A Snowflake Manifesto

Snowflakes are fragile, temporary, inconsequential little things.

They are delicate and brittle and quite harmless—on their own.

But when they begin to attach to other snowflakes, they become stronger, more powerful.
They become dangerous.
They become a force of freakin’ nature. 

Trump lovers like to call his detractors “snowflakes”, as if their feelings are a liability, their passions a reason for embarrassment, their grief a sign of weakness. (The attempted slur is especially ironic, given the absolute historic white fragility of the President, whose Twitter feed rings like the petulant cries of a perpetually offended middle schooler—but that is neither here nor there.)


Is that all you got?

I’ll take it.

As a guy who grew-up in Central New York, I spent my entire childhood watching lake-effect snow systems roll in and in the blink of any eye, quickly blanket everything in shimmering, frozen white. I marveled at their ferocity.

I’ve seen snow storms paralyze cities.
I’ve seen them shut down entire parts of the country.

I’ve seen them derail and disrupt everything.
Snow storms alter the landscape.
They stop traffic.
They wreak havoc.

No, one snowflake isn’t likely to make an impact—but I’m betting 65,788,853 can.

I imagine that the shared strength of that many snowflakes is something to be reckoned with. In fact I’m certain that it is. I’ve already seen it happening in the weeks since November 8th; millions of good, compassionate, intelligent people connecting their individual, jagged, beauty into a glorious and forceful response to the hateful environment around them.

Right now a massive, diverse collection of Americans of every faith perspective, every political persuasion, and every walk of life are assembling, and this is why hope isn’t hard to come by these days—because I can feel the weather changing by the minute.

The current climate of bigotry and bullying will not stand, because we will alter it. We will change the weather:

We will not allow people to be vilified for their religious traditions.
We will not tolerate the civil rights of any group to be removed.
We will not be divided along lines of color, gender, religion, orientation, or politics.

We will not accept the physically and mentally ill to be left without healthcare.
We will not allow people of color to be discarded by those sworn to protect them.
We will not allow women to be devalued or overlooked with regard to pay, opportunity, or safety.

We will not tolerate elected officials whose allegiances are not with all those they represent.

This is simply the truth. This is the storm that’s gathering. This is the forecast for this nation.

So yes, feel free to call us snowflakes simply because we care deeply, because we feel fully, because we lament the bitterness we’re witnessing. We will gladly wear that title. We’ll revel in it as we gather together.

Because trust me, the coming days will be defined not by the hatred in this land, but by the fierce and loving avalanche that comes against it.

Hang on tight and gird your loins, Donald—winter is coming.






259 thoughts on “A Snowflake Manifesto

    • Me too Hope. I’m a snowflake and proud of it!!!! In fact, I’m a huge, offensive lineman snowflake who knows how to fight.

      I would put it this way. Racist and bigots are free to believe what they believe and speak it under the U.S. Constitution. However, that does not mean they will be free to operate without strong opposition and it does not mean they will be allowed to obtain power and psychologically or physically punish those they hate. Abraham Lincoln understood that. Even though the U.S. Constitution implicitly allowed slavery, it never said that slavery is right or the American Way. Lincoln went to war against slavery and eventually abolished it. The whole abolition movement was an evangelical church movement—-that was the first and last thing they ever did right in this country.

      Somewhere tonight a 4-year-old girl is sick with a chronic disease. The only thing standing between her and certain death is her dad’s Obamacare insurance policy. American conservatives would say: “Look at you snowflakes. Everything you do is based on emotion—the same way you bleeding heart liberals are crying for this little girl.”

      We Christian conservatives are superior. We use logic alone like Mr. Spock. Our logic tells us that we as a nation simply cannot afford to subsidize this little girl’s medical care because we just do not have enough money. The decision is easy and logical, we cut her off to save money. Shes dies. So what? People die all the time. The only really important thing is whether or not she was in a Sunday school class and whether her dad was saved.

      I rarely ever make a statement like this. The Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals never cease to preach fire and brimstone—so I will say it this one time:

      If the Hell you believe in so intensely exists and you do not save Obamacare and this child, Leslie and all her heartless friends are going to rot in Hell forever because they have no love in them and their hearts are cold as ice. And as they get thrown into the Lake of Fire, God’s parting shot is going to be:

      “Logic over emotion you said? Did not have enough money you said? Let your logic and money buy your worthless asses out of this fire!!! MY KINGDOM runs on LOVE AND COMPASSION—not logic and money.”


    • Me too. Merry Christmas To all of my fellow Snowflakes. 💘💘

      And John, thanks for the beautiful words. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
      An Old Minnesota Snowflake.💘💘

  1. I am so glad to have a Christian leader that stands for what Christ did and does! I was and am so appalled by the people that consider themselves Christians that used the abortion issue against Hillary to justify their voting for a person who is guilty of so much more and proud of it. Not only proud but he knew that he was going to be able to get by with all he has done and be voted in. As you have said previously these people have got to stand against all of the hatred and corruption that is here and will become even worse because of him.
    May all of us snowflakes find our strength to combat the ugliness that has infiltrated our lives and see that it goes nowhere but down!

    • Hillary is EVIL! She supports abortion, perverted sexual unions, people that hate Black people such as the late Senator Byrd, Margaret Sanger, she has no respect for the rule of law, is married to a serial adulterer and rapist, subjected our country’s secrets by having personal computer servers in her house, and then worry about Russian Hacking. Wow! Isn’t that amazing?

      • Wayne — True, but John is a lover of Man’s traditions. There is no need to attempt to teach him a truth when he enjoys the lies of the Left.

      • It is amazing—but it is also beside the point. Hillary is gone. Mr. Trump—and he alone—is about to assume power, and he alone is the subject here. Try to stay on topic.

      • Now let’s talk for a minute about your man, Drump. 3 times married, cheated on all 3 wives, Hilary stayed and forgave her husband. Which one is more Christian? I think you should worry about that Russian hacking, every Secretary of State used private servers, after all the money the party of so call fiscal responsibility wasted millions of dollars, found nothing. We cant afford, SS, Medicare or the ACA but we can afford billions for a unneeded and unnecessy wall. Wake up! Wow, Isn’t that amazing?

        • And all the Republicans who are taking over from the Obama Administration are using unsecured phones and private email servicers. The irony of that just slays me.

      • Why have you allowed yourself to be brainwashed? That is not what God wants for you. Your post is just a bunch of right-wing talking points strung together, not facts.

    • I do not like abortion either but you work to change the situations where it is no longer an issue because you have helped to prevent the problem in the first place!
      You do not help support a person who blatantly has promoted hatred, bigotry, violence, and a total lack of respect of women and workers. Who thinks it is something to be proud of to cheat people who work to make a living because he can! Who lies without any qualms whatsoever!

      Yes, Hillary has her faults, as we all do, but when you stack up the negatives from both sides I have a hard time justifying a vote for Trump. Especially when he thinks one can use nuclear war as an answer so easily. How many dead will there be because he thinks he got insulted somehow by someone?

    • One more thing for you to think about. Are you pro-life or pro-birth? There is a difference you know! If you are really pro-life you will be there to help mother and child through it all if needed. You are there to help anybody in need not just to see that a woman gives birth no matter how she got pregnant! I find it ironic that often those that claim to be against abortion do not want to help prevent pregnancies in the first place or help to take care of either life before, during, or after the birth. Can you please explain to me how that is being pro-life?

      • If you read my reply you will see that I am not fond of abortion either. What I have tried to say is that you need to help take care of the problems so that abortion needs never have to be an option. If you are truly pro-life it has to be all lives unborn or born. If you are only pro-birth you are not pro-life! It is really easy to say you are pro-life and feel self-righteous about it but if you are not willing to step up to the plate to help how can you say you are pro-life?
        Not sure where you think my premise is false. If you want to take it further I could also ask why someone can claim to be pro-life but be okay with the death penalty?
        Seems you have missed my point in that all lives should be important and so should be the quality of those lives! You work to improve the world so that they are and not just do lip service!

          • Slavery vs. Abortion?

            It is rather simple:
            We live in a secular state and we owe the state according to its laws and God according to His laws.

            What is the secular definition of a human being?
            Well known – established.
            We know it is illegal to own, or restrain a fellow human being. Such is the sole jurisdiction of the State.

            When we created the US Constitution, we knew slavery was illegal yet we did it anyway ~ holding some in bondage solely based on their race because we knew, through secular principles that a Free Country could not be free unless all were free. We attempted to go against this and failed – quite spectacularly too.

            No matter what we believe about the Human Soul and when it enters the Unborn, there is no agreement under secular law, or principle, when the Unborn becomes Human. Such a definite and definable moment does not exist.

            No. Instead, as we have done for a long time and still feel is ‘just’; we trust woman to care for the Unborn as it is her body which surrounds them. We, as her fellow Humans, acknowledge her as the ultimate agency over that process of bringing about new life … or not.

            Whatever religious and spiritual belief you can bring forth, no matter how valid, does not trump secular law. Secular law protects a woman’s agency over her womb.

            Much like your slavery argument except in reverse ~ none are free unless all are free.

            Now, you may call them bad Catholics. That’s up to the Catholic church really.

            You can call them bad Christians if you wish. Christianity is a very broad faith with plenty of bizarre branches.

            None of that matters because they are Americans. Their faith is not relevant, their nationality is.

            In reality, Abortion regulation erode those established rights … because the whole abortion issue is new. Earlier in this Nation’s history, women had the right to control their own bodies – often when they could legally control little else.

            And now some people want to create laws to steal these basic rights from our fellow citizens … because they just happen to be women.


            • I did express that point once only mine was, of course, a very dummied down shorthand version similar to – ever since slavery was abolished no male has ever lost his voice over his own body. But I compliment you on your comment. Some of your comments are over my head, but that is on me, no you. But I did understand this one. Thank you

            • Joe Catholic, what I was expressing was Human Rights are based on Secular Principles, not Secular Laws. No matter what the law says, Secular Principles express the independence of the Human Being. In the same way, discrimination is wrong as it reduces the freedom one group compared to another.

              While I will happily agree our secular principles are an outgrowth of Christian principles, they are not the same.

              The Magna Carta and Code of Hammurabi both have had a role to play in the development of our secular principles as well.

              Those secular principles provide no solid ground concerning the Right of the Unborn while providing definite guidance on why we shouldn’t apply laws which remove the established liberties of women.

              Or, put it this way:
              Now that women have finally achieved equal rights in our society are we looking for ways to restrict them again? The jurisdiction of their womb was never a question until they were free. How can any law separating their jurisdiction of any portion of their own bodies be seen as anything but a step back for their Human Rights?

              You are stealing their agency over their wombs, reducing them as Humans thus equating them to be less – less free – and the distilled essence of the less free is?

            • Thank you for sharing your story. I can feel your sorrow. You are a beautiful man for standing with the woman you love and many people should be humbled by the relationship you and your wife share.

          • Joe Catholic, whether, or not, you have a womb shouldn’t alter your standing before the law from the standpoint of secular principles. The principles have to deal with a person’s equality within their society, the social contract and the balance between the individual and society.

            In the US, we have the freedom of society in that we may freely chose who we associate with and how we break off those associations.

            The problem with Abortion Law is it violates the well-defined Rights of the Individual for the nebulous Rights of of what may become Human. No matter how people try to coat this with scientific facts, the core argument remains religious ~ when does the soul take hold. That means we are forcing a religious association upon a person ~ violating their individuality.

            Now before we go on, I should let you know I’ve personally gone down this road. Before my wife and I were married, we had a Birth Control failure. We practiced safe sex, but she still got pregnant.

            I offered to marry her there, on the spot. I knew she was the one for me. We both had plenty of excuses why we couldn’t have a child at that time in our lives. For my wife … she had so many choices foisted upon her all her life … and her choosing to be with me was one of the first things she felt she had done on her own and now, suddenly, she felt she HAD to get married. If we had this child, she was being robbed of all other choices. She balked.

            There was nothing to blame. We are who we are through the myriad steps we take to get where we stand. I knew who she was before we ever slept together. I let her know no matter what she decided, I would always love her and be by her side.

            We went to the clinic together. We stayed together afterwards. To this day, I miss … my daughter. I like to think God would have given me a daughter. We did get married and my first child born was a daughter as well. I have a son too.

            Yet I never forget what we went through and I don’t write these words lightly. I miss my First Daughter Unborn and I pray I always will. That does not change how I feel about the sanctity of Human Rights, the Primacy of the Individual and how we must first look to the well-being of the Mothers-to-be and the lives they can provide for their offspring before we welcome the next generation.

            I hope you have a better idea where I am coming from.

          • Thank you for sharing your story James. I’m not going to comment on your personal situation and decisions except to say that I am sorry for what you have suffered.

            But from my perspective, that story makes me more determined not to waiver in my position as well as illustrates the point that contraception fails and does not prevent abortion. It especially doesn’t prevent the abortion of the baby that results from the contraception failure.

            If you’re still going through some pain and issues over this I would recommend you seek out Rachel’s Vineyard.


        • I know this is your personal mission, but I wish you would be a little more deliberate in your language use. There are many different kinds of abortions. There are spontaneous abortions (which I had), therapeutic abortions, abortions when the cause is rape or incest, and abortions as a belated form of birth control. Which kind is it that offends you so much? And before you get all up in my face, know that I am not a fan of the latter kind, but neither is it my place to run someone else’s life by my personal rules.

      • If you believe in God and a god who loves the weak, then it seems like you would have to believe this loving God would not make the innocent unborn suffer. Which then brings the question back around to you. What are you doing to help these women after the baby is born? Do you care at that point, or are you sitting in judgement of them saying something to the effect of ‘they got themselves into their mess so tough’? Do you care about all the invisible people in our society who have no way to care for themselves (disabled), yet our lovely government falls all over themselves to cut funding to them, since they have no voice? Out of sight means non-existent. You cannot simply focus on one single part of this. It all matters. ALL of it.

        • Am I alone in being distressed to hear a former GOP Congressman on CNN just now say: “I love Donald Trump’s Twitter posts because they speak directly to simple minded people like me”?

      • How is denying a family healthcare pro-life? How is denying rural children a good education so they can compete in the world market pro-life? How is refusing to see families have adequate food pro-life? I am pro-life, but because I’ve worked with poor families and families with disabled children, I can’t deny the need for safe abortions. There are unbelievable situations where the parents and the doctors have a gut wrenching decision to make. We can’t second guess them. They have to live with the decision. That is what God calls free-will.

      • First, men get no say in women’s reproductive choices. Butt out. Get a vasectomy if you don’t believe in abortions.
        Second, liberals feel abortions should be “safe, legal and RARE,” and we have always said this.
        Third, “pro-lifers” are often against the three things that help prevent unwanted pregnancies: family planning, contraceptives and sex ed. You cannot have it both ways.
        Third, we believe women should control their bodies, not the government. I bet you’re a “small government” guy, yet you want it in my womb.

    • You stop abortions by educating beyond abstinance and allowing free or cheaper options for birth control.
      That’s compassion for the unborn-preventative care.
      My biggest gripe with pro-birth people is that baby stops being precious the moment it’s born. We are defunding the programs that would help this precious child survive.
      Anti-abortion isn’t a moral victory when you step on malnourished, starving children to get to the clinic to close it.
      You valued stopping abortion over human dignity and civility, you focused so much on what she was, you never considered who he was. You voted this country to be on the fast track to hell…and deny the destination.
      We aren’t draining the swamp, we are giving the wealthy kick backs and cuts and the rest of us will struggle. Someone has to pay for the wall, for the taxes, for the breaks he is giving . The poor aren’t bankrupting this country, but keep believing that.
      The stuff done in Jesus’ name? Atrocious….He wouldn’t cut funding to programs for the poor to justify laws preventing abortion. He would walk into the clinics to counsel, to listen, not to judge.

    • so, abortion is wrong but war isn’t? Does God divide her brain when a Christian kills another Christian in war? The logic of man involving God in politics is flawed.

    • Opposition to abortion was never a Christian issue until about 40 years ago. It was invented to fuel the Culture Wars as part of a larger effort to divide us. The Paternalistic Authoritarian church leadership embraced this as it was a way to punish women who dared to have unapproved sex. It’s really all about controlling women. If men could get pregnant there would be abortion clinics on every corner.

    • Tell that to little girls that are raped and end up pregnant should they be forced to carry a child ?? Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe in abortion but I do believe in MY right to choose … if they pass a law denying our right to choose they should pass a law that every male who rapes should have his manhood removed .. and every male at the age of 40 should be forced to be fixed … see not so easy now is it Caz it isn’t your right to choose how another lives

    • Hillary Clinton doesn’t “advocate” for abortion. She advocates for the right of a woman to make a choice. God gave us free “will.” We don’t always make the right choice, but as far as I remember, God is loving and forgiving. He sent His son to to teach us about his unending love for us. Jesus, not Hillary, took on the sins of the world and sacrificed His life for our sins. Hillary isn’t responsible for another person’s choice. If we are all “souls” that have been sent here to do God’s will, and if our souls return to him after death, doesn’t that mean that all “souls”, including the children who’ve been aborted, are in God’s loving arms once more?

    • Joe, there’s no better reason to oppose Trump than because he’s a flaming idiot. He acts like a two year old, he’s surrounded himself with ignorant twits, they’re all corrupt as the day is long, we’re rapidly becoming a Russian satellite state – need I go on? Oh, and the entire Republican party are a pack of hypocrites. And people like you desperately need to turn off Faux News, put down the Kool-Aid and pull your head out of Trump’s hindquarters.

  2. I get the snowflake thing as well, and more often than not believe your skill set for writing the prose of our times quite beautifully.

    No doubt some 65 million snowflakes can make an impact. What about a sincere exhortation to pray unceasingly for our leadership.
    Could it hurt?

  3. John is an interesting guy. He criticizes Trump’s supporters, but I’ve not read much of his criticisms of Hillary’s people. Racism is not attributed to one sector of people. All people have the capacity to be racist, including the DNC!
    Remember, it was the DNC that gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, Slavery, Abortions and SSM. It was the DNC that supported the voting laws that prohibited Blacks from voting.

    If you think that over 62 million people voted for Trump and against Hillary because they are racist, you’re just as dense as those whom you claim are crazy. Many of Trump’s supporters supported Obama before they discovered his real agenda of promoting his anti-American agenda, which primarily was manifested through SSM and anything else that had to do with morality in our country.

    I am a Black man, and I don’t operate my life based on color, but on truth….that is, Biblical truth! Obama is NOT a Christ follower, and nor are most of the politicians in the DNC, so they have no credibility with me!

    • Oh man, Wayne—you are wrong on so many levels, but lets stick with just one—you say Obama is not a Christ follower. That Implies that you think Trump is, which is really stretching the definition of a christian. And in time he will show his true colors.

      • Grumpy – suggesting Wayne was making an implication is simply an assumption on your part … funny how rhetorical word games are typical from those with nothing of interest to offer…

    • Wayne – isn’t it interesting – when reading or replying in a blog, race or the color of skin is relatively unknown….sad, how this blog owner often writes as if race is the only factor that determines a person’s worth or need.

    • wayne. thanks for your input here. i think white Progressives & Democrats have a huge issue with so called ‘minorities’. I have no idea why, but they expect less from minorities & treat them as ‘less-than’. that’s super racist [!]

    • Grumpy is right Wayne. True colors coming your way beginning in just 11 short days. Check back in and tell us how Trump is just like Jesus—in a year or two. I bet you’ll be whistling a different tune. If Trump were to suddenly turn into Jesus, nothing else would make me happier.

  4. I’m proud to be a snow flake. John…You are amazing. You have this beautiful talent of reaching into my heart and expressing what’s in it. I stand proud. Thank goodness some one finally explained what it meant. I never took it as an insult. I certainly don’t now.

    • your constant use of vulgarity only confirms to everyone here – you are either a mental midget or an adolescent….but don’t get upset….adolescences is the least of your challenges.

      • The word is spelled “adolescence”, if you’re going to take the time to insult someone, spell the word correctly. And, I’m not a “mental midget”. I just figured out this snake oil salesman long ago. Like his Right Wing Counterpart Matt Walsh he doesn’t really care about the issues he writes so passionately about, he’s in it for the clicks and the traffic to his page. Case in point, a poignant piece on grief only got 8 comments, but when he hops on his “anti Conservative white people” platform, BOOM, a comment war ensues. Not to mention anyone who questions his motives often finds themselves on the other end of a block. But people like “Joe Catholic” who seems to only care about getting fetuses developed to term (news flash, 5 Republican Presidents and 40 years and Roe V Wade is still law, maybe it’s time to just let it go and come to the realization that it will never be overturned, and Conservatives are using people who think like you and playing you for suckers) but is OK with them being born in a dirty war torn planet. But, back to my original statement, JP at one time had a positive platform with an affirming message to people on the fringes of the Christian faith that was refreshing to read, especially regarding the church’s treatment of the LGBT community. He also was more dedicated to bridging the divide between Progressive and Fundamentalist. Because, here’s the thing, the experience of Faith is not monolithic, and to paraphrase Paul, we can’t cut off parts because we don’t like them. But sadly, that seems to be exactly what’s going on, and he is fueling it. Maybe it’s another reformation in the works, and I believe Christendom will survive it, but no need to fan flames for the sake of personal gain. Now “Joe” and some of the other characters here may not be pieces of shit, and in real life are probably nice people, but your tone, smug arrogance and holier than though demeanor in your posts is off putting and rude.

        • now you see – that wasn’t so hard – was it?

          So I dare you, no, I encourage you – if Joe Catholics’ positions are so deranged, reprehensible and dangerous….give readers the advantage of your insight – challenge him ethically, morally and intellectually,

            • Actually….on the subject of abortion – Joe Catholic has remained faithful to Catholic doctrine. His arguments tend to skirt the legalistic and ethical contradictions.

              Those who support abortion do so mainly as a matter of the “health of the mother” which is fine but leaves the larger problems of abortion unresolved.

              Don’t get me wrong – I understand valid arguments with both positions – therefore I try to avoid this debate.

              IMO, I would not wish for any woman to be faced with such a decision regardless of cause. This is why I posted my disgust over Lena Durham’s sickening and heartless comments directed at all women.

              • Someone wanted him to be supplied with facts. I am not sure which facts were being requested but I do not that over the course of time I have wasted my efforts to supply him with facts that he actually asked for and then ignored when they were provided.

                It’s not a good use of my time to engage with him. He is pathologically obsessed with only one subject and drags his red herring in even when it has nothing to do with the topic. And people fall for it over and over.

                It’s such a bore.

              • But you see there has never been a debate with John. I have tried many times to explain why I feel the way I do. I grew up before Roe v. Wade. I never want to go back there and not just about the abortion thing. Again there has always been and always will be abortions because there has always been and always will be desperate women in desperate situations. Roe v. Wade lowered the number of horrific deaths. It did not invent abortions. Anyway my point has always been we see things through different eyes. I told him no one is ever going for force someone to have an abortion. My feeling is he has every right to his feelings but so do I, at this point anyway. But his only response is YOUR WRONG WRONG WRONG EVIL EVIL EVIL ABORTIONISTS. Not really a pleasant exchange of feelings. And why oh why does the invisible sperm donor otherwise known as “studs” have no responsibilities or at least a mention in this whole issue? That is exactly like it was 50 years ago. That has never changed for a lot of people. Maybe it is time for the partner in crime to take some of the flak especially rapists, abusers, and molesters.

        • How come you and your friends only show up when the anti-conservative political posts show up. Don’t you care for the grieving people? Yeah, That’s what I thought. People like you all share the same disease—disinterest in those Jesus had the most interest in.

        • Some people’s commitment to their delusion that Trump and the GOP are good people who intend good for the USA is commendable but the delusion is still a delusion.

          We could post facts, but they will not convince you. You turn your back on facts and prefer lies.

          However, when Yellowstone is fracked, and destroyed, when uranium mining destroys the Grand Canyon, when regulatory agencies are dismantled, when the EPA is dismantled, when global warming goes past the point of no return, when more and more people are slaughtered in the USA by white supremacist terrorists, when your family can’t get health insurance because you have pre-existing conditions, when your grandparents are homeless, when more and more veterans return and can’t get care because the VA is inadequately funded, in short when the Republican National Party platform is a reality, maybe then your eyes will be opened to the evil you have perpetrated upon our country.

          You will realize that in turning your back on truth and deliberately embraced lies, you will realize you have blasphemed in the worst possible way because you are apostate. You have turned your backs on Jesus and rejected Him.

            • That comment makes no sense, but then what can one expect from a deluded person who makes assumptions about who I wanted in the WH.

              While I wanted Bernie, I certainly preferred Hillary to the walking cheeto.

          • “However, when Yellowstone is fracked, and destroyed,”

            *What? Do you seriously see this happening? Do you not understand there is a strong conservationist streak in the Republican Party. You can’t hunt, fish and camp in a toxic wasteland and they know it.*

            “… when uranium mining destroys the Grand Canyon,”

            *[see above}*

            “… when regulatory agencies are dismantled,”

            *Which ones? Have an agency run in a manner that balances economic as well as environmental concerns instead of flat-out Green Party ideology isn’t a sign of being ‘dismantled’. It is a sign from the voters the government has allowed a select special interest (environmental radicals in this case) be over-represented. Why must you assume people are delusional, stupid, or delusional idiots?*

            “… when the EPA is dismantled,”

            *When is this going to happen exactly? Who is going to do it? Once again, the EPA not behaving in a manner you approve of doesn’t mean it has stopped working.*

            “… when global warming goes past the point of no return,”

            *Which is total nonsense because we don’t know the full causes and effects of man-made climate change.

            Just last week I read a paper which postulated we are in a Glacial cycle yet are holding it off … and we’ve been holding it off for … 6,000 years. We humans have accomplished this feat by the combination of forest-clearing (minimal as it was) and crop-rotation (increased methane release). His argument was supported by ice-core samples among other things.

            When we have a precise formula between Greenhouse gas release and the Earth’s responses, we can talk about a ‘point of no return’. Until then, it is nothing more than a scare tactic.*

            “… when more and more people are slaughtered in the USA by white supremacist terrorists,”

            *What? When? Where? The outrage over the Charleston shooting was pretty universal unlike … I don’t know … the Dallas Police shootings … which various left-leaning groups sought to justify. For the past 25 years the US government, the ACLU and SPLC have gone after the membership and finances of White Supremacists and ground those morons out.

            Compare the size and organization of a neo-nazi, or KKK rally versus that of a Gay Pride, or NAACP-sponsored gathering and you’ll see ‘White Power’ has been neutered. They are ghosts and not just ghosts in white sheets, but ghosts of a bygone error (era).*

            “… when your family can’t get health insurance because you have pre-existing conditions,”

            *The whole idea of the government getting into the private insurance business has bothered enough people to make Obamacare a Frankenstein Creation and subject to legal battles plus the rallying cry of those wishing to repeal it. Clearly, if you think the Government belongs in the insurance business, you should be upset.

            You might want to consider every other portion of our social welfare net has been a lie to the taxpayers while you are at it. We are sold it because we are told it will cost ‘X’ and will ‘never cost more than X’. Well, it always ends up cost us more than X. Every time.*

            “… when your grandparents are homeless,”

            *And now the Government is in the housing business? Actually, it is to a degree. If your grandparents don’t have a pension and can’t find some assisted-care facility which allows them to get by on their SS checks … what’s really going on here? Precisely how much do you want the Government to give and when does it stop giving? How much of this forced charity is there going to be? *

            “… when more and more veterans return and can’t get care because the VA is inadequately funded,”

            *I think they are actually planning to work on this one. Enough Republicans served that this is an issue they are familiar with and have a keen interest in.*

            “… in short when the Republican National Party platform is a reality, maybe then your eyes will be opened to the evil you have perpetrated upon our country.”

            *Okay … it appears to me you hold a blind, unreasoning and overwhelming hatred of all things Republicans ~ check.*

            “You will realize that in turning your back on truth and deliberately embraced lies,”

            *Your inability to understand the opposition isn’t the Army of Satan pretty much makes you incapable of discerning the difference between truth and lies. Your heart and mind appear to be closed on this matter. Worse, some of the most obvious hatred is being exhibited by you.*

            “… you will realize you have blasphemed in the worst possible way because you are apostate.”

            *Apostate? That is not your call to make unless you are claiming to be a Prophet, the 2nd Coming, the head of the reader’s particular Church, the Pope … or a member of Westboro Baptist Church.

            In all honesty, Ms. Amalfitano, I believe you feel you don’t have that authority ~ to have the final word on what God’s message is to each one of us. It is the magic of the Word in that it touches each heart individually and is clearly spoken in tongues which didn’t even exist when Christ walked among us.*

            “You have turned your backs on Jesus and rejected Him.”

            If Jesus, Lord God, wanted us to be automatons, he would have made us so. Instead he did the exact opposite by cursing us with Free Will. Free Will means we will hear the same words at the same time yet process them differently. Given time and distance, what we hear and how we feel about it changes.

            The Message is not a sentence we can count the words of yet it is really just one word ~ Love.

            How we love is up to us.
            Even if we reject love, it is up to us.
            Some will love in ways we do not understand yet it does not diminish that love.

            Put it this way:
            A person refuses to give alms. Instead, they give chores to the unemployed then pay them with a hot, home-cooked meal and a few bills. The person feels giving a handout is wrong. In their mind, if you give someone the accomplishment of finishing a job and the reward which comes with it ~ that goes beyond mere food and money – it feeds the soul as well. Are they wrong? After all, the mostly blind and deaf grandmother cannot perform those chores so they won’t be able to get the hot meal and dollars.

            What I am trying to say is don’t assume to understand the motives of everyone you don’t agree with. While plenty of people will indeed live down to your expectations, a surprising number will compelling moral reasons for what they do ~ if you just ask.

            Thank you for your time.

          • But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men. Do you really think mere humans can destroy the planet Gloriamarie Amalfitano? Worship the Creator, not the creation.

      • Rhaine ~ as opposed to choosing a man who couldn’t count above one? I mean, come on now – “LONE” Ranger? When was he ever alone? I dutifully recall there being this fine upstanding Aboriginal chap riding a Pinto steed at his side, providing color commentary, directions and life-saving tidbits about the local wildlife and less-than-helpful scallywags while never abandoning his ‘broken’ English.

  5. OK, John where does one begin after a commentary like this?
    Are you tolerant?
    Are you being kind?
    Are you being loving?
    Are you accepting of other’s point of view? Other’s beliefs?
    What happened to inclusiveness, to tolerance allowing others to believe what they want to believe?

    I cannot help but wonder after reading your article that tolerance and acceptance of others beliefs and ideas no longer exist with so many. Why?

    I have always been under the impression that the people on the left were so tolerant. Unfortunately only tolerant if you believe as I do, all others can go to hell, right?

    Do you desire to see chaos in our city streets again? “paralyze cities”
    Do you believe that we need to turn on each other in a civil war? “shut down entire cities” since we are divided 50/50.
    Is it okay with you to derail and disrupt communities affecting people’s way of life?
    Your words are calling for total destruction of our country, a turning on one another. Are you willing to accept that kind of blood on your hands? You do NOT want a civil war, you really do not!

    Did you enjoy the riots in our major cities after the election?
    The total destruction of businesses and life?

    Remember the horrific riots after Mr. Obama won the presidency? They were out of control. People hit the streets terrorizing businesses while beating up black people because they most likely voted for Obama. It went on for months on end! People of color were in fear for their lives, it was horrible and should never have happened. Why couldn’t those people just accept the election results after all Obama won the election? Remember how the losers demanded a recount? All of those alt-left crazies, the fake newers, and then they had the gall to blame it on the Chinese for hacking the election! They were absolutely losing their freakin’ minds always blowing a gasket. Man it was crazy and out of control! We all wondered why those idiots would not accept the results. It almost put us into a full-blown civil war!
    It was so pathetic and at times quite frightening especially since those on the right firmly believed in the second amendment.
    Who knew when the powder keg was going to release?
    Well, we made it through those very trying times in 2008 and again in 2012. Eventually, those who opposed Mr. Obama settled into the routine of life, caring for their families while accepting the results. THANK GOD!!!
    They finally stopped creating havoc in the streets and life was able to get back to some semblance of order albeit took months and months. It was so sad that thousands had to lose their lives in the process. But it eventually worked itself out until it happened all over again in 2012 and it all started over again. We just asked, “Why can’t we all just get along!”
    It is time for us to just get along to the best of our abilities. Elections come and elections go and the cool thing is, we get to try again in four years. We truly do NOT want to go into a civil war. 50% voted Trump and 50% voted for Hillary.
    It is time to respect and accept the results and come together in LOVE regardless of the results. It is what it is.
    It is my belief that is what JESUS would do!
    If that matters to anyone anymore.

    • Thank you ! Well said ! I didn’t support either candidate but it’s what we are left with . We need to grow up and try to get along people !!

    • Kelly – having a moderate and rational approach is fairly typical for most Americans but the purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for those with, well….let’s just say an alternative world view, life style and sense of entitlement.
      Your not alone in your perspective but in this blog – don’t be surprised if your marginalized.

      • If you will read your New Testament, I think you will find that a man named Jesus had an alternative worldview, lifestyle, and a sense of entitlement too—one that said I am God in the flesh but I choose to empty myself of that and be a humble servant for your benefit.

        That’s moderate and rational? Duh!!!!!!! Anything but!!!!!

    • kelly. good points. i use to be a progressive and thought i was so enlightened & open-minded! I accepted everything –except, those that believed what Jesus said was true. For those people, i had tremendous disdain, and thought i was superior. I thought they were stupid, backwards, and ignorant.

      no longer. i thank God every day, he rescued me from my true self.

      • Leslie. Let me get this straight. God rescued you from your true self 20 years ago. You became a fundie. And the moment you became a fundie, God opened your eyes to how Jesus wanted you to be a Republican because being a republican is the opposite of being your true self.

        I’ll retire to Bedlam.

    • First of all Kelly, I do not recall any such rioting and loss of life in 2008 and 2012—must have missed that. However, as Fareed Zakaria has noted in his recent video history of the Obama administration ,I do recall the meeting the Republicans had at a local Washington night spot on the evening of the 2008 inauguration party at the White House. This is the meeting where Mitch McConnell and his associates got together and decided to oppose and end Obama in EVERYTHING he would propose and try to do—create maximum obstruction— and basically wipe out all memory of the first ni**er President of the United States because ni**ers have no business being President of the United States. Yeah, I remember that.



      • How come we cannot come together with opposing views and discuss the issues rationally? It is important to have the ability to do so. If we only surround ourselves with like minded people we will never grow, learn new things, and come into maturity. We will remain stagnant and eventually wither away and die. Learning to discuss topics of importance, especially politics and religion, will only further our humanity. I do NOT mind if you do not agree with me but I do ask to limit the name-calling because it makes one look weak minded, small and totally immature.

        As for the riots and destruction of our cities in 2008 and 2012, I only used as a hypothetical. Sometimes we learn best that way. My candidate lost in those elections but I took it in stride, accepted the results, and moved on. I certainly didn’t call for chaos in the streets because I lost. No, I licked my wounds, got back into the game, made a strategy plan in my community, volunteered where I could and moