Thank You, Hillary.

Dear Hillary,

I hope this finds you well. I’ve been meaning to write you for a while. I was thinking of you again today and I guess I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you.

I appreciate how hard you’ve worked for this country for the past five decades.
I appreciate what you accomplished this year.

I appreciate your dignity in the face of the most undignified behavior.
I appreciate the seriousness with which you took the prospect of leading our nation.
I appreciate the campaign of diversity, equality, and shared strength you ran with such grace.
I appreciate you reminding America that it is already great.

You did everything you were asked to do this year, everything you were supposed to do:

You were prepared and balanced and cool under pressure.
You knew what you were talking about at every turn.
You saw the big picture, and you knew the countless small details that your opponent could never be bothered with.
You endured a relentless flood of misinformation by continually, plainly speaking your truth.
You had your character assassinated over and over—and in response you simply showed that character.
You shouldered the kind of expectations that no man aspiring to the position has ever had to contend with.

You had to be both strong and sensitive, tough and warm, fierce and likable—and you were.  
You never talked in nonsensical sound bites, never ranted like a lunatic at your detractors, never viciously attacked citizens on social media—and you never stooped to the inhumanity of your opponent.

Despite the unprecedented viciousness hurled at you, you never responded in kind; you just kept on being decent, intelligent, thoughtful—Presidential. You alone had the experience and the temperament and the maturity to do the job of leading this country. That should have been enough. I’m sorry that it wasn’t. 

I’m sorry that my 7-year old daughter didn’t get to see you sworn in as the first woman President and won’t get to watch you represent her so beautifully each day; that she’ll instead have to see a man who has complete contempt for her shape her future. 

I’m sorry that my 11-year old son will be reminded every day that you can treat women with total disregard, that you can be a vile, filthy bully—and be well rewarded for it.

I’m sorry that more people didn’t recognize that your faith has always been the real, quiet, constant bedrock of who you are; not a one-time, cheap, campaign parlor trick designed to appear religious to easily fooled.

I’m sorry that this country will be far less diverse, less civil, less open, and less compassionate than it would have been with you guiding it. 

I’m sorry that enough people chose his sideshow over your steadiness, and that we now all have to endure the terrifying circus.

Most of all I’m sorry that you will not be my President, because like me I believe that you care for the full breadth of America’s diversity, not just the smallest sliver of it—and I would have been proud to have been led by you.

You’ve served this country for your entire life, and I know you’ll continue to do that going forward. I know that you’ll again be found doing the daily, difficult, unglamorous work of real leadership; the kind that your opponent will never understand or be interested in doing. I bet you’re already doing that behind the scenes, away from the spotlight; not fishing for compliments or pleading for adulation or begging to noticed.

I know you’re a warrior and that you’re going to be fine, but I also know that you’re human and that this year must have taken a greater toll on you than anyone. I hope you realize that it wasn’t in vain; that you really have won (and not just the popular vote).

You’ve won because you reminded us that our diversity is our greatest asset, that equality is the only way forward, that we really are stronger together. 

You’ve won because you didn’t need to manufacture fear to draw people to you, and you didn’t have to create a villain out of someone’s religion or skin color or native language or sexual orientation. 

You’ve won because the nearly 66 million people who voted for you now have a vision and a reason to fight on, and we will. We will be the strong, steady resistance to the bigots and the bullies; the kind  that truly makes America great.

Most of all you’ve won because you did what good people always do regardless of the cost or the pushback or the reception—you went high, and this is always where the real victory is.

So for all that you gave and suffered and endured,
for how you taught and cared and
for the way you inspired and challenged and led,
for being the very best of this country and for this country—

Thank you, Hillary.


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456 thoughts on “Thank You, Hillary.

    • Can you tell me what you mean by this comment? Are you just referring to the critical post by “Joe Catholic” below? I hope so, because in reality nearly 50% of Catholics voted for Hillary ( among these, 67% of Hispanic Catholics were with her). By contrast, only 16% of white evangelicals voted for Hillary. It’s not helpful to lump all Christian faiths together – and John is a wonderful living example of this fact.

      • Joe Catholic is a troll extraordinaire, Luisa. He exemplifies all that we despair about when we talk of Trump supporters. And yes, so many of them are “deplorables”, just like their leader.

          • Until such time as your faith stands up against the crimes of the church, you are complicit and yes deplorable. There is no uprising to hold yourselves accountable, there is no protest to demand change, there is no voice against injustice, only silence, self righteousness and judgement for the victims. Judement as you have shown in simple measure here, as expected, bless your heart – what there is of it. Focus on the beauty of this article instead and reflect some of that love and compassion you speak of instead of making this all about you.

      • It does not suprise after the WW2 pope how did notting to condem the nazis. I sincerly hope that you will have a valid reason to support Trump in about 4 year.
        I hope that I am wrong but I doubt it.

            • You are all delusional! She’s lied, stolen, and bullied but she pays people off to keep it quiet! Get real quit whining and instead of dividing America even more, get on board and support. I have kids and am extremely glad She is not their example. Grow up and accept change.

                • Oh yes it is the majority!!! The CLINTONS or very evil people. Why do you think DJT won by a landslide? Hillary had many many votes by dead people and illegals. She is a murderress just ask the mothers of our fallen at Bengazi!!!

                    • Well…Have you Trumpsters had enough yet? Appears Russia and Putin really did have something to do with “The Orange One” winning the election. Seems every single word Hillary Clinton said and warned Americans over and over again are indeed true. Right down to “Putin’s Puppet”. Let’s see…Let’s do a recap shall we? Michael Flynn… Liar, Coward, treasonous bastard…Only out for his self interest. Rex Tillerson…Putin’s best friend. Stephen Miller.. soulless man. A human Shark. Wilbur Ross…Direct contact with Russia money laundering in a Cypress Bank, Paul Manafort…Speaks for itself. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell…Or as I like to refer to them as Eddie Munster and Granny. They will do anything to destroy the values of of America for the sake of saving face to their party. Please enlighten me with a cast of embocills running our country. If you think that these Millionaire s and Billionaires know anything about the struggles of real Americans…You are delusional. We need to impeach him and get him out now!!! Pray for America. We are going to need it with these clowns trying to fit into a Volkswagen Bug. Idiots! Can guarantee this. If Hillary was in office. We wouldn’t be going through any of this BS. Or the drama. Every week it’s the same thing. Peace and resist!

                    • I think all the deplorables are full of shit. Hillary is a fine descent person He is a vile excuse for America. Enough said!

                  • You obviously believe everything you are told. Time and Time again she and Bill were investigated with nothing coming from those investigations. Congress was responsible for Bengahzi and it was proved. They were asked repeadily for more funds for protection and we’re denied. You can only do so much with what you have. It is one thing to dislike someone but don’t spread mintruths because of that dislike. She has done tremendous things wether you want to admit it or not.

                  • You are a really gullible person and you’ve been taken in by the propaganda of Steve Bannon and friends. Please don’t give our your SS# when someone from the “IRS” calls to verify that you paid your taxes. And there is no guy in Nigeria who’s going to send you $$$ if you just send him some ITunes cards that you buy and mail to him.

                • Yup, they’re so stupid aren’t they? They’re still harping about private server emails which were hacked by trump’s boyfriend putin. And let’s not Forget BENGHAZI!!!!!!! Meanwhile, trump is doing his very best to destroy this country. As a proud liberal, I will push back on these assholes every chance I get.

                  • Benghazi . . . Let’s see. When the bodies of the four men who were killed in Benghazi were brought back to the USA, Hillary and other gov’t officials were there to meet with the grieving families of those fallen heroes. She looked those family members right in their eyes and lied. She blamed the Benghazi attack, on our embassy, on a video that was supposed to have angered and provoked people in the area enough to cause the attack. The tragic loss of four lives was bad enough, but to lie to the families was unforgiveable!!!

                    • Dianne, Great job regurgitating the Trump/Fox vomit you ingest daily. Please refer to the full page that the NY Times needed to print every lie that has spewed forth from the primate flinging its own feces that you call a president since the day he was installed (not elected) by a hostile foreign dictator. Lastly, you are an imbecile.

              • Liberals believe they are above the law, Killary and all the Clintons are the embodiment of that philosophy. These idiots choose to forget that she was in charge of the group that was tasked with destroying the reputations of the women that came forward to prove that Billy, (the impeached president) is a sexual predator. The idiot author of course will not tell his precious daughter that fact will he? Of course he will also forget to tell his son that while under subpoena she deleted over 30,000 emails. A crime that would put any other American in Jail, if NOT for the worthless president leaving the W.H. now ! ! ! ! !

                • Um no, your boy trump thinks he is above the law. Ignorant, fox news hypnotized half wits such as yourself are an embarrassment to this great country.

                  • Explain how President Trump thinks he’s above the law? Liberals have been destroying this great country ever since it was founded. You can think your party for slavery too!

                • And what about the current POTUS (not my president, by the way – not EVER)? He’s on tape admitting freely that he’s a sexual predator – and as far as anyone can tell, wouldn’t mind having relations with his own daughter (if he hasn’t already). And as far as e-mails: the RNC deleted 22 MILLION e-mails that should have been made available to an investigation. Where was all your outrage then? God, you people are such effing hypocrites!

                • Killary…wow, that is so original, creative and hilarious! Never heard that one before. Did you think that up all by yourself?

              • I pray and hope that you are right for the future of my children and grandchildren. Sadly, however, I believe this man you elected is going to set this great country back and prove you wrong in your choice.

              • Get real proof or stop being a troll . I keep hearing all of you run your mouth with not a shred of truth. Put up or shut the hell up!!!

              • I whole heartedly agree with you. I’m not sure what network they were watching but she threw so many slanderous insults they could fill a book with them. How about sleeping through Benghazi and all the LIES that were said about it. How about 20% of our uranium to Russia in exchange for a LARGE contribution to her phony charity. Only 2 of the hundreds of CRIMINAL things her and Bill are involved in. I’m SO GLAD she is not in power or it would have been 8 yrs of trading our country away for financial gain. It’s ALL coming out in the news now. God Bless our Pres. Donald j Trump!!!

              • Anonymous, I am sorry to hear your thoughts. We will not get on board. The most patriotic thing we can do is resist the racist, elitist, mysognist Of 45 and his administration. We will continue to keep America, the America we love with all its diversity, the great place it is!

      • Wrong. I know plenty of “practicing” Catholic priests and religious sisters who voted for Hillary. “Pro-life” is about much, much MORE than abortion. Too bad you where blinders.

        • And when you get a uterus, you can tell me what to do with mine….no, wait, NO you can not….what a woman decides between herself and her doctor is none of your business. NONE….and you can spew all the crap you want, but it’s still NONE of your business. Mind your own business, take care of your OWN family, and stop thinking you have the right to make any decisions for women.

            • Joe, you clearly are not a woman in this nosy world. First of all, I am catholic. Second, everyone think they can make decisions for you, and NO. You can have an opinion, but you are not allowed to impose that on anyone. That’s a transgression of basic human rights.

            • Joe I just wanted to correct you about saying a candidate who was pro abortion. Hillary was and is pro choice. Big difference Joe. Pro choice is exactly what it says. Choice. You as a woman have a choice. You can chose an abortion or you can chose to have the baby. It’s a Women’s choice. Unlike the pro lifers where they want to have control of all women’s bodies and want us to have no choice and claim that pro choice is forcing them to have abortions. I’ve talked to enough of them. I’m not forcing you to not be pro life that is their choice and that’s what it is all about choice. But they are forcing us to be pro life under the most stressful and horrendous circumstances. But one other thing I noticed they would force women to have a child but that’s where it ends for them because they do nothing to take care of that child. That is evident in the fact that the gop are attacking all governmental benefits. So basically they are hypocritical whereas I who are pro choice are not because I will respect your choice even if it disagrees with the choice I would have made.

          • I dont believe you are a Catholic as well. You dont have a clear understanding of G-d. This isnt a game. This is people’s lives. Trolling sites doesnt make you morally superior. Its makes you a jerk. Religion is not meant to be a personal pulprit to fufill your narcissistic need to be hear yourself speak to boost your ego. You are not a good person no matter how sanctimous you act. You are an angry pathetic soul.

            • First, Roe vs Wade was not the beginning of abortion. It was the end of women dying from abortion. When you pass blanket laws that effect even married women trying to make life or death personal decisions, YOU Joe are a killer. When you pass laws about your fantasy of controlling women because of your sick skewed religious views YOU are the killer of women and children and yes babies. Roe vs Wade was the end of a sick barbaric illegal activity, not the beginning of abortion. You need to read the history of abortion, learn some health and safety about women’s reproduction and generally mind your own business. And stop proporting to “save babies” when all you are trying to do is kill women. It’s crazy and sick.

            • The Catholic Church does not teach that you should vote against pro-choice candidates at all costs.

              Your pride and hardened heart has blinded you. You have forsaken the will of God in lieu of YOUR own will. Stop falsely representing Christ or his church.

