To Brock Turner’s Father, From Another Father


Dear Mr. Turner,

I’ve read your letter to the judge on behalf of your son Brock, asking for leniency in his rape conviction.

I need you to understand something, and I say this as a father who dearly loves my son as much as you must love yours:

Brock is not the victim here.
His victim is the victim.
She is the wounded one.
He is the damager.

If his life has been “deeply altered” it is because he has horribly altered another human being; because he made a reprehensible choice to take advantage of someone for his own pleasure. This young woman will be dealing with this for far longer than the embarrassingly short six months your son is being penalized. She will endure the unthinkable trauma of his “20 minutes of action” for the duration of her lifetime, and the fact that you seem unaware of this fact is exactly why we have a problem.

This is why young men continue to rape women.
This is why so many men believe that they can do whatever they please to a woman’s body without accountability.
This is the reason so many victims of sexual assault never step forward.
This is why white privilege is real and insidious and usually those with it are oblivious to it.

I understand you trying to humanize your son in your letter; talking to the judge about his favorite snacks and swim practice and about the memories that are sweet for you as his father—but to be honest I don’t give a damn and if his victim was your daughter I’m quite sure you wouldn’t either.

I imagine this young woman had favorite snacks and sports too, and parents who had wonderful plans for her that didn’t include this nightmare.

There is no scenario where your son should be the sympathetic figure here. He is the assailant. He is the rapist. I can’t imagine as a father how gut wrenching such a reality is for you, but it is still true. 

Brock has to register as a sex offender because he sexually assaulted an incapacitated young woman. This is why we have such requirements; because one vile act against another human being is one too many, because we don’t get a do-over when we do unspeakable things, because people need to be protected with knowledge of others in their midst who have failed so egregiously at respecting another person’s basic dignity.

The idea that your son has never violated another woman next to a dumpster before isn’t a credit to his character. We don’t get kudos for only raping one person in our lifetime. I don’t believe your son is a monster but he acted like one and that needs to be accounted for. To be sure, this decision is not the sum total of Brock’s life, but it is an important part of the equation and it matters deeply. 

And to be clear, Mr. Turner,”alcohol and sexual promiscuity” are not the story here. The story here, is that young men have choices to make and these choices define them, even if those choices are made when temptation is great and opportunity is abundant. In fact, our humanity is most expressed when faced with such things, we choose integrity and decency; when we abstain from doing what is easy but wrong.

We as parents don’t control our children. Most parents understand this. Despite our best efforts to the contrary, they fail and fall and do things we’d never consent to. I certainly hope this is such an occasion, though it is not coming across that way in your letter. It feels like you want more sympathy and goodwill toward your son than you want for the survivor of his crime, and that’s simply not good enough for her or for those young men and women watching.

Here is her story.

You love your son and you should. But love him enough to teach him to own the terrible decisions he’s made, to pay the debt to society as prescribed, and then to find a redemptive path to walk, doing the great work in the world that you say he will.

For now though, as one father to another: help us teach our children to do better—by letting them see us do better.


Note from John: This post went viral, which I am extremely grateful for, but THIS is where we go from here. This is more important than one blog post.


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1,306 thoughts on “To Brock Turner’s Father, From Another Father

  1. Thank you so much for saying what needed to be said about this situation. This young man is not the victim!!

    • Thank you so much for your letter. So many men do not have to be accountable for there actions after raping a woman! ! I know this! It is ALL professions including police officers, hired help of parents, dates & neighbors.
      He SHOULD have to register as a sex offender. He IS one!!! 5 years jail time with a long time of probation wearing a monitor should have been given with registering.

      • I agree 100%! I wonder what punishment you’d like to see if the girl was your daughter. How can you answer that “dad”?

        • To stop this sexual crimes from happening twice !
          Remove their eye sights! Make that person totally blind ! They will never repeat sexual crime again !

          • I can think of something else that needs to be removed to prevent this from happening again. And, it ain’t his eyes.

            • What! Remove their eyes?
              Remove their junk?…Tracie, Cynthia you girls are freakin nuts. Were trying to punish someone here, not cripple their body. If you wanna be that brutal about it then have the kid raped, which will probably happen in jail anyway. This aint medieval times where we cut off hands for stealing.. anyway, getting back to what i wanted to say before i read those two moronic comments… 6 monts in jail is a joke, 4-6years minimum and you must register as a sex offender.

              • It wouldn’t help anyway. Rape is not about sex, it is about power and control. A perpetrator will always find a way. Calling for amputation, mutilation – it makes YOU feel good as a spectator but it helps no one, especially not their future victims.

                  • YES, they are! This is the problem!!! If someone is unconscious (even after consenting) that immediately revokes consent. How is this even a question!? If someone asks for a cup of tea, then falls asleep, you don’t pour it down their throat for them!

                  • While maybe not technically guilty of rape, any husband or boyfriend or any other man who continues to have sex with a women who had passed out is definitely guilty of being a contemptible human being

                    • Actually, anyone has has sex with someone who is passed out IS technically guilty of rape. The very fact of unconsciousness means there can be no consent. Having sex with someone who has passed out — whether or not they consented before the lost consciousness — is rape under the law.

                    • Having a relationship with someone (spouse or boyfriend) does NOT mean that you can’t be raped by them.

                    • Oh, it IS still ‘technically’ rape, Dawna. Marriage does not give an open license to the husband to treat his wife as if she is just some vessel for him to stick his penis in. She has every right to say “NO”, and if she is unconscious, or even asleep, and he enters her without her consent, she CAN file rape charges against him, if she so chooses. Sure, there are women who don’t think of it that way, they see it as an annoyance or some may even think it is exciting, but believe me, that husband KNOWS how she feels about it, and if she feels anything but consentual, it is R.A.P.E.

                    • That’s one of the more sensible comments here. And it gives attention to the deeper problem – parents and society now must begin teaching moral, ethical, and “human” attitudes and behavior toward others. Why is it so difficult for us humans?

                    • Rape is rape regardless of who it involves. If I tell my husband NO to sex and he still forces himself on me that is Rape. If I am asleep or passed out and he has sex with me that is also Rape. Marriage is does Not mean automatic consent.

                  • Ted, that is a stupid question. If your wife passes out. then you stop. or better yet if your drunk, dont do it at all. Its called respect the women,or wife.

                  • There was zero evidence she ever gave any consent, she was unconscious and unresponsive when found and did not regain consciousness for several hours after, and he was sober enough to get up and try to run away when he got caught. You are either completely ignorant of the facts of this case, or you’re a disgusting human being. Learn to still your fingers if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                  • Ted, are you freaken nuts? How do you know she gave consent? Even so, she passed out, he should have stopped. He is NOT the victim.

                    • He might be a victim while in prison. Inmates won’t be to kind to him getting 6 months when some are serving years for similar or lesser charges.

                  • This was not her husband and no excuses please. Also, If husbands have to get their wives uncounciuos to have intimacy, something’s really wrong there! Like you response.

                    • Well. He was saying that the wife tends to pass out during the act. Apparently, he’s just a total bore in the bedroom.

                  • Wow! you just do not understand do you? Not only is it wrong, and yes if a woman passes out during sexual relations with her husband it can be considered rape for many reasons. Husband or not, it is disgusting and shows a lack of respect for the person and their right to make a clear consice decision regarding… ANYTHING. You have now stolen that persons right to choose if they want to continue having sex regardless of your relationship status. Is it the person or the act you care about? If it is the person then, yes, if she passes out, you disengage shall I say. If it is the act, then by continuing you are saying you do not care about the person, their rights, or right to choice. You care only about yourself and your needs being met and to hell with them. Marriage does not mean a person has now acquiesced their rights or individualism to the more dominate personality in a marriage. Why would you want to continue if the person passed out in the middle of relations… unless necrophilia is your thing? It is attitudes and statements such as yours that make most of us want to beat our head up against a wall. Instead of closing your mind flip the script as we useto say. Ever had a relationship go bad? A partner who after breaking up would not go away? Drove you crazy, you can not even stand being around them? Now think about how you would feel if you woke up one morning and there they were, naked right next to you. You got drunk the night before don’t even remember running into them and now here they are in your bed? Would it make you angry? Would you feel taken advantage of? If that does not work for you, put your mom, sister, girlfriend, brother, whomever it is you feel protective over. Put them in that circumstance or any circumstance where their right to choose has been stolen by another. Think about it, really think about it, and maybe you will begin to understand…. No means No, and the state of unconsciousness, or inebriation is DEFINITELY NO!

                  • She didn’t not consent, was unable to consent. By his own admission, she was unable to put together a sentence or walk. Someone in that state lacks the ability to consent, and every boy/man needs to be taught this fact.

                    • Consent,sure,the drunk victim wanted sex on the concrete behind a dumpster ?
                      As the father of 2 older girls ,YOUR ACTIONS SICKEN ME ! You may get out by Labor Day ! We can only pray for you soul ( if you have one ) !

                  • Wow Ted, you seem to have missed the point here….
                    Also, just because YOUR wife passes out in the middle of it doesn’t mean most others do.
                    But great job trying to trivialize it and add to young men not understanding what rape truly is and what it does.
                    I should know better than to read the comments, cuz sure as shit, someone like you will remove any faith I have left in humanity.

                  • “Like many wives do?”

                    Wow. There is so much wrong with this comment, it’s hardly worth addressing, as I’m sure you will not understand half of my reply, but for the benefit of everyone else reading this, and simply because it needs to be said, I’ll do it anyway.

                    First of all, being a married woman with many married friends, I believe your statement is absolutely and unequivocally false. I do not believe you when you say many wives “pass out in the middle of the act.” My husband and I, like many married couples, occasionally let our hair down by indulging in a few “cocktails” once the kids are asleep. However, neither of us has ever been drunk enough to pass out in the middle of the act. If either of us are ever intoxicated enough to lose consciousness, we certainly are not having sex. In such instances, one of us spends the night – hypothetically speaking – alternating between throwing up in the sink in the en suite and sleeping on the dog bed, because it’s closer to the toilet (or sink, because you’re just that drunk that it seems like a good idea, until you have to clean the sink the next morning…).

                    But for argument’s sake, let’s indulge your statement, just for a moment. Let’s just say that after a night of binge drinking my husband and I are getting hot and heavy, and things start heating up. If my husband and I were ever having sex and I were to pass out, I would FULLY expect my husband to stop. In fact, I would expect him to make sure that I was alright and not in any physical danger (of asphyxiation or aspirating my own vomit), cover me (because I’m at least partially naked), jerk off (if he wants/needs to finish), maybe clean up the empties, then go to bed. That is what any normal human being – male or female – would expect of their partner if they found themselves in this position.

                    So, now that I’ve established that I think you’re wrong, that many wives don’t, in fact, pass out in the middle of sex, and have explained how that situation should end, assuming you are correct in your assertion that this happens all the time, I will answer your original question: “Are their husbands guilty of rape?” In a word: yes.

                    If women the world over are passing out in the middle of sex and their partners, instead of helping them and insuring their safety, are necrophilically indulging their own sexual urges, then yes. Yes they are guilty of rape, and as such they need to ask – beg – their wives for forgiveness of their egregious acts. Because they are married and have a previously established level of love, commitment, and trust, these couples may – with time and great effort by both parties involved – be able to work through the violation of those things, but I don’t know if I could. If my husband ever put his own carnal desires before my physical and psychological well being, then he would cease to be the man I married, and it would take more than a sudden disinterest in steak on his behalf for me to “forgive and forget.” Especially if there were no recognition of guilt. If he were unaware of his crimes against me, of why I would absolutely classify this as rape, I would not be putting that time and effort into salvaging our marriage. Instead, I would put it into incarcerating him for his crimes and educating his children about the difference between sex and rape.

                    Because, believe me, there is a difference, and it is not subtle.

