If You Voted for Him


If you voted for him, I really need you to hear something right now:

I believe you.

I believe you when you say that you’re not a racist.
I believe you when you say that you’re not a bigot.
I believe you when you say you’re not homophobic.
I believe you when you say you’re not a misogynist.
I believe you when you say you’re not an Islamophobe.
I believe you when you say you’re not an anti-Semite.
I believe you when you say that you don’t condone violence and discrimination and bullying.

But I won’t keep believing you if you remain silent.

I know you had legitimate reasons for voting for him; things that either real or imagined, genuinely moved you to your decision and that you wrestled with these reasons greatly. But I don’t care about those reasons; not because I don’t care about you or value you or want to understand you or because I don’t respect your road, but because those reasons can’t help those who are hurting or threatened right now—only your response can.

You see, regardless of why you voted for him, you did vote for him. Your affirmation of him and your elevation of him to this position, came with what you knew about him:

It came after hearing the horrible, degrading, vile things he said about women.
It came after hearing him encourage his supporters to be violent with protestors.
It came after he advocated for Muslims to be expelled and profiled.
It came after he made fun of a man with physical disability.
It came after he framed the BlackLivesMatter movement as criminal and subversive.
It came after he personally criticized the appearance and weight and sexual activity of women opponents.
It came after he chose a Vice President who believes gay people can pray away their gayness.
It came after the KKK and the neo-Nazis endorsed him.

These were all things you had to weigh to cast your vote, and by whatever method you used, you declared theses things within your morally acceptable parameters. You deemed these part of the “lesser of two evils”. In voting your conscience—these things made the cut.

And so the whys of your vote matter less now than the who of your vote. That person is here, and everything happening now is the reality you and I need to deal with together. Both of our intentions have to yield to the moment we stand in together.

And I need you to speak now. If the acts of violence toward people of color and the harassment of the Muslim community and the anti-Semitic graffiti and the misogynistic assaults on women make you sick; if they are not your heart, if they are not acceptable, if they are not who you are—say so.

And if the appointment of a chief advisor to the President who has shown blatant, explicit, incendiary hatred for people of color and Jewish people and the Muslim community, is not what you consented to with your vote, you need to say that too.

I want to believe that you do value equality and diversity and in the inherent value of every person as much as I do. I want to believe that people are precious to you, no matter their color or gender or faith tradition or sexual orientation. But if you refuse to speak into the events of these days, if you choose to stay silent, whether out of fear or shame or buyer’s remorse or ambivalence—I will have no choice but to believe that you are okay with all of this.

And here’s the thing, friend: If you were to say that you are not okay with all of this, if you were to stand up to the bigots and the racists and the misogynists and the homophobes and the anti-Semites and the xenophobes—you will find that I will stand with you. I will live and work and worship alongside you, and you will find me a willing, available, and caring partner in the crafting of the future of this country. I promise you.

I will not hold your vote against you, because I trust that you arrived at that vote as carefully, prayerfully, and seriously as I did mine. 

But make no mistake, I will hold your silence now against you.
I will hold your inaction against you.
I will hold your refusal to see the pain of those your vote has at least in some part, initiated against you.
I will hold your lack of compassion for the marginalized against you.

So yes, I believe you are not the horrible things I am seeing from the hateful, vicious, intolerant few from the fringes, but that belief comes with the expectation that I will hear you now; that you will shout to the fringes that this is not what you meant by making America great.
It comes with the expectation that you will tell the President and your elected officials and your pastors, that these things do not have a place in the country you desire.
It comes with the expectation that you speak now to the marginalized, and that you reiterate their worth, hear their grief, validate their fear, and that you come to their defense in both word and in tangible support.

Friend, you may feel like you are being attacked these days, but you’re not. You’re being challenged to be the person you tell us you are.

If you voted for him I do not believe that automatically makes you the enemy.

Only your silence in the face of this hatred can do that.

Please speak, so I can know you. 

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1,099 thoughts on “If You Voted for Him

  1. FRiend, some of he things you quote him as saying see NOT complete truths. I am so very sick of this entire election. I had NO good choice. I chose what I viewed as the less of the evils and personally I am very very tired of feeling afraid to speak my mind. As I told a coworker. Suck it up buttercup. It may sound harsh but that’s what the silent majority has done for eight long years as big government got bigger and bigger, as big brother attempted to take our freedoms away So if you want to think that trump supporters are all of the things being blabbed about by the millennials and liberals,go ahead. Because this is America and I support your right to judge me and all of the others. I feel no need to daily explain myself. Peace to you.

        • I did, yet I got by and graduated with a university degree; worked hard for it.

          I admit I am deplorable at grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

          But, I see Trump for who he is and I recognize a lack of compassion when I see it.

            • That’s what I thought, if he can say what freedoms he lost that I understand his stance but if he can’t, he is just mindlessly regurgitating talking points from the Republican party/fox news

              • Exactly! He is just regurgitating the liberal misconstrued media talking heads. The one thing that really gets me is the lie that he “mocked a disabled reporter “. That can easily be refuted as propaganda. (Please use google) BLM is a terrorist group condoned by the president. The paid protesters were inciting violence with Trump supporters. And he called for protective action for the American people via a proper vetting process. This writer’s kind of speech is what propagates the violence we are seeing!

                    • God will judge us all. Those people spewed their hatred in the streets before their children and the world. These people can’t tell you a thing about this country, our forefathers or the sacrifices made for the freedoms we have today. They need to put their money where their mouths are.
                      Imagine what they could have done with the 90 million dollars they spent to act like insane idiots in the streets, destroying property, littering, and spewing their foul rhetoric. If there is a message in any of that, you need to find another method of delivery. That was truly the definition of pure evil and hatred. I owe no explanation for the vote I cast. I however will say that I voted my heart and conscious for this country and all that my forefathers had the good sense to provide in our constitution. Iam God fearing and law abiding. Our country is going down the drain and would have been flushed had Hillary became President. How could you possibly condone the things she has done? If you want to cast stones clean up around your own back door first.

                  • I cannot believe people think the mocking of a reporter was not true….. this is not the first time I’ve heard this. Amazing what people will ignore.

                    • That reporter deserved to be called out because in other instances, he used his handicap as a crutch or an advantage. Want to be considered as an equal? Try acting equal.

                    • It’s absolutely
                      Amazing. From
                      Both sides of the spectrum. Blatantly ignore lack of protocol and destruction of evidence. Voter fraud, foundation fund use, and lack of care for our military service people.

                    • If you knew any of facts about the
                      so called fun making, his hand and
                      arm ovements were that of the
                      Supposed victim, who can’t move
                      his arms and his wrist are locked
                      so how is it, that was a mocking
                      gesture? He also used the same
                      exact movements in describing
                      someone who’s confused, your
                      Malicious narrative is part of the
                      reason so many Americans voted
                      for the 45th President of these
                      United States, the KKK never
                      endorsed Trump in fact they were
                      supporting Hillary and they also
                      Donated over 100,000 dollars to
                      Her campaign, This is all facts, the
                      Grand Dragon of the KKK on the
                      News in L..A. said so, all the things
                      you use against Trump are things
                      that the Biggest Liar in this whole
                      Country said, what you need to do
                      Is except that Donald J. Trump is
                      the President Elect and come Jan.
                      2017 he will take over the reins
                      of the Government, so Suck it up

                    • Not true? We all saw it live!!!! The trumpanzees are pathetic! I gave up on them after yesterday when one told me Dump already saved jobs. At what price???
                      Their ignorance is astounding!!

                    • just like you ignore all the things of Hillary Clinton’s done and don’t believe the things even though there’s evidence . and then use the things that he said 13 or 14 years ago about women there’s nothing but being Hypocrites there is not a man on this Earth that has not said the same thing about women and there is nothing that I have not heard women saying about men, everyone needs to forgive and forget and move on with their life.u

                    • You need to look into this further. I have research this. It was taken totally out of context. He used the same hand gestures pertaining to several others. Used as his sway of saying they were confused. He didn’t know the man was handicap when he met him so how could he target his handicap that he didn’t know about. He was generalizing confusion in another person. Just an example of bias media twisted propoganda. His opponent mocked half of our nation when she slammed his supporters. What I can’t take is people mocking an innocent child.

                    • YES!!! The constant gas-lighting and outright denial of things that we saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears is disturbing beyond words. Absolute madness.

                    • so what if he did ? .. i am disabled .. it is legal to insult me .. liberals do it all the time .. Ive been assaulted and had democrat police chief let the guy go .. I was on crutches at the time .. so do you think im shedding tears over what ? .. some mean man said something about him ..? so what ? what are you 3 freaking years old ? my toddler deals with teasing better than you alleged adults .. you are pathetic .. it is sad to see that people exist like you .. people that can be chumped with such cheap bait .. its so unbelievably pathetic .. I cant hardly be mad at you .. i hve sympathy for you .. or anyone that has to depend on your judgement .. I can tell how that is going to turn out for them ..

                  • Take a look at what those Trump gestures meant when used in reference to Ted Cruz and an Army general. You can ignore the conspiracy theory at the beginning which could provide specific motivation for the attack on Trump. Pay attention when the video looks specifically at Trump’s supposed mocking gesture. The “mocking” gesture highlighted in the clip you shared. What’s crazy is that people still believe he was mocking based on the reporter’s disability. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueCdV_wCVrc&t=59s

                    • Should a president mock anyone? That’s not behavior that makes me feel safe. It makes me feel like Biff is leading us all.

                    • Pretzel logic, honey. He was clearly mocking the reporter. Anyone who is being honest can see it. He started his gestures with, “You should see this guy”… you can try to explain away all of this, but just because you wish it to be otherwise, it is not.

                      John Pavlovitz, I like the sentiment. You are truly going high when they go low. But I disagree with your very first words. I do not believe that Trump voters reached their decision thoughtfully, prayerfully, or out of some sense of personal pain. I think they are truly racist, bigoted, and all the other terrible things you listed. If you watched Trump behave like he did over the last 18 months, or longer, and you felt anything but repugnance, and then you supported him with your vote, then you condone his behavior. You probably envied his freedom to say what you were thinking, because you knew what you were thinking was bigoted and wrong, but it felt right to you. I wish Trump supporters could just own it. Just say what you think – that it was better when black and brown people knew their place, when gays were closeted, when women didn’t think they should get equal pay, when there was a dominant white Christian culture and everyone outside that culture was subordinate. Because that is what people were voting for. The rest is just cover.

                    • I don’t care how you rationalize it, Trump was wrong for his impersonation of the journalist. I think Trump supporters live as Trump does in their own reality.

                    • I just wanted to chime in as someone who voted but not for either one of these two dispicable human beings. Trump, like Bill Clinton is/was a sexual predetor. I thought Bill did well as a president despite the horrible things he did. Doesn’t justify his actions. Hillary equaly as bad in my opinion towards women as she took money from people and countries who objectify women and in many cases will murder women if they perform certain acts like adultry. They get beatings for things that men can do freely. I feel those who find Hillary to be a supporter of womens rights are either lying to themselves or hypocrits. After seeing the way she cheated to beat Bernie, it told me, politcs as usual. Win at all cost. That should have been her montra. She hired the individual who was destroying Bernie’s run. She was forced out of her position because it was so bad. CNN fired another person who cheated for her and she hired her as well. Both of them ran using win at all costs lying amd cheating and I’m tired of this country being run by ill reputes. People not of low character but of no character. I took all things into consideration and voted for who I thought would best run this country at this time and it was neither Trump or Hillary. I told myself I have to live the next four years with my decision and I could not look myself in the mirror if it was either of these two. I feel this article could have either candidates name of you alter some of the verbiage and it would mean the same. I do not fault anyone for their choice and you should always feel comfortable speaking against what you feel is wrong as long as it is non-violent or doesnt destroy property, because you then become part of the problem. I stand with Tom Hanks assesment like I have all presidents we have elected for our countries sake. I hope whoever wins a presidential election does such a great job that I will vote for them to have a second term. If not, I look forward to the opportunity most countries do not have, voting for their opponent.

                    • Sorry but he was. I have watched that video countless times, I have watched the other videos where he usues similar motions, and I am the parent of a child with disabilities. First he said, “you got to see this guy.” He knew exactly what he was doing. Second, the other videos only prove he engages in that behavior regularly. When you wave your arms and grunt to show that someone is stupid, it is the non-verbal way of calling someone a retard whether they have disabilities or not. It is not acceptable behavior for any of my children and it is disgusting behavior when displayed by one who would be president. Stop defending that which is indefensible.

                    • Stop it! That man shouldn’t have been behaving like that in the first place. That behavior was rude and crude and unbecoming to a person running for President of the United States– plain and simple. What you need to ask yourself is why did he do it in the first place?!

                  • CNN = Clinton News Network. Trump did NOT mock the reporter for his disability, but rather for the reporter’s specious claim. The reporter does NOT have a spastic-like movement disability, which is what Trump was doing. You can easily find several clips of Trump using the SAME gestures to mock others, including himself. Trump doesn’t hate, but the HATERS HATE Trump, and you’re one, too, CHUMP. Suck it up, buttercup….(Yeah, I live with disability, too, but at least *I* have a sense of humor! Lighten up, kiddo….)….
                    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

                  • The same of what? Compassion for fellow human beings. If you read the facts. Government gets bigger every time a Republican president is in charge! But they use the rhetoric to their followers, who believe them. Your heart, must love lies, because Donald said them 89% of the time!

                    • Not sure government gets bigger every time a Republican is in charge, what DOES get bigger is 1. Pockets full of cash for the rich and 2. Our military industrial spending.

                    • You either have no idea what your talking about or don’t care if truth aligns with your opinion. Government spending does not equal big govt.

                    • I voted on the issues. That is what Christian s voted on. It had nothing to do with race or Muslims. It had to do with life second amendment rights and the rights of Christians to worship and pray when they want too and not have to provide services to those they do not agree with.
                      Trump is the president elect and we should respect him. Hillary was a liar and she is corrupt and needs to find something to do in life that does not have anything to do with money and find a way to keep Bill at home

                    • That reporter deserved to be called out because in other instances, he used his handicap as a crutch or an advantage. Want to be considered as an equal? Try acting equal.

                    • I find your comments to be horribly hypocritical. Both parties are increasing government. Both parties are destroying the fabric of this country. Both candidates spewed lies and it does not matter if it is 50% or 90%. You are spewing rhetoric from the left to defend against rhetoric from the right. How anyone can attack Trump and defend Hillary is beyond me. They are both horrible people. They should have a none of the above option on the ballot and if 30% of the country selects it the current president should remain for one year and both parties are forced to provide two new candidates.

                    • Really? Really? Compassion? When in the White House as a first lady she called (on multiple documented occasions) her Marine bodyguard a “no-minded co*ksucker”. Told a US Secret Service Agent to “shut up and pick up my fu*king luggage. You get paid to do what I say.” I could not support either of these candidates.

                    • Amen. Showing compassion for fellow human beings can’t see anything bad about that. What these Trump supporters just do not get is that they are the very people that will be effected if this healthcare bill gets through Congress. Those tax cuts for the super rich are just that money in their pockets not yours. You will be the ones that like me will lose insurance coverage mainly because many of you rely on the Medicaid program which will suffer massive cuts. As for the mocking if the disabled reporter get over it Trump people it was in live TV for all of us to see and he meant exactly what he said that’s just the type if person he is. Trump is a bully plain and simple. The Man has an ego that must be stroked every day and if someone says something negative about ANYTHING he jumps straight to Twitter. He is thin skinned and cannot take any form ofcriticism. IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU WANT I find that hard to believe you guys will never admit that you made a mistake and that’s ok beca use that is your right and I respect that. I for one am terrified at the dismantling of our Democracy with nepotism grossly unqualified people holding government positions only because they will do whatever this man wants them to do. WAKE UP AMERICA before it’s too late

                  • More of the same? The Republicans were running this country in an abyss of hell. President Obama manage to clean up that mess his predecessor made while dealing with unprecedented opposition from the Republican Party. And now you elect this ASS? You don’t know the damages you’ve caused yet, but it’s coming.

                    • I can’t believe you want to slander trump but remain anonymous in your heading you are a coward and want to try to prove that Trump is a bad person well of you look around at all the bad publicity neither of the two candidates provided by both parties had perfect backgrounds so let’s face the facts tthat our election process provided us with a leader let him lead he is either going to be a flop or maybe he will be a great president quit whining and hope for the best anonymous lol

                    • Its already here. We elected the ASS we have now twice and he hasn’t steered us clear from the abyss of hell but rocketed us forward into the mess we have now. Not sure where you think the state of things are now and how they are any better than they were 8 years ago, but you’re entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. So give him a chance.

                    • Its already here. We elected the ASS we have now twice and he hasn’t steered us clear from the abyss of hell but rocketed us forward into the mess we have now. Not sure where you think the state of things are now and how they are any better than they were 8 years ago, but you’re entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. So give him a chance.

                    • If you think we are better off than eight years ago. You are mistaken. Obama’s Affordable care act. Is anything but affordable. Many people were not able to “afford” this and I for one know many people were penalized for not having insurance. So I for one realize Trump may be far from perfect but I believe he was the best option for our country.

                  • But you didn’t answer the question. Are you ok with the things said and proposed that may threaten the rights of the marginalized? Does voting for less of the same justify the fear that is being Felt by so many? I’m not being smug or judgmental . I truly want to know so I can understand

                • You’re ignorance is so sad to me. BLM is a terrorist group? Seriously?! As someone who stands with the BLM movement, I can say with confidence that the people I KNOW involved in this movement are genuine, caring people who want to see an end to racism. Check your white privilege my friend.

                  • I know people involved with BLM who fall on both sides as is with most groups. Those who are genuine and caring and those who wish to incite violence. It is not a terrorist group but there are many who do wish to harm. The same can be said of many groups. I like the purpose of BLM and support the overall objective. However we must keep this as a peaceful movement and separate from those who wish to use violence. Violence only supports the idea some have that it is a terrorist group and that is in no way the intent of the movement.

                • oh, honey…no.
                  please do your own research beyond breitbart or any number of the ‘alt-right’ sites you’re likely using.
                  all of your claims have been handily refuted by non-partisan sites.
                  don’t fall for the propaganda that serves a bigoted agenda.
                  hate is just focused fear.

                  be well.

                  • Thank you Susan. But few of these troglodytes know a world beyond Breitbart, Alan Jones and Faux News. They’ve been so manipulated and brain washed they don’t even understand what they are saying, why they’re saying it or the impact of what they’re supporting. Amazingly sad and so dangerous.

                    • The election is actually NOT over and formalized until January; but regardless I’ve got some news for you.

                      The war against incivility, ineptitude, corruption, open bigotry and human dignity is not over ye

                  • Hate is just focused fear. Girl. Ima learn how to cross stitch so I can make that a wall hanging. I’m so sad to read so many of these comments after reading the essay that caused them. He asked for accountability. For kindness. For “love the least of these.” I believe that speaks to either side of the fence and especially to the side who believes this man is the answer.

                  • Now there is your problem. Using snopes. There is a video on YouTube showing Donald Trump using that body motion many times demonstrating someone being flustered. That was taken out of context. It had nothing to do with a disability. The video on Youtube takes the little soundbites that gets you to hate Trump then shows you the whole clip.

                    • Listen to what you said–foes it really make it ok that Trump makes rude gestures imitating someone who’s flustered?? I don’t care WHO he’s making fun of, I care that he’s making fun of others….ANYONE… publicly. His total disrespect for others is what made me fear for our country and vote for a candidate I really did not want to see have the power, but who I believed was the lesser of the evils and I was more concerned about stopping him and his damage than helping her. Sad shape our country is in.

                    • Except the clip that follows, showing the reporter with a disability of his hands and arms, that cause his movements to look JUST LIKE what Donald mocked. Please. Don’t refute things you don’t know the whole story about. He MOCKED A REPORTER WITH A DISABILITY. Period. Come out from under your rock once in a whole and do your research before you argue such points!!!

                    • Snopes is not leftist. To fascists like you, anything that promotes factual truth is “leftist” because it does not conform to your ugly, evil, hateful right-wing fantasies.

                  • He wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability. He was mocking the bogus lawsuit he filed…. The reporter does NOT HAVE SPASTICITY, BUT THE cnn *still* *photo* DOESN’T SHOW THAT. (sorry, caps lock. fukit/

                • Two lies you’ve fallen for:

                  “BLM is a terrorist group condoned by the president.”

                  “The paid protesters were inciting violence with Trump supporters. “

                • paid protestors. wow. truly you’re a fool. talk about buying the propaganda. and i’m curious how it is that you can easily refute the video footage? i mean, assuming you take the blinders off your exceptional ignorance off for a few minutes. may your children suffer the ravages of impending fascism – and oh, mark my words: they will. they will. and you voted for it.

                • you are out of your mind. He didn’t mock a disabled reporter? Do you open your eyes? It’s on videotape for gods sake. The rest of your stuff is just vomit as well

                • Please do use Google a sory of research tool to learn about the facts of what what you say. The world saw Trump attempt to mock a disable do person (speech and behavioral movements). ) One so not Ed to look fatback to see his is true. As for BLM, please state what makes them a “terrorist group,” is it because so somewhere on Google an informed individual said so? Getteal. EDUcate yourself on whatyyou speak

                  • liberals are truly the stupidest people on earth…you claim that trump’s movements were exactly those of the disabled reporter, yet if you knew anything, you would know that the reporters disability made him UNABLE to make any movement at all with that hand, so if he was making fun, he wouldn’t have flailed his hands around, he would have clutched it near his chest….freaking idiots – try some facts and the Truth for a change…
                    and YES, blm is a racist, terrorist organization and people WERE paid to protest/riot….oh my geez you people are SO dumb it’s scary…

                    • Did you enjoy watching Rush Limbaugh flailing around and mocking Michael J Fox for his Parkinson’s? Maybe you’re too young to have seen it. That was back in the day when Rush called his followers his “ditto heads”. Donald swooped in and grabbed up all you ditto heads like the Rush doppelgänger he is. He was right when he said he could kill somebody and he wouldn’t lose his people. Ditto Heads.

                • This post is accurate and you must know it–Trump said all of the things that he is accused of and is still laughing at those that voted for him–a draft dodger in charge of our military, does not pay federal income taxes, a man that cheated people out of money (Trump University) and just settled for $25 million because he is so guilty and knew if he faced a jury, he would lose. Your president elect is a piece of sh–,

                  • liberals are truly the stupidest people on earth…you claim that trump’s movements were exactly those of the disabled reporter, yet if you knew anything, you would know that the reporters disability made him UNABLE to make any movement at all with that hand, so if he was making fun, he wouldn’t have flailed his hands around, he would have clutched it near his chest….freaking idiots – try some facts and the Truth for a change…
                    and YES, blm is a racist, terrorist organization and people WERE paid to protest/riot….oh my geez you people are SO dumb it’s scary…

                • You have been brainwashed. It’s very sad. You don’t make me angry: I am a teacher and your inability to reason through valid tion and evidence is a symptom of some heavy duty miseducation. I don’t even care who you voted for. Your lack of simple discernment is disturbing.

                  • liberals are truly the stupidest people on earth…you claim that trump’s movements were exactly those of the disabled reporter, yet if you knew anything, you would know that the reporters disability made him UNABLE to make any movement at all with that hand, so if he was making fun, he wouldn’t have flailed his hands around, he would have clutched it near his chest….freaking idiots – try some facts and the Truth for a change…
                    and YES, blm is a racist, terrorist organization and people WERE paid to protest/riot….oh my geez you people are SO dumb it’s scary…

                • Tell them like it is. Also the only thing Hillary is for is Hillary. Americans shut them down because we are sick and tired on the status quo.

                • Pssst…there is actual video of him doing the mocking.

                  How ridiculously brain damaged do you have to be to claim its a liberal media thing? THERE IS ACTUAL VIDEO OF HIM MOCKING THE MAN!

                • Very well stated (above). I love the way Trump has taken the high road as this type of whiner just keeps on whining. Just because you choose to state that off this what you say is fact, never will mean it is fact. Get over yourself. How dare you question what the majority voted on. We’re tired of whiners & users & seeing everything the actual working people are losing to give everything away. Go move somewhere else. See what you’ll face in other countries. Trump is trying to keep our country from turning into those other countries, so please, go elsewhere if you are so miserable.

                    • She got less than 50% of the vote. She didn’t get the majority.

                      Besides that, nobody was running to win the popular vote. Campaigning would have been different and the results would have been different.

                      Also, there were likely millions of illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary.

                  • Actually, aboutb 2 million MORE people voted for Clinton than voted for Trump. So you can’t really talk abou the “majority” voting for him..

                  • the majority? If you believe that we truly are living in a post-Fact United States. The majority did not in fact vote for him. And they majority is not silent. You have been fed that myth and you propagate it. What we do have is a belligerent, misinformed, exceptionally loud minority, who is scared shitless now that they are in fact the minority that they have imagined themselves to be. They are scorching the earth on their way down, It will be ugly but just as mother nature always wins, so too will progress. It may be an ugly few years, but at least we’ll know who we need to deal with when the time comes. And just so you all know, your guns won’t save you, it will be bigger than that.

                  • It’s all recorded! What in the hell is misfiring in your brain that you are completely ignoring this? You can disagree with people but use some facts. You are hard to take seriously when you can’t even acknowledge that which is irrefutable.

                  • How so, when the reporter is totally unable to make the motions that Trump made? What you “saw with your own eyes” is the standard MSM spin on it, and totally false.

                  • the majority? If you believe that we truly are living in a post-Fact United States. The majority did not in fact vote for him. And they majority is not silent. You have been fed that myth and you propagate it. What we do have is a belligerent, misinformed, exceptionally loud minority, who is scared shitless now that they are in fact the minority that they have imagined themselves to be. They are scorching the earth on their way down, It will be ugly but just as mother nature always wins, so too will progress. It may be an ugly few years, but at least we’ll know who we need to deal with when the time comes. And just so you all know, your guns won’t save you, it will be bigger than that.

                • Whoa. I took a look into the claim that he mocked a disabled reporter and he actually did. He said, “You gotta take a look at this guy” and then moved his arms like he was crippled. I did what he said and Googled images of the reporter; I was completely taken aback that this guy has a developmental disability with his arms. That’s exactly what Trump was referring to when he said, “Take a look at this guy” and then animated his arms to look crippled. I’m not sure how the fights broke out at Trump rallies; I’m really not. But I can tell you for sure that the “paid protestors” news was a hoax because here’s the guy who invented it discussing it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2016/11/17/facebook-fake-news-writer-i-think-donald-trump-is-in-the-white-house-because-of-me/

                • Have all of you not heard what obama has been saying? What kind of leader is he to let these children protest in the streets and have no answers why they are protesting!!! Why is there so much violence against police? Open your eyes people this is what they want! To divide and conquer!! Read your history ! It has been done before and it was heading that way again. Do you not see they are trying to change our history, we can not do that!! Flags, monuments etc. they should not offend true Americans, learn from our history. We were built one nation under God!! Why should we be the ones to cater to foreign people! This is our country. My grandparents came here and worked hard to become citizens!

                  • Your parents were immigrants, too; aren’t you glad that they were given the opportunity to become citizens instead of being deported?

                • Yes. He did mock that reporter. Go back and watch the whole thing. He SAID ” You should have *SEEN* him”. And yes we’ve seen the “comparison clips. Which only go show that he’s done it before and it’s inexcusably rude EVERY time. (For the record, I have never registered either democrat or republican.)

                    • Sorry but I watched it with my own eyes, he did mock the disabled reporter. This is one more example of the gas lighting
                      Trump does, counting on people like you to fall for it. Not every researching reputable sites. And I am Catholic and like most Catholics we know the catholics4trump is a fake website ran by one individual out of the country. Try to contact them and see the only contact you will get with them is to donate. Fake News!

                • I have two questions: what proof that you have that Black Lives matters is a terror group and who paid protestors to attack Trump supporters and do you have any proof to that fact?

                • When your family suffers due to the color of your skin, then talk. Until then quit the propaganda. Terrorists are those who lynched, enslaved, harassed, spat on, and took away the land of the Indians and the human dignity of others.

                • Um, he did mock a disabled reporter. It’s on tape. Do you know what a recording is? All of these things are a matter of public record and straight from the horse’s mouth.

                • I saw the video of his mocking a physically disabled reporter…. How did they make that up? Is there a way to film someone and erroneously see him jerking his hands all over the place?

                • There is video of Trump mocking a disabled reporter at a rally. Nobody made it up. The story about paid protesters IS made up. You are believing fake news. Google it.

                • He did mock a disabled reporter, the only refute that is going around is that he mocked him the same way he would (and has) mocked anyone else. Making general motions imitating what a “General R****d” would look like because he was flip flopping on his previously made statements. For that fact it doesn’t matter who he was mocking in that fashion, someone with or without a disability, he still disrespected my daughter who is developmentally and cognitively delayed… thank you very much

                • You are still spouting “fake news.” He made fun of the disabled reporter on TV for all to see. Just because something is on the internet doesn’t make it true. So then just because you can Google something doesn’t make it true.

                • Marsha, I was there. I saw and heard him made those horrible statements. It is not propaganda. Black Lives Matter is because of the unbridled violence against black men that is so endemic, you can’t see past your white privilege enough to see it. I am not sad or whining about the democrats losing. But, he was your ONLY choice?!? Hopefully, at the next rally you attend, you won’t be grabbed by the pu**y. That is also not propaganda.

                • What I saw with my own eyes cannot be discounted. He did indeed mock in a disdaining way. It was not propaganda, it was fact. Until people open their eyes and see what exists they will continue to believe what they are led to believe.
                  Yes, Donald will be president. I honor the office, but I will not sit in silence while people are treated as lesser. I will speak when I see issues that favor the wealthy and diminish the middle wage earners. There are too many issues that go unrecognized and I shall watch over time to see how changes made affect the majority of people in this country. Hate shall not abide.

                • Trump did mock a disabled reporter. It was shown several times. How come you didn’t see it or maybe you didn’t think that that was a mocking action?

                • Don’t need to google it. I saw the video which needs no “narrative”. He mocked a disabled person end of story. Maybe your lying eyes saw something different but my objective eyes saw what they saw.

                • To ignore and give an excuse to mocking a disabled reporter is unacceptable. Did you see the video? Sad how many people are so conned by Trump’s rhetoric. He even expressed that he lied and conned his supporters after he was elected, did you miss that one as well? Everyone that voted for T and still support him can take credit for the mess our country is currently in.

                • I’ve seen the clip many times of what certainly appears to be Trump mocking a disabled reporter. Are you saying this clip was photoshopped, or that he was talking about something else? Please give more details.

                • Wow. The level of right wing propaganda, ignorance, lack of information, and general jerkl-ery here is astounding.

                  If you continue to support Donald Trump as he plunders his way across our country, as he demolishes the constitutional protections that are in place for everyone, and while he makes us a laughing stock all over the world, then you ARE saying that you’re fine with it. You’re saying you approve of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, the destruction of the environment, hypocrisy, and more. Because to stand by, complacent and smug (as so many of you seem to be), while our country is systematically destroyed and made over in the fascist image, is to say it’s okay with you.

                  Stop with the “suck it up” crap. He didn’t win the election, he won the electoral college, by some pretty shady means. He has no mandate, and the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t approve of his actions, don’t believe in his agenda, and want him gone. You don’t have a leg to stand on with your “suck it up.” YOU suck it up. Because we aren’t going to be quiet and we aren’t going to stop protesting; at the moment, the constitution still allows us to do that.

                  What I find most amusing is, when they finally come for something you care about, something that affects you, you’ll be singing the same song we are now. And you won’t even understand the irony of it.

                • ? My daughter is a great piece of ass!

                  I can stand on 5th Ave in NY and shoot people and still be voted president!

                  Mexicans are murderers!

                  It’s easy, I’m a celebrity, therefore can and do grab women’s pussies !

                  Go ahead and punch him in the face I’ll pay your attorney fees ?

                  John McCain is not a war hero in my opinion because he was captured !

                  I don’t pay my taxes I have used the loopholes in the system and I’m proud of it !!

                  I’m going to build the biggest greatest most technically advanced wall in the world and the Mexican government is going to pay for it !

                  She’s bleeding out of her mouth and her whatever!

                  The beauty in me is that I’m very rich!

                  If he Ivanka wasn’t my daughter I would probably be dating her!

                  Oh my God the list just keeps getting worse! The fact that this sicko is the president and stood in front of America and mocked, girated, or tried to resembled a A person having some sort of disability, epileptic seizure , or convulsions …is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGOUS, UNACCEPTABLE, DISCUSTING, IMMATURE, and OUTRAGEOUS! It doesn’t matter if he was making fun of a reporter or NOT…..THE MERE FACT THAT HE DID DO IT MAKES HIM UNWORTHY IF HIS POSITION!!

                • There is physical evidence (film) that showed what he did (made fun of reporters impairment) when talking about a reporter that has the physical impairment. Denied knowing him even though he had interviewed #45 before. Such a lying sack of shit he is!

                • I used google and I saw him over and over again mocking that reporter.
                  Trump’s a fraud (He inherited $200 million and would have twice what he claims he’s worth if he just invested it, so a business failure) and Neo-Nazis and the KKK endorsed him so that says a lot about you.

                • I agree most of the message is not
                  true. He is our
                  President and I like what he is doing and support
                  him as most Americans do.

                • you are a moron to turn a blind to everything that SOB is doing to this country. Anyone not on board with Trump immediately gets a smear campaign on TV. I just love listening to the idiots I share a state with talk about all the good Trump is doing but the news doesn’t cover that so we don’t know. Never underestimate stupid people in large grps!

                • From what sources did you find all of your ‘facts’? I got mine from watching videos of the person you defend doing all of the things that John mentions. I saw him mock the reporter. I heard him encourage his supporters to ‘get them (the protesters) out of here’. I saw him tell people that if they hurt the people that he would pay their attorney fees. You may not have wanted to watch it, but it’s out there for everyone to see. And we did. BLM asked to be treated like everyone else. Walk with a black friend, laughing loud, and see what happens. You won’t accept any of this, but in this I’m right.

                • I love it when stupid white people, especially stupid conservative white people ignore their own violent history.

                  Obey the law, obey the law say the sheep. Now let’s all put away our July 4th decorations until next year when once again we can worship a group of terrorists that rioted, destroyed private property and polluted the boston harbor.

                • Marsha D…I watched him make that lie about that disabled reporter and we’ve all seen it a hundred times since. Where’ve you been? Check with Snopes. It happened. Trump denied knowing the reporter was handicapped. Turns out, he knew the reporter as he’d been interviewed by him a number of times…

                • It wasn’t propaganda. It happened , it’s on video and it’s not the first time. Also on video. BLM is not a terrorist group, that is what trump and Fox News wants you to think and the writer of this article in no way is promoting violence. Lol

                • Marsha, maybe you need help using google. He did mock a disabled reporter. Saw it with my own eyes. And there is video of it.

                • I witnessed Trump mocking the disabled man at a rally. It was also televised, so it’s not propaganda. I believe Trump has surrounded himself with advisors that have similar beliefs to his, not qualified for their positions. This is a big problem when you are the leader of the entire country. Even Ivanka believes her father is out of line on his racist beliefs and his loyalty to the white supremacists and KKK.

                • Every word of this post is a lie. Let’s not clean it up by saying it is his opinion and allow poster to utter falsehoods. We are much too tolerant of tolerating everything. Didn’t’t mock a disabled person? Didn’t’t we all see it right there on our TVs? I am sick and tired of all this nonsense. People are just damn stopd.

                • Ok – I have some issues with this.

                  First of all – even if Trump wasn’t SPECIFICALLY mocking the reporter’s disabilities (which I’m not necessarily granting) can you really watch the video of what he said (and how he said it) and feel proud? He looked and sounded like a 5th-grade bully. Is that something you feel good about defending?

                  Next, you mentioned “proper vetting”. Did you know that the US already has some of the most complicated and stringent immigration policies in the world? That many people who want to immigrate from countries like the ones on Trump’s list already have to wait YEARS for visas? Sometimes decades?

                  Did you know that not a single American has been killed by a terrorist from any of the countries on Trump’s list in the last three decades? If he was trying to ban terrorists, why didn’t he include Pakistan in his ban? Or Saudi Arabia?

                  Speaking of terrorists, you mention that BLM is a “terrorist group condoned by the President.” I assume you actually meant “condemned”, since what YOU said actually means President Trump supports BLM. And actually – nobody calls BLM terrorists, outside of Fox News. There are actual legal definitions for these things, and watchdog groups who help classify organizations as hate groups and terrorist organizations, and they generally don’t call Sean Hannity for his input. White Supremacist organizations like the KKK, on the other hand, ARE classified as hate groups, and if you think it’s accurate to equate BLM with the KKK I think you need to brush up on some history.

                  Finally – do you have any kind of source or proof (from a source that isn’t Breitbart, InfoWars or the Drudge Report) supporting your idea that the violence was caused by paid leftist instigators? That’s a pretty serious charge, and if it were true I’d be right there with you condemning them. I think it’s a little more likely, however, that people in Charlottesville were moved to action when they saw hundreds of literal Nazis waving swastika flags and chanting Third Reich slogans in their hometown. I’ll even bet you that there were some rational, compassionate Conservatives among the people telling the Nazis that they weren’t welcome.

                  Articles like this one didn’t cause a 20 year old from Ohio to ram his car into a crowd of pedestrians. THAT was a terrorist act. Just like today’s terrorist attack in Barcelona, where a different driver rammed a different group of pedestrians.

                  Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are, by their own admission, white nationalists. These are two of the people Trump has chosen to have closest to him in his administration. Our fear of Trump isn’t based just on liberal propaganda, or MSNBC talking heads. I hate Rachel Maddow, I find her condescending, sensationalist, smug and annoying. I don’t read Slate, or ShareBlue, or Huffington Post. But this week there was a Nazi terrorist attack in Virginia, and I saw a President trying REALLY HARD not to offend the people who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Nazis. For a guy who ran on “not being politically correct,” he sure bent over backwards trying not to ruffle any feathers.

                  IT’S OK to admit there are things your guy does that you don’t like, or don’t support. It’s ok to question the judgment of your elected officials. There were plenty of things Obama did that I didn’t like, and I was very happy to say so. Our elected officials are human, and they will make mistakes – and sometimes they will choose to do things that observers will consider immoral or unethical. Being President should be the hardest job on Earth – it’s our responsibility to hold Trump to the highest standards we can set. After all, we’ve entrusted him with more power than any other human on the planet.

                • Yes, but actually he DID physically mock Steven Hawkings. He aped his physical disability. From the podium of the Republican National Convention. On network TV. You need to back off a bit on Fox news. You might learn some things.

                • His mocking is able to be seen over and over again. Show me any proof that BLM is violent and that liberal protesters were paid. You are the one to whom the writer speaks.

                • Your statements are just not true. I have marched in a peaceful protest with our local peace center and BLM . Trump was seen on live tv making fun of a disabled person. That’s two. Thats enough

                • I saw him mock the disabled man. It wasn’t something I was told by someone else. I saw it myself. so I know this allegation is true

              • You must believe everything you hear in the Leftist news. When I was young the world laughter at the Russian news. I’m English they translated to “The Truth” and “The News” The saying, even in Russia, went “There is no news in The Truth & no truth in The News. Welcome to the American media.

                • When did we go from patriotic Americans knowing that Russia is not a democracy to preferring their dictator over an elected president? Being a white dictator is much better than a black American? You also evidently believe that your ‘white’ Jesus told you to hate anyone different and kill the gays. Maybe it is time for the Apocalypse. We’re really a hateful group of humans.

              • I lost the ability to not have to pay for healthcare if I don’t want it. Now no matter what I’m either paying a huge penalty for not having coverage or paying high premiums for crap coverage. That’s a freedom I lost under your precious divider in chief.

                • That’s your big beef, Katherine? That you don’t want to pay for health insurance? So what would you do if you became ill? Ask me to pay for you?
                  Because that is the alternative- you get sick, I pay, because you either stiff the hospital, raising costs for the rest of us, or you go on some kind of public assistance. I thought you Republicans were all about personal responsibility? Obamacare was modeled on the plan in place in Massachusetts, designed by a conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, and implemented by the Republican governor at the time, Mitt Romney.

                  This is an absurd and thoughtless reason to unleash hell on the world in the person of Donald Trump.

                  • Wow. You are misinformed. We wouldn’t mind paying for health coverage for the aged or sick. But we are tired of covering the illegals and their relatives. I sure don’t like paying trip;e for less coverage, when those that don’t work get better coverage than I do and I’m paying for it.

                • because everyone else would have to pay for your healthcare. don’t pretend you wouldn’t cry and whine if something happened and you needed it

                • You must live in a state that worked hard to make the ACA fail. In my state, my rates went down, my coverage improved and I kept my doctor. But my state implemented an exchange, negotiated policies and rates and worked hard to make the law succeed. And succeed it does in many states that did what mine did.

                  So blame your governor and state legislature. They did it to you, not the ‘divider in chief’.

                  By the way, personally I’d let you make a choice to not have health insurance, you know…the thing everybody really needs because you can’t decide to not get sick or injured. However you’ll also need to agree to the consequences of your choice. When you get cancer or you’re rammed by a car, you go home and recover there if you can’t afford the $50-100K for a hospital trip and therapy.


                • Did you feel same way when you we required to have auto insurance to be able to own a car? Or when you were required to sign up for the draft? Do you understand the concept of “For the good of all”?

                • So it’s perfectly fine for poor people to pay the old folks social security monthly payments BUT a completely crazy idea for the wealthier to help the poor for healthcare! People without insurance (such as yourself prior to ACA) who go to the hospital are the reason healthcare and insurance premiums are sky rocketing! Do a little research prior to believing your beloved dictator!!

                  • But if you have a heart attack who pays? If money is not a problem then paying a fine shouldn’t be of concern to you. We are mandated to have car insurance if you own a car that you drive….do you complain about that insurance too? You think you don’t need it but what happens if you have an accident you didn’t plan for?

                • So happy for you. You’ll now have the choice, along with millions of others, to not have health care. Just remember that Karma’s a bitch. May you and your family stay healthy. The ER is going to be flooded.

                • Oh but lt’s ok for the rest of America to pay your medical bills when you end up in emergency room or you get really sick. You should have to have insurance just like you have to have car insurance. And yes some people have seen their premiums rise but the republicans in office refused to help President Obama fix it. And people seem to forget how exponentially their premiums were rising before the ACA.

                • Auto and home insurance! Rammed! Down! Your! Throats!

                  Because some people would be too stupid to get it and wouldn’t hesitate dumping the consequences on a bank if something bad were to happen.

                  What was the choice you lost? Free wheeling without insurance and dumping your bills on everyone else when you realize you made a stupid choice?

              • He isn’t President YET. He still hasn’t, to my satisfaction, told us HOW he plans on doing all the things he’s promised . HOW they will be paid for. Just a small example. The cost to the taxpayers with his son and wife (perhaps only temporary) staying in NYC. They need to be protected. Maybe he’ll pay for all that himself since he’s so rich and so “out of the norm”. Tell us what his VP has that gives some of us pause, that will change our minds about him. We were left with 2 choices, neither of which were a good choice. I wasn’t even going to vote but realized I couldn’t complain if I didn’t vote. I hope that Trump is a real success and turns America around. I honestly do. None of that “I told you so” business. I want what is best for my children and grandchildren, so of course I hope he is successful. I just don’t see it. He needs to stop his hateful speeches, man up to some of the things he’s done or said and stop blaming the other guy. He’s shameful. Please, just once, someone tell me, us, when he’s admitted to being wrong. Anyway, I wish him all good things we look for in a successful President. Stand up for America and Americans Mr. Trump. Prove those of us who didn’t vote for you wrong. I have no problem with eating crow!

            • It is not about losses to you and I as !much as threats and losses to those who are directly threatened by the choiceeople like you !ade

              • I think he told every one what they wanted to hear..he mean nasty racist stuff that he put out there. I did not vote for this man and I feel he will destroy,, really country and we will never regain it back…he will sell us all out to putin and the Russians. God help us cause we will need ii. We are in for the ride of are life

                • Hillary already sold us to the Russians be selling uranium reserves. We will get nuked and it’s HER fault. And you are worried about Trump?

            • Well, Trump isn’t president yet … but we already see how *some* of his followers are behaving. The point of this blog post was to ask you a harsh question: are you speaking out against those behaviors? Are you telling your fellow voters that their actions are unacceptable? Or are you sitting quietly by because, after all, you aren’t the one being targeted? That’s the point of the post.

              • Wait? Let us not be total hypocrites and acknowledge that Hillary supporters are behaving horribly as well. Honesty on both sides is needed. The ugliness from the Liberals is equal to Republicans, if not worse, since the election.

                • What? What horrible things have Hillary supporters done? Protest in the streets? That’s called a constitutional right. How can protesting (or the occasional, fringe damage that a very few actors do) be worse than hate crimes? 440 of them done since the election.

                  • Blocking freeways is a crime darling. Thousands upon thousands have been involved. Destroying businesses (Oakland) and Burning cop cars are crimes. Protests turning to riots and crime have happened in almost every major city. Beating up white people cuz their white is racism. Beating up a person cuz they voted for Trump is purely in-American. Voting for Obama cuz he is black is the definition of racism. Voting for Hillary cuz she’s a woman is the definition of sexism. Would love to see your evidence that Trump supporters committed 440 hate crimes since the election. There is no way to know who those 440 people voted for, if they voted, as that’s not a question the police ask you when arrested and a wide swath of people commit hate crimes, not just Republicans.

                    • Very good point, but the liberals will not listen, they blame, they call names…they physically attack people for supporting the candidate of their choice. They carry this on for years and wonder if we will ever have the guts to rise up and say enough. Well main stream America finally did. We say no to be intimadated if we have a free thought, we say no to the most corrupt woman to ever run for office, we say no to celebrities who strap on dildos and scream at us at how immoral we are. Now they wonder “how could the do that, how could they vote this horrid man”. Sorry, sometimes it takes a beast to fight a beast, a monster to fight a monster. You liberals hate this monster? Pat yourself on the back, you created him.

                  • I guess you’ve missed some of the violence committed by Hilary supporters. I suppose it’s also a “right” to throw your fit when you don’t get your way.

                    Oh wait those things don’t count; all the riots, traffic blocking, and crimes against people (trump supporters) because the losers in this election are hurting… wtf.. are you kidding me.. let’s give everyone who voted for Hilary a hug and a trophy, smack em on the
                    A$$ and say good game ! We can all have ice cream. This is the state of America and thus is why trump one… we are all sick of it. I guarantee the only reason trump is seen in a horrible light by woman blacks, Mexicans or anyone else who took offense to the things he’s said is because he has no filter and no pc to his words. That’s. Why. He. Won. Psshhh! Everyone must now go on with life and literally stop crying.

                    • Anyone remember blocking the bride into NYC? Ever think about the KKK? Neo-nazis? Stupid people like the Bundy’s out west? Like the idiots who took over the park in Oregon? Cops who choked a guy to death over a cigarette? Oh, he was fighting… Yeah, for breath. Sorry, I’m a liberal. I listen to both sides, but when you can tell me what Obama and the democrats did to YOU, I’d listen. Enjoy your good health for as long as you can. But he ruined the country (which was already pretty far down the tubes) when he got there.

                    • Illegal aliens voted. LOTS of them. many voted more than one time. in 2012 a lady in Cincy BRAGGED that she had voted for Obama 6 TIMES! – and she was a poll worker of all things. WTH do you think liberal are so fearful of voter ID? I need on to drive. I need one to fish. Well, we KNOW why, so just refuse to admit. This article was so condescending – Golly, you’re going to be nice and not call me a racist? GFY. Arrogance, pompous jerk. Oh, btw, the Daily Worker endorsed Hillary but me, being so gracious won’t accuse those of voting for her to be Communist. Read what was in Hillary’s emails. Protesters WERE paid. But that’s nothing new. And Urkel has really fixed things. “Premiums will be lower” LIE “Benefits will be better” LIE. “You can keep your own doctor” LIE *shrug* You can’t reason with stupid people. Trump SAID something about grabbing a woman. Bill Clinton DID molest a woman(Kathleen Wiley) Cheat on his wife (Gennifer Flowers), Use his power as governor to procure sexual favors (Paula Jones) RAPE a woman (Juanita Broderick) and as President used his power to be sexually gratified by an employee half his age (Monica) Yeah, you’ll forgive him for all that – because at least he didn’t SAY anything nasty. woo boy.

              • If you’re so worried about the way “some” of his supporters are acting, how about mentioning how MANY of the left are acting. Who is it that is rioting in the streets, physically attacking Trump supporters, refusing to serve them in restaurants, etc, etc. Worry about your own masses instead of pushing this propaganda attempting to demonize Trump supporters for the small handful of incidences you can attribute to them.

            • Keeping it simple, we all lost the freedom to choose whether or not to participate in the medical system. I have been forced against my will to pay significant amounts of money to not buy health insurance that would have cost our family overy 1/5 of our take home pay due to our ages . We pay our own way in cash, no one paid for us but now the government steals with impunity because people didn’t say no to Obama and Potosi Ha! Well, they have spoken and we’ll just have to wait for the outcome.

              • Keeping it simple: Who would pay if you got a serious illnesss that ran into thousands or hundreds of thousands? We the taxpayers would end up paying your bills.

                • That’s right we the tax payers. However I am retired and had to go back to work so I could have insurance for my family or else get find. I could not offord to buy insurance and live.

                  • What would they find you? A game of hide and seek or where’s Waldo?

                    Or were they going to fine you money?

                    Maybe go back to school instead of work.

                    • Really their comment was 1 letter off – letter sent that are even next to each other – and your being this big of an ass on an article asking the right to be compassionate and speak up… maybe the left should start by setting a better example

                • That is true to an extent. If you work or have assets, they would still collect it from you. If you don’t work or have assets, taxpayers would pay for your illness but with Obamacare, you get subsidized or free insurance which taxpayers pay every month – even if you never use it and don’t get sick. Take that number times millions of people and it comes to much more than those who get sick without insurance or any way to pay the bill.

                • The health care system is broken and overpriced. I get charged one rate for an office visit because I have insurance. People with no insurance get charged a lesser rate or get their bills written off by calling in and negotiating. So.. chew on that and tell me what the real problem is here

                  • The only problem is that part about people with no insurance paying less or getting their bills written off doesn’t really happen.

                    Free market health care has been practiced worldwide for a long time. Everyone else gave up on it for single payer and it works great in each and every country its used in. Free market health care has always led to worsening, more expensive care and skyrocketing premiums.

                    But that free market thing lets you forget about 20-30 million people who depend on insurance to stay alive, and those folks are about to have their lives taken by the people who seek to take their insurance away.

              • As a non American, I’m really shocked at how much Conservatives value their money over the well being of others. It’s such an alien concept to a massive chunk of the civilized world.

              • Health care costs skyrocketed during bush’s administration and health care costs doubled – something had to be done…if Obama didn’t have so much opposition to stop anything he tried to do, maybe the outcome would’ve been better…..2 party system is ruining the country – they’re too busy trying to destroy each other instead of make things better…..

            • Its very early in Trumps take over, check back in a year. Also, it’s much easier to believe you will not lose any freedoms if you aren’t a minority homosexual, or transgender. If you’re a white evangelical, male, and make over $250k a year no problem. Also no problem if you think all of the above listed that you aren’t, are sub human. Some of us believe that the Lord created us all and all deserve respect.

            • It’s true, no one has lost freedoms, YET. But if Trump has his way, many people will lose freedoms. People will lose health care. People will lose housing. People will lose jobs.

              And, something I’ve lost, is a sense of safety. A lot of people who aren’t white, straight or Christian have lost that. Every time you (meaning Trump supporter) hear about a student bullied or beaten, a swastika spray painted on the side of a synagogue, or mosque, every burqua ripped off, every black person spit on (these are all incidents documented among 440 since the election, many of which have implicitly (“we won”) or explicitly named Trump,) I hope you stand up and make your voice heard (unless you don’t care, and in that case, we don’t have much to talk about, do we?)

            • Not YET you haven’t lost any FREEDOMS. It’s not Jan. 20 yet. I don’t know if you’re male or female, but if you’re female you will have lost the FREEDOM to say what can and can’t happen to your own body. If you’re black you will have lost the FREEDOM of not being judged based on the color of your skin. If you’re hispanic of Latino, you will have lost the FREEDOM of closing your eyes at night without fear of a radical Trump supporter telling you you don’t belong in this country. If you’re of any other religion besides Christian, you will have lost the FREEDOM of worshiping in your own chosen way. If you are a child, you will have lost the FREEDOM to go to school without fear of being bullied because that’s what Trump supporters know how to do best. If you’re a law abiding citizen, you will have lost the FREEDOM of being able to go to church, school, or a mall without the fear of being shot and killed by some idiot who is still permitted to carry a weapon on his person and use it whenever he feels the urge to do so. If you are a senior citizen, you have lost the FREEDOM to feel that your golden years are secure because Trump and his Trumpettes have already put plans in motion for disassembling the Social Security act which will affect all the generations to come, including YOU. So, if you say you haven’t lost any FREEDOMS, that must mean you are none of the things mentioned above and that you are a redneck white man who supported another lying, woman hating, tax evading, gun toting, racist narcissistic white man. Just be careful when he leads you to the cliff because he will make you THINK he jumped just to see you fall to your death. Be happy with your choices, but don’t expect me to be happy with them.

            • You lost any Constitutional rights if you are within 350 miles of the border with any other country or seaboard as it is considered a terrorist attack zone by the Department of Homeland security and Democrats responsible for it voted 100% to continue allowing the NSA to continue invading your privacy so what did Edward Snowden throw his life away for? If you are too poor to afford the ‘affordable care act’ you will be fined by the feds, who without a trial, force you to pay your entire tax rebate and you still won’t have insurance. The list is endless, but if you are too stupid to realize it there’s no point wasting time on you. Just don’t act all shocked by the people who actually have a brain and read the crap that the Democrats passed as a National SECURITY act.

