If Your Children Came Home This Week

Parents, did your children come home this week?

I imagine they did.

They may have come through the door like a cyclone; exploding loudly through the room and leaving a trail of clothes, shoes, and backpacks, before raiding the pantry and departing quickly to level another section of the house.

They may have come in without a sound; head down, ear buds still embedded; and when engaged, communicated with only a series or grunts and nods which you’ve somehow learned to decipher as some newly developed language.

They may have come in exuberantly after making the football team, or devastated by a text-delivered break up, or frustrated with that Math grade they can’t seem to get any higher than really low.

I don’t know how your children came home this week, but likely they did come home.

If they did, get on your knees and be grateful.

Bailey Holt didn’t come home this week.

She died in her school.

She died trying to call her mother.

She died violently in the glorious, radiant prime of her young life—and what’s worse, is that it was barely news in America.

Bailey didn’t come home this week, and our President and our politicians and the media hardly lifted their heads beyond quick Tweets of thoughts and prayers.

This is because America is losing something important: we’re losing our outrage when children are murdered with guns.

We’re losing the ability to be rightly moved to sickness at what we’ve become.

Many of us have forgotten that kids aren’t supposed to get shot in schools every other day; that this isn’t natural, that it is a global embarrassment, that it is the shared sin in which we are complicit.

I haven’t forgotten.

I haven’t forgotten that Bailey Holt’s parents are walking through a personal hell right now that no parent should walk through; one that thousands of parents and grandparents and neighbors and boyfriends and best friends and classmates are forced to walk through every single month—a hell that is largely preventable.

America needs to recover its outrage.
It needs to recover its compassionate heart.
It needs to recover its soul.

We need to treasure the lives of high school students more than we treasure handguns.
We need to stop clinging to antiquated words about “well-armed Militias,” while our hallways and shopping malls and concerts are becoming war zones.
We need to stop making excuses why we have the highest rates of gun violence in developed nations. 
We need the professed Pro-Life community to loudly advocate for lives like Bailey’s.
We need Conservative politicians to get out of bed with the NRA, so that more children get to come home to sleep in their own beds.
We need to stop perpetuating the ridiculous nonsense, that the way to reduce gun violence is to give more people more guns.
We need to figure out a way to create a country, where an elementary school student or a teenager not coming home, is such an anomaly that it is newsworthy, that it is shocking, that it does set off an alarm in us.

Bailey Holt deserved to come home.

She deserved to be watching this sunrise, to be a part of this day, to be doing all the noisy, goofy, unpredictable, beautiful things that 15-year old children do when they come home.

Her parents deserved to have her come home; to be dealing with all the sleeplessness and laughter and stress and bittersweetness that parents experience each day trying to help their children navigate the normal minefields of this life.

They don’t deserve to be planning her funeral.

No parent deserves this.

I’m not okay when children don’t come home.

I don’t think any of us should be.

America, we are badly broken and we need to be fixed.

We need to face our gun problem—and yes, it is a gun problem. It is other things too; a mental health problem and a violence problem, but make no mistake it is predominately a gun problem.

We need to do something with the greatest of urgency and without delay.

We need to make sure more children come home.


Note: In two the two weeks since this post’s publication, there have already been numerous school shootings. I wonder how many children, fathers, wives, and brothers will not come home in the days that follow.




116 thoughts on “If Your Children Came Home This Week

  1. I agree with every word of this; however, it just seems wrong to not say the name of the other student shot and killed that day. His name was Preston Cope. May God’s peace be known by the families of BOTH of these irreplaceable young people.

  2. It is a gun problem. And the gun problem is a result of a culture of violence and of money in politics (specifically, in this case, the gun lobby). I don’t know how we fix the gun problem until we change the culture and get corporate influence out of politics.

    You are always incisive. I would love to hear your thoughts on deep culture change.

    • Mary, I agree with John and I don’t disagree with your thoughts on this other then it is not a “gun” problem. It is a people problem, a societal problem, a spiritual problem, a mental health problem and so on and so forth. Guns are inert objects unable to act on their own. There is a blight in our land that is causing people, children to die, all to often, from inert objects. It is an organic, societal, spiritual and mental health problem, not mechanical problem, that is ending lives in the prime of those lives.
      Maybe weened to focus on people and not the guns! I agree we need better laws and enforcement of those laws. I don’t have the answers and wish I did. What I do know is that dialog has begun and that is the first step towards change! Remember those children’s names when you write you congress person, your community leaders or anyone you think has the want and drive to do something about this blight. Vote, march, write and speak up loud! You, me and anyone else who cares can make a difference, we can make the change! Blessings.

      • The guns make it too easy for an argument to become fatal, for a moment’s depression to end in suicide, for a curious child to shoot another child or an adult.

        If I throw a punch, I have time to pull it, to divert it, to do SOMETHING to lessen any possible damage.

        If I get depressed enough to consider suicide, having to work at it can be sufficient to dissuade me.

        If the gun isn’t available, the curious child can’t hurt anybody.

        So, if you want a gun, you have to acknowledge all possible dangers and do what you can to prevent that gun being used for anything other than self-defense.

        And we have to insist on a society that doesn’t default to violence to solve problems.

    • Please leave our Gun Culture alone. Keep in mind that the term “Gun Culture” is accurate if you look up the definition of the word “culture”. We even teach it to our children. While we’d love to live in a society where there were no people with evil intent, we understand that isn’t a remotely realistic possibility.

      Given that we can’t abolish crime, we do the next best thing: we arm ourselves, and we teach our children how to use guns safely, so when they reach adulthood, they can defend themselves, too.

      Gun control isn’t new. During the twentieth century, it was implemented in a large number of countries. In fact, it paved the way for each and every genocide that happened. EVERY SINGLE ONE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. While not every country with gun control experienced a genocide, in every instance where there was a genocide, there were gun control laws in effect. It is, in fact, a necessary precursor to genocide.

      Thanks, but we’ll pass. As the saying goes: “Not on my watch!”

        • May I just say that your words are, without exception, intelligent and inspiring, compassionate and courageous, truthful and touching. You are an exemplary example of the way that smart, sensitive individuals should act. Thank you!

        • How much value do you place on the millions of kids killed by abortion?

          You are being very unfair with that poster. Take his gun away from him and then what? He’s not going to be going into a school and killing anyone. He’s protecting his family from murderers and rapists.

          Do you value the rapist over the young woman who carries a pistol in her purse?

          • You’re just fine with guns, but do you care about children once they leave the uterus?

            Otherwise, don’t pretend you care about children.

            Every single time someone whines about abortion, they turn out to be assholes who don’t care about children. Take the conversation far enough, and they always say that women should face consequences for liking sex. That’s why they’re against contraception.

            So: do you care enough about children to support sex education, contraception, and programs for health care, housing, education, employment, and other support for young families?