              Clearly the church teaches that one should not have an abortion. That however does not stipulate any formation of worldly law. It does not relinquish a woman’s free will. It is merely an interpretation by the church of Gods will. That those who choose to follow his will, might understand.

              God does not need a president, or any world leader to discourage someone from having an abortion.

              Frankly, what he might appreciate is his followers discontinuing the the actions that alienate.

              It is entirely appropriate to vote against hate, while voting for choice.

          • So, you believe that no woman can be told what to do with something in her uterus? Can a woman abort her baby at 39 weeks? Based on your logic, she can. Or maybe you’ll agree to restrictions on abortion at 39 weeks? How about 38? 37? Everyone has a number. The majority of Americans support some restrictions on abortion.

            • Vince, for you to even speak those words about a decision that affects my body feels very invasive. How would you feel if i were to infer that you really should have a vasectomy because procreation conflicts with my belief? Think about it.

              • Joe you have contradicted yourself in this statement. In another comment you call contraception a sin i.e.: killing potential life, therefore in your mind sterilization and abortion is the same thing.

                You can’t have it both ways. Keep in mind people are reading every single word you write and remember.

                In conclusion your logic is full of more holes than a sieve

          • Joe, I am a Catholic who has learned the difference between pro-life and pro-birth over the course of the last few years. The child in the womb is precious, yes. But after it is born it deserves the care that only the “village” can give it. Food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and a loving home. The Catholic Church works very hard to try and provide those things but I would like my tax dollars to go toward those things as well. Most “Christians” seem to forget the already born and focus instead only on the pre-born. A lot of Catholics fall into that category as well. Are you one of them?

            • Joe I am tired of your absolutes and inflexibility when you support the killing of lives in war or capital punishment in the same breath.

              Your whole point is a pivot away from the impossible choices people face.

          • How about the justice for the living children who are already here and have no food or clean water or education? Why don’t you righteous Catholics focus on ending their suffering? Why require women to bring more unwanted children into this world who will end up like the aforementioned?

        • GOP is NOT against abortion. They have been saying they are every two years and doing nothing but using it to raise money. January 2003 to January 2007 they controlled every branch of federal government and majority of state government. They passed 980 laws with 1 veto by W. NOTHING ABOUT ABORTION WAS DONE. They DID give themselves raises and money projects to their districts but they had 980 priorities over abortion. Anyone who says they are for the GOP because of abortion is using that to cover their own greed and bigotry! You aren’t really THAT naive.

          • That’s right Cindy it’s a voting ploy.

            Joe you must consider that we live in a secular society not a christian one and abortion is not public policy #1 for secular people.

          • Joe, honestly you are talking about appointing unjust justices who are in the President’s back pocket. I like the fact that there has been consistency with judges both Republican and Democrat, it shows that they rule without doing political favours.

            The issue of abortion is grave. I think everyone agrees it is not the best way. Abortion will end when our world is truly a welcoming and thriving place for all.

          • Mr. Catholic, please at least use the right term . You and others like you are NOT pro-life. You are pro-birth. And that is a big difference.

            • Hypocrisy. You are a pro-birther, NOT a pro-lifer. Because you care NOTHING about the quality of life of women or children when you support candidates who oppose minimum wage increases; who oppose universal health care; who oppose regulations for clean air and food uncontaminated with pesticides; who oppose supporting health clinics that care for women and children; who oppose supporting education; who oppose the Equal Rights Amendment; who oppose union organization …. I could go on and on – Basically – the GOP opposes ANYTHING that could improve the quality of life – financially and experientially for the MAJORITY of Americans – so if anything they are ANTI-LIFE and pro-birth into a miserable life, except of course for the wealthy elite who could care less for the peasant class of the GOP, whose babies they need to die in their wars.

        • And as soon as you are born, the next most dangerous existence is if that baby is brown or black and born to a poor woman. Sorry Joe Catholic—your attitudes exemplify the very reason I’ve left the formal church to find a life of faith in serving others, having compassion, looking for opportunities to be be generous with those who are less fortunate.

          • I don’t believe organized churches are an example of the kingdom of God, anymore. Organized religion is a place of indoctrination and separation of people into “us and them”. It doe not represent what God intended the “called out” ones to do or to be. We are to live, work, play and grow with people telling them about Jesus though stories not though futile inculcation.

            An atheist, muslim, buddhist (for example) is fully capable of serving others and in this way an atheist, muslim, buddhist can please God.

            Joe, what you fail to realize is the goodness in us is from God. Goodness and kindness is God’s nature. God created good. And when anyone chooses to do good and be kind and serve others they are pleasing God.

            And a lot of good things are happening outside the churches.

            • Kapril – I fully understand your thoughts and mis-givings about organized religion. Much of organized religion has forsaken the teachings of Jesus and humanity’s greatest saints, sages, and mystics.

              You might be interested in the work of the One River Foundation, our website will come on line Jan 15, 2017.

              We are a global network of spiritually independent seekers, creatives, activists, boundary crossers, and holy rascals reclaiming and proclaiming the Perennial Wisdom at the mystic
              heart of humanity’s religions.

              In March 2017 we will publish The World Wisdom Bible, an anthology of teachings drawn from humanity’s greatest saints, sages, and mystics exploring the essential themes of spirituality:
              1 Who am I
              2 Where did I come from?
              3 Where am I going?
              4 How should live?
              5 Why?
              The World Wisdom Bible is an antidote to religious ignorance, tribalism, triumphalism, fear and parochialism, and encourages each of us to discover the
              Perennial Wisdom of humankind, to awaken
              our mystic heart, and to move beyond the narrative of “us against them” to a new story
              of “all of us together.”

              Aldous Huxley offers this 4 point definition of Perennial Wisdom/Philosophy –
              1) All life is a manifesting of the Ultimate Reality, the One Thing, the Divine, however named.
              2) All humans have the innate capacity to know this Reality in, with, and as all beings.
              3) Knowing this Reality as both self and other gives rise to an ethic of universal justice, compassion, and love, and
              4) Knowing this Reality and living this ethic is the highest calling of every human being.

              I strongly believe that religions are like languages: no language is true or false; all languages are of human origin; each language reflects and shapes the civilization that speaks it; there are things you can say in one language that you cannot say or say as well in another; and the more languages you learn, the more nuanced your understanding of life becomes. Judaism is my mother tongue, yet in matters of the spirit I strive to be multi-lingual. In the end, however, the deepest language of the soul is silence.

              If you would like to send me a friend request on FB (Frank Levy) I will be happy to share my contact info with you so we can continue and expand this conversation.

              All the best.

              • Thanks for reaching out Frank. I will think about it. I like what you said comparing religion to languages it’s a good analogy. I am tired of Christians fighting against each other each claiming to know the “Truth” while being hypocritical and unloving to selected groups of people like Muslims or gays. I have a hard time seeing the benefits of organized religion these days. I am cynical but I know i need to overcome that.

                thanks again.

          • I gave up on Catholicism. Took me too long to realize that virgins don’t have babies. But if you can convince someone that a virgin did have a baby, getting into their wallet isn’t far of a stretch. Organized religion is for simpletons. It offers-up very simple answers to the world’s most complex questions. Your biblical fairy tales are nothing more than how people interpreted the events of the world back before we really knew anything. Plus, those books have all been edited over the years. Virgins don’t have babies. 120 year old men don’t impregnate 80 year old women. Old men don’t part seas. Nobody turned 5 fish into 5,000 fish. But, feel free to go ahead and buy-into all of that. Take it all, hook, line & sinker. Jesus Christ was such an awesome man, and the 10 commandments should be every human’s calling card. But man, what they have done to the memory of Jesus in the name of controlling people. Edited his words, made him out to be something he never really claimed to be. The son God? I guess so. Especially when you consider that we are all children of God. 10% of America’s death row population is not guilty. If you claim to be pro life and you’re more concerned with what’s on a petri dish than an innocent man in a cell, then you are a self righteous moron. If you’re not fighting as hard for people on death row as you are the unborn, then you have retarded morality.

            • Jamie – You might find a visit to the One River Foundation website ( after Jan 15, 2017 to be very interesting , meaningful, fun, and interesting.

              One River Foundation is a global network of spiritually independent seekers, creatives, activists, boundary crossers, and holy rascals reclaiming and proclaiming
              the Perennial Wisdom at the mystic heart of humanity’s religions.

              We strive to be an antidote to religious ignorance, arrogance, tribalism, triumphalism and God-inspired violence, drawing on the teachings humanity’s greatest
              saints, sages, and mystics exploring the
              essential themes of spirituality:
              1 Who am I
              2 Where did I come from?
              3 Where am I going?
              4 How should live? and
              5 Why?
              We encourage everyone to discover the world’s
              Perennial Wisdom, to awaken
              your mystic heart, and to move beyond the narrative of “us against them” to a new story of “all of us together.”

            • There is no difference in an abortion and an execution. They both end a sacred human life. period. Politically I oppose capital punishment because the stae is taking a life in my name. I do not favor outlawing abortion because it punishes women and especially poor women. Instead we need to create a just society where a women is free to choose to birth their child knowing that the choice will not condem her to poverty; will not hate on the child due to their skin color or some other rationalization for greedily hording their resources for themselves.

        • Dear Joe- I am a Catholic. My children are in Catholic schools. A direct quote from a priest at my son’s school when asked who he was voting for: “Are you kidding? I’m voting for her! I want to get into heaven”. End quote. Many- and I mean MANY families at our schools voted for her. You do not speak for Us and your kind never will. Do not lump me and my family into your stew.

          • In one simple quote, Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B. sums up the hypocrisy of many in the ‘pro-life’ movement: In one simple quote, Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B. sums up the hypocrisy of many in the ‘pro-life’ movement:

            “I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don’t? Because you don’t want any tax money to go there. That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is.”

          • Joe, Your church must be all Republican and all pro-life. My Catholic church is not and many voted for Hillary. Have you spoken to your priest about it? How many kids do you have to feed?

          • Joe,
            If someone said to you, you have a choice:
            1) vote for a candidate that will destroy life, climate within the next decade, who will spew hate and start a complete and disgusting division in this country, one who will anger other leaders of the world and get the country into a nuclear race, one who does not practice the teachings of God, who is a lying narcissist who only cares about his own gain, BUT is pro-life (and those babies will be forced to live a miserable life, or die soon from poverty, war, insufficient healthcare )

            2) vote for a candidate who is NOT perfect but one who believes in equality, diversity, creating a good future for the children, education, and the right for any child to grow up into a fulfilling life, BUT is pro-choice (so that if a woman is raped, poor, unfit, suffers from addiction, and doesn’t want to bring a child into a miserable lifestyle, she has that right)…

            Basically, you would still pick the scum of the earth, who is basically the anti-Christ !?
            How hypocritical of you and all the other extremist who vote solely on a single issue and ignore the future of this country and the morality ethical standing, compassion, and decency that our next president should encompass.
            Other countries laugh at the US for its ignorant and blind people with the reasoning skills like yours.
            Such narrow-mindedness will be the death of us and any hope for this country.

        • I’m a practicing Catholic, as are my family members and most of my friends, and trust me when I say we did NOT COME CLOSE to voting for Donald chump!!!!!

          • In one simple quote, Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B. sums up the hypocrisy of many in the ‘pro-life’ movement: “I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don’t? Because you don’t want any tax money to go there. That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is.”

            And for these reasons as a Catholic I would never ever vote for a person who is a bigot a racist inmoral and his only concern is for the all mighty dollar!! He has never been concerned on how the poor live, their health or anything similar as what Jesus taught us… a guy who became a Christian this year for convenience, …

            • Do you believe it’s okay for someone is divorced to remarry? Because Trump has gone through three wives (and countless other mistresses and aborted fetuses). This man is not godly, and you were deceived by the greatest deceiver of all who made you vote for him!

        • I do not know where you get your information but since after Roe v Wade /The abortion rate has now been declining since the 1980s and hit an all-time low in 2010, the most recent year for which data is available.

        • Joe Catholic, please send us when you’ll be adopting the 140 million orphans in this world, (starting with the +420,000 in the U.S. that are bouncing between decent to downright deadly foster homes)and give them the best standards of housing, feeding, education, health care, etc. I will expect you to pre-screen the clergy that would come in contact with the children, to ensure the Vatican doesn’t end up having more molestation victims to add to that gargantuan and still mostly ignored list. I will not question the status of those orphans as sentient beings, I just question the hypocrisy of the “pro-life” cult, forcing their beliefs on women, only to evade taking responsibility for the consequences.
          On the other hand, please let us know when you’ll be launching a campaign to ban spas and beauty salons, since the number of cells lost in a manicure/pedicure/haircut, skin exfoliation, etc. visit, outnumber the number of cells in a 4-week human embryo, and also possess equal viability.

        • I have a real hard time with “single-issue voters.” Do we vote for Hitler or Atilla the Hun as long as they profess to stand one one side of one issue? It’s not at all clear to me that Trump is going to even try, much less do anything about abortion one way or the other. As a Christian, what I would like to see is my fellow believers voting to raise their own taxes in an attempt to offer alternatives to abortion. Free child care for young, single moms. Some sort of program to head off the unwanted pregnancy in the first place — at tax-payer expense. Let’s put our money where our mouth is.

        • I am a Catholic and I most certainly voted for Hillary Clinton. Pro-life isn’t the only issue there is in life. As a Catholic you should know that. As a Catholic you should also know we all find our own way through our religion and we don’t have to agree with everything the Vatican says. You also know the Pope did not support Donald Trump. Stop trying to speak for all Catholics as if you know what’s in their minds and in their hearts…. you don’t. IMO, you’re no different then the Evangelical Christians that believe their way is the way, the only way and their truth is the only truth.
          You choose to support all that Donald Trump stands for in the name of being pro-life then you should be ashamed of yourself for you support every other evil Jesus stood against.

        • Not only her stance on abortion, but her countless lies cost her the election. She called voters deplorables and only made it worse. She thought she was too powerful to fail and I’m glad to have been part of her demise.

          • Trump called immigrants and muslims worse things. But I guess he gets a pass from you because you can only see things from your self centred point of view.

            I supported Hillary because of diversity and she is right, people must be told they are deplorable when they do deplorable things.

        • The problem with those like you, Joe, is that you are pro-life for babies in uterus. Unfortunately, your kind immediately cease to care once many of these babies are born – into poverty, abuse or abandonment. No one can judge a woman’s choice except her maker.

      • I don’t know where you got 55%, lol, because that is not a true number. And Trump was so disgusting, so absolutely non Christian in his adultery, multiple marriages, porn star wife, and being pro choice until the day he decided to run for President, that even some of the religious right could not vote for him. You guys bought it hook, line and sinker, lol…..

        • So you “forgive” the Donald. How convenient. Though Bill Clinton has nothing to do with this, since you brought him up- tell me, does he get a pass as well?

        • Then clearly you have not read Catholic Just War Theory; anything regarding the full spectrum of Roman Catholic Social Justice Teaching. If you had done this reading then you would know that Trump’s so-called policies are about as anti-Christian and anti-Catholic as you can get.

          Also if you truly cared about the lives of the unborn, you would know that access to affordable contraception, comprehensive sex education, a living wage, access to health care, childcare, paid family leave are all part of protecting the unborn. Making abortion illegal does not make it go away – it makes it unsafe. If you want the lowest abortion rates anywhere look to Europe that has comprehensive health care (not insurance), comprehensive sex education, affordable or free contraception, paid family leave, and a strong social safety net that actually reduces poverty. That is what being “pro-life” means – by your definition you are just “pro-birth” because the minute that child is born, it becomes a burden on society and it’s mother a welfare whore who got pregnant so she could live off a government check.

          You are a part of the reason young people are fleeing the Catholic Church and so many others. They see your hypocrisy and want no part of it.

          Don’t call yourself pro-life until you genuinely care about ALL life – Syran lives, Muslim lives, Mexican lives, African American lives, immigrant lives, women’s lives, adult and children’s lives not just the lives of fetuses. And don’t just care that they are alive, care about the quality of their lives – shelter, food, safety from violence, freedom to practice their religion, ability to pursue education and employment, to marry, have children. That is life!

          • That’s all fine Joe but we have to help people with the choices they made and the reason so many turn to abortion (which I don’t agree with) is because they are hopeless and no one is helping them.

            • Joe, It has never been a temptation for me to turn my back on it. I have softened towards those who are making the difficult choices. I want to do my best to show them dignity and compassion.

              Joe, I implore you, it is not our beliefs that change over this issue- it’s our hearts. The minute we stop bleeding love with our heart- is the minute our hearts turn to stone.

              We must have compassion for the living and let God deal with the dead. Move on and love that which is alive.

              peace and love ! 🙂

          • I hate to even respond to this troll. Contraception is evil? You stated your age as 60 something. If you have fewer that 20 children you used some kind of avoidance. I feel so sorry for your wife. What a thriving sex life you must have had.

            Yes, troll, I am a catholic and yes, troll, when we were first married we used the rhythm method as approved by the catholic church. Long story short: if destroyed our marriage. Big time.

            BTW: do you also wear a hair shirt?

            Go away. Shut up.

      • Luisa, are these statistics accurate? Because the election polls were way off. I don’t trust numbers anymore. What if a bunch of people leave church tomorrow then the numbers are skewed ! I hope there is a christian church out there some where and it’s a 100% whole.

        • Very well said!
          Anti- abortionist are never “pro-life”. If they were they would support quality of life causes for children born to poverty, in need of healthcare they can’t access, and protection from neglect and abuse. That’s where their support stops.

      • Inside your “point of view” lives the very reason that Hilary Clinton was better for the entire country, the world in fact, than the Trumpster, and his ilk. Being alone with yourself, you repeatedly choose the thought, that will keep you locked away, alone and afraid, and prevent your release, and allow the slightest breath of hope. Your free to do this to yourself, and take everyone with you of course. Just don’t lie and say, nobody ever told me any different …, you were offered all day, every day, the optional choice, and you CHOSE to be “in charge” and cling to that delusional idea that you are god, and no one else is.

      • You mean pro-life. Trump was pro-choice his whole adult life and he pandered to the religious right for votes. Too bad single issue voters don’t care about the lives of babies once they are born. Republicans are going after Medicaid , single head of household tax credits, … abortions went DOWN under Obama. Take away the safety net and abortions go up. Such ignorant hypocrites you pro-lifers are.

        • Joe, thanks for doing your best to explain your thoughts on this. While I agree with you about the awfulness of abortion, the politicalization of the issue has caused both sides to demonize each other and shout accusations.. This happened when proponents of each side worked hard to win the battle and rhetoric reached a fever pitch. In the end the reason abortion is legal is not because one side worked harder than the other, rather because the Supreme Court Justices thought the legal argument for a woman’s choice to have an abortion was right.
          In addition to make matters more difficult for those like you and I, there is the lack of interest to have it overturned. The reason abortion was for years a hot topic for politicians is because most people, when they think about it, hate the idea of abortion. No politician wanted to say they were anything other than pro-life. It’s a great slogan.

          I would go far as to say the fact abortion is now legal is not a litmus test for the morality of a society rather it is evidence of a lack of political interest. Abortion has always been with us. Even when it was illegal women were choosing abortion. It is not something people think a great deal about unless it touches their life directly. People take for granted it is about someone else’s choice and even if you would never face that choice, someone else will.
          At this point in history you can only force people to give birth to an unwanted child, but you cannot make them love or take care of the child. It is a heart issue and no amount of beating a dead horse will change the reality.
          The only way to move forward is with compassion for the living with the hope that eventually the need for abortion will someday end. I appreciate your opinion on this but you don’t need to make it an issue in every conversation you have with people.

          • Actually, if it was the elephant in the room people wouldn’t talk about it. The fact that people feel free to talk means they think it is an important issue and there is more to it than the polarized ‘for and against’ arguments.

            Joe, you cannot stop people from having abortions whether it is legal or not. If it was made illegal tomorrow then it would go underground like it used to be.

            I am old enough to remember the time before abortion clinics. A women in my group of friends was asking about who to go to for an abortion. It was a confidential conversation between the women there. No one would dare report her. Instead someone asked around and found out were she could go to get a safe abortion and someone else offered to go with her. No one told her not to have the abortion but lots of advice and support was given to her. That’s what will happen if you ban abortions. It will continue to go on.

          • To all of you who oppose a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion I must ask, “are you just pro-fetus, or are you pro-life?” Do you do ALL you can to help those fetuses thrive once they are out of the womb? Do you support candidates and elected officials who support pro-life policies – increasing SNAP benefits, expanding Medicare, providing free, quality, health care for all, raising the minimum wage, and other programs that would improve the lives of all residents of this country, and an give every individual living here a real providing a free quality public education for all children, providing real opportunities for every individual to flourish and reach their highest potential? Are you just pro-fetus, or are you really pro-life? Are you doing all you can to ensure the viability of the planet, only voting for candidates and elected officials who are willing to support programs and policies that aggressively combat climate change? Are you just pro-fetus or are you really pro-life? Are you truly a blessing to all the families of the earth, as the Source and Substance of All requires? Are you just pro-fetus or are you really pro-life? Do you oppose capital punishment and war, with the same intensity you oppose abortion, or are you OK with supporting state sanctioned murder (capital punishment), and the murder of combatants and innocents, including children(all are former fetuses) in war? Are you pro-fetus or really pro-life – do you do justice, love mercy, and truly walk humbly? Before you respond, remember, your actions and the actions of the candidates you repeatedly elect/support, speak louder than any of your words.

          • I would go far as to say the fact abortion is now legal is not a litmus test for the morality of a society rather it is evidence of a lack of political interest.

            Abortion is ALWAYS a moral issue, it only became a political issue when one party (Democratic) determined to make it a selling point for votes.

            The point that almost no one mentions or makes is the question to have sex or not. It seems that most folks are taking the position that sex is a right. It’s not according to God. According to God, sex is reserved for marriage between a man and a woman. A lot of society’s problems would go away if things were done God’s way.

              • Anonymous, you have to read the context within Scripture to get this. Genesis 1:28 says ” And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: …”
                He approved of the union and gave that directive within the confines of what we would call traditional marriage.

                • Edward – with all due respect, Genesis 1:28 does not approve of the union and give that directive within the confines of what we would call traditional marriage, if by traditional marriage you mean a union between one husband and and one wife that has been sanctified by a religious or legal entity. There are way too many examples in Torah of people designated holy by the Divine being fruitful and multiplying with their concubines and slaves for being fruitful and multiplying to be limited to sanctified marriages.

                  During ancient times there was no such thing as illicit sex outside of marriage, and Torah reflects that state of things.

                  If you are trying to say traditional marriage is between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is forbidden you are still on shaky ground.

                  The admonition against men not having sex with men is related to the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. Sex in Biblical times was to be both pleasurable and to increase the size of the family and tribe. The part about increasing the size of the tribe later became the most important part and was seen as a civic duty. Wasting sperm was considered to be a threat to the community. Thus the admonition against it.

                  If you read your Bible, the Hebrew original, closely, you will find no such admonition against women laying together like a man and a woman.

                  Just thought you ought to know.

                • Thanks for your comment Frank,

                  Biblical Literalist are always saying context doesn’t matter.

                  Edward I find your attempt to explain by using the argument of context contradicts what you stand for.

                  Now you want to use context to your advantage. But you would never use context to the advantage of LGBTQ people, would you?

                  You would and have said context does not matter in our case.

                • Frank – I never said that children COULDN’T be conceived outside of marriage. You also need to look at all the references to fornication and concubine, both of which refer to sex with someone who is not their spouse. You are completely wrong giving the statement that there was no such thing as illicit sex outside of marriage during ancient times. If that statement were true, there would be no such thing as rape, prostitution, sodomy, etc. The bible is very clear on those subjects.

                • Anonymous

                  Edward I find your attempt to explain by using the argument of context contradicts what you stand for.

                  Please explain in greater detail.

                  Now you want to use context to your advantage. But you would never use context to the advantage of LGBTQ people, would you?

                  If there is nothing in scriptural context to be taken to such an advantage, I couldn’t use it because it doesn’t exist. Only those that make up their own version of scripture have that advantage.

                • Anonymous made a great point. You want to claim context when it benefits your beliefs and deny context when it benefits those you condemn.

                  Just like how the church uses confession to hide sin and remove responsibility from the sinner. Claiming the blood of Jesus covers sin so that adulterers and abusers and the greedy get a free pass but forget paying back what you owe or looking out for the victims or showing mercy to others.

                  There is a parable for that.

        • How many of those unwanted children have you adopted?? What do you think of nominee for the secretary of education wanting to end public schools? And the health an human services wanting to end Obamacare? And Paul Ryan wanting to privatize Medicare?? Yep republicans are really interested in what happens to the child sfter it is born!!

          • Joe, I don’t agree with your conclusions. There are many wanted child born into poverty. I think Yolima is talking about unwanted children. You don’t want them either of you? Otherwise you would have set up a big nursery and sponsored an apartment building with all your excess money in order to house and feed all the unwanted children in your city. But you haven’t. No one has.

            • Of course it’s wrong to kill!!!

              I have read elsewhere on other blogs good points about the injustice of killing in wartime, haven’t you read that?

              And yet we still send innocent people to war for unjust reasons. It’s hypocritical that we support and even applaud an active military or we believe in the death penalty which ends life that has potential and then turn around and say “don’t abort a fetus” which has not yet been born. Explain that to me! You are too stubborn to believe you are genuine in your belief in the sanctity of life. Do you support the military establishment? Do you support the death penalty ? Do you hate democrats and liberals? Then you support the killing of human beings.

            • think carefully about the hate comment because those who hate their brother have murder in their hearts. It’s different than being angry it’s hate you espouse condemnation of people. You are not angry about abortion you despite people who are wrestling with the impossible choices and implications of their lives. This is not a just crusade but a contrived smear campaign you are waging against decent people who struggle with how to reconcile compassion and with the awful choices people we love have to make.

            • Let me repeat with better spelling

              I do not think your ‘one issue’ commenting is a just crusade but a in my opinion it is a contrived smear campaign you are waging against decent people who struggle with how to reconcile compassion with the awful choices people make.

              And you offer no solution but the condemnation of you words.

            • I apologize for my rant. I am upset with your comment because I wanted a big family and you are bragging about how you just brought children into the world carelessly.

              We decided to stop having children because we couldn’t afford it.

              So contraception was a godsend and we raised a beautiful daughter. I have no regrets but you would accuse us of doing something wrong when we were making a responsible choice.

      • Do you think that trump having all those extramarital affairs, grabbing women by their privates, and raping young children didn’t cause unwanted pregnancies?! The man is 70 and is transparent about his sexual acts! But you, sir, are the greatest hypocrite for condoning the rapist, attempting to remove the right of a victim, and choosing the Culprit as your president. If your child was one of the victims trump raped, you’d be the first one in line wanting to have the right to make a decision. Let’s call out the hypocrisy!

      • Joe, I am catholic and I am practicing and I believe that above the right to life religion and Catholicism teaches us tolerance and openness to others especially the neediest.

        Each catholic has the right to pick who represent their faith best, a diversity embrassing tolerant women looking out for the poor for some, a twice divorced, disrespectful to women and not embrassing of immigrant on the other. You care about abortion and the Supreme Court so you made your choice. Respect all other Catholics who thought the other side represented their faith better. Be open, be tolerant, be a good catholic

      • As a practicing Catholic who voted for Hillary you are wrong! The solution to Abortion in America is love, support and compassion not judgement and intolerance. You and I are sinners unworthy of God’s love and in no position to criticize others for their sins. We are called to love the Dr providing abortions, the woman choosing to abort, the women’s partner who is pressuring her to abort as well as the former partner who quit and ran at the word pregnant. They are all made in the image and likeness of God and known to Him by name before they were born.

      • It’s not helpful to lump all Christian faiths together – and John is a wonderful living example of this fact.

        Yes, some are fake Christians like John, and some are real Christians who actually believe what the Bible teaches.

      • Right to life is not the only belief of Catholism, hence why the Pope did not at any point come out to support Trump. Protecting life is not just the unborn child, it is also the people of Syria, it is the starving of this nation, the abused of our world, the raped, the downtrodden, and the oppressed. Catholics are not all narrow minded political zombies that vote on one issue alone. I am one of those liberal Catholics, and I listened to my Pope when he said no one should lead with hate and fear. Therefore, I did not vote for Trump and will continue to publically oppose his brand of politics. Jesus never spoke about abortion or gay rights, but he did walk with the lepers, prostitutes, and feed the hungry. All behaviors expelified by Hillary Clinton not Donald Trump. I will pray for you JoeCatholic that you can learn to fight for the lives of everyone not just the unborn. Oh and yes the Pope during WW2, towards the end tried to help the Jews, but he turned his head to the hate and fear preached by Hitler or many more lives could have been saved. More Catholics as individuals risked or sacrificed their lives despite the inaction of our Pope at the time, those are the heros. The ones who said hate and fear will not live in my time no mater what the church says. Read up on the true Catholic heros of the Holocaust and what our Pope did not do, you are slightly misinformed.

      • Nope. This Catholic knows the difference when facing someone as evil as Trump. He said it all by himself. Changing his mind at every turn; he still does it daily. How about that wall Mexico will pay for…..

      • Your comment on non-practicing Christians was unChristian. So you go to church everyday, pray the office and practice the beatitudes every day? John 8:7

    • I am a Catholic and supported Hillary Clinton both times she ran for office. Don’t be so quick to polarize a group of Christians into one basket.

        • It’s only tradition keeping the Catholic church back. They discuss and put forth contraception as an option and discuss the issue of abortion. it is on the table isn’t it? It’s all about a vote in your man made government, called the church

          • It is man made. Your church made everything up. The doctrine, the liturgy, the rituals, the cross, the sacraments, everything was contrived by the imagination of man. Just like David thought of the temple and God did not want it. But David did it “his way” to honour God but look how the future generations polluted the temple through abuses, inquisitions and corruption.

            God blesses what you made but it is not necessary for salvation. It is a flawed routine and tradition only.

              • the inquisition comment was meant for the Catholic church which is a temple system. Jesus tried to put an end to paying for prayers and sacrifices and separation from people so that his Kingdom would flow into the whole world and spread into everyone’s life. So that everyone would know God’s kindness.

            • Yes, The temple was a concession to David. It is written in Acts 7

              “But Solomon built Him a house. “However, the Most High does not dwell in temples made with hands, as the prophet says: ‘Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool. What house will you build for Me?’ says the LORD, ‘Or what is the place of My rest? Has My hand not made all these things?’” (Acts 7:44-50)

          • You probably should not say “never”. Your church will change, slowly, but it will change, or it will die on the vine. There will be a few diehards like you left to preach and whine, but the world will go on without you.

      • I can tell by your post you are not for right to life, you are right to birth only. We were taught in the Catholic boarding school I attended, much more than the do this, do that. We were taught the words and actions of Jesus. My family is full of Sisters and Priests. They have more love, as Jesus taught, than you carry in your entire angry, bitter self. I can only pity and pray your heart may learn and love the way of Christ.

  1. Dear John:

    Who called for slashing ‘unnecessary regulations’ — i.e., more tax cuts, deregulation and government payouts to large corporations?

    Who called for more ‘public-private’ partnerships rather than a strong, public works program?

    Who called for expanded incentives like the new market’s tax credit and empowerment zones — i.e., company wavers from federal job safety, environmental and wage/hour laws to entice yet more exploitation of deindustralize-ravaged communities?

    Who called for companies to share prophets with employees — i.e., boost trade union bureaucracy efforts to push ‘profit-sharing’ schemes rather than wage-increases [as if companies would give workers profit cuts!]?

    Who called for ‘liberating’ Americans by refinancing student debts like mortgages — i.e., subject students to the same predatory rackets mortgage companies used in the run up to the 07-08 housing crash?
    * * * * *

    That Emperor-elect Caligula is utterly unfit for office [does he have sufficient grasp of Constitutional principles to make a credible profession to uphold the Constitution?] is in my opinion obvious.

    And having sired and raised four daughters, I insist that it is never right to demean women.

    Justice is an issue NOT of partisanship but of CLASS. And it is imperative that you break not only with the Republican Party but also with the Democratic Party IF you are going to be a prophetic voice for kingdom justice.

    Plenty of people disagree with much of what I say [the ‘A-men’ chorus begins]. But it becomes clear that I can’t be accused of Republican/Democrat partisanship. That is necessary IF one is to focus on justice issues as CLASS issues.

    • Not gonna happen – he seeks and works to usher in a communist commonwealth.
      Pay close attention to his use of figurative analogies (a sympathy appealing device and most common in Marxist propaganda aimed at the unaware).
      Additionally, his use of provocative analogies is highly effective when contrasting Marxism and Christianity.

      If so inclined, read Bertrand Russel’s, “History of Western Philosophy” for greater insight into the psychology of Marx and how it is used by practitioners such as gdd.

      • Dear Anonymous:

        May I inquire as to which figurative analogies you speak? If you refer to my use of the Revelation [Babylon, the false prophet, etc.], I have said repeatedly what the message of Revelation applies in every time and space, to every form of governance, and every administration.

        Exactly why ought Capitalist political economy be exempt from Saint John’s censure? Are Marxists not allowed to read the Revelation? If the apocalypse is in any sense authoritative, all Christians must confess its applicability to them.

      • that’s exactly what gdd is counting on….you being to bored for critical thinking…perhaps you should ask him what gdd stands for….or are you not in the least bit curious?

            • You have already admitted you posted under Benny before and I have seen that same icon with another name.

              It is now a matter of record that you fudge the truth.

                • I am talking about the cross pic with your name. Are you saying someone can find your cross pic on the internet and use it with a different name on this blog? How did you come by the picture you use. Did you Google it or take a picture?

                  I say this not to accuse you of any misdeeds but to defend the people you have made fun of who have asked questions about the way you comment.

                  I am suggesting that the people you make fun of have good reason to question you because it is true to say you have changed your name and profile pic more than a few times.

                  The people you have made fun of- post as themselves and feel vulnerable when they are attacked anonymously. They want to know who is mocking them.

                  But, in this environment there many different people, trolls, entertainers, philosophers, writers, professors, fast food workers, nurses, teachers, police officers, religious fanatics and so on and so forth. We can’t keep track of everyone but not everyone attacks people- but you seem to do it whether it is defensive or not you do it and you do it to hurt. And stop blaming Charles for your own behaviour. Take responsibility.

                  Perhaps if we all call a truce to the insulting, mocking attacking we can contribute to honest straightforward discussion, rather than subversive rhetoric or psychco babble… (which is a tactic in times of war) But we are not in a season of peace are we?

                  That’s all.

                • There is a difference between mocking and making fun. It’s the difference between humour and contempt.

                  Anyways- On Nov12th 11:17pm on the blog ‘Here’s Why We Grieve’ (Nov.9th 2016) you posted with your cross icon as B G.

                  It’s okay to post with different names for anonymity but don’t be dishonest about it. The reason this came up is because Gloriamarie was feeling bullied by Joe Catholic and Benny in the same thread and she brought it up to you. There were several times you did this. But, even after you stopped you still continue to dig at her.

    • Dear Joe Catholic:

      I guess this classifies me as an oddity. Believe me when I tell you that I’ve been called worse…

      I wish you could see that the fairest way to reward production is the provision of a living wage, job security, and such benefits as allow people on retirement to live out their days in dignity. As I see it, the law of Market cannot allow this.

      • Dear Joe Catholic:

        Called worse – undoubtedly, but not by you.

        Behind the magic cursor and pixeled screen is another God’s-image human being. To ascertain meaning in real life requires time, questions, corrections, explanations, clarifications. How much more when verbal clues, inflections of voice, etc. are lacking.

        As I see it, Capitalism flourished when the nation had abundant resources, when post WW II dominance was clear and uncontested, when the dollar was world standard of economic performance, when the US crafted the policies it wanted and other nations toed the line IF they wanted ‘friendly’ relations with us. Capitalism flourished when the US was the world’s greatest creditor nation.

        Once recovered from WW II, our ‘allies’ became economic rivals who resent US dominance deeply. Now the US is the world’s greatest debtor nation and simply cannot enforce the post WW II system of world relations. But the ownership-investment-banking/finance class is absolutely unwilling to relinquish its economic/political dominance. Democratic or Republican, the ruling class is utterly determined to offset economic decline and reassert the dominance of past years. It does so using the sole area where the US still retains dominance – the military.

        Short term, the military may win. Long term, economic/social factors prove far more decisive than military means.

        It is necessary to expose the class origin of the $4 an hour mantra. Masquerading as a benefit to labor, this is a political attack on the minimum wage aiming at its removal. Removal of that ‘infringement’ is contradicted by life-threatening starvation and homelessness that it represents. Once removed, Market conditions would demand lowering wages still further. Capitalism has no resolution to that contradiction. Unless the working class rejects this attack and articulates demands in its own interests, labor will be crushed and workers will be reduced to slavery in the name of ‘freedom.’

        I’ve never said that government is the solution. Inefficiency IS Capitalism, where rival businesses duplicate essentially the same product 2, 3, 5 or 10 times. Result – overproduction, job loss, slashed wages and benefits. All this must be supported by police repression paid for by workers themselves!

        Marx said that Capitalism necessitates masses of workers so desperate they will present daily on the market to work on the barest terms offered. An obstacle to creating mass desperation, minimum wage must be removed under Capitalism. Yet the sacrifice of wages for profitability leaves workers unable to buy products even at lowered prices. Capitalism has no resolution to that contradiction.

        The ‘idle worker’ and ‘live like kings’ narrative is another political attack which seeks to divide, disorient and confuse the working class. It also has a long history. The ‘lazy, indolent’ worker line was bequeathed to us by Pharaoh, king of Egypt.

        As the SEP program points out, this ‘relatively’ free ‘Market’ didn’t stop banks or political lackeys from appropriating public moneys to ‘guarantee the bad debts of the financial aristocracy.’ And as the program also points out, those debts are now being financed through cuts in critical social programs. This is why Marxists sometimes say that ‘Capitalism privatizes the profits but socializes the suffering.’

        JP can protest social misery all he wants. And I won’t disagree that social misery is rising. But unless or until we adopt an economic system that allows the introduction of solutions to the social misery he bemoans, nothing will change and this society will build toward the horrific explosion that ubiquitous government spying and militarized police attest is coming.

      • It is going to happen anyway. A time is coming when nearly All American jobs will be automated—a nation with 320 million people where only 20 million people have something that could be described as a job. Nobody is going to let 300 million people be jobless and starve to death. Nearly everyone will have a fair cut of total annual American productivity as a living wage—getting on toward having a “Star Trek” society and culture.

        • Dear Charles:

          You said: ‘Nobody is going to let 300 million people be jobless and starve to death.’

          I reply: To retain its social privilege, the ruing class is prepared to do even that.

          Even now, preparations for war against China, Russia or both are in late stage of development.

          This will result inevitably in thermonuclear holocaust in which not millions but billions will die needlessly.

          That prerogative to bring humankind to that end must must be taken from whose who ARE willing to do so, in order that those who will otherwise die can ensure that it DOESN’T happen.

  2. No words can ever express my gratitude for Hillary. She showed grace under pressure. She has more class in her little finger than that scum who claims to be president.

  3. The House Select Panel on Infant Lives, revealed Wednesday that the panel has issued additional criminal and regulatory referrals for tissue procurement businesses and abortion clinics to federal, state, and local authorities.

  4. Funny how Clinton’s biggest elite and wall street backers are screaming for a “campaign autopsy”. Hillary’s donors are now demanding to know where $1.5 billion in campaign cash has gone and how it was spent – yea, right, like those receipts are magically gonna appear….
    Have you noticed how domestic and foreign government contributions to the Clinton Foundation have dried up – yup, its hard to sell out the American taxpayer and peddle influence when you no longer have any.

  5. Don’t trust the polls Hillary!

    A majority of Democratic and independent voters made clear that they don’t foresee Hillary Clinton in their 2020 vision of the presidential election, according to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday.

    Sixty-two percent of Democrats and independents surveyed said the twice-failed presidential candidate shouldn’t mount another campaign in 2020, and only 23 percent would be excited by her campaign if she did.

  6. Thank you Hillary for calling so many of us Christians “deplorables.”

    LOL you cannot be a Christian and have voted for Donald Trump. The two ARE mutually exclusive.

    You are deplorable, Hillary was telling the truth.

    • Joe, your personality changes when you talk about abortion. You treat others inhumanely. It is your blind spot and you need to deal with this because you are destroying your compassion for the living and losing any sense of value for people who are alive now and need your understanding and grace.

      • They are well intended. Take a break. You don’t realize that there are a lot of liberal and progressives who don’t like abortion. I would be okay if it were abolished tomorrow but we have a long way to go to get there. It takes patience.

    • Ah, so if someone voted for Donald Trump, they cannot be a Christian. That is a marker of a person’s faith? Okay. It’s good to know how non-judgmental and totally “tolerant” you are.

      • Obama continues to eliminate his association with Clinton – fast as he can….you can bet, he’s already throwing bones to the incoming administration to lessen his culpability.

        The fact remains – Hillary Clinton and her racketeering foundation is not above the law and immune from being held legally accountable.

        Stand by Hillary lovers – the heat will be turned up after the new year.

      • No. She would not be in jail. All Hillary Clinton is guilty of is being a great attorney. As I have said before, really great attorneys know how to bend the law as far as it will bend without stepping over the line in the sand of breaking it. Hillary knows how to do that.

          • Perhaps it’s Man’s law that is ethically challenged? I would not equate following the law o the world as ethically upright. The law of the world oppresses the poor, refuses to heal the sick and many other things that are contrary to the Law of God.

  7. All of you who need to continue to bash Hillary… You won. Now shut up. This is a letter written not to express your ideas but to thank someone who spent her life in the thankless task of truly making America the beautiful diverse country we cherish. You, you got yours. You got the guy you wanted. He will tear the fabric of all the greatness away. He will destroy the planet, to take us back 50 years to the worst of times for women, blacks, the poor and the Muslims.
    Congratulations. The planet will be dirtier, politics dirtier, racism will be acceptable and if you are differ than them you’ll be targeted in some way. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention… No more Medicare for you, your mother and father either. You chose it. Now you have it, so let us thank our champion of freedom and leave us alone.

  8. And when you get a uterus, you can tell me what to do with mine….no, wait, NO you can not….what a woman decides between herself and her doctor is none of your business. NONE….and you can spew all the crap you want, but it’s still NONE of your business. Mind your own business, take care of your OWN family, and stop thinking you have the right to make any decisions for women. And thank you for showing yourself to be one of the deplorables, no matter what religion you are. A deplorable Christian is the exact same as a deplorable Muslim, or Jewish, or Catholic……She did not just call Christians deplorable…she called all the bigots and racists deplorable…because they are, no matter what religion. She is not an enthusiastic supporter of abortion, she is pro choice, and believes that a woman has a right to make her own decision. And really, talk about class….grabbing women’s pussies and cheating on your wife, and starting the “birther” crap like Trump did just screams of class, LOL . As a Veteran, I am ashamed and embarrassed that men like you still exist in this country.

        • Ha! you guessed it. My friends call me Aleck because I am a smart-aleck/comedian and it stuck to me like eggs on a door frame.

          Nice to meet you. I’m pretty good natured most of the time. Who was it who said we need artists, mystics and clowns? I will answer the question – Brennan Manning. You should read his works.

          Maybe John Pavlovitz is a mystic.
          You gotta read between the lines. Sit down sometime and ponder it. Maybe you will come up with a joke or a poem or a psalm. God bless!


          • btw Spaz-man is a friend of mine (they come by their nickname honestly don’t get Spaz upset unless you want to inherit the wind) but I am a better comedian, they would concede to that.

          • What? You never had your house egged? Here’s a story. When someone calls you a name and others join in and they taunt you with it, well it sticks and follows you wherever you go. Then you own it. You don’t have to get mad. Wear it proudly and show them your cheshire smile.

            My mom never could get the egg stains off that old door frame and she couldn’t afford to paint. She cried a lot. I never knew why people hated us so. But then again people are mean aren’t they? But, Joe, you wouldn’t know how that is- being an upstanding sort of fellow like you? You would never harm someone who is less fortunate than you, would you?

            Naw, no worries. But, I can’t help but think you must live some kind of blessed life with two of everything and not knowing what egging a house is. I bet the rain stops in front of your feet when you walk along and you lay your head down on two soft fluffy pillows each night.

            Well here’s a Christmas story for you. Ever been abandoned by your family during the holidays? Ever been hungry on Christmas day? Every been so alone you wished there where rats in the house to keep you company? Ever been so poor your furnace ran out of oil and you wore a winter coat for a week in the house and sat by the open oven to get a little warmth? Well, I can tell ya, angels don’t swoop down after prayers. But someone is thoughtful enough to drop by and pester a proud heart with a plate food and some company.

            And, afterwards you go through the merry music filled stores with hands in empty pockets, just to see their faces, but you go through it like Scrooge on Christmas morn. Everyone is a friend, every moment full of bliss.

            Joe do you see it?

            It’s kindness and meanness all around us, mixed in with tidings of comfort and joy.

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to ya.

    • So you “forgive” the Donald. How convenient. Though Bill Clinton has nothing to do with this, since you brought him up- tell me, does he get a pass as well?

    • It’s not “pro-life”. It’s anti abortion and it seems you build your entire ideology on it. Bit of an obsession. If you’re against abortion, don’t have one. Here’s a thought. Once you force someone to carry a pregnancy to term, how do you regulate the father’s responsibility? Hmmm? Stop acting as though women are knocking themselves up. Where is the penalty for the sperm donor in all this? as another poster said, mind your business. Ours and our bodies’ are none of yours.

        • Well, don’t use a false comparison to incite hurt and anger. Because that is all you are accomplishing. Abortion is ugly. People are working on it, leave the living victims alone.

          • If you are incapable of handling disagreement without hurt feelings, please don’t get involved in a public discussion of politics. We adults would like to be able to talk sense over here.

        • I agree. I haven’t ever owned a slave or had an abortion. Have you? Oh, what am I thinking? It’s a choice not to own a slave and you chose not to. And it’s a choice to have an abortion and you chose… wait. What’s wrong with this analogy? Shut up. Woman are way past listening to men about what they can or cannot do with their bodies. Get a uterus and we can talk.

          • You are like the probe form the Star Trek Voyage home-you need an answer to the question- or you will keep on asking the question indefinitely and destroy everything in your path. No, Joe! you are not an automaton you are human.

          • It’s not a baby–it’s not a life. It is the bare possibility of a life, and it isn’t a baby until it is born and takes that first breath by itself.
            Get a life.

          • Joe,
            Have you ever had someone respond to this type of post by saying “Of course, I see now that I was so wrong. Thanks for setting me straight!” kind of feels like Sound and Fury accomplishing nothing. I pray that you find a more effective way of advocating for the unborn.

      • Well, I don’t like rape and I’m a woman. I would never rape anyone but what if someone rapes me? Oh, that doesn’t count? You make so sense. Go to church and leave us alone. Shut up.

  9. Wow, well written and reflective of how I feel, too. Thank you, Hillary and I’m so sorry it turned out the way it did. Eventually, I hope you will share just how you coped with the situation, so we will have the same tools for our own losses, which are inevitable in life, really (though not usually so public). My hope is you will share your process some day, as an example as you are a role model for so many. Mostly, I hope you find your way through it all and have a happy fulfilling future life in OR out of the public eye. My best wishes to you.

  10. Thank you John and Hillary! Still breaks my heart that she worked so hard and fought lies from all sides to end up here. If only the DNC would recognize it too. They failed her by focusing only on the other guy and not how awesome Hillary is. And now it’s impossible to find even a mention of her.

  11. I loved what Hillary campaigned on which is diversity and working together. I think she would have been a fine President. I enjoyed reading this tribute to her.????

  12. Thank you, John. I believe that Hillary Clinton will be the best President our country never had, whose intelligence, experience, compassion, and devotion to the welfare of people will shine all the brighter in contrast to the President we will have.

  13. Ha Ha!! I am so happy this woman will never be president of the United States. The utter humility she must feel…losing to Donald Trump of all people. And how must John P and his disciples feel knowing that their deplorable messiah has fallen off her donkey. They are just her “useful idiots”. Yep, I’m happy.

  14. “You’ve won….. You’ve won…..You’ve won”…. No, John P she did not win. She lost. And she lost to Donald Trump!! She would have lost to anyone.

  15. In 2008 I lived in the south. I would not join in with others in screaming against the black man running for, and who would eventually become, president. I would not call him Muslim, or Kenyan, or Socialist, or Marxist, or any of another number of things I could find no evidence for being true. For that I was threatened. I left the south losing a lot of people I loved, who I hadn’t known were so full of hate.

    I went to Arizona and saw my representative shot and nearly killed. We went to her office to light candles for her and those hurt by the gun assault. We were escorted away when a bomb threat was called in to Giffords’ office, because we couldn’t even be afforded the dignity to mourn.

    Now I’m in California. I thought I was safe. But I would not scream against her that she was establishment, and I kept fact-checking accusations made against her by even left-wing friends. I’m glad to say they are not “just as bad” because they never brandished weapons or made threats. I’d rather be unfriended than that. But I was glad to see a candidate who encouraged the best in us, rather than manipulate the worst in us.

    She is my president, for that reason above all.

  16. She lost, get over it. She only has herself to blame for much of the arrogance and stupidity in ignoring the traditional blue-collar working class base of the Democratic Party. Her “reckless” behavior in keeping America’s top secret information on a private email server is beyond incompetent–especially for a lawyer of her supposed quality and caliber.

    True, the other side may not be better, but your apologist and brown-nosing post sidesteps reality.

    • You get over it. News flash! Trump is no angel. He is the devil incarnate. That’s all you’ve got.. boring E-mails? Other than voting for the orangutan…Did you do any research? Any? At all? He’s known for his bankruptcies, billion dollar debt, failed businesses. That’s just a portion on the business side. He is arrogant, ignorant and dangerous on too many levels. He treats people like we are disposable. Do you really believe he gives a crap about you? That he really knows or cares anything about your life?
      Mr. Trump cares about Donald Trump. It’s horrifying with regards to his Cabinet selections. They dance around facts and push blame on every body to deflect the attention of the American people as to what he is and what he stands for.
      So with all due respect..Do your research. What we have facing us is a nightmare built on lies, after lies. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say or how you will defend that buffoon in a year. I don’t hate the man. I despise everything he stands for. Frankly speaking…I’m not personally equipped to deal with his BS.

  17. John, from a devoted Hillary Clinton supporter since 2008…Thank you! You brought every single emotion and thoughts to perfect interpretation. In my heart, her loss is indeed Americas loss. We really had an opportunity and America blew it big time. For some; we are left with the neauseating fact the Mr. Trump will be our President. I’m still trying to grasp the idea. I didn’t vote for him, so therefore he is NOT my President. For those demanding “get over it”! You get over it. More people voted for her…By nearly 3 million. For “Trump” supporters…That equates to alot of votes. The intelligent, informed and responsible will have to clean up his mess. And yes…That means all of us. We’re stuck with having to look and listen to this incompetent clown for the next four years. “God…Please give us strength”, we’re going to need it.
    I digress.
    Your letter expresses everything I have thought and felt, but just couldn’t put into words. You did it so eloquently. I’m in sincere hopes she receives it with the intent for which it was written and knows there are more than a few million that feel the same way.
    Again, Sincere thanks.

    • Oh please! Go bully someone else. I’m not a sore loser. I’m an educated American and have lived long enough to know what’s to come. I’ve done my research on both candidates. I’ve seen and read your post from previous conversations. Suck some else into your vortex. I’m not falling for it.

    • Joe/In what exactly are you suffering for the 8 years of Obama? Seems the economy turned the corner after the mess Bush left it . Unemployment under 5 ; stock market when Bush left office was around 7000 now over 19,000 … healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions …etc… would like to know how it was better under Bush??

  18. “I’m sorry that my 11-year old son will be reminded every day that you can treat women with total disregard, that you can be a vile, filthy bully—and be well rewarded for it.”

    Don’t worry, Bubba Clinton will not be chasing the interns, it’s ok.

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    • I see you only watch fox and read Breitbart!
      Yep it is an all star team!
      And starting with the Trump kids foundation to pay to kill animals to get a place to see the president!
      Talking about crooked?? The Clintons have been investigated for over 25 years by republicans and have found NOTHING! Instead in a year of journalistic investigations we founf Trump foundation using money supposedly going for charity to pay Trump’s debts and buy paintings; Trump university used to cheat older people out of their savings; no taxes paid on over 15 years… and lest not forget the racist buildings policy, the bringing of Polish undocumented immigrants to work in his buildings to pay them less than min wages, the debts to the Wall Street banks, the off shore business and on an on…

  20. Pastor Pavlovitz, thank you for a well written letter. I agree with you 100%.

    My apologies for people like “Joe Catholic.” I am a Roman Catholic Priest and he certainly DOES NOT speak for the Catholic Church. I am embarrassed by his lack of charity.

    • Well, whether or Joe Catholic is a priest everyone knows he is not a spokesperson for the Catholic Church because the Catholic church has a government structure with checks and balances in place.

      Joe Catholic I would ask what is your role in the Catholic church? By what authority do you speak policy on behalf of the Catholic church? And why then are you not transparent about who you are and by what authority you make your comments and treat people.

      I am posting my beliefs based on what I think about these issues. I don’t claim to have the backing of any pastor including John Pavlovitz. I speak from my own experience with the recognition that God sees my heart. I don’t claim to have religious organization’s sanction when speaking.

      If you are posting here as a spokesperson without the approval of your priest you may indeed be misrepresenting the Catholic church in the way you communicate to others on this blog. That includes both fellows christians and non-believers.

      • Joe Catholic, in other words he may not be a priest (priests should not make anonymous comments such as his. In order to prove he is a priest he should let us know what church he serves in) but as well, you Joe Catholic do not have the sanction of your church to communicate to the public the Catholic policy position on these matters. The church would be much better at communication their beliefs to the public than you. In fact from my observation you are poorly representing your faith.

        • There are Catholic priests who disagree with the churches stance on abortion. Are they not Catholics?

          What is wrong with disagreement?

          I disagree with God but I think God welcomes it because he wants me to reason with him. As it says in the scripture. Come let us reason together. I take that as God asking me to stay in a relationship with him wrestling with all these question and issues we face together.

          I don’t think God appreciates ‘ yes men’

          • Well that’s a different issue. The clergy abuse was dealt with internally and the church clergy as a whole is responsible for covering it up and not reporting the criminal acts. The church settled cases but they would not repost the crimes. That is a major conspiracy.

            In my observation and from what I learned through the sources I had most if not all priests knew about this as a problem either first hand, through confessions or the rumour mill and did nothing to stop it. Not only that, they wouldn’t apologize either. You have no idea how many people hate the Catholic church because of the widespread abuses allowed to go around the world. I lived in a city where they reduce to rubble the building were the abuses happened so that we didn’t have to look at the building anymore.

            unyielding tradition produces helplessness and corruption.

            • and you talk about the sanctity of life in one breath and try to compare priests molesting children for years to a woman making a heart wrenching choice to have an abortion

              you probably shouldn’t have brought it up. I am in a miserable mood now

            • and you talk about the sanctity of life in one breath and try to compare priests molesting children for years to a woman making a heart wrenching choice to have an abortion

              you probably shouldn’t have brought it up. I am in a miserable mood now.

              praying on this one

          • I disagree with God but I think God welcomes it because he wants me to reason with him.

            Are you going to somehow change his mind to suit your fancy?

            Read Isaiah 1 completely and see if God is willing to “reason” with the people. I don’t think that is the case here. Sounds more like he is getting ready to judge them, not reason with them. Verses 19 and 20 show that God is giving them a decision to make, either straighten up and obey, or be punished.

            19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

            20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

            Doesn’t sound like they have any grounds to reason with God, their only choice here is to reason out their options on their next move. Sounds like God is looking for some “yes” men.

    • Father Gabriel,
      You are helping me to find renewal in my respect for the clergy. It was my understanding due to Franklin Graham and others such as him that no matter what despicable thing Trump might say or do, the religious right were voting for him. He could have raped a child on the podium and the crowd would have cheered regardless. To hear my brethren claim ‘triumph over sin’ by voting for Trump caused me to wonder what we are doing here. My knees still tremble. Do they not turn on the news?

    • Where is it written that if you vote for a person who happens to support a decision that you oppose, you are condoning that legal right? If that is your reason to vote against her, then it must be that you support a narcissistic fool that proudly promotes groping & insulting women, correct? I am just trying to understand the mentality of America now.

      • Joe Catholic, YOU said “Both Clinton and Trump had their own personal issues. I was not voting against Clinton’s or for Trump’s.”

        I love it when you put Trump and Hillary side by side and then you tone down your rhetoric. You are a slippery fellow :p

      • Ok, so you voted for Trump for his policies. Other than being against choice, what other policies of Trump did you like? Because he only decided he was against abortion to get the evangelical vote…he had always been prochoice

    • I agree with you Fr Gabriel , seems Joe is more Godly than God orJesus! And carries the sword of judgement!! He doubts you being a priest just because he disagrees but everyone has to beileve he has the last word. Does he really hear the voice of the church or is he just a tool of the right wing? He says you hide, but isn’t he hiding too? I do not see his name anywhere!

    • Father, Joe is not Catholic. I’m convinced he is a plant and I encourage everyone to stop feeding the troll. This site is too good for this egotistical nonsense. He’s probably not even “Joe.”

    • Civil? I would not characterize Joe Catholic’s comments as civil. When someone says,

      “…you’re very condescending towards those boobs who were too dumb to vote for the smartest woman in the world.”

      That is insulting not civilized.

    • No one is smacking you around, silly goose

      btw, you dish out more than what you receive back

      and we are having a feisty dialogue, be of good cheer!

      it will all work out in the wash

  21. Just read about you and an excerpt of this letter to Ms Clinton.
    It is the most uplifting article I’ve read since the election.
    As I commented on Daily Kos, I will keep it in my “Great Thoughts” folder and read it on the difficult days we are in for (may need to read daily).
    Thank-you for expressing what so many of us would want to say to Ms Clinton.
    What a wonderful gift to her and those of us who have read it.
    Meg, formerly of NC

  22. I found this post through the Daily Kos (not sure how i found the Daily Kos!) and I just want to say Thank You for putting into words what my heart feels. Alongside yours, I offer my own thanks to Ms Clinton. May we always remember to go high, and to cultivate compassion as we step into whatever the next few years bring.

  23. John P. You are articulate and your heartfelt words inspire and lift people up. Keep up the work that you do. You are a needed voice in the confusion of life.

    There is a troll on your website who feeds off of his religion and tries to shove his beliefs down everyone’s throats. Ignore him. He’s a pathetic, little man with no regard for women. It has to be his way or the highway.

    You are the “wind beneath our wings”. He’s the buckshot.

    Saying that, I will continue to read YOUR blog (he has delusions that it’s his) and will discontinue to read replies. I imagine you tried to get rid of him but a troll is a troll. He will continue because he has no life worth living other that to get attention and he’s delighted to spew stuff from his mouth that should come out his other end.

    Thank you always. You helped me through some tough times. Stay strong and keep fighting for all of us.

  24. Yet another fake Christian. Hilliary is as much a faithful Christian as Satan. Listen all of you. Let me make it perfectly clear for all of you pseudo Christians – the Bible if VERY CLEAR those who support or participate in abortion will only see the Bone While Throne of Justice and not the Kingdom of God. Period.

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    • You sir, could not be more wrong and probably very hypocritical as well. I’d recommend/suggest you taking a very close look at Mr. Trump and his practices. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. He is a horrible, vile, deplorable little man, who knows nothing of the real struggles of man or woman kind. Nor does he care. I’m guessing you are probably taking advantage of some of the same rights that Ms. Clinton has fought her whole life for. She has made her mistakes, yes…I concede that. But she is human, just as you. I’d be very careful about throwing stones at the glass window you’re looking through. This letter that Pastor John has written was a very heartfelt expression of appreciation for a woman who has spent her whole adult life helping others. Not to mention that it is filled with facts. Mr. Trump has spent his helping Mr. Trump. I seriously doubt that is going to change. Wake up!

      • And Trump helps or has helped whom??
        I have seen the work the Clinton Foundation has done in third world countries. And has an A rating. The Trump foundation used to pay Trump’s debts. Hillary gets paid for speeches like many others do, including Trump.

    • Leftist tools?
      Seem to me Jesus was pretty leftist too then!! Have you ever read the Bible?
      eveything that Trump accused Hillary is what he did and is doing. All lies, pay to play, beholden to wall street and to his cronies, and selling our country to enemy countries!!
      do you only get your info from Breitbart and Fox?

  27. It is wonderful to see a Pastor “get it”. Thank you for a very positive, objective look at Hillary Clinton. It is unbelievable to me we have elected this neurotic, low intellect person, who is looking worse at every turn. Reviving the nuclear arms race? Is he really that stupid? He thinks diplomacy can be reduced to tweet able soundbites. He clearly doesn’t understand the nuances of international diplomacy. Many of us fear the repercussions of this.

  28. Joe Catholic – It should be extremely disturbing and perplexing to you that almost every pro-life anti-abortion elected official is pro war, supports the death penalty, and supports the right of an individual to shoot anyone who enters their property without permission…almost every one of them. How can you possibly give your support to them when they obviously support murder (remember, the commandment is, “Thou shalt not murder,” with no qualifications about the goodness, kindness, honesty, or perceived value of the individual)? These candidates you support are pro-fetus as a way to control and subjugate women. They are not pro-life! Again, they support war, capital punishment, violent and murderous self-defense, and refuse to enact pro-life policies and programs to improve the lives of their constituents, and save the planet on which we all live. Do you remember that one of God’s first instructions to Adam was to serve and protect the earth – or are you just cherry picking the things you want to acknowledge and/or believe?

    • My consistency is in the fact that neither the New Testament, the Koran, nor the Torah indicates when life begins. I understand that life begins at birth, not conception.

      But you never answered my question, how can you, someone who opposes murder, support capital punishment (which the Catholic Church opposes), war, destruction of the planet, and anti-life policies, and those politicians that support the capital punishment (murder), war, and the destruction of the planet? Where is your consistency and intellectual integrity?

      • Joe – you and I (and many others on this site) are never going to come to agreement on this issue. Let’s just give it a rest. I respect, but totally disagree with your opinion and position, and there is nothing you can say that will change my opinion, especially because of the inconsistencies in your opposition to murder, and your lack of text proofs for your opinion.

        That said, I will not be responding to any more comments or accusation on this topic from you.

      • But no, apparently it is not widely known that the bible does not ever state that life begins at conception. In fact, it states that life enters and leaves the body through the breath. In with your very first breath, out with your very last. Genesis 2:7

      • That is not legal and no one is saying an abortion should be done at 8 months …
        But no, apparently it is not widely known that the bible does not ever state that life begins at conception. In fact, it states that life enters and leaves the body through the breath. In with your very first breath, out with your very last. Genesis 2:7

        • hi yolima.

          All descriptions of ‘conception’ in the bible include God’s presence. Here are just a few…

          –‘the LORD did unto Sarah what he had spoken.’
          –‘God remembered Rachel.’
          –‘The LORD granted his prayer, and Rebekah conceived.’
          –‘Behold, Elizabeth also conceived.’
          –‘Behold, you shall conceive & bear a son.’
          –‘You shall conceive a son & call him Jesus.’
          –‘I have gotten a son with the help of the Lord.’ (Eve)

          Is ‘conception’ one of God’s works? The above scripture, makes me think that it is.

          It’s interesting to know, that only 15% of women that conceive via rape, or incest get an abortion. [Whereas, 45% of other (unplanned) pregnancies are terminated.]

          • It may well be an act of God, conception ee ste not disputing there is a conception and that there is a fetus, but the Bible states that life starts not at conception but whe the baby takes its first breath!! Genesis 2:7 and regarding rapes and pregnancies what you state is not quite correct: “The national rape-related pregnancy rate is 5.0% per rape among victims of reproductive age (aged 12 to 45); among adult women an estimated 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year. Among 34 cases of rape-related pregnancy, the majority occurred among adolescents and resulted from assault by a known, often related perpetrator. Only 11.7% of these victims received immediate medical attention after the assault, and 47.1% received no medical attention related to the rape. A total 32.4% of these victims did not discover they were pregnant until they had already entered the second trimester; 32.2% opted to keep the infant whereas 50% underwent abortion and 5.9% placed the infant for adoption; an additional 11.8% had spontaneous abortion.”

            • Joe, I think abortion is killing life. Yolima and Frank apparently don’t. And yet, I can see both sides. I can see that life begins with breath and I can see life begins at conception. Right now I am very confused. I don’t think either one of you are making a definitive case. No matter how much I read about this I am having more doubts about it.

              • Lifecstarts when you take a breath! That is what the Bible says… and that is logical too. There is no life if the fetus can’t live without the mother.. when you take out a fetus at 3 weeks, lets say the mother died, or no matter how or why, that fetus will not be able to live, you can call an ambulance, a doctor etc… it will not breath it is not alive !

              • Sunnyside – The very personal doubts you and so many millions of other people have about when life begins is justification enough for allowing a woman the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

                While Joe, and others, consider abortion a religious issue, we do not live in a theocracy, and if we are honest, many of our laws, programs, and policies, are not based on religious dogma or sacred text, and even when they are we MUST admit, that we only selectively follow them. The commandment to not murder is a perfect example.

                I wish you comfort and wisdom as you make your decision as when life begins, and hope you never have to make the decision to have or not to have an abortion.

                If you are looking for a Biblical foundation for your decision you might consider these two teachings: 1) In Genesis 1 the life of the planet, the waters (the womb), vegetation, the stars, etc, are all without life until the Divine, the Source and Substance of All, speaks; until the breath of life is pushed forth from God to create the earth and the heavens. “God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.” The ancient Jewish mystics go further to teach that Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is the sound The One that is One made when creating life. it is the sound of breath being pushed out into the universe without which there is no life. No breath no life, and 2) In Genesis 2 Adam is lifeless until the Divine “blew into his (Adam’s) nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.”

                I offer these two teachings from Torah not to convince you to think one way or the other, but to offer you a way of looking at sacred text that might help you in your personal search for your truth.

                May the One who brings peace to the heavens, bring peace to you, those you love, and to all the families of the earth.

            • You can be a catholic and disagree… I am a catholic that reads history, the Bible etc… i am a catholic that knows and understand that religion is living and changing even if it is slow. People were killed because they said the world was round , because they said earth circulated the sun..,, and now the church and the Pope has embraced science and evolution!!

            • Yolima… the mother breathes for the fetus, starting at conception. (which is like sharing an oxygen mask on an airplane .) The oxygenated blood is passed through the umbilical cord. At [9] weeks, the fetus lungs begin moving, in preparation for birth.

              In Hebrew, the word for mother is ’em.’ It has two letters.: ‘Alef’ = ‘strong’ & ‘Mem’ = ‘water’.

              So ‘Mother’ means, ‘water that never fails’, also ‘life-giver’. She is like an oasis, where life abounds.

            • and don’t start with your apologetic that God turned his back because they were having an affair.

              Admit it, you a stretching the bible to mean something you want it to.

              • Well, …what meaning do you glean from God’s presence at conception?

                I happen to think ther is meaning there. I think it’s miraculous that He is involved on that level.

                It’s a matter of humility to me. Am I the one to possibly go against something that God had a part in? For me, that would be a line not to cross.

                I don’t think abortion is unforgivable. I think it is wrong.

                • Leslie you ignored what I wrote. The Bible does not defend your position. So
                  I can’t say and I don’t know what God is doing at the point of conception. It’s nice to think about but there is no proof one way or another.

            • Joe Catholic- why would I lie about being a Catholic? Because I disagree on some issues? I am a Catholic and would never have an abortion but that is MY choice as a Catholic, – and someone else that for their personal reasons has or had an abortion should be able to have it at a hospital with a doctor and not in a room with a cloth hanger . My religion should not encroach into someone elses beliefs. And regarding gays, I will respond to you as Pope Francis did: “Who am I to judge” …and regarding prostitution it is legal in some states… that doesn’t mean I will become one.., i have been married for 40 years with the love of my life,. My only boyfriend… have two children who give me joy and pride every day and I hive thanks everyday for how wonderful generous and inclusive they are.., they as me, do not define my friends by the color of their skin, their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation.
              Hopefully this country will not lose its way..,

    • While it’s true the commandment says “thou shalt not murder,” there is a difference between homicide, which is one human ending the life of another, and murder, where that action is illegal. Killing another human in self defense, or an enemy soldier in combat, is homicide. It is not murder. It’s not a distinction without a difference. You can’t actually believe that there is no moral difference between, for example, the police officers who killed the San Bernardino shooters last December, and the shooters themselves, just because they both ended another human life. It’s entirely consistent to believe that a human being can forfeit their right to life by taking or threatening the lives of others. An unborn child conceived via consensual sex, on the other hand, has done nothing to deserve a death sentence.

      • Yes, Bruton we justify killing all the time, abortion is killing and can be justified, by man, which is why it is allowed in America.

        God’s mercy and grace follows us; mere mortals of the dust

  29. I did not say i advocated for that, but i do advicate for having healthcare for all, for public schools, for free daycare, for equal pay, and for working for those in need .

  30. I do not think Joe is a troll, i think he is a catholic with only one issue … a man Who has no compassion and one that thinks he has the whole truth, just because he has sat with another fanatic priest and other fanatic men whose only causes is abortion and women issues, they sit and spill the hate under the guise of church and faith and do nothing for their neighbor! It is futile to try and have a conversation with fanatics, and the sad part is that they are used during elections by people like Trump, who one day are pro women rights and the next due to convenience are against it, but always are selfish racist and bigots – mysoginist xenophobes, and I mean Trump!

  31. I have been reading the words of Pastor John Pavlovitz for a number of years with great respect for his insight, compassion, and humanity, all of which are deeply grounded in his understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    His open letter to Hillary Clinton prompted me to become a part of the discussion(s) spawned by this specific blog.

    As probably one of the only, if not the only Jew, who engages with Pastor John’s lessons, I have to say I have been intrigued and dismayed by much of what I have seen over the past several days.

    Many of you, Anonymous, Joe Catholic, and others, claim, in your comments to know, with great certainty to know exactly what Jesus and the writes of The Bible meant when they said this or that. I hear in your words the rigid certainty of Biblical literalists who cherry pick what it is they want to follow or believe.

    Anonymous says in one of his/her posts that “the Bible is VERY Clear” on the issue of abortion. Actually it is not. It is, however, clear about murder – “thou shalt not…” Modern Christians have extended “thou shalt not murder” to include unborn fetuses, where Torah – The Bible – does not, but that is a discussion for another day. The very first commandment in the Bible is about giving birth and all it says, “be fruitful and multiply,” and that is all it says about bringing life into this world.

    For those of you who are so sure The Bible is the exact, unabridged, unchanged, unchanging, word of God consider this: The Bible is very clear about a number of things other than abortion, none of which you seem to care one whit about – the need to determine the price for selling a daughter into slavery, the fact that you can sell a daughter into slavery, the requirement to murder those who do not observe the Sabbath (we quickly need to return to the days of the Sabbath Blue Laws to save millions of lives), the punishment for touching the skin of a pig, the need to stone an unruly son, the admonition against putting a stumbling block before the blind, the commandment to not put one’s thumb on the scale when weighing product, the commandment to pay your workers before sundown each day, the commandment to not mix threads of a different kind in a single garment, the commandment not to eat unclean/non-kosher animals (the original commandment was to eat only fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, but god changed his/her mind because humans protested), and the list goes on. But many of you Biblical literalists seem not care about any of these. They are all in the Bible and no less the word of God – assuming you really believe the entire Bible to be the actual word of God, not just the parts that fit your personal belief system.

    For those of you who are so certain you understand the true word of God, I offer this short video segment from an episode of West Wing:

    It is astonishing to me that Christians can be so sure that any one teaching or any one part of the Bible is the one truth that is to be followed above all others. After all, The New Testament contains four gospels, four different versions of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. Which one is the correct? Which one contains THE teachings and instructions of Jesus? Have any of you ever really wondered why there are 4 gospels? My background teaches me that how things are presented is part of what being is taught. Maybe the lesson of having 4 Gospels is that there is no one truth about Jesus or Jesus’ teachings. Maybe there are 4 gospels because the life and teachings of Jesus are to be a discussion among educated, thinking followers who are constantly searching for the deepest meaning in Jesus’ teachings, not a pedagogical lesson from on high. And, while you may focus on the 4 gospels to justify your personal truth, you cannot ignore the gospels of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, The Gospel of Thomas, the Nag Hammadi documents, the treatise Thunder: Perfect Mind, and many other sacred teachings from the early days of Christianity.

    If there is only one truth, why are there so many versions/denominations of Christianity?

    Organized religion by its very nature is tribal, triumphalist, arrogant, sometimes ignorant, and fully capable of promoting God inspired violence and murder. When any one religion claims to define God in its own limited way we diminish God, and miss many of the important teachings contained within our sacred texts. When we limit the description of God to an incomplete, imperfect, and inadequate number of attributes that only serve to describe the God of our particular religious beliefs we limit and diminish the nature of the Divine, and ignore the deeper, more expansive, more spiritual, understanding of The One that is All. When we limit our description, and therefore our understanding of God to a few descriptors, we foolishly ignore what God says in Isaiah 45:5-7, “I am the One Who Is; there is nothing else. Beside Me, there is no god… I form light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil – I, the One Who Is, do all these things.”

    When Moses askes God who shall I say sent me (to the Jews enslaved in Egypt) God responds – “Ehyeh asher ehyeh,” I will be what I will be. In responding that way God is teaching us that God is not a Supreme Being, not a being at all, but being itself. God, the Divine, Ultimate Reality, however named, is all things and their opposite, and everything in between, and all life is a manifestation of that Ultimate Reality, in time and space. And our highest calling is to know that Ultimate Reality, and to be a blessing to all the families of the earth. Jesus understood that and taught us that saying, “Before Abraham was – I am” (John 8:58), and “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” John 11:25-26

    God, however named, is the endless process of birthing, dying, and rebirthing. Knowing you are a manifestation of this process, you embrace all of it with equanimity. Imagining you are apart from this process, equanimity is lost and death becomes a constant worry. Why would we ever want limit to nature and Reality of The One that is All to just the teachings of one religion, one sacred text, one small and limited human mind and ego?

    My friends, can any one of us really say with any certainty that we know exactly what God, or any of our sacred texts are commanding us to do?

    All is God.

    God, however named, is All.

    • So, that part you follow from the BIBLE… I guess you are not a catholic because you are bringing up the Bible! And by the way Jesus was a Jew, a practicing Jew until the day he died! There he was talking about hisJewish followers. The Catholic or orthodox religion and the Bible started much later under Paul’s teachings… first in Greece then in Rome. While you are studying the cathequism maybe you should also read some history books

    • Thank you for your perspective—which just happens to be very excellent. My fundie friends who delve into the history of Judaism and the real meaning of the Bible usually come back “changed people.”

    • The church of God is not a temple system. It is all people who are called by God after hearing the message of Jesus and who follow his teachings. In my opinion they don’t have to be a member of any church denomination but many are- but there are also those who are not in a formal or organized church but they believe and have faith.

  32. Joe, you sure are trying awfully hard to make your point. So much energy!!!
    Agree to disagree. I would be very interested in hearing your point of view, 6, 12,18,24 months from now. That is, if we’re not already dead from his lack of knowledge or experience. Lord forbid, some one say something that he disagrees with. You won’t have to worry about abortion. While you’re so worried about abortion, he’s going to be screwing everybody else. I’m sorry for you sir. You have the right to your opinions and thoughts as do I. That doesn’t mean it’s correct. Speak with God about it. You’re not going to change anyones mind here anymore than we will change yours. Go get some sleep. You must be exhausted!

  33. If you think trumper is a “better” alternative, you aren’t much of a christian…and please do not tell me he has “changed” and will become a better person now that he has been elected. He displays the temperament and abilities of a four-year-old who has been spoiled rotten…he is uninterested in learning anything…he will probably do little or nothing of value for anyone but his cronies …and you think Hillary Clinton was bad. You poor, pathetic sap. Darlin, ignorance can usually be cured with education…stupidity, on the other hand, is forever. Now, I wonder which you are. Shall we guess?

    • Hillary Clinton has committed treason against this country on a scale virtually unprecedented. Yes, she is worse than Trump.

      • State the facts found by any law or governmental entity. I see you parroting what others say, yell, scream or try riling others up. People like yourself will believe almost anything.