              • I’m sick of brainwashed idiots. I’m super liberal socially not economically. If you Keep putting people into so many different groups, So many god damn different groups! Your giving people a reason to fight each other. You want people to stand together try not separating them into black, white, Spanish homosexual, homophobic, republicans, democrats, right, wrong! Whatever! Just stop people like you are causing the division of humanity! What did we get after Obama anyway! A divided country half hypnotized into thinking the news on tv is the only truth. If you want to separate people into groups then Hillary sure fits into a lot of them. Anti-Semite, homophobic, racist! Just to name a few but bc she has a public view and a private view and also happens to be a polished politician it’s hard to tell. So we look at her when no one is looking like when she wasn’t running for president or in her emails! Trump has been in the lime light for years no one accused him of being racist till he ran against the democrats! The definition of being racist might as well be disagreeing with any liberal news believers who want to end a conversation before it begins. The racism you think you see is really Marxism! Yet you have done just what the shadow hand in the government wants to spread diversity! Too busy fighting each other to notice anything. I voted for Trump maybe the democrats shouldn’t have cheated Bernie out of the running if they really wanted to win. They let trump win. Anyway Hillary was about to cause ww3 with her no fly zones that the Russians weren’t going to listen too. Her whole campaign she called Putin out as part of her rederick, which is the least smart thing a person can do is poke the bear. When our no fly zones were crossed she would look weak if she didn’t reinforce them…… that’s how a war with Russians would have started. You’ve been led by the nose. Into fighting our shady governments wars on its own people in pursuit of money and power for itself.

            • Unless I’m mistaken, Trump is practicing a violation of our first amendment rights when he criticizes artists like Hamilton’s and SNL’s crews and asks them to apologize or stop speaking/expressing their art.

              He’s violating human and civil rights and calling for violence, along with stating he would introduce war crimes into our military actions.

              I didn’t even think about it much and came up with all of that. And yes he said it. No he wasn’t misrepresented. It wasn’t from a media bias. He blurted or tweeted out all of that and its 100% genuine and non spinnable.

            • Yes, as a straight white Christian male, you will lose no freedoms. Until he tanks the economy. Then you will lose the freedom to work, earn a living & feed your family. But it’ll be OK; he’ll blame that on Obama instead of his own crony kleptocracy.

              But if you are Muslim, female, gay or dependent on taxpayer funded programs, you will be looking to lose more than just your freedoms: you could very well die. A lot of us refused to take that chance, even if we are none of those things. The fact that so many other were willing to risk *other* peoples’ lives is why Mr. Pavlovitz wrote this article.

            • Be patient. Mr. Trump has not taken the oath of office yet. So he has no authority. Once he is sworn in, you will find that he has no moral authority. You will rue the day you were so lacking in discernment and wisdom. “Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Jesus of Nazareth)

            • I am 65 years old. The future does not look bright for me. Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement. I paid into them for most of my life. Time will tell all, but I can say one thing for sure – He is not on your side! Look at his cabinet of billionaires. Look at his top advisor, Steve Bannon. Look at how he shook the shaky relationship with China – and he isn’t even in the White House yet. The list is endless, even now. When all is said and done, I guarantee you will regret your choice. You’ve lost no freedoms – YET. You’re in the same place you were 6 months ago. Things will change. They just haven’t changed – YET.

            • what freedoms? to safely get a permit, publicly voice my opinion and not get attacked by fascist who trick you by calling themselves antifascists… duh.

            • A lot of people lost the freedom to keep their doctors. And those same people who voted for Trump probably felt that Hillary Clinton would have only implemented even more bureaucratic restrictions to a dysfunctional healthcare program that is already failing for many, and make it even worse than it is right now.

            • Its not just about YOU…. its people like you …with your attitude that make this world full of hate. Do for others, have a heart

            • THE only real freedom taken away during the reign of those globalist Obama, Hilary and Bill, Bush, etc.. was the unborn children whom they allowed to have murdered. These were children who God breaths life into at the moment of conception. We are all created in His image, meaning we are a Spirit first. All Spirits will go somewhere when you die forever into enternity. Either draw yourselves to the light and repent of your sin or you can keep sinning and never live out your destiny and live in complete darkness forever. Yes, you can be delivered from Satan now and choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He says I am the way I am the truth and so am the light. No one comes to the father unless they come through me. That’s God your father but if you choose the father of lies He must give you what you want.

          • So how long exactly have you and Trump been buds? I mean how else is it that one can legitimately make the claim that you have: “I see Trump for who he is “. This would dissolve pretty quickly if we all chose to stick with the facts. Hearsay doesn’t work in a court of law so why use rumors in your argument unless that’s all you’ve got. Check out the truth about the Clinton’s machinery. Fraud, drug dealing from their earliest days in power as the attorneys general in Arkansas, financial thefts in the millions,
            cover up of murders of 2 teenage boys who witnessed drug activities and arranged murders of many others. Threats and IRS bullying, possibly treasonous handling of U.S. security, abandonment of U.S. citizens leading to their deaths. Accepting monies from known enemies of the country whose interests conflict with the donor. Sexual escapades are nothing compared to the criminal activity that is on record for the Clinton’s. Have at it, led them lead you if this is the type of life you desire, just not here.

              • Granny:
                Your question to Jennifer = the exact words that have been running through my head while reading some of these posts. It’s maddening what people will believe without bothering to fact-check a thing. It’s unhealthy for them, unhealthy for society, and frankly, the elevation in my blood pressure due to their refusal to fact-check is unhealthy for me.

            • Jennifer – you are kind of scary. For your own sake – read NYT, USA Today and your own local LEGITIMATE newspaper in an effort to connect with reality. What the Trump regime will be is made clear- tweet by tweet, appointment by appointment…


          • 1) he never made fun of that handicapped man. Media twisted it, as usual, and you fell for it. 2) BLM is a hate group that has done NOTHING good. Only bad. 3) he will not ban gay marriage. He is all for it and supports the LGBQT community. Stop believing everything you read. He will make this country better than has ever been.

          • You actually need to spend some time researching Trump as he is extremely loved by his fam I ly and his associates and half the country. As I follow him more and more he is a class act and a man who rebuild this country. Please give him a chance as you and I have been given many chances in our lives.

            • So, does this mean you stand with us? Stand with us against racism, sexism, masogony? Not one pro-trump supporter on this thread has answered the question at hand. Pretty similar to Mr. TRumps response to questions while campaigning.

              • How about this I promise to be the first one to hit the streets in the event that I am wrong and people’s rights get taken away or stepped on.

                • That’s so interesting because if you read Donald Trump’s “policies,” available on his campaign website, you’ll find that much of what he intends to implement will infringe upon the constitutional civil rights of a great many Americans. I won’t enumerate them for you here as it would be unimaginably long, but you may inform yourself. If you do choose to read through his proposed policy and find yourself wondering how these things would egregiously and directly remove the rights of your fellow Americans, I urge you to visit the ACLU’s website to learn specifically which proposals are unconstitutional and how they would affect your fellow Americans.

                  Additionally, you may research Mike Pence’s tenure as Governor to learn more about how he actually implemented actual policy in his state to remove the civil rights and human rights of LGBT Americans.

                  Since you’ve stated no qualifiers (i.e., what KIND of “people’s” rights) in your pledge to stand against the erosion of rights and freedoms, I assume we’ll see you in the streets with the rest of us fighting for and defending the freedom and rights of ourselves and our fellow Americans.

                • That is actually all — and *everything* — that we need from each other. That promise. Let’s help each other keep that promise to each other.

            • Actually, the more I research him, the more afraid I am of him *&* “half the country” who “love him”. The more I find out, the angrier I get with a media that didn’t do its job of finding out just how horrible a cheating liar, thief & bigot he actually is.

          • I don’t think you see President Elect Mr Trump as he is. It’s time we all join together.
            The USA is made up of a ll Americans. Weather Democratic or Republic party. Election is over and now it’s time to join together for America. I wish everyone would quit complaining

            • So, does this mean you stand with us? Stand with us against racism, sexism, masogony? Not one pro-trump supporter on this thread has answered the question at hand. Pretty similar to Mr. TRumps response to questions while campaigning.

            • We will “join together” the same way the republicans “joined together” for the whole past 8 years. The difference being that our reactions are based on Trump’s actions & open intentions, as opposed to the GOP’s actions being based on Obama’s being a black man.

          • I hope I don’t lose track of this as it’s late and I’m going to bed, but there was a little thing that had a big that had a big impact on me during the primaries. Remember when Ben Carson didn’t hear his name called ? Trump waited with him while everyone else passed him by and then walked out with him to save him from embarassment.He pays attention to those around him.

          • If you voted for Hillary I will not hold that against you. I can’t get past Clinton’s criminal activities. Screwing Bernie Sanders over and the security issues with the emails was too much for me to vote for Clinton. With Trump it’s just words so far.

            • When you repeat lies like this, I have to hold it against you. There has not only been no actual proof of any “criminal activity” on the part of Hillary Clinton, but Bernie, himself, said that the primary was not rigged. there is no proof of any of that, either.

              And if you are SO WORRIED about “Hillary’s insecure emails”, then you must be horrified by Trump using his personal phone to talk to world leaders, which he is doing as we speak.

              It’s not “just words so far”. His supporters have been physically attacking people from the even of the election onward. The SPLC has documented over 700 cases so fare. And NOT ONE WORD from Donald Trump.

          • You see Trump for who you THINK he is, yes see what the opposition wanted you to see. I worked for him 20 years. See what you think as his presidency unfolds. We must all find hope and faith now. Some of us will have to look harder than others.

            • So, does this mean you stand with us? Stand with us against racism, sexism, masogony? Not one pro-trump supporter on this thread has answered the question at hand.

          • You think the evil wman has comapssion? She really showed it when she left our guys hanging out to dry in Benghazi, didn’t she?

            • Your cherrypicking outrage aside, embassy defense is a Department of Defense matter, NOT a State Department matter. And she was cleared by SEVEN investigations. The refusal to grasp all these facts proves that this criticism is all politically, or misogyny, motivated.

          • I think C. Gianelli may have actually been referring to Ken’s writing skills. I have heard this “no good choice” rationale so often from my friends who voted Trump. But when I ask them what specifically made Hillary a bad choice they simply regurgitate the horrible things HE and Fox believed and said, no really specific facts. Yet when asked about the actual documented things Mr Trump has said and done these same people will claim leftist media is trying to make him look bad… It’s a “lose lose” conundrum.

          • I think C. Gianelli may have actually been referring to Ken’s writing skills. I have heard this “no good choice” rationale so often from my friends who voted Trump. But when I ask them what specifically made Hillary a bad choice they simply regurgitate the horrible things HE and Fox believed and said, no really specific facts. Yet when asked about the actual documented things Mr Trump has said and done these same people will claim leftist media is trying to make him look bad… It’s a “lose lose” conundrum.

          • I think C. Gianelli may have actually been referring to Ken’s writing skills. I have heard this “no good choice” rationale so often from my friends who voted Trump. But when I ask them what specifically made Hillary a bad choice they simply regurgitate the horrible things HE and Fox believed and said, no really specific facts. Yet when asked about the actual documented things Mr Trump has said and done these same people will claim leftist media is trying to make him look bad… It’s a “lose lose” conundrum.

          • My mind was made up after HRC denigrated HALF of the electorate, so it’s unbelievably hypocritical to suggest that it is Trump who is racist, xenophobic, etc, blah, blah, blah. HRC has nothing but contempt for us. I’d rather be a deplorable than ever vote for the likes of her.

            • That is so absurd. One moment of overstatement, and that taken out of the intended context, and you are willing to overlook all the vile and openly dishonest stuff that flowed freely from Trumps mouth. Unbelievable

          • Omg did u read that… so insulting! Yep, I voted Trump … because 45% of my income goes to health care and taxes… before copays and deductibles… and cuz your supporters theories are to blow up the whitehouse… and I’m sorry if my man has a woman on her knees while I serve as the chief… I’m not a stand by your man kinda gal. Just cuz your candidate didn’t win, doesn’t mean u should insult those of us who made a decision based on the better of the evils. Makes me sick. You are not my friend. You do not know me or my struggles. You do not bring anything to my life.

          • Gianelli what is wrong with his writing? He has expressed his thoughts and feelings well enough much better than your one sentence question! John, thanks for sharing your thoughts(:!

          • I find It ironic how all of the non Trump supporters so vehemently condemn the hatred spews of Trump while spewing thier own version of hatred, condescending condemnation for anyone that does not agree with them. Everyone has thier own perspective based on thier own experiences; personal, academic, financial &/or professional. So for anyone to truly understand someone else’s decision is preposterous. (Spike Lee’s movie crash for example). The fact that non supporters cite him as a masogonist is hilarious because how many “politicians” aren’t. Personally I was tired of being lied to daily with a smile and a wave in designer clothes and being told that if I didn’t buy the bs,, then I was not smart enough to understand. I /we understand and were ready, willing and able to deliver that message to you loud and clear. You clearly don’t like or agree with the message…that the rich pay for, make and buy to change the rules to keep them rich. By buying those superlative politicians that get rich by doing so. While bankrupting the country behind closed doors and in midnight votes. The fact that the non supporters demand daily affirmation that they should have continued to get thier same old because it would be better then Trump is the exact hypocrisy that you are professing. Until the sides stop demanding for each other to agree with thier perspective instead of compromising (congress walk out?) our country will continue to devolve.

          • I cannot accept Trump as my President any more that I would expect my family to accept me if they knew I was actually gay. I can continue to keep the “acting straight” going for the sake of my wife and family, but I will NOT act like I accept Trump or his misogeny and racism and he will never be my President.

            • You have bigger problems! You are living a lie. Staying with your wife and family and pretending to be straight is not benefiting anyone. Like it or not, he is your President!

                  • Right right, by stopping the recession, giving people in need or a dying low income American child a chance to get treated by a doctor and live or by killing bin Laden to get justice for American citizens, or sending out checks to all Americans during the recession to help pay a few bills, or the heartless way he froze interest rates to help us all financially etc yeah no he hates America

                • Have you not read the vile hatred on those signs and the hatred spewing from their lips??? Violence and destruction is not a protest. Would not put it past them of putting out swatstikas to prove their point. Take a hard look in the mirror and be truthful about who is being hateful.

                • He recently picked a man to be Attorney General who was deemed “Too Racist” to be a Judge in his home state of Alabama. You think that is a good pick?

                • He also picked a man who ran a paper that favored white supremacist ideas, look up their stories..it’s not opinion, he picked several adulterers, he picked a man who denies climate change, the racist judge mentioned by the other post and is considering a man who held a person down shaved that person’s head and called him fagot…no all good people

                • The men he has chosen that I’ve seen so far are ones that many people would not want – me certainly. My thought is that Trump seems to now kowtow to the Republican Party for a “pay back” to be President Elect. I sincerely hope that most of his appointees will not be finalize.

                • This is a good comment.

                  I have learned from my experience as a teacher in some very rough high school classrooms (I mean “kids that were kicked out of regular school” rough) that demanding respect is absolutely foolish. I went into my job determined to respect the kids the other teachers despised and warned against, whether or not they respected me. I would not demand or even ask to be respected by them. I would simply show them by my unconditional respect of them that I was worthy of their trust, and through that, worthy of their respect.

                  Of course, it worked beautifully because all those kids wanted was a teacher who thought THEY were worth enough to be offered respect first for once, who wouldn’t judge them by what other teachers said, wouldn’t hold their shortcomings against them, and believed each of them to be good, decent, important, talented humans who were worth my time.

                  A qualified leader does not demand respect, nor do his associates and supporters feel they must infiltrate the populace and insist that respect be given.

                • It’s totally appropriate for the electorate to know more about the candidates. You have to admit no one knew who Obama was he hung out with radicals had no real experience and was overly sympathetic to Muslims as opposed to other religions. It’s right to question that’s what a Democracy does but when questions were asked you were called a racist! Don’t shut down communication and don’t be so self righteous. Instead of assuming my folks voted for Trump actually speak to them you find the story is quite different than you thought

              • So, does this mean you stand with us? Stand with us against racism, sexism, masogony? Not one pro-trump supporter on this thread has answered the question at hand.

              • This bickering is part of the problem. I want an America that demonstrates compassion and goodness instead of hatred and bigotry. I want a a president who feels honored to be in his position and demonstrates that by being presidential and honest and lives a life of integrity. I want to feel good about my country and know that my children who fought in war to know honor for what they fought. We all deserve better than this…start acting like compassionate people. Stop treating each other like enemies.

            • Jaime,

              Please stop pretending to your wife.

              I am the ex wife of a deeply closeted man in denial.

              You are not honoring your wife by pretending. Please be honest with her, if you have not already done so.

              The Straight Spouse Network can help you with coming out to your wife, and also help her if she chooses to get free, confidential peer to peer support. I am one of their contacts. You can find out more, or reach out when you are ready, at http://www.straightspouse.org.
              It is painful and difficult, but living a lie does not help anyone. Not you, not her, not your kids.

              One of my straight spouse friends shared this article on facebook, and when she saw your comment, she was blown away. I am too.

              Please let this be the start of living in honesty. We are absolutely confidential. We will honor your confidentiality and hers too if she chooses to contact us.

              • So, does this mean you stand with us? Stand with us against racism, sexism, masogony? Not one pro-trump supporter on this thread has answered the question at hand.

                • Im not sure if your cut and paste question that is all over this board now was actually directed to me, but I will answer anyway, at the risk of feeding the trolls and getting bit.

                  For the record, no I am not a Trump supporter.

                  I just thought that rather than participate in yet another discussion about whose side everyone is on, it might be a good idea to give Jaime a resource to help him and his wife. Because she deserves to hear the truth from him and they both will need help to get through it.

                  Mixed orientation families get a lot of crap from all sides. Coming out is not easy, nor is dealing with a spouse who comes out unless you have some support. Even when you have support, the experience is often brutal.

                  Back in 2012 I cringed to hear DJT insult Arianna Huffington with that comment he made :”@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man- he made a good decision.” It was a stupid comment, and regardless of what anyone thinks of her, it hurts straight wives of gay men to hear this crap. Also, Trump has got Michelle Bachman on his Evangelical Advisory Board – remember when she was talking about gay marriage and she said that gay people have a right to marry – someone of the opposite sex – ha ha ha ha……that hurt too. No matter what you think of same sex marriage, laughing at the 2 million of us in these mixed orientation marriages in the USA is hurtful. Our lives are a joke to these people.

                  So no, for what it’s worth, I personally am not a Trump supporter.

                  But gee, thanks for asking.

            • If he cannot be your President, it is time for you to go elsewhere, because as long as you reside here, he IS your President.
              Hope you can find your perfect little safe place. Don’t forget your pacifier!

              • So, does this mean you stand with us? Stand with us against racism, sexism, masogony? Not one pro-trump supporter on this thread has answered the question at hand.

            • What the hell is wrong with you! What a horrible thing to do to your family. You’re lying to them. Maybe they would accept you but be really hurt by the fact you’ve been lying to them. You don’t have a choice Trump is your president. However you do have a choice in your own life and to choose to keep lying to the people who you are close too is a very scary choice. That’s like sitting in a house fire and thinking you won’t get burned bc your saying it’s not on fire. We can only change our own lives and how we handle them. What your doing and saying is crazy.

        • On the other hand, I am an early millennial and liberal (mentioning this for the sad, old man who thought those identifiers were insults above your comment). I’m highly educated and worked with some of the policies that will come under fire by the Trump administration.

          After viewing a lot of the election results, I am wholly convinced the American education system failed many of YOU. I see Trump supporters as people with no real understanding of law, international relations, economic theories, human rights, or hell, even just a basic understanding of how the government works.

          I also see a serious lack of social intelligence coming from Trump supporters. That lack of diverse thought is partially our fault. I mean, how you guys probably feel about “homos” and “coloreds” is, honestly, how most of us with clout feel about mingling with those of you we consider less intelligent. Hell, Stanford saw this coming from a mile away and announced much earlier this year (or was it last?) that they would subsidize their MBA program for any students that would go to the midwest after graduation. It’s just, who the hell wants to go hang out with racists and homophobes? Not too many educated people see the use in that. You guys are insane and stubborn — not a good combo.

          I will, however, give you this one benefit: I see you feel left out of the conversation that the elite have and I think it takes a lot to stand up to that. I wish the majority of you had less ignorance and blind loyalty, but props for saying “FU” in such an impressive and rather awesome way. For that, I really do commend you guys. You are heard. The whole world heard you.

          I just hope those of us with some pull in this world see that we have to learn to integrate with you. I mean, I get that you guys think you’re smarter, richer, better looking, and whatever else, but the truth is the top third of this country voted for Clinton (believe me, I think she’s pretty wretched, too, but way better than this clown who just got into office). I don’t think too many of us in this top bracket are speaking to most of you, because we’re busy preparing to defend our policies, but do know that you are not smarter than the average Clinton voter next time you want to insult the education of a liberal.

          On that note, have an amazing holiday and I hope your grandmother replaces the pumpkin pie with humble pie this year.


          • I am so happy you received an education. In your highly educated brain, I noticed you are lacking common sense. The driving force behind the election was the disdain for our country, vets, and the middle class getting taking advantage of by the lazy individuals that refuse to work. I am not homophobic, racist or any of the other labels that have been assigned. Some of us are educated, possess common sense and are just tired of getting screwed by Big Government. The constitution is still in effect. I am familiar with how the Government works it’s a bunch of people that want to get rich quick, don’t care about “We the People”, or serving anyone others than themselves . Don’t you wonder why the left has tried to ruin Trump? They are afraid he is going to upset the apple cart. It has nothing to do with facts.

          • You are a pompous idiot!! Placing yourself in the top 3rd of our nation in intelligence, ” financial earnings ” and of course “pull in this world” proves that!!! How’s repayment of your student loan going??? Have you ever saved someone’s life??? Do you ever put yourself in other shoes?? From your rant, I’m guessing no, because it is full of the word “I” !! Wishing you good luck with your life would be irrelevant as you know everything!! Love your ” first” name, it suits you well!!

            • Yes, I have saved lives, yes I was chosen for Phi Kappa Phi so that puts me in the upper ranks of those who acquired grad degrees. I owe nothing on my 2 houses nor parcels of land nor credit cards. I do not have a student loan. Yes, I know about those shoes because I chose to work with the severely & profoudly mentally ill who are too ill to work, & I probably donate more to charity than Trump. I also pay my taxes. He violates every value that I hold–as do the people who chose him. You, Jean, are the “pompous ass” because you are too blind to see that my stocks will probably gain money, but the country is losing the respect of the world & we are headed into a place of grim poverty and hatred unknown before now. Trump is vile as are the choices he is making for key positions.

          • Humble pie? Sounds like you could use a healthy dose yourself, Mr. Highly Educated, Socially Intelligent, Elite member of the top third of the country. Both sides think they know more and are smarter than the other side because everyone had a different perspective and different expectations. Both sides are ridiculously prideful. Both sides need to stop the name calling and egotistical nonsense. Stop acting like spoiled teenagers.

            • Just because a person is educated doesn’t make them “elite”. It makes them “thinkers”. If there’s one thing I value from getting a master’s degree, it was the awakening of logic and thought. If you aren’t educated past high school in this country you are most likely to vote for Trump. It’s just a fact. And we all know that people who aren’t educated don’t believe in facts because they’ve never put themselves to the test.

          • Clearly you think you write well and think yourself educated. That’s nice. But until you truly walk in the shoes of others you don’t have a pot to piss in.
            I am a single white female with 3 degrees, two adopted children(one of whom is black), from the Midwest, have many gay friends/ family members and I voted for Trump.
            Do I like Trump? No, not really. Do I agree with everything he has done or said? Absolutely not. Do I usually vote democratic(including Obama)? Yes. Can I champion causes that Trump doesn’t? Yes.
            But no matter how I try to explain “why” I voted for Trump to you (even using fancy “educated” words), you wouldn’t get it.
            So instead let me tell you that until you spend hours each week supporting the drug addict mother of your foster children who is living in a locked facility or spend even 1 day in a public middle school or work the front desk of a medical clinic, or repaired your own washing machine to save a repair bill (the list goes on), I consider you uneducated in what life is really like for the rest of America. You are a pompous ass and words are worthless.

              • We rarely have voted on the personality of the candidate. Most were very flawed but it was about how to govern. Trump won on the economy vote. Just because you voted for Hillary doesn’t mean YOU are morally corrupt, a sexual predator enabler, etc. you thought she’d govern better. At some point when the media and self induced fear subsides, our country can hopefully hsve a real Long overdue indepth discussion of the issues!

            • I am 68 year old with a Masters Degree. I put myself through college, still paying off my loans which I won’t live enough to do. I am divorced, and lost my amazing job due to complications of breast cancer. I had to move in with several different family members over the last 6 years (I’ve lived in 4 different states)…I am existing on a very low social security check, and in public housing. I’m an educated artist and writer and spend most of my time writing my memoirs and making new drawings and paintings. I have 4 grandchildren I haven’t seen in 5 years! All out of state because I don’t have money to travel. I understand troubles, and worries, and doubts…I am living on food from the food bank. It surprises me that you use all your woes as an excuse to vote for Trump. My question is, “Were you a Bernie fan?” That’s what gave me passion in this election…and when he didn’t get the nomination I knew it was my duty to get Hillary into office as a place-holder until Bernie, or somebody better steps up to the plate four years from now. It is a matter of an “intelligent” choice, not a showing of “we’ll show them”….it is never a good idea to sacrifice yourself and others when so much is at stake. It’s the same as throwing the baby out with the bathwater…

          • Of course we’re smug. I’m not the person above, but on average us “liberals” are much better educated than the average republican. I hope that after the dust settles “conservative” is as dirty a word to the average person as liberal is to you ignorant ones who literally just voted a member of the 1% who pretended to be anti-establishment into office. Until then see your asshole representatives in court. We’re not going to take this lying down.

            • You are not as smart as you think. Education does not equal intelligence. Don’t judge until you gather the facts. Don’t name call and resort to condescending speeches just cause you lost. Give change a chance and support our grand but not perfect country.

          • Wow! Hope you don’t fall off your high horse and snap your neck. I am a college educated woman from NY. I am not rich, I am not poor, yet no matter how hard I work with the constant raise in the price of living here seems like I am almost poor. My life certainly isn’t full of luxury. I guess I wish I could be you, mommy and daddy paid your way into a expensive college and you got a decent job after rubbing elbows with the other rich kids. Clinton won the popular vote by 1% that splits the country in just about half. For you to think that everyone who voted trump is uneducated, living in the Midwest, rich, racist or whatever means your family should probably get their money back on your college education. I’m sorry I guess they just can’t teach common sense.

        • Sorry, I fail to see how flinging a personal insult at someone’s lack of grammar, spelling, and punctuation helps an argument. I disagree with pretty much everything this person said, but not because of their inability to articulate it correctly by standard rules of composition. This person has valid feelings and beliefs and doesn’t deserve to be insulted and belittled!

        • Nope I did not miss a lot of school. I have a high school degree. And I have college. I voted for the best running for President. I believe he will make America Great again and yes the Wall must be built. Have you ever been robbed before from illegals from Mexico. Well I am here to tell you from experience it is very cruel. 3 times they hit me and that is just not right, no matter what you say. Heck yes I agree to build the Wall. I have some great friends that are Hispanic and came to America the right way. I would help them any way I could. So you think what you want of this proud American Lady. I voted for Mr. Donald J. Trump President and proud I did.

      • We already did suck it up for the past 8 years however we did not protest, riot or kick and scream. We accepted the results of the election and played the hand we were dealt…. if everyone could follow our lead now, that would be great!

        • Maybe you personally did not “riot” or “protest” but if you believe the Obama’s transition into the White House was easy, you are uninformed at best.

        • Exactly. We were as scared to have Hillary as our president as you were of Trump. Neither was a great choice but I couldn’t take another 4 years. Our family has not benefited from the last 8 years but have suffered because of the leadership we’ve had. I’m praying we can make changes that will benefit Americans and fix some of the problems that were created.

          • Oh, and they did just fine during the preceding 8 years under Bush. The revisionist history at work here is just astounding. Under Bush we bombed the wrong country, created terrorists, screwed up the economy, and lost all credibility around the globe. We then elect a wonderful president who managed to fix the economy, save the auto industry, get healthcare for millions, and exit the Whitehouse with the highest approval rating in recent history. Yah, the past 8 years were horrible. SMH

            • Families suffered as a by product of the eight years prior to Obama. Bush is the one that sold out the American people and caused massive job and financial security loss for the middle class. Under Obama, those who had guts moved forward, reeducated or tried something new, they recovered. No President is going to give anyone a job.

          • Honest question, how have you “suffered”?

            Majority of Obama’s administration was cleaning-up Bush’s mistakes (well, really, Cheney’s, ‘cos we all know he was really running the show). In fact, if you guys were seeking a higher education or small business loans, you would’ve BENEFITED.

            Obamacare was a mess, but even republicans wanted to introduce something similar. The first iteration of anything sucks. This is how life goes. Nobody likes Obamacare. Even IIIII find it punitive. That’s really the only thing I can see anyone suffering from. The stupid website didn’t even work for the longest time. Do you remember that? God, that was THE WORST. I have to sign-up to punish myself and the website where I go to ruin my life doesn’t even work.

            It sounds to me like you guys just don’t know how to prosper. It sounds to me like you just wanted someone to spoon feed you success. Honey, let me tell you right now, most of us weren’t spoon fed our success. We all had to workaround the failures the Bush/Cheney administration gave us. I graduated with my BA right when the recession hit (thanks, Bush/Cheney) and only pursued my JD to wait it out. You want to know the entry level salary of lawyer during the tail-end of The Great Recession? 40K. You want to blame that on Obama? Do you have any clue what it’s like to be in the top 1% of your country, but actually only make 40K while you sit on a 6 figure loan? Get over yourself, kitten.

            I get that the Trump supporter population is generally less educated, but surely you understand sudden spikes in the economy are a grave sign. Obama built up our economy slowly. Not to mention, every president is usually stuck with having to finish up the prior administration’s work. A lot of Obama’s administration was simply a continuation of Bush/Cheney’s.

            If you’re hoping for nationalism over globalism, you’ve got a rude awakening in store. We will be antagonized by the very planet we depend on. We are not a self-sufficient country and never have been. I really can’t wrap my brain about how you guys don’t even care about the generations to come as they all run around with gas masks and have to survive earthquakes caused by all the dumb fracking (take a look at Oklahoma’s earthquake situation).

            Quit thinking about yourself so much, too. You guys just sound so preoccupied with your own selves. If the DNC and the party as a whole didn’t shoot itself in the head this year, you’d be seeing something very different. You’d still be complaining ’til the day you die, too, because that is what you guys do best. You all think liberals are protesting too hard, but your protest was putting a greedy, inexperienced, petty tyrant in office. Congrats.

            Oh and real talk, ya boy won’t last. This is not place for a guy who’s never worked in the public or even non-profit sector. You can’t run a country like a business. That’s not how any of this works.

            • You can’t run it like you have a money tree either and that’s why we are in this mess. We need a leader not a follower. Obama made America the laughing stock, center stage, for all to see. He is a coward! Enough!

              • I happen to live and travel extensively outside of the US and I have to say, Obama has a very good reputation with the majority of the US’ allies. However, Trump does not have a great reputation, in general. Many people outside of the US (and it seems also within) think that he will have very divisive policies. I have watched a lot of what Trump has said at his rallies and have been amazed by how many people voted for him. I think it speaks to the desperation of a lot of Americans. I have a question however and I am wondering if one or more Trump supporters could answer for me. Putting aside the what he said or did vs. what he meant, how do you think Americans should proceed given that some of the things he has said and done have brought a lot of people with undesirable views on marginalized people out of the wood work? I ask because since the election I have seen large amounts of posts saying things like “I’m going to go celebrate by grabbing some pu**y” or “we will send you back to where you came from ” (even if those people are US citizens) or even “New Balance: we can now wear it and identify each other easily” (this post was referring to neo-nazis). These types of comments are concerning are they not? I would appreciate any insight, but remember, it does not matter what he meant only what people heard and it seems at least some Americans heard that sexist, mysonginist, anti gay, and other hateful rhetoric is now acceptable. Thoughts?

        • Actually people were putting fake people with a noose around their necks indicating it was Obama and a lot of other racist innuendo once he was elected.

        • I’m curious, what did you have to suck up for the last eight years unemployment going down stock market going up economy doing well not being at war with anybody, Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive again what did you have to suck up. President Obama is a great president will go down as one of the best if that’s what you had to suck up pretty good thing to suck up to

        • Oh you guys DEFINITELY protested. Google it. Hell, even your precious Trump wouldn’t shut the hell up about Obama the past 8 years. This selective memory of yours has got to go.

        • No, you didn’t suck it up. You insulted, maligned, and attacked President Obama every chance you got. And you attacked his family, too, while you were at it, which is beyond the pale. You are delusional and you are revising history if you think you accepted him as your president. Please do not now claim to have been tolerant for the last 8 years. No, you didn’t formally protest–which is the adult response to something you think is wrong–instead, you acted like bratty children and referred to him with nasty nicknames and started stupid rumors that his wife wasn’t female and that his children were adopted to cover it up. Get off your high horse. The air up there is so thin it’s affecting your brain function.

        • Actually , you didn’t. You called our President a Muslim, Questioned where he was born. Held pictures up at rallies depicting him as a monkee. The republican leadership obstructed him at every turn. And yet, you actually think we should sit back and give a sexual predator, fraud and con man respect?

      • We have all been sucking it up for years…. That is the problem…. We already know Trump is not what you think he is, he is not perfect by far, no one is. But we’ve listened to his speeches and we’ve went to his rally’s. You only see what media allows… Which is the same horrible things that I see about the other candidate. I chose to believe that just because you voted for Hillary that most are not rioting and protesting an election that was handled in the same fashion that every election before. I chose to believe that you are not crying in some fetal position because your candidate lost. But yet we are expected to defend ourselves daily for voting for what we believe is a better chance. I did not like President Obama, There are lots of things that I disagree with but I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE said he is not MY PRESIDENT!! i believe he has contributed to my healthcare care cost going up and coverage going down I believe he has made racism worse in this country than it has been in my life (45 years, granted I probably don’t really know about the childhood years but you get my point I am an adult, I am a female and I don’t care one bit about Trumps stupid locker room conversations or radio conversations with people. If you think most men haven’t said similar things you are delusional but that is your right, just like it was my right to vote for him and not have to keep damn explaining myself. For the love of God…. MOVE ON!! This election has sucked the life right out of everyone… You want to may a difference??? Go serve at a Church or anywhere… Stop Judging people and demanding answers that don’t need answered!

        • No I mean in the future, when your time comes, when you see what your vote has done, to innocent people and your country, will you suck it up then?

            • Trump can’t do anything, though. He’s already lying and he hasn’t even taken office yet. Like the thing about the Kentucky Ford plant. I mean, Trump lovers are just gobbling that up and he literally did nothing. He boasted about doing something that never even happened.

              He’s got a few good ideas which will take YEARS to get into place. Obama is safeguarding a lot of his work, too. It’s being compared to baby proofing an apartment before a baby is introduced. Trump is a dumbass, a petulant infant, and we need only fear him destroying things in the house.

        • What I don’t understand is this: if Obama made the economy so great, why are there millions more people on government assistance? If everyone is doing so great, why do so many people need the help of the government to survive?

        • We can’t move on when we know the history of the people Trump has selected. He is indeed the president-elect but don’t think for a minute he will not be critiqued on every decision. That’s the thing about so many of the party purists. Neither side seems to take criticism well. You just throw insults and claim people are whining. This country needs more candidates that will be fiscally responsible but stay out of personal lives. A person who demeans the disabled, thinks celebrity gives you freedom to do whatever you want, and speaks of registering people based on religion will never get my vote. Since he is the one elected, he will get my criticism. He’s not just the president for one party but all of us.

        • Well said, Carina.

          I personally did not vote for Trump. I simply could not do it. I hope I am wrong about him, and time will tell. As for voting for any democratic candidate, that will not happen. I don’t have any problem “explaining” why I did not vote for either candidate, you may find my reason in Exodus 18:21.

          Simply put, neither candidate passed the smell test.

          In regards to this original post’s demand that one explain themselves, the hypocrisy is the one asking the question to begin with. Fully half of America lived discouraged these past eight years. To them, their reasons may or may not have been legitimate. Now, at least for the next four years, the other half find themselves in the same predicament. Everyone has a different set of values, ethics, and morals. The proof is in the divide. Regardless of the electoral count, the raw numbers clearly show a people divided. This nation is in the sewer.

          The proof? Of all the people in America to choose from and for our nominees, we the people selected these two. Further proof needed? Review these posts. No one seems to see the character flaws of their party’s candidate, just the others.

          2 Chronicles 7:14 would be a good place to start if anyone on this thread really, truly cared about their fellow man.

        • Yes, those horrible last 8 years! Healthcare for 20 million people who didn’t have it. The Dow almost tripled, Housing Market booming, Unprecedented job growth, Ending of TWO wars, Yes take us back to the George W. Bush days……You people have short memories

      • If God judges us fighting against racism and bogotry and misogyny; if God is to judge us on how we treat a stranger or those less fortunate, well, damn straight I would “suck it up”. Conscience clear. How about yours?

      • I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton. I voted my conscience. I found Trump to be all of the things you wrote about. I wrote about him myself. But, I drew the line at calling others out about their choices. To my dismay, most of my family and friends voted for Trump. The reason given to me for this was that he was the lesser of the two evils. Given the choice, the lives of the unborn weighed heavily on their hearts, as did on mine.

        It’s easy to place blame and try to guilt Trump voters for the dischord that is taking place in our country. But it seems you are discounting all of the protesters/angry mobs who are upset because Hilary didn’t win.

        There is a lot of hate going around and it is not just coming from his supporters. It is heartbreaking. In my humble opinion, having an open dialog with those who have opposing political views would go a lot further than writing one more anti-Trump piece. Because he is the president-elect and we have the next four years to get used to it. In the meantime we can pray for him, each other, and our country. Love our neighbors…even the ones we disagree with.

      • I think it’s time to stop the hate bashing. Read the article below and come back here, to realize Trump is no more racist than you are. Clinton made you believe it, and YOU are the one living in a delusion, not Tump’s voters. http://bit.ly/2f3iTxB

      • What a patronizing article. Mr. Writer John . I have no problem with my vote. Yes most of you were shocked. Why???
        We are equally shocked that anyone could support Hilary. Maybe if she acted human. Maybe if she showed some motherly instincts. Maybe if she acted like she like being grandmother. Maybe if she seemed like she cares about anything. Maybe if she wasn’t crooked. Maybe is she handled Benghazi better. Maybe if she wasn’t narcissistic. Maybe if there wasn’t Whitewater. Maybe if there wasn’t a Vince Foster scandal. Maybe is she wasn’t part of a corrupt foundation that turned her rich, and buys her support. Maybe is she stood up to her husband who “didn’t have sex with that woman”. She was a 21 year old child intern in the White House for Gods Sakes. Not just words, real actions. He did inappropriate things to her. She was a kid. Her husband was the President. Hilary with all her woman’s rights never stood up for her. She helped wreck Monica’s life. Oh but that’s ok.
        Maybe if she followed government regulations on emails. Maybe if she didn’t delete the corrupt ones and wreck the computers. Maybe if she wanted planned parenthood to be for poor and middle class had to pay for it. Maybe if she believed late stage abortion wasn’t a form of birth control. Maybe if her health plan worked to help Americans.
        There was a day when she did not believe in same sex marriage and now she does. So writer does that mean that Trump and Pense will never change their minds on things??? Trump has said he has no intention of changing Oberhefell v. Hodges’s.
        Does it mean that the media’s spin on things may have made Trump look bad since it was obvious the media wanted Hilary? Otherwise why the shock when he won.
        Your the ones that are shocked. I also believe that you choose to listen to half sentences when it come to Trump. He wants to control the cartel, not Mexicans coming here legally. I have friends that are Mexican and they believe this to. He wants to prevent another 911, so he wants better safeguards on immigration. The world as evidence of 911 is not what it was like when our Grandfathers came here. Not no immigration, better immigration.
        He wants to work on crime. Crime that has severely increased during the current administration. He wants to work on respect the very respect that is part of equality. Respect is gone in this country. You see Mr Writer. He doesn’t need this job. He wants to drain this swamp. It doesn’t make him a bigot, prejudice, racist, sexist, homophobe and alI the other things you said in your article. Yes , I heard tapes of things he said about woman. I don’t know if you are deaf or chose not to listen but people talk about sex all day long in this country. It’s all over TV, internet, books and magazines. Men and woman talk about it all the time. 50 Shades of Gray was a top selling book. Everyone read it. Not a good way to treat woman. Thousands were buying new belts and wipes. There is such a thing as locker room talk and talk is not rape, talk is not actions. Talk is talk. So that does not influence me to believe he would do that. I do not believe the woman on the plane. Most of us don’t.
        I voted my my reasons not yours. I care about all people. I believe in equality. I believe that things suck now. I don’t believe your candidate can fix it.
        Mr Writer why is it ok for you to be prejudice against our new president and all of us who voted for him? Wow, how righteous of
        you to believe you are for pure equality and are better than me? I don’t think you are listening to America. I think you are stuck on being closed minded. You asked me to write. Give the man a chance you don’t know America and you don’t know him. It’s called Faith. I have used it for eight years. I respected the election. I respect the position of president. I learned a ton. I learned Obama was a good man. Get over you self. We think Hilary is more corrupt then Trump.
        That’s what I think.

        • So, does this mean you stand with us? Stand with us against racism, sexism, masogony? Not one pro-trump supporter on this thread has answered the question at hand.

      • You’re so full of it!
        Baiting people to get them to listen to your whining. Nice try, but I’m not reading your opinions – if you want to call them that Really all you want to do is push your own agenda. Grow up. This is America

      • What do you mean by that, Anonymous? A nonnie mouse. Don’t you dare quote God, if you voted trump. You voted for hate . That is not compatible with any religious affiliation.

      • I’m suspecting he – I know I – already did. The Bush years were appalling, but I used my voice to protest that which I disagreed with, and I supported the administration when I could. I think that is an unkind generalization you’re making about this author who is clearly trying to make sense of this and reach out.

      • When I read this article , I see something that I see in a lot of people on this topic.

        I will start with you need to first is all the crazy stuff that has gone on since the day Trump as elected. The riots, destruction, also the cry baby antics !

        What happened to blaming the ones who destroy, murder , not a person you hate. I take responsibility for my actions .

        All that is being done is pointing a finger to get your way !

        I catch hell because I voted for Trump and in the end there are zero politicians who give a crap about anybody ! It’s all about the money !

        If they cared there would be no hate groups , no poverty or homeless !

        Everything you guys cry about will never ever be fixed , even if democrats controlled everything , you would still get screwed !

        You want changed vote every politician out no matter the party and get money out of politics, then you will get change !

      • Bi brave mouth, sign your name or are you too ashamed ? You throw stones at real people who aren’t afraid of letting others know who they are! You must have had to go to school a little longer to learn that !

      • We sucked it up for 8 years as Obama governed by executive fiat.

        We sucked it up for 8 years as Obama criticized the police.

        We sucked it up as Obama bowed to Arab leaders.

        We sucked it up for 8 years as Obama hid behind executive privilege.

        So yes it is your time to suck it up.

    • But see…much of the descriptive features of Trump are true and were witnessed during the convention, rallies, and debates by ALL of us. One might argue that they are taken out of context, but you can not deny the sound bites – the words came out of his mouth. Words that threatened, and continue to cause concern for entire communities of marginalized people. I don’t think John is asking you to explain yourself, but to show support and compassion for those who feel threatened by the acts taking place by this new administration.

      • The left is acting the same as the brown shirts of Nazi Germany. They are using the same tactics. If they not force you to agree, they would shout you down. If they did not work the moved to insults. When that failed they attack. Yes their are some cases of Trump supporters attacking the left but you can count them. You can not even count the number of times someone from the left attacked a Trump supporters. Has he endangered national security? No. Has he allowed Americans to die or ignore their calls for more security? No. Did he blame a planned assault on a youtube video even though they knew it was planned? No. What does it take to see the bigger picture? You are all to blinded by your lord and savoir Clinton.

        • The tactic you are employing is a red herring or perhaps a tactic that Lenin used in which he said his “enemies” did what he did.

        • So you don’t think asking the Russians to hack US computers or implying that a presidential candidate should be assassinated is a threat to national security?

          • I think in stating anything regards to a computer being hacked you completely forget or choose to ignore that the Secretary of State actually set up base thorough different vices almost begging people to hack our confidentiality.

          • Dear Anon at 10:08 – This is a new one for me. Could you please document this so I can read about it? I have seen no documentation that the Russians were asked to do this and would seriously like to read about it. Who asked them?

          • He DID NOT ask Russia to hack the computers & he DID NOT imply Clinton be assassinated !!! You are listening to Main Stream Media and Democrat Propaganda. I actually heard what he said & that is NOT what it implied!! What about all the horrible lies and things said about Trump? What about all the voter fraud? What about all the ILLEGAL things Clinton has done??? AND Trump supporters are NOT the ones rioting and beating people up – Clinton supporters ARE!!!!! So sick of having to defend every little thing!! HE WON, CLINTON LOST, GET OVER IT!!!!!!

            • And now the right begins to revise history, gaslight the left’s assessments of Trump, and demand that the left respect Trump in a way that they did not respect Obama.

              Most people that I know who voted for Clinton do so as a last resort. That being said, she’s been investigated time and time again, and nothing ever comes of it.

              Here’s Herr Drumpf asking Russia, “if they’re able to find the 30,000 emails”

              Here’s De Fuhrer saying, “with 2nd Amendment people, maybe there is…”

              Voter Fraud? What voter fraud? What about the Red Stated effort to remove polling stations for hundreds of thousand minority voters?

              Violence of any kind perpetrated by the left (that isn’t in self-defense) against Trump supporters is deplorable, period. Those people should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

              But that doesn’t negate the kinds of openly prejudicial, racist, homophobic, and misogynistic invective the right has been spewing forth in public against minorities and members of the LGBTQ community in Trump’s name.

              Donald Trump is putting the infrastructure in place to round up and displace Muslims in this country. First, it will start with “violent extremists (i.e. protesters).” Then, all “militant (i.e. outspoken)” Muslims will be targeted. Finally, all Muslims will be targeted, and once all moderate opposition gets eliminated and only the extremists remain, we’ll see more attacks in the U.S., and Trump will claim that it’s further evidence that we’re doing the right thing.

              Sure, Clinton had her issues, but she would have been making strides toward helping middle America and not facilitating the complete destruction of Freedom of (and from) Religion in this country.

              And why the hell do you even care? You won. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t it enough that you get your country back, or will it only be enough when people stop tearing Trump down? People of your ilk talk about how awful Obama’s 8 years was? How? How did you personally suffer as a result of Obama’s 8 years? That entire time, the right didn’t stop tearing down the President, and he’s leaving office with one of the highest approval ratings of any outbound President. You never claimed him as your President. Why should we claim Trump as ours?

        • Chrisco, while I am certain that you believe these things, you appear to be ignorant, be that willfully so or otherwise, on certain facts: We “do not know” the number of people on the left who have attacked Trump supporters, because they have not been known to attack Trump supporters in general. The same cannot be said for people on the the right, to paraphrase your own term. To highlight the difference in treatment, and even basic tolerance, for dissident opinions on one side versus the other, let us take as an example first the gentleman who interrupted Obama’s speech at a Clinton rally recently. We have video proof that the current president treated the man with respect and encouraged the crowd to do the same because of his age, his veteran status, and his right to free speech. There is video of Trump claiming that the current president acted shamefully at one of his own subsequent rallies (much to the cheering enjoyment of those in attendance), but the video proves otherwise. Meanwhile, Trump threw one of his own supporters out of a rally because he mistook the black man as a protester. Exactly why he mistook him for a protester is up for debate. It is low-hanging fruit to presume it is because of the color of his skin. Video proof is again available. Similarly, video and photographic proof is available of people on the right/ Trump supporters harassing those of various minority classes. I am aware of none from the opposite direction, save for a “silly” news story from a couple weeks ago of an older man holding a few local boys at gunpoint because he thought they were victimizing him by trying to steal his Trump lawn sign. Police reports do not state whether they were, in fact, attempting to do so. You can blame the media for only reporting one side if you would like. I cannot say that I or anyone else who has seen the words and actions of Trump directly will believe it, though. Similarly, despite the landslide of proof of Trump’s many misdeeds and misconduct, people on the far right still choose to see what they want to for whatever reason.

          Secondly, in regards to the oft-touted statements regarding Benghazi and the email scandal that you reference in your initial post. Even leaving aside that Clinton was investigated multiple times for each and found to be non-liable (unlike Trump who is still being investigated for tax evasion, statutory rape, multiple accounts of sexual assault, and unlawful business practices; and, ironically, also unlike Pence whose emails are currently under investigation), you seem to presume that envoys stationed in hostile countries, just like soldiers, are unaware that they may be attacked and killed at any time. Doing so is an insult to the bravery and patriotism they showed by accepting the posts despite the risk. Honor their memory. Honor their sacrifice. You also seem to presume that one individual is ever fully responsible for a given decision on a high government level, and that there is an excess of military support that can be shuffled around like a deck of cards and/or be placed within the walls of a hostile country with expediency and ease if that one individual wishes to do so. Both abject ignorance at best, grasping at straws to justify your stance at best.

          In regard to your Nazi comparison, you may have by now guessed that my opinion is diametrically opposed to yours: Based on the rhetoric I have seen him profess, the men with whom he surrounds himself, his blatant disregard for any and all of those not in line with his view of ideal masculinity (he has shown through his words and deeds that he does not believe that femininity is worth anything more than a handful of flesh, willing or otherwise), and his rise to power using fear mongering rhetoric to exploit the fears of a desperate and naive working class population willing to believe that all their troubles are caused by/could be alleviated through eradicating the population of a religious immigrant minority (then Jews, now Muslims) and other undesirables (migrant workers, gays/lesbians, the disabled, etc), I am honestly concerned that you and your like have put the next Hitler into power, and we are heading into the next World War because of it. I hope to God, Jehovah, Allah, and The Great Mother (which, I assure you is, not a reference to Hillary Clinton) that I am just being paranoid. Right now, the only difference I see is that Trump may be kinder to Catholic “papists” since his VP is one of us.

          • As a Catholic, I voted for the candidate that will do the most for people that are suffering. HRC would’ve done more for families, children, refugees, the poor than Trump will ever do.
            As a Catholic, I voted for the candidate that will do the most to improve women’s health and condition, thus reducing abortions.
            Perhaps it would be great if other Catholics cared more about the people that are on this earth NOW

            • I can’t believe you call yourself a Catholic and believe killing unborn babies is OK. Yes, our new president is far, far from perfect but I believe he can make a difference. Put supreme Court judges in ,that are moral and not bought, believes our servicemen , both serving and done matter. Yes black lives matter and so does every other American citizen matter. We also can believe in God or not, because that is our American right
              But because we believe in God shouldn’t make us suffer, we need God back in the United States, in God we trust and God is the reason for Christmas if you don’t believe that, that is again your right as an American. And I believe your presidential candidate has no ounce of any religious belief, has no compassion or respect for human life born or unborn
              So give our President a chance and see what he can accomplish in his future and put his past behind him. Trust in God and miracles do happen

          • Sorry but I tried to read your post. Conclusion: either blind or stupid, It is evident that you have not listened to trump or his supporters. You only hear what you want to. No one can make you feel better about the election except you. Wallow in stupidity or go do something to make a difference.

        • As an ex-German I take exception to your comparison of “the left” with brown shirts in Nazi Germany. As a naturalized citizen of this country, which I believed to be the superior democracy, I am appalled at how little knowledge most Americans have of what makes a democracy work, and how a democratic Weimar Germany succumbed to Nazism. Brown Shirts ran roughshod over the rights of those who didn’t share their views. What started with yelling and intimidation ended in mass murder. Mostly peaceful protests from the left cannot compare to the hateful actions some Trump supporters are now showing all around the country. “Suck it up Buttercup,” as in “We are in power now and we don’t care about your rights. We’ll do as we please.” Heaven help us… You know the quote: “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

        • You would be incorrect, there are many many instances of Trump supporters attacking, whether by word of physically, people of color or other religions.

      • And you don’t think the things Hillary has done is a disgrace to God? She thinks killing babies is okay. Unborn babies has no rights. My grandchild was aborted because of what she believes. That law needs to be changed so women has no choice to kill MY grandchildren. I don’t get a say in the matter but I did get a say in who our next president will be and America has voted and there is nothing else to say.

          • I Voted For Trump, Because of many reasons. The middle class is being forgotten , and President Obama with the same mind frame Hillary Clinton will Make The United States a social State:

            SOCIAL STATE.(Definition)
            1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

            2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

            3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

            4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

            5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

            6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

            7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

            8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

            Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?

        • I hate to burst your bubble annoyed, as a grandparents you have no legal rights. Not your body, not your choice. If you really believe that Trump is pro life then good luck. He knew what the evangelical Christians wanted to hear. They should have stood up when Roe vs Wade was first passed.

        • You have no rights as a grandparent. I’m not sure why you would even think you would. A woman should have the right to decisions about her own body. Until we start keeping track of how often a man impregnates a woman and takes no responsibility and once he’s hit a limit sterilize him because “they” think it’s enough, don’t come at me with any nonsense about what I should do with my body.

        • Simply because one is pro choice does not mean they agree with abortion, that would be called pro abortion. Pro choice simply means we recognize the autonomy of a person to make choices for their own body.

        • Sorry, dear. Your grandchild was aborted because of what your daughter believes, not because of what HRC believes. Can’t even get your argument correct.

        • Babies respond to stimuli. A fetus does not. No cognizance until 20 weeks or so. An abortion is not killing a baby. An abortion is medically removing a fetus. Unless you can present an argument that is founded in scientific principles, your argument is a religious one an has no merit in a secular, Constitutional Democratic Republic.

      • I guess he is is one of the people that believes every twisted truth he hears , Number one he is NOT racist . I think the current president is .He is anti white or he would not tolerate all the vicious things that the blacks are doing to the Police and the illegal immigrants committing the crimes they are committing against the whites including Murder. Also he was Not making fun of handicapped people that was making fun of the people that are acting crazy . NOT literally , As far as what he said in the locker room that is standard language amongest most men in the locker room. Hilliary invited people to her campaign that what Trump said sound like a choir boy. Kids hear worse at the bus stop. As Far as Muslims and the rest of the outside people there is proof that they have committed offences against our country and I am against them . I also was brought bto believe marriage is between a man and a woman. The other is NOT normal. Your president is encouraging all the retards to keep rioting they are all Poor losers and so are you for believing the way you do. I am just a Deplorable who voted for the best choice there was. And I ma HAPPY

        • Good God, this man sold you guys hook line and sinker with his friggin’ 2 year long infomercial. You guys are all “crooked this” and “deplorable that” and “swamp this” and “MAGA that”. I mean, dude, you people sound so gullible and brainwashed to hell and back.

          Also, trying to create a just and equal environment for everyone doesn’t mean someone is anti-white. It blows my mind how entitled you sound. I mean, it’s not 1960, you don’t get better things by the pure luck of your birth. I mean, maybe what we should do is give you hicks a reservation area like we do with native tribes. You guys can just sit around and do your own thing with each other like incest and making moonshine out of spit and jock itch or whatever. I really don’t get hick culture, but clearly you don’t get civilized culture, so I guess the feeling is mutual.

          Also, what the hell bus stop are your kids at? You better go get ’em, ‘cos it sounds like it might be dangerous.

        • Oh, WAIT. Did you seriously just use the term “retard?”

          Imma just give you a chance to head on over to the Google Machine and see if you can’t figure out why you should never do that again (you’re in luck: it’s not a partisan political thing, has nothing to do with liberal/conservative viewpoints).

          It occurs to me that your belief that Donald Trump wasn’t mocking a disabled man (when he used the very same mimicking motions and behaviors that the 4th grade bullies used when I was a kid to mock the special needs students who ate lunch at the table next to ours) is probably somewhat related to your amazingly inappropriate use of that word.

      • I watched a guy yesterday take something from Trumps rally and piece it together and out of context, it does sound at time racists or uncaring but that’s the thing. He literally went step by step and showed where the stopped and zoned in and took whole sentences out. That’s like reading one line out of the bible ?? If you don’t know the before and after then you really have no clue what is going on!

      • I agree – what could possible be untrue or partly true in what the author said? They are Trump’s video, tweets and words, backed up by the appointments he is making, all of which are going to seriously harm many many people in this country. It’s already happening. I don’t know if you know anyone who is black or Muslim or gay, but I do and they are very very afraid for their lives in these next years. This is real, and not IMHO what American represents!

    • Hi Ken. I have just a couple of questions so I can better understand what you just said:

      1) Other than Obamacare, what things did Obama do to make government bigger and bigger.

      2) How does a bigger and bigger government hurt you personally?

      3) Can you please list for me the freedoms that were taken away from you over the past 8 years?

      Just trying to understand. Thanks!!!

      • I can answer about the Obamacare. It sucks. I can’t go to the doctor without having to pay money I don’t have. My allergy shots cost me almost $100 a month when they were free before. My sisters husband has to pay $1200 a month because she is a nurse & makes too much money but they don’t take in consideration that she has a family to support by her self. He is disabled & can’t get SSA or Medicare because of her income. That was the worse thing ever happen to this country.

        • Worse than slavery? Worse than civil war? Worse than being attacked at Pearl Harbor? Worse than being attacked on 9/11? Worse than the Trail of Tears? Worse than JFK’s assassination? Worse than Lincoln’s assassination? Worse than the Red Scare? Worse than the yellow fever epidemic?

          You need to get over yourself.

        • 8 years ago, I wasn’t able to get insurance because of an error in a pap smear. In some parts of the country I lived in during that time, I was unable to even see a doctor by paying full price in cash – they don’t accept patients without insurance for liability reasons.

          Now I have insurance, and I can see doctors… insurance is reasonably priced, and I’m happy.

          It’s awful that a nurse’s job doesn’t provide insurance for the family, but AFAIK, that isn’t the ACA’s doing. Nor is the jump in prescription costs over the past 10 years – that is purely corporate profiteering, and something that can be addressed without gutting the whole program.

          How much money does your sister earn as a nurse? Regardless, your statements about being denied assistance don’t quite make sense: is the husband eligible for disability at all? SSI is the only part that would be limited based on income, it’s specifically targeted towards low-income families. SSDI does not have any spousal income restrictions. If he’s receiving SSDI, after 2 years, he automatically becomes eligible for medicare, sooner with certain conditions.

          I can see that you’re frustrated, and totally understand why – we shouldn’t have to hire attorneys or spend months doing research to figure this stuff out… but suggest the idea of spending any money to hire, effectively, guidance counselors to help people sort out their health care or other government-related issues… those who don’t currently need help will scream BIG GOVERNMENT. 😐

          Still, given that you are concerned for someone with a disability who apparently didn’t have insurance coverage elsewhere, I would think you’d rather he have access to insurance, no matter what the cost until medicare kicks in, rather than denial based on previously-existing conditions.

        • Your comments make no sense. As for your sister’s husband…. getting disability has nothing to do with his wife or what her income is. Someone is telling you a bunch of crap. He probably didn’t get it because he’s not really disabled and got turned down.

        • This is a direct result not of President Obama, but because of republican obstruction. In NC (and other states), a gaping hole was created when the General Assembly, under McCrory’s lead, refused to take federal dollars to expand Medicaid to fix that hole. Lots of people who would’ve had good coverage under the Affordable Care Act fell into this hole.

          • Yes, the same here in my (RED) state. Refusal to work with the exchanges and refusal to expand Medicaid did EXACTLY what the President warned it would do. That was supposed to be the motivating factor for red states to get on board so we could implement Obamacare smoothly, but the R’s were too stubborn to care about their own selves and families. They literally threw the most vulnerable under the proverbial bus just to “fight Obama” or something.

    • I voted for Trump because I knew the horrible things said about him by Democrats were false. They loved Trump when he was a Democrat, yet attacked him with lies so as to try and put a murdering liar financed by hate groups and terrorists- Hillary- in office.
      I was a Democrat until Obama ruined everything, and I will never ever go back to that Party. I will never, ever again belong to the Democrat Party of hysterical hypocrites.

      Make America Great Again. I welcome Trump with open arms and a clear conscience.

      • So all the things said about Trump (most of which are simply quoting what he said) are false, but all of the allegations against Clinton are true? Despite the fact that they have been investigated many many times? Makes sense…

        • First, the only thing investigated were e-mails that the FBI actually came forward to comment on and if you listen to his statement in regards to that he states that Clinton was wrong. In other news presses he has even stated that just because the FBI wasn’t charging Clinton that it didn’t mean if the same acts were committed by someone else that they wouldn’t. Straight from Comey.

          I think one of the biggest problems has been the media controlling how they release information. This has left people literally hearing half of the story. So even if you think you’re quoting Trump you’re not actually quoting the whole story just has Obama would say a snippet. Clinton only had this against her when the media was trying not to let everyone know the deep dark secrets. And this is because Clinton biggest donors are the media outlets.

          Educate yourself. Thoroughly do your own research!

          • Char, the reason we say the things we say is BECAUSE we have done our research. No one had to tell us to go look up the context of Trump’s statements; we did that on our own. On the rare occasion that we found either a made-up allegation or a quote out of context, we (most of us) corrected it. Sure, some continued to share incorrect information, but it was no longer generally accepted, and you can bet that most of us called it out when some insisted on continuing to share it. Take a visual walk down the comment/message boards at a “liberal” site like RawStory or DailyKos. You’ll find us fact-checking one another all the time and putting to rest false allegations against even our opponents. I do not accept “out of context” quotes as truth; I will always go to the original source, whether it be a full speech, an entire interview, or even the circumstances surrounding the statements in question. Most Democrats/liberals I associate with do the very same thing; FACTS, not being proven right, are what is important to us. If we don’t have FACTS right, we cannot be sure we’re making an informed decision. That’s why they’re so important to us. Electing a leader is not a game, it’s not something you do out of spite, it’s not your chance to “stick it to” government or Wall Street or whatever, and it’s not for entertainment. It’s extremely serious because it affects real lives, and even when I know it doesn’t directly affect mine, I always know it will directly affect someone’s, so I vote accordingly. [Incidentally, the candidate for which I presume you voted will have a direct and profoundly negative effect on me and my family, and yes, I have already done the research to support my conclusion.]

            Guess what? We researched and vetted Hillary Clinton, as well! I have been a long-time Hillary supporter – I absolutely love her – but when I was presented with the option to vote for her to be my President, I vetted the stories, fact-checked the allegations, AND fact-checked HER. I listened closely when she spoke (as I did with Donald Trump). I did not rely on my preferred “liberal” websites for analysis; I deliberately sought out non-partisan sources and organizations and educated bipartisan commentary. If there was a court document, record, or transcript available to check an accusation against her or to verify her defense against the accusation, I WENT TO THE DOCUMENT ITSELF. I did not let someone tell me what to think. I read old news records, I followed links to sources so I could know where reporters were getting their stories, I talked to people in direct positions to know details, and much more. Was it complicated and time-consuming? YEP. Did I learn a thing or two that I wasn’t pleased with? Sure. But my hard work verified that Hillary is supremely qualified to lead our country, has been well-liked in each position of leadership she’s held, is respected around the entire world by leaders and civilians, is extremely compassionate and generous, and is an all-around lovely and likable person, to boot.

            I was able to put to rest allegations of scandals and accusations of wrong-doing, correct misinformation, and shine truth on outright lies. But even if the results had confirmed the (often vicious) rumors and left me unable to support her, I still would have been glad to have learned it for myself so I could vote with integrity.

    • Silent Majority???

      If we are going by majority rules, Hillary Clinton won the election with ease.

      What we have here is the tyranny of the minority….a minority of political illiterates who put a Nazi in the White House.

    • “…that’s what the silent majority has done for eight long years as big government got bigger and bigger, as big brother attempted to take our freedoms away”

      Some of the things you quote are NOT complete truths.

    • Is there a point to this whole thing? Suck it up. I’m so sick of these self righteous people all of a sudden. Without God you are all haters.

    • I get that many people voted for Trump not because they are racist but because of “economic stress” or because their insurance premiums are “too high” or because they fear loosing manufacturing jobs or because they wanted their gun rights protected or because they wanted their taxes lowered or because they simply didn’t agree with or trust Hillary.

      But the argument that you’re not racist and voted for Trump for the reasons is really undercut when you don’t speak out, reject or fight back against the racist and discriminatory stuff that’s being brought to the table.

      Trump is President, but that doesn’t mean we just have to all roll over and allow the racist stuff as part of the package. Let him do the “good things” that won your vote…. but don’t let him do the “bad things.” If you’re willing to allow the racist stuff and not stand up and say “no,” well that’s kinda racist.

    • Don’t you see this is NOT about politics?? This is about being human. Go back and read it again and try to leave your nastiness behind buttercup.

    • Nothing you say can be backed by any proof except that given by the progressive liberal propaganda using Saul Alinsky’ s Rules for Radicals pg. 152 “Even a true patriot can be caught every now and then using one or two words, that when taken out of context, might be used to choke him his own ‘pretard’….The commercials, everyone the Clinton campaign used, was constructed this way. The so called bus video was heavily doctored according to the studio’s…and you did know that Donald Trump received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor along side of Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali for patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity – given by the National Ethnic Coalition Organization and that he worked with Jesse Jackson on his Rainbow PUSH Coalition to help bring blacks and other minorities into corporate America. On C-Span Jesse Jackson said of Trump “When we opened this Wall Street project…he gave us space at 40 Wall Street, which was to make a statement about our having a presence there. Beyond that, in terms of being inclusive, he’s done that too.”.This was when he had no plans to run for anything…I can give you several examples where Hillary Clinton has made equal of much worse racial , bigoted, anti-semitic remarks..but I will not list them. I will say that when the progressive liberals don’t get their way they are good at labeling people what they are not, they will not ever listen to anyone’s reasoning but their own. Also the one thing I can never understand is that so many people ‘condone’ the actions she made. She signed two legally binding nondisclosure notices on 1/22/2009 that detailed the need to only handle, transmit, and retain sensitive and classified information in an authorized fashion. She was no suppose to have top secret information outside a secure government system, on a secure authorized (IT) system. These documents were very detailed and listed the federal laws that she would be in violation of if she breached the contract. Clause three on both of those legally binding agreements stated “I have been advised that the unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized retention, or negligent handling of classified information by me could cause damage or irreparable injury to the United States or could be used to advantage by a foreign nation.” It also goes into detail of the procedures to be followed and having a security indoctrination. It goes on to promise to return all information she had come into contact with when leaving office…per penalty of federal laws. She did none of this. In fact within days, she willfully and unlawfully set up a private service with 100% knowledge of what she was doing. Violating at least a half a dozen federal criminal laws and putting our national security at great risk. Intelligence Community General Charles McCullough wrote of Hillary Clinton emails: ‘These declarations cover several dozen e-mails containing classified information determined..to be at the confidential, secret and top secret/SAP level. Very few in our country have clearance (Washington Times stated a couple of weeks ago that only about a dozen people in our whole country have this authorization.)…even IG McCullough had to obtain special clearance to view them. FBI Director Jame Comey…”We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial email accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. We also assess that Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent. She also used her personal email extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related emails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account.”..BACKDOOR computing can be used to access a computer from gaining access through a hacked system…and very rarely leaves evidence that the program has been accessed. Comey also stated “…given the nature of the system and the actors involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence.”….I get most of my information from congressional hearing on C-Span….not from facebook and propaganda commercials aimed at the naive, ignorant, and uneducated…It is also known that emails that showed the lack of security in Benghazi…so given everything that is known it is possible that that information had gotten into the hands of our enemies…even ISIS…and could of been the catalyst to the Benghazi embassy attack leaving 4 Americans dead. Due to her disregard to federal laws how many military missions were compromised? How many of our soldiers that came home in body bags have their blood directly on her hands? How many of our disabled veterans NEVER had to endure the pain and losses?…you can not answer because our own government can not answer these questions given the nature of her system and the actors involved…not only this she lied several times under oath and has used her position for influence peddling….Donald Trump hurting your feelings is so much worse than this…LOL…My questions to you is how can you believe anything that she says when she has lied under oath without blinking an eye? (and you can see the congressional hearing on video between Jason Chaffetz and James Comey in which the FBI states many times that she lied)…and how can you overlook the violation of several federal criminal laws that put our country’s national security at risk….I vote with intelligence and not emotions.

      • You voted for someone with zero governing experience (pro-tip: running multiple businesses into bankruptcy doesn’t count), couldn’t outline a single policy coherently, and is currently facing fraud charges (but I’m sure Donald has never lied under oath … he lies so much fact-checkers couldn’t even keep up with him), but you claim to “vote with intelligence and not with emotions”? LOL

    • Republicans had tantrums for 8 long years (remember when they shut down the government when Obama tried to give us health care?). They ran on the notion that government doesn’t work, proved it by refusing to work for 8 years, and some people bought it. This article wasn’t about judgment at all … it’s asking people to speak against the fringe who ARE committing hateful acts. You don’t like being held accountable? Suck it up, buttercup.

    • I believe that you don’t condone raping, molesting, and then demonizing the girls who have been hurt in order to protect your husband the predator….but I better see you protesting the next time Bill Clinton appears in public..

    • Perfect! Could not have said it better. Coming from someone who didn’t vote for either evil. Not saying that was the right choice, but next time the parties need to give us better choices! USA will survive Trump. HRC would have taxed us into a recession and allow ISIS to control the Middle East most likely.

      • I’m glad you see both as evil. However, let me assure you, it didn’t boil down to a choice between a murderer and a rapist, it really came down to “do you want the world to fear us or laugh at us?” guess which one happened. i’d rather be a threat than a joke.

      • Your response shows where your concern lies, and it isn’t with the USA. It’s with yourself. There are many people who will literally *not* survive, as a direct result of electing Donald Trump. Also, there are many families – like MINE – who have finally been able to get back to their feet under President Obama who will now be knocked down further than they were before. Since you want to talk about taxes, my thorough research concluded that Hillary’s tax plan would have been a significant benefit to middle- and lower-class Americans – which is always good for the economy, thus, ultimately also good for the upper class – and was praised and favored by all acclaimed independent and most bipartisan sources. Among many other horrors, Trump’s tax plan will no longer allow single parents to file as head-of-household which eliminates the child tax credit for single-parent families who arguably, with only one income, need it the most.

        Let’s please not talk about how our options this time around were both bad. That is definitively not the case.

      • Yeah, girl! And don’t let these other liberals get you down! I know we have a lot of liberal on liberal hate going around and truth be told, you voted for what you believed in. That is what this democracy is about. You had your choices and you voted for whom you thought would do a good job! If anybody vote shames you, just politely remind them that antagonizing people for participating in a democracy is a surefire way to get even less participation in the years to come — that, too, of people with similarly aligned values.

        You go, Rags Anne! I’m proud of you!

      • Same here..evil is evil, problem is that citizens have wrong concepts on the socialist ticket, same as cry wolf, to me is sad that so many can’t see beyond the tip of theyr noses. I hoped for Bernie Sanders…so much! but the dream is now dead! Endorsing HRC is his biggest mistake, blue or red has to go, it doesn’t represent us anymore.

    • A “silent majority” did not vote for Trump. Trump received votes from 25% of America, and they were almost uniformly quite loud in their support, buttercup. Clinton won the popular vote by more than a million votes, and counting. Your president-elect does not have a mandate. You do not have a mandate. You need to spend the next four years showing us that you want to live in a peaceful nation that respects all of its citizens. Get started now, or get used to a whole lot of civil unrest.

      • Yes but they have found over 3 million and counting people who were not citizens of the USA and not allowed to vote that voted and you know those were Hillary votes so subtract 3 million illegal votes and guess what she did not win popular vote.

        • People like you is why this country will now fall so far down the chain it will be unrecognizable, probably in some sort of civil conflict. And the world will turn its back on us. We who have an ounce of critical thinking and common sense will suffer dearly because of your inability to think for yourself or fact check before you open you mouth.
          Turn of the Faux News and pull your head out of your ass and start doing something constructive for this world you where lucky enough to be born into and sadly probably bred into.
          Just like all the shit Trump spewed, lies after lies, falsity after falisty, hate after hate, bigotry, racism, misogyny. You people don’t have my forgiveness, if you voted out of anger you are still my enemy.. I will not forgive what you just did to the world.
          Oh and here is a fact about the illegals your swine leader and sick pup cronies are passing.

    • What freedoms have you personally had taken away from you in the past 8 years. I’m just curious b/c I have had none removed from me. Please I am really asking.

    • So, just to be clear, you’re still okay with him as President? I didn’t hear you denying that he did and said these things. It’s on film. So you’re okay? You’re okay with voting for a man that did what he has?

    • you sounds like someone who is decent and just voted anti-big government, essentially. all this writer is asking is to show your kindness toward those who might be vulnerable, and perhaps – as you may already be inclined – look out for them, have their back.

    • I will get over Trump when you get over Obama. Eight years of Obama griping. And you are going to complain that thinking, caring, conscientious people who actually listened to Trump during his campaign don’t like him?
      He is already breaking promises to you and you are okay with that. Eight years of an obstructionist Congress for people like you to complain about Obama doing nothing. This guy isn’t even in office yet and he’s breaking his promises. So yeah, once again, eight years of Obama griping and you are telling us to “suck it up?”
      We have right to complain. We have earned it. If, for no other reason, than the eight years of griping that we have put up with from Obama haters. You are tired of our complaining? Well,”suck it up, buttercup.” You get back what you gave. Deal with it.

    • Agreed! Half of the “bad” stuff Trump did, isn’t even true. I voted for him and I believe he will surround himself with the best advisors and he WILL be a great President! I’m so tired of hearing about it, he will be our President so everyone needs to do their part to get over it and come together! Would Hillary be better….ha, hell NO!

      • eh, problem is, he doesn’t know which advisors to get, because he’s not versed in the subject matter of the field. he’s intentionally leaking his lists to even get reads from the public, because he has no idea what he’s doing. no joke. his own party has said this (i believe a republican congressman from SC was talking about this being his strategy).

        also, this is a job that require you can actually do the job and not rely solely on advisors. this isn’t a business, this is politics. what works in business will not work in politics.

      • And here lies the problem. You are denying things that are facts. Trump said them, acted on many and its all on tape and video..
        Just like global warming is real and babies don’t come from Storks.
        Stop telling people who actually sacrificed valuable hours of our lives actually paying attention to what was said and done instead of being in the heat of ignorance, racism and mob mentality.
        He said them. He has acted on many of them. He coerced violence and racism and misogyny. He admitted to sexual assault.
        Its all facts you need to wake the hell up.

      • But isn’t he already going back on his word by surrounding himself with “insiders”, after promising to drain the swamp? (Ivanka/Japan is a whole other topic, but one
        which shares the same theme of lie becoming reality.)

    • Did you just complain about 8 years of taking your freedoms away as you defend a new president who wants to take people’s freedoms away and is appointing a cabinet to make sure it happens? HUH? What freedoms did you lose under Obama, btw?

    • You make some good points about why you made a choice. It is useless to try to fix blame on who offered what options and how any of us voted. But I would note that the majority of voters (by more than 1 million) voted or Hillary. Moving forward, however, is the most important time to act. Regardless of how you voted, we should all speak out. If President-elect Trump lifts those of us who see no economic future up to a path to prosperity, we should all cheer and stop denouncing him. If he divides Americans against each other, promotes race, gender, or religious discrimination, and weakens America’s economy or leadership in the world we should all protest and work against his Administration. No one should support division because they voted for him, just as we shouldn’t protest because we voted for someone else. We should all support what is right and call out what is wrong and un-American.

    • Oh stop it with the liberal dribble. I don’t owe you or anyone an explanation, and I’m not accountable to you or any of the other whining crybabies for my “failure” to speak out.

      What happens if I do not speak out on any of the points you mentioned? What are you going to do about it? Lecture me more? Typical Democrat moral sanctimony; acting as if Trump voters owe you something.

      Go back to your safe space and discuss among yourselves as to why the “most qualified person to ever run for President” got royally spanked by the guy you all said was the worst person to ever run for President.

      Maybe instead you should be explaining to us as to why you spent eight years kissing the ring of your progressive Messiah and now have almost nothing to show for it.

      • Hi Lee – Some people in America have a fear – unwarranted by policy – for instance – that their guns will be taken, or that their marriage will be devalued; meanwhile, others have fear that their rights – for instance -to clean air or water or nationally protected wilderness, or to control their family planning, or to enjoy the richness of society that we have by virtue of diversity of all sorts, will be stripped. I agree that “sucking it up” is part of post-election for a lot of people, no matter what year. But can’t we aspire to something higher than just having opponents, and relishing their defeat? Dn’t w all want jobs, safety, health, community?
        We obviously have so much in common – we need to figure out how to overcome our self-destructive tendencies as a whole society.
        (Can we also acknowledge that “coal” or “manufacturing” are not coming back to what they once were, no matter who is president, because the world has been and is still changing. I feel that people who were uninformed on these topics thought Trump could change that – at least in the way they wanted.)

      • I’m not sure you can define winning the popular vote by 2.1 million votes using the term “royally spanked.”

        And you don’t owe me a thing. But you are an American and you benefit from living in this country, and you do owe your fellow Americans free exercise of the same rights as you have by virtue of your citizenship, as do I. That means that you stand up and speak out when someone’s rights and freedom are put in jeopardy. You see, that’s what decent, ethical people do for one another, recognizing that standing up for another’s freedom IS standing up for your own, even if you exercise your freedom in different ways. If the rights, freedom, and safety of others is negotiable, let me remind you, that means YOURS is, too. Your American citizenship morally obligates you to show concern for and act in the interest of your fellow Americans. I don’t agree with your ethics OR your politics, but I will defend your rights and your freedom and your safety as an American, even if you won’t do the same for me or our fellow citizens.

        I’m sorry to say that your comment is very much the sentiment expressed by most people who supported Donald Trump. The overarching theme is “screw you”-level selfishness and tough talk designed to intimidate, which I suppose is to be expected, since those are Mr. Trump’s dominant qualities. With this blatant, explicit refusal to help uphold the rights and stand for the freedom (safety) of your fellow Americans – which is what holds the country together – is it any wonder why we are so concerned for the future of the United States?

    • Disappointing that somebody will focus on 10% (maybe less?) of the quotes and be ticked about an inaccuracy, while essentially blowing off the thrust of the essay. I appreciate your overall tone, however. The force of will of the good hearted people of this country bearing down and correcting this situation has begun. If it takes 4 years, 8 years or an hour, the game is on. Please get engaged. And really, let’s be clear. This has zero to do with RNC vs. DNC. It’s good vs. evil. Let’s get a good RNC guy/gal in there. This guy’s a clown and is unworthy to represent the legacies of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Ike & Reagan. Look at the 45 and think “Which one of these does not look the other?” Think morality, character and honest professional accomplishment. I heard recently that Trump can’t write well or is used to a computer. If true, how would we explain to the presidents I just listed that we thought it would be a good idea to elect a guy who doesn’t want to live in Washington, disrespects the truth, panders to Evangelicals and insults 100’s of millions of people? I respectfully submit that we would all be embarrassed and speechless, but have an interesting story about lesser of 2 evils, as you pointed out. I said “we” because we all own this, not just Trump voters. Every single US Citizen contributed in some way to this result. Lastly, when you say “Suck it up buttercup.” I get where you are coming from. I might say the same thing if I were in your shoes. But this is not a win of team A over team B. This is a mistake that needs to be corrected. And as far as “sucking up” , Dems and any other label you want to put on an Obama supporter like me, had to promptly suck up the response of Mitch McConnell et al in Congress who decided in their minds and actions that they were not going to work with a black president. That sucking up has been going on for well over 7 years. Also, the nature of the term “suck it up” is antidemocratic. Sucking something up connotes deal with it and give up. The good citizens of this country who voted for Trump, Hillary, or fill in the blank plus non voters will never suck up to anything. We are Americans. We don’t suck it up to our government. My family are from farming communities in NE and working class in IA. I am you.

    • So you think that all of us who find this man and his choices of cabinet and the followers who chanted as people where discrimintated against while being silent and wearing a shirt that says love, or a habib or the hundreds of other vulgar things the followers under the rantings of a mad man egged on, are all ” liberals” or “millennials”? This is exactly why you are being dispised.
      First of all, many of us don’t align to either. And as for the “millennials” these are the future, these are our children or our children’s children. They are worthy of more than your vile spewing of what poor you went through so we will now Fu$%% it up for the world.
      This is the ignorance .. those of us who call you despicable are holding against you.

    • no one made them the silent majority.. it’s obviously been their choice to remain mute.. just because they finally got a candidate of this nature, who crawled out from under a rock and appealed to ‘that side’ of humanity encompassing their hatred, white supremacist tendencies, lies and gender blaming. You are going to lose even more freedoms now and will have zero control over what happens because he isn’t in to making the government work. He IS big business and that is how he will run his office. You don’t like it, you will be taken down. He’s made that clear. There is no peace to ‘people’ like me, friend.

    • If you tell your co-worker to “Suck it up, buttercup”, you don’t sound afraid to speak you mind to me. I hear this a lot, but I never hear exactly what they are so afraid to say.

    • Ken, I don’t think you read it correctly. He said he believes Trump supporters WEREN’T all these things that Trump and his advisors are, unless you believe that all those things stated are ok. And btw, I didn’t lose any of my freedoms during the last 8 years. In fact, it’s the incoming administration that talks about taking away freedoms.

    • What freedoms taken away. Fox news lied to you.nothing was ever taken from you. There are fewer mexicans coming into country in the past 8 years (15 actually), less black on white crime, taxes rates are lower than the 1950s, auto industry back on its feet etc etc… Honestly if this had been a repub admin youd all be talking about how successfulnit all was. And after 4 trump years id the stock market If we are in a mess itll somehow be obamas fault. Seriously look at some TRULY non partisan stats about the state of thingsa 8 years ago and now. Freedom to what ? You even kept your guns that no one ever wanted to take away.

    • What the so called Silent majority have done was more than silent. For 8yrs you have criticized, dehumanize a person who was elected President of the United just because of the color of his skin. He wasn’t perfect but he sure got us moving again from the mess GWB left us in. Government will get bigger and bigger and there is nothing any of us can do to stop it. No government stay stagnant So if you are not what she said you are then prove it. When you see wrong call it out for what it is ,because if you stand on the side line that makes you just like them

    • If “big government” had gotten bigger and bigger over the last 8 years, I would believe you. But it did not. And if you read the letter, it did not judge you. It clearly said it did not judge you. It judged the monster for whom you voted. And if you do not tell that monster what he is, history will judge you. And nothing whatsoever that was written in the piece above was not “complete truth.” It is all on tape. We have seen it. If you have chosen not to, that’s your choice. But you have to live with your vote. Unfortunately, so do I. Peace.

    • Ken,

      “Silent majority”? I obviously disagree with your political viewpoint, but I can understand why you see it that way. Nonetheless, lets be honest with each other, “silent majority” is inaccurate and misleading. The conservative movement been anything but silent during Obama’s tenure and they were not the majority, as evidenced by the election. Although he is the president-elect, rightly or wrongly due to the electoral college, the majority voted against him.

    • I voted for him, not with my heart, not with my emotions, not with my hate or love, but with my head, for I hoped to get a legislature and executive branch from the same party, who could move washington off the gridlock that’s been prevalent for the last several years.rubberbaron

    • Perfectly worded! This exactly how I’m feeling too– suck it up buttercup! Demorcats chose Hillary as their ticket leader. She wasn’t able to win… Indeed she WAS the motivating factor TO vote for Trump.

      Rather than toss out all this “poor me” nonsense, the Democratic Party should be looking at who they should have had as their ticket nomination. A solid middle-of-the-road Democratic presidential candidate more than likely would have won. They just needed to be a good law-abiding person. Simple.

      So, yes… Suck it up, Buttercup.

    • I am replying here as I don’t know how to do otherwise – hope it doesn’t seem an attack on Ken. Even though I voted for Clinton, what turned me off about this starting-post’s rhetoric was the part about Trump voters’ “real or imagined” reasons for voting for him. I would be insulted if someone spoke to me that way, and, while I might think they were talking about media-propagated fears, I might also think they were belittling my genuine concerns. Why would someone be more open to new ideas when the conversation starts with their concerns being described as potentially “imagined”? (No one.) It’s dismissive, and it even puts a sympathizer like me on edge.
      On another note, let’s focus on the “silent majority” – and we’ll never know what “the people” really think, since so many don’t vote. But the voting majority voted in favor of Clinton (and the Trump voters can’t thus be considered the silent majority, or if they ARE silent, it’s their non-voting fault). Admittedly, it was close – but it seems incorrect to speak of the “people” having spoken, when it was more the electoral college process, rather than the “people”, that spoke. But again, I stress the point that it was close, in that those who chose/bothered/were not prevented to vote were roughly split. So no matter which way it might have gone, there is a conflict. I think we are not that far apart, we want many of the same things (including especially not for the wealthy corporations to rape the american populace). So how do we get there together, when we seem to have such cultural unwillingness to come together?

    • You most certainly did not pick “the lesser of two evils.” There was only ONE evil in this race and you chose to vote fro him. You fell for the Republican rhetoric. Did you actually check out what they were saying about HRC? Did you do your homework? Obviously not. There is no comparison. I had faith in the American people and they let me, and most of the nation, down. I had no idea that there was so much hate, racism, bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia in my country. For the first time in my life, I am fearful for our country and for my own well being. I need say no more. You shall watch what is about to happen in our country and I want you to remember that you have nobody to blame but yourself.

      • I totally agree with you, Deb. They can try to defend it till they’re blue in the face but the bottom line is this…If you voted for Trump, you’re a racist or bigot and if you’re not a racist or bigot, you sure have no problem with anyone who is. End of story!

    • Please read what it says. Its your silence that is in question. If you are not all of the things this article says then speak up for the group of people that are being hurt. This article is not attacking all trump supporters..

      As for the millenials, like you said suck it up buttercup. Because we are the people that will be dominating the next 35 years (we are the largest group of your population)

    • kinda’ missed the entire point, didn’t you Ken? read much? and btw, you are NOT the silent “majority.” the actual majority voted for hillary. math much?

    • John Pavloviz:

      Your words sounds genuine. However, think about this. You have listed a whole bunch of things that you found offensive. But not a single good thing he may have said. Do you think he said not ONE good thing? Really? Night after night in front of thirty thousand raptured audience till 1:00 AM. Not one thing? If you want to be honest, go back and listen to each of speeches (all on YouTube) in their entirety (not cherry picked – out of context – nonsense reported in the press). Then you will know why people voted for (not despite of ) Donald Trump.

    • Ken I disagree with your opinion of his “quotes” not being complete truths, in most instances there is video record of Trump saying or acting just as he was depicted by this writer. I don’t think anyone needs to be afraid to speak their mind in America so far, unless that mind is full of hate for other human beings, then I hope that person at least fears God who commands us to love one another, & knows our heart even when we stew in “silence”. As for the silent majority I hope you mean people who work hard for a living, maybe live paycheck to paycheck, believe in getting ahead, love family, want time for relaxing & enjoying life, hope to make the world a better place, people who are subjugated by the very wealthy few who control things & have for longer than the last 8 years. The current administration , liberals, democrats have not suppressed your voice, you were free to spend time, money & shout for approx 6 of those years about the president’s birth certificate being false. Nor were your guns taken away in the last 8 years, here in AZ it’s a free for all when it comes to guns, I could go to a YARD SALE & buy one so do not wave your 2nd amendment rights being stolen around it’s a false flag. Here’s the thing I think this writer is trying to say, we need to “make America great again” by lifting up all it’s citizens, not elevate “poor picked on me” by stepping on the backs of “different” human beings. This writer is calling for each of us to show our “best of humankind” face not the hurtful, spiteful, fearful divisive mentality that’s been cultivated this election cycle.

    • The dems are STILL wondering how they lost to a bunch of uneducated “Deplorables”. want to know why? Easy. Because we are not uneducated, and we have learned a lot from history. Look back at past presidents….you will find none that were perfect, all flawed. Many were much worst than Trump, and even your precious clinton (Not capitalized on purpose) was one of the worst with crimes and hidden crimes- and he was impeached. You believe that Hillary is better than Trump? HA! She has more crimes and lies than most Americans put together…she has bought peoples silence and will sell favors to countries that are enemies of our country. Some of you that believe she is so wonderful are too young to remember all of the illegal games she has played and got away with, but the list is long and started when she was a college student… she has hurt many on her way to the top, and believes she is above the law. She has said racist remarks too, her so called charity is a sham, and there are an awful lot of people now dead that were inconvenient to the clintons. Please don’t pretend they were so wonderful for our country, Reasearch. Trump may not be perfect but Many of us believe that he loves this country and wants to make it better. This country is a Republic, not a Democracy with elected officials to keep it in balance. It is not meant to have one person taking it on himself to sign into law decisions that were only their choice. Too bad so many young people didn’t take civics classes….and don’t understand WHY we have the electoral college, don’t understand about why Pure Democracy doesn’t work, and believe that their freedom of speech makes them free to trample others freedom. Know why she lost and the polls were so wrong? Because Dems kept trampling on everyone’s freedom of speech that disagreed with them. So we voted our choice, quitely. And many of the loudest and angriest…didn’t vote at all. God Bless America.