Trump Voters are Losers (Too)

Every day, I inevitably receive some variation of the same message from someone who voted for Donald Trump:

“You lost dude, deal with it!”—something like that.

It’s a snarky, middle finger, attempted mic drop designed to put me and people like me in my place.

And whenever I encounter these sentiments in my conversations with people, I know that they aren’t paying close attention to reality. Maybe they’re still clinging to the thinnest thread of hope or trying desperately to save face, or maybe they simply refuse to acknowledge what their eyes are seeing because of how terrifying it all is.

But the truth is, whether they can’t or won’t admit as much right now—they’ve lost too.

This is the thick irony at work in this election; that beyond the superficial idea of their guy winning, the vast majority of Trump’s supporters profit nothing from their vote, because outside of himself, Vladimir Putin, and all but the tiniest percentage of the whitest and wealthiest American males—Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about them. He is bereft of the slightest concern for their well-being, their safety, or their prosperity, and so they too are losers along with Hillary Clinton, those who voted for her, and the country we all love and call home.

We are all in this terrible defeat together, without caveat or exception.

The misconception about those of us who voted for Hillary, is that we did so in part out of hatred for Trump supporters, but quite the opposite is true. We care for them and their children too much to have willfully placed their lives in the hands of someone so incompetent and with such disregard for them. With our vote, we were advocating for them as well. The bigger table we were seeking was for everyone, including them—but now we’re all losing our seats and our voices.

Donald Trump’s Russian alliances endanger every one of our lives.
His attacks on the Press are a threat to the pursuit of Truth that we all find security in.
His recklessness on social media places us all equally in harm’s way.
His promises to dismantle Medicare, Medicaid, The Affordable Care Act, and the Arts present a massive personal hazard to each of us.
His ignorance of and disrespect for the Constitution undermine our shared personal freedoms.

What Donald Trump is doing right now isn’t only thumbing his nose at his detractors and giving an attaboy to his supporters, it’s undermining the very bedrock of the equality and personal liberties all Americans treasure. His only loyalty and love are for the mirror.

This is the impasse we are going to have to navigate in the coming weeks and months if we’re going to avoid greater catastrophe: convincing strident, boasting, overconfident supporters of Donald Trump that none of us have won; that we are all less secure, less protected, and less free now despite the cheap emotional lift the election results may have given them.

Donald Trump likes to essentially label all sorts of people losers: prisoners of war, Gold Star families, grieving black mothers, reporters who oppose him, his alleged sexual assault victims, small business he crushed in Atlantic City, political opponents he slandered to defeat—essentially anyone who crosses, challenges, or presents him with the actual truth. That’s the thing about unhinged, immoral men who have power they don’t deserve and aren’t mature enough to handle: no one is safe from them because they see all people as expendable resources.

The reality of this past year’s election is that no one who believes they won, actually won:

Blue collar workers in the Rust Belt didn’t win.
Earnest pro-life Christians in the Bible Belt didn’t.
Small businesses didn’t.
College kids didn’t.
Sick people didn’t.
Elderly people didn’t.
Most Americans didn’t.

That’s perhaps Trump’s sick gift: convincing people to vote against their own self-interest and to ignore that truth whenever it was presented to them. And because of that, those same folks are now celebratory and gloating even in their own defeat. They’re in the same sinking ship and believing the water isn’t rising around them too. 

Donald Trump won (the Electoral College), but that’s about the only real victory for the lion’s share of the people of this country, whether they voted red, blue, or green.

This is the very bad news, and in some twisted way it’s also the good news.

Trump voters, you are losers too.

We’re all in this steamy, stinking mess together—and we’re going to have to clean it up together.


353 thoughts on “Trump Voters are Losers (Too)

  1. Bravo John! It’s funny because I posted something similar to Facebook this morning. I was asking the Trump voters if the change that they are seeing so far, all the things you have listed here and more, were really the changes they were looking for. So far…crickets.

    • Crickets? He’s not even president yet, how on earth do you expect change? And everything John spoke of, those same types exist in people that voted for Hillary. As a matter of a fact they’re out in the world yanking people from their cars and beating them. So who are the ones spreading hate??? I’m sure glad she didn’t win. Because the murdering of police will be worse than it’s been under Obama, racism will worsen as it already has under Obama. And ask yourself, how can you justify voting for a woman who was constantly under FBI investigation?! She admitted to smashing servers, why? Because they would have sealed her fate had she turned them over. And if any one of us would have done such things we would be in prison for it. You’re very lost if you or anyone else thinks she was the answer. I wanted to tell John this as well but I guess he’ll have to read it here. John I have a lot of admiration for you, but you should really stick to religion and stay out of politics. Sick to what you really understand.

      • Satan is using this supposed man of God to turn unbelievers away from the Lord. So sad John is allowing himself. E used. I personally believe he is a false prophet

        • If by “this supposed man of God” you mean Trump, I agree with you.

          If you mean John P, then I suggest you read the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures because John P says what they say.

          Whether people meant to or not, it was as evil of them to vote for the Republicans as it was for the people and the kings of Israel and Judah to ignore their prophets.

        • Nope. Hypocrites do that. You are badly informed, but I have a hunch you know exactly as much of the truth as you’re willing to accept. Very little.

        • Satan, God..LOL..What’s sad is people like yourself in the 21st century believing in archaic biblical fairy tales..John may believe in the mythical cosmic sky wizard but his heart is in the right place and he knows who the bad guys are..Stop drinking from the Fox News orange kool-aid fountain and bone up on your critical thinking skills..

          • Well said. I teach religion in the prison system; Zen meditation if you want to call it religion. The religion part is two-fold. Taoism and the experience of enlightenment. There’s even some polytheistic traditions involved although nobody sees them as deistic.

      • I’m not even sure where to begin! The servers were destroyed per security orders from the FBI. Bush II’s administration did the very same thing, of course only after 600,000 of VP Cheney’s emails were destroyed.

        Do you think it’s okay to spray paint swastikas on churches/synagogues? That’s what’s happening now since the election. Pulling Trump voters out of their cars and assaulting them was fake news, you do know that, right?

        I support our police officers and grieve for those who have been killed in the line of duty. I also grieve for the many civilians of every color who have at the hands of law enforcement (many more of those than cops, by the way ). Let’s face it: there are poorly trained and just bad cops out there.

        I’d be interested in your sources for increased racism had Clinton been elected; Please don’t cite Fox, Breitbart or similar. I think anyone who makes that claim is delusional in that to do so would require clairvoyance of some type, whereas with the current situation we are living through the increased agitation and anger of a whole lot of angry white men.

        I certainly had my issues with Clinton but at least I knew she wasn’t a sociopathic grifter whose only concern is his own ego. I do pray for the salvation of our democracy, but with guys like Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and Steve Mnuchin driving the car, I envision the engine blowing up all too soon.

      • I find your comments very interesting. That you wouldn’t vote for someone that by your own words is guilty of computer crimes but you would vote for someone who could destroy any value your daughter or granddaughter might have in herself because we elected someone who might say to her he would like to grab her by her private parts or be dismissive of someone else who did. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to have to tell my granddaughter that I voted for someone like that. That she wasn’t valuable enough to me that I would vote for someone like that. If you can live with that as a Christian I would ask you how that fits into 1st Corinthians 13 because I don’t see it. Second, it is a fallacy to believe that just because someone is a Democrat that they would be just like Obama. That kind of thinking is the kind of thinking that people use when they are trying to justify a really crummy choice.

        • So you’re ok hillary is married to someone who has sexual harrasment charges against him, she defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl and blamed the victim. Trump said words which come on most men and women have talked like that at sometime in their lives. Also Clinton had Americans killed in bengahzi, she is a suspect in a friend’s murder, when her husband was president some how 6 billion tax payer dollars went missing. Hhmmm she would have done hell for our country. She even stole from the white house.

        • “That kind of thinking is the kind of thinking that people use when they are trying to justify a really crummy choice.” Cognitive dissonance is the operating concept. Some of them are starting to admit having made the wrong choice. I think there’s a lot of newly discovered insight going on among former Trump supporters. I hope so.

      • (1) Clinton wasn’t “constantly under FBI investigation”
        (2) Clinton didn’t “admit to smashing servers” — Justin Cooper, according to an FBI report, “did recall two instances where he destroyed Clinton’s old mobile devices by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.” — Mobile devices and their contents are not “servers.”
        (3) You’re an idiot and you should stick to what little you do understand.

      • Uhhh, where to begin? You do realize Donald Trump has pled the 5th Amendment hundreds of times in countless litigations against him? That he has committed adultery countless times in three marriages? That his “Senior Adviser” is the CEO of an openly racist internet publication that routinely fabricates content? That he and his father were investigated several times by the Justice Department (and Ibelieve fined) for discriminatory housing practices against Af. Americans? How ironic that a likely white person (among many) seems to think they have the final word on the causes of racism (and who made it worse) in this country. Seems to a lot of people, myself included, the first black president only triggered a lot of irrational, longstanding fear-based racism in white people. The same irrational, fear-based mindset that causes people to vote against their own interests because “he’s better than Hillary.” Repeat as necessary, especially after they turn medicare into a voucher program and repeal the ACA, which will cause rates to skyrocket so the voucher won’t cover anything, and they compromise your social security, or your water turns brown. Because if you don’t make minimum $500K a year, you aren’t part of what Donald Trump intends to make “great again.” Wait and see.

      • And ask yourself, how can you justify voting for a woman who was constantly under FBI investigation?! She admitted to smashing servers, why?

        You are woefully uninformed. Clinton didn’t smash servers. Never admitted to it. The only sites that reported that are right-wing-alt-Reich (NAZI) ones. She had one server that she turned over to the FBI.

        As far as under FBI investigation, an agency that is predominately republican working in league with the republican congress is a distraction from the facts. The facts are this:
        The news media allowed the email issue to be turned into a criminal matter when it was not. A national security issue when it was not. And by inference, Clinton was a liar and a crook. They did not point out that nothing Clinton did was criminal, that there was actually only one marked email that contained classified material when it passed her desk and that was not correctly marked. And they kept hammering at it for over a year.

        The Benghazi incident was directed at President Obama. If you compare the deaths in Benghazi on the watch with other administrations you will discover that under President Obama and Sec of State Clinton watch there were only 4 deaths on connected to embassy assignments compared to:
        Ronnie Raygun-305
        Bush Sr.-98
        Bush 2-thousands and still counting. Iraq war deaths for profit US service personnel-wounded and killed over 100,000. Brain injuries due to combat-320,000

        Guess what Regan & Bush deaths were due to; Lack of Security which is what the republicans chanted about and they got passes from a white male congress. Let’s hold them all accountable for lack of security and especially Regan & Bush 2. So do you hold all Sec. to the same standards?

        Rather than take the time to diligently research each claim of wrong doings of Sec. Clinton you just took for granted that she committed crimes. Shame on you. It’s called prejudice. Maybe you need to look at the real reason you voted the way you did and because you cannot substantiate the claims you made it probably has nothing to do with so called crimes because as much as the FBI hates Clinton, she would have been arrested.

        Despite the character assassination Sec. Clinton has been named the “most admired” woman of 2016 in Gallup’s annual survey. You know why that is? Because other people did what you couldn’t take the time to do-research the bogus claims aimed at her .

      • You are so correct….I am very concerned about our health insurance and medicare of course. Trump does not care about anyone……he has no conscious or soul….and of course the Republicans only wanted to get their power back so they could screw us more….it’s not going to be a good 4 yrs….I already miss Obama totally….but we need to get rid of Trump, Pence, Ryan and McConnell …….

      • You should take your own advice and stick to what you understand. Based on your post, you don’t seem capable of understanding very much about the last year. Hillary was under FBI investigation because Comey was out to get her as evidenced by his stunt just before the election. Seriously, you ought to try and get more accurate news than the manure that is offered by FOX and the right wing noise machine. Finally, Hillary might not have been the best answer, but as you are going to quickly learn, she was the better answer.

      • Just as turning over his tax returns would also seal his fate. Tit for Tat never works. He’s president now and should be for ALL citizens not just Rep, rich or those who gave him campaign money.

      • While you have the ability to write a complete and grammatically correct sentence, the content of post isn’t based in reality, sadly. Even more troubling is that you have no idea of that, do you?

      • Been president for a month! Where’s the change! He’s spent over $100 million on weekend getaways I less than a month and the poor disadvantaged uneducated white people living in the rust belt are still there and they will still be there in four years! Oh hail their savior!

      • Crystal, you’re exactly the person John is speaking of. We know this because you never touched on John’s points, you just bashed a former president to make your irrelevant, racist rhetoric. Stop letting your unwarranted hate for POC blind you.

    • I have read your stuff John for some time. You are falling into the pit by the title of your post. Trump voters are losers??? Is that the love you often talk about or is it meant to stir up the pot? Do you realize you are feeding the enemy by such a comment?

      We are truly in for some serious times ahead. Do you see how we are falling into the enemy’s hand? PLEASE see what is happening to humanity. DIVIDE & CONQUER people, they are coming for all of us if we do not come together.

      Turn off the news, they’re ALL lying to us. The puppet masters are sitting back and gloating on their throne, they have us just like the want us. If we DO NOT come together we are going down.

      It is time to UNITE. Do you see what is happening around the globe? We have the left, the right, the globalists, the Satanists ripping us apart at the seams and what do we do— we turn on each other. It is obvious that we all see things from a different perspective, but where has the tolerance gone? Where is the LOVE? Name calling is so low and quite ignorant in my opinion. We are being DIVIDED and nobody seems to give a shit. It is truly disgusting and down right EVIL. Wake up people before it is too late. Heed the warning signs because they are everywhere if you look for them. It is time to put the United back into the United States! If we don’t we are going down! We are in desperate times and I believe it is going to get so much worse especially watching what humanity is doing to one another…..WAKE UP or go down!!!!

      • I think that in his title John means that Trump voters have also lost with Trump winning the election. He is not calling them names (losers).

      • Sally, did you read anything beyond the title? Because if you had, you would have seen that John P. Is not using “losers” in the way Trump uses it.

        John P. does not use it as an insult but as a cry of grief. What he is saying that all of the USA are going to be hit hard and badly by what is to come.

        • The title alone is nothing but click bait to give rise for others to go on the defensive. A tactic that is so prevalent in our society. This election has brought out the worst in many and the best in others. Until we get down in the weeds and turn off the boob tube we will remain in our trance, a trance that is psychological warfare at its finest, constructed by the puppet masters.

          Their method is working because so many are falling prey. Research divide and conquer techniques, you will be amazed. We are acting like guinea pigs running around in a maze going in circles while we turn on one another.

          We are promised more WikiLeaks in the year to come. No one can deny their validity, yet so many will allow your boob tube propagate and brainwash your mind.

          It baffles me that so many will not take heed but soon enough it will not be denied. I have a sincere love for ALL of humanity but become extremely frustrated when people cannot see they are being played like a fiddle. But Jesus said, share the good news and if they cannot or will not listen dust off your boots and move on. Share the “GOOD NEWS” but do not force them to drink.
          Some will see it and some will hear it but many will not until it is too late. My heart grieves for those that cannot or will not see the truth right in front of them.
          I truly believe that Trump is our new President because it is meant to be. He is an outsider, he is not bought and paid for my anyone, In other words, he will not be blackmailed by the powers that be like all politicians before him. He won against ALL odds, he is going to expose all the crimes these politicians have committed, no matter if they are on the left or the right. He is not a career politician that doesn’t give a shit about you and I. If you are of the mindset that HRC was going to save this country or even cares a lick about you, please do your research, look into the decades of crimes committed.
          We have been saved as a country if the powers that be allow him to do the job he was elected to do. I was not a Trump supporter for a long time, why because I listened to the news outlets that have been busted creating stories that have no validity, proven to propagate your mind. And many are being truly deceived. Research news retractions in the last six months. You will be SHOCKED. Hell, look at the fourth estate over the last 4 decades. They are creating the news. Take off the blinding glasses and see the truth.

