech.

              I am always perplexed by those USians who object to peaceful protest. After all, this country was founded through an act of protest, albeit a violent one.

              • This actually isn’t for the troll, but the lurkers who might believe them: there were protests and effigies burnt in 2008, make no mistake. Plus, the Secret Srvice had a severe uptick in threats to POTUS’ and family’s life over the past eight years–all of which was documented. So…no, the conservatives weren’t classy in defeat in 2008.

        • And yet you continue to call those who disagree with YOU “closed-minded” and “intolerant” LIBERALS – a common pejorative used by those on the right to describe individuals who support Democratic policies. My fondest wish is that we can get beyond this belittling and partisanship.

        • Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
          Colossians 3:12 NLT

    • Shantell Kight, I am indeed sorry that you have had this experience. I wish to applaud your decision to keep your children safe from such an influence.

      I hope you have friends and neighbors that are safe people. I read a book that meant so much to me that I carried it around in my purse for six months and it was the hardcover version.

      I highly recommend it. Safe People: How to Find Relationships That Are Good for You and Avoid Those That Aren’t

      I probably should reread it now that I am commenting on a blog. LOL

  4. Thank you again for your honesty and openness. I am a blessed, white, female. I do not take anything I have for granted but am thankful for all I’ve been given. I’ve tried my best to reach out to others and love all of God’s children. I’ve displayed this in my prison ministry and as a nurse. What else can I do? You say that “unity” is not the answer but that is what I pray for daily. Even within my family are those “grieving over the election results” and yet I don’t know what to do other than listen. I want to be active! What can I do on a grander scale? How can we make a difference other than one-on-one?

  5. Shantelle

    You have my empathy and concern – and I understand. I am a 63 yrd old white woman living in a predominantly white county. I still have and will continue to have, a BERNIE sticker on my car. I marched Thurs night in our anti-Trump rally (we had hundreds of marchers – not large enough town for thousands). We believe you and believe in you. Trump and his “new” administration (from Bush play book, which was from his fathers play book, which was from Reagan do NOT stand for us. The folks who voted for Clinton were not only marginalized people, they came from people who believed in ‘justice for all’. Even though I was looking forward to my ‘golden years’, I’m now prepared to get active in civil issues more than just posting on Facebook. Just wanted you to know there are people out there that have your back – because as a white American women, I know I have it easier than you and others that can’t get away from the color of their skin, or their religious belief of keeping your head covered but I, and many, many like me, will be with you. We might not be able to do anything about it, as they now control the Senate House and White House! But I’m there with you – actually always have been, but now I want you to know so we can together go through this hell and come out on the other side. We will be hurt, but let’s make the best of it and also take this time to plan, so that when we’re on the other side, let’s prevent this from EVER HAPPENING AGAIN!!! Peace

    • The folks who voted for Clinton were just her useful idiots. She doesn’t give a damn about any one of them. People who voted against her could not for a moment consider rewarding her with the presidency. Your flawed candidate who would have lost to any Republican candidate lost. And she lost to Donald Trump!! What did you really expect? That is what all this “progressive” lamentation should be about. But sadly, most of it is rooted in the false reality you have created.

      • “Rewarding her with the presidency.” The presidency isn’t a reward. It’s a privilege and an extraordinary responsibility to the American people, ALL OF THEM.

        You all who voted Trump seek to impose your will on bodies that are not your own by claiming that you have rights over people that don’t think the “right” way. You seek to deny the rights of those who only recently obtained them. Your double standard regarding human decency, that put in the White House a former porn star who has posed for pictures with a toy in the body part your president-elect says it’s ok to grab her by, is appalling.

        Add to all this the license of cruelty you granted to the worst elements of our civil society.

        In case you missed my point, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t “for” these things, and you just like Trump’s policy proposals in some areas better than Clinton’s. He told you and showed you this is what he was about for well over a year.

        If you are going to deny parts of the total package you elected, why don’t you make sure they are parts that won’t hurt, discriminate against, or otherwise demonstrate that some Americans are more “deserving” than others?

        Otherwise, it is you who is living in the false reality.

      • Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
        Colossians 3:12 NLT

      • No, he probably never did read her comment. Or if he did, he ignored it, as he does all the time. Ask him a direct question about something and he will respond with some point about abortion.

        Joe Catholic” is one pseudonym among many. He/she is obsessed with abortion, Many have tried and failed to reason with this person. This person is here solely to attack John P. This person is a troll.

    • OMG. I have seen some idiotic statements on this blog but you just jumped the shark.

      Thanks to you and people like you we now have a foul-mouthed orange-haired demagogue heading for the White House.

      Clearly you either did not hear the hateful things he said about just about every group other than straight white Christian men. Women, LGBTQs, Black people, Brown people, and God help us all, Disabled people (or are you going to try and defend the disgusting way he made fun of that New York Times reporter?)


      You heard them and with your vote endorsed them.

      EITHER WAY you are a sorry excuse for a human being and I am sorry that we are citizens of the same country.

          • “You do know, don’t you, Scott, that you are giving him exactly what he wants?”

            You have forfeited the privilege of giving me advice. Do us both a favor and STFU.

            • You are angry because I asked you to call me by my correct name. You coud not admit graciously that youy were in the wrong.Your reaction is what I would expect from Joe Catholic/Benny.

              You demonstrate yourself to be yet another man here on this blog who does not respect it when a woman tells him “no.” Here in the USA when that happens, we consider that man to be an abuser, a bully, maybe even a rapist

    • Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
      Colossians 3:12 NLT

    • Joe I hope all your prayers are answered.However at this moment I have noticed with amusement that so many of trump’s campaign promises are highly unattainable.So don’t be disappointed when he doesn’t deliver,because the constitution is on our side and as much as he doesn’t like it he will be kept in check..The founding fathers had enough foresight to know that someone like trump would come along .and he will realize that this is not a dictatorship.

  6. Building a wall and limiting entry because of color or ethnicity is racist.
    I will wait and see what the president elect actually does. But the atmosphere of fear that exists among teens and young people who identify as LGBT is very real.
    Time will tell.
    I realize that you are a “one note Charlie” and your only interest is perpetuating the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. You might broaden your horizon to see what happens to children after they are born into harsh world.

    • It’s the Law.

      Trust, me anarchy is overrated and not as romantic as the Progressives think it is.

      I lived in foreign countries for over 6 years. NEVER did I break any of the immigrant laws. I handed over my bank acct number, checked in for interviews every 6 mos, and had a Sponsor that promised to pay any of my unpaid bills. I had 2 sons born in foreign countries, and NEVER were they granted Citizenship of that country, nor could we even apply for Citizenship. We obeyed the foreign country’s Laws, and took our sons back to their homeland once a year,for the whole duration of our overseas stay. Otherwise, they would become Stateless.

        • –Hi Brother David. will you hold back a bit w/ your compulsions? [very weird obsession you have for me. You act like someone who is jealous.] I explained before that my family had been stalked, and assaulted & slandered by our stalker.

          Go pick on someone else’s identity. (oh, that would be mean –never mind.)

          Let’s agree to talk about Jesus. ok?That would be worth while.

    • “Building a wall and limiting entry because of color or ethnicity is racist.” Here is part of the false narrative. This is why children are in fear. Because adults have and are lying to them. Building a wall is not racist. And Trump never proposed limiting entry because of color or ethnicity. You didn’t hear what he actually said. I’m apprehensive about president-elect Trump. I fear propaganda.

    • Bruce, Joe Catholic” is one pseudonym among many. He/she is obsessed with abortion, Many have tried and failed to reason with this person. This person is here solely to attack John P. This person is a troll.

      • Gloriamarie. He is not obsessed with abortion, Catholicism, etc. He is obsessed with being the center of attention and doing whatever he can to be contrary and arouse emotions to maintain that attention. He is a psychologically damaged personality who feeds on the negative energy that radiates out from conflict, strife, anger, etc. He is not here for serious discussions. To him, this is all just a fun (but sick) game he plays with people he hates—or at least pretends to hate for the sake of the game. It is all a game with him. If he were truly interested in being heard or promoting his supposed causes, he would not be behaving the way he is. I have numerous Roman Catholic friends, and I know them well enough to be certain that they would not waste five minutes of their time talking to this guy in their living rooms—and would also say that he is an embarrassment to the Roman Catholic faith—and he is—no doubt about it—that is if he is indeed even Catholic. He may be lying about that for all we know.

        My best advice is to just leave him alone and not respond to any of his posts. What you will see after that are posts that go a notch or two higher on the bozo scale in a desperate (but sick) attempt to provoke people into responding to him. Just quit responding to his posts and watch how high the accusations and vitriol go in his ever more desperate attempts to get someone to notice him.

        His mom and dad probably treated him like a plant when he was growing up in their house. They fed and watered him—but that was about all. Otherwise, he might just as well have been a doorstop in the house where he grew up. He never stops to consciously think that his parents were ignoring him because they rightly judged from an early age that he was an empty, worthless shell that contained nothing good that would deserve a parent’s attention. He never resolved those issues with his parents—who may be dead now—so he goes out on the Internet each day to blogs and chat rooms trying to recreate the “dynamic tension” and sense of anger and conflict he experienced with his parents when he was a child at home. Using the other posters here (you and me) as surrogates for his estranged parents, he attempts each day to resolve and repair the empty gulf that existed between him and his parents.

        The chief thing he fails to recognize is this. The situation with his parents is unresolvable. Early on in life, when he was still just a toddler, his parents recognized that he was indeed nothing but a worthless little pile of sh*t. Recognizing this, their only way of coping with him at home and preserving their sanity was to mentally and emotionally distance themselves from him as much as possible for the first 18 years of his life. They would just treat him like another house plant and hope that he would leave home at 18—and rarely ever come back.

        • Yes, I am certain your analysis is correct. After all, I know a great many Catholics who believe a woman is intelligent enough to take care of herself without interference from Church and State.

          Which are separate in the USA.

    • JC, you are no Catholic, nor are you a Christian. You’re simply a troll. Call yourself what you may, those of us who are or were Christians know better.

    • This, Bruce. It’s not just about race. Trump’s statements have been all over the map, both pro and anti women, LGBT people and same-sex marriage, the Affordable Care Act, and even immigration. He has encouraged his followers to violence and bigotry, and has the gleeful support of the KKK and neo-Nazis. He has said that he wants to disband NATO. He has said that he loves war, and asked why, since we had nuclear weapons, we couldn’t use them. He wants to react to our foes not with negotiation, but “bomb the sh*t out of them.”

      And now he wants unity? Unity with what? He has no concrete policies, only reckless rhetoric. When he says something responsible, I’ll think about it.