                    • There was an episode of 30 Rock where the wife of one of the characters was passed out and the husband bragged that he “didn’t have to be gentle” last night, then they graphically showed the wife’s unconscious body being assaulted, and they showed it twice. They played it for laughs. Our society is pretty messed up

                  • Oh, Ted…you are sooo stupid. Sorry child, your statement is moronic. Doesn’t mean you are a moron…or have to stay one. Read a little bit son, and I don’t mean Penthouse Stories . Read books written
                    by women who have been violated in this way…re’s victim’s letter to the court.

                  • with that thought process you are as equally guilty as the rapist. the two of you are like two peas in a pod, you are one and the same.

                  • Ted probably wants to be raped someday, Ted needs his penis and balls removed as well.. Ted you are a sad excuse for a Man,

                  • Yes, it is.. Although consent was given, the very minute she passed out, the consent given earlier becomes void. Once she passed out, she is unaware of her surroundings, unable to defend herself, or even stop her husband if she wanted..because she no longer has a voice or a choice in what happens to her. That’s not consensual sex. It’s one person in total control of the other n doing whatever he wants to her. That IS RAPE folks.. n it doesn’t matter one bit if its the husband. It’s still rape..

                  • Cant even believe that question was even asked! And I mostly Certainly can’t imagine how horrible It is to be married to you. Your poor wife. To answer you’re question…if someone IS passed out YOU do NOT have consent….and yes that includes your wife. You sir are the scum of the earth.

                  • Ted: “After consenting, she just passed out in the middle of the act, like many wives do. Are their husbands guilty of rape?”

                    Absolutely, yes. UNLESS the wife has expressed a desire to be a part of a sexual act while asleep or passed out, then it definitely IS rape.

                    My wife has a health condition that causes her to pass out on occasion. A few times she has passed out during sex, and I *immediately* stopped. Not only out of respect for her, but because I find it vile, disgusting, a complete turn-off and mood killer- that is, having sex with someone who is not conscious to experience it and *retain the consent* she granted in the first place.

                    I mean, come on- if you think your wife is essentially a sock you can jack off into, why are you married to her? (Why are you married at all?)

                  • Yes, in fact they are! A husband can be guilty of raping his wife. Consent once does not mean consent always. This kind of moronic statement is exactly why many men still don’t get it. Sex education in schools should better address the consent issue in all its variations if parents cannot.

                  • She didn’t consent is the whole problem you idiot, she didn’t even remember talking to this dude earlier in the night before she was drunk and clearly had her boyfriend on her mind as that is the initial reason she stepped out according to witnesses.

                  • To use the cup of tea analogy. If someone says yes to a cup of tea then falls asleep while drinking it, youndon’t the keep forcing it down their throat. Even if she did give consent which is quesrionable in the first place.

                  • Ted, you asked if a man who continues to have sex with his wife after she has passed out is guilty of rape.
                    The answer is YES. Yes, he is guilty of rape unless his permission to continue was VERY clearly established beforehand.
                    Furthermore, as far as I’ve read, we have only the rapist’s word for the idea that she was not unconscious when he started removing her clothes and pushing his fingers inside her body – complete with a generous helping of pine needles . But it’s also beside the point. The issue is not unconsciousness; the issue is CONSENT.
                    Actually, I think to set the bar at consent is to set it too low. Consent is not enough. There should also be enthusiasm.

                  • You win the asshole award for that ridiculous comment and in answer to your question, YES! It is rape if a husband forces himself on his wife. Do you think you own a wife?? Do you think someone who is unconscious can give consent?? Self righteous prick. You and the rapist!!

                    • He did say he was married 5 times and that it was common for his wives to pass out during the act….

                  • As a married woman, I have to thank you for your comment. My husband has *never* put my to sleep in the way you describe. So naturally when I read your comment, I took into consideration your warped point of view, ridiculous distortion of the facts of the case, the likelihood that you bore your wife to tears, and that creepy doll you use as a symbol to the left of your name, and I had a good laugh.

                  • She did not consent. She did not know him. Your arugment is that of a rapists. I feel sorry for your wife or any wife who’s husbands have sex with them while their passed out. Why would anyone think its ok to prodeede or continue with intercourse absent of mutual desire or pleasure.
                    Yes husbands can be legally charged with the rape of their wives

                  • She wasn’t in her right mind to provide consent. Yes, if you did the same thing to your wife and she didn’t consent, it would be rape too. Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you can treat your wife like a piece of meat.

                  • wow you have sex with your wife after she has passed out?? How sick and desperate you must be. I do not believe many wives pass out during sex, at least none that I know of. If your wife has to be that drunk to agree to have sex with you I think there is a bigger problem in your house. Sick Sick you are.

                  • Are you serious !
                    Are you a parent ?
                    Would you say the sand thing from he had done this to your daughter ? I hardly think not .
                    As the mother of 3 girls and a son. I work tirelessly to teach them good morals and judgement , and teach my daughters to be string independent women and to always have their safest in mind.
                    This is in hopes that they will follow this when out on their own.
                    To see that this glaring example of how the legal system has let a young women down who had the strength to come forward about this awful altering event and that the judge and the boy’s father seem more concerned about how this has affected him is equally as sad. This boy should be held accountable for his actions and his father should encourage that accountability not make excuses for him and attempt to redirect the conversation to how wonderful and valiant and valuable his son is when he has taking all those characteristics away from a young woman permanently

                  • If what you ask is fact, then “yes” it is still rape!!! Do know have knowledge of this as fact? Or, are you just imagining something of wishful thinking?

                  • Yes. Marriage isn’t ownership. Women are not commodities or possessions to be used without consent.
                    Married men rape their wives too.

                  • YES!!! If she is NOT awake then keep it buckled up in your damn pants! All the men who think this is ok, imagine your mother, daughter, sister, aunt being raped, then ask yourself that same stupid question!

                  • Wtf, did you just say? Any time consent has not or cannot be given, it is rape. Yes, that includes when your wife or girlfriend falls asleep or passes out. This is honestly an incredibly disgusting comment on your part.

                  • It stopped being mutual consent the moment she passed out. What he continued to do was satisfy himself with no feeling of love for the young woman. Worse yet, she was bruised and hurt. Not treated with gentleness and respect.

                    • The dude stopped because people saw him he got caught. Ted is defending a rapist. Maby reason he was married 5 times. Its obvious Teddy likes Brock. Teddy sounds like he is going to miss him.

                  • Many wives? Really?? I haven’t ever done that nor have I ever heard of this happening btw husbands and wives. Mb just your wife….r u drugging her?

                  • You sir are a PIG, to think that she consented and then passed out and why do you think that this is the same as a husband and wife? Wives and husbands know one another!!!!!

                    • I agree with your attitude completely. But please don’t insult pigs. They are actually very intelligent animals. I have never read about a pig who was capable of the twisted mentality of Brock and his Doublely twisted father.father

                  • Yes, Ted, they ARE. My husband is not aroused when I am “not responsive” because he is man enough that he wants to pleasure ME and not just use me as a tool to “get off”. Using your wife as a masturbatory tool is definitely not respectful and loving. So yeah, it’s rape.

                  • Ted you are a stupid son of a bitch, asshole like you make these spoil, rotten, rich kids think they can do anything and get away with it.

                  • Can’t imagine my husband treating me like this young lady was!!! He would never be so loathsome, or disrespectful. To make this comment shows a level of ignorance beyond the pale!!!

                  • Ted you’re an ass, a person cannot consent to sex if they are unconscious. Any person drunk enough to pass out, is too drunk to give consent.

                  • Ted,

                    And you would know she consented to sex before she passed out, how?

                    And Yes, once someone is unconscious, there is no more consent. I am pretty sure most normal people don’t feel the need to tell people with whom they are engaging in sex with, that “the minute I pass out you have to stop”…

                    Annnnd, in what world do you live in, where wives regularly go unconscious while having sex with their husbands?

                    So are you the victims father? Did he confess this to you and admit he raped her for 20 MINUTES?

                    There is only one reason why you would write such a statement and it’s because this is how you treat women and see nothing wrong with it, and you honestly thought you would get some validation online.

                  • YES they are! If a woman OR a man passes out OR is so drunk that they can not give consent and know that they are giving consent then yes it is Rape! It is called Spousal Rape and they can be convicted of the crime of rape. The victim did not give consent in this case !

                  • Answering your question………….
                    Yes they are ????!!!

                    And I would love to know if you will think the same way if the victim was your mother, sister, spouse or better yet YOUR DAUGHTER. You should be ashamed of your stupid comment!!! No child, woman or men should have to go true that nightmare, God forbid that something like this ever happens to someone you love!!! Your comment is as disgusting as the crime Itself

                  • I am 42 years old. I am in a committed relationship and was previously married, though now divorced. I have been sexually active, no shame, since I have been a teen. Not once, NOT ONCE during any sexual encounter have I ever passed out “during” sex. Had I ever, that is when my consent would have been revoked, when I could no longer give it. This is prime example of the kind of thinking that got Brock Turner into this mess.

                  • That’s what he said..and because he got caught..who knows if he has done this excuses…I was rape at 12 walking home ,,they never found who did it,but then that was over 40 years ago never get over like I said no excuses,,but he will get his in jail ..hopefully!!!

                  • I didn’t say they shouldn’t stop, just like Brock stopped when the Swedes informed him the girl was passed out.

                    • If the Swedes could see from farther away that the girl was unconscious then Brock who was face to face with the girl could tell too. Also if they informed him and it was just a mistake or lack of attention to detail as you make it sound then why did he feel the need to run?

                    • Informed him she was unconscious?! Do you not know how to read?! Theyou had to tackle the rapist because he was running away when they were riding by and saw what was happening! Wtf is wrong with you?

                    • Brock only stopped because he was caught. You, Ted are getting off on the responses to your comment. I also think you are a rapist and that your wives must fear you Also feel that necrophilia is possibly your thing. All in you’re a disgusting excuse for a human being

                  • If I ever passed out during the act, my husband would most definitely STOP because not only is it not consented at that point but also because there is no joy in the act with a lifeless body and if your partner is not equally enjoying it…Were you raised by animals????

                  • You are as reprehensible a human being as that rapist is. Make sure you let any daughters/mothers/sisters/nieces/female cousins know you support a man’s right to rape a woman as long as she’s passed out.

                  • Yes. If you are so checked out that you do not realize that you are having sex with an unconscious person, then you need serious help. It doesn’t matter if that person is your wife or a stranger. You do not have the right to enter an unconscious person’s body. Period.

                  • Yes.

                    Yes they are, If she chooses to prosecute. Consent can be revoked at any time, and if someone passes out, that should be considered `consent revoked

                  • First of all She was not his wife! Second, she was passed out and too drunk to consent! And any normal, decent human being would stop having sex if their partner is unconscious. Doesn’t matter if they are married. Wtf is wrong with you? You are a big part of the problem.

                  • Ted, I don’t pass out. If your wife rrally does, I can only assume one thing…either she drank too much, which means it is rape or you are really bad in bed. Either way, you don’t come out looking too great.

                  • Ted, your full of shit and you know it. Rape is rape; and she wasn’t his husband nor any other type of significant other. She did not know him and he did not know her. Please don’t mix these facts up again. No one ever has the right to be put in a situation, regardless of there mental status or how much alcohol the consumed.

                  • ..Ted, you are an idiot, hope you’re not married,is this what happens at your house?, do you get ‘your’ women this way?, Dam dude…what if it was a female you were close to and this was done to them?..PEACE

                  • Yes, actually, they are- and wife or not, you’re still a puke of a man if you’ve ever continued to have sex with a person who is “passed out”…and she wasn’t his wife, not that it makes a difference in this case

                  • Yes, their husbands are rapists too. If somebody consents and then passes out in the middle of the act, then the other person must stop because once somebody passes out, they STOP consenting. Consent is continuous. If somebody says “No, I don’t want to anymore” then that it a call to stop just as passing out is.

                  • @ Ted. You reprehensible piece of pond scum. People like you trying to justify that rapists actions need locking in a room with the victims family and numerous phallic objects wrapped in razor wire. Let’s see how you enjoy their 20 minutes of action.

