10 Acts of Resistance in Trump’s America

On the 20th of January, over 65 million people (well more than half of those who voted in America’s election) grieved.

We lamented the elevation to the highest level of our Government, a man who is simply unqualified for and undeserving of it; a man who has already shown himself unable to respect the gravity of the moment and unwilling to act in the interest of the whole of the American people.

And so for us, Inauguration Day was indeed a funeral; a mourning over the country we might have had, the future we could have been building—the President we should have been welcoming.

And the question is, what do we do in theses days that might be redemptive, that might bring life? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Serve someone. Step out into your neighborhoods, alone or with other-like hearted people and perform acts of service, especially for those who are often overlooked or excluded. These will be the same communities ignored by the coming Administration and we will need to make sure that no one is rendered invisible, that everyone is cared for. With a President whose life, career, and campaign have been marked by such greed and ego—compassion and kindness will now be acts of bold resistance.

2) Engage in financial activism. Money does indeed talk. It advocates. It protests. In fact, our financial resources can and should be a tangible form of activism. Do some research and make a contribution to an organization you believe is doing great work fighting the kind of discrimination, bigotry, and injustice already evident in the coming Administration. Give generously to sustain and encourage those already pushing upstream.

3) Get your hands dirty. There are countless opportunities to come alongside people already in the trenches fighting for equality and diversity locally, state-wide, and across the country. Make a commitment today to come alongside them by joining a nonprofit, community organization, faith-based group, or grass-roots movement. Leverage the powerful resource of your presence and participate in work that moves you. Resist the apathy around you by gracing enough to move.

4) Reach across a divide. Exclusion has been one of the hallmarks of the President’s campaign, seeking to divide people along lines of color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, place of birth, and yes, political affiliation. Do something that intentionally builds a bridge to a community you may have little interaction with or knowledge of, or to an individual you may feel opposition to. It might mean picking up the phone or inviting someone for coffee or visiting an unfamiliar house of worship or attending a community gathering. Resist the wall-builder by breaking down walls.

5) Read. The Internet gives us limitless opportunities to learn and to grow in our understanding of others, yet we often use it primarily to exchange passive aggressive status updates and oversimplified memes. We have a President who has boasted that he does not read, and we can see the kind of person such intolerance to knowledge yields. Read something edifying or challenging; something that pushes you or educates you or tells you a story you didn’t know—and use it to spur you on. In this coming Administration, intelligence and knowledge are forms of resistance.

6) Pray/Reflect. If you’re a person of faith, spend time today away in prayer or meditation, and if you’re not, simply spend some time in quiet reflection or in nature. Avoid the bombast and volume of this day, and all the noise of social media that it will certainly bring. Find places of silence and solitude to recover your center. Find peace there, and allow that peace to strengthen and prepare you for the difficult work ahead.

7) Reassure your children. If you have kids over the age of 10 or so, they’ve likely heard too much during the campaign and they might be feeling a great deal of fear and worry these days. Take some time to gather as a family and talk to your kids, not about the Inauguration or the President, but about the good things and good people they see in the world, and make some plans with them to do something as a family that affirms this goodness. Help your kids resist by nurturing their hope.

8) Cultivate gratitude. With the heavy deluge of bad news in recent weeks, with the relentless flood of reckless Tweets, disturbing Cabinet appointments, and the seemingly limitless capacity for cruelty we’ve been exposed to, it can be easy to lose sight of all that is good and beautiful and right in our lives and in this world. There will be plenty of time to lament all that is not wrong and to work in opposition to it, but as a willing act of defiant resistance, perhaps look around and find reason to be grateful. Celebrate these things.

9) Be visible. All across the country, there are protests, rallies, and marches where disparate people gather to be a physical, tangible reminder that the majority of American voters did not consent to this President and do not share his vision for our nation. Go and stand shoulder to shoulder with people in your community and make a declaration of resistance to the divisions and hatred on display in this Administration.

10) Create. Spend time today doing something that gives you life: paint, play music, write, dance, cook. Use the gifts you have been given as a direct, creative response to this day. Remind yourself that even though there is real ugliness grabbing the spotlight and the headlines, that things of great beauty are being born too. Let your art be your defiant resistance.

Bonus 11) Rest.
Grief is exhausting, and chances are if you’re still reading this you care deeply about what’s happening in this country—and you’re really tired. And regardless of the virtues of anything you’ve read so far, today your greatest act of resistance may be to take a nap. Unplug, logout, shutdown, and allow yourself to breathe slowly and to sleep. You will have time over the next four years to address the other things on this list that compel you. For now, rest well.

So yes, these could easily be a season of grief, but it can also be a season where you and I refuse to give attention, time, or emotional bandwidth to a man who does not deserve it; a time where together we affirm the truth that America is already great, not because of him—but despite him.

We the people…







507 thoughts on “10 Acts of Resistance in Trump’s America

    • Christians do those things everyday & call it ‘life’ . [Except #9. ‘Be Visible’. ]

      Using the word ‘resistance’ makes it sound militant.

    • You act like Hillary “deserved” to be elected. She was the most corrupt and unqualified person to ever run-Thank God Trump was able to beat her. Now relax, and let’s all make America Great Again.

      • She was an amateur relative to Donald’s corruption, lies and volatility. Please read/listen to more than Fox News and your Putin news service, even the Wall Street Journal can provide you with facts that you seem to be missing.

      • Anonymous, you miss the point. It’s not about whether anyone wanted Hillary to win or not. This isn’t us vs. them. It’s about the character of the man who was elected. His demeanor, rhetoric and tweets prove what kind of man he truly is. No matter how it is spinned, there is no excuse for mocking a disabled man. I watched and heard it. I wanted another republican to be president. This is about the man

        • Yes Sandy . I agree. It’s about him and us that we’d elect him. I really thought Americans had enough sense to recognize a con man when they saw one . Now I have to cope with the reality that gov’t by the people will ultimately stand up for our ideals and put the greater good of our citizens above naked partisanship.

          • Okay, Conservatives need to pick a label for Hillary because I’m getting whiplash.

            1. Some complained that she was too cozy with Goldman Sachs, spoke for tons of money, and somehow, mysteriously profited off the Foundation. That sounds like Capitalist corruption.
            2. Yet, she worships the ground a famous Pinko walks on, so she’s a godless Marxist.

            Okay, which is it??? You can’t have both. Pick a slur and stick with it. Then you can explain to us how she is so brilliant that she is responsible for every evil thing to befall America since her husband’s first inauguration. (Frankly, if one-tenth of the Right’s wild-eyed accusations were true, we need to draft her as the villain for the next James Bond movie. She’s a SuperVillain!)

    • Publishing a list of things that responsible adults are in the practice of doing regularly, then labeling it “acts of resistance” — bravo to you all for contributing generously to the pathetic state of this country. Quit your moaning and intolerant labeling of “them”, hope and pray for the good of our land, and yes, do go out and start doing some good in the world today.

      • Well said Gracie. In the words of the should have been. ” At this point what does it matter”. Love him or hate him , he is the President and if we as Americans don’t try to heal the wounds that are making us so hateful to each other then we for sure are all doomed.

        • If he and his administration don’t stop attacking people whose sole crime is to exist as anything other than a rich, white, straight male, those divides will continue. Those of us who are under attack are not obligated to make nice to them. This false equivalency and insisting we still need to respect a man who has none for us is an act of oppression. Please wake up.

          • If he and his administration don’t stop attacking people whose sole crime is to exist as anything other than a rich, white, straight male, those divides will continue.

            Please stop inventing this male bovine excrement. Please. You sound like a hysterical child.

          • He has attacked women, Muslims, Mexicans. When any one group of people are attacked, we should all feel attacked. As POTUS, he should represent all if us and not discriminate. That’s what Jesus taught.

          • Well, I have been attacked by people I thought loved me. My brother ranting at me for not supporting Trump, on Christmas Day, screaming that the First Lady was an “ape in high heels” spewing his hatred for Obama. I have been harassed on Facebook just for posting informative political information. I have had to unfriend 6 former friends. I have been tailgated and almost run off the road because of an”love trumps hate” bumper sticker . And I live just 75 miles north of NYC. This is unprecedented . I’m a retired civil servant! People on the Trump side won’t look beyond the hate. He has normalized it for them.

  1. Thank you, John, for this list of actions. There is something for everyone here. Even those of us who are impoverished, disabled, and handicapped. Thank you.

      • I plan to!!

        My black tee shirt will have a brooch of safety pins on the front and on the back it reads “Love thy neighbor, thy black neighbor, thy addicted neighbor, thy Muslim neighbor, thy homeless neighbor, etc” Lists about ten kinds of beighbors.

        You know the ones. The ones Tump, the GOP and Trump Gloaters despise.

        • You do realize that there are many people who voted for Trump because we feel we were led by the Holy Spirit to do so. And that just because we voted for him does not make us Trump gloaters just followers of Jesus Christ doing what we believe is right. And that the majority of things above except maybe the protesting, are things we are already doing in our communities. That we do love as Christ loved and has commanded us to love. See thats what hurts me.. is that you lump us all together.. We are not these horrible people we are made out to be on this blog, each day.

          • Angie – you are responding to someone who is not in possession of a full deck….or, for that matter, capable of doing simple mathematics.

            Be in good spirits, there are many here who reject her demonic nature.

            • ]Yup, I say cheerfully, I am incapable of doing simple mathematics and have the courage to admit it. Right through fifth grade I was good enough but in sixth we were hit with New Math and I have struggled ever since. However, that did not prevent me from graduating Summa from college when I finally went or seminary, when I finally went.

              I commit you to God in love. May the Holy Spirit dance in your heart.

              • typical – it’s always somebody or something else that is to blame for your life and decisions.

                I’ll leave it to others to decide if your hypocritical, sycophantic rantings deserve serious consideration.

                But then again, being so educated and of course marginalized – qualifies you to disguise your cruel envy of others with self pity.

                Save your sanctimoniousness incantations for your anal retentive supporters.

          • I don’t see everyone the same. I try to find the good in everyone. But you just lumped us all together. And you have had to see all the naysayers on these who tell us constantly we are WRONG WRONG EVIL EVIL. I realize the internet has made it possible for all this noise. But never in my life have I read and heard such vile things said to one another from both sides. I don’t think either side can take the high road here. We can only take responsibility for ourself. I admire your faith and the way you follow it. I have the right to expect the same in return. We are all making the same journey. We are just taking different paths. Who is to judge that another’s is the wrong one besides God? I happen to see something that terrifies me in Trump. If he does some good for this country that will certainly be a good thing. But it will not change what I see as an emptiness in this man.

          • Thank you Angie!!! So sad that we do these things always, with exception to the protesting like you said. I am so saddened to constantly be lumped into such a hateful group of people by the blog host and some of his followers.

          • You were duped into voting for Trump by blind-guide fundie preachers. Never follow any preacher blindly:


            Watch Trump carefully over the next year and ask yourself this question:

            “Would Jesus behave like this man does?”

            Jesus said that we would know people who are NOT his by their fruits. In Trump’s case it is knowing him by both his fruits and his fruitcakes.

            This man is evil and mentally unhinged, and I plan to oppose him on basic Christian principles.

            • I have to believe by research into Hillary she was and is the most severe kind of evil! Trump isn’t perfect, but he is a saint compared to her! Our real concern should be focused on unity! We are under attack from the Islamist radicals! I post and made an error , look into actforamerica.com
              I’m against globalist and want to see America succeed in our health n wealth. It’s not a white thing! It for the health of all for a brighter tomorrow . I think Trump will do great things for the USA.

            • I just have to wonder if you apply the same principles to those on the far left and liberal side of theology? I sadly agree and understand that too many people follow blindly, but I also know they do it from both ends of the spiritual spectrum. You seem to clump all evangelicals and fundamentalists into one “fundie” camp while not addressing the other side.

          • You are so right Joe, I have no problem with those that disagree with my political choice in this election…but the names, and accusations and hate directed at me for my choice have just been awful. I see the fighting on this blog and it is just sad…the labels that have been put upon Trump supporters are just plain nasty and not true of all of us. I know that there are nasty labels being put on the Hillary supporters as well, sadly the crap is flowing from both sides. Just seems to me that continuing to tear each other apart over an election, and falsely accusing those of being something they may not be is helping no one. There just does not seem to be any common ground with the blog host and some of his supporters if you do not agree with them…and that does work both ways…I have seen on this blog Trump supporters doing the same in return. I guess there are always going to be those that will fight and degrade no matter what, I think it is more helpful to just try and understand each other, and not be so awful…but I know exactly how you feel sometimes it is hard when there is constant meanness, and accusations…you just lose the ability to be the loving humble person you want to be…I have done it several times on this blog, when I have felt the need to defend myself against the awful things that are being said about Trump supporters.

            • I was sued for slander once. My only reaction was one of puzzlement & concern. I knew I hadn’t gossiped or said anything false. I searched my heart. There, of course, I found fault.

              I prayed for an opportunity to make amends with my accuser. God quickly gave me that opening. I took my bible with me, apologized for harboring ill thoughts. I then asked the guy if he knew Jesus. He said, ‘Yes’. He shook my hand, and then told his wife to give me a hug. He dropped the law suit.

              I have the same feelings about all the accusations of racism, homophobia, bigotry, blah, blah. I pray for an opportunity. God is faithful.

          • Angie, could you describe for us, in terms that line up with the Beatitudes, how it is that you see Holy Spirit as leading you to vote for a man who says and does the things he says and does?

            A man who is aligned with a hostile nation state for his own financial benefit? A man who held a press conference and had folders on a table that he said were full of financial information when they were actually full of blank paper?

            A man who has nominated for Secretary of State the head of the biggest corporation in the world which has the worst environmental record in the world and a documentable history of defying US foreign policy in favor of ExxonMobil financial policy?

            A man who is currently seeking to stick the taxpayers of South Carolina with a clean up build of a warehouse that was owned and run by his son and is legally responsible for the costs of that clean up but is lying about it and trying to NOT pay for this?

            A man who stiffs his subcontractors as a way of doing business?

            I don’t deny that you think Holy Spirit did this…”lead you”…but I want to know how I as a sister in Christ can “test every word” and hold fast to what is good and reject what is evil…because from where I sit? Holy Spirit is telling ME that you voted according to other standards and precepts and are seeking to lay the blame for it at Holy Spirit’s feet.

            Just because you think Holy Spirit prompted your vote does NOT automatically imbue said vote with legitimacy…slave owners felt that Holy Spirit told them to own slaves…Nazis felt that Holy Spirit was telling them to kill Jews…so that cuts no ice, just your feeling.

            Show me how this man lines up with scripture, how your vote reflects the values of Christians…and you can save the abortion rhetoric as if that is the sole motivation (human life) then you are radically and tragically mistaken as your vote empowered the destruction of millions of lives in the current madness dismantling health care and human services for so many people.

            I would not have even commented if you just said you felt like he was better than Hillary, or if you said he represents your beliefs…okay, while I disagree with that, since it is based within you it is on you to be responsible for that…but you said Holy Spirit led you…and I call you on that post haste…that is a load because it does not line up with New Testament Kingdom principles or values.

            So…waiting for your list of scripture, New Testament behavioral prescriptions that would support your contention of a Spirit Inspired vote…be sure to account for Jesus’ own definition of “true religion” as well.


            • Amen Charles very well said. It’s as if Trump voters have some disconnect and cannot SEE how their support of this man is in direct conflict with following Jesus. You laid it out pretty dang clearly. It’s as if they’re seeking approval for their vote. That can never happen if approval depends on meshing with what Jesus teaches us. How, oh how can they be so blind???

              • I agree, thank you Charissa. I am wondering why Joe Catholic and Anonymus are here. I love to read Jon Pavlovitz’ posts, especially this one on how to deal with January 20th. And I love to read the responses of people who feel the same way I do…..but I am tired of these bullies.

                • I notice that there has been no answer from Angie, explaining how the Holy Spirit could possibly have led her to vote for evil. Of course, the Holy Spirit would have done no such thing.

                  “but I am tired of these bullies.” I assure you, you are not alone, but as long as people stroke their egos, they will be here.

                  I ignore them. I see their cowardly pseudonyms and I delete. If people truly have the courage of their convictions, they would use their real names.

                • Joe – it is nice of you to comment here. I will never come back after reading the comments. These are lukwarm Christians and G_d will spit them out of his mouth. I voted for a President, not a Savior. No one is perfect not Hillary, not Donald. I picked the one that I thought would be best for the entire country. Do not tell me that I am not a Christian because of my choice. Not your call. This guy is a hack, another one who ignores the parts of the Bible that make him uncomfortable. Oh, if it was only that easy. Thanks for your comment, and as to the person who asked why you were reading this blog? Maybe he likes a good laugh.

          • Angie, my sister, the history of the Christian Church is full of people who did what they claim they felt was the leading of the Holy Spirit and they were wrong.

            Doesn’t make them less sincere about their faith. But they were still wrong and there are consequences to making wrong choices.

          • Angie, my sister, the history of the Christian Church is filled with people who did what they thought they were led by the Holy Spirit to do and they were wrong.

            Not saying they weren’t sincere in their faith, but they were still wrong. They and the Church had had to face the consequences of their wrong choices.