      • That Other Jean, I 100% agree with you.

        Voting for Republicans this year may well turn out to have been a vote for nuclear war with the USA striking first unless we have some level heads in the military who know an insane order when they are given one.

      • Please google:
        Donald Trump: Opposes Nationwide Marriage Equality

        Please google:
        Trump Victory Alarms Gay and Transgender Groups

        Please google:
        What a Trump presidency could mean for LGBT

        Please google
        Read the Republican Platform on Same-Sex Marriage, Guns and Wall Street

        Please google
        Gay RNC Delegate Sounds Off On Anti-LGBT Party Platform

        Please google
        Why Blacks Loathe Trump

        Please google
        Donald Trump Win Has Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims Bracing for a Long 4 Years

        Please google
        Black Americans on ‘what they have to lose’ if Trump becomes president

      • He refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him

        He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester

        At a November campaign rally in Alabama, Trump supporters physically attacked an African-American protester after the man began chanting “Black lives matter.” Video of the incident shows the assailants kicking the man after he has already fallen to the ground.

        The following day, Trump implied that the attackers were justified.

        “Maybe [the protester] should have been roughed up,” he mused. “It was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

    • Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
      Colossians 3:12 NLT

    • Joe Catholic” is one pseudonym among many. He/she is obsessed with abortion, Many have tried and failed to reason with this person. This person is here solely to attack John P. This person is a troll.

  7. John P, once again your prophetic voice and gift of exhortation reveals truth.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand what you have written today is someone with a commitment to denial and misinformation, even perhaps to outright lies.

    I went to bed at 11PM last night and was awake around threeish with these words forming my mind. I kept dozing off but would always awake with these words colliding with each other, ricocheting off the insides of my skull. I guess they demand to be written down.

    If you voted Republican or a third party, I have to ask if you really knew what you voted for. Because I don’t think you do. Did you read the Republican National Party platform or did you only listen to the rhetoric? Did you watch any other news channel than Fox? Did you read the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal? Many newspapers in the country have only endorsed Republican candidates for over a hundred years chose to endorse the Democratic candidate. Did you read their articles explaining why?

    You had to know that voting for a third party was in effect voting for the Republicans. You had to know that because you are not stupid, only angry at the way things are and blame the only people you can find the to pin the blame on, the current administration.

    Which are the wrong people to blame. It takes time to undo the effects of Republican administrations. It would have happened had you voted for the Democrats but instead you voted for more of the same conditions that make your life miserable. The economic policies of the Reagan administration have caused a recession during the Reagan years and the presidency of the first Bush while those same policies caused the Great Recession of the second Bush administration. These are the same economic policies used by the Republicans of 1928. Need I remind you what happened in the USA and around the world in 1929? We may expect another severe recession if not another great depression as a result of the people you elected. How is that in the best interests of yourselves or those you cherish?

    The Republicans do not care about you if you are anything other than a rich, straight, white, male. If you disagree with me, then you are deliberately choosing to ignore the evidence right in front of us all.

 Tax cuts are given to the wealthy while taxes are increased on the rest of us. Businesses get tax cuts, but workers don’t get raises because the businesses are paying out stock dividends to the wealthy. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    Our planet is dying and you voted to kill it since the Republicans, despite the evidence of science, claim they don’t believe in global warming. Why don’t they? Because anything which would correct the warming trend means businesses have to pay for expensive retrofits to prevent emissions from ruining the ozone layer. Paying for these expensive things means fewer dividends for the wealthy stockholders. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths for millions of your fellow citizens. Do you or anyone you love have a chronic illness? You have killed them because a chronic illness is a pre-existing condition. You voted to go back to the days when US citizens were ineligible for health insurance if they had a pre-existing condition. The Republicans intend to gut the Affordable Care Act and millions of Americans will once again be without health insurance. The irony of this is that the reason the ACA is not better than it is because of all the provisions that were removed because the Republicans demanded their removal before they would vote for it. Research it if you don’t believe me.


If you voted Republican or third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths for millions of your fellow citizens who depend on Social Security, children and the elderly for the most part but a goodly number of the disabled, also, because you have to know that the Republicans want to privatize Social Security. By that, they mean gamble with it on Wall Street. 

    Oh, I can hear you telling me this is how we can assure that future generations will have their Social Security when it’s their turn. No, it won’t. How many people who gamble actually make money? Lives and families are destroyed by gambling. Gambling on the stock market is no safer than gambling at a casino. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    There are two perfectly simple ways to increase the Social Security fund. The first way would be for Congress to vote to restore the money taken from the fund by Reagan and both Bushs. They could take it from the bloated Department of Defence budget and the DOD would never miss it. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    The second way would be to remove the Social Security cap which at the moment is at $117,000.00. Anyone who earns $117,000.01 and above does not pay FICA. Remove that cap and Social Security would never ever run out of money. But the Republicans would never do that because it means the wealthiest among us would have to do without a few thousand dollars. Think of it. People earning $117,000.00 a year or less are paying the social security collected by millionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths for millions of your fellow citizens who depend upon Medicare because the Republicans intend to privatize that also by gambling it on the stock exchange. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths for millions of your fellow citizens who depend upon various social service programs such as rental assistance, SNAP (aka food stamps), Head Start, WIC, free breakfast and lunch programs for children, and more. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    People who lose their rental assistance will not be able to afford a place to live and the number of homeless will increase just as we saw it increase during the recessions of the Reagan and various Bush years. Research it if you don’t believe me.