          • In other words, your answer to my question is “no.”

            Evidently, you don’t feel it is irresponsible to offer an opinion on something you haven’t read.

            This is how the walking cheeto and all those other people with an evil agenda were elected: people refusing to be informed and refusing to face facts.

      • You apparently either did not read or digest John’s post. His obvious point is that NONE of us won, and that we ARE all in this together.

    • How people could not see beyond that foney he is in this only for his gain no one elses and blames everyone for his stupidity his wife doesnt even like him ha ha

  2. The press labeled many people as “Evangelical Christians.” I used to think this group were serious minded conservative Christians. I think a better label would be “Yahoos.” They certainly don’t try to follow Christ.

    • What a hateful statement. But, then, the hallmark of the left is hate. What an irony that those who claim tolerance are the biggest haters.

      • Telling the truth may be hard for some to hear but that doesn’t make it hateful. John makes a very good point when he says that many of the people who are gleefully pointing at those of us who did not vote for Trump and yelling loser, don’t realize that they in fact are going to be losing too as he will not be able to deliver all that he promised them.

      • That is so backwards. Even the way you label “liberals” as “haters” shows that the hate is in you. John is not using the label “losers” as Trump does (meaning worthless), but as people who are losing, as we all are with Trump as president. You’ll soon see what he means.

      • Did you even read the post? Obviously not, as it is NOT about hate. You are just reacting to the headline: a typical problem among Trump voters.

      • No one should tolerate people who spew hate, John. Tolerance implies there is a limit. Once you go beyond the limit, then you are a lost cause. Tolerance doesn’t imply liking, either. I can tolerate an idiot, doesn’t mean I have to be friends with them.

        I am sure a lot of people tolerate you John. Just thought you should know.

  3. Read this, precious -and I mean that-John Pavlovitz, and take heart:
    (From Richard Rohr)
    Love Never Fails
    Thursday, December 29, 2016

    1 Corinthians 13 might be the supreme piece of condensed theology in the entire Bible. The whole message of Scripture is there. In this one short part of a longer letter, Paul shows himself to be an excellent philosopher, theologian, mystic, teacher, and psychologist. If he had written nothing else, he would still deserve a place in spiritual history. Honestly, I could preach for two hours on this one chapter and wouldn’t scratch the surface of its brilliance.

    I have to compare the love described in 1 Corinthians 13 with our cultural understanding of love—largely a romantic infatuation that does not and cannot last. It’s fine as far as it goes, but we need a much, much larger understanding of love.

    Paul has to list a whole bunch of descriptors to even get close to this mystery he calls love. He grabs for moral superlatives: “Love is patient, love is kind, Love is not jealous, Love is never boastful or conceited, Love is not rude, nor does it take offense. It takes no pleasure in other peoples’ faults. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure. Love does not come to an end.” [1] It has an infinite quality like the very being of God!

    Divine love that is God’s Self is an absolute open-heartedness. When you’re in that space, your energy flows outward and even expands. When you’re not in that space, your energy sucks in. It’s all about who did me wrong and why I don’t like those people and how my aunt never talks to me and why so-and-so is a jerk.

    It doesn’t help that our brains have evolved to hold onto negative thoughts (like Velcro) and let the positive thoughts slip off (like Teflon). To retain a positive experience, you have to intentionally hold onto it for at least fifteen seconds to allow it to imprint on your brain. You have to deliberately, consciously choose to love and not hate. Because people haven’t been taught that, we have even decent people in our country, in political parties, and even in leadership positions in our churches who are much more at home with hate than they are with love. And they do not even know it.

    Spirituality is whatever it takes to keep your heart space open. That is daily, constant work because your ego and the events of life want to close it down. The voices in the dominant culture tell you to judge, dismiss, hate, and fear. If you don’t have some spiritual practice that has kept your heart open in hell, I know you’re going to be a grumpy old man or a hateful old woman. By the last third of life, negativity is all you have left.

    You have to work to live in love, to develop a generosity of spirit, a readiness to smile, a willingness to serve instead of to take. Each morning you take your inner temperature, observing if your energy is loving and flowing outward or negative and sucking in. Contemplative prayer helps us witness and recognize these outer flows and inner suckings.

    Sooner or later, by God’s patience, many of us eventually fall into Love and learn to draw our life from that Infinite Source “which has no end and never fails.” Yes, the nature of Love and the nature of God are the same thing.

    Gateway to Silence:
    Be the change you wish to see in the world. —Gandhi

          • Funny how Ghandi was a fan of Jesus. He studied the life of Jesus and lived with missionaries. Read this:

            “After reading the life of Christ as presented in the Bible and in the writings of some renowned Christian authors, Gandhi admired the Sermon on the Mount (which shaped his whole philosophy of life) and hoped to see Christians live up to its standards. While living with Christians in England, South Africa and India, Gandhi expected to experience qualities like unconditional love, forgiveness, willingness to sacrifice, meekness, etc (Qualities of Christ).

            To his utmost dismay, Christians in his era never lived up to the standards preached by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount and on the Cross….The Christian missionary E. Stanley Jones asked him: “Mr Gandhi, though you quote the words of Christ often, why is it that you appear to so adamantly reject becoming his follower (Christian)”? The latter’s reply was clear: “Oh, I don’t reject your Christ. I love your Christ. It is just that so many of you Christians are so unlike your Christ”.

            Ghandi said, “I don’t reject your Christ. I love your Christ. ”

            Ghandi loved Christ. That is how powerful Jesus is and the how far the influence of God’s love can reach and in reverse how limited and small our love and understanding is by comparison.

            I respect Ghandi for that. In addition I have faith he was redeemed by God through the Jesus he loved.

            I joke around some but I have a serious side too. See ya!

  4. Dear John,

    I really wish you had given this post a different title because it is just as rude for you to call people losers as it is for Trump to do so.

    Using this title will only cause people to misread what you’ve written. Because they will not hear the grief in your words that all of us in the USA will be harmed in the months and possibly years to come by what the Republicans will do.

    People will miss the message that by voting as they did, they voted to harm their grandparents, their children. People will miss the message that they voted to harm the entire the world.

    I really wish you had given this another title because this one feels to me as if you are deliberately baiting people.

    • He is deliberately baiting people, and is just another partisan cog in a political apparatus. Seeking Christ is no longer a priority for him, as he’s convinced himself that he knows everything now. He once had light to shine, now he’s the exact same kind of bully he wants to criticize.

      • I really hope your last sentence turns out to be untrue.

        While I completely agree with what he has said, there is something in the manner of it that distresses me.

        It’s like inviting people to say nasty things and it has been so nice to open my email and not read nastiness.

        Once again, I would like to thank all the generous people who out of compassion and kindness sent me food this Christmastide.

        I just wish one of you would have sent me the toilet paper. LOL

        • I wish my last sentence would be wrong, too. But, I’ve seen the same thing happen too many times. Instead of building people up to resist evil, people attack individuals, doing nothing more than furthering division and bloating self-righteous egos. Today’s progressive church has become just as nasty as the religious right of 20-30 years ago. Redemption is saved for our in-group, as our scapegoated enemies become irredeemable in our eyes.

          It’s things like this that have made the word “Christian” almost meaningless.

          • Then the only thing to do is to beg the Holy Spirit to illumine our minds, soften our hearts and allow us to release our assumptions and opinions into the void and ask the Holy Spirit to put into our hearts and minds what God wants there.

            We start over every day to be better. We allow ourselves to pay attention to the need to not only say we need to be loving people but to actually be loving people.

            I would hope the basis of our faith is Jesus and not whether or not people are faithful to Him or how other people act.

            • hi eric.

              John P believes that everyone has their own Truth. i.e., ‘Your truth is different than my truth.’ — Oprah

              [But yet, curiously, his posts belie his own beliefs. ]

              • No one person is able to fully comprehend all of reality, only bits and pieces. I’m not saying “truth is relative” we just can’t take it all in. We can only know what experience teaches us and naturally that varies from one person to another. Which is why it’s so hard to convince each other that our own view is the “right” one. Futile.

          • Amen. Grace. Where is Grace?

            Regardless the motivation one had for voting Trump, or Hillary, God remains on the throne.

            We are tasked with praying for our leaders; not bashing those who elected them.

      • Ah, but I agree with John P 100%. I think the entire country has lost as a result of this election in which a mere 25% stood up for what is right and a mere 25% stood up for the evil that was elected and now to be inflicted upon us all.

        There are some very loud, often shrill, voices here about the rights if unborn babies but I submit their rights will be worthless once the Republican policies have taken the planet beyond the point of no return with their denial of climate change.

        25% if USians voted into offices all over the political spectrum mayors, supervisors, city councillors, state reps and state senators, governors, Congress, PEOTUS, VPEOTUS, who don’t believe in global warming, who don’t believe in the regulations needed to reverse it.

        So we all who live on Planet Earth are all losers because 25% of USians voted into office those who will kill the earth. What will happen to us mortals in between hardly compares with murdering the entire planet.

        Evil has taken over the country. I say that we deep deep grief. I don’t hate you for voting as you did. I can only marvel at what evil will come of it.

    • He’s using Trump’s rhetoric and giving it a different meaning–instead of an insult, he’s showing sympathy for those who were deceived by Trump. He’s playing with the words. Read the whole post!

      • That was exactly my point.

        Problem is the title has kept people from reading the whole post. They won’t see the spin he is putting on it to mean we have all lost and will continue to lose.

        I am one of those who appreciate John P. here, Keri Wyatt Kent. Please don’t forget that.

        • Gloria, so sorry–I know you support John, and I really appreciate your insights in these conversations. I was trying to reply to others in the thread, not just you personally! however, I think using a provocative headline like this draws people in to hopefully read it–but alas, sometimes people only read headlines and not the story. But to clarify, I know you read the whole post and understand it.

            • See you are using the name gig again, get over yourself… In America people don’t always use the full name in response…. Here is a great example: hi my name is michael, nice to meet you Mike…. People are not making light of your full name, it is common practice?..
              People have called me Seen all my life and my name is “Sean” pernounced “Shawn”..

              My Mom got lazy, called my brother Dean and I got Sean…LOL


              You stepped on her land mine, get ready for her people made fun of my name speech… I think she has a nice name… How anyone could make fun of her name is beyond my understanding….

              Lighten up Sis? ter..

    • I agree with Gloriamarie Amalfitano on this one. (Come to think of it, I’ve agreed with Gloriamarie on a lot of stuff over the last several months!) I think that even those Trump voters who are starting to question their decision might be turned away from this really great piece simply by the title. *I* almost was, and I was a Bernie/Hillary gal!

      Maybe you could’ve put quotation marks around “Losers” in the title of the piece?

      • Mary Beth Given, thank you and thank you. I truly do believe that people saw the title and that was it. I imagine the reaction was “Hey! Who are you calling a loser” and the imagined insult was grabbed with both hands.

        We are all going to lose. That’s the point. People who voted for the Republicans may especially feel kicked in the head when things they didn’t anticipate transpire. Although how they will claim ignorance I won’t understand because they have been pretty out front about the horrible things they intend to do. Citizens will die. The planet will be brought to the point of no return.

        We all lose.

    • John P. (P. for Presumptuous) needs to return to reading his Bible instead of preaching hate!! 2Peter 2:10 – But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

      • Eddie, it’s interesting how you switched the word ‘authority’ for government and ‘dignitaries’ for glorious ones. Its talking about those who deny and criticize the authority and power of God. It was considered a diatribe.

        Btw, this letter with Peter’s name on it but not likely to be written by the Apostle Peter because it was penned at the end of the first century. It’s authenticity was disputed by the early church and excluded for centuries even challenged during the Reformation. If you have every taken New Testament history you will begin to realize many of the letters in the Bible should be read with a critical eye- not used to accuse and condemn others.

    • I do love the sight of anyone flying the rebel flag whilst simultaneously telling Clinton supporters to get over it. Ahh irony.

  5. Monday, January 2, 2017

    Dangerous Times
    Servant of God Dorothy Day

    “There is so much fear and distraction these days over the state of the world – there is sadness in the Pope’s Christmas message, and articles, in letters, in all endeavors. And yet surely, “all times,” as St. Teresa said, “are dangerous times”.

    “We may be living on the verge of eternity – but that should not make us dismal. The early Christians rejoiced to hope that the end of the world was near, as they thought. Over and over again…people have been expecting the end of the world. Are we so unready to face God? Are we so avid for joys here, that we perceive so darkly those to come?”

    On Pilgrimage (quoted in Meditations by Dorothy Day)

    (Patricia: This quote is from another good book, brief meditations that encourage simple living,even poverty, in order to help others. She was a living example of what happens when we put God first, others second, and ourselves, last of all.)

  6. Once again John shows himself to be a hater of the worst kind. He demeans those that disagree with him. But it is to be expected. He voted for abortionist Hillary that cares nothing for the half of America she calls deplorable. Disgusting.

    • What you fail to realize, is that those of us on the “left” actually do care about others. And you keep bringing up Hillary as if she supported and encouraged abortion. She believed in a woman’s right to choose under difficult circumstances. As a man, you have no idea what that type of decision is to a woman, so don’t even try to go there. Secondly, if you are so, um, righteous, how do you support a man who degrades women? Who has cheated and robbed workers of their money? If you think that T is some kind of Christian, you are sadly mistaken. Look as his history. Look at how he treats people. And seriously, watch his “victory tour” speeches. He is basically telling his voters, thanks for falling for my lines, and now I will do what I want, and not the things I promised you, saying only the things I needed to say to get your vote. And again, misquoting Hillary, she did not say half of America was deplorable. She said half of T’s supporters were, and judging by their post-election actions (beatings, intimidation, attacks using T’s name), maybe she was right. Not all of his supporters do that, but those that do, truly are deplorable. It’s so easy to sit behind the computer and condemn and judge. John P, although he could have possibly chosen a more subtle title, was pointing out that we are all in this together, for better or worse. And reflecting upon your response, I can see that he touched a nerve, which was basically the point of this opinion piece. The sad reality is, most people that think supporting T was going to help their personal reality, when in fact, they voted against themselves in so many ways. I will give T this, he did lay it all out there, but many didn’t choose to do the research to actually see what they were voting for. When you looked into his tax plans, plans for social security, health care…well, it was all spelled out. But hey, at least you don’t have to worry about a woman with emails! Oh wait, his company deleted 22 million of them before an investigation, but hey, who cares right? And I mean, with the proven interference by Russia, as long as he won, you’re fine with it, right? And sure she won the popular vote by millions, but he won by the very “rigged” system he rallied against. And I know if the shoe was on the other foot, you’d be fine and not say anything, right? Open your eyes before it’s too late. And if you truly think that John P is so awful, why would you bother reading his posts in the first place? I never understand the point of following someone only to look for everything you disagree with. Move on, and follow some “right wing” news instead.