            • I am a Christian and a patriot. There was so much resistance against Trump’s run for the White House for him to have won is nothing short of miraculous. To all those not realizing what Hillary was going to do, be aware that she was delivering us into Socialism that has never been successful anywhere in the world. She was going to abandon the sovereignty of the greatest nation on earth for her power and greed. God stopped her.

              • debbie sommer, I wonder how thorough is your knowledge of socialism because it is alive and thriving right here in the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe.

                Many people think that socialism is a synonym for communism which it is not.

                If you meant to sy communism, then I agree, it has failed everywhere. If I remember correctly the only country that still claims to be communist is Cuba and I am pretty certain that will change in the not to far distant future.

            • Some on here never read the Bible as they have been taught that only other special men are the only ones that can interpret God’s word. They have been taught they can’t approach God on there own and have no idea how to do that. So they continue in their blindness because they only follow what other imperfect men have decided scripture means! Sadly some refuse to come out of that controlling environment that was created by men but continue to belittle others all the while they are following false teachings!

            • Jesus is the Messiah and doesn’t bow down to the platform of men. He also would take exception to the unbiblical platform of the Democratic Party that promotes murder (abortion) and unrepentant sin (homosexuality).

          • Really? The Holy Spirit led you to vote for Trump? Please be honest with yourself. From where I stand, I do believe those who voted for Trump voted, at best, out of fear and, at worst, because of racism, xenophobia, homophobia and a general lack of compassion for others.

              • Why does the Pope go to poor countries where people are dying, starving and suffering and preach that using birth control is bad? Most people know that living under hideous conditions, malnourished women’s bodies cannot function properly, sometimes never having a period yet can get pregnant. He is asking them to do the impossible.

                I fail to see sticking to a dogma that promotes death, starvation, and slow horrific endless suffering is less hideous than an abortion or access to birth control.

                I read somewhere that Catholic women who feel in their heart that taking birth control for medical reasons is ok. If that is true why is there a but or an if.

                I have also read that a majority of Catholic women do use birth control. There is no possible way that you or I can prove that to be true or false. Even Catholics who are human beings can hedge on the truth when it comes to being afraid of being ostracized.

              • There is no such thing as “pro abortion.” This is a private decision for a woman. It is not the business of others or the government.

          • If you voted for someone who vows to destroy “the least of these, my brothers,” then you were NOT led by the Holy Spirit. Repent before it’s too late.

          • Angie,
            The article did not apply to you so have a seat. I think it’s funny how you want us all to know how the Holy Spirit spoke to you and blah, blah, blah.

            I think you would be better served getting some JC & Holy Spirit into Mr. Trump’s soul cuz I’ve never heard him talk about either. Probably because he believes he”s above them. Just sayin…

          • Yes, actually, you are. You will probably also accept the mark of the beast when that time comes. You’ve proven it by voting for this beast with your forehead (brain, deciding to vote for him), and your hand (to cast your vote for him).

          • Angie, I would like to understand your point of view. Can you say more about why the Holy Spirit would lead you to support someone who seems to embody values opposite to those of Jesus Christ? A man who said gleefully he would support methods of torture “much worse” than waterboarding? When did Jesus, the Prince of Peace, support torture?

            • ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Let those that love her be secure. May there be peace within her walls, and security within her citadels.’ ps122.6

              The Holy Spirit knows the reasons why Israel & her people are undermined, attacked & persecuted.

              Which candidate was aligned with that truth?

              Which voters listened to the Holy Spirit about Israel?

              • Leslie. Jesus made it quite clear in the New Testament that Israel would have its house left unto it “desolate.” They broke the covenant God made with Abraham—and worst of all—they killed the Messiah promised to them. God abolished the covenant and replaced it with a new one. Those Old Testament verses you fundies tote out about “those who curse Israel will be cursed…” no longer apply because Israel broke the Abrahamic covenant in the worst possible way. God has abandoned them and will continue his abandonment of them until they come to Jesus and join with the new covenant that was made to them first—and then to us Gentiles like you and me. I have always been an Israel supporter…but—they are trying my patience and the patience of the rest of the world.

          • I’m so sorry. But you voted for the most mean-spirited, small-minded, thin-skinned child this country has ever had the shame to put on a ballot. Pray all you want, it’s not going to save any of us, and least of all, you.
            Likening yourself to Jesus…shame on you.

          • Trump’s promise to authorize the commitment of war crimes has the potential to kill almost 23 million people, including 1.5 MILLION Christians.

            Is it Christian to kill whole populations of innocent people as Trump wants to do?

            I don’t know who your God is, but if He led you to Trump, I would say it was the devil instead.

          • I think your Holy Spirit’s message may have gotten garbled in translation by people with their own agenda. I can’t in my wildest imagination conceive of the Christ of the Bible wanting anyone to vote for someone who has said and done the things that the president elect has said and done.

        • Well, Gloriamarie, if you plan to spend time praying, I can see one huge prayer need among those who are “responding” to you. Anyone who felt “led by the Holy Spirit” to vote for Trump desperately needs our prayers that they receive the gift of discernment.

          • Because your Bible has nothing in it that condemns abortion. That is a lie propagated by false preachers whose ancestors were perfectly fine with it up to a certain stage of pregnancy for generations. And if you actually voted for the ending of valid and life-saving medical procedures to force people to give birth when they cannot or should not over saving millions of breathing people whose health care is going to be stripped from them, you have no compassion for anyone but yourself.

        • Whoa, throttle back a bit. It’s easy to call her out for her constant posting of things that are wildly and demonstrably devoid of truth without getting nasty about her financial situation.

          • clearly, it’s your prerogative to disagree….perhaps you feel I should not point out a gigolo…if so, I encourage you to support her demands for charity – that’s what she expects.

            • Acknowledging your generosity would shatter her world view. In Amalfitanoland, conservatives are all greedy, evil people who secretly desire genocide that would wipe anyone not white, male, and heterosexual from the earth. You supporting her financially makes that assertion untrue, and anything that stands in contradiction to her views can’t possibly be true. Joe Catholic being generous with his personal wealth, therefore, must be fake news.

                • Leslie – in my experience with the truly sick and impoverished….true gratitude is always spoken without words.
                  Gloria’s decisions and behavior is a despicable – I would love to show her – up close and personal – real suffering, the smell, the hopelessness, the hunger, the sickness, the need….

              • cynical….but as this a blog….the same critique can be equally applied to “Amalfitanoland”.
                So, I encourage you to support “Amalfitanoland” – I’m sure it’s expected.

  2. Yes John, much of my family will march in Atlanta, with many in our family. There will be nephew and niece, great niece and nephew, Lydia and myself and my Florida daughter and her daughters, a family friend and likely several more who will join us. Most importantly my great niece and my granddaughters will see that there are many who stand up for them and their future!

    • How wonderfully exciting for you and your family. I cannot afford to go but I donated. Please know that I stand with all of you and I am so very proud of what you are doing.

    • Happy Saturday Joe. Shortly after Obama was inaugurated the first time, an acquaintance told me that when she heard there was a march against Obama, her and her husband jumped in a plane and joined the march with thousands of people like me and you she told me. She also said she cried and cried because Obama won. Sound familiar. Just because you say that the marchers are marching against Christians who voted for him doesn’t make it true. This is about Donald and Donald only. Even if you keep repeating the same words Donald, it doesn’t turn it into the truth.

      • You sure hit that nail fair and square, Joanne. “This is about Donald and Donald only. Even if you keep repeating the same words Donald, it doesn’t turn it into the truth.” You are so right.

        I keep reading that people voted for Trump in “good faith.” I fail to see how “good” and “faith” apply to DJT.

        Everything we know about him is evil. There is no good faith in which to believe.

        • The only thing you forgot to say is “Your mother wears army boots.” That is how ridiculous your posts are. We have a right and a duty to protest. All of my forbears fought for that right. By the way, being a follower of Jesus Christ takes more than just saying it. I’m done, because you can’t fight stupid.

          • I agree, we plan on protesting for the next four years!! These guys on here are total narcissists and will do and say anything to be center stage….just like DJT. Best to ignore them completely. I love John Pavolitz’s thoughts and many of the commenters on this thread! So glad to have found like minded people!

            • Ah, Nancy, we like-minded people have a lot of work to do to discuss John P’s ideas and ignore the All Too Many trolls.

        • The only thing you forgot to say is “Your mother wears army boots.” That is how ridiculous your posts are. We have a right and a duty to protest. All of my forbears fought for that right. By the way, being a follower of Jesus Christ takes more than just saying it. I’m done, because you can’t fight stupid.

          • To keep my health insurance for one and to prevent Congress from cutting the SS and food stamps my 77-year old disabled mother depends on; she can’t march. To protect the rights of my granddaughters so that they will never be forced to become a human incubator for a rapist’s child against their wishes. So that they retain the right to choose when they and if they have children. So that “The Handmaid’s Tale” doesn’t become reality. That’s just for starters.

          • Joe Catholic after spending some time in your shoes, attempting to walk along beside you and refute the things I disagree with you on, I have determined, you work very hard… much harder than I do. I respect your deep devotion to your cause. I respect your devotion to your church. I thank you for your engagement here. It has not been a pleasant experience for me but not all encounters are. I won’t be commenting on this blog anymore due to time constraints though you are the reason I lingered. I wish you well. May you grow in Christ’s love.

            in the words of gdd Blessings !!

          • Joe you are a breath of fresh air in this stupidity of the left. I thank you for your godly opinions and your speaking the truth. The electoral college worked its brilliance and needs to protected.

            • Yeah… the USA is like a family of 50 members. Each family member gets a vote. Trump got 30 family members approval, and Hillary got 20 family members approval. Majority rules. (in this case).

        • funny how you use the word “we” as if you possess some authority to speak for others….add delusional to the list of disabilities…..

      • Thank you, Joanne; you nailed exactly how this Christian feels. For the life of me I don’t understand how anyone can find any good in Donald. I have tried. I have always believed that there is good in everyone — until Donald. I will resist as long as we are subjected to him. There have been other President’s I may not have agreed with but I was able to respect them. Not this time. Not at all.

      • This is not a political issue at all. Most of us could have been okay(but disappointed) with a sane Republican leader(Rubio, Kasich, or Paul). We may have disagreed, as we do now, on an agenda to dismantle the ACA or other issues, but this person would be fit and qualified for the office. This is about 100 percent about Trump. He is the most corrupt, entangled , and unqualified person we have ever had elected in the history of the presidency(Nixon’s corruption pales in comparison). There will be a backlash with his followers when their benefits are taken away, Social Security is cut, and Medicare is privatized. People will suffer under all of his policies. He will spend wildly, as he does in his businesses, bankrupt this country and make it vulnerable to hostile actors and countries. We are in trouble, folks. God does not care about our petty politics because his Kingdom is not of this world, but he does care about the suffering of his people. You can ask yourself now, how much of this suffering will you have been a part of by voting for this man? You asked for a king, (your Saul was anointed)as did the Israelites, now you have him. Suffering and oppression will come and you will again pray for God to save you.

      • Exactly Joanne. Joe, why can’t you just try to see that maybe, just maybe some of us may have a point here in that we are calling Trump exactly as he has called himself. He has gone 180 degrees away from Christ and his teachings. Would love to see a list of things about the man that you think are “Jesus like.” He has gone out of his way to be/represent evil.

    • Joe, are you shaming a Pastor from another religion for having his own opinions? Was that fake news about the Priest who got in trouble for putting a fetus on the altar right before the election and said how Donald Trump would protect the child? How close to his vest was that? Is that the parish you belong to?

      • Courage.?!? AWESOME?!?!?

        There’s no need to discuss anything with this guy. It seems he is one of *those* voters, the ones that would vote for anyone, no matter how unsuitable, if they just say they oppose a woman’s right to choose.

        • I am a Christian indeed, and I value the rights of women to be free to pursue their life’s goals and be more than slaves of their wombs over the welfare of a pre-sentient fetus without the faculties that make a human a person.

          • Wrong! Not all Christians are in the thrall of a celibate patriarchy that forbids women from any method of saving their hopes, dreams, and careers from the vagaries of reproductive biology. Women are NOT uterine support systems. They have free will and should use it to decide when to and when not to have a child.

            • Oh, I forgot one more point.

              F**K YOU! NOBODY gets to question my relationship with God, A**H***!

              Thank you for your attention. I am not going to respond to your comments again. I thought I’d go outside and argue about the status of Jerusalem with a signpost. It’s more likely to be fruitful.

        • I am a Christian woman who believes that abortions should be available. I would not choose an abortion. Neither would I have the audacity to make that decision for all of my fellow women. Not my place any more than it is my place to tell you fellows that you can or cannot have a vasectomy.

        • Joe. No one gives a sh* t about what you oppose except those who already oppose it. You have not won a single change of mind here—and you never will. That is just a basic statement of fact.

      • My pastor would be marching in DC, except for local obligations. Instead he will march locally for the same reason, at a local event. Thankfully our denomination as a whole is for human rights and social justice, so most that attend will likely attend as well.

    • Parents’ political opinions cause lots of arguments on my girls’ school bus. When they came home with some less-than-charitable opinions of the kids supporting DT, I told them to not think badly of their schoolmates. I made it clear that only a very few Republicans voted for Trump because they are as evil as he is. The rest were duped and we should feel compassion for them.

    • We are protesting a wrong that had been done. We are protesting an election that by his own words was rigged. He did not actually win this election by our voting. The majority of our country did not want this man as our president. Just because the electoral college did not do the right thing does not make me wrong.

      • Fred – the electoral college, the electoral votes counted, the political process, the US Constitution and the outgoing President contradict your sense of right and wrong.
        I suspect, the facts really don’t matter in your right and wrong calculus.

      • Joe you are a breath of fresh air in this stupidity of the left. I thank you for your godly opinions and your speaking the truth. The electoral college worked its brilliance and needs to protected.


    • I’m sorry, but I have tried looking for the good in Donald or any of his team. I think they have deceived you and the rest of us.

      • Weak minds like those of the Trump supporters are easily deceived. The New Testament says that it is impossible to deceive a true believer in Jesus. When Trump starts showing you his true colors in office, the first thing you will need to do is run down to a decent church, fall on the altar, and commit yourself to Jesus really and truly—because whatever you did first did not “take.” If It had, you would have never been deceived by Trump and his minions to begin with.

        • Can’t say he is a deceiver as he was very blatant about the things he did and proud of it! However, he was very good at telling you what he knew you wanted to hear whether he really believed it himself or not. Had no qualms on changing his mind about in a short time. He is very proud of the fact he can do and say whatever he wants and you still do not see him for what he is! No, I have to say that I don’t think he is the deceiver but you are yourself. You deceive yourself into believing you are right in backing a man who is so lost he has no remorse for anything he has done. He can’t have as he considers whatever does or says as being right no matter how depraved it may be! He is the only one that can do anything right! He is the only one that is smart enough! He is the only one that can save America! On and On! No, he isn’t the deceiver at all! It is the ones that refuse to see what is really there but instead of projected their imaginary President instead!
          And yes, you are no more special than anyone else so you too have to ask God’s forgiveness when you do wrong also. Intentional or not! It is really mind boggling to think you feel because God gave you a conscience you have the right to do what you think is right even though it may be wrong and not have to ask for forgiveness when it is wrong! We could all claim that right then and if we did there is no need for Christ because we all did what we thought was right and after all it is God’s fault anyway as He was the one that gave me the conscience. Not my fault I screwed up! Give me a break!

    • Look for the good in him? He’s already appointed a neo-NAZI as his chief strategist? How much more evidence do you need that evil is taking over our government? Shall we not speak up until the gas chambers are actually up and running?

      • Yup, that’s why I support Trump and oppose the Clintons, Black Lies Matter, the Islamists, the LGBTSTFU club, the communists, the feminists, and so, so many more.

  3. How about this as a form of protest: Sit down with someone who voted Trump and ask them why. Then (here’s the important part) listen. Don’t tell them why they’re mistaken. Don’t tell them what a horrible person Trump is. Don’t explain how untouchably holy Hillary is. And do NOT tell them they are a horrible, bigoted person for having voted for Trump. Just listen. If you don’t understand something, ask a question.

    You might learn something.

    Or, you know, you could continue screeching at us that we’re all racist, sexist, Islamophobes, etc. etc. I’m sure that could also be productive.

    • Notice how Joe answered for the Deplorable? That’s because it’s his aka.

      People, ignore the troll. You are giving him a platform and a microphone to spew his predictable and boring beliefs.

      • You are the perfect example of why you cannot have an intelligent dialogue with a Trump supporter. And why so many people leave the Catholic church.

        • You are the perfect example of why you cannot have an intelligent dialogue with a Trump supporter.

          Because you’re not intelligent?

  4. What I just read:
    Me, good/them, bad.
    Them, stupid; me, smart.
    Real Americans; fake Americans.
    Say I’m inclusive/don’t include “them.”

    “They” acted badly when ‘my’ guy got elected. It’s my turn to act badly.
    I shall not behave like an adult. I’d rather act like a whiny-baby-potty-pants.

    • “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. ” Desmond Tutu

      Less about us/them and more about who will do as Jesus would for the least of these, and who will not? This far less about Trump and more about the current group in power who seek to oppress those in marginalized communities, for their own personal and financial gain. Sad that so many think that this is about whining and name calling.

        • please – enthrall everyone here with how your marginalized….and don’t forget to add your feelings about your not responsible for the choices you’ve made…

        • Tell me, Gloriamarie Amalfitano, who, exactly, is marginalizing you? Is the entertainment industry based in Hollywood marginalizing you by consistently portraying you as either mentally deficient or downright evil? You know, like they do conservative Christians?

          Is the news media marginalizing you by consistently portraying you as hateful, bigoted, and irrational? You know, like they do to Trump supporters?

          Is academia marginalizing you by consistently portraying you as only a malevolent force in the world, responsible for all evils and productive of nothing worth talking about? You know, like they do to white males?

          Who, exactly is “marginalizing” you, Gloriamaria Amalfitano? Or, are you just making it up for sympathy points?

          • White males are marginalized? When I look at our government, at least those in charge, I see a marjority of white faces who also happen to be male. I have a white husband, 4 white sons, 5 white grandchildren. They have never mentioned feeling marginalized. But then I only know what is feels like to be a woman who has lived through the past 6 decades. I would love to hear your reasons for feeling marginalized.

              • I didn’t ask you a question about academia because I don’t know what you are referring to. I have barely over 1 year of college credits. I have worked consistently since I was 16. If you want me to understand something I cannot relate to you need to explain. I have 10 white males in my immediate family who never expressed that they were marginalized. I asked what you experienced. You don’t have to respond. I am just curious how I missed so much.

                • Okay, Joanne, then tell me this: What would happen to a professor at an American university who, on social media openly wished for genocide against blacks, or Muslims, or Mexicans, etc. etc.?

          • you’re not going to get an answer….

            You see, gloria is always marginalized by anyone who disagrees with her self serving pity party.

            That’s right – in gloria’s entitlement mentality – she has no problem demanding and taking your hard earned wages to support her so called impoverished life style.

            Make no mistake – gloria is all about gloria…if there is a social or political matter that will enrich her position – you can bet – she supports it.

            Perhaps its’ enough to know she is no longer breeding. Good thing too….the gene pool is polluted enough.

      • Maybe if I saw a single one of you who love to whine about being “marginalized” call out the constant vile slanders cast at Christians and Trump supporters in the form of faked “hate crimes”, I would reconsider calling it “whining and name calling”. Until then, nah.

    • No one is required to support the Trump presidency. Get over it. Your man won, and you are going to soon see how much of a loss to this country your vote really was.

      • Hey Charles, got any sweet words of tolerance for me today? Come on, you’ve already damned me to Hell for not agreeing with your politics and cursed me out in an environment where you clearly knew such words were not welcome. What words of wisdom and charity do you have to offer today?

        • Go ask Angela Merkel. Trump just insulted her this morning—all over the news. In fact, he has insulted numerous world leaders with his Tweets just this week—and you are worried about me insulting you? For God’s sake man!!! By the time Trump is finished, this country will no longer have any allies or friends—and just like “Shake ‘N Bake,” you can say:

          “I hayulped!!!”

          You remember the commercial don’t you:

          “All new Shake’N Bake!!! One for chayuckin and one for fayush—and I hayulped!!!!”

          • I don’t know what Trump said about Angela Merkel, but I highly doubt it can have been even nearly harsh enough. She has wreaked incalculable damage upon Germany and upon Europe as a whole. Just ask the relatives 12 dead from the Muslim terrorist attack in Berlin on Dec. 12th. Or ask the hundreds of women who were sexually assaulted in public by gangs of Muslim “migrants” last New Years.

            Does your childish, irrelevant rhetoric make you feel better, Charles? Because it’s certainly nothing like an actual argument.

  5. I’ve been debating with myself to share this but I’ve been driving myself crazy hating that guy! And I’ve been asking the Lord what can I do? how can I Love My Enemy because I do see him as my enemy? And Lord reminded me that he is flesh and blood the weapons of our Warfare Are Spiritual. So I had a dream about DJ T!! I dreamt I was at a restaurant and I was sitting at a table making ATC cards, that’s art trading cards for the uninitiated. I saw a gentleman walking towards me past a palm tree room divider. I thought to myself oh no it isn’t really him?!!
    So I put my head down and started working on my art and he asked me if he could join me and if we could make art together so I said sure why not and I showed him what I was doing and how I was doing it and we made some nice art together!! In the next scene we apparently went for a walk together down by a pond or a river or a creek where there was a bridge. The next thing I know I see that he’s rolling up his trouser legs taking off his shoes and going wading in the water. Nice dreams!! Donald!! He has never gotten to be a real little boy!!
    He is a gift to us perhaps. Anyway since I had that dream I’ve had less stress and I’m thinking he’s just as much a child of God as me and I should love him!! This is as far as I’ve gotten accepting the situation that’s ahead I shall not be afraid yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death!!
    He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemy!!

    • charlesburchfield, Thank you for sharing this personal story . Your dream is a blessing. It is thoughtful and speaks a truth we don’t want to hear. While I don’t think people should let down their guard with regards to Trump or bigotry or those who oppose what we believe is decent and true—we can do better at respecting people. The thing is we cannot get away from our enemies when they share this world with us. We are in fact sharing the table with them which is how I read that verse from Psalm 23:5. Good choice of scripture.

        • I’ve never thought this made sense, if one becomes one’s enemy, then surely that makes one an ally of one’s enemy. But then I think that book, The Art of War, is terrible through and through because I loathe and despise war.

          • Gloriamarie, I have never read the book myself but I am thinking of the spiritual warfare metaphor. My question to you would be what does it mean to love your enemy if not to put yourself in their shoes?

            • I’ve always understood that to put myself into another’s shoes is to have compassion on that person and imagine what I would feel like in the situation. I don’t that requires actually becoming that person.

              Sun Tzu’s context, IIRC, is that to defeat an enemy one has to use the enemy’s tactics, think like the enemy, act as the enemy does.
              It’s more like the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth of the Hebrew Scriptures than it is praying for one’s enemies of the New Testament.

              Or so I think.

              • However, again, I am thinking in terms of a spiritual metaphor. If we know our enemy, as Tzu says, we can become their friend as a way of defeating the enmity between each other. To love your enemy as Jesus taught is not to subvert them or to conquer, but to transform the relationship, by doing unto others as you would wish others do to you. Therefore the eye for an eye becomes an exchange of hospitality which leads to reconciliation and forgiveness. Although I have no idea how to accomplish this with my enemies because I was always taught to fight them, though I am experimenting with some ideas.

        • Question: Do you believe in checks and balances in our government? Do you think that a one-party rule of this country is something to aspire to. By that I mean Republican rule as opposed to any another party rule. I am crossing my fingers that you haven’t yet put on your tights, cape, and shirt with the capital C on it.

          • I see checks and balances in the legislative branch as two sides coming together to work for the good of the country. Years ago it was a matter of pride to be able to reach across the aisle as a statesman.

            As in any compromise, when each side is equally unhappy it can be a good thing. When you draw a line in the sand you make yourself smaller. Neither side is all right or all wrong in my eyes.

            I do not vote Republican because of how their policies have affected me personally. You vote Republican because you like their policies. We both share the same rights.

            Good things can happen if you listen to other views.

      • You voted for someone (and thus his appointees) who wish to legislate my right to exist. That certainly doesn’t make you my friend.

        • Wow. I didn’t know laws could cause people to cease to exist. That’s amazing. What legislation is this that erases people from the space-time continuum? Is it written by Dr. Who’s Time Lords?

          • I am going to assume that we are speaking of those who happen to be gay. And both Joe and you may assume that too and pretend otherwise.

            If the Republicans push their agenda which they have been in the states, they will lose rights that you and I have always taken for granted. To fall in love, to marry, to have a family, to follow their own path in their beliefs.

            You cannot legislate the heart of a person. You cannot legislate who a person is.

            Women will lose their voice over their own body again. Something that they have had for the last 50 years.

            Immigrants will lose the life they have worked hard for. If you are not an American Indian somewhere in your past is an immigrant.

            Of course not all humans have a good heart or are they good people. We are always going to see evil – in any gender, race, sexual orientation, economic level, etc

            • Okay, let’s try stepping back a moment. Can you at least concede that the claim that Republicans wish to legislate my right to exist (presumably, that should be “legislate away”, but you get the point) is hyperbolic to the point of bordering on hysterical?

            • I defend your right to absorb his words however you do and speak your opinion. You see with different eyes then I. But if you look at the history of Pence’s writings and spoken beliefs he does not beieve that homosexuality is not real.

              • I asked you a question, Joanne. Can you please give a simple answer to a direct question? He said that people are attempting to “legislate [away] my right to exist”. Is this, or is this not, hyperbolic?

                • He could be referring to the fact that there are going to be deaths because of the rush to destroy the Affordable Care Act without having a replacement. That is going to be the end of different lives because of a lack of medical care they need but cannot afford. Many were able to get help only because of that.

                  If they don’t like it that is one thing, but to rush to destroy it before they have their replacement is not caring to say the least.

                  How many years have they had to come up with their own plan and still haven’t. There is actually a lot of what they wanted in it because of an effort to reach across the aisle with a compromise.

                  No, it is not perfect but a life saver for many and why not come together to work out the bugs and make it better instead of destroying it?

      • Yet Trump called those who did not vote for him his enemies and losers. I have never been anyone’s enemy before. I have a question. What does the church think about women who are infertile. Are they allowed to use an operation, etc. to become pregnant or is that considered messing with nature?

  6. The unborn humans are starting to celebrate the fact that they might get to live because of Trump. God bless him and celebrate when he is sworn in. God is sparing America

  7. Thank you for these healing and helpful words of advice.
    I plan to spend the day on my knees, fasting and praying for discernment, strength and resolve to speak God’s truth to power.
    It would be great if Churches would open their sanctuaries on Jan 20th for those of us who need a quiet, safe place to pray.

  8. Dear John Pavlovitz Reader:

    12]STAND FOR PEACE! For decades, the US political/media establishment has followed a well-worn script preceded discretionary invasions of other countries. Prior to our 1999 bombing of Serbia, our one-time ally, Slobodan Milosevic, was refurbished as the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Prior to the war ON Iraq, another one-time US ally, Saddam Hussein, was reinvented as the “Butcher of Baghdad.” In 2011, numerous politicians and columnists vilified Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Since the Senate Hearing for Secretary of Defense nominee, General James Mattis revived this same script — and since Senator McCain last month depicted Putin as a ‘thug and murderer,’ we can dedicate ourselves to repudiate the ‘will not negotiate’ with thugs/terrorists/war-criminals narrative by insisting that the US Government is the world’s greatest instigator of world terror, and begin uniting the population in a massive peace movement.

  9. Joe Catholic….guess what. The MAJORITY of the country voted for Hilary. How can you say that you are against Obama for believing in pro-choice, when your buddy – who is certainly not, nor will he ever be- the people’s President- believe in the death penalty????? #13- go away!!!!!

    • Caring about fetuses and not giving a crap about actual living, breathing human beings is not the “pro-life” position. Just ask y our pope.

      • The problem I have is in seeing that concern for the living, You are so focused on the issue of abortion, that you fail to see the damage that will come from the rest of policies being proposed. My mother is a life-long Republican and served as a poll-worker for may years. Even she is frightened by Trump and worried that Congress will cut her benefits. Those of us on the margins are suffering and Republican policy is to cut benefits which will cause further suffering. Where is your compassion for them?

  10. Whatever your choice, do NOT participate in the planned destruction of property. It only increases the hate that is already too prevalent on both sides of this issue.

  11. Can I humbly and with all dues respect add another suggestion to this list that John P. presented?
    Don’t turn on the tv to watch his inauguration . All he lives for is ratings.
    Thanks for the timely and good advice, John. I’m going to march and no one will ever say another bigoted thing to me without my telling them that they are being offensive. Again, thank you…

  12. I will wear all black.
    My social media will be black and silent.
    I will pray and find solace in quiet — away from the noise and self-aggrandizement of the new administration.

    And after the day is done, I will rise with my fellow citizens to resist and oppose tyranny from those who would abuse the power we the people entrusted to them.

    I, like millions of Americans, do not trust this man, his VP or cabinet to do right for anyone other than themselves.

    “We The People” means nothing to oligarchs.

  13. i have to ask you once again if you can really tell me without any doubt that Christ is looking at Donald Trump and saying he is glad that a man who has to be one of the most immoral, dishonest, selfish, hateful people to have ever run for President has been voted in? Donald goes against all that Christ taught us to be! He may be your president but he is not mine as I could not and will not accept his kind of character or rather lack of! We all have our faults but the negative far outweighs the positive with that person! If there wasn’t so much negative I could work with what you have been a part of putting in the highest office not only in the US but in the world pretty much! And no, don’t accuse me of throwing a tantrum because I didn’t get my way! I am standing on the fact that he is such a despicable person I cannot in good faith support him. I honestly hope I am wrong and he does do a good job but with all he has done and is doing I don’t have any faith that he will. This is already one of the most dishonest corrupt administrations there will ever be. Pat yourself on the back again! He is the first president that I could not bring myself to call him my president! Being okay with his lack of integrity and character says more than anything I can say!

    • In other words, you are going to renounce Satan and all the spiritual forces of wickedness that rebel against God? Good work, EJ!

    • I did not say I was going to protest. I cannot bring myself to support him and I suppose in a way that is a protest. Unless and until he shows me a different side than what he has shown so far I cannot agree he has enough character, morals, integrity, or even maturity to be our president. Now if any of the others that had ran had been elected I would not have that problem. I would accept their being elected even though I may not have voted for them. As I said, I honestly hope I am wrong otherwise it is going to be such an ugly mess it will take a lot of years if ever to recover! I am not crying as you so snidely say but I am stating a fact that I find his character so reprehensible I cannot call him my president. It is not only the things he has done and is doing but the fact that he is smugly proud of all of it! That is what is the most disturbing part of it! I am “haranguing” you because I really want to know how you cannot look at what he has done and bragged about without seeing he is the antithesis of Christ’s teachings? What he is doing even now?

      • Well Joe, If I could believe for one minute that he has a good heart and really cares about the country and the people in it then I would not be asking over and over how Christians can reconcile what the man is and is proud of with Christian belief! All I can see is a man who cares only about himself and making another million at the expense of other people and does so with arrogance and contempt. People look at his riches and think he has to be able to do the same for the country. They fail to look at how he got those riches and that is a huge red flag for me.
        I fail to see how Clinton’s fling with an intern that went there intentionally to do just what she did is worse than what Trump has done and is doing with pride! And before you get wound up I am not saying that Clinton was innocent in what he did at all. I also found it disconcerting that there were a few of the loudest that were doing very similar things themselves but considered that okay.
        Trumps disdain for women is evident all over in the things he does and says. It is bad enough that he holds no respect for adult women but to do the same with teenagers is totally disgusting!
        He has picked people in his cabinet that are the very ones that have tried to eliminate the very group they will now be heading. Where do you think that is going to take us?
        His arrogance and disdain for those he has had work for him. It is a fine man that will deliberately hire immigrants, refuse to pay them when they are done, and use possible deportation if they dare to complain. A fine man that has all of his products made out of the country and yet demands that others have their products made here! This fantastic man that hires contractors to do work for him and then claims they didn’t do it right and refuses to pay them!
        A very upstanding fellow who any time someone does something he doesn’t like immediately attacks them by calling them names and insulting them. Who often immediately brings a law suit against them because he knows they can’t afford the fight and he will win by default.
        I know there were many that voted in good faith and I also know that many of those were following what their “Christian” pastors told them to do without question. After all they had to know what was right and what was wrong so they did not question but blindly did as they were told. Many teach that one does not question a pastor or teacher but Christ himself said to test the spirits. That there are going to be many in wolf’s clothing that will lead ones astray!
        A man who deliberately sowed hatred and violence during his campaign! The list can go on and on and yet we are the ones who are wrong in not voting for him and voicing our opinions of how reprehensible we find this man’s character?
        That if we do that we are being cry babies and disingenuous? It is funny that we can do the same thing you do but we are the ones that are in the wrong and you are above board on all of it!
        Yes, he is flawed like we all are but he is very proud of his flaws and has no intentions of changing. Why should he? He was so blatant during the campaign about the things he felt he had the right to do because of his wealth and fame and he still got elected that he has no reason to change! His sins involve too many other people and the fact that they are not just previous sins but are continuing and will continue as he has no reason to change! He does not see that anything he does is wrong and that is one of the most concerning things about him. He has always been for Trump and cares nothing about others involved unless he thinks he can gain something from them.
        And yes, Joe, you have insulted me different times in our discussions.
        As I have said previously, I honestly do hope I am wrong and he does do well but I have no faith in him at all! I would be elated if down the road you can come back at me and say, “See! I told you he was going to do great things for us!” God help us all as we are going to need it!

      • Joe Catholic, Trump has the best interests of Trump firmly in mind, no one else. Not our country. Not those born or unborn. Certainly not our brave troops or our veterans.

        He said what he had to say to get elected. I doubt he will keep many of his campaign promises. And I certainly hope he doesn’t.

        Unlike you I can’t vote on one issue to the exclusion of everything else. Not only that but there is supposed to be a separation of Church and state. We are not supposed to use the government to shove our religion down others thoats.

