Dear World, From America

Dear World,

We felt we needed to say something while saying something is still allowed.

We know many of you have lived under malevolent, unhinged Dictators before, but this is new for us. For its history our nation has been led by men who, despite their varying flaws and deficiencies, some of which were quite disturbing—were by and large, normal human beings. Whatever darkness in them, they had at the very least, a baseline of humanity and decency that more often than not insured rational behavior.

This man is not normal.

He is unstable, malignant, devoid of integrity—and he does not speak for us.

Please understand that nearly three million more people voted for his opponent Hillary Clinton than for him. (Yes, we realize this is completely screwed-up). Millions more voted for other candidates, and sadly nearly 90 million of our people did not vote at all. The point is, the vast majority of Americans are not with him. He does not speak for us. His America is not our America.

Over the past few months, we’ve watched long erected pillars of our Republic bulldozed in the stroke of a madman’s pen. We’ve seen the very hallmarks of who we are as a nation tossed in the garbage; the celebration of diverse coexistence, the open welcome to the oppressed, the guarantee of unalienable rights for every person, the same access to health and opportunity and safety afforded to everyone, the freedom to speak without censor or restraint. At this moment these are all in great jeopardy.

Things we took for granted in our leadership: things like goodness, wisdom, and basic truthfulness are no longer in play, and as things are eroding quickly we wanted to let you know that we’re sorry.

We’re sorry that our apathy and laziness have yielded such a reckless, impulsive, small man to steward this nation.
We’re sorry for the jagged, bitter ugliness that is characterizing us in these moments.
We’re sorry to those suffering greatly, who have braved such peril to seek refuge here and who’ve now been turned away based on the faith they profess.
We’re sorry to our Mexican neighbors who’ve been fashioned into convenient villains for erecting a grandiose, wasteful display of false protection that we do not want.
We’re sorry to Muslims everywhere who’ve been used as pawns to generate irrational fear among those already susceptible to bigotry and discrimination.
We’re sorry to the leaders of the world, who instead of being met by level-headed, measured, intelligent dialogue, are now greeted with the social media rantings of a furious child.
We’re sorry to those who now experience the Christian faith as a racist, Nationalistic bully pulpit wielded with malice toward the very diverse Humanity Jesus lived and died for.
We’re sorry to people everywhere whose lives are made more tenuous, more violent, less safe, less secure than it has been before.

We want you to know that this is not who we are. It may be who this man is. It may be who those sharing power with him are. It may even be the tens of millions who originally voted for him (though that support is vanishing quickly among those who not among the religious zealots and extremists).

But this is not America. It is not the steady, strong beacon of freedom that it was intended to be. It is not the America our people have fought and died for. It is not the one first formed in the crucible of oppression and cast into the words of our ever-disregarded Constitution.

This is not our America. Our America affirms the inherent, priceless beauty of every human being. Our America declares that no person is ascribed less value because of their skin color, religion, gender, financial means, sexual orientation, nation of origin, or any other variable. Our America is home for those seeking hope and joy and rest.

And we are going to fight for this America. Through political channels and through grassroots activism, through the use of our Press and of our personal voices, we’re going to expose this man’s incompetence, call out his heart sickness, and condemn every violent, reckless, vicious act when it does not reflect our hearts and our will. Please do your best to disregard anything that comes from his mouth or those loudly and continually parroting his propaganda. They have proven themselves mortally allergic to the truth.

And we hope that in whatever way you can, that you will stand with us. We know that we have made this mess ourselves. We understand that you have your own problems to contend with, some far more urgent and pressing than this, but we believe that we are a single community; that we are tethered together in our Humanity, that we are in real-time crafting the life our children and their children will inherit.

Dear World, we’re sorry and we hope you’ll endure these days with us.

With despair and hope in equal measure, in peace and unity with you,

The American Majority 






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  1. Yes.

    The more time passes by, I begin to wonder if the world of ‘Star Wars’ isn’t more fact than fiction….the President is beginning to resemble the Emperor Palpatine…

    • Bannon has gone ON RECORD as admiring the power of Dick Cheney, Darth Vadar, and Satan.

      We must really amp up our power of Bernie Sanders, Luke Skywalker, and God / The Highest Good of All!

        • Since has a “Muslim Ban” been put in place? There is a temporary hold on people coming in from a few countries until they can DE properly vetted. Obama did the same for six months and nobody seemed to complain.

            • He banned a handful of countries for 3 months. 90 days. Not the entire world. The people he’s blocking from coming here, ya know the bad guys, yea they hate us. If it was the other way around they wouldn’t piss on u if you were on fire. Does no one get that?! There NO patriotism anymore. If you hate it go over there and help them. And see how far you get.

          • That is right, also Carter did the same in 1979. Nobody complained or made a fuss when Obama did it. As always, the media and those narrow minded people are never satisfied. I’m all with you Mr President !

              • no, this letter is not from you. This letter is about being a true, moral American. Trump supporters don’t know much about morality or what it means to be an American. You just spew hatred and intolerance.

            • Ligia,

              I agree with you; The left-liberal “slip” is really showing its—-. The vast majority of Americans did not vote for Billary Clinton. Research by the Pew Insitute recently has shown that in some large cities there were many more votes for Clinton than registered voters.

              • That’s utter bullshit, but you shitlick stormtroopers will do and say anything to defend the narccisist-in-chief, because you’ve tied your tiny, fragile egos up with his.

              • The vast majority of Americans DID vote for Hillary Clinton. 3 million of them. Name calling does not help you prove your point. I haven’t seen the Pew Report, but I’m not going to take your word for it. Show your source next time to make a good argument.

              • Crock the Vote

                Trump supporters claim an academic study shows proof of hundreds of thousands of illegitimate votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

                 0

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                An academic study cited by conservative news organizations and the Trump administration proved that Hillary Clinton received more than 800,000 non-citizen votes in the 2016 presidential election. See Example(s)

                Collected via Facebook, January 2017




                A recurring refrain issuing from President Trump’s Twitter account ever since he won the 2016 election by 74 electoral votes in November holds that he was robbed of a victory in the popular vote count (which Hillary Clinton won by 2,865,075 votes) due to at least 3 million illegal ballots cast by non-citizens.

                The documentation offered to support this assertion has ranged from vague to nonexistent. When asked to defend it in a 24 January 2017 press conference, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that Trump’s belief that there was massive voter fraud in 2016 was “based on studies he’s seen.” Pressed to cite such a study, Spicer said, “There’s one that came out of Pew in 2008 that showed 14 percent of people who voted were non-citizens.”

                Albeit mistaken about both its origins (it was written by researchers at Old Dominion University using data collected by the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, not Pew) and findings (it did not remotely show that 14 percent of the electorate — amounting to 18 million voters — were non-citizens), Spicer was, at least, alluding to an actual study.

                In fact, the same study was cited for the same purposes two days after the press conference in a Washington Times article stating that Hillary Clinton benefited to the tune of 834,381 non-citizen votes in the 2016 election:

                Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from non-citizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.

                Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on non-citizen voting, and this week he posted a blog in response to Mr. Trump’s assertion.

                Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult non-citizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.

                The study in question was published in the December 2014 issue of the journal Electoral Studies, titled: “Do Non-Citizens Vote in U.S. Elections?” Its authors, Jesse T. Richman, Gulshan A. Chattha, and David C. Earnest of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, sought to contribute hard data to the ongoing, largely partisan debate over how much voter fraud actually occurs in the United States. Richman and Earnest summarized their research in a 24 October 2014 article in the Washington Post:

                Our data comes from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES). Its large number of observations (32,800 in 2008 and 55,400 in 2010) provide sufficient samples of the non-immigrant sub-population, with 339 non-citizen respondents in 2008 and 489 in 2010. For the 2008 CCES, we also attempted to match respondents to voter files so that we could verify whether they actually voted.

                How many non-citizens participate in U.S. elections? More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. Furthermore, some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess, based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.

                Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections.

                To be clear, when Sean Spicer cited this study to support Trump’s assertion that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election, he was referring to a set of extrapolations made in 2014 based on data collected by another research group in 2008 and 2010. Further, the validity of those extrapolations has been repeatedly challenged by the original pollsters (more about that later). Just as importantly, the lead author of the study advancing those extrapolations, Jesse Richman, has said that even if their conclusions were 100 percent valid — which, again, is in question — they don’t confirm Trump’s claim that “millions” voted illegally:

                Donald Trump recently suggested that his deficit in the popular vote to Clinton might be due entirely to illegal votes cast, for instance by non-citizens. Is this claim plausible? The claim Trump is making is not supported by our data.

                Here I run some extrapolations based upon the estimates for other elections from my coauthored 2014 paper on non-citizen voting. You can access that paper on the journal website here and Judicial Watch has also posted a PDF. The basic assumptions on which the extrapolation is based are that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted, and that of the non-citizens who voted, 81.8 percent voted for Clinton and 17.5 percent voted for Trump. These were numbers from our study for the 2008 campaign. Obviously to the extent that critics of my study are correct the first number (percentage of non-citizens who voted) may be too high, and the second number (percentage who voted for Clinton) may be too low.

                The count of the popular vote is still in flux as many states have yet to certify official final tallies. Here I used this unofficial tally linked by Real Clear Politics. As of this writing Trump is 2,235,663 votes behind Clinton in the popular vote.

                If the assumptions stated above concerning non-citizen turnout are correct, could non-citizen turnout account for Clinton’s popular vote margin? There is no way it could have. 6.4 percent turnout among the roughly 20.3 million non-citizen adults in the US would add only 834,318 votes to Clinton’s popular vote margin. This is little more than a third of the total margin.

                Is it plausible that non-citizen votes added to Clinton’s margin. Yes. Is it plausible that non-citizen votes account for the entire nation-wide popular vote margin held by Clinton? Not at all.

                Returning to the Washington Times piece defending Trump’s assertion about illegal voters (see top of page), the article creates the impression, perhaps intentionally, that Richman conducted fresh research using new data from the 2016 election. However, in a 27 January 2017 open letter to the Times, Richman objected that both his research and his own comments about the research were misrepresented:

                I do not support the Washington Times piece

                Dear Washington Times,

                As a primary author cited in this piece, I need to say that I think the Washington Times article is deceptive. It makes it sound like I have done a study concerning the 2016 election. I have not. What extrapolation I did to the 2016 election was purely and explicitly and exclusively for the purpose of pointing out that my 2014 study of the 2008 election did not provide evidence of voter fraud at the level some Trump administration people were claiming it did. I do not think that one should rely upon that extrapolation for any other purpose. And I do not stand behind that extrapolation if used for ANY other purpose.

                Best Regards,

                Jesse Richman

                Finally, we must address the question of whether the extrapolations Richman et al made in their 2014 study were valid in the first place. Let us turn to one of the pollsters who compiled the original Cooperative Congressional Election Study voter data in 2008 and 2010, Brian Schaffner, who wrote:

                As a member of the team that produces the datasets upon which that study was based and as the co-author of an article published in the same journal that provides a clear “take down” of the study in question, I can say unequivocally that this research is not only wrong, it is irresponsible social science and should never have been published in the first place. There is no evidence that non-citizens have voted in recent U.S. elections.

                Although based on precisely the same data as Richman’s, Schaffner’s conclusion could not be more starkly different. To simplify his argument (which we encourage all to read in full), the Richman study failed to account for measurement error — specifically, it failed to account for the frequency with which survey respondents may have incorrectly identified themselves as “non-citizens”:

                Such errors are infrequent, but they happen in any survey. In this case, they were crucial, because Richman and his colleagues saw the very small number of people who answered that they were “immigrant non-citizens,” and extrapolated that (inaccurate) number to the U.S. population as a whole.

                How do we know that some people give an inaccurate response to this question? Well, we actually took 19,000 respondents from one of the surveys that Richman used (the 2010 study) and we interviewed them again in 2012. A total of 121 of the 19,000 respondents (.64 percent) identified themselves as immigrant non-citizens when they first answered the survey in 2010. However, when asked the question again in 2012, 36 of the 121 selected a different response, indicating that they were citizens. Even more telling was this: 20 respondents identified themselves as citizens in 2010 but then in 2012 changed their answers to indicate that they were non-citizens. It is highly unrealistic to go from being a citizen in 2010 to a non-citizen in 2012, which provides even stronger evidence that some people were providing incorrect responses to this question for idiosyncratic reasons.

                Correcting for those errors, says Schaffner, the likely number of non-citizen voters in the 2016 election turns out to be not 5 million, nor 3 million, nor even 800,000, but zero.

            • Living the dream,aren’t you? Everyone else is wrong ,and you and your beloved guy in power are always right.Perhaps you could read the above comments for some insight as to the differences with the presidents you mention.

            • Carter placed a ban specifically to leverage release of hostages. There is a HUGE difference between his actions and this situation. IMHO the current Executive Order was a deliberate act of malicious intent in order to cause chaos. In the meantime while we were distracted, Mr. Bannon was appointed to the NSC. The POTUS and his ‘team’ are deliberately using “divide and conquer” tactics, and they know that people have a short attention span. If you don’t think YOUR freedom is next, think again.

          • No, Obama did not do the same thing. Obama banned access from 1 country as part of sanctions against that country. Not the same at all.

          • Dear Rob in AK:

            President Obama was the Deporter in Chief. No President ever deported more people than Obama. He was attacked by the political right as lax on immigrants NOT to ‘protect’ the state, but to shift immigration politics still more rightward.


            • How could Obama be both the greatest deporter but lax on immigration? Perhaps I’m misunderstand but your reply makes no sense to me.

          • What Donald Trump is doing (2017)

            Ban entry to the US for people born in seven majority Muslim countries – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen – including holders of legal green cards and visas – for 90 days

            • Suspending the Syrian refugee plan indefinitely
            • Suspending entire refugee plan for 120 days
            • Bans entry to the US for dual-nationality passport holders – meaning citizens of the above countries who also hold, for example, a British passport, are also banned for 90 days.
            • Prioritize Christian refugees over Muslims
            • Capped refugee total to 50,000
            • Did it out of the blue
            Trump came up with his Muslim ban following the Orlando nightclub shooting, an attack committed not by refugees or migrants, but by a US citizen who was born in New York.
            • Of all the fatal terror attacks carried out on US soil since 9/11, exactly zero have been committed by immigrants from the seven majority Muslim countries targeted by the ban

            What Barack Obama did (2011)

            • Paused approvals of refugee applications from Iraq for a period of six months after two Iraqi al-Qaeda terrorists were discovered living as refugees in Kentucky.

            What he didn’t do

            • Base it on religion
            Obama’s order – which was done with very little fanfare – selected Iraqi nationals based on geography and a specific event, not religion.
            • Do it out of the blue
            It was done in response to a specific event, and to allow FBI agents enough to gather fingerprints from captured roadside bombs, which they used to toughen their refugee screening process

            What Jimmy Carter did (1979)

            • Placed sanctions on Iran after they held 52 American diplomat’s hostages for 444 days
            The sanctions included a block on all future visas issued to Iranian citizens

            What he didn’t do

            • Base it on religion
            The block was targeted at Iranian nationals, not Muslims
            • Do it out of the blue
            Carter’s sanctions were the culmination of a long-running escalation of tensions between the US and Iran.

          • Every Muslim thinks it’s a Muslim ban. Every commenter over at Breitbart thinks it’s a Muslim ban. Rudy Gilliani thinks it’s a Muslim Ban. Steve Bannon thinks it’s a Muslim ban. Candidate Trump promised it would be a Muslim ban. I’m inclined to agree with them all.

          • Rob – If you look it up, you will see the lie being told about Obama and his not letting Muslims in to America. There was a discovery about a couple men from Iraq who managed to enter in 2009 and were plotting terrorist activities. They were watched until 2011 to see how many were in their cell. No other Iraqis were let in until that was cleared up.
            Why are the Republicans blaming Trump? I think “Dirty Donald” needs to find someone to point to because of his ignorant signing of poorly written bills which will come back to bite him in the fat butt.

          • Wasn’t the same in any way, shape, or form. Do your homework. Then tell your ridiculously power-starved, hateful President Trump to, as well. Even as a Constitutional scholar and professor President Obama did before he (and his equally intelligent and well-prepared team) implemented any such plan.

          • Obama did not detain anyone. He placed a temporary ban on new visas but did not revoke the ones in existence. Nor did he deny green card holders entry. If you get stoped by a policeman who asked for your license and he detains you until YOU prove it is valid then you might understand the difference.

          • You might be referring to two Iraqi immigrants who were connected with IEDs in Iraq. It took 6 month to finish checking other Iraqis. What is different, is this was a response to a specific incident. Do you think it unreasonable?

          • That is a lie perpetrated by the repubkicans. There was never a ban. And there already is a very strong
            vetting in place. There has never been a terrorist attack in the U>S> by anyone from those seven countries, But there has been from Saudi Arabia 9including 15 of the 19 terrorists on 9-11), but I guess we cannot do anything to them because OIL.
            Also Pakistan and Egypt is not on that list and they also had terrorists on 9-11. Why are these nations not on the list?
            Another thing , more Americans (including cops) are killed by internal White Supremicist Terrorists than Muslims. Just this week there were 3 attacks in the U.S, by White Supremisists and 0 by Muslims. Why are we not targeting/investigating them?

            • This is a blog by and for Libtards. I guess Your spell check is broken. I think you meant Liberals. In case it was an intentional misspell, just know that intelligent people are not impressed by name-calling. It just makes you look like a Middle Schooler.

          • Good to know that he’s got semblance of a conscience. He still can’t go to Europe though; he’ll be detained and charged with war crimes.

        • The Muslim ban is to stop terrorists from coming to the US who cannot be vetted by the home country because the home country was bombed by the US or an ally and is a warzone. We have Iran as an enemy and Arabian Wahhabi jihadists as allies who also attack us or join ISIS. So speeding ISIS through customs should not your main concern. English ISIS fighters have already killed because there was no ban from returning English jihadis from Middle Eastern battlefields. All the mayor of London can say is we don’t have the budget to track them all. Then why let them in? Keep out Donald Trump for criticizing us. They should be criticized. They failed their people. Dick Chaney only gets offended when our oil suppliers get offended. The same ones in Arabia that call for jihads in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

        • I am afraid the brain washing is just starting. With Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary and her relationship to Neurocore a “Brain Performance Center” the possibilities are endless.

          They just have to get rid of those awful unions along with those overpaid over educated teachers. Next after all schools are “for profit” they can easily afford to lower the pay enough to hire anyone who can follow a script.

          We could also get rid of all abortions by convincing, at an early age, the sex is not meant for pleasure only for procreation. The pleasure part will be only for the rich and powerful along with free will.

          See endless – because I don’t have much of a creative mind.

          • Try “Using a Damn Contraceptive” and the good part of Sex is all yours! And Abortion, there would be None, if people took “Responsibily And Actively Protected Themselves”…..Unless you are Rich….That you can Afford the Unmeasureable Cost of Raising These Children!! Also, these Refugees don’t just have a couple of children wanting to come over and Ruin the Fabric of What Healthcare we do have….But they Have a Multitude of Children, which Begs the Question “have they Not Discovered Birth Control Already”?!?! Just my thoughts, as you all seem to have your own.

            • Turns out it was never easy for me to get pregnant. Each child was years in the making. I am not a refugee but I am the granddaughter of three immigrants. I don’t quite understand your response to me post. But, it is all good. I don’t understand a lot of what is going on.

            • This comment about using protection is RIDICULOUS! With my first child I was on a b.c. pill AND we used condoms and STILL had my daughter.

              • I have a friend who became pregnant the first time while using a condom and spermicidal foam. She became pregnant the second time while on “the pill”. She became pregnant the third time with an IUD in place.

              • I guess your daughter was meant to be born! What a blessing. BTW I hope she’s not reading your post about how much you didn’t want her.

                • you really know how to twist someone’s words around – that stupidity on your part really brings out the “judge ” in you. Now go to your bible and learn that part about “judge not lest ye be also judged”. I’m sure she loves her children- she gave birth to them.

                • Oh please! My mother didn’t plan on me (62 years ago) and I’ve survived just fine. My little ego did well enough, and my mom did the best job she could to raise me. You’re confusing planning with wanting, and they aren’t the same thing, so don’t you dare condemn Patricia. Since the anti choice people don’t want contraception to be included as routine healthcare for women, that leaves women boxed in very nicely, doesn’t it? No, you can’t have birth control, no , you can’t have abortion, and no, we won’t help you feed, clothe, and educate your children, when the person who couldn’t keep his pants zipped can’t be bothered.

                  • It would NOT be fair to call them “baby killers” as they are not killing babies. They are killing blastocysts or fetuses, but “blastocyst killer” doesn’t have the same emotional impact does it? So let’s just keep knowingly using a lie . I believe there might be a verse or two in the Bible about the appropriateness of lying, but we can comfortably ignore that because it doesn’t suit our purposes.

                    • Interesting enough as you mention the Bible, if you research, you will find that Jewish law and people don’t condemn abortion as for them a baby is considered a soul after being born!

                    • K. Haridis, this I already knew, but I say it’s better to be told twice than not at all. Thank you. The Bible gets a lot of the science wrong, but in this case, it gets it right.

                  • You cannot justify saving a fetus if you believe in sending folks off to war when they turn 18. You cannot justify saving ANY fetus if you believe in war. You also can’t justify saving a fetus that isn’t yet a person who can live and breathe on its own- because a fetus ISN’T A PERSON until it can live and breathe without your help- all on its own. We live in an age when many preemies live- but they all use to die- and where children with mental and physical birth defects live- when they all used to die too. All sex not only does not lead to pregnancy- all sex should never lead to pregnancy- because there’s no where to put that many people. Women- and men- who have sex- should take every precaution to not get pregnant if they don’t want to be pregnant. I vote for incredible sex education and preventative pregnancy measures for all- and I vote against religion being the determining factor.

                  • Replying to J. Bruce, I agree with your ideas. I particularly agree with not letting religion have the deciding factor. A two thousand-year-old book can guide our decision making through the application of ethics and principles, but it cannot directly speak to the way things are now. When the command was given to go forth and multiply, and when every child born was needed to secure the continuation of the tribe, those rules about fertility were needed. Now that we have overrun the earth and it is struggling to sustain us, we need a whole lot less multiplying.

            • You ate allowed to have your own thoughts, it’s not us trying to decimate the 1st Amendment. B..u..t when the facts you use to verbalize those thoughts are false, you lose the the right for anyone to give 2 s#%ts what your thoughts are. Please cite your source that Refugee Families bring Multitudes of Children. I can’t seem to find anything that backs up your “thoughts” .

            • There is no such thing as 100% effective birth control outside of a surgery or celibacy. My mother had six kids or, as she put it, one for each method of birth control except the pill. She couldn’t take that because of a family history of strokes. However… my sister got pregnant on the pill.

            • Wow – simple answers to complex problems. We’re all befuddled and stunned that we haven’t solved every world problem by simply asking you first. Foolproof! And all those exclamation points and question marks – I’m convinced. ***throwing all my worthless degrees and original thoughts away***

            • Haven’t you realized that you are talking about Muslim women? They are not allowed to use contraceptives as they are controlled by Saria laws. They are multiplying for the glory of their faith!

          • I find the hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of the left sadly unsurprising. “Common Core” is simply a mechanism to brainwash our children into believing political correctness is more important than common sense. Outside of the leftist elite bubbles of New York and California, Trump won overwhelmingly. That’s because most Americans ( from both major political parties) were sick of watching their tax dollars squandered on Obama paying off his cronies under the guise of “shovel ready jobs” — none of which materialized, but almost a trillion dollars disappeared with absolutely nothing to show for it in terms of economic benefit or even marginal improvement in the average American’s life. American foreign policy during the Obama administration has resulted in the Middle East becoming a dumpster fire, and a very freshly emboldened radically violent and murderous Islamic terrorist state. Domestic policy under Obama’s term in office has resulted in a more dangerous country (record violent crime in his own adopted home town), the highest debt in history, a hostile environment for American business and a healthcare system that’s gone from the best in the world to an absolute mess in which both premiums and co-pays have dramatically increased. Our military is the weakest it’s been since before World War II, and we are being routinely challenged by third world countries who would never have had the temerity to do so prior to Obama taking office. The radical left, aided by a compliant and equally if not more dishonest media, routinely mischaracterizes practically everything Trump says. If they can’t find a Trump statement or policy to mischaracterize, they’ll simply make something up, e.g., the bust of MLK being removed from the Oval Office — never happened. So, Dear Misinformed, Dishonest and Butt-hurt Libtard, don’t presume to represent America. Your incessant insults and lack of respect for the office of President of the United States of America are tiresome, cliche and boringly predictable. Instead of being a petty and sore loser, try being constructive and contributing to the welfare of others through hard work and charitable altruism. Have a look at the huge delta in charitable contribution between Middle America (over 4% of gross income on average) and the elitist East and West coasts (less than one half of one percent). This should help you pop your head out of your backside, quit whining like an injured puppy and do something constructive to help our country achieve the safety, prosperity, realization of the tremendous potential of every citizen and global respect it deserves.

            • “a healthcare system that’s gone from the best in the world”

              *stares at him*

              America’s healthcare system has never been the best in the world, or if not ‘never,’ certainly not anywhere like as recently as 8 years ago. What alternative universe are you in? I could name 10 countries without pausing to think where healthcare is better than in the US.

            • Can you instead of generalities give as facts as to how our country lost all that wealth during the Obama years? Because we know well how much the wars costed in Iraq and Afghanistan. For sure Barack had nothing to do with them or the economic fiasco that he inherited. Try to sell you dark clouds to other ignorants. We also know that he left USA in better shape. I have even saved the prices of gas and petroleum including stock market at the end of his presidency to compare with your orange color knight’s results.

            • Right. Blame it ALL on Obama. After all, he started the whole mess, right? And when you don’t blame it on Obama, blame it on the Democrats, or Muslims, or Women, or… (who’s next?) And the “political correctness” problem is another knee-slapper. Did you ever think there might be a reason for “political correctness”? As in, polite discourse? There’s a reason it’s considered correct… because we don’t call people nasty, derogatory names anymore. Fortunately we’ve (for the most part) outgrown that nonsense. And, sweetie, you can call me a Libtard if your little heart desires, but I am a PERSON with my own OPINION – just like you. Albeit less obnoxious and much more polite. And yep, I live on your “Elite” West Coast. You people who throw out meaningless terms and lump everybody in the same group that you look down on need to realize that if you made a well-reasoned point without all your inflammatory comments, people might actually listen and take you seriously.

      • Yes, Tracy Sheppard, he did say that. I couldn’t believe it so I looked it up. And now he sits on the National Security Council. Frightening.

      • He has actually gone on record to say that he is WORSE than Satan but that it wouldn’t hurt for the American people to FEAR their government and he likes to be feared.. Now what kind of crap is that? No people should have to fear their government ever! With these clowns in the house it is a fear to wake up every day and wonder what he is going to take away or ban today… what a shame and embarrassment he and his crew of ass hats have brought on our country.

      • Dear World, please accept my personal apology for a certain population of our 20 to 40 yr. olds who think the world started with them, have been brain washed in our liberal controlled public schools, have NO idea what the Constitution really stands for, and have NO respect for the gifted, God guided intelligence of our Founding Fathers. How the Hell did we ever survive, here w/o them..for over 200 yr. and how did we EVER manage to offer FREEDOM to millions who could find it nowhere else..and lets see little things like GO TO THE MOON..gosh you little smart did the planet EVER run w/o you!! Dear World..please send more Play- Doh and coloring books to help them through the next 4 yr. (dedicated to J. Pavlovitz, and his followers)

        • Thank you! I am ashamed of the madman in the WH who is not making America great, but rather he is destroying it. He is Mussolini reincarnate. He must be removed. He is insane. He is on the wrong side of history. He has no decency. He is shameful.

                • You need to learn how to spell and use proper sentence structure before your comments can be taken seriously. Then again, you DO reflect the fan base of trump.

                • You need to learn how to spell and use proper sentence structure before your comments can be taken seriously. Then again, you DO reflect the fan base of trump.

              • Because someone doesn’t agree with you then you call them a RACIST. How dare you. If we are all fighting to have freedom of speech then you MUST allow everyone to have their opinion.

            • Yes he was the greatest president your country ever had in the eyes of the rest of the world. It’s too bad his own country can’t see it. Good luck with this baphoon. America is now a laughing stock to the world.

              • Are you speaking for me? Would you please ask me. President Trump is my president. If you knew your history you would know he won the election fair and square, from compaigning. This is my 15th election. Some are good and some are bad, but the good old positive Americans make it without any fanfare, foul language , obscenities. Just good old positive thinking and belief in the best country ever????????

                • America has never had a known criminal elected. America has never had a rapist/molester in the White House. America has had some men who lacked moral judgement Kennedy, Clinton, Eisenhower for a few who all had less then steller morals. However, none of them bought their way out of rape charges, none of them had phony charities for the their own gain. How does being positive change any of these acts to make this man fit to be this nations president? trumps own people are bailing on him, and those that are still hanging on are the worst of what our country is not about. I’m not a cry baby. I am an American, and I am a strong American, and there are Millions like me who are going to be really loud until he and his crew are put down. My family fought in all the wars this country has ever had and I will do the same. I wont need to use a gun to fight this one, Our country is not going to be destroyed by this sick degenerate and his thugs. TRUMP IS NOT MY PRESIDENT. He is a THUG.