            Or do you blather about abortion because you otherwise can’t defend your love of guns?

  3. John
    You have spoken well about this anomaly in our country. There is no sanity anymore where guns and murder are an everyday part of our lives and a large numbers of our misguided citizenry agree with idea. Sadly, no one seems to care!

  4. You speak the truth and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I only wish you might have included Preston Cope in this statement. He died, too, at the age of 15. His parents lost him, too. Both children need to be remembered. Neither came home that terrible, terrible day.

  5. Speaking as a foreigner, yes the United States has become an embarrassing situation in many ways to the rest of the world. It is sad, just so sad to us watching the gun violence , vocal violence everyday in your country becoming normal. My grandfather fought for the American Navy in WWII, and he certainly didn’t fight for this America!

  6. Mr. Pavlovitz, thank you for addressing something that brings me to my knees every time these things happen. I am so tired of the Republican “shit happens shrug”. I am so tired of bowing down to the minority who have the majority of guns and pay off their soldiers (Republicans) so they can sell more guns. I am so tired of hearing BUT ABORTION ABORTION ABORTION.

    I am so tired of hearing it is the price of freedom. Americans kill Americans daily. Yet our President wants to blame every bad thing on immigrants. I have yet to hear from anyone that an immigrant actually stole their job. Lies, lies, and more lies to feed hatred, to divide. Well the enemy I see is lies and hypocrisy.

    U.S. infant mortality rate has improved so that the new rate puts the U.S. on a par with the Slovak Republic, which ranks about 30th our of 40 countries. (3/23/17)NBC

    More American women are dying of pregnancy related complications that any other developed country. Only in the U.S. has the rate of women who die been rising. (5/12/17)NPR

    Many more mass shootings have taken place on US soil in recent history than in any other country in the world. But, our ER’s are getting better at treating gun shot wounds.

    Of course Trump brags about selling the police war equipment. I guess he thinks a tank parked in the school yard will stop an active shooter. All he can talk about are the “bad” immigrants. He likens our nuclear power to the size of his penis to play “whose is bigger”. Our nuclear power could be the biggest mass murder ever. Bullies are not brave – they are the emptiest of barrels.

    Trump and the Republicans think that money solves everything. The tax plan was written by the rich for the rich with a pat on the head for everyone else. Republicans feel that the ever increasing gap between the have and the have nots is ok – because life isn’t meant to be fair. But when it comes to paying taxes all of a sudden life isn’t fair to them and that is just not right.

    Trump has been the recipient of so many “mulligans”. Republicans easily get past every disturbing amoral thing he does. They just cannot get past anything a person who is not a Republicans does, hence only the Hollywood group, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama have never and will never receive a “mulligan” even when millions are spent trying to prove their offenses. We will always hear but Bill, but Hillary, but Obama for a rebuttal to every argument.

    Pro-life and the party of family values are slogans that are so arrogant and so hypocritical. Republicans want to pretend Trump cares about the unborn. That is hysterical. He doesn’t even care about the already born here in America. His son even told you – he only cares about green.

      • Thank you Charles, those were very kind words. Every time there is a mass shooting I tend to go a little crazy or maybe more crazy. I want to howl at the moon at the disinterest of the Republicans led by Paul Ryan – the mans to have constant “resting smirk face”. I once emailed Mr. Ryan to tell him that if he was my son I would be so ashamed that he can not come up with a another facial expression no matter what horror is happening. It is so off putting.

        Having to look at that constant smirk is only one reason why I won’t watch Trump’s smoochy mouth eruption of lies. His voice equals lies. Then there is the expression of glowing adoration from VP Pence. It can only make you think that he has a serious case of man love. Brutish thugs must be his type. Ugh – certainly not my type. From me they get the mother/grandmother “resting bitch face”.

        I admit these shootings put me over the edge. I am in awe how their families go forward putting one foot in front of the other. Their inner strength is overwhelming. God is holding each of them.

        Peace Charles

      • Trump is President because of political corruption within the Democratic Party. The Clintons and their political allies successfully rigged the Democratic primaries in Hillary’s favor. This turned off more than a few Independents, not to mention a large number of Bernie supporters.

        I’ll admit it. While I voted a “split ticket,” I held my nose and voted for Trump. Why? Because he posed less danger to the Republic. I’d always been proud to be an American, and very into the idea of preserving the Union. This last election finally broke me of that, and made me realize that we’ve become so factionalized that this country can no longer be unified, regardless of which side is in office. The gaps can no longer be bridged.

        I’m not alone in this. It’s been recently reported that 1/3 of Californians polled support “CalExit”. We’d be far better off to go the Czechoslovakian route than follow the path of Yugoslavia, even if we have to amend the Constitution to do so. That wouldn’t necessarily be necessary. It’s not as if even Trump would invade California if they seceeded. The U.S. military wouldn’t follow such an illegal order if he gave it, and International law would be on their side.

        • Your definition of corruption is different than mine. Throughout Trump’s life he has cheated others, filed bankruptcy because of his bad decisions, multiple litigations and always, always walks away leaving someone else holding the bag. He has called himself the king of debt. This is our country now. He is a divider because he always has to have an enemy. He may be a good salesman, but while I applaud people who have jobs I already had a bias against salesmen.

          His behavior his whole adult life towards women, his business ethics, morals and his non relationship with actual truth made my decision.

          Every year or so someone in Texas always sparks the cry for succeeding from the union. I don’t know about Texas, but Washington need California money. I love my state. I have never lived anywhere else. I am embarrassed that Nunes is from this state. We can do better.

        • Trump was least harm to the Republic? What a grand excuse for voting in a narcissistic egocentric man child. The harm has been immeasurable and it’s been only one year. As a woman, and a target for his cruelest policies I take great offense. HRC would have been by far the best for our country. She is politically knowledgeable and intelligent; neither of which DT is. You have helped create the biggest PHONY POTUS in the history of this country. The world laughs and cries alternately at our fiasco in the WH.

    • Joanne so eloquently written. You have cut to the chase…the truth shines on every word. I read the words of one delusional supporter last week, he wrote “if anything happens to DT there will be a blood bath”. So if he is impeached there will be even more violence? If he loses in 2020 (which he will) there will be a violent civil uprising because this incompetent pseudo POTUS is not re-elected? What kind of country have we become? Men carrying around guns, threatening, bullying others who do not think like them? An extreme, gun toting group here in AZ piped up last year asking “when does the liberal genocide begin?” Our country is a sick place right now. The world grieves for us.

      • There are people on the Left who have been calling to set aside the election and remove Trump from office before he was even sworn in. Remember Rosie begging McCain to essentially stage a coup? If Trump doesn’t complete his term, the backlash will be intense, and quite possibly violent.

        I’d quote Rodney King, but we’ve proven over and over again that no, we just can’t get along.

        • Some Old White Dude is that a threat? When students in my school threatened bodily harm they were immediately suspended or expelled. Now, you an old white guy, are threatening the larger portion of our citizenry with harm if your pseudo POTUS is unseated, impeached or simply loses in 2020? When did it get so low? Is that really ok to you? You plan to maintain power with threat of violence? That, old white man, is fascism. What a dishonorable thing to teach our young people.

    • Seriously, Joanne?

      What happened in your personal timeline to inspire such unadulterated hate? This isn’t about politics, because if that were the case President Obama would have created a bill/law/something after Sandy Hook.

      Guns are INANIMATE objects!! People kill people, not guns. I share this with you while I cling to my only child, a sweet surprise at 40, my 5 year old son. I share this grieving for my young cousin whose son took his life, last night! I share this knowing after 3 children in Texas, ages 3-6, lost their lives by playing with gun last week. I share this knowing we have many guns in our home, and although our home is “childproof,”, it is not “criminal” proof….meaning if you come to harm my husband or son (or myself in my husband’s eyes), I will do ANYTHING to stop you. Do you, our Mr. Pavlovitz TRULY believe making firearms illegal will deter a criminal: “Oh no, I’m about to car jack this lady but the President just outlawed handguns, guess I should go home too?”….not likely.

      I say this with respect ; I truly hope you find peace,

      • Char – the goal is gun CONTROL, not to OUTLAW handguns. Meaning , law abiding citizens such as yourself who go through proper background checks and channels can own guns. President Obama explicitly stated he did not want to outlaw guns – instead to put reasonable, common sense checks and control on their purchase. The notion that he wanted them outlawed is simply not true, and perpetrated by the NRA and followers to quash ANY reasonable common sense discussion. Please watch this (it’s short):
        And by the way, the president doesn’t create bills/laws/something as you stated — Congress does. And after Sandy Hook, it was the Republican-controlled Congress who failed miserably to act, and continues to fail miserably in this regard. To think this is not tied to politics is grossly naive. The NRA erroneously and purposely perpetrates the notion of, “OMG! They’re trying to take away our guns!” Instead, reasonable people want to safely limit them from the hands of criminals, ISIS sympathizers and the mentally ill, such as Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, and outlaw the purchase of bump stocks like what Las Vegas shooter Steven Paddock attached to 12 of his semi-automatic rifles (which allows for firing 100 rounds in 7 seconds, or 400-800 rounds per minute!) killing 58 people and wounding hundreds more. The only purpose of bump stocks is to inflict the most damage and loss of life in the shortest time possible. In what civilized world is that remotely necessary or prudent?! So please, keep your hand guns to protect yourself — but don’t stand in the way of keeping them out of the hands of a guy who’s on the no-fly list for being a known terrorist sympathizer. Because right now, that guy can legally and easily buy and has unfettered access to all the guns and ammunition he wants just as you do. Do you really want that??? Don’t you agree that common sense dictates changes must be made? My God , we’ve got to start somewhere.

      • Where in my post did I say one thing about banning hand guns? My anger is with those who think weapons of war belong on our streets. I have posted numerous times saying the same thing. No one is ever going to take away your guns. Only the NRA and Republicans repeat that propaganda.

        Did you even read my post? As an aside I would give my life to protect my family or friends.

        I can understand an actual boots of the ground hero never wanting to be further than arms length from a weapon. Joe Blow on the street who has never known anything close to war has no need for a weapon of war. To me that is an insult to our heroes. That is my opinion and I have a right to it just as you have a right to yours.

        Do you find peace in accusing someone of saying something they did not?

      • Find peace as more of our children are slaughtered? Perhaps YOU need to find peace as your beloved GOP barely bows it’s head at each child’s death. And yes better gun laws will deter some gun violence. Ask Australia. There will be NO peace for you gun lovers promoting NO sensible gun legislation because you can’t discern gun control from legal ownership. Keep on listening to the FOX propaganda. It’s all lies, and until FOX is ended this country will remain filled with gullible citizens as you.

  7. Heartbreaking words.

    What’s more heartbreaking is all the children who have not come home, who have been murdered.

    What’s even more heartbreaking on top of that is that our politicians prefer campaign contributions from the NRA, which I think of as bribes, to passing sensible gun control legislation. They came so close after Sandy Hook but because of those bribes to both Republican and Democratic politicians, Congress failed the people of the United States.

    We have to wake up in this country. How many more of our children will die because of uncontrolled guns? The VA state legislature has voted to allow guns in places of worship. One of the stupidest ideas I ever heard of. The VA governor promises to veto it but clearly the VA state legislature needs to be voted out of office and level-headed, clear- thinking, rational people need to be elected.

    Here’s evidence of my assertion that the NRA bribes politicians: The Impact of NRA on the American Policy

    NRA: 10 ways it has weakened gun-control laws in the US


    US gun control: What is the NRA and why is it so powerful?


    Gun lobby’s money and power still holds sway over Congress


  8. Wow, the left sure has a way of exploiting tragedies.

    If this is a gun problem, then whose guns are confiscated?

    Should the fearful ex-wife whose who fears her violent ex-husband have to turn over her gun to the State? What about the young woman who was raped and now carries a derringer in her purse? Do you wan her gun too? How about that old lady who lives alone in a rural area. Her shotgun helps her feel secure and crooks know that rural folk pack some heat and that keeps them at bay. Do you want the State to confiscate their guns too?

    Whose guns do you want to take and how do you go about doing it?

    Also, what’s the plan for taking guns away from outlaws. I don’t think they will turn them over voluntarily.

    10,000 people die every year because of drunk driving. Many of them are children who won’t come home. We have an alcohol problem then, don’t we? Can we outlaw alcohol again and save those lives, which are many many times more than those killed in school shootings?

      • My father was murdered. His killer was caught, and is still in a Pennsylvanian prison. I’m not calling for further restrictions on the inanimate implement his murderer used.

        And no, I’m not kidding. I testified twice, both at trial (about what I saw at the hospital) and during sentencing. While the murderer has been locked up for over a decade, I’ll testify at every parole hearing that I can.

        • 33,000 more who were as loved as your father are killed by guns every year in the United States of America. We are no longer Free as long as ALL of us must fear for our lives wondering who will be next. I am sorry for your father’s gun death; and I am deeply sorry for your inability to suppprt reasonable gun legislation. Even after the horror you lived through.

      • No thank God I haven’t and I’m not saying this is not horrible. I would love to be able to take guns away from anyone who would use them to do unjust violence. I’m asking how that can be done fairly.

        But what I resent is that this post is another example of: Look something bad happened. It’s all the fault of Trump and Conservatives and white Christians…

    • Aside from you trying to make this a Left vs Right issue, I agree with you that there are many, extremely difficult decisions to be made if we ever do go down the path to greater gun “control”. I hope people will start really trying to think about, and civilly discuss, how it might be done. I suspect most of us actually agree with the end goal of making life safer for people, especially our children… now we just need to keep focusing on, and learning, what actually does and does not work for that. Meanwhile, as you also pointed out, there are numerous other problems that are actually greater threats to our children’s Wellbeing than gun violence. Guess we have our work cut out for Us- I just wish we could try to be an “us” on these issues rather than getting so easily divided over them.

      • My children are safest when they’re with one of their parents. We both own and carry guns on a daily basis. It’s an “occupational hazard”.

        They’re almost as safe when they’re with a police officer. Unfortunately, we can’t get the government to assign them each an officer.

        My children know more about guns than a lot of cops do. They’ve been taught about gun safety and shooting (under parental supervision) since before they started kindergarten. We live someplace where almost every home has a gun in it.

        It’s far easier to “gunproof” a child than it is to “childproof” every gun a child MIGHT come across.

        • Our oldest son has been a policeman for over 20 years. Policeman get shot. Guns are not magic and no one is going to take yours away.

          May I ask a question? Disregarding if you were ever a boots on the ground solder, for your life here in America have you ever truly positively needed an automatic weapon to protect yourself or your family? I am asking because usually the only time a person is surrounded by people aiming guns at him is when a bad guy is surrounded by cops.

          PS I read a speech given by the VP of the NRA. He did not sound like a rational human being. Just my opinion.

    • I don’t think anyone said anything about taking guns away.

      Why don’t you put some of that energy into discussing the problem and help come up with a solution?



      • Really? At least on congresscritter has said that she’d like the police to go door to door and seize them all. Of course, they’d have to know who has what for that to be effective, which is why they need “mandatory background checks”, which record the type of gun purchased, along with the serial number. Registration is a necessary precursor for confiscation. Now, before you say that it’d never happen here, it already has, both in California with SKS rifles, and in New Orleans post-Katrina.

    • Yes, Larry, I’d take them ALL away. Every single one of them. Here in the UK we manage all those situations perfectly well without anyone having guns. And we don’t do it by increasing the number of guns, but by REDUCING them.

      We did have a school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland, and as a result we outlawed handguns. Guess how many school shootings we’ve had since then? NONE!!!

      Not none today, or none this week, or none this month or even none this year. But NONE since 1996. That’s NONE in 22 years.

      It’s hardly rocket science.

      • How do ex-wives and ex-girlfriends in your country defend themselves from the ex-men in their lives who intend to kill them? Are they entitled to own firearms to protect themselves?

      • That’s odd. I’m quite sure that I could manage to find a drug dealer in England. For enough money, I’m absolutely sure that I could get a real (ie not a “pellet”) gun in short order. Of course, that’s if I were willing to break the law.

        IIRC, y’all had extremely tight gun laws during “The Troubles”. The PIRA managed to get (or make) guns. For that matter, guns are actually not that hard to make, if you’ve got access to the tools you’d find in a 1940’s era automobile repair shop. Have you ever noticed that the STEN submachinegun has a receiver with an identical cross-section as muffler pipe?

        Somewhere, I’ve got a picture of a crude (but perfectly serviceable) submachinegun that the British Army captured in “N’orn”. It had been made from, of all things, the rectangular leg of a lawn chair, and was in the Pattern Room until it was shut down. For that matter, in under 10 minutes and for under $20 you can make a functional 12 Gauge “slam-fire” single shot shotgun, using supplies available at any store that sells DIY plumbing pipe, and only a handheld drill and a hammer as tools. Ammo’s not hard to make, either, if you can operate basic milling tools and know a little chemistry.

        Trying to ban something that there’s in demand is like putting toothpaste back in the tube. It’s a Fool’s Errand.

        It’s also the idea that a dead victim is morally superiorto a living would-be victim explaining to the police how their dead would-be rapist/robber/murderer ended up dead.

    • Larry, I agree that there are people who need or want to have a gun for protection, and they are legally entitled to have them. But as you acknowledge, outlaws have guns too. I wonder what measures you would find acceptable to limit their access to guns. I don’t understand why, if the goal is to allow the legal possession of firearms by law-abiding citizens and limit outlaws access to weapons, we don’t try hatder to actually limit outlaws access to weapons. For example, laws that allow for private sale of guns can be used to circumvent background checks. Why don’t we look at ways of curbing such abuse? And, what measures do you think could be implemented to prevent the horror of school shootings? I assume few if any of the kids perpetrating these shootings legally own these weapons in their own name. Proposals for requiring trigger locks and fingerprint locks have been opposed even though such measures may prevent some of these terrible acts. And yes, we do have too many fatalities related to drinking and driving in this country. But that does not mean we do not also have a problem with gun deaths. . Solutions are out there, and I just don’t understand why we are not working to together to find the best ones and implement them.

      • Handguns are virtually impossible to buy legally in Washington DC and Chicago. It’s good to know that those two cities are free of murders involving handguns.

        If I’m going to commit a crime punishable by the death penalty like school shootings are here, why does anybody think that even a 10 year sentence for illegally possessing a gun is going to keep me from doing it?

        If you commit a crime of misdemeanor domestic violence, or any felony at all, or if you’ve been ordered to undergo either inpatient or outpatient mental health treatment, or if you use drugs illegally, or if you use marijuana in any way, or if you were dishonorably discharged from the military, or if you’re under a “restraining order”, or if you’re awaiting trial on a felony, or a bunch of other things, it’s a federal felony for you to possess any gun, or any ammunition, even if it’s been “demilled” so that it can’t function as originally designed. That’s NATION-WIDE, and violations are subject to something like a 10 year prison term, per offense. That means if you’re a convicted felon and are caught with a loaded 6 shot revolver, you’re looking at 10 years for the gun, and 60 years for 6 bullets. That’s 70 years if the Judge orders maximum sentences to be served consecutively instead of concurrently. Yet it seems that there’s no shortage of felons committing crimes with guns. It’s as if they don’t obey the law. Who’d have thunk it? Oh, yeah…anybody that thinks that gun control will do anything other than make them somehow “feel better.”

        If we could somehow make all guns in non-governmental hands disappear at 6 am tomorrow, by nightfall tomorrow, a criminal somewhere will have already gotten a gun from a governmental source. All they have to do is set up an ambush, and then dial “911”, and it’ll be delivered. Sure, it’d be hard on the cop, but criminals are only slightly more respectful of the police than those #BLM advocates who aren’t convicted felons yet are.

    • Geez, immediately jump to THEY’RE TAKING AWAY OUR GUNS, will ya?

      How about, sensible gun legislation such as: allowing to CDC to STUDY gun-related deaths, MANDATORY background checks on ALL gun sales including gun shows and private sales, actually enforcing straw purchase bans, a national registry of all guns (like the current system for cars), and making it mandatory to report all guns that get stolen?

      But no, it’s only “THEY’RE TAKING OUR GUNS!!!!”

    • Exploiting tragedies that have happened now 12 times in 2018? It’s January Larry. Unchecked violence is becoming epidemic in America yet you call the outcry and concern and compassion for murdered children exploitation? Cars are not weapons used to kill…alcohol is not a weapon used to kill….violence to combat violence does not work as suggested in the fearful ex wife scenario. Just look to Australia for answers to rampant gun violence. American tourism is down because America is viewed as “too violent” to visit….and we tell others NOT to go to Mexico for vacation? The hypocrisy is chronic and toxic. But by all means continue to blame liberals for exploiting gun violence, while we continue to fight for sensible gun laws to protect our children from the insidious gun violence perpetuated by the likes of you.

    • The only people who talk about having their guns taken away are the NRA and their foot soldiers, the Republicans.

      I would say that if one life lost was someone you loved you might think that death would be one too many.

      As an aside – I am going to make a prediction that when our President gives his State of the Union Address by reading a prepared script on a teleprompter he will be lauded as sounding like a real President or very Presidential. This man has received so many mulligans we always keep thinking the bar could not get any lower. I predict he will find a way to lower it sooner or later. I won’t be listening but I am sure there will be plenty folks talking.


    • Dear Larry. You are a shit head. This is not about “exploiting a tragedy”, for God’s sake!! It is a fact. You need to do some research about gun violence and the US in comparison to other countries. (I know you won’t. You obviously love your guns and think everyone should have one.) Thankfully I don’t live in the US, nor would I want to. You guys and your guns are crazy. My heart is grieving for families who lose loved ones to gun violence every.single.day in the US.

      • As usual, the hate-filled leftists resort to personal attacks, but I’m not going to stoop to your level.

        Yes it’s a fact and a tragedy and yes it was exploited. He’s dumping the blame as usual on white Christians.

        Your chances of being killed by a gun in the US are very very small. There is a much greater chance of leaving this world via a drunk driver, so I hope you would apply the same logic and be on the side of restricting alcohol.

        Taking guns away from honest people will do what? Let’s arm the teachers. Those students are sitting ducks.

    • Dont blame the gun problem on women. We can do just fine without them. It’s you paranoid, scared little boys who are the problem.

    • They “just want to keep guns out of the wrong hands”, not mentioning that the “wrong hands” are disproportionately”not white”. They can’t even admit that gun control is inherently both racist AND classist. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that BATFE dropped the last Federally enforced Jim Crow requirement for the purchase of certain firearms. Of course, other parts of the law have made it so the cheapest of them are going for more than $5,000 for a gun that’d cost less than $200 to make.

      Most of the anti-gun crowd don’t even know of the racist roots of gun control, and can’t be bothered to do a little research. They don’t understand that their demand for biometric “vaporware” will aid in keeping (disproportionately “not white”) poor people from being able to defend themselves. They don’t get that existing gun control laws have already resulted in preventable deaths of innocent victims. They don’t understand how the crime rate will skyrocket when the law abiding are disarmed, when the criminals aren’t. All they know is that they’ll feel better, until they’ve been victimized themselves.

  9. Thank you for writing this, it is everything racing through my mind this week. Grieving in Spokane, WA where this just happened, feels like yesterday. There should be no surprise anymore, it happens in every community. All our children are at risk. It has to stop.

  10. Thank you so very much for this. I am haunted by the little torn up bodies of the Newtown children, of all the children who haven’t come home and won’t. This is not ok, it is not ok when anyone can have a weapon of war to use on children. It is not ok when 3 yr olds somehow shoot themselves in the head with a shotgun. We have lost our minds and our souls to the almighty gun lobby and we need to get them back and have reasonable laws. By the way, before all you people start screaming “they are trying to take our guns away”, shame on you, you know better. No one has suggested that we round up all the guns. That is a false argument to scare ignorant people. Get some common sense. We need limits. Not everyone can handle a gun. Anyway, Thank you John for this, I for one truly appreciate it and you. Peace and Love,

  11. THANK YOU! For this wonderful reminder of how lucky most of us are to have had our children come home to us. We can get bogged down in the day to day difficulties and become complacent and take their return to us for granted. This is a horror and it needs to be talked about daily as an outrage so we don’t normalize these tragedies.

  12. Everything you say is true, John – but I think we’ve reached the point where it will never change. If the murder of 20 children who weren’t too much more than babies didn’t cause a seismic change, what will? And it’s not only children in school (what used to be one of two absolutely inviolable places in America, the other being a church) – I’m getting to the place where a simple errand at the mall could be the last thing I ever do. I don’t want to live in a country where this is the “new normal”!

    • More than 100 people die EVERY DAY in car crashes.

      The danger in you going to the mall is in the driving, and not from a gunman.

      That doesn’t justify this tragedy or mean we shouldn’t do anything about it, but we accept as “normal” that 3,000 people, many of whom are young, are dying every month in auto accidents. Does that mean we have an “automobile problem”?

    • Unnecessary? The absence of coverage on this last incident, and the one before it, and the one before that, is also shocking in itself. Barely a passing mention. That’s how accustomed we, and they, have become. So, the NRA and the gun-nutters have won already. Money well-spent, eh?

    • Maybe it could be partly a result of oversaturation from Washington D.C.’s empty “thoughts and prayers” or shit happens shrugs. Now, the Republicans have proved that a lot of them have the NRA’s back because enough people have not died yet to cause them to change their strategy or even consider a conversation.

      Or maybe a little peace and quiet from the President might help. We are told that everything that comes from him is a Presidential Statement. What we get is a constant barrage of the words “fake news” or “no collusion” repeated ad nauseam, lies. slander, bullying, libelous tweets and endless odes of praise sung to himself.

      We should be ashamed that this country has the most mass murders and maternal deaths. We are losing precious lives every day.

      We need a unifier, not a divider. We need someone who actually cares about all American lives, not someone who plays schoolyard “whose is bigger” with weapons of mass destruction. We need a leader with a soul, not an odious, small, petty little man. We need someone who will seek to reverse the downward trend of death right here in America, not someone whose priority was to fill his pockets and those of his cronies.

      America is not and will not be great again with Americans killing Americans daily. America will not be great when our schools have active shooter drills because average citizens need guns that shoot faster and hold more bullets. America will not be great again with women dying from childbirth here at a higher rate than any other developed country and the only offering is the empty words of no abortion, no birth control.

      Children should not be shot in their school yard. Adults should not be mowed down while enjoying music. If those things were not done by a fellow American Trump would still be using these events to sell his wall and to exacerbate division. Please do not tell me this man cares about anyone but himself. The buck will never ever stop with this President. He has no ones back.

      I give a small amount every month to Sandy Hook Promise. I will never forget he horror of those angels being mowed down like an arcade game. How can we keep accepting this as the price of freedom?

      Our justice department talks big about going after gangs or illegals. I haven’t heard one peep about Americans shooting Americans with guns purchased legally.

  13. I agree with each word but if I was the parent of Preston Cope, I believe that I would be hurt that you only named and described one victim at Marshall County HS. Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, both 15, were killed in the shooting.

  14. In the names of children from all these murders, Sandy Hook, Columbine and on and on….I’m angry. Our Congress is disgusting.

  15. John,
    Regarding “why we have the highest rates of gun violence in developed nations. ” I must disagree about the primary reason this is going on. The problem is not because we have handguns available, it’s because real people are so feed-up, angry, depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, past the point of no return (shall I go on?), that they decide they have to act in this way, with gun violence. Some of it may be due to a mental illness affecting decision-making, but plenty of research has shown that people with true mental illness diagnoses are generally not violent. They are only violent when attacked. People who choose to be violent, are simply very angry people who see no hope for being listened to or being respected, so they go public with their anger. Why do we never hear about honest evaluations of why the shooters got to the point of acting out? They could be a person who has endured bullying or other abuse, or someone whose financial status or relationship(s) have been destroyed. As a died in the wool primary care giver Pediatrician/Family Practitioner who quit practicing after 23 years because I couldn’t stand committing malpractice every day in my clinics, I say the root core problem leading to the increasing violence in our society is a lack of community preventive healthcare medicine. True healthcare addresses our social conditions, yet we don’t, generally, have social workers in our primary care clinics. All we have is sick-care crisis medicine, that does not allow a Provider to establish a trusting relationship with clients we are helping to establish a life-health plan. How many people reading this feel you have such a relationship with your Provider, no matter the insurance program or amount of money you pay for it? We are prevented from putting prevention into practice by our payment methods that only incentivize procedures, hospitalizations, and crisis interventions. When the crisis is over, the insurance coverage runs out, and we are ‘forced’ to discharge the person home to the very environment and situations that led to the crisis in the first place. We wait until a crisis is at hand and then sic child protection or social work on the person to (too late) try to control their rages. Yes, we are talking about blended payment models that allow for preventive visits, but they are still based on productivity metrics and outcomes, rather than wellness. The answer isn’t handgun control (although I’m all for keeping military weapons out of the hands of average citizens who have no need for them), it’s about addressing human behavior from childhood on with healthcare services in Patient-Centered Primary Care Behavioral Health Integrated Clinics that need to be universally provided given the time to do it right. When we start talking about the real core issues we will start to do something about the loss of life, “a hell that is largely preventable,” we are now so apathetic about. Thanks again, for writing about “Stuff that needs to be said.”

    • I agree, but these occurrences are more prevalent because a handgun is readily available when a person chooses to be violent.

    • I agree that the American health care system is a large part of many problems. But I must disagree with your statement that availability of handguns is not the problem. It certainly is an important part of the problem. Most other countries in the world ban or severely restrict handgun ownership by private citizens; and those countries have a tiny fraction of the shooting deaths. All of them. Look at graphs and charts that show that the shooting deaths in hundreds of other countries that restrict handgun ownership are, IN TOTAL, all over the world, less than the shooting deaths in the United States each year.

  16. I shared the photo of Bailey Holt on Facebook along with the statistic that there were 11 school shootings in the USA between Jan. 1-23! Yes, that is correct, 11! Gun control is definitely needed in the USA but the NRA super-funds politicians’ campaigns, so the political will is not there at the systemic political level to change the regulations. It can be there at the grassroots level. Action is direly needed on this issue that kills kids.

      • There were 3 deaths in two shootings. The other shootings were 2 suicides, and the rest were accidental shootings (gun fire in the vicinity) with no injuries.

    • The biggest killer of kids by far is abortion which kills millions. The second biggest is drunk drivers. If you want to save kids push for abortion control and alcohol control.

      Would you deny a widow living in a rural area the right to own a gun to defend herself? What’s your solution? Whose guns do you want to take?

        • No deflection. I would like to see there be gun control for criminals, the mentally ill, and people to immature to possess them.

          It just galls me, however, that the libs will blow up an isolated instance out of proportion and then look the other way when right under their noses and with their support and approval, thousands of babies are killed every month via abortion. And worse, your’re a bad person if you support removing the “weapons” from the hands of the abortionists.

          Yes, lets save as many as we can. Let’s use the law as best we can to protect students from shootings and to protect the unborn from Planned unParenthood.

      • Larry , were you disappointed when the dog and pony show of a bill to restrict abortions after 20 weeks failed? 1.2% abortions occur after 20 weeks. All but 7 states have restrictions on the dates of when an abortion is legal. They put on a show for you 1 issue followers.

        Do you really think Republicans are concerned about babies in the womb? It is a propaganda slogan to get your vote. How would they get all you 1 issue people to repeat it ad nauseam as a rebuttal to every argument. Funny you pick one slice of 1 commandment. Or do you not believe in the rest of the Commandments? I am pretty sure this President you defend pretty much breaks every Commandment daily especially the command to treat others like he wants to be treated. That whole party of family values slogan has pretty much been shown for what it always was. Baloney So, abortion is the one they have to hold on to.

        His treatment by his minions is an insult to every special needs human. They have to simplify his paper work. They have to make sure he surrounded constantly by butt shiners praising him as if he was a deity. He has an abundance of “executive time” and “golf time”. He will get praised because tonight he can walk down an aisle and read from a teleprompter a script written by someone else. There was never praise for acting presidential for any other President. It was expected and they delivered.

        DeVos is trying to get rid of those pesky regulations for “special needs” for those who rely on them. Too bad she doesn’t start with the current presidency.

        We should be ashamed the we allow this President so much more than our fellow Americans who actually deserve them.

        • 1.2% of babies unjustly killed by abortion would be more than 6,000 annually. Is that an acceptable number?

          The point of the law would not only be to save those babies but to put the shame back into abortion and get people to think about those innocent lives.

          It would be nice to hear something from the left some time that shows even a drop of compassion for them. They are human beings and not parasites.

          Thank God for the Catholic Church in her unwavering support for justice for all from conception until natural death.

      • So, let me get this straight, pushing for making abortion illegal while maternal deaths are rising makes sense to you? One state, Texas, has the highest number of maternal deaths in the developed world. In the developed world Larry. So add in the other 49. You want the government to force women to risk their lives against their will.

        You think you should decide who lives and or who dies. What percentage of women have to die to meet your red line? Obviously there must be enough spare women around so you are fine with the amount that dies. Are you going to be responsible for those babies who never get to know their mother?

        Maybe when men like Donald Trump realize that there is a shortage of women to rate by number or enough beautiful pieces of ass around to be seen with someone might make an issue of it. Mothers dying – not so much.

        This administration wants to cut funds to fight the opioid crises, (a crisis abetted by the drug companies), to fight childhood obesity, and even the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They have worked to kill regulations that affect our air quality. Who cares if asthma is another killer? So I doubt research to find out why America is letting mothers die will be funded.

        But they want to throw more money at defense without ever asking for an accounting. We need more killing ability.

        Yep, Republicans – pro life

        Of course ever increasing costs of medical insurance, medical care and drugs also unimportant until it pinches someone in the top 10%. Maybe then … For now making costs out of reach = more deaths of inconvenient adults and children = solving the problem.

        Footnote – many chose to not let government have the right to force them to be in the service during the Vietnam War. One was Donald J. Trump.

  17. A boy was also killed – Preston Cope. Or does it only matter if the victim is female? There have been 11 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year. And the month of January isn’t even over! After nothing was done following the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, the U.S. government essentially said gun-related massacres are acceptable.

    • How about letting teachers and administrators who “meet or exceed” training criteria for Law Enforcement carry at work? Have you ever wondered why you almost never hear about terrorist attacks on Israeli school children after they started arming their teachers?

      Now, before you say “We can’t trust teachers with guns!” let me ask you this: If you can’t trust a teacher with a gun, why the >EXPLETIVE< would you trust them with your child in the first place?!?

      • I’m a teacher. I do not want to be in charge of a gun, have a gun on my person or in my classroom and it has absolutely nothing to do with being able to trust me with your children. Children =/= guns and being trusted with one has literally nothing to do with the other. The majority of workplaces do NOT have armed workers most of us certainly would not want to work in one that did. I’m sort of assuming you just want a rise out of someone and aren’t really extending this as some kind of solution.

  18. I was really shocked at how little President Trump and our government had to say about this school shooting in “Caintuck,” as the pioneers once called it. Best I could tell, it received very little news coverage as well. Apart from the shooting itself, this was a real shame because the small town families affected by this shooting are the same so-called “common man” that Trump promised to focus on, care for, and help during his 2016 campaign. It makes me wonder if these shootings are being “normalized” in the sense that Americans should just begin to regard them as part of the everyday and expected course of modern life in the United States, In my mind, any such normalization would be a really sad place to go to. I hope all of us can be sensitive enough to these shootings that we NEVER allow such a normalization to cure in the concrete of this country.

    • So what’s the solution? How much good will it do if you turn in your shotgun to the state? (Maybe I would sleep better at night, but overall, I respect your right to own your gun and defend your family).

  19. Better and more available mental health care, parents having more available time for their children, schools having a zero tolerance for bullying and harassment, parenting classes taught at the high school level to all students, parents setting limits to online access and monitoring smart phone use are all things that can reduce these tragedies. Stricter gun laws are NOT the answer. We’ve all heard it many times but it’s still true ” guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. We ned to spend our resources where they can do the most good. We need to love, teach, care for and pay attention to our country’s most valuable asset, our children. We are not meeting the basic needs of our adolescent children. It has become the norm to give Middle Schoolers smart phones and unlimited internet access. They need love, limits, rules, attention and a childhood not a smart phone.

    • In almost all school shootings the shooter is a student. How does a child or a teen get their hands on a gun?

      Checking backpacks of students & teachers & staff at school gate would prevent all school shootings.

      • Many, many city schools have metal detectors at the door. Guns, knives, etc. are stopped. How to get around that? Wait outside with your weapon to do harm and don’t go through the detector. Rationalize all you want – it’s a gun problem.

  20. If you are interested in meaningful action toward common sense gun laws and supporting the second amendment, I recommend looking up Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (moms demand action.org). This group focuses on all the areas where there is broad public support and still no action by lawmakers. So for example, promoting legislation to promote safe gun storage in states where it is absent (like KY) or improvements in the provision for the removal of guns from the possession of people convicted of domestic violence or charged with final protection from abuse orders (a current push in PA with SB501, a bill introduced by a Republican). The organization was started the day after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

  21. This should be no shock to you all
    this is the result of liberal agenda
    No accountability and taking responsibility for what is being allowed in the schools
    When the children bring in from the Godless, failed homes all the bad they have learned from wrong values from bad parents , this is what you get.
    more of the same old reterick , no one seems to want to put the parents in jail for the actions of the children
    NO one wants to put the children that commit this kind of action on death row, and make a example of consequence.
    When the Children see that thier is a definite Heaven or Hell and what they do will have a eternal consequence. Fear of God
    Fear of Judgement, Fear of consequence, just , swift consequence
    Man will not quit thier evil deeds

    New International Version
    God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”
    Read at Bible Gateway
    Read all of John 4

    Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica

    NIV Zondervan Study Bible


  22. My son’s company in Austin, Texas hosted some workers that that employ from India. They took them to a shooting range and he was amazed. People from India are not allowed to have guns. Sounds pretty good to me right now

  23. Larry is spot on with his comment. Also since the author offered absolutely nothing of substance as to a course of action or solution, maybe you’ll find some ideas here in this video. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1801180746848477&id=1499809130318975

  24. A good lesson for all of us who call ourselves Christians…especially those frustrated with Pres. Trump…

    People can be frustrating……. Recently a close associate did something that I knew was wrong. Before I confronted him, I prayed for wisdom. But the more I prayed the more confusing the issue became. If I were going to help this person I needed to confront him in a way that would help rather than harm. However, I presented the problem, though, I believed he would be upset and probably resent whatever I had to say on the subject. On the other hand, I felt I needed to say or do something – but what? The more I prayed, the more baffled I became.
    Praying usually gives me joy, but not this time. What was happening? I was learning! I was learning something that could help you should you ever face a similar situation. The Lord spoke to my spirit, and repeated what He told Peter: What is that to you? You follow me (Jn. 21:22 TLB).
    • “Yes, Lord, but what should I do about this person?”
    • You have only one concern. Do what will please Me.
    • “Yes, Lord, I know that is what I must do, but what will please You?”
    • You are not at peace while you are thinking about that person. Turn him over to Me.
    The moment I listened to God, my peace returned. Other people belong to God, not to us! About ninety-nine percent of the time it is God’s business to correct others, not ours. If we are a parent, supervisor or pastor, we are sometimes obligated to make decisions to correct someone. But most of us are seldom in a position where we have the responsibility to correct “His servants.” When we feel compelled to do what is God’s business, we will nearly always feel frustrated, and lose our joy. How delightful it is when we learn to trust God to run His business of conforming others to the image of Christ … without our help!”
    -“You Can Be Happy Now” by Merlin Carothers

    • Merlin, then why did your god give us brains and a heart? I do not buy your antidote. We are NOT to stand by and watch our children slaughtered waiting for god to fix it. I will not for the sake of our children.

    • JC.

      wow thanks. I love how you illustrate the steps a Christian takes. That shows great humility, and you also showed the difficulty of it. It’s uncomfortable. It’s confusing. It’s not satisfying (to the flesh). There is no immediate ‘pay off’. Those are all things that strongly avoid in this World.

      What I like, is that the more we exercise this type of discipline, it becomes less ‘foreign’ to us, and I know God smiles.

  25. We like to use words like victims, because it’s easy. It’s effortless. They were innocent. However… when someone is a victim, we take actions. Victims have the causes of their harm investigated, with suggestions on how to improve things so that it never happens again. We care about victims.

    These were acceptable losses. Two students here, a few there, it is the price society pays so that ‘legitimate gun owners’ don’t have to be burdened with any interruption to their lives. These dead children are what politicians consider an acceptable loss so long as the ‘sacred second amendment’ has the fewest number of laws affecting it. You want to see change, as your local politician what the number is–the number when there are so many dead people that it is no longer an acceptable loss, but something we must change. Calling them victims is sympathetic, but the truth is America considered them expendable, acceptable losses. And it will do so with the next shooting, and the one after that. The word victim means very little when no one learns a lesson, or fights to make a better world.

    Make your politician say it out loud, say that your kids are acceptable losses. If they are unwilling or unable to introduce laws to try to make things better, they already consider your child’s life as currency, their blood as the necessary sacrifice to keep from taking responsible gun legislation. That’s not victims with dignity and rights. That’s war, and your children are the grease that keeps this great war machine running.

  26. Stop blaming Congress. America as a society needs to take accountability. United States citizens far outnumber Congress. Movies of extreme violence is the norm, outrageous video games, foul and vulgar music is common place. What is being done to stop that? Absolutely nothing. Parents are out of control and kids mimick what they see. Citizens are sitting around waiting for the government to do something. You will be waiting a long time. It’s not their problem. It’s a United States of America societal problem. Stop blaming Trump, the Clinton’s and Obama.

    • Barb:

      I really liked how Trump kept steering SOTU Address back to the privilege & responsibilities of The American People (aka citizens).

      Many Americans have lost the thread that our GOVT is ‘For the People & By the People’, not the other way around. [That wrong entitlement attitude has caused many of the problems that you mentioned above.]

      Those that wish that Govt was involved in every part of their lives do not know what they are wishing for. And those in Congress seem to operate on their own personal whims. They are supposed to be beholden to us. (Nancy, are you listening?). She couldnt possibly be representing any Americans the way she acts and speaks.

      • And, the way that this President acts and speaks does not represent billions of decent people who live in this country regardless of political party, race creed, gender or sexual identity.

        If he is a representative of your behavior and morals, that is just sad. I do see the resemblance in the arrogance and hyperbole especially if you think one side has the moral high ground over the other.

        The Republicans just want to shift costs and responsibilities to the states except for the gun thing, the pot thing, the immigrant thing, sometimes, sometimes not the education thing, and oh, the wall thing. Although my favorite is their legislation of their faux morals. We all pay either way. I hope they shrink themselves out of a job. Now that would be refreshing.

        Do you think God working through Trump is to put money in your pocket? In my whole life I have never heard God equated with wealth until now. I am thankful.

        My husband and I both worked until we were 65. It is so endearing when people refer to Social Security as an Entitlement. It is like we haven’t paid into it for decades. Republicans sure know how to throw words out there until they stick. I have an idea of what it is that makes them sticky.

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  28. This is a sin problem in our country. How unfair to blame President Trump for this. If anyone is dividing our country it is the Liberal Democrats! Why was there no blame for other Presidents when tragedy and murder struck? I happen to live in a community where school tragedy hit big time. We heard the sirens and the circling helicopters hovering over the highschool. We lost a young man in our congregation from this tragedy. Our dear Pastor was on the scene there praying and comforting people. We grieved for a very long time and still do over the Columbine Shootings. We visit the Memorial site at Clement Park and grieve. Yes, we need stricter gun regulations but that is not going to stop future killings. Quit insinuating that it is President Trump’s fault, if you want to take that Avenue then why did your greatly esteemed President Obama not solve the problem? A note to Larry, (I suspect you are Joe but I could be wrong) I always respect your comments and agree with you, I don’t like the mean spirited comments directed your way. I support your passion for being an advocate for the unborn. Christpher Freeman, you have my respect for representing the gospel, after all isn’t that the most important stand we should represent as Christians?

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  30. It is time that we stop blaming a thing, and address the real issue. We can take away every single gun in this country, and children will still find a way to murder children. We MUST figure out what is causing our children to decide to end the lives of their peers – and frankly, no one is spending a dime or time to try to figure it out. It would be awesome if simply eliminating guns would solve the problem, but it won’t. And then we’ll be searching for the next thing to demonize and blame. Yes, gun control issues need to be addressed but frankly, much could be handled if we simply enforced the laws that exist. If we enforced the concept of responsible gun ownership instead of this fervent, right-wing, NRA-funded mantra that every human being born in the US has the right to own a gun. It’s bullshit. But at the same time, the idea that simply outlawing and eliminating guns will solve all our violence problems is, at best, wishful thinking. Parents need to parent, instead of pointing at everything else and blaming it for their child failing or becoming violent. Children need to be taught to value each other, instead of seeing our country’s leaders continue to marginalize and denigrate those who are not white and male. The overwhelming number of mentally ill Americans who have no access to healthcare, medication, therapy, etc. is staggering. The number of Americans who are medicated to their eyebrows and deemed “not responsible” for their behavior is epidemic. It is time we started requiring adults to be accountable for their actions and frankly, we need to start with those who lead our country.

  31. Thank you for this heartbreaking but critical message. We just had a very strange shooter in California as well. A young girl this time, supposedly walking into the schoolroom with a gun in a backpack. There are so many things today making our children sick, as well as a lot of adults too. I cry every time I read about some poor baby or young child who has been tortured, or raped and killed. Childhood (and I see that into their teens) should be a sacred time – a time of incredibly special and beautiful events and memories. It is a special place inside a little child that belongs to each child, and it needs to stay sacred and protected. A little girl in my area killed herself at age 13 because she was bullied because of having braces. I am 76, and while we had bullying where I lived as a child in El Paso, TX, children with braces were common and no one thought anything of it, or if they did, it was good, clean kidding. But in the shadows of America, even then, there was the serious bullying, and children at school not with guns perhaps, but with knives or other weapons. It feels as though our country is being sold down the river at every step, especially for our children. I am a former paraeducator, special needs aide and finally a teacher. Over the years, I would go to school daily to work with my children, and we had fire drills, but we never had to have one active shooter practice or lockdown. I am glad my children are fully grown and will not have to go through this, and I hope that their children, and their children’s children never do. Just going through those drills was more reality than I ever want to have to deal with in whatever work I continue to do with children. Thank you kindly for your excellent, though heart rending message. I am wanting to start an anti-bullying campaign in my town via art and perhaps art classes. It is the best thing I can think of at the time to try to teach them.

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