                  • I am certain that if she “consented ” to having sex, it would not be on the ground behind a dumpster! !!!

                  • Really? While you bring up a legitimate legal point, it’s really idiotic in this situation. Please re read her letter and the full story.
                    Does this sound like a typical “husband – wife” night of sex? Where the woman ends up in the hospital? This is clear RAPE. Come on.

                  • Do wives “consent” or just not put up a fight? After my husband had used force once, I knew it was useless and gave up. Even feeling tears on my face didn’t make him stop. Only a divorce did that.

                  • Your ignorance is astonishing. Yes. it is rape. Just because he is married to her does not give him rights to do what he wants with her UNCONSCIOUS body. The belief that he does is part of the problem. That’s like forcing a child to finish eating his dinner after he falls asleep. Well he started eating. He wanted dinner before he fell asleep. Let’s just force food down his throat to satisfy our own desire not to waste food. Ludicrous.

                  • Wow…Ya Ted, cuz every girl wants to do it in an alley behind a dumpster, and is why he ran when he was caught by the two young men who saved her. Maybe you like to be sexually active with someone unconscious, but typically, most prefer mutual interaction, but I’m sure you were there to hear her consent warranting your response.

                  • A real man would never continue having sex with a woman after she has passed out unless he was desperate. He needs time in prison so he can feel what she felt by real rapists!

                  • Um yes, yes they are. And it is his changes story that says she consented. Also if a person, man or woman, is so drunk they can stay conscious they are not in a legal state of mind to give consent. When they pass out a reasonable person would know to stop what they are doing.

                  • Ted, first off if your girlfriend/wife passes out in the middle of sex then you are not doing it right and if you choose to continue you are a complete inconciderate, vile a**hole.

                  • Why do I get the feeling that you think that having sex with someone who is passed out is a fun thing to do. If someone passed out on me while having sex, its not a fun thing. Sex is an act with both people enjoying it. The moment that one person isn’t enjoying it, its not a good thing. I’m not sure why you have a hard time comprehending this.

                  • If your wife is able to fall asleep, buddy you stink. Rape is rape, you sick moronic idiot. Judging by your pic of a doll, you’re probably into necrophilia.

                  • If a woman consents to sex on the ground, laying on painful pine needles, behind a smelly dumpster of garbage; allow me to assure you, a man is taking advantage of her impaired judgement. If your wife has given you consent in a clear mind, (if she’s not clear, it’s not consent) that’s between the two of you if she wants to have no memory of it, but it’s wrong if a woman passes out and you continue to please yourself with her body. In her right mind, she would not consent. I hope that provides clarity you were asking for, but I feel you need a lot more clarity on this issue on what is right and also the definition of a gentlemen and respect. Seriously, raise the bar of expectation for yourself and respect of others.

                  • So you think that it is Okay to go ahead and have sex with a woman when she passes out ? You are uncaring and out for only your pleasure . So what if she did agree B4 she passed out, it Should be obvious that she was not in control of her decisions . Pretty much same as rape to take advantage of a woman because she is out of control of her senses. Men have always thought a womans body is not private property that is owned by Her.

                  • YES. Absolutely yes. I know this. I’ve been relieving that personal moment of hell for 10 years. Being raped by someone who claims to love simply adds more confusion to the issue: “Who is this man grunting and sweating on me like a rutting moose? Has this ALWAYS who is really is? Am I so blind that I married a predator without even realizing it? Yes, it’s rape. The definition of rape is pretty clear; if you’re still confused, well, there’s always Webster’s dictionary to help you with your “confusion.”

                  • Like most wives do??? Seriously?? If that’s an attempt at levity, then it’s extremely crass given the subject under discussion. If it’s not, then I suggest your wife seeks medical help immediately. Furthermore, to answer your question, if you continue to have sex with a partner who lapses into unconsciousness then, yes, that’s rape.

                    • Do any of you understand what an internet troll is? If you do, then why in God’s name would you keep responding to Ted’s comments? Do you NOT realize that all you’re doing by responding with the SAME message over and over and over and over, Ted is just sitting back in front of his computer laughing at every one of you for FALLING for this? Wake up people… Don’t give him his 15 minutes OR the satisfaction. How can you all fall for the oldest internet trick in the book? Oh, by the way..did you know the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary?

                  • She never consented. She had no idea who he was. Read her statement. And yes if someone passes out you should stop having sex with them.

                  • Hey Ted – men need to get it through their thick heads – IF A GIRL IS PASSED OUT SHE IS NOT CONSENTING!!! You and your barbaric way of thinking are part of the problem.

                  • You are the definition of the word idiot. She never consented that was just a smoke screen given by the lawyer and Turner a year later. I hope your wife doesn’t stay with someone who would okay rape. Also from the sounds of it you are saying that you keep having sex with your wife when she falls asleep. She may be your partner but she still has a right to say no to you. If she’s okay with it then that’s her choice but if no consent is given to continue on then you probably should take your dick out of her. Go learn how to respect woman and their rights like I’m sure your wife respects your rights as an individual.

                  • You are just as sick and disgusting as this young guy is. How can you say many wives do this therefore it’s ok? Maybe if you or your daughter was victimized this way you might have a different attitude. The one you have now sucks!

                  • Consent is a person that has and posses the mental capacity to agree and sustain that capacity. Consent assumes a physical power and exertion of those powers. It is an act that is not affected by Fraud, duress, or sometimes even mistake when these factors are not the reason for the consent. Its obvious if she passes out from alcohol comsumption then her consent is void cause of her lack of mental recognizance, sustainability and would be affected by the things listed above. There are centurys of scientific evidence that prove that alcohol can alter mental capacity. You also have a right at anytime to withdraw consent and she was not capable. Answer to your question is yes. Come on dude a marriage license isn’t an irrevocable consent for sexual intercourse.

                  • You are an ass. I am so grateful for my kind loving husband who would kiss my forehead and tuck me in. Not continue to satisfy himself

                  • Maybe YOUR wife does.
                    But if a wife passed out in the middle of sex with her husband, yes I do think he should stop.

                  • Ted-
                    The answer to your question is yes. You are part of the problem. Your comment is so dumb it made me laugh out loud, and then think “damn…stupid kills, just not near enough”. I hope you’re not married, but it sounds like you have some experience with wive’s passing out on you during sex. Is that because you enjoy sleeping with overly-intoxicated women, or because you’re so disgusting they would rather pass out? Do us all a favor and go to hell 🙂

                  • When she passed out he should have the decency to stop . If for one reason she is no longer participating in the act. Why would you want to keep going? Nasty…rape? Yes… She is No longer participating. There is no fine line. Awake consenting…passed out, asleep is rape.

                  • my husband wouldn’t continue if i passed out….yes, it could be rape if its your wife. somehow i dont think your married, if you are, make sure your wife knows you would take advantage if she passes out

                  • Were you there TED???? did you hear her consent then pass out??? The only one who passes out is your wife, from boredom!!!!!

                  • Consent cannot be given by an incapacitated person. She passed out, he kept going. It’s rape. I feel sorry for your wife, current or future, if you can’t keep them awake during sex and if you keep going after they are asleep. That tells me you are either lousy in bed or you are drugging your partners on a regular basis. Hope a police officer reads your comment and investigates. If you are joking, it’s not funny you moron.

                  • If a husband carries on……then yes you moron!!!! Rape happens all the time within marriages. This situation was not the same as you portray! You cannot consent to something if you are unconscious! I despair…..people let you who minimise these situations are the reason why society does not protect VICTIMS! If this was a female member of your family would you still spout this hatred?

                  • She consented to being sexed behind a dumpster ?! And having dirt shoved in her body?
                    You need to look up “consent is like tea” if someone passes out during sex- STOP… Unconscious people don’t want or enjoy sex. You sir are just as head twisted.

                  • Being in the presence of an erection is not consent, contrary to popular belief. Yes, husbands are often guilty of rape. Marrying someone does not remove your basic human right to your own body. I’m not sure what you’re into Ted, but sex with an unconscious person behind a dumpster doesn’t exactly rev my engine. Maybe you can give us some pointers…

                  • Think of consent for sexual relations like asking if a person wants a cup of tea. If they say yes, then pass out while you make the tea, DON’T FORCE IT DOWN THIER THROAT!!!!

                  • Were you there? Did you hear her consent? Because she was unconscious he can say that she consented but that is really not believeable. As his story about concent came only at trial he never said anything about concent that night. If she consented why not take her back to his dorm? Instead of on the ground shoving pine needles and dirt inside her. Why not stop when it was clear she was no longer conscious? If two men riding by on bikes could tell she was unconcious how could he not ? After all he was on top of her, inside her! Why run if it was concentual? Your comment is callous and again victim blaming.

                  • I don’t know who you are married to but you must be no good in bed if your woman passes out during sex.i for one have never done that before .

                  • Ted, seriously you asked this question? “After consenting, she just passed out in the middle of the act, like many wives do. Are their husbands guilty of rape?” SERIOULY DUDE?! Educate yourself on domestic violence, educate yourself on rape and victimization. You are NO LESS the problem Ted, if you’re asking a question like this. You have no particular understanding of the impact that rape causes. Instead you hold indifference. Let this happen to you (raped by a dude when you’re enebriated, incoherent and passed out) or someone you deeply care about then please, ask yorself the same question… I’m certain you’re response would be altogether different and perhaps full of rage and vengeance. Your words are not appropriate, they are without empathy, very dense, hollow, and consistent with ignorance. Do us all a favor, research rape, domestic violence, and victimization.

                  • Are you kidding me? She didn’t consent! In anycase any man nevermind Husband that would continue in this act after someone pass out is not human.. Guess that speaks to your character!

                  • First, basically yes that’s rape, but it’s a completely different situation, your wife formally agreed to marry you.

                    Second, you’re clearly doing something wrong if she’s falling asleep

                  • Please people this is about a RAPE VICTIM!!!
                    It’s not about Ted & his made up life.
                    Let’s keep the conversation to just that. Ignore this dude as I believe he is bored & can’t be a decent human being on this topic.
                    I do hope he has similar incidences in prison. He needs to feel her pain as she will carry this with her her whole life…. I really feel for her….. He on the other hand is in denial about the whole rape!! He’s an arrogant asshole!

                  • Poor, poor, delusional Ted. I pity any woman that comes in intimate contact with you. That even counts having to pay them to “sleep” with you.

                  • Many husbands / partners are guilty of rape on a regular basis. If a woman consents but then retracts that consent the man must stop. But it takes a real man to stop in those circumstances, a selfish, gutless
                    animal will carry on,

                  • She was unconscious. She did not just pass out. And yes, If my husband did that to me he would have been charged with rape.

                    • Mary, though I agree his comment is uneduated, ignorant, and archaic, I do take exception to your comment of “typical male”. He is far from typical and I would not be lumped into the same grouping as him

                  • You must be some great lover to excite her so much that she would just fall asleep.
                    On the contrary they probably fall asleep for being so bored

                  • It’s very simple. Women don’t generally consent to sex in public, by dumpsters. She didn’t even know this boy. He couldn’t even tell the police her name or pick her out in a line-up. It’s ridiculous to suggest she gave consent. She was too drunk to give consent. And to answer your question about wives passing out after consenting. You stop. If they pass out, you stop. Sex is about mutual gratification. About mutual pleasure. If one person passes out, it’s no longer mutually beneficial. Therefore, there is really no reason to continue. Is there? When two people have sex, two people should be enjoying it. That’s the way it works. Women don’t owe men a nut.

                  • Ted, THAT has to be the most idiotic comment of the day. I don’t think that there is a woman in the world who would consent to “sex behind the dumpster.”

                    Friends, there ARE a lot of morons in the world.

