Letter To An American Gun Lover

If you’re an American gun lover, I’m not going to argue with you today.

I’m not going to exchange news articles and opinion pieces and stat graphics.

I’m not going to absorb lazy, tired platitudes about people killing people or about heart problems.

I’m not going to respond to personal attacks or allegations of my disregard for your individual freedoms.

I’m not going to debate which acts of terrorism are worth decrying and which worth justifying.

I’m not going to compare body counts and skin colors and shooter’s names.

I’m not going to trade snarky insults or angry tirades or verbal jousts.

I’m not going to play one religion against another in ascribing culpability.

I’m not going to listen to critiques that I’ve become “too political” over something that to me is far greater than politics.

I’m not going to engage in violence with you as a way of protesting violence.

I am going to spend today trying to create a more peaceful world in whatever way that I can.

I am going to spend it practicing the compassion and benevolence and kindness that I preach, as much as I am able.

I am going to spend it fully grieving the loss of all innocent life.

I am going to spend it lamenting the fact that no amount of bloodshed seems to merit any other action than fiercely retaining the horrible status quo.

I am going to spend it mourning the fact that Sandy Hook wasn’t enough, that Charleston wasn’t, that Colorado Springs wasn’t, that Orlando wasn’t, that Parkland wasn’t enough to move you.

I am going to spend it grieving those who devalue life—and those who do nothing when it is squandered.

I am going to spend it knowing that for as long as I live, I will always represent one less gun in the world.

I am going to spend it trusting that a “bleeding heart” is always better than a dead one.

I am going to spend it being a person of life, surrounded by so much unnecessary death.

I am going to spend it living out my personal faith convictions, that tell me I cannot repay evil for evil, that I must turn the other cheek, that I must pray for my enemies, that I don’t get to take an eye for an eye.

And I am going to do it all armed solely with the belief that Love is the only worthy weapon worth advocating for.

I will not engage in another shootout today.

I will lay down my guns.

I will not return fire.


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231 thoughts on “Letter To An American Gun Lover

  1. If you think these idiots wouldn’t kill you, you’re brain dead. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. So why should psychos have guns and innocents not be able to defend themselves. You apparently are naive. Get real! It’s brainless nuts like you that drink the liberal kool-aid. Try some real logical thought process. Then you might get a clue, but I wouldn’t count on it. Get a spine!

    • Well, now, hang on a second… You brought up an excellent question: “Why should psychos have guns?” The NRA IS selling guns to psychos! Why? Why defend a psycho’s right to purchase and use a gun? Are you looking for a firefight?
      I thought that guns owners believed in responsible gun ownership (ergo: not psycho). So why allow for them to have the guns in the first place? There were some simple laws on the books that the vast majority of the population wanted to see put forth, but the NRA (and its lobbyists) decided that money was more important than responsibility, or lives. So, YAY! More guns for psychos!

      And guys like you, Tony, are not willing to make that connection or do anything about it, because you’re scared. You’re been prepped and molded to be scared thinking that the government *might* just take away YOUR guns.

      Is it because you’re afraid that it might be discovered that *you* are a psycho?

  2. Very true. I also believe if someone in those places had a gun and knew how to use it there would be more dead terrorists and less dead innocent people

    • …and yet that has never proved to be the case. Armed folks AT the scene of a shooting still weren’t able to stop murders from occurring.

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  5. If guns keep us safe, why do we have 20 times as many gun deaths per capita than any other “civilized” nation? We have a glut of guns designed for homicide, not sports. United States endemic gum terror kills at least 30,000 citizens a year, mostly family members and friends.
    The more they sell, the more we kill. Happy Holidays!

    • Because we have 20+ times more dense population areas as any other “civilized” nation with fewer guns per capita and you don’t see a lot of mass shootings in rural well armed areas of the country.

  6. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about gun ownership in the US as it relates to protection of self and home, hunting for food, killing with malice, etc. I am not a gun owner, but most of my family are. I have never had a problem with people owning hand guns. I have enjoyed the meat that my brothers have provided through hunting. I find myself in a quandry when it comes to open carry and concealed carry. Naive as it may sound, I dislike the idea of the OK Corral at the local supermarket or theater. And at the same time, I understand the belief that those intent on doing harm will do so in these places and others, and that responsible gun owners might be able to prevent or lessen the damage done. I can’t help but believe middle ground is what we need to find.

    As I have read all the responses to John’s post, I came away with the observation that, for many gun owners, there seems to be a “you’ll take my gun from my dying hands.” And for many gun law advocates, there seems to be a naivety about laying down while an active shooter takes you out. Again, I think there is some place in the middle to be found. And in all instances, I believe prayer is needed.

    I also fear that, as has been intimated in previous comments, a civil war is on verge of happening – albeit in the year 2016, when we are supposedly more advanced, more thoughtful and more aware. I also believe the world is vastly different than when the laws were established. A well-regulated militia means something very different today than it did in the 1700s. And zealots from the Middle East couldn’t just hop on a plane to cross the ocean. The internet and all it birthed wasn’t available to make the world so much smaller-so much more accessible.

    I remarked to a friend recently that I believed radicalism is the problem. Much is made of Islam hating America. Hating gays. Hating the American way of life. But honestly, of the many Muslims I know who follow Islam, not a single one supports this belief. Any more than the Christians I know (of which I am one) believe support the beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church. Both Christians and Muslims – radicals in both camps – have perpetrated horrible crimes with guns. What is telling, I think, is that in our comparatively young country, we have a (thin) veneer of gentility nurtured by years of laws, Constitutions, Amendments, etc., that have Americans hesitating the use of deadly force in favor of life. Middle Eastern countries – since Biblical times – have been accustomed to open killing, war and death. Middle ground… I understand we need to respect each other, but I also know that having respect for people when it isn’t reciprocated is futile. And in the meantime, we see more infighting and dissent among our own citizenry – exactly what will continue to fuel the fires, of hatred, of death, and of violence.


    If you have an irrational fear of guns, I’m not going to argue with you today.
    I’m not going to link to the countless articles that document the innocent lives saved daily by the use of a gun, often times without the gun even being fired.
    I’m not going to offer platitudes about outlawing guns means that only outlaws will have guns.
    I’m not going to respond to your personal attacks on law abiding gun owners as somehow not Christian or Christ-like for believing that defending innocent life is one of our highest callings.
    I too am going to spend today trying to create a more peaceful world in whatever way I can.
    I am going to spend it practicing the compassion and benevolence and kindness that you preach, as much as I am able.
    I too am going to spend it grieving the loss of all innocent life. I will even grieve the loss of non-innocent life, but unlike you, I am prepared to defend the innocent from the non-innocent.
    I am going to spend it lamenting the fact that we live in a fallen world with evil in it. I will lament the fact that sometimes, some people, choose to harden their hearts and seek to do evil unto others, and that evil must be checked.
    I will lament the idea that you hold, that by making the innocent more vulnerable, it will somehow make the non-innocent less evil.
    I will lament the idea that you would rather more innocents die than to take the life of a non-innocent.
    I will lament the idea that rather than take common sense steps to protect innocent lives like banning gun-free zones or adding armed security to our schools, you would expand the status quo and make the entire nation a gun-free zone.
    I will spend it mourning the loss of innocent life to come as those like you seek to remove the shepherds like me from the sheep we are charged to protect. I weep to think that had you been David’s counsel, he might have set aside his sling for Goliath.
    I will spend it mourning that you truly believe that American gun owners don’t grieve Sandy Hook, Charleston, or Orlando and that through your false piety, you believe that you have cornered the market on compassion.
    I am going to spend it praying that God removes your irrational fear of inanimate objects and those who would take up their sling to do battle with the Goliaths of the world.
    I am going to spend it knowing that as long as I live, I will always defend the innocent from the non-innocent, even at the cost of my own life, because I know this is scripturally sound (John 15:13).
    I am going to spend it knowing that a beating heart is always better than a bleeding one.
    I am going to spend it being a person of life that believes there are some ideals and innocence worth fighting for, surrounded by some who don’t value life enough to fight for it.
    I am going to spend it living out my personal faith convictions, that tell me I can confront evil with righteousness, that I will never do so out of malice or hatred, but rather for love of my fellow man and innocent life. I too will pray for my enemies, that they repent of their wicked ways, as I examine my own heart and sins and repent of them.
    And I am going to do it armed with the tools necessary to repel the evil that may be paid upon you or anyone else.
    I too will not engage in another shootout today, or hopefully ever. I pray that day never comes for any of us, but I will be prepared if it does.
    I will take up arms for righteousness sake.
    I will confront evil and protect the innocent, even as they seek to bind my hands in their ignorance and blindness.

    • hmmm….. sounds like zealotry in spades. Love the bit about about armed security guards in schools defending children from gun toting madmen. Pity you don’t see the irony in that comment.