 Health care services for a great many people will be lost when the Republicans repeal funding for Planned Parenthood. Ninety-seven percent of their services is routine medical care for women, men, and children. Those women, men, and children will lose those services. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths for millions of your fellow citizens who have mental illness because the Republicans don’t believe in it. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for a massive loss of jobs at the federal level. Maybe you resent paying the taxes that are the wages of the government employees. I have two things to say to that. The first is that your tax dollars will become their unemployment benefits. The second is that if the wealthy were paying their fair share of taxes, the burden would be less for you. 

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths caused by white supremacists of who knows how many people. White supremacists have killed more people in the USA than any other group since 9/11/01. We need sensible gun control laws and ou made sure we won’t get them. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths of citizens who are not white. Not even five days since we had the election results and children are being bullied in schools and playgrounds. Adults are talking about lynching and tar and feathering non-whites. Christians who are not white are being abused by Christians who are white. Signs are going up about bathrooms for whites only. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the deaths of citizens who are LBGT. Don’t you remind the horrible death Matthew Shepard suffered? How many marriages will be destroyed? How many families? Children with same-sex parents are being abused and bullied at school. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the suppression of women in this country through abuse, rape, sexual assault, and sexual molestation. The Republicans don’t want to pay for contraception but are men willing to use condoms or do without sex? The Republicans want women to return to second-class citizen status. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for deaths of many our women and men in the armed services because we know, because the Republicans have promised it, to go to war against ISIS and Iran by repealing the Iran nuclear arms deal. Of course, the Republicans created ISIS when they invaded Iraq for no reason. That radicalized the far right of Islam and going to war against ISIS will only radicalize more of the far right of Islam at home and abroad. We have been horrified at the ISIS terrorists’ acts which have murdered so many civilians. Just imagine how many more will lose their lives because you voted for Republicans and third party candidates. Research it if you don’t believe me.

Additionally, when our women and men in the armed services come home maimed in mind and/or body and they seek services of the VA, it will be difficult for them to get them. Not too long ago it was taking the VA an average of 435 business days to process an initial claim. That is well over a year for someone who needs help to wait for it. Why does it take so long? Because Republicans will not adequately fund the VA because they would have to raise taxes on the wealthy to do it. Research it if you don’t believe me.

How many of our women and men in the armed services choose to commit suicide because they are not getting adequate help soon enough? Research it if you don’t believe me.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for the privatization of federally owned public lands. This means the return of the Keystone Pipeline. It means that pipeline will violate the Native American sacred lands. It means the Grand Canyon will be destroyed by the mining of uranium. Yellowstone will be destroyed to mine for gold. Fracking will be allowed everywhere, polluting our water. Beautiful mountaintops will be destroyed. Research it if you don’t believe me.

The end result of voting for Republicans and third party candidates is that you voted for deaths of who knows how many innocent people who are quietly living their lives in a law-abiding manner, maybe even doing a great deal of good in their communities through volunteer efforts. You voted for their deaths when you voted for those who will destroy the social services so many in the USA need in order to survive. Research it if you don’t believe me.

    I hear your voices screaming “But you don’t talk about Hillary.” Look, if you have swallowed all the lies about her, then that’s on you for believing what liars told you. A lie repeated often enough does not become the truth. It remains a pernicious lie. The Republicans admitted they invented the entire Benghazi scandal to discredit her. They admitted it, but because you have listened to their lies for too long, you refused to believe them when they told the truth. For a change.

 Everything you need to know about Hillary is contained in this article. Read it and follow the embedded links and, finally, be informed of the truth about Hillary Rodham Clinton. “The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen.” Please google it. I would post the URL, but that sends my post into a status awaiting moderation and since John P doesn’t moderate, it would stay in limbo. My apologies for any inconvenience.

    If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for deaths and that means you voted for evil. Here is the evil you voted for, whether you intended to or not, because these are the values of the Republican Party: authoritarianism, bigotry, discrimination, fascism,gynophobia, homophobia, intolerance of anyone or anything different from yourselves, misogyny, racism, rape, sexism, sexual assault and molestation, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

    If you are a Christian and If you voted Republican or a third party on 11/8/16 then you voted for evil. The New Testament has some blunt words for those Christians who choose evil. One of them is Matthew 25:31-46, the parable of the sheep and the goats. Another is Mark 3:29. 

    If you voted Republican or a third party, I have to ask if you really knew what you voted for. Because I don’t think you do. Please become informed and when the mid-term elections come around, please vote for life.

    • Wow…more than 24 paragraphs of “feeling” talking points.

      Perhaps some facts are more digestible….

      The Republican Field was the largest field for a Major Party in a Presidential Race Ever with 17 bona fide candidates when the race began.
      Hillary Clinton was the first Female to win a major party nomination for President
      Kellyanne Conway is the first Female campaign manager to RUN AND WIN a Presidential Campaign!
      When sworn in, Donald Trump will become the oldest President in US History to become President (Reagan was 69). Hillary is 69 years old and would have become the 2nd oldest President had she won.
      Trump and Clinton were both from New York and for the first time since 1944, the two candidates in the race were New Yorkers. FDR ran against Governor Dewey in 1944.
      Trump is the first person elected president in more than 60 years without experience as a governor or in Congress. (General Dwight Eisenhower was the last in 1952.)
      Only two Democrats have directly succeeded another Democrat as US president. The most recent was James Buchanan, who was president from 1857 to 1861. Unfortunately for Democrats this will not change.
      The Republicans had the most votes for President in the Primary Season ever with 31 million votes – the old record was 21 million.
      President elect Trump received more primary votes than any Republican in US history with over 14 million. The old record was 12 million.
      This was the first Republican primary season since 1968 where more than 3 candidates won a state (Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich).
      The results of the general election are the first time that Republicans have control of the Presidency, Senate and House since 2005.
      In addition to Michigan the Republicans hadn’t won Wisconsin since 1984.

