White America, It’s Time to Take a Knee


For over a year I’ve watched lots of white Americans lose their minds in response to Colin Kaepernick and other NFL player’s peaceful National Anthem protests. I’ve seen them question these young men’s patriotism, malign their motives, attack their methods, and treat them with the kind of open contempt usually reserved for serial killers and child molesters.

For simply taking a knee during a football pre game in an effort to foster a conversation about the deaths of young men of color at the hands of police, these men have been made into the enemy by so much of white America. In some twisted, ironic, almost laughable missing of the point—it’s somehow become the angry black man’s fault for disparaging his country.

And ever since these white people first expressed the initial outrage (the kind they’ve sustained and that has resulted in Kaepernick still being unemployed), I’ve been looking to these same people for some semblance of grief at the unapologetic racism on display in this country, some anger at the pattern of supremacy and privilege in this Administration, some outrage at the sickening deja vu Americans of color are experiencing.

But I’m finding none of these things. Instead I’m finding victim blaming and rationalizing and elaborate efforts to tell us why our eyes aren’t seeing what they’re seeing.

I know what my eyes see. I know what they see over and over and over again.

They see humanity ignored, they see fear metastasized, and they see white people excusing away violence and discrimination and murder—instead of facing the brutal truth that maybe institutional racism is real and maybe Colin Kaepernick and his brethren are worth listening to, and maybe they shouldn’t be vilified outliers who we’re trying to shut-up.

Maybe we should all be kneeling right now.

White friends, if your immediate response to the shooting of a man or woman of color is to try and justify why he or she is dead instead of asking why they were shot, you may be the problem here.

If you’re more comfortable calling out kneeling football players than marching nazis with torches, you may want to ask why that is.

If you’re more incensed by a black reporter’s assertion that the President is a supremacist, than the fact that he is endorsed by supremacists, I’d look at that very carefully.

If you aren’t greatly burdened with grief for the families of people of color and you aren’t moved with compassion for the way scenes of their premature passing, repeatedly remind people that their lives don’t matter—you need to ask yourself some difficult questions about your own patriotism, your own appreciation of freedom, your own civic responsibility. You need to ask yourself whether you’re really for Liberty—or just for your whiteness.

Because from where I’m standing, I see Colin Kaepernick and those like him doing what many of you aren’t doing. I see them trying to keep more people from dying. I see them doing something to stop the bleeding instead of trying to make peace with it. I see them being the best of America in the face of the worst of America.

Right now we should all be taking an unflinching look in the mirror, white friends.

We should be digging deeper and facing our own acquired blind spots and inherited prejudices, and acknowledging the deeply embedded privilege that makes those things so very difficult to assess on our own.

We should stop defending songs and flags and pre game ceremonies, and some cheap, ornamental nationalistic pageantry—and actually be about the work of life and liberty those things are all supposed to point to. We should be binding-up wounds instead of people of color, instead of heaping on the salt of shame and disdain.

And instead of demonizing Colin Kaepernick and instead of blaming shooting victims, and instead of shouting down our brothers and sisters of color as they mourn—we should be listening to them.

More than that, we should be saying with our presence and our pain and our social media voices and our dollars, that we are grieving alongside them; that this is not okay with us, that this is not the America we want either.

The NFL and the President should see both us this weekend—acting in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, affirming the deep patriotism he is actually living out at great cost, and visibly opposing the ugliness of systemic racism—the root of the former’s shunning of him and the latter’s public ugliness toward him.

We should be showing such unity every single day.

Our brothers and sisters of color should not be kneeling alone anymore.

Today white Americans, we should all be taking a knee.

(NOTE: This piece was originally published in September of 2016. The only modifications made, were to update the length of time since the initial protests and include recent events pertaining to the protests.)


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719 thoughts on “White America, It’s Time to Take a Knee

    • David Wellens, I respectfully disagree – love acknowledges color as an important part of someone’s life experience, and validates it accordingly.

      John, thank you for sharing this. Thank you for your heart for the marginalized, the hurting. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is also interesting to note that the DoD actually PAID the NFL to stage “patriotic displays,” so the fact that people are so pissed off about Kaep taking a knee is ludicrous, and for them to call him inauthentic is hypocritical in the extreme.

      • Thank you for highlighting the fact the DoD pays the NFL for these displays of patriotism. I love my country, but defend their right to protest. Also, I should not be forced to stand for the flag or for the leaders that are in office.

        Thanks John for writing this article.

        • People have lost sight WHY people stand for the anthem. You are not pledging an allegence as you do during the pledge of allegence. You are showing RESPECT to those men (and women) who fought and were killed or wounded giving you the right to be an a$$ hole. So if you do not stand you are disrespecting the very people who have kept you free, nothing more. Listen to the words of the national Anthem.
          It was written while our fort was being attacked, and people were dying. Our people from the very early days of this nation up to today have GIVEN THEIR LIFE for all Americans. THAT is who you are disrepecting

          • Why are you more concerned about a song than about human lives that are being lost? MANY of those service members fully support the decision not to stand for the anthem in order to make a statement. As you said, they fought for our right to be what you would characterize as “assholes,” what I would characterize as “peaceful protestors.” It is actually showing full respect to service members – if they weren’t fighting for exactly those kinds of rights, then what the hell were they fighting for? Fascism? If you want to live in a country that deems any protest of injustice as treason, move to North Korea, Bake.

            • Mizzemm, when you see our veterans and even current men and women that serve our country, you never see them take a knee or sit down during the National Anthem. They are always standing and saluting the flag with the utmost dignity and respect because they know what it’s like to be in countries where freedom is nothing. If you ever see anyone that is in the service sitting down, then they are usually disabled veterans that can’t walk or can barely move. You tell me they don’t care about this country enough to to stand during the anthem, which is not just a song by the way, when you can easily see the veterans that are disabled are desperately trying to stand. If you don’t stand for the national anthem, then it’s like a slap in the face to those veterans that worked hard to make sure people like you have freedom. We could argue all day and still I would say that it is very disrespectful and even un-American to kneel to the national anthem instead of actually standing tall and taking the words to heart. He could have easily protested black lives being lost due to police shootings in a different way, because what he did was outright disrespectful.

              • As a military brat who has known more military service members than many Americans have, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you cannot make blanket statements about them all. Active duty members stand during that anthem and revelry , etc partly because they may want to show respect, but primarily because they have to. If they did not, it could result in a reprimand or an impact on their career. Like any large group, the military is made up of people of different political and social leanings, and it really drives me crazy to hear people say they “all” do or think something. Trust me, many of them would tak a knee themselves if it didn’t mean a possible reprimand or eventual discharge from the military for not following orders.

                • As a person who served 30 + yrs in the Military and in 2 WARS and lost FRIENDS and also friends who will never B able 2 KNELL because they have no legs, I find it
                  unacceptable and downright DISGUSTING. What is it about the word (STOP) that some people do not understand. It is a known fact that anyone in this Country of ours can get an EDUCATION and these over paid Jocks could help those Kids and make the streets a much safer place 4 all of us. The owner of the Kansas city chiefs just recently told his players that if any of them pulled this B— S— they would be fired on the spot. The team belongs to him, their uniforms belong to him, the field belongs 2 him ETC.

                  • If you find it “disgusting” when Americans exercise their Constitutional rights, it sounds what you really have is a problem with what America is all about.

                    And let me guess…if the KC owner is correct to fire any player that protests, then in Hollywood they are correct in firing any employee that has the “wrong” politics and espouses them on the job-right? I’m sure this only goes one way for you.

                  • …and isn’t the idea that anybody can belong to anyone and therefore has to do as they’re told the root of all our human issues?
                    What would this world be like, if we tried being kind to one another, whether we agree on something or not? I wonder if humanity will ever come to their senses…. I am saddened by how many humans of any color, belief, nationality and opinion got and are getting hurt in visible and invisible ways, fighting for beliefs, power and ideologies, on battlefields and, even more sadly, at home, on regular town- and citystreets, at work, shopping, at the coffee shop and even at church. What would it take to change that?

                  • Miranda, I’ve come to that conclusion as well. Color-blind? Our eyes and our brains register with the different colors of people. What has to happen for us to become “a more perfect union” is for color to be acknowledged, and to NOT MATTER.

                  • Harold, many of these “rich jocks” give back to the communities they came from, many of which are as you describe.

                    Oh, and an education? Have you ever been to an inner city school, or better yet, taught or been taught in one? ….. Yeah, I thought so.

                    That thing with the KC Chiefs owner … sounds like how a slaveowner would behave. He may be paying them, but he’s benefitting from them more (they turn a big profit for him, right) than they are.

                  • Just a clarification for Harold L. Allen, the Chief’s owner never said he’d fire any of his players on the spot for not standing or kneeling. Just another Facebook post that went viral that was a downright lie. Google it, Snope it, whatever you want to do to verify it. Amazes me how many people take “social media” posts as truth or fact.

                  • Trying to respect your opinion, but you’re missing the point. The original kneeler, Colin Kaepernick, and those who have since joined him, ARE trying to help “those kids” by bringing more awareness to the issue of police brutality against African Americans, mostly young men. You can try to ignore what’s going on, but they’re exercising their Constitutional rights, a most patriotic American action.

                    ps. “over paid Jock” (& currently unemployed due to his exercise of his right to free speech) Colin has donated almost $1 million to organizations working in oppressed communities, does that work for you?

                • As a service member, this comment really bothers me. I don’t know anyone that feels this way or they wouldn’t stay in! In case you aren’t aware, the military is made up of 100% volunteers! Reprimand or not (which would never happen-possibly a counseling), I don’t know anyone that I’ve served with that would take a knee. Most of feel it in our stomachs each time we hear it, with a deep sorrow for Those we’ve lost and with an abundance of thankfulness for our freedom and the great country we serve. There are many other ways to protest. It’s not necessary to prove point by disrespecting those that gave all.

              • as a vet i take a knee and have to re-think me serving a country that is killing my people , and seems to me just because of my race

                • Thank you, Rodney. My 100% combat-disabled husband stamds in solidarity with you, and with all who ‘ttake a knee.’ Guess what, folks? There ARE vets, xombat vets, disabled vets, active service members, who fully agree with this silent and peaceful protest against institutional racism, to the point of murder. Just because they do not introduce themselves does not mean they are not there. Never, ever, presume to speak for “all vets.” Richard did not choose to serve (remember the draft?) and has lived with profound mental amd physical disabilities for almost 50 years. We despise this president and the racism that helped to elect him.

              • FDR once said
                Those who have long enjoyed the privileges we enjoy
                Forget in time that men have died to win them

                Note Arlington National cemetery that is filled w so many white head stones it looks like snow in the distance,
                Has the bodies of ALL the men and women ALL of them who died for the privileges we enjoy all those black, white, native Americans that died for our privileges would be thoroughly disgusted w the hypocrisy and entitlement

              • You demonize this man for taking a knee during the national anthem of a country that believes it is okay to kill unarmed black people. Because the fact is when this was written it was written while blacks were slaves. So it was only “land of the free” for whites. Those soldiers weren’t fighting for blacks because they were nothing but property. And if you think that him kneeling during a song is worse than needless police killings then you are part of the problem.

                • I have only love and admiration for our services people our vets!
                  Our vets don’t get the respect they deserve at all.

                  Really a lot of people would like to pretend that these vets don’t exist so they don’t have to think about what they went thru!!! Each vet each service man or woman deserve all the standing and saluting the flag! What is wrong with u people to kneel on a knee how pitiful u are!!!

                  This country has turned into crybabies wah I am a victim too!

                  All these equal rights since 1980!s have released a bunch of cry babies! Equal rights are to be earned u step out of line what ever color u are I don’t care but to continually use and abuse your rights and taking away from other people is just a pot of shit! When u disrespect a person and it’s wrong then your rights should be stripped and you have earn your rights back! U take from any innocent person or u rape or? Get the point! Equal rights weren’t developed for you idiots that think about your color and somehow u feel the sense of entitlement? You lost the point! If u don’t understand this then u are a huge problem! Take away from someone’s rights and it’s wrong then your rights as u knew them are gone. What how can this be? This is the problem too many rights makes too many idiots! It’s not a black or a white thing or Asian it’s you being stupid and complaining about your rights. When you give up your rights then u can’t earn them back until u learn about what equal rights mean in the first place!!!

                  • If you think people don’t deserve to have basic rights all of the time you are 1000x worse than anyone who took knee whether you see it as a disrespectful gesture or not you disgusting pig!

                • Why do ppl go back in history to make a statement? It just that history, something that happened a life time ago! Yes their were slave, but not all black! Irish men and woman were slaves, Asian ppl were slaves too. It’s time to stop punishing the ppl of thoday for what our fore fathers did a lifetime! Do I wanna see innocent ppl black or whit or any other nationality get shot no of course not, would I stand right along with you if the protesting was done another way? He’ll yeah! But sadly how it’s being protested is wrong and I will not kneel! I will NEVER disrespect our National Anthem or the men and woman who fought for OUR Country and OUR freedom. There is a better way to do it then spitting in the faces of then men and women giving you the right to kneel or freedom of speech!
                  We must remember not all whites (your words) are not bad, not all blacks are bad! We all bleed red and we all hurt the same. Find another way and I’ll stand with you. Don’t and I’ll never..

              • then what you are saying is, they are not fighting for our FREEDOM?? you must be some kind of stupid to believe that.. they fight to protect the rich man only?? well it seems like that, for I bet you support that vile orange snake who breaks every amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America.. that flag is just a piece of material, whom they have let China make it, so there is not any respect for it any more, and if you are a Christian as most of you claim, then remember the 10 Commandments, being the first saying thou shall not have FALSE GODS before thee, and is that not what you are doing with that pice of rag made in China?? I support him for fighting in a very peaceful way, and if you do not like it, tough shit..

              • Ernest questions here. When did the National Anthem and standing for it become about honoring service members? I never heard this until Kaepernick took a knee. I am 56 and the offspring of a Marine Master Sergeant. And what on earth does any of that have to do with sporting events?

              • You contradict yourself. Vets fought for our freedom? Our first freedom is Amendment 1 in the Bill of Rights, freedom of expression! Not just expression that you agree with. Vets fought for our ability to express ourselves, especially in opposition to government oppression, way before they fought for the flag or the anthem, which should be symbols of those very same freedoms but have not lived up to their promise. You can’t advocate for freedom of speech and then tell people to shut up!

              • Have you ever kneeled? It’s physically uncomfortable. It’s also a subordinate position requiring you to be lower than others; needing to look up at others. If you are kneeling on one knee, you’re physically off balance, making yourself vulnerable to getting easily knocked over. Others are looking, literally, down at you and towering over you. It’s much easier to stand.

                When you stand, you can lean, you can shift.. you can put your hands in your pockets and jingle your change, all the things we sometimes do when we are, let’s be honest, simply waiting for the song to be over.

                So why do these protesters kneel? To show that they mean no disrespect– that they are genuinely trying to make an important statement. That they need us to hear their concerns and genuinely address them. And they are fine by it as respectfully as I can imagine.

              • Just a question, Kate . . . how could he have “easily protested . . .”? I don’t see how . . . easily? This has been a very effective way to draw attention to something we each need to face and dig deep within ourselves to expose: the hidden, unconscious bias we have learned but refuse to see.

              • Umm, Kate, not sure you’re qualified to speak for all service men and women.

                Mike Quinn 🌱 ✌️‏ @mikeq970 8h8 ho
                I’m a vet and if you think I served so football players could take a knee during the anthem to protest injustice, you’d be right #TakeAKnee

                “My grandpa is a 97 year-old WWII vet & Missouri farmer who wanted to join w/ those who #TakeaKnee,” Brennan Gilmore tweeted about John Middlemas, who said “Those kids have every right to protest.”

                BasicCaucus 🎃 🍵 🌹‏ @comradejedi
                I’m a vet and I’ll #TakeaKnee #VeteransForKaepernick

              • Ok how about those who don’t remove their hats, put down their backs ever, stop talking or stand still in place during the National Anthem ? Lots if ways can to show respect that are ignored regularly

              • Kate, when you ask that black men and all people take the words of our national anthem “to heart”, are you including the words of the racist third verse, which discusses murdering slaves who dare to try to escape to freedom?
                “No refuge could save the hireling and slave

                From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave”?

                Because some might have trouble taking those words to heart.

              • This is how I feel about the anthem. And respect to our service men. They are two seperate issues. I am a white follower of Jesus Christ who does believe there is horrible injustice in our country. We do need to make a stand. there needs to be a change. We need to take a stand against our government. Where has our morals and values gone? nobody respects human life anymore. Everyone’s out for themselves. Jesus taught us to love one another and love our enemies. Our country was founded on Christianity not a religion. I believe in freedom of speech and the right to stand up for what you believe in. But there has to be a better way.
                With love and respect to all.

              • If you really cared so much for this country and what men and women have fought and died for, then you’d respect anyone’s right to a peaceful protest. The point of a peaceful protest is to get people’s attention. This has certainly gotten people’s attention and hopefully it will shine a much needed light on how so many people of color feel on a regular basis in this country. Don’t think for one minute that you know how it feels to be marginalized and seen as guilty rather than having the presumption of innocence that our constitution is supposed to guarantee. Please re-read this article and actually try to open your heart and mind to what people are fighting for and dying for every day in this country.

              • What about the fact that this same anthem was being observed when women or minorities couldn’t vote, Jews, Catholics, and others were discriminated against. This song has never stood for freedom, it is about propaganda, in a free country it should not be this kind of pressure to praise symbols or individuals. Maybe it is time to write a new national anthem that is relevant to reality.

              • Absolutely right on the money….I also think it’s very strange and sad… that they chose this course of ” protest” when what they protest for has absolutely nothing to do with our national anthem period.

              • Kate…

                I have a late family member who served in WW2. He returned a war hero. And when he returned he never engaged in any civic display of patriotism. He never put on his uniform or was honored in a parade. He never attended a parade. He never flew a flag. He never saluted or received a salute. He never sang the National Anthem. Nor stood for it. He never took advantage of his veteran’s benefits. Health or educational. The most he would do is take his hat off.

                We never know what a man or woman’s conscience tells them. What experience brings them to make choices. What intention is behind their actions.

                According to you, and many like you, my family member was a disgrace. He was un-American, a traitor. He was disrespectful to his country. Disrespectful to the men he served and fought with.

                I guess it was not enough that he fought for this country in the time of its greatest need.

                Think about the implications of what you say.

                If you say not standing is an act treason– that applies to everyone. It’s a big world.

                Used to be a man or woman’s life was measured it in entirety.

            • I don’t think America is pissed at the protest. It’s pissed that the protest is misaligned. I will never argue against anyone’s right to protest, but the manner in which Kap is doing so is the problem. Kneeling doesn’t do anything towards solving a problem. Standing and working towards a solution is what we need. Nobody in their right mind can argue that there is no problem, but there are two sides to every coin. True activists don’t make statements by taking a knee, they educate and bring forces together to discover the root of the problem and work to fix it.

              • Before you can fix a problem, you have to agree there IS a problem, and too many in this country don’t acknowledge the problem. This protest is the first step – bringing more awareness to the problem. There were riots in Baltimore, and everybody called for peaceful protests. Then there were organized peaceful protests, and that wasn’t good enough. If these men were hooting and hollering during the national anthem, I would agree it’s disrespectful. Instead they silently take a knee. Do you know when else you usually see football players take a knee? When someone is injured, as a sign that play has been stopped, and out of respect for the player who was injured.

                • There are injustices that need to be fixed which in the right platform there would be less controversy. The problem is that the platform chosen is not working and will always be a debate. The way I see it is both sides are right. Everyone has freedom of speech. Both sides needs to understands the others perspective. If that can’t happen then there is lack of respect. Without respect nothing will be solved or fixed because it will never go beyond the debate. This is the problem. Just as there are many services members that stand behind both sides either in support or feel disgraced. I know mothers who are devistated because they were handed that flag before their child was layed to rest. as more players and teams take knees here is what is happening the debate of taking a knee continues but that is it. It’s not about the why. I see people asking for their view to be respected but yet do not do the same but rather return with rude disgraceful comments. I have watched my Facebook blow up with both sides but I have yet to hear anything positive. I have heard nothing to show we are fixing any problems. The only thing I really see is the media continuing to blow this up because they are making money. This is not helping but creating a greater divide. Maybe just maybe it is time to realize that the platform chosen is actually creating more harm then good. There are in justices to all Americans. Maybe instead of using the anthem for a platform a conversation could start about how we can come together to fix this problem.

              • But, therein lies the hole in your argument. He is, in fact, doing all of that. He donates, educates, and works to bring awareness in communities. He actually was doing those types of things when the media really started honing in on his “disrespect,.” I’m hoping that you weren’t aware of those facts, when you made that statement. That would be totally understandable, if that is, in fact, the case.

              • Taking a knee IS doing something; it is bringing widespread attention to the problem, and thereby, opening up discussion which could lead to standing up and working towards a solution. Rosa Parks didn’t ‘solve’ the segregation problem, she just refused to give up her seat on the bus…..

              • just how many more years do we have to be taught a lesson that we will never have equal equality between the races,we tried that with martin,if we tried to march with a flag they would round us up,tell us if we dont like go back to your own country,by the way which is our real country,this country treats everyone who isnt white like they are criminals,when obama was elected,i had such high hopes,because just the black vote didnt get him elected,and anything he did he had to fight for,with a congress that pledged to fight him the whole 8 yrs and said it proudly,the people love the alethes when they are making money and wining,let them stand for something and their just greedy jocks,it never ends,we will never be able to sit down and sort it all out,with the mindset,and the privilege thats being taught,and acted out in court ,tomorrow is just another day,the jails will still be filling up with new slaves given harsher sentences,many there because its a hardship to make bail,and the system keeps right on turning and not caring..AND A RACIST PRESIDENT MAKES MATTERS WORSE..its hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel

              • Did anyone actually read this article before jumping right in with the “disrespecting the veterans” meme? Maybe go back and read it, see what the author has to say and ask yourself if there isn’t some truth to what he says. Just because some people have assigned taking a knee to being disrespectful to veterans (many who disagree) doesn’t make that the truth of this situation.

              • Exactly! What CK is doing is lazy protesting. You want to make a statement, go out and DO SOMETHING! On your own time …. It is heart wrenching what’s going on btwn police and black Americans, but taking a knee during the N.A. does nothing to help that problem.

              • But they have to get our attention first.

                If Rosa Parks tried to simply educate the people who were oppressing people of color, they’d still be at the back of the bus.

                She had to take a stand. And she wasn’t protesting the bus– she was protesting the way people on the bus were treated.

              • I get so sick of you guys talking about his methods as if white folks have to approve the way in which people of color protest. Get over yourself. Martin Luther King was the most peaceful protester in the world, you didn’t like that either. Kneeling hurts no one.

              • Yes it takes action, but first it takes awareness. Just as Rosa Parks brought awareness when she sat in the “wrong” seat on a bus so is kneeling bringing attention and better yet, conversation about the issues. Protests are often the first and often most needed action.

            • The alleged injustice is mostly a lie. There is no systemic law enforcement conspiracy to kill black people. 800k active law enforcement officers now. Going to be a few bad ones. Prosecute and fire them. Insulting me and every other combat vet by refusing to stand for the anthem produces anger and deservedly so.

            • You do know that at that time, slaves were regarded as 3/5ths human, and enjoyed none of said freedoms being fought for. Think about it.

            • Well said!! Our servicemen and women faught for our Freedom .I think people are missing the point. It’s the land of the free. Freedom to kneel or not, to stand or not to stand. Kudos to them that this is a peaceful demonstration instead of a violent one. When one is made to do these things, we are no longer free.

            • People keep calling this “Peaceful Protest” yet it promoted one team to allow injury to its own QB!
              They even spoke about showing this white QB what he could expect from his black teammates for him standing during the Anthem & Flag presentation; PHYSICAL INJURY! That isn’t “peaceful protest”. It also promotes more divisiveness across the nation instead of promoting equality & unity which some say they are trying to promote. These kneeling protesters are not being wise, but are rather just being stubborn & foolish for their own personal agendas; personal attention & glory even though they continue to show more divisiveness than unity & equality.

            • So concerned about police killings but nobody seems to be standing for the BLACK ON BLACK killings going on in the ghetto.
              Chicago, New York.

              • “Black on Black killings” is such a non-starter. We could talk about “white on white killings” or “Asian on Asian” killings” all of which are pretty close in percentages. You however, have probably never even considered these though. Do you even know why?

                • …. Are you obtuse?

                  The relative percentage of Black on Black crime is MUCH HIGHER than the percentage of White on White crime given population and crime statistics.

                  Given FBI statistics from 2013, 2,245 B-B homicides and 2,509 W-W homicides (including Hispanic/Latinos) occurred during this year.

                  Census data from 2010 says total population is 309,000,000 and
                  African Americans make up ~14% (43,260,000 people) while Whites (including H/L) are 72.4% (223,716,000 people).

                  Let’d do the math…
                  B-B Crime:
                  (2245 / 43260000) = 5.19×10^-5

                  W-W Crime:
                  (2509/223716000) = 1.12×10^-5

                  Ratio of B-B to W-W crime:
                  (5.19×10^-5)/(1.12x 10^-5) =
                  4.63B-B/1 W-W.

                  So given the relative populations of AA and Whites, you are 4.63 TIMES MORE LIKELY to die as an AA from another AA relative to a White from another White given their relative populations in America.

                  So, not true that the percentages are close…



                • you havent even made a point, just rambled on. Do you even know why? i do… black crime is disproportionate to white crime in such a way that you have nothing to cite as evidence for your “non-starter” assumption. get real and look at statistics. educate yourself before your emotions run wild.

                  • Jack pull up real stats before you speak the precentage is close but the reason you think it is more is because thats the running narrative the media decided to put out there. This is all about money it is a way to keep the poor people fighting while the rich keep getting richer. Most poor white Americans are content as long as they think they are better and higher than someone else and that happens to be black people.

                  • It’s actually not. If you read the census data 25% of killings are by an assailant of “unknown” racial category. So we are really talking about 75% of all murders when we examine the stats. When viewed through that light, blacks and whites commit, proportionately, an equal amount of intra-racial murder. So the whole “black people commit more crimes” statement is completely misinformed and, in fact, wrong.

                    It’s also a complete red herring. Never in the history of this country has the fact that “crime happened” been an acceptable excuse to commit more crimes; which is essentially what white america is saying every time it tries to ignore police brutality by floating the black-on-black crime farce. It’s like committing a murder and then going to trial with the excuse that other people murdered people before so your murder should be fine. It’s absurd and idiotic.

              • If you aren’t aware, you might want to research. There are verses referencing slavery that no longer remain in the version we hear.

                • Bravo, until you have buried a service member who died protecting his country, a police officer shot at routine traffic stop or shot by a sniper at a blm march, a fire fighter or EMS any of whom died in the line of duty. And handed that folded flag that was draped over their coffin to their grieving loved one. You really don’t know what that song or flag stand for. And as for the narative that all the police do is shoot unarmed innocent black people, we all know the truth that no Black person has ever committed a crime, and no white person has ever been killed by a police officer, and in fact every black person ever murdered was murdered by a white person or a police officer.

            • This song has been the “National Anthem” officially since 1931, that’s 85 years! Why now? Why not during the worst times of this country for the black community?
              “No refuge could save the hireling and slave, From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave. And the Stars Spangled Banner in triumph doth wave, o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”
              Now, a hireling is anyone hired/paid help, and a slave is anyone under the domination soley of someone else. So that part applies to all races, not just African American. They could have been British too, which would make them white and black.
              The writer of the poem, Francis Scott Key, wrote this after what he saw during the attempted “take over” of Fort M’Henry by the British, which was after war was declared on them by America. He was describing the scene of that day, basically that no one, that means any of them, could be “rescued” but the flag (the star spangled banner) still remained.

              Maybe you should open up a history book and read the lyrics to the song, instead of taking one line and making it about race!!

              • Yeah, and maybe you should ask yourself why the “worst times” have never really ended and realize that “taking a knee”, publicly, during a song, might be worth a try when nothing else has really worked. The status quo is not sustainable. Not for people of color, not for any of us and if this protest has the slightest possibility of bringing us to a higher place, I say amen!

          • Don’t mind the author. He writes things like this because clicks = dollars for him. First off, don’t even suggest how we should react to something. Isn’t that what this is all about? The unheard? He is repeating what race-baiters have been saying. You could count true racist killings probably on a set of hands and toes, (speculation of course), but then again so is saying there are these hand-wringing bureaucrats s in an old tower figuring out how to get blacky. Remember, people said that white people build liquor stores in black communities to keep them down. Also way off base, and also great sheep fodder.

            • I think you raise a good point about what people who are speaking out about police violence against black men are actually saying – your camp seems to think our contention is that white people generally and white cops especially are singling out black people to kill, because: racism. That really isn’t it. I don’t for one second believe that any of these officers over the last few years actually WANTED to shoot someone, black or white. If it was that simple – if there was some grand conspiracy by white POs to take out all the black men – it would be easy to target, easy to stop. It’s much more subtle than that, and much less deliberate – but that doesn’t mean there is still a problem, obviously.

            • The author is making a valid point, and I’d offer up that he hardly writes this stuff for dollars/clicks. This is obviously an alien idea to the likes of you, but some people just like to write to express their thoughts and opinions, dollars and clicks be damned.

              Oh, using the term “race-baiter” proves you have zero credibility in this discussion, so thanks for that.


          • And do you stand at attention, hand over your heart, every single second that music is played/sung, gazing at the flag, never waivering? Do you cheer at the end? If you do, you should know it’s incredibly bad form and shows disrespect. What about all those ticket-holders with seats waiting for them…that no one else can sit in…and who continually elbow past me front and back, step on my feet as they climb thru to those seats? Or how about those mixing illegal drinks with alcohol smuggled in, in some cases? Or how about all the conversations going on? Have you checked the sidelines to see the coaching and support staffs in those videos? You should. They are no different than anyone else you consider disrespectful…except that you’re ignoring them. Please give that some thought and stop directing ire to one man for standing for all of us. That’s courage. Complaining about something that continues is not courageous, nor will it effect change.

            • They are turning the nation anthem into their own protest. It does not get more disrespectful than that. If they want respect, they are out of luck. I respect them even less now after they pissed all over the anthem. Where I come from, doing that will get you a firm beating in the parkinglot. Absolutely no respect for these childish d****heads. They should be beaten for three hours, every day, until the learn.

          • unfortunately the line between the respect for current soldiers and soluting them and the national anthem is extremely gray. especially when the third verse of the national anthem is about slavery, and was written by a anti abolitionist. so, as an African american man in this country, saying its disrespectful to not stand during a song that glorifies the oppression of said people, is crazy.

          • I respect your opinion but feel that you are blinded by patriotism and your devotion to what this country used to be. I am a disillusioned U.S. Army veteran that went to war for our flag and the republic for which it stands only to see that our flag is now soiled by political corruption and greed. It now stands for a republic with a new ownership that no longer represents the principles for which this country was founded. I think those soldiers who fought and died would be better respected if we continued their battle to save our country. Not standing for the National Anthem is a sign of wanting to clean our soiled flag.

            • Amen, Dave. For many years, I have participated in the pledge of allegiance to the flag, only because it says “to the republic for which it stands”… not to the “republic” which actually is. I have finally given up. I do stand respectfully, but I won’t pledge allegiance to a flag that stands for a govt. of the corporation, for the corporation and by the corporation. As long as our so-called democracy is run by politicians who are bought and paid for by those corporations, I do no see why I should have to stand there and salute like a little soldier. When we once again have a govt. that is of the people, for the people and by the people, then I will reconsider…… I’m assuming this is still a free country, and I have a right to express my opinion, even though it may not be in the majority., just as Kaepernick (sp?) is doing.

              • Learn what the flag represents you moron. There is nothong about the flag that represents the government. It represents our states, our freedoms, the blood that was shed to have those freedoms. If you don’t like this country then get the hell out. This country isn’t gonna be tailor-made to suit your sissy, lilly-white, liberal asses. So get over it, move on, shut up, OR move out.

                • But who says you get to say who stays or go just because you disagree with what they say and how they say it? See black people have long fought and died for this country without even being able to share in the liberties they fought for so again who gives you that right?

                • You just proved that Kapernick and every other athlete is completely correct in what they are doing, if only to piss off lame wingnuts such as yourself. Way to go, dude.

                • You’re right! She should just get out, and as fast as possible! Then she can go to another land, colonize it, and kill all its people. That’s one way to go about dealing with dissatisfaction with your country. Bless those ancestors of ours who did just that when fleeing from religious persecution. Nothing says respect like stealing someone else’s land, killing off their people, and never making amends.

          • Thank you for voicing what people need to hear. This is why their disrespect bothers me so much. They aren’t really protesting the racial injustice, but instead protesting the very country that allows them to have a voice. By all means, protest against the people who are causing the racial problems…they deserve it! It’s time we all realize and accept that everyone is equal…color makes no difference. Red, yellow, black or white, we all start out the same way, and we all end up as dust.

          • All the men and women that have given their lives so that the NFL player that disrespected their service and their sacrifices. I think he should be fired and made leave this Country.
            It doesn’t matter what color he is. I had to work hard growing up and I lost two Uncles in war . Fighting for this freedom that all of us enjoy whatever color we are.

            • And what in the world did the military do for you? Cause I can show you a whole lot of veterans who fought in the war, have had limbs dismembered from their bodies, and they are HOMELESS today buddy! They are living under bridges and have no food to eat and are standing around on street corners holding up signs begging for food and money! I don’t see the military in which they “fought for this country” helping them either! The military or this country does not give a rat’s but about those vets. Once they have used them to fight it’s war they turn their backs on them and treat them like second and third class citizens. So where is the justice in that!? I love the veterans and have so much more respect for them than this so called country. So it’s not about disrespecting the vets it’s about the white man trying to institute racism as patriotism! Get your facts straight and if you don’t believe that All lives matter and that no race is more superior than the other, then you need to be banned from this country because YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

            • Oh, so it is a ‘freedom’ but he should be fired for it. Do you have any idea how stupid that concept is? If I stand on a street corner and speak about the corruption in the government should my company fire me for it? And what is the difference? None. Freedom is freedom. Period.

          • Well I have ancestors who fought for this country and when they returned they couldn’t get a job, bank loan, a sandwich, sip of water from a fountain, or be in certain places at night fall for serious threat of death in this country. Most of the critics don’t give any empathy to that disrespect and dishonorable treatment to “those” people who protected the freedom of this country. So being mad at people kneeling peacefully without acknowledging the THOSE people who died and THOSE people who fought and were disrespected & killed for trying to get a fair shake in the country they fought to protect is bullshit. This protest honors them. They didn’t fight for this country for their descendants to get unjustly brutalized and killed here. If any of the people who feel disrespected by this truly cared about all veterans and not just the white ones, you all would acknowledge that.

            • Thank you, Jonathan… the people so outraged at Kaepernick’s peaceful, silent protest would never ‘stand’ for this country treating THEM or their’s in the manner the people he protests FOR are treated and have been treated in this country for CENTURIES. The hypocrisy and lack of logic in their arguments are nothing short of astounding “People fought for your right to be ‘disrespectful’ so you should be fired and deported for EXERCISING the right that they fought for you to have”… yeah, that makes perfect sense. Furthermore, (and this one kills me) THEY want to dictate the manner in which ‘free’ Americans exercise the rights ‘allegedly’ granted to them in the constitution because THEY claim disagree with said manner when in actuality, many of them disagree with that fact that Black people should have ANY rights in the first place.

          • I think you need to listen to the full version of the song. It you understand the meaning you would realize it should not be our national anthem!

          • The Star Spangled Banner also happens to have been written by a slave owner who was not so fond of blacks. The original “Star Spangled Banner” by Francis Scott Key contained this third verse mocking slaves who dared fight for their own freedom:

            “And where is that band who so vauntingly swore / That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion / A home and a Country should leave us no more? / Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution. / No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave / And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

            So before you start calling people “a**holes” for not standing, educate yourself. This country has s*it on blacks for five hundred years. They’ve earned the right to kneel during whatever song they want to kneel for.

            • 2016 -500= 1516, I don’t think there was a USA in 1516. Our country is 240 years old. And the verse in question was celebrating the death of traitors to this country.

              • You DO realize that the slaves were brought here BEFORE America was born, right? Also, there were slaves who fought WITH the Brits for their freedom. Wouldn’t you?

              • Suzanne… Ummm, the first Europeans began colonizing what is now America (and killing natives) in the early 16th century (1500’s or 500 years ago)… the first African slaves arrived at Jamestown, Virginia in August of 1619 (2017 – 1619 = 398 years). The constitution was written LONG after this land was colonized and long after those colonizers began doing the business of “America” by summarily murdering the inhabitants thereof and importing human beings who happened to be Black as property to and FREE LABOR to actually BUILD America and its wealth, but nice try.

          • The two biggest issues with this thinking are: 1: Our military is being USED by mega corporations for profit, and absolutely NOT for our freedom. We have lost more freedoms in the last 15 years than at any time in our history! 2: What people are enduring directly and ONLY due to their race is NOT freedom so what are they to thank the vets for, being murdered on a daily basis due to skin color? This thinking is the very white privilege that John is writing about. You are not listening to hear his words but rather listening to respond with your own white privilege.

            • How about thanking them for not having to speak German, or Japanese. How about thanking them for putting there lives on the line to give you the freedom to write this with no repercussion.

          • You have completely lost sight. You’re saying the flag stands for those who defend us in battle, what about the battle at home? What about the communities that bond is at home as a nation? What about the communities that aren’t respected by law enforcement? What about the families who are losing family members again and again? Do you k ow anybody killed by law enforcement? If you don’t, you have no idea what these people are going through and you have never been in a place where your life has been threatened by law enforcement. You getting a ticket is very different than a person of color. Imagine being judged outside of your house and even in your own house. You can’t and never will understand their point of view. So, it’s time to try.

          • I respectfully think you’re glossing over the heart of the matter.

            America’a history includes a time where African Americans and people of color would go die and risk their lives fighting for our country only to come back home to people openly treating them as second class citizens. It was brazen disrespect. To pretend that somehow standing for the anthem is more important out of respect for the dead in favor of concern for the very real rising mortality rate of the living is grossly unbalanced to me.

            We have a crazy election in which one candidate is dragging us backwards towards those times and these shootings are a nothing symptom of these embedded biases.

            Your words are flowery but what are, in effect, hallow justification to ignore the horrifying underlying problem these actions are meant to protest.

            • As I read these comments, I hear the communication gap between humans getting bigger. It’s not only African Americans who suffer discrimination in this country or in the world. To focus on what race is entitled to what is nonproductive. We, as human beings need to be humane. Quit listening to the nattering nabobs, stop hanging on their every tweet. They are the few, WE are the people. Get out and do something instead of blaming others for what is happening around us.

          • Hon, you want to talk about disrespect, what about the disrespect of black men shown by the police who shoot them dead in the streets for no reason other than the color of their skin. The Anthem is a damned song, for Pete’s sake… lighten up… we’re talking about people here… human beings. If you can’t see which is more important, maybe you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

          • Listen to the WHOLE Anthem sometime. It’s not all that, if you happen to be black. We only listen to/sing the first verse. I encourage you to listen to/read all the lyrics. Get back to me on why you think it’s so great for all of us.

          • No, you aren’t showing respect for freedom and the people who fought for it if you aren’t allowed to practice it because it offends some. My dad carried WW2 shrapnel in his leg for years. My cousin died because of Agent Orange. I think they would both be on their knees too. It’s a quiet, respectful protest. It doesn’t disrespect the people who fought…it honors the freedom they gave us. Those veterans who are offended don’t understand that they didn’t fight for a song, or for a piece of cloth. They fought for the country’s principles. Those principles are embodied in the way we treat our fellow citizens, not in the way we glorify the flag.

          • My Daddy served in Korea and Vietnam and so did my Uncles. My old Daddy cried watching Kaepernick spit on the soldiers who lost their lives by Not honoring our flag. The tears ran down his face as the flag his friends died for was disgraced . Freedom is not free and many have served to preserve it! Politics should not be on the sports field. Is it right to pay to watch football and pay to be humiliated and spat on by cowards who have never served their country instead? I am not strong enough in Christ to forgive Kaepernick without him showing sincere repentance and empathy for all those he is harming. There is no justification for supporting a violent racist terrorist hate group like Black Lives Matter.They are only doing violence not making change by peaceful protest in honor and dignity.I am angry at Kaepernick .He,s just evil and wants to promote more violence and bloodshed.They should put the evil Cheeto King and and Scumbag King Kaepernuck on debate stage and keep politics off the football field.

            • If your old dad is hurt by someone exercising their rights as an american citizen he is the problem. You are simply a confused, name calling white girl who has never fought for anything she couldn’t post. Bye girl ! You can’t boast about white privilege and be white trash. Get it together! Next time come up with a more believable lie. Who cries watching a football game ?

            • Your daddy didn’t serve our rights when he went to war, he was simply serving HIS right to a better life when he returned…which I’m sure he got as OUR people got redlined when they came back with YOUR DADDY. Remember that.

            • Poor poor poor person well my dad fought a war to it was called segregation where he physically got spit on hit and was even marked for murder by some white guys who just wanted to know how it felt to kill someone and since he was less than a person they choose him. If it wasnt for 1 lone guy who warned my dad a head of time. He fought so we could be equal in a country he loved ao much. But guess what princess we are still not “equal” that is the reason for Kap kneeling. So when you feel sorry for my dads tears I will feel sorrt for yours. And before you bring my lord into he forgave everyone no matter their sin so please do not tell me what you are willing to forgive like you are GOD. Have several seats pull out the chair dust it off and sit.

          • FDR once said
            Those who have long enjoyed the privileges we enjoy
            Forget in time that men have died to win them

            Note Arlington National cemetery that is filled w so many white head stones it looks like snow in the distance,
            Has the bodies of ALL the men and women ALL of them who died for the privileges we enjoy all those black, white, native Americans that died for our privileges would be thoroughly disgusted w the hypocrisy and entitlement

          • People have lost sight WHY Kaepernick is taking a knee. He is not disavowing his country or refusing allegiance. He is shining a light and thereby showing RESPECT to all of the innocent people being abused by our police system. In addition, he is showing RESPECT to the flag and those that fought for it. He isn’t burning the flag. He isn’t tossing someone’s property overboard to make his point. He isn’t burning a cross. He isn’t attempting to intimidate anyone. He isn’t calling for the lynching of anyone. He isn’t driving a car into a crowd of people. He isn’t demanding the flag be taken down. So by focusing on his nonviolent, peaceful act of protest, you are disrespecting the very people he is speaking out for. If you refuse to recognize the reason for his protest you are in essence condoning it. Condoning behavior that those veterans you spoke of, when in FOREIGN ENEMY territory, are held to a higher standard than. A soldier could not treat a FOREIGN civilian the way our police often treat our own. If that isn’t a reason for protest then all the words of the founding fathers are without merit. And while yes, the anthem was written while an American fort was being attacked, even then it did not include people like Colin Kaepernick. Read the third verse. And then compare what Kaepernick does to what people would like to do to him and tell me that’s what the flag stands for.

          • Bake, when you’re sitting on the sofa waiting for the game to start and the anthem comes on, do you put down your beer and stand at attention? No, I didn’t think so. But if you’re going strictly on protocol, that’s exactly what you SHOULD do. Every time you hear it, no matter where you are. So until you do that, don’t presume to lecture anyone on patriotism. And I will reiterate the point I’ve made consistently with regard to “the knee” – and that is that if it was a white player making this kind of protest, whites wouldn’t utter a peep about it.

          • Hmmm. So how do you feel about fans who have been changing the lyrics to the national anthem for decades in order to sing the final verse as a tribute to their team instead of the BRAVE men and women who gave their life? As in…’O’er the land of the free and the home of the CHIEFS!’ What about the all-American fans who have for decades completely ignored the national anthem while in the stands…those who refuse to remove their hat or cover their heart with their hand…those who keep up their loud, drunken laughter and swearing…or even those who just choose to stay seated so they can keep their conversation going instead of being inconvenienced by a moment of national pride? My father, who left college to serve in WWII then, spent 30 more years in the military as an officer, would cringe at this kind of arrogant, selfish behavior that is so prevalent throughout society. But he applauded peaceful dissent expressed with a purpose where ever and whenever it occurred. Even if he didn’t agree with the point.

          • Who has defiled our democratic values? Our fraudulent president, his cronies, and those who continuously seek to discredit and marginalize those color, religion, or gender is unlike their own. Taking a knee reminds us of this.

          • You don’t get to decide the meaning of taking a knee. When you try to do that you are just another white guy telling black citizens what they do and don’t mean.

          • Bake, have you even heard the song in its entirety? It obviously wasn’t written with the liberty of black people in mind. If you are all about defending the song and what it means, you should really take a look at what the song means.

          • Yes listen to it listen to the whole song and you will see it was not written for people of color it has a lot of negativity towards people of color. And as a matter of fact most of my family is milatary they take a oath to protect the constituion not a flag. What this article is saying we all have a right to protest in our own way that is part of the constituion which those in the milatary are sworn to protect. Period….

          • Okay, I’ll read the words…

            “No refuge could save the hireling and slave
            From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”


          • Bake, a disproportionate number of those who gave their lives so you could vulgarly express your opinion have been people of color. I think that earned them the right to call attention to an internal threat to our nation and our human decency. And those people whose fort was being attacked? They were protestors. So genuflecting to call attention to the broken promise may be the most respectful stance of all.

          • Bake,

            Or perhaps they are HONORING them, by insisting that the nation uphold the values those people fought and died for. If that hasn’t occurred to you, you may want to take some time to address the filters that are preventing you from seeing this from another’s perspective. Actual values *should* matter more than the songs that symbolize them.

          • Bravo, until you have buried a service member who died protecting his country, a police officer shot at routine traffic stop or shot by a sniper at a blm march, a fire fighter or EMS any of whom died in the line of duty. And handed that folded flag that was draped over their coffin to their grieving loved one. You really don’t know what that song or flag stand for. And as for the narative that all the police do is shoot unarmed innocent black people, we all know the truth that no Black person has ever committed a crime, and no white person has ever been killed by a police officer, and in fact every black person ever murdered was murdered by a white person or a police officer.

          • Is it only those who fought for America who are worthy of respect? What about those who did not fight, but built up our country instead of destroying others?

            I have yet to see how invading Grenada or bombing Yemen gives any freedoms to US citizens.

          • You might listen to all 3 verses (last two were not sung). It isn’t as moral as you might think.

            BTW, I served (US Navy) and our enemies enforced displays of patriotism. I am glad that our country does not.

          • You do know that at that time, slaves were regarded as 3/5ths human, and enjoyed none of said freedoms being fought for. Think about it.

          • I’ve read the ENTIRE anthem that was written by a slave owner in support of killing those who no longer wanted to be slaves. Read the third verse. The one we don’t sing. So forgive me if I don’t stand for a song that glorifies killing my ancestors.

          • Bake wrote — “So if you do not stand you are disrespecting the very people who have kept you free, ”

            Don’t use my military service as justification for supporting legitimate dissent that is protected under our Constitution.

            I took an oath to support the Constitution and I support our First Amendment.

          • When did you make up that rule. Do you not, or refuse to comprehend that they are protesting people getting away with murder in the name of the public sector?

          • Those men and women fought and died for our freedoms, one of which is the right to peacefully protest. This is not about disrespecting soldiers, it’s about bringing attention to issues that are affecting the black community in this country. Being in support of this does not mean you are anti-American or that you don’t respect the men and women who defend our country. It is also in response to Trumps comments. He has more indignation for the NFL players taking a knee then he does for white supremacy. Also, read the 3rd stanza of the The National Anthem. Read the words through a different lens. The lens of many black Americans.

          • Regarding the tradition of standing during the anthem… This is not a one right answer situation. The act of standing represents many layers of intention and expression. You cannot single out one in order to vilify people and still remain on solid logical ground. It’s just not that simple.

          • …..and by your judgement, you are disrespecting the First Amendment that they are kneeling for, and disrespecting the black people who have been gunned down in hasty response by authorities. Life and death here, not hurt feelings. Get a grip.

          • Who decided protesting the anthem was protesting vets? That is a completely false leap. Relax, anthem and the flag are just symbols of the very freedom of peaceful protests that make us Americans. This false patriotism misses the whole point.

          • So basically youre saying its more important to pay respects to the people who died for the red white & blue, than it is to pay respects to the people who died simply for being black? Interesting take….

          • HAve you listened to the entire song? Come the third verse, it’s some racist bullshit about “slaves trying to escape will be dealt with accordingly.”

            And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
            That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
            A home and a country should leave us no more?
            Their blood has wash’d out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
            No refuge could save the hireling and slave
            From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
            And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
            O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

            And I’m a pacifist, so maybe I don’t wish to glorify war. If I take a knee, it is not to disrespect our military, but to pray for them and for our country.
            America the Beautiful is a much better choice. I love this country, and frankly, I’m sick and tired of being told “If you don’t like it, leave!” by folks who are just fine under the status quo. Hell, I’m a privileged white woman and even I can see that we are not living in any sort of an equitable society. We should be requiring more from ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I’m just over here trying to navigate life and hopefully evolve my human story along the way. Yoga, meditation, and therapy are wonderful resources to which I think we should ALL have access, regardless of our ability to pay. I want better and better things for our society and all people in it. Instead of putting my energy toward fear and anxiety, I choose, I’m choosing to connect to my truest nature, to love and be loved. I won’t stand for that song any more. But I’ll proudly take a knee in honor of our military, who indeed sacrifice so very much for the empire that disregards their mental and physical health, safety, and well being. When we ALL do better, we ALL do better. #BlackLivesMatter

          • As long as people of color are being murdered, marginalized or otherwise being denied an equal opportunity to participate in the society that your vaunted patriots paid for with their blood, they will have died in vain. The freedoms that you enjoy are clearly not accessible to everyone.

          • The anthem is about the flag that remains after a military confrontation, yes, but its purpose is not to laud or even mourn whomever may have died during the assault. It is about the flag as a symbol of our nation’s survival. The choice to ‘take a knee’ does not indicate nor should it be taken as a mark of disrespect for those who have served in the military. As to the flag itself, it is a symbol of our nation, but the nation is not trapped somewhere in history. It is our flag and it is our constitutional right to use the flag in invoking our right to freedom of speech, which includes our right to dissent and protest. When our nation fails to respect the most basic and guaranteed right of black people to live unmolested by police action against them due to their race, the nation and its flag has been defiled by that egregious failure. It is imperative for every citizen to respect the protest of anyone who by speech or other constitutionally protected action highlights such a grave problem. It is also more than appropriate to honor the guarantees of our nation and its Bill of Rights by joining in the protest.

          • That’s not true. Standing for the anthem ≠ respecting the military. I can respect the military, and still not stand for the anthem. Conflating the two is a mistake.

          • Bake, you are very wrong in this. As a Veteran myself, I applaud these people using the rights I signed my life on the line to protect; it honors my (our / so many) sacrifice(s).

            The measure of a country isn’t it’s flag or the symbol of the country. It’s the humanity and empathy of the people within. It’s also adhering to the laws, even when you don’t like the outcome.

          • every single vet commenting today that I have read has said the same thing– do not speak for me, I agree with a citizens right to express their displeasure in a peaceful protest — I fought for their right to do so.

          • Bake,
            In the country that I love, people who have been mistreated for hundreds of years and take a courageous stand by quietly kneeling during a anthem that has never included them despite these very people fighting hard and effectively in wars meant to protect us all, are the courageous ones. It is all too easy to stand for an anthem that talks about all that has given many of us privilege and safety and freedom that we naturally appreciate. But when policemen can arbitrarily kill innocent black Americans and then over and over again be excused for their evil acts, it is time for every conscientious American, black or white to kneel down quietly and respectfully to peacefully let the rest of us know that such treatment on any American is completely un acceptable. God bless those who resist.

          • As a military veteran I did not swear to uphold a flag. I swore to uphold your constitutional rights. I swore to defend freedom, not blind obedience. When people exercise their constitutional rights and they are free to do so then my service, not to a flag but to my fellow citizens, was justified. The minute you suggest that people’s freedom be restricted, that their constitutional rights be limited, that they must be obedient, then my service to the people of this country was in vain. I am not a flag. And you are missing the point of what is at stake. You are more concerned about your personal little feelings than you are about what black people in this nation endure every day. This is not about a flag. This is about human beings. You do not show me respect by standing up for music. You show me respect by exercising your freedom and your constitutional rights and allowing others to the same without condemnation. What you are spewing is obedience. I didn’t serve this country to force people to stand for the anthem. For them to be obedient. For people in this country to sound like Nazis. I served this country for freedom and I think you have missed that point. Exercising your rights is not being an asshole. It’s being an American.

          • And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
            That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
            A home and a Country should leave us no more?
            Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
            No refuge could save the hireling and slave
            From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
            And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
            O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

            It was written by a slave owner acknowledging the “land of the free” where hundreds of thousands of people were enslaved. The songs is not synonymous with the men and women in service. Kicking out people because they are trans is disrespectful not kneeling during a racist song. This country does not care that much about vets or those active in duty. If we did, they’d have better care when they come home. Back then people of color fought for this country just to come home and not be able to vote. Not be able to buy real estate in certain areas. To come home and their kids can’t attend the nearest school. That song was not meant to pay tribute to those people and no amount of trump whining can change that.

          • You are correct. The flag is not a Democrat or Republican flag. It belongs to those people who died defending it and to those who still defend it.Why have we let it become a symbol of hate and racism?

          • Who says we stand to respect our military sisters & brothers? The anthem was written by a slaveowner who believed African-Americans to be an inferior race. Read the 3rd verse. Not such a great song after all. We sit to encourage everyone to do better in the quest for unity so that ALL are truly equal.

          • By standing for anthem, you’re also standing in appreciation of the crushing of a slave revolt. The full lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner are deplorable. See them here at the Smithsonian’s website:


            The story about the anthem, as most of us are told, is that Francis Scott Key (the song’s writer) was a prisoner on a British ship during the War of 1812 and wrote this poem while watching the American troops battle back the invading British in Baltimore. That—as is the case with 99 percent of history that is taught in public schools and regurgitated by the mainstream press—is less than half the story.

            To understand the full “Star-Spangled Banner” story, you have to understand the author. Key was an aristocrat and city prosecutor in Washington, D.C. He was, like most enlightened men at the time, not against slavery; he just thought that since blacks were mentally inferior, masters should treat them with more Christian kindness. He supported sending free blacks (not slaves) back to Africa and, with a few exceptions, was about as pro-slavery, anti-black and anti-abolitionist as you could get at the time.

            Of particular note was Key’s opposition to the idea of the Colonial Marines. The Marines were a battalion of runaway slaves who joined with the British Royal Army in exchange for their freedom. The Marines were not only a terrifying example of what slaves would do if given the chance, but also a repudiation of the white superiority that men like Key were so invested in.

            All of these ideas and concepts came together around Aug. 24, 1815, at the Battle of Bladensburg, where Key, who was serving as a lieutenant at the time, ran into a battalion of Colonial Marines. His troops were taken to the woodshed by the very black folks he disdained, and he fled back to his home in Georgetown to lick his wounds. The British troops, emboldened by their victory in Bladensburg, then marched into Washington, D.C., burning the Library of Congress, the Capitol Building and the White House. You can imagine that Key was very much in his feelings seeing black soldiers trampling on the city he so desperately loved.

            A few weeks later, in September of 1815, far from being a captive, Key was on a British boat begging for the release of one of his friends, a doctor named William Beanes. Key was on the boat waiting to see if the British would release his friend when he observed the bloody battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore on Sept. 13, 1815. America lost the battle but managed to inflict heavy casualties on the British in the process. This inspired Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner” right then and there, but no one remembers that he wrote a full third stanza decrying the former slaves who were now working for the British army:

            And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
            That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
            A home and a Country should leave us no more?
            Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
            No refuge could save the hireling and slave
            From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
            And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
            O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
            In other words, Key was saying that the blood of all the former slaves and “hirelings” on the battlefield will wash away the pollution of the British invaders. With Key still bitter that some black soldiers got the best of him a few weeks earlier, “The Star-Spangled Banner” is as much a patriotic song as it is a diss track to black people who had the audacity to fight for their freedom. Perhaps that’s why it took almost 100 years for the song to become the national anthem.

          • First point: It’s interesting that you find kneeling to be less respectful than standing. Please think about that. Second point: It’s hard for an African American to revel in the words of the anthem the way you might once you become aware of the original song that was penned by Mr. Key. Third point: Instead of just being incensed by the protests, why not try to understand them? Is there something that you can *do* based on your understanding? Every little thing each of us does can and does help.

          • Since you want to bring up the history of when and why the anthem was written allow me to give your recollection of history a boost. The things said in that song only applied to one sector of people when that song was written. When it was being sung at games early on and that same flag was being flown, it only applied to on sector of people. If you do not recall, people of color had to march for the rights that whites had centuries earlier. Children were blown up in churches, dogs were let loose on the innocent, kids were spit on TRYING to attend school, people were openly lynched and taken pictures with like they were animal trophies and a host of other atrocities. Finally after centuries of fighting for the right to be viewed as equally, whites ALLOWED blacks a PIECE of the life they’ve enjoyed from the start. Mind you, during a fair percentage of this time, this same flag was being flown and antheum was being sung. Oh and for your information, the flag and military are not intertwined. Each branch of the military actually has its own flag. So the “disrespecting” of soldiers is just another lie being told to further progress this selfish, evil racist ideology of some in that group.

          • The pledge, for which I put hand over heart most of my school years, finishes with “with liberty and justice for all”. Until this is reality in America, I completely support those who take the knee for the anthem.

          • Requiring everyone to stand would be taking away that freedom that our men and women have fought for. Whether we agree with it or not, they have just as much a right to kneel as we have to stand. That is freedom – freedom from tyranny and freedom from dictatorship.

          • Bake:
            I love my country but don’t you think that soldiers in most every country fight hard to win the war for their country? Patriotism i and love of country isn’t unique to the United States. We are a land of immigrants and black Americans were immigrants by force and forced up to come here as slaves. Since the beginning the rich and wealthy white landowners tried to convince the indentured white servants that they were superior so that they could leave the dirty work for them. It’s the same things as now; pretending that Mexicans are taking jobs from Americans. It’s just part of the tactic to divide America with noise. In the case of the Civil War the story was told to get the poor whites to fight. In the infantry. None of well to do unless they were officers fought the hard war. Regretfully they drank the kook-aid and it’s now means lowering taxes for the top 2% will somehow help them. No watpy! They want tax deductions for vouchers so that they don’t have to mix with the regular folk an will kill the public schools. This is what the billionaires who fund them want.

            Then we’ll have even more inequality, more poor black and white in jail regardless of country of origin. If they are rich white people the law doesn’t apply to them. Slap in the west instead of prison. No police brutality.!

          • There is not one active servicman or woman who has ‘fought’ for my rights. This country has not faced a physical threat to my rights in my lifetime that was stopped by war. Our military personnel may be brave and honorable and serving our country with patriotism, but the battles they fight are not about ‘my rights’. The sheer force of our military makes the idea of attacking our country suicidal. Those who are truly ‘fighting’ for my rights are the lawyers who fight for them every day in the nations courts from threats exclusively domestic.

          • Are anthems lyrics- have you read them? All of them? Because it was Key who wrote it and it was celebrating 1. They could keep their slaves a little longer and 2. That the colonial “slave” marines who joined the British troops to gain their FREEDOM (because Key and a ton of other white dudes thought it was cool to own slaves) were killed with the British troops in battle. (Oh and btw- key, who wrote the anthem, completely justified slavery, AND spent the entire battle watching afar from a British ship as it shot to the shore).

          • Totally opposite; those who died fighting to defend the Constitution of the United States sacrificed their lives for that paper and what it represents.

            Disrespecting them is when you throw their sacrifice away by not embracing what that paper they fought & died to preserve says & means.

          • Funny, I see droves of those vets you mention quite clearly speaking out in disagreement with your sentiment. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • That’s not at all (or at least all) the song is about. It’s about the flag flying over Ft. McHenry during the War of 1812. The third verse of the song writes about the black slaves who were fighting for their freedom, alongside British who promised their freedom. It LITERALLY speaks of and celebrates the death of slaves who fought against America, in pursuit of their own freedom. Upon their loss, they were handed back to the American slaveholders to return to their lives as slaves. THAT, and the institutional racism that is still alive and well today, is why they take a knee.

            “And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
            That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
            A home and a Country should leave us no more?
            Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
            And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
            O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

            (I am the former wife of a service member who was disabled during our marriage. We were rendered homeless due to his disability. He is the step-son of a career military whose ship was sunk during WWII and remained a service member through Korea and Vietnam. He has a step-daughter who served and who is married to an active duty service member. My son-in-law is currently serving, and is the son of career service members. My father learned his trade in the service.)

            Taking a knee is respecting the First Amendment of the Constitution, which is what my family and others fought for. They fight for the paper that built this country and is its foundation, not the cloth representation that is merely a symbol.

          • Amen. Thank you for enlightening those who don’t understand this. It’s not their cause that is wrong, it’s the way they chose to demonstrate their frustration.

          • Isn’t far more disrespectful to veterans who fought to uphold the constitution by saying people don’t have the right to protest injustices and oppression? This country was founded on those very things, fighting for freedom from opression, protesting injustices, they’re technically fighting for the very same thing our veterans fought and died for, that’s as patriotic as you can get. Forced patriotism is fascism and it’s unamerican.
            Nobody has ever been required to stand for the anthem, we have the choice for a reason and it doesn’t disrespect anything. My granddaddy and father are vets, they think all the biggots and jerks harassing these brave people are the ones disrespecting our whole country and an embarrassment to the constitution and all it stands for.

          • Yup, so said all my ancestors till now, who were enslaved, razed off their land, red lined, experimented on, imprisoned for being under rep legally. Call me back later when I can feel safety for my son.

        • If it wasn’t for those who fought for our country(no matter the race) we would not have the freedom to make any decisions . the Government would be making all decisions for us So today I Pray for peace so tomorrow I WON”T HAVE TO. That goes for showing respect for the flag of the USA.

        • Clueless… No one forces you. We are just in dismay at your disrespect for the heros who have given their lives for you and all the other non-thankful people.

          • Steven,
            Those heroes include many former soldiers who stand with Colin exactly because he is quietly fighting against the very injustices that they fought to end.

          • I am very reverent, appreciative, and very thankful of the sacrifices that men and women have done for me to have rights under the 1st Amendment. And you might not agree with how I exercise those rights and then again I might not agree with how you exercise those rights. But our brave military personnel have sacrificed much for us to have those rights and I honor them wholeheartedly.

          • You disrespect those heros who lost their lives defending the United States Constitution by ignoring what that Constitution embraces. You throw their sacrifice away when you rail at what they sacrificed for. Think on that.

      • Public execution of Terrence Crutcher ? How about he was on PCP , refused to comply with officers orders , reaches into his truck and gets shot . I would be shot too if I did that . If cops wanted him dead why did they do first aid ? . Cry me a fkin river.

        • Glad you are so certain of police accounts. We all saw the video. Nice try. Even if it was believable that he had PCP, he was surrendering– even though they hadn’t been pursuing him for anything. He was tazed and then shot before anything transpired. He wasn’t threatening and you know it. Even if he was high, high white people are routinely taken alive and given treatment for the same. They also stood there scratching their asses while he bled out. GTFO with your system protectionist bullshit.

          • You’re picking facts to fit your narrative…dude was driving on PCP (he clearly cared about the lives of others) and then had a bad trip and lost his shit…its sad that he was shot, but if he had listened to police he’d still be alive with a DUI ticket…

            • The initial report…The very first statement from police stated the officer told him to get back in his car. It also stated the police searched his car and there were NO weapons and NO drugs. New that story had changed. Hmmmm

                • First off, he wasn’t a suspect. Secondly, police tell people to get back into vehicles all the time. You’re so busy trying to justify the police actions that you miss the point of it all. And you solidify exactly what the author is talking about. Blind and comfortable white Americans who care nothing for their fellow black citizens.

                • I turned into a parking lot off the highway in Illinois and had stopped to get my 76 year old mother a sweater out of the trunk of the car when a cop pulled up and started screaming at me to get back in the car. I tried to explain what I was doing and he screamed even louder, got out of his car and started walking towards me. He ticketed me for making an illegal turn into the parking lot. You never know what they’re going to tell you to do so you can’t make any kind of statement with your brand of certainty.

                • BOOM!! Right there! THAT!! is 1000% a LIE!! I, me, MYSELF PERSONALLY have been told adamantly by a police officer to IMMEDIATLY get back into my vehicle once I was out of the vehicle! Albeit, firearm not drawn but hand was on his firearm as I was told to return to my vehicle!! Nevertheless, that statement you just made is 1000% false! Now…to say what an officer is “supposed” to do or what the proper protocol is? I’m not sure and can’t answer that BUT!! I know (at least in my case) what WAS said and done! And to piggyback off of what the previous poster said. The police chief CLEARLY stated in his initial interview that there were NO weapons and NO drugs found on the victim nor were there any of the above mentioned in his vehicle….and just to satisfy “your argument” for the sake of sheer ignorance….smh! Let’s just say they did find a gun and/or drugs in their subsequent search of the vehicle AFTER THE fact of the murder?? 1) They wouldn’t have known this prior to the murder and the subsequent search and secondly) WHY would the officer have her gun drawn on a stranded citizen with car troubles to begin with?? Hmmmm……was it perhaps because he looked like “Oneeeee Baaaaad Dudeee???”…..saddens me to know NOBODY was born with such prejudices. Somehow, somewhere along the way….someone taught you this. Smh

                  -God Bless You

                  • Police protocols differs from state to state, from county to county, from city to city and even from precinct to precinct. Police officers in my family say it all depends on the officer and their training and if they stick to what they were trained to do. Also, most police officers know how far over the line they can go within that particular environment. If they are in a precinct or city that tolerates crossing the line, I’m told many will. Police feel entitled.

            • You say that as if you didn’t see people who surrendered two hands in the air shouting ”please don’t shout” get shot by police. Analyse as you want in other countries he will be taken into custody and questioned. If your country he is a dead man depending on who feels threatened by a complete and total surrender.

            • You are doing precisely what the editorial sadly predicted — the white BUT. BUT here are all the reasons he deserved to die. The original police report stated no drugs were found in his car. Do NOT forget this man had committed no crime. He car broke down! When YOUR car breaks down and a police car stops — you believe they are there to help. Right? You would walk toward their car — relieved. Till she starts shouting at you — return to your vehicle! Then — orders you to get on the ground. But WHY? She now says she believed he was armed. She had NO just cause for “believing” that. She had NO just cause to be afraid of him. At all. And he was a church going father of four whose car broke down. He had no reason to be threatening to her in any way. She is a young white woman officer in Oklahoma and she saw a large black man — and her impulse was to fear him. This issue is as simple as that. And that man, that father of four, does not deserve to be dead because our white culture teaches us to fear black men. Period. This editorial is so spot on. NOTHING changes until white Americans take a knee next to their fellow Americans to protest injustice.

              • Amen. Just like the cop in the helicopter had nothing to base his comment on that the guy looked a bad dude except for the fact that he was a big guy and black. All psychics I guess.

              • That’s because the media knows that they won’t get people watching with news of another dead white guy! The reason everyone knows about this is because it is what the media feeds you. Facts are facts. More white people are shot and killed by police than blacks. Also, blacks kill more blacks and have perpetrated more crimes to their brethren than any other race in America since the civil war.

                • Thats not true White american kills there brethren at a rate of 82%. More white men have killed white cops than blacks. Get your facts and statistics straightm

                • Statistically you are more likely to be killed by your spouse or someone you know so why aren’t you more afraid of your spouse. I am tired of trying to get ppl to empathize w black experience just pray that God allow you and your children to live through it, to experience it. The hate, the judgements and systemic racism.

            • Sounds like Anonymous believes anything law enforcement tells him. He has it all figured out. PCP found on him is the funny thing ever. I’m surprised Cops still use it for with things they plant on others. lol Anonymous — you’re naive and don’t know it. Sad. Yes…Black Lives Matter. Folks who don’t comply lives matter. Folks who can’t hear lives matter. Folks who walk away from Cops lives matter. None of it is worth killing someone. Again — you’re naive and don’t know it. You’ll no doubt figure it out one day.

              • I’m a different anonymous btw responding to 1st anonymous: “how many whites have shot cops..”
                Yes, answer is shit-tons. More whites assault cops in this country than other groups, statistically speaking.

                Again, anonymous-1, put down the shitty Trump-brand table wine and pick up some literature by anyone who’s not white. Good luck.

              • What are you afraid to admit that people who are on drugs or deal drugs matter? If rapist and child, molesters and murders are investigated judged and sentenced appropriately, then how much more everyone else. Even terrorists are tried and then judged before you decide there punishment. NO ONE should be executed without a trial!!!! Because all lives matter. And right now most actions show of the ‘All’ Americans don’t believe black lives matter.

            • Show your research jack off. An unarmed Black man stopped by police is 14 times MORE likely to be murdered by police than an armed white man who has just committed a mass murder. LOOK IT UP. Why is it pigs can take down a heavily armed white man who’s just committed mass murder without hurting him, but can’t let a Black man reach for his license at a traffic stop? Racism.

          • That is not what surrendering looks like. You act like someone can’t be a threat once they put their hands up. He walked away from officers with their guns pointed at him, not following commands. It is not unheard of, or a big surprise, that a person would hold their hands up to bide time while they get closer toward a weapon. What other reasonable purpose would a person do what he did. Anybody who acted the way he did then walked away and reached into a car, after police with their guns drawn told him not to, would likely be shot. White black brown or green it doesn’t matter. They say stop, you stop.

          • Let me educate you on something. More white people are killed by police than black people. He did not comply. MANY COPS have been shot by perps who reach into a car for a gun. They have no idea if he is doing that or not. One thing is certain had he completed and stayed away from the car he would be alive today

          • I think with that outstanding level of understanding and trust, you would make excellent peace officer. But then, after you see so many buttheads stalling, lying to you, no ID, and after the training you receive pairs with their physical reactions, you might understand these officers better. If you don’t quit or get killed first.

          • REALLY.. .you see what YOU want to see as well. You and I weren’t there.. and the video shows actions but we can not hear the words… I saw a man walking away from police pointing something at him. I can assume they were telling him to STOP and he didn’t.

        • on PCP? where is the toxicology report? if you want to talk facts, you need to have that. and they shot him before they knew anything about drugs. newsflash idiots: you need justifiable cause BEFORE you use your weapon.

          • Newsflash. If the cops tell you to stay away from your car you stay away from your car. They have no idea what your intentions are if you are not complying, many cops have been shot by perps who retreive a gun from their car. IF a person grabs a gun the cop has about one tenth of a second to protect himself. Complying not only keeps the suspect safe it keeps the cops safe

          • His car wasn’t off to the side of the road. It was in the middle. Red flag 1. Didn’t respond to commands. Red flag 2. Every cop is different. Her reaction over-the-top more than everyone else. Maybe not as much of a risk taker. I don’t fault her, but this isn’t gang initiation like “go shoot that woman over there,” like the race baiters want us to believe.

        • Except for the fact that if you are white, you almost certainly wouldn’t be shot in that same situation. Check the statistics.

          Whites are almost ALWAYS brought down with non-lethal force, even ones (such as Dylan Roof) who are perpetrating mass slaughter.

          • I believe, sir you are sorely mistaken. Facts show more whites are killed by police then black individuals. Please do your research. Until then, sit down, shut up, and color. Respectfully, Steven

            • Seeing as how there are significantly more whites than blacks in America it’s only befitting they’re killed more often by police. Do your research! Black people are murdered by police at an alarming rate considering we are in such minority. Dummy

              • How many have warrants, in stolen cars, riding solo v. multiple in vehicle etc, etc. I will guarantee you that when a cop interrogates a couple white kids, and they don’t have ID, can’t get their story straight, the cop is not going to think, “Well, my training tells me to call for backup, but they’re white, so no worries.”

              • Yes, it’s called relativism. More black men (and women) are shot and killed by police because there are much fewer black men and women in this country. I would give an example to Steven, but I think Steven can figure it out. I sure hope so. But if you would like an example, just let me know.

            • Steven you are wrong… LoL. Whites out number blacks hence the bigger numbers, but statistically blacks are killed at a higher rate (%) than whites. A very recent study came out, yes I read it, and Steven you are wrong. I am a white man who believes in the numbers but I am appalled by the disrespect to our nation and our veterans. I cannot imaging being overseas right now and hearing how rude and disrespectful our nations is being to us. Almost like when out men and women came home from Vietnam and were treated like criminals. SO WRONG! there is NO excuse!

            • More whites are. Blacks are only 14% of the population in the US. Whites are 68% of the population. There are people both Black & White that feel the rules don’t apply to him. Those people are either in jail or under ground!

          • Idiot comment made by an idiot who knows nothing of law enforcement. Every situation is unique. Guess what you never have heard and never will hear of all the times a black man wasn’t shot…. it’s not news worthy as it doesn’t fit the narrative.

        • He was not on drugs her husband assumed he was. His windows to the truck were rolled up. The police lied to cover their actions. They went as far as to create a wall to block the view from the dash camera. Did you even watch the video?? Seems doubtful, if so please schedule an eye exam ASAP before you hurt someone yourself more than spewing ignorance.

        • They didn’t do first aid. They left him lying in the street. I am not sure what you saw but none of the officers present administered first aid….

        • Boy, you must of not seen the footage I did. He never reached into his vehicle, as the window was closed, there is no toxicology reports yet to confirm he was on anything, and if he was such a threat, why did the other officer think a taser was enough to protect himself? If you can admit that this man would not be dead if he was white, you must live with you head stuck…. Umm… In the sand.

        • Please. What toxicology reports confirmed that this man was high on PCP?? NONE! Officers have been caught lying to justify their actions on multiple occasions. But unfortunately
          for their victims of color, there’s hardly ever any repercussions for their actions. The second this unarmed man was killed I knew there was going to be a spin put out there to attempt to justify this murderous cop’s actions. There was NO evidence in that video that this man was threatening the life of the officers. He slowly walked with his hands up! Oh, and u need to reexamine the photos and videos from the scene. His vehicles Windows were DOWN when he was MURDERED! Therefore disproving the LIE of the officers that claimed he was reaching in his window!

        • I was a police officer for 21 years and being high on Pcp or reaching into your car where there was no weapon is no justification for deadly force! Tazer fine gunned down no even the guys in the helicopter thought he was tazered because that’s what the situation called for not shot to death

          • Crutcher did exactly what police are trained to fear, a noncompliant suspect returning to his car. The common denominator to most all police shootings has been noncompliance with police commands. Too bad there isn’t video of the Miami therapist to show otherwise. True a fleeing suspect should not be shot in the back but where is the responsibility of the suspect to insure his own safety. Blacks have been sold a lie an excuse to ignore the very real fact that the most dangerous threat to blacks is other blacks more than all other options combined.

        • He was not ON PCP .. They FOUND PCP and they probably planted it. But either way- Im sorry- was PCP a weapon and threat of the cops LIVES? Stop. Just Stop. HANDS WERE UP. And why are you so upset over this article and you need to respond? Exactly my point. Thank you.

          • They are on videotape made by that murdering hag’s own husband, shooting a man to death while he tried to do exactly what they asked. I hope the next person the pigs murder is someone you love.

        • Wait… You have footage of him refusing to comply and reaching inside of his truck? Dude!!! You need to share that shit! That would make all of this so much easier to try to comprehend!

        • They didn’t render first aid. They left him bleeding out in the street and the spokeswoman said she didn’t know if they were trained in first aid. Go figure…

        • It has not been proven he was on PCP. He was disabled. Even the cops in the helicopter above the incident said over their radio he has his hands up. He was complying. They also said his window was up so how could he be reaching in it. Once the officer tazed him why did she have to shoot. He was unarmed. If you are so afraid of an unarmed disabled man with his hands in the air perhaps they should rethink their career choice because being a police officer isn’t it. And as far as giving him first aid, they let him lay there for several minutes before they “rushed” in to give him first aid.

        • Actually there are many instances of white men being taken alive after horrific crimes. A young white man can walk out of a church after murdering 9 black parishioners, carrying his weapon, and not only be taken alive but driven to Burger King because he is hungry! Wake up! Black men and women ARE being treated very differently by some in Law enforcement and black citizens are dying! It’s time for White Americans, including myself, to be vocal and demand change!

          • Sorry Michelle, those who don’t see it now…never will. They refus to see it because to them we are subhuman. It’s a very sad situation.

        • Exactly! He was obviously doing something wrong, for the PD to feel threatened. Just comply with the PD instead of fighting against them.

          • Why would the police immediately on arrival start issuing commands to a person who was stranded? What ever happened to, Do you need some assistance, is there something wrong with your vehicle? No…it’s let me see your hands…put your hands up…that looks like a bad dude, he’s probably on something. You need to get the hell outta here with that shit!

          • Obviously??? VERY STRONG word you’re using rather loosely! “OBVIOUS” is a strong word with definite meaning….what makes you think he was “OBVIOUSLY” doing something wrong? Because the police said so?? Just curious….not meant to have sarcastic overtones…

          • but there’s been black men and women who’ve complied and we’re still killed. like Philando Castile who followed police’s order to produce some ID and a driver’s license. he then informed the police officer immediately that he was also carrying a firearm, but had a conceal-and-carry permit for it for her to know and her automatic reaction was to shot him four times. Even when black men comply with police they still get shot and killed so?

        • Why don’t you come out from behind your hood and show who you really are, troll? Oh wait you can’t because it would mean you would have to deal with the demonic evil that oozes out of your pores. Understand freedom of speech means the ability to stand up and take account for what you say for all the world to see without fear of recrimination – not speaking out of turn and hiding behind anonymity. Be real instead of being a coward.

          • Freedom of speech is the right to say what you want. Nowhere is there a guarantee of being no “fear of recrimination.” I don’t have to like or support someone else’s exercise of the freedom of speech.

            • Tina for the person to exercise their freedom they would have to do so without fear. It is to say something without caring if someone is going to like it or not. My obvious point is to state that Anonymous who is spewing vitriol is being a coward by not standing behind their statement by showing their name or face. I find too many times people who are speaking like that seem to always want to hide. Speak from the shadows. My take on it is that deep down they probably know their comments are problematic and rather than deal with them they just – “spew”. You are right, I don’t agree with their statements but I wouldn’t stop them from saying it. All I’m saying is just own up and stand by it instead of hiding…

        • Yeah… Gotta do your own research and stop letting the media define your truth. The video shows the window rolled up all the way and the door closed… Who do you know that can reach through a glass window? The truth is, they were afraid of the man… …. This is truth that even Donald Trump couldn’t ignore.

        • I just want to scream at the media and this knucklehead author John P. Media is making it a race issue, just look up how many unarmed whites are killed by cops, because the media won’t print it. Just as in the majority of unarmed cop killings you find they didn’t FOLLOW THE COMMANDS don’t put your hands up and continue going to your car or you will get shot, LEGALLY.

        • Dude really his window was up first off and hands up why shoot to kill if you have other options I hope you for and get raped by your uncle drink piss

        • They were there to help someone who’s car was broken down. He never reached inside of the car because the window was up so how could he reach inside? Also he had both of his hands up and both hands were on the car when he got shoot. Man you white people need to stop with the bullshit, and you talk about first aid but you don’t want to talk about them letting him bleed out and die while they were all just standing around.

        • Nice try “anonymous”, are you a cop hiding behind your name? I have watched the videos OVER and OVER and have tried my damndest to see the logic but there is NONE. And what first aid? The “cops” were more concerned with the ladies “feelings”,they left him there to bleed out. I hope you were trying to be cute/humorous or whatever and not just that plain stupid?

      • But yet this whole ordeal is bs. Period. This while article is a joke to me. But that’s just me.this generation of inconsiderate, selfless,lazy ass people attacking this person for something he/she did or said it whatever . That’s what sickens me. You focus on what a few people do but totally ignore what is happening in this messed up place you all call earth. To tell you the truth ,who gives a shit. Grow the hell up and look at the big picture that is right in front of your damn face. Between these so called presidential canidats and the war and Obama do his stupid shit . I just don’t care if he took a knee or played with ballsack.

      • This is to show that yes the DOD has been paying money to sports team but it also shows my point of view on the whole thing of taking a knee.

        WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has paid more than $9 million to professional sports franchises the past four years, including $6.8 million to stage “paid patriotism” events, Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain disclosed Wednesday.

        The events ranged from full-field displays of the American flag to enlistment and re-enlistment ceremonies and emotional reunions of returning service members and their families.

        The report includes details of contracts with payments totaling $9.1 million to teams in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer. Investigators identified $6.8 million worth of contracts to the major sports teams that included events considered to be paid patriotism.

        NFL teams were among the biggest beneficiaries, receiving more than $6 million, according to the report. The Atlanta Falcons received $879,000; the New England Patriots, $700,000; and the Buffalo Bills, $650,000. The Atlanta Braves received $450,000, the most of any Major League Baseball franchise, while the Minnesota Wild were paid $570,000, the most of any National Hockey League team.

        The Atlanta contracts included a 2013 event during which a roaring crowd cheered as the Falcons welcomed 80 guard members who unfurled an American flag across the Georgia Dome’s turf. “Little did those fans — or millions of other Americans — know that the National Guard had actually paid the Atlanta Falcons for this display of patriotism,” the report said.

        So it is not just the DOD fault it is also the fault of the owners of these teams. The DOD was doing it for recruitment the owners of the teams are just greedy.

        Do I agree with the DOD paying for this no. However it is not every team that is doing this.

        Being a Navy wife for 20 years I have seen enlistment and re-enlistment ceremonies and emotional reunions of returning service members and their families at sports games.

        You do not know what it is like for a military family how hard it is for the men and woman that serve this country these little events mean so much to them. It is not just hard on the service members it is also hard on the family. The military does not see someones color they see their brother and sisters in arms.

        So No I will not take a knee because I believe it is disrespectful.

        I think that Colin Kaepernick just wanted attention and sitting during the pre game is how he did got his attention.

        Do what the Seahawks did and link arms that is not disrespectful. I would do that but I will not take a knee.

      • Bonnie Miranda, I respectfully disagree with you and John. Two wrongs have never made anything right in this world and it should not start now. Freedom of expression is not carte blanche, all inclusive… I beg to differ; Clear and present danger was a doctrine adopted by the Supreme Court of the United States to determine under what circumstances limits can be placed on First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, or assembly. I see the “traitors” actions no different than if he walked in the middle of the stadium and burned our nation’s flag. Would we still have the same conversation then? Not at all… For me, his skin color plays no part in this; just his actions. He has done a disservice to himself and his cause as no one is listening. He has valid points but his actions were wrong and people are reacting, that simple. Don’t blame the white-man for not taking a knee, I will not! I will meet, I will gather and I will work with anyone willing to do the right thing. But to insult veterans and a nation in the process; pound sand John! Hate does not solve problems and that is Kaep’s platform; hate on a nation through peaceful protest, is still hate. Rise up! I stand behind this great country, even with all its faults. Only with teamwork, collaboration, executive support and dedication will we make a dent in this problem. I am guessing the NFL doesn’t teach teamwork much; as long as Goodell protects the criminals for the financial advancement of his buddies, change is on hold.

      • Bonnie,
        i wholeheartedly agree.

        for some time i’ve decried the american civil religion is the quasi-liturgical ceremonies that many sporting events, espc. american football, have become in their worship of the military.

      • He can protest on his own time and place. Not at his place of work at a private employer.
        The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the league rulebook. It states:
        “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.
        “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

      • I agree with the former, love IS colorblind. This does not devaluate ones life experiences surrounding the topic of color. It is a simple definition of what love is. If people are created out of love, and there are many colors, love must be colorblind. People, however, are not colorblind.

      • I will never be take a knee and show lack of respect to our flag and the servicemen and women who sacrificed for us. I will proudly stand for these people and our country.
        They can take some of the millions they’re making and put it to good use helping those in poverty to get out of the slums they live in. There are homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc that could benefit from their millions. There are so many different ways they could put their money to good use and help the less fortunate. That I would have respect for but NOT standing for the National Anthem is a slap in the face to every servicemen whether dead or alive that fought and still fighting for our freedom and that is WRONG. Our flag represents those who sacrifice for us and has nothing to do with the injustice they’re talking about. A sad disgusting and unpatriotic move on their part.

      • Gee thanks for reminding us about the DoD funding. It was big money and I remember hearing about it when the GAO questioned its appropriateness. That changes things a lot because the NFL players are kneeling to a paid political announcement rather than a genuine display of love for our country.

    • John, are you for real??? Who the hell paid you off to write this bs?? What they are doing is pure disrespect, spoiled, entitled sh*t! Just like every time a black person gets shot, there’s a riot. What does rioting do? It solves nothing, just like these a**holes disrespecting America solves nothing. All this does is show the world how much of an moron you really are, bending knee in disrespect is only their way of having a tantrum. OPEN YOUR EYES, and see it for what it really is! In agreeing with them, and trying to excuse what they’re doing, makes you as bad as them!

      • And agreeing that we don’t have a right and a CLEAR CUT REASON To protest, and “b*tch” makes you Judy as bad as the racists and extremist that feel that all black people deserve to die in such heinous ways. You are clearly apart of the problem he’s speaking of and you, sir, need to take several seats.

      • I believe every black athlete should boycotted for one year and any company that pull their endorsement from an athlete should be boycotted and black america are great consumers that for one year buy only black or just necessities no new purses, shoes, clothes just the necessities. Everybody loves the color GREEN.

      • You are sure brave and patriot Anonymous. Lol. If you want to have a say use your name and stand behind what you write online. Otherwise your dumb and prejudice views don’t deserve to be heard. Standing behind anonymity isn’t a shield its the cowards way out.

        We should all grieve when the justice system fails. When one human being hurts and kills another without cause. We should take a knee to remember those lost because of hatred and abuses in power. It’s important to do something when we are confronted by the brokenness in society. We need to do better, not spread hate by what we are putting into the world.

        Be better Anonymous. Help make this world a better place.

      • I totally agree this is bullshit! I’m an all lives matter person, I have total respect for our law enforcement, they can do other things to draw attention to their so called cause but all this has been started by disrespect, disrespect of rules, laws, thinking they can do anything they want with no repercussions ! And it’s our country that allows them to do and say what they want!

        • You clearly don’t understand, all lives matters, true what we are saying based upon police shooting we should matter, if you are afraid of us you shouldn’t be the police, just a little background on me 22 years in the army and no problens even today giving my life for my country

        • No, no you’re not for all lives. That’s a deflection. You’re only concerned with white lives or, instead of spewing bullshit, you’d be reading multiple accounts of why it’s necessary to declare #BlackLivesMatter.

        • People are free to disrespect. Doesn’t mean you should get shot and killed for it. This is America god damnit! I have the freedom to flip the bird to anyone and not die.

        • The consequence of disrespect is not death and should never be. Admit that you hold the lives of white people higher than people of color. You can’t begin to fix it until you admit it.

      • What your comment ignores is our history.

        For centuries, law enforcement has NOT been the black person’s “friend”. We white people had “Officer Friendly” to look up to and seek out if we needed aid… the black person was more likely to receive abuse (sometimes even lynching) at the hands of those wearing the badge. (Lynching occurred even during my lifetime, the last one in the 1980’s after I graduated high school).

        The reason that people got away with mistreating the blacks? Because we bought into stereotypes. Blacks had an unrelenting sexual drive – so our women were not safe (many lynchings happened because a black man smiled at, or said hello to, or did something that a white person found offense with – no matter how innocent – and they died for it). Later, we bought into the idea that blacks were “thugs” (think of even the death of Travon and how readily people believed that he was into gangs, drugs, violence – when he was none of those things)… bought into the idea that all blacks resist authority and somehow “deserve” the treatment they got.

        And yet, look at some of the tapes we have. A black man shot in the back while running away, and yet the police claimed he was “resisting”. Tamir Rice shot 1.5 seconds after the officer cleared the door of his car, yet the officer claimed that he’d repeatedly told Tamir to put down his “weapon”. Could not have happened. Yesterday, the police officer said that the “suspect” would not “show me his hands”, yet at that point the video shows him with his hands in the air; and he was a “suspect” of what? Having a disabled vehicle?

        Without these tapes, many of us (including myself) would have probably continued to believe that the black people in these incidents “deserved” what they got. But as I see person after person being abused by the police, find out that officers are on tape conspiring to trump up charges (and this is no longer just a “black” problem, by the way)… see video where the police report does not match the video recording… see people dying in situations that should NEVER have gone that far… I have to say we have a problem. I’ve experienced a wee little taste of it myself when the small town police department where I lived went rogue because they had a chief who was literally a little unbalanced. I no longer view the cops without fear. In fact, I now hesitate to call them in in situations where I think maybe the person who I think needs assistance might wind up dead. (This happened a few weeks ago when I spotted someone with either a mental break or a drug related issue was on the street behaving irrationally.. I didn’t call the cops because I was worried that he’d wind up dead.). I do not like feeling this way. I don’t like viewing the police with an eye of caution. I was not raised that way, and I have friends who are cops, have been cops, or are involved in corrections work… I want them to be safe, I want them to come home to their families… but I also feel the same way about the people they deal with every day… And too many of those are not coming home. Ever.

      • Anon. you are leaving out a few details, critical details. Every time a black person gets shot (and killed since it is plain from all videos showing that they shoot to kill and never provide first aid, rather preferring to witness them bleed out, so as not to testify against them), the perp is never brought to justice, and the death is swept under the fat blue line, Over and over , and over again, which naturally, since blacks are human just like you and I, despite your attempts to deny it, results in anger since justice is never served I salute all those who riot and won’t take injustice lying down.

        • Can you please make a point instead of throwing out insults? We’d love to talk to you but you don’t seem to have a point to counter, you just like to call people names.

      • what makes you a moron is saying that what kc did is disrespectful without being able to prove it. and you can’t. not once in the history of this country has kneeling during the anthem been documented or recognized as disrespect. you and yours have no reference to support the accusation. you don’t even have the ability to explain how it’s disrespectful.

      • To all the people leaving a comment under the name “Anonymous” are a bunch of pansies.

        You can definitely say your BS behind that computer of yours, but I challenge you idiots to physically go up to any person of color and say the same damn stupid ass comments.

        You can’t.

        Instead of being the exact description of white people that John Pavlovitz wrote on, try putting yourself in the mindset of a person of color. You’ll learn something.

      • Anonymous, you talk as if you are describing small children using descriptives such as “spoiled” and “tantrum”… these athletes are grown men who have the right to do what they want to do. Don’t be mad and take it personally because you spend your days watching them make more money than you will ever make in your lifetime, doing what they love, only to find out that they don’t identify with your definition of “patriotism”. Move on. Leave John alone. At least he is standing for something and isn’t afraid to put himself out there. NEXT! Patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland. This attachment, also known as national feeling or national pride, can be viewed in terms of different features relating to one’s own nation, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects.

      • Entitled?! Treat “us” equally is all we want. Disrespect America? What has America done for black people other than attempt to oppress us? Even the black veterans were/are treated unfairly so We have NEVER felt entitled!Btw, why are all of you bigots anonymous? Stand up and identify yourselves. Oh, you won’t bc you want ppl to think you’re for all ppl not just white ppl. You’re definitely part of the problem.

        • I thought that having a black president would have created unity in our country. Instead Obama has created a division that seems worse than ever in some areas. I feel so saddened for the families of anyone that has lost a loved one! We need to pray for theses families. We need to pray for the police officers. I do not know what it would be like to go to work everyday and not know whether you will live or die. I just wish that people would listen when being stopped or questioned. I wish police officers would not shoot a person that is unarmed. Mayb they can’t always tell and it’s their life or other persons that will be taken. I wish the media would stop putting it out there before all the facts are known. I wish the riots would be protests that are peaceful. It seems that many of the people causing the destruction are not even from the town where the shootings have happened. So they don’t care about tearing up the place. They don’t live there. I am so thankful that in my community there still seems to be mutual respect, love and kindness for one another. I pray for peace. Unfortunately, statistics show that blacks in Chicago have been murdering each other this year more than NY and LA combined. The percentage of homes that black people own, employment of black people (primarily black men) and on welfare are greater than ever. So yes many black people I’m sure feel oppressed. What has Obama done for you? What has he done for me? What have these football players done to help the black community? Do they feel your pain? Do they live in your communities? Do they devote their time and money to help black lives? Any life other than their own, their families? If they want change why don’t they make change by turning a negative into a positive instead of trying to put the spotlight on themselves? What good has taking a knee done? Why don’t they go into these communities and meet people. Talk to people. Create unity by being present with all people of all colors. Meet with law enforcement. Go to Chicago. Help the people of Chicago. It seems like the only thing they are creating is more chaos, more hate, more distrust.
          I pray for each every one of you that God will bless you! I pray that each every one of you will always show love, kindness and respect for everyone. We are all God’s children. We can all make a difference. Your life matters. All lives matter! I pray for God to bring peace to the USA.

          • Trump has caused the greatest division, not only white America against black America; but the entire world verses the “united” States of America. The U.S. has become the laughing stock of the world. Trump has created the white house into a very hostile place for any nonwhite Americans. His ideologies have given rise towhee supremacy and hate crimes throughout this country. I am a white woman, I see the injustices going on around me, and it is time that all people take a stand. I am sick and tired of hearing about black people being brutalized by this system. When is it going to stop? Are there good people in white America, of course. Do I feel privileged living as an American? Yes. But to ignore and stand by as atrocities are committed against others is a crime in and of itself. Justice for all humans. It is time to model the word United in our pledge and our country’s name and make God proud by living as one nation under his love and presence and live up to the words we decree everyday in grade school, at sporting events, and during national events.

      • OPEN YOUR EYES! Those “riots” are called PROTESTS. Look it up- you might educate yourself a little bit. It raises awareness to try and make a CHANGE. You know- what MLK did in the 60s. Except it’s 2016- and this shit is STILL happening. maybe not in YOUR community or where YOU grew up. But elsewhere. again- open YOUR eyes! If you believe to be free from ignorance and you understand where black people are coming from, and you know their history, and you realize what’s happening- then maybe this article shouldn’t be so upsetting to you? #ALLlivesmatter right?? Im confused

      • Actually, it’s a very peaceful attempt to make people aware of the injustices that are taking place towards individuals of color in our country, but people like you are clearly too angry and blind to see that. The evidence lies in your response above. #sad

      • Dumb ass…players on the field during the national anthem is relatively new. The NFL is being paid millions a year for fake patriotism. See for yourself. You don’t have to believe me! Before 2004 players weren’t on the field for the national anthem. Oh and half of your congressmen don’t stand during the national anthem either. It means nothing as far as I’m concerned it’s just a stupid song. It’s unconstitutional to force a civilian to salute the American flag. We live in a free country be thankful.

    • John, are you for real??? Who the hell paid you off to write this bs?? What they are doing is pure disrespect, spoiled, entitled sh*t! Just like every time a black person gets shot, there’s a riot. What does rioting do? It solves nothing, just like these a**holes disrespecting America solves nothing. All this does is show the world how much of an moron you really are, bending knee in disrespect is only their way of having a tantrum. OPEN YOUR EYES, and see it for what it really is! In agreeing with them, and trying to excuse what they’re doing, makes you as bad as them!

      • Do you express the same outrage towards the disrespectful, spoiled, entitled sh*ts that disrespect the President of the United States of AMERICA, who was elected, twice, by the AMERICAN people?
        Or are Americans only supposed to blindly respect flags and police officers?

        • Eva, Even though I may disagree with the POTUS, I would still stand if he entered the room out of respect for the position. By showing respect I think I would have more credibility when sharing my opinions when given an opportunity. Standing for the flag is no different. You should still stand out of respect for what it represents. Otherwise you drive a wedge and your message can fall on deaf ears.

          • claiming that kneeling is disrespectful is an opinion, not a fact. having respect for what this country represents means that you don’t substitute your interpretation for someone else’s intent. the wedge is being driven by people who don’t know the difference.

          • Here it is again. Just Curious is arguing with angela, yet they share identical avatars, both of which are the same as Respectful Citizen. That’s either an amazing coincidence or they’re the same person.

      • You’re right. All this has been started by disrespect, disrespect of rules, laws, thinking they can do anything they want with no repercussions. But it’s not by the athletes. It’s by those in law enforcement who have no respect for human lives.

      • Dumb ass…players on the field during the national anthem is relatively new. The NFL is being paid millions a year for fake patriotism. See for yourself. You don’t have to believe me! Before 2004 players weren’t on the field for the national anthem. Oh and half of your congressmen don’t stand during the national anthem either. It means nothing as far as I’m concerned it’s just a stupid song. It’s unconstitutional to force a civilian to salute the American flag. We live in a free country be thankful

    • Here is *one* white American who is *very* close to flipping her sh*t from grief & rage over police executing her(my) brothers & sisters, sons & daughters! This has got to STOP!!!

    • Are you kidding me! Disrespecting our Armed Forces, Veterans, and those you lost their lives on 9/11 is not acceptable. My Uncles got wounded in WWII and their lives should be respected. I am getting so sick and tired of hearing about football players kneeling during the National Anthem while they make millions of dollars playing with a damn football. No one is entitled in this country and rioting, throwing rocks, upending police cars is making the situation worse. I am getting less in Social Security and living week to week and I am White. You had better get all the facts before preaching. By the way, what other Country can those football players have the life they have with all their $$$$$. Get out of the Country if you don’t like it instead of kneeling on a football field.

      • Your uncle as well as other vets and service men and women fought for the freedoms we all enjoy in our country–including peaceful demonstrations for causes we believe in. I applaud that athletes choose to peacefully and respectfully kneel to bring attention to the injustices that are occurring in our country. This is a basic freedom afforded by our great country and our constitution. Sorry you don’t get that core message! Imagine what our country would be if we listened to your belief that they do not have a right to peaceful protest–a dictatorship!

      • you don’t care about facts – like the fact that nothing happened to your uncles because somebody took a knee. you’d hurt yourself trying to explain how they were disrespected. if you’re so concerned about facts, why don’t you read the constitution and what it says about first amendment rights. being an ignorant american is what’s unacceptable.

      • What happened to freedom of speech? They have that right. You can’t justify somebody’s rights at the expense of another’s rights. That flag and song that you so righteously argue for also gives them the freedom to exercise their freemdom of speech, so in a way they are honoring the flag and the song!

    • Do what cops tell you to do and you wont have a problem . Wheres the outrage fro this : Recently an 18-year-old University of South Alabama student, Gil Collar, was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

      At the time of the shooting, the student was under the influence of LSD and exhibiting erratic behavior around the campus police station.

      A two-minute video of the incident was played for the media by the Mobile County sheriff’s department.

      A security camera mounted on the campus police station at the university and recorded most of the entire incident including the shooting.

      Collar was seen acting “aggressively” in the short video, first walking up to the campus police station, pounding on the window and then walking away from it. He then walked back up to the station and again retreated.

      At that point, black police officer Trevis Austin stepped outside from the station with his gun drawn and pointed at Collar, who reportedly had his “arms outstretched and palms open,” according to Austin.

      The two then moved around the building, with Collar kneeling at one point and then standing back up and walking toward the officer. The officer had his firearm trained on the white student as he approached the officer.

      They both moved into the yard and though the camera shot from that angle was partially blocked, it showed Collar dropping to the ground after having been shot once in the chest.

      The entire incident played out within thirty seconds after Austin came out of the building.

      Jere Beasley, attorney for the Collar family, said about the shooting, “I can tell you without reservation nothing we saw in the videotape justified the use of deadly force in this case.”

    • GOOD LUCK….i appreciate reading your column even though it will never happen the people that live there everyday lives judging and looking down on people with there bigotry will never see anything other than the hate that i am reading on these comments below.

    • No respectfully nothing… Pathetic and devisive, fostering the hatred and STUPIDITY. Dont do the crime and cops wont shoot your ass. White american… For real?? You can sit your ass down, in the corner, with a dunce cap. Bunch of fools acting like people owe em something they havent earned.. You are the problem!

    • Sir, you need to tey doing a little more research. 2015 Washington Times.
      Reports show that in 2015 our peace keepers killed more when men than black men. Does this in anyway lessen the lost of the black Americans? No it doesnt. However a white man getting shot by police isn’t front page news. However media outlets, such as yourself, latch on and try and make it a race based conversation.
      Its simply pathetic that you havent the intelligence to go and do the necessary research.

    • I think it’s truly sad that we as a country can’t justify the few people that are questionable in their innocence and not to kneel down every Monday morning to the senseless murders week in and week out in the black communities. We should all be looking into WHY every week every day murder after murder in places such as The South Side in Chicago. Blacks killing Blacks is much sadder to me then a few questionable people not complying with police. F-the police will never be pushed aside as long as Offices have guns pointed at them. Yes all murders are senseless so lets kneel for all of them. Lets kneel for the innocent people getting shot because someone put their gun in their waist after putting on their sneakers. Just so tired of the one or two police offices shooting non complying individuals with communities be outraged and communities not be outraged by the senseless murders that happen everyday. Black on Black murders are real. When I see professional athletes protest THAT!!!! Then and only then will I reconsider the way I think about the whole kneeling thing!

    • I’m not going to take a knee and not salute my flag. That is disrespectful to those who have fought and died for my freedom. I also will not join in any sweeping anti-cop sentiments, as for every one corrupt stop or otherwise mishandled incident per year, there are dozens of good ones EVERY DAY that go unsung where our men and women in blue protect us in a thankless, dangerous job. I will, however stand against excessive use of force by police, and against those who abuse their badge. I will also stand against social inequality. Racism is still a problem in this country, and I refuse to ignore it. But I will not opt for an act of disrespect as my means of protest. Not when disrespect is a root of the real problem – inequality and hate.

      That being said – he’s not burning the flag, or making a public nuisance. He’s exercising his inalienable right to freedom of speech and peaceful demonstration. It’s his right not to stand. People need to calm down about this, and worry about the real problem, which are the bigots generating the issues these players are protesting.

    • Do you know that five white guys were killed by police on the same day? They were also not obeying the law and did not follow the officers instructions. The media exploited the black man and only ran him as the victim instead of as the felon. The media caused the riots in NC and should be ashamed. The terrorist group know as BLM needs to be disbanded immediately. The BLM is just a bunch of hoodrats and are super predators. Hillary was right. George Soros you are a LOSER!

    • I think I love you and I don’t even know you. This was beautifully written and as a black man, whenever you would prefer to black and brown people as your brothers and sisters of color, vividly warm my heart. I wish more of my white neighbors aspired to references me as one of their brothers.

    • Why don’t we see black police officers killing white people in proportion to white P.O. Killing blacks. It’s because a judge or jury would convict the black P.O.

    • Too bad we don’t f-ing live on Mars. . .

      I had to FB block a person I had met 40 years ago because he kept insisting that my mere re-posting of the news was fueling the fire; in actuality, it [the truth] made him feel uncomfortable. Black men forcing white people to look in the mirror has always been offensive, but that’s not Bl folks’ fault.

    • yes, this is right
      That man we all see here was adopted by white folks who did not see race. only a little son , they loved , raised , nurtured .
      That is what is a true relationship with Christ is.
      LOVE , Pure True Godly Love
      I dont accept, believe , support this man,
      But I give him respect for a person. And that is what God Holy God calls me to Do . LIVE and LET live , Respect people to the point of NO Expectation , allowing them to make their own mistakes, even if wrong, as I see it. But their Choice.

    • An alternate method of enhancing the public’s awareness of any human rights violations and/or any bigoted/racist activity is obviously in order. Disrespecting our country and those symbols which represents it is not an appropriate method of protest.

    • From what I read here, the author is missing the point. I am white, and I believe that our flag is what should be honored here. It has nothing to do with white supremacy. It looks like the “kneelers” are insinuating that ALL white people share the same beliefs. I will be the first to say that NO innocent person should be shot, and that racial profiling is a disgrace, and if someone wants to kneel instead of standing with honor at our anthem that is their choice. BUT PLEASE do not make the statement that whites are against kneeling because they dont ” get it”, and they are being racist. I think most people object to kneeling because we were brought up to respect the flag and all that it stands for. We, as Americans, are not perfect, but you are cofusing 2 totally different issues.

    • So many people are not seeing the disrespect toward America and are seeing what these kneeling people who are simply doing what was taught to them by those who want to divide America and her citizens in order to control the majorities, it’s political and they have their own agenda, like Islam (Kaepernick). You might “see” that there are blacks being killed by cops, but you chose to NOT SEE the whole picture such as the actual statistics, so that you can push the dividing of Our Great Country. Cops pull that trigger when their lives are threatened, why didn’t Kaepernick protest the murdering of so many cops this past year, or the murder of that little 5 year old girl by blacks up north? Or the constant large numbers of black murders by blacks in the USA? Because those were not on his agenda. THIS WHOLE THING STINKS OF POLITICS AND RACISM AGAINST CAUCASIANS. Football is not a political game, it’s a football game and a TEAM sport. Since when do you bite the hand that feeds you? Since when do you show such blatant disrespect to your team members? Your last sentence is pathetic, whites, and all other colors, have been dying protecting this great country. Or are you too racist to see that too!

    • https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/36/301
      The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem.
      (b)Conduct During Playing.—During a rendition of the national anthem—
      (1) when the flag is displayed—
      (A) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note;
      (B) members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and
      (C) all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and
      (2) when the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed.
      (Pub. L. 105–225, Aug. 12, 1998, 112 Stat. 1263; Pub. L. 110–417, [div. A], title V, § 595, Oct. 14, 2008, 122 Stat. 4475.)

    • This is about attention seeking, over-paid athletes attempting to push their entitled agenda and using football fields as their platform!

    • I whole heartily disagree with your statement “We should stop defending songs and flags and pre game ceremonies, and some cheap, ornamental nationalistic pageantry” This is a spit in the face the greatest generation that fought under this song, this nationalistic pageantry of your flag in WWII to ensure the world would not fall to the tyranny of Nazi Germany. Stand for our flag or go find one outside our border you can love. Good Luck!

    • I understand this perspective, but let me give you another. First I will need to connected two seeming unrelated items.

      First the warning we were given in the letter to the Ephesians, we need to fear powers and principalities. We live in an attention span economy, what ever wins the battle for our attention achieves power.

      Second a quote from Booker T Washington: “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

      We are in the third phase of Slavery in the United States, to pay these Anthem stunts any mind is to consent to that slave system for it keeps the grievances before their eyes. To hand immigrants over to the false security of Sanctuary cities is to participate and support that slave system. Our inner cities have become vote plantations supporting principalites consumed with power.

      The only path forward is forgiveness. It is the only thing that changes the world, and only the wronged can forgive. Pray the lord gives the African American the ability to forgive. MLK came to this conclusion and he was killed, Malcolm X arrived here also and was killed, and we know watch Bill Cosby be slowly crucified, yet we see street criminals killed by cops held up as saints.
      Meditate on Peter’s Denial, ask yourself if you should be going along with crowd.

    • Systemic oppression? So huge the entire judicial system and law enforcement can’t see the forest for the trees? Some kind of amazing conspiracy that minority judges, D.A.s, P.O.s, police officers, are either too dumb to see it or so morally corrupt they don’t address it because they selfishly hold on to a dangerous, low paying job.

      And it all makes sense?

  1. By saying “White America” you continue to divide this great nation. Lets try “America, it’s time to stand up and take notice of what is going on in our great Nation”. Let’s try that.
    Nobody will get their panties in a bunch over that…..

    • R, I have to disagree with you. The problem is “white America.” We white people have a privilege that is different from the experience of all non-white citizens.

      When someone says #BlackLivesMatter, and someone else responds #AllLivesMatter, then it is clear that the responder is part of the white privileged group who has yet to acknowledge and confront their own white privilege.

      No one ever said #AllLivesMatter until we began to say #BlackLivesMatter.

      • And nobody says #BlackLivesMatter in the places where black lives are being lost at a ridiculous rate at the hands of other black people. Demonstrations need to be marched into those neighborhoods as well.

        • Black on black crime is no more prevalent than white on white crime. This is a proven fact. People perpetrate crimes within their own racial category more often than not. Talkign about so called Black on Black crime is yet another deflection and complete obliviousness to the problem at large.

          • Ummm so the black on black crime statistics are made up….phony? I would like to see BLM protesting the streets of Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore where Murder is a daily occurance.

            • I have to agree with you. You can add such cities as Harrisburg, Philadelphia and York, Pennsylvania to the list! It’s always the same, everyday. People have no respect for eachother anymore. Everyone does matter. No matter the color. I was raised in a biracial family and brought up we are equal. It’s ashame, society today…..

            • You are so missing the point.. The fact is the police is suppose to protect and serve the community it is serving not profile and kill the people because a pre- conceived notion based on there skin color. No one is saying that black on black crime is not a problem but when you live in a society where even the police is now a problem against you because of your skin color that is a bigger problem.

            • Then perhaps you should move into those cities and you will see what you’re looking for. It happens all the time, Peace marches take place everyday, but that’s not what makes the mainstream and national news. If you want to read about the people who stand up, the people to whom Black Lives do matter to, you only have to search as far as the nearest Black newspaper. In it, you will see stories about the great things that ALSO happen each day in the Black community, along side the peace marches. It’s a big lie that Black Lives do not matter to Black people, they matter all day everyday. Challenge the belief, and just because you say they don’t, does not make it a fact. You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts!

            • Since you seem to care so much about black on black crime, instead of protesting against us as we try to stop the institutional injustices why don’t you take that energy and go speak out against it in earnedt. Please don’t use it as a weapon to say it’s ok for the police to kill blacks or to justify blacks being killed period. Sadly I know you won’t do this because your concern is not with who is killing blacks but by the fact we are outraged when whites do it. You will never understand our terror.

            • Well, if you did any real research, you would know that there are already organizations that were made/started to combat inner-city violence. organizations like Mothers Against Violence, S.A.V.E. { Students Against Violence Everywhere} Stop the Violence, etc. BLM was organized to address POLICE BRUTALITY. But, of course you didn’t know that because you’re blind to anything outside of your idiotic views. Oh, by the way, white on white crime is getting out of hand too! You know, with all the kidnappings, incest, human trafficking, drug running, rapes, and sex slave crimes in the world!

              • THIS. Yes, there are constant efforts in all major cities (and smaller ones, too) to combat crime of all kinds, no matter who perpetrates it. And yes, there are many black-organized and black-run groups specifically speaking to and trying to protect black Americans from violence. The fiction that “black on black” violence is ignored by anyone is flat out racist, and it’s horrifying to see that this response would appear in the comments on this thoughtful and compassionate article.

            • perhaps you haven’t seen BLM protesting in these areas because you have never been. you only know what the media chooses to show you. much easier for your conscience to deflect and point out that black people kill other black people, than to acknowledge that paid government servants are killing civilians without due process.

            • Nice try, but your racism is showing. we are talking about institutional killing of black people by white people with the acquiescencse of society. when a black person kills a black person they go to jail every time. Nobody makes excuses for them and nobody gets off on a technicality. stop muddying the issue with irrelevant bullshit.


            • “https://www.youtube.com/ embed/qq0_nyWVXCI”
              this is the best reply to the whole protest the nation.
              as to arguments that the police are supposed to protect innocent lives not take them.

              if you are approved by an officer White black yellow brown or purple and make a sudden move toward an area where the office cannot see what you are going for when they have told you not to move is asking for trouble.

              no matter your color you need to treat them with respect and you will get the same (usually) in return. communication is important especially in current days where Police that are not doing things are attacked and killed they are a bit jumpy as well.

              What we all need to do is stand together
              remember E Pluribus unum

          • That doesn’t give the cops a pass to kill. You make the cops sound just as bad as the criminals killing the other innocent black victims. Maybe they are! That what it looks like from my perspective.

            Thanks John!

          • “Black on Black” crime happens, just like white on white crime, etc. Except it is the only one that has a “name”. These crimes are often tried convicted and the guilty party actually serves time for the crimes done. Folks are getting together to reduce crimes within their own communities, you’re just too quick to type then to do your own research before making such a fat blanketed statement.

            That said, it does not allow police officers, paid law enforcement, to get away killing innocent, unarmed civilians. (You know, the folks who are probably not used to having guns aimed at their face.) While this is a Black Lives Matter movement… it is not just black people. Its also includes Latinos, Indigenous people suffering the same problems. It includes folks with undetected disabilities like the deaf and mute.

            Keep in mind I have the utmost respect for the law enforcement. Who I have a problem with are the police officers who are terrorizing the community (yes, I went there) and getting away with it.

            And for those saying that the military fought for our right to live in this great country. The military fought for our right to free speech. Slaves also fought for our freedom, so did so many civil rights activist. We owe it to them to continue to fight.

        • Red herring alert.

          We’ve already had this discussion last week and we’ve already seen the evidence and hard facts that more white people kill people than black people do.

          I know you were part of that conversation.

        • Well anonymous there are demonstrations and protests and town halls for black on black crime. In fact there was a rather large town hall for all the violence in Chicago the day before D Wade’s cousin was murdered on the street. It included alot of influential ppl but it didn’t make national media because Noone cares about when we do things for ourselves. There are hundreds of demonstrations and programs to help try and prevent speak out against black on black violence. You should do your research instead of just looking at mainstream media for information before you say no one does or say anything about black on black crime. Just because there are other problems does not mean that this is not a problem that needs to be addressed. Doesn’t make right that innocent unarmed civilians are being gunned down by those who are supposed to protect and serve. That should have been a video of 4 cops helping this man push his car on the side of the road instead of him being shot on the side of the road.

        • That’s just it, put white Americans in low income housing, offer them education with budget cuts and ect. Give them jobs with less pay (which is a proven fact)Leave them little to no hope to get out of poverty wanting more for themselves and their families, resulting to selling drugs. This then results in violence and you my friend will get white on white crime and whites killing whites.

          • Poverty is a BS excuse for committing crime. How many households in black communities across this country are run by a single parent? Instill proper morals in people while they are still young, make sure they stay in school, and teach them to respect authority, and they won’t end up as criminals getting shot by the police. The resolution to the problem isn’t rocket science.

            • Once again, people just won’t see the meaning in BLM, it’s not about color on color crimes, because there is white on white crime, Hispanic on Hispanic crimes, the issue is Blue on Black crimes.

            • Draco,
              What he’s saying is BOB crime is a reality but to take the stance of you fix yours first and we’ll fix ours is a siege-type mentality that ultimate cancels out our ability to solve anything. People are saying they are tired of talking about it but I think we’re talking around its which is why nothing is happening. The first step in problem solving is admitting there is a problem and to acknowledge your part in it. Collectively as a nation, we haven’t worked our way through step one yet.

            • White people kill waaaaaay more white people than Muslims but I haven’t heard ANYONE say…solve white on white crime before we address ISIS and Muslim crimes against whites ..this is just hypocrisy!!!

        • How about you focus on the white community where white males between the ages of 34-68 are committing over 90% of the child sex crimes. Funny I never hear a white person calling for action around this “white on white” crime as you call for black people to address the issues in their community.

        • …and they are. I live in Chicago, those marches don’t get televised nationally. Perhaps the media picks stories to keep up divisiveness; nevertheless, they do march in the middle of Chiraq but nothing has changed. This rampant black on black crime is not going to stop from a March – the solution are vast. For example, these areas need better education (but, tax dollars in poverty stricken areas deliver poverty stricken education. ) uneducated people make for low skill —> shitty jobs. In the cycle is real and often feels hopeless…

        • Why is it that ppl are so quick to bring up black on black violence when we speak of blacks dying at the hands of whites? Yes B O B crime is high and needs to stop as well by the subject is cops killing blacks. Stop diverting or rationalizing as if blacks kill blacks so it’s ok for cops to kill. None of the Bkacks took an oath to protect and serve either. If you immediately being up B O B crime then you are the example mentioned of being blind to the situation

        • How do you know that those protest aren’t taking place? Do you live in those areas? I’m so sick of people bringing that up in response to these killings. All of it is a problem.

        • Citizens of neighborhoods where black lives are being lost at hand of other blacks do indeed say #BlackLivesMatter. I have been a public school teacher in Chicago for the last 16 years and in that time there have bern countless demonstrations, marches, student assemblies, peace rallies and more to protest the senseless killings, especially of our young people.

        • Amen. Do something truly constructive and productive. Get into these neighborhoods and teach people what it’s going to take to get them out of poverty. Start with teaching men to be caring fathers and the value of marriage.

      • Sorry, but i disavow this White America you speak of. That is too simplistic a view of what’s going on here; this is not the experience of inclusiveness i was brought up in and around. Stuff like these unfathomable killings is like a whole different country to me, and not one I identify with. I stand with people of color against injustice, but I am not an apologist for the idiots who were raised on hate, regardless of skin color. I am nothing like them, and thwy ate nothing like me. I can acknowledge white privilidge without it being the go to excuse to justify the racist, poorly trained, and inexcusible actions of these police. My privilidge is not the reason innocent people of color are getting gunned down, that reasoning is backwards. Privilidge is the reason that white people are NOT getting gunned down by an overzealous, militaristic, trigger happy police force. It is absolutely shameful and abhorrent, and the root of the cause is something twisted in these people’s upbringing that is deeper than skin color, and i think it has to do with fundamentalist religious beliefs that indoctrinate folks to be hateful of anyone different from themselves. Sadly, skin color is the easiest/quickest difference in people to identify, and people of color suffer greatly due to this. I mourn their loss and encourage discourse on how we as a society must change this injustice. But i am quite sure that if I were an officer on that scene i would have done everything in my power to prevent yet another tragedy. There’s something wrong with these people and being white may be something they have in common but stopping there excuses everyone from asking the harder questions about what parents are teaching their children, what’s being taught in schools, churches to cause people to perpetuate this brainwashing of hatred. It’s not okay; the conversation is barely scratching the surface when you dismiss a real conversation by labeling it a problem of white privilidge. That’s the easy way out, a dialogue created by white people to excuse themselves of what really are much much darker realities. Wake up people!

        • I get what you’re saying Mark but I believe that this statement is a huge part of the problem: ” I am nothing like them, and thwy ate nothing like me.”

          Until white people admit that we all have biases against people of color–that we are actually raised in a culture where it is impossible not to develop those, and to benefit from them–we will continue to shuffle the problems down the road for someone else to deal with. You’re not better than any of these cops, and neither am I–it’s just not as simple as saying they’re just bad people who weren’t raised right. It is so much deeper than that, and I believe the refusal to recognize and acknowledge that openly is the reason police fail black men. No matter how open you think your eyes are, we are all taught on some level that black men’s lives simply do not matter as much, because they are likely to be criminals or dangerous. And the current process sanctions murder by cop as long as the cop felt there was a threat–and cops ALWAYS feel threatened by black men.

      • I disagree with you there. You need to do more research. There is all colors saying all lives matter. Not just white Americans. If people would do research before getting angry or acting out. They may know the hole facts. I do think shoot someone unarmed is sad. And I do feel for the families but at the same time. Why not stop when your told. Why not do as your asked. Then maybe they would not feel in danger. Yes I think there are tons of bad police officers that use there bag for power. And they should be punished. But why everyone. Or excuse me why only the white officers.

        • It’s not about “only white officers” – police culture in general is to blame for perpetuating racial biases and sanctioning behavior that puts black men and boys in particular in danger. Last night’s murder was at the hands of a black officer – we have arrived 400 years after the deliberate implementation of racism for economic gain at a very convoluted point in time – will White America start listening and admit there’s a need for change, or continue to be blind, dumb and deaf to the fact that change has to start with us? The first step is admitting we have a problem, and many people still refuse to take it.

      • Thats not right. Blacks have every privalages white do…and they have more whenu throw in 100 black men ckub, anaacp, uncf ect ect ect. Just because they do t take advantagof it isnt anyones fault bu their own!!! Period!!! Quit looking for a hand out and go to work for petes sake .

      • Stfu… BLM is a soros pawn. Blacks have the same privileges, after all there is one in the white house ruining this nation right now. Go on and pretend like the man still keeping the boys down; a slap in the face for all those successful people walking around with MD, PhD, etc behind their non oppressed black names.

        Y’all make me wonder what kinda crap was in the ground water your momma drank when you were developing. Smdh

    • America is ALREADY divided. That is the point. Until the whole of America does it, we’re going to call out the parts of it that don’t. We’re calling them to join in unity with us.

    • R. I am not buying into this Republican crap about dividing America by mentioning racial and ethnic groups. The fundamental fact of the matter is that this nation IS DIVIDED and always has been. You cannot sweep that under the rug and pretend that these divisions do not exist. On the day they cease to exist—we can all quit talking about the divisions. The fact of the matter is that we have a racist political party in the United States, and it is called the Republican Party. Many Republicans do not like to hear that truth because the truth hurts sometimes. And no, I am not a Democrat. I am an Independent. Personal opinion, if you are an old white person and you do not like African-Americans, Mexicans, or peaceful Arabic adherents of Islam, you are living in the wrong country because your beliefs are antithetical to the basic principles of freedom and fair play on which this country was founded.

    • LOL yeah right…only someone with White Privilege would believe this to be true after Colin Kaepernick has been called every Black name in the book…

    • Or, you could understand the full breadth of what John is saying. Black America, America the Colorful, has been in the fight against this kind of injustice for generations; when will White America, en masse, join them?

      • Yes to this! Hit the nail on the head. All these other comments are apologists’ excuses to deflect and shift blame. Enough is enough!!

    • America is already very divided. Many people still refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. That acknowedgement needs to be made in order for change to come.

    • Thank you from the fat old white woman who sits through the anthem at Fenway Park. The one who cries for the families of the murdered men who are killed because of the color of their skin. The crazy old bat who dons her hoodie and carries skittles on Trayvons birthday. My heart aches for this country. And I am very angry that state sponsored murder is rampant. Though my skin is very pale, I am a member of the human race. I was raised to believe that no group of people should be painted with one brush. I am white and I sit.

    • But by saying America, would that not be overlooking the fact that we are a country that is racially divided? Calling a spade a spade it’s the “problem” – being a spade is…

    • Want to be even more politically correct let’s try Americans of the United States since there’s a central, northern and southern America.

  2. I would love to respectfully ask the blacks to quit complaining about policemen doing a very difficult job and start trying to figure out why most of black deaths are caused by black killing blacks. The black man’s biggest worry is himself. I agree we have to make strides in the white community, although the progress we had made has been destroyed in the last eight years. So sad. But I think people like Colin must show us they are also concerned about their own people killing each other before we totally get on board.

    • Do you really believe that?

      Have you failed to notice that people who kill the most people in the USA are white supremacists?

      Should white people show us they are also concerned about their own people killing each other before we totally get on board.

    • We should always be concerned when we have corrupted police anywhere. The fact that blacks kill blacks, blacks kill white, whites kill whites etc., has nothing to do with police killing black people who don’t deserve it. That was the strangest post I ever read. I’m not trying to be mean, but maybe you did not think before you wrote it, but did you hear yourself?
      Look, cops are people first. There is a small % cops that are bad people. At times I think the cops freak out like in the case where the cop shot the caretaker of the autistic boy and shot. But they still have to be held accountable. They are not. There has to be better training. There has to be better testing before they hired. There has to be better accountability when this is done. In the case of Freddie Grey not one police officer was held accountable for that boy. Not one. They killed him. And don’t even say because they were found not guilty they are not guilty. They killed him. Just because someone of these guys/woman are not actually above the law completely does not mean they deserve to die. You comment was very ignorant (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here), and hopefully you can understand that just because black people kill people does not make it okay for a police to go and shoot someone. In fact it does not matter what color that person is. IF the person has not done something to be a threat that person does not deserve to be shot and die.

    • I respectfully ask that you not add insult to injury by implying that black people don’t have a right to be alarmed by death at the hands of people sworn to protect them. If you don’t care about the deaths of the innocent, your opinions aren’t valid. And frankly, black on black crime is none of your business.

    • By invoking this Black-on-Black violence red-herring you are exposing how extremely ignorant,  blatantly racist you are!
      You patently dismisses legitimate grievances African Americans have in regards to the public safety and policing of their communities.
      IMHO You who invoke this red herring to change the conversation from ‘police brutality’ to ‘Black-on-Black violence’ aren’t really concerned about the violence in the community at all but, rather, you are exposing your kneejerk reativity with regard to reflexively defending law enforcement & engaging in bearing false witness & the most disgusting and despicable victim-blaming.

      • White on white crime rate is much higher. It’s ridiculous for people to event say this but they say it to try to distract from the real issue at hand that they dont want to comfront.

    • Sandy. Did you seriously just hear what you wrote. Go back and look at it carefully. I can even rewrite it for you:

      “I would love to respectfully ask all you negroes to quit complaining about policemen doing a very difficult job. White policemen just have to shoot them shiny black negroes sometimes. We need to start trying to figure out what is inherently wrong with all these vicious negroes who kill other negroes. Maybe it is just in their genes? All black people care about is themselves—what they can get out of us fine, pure, upstanding white people. I agree we have to make strides in the white community to better understand the nature of the wild negro better, although the progress we had made has been destroyed by that awful jigaboo some elected President eight years ago.. So sad. But I think people like Colin must show us they are also concerned about their own people killing each other before we totally get on board—because killing negroes is just one of the many things we white people do.

      Look lady. I’m sorry—no offense intended—but I grew up Down South and have lived here all my life—and I know all the conscious and unconscious code language and the behaviors associated with it.

    • Americans greatest worry is themselves yet we keep going after terrorists. Hmmm….

      The issue is this- yes, there are black people killing other black people (incidentally, white people kill white people and brown people kill brown people), but 9 times out of 10 they are convicted. There have been numerous cases just within the past year of an officer killing a black person and there being no repercussions. Now, I know you know this, but I’m telling you again since you so willfully choose to be ignorant.

    • You should refer to my comment to the anonymous person above. But doesn’t matter what anyone says because it is this mentality that you have that is the root of the problem.

    • That’s really sad. Whites kill 85% of whites but if I see a video of a police officer murdering an innocent white man, and it keeps happening over and over again, I have enough common decency to not compare it to something that has nothing to do with the current topic. Which is those who have sworn to protect and serve ALL Americans without playing executioner, judge and jury.

    • I would like to respectfully ask that we focus on the fact that 87% of white women who are murdered are killed by white men. The white woman’s biggest worry is the white man. Why is nobody talking about this? I thought #AllLivesMatter?

    • Wait, are you actually saying that White Americans shouldn’t worry about police killings of unarmed Black men not involved in any criminal activity until there aren’t any more Black criminals killing other Black people?

      I’d be willing to accept this logic IF ONLY the reason for the argument was that all your effort was instead directed toward solving the issues of poverty and lack of opportunity that cause young people to turn to gangs and crime instead of their adult mentors and positive role models and college education opportunities. That you had no more time, energy, or money to combat the issues causing excessive use of force by police officers, because you have used it all in support of the victims of crime, injustice, and plain bad luck.

    • Why is it that ppl are so quick to bring up black on black violence when we speak of blacks dying at the hands of whites? Yes B O B crime is high and needs to stop as well by the subject is cops killing blacks. Stop diverting or rationalizing as if blacks kill blacks so it’s ok for cops to kill. None of the Bkacks took an oath to protect and serve either. If you immediately being up B O B crime then you are the example mentioned of being blind to the situation

    • Are you serious…. you don’t need to kneel, you need to lie down. So you are proposing that until black people stop killing black people, police are justified in killing black people. That’s like saying until Catholic priests and child molesters stop preying on children, sexual crimes against children is justified.

    • Folks need to understand the implications of joining forces with BlackLivesMatter? Have you viewed their website? When arriving at their page, click on the menu tab, then their guiding principles, then the black tab with the yellow circle that reads Black Villages. There you will read the alarming words: “We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement…”

    • You failed to make the very pertinent distinction between criminals who kill black citizens and the police who are sworn to “Protect and to Serve” all citizens that kill with impunity. How dare you decide what is the ‘black man’s biggest worry’ and then go on to state that you need the black community to show that they care about their own before you’re willing to get on board?? You have a long way to go in your evolution of understanding the issues here. When you decide to get off your high horse, tuck and roll, because that first step is going to be huge.

    • i would like to respectfully ask you to explain why white on white crime rates are just as high yet cops kill black people at a greater rate? maybe if more people were properly able to apply statistics they could get on board. maybe if more people had the basic sense it realize that cop on civilian crime is not related to color on color crime they could get on board. either way, you need to be a lot less racist to get totally on board.

  3. I always enjoy your post on your blog. It is so refreshing. Where I understand where you are coming from here, I don’t agree with you on this one and that is okay. We don’t have to agree on everything. 😉 Our national anthem is in regards to our country. The entire country. The beef is with the police who are beating and killing black people. Make NO mistake. That is nothing small. It is huge. It’s one of the biggest problems we have in our country although it is a small group of cops if you add all the cops we have out there. It’s still to many. IMHO by not standing for the national anthem is not helping the issue. It has nothing to do with the policemen who are doing this to our black men and woman. It is not disrespecting them. It’s is disrespecting our country as a whole though. BLM, have done a great job marching peacefully week after week and by what I have understand have actually gotten some real work done. They have taken action. I bet being a part of that and donating to them, would be a better way to show and act then disrespect our country’s anthem., then have the world debate it for months on end. I just see it as apples and oranges. But at least we do live in country where they are allowed to not stand for the anthem for any reason they want. That is just my (long) 2 cents.

    • But maybe we should disrespect a country that allows racism to flourish.

      It’s not just cops killing innocent black people, it is also Republican gerrymandering and Republica voter suppression. It is school boards unfairly distributing funds, sending more money to schools in affluent white neighborhoods and less to poorer schools in black neighborhoods. It is teachers treating their black students in a less than manner. It is allowing the bullying by white kids of black kids. It is the fact that the most overtly racist Presidential candidate since I don’t know when, is attracting so many other bigots out of the woodwork like cockroaches.

      So maybe this country doesn’t deserve our respect until we fix our white selves, kneel down with our black sisters and brothers, repent, ask forgiveness from God and each other, and change the USA into a country that no longer has any institutional racism.

    • What I read is that taking a knee is the chance to have an open dialogue and that open dialogue is exactly why it’s a point of contention. It’s a national public form millions (probably more like thousands) watch the sports. So it’s getting you to think about something that affects us all and have a conversation because had he and other fellows not done it you my dear would NOT be talking about it today

    • I respectfully remind you that at the GOP Presidential debate, Trump, unlike the other candidates failed to put his hand over his heart, and he doesn’t give a flying rats ass about police killings of people of any color. There are instructions NO WHERE on how to conduct oneself during the playing or singing of the National anthem. I just don’t understand, condemning people for exercising their right to free speech or expression is just another means by which the rules only apply to the few. Look at the reason for his protest and not how he chooses to protest and you will see that he is expressing his right to be pissed off at the reality of the double standard imposed on minorities in this country where every day black men, women, and yes even black children are being slaughtered by police for minor infractions, or in some cases, no infraction at all. Tamar Rice was a 12 yrs old child doing what little boys do, playing with a toy gun in a park. Officer Friendly didn’t come to him to see if the report of a kid with a gun was real or not, they pulled up, jumped out, and shot that child in 6 seconds flat. Another child, in Baltimore, outside his home with a toy BB gun, was shot. Thankfully he survived. An unarmed caregiver, stretched out on the ground hands in the air pleading with police that his disabled client had a toy truck was shot because….they feared for his life. But you shot the person you say you were protecting, then handcuffed him for his own protection, while the perceived threat continued to sit upright playing with his “weapon” of choice…a toy truck. Now I can almost hear the comments about these kids shouldn’t be playing with toy guns, but then the same commenters get bent out of shape when you talk about gun control, because dammit, you’re not going to take away my gun that really shoots and kill people, but that black child should then, also have the right to PLAY with a toy. Or that unarmed, innocent black man trying to protect his client are shot first and may live to see the next day. Why is it so hard for people to have any compassion or understanding about the real reason why Colin kneels? Why must black people continue to be killed unjustifiable and be demonized because they have been robbed of their rights to life? It sickens me every day I or one of my family members walk out the door to go to work, or have carvtrouble, or are outside playing…any one of these activities is for a black person, potential cause to be shot dead in the street unprovoked unjustified unpunished. When you see people who look like you being slaughtered by people who are supposed to protect and serve there is a problem…and it sure isn’t about Colin kneeling during a tribute to a flag that professes to be the home of the free.

    • Mary.
      Actually the national anthem. Is not for everyone. Check out in its entirety. Scott Key was not speaking about all persons when he wrote it. Heck the constitution we hold so dear did not include people of color when drafted. Liberty and justice were not the intent for blacks when written. Check it out if you do not believe me. Or choose to continue as you always have.

  4. As a white woman, born in 1954, in Southern California, I grew up in a very diverse setting. It’s still hard for me to grasp the level of racism and bigotry in our country in the past and right now. I would recommend reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson if you need some help understanning what message kneeling during the National Anthem is trying to convey. We are a world where, sadly, all men (and women) are not created or treated equal. If we could quit being so egotistical as to think our race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. is the only valid, correct way to be and is superior to all others the world would be vastly improved.

  5. John-
    I’m a veteran who dedicated 20 years of my life to the military. My husband, is currently dedicating over 20. My grandfather fought in WWII, my grandmother was a “Rosie Riveter,” and my great-grandfather fought in WWI. To take a stand/protest against our nation in a way such as the NLF players are doing and kneeling when the flag is presented and the National Anthem is being played is like saying what we fought for and our soldiers, sailors, and Airmen who died fighting (and are still fighting) didn’t matter.

    I am not saying the protest that CK and many others want to take on isn’t important. I think that it is major! I think that it needs to be done. I believe wholeheartedly that we, as a whole, as every race/ethnicity/minority-white, black, Asian, Latino, Indian, Pacific-Islander, gay/lesbian, etc.-all need to come together to fight this battle. We need to show unity. We need to pull together as ONE. I don’t support how he’s doing it because I support my brothers and sisters in arms. However, I support what CK stands for when it comes to wanting better for minorities and being heard. Sometimes it’s how you go about doing things that gets you the (positive) results. My personal opinion is that had he gone about this protest a different way he would have gotten a better response from the public and a better backing from everyone.

    • Samantha, you said, “To take a stand/protest against our nation in a way such as the NLF players are doing and kneeling when the flag is presented and the National Anthem is being played is like saying what we fought for and our soldiers, sailors, and Airmen who died fighting (and are still fighting) didn’t matter.”

      I suppose that is one way to look at it. It’s not mine.

      The way I look at it, that for which our soldiers, sailors, and Airmen who fought and still fight is to defend our country. Our country includes Freedom of Speech, by which the Founding Fathers meant “freedom of political expression.” Colin is a much a patriot as any vet.

      Let us not forget that the very first army on the soil of what was to become known as the United States was an army of protestors. This country is founded on a protest movement. Protest is part of our identity. Our soldiers, sailors, and Airmen fought and still fight to protect our right to protest.

      • Gloriamarie-
        Please don’t confuse my words. I didn’t say I didn’t support his reason for protesting and his right of Freedom of Speech. What I don’t agree with is HOW he is going about doing it, as I stated in my original post. I fully support his right to protest. I just wish that he went about it differently, that’s all.

        • I don’t believe I did confuse your words, Samantha. I believe I understood you quite clearly when you said “s like saying what we fought for and our soldiers, sailors, and Airmen who died fighting (and are still fighting) didn’t matter.”

          I am merely offering a POV that says that the service and sacrifice does matter and that Colin’s act is proof that it matters.

        • i’d be interested to know exactly what sort of protest might be considered appropriate? not trying to be snide, just trying to understand.

          • NO protest would be considered appropriate. This is not about a “proper time and place.” The folks all upset over all this just want CK and his ilk to SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.
            I wouldn’t have nearly as much contempt for them as I do if they would simply fess up and tell the truth.

        • Do you want to talk about my Grandfather who served in WWI, my father who served in Korea, my aunt’s and uncles who served in WWII and Vietnam and how they were not treated as full citizens even to this day? How does the National Anthem and the Flag honor their service?

      • Samantha, how should he protest? Carry a sign? What’s acceptable? I think his non-violent, quiet and effective gesture is very appropriate, and respectfully done. What about when the basketball players threw their jerseys on the ground after the tape was played with their owner’s bigoted comments? These athletes are people of color, they represent the hopes and dreams of many young men in America, and yet they are disillusioned – even with fame, money and success – they are still unsafe. Their simple gesture, to call attention to inequities and the total lack of justice, is radical only to those who’ve never put their reputation on the line for a cause. When you’ve done this (publicly protested or opposed or supported something), you understand that it compels you, you don’t summon it – you are overwhelmed by a need to DO SOMETHING. I’m glad he sat/took a knee, I am glad I listened to his press conference and I am glad I thought long and hard about what its like to be in his skin. I gave CK the benefit of the doubt, that he knows much better – by a lifetime of personal experience, and from friends or colleagues – what its like for a person of color in 2016 in America. I believe him.

    • Dear America,
      Now that the conversation has been opened by Colin Kap, I’d like to take the time to explain the whole point of taking a knee or raising a fist in protest. All throughout school, we were taught the preamble to the declaration of independence which states that all men are created equal. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that all men and women are not created equal! There is a growing disparity among the races that has effected this country: young men and women of color are treated differently than young men and women who are white. In all aspects of life this is experienced; education, careers, law enforcement, buying houses and cars, religion, and ect. Some players of the NFL and other sports are protesting because as an American citizen, I should not have to fear the entity who has taken an oath to protect and serve my neighborhood. An unarmed black man should not have to die at the hands of law enforcement; he deserves to have his day in court just like any other American here in this country. The conversation should not be about the method of the protest, but the situations surrounding the purpose of the protest, and a serious conversation needs to take place. This is not something that passing a law will fix; having body cameras will help a little, but the solution is only going to happen when we as a while stops devaluing human life.

      • I 100% agree with you.

        You cited the Declaration of Independence. When Thomas Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal” by that he meant white men only. He did not include women, Native Americans, black people whether free or slaves, or anyone else. He meant only white men.

    • First and foremost thank you so much for what you have done for our country and your service. With that in mind though I have to make a point as respectfully as I can. The fact that CK can do what he is doing is not saying your sacrifice does not matter…it’s the opposite. He is excercising the freedoms you have fought for! You and so many others have fought for the freedom of of Americans. One of the most amazing parts of that is the right to speak out against our government without fear. It is in no way disrespecting your sacrifice.

    • Samantha, you said “Sometimes it’s how you go about doing things that gets you the (positive) results,” and that him kneeling ” is like saying what we fought for and our soldiers, sailors, and Airmen who died fighting (and are still fighting) didn’t matter.” In other words, it’s basically disrespectful. I hope I am taking your meaning here correctly. Perhaps that would be a more fair observation if he were still sitting, as he did that first time. Just sitting there on the bench could be seen that way, which Kaepernick acknowledged, and that is why he and so many others are kneeling now instead. Few Americans mistake a player kneeling the exact same way in the end-zone as anything other than praying to God Himself and trying to give Him the glory for scoring in a football game and getting that scoring bonus paycheck (which I find disrespectful, but that’s just me). The act of “taking a knee” has always been seen as a sign of the utmost respect, reserved for God, or the kings and nobles we once believed were ordained by Him (and the coach, in the case of sports). I see kneeling for the anthem as a profoundly respectful protest and perhaps, on the part of some at least, as a prayer that we live up our founding ideals of equality and justice. Perhaps you do actually see Kaepernick’s actions as simply disrespectful, but perhaps there is more there than you realize yourself. A quick way to check: Would you feel the same if it were Tim Tebow kneeling, perhaps in protest to the “secularizing of America”?
      The next time I am at an event where the national anthem is played, I will be kneeling too. Not out of disrespect for my grandfather, ex-husband and many friends who are veterans, but out of profound respect for the ideals they served and to pray that we continue to move closer to making them our reality.

      • Ami
        I wouldn’t respect Tim anymore than CK for kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem. If he wants to pray-do it before or after…kneeling, sitting, or standing. Who Tim is vs CK doesn’t make a difference to me.

    • Kathy, why do you perceive his political protest as personal? That you and your family have served the country is admirable – do you really, in your heart of hearts, believe that Kaepernick or anyone exercising their right not to stand for the anthem is criticizing service members or veterans? You served your country – you didn’t have any say in what that country has done in the past, what its motivations are for sending you to war, what it stands for – you were just doing your duty, acting heroically. He is protesting something much bigger than you – you didn’t serve the flag, you essentially served the PEOPLE of this country, and your fellow service members – and a large number of those people are not being treated fairly and are pissed – the flag is a piece of fabric. Listen to what people are saying and put that above some meaningless symbol – it merely signifies a particular nation, a nation that just happens to have a very sordid and horrific history when it comes to certain groups of people, both in the past and the present. Worry about that, not a bunch of fabric or a song rooted in slavery.

      • mizzemm-

        Although you offend me by saying the flag I defended is simply a piece of fabric, I’ll say no more about that.
        I will say that I understand what you are saying otherwise, and I agree… people, who I served while in the military, are angry, have been treated unfairly and deserve to be heard. So tell me this…if they are idolized and so important (NFL players, in general) why didn’t CK become the face of BLM? Why didn’t he put together a protest at a football game and refuse to play? Why didn’t he call a press conference and let his words be heard? I’ve seen the clips with him and the green-beret saying that he isn’t trying to disrespect the military (I was only stating my opinion in my original post) . I also saw the article by Raven’s Ben Watson, who I posted on my own FB page because I like what he had to say. Look it up and read it, if you haven’t already. I’m not disagreeing with you…the reason behind the protest is bigger than me. It’s bigger than you…it’s bigger than CK. It needs to be fought together, though. Not us sitting on a post disagreeing over opinions.

        • I don’t mean to offend you, I know the flag means something more profound to you than it does to me in many ways. But I simply believe that people are more important than indoctrinated ideas meant to inspire patriotism – be patriotic if you like, but it is possible to be at once patriotic and recognize that our country, like all nations, are also deeply flawed and there are many valid reasons for protest.

          As for how CK chose to protest, I don’t know, but I think you downplay his admittedly small action far too much. Just look at the conversations he’s started. That’s how change happens, actually.

    • I can respectfully disagree with you. Part of protest is to make ppl uncomfortable to foster conversation. Good bad or ugly. The conversation is happening because he is doing something controversial. I thank you for your service. I thank you family. I thank everyone in my family who have and are still fighting for our country. But do you think about the fact that our armed forces are over there risking life to protect freedoms that they don’t grant to every citizen. Although it is the land of the free where everyone is supposed to be accepted and yet you have a ppl here that are looked at so poorly that they can be publicly executed for no reason. Then blamed for it for moving and being non compliant…Meanwhile someone murders 8 ppl not only gets taken alive but taken to burger King because he’s hungry. Terrorist who’s goal is to kill thousands and is firing live rounds can tactfully be taken in alive by police.

      Kinda like our armed forces are fighting for something that doesn’t truly exist the way it’s promoted to other countries. I think that’s more of a slap in the face than taking a knee(which was suggested by one of your brothers in arms and CK agreed to not disrespect you even though obviously none of his protest demands had been met) ? Get off the how and let’s get to the why.

    • Hi Samantha,
      You raise an interesting point in saying you support the movement, just not the means. I just wanted to get your thoughts on better ways CK or other BLM could protest? Black lives matter has literally done it all in the past 4 years and yet no change. This past month, i’ve seen more attention put on BLM (good and bad attention) due to the kneeling than I have in the past year. Marches didnt work, violence didn’t work, press conferences didn’t work, making the talk show circuit didn’t work. I say they didn’t work because 4 years later, there has not been any progress in conversation. I’m open to non-violent protest methods, but usualyl the people saying they dont’ agree with kneeling, don’t even have another alternative.

    • What better way…he has decided NOT to stand up for the hatred, bigotry, and racism that that flag represents…I see no other way to make a profound statement then to say “I won’t stand to honor a piece of cloth that allows and supports the continued inequality of minorities in a nation that professes to be the nation that offers rights and freedoms, that does not apply to all of its citizens.”

      There are black soldiers who go to fight and defend this country who come back and have to fight for the same rights and freedoms they were sent to defend. For once, I really wish people would think before they make absurd comments…a better way. What way do you suggest, get shot by a cop to prove the battle is real?

    • I disagree. No matter how he protests, it will not be accepted. What people really mean when they say things like this is shut the f&(5(, up n(7($8& and do what you are getting paid for or you will pay. You may not agree but that is evident by the many comments that have been made about this and other things.

    • kneeling when the flag is being played is not like saying anything. that’s your definition of what it means. for clarification, he used actual words to explain what it meant. and if you think kneeling says that lives don’t matter, what does a bullet to the back say? how dare you take offense at a victimless gesture when people are dying.

  6. Thank you, John. This is a courageous stand. Bless you.

    Of course there are those who are gonna lambaste you for it and I see they are already starting.

    Of course, this proves the point that there are bigots and racists reading these posts. If someone says “white America, pay attention” and the response is “all America, pay attention,” that is exactly the same as responding #AllLivesMatter when someone else has said #BlackLIvesMatter. Those saying “all America, pay attention” and #AllLivesMatter are right, but they never said those words until someone said “white America, pay attention” and #BlackLivesMatter.

    That there is institutional racism in the police force of the USA was proven beyond any doubt when the union for the police, the Fraternal Order of Police, endorsed the bigotted racist Presidential candidate.

    Colin, for what it is worth, is not the only football player to kneel during the National Anthem.

    “Entire Seattle high school football team kneels during national anthem before game.”


    Then there was speculation that a professional team would protest last night during the anthem. I don’t know if they did or not, because I consider football to be a liturgy of organized violence and so I don’t pay any attention to it.

    “Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins says team will likely protest during national anthem on Monday”


    As both of these football teams have both black and white players, apparently the idea is catching on.

    May more and more of us protest what our various police departments are doing to our black sisters and brothers.

    And, yes, I am aware that one cannot say that all members of our police forces are racists. However, if the majority of their union voted to endorse Trump, then we also have to say that the majority of our cops are, in very point of fact, as racist as they can be.

  7. So odd Mr Pavlovich NEVER seems to find the real problem.A whole lot of bad white people by sharing these rare cases. Has he mentioned how that under Obama blacks are worse off after 8 years….more unemployment,riots,murders, food stamps, less income.
    Mega liberal Travis Smiley….Even liberal black broadcaster Tavis Smiley has criticized Obama for this. As Smiley told HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski, “Sadly — and it pains me to say this — over the last decade, black folk, in the era of Obama, have lost ground in every major economic category.”
    Never do we hear John address the problem of black crime…..no couldn’t do that. Don’t want to judge unless it’s cops.

    • May I please have some actual evidence for your allegations about employment rates etc in the Obama administration. Because last I heard, plenty of jobs have been created under the Obama administration.

      I would like to see this evidence from unbiased, non-partisan sources.

    • Can the issue of Mitch McConnell saying that they would block everything and make him a one term president have anything to do with this??? Just asking. No help at all. No compromise. Hummmm

  8. Why must attempts by people of color to seek justice be done in ways that don’t upset white folks? Folks didn’t like the violence in Ferguson or Baltimore. Now they don’t like Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protests. I’m here to say that change is rarely wrapped in political correctness. No great movement in the US has ever come without discomfort. Our very founding was borne of discomfort. As a nation we are, at this time, poised on the verge of change. The eyes of our children, of the world are watching, are listening to see when, to see if we’re are who we’ve said we are. Sadly, right now we are not and nothing is more important than continuing to shine a light on that disconnect, discomfort be damned. What makes our country great are the principles on which we were founded and documented in our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. What will allow us to retain our greatness is our resolve to live those principles and to have the protections of those promises apply to all – without exception.

  9. Thank you for this! So good. As American Christians we have started to read the Bible through the lense of America, versus reading America through the lense of the Bible. God’s heart is sad that we put patriotism above humanity and so am I. This fits well into a blog post I am writing on creating impact and not looking for other people’s validation. I will be referencing this article. Thank you. Check out my blog The Local Mission at http://www.thelocalmissionaz.com

  10. Just once, I’d like someone who is accusing me of sins to also offer me the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Racism, it seems, is the only sin Jesus won’t forgive.

    • I don’t understand your comment at all. Of course Jesus forgives the sin of racism when someone repents of it.

      The problem with that is according to the racists I’ve known and the racists I’ve read, such as David Duke: Evolution of a Klansman by Michael Zararain, frightening, at least to me, is that racists justify their racism and see no need to repent of it.

      Something I wrote the other day seems fitting here.

      I am a white person. I know I have white privilege. I know I use it every single day. The society and culture of the USA has drummed it into me.

      But here’s the thing: I know white privilege is evil. It is based on a lie and it perpetuates a lie. What I can do is repent of it every single day of my life. I strive to come ever more out of denial about my white privilege.

      If we claim to be Christians, we can do no other because God created every single person exactly as it please God to create them. My job is to love my neighbor. No exceptions.

      • “How astonishing it is, the fierceness with which we cling to the beliefs that have made us so miserable or beliefs that have made us miserable, and that prove to be so hopelessly inadequate when extreme suffering—or great joy—comes.

        “…A Christian who has lived with a steady but essentially shallow form of faith may find himself called to suffer the full human truth of God , which is the absence of God, may find himself finally confronted with the absolute emptiness of the cross.

        “God calls to us at every moment and God is life, this life
        Radical change remains a possibility within us right up to our last breath…”

        -Christian Wiman
        “My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer.”

      • What you said above is convoluted, Gloriamarie. First you said you must repent of your white privilege every single day of your life. Then you said God created every single person exactly as it pleased Him to create them. If He created you white out of His pleasure to do so, then why would there be the need to repent of your whiteness?

    • What else is racism, but a failure to love one’s neighbor as one’s self?

      Something that makes racism a pernicious evil that needs to be outed is that it puts people’s lives at risk.

      Our black USian citizens are being killed by the police, racists, and white supremacists. Should we really allow racists to get away with their hate crimes?

  11. When Colin K. changed his protest position from sitting on the bench, to kneeling on one knee during the Anthem, I took it to be a reverent , prayerful, position. Even more reverent of our Country, than those standing near him.

    It would be awesome if everyone in the football stadium got on one knee in humility, –and prayed to God in Thanksgiving. That act of humbling ourselves, would go a long way to help lessen police racial bias & misconduct.

    • Thank you, Paul. I too took it as a reverent, prayerful position.

      I don’t know if the comment with the links has been approved yet or not, but I posted a link to two articles.

      One is that an entire Seattle high school team knelt during the Anthem.

      The other was an article from the Washington Post saying that the Eagles football team were considering a protest during the Anthem in yesterday’s game. I don’t know if they did or not because I hate football, liturgy of legalized violence that it is.

      If John P has not approved that post, I am certain you could google it with the info I’ve offered.

    • If your “bravo” refers to my post about the football players protesting, the correct form of the Latin is “bravi,” which is the plural of “bravo.” If you were referring to me, then the correct form is “brava” because I am a woman.

      I am officiously, yet at the same time, adorably pedantic.

  12. There are several problems with the device of shifting the focus from police brutality to Black-on-Black violence.

    First, bringing up Black-on-Black violence in the context of police shootings of Black men is to create a red-herring or, rather, a Thought stopping manipulation via catchphrase (black on black violence)
    that uses a brainwashing technique that thought reform cults & totalitarians deploy.

     essentially changing the subject, creating a smoke screen, a diversion, a deflection where police brutality and killings are discussed is bearing false witness, dishonest, despicable, reprehensible & evidence of moral decay!

    For reasons & wisdom all their own, typical of black and white thinkers, fundamentalists, people in denial & all addicts who must protect supply their script usually goes like this:

    1. Topic A is under discussion (police brutality)

    2. Topic B (Black-on-Black violence) is slyly introduced as if it is relevant to Topic A (police brutality)

    3. Topic A (police brutality) is abandoned and they try to hi-jack the conversation by changing to Topic B (Black-on-Black violence).

    There is a meta message they are pimping: it is as if it is a result of some pathology exclusively and particularly endemic to African Americans.
    to blame Black victims for their own mistreatment (while at the same time offering up endless platitudes to law enforcement) is very obvious and egregious gaslighting.
    To them Black people just can’t be innocent enough. Any detail from the past is fair game if it can sufficiently be used for smearing the character of Black victims and making them responsible for their own mistreatment and/or death.
    Lies are pretended to be truths, proof of false claims of police profiling and brutality are trivialized, victim talking points are invalidated, hijacked and diverted, and victims are blamed & shamed for overreacting all in an effort to trick them into believing it is they who bear the responsibility for their own abuse.– all techniques of gaslighting.

    The core issue here is that far too many people are being being gunned down by police officers with impunity.  When Black people kill Black people, they go to jail.  This rarely happens with police officers. IMHO It will take a sustained movement to end violent, racist, and militarized police practices across the country.

    • Very well stated. I am so sick and tired of the red herrings. There is a real problem that needs to be resolved. One is either part of the solution or one remains part of the problem.

    • John,

      Thank you for your thoughtful description of what happens when people trying to deflect using the black on black crime trope. Folks ought not get it twisted and should recognize that most crime is committed in the communities in which the criminal lives. FACTS. If Black on black crime is a thing, then so is white on white crime, etc.

    • Well, when I was growing up in my home town, a young white man who wanted to be a policeman—and eventually did become a fireman and a policeman—and then went to D.C. and became a highly esteemed member of the U.S. Capitol Guard Service TOLD ME in his own words that he wanted to be a cop because it would give him a chance to directly do something about the uppity n-words who were asking for civil rights they did not deserve. With a little authority under his belt, he could give n-words the billy club beating they all deserved just for being n-words. They called it “nager knockin” (phonetic long a) down south where I grew up and still live.

      Why do you think ?

    • This is the kind of stance that makes progress impossible. Police shootings don’t happen in a vacuum. Police don’t wake up in the morning and go out looking for black men to shoot. We live in a country where black males, who comprise 6% of the population, commit half of the homicides. Every cop in the country, white and black, knows the stats and it impacts how they interact with the people they come in contact with. When you encounter someone from a demographic that commits murder at a rate eight times higher than what would be expected based on their percentage of the population as a whole, you’re going to be a bit more on edge then you otherwise might be. Claiming that crime statistics are irrelevant to police shootings couldn’t be further from the truth. It impacts everything.

      If you really want to address the issue of police killing unarmed black men, you have to take an unbiased look at all the underlying causes. There are certainly people attracted to the power that comes from a badge and gun, who will tend to abuse that power, but they are a tiny minority of the men and women who choose to become police officers. That black men commit murder at a significantly higher rate than any other race in the US, though, is undeniably another one of those causes. It’s not victim blaming, it’s unemotionally acknowledging reality. You can’t begin to solve anything if you won’t do that first.

      • Well said! Might I also add that all who protest against Law Enforcement and ” police brutality” need to, at least once, go to their local station and request to “ride along” with an officer on a shift. This would help SO many better understand the job of Law Enforcement. Maybe C.K. et al would have a different perspective if they put on a police uniform and went out on the streets. Sadly, after every incident of a police related shooting ( especially those on video) , Law Enforcement are not allowed to remain innocent until proven guilty ( the media and public jump immediately on the ” guilty ” verdict , based on what they ” see”, without knowing all of the facts and circumstance).

  13. I will never sit or kneel while our flag is being honored. It has nothing to do black, white , justice or injustice. We don’t put a flag on the coffin of a fallen soldier for nothing, the widow of a fallen soldiers is not given that flag for nothing. It is a symbol of all that have sacrificed so much to live in freedom. You can say that you respect the men and women who protect this country and fight beneath that flag all you want, but when you kneel or sit those word become smoke that drift away with the wind and automatically is perceived as horrendous disrespect

    • That flag is not just a military flag, it’s supposed to represent all Americans. That why in the Pledge it’s says “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. But we know that’s not true. The liberty and justice doesn’t apply to all as evidenced by what happened to Terence on Friday. Colin Kaepernick and other who have joined the protests including myself are exercising our rights of freedom of speech that those soldiers fought for, as many veterans have acknowledged in their support of this important movement and of Colin. If you have white privilege however you probably won’tbe affected by anything I just typed. Which is the reason why this is going to change America forever. I don’t think anyone will ever hear that racist National Anthem again with the same ears.

  14. Keep writing, John. Our hearts of stone take time to erode with the realities of life, and until they do we will remain stuck in the ways we learned to live. Only water will crack to the center. Only the wind of the Holy Spirit will smooth out those sharp and protective edges. Only God can change us to live with hearts of flesh, and hearts of hope.

    And perhaps by allowing kneeling, we might see the desire of prayer.