        The truth is your faith tells you it’s murder. What my faith tells me is my business. And you really have no right to legislate your religous/moral belief to others. That’s the point of separation of church and state.

        • Joe, I am sorry but it is not a sacrifice to him! It is another huge boost to his ego that he can be the kind of man he is and still be elected to the highest office in the US! Not only be elected to it but if it hadn’t been for the “Christian” vote he would have never made it.
          He is going to make millions more because he is not going to be concerned about conflicts of interest as he has already stated that doesn’t apply to him. He is already making questionable deals and business decisions. So, no, this is a big advantage for him power wise and financially! Not a sacrifice in the least!

    • He has chosen some good ones but he has also chosen some foxes to guard the hen houses. Didn’t you watch any cartoons when you were young? There is a reason to believe that might not turn out well. Of course you probably don’t like those particular hen houses.

  14. To be correct, the majority DID NOT vote for Hillary Clinton by any stretch of the imagination. Of the 55% of registered voters who bothered to vote, she garnered 48% of their votes. That puts Hillary voters barely over a quarter (26.4%) of all registered voters. So don’t even begin to think you are the majority of Americans. You are not.

    Now, if you give heed to the political school of thought those in the electorate who do not vote give their tacit support to whomever does win, Trump, with his 45% of that 55% plus the non-voting 45% equates to a dominant 69.75%. Australia, in their last Federal Election, had a 91% turnout folks so don’t claim it is impossible, or even improbable.

    Of far more crushing importance is the Republican control of Congress. Trump being POTUS would be irrelevant if the Democrats could have made a better showing in either the House, or the Senate. They did not.

    You DID NOT.

    As for John’s program:

    1) Make it a 100 Day’s effort. Make our your service plan to mirror the President-elect’s first 100 days if you wish a more meaningful counterpoint. If you say “I’ll do something on the 20th”, and stop there … that level of dedication is why Democrats have been getting their butts kicked nation-wide.

    2) Take into account Hillary spent more money than Donald. Money wasn’t the determining factor in victory, folks. Place your $$ where you know they will have an actual effect. I am sure there will be plenty of pseudo-Democratic hucksters willing to take your money. They may even send you a post card from Antigua.

    3) Okay … is kind of stupid. It is winter and jumping in with most road crews and construction work is DANGEROUS. Also, if you aren’t used to manual labor, you can really hurt yourself doing the most mundane things. How about you take more than six days to plan out something worthwhile … like how you can help Habitat for Humanity, or some other ‘dirty hand’s project like that which can help you do the job without hurting yourself, or someone else.

    4) Ugh … John … because the rest of the world divides itself along the lines you divide it along … and they’ll appreciate a total stranger behaving in this manner? Don’t make a ‘Black friend’, Gay friend’, or any other ‘hyphenated-friend’ out of PROTEST … geesh. How demeaning. They are people.

    5) Read everyday.

    6) Check.

    7) By all means … fear-monger your children … ugh. No?
    Parent: “I want to nurture your hope today.”
    Child: “What’s so special about today?”
    P: “Well … we aren’t going to talk about the inauguration.”
    C: “Why not?”
    P: “Because Trump … IS EVIL!!!!!”
    C: “What?”
    P: “But we won’t talk about it today.”
    C: “The President being evil?”
    P: “Yes.”
    C: “But why?”
    P: “Because Trump is evil.”
    C: “But why can’t we talk about it?”
    P: “We just can’t. Let’s talk about your hope. What do you hope for?”
    C: “I hope you will tell me why the President is evil.”
    P: “…”

    8) Good advice … for every day.

    9) After all, it isn’t like you will be alone with the legions of folks protesting while the majority of folks are working jobs which don’t permit them ‘time off’ to grouse about the inauguration in D.C. ~ being a Friday and all. I’m sure you will be covered by all the Mainstream Media as they have yet to miss a single opportunity to miss a protest against Trump yet.

    10) Create … everyday. The world needs creativity.

    11) Rest? Oh, come on now. Tomorrow, the 21st, is Saturday. Can’t you hold on for one more day?

    12A) Nope, Joe Catholic. I won’t thank God for Trump’s victory as I don’t think God cares about such things. If God could influence a Presidential election, he could stop every child from suffering from hunger, or violence. If he could make, or unmake Presidents yet couldn’t be bothered to save children, he would have nothing but my fury. No. Presidential elections are all our, mankind’s, fault.

    12B) An impossible dream, gdd. Not only does an anti-war stance require a desire to not resort to violence, but a willingness to embrace all sorts of personal pain and suffering (in comparison to what we have now). The second most Americans discover the austerity of pacifism, they will be all on the war-bandwagon ~ destination unknown.

    • Dear James Dosher:

      ‘An impossible dream, gdd. Not only does an anti-war stance require a desire to not resort to violence, but a willingness to embrace all sorts of personal pain and suffering (in comparison to what we have now). The second most Americans discover the austerity of pacifism, they will be all on the war-bandwagon ~ destination unknown.’

      Notwithstanding that thuggish and backward social layer in every community which does find violence gratifying, I believe that are largely set against war.

      That we have not seen great protests such as the world witnessed in WW I answers more to the refusal of the Democratic Party and the trade union movement to organize such opposition.

      I also believe that ruling class recognition of public opposition to war is evident in that although plans and operative preparations for major war involving China, Russia or both are already very far advanced, this is done ENTIRELY behind the back of the public.

      Further, after the inauguration of President-elect Trump, the ‘trumpenproletariat’ is in for a very rude awakening as it sees taking shape something the likes of which they never imagined.

      The conditions of war themselves must and will create the reaction against it.

      The ruling class is utterly determined to drag us to war with Russia, China or both. Capitalist economy cannot survive it. The ubiquitous surveillance of domestic society, militarization of ‘civil’ police with military grade armament plus integration into military exercises, the vast expansion of security ‘industry,’ routine militarized and ‘lock-down’ responses to civil protest, increasing criminalization of dissent, mass monitoring of domestic communications — if we can be honest with ourselves and each other, we all know what these things mean. These are but some measures implemented with the knowledge that WHEN the political class implements this war, the working class WON’T accept it without draconian police-state repression.

      The great bourgeois fear is that WHEN it gives the order to march, the working class will unite and convert war into revolution. The ruling class is so determined to prevent this that if necessary, it will demand that politicians declare entire regions lost to the republic and be decimated accordingly.

      War with Russia will differ from others in the last quarter century. Russia will shoot back. Losses in both sides will be in the hundreds of thousands. Inevitably low-yield thermonuclear weaponry will be deployed. And that will inevitably escalate.

      The state itself will create the conditions necessitating a massive, transnational peace movement. The worst that the state can heap upon US citizens will be weighed against its willingness to sacrifice not only scores and hundreds of millions of US citizens, but billions of lives worldwide.

      There is world war III, and there is revolution. The question is, which will be first.


    • Dear Joe Catholic:

      As the one person here apparently concerned about this, no one will be more relieved if we do. But Capitalism’s demand for access to raw materials and markets will demand war. Under Capitalism, there is no alternative.


      • Don’t try reasoning with a bloody commie. He’s committed himself to a religion of envy and mass murder. He will hear no heresy.

        • Dear Zaklog the Deplorable:

          In one of my first posts, I declared myself a Christian who is also a socialist and a Marxist. So that’s settled.

          Now — what do you believe?

          Can the US continue to build up currency account deficits in the trillions of dollars every year and NOT destabilize the world economy? Can the world economy easily absorb without significant fiscal upheaval yet another major US economic crisis?

          Can disputes over control of and access to resources, especially those critical to economic development as oil and natural gas, be settled without violent conflict? Can the countless struggles for regional dominance in Asia [China and Japan, China and India] be resolved without war?

          Is the US ready to retreat from its global hegemonic aspirations and allow a democratic distribution of political power among states everywhere? Is the US ready to compromise and make concessions to potential economic and military competitors in Europe and Asia? Will the US graciously and peaceably accommodate China’s rising influence?

          Can staggering levels of inequality rise indefinitely in North America, Europe and Asia without significant social unrest? Will the US working class for decades to come continue to accept the downward spiral in living standards without significant or even violent protest?

          To be a Capitalist, you must say ‘YES’ to the questions. You must see these as Capitalism’s birth pains.

          But if you say, ‘NO,’ you must see these as Capitalism’s death agony. In that case, you are a socialist.

          I’ll tell you what I believe … I believe that confronted with these questions and asked if they’re seeing birth pains or death agony, we might be surprised at how many ‘emerging socialists’ lurk on this forum.

          So birth pains or death agony – what do you believe, Zaklog the Deplorable?


        • Dear Zaklog the Deplorable:

          170 years ago, Marx told us that Capitalism was designed to concentrate vast sums of wealth on one pole and produce misery on the other.

          The Oxfam report [just in time for the Davos Conference] finds that 8 people now control as much wealth as half of the world population.

          Who seems most blamable for this massive and unsustainable upward transfer of wealth — Marx for describing it, or the most successful Capitalist corporations and governments for proving him right?


      • Dear Joe Catholic:

        You can’t see it?

        The intelligence community proved that Iraq had WMD. The intelligence community proved that Russia shot down a Malaysian airliner. The intelligence community proved that Russia was conducting operations in the Ukraine. Senator Clinton pledged that on her election, she would revisit the US ‘no first strike’ nuclear policy, and impose a ‘no fly zone’ on Syria [putting us in a state of war with Russia]. Mr. Trump pretends the ‘one China’ policy can be used as a bargaining chip [does he even know what this implies?!?] while US Pacific command Admiral Harry Harris discusses ‘threats’ but offers no evidence of military activities on the Spratly Islands. Mr. Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ which envisions locating 60 % of US air and naval assets in the Indo-Pacific by 2020. Mr. Trump will not abandon this policy.

        Yet you can’t see it. When did we ever want war?

        Let me ask this, Joe Catholic:

        Can you see tanks? Can you see artillery? Can you see armored vehicles? Can you see 4,000 US troops?

        This arrived on Russia’s border over the weekend. Now stationed in Poland, they will be deployed over 7 east European countries, including the Baltics. In October, they’ll be replaced with another unit. This is the first, permanent deployment of US troops on Russia’s border since the Cold War. In coming months, NATO plans to deploy four battalions on Russia’s border. And US annual military budget for Eastern Europe is quadrupling $800 million last year to $3.4 billion this year.

        Yet with all this, you see no possibility of a Gulf of Tonkin incident. You just can’t see it.

        It seems to me that if you draw zero political lessons from this balance sheet, you condemn us to war. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m left wondering if people WANT war and only PRETEND to be blind to war preparations. Our total military budget is nearing 1 trillion annually. Yet you can’t see it. So Joe Catholic, I hope you’ll be good enough to share with us what YOU believe it would look like if the US actually DID seek a pretext for war.

        Either way, it doesn’t matter whether or not you see it. You ARE going to war. You have no choice and no say in this.

        God help us all.

  15. lol….in five days a new president will be sworn into office….and no amount gnashing of teeth or whining is going to change that.

    Let me pull out the reality post for those here who are struggling with change –
    Serving someone, engaging in financial activism, getting your hands dirty, reaching across a divide, reading, praying, reassuring you children, cultivating gratitude, being visible, creating and resting – is well….a lot like a fluffer….and no money shot.

    Power, political power and yes, that means how your taxes are allocated – are now in the hands of House and Senate Republicans along with a majority of state legislatures and governors.

    So, here’s a tissue and a send off…..elections have consequences.

    • Yes. They do. The consequence for this one will be the first American President removed from office against his will by a joint vote of both Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in Congress. I suspect the Republicans in Congress have already made secret plans to do just that if he gets too much out of hand. If you doubt it, then you are a bigger fool than I thought you were. Neither side likes this man. Go ask John McCain and Ted Cruz.

      • well, I’ll tell you what Charles – when this happens, I’ll be the first to say – you “told us so”…. until then and – in the meantime, I think I’ll just watch the confirmation of all Trump appointments and most especially, the next Supreme Court justice.
        Of course, I’m sure your anxious to get started with the dismantlement of Obama’s eight years of unilateral governance.
        Yup, it’s going to be fun.

      • Ted Cruz was supposedly ordained by God to be President. Obviously someone’s God is a jokester. Or maybe he was the god of power and wealth.

  16. Ha good one. I have always only thrown marshmallows at you leaving no bruises at all and I apologized for the low blow. Thank you for your explanation. Sad but makes sense in following your beliefs. We all have our crosses to bear and sadly that would be a very, very heavy one. Is it the same if the man is infertile? I am just assuming they are allowed sexual relations even knowing positively no child will ever be conceived .

    Wouldn’t it be wild to consider being gay as another very heavy cross and their sexual relations similar to those of infertile heterosexual couples?

    • Joe – IMO, fertility medicine has and continues to provide a service of immeasurable personal significance including options to couples where physiological limitations prevent pregnancy.
      While I understand your simplification of process – on this position….I find your or perhaps the Catholic Church’s position both harsh, medieval and irrational.

      • In this specific matter, I would suggest some review and contemplation….yes, life can be harsh…but humanity, if you really think about and consider the historical context – is meant to evolve…
        I support medical science especially when it can extend, cure, improve and yes, even assist with human reproduction.
        Last, I know of no biblical scripture that alludes or prohibits life. However, if you do – please inform me so I may review.

        • Joe,
          You keep bringing up that the Catholic Church is not sola scriptura. See that is one of my problems since there are several scriptures that state man is not to add to or take away from the scriptures and that is exactly what the Catholic church does. So what is one to believe, the scriptures that say one is not to do this or your Church who claims to have special anointing to do that very thing? For some reason I am choosing to believe the scriptures and not your claim of being special. And no, I am not going to list those scriptures as I want you to look for them yourself and see the truth. Who knows, maybe along the way you will find other things that are true!

        • Joe,
          I am beginning to believe I understand the core tenets and history of Catholicism better than some practicing Catholics.

          I want to be very clear – thank God, our quality of life, our ability to think and innovate is not dependent on the interpretation of what people said or may have said, who lived in the 1st century.

          • Joe – I was not attempting to offend.
            The Catholic church has long and incredible history in human affairs.

            Regardless, your position introduces morality with a historical context when I was simply pointing out that medical science has and continues to evolve in the area of human reproduction.

            I can tell you, there are hundreds of thousands of couples, now with children because of advancements in fertility medicine.

            You seem (am I mistaken?) to promote a position that states the only moral manner of reproduction is through typical copulation.

            I would argue this is not a specifically a moral issue though I’m aware of bio-ethicists who are concerned with how humans will evolve due to medical and technological advances.

        • It’s called by many names; public pressure, citizen input/voices, holding politicians’ feet to the fire. As for how it helps achieve the desired end, you might want to ask Congressman John Lewis about that, or read about the anti-war protests of the late 60’s/early 70’s. Or one could look the Arab Spring (whether it achieved its aims or not) or the massive protests in Ukraine that ousted their Putin puppet. It’s called civil unrest and yes, leaders either pay attention or pay the consequences.

    • Folks. Do you see what Joe is trying to do here? He is trying to disrupt the blog by pulling everyone’s attention AWAY from John P.’s main post onto another subject designed to distract. This is the blog equivalent of an armed carjacking. Please cease and desist from responding to his attempts to distract—and stay on subject with the main post.

        • Charles,
          Look up Gas Lighting and you will understand him more and also how to deal with that sort of thing. It is interesting to say the least. Distraction is a huge part of it. Accusations are a huge part of it.

          • Of course you don’t have time to answer that question since it states plainly in scripture that one does not add to or take away from the scriptures and that is exactly what the Catholic church does and yet you throw at me another teaching from your church that has added to the scriptures to teach me I am wrong?
            No, Joe, I do not follow any church that adds to or takes away from the scriptures. I follow the scriptures and what Christ taught!
            Your offer of a decent conversation was and is in question as if I disagree with you you like to try and twist what I say to mean something totally different or you try to accuse me of things that have nothing to do with what was being discussed! That my friend is gas lighting and you do it just about every time someone steps on your toes somehow! Way too often you accuse those of doing the very same thing you yourself are guilty of and yet they are in the wrong and being unfair but what you did was okay?
            Until you can show me in scripture that the Catholic church only, was given special instructions and teachings don’t bother showing me your proof that comes from those very things you claim to have gotten that no one else has or can get except through the Catholic church! You may follow that but I don’t, and I won’t, as long as it is not in the actual scriptures themselves! Your proof is meaningless until then!

            • No, Joe! You can deny all you want about taking away and adding to but you only give people articles from the Catholic interpretation. I don’t need you to tell me the Catholic interpretation as if it doesn’t say it in the scriptures it is not valid period!
              My guiding authority is the scriptures and Christ. I have found much better guidance and more reliable guidance from prayerfully asking Christ to guide me. Nothing but a whole lot of conflict when it is being interpreted by man. If you are happy to have man interpret all of what you feel you need about God’s word that is your choice. I don’t agree with you but that is your choice. I will not rely upon the men in your church interpreting any scripture for me when I can approach Christ and get his guidance myself. I know that is a foreign concept for you as you are not taught that in your church. And no, I am not getting only the interpretations I like as I am sure you are probably thinking I do. We do not have to go through other men to know what God’s scripture is telling us. God does not need special men to do that if you are willing to actually listen to what He has to tell you! I have a personal relationship with Christ and am really sorry you do not have a chance to experience that because of your Churches teachings! No, I am not interpreting the scriptures, Christ is!

