Christians Supporting Trump Aren’t Christians

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” — Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride,

The first Christians didn’t call themselves Christians.

It wasn’t some congratulatory self-identifier as it is today; a way of loudly trumpeting one’s own supposed goodness, quickly slapped on Twitter bios and bumper stickers and t-shirts without forethought or personal cost or empirical evidence. It wasn’t about a place you visited for an hour on Sunday before Cracker Barrel, either.

The term Christian was originally a designation of the community of people following Jesus, by those outside of it after his death—and it was quite likely a slur; a scarlet letter attached to a marginalized group who’d traded comfy allegiance with Caesar for dangerous devotion to an itinerant Hebrew street preacher from Nazareth.

In the Roman Empire in which it was born, Jesus’ movement was fully countercultural; shunning its power and material wealth, breaking its barriers between the important and the inconsequential, fighting the stereotypes of the in and the out. It was a table builder and a wall breaker.

These “little Christs” as they were called, were derided by outsiders because the expansive, diverse, interdependent community they were creating stood in such opposition to Rome’s singular trickle down might—and their presence created turbulence there.

Being called a Christian then, meant ridicule and threat and oppression from the Government and the religious leaders. It wasn’t a cheap decal one adorned themselves with to declare their own righteousness; it was applied to them by powerful people who despised them.

Trump Christians wouldn’t be called Christians by these people, they would be called Romans—and those following Jesus then, wouldn’t recognize people supporting this President now, as their spiritual descendants.

There would be no bloodline to trace, no affinities to note, no visible family resemblance.

Christians then, destroyed social barriers between people—they didn’t fortify them.
Christians then, welcomed the marginalized and vulnerable—they didn’t harass them at school or in hospital rooms or on street corners.
Christians then, healed the sick and fed the hungry and clothed the naked—they didn’t resent them for being lazy or making bad choices.
Christians then, pushed back against the corrupt power hoarding wealth—they didn’t partner with it.
Christians then, loved their disparate neighbors as themselves—they didn’t wall them off and send them away and lock them in cages.

People aligned with a Jesus who said “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them”—would have been fully sickened by families separated at borders.

People connected to a Jesus who said, “You cannot serve both God and money”—wouldn’t be overlooking adultery, corruption, and bigotry just to pad their nest eggs.

People synonymous with a Jesus who fed a hillside multitude, not because they were right or saved or moral, but because they were hungry—wouldn’t recognize a “pull yourself by your own bootstraps” callousness toward those in need.

People associated with a Jesus who touched lepers and healed the blind and bleeding—wouldn’t be able to comprehend believers who penalized people for preexisting conditions or made staying alive a financial death sentence.

Most of all, people connected to Jesus they weren’t tripping over themselves to publicly claim their Christlikeness. Other people decided that.

People currently supporting this President can label themselves any way they want.

They can imagine themselves sanctified while perpetuating something that far more resembles Caesar of Rome than Jesus of Nazareth.

They can try and retrofit Jesus’ Christianity to the bloated, self-aggrandizing, malevolent Empire they’re currently wallowing in.

They can try and bastardize Jesus expansive’ “For God so loved the world” purpose statement, into a walled-off, gated community “America First” rally slogan.

They can even preach the angry gospel of white nationalism and contempt for outsiders—and call themselves Christian while doing so.

But no one in the time of Jesus would be calling them Christian.

Not the Romans.
Not the Christ followers.
Most of all, not Jesus.

The first Christians were labeled Christians, because they emulated Christ—in all his compassionate, kind, loving, healing, welcoming, border-breaching, barrier-busting goodness.

These folks emulate someone antithetical to all of it.

Technically speaking of course, given the origins of the word, none of us should claim to be Christian—but if we’re going to, we should at least seek some spiritual synergy.

They may be self-identified Christians, but from the outside the title is suspect.
They aren’t “Little Christs”

They aren’t “followers of the Way.”
They aren’t even Evangelicals.

They are “Little Trumps.”

In that God of arrogance and greed and enmity, they truly trust.




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44 thoughts on “Christians Supporting Trump Aren’t Christians

    • Thank you for sharing your light on this topic of Christianity.
      You have expressed what a true christian is, and how one should governed themselves, compared to being a deceiving christin in modern time.. The word of God clearly states that we are to “Study the word to know it for ourselves” it is our instructions on how to govern ourselves every day as children of God; by doing so we can decipher by way of the holy spirit that worketh within us what is true, right, and just; because God is one spirit that dwells in us all (bearing witness to one another, and confirm our actions, and what we hear, say, and do; therefore we should all reason together on what is right with one spirit agreeing within all of us.
      I feel within my spirit that this world is being deceived; particularly with our government on multiple issues, and practices. One major issue is “The death penalty” this is against God; when he clearly said that : ” the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. (NOT: the Lord giveth, and Man taketh away.)as “A Christian;” we are tp live our lives as Jesus would have done. REMEMBERING that famous quote at “At All Times; WWJD -What Would Jesus DO” you have explained in vivid detail some examples of how true christian governed themself compared to some modern christians.
      We should be calling ourselves children of God; because we are all children of God once we are saved by his grace. As children of God we are to lead peaceful lives of Christ. Yeshua- Jesus real name. Was brought here as a randosome to show us how we should live as children of God, for a ransom so that we can live eternally after this life here on earth. Yeshua himself set the example himself for us to follow. Constantine the Great, also known as Constantine, was a Roman Emperor who ruled between 306 and 337 AD gave Yeshua the name Jesus. another example why the word of God says forus to “Pray for our leaders, kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior. Finally Please do not believe everything that you hear, and see. This is a spiritual battle that we live in every day.. Know that we are an overcomer, so be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might.