                  • Say it loud and say it proud, my friend! God bless your family for its’ service and sacrifice. Donald Trump is a narcissistic sociopath, and I truly wish more people would research that.

            • Yes actually, Obama was a pretty good president, faced with a congress like NO other president has had to face. He made mistakes, but so does everyone. But Congress’s mission for the entire 8 years Obama was in office was to stop anything at all from happening. Despite the fact that America VOTED for Obama and his goals, TWICE.

              • Actually, Hillary won the popular vote the last election against Obama, and he won by electoral college, but don’t let facts interfere with your imagination. Maybe if Dems had put up someone besides a corrupt political hack DT wouldn’t have won…Then again, after 8 years off scandal, corruption, and crisis we were sick to death of Dems.

                • At no point was Obama running against Hillary for the electoral college vote. He was against McCain first and then Romney. Obama won the popular vote and the electoral college both times.

              • Janine said, “But Congress’s mission for the entire 8 years Obama was in office…” The facts, Obama had the majority in both the House and the Senate for the first 2 years. Are you saying that his own party was stopping him for those first 2 years?

            • He was sane, intelligent, moral, articulate, cool in the face of adversity, thick-skinned, etc. Of course, he was not perfect, but he had the best interests of this country at heart. Trump has none of these qualities. He is an embarrassment for my country. I am ashamed that he is our president. God help us.

              • Something that I find significant is that children loved him. Children are very aware of who is good and who is bad.

                One thing that I am going to miss a lot is just what a fine comedian Mr. Obama is.

            • Obama is not president any more. Get off the “what he did or didn’t do” band wagon and concentrate on what the anti-Christ in the WH is doing to this country along with all his little minions. The man is evil. And he needs to be stopped.

              • I admired and still do admire President Obama. I do not recognize that bloviating buffoon in the WH as my president. We need to get him AND Pence AND Bannon AND the GOP obstructors and, unfortunately, some Dems with a sad lack of backbone out of there and rebuild a decent government. We HAVE to.

            • Stop comparing one bad situation with another to justify it, even to your self. Obama may have not been as great a POTUS as the rest of the world (me included) saw him. That’s not the point. Deal with what’s in front of you now, not what bothered you in the past. The past is done, you can only learn from it not change it.

            • You are morally bankrupt fool! If you did not know, Obama isn’t the President. The fascist you elected signed the executive order that the Nazis Bannon wrote. You’re not an American . You are a Traitor!

            • YES! YES! and YES! I have never been so proud of a president. And I have lived through a lot of them. I would have voted Obama in again if given the chance. Trump is nothing but an embarrassment to me and to the majority in our country.

              • If your so darn pissed off, then maybe go back to the country you came from! I’m sure that Trump won’t mind as i will save him across the board in having to take care of you and “Other’s On Here That Are Embarrassed and Shaken”, that someone Finally is going to put a stop “To Freeloaders” that (Refuse to Fight For their Own Damn Country)! But just wanting to Run to Safety…Really!?!? The Lord “Never said that you would Live in Safety” as I recall, the Bible does make a mention or “Several” to the fact that Humanity will Face Turmoil and Tribulation’s, that you Will have to Endure and Fight Against the Forces of Evil! Hello….they are Not Even Trying to Fight to Save their Own Government, Their Homes, Their Families etc etc etc. It’s downright Disghusting to Run to another Country, to Enslave them to Comp to your every need….when you haven’t in any sense (Joined their own Army, to fight against “Their Own Evil that’s been Thrust Upon Them”)? If they are Not Prepared to Fight For Their Own Country and Freedom’s.. they damn well “Will Not Fight” for Some of you American’s that are in Adoration of them now. Are you Blind? Or are you just choosing to be “Ambivolent”? It begs the Question? Are you willing to Die for these People? And if so, are you willing to Let “Your Families Die for These Syrian Refugees”? If you are, then may I suggest that you “Go With these Refugees, Back to their Country”…and Fight For Them, as they Apparently Don’t Know How or Simply Put – Refuse To!

            • Relatively speaking – when one compares Obama’s Administration to the Trump Regime: Obama is a Saint – Trump is the Devil.

            • Yes, Obama is someone I trust. Trump supporters who say we did not complain when Obama was elected. Because most people trusted him. Very few trust Trump for good reason.

              • You need to read his record. Highest debt in the history of America, the only president to be at war EVERYDAY of his Presidency even though he campaigned on getting our troops out, has more soldiers in Afghanistan than we he entered office, has dropped (or ordered) bombs at the rate of 72 a day in 2016. He has deported more than 2.000.000 people under his term, He put into effect a ban saying all citizens coming from Iraq could not enter the US under the refugee status. He is so slick and revered in the press and the country that people won’t see his big catastrophes while in office. He can do no wrong. Don’t speak for me. I am not apologizing to the world for our current President. OR past Presidents. Who do you think you are that you can write a letter to the world claiming that America is so sorry for President Trump. You are and many others are but a huge populous of this country believes that he is just what we need to get this country moving forward. His numbers are going up and will continue to go up. He is not traditional, can be very annoying, rude, crass, and other things, but he is a brilliant business man and is shaking up this dormant government. Do not speak for me. You have no right!

                • Fact checking is clearly not your strong suit, but you do a great job of drinking the Kool Aid. And if you think that every single thing that DT has done so far is rational, intelligent and sane, you are clearly in need of a reality check. Try, just try, to open your eyes for 5 minutes.

                • Good for you Tingers! I for 1 would gladly welcome Trump to take over for this Idiot Magazine Fool we have for PM here in Canada. I think that we must have more of a Young Populous here Than Older Ones, this nut seems to Appeal to these teeny boppers….it’s Atroshious! Now he’s looking to bury Canada in even More Debt. Anyways I like the fact that you are speaking up, as many I’ve seen on here are just Bellyaching the board to death. Diane 🙂

                • Tingers you voice your opinions well however I’m interested, do you have any compelling evidence when you claim his numbers are going up?

            • Didn’t like the replies when this was first asked? Yes, President Obama was absolutely a real patriot, and yes, someone we could rely on. He was intelligent, decent, and a good man who tried to do the best for all Americans.

            • Not only ok, a real patriot, and someone to rely on, he is going down in the history books as one of the very best Presidents this country has ever known.

              His eulogy at Mother Emmanuel is going to be rated with one fo the best speeches given by a President.

              He didn’t do everything right, but then, he is only human. Unlike Trump, Obama is a fundamentally good person.

              The only people who dislike Obama are bigoted, racist white supremacists.

            • If his entire life to date hasn’t proven to you that he is an abuser, authortarian, bigot, fascist, gynophobe, homophobe, isolationist, misogynist, racist, rapist, sexual assaulter and molester of children, transgenderphobic, white supremacist xenophobe, then every action he has taken since the election, every Cabinet nominee, his petty cruelty, his failure to respect and understand the Constitution proves exactly what he is: someone who has embraced evil and those who voted for him also embraced evil.

          • Move to Cuba, you imbecile. Trump won because real Americans are sick of libtards like you — people who make ridiculous specious assertions unsubstantiated and completely unsupported by facts. If you’re so convinced our President is evil, move to a country more aligned with your values (or lack thereof). The rest of us — real American patriots who have put ourselves in harm’s way in defense of your right to act like a douchebag — are sick of your spoiled brat, butt hurt, sore loser whining, bitching, moaning and complaining. So man up and either shut your pie hole or get the hell out of our country.

            • Dear Marine Gunner- I was born here. In SLC UT in 1953. That makes this country- MY COUNTRY. Am I a progressive liberal. Yes I am. I have a brain that I know how to use and my experience suggests we’re all connected. You- however- are a sad little person who thinks everyone is out to get you. I just feel sorry for all of you- who are about to get screwed in ways you can’t even imagine by the very moron you voted for. I guess you needed a president daddy. Someone to tie your bootlaces for you while he screws you blind. Enjoy! This country is mine- TOO- and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. And I’m GAY. And you lose.

    • To the author of this article: Please do not claim to speak for all Americans, because you don’t!! At least half of those that took the time to vote, do not agree with you! And according to the US electoral college by which this country chooses it’s pick for our leader in chief, our president, Donald Trump clearly and overwhelmingly won our Presidental Election!! Your opinion is your opinion, but DO NOT claim to speak for all Americans because that, sir, is an outright lie. You are just following in the steps of today’s fake and corrupt mainstream news!!

      • As he said, he speaks for the majority of Americans. If you choose to count yourself in the minority that supports these violations against our nation and our humanity…well, that’s up to you. The rest of will ensure that the world knows that the majority of the citizens of this country see these moral offenses for what their are.

        • How nice it must be for you to live a life unscathed by the ravages of intellect, reason and fact. No one cares what you think, because you’ve made it so obvious you don’t. Repetition of far left libtard talking points is not an effective or worthy argument. That’s why the real majority of Americans voted to abandon the failed policies of the last few decades, and opted to put a non-politician and very successful businessman in charge — along with conservative majorities in both the House and Senate. Your ridiculous (yes, subject to ridicule) assertion regarding “the majority of Americans” doesn’t explain that reality, or the fact that Trump won the Electoral College by an extremely wide margin. The truth is the “majority” to which you refer lives in either New York or California — both places being concentrated bastions of far left wing lunacy and stupidity, and forthwith should be referred to as “Dumbfukistan”. Many of us in the true majority will support your secession from the U.S.

    • Steve Bannon recently referred to himself as a “Darth Vader” , makes sense thus to infer that D.J. Trump is Emperor Palpatine !

      • Bannon is no Vader and Palpatine was incredibly intelligent you are insulting the Sith by comparing these asshats to them..the Sith are skilled warriors with high intellect u r giving these bozos waaaaaaay too much credit

        • I guess you have forgotten that the Dark Side of the Force is evil.

          Anyone who admires Satan, as does Bannon, has embraced evil.

    • Too wordy for words. I disagree with much that you said. Please do not assume you are speaking for the majority. Assumptions like yours got Trump elected. Arrogance like yours got Trump elected, lying and backstabbing, sleezy politics by Hillary ‘s camp got trump elected. Laziness and ignorance got him elected, you forgot about the silent majority, who did not get polled, who were ignored, who were called DEPLORABLES, and still are called racist, stupid, unecducated etc. They are tired of being denigrated. If you and people who speak so eloquently about The poor downtrodden refugees, and Muslims and other non Americans, yet speak with hatred toward Trump and his followers you will sow more hatred and inspire more division. Your self righteous attitude is not helpful or admirable.

    • Yet with all this rhetoric, all the time you as a people have allowed guns to be bought and used against your own people, killing innocent young lives, I wonder how you can be so judgemental of your new president. Perhaps he will be as bad as some of laws (guns) or perhaps he will surprise you all and be a good man.
      Give him a chance and stop being so dogmatic and judgemental.

      • Considering the example of his entire life, Lyn kincaid, how can you even remotely think he will suddenly become a good man? Yes, people can repent and God will forgive them, but what evidence do you have that this man would ever ask forgiveness when he is on record as saying he would ever ask for it as he has done nothing that needs to be forgiven? Evidently, he believes about the 10 Commandments as he does about the law, it doesn’t apply to him.

        And are you really unaware how vigorously progressives have campaigned for gun control laws in the USA? But politicians who owe allegiance to the NRA have opposed this.

    • Get a real LIFE!
      He’s our president!
      It’s people like you all making matters worse!!!
      Let the man govern!!!
      He won the “presidency”!!!
      Now act like upstanding individuals and suck it up!!!
      Did you see people act like a bunch of uncaged animals roaming the streets and burning cars and busting glass windows out of businesses!!!
      When other “men” won the
      Presidency? HELL NO!!!!
      You all need to get to work and do good for this country!
      Instead of crying like damned babies!!! Apparently you that are protesting must be independently
      Wealthy??? Otherwise how can you afford $$$$$$ to be out of work?
      Running the streets boo hooing ?

    • i have to disagree with the author’s premise when he makes statements like, “…things we took for granted in our leadership: things like goodness, wisdom, and basic truthfulness are no longer in play, and as things are eroding quickly we wanted to let you know that we’re sorry.” I have never taken for granted those things in our leadership. As a matter of fact, when our leadership shows those qualities, I’m pleasantly surprised, shocked, and somewhat skeptical. Are we forgetting the corruption of past leaders such as GWBush, Reagan, Bush the First, Clinton (abandoning Rwanda to genocide), Nixon, etc.. I think Americans need to wake up to the fact that our system is broken and has been for a very, very long time. Maybe since its inception. It has always been a system devoted to the needs of the wealthy and not those who need our government the most; the poor, the homeless, the working families struggling to survive, our veterans, the land, the waters, the non-human animals.

    • As much as I get what you’re saying, minimizing the behaviour of the ass in office is not going to help the issue. Comparison to a children’s movie is not the way to find an answer. That sort of thing would only “embiggen” a jackass like him.
      Time to take it a little more seriously.
      The rest of the world is.

  2. Lawgivers or revolutionaries who promise equality and liberty at the same time are either utopian dreamers or charlatans. Goethe

    Beware the charlatans on both sides.

  3. Hmm, where’d my comment go? Okay, I’ll type it again. I said:

    Don’t worry. The rest of us haven’t yet decided to take the suggestion of getting Canada to build a wall too, and having all the other countries chip in to help build the lid. Though it’s still on the table. 😛

    • John,I look forward to your post and you speak the truth, it breaks my heart to see those who think he was the best person to lead our country what is wrong with this world ?

      • I am a Catholic Prolife and I agree with Pope Francis that building a wall is not Christian, neither is denying a visa to a child who is in danger in Syria or other places. I have lots of empathy…Where is Congress on this? How can you call yourself the Lone Catholic?

        • The Republican congresses is not going try to help! They are going to fulfill their agenda that they have been working on for at least 20 years. That agenda is to take as much as they can get by with from the American people.

        • People like the Lone Catholic are why I’m not a catholic anymore.

          Your religion is your wall. A thin, fragile, transparent wall fabricated from a tissue of lies. A nasty, un-Christ like thing, your wall, built on dogmatic rules that some ancient, privileged self-enlightened fool wrote hundreds of years ago. You live life through your rear-view mirror, totally unaware of the lives you mow down in your reckless disregard for those who don’t agree with you.

          Your words, Lone Catholic, are the best recruitment tools for the rising secular world. Please keep speaking them.

            • The Eucharist is not necessary it is simply a ritual you do to remind yourself of Jesus, it has no power to do anything.

              Everything you practice out of discipline has a reward because of the benefits of habitual response.

              • You may believe that but I don’t and I doubt that happens at all. My faith is in Jesus alone not rituals and buildings and things.

                I am okay you get something out of it but don’t push it on others or make it a requirement … it’s a really iffy thing to make people believe in.

