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I served in megachurches for many years and made a comfortable salary, however I stepped down so that I could minister to people differently and speak in ways that would be almost impossible on staff at a larger church.

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49 thoughts on “Give

  1. Hi, I don’t know you and don’t know your family or friends, but I do know this as a 53 year old Lesbian, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend, I want you to know your amazing, your what this wonderful world is about, your the kind of person I want to know and be friends with. I want to support your congregation and your work. How do I do that? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • I am still new here and this is the second time I am seeing your name and your article. I think I am in the right place for counselling and finding solution.

  2. Hello. My name is Matthew and I, as a Christian, was shunned out by my entire church at age 18 for being gay. I lost complete faith in church but never in Christ himself. But after reading this blog, after your brave and loving words, I now know that I should not feel betrayed by churches in all. I would love to sit in your church and hear you preach as an individual who truly knows the word of God. I can not express my gratitude to you. I can only hope and pray that many more pastors spread this loving message such as you did. I don’t know you personally, but I’d like to think of you as a life long friend. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

  3. Thank you. Your sentiments, your intentions, your loving and healing words are like water in the desert. These are the most Christ-like thoughts on this subject that I think I have ever seen. Your living metaphor, to speak of your own children, as we – all God’s children – long to hear such kind words, moved me deeply. Thank you for reminding me to love others and for reminding me of the faith of my youth, thank you for your ministry.

    • Imagine that….you accusing me of CTS.He isnt assassinating people in this country. Is there a law that applies to assassinating people in foriegn countries? Who are they CIA double agents?? I cant protect them.I dont know if any laws exist to protect them.Traitors and seditionists and baggers that want to overthrow the govt would automatically be on the list, no.

    • can I make a suggestion? I sense youve acquired single thing good quality at this point. However what if you happen to added a pair links to a web page that backs up what youre saying? Or perhaps you possibly can give us somewhat to take a look at, something that would join what youre saying to single thing tangible? Only a suggestion. Anyway, in my language, there will not be a lot excellent supply resembling this.

  4. I have a gay daughter who I adore and have loved forever. Her partner is destroying their love because she is living a double life, confused and poisoned by her family. This article/story is the best written story that has impacted me like no other. I wish I could give it to my daughter’s girlfriend’s mom. But I doubt she would “get it.” She will continue to emotionally abuse her daughter with her judging and harsh words and be mean to all of us because of her life of hatred.

  5. I’m really happy to know that I’m not the only Dad on earth who would love their child no matter what!!! It breaks my heart to know that any parent could simply say “goodbye” to their child, for any reason!! God has to know that not everyone is straight, and I could never judge anyone for being gay, black, brown haired or anything else that they had no choice in!! Thank you for being one of the very few in the Christian faith to reach out to those who are supposedly different!! I wonder how people would feel if being straight was the minority, how would they feel if they were being prosecuted for their sexuality?? I don’t think that it’s that hard to think what it would be like, if the shoe was on the other foot. But I do find that the church is to blame for causing so much hatred towards the gay community, and it’s so nice to see that this church is trying to get things right, finally!! God bless you Brother Pavlovitz, for trying to change this horrible wrong!!

    • Hello Jeff,
      I have an ex brother in law in my family who is gay. I have always loved him. He is divorced from my sister for the obvious. They have three children together and now three grandchildren.
      I am in support of social justice and equality and I believe love trumps hate. I would never want to see my bil suffer in any way. I love and support all groups in or out of the minority.
      With that said, I am an opponent of any lifestyle that doesn’t line up to the designer of it, which is God himself. Including infidelity and adultery. For me, this issue is not about same-sex it’s about the covenant of the man and women and it’s purposed design by creator God. If we look inside the inner parts of a man and women, the design speaks for itself. And this is why it will never be the minority as you’ve suggested. Gay people have dogs because they cannot produce children. So your suggesting it’s the same and what if the shoe was on the other foot just isn’t plausible. It’s apples to oranges.
      As I’ve stated previously, I love all people but I felt it was important to comment due to the minority comments you made because, in my heart, I don’t feel it’s the same. God designed the covenant between a man and a women and no one has the right to re define that. Love who you want but call it what it is what what it isn’t.

      • Love who you want but call it was it is, not what it isn’t …. it is a choice by two lovers to live an alternative lifestyle … just as it would be for two lovers who are not married or to better define this, an open marriage.