        • With respect – you are projecting and attributing actions and events that have not happen nor have any reality to the facts.
          In fairness, your passion is compelling but the political propaganda has been rejected – Americans are waking up and not fearful or afraid of the future such as your writing would encourage them be.
          Last, fair minded people reject your content and insinuation – their vote is equivalent to your prescribed labels and stereotypes.

          • Thank you for find my passion compelling.

            With respect, Sirus, truth is truth. If the Republican agenda, which is easily verifiable given their party platform is on the ‘net, the things I write are what is going to happen and anyone who voted for the Republicans or a third party are accountable for the results of their votes.

            Truth is truth and is always truth. Even if people choose to live in denial and call the truth projections, labels and stereotypes.

            • Men who ignore the boundaries women set are usually abusers, bullies, rapists.

              You have been repeatedly told I will not discuss abortion with you but you always violate that boundary.

              Plus you seem to think the Episcopal Church has the same authoritarian style as the RCC. It doesn’t. You only betray your ignorance of TEC by insisting that it does.

              • Many years ago I was trained how to deal with Marxists. Interestingly, the deployment of subscribing different meaning to words, facts and “truths” was central to the Hegelian dialect and remarkably successful in persuading those governed by emotions or ignorant of historical fact and context.
      , is one such organization (among several others) that train deceptive communication techniques with dual purposes; (1) to recruit and (2) to promote fear and doubt in institutions and often a personality.

                • I agree Sirus. I see people like yourself on this blog working to plant doubt and discouragement. As well,
                  Trump has done a good job of recruiting Trump supporters and promoting fear and doubt in America’s institutions.

                  It nice to see people who are not sophisticated and educated like you, yet have strong gut feelings about Trump. There will always be people who see through the deception.

                  By observation John Pavlovitz is one of those people who is trying his best to make the message simple and straightforward.

                  But we always have to think for ourselves and make up our own minds. That is my prayer— that people question and pay attention to their gut feelings even if they cannot put their finger on it.

    • Gloriamarie,

      This is wonderful. Thank you for your truly cogent and comprehensive response. My strong but probably far too idealistic wish is that it will not be read by blind eyes.

    • So much wrong here I don’t know where to start. I’ll just address the ACA, the problems with which, along with apparently everything ever, you lay at the feet of the GOP. Everything wrong with the ACA is on the democrats. Everything. They controlled the White House, the House of Representatives, and had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. They could have done anything they wanted and the republicans couldn’t have done a single thing about it. The dems could have had single payer healthcare, amnesty for illegals, repealed the Defense of Marriage Act, passed $15 minimum wage, legalized every form of abortion, slashed the defense budget, and raised taxes to whatever they wanted. The GOP would have had an epic tantrum, but it wouldn’t have mattered a lick. They were completely powerless. So why don’t we have any of those things? Because the president’s fellow democrats wouldn’t go for it. Not the republicans, the democrats. It takes 60 votes to end a filibuster, and until Senator Kennedy passed, they had it. Please explain how anything wrong with the ACA is on the republicans.

      I’ve seen you demand everyone here be respectful and validating, but you just accused more than half of everyone who voted this year of being complicit in the hypothetical death of millions of people. I guess respect and validation is only due to people you agree with.

      • Helen. What happens when a severely sick person loses her health insurance and cannot afford the treatment or surgery that would otherwise restore her health and save her life? Are you saying that you do not know, or are you just cold-hearted, callous and sold out to money and material possessions? How do you square that with the 2,000 verses in the Bible that require Christians to look beyond mere money and things in this world and care for people in need? If you just believe in Jesus but do not take actions in everyday life based on the things of Jesus—what good is that? Real faith leads to positive action in everyday life to help one’s neighbors—-especially those who cannot help themselves. The Bible is abundantly clear on this point. A factory owner who attends church every Sunday must not go to the factory he owns on Monday morning and behave like Satan himself toward his employees and customers six days out of every week. Why is that so hard for you to see or understand when the words of the Bible are so abundant and clear on this matter?

        • You seem to have read someone else’s post. You’re arguing a point I didn’t make. My point was that everything wrong with the law is solely on the democrats, as they had incontestable power in Washington. Its a purely political argument, not a religious or moral one.

  8. Please google the facts:
    True: Trump’s plan would significantly raise taxes on the middle class

    Please google the facts:
    Trump’s tax plan could hike taxes on middle- and low-income families

    Please google the facts:
    The GOP will raise taxes — on the middle class and working poor

    • Which, in effect, is exactly a vote for all hateful stuff because you chose to believe lies instead of being informed by actual facts which you don’t want to know about.

      Please google this article. Please read it and please follow the embedded links and read those articles and see what pernicious lies have been told about here:

      The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen.

