The Christian Right Sleeping With the Enemy


To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, “There’s a sucker born again every minute.”

Two years ago, according to a roomful of dewy-eyed pastors and fawning televangelists who met behind closed doors with GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and is apparently now suitable for Christians and church leaders to fully and passionately support.

Never mind that Trump has made no such claims himself, nor given any indication by word or deed that would lead anyone to believe such outrageous proclamations. And disregard Trump’s growing legacy of ignorant rants against Muslims, Mexicans, women, immigrants, and almost any groups who aren’t wealthy or white—or both.

(In other completely unrelated news, unsubstantiated reports say he will also soon come out as a gay, undocumented Latina to make sure he covers all the bases.)

As a Christian and a pastor, it’s all been equally fascinating and infuriating watching supposed men and women (well, mostly men) of God engage in all sorts of embarrassing theological gymnastics to try and connect the most convoluted and disparate of dots in order to justify hitching their ministries to Trump’s toxic wagon. Some even went as far as to bring up famously flawed heroes of Scripture, as if he will actually be God’s anointed, imperfect tool of salvation. (Well, God did apparently use the jawbone of an ass before, so I guess there is precedent).

This is a revelatory moment for we who claim Christianity, one that crystallizes how much Falwell, Dobson and the rest of these folks have lost the plot and how faithfully they now serve only themselves.

It turns out, when it comes to power grabs, the Evangelical Right will go to bed with just about anybody. They’re that easy. As things got late and the Presidential Hopeful Club thinned down to only one seedy, sketchy guy, religious leaders frantically threw themselves at him in hopes of bagging a four-year roll in the hay.

The truth is, Donald Trump is a fairly horrible human being if you’re going to use any measurement of morality. He’s neither done nor said anything that one could categorize as remotely resembling Jesus. Lots of smart people understand this. But this isn’t about him. He’s doing what most of us expect him to do: try and court a valuable and much-needed voting block without self-awareness, shame, or decency. This isn’t a surprise.

He is vanity and ego and greed and bitterness and bullying—and about as unlike Christ as you’ll find. But again, this isn’t about him. He is being who he’s always been.

No, this about supposed representatives of Jesus whoring themselves out just to have the President’s ear and pretending it’s the work of God. It’s about discarding faith to keep power in their party. It’s about a Christianity that no longer has need or use for Jesus. They themselves are the bloated golden calf they’re bowing down to and Trump is just a means to this end—and it’s exactly what is killing the Church.

Every day people tell me that they’re finished with organized Christianity; that they’re walking away from the American Church for good, and it isn’t because of gays or cultural decay or materialism or lust or whatever these preachers like to lift while in the pulpit. These millions of honest, wise (and yes faithful) people are making their exodus because they see Dobson and Falwell and people like them and they realize the absolute absurdity of it all.

They see that to align oneself with Donald Trump in the name of “shared faith”, is the same as a vegan going into business with Burger King. It’s all dissonance. It’s a compete disconnect undermining the very bedrock of their core beliefs, and so they’re choosing to leave instead of being associated with such a blatant powerlust move. They’ve run out of patience with a spirituality that’s for sale. They’re through with a Christianity that only needs to win.

And I’m right with them.

One of the most startling ironies, is that these are the same self-professed “defenders of the faith”, who for the last eight years have ruthlessly persecuted a President who has not only repeatedly professed personal spirituality, but whose conduct, marriage, and family are everything they claim they’re for. This was never good enough for them to support or pray for him—or even call him a Christian. Yet Donald Trump, in all his philandering, materialistic, racist, bigoted, misogynist glory is somehow worthy of reverence because somewhere deep down (in a way that only these leaders see), he loves Jesus. If you believe that I have some swamp land in Alabama for you.

Dobson says that he will “vouch for Trump” that his conversion is genuine and that he is in fact a Godly man. I want to know who’s going to vouch for Dobson and his brethren, because their credibility isn’t sterling right now. As charter witnesses they’re rather laughable.

If Trump’s version of Christianity is the hateful, politicized, bullying, opportunist variety these Right Evangelical extremists have been living for the past few decades—I’ll pass.

Meanwhile, those of us who understand that a life devoted to Jesus is about serving the hurting, lifting the marginalized, shunning power, and welcoming the outsider, will continue seek a spiritual path that doesn’t have anything in common with these religious folks, even if it leads us all away from the American Church. Whatever this thing now is, we know it’s not of Jesus and it’s not worth perpetuating. We won’t make idols of the very kind of person our faith warns us not to become. We will not sleep with the enemy even if he leads us to the highest cliff and says we can have the world.

Now that Donald Trump is the President, Dobson and those with him are going to need to look in the mirror and repeat the question Jesus asked of his disciples: “What will it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?”

These Evangelicals are making their bed right now, and it’s costing them everything to lie in it.

Morning is going to be rough. 


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294 thoughts on “The Christian Right Sleeping With the Enemy

  1. Jacques Ellul, the french ethicist, said that any time politics and religion go to bed together, it is always religion that is the whore. Something very Old Testament prophets about that! The old evangelical right has always been entranced with politics and political power. I”m glad that some of the younger ones are seeing the folly of that, and are seeking instead to follow Christ – the one who was, and is always, crucified by the powers-that-be.

  2. Exemplary Dr. James Dobson does not serve only himself! He even focuses on your adrift family! How despicable of you to suggest that a decades-long, authentic follower of Christ such as James Dobson would get into bed with anyone other than his wife! Your filthy, malicious lies about such upstanding men seeking an adulterous four-year-roll-in-the-hay is diabolical! Claiming they whore themselves out and that they are easy is beyond the pale of common decency! No, I don’t find your play on words humorous AT ALL, for your deep hatred of such people comes through loud and clear! Using such language is egregiously inappropriate, no matter what. You and Micah J. Murray must be buds, eh? You are both exceedingly disrespectful young whipper-snappers!

    They/we do NOT discard our faith in Jesus. We comprise the Body of Christ, His Church. Millions are leaving their allegiance to Jesus behind due to the faithfulness of Christ’s disciples such as Dr. James Dobson? How bizarre is this stuff and nonsense you spout! This is proof that you have not been born again! Your persistent tomfoolery proves you have NO clue as to what you speak!

    Even though he has fallen down on his duty to serve Christ as the most powerful governing figure in our country, we most assuredly have prayed for Obama!

    • Ginny Bain Allen How very sad that you can’t see what the THRILL of power has done to Dobson and his fellow “Christians”. They have strayed from Jesus in both word and deed and worshiped at the feet of a soulless man who with his hate of others has completely rejected Jesus’ directive TO LOVE. Thank you John Pavlovitz for telling it like it is.

  3. Though I certainly don’t believe Trump is a Christian, I think he knows how to manipulate idiots into thinking he is one. Nevertheless, our Constitution says there is to be no religious test for public office. Yet, so many Americans seem to think there is and judge candidates accordingly. Thus they shun Muslims, Jews, Agnostics, Atheists or any candidate who isn’t their particular brand of the over 46,000 denominations of ‘Christianity’, (very few of which actually follow Christ!) Rather than judge a candidate based on their skill at leadership and diplomacy and their education and their past experience, and upon their character, no matter what religion they may or may not hold, they seem to think that just because someone is a their kind of ‘Christian’, they don’t have to worry about the rest. How stupid! And if Trump is a true follower of Christ, in an authentic sense, I will eat one of his stupid red hats!

  4. Progressive left activist Christians are in just as much peril of losing their way due to worldly concerns as are the Christian right. Putting humanist philosophy above Christ and perverting Christ’s teaching to achieve the worldly political goal of humanist socialism is no more blessed than is the perversion of the Word perpetrated by the equally misleading fascist far right Christians. I caution all not to be swayed by either extreme. Study Christ and the Word faithfully on your own and do not be unduly swayed by the seductive arguments of others who seek their own vision for the world.

    • Bruce Blair, I think if you looked carefully, the “progressive left activist Christians” you despise come closer to complying with the red lettered portions of the NT Bruce Garner mentions below. If you read Acts, you may even come to realize that Jesus’s followers dabbled in socialism, and it was important enough to God that he killed two individuals who attempted to scam it. The problem with “holy writ” of every stripe is that people tend to emphasize things they want to believe in and insist the issue is clearly stated. It’s hard for Evangelicals to come to the realization that nearly every aspect of their belief has a contradiction somewhere in the Bible. I hope over the months since last November you’ve followed your own advice.

  5. My challenge to you is simple: Go get an old fashioned “red letter” edition of the Bible and read the words attributed to Jesus in red. Then post how far short you (and the rest of us) fall from doing just a few of the things Jesus taught us to do.

    Jesus’ ministry was one of radical inclusion of all who were marginalized in His day. He spoke to the oppressed, minorities, those on the fringes of society, the outcasts and the strangers. He had little use for the lawyers and religious leaders who neglected and abused those He came to seek out.

  6. The Jesus and the gospel that I follow talk about knowing a person by their fruit not just their rhetoric. This man’s fruit is Snow White’s poisoned apple and some hithertofore respected evangelicals have taken a bite and fallen under his fascist spell. That’s not to say I endorse some of the demands of the hedonistic Left. I find myself praying more and more, Even so Lord Jesus, come.

  7. When I was a kid growing up Catholic (I’m a none now, not a ‘nun’, Lol), these Right Wing Nut Jobs were all Catholic-haters. I avoided them like the plague. Now the right wing of the Catholic Church is in bed with the Evangelicals who still believe that all Catholics are in a ‘Pagan Cult’ (witness Trump’s ‘pastor’ buddy who just repeated that canard) and that most, if not all Catholics are destined for Hell. I remember Evangelicals trying to scare me out of my gourd (sometimes successfully) in college when they found out I was Catholic. I still have a deep paranoia about being near any Evangelicals, no matter how pleasant they may seem.

    If the Dominionists like Pence ever did get control and enforce their ‘Christian Sharia’ law, what do these idiot right wing Catholics think will happen to them? They’re just being used and it makes me so sick at that they’re only together because they share the same hates, especially for the LGBTQ community and the Pro-Choice movement, and many of them are extremely racist as well; and they both want to ‘keep women in their place’. 60% of American Catholics are pro-same-sex marriage and gay rights but the RWNJs in the Church including most of the hierarchy spoil it for everyone and are driving out lifelong and young Catholics in droves.

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