  6. Sir,
    I have read a few really loving posts from pastors online, and found them to inspire in me a faith that God has not left all Christians; today I realised that most all of them were from you. I find that you and I are of one mind, and you are my spiritual brother.
    It is nice to be home. Let me tell you about me, and this side of your family.
    I am a woman, who is married to a woman. We have been married nearly nine years, and our marriage is strong and loving. We have built our home with the four pillars of Quakerism, peace, equality, simplicity, and integrity, on a solid Christian foundation. We laugh a lot. We have a hairy houseful of pets, and we have more bookshelves than money in the bank. We work in Education, and are in continuing education, because we believe it to be a worthy endeavour.
    We have three grown boys from her previous relationship. We have one grandson, who is being raised outside of the Church because his parents perceive religion to spread hate, not love.
    My wife has a strong religious background; not the ‘5th Grade understanding of the Bible’ religious background, but the ‘lifelong study of all religions’ sort of background.
    My wife suffers from a chronic mental illness, with episodes of deep despair. She also has physical disabilities that limit her mobility, so I am her care taker during both the good and bad times. I have some learning disabilities, with which she helps me cope – so we are very dependant upon one another, as it should be; we are married.
    When my wife succumbed to her increasingly disabling mental illness, she sought out a Church, and began attending with her mother, instead of joining me at Quaker meetings, because she felt she needed a little more involvement and direction from her place of worship. Not long after she began to attend, she started being approached by people she respected, and had grown to trust, about being baptised. After she had recovered from the episode, she felt she had come through a sort of baptism by fire, and thought that a baptism by water might be a good way to celebrate her growth and honour the Church and those in it who had been such a support. When she told them, they invited her to their home to discuss it; I came along, but when they saw me at their door, they seemed a bit taken aback. When all was said and done, they did not want her to ask to be baptised because they thought she would be refused; the reason being that our relationship mean she would ‘continue to sin’. Their purpose for the meeting was to talk her out of her healthy and supportive relationship with her significant other and primary care giver, in order for them to feel comfortable with baptising her.
    We had to talk her mother into going back to that Church after about a month, because she refused to have anything to do with them, and had therefore lost all of her wonderful and supportive friends.
    We are still Quakers, but since it is hard to get into the Quaker meeting place, we worship at home.
    I am looking forward to reading the rest of your blog, and having a seat at the Table.

  7. Dear Pastor,

    I stumbled onto your website. Your words are inspirational and beautiful. My son is gay and I accept, love and support him for the person he is. I love him with allmy heart and soul . I have read your thoughts about what you would do if you had gay children. I was literally blown away while sobbing. I can not begin to tell you how I agree with everything you say and how your words were like a ” balm to my soul”. You are truly a child of God and I Pray that the Lord Almighty Blesses you and your beautiful family.
    All my sincere respect ,

  8. The Mother’s Day 2015 sentiments was sent by friend on Facebook – it helped me get through the day since my mom has never acknowledged the abuse and roots of where it stems. She has bailed him out of jail for assault battery & reckless injury against my so & his children with current wife , her reasons why have left huge betrayal scares for my son & I . He was arrested again last Easter Sunday . Time & truth began revealing what she has tried to hide, & realized my Lord was all I needed for with him know one hides and there are no secrets.

  9. While I can’t afford to support you as a monthly patron, I would like to contribute from time to time as I’m able. Is there any way to do that through

  10. I read a lot of your blogs and about the table and all of what you are doing, and it is amazing! I wish I could give to help you, but I am a broke college student. I can, however, give you something better than money, and that is my prayers! I am praying for your ministry! Never get tired of doing good (Galatians 6:9)! Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. Thank you! I’m so tired of people being ugly to each other! Thank you for your message of love. I left church along time ago because of all the hatred, my once Spiritual Giant of a husband is now agnostic because of all the mean spirited people that are so called Christians. It’s hard to be associated with the Christian Community nowadays myself. I’ve never lost faith in Christ, just religion!

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  16. Dear John, I just made a small one-time gift (wish it could be more). I’ve started following you quite recently, after several of your articles came across my FB feed, shared by a variety of friends. For the record- I am not Christian. I am Pagan, and active in my spiritual community. But your thoughtful words resonate with me, and I share them with my friends. I find your writing to be unifying (not divisive as some trolls on your page claim) and hopeful, even as we all seem to be entering the valley of shadow. Eyes on the prize, right? We must all work together for a just society. Thank you for shining a light on that path. Please keep writing!

  17. Dear John, I only came across you this year, via Facebook, and you are truly a breath of fresh air, a prophetic voice full of compassion and yet unafraid to speak truth to power. I am so grateful for your your posts and share them often.

    I send very best wishes and prayers, especially for this coming year, for all of you in the USA when it will be increasingly important to stand with and protect, as much as possible, those on the receiving end of targeted hatred, prejudice, bigotry and inflammatory speech from, of all things, your new President and his emboldened supporters, propped up, to our shame, by people calling themselves Christian. Are you aware of the initiative from the Shalom Centre/Rabbi Arthur Waskow, an interfaith stance in the steps of Dr Martin Luther King, open to all, standing in community together? Heartfelt thanks and blessings – may we each be little points of light in this darkness. Shalom.

  18. John,
    Much of what you write I appreciate. Some of it I question. And then there are those things you speculate about which reveal you own prejudices, ignorance or pride. I have occasionally left a comment but never know if you read them or they just get buried in all the other comments. I know your intent is good and appreciate your efforts… but if this is the only way to reciprocate with your blog then I will probably drop out. It’s just simply too one sided. Jesus indicated that he only gave the foundation principals of God Consciousness. (John 16.12) You cannot resolve resolve the many conundrums that exist within the limited understanding of contemporary Christianity on your own with guess work or sentiment. You must be open to considering some of the truths that came WAY before even the old testament/Torah were first committed to writing. Contact me directly if you would like further detail. “Be careful, then, that the light within you is not darkness. “- Luke 11:35

  19. I would be happy to offer a supportive contribution to your blog but as long as it is not moderated to remove the trolls and berating proselytizers I cannot in good faith do so. But I do appreciate your writing.

  20. I would not give you one dime for ” putting in your own words and your own opinion of President Trump!!!” THOUGH SHALL NOT JUDGE!!!”

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