              • Since I can’t specifically reply to your comment Joe I am going to reply from here. You ignored what I said. Christ is the interpreter and people that have a personal relationship with Christ do not need the Catholic church to do any interpreting for them from man! Since you will never have that as long as you believe you have to go through man to understand scripture you are at their mercy and their interpretation and the variance in that! Do you really think man is more intelligent than God is? And No, I am not the only one that goes to God for interpretation of scriptures as there are a lot of people out here that have a close relationship with Christ. If you want to remain under control of man’s interpretation as your church teaches you have to be that is your choice. The Catholic church is not my interpreter and never will be again! It is not a specially chosen church that has the only truth for everyone and your men do not have the sole authority to interpret scripture! Sorry but you are no more special than any other Christian as hard as that is to believe!

            • What do you think the scriptures are saying when they are saying that they are not to be added to or taken away from? Go ahead and add in as much as you want as long as it isn’t in the Bible?
              You yourself claimed the church was given other scriptures and other teachings that the rest of us were not! Just a slight contradiction it seems!

      • I am sorry I didn’t mean to distract from the commentary. This was an extension of a previous conversation. I have seen others carry on conversations with each other as an aside. I have done this before and others have joined in. I have no other way to ask things I am curious about. I have even asked you questions on another of John’s blogs. Am I being disruptive? I just started reading John’s blog a few months ago and so happy I found this site. I am a newcomer. I love asking questions. Anyway this one is on me.

        • Joanne, you ask thoughtful, intelligent questions. I easily ramble on about something off-topic myself. I like what you write. I don’t find you disruptive at all. I do, however, find some of the people you write to so graciously to engage in disruptive behavior such as dragging in their red herrings that are so off-topic.

          • Good to know no rules were broken. Thank you for your words Gloriamarie and Joe. Taking responsibility for oneself is a consistent theme I try to encourage.

            I thrive on humor. If a see someone with the slightest glimmer of good humor I try to dig in and end up striking gold.

      • Please cease and desist from responding to his attempts to distract—and stay on subject with the main post.

        Yes, ideally you should do this by damning people to Hell for disagreeing with you and concocting (completely unevidenced) theories that all voices of dissent are really one person.

        Oh, and don’t forget about spreading vile, baseless slanders of your political opponents. That one is especially important. (Eighth Commandment? What Eighth Commandment? They skip from Seven to Nine, right?)

        • That conversation was between me and Gloriamarie—and I did supply plausible evidence.

          If you knew anything about the Bible at all, you would know that for Christians the 10 Commandments are all passed away forever just like the rest of the Old Testament law—which never applied to us Gentiles to begin with. Read the Book of Galatians carefully sometime—after you buy a used brain to replace the one you have and get out of reading class.

    • I have no hidden persona because I am not that clever. I think in terms of black and white.

      My 3 sons were baptized at 6 weeks old (topic for another discussion) and attended Catechism classes. The 2 oldest received their Holy Communion.

      When I remarried they were 3, 8, and 11 and we moved to another town. My husband and I did not live together before our marriage. It certainly was not to protect my long lost virginity but because my children’s father had walked away from them 3 years earlier and I didn’t want them hurt like that again. I still believed in the sanctity of marriage. We started attending a church in our neighborhood, but it never felt right, like we didn’t fit. Probably my fault as I had attended the same church for 35 years.

      It was the early 80’s and well, you know what was going on. From then on I left it up to them. The youngest did attend Catechism but quit before his Holy Communion.

      I married a widower with one son who was raised a Baptist. As an adult he no longer attends church. 1 of the others is quite active in his Covenent Church. My husband and attend their services sporadically. I do enjoy their services but……

      Sorry to be so long winded. I guess I am trying to explain too much. I take responsibility for their interest or non-interest in a formal religion. Even during the Catholic part of my life I never believed like your on-line persona does and that is on me.

      I have beautiful memories of our church, the simple beauty of it, the feelings it inspired, the rituals, the smell, even the Latin I didn’t understand.

  17. I started reading the headline and got a little upset with your suggestion of acts of resistance on January 20. Then I read your suggestions and smiled. These are wonderful constructive ways to show resistance to the negativity that is being cultivated at the highest level of our country.
    Serve someone is my favorite.
    Take care John. And I truly pray that all will be safe on that day. Violence is not the answer. Hatred only causes more hatred. Only love. The love that only Jesus knows how to give, that is the answer.
    God help us all.

    • I think a number of large—and probably some violent—number of Anti-Trump demonstrations will attract numerous people on Thursday night and Friday. Just saying.

      You can bet the major liberal news media will whip it up to a fever pitch of excitement and drama in order to ruin the Trump inauguration. CNN is already p*ssed off by how Trump treated Jim Acosta and several of their other reporters. He has so p*issed off the liberal media that they are going to be at his throat day and night with their knives until he dies by a thousand cuts. Fox News and their bias for Trump will be overwhelmed.

      • yup, and they can party with thousands of police officers from across the nation, 5,000 National Guard troops and local police.
        Surely, your not encouraging over the top, overheated, hysterical rhetoric about how dangerous Trump is to America, or hoping an incident occurs that threatens the president elect or anyone else?

        • Not at all. All I am saying is that there are enough unhappy minority people and white people that it will occur, regardless of anything you or I ever say or do. I don’t even know which demonstrations are planned where—no idea. Rioting is not something I have ever done and likely nothing that I would ever do.

      • Thank you for admitting that you are allied with violent lunatics. It takes courage to be that honest about being a vile scumbag.

          • Really? Are you sure? Because you’ve already told me that I’m damned to Hell for disagreeing with your politics. It seems like you think Jesus hates conservatives.

            • Jesus does not hate people who are conservatives. He just hates a lot of the things you believe and hold closest to your hearts in great spiritual error—particularly your loss of love for your fellow man, common decency, and how to use your brain the way God intended it to be used.

  18. This is inspirational writing, and thank you. I think there is something for EVERYbody in what you’ve written. Well done.

    Is there a typo in this passage, though?
    “There will be plenty of time to lament all that is not wrong and to work in opposition, but today as a willing act of defiant resistance, perhaps look around and find reason to be grateful.”

    I believe you may have meant to write “time to lament all that is wrong …”

    Kind regards, Rob

  19. actually, I prefer to see all these morons take George Soro’s money….and then wake up the next morning to President Trump.

    • And that is why the Republican party took an oath right off the bat to do what ever was necessary to see he was a one term president? That is why no matter what he tried to do right or wrong they bucked him on it? That is why no matter how many times the people said yes to the Affordable Care act they still tried to get rid of it? Over forty times! That is why they are now gleefully destroying as much as they can of it and as fast as they can even though they still don’t have a replacement? How many years has it been that they have tried to get rid of it and still have not come up with any kind of plan that is the least bit better? No Joe, it isn’t a pity party at all! There are some of us in this country that are really trying to salvage what was good even though it is an uphill battle and will be as long as your choice is in there! You want to be treated with respect and yet you have to constantly make demeaning remarks against those that don’t agree with you. Wonder why you remind me so much of your choice? That shouldn’t be taken as an insult to you since he is so wonderful! NOT!
      Our pity is for this country not ourselves and that makes a huge difference!

  20. I plan to peacefully protest Trump as well on Friday:

    1) I plan to give money to a local African-American church in an envelope that says:

    “Given in Protest Against Donald Trump and the Racism in White Christian America—Rise Up!!!”

    2) Eat at a Mexican Restaurant in support of our local Latino population, which no doubt includes both legal and illegal alien males, their wives, and their children. Encourage them to organize and resist Trump.

    3) As an Independent voter, send Christian letters to my two Republican U.S. Senators and my one Republican Congressman kindly asking them—if they have not done so already—to begin laying secret plans to both impeach Trump and legally remove him from office if his behavior gets out of hand, is obviously mentally unhinged, and poses a risk to our country.

    4) Use soap to write:


    on the huge glass window on the back of my Honda Odyssey van and ride around in dense traffic with it on Friday.

    That should be sufficient for one person. If any of the rest of you would like to join me—so be it.


    • Considering that blacks in America murder twice as many whites as the reverse despite being outnumbered five to one (all of this from government statistics which I can easily provide), when are you going to get angry about black violence and racism against whites, Charles?

      • Oh. That one is easy. When 80 percent of the American population becomes African American and the other 20 percent white; the negroes enslave us for 300 years; work us to death for no pay and less than 2000 calories per day, fake free us, and then deny us every civil right in the U.S. Constitution for 100 + years, then I will get angry about black violence and racism against whites.

        Let me ask you a question. What is the precise nature of your problem with the average American negro today—and how exactly does Jesus fit into that picture?

        • Ah, so your answer, I can only infer, is that whites today deserve to be murdered by blacks for the actions of other whites whom most of us are completely unrelated to over 150 years ago. Okay. Good to know that you’re all for passing on and inflaming hatred.

          • Of course not. I am simply saying that if you oppress a large group of people for several hundred years, do not be surprised if a day comes when they get tired of the oppression and start taking it out of the hides of their oppressors. If you were a student of world history, you would know that. So, no. When some white guy gets knifed by an angry black guy who has “had it up to here with the oppression,” it does not surprise me in the least. Any idiot knows that it is simply the natural and expected consequences of bad white behavior across several centuries.

            Now, I want an answer to the question I asked you—white racist pig anus.

  21. Whether you voted for Trump, Clinton, or someone else I pray we all take Romans 13:1-7, Ephesians 6:12, and ITimothy 2:1-2 to heart. No human, including Trump, is our enemy. He will take office next week and needs our prayers. Not hate or resistance.

    Also, what do Trump and Clinton have in common? They are both unrepentant sinners. Therefore, neither of them is good and neither is a more moral choice over the other.

    I also encourage my conservative brethren to pray for the local, state, and federal Democrats in office. They need prayer, too.

      • I would have absolutely prayed for him. Would you? People are not our enemies.

        Trump is not Stalin. He’s arrogant and brash but not a dictator and cannot become one due to the separation of powers with the Congress and the Supreme Court.

        • No. I would have prayed for God to either kill him or permanently screw him up in some bizarre way to save millions of innocent lives. After reading “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis and reading about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, I can assure you that they would have done the same thing. You had no trouble with Harry Truman killing hundreds of thousands at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save the millions of Americans, allied soldiers, and Japanese who would have died in a conventional land invasion of Japan. What’s your problem Declan? I’ll tell you what your problem is. Your problem is that you and your fundie brothers love evil so much that you can no longer see the difference between good and evil. All some petty country preacher has to do is “order you to do this in the name of Jesus”—and off you go to do it with no questioning, no evaluation, no nothing. Very sad.

          • All some petty country preacher has to do is “order you to do this in the name of Jesus”—and off you go to do it with no questioning, no evaluation, no nothing. Very sad.

            You are a mean-spirited, bigoted, and hate-filled man, Charles. I just thought you should understand that.

            • Touched a fundie nerve I see–because you know I am right from your own personal experience. Here is the famous quote straight out of the mouth of Jerry “the hut” Falwell:

              “Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions.”

              If I am am mean-spirited, bigoted, and hate-filled, it is BECAUSE you fundies taught me how by the example so very many of you have used on other people. If I were to start a University of Hate, you fundie people would be the graduate school because you are expert at being Mean-Spirited, Bigoted, and Hate-filled—and you are one of the chief examples on this blog.

              Anyone disagree with that evaluation? That’s what I thought.

              • Mean-Spirited, Bigoted, and Hate-filled—and you are one of the chief examples on this blog.

                Really? I am the chief example of hatred? Tell me, Charles, when have I damned anyone here to Hell for having the wrong political opinions? You know, like you did to me? That seems pretty hateful.

                I don’t follow Jerry Falwell, and his opinion means relatively little to me. I do suspect, however, that there is significant context to that quote that you are ignoring. And tell me, Charles, have Jerry Falwell’s words inspired people who have left tens of millions dead? You know, like Marx’s clearly have? I find it interesting that you have no problem with people here who follow Marx, but apparently someone who listens to Jerry Falwell is simply unacceptable.

        • Wanna bet? Andrew Jackson refused to enforce two U.S. Supreme Court rulings—and got away with it. Congress has no power over the U.S. military except purse strings. If the Congress gets fed up and refuses to cooperate with Trump, Trump can order armed U.S. troops to surround the U.S. Capitol to force the members to cooperate. The U.S. Supreme Court can rule against that, but who is going to enforce it? A few U.S. Marshals against 50 caliber machine guns, tanks, and smart bombs. Give me a break!!! The Congress has no army to tap. The system of checks and balances in the U.S. Constitution ASSUMES honorable men in power who will always VOLUNTARILY act honorably. All you need is a few elected, dishonorable welchers and the Representative Republic Party is over. In my personal opinion, Trump is not an honorable man, and he would welch. And I need not remind you of an important diplomatic principle that is well-known in diplomatic circles all around the world—even by the public admission of our own government:

          “The democracy or representative republic is the weakest form of human government, and under normal circumstances, it is the easiest to overthrow.”

          How many of you knew that? C’mon. Raise those hands!!!

    • That’s because to the left, politics is their religion. We’re not political opponents. We are heretics. That is why they feel justified in constantly slandering us, in violently assaulting us, in silencing our speech, in destroying our livelihoods. We are not just wrong, we are heretics from the true faith, and they must destroy us for their dark god.

      • Joe, you are really the limit! You call people names that don’t agree with you, you insult and belittle them and yet you constantly say how wonderful and gracious you and your friends are because you are not doing what the “enemy” is doing! You claim they are doing all these nasty things and being mean to you and yours. Evidently you need to clean that mirror of yours off and take a good long look!

        • EJ, where has Joe Catholic damned someone to Hell for disagreeing with his politics? You see, Charles did that one or two blog posts ago, and I did not see a single one of you leftists rebuke him for it. He also called me (and I quote) “Dipsh*t” and told Joe Catholic “no one gives a sh*t” about what he thinks.

          Now, where has Joe Catholic been anywhere near as rude to one of you as Charles has been to us? Or, for that matter, where has one of you rebuked Charles for his intemperate words?

          If you can’t provide an answer, kindly shut up.

          • Ah yes! Another graceful rebuke! The truth is there has been way too much name calling, demeaning, and just downright ugliness from both sides.
            You are right I have not rebuked “everyone” who has called another names and that would include you too if I remember right! There has been so much on here there is no way I could cover it all but since Joe is one of the main people on here posting and is always claiming the other side is mean and nasty and his side is always so gracious and understanding I figured I would discuss it with him.

            There have been several people on here asking an honest question. There are many of us that are honestly perplexed at what you saw in Trump and how you can reconcile the blatant stuff he did and said as being anything Christlike. Many of us have asked so that we could really understand. Too often in response was ugly words and names. Accusations that were not true, etc. “They” are not gracious but we are and they are just being mean, etc.
            No, I will not shut up, as I have a right to be on here as well as you! Last time I knew no one stated that only you or Joe, or the Trump backers, has the right to say whatever they want to anyone else and claim to be something they are not on here.

              • I did! Not the answer you wanted evidently but I did. I cannot cover all the ugliness on here. Your side have done their fair share of ugly name calling and demeaning comments too and I have not commented directly to all of those either. One side cannot do the very same thing to the other side that they claim they don’t deserve when it is done back to them and then claim that they are being gracious and understanding when they are not. Especially when they then call the other side more names. If you are going to claim to be gracious and understanding then you had better be. You cannot be ugly to other people and then expect to be treated fairly back and if you aren’t just add more to the nastiness.
                Do you think telling me to shut up was being gracious and understanding? Especially since this isn’t even your blog? If I remember right this is John’s blog and he wants me to be quiet I would. You have no right to tell me that. If you don’t like what I have said or others you don’t have to be on here either. I have not told any one on here to shut up because I did not like what they said and there have been several. It is not my blog and if I feel that strongly about what someone has said I can choose not to read it!

              • No, you are right in the fact that no one has the right to condemn anyone else to hell. Everyone needs to take a huge breath and step back from all of the anger and hate and try to start over with a more Christlike attitude! That goes for everyone on both sides! There are some on both sides of course that have been trying to do just that from the get go and unfortunately are still attacked!
                We are not going to get there if someone is doing just the opposite and then claims to be innocent of any wrong! There isn’t any fixing of wrong if one will not admit to being wrong!

              • Just so you know, I don’t read what every one says on here either but as I said also I am not going to respond to what everyone says of those I do read either. That would be totally overwhelming. I respond to those that I am felt led to.

          • P.S. They are also the people who are afraid the poor and unemployed will somehow, through government means, take away what little they still have and turn their $7.75 per hour job in the school cafeteria into a $7.25 per hour job, which means they will be unable to pay their bills, which they can barely pay now.

            • Wait, Charles, now I’m confused. I thought you said we hated the poor, but now, by your account, we are poor and barely able to make our bills. You seem deeply confused, Charles.

              • Of course we hate that racist law. Why don’t you? Do you hate our African-American brothers and want to see them unemployed?

        • Sorry Joe, but the lack of understanding and graciousness has not been a one way street!

          You are saying that because the Trump voters are on the right side it is you that have been more understanding and gracious than us is that right?

          I know you think you and your other compatriots think you are on the right side and we are the ones embracing evil. That is what so much of these discussions have shown over and over. That has been stated in various ways. It may be a surprise to you that there are many on this side that believe they voted as they were being led to also. They were just as sincere in believing they were doing the right thing also.

          There has been way too much ugliness in all of this from people on both sides. Not all of the people from either side have been guilty of it but there really shouldn’t have been any.

          We are all supposed to be Christians and behave better but there has been a lot of frustrations from people who were attacked and demeaned and things have really gotten out of hand.

          More respect needs to be shown and that amounts to more than not calling people names. Being demeaning and accusing others of things they are not guilty of is not respectful at all.

          Claiming to be only ones right and being gracious when doing any of the above is not being gracious at all.

          I think you are going to find out that there are a lot of very decent and well meaning people on this side too.

          Honestly think you are going to see that we are right also. You may think that is not possible but it is. There are going to be things your side will be right about and there are things we are going to be right about.

          As I said to someone else, I think we all need to take a huge breath and take a step back. Really rethink how we are being Christlike or not in all of this mess.

          I don’t accept your labeling us as being blind and embracing evil as the heart of our religion because we did not vote for him. That is not being accepting or understanding at all! That is the kind of thinking and things being said that has caused so much ugliness on here!

          Time will show who was right and who was wrong! We will all answer for what we have done and said and Christ will be the one that decides who was really right!
          Who was really blind and who was really evil! Who was really gracious and who wasn’t!

          What was right in your eyes or our eyes may not be what was really right at all when it comes to what Christ thinks and His opinion is what will be all that counts in the end!

          • When someone is walking in the Light, and doing what is right in God’s eyes, usually, they are very secure about it. (Because they have God’s assurance).

            Progressives seem quite unsure of themselves. [If Hillary would have won, I know the Conservative Christians would have taken it in stride. Because we don’t ‘live’ there.]

            • I beg to differ. I think this thread of posts proves your assertion to be incorrect. I also recall that your side acted out quite badly when Obama was first elected. Good try though Leslie. Good try.

        • That is what I have been trying to say over and over Joe. People like Angie should not be attacked in any kind of ugly manner. They don’t have to agree with her but do so in a nicer way.

          However, there has been that exact thing done to others from the side you consider wrong and evil and there is no correction from you either.

          Does it make the treatment of Angie right? Not at all but it doesn’t make the treatment from your side right either when the accusations come rolling in.

          You have a way of saying snide things to others and yet you claim to be gracious and understanding while we are not!

          Just how gracious and understanding is it to label us as being close to evil and in a dark place. I would really hate to see what you have to say when you aren’t being gracious and understanding!

          I have a real problem with people who claim they are being so totally one way and it being the superior way with people. Then claim to be the victim of unfair treatment when someone treats them with that same attitude back and innocent of all wrong doing.

          If you want things to be nice and not have anyone attacking you then you have to be the same way! It starts with you and I.

          I have been trying to get you to see that we are not the evil ones as you have put it way too often any more than you are. You are not more righteous then the others on here that don’t agree with you but you keep claiming you are!

          Because we did not see the same things in Trump that you did that does not make us evil people! You cannot call us evil and turn around and tell us you are more gracious and understanding because you are on the right side and we are not! Nothing gracious in the least about any of that.

          Evidently you really believe you are being but you are not. It really reminds me of the abuser who will knock another person around because they wanted to and then blame the victim for making him or her do it to them. Then they convince themselves afterwards they were really justified in doing it because that other person had done such and such. If they hadn’t done it none of it would have happened. Most of the time the other person had really not done a thing but all of a sudden even though they were the victim they are now the one supposedly victimizing the aggressor! What is wrong with that picture?

        • Also Joe. Actually I am not angry at you but I will not tolerate you telling me and others, that we make politics our religion, we are close to the evil and are in a dark place. That all of you are the only ones on the right side and the only ones that are being nice, etc.

          You actually slip in a kind of compliment at times but then turn right around and negate all of that with some real zingers.

          It is exactly because of our religion (beliefs) that we voted the way we did and not the other way around. We voted against Trump because what we saw him doing and saying did not show us anything Christlike.

          What you see in him that is Christlike, outside of his supposedly being against abortion, we still have not figured out.

          I think you are going to find out, as he showed so often during his campaign, that he says one thing and then will turn right around and do the opposite. What are you going to do when and if he reverses himself on that issue along with a lot of other things he will be reversing himself on? He is not a man of his word!

        • I would also like you to explain to me how this “friendly conversation” is supposed to take place when you constantly have yourself and your cause in a superior position as far as you are concerned? When you are constantly referring to “us” as being blind, on the side of evil, as being whiners and cry babies because we didn’t get our way? As being mean and nasty if someone responds in kind to posts being aimed directly at them personally that are mean and nasty? Because you are being so gracious and understanding because YOU are on the right side and we aren’t?

          Just how does that lay any kind of foundation for having a friendly conversation?

          I have an idea that the only way we can have a “friendly conversation” is if I tell you that you have been 100% right and I have been 100% wrong! Never going to happen!

          In fact because no matter how ugly or mean you are you are never wrong. Being never wrong means never seeing any need to change and without that there really isn’t reason for us to continue with any kind of conversation! One cannot fix wrong if you are not willing to see that yes, you too are like the rest of us and make mistakes. That you too need to say I am sorry and you do need to change in some areas because that kind of behavior was not Christlike!

          Of course the lack of “friendly conversation” is my fault according to you but I am not accepting that accusation from you at all! That or any of the other accusations that yes, you did make!

      • Listen up Bubba. Do you see your speech being silenced here? You are still here—are you not. Your behavior so far would have gotten you kicked off of most blogs, regardless of whether they are conservative, middle, or liberal.

        You people specialize in accusing everyone else in the worldwide Christian community of being heretics. How does it feel when it comes home to roost?

        Has a negro hit you with a pipe wrench here? No.

        Destroying your livelihood? What is your livelihood, and who destroyed it? Do you honestly call $13 per hour on a factory floor a “livelihood.” I think you need to explain this “livelihood” and “loss” thing so people will know precisely what you mean.

  22. Thank you regarding the above messages. The messages gives me hope and peace knowing millions feel very much the same. How this happened was such a surprise and I am hoping we as people can manage 4 years.

  23. Why is this list being touted as Acts of Resistance? This is a list of things that people should be doing with their lives anyway. Charity, community, serving each other, donating time and/or money to organizations that are making the world a better place, learning and expanding our personal horizons, spend peaceful time either meditating or communing with the Head of your Religious Belief System (if you have one), teaching and guiding your children about the good in the world and how they can contribute to it, celebrate life instead of grumbling at it, add to life by giving the world a piece of your inner beauty (“create”)… These are all things that we should be doing anyway, and should not be reserved for one day as an act of political rebellion or protest.

    • — i know I’m too old… but ‘protesting’ and planning ‘acts of resistance’, sounds like High School to me.

      Well, come to think of it, I have marched & protested against Planned Parenthood a few times. So I guess I take back my comment. 🙂

      • I’m not saying don’t protest. Do what you feel is right. However, these acts should not come from a place of rebellion, and not for just one event in time. Doing these things in the name of rebellion or protest is doing the right thing for the wrong reason. If people want to be redemptive and bring life like the article says, then these acts should be on a regular basis and come from a place of true giving of the heart, otherwise they mean nothing if they are just for one day and as an alternative to some political event. It means nothing and change cannot be effective if the acts and behaviors do not become a regular part of peoples lives.

        • “If people want to be redemptive and bring life like the article says, then these acts should be on a regular basis and come from a place of true giving of the heart, otherwise they mean nothing if they are just for one day and as an alternative to some political event. It means nothing and change cannot be effective if the acts and behaviors do not become a regular part of peoples lives.”

          At one time in my life, I espoused what we called “radical politics.” Radical politics called for a change in the system. Change the system we thought, and all would be well in the USA.

          What disillusioned me about this was that the people who thought thus way, did not live according to the system they wanted things to be changed into. They were just as selfish and ornery as the politicians we wanted to kick out and replace.

          The realization that came to me is that people’s hearts must change. If a person’s heart changes then so will the mind and the deeds.

          My politics remain progressive because those are the only politics I find based on compassion for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the naked, the needy, the voiceless, for animals, for the planet.

          Yes, all of us must work every day to be compassionate people. Yes, we must work every day to oppose evil. Yes, every day we must name evil when it is found.

      • For most, this activity is “group think”….however, for political operatives, it serves to drive a specific narrative….savvy politicians use it effectively.

        Most, but not all people are influenced by crowds – wanting to avoid confrontation, the possibility of being ostracized or perhaps their desire for inclusion with a group. Basic psychology….right?

        Regardless if you agree with the protest or not – they can be effective – assuming the message can withstand closer scrutiny and competing ideas.

      • That’s all right Leslie. Those of us who know fundies well, especially those who have been brainwashed by the “system” since birth, are taught to recoil from the word “rebellion” no matter what its actual circumstances or content.

        For those of you unschooled in the world of Fundiedom, Satan was thrown out of Heaven because he was in “rebellion” against God. Today sinners are in “rebellion” against God’s grace because of their sin.

        It is such a powerful and sublimated word in fundie circles that the mere mention of it in any human or cultural context will bring on the automatic fundie face palm.

        “Jennifer wore blue to school on St. Patrick’s Day when the principal asked everyone to wear green. O-h-h-h-h-m!!! (face palm),Jennifer is so rebellious. She is going to get into so much trouble with Jesu……I mean Principal Jones!!!!”

        You get the picture. It is part of that overall language phenomenon I have talked about so many times—fundie code language and other unique ways they deal with language issues. We could talk about: “Jesus has just laid this on my heart.” But I will save that one for another time.

        • Grow up, you hateful, bigoted psychopath. Seriously, you act like you understand conservative Christians when, frankly, you couldn’t even produce a half-decent caricature of one if your life depended on it.

          Admit you don’t know and you don’t understand, and you might just be able to progress and learn. Arrogantly insist that you know everything there is to know and you will only deepen your ignorance.

          • I understand Christian conservatives almost perfectly—especially the fundies—have watched them, read their literature, and studied them for many, many, many years. If I made the admission you request, I would be lying to Jesus, to myself, to you, and to all who read the John P. blog. I cannot do that.

            But there is something I can do for you Bubba:


            You can watch Parts 2 and 3 of this fundie nonsense on You Tube.

  24. Your comments are clouded by your own feelings of “division and hatred”, and speak to a lot fewer than 65 million. I will pray that the “acts” expressed here are embraced by all as a path to good community and not merely as a reaction to a minority view of the fairness of the political world.

    • If you think this is a minority view, you are living in La-La-Land. During this transition, Trump has had the lowest public approval rating of any President since such surveys have been taken—only 44 percent. Other Presidents are much, much higher. Obama’s approval rating was 81 percent during this same period. Bottom line: Many millions of Americans do not like Trump from what we southern folks call the “git go.” So, you can just get of of your minority muffin right now. You are just going to have to accept that Trump is one of the most despised Presidents in American history—and he has not even taken office yet.

  25. You folks gotta do what you gotta do to get past this I guess, but Donald Trump is the incoming president, he clearly won the election and it’s time that all Americans put on their patriotic hats and move forward!! All the citizens of America deserve that! There is work to be done!

    • No. The work you and Trump want to get done is evil. No one is going to be “coming together” behind Trump—outside of the minority of Americans who voted for him.

    • Being patriotic does not mean blindly following someone who is in office no matter what he does or doesn’t do! That is why we are in the mess we are in!
      All of the Americans deserve to be treated respectfully and not be called unpatriotic if they cannot and will not pretend that what the president is doing is okay or how he is acting is okay just because he holds that office! That is why we have to freedom of speech and the freedom of choice. You had the choice and got it, others had the choice and didn’t get it. Don’t tell people they need to blindly compromise their ethics and beliefs or they are not patriotic! That is one reason we have an ethics committee is because they know there has to be accountability.
      Being a patriot means you stand up and do what you think is right for the country and the people in it. It does not mean you have to throw your ethics out the window and follow blindly someone who cares only about himself, what he can get out of it, and what he can get out of people he is dealing with!

    • Obviously a man who wants to be President to all people doesn’t tweet that those who didn’t vote for him are his enemy or that they are losers. Maybe you can think of a prior President who has done this. I sure can’t. I have never seen any President of either side exhibit such contempt ever. Words matter. Maybe he actually doesn’t want to be President of all. Maybe the reconciliation effort should start at the top or are we still waiting for him to pivot and change his behavior to Presidential. Is this the big change you invisioned?

  26. 1) Serve someone.
    My church participates in Family Promise, a local program that houses and feeds temporarily homeless families. My wife and I will be doing an overnight.

    2) Engage in financial activism.
    When I read what a few of the heartless, mean-spirited right wing trolls were saying here, I donated to Planned Parenthood.

    3) Get your hands dirty.
    I’ll be teaching some boys at Safe Harbor, a local shelter for kids with very tough family issues, how to cook.

    4) Reach across a divide.
    Within our church, there’s a movement that my wife and I (and others) started that will lead to language on our website that we welcome ALL, including God’s gay children.

    5) Read.
    I joined Gloriamarie’s progressive Facebook page for regular updates.

    9) Be visible.
    I got a letter to the editor in my local paper today.

    I’m still working on the others.

  27. Oh. wait a minute. I get it now. I get what you right wing extremist conservatives are saying now:

    “The ni**er President will be out of office on Friday. We have a white President again. So, that sets us free to all come together again.”

    What a bunch of English fools!!!

    • Yes. However, I have one concern here for you Roman Catholics. Orange has always been the official color for persecution of the Catholics in Northern Ireland. The local Protestants call certain anti-Catholic ceremonies “The Wearing of the Orange.” Just so you will know, I have little to zero sympathy for the Protestant population of Northern Ireland, particularly those families who were sent there from Scotland to oppress and persecute the Catholics.

      In my neck of the woods, we do the wearing of the orange as well—but for a very different purpose:

  28. Actually I just read an article that said there has always been “protest marches”. In the past the media had agreed to concentrate on the inauguration, the peaceful transfer of power, and only showed edited glimpses of the other marches. In this topsy turvy year and all the chaos who knows what is going to happen.

  29. Dear John, you are obviously so correct, would add and ask that you include a list of protests and advocacy action steps here on your site and encourage others to continually do the same whenever the atrocities and triggers are posted. We need to be more aware of our own health during these stressful times and having something to DO rather than just feel is critical to the health of peacewarriors. Join us -http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/racism-meets-criteria.fb52?source=c.fb&r_by=16228964

  30. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is shutting down and laying off 22 workers.
    Funny how New York State is so concerned that it issued a Warning Notice yesterday.

    Here’s reality – CGI would have been a transparent bribery mechanism for a sitting president, if Hillary won.
    And with her defeat, bribes are no longer effective, so donations are disappearing….

  31. As part of my protest, I just sent the following letter to Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Bob Corker, and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann:

    “This letter is written to you in my roles as an Independent voter, a professional scientist, a Christian (member of the United Methodist Church), and a highly learned life-long student of American history:

    In my honest opinion, this coming Inauguration Day (Friday, January 20, 2017) will be remembered by future American historians as one of the darkest days in American history. Knowing what I do about American history, world history, and the personality traits of past totalitarian political leaders, I am in deep depression and grief about Donald J. Trump taking the oath of office to become President of the United States. Even more than this, I am concerned for the future safety of my wife and my two children.

    The United States of America is 241 years old. Throughout those many years, we have been blessed with 44 sane, emotionally stable, and honorable men as our Presidents. However, as the old saying goes: “There is a first time for everything.” I have watched Donald J. Trump, his demeanor, his public speaking, and his general behavior very closely each day for the past year and a half. As a result, I am irretrievably convinced that Donald J. Trump is mentally unstable, emotionally unhinged, and downright dangerous because of it. In other words, I am absolutely convinced that Donald J. Trump is a “clear and present danger” to the United States of America and the American people.

    Therefore, I am kindly and respectfully writing this message to urge you and your Congressional colleagues to secretly draft a Republican contingency plan for legally impeaching Donald J. Trump and removing him from office at that inevitable future time when his mental problems and emotional instability clearly demonstrate themselves in the development and execution of actions dangerous to the United States and its people. From what I have seen of this man’s erratic behavior and his well-known refusal to learn even the simplest things about governing a nation sensibly and wisely, I can assure you that a crisis time will come when impeachment is the only answer to save our country, and that time may come more quickly than anyone imagines right now. This concern of mine is not politically partisan. Any other sane and sensible Republican who might replace Mr. Trump as President of the United States at some future date would be fine with me.

    Please take this message seriously. Because of Mr. Trump’s inherent mental and emotional instability, he clearly has no feel for the dignity, poise, composure, and professionalism that have been the hallmarks of our past 44 Presidents—and he is unlikely to ever learn them. You too have no doubt watched the unprofessional, wild, and crazy antics of Mr. Trump over the past couple of years. You already see how his inane Tweet Storms are undermining the U.S. Stock Market on an almost daily basis and how he is upsetting our overseas allies—and how he is already undermining long-established diplomatic understandings with our allies and foreign adversaries—understandings that have kept the peace since World War II.