    • He didn’t say anything hateful! Did you even read the entire post? He is showing concern for what we ALL might lose: SS, Medicare, etc.
      Please read the entire article; sit with it for a little while, and then post your comment. Perhaps it will be a bit less angry.

      • Exactly what I was afraid of when I saw the title, that people would read only that and assume they knew what he was goign to say.

        I have never read a single word of hate in John’s blog. Have read a lot of in the comments from people who hate John’s blog.

        I wonder how much hate those same people have for themselves.

    • You forget that the right wing demeans its opposition all the time too. John Pavlovitz has no special corner on demeaning his opposition any more than your side does when it engages in its own demeaning. What you want is for your opposition to quit demeaning your side so, so your side will be the only side left doing the demeaning—and you plan to continue that demeaning forever as your opposition stands silent before you.

      That is not going to happen. As long as your side demeans with the hyper-pitched viciousness that it has demonstrated for the last 44 years, your side is going to get just as much demeaning as you throw at your enemies—and lets face it—you people believe that any people who disagree with your theological and political positions are enemies of God and all that is Holy—and you want to destroy them.

    • John P. (P. for Presumptuous) needs to return to reading his Bible instead of preaching hate!! 2Peter 2:10 – But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

  7. You are exactly the kind of person that the Trump voters rejected. Like it not they voted for change. Change from the last 30 years of being told by the fashionable elites what to think, how to live, and what we should believe in.

    Americans have been told over and over again by well-educated liberals that they need to jettison their tired ways and become more accepting of change. Change, they tell us in their lordly fashion, is difficult, but it is also a reality we need to face.

    For example, we are told we need to become more accepting of executive orders, and legislation that challenge our values. When parents protest that boys claiming to be girls should not be permitted to shower with their daughters, they are admonished for not getting with the times. And so on.

    But the election results tell a different story: It is not the average American who is terrified of change, it is well-educated liberals.

    According to CNN exit polls, self-identified liberals voted for Clinton over Trump, 84 percent to 10 percent. Among post-graduates, they broke for Clinton over Trump by a margin of 58 percent to 37 percent; the disparity was no doubt even higher among those in the social sciences and humanities.

    Now consider the four most important characteristics about the candidates that voters were asked to rate.

    When voters were asked which candidate “cares about me,” they selected Clinton over Trump, 58 percent to 35 percent. By a margin of 66 percent to 26 percent, she beat him on the issue of who possesses “good judgment.” When asked who has the “right experience,” Clinton creamed Trump, 90 percent to 8 percent. How, then, did he get elected?

    On the issue of who “can bring change,” voters chose Trump over Clinton, 83 percent to 14 percent. Exit polls also showed that most voters wanted someone with leadership more than any other attribute.

    Looks like those who are scared to death of change—the change agent’s name is Donald Trump—are not moderates and conservatives, it’s well-educated liberals, the very elites who like to lecture the rest of us on our need to accept change.

    • The questions that need to be asked is “do people want change just for the sake of change? Or do people want constructive change?”

      I want constructive change and I am convinced we are only going to see destructive change that does not reflect the Judaeo-Christian values that I was taught to believe were the best and dearest to God’s heart.

      “To love God is to love God’s Creation and care for it.
      To love God is to have no place for hatred in one’s heart.
      To love God is to offer God one’s entire life and being.
      To love God is to be willing to suffer for one’s faith and beliefs, sometimes at the hands of others who claim the same faith.
      To love God is to be faithful to God’s call to love and to serve.

      My desire for 2017 is that more people seek to embrace the values of Anonymous.

        • Please do not address me as “Gloria” as that is not my name. If you find my name too laborious to type, you may address me as “Sister.”

        • Angela,

          Don’t think you are the only one used the first part of her name, as due some Americans…. That is her PEEVE…. Get ready for the ? fireworks…. She is all lovely then BAM! I think her X called her Gloria…and she divorced him….Bitter root that defines, her name is like LordJesusChrist. We just call Him “Jesus”, cuz it is so laborious a task…. Hope Jesus is’nt pissed or we are in trouble?…

          “Gloriamarie” is a beautiful name, Seriously ?… breath in, breath out

    • Robt M. — interesting points you’ve made. Reminds me of when I finally accepted Jesus. He actually was way more ‘out of the box’ than I had (wrongly) imagined him to be. And to think how many years I wasted rejecting him because I thought he was too main stream!

      NO, obviously, I’m not comparing Trump to Jesus, other than the utter surprise of it. There is some humor too.

      Time will tell what kind of President Trump will be. Let’s all pray every day for him to walk righteously. I believe he will be a President for all Americans, not just the 1/2 that voted for him.

      • What a load of nonsense. I will just pray that people will not be fooled by him and for damage control of the mess he is causing.

  8. For those who think Trump’s winning the electoral college vote is indeed a win for their side, I ask you to answer this simple question: What did YOU win? How do you think a Trump presidency benefits YOU? I think that’s the point John is exposing in this post. Time will tell. I agree with John, we all lost.

      • Indeed we did, and the Ship of State has become a more dangerous place, with a loose cannon rolling around the deck. Somehow, we must all work together, when Trump voters discover that they will not get the benefits they were promised, to minimize the damage that a leader working only for himself can cause . Benjamin Franklin, when he cautioned the signers of the Declaration of Independence, might have been advising today’s Americans: “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

        • “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

          We forget this in a “me first” society.

    • Time has already told much. Coarseness has become the order of the day… “If Trump can be it, say it, do it then so can I.” And I’ve witnessed it and experienced it within my own family. Everything but Christ-likeness. I wouldn’t have expected it but have seen it myself. Is that called winning? Really?

  9. I agree that this post is hard to share because of the inflammatory title. I have tried very hard to not denigrate Trump supporters while stating very clearly the truth of who he is.

    The content of the post is so good. We are in this together. Of all the undermining Trump did, this is his worst tactic — undermining our confidence and trust in one another.

    We will now have a President who is uninformed, unstable, self-serving to the highest degree. The more we learn about him, the worse it gets. I try hard to find a redeeming quality in every human being, but I haven’t found one in him yet.

    There needs to be a shift, a shift to realizing we must combat the evil he espouses together. It is completely true that a nation divided against itself cannot stand.

    His viewpoints are the evil. His self-serving and dishonesty is the evil. His attacks on civil liberties are the evil.

    We will stand together, or fall together.

    • Gramma D, Yes, Yes, Yes.

      In days to come, many are going to realize the horrors that the GOP will inflict upon the USA and the world. We need to come together no only to stand against it, but to help each other. We need to forget who we voted for and reach out to take care of each other because some of us will come close to perishing without the support of even total strangers.

  10. To GLoriamarie–It’s time to take an optimistic tone, not a negative one. The electorate has spoken. He has no mandate any more than Hillary would have had. Now is the time to support what the majority has decided. GOP divisiveness will continue, so will Democratic divisiveness; that is a given. What is important now is how the country and its representatives in government work together to promote the values we all support. Trump is no bigot and certainly not a traditional “Republican.” The media misread the electorate as did most of the elitists on the two coasts. (No surprise). But we can’t let the media and elitists continue to mislead. This can be a unifying time for the country. Trump certainly isn’t beholden to any GOP platform. I don’t see him as anti LGBGT, or anti- minority. He has always been his own man. He knows the need for negotiation, which was the hallmark of former successful legislative successes. And this is an area he can excel at. As Americans, we need to give him our support and advice. If he fails us then we can start the protests and moves to denuder him.

    • robert morie, About what would you have me be optimistic? I am disabled, handicapped, and as result have an income well below the poverty line.

      There is a bill before the House to reduce by 27% the Social Security benefits of 70% of current recipients. That is my sole form of income. What is there to be optimistic about?

      The GOP want to repeal the ACA with nothing to replace it. I am disabled and handicapped. I need free medical services. What is there to be optimistic about?

      The GOP consider the amount given to SNAP (aka food stamps) to be an intolerable burden on the federal budget even though only about four percent of the federal budget goes to food and agriculture. But the GOP wants to cut it even further. What is there to be optimistic about?

      The GOP want to gamble with the Social Security fund and Medicare on the stock exchange. What is there to be optimistic about?

      If you have read the entire Republican National Party platform, then I ask you What is there to be optimistic about? If you have not read it, then you don’t realize there is no ground for optimism.

      Someone is going to respond and say “Put your trust in Jesus, not people.” I do out my trust in Jesus. I know Jesus will keep my salvation safe and when I die as a result of the GOP actions as vote for by a tiny percent of the registered voters, I know I will die in the cupped hands of God.

      Just watch, though, someone is going to mock my faith. It’s already happened here.

    • You do realize that Trump is the same guy who said in 1998 that if he were to run for president, he would do so as a Republican because they were all dumb and believed anything.

      Somehow, that doesn’t seem very respectful; but as one of those West Coast liberal elites, perhaps I don’t understand.

      In the 70s & 80s, Trump was sued by the Feds for breaking laws relating to equal housing (refused to rent to blacks).

      Somehow, that doesn’t seem very honorable; but as one of those West Coast liberal elites, perhaps I don’t understand.

      Trump has floated about not paying countless businesses for work they did on his now failed casinos & hotels. He also hires foreign workers and often does not pay them.

      Somehow, that doesn’t seem very honest; but as one of those West Coast liberal elites, perhaps I don’t understand.

      Perhaps I don’t understand anything at all…

  11. Thank you John Pavlovitz. Your blog has kept this Christian pastor from losing her mind during a year of deep darkness. I’ve taken some hits for speaking truth in the midst of such hypocrisy all around us. You are always on target and full of prophetic truth. Please know there are many pastors walking the road with you, even if not as eloquently.

          • I don’t read him that way. Seems to me he is making some good points and so are you (a few good god points). But, then again you both make bad points as well. Or you omit saying things that are in line with the Gospel, such as love your enemy. Does loving your enemy mean agreeing with your enemy? No? It means respecting their human dignity. Both, you and Pavlovitz could do better at loving your enemy. Me too.

  12. Thank you John for your expressions. I understand your title in the context of what you are saying. Always make my day. Continue to speak for many of us who feel the same way. You do it so much more eloquently. Have a blessed New Year and may God continue to season your thoughts with light and salt.

  13. To Gloriamarie
    If read what I said Trump is NOT beholden the GOP platform. Moreover, there is a congress in place that would not allow Social Security to disappear. Trump happens to support SSN and Medicare

    • ” Trump is NOT beholden the GOP platform. ”

      Do you think, as he seems to, that he was elected dictator or emperor?

      The Republicans will enact their platform. There are way more of them than there is of Trump. They are going to get on with their agenda regardless of him.

      If the Republicans say they want to gamble with Social Security and Medicare in the stock exchange that is destroying it. The stock exchange is fickle.

  14. Much truth in John’s article however I agree with others that the title needed more forethought.

    While it appears that crazy things might happen in the next months or year, I would like to share what one of my Senator’s wrote to me after I asked him to be prepared to impeach DJT at the first sign of his risking our country, our constitution or the people:

    Dear Ellis,
    Every presidential election creates uncertainty as to what the incoming administration will seek to accomplish and how it may impact our lives. Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda.

    I have heard from many Kansans whom have expressed similar thoughts to yours. While keeping in mind the will of the people, our system of government was designed to ensure that the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government serve as critical counterbalances to one another. It is important for all elected officials to faithfully represent the people who have given them the responsibility of governing in order to make sure that all Americans can pursue the American dream. It is an honor for me to serve Kansans in the Senate, and I pledge to work to meet the challenges of our time. During President-elect Trump’s time in office, I will be sure to remember your thoughts.

    I am grateful for the opportunity Kansans have given me to serve them in the United States Senate. If you are interested in learning more about my efforts on your behalf, I encourage you to visit Please let me know if I can be of service to you or your family in the future.
    Very truly yours,

    Jerry Moran

    So my thought is; it is what it is. We cannot change that in the short term. But we can gird ourselves to create the ground-swell needed to ensure America stays on the path so many millions of people who worked hard, fought, died, sweated and worried to bring us to where were are as a nation. We cannot improve our state by gripping, whining, negative posts, arguing etc. but we can make a difference by knowing Love, Respect, and Care for one another and electing those to office who have that same frame of mind.

    • From your fingertips to God’s ears, Ellis.

      “So my thought is; it is what it is. We cannot change that in the short term. But we can gird ourselves to create the ground-swell needed to ensure America stays on the path so many millions of people who worked hard, fought, died, sweated and worried to bring us to where were are as a nation. We cannot improve our state by gripping, whining, negative posts, arguing etc. but we can make a difference by knowing Love, Respect, and Care for one another and electing those to office who have that same frame of mind.”

  15. “Maybe they’re still clinging to the thinnest thread of hope or trying desperately to save face, or maybe they simply refuse to acknowledge what their eyes are seeing because of how terrifying it all is.”
    They’ve been “love bombed” by a narcissist.

    “He’s a great humanitarian, he’s great philanthropist
    He knows just where to touch you honey, and how you like to be kissed
    He’ll put both his arms around you
    You can feel the tender touch of the beast
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.”

    “Man Of Peace”

    Look out your window, baby, there’s a scene you’d like to catch
    The band is playing “Dixie”, a man got his hand outstretched
    Could be the FÅhrer
    Could be the local priest
    You know sometimes Satan, you know he comes as a man of peace.

    He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue
    He knows every song of love that ever has been sung
    Good intentions can be evil
    Both hands can be full of grease
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

    Well, first he’s in the background, and then he’s in the front
    Both eyes are looking like they’re on a rabbit hunt
    Nobody can see through him
    No, not even the Chief of Police
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

    Well, he catch you when you’re hoping for a glimpse of the sun
    Catch you when your troubles feel like they weigh a ton
    He could be standing next to you
    The person that you’d notice least
    I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

    Well, he can be fascinating, he can be dull
    He can ride down Niagara Falls in the barrels of your skull
    I can smell something cooking
    I can tell there’s going to be a feast
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

    He’s a great humanitarian, he’s great philanthropist
    He knows just where to touch you honey, and how you like to be kissed
    He’ll put both his arms around you
    You can feel the tender touch of the beast
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

    Well, the howling wolf will howl tonight, the king snake will crawl
    Trees that’ve stood for a thousand years suddenly will fall
    Wanna get married ? Do it now
    Tomorrow all activity will cease
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.
    Somewhere Mama’s weeping for her blue-eyed boy
    She’s holding them little white shoes and that little broken toy
    And he’s following a star
    The same one them three men followed from the East
    I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.
    Bob Dylan

  16. Gloriamarie. Don’t believe everything you read. No president ever follows every plank in a party platform. That is just a piece of paper created for the conventions. You have faith, well so do I.

    • We seem to disagree on the role of the President. Congress is the executive branch with the ability to over-ride Presidential vetoes.

      But since a Congress has been elected, most of whom adhere to the national party platform, deny climate change, want to frack Yosemite, mine for uranium in the Grand Canyon, what is there to be optimistic about.

      Look at the people proposed for the Cabinet. Every single one of them is as unqualified for those positions as Trump is for his. White supremacists, the brain dead, people who don’t believe there should be any regulations despite how destructive anarchy is.

      There is nothing to be optimistic about except the hope, as John P, expresses it, that every single citizen if the USA is now a loser because of the results of this election.