  9. I hear and sense where you are coming from. However, I’ve decided to wait and see what Mr. Trump actually does when in office. I really feel that all of America is in for a big surprise. One of the last things he said before being election, “I like the element of surprise”. So any conversation at this time is speculation. After this past election, I plan to pray and wait to see what happens. Peace and blessings .

    • The world markets are reacting in a positive way to the Trump victory. [Another projected outcome the Progressives got wrong.] The Markets LOVE Trump.

    • Thanks for posting this Traci. A notable quote from the documentary.

      “I think we are going to be judged; by how we reacted to Donald Trump”— Jorge Ramos

      I agree

  10. Great article John Pavlovitz as well the previous two I have read. I just joined, your words are more than food for thought.

    • Welcome, Carleton. John’s blogs are uniformly excellent. I think he has a gift of exhortation and he speaks with a prophetic voice. Watch out for the trolls!

  11. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Don’t be fooled by Trump. Believe his words and set a watchman over his actions.

  12. Joe Catholic – responding to your question above….the commentaries are similar though not exact to Marxist political discourse. Obviously in this blog, subjects such as economics, political systems, class or societal division or even warfare is replaced or rather indirectly substituted by some form of theological or religious standard that remains unclear in my mind but is typically passed off as Christianity.
    It should be noted, in Marxist political discourse, it always resolves into a “us vs them” conversation though when push comes to shove the Marxist always chooses self preservation.
    The real challenge is understanding “power” in the arena of ideas and essentially control through communication. See French & Raven’s study on “basis of power” for a primer.
    The Hegelian dialect and its methodology is immensely interesting. I would encourage readers to examine this. Interestingly, Saul Alinsky’s work is modeled on this philosophical perspective and worth understanding – especially in today’s political environment.
    Of note, Liberation theology utilizes similar communication patterns in rhetoric and what is known as “disinformation”. (The history and development of Liberation Theology is interesting and revealing – if one is interested in that sort of thing – a great deal of material is available for review – I prefer literature or criticisms with a more ecumenical perspective).
    To your specific question – I suspect the author has intent and purpose. In my opinion, the commentaries are emotive. Logically the commentaries are structured poorly which suggests deception though some would argue the commentaries are nothing more than personal catharsis. If this is true, it begs the question – why then are the commentaries attributed as spiritual yet void of objective scriptural validations?
    Last, this communication approach can be and is remarkably successful. You can obtain this form of communication training in a number of places. However, when it fails – it creates a strong emotional backlash. For example, depending on an individuals specific intellectual and emotional state and upon realization of being purposefully deceived and in some cases manipulated – the wronged individual becomes an ardent enemy.
    In my experience, this reaction occurs regardless of an individuals political or religious persuasion – this is how you understand all this – human beings hate fear more than ideas or personalities and when they learn there own fear was used against themselves – there minds change and sometimes in the most interesting manner.

    • thanks Sirus. Interesting point about, ‘…commentaries attributed as spiritual –but void of objective scriptural validation.’

      I think JP has a different spirit. One that cannot be validated by bible scripture. That explains his noticeable aversion.

      Yes, in addition, it could apply to what is going on with deflated Hillary supporters. That back-lash is deep (losing-face kind) regret for being duped by someone they were manipulated into ‘trusting.’ (that kind of lopsided emoting is dishonest at its core). It’s almost like a physics experiment gone awry. (but, with a law of physics glaring back at us.)

      It’s weird, because most Americans were saying, ‘don’t trust her’, ‘don’t trust her’. And now that it’s all gone pear-shaped, their brains are short-wired. Ohhh, that’s gotta hurt!

    • Joe – I can certainly understand your observations above. In my opinion, the author’s political agenda is more often than not, the primary message. If this is correct and I believe it is – I have no heart burn with it.
      Last, I would like to know where this pastor went to seminary. Given the examples of past commentaries and that almost anyone can call themselves a pastor – it is simply prudent to “test all spirits” while keeping in mind… “caveat emptor”.

  13. Read widely,

    rub shoulders with diverse people,

    listen to people,

    challenge those you disagree with,

    think for yourself

    make up their own mind.

    Don’t be spoon fed information or it may be misinformation.

    You think political correctness is wrong?

    You think somehow you, your religion, your political party is immune?

    Smart Bombs

    Patriot Missile

    Enhanced Interrogation

    Extra -Judicial Killing

    Reasonable Suspicion

    Collateral Damage

    Negative Patient Care Outcome

    Bulk Collection

    Quantitative Easing

    Enemy Combatant

    Breaking News

    Correctional Facility

    Family Values

    Stop and Frisk

    Make America Great Again

  14. Very powerful, because it’s true.

    Racism anywhere is wrong. Mexican blacks are treated horribly in their own country. The Caribbean blacks cannot get jobs and many are forced to live in shanty towns. It’s despicable. They have a saying in Mexico about social prestige ..’the whiter the better.’

  15. Are there others as tired as I of the acrimony found in these comments? Of those who read this blog for no other purpose except to argue?

    The comments I appreciate the most are those in which people write about how John’s words have a positive effect upon their lives.

    If there are those reading this blog who would like a refuge from arguments, acrimony, diatribes, and screeds, I invite you to join my Facebook group, Celebrate What Christians Have in Common.

    There you will find a variety of the flavors of Christianity, ancient to modern. Music, ancient and modern. Comic strips, memes, parables, reflections on the Sayings of the Desert Christians, some thoughts on the daily reading in the Rule of St. Benedict and so much more.

