Here’s Why We Grieve Today


I don’t think you understand us right now.

I think you think this is about politics. 

I think you believe this is all just sour grapes; the crocodile tears of the losing locker room with the scoreboard going against us at the buzzer.

I can only tell you that you’re wrong. This is not about losing an election. This isn’t about not winning a contest. This is about two very different ways of seeing the world.

Hillary spoke about a diverse America; one where religion or skin color or sexual orientation or place of birth aren’t liabilities or deficiencies or moral defects. Her campaign was one of inclusion and connection and interdependency. It was about building bridges and breaking ceilings. It was about going high. 

Trump imagined a very selective America; one that is largely white and straight and Christian, and the voting verified this. Donald Trump has never made any assertions otherwise. He ran a campaign of fear and exclusion and isolation—and that’s the vision of the world those who voted for him have endorsed.

They have aligned with the wall-builder and the professed p*ssy-grabber, and they have co-signed his body of work, regardless of the reasons they give for their vote:

Every horrible thing Donald Trump ever said about women or Muslims or people of color has now been validated.
Every profanity-laced press conference and every call to bully protestors and every ignorant diatribe has been endorsed.
Every piece of anti-LGBTQ legislation Mike Pence has championed has been signed-off on.

A huge portion of our country has declared these things acceptable, noble, American

This is the disconnect and the source of our grief today. It isn’t a political defeat that we’re lamenting, it’s a defeat for Humanity.

We’re not angry that our candidate lost. We’re angry because our candidate’s losing means this country will be less safe, less kind, and less available to a huge segment of its population, and that’s just the truth.

Those who have always felt vulnerable are now left more so. Those whose voices have been silenced will be further quieted. Those who always felt marginalized will be pushed further to the periphery. Those who feared they were seen as inferior now have confirmation in actual percentages.

Those things have essentially been campaign promises of Donald Trump, and so many of our fellow citizens have said this is what they want too.  

This has never been about politics.
This is not about one candidate over the other.

It’s not about one’s ideas over another’s.
It is not blue vs. red.
It’s not her emails vs. his bad language.
It’s not her dishonesty vs. his 

It’s about overt racism and hostility toward minorities.
It’s about religion being weaponized.
It’s about crassness and vulgarity and disregard for women.
It’s about a barricaded, militarized, bully nation.
It’s about an unapologetic, open-faced ugliness.

And it is not only that these things have been ratified by our nation that grieve us; all this hatred, fear, racism, bigotry, and intolerance—it’s knowing that these things have been amen-ed by our neighbors, our families, our friends, those we work with and worship alongside. That is the most horrific thing of all. We now know how close this is.

It feels like living in enemy territory being here now, and there’s no way around that. We wake up today in a home we no longer recognize. We are grieving the loss of a place we used to love but no longer do. This may be America today but it is not the America we believe in or recognize or want.

This is not about a difference of political opinion, as that’s far too small to mourn over. It’s about a fundamental difference in how we view the worth of all people—not just those who look or talk or think or vote the way we do.

Grief always laments what might have been, the future we were robbed of, the tomorrow that we won’t get to see, and that is what we walk through today. As a nation we had an opportunity to affirm the beauty of our diversity this day, to choose ideas over sound bytes, to let everyone know they had a place at the table, to be the beacon of goodness and decency we imagine that we are—and we said no.

The Scriptures say that weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. We can’t see that dawn coming any time soon.

And this is why we grieve.


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2,106 thoughts on “Here’s Why We Grieve Today

    • a country divided in despair and grief. I pray he has handlers. This article spoke to the essence. Trump supporters wont see it. Clinton voters understood a deeper cause, many didn’t like her but saw the cause. I hope the Trump supporters can live with this. Treasure life we have until he takes office, a change is going to come, and not a good one.

          • Please, take a moment and tell everyone here what the other side would have grieved had the tables been turned.

            I am genuinely curious.

            • I would have grieved at the prospect of continued unsustainable economics driven by an entitled welfare state that is the progressive liberal left.

              • The record high stock market, the record high corporate profits, or the incredibly low unemployment rate? If the past few presidencies have shown corporate America anything, they make more money under a Democrat than under the failing economy of a Republican.

                • Sorry but that is not the complete picture, a national debt level never seen before trumps that. Democrats writing checks against an empty account is the issue.
                  Don’t grieve. Pay your debts, move forward.

                  • The fact is that over the last forty years, only Democratic presidents have made progress in lowering the national debt. Obama’s increase in debt was caused by his use of more honest accounting that figured in the cost of the Iraq and Afghan wars. Clinton’s plans were deficit neutral — Trump’s plans would increase the deficit.

                    • Oh please!! What kind of “COOLAID” have you been drinking?? Take those Dumboocratic rose colored glasses off and smell their “bull€h£t”!

                    • This really is the problem that we face as a nation. Truly uninformed citizens who have been fed distorted and incomplete truths from the media who would much rather lie to you than put the real truth out there for you to see. Do you REALLY believe that we ADDED 10 trillion dollars to the national debt in the last 8 years due to improper accounting ?? THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!

                    • Are you kidding or do you think you are a comedian? Because this is so far from what is happening. We have more people accepting welfare than any time in our lives. Our debt is because they keep adding more programs to keep poor people poor, forcing people to meet silly EPA requirements, walls being built along freeways for noise abatement (Uh, the freeway was there before your house and we putting up a noise abatement wall?)……..TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT!!! Entertainment in the White House of such horrible people dressed in inappropriate outfits and the White House is saying they want to empower women? I cannot believe that you have let the media lead you down this path.

                    • Just wait for the Trump supporters to see our next recession in 2018, then they’ll see what a mistake they’ve done

                    • Hold on – are you saying that Hillary Clinton and her husband did not enrich themselves through the Clinton ‘Foundation’. did not cheat, lie, and steal the nomination from unsuspecting Bernie Sanders with the help of Donna Brazile (more Clinton detritus) who was fired by CNN for cheating to hep Hillary, that you care nothing about dead boys on Arkansas railroads, or the number of ‘accidents’ people around her and Bill seem to have? You apparently know nothing about the ‘pay to play’ scheme of the Clinton Foundation, or for some reason don’t believe email evidence that proves clandestine behavior. OPEN your eyes, release your inner partisan, and give peace a chance. You are not holier than thou, nor are you smarter.

                    • Obama delivered on 77% of his promises and against all odds with a hostile, obstructive right wing congress. The man just elected carried on a racist campaign against him for five years and the only thing Trump will deliver is divisiveness. It isn’t “Make America Great Again”; it’s Make America Hate Again – or white again.

                    • Seriously? Obama has accumulated more debt than all the presidents before him had. We can’t even pay the interest on the debt he has incurred. The GNP has not seen a lower gain over the past eight years than since the great depression. Unemployment? The fictitious unemployment numbers they put out don’t include the millions that have given up hope and aren’t even looking for work anymore. People are making more money? Really? Do your homework.

                    • Under conservative principals democrat or republican Presidents returned this country around. With President Clinton it was Newt Gingrich and the republican Congress’s “Contract with America” that forced him to move more to the center. This is the only reason he left the country in good financial shape. His first term was a near disaster. John Kennedy cut taxes and reduced the Welfare rolls during his presidency. He paid the the price with his life. He was shot by a hard left liberal! I remember these things and revisionist history doesn’t work on me. You should do a bit more research and not rely on sound bites or how many people say something. Gerbils was a master and it would seem too many smart people are still falling into this trap. All my best to everyone.

                    • Check your numbers. The debt has NEVER been reduced in 40 years. The deficit (how fast the DEBT increases) goes up and down- but 200 years of debt – it under Obama from $10T to $20T.

                    • Bill Clinton only balanced the budget and delivered a surplus because the Republican controlled House struck down much of his attempts at spending money wildly.

                      If you’re going to tell a truth, the whole truth; not just the part that makes your side look better.

                    • Honest accounting??? Hillary lost 4 billion dollars of our money….Just miss placed somewhere? Debt rose under Obama more than any other president in history? This thing is comicallly wrong on so many levels.

                    • If Clinton’s deficit plan was so great why didn’t she share or use her experience to convince someone, anyone touse it? why did she sit on it and save it for her oppotunity? Im sorry I dont believe that she was the right person for the offfice, I do believe that there will be a woman that will become the First female President, but I dont believe Hillary was the one. This world that Hillary has brought along with Obama, the one that you praise, the one where a person cant and wont say “under God” that wont honor the American Flag that has fought for yours and mine Freedom, that spat on people and down grade anyone that doesn’t agree with them, or are called a “Racist” because they dont feel the same way about something that has been said from President Obama, or Hillary. People rioting because their candidate didn’t win, pulling people out of their cars and beating them, is that the world that you want? this is what happens when you give trophies for losing, or a trophy for participating,

                    • Where is the honest accounting on the “incredibly low unemployment rate” [it’s incredibly low because it’s a lieberal LIE]?
                      What is honest about settling a whole nation with incredible Debt to Push Progressive agenda on half a nation that doesn’t want it?

                      Now if the writer put the shoe on the other foot and see it thru the eyes of half the population that has suffered under Obama [1st Arab “president” who lied about who and what he was] all that is being written here could just as well be written from the other side who suffer when they are vilified and bullied about their beliefs, actions and thoughts.
                      “clinging to their guns and Bibles”
                      “basked of Deplorables” “Racist” “homophobes”, etc.

                      That being said the big problem is Making Gov’t so huge and way out of the Constitutional restrictions, to solve problems that can’t be solved,
                      Gov’t isn’t the problem or the solution; man is the problem and the solution.
                      Are you man or PERSONS?
                      Are you a US CITIZEN or a state citizen?
                      A gov’t that can give you everything, by Force and Extortion, will also take , from you, EVERYTHING.

                    • @SJAY, you use the word “FACT”, i do not think it means what you think it means. No President in my lifetime has ever reduced the national debt.

                    • Glad u respect , follow , vote for a glorified reality tv show host . He’s a crook, bullie, money hungry. Selfish man. He’s declared bankruptcy more then he’s been married & rapes the earth of it’s bueaty & resources just to build skyscrapers that promote gambling & sex for sale . He is all about his own wallet and ur vote just crossed something off his bucket list. He will not be able to do half the things u voted for him to do they r factually impossible . I pray for the ignorance that stands in way. He’s a mockery & disgrace to mankind & what it means to be a real American.

                    • As I read all of these entries and thoughts from individuals, I am reminded that opinions are like assholes; everybody has one, and no single opinion is going to change the world or enlighten us. We need to vent, and that is good; but that is mostly what we are all doing here…nothing more!….and please remember: NO NATION LASTS FOREVER! All nations,including the Empire of United States will also fall some day.

                    • Those are all easily verifiable facts. Only Carter and Clinton lowered national debt. Bush was not carrying Afghan-Iraq war costs “on-budget” and therefore they weren’t counted. Trump’s taxcut proposals would add to deficit and national debt while Clinton’s proposals were calculated to be budget neutral. You Trumpinistas are pathetically ignorant of reality and the rest of us (the majority) are going to have to pay for your prevalence in swing states.

                    • The only reason that Clinton left with a balanced budget is because there was a REPUBLICAN House and Senate. Learn your history.
                      The Clinton Admin was also responsible for the housing collapse because they put in the CRA–Community Reinvestment Act where banks and mortgage companies where forced to give loans to people who could NOT afford them with NO credit checks. It is a well know fact that Janet Reno called the CEO’s of the biggest banks and told them they will comply or there would be IRS consequences.—- kinda like what the Obama Admin has done to conservative organizations and people who donate to causes against the Obama policies.

                    • The USA involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait (remember Kuwait?), were escalated by the majority ruling Republican Congress and Senate under the authorization a Republican President. A Republican President who was also in direct advisement by Republicans of all the alerts to prevent 9-11 to happen. A Republican run Congress to block every positive effort for a Democratic President to do his job efficiently . A Republican fault to the fiscal losses we have today and what President Obama walked into including the Banking failures and deceit, under the Republican rule. Facts? All forgotten. But point fingers in the right direction from where it came and where the blocks are. Has there ever been a time when the Democrats shut-down our Federal government? Twice so far with many threats for more by the Republicans. This country may not cease to have blinding smoke in our views. Burn coal and add more because science is wrong and political illusions are realistic, I was a proud Honorable Veteran and I am shamed by such dishonors that are the other side of 50% of this country who focuses on shopping for non-essentials, sport savvy and celerity news, and have no clue what and how our government runs in deep detail, not the skinny of news and data. Europe knows more about our country than we know of by our own liberty to learn.

                    • This is in response to Jennifer’s comment, “Entertainment in the White House of such horrible people dressed in inappropriate outfits and the White House is saying they want to empower women? ” You’ve got be kidding, otherwise you’d have me believe that the wardrobe of guest singers at a White House event is more an affront to national decorum and women’s rights than your vote for a thrice-divorced candidate who gleefully tells a stranger that he is entitled to grab women by their “p——s” because of his celebrity. You most assuredly are no feminist champion, Jennifer.

                    • And if you look at Hillary’s tax returns, she used the same techniques As Trump dif. The only difference is she didn’t have as much money so her savings was Less,

                    • Do you really know that or are you an echo from some journalist hoping to be the one to stop the movement. Hope you can understand
                      this ” Where you sit is where you Stand”

                    • Amen ,
                      Declared bankruptcies over 5 times . You trust him yet he keeps his taxes hidden. Those who voted for him believe in him & believe he’s going to make good decisions??
                      He a poor looser, powered by fame & greed , He puts his name on all his buildings & you all just crossed something off his bucket list!
                      I know why those who voted for him need jobs !
                      UR FIRED !

                    • Obama’s poor economy achievement in America came because social programs were more important than balancing a budget (or even presenting a budget for that matter). The so-called stimulus (a trillion dollars) was rammed down the throats of the people for rebuilding infrastructure with shovel-ready jobs. Jobs didn’t happen, infrastructure didn’t get repaired and money was used to pay off those who donated money to elect Obama (via Solyndra and other crooked scams). The ACA (Obamacare) cost us another trillion . With interest we are now in debt $20 trillion. Has nothing to do with how he kept records. It has to do with Dem out of control spending. Nearly every government has had missing funds during the Obama years. Hillary’s, for example, (State Dept.) is still missing $6b.

                    • Don’t just make a bold statement without backing it up. What money does he owe? Media lies as confirmed by Wikileaks….
                      Even when filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (reorganization) any and all debts have to go before Court for judgement.

                      When reporters asked Assange why Wikileaks us not leaking info about Trump, he said because there is nothing there. No accusations of racism, no employees screaming sexual harassment, no drunken parties, no drugs, no corruption, no fraud, no dishobesty. In fact what keeps coming up is generosity and anonymous acts of kindness.

                    • And killary “paid her debts” with dead bodies and someone else’s money.

                      Trump did not build the business empire he did without paying his debts. Do you honestly think he is the only person who ever reorganized their debts for easier payoff. “Bankruptcy” does NOT mean not paying the debt. It means refinancing and paying it back at a lower amount over a longer period of time.

                    • says who??….are you talking about the “filings for bancruptcy”? You do know, that there is a HUGE difference between chapter 11 (which Trump filed) and chapter 7 ( which avarage Joe would file for) right??? ….If you don’t know the difference, than don’t comment on such !!!!! With chapter 7 you get your dept discharged (or as you put it : don’t have to pay back the dept ) THAT IS NOT WHAT TRUMP DID !!!! (if that had been the case, all his properties would have been liquidated , the creditors would be paid by the accumulated money and the extant dept can than be discharged…..but don’t forget there is always several years of a commitment period , where all disposable income is to be turned over …..Obviously ALL THAT never happened)
                      Now chapter 11 is a REORGANIZATION of paymentconditions !!! here the properties are being kept and a deal to renegotiate the terms of the loan is being worked out !!!!!! (this is actually quite costly for the debtor , which is precisly the reason why usually only very large companies file for it) To put it in simple terms: you force the banks to there knees in giving you a better (or FAIR)deal on your loan (keep in mind : banks usually try to robe you of every penny)
                      Meaning: this can be a very clever business move !

                  • Great point…

                    “Trump supporters believe in a very selective America; one that is largely white and straight and Christian, and the voting verified this. Donald Trump has never made any assertions otherwise. He ran a campaign of fear and exclusion and isolation—and that’s the vision of the world those who voted for him have endorsed.”

                    Your opening statement is utterly asinine. How can you simply lump together the way ALL trump supporters think and feel?

                    You sit there and are writing pure drivel. Your words written here just fuels the race bating narrative the progressive left keeps trying to push. Identity politics at its best.

                    You’re just pissed because a majority of people just elected a total outsider. The left just lost control over acquiring money and how they would spend it.

                    Try another angle on how we all feel today. It’s just not sticking. And we are all not grieving. Some of us actually feel good. The real grief here is how liberals just lost control and power, and are trying to pin it on Trump and his supporters by calling names.

                    Classic Alinsky tactics. You’re a fool. Identity politics and political correctness is swiftly coming to an end.

                    • Actually, the majority of the people elected Hillary Clinton….do your research and check the popular vote numbers. The electoral college went in Trump’s favor, but over 200,000 more people voted for Clinton.

                    • Excuse me, but the majority of the country did not vote for Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton has received the majority of the recorded popular vote. But even still, the numbers are so close, it’s weak to argue that either side represents a majority of our country. Rather, turnout indicates a very solid spilt between voters.

                      Please try to prove your point with meaningful words rather than childish insults.

                    • A majority of people did not elect Trump. There’s a difference between popular vote and electoral votes.

                    • Actually the “majority of people” did not elect Trump. The popular vote went to Clinton. The Electoral College is what got Trump Elected. According to Trump, “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy,” I bet he’s changed his tune now….

                    • Bravo. I couldn’t agree more.

                      “Trump supporters are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, white people who want to see you suffer”
                      ~This uplifting, and in no way divisive message, brought to you by the party of tolerance and inclusivity.

                    • At least get this fact right. Trump did not get more votes than his opponent. He won because of an electoral college that gives voters in lower population states a larger share of the the electoral college than people in larger states. The election was rigged against the candidate who won the most votes. Happened in 2000 as well. That led to two wars paid with the government credit card and the worst recession in almost 100 years. Hope this isn’t as painful.

                    • Yes, the poor left that wants to support the non working and short the working, are like a spoiled child that didn’t get his way. If all they can bitch about is the same media driven drama that devices us perhaps the should look at what America was built on. Faith, love, and freedom. Not hate, fear and lies.

                    • You’re in denial Eugene. Not all Trump supporters, perhaps, but there are those who do feel that way. And the VP is absolutely on board, if you’ve forgotten who he is, so it’s not about being liberal or conservative, as you like to point out, quite as much as it is about the nasty stuff said during the campaign. Personally, I think both parties are corrupt. Neither has what’s best for the people in mind, they’re beholden to their corporate overlords. If you think otherwise, you are a fool. No one side has all the answers anyone who has the ability to think logically, knows that. the trouble with these “partisan” arguments is whenever the right hears something you don’t want to hear, as in: ‘We don’t care about the politics, we’re concerned about the attitudes toward others’ which is a legitimate concern. You immediately deflect to name calling, like “sore loser” and what not. I’m sorry you don’t like the fact that Donald Trump said a lot of nasty things about people and there a a number of his followers that loudly agree (even if it’s not you) but he did and they do. I’m sorry that you don’t accept that the new VP elect is a religious homophobe, he is. He attempted to pass legislation in his state a few years ago allowing businesses to ban gays on religious belies if they felt like it or some dumb thing. You are out of place with the shock & awe, because what’s in this article is true. We’re supposed to be moving forward not regressing 50 years into the middle of last century.

                    • 160,000,000 Americans are happy with Trump’s election. However, never forget that 160,000,000 other Americans are not happy with his election—we own guns too—and we will do everything within our power to prevent you from destroying the USA, which is our beloved country too.

                    • Actually the total votes show that more people voted for Hillary than Donald. Get your facts straight. It is time to repeal the electoral college.

                    • Or you can stop making excuses for how others feel and realize the writer, among others like myself, looked at that electoral map and agreed that Trump won because of his bigot ways.

                      The media didn’t spin that for us. The way our neighbors voted told us the truth. No need to hide it now.

                    • Ditto, I agree with you and there were a bunch of hispanics voting Trump. Hitlery was not about inclusion, she was creating divisions by pitting anyone who didn’t agree with her against their own people and just adding an adjective to make out to be too stupid to go along with the status quo. So go ahead and grieve but for the right reasons. IF the liberals don’t keep hating so much, they will find that America is awesome and has a bunch of opportunities if they will get up and work instead of whining and having their hand out.

                    • Those who so blithely celebrate are too ignorant to know that they are being boiled slowly. When four years roll by, and then eight; when Roe vs. Wade is not defeated, and instead the continued destruction of the environment is finally complete, they will still not understand what they have done.

                    • You are mistaken. The majority of people elected Hillary Clinton. The convoluted electoral college system chose Mr. Trump!

                    • Yes, political correctness is at an end, as is diplomacy and unity. Those who voted for Trump/Pence have endorsed their divisive values and we grieve for the loss of the potential for unity of our citizens.

                    • …and some of you feel good because you elected a hateful racist, sexual predator. You can’t deny what he is. He spoke the words himself. How can that be what you want in a president? Oh, and by the way, he has been proven unethical in his business dealings too. He has already proposed not paying our debt to other countries.

                    • Thumbs up to you! Their statement focused on religion, color and gender. There is so much more to it than that. It’s not that black and white but shades of gray that makes up the big picture.

                    • “You’re just pissed because a majority of people just elected a total outsider.”

                      Trump is a “total outsider” to politics the same way a flight attendant is a total outsider to flying a plane. And he was not elected by “a majority of people”; Hillary Clinton received more votes. But don’t worry; we will never ever let you forget that.
                      “The real grief here is how liberals just lost control and power, and are trying to pin it on Trump and his supporters by calling names.”

                      “Your opening statement is utterly asinine.”

                      “You sit there and are writing pure drivel.”

                      “You’re a fool.”

                      So… liberals “calling names” is bad, but you doing it is fine? That seems to be what you’re saying here.
                      “Identity politics and political correctness is swiftly coming to an end.”

                      “Identity politics” is coming to an end? Considering how fervently the KKK, white nationalists, and evangelical “Christians” embraced Trump, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about that. And how exactly is Trump going to put an end to “political correctness” without tyranny? Suppressing free expression violates the Constitution.

                    • Excuse me but truth is truth. A Majority of the American people did not elect Mr. Trump. The electoral college did. Mr Trump lost in actual vote count.

                    • Actually Trump supporters are tired of having Master degrees and no damn job, tired of corruption, tired of not getting anywhere when people are handing generation welfare, tired of being lied to, tired of division., Trump is the most liberal republican to ever take office – former democrat in fact. Stands for paid family leave, stands for LGBTQ rights, believes in pay for work being fair, helps children and families. Instead of spewing your fear baiting hate check your facts!

                    • Not trying to get too into this because arguing about it now is dumb, but the majority voted for Hillary… She got the popular vote, but Trump won the stupid electoral college. Carry on, that was my whole 2 cents.

                    • So what evidence is there in Trump’s past that suggests he will do that?
                      BESIDES TACTICALLY SELLING U WHAT U WANT TO HEAR….WHAT HAS HE DONE? His companies made stuff outside…he is corrupt…he is divisive…he succeeded by not paying his contractors….What has this man done that is reflective of his ability to lead us?

                    • We’re mad because of this: That’s the America you voted for. We’re upset because by voting in a sexist, racist, homophobic, islamophobic man who makes fun of and attacks everyone from the disabled to the grieving. You voted in a rapist who brags about sexually assaulting women and spying on naked women and teenage girls. We’re mad because all of his words endorsing violence towards women, people of color, Muslims, immigrants etc. has already resulted in an increase in violence towards them, and a belief that these things are okay, because the President also does/says those things. His presidency threatens the safety and lives of the majority of Americans, and by the way, Hillary won the popular vote, and the vote from the electoral college hasn’t come in yet. We’re upset because now so many of us and so many of our loved ones live in abject terror. It’s no longer okay to be anything but a straight, cis, white man. Everyone else is less than, and a target. Everyone else is fair game for violence and murder. That’s already been shown in the 2 days since the election.

                    • Money. Greed. You don’t know what grief is. That’s just so sad. How shallow do you have to be to grieve over economics? I feel so sorry for you. I grieve for the people treated like crap because they’re different, for women who try so hard to be everything that’s demanded of us, and we’re still not valued. I grieve for immigrants and LGBT who face an uncertain future. We all do. I grieve that there’s no longer prestige in being an American. That we have been pushed farther back into a rape culture. My heart breaks and I grieve and I worry, and I cry. My heart hurts. But you. You would grieve over economics. My vote didn’t threaten you in any way. It took nothing from you. Your vote will effectively remove one of my rights and deprive me of the oppurtunity of other rights we’ve been fighting for. You know nothing of grief. You only know greed.

                    • You just nailed it with your comment. The liberals are not happy because they are losing power and control and are trying to put the blame on Trump. They need to wake up and smell the coffee.

                    • Actually, it wan’t a majority. I feel some consolation in that fact that I am in the majority. Its just sad that reasoned, multi-issue voters are not more evenly distributed.

                    • Theodore Roosevelt indeed wrote these words, but not in 1907 while he was still President of the United States. The passages were culled from a letter he wrote to the president of the American Defense Society on January 3, 1919, three days before Roosevelt died (he served as president from 1901 to 1909).

                      “Americanization” was a favorite theme of Roosevelt’s during his later years, when he railed repeatedly against “hyphenated Americans” and the prospect of a nation “brought to ruins” by a “tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

                      Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN

                      “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

                      I believe this is more what Trump is trying to reiterate, not anti immigrant, pro american and anti ILLEGAL immigrant, no one called this president “racist or bigoted” he was supported for these view, immigrants are welcomed with open arms as long as they embrace the US not try to force changes to our society, many places no longer do Santa at Christmas because some religions object, that has never happened until now, many other holidays have suffered the same fate, did you know an American can be refused employment because they don’t know SPANISH? just normal every day run of the mill manual labor jobs. Why in our own country whose official language is English should it be legal for an able bodied person to be denied employment because they do not know a foreign language?

                    • Amen!! Especially the label ‘fool’; anybody who writes this as if it’s fact and that the future and what aTrump presidency will bring is absolutely known is indeed ‘foolish’.

                    • Eugene, Just for your information. the MAJORITY did not elect Trump. He won because of the electoral college. The majority did in fact vote for Hillary.

                  • Wrong Obama cleaned up Bushes debt. He created more jobs raised up minimum wages. Wait till trumps steals your money like he has done to millions of people. He left a lot people out of jobs with his Many Bankruptcies. Please don’t hide these facts.

                    • Many people’s money has been taken (stolen) from them for years now to pay for government programs. Just check your cell phone bill! That’s just one example… I’m sure I’m not the only person who works 2-4 jobs just to survive and so much of my money is “stolen” to pay for those that don’t contribute and just take and take!! I don’t see how Trump’s economic plans could make it worse for me and others like me…

                    • You are silly enough to think Obama cleaned up Bush’s debt? He has added trillions to the debt. He has created more debt than any other president before him. Can you ever quit blaming Bush for the complete failure that is Obama?

                    • I love how all the liberals think that Hillary was peace love & equality. She’s been a horrible woman for a long time. Apparently ya’ll ignore all of the emails that proved just how dirty she is! Then there’s the tragic killings in Benghazi that, & again proven with the help of her knowledge of emails, that help was requesting to be sent & she lied & said there wasn’t anyone to send. & before you go along with it was to far away, it lasted 13 hours while they waited for help that wasn’t coming. The last thing & I’ll leave this page is, Democrats are for love & equality & lots of other garbage that is nowhere how they are you sit by & either ignore or just don’t care about the fact she was all for full term abortions, you can’t be about The things ya’ll day ya’ll are & be for something like that! If you don’t know what I’m speaking of do some research on the subject & get back to me. I’m done

                  • You’re hilarious. The biggest budget deficit on record is FY2009- also known as Bush’s last budget. Vanishing 7 million jobs while waging an invasion on credit will certainly screw your budget. Watch as any Republican concern over the debt vanishes as they slash taxes for the richest people in history.

                    • Bush doubled the debt…a whoppig $5 trillion in 8 yrs from 5 to 10 trillion. Obama douled that to $20 trillion in 7 1/2 years

                    • Yea Hillary voted for that war and Trump said he was not in favor of that war c’mon folks it’s time to unite for change people voted for Trump because of failed policies over the past 8 years I voted Trump I’m Hispanic I don’t see him as racist because I don’t buy into the mainstream media BS

                  • Excuse me but the terrible debt was incurred by a Republican administration run amok, which a Democrat administration scrambled to save in the name of American integrity. Why is the collective memory of the USA so miserably short? Shame on you.

                    • obama has added more to the national debt than every other president in history combined. I guess facts escape your SJW self.

                    • I don’t disagree but it’s hard to tell what side you are taking about. Reading these comments it appears that both sides have been fed the others are full of hate and misinformation. It will be interesting to see if and how we can find common ground.

                    • Yes, I’m sorry to enlighten you clueless demlibs, but the bozobama HAS, in fact, DOUBLED the national debt, ALL BY HIMSELF and caused more debt to be piled up than all previous presidents COMBINED. Thw bozoboy has been out of control from day 1 and his only goal is to destroy and weaken our great country from the very beginning. This fool will go down as the most incompetent, hjarmful president in history.

                  • If Bush had not written checks against a phantom account for his wars the national debt would have been much smaller
                    Obama comes and places his war expenditures on the budget and all hell breaks loose
                    You deserve Trump

                    • wth? phantom account? you are really just ignoring absolute facts. the federal budget is not a do now pay later thing. the national debt being increased by 4 trillion dollars had ZERO to do with anyone but obama. hw many consipracy theories do you beleive in?

                  • Oh, you mean like the way Donald Trump runs his businesses.
                    I am sure he will run America into the ground just like all his businesses.

                  • Donald Trump’s economic proposals will add another 10-12 trillion to our national debt, according to economists. You’re cool with that?

                  • Yes I Totally Agree~Democrats forget that they and their beliefs are not everyone else’s~I as a Unaffiliated voter have seen more anger and Violence from the Liberal sector than the Right sector~Hillary Clinton is and always has been of Criminal mind~


                      Our “Liberal” beliefs are that everyone should be equal, no matter their skin color, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Our beliefs are that everyone deserves to be able to survive, even if they can’t work (the majority of people on welfare are children and the disabled, as well as the elderly. None of whom can work). The election of Trump says that women, LGBT people, people of color, Muslims, and non-white immigrants don’t deserve equality or basic safety. If you don’t believe that everyone deserves to be able to live and feel safe, you’re a horrible human-being. These things shouldn’t be liberal principles, they should be human principles.

                  • You don’t think the two wars the Republicans commissioned had anything to do with the crash of our economy? You don’t see what Obama stepped into in 2008? You didn’t notice the obstruction of the Republicans even when Obama was trying to accomplish things they had embraced?

                    • Really? Obama (Democrats) have dropped 50,000 bombs, killing women and children, and spent 6 billion dollars as of July 2016. Hillary created ISIS with Obama’s help, read your wiki leaks. Your stupid because you listen to news stations controlled by the Democrats who tell you what to think. We have been in a war without congressional approval. But our course our laws and constitution don’t matter to you tyrannical and oppressive Democrats who want to disarm the population and turn them into tax slaves for your free shit. You want to open our borders,,, Hillary was for open borders. And you wanted to elect in a woman who created ISis and left Americans for dead. Enjoy the victory of your fellow Americans and I can promise we will stop your voter fraud with voter ID next time. Democrats are fearful, hateful, ignorant blind followers of an oppressive supremacist regime. We love gays and we are not racists and we are tired of being lied about so that you can feel superior. Enjoy my vote. Democrats are controlling assholes. And I will use the next four years to show that the humanity of the Democrats has been a lie as they hated on and lied about other Americans to feel superior. Trump loves gays you idiots, and so do his followers. And we’re not racists, but we’re been hated on by your fear mongering and lies. We voted and you lost even with your voter fraud. Eat the grapes. Did you care about how others felt you won? Of course you didn’t. If you had won you would be expecting us to accept it not riot in the streets and creating fear, violence and supremacy for your political party. You are rotten to your fellow Americans so save the ## on what nice people you are. You intimate with violence,,, shown by people you beat up who supported Trump. You also committed hate crimes by beating up people for being white. Trump supporters are all colors and creeds. We are one. We are Americans. And when President Trump is in charge your violence and intimidation of violence stops. Because you have no problem when people who are not Democrats die and are beaten up. So here’s my verbal response to your violence and hate. F,,, you. I’ll see you at the polls in 4 years. Bring your voter id

                  • Just Live you Wonderful Nw President has been paying his Federal taxes for the past 20 years… Or the jobs he ships overseas for cheap labour..Or the cheap Chinese steel he uses to build his Monoliths, Or the poorly paid Latino maids in his hotels. THIS REMINDS ME OF THE START OF THE 3RD REICH BUT A LOT MORE DANGEROUS COS THIS MORON HAS THE KEYS TO THE NUCLEAR ARSENAL…

                  • You’ve missed the point. The grief isn’t over policies or economics, the grief is over realizing that half of your fellow Americans don’t believe in the dignity and worth of all human beings

                    • How does anyone “KNOW” who supports dignity and worth of others by looking only at the candidate or political party they supported? This discussion is a waste of time and energy by living in the past and throwing out insults at each other. I am losing hope for our future quickly if people are going to act from these belief systems.

                    • The ones who voted against you believe in it more then you do. And yes we understand you’re ignorant supremacists who buy into the supremacist political party you voted for. You and your party are harming people, you’re just too stupid to realize it. The Democrat political party wants stupid voters and they have Democrat controlled media who sell hate and fear to keep you in check. So you believe you’re a better person then other Americans because you voted Democrat? Really? Smarter too I’ll bet… really? And all this because you let a political party tell you what to believe? Interesting. Do you understand what others have gone through the last 8 years because of the stupidity of Democrats? We were on the brink of WW3, the woman you wanted created ISIS. We did it for the same reason our government created Al Queda, because we wanted to use rebel groups to do our bidding. Hillary created Isis with Obama’s help. Read your wiki leaks. Russia’s Putin has already publicly announced this. But you’re Democrat controlled news station didn’t cover it. They also didn’t cover that Putin announced WW3 with Russia was imminent. Because the only fear and hate they want, is for division to control votes. I won’t fight or die for you, I’ll tell Russia to avoid civilians and hit our Democrat controlled government. And no one else will die for you hates, liars, fear mongers and supremacists either. You are no longer in control of our government and that’s why you cry. If you cry because you think you are better people, you’re not. Don’t expect me to care about you’re supremacist tears. The woman you wanted to vote in … her husband receive blow jobs while cheating and she defended him. So please spare us your morality. It was a woman who beat you, her name is Kellyanne Conway. She is the first woman to run and win a Presidential campaign. Hillary’s campaign manager was a man named Robby Mook. Kellyannes victory will go down in history. You got beat by a woman. Most Presidential elects don’t trust their campaign to women. Trump did. Smart man 🙂 Hillary doesn’t care about women. Trump had female supporters like myself. He united races and creeds,,, but your leftist fear mongering and hate mongering news stations won’t tell you that. All races and creeds voter for Trump. So when you attack us know we are one. We united. We are Americans. So you want to tell yourself you’re a better human being and that’s why you cry? No,,, really you’re not.

                  • No Republicans passing legislation that favors and increasingly wealthy 2% at the top of financial America while the gap between haves and have nots widens. The wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes while a massive transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class contintinues. It can’t go on forever!

                  • Remember when 18 yr olds stormed the beaches of Normandy and joined up to fight in Vietnam? Remember when women helped fight the Revolutionary War? My town and county are named for such a woman named Nancy Hart. Anyway, that’s what I think when I read this because it is diametrically opposed to the indidualists ideals of our founders. I never read anything written by them like this. They were men of action and rational but profound thought. I wish America had more people like that again. Touchy feely is all well and good, but it doesn’t keep a country strong. Strong enough to protect its citizens. Human nature is the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. People and ciountries would love to take us down and they try every day. They don’t want to hold hands and meditate and worry about men being allowed in women’s bathrooms. Why would any serious leader make something like that a priority?

                  • I hate to break it to you but Obama grew the debt by about 53% during his time while Bush Jr grew it at about 101%. I’m really curious why Trump has been speaking to the Russians so much recently and why people in their country were actually cheering for his victory?!

                  • Grow up. This country is for PEOPLE, and our taxes should go to help those who need help. You dislike welfare? You faux “Christians” hate anyone you might have to help. A bunch of hypocrites . Clearly you are angry white trash, the lowest of the low. Trump fans who think he gives a damn about you, get a clue: he doesn’t. He will give CORPORATE welfare to himself and his fellow billionaires. Fun fact: corp welfare cost far more than all our entitlement programs. Also Mr KKK, O had to deal with the fallout from Ws failed policies that created the Great recession. The truth is you wanted a gross, sexist pig white guy. Everything Trumpsters say is BS.., all racist scared white folk who fear change. Here are FACTS…not your crap: Info on the debt: Barack Obama – Due to the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis, the national debt grew the most dollar-wise during President Obama’s two terms. He added $6.494 trillion, a 56% increase, in seven years. Obama’s budgets included the economic stimulus package. It added $787 billion by cutting taxes, extending unemployment benefits, and funding job-creating public works projects. The Obama tax cuts added $858 billion to the debt in two years. Obama’s budget included increased defense spending to between $700 billion and $800 billion a year.
                    He also sponsored the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It was designed to reduce the debt by $143 billion over ten years. But these savings didn’t show up until the later years. For more, see National Debt Under Obama.
                    Second Greatest Increase:
                    George W. Bush – President Bush added the second greatest amount to the debt, at $5.849 trillion. But that was a 101% increase to the debt. It was $5.8 trillion on September 30, 2001. That’s the end of FY 2001, which was President Clinton’s last budget. Bush responded to the 9/11 attacks by launching the War on Terror. That drove military spending to record levels of between $600-$800 billion a year. It included the Iraq War, which cost $807.5 billion. President Bush also responded to the 2001 recession by passing EGTRRA and JGTRRA. These were known as the Bush tax cuts and they further reduced revenue. He approved a $700 billion bailout package for banks to combat the 2008 global financial crisis. Both Presidents Bush and Obama had to contend with higher mandatory spending for Social Security and Medicare. For more, see President Obama Compared to President Bush Policies.
                    Guess who profited from the “War on RTerror” not vets, not us: Dick Cheney made billions… typical GOP

                  • Any Trump is the prime example of paying his debts? Excuse me! How many bankruptcies has he gone thru? It baffles me how people refuse to see what mess President Obama inherited, the challenges and roadblocks that were cast his way… and he still will forever be remembered as one of the most productive Presidents EVER.

                  • Sorry Sir, but you have failed to give the complete picture. The Iraq war was a check written to an empty account to the tune of 3 trillion and counting. The issue is partisans only accepting, and in your case, presenting half truths. Be honest, not selectively so but completely so.

                  • Actually the economy is doing better now then it was when Obama came in CHeck the facts before you comment and that is a cruel cruel thing to say We pay our bills and believe in other people besides ourselves , not just one gruop of beople ano noone is betther then anyone else whether they have more money are just while and judgemental, Everyone is the same and at least the democrats care about everyone not just some who think they are better then others which they are not They are worse because they think that. They actually are the ones who should read the bible and care about others not just themselves Also everyone goes through trouble whether it is money or othe r issues so maybe you should look at yourself and wonder why you think you are better and please look in the mirror honestly

                  • Every year the national debt level reaches a height never seen before. Refund, Dems alike. The greatest proportional increase in recent non-wartime history? I believe that was Reagan, Mr. Gorbachev!

                  • Not to let facts get in the way. The debt has exploded under Republican administrations – Reagan, Bush. The growth of the deficit under Obama can be tied to the first three years when we was digging out of a financial collapse created by Republicans. Please watch something other than Fox now and then. It might be enlightening.

                    • Then lets NOT let facts get in the way.
                      Debt under reagan never exceeded 40% of GDP, under Clinton it peaked over 50% and declined back to 33%, under Bush it never exceeded 40% of GDP, under Obama it is now over 80%.
                      There is not a single year of Obama’s presidency that has not had deficits larger than the worst year of any president before him.

                      I will be happy to blame Republicans for the actual damage they have done, but democrats should be held to the same standard.

                      BTW debt need not rise in a recession.
                      Harding/Coolidge inherited 33% debt experienced a severe post war recession/depression at the start of their term, cut spending, and taxes and had a very rapid and strong recovery that lasted a decade.


                  • The main reason that the deficit is so high is because George Bush spent money that he never budgeted and since it was already spent, Barack Obama had no choice but to put it in his initial budget even though it was Bush who spent it. Bush was left with a huge surplus. Facts are facts, The deficit is lower under Democrats. Irresponsible spending on war by Republicans and cutting taxes on the rich so that that money is not available for the budget is one reason for the problem . Because they lost so many jobs overseas, the treasury lost
                    the money they would have received from taxes on all those jobs.