      • Gloriamarie, we cannot let our own hope die. Faith, Hope and Love. Remember? As devastated as I was following the election (I cried for 3 days), I am seeing a very encouraging sign– the opposition is organizing. Not like “the left” usually does, with a thousand and one tiny little special interest groups that the DNC tries to weld into a coalition, but on a larger scale. Thousands, if not millions, are saying, “Enough is enough. I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. What can I do personally to help?” This helps me hold on to hope. Trump is a threat to me on a personal level, just as he is to you, though not quite on the same scale. The fear I feel is quite real and it is that fear that temporarily overshadowed hope. But perfect love casts out all fear and I have added my name to that list who asks, what can I do? As long as we have faith, hope cannot be far behind.

        • Perhaps I failed to express myself clearly. I was responding to a Trump supporter who wants me to be optimistic. I was challenging him on specific issues, asking him what was there be optimistic about on those issues. There was no response from him because there is nothing to be optimistic about.

          Yes, I have faith. But that is not going to prevent horrible things happening to me when the GOP starts tearing what there is of the safety net left.

          I am already impoverished due to being handicapped and disabled. Everything that makes it possible for me survive are due to be destroyed by the GOP. I’ll die and will be caught in the cupped hands of God, I make no doubt. But the process of being murdered by peoplewho voted evil into public office will be painful.

          • Gloriamarie, my Sister. I am aware of the dire straits you face in light of GOP policy. Were that it were in my power to send you every item on your Amazon wish list, starting with things like toilet paper, trash bags, shampoo and soap that cannot be purchased on a SNAP card and adding a gift card for future needs. Alas, I often find myself trying to make that last roll last a few more days and right now I need to repair my furnace because I cannot afford to spend a third of my income trying to stay warm. But I will do what I can to make to the GOP fail to destroy what little safety net you have. My own access to the healthcare I need is threatened too. May my willingness to fight on our joint behalf give you some comfort, if not hope. Peace and light to you, Sister.

            • A. Nonymous, Thank you. yes it is true I do need all those things. Although my SNAP has been reduced because of the $5/m increase to COLA for Social Security which is not enough of an increase because we received no increase in 2016 because of the loophole the GOP discovered to cheat Social Security recipients of benefits we earned.

              There are some items that are not luxuries that I think people ought to be abe to buy with SNAP… toilet paper, soap, diapers, feminine hygiene products. It not as if anyone can do without all or some.

              I am so sorry that your furnace has broken. Would that I could help you with the expense.

              Please feel free to join Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff and fight the good fight.

              I Will Resist: A New Year’s Prayer
              For the ancestors, who now dwell in the company of angels, accosted and assaulted while present upon the earth, enduring avalanches of animus of which have never been atoned,
              I will resist.
              For babies bombarded by bombs, bounties placed upon their beautiful heads at birth,
              I will resist.
              For the cacophony of cries citing crimes against humanity, callous cycles of crisis with casualties colored in chalk upon concrete,
              I will resist.
              Until the lion lays down with the lamb,
              until we study war no more,
              until everything is not just everything, but what it’s supposed to be,
              I will resist.
              Until we are free.
              Against hate,
              against racism,
              against oppression,
              against suppression,
              against xenophobia,
              I will resist.
              Until peace is not just two digits raised in the air,
              until justice flows like waters, and righteousness, like a mighty stream,
              the LORD being my witness and my help,
              I will resist.

              Rev. Dr. Michael Waters,

              • Dear Sister– Thank you for the words of Rev, Dr. Waters. They are a balm and a call to my soul. I will fight the good fight, for the neighbor I can reach, for the sister I can’t. May Love, Peace and Light fill your days.

  17. At this moment, everyone is defending and calling each other names..Those who voted for that man..feel they have every right to be snarky and feel that they accomplish some thing. I say this for those we will have this discussion a year from now, you will be able to tell me and others what you have gained voting for him…You dee you are like a new convert..who know everything..but as an evangelist..when you that was a title of respect and honor..I would tell the newly converts..the experience is not about now but telling the world ( family)..Look what Christ has done for me this year.
    So we will wait on what has that man and congress done to us in a year

  18. You are sadly misinformed about many things. Hillary is a radical abortion advocate: Supporter of the racist Margaret Sanger, wanting INCREASED funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion factories, approving of abortion at any point until birth, wanting to repeal the Hyde amendment so my tax $ can fund abortion, repealing the Helms amendment to fund overseas abortions. She is the most radically pro abortion ever.

    And, you are right, she only called 25% of the population deplorable.

    I am under no illusions. The choice in this election was between two deplorable. I chose the one that was not a radical abortionist. that supports Biblical marriage and religious freedom. That is what every Biblical Christian should have done.

    • I follow him because he claims to be a Christian. And, many true Christians are being misled by his non-Biblical views.

      You know, the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      The worst kind.

      He call Trump voters haters and then hates them for voting for him. Truly pathetic.

    • Planned Parenthood provides mmmograms, Pap smears, STD medications as well as the morning after pill, birth control and referrals to doctors that perform abortions. NO federal tax money is used for abortion!

      I’m interested in how you came to be nearly a one issue voter? Are you on the front lines, making sure that the babies born have adequate healthcare, food and education?

      I don’t think abortion is a good thing, but if we force women to have children that they have to no means to raise well, we are condemning them to a life lacking in opportunity and joy.

      Are you willing to remove abused children from crack addicted parents and ensure they get the care they need until they are adults?

      I’d be interested in your take on exactly what religious freedom means. Is just your set of beliefs that should be free? Or do you support Jews, Muslims, Taoists, etc. and their religious freedom as well?

      Lastly, I’m sure that Biblical Marriage to you means between 1 man & 1 woman. Is there such a thing as Biblical Divorce? I’m just curious because of the candidates, one was married once, and one is a serial philanderer with 3 wives to his credit.

      Please try to be a bit more truthful to yourself about who the PEOTUS really is.

  19. You call Trump evil. For those Christians who voted against Hillary, she is the worse evil. An enemy of what we hold dear: the unborn, marriage (real), and religious liberty for all (not just non-Christians).

  20. While it may not be the “best” title for his post John Pavlovitz has laid out the issue. Yet how else could he have phrased it? We are a nation that revolves around winners and losers. All anyone need do is look at our obsession with sports and how we drag out each sport’s normal season so that it stomps all over the next. Why? Money and advertising dollars and sales, etc….another national obsession. Then look at what we pay professional athletes. We will not pay teachers, firefighters and police officers a decent wage but we have no issue with paying millions a year for guys (and a few gals) to toss around various sized and shaped balls during our endless seasons of sporting events.

    Congress has lost the ability to negotiate and compromise, as apparently have most state legislatures as well. To compromise is to lose. Hogwash of course, but that’s how so many see it. So, is it any wonder that we find ourselves in this position?

    I do not hate Trump or his supporters. There isn’t anything there to hate. There is much to pity: crudeness, lack of taste and manners, arrogance, lack of self-control, temper tantrums. Being rich never bought breeding or taste. And that’s before we start naming the way he treats other people. I see that as a sign of some deeply seated insecurity. Odd for so wealthy a man….or is it?

    While doing all I can to protect what we have gained for the disenfranchised and marginalized and protesting injustice wherever and whenever I see it, I am taking a “wait and see” attitude. When one really does not know what one is doing, surrounding oneself with those who do seems a prudent action. Instead, this one is surrounding himself with more who don’t have any experience either. Despite the hype, you can’t just plop down in a cabinet level position and do what you please. Fortunately there are laws and regulations that govern your actions. The same is true for the President-elect…..he just hasn’t fully realized that yet. Fortunately for all of us (whether you like it or not) there are careerists who have chosen a life of public service to the American people and will weather this just like all in the past.

    The train wrecks will be amusing and scary at the same time. Frustration will mean more than one resignation of the newly appointed. This isn’t someone’s “family business.” It is our government and our heritage. And while change is needed, change must be backed by measured purpose to achieve a credible goal if it is to be successful. We’ve operated on “doing away with because we don’t like or agree with it” for too long and as such, Congress has accomplished little of substance.

    In the meantime, while it may make us nauseous, those of us of faith must pray for our President-elect and those he puts in authority. If we don’t, I would question how well we understand our faith or the reason for prayer. These folks will need all the help they can get from this plane and a higher one.

    Make no mistake about it: I will stand up to tyranny. I will challenge the bullies of this and any administration. Many have learned the hard way not to piss off an old fag who has nothing to lose!
    So let’s get off the blogs and start filling email and snail mail boxes of our Congressional representatives with faith based reasons why they need to be on the side of the angels on so many issues. Don’t claim “Judeo-Christian values” unless you really know what that means. Read the “red letter” words of Jesus. Read the ancient prophets of Israel. The focus wasn’t the rich and powerful: It was the poor and marginalized….helps to read the book rather than rely on what someone tells you it says.

    Bruce Garner

    • Well said, Bruce.

      You wrote “While it may not be the “best” title for his post John Pavlovitz has laid out the issue. Yet how else could he have phrased it?”

      Possibly “We are all losers.”

      My fear is that there are those who only read the headline and then were unable to hear the rest.

      John P, is of course right.

    • perhaps all those against abortion should make a vow to “adopt” or foster a child who would have been aborted . And yes. I’m a practicing Catholic. I am also pragmatic enough to realize that not everyone in our great country is NOT a Christian. Religion and politics need to be separate. Another arrogant Christian who feels the self-righteousness makes him closer to God. However you forget that others are NOT Christian and do NOT have your beliefs.

      • Why doesn’t your church focus on exposing and punishing it’s pedophile priests more? The Catholic church tells it’s members that all life is sacred and contraception is a sin also hides and shuffles child molesters from exposure and justice. Yet you say nothing about those poor children. .just the ones who haven’t been born yet. Advocate on behalf of all those children .

        • Weeded out ? Nope retired and sent out to pasture and protected. Watch this video for the truth. This has been going on for centuries. Sexual immorality in high places in the catholic church. Joe, you are naive. Your church has not weeded out a few bad people your church has to repent.

          • Between 1950-2015 there were 17,600 allegation of cleric abuse involving 6,500 clerics. and that is only in the U.S. Not a tiny amount!! The problem is still going on and being investigated. Bad priests have not been fully weeded out and the problem has not been fixed! In fact just last year this report was published:

            “A member of a commission set up by Pope Francis to advise him on child abuse says the group is a “token body” exercising in “smoke and mirrors” that won’t help children stay safe from abusive priests…
            Meanwhile, new Catholic bishops are still being taught they’re not obliged to report cases of child abuse by priests to the police.

            The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, which Francis set up with much fanfare in 2014, was supposed to issue guidelines for the Vatican on how to deal with child abuse. But the body was never consulted about the training for new bishops on exactly that topic.

            These are just some of the signs that Francis’ reform efforts, and his pledge to clean up the Catholic Church’s most damaging crisis, seem to be unraveling before they’ve even really gotten started”

            • A psychological consultant in the above video said that there is a link between cleric abuse and the requirement of celibacy.

              And this excerpt from an article published in Australia where there were similar allegation and cases of cleric abuse. The article said this about celibacy and the culture of “clericalism” :

              “Obligatory celibacy may have contributed to sexual abuse in some circumstances,  an advisory group to the leaders of the Australian Catholic Church has conceded in a report recommending that priests be given “psychosexual training”.

              It also says the abuse of a priests’ power over others – called “clericalism” – may also have contributed to the way the church responded to claims of abuse, including its tendency to disbelieve or turn a blind eye to allegations of abuse.

              “Church institutions and their leaders, over many decades, seemed to turn a blind eye, either instinctively or deliberately, to the abuse happening within their diocese or religious order, protecting the institution rather than caring for the child,” the report said.

              The progress report by the Truth, Justice and Healing Council of the Catholic Church is at direct odds with a report by the Catholic Church in the United States that denied any link between child abuse and celibacy….

              Mr Sullivan said the whole history of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church was shocking, and it was about power and the way men were relating to children.

              He said the report flagged that the church had to look at the culture of “clericalism”, a term that meant the abuse of a priest’s power over children and others.

              Mr Sullivan said that, unless the church was willing to be open and honest and prepared to do more than just talk, it probably had “no chance of restoring trust”.

              “The public hearings have exposed the failings within the church to understand the extent of the crisis and, certainly in the early years, to put in place a pathway for survivors of abuse to be heard and to access justice.

              • Yes it is the responsibility of the church officials. The church did not provide priests with the proper guidance to help them with the rigours of celibacy or with their desires which were repressed.

                What did you think? God would magically stop them from having sexual urges and sublimation is normal for a human?

                Sexual repression caused this and the church was ignorant about it. The church hid it and denied it for centuries.

                The church lacked wisdom and common sense to handle this because they are human beings who thought they were spiritually elevated above humanity.

                Don’t put all the blame on the priests who stumbled. Put the blame on man made doctrines.

  21. I think that John is really a sore loser like all of the Hillary supporters! I didn’t vote for either candidate, but I’m extremely glad that Hillary will not be my President! I’m glad that Slick Willie the serial adulterer will not be back in the White House! I’m glad that I won’t have to have the gay agenda shoved down my throat! I’m glad that we will have a President that will stand for the country he leads, and not spend all his damn time pushing the LBGT agenda on our country and promoting their nasty perversion in society. Trump will be a much better President than peope think, and I’m confident of that!

      • My homosexual agenda isn’t either. In fact, right now, it’s going to go take a shower, make the bed, walk the dog and eat some leftovers from New Year’s Day. And Wayne, my boy, people like you who are so obsessed with issues of sexual orientation are usually the ones with something to hide. Too bad you can’t be the real you that scares you so badly.

        • Joe “catholic” I have no idea where you get the notion that a) there actually is such a thing as the “homosexual agenda” and b) that it would align with the “abortion agenda.” I don’t see an “agenda” for either issue. What I do see is a desire for equality as human beings for LGBTQ folks and an assurance that there will be freedom to choose on the part of a pregnant woman. Those are reasonable to reasonable people. Joe you are so obsessed with saving the unborn as you call them, show me in Scripture where that is a doctrine, command or anything close to it? Your first example is to references of God knowing us since we were in the womb. Yet there is nothing in that in reference to when after conception sustainable life begins. It could just as easily mean that God knows us from the point of birth. There is little respect for human life, especially female life, in the Hebrew Scriptures…..just read the stories. Don’t forget the Psalm about having us dash the heads of our enemies’ babies against the rocks in the stream either. The Feast of the Holy Innocents was December 28…..those were 2 years and under when murdered if I recall. The Church of Rome has always been good at “doctoring” Scripture to suit its needs. The church in general has been great at male, preferably light skinned, domination of religious thought and definitions of who was property. It has been from this heritage that the likes of Trump have sprung. Some of his greatest numbers were from old, white, straight men who no longer run the world or the church and think Trump can restore that order. Good luck with that one….it isn’t one I could support. I lived through the Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best propaganda days. Reality was very different.

          I repeat something I have said before: you lose credibility with me when you use aliases or post as anonymous. It makes it clear how little strength lies behind your convictions.


    • Nasty perversion? Here I go…. Take a long walk off a very short cliff. Please. Me and LGBTQ agenda will wave at you on your way down.

        • Wayne, I apologize. I do not want you to walk off a cliff. You have the right to believe what you care to believe. I will not make excuses for my response. I was wrong.

      • I feel your anger and upset. But, I really fear for people like Wayne and what their hatred for LGBTQ people will make them do. The more they dwell on us as a perversion the more likely they will not see our humanity and gifts

        I am past fearing for my own safety at this point. I am used to the hatred and insults.

        I worry about the salvation of all the haters who wish ill will towards me because I am gay.

    • When I read such homophobic sentiments, it makes me wonder two things. (1) How deep in the closet is the one who said this and why so fearful to come out when we know the truth sets us free?

      (2) When a man says homophobic things, I wonder if he is afraid of being raped? We women start to worry about rape around age twelve or fourteen and despite the fact that women are raped every single day, most of us are not obsessed with the issue to the point that we brand all men as having an evil agenda.

      To those for #1 applies, come out. You will be liberated.

      To those for whom #2 applies, please for therapy because no one should be that ruled by fear. Truth is homosexual men, unlike heterosexual men, do not force themselves on people who don’t want them.

    • Um you do know that your little prick boy T—p has cheated on not one by veTWO wives. He’s worse..oh..and I could bet that Barron may very well be the love child of T—p and his daughter Ivanka. After all, he DID mention he would date his daughter. Yeah. You have your head on straight.

    • Sorry Wayne:

      * LGBTQ civil rights are not going away—the fight goes on!!!

      * Discrimination against LGBTQ people will die out!!!

      * Gay marriage is here to stay!!!

      * Your religious freedom will not be allowed to negate the rights of other people.

      * Your children will learn that the Earth is billions of years old and evolution is a true fact.

      * Jesus will continue implementing his plan to destroy Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, and the Republican Party—and that destruction shall come in his holy time.

      * The Trump victory was actually a resounding defeat. For this destruction to occur, it was necessary for Trump to win and make a fool out of himself—to destroy the last of fundie hope by destroying their propped-up prophet before their very eyes as a sign of God’s unhappiness with fundie religion.

      * The hated Jesus lovers and social justice warriors on the left will win because Jesus of Nazareth was and still is the original left wing social justice warrior—and his will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven—and no man can or will stop him.

  22. Dear John Pavlovitz- You have a brilliant voice and your writing is simply stunning. So when they de-fund Planned Parenthood- and overturn roeVwade- how many young women will be lost while their fetuses are saved? And when they dismantle obamacare- without replacing it with something else as that’s not really their goal- how many ordinary people will die because their government sees them as parasites- not humans. And when it literally just becomes open season on sport killing of anybody who is not white and heterosexual- how should we all respond to trump supporters then? Oh never-mind- it’s always been open season. And when they take away my human rights and throw me in prison because I’m not a heterosexual- not for something I’ve done but for who I am- how should I react to all those little trumpeteers when they find themselves chained to the wall right next to me- because they whined to their orange god? Sorry. I already don’t care. It’s going to be interesting! But I’m mounting my next art show in a week- so right now I don’t actually care! Keep up your very good work! Much LOVE!

  23. What I don’t understand is the quibbling about a title and ignoring the message.

    I grew up in the Evangelical church and still consider myself evangelical. Time was when the Evangelical church was convinced it had the truths of God and was unafraid to speak them boldly without worrying that these truths were going to be hard to listen to.

    Now we’re getting angry because someone is doing just that, worried that we are going to “turn off” Trump supporters?

    Imagine if such concern for the delicate ears of Trump supporters was applied to others outside the Evangelical faith. We would not have the endless sermons attacking others but we would have sermons about “reconciliation” and “listening” and “understanding the homosexual, the transgender, the Muslim, the poor, the immigrant.”

    Good thing we’re afraid to speak truth to ourselves. I’m sure that will lead to nothing but good, solid moral growth in the church and a clear prophetic message to the Americans still outside the church.

  24. I think the title is spot on ladies and gents.

    Join the club of losers all ye Trump voters.

    The sadness and the irony has gone over their heads!

  25. A raised middle finger joined by a sneering, “Get over it, dude” surely is the message from some Trump voters. BUT, there are tens of millions of Trump voters who don’t remotely resemble that descriptor:

    1. Some didn’t vote for Trump, but instead voted against Hillary. Just lose all the reasons that you like Hillary and instead accept that there are a lot of people who don’t trust her.

    2. Some voted for Trump because they were mad as hell at being blown off by government for four decades and didn’t vote for Trump, but instead voted against the establishment.

    3. Some are GOP lifers and simply could not bring themselves to vote for a Democrat.

    4. Some are hair-on-fire neo-cons who hate government.

    5. Some are rabid haters of anything not white and not male dominated.

    There’s not likely much you can do with those in the last two categories. On the other hand, many in the first three are horrified at what we are facing, at what they have done.

    Here’s the key point: If we are to make change that serves all of us who lost this election (per the essay above, that’s all of us), then we need to make common cause, especially with those who see things differently. We have to stop focusing on finding differences and all the ways that others are so obviously wrong, ignorant and stupid because they don’t agree with our one true version of what is right and what is best.

    Find the ways you agree. Make common cause where there is room for common cause. Stop demonizing and insisting on political purity because it’s making losers of us all.

    • It actually matters a great deal that people didn’t trust Hillary, because the reasons people didn’t trust her were themselves false. You can’t “accept that people didn’t trust her” when that very issue is one of the symptoms – people were more likely to believe a lie about Hillary than the truth about Donald. Ignoring that plays into the hands of people who would want to use that strategy over and over to win. You have to analyze the false news infection that allowed people to vote against themselves while thinking that they were somehow doing something smart. That is very, very dangerous and is “accepting” it.

      • The Republicans created fake news. The Reagan administration repealed the Fairness Doctrine which had been in place since 1949.

        There have been some attempts by Democrats to reverse this irresponsible repeal but, of course, the GOP prefers fake news.

        They claim it’s a First Amendment right to spread lies. However, since it is not a violation of the First Amendment to lie and yell “Fire” in a movie theater, why isn’t it a lie to spread fake news which by definition are lies?

      • 46% of the country finds Fox News untrustworthy. At the same time, 62% believes Secretary Clinton isn’t trustworthy. Those two numbers should tell you it’s not just the Brietbart crowd that doesn’t believe her. It’s not for no reason almost 2/3 of Americans don’t trust her. In addition to the things she says that are demonstrably untrue (email, Libya, Bosnia), her seeming inability to ever take a consistent stance on anything (TPP, gay marriage, NAFTA, etc.) feeds the trustworthy issues. She says whatever she thinks is the most popular at the moment. Titling her latest book “Hard Choices” is amusing to say the least, as she doesn’t seem to have made one without first checking a public opinion poll.

    • This is where the fundie religionist steps in and says the classic fundie sentence:

      “Never!!! I am 100 percent right in all things, and any sort of compromise on even the microbe-tiniest thing would be a 100 percent, complete, and total sellout to evil—and I alone get to define what is and is not evil!!!!”

      What you are saying, I would kindly submit, is a pipe dream. If every liberal in the country were to say “yes,” to what you just said, every fundie would say “no.” It is simply not going to happen because the fundie side does not have the capacity for peace because they do not hear the words of Jesus about peace.

  26. Thanks for this. I think it will take a while for Trump voters to see how they didn’t really “win” by getting him elected. I wrote about the election, and my resolve to love everyone, even people I disagree with politically. In response, one Trump voter posted a comment calling me “one of the most dangerous people I share a country with” then told me not to reply to her comment. That kind of divisiveness (which is becoming normalized because of DT) makes us all bereft as well. here’s the post:

    • Jesus showed people who He really is. He was crucified for it. Expect to be crucified for standing up for Jesus before the Satanic Trump mob. Many of us will be crucified before Jesus wins this fight on our behalf.

  27. This is incredibly important, but I fear most PE45 supporters are incapable of hearing it. They’re not reading the news, they’re not analyzing information, and the conservative movement is smart enough to defer the majority of the catastrophic impact of their policies so people – who are not good at looking ahead – won’t realize how badly they’ve been damaged by the legislation that’s coming. And PE45 is a master showman who will keep their attention on his shiny victory so they don’t notice that their Medicare is gone, their Social Security has been slashed, their health care costs more but covers less, their international allies disrespect them, their safety is compromised, and their jobs are still leaving but they have no training opportunities or education to keep them employed. I hope that some hear your message, or begin to see the real impact of what PE45’s self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, self-profit agenda is doing to them.

    But you know…. her emails.

  28. Many of us Christians are saying here that regardless of where we are on the political spectrum, we need to come together to work for the common good.

    Some friends and I think the same thing and with that goal in mind, in February, we are going to read and study the book “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life,” by Karen Armstrong. I’ll be leading the discussion.

    Here is the description:

    Seems to me this world needs a great deal of compassion.

    We are going to start by reading Karen Armstrong’s book, TWELVE STEPS TO A COMPASSIONATE LIFE. I strongly recommend that people obtain a tree version of the book because as far as I can tell the e-reader versions do not have page numbers and we will need those to clue each other in about what we are talking about.

    Reading assignments will be posted. One or two questions based on the selected reading will be posted.

    Maybe I don’t have to say this to a group who wants to read and discuss the subject of compassion but let’s demonstrate compassion here in everything we say. Let compassion start here. We must always remember this is a faceless medium and we won’t always know if you are smiling, laughing or are dead serious so let us try to be as clear as possible.

    If someone says something that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t assume that is the intention of the poster. Instead of reacting, sit with the words for a minute. If you are still uncomfortable, please ask questions. I find a good way to ask is this “Perhaps I misunderstood you and if so,I apologize. When you said I thought you meant . Is that what you meant?” In my experience, this prevents many misunderstandings.

    Group Rules (such as they are)

    — Be polite. No swearing, no trying to belittle another. No snarky language, no sarcasm.
– Read the assignments.
– Answer the questions only if you have read the assignment.
– Please use “I” statements. This prevents a lot of confusion because our English language does not distinguish between plural and singular use of “you” and sometimes context does not make it clear.
– When you respond directly to a person, please use that person’s name. Someone else might think you might be addressing them. It prevents confusion to use names.

    The facebook group is called CompassionReading Group and if you are interested, you may join us at

    • gloriamarie. i wish John P would us guidelines like the ones you gave us. but since he has not, one can only surmise that he likes how things are going; name calling, swearing, base language, outing, personal attacks, harangues. it also gives him license . which I notice is increasing, not decreasing.

      • May I assume you mean the Guildelines I posted for the Compassion Reading Group? If I am wrong, please forgive me. One can establish such things for a group one is going to moderate but I don’t believe John P moderates his blog or reads the comments. We are talking, I suspect, to each other but not to him.

        I too hate the name calling, swearing, base language, outing, personal attacks, harangues but I disagree with you that it gives him licence or gives anyone licence.

        In the months that I have been here, John P has not commented or interfered with the behavior here. It’s up to us.

        • I apologize for the short harangue but we are all adults here. So here goes. I agree that when speech is hateful it hurts. It hurts some people more than others but we have no other way to communicate than to speak up and use words. I was glad when Joe apologized to Gloriamarie about a week ago. That was awesome. Forgiveness and getting along is what I long for but I am so raw from the anti – Pavlovitz trolls who butt in and snipe at every person who is sharing their point of view and saying we are all blind JP followers and we are all in an echo chamber and we are all being lead astray in some great apostasy.

          It is just not true.

          I relate to what JP writes in his blogs because I have been thinking along those lines for years. He didn’t influence me one bit. Therefore JP I let you off the hook I won’t be blaming you on judgement day for any of this.

          leslie we have all done our fair share of biting comments and lectures, some more polite than others. But do any of us really listen to each other ? Or are we just waiting for our chance to say something. What I don’t like is when we assume things about others. I think that is the hardest thing to overcome is someone’s opinion of you based on their political or religious affiliation. Although I I am interested in progressive christianity I am actually a fundamentalist by practice and a conservative by nature. It is the liberal and progressive people in my life that have softened me around the edges and over time I have become a more open and understanding person. When I say over time I mean 30+ years.

          This forum is good and bad. It is good for Christians and others of different faiths to have an opportunity to have an open dialogue but it is bad when we are spiteful to each other and worse when cannot even recognize we are brothers and sisters.

          We can learn from each other and we can enjoy each other. I think that is what it is all about. I wish there was more story telling and joking. It’s really horrible this whole Trump thing happened. It has put a pall on everything.

      • …and along comes the rule-makers to control people so they don’t have to listen to the truth or anything that might be difficult to bear or face or think about. There is a big wide tough as nails world out there full of real flesh and bone people who are not walled up in some fancy dancy church with light shows and dry ice fog effects. Just wait until Trump gets going, then the s**t will hit the fan.

    • No one is evil personified. We are imperfect human beings trying our best to voice an opinion on what we see. I guess you are doing your best It is an exaggeration and a bit shrill.

      • Technically Christian orthodoxy teaches that evil is personified but no one human being is evil personified. All of can choose good over evil. All of us can choose evil over good, and, sadlt, some have. Opinions differ over whom chose which.

  29. I think a lot of folks here didn’t get John’s ironic meaning of the word “losers”.

    I see a bunch of trolls show up here. Folks, we gotta quit engaging them. They voted for and continue to support a very bad man who, along with his black-hearted enablers, intend to do this country and many of us citizens significant harm. They are, indeed, deplorables acting out of either or both of intractable ignorance or great malice. In coming here, they seek only to distract us from our work. I fell into the trap of feeding one of these trolls a couple of days ago. I won’t make the same mistake again.

    Here’s what to do…when a mean-spirited statement by one of these mendacious trolls gets under your skin, don’t respond. Rather, go to, say, the Planned Parenthood website or that of the Southern Poverty Center (or your own favorite organization) and donate $3. Feeding the trolls is a fool’s errand. Feeding Planned Parenthood helps poor mothers and families. And it really, really upsets the wingbats. I donated $6 to PP and made a blood donation appointment to make up for my own transgression.

    So…don’t feed the trolls. Donate instead. I’m gonna make that my New Year’s resolution.

    • That is a great idea. Maybe I will donate $10 to Planned Parenthood and list the donation name as “Joe Catholic.” Can he stop you? No. But you can make his words work against his own causes.

      • I can sleep at night because abortion is a man-made sin that modern religionists have created. Only God has the right to create a new morality. When man does it, he is committing the original sin of Eve—wanting to be God. I respected Roman Catholics before I met you, even though I disagree with some of their beliefs. As a direct result of you, I am quickly losing that respect.

          • I don’t like abortion and neither do my Catholic friends but they are graceful and show charity towards those suffering unlike you who is mean-spirited and condemning

              • One way or the other, he has condemned everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

                The tragedy is that he is unable to understand what he has done. He is so convinced he is right and the rest of us are wrong, that it excuses every reprehensible, rude, cruel, and sometimes vulgar what he chooses to express himself.

                It is a deep deep tragedy.

              • I agree completely Gloriamarie.

                It is true what Jesus said with his lips, ” forgive them for they know not what they do.”

                I remind myself that when I think of Joe Catholic.

  30. For crying outloud John…find yourself a safe room with puppies and play-dough. When I originally started reading your blog I was encouraged by you, but no longer. Your endless political rants have become nothing more than crashing symbols or blaring horns. Where do you get any notion that Mrs. Clinton had the high moral ground in this election? I will agree that we had the two worst candidates running for the highest office in the world; bar none. I will not even try to support Trump’s behavior…but Mrs. Clinton, in my opinion was an ever worse candidate.
    I would encourage you to look at how Jesus dealt with the political upheaval of his day. He certainly didn’t find his mission going to Rome; he even waited until His time had come, to journey Jerusalem. If you think this worlds’ problems have political solutions you are badly mistaken. Mother Theresa said it best, when asked about the horrors of life in Calcutta: “We do small things with great love.” We need to be the ones who provide the cup of water, the warm smile, that hug without words or advise, the tears of sorrow and the laughter of joy. That advise is still the best as we try to deal with the issues we are faced with.
    In Christ;

    • John W. — good idea. I feel bad for Christians here that are being pointed away from the healing words that are so easily available in our bibles.

      God’s promises will never let anyone down!
      Time is a wastin’ .

      –The LORD will guide you always.
      –All his precepts are worthy.
      –The LORD is faithful and just.
      –God’s love is higher than the heavens.
      –The LORD will protect you from the evil one.
      –Your compassion is great O LORD.
      –His love is new every morning.
      –His way is perfect.
      –He watches over all who love him.

    • “If you think this worlds’ problems have political solutions you are badly mistaken. Mother Theresa said it best, when asked about the horrors of life in Calcutta: “We do small things with great love.” We need to be the ones who provide the cup of water, the warm smile, that hug without words or advise, the tears of sorrow and the laughter of joy. That advise is still the best as we try to deal with the issues we are faced with.
      In Christ;”

      Yes. You can do that. But to be truly effective in doing it, you will have to body tackle Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, and all their minions to get any help to the people you wish to compassionately serve. Good luck!!!

      • That’s good quote Joe, I love Mother Theresa! and remember it’s a condemnation of the world, as a system which we are born into. Individuals need to come to new understanding through knowledge and compassion not rhetoric and accusation.

        Joe, If you would turn your comments around from looking down your nose at people who support a woman’s right to choose and instead work with those in a cooperative way. You would go farther to make inroads with people and be a healer, like Jesus, rather than a destroyer, like the adversary.

  31. On January 21, 2017 the final part of the Titanic will go below the surface of the waters. At that moment, all those Trump voters who so loudly proclaim themselves winners will be swimming in the cold grip of the Trump ocean right along with all us whom they so loudly celebrate as losers. I wonder; will they still be proclaiming their winning status as they themselves sink for the third time beneath the icy, dark waters of Trump? Time will tell.

  32. I’m paying very close attention to reality. I just saw the headline that Obama’s hometown smashed the record for homicides in 2016. This comes mere days after the US sold out Israel on the world stage. You are a liar when you say he promised to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid. Here’s reality: 50 years of progressive policies have been a dismal failure; the Republican establishment sold us out; the Libertarian Party can’t field a viable candidate; and most of us are fed up with business as usual in DC.

    • Obama/Hillary dissing Israel for building some homes, is astonishing. Even CNN agrees.

      Islam already has 50 (& growing) states for Muslims to choose from . Is it so hard to let the Jews have 1 whole state? Apparently so. Regardless of fashionably snobby Democrats, we would do well to continue to support the minuscule country of Israel. If Israel loses, we lose. Game over.

    • Here’s reality:

      1) Israel does not want peace because peace causes people to lose their alertness, become complacent, and wake up one morning with the enemy’s boot on its neck. Israel will never have peace in our time because the Jewish people are living under a curse identified by Jesus 2000 years ago and implemented by the Roman army in 70 A.D.

      2) Fifty years of progressive policies have not been a failure. They are only a failure in the eyes of people who do not believe in them for strictly ideological and philosophical reasons.

      3) Both the Republican and Democratic establishments have sold out the American people.

      4) Yes.

      5) Yes.

      • …funny how your opinion always avoids facts –

        Benghazi , voter fraud , secret private server with classified material, Using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for tax evasion, Hiring Cronies, taking bribes from foreign countries, selling 20% of America’s uranium to Russia, Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million, and right afterward it Declared Bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese , Arming the Muslim Brotherhood and hiring them in the White House, Whitewater, Watergate committee, Vince Foster, Shady Commodity Deals , Funding of neoNazis in the Ukraine that led to the toppling of the democratically elected president and to the biggest crisis that country has had since WWII , Turning Libya into chaos , Mastermind of the so-called “Arab Spring” that only brought chaos, death and destruction to the Middle East and North Africa, Leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi , Encouraging and supporting the murders of Palestinians and the destruction of their homes, towns and villages by Israel , The funding and arming of terrorists in Syria, the destruction and destabilization of that nation, giving the order to US lapdogs in Turkey and Saudi Arabia to give sarin gas to the “moderate” terrorists in Syria that they eventually used on civilians, and framed Assad, and had it not been for the Russians and Putin, we would have used that as a pretext to invade Syria, put a puppet in power, steal their natural resources, and leave that country in total chaos, just like she did with Libya? , Creation of the biggest refugees crisis since WWII , Leaving Iraq in chaos , DOJ spying on the press , HHS Secretary Sibelius shaking down health insurance Executives , Giving our cronies in SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 Months Later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it , NSA monitoring citizens, State Department interfering with an Inspector General Investigation on departmental sexual misconduct , Hillary, The IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress , Threats to all of Bill’s former mistresses to keep them quiet , Stealing the White House furniture, silverware, when Bill left Office, etc.

        Has that fake news working out for you?

        • As I said, “Because 25% of the registered voters believe fake news, lies, and preferred evil. In my opinion.”

          You have provided zero, just a whole lotta GOP lies.

          There are too many people posting as “Anonymous.” One of them makes sense. But you are here merely to be a troll.

          • GloriaMarie, it’s just another T—p supporter who is afraid to make their name public. A coward just like the president elect. A troll, if you will. But it is fine. At some point these toothless, jobless wonders who voted for this vile man will get their just desserts when they are marched into the ovens and gas chambers that T—p and his loving Putin are getting ready. They will be the first to happily march into to meet their maker!

        • Dear Anonymous:

          I won’t dismiss your list as a pack of GOP lies; but I will say that lying is not exactly partisan action.

          Some of us are old enough to remember President Nixon telling us that the state has the right to lie to the people, to tell not the truth, but what it is desired that people will believe.

          Were all truth manifested all the time, would a single government be left standing tomorrow morning?

          A discussion of ‘fake news’ requires addressing allegations of Russian interference in the Nov. 8 election. For all that has been said, no high ranking figure in the intelligence community has offered anything definitive to support those claims.

          These claims could seriously erode relations with Russia. Yet aside from lame attempts to explain election results, neither the White House, media, either party, any of 17 security agencies or any private firm address why the absence of credible evidence of foreign intervention is so studiously avoided.

          One of the few websites which does point to this phenomenon states:

          ‘The US media does not see fit to mention that the government making the accusations against Russia runs the world’s largest hacking and cyber espionage program…’

          Why in the absence of any credible facts to warrant such ‘retaliation’ does President Obama expel 35 Russian diplomats? Why does the Republican Party not call foul? Could it be that as the US undergoes a major, military expansion at a time when social programs are slashed at home, that both parties support bourgeois interests in eroding diplomacy and international relations in the interest of increasing tension and moving the US toward a war with Russia and/or China?

            • Dear Anonymous

              No, Obama will offer no explanation as you say. And I stand by my explanation that this false news [of which the White House is in this case a chief purveyor] intends to erode relations with Russia.

              This is confirmed in an article published this morning informing us that Democrats and Republicans are uniting to demand anti-Russian sanctions [ ].

              Not to be left out and offering no shred of evidence, the ‘false news’ “critic” ‘Washington Post’ in true McCarthyite style accused Russia of hacking a Vermont company, Burlington Electric [ ].

              Meanwhile, the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments pushes Trump to escalate an already explosive situation in the South China Sea [ ].

              These two theaters [Russia and China] reflect a sharp disagreement in the ruling class as to WHERE the next Great War should be initiated. That this is happening at all is a warning of grave danger to the working class in the US.

              Declining to expel any US diplomats is no admission of guilt; it lets a wily Putin come off like an adult who allows Obama and associated false [Russian] news agitators reveal themselves as the petulant warmongering brat-children they are.

        • –toward the very end of the campaign, when Hillary fainted at 9/11 event, and then lied to her closest staff members about her Pneumonia diagnosis, –Hillary lost votes.

          –when Hillary’s campaign chairman, John Podesta & gang completely disparaged Catholic practices, and ridiculed Rupert Murdoch’s children’s Baptism, –Hillary lost votes.

          –when infamous [sado-masochist] Marina Abramov gave a friendly invite to John Podesta for an intimate supper of ‘Spirit Cooking’, –Hillary lost votes.

          –when we learned that Tony Podesta (Pres Clinton’s chief of staff, Obama’s close adviser, brother of John Podesta, Hillary’s best fund-raiser) has long collected Abramov’s work, & similar outre artists, –Hillary lost votes.

          Yes, I know Trump has been repugnant as well. But, the torture/sex /death/ art that John Podesta (& his brother) surround themselves with daily, while steering Hillary’s campaign, was too much to bear. Who wants that in the White House?

          • Have to agree this is a turn off if it is true I haven’t heard about most of the point you mentioned above but I did see the disgusting video of trump which shows his vile intents.

            Think about this if Wikileaks had gone after Republican emails they would not have fared any better. If you have ever worked in politics you would see both sides of the coin and they are the same.

            In fact now Trump is saying he doesn’t trust computers and important correspondences will be sent via courier not emails. He doesn’t trust it.


          • Dear leslie m.:

            It is no secret that this glorious ‘election’ offered the two, most detested candidates in US history.

            With 54% of eligible voters refusing to vote, with at least 2% voting libertarian/green, etc., and with the remaining 44% fairly evenly divided between the two major candidates, we don’t exactly have strong support for the hated ‘mandate to do anything.’

            Even the elected candidate will never have more support than at the present. Bear that in mind when you’re told that like it or not, you’re going to war with Russia, China, or both.

  33. Briton Gaster: The video that you are referring to did not start out w/ people just dragging some random TR supporter out of his car. That part was extrapolated by the infamous Alex Jones (“Sandy Hook was faked!”).
    It actually started as a regular old run of the mill car wreck. The participants started arguing over whose fault it was and then one of them started throwing punches.
    People on the sidelines were yelling “He voted for Trump.”
    So again fake news rears it’s ugly head.

  34. Dear John:

    I understand that you’re seriously unsettled about this election. But flogging this does nothing to redress coming class attacks at home or new and horrific wars abroad.

    It’s your blog, but won’t you instead develop a theological case for opposition to war? That may prove far more valuable to us all.

    • perhaps you should tell John P. you’re going on a hunger strike or better yet….your going to hold your breath until he offers some theological words of wisdom.

      • Dear Anonymous:

        Whether or not you agree with my perspective or analysis, I believe that the danger of a new world war [including thermonuclear holocaust] is very real. Assessed against that very real danger, I find your recommendations less than helpful.

        John has a social conscience; but although he sees that people do vote against their own interest, he does not contextualize that specifically as CLASS interest. That in turn is why he does not break with Democrats as much as with Republicans.

  35. No Joe Not-really-Catholic. The better man did not win. Unless you are a lover of Hitler and the atrocities he committed during WW2. My better half is a Catholic and a Frenchman. His family was destroyed by Hitler during the Nazi occupation. And T—p is the modern-day HItler. He is a racist and a bigot and his only agenda is protecting his personal wealth and that of his fellow one-percenters. He does not care for the middle or lower classes.
    America IS now great. America has BEEN great. And now that the Russians will be taking over our country will no longer be great. I think you should start memorizing the “Song of the Volga Boatmen” it’ll be the new American National Anthem and you can sing it whilst you are being marched to the oven!

    • I am Catholic and come from a long line of Irish Catholics with nuns and priests in the family. We were taught to love, accept and give back.
      And yes. Trump IS the modern day Hitler. Might I suggest you read up on how HItler sidled his way into the masses. (pun not intended). There are tremendous similarities between the two.
      I don’t call you “not-so-Catholic ” because you disagree with me at all. I called you that because as a Trump supporter you go for everything the Catholic Church stands for. Even our good Pope does not approve of Trump. And it isn’t so much I voted FOR Hillary, it is I voted AGAINST Trump. Bernie was the better of any candidate who ran and the DNC screwed themselves over this time around. But I stand by my beliefs. Any man who degrades women , who publicly makes fun of the disabled, who publicly announces he would date his daughter, who lies and takes to twitter like a ten year old, is not presidential material. Not now. Not ever. Never.

  36. Chicken Little (aka Catherine Urbanski), Trump is not a modern day Hitler. Hitler, along with the rest of the Nazis, destroyed more Jews than Frenchmen which is something that Obama, were he given enough time, would have done through his proxies Hamas and Hezbollah. You just can’t face the fact that over 50 years of progressive policies have been a failure so you reflexively spew your fascist rhetoric and vitriolic character assassinations. Breath. Life as you know it won’t end on January 20th.

  37. Joe Catholic: You say your two mandates are not to murder and not to steal. Does this mean you’re okay w/ not obeying the other 8 commandments? Or The Golden Rule, either? I understand that YOU think abortion is wrong, but until you are raped, a victim of incest or domestic violence or are facing your own death due to pregnancy, I just can’t take your protests too seriously.

  38. Christopher P Rouse (aka Hermann Goering) And Trump will try his best to destroy immigration and any one who does not share his beliefs. A modern day Hitler of the mind. And no….I’m not even comparing this to “progressive” policies. I’m worried about the state of our beautiful America.
    The America that I was born into welcomed one and all from all walks of life. The America that I was born into was one where people had jobs that offered security and benefits to those who worked. My America offered loyality. My America had compassionate citizens who cared for one another and watched out for one another. MY America welcomed my immigrant grandparents from Ireland. The new America is filled with bigotry and entitlement from those who feel like the poor get everything when that isn’t true. The wealthy are the biggest crooks by not paying taxes. I truly fear for our country. The supporters of Trump are accepting of a Russian dictator who will sidle his way into our political system and nancy-boy Trump is falling head over heels for the enemies who want to destroy us. We are in for the worst four years ever……

    • Catherine, My ancestry is predominantly western European (Irish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Scottish, English) plus Native American (Mescalero Apache). When my European ancestors arrived, they entered legally and were welcomed because they provided value to the citizens of this country, not because they had relatives. My ancestors did not fly the flag of their native country, they flew the US flag and were proud to have become US citizens. One of my great-great grandfathers was a US senator from Kentucky before the Civil War.

      If the wealthy don’t pay taxes it’s because the law allows them not to and people like FDR, LBJ, Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama have paid their political debts by creating a tax system that allows their donors to avoid paying taxes legally. I agree with Bernie Sanders when he says the system is rigged. Bernie’s solution would never work however, and I say that only because socialism has failed every time it’s been tried, without exception.

      When Trump said that Putin was a better leader than Obama, I think he was right. Obama is the worst president this nation has ever had. Putin may have a lot of problems, and I don’t trust him, but he is a leader, as is Trump. As far as the next 4 years being the worst four years ever, the same thing was said when Reagan won., and that worked out pretty well.

  39. Catherine Urbanski: Perhaps if we all get involved at the local level, it will only be two years. Rally cry: Take Back the House! Take back the Senate!

    • Angela. I have signed up with my local democratic group. I will be working hard to get people to vote democrat for the mid-term elections. Very hard. It is important to me that we have a congress that cares about the people of our country in terms of social security, education, medical benefits for the middle class and the less fortunate. We need to house homeless and have better care for the mentally ill–we need shelter and we need a great deal. The republicans and conservatives do not believe in helping others. We need to change congress!

  40. Joe Catholic: Exactly! He hasn’t even served one day in office yet and he’s already alienated several countries, threatened others and downright insulted heads of state. He is apparently incapable of knowing when to keep his mouth shut and his fingers off the Twitter. Just tonight, he poking at the North Koreans and their ability to let loose with nukes. Seriously, what kind of idiot does that? I realize that the leader of N. Korea and our PEOTUS share the same emotional and intellectual age, I just don’t get defending him.

  41. Joe Catholic: Exactly! He hasn’t even served one day in office yet and he’s already alienated several countries, threatened others and downright insulted heads of state. He is apparently incapable of knowing when to keep his mouth shut and his fingers off the Twitter. Just tonight, he was poking at the North Koreans and their ability to let loose with nukes. Seriously, what kind of idiot does that? I realize that the leader of N. Korea and our PEOTUS share the same emotional and intellectual age, I just don’t get defending him.

  42. Cartherine Urbanski, BTW, the America you were born into (1956) was racially segregated, abortion was illegal, women were second class citizens, an army general was president and we’d just gotten out of Korea and were heading towards Viet Nam. You sound nostalgic for the America “I was born into”.

  43. it’s amazing how thin-skinned and kneejerk the “christian” backers of Trump are….

    i did not vote. Haven’t voted since 1980, but i follow the elections closely and observe.

    Here’s a fact that supports the “we all lost” in this election idea:
    29% of eligible voters voted for Trump
    29%+ voted for Hillary
    42% did not vote

    this means that 79% of eligible voters did NOT vote for Trump…or Hillary.


    there is no mandate and nobody really won. had Hillary won i would be noting the same thing. K?

    what stands out about this election is that, once again, the “Christian Right” backed a man who lied the most egregiously of ALL candidates….i mean, upon factcheck, in the debates for example, he told whoppers by a margin of 59 to Hillary’s 11, as i recall.

    when LIARS win, whoever they are, we ALL lose.

    but that’s Alien Nation….the fact that “evangelicals” who do not stand for liberty, freedom for all, justice in so many other areas, JUSTIFY voting for a man who caters to White Supremacists, who has no noticeable substance or character about anything except Money….and there are big doubts about whether he plays an honest game on that one.

    give me a break, you socalled “Christians”! you vote for evil, you get evil. you just aren’t honest enough to admit it.

    John’s right, all Americans who look to Alien Nation (D.C.) for “answers” or “help” in areas other than money,


    The Earth-habitat of the Generations, already under extreme duress due to GREED (that still a sin with you rightwingers?), will experience even more filth under this cadre of rightwingers who care not really for The Earth and The Generations.

    all i care about.

    carry on, John. the vicious retaliations from these “conservative”(haha) trolls is evidence enough that you hit a nerve…

    again. they just never admit when they are wrong. perfect Trump-voter profile.

    –Steve Pipkin-Savage

    Steve Pipkin-Savage, 72

    • let’s see you haven’t voted in over 30 years….but have this idea….posting to a blog is going to change something…oh, I see, it’s a vast right wing conspiracy that prevented you from exercising your right to vote – keep hugging that tree and cashing those SSN checks.

  44. Fake news, liars and hoaxes….that’s right, there’s a list – funny how how it keeps growing….

    David Williams
    Kara Stevens
    Muslim Friend of Aisha Sharif at San Diego State
    University of Michigan Hijab Wearer
    Andrew McClinton
    Vincent Palmer
    Yasmin Seweid
    Villanova University
    William Tucker
    Taylor Volk
    Kirkland Phony Post election Sexual Assault Victim
    Williams College Fake Blood Splatterers
    Neighborhood Town Watch Anti-Hijab Letter
    Eleesha Long
    Malden, MA Phony Trumpsters Victim
    Sara Farsakh
    Kathy Mirah Tu
    Chris Ball
    Ashley Boyer
    University of Louisiana Heisted Hijab
    Abdul Aziz
    Brooklyn Muslim Community Center Teens
    London, Ontario Islamic Shopper
    Calum McSwiggan
    Marcus Owens
    Hamza Warsame
    Alexis Adams
    SIUC White is Right Video
    Salisbury University Graffiti Artists
    Jordan D. Brown
    Bingen Syrian
    Eric Danko and Jordan Schaeffer
    Manhattan Self-Slasher
    Seattle Africatown Center Graffiti
    Mari Poindexter
    Phony Nevada Klansmen
    Saida Chatti
    Julian Kinzel
    Imani Perry
    Asha Burwell and Friends
    Jesus Francisco Cabrera
    Michael Dekota McRae
    Gary Nathaniel Moore
    San Bernardino Backlash
    Mercutio Southall
    Hyacinth Peccoo
    Clive Higgins and Lonnie Blackwell
    Anonymous Liar From India in Orangeburg County, SC
    Kayla-Simone McKelvey
    Hidden Dores
    Royall Must Fall
    Shalaria Jones
    Emmanuel Bowden
    Kynnedi Grant
    Clarke Perkins
    Payton Head
    Mizzou Fecal Swastika
    Berkeley High
    Dorothy Bland
    Georgia Tech Person of Preferred Pigmentation
    Melvin and Angelica Hale
    Haakon Gisvold
    University of Delaware
    Ahmed Muhamed
    Ashley Powell
    Garnet Coleman
    John Sherman
    Carol Anne and Laura Stutte
    Minati Roychoudhuri
    Frank Elliott
    Planned Parenthood
    Sean King
    Julie Baker
    Vincent Broughton
    Rick Jones
    Connie St Louis
    Rachel Dolezal
    Tahera Ahmad
    Phony University of Minnesota Rape Victim
    Sarah Silverman
    Kassim Alhimidi
    George Washington University Swastika
    Adam Hoover
    Ambreen Sharif
    Charles Blow
    Morgan Triplett
    Desiree Nall
    Mindy Brickman
    Oberlin College
    Lena Dunham
    Rolling Stone/Jackie
    University of Chicago Facebook Hoax
    Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar
    Daniele Watts
    Keith Jones
    Sweet Briar College Hoaxer
    Grand Valley State University Student
    Richard Kennedy
    Anonymous Hercules Middle-High School Student
    Joe Williams
    Andrea Brazier
    Genesis Hernandez
    Danya Morales
    Toni Christina Jenkins
    Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden
    Meg Lanker-Simons
    Olander Cuthrell
    Charlie Rogers
    Sharmeka Moffitt
    Joseph Baken
    Alexandra Pennell
    Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
    Quinn Matney
    Aubriana Banks
    Sarah Marshak
    Floyd Elliot
    Tawana Brawley
    Crystal Gail Mangum
    Kerri Dunn
    Leah Miller
    Ahmad Saad Nasim

  45. You are right John Pavlovitz. All Americans lost the Presidential election back on November 8, and they are going to be seeing exactly why they lost it nearly every day after January 20, 2017.

    On inauguration day, John F. Kennedy said:

    “We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans — born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.

    Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

    On Inauguration day, Donald J. Trump will say:

    “We are going to build a wall. I am so high on this platform, and this wall will be high too. It will be such a great wall. It will be so high—I mean so very high. You will get high on how high it is. I build high towers, so I know how high high is. Maybe I will put a big “T” on it like my tower.”

    These are the coming ramblings of a blithering idiot—not a statesman who runs a great nation and makes sound decisions. Our country is going to pay dearly for what happened on November 8, 2016. Mark my word.

          • I agree but also have some lingering questions and thoughts and this is an honest question for you) how do you allow yourself to believe the dreams recorded in the Bible, then? Peter had a dream about animals and clean meat for example.

            And another question: the Catholic church is full of people having visions and passing those stories on. Christians always talk about their dreams as if God is giving them a message.

            How do you explain having a belief in that?

  46. Trump voters are losers …? Only if you have a crystal ball and can look four years into the future along alternating time lines to see the difference between a Hillary Presidency and a Trump one.

    Otherwise, what could you possibly be basing this upon? Tweets? Really? He tweeted before and he’s still tweeting. We have yet to see him engage with Congress to actually get policies measures done which is the true measure of who is getting screwed, and who isn’t. Until then … sounds like sour grapes.

    For the previous two elections, this well have could be said: “This is the thick irony at work in this election; that beyond the superficial idea of their guy winning, the vast majority of Obama’s supporters profit nothing from their vote, because outside of himself, George Soros, and all but the tiniest percentage of the most liberal and Progressive Americans—Barack Obama doesn’t give a damn about them.”

    Are Black Americans, who voted for him TWICE in record numbers better off now than in 2008? Nope. It turns out “voting your race” appears to be pretty idiotic.
    Is the Democratic Party better off? Nope.
    Is the World a safer place? Nope.
    Are we closer to a climate accord? A non-nuclear Iran, or North Korea? Peace in Palestine? A balanced budget?

    “But he had a hostile Congress” only works if you DON’T take into account three of the past four Presidents have also dealt with the opposition in control of Congress at some point in their tenure and still gotten things done ~ the most notable example being President Bill Clinton.

    FYI, John. You have the quote to the side saying how you ‘voted for the experienced one’ … as if that somehow matters in 2016.

    Did it matter in 2008, when the Democratic Party chose Barack Obama over the still more experienced Hillary Clinton? Nope.
    Did it matter later in 2008 when America chose the much less experienced Barack Obama over far more seasoned John McCain? Nope.
    In 2016, Bernie Sanders, while the less palatable candidate, was also the more experienced one when compared to Hillary Clinton. The Democrats ‘chose’ the less experienced person yet again.

    No, it would appear ‘experience’ hasn’t been a deciding factor for Democrats, or Americans for some time now, or at least the past 8 years … as long as it was your inexperienced candidate winning in the end.

    As a final note: a few people have complained Trump’s choice for Sec. of State (Tillerson) has too-close ties to Russia and Middle East oil folks. That’s true … along with his ardent support for homosexuals in the Boy Scouts. This reminds me of when the Department of Labor was giving out contracts to for Green Tech projects and many of those people had ties to the Obama White House.

    You would think graft and collusion at the highest levels (and some bad deals were indeed made), but that ignored the fundamental reality which was the believers in Green Tech were Obama supporters from the time of his candidacy and they were the only ones with the expertise to link the government money with the proper minds to make these projects work. It just so happened their politics coincided with their know-how.

    If you can, take a step back and think “if Trump doesn’t know the key people and the culture the operate in, wouldn’t it be wise to higher someone who does” even if they are also known for their economic ties to the region? It was in the initial pursuit of those economic ties which led them to create the skill sets Trump now needs.

    A Blessed and Fortunate New Year to you all.

  47. Sherry Sheraton: JP NEVER said TR voters are “losers.” Did you even read the entire article? If you did, maybe you might want to re-read it. JP is saying that TR voters (actually all of us) will lose many of the things we’ve come to expect, rely on and need for some many years. The GOP is already making a move to cloak their actions from the public by moving to dissolve the independent Congressional Oversight Committee and make themselves “self-policing.” I can only imagine how that will work out for us, the citizens. You (and all readers) might want to send a short email to your representatives in DC demanding they NOT support the Goodlatte amendment. The new Congress hasn’t even been sworn in yet and they’re already up to some shifty crap! Remind them they work FOR US!

  48. Really enjoyed past postings, but the political climate they have taken, not so much. It’s one thing to voice an opinion, but I just feel the message being sent lately is not what I want to read. Going to stop receiving for a while.

  49. Very well said, thank you, unfortunately most of the people that voted for him will refuse to read your message….don’t let that stop you, eventually reality will show its ugly head

  50. Good to know the Republicans started out the new year getting rid of the independent ethics committee which of course was initiated when some Republicans forgot ethics and ended up in jail. Good to know the fox will be in charge of the hen house. Nothing to see here folks except the Republicans continuing their insidious march to quiet all voices except their own. Of course they have always been the best at throwing stones while polishing their halos as a smokescreen for their deeds. Just ask Gingrich. Nothing to low for the “Party of Family Values”. By the time Wall Street stops partying after regulations are gone, instead of bringing this country to its knees they can go for the KO. Can’t wait for the old trickle down that has never trickled down. Yea, a bigger gap between the have and the have nots. Works every time. Of course, President TwitterMan might throw a wrench or two with his Putin/Dictator/Killer bromance, but hey we will have a new conservative on the Supreme Court to take away some hard earned human rights.

      • Thank you. Having gone through both the Bush I and Bush II recessions and being negatively impacted by them both, especially the first, this is what I saw through my eyes. For those who were not negatively impacted you, of course, will see things differently. I feel that what we have experienced in our life has a lot to do with who we are and what we trust in.

        • Joanne, don’t forget, please, that the Bush 1 recession started with Reagan and that disaster known as Reaganomics, the exact same economic policy that gave us the Great Depression in 1929.

  51. And yet Reagan is the Republican hero. Obviously many went unscathed or opted to rewrite history. Besides. To me, Bush II’s invasion of Iraq was equally destructive to this country and was based on a lie or a “mistake”. They wanted a war and they got it. They didn’t know how to fight it and they certainly didn’t know how to win it or how to pay for it and more horrifically how many lives were going to be lost or forever changed. All for what? I grew up during Vietnam. Boys I grew up with, who I loved, were also sent to war by men sitting safely in their offices sending others to die for them. For what? No one comes back from war unchanged. You would think that these people we put in charge would care more about the lives of their countrymen, that all those heroes with boots on the ground are precious human beings. And then, there was Benghazi to be used as a political torpedo aimed at Hillary. And yes mistakes were made. But were we supposed to believe that these horrific deaths were what, more horrific than those of the thousands in Iraq! All those men were heroes and their deaths were tragic. Even the Ambassador’s mother asked that her sons’ death not be used to make a political statement. Of course, that fell on deaf ears. They had no shame.

  52. Every morning since the election, I wake up with a pit in my stomach as the reality of a President Trump hits me yet again. We have all indeed lost some very important things as a result of his ascendancy. I am a pastor as well. It is harder than ever for me and my flock to be excited about the good things that might happen in the future. We feel betrayed and abandoned by those who wear the name of Christ but voted for such a crass, misogynistic bully. But we won’t give up. God is in control and we must trust that. The early church prospered under the likes of Tiberius and Nero. We can be Jesus to the Trump people too. Thank you for an outstanding and courageous article Pastor John.

    • Rev. Pope, please do not fall for this red herring. Joe has a pathological obsession with only one issue and I am astounded that he has gone this late in the day without mentioning it.

      His obsession is not a matter of merely my opinion. Too many of us have seen it.

      • Thank you for your concern. I haven’t “fallen” for something that you don’t articulate but with which you clearly disagree. I’ve followed John’s journey for nearly 20 years and mine has been similar. The more one learns, the more one tends to rethink old, narrow, black and white ways of seeing the world. ” Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to save the world” according to John 3;17. Don’t you be deceived …God is not mocked. Abortion is a far more complicated issue than most people think and it certainly isn’t the place of old white men in Washington DC to tell a family what is best for them to do. That is between that family, their loved ones, and their God. “Do not judge lest ye be judged” Stay our of other people’s business and mind your own. Work out you own salvation with a splinter from your brother’s eye when you have a plank in your own? Ex 33: 19 Yahweh tells Moses ” I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion…” In other words, humans have no business passing judgement on one another. Pastor John’s message is about the fact that we are now all in this mess together. It will soon become clear to his supporters as it is to his opponents. We would all do well to heed the prophetic message of Pastor John and not repeat the mistake of our ancestors who stoned and killed the righteous prophets while gleefully following and elevating the false prophets of hate and division . That is all

        • Thank you for the sermon, but it didn’t address my point which is Joe Catholic’s pathological obsession with the subject. It you think it is ok to enable his obsession, that’s your choice.

          • I told you I have never thought about it before but you seem very sure of it yourself. And, I asked you if the answer is in the Bible? Is that a question you cannot answer?

            • Okay that makes two of us. It’s not answered in the Bible then?

              I guess we will have to have faith that God can handle it…

              …rather than making up consequences and judgements out of our own imagination.

  53. Joe Catholic: According to CDC, there are 1,821 abortions per day. Before you howl, I’m just pointing out that your 3k number is correct by a factor of nearly half. Get your facts in order, sir.

  54. Joe “catholic” I have no idea where you get the notion that a) there actually is such a thing as the “homosexual agenda” and b) that it would align with the “abortion agenda.” I don’t see an “agenda” for either issue. What I do see is a desire for equality as human beings for LGBTQ folks and an assurance that there will be freedom to choose on the part of a pregnant woman. Those are reasonable to reasonable people. Joe you are so obsessed with saving the unborn as you call them, show me in Scripture where that is a doctrine, command or anything close to it? Your first example is to references of God knowing us since we were in the womb. Yet there is nothing in that in reference to when after conception sustainable life begins. It could just as easily mean that God knows us from the point of birth. There is little respect for human life, especially female life, in the Hebrew Scriptures…..just read the stories. Don’t forget the Psalm about having us dash the heads of our enemies’ babies against the rocks in the stream either. The Feast of the Holy Innocents was December 28…..those were 2 years and under when murdered if I recall. The Church of Rome has always been good at “doctoring” Scripture to suit its needs. The church in general has been great at male, preferably light skinned, domination of religious thought and definitions of who was property. It has been from this heritage that the likes of Trump have sprung. Some of his greatest numbers were from old, white, straight men who no longer run the world or the church and think Trump can restore that order. Good luck with that one….it isn’t one I could support. I lived through the Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best propaganda days. Reality was very different.

    The Church of Rome has created all sorts of doctrines and dogma for which there is no basis in Scriptural teachings at all. This has gone so far as to even create a “special” translation of the Bible used by no other faith community. It’s always been odd that so much related to human sexuality and marriage has been mandated by a bunch of allegedly celibate, chaste old men who have limited knowledge or experience with sex. Yet some place absolute infallibility on their decisions. Rather sad when you think about it.

    I repeat something I have said before: you lose credibility with me when you use aliases or post as anonymous. It makes it clear how little strength lies behind your convictions.


      • Ah, Joe, so you see how using a word by one person can mean something different to another.

        For example, I meant pet name as :

        “A name that is used instead of someone’s usual first name to express fondness or familiarity.”

        Whereas you meant it, thinking, I have a dog.

        A good case in point why it is wrong to read the Bible literally and not all answers are in the Bible.

        see you around.

  55. Sorry that you feel that the way that you do. 0Obama was the best that this country could do. Too bad that the present electorate wasn’t so weak to not establish this with the poplar voter dynamics.

  56. John, we can only imagine the sick and hateful mail you receive daily for speaking up. We are grateful, GRATEFUL for your voice and courage. Don’t stop. Everyday we look for your message and reflections. They encourage, educate, inspire and give us hope. Remain strong & share your discernment. We need you to get through the T years. Thank you. You and your fam are in our prayers.

    • T & B, I am touched by your words. I am reminded of this prayer from the Book of Common Prayer, p. 827

      For those who Influence Public Opinion

      Almighty God, you proclaim your truth in every age by many
      voices: Direct, in our time, we pray, those who speak where
      many listen and write what many read; that they may do their
      part in making the heart of this people wise, its mind sound, and
      its will righteous; to the honor of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

      I am also reminded of this Saying of a Desert Christian, which has been much food for thought for me this morning: “It is said of a certain elder that he showed special affection for those who despised him and in any way dishonored him.

      “These are our friends,” he used to say, “because they lead us to humility. Those who honor and praise us do injury to our souls. The Scriptures also say: ‘those who regard you well seduce you.'”

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  58. Sally: You said that DT “is not a career politician that doesn’t give a shit about you and I.” That is true, at least in part. He just doesn’t give a shit about you and I, period.
    He has run roughshod over nearly everyone he’s done business with his whole life, not paying many of them & forcing them into bankruptcy.
    He has manipulated the system consistently through the years, all in an effort to simply make money. (Remember what God says about love of money?).
    I truly believe he is a Washington outsider, but I also think he is beholden to other power players, perhaps even Putin.
    Lastly, I would remind you that The Powers That Be should be us the voters, not some nameless, faceless entity that we can blame for all our ills. We need to take responsibility for our democracy, every single one of us.

  59. Joe this is for you although it is long and I doubt you will even read it.
    I don’t have time to address everything Bruce but I’ll try to hit on a few of the important points.
    1) Someone else said “homosexual agenda” and you repeated that in your post and I repeated what you said. The point I was making was that homosexuals want justice and equality yet almost always align themselves with those who deny that to the unborn and who are in favor of abortion rights.

    Response by Bruce: Joe you are making a gross generalization that you cannot support. Most I know are against having someone else’s religious beliefs forced on them, which is what you are supporting.

    2) The Catholic Church accounts for about half the Christians in the US and world and stands against abortion and I believe most other Christians do as well. Those Christians who favor abortion rights seem to be an anomaly, except here of course. It’s not as if it’s just a Catholic thing and it’s also not necessarily a religious issue, since there are atheists who oppose it as well. I was not very religious at all when my first child was born, but after his birth it really hit me that he was not just my son after he popped out but before as well, and looking backwards, there was no point during that pregnancy where I would be able to say he was not my son.

    Response: There are a number of religious denominations who participate in an organization of religious organizations that supports reproductive freedom. That doesn’t mean pushing or supporting abortions. It means insuring choice is available. I am not saying I would have an abortion if I were female. But I am not and it isn’t my choice to make for someone else.

    3) Are all progressive so race-obsessed? Especially when it comes to being “light-skinned”? I take it you must be white as well and are probably projecting your sins and faults into skin color and perhaps condemning whites is an acceptable way to deal with your guilt instead of facing your actual sins. That’s just a theory. I don’t state that as a fact. But it’s curious that skin color comes up so often. At any rate, the Catholic Church is for all people of all ages and races and there are priests and bishops of every race and one day there will be a black Pope and an Asian Pope, but we don’t dwell on race and skin color in Catholicism. We are all brothers and sisters by virtue of our Baptism and Doctrine.

    Response: You term me as “progressive” yet I am a moderate whose views have been influenced by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes I am white and yes I am often ashamed of being white because of what white (mostly men) have done to people of color for centuries. I don’t condemn all white people, only those who refuse to own their racism or refuse to admit that they have benefited from white privilege. You don’t know your own history all that well, my friend, because it has only been in the fairly recent history that there have been significant numbers of Black deacons, priests and bishops in the Roman Catholic Church.

    4) The “Church of Rome” does not and has not “doctored Scripture.” And the Catholic Church is not founded on Scripture. The New Testament came from withing the Catholic Church. There was no New Testament as we know it until around the year 300, yet the Church existed until that time. We use what we feel is the most accurate translation but I don’t think any of the Protestant sects would have any objection to it except for the books we include that they omit. Do you have any examples?

    Response: You might want to brush up on church history. The current canon of Scripture, the 66 books we call the Bible was the result of a vote at one of the early councils of Nicaea. There were other books that were not “voted it.” Some were relegated to what is called the Apocrypha which is usually found between the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Testament in Bibles. These books are for reading and learning only but are not supposed to be used for doctrine. It’s important to remember that all the books were voted on by an all male council and that essentially everything from that point on was viewed through male eyes. I believe it was Jerome who first created a translation that differed from the “norm” at the time.
    Further, Joe, the New Testament did not come from the Roman Catholic Church. It could be considered coming from the catholic church, because at the time there had been no splits. The east vs west split was several centuries later. The split between the Church of Rome and the Church of England was again centuries later. The reformation was yet another division among those who make up the Body of Christ. For what it is worth, the Church of Rome does not have a “lock” on the Holy Mysteries. You might not want to refer to Protestant denomination as “sects.” They are not. They all trace their heritage back to the earliest days of Christianity….even though they may not see much value in that. The Anglican Communion can trace its episcopal line of succession all the way back to the beginning. (Remember at one point there were 3 popes….each trying to excommunicate the other two!) The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is having the historic episcopate restored to it through its mutual relationship with The Episcopal Church (the American expression of the Anglican Communion). Whenever an ELCA bishop is consecrated there is an Episcopal bishop as part of the three sets of hands laid upon her or his head.

    5) I don’t expect I’m going to convince you of the truth of Catholicism in this post, but if you have any interest in understanding the Church from the Catholic perspective I encourage you to avail yourself of the resources at EWTN and Catholic Answers. There you will find explanations for every issue and misunderstanding regarding Catholicism.

    Response: Roman Catholicism does indeed have some truths to share, but they do not have the sole truth. NO one does. I’ve had a four year course of study involving church history and Scripture so I have a pretty good handle on things. My main issue with Rome is that it still thinks it does have all the answers. If you listen to Pope Francis you will hear him clearly moving toward changes that reflect a more broad view of Christendom and inclusion.

    6) The Catholic Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and her Doctrine is not stuff that is made up by cranky white old men. Besides that, it’s only common sense that it’s not normal that men would join their sexual organs with the parts of other men, going against their purpose, or that the people would mutilate themselves or change their chemistry in order to frustrate the reproductive act. If you regard scripture, then read the words of Paul. Much of this is covered there, but it’s made very clear in Catholic doctrine as well.

    Response: All of us in all denominations are or should believe we are guided by the work of the Holy Spirit. She often swoops in and creates some mischief and leaves….expecting us to listen and feel for the presence. I’ve had personal encounters with God. No I will not share them here although I have shared them in retreat settings and other places where it feels safe to do so. Let me just say that I am very clear that I am “right with God” as the old saying goes. Regardless, humans often resist the work of the Holy Spirit….especially white men of a certain age. They resist the notion that they no longer rule the world or the church. Perhaps a natural response out of fear and discomfort with change.

    7) I post under an assumed name because I think that’s prudent. My ideas aren’t very popular and there are crazy people on the internet. Erring on the side of caution is not a bad idea. Perhaps in another venue I would post using my real name, but not here. It makes no difference to me if people here are using a real name or a fake name, although it would be nice if they chose a name and stayed with it as there are too many who post as “anonymous.”

    Response: My ideas are not very popular either in some settings but that does not keep me from using my real name. I don’t think I can be authentic and honest unless I own what I have to say.
    I don’t expect you to agree with anything I have said. But I could not leave unchallenged much of what you have posted….often like an endless loop tape (I would have used the “broken record” analogy but so many don’t even know what records were/are).

  60. Adam Peters: If you read The Chicago Tribune article, the altercation began after a minor traffic accident. The party that caused the accident hit the “Trump” guy after being asked for insurance. The people yelling were not involved in the accident. They saw a Trump sticker the car and began yelling. The guy that was hit stated that he was a Trump supporter but his assault had nothing to do with that. Please check for yourself.

    • “The guy that was hit stated that he was a Trump supporter but his assault had nothing to do with that.”

      If the races were reversed, and a group of white people started laughing and yelling, “He voted for Obama,” I’ll bet you’d see it differently. And what about all the other acts of anti-Trump violence that have been committed?

  61. Oh, Joe….where does one begin? You really do not understand the concept of racism. Our nation has a long history of systemic discrimination against people of color. We have exacerbated the problems by not providing equal opportunities in education or employment. I don’t know where you live or how old you are, but it is incredible to me that you are so ignorant about this topic. Have you not paid any attention over the last 40 plus years? Have you never heard the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Look up the definition of racism. Look up white privilege. When you have done some research, get back to me.


  62. Totally agree with your post, Joe. I would hope that a pastor would promote unity, but I’ve read nothing except how terrible I am, how I should feel guilty about how I voted, and that I need to spend the rest of my days convincing everyone that I am not as deplorable as they think I am.

  63. Adam: Same as years of racially motivated assaults. Why is it now only an issue when whites are getting beat up?

    For the record, I’m white, do not condone violence in any way, but I do find it interesting how these few incidents get so much media coverage.

    “All” the other acts of anti Trump violence? I would challenge you to find more anti Trump incidents than Nazi-type crimes committed in the same time period.

    Go ahead… I’ll wait.

  64. Adam: I see your point. I did say that I didn’t not condone violence in any way. I certainly could spend a couple of hours on the internet and find as many instances of violent crimes against persons of color or other minorities. That wasn’t my point at all. What I was saying is that two things have happened w/ the election of Trump.
    1. An increased level of neo Nazi activity has been recorded to include vandalism & hate crimes. Trump is guilty of encouraging his supporters to be violent at his rallies. One would conclude that there is spill over from that.
    2. There has been a noticeable uptick in gender violence, starting with really disgusting tshirts. Women from all different backgrounds are feeling more vulnerable than ever before.
    Ultimately, my comment was meant to point out that I haven’t seen nearly enough condemnation of the anti social behavior that seems to have surfaced post election.

    • “Ultimately, my comment was meant to point out that I haven’t seen nearly enough condemnation of the anti social behavior that seems to have surfaced post election.”

      I’ve seen hardly any attention paid to or condemnation of anti-Trump violence, which is evident even from our conversation. When you said you would “wait” for me to come up with examples, it sounded as though you didn’t expect me to find any. By the way, Trump told his supporters during his 60 Minutes interview to back off–when is Obama going to do the same?

  65. Adam: If you do a bit more research, you can find explanations of this info that it is skewed to show black on white crime is higher, which it is not. I’m too tired to do the work for you tonight. White on black crime is substantial and unacceptable (as any form of violence is). My main point throughout all of this was to get you to see your own white privilege.

    • “If you do a bit more research, you can find explanations of this info that it is skewed to show black on white crime is higher, which it is not.”

      I just sent you a table from the FBI showing that more than twice as many blacks kill whites as whites kill blacks–how could that be “skewed?” Are you suggesting that the FBI is covering up massive numbers of white-on-black on white murders?

      “My main point throughout all of this was to get you to see your own white privilege.”

      Ummm…how do you know I’m white? Or are you just assuming that all minorities think alike and none of them would ever express conservative views?

    • Further, if you’re going to suggest that the FBI’s figures for black on white murders are bogus, why would we trust what they say about hate crimes?

  66. Dear John, you are a gifted writer and make some very important observations here, especially as I read this 5 weeks post publication. The only flaw being the 3 letter word “Too”, that should finish the title, as you did near the end of your essay. This fine work would probably have reached many more Trump voters, had this been the case. As is, most will not read beyond the headline, feel slighted again, and miss the points you make on how “they”, really are “we”, and we will have the same cross to bear. Keep up the great work!

  67. One of the worst items on the Trump/Republican agenda is their attack on Medicaid. If Medicaid is dismantled, it will truly make fools of his supporters. Medicaid isn’t just some kind of free healthcare for the poor people they hate. If they or their parents end up in a nursing home, Medicaid will save their lives. Nursing homes cost $4000 and up per month. Who can pay for that? Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care. I know that a lot of people say that their parents will never go to a nursing home, but are they willing to pay for someone to take care of their parent or are they willing to quit their jobs? Do they have the training to take care of a seriously ill person?

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