                  • Really, I can not believe you have even written this.
                    Its a done deal, it was proven in a court of law that it was RAPE.
                    RAPE is NEVER Ok, be it your wife or anyone else.
                    Man like you are a concern to society, as you trying to justify your own bad actions in the past with your comments……
                    Steer clear of this one people he is a big worry in our society !

                  • She never consented to anything. And even if she had, his actions were still horrendous. You’re as awful as Brock and his father.

                  • Seriously how often does your wife consent and pass out right after?? I have never passed out not even drunk you are the reason boys like this do these things and think it’s ok. The minute they pass out the consent goes out the window they no longer have control
                    Of their body so yes it is tape wife,girlfriend, stranger I don’t care. Next time a husband,boyfriend or male friend passes out does that give me the right to do things to their body? No absolutely not not even if they showed interest while hey were conscience again once they pass out they are no longer capable of telling me if they are ok with it. I truly hope you aren’t married and don’t have any daughters thinking like this!

                  • You are the problem the second they pass out all consent goes out the window! They no longer can say if they are ok with it therefore it is rape. Seriously how often has your wife said yes only to pass out moments later?!? Next time a male shows me interest it’s alright for me to wait until his body is limp and passed out to start proding at his body and doing what I feel with it? I mean he showed that he had an interest which makes his body mine to do with what I want… correct?!?passed out or not I can insert anything my heart desires because he showed an interest! This is what you sound like. Have you had your body used before? Maybe you should come
                    Have a few drinks with me, pass out and see how you feel after I violate you for only a short twenty minutes? No harm no fowl right? I will turn you into the perpetrator as well and put you on stand for my poor decisions and see how you feel!
                    I feel sorry for any wife, daughter or any other females in your life if you think having sex while they are out of it is alright or would defend anyone that touches them while they are out cold and defend your daughters rapist! Again people like you are the problem with our planet and its people like you who continue to raise boys that think this is acceptable behaviour!

                  • Maybe in your world TED!but for most of us if one or the other isn’t into it, it’s a no go!
                    Maybe thats TEDS BIG ADVENTURE
                    .if you need “action”that badly use your hand I’m sure your both very familiar with each other? Oh and I feel sorry for your wife she’s probably saying” I’ll play dead and ugh just get it over with”

                  • That is a completely ridiculous arguement. A wife is your partner, whom you should know well. Even that being said, if she passed out and the husband continued? Then yes, that’s rape if she then reported it as such. No man owns a woman and should not be able to say “she’s my wife I’m allowed.”

                  • Yes. I have never heard of anyone falling asleep in the middle of good lovemaking, what you are describing in someone begrudgingly allowing their spouse to have sex with them, even though they dont really want it. These selfish men are using their wives! Get a blow up doll and let your wife go to sleep, if you are not good enough in bed (or dont love her enough) to keep her interested, excited, and awake. This is yet another way many women feel they have to make sacrifices for their man. Id be embarrassed if my spouse fell asleep in the middle, cause its pretty easy to keep your partner interested AND it shows how LITTLE you really care about them!

                  • I am going to assume that your careless statement was a failed attempt at humor….and to that I will say that this joke was in poor taste and ill timed…..if it truly wasn’t a joke but an indication of your feelings about ‘rape’ and ‘rape’ victims then I pity you and feel sorry for any woman who has the misfortune to cross your path….

                  • Are you freaking kidding? That comment makes you a sexual predator and yes ANY sex with someone that is not AWAKE or CONSCIOUS is rape! It’s stupid comments like yours that make it bad for all men. If, you have sex with your sleeping wife , you are not only a seriously terrible lover but a pig and a predator.

                  • Yes yes yes! Just ask her what she thinks of that. If you even are debating this I question your moral compass. Just because she’s your wife doesnt give you unlimited anytime sexual access without her conscious participation

                  • Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Wow, I’m so glad my husband is nothing like you. So…what you’re saying is your wife agrees to lie there so you can use her body to get off, and if she happens to be so exhausted that she passes out, you just keep going until you’re done? My God, that’s pathetic, not to mention creepy. My husband is only into it if I am too, and vice versa

                  • You need to read her letter linked in the post above. No way she consented to that and Brock never did explain why he ran. Brock is an animal. I hope his months in jail exceed his father’s nightmares.

                    • I totally agree. To me he claim that she gave consent is a pathetic attempt to justify his reprehensible behavior. I simply does not fly. His barbaric behavior speaks for itself.

                  • Pathetic, most women do NOT pass out during sex. You sound exactly like this sexual predator who does not give a rats ass as to whether you have consent or not.
                    Yes even husbands can commit rape and can also be convicted of it. There is absolutely no evidence to support this sexual predators claim that the woman gave consent. Only his desperate attempt to justify his reprehensible behavior to his parents and the public. He lied in court and claimed he had no problem with drugs and alcohol, which he most certainly has been proven to be the case. He also took photos of the woman and distributed them to all his friends and on the media. According to the law, any person who is incapacitated with alcohol is not capable of giving consent. This predator is a serious danger to society as he has never acknowledged his behavior as criminal and his parents are seriously delusional about who he really is.

                  • The victim had not given consent, she had already passed out, and he decided to do the unthinkable. A woman has a right to say no whenever she wants, (including a wife), and the man must respect her decision, if they don’t, then yes it’s rape!

                  • So what you are saying Ted is that he should not be found guilty for his actions because he was drunk but her so called consent while drunk is valid…… Both you and the rapist need Jesus.

                  • Yes they are! If a woman is in a state that she can not remain conscious , she is not responsible for her decisions. A REAL man should have enough since and respect to know this.

                  • Well dude, if women pass out during sex as often as you make it seem, perhaps you need to worry about your apparent inabillity to satisfy a woman before defending a rapist. I know you’re trolling though, so have fun.

                  • I bet you are the sex offender himself, or his parents, or his friends. That’s why you need donations? To go all over the internet trying to erase the gruesome life destructing thing that this rapist did?
                    You cannot erase the victim’s suffering, or the outrage that we feel, because we can tell right from what you endorse.
                    They found him raping a motionless, unconscious woman. Two witnesses.
                    Having sex with an unconscious person is a crime. And the rapist should be punished according to the full extent of the law.
                    As for husbands and wives, -this is not the case, there was never any consent for sex behind a dumpster-, no man that honors his wife will finish a sexual act with her limp, motionless body if she becomes unconscious.

                    Maybe you are used to this reality, but just because you are used to it, as a woman, or as a rapist, it does not cancel consent.

                    And it is still abhorring.

                  • Did you really just say that? Husbands don’t take their wives behind a dumpster. And a husband that would continue after his wife passed is a pig and has no right to married.

                  • Consented??? I didn’t read that anywhere!!
                    Rape is RAPE whether in a relationship or not.
                    Rape isn’t about sex it’s about CONTROL. The answer to your question is YES!

                  • Hey ted. Hope i meet you in rl someday . Seriously. happy to exchange facebooks. Because i want to show you the pain this girl felt you piece of shit. Up close and personal. Youre a psychopath. You need to be put down. I would never do that.. but id love to help you experience terror and soulcrushing despair.

                  • Like many wives do?? I’m a wife and so are my friends and none of us have passed out during the act. However, there is no way our husbands would mount us like a piece of meat if we did pass out …it is called respect. Yes means no if a woman is passed out and it takes a sick man who likes doing it to an unconscious person because he puts his needs before her respect. Your the kind of guy I warn my children about!

                  • That doesn’t even make any sense! He found her already unconscious and the rest of what you had to say doesn’t even deserve to be acknowledged. Shame on you!

                  • So how many girls have u done this too? The only men who try to justify this kind of action are the ones that do it themselves. Because as has been said, they believe they can do what they want with a woman’s body. You are a disgusting human and I hope no woman is at your mercy when she’s had to much to drink one night.

                  • Ted, you are obviously a lonely, pathetic, ugly little boy that gets his wee jollies trolling other people’s misfortunes. I feel real sorry for you. You must be one very sad and messed up little boy if this is what you need to do to get attention. Please get help

                • Wow. Brilliant response. Basically sums up why traditional sex offender therapies don’t work. They treat sex like the manifestation of an illness, when it’s usually the result of power & control issues.

                • Rape is not always about power and control, though I suspect it is always experienced that way. Why would someone rape rather than simply control or punch me in the face, if sex and sexual desire had nothing to do with it? Some people rape for sadistic sexual pleasure (i.e. they get sexual gratification out of creating fear and controlling their victim), some people rape because their desire for sex and sexual pleasure overrides their sense of the other person and they violate their boundaries- this often occurs when the victim does not explicitly state they do not want to engage in sexual touching or perhaps when both parties have been drinking heavily and the offenders’ judgement is impaired. This doesn’t undermine the offenders culpability.

                • Yes, it is about power, taking what you want when you want. Misuse of power knows no boundaries.
                  Power seeking personalities manifest in multiple forms of control.

                • Maybe we can rethink the notion that ‘rape is not about sex.’ YES, it is. Sex is the one thing in this entire universe males do not control. And for some, that angers them profoundly, especially in cultures wherein females are second-class citizens (all of them, in other words). If women ‘owned’ dirt, men would be obsessed with dirt. Or clouds. What have you. Patriarchal societies do nothing to alter this chronic, terrible problem. Why aren’t ALL males in non-violence courses from K-12? Isn’t it time? Wasn’t it time a very long time ago? Rapists believe, I think, that they at least should be able to ‘punish’ and to degrade women with brute force for owning their own bodies. In this case, the male rapes an unconscious woman, and then the judge continues the violation by further disregarding the woman’s personhood (while the rapist’s father refers to the victim as “twenty minutes of action). The judge is as guilty as is the rapist, himself, as he ‘punishes’ the rapist only because he Has to, hence, the unbelievable leniency.

                  • I agree with you. Most certainly rape is about domination, power and control However, that can be done in many other ways other than rape. Sex most certainly is a huge part of it.

                  • NO, rape is NOT ‘about sex’. (that is, sexual pleasure) Rape is about VIOLENCE. Period. Sex is merely a ‘tool’ or a means to an end. You are seriously misandric, which is coloring your life. MEN do NOT rape women. RAPISTS rape women. (and women rape women, and women rape men, and men rape men, but ONLY if they are rapists, which is a sociopathic ‘illness’)

                • You are right. And, Susan Brownmueller, said so in her book, “The History of Rape.”
                  Good reading material for all concerned.

                • TRUTH!!!

                  YEARS Ago read of a rapist who was castrated “as punishment ” who late took hormones to be able to rape again.


                  • Yup, castration is not the solution as they can even use other objects to rape with as well.
                    The only way to deter them is to keep the out of society. Long prison terms are essential.

                • That is so true: rape is about control and violence, not sex, although many people have not realized that fact. Some time ago several rapists in prison were interviewed, and ALL of them said having the woman beg for mercy made them feel “the most powerful they’d ever felt in their lives.” So keeping that fact in mind, rapists will rape again if given the chance and that needs to be kept in view when punishments are meted out.

              • Thanks you for saying that. I read those two comments and was like really? That is not appropriate and it would not stop them.

              • first of all, when replying to a grammatically correct and coherent letter, please ensure that you use correct syntax and language. Otherwise, many may not take you seriously (I didn’t) and not truly hear what you are trying to relate. PS: aint, freaking, junk, monts, and wanna, for instance, are not words.

                • Get over yourself. Grammar and syntax is not a requirement to give a valid opinion.

                  We are not writing a university thesis here.

                • It is obvious you are not a rape victim. It is also obvious you do not have a disability. A lot of rape victims have ptsd plus a lot of other problems. You if were so damn smart you would be able to
                  figure that out.

                  I guess they don’t teach that at Harvard!

                  You need to come down off of your pedestal.

                • Cory I also cringe at grammatically inept posts. However, we are discussing rape not critiquing the way people choose to express themselves…chill out brother 🙂 and if you noticed I put four dots instead of three in my ellipsis I don’t want to hear about it 🙂

              • Actually, a rapist takes away from a woman, with violence and by brutal force, without any form of consent something he can never return. In my opinion, the very least penalty a convicted rapist should face is life in prison with no parole. Actually, I would back the death penalty for rapist with no reservations. If that was the penalty, rapes would drastically decrease. Isn’t that what we all want? To hell with the rapist, once he decided to follow such a dark path, he seals his fate.