  1. Well, personally speaking, I am not willing to say who is or is not an authentic Christian on an individual basis. That is a matter of heart that only God can decide. However, that said…

    Jesus did tell us that his followers vs. those who are not his followers can be discerned by looking at their fruits (meaning the things they do behaviorally—including their words and what they stand for—which is just another form of behavior). But, of course, even Christians are still sinners—which makes applying that principle problematic at best.

    As some of you know, I was a Southern Baptist for several years in the 1980s, and I attended a highly conservative Southern Baptist Church—the fundie kind of place Paige Patterson and Paul Pressler would be rapturously in love with.

    One of the things I learned from the most dedicated, faithful, and totally committed Southern Baptists in that church is a foundational principle that such people use in SBC churches to measure their own congregations. They actually told me this principle with their own words. This principle is as follows:

    “On any given day, only about 15 percent of the people in any Southern Baptist Convention Church are authentic Christians who truly are saved from Hell and are definitely going to Heaven one day. They are usually the people who by their service, actions, and works (day-in and day-out) demonstrate themselves to be the most totally committed to the church and its programs.”

    Therefore, if you have a Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical church with 1,000 members, only about 150 of those members are authentic Christians. The other 850 members are just an odd assortment of people who think they have been saved by grace through Jesus Christ (but really have not been) and an assortment of people who are just searching out matters of faith, bumbling through matters of faith, people going through the motions of the Christian faith with no real understanding of it, people who attend church “just because momma and daddy did,” people who attend church just as a habit, businessmen and businesswomen who attend church just to establish and keep connections important to the success of their businesses (like real estate people), and so forth. These 850 members are people who pick up on random pieces of the Christian faith, snappy catch phrases (like “go and sin no more.”, and slick slogans of the Christian faith—and bandy them about as weapons in public (like some on this blog)—but when it comes to really understanding the Christian faith inside out—they do not know their anus from a hole in the ground.

    I think these 850 members of our hypothetical Southern Baptist church are the so-called “Christians” who are so much in love with Donald Trump and are stupid enough to support him no matter what he says or does. The absence of the Holy Spirit within them (because they are not authentic Christians) is the reason why they are unable to discern the evil in Donald Trump and his presidency—-or understand why it is wrong to follow him and support him.

    Feel free to visit my blog at any time. I have several new main posts up at:

    God bless you all!!!

  2. I have to say I am done with Christianity. It is a great relief to walk away too. The Evangelicals are vicious, INSANE people and Left wing Christians are nothing in the Trump era if not weak and pathetic. (you cannot “pray the Nazi away people… you MUST PUNCH BACK. ) Neither side worships the true Christ – so screw all of you. I am SO glad to wash my hands of this nonsense.
    So many other systems make more sense….Buddhists are not nearly as messed up and sad.

    • Reading Pavlovitz’s arrogant nonsense I would think that anyone outside the Christian sphere would walk a million miles away from this crap.

  3. All liberal democrats are clearly superior beings, and far closer to God than anyone that may have preferred Trump to Hillary! Not to give credence to this stupid article, but if this dude is really comparing these apples to oranges, he may have read that the Israelites are God’s chosen people, and I think we all know which party is trying to help one of our oldest allies while a certain other party is actively aiding their enemies!

    • Do you really think that the Republicans and their evangelicals support Israel out of the goodness of their hearts, or because it’s God’s Chosen Nation? No. They “support” Israel for one reason, and one reason only: because their interpretation of End Times Prophecy says that Israel has to exist, rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, and enter unwittingly into a treaty with Babylon the Great (the “city” [nation] ruled by “the Anti-Christ” [a phrase found nowhere in the Bible]), so that “the Anti-Christ” (aka the Abomination of Desolation) can sit on the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies and proclaim himself (or itself) God, ushering in the Great Tribulation (3½ years, following the 3½ years of the Lesser Tribulation, for a total of seven years of Tribulation).