  34. No it doesn’t preclude abortions, the sad thing is that republicans in general and some Christians think that only the fetus is important and they demostrate itby always trying to pass laws that remove all sid to the poor, remove medicare for the eldery, remove healthcare for children and the poor… it is not leftist saying, it is what republicans have done… and lowering taxes on millionaires… it brought us to the almost depression of 2008 and will probably happen again.
    I do not think any woman think it is a great thing to have an abortion. It is an excruciating decision and one that follows them for the rest of their lives, even when it is a natural miscarriage. It is so amusing how men are always so righteous on women issues, why is that? Why aren’t women forging those laws? Education always gets cut by republicans … with more dducation less abortions… you know who has the most sbortions??

  35. Joe, with due respect sir. You eating crow isn’t going to matter with the damage your candidate is going to ensue. While you’re eating crow; the rest of America will be desperately trying to clean up his mess. Besides the one issue and voting…Did you bother to do any research on him. The man is evil. I wish I could say I have faith in him,vbut I just don’t. His history speaks for itself.

    • Well it seems the swamp is filling up with bigger alligators and monsters than there has ever been. The person for education a millionsire ho is against public schools, the secretary of state nominee has ties to Russia, the environment under a person who doesn’t believe in climate change, all millionsires, most belong to Wall Street and the rest are his donors… talk about pay to play team!! Exactly in what has things improving because of Trump? He is not on the job, his policies are not what is running the economy… the deal with Sprint was a deal done since before the elections by the current government. So what exactly has he done? P off China?

  36. The noose tightens:

    28 Dec 2016, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled two Federal Agencies failed to follow mandated enforcement action to recover emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server.
    The judges ruled “nothing the (State) Department did (either before or after complaints were filed) gave appellants what they wanted. Instead of proceeding through the Attorney General, the department asked the former secretary to return her emails voluntarily and similarly requested that the FBI share any records it obtained.”

    Take away – state dept officials & Hillary, et al, will remain subjects to the on going criminal investigation into violating national security laws, federal disclosure laws, perjury and corruption.

  37. the president won’t control how your children act. its how you raise them as a parent and the fact of teaching them right from wrong

  38. Thank you for this article and this website. It is good to know I am not alone and connect with others that feel the same way.
    And, yes, thank you Hillary for fighting the good fight, for standing up for something and for the struggle and sacrifice you have made.

  39. Joe,
    I do not agree with all of my church’s teachings. The ones I have most difficulty with are the teachings on Contraception and Homosexuality.
    I am opposed to Abortion but I find that using laws/secular police forces to prevent it is damaging to the human dignity of women and thus, yes a sin. Further ,I believe that embracing a lesser sin such as this to prevent a greater sin, abortion, when it is not necessary is a spiritual shortcut, a lazy choice.
    Finally, I think it is inherently sinful to use the church’s teachings as a new law. Christ came to fulfill the law not to establish a new, better one defined by men in his name. Complete adherence to the church’s teachings would not make me any more qualified for redemption than I already am based on my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Embracing the idea that better compliance to the Church’s teaching makes you better than someone else is a rejection of Christ’s gift of salvation.

    Peace Joe

    • Unfortunately Joe you are adhering to doctrines made by men not by God. So you are indeed following rules that wrongly encumber people. I have a question fro you Joe Catholic.

      What did Jesus mean by freedom?

  40. Joe,
    With all due respect I am a practicing Catholic. You and I will need to disagree on this.
    In addition I believe that laws will not change hearts, but rather do the opposite. Imagine you are a women in poverty raising a child alone that you did not want but were forced to bear. How will you feel about the church? More importantly, how will you feel about a God who condones this? I can only imagine how the women’s heart would be hardened against God, believing him to have enslaved her?

    • Christopher thanks for the wisdom. You are right, all the law does is show us our sin and makes us feel condemned and separated from God. Even Saint Paul recognized this.

  41. I pray the mass.
    I confess my sins.
    I love my neighbor.
    I pray daily.
    I forgive those who sin against me.
    I seek daily to understand God’s Will for my life better.
    I seek first to understand rather than be understood.
    I recognize that I am unqualified to throw the first stone.
    I know that if I have not love then I am as nothing.

  42. Joe you are advocating for your understanding of Catholicism and I am advocating for mine. I believe you are not hearing the message God is sending to his church through our current pope. Your preaching is legalistic and totally lacking in compassion. You prattle on about the church but never mention Christ. How has the Year of Mercy helped you grow in your faith, or did you simply endure the inconvenience and distraction from what you feel is important? The Catholic Church is far broader, more welcoming and inclusive than you are willing to be on this forum. What fear holds you back from this?

  43. Joe,
    You have shown no compassion on this blog. None. You are hiding behind a legalistic interpretation of Catholicism so that you do not have to trust in God’s forgiveness. You are playing it safe and if you want to become a Christian as well as a Catholic you have to have a religiosity that is based primarily in a trust of God’s mercy, not it your actions. You are like St. Paul before the road to Damascus. I pray that you will permit the Holy Spirit to lead you to turn toward God.

    • Joe Catholic, I know Catholics and from what I have read from you on this blog, in my opinion, you are not the best representative. In fact your comments are much more akin to protestant fundamentalism, except for when you mention rituals and specific doctrines. That leads me to believe you are a dogmatic Catholic; unyielding when it comes to tradition. Yet there are movements in Catholicism which are embracing change.

      • Divorce is not a sin (for example). It was allowed. Polygamy was allowed. There is nothing saying masturbation is a sin in the Bible or contraception either, or a lot of things your church says is sin.

        The men who made your church doctrine added things back to make people follow rules again after Jesus gave us the principles of the two great commandments. Love God and love others as yourself, which is all we need to guide us.

        The rituals your church has can be helpful to some as a form of practice, the liturgy is beautiful but none of those things are necessary for salvation or blessings or life.

        • And there is a move by Pope Francis to allow divorce and priests to marry. It is a positive beginning for a church steeped in archaic traditions.

  44. Joe,
    I am representing the Catholic Faith as God gives me the wisdom to see it. I pray that over what is left of my time here on earth that through God’s Grace I will grow in that understanding and I further pray the same for you. I freely admit that there are teachings of the church that I cannot accept at the present time. That is not a rejection of those teachings. I have not given up on understanding how they represent God’s love for his creation but until I do I cannot represent them properly.

  45. Joe,
    The church does change. Look at some of the shameful teachings about Jews that have been rejected and rightfully apologized for. The church belongs to Christ and he leads it through the Holy Spirit but unfortunately we sinners often do a poor job of following and that leads us to realize that we have misunderstood. It took us a millennium and a half to realize that Mary was assumed into heaven.

    • “There is one church and one dogma for all people for all ages until Christ returns.”

      That statement comes off as fundamental stubbornness to me.

  46. Develops vs changes seems like semantics to me. Also, Transubstantiation was not declared church doctrine until the Fourth Lateran Council in the mid 1500s, hardly from the beginning. I know that there were those asserting this much earlier but it was not official doctrine until then.

  47. Joe,
    Thrugh the grace of the holy spirit I have come to understand that the bread and wine are the body and blood of Jesus. As I indicated there were those who believed in Transubstantiation, in the early church but it was not doctrine, . Btw, Transubstantiation is a very precise term as opposed to the a reference to an undefined “Presence of our Lord”. Whereever 2 or 3 are gathered the Lord is Present but this is very different from the bread becoming the body of Christ and the Wine the Blood of Christ. As Catholics we experience the difference in our worship frequently. Christians that do not believe in Transubstantiation believe that The Lord is Present in their services.

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  49. thanks for supporting me after the private email thing and the benghazi thing and the stealing the nomination from bernie thing and the clinton global initiative pay for play thing .

    I love people who never asked for much

    I also love power, and sadly, I no longer have any
    I know you all must be dealing with that too, now.

    • Dear Hillary,
      I can’t believe I ran across this note to your many, many fans. To think of the hell I totally put you through with the election…You know with all of the name calling and blatant lies…I thought for certain you would have won. But then again…The news media had it right all along when they stated that the American people I was reaching was actually the uneducated and just plain ignorant. Bless their hearts. They fell for each and every single lie I told. I just couldn’t believe it. You can imagine when I stated I was going to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it?LOL! Regardless of how many times they said they wouldn’t. LOL!
      I will say, I thought it was brilliant of you to use my own words in your campaign to tell the American people the truth of who I am. LOL! Can you believe they still fell for it. You would think after not paying employees for completed work, my many failed businesses…Trump Steaks/Trump Casinos/Trump wine …Trump! Trump! Trump! Surprisingly, I never, ever get tired of hearing my own name. The bankruptcies, not paying taxes for nearly 20 years. I can’t believe I still won. I will give credit where credit is due. I did get a little help from Russia. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m secretly in love with Putin. I’ve grown tired of Melania. She is so beautiful and obedient, just like all women should be. Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Russia’s own personal friend Rex Tillerson. I knew I would finally meet my dream man. I know that may make me sound like a disgusting pig…Maybe I am. But my support, respect and Love for Putin is just far too deep. Thank goodness the media spent so much time on your ridiculous EMails and your whole server thing. I like that idea so much I will probably do the same thing. I mean seriously…If Colin Powell and Connie Rice can do it.. why can’t the Donald?
      Sorry about the whole Wall Street mumbo jumbo. I had to distract the public as to not draw any attention to what my plans were. Can you believe I actually have five cabinet members from Goldman Sachs? Five! LOL I’m going to destroy education by hoping hiring DeVos. She’s such an idiot…But hey….If I can get elected and turn America into a dictatorship, why can’t I have someone to destroy education. Things are moving nicely Hillary. Jeff Sessions should soon be appointed. You know…That racist pig Senator? Yep…That was the cherry on top of the ole tree.
      I will say to you personally…I forgive you Hillary. You ran a clean and fair campaign. The news. Media was distracted by all of the stupid stuff I was saying and doing…They just didn’t give you the attention you deserved. I do forgive you for beating the living crap out of me with that 3 million extra votes for popularity. One would think that would have sealed the deal, but me and the help I got from Russia and the whole “Comey” fiasco. You just didn’t have a chance.
      So sorry you lost Hillary. I’ve got 4 years to wreak havoc, destroy any type of relationship with our allies, divide people preach the hate I did while campaigning.
      Best of luck to you. Even though you were the best choice…It just couldn’t compete with my lies and deseption.
      X’s and O’s always..
      The Donald.
      P.S. You don’t have to call me Mr. President. I know you didn’t vote for me and let’s face it.. I’m really NOT legitimate.

  50. Everything wrote made a bunch of sense. But, what about this?
    suppose you wrote a catchier post title? I ain’t
    saying your content is not good, however suppose you added a title that makes people want more?
    I mean Thank You, Hillary. | john pavlovitz is kinda vanilla.
    You might look at Yahoo’s front page and see how they write article
    titles to grab viewers to open the links. You might try adding a video or a
    pic or two to get readers interested about what you’ve written. In my opinion, it would make your website a little
    bit more interesting.

  51. I clicked on this thinking it would be truthful. Something like, thank you Hillary for the lies you told in order to get as far as you did in politics. Thank you Hillary for the people you had murdered so they couldn’t testify against you. Thank you Hillary for abandoning our military and putting Americans in harm’s way. Thank you Hillary for helping Obama give weapons to Mexican drug dealers, and etc. It is sickening that people are fawning all over a woman like her. If you really want a woman for president at least choose someone who is not a criminal.

  52. Hillary Clinton was persecuted by the Christian right in this country just like Jesus was persecuted and crucified. Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do. Each time the Christian right shouted “Lock Her Up” I heard the crowds in Jerusalem that chanted “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.” Hillary Clinton was persecuted for her faith, that is the absolute truth, and it was totally wrong. I write about this on The Christian right does not understand what Jesus’ life was all about at all because they are perpetuating the same attitudes and beliefs as those who opposed Jesus when He walked the earth. Sincerely, Diane K. Olson

  53. Well folks
    this is the only Goup of leaders who had more people in thier group die misteriously of unknow events than any other past politicians.
    and america was asleep while it happened.
    More corruption
    More Deception
    More Wealth to the top tier
    More Lies to the Dumb , ungodly, Pleasure seeking society of americans
    While you were partying and playing , and asleep the corrupt leaders Fleeced all they could get from the top down , took advantage of society and YES I believe this is How God , True, Holy, Just God judges a Nation of Sin.
    Judgement is for Sin, Rebellion, Walking Away From, leaving God
    Repent , Change, Come back to a Holy, Just, true God who does Not Tolerate Sin in ones heart.
    Holy, Just, Pure, Yes loving God, Yes right to the end HE wants YOU back , No matter what you have done, How you have screwed up life.
    God is always Forgiving, loving, welcoming repentant hearts who want Holiness
    God is waiting
    Cry out to him today
    Pray in sadness, Pray in Happiness, Pray for people around you , Pray for his people to repent , hear his voice, turn to Him, and follow his precepts

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