                    • Bzzt, Wrong,

                      Regardless of how the war is budgeted it shows up in the national debt.

                      The growth in the debt under Obama had nothing to do with the war or budgeting. It had to do with Obama’s spending.

                      GWB doubled the national Debt from 2001 to 2008.
                      Raising it from about 4T to a bit less than 8T,
                      Obama doubled it over his 8 years from almost 8T to 16T.

                      Obama has added more to the debt than all prior presidents ever combined.

                      There is little doubt that GWB was a spendthrift.
                      But he was an amateur compared to Obama.

                    • Tax cuts on the rich have nothing to do with this either

                      Tax revenues run about 18% of GDP regardless of specific tax rates.

                      What the left totally fails to get is that taxes are not zero sum. That raising tax rates on people with discretionary income does not raise revenue.
                      As Obama Cheif Economic Advisor Christine Romer found in here work.
                      Taxes on capitol, investment, upper margin taxes do about $2 in economic damage for every $ increase in rates and tend to reduce revenue not increase it.

                      Even the Bush II tax Cuts “paid for themselves” despite the fact that most of the cuts were for people with non discretionary income, and therefore had little economic benefit.
                      Still I appreaciate the reduction in my personal taxes.

                    • A major point at which I disagree with Trump – Free Trade is on NET radically beneficial.

                      The few jobs lost are small in comparison to gains and jobs lost to trade are going to be lost inevitably anyway.

                      We are ALWAYS going to seek to produce more value with less labor – that is the definition of increasing standard of living.

                      If you succeeded in preventing free trade, and outsourcing and out shoring and automation, and actually managed to get the country to exist entirely self contained, you would have no growth and no improvement in standard of living.

                      Luddites have been wrong about this since the automated spinning machines.

                  • It will cost 1m dollars a day to protect Trump and his family because they want to live in different places. Is that coming from the “empty account”, too?

                    • Typical – create a problem and then blame everyone else for the consequences of that problem.

                      Neither Donald Trump, nor any other president, nor any other person are Owned by the US government or its people. Short of violence to others, reniging on commitments and failing to make whole those we harm we are each free to do as we please within our own ability to do so.
                      We can each – including Donald Trump live where we please – to the extent we are able.

                      Our government does nto get to dictate that – not to the president, not to the homeless person.

                      If the US government has committed to provide security for Donald Trump or for joe Homeless, that is the problem of the US government. The fact that someone else chooses to give you something does not obligate you to take it or to change your life.

                      Get a clue. Government can not restrict your rights by giving you things.

                      You can restrict your own rights – by the free choices you make – but ONLY through free choices – not through choices imposed on you by others.

                  • Eight years have passed. Look at what we have become. Nothing, NOTHING has been done in the political realm w/o controversy. The real winners of this election are the ‘unborn ‘. It seems that there was divine intervention here.

                  • I would grieve any loss of real, living, beating heart humanity. I do every day I assure you. But I don’t just grieve and believe the system will listen to my grief statements. I do something and I bet so do you. That is what will make the difference. Not any politician can change that or improve upon what I choose to do (which has been alot), just like you I bet. LZ

                  • I would grieve over late term abortions. I would grieve over far left supreme court decisions. I would grieve over a lack of security for our nation’s borders. And yes, I would grieve over the entitlement of the progressive liberals.

                    • Do you know for a fact that there was no one else here before the American Indians? I bet they took a few things by brutal force themselves. Lincoln forced them to free their Black slaves, too. Are you hurt by him for making Indians give up something they wanted? Human secularism destroying brain cells. American schools destroying brain cells.

                  • HUMANITY! The humanity that is ripped from the womb and sucked up into a plastic container to be discarded into a biohazard bin? Is this the humanity of which you speak? If so, can you explain to me why you haven’t been mourning much longer than 24 hours?

                    • I am so sick of hearing about abortions as much as I am the welfare queen. People think very narrowly in a large and vast country. Late term abortions are illegal and only performed in hospitals when life threatening issues arise for the mother or a fetus has already died etc. not ripping babies out of a womb. The bottom line is we are supposed to live in a country where people have a right to make their own decisions whether you agree with them or not. The world isn’t full of irresponsible women who use abortion for fun. It’s a right and a choice but doesn’t have to be yours. For a 13 year old girl to get raped by her uncle and forced to carry a child of incest… I’m not ok with that choice being taken from someone who has every right to make it on their own

                  • If you truly grieved humanity, then you would refuse to support a candidate that thinks a living being in the womb one minute is not living… and then in that same minute outside the womb, is.

                    • Very eloquent, yet maudlin and self-absorbed nonsense, John. Go ahead and wallow for a day or two; that’s allowed. But, if you really want to know EXACTLY why Trump got elected and Hillary and the Democrats were roundly denied? Ready? Go get yourself a copy of “The Clinton’s War On Women”. Read it from cover to cover, take notes, and meditate on what you’ve just read. Then you’ll actually have a valid reason to seriously grieve. But, this condescending and contrived diatribe based on misplaced guilt and your own personal religious backlash only fills white space and serves your ego. All of your finger pointing is nothing more than projection from deep within the well of the modern liberal psyche. Get over yourself and go get some sleep, pardner. Everything’s gonna be alright.

                    • I love how many of you care so much about making sure babies get born, but once they are you cease to care.

                      Face it, the world doesn’t need more babies, let alone ones that come into the world with no help or hope for a good life.

                    • No, Kyle Stewart. This is already the law of the land. It was made to protect the MOTHERS from harm. The fact is, Roe v Wade will never be repealed. So, go to church like a good little boy and stay out of government just like our Founding Fathers found, in their wisdom, to decree.

                  • Listen, I don’t support Trump and I do support social tolerance. I was deeply disturbed and concerned this morning by the election results. However, I would have been only somewhat less disappointed if Hilary was elected. You and many Hilary supporters are truly not hearing what a large portion of America is trying to say: They are tired of being manipulated and lied to by politicians. They think it’s wrong that more and more of their own hard earn money is being taken from them to grow an inefficient government which sometimes endorses ideas they don’t agree with. The tone you used is sanctimonious and over-simplifies issues. I do not like how Democrats are taking away my freedom in different ways.

                    • I do understand people’s frustrations with politics, and it has become a horrible money-entreched system. But, there is absolutely no evidence that Trump will make it better. He has his own trail of corruption, openly lies, and doesn’t even care to inform himself to know the laws of the land. It is truly scary how easy it was for him to just repeat certain things over and over again and people believed it.

                  • What part of humanity does And killing the unborn justify? It may be seen as a Christian position by many, but the government deciding who has a right to life is both a moral and legal issue. If it’s legal to kill an infant minutes before it’s more, how long will it be before it’s deemed legal to control population by denying health care to the elderly or worse, legalizing eliminating them because it’s inconvenient or expensive. BIG slippery slope.

                  • “You would have grieved over money. WE grieve over humanity. Big difference.” And there it is in a nutshell! I called this the Ignorant Peasant Uprising of 2016. Trump appealed to all of the things that an ignorant, low-life, peasant was dying to hear just to pump their selfish, whiny selves up. They heard all of his hateful, lying, half-baked rhetoric and gobbled it up like sheep: that his opponent was the Devil itself, gulp, that all Muslims were terrorists and therefore not worthy of our respect, gulp, that illegal immigration was NOT the backbone of this country but instead, a scourge and filth and we should throw them all out, gulp, that Climate Change and Environmentalism is just a sham and a hoax, gulp, and that CHINA created this so that it could profit, gulp, and that we should shake-down our NATO allies like so many squatters, gulp… on and on with the hateful, unhelpful rhetoric. THIS is the unbelievable hurt that this man has caused us. Not even that Hillary was the whole picture! I didn’t care WHO ran against Trump, I just truly wanted NOTHING of this horrible hypocrite’s passions to come true. AND I’M A LIFETIME REPUBLICAN! The final straw is the glee that people feel in taking away hard won civil rights so that the “church and state separation” will become a mere inconvenience to be overcome by the militant uber-Christians who are jonesing to take over because THEY KNOW BETTER. Oh, my beautiful nation. Who cares about corruption or national debt or all the other comings and goings of any other country on Earth. Those things are trite in comparison. What made this country special was our freedom, our diversity, our big heart. Now our heart has a swastika on it and the Trump Nazis are gleefully stomping and dancing on it in, what they, in their tiny, peasant minds, think is “victory.”

                    • Are you effing crazy? Hysterical wuss. Do you need a safe zone? How about a teddy bear. No way you are, were a true republican. Why don’t you do some real research on the history of our now two party system. See how they started and what they stand for to this day. Learn!

                • If you believe there’s a record low unemployment rate, you’re fooling yourself. When 100 million people have dropped out of the workforce, you have to count them as unemployed.

                  • 94 million people 16+ are not working, this has gone up because Baby boomers are retiring and because high schoolers and college age students are not traditionally employed (also one of the largest demographs). So flashing this number is not exactly an sound argument. It’s evidence of changing demographics of the workforce and the size of each of those demographs. Let’s get educated!

                • Your reply about unemployment is way off base! There were so many unemployed, one extension after another was given to the unemployed. Many if these unemployed fell out of the system and we no longer counted as unemployed. That does not mean less unemployed.
                  The never ending recession, with money being printed at the speed of light and over a hundred trillion in real debt, some estimatests are as high as 200 trillion!!!!!
                  This is an economic disaster! Obama came in with no experience and on top of that was given a Nobel Peace Prize, then committed us to never ending wars along with continuing the ones started by his predecessors! His health care had nothing to do with health it was a tax, and the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class this country has ever seen.

                • I couldn’t agree more. If only people would take the time or care enough to want to seek information about honesty and truth in Our Country.

                • The stock market is being propped up by unsustainably low interest rates. Once they start to come up, and they will because they have to, the market will fall again back to where it should be. Not to mention the federal debt that Obama pushed up to $22 TRILLION!!!!!!

                • Please explain the lack of wage increases, 95 million people not looking for work, lowest home ownership, the slow failure of Obama care, the growth of our national debt and the lowest GDP since the 1940’s. I don’t
                  Think you know what a good economy looks like.

                • The only thing I can see is Americas higher debt brought out by democrats and that maybe a change will happen with Trump Obamacare is a disaster it cost my family there insurance with rate hikes unemployment rate lol he bought out industry with tax payer money along with banks then bankers gave themselves raises Obama so you think how great democrats a and I will hope the change is for the better

                • The delusion of the racist homophobe is not the same kind of grief at all.

                  HA. Wait and see how Trump’s projects raise the deficit to record levels, his absurd tax cuts for the wealthy raise the debt. You are completely deluded.

                • unemployment is not low, it is around 10 percent or so. The number that is used is based on people filing for unemployment and that number is down because people can only get it for so long, after that they don’t count to the government, but they are still out of work.

                • The unsustainable part is the 20 trillion dollar deficit that will bankrupt us and I’m not that confident Trump will lower it either. We know the progressives won’t.

                • They were using false unemployment numbers, no one that was no longer receiving unemployment benefits were no longer counted, jobs were continuously being lost, the debt was going up and up, we who supported trump have been true iny for 8 years, it’s not the AMERICA I grew up with, I wanted my grandchildren espically my grand daughters from know pedophiles, we have enough of our own in this country, we don’t need to import any more, men and women do not need to use each other’s bathrooms, it’s was about a fslob running for president, who abused her position for personal gain we grieved that attitude, and yes unfortunately we will eventually find out some of our heros were involved in the corruption

                • Wake up and check the facts behind the tweaked and misleading statistics. Employment of full time medium or better paying jobs is not up. The figures are skewed by adding part time and temporary employment to those stats. Especially as Christmas help is needed across the country. Don’t be fooled & believe everything the biased so called impartial media feeds you. I am a retired member of the media so I know something about how so called news has become “infotainment”, agenda driven and editorialized without letting you know it. Get your news from a variety of sources… Form your opinions on complete information.

                • Low unemployment??? Tell that to the record number of people who have left the workforce and given up. Tell that to the 20% of households in which no adult is gainfully employed. Tell that to the 60% of African American teenagers who can’t find a summer job. You can spout your bullshit liberal statistics all day long, but we really know the true stats and you can’t blow that much smoke without choking on your lies

                • Then why are we 19 trillion dollars in debt. We will be bankrupt at 23 trillion. Doesnt anybody care. And why are race relations worse under Obama.


                • Low unemployment rate ,yeah because everyone not looking for a job is on some form of welfare. I guess you have never seen a picture of Detroit lately. That city looks like a third world country. Sorry the process has spoken, maybe go cry in the corner for being an idiot like your liberal parents made you do when you were a kid or better yet take a dodge ball to the face.

                • The stock market is high because it’s in a huge bubble. Corporate profits are down. The Unemployment Rate is a joke as it doesn’t account for those who have given up looking for work; 95 million are out of the workforce. Globalization has killed wages and manufacturing jobs in this country. TPP, heavily promoted by Obama, would have made it worse. The largely conservative country was not thrilled with being told they are stupid for being Christian and the culture war the Liberals jammed down their throats. Many, though admittedly not all, people who voted for Trump wanted change in the way the country was going and NOT because they were against minorities. Democrats also did poorly in House, Senate and governor races and that has nothing to do with Trump.

                • LOL! That’s what they said in 1929 too… In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the stock market is not a correct barometer. It is not rational even though we’d like to believe it is. It is a bunch of people trying to out do the next guy, which also means trying to be the first to the exit to lose the least. The unemployment rate as reported by the government is a sham which a large portion of the country has figured out.

                • The record high stock market has nothing to do with the US economy-it’s a result of money seeking a safe place (like real estate in Miami). Corporate profits are up because employees have been reduced or cut because of regulations and ACA-they have figured out how to make money with less people, and the low interest rate environment makes it easier to refinance debt and buy back stocks. And the unemployment rate does not show the millions of people who are out of the labor force-those millions are people who voted for Trump. So go and try to rebuild your destroyed Democratic Party, the one who has been hijacked by Liberal Progressives.

                • I woke up the very day after the election for the first time in 8 years feeling hopeful, not afraid, feeling safe and a new sense of peace…rioting in the streets has become the norm in the last 8 years w/o The President stepping up to stop it…this administration has caused a huge divide in America, what’s right is now wrong and what’s wrong is now right…Police officers are always wrong and the criminal is the victim…Police are murdered and it’s ok…Hillary’s years of corruption, her money laundering foundation and pay to play donations have gone without punishment…she has corrupted the FBI…her Iran deal, giving billions, giving missiles, and uranium to a country who wants to blow us off the face of the map shows her inability for common sense for heaven sakes, her refusal to help our heroes in Bengazhi after 600 requests had been made and her multiple stand down orders to send backup help to save lives demonstrates she is incapable Of helping America…What she does to women that her husband has abused is not tolerable while paying women to come out of the woodwork to bear false witness against Mr Trump….her crimes of rigging the election of the candidate in her own party…wanting to change the constitution amendments 1&2…. Freedom of speech/religion and the right to protect ones self…she wants to allow open borders when we should temporarily close our borders…we have open borders now and we have terrorists blowing up clubs, malls, after work parties, train stations, etc…someone please be for America….this mans commentary talks about Hillarys careing about humanity, How is that believable when she wants to murder baby’s at full term….the list goes on and on….so as a Trump supporter we could have used much from this article to turn it around to describe why we as Trump supporters are smiling…the question that was asked of Trump at the end of the debate should have been directed to Hillary as well…would she and her followers accept the election results! These rioters are behaving like what they accused Mr Trump of….My hope is that you give him a chance and I truly believe he will earn your respect!

                • Not true. Under President George W Bush, America enjoyed the richest economy in the history of the republic. The eventual cost of 9-11 security measures, a war and Pelosi spending out of control at the helm of Congress changed all that. Reagan, the other recent Republican, took over after Carter nearly bankrupted America and achieved an enormously wealthy US economy (Reganomics). Economies fail under heavy spending Dems, not Republicans.

                  • Utter nonsense, Maxine. We were running surpluses under Clinton. Bush promptly cut the taxes below the level needed sustain his & his Republican congress’s spending (The Dems didn’t take over until the 7th year of Bush’s administration) and the deficits began all over again. It’s pathetic how the Republicans have escaped responsibility for their gross mismanagement of the budget since Reagan first instituted massive deficit spending as a tool to pump up the economy.

                • 9 Trillion added to our national debt, robbing future generations. No year in 8 years with 3% GDP growth, first President in decades with that type of failure. Least workforce participation since Jimmy Carter. Not to mention he created a constitutional crisis with his use of executive power. First government entitlement program ever passed on a purely partisan basis – Obamacare, which is failing. Premiums continue to skyrocket. Worst 2 judges put on the Supreme Court who legislate from the bench.

              • well stated. if the liberals cared so deeply about humanity, they should have picked a better candidate. she is well hated by many and encouraged people to vote for trump.

                • We did and the DNC robbed us of our voices. We got a president we do not align with for this next election, but we also saw our hopes misplaced by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

                  I know that many republicans view liberals as a group looking for handouts or something for nothing, and to me this is not the case. We were looking for the removal of money for politics and a good and reasonable path forward for all of our people seeking higher education at an unreasonable cost. I wasn’t looking for more welfare checks; I wanted an America that was just and fair, inclusive, and that gave back some of what it took from us and let us all lean on each other when we need help.

                  Maybe we will get that America from Trump, but we sure didn’t get that from the democratic commission that was supposed to represent us.

                  • Anybody ever Hear of a principle called ,”separation of church and state”. One of the most profoundly important principles that our country is founded on. No single event has caused the extreme suffering and loss of freedom in the world than the interference of religion in government. But of course those of you who have want to defend your version of the bible only want your religious principles to be respected. I am personally opposed to abortion. But I an vehemently opposed to my government making that decision.

                    • I have heard of that concept…and if you truly understood it you would know that it was put in place to protect people from the establishment of a state run and enforced religion….NOT to keep religion in check, NOT to protect the public from being exposed to people’s religious beliefs, and NOT to keep people of faith from holding public office. Do I agree with everything Trump and Pence believe and/or say? Definitely not. However, it’s not a separation of church and state issue.

                    • Let me correct you, please. The separation of church and state was not to keep religion out of government. It was put in place to keep government out of our churches. There is a huge difference between the two.

                  • How can you mention the removal of money from politics with a straight face? It was Hillary’s grifting of money from less than savory foreign powers that turned my vote against her

                    • All politics is corrupted by the greed of man. Do you think funk I mean trump not going to steal and play tugawar with the unknown.

                  • The DNC didn’t want to not another communist, who actually told the truth about it. I know, Bernie sanders is not an avowed communist but he still believed in extreme wealth redistribution like Karl Marx. If the govt would quit interfering in private sector business, like student loans, your tuition would not be so high for one thing. Also, Dems put a woman’s uterus into the public square by consistently pushing abortion on demand and wanting the taxpayers to pay for other people’s bad decisions Re: their uterus. otherwise, I wouldn’t give a sh*t about anybody else’s uterus. And I wonder what kind of loser can’t pay for their own birth control or abortion?
                    Does anybody here know anything about the founder of PP? I digress. Keep govt out of everything and America will be better. Dems want the very opposite of small, less intrusive govt.

                  • Yes, that’s right. A hateful mindset and they chose fear instead of hope. I’m alarmed at the words these Trump supporters are saying here. It’s all about money to them. Don’t they realize a very precious commodity has been strangled in America by their vehemence? Our American Liberties. That’s what made us great. Not the almighty dollar.

              • Unsustainable economics? You are aware that the stock market started plummeting once the mere possibility of a trump presidency became apparent, right? He claims that he will do all these things, these very expensive things, without giving any kind of plan as to how in the world he’s going to pay for them, let a lone the fact that all of our allies, both military and trade can no longer trust us.

                • Instead of healing your article is stoking the fires of fear. As a Minister you should be ashamed. Mr Trump is offensive, but you are using hurting people to your own ends.

                • Like those killed with the ambassador and the people of Haiti that never received the money that the Clinton’s miss directed into their pockets. The election is over, grow up. Burning the flag is not acceptable.

              • i grieve at the fact that somehow you value money more than a person’s actual life and dignity. …that you, and those like you, have made this to be about the strain on economics, instead of the strain placed on humanity.

                • You say you think this all about money. Well I want for my children and grandchildren everything you talk about. I want for myself right now the affordable healthcare that was promised. I’ve seen my insurance premium and deductibles go up last year. I just found out my premiums will be going up 83% next year. I can’t continue to afford this affordable income.
                  My hope and prayer is that we can all work together to achieve what you want and what I want. Eight years of president Obama did not help but hurt me. And no I’m not a wealthy person. I would like to believe I’ve saved enough to live on and my children won’t have to take care of me

                    • I will gladly say goodbye to Obama Care, I deserve to have my original plan back. Obama said I wouldn’t lose it but I did. Obama said it wasn’t gonna cost me more but it did. I don’t believe either Trump or Clinton can fix this mess we are all in. I do know that my healthcare costs have impacted my family in a bad way. I know the cost is going up again. I need my Dr.’s but I need to eat and have a roof over my head too. As Americans we should be uniting and work hard to find someone that will represent all of us. Obviously won’t happen now but think about that Democrats and Republicans, because in 4 years maybe we can find someone that will. What disasters we’ve created ( Clinton, Trump). Wake up, open your eyes and let’s get to work.

                • Do your riotors out there really care about humanity when they are putting lives at risk by violently “protesting”? I think not. People are typically taken more seriously when they can move past emotion and communicate with a mature and reasonable approach. Throwing a temper tantrum that incites violence and destruction of property does not for good communication make. We are all different, we don’t see eye to eye, but we should be able to disagree without name-calling and tearing one another down.

              • I would have grieved because a woman whose policies as Secretary of State caused killing, maiming, and untold suffering to countless innocents in the Middle East was now the Commander in Chief of of the most powerful military in the world. I would have grieved because a woman who supposedly embraces refugees, has no problem with arming radical Islamists to bring about regime change, thereby causing the refugee problem in the first place. I would grieve because when the bombs begin to fall, women, children, gays and straights of all colors are ripped to pieces. Jesus was and is the Prince of Peace. Hillary Clinton is a war monger and I despise what she had done with my money, in my name.

                • Meanwhile, the Republicans want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, two more safety nets for the elderly, Medicaid for the poor, continued carbon emissions. There will be buyers’ remorse when many people need these services and they’re gone.

                • OMG, Dave, you sound like one of those crazed sheep who swallowed the propaganda kool-aid. Go do some real work and research the ridiculous piffle you just spouted.

                  • I wonder what he thinks of the 4000 plus American’s who died in Iraq in Bush Cheney? They forget, and of course Obama’s was elected because of Bush disastrous Presidency. This will repeat in 4 yrs

              • Well said.
                It will also be nice not to hear the phrase “white make,” used as an epithet, or to hear how we’re all rapists, or that it’s racist when cops shoot an armed criminal.
                We won’t have a government that seems hostile to us, that calls higher taxes and less freedom “morality,” or that calls our history one of nothing but evil oppression and injustice, while turning to blind eye to other cultures that themselves oppress women and minorities horribly.
                Go ahead and cry your eyes out, social justice warriors. A large portion of America saw through your sanctimony and hypocrisy, your desire for censorship, control, and (real, actual) oppression, and voted against it.

                • I will gladly say goodbye to Obama Care, I deserve to have my original plan back. Obama said I wouldn’t lose it but I did. Obama said it wasn’t gonna cost me more but it did. I don’t believe either Trump or Clinton can fix this mess we are all in. I do know that my healthcare costs have impacted my family in a bad way. I know the cost is going up again. I need my Dr.’s but I need to eat and have a roof over my head too. As Americans we should be uniting and work hard to find someone that will represent all of us. Obviously won’t happen now but think about that Democrats and Republicans, because in 4 years maybe we can find someone that will. What disasters we’ve created ( Clinton, Trump). Wake up, open your eyes and let’s get to work.

              • There is no entitled welfare state in America. That concept is a chimera and it is dead. We do not take care of those who are vulnerable as they sit back and laugh at their abundance and take your hard earned dollars. That group does not exist. It’s an ugly myth.
                Come I invite you, spend a week with me. Come with me and meet the people you think the liberal left are willing to give to, to make the US have an unsustainable economy. Then let’s go live for a week in the home of the Waltons or the Kocks or the Kennedy or the Bush’s or shit on gold plated toilets of our President elect. Tell me then where you think the unsustainable economy is born. Or better yet let’s look at the lives of the lose who are vultures of the military industrial complex. Then when we have witnessed the same world we can talk.

              • There is no entitled welfare state in America. That concept is a chimera and it is dead. We do not take care of those who are vulnerable as they sit back and laugh at their abundance and take your hard earned dollars. That group does not exist. It’s an ugly myth.
                Come I invite you, spend a week with me. Come with me and meet the people you think the liberal left are willing to give to, to make the US have an unsustainable economy. Then let’s go live for a week in the home of the Waltons or the Kocks or the Kennedy or the Bush’s or shit on gold plated toilets of our President elect. Tell me then where you think the unsustainable economy is born. Or better yet let’s look at the lives of the lose who are vultures of the military industrial complex. Then when we have witnessed the same world we can talk.

              • So would I. It’s time to remake, retake what has been lost. Jobs, truth, what America has lost in 8 years. Mr. Obama & Mrs. Clinton lied for far too long & got away with it.
                So now it is time for justice, truth & the American way. Noone is going to throw the bible at anyone. We are all included. Bring back jobs. Keep Americans working. Let others in legally. Save the unborn. We can all live with peace. Work together to become stronger again.

              • May you have peace and never the need to depend on someone else which eats at one’s conscious and fills most with shame versus entitlement. Pray this never comes to your doorstep.

              • Ultimately we need to be able to continue to live on this planet. If we continue to pollute it at this rate life will not be sustained. This disregard will abort life. It is simple minded to worry who marries whom. It is irresponsible to not manage our population, our waste, our tolerance for each other. Think.

              • Oh money. You would have grieved money. Not your sense of personal safety in your community or your value as a human being… money. I can see why you think that is somehow equal.

              • Just wait until the poverty-wealth gap widens. Then you will see where your “sustainable” economics get you. Everyone should stop bring so afraid of the “WELFARE STATE”. IT is part of a normal economic pàttern…and to bring it to basic, simple terms, there may come a time, like in 2008, when the banks and mortgage officers brought our economy into a deep depression. It was then I saw thousands of people lose their businesses, homes,cars and bank accounts. Those people were grateful for WELFARE PROGRAMS FEEDING THEIR KIDS and taking care of health needs. Remember, it can happen again and “there but for the grace of God” go I , you, our neighbors and friends.

              • Donald Trump is prepared to run up the largest deficit in history with his enormous tax cut for the rich. Sure, he’ll drop you some crumbs, too, but that won’t compensate you for a ruined environment from his plans to continue the Keystone Pipeline (plus other pipelines), open up all the shale and coal fields which poison our air and water, etc. Trump thinks there is such a thing as “clean coal” because he doesn’t believe in science, so hard facts don’t penetrate his brain. He’s about to start out with a bunch of “Washington insiders” of the worst order Juliani, Gingrich, and Christie–all “career” politicians–the folks you Trump supporters said you did not want. Get ready; it’s going to be a very rough 4 years. We’d better join ranks and make sure it’s no more than 4. What do you say?

                • Ugh. I forgot about Trumps love of Big Oil (no wonder he thinks Climate Change is a hoax – wink, wink). I’ll add that to my pile of what Trump will ruin in America. Bummer! (BTW, guess who owns a piece of that Dakota Access pipeline that’s being so militantly defended against grieving, unarmed Native Americans? Yep, DT’s got a piece of it!)

              • What about the corporate welfare of tax breaks and incentives given that don’t help out anyone but the stockholders and upper management? The wars based on lies and fought for the benefit of the oil industry? The trickle down economics that somehow dries up before it hits the worker? Maybe if we cut out those “entitlements”, we’d have money to spend on programs that help everyone…not just the 1%.

              • That’s a lot easier to deal with than the hate, bigotry , exclusion that he has represented in his campaign. Either he just runners at the mouth not knowing what he was saying or he was letting you know exactly where he stands. This country was founded on the very ideals that he wants to squash. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness FOR ALL, not just the few.

              • “I would have grieved at the prospect of continued unsustainable economics driven by an entitled welfare state that is the progressive liberal left.”

                Beautifully said! Hopefully the time for free-rides is over and hopefully EVERYONE can get off of their high horse and work together to help make America great again!

              • The welfare state is a fantasy. We could easily afford far, far more welfare without putting a dent in anything. The unsustainable economics were the trillions of dollars wasted on unused military equipment, corporate bailouts and for-profit prisons, all things Trump will worsen.

              • I would have grieved that women and children sold into sex traffic and no one fighting it. I would grieve at a women president saying she is for women and children and doing the exact opposite.I grieve for the black and Hispanic people who have a carrot dangled in front of them if they vote for Clinton and nothing is done for them. I grieve for the deception in the homosexual community than have them throwerd off of a roof and knifed.

              • Yes. The above diatribe is rife with hyperbole and over simplifications. It is easy to say this was not about a person who could not speak the truth… Not so. That was a huge part of it. Lying to our nation for weeks about Benghazi while informing your daughter the night of the attacks that it was due to terrorism is only one small instance. Lying to grieving parents and yelling, “What difference does it make at this point?” Words of a callous, uncaring politician. It sure makes a difference to those families. Only one example of one of the most corrupt people ever to seek this high office. Trump is no stellar soul, but at least he has one. I know I’ll be slammed for this, but so be it. I’m used to it.

              • I find it interesting that people who rant about the ‘welfare state of the liberal left’ with it’s legion of unwed mothers gaming the system and not paying taxes have no issue electing a billionaire who games the system and doesn’t pay taxes. You now get the opportunity to pay your taxes to pay him for the next 30-40 years (Melania is young) while he rewrites the tax code to further game the system and avoid paying taxes. And the amount that you are paying him each year in salary, perks, protection, etc. is more than that woman could earn in her minimum wage job in 20 years. Great use of tax dollars.

              • In the age of the Internet we have the tools to separate fact from fiction. When you refer to *unsustainable economics* driven by an entitled welfare state — I’m guessing you believe that the *poor* crashed the economy and live lavish lifestyles on *welfare* — is that correct? Here a some facts:
                You have to do a little reading but we can’t fix the problems in the country if we don’t use accurate information.

              • So grieve this:

                A very old, white, fat man, full of hate, bigotry and misogyny rode into Washington DC on the back of a black horse names Christianity and the man wasn’t wearing a white hat. Grieve that aftermath.

              • So grieve this:

                A very old, white, fat man, full of hate, bigotry and misogyny rode into Washington DC on the back of a black horse named “Christianity” and the man wasn’t wearing a white hat. Grieve that aftermath.

              • So apparently you didn’t read any of Trump’s plans, nor do you have any economic knowledge, because his plans will take us further in a recession.

              • agreed. I would have also grieved that a corrupt politician, who has pocked $200,000,000.00, giving “speeches”, i.e. pocketing money for pay to play, was in our highest office.

              • Trump economics will send even more people to . Jobs will start disappearing. He went bankrupt for a reason. Now our nation faces that future.

              • I grieve for humanity over economics any day. I was taught as a little child and have taught my own children that “people are more important than things”. This was a beautiful article. Thanks!

              • You must be kidding! DT is only for one thing—his royal self. We don’t have a president we have an Emperor!!!Welcome to the new America…

              • he hasn’t done anything yet, to be so declarative. unless he BSed all during the campaign, don’t know why you can feel this way. I hope he unites the country. remember the Pubs never gave a Obama a day. He is my President,
                he has this ONE opportunity to be great, otherwise just another bullshit artist. let’s hope the former!

                • more like Con Man

              • Yes, but they don’t risk being airbrushed out of the picture. They will always be in it. Some of us are just now getting included and coming into our own. In my opinion, we are losing a lot more than they are. For example, as a recently married gay man, I am worried that it may now be rescinded.

                • Trumps has embraced and empowered the LGBT communities. He has chosen to have an openly gay man net as one of the first the first three people of his cabinet. Gonna have to find something else to fear of the man now.

              • So instead you vote for a man whose economic plan will drive us deeper in debt? This is the fallacy of the Trump voter. They claim their vote to be policy driven, but the there’s nothing real there to speak of. It’s just a euphemism for the aforementioned bigotry.

              • I agree. It seems to me that there is a feeling expressed of superiority….now even in regard to how republicans would have “grieved”. Going through my own personal “grief” in my past, I came across a post advocating that grief is “love” with no place to go. I believe this….or at least it makes sense to me. I won’t say that members of the left are not grieving….I believe many are; but it seems to me that the grief felt is highlighted by a bitter anger… brat minded children who didn’t get their way. The biggest mistake the republican party can make at this moment is to try and console the spoiled. Republicans didn’t beat you. Trump had and continues to have a low approval rating. No….you beat yourselves by toting out and allowing a candidate who is the very epidemy of self rightious entitlement. Hand selected by elitest democrats who didn’t “trust” you to make the right decision; pushing through a corrupt two faced elitest…..and unfortunately you continue to blame others instead of looking in your silver plated mirror.

              • I personally think DJT will work for America & uphold out values from the beginning of time! Pls just give him time to get into office before you preach doom & gloom.

              • I would have grieved and given up on the future of our democracy, the constitution, our safety, as we would have been pushed into socialism with full federal government control of everything, and the loss of our freedoms as individuals and Christians, plus the destruction of our country and other countries by ISIS.

              • Money. Greed. You don’t know what grief is. That’s just so sad. How shallow do you have to be to grieve over economics? I feel so sorry for you. I grieve for the people treated like crap because they’re different, for women who try so hard to be everything that’s demanded of us, and we’re still not valued. I grieve for immigrants and LGBT who face an uncertain future. We all do. I grieve that there’s no longer prestige in being an American. That we have been pushed farther back into a rape culture. My heart breaks and I grieve and I worry, and I cry. My heart hurts. But you. You would grieve over economics. My vote didn’t threaten you in any way. It took nothing from you. Your vote will effectively remove one of my rights and deprive me of the oppurtunity of other rights we’ve been fighting for. You know nothing of grief. You only know greed.

              • The only entitled one is the one you voted for. A tax evader that never paid his fair share of taxes to support the country infrastructure, health or education services, but run companies that used professionals prepared by our education systems, in a country defended by our veterans that lack the minimum because Billionaires like him avoid paying taxes by cheating the tax code. Brought in cheap immigrant labor to his businesses, a leech to society. An alleged fraud and rapist that has due dates in court. A bigot that lacks respect for the Constitution that defends the right to practice the religion of choice and wants to prosecute people based on their religion, on their national origin, on their color. An ignorant, a delusive that will risk the welfare of the planet and the entire world population.

              • I believe that any 2 decent US citizens off the street would be better,but this election and its results have certainly generated some passionate discussions here and I can see many valid points on both sides.
                However, if we all seriously tried to put ourselves in the position of a minority, Muslim, or any other non-white person in our country, we would feel threatened, afraid, and under attack and that is very sad indeed.
                It seems that Trump and his team made a brilliant, or accidental, decision to appeal to our worst instincts and were able to bring out the angry white voter in numbers never seen before. The Republicans never thought they could win without much greater support from Blacks and Hispanics, and never thought Trump would come close. But Trump figured a way to tell the Republican establishment to shove it and he would go a new route. Much to their shock he pulled it off. But it couldn’t have been any uglier. And does anyone really think that Trump is going to build this HUGE Wall, deport 11 million people, solve the problems of our inner cities, bring millions of good jobs back to the rust belt , and wave some magic wand over our health care problems? These were the basis of his whole campaign, in addition to disrespecting anyone and everyone he possibly could, including the Pope. He will not do any of these things, but he intentionally busted open the hornets nest and led us backwards to argue amongst ourselves based on racial bias, religious bias, and social class warfare. All politicians are liars, but this is on a whole different level. You really have no idea where he stands on anything, or what he will do, because he has no moral core. I really don’t think this is what our Founding Fathers had in mind. The Church literature is very insightful, but we still have to interpret it based on our own beliefs and priorities.

                We now have a President elect who is very thin- skinned, egomaniacal, vengeful , doesn’t like to read, doesn’t care to learn about history, and is clueless about world affairs. He also praises Putin? The Russian homeland is rich in history and culture, and their citizens are excellent people who have suffered under the propaganda and stifling rule of Communism, now being intensified by Putin, who is extremely dangerous. This crap really bothers me. Let’s put it this way, if Trump ever had his 30 year record leaked and put out their for all to see, with all of its ugly underbelly, he would never have received all the votes he did. No excuses for Clintons greed, lies and deceit, but this is different. So I really do pray that God does bless the USA in a very special way right now; we will certainly need it. Our country has always put aside our differences in order to support a new president; I hope we can do again in light of the fact that Trumps campaign was based on emphasizing the worst of our differences, instead of embracing our values and diversity,which is what makes our country great.

              • I can’t speak for Elroy, but I can for myself. Yes, we would have felt the same despair, but for very different reasons. We have sat back, minding our own business, while we have had our rights infringed upon…be it being able using a restroom without the fear of someone posing as transgendered using that bathroom for nefarious reasons (no I’m saying I’m concerned about sharing a bathroom with some one who is transgendered, I’m saying there are those that are/will exploit this). We are having alternative lifestyles shoved down our throats…we get it, but we don’t have to like it, and we certainly don’t want it shoved in our faces constantly (live and let live). We are not bigots and we do not hate people of other cultures or races. We are however against people coming to America Illegally…Come here through the proper channels is all we are saying. Our boarder needs to be secure, not everyone that comes here illegally has good intentions…as shown by all the terrorist attacks in the last few years.
                I know the left feels the current POTUS has done a great job, but we are more racially divided than I can ever remember in my lifetime and it seems to be getting worse!?. We have healthcare that has skyrocketed to the point that our family can not afford it, and even if we could the deductibles are so high it’s ridiculous. I am appalled that my tax dollars go to fund abortion (not to be confused with birth control) this is a moral problem me, yet here I am, being forced to support it.
                I’m tired of watching business after business go overseas, which is putting Americans out of work. It is time we get back to producing goods instead of just consuming them. Not to mention the national debt has more than doubled in the last eight years. It is time we stop being Politically Correct, stop being so obsessed with peoples body parts and skin color, roll up our sleeves and start working together to dig this country out of the hole it is in.

                • It’s illegal for tax dollars to go to abortion….So this isn’t even true. But you can’t be anti-birth control access (which many right-wingers are) and anti-abortion. The numbers don’t add up. Taking away birth control drives the demand for abortion up and results in dangerous, illegal solutions. If you really want to save babies, there needs to be a different approach.

                  Both sides don’t want to be forced to have to adhere to rules put on by the other side that encroach on their freedom. But what I’ve never understood is how the right doesn’t realize that making gay marriage illegal, not allowing same-sex couples to have benefits, etc, is TOTALLY interfering with someone else’s way of life because they think it’s wrong! I constantly hear things like “Let us have our guns”. Ok, but what about all the people who might use them for bad? “But you can’t control us”. Ok… I can give you your guns (just like how transgenders can use bathrooms right, but their might be that one person who takes advantage), I can handle that, but how can you use that argument without respecting the lives of others? Live and let live right? Why do you care what they do? Let them get married, let people use the bathroom they want, who cares! The idea that gay marriage threatens straight people’s marriage is backwards. If you disagree with someone, you can’t force them to do what you want. This is exactly what a lot of the right wing says, they want freedom, they want jobs (which ironically the government will have to pay for because low-skill labor is going the way of automation and technology). The GOVERNMENT will have to pay for it. A lot of the stuff the right is so MAD about (lack of jobs for skilled workers), is because the stimulus program obama attempted to get through Congress was rejected by republicans. I totally agree programs to improve infrastructure need to be put into place, but saying that China took the jobs is just flat out wrong and I’m sorry they aren’t coming back if we make changes to trade laws either. Any jobs that “come back” will have to be paid for via the infrastructure stimulus by taxes (or by loans which he has openly claimed he will default on) and the kind of taxes Trump wants to implement hurts America and poor people and benefits rich people. Look at what Arnold Swarzenneger did in California.

                  As for the debt…. take an economics class and then get back to me. Debt is not inherently bad. The debt shouldn’t be growing faster than the economy but it is a bad idea to pay down the debt in times of economic turmoil .(
                  Unfortunately, I fear that Trump will drive the American debt much higher (combination of cutting taxes and taking out huge loans, defaulting on them), throwing the balance out of whack, causing the debt to balloon much faster than economic growth and then ultimately we’ll be in a similar situation as Greece was.

              • I have been grieving since Obama took office and my wages have been lowered and health care costs are unaffordable. I guess I’m grieving because I’m breaking my back trying to support all those out there rioting while I’m working.

              • You would have absolutely no reason to grieve over this. Since Obama has been improved our economy has improved quite a bit. There is no reason to “grieve” over entitled welfare or the fact the country has a liberal president. We grieve because our freedoms will be taken. We will be oppressed. Anyone who is not a white, straight Christian will be looked down upon and shunned. We grieve because our country is filled with fear and hatred. Your privilege blinds you from the awful things that have been happening and that will progressively become worse.

              • The staggering thing is that the author of the above article actually believed that Hillary Clinton stood for all of that. This is patently false. Hillary Clinton has proven by all of her contempt for the rule of law and the corruption of the DNC sticking it to Bernie shows she respects nothing but her own power and didn’t care a bit about how to achieve it. The blindness of these protesters and Hillary followers stuns the imagination.

              • The staggering thing is that the author of the above article actually believed that Hillary Clinton stood for all of that. This is patently false. Hillary Clinton has proven by all of her contempt for the rule of law and the corruption of the DNC sticking it to Bernie shows she respects nothing but her own power and didn’t care a bit about how to achieve it. The blindness of these protesters and Hillary followers stuns the imagination.

              • Glad u respect , follow , vote for a glorified reality tv show host . He’s a crook, bullie, money hungry. Selfish man. He’s declared bankruptcy more then he’s been married & rapes the earth of it’s bueaty & resources just to build skyscrapers that promote gambling & sex for sale . He is all about his own wallet and ur vote just crossed something off his bucket list & he will not be able to half the things u voted for him to do. He a mockery & disgrace to mankind & what it means to be a real American.

              • Would you grieve the prospect of continued unsustainable economics driven by billionaires who work the system so they don’t pay taxes?

              • Checkthe information. More jobs have been added and the economy is doing better. This country is about all groups of people and always has been, not just one. Also the fact that someone who is being investigated for fraud and didnt pay taxes for many years because of a loophole when filing bankruptcy is not what I would be proud of leading us

              • We Republicans (former Democrats) woke up in “enemy territory” for the last eight years. Yes, I even voted for Obama. Never again. Democratic policies have ruined our country.

              • Well put! The world isn’t always fair and people are not entitled to the fruits of others labor. Rather then grieve and protest, make a difference in your own life. Making a difference is not pouting and crying in the streets, it’s contributing to society. People supported Trump because we believe in the America our country was founded on, which is not the America we have been living in. Signed, a Mexican American college educated woman.

              • More tax cuts for the wealthy, ripping up trade deals, reopening coal mines, gutting Dodd-Frank ….. I give us 5 years maximum until the next Great Recession

              • This answer to what would the other side would grieve for (“I would have grieved at the prospect of continued unsustainable economics driven by an entitled welfare state that is the progressive liberal left”) shows that you have completely missed the point of this article.

                • Bring out the pitchforks!

                  God forbid that someone should be allowed to keep some portion of what they have produced!

                  Oh, the evil of “carried interest” – isn’t all money the property of the left ?
                  Shouldn’t all of us be grateful that the left allows us to keep some of what we produce ?

                  For most of human history the cost of government was less than 1% of GDP – including in times of despots and tyrants. During the 19th century it averaged 3% of GDP. Lincoln fought the civil war on less than 8% of GDP.
                  Even during WWI TOTAL government never cost more than 11% of GDP

                  Today the federal govenrment alone runs nearly 25% of GDP.

                  Yet, the left looks for ever more ways to steal even more ?

                  What value is govenrment delivering that is worth nearly half of all we produce?

              • Yes!! And would have grieved a nation where the elite at the top are above the law. I would have grieved that someone with so much scandal and corruption could be rewarded with the highest position in the free world. I would have grieved that the government would be run by a family who had already been kicked out once before…and then had to ask them to return the $200,000 worth of furnishings they stole. I would have deeply mourned the reality that our president would continue selling our country to highest bidders. I would have mourned the reality that we are fighting a war our leader refused to acknowledge or defend against. The reality that our president carries a deep disdain for law enforcement and military.
                I would have mourned having a president who claims to be a champion of women while taking millions from countries that are HORRIBLE to women…I’m talking about mercy killings and public stonings!! This is a huge problem.
                But most of all I would have mourned the millions of precious defenseless babies whose lives would have been snuffed out moments before taking their first breath for the sake of convenience and corporate profits!

              • Agree!! Maintaining borders does NOT mean you HATE those you are keeping out; calling people criminals who break the law doesn’t mean you are a racist; wanting to manage your fiscal budget does NOT mean you HATE those whom you are no longer diverting tax monies to. People need to stop catastrophizing.

              • Because it’s better to run up the bill funding a bloated military that spends all its time killing brown people in other countries than funding programs here that make people’s lives better.

                This is why it’s a disaster when people like you are in charge.

            • We would have grieved that the USA had turned into a banana republic, where ten million dollars for Hillary gets counties arms shipments, that more unaffordable insurance would be shoved down our throats, that migrants would continue to flood our shores and sign up for welfare and everything this country gives away.

              Let’s face it, Hillary didn’t see this coming and offered nothing to the Rust Belt. The world is changing dramatically. Free trade lets capitalism chase the lowest wages on the planet, which made the rust belt the rust belt. Obamacare is failing miserably. It was and is the Unaffordable care act. Trump said he would turn back the clock and people believed him, without demonstrating any way to accomplish this task. Trump’s power of persuasion, without any evidence that he could do anything he promised, ruled the day. It wasn’t Hate and misogyny, it was too much illegal immigration, jobs chasing the lowest wages, and insurance bills shoved down people’s throats. Our middle class is dying and is gasping for air. Hillary would have left us gasping.
              We would have grieved being dragged down the rat hole of open boarders and a free trade North and South America.

              • The rust belt became the rust belt largely due to automation in the 70’s and 80’s. I am sorry for you that you bough into his many lies but especially the one about bringing manufacturing jobs back.

              • I dont’ understand. Thousands of people including some from my family and their children will no longer have health insurance if the ACA is taken down.
                What is he to do? He and his wife both work full time.. neither employer pays for coverage

                • ACA is going to double in cost, so much for affordable. It isn’t for most people. Besides, Obama lied. He said If you like your insurance, if you like your doctor you can keep them. lies.

              • I have a pre-existing condition, the plan I have thanks to ACA is 60% less than what my employer provides. I can now kiss that plan goodbye because I’m un-insurable.

                • Your plan may be less expensive for you now but that’s because a majority of people that do not have pre-existing conditions either lost their coverage and had to go on a much more expensive and lower quality plan that was offered on the exchange because the small business they worked for could no longer afford to pay and they are paying the higher rates to make up for what you are not paying. And your rate is fixing to go up a lot next year. My insurance through work has even gone up with the ACA. Reimbursements to those that care for you have plummeted. The ACA is wrecking the healthcare industry. They are expecting us to do so much more with way less.

                  • You are such an English fool. All healthcare is going way up always from now on—regardless of whether Obamacare did or did not exist. The healthcare industry, which owns the Republican Party, plans to drain your bank accounts dry all the way up to the moment when only the very wealthy can afford Healthcare—then voila—Government Single Payer health insurance. I have a friend in the Healthcare industry who works with these issues. This IS THE PLAN as the Healthcare industry (doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, drug companies) understands it internally.

              • I completely agree with all that you have stated. This blogger talks about how much the Democrats want diversity in our country but then immediately lump every Republican into the same bucket and then refer to us as ALL racists, bullies, women haters, gay haters, etc., etc. How do liberals justify that? When Republicans don’t like guns they don’t buy them. When Democrats don’t like guns they don’t buy them AND they want to take my freedom to buy one away!

                • It’s what you are, it’s what you voted for.
                  The only thing worse than a bigot is a spineless bigot who can’t admit that’s exactly what they are.

                • No doubt. & isn’t racism against rascists & hatred towards homophobics, xenaphobics whateveraphobics just as awful as “old school” racism? Where is the love for these people? You’ll stick up for a fellow American that is Not white or is a female or a Muslim but not one that opposes your views? Are you saying that because a person disagrees with homosexuality he or she is beneath you? How is that any different than a white person saying a black person is beneath them just because of the color of his skin?? Well I will stand up for all!! #loveforALLpeoplenomatterwhat

                • I’m a liberal and I” not for gun control. I’m also not for abortion control or free market health insurance. I also have a pre existing condition and will be without healthcare if the ACA is repealed. I will have to stop being a stay at home Mom to my 1 year old and 4 year old because without the protections offered by the ACA, I am unable to buy comprehensive private insurance at any price. I will have to put my two small children in daycare and spend every cent I make to pay for it just to have the priledge to purchase comprehensive healthcare through my employer.

                  • Where was it ever stated that you would lose your healthcare? Do you honestly think the ONLY way there can be healthcare without barring preexisting conditions is through the ACA? Healthcare reform could have been handled in much better way. Honestly, all they had to do was state that preexisting conditions cannot by law be excluded from a health plan. I cannot afford healthcare now BECAUSE of the way the ACA was written and handled. My premiums tripled and I do not qualify for government help (subsidies), so how am I supposed to get the healthcare I need? By the way, if your job offers any sort of coverage, even coverage that barely covers anything and costs HUNDREDS of dollars a month, (for some middle class Americans it can be thousands) you cannot buy coverage through a Marketplace. The ACA needs to be repealed and completely rewritten to a plan that ALL Americans can afford. Not just the Americans fortunate enough to make enough to pay for coverage or have the privilege of receiving the subsidies to make it affordable for them.

                • Fact: we wanted you to have a background check before you bought one. End of story. Do you want a gun in the hands of someone who has a history of violence caused by mental illness? Talk about getting facts straight. You hear what you want in order to make inflammatory remarks.

                • When Republicans aren’t gay, they don’t marry gay people and they’re totally cool with letting everyone else do so….. wwwwwaaaait a minute.

                  We are apparently more similar than we realize.

              • It’s Donald Trump,Republicans and other establishment elites that have killed the rust belt and the middle class
                And now we double down on it

              • Exactly and I totally believe in a diverse America, but a LEGAL diverse America. We welcome those who will contribute to our society, not drain it or cause more criminal activity. Trump said “rapists, criminals and drug dealers”, not Hispanics, Muslims, add anyone here, but it gets twisted into something different as it is viewed out of context. I would help refugees without hesitation as long as we know exactly who they are and their intentions. Not because I hate Muslims, but because I have seen videos of what radical Islamic terrorist do to humans and we are at war and must protect our homeland, by any means necessary. I also believe what happens in forums such as this, we only get to know each other by differing views, not REALLY spend time and know more than what we can write in limited dimensions. I wholeheartedly believe there are women who are who are actually way more qualified to be president than Clinton or Trump, it just hasn’t materialized yet. I was excited when Perot was going to run, an outsider, who like Trump tells it like it is, which is unpopular. In our daily actions what are we going to do as citizens to pull America back up? Affordable health care, I am a RN, is a great idea, but it hasn’t worked financially as it was implemented, just because it needs to be redone doesn’t mean those qualified to figure a real solution are against health care, it has to be financially feasible, period.

                • RNdude, Your comment has made the most sense of all that I have read here tonight. Facts without bitterness or fear. I think when it comes down to it we all love our country and want the best lives for our families and friends. I hope that we all can put aside our differences and come together for the greater good.

            • We would have grieved the end to our religious freedom, freedom of speech, and right to defend ourselves. We would have mourned mandatory vaccinations, taxes used to push abortion in our country and spread to other countries and Hillary’s great vision of one world order

                • Said like a true democrat. THIS is exactly why Trump won. THIS article was about grieving over humanity. Those that voted for Trump are humans & fellow Americans. You can’t love THEM & their ideas but expect them to love & believe in everything you do. Where is your embracing of THIS type of diversity? Or do you believe only people of a different gender, race, religious belief, etc BUT think like you are diverse enough to be embraced? I think Hillary gave it to Trump when she called half of America “deplorables”. Well, those “deplorable” people have diverse ideas, thoughts & dreams just like you. They are just different from yours. They want to also be heard & they have spoken. They are humanity. They are fellow Americans. Will you embrace them with the love & kindness you say you are grieving for? Or is this not the kind of diverse people worth your tears? #democratichypocrisyatitsfinest

                  • Couldn’t agree more. And Pavlovitz article is self-indulgent guff: he and his followers need to stop “grieving” and virtue signalling to all their on-line buddies and instead question why the Democrats fielded such a vile candidate – someone who claims to stand for women’s rights but who has abused any woman who has had the misfortune to get in her way, who has presided over a lamentable foreign policy – ask the Libyans and Syrians – and who is up to her neck in duplicitous double dealing. No wonder Trump won. Stop grieving and grow up!

                  • I love many people who have different views than I do. I do not, however, have to respect the ideas of someone who feels that I am “doomed to burn in hell” or “sick” because my (insert any holy book here) tells them so. Why would I have to subject myself to someone who, basically, can legislate my life out of existence? That is insane, and akin to a master/slave relationship. Sorry, I can love you, I can understand you, I can keep you in my heart, but I don’t have to respect your ideas. And you don’t have to respect mine. But, please don’t think that you are entitled to legislate your beliefs.

                    • that is where you are wrong we should respect others ideas and expect them to respect ours, that does not mean we have to agree with one another. but we must as a people stop and consider others ideals, then have a dialogue that helps us to a middle ground . because taking the middle ground is what has made us great in the past.

              • Angela K, everything you say you would grieve is so absurd, it is absolutely ridiculous. You have beliefs of the parties completely reversed. No one anywhere has any reason or intent to push abortions, and democrats are the ones wanting heath care, including birth control which is the only way to prevent abortions. Republicans would rather a woman die from an unsafe abortion, you will say no, but that follows the Republican agenda more that the crap you are spewing out.

            • The fact that George Soros wants the US to go down and he put millions into Clinton’s campaign. Did anyone watch Obama’ exit speech to the UN? We have to stay on course….they want to take away what America stands for. Britain exited the European market for a reason. This president will be nominating supreme Court judges!!!! I did not vote for Trump personally…i voted for what the Republican party stood for.

            • I think I would have grieved for the security of our country. Hillary has unfortunately proven she is incapable of doing so. That’s my biggest relief. Having served for 11 years and spending about 5 years of my life deployed to the Middle East. That’s a big priority in my book. Benghazi was a disaster, Iraq with the withdrawal of troops and the rise of ISIS that filled the vacuum once we pulled out was a disaster. And most importantly, in my book, the limitation of constitutional rights were at stake. Some of Hillary’s ideas on limitations to freedom of speech, the media, and the right to bear arms was very very scary in my opinion. Also, and please, I’m not trying to pick a fight just trying to lay out truth and my point of view, the secured and classified information that she mishandled was extremely horrific. I used to investigate such violations once upon a time. And have seen people go to jail for far less. And for Hillary to be able to run for president after those huge security violations is vey hypocritical seeing as there are people in jail right now for committing similar acts only on a far smaller scale. Heck she violated Title 18 of the US Code thousands of time and anyone else would have been tried for treason with that amount of violations. So I think the American people have spoken. They want change and no more lies.

              • So you support the man who says he loves war and loves nukes? I support my troops, but I don’t support a warmonger, or a man who has no self control . I don’t support a man who could have a temper tantrum and cause World War III.

                • You do realize that the president alone can not declare war, right? The House members are a group of intelligent individuals who don’t agree on all issues. They are not a group of yes men and women. So when the president says, “Let’s nuke them!”, you think they will collectively say, “How soon?”

                  • The POTUS cannot declare war. That is true. Congress has to declare war. That is why Korea and Vietnam were not wars. And Korea is still going, btw. The POTUS can get us into conflicts, then ask for congresses permission.

                • OMG. Where do you get your information? Donald Trump detests war he has openly cursed G.W. Bush for the Iraq war. He wants to sit down with Putin to discuss peace…
                  You truly need to do your own research.

              • I completely agree with you. You serving your company in the military have done more for our country than Obama has done in his 8 years as president or the 30 years that Hillary years said she has done as a civil servant and you did it for all the right reasons and at a the least amount of pay than any politicians. You put your life on the line for us and I bet not one time did you sit in the corner and cry or brag about what you were doing and complain that you should have be treated better because of your position. You didn’t have paid guards protecting you but you knew you had your brothers back there for you. My husband, like you served 12 years in the military and had 3 tours in Vietnam and he had the same top secret clearance that the president has and until this day would not divulge the information that was entrusted to him even at the age of 76, and not even to me his wife of 50 years. I salute you and want you to know that in my eyes that you stand on a higher pedestal than Obama or Clinton wouldn’t even be allow to touch. Thank you for your service. You are a real man or woman which ever applies to you.

            • Do you want an honest answer? Or are you just curious and looking for a mindset that you can shoot down? The “other” side would have grieved for the unborn. Hillary Clinton Won Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award, and wants to Continue Her Policies on abortion. Abortion. Supposedly made “legal” so that they would be rare and safe, and occur nearly 1 million times a year in the US. So much for rare, and for the unborn, never safe. Racist Margaret Sanger is Planned Parenthood’s founder. PP is carrying on her legacy, and if you dare to even follow up on this, please find and read: Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922.
              Here, on Page 12 . . .
              “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” If we don’t value the life of the most vulnerable among us, if they are not safe in their mothers womb, the rest of us a re not going to be values, nor safe, it is only a matter of time. And that is only the first thing Trump supporters would grieve. How many more reasons do you need?

            • I would have grieved the loss of countless children. Partial birth abortion turns my stomach and it should anyone else’s as well. The thought of a completely formed baby with as many nerves and emotions and you and I, being partially brought into the world and slaughtered is something I couldn’t get past. I would grieve a care system that gets to choose if my elderly parents are worth saving should they have health issues. I would grieve even more of my tax dollars supporting programs I don’t agree with while the soldiers who fought for my freedom don’t get the support they need and deserve. And I would grieve that a person without character or morals made it to the highest office in our country. That we are so divided that we would applaud a person that has broken laws, lied and schemes and USED the minorities she claims to support to further her own agenda. Look at how her political leanings have changed through the years. She doesn’t care about her constituents…she cares about winning at any cost. I would grieve that America allowed itself to be tricked

            • Would we have been safe with a Hillary presidency? Would we have stayed out of unnecessary wars with Hillary? Would our jobs be safe with Hillary’s private position on TPP? Would her position on fracking change or would we continue to destroy our environment? Would Hillary continue to lie and cheat using her Clinton Foundation to launder money from foreign interests to buy weapons?

              Would you truly be safe with her or would she have sold us out?

            • First, I would want you to know that I can feel the pain expressed here – it is real. Loss is loss and pain is pain, no matter the source, and I hope you will find strength to move through each stage of grief, and in time, find the ‘other joys’ that pain can bring. I want you to know that even though I voted for Trump, I am grieving over what this election process has revealed is no longer valued in a country I love. Honest hearts. Truthful speech. Kind speech. Integrity. Trust in public officials. Justice. Rational thought. Common sense.

              If Ms. Clinton was President, I would deeply grieve over people as well, the smallest most fragile people whose lives are taken from them before they have a chance to breathe earth’s air. 60 million of them and counting … And for the loss of the common sense that sees this child sacrifice on the ‘altar of convenience’ as ‘progressive’ and labels those who seek to address the root issues of crisis pregnancies rather than deal with ‘symptoms’ as ‘backward’.

              I grieve the loss of the beauty of purity and a healthy innocence that honors the gift of marriage as given by the Creator of marriage. In assuming we have the right to make it into what we think it should be, we have forfeited the pleasure & protection God intended for it to provide and are destroying the very fabric of our society. It makes me weep to see such pain and brokenness in homes!

              I grieve the loss of the basic freedoms granted in our Constitution which has been defended with the blood of millions of patriots. I have the right to free speech – to teach my children and grandchildren and share respectfully in the public arena my heartfelt conviction that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman, and that sex outside of that marriage relationship is not good, without being labeled a ‘hater’ and without the fear of being sued for ‘hate speech’. If I own a florist or bakery or event venue, I should be able to run my business without being forced to violate my conscience. I don’t hate anyone who thinks differently, but I have a right to disagree and act according to my beliefs. When that right is challenged, I tend to become defensive, and I really don’t like living that way. Tolerance & respect is a 2-way street, not the billy club it’s become. It seems to me it’s being used in the same way Mr. Pavlovitz decries … to threaten & silence.

              I grieve the loss of safety and security in my country. I love internationals – I have hosted many in my home for short & long-term stays, including Muslims, and have friends I love around the world. My heart cries for the refugees – I give money to organizations who are on the ground helping them. But opening our borders to anyone and everyone and refusing to call Muslim terrorism what it is for fear of ‘offending’ is irresponsible and benefits no one except those who would do us harm. Guarding our borders by respecting established legal processes for entry while opening our hearts and helping these countries solve their problems so their people can live there in peace will be messy, but is 1 of the primary functions of government. In my Bible, no ‘institution’ is ever commanded to care for the poor and hurting … individual people are. There are many good organizations doing that and people should be encouraged to get involved. Giving freely has far more benefits than be ‘taken from’ by big govt. taxes.

              Finally, I grieve the loss of integrity in my world. I find it very unstable to live in a world with no ‘True North’, no compass, no ‘I-beam’ that holds a complex structure together. Absolute truth is that I-beam, that compass … when a person’s ‘yes is yes’ or ‘no is no’, when what’s right for me is right for you, when I give the same answer today as I do tomorrow, when there is right and wrong, when I submit to authority even if I’m guilty instead of blaming someone else for my choices … that is a stable foundation on which to live. Without that, it’s a ‘dog-eat-dog’, ‘every man for himself’ kind of world. I grieve the loss of a culture that valued truth over ‘convenient truth’, service to others over self, and self-control over pleasure and self-indulgence. May we all find our way forward to that kind of wonderful life.

              • Unfortunately, not everyone wants to live under a government that operates based on the belief system of just one (or any) religious faith. Just as you want the freedom to practice your beliefs, others also want that freedom. Putting legislation into place that favors those of one religion is wrong no matter which religion. Not everyone believes gay marriage is wrong. And asking for the right as a business to discriminate against people based on anything at all is unfair and shows a lack of tolerance. These are oppressive words despite your desire to make us feel like you care for people of the world. You don’t seem to want to love everyone or accept everyone. You think that people are operating under pleasure and self-indulgence but they are just living their lives, loving others and doing their best to get by like the rest of us. How dare you impose Christianity on other people in the guise of common sense. I challenge you to rethink the situation . Even God gave people free-will to choose.

            • We would grieve that refugees take priority over American service people, or America’s safety. We would grieve that America felt it ok to endorse and embrace a woman who is a liar to her own government and people, just to cover her own butt, a woman who only cares for those who “give” to her, and a woman who has put our nation’s safety at risk. Just a few reasons!

            • Grieves the death of thousands of near birth babies
              That’s why she lost
              That fact alone gives trumps all the items listed in this article

              • Only 9% of Americans believe abortion of near birth babies should be legal. 91% of Americans agree with you, including the majority of Democrats. Please remove the thought that Democrats are pro-baby killer.

                Hillary Clinton’s actual view: “I think abortion should remain legal, but it needs to be safe and rare. And I have spent many years now, as a private citizen, as first lady, and now as senator, trying to make it rare, trying to create the conditions where women had other choices.
                I have supported adoption, foster care. I helped to create the campaign against teenage pregnancy, which fulfilled our original goal 10 years ago of reducing teenage pregnancies by about a third. And I am committed to do even more.”

            • I would’ve felt that rampant corruption was greenlighted to be acceptable in gov’t. That the people didn’t care enough about our future to send a message that corruption on our backs is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.
              I’m a democrat but could not accept this candidate. Mad as hell at the DNC for stopping the viable candidate and giving us a scandal candidate. I didn’t vote for Trump nor Clinton.

            • I would have grieved that our boarders would be wide open, and our newly elected leader would continue the importation of refugee’s who have no desire to become American, and who are anti-American to be planted in our cities and towns to use our resources and terrorize our citizens. Take a look at Germany and most of europe who had the same left wing ideals. They are regretting it now. Learn from other’s mistakes.

            • Okay, I’ll answer. I’ve been greiving for the past eight years. I’m greIving the therapy my autistic son quit getting once Obamacare decided our FSA wouldn’t pay for it anymore. I’m greiving the three great jobs in the healthcare industry my husband lost over the past 6 years. I’m greiving our home that was foreclosed on a year ago yesterday. I’m greiving not having health insurance for the first time in my life because it was 1900$ per month with a 7K deductible. Wanting change doesn’t have anything to do with being racist or homophobic for most of us. It has to do with feeling like you’ve lost everything you’ve worked hard for. I’m
              An army mom. I worry that my daughter will get killed in the line of duty and when I want to know why, someone will screech “What difference does it make ?” At me. I am sorry for your pain, I try to love everyone in my path, and teach my kids the same….but I’m just really really tired. And so are a lot of people I know. But that’s my honest answer, if you really want to understand me.

            • How out the loss of self protection through 2nd amendment rights? How about he loss of protection for children which she suppored being aborted up to 36 weeks? How about the loss of justice, when she committed a felony with those emails? The loss of the middle class, which would be crushed under her tax plan? The loss of many small businesses that would also be crushed? The hit to capitalism that started with Obama and would be finished with her? MAYBE people are saying they’re sick and tired of politicians and something has to change.

            • How out the loss of self protection through 2nd amendment rights? How about he loss of protection for children which she suppored being aborted up to 36 weeks? How about the loss of justice, when she committed a felony with those emails? The loss of the middle class, which would be crushed under her tax plan? The loss of many small businesses that would also be crushed? The hit to capitalism that started with Obama and would be finished with her? MAYBE people are saying they’re sick and tired of politicians and something has to change.

            • You must not be reading or listening if you don’t hear it or get it! Quit tuning into the media; they don’t get it either and are only parroting what they are told to say.
              Wake up and smell the coffee!

            • I remember watching the elections with a friend of mine from Russia. I was a little alarmed about the possibilities of war that Secretary seemed insistent upon, through the no-fly-zone in Syria. Every time she talked about Syria, my friend would blanch and pale. The possibility of sparking the third world war was definitely something I wanted to avoid. I am relieved that Trump wants to negotiate and seek peaceful opportunities with Russia than seek warfare. My friend was also relieved, as were many of his compatriots. I would definitely grieve for any Russia-US conflict, as would the rest of the world glowing with nuclear radiation.

            • freedom – What we have now is not freedom. It’s the illusion of freedom.
              Seat belt laws – Who cares. You get in a wreck without a seatbelt and break yourself and your passenger’s that’s on you.
              Car insurance laws – same
              Health insurance law – same

              the constitution

              The ability to do more than make min wage (I don’t mean raise the min wage, I mean job opportunities. they haven’t been here in this country in a long time.)

              More pandering to minorities. this country was never meant to cater to minorities, It is meant as a place where you can work hard and get ahead, but you have to work for it. And sometimes that means stepping on some toes to get where you need to be. It doesn’t mean safe spaces, overly kind words and condescending ooohhhh honeys.

              Laws – We have them. They need to be enforced.

              Freedom of speech. – I am tired of this overly sensitive BS. Being called a racist or a bigot for speaking my mind because it’s not PC enough for whoever I’m talking to. This falls under the constitution, but it’s worth mentioning by itself.

              Freedom from illegal search and seisures – They do this all the time when they intercept emails and private messages, phone logs ect without a warrant. NSA – It’s also in the constitution, but it bears mentioning again.

              Respect as a country – We don’t have it. We are stepped on every day by other countries.

            • Good point. I am glad to see that there are peaceful protests. There should be. We have grown as a nation. Many, many more people are educated to accept the differences of others. There is hope. .

            • We would have grieved the spiritual evil filling our country by spirit cookers and pedophile rings and the spiritual wickedness in high places. We would have grieved the criminal element rising to the very top of a very powerful governmental structure and making no bones about it. We would have grieved the truth being forever barred. We as Americans would have endorsed evil, and possibly invoked the wrath of God. I believe as a spirit filled bible believing person that God intervened in this case, showering us with His mercies, and has given us a leader we can be proud of if we can only get past the judgment of someone’s past. People repent, people change, and nobody likes having their past mistakes being held against them. Trump has shown that repentance, and will drain the swamp, and for a lot of people that could be a very painful thing. It has to happen, or socialism and communism will reign, and to our own peril. We hear these lesser of two evils analogies thrown about, and that may be what it came down to for the bible believing world. The Clinton campaign shown themselves Luciferian and occultist in nature (JayZ and Beyonce anyone?) and any bible believing person should be celebrating trump’s victory, not bemoaning it, for this seems like step one in taking back our country. Good luck America, for we must never again become lazy in fighting the forces of darkness.

            • “White” Americans have already lost their right to speak, we have to monitor every single word because it might be offensive. ” Christians” have lost their holiday.. if they utter the word Christmas they get fired from their jobs. “American” kids cannot go to college due to no funding while immigrant kids (some of who are illegally here) go for free … “Working men and women” are sick of working their ass off only to have the entire Joe Blow family sit around and make more friggin kids because they receive more assistance. Many folks are just sick of the “everyone wins a trophy mentality” sick of people not taking responsibility for their own actions. I get that you are scared, learning to finally take responsibility for yourself is tough, but you will get there .. just like we all have 🙂

            • What would they grieve, exactly? I understand there is poverty in middle america – but whose fault is that? They can blame the departure of factories – but hey that happened decades ago … so why aren’t their Republican representatives building up the economy in their states? Why aren’t they increasing the level of education or decreasing the cost of education so that they can have the skills to get a job elsewhere? Why are the Representatives allowing the constituents access to federally funded healthcare that their constituents paid for ? Yeah – they have a LOT to grieve for … but their tears are misplaced … GB ran up the debt with his wars AFTER there was a budget surplus with Clinton … but Republicans have never been good at claiming responsibility for their CRIMES against the country, so they point fingers at the people who they could unite with and challenge the main problem of classism in this country – they are forcing ALL of us to bankroll the rich, while the rich spit on us.

              • I cannot believe your comment that the factories have left a long time ago, so therefore these consequences are not affecting us now. You really need to study economics to better understand the long term impact on any nation when their productivity is shut down. And by the way, the bleeding of our manufacturing base has continued to today! Contrast this with the growth of China which now has grown its manufacturing base from essentially nothing. Bush and Hillary are of the SAME ilk. They both have been supported by the same corporate donors. This alone should make you realize that the 2 Establishment Parties are furthering the same agenda for them. Don’t trust either one.

            • What you don’t understand is that we have been grieving. Slowly for 8 yrs. Not because of the color skin our president has but because he has allowed your beliefs to over shadow and choke us out. “We” are made up of white, black, hispanic, asian, indian, haitian, jamaican, ect. “We” are middle class ameeicans being over looked, over worked, poorly paid, laid off, forced to pay for too many that are illegally here or choose not to work. We have friends and family who are of all different race and background. We have family that are gay. We love them and pray for them and want to live in peace with them but not have to compromise our own beliefs to do so. We have been forced to send our children to schools where they are forbidden to pray, forbidden to bring their bible, are offered abortions or controception without our knowledge, our daughters and sons are forced to get changed with the same sex, in locker rooms, go to the bathroom with fear they could be raped. We have parents that have been laid off, losing their home, cannot feed their children, pay for medical bills, or college because an illegal immagrant took the job for less money, because their job closed to go over seas or plants got shut down because of all the red tape. Sure you can get you obama care for free. We have to pay and not only pay premiums for ourselves but for half of america also which consists of those who are lazy and dont work and those who have come here illegally. We have been grieving by believing in God and the bible but being forced to pay for abortions with our tax money. Thats a conviction that maybe to you does not matter but to us is forcing us yo be a part of murder. Yes women will still do it we understand but let them pay for it or you who believe in it donate to that horrific cause that we believe is inhumane. That is like the gov’t telling americans they will be taking taxes out to give to local churches for supporting the poor and needy. No one would agree to that but we are not given that choice. We grieve by watching so many parents burry their children from drug over dose from our borders not being secure. We grieve by having to burry our children or parent from dieing in war to a president who has refused at times yo solute our troops and allowed our American flag to be burned in our streets with no comment or correction. We have been grieving by sending our husband or wife in blue off to work hoping and praying they will come home but now because people are seeking them out.
              Is it to say you are not grieving or you don’t have the right to? no. I believe both sides are free to grieve and feel hurt. But what you should see and here by our vote is “WE” are exhausted by our extremely long hours of work, public service, volunteering, caring for our elderly parents or sick family member. We are frustrated by the things we do not believe in being forced on us, we are angry that we have been silenced, under paid, over worked, and disregarded. “We” are like I said of all race, gender, and background. Whoever tells you otherwise is nnot speaking truth to you. “WE” who voted Trump are white, black, hispanic, indian, asian,ect. We arestraight and gay. We are peace loving Ameeicans that believe in freedom not forced agenda. We are AMERICANS

              • Heck yes! This comment. I am about to start my own blog. Things that need to be said (By Americans being forced to remain silent). I totally agree with your comment and think that this type of thinking is what is going to end up destroying this country. It’s the logic that the rioters have, that their way should be the only way and if they don’t get what they want, they will throw fits, kill, and destroy. It’s that type of thinking that is going to get this country killed. The world is watching and we are giving them a rather sad and horrible example.

            • Had Clinton won, I would’ve felt that rampant corruption was greenlighted to be acceptable in gov’t. That the people didn’t care enough about our future to send DC a message that corruption on the backs of the people is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.
              I’m a democrat but could not accept this candidate. Mad as hell at the DNC for stopping the viable candidate and giving us a scandal candidate. I didn’t vote for Trump nor Clinton.

            • yes we would have grieved but not in the violent manner that you are! Look at our rallies it was your side that started the fight, ansd got paid to do what you did to make us look bad. This should not be about one side or the other, it is time to heal and look to the future, accept what the American people want try. we have tried your ways for 8 years and what has it gotten us but more separation, boys using girls bathrooms, lawlessness, and corruption is places that should be lawful and yes we grieve for the same reasons that you have stated. This was also about law and order, about a greedy women who wanted power to have her agendas, have you not seen older post on her saying things like marriage should be between a man and women. It was about a women who covered up her sexist husband’s crimes with crimes of her own,? I realize it hurts to lose but we have to learn to lose with grace just as we need to learn to win with the same grace.

            • I would have grieved the loss of integrity. Yes, Trump is brash and talks like a boy in a locker room. But he is what he is. Clinton and her aides are disingenuous. The emails proved that for her the ends justify the means. I don’t necessarily agree with her “ends” but I really resent her underhanded means. There is much more to the list of things I would “mourn,” but this would end up as long as the original article.

            • This letter would be fine if it were true,…..But it is NOT. To say Trump’s message and vision is one of hate and bigotry and racism is totally false and ridiculous!! Did you know in the 90’s, when he opened his Mara Lago club, he fought Palm Beach to allow ALL ethneticities membership? At the same time Hilliary belonged to an All White exclusive club! Trump has NEVER been accused by ANYONE of being a racist…..until he ran against the Dems! To take his words and twist their meaning is wrong and deceitful!! The Obamas and Hilliary think rappers like Jay Z and Beyonce are good role models for our girls …….are you kidding me! What a joke! The evil that comes out of their mouths and the lewd naked body girations during their concerts make what Trump said look like a choirboy’s conversation! Get real, and stop with the manipulating, twisting, and outright lies about Trump!!

            • Continued corruption, open boarders, fetuses with no voice to defend their right to live, collusion with MSM, lying, cheating, 3am phone calls for help unanswered..shall I go on??

            • Unborn babies being killed for one. An economy that is crushing my family. A rise in my health care premiums, copay and out of pocket costs that make me choose between which “needs” I can afford for my family, which includes a special needs child. I have a child that I have to provide for after I am gone. This economy hasn’t allowed me to set aside the money that child will need. Taxes keep going up. The government just keeps taking and taking.
              I am not all those things that you accuse many Trump supporters, yet your side keeps saying that I am. I am constantly ridiculed for my Christian beliefs-where is my free speech? Where are the tolerant liberals? I don’t see them. All I see and hear is ridicule for people that don’t believe as you do. You bet I would be grieving if Hillary had one. But you don’t want to hear or believe that I have any reasons other than what the media has fed you, which aren’t true for me.

            • We would have grieved over our children going hungry because the democratic welfare state confiscated all money to give to terrorists, illegal aliens, those too lazy to work, those who prefer mayhem instead of commerce, those who prefer the high of drugs to honest happiness. We would have grieved over the loss of a once great nation to the whining, pusillanimous, jobless cretins who want to be supported by the work of others.

            • I would have grieved the government telling me who I must support with my business (or face court sanctions) and taxes because they believe Christian values are old fashioned. I would have grieved making a federal case out of who pees where. I would have grieved being told that everyone in America deserves the money that I work for. I would have grieved accepting that laws of entering the country weren’t really laws but just suggestions, and I would have grieved the liberal media and population celebrating that they can now push any agenda that they please and the rest of us trying to hold Christian families together being told to just fall in line.

            • Our guns being taken while hillary was in bed with to many foreign leaders was my biggest concern. I want and need change cause it wasnt working for many the way it was. Our political system needs more checks and balances. No official should be allowed to take money for a vote. “Line their own pockets” she won the popular vote just not the electoral vote. At the end of the day folks need to realise we should all come together. Not divide further. I still believe America could have produced better to vote for. We were left with three choices. If you voted great that’s the way it should be. If you didn’t you can blame the folks that did.

            • The lives of the unborn baby that would be aborted. Small business owners who are tired of carrying the weight of those who refuse to work and live off the government. We would mourn that hard work would not prosper you it would mean that you just have to give more to those who don’t work. We would mourn our vets who don’t get as many benefits as illegal immigrates. We would mourn for those who do follow the rules and come the right way yet don’t get the benefits the ones who break the rules do,,. Need more?

            • That the elite establishment continued to rape and pillage this country for their own personal agenda.
              I personally detest Trump but I detest Hillary more and what she stands for and has shown through her actions. She talks a good game but her actions show entitlement and privilege at the expense of this great country.

            • A liberal leaning US Supreme Court….eroding our religious rights, increasing our debt substantially, eroding our 2nd amendment rights through the Supreme Court, preventing our country from becoming energy independent, trying to “fix” a broken healthcare system….on and on and on……..

            • The death of even more babies due to her abortion pro choice stances. The fact that she broke the law and should never been cleared, know if all the other cases of security clearance breaches people being fired on the spot. Her attavks on the Christian religion are also waiting for people to realize the term radical Muslim in the news, from her side of the story. They r so ignorant

            • the other side would grieve that a party is in office who…
              -has voted to allow, and thinks it is morally acceptable to dismember a baby while it is still alive and remove it from a woman’s womb limb from limb, piece by piece.
              -a party who supports an industry that sells babies body parts for research (and who knows what else)
              -a party who passed legislation that has made it financially impossible for the average American family to visit the doctors due to unprecedented deductibles and jacked premiums.
              -a party that believes that their personal mercurial interpretation of morality supersedes the plumb line of morality established by generations of humanity.
              – a party who employs, aligns with and is funded by people groups who wish nothing more than to institute sharia law into any and every nation. (as evidenced by published written works and money trails)
              -a party who thinks that government oversight and intrusion is the answer to “liberty”
              -a party who has made it evident that they want to restrict our right to choose education and medication for ourselves and our children. Who think that govt. knows best and we should all be blindly following their establishment endorsed education and medicinal standards.

              believe me, we would have had plenty to cry about if the tables were turned. The Democratic party is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I wish that America would wake up.

            • We would have grieved over a President that kills our military, takes our God out of America, allows illegal immigrants into our country (key word: ILLEGAL), and list can go on. Democracy was not cheap and this is it at its finest. Time to create America again and take it BACK to what it was.

            • Most likely they would be grieving the way money and special interests have corroded our political system.

              Corporations didn’t donate hundreds of millions to Hillary because they like her abortion stance or because they share her vision of a diverse America. They donate so they can call in favors, favors that benefit them, and hurt the little people like me and you.

            • Give me a break.

              1. I don’t “grieve” for much but the loss of a family member, friend, etc. The presidential race is a contest – both people enter knowing only one will win. Why would I grieve?

              2. To the extent I grieve for a social issue, I grieve because the first Black POTUS did not help Blacks more.

              3. Trump is an unknown on so many fronts. Let’s give him a chance. I’m hopeful by nature in this regard.

              4. This statement is a major generalization: “Trump supporters believe in a very selective America; one that is largely white and straight and Christian, and the voting verified this. Donald Trump has never made any assertions otherwise. He ran a campaign of fear and exclusion and isolation—and that’s the vision of the world those who voted for him have endorsed.” I know a lot of Trump supporters and they do not have these characteristics; nothing is more dangerous than buying into stereotypes and generalizations. I know Trump supporters who are Black, Hispanic/Latino, LGBTQ (the CEO of PayPal gave a big speech during the RNC Convention), etc. This statement is provably false — and just is fear-mongering. Trump received 8% of the Black vote (more than Romney) and nearly 30% of the Hispanic/Latino vote. The writer should explain that.

              5. And this statement (SMH): “We’re angry because our candidate’s losing means this country will be less safe, less kind, and less available to a huge segment of its population, and that’s just the truth.” Our children are already living in an unsafe and unkind country (Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans murder rates are unconscionable). How do you know it will be less so under Trump? Mr. Pavlovitz’s statement is not “just the truth” — it’s unsubstantiated conjecture and speculation. It may very well turn out that way, but we can’t say it will. In fact, our job should be to ensure it doesn’t happen — no matter who holds the office.

              6. Drama at it’s best: “As a nation we had an opportunity to affirm the beauty of our diversity this day, to choose ideas over sound bytes, to let everyone know they had a place at the table, to be the beacon of goodness and decency we imagine that we are—and we said no.” What country does he live in? Race relations are at an all-time low. Ask any Black person I know and, even with a Black President, they don’t think things are all that beautiful. What “beauty of our diversity” is the writer affirming? By definition, our country is diverse; different people equals diversity. Inclusion, on the other hand, is the issue. And in America that has not been inclusive for all, ain’t nothing been “beautiful” for years — no matter how one tries to romanticize it.

              I’m a very practical guy. The Republicans control all branches of government starting January 21st: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. I do not think it useful or smart to spend our time focusing on the past because it’s the one thing we cannot change. The future is what we need to do something about and, at least for the next four years, this is a future under Republican leadership.

            • We would have grieve an honest and true representation, we would have grieved being told the truth about where our taxes are going, we would have grieved, the jobs going to other nations putting our neighbors out of work, we would have grieved the borders being open to any terrorist who wished to enter our country could do so, we would have grieved the weakening of our economy because our trade agreements are so one sided in favor of other nations, there are many sides to these issues and now that there is a president elect it is time to stop grieving, join together and get to making this the greatest nation on earth again. There are issues to be addressed and crying and whining will not help resolve these issues.

            • Your right, I wouldn’t have grieved. I’m so used to being ignored that it would be just like it always been except I could look forward to, as HC said, open borders and open trade, liberal Supreme Court justices, lower standard of living, broken promises to people fighting for freedom and more of our people dying waiting for help from our sec of state and our supreme commander ! I wish we had a space on the ballet for none of the above and if it were more than 50% of the popular vote , we would start over with different candidates .
              Unfortunately, that can’t happen so I voted for change from the failed and corrupt business as usual, personified in HC, to Donald Trump. As Pelosi said after the last election, there are consequences to an election. So learn to live with it.

            • The same things we grieved in 2008 and 2012, having to watch our beloved country being pushed into socialistic philosophy, unbelievable debt and the inevitable end of our freedoms so we would end up looking like all the other countries who were reaping the devastating results of the same horrible policies. A third term of this, and who can argue that Hillary Clinton would not have continued Barack Obama’s policies, and doubled down on them, by her own words and campaign promises, that would have been the case, our country would have never recovered. We may not immediately see the turnaround, but will have a much better chance of prosperity for more Americans and digging ourselves out of the quagmire of debt and distress than if another socialistic regime were set loose on us again.

            • The other side would have grieved the loss of honesty, integrity, morality, prosperity, and the belief that hard work results is achieving the American dream. If you believe that a dishonest, greedy, self serving woman had your best interest at heart you are sadly mistaken

            • Had Hillary Clinton been elected the “other side” would have grieved due to a continued attack on our God given freedoms. Unconstitutional gun control and the attack on Christianity would have continued. The monstrosity that is Obama Care would have continued to reek havoc on our health care system. These are just a few things.
              Had Hillary been elected Hillary supporters would have been disappointed, just as many Obama fans are now experiencing their disillusions. The only inclusion Hillary really believes in is for her rich buddies at companies such as Goldman Sachs who paid her in excess of $250,000 per speech. And don’t forget the foreign interests in the Middle East that dumped millions into her phony foundation. Had Hillary been elected you would have seen corruption on a level you never dreamed of. Hillary d all her supporters, she really only cared about how much power the presidency would afford her. I have seen many interviews where Hillary supporters were asked to name on achievement she accomplished in her career. No one could think of one. And that speaks volumes.

            • If the tables were turned . . . . the other side would grieve because they still were not being heard. . . . not by either Party. Not Democrat and not Republican. And that is beyond sad! However – there is a famous saying ‘judge what someone’s future actions will be based on their previous actions.’ And there is nothing in Mr. Trump’s past actions to think that he really cares about the great working folk of our country. That was his rhetoric to enliven people to his side. How very, very sad.

            • I for one am grieving the men killed at Benghazi. It is hard not to feel sad seeing their families stand beside their coffins and see the Secretary of State look right into their devastated faces, and then lie, straight up lie, about what happened. Just one small example. The night of the election I was praying for these men.

            • I grieve for being lump into a stereotype for the last 8 years for being white, being Catholic, and being a Conservative. I grieve that I have to conceal my values or my colleagues/ social circle would stamp me as a racist/bigot. My daughter’s best friend has two dads,. We socialize with their family (yes, I consider them a true family), she goes there for sleep overs, and we laugh like hell with the dad that tells the crazy a** stories. I grieve because I feel like I’ve been marked by the beast, and I grieve that people in the “minority” of our society don’t realize that many people like me in the “silent majority” weren’t voting FOR that idiot, we were voting AGAINST another 8 years of shaming.

            • Quote: all this hatred, fear, racism, bigotry, and intolerance. That is why they would grieve because it would be allowed to continue. The USA is so fractured and there was no end in sight. Now perhaps our country can get back on track and be great again for ALL Americans and legal immigrants.

            • They wouldn’t grieve. They would file law suits if they lost & cry that it was rigged! Trump is a pig. Sad Sad time for America. Good article

            • (1) Kate’s law would not be signed.
              (2) Sanctity jurisdictions would continue to be allowed.
              (3) Open borders. I believe is was Friedman [sp?] who said, “You can’t have open borders with a welfare state.” (Continued low wages. (Note that the winning candidate received 29% of the hispanic vote. Do they know something you don’t know?) More domestic Islamic terrorist attacks.
              (4) Continuation of a “crazy” (as per W. J. Clinton) health care system.
              (5) Continuation of slow growth economy.
              (6) Higher (true) unemployment.
              (7) Higher taxes, with corporations and the wealthy leaving the country for more tax friendly shores.
              8. Continued weak military.
              9. On foreign shores, U.S. continue to be neither liked or feared.
              etc., etc., etc.

            • We would have grieved that a criminal had taken residence in the Whitehouse.

              We would have grieved that a woman so self centered that she would sell her office to the highest bidder was elected president.

              We would have greived that the Secretary of State that couldn’t defend a 13 ac compound in Benghazi would open our borders to every terrorist in the world.

              You see, I wasn’t blinded by the drama. I did my research. By my calculations, I would have paid $800 a month more in taxes and $500 a month more for my insurance coverage.

              Also, I wasn’t blinded by the liberal media and their false accusations of discrimination. We have laws in place now that require a path to citizenship. The Obama administration chooses to ignore those laws. This fact does not make Trump a racist.

              We would have greived that our taxes were higher and our paycheck smaller.

              A final thought, Obama took office in 2009. In the election of 2008, he was not my first, second or third choice. I greived, but I didn’t take to social media or casual conversation to voice my displeasure. He was my president. After eight years of complete failure in the social, economic and polpitical arenas, I want change as does 50% of America. Hillary Clinton does not provided the ethical or political cleansing this country needs. She is a criminal out for Clinton gains.

              Our government is a mess. We need a new direction. We need a President that will say what he means and do what he says. Is he perfect, no way, but he the future President of the United States.

            • For every belief in something, there is someone who feels just as strongly in the opposite direction. The difference here is that the people who are unhappy about the outcome are the ones creating division and hate, the very things they are trying to say Trump will cause before he even gets to the White House. How about we all calm down and cross that bridge when we get to it?

            • The loss of a free America, a secure America, the continued oppression of inner city populations, the rise of taxation and squandering of money, the increased immorality of this nation and removal of personal freedoms that so many have died to protect.

            • Loss of 2nd amendment, loss of the slimmest chance of stopping abortion, loss of the tiniest chance that jobs will return to the U.S. and the end to NAFTA and stopping the Trans-Pacific Trade agreement, loss of the stopping of illegal immigration which is crippling this country financially. The loss of the chance to slow the eventual takeover of the US by those Muslims who want Sharia Law. (Don’t think it will happen? We humans really aren’t that evolved. See Brigitte Gabrielle’s story about her life in Lebanon. (The gentle, Christian and liberal people brought in refugees, the refugees became the majority, voted in Sharia law, and then began exterminating the Christians.)) So tired of being called a racist for not wanting illegal immigrants in our country. Immigration is fine. Bring them on….legally and as tax paying citizens. Those who mourn the loss of another Clinton presidency only seem to see the loss of a few key factors that were important to them, but when the other side voices their worries and concerns they are dismissed, called racists, bigots, “deplorables.” And I truly believe, to the depths of my soul, that Hillary Clinton and her cohorts have plans to fundamentally change the US to a more socialist or communist country, reduce the population, and become a part of a world wide government. The elites do not want the “useless eaters” consuming “their” resources. The W.H.O. claims 90% of the world’s populous are worthless eaters. This is what the “other side” would grieve for.

            • We would greive for all our Americans killed by Hillary partnering and taking bribes from foreign nations that want to see us dead. She’s bought and paid for, we paid the consequences in Benghazi

            • What would the other side have grieved? The callous disregard for human life (both male and female) expressed through support of abortion. For one.

            • I personally don’t think the majority would have grieved. Grieving comes out of love. Beliefs. Morals. And much more. I don’t believe Trump followers truly have these things in their heart’s. How could anyone who follwed a non expierenced, silver spoon, geriatric temper tantrum throwing, reality T.V. personality? How could anyone who followed someone who campaign from the beginning was playing on people disdain and blaming it on their fellow citizens. A campaign of pure hate and fear. Grieve, no. Angry, absolutely.

            • If Hillary Clinton had won the election, I would be grieving over the fact that lawlessness won. Half of the nation aligned themselves with someone who broke the law repeatedly. Perhaps there is not enough evidence to charge or convict her, but she did handle classified materials on an insecure system which is illegal. If Trump supporters aligned themselves with a hate, Clinton supporters aligned themselves with crime.

            • I can’t help but wonder why very few can understand Clinton was heading for a one world order? Why she was a disgrace to women staying with a man who got a blow job in the White House, talk about dishonoring women, both Bill and Hiliary.
              Why hasn’t anyone asked to see Clintons tax return upon becoming President to their tax return upon leaving office? diversity really her idea of diversity is to make all of us sheep. Which anyone voting for her she didn’t have to do much did she.

            • I am a white male who is married to a hispanic woman. We have a bi-racial daughter. I was raised in a divorced home by a single atheist mother who ran a small business for 40 plus years in NY. The business was started by my great grandmother in the 1930’s as a widowed woman after the Great Depression. The business was a trade school that had a large number of gay and straight students and teachers of different races and ethnicities who I grew up around. I have White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, European, Arab, Native American and many other friends and family of all ethnicities and races. I have straight, gay, and bi-sexual friends. My wife works for a very successful Native American woman. I was raised in a home with no religious preference and in most cases was atheist or agnostic. I believe in people, not because they are a certain color, race, hold a particular religious or political view or have a certain sexual identity. I was never asked to not be-friend or date anyone based on any of those ideologies. I used to vote democrat and now am an Independent. I voted for Obama in his first term but not his second. When considering both candidates I felt like this; Hillary in my eyes and heart, seemed to me be to be very inconsistent with double talk about her opinion that changed on many occasions. It seemed like she was pandering to whatever audience she was attempting to appeal to and get the vote. I didn’t trust her and didn’t trust her agenda was for America first. Not White, Black or Hispanic America, just America. She seemed to me to be a career lier who was only focused on her entitlement and improving her wealth by any means necessary. She did nothing for middle America. She was caught lying about her duties many times as the Secretary of State, She called black youth “super predators” and mexicans “taco bell” but that never seemed to be brought up but certainly was racist. Her entire campaign was focused on hate and division, not unity and resolution in my eyes. In my opinion, Trump also had character flaws and said some terrible things about certain woman and people. I felt his inexperience and the fact he wasn’t a career politician was refreshing. I didn’t agree with certain things he would say and just wished he would keep his mouth shut at times. I felt he was an egomaniac but had such experience running many successful businesses that hired tens of thousands of employees, he could give a refreshing approach to politics. I liked the fact that he was focused on improving the economy, securing our borders from foreign terrorists, and was for America first. He was not focused on a global initiative. I voted for Trump who has many flaws in character as well. Does it make me a sexiest, racist, bigoted xenophobic. I don’t think so and I certainly don’t need to defend my reasons to anyone and either do you for voting for your choice. In addition, had Hillary won, I would’ve not criticized you for feeling excitement and zeal about her winning. I understand if you supported Hillary you are upset by the outcome. I believe in unifying our country based on our differences. If you truly want preach tolerance and inclusion, then you should accept that everyone won’t feel just like you and you should not label people who don’t agree with you. This article was a poorly written labeling, classifying racist and bigoted post. It does not describe one thing about me and the people I know who voted for Trump. Time to move forward as a country and give the President Elect our support at unifying our country. If you aren’t willing to do that, then you are part of the problem of division and not the solution!

            • I’ll tell you. It would have been the grieving over the further destruction of America. There have been no jobs, and people are hungry. People vote their pockets every time. The unemployment has been horrific. Job numbers don’t reveal the true picture that many of them are part-time, minimum wage jobs. Most people can’t afford to live on government handouts. There is no robust Middle Class left. That is the END of a once great nation. End of story.

            • The other side would have grieved for the loss of family, they don’t believe it takes a village to raise a child but that it takes a family, they would grieve that the 2nd amendment was abolished, a way of life in most of America was lost, they would grieve that individualism and individual rights and the opportunity to work hard, will be lost, that religious freedom, the founding principles of this country will have been replaced by group politics and they will see more attacks as have already occurred on their chrisitan religion, and they don’t understand why those attacks have not occurred against the religion that denigrates women, executes gays and displays no tolerance to those of differing views? They fear that more jobs will be lost, that they can’t afford a rising health care costs they did not support that was forced down their throat and they overwhelmingly opposed. they fear continued rule by an elite class, that the candidate of the democrats has been above the law and has punished those opposing her, they fear that immigrants from Mexico, Central and south America and the Middle East do not wish to fit into American culture as the Irish, English, Germans, Italians and past European immigrants so attacked by the left have always done, changing to fit America while honoring their ancestry, not asking or demanding America to change. You will never understand this but they don’t want to return to slavery, most never owned slaves, never sold another human being or any of the horrible things for which they have been accused. Most are not racists, bigoted or sexist. They believe in America as a land of opportunity but want that opportunity to extend to their children who are last on waiting lists to get into college-through NO fault of their own and who have worked hard and out performed others but are told ‘diversity” rules even though they cannot become diverse unless they change themselves and all they value. Past discrimination is not solved by present discrimination, white guilt for things not done is not eliminated by saying all whites are racists. The list of what they oppose, big government and big business vs. small government is extremely long. president Obama has never understood middle class Americans from Nebraska, Iowa or North Dakota. He does not understand the individual is valued and that many don’t want to only have themselves defined by what group they belong to. They would have grieved that the shining city on the hill that was America had been lost forever and just another failed socialist country replaced it with equal misery for all except the ruling elite. That is just some of what they would have grieved for if the other side had won.

            • This article just voiced exactly the way I have felt for the last eight years? As I was reading it I thought he was writing about the country under the Obama administration

            • That the pro abortion agenda would be advanced to the point ( if it hasn’t already) that a woman would kill her baby because the baby has the wrong eye or hair colour. That’s one objection . But it would take a lot of typing to cover it all

              • It is ridiculous to compare Pro Choice to Pro Abortion. What ignorance! I can’t ever imagine having an abortion, but I damn well feel that I should have the right to make that decision if I am the victim of rape or incest, or some other heinous act. Things are never black and white, so this issue will always be a controversial one, but wanting to have a say about what happens to your own body does not mean you’re for people lining up and getting abortions just for the fun of it. No one should ever be able to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body. Republicans love the motto “Don’t tread on me,” yet they don’t seem to mind treading on others who disagree with their beliefs.

            • Millions of innocent unborn lives. Being yanked before their time from the womb where God himself placed them. To have their limbs cut from their bodies and then an instrument jabbed into their little brains to suck them out.

            • grieving the loss of our United States of America!
              grieving The Unborn children that are slaughtered daily God disciplines a nation that treats his creation like garbage.
              Grieving the loss of every American that is killed by terrorism on our own soil as Isis will come across the and infiltrate our young to teach them that there’s a bigger cause to die for.
              Grieving the fact that we as the United States of America are no longer United. Loss of jobs, increasing debt, and everyday that middle-class works diligently and hard so that they can feed their family, but knowing at the end of the day it’s just not enough. Because it is on the backs of the middle class that the people who do not work and take and take and take from the government are carried. I do not condone hatred, bigotry, racism, all men and women are created equal but I do grieve for the Unborn because they are God’s from the moment that they are conceived. I will be praying daily for our president elect, vice president, our country the United States. Most of all I will be praying as a nation, that we will all be more united as one people, with Liberty and justice for all. One nation under God.

            • The other side would have grieved not being able to discriminate and hate “the other” who look different while hiding behind a claim of merely exercising religious freedom. Jesus said to love your neighbor and enemy alike.

            • Yeah. Civil War II is what it would have launched if the Pumpkin Spice Anti Christ lost. Now the GOP owns it all. So when they blow it up (and they will with the help of Vladimir) there’s nobody to blame but themselves. 11/9 – a day in infamy. Enjoy partnering with the KKK and the ensuing, and quickly escalating hate-fest that is now America. Can’t hardly wait for the Inauguration. You wanna see protest? You will indeed. At least it will be peaceful.

            • I agonized and did solid research, believing I had a duty to vote. It wasn’t about voting for anybody. It was about voting against something contrary to my deepest held beliefs and values. I could write an essay, but not here. I will say, though, that Thomas Sowell’s comments might give insight.

            • We wouldn’t grieve and we didn’t grieve when obama won his second term. We accepted and went to work. People voted for trump for a change there is to many fragile liberals that protest and riot and piss and moan when things don’t go the way they want them to. God forbid if u don’t agree with someone they have to go to there safe space cause words hurt. And for the record he only said he would deport ILLEGALS. And he’s a billionaire who has been in the public eye for over 30yrs and wasn’t accused of racism until he ran against Hillary. Does he have a filthy mouth? Yes, sorry
              Thank you,

            • I would have grieved at a future of Hillary blaming Russia without evidence, not talking with our perceived enemies (why Syria really?), WWIII, pouring money into countries that don’t like us, media propaganda, government smooth talking not matching actions, militarized police (look at North Dakota), no hope for ending/auditing the Federal Reserve, vets getting ill-treated. I don’t need validation like you. I am okay. The world is not.

            • I will tell you why we would have grieved. Because we know where a socialistic country would take us, down a global road where even more freedoms are taken away. Where we work like slaves to a corporate giant cabal. In essence a 1984 scenario. Hillary and most democratic officials believe in that system, and even some republicans.

              I will be blunt, Trump has supported people of all walks of life. You can look this stuff up, it’s not hard to find. Most of the garbage put out is either misrepresented by main stream media or just plain taken out of context by those who hate him to begin with. For those who refuse to believe my words, just look at the violence that was put on Trump supporters all through this campaign. Spit on, called all sorts of names, beat up, things stolen…and the list goes on and on. Were there some supporters of Trump that were violent? I am sure there were, but not on the scale that has and is going on now.

              Just for a little clarification on things too, most Trump supporters are not all the names you call them either. Because they too voted for Obama, don’t forget that.

              The simple fact is, we do want change in this country as well, and what that means is a return to our constitutional system. With no bloated government, government isn’t and has never been the answer to problems. Why because they put up too many rules, and regulations. The government cannot take care of you, and they won’t. They will tell you they will, and say that you don’t know how to do so. As they know best. And those who voted for Trump didn’t do this to spite you, or the millenials either. We did this because we are tired of corruption. Plain and simple! And sorry Hillary stands for all the things I hate about the current government, and it seems there are many who feel the same way.

            • Orion, here is what I would grieve for if Hillary Clinton had been elected: all the unborn babies that would be killed, even right up to the minute before they’re born, because the mother thinks her “rights”, her convenience is more important than the life of an unborn child. What kind of nation are we if we think killing babies that would survive outside the womb is OK? The science is there. I would grieve because the massive influx of people coming into our country illegally would continue unabated, even encouraged, straining our already over burdened social services and other government agencies to the point that it is becoming unsustainable for our country. I would grieve that our leadership doesn’t understand that there are people around the world, and even now within our country, that hate America and the freedoms we stand for and enjoy, and have no interest in becoming part of our cultural melting pot, that would like to change our nation and want to remove some of the freedoms we enjoy by imposing oppressive laws, or worse yet, destroy our country. Yet the leadership believes if we are just “nice”, if we just let people into our country without vetting them, their ideology will somehow magically change, and everything will be just fine. I would grieve that “political correctness” would be the downfall of our nation. I would grieve because the US would lose what little respect we have left among the nations of the world, and that our leader would be ineffective in keeping our nation, and the world, safe. I would grieve because it would mean a continuation of the erosion of religious freedom in our country, where we are already subject to government coercion into actions that violate one’s religious conscience. I would grieve that the divisions in our country would continue to grow, fostered by the ideology of entitlement. Our country has more freedoms than any other country in the world. People have the freedom to work hard to get ahead and make a better life for themselves and their family. They can start a business, buy property, and even vote! We aren’t prevented from getting an education by our race, sex, socioeconomic status or even age. We should celebrate diversity, but we shouldn’t use race, sex, sexual orientation, geography, or anything else to expect special treatment, or infringe on anyone else’s rights. We are all Americans, first and foremost. But we are turning into a country of whiners. We have 4 and 5 generations of people on welfare. This is unsustainable. I could go on. Our country is not perfect, our president elect is not perfect, but now is the time for everyone to join together, as Americans, and instead of focusing on differences and what’s wrong, start to focus on commonalities and what is right with our country and how we can make it better, stronger, more inclusive for everyone.

            • I wouldn’t have shed a tear if my candidate didn’t win but if Donald Trump lost I guarantee that not one college campus would have wasted a minute for any student that wanted him as their candidate. We would have. Even upset if Donald lost but I would want life to carry on. Maybe if these sad angry people came out and voted the election would have been different.

            • The other side would have grieved about having to deal with minorities they disgust, as the grievers now disgust the America (I) first voters. It is about the difference between feeling “I personally have been let down”, what would have been the grieve from the Trump-voters and the “we as a diverse community have been let down” The whole election has been about the difference about I and We. Who wants to share and who doesn´t. And I do understand that when the going gets tough it is easier to choose “I”. Though in the long run I do believe that co-orporation can win from egoism

            • More Kate Steinles killed.More Mexicans egging and beating a woman at a rally in San Jose.More Democratic punks taunting and stepping on a homeless woman defending Donald Trumps star on Hollywood walk of fame.O could go on but I don’t think you’d really care we all see the world the way we want.

            • I think I like the idea of term limits for congress. I would like a more strict means of screening foreign people entering this country. All foreign people. I would like to see some of the businesses that fled the United States return. I would like more favorable trade agreements for our country. But most of all I would like to see the 20 or so year old children that grew up whose parents gave them everything they ever wanted, To understand that this giving is not going to continue through out life. They will need to work for what they want and not expect to get it by crying when ever they don’t get their way.

            • Unwillingness to take control over national debt which has spent our children’s futures; proven incompetence of Hillary on matters of national security; unwillingness to be accountable; destruction of subpoenaed records (disrespect for law and lawful duties encourage national anarchy); violation of pledge to put national interests above private interests; insiders demonstration of blatant racism, anti-Semitism, and rigging system to favor the elite rather than the choice of the voters (remember Bernie Sanders); unemployment; inflation; bankrupting social security; failed foreign policy, and military policies; prioritize Political correctness over the basic value and principals of the country; bigger government; disregard of rights of states and individuals; disregard of Constitution – we voted for a proven leader and financial manager, not for the statements made by an entertainer 10, 20 and 30 years ago. This article shows how clueless you are.

            • False moral equivalence.

              If Trump acts to use the force of government to take from you, your life, your liberty, your property, any of your natural rights, then you may not merely grieve you may look to a “2nd amendment solution”.

              Popular elections do not empower either the right or left to further infringe on our rights or liberty.
              # of us can not gather and agree to infringe on the rights of two others – regardless of ideology, regardless of arguments that it is for some common good.
              We may not sacrifice the rights of the few for our perception of the needs of the many.

              That said if the tables were turned, the overwhelming majority of us would be giving Hillary a chance. Praying that she was not as evil or corrupt as it is self evident that she is. Then when that proved wrong we would do as we did from 2009 forward and impede her efforts to restrain our rights further.

              Those unhappy with Trump are free to do the same.

              I expect that if Trump interferes with anyone’s natural rights, liberty or property that all of us will join to thwart that.
              I am deeply concerned that may occur.

              But the left is not greiving because Trump may be infringing on peoples rights.
              They are greiving because he may be undoing some of their infringements on the rights of others. Because that is what all the lefts entitlements are – immoral infringements on the rights of others. So you are greiving because you may have lost some of your ability to impose your will by force on others.

              You are angry because Alinsky’s rule 11 failed:
              “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.”

              You have been shouting hateful hating haters so much it has lost effect.

              When your target is 50% of the people and the route to success is an election character assassination does nto work.

            • We already grieve the repercussions of a Hillary Clinton State Dept. An Ambassador and his security staff were abandoned for political expediency and left for dead for 13 hours to cover up the CIA illegal arms sale that was taking place to jihadists. CIA uses the Diplomatic Corp as cover for its operations and emails confirmed, so don’t deny it. We mourned a voting populace who cares not one iota bout four lost lives and the cover up but were stark raving mad about a private conversation on a open Mic from 11 years ago. We mourned that we may be living under a criminal’s leadership for 4 years. What you claim as inclusivity was seen through by others as the phony disingenuous pandering the Clintons are so very skilled at. We voted out of logic, not the pure emotion that the left lives and thrives in as shown by the destructive and violent behavior around the nation. Quit villifying half the population and quit relying on the state to guarantee your happiness…that is what we voted against and what we lived under for eight very long years.

            • 1The ability to live each day without fearing WW3 could start any minute because our president is determined to provoke and war monger as our govt has done for so long.
              2The knowledge that life in the inner cities has a real chance to improve instead of staying with the same despair and exploitation decade after decade
              3 knowing that our President has a long long record of directly trying to assist African Americans.
              4 Inwould have grieved feeling the shame that our President supports and caters to govts that kill innocent gay people, some only teens.
              5 I would grieve knowing that a party whose leaders are involved with child sexual abuse and trafficking of the most vile kind were able to rob us of the truly populist candidate Bernie Sanders and were able to still win.
              6 I would grieve the shame of having Bill Clinton, rapist and assualter back in the White House along with his enabler and victim demeaning wife -Now our President.
              7 I would have to live in fear for the next caring citizen being killed (like Seth Rich) 64th murder at the time of this writing .8. Really would grieve the loss of safety and autonomy to live safely and practice my own religion instead of being Raped attacked and demeaned as many European citizens are in several countries overrun by Islamic Fundamentalists.
              9 Grieve the shame of knowing our President uses racial lairs and demeaning name calling
              10. Would grieve the millions of veterans not xgetting homes and care they need.
              tired right now and could write more, but thanks vey much for asking.

              • 1). Nearly every other candidate in this elections – from Sanders through Trump and nearly all the republicans was LESS interventionist than Clinton.
                “We came, we saw, he died”
                Hillary Clinton.
                Clinton HAS provoked war and conflict.

              • Our inner cities are and have been ruled by the left for over a century. Whatever their problems – they can not be blamed on republicans. Whatever the solutions – they can not be expected from democrats.

              • 3. Any assistance of our government to any of us is an equal right to ALL of us.
                Regardless, the obligation of govenrment is to secure our liberty, not “assist” us.
                The entitlement culture is the root to self destruction. Whatever entitlement you create must be paid for by the enforced compulsion of the effort of another.

              • 5). Having lived through Pres. Clinton’s sexcapades (and johnson’s and Kennedy’s) we can manage Trump’s.

                If you wanted someone untainted by misogyny you should have voted for Johnson.

              • Look, liberals need to learn from this. My brown parents legally immigrated here and I have watched Ca Ers and schools go downhill because of illegal immigration. I like HRC, I really do but when you guys tell me one set of people can disobey laws and I can’t because my family works hard and makes money, I think Dems don’t believe in equality and that you coddle minorities (example: Blacks can’t be expected to get an ID to vote!They cost 10$)
                Dems like Joe Biden said racist things about Asians and none you cared so why should I care about your feelings now? You’re hypersensitive and most likely too lazy to pay your fair share. So I’ll pay for you with my 6 figure tax bill but I won’t let you waste it on people just because they are non White like me.

          • No, they would not grieve. There would be riots in the streets. Vandalism. Death threats to specific demographics. Threats to sue. Accusations that it was rigged. This we all know. To pretend otherwise is ludicrous.

            • I agree that if she would have won, we would be living with riots and much fear of what that side would do in proclaiming the “rigged” system. I feel that we who are disappointed are just sad, very sad and disappointed, but not rioting and protesting.

            • I didn’t even vote for Trump but by being anti-Hilary, I’ve received threats already. People are calling for the death of Trump. They are burning effigies of him. Conservatives are not the deplorables by today’s actions.

              • Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code … but I doubt any Liberal knows or even cares about our Laws ….

            • Ya because “white blue collar” folks are the ones that have been rioting in the streets and burning down our own neighborhoods. It was a very close race. I would have never thought it was “rigged” had Trump lost last night. Had it been a Clinton landslide, maybe. But not being a close race that could have gone either way.

            • The Conservatives have never rioted in my life time. I have seen the progressive left liberals riot on many occasions. They riot any time they do not get their way. Look at Oakland as an example. Enough said!

          • The “other side” gave up compromise politics 30 years ago and “weaponized religion” and extremis in all positions as final stands. Their grief would have affected their personal ideologies alone. The grief we now fear is The consequential waves rolling across myriad minority groups whom in this election comprised a majority of all votes cast. Again. By those who serve a singular vision that cares not a wit for the grand diversity, of ideas, colors, classes and creeds that don’t walk the same path up the mountain. The great ‘other’ was played to fear masterly in this election more than any since 1933. Of the few book passages that Mr Trump can recall he can quote Guerring’s musings on propaganda quicker than any scripture. We are now in the reality (show) we’ve scripted. Unity will come from the crystallization of groups who will not silently see progress rolled back. History is on our side in the greater time scale. You are about to have your moment. Few checks are now balanced against the trough eaters and the golden idol you’ve elected. Use it well. Appeal to your highest selves and better Angels to guide you in the near term. Harken not to be singed by the alchemy you’ve unleashed for whatever personal path up the mountain you’ve chosen. Give us the grace to walk ours. Lest you do not the system, the Universe, All that is will not long let you reign. When you cling to the rocks in the river in which you’ve been thrown and thrown us, you will torn. Go with a better flow in the middle or please kindly bugger off.

          • The table was turned 8 years ago and that was hard and some of us grieved also because of the massive changes that were coming and came.

            • I’m genuinely curious about what those massive changes were that you’re referencing. I seek to understand your position only because I didn’t experience any changes that negatively affected me personally over the past 8 years. If you were negatively affected, I am willing to listen and try to understand your point of view.

              • My family is lower middle class in a very wealthy, liberal city. We are single income, both college educated. Our health insurance costs 3 times as much as it before the aca and provides much less coverage. Coverage we have lost includes coverage row frames for glasses or contacts, chiropractic care – which we use as preventive care as it keeps our immune systems functioning well, and mental health coverage. Under very liberal local policies, our property taxes have increased hundreds of dollars but the value of our home has not increased much. We cannot afford to live in the condo we afforded well before obama anymore because of increased property taxes, increased local taxes and cost of living in this wealthy area. Because the minimum wage continues to go up, my husband’s job is increasingly worth less, and opportunities for growth in his company are slow to come up because they have to accommodate the new requirements for people in the minimum wage jobs (not families). Those are a few ways we anticipated struggling under a liberal government that have come to fruition. I am no Trump fan, I didn’t vote for him and I don’t see him as a conservative. But that is why I see the last 8 years as not an improvement.

              • I was negatively affected by having an insurance forced on me and if I could not afford it, I was charged a penalty. Also, this Country is more divided than it has been since the early 70’s. Racial tension is higher than I have seen in my 60 years and that, I blame Obama.

                • First, you still don’t understand that the ACA did not and does not set prices. That is the Insurance Companies and they have hoards of legal minds who do nothing but find ways around regulations. You also don’t realize that the rates could very well have, and probably would have, risen much more quickly without the ACA. I know mine was going up at least 5% a year every year before the ACA. Also, sorry you can’t afford health insurance. I guess you were probably happier when you could go to the emergency room and let everyone else pay for you…but of course, you aren’t one of “those people” who want free stuff. I hope you are saving up because Trump, Ryan. Pence, and the rest of the GOP want to end Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and all other forms of “entitlements”. “Entitlements” that I for one have been paying into for more than 40 years. Gone, zip, no more. You have such short-sighted viewss that you vote against your own self-interest. When they make the retirement age 70, and remove your Social Security, are you going to step up and admit you were duped? No, because you are incapable of seeing cause and effect. Like the prejudice…you blame President Obama for causing it. He didn’t cause it, he was only the catalyst for the lurking demon within this country. Blame the victim, it feels so good. He was hated because of the color of his skin and you all blame him for being that color. He didn’t do anything (name ONE thing) to help black people at the expense of white people. You just can’t face your own bigotry, so you place the blame on him.

                  I love this country, and I will call President Trump our President. I won’t denigrate him or attack him or behave as you all have for the last 8 years. BUT, I will demand that you all face the results of your decisions and if things turn out as bad as we liberals and progressives fear, I will hold you responsible.

              • Husband was laid off from 10 year career, a hard-working man with two college degrees. Losing are benefits which included great health insurance. Having to figure out how to pay for health insurance, and that health insurance was not quality.
                President Obama has made deals with other countries that has compromised our country and has gone against God’s chosen people. To include the definition of marriage brought forth and blessed by God.
                The list is long.

          • You calling someone else ignorant for voicing their opinion is part of the problem this article is getting at. It’s nothing but nonstop attacks from everywhere.

          • Elroy, do you even understand the ramifications of electing a bigot and racist? All of the American people should be sad and fearful!!!

          • I wouldn’t have missed the looming war with Russia, the continuation of a horrific foreign affairs policy that involves trying to usurp nation after nation. No amount of Saudi money is worth it.

          • Amen! The “other” side has been grieving for the past 8 years while watching the largest racial divide in our lifetime, get wider.

          • Elroy,

            It’s evident to me that John didn’t say anything like that. I read his piece as speaking to the loss of a hopeful country where inclusion is the coin of the realm. If that’s the America that you thought that Trump was advancing, and that Clinton was thwarting, then you’d have been correct to grieve had he lost. But you would then have been living in an alternate universe by anyone’s measure. The fact is that I disagree with John on an important point: not only do we, as a people, share the freedom to outright reject what Trump and his supporters embrace, but every four years we have the power to resurrect our hope for an inclusive country at the ballot box. Trump’s election is not a reason to grieve; it’s a reason to unite and make right what went wrong. Inclusiveness starts at home, and we have many brothers and sisters in white, rural America who need civics lessons. Let’s get on it.

            • Anyone who believes a word of what Hillary Clinton stated is a fool. She is an admitted serial liar. She and her elitist supporters don’t give a damn about diversity except to USE people to keep the liberals relevant and in power.

          • Your grief would reflect that you COULDN’T be exclusive… COULDN’T grab ’em by the p*ssy (or at least laugh it off)… COULDN’T scream that Muslims (no matter how long they’re here) needed to be kicked out of the country… no comparison whatsoever.

          • Perhaps the other side would be grieving. However, their grief would be over the loss of a nation standing for divisiveness, bigotry, hatred, intolerance and exclusivity. Our grief today comes from knowing the loss of love, kindness, empathy, tolerance, acceptance…..and no one, not any person ever, can convince me that these separate ideals should be given equal credence.

          • You must be young. Ive been around for decades of elections and never has there been such sadness and despair the day after an election. The sadness comes from knowing that (almost) half the votes cast did not take into consideration all that trump has threatened to take away. This election legitimized homophobia, racism, white privilege, class warfare….and millions of people just didnt care.

          • Perhaps the other side might grieve but not in the way the rest of us non Trump supporters are. It is not about HRC losing it is not about party. I grieve because of all that we have lost as a nation. Our diversity, rights to be who we are free of fear, I grieve that these awful issues are now deemed ” Acceptable” Bullying . Degrading of women, disrespect & threats to immigrants, and the condoning of sexual assaults on women, racism, white supremacy, injustice of any kind. I grieve that I now know what my fellow ” Americans” really feel & support. That is why I grieve.

          • Right. They could grieve that they could not discriminate against women, minorities, the disabled, and the poor, that they might have to pay taxes( a big one!), that they could not build a wall to keep out refugees and clean up the environment. Poor right wing racists. They might not be able to even sexually assault the opposite sex.

          • Actually, everyone grieves to some extent, when their candidate doesn’t win. Who they wanted to lead is not picked- you chose the person who lost the game. Every president will satisfy some people and leave others dissatisfied. Impossible not to have that happen. My hope is that Trump will prove to be a better leader than the other side fully believes he will be. Why would I want him to fail, attack him at everything he says, just because I opposed him before the election, and then have to wait 4 years for redemption? That’s too long to live life negatively. If he does something I don’t agree with, I’ll definitely speak out. And if he does something I do feel was a good idea, I again, will speak out. It’s the only way I can live my life without feeling pent up rage all the time, that the world isn’t following in every step I take.

          • Your comment is dead on, if I have learned one thing from this event it is that the Hillary supporters are exactly what they rail against. The double standard they apply is unbelievable. The misinformation and biased prejudice that they disseminate is by far worse than anything I have seen. Talk of fear mongering, it is rampant right now and it is coming from her supporters.

            I am for the first time going to relate first hand personal information experienced by me about the president elect. Twice I have witnessed Mr. Trumps true nature, not this exaggerated personality that most have come to know. Many years ago when he was in the process of building his casino empire a close friend of mines father was a high level executive in Trumps employ, a terrible accident occurred when a corporate helicopter carrying my friends dad and other executives crashed near the NJ. Turnpike. All aboard perished, say what you want but Mr. Trump personally told each and every family that they would never have to worry for their security or needs and he kept his promise, every need was and still is being taken care of, all educational expense, every thing that a caring parent would do for their children he has done. That is a very telling circumstance about a persons character.

            The second time I have personally witnessed his genuine compassion was years later at the school that he sent his children to in the area I used to live, I was employed in a capacity that that gave me some insight. His actions and generosity were startling to say the least. The amazing thing is that he would not and will not accept any praise or acknowledgement for these things he does, he absolutely insists on anonymity. So much of what you see is but only a persona crafted by his critics and pundits. Believe what you wish, I am not worried.

          • you seem to be missing the entire point Elroy. We don’t want your racist sexist american dream that apparently you do. We grieve because there are so many of you that also value these same disgusting ideals. We grieve because we have to live with decisions based on hate and intolerance.

          • The other side would grieve, but certainly not for the same reasons. They would grieve because in losing they would be denied validation of their hatred, fear, racism, bigotry, intolerance, misogyny (hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls; misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, patriarchy, male privilege, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification – all of which Trump has believed good and normal), fear mongering, hate of immigration (even though all of us are here because of immigration), etc.

          • Thank you Elroy. My oh my. Talk about insensitivity, and doom and gloom. And, the man hasn’t even sat down yet at his desk in the Oval Office. No one seems to lament that the country is 21 trillion in debt, and more vulnerable because of a weakened military.

          • I did not grieve when Reagan, and both Bush’s won election. I didn’t vote for them, but those were the breaks. It was merely a matter of policy.

            This time, it was not about policy, it was about the fact that this particular candidate branded me, a black woman, one of the reasons why America is Not Great.

            Did you ever think about the slogan? Make America Great Again? At what time during our past history was America ever better than it is now for anybody but white, straight, Christian men?

            The rest of us would NEVER want to go back.

          • The other side would have no reason to grieve. What are you gaining in Trump? All thoughts and ideas with nothing to substantiate it. Ok he’s done well in building real estate properties…what else you got???

          • Many in this country did grieve for 8 long years. We just did not react as so many are today. We watched a country become a country with incontrolled mobs, trashed in to many ways to list. The difference is ver evident. We pulled up our big girl/boy pants and did the best we could to keep our heads above the water.
            How can you explain the huge number of all nationalities that voted for Obama, switched and voted for Donald. Their words, not mine, our life got worse, not better over the last 8 years.

          • We have been grieving for the last 8 years. Silently, as we saw our country going in a direction that would be destructive to all of us. Our belief system was being thrown out, our values and ideals were tossed in the garbage. Our freedoms were disappearing right and left. We love our country and we are not racists, bigots, mysoginists, hateful, or any of the many labels thrown at us. We don’t deserve those labels. We are human. We are Americans and we are silent no longer. But to paint us all as haters is like Hillary calling us a basket of deplorables unredeemable. That is hateful and that means more than half of America are are painted with a broad brush of lies. I’m sorry you are grieving. Maybe it is your turn.

          • On the contrary, Clinton did not have plans to change the American woman’s right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies (a right women have had for 40 years.) It’s sorta like her checking into the Oval Office and taking away your firearms….or even better yet, cutting off your genitals…It’s that personal.