    The one and only rule of the group is that if a person sees something they don’t like, disagree with, etc, no one is allowed to express that. The discipline asked of every single member of the group is that we are to look for that with which we can can agree in any given post and comment only on that.

    Celebrate What Christians Have in Common

    Healing. Peace. Refuge.

    “Come apart to a quiet place and rest yourself.”

    • “You are angry because I asked you to call me by my correct name…”

      Incorrect. Wrong. And beyond the pale. I am not angry because you asked me to use your correct name. I am angry because you completely failed to recognize that it was an honest mistake; NOOOOOO. Instead you had to scold me as if you were my Mom and I was three years old.

      I don’t know who you THINK you are, Gloriamarie (See, all you had to do was explain the situation), but as far as I am concerned you are a touchy, arrogant woman who seizes every opportunity to go on the attack whether it is warranted or not.

      I got two words for you: PISS OFF.

      • No one has control of your buttons but you. If you have mommy issues, please don’t take them out on me.

        I did not scold you. I told you I was perplexed that someone who reads my name as “Gloriamarie” would then think it is ok to call me “Gloria.” I said I was perplexed, you flew off the handle, called me names, and as far as I am concerned that puts you in the abuser and bully category.

        • “Try being humble.”

          HA. I strongly suspect based on my experience with the woman that humility is not exactly within her skill set.

          Roflol (><)

          • Wow. I never thought I’d see something that brings people on opposite sides of the spectrum together on this blog. This must be what it feels like to see a unicorn, or bigfoot.

            Some people hate Trump, and some people hate Clinton, but everyone hates grammar Nazis.

  16. We can disagree and still love each other unless our agreement requires me to censure my life and pretend to be someone I’m not in order for you to be comfortable. My differences as a human being should not need to be erased so that you can reassure yourself that you are enlightened and open-minded. Please understand, when you tell a person of color they are great because they’re “as white as you” or “don’t bring up race” or when you tell a Muslim woman she is right not to wear a hijab or applaud a Jewish person for wishing you a Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays or when you tell an LGBT person they’re good because they “don’t throw their sexuality in your face”– meaning holding hands with my wife or something like that–what you really mean is we allow you to pretend we don’t exist in our full humanity. You are comfortable as long as we don’t make you acknowledge who we are. You are comfortable when we bow to your privilege.

              • Who says these gizmos don’t have minds of their own? My spellchecker always wants to change “nun” to “gun” and “prayers” to “players.” Who programmed the danged thing?

            • Thank you, Lisa, that is kind of you to say and a delight to read, but I fear your use of “always” might be an exaggeration. I can get really irritated by some of what I read here.

              However, I think I recognize the names of those who are here to vilify John P. and have stopped reading them.

              I welcome a good intellectually stimulating discussion of ideas with give and take, agreements and disagreements, but I have zero patience, my flaw, I know, with those who write screeds or ad hominem attacks upon participants here.

  17. We all need to try and understand each other better. This is not the best forum for that because even words and punctuation and spelling of a name can cause offence.

    Yes Gloriamarie some people only want to lecture or harass or oppose someones view. There is an art to conversation which is lost in the trolling of everyone. You make a comment— I make a comment. We flood the comment wall with our information, some of it is interesting some of it is redundant, some of it insulting, but we are only beating our own drum and annoying the heck out of each other.

    I don’t know the answer but civility can be achieved if we soften our words or ask questions more and let pettiness go.

    I have observed that some people are so hardened, dogmatic or judgemental that there is no room for grace. The hallmark of our faith is grace.

    Grace is that resting place where we respect each other as human beings.

    I have several friends and family members who are atheist and yet we can sit down to dinner— we can encourage each other, share our lives and be blessed by each others company. If God comes up I am allowed to be a believer and they are allowed to not believe. It truly is a beautiful thing when I can say to my brother ” I know you are an atheist but you exemplify the life Christ and you don’t even know it!” and then I can tease him and say, “I can’t wait until you meet Jesus” And he chuckles and says in reply, ” I can’t wait either” It took 30 years to get there but he likes Jesus and wants to meet him.

    There is grace surrounding us all and it is Holy ground.

    Rather than finding ways to add insult to injury we can try to find ways to open up discussion or be frank in our observations of each other. Ask yourself: do I want to make someone look bad or do I want to understand them? Do I want to discourage someone or do I want to help them keep going? I sometimes think that is too difficult to achieve when we are angry, grieving, proud or unforgiving. We have so much work to do. And I think most of that work is within ourselves.

    • I think the best way we can achieve what you write about is to cease to make assumptions about what the other means.

      If someone writes something that hits me the wrong way, the functional response is to say “when you said (or wrote) such and such, I heard this. Was that what you were trying to say? If I misunderstood you, I apologize.”

      If someone writes something that hits me the wrong way, the dysfunctional response is to assume that person intended someone to feel whatever it is that someone is feeling. After all, the writer (or speaker) is not a mind reader and has no way of knowing how something said (or written) will affect another person.

      Unless it is a screed of insults, scatological language etc. That is pretty obviously abusive behavior.

      Again, a place of respite from all of that is on Facebook: Celebrate What Christians Have in Common. All are welcome to join who do so in good faith to abide by the spirit of the group.

  18. Kathy, I am wondering if the phrase “I know you mean well” has a different significance there in Canada than it does here in the USA? Generally speaking, when it is used here it has a condescending and patronizing connotation. Trusting that is not how you meant it.

  19. Wow, you say the words I have been thinking but then also put the thoughts I have in writing that were there but I couldn’t put into words. Thank you, thank you! You have my utmost respect.

  20. Yeah Trump did a good job of winding people up and teaching them rhetoric and aggression.

    The media is not supposed to engage in debates with those they interview.

    Good job CNN reporter.

  21. Trump ran a divisive campaign and instead of bringing people together he played people off each other. Divide and conquer. By setting himself up as a benefactor Trump makes people reliant on him, so they owe him loyalty now. The problem with authoritative leaders who make big promises is that they are one person, not God, and they cannot fulfill everyones needs.

  22. Once again, John has only one side of the story. How disconnected from reality can one be to write: “The problem, is that when the value of property exceeds the value of people, we’ve lost the plot. When broken windows and burned out cars are made to be the story, while the deepest pain of those who are crying out, is treated as inconsequential and manufactured.” AS IF these properties, cars, and buildings didn’t belong to real people but to a disembodied group of people we shouldn’t feel sorry for.

    The insistence in shaming “white people” is beyond the pale. Facebook prophets are losing their minds and hearts in trying to draw attention to injustice they promote another type of injustice, disconnected from justice. But he gains sympathy from those who right now just need to be given the right to be called victims at the exclusion of those whose voice (the whites) is decidedly being shamed and drowned as irrelevant. It’s a huge shame that’s planting the seeds to division even deeper, among people of faith even. Wake up John, you lost the plot.

  23. Nice try but I wonder how long you had to think to come up with that one.

    I’m done; dealing with the likes of you has become a crashing bore and besides you don’t merit my continued attention anyway.

  24. This article on “Stop Griefsplaining to me white people!!” is delicious. No doubt Mr. Pavlovitz and his ilk would have NOT reacted the same had they won.

    It’s all about what Trump voters need to do to make him happy. What makes him happy is everyone thinking like him.

    Sorry, you leftist weasel, you don’t get to dictate terms to us.

  25. Pingback: GayPatriot » Calls for Peace and Understanding After the Election Are “Racist” Now

  26. I am in complete and utter shock. My entire world has just shifted. I swear to you, I did not think that open minded Christians existed. I’m not being sarcastic or spiteful, facetious or anything but honest from my perspective. I didn’t think you existed. John Pavlovitz, you are a white male Christian with some semblance of power calling it like it is. I have so much respect for you, I cannot begin to describe what I’m feeling. Thank everything I can thank for you and all that you do and all that you write. You are the corner of hope I have right now. May this hope begin to blossom and grow in the hearts of all that are terrified and grieving now. I’m with you 100%. The people slandering you and trying to take away your power are only threatened by what you say: TRUTH. They’ve never known the kind of pain so many are facing now. Bless you! I am firmly agnostic leaning towards atheism, but you might make me change my mind. 😉

    • Julianna, I promise you, we are here. There are a lot of us in the Episcopal Church but I admit, depending on where you live, possibly not so much there. But according to our Canons and Constitutions, we welcome all and by “all” we mean people exactly as it delighted God to create them.

      Here in these comments, you will find many whose voices you may possibly dislike and there are several who are here for no other reason but to denigrate John P in defense of their failure to love their neighbors as themselves.

      All Christians long for God’s love to be incarnated within all other Christians, but sadly that is not the case. I assure you there are those of us who strive to love God with every fiber of our being and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

      If the conflict here is too much, you and all who are interested may seek refuge in a Facebook group called Celebrate What Christians Have in Common. It is a group where the number one rule is that people may not write about what they disagree with. They are asked to look at the posts and find something with which they may agree.

      • Thank you so much for this response, I’m quite emotional reading this. I’m so happy to hear this. I’ve always been fascinated with what I’ve heard called “Red Letter Christians”, following the words that Christ actually said. Because those words are so full of love from a truly enlightened human preaching love and acceptance. I could never reconcile what people would do in his name throughout the ages. Oddly enough, religion never felt close to Christ and I wanted to distance myself from it. I have often offered up my own little prayer, “I’m so sorry what people do in your name”. And I remember the feeling when I was a small child that God was my best friend. It was so pure. But as an adult I could never find that purity in the form of any religion people have offered me so I just decided to go at it on my own. But I really do believe that a spiritual quest is inherent to the human experience and that community is also essential. So, again, I’m just really happy to hear what you’re saying and how you’re acting. It just gives me a lot of hope.

        • You are welcome.

          If you sent a request to join my FB group, one of the cats ran across the keyboard and somehow your request was deleted. If you would request it again, I’ll approve it.

          I live in San Diego.

  27. Rob Bell and Peter Rollins hash it out for us. And I totally navigate the kind of waters they do here. So I’m not crazy, I’m not a Judas to the civil rights of LGBTQ, a denier of equality and harmony, I’m not a xenophobic by default because I’m not enraged – no, we are all different, but we cluster with those who help us articulate our existential realities. The explosive protests reveal a surprising equivalency and a strange unity between the level of anger that elected Trump, and the anger that refuses his election.

  28. Juliana wrote: “I have often offered up my own little prayer, “I’m so sorry what people do in your name”. And I remember the feeling when I was a small child that God was my best friend. It was so pure.”

    Yes! 🙂 And millions are involved in deconstructing the systems that stole this purity from us (besides our own inner turmoils). It may look like we argue nastily, but in fact there is a new collective consensus being formed…

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