      Before that happens, all the good saved evangelical Christians will be taken away in the Rapture (another word found nowhere in the Bible), safe and sound from the predations of the Beasts of Revelation. Some people will become Christians after the Rapture and will help convert 144,000 Jews and other Israelites (just 12,000 actual Jews as in of the Tribe of Judah) who will be the only Jewish people to accept Christ and escape His wrath when He comes at the end of the Great Tribulation, and these people (the ones who become Christians and convert these few Jews) will be known as the Tribulation Saints (the only reason that concept even exists is because you people really wanna believe in the un-Biblical Rapture false doctrine, and yet Revelation 13:7 says that it is given unto the Great Beast to make war with the Saints [saved Christians] and to overcome them!).

      This is why your side is doing everything they can to try to force the fulfillment of the End Times Prophecies. For instance, the Temple cannot be rebuilt (even were the Dome of the Rock mosque somehow removed) until the Israelites are purified by a special ritual to make them worthy to participate in its sacrifices, and this requires the blood of a “red heifer” (Numbers 19), a cow with (according to Rabbinical tradition) no more than two hairs on its entire body that aren’t red. Well, some evangelical ranchers in Texas are actively trying to breed Red Angus cattle to create such a red heifer — in other words, they’re actively trying to bring about the end of the world!

      Anyway, your side doesn’t really have love for Jews. Your ilk still think that the Jews killed Christ (even though He said otherwise Himself [John 10:17–18]). You demonize Jews such as George Soros and leaders of media and banking. You’re just using them to get the Rapture and Second Coming to happen quicker, in your lifetime, all so you can go to Heaven without having to die first.

    • Your logic is simple, simple minded. Forget the man and all his transgressions, look only at one seemingly accomplishment. Don’t forget a basic tenet of Christianity is that Jews will never get to see God, will never get to heaven without accepting Jesus as God. It is antithetical to support trump and be Christian. It is also contradictory to be Christian and believe all people are God’s children.

  4. You hate judgmental Christians, right? Well, read your title, please… Plus, please don’t forget, you’re a pastor. You’re a shepherd to a flock. You’re supposed to teach them the word of God. Please be true to that… You supposedly had a calling, right? Well, your job is NOT to be the “rising star” of ANYTHING… You’re supposed to make JESUS the focus of your ministry, not calling out other Christians, or looking cool to the world. Get out of ministry, I’d say, and GO into politics. That would make sense.

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  6. As a Christian and I believe a true disciple of Jesus Christ, I found your blog to be the height of arrogance. You not only dismiss the right of every American to vote their conscience but in doing so you accuse them of not following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. May I ask, who are you to judge?
    I found your latest blog (Christians who voted for Trump aren’t Christians) not only stifling but suffocating, as I believe, the majority of Christians who voted their conscience and voted Republican would agree. We have and God willing will continue to have the right to vote as we see fit and we also have the right to resist the far left agenda that you so eloquently try to present as a religious obligation to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
    In your blog you failed to present many of the other Christian teachings that Christ would have taught, in addition to the one true Christian teaching that Jesus would insist we follow, and that being the right to Life. “Thou Shall Not Kill”. As usual, the one major topic that the far left fails to defend is the right of those 61,000,000 babies to their LIFE, which had been aborted under the pretext of freedom of choice.
    Mr. Pavlovitz, you have a right to your opinion but referencing the teachings of Jesus Christ to defend a political viewpoint and chastising those of us who disagree with your far left agenda, is far from being Christian and we should expect better from someone who claims to be a Minister of Jesus Christ.
    Finally, it appears that your web site is more interested in promoting your book and advertisers than your belief in Jesus; my suggesting would be to make those changes immediately.

    • If you follow a sinner and you support and cheer for the same sinner, then you are… If paying for sex and lying to your wives is not evil then why are two of ten commandments specific to this sin. I understand it is not my place to judge but to support and enable in this Country makes you an accomplice. trump is evil. He seems to break the 8th commandment daily. You are a “true disciple of Christ” so you can ignore everything around him.

  7. John, you have a beautiful way of putting words into what we are knowing and thinking . I choose to be compassionate as Jesus taught me, loving, kind, healing and welcoming, Amen-Mary

  8. This all seems very harsh the comments and the intensity of it all, Jesus when he spoke it was profound, calm and able to be thought of from many perspectives. Jesus and the other great spiritual teachers throughout time would spread seeds of love irregardless of the blasphemy, bigotry and hate mongering, please consider this when you utter an opinion it should land on all ears easily and bring peace to those that read it, they know you are of the spirit of god by your action and words, lets go that direction and edify life with love.

  9. And…the conversation always turns back to abortion. Here’s some inconvenient truth: there is a politician in America who has prevented more abortions than any politician ever has. And it isn’t this president. It’s President Obama. He did it by making contraception FREE – especially expensive, long-acting, highly reliable contraceptives like IUD’s, which cost more than most lower- and middle-income families can afford. Abortion rates are now lower than they have been since Roe was decided. Abortion rates now equal miscarriage rates, in fact. If Christians care most of all to stop the “slaughter”, they should throw their political support to the policies that prevent pregnancies: education and contraception. Changing the law will only make women and children less safe – it has never stopped abortion and never will.

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