              • Mario, you’re talking to ladies who live under the same justice as a girl who just got raped and whose rapist got a slap on the wrist. Those ladies are shameful if they do not show their emotions to the highest degree. Brook is no sensitive victim boy, he’s a rapist

              • Once you’ve been raped you don’t feel too kindly to your rapist. I still wish I could have parts cut off of my rapist and molesters.

                • When rape destroys your life, from the moment it occurs, when it causes PTSD, anxiety and depression, when you are destroyed to the fullest, your life nothing more than a mere existence until the day you die, then YES I agree with you 100%! Rape IS a life sentence, why shouldn’t the “RAPIST” receive the same sentence? Pitiful how our laws allow these maggots to serve 6 months for destroying someones entire life…

              • Only a MAN would advocate for a rapist to not be castrated. So it’s OK for a WOMAN’S body to be maimed, scarred, and mutilated during a rape but the perpetrator – God forbid – shouldn’t have to experience the same thing??? Mario, you are SICK!!! Any man who rapes another living being (and that includes animals!!) should be castrated and sterilized immediately! PERIOD! As a former Corrections Officer, my fellow officers and I had absolutely no problem “not noticing” the rapists who were being ‘man handled’ (the nice way of saying it) as it was a small (but necessary) comfort and justice for their victims.

              • You are completely right on that! The whole thing is a sad, disgusting farce. After his father bent over backward to condone his sweet, lovable boy’s, what?…rambunctious antics? Odd sentiments to have about sodomy with a foreign object and dumping her like a body behind a dumpster, the judge goes 1 step further by violating this poor girl a 3rd time in the sentence he handed down. That gentlemen is what we women mean by a “rape culture”. Your son is sick, he needs help Mr. Turner and you are an enabler . He will rape again. Those were not the actions of a one time offender. The courage, grace and eloquence of the victim is astounding and humbling but there is nothing admirable about your son.

              • True Mario, but extreme of what you say is current reality from lenient sentence, biased justice system and expensive lawyers only rich can afford.
                The sentence should be severe enough setting as example and induce fear to anyone who plans to commit a crime.
                But ha ha ha ! The justice system is a big conspiracy eco-system from law makers to enforcers.
                It is sad to be a victim and experience it all and feel the true pain our society has created within us.

              • Although those comments are harsh and medieval I bet you would be singing a different tune if you had been raped. To have a complete stranger force his disgusting penis past the no, past the screams,past her desperate hands frantically trying to cover her vagina, past the crying and screaming and begging for it to stop, or simply past her pants then undies while she’s pasted out helpless is brutal and a life long physical and mental mutalation in it self. It never leaves And changes you forever.

              • No, we are trying rehabilitate someone here, to make them understand the horrific consequences of their terrible crime so that they never contemplate doing it again on an empathetic level, not merely make them frightened of being caught, which is a different thing altogether.

              • OMG my poor son is possibly looking at 66 yrs for a rape as a first time offender and this guy is crying over 6 months! Damn so unfair!!!

              • Mario I think they were just angry when they posted those comments. I was thinking the same as they were actually but would never agree to do it. Also, 4-6 years is NOT enough time to spend in jail for what he did to this young woman. He needs to spend the entire 14 years, if not more, that the jury decided before the judge changed to 6 months.

              • maybe we should back to mid evil times and the old testament , and then just maybe people would think twice before doing such crimes against others

                • Those things happened in medevil times with reprimand. Don’t kid yourself. I’m sure this is not the first slap on the wrist. Someone has power to make this case of rape ,less than what it is. But Karma is a bitch.

                • Yup, castration is not the solution as they can even use other objects to rape with as well.
                  The only way to deter them is to keep the out of society. Long prison terms are essential.

              • Mario, I agree with you completely. The 6 months he is sentenced to serve is an insult to the victim of his heinous lapse in judgment. That being said, inflicting violence on him or subjecting him to “revenge rape” (which, you are correct, may happen to him in jail) is definitely not the solution. The last thing we need to do as a society is perpetuate a culture of violence and sexual assault. The punishment should definitely fit the crime, and in this case it falls short of that. If the goal is for him to see firsthand the damage caused by his actions then perhaps he should have an opportunity to hear these victims tell their stories and how their lives have changed. If possible, let him sit down one to one with a victim so he can witness the damage he and others have caused.

                Physical violence is not the answer. It may afford you a brief feeling of victory, but it leaves you no better than the criminal.

              • What is wrong with crippling them ?? The young lady will be crippled in the way that she may not ever be able to enjoy having “relations” with a loved one !! That kid will never have those nightmares until maybe he gets it in prison but being the type of person he is ,he might enjoy it !! so please don’t call those moronic comments,, if it was your loved one, you’d be thinking the same thing !!

              • 4-6 years for rape is not good enough. register as a sex offender is just a joke, there are countless registered sex offenders who repeat their crimes over and over again. they deserve the death sentence, most girls will live with the memory of the rape and be traumatized for the rest of their lives. so get rid of the rapist, then other would be rapist would know they would be severely punished for their choices. let the judges that let them off be punished too.

              • I agree with you Mario. Maiming another isn’t the answer to rape. People are getting out of hand with their ideas of punishment. You are right on with yours. And I can relate; I have 3 daughters and a son. I taught him to always be respectful of women and no meant no. As for my daughters, I taught them to respect themselves, stay with friends when going out to clubs with drinking involved, and to say NO in a very loud voice if the need ever arose. Let’s let the judge know that 6 months isn’t nearly fair to the victim. He chose his actions, now own up to the consequences.

              • Why only 4 or 6 years?Their are some serving a lot longer sentence for the exact same crime.No do overs for such a crime.The father is in denial he can not see the truth.

              • Why only 4 or 6 years?Their are some serving a lot longer sentence for the exact same crime.No do overs for such a crime.The father is in denial he can not see the truth.

              • Thank you for your letter. It’s only when this father can love him enough to let him pay his debt to society will he truly start teaching his son how to become a real man!

                • I totally agree. If this was my son I would love him unconditionally throughout his sentence and have sleepless nights until his return. However, I would agree he should pay the price for his crime. I would not except any excuses from him and I would make no excuses for him. I would dedicate the rest of my life making sure he got the help he needed to be a decent person. We would offer to help the victim and her family to heal anyway they saw fit. Mr. Turner defending his son’s actions and being derogatory towards his victim is another crime against this family.

              • Maybe if we returned to cutting hands off a thief or taking body parts from a rapist these crimes would happen less. People dont think about consequences anymore because there arent many. We are to busy putting drug offenders in jails to lock the real criminals up. Id like to see punishments go medieval

            • Unfortunately just removing that body part is not enough. This is a mental issue. They can rape in so many different ways. It is disgusting to think of these things.

              • No it is not a mental disease! That is an excuse. It is a choice. They choose to rape, just as a thief chooses to steal or a murderer chooses to kill. Stop making excuses for these perverts, pedophiles and rapists.

                • Yes, it IS a mental illness. You are clueless, and most likely (obviously) misandric. MEN do NOT rape women. RAPISTS rape women. (AND men, and women can be rapists, too, or men and women, and men of men) They are sociopaths with something broken in them, that is basically not fixable, just like with all other sociopathic and psychopathic mental illnesses, like kleptomania, pathological liars, pedophiles, serial killers, etc… (and it’s not black and white — some have lesser tendencies, which they can control, and others have stronger tendencies that they cannot control and will never be able to control — for the latter, it is NOT ‘a choice’ — they MUST act out the way they do and have very little control over their actions (inevitably))

              • Rape is not a mental disease. It is the presumption of the rapist that he can control dominate and rape as he is entitled to what he wants regardless of the trauma of his victims.
                That same rape culture attitude has persisted since biblical times and show a deep disrespect for women and their place in society.

            • Hi Tracie,
              Rape is not a sexual act. It is an act of power and control. That distinction is very important and is clearly defined in the law. Sexual offenders can rape a person by using their fingers and foreign objects. Castrating a man or removing his penis will not prevent him from sexually assaulting another person.

              • I disagree. There are many ways to dominate and control women that do not include rape. There obviously has to be a strong sexual component to rape or it would manifest itself in a different way.

              • It is a violent SEXUAL act of power and control. Let’s be realistic. Anyone can use power and control in a number of ways to harm people. Adding sex to it has its own distinctions, ones that psychologically and emotionally damage the victim in ways beyond the power and control you speak of.

            • LOL…thank you Tracie! I was thinking the exact thing! Let him see he no longer has an organ to try and use to exert his control, violence or frustrations! THAT will surely change one’s life.

              • Castration may be a punishment, but it does not stop the rapist from continuing and using objects instead of his penis.

              • Castration may be a punishment, but it does not stop the rapist from continuing and using objects instead of his penis.

            • Oh, I like how you think and I totally agree. That would still be to good for this young man. He is not a little boy, he is not a kid. He is a young man and should get what he deserves. His time being served is a slap on the face not only to him but to our society. Maybe there will be enough men inside that could take care of Brock in a certain manner. If you know what I am thinking. Maybe he will get some of his own treatment.

            • Just to take advantage of her was a crime, but to rape her was a lifelong thing she will have to deal with her whole life! I have never heard of anyone basically getting off with it!! I would sue the hell out of him and his Dad! Rose Mary Whitne

            • Tracie, and Cynthia
              Both of you are scary women! What in the world is wrong with you? He certainly needs to be punished, but not mutated! Even if this is not over turned. I Believe he and his family will be punished more then they realize. He will never swim for this country, the Olympic committee has already made that clear. You really need to allow your thoughts too go through your brain before it comes out your mouths…

            • Tracie, and Cynthia… you both are as scary as hell. Yes, this fine ‘upstanding’ young rapist deserves a proper sentence! But he does not deserve to be mutilated. Your thinking is almost as sick as his actions. I understand your heated remarks may just be words. However, maybe both of you should allow your words to go through your brains before they come out of your mouths! Even if his sentence is not overturned, he will be punished, already the Olympic Committee has already made it clear he will never compete in this country. He and his father both will bE punished, one for his mouth the other for his sick action, and his refusal to own what he has done to this innocent young woman. Please think before you talk, it makes you sound like idiots…

          • I wish laws were strict to serve as a lesson for others to fear commit a crime.

            The lawyer profession is not quite to bring justice but hire best lawyer and win case if you can afford. That is no where close to justice.

            The reality is that the laws and law enforcers are lenient and biased in the justice system. The reason, they need more to commit crimes and indirectly encourage by such lenience as it creates more jobs in justice eco-system.
            Do you get it ? It is all a very big conspiracy at multiple levels and sorrow and at cost of common man.

          • You are joking I hope, a long term in prison yes, sex offenders register yes, but please, chop off his hands and penis? we are human not animals!!!

          • TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Or I would say CUT OFF the body part that is the real problem in such cases!!!!
            All people need to RESPECT other fellow beings in every walks of life to let happiness and prosperity flourish.

          • Why do that ? It won’t stop their urges but will cost us all to support a ” disabled” person Nope they should castrate them is the answer

          • That’s pretty harsh Cynthia. Both sides of this argument use passions, exaggeration and emotionally charged arguments to make their point stronger. The fact is that true love and grace as practiced by Jesus Christ when he walked this earth is immensely more powerful than both the victims experience and the perpetrators experience and both must follow his example and his plan in their recovery. For only his love can truly heal our souls from the burden of sin and the damage it causes.

            Brock must search his soul and repent and pay restitution to her and society in fullness and must ask in humility for forgiveness from her and others he has hurt. In time, she must see his heart felt remorse and the full realization of the pain he has caused her and himself over what he has done. This should be his task. Fear of punishment, self-hatred and self-punishing guilt should not direct his thoughts to this end. As such, this will take him time as to do this soon would not be appropriate. For only if he does this, will he every grow away from the person who committed this horrendous act and learn to forgive himself.