  8. I wonder, does this man’s desire extend to the police and military too. It seems an impassioned argument for passive resistance. If so then I applaud his faith but if he has limits then the position is flawed and diminished to the point that nothing should be said at all.

    Answer that question sir and let the people to whom you preach know your heart. But also, be aware that if your wish does include all our defenses and was to come true for these United States of America there would be much angst and gnashing of teeth as those less righteous than yourself would surely come and make it hell on earth. Tell us, how far does your faith go?

  9. he’s not going to debate, yet mentions all the anti 2nd Amendment points without debate. Author, you are not as brilliant you think.

    I can reverse this:

    Dear American Gun Grabber,

    If you want to infringe upon my right per the 2nd Amendment, I will not argue with you.

    I’m going to exchange statistics on how gun control does not seem to work in states that have the strictest gun control.

    Yada, yada, peace, puppies, children.

  10. I do agree with your Peace idea. In fact peace and love will change the world if every one will do their fair share. However there were 2 attempts of home invasion in my house. The first time I said it will not happen again. The second time then it’s that moment that I realize that life is not all about rainbows and cupcakes. There are really bad people out there who will not follow the law. I do understand your position to be defenseless but please respect my rights to defend myself and my family from these bad people. I choose not to be a victim.

  11. Diet could do so much to reduce mental illness. If we would stop eating chemicals and started eating real food, a lot of the anger would dissipate, alot of the toxic pharmaceuticals would be eliminated and the world would begin to heal.

  12. I am not going to engage in any dialogue that may contradict the steaming piles of bullshit I will feed you while high on my moral horse.

  13. You’re a weak beta who would have been weeded out quick several hundred years ago. Since you’re in love w/ socialism & being unarmed I think Venezuela would be perfect for you . I don’t own a gun but know mass confiscation of weapons from the public will only make tyranny more easily attainable & give predators more vulnerable victims. Foolish far left useful idiots like you live in some fantasy dream world w/ rainbows & star shine. The real world is much different filled w/ evil men that wish to do us harm.

    You want to go out on your hands & knees feel free but not I. By the way it’s only a matter of time before lunatics starting putting bombs on drones, we get hit w/ a biological or nuclear terror attack so stow your self righteous indignation about guns we’re due for a lot bigger problems on the horizon. Oh yeah there’s no god either only heavily armed men will save you.

  14. Wait… so you’re not going to do all that stuff… you kinda just did. You just pointed out all the things you perceive people with differing opinions do and said you wouldn’t do them… In essence you just played out an entire gun control debate by yourself, condemning those with differing opinions and touting how right your views are and that that is what needs to happen…

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  16. It never ceases to amaze me…
    the timeless wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    All men are made in the image of God. All men are bothers. All men are created equal. Every man is an heir to a legacy of dignity and worth. Every man has rights that are neither conferred by, nor derived from the State–they are God-given. Out of one blood, God made all men to dwell upon the face of the earth. What a marvelous foundation for any home! What a glorious and healthy place to inhabit. But America’s strayed away, and this unnatural excursion has brought only confusion and bewilderment. It has left hearts aching with guilt and minds distorted with irrationality.

    Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism. With this powerful commitment we shall boldly challenge the status quo, we shall boldly challenge unjust mores, and thereby speed up the day when “every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low, and the rough places shall be made plain, and the crooked places straight. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.”

    We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, militarism and economic exploitation are incapable of being conquered.

    It is time for all people of conscience to call upon America to come back home. Come home, America.
    -Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    excepts from his Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967:
    “Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”

  17. I strive for peace, kindness and love in my life but if anyone breaks into my home while I’m there the intruder is going to probably die.

  18. I am a gun owner. Some pieces, my dads shotgun maybe, rarely get used, others are frequently in my car come hunting season. They include bolt action rifles and pump or semi-auto shotguns. None are “MSR” aka ARs. None are handguns. I have been NRA since the early 1970’s. My NRA membership will not be renewed for several reasons, among those reasons their support of trump, their idiotic refusal to try anything serious to stem the bloodshed on our streets, their opposition to any sensible attempt to ensure only people who should own firearms get to buy those arms, and their support of politicians who are happy to betray the rest of the nation by selling off or transferring our public lands. The NRA is not a hunters friend any longer and due to its legislative stances has become an albatross around the necks of responsible hunters and shooters. Its long past time we tighten up our gun laws and ensure vigorous enforcement and punishment for those violating our laws (something that we know is currently lacking). me? I’m voting straight democrat for the foreseeable future.

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