            • You might leave the priest giving the sacraments, but God remains in your heart and soul and there’s peace with that and nourishment if you are filling your conscience. If you really know your religion, RC, this is a principle it teaches!!!

              • Lone Joe Catholic, Clement 1 started official apostolic authority and succession, it didn’t start that way. After that the Roman Catholic church was created out of human imagination and will. Much of what you practice is the doctrines and traditions of men. Yet God continues to bless believers despite organized religion.

                therefore be blessed !

            • I see you are up to your old tricks Joe/benny/Loner

              Catholic means liberal, wide broad, eclectic, The original church is catholic not the Catholic church is the original Catholic means ALL believers, meaning the influence of Christ in humanity is broad based, not limited to the man made practise of your religion.

              I can’t wait until the day your eyes are fully open, rather than this silly squinting you do,

              So, stop with this pretending about what is and is not catholic .

              • Nope not playing word games. Joanne wrote below,

                “Even today VP Pence calls himself an Evangical Catholic.”

                He doesn’t mean RC he knows the word catholic means broad based.

                In many churches they read the Apostles Creed which states:

                “…I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic* church,
                the communion of saints…

                The holy catholic church is the true Christian church of all times and all places including me, a believer, who is not RC.

                Your rituals make you RC but not catholic- per say- so you are the one using the word incorrectly.

            • Oh, please…If you are a white, Catholic male living in America, I have to wonder how much discrimination you’ve endured, Lone. I guess I don’t really know how hard it is for you; probably like a refugee fleeing Syria, ha?

              • No, it is no where near as prevalent or cruel as being a refugee.

                But there always has been a sort of discrimination against the Catholic Church, the Mormons and probably others.

                Joe of course likes to blame anything and everything on the left. That doesn’t make it true.

                How many Catholic Presidents have there been? How many Mormon Presidents have there been?

                As a young child a newly converted Mormon told me that Catholicism was the devil.

                When President Kennedy ran for President he barely won because the right was almost hysterical in fear of him bringing the Vatican to rule the United States. He ran as a Democrat and as we know did not quite follow all the Commandments.

                Still he was loved by many for the short time we knew him. I remember exactly where I was when we heard of his death – my High School typing class. Teachers were crying the whole school was reeling in shock.

                Even today VP Pence calls himself an Evangical Catholic. Who better than a Politician to cover all bases.

                I think it is probably a fear of the most powerful and wealthy of churches.

                Yet I feel in the minority as I am just as afraid of the power of the people who call themselves the “Religious Right” or Evangelicals.

          • Sir, Do you know the person of Jesus Christ the Son of God on a Personal level or just what you were taught in the Catholic Church. I dare you seek to get to know Him as your own personal Savior through repentance of your sins and acceptance of the fact that He is Christ, the Lord whom all knees shall bow and every tongue will confess. He is returning again soon. Hope He will find you a believer in His redemptive love. Jesus love you as you are,…Accept, Believe, Confess He is Lord. This is my prayer for you.

            • Thats great you have a deep relationship with Christ, great! But, it sounds the same as every other testimony I have heard from very other believer. What works to get you into a deeper relationship with Christ is the RC however to someone else it’s a Baptist church or a Lutheran church or maybe not going to one particular church but visiting many different churches. What you do is a habit, you need that habit to focus yourself on Jesus. I don’t need it I am a free spirit and Jesus is with me everywhere. I make church wherever I go.

          • Amen Jerry. It was the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) who marginalized the Catholics; hence, Catholic Schools. Read the history of St. John’s University, New York.

        • Those issues were not part of the discussion regarding whether she as a Catholic is willing to exclude poeple from coming across the border. Please don’t be one of the countless conservatives who resort to baiting people on other sensitive, personal belief, issues as a way to establish what is and isn’t a Good Catholic, or a Good Christian. That is not for you to pick at or attack individuals over, calling them to task based on your own interpretations and beliefs based in your own faith. EVEN in faith, everyone is different.Judging and separating, calling to task and picking arguments, is just more divisive self-righteousness, where we become more judgmental and separate from each other. It is not YOURS to judge, who’s a better or more “right”, Christian. An yet, it has become a major force of division among people, to attack based on religion…or haven’t you been paying attention to world events, the last few thousand years?? The people who castigate you for being religious, are constantly pointing out how so many divisions and tiny demons of judgment have been created by those who practice faith, as a way to judge and put down others, whether atheist or regligious.

          • You accuse everyone who thinks differently than you of being an imposter.

            Yet Jesus never said those who think differently are imposters did he?

            No, he said you will know them by how they treat others.

            • It doesn’t make them an imposter rather it makes them a critical thinker of the doctrines made by men, voted by men and led by men.

              Just because you swallow a camel doesn’t mean we all have to.

            • Such a misplaced metaphor.
              Cafeterias are good and having a variety of foods to eat is important so that we get the appropriate nourishment .

              btw as I said above catholic means liberal, wide, broad, eclectic, The original church is catholic not the Catholic church is the original. You are misusing the word catholic.

              Catholic means ALL believers, meaning the influence of Christ in humanity is broad based, not limited to the man made practise of your religion.

          • Lone, whyare you so narrow minded? I am also a RC since birth. Religion is personal. Please stop ranting and turning people against us! I do NOT believe every single thing the church preaches. I accept the Eucharist every week IN SPITE OF being divorced and other”sins” I choose not to make public. Our God is forgiving and did not make up these “rules” that you say are excluding. This is not about religion. It is about the incompetence and hatefulness of a president the majority of us did not want. Please remember to separate your newfound religion from the decency and morality of all, not just those who believe as you do. That’s the point of the letter!

            • Well said. By the way he keeps saying the left is condemning Catholics, not so, I have been on this earth a long time and the most objectionable things said about Catholics has been said by people TLC is playing in the sandbox with. The Fundies have been really nasty, the favorite among them is that it is a cult not a religion and he may like to believe otherwise but they are still selling that nonsense.

            • DML,
              Well said. By the way he keeps saying the left is condemning Catholics, not so, I have been on this earth a long time and the most objectionable things said about Catholics has been said by people TLC is playing in the sandbox with. The Fundies have been really nasty, the favorite among them is that it is a cult not a religion and he may like to believe otherwise but they are still selling that nonsense.

            • The lone catholic is alone because he is the one misrepresenting the Catholic church. The way you speak to people about the faith is off base. Every single commenter who is catholic has criticized you.

        • Did you know there’s an entire book of the Bible about how awesome building a wall is? Not kidding. You should check it out sometime.

          • In case you are wondering, here’s what the Bible says about welcoming the stranger:

            Deuteronomy 10: 19 You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.
            Leviticus 19:34 The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.
            Matthew 5:43-44 You have heard that it was said, ‘you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy’. But I say to you, love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.
            Matthew 25:40 Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brethren you did it to me.
            Romans 13:8 Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.
            Romans 13:10 Love does no wrong to a neighbor, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.
            Acts 10:34 Then Peter began to speak to them: “I truly understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.
            Revelation 21:3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “See the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them as their God; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them.”
            3 John 1:5 Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the friends, even though they are strangers to you; they have testified to your love before the church. You do well to send them on in a manner worthy of God; for they began their journey for the sake of Christ, accepting no support from non-believers. Therefore we ought to support such people, so that they may become co-workers with the truth.
            Luke 10:27 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.
            Hebrews 13: 1 Let mutual love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.
            Colossians 3:11 In that renewal there is no longer Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and free; but Christ is all and in all.
            Matthew 25: 35 I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
            Romans 12:13 Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.

            Please explain how anyone who says that they take the Bible literally (or even seriously) can in any way, shape, or form agree with Trump on immigration (or the wall for that matter.)

            Feel absolutey free to agree with him – but please don’t pretend to be a Bible-believing Christian while you do. And understand why those of us who are trying hard to following Jesus are extremely upset right now.

        • ‘He has no political power’?! The Vatican is a country and the Pope is the Head of State. Research before making these comments, please.

      • Hi Charissa just ignore lonely Joe all he does is tatty and put down everything John P has for us and that is a gift from God.Thank you John for all your truth!

      • Hi Charissa just ignore lonely Joe all he does is try and put down everything John P has for us and that is a gift from God.Thank you John for all your truth!

    • Arian, The intolerance of the rest, made me nervous to make comment. I was forced to attend baptist which is about 157 down from original church of Jesus. Who is this guy, most people my age have gay relatives, we embrace them. Reminds me of Madonna, suddenly after years of freeeeedom(sic), can understand wanting to be relevant after soooo long. BTW, we geriatrics had beyond magic times….then we came home to all the priests that accepted us with out judgement, magic on steroids ( Thank You Father ) ….all should try it…amazing.
      Thank You for giving me cover from my kids & grandkids, and the behavior reminiscent of John’s reference…That group wasn’t fond of a lot don’t take it personally.
      God Bless all,
      Victoria MD

      • Victoria, I find it hard to understand what you’re saying here. I’m not even sure whether you’re agreeing or disagreeing with my post, which was joking, but with a serious point. Could you clarify your perspective?

    • Arian, The intolerance of the rest, made me nervous to make comment. I was forced to attend baptist which is about 157 down from original church of Jesus. Who is this guy, most people my age have gay relatives, we embrace them. Reminds me of Madonna, suddenly after years of freeeeedom(sic), can understand wanting to be relevant after soooo long. BTW, we geriatrics had beyond magic times….then we came home to all the priests that accepted us with out judgement, magic on steroids ( Thank You Father ) ….all should try it…amazing.
      Thank You for giving me cover from my kids & grandkids, and the behavior reminiscent of John’s reference…That group wasn’t fond of a lot don’t take it personally.
      God Bless all,
      Victoria MD

  4. So well said. The America I knew and loved was always trying to be that beacon of light to the world.
    Lady Liberty seems so alone now.

  5. Those of us in Canada are keeping a weather eye trained southward, watching the atrocities, judging how they will affect Americans, Canadians and the rest of the world. The US does not exist in isolation. There is little we can do directly as non-citizens, but we can sign petitions, we can reflect news that carries the truth, we can emotionally support our friends and relatives in the US, we can boycott any company benefitting from or exploiting the situation, and we can pray.

    • Those of us in Canada are keeping a weather eye trained southward, watching the atrocities,

      What “atrocities”? What bloody “atrocities” has President Trump committed in his first week of office? Good Lord! You leftists are a hysterical bunch.

      • You don’t think that banning Muslims on Holocaust Remembrance Day is atrocious?

        I assure you that I am quite sane. Painting concern as hysteria shows the fragility of your argument.

        • When did he “ban Muslims”? And what does that have to do with Holocaust Day? Are you aware that Muslims don’t tend to treat Jews well?

          And regardless, saying, “No, you may not come here” hardly qualifies as an “atrocity”. But please, continue your hysteria. It drives all sane people further and further from you.

          • Denying the same safe harbour your ancestors enjoyed to others based on nothing but fear is an atrocity. I’m pretty sure if it was the US being bombed to smithereens, you’d be looking for a safe place for your family. Everything I believed made the US great is disappearing.

            • If USA was war torn, would you rather take refuge in Canada, Australia, or England? Or ….would you rather take refuge in Bahrain, Saudi, UA Emirates, Chad, Qatar?

              • I would STAY & FIGHT for MY country!!! And i am an old lady!! Why is it okay for Mexico to have a wall PROTECTING THEIR southern border??? Why don’t refugees/immigrants come through Ellis Island like they USED to?? WHEN did it become okay for everyone to just come in & hey, lets give them FREE healthcare plus welfare, paid for by HARD WORKING Americans!?! I can remember when John Wayne said “press 1 for English? Isn’t this still America?” We used to Pledge Allegiance to the flag every morning at school! We took great pride in being American!! Now low life’s BURN OUR FLAG and claim they are American?!? SICKENING!!!

                • Your rant is a cry for help! You are scared and old and seem to be lashing out at the weakest amongst us. Actually, the only ones politically weaker than yourself. If you would acknowledge this one fact you would be free of this fear and be able to focus your outrage at the real perpretrators of this crisis; the military, who ‘lost’ $9T. The Feds who ‘can’t find’ $5T and the super-wealthy, who have off-shored $20T in accounts.
                  That is our national debt, at the expense of ‘We the People’.

                • America is a nation of immigrants. Just because you ancestors arrived several generations ago does not mean you are more American than the person who swore an oath of allegiance yesterday.

                • old woman: It’s simply not true that people who “just come in” get free healthcare and welfare. It’s bizarre that this gets repeated and repeated with no basis whatsoever. Recent immigrants typically work hard, long hours at exhausting jobs. Just like your ancestors and mine. They also pay taxes, while not receiving benefits such as Social Security. They are not taking anything from you. Your fears are misplaced.

          • Your argument is ripe with vitriol and fallacies.
            Go somewhere else if you can’t even address others with a modicum of civility, please.

            • What vitriol and what fallacies? Be specific, please.

              By the way, is calling someone’s religion “heathen superstition” civility?

        • I’m sorry, but lying is not an atrocity. Lying may be used to cover up an atrocity, but it is not an atrocity in itself. If you want to be taken seriously, you should stop sounding so hysterical.

          • Lying is an atrocity and god considers it to be so because those who lie are bad people, and bad people do very bad things. Read your Bible lately—or just thumping it? Notice one of the key characteristics of the father of ALL ATROCITIES:

            Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44).

            I rest my case a-hole.

            • Okay, well if lying is an “atrocity” when is Obama going to pay for the myriad “atrocities” he’s committed? And what about Hillary Clinton being caught on video planning to commit “atrocities” against the American people?

              The way you hysterical idiots debase language is disgusting. Words have meanings. There is more to a word than the feelings attached to it.

              • I think you made a good point, friend, but this is why conservatives need liberals and liberals need conservatives.

                Human beings need balance and we have been given a head plus a heart. Together they help us make wise decisions. Without heart we become mean (which is why my friend elephant got a little snarky on the blog, but I have talked to him about it. He will come around because he is cerebral and needs a hug every once and awhile) As well, without the head we go a little loopy which is why I cry sometimes and cannot get up of bed after someone is mean to me, but my friend elephant helps me to put things in perspective. )

                I used friend with a feeling of compassion for you as a fellow human.

                • Zaklog the Adorable – I agree with your words and I thank you for them. I have always felt much more at ease when the sides are each able to counteract each side’s extremism.

                  But I have to thank you for my first laugh of the day even if it was at myself. When I saw your response I had only registered the name of Zaklog. For a few moments I had thought, once again, I was awakening in a parallel universe and now would have to thank the other Zaklog for his words. Again, thank you.

      • Iraqi citizens who got green cards for helping the US at grave danger to themselves are stuck at JFK and separated from their families. That is an atrocity. One of many. You ignore this at your own peril. You think you’re safe so it’s ok. You don’t care that Trump excluded from his ban the countries where he does business, where people have come from that actually killed Americans on our soil. Not one person from the banned countries did that. Not one. Ask anyone who survived the Holocaust how it started, how they laughed at people who spoke out early on as hysterical. Those who left early and were laughed at were the ones who survived.

        • –not to worry. after being fully vetted, they will be sent through in due time.

          Ive been pulled aside many times in customs in foreign countries. It’s no picnic. But every country has a right to exercise security practices.

          • But every country has a right to exercise security practices.

            Wrong. Every country except ones historically populated by white people . . . because . . . reasons.

      • I’m glad to see there are at least a couple of people who haven’t fallen victim of to drinking the kool-aid being handed out by George Soros and his league of left-handed pied pipers. Abortion is not an approved practice of any religion of which I am aware. As for the prohibiting of individuals from Middle East countries from coming to the US, there is no way to properly vete them since these countries have little or no database of them for our review. As for the article that started this dicussion, it’s primary objective appears to be preying on the emotions of frustrated individuals who did not get their way during the election. As in the past, each election results in winners and losers. The reason America has succeeded through the years is that both sides join together to work as one. To do otherwise is to fall into the trap that George Soros has set, in the US, his home country of Hungary, Russia, and other European countries in an effort to cause chaos and disruption. Too bad he doesn’t have anything constructive to do with his billions.

        • The refusal to work together with people who want to do things you think are wrong is hardly unreasonable. If you want your opponents to work with you to help make things better, first you have to plan to do things that they agree are actually better. Otherwise it’s both their right and their moral duty to go on opposing it.

    • Thank you. At the rate this is going, we who do not support the actions of the current President may need all the help we can get.

        • I never lost my power, I didn’t have any to begin with, that’s what you don’t understand.

          You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

        • I am neither a loon nor am I a left winger. I am a Christian and I am certainly opposed to what President Trump is doing. And if you are a true Catholic, you could not support this lying adulterer or have forgotten that divorce is not accepted in the Catholic faith.

          • Similarly, Lone Ranger, we don’t support Hillary or Bill’s sins…because Hillary is not responsible for Bill’s sins, nor yours nor mine. We were not supporting SINS even if a religion supports the ideology/theory that abortion is a sin. A woman’s body is HER body and as you so eloquently put it and I paraphrase…the sin is between HER and HER God” We supported HER policies.

        • The majority of Christians anywhere but in the US quite definitely *are* astonished and distressed by the election of Mr Trump. The majority of the citizens of every other first-world country thinks the voters of the US must have gone completely insane. Religious or secular, progressive or conservative, we *all* think something really weird is happening over there, and we’re hoping like hell it doesn’t spread. Maybe it would be safest for us to deny all Americans entry into our countries… but then, that would be failing to distinguish those who caused the madness from those who quite reasonably want to get out of the country where it’s happening.

    • Thank you for such kind hopeful words. We appreciate all the kindness and prayers from Canada! You look southward, we often look northward and wonder if we could ever call it home.

      • I am grateful to live in Canada. I cannot be bankrupted by having a medical issue. I can retire at 65 and not be destitute. Our banks have strong regulations that meant we didn’t follow you in your crash. We have our problems too (a few wingnut politicians and a lingering racism that is so polite it’s hard to root out, an over-dependence on fossil fuels to name a few), but we are working to address them.

        • Since utopia means “any non-existent society described in considerable detail”, I wish to inform you that Canada really does exist.

          If you are using the secondary meaning “a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions”, then I assure you that that is not Canada. If you read my comment again, you will note where I described some issues that we are struggling with.

          It is interesting that you hear a shrill whine when reading this blog post. I find that it comes without sound effects.

          • Are you truly a catholic? Do you really think this person is whineing?!
            I am a catholic, I am an American, I am also English living in the most diverse place, London, and I think Trump is a nasty piece of work! As do most British, and the world… the extremists probably love him. Maybe that is who you are!? Read your bible mate and find the many places where we should love, not hate. Trump is a hater and the quicker he gets ousted the better!

        • PB: Canada is a wonderful country. You have the population of California and the land mass of USA. You can’t compare our countries.

          • Of course you can compare them. You can compare apples to oranges and decide that while they are both fruit that grow on trees, their structure and taste, and the methods for their consumption are quite different.

            Also, we have a greater land mass than USA. Canada is 2.6 times the size of the USA. California has 3 million more people than Canada.

          • True. But we do not discriminate by nationality or religion. We learned our lesson in 1939 when we turned away the ship St. Louis carrying 907 Jewish refugees that were fleeing Germany. We turned them away because of their religion. They were returned to Germany where 254 of them died in concentration camps.

    • The Republican congresses is not going try to help! They are going to fulfill their agenda that they have been working on for at least 20 years. That agenda is to take as much as they can get by with from the American people.

      • Exactly, now they are in a stew because after 8 years of playing armchair quarterback and demonizing Obama they are struggling to unwind from Obamacare while not risking many of their base asking for their heads. Much easier to bitch and moan than do.

        Now suddenly the deficit is no big deal. Money is there to spend. They want to spend their time getting their tax and regulation reductions ready to advertise as this wonderful break for the middle class.

        We have been through this before. Tax breaks for the middle class is their version of grown-ups patting us on the head and saying amscray – because the grown-ups are going to party like there is no tomorrow. And the band plays on……

    • Easy for you to say. Your country is not being overrun with lawbreakers who come and squat in Canada, demanding driver’s licenses, taxpayer benefits, and the right to stay without permission. I notice that Canada has rules for those wishing to leave their home country and live there. Why not just let ANYONE come in? We can send the illegals your way, no problem. I don’t hear you welcoming them in by the millions, or even hundreds. Put your country and your safety where your sympathies seem to be….

      • You discount your own argument in your second sentence when you refer to undocumented people as lawbreakers. It is like the past situation with gay people who were told they could only have sex within the bonds of marriage, but marriage was illegal. You cannot have it both ways. Those people are in the US undocumented, not because they are immoral, but because they fled life threatening circumstances, or because they were infants and children brought in those circumstances, and the US does not have a reasonable process for recognizing them.

  6. Thank you, John P, for once again saying what needs to be said.

    Anyone who supports what has happened this week is as unhinged and as committed to evil as is the current administration. Diabolical things are taking place in our nation’s capital.

    • I thank you for your previous comments, as well as this one. I also wonder something about you. I’m 74, and remember Joey Amalfitano. In 1954 or ’55, I think he was a rookie on the NY Giants (I don’t think it was the Dodgers!). He’d be a bit over 80, maybe as much as 85. Is he kin to you? Thanks! Keep supporting John P’s Christian witness!

      • Brooklyn Greg, I have not been asked this question in a Very Long Time. I believe Joey ended his career as third base coach for the LA Dodgers.

        No, we are not related. “Amalfitano” means “man from Amalfi” and there are pockets of Amalfitanos all over the USA who are not related to each other. My own family comes from Ischia, but somewhere back in the distant past, someone had to have moved there from Amalfi. Such is what my grandfather told me.

        Thank you for your kind words about my comments.

    • Anyone who supports what has happened this week is as unhinged and as committed to evil

      Yes, the vandalism and massive property destruction which leftists inflicted in D.C. were truly awful. And inviting a psychopathic murderess like Donna Hylton to speak at your event? What kind of crazies do that.

      You’re entirely right. There was a great deal of evil on display this past week.

      • Zaklog the Great now turned Deplorable

        That’s your slanted opinion. The few who vandalized are not part of the peaceful protest, they are another opportunistic group who work independently, most likely anarchists or those with ulterior motives.

        You pick out the extremes to prove your point but your hatred of liberals is a hatred of tolerance towards those, like Donna Hylton, who have served their time and been punished, and now are contributing to society.

        You spend your whole time avoiding truth rather understanding truth.

        • That’s your slanted opinion. The few who vandalized are not part of the peaceful protest, they are another opportunistic group who work independently, most likely anarchists or those with ulterior motives.

          No. No, no, no, no, no.

          Your thought leaders explicitly endorsed and called for riots and violence against Trump supporters. You do not get to pretend that when this violence shows up it has nothing to do with you.

          Cease your damned lies.

          • Pot, kettle. Those who voted for Trump, you do not get to pretend that when this violence shows up, it has nothing to do with you. Not unless you’re out there very loudly deploring it whenever it occurs. But I’m not hearing it if that’s happening. Come on, Republican voters – “No, this is wrong. This is not what we voted for, and not what we as Christians approve of.” Otherwise what are bystanders to conclude except that you don’t see anything wrong with it?

            • What violence? What violence are you calling us to decry? The only things I’ve heard of are a bunch of leftist hoaxes intended to slander us. So go ahead and add that to your sides ledger of sins, thank you very much.

              • Zaklog the truly deplorable, if you are referring to the marches of Jan. 21 you cannot find any examples of rioting or destruction because they simply did not happen. If you are speaking of the destruction of Jan. 20, which resulted in 217 arrests in DC, that is obviously a different day and a different event, already proven to have been carried out by an anarchist group and not these scary “leftists”. Yes, you are lying and continue to lie.

    • If they were really speaking up for life, it wouldn’t be diabolical, but their sole aim is to make abortion illegal. That doesn’t stop abortions, it just makes them unsafe because hacks are doing them instead of doctors. The result is far more death.

      If one was serious about stopping abortions, one would work at stopping men from raping, and insist on those having consensual sex use a condom. We would ensure that birth control was accessible and affordable. We would make sure that all women can access affordable health care so that they can understand their bodies, their risks, how to stay healthy, and how to only have children when they are desired. Men should be encouraged to father the children they create or financially support them at a minimum. The minimum wage needs to be a living wage. Infant health care needs to be available and affordable. Maternity and paternity leaves should be available without loss of employment or seniority. Each of these actions would result in a drop in the need for abortions. Are pro-lifers working to eliminate the need for abortions or is it that they just prefer crabbing at women and feeling holier than thou?

      • You know, Lone Catholic” you sound like someone who can impregnate and leave the impregnated.

        What about rape?
        What about incest?
        What about the mother’s life being in jeopardy in some cases of pregnancy? What about a woman’s choice?

        • The use of “massacred at abortion mills” tells you just about enough of the mind-set of this person. I wouldn’t expend any energy trying to discuss things in reason. Said person will just use it to rant and rave in the manner of Big Chief Little Hands.

        • So if they were so pro-life, why aren’t they willing to help the living. Why are they taking away healthcare benefits? We are going to force you to have a child that we know has sever medical disabilities and take away your insurance so you cannot help them. Where is the sense in that?

      • Well said. If only your suggestions were followed, there would be very few abortions. Sadly, most Right-to-Lifers lose interest once the birth is accomplished. They prefer to starve the child by cutting holes in the safety net. WWJD seems to only be a slogan, not a way of life.

        • Thanks Damselfly. I like what you said too.

          If I knew how to get a picture showing, it would be a dragonfly. Dragonfly is one of my totems, followed by frog. Both are change agents.

        • The reason there should be few abortions is that abortion is a bad thing. No woman should become pregnant who doesn’t want to be, and no woman especially should become pregnant such that it threatens her life or her health or as a result of sexual assault.

          The only way we have to improve the situation if any of those bad things does occur is to do another thing that’s also bad, which is why we want it to take place as rarely as possible – namely, the ending of a potential human life. Potential human lives are also valuable, but not as valuable as the lives of those who are not potential but actual human persons.

          Is it bad to kill a dog? I think most people would say it was. But if it was a question of either the dog’s right to life or a human being’s, I also think most people would agree that the dog’s rights were subordinate to the human’s

          So no, abortion is not a good or desirable thing. But safe, medically supervised abortion is a lesser evil than what would happen if it weren’t available (and used to, before it was available) -unsafe abortions that injured or killed the mother as well as killing the embryo or fetus.

          Would I rather one potential human life was ended, or one actual human life plus one potential human life? I’m definitely going to regretfully end the potential human to save the one who’s already a person.

          • You’ve missed my point. Someone who wants to end their pregnancy badly enough will do anything they need to to end it. If they can’t do it legally, they’ll do it illegally. If they can’t do it safely, they’ll do it unsafely. If they can’t do it except at risk of their own death, they will risk their own death. Legal, medically supervised abortion is in and of itself a saver of lives – lives of current actual human beings, which outweigh the lives of potential human beings.

        • My opinion exactly. Too many fighting for right to life forget about that baby after it is born. Cutting food stamps, welfare, and healthcare means those unplanned babies have to suffer after they are born. A birth is a lifetime commitment.

        • Yes. The hypocrisy and cruelty of the pro-life/forced-birth movement is horrifying. My own state of Texas with its draconian abortion restrictions has, according to the British newspaper The Guardian, the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. This shows that the anti-abortion movement is in reality a coercive and occasionally violent organization that seeks to control and punish women.

      • What’s missing in that statistic is that research has found that many people using contraceptives are not using them properly, and all contraceptives have a failure rate when used properly. There has to be comprehensive education in the use of contraceptives, and there should be more research in improving their reliability.

        It should be noted that I myself would never have had an abortion (I’m many years beyond that now), but I can understand why, in certain circumstances, it is a necessity for others.

        • To be more precise, it is blastocysts and fetuses that are killed by abortions, not babies. People use the word baby to heighten the emotional anger. Also to be precise, spontaneous abortions (misnomered as miscarriages) also happen much more frequently than abortions. We mourn these losses.

          I wouldn’t have had an abortion because I have supportive family and friends, and have always been just wealthy enough to be able to manage an unplanned pregnancy. I also live in a country with a good social safety net if I should have fallen on hard times.

          I take issue with the words you use. No one plans to have an abortion or keeps abortion on hand as a Plan B. Failed contraceptives happen, and not every family is in a position to support the birth of a child or another child or a fifth child.

          You also frame the need for an abortion as a response to immorality. Married people have abortions for a variety of very difficult reasons such as not being able to provide for another child or the serious illness of the mother. Do you suggest that once child #2 has arrived, married couples should not longer make love?

          As for who pays the price, why does it always have to be the mother? It takes two to make a baby. Men walk away. And if they stay, men aren’t shamed when an abortion happens, just the woman is.

          There is a joke. “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” I agree that that goes too far, but it is funny because it absolutely has the ring of truth.

          • It would be helpful for a respectful conversation if you would actually read and understand what I write. I have said that all pregnancies that do not continue are to be mourned. I have said that I am NOT in favour of abortions. Why do you continue to paint me as a heartless monster?

            You call yourself a Lone Catholic, but keep this up and you really will be. If this is what being Catholic is about, I want nothing to do with it, and as I hear from other people here, neither do others. You are personally responsible for driving people away from God.

            • An embryo and a fetus are not people yet. It is more about mourning the loss of potential relationship.

              I resist laws that prevent abortion because all they do is prevent safe abortions. They force women into unsafe abortions and cause more death. You should consider supporting enacting laws that result in positive outcomes that mean that women would no longer need to seek abortions, except in the case of medical necessity.

            • My main reason for bringing up spontaneous abortions was because I was responding to unclear language and I wanted to be sure what it was that was being said.

              You are clearly not female. I had a spontaneous abortion of a very much desired child. I had a “blighted ovum”. The blastocyst developed enough to signal pregnancy, but a child would never have developed. Some people treated me as if I had done something wrong that caused the death of a baby. There are similarities in the way that women are treated who have spontaneous abortions and those who have chosen abortion, and there is mourning in both cases. That is why I raised it. It doesn’t matter what women do, they are treated disrespectfully.

        • How do you feel about the sick person that cannot pay for expensive medical coverage?

          How do you feel about the person who lost their job and cannot feed their family?

          How do you feel about the person who is judged by the color of their skin and not the color of their heart?

          Too bad you cannot have half the compassion for the living that you have for the unborn…

      • You are right Patricia. They are actually pro birth but not pro life. The republican party only care for the unborn life but soon after birth they could care less about life, hypocrites.

    • The way he does it, yes it is diabolical. When you simply advocate forcing women to endure unintended or life-threatening pregnancies, there is nothing of grace or the sanctity of life in your intent. Until Pence and his ilk start helping the children of this nation and others, then he is simply forcing women to give birth against their will and that is unconstitutional. And immoral.

      • I completely understand why you have that name, Lone Catholic. No one wants to be around you. You are a sad, lonely, angry man. I will pray for you.

      • ABG:

        Less than .5 % of Abortions are due to incest, rape, life of mother, health of mother. (that’s 1/2 of a %).

        The #1 reason women give for abortions, is that they want to protect the children that they already have.

        45% of women that get abortions have already had one or more abortions.

        85% women that abort are unmarried.

        Saddest statistic: 37.5% of all pregnancies in NYC end in abortion. [17% Nationwide.]

        • Most people are against abortion and you turn a blind eye to that.

          Statistics are meaningless to prove anything because they are tailored by their questions to produce specific information based on a predetermined theory or postulation. Statistics are meant to reveal trends and guide policy not condemn and prove something right or wrong. Statistics are misused by people in the same way scripture is missed .

          To justify actions.

          You say a Bible verse proves you can discriminate against LGBT people then you say the Bible should not be used to protect refugees. That is hypocritical !

          You Bible thumpers say you stand on the Bible- then turn around and use scientific research that is biased to support your claims while at the same time denying science when it suits your purpose.

          Close minded hypocrites! Always grasping at evidence to condemn others rather than finding ways to show grace!

          Franklin Graham told the truth. Finally the last nail in the coffin of my respect for him and your hypocritical myopic christianity which does not reflect Jesus at all! Graham said the immigrant situation in America is not a Bible matter. Do you agree with him?

          LGBT rights activists have been saying this for years about our own situation. That the Bible does not tell everything about our experience and yet Franklin Graham turns around and uses that very idea to exclude refugees and immigrants who are needy- in a country that was built by immigrants.

          Woe to you hypocrites that close your minds and turn a blind eye to the suffering of living breathing human beings!

          Many people who call themselves Pro-Life are told what to think and spoon fed information which is why you all say the same thing. You don’t care about what people experience or what their situations is. All you care about is pointing the finger and fantasizing about judgement against the weak and under privileged of this world! . Woe to you for your indifference and condemnation. !

          Abortion is a terrible indication of an inhospitable society which includes a false divisive christian religion that shames and excludes people and does little to help those is crisis situations except blame them and condemn them all to hell.

          The greatest judgement will fall on those who call themselves christians who do not heed God’s call to love others as yourself and who do not hear the suffering of those they condemn.

      • The potential baby killed by the abortion should not be born into a family where it is not wanted or where its family cannot afford to feed it or where its birth injures or kills its mother or where it is the result of rape. Ending its life while it is still a potential baby and not yet an actual one is the lesser evil.

    • Ummm … Amber, do you realize all the publications supporting this “Brand New Congress” were also the voice boxes for Hillary Clinton and her run for the White House in 2016?

      This wouldn’t be a ‘brand new’ anything; just a Progressive Liberal Congress which we have already experienced … back in 2006 ~ House 233 vs. 202 and Senate 49 + 2 Independents who virtually always voted Dem vs. 49.

      In 2008 it was 257 vs. 178 and 57 + 2 vs. 41 … which when added to President Obama in the White House gave the Dems total control.

      Which the People loved so much we came back with in 2010 with a Republican majority of 242 vs. 193 in the House though you kept the Senate (51+2 vs 47).

      In 2012, you regained 8 and 2 respectively.

      In 2014, the Republicans gained 13 and 9, which gave them the majority in the Senate as well … without Trump at all.

      In 2016, the Dems did manage to pick up 6 in the House and 2 in the Senate though Trump won the Presidency … even though the Republicans garnered more votes for their Representatives (63,153,387) vs. that of the Dems Reps (61,776,218) ~ you know, in the only place in our elected Federal government where population matters one iota.

      I was honestly hoping this was an attempt at an effective third party. It isn’t. Oh well.

  7. In today’s New York Times there is an article on a Iraqi translator for the U.S. Army 101st Division, Harmeed Darweesh, who has been detained indefinitely at Kennedy airport.

    Mr. Darweesh is in the U.S. legally, on a special immigrant visa.

    Army colleagues said he’d put his life on the line to help U.S. troops. Now, he was in danger of being separated from his family and shipped back to Iraq.

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  9. We felt we needed to say something while saying something is still allowed.

    Please stop projecting. Anyone with a functioning brain can see that it is the left in America, not the right, which is far more interested in silencing dissent, and which holds the First Amendment in far lower regard.

    Someday, you will be held to account for your vile slanders before a judge far higher than you or I. I would suggest you repent before that court date.

  10. Since I didn’t receive an answer last time, I will repeat. Does it not bother you that Donna Hylton, a prominent speaker at your Women’s March, was a psychopathic murderess who kidnapped a man and tortured him for an extended period until he died?

    Do you ever worry about the kind of people you’re allying with?

          • Are you saying she didn’t repent?

            As anyone who has spent any time debating knows, it is extremely difficult to prove a negative. So reasonably, in this case, the burden rests on you. Where is your evidence of her repentance? I can present words of hers which strongly suggest otherwise:

            “The majority of prisons and jails are crowded with black and brown women, because of the dehumanization. We are criminalized for our color. We are criminalized and sexualized.”

            Does this sound like someone who acknowledges the justice of her punishment? Like someone who understands that she committed a grave evil and paid the price? Or does it sound like someone eager to blame all of her failings on others?

            So go ahead, show me Donna’s repentance. I’d be happy to learn of it, but I am highly skeptical.

            • This is silly Zaklog and you are being stubborn. The truth is she went to trial, was convicted and served her time. Now, so far as we know, she is living a better live. What part of repentance do you not understand ?

              • oh and I loved this comment elephant made below about it.

                “Repentance is shown by how we live. Did she even commit murder in the first place? No! There was no forensic proof tying directly to the murder. But, she was convicted because she was there and did not go to the police. Has she committed any crimes since she was out of prison? No. Did she do her time? Yes.

                Your opinion of Donna Hylton is only meant to be provocative and misleading to discredit the Womens March because, this time, there were no anarchists destroying property. You argue around the peripheral.”

                • Good job elephant! Forgiveness and grace is the cornerstone of the christian faith. It is the cross, don’t deny what Jesus did for us.

              • I’m sorry, but having been to prison does not mean you repented of your crime. Are you genuinely this childish in your thinking? I’m sure she’s sorry she got caught, but that is in no way synonymous with sorrow and rejection of her sin.

                • Zaklog, God allowed Cain to live but not without a mark. Donna Hylton has a mark on her life because of her participation in the crime. But according to the laws of the land she is permitted to live and contribute to society without further penance or punishment. She has served her time. I agree with the above comments you appear to have other motivations guiding your obsession with Donna Hylton. What is your solution then asking God to condemn her? We are taught by the words of Jesus to bless others. Show them grace and you will show them the Gospel.

        • Uhm… how about Mary Magdalene. Was she not a prostitute. Last time I checked, prostitution is considered a sin in the eyes of the Lord.

          • No. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitue. The Catholic Church was so freaked out with the awesomeness of Mary Magdalene, and how women might get uppity if they had such a wonderful role mode, that they conflated her with another Mary in the Bible and convinced everyone that she was a prostitue and therefore not to be emulated. Lying to the public is not a new thing.

            • I didn’t have to dig it up. It is well known to those who understand church history. I am not an anti-Catholic bigot. Understanding what happened in the past and facing it honestly does not a bigot make.

              • Not “Chick Comics” (could you be any more condescending?) but from Biblical Archaeology:

                “So how did Mary become a repentant whore in Christian legend?

                Critical scholarship has provided the answer to this question: It happened as a conscious attempt on the part of later interpreters of the Gospels to diminish her. They did this by identifying her with other women mentioned in the Gospels, most notably the unnamed sinful woman who anoints Jesus’ feet with ointment and whose sins he forgives (Luke 7:36–50) and the unnamed woman taken in adultery (John 7:53–8:11). This conflation of texts was given sanction in the sixth century by Pope Gregory the Great (540–604) in a famous homily in which he holds Mary up as a model of penitence. Pope Gregory positively identified the unnamed anointer and adulteress as Mary, and suggested that the ointment used on Jesus’ feet was once used to scent Mary’s body. The seven demons Jesus cast out of Mary were, according to Gregory, the seven cardinal sins, which include lust. But, wrote Gregory, when Mary threw herself at Jesus’ feet, “she turned the mass of her crimes to virtues, in order to serve God entirely in penance.””

            • Of course you don’t want to do the research. It would be pointless as you are absolutely committed to the understanding that you know everything and everyone else is a moron. It is a very convenient way to maintain your ignorance and takes zero effort. Congratulations on a brilliant strategy.

              • Interesting that you think that I am making an attack on the church by reporting its history. There are many more sites, research papers, articles, and books that corroborate what I wrote. The two that I referenced were just the top 2 on Google. I am not going to go to any trouble to prove anything to you because you feel that you already know everything so it would be a complete waste of my time. Mostly I reply to you for the benefit of others who may be reading.

            • To quote you, ““Catholic” in the name does not make it Catholic”. By your own rule, I doubt that you are a Catholic, because if you were you wouldn’t be so intent on driving people away from the church.

              • The problem is not your “strong and unwavering moral positions”, it is the venom and maliciousness that you use against other people who do not hold to those positions. It is the fact that you see everything in black and white and cannot accept the possibility of even one shade of grey, never mind that there might also be red. If I were currently seeking for a church, your definitively-stated description of your church as a haven for ill will towards those who are different would have me running in the other direction. You don’t use those words specifically, but this is what the tenor of all of your comments on this post and on others boils down to. Others have pointed this out as well, but you cannot hear them

              • PB: …i think Mr Catholic’s comments are way more light-hearted than most here. & he doesnt take himself as seriously as many here do.

                JP is super dramatic/ serious!

              • light hearted?

                Lone Catholic has a vendetta against the blog host. I would not call that light hearted. I would call it a presumption against the prerogative God has to judge a person’s life.

          • A) Prostitution is not murder. B) As has elsewhere been pointed out, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. C) An important issue here is repentance, which Hylton has not displayed.

            You missed. Try again.

            • Repentance is shown by how we live. Did she even commit murder in the first place? No! There was no forensic proof tying directly to the murder. But, she was convicted because she was there and did not go to the police. Has she committed any crimes since she was out of prison? No. Did she do her time? Yes.

              Your opinion of Donna Hylton is only meant to be provocative and misleading to discredit the Womens March because, this time, there were no anarchists destroying property. You argue around the peripheral.

  11. This guy claims to be “The Lone Catholic”, but he’s obviously Mike Pence in disguise.

    There, I just thought I would do A and/or Charlie’s job for them.

  12. I agree with the Lone Catholic. Listening to most of the drivel I see posted on this blog makes me happy I voted for Trump.

    To quote Emerson: “There is always a certain meanness in the argument of conservatism, joined with a certain superiority in its fact.”

    • How about a quote from Pope Francis instead:

      “The sickness or, you can say the sin, that Jesus condemns most is hypocrisy, which is precisely what is happening when someone claims to be a Christian but does not live according to the teaching of Christ. You cannot be a Christian without living like a Christian,” he said.

      “You cannot be a Christian without practicing the Beatitudes. You cannot be a Christian without doing what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25.”

      “It’s hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee or someone seeking help, someone who is hungry or thirsty, toss out someone who is in need of help.”

            • You cherry pick as well, everyone makes that mistake. It’s a learning process. The Bible has paradoxes and mysteries things we only see dimly and in part. If you were a true Roman Catholic you would be hearing about the mystery of God form you priest !

          • Exactly, elephant, the Pope has said it is forgivable. Thank God for his understanding and generous mercy on all weak and fragile human beings !

            • Anything is forgivable.

              But the Pope says same-sex marriage is a sin and an injustice to those raised in such an unholy union.

              So if you’re going to use the Pope to justify a position, be aware of what the Pope stands for in its totality.

              • Clearly the Pope hasn’t read the recent studies that show that children raised by same gender parents do as well or better socially, medically, and scholastically as children raised by opposite gender parents. If same sex marriages were unholy unions, the fruits would be unhealthy.

  13. Ah, once again Thank you and amen. I hope that the majority has been woke up by this week and will not be silent anymore. This is not ok. My ancestors helped write that Constitution and this is not, I repeat not, what they had in mind. I suspect they are rolling over in their graves. One of them was hung in Boston Common for her religion, and just like the people who talked about freedom of religion and then tried to impose their brand on everyone else and hung a women for wanting a different brand, these people are the same, when these people talk freedom of religion it is a ruse, what they are saying is freedom to impose their beliefs on everyone else. Keep speaking the truth John because I for one need it. Bless you,

  14. Very true. John does not speak for the vast majority of “Christians” who voted for this monster. He speaks for the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WHO DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS HORROR SHOW.

      • Nope, your are asking rhetorical questions to make yourself look good and asking for specifics when specifics have been given by others on the blog, countless times. Many of the people you pick in the comments are expressing themselves honestly and rathe than listen to them you step in with a cross examination.

        Everything you do “Zaklog the Great” is to frustrate people you disagree with because you are turing a blind eye to what others say. You don’t listen to people. A sign of a young arrogant young man with ambitions. My prayer is that you avoid those pitfalls and grow up soon.

      • No, you are asking rhetorical questions to make yourself look good and asking for specifics when specifics have been given by others on the blog, countless times.

        Many of the people you pick on in the comments are expressing themselves honestly. And rather than listen to them you step in with a cross examination.

        Everything you do “Zaklog the Great” is to frustrate people you disagree with because you are turing a blind eye to what others say.