            He would greatly impact her and her families ability to heal and he owes it to her and to them. He must come full circle from attacking her to contributing to her healing. If I were the judge, I would have given him years in jail as that time would be needed for him to turn his life around.

          • I think you are punishing the wrong organ. Why removing a rapist eyes when you have his penis ? Come on, vaginas for Penis is much better.

        • Right!! And I do not understand the “only 20 minutes” thing. It only takes 1 second to murder someone does that make it okay?

          • Yes Linda, if you are a star in any field as athletics then the justice system and school administration supports.
            Everyone wants fame and willing to sacrifice or compromise anything and bend all the rules for it.
            Welcome to world of capitalism and democracy !

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the rapist’s dad would do the same if the girl was his daughter. I was sexually abused by my brother as a kid, and all my family (parents and other siblings) wants to dissuade me from filing a complaint against my brother, because for them, “what is done is done” (referring to me being sexually abused as a kid for several years), and I shouldn’t ruin my brother’s life by going to the police, just because mine is ruined! And you see, my brother apologized, so they say that it should be enough for me to heal myself! Family is very often full of shit when there is sexual offenders within the family, even when the victim herself is part of that sick family.

        • I agree as well 100%. I wonder what Dan Turner will think or do if it happened to his own daughter or to his wife. How would you react Mr. Dan Turner? Your son is a sick bastard who deserves to be punished to the maximum for his own actions. We are not talking about his achievements here, Its about how he made a bad, horrible decision that cannot be undone. The victim will have that sickening memory forever. Rape is rape & there should be no excuse for that action.

        • The Dad wont even bat an eye or care…The son a slimy little puke that almost got away with something…He is privileged, and figures he is above the law…Even the judge in the case, went to the same university as Brock Turner, but a while ago…It looks as though that judge may have in a way “turned a blind eye”…

        • Id tell my daughter not to get sloppingly drunk to the point that she passed out. Her stupidity contributed to this as much as this guys. I am more than certain that she led him on before she passed out. Wake up people. What kind of suffering did she really endure? She was unconcious, she wasnt beaten, abused, held at knifepoint. This is a case of two ignorant young people who shouldnt have been drinking to begin with, but took it too far. His sentence is fair and hopefully he can go on to lead a normal life. If God is just, he will help our supreme court figure out that the sexual offender registry list is unconstitutional. Where is our murderers registration list? Where is our burglars registration list? They severe their time and move on. Someone who commits a “sex” crime, which can be as minor as urinating in public, is hounded and labeled for life. Totally unconstitutional.

          • Correct Rick. Her damages: Brock stuck his finger in her after they were humping and sucking face while dancing. She got some pine needles on her vagina. She doesn’t remember anything.

            Meanwhile Brock’s Damages: He lost his college, his scholarship, his Olympic hopes, and will be on the sex offender registry for life. Also a 6 month jail sentence and I imagine enormous legal fees.

            • Here we go again, NICE TED understanding the need for the rapist needing empathy. Yeah Red finally found another low-life in Rick who agrees with him. I’m guessing if u had a sister and this happens, your comments would be different (maybe)!?!?!?

        • Reba, i hope his son, the criminal gets raped since his stupid ASS DAD thinks it’s just 20 minutes of “ACTION”, and dad needs his day of ACTION. Then he sets up a page to ask people to help with the court costs. DAD IS A PURE ASS HOLE.

        • Brock’s father would blame his daughter if she were a victim of rape…. So she would probably never tell him. It’s fathers like this that are the problem.

        • Part of the problem is that Brock has never had to pay a consequence in his life. that is evident by the letter the dad wrote to the judge. the bigger problem is that dad perpetuates this. Dad should let Brock pay his full debt
          to society and learn a hard lesson! That poor girl didn’t receive leniency !!!!

      • “So many men……” – – Can we not make such sweeping statements that essentially paint the majority of men as rapists? And I’ve seen people damning white privilege as part of this, as if all white people live so high on the hog and abuse others whenever they get the chance. Let’s focus on the actual people involved in this situation and not include an overwhelming amount of innocent guys and white people. Be careful what you say and how you think.

        • “So many men” does not mean all men, that’s why he phrases it that way. We know that not all men do this. Obviously the guy who wrote this letter to the father is an example of a good man. White privilege plays a role here in the leniency of the sentencing.

        • “Be careful what you say”? The author of this open letter was brilliantly careful. The issue of white privilege was one tiny portion of this incredible response to the deeply troubling facts at hand. That said, if you don’t see how white privilege is at work in the Brock Turner “sentencing,” you’re not paying attention. If a 20-year-old black man was caught raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, do you honestly, HONESTLY believe he’d get a slap on the wrist? Not hardly. Becoming personally defensive on behalf of all those “innocent guys and white people” is to expend a lot of energy trying to make a bullseye while aiming at the wrong target. It will take the outrage of MEN toward the misdeeds of other men to cut out this cancer. For example, the judge hearing Turner’s case should have been a great deal more outraged at what Turner did to the victim, and a lot less worried about possibly hurting poor Brockie’s shining future.

          Here’s the heart of this letter, IMO: “Because we don’t get a do-over when we do unspeakable things….The story here, is that young men have choices to make and these choices define them, even if those choices are made when temptation is great and opportunity is abundant. In fact, our humanity is most expressed when faced with such things, we choose integrity and decency; when we abstain from doing what is easy but wrong.”

          A white woman, married to a kindhearted white guy who often shakes his head in despair over the behavior of his fellow men.

          • Well said!! I can only hope my son will never make a choice that will define him in such a way.

            A white woman, trying to raise a respectful, kind hearted son in a crazy world.

          • Shut up about white privilege. It’s not a thing, it’s a fabrication of the media to pit people against each other.

          • This is an appalling act but it has nothing to do with race. However, it does deal with privilege. The privilege that is given to athletes and the wealthy. For some reason athletes are able to get away with things others aren’t and money can be used as a real life get out of jail free card. Just look at the Baylor football program. That situation involved young black men and sexual assault with similar disgusting results.

          • Well said! I also often find myself shaking my head at the decisions and actions of our fellow man. Whether it be black, white, purple, green, girl, boy or anyone. We cannot keep giving ourselves, as a humanity in general, such a bad name by performing or allowing the performance of such horrible acts to occur to the degree that teaches ourselves as well as our children that “it’s normal” and that just because we see or hear about these types of things on a daily basis that it should be acceptable. We need to teach by example and show our children that they do have a voice and that the choices they make leads them to whatever future those choices allowed them to have. To make the right ones. We must take responsibility to teach them by example and teach them that they will forever be responsible for their actions. Just my blah blah. Much love to all!

          • Well said! I also often find myself shaking my head at the decisions and actions of our fellow man. Whether it be black, white, purple, green, girl, boy or anyone. We cannot keep giving ourselves, as a humanity in general, such a bad name by performing or allowing the performance of such horrible acts to occur to the degree that teaches ourselves as well as our children that “it’s normal” and that just because we see or hear about these types of things on a daily basis that it should be acceptable. We need to teach by example and show our children that they do have a voice and that the choices they make leads them to whatever future those choices allowed them to have. To make the right ones. We must take responsibility to teach them by example and teach them that they will forever be responsible for their actions. Just my blah blah. Much love to all!

        • I agree on the white privilege. But not sure why that term is even used in this letter in the first place. When did this EVER become an issue of RACE?!? Why is race ALWAYS, and I mean always, brought into every. single. thing. ? It’s very maddening.

        • 911 Operator: What’s your emergency?
          Woman: Hello! Please help! Some men have broken into my home!
          911 Operator: Not *ALL* mean would do that! I wouldn’t do that!

          How you sound, Mark^

          • Woman: I passed out drunk behind a dumpster with a young boy I left a party with. I think he may have put his finger in me, but I don’t remember. I will need some help cleaning the dirt and pine needles from my vagina.

        • The white privilege piece comes with the sentencing. There are well documented cases of well known black athletes getting much harsher sentences, even when they ended up being not guilty in the first place. Here’s an example:

          It’s also a studied fact that black and Latino people are incarcerated for longer sentences and at a much higher rate than white people for the same crime. For example: It has been proven that the white, middle/upper-middle class uses more street and recreational drugs. “75% of people in state prison for drug conviction are people of color although blacks and whites see and use drugs at roughly the same rate.” Source:

          And to top it off, the judge also graduated from Stanford, and coached lacrosse – a sport very similar, and maybe the most similar, to swimming in terms of the demographic that participates (for the most part large majority white and wealthy). Obviously this can’t be proven, but it is likely that the judge saw himself in Turner, and put on rose colored glasses. Do you think he would have been able to do that with a black/Latino man? So yes, the color of his skin, along with the amount of money that he has, are very connected to his sentencing.

      • 15 years in maximum security and physical castration. For that letter, his father should pay for the victim’s legal fees and a large lump for her life long suffering. She was mutilated in mind, body and soul.

      • I’ve noticed that there are a lot of comments regarding mens’ wrongful actions against females. I’d like to point out that there are many males who also suffer similar tragedies. Granted, this story is about a young male violating a female, but I’d like to highlight that this is not a boy vs girl issue. There are no genders when it comes to sexual assault. Just power.


      • The one thing about this whole thing that I don’t understand is: Who was the judge who gave this sentence? was this a trial by jury? Number one if it was simply decided by the judge, who has bothered to approach him about his decision? Did the father of the rapist line the pockets of the judge? has anyone tried to find out? Is the judge so lack of caring about another human being that he gives such a lenient sentence? Is anyone connected with this girl, going to confront the judge or if it was a jury trial are they going to find a way to find out what their reasoning was for such a lenient sentence? The rapist’s father is the only one I hear of in all of this who stood up for anything. Why would one man have so much influence on a judge of the courts? Something doesn’t add up here and I smell some rotten fish. Anyone confronted the rapist’s father? Since he was so quick to talk the judge down, maybe he is guilty of not being such a right and upstanding man himself. Whatever the circumstances, this girl is the victim of not only the rapist, but his father, whomever in her family who did not come forth and support her, the judge and if there was a jury, each of them for being so lenient.

    • Only caveate I would add that this boy didnt rape due to white privelege, he was motivated by male privelege, same superiority attitude, different hate group. Porn has a lot to do with spreading this hatred of women but not exclusively.

      • But it’s also important to realize that his meager 6 month sentence was absolutely due to his race, his gender, and his social class.

            • Hold up a minute … Men’s rights activists are scum? Since when is it scummy to want all rapists to serve equal time, regardless of race, class, or gender?

              According to a CDC study, men are being abused by women in domestic violence situations more often than women are being abused by men. That means, according to the CDC, men have gotten the message that domestic violence is wrong, meanwhile women haven’t. Yet, despite this study, there are still only a handful of shelters available to male domestic violence victims in the US.

              But you expect me to believe men’s rights activists are scum? It sounds to me like they’re needed.

            • You guys always deny the truth and only want those with like thoughts be here. How useless is that. I agree with so much of what is posted here and that rapist is a sad sack of crappie and no he did not get a long enough sentence, But don’t just come out and hate on the first opinion that isn’t exactly the same as yours

          • Please! The number of women who “do this crime” is miniscule beside the number of men who do so. Men are far more likely-probably by a factor of 100 times (?)-yes it’s just a guess-than women are.

              • Thanks for the facts. I don’t believe one can argue effectively on any subject until they have good information. I noticed one figure: one in four females and one in six males will be sexually abused in their lifetime. Even though it happens to females at a great rate, I was surprised at how often it happened to males. An ethics professor once said: “Good ethics begin with having the facts.” I think he’s right.

            • I served on a jury for a case of a mother who sexually abused her own preschool aged daughter. Why do people think this doesn’t happen?

