No, White MAGA Friend—You Weren’t “Embarrassed” by Barack Obama

I remember the day after the Election, a friend of mine who happens to be white, remarked on social media that he “finally wasn’t embarrassed of America and our President.”

I sprained my eyes rolling them and they have never fully recovered.

Since then I’ve heard this sentiment echoed by more white folks than I can count, especially in recent months; supposed relief at once again having a leader who instills pride.

Since I don’t have the time to ask each of the individually, I’ll ask here:

So, you were embarrassed for the past 8 years, huh? 


What exactly were you embarrassed by?

Were you embarrassed by his lone and enduring twenty-five year marriage to a strong woman he’s never ceased to publicly praise, respect, or cherish?

Were you embarrassed by the way he lovingly and sweetly parented and protected his daughters?

Were you embarrassed by his Columbia University degree in Political Science or his graduating magna cum laude from Harvard Law School?

Maybe you were embarrassed by his white American and Black Kenyan parents, or the diversity he was raised in as normal?

Were you embarrassed by his eloquence, his quick wit, his easy humor, his seeming comfort meeting with both world leaders and street cleaners; by his bright smile or his sense of empathy or his steadiness—perhaps by his lack of personal scandals or verbal gaffes or impulsive tirades?

No. Of course you weren’t.

Honestly, I don’t believe you were ever embarrassed. That word implies an association that brings ridicule, one that makes you ashamed by association, and if that’s something you claim to have experienced over the past eight years by having Barack Obama representing you in the world—I’m going to suggest you rethink your word choice.

You weren’t “embarrassed” by Barack Obama.

You were threatened by him.
You were intimidated by him.
You were challenged by him.
You were triggered by him.

But I don’t believe it had anything to do with his resume or his experience or his character or his conduct in office—because you seem fully proud right now to be associated with a three-time married, serial adulterer and confessed predator; a man whose election and business dealings and relationships are riddled with controversy and malfeasance. You’re perfectly fine being represented by a bullying, vile, obnoxious, genitalia-grabbing, Tweet-ranting, Prime Minister-shoving charlatan who’s managed to offend all our allies and alienate millions of our citizens in a few short months. And you’re okay with him putting on religious faith like a rented, dusty, ill-fitting tuxedo and immediately tossing it in the garbage when he’s finished with it.

None of that you’re embarrassed by? I wonder how that works.

Actually, I’m afraid I have an idea.

Listen, you’re perfectly within your rights to have disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies or to have taken issue with his tactics. No one’s claiming he was a flawless politician or a perfect human being. But somehow I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about here. I think the thing President Obama did that really upset you, white friend—was having a complexion that was far darker than you were ever comfortable with. I think the President we have now feels much better.

Because objectively speaking, if what’s happening in our country right now doesn’t cause you great shame and doesn’t induce the continual meeting of your palm to your face—I don’t believe embarrassment is ever something you struggle with.

No, if you claimed to be embarrassed by Barack Obama but you’re somehow not mortified by Donald Trump—I’m going to strongly suggest it was largely a pigmentation issue.

And as an American and a Christian committed to diversity and equality and to the liberty at the heart of this nation—that embarrasses me.


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1,755 thoughts on “No, White MAGA Friend—You Weren’t “Embarrassed” by Barack Obama

  1. I love your posts. They are honest and truthful and CHRISTIAN. To see hypocrisy and not call it out, to see sexism and not call it out, to see blasphemy and not call it out is just as bad as condoning it. Thank you John Pavlovitz for your brilliant and eloquent words.

  2. I’m like so many others who have posted here: I am amazed that day after day you can come up with such insight, wisdom, and the ability to write with just the right tone on such current and relevant issues. There were many things about this post I especially appreciated, but none more than the fact that you were unafraid to spell out in such an effective manner what many of us have suspected all along. This is required reading for all Americans.

    • He has a talent for being smug, condescending, and divisive.

      That might be good for scoring political points and gaining a following, but not very “Christ-like” for someone who professes to be a Christian pastor.