        You don’t listen to people. A sign of a young arrogant man with ambitions. My prayer is that you avoid those pitfalls and grow up soon

        • That’s because by this point in the on-going discussion we think you’re being disingenuous. Either that, or refusing to accept the validity of any report you don’t want to be true. The last time I responded to a request for examples by posting links, the response was that none of the sites I linked from were trustworthy sources. So it feels as if citing examples is pretty pointless. If a source mentions something against DT, it isn’t one your side is willing to trust, and if a source is one your side is willing to trust, it ignores or denies any negative report. Why go to the effort of finding information that will automatically be discounted?

  15. You are absolutely right, John P. The world needs an deserves an apology. Thank you for this. It certainly is one of the things that needed to be said.

  16. Christians, don’t be fooled: Trump has deep religious convictions

    “Trump’s inauguration address counts as a stunning example of idolatry. His statement — ‘At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America and through our loyalty to our country we will recover loyalty to each other’ — is clearly a theological claim that offers a kind of salvation.”

    “Christians believe that only God demands ‘total allegiance.’ Otherwise we run the risk, as Trump exemplifies, of making an idol out of some human enterprise.”

    “Trump identifies as a Presbyterian. However, he has said he does not need a prayer for confession of sins because he has done nothing that requires forgiveness, one signal that he does not believe in a basic Christian tenet. He has identified with Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote the book “The Power of Positive Thinking,” which does not represent Christian orthodoxy.
    Christianity in Peale’s hands was closer to a set of beliefs a follower could make up to suit their desires. Trump has adopted this strategy and applied it to the country. Christians must call his profound and mistaken faith what it is: idolatry.”

    • Hey, everyone, remember when you watched the Lone Ranger and at the end of every episode folks would say “Who is that man?” Well, take your pick. Joe? Zak? benny? The Lone Catholic? Robert Morie? Declan? Yep. All of the above and more. My husband had dementia for a decade while I took care of him and, believe me, you cannot deal with a demented brain, so while I never gave up on him, I am giving up on the troll. He means to just stir up shit.

      Charles, I consider it a high compliment the he is striking back by saying that I am you. I wish I had the talent you have with words. I am proud to be a woman who roars, however, the only time I wished to be a man is when I wanted to lift something heavy. Damn! I just can’t do it without putting out my back.

      Keep speaking up. We need your voice.

      • I wish I had the talent you have with words.

        Yup, because telling people that nobody gives a s**t [his uncensored] about their opinions or that they are literally damned to Hell for disagreeing with his political opinions takes real eloquence.

  17. Thank you John. You have so many times echoed my own thoughts.

    Patricia Brush – Thank you for your words. I agree. Maybe you too grew up over 50 years ago and can remember what it was like. I am saddened that so many repeat the same talking points as people repeated for decades, never realizing that what they are doing isn’t working. It becomes white noise.

    Your exchanges with Wayne show you have the patience of a saint. I am so impressed. I have to confess I do not have your patience and have, on more than one occasion, felt major comment regret afterwards. That is something I need to work on.

    • Hi Joanne, I am 58. We have been through a lot, haven’t we! I am thinking about that quotation: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

      I have been working on my comment style for several years. I have found that I have to allow the words that might cause comment regret to be free in my head before I can begin to write. They help to show me what part of the offending comment I wish to reply to and where my discomfort lies. From there I try very hard to address the issue at hand and not attack the person. I will comment on egregious behaviour, but I make sure I am speaking of the behaviour and not the person. Instead of saying “You are a bigot”, I’ll say “You are saying some harmful hateful things about people who are different from you.” Their words are clear on the page, but I cannot see their heart.

      I also have the words of a former boss in my head. “Is that a ditch you want to die in?” It gives me the patience to write calmly and the ability to walk away in clear conscience.

      • Hi Patricia, I am 69 and for the last 41 years have been in permanent mom/gramma mode. No excuse, but I am new at this blog and comment stuff and still finding my way. I am so happy to have found John’s site in December. There are some very interesting people who post here and I do enjoy a exchange of views without name calling of course.

  18. I apologize to the world that there are heretics like John Pavlovitz who deny the inerrancy of God’s Word, proclaim a false gospel, and focus on the temporal rather than preaching the true gospel- repenting of sins and placing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

        • Blessed be the Lord God of all people and nations including Muslims who are being singled out and discriminated against by bigoted conservatives.

          • How are conservatives singling them out? Please be specific and cite sources/references?

            Also, without using Google, do you know what taqiyya is?

            • Declan. No one owes you a library trip and hundreds of hours of research, because quite frankly, you are not that important in the overall scheme of things.

              Folks, this is a classic troll strategy. The troll takes the position that he is the only person on the planet who possesses truth and righteousness—and everyone else but him is wrong. So, if anyone says anything he disagrees with, he demands something that he would never do for you. He demands that you go to the library and spend days researching your brains out—and totally exhausting yourself—to counter him.

              This proves that you are a troll Declan because this is classic troll strategy.

              • Asking people to provide evidence for their unsubstantiated claims makes me a troll?

                Hatred and name calling is the only response you have.

                • Declan you don’t care one bit what someone says and you don’t listen to the answers they give anyway.

                  The end result you are looking for is a reason to say someone is wrong because they resort to name calling.

                  Jesus called people snakes and hypocrites get over it !

                  You whiny little baby

                  • He called people snakes and hypocrites because they were. The name calling here is used inappropriately as is the misuse of verses out of context to appease one’s liberal agenda.

                    • You appear as a snake and a viper to me because you go around spreading misery to those who are trying to grasp the heaviness of their hearts.

                      You haven’t done anything to show you care about the everyday people commenting on this blog.

                      If you are so good at obeying the first great commandment you fall short and fail entirely when you neglect the second great commandment.

    • I apologize to the world for blind guide Declan Garret who believes 5 percent of the Christian faith is the ENTIRE Christian faith while he ignores the other 95 percent of the Christian faith laid out so well in the New Testament—the 95 percent he and his kind have tried to kill off in this world—but that John Pavlovitz is reviving at the command of Jesus so the world will take seriously the 100 percent Christian faith—and not just assent to it in mind alone—but actually go out and do it in the world.

      Declan Garret is a LIAR about both John Pavlovitz and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But that comes as no shock because numerous highly visible Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals on the world stage are LIARS. Just check out this post on my blog:

      Lying is one of their favorite pass times.

      • Please specify where I am lying and what is the 95% I ignore.

        If you actually tested JP’s blogs against God’s Word (which he HATES) you would conclude he is a false teacher.

        Unfortunately, you are blinded by hatred towards Christians and loyalty towards JO.

        • That is my whole point. You are so blind you do not even know what that 95 percent is. Go read the New Testament through and pay close attention to the hard parts that make you feel uncomfortable. The other 95 percent is not about “mental assent.” It is about actively “doing in life” according to the words and deeds of Jesus. But hey, I am not going to waste my time on you because you and your fellow fundies have the same disease that the Scribes and Pharisees had. You know what Jesus said to them: Luke 16:31. This was his way of saying that you people are beyond hope—and I think He was right.

          And by the way, I caught that little code word use of the word “Christian” you dropped above. This is no doubt your classic fundie belief that the only “true” Christians anywhere on the face of the Earth are down at the Possum Holler IFB Church. I seriously doubt that Jesus shares in your arrogant and self-righteous opinion of your exclusivity. So, just go “F” yourself Declan.

          • You can’t substantiate the 95% because you approach the a bible presupposotionally. You take verses out of context in a lame and vain attempt to back up your liberal ideology. No wonder you worship at the feet of false idol/false teacher a John Pavlovitz.

            • Think about this for a moment… the accusations you imagine about people who read this blog is a reality you are creating. When you do this you alter your perception of people. Therefore if it is your imagination that makes you believe people worship John Pavlovitz and they are not actually doing that you are under a delusion. This is why it is not wise to make up false scenarios in your mind about what people are doing. We have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and be open to them.

              We have to stop reading the fake news (both liberal and conservative and other perspectives) Be careful about what you are reading by thinking critically about it, because wrong information is creating a false reality. We should all step back from the deluge of social media every once and a while to refresh our hearts and minds. People seem to get more calloused as they go along we have to leave room for grace and compassion.

          • You hate Christians and God’s Word because you are in direct rebellion to God. Your issue is with Him yet you project your anger and hate on us. Hence the name calling and foul language.

            Your admiration for John is because his writings make you feel good about your hatred for Christians and ultimately God.

            • You are projecting Declan and the worse thing is- you are bringing God into it. I personally think it is taking the Lords name in vain to use his name to win your petty argument.

              You should think about that and repent !

              Stop rubber stamping God on your comments.

                • For the both of you try some humility, as it says in Romans

                  “For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith.”

            • I have no problem with Christians. I love Christians. I am a Christian. I love God. I love Jesus. I love the Holy Spirit. And as the Bible says, anyone who believes in them and and really means it—and I do—is a Christian.

              I just believe Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are modern day Scribes and Pharisees who are desperately lost and need to find Jesus before it is too late. Go find him you two-bit a-hole!!!

                • Now isn’t that rich—pot Declan calls Charles the kettle black. Tell you what. Go work on your own hatred for every Christian who is not fundie and for every other human being you people so actively hate. Here is a Bible verse that aptly describes you and your kind:

                  “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” (Matthew 15:8)

                  People like you would give Jesus lip service to people all day long—and then go home at night to work politically to make sure their health insurance is taken from them. Fits you to a “T” Declan, and that is precisely what Jesus is saying about people like you in that verse.

                  Raise your hand folks. How many people here think Declan is a hate master and this verse fits him like Spandex? Just register your ditto below:

  19. This administration is but a blip in the grand scheme of life.
    There is good in everything and the good here is the opportunity for a grand RESET, this is the wake-up call and know this; we will be stronger more complete and more loving when the violent waves settle.
    Bear in mind DJT is but the tiny tip of the iceberg, the entire iceberg must melt and become absorbed in the absolute goodness of life. Melt it will and the ship of the USA will no longer be in danger of ramming into the iceberg.

  20. The America that Trump represents has always been there. “Beacon of freedom” has always been more marketing than reality. The country has gone through fascist-style periods earlier with Japanese internment caps and Mc Carthy communist witch hunts. Because many Americans know nothing of history it is easy to lure them into ideas that clearly have the dark flavor of totalitarianism. They would unknowingly slide into a dictatorship. Maybe they did it this time. It is already a totalitarian mindset to glorify a leader so much. But yes, democracy does not seem to work anymore in the US. We don’t want to cry wolf but anybody with a brain can see disturbing signs like threatening to silence the press, and now banning immigrants of certain countries. How can anyone look the other way on this? Benefit of the doubt stops somewhere does it not? Don’t want to be chicken little so we’ll keep the head cool until the first 100 days are over then re-evaluate. The faithful that voted for the man may remain supportive very long, just because he advocated “Merry Christmas”, I guess that did it. That is kinda how faithful behave in general. Believe in things unseen. If you take the Bible literally, then adding a little dose of Trump alternative facts is not a big stretch. To justify a radical solution you have to of course paint a very bleak reality. That is an old marketing trick. We’ll see how Merry our collective “Christmas” will be under our caudillo, praised be his Name. People , people, I know you thought you made the right choice, that corrupt Hillary was so awful, I do follow your dilemma. You did not want to stay home so you took this big gamble. I hope the Lord is making it all work, people!! Working through our beloved Donald who is called to do great things for our beloved nation, will make it a Christian nation again. I do follow your reasoning. I hope you understand our trepidations too. Let’s talk again in 100 days and check whether we can sleep peacefully at night.

  21. I agree with you, but you cannot know that the majority of Americans do not support Trump when 90 million did not vote. You’re assuming those 90 million are against him, and that is a fallacious assumption. You don’t need to exaggerate or lie to make your point.

  22. I fought for your right to have an opinion and I totally respect that.

    President Trump has done nothing in the past week that he did not promise to do while campaigning. We, the electorate, have duly elected him to be our leader and he is doing perfectly, so far. Your side put forth the weakest and most vile of candidates possible and she, thankfully, lost the election.

    Please get over your loss, get onboard with the new and exciting future of America or be really frustrated for the next 8 years – as I have been after being fooled into voting for Obama in 2008. As a conservative Veteran of the U.S. Armed forces in Vietnam, I am pleased to see a President who has the back of our troops. As the grandson of immigrants who came to our shores legally, I am proud that something, however unconventional, is being done to secure our borders and to restore legal immigration and citizenship to those who enter our country legally. I also am pleased to see legislation to make Sharia law, which is against our constitution, made fully unlawful while permitting peace seeking Muslims to enjoy the benefits of our great country.

    • Sadly for those outside the USA, this was not a surprise as the underpinnings of this monstrous man have been evident for some time. The lid was kept tight by presidents before, but not tight enough. Sadly, the hatred that is now on display has been malignant amongst your citizens for all to see, if we looked! What your citizens do to each other was bound to spill over and now you and the world are subject to a madman who has power. Power to do whatever he likes surrounded by other madmen who egg him on .
      I am sad for your America. I am sad for the ramifications of your America as my Australia is a close sister to your madman. Did you know, as I am confident most do not. Our Prime Minister and your previous President had an agreement to resettle Syrian refugees we (Australia) hold prisoners on Manus Island? Yes we keep them prisoners contuining the atrocities they fled their country’s for. Our Dictatorial political system keeps them there indefinitely with no hope of resettlement. The sentiment in my country sadly is mirroring yours, hatred, racism and evil. We too have those rising up to speak for hatred. What we all fail to see is that humanity is no longer a prevailing ideology. It tried, but these cancerous human beings have killed it.

      • … Rose, that’s true indeed, and something that hadn’t yet occurred to me. Obama giveth and the Trump taketh away… what a farce. 🙁

        • Unfortunately, Obama supporters just blithely went along with anything Obama laid out. We (Conservatives) wish you would have spoken up & and steered Obama back toward the middle.

          Now look what’s happened! Why didn’t you realize what was going on? We did our best to tell you. Trump Presidency was created by you who were asleep in front of the TV (CNN & MSNBC).

          • Nice try at deflecting the blame.

            I don’t buy anything you say leslie

            you want it all to be the democrats fault even if Trump goes bad it will never ever be anyone’s fault but the democrats. All your finger printing does is show you to be spineless.

          • Leslie. Why are you not steering Trump toward the middle? I’ll tell you why. It is because of your fundie “all or nothing thinking” that declares that there is no middle. You demand that Obama goes to a middle you think does not exist—but in your rank hypocrisy—you see no reason for Trump to go there.

    • Don – Though I disagree completely with your opinion, I will be forever in your debt. Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country and allowing me and my family to enjoy the freedoms we

  23. Thank you for your service. My husband and many of my classmates including a few women served during Vietnam. Many boys, who I grew up with, who I loved were boots on the ground also. The ones that made it back alive were forever changed. How could they not be?

    We may have different political views but you are a hero and always will be.