              • AGH! No one is saying it doesn’t happen! The whole point is that ANYONE who commits a horrible crime should be held to the same standards in the face of sexual assault whether it be a black man, a ivy-league college athlete, a young female teacher, or a mother. This ruins ANYONE’S life and NO ONE should be given leniency for rape. The national frustration is that he ISN’T being held sufficiently accountable, and the father is saying “he didn’t do anything that bad!”.

                • Absolutely, true, he committed an abominable act and he should pay the penalty and he is not. He will not likely go to a federal pen. and will likely spend time in a local jail. That is not what should happen. He should get the full 14 years. The judge who gave him such a light sentence should also be punished as he did not do his job properly and so he should be fired as anyone in the workforce would be if they screwed up that badly.

                  • They were making out on the dance floor. Humping and sucking face. He was drunk. She was drunker. They left together to have sex, started up again and at some point, she passed out. He had stuck his finger in her vagina. Someone who lives her life like she does, probably calls that a first date. If it wasn’t for the two Swedes, she would have awakened, brushed the pine needles off her crotch, pulled her pants up, left the dumpster, and gone home. Like she probably does every weekend.

                    • This is a gross oversimplification of the facts and slut shaming a woman who admits to having a normal sexual history. She was bleeding from her elbows and hands. Had dirty and pine needles inside of her. Her sister had met him earlier on in the night and said he tried to kiss her without her permission. And if he wasn’t guilty of anything, why did he run? And leave his half naked “first date” passed out on the ground. Women should not have to fear that a night of lighthearted frivolity will lead to being taken advantage of and send them to the hospital bruised and bleeding.

                    • WTF is wrong with you .. ?? seriously?? Did you just say she was asking for it? I think you did you are a pig and I hope you don’t have a wife or a girlfriend and please never ever have children… dude really?

                  • Agreed whole heartedly! In California a sexual assault conviction carries with it a possible sentence of 24, 36, or 48 months in prison, as well as a possible $10,000 fine. This type of sentence is known as “determinate” since it results in a specific term of years in prison. As mentioned above, a judge will examine the facts of the case, including aggravating and mitigating factors, in order to settle on the exact sentence. Federal law directs judges to examine a number of factors, including the defendant’s criminal history and his or her acceptance of responsibility, when setting a punishment. The federal law criminalizing sexual assault sets a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and also provides for fines. In addition, federal law provides that those convicted of sexual assault must compensate their victims for any expenses directly related to the crime. This can include costs for medical care, physical or occupational therapy, attorney’s fees, and other related expenses. This judge should have observed the federal stipulations in this case especially since Mr. Brock has yet to acknowledge that he did anything wrong.

              • Because it is so far less the case . Yes it does happen . A woman does have physical strength over a child . But is very few woman who have the strength to force an adult man to do something he does not want to be involved in . That is why !

                • You don’t know that it’s less often. All we know is that men hardly ever report it. Just as abused husbands hardly ever report it.

                • I really don’t see how a woman can rape a man. My ex-husband and I had this conversation all the times years ago. Is just asinine to me to think that a woman can force a man to have sex with her unless he’s a willing participant. Does a man have to be aroused? I don’t know maybe I’m just ignorant but it makes no sense to me. And regarding the letter it was spot-on

                  • You can be sexually aroused and still not want to have sex.

                    You also don’t need to by physically stronger than someone to rape them. He could be unconscious, he could be manipulated, he could be drugged. You don’t always need to use strong arm violence.

            • You obviously are clueless because it’s a statistical fact that women commit rape at the same rate as men, but it’s just more frequently the same sex. And women commit the same crime that are punished much less.

          • I’m not saying that it has never happened but I submit that historically speaking, women do not “rape” men brutally behind dumpsters when the men are incapacitated for whatever reason. As for getting a lighter sentence…if this man’s sentence were any lighter he would have been made to sit in the corner for five minutes. Your argument is invalid and not on point.

          • This happened to my ex- wife. She was passed out and naked in a ditch of poison ivory when I found her at 6:00 pm. A person we babysat for met my ex in a bar when she was really drunk. He took her in the country with my car had sex and left her there. He then went back to the bar and took his car and went home. Then he called leaving a message on my answer machine. If your looking for your wife she is in the ditch first dirt road to the right. There were detectives going to his house to question him after I was able to get her to the hospital. I tried to live with her and it was a year later I filed for divorce.

              • I imagine he does know that. I think the point is that such a trauma affects far more than the immediate victim. It stresses families and can shatter marriages in part, unhappily, because our culture still bears the ancient suspicion that, somehow, the victim was complicit.

          • There was a study done that identified longer sentences for women who killed their partners, often in self-defense, versus men who killed their partners.

            • It very much is.

              Like it has been posted AT LENGTH, there are a great many substantiated cases of this.

              Your ignorance doesn’t automatically handwave it away.

            • An erection is not a voluntary thing. It’s your body’s reaction. It doesn’t mean the man WANTS to have sex. Just like a woman can “get wet” without being turned on, too.
              A lot of rapists actually use those facts and turn them into saying “well they must have wanted it” and that is NOT the case.

          • Cite your sources–link to at least one verifiable, credible “study” to support your argument. Then tell me about the percentage of women who drag unconscious men behind dumpsters and commit forcible rape. This is a ludicrous comeback.

        • You don’t know that. You have know way of knowing that. Stating things as fact that are unproven is not a good quality in a person, either.

        • No his “meager six months”is due to a relationship between father and judge (who should have reused himself). NOT race or social class.

        • With all that being said reply to this scum Father’s letter. This scumbag is still only getting six months. Really how about 20 years for the 20 minute rape the victim endured. So what point have you showed this scumbag father by telling him you don’t give a damn about his. Show him that you don’t give a damn and add more time to this scumbag sentence.

        • Leave race out of it, and his gender, and his “social class”…..ONE person was given the power to hand down a sentence the day he was voted in… The Judge!!!! He did a huge disservice to the victim and her family by not handing down a sentence that corresponded to this crime!!! And if you are unhappy with his verdict judgment, find a way to remove this incompetent idiot from his role as a judge,find a way to legally remove him from the position where he can no longer cause more grief to the innocent victim(s). It’s cheap vigilance , laziness, and ignorance to blame this on his race, gender, and/or his social class

            • Get over this white privilege shit you stupid son of a bitch!! Why don’t you pull your lower lip up over your head and swallow jackass!

          • A group of grass root people did exactly that after she ruled that a 14 year old girl asked to be raped by being int he wrong place at the wrong time. People who were sicken by this ruling joined together and started a movement to unseat this Judge in the next election. Bumper stickers to interviews in the paper and radio/ TV letter writing to the Bar association are some of the ways this group worked to unseat her. The fact that it was a woman judge was so hard to understand her ruling which was community service and a letter of apology. This child will have a life long sentence because of his actions. If we demand a better system we just might get one. No she was not re elected.

          • Removing the judge and retrying the case is the only answer. Let the privileged boy know what REAL consequences are, not a 6 month slap on the wrist

          • If he was black or Hispanic or anything but white do you think he would have only got 6 months? If he didn’t go to Stanford, do you think he would have only got 6 months? If there was absolutely no connection between them and the judge, do you think he would have only got 6 months? The answers are NO NO and NO.

        • And it is almost impossible for me to believe that this is the FIRST and ONLY time that he has overpowered and taken advantage of a woman. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum. This isn’t something that just happened out of the thin air. Just sayin’. He just didn’t get caught before.

        • It’s due to having money and knowing the right people honestly if hee was my son I’d tell the judge to put him in the worst prison there is and that’s a fact and if it was my daughter there are NO words I would of probably murdered him I hate Rio day that but how I was raised u would be beaten to death I’m truely sry for this female my prayers go out to her and her family

        • Actually, it appears his short sentence is due to the fact that he attends the university that is the judge’s alma mater, and because he is an athlete at that university.

        • Though, I don’t believe it always has to do with race, it’s about ignorance, money, and who you know or have on your side (sad truth, but fact is fact and such is wrong) – and maybe some evidence. These are not my opinions, but examples of other cases…R. Kelly, Kobe Bryant, Tupac (all NON-WHITE) all got off some or all of their sex crimes. Whether we agree or disagree with the decision, I am sure there is someone out there that is pissed they got off and for me it’s regardless of race.

        • I wondered the same thing. Very good and powerful letter, but I don’t quite follow how ‘white privilege’ factors into this… The crime is despicable regardless of race – the colour of someone’s skin shouldn’t make a crime any more or less serious.

          • It’s more that because if he were black, he absolutely would’ve received a longer sentence instead of the 6 months he received.

            Just today there was a story of a young black man who was wrongfully convicted of a rape and served 6 years for it.

          • It comes in because had he been a young man of any non-white color, he would most certainly have gotten a REAL punishment for this crime.

            • Yes thank god he wasn’t OJ or Ray Lewis because he would have certainly received a worse penalty. Why is everyone saying he is wealthy? His parents are both hard working and he got a scholarship to Stanford.

              • Not really comparable because OJ and Lewis were not found guilty, unlike Brock, who was. (We can debate the rights and wrongs of the trials and acquittals but they weren’t found guilty in a court of law). The crime OJ was found guilty for resulted in a lengthy custodial sentence, which he is now serving.

              • His parents can be hard workers outside but they do not work hard teaching him respect.
                Stanford students have to be carefull with this “student” because he can do it again.

            • I agree that the sentencing was influenced by white privilege; a black or brown person would have been buried under the jail. This is not news, or the last time we’ll be hearing about this, but hopefully as more and more become aware of the discrepancy, judges will be less likely to see color (and the color of money) as a means to set punishment. It will certainly affect many judges across this nation if this clown gets recalled.

              • I agree it’s about “privilege”, but I tend to lean more towards affluenza more than just white privilege. I can see a much longer term for a poor white man. And agree totally that a black or brown man would have received a harsher sentence. My guess is it has to do with maybe an existing relationship about the school. Frankly, it was just WRONG, but I can’t agree it was “just” white privilege.

                • When are we going to get off the “race” train and see it for what it really is? He committed a horrible crime, and regardless of his race he was convicted. You can go on all day about white priveledge, and how a different race would have gotten more time! Really? The fact is he is going to jail, and will be somebody’s girlfriend in there and then he will find out all about rape. Karma.

                  • For 6 months only? I can only say if that were my daughter he VIOLATED and TRAUMATIZED revenge would be mine. Maybe I’d only get 6 months time!

                    • I also submit that the parents of the daughter who was raped should be the ones doling out the punishment they see fit by their own hand. The problem with that is the “justice system” will throw the book at the parents. And their is no justice in that.

            • Jameis Wilson, a black Florida State QB, wasn’t charged with assault, despite the fact FSU settled a claim filed by the victim, which certainly proves the school thought he was guilty.

              I agree, don’t turn this into a race thing. It’s a privileged athlete thing, and he should’ve been sentenced to the maximum the law allows.

              As for his father, I don’t believe for ONE SECOND his use of term “action” was a mistake, but a passive-aggressive dig at the victim. Father and son both need a few minutes alone with the biggest, baddest, randiest, most violent prisoner they can find.

          • Oh but it does. Should and shouldn’t are based in an ideal reality. In the real world race and the color of skin do make a difference.
            However, I believe the writer was referring to the punishment or lack thereof when he speaks of “white privilege”. As in some people don’t believe they should be held to the same standards as others based on the color of their skin. I can see how this could’ve played into the judges ruling. I on the other hand believe the ruling was more influenced by a blame the victim mentality. I believe that the victims alcohol consumption weighed heavy into the decision. Wrongfully so, we still live in a society that believes that certain actions taken by rape victims “invited” the assault.

          • It shouldn’t but it does!! Lets be real … Had this been a black stanford student we all know the sentence would have been harsher along with the publicity … In cases like so even though it should not be a determining factor race always seems to be when it comes to the reality of the punishment!! Facts!!

            • the farther paid the judge off that’s it but he will get it up the ass in jail them boys will fix him right up

          • It’s all about the sentencing. The “buddy system” that moneyed whites enjoy with our justice system. Though, I hope the more we pull these crap judgements out of the slime and fling them back at the judges responsible, we’ll see less of them. If this judge gets recalled because of his non-sentence, I would imagine it will rattle the chains of many across the country, and motivate them to do their jobs instead of seeing color before the man, or the almighty dollar.

          • I agree , race doesn’t have anything to do with this. It’s all on the idiot judge. Because he believes this loser of a human being deserves a second chance because he’s never been in trouble before and he’s a college athlete with good grades. None of that should matter! Now this punk is going to go out and do it again because he will get just another slap on the hand!

            • I don’t like the race card being pulled when an abvious criminal does harm and claims “I am being treated unfairly because I’m black” I also am fair enough to call it like I see it. This guy got more consideration because he was the same race as the Judge. Unless the Judge has raped a few girls in college himself.

          • white privilege was mentioned because it is an underlying factor in why he got a light sentence… and if you dont understand the correlation maybe you should study just exactly what white privilege means….. and Yes i am white….. and I know for a fact that gives me a slight better chance for things than my friend who is black… or my other friend who is latino…. or how about my other friend the native american….. truly this case is much more than white privilege…. it is RICH white privilege. and it is absolutely disgusting that a rapist would only get 6months….. and if he was anyother race it would be years and more than 6.

            • Thank for saying what I was thinking! I am a 56 year old white woman who just finished her 2nd year of college. A black man would have gotten much more jail time. The statistics should that black men are like 4-5 times likely to be found guilty and do more time for the same crime. There is still so much inequality for people of color and women! I am a big advocate for trying to evoke change in these areas. I have done several papers and write about the need for change on my posts. Things will only change when we can open the discussion and mend some fences and move in the direction of real equality.

          • He would have received the maximum sentence as a black, latino, or native American. White privilege is insidious. This is why people are not seeing how it is relevant in this case.

      • It was for his white privilege that he got just 6 months for raping a woman. There are black people who are currently serving 10-year jail terms for selling loose cigarettes! There was the case of Brian Banks, a 16 year-old high school student with no prior criminal record who was (falsely, as it turned out) accused of rape. The judge sentenced him to 6 years in prison. He served 5 years and some months before his accuser recanted her story. Brian was 16 years old. He was black. He got 6 years jail time. Brock is white, an adult, and he got 6 months old. The judge was reported to have said that that he was worried about the impact that jail time would have on him (Brock), hence the jail term. These judges have zero qualms about destroying black children and sending them to jail. White privilege. White racism.

        • This was not privilege based on race, this was privilege based on class and connection between the judge’s alma mater and the school in which the perpetrator attended.

          Classism is far more indicative in differentiating punishment for similar events than racism is.

          • It was also White Privilege. friend got arrested for stealing credit cards and using them. No jail time and no record. ..the judge felt bad he was 18….I know the judge would not have done the same if he were not white.

          • I agree this judgement was not based on race. I believe had this white boy been from a low or even middle class family his punishment would have fit the crime.

        • “Humanist”: Certainly an injustice to Brian and all the others who are falsely accused. And what of the accuser? What happened to HER? What ought to happen to those who knowingly send an innocent to prison? How are they held to account for the pain, suffering, and loss of freedom of another?

      • Where white privilege comes in here is that a lenient sentence was provided because the crime was committed by someone who belongs to a class with plenty of financial resources, education and in his case, the discipline of sporting excellence in his background that equated to power. Such people get the easy road because the social messages of that power resonate with white authority figures. I disagree that this is a hate crime of male privilege though. It is an act of sexual aggression committed by someone who’s inhibitions were stripped away by excessive use of alcohol. During his abuse of alcohol, he violated this young woman and he should suffer a just penalty for his actions.

        • “Abuse of alcohol” is not an excuse. Alcohol does not “make” us pick up a gun and shoot someone we hate, or shoot random people passing by; it does not “make” us molest a child, rape a baby we’ve been entrusted with by its parent for care, or rape a random grandmother we saw tottering into her home while walking down the street.

          Alcohol does not “make” us do any of these heinous actions—alcohol merely removes some of the social or personal inhibitions we may feel about doing something: inhibitions that are in place *because we fear censure if we did those things*. In short, alcohol does not *remove* our own internal ethics of right and wrong… it merely removes our fear of social chastisement or punishment for violating social rules.

          A person may go streaking through town when drunk when they would never do so sober—why? Because deep down they see nothing wrong with streaking, but normally would never do it because they fear social and legal punishment—it’s fear of society’s actions against them that prevents them from doing it, whether it’s fear of being considered “loose” or “fast” or “rebellious,” or fear of being laughed at, or fear of being arrested and having a minor crime on their record. Alcohol removes that fear, it DOES NOT DETERMINE THE BASIC ETHICAL/MORAL BELIEFS/DECISIONS WITHIN THE PERSON.

          Being drunk is a convenient excuse, when we are drunk and indulge in behavior that is considered a violation of social codes—like streaking, or screwing in the altitude seats at a professional baseball game, etc.—it’s basically the “get out of jail free card” that our society accepts in forgiving, or mitigating social stigma for behaviors that violate minor social behavior codes (basically, when we choose not to be a lemming, or when we choose to be a jerk, but have done no real harm).

          But there is a difference between dancing naked in the town square, or running around telling people what you *really* think of them (that normally you hold in) when you’re drunk… and choosing to rape, molest, beat, and/or murder someone when you’re drunk: the difference is, one is a minor violation of accepted *social* behaviors and codes, while the other is a damaging crime against another human being… and we don’t do those unless, underneath, we were already *willing* to do those, and the only thing that kept us from it was *social* stigma, NOT a gut-level understanding of how wrong it is and a gut-level empathy and respect for other human beings.

          • You made some excellent points about alcohol not being an excuse for raping someone. A fact that I think is being overlooked is that if he were, in fact, so drunk that he wasn’t aware that what he was doing was wrong (which is his excuse for his actions) why did he run when confronted? You don’t run away if you aren’t doing anything you feel guilty for. He ran away because he know what he was doing was wrong at the time that he was doing it. He made a conscious decision to rape and he knew he would be punished if caught, so he ran away to try to avoid being caught.

          • Wonderfully written and completely captures what is so wrong here with him blaming alcohol. You precisely point out that alcohol does not make you do something you know is morally and ethically wrong. It just removes the fear of punishment for doing something. He knew what he was doing – the alcohol meant he just didn’t care, and no longer feared the consequences of his actions. I bet if you look back at this guys history, there will be times he’s said, or thought, “she deserved it” when a rate victim has been drunk, or flirty, or provactively dressed, or any of the other reasons these people say women deserve to be raped. And I bet the father has the same attitude too – only nice girls get raped, and only by violent psychopaths (read the ex girlfriends letter to the judge). If you’re drunk, or were flirty, or were dressed showing some skin, well then it wasn’t rape, because she “asked for it”. THAT’S what this father, his son, his supporters and the judge are saying and THAT’S what is so disgustingly, skin-crawlingly, mind bogglingly WRONG here.

      • Thank you! More like RICH privilege! These people have $! Trust me I work in a prison and there are plenty of white men locked up for rape!

      • Derrington, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Accessibility to porno has much to do with these sexual assault crimes

        • thats just not true. it’s ignorant to think porn is to blame for rape! there are countries where porn is plentiful yet rape is not, like The Netherlands, for example. The prevalence of rape crime in America has everything to do with how men are taught to view women, and themselves as ENTITLED, and get off scott free again and again, and how women are vilified and silenced by police when they report rape, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with porn. and its that kind of thinking, blaming porn, or hormones, or blue balls, or alcohol, or any number of the ridiculous excuses men give for raping women, as if a man who looks at porn is made powerless to stop himself from raping, is part of the problem. Rapists must be made accountable for their crime. no excuses.
          but don’t believe me, check the facts, do the research:

      • I think the reference to white privilege was about Mr Turner’s lack understanding of the seriousness of his son’s crime. It is Mr Turner’s obliviousness of his white privilege that entitled him to write the letter that he wrote. However, within the history of this country of ours rape was a privilege enjoyed by the slave owning class.

        • Perhaps we should be looking at the culture in which this young rapist was raised. His father seems to be as insensitive to the damage he has caused as his sexual deviant son. What did you teach him, Mr Turner, that it’s ok to rape women, get a little free “action”? Your attitude is as reprehensible as his actions…did he learn it from you? Brock has chosen to act out his sick ideas so he should be held accountable for them. Face it ,you raised a criminal sex offender who should be confined to protect the rest of the world.

      • However, white privilege has a lot to do with the disparity in sentencing. Back in the late 70’s in Albany a high school kid, who was 18, had consensual yet statutory rape relations with a girl younger and got two years in jail. Many young black young go to jail a lot longer for a lot less. That’s the white privilege referred to here. So if we want to be real about the WHOLE situation, let’s be real about that too.

      • Thank for this one &call –. Regarding The correction to the response letter with the theme of: “people do not rape because of white privilege, but because of male privilege…” Frequently people miss the point when talking about this painful and disgusting subject… They get frustrated and throw out a truism as though it is in opposition to another point… Yes males do not rape because of white privileges, but instead more so because of male privilege…… However, if one can be packaged as some productive benign good guy (much easier to do for a rich white boy athlete than a black one)… Than We as a people will start excusing away their abhorrent behavior… And spoiled evil sociopathic punks count on society seeing them that way. (As victims) … And yes it is much easier for a white boy to do this.. It also helps to be handsome, charming and benign looking…. Case in point –Ted Bundy… When stationed overseas at Aviano AB Italy I witnessed this kind of rebranding of an evil rapist assisted by his wife… He was convicted by Courts Marshall, but the wife appealed to the General and explained how they were a good dedicated “Christian” Family how he never did/would do these kinds of things etc… The general overturned the conviction. Of course it helped that general saw himself in the accused, a fellow pilot, Air Force Academy Grad, and hard charging successful officer… So some time passes and it turns out the wife was involved in hush money cover up of an illegitimate child he had conceived at another base… So the pilot gets away with rape because he and his wife are a good, mutually dedicated , “Christian Couple” except they aren’t…. It is easy to see evil where the perpetrator is ugly, dirty, unsuccessfully, even awkward. It is much more difficult to do so when it is pretty. The flip side is when that evil is a successful person, a charming person or a pretty person we start equivocating away their sociopathic behavior.. Because in our minds bad cannot look good… Casey Anthony anyone… Why such an attractive young girl could not do such a horrendous thing? Oh no that cannot be…

      • He raped because he felt entitled.

        His sentence can be accounted for by his white privilege. Which is our fault, collectively, as a society.

      • His “white privilege” comment referred to his ability to receive a very short sentence for this crime. He speculates that a young black man would not receive such a lenient punishment.

      • I agree, not white privilege. This is not a race issue. This young man needs more than a slap on the hand. I cannot even imagine how this young man can look himself in the mirror anymore. This saddens me!!

      • It’s a shame that a “father” has to be approached through social media.
        The privileged punk made a choice and needs to pay the price.
        Damn what his “Dad” has to say to the “judge”.
        Perhaps that should be dealt with as well

      • I agree, what does white privilege have to do with it. The rioters in Baltimore that made national news were black and didn’t do jail time to pay for their acts. The illegal immigrants who murdered that young lady in California weren’t white but got away with it. Sorry, but white privilege had nothing to do with this.

      • I agree, As a mother of three sons and a victim of sexual assault and have never stepped forward to tell anyone, he lost me at ‘white privilege’ this isn’t about race. It’s about, as you stated, male privilege. I’m teaching my sons to respect women from an early age. It starts at home..regardless of race.

      • “male privelege (sic)”? I suggest you research the percentage of rapes committed by Black men, compared to their representation in the population. Then tell me if you still think that rape is motivated by privilege. Here’s a place to start: