Goodbye, 2016—You Were a Real Jerk

Dear 2016,

You need to leave already.

I’ve waited nearly 12 full months for you to get your act together and to act like you were in this thing with me, but it’s clear you’re fully committed to being a complete and utter jerk—and you have to go.

You took David Bowie.
You took Prince,
and Muhammad Ali,
and Alan Rickman,
and George Michael,
and Carrie Fisher,
and Debby Reynolds—and that’s just the short list.

Seriously, I know you’re contractually obligated to some subtraction, but how much beauty and creativity and passion and purpose are you going to steal from us? As if the world wasn’t already starved for poetry and short on dreams. As if we were fully saturated with songs and color. As if we were overflowing with reasons to dance.

And it would be one thing if you gave us something in return, but let’s look at your most notable contribution to humanity since you arrived here: the election of the most incompetent, unstable, vile, dangerous American President in history—and with that we’ve lost more notable things this year:

Civil discourse.

An unpolluted electoral process.
Any illusions that racism and homophobia and misogyny were waning. 

Hopes of greater equality for marginalized communities.
Dreams of our first woman President.

Simple pride in being an American.

This is largely your legacy, 2016: bigotry, fear, violence, hopelessness, embarrassment, grief—and stealing the guy who wrote Purple Rain.

Nice. Freakin’. Work.

I’d like to say it’s not you, it’s me—but it is you. It’s most definitely you. I’ve been able to get along with every other year, as temperamental, belligerent, sad, and disorienting as they could be at times. Heck, even when 2013 abruptly took my father, we were somehow able to make it work. But I’m afraid our differences are irreconcilable. I’m afraid this thing is beyond fixing. The wounds of the past twelve months are just too invasive and the scars likely to be excruciatingly slow to fade.

No, 2016, you’ve long overstayed your welcome and I’m not at all sorry to see you go. Yes, I’m tired and irritable, and maybe in a year or two I’ll look back on you more fondly. Perhaps down the road I’ll be able to discern your more redeeming qualities and speak of you to my friends with some affection. But right now I’ve about had it with your funerals and your terror and the fully horrible stuff you’ve kept trending in the news and in my heart—and I’m gladly turning the page on you.

And I know I’m not alone in this. I know that I’m in good company with those decent, compassionate, loving souls celebrating your exit, asking you to see yourself to the door, and giving you half a peace sign as you leave. We’ll all carry each other through this and we’ll persevere, and we’ll live well together as our greatest response to the Hell you’ve put us through, but it’s only because we have no other choice. 

Maybe years are just arbitrary measurements but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Either way the calendar is ushering you out before you do any more damage, and for that we’ll all raise a glass and we’ll dance and we’ll party like it’s 1999. 

As Groucho Marx once said, “Go, and never darken my towels again!”

Goodbye 2016—you were a real jerk.




159 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2016—You Were a Real Jerk

  1. Tonight NBC listed ALL the people we lost in 2016. It was a very long list and included some of the most inspiring people I’ve known. However, our local NBC station just had on a list of some of the people in the news — just regular people — who did things that helped others or even saved lives. Yes, it has been a frickin’ bad year as far as the major headlines, but there are a lot — a WHOLE LOT — of people who have been the counter to what the “celebrity” politicians seem to want us to believe is the “new” American culture. NO! NO! Our country is still great and God is still alive and working the lives of the majority of us!

  2. 2016 may bring us (down the road) a progressive accepting inclusive society- in response to exactly what we’ve all just experienced. I’ll admit I’m not holding my breath. I think too many will still have to die off first. But hey! Thanks for writing and being a part of the good fight. Maybe one day we won’t have to fight for equality anymore- and maybe- like- never again.

  3. I don’t know what you’re griping about. I’m very proud to be an American. Seriously, why do you openly display this much contempt for your fellow countrymen? You have a deep problem with oikophobia.

    • He almost never responds, but I will. It is because the approximately 50 percent of the American people outside of the liberal/progressive/mainline Christian circle do not just hold you in contempt. We actually think you are bottom feeders who live a unique “mind world” of your own creation that is way, way, way, way, way, way, way beneath mere contempt. Therefore, when we identify people like you as “deplorable” or “contemptible,” we are actually being nice and polite to you. You would not even want to come near the in-depth book we could write about how you guys really are. Does that help? Happy New Year to you!!!!

      • Okay, awesome! So you absolutely despise your fellow Americans. We’re evil and complete scum. Hey, keep preaching that message. Keep telling everyone who voted for Trump what awful, horrible scum they are, okay?

        It’s a good thing you’re better than us, because otherwise, you would be a nasty, judgmental, intolerant person for saying this. And you’re not judgmental, are you? No, you would never judge another because you’re a good person, unlike me.

        • “Keep telling everyone who voted for Trump what awful, horrible scum they are, okay?”

          You guys have told the rest of us what awful, horrible scum we are for the past eight years. Why should we be any different during the next four?

          • “Why should we be any different during the next four?”

            Because if you want to criticize Trump supporters, it’s pretty hypocritical to behave as they do.

              • Wow. Not terribly bright, are you? That would, in most people’s minds, not count as a different category in the context of “Actions speak louder than words.”

                • Definition of action:

                  “the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.”

                  Yes, I would say typing on the keyboard the desire of you heart is activity.

                  It’s an interesting paradox- these words- these actions- these things we do and say- and do while saying them.

      • “I appreciate the Christian tolerance and generosity on display here.”

        Says the guy who voted for the guy that advocates intolerance for just about anybody but other rich white guys and who cheated thousands of students out of millions of dollars.

      • Hey Zak!!tolerance is as Tolerance does!! What you coming in here for? Loves to stir up the s*** you do!! alrighty then!! you’re going to get some ol’ blow back on you hey?
        You! hypocrite lecteur!—mon semblable,—mon frère!”
        Charles baudelaire

          • You’re very right. Thus, for instance, Christians should not tolerate the evil doctrines of Islam, nor the evil falsehoods of the LGBTSTFU movement.

            • If there is evil happening in the doctrines of Islam and the LGBTQ movement we should not tolerate those evils however keep in mind Islam and the LGBT movement as a whole are not evil. The LGBTQ movement has done a lot of good and there are many good Muslim people.

  4. Amen and amen! You know a year is bad when not even seeing one’s granddaughter after 6 years and the miracle of the arrival of a second granddaughter whom her mother didn’t even know was coming can make it ok. 2016 can take a long walk off a short pier into very deep water wearing concrete boots.

  5. John, I have agreed with many of your posts but never have I agreed with you more. 2016 can take a long walk off a short pier. This year has been the worst that I can remember. I’m saddened at the loss of Prince, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher. But more than that, I’m saddened for the loss of common sense and civility in our country. The next four years are going to be long and arduous, and the words God bless America never more important or true.

    • Well. You know what Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals like the late Adrian Rogers would say? “God does not hear the prayer of a Jew.” Rogers believed that the Jewish sin of failure to believe in Jesus was a huge vision and noise screen set between God and the Jews so that God could no longer see them or hear their prayers. If Rogers was correct, Donald Trump and his followers would almost certainly have a similar screen set between America and God so that God can no longer see the United States, hear the cries of its anguished people, or answer the many prayers of its people. He would further say that God will relent and hear our prayers only after Donald Trump and the Trumpite Republicans repent of their many sins in sack cloth and ashes—and really mean it. Do not hold your breath.

  6. You are the most amazing writer! I have become a follower, as reading your blog reminds me that there are intelligent people out there who “see” what’s going on, feel it all around them, and know there is a battle of the minds that may be the greatest battle we have faced in our tumultuous history. You have your finger on the pulse of America, or at least, into the inquiring minds of those who are willing to “see”. In a strange way, President Snow’s inauguration (my pseudonum for Trump) is bringing about conversations, and opening doors into the minds of our friends, relatives, and citizens, that will force America to change for the better. I call it the Pavlov’s dog theory of negative reinforcement. I have come to realize that his craziness is forcing every American to think about their values, and to draw a line in the sand of what is acceptable, what is necessary, and what kind of world we want to live in, and what America must become in order to take back what makes us great. So, by proxy, America is better for Trump because his negativity is forcing us to examine ours. Just my theory. But it feels to me like we are entering the Hunger Games. Let the games begin…..

  7. OMG: Now he’s Zaklog. But at least Joe/benny/Annon/ etc. admits he’s deplorable. It’s a step in the right direction… LOL

    • Yes, because there is only one person in the whole world who disagrees with you who pops up here using different names—obviously.

        • My, you know a great deal about the state of my soul from a few internet posts. If you weren’t such a righteous, “inclusive” Christian, I might call this post judgmental, but that can’t be right, can it? Because you’re one of the good people.

          • … people will discern things about you from what you say and will respond to you,

            … let it challenge you

  8. Yes, the year 2016 was one of the worst years since 1776. As a historian, I strongly believe it will be remembered by future human generations (if there are any people still left) as the year when:

    (1) The American people totally screwed themselves at the voting booth.

    (2) We learned Thomas Jefferson was wrong about the common man and voting.

    (3) Americans proved that Alexander Hamilton’s disdain for the common American man and woman was 100 percent correct—because about 97 percent of the American people are just plain, common, and ignorant peasants fully deserving of the disdain of wealthy and highly educated elites.

    (4) We lost forever the life-sustaining spaceship Earth when it could have otherwise been saved and nurtured as God’s Garden that we humans were charged with caring for in the name of Jesus. Because of this loss, trillions of dollars worth of property and many millions of human lives will be lost in the coming decades and centuries. Environmental science is not about saving the Earth as part of some pagan, tree-hugger fantasy. It is all about saving human property and human lives—because as the Apollo 13 astronauts discovered the hard way—when you lose your spaceship—you lose the lives of those in it. “Houston, we have a problem.”

      • Just saying what Alexander Hamilton would say if he were alive right now. He would admire Trump’s wealth—but he would concede that he is an English fool in everything else but making money.

        • Well, Hamilton disliked slavery and loved crony capitalism, so he’d probably be pretty happy with how things turned out. He would be disturbed by the low caliber of writing on social media, though.

  9. There have been a lot of celebrity deaths (kids dying of cancer continues apace, but they don’t make the news, so screw ’em) but it’s really bizarre to conflate the election of a candidate you don’t like to the death of a human being. I know this is a politics blog, but still.

      • Kevin. I think we already got about as close to a dictator as it is possible to get on November 8, 2016—considering the impediments to dictatorship that the U.S. Constitution provides. Maybe trump will fin d a way to rip that up too.

        • He may not rip it up but he will surely shit all over it. Then he will tell us it’s a beautiful, tremendous shit!

      • Dear Kevin Sawyer:

        Then thank God for democratic elections! Who knows what beastly powers might have arisen had democratic elections not protected the German Republic in the 1930s!


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  11. I’m trying to envision what youth group is like with this guy at the helm. I’m envisioning a bunch of tinfoil hat political rants with teenagers sort of staring off into space and feeling awkward. But maybe Pavlovitz is a nice, reasonable person in real life and leaves the ranting (in bold) to his blog persona. Either way, who subjects their kid to this?

  12. But seriously folks, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads and posts here a Happy New Year. I know we throw a lot of darts at each other in our repartee because we are so passionate about what we believe and support. However, down beneath it all, I really love you guys—even the conservatives, fundies, and one tunnel vision Catholic. If any one of you were in trouble or sick and I had the means to do so, I would gladly help you, take you to the hospital, etc. If Kim Jong Un and the Iranian Ayatollahs charge our barricades, I will gladly grab the nearest firearm and stand shoulder to shoulder with you all.

    Have fun tonight and remember to use a designated driver who is not drinking to take you home—or let the bartender have his guy send you home by his designated driver. We really would miss you if you were gone.

    We are just doing the usual New Year’s Eve here at the house. Watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, hoping for some good music, and nibbling around on a bunch of snacks laid out on a table in the kitchen. My 15-year-old son and I are watching some football as we channel surf. We have candles lit, a fire in the fire place, and all the Christmas lights going. I plan to sneak a little Jack Daniels and eggnog—but not too much. My son is drinking Pepsi and some sparkling grape juice—to wash down his pizza.


  13. I wonder why someone would go on a blog comment site just to pee on everyone else’s corn flakes. It must be so exhausting being a hammer and seeing everyone else as a nail – and sad and lonely. Seriously, can’t you find a blog site you agree with ? I am so happy to have found John’s blog. He acknowledges the darkness I see and feel but reenforces that there is light in our God, our family, our friends, ourselves, our humanity and in our strength not to bend to ugliness.

    • Tell me, is it “ugly” to falsify a “hate crime” against yourself for the primary purpose of vilifying your political opponents? Because, you see, there’s been quite a bit of that the past couple of months from your allies, and Johnny Boy hasn’t said a single word about it that I’ve heard.

      • What is false is your suggestion. Think about this , there are the bullies and there the victims. It’s really hard to be calm and polite flowery in the face of Trump’s bigotry and hate mongering. What I see in John Pavlovitz is someone willing to stand up to the bullies. It’s not easy to say calmly please be nice to people, in the face of a man who thinks you should be taken out on a streatcher. Peoel are doing the best we can to confront and resist Trump’s deplorable rhetoric.

        • “Peoel are doing the best we can to confront and resist Trump’s deplorable rhetoric.”

          By responding in kind.

          • Not everyone not all the time but it is more understandable when people are angry or
            Speaking up against injustice.

          • It’s the way I communicate. I like to get to the heart of the matter in the simplest way with the fewest amount of words.

            btw, there is plenty of hate all around us in all the different camps. But there are also those trying to learn how to love in the midst of it.

            We can choose differently and if we want to be truly inclusive we will have to learn how to love our enemies better. It is hard work to resist retaliation. We can do it though.

            Resist retaliation.

            • It’s kind of funny. I’ve provided examples both of fake “hate crimes” to slander Trump supporters and of actual crimes against people for voting Trump. All you’ve provided are vague accusations and vaguer claims that both sides do it. Why? Why can you not provide actual, specific examples?

              • I made up my mind during the campaign after watching live footage of Trump and his supporters in action. I did not watch the news. I watched live or taped clips with raw footage. I don’t listen to pundits or have an echo chamber i belong to or a news channel or news group I subscribe to. I read widely.

                As well, during the campaign many people said that despite what they knew about Trump’s hostile rhetoric and sexual indiscretions they would vote for him. It is a well known fact that Trump ran a hostile anti-muslim anti-immigrant campaign and it is well known that he made unwanted sexual advances on women. I actually don’t need to prove anything.

        • you need kindness, are hurting?

          you need understanding, are you misunderstood?

          you need help, have you fallen down?

    • I also must say I think it’s hilarious how worked up all of you are getting over a single voice of dissent. Are you all really that insulated from outside opinions that one person saying otherwise is that troubling to you?

      • Zak. I don’t think it’s that people have been so isolated. The thing you need to take a breather and recall is that most of the people who visit John’s blog are people who have been hurt, bullied, and otherwise beat up in life. You have people who have been kicked out into the street by parents, people who have lost friends because a child of theirs is gay or transgender, people who have been kicked out of a church they dearly loved, people who are barely scraping by financially to make it from one day to the next, etc. Hurting people come here. It might also be helpful for you to know that most of the people who come here to John’s blog come as followers of Jesus—not followers of John Pavlovitz in the sense that you follow the Pope or some fundie follows Jerry Falwell, Jr. or Kenneth Copeland. John just speaks good, loving, and kind words that soothe the hurting soul—and happen to agree with what visitors have already concluded on their own independent of Pavlovitz. If a fire hydrant were speaking similarly kind, loving, and soothing words, they would be gathered there instead of here just to hear the words—not to be a follower of the fire hydrant.

        You might consider giving all these hurting people a break.

        • If you’re so concerned about “hurting people”, have you considered calling out your ideological allies to stop doing that? You know, like by destroying a person’s business because they don’t want to contribute to something they consider wrong, or by faking a hate crime against yourself to slander the opposition, or by ignoring actual real-world violence with real police reports and/or video evidence when it is done against the “bad people”. Have you ever spoken against that stuff? Has John?

          • It says in the Bible Jesus said, ‘But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.”

            There is no greater violence than words.

            This is why fake news and rumours are so effective but don’t be mistaken, God judges us by those words. It also is written in the bible that Jesus said, “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

              • Sure I can understand how you would think what I am saying is foolish. But it says in the Bible God looks at the heart. He does that because that is where rape originates.

                There is no greater violence than words. Hard for you to accept that your words can embody violence.

                It says in the Bible Jesus was, as a man, word in flesh. Our words matter. Our words bring to life th desires of our heart. People use words in violence against others and even though they do not spill blood God holds them accountable as if they have committed murder. Read all of f Matthew 5

                • Well, I’d rather my daughter be called a bad name than be raped.

                  Either way, Hillary is hardly a shining example of warm-hearted verbal expression.

                  • Here is the thing, We are not making an argument, for or against rape, in terms of total damage and cost to the body or emotions; even though the level of violence is crucial to reparations or punishment.

                    Rather the value is placed on the spirit of the intent to harm and have power over ‘the other’ or humiliate them. It is the heart’s desire, from which that evil originates, which disqualifies us in God’s sight.

        • “John just speaks good, loving, and kind words that soothe the hurting soul”

          So long as you agree with his politics. Quite like Falwell in that way.

          • I agree Kevin not all John Pavlovitz words are a comfort some are down right controversial because he speak out against injustice and bigotry.

            And those words hurt the bigots and the unjust both hidden and apparent.

            • I suspect that the money changers in the temple were hurt by Jesus’s words. Should he have remained silent?

              • If speaking up meant defending one set of money changers over another, than silence would have been the best course.

                • Silence is not always the best course. We should all speak our hearts openly and if we disagree let’s talk about it, argue and be open to each other and learn from each other. That’s how we do it in our family. That’s how we resolve our gripes and hurts

              • I am not catholic and I visit Catholic Online all the time. I also read Desiring God, The Gospel Coaltion, John Pavlovitz and other various websites conservative, progressive, catholic, evangelical.

                I glean good things form all and question the things that are not so good.

                No one has a monopoly on Truth.

      • How tedious. Doesn’t it hurt to keep hammering your own head? Try to find something you are not guilty of. Is there no joy in your life? You should be happy with Trump in charge. You won. And yet….here you are.

          • Burning sulphur, ugh. Penthouses have been, and soon a White House will be, quite hellish. Will give off quite a glow of pride, arrogance, on and on… considering the occupant.

    • “I wonder why someone would go on a blog comment site just to pee on everyone else’s corn flakes.”

      Well, this blog is devoted to just that. And it’s poorly written, so I’d rather not allow people to assume it is representative of Christianity.

      • You would rather “not allow” people to assume? You are hilarious! Maybe you should start your own blog.

        • I had a blog. I at least took the time to engage commenters, and didn’t write like a host of a politically-themed panel show.

          • Good for you. If you “allowed” people to offer opinions that you didn’t agree with without seeing them as a nail to be hammered even better. Because from what I have seen that is what John does. You just see it with different eyes.

              • And I see Jerry Falwell Jr. as a ridiculous hypocrite for saying God was working through Trump. I would have thought God would have sent someone a little bit more like Jesus. But, again, my opinion.

                • Not sure what is hypocritical about that. Being an imbecile isn’t hypocritical. I wish Christians would worry less about partisan affiliation generally.

                  • Jesus was all about being partisan when it came to social and economic injustice. Jesus highly criticized the rich and the religious leaders of his time.

                    The best thing. A Christian can do right now is resist Trump politics.

                    • “Jesus was all about being partisan ”

                      I must have missed the part where he declared his party affiliation. Google isn’t helping either.

                    • Tell me, exactly what in Trump politics must Christians resist and why? And, just to be clear, I don’t want vague charges of racism or insane conspiracy theories about registries. What, from Trump’s own words and plans, are Christians obligated to oppose and why?

                      You should really be more cautious here. You are treading very close to violating the second commandment.

                    • I find your questions interesting considering you are being political and adversarial in your own comments here.

                      Christians can expose evil intent and oppose evil ideas both personally and publicly.

                      If that means taking a side and being partisan with respect to issues that harm others, we can do that as well.

                      We must try and keep trying.

                  • Who said anything about being partisan. I am speaking about Trump, the person. The first time I saw Trump on TV, I saw a 70 year old mocking a disabled person for a laugh line in front of an audience. He never hid who he was. I cannot respect this man. You can hammer away but I turned 69 today and I am not about to change my opinion of what makes a man, of what behavior is expected as an adult. We raised 4 boys. They are certainly not perfect but the opposite of what I see in Trump. Thank goodness! If you respect him that is on you. Own it. Personally I think he enjoys crapping on every norm just like any spoiled 9 year old. Now he is going to be President. Please spare us about Clinton or Obama, I have heard the same song for years. They lost. Own your Putin lover.

                    • “Who said anything about being partisan.”

                      Kathy said Jesus was very much partisan, which is nonsense.

                      “The first time I saw Trump on TV, I saw a 70 year old mocking a disabled person for a laugh line in front of an audience. ”

                      FWIW, that’s sort of his go to for making fun of anyone he doesn’t like. Immature, yes, but not mocking disability.

                      “He never hid who he was. I cannot respect this man. ”

                      I don’t understand how anyone could muster much respect for either of the buffoons the major parties gave us.

                      “They lost.”

                      That they did.

                    • Defintion of partisan:

                      “a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.”

                      In terms of elections and party politics we live in democracies. Therefore Christians can participate like anyone else. Being partisan means you can be singleminded with regards to a person as well as a party (see above definition)

                      Jesus was partisan. He stood up for the poor against the wealthy and for the vulnerable against bullies (social justice) and most importantly Jesus was a partisan when it came to God (loving God with all his heart, mind and soul) and not worshipping or idolizing the Emperor in Rome.

                      So, yeah, I think Jesus was partisan in a way which discerned the good from the bad.

  14. Bull…t! Life moves on, change is inevitable, and those who don’t see the realities of what the election said ; are the self absorbed, hypocritical, “me generation,” that lack the true understanding of freedom and diversity. Happy New Year!

  15. Many talk of Comey, WikiLeaks, The Clinton Foundation, E-Mail problems, etc., as the reason Clinton lost. Trump certainly had as much baggage himself. The real reason that she lost was that she had no clear message of her own. Bernie Sanders is what caused her to lose! Hillary is no Sanders accolade or a shill for Elizabeth Warren. If she had ignored the pressure from the far left side of her party and articulated a sensible view of how to improve the country and deal with foreign issues in line with what she really believed she would have won. She had the backing of most of the business world, and is no dove on foreign policy. All she had to do was be herself. But alas, she was scared by the far left, and the millennial voters who she assumed wouldn’t vote for her unless she succumbed. Well the millennials didn’t turn out. She never expressed her real message.

    • “The real reason that she lost was that she had no clear message of her own.”

      Well, she did threaten to put coal miners out of work. Maybe she just wasn’t a very good candidate and, faced with two crappy choices, the nation shrugged? Seems like someone should entertain the possibility.

        • Yeah, a whopping 48% of America showed up to vote for her. Clearly, people were thrilled by their choices.

          • Hillary Clinton is well respected. No matter the reason people did not vote whether they were unable, chose not to or were disenfranchised , of those who did, she was favoured over Trump. Too bad there is an electoral collage if this election was held in Canada she would have won

            • “whether they were unable, chose not to or were disenfranchised , of those who did, she was favoured over Trump. ”

              Or just thought she sucked.

            • Hillary Clinton is well respected.

              For what? What, exactly, has she done to deserve respect? What are her accomplishments?

                • I would qualify that. She married ambitiously. In this case, that is not the same thing as “well”.

                  • Excuse me please. I would like to know how marrying the son of an alcoholic and that son being raised by a single mom in dirt poor circumstances in the undeodorized armpit of America (Arkansas) qualifies as “marrying ambitiously? Can you explain that. If not, I understand. Some things in this world are just unexplainable.

                    • “America (Arkansas) qualifies as “marrying ambitiously? Can you explain that.”

                      Yes. He was class president at Georgetown, a Rhodes scholar who graduated from Oxford and a fellow attendee at Yale law school. It would be difficult for her to have married more ambitiously. His success is the only reason she had a political career at all.

                    • Yup, Spaz Man, Bill Clinton married well and knows it. That’s why he’s spent the last thirty years having sex with just about any woman in his vicinity except Hillary.

                      Do you people actually believe these things, or do you just have to say them to appease your fellows?

                    • Actually—no. Harvard, Oxford, and Yale are not a guarantee of anything other than get a first time job offer at doing something. After that, you are on your own.

      • The Republicans were never going to let her govern anyway – they had “years” of committee works ready to go and they were not going to let her choose a Supreme Court Justice. What does it matter now? TwitterMan Trump obviously can’t let it go – is that why you can’t?

  16. “And now we welcome the new year.
    Full of things that have never been.”

    —Rainer Maria Rilke

    let’s make the best of it.

  17. Well, 2016 is gone now—and so has the election with it. A whole new year stands before us—whether it be for good, for evil, or for both. Regardless of the election, Mr. Trump and his appointees will now either rise or fall on the basis of what they do and what they fail to do, just like every President does—except Obama—who was racially demeaned from the beginning of his two terms. He too will be gone in just a few days. People always make predictions at the beginning of a new year, and I am going to make one here. By the end of 2017, Donald Trump will find that his greatest opposition comes not from the Democrats (who will be resisting him vigorously), but rather from his own party members in Congress, which was the same fate that befell Jimmy Carter—who found himself unable to get along with Tip O’Neal and his Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

    Someone has to rein Mr. Trump in and make him into a respectable President just like in Shaw did for the cockney flower girl in “Pygmalion.” In the world of politics and statesmanship, Mr. Trump is a cockney ingenue. On the Republican side, good men in the houses of Congress ( particularly the U.S. Senate) like John McCain will not allow the Trump administration train to jump the tracks and go in crazy directions—I hope. If they do, this country will be in real trouble.

    So, in 2017, look for a brief 100-day honeymoon between Trump and his Republican Congress—and then watch matters descend into a chaotic situation where Trump finds himself beset by angry Democrats, angry Independents, and angry Republicans in Congress, particularly in the U.S. Senate. Mr. Trump will find himself old, unable to successfully pursue most of his political agenda, and very tired from the “hardest job in the world” —and I suspect he will eventually resign from office voluntarily rather than deal with the intransigence in American government and die in the middle of a BS storm that does not allow him to enjoy his riches and family in his old age.

  18. Dear John,
    You’really getting old, people die, get sick, and elections are a thing. Get over it, did you even see 1968. Get off my back, and make 17 better.
    Sincerely, 2016

  19. Dear JP Reader:

    54% of eligible voters refused to vote. Non-voters as a block are 8% larger than all voters. The remaining 46% includes some 2-3% who voted for other options. Divide the remaining votes roughly equally between the two main candidates, and one thing becomes clear. No candidate has broad support, and in most general terms, the consensus is actually against the governance of the state.

    The national narrative is collapsing. The credibility of news agencies is increasingly limited. The international environment is increasingly unstable. Civil unrest grows at home. Domestic surveillance and militarized police are a way of life.

    The 2016 trash trajectory will not change simply because the calendar does. Without a strategy to unite and direct, 2016 will be the least of our problems.

    When the very existence of the state acerbates the numerous crises which bestride society, you are in deep, deep trouble.

      • I think the economy of the Kingdom of God will work differently because everyone will be free and have something of their own. People will share the world and it’s goodness and no one will control land and resources or take from others anymore

        • Dear Joe Catholic:

          I’ll have to dig up my copy of the new Roman Catholic Catechism. I could be wrong about this, but I thought that in Church doctrine, the incarnation already established the kingdom in seminal form. If we project this blessed reality strictly into the future, wouldn’t that imply a weak view of the incarnation?

          I believe that charge can be rightly laid at the feet of many of my fellow protestants.

          But a good practicing Roman Catholic?

          Clearly, I have much to learn…


        • And as many know, historically, “thou shalt not kill ” never stopped anyone from looting and pillaging or giving indigenous people infected blankets or chaining people to the bottom of a ship to be sold as slaves, and so forth. Yes, all the wonderful economic systems of our world and how little they reflect the Kingdom of God and how dimly the christian light shines .

      • Dear Joe Catholic:

        My analysis of the so-called ‘election’ results in my antecedent post isn’t offered as an ‘answer.’ I merely describe and offer a few interpretative remarks on it. Personally, I’m finished with elections. I’ve had enough ‘I’m fed up’ campaigns, and I’m fed up on ‘I’ve had enough’ campaigns. Let the great lordly kakistocracy pay for its malfeasance with our civic allegiance. Yes, it can [and will] turn guns on its own people. I bet that’ll win back squandered allegiance in a hurry!

        I’m not sure who ‘we’ in ‘we are prosperous now’ are. I think you give Obama’s administration far too much undeserved credit for a ‘recovery’ that shut-out the working class. But you’re entirely correct to critique Stalinist style bureaucracy. I’ve always said that state-run Capitalism is all the failure the right claims it to be, and largely for the reasons it claims.

        Overproduction and duplication is inherent to Capitalism where a dozen firms may produce a comparable product for a comparable price. After consolidating all stages of product production, buying all raw materials in bulk at the best rates, and marketing the product ad nauseum, you find that your competition did the same. The SOLE path to profitability is to attack workers – longer hours or fewer hours at cut wages, reduced benefits and canceled pensions, seasonal work, more wage cuts – all on threats of closure and off-shoring the plant. ‘Competition’ means ‘what company can squeeze workers hardest.’ Over decades, this lived experience contradicts the alleged ‘benefits’ of competition. Workers know all too well what ‘competition’ means.

        If we really wanted decision-makers with flesh in the game, we’d put major industries [transportation, communication, etc.] under worker management. We’d invest power of decision in industry leaders, together with community leaders, and local leading professionals in the field, all elected to local councils by workers and their families. THEY have ‘flesh in the game.’ The need to create ‘profit’ for the parasitic ownership class is eliminated. This means consumer savings. But it is also a little too much ‘democratization’ of power for Capitalism to stomach. It’s too much flesh and too little game.

        The administrative stewards of corporate America [the state] flushed near endless public forbearance into the insatiable rat-hole of profit-greed. The working class is censured for refusal to sacrifice and indolence. It is divided and made to fight itself. The state and the ruling class it represents despise and fear their own. As public allegiance is of no account, let us see how well our kakistocracy functions without us to fight its discretionary, for profit wars.

        Between America’s lords and serfs, there exists no public covenant to support.

    • “Exacerbates.” the new term “acerbates” refers to accelerating the number of maple tree plantings on a tract of land.

      But yes. You are right. Just about everyone who is a citizen of the United States is fed up with the United States and the way things are going in it. A shooting civil war with lots of bloodshed is how the matter will be ultimately decided. We already have two sides with distinctive ideologies squared off against each other. In capsule:

      One side takes the position that the government should help sick people because Jesus wants it that way, based on his sayings and actions in the Bible. The other side maintains that all sick people must pay out of their own pocket to be cured of sickness, and if some are too poor to pay, then let them die and decrease the surplus population because money is always more important than people and human life. Each side calls the other side “fundamentally evil” and enemies of God. As we all know from world history, “the enemies of God must be destroyed.” The principal leaders and ideologues on both sides hate each other with a perfect hatred—-so civil war is inevitable.

      If I had to pick a year for the New American Civil War to start, my pick might be 2043. That should be enough time for both sides to get even more angry at each other and buy out all the fire arms and ammunition in stock. Then the witch hunts will begin. Any of you who are historians has a pretty good idea how this will unfold.

      • Dear Charles:

        You are indeed correct on the terminology. When I missed my letter and the red underlining appeared, I did the ‘right click’ for offered corrections only to ‘click’ the wrong ‘correction.’ Thank you for showing due diligence.

        Several points:

        1] I seriously doubt that the Great Crisis you address can be postponed another quarter century.

        2] Already, preparations to repress the Great Crisis are in very advanced stages.

        3] It is imperative to identify the class issues driving social unrest and shape them through a class strategy.

        Profits are an economic imperative. Unprofitable companies/corporations/states which cannot generate conditions conducive to market profitability fail. No profit = economic collapse. We have already for a quarter century postponed economic collapse through imperial expansion [both diplomacy and war]. The few remaining untapped sources for the raw materials, cheap labor and market access needed to offset economic collapse are places like Iran, China and Russia.

        Capitalism has no alternative to war.

        But we do not want war. This requires that the masses be repressed. To that end, universal domestic surveillance and militarized police are retained with the full support of all factions of the ruling class. The state routinely imposes police state responses to protests and increasingly prepares to turn guns on its own people. The ruling class is entirely aware that a social explosion is coming. It is tobogganing toward disaster with its eyes wide open. It cannot stop this explosion.

        Capitalism has no alternative to revolution.

        The ownership/investment/banking-finance/political/ruling class can retain its power and privilege ONLY by shaping the coming explosion so that rival factions destroy each other rather than uniting to wrest power from the privileged class. That war would be an utterly devastating defeat of the whole working class. It must never be fought.

        It is absolutely imperative that Christians reject the narrative of the ‘fundamentally evil’ and ‘enemies of God’ ‘other side’ as the political class attack that it is. It is imperative that Christians desist from vilifying each other and REFUSE to be pawns in destroying each other thereby serving up complete defeat to the ruling class. This requires a narrative and program which is completely independent of the Democratic and Republican clerks of any ruling class faction. Without a separate narrative, we cannot begin to escape the pressure exerted on us by the ruling elite.

        The kingdom of God is the focal point around which believers should rally. If they don’t, the coming explosion will be all the more catastrophic when it occurs.

      • he other side maintains that all sick people must pay out of their own pocket to be cured of sickness, and if some are too poor to pay, then let them die and decrease the surplus population because money is always more important than people and human life.

        Please stop your filthy disgusting slanders of people you disagree with, you lying scum. Please.

        • Dear Zaklog the Deplorable:

          Why not state the correct line as defined by your compatriots regarding those who are sick? That just seems more helpful than the creative nomenclature.

          • First off, what I said about him was much, much kinder than the foul, vicious slander he cast at me. Why do you not rebuke him?

            Second, all of you have made it clear that you have no interest in actually understanding people who disagree with you. If this were not the case, Chuck would not have said anything like this. You leftists are obviously incapable of imaginative empathy. If someone doesn’t agree with you, the only possible reason must be that they’re “deplorable” and “irredeemable” and just plain evil.

            Do you really want me to explain why that filthy disgusting liar is wrong? Do you actually want to understand? Or are you merely looking for another opportunity to attack?

            • Zak you got a bee in your bonnet because someone was not respectful to you about economics?

              Tell me then how will sick people afford healthcare in your world?

              • No, Anony, it was because basically he called everyone who doesn’t agree with him demonic. Has it never occurred to you smug, self-righteous idiots that it is not the ends we disagree with you about, but the means?

                And no, frankly, why should I bother attempting to explain a thing to you vain, pompous fools when you’ve already made it quite clear you consider those who disagree with you sub-human? Maybe if I hear some kind of respect, something like an apology for the vile assumptions Charles made, I’d be willing to try, but now? No. Why bother?

            • Dear Zaklog the Deplorable:

              I’m not aware of having rebuked anyone on John’s forum.

              My post [2 hours, 39 minutes prior to your own] at [ ] says:

              It is absolutely imperative that Christians reject the narrative of the ‘fundamentally evil’ and ‘enemies of God’ ‘other side’ as the political class attack that it is.

              I realize that posts seem not always to appear below those to which we respond; so perhaps you’re not referencing my post. But if so, I did say that it is ‘absolutely imperative’ that we ‘reject the narrative’ of the ‘fundamentally evil’ ‘other side.’

              I’m not after an explanation. If Charles’ statement misrepresents you, then correct the record and say by what health care measures you believe society SHOULD respond to illness and disease. That’s all.


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