    To summarize, in my honest opinion, Mr. Trump is mentally and emotionally unstable and dangerous—and as member of the U.S. Congress and as a Republican, you have a sworn oath of responsibility to protect the American people and the U.S. Constitution from this man, even to the point of legally removing him from office, if that should become necessary. Right now, you and your colleagues need to create a secret Republican contingency plan for doing just that. If you cannot draft such a plan for me, then please do it for my wife and my two children who are peaceful and loving people who just want a safe and stable future as citizens of our country. No American should have to live in fear of their own President.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Have a nice day.

    • Charles, that is utterly brilliant. may I please share it on my FB group Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff? I will attribute it to your first name and the comments of this blog.

      • I don’t get it. Protesters against John P. are screaming about how they disagree with him and how he’s so wrong and they are so right and how they will continue to condemn him for what he feels about ‘things that have to be said’ from his perspective and they are shoving “their” religion down our throats because their religion is the only religion… If I were them I would call 911 and report the person(s) who have a gun at their heads making them stay here.

        • ” If I were them I would call 911 and report the person(s) who have a gun at their heads making them stay here.”

          They make themselves stay here so they can perpetrate their acts of violence against John P and those of us who support him.

          Best thing to do is ignore them, do not engage. But someone always will.

          • Gloriamarie, I have never directly engaged the troll. I see your point about ignoring him but his broken-record response to any topic is constantly: abortion, abortion, abortion. It’s like water torture. I will take your advice and not read any of his responses. No need to. We know what they contain and what he is trying to do. Thanks for the good advice.

            • I think the decision not to read the trolls is going high. Because otherwise one is tempted to go low in one’s response.

              I posted something about guidelines in theological debate on my blog this morning if you would like to read it. It’s the post about Chapter 3 in the Rule of St. Benedict.


          • John P wants all opinions to be heard on his blog. Of differing beliefs, he says… ‘the truth lies somewhere in the middle.’

            So if JP says the truth is somewhere in the middle, then you need both sides of an argument to arrive at the truth.

            (however, i strongly disagree with his statement.)

            • It is not surprising that you feel this way Leslie. Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism believe in the absurdity of classic “All or Nothing Thinking” and teach it to their people as part of its brainwashing process. It creates a religious subculture that divides the entire world into goods and evils—whereas in truth—many things do lie in the middle ground.

    • Articulate and spot on. Republicans are holding their noses while they stand by this man.
      “Little Rubio”
      “Low energy Bush”
      “Lyin’ Ted”
      McCain? A war hero who was called a loser because he was captured and tortured. Said by a man who never served one day in the military.
      But he has nothing but praise for Putin.
      I could go on and on but I ask you…
      Did we just all fall through Alice’s Hole?
      What happened America?

    • More than likely and assuming such a letter is actually sent….a congressional or senatorial aid will pull out a form letter thanking Charles for contacting their office with this important matter.
      Then, and in secret, his name and address will be added to a secret database….you know, like the ones’ the Obama administration is shredding now….
      Yup, sometime in the future, Charles will begin to notice black helicopters, strange children with jet black eyes roaming around and phone calls from the IRS….

      • The letters have already been sent—earlier to day. I have never had any trouble from contacting my elected representatives, probably because they know that Independent voters swing elections. My elected Republican representatives also made me an official member of the Republican Party. In the past when I wrote, they thought I was a Republican—may still do so. I sent a letter to ask them to remove me from their rolls—but not sure they ever did. I had to unsubscribe from all the Republican literature they were e-mailing to the house. I even filled out the famous “Oh God help us see where we went wrong” survey they did after the 2012 election. That is when they made me an official Republican.

  32. If you’ve read C. S. Lewis’ Screw tape Letters it may help to consider Joe Catholic as John Pavlovitz’s “dedicated demon”. Righteousness can be a blinding force used for evil ends.
    Satan is the author of confusion where dark is light, truth is a lie and leaders name death machines “peacekeeper” missiles or liberty-reducing legislation a “Patriot Act”. Likewise, zealous concern for the fetus without concern for the women in whose body it grows shows love for neither.

    • Perhaps you should revisit this Christian apologist – and why is this?

      Because if you actually read CS Lewis correctly, you will learn, Screwtape was a minor demon working and learning from Satan….

      So, you believe John P is Satan….interesting

    • Oh, for crying out loud. This troll would give an aspirin a headache.
      Why does he not call 911 to report that someone(at gunpoint) is forcing him to stay here? The answer to all his concerns about… oh, where do I begin? Abortion, Women’s rights, Abortion, Abortion, Abortion, Religion (his), Chopped up babies, Abortion, Wombs, Abortion, Abortion, Rosaries, Abortion, Abortion, Abortion,
      Whew… We got his point. It’s been rejected by John P. and his followers. What the hell? He is bizarre to the point of needing serious intervention.

    • in this case – its probably a blown frontal lobe….you know, analogies don’t work very often if you get the main subject character or context wrong….

  33. I don’t wish to conflate the two events but, in the wake of the awful Anders Breivik shootings in Scandinavia some time back, the Norwegian Prime Minister issued the following challenge that, rather than pull up the drawbridge, build fences and walls, we should keep doing what we are doing…Only more so! It’s tough on all of us (don’t forget, we Brits have made some shattering decisions in the last year) but the injunction to ‘Turn the other cheek…’ ‘walk the extra mile..’ and reach out to others is precisely what we should be doing. Courage, mon brave! 🙂

  34. 5) Read

    I have a subscription to The Atlantic. I recently got a new subscription to The American Prospect. I read The Nation and Mother Jones through Zinio provided by my library.

  35. Instead of Wasting My time and Your on acts of civil disgrace , try doing some proactive , Get A real Job, A Real Education, Give Back , Volunteer , Get involved in what builds america from your community up to washington. Write letters , do something constructive in your community , for your community . Then You can have Self Respect you have earned , not on the back s of others . Try supporting those who get elected , even if you don’t like them and even if you agree with them.
    Build , starting with your inner circle , Don’t Follow people who waste your life , don’t listen to villiage idiots who just want to lead some one and be heard with no real integrity of their own.
    Do Make a positive Impact on those who can change america with out lawlessness or chaos .

      • I’ll tell you what a real job is—in the minds of those people who say “get a real job.” They’re talking about a $9.00 per hour job on a factory floor in Cud Chew, Arkansas. They’re talking about a $7.75 per hour job with no benefits cooking in the middle school cafeteria in Armadillo Hills, Texas. I think these are the people who hate poor people and unemployed people so much—because they are themselves just one paycheck away from personal financial disaster—and to make themselves feel like they are doing okay (when they are really not doing okay), they need some group to p*ss on so they p*ss on poor people and unemployed people. These are the people most likely to have voted for Trump.

        My idea of a real job is one that pays $40, $50, $60 per hour and on up with a huge benefits package, stock options, etc.

        • Well, my husband and I have both worked since we were 16 and neither one of us earned $40/hr or over. So I guess I have never had a real job. Funny, l felt like I was always really working. Like I said I learn new stuff every day.

          • Believe me—from personal experience. It is pure Heaven to walk into a teen clothing store in a mall and buy your kids anything on the shelves they want for hundreds and hundreds of dollars—and know that it never even so much as scratched your bank account. I have had the same good fortune in life as the Apostle Paul says in the New Testament—to live life with nearly nothing and to live it with wealth—and everything in between. That is one reason I know from first hand experience that most of the American conservatives and fundies here are full of sh*t in their despising of the poor. You have to have walked the full road first-hand to know.

      • P.S. They are also the people who are afraid the poor and unemployed will somehow, through government means, take away what little they still have and turn their $7.75 per hour job in the school cafeteria into a $7.25 per hour job, which means they will be unable to pay their bills, which they can barely pay now.

  36. Thank you John for giving some great positive suggestions to people on how to respond to this day!
    Hopefully it will implore everyone to be a better person that will help the US to grow instead of destruct!

  37. When “America was great”

    Have You Ever Heard The Term ‘Piss Poor?’ I Had No Idea It Comes From THIS! Fascinating!
    We can learn a lot about ourselves by looking to the past. History not only provides us with a nostalgic glimpse at how things used to be — like with these classic childhood toys — but its lessons can still teach us things today.Many of us fondly refer to “the good old days” when times were purer and life was simple


  38. I don’t understand why you are asking me this. I did not hire that man. So I can not fire him. Obviously, you are being sarcastic. Do we want to trade “well he said” “well she said” “well they said”. Sorry I have always said this stuff is chaos and the venom and vileness frightens me. Neither side gets the high road here. I will try to remember not to ask you a question again. Sorry.


    The Democrats have this “enemies list” — denominated in epithets and insults aimed at the people whose wallets they wish to hijack and take up residence inside. You can be a “Racist!” and you can be a “Terrorist!” and you can be a “Dictator” and you can be a “Hostage-taker!” and you can “Wear a tinfoil hat!” and you can be a “Homophobe!” and you can be a “Teabagger!” — a homosexual man taking his partner’s scrotum into his mouth. You can be “Selfish!” and you can be a “Wacko!” and you can be a “Hick!” and you can be a “Rube!” and you can be “Uneducated” and you can be an “Extremist!”

    You can be a “Right-wing-nut!” and you can be “Mentally Ill” and you can be “Deranged!” and you can be a “Flake!” and you can be “Sexist!” and you can be a “Warmonger!” and you can be “Unenlightened!” and you can be a “FatCat!” and you can be a “Greedy!” member of the productive class, and you can be a “Nazi!” and you can be a “Fascist!” — although no one more closely approaches the precise description of “Nazi!” or “Fascist!” than the usual Democrat propagandist — either official, or self-appointed.

    Lies, after all, are the heart and soul and the sword and shield of the Democrat party — and of all other left-wing trash.

    So all you have to do to occupy multiple epithets on the Democrats’ enemies list is to insist that they take their hands off yourself, off your wallet, off your property, off your kids, off your diet, off your healthcare, off your household appliances, off your car, off your bank account, off your weapons of self-defense, off your liberty, and off your freedom of speech.

    Insist on all these good things — and that qualifies you to be spat upon by nasty, mean-spirited scum — by The Friends of All Mankind — by a mob of lying, thieving, dope-smoking, pill-popping, coke-snorting, sticky-fingered, bloodsxcking, tax-eating, gun-stealing, predatory humanitarian hoodlums, thugs and gangsters, by their pickpockets and pecksniffs, by their spies, spooks, sneaks and snoops, by their bumsniffers and peckercheckers who seek to silence their critics — by their defenders in the fascist, Democrat-captured media — Sniffy, Snippy, Snotty, and Snooty, by their Mikhail Suslovs, their Josef Goebbels, and their Leni Riefenstahls, by their principal attorneys, Manny, Moe and Jack, Rooty, Tooty, Fresh and Frooty, Brutish, Nasty and Short, Snap, Crackle, and Pop — by the freakshow — by the bloody zoo — by the Star-Wars-bar-scene Democrat party, in other words.

    We are ruled by their armed force and by fraud. No political party in the history of America more profoundly deserves absolute and outright destruction. Destroy them.


    Start a prairie fire!

    Start a tea party tsunami!

    Start a taxpayer rebellion against the tax-eaters!

    Share these sentiments with your family, friends, and neighbors, today! $


    “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder, and suicide.”

    — Ayn Rand

    What the USA needs is a truly LIBERAL president and congress and judiciary!

    And I forgive the reader for suspecting that this must be some kind of bad joke!

    But the American Democrats believe in “statism” — not “liberalism.”

    Strip them naked of their “liberal” camouflage and behold their ugliness.

    They benefit from the imprecise American political terminology —- we say “the government” here in the USA —- rather than “the state.” And that’s a dangerous problem.

    Famous brands of statism in recent centuries have been Nazism [National Socialism], socialism, “democratic” socialism, “social democracy,” fascism, communism, progressivism, and welfare statism —- these last two are mixtures of fascism and socialism.

    Note that these statists are all joined-at-the-hip and on-the-same-page in their common contempt, enmity, and disdain for human rights.

    Liberalism, on the other hand, is a political philosophy of small, cheap government —- it is a constabulary —- and the job of a liberal government is to enforce human rights within its own jurisdiction.

    What “human rights?”

    I speak of the unalienable and perfectly-natural and universally-valid human rights of life, liberty, private property, and the pursuit of personal happiness.

    A slave is owned by someone other than himself — but a free man owns himself.

    The first article of private property is “the self” — and all other rights are derivatives of and flow from these cardinal rights.

    These rights —- The Rights of Man —- are the gift of nature or of nature’s god —- and they belong to all human beings, everywhere.

    Show me a Democrat who subscribes to all of the above, without qualifications or weasel words.

    Observe the connection between “liberty” and “liberalism.” The words “liberal” and “liberalism” were hijacked by the Democrats, socialists, progressives, and fascists, long ago —- and it was the mistake of conservatives and libertarians to let them get away with it.

    “Liberalism” requires the defense and promotion of “individual liberty” — and today’s fake “liberals” are busily and maliciously destroying it.

    It is long past time that liberalism be reclaimed, defined, and explained by its rightful owners —- by the champions of freedom, i.e.: not by Democrats.

    Friends of freedom! Friends of peace-through-strength! And friends of prosperity!

    Declare yourselves to be “liberals,” then —- and kick over the bloody coffee tables — and overthrow and trounce the Democrats — now and forever! Destroy them!








    It’s a simple ruse — krazy-glueing “democratic” in front of the word “socialism” — like krazy-glueing “social” in front of the word “justice.”

    Both of these tricks are intended to deceive the intellectually lazy — in the former case to award socialism with a figleaf to dress-up the socialist bullshirt a little — and in the latter case to destroy the concept of pure, stone-cold justice by reversing it into “charity” [injustice].


      did not vote for Trump. Show me the place in the U.S. Constitution that says every American citizen is legally required not to oppose an elected President’s weirdo behavior, sociopathic behavior, and nutjob policies—speaking specifically of Mr. Trump.

  42. Here’s the truth with the liberal left and why they are so up in arms:

    It’s here, for all to see and watch – the collectivists, the social parasites and the democrat political elite – gorging themselves at the tax payer’s trough….and now realizing – feeding time is over.

    Be happy, be ecstatic, be thankful – the potential for a new world order is less than 100 hours away.

    Be aware, be guarded, be vigilant – and pay attention to the planned violent protests during the inauguration – where’s the tolerance and anti-hate crowd now?

    • Bubba. Your brain is seriously deranged if you really believe in all of that crap you just wrote above. You have to remember something important. Most of us are taxpayers too. I could be wrong, I bet a lot of us pay more in taxes per year than you do—and you do not get to tell us we have no say in how our tax dollars are used. So, how many tax dollars did you pay in to the feds in—aw let’s pick a year—say 2013?

  43. Thanks for the great ideas and perspective. I’ve registered for the Womens’ march in my area this Saturday. Please pass on that this event is open to everyone to come together to celebrate our humanity and common values.

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  45. I watched a lot on news on CNN yesterday—off and on—probably about 12 hours of it all together. Yes, I have that kind of time. They are really going after Donald Trump hard. Every five words, all day long, were extra-heavy-duty Trump trashing. The only place I have ever seen anything like that before is 24/7/365 against Democrats and other people they hate on Fox News.

    Clearly and unequivocally—no doubt about it whatsoever—CNN and its staff hate Donald Trump with a perfect hatred and is committed to taking him down—no doubt about it whatsoever. Their policy is clearly…….”whatever it takes to take this bast*rd down.”

    Just reporting back on my 12 hours with CNN.

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  47. After reading most of the comments in this thread, it is fairly clear to me that secular American conservatives, Christian fundamentalists, and conservative evangelicals have a false “Template Stereotype” of American progressives and mainline Christians. What does that stereotype look like? Just watch the people in this new comedy series on T.V. Be sure to watch the episode introduction and credits. This is who they think we are—seriously. Just click on this safe link:


    I doubt there is any way to disabuse them of this utter falsehood they have bitten into. Only the real Jesus could ever crack a skull that thick and stupid.

  48. NO Inauguration NO Coronation NO Junta NO Trump
    By Sean Aaron Cruz
    The Constitution does not have a solution for the Trumpian Catastrophe, and the overwhelming majority of Americans will never accept this loathsome caricature of a man as President.

    We will never accept Trump’s assumption of king-like powers, or hold him immune from releasing his tax returns and every other last vestige of traditional Presidential accountability. We cannot allow him to assume the powers and protections of Presidential Privilege that go with the most important job on the planet.

    We are in the greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War, with a Presidential election tainted by Russian intrusions and pro-Russian factions within the GOP, with the Nation divided Trump/Russia Red and Never Trump Blue, and with a GOP-weakened, short-handed Supreme Court, so far standing silently on the sidelines.

    Trump has spent his entire campaign in the safe cocoon of rallies and tweets and his gold-plated real estate empire, but that will all change on January 20.

    The parade route and Capitol Mall will be the first opportunity for the general citizenry to express their opposition to Trump and his team, and we will do so.

    NO Inauguration NO Coronation NO Junta NO Trump! Never Trump!

    • Not exactly sure how you are going to stop the inauguration, but take heart. He will be impeached what with all that emolument, nepotism, etc. After all, the GOP hate him.

  49. Look Sean, I’m a blogger and I try to stay away from the subject of politics. I find that people on both sides of the aisle are generally irrational. So, at the risk of sounding like I’m taking sides, let me say this. First, you said that “the overwhelming majority of people will never accept (Trump)”. That’s patently absurd. After all, he was elected. Even Joe Biden and Barack Obama have accepted the reality even though they intensely dislike Trump. Secondly, “We will never accept Trump’s assumption of king-like powers.” He’s not even president yet and you’re jumping to conclusions. Besides, it was Obama who first acted like a dictator and you didn’t object to him, did you? Next: “With a Presidential election tainted by Russian intrusions….” You’ve been reading too much fake news. It was actually Hillary who sold off 20% of U. S. uranium interests to Russia. As reported recently by Reuters, “Venezuela’s socialist leader (Nicolas Madara), said… that President-elect Donald Trump was the victim of a global ‘hate campaign’ and could not be worse than outgoing Barack Obama.” So, if you want to go on a political rant go ahead. You are entitled to your opinion, just not to your facts.

    • I appreciate your feelings. But I have to say that when Trump mentions enemies and losers and equates them with detractors or those who voted against him, I find it illogical that even in his most staunchest supporters there is not one glimmer of unease. I certainly would feel that way if our sides were reversed.

  50. People should stop engaging Joe Catholic, altogether, he is messing with you. He is mocking you. He is saying ridiculous things to incite you. It’s of no benefit and It’s a waste of energy. If you really want to resist evil, stop wrestling with evil and stayed focused on doing the things that will make a difference.

    “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” – John Wesley

    Focus on good only and the evil will be deflected away.

    • Thanks for that Rad T. I have continued to read this blog but have stopped engaging the the nonsense of Joe Catholic and others who mock people who are not happy about the election and I haven’t changed my mind about Trump. I will never accept it but I won’t engage with the Trump sycophants anymore. It is time to engage with real people.

    • Radical Thinker, thank you from the bottom of my heart. That person posts more than anyone else. He responds to every single comment. I see that name and I delete.

      I’d rather attend church with messed up people who actually are seeking God than with any of the self-appointed enforcers.

      • Be blessed Gloriamarie. Continue to encourage others and post information that benefits us, but I hope we all stop giving the Trump sycophants energy. We have to stop hitting the reply button on their comments and post independently of them. They won’t go away but don’t let them take up your good energy and time anymore.

  51. Jesus said do not resist an evil man. I think he meant you participate in sin when you fight with evil. Instead we must always strive to act in love. The Acts of Resistance listed by John Pavlovitz are exactly the kind of good acts which embody love. Focus on those things and you cannot go wrong.

    • Exactly, and it says in the Bible reason frankly with your brother lest you share in his sin. When there is no opportunity to reason frankly, such is the case with Joe Catholic, then don’t engage with his hooey and gobbledegook. (that is the best name for it )

        • Radical Thinker is another of John P’s pseudo names. “Radical Thinker”, now that’s a good laugh. Thanks, I really needed that today.

          • And how do you know that? If John P actually read the comments on his blog, I think there are those who would be barred from posting. Especially those that dominate the comments section.

            • and if it was your blog – you would be the only one commenting – of course, those you hustled for contributions and met your demands for charity would be allowed to say something now and again – isn’t that right….

              • I was here in the days when John P. did post regularly. However, his comments were rarely more than one or two sentences—and his comments are not of the linguistic nature and tone of any person who posts here on this blog today. That means he does not post here. He always posts under his own name.

                He got busy—but he also got tired of all the daily abuse from fundie and conservative trolls. He suffers from clinical depression, and reading all the BS made him more depressed. He had to quit responding for health reasons, which is what any sane person would have done.

                So no. Ain’t no Pavlovitz here. He just writes his main post gems, throws them out here into cyberspace, and lets people do with them whatever they may. If you had been here for several years like me, you would know that.

                • “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices – to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill – and suspicion can destroy – and a thoughtless frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own – for the children – and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is – that these things cannot be confined – to the Twilight Zone.”
                  Rod Serling, “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street,” The Twilight Zone, CBS-TV, 4 March 1960

  52. I am starting to panic that I may never stop laughing! Good one Joe! Oh, oh it’s starting again. I love your sense of humor!

      • I am sorry that what I do upsets you. I don’t mean to upset anyone ever. Like I said I am new to this. I love John’s words and some of the comments on this site. I think we all love to hear affirmations of what we feel.

        I hope my words will be allowed. If not, I know what I have said has not changed anyone else feelings nor can anyone else’s words change mine.

        • Joanne Musto, I fear you over-react. You don’t upset me in the least. You are a sincere person and are very welcome here.

          Unfortunately, some of the people with whom you very sincerely and caringly engage are trolls who manage to distract people from discussing what John P writes.

        • Joanne it’s okay. You are fine. I would say to Gloriamarie there is a time to respond and a time to not respond- we can allow everyone to figure this out themselves.

          What breaks my heart is seeing people get sucked into the eye for an eye argument and get shamed or abused in the comment section. Joanne in my view you have been an encouragement. 🙂

        • Every time my father put on his jacket he would put his second arm in the sleeve only half way through. He would tell me if I looked in the dangling end I would see stars. I would always look but of course never saw stars. I miss him.

          I am not taking my ball and going home, but I am stepping back. I never wanted to draw more negativity to you or to anyone.

          In responding to my questions you have always been true to your faith. You have never mocked or been condescending in your tone. I do not feel duped.

          I want to thank you for your patience with my never ending questions.

          I am much more comfortable fading into the woodwork than being singled out either for good or bad. I will continue to read John’s words. Just with more silence.

          From an aging flower child I wish you peace, love, and rock & roll.

          • Joanne you said,

            “Every time my father put on his jacket he would put his second arm in the sleeve only half way through. He would tell me if I looked in the dangling end I would see stars. I would always look but of course never saw stars. I miss him.”

            Gosh, I loved this story of your dad. He must have been a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing . We need more stories and reflections like these 🙂

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  54. Your remedies are strangely familiar and wonderfully American in their emphasis on self-reliance:

    1 – Don’t wait for government to address the needs of those overlooked or excluded; government can only pass laws and run out of money trying to enforce them. YOU have the power to make a REAL difference in the lives of other people. Use it.
    2 – Don’t wait for government to invest in causes near and dear to your heart; if they are that near and dear, get out there and do it yourself. No one is stopping you.
    3 – Don’t wait for government to legislate equality. They can change laws but cannot change hearts. You can change hearts. If you see inequity get out there and let your voice be heard.
    4 – Government can’t force you to extend a hand to someone “different” – it’s your choice to do that for yourself, and for others. And it’s a good choice to make.
    5 – Don’t wait for government to provide you with information. Read, think and figure it out for yourself. Oh, and libraries are free.
    6 – Know that the Constitution prohibits establishment of a state-endorsed religion. That’s all it does. It does not permit anyone to take religion out of everyday life in this country. So yes, pray.
    7 – Don’t wait for government, or the media, to help you separate the BS from the real news. Teach your children to become discerning consumers of news. Schools can help, but parents, that’s your job.
    8 – When you are the positive force in your own life you wake up grateful for the opportunity to do more. No government ever established can match that motivation; unfortunately many governments have stifled it – and many societies have suffered as a result.
    9 – Right to free assembly. Use it. Enough said.
    10 – Don’t wait for government to do something really creative (or you’ll be waiting a LONG time). Do it yourself. You have the right and you’ll never know what you can do until you exercise the right.

    You sound like a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. Congratulations. I’m not sure Reagan could have said it any better.

  55. JC: Hooray! I love charter schools, and I love home schooling. [Both are under the umbrella of Public School.] Trump is a big supporter of School Vouchers too. Parents are the ones who should decide where their 18k a year (California/per student) is going to go to.

    • Except that no federal, state, or local tax dollars should ever go to a faith-based school. It violates the First Amendment. The fundies have been trying for years to get rid of all American public schools because they foolishly and falsely claim that they teach “Godlessness” to our children. When the fundies defund, gut out, and totally destroy American public schools with their voucher plans, you can bet your last dollar that a whole system of Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical funded public schools will magically rise up to take their place so American children will have no other choice but to send their kids to these fundie schools. You know what else. I would bet my bottom dollar that the next thing the fundies would do is OUTLAW homeschooling so no mainline Christian, Hindu, or None parent can choose homeschooling to keep their children out of the new fundie school systems.

      Fortunately, my children will be out of school soon—but my grandchildren may not escape this if the fundies take over. If that day ever comes and I am still alive—revolution by firearms begins on that day. I and many millions of Americans (including American Christians) will never accept or tolerate a fundie-dominated American education system. You can take that one to the bank.

  56. Hello John,

    thank you for this beautiful text! I am not an American, but I completely understand your feelings. I just think that by practicing these steps you suggest more often makes it a true act of resistance. Living Love each day, show care, oppose consumerism, speaking out against hatred and violence, being there in the public space, not giving up not go reclusive…is the way. If you are a New Yorker, you also might like to join my friend Morgan O’Hara, a visual artist, who will perform this action on the Inaugural Friday: ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017, I WILL BE IN THE ROSE ROOM OF THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY FROM NOON UNTIL THE

    • David Danel, welcome and thank you for posting your thoughtful ideas how everyone in the world can resist the disaster that has become the government of the USA.

      Wish I could be in NYC to hear your friend but I live on the west coast of the USA.

  57. Acts of resistance work. If every soldier refused to fight, if every person refused to hate their enemy our world would be a different place.

    General, your tank is a powerful vehicle.
    It smashes down forests and crushes a hundred men.
    But it has one defect:
    It needs a driver.
    -Bertolt Brecht

  58. I have a new post up on my blog as my personal way of saying “good-bye” to President Obama, who will be remembered by American history as one of the best and most truly Christian Presidents we have ever head. My post captures the essence of the man well. Just click on the following safe link:


    • You make me laugh Charles. You can’t possibly really believe what you have written.

      Obama’s legacy can be summed up in two words.

      • I do sincerely believe what I said—and I stand by it. Maybe you just do not recognize the truth in it because you are buried so deeply in your fundie BS and hatred of your fellow man—and perhaps because you have never met the real Jesus. How can you follow someone you have never met?

        • I work with history. History will be very kind to him—especially with the Trump disaster (No. 45) sitting right next to successful No. 44. The history books will also say that if it were not for the racists like Zaklog the Deplorable and Anonymous, it would have been even better. Remember, the “hated elites” like me are the ones who write the history books.

          • Charles, I would like to read your latest history book. What’s the title? Can I find it on Amazon?

            Of course it will take a work of revisionist history to make Obama a “successful” president. Is that the kind of history you write?
            Why are you compelled to call everyone a “fundie” who thinks different than you? And, furthermore, why do you hate these people as you do?

      • While the DNC has publicly blamed Shillary for the election loss….operatives blame Obama for the real destruction of the democrat party….sorry, moonbats….numbers don’t lie.

        • Yet, again – another example of gloria’s intellectual ineptitude….

          “the numbers say more about how many days the presidents spent away from the White House than they do about how much time the presidents spent not working.”

          notice, how she avoided the price tag these so called vacations cost the taxpayer…..

          • You really are an a-hole. The President of the United States, the most important, difficult, and stressful job in the entire world, but in your mind he is not allowed a decent vacation that any other more highly paid American Executive with lesser responsibility would surely take. Where did you get this enormous chip on your shoulder. Chips like that have a history. Have you worked your whole life at low paying jobs with employers who did not provide a paid vacation benefit. I wish you could hear how hard-hearted and ridiculous you sound. You sound like the same people who live here in my area of Tennessee:

            “If they’re a buyin’ that food with Food Stamps, it by God better be nothin’ but corn meal and dried pinto beans. I ain’t a payin’ my tax dollars in for them to buy luxury foods. They should be reserved for workin’ people.”

            (Note: Often, the guy talking looks like he digs ditches for the city, makes $7.50 per hour, and thinks luxury food is a regular McDonald’s hamburger and a bottle of Boone’s Farm Blackberry.)

            Do you fit into that category Anonymous? I ask because I almost never hear my fellow, snooty, educated elite, big earner friends complaining about Food Stamps, WIC, AFWDC, and so forth. In fact, for the most part, we like it that a certain portion of our tax dollars go to help struggling people. I sure do!!!

            Are you one of these people I sometimes hear about who say:

            “If I cud jist git them ta quitta takin’ them thar tax dollers outa ma paycheck, Mabel and I could finally have us some kind of life?”

    • Charles,
      I too believe Obama is truly a Christian! I always admired that not only him but Michele took the high road and never responded to the ugly remarks made comparing them to primates or any of the other ugly names! Not many people could do that. Was he perfect? No, and neither is anyone else!
      There are those who have themselves on self-made pedestals but as usual the bases are clay. Soon those are going to crumble because of the truth that they are all cracked with hatred, disdain, and self-importance! Some cannot face the truth of what they really are so make up their own fantasy world!
      I am going to try and follow his belief that America is still great and will continue to be.
      I am really going to miss his humor, his honesty, his love for others, etc.
      However, I also believe he will continue to work for all of us even those who are so hateful towards him as he always has!

      • Hi Joe Catholic! First of all, this is going to be very long. Sorry about that.

        Second, this is the first time in my moderately long life that I’ve ever posted a comment or replied to a comment on any thread of responses to any article I’ve ever read online. I’m a pretty peaceful person, and if I don’t feel that something I might have to say might shed any useful light on an issue, I usually keep my thoughts to myself. But I’ve found your comments to be very interesting, and the last comment (with the three questions) was the tipping point for me deciding to give a reply…for the first time…in my life. 🙂

        In 2004, I didn’t vote. I was living out-of-state while attending a Christian college (that’s no excuse for not voting, I know). In 2008, I voted for the democratic candidate. In 2012, I voted for the republican candidate. In the 90’s, I took part in a pro-life march on Washington. I was raised very conservatively, and attended church where I really fell in love with the figure of Jesus…an example of the fruit of the spirit that has lived in my heart ever since I was a child.

        As I’ve matured, I’ve run into some conflicts in said heart. And the reason I want to share them with you is that, in your comments, you return to the issue of abortion a lot. Often, your comments seem to be in the form of questions about what others thought about the topic, to which I didn’t detect any serious replies that weren’t condescending. So here I go.

        The conflict in my heart (and mind) about this political issue is that I’ve come to see it as a tool used by the republicans to get Christians to vote for them. I feel like it’s a bit in the mouth of a very mighty voting block (conservative Christians), placed there by those who are hungry for power. I don’t mean to imply that all republican politicians are bad. I’m sure very very many of them have the best intentions for the country. But morally speaking, I’m unconvinced that the Republican Party is any better than the Democratic Party. Christians often look at the democrats as a party that supports godless living, but do the republicans not do the same? Do the republicans not worship at the altar of mammon?

        Sorry this is so long. I’ll try to get to the point.

        I resent being used, as a Christian, by a political party that dangles issues like abortion in front of me, in order to harness the power of my vote (and those of others like me).

        My feelings on this one issue are particularly strong because, from the republican point of view, once those babies are born, they are on their own. If the baby is born to a woman ill-equipped to care for it, the child will likely grow up in a system of poverty that is shamed by the same party that insists the child be born…the same party that shames people for whom public assistance is a life saver. Is a baby that’s been born not every bit as precious to God as one that’s yet to emerge from its mother’s womb?

        There are so many vulnerable people living in our wonderful country. Why is it that the only ones the Republican Party seems to care about are the unborn?

        This is why abortion alone can’t choose the political party I’m going to give my vote to.

        I hope you know that I write these comments to you very earnestly. Regarding your question #2 above, I hope it’s evident that my criticisms of the Republican Party (both parties, really) might seem harsh, but they are not hateful.

        Question #1…I wish I could tell you what a Christian is, but I’m not sure I know anymore.

        And, to question #3…The insult directed at Michelle Obama – the “ape in heels” reference – was made because of her race. The difference between that insult and those directed at President Trump for being orange is that he’s being made fun of for his excessive self-tanning (vanity to the point of ridiculousness). And while the “orange” comments only (maybe) hurt Mr. Trump, comparing a black person to an ape has the potential to hurt Mrs. Obama, as well as countless other (not only black) people.

        Thanks for reading all of this, Joe Catholic. I hope I haven’t come across as condescending or hateful in any way. I just felt like you asked for other views, and I wanted to share mine with you.

  59. Some other ideas of peaceful resistance in the years to come. (see have already begun!)

    Be creative!
    – petitions
    – slogans,
    – caricatures
    – symbols
    – leaflets,
    – grafitti
    – lobbying
    – Picketing
    – Mock elections
    – Prayer and worship
    – “Haunting” officials
    – Taunting officials
    – Vigils
    – Humorous skits and pranks
    – Performances of plays and music
    – Marches
    – Political mourning
    – Mock funerals
    – Protest meetings
    – Camouflaged meetings of protest
    – Teach-ins
    – Walk-outs
    – Silence
    – Renouncing honors
    – boycotting
    – Social disobedi