      Or do I have to renounce Trump and embrace liberal Democrat policies and abortion on demand to make it to Heaven according to the progressive/permissive religion?

    • and by that I mean I would love it if we could shout that over a megaphone to the entire country!

  3. Good writing John!
    Me thinks the human condition is very alive and kicking.
    What do we think will be the hot issues in 4 years, 8 years 24 years, 96 years. Yep, more of the same in different packages.
    And as long as we allow, teach and glorify racism and exclusion so it will always be.

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  5. The following presidents and candidates “embarrassed” me:

    Bill Clinton
    Jimmy Carter
    Al Gore
    Hillary Clinton
    Barak Obama

    I suppose I’ll have to face the ugly truth that it was all about “skin pigmentation” and not their liberal pro-abortion policies.

    JP has scored a new low with this post in his work to divide Christians and tar and feather anyone who is not a progressive prochoicer or pro-sexual immorality.

    • As opposed to you who thinks anyone who doesn’t want to control women’s reproduction is evil and should burn in hell for all eternity. Unity like that?

      • I’m not the slightest bit interested in controlling anyone’s reproduction, and my hope is that everyone come to find repentance and Salvation.

        But once a woman is pregnant, reproduction has already occurred, so I could never in good conscience support a right to kill the embryo or fetus. Abortion is our national disgrace. Also, we disproportionately kill many more black babies than white babies by abortion, and the effect (which is intended) keeps the black population in check, so those who support abortion rights are in bed with real racists.

        • So where is the care for the living? Wy so many babies in orphanages?

          What to do about rape? What to do about incest?
          No problems to take life in senseless wars or deport refugees to certain death back home?

          This was never a simple issue like both sides seem to profess.

          • What orphanages? There aren’t any orphanages in the US? Have you tried to adopt in the US? The competition between people wanting to adopt in the US is very high…. or did you mean foreign orphanages? China has stopped allowing Americans to adopt Chinese orphans and so has several other countries.

        • Honest question, if you had to choose between a Hitler who opposed abortion and a pro choice Democrat, who would you vote for?

        • Joe/Theo wrote “As a rule Trump supporters are gracious and don’t hold grudges “

          One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.

      • Are you really incapable of understanding nuance? If you disagrees with Obama they must be racist and if you oppose abortion it is because you want to control women…I bet you have some hipster facial hair..that must mean you have a vendetta against the Gillette razor company

    • What a dumb post!

      You only like Republican dog whistle politicians???


      The Bushes all are embarrassed by Trump.

    • Americans were embarrassed by a common criminal who:
      Had to turn in his law license
      Was so well known in the Chicago gay bathhouses that persons were astonished he even made it to the senate
      Has an arrangement with his wife who serves as his ‘beard’
      Has committed multiple felonies
      Has more than 32 outrageous scandals such as Solyndra and Fast and Furious
      When Americans prohibited busloads of illegals being dumped in their towns, Obama used our commercial airlines AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE to fly illegals in under cover of darkness and dumping them in towns at midnight

  6. This is so right on. And what makes it even more disturbing to me is that I know brown skinned people who say they were embarrassed by Obama. I guess those people are embarrassed by their own skin color.

    • Cassandra Crawford wrote ” I guess those people are embarrassed by their own skin color.” I have met such people. It is tragic to me that the racists have this effect upon others.

    • Internalized racism is real. As a black woman, I have been socialized and rewarded for adopting white supremacist ideals.

    • I can’t believe you are saying this Cassandra. Why does their embarrassment mean that it’s because of skin color? It’s not possible to be embarrassed because of other reasons?

      • I’m embarrassed at Trump’s idiocy, ignorance, arrogance, corruption and moral depravity. It has nothing to do with his orange skin color.

        • Let us not forget, Edwin, that Trump’s skin color is his own choice whether bad choice of foundation or indiscreet use of the tanning bed and a non-white person has no control over what color DNA gives that person.

          Joe/Theo constantly trying to compare comments about Trump’s hideous orange with racist comments tells us everything we need to know about his intellectual capacities. Joe/Theo is here for one purpose: to bait people till they are upset because he enjoys that which is something he told us a while back and to destroy John P’s blog. IMO, it is best to ignore him.

        • I agree Edwin. Let me tell you why. I was at a local family restaurant in Tennessee tonight. The table across from mine was occupied by three local Bubba’s that each weighed about 400 pounds. They were dressed casual and very talkative. Their easily audible conversation rolled around to Trump.Here is what one guy said:

          “When Trump arrived in Israel the other day, he made a speech where he said that he had just arrived from the Middle East to visit with Mr. Netanyahu. What’s with this guy? Israel is part of the Middle East!!!”

          Now if three Tennessee Bubba’s know about Mr. Netanyahu and they also were able to spot the geographic error in Trump’s speech, I have to ask the salient question:

          “Why do we have an American President who needs to repeat 5th grade?”

          • Wow, what I learned from this is that you are an arrogant, judgemental, douche. You decided that a stranger must be an uneducated halfwit because he was overweight. How is it that you with your superiority complex aren’t a card carrying young Republican??

      • Joe/Theo wrote “As a rule Trump supporters are gracious and don’t hold grudges “

        One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.

  7. Karinne, that is just horrible and so very wrong. I am so sorry that was done to you.

  8. As several of my friends say, “You can’t fix stupid.” Ignorance is the absence of education and familiarity. I was lucky to grow up in a mixed racial environment. I didn’t know my mother was racist until after I was married. She had never shared her fear and loathing with me. Racism is pure unadulterated FEAR, and nothing more. I think Obama was wonderful, his wife was beautiful, and his daughters delightful.

  9. From Der Spiegel, Germany’s top news weekly: this editorial is harsh but I think an accurate reflection on how Europeans view Trump.

    “Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. He does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with it. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t bother to peruse important files and intelligence reports and knows little about the issues that he has identified as his priorities. His decisions are capricious and they are delivered in the form of tyrannical decrees.

    He is a man free of morals. As has been demonstrated hundreds of times, he is a liar, a racist and a cheat. I feel ashamed to use these words, as sharp and loud as they are. But if they apply to anyone, they apply to Trump. And one of the media’s tasks is to continue telling things as they are: Trump has to be removed from the White House. Quickly. He is a danger to the world.”
    . . .
    The U.S. elected a laughing stock to the presidency and has now made itself dependent on a joke of a man. The country is, as David Brooks wrote recently in the New York Times, dependent on a child. The Trump administration has no foreign policy because Trump has consistently promised American withdrawal while invoking America’s strength. He has promised both no wars and more wars. He makes decisions according to his mood, with no strategic coherence or tactical logic. Moscow and Beijing are laughing at America. Elsewhere, people are worried.”

    Also this

  10. Craig Adams , Sam Toll and 2 others posted in Placer County Conservatives . Craig Adams July 11 at 2:12pm Quit trashing Obama’s accomplishments. He has done more than any other President before him. Here is a list of his impressive accomplishments: 1. First President to be photographed smoking a joint. 2. First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner. 3. First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in. 4. First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States. 5. First President to violate the War Powers Act. 6. First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. 7. First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party. 8. First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs. 9. First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters. 10. First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat. 11. First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions. 12. First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees. 13. First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign. 14. First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space. 15. First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation. 16. First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present. 17. First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it. 18. First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases. 19. First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory. 20. First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN). 21. First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago. 22. First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal). 23. First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case. 24. First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office. 25. First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists. 26. First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in office. 27. First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records. 28. First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it. 29. First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours. 30. First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers. 31. First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife. 32. First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense. 33. First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense. 34. First President to repeat the Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth. 35. First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona). 36. First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.” 37. Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion. I feel much better now. I had been under the impression he hadn’t been doing ANYTHING… Such an accomplished individual… in the eyes of the ignorant maybe.!. Like Comment


    Craig Adams , Sam Toll and 2 others posted in Placer County Conservatives .

    Godless, Removed God From our public view
    Most stupid pres in history.
    Made deals from terror countries that their religion cannot allow them to keep.
    Did Nothing to stand for God. We Will Pay and are paying for that .

    • “36. First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.” 3”

      I paid for my insurance in 1968 and I think my father did in 1943.

    • With all due respect to Christopher Freeman, he is a reprogrammable meat puppet brainwashed by right wing propaganda. Nothing he listed was remotely factual, he mindlessly regurgitates what he has read on Facebook or from Alex Jones and he will literally swallow any old stupid so long as it feeds his biases

      Good job Chris.

  11. Wow! Powerful piece. Calls it like it is.
    It is this attitude of the entitled whites that makes visiting the States impossible. I hate intolerance and bigotry. It is vile and unchristian. And with DT45 (can’t even say his name), this hate/intolerance/violence seems to have exploded.
    And so many other people around the world are feeling the same and will be avoiding visiting the US. Lots of lost tourist dollars for sure.
    Thanks John for all these indepth articles that really need to be shared.

    • Ironic, Bev. You have absolutely no idea the level of bigotry dripping from your comment.


    • Bev Baird, yep, you are correct. Several of my international friends have already canceled project trips to the USA because of all the idiocy.

      MAGA= Morons Are Governing America

  12. You know, I’m a white guy, and I said exactly the same thing the day after the election–it was November 5, 2008.

  13. I was embarrassed by having, as President, a guy who is evidently embarrassed by his college grades, and whose most consistent political experience was voting “Present” in the Illinois legislature.

    NEVER has the American public been fed a bigger bill of goods or a more incompetent poser.

    • Here’s what I have to say to trolls:

      One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.

  14. Actually I am an atheist, Rebel who found the Truth, Seeks out the truth, and does not Believe all the lies the Media Tells and Omit Truth so it does not Hurt.
    Years ago I was so on the bottom , I cried out to God to open my eyes, Show me the Truth, lead me to people who don’t have something to gain by what they say. and God Did, And thru much hardship , loss of friends , persecution for my true beliefs I Found the Truth, Jesus Christ, Savior to the world, who loves, gives, forgives to all who seek Him.
    I believe many of you out there will be and are deceived.
    If you really want the truth , Don’t trust Me , or any one else to get YOU educated.
    Seek out the Facts , Spend Time Looking, Don’t just take the liberal side because it s easy, convenient.
    The media only wants to sell , get you to believe , lead you for their ratings.

    • Christopher. You did not find Jesus. What you found was a modern day minority cult called “Christian fundamentalism.” It has only been around for about 100 years. If you knew American religious history, you would know that. This cult is a creation of men—not Jesus. They have a form of godliness—but deny the power thereof—which is the LOVE of Jesus that runs as a strong thread throughout the New Testament. The fundies will tell you it is there with their lips, but they behave in their worship, in their preaching, in their witnessing, and in their lives as if it does not exist and has no real meaning to them. This is why they can support 23 million people losing their healthcare insurance and not really care—even be happy about it. Their hearts are cold and barren of true LOVE toward those Jesus called “the least of these.”

      How is the stroke recovery going?

  15. Excellent post John P.

    I just wanted to pause for a moment and wish a Happy Memorial Day Weekend to John P. and everyone who visits his blog. He can also play the guitar and sing:

  16. Where is that mic drop emoji? 🙂

    Agree 100% and honestly, I feel like I am in a bizarro world where people don’t see reality. It is like everyone choosing the blue pill and going on believing in a farce. (Matrix reference) It is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to believe something and then, when faced with more facts or more data, change your belief. It is the one quality that non-believers have over believers by and large. The ability to change their mind and be ok with being wrong about even the most ingrained of beliefs.

    As Christians we need to be able to do that. We need to be able to rad the bible differently as an adult that we did as a child. We need to experience life and grace and love in different ways and realize that it points to a deeper meaning of Christ’s love rather than something that we should be threatened by or afraid of. And we should be able to look at a crappy president we wanted and say they are crappy and a good president we didn’t want and say they are good.

    We should be able to do all of that., but instead, many of us (and I am the biggest culprit of this) listen to the same things and surround ourselves with people that agree with us and build a fortress of intellectual solitude to hide in rather than face the fact that we were wrong. Even if it is obvious.

    So thanks for calling us out.

  17. People are under a delusion which mistakes skin tone and race. Language has been confused. People are not white or black or red or yellow. To call someone black or white is simply a tool of division because it does not describe the true color of someone’s skin. I cringe when someone lumps me into a category by saying I’m white. Are you colored blind? I’m tan, pink, beige…a mixture of skin tones just the same way someone with dark skin is not black. I was not embarrassed by Mister Obama because of his genetics that would be absurd. I was embarrassed by his hippocracy for supporting drone strikes which killed innocent women and children then getting a Nobel Peace Prize from dynamite manufacturers.
    I was embarrassed by the trite slogans of hope and change that got him appointed and how he enabled the same military industrial big pharma kakistocracy just like all other corporate CEO’s of THE UNITED STATES corporation.
    I was embarrassed by his wife’s connections to the council on foreign relations as a former director.
    I was embarrassed that opium production increased as US soldiers increased in Afghanistan…
    Simply affirms how politics are many blood sucking insects and government is mind control!

    • That is not “embarrassment”, it is subjective statements/opinions. President Obama no doubt did not follow through with *every* promise (erhm, Guantanamo closing, keeping the same plan/doctor under ACA, looking at you), but no politician in history ever has.

      You can be opposed to Obama’s policies, you can even be disappointing about his record in office, but to be EMBARRASSED? Look at the context of that statement, look at the plethora of incompetent presidents we have had in the past. You don’t even have to go very far back from Obama at all lol.

      I hate to say you are overlooking the point, but perhaps give it another read and pay attention to the main point being presented here.

  18. It is mind boggling to me that *anyone* would have been embarrassed by President Obama. It is equally mind boggling to me that anyone voted for the crude clown known as Trump.

  19. OMG I love this it is what I have been thinking for so long but not had the words to express well done

  20. President Obama will go down in the history books as being one of the greats. He held the country together in a divisive time. Money has corrupted so many politicians. Add to that a strategy of my way or the highway which is very dysfunctional.

    I am very proud of President Obama. I resented the negative commentary when he was President. But with the election of Trump, I have lost respect for my Republican brethren. I would never vote for Trump. He is not qualified.

    Thanks for saying this. We are in for a bumpy ride as a country. The sad part is that Trump supporters are so sure they are right.

    • Yes, money has corrupted many politicians. Obama set himself up for a very nice retirement giving $400,000 speeches.

      • Which only proves he is popular and can charge what the market will bear. Poor Bush 2, OTOH, isn;t worth more that $175k per speech. Of course, he is only slightly more coherent than the current occupant of the Oval Office.

        On talk circuit, George W. Bush makes millions but few waves
        Since 2009, the former president has given at least 200 paid speeches, typically pocketing $100,000 to $175,000 per appearance.

        • Yes, but what do they do behind the scenes while president to set themselves up for these big paychecks?

          Nobody’s speech is worth $400,000. There is most definitely at least an appearance of conflict of interest. And that applies to all presidents and not just Obama.

          • I don’t know, the ability to artfully construct dialogue and abstract ideas usually commands a very good speaker’s fee. I do not think anyone hearing Mr. Obama speak have any doubt what his intended message might be and he is surprisingly consistent. If nothing else, a study of his methods should allow one to persuade colleagues in any walk of life to try your ideas. That skill is priceless in life. $400,000 might be a bargain for the organization.

          • Nay. Any product—any product—is worth one thing and one thing only. That is the price a buyer is willing to pay for it. Economics 101 Ted. go find a brain.

            • So what did Obama sell while in office to receive almost half a million when he left? (And that’s just the first installment). He’s not being paid for a “speech.”

              Food for thought:

              Some questions and answers on the ethics of Obama’s payday:

              1. Is Obama ‘s acceptance of all this money ethical?

              In a vacuum, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t. He set a fee, and someone is willing to pay it. Hillary’s fee was $250,000; if she can get that much for her dry-as-toast delivery as a former Senator, Secretary of State and First Lady, Obama’s a bargain at $400,000. As a private citizen, he has the same right any of us do to sell his books and speeches at whatever the market will bear.

              I, for example, get $37.56 for an hour long speech, and am glad to get it..

              2. But it isn’t in a vacuum, right?

              Right. Obama still has power and influence; he still promises to be a voice in the Democratic party. He’s not exactly a private citizen, and no ex-President is. Taking such a large payment from a Wall Street firm, after all of Obama’s rhetoric (and that of Bernie Sanders, the non-Democrat now being paraded as a leader of the Democratic party) condemning Wall Street has the decided whiff of hypocrisy about it. Not only, that, but as with Hillary Clinton and Bill, the payment of such jaw-dropping amounts for minimal service natural raises questions of pay-offs. Obama’s administration famously sought no criminal sanctions for Wall Street executives despite their role in what Obama called “driving the economy into a ditch.” How do we know this wasn’t part of an installment payment to Obama for services already rendered, a quid pro quo? We don’t.

              It is also hard to make sense out of those fees if they aren’t paying for something more than an hour long speech.

              3. So these fees create “the appearance of impropriety?”

              Sure they do. They may also constitute actual impropriety, like the Clinton’s fees. Obama, unlike Reagan, is young. Michelle may yet seek a political career. Are these corporations buying future allies in high places? We don’t know. Conflict of interest principles would dictate that anyone who receives paychecks like those from Wall Street firms should recuse themselves from any future policy role that affects Wall Street.

              4. What would be the ideal ethical conduct for past Presidents?

              The ideal ethical conduct for past Presidents would be to avoid cashing in. Before Ford, none did….of course, until relatively recently ex-Presidents seldom lived long enough to cash in. The POTUS currently gets a $203,700 pension, which means that no ex- will have to write his memoirs while he’s dying of cancer to pay off old debts, like Ulysses Grant did. I remember that Ronald Reagan was asked if he would consider returning to movie acting for the right role, and he said that while he would love to, it would be unseemly. After he retired, Reagan got several offers to play small movie roles for huge sums of money, and rejected them all as a matter of principle.

              5. But isn’t this The Ick Factor rather than ethics?

              No, it’s both. It is both because seeing an ex- President parlay what is supposed to be patriotic and selfless national service into a personal fortune increases public cynicism and distrust. Here is hard left Salon’s Rebecca Johnson expressing her disillusionment:

              Rest of the article here:


  21. Speaking of religion, I’m sick of the religious being a protected class.

    I’ve met with two people as of late who hate christianity as well as christians in general for what they have devolved into, and they are the ones who are called the bigots when nothing stops the other side from hating on Muslims.

    You need to start questioning more, Mr Pavlovitz, you’re faith, you’re country, everything.

  22. Guess whose wife didn’t have a ton of nude shots that she got paid for? Not to mention she got paid for them while she had a visitor visa, not a work visa? But you guys all let that pass? Shame on you!!!

    Guess whose president’s wife didn’t not have nude shots that we can all look at? EVERY PRESIDENT EXCEPT FOR THE LOSER WHO NOW IS IN OFFICE

    • Well, actually Jackie Kennedy had some nude photographs too, but they were taken long after leaving the White House. A photographer with a powerful telescope lens on his camera took the pictures clandestinely from a long distance while she was sunbathing and needed a little sun on her nips. But yeah. You are right.

    • Go ahead and make a case that Trump should be impeached because of photos of his wife.

      Or make a case that because of the spouse of a presidential candidate committed a sin, that a Christian should not vote for him.

  23. Absolutely 100% correct, John. It was always about pigmentation. And, oh, how I miss that good, wise man. So well written. Thank you!

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