  24. Actually 7, 114,507 people voted against Trump. In others words more people voted against Trump in the election.

    The Popular Vote
    Hillary Clinton 65, 844, 954
    Donald Trump 62, 979, 879
    Gary Johnson 4, 042, 291
    Jill Stein 1, 207, 141

    Trump is the least popular presidential candidate ever. This is why he is making false claims about election fraud because he knows he needs to cheat in order to win next time. From my perspective your two party/ electoral college system has failed your people.

      • In other words Mr. Alone it doesn’t matter if the belief you hold is right, if your motive is bad, you are personally responsible (not the belief ).

        • but this is why lone joe catholic so often resorts to mockery because he thinks he is untouchable but the truth is anything is defensible if there is not truth to it.

          your rules have holes in them

        • Leslie. You are such an idiot. Do you seriously think people who disagree with you have read Saul Alinsky and carry around some sort of rule book that he wrote? Get a brain. I have never read any Saul Alinsky books and had never even head of the guy until 2008. I do not even know a person who has read any of his books—and no one has ever brought up his books, things he said, or anything about him in any personal, face-to-face conversation I have ever had with anyone. Your fundie ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

          • This Saul Alinsky sounds like an abuser and a bully. The real teaching about ridicule comes from the Rule of St. Benedict, which is that it does harm to the soul.

  25. Stop calling Trump a “child”.
    He is an adult.
    Adults put him in power.
    Whenever and wherever power-hungry monsters like him take power, they are always, without fail, adults.
    Children did not do this and it’s high time we stopped associating evil behavior with youth, because clearly, we grownups are the ones culpable.

  26. Now is time for the world to pick a new “Leader of the Free World”. It is clear that the principals guiding our efforts in the world are being undermined by the current administration. The United States of America is no longer eligible for that post as the integrity of the Office of the President of the United States no longer exists.

    • Which *is* the next most powerful or influential country in the Free World? It would be rather ironic if it was Germany, but I’m wondering! 🙂 Could we get Canada to volunteer?

      • We are so polite, we would never say we are the greatest, even if it was true. I will ever so bashfully note that in a recent study, Canada was rated as the most ethical country. I’m not saying it, someone else did.

          • True that. With the exception of the First Nations, the entire population of both countries is immigrant or a few to several generations immigrant. Both countries treated the inhabitants abysmally. In what was to become Canada, they hunted down every last member of the Beothuk nation. Abraham Lincoln and Sir John A MacDonald conspired to starve out the western First Nations through the massacre of the bison herds. Slaves were held in both countries, although Canada abolished it in 1834 with the US following in 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment of 1863. Our histories are embarrassing. But we learned. Our politics began to differ and our sense of ourselves took divergent paths.

          • Actually, we’re very good at being warm in the winter. We have learned to build houses to withstand the conditions and heating systems to efficiently keep those houses warm. We have also designed clothing and footwear that keeps us toasty warm. So while it’s cold outside, we’re not cold. And since some Americans think that climate change is either not real or nothing to be worried about, we are warming up. It is January. It should be well below freezing every day. Most days, it has been above freezing and I found mosquitos in my house. This is completely unheard of. If Americans don’t do their part in combatting climate change, you will soon find Canada to be very comfortable. Of course, Florida will be almost completely under water, but maybe that doesn’t matter to climate change deniers.

  27. Your ignorance of why 60 million people voted for him is disturbing. If you’d take the time to talk to some Trump supporters (not the fringe lunatics that all candidates have) you might have a different viewpoint. I suppose that’s too much work though so it’s better just to assume all 60 million voters that made him our American spokesperson (yes, he DOES speak for America) are all women-hating racists. Sure, go with that.

    • “All 60 million voters that made him our American spokesperson” were too arrogant to realize or admit that this misogynistic, temperamental, racist, delusional man is a danger to us all. While many of us were frustrated and angry with our leaders’ seeming lack of concern for the regular person and were unnerved with the rise in terrorism world-wide, the majority of the American people had the sense to use reason: to get those impulses into our cerebrums where we could actually think through the repercussions of a Trump “victory”. Unfortunately, others left their feelings to fester in the most primordial parts of their brains. And voted accordingly.

  28. As a Canadian we are frightened in this country because when America sneezes, we catch the cold. Trump’s comments re trade and hate tells us that the US of Trump don’t appreciate this country’s sunny ways.

    • Lone Joe Catholic why ask questions when you don’t care if they are answered- its rhetorical nonsense. Stop pretending that you are open minded or receptive to some else post of view when you are not.

      • Because you don’t read everything- you gloss over the facts and hunt for weak responses and monopolize on them. Typical predatory bullying behaviour.

        you do not embody the iron sharpens iron motto

  29. I would like your post a whole lot more if you would replace the word ‘America’ with the words ‘United States’. America starts in Canada and ends at Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

  30. Thank you for this!

    If all the Trump voters would just stop watching FOX news propaganda and pay attention to real journalism and reporting, they could maybe realize how brainwashed they’ve been and how foolish they look defending him. By Trump telling you over and over again the media are liars and dishonest, you are playing right into his desires to be able to make you believe what is false. Remember when he said he could stand in the middle of the street and shoot someone and not lose any supporters?

    • This is all because Satan has blinded the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals who support Trump. They believe the lies are truth and the truths are lies. They have not one ounce of spiritual discernment within them and cannot recognize the truth even when you shove it right under their noses. This is their perpetual condition.

  31. 63 yearsvon this planet and the amontu of hatred astounds me and makes me sad but I will do my part to stand because this is not right and it is not who we are.

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  33. Here in Australia we are shocked and horrified by your new president. But mainly we are sorry for the American people and everybody else that Trump’s callous narcissism is hurting right now. We know he doesn’t speak for most of America – but please try to get rid of him quickly!

  34. The person that wrote this diatribe, has no idea what he or she is talking about, especially the issue of the popular vote .Our founding fathers designed the electoral college for a very specific reason. I suggest that any of you folks that believe the nonsense written by this individual, do a little research on the subject. It will enlighten you!!

  35. It’s not enough to be sorry! Do something before it’s too late. Convince the people who think this is the only way to save their America that they are wrong. Maybe you will save the world from the atomic bomb you entrusted this man with!

  36. Dear John: thank you penning these words. I was move tears and sadness reflecting on the leadership we have today. I could not have penned a better letter. I will share with my dear friends abroad who keep asking me to explain. I am at a loss for words to explain. Your letter is of great help inthat department.

    Best I the Struggle,

  37. Mr. T. L. Catholic ~ Mr. Pavlovitz is a Christian pastor. He stands up and spreads the Word of Christ, Our Savior. There is no ‘nerve to call himself’ about it. He does not identify with any particular denomination I am aware of. That means nothing. A figure alone can crusade for the truth and the Message.

    I may not like some of the things he focuses on, but I deeply respect the centuries of religious conflict and struggle our Nation went through to determine we should allow all people of all faiths the freedom to express their views without fear of persecution.

    As a People, we are made great by dissent, not diminished by it. That we are free to mock authority, revile it and call it to accounts is a hallmark of our greatness, not weakness.

    I do believe the majority of posters here are wrong both in their views of our President and on the role so government in our lives. That their voices would be stilled would repudiate everything I believe in.

    I certainly gave President Obama a rough time (via commentary) over the past 8 years. I also always referred to him as MY President because that was the way I felt ~ I participated thus I had to accept the outcome no matter how unpalatable. I have read the histories of a dozen countries where democracy died because people forgot that principle.

    I don’t think we are going there. Not only do I not thing President Trump is, or will become, a dictator, the dissent I see against him offers nothing new ~ no new ideas, leaders, or avenues of success. It is the same old rhetoric heard time and time again.

    It also fails to address the reason Trump won a free and fair democratic election in the first place. It fails to galvanize those who didn’t bother to vote at all. It fails to even attempt to change a single person’s mind. Worse, it plays into the mindsets and stereotypes of those who would vote against them … because they have heard it all before … and rejected it for a wide variety of reasons … which aren’t being addressed.

    The Women Marched … on a Saturday … in most cases within an hour’s ride of their home … where they could gather with friends and like-minded individuals to participate in a completely safe protest … on a winter weekend’s afternoon.

    Sigh …

    How many of you go to other sites? I do. The #1 negative female response to the Women’s March is some variation of ~ “they don’t speak for me”.

    And that is the problem as I see it. Both at the March and here. If all you do is keep going over the points which were defeated in November, why do you think things will change? If the only people you are appealing to are the people who voted against Trump anyway, why the masturbation?

    Playing the ‘Guilt Card’ did not work.

    Name calling did not work.

    Calling upon racial and gender solidarity and gender-politics did not work.

    It wasn’t as if the voices of feminism and LGBTQ weren’t heard before November 8th. They were and loudly. The side which opted to weaponize them lost. And yet you seem utterly incapable of understanding why you lost so are pretending as if you didn’t participate in the ‘first round’ … even though you clearly did.


    • He has preached about Jesus- you don’t read the posts do you? He has referred to scripture, spoke about Jesus, spoke about the Gospel many times but all your do is focus on what you want to focus one. It’s called selective hearing.

      • He picks and chooses the verses he likes due to his low view of scripture. JP has a presuppositional approach to the Bible. He likes the verses that coincide with his liberal ideology but not the verses dealing with sin, hell, or repentance to name a few. He is very much like Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Tony Jones, or Doug Pagitt.

      • Jesus spoke quite frequently of hell. I’ll take the words of the Messiah over Dante. Hell is real and we all deserve it because we are sinners.

        It is through turning from our sins (i.e. repentance) and placing our faith in Jesus Christine as Lord and Savior that we have eternal life.

            • Who said he was a torturer. People choose he’ll by rejecting Him.

              If unrepentant sinners do not go to hell then what happen to their souls?

                • If God is all powerful then logically you are saying he created a hell for humans to suffer in for all eternity. You conclusion is that God intentionally created a torture machine. Nope I don’t believe it. We are flesh and bone for a reason. There is a second death. Final death is the punishment for evil people who have ruined their character and potential and who have harmed others in the process. It will be as if the person never existed.

    • Mr. T. L. Catholic ~ I never expect any person to provide the totality of anything to me, even the Message. Even if Mr. Pavlovitz simply points people in the right direction for their salvation, he had done what Christ has commanded.

      I don’t demand perfection. I respect he has the fortitude to create and maintain this blog for the rest of us to toss words at … which is more than you, or I do, as far as I am aware.

        • My apologies if already articulated in any previous posts by could you please state what you believe and the basis for those beliefs? Not looking to start an argument just trying to understand what you believe.

          • I believe in God, the Father almighty,
            creator of heaven and earth.
            I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord,
            who was conceived by the Holy Spirit
            and born of the virgin Mary.
            He suffered under Pontius Pilate,
            was crucified, died, and was buried;
            he descended to hell.
            The third day he rose again from the dead.
            He ascended to heaven
            and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty.
            From there he will come to judge the living and the dead.
            I believe in the Holy Spirit,
            the holy catholic* church,
            the communion of saints,
            the forgiveness of sins,
            the resurrection of the body,
            and the life everlasting. Amen.

            *that is, the true Christian church of all times and all places

    • Mr. Dosher – I am not quite understanding what you are trying to say. It may be my lack of sleep last night because you are usually quite clear.

      The second part of your comment beginning with – you certainly gave Obama a bad time with your commentary. Well I certainly don’t remember any Republican saying anything good about Obama. Do you? Mostly it was anything he did was bringing the destruction of life as we know it.

      But isn’t that what we are doing here – Voicing our reasons why we are unhappy. Is it because we say the same things. But isn’t that why we come here – to be around like minded people.

      Whose mind are we trying to change? Surely not the ones who come here to judge us as being judgemental.

      Every time you complained about Obama were you attempting to change things? Was the march a bad thing. The “pro life” march has been held every year. (I hate using the words pro life – what a bastarization of those 2 words). Like I said I am obviously not understanding.

      As an aside I have a question – What are your thoughts on President Trump’s “pinkie swear” to not speak to his sons about his businesses?

      • Ms. Musto, I was referring to commentary on other sites. I’m relatively new here.

        I was pleased when he finally sent help to the Kurds and Yazidis – people I have advocated for since the 1990’s. I was happy when he took a stronger stand over the PRC’s claims in the South China Sea. I was even happy when he attempted some level of re-engagement with Cuba as the Cuban people have been suffering for a damn long time. Those are the three things which stand out in my mind at the moment.

        ‘Pinkie swear’? First I’ve heard of it. I’ll look into it tomorrow as it is nearly 11 p.m. where I live and that’s quality writing time in my book.

        I don’t mind dissent. I shall dissent against your dissent. One of my dissenting points is and will be for a time is the opposition has never given Trump a chance. They are sounding precisely like those 2nd Amendment Yahoos back in 2008/09 who were preaching Obama was coming for our guns and was going to launch a UN-sponsored coup of the US government.

        I reminded them to leave some tinfoil for those of us who liked to cook.

        Every time I hear people telling me “he’s evil, he’s Satan, he’s going to become a dictator”, I hear those echoes of 2009. Passion drives these arguments, not rational thought.

        As an example: “All Republicans are greedy, capitalist swine.” Seriously? And how did we come to this understanding?
        “Republicans hate minorities”.
        Please tell me why there are minority Republicans then.
        “… hate women.”

        By treating Republicans as if they are both “The Enemy” and a monolithic bloc of Evil, you are hampering every single argument you and others make.

        I keep hearing “He’s evil and you just won’t see it” yet you never question ‘why’ we don’t see it. Not really. Instead you would rather label nearly 63 million Americans either evil, or morons.

        And then you get offended when we feel the same way about you …

        Oh yeah … the ‘Muslim Ban’ – the ACLU got it overturned in less than a day. It covered all of … 200 people. Woot?

        The countries, like Saudi Arabia, which it didn’t cover … you mean the countries someone in our Homeland Security can call 24/7 and seek information from their top notch security services about … as opposed to Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Somalia who are all in various states of civil disorder so we cannot do that?

        Trump did this. Was he ignorant of the existence of the ACLU? In New York City? Or, did he know precisely how things would play out and act accordingly.

        You assume the actions of a petulant imbecile when things like long-term friendships and business successes say otherwise.

        As for Europeans worrying about us … that is projection in the extreme. The Left thought Brexit would be defeated and it wasn’t. Widespread Muslim immigration plus a half-decade of escalating Islamic terrorism is helping some truly dangerous people in their political arenas gain traction. They should worry; just not about Trump.

  38. Dear John: Thank you for penning these words. I was moved to tears and sadness reflecting on your words about the leadership we have at this moment. There is an urgency to speak up now as we may have a difficult time some time soon. I could not have penned a better letter. I will share your letter with my dear friends abroad who keep asking me to explain. Your letter helps in that department.

    Best in the Struggle