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More info about sponsorship:
I served in megachurches for many years and made a comfortable salary, however I stepped down so that I could minister to people differently and speak in ways that would be almost impossible on staff at a larger church.

The people who sponsor me on Patreon see me as a pastoral missionary, doing very real ministry in the world, and doing so without a church paying my bills or providing healthcare. They fund my ministry the same way others support missionaries in Africa or China or elsewhere.

These funds allow me to write the blogs, and also to counsel people through phone, Skype, and in person in the Raleigh area. I will soon be launching an online ministry to help connect people who have come to the blog and want community, encouragement, and to grow spiritually, and these contributions help form the bulk of my salary.

I send a monthly message to all of the patrons; sharing the projects I’m working on, the people I’m meeting with, as well share stories and anonymous email excerpts so that they can share in successes and keep me accountable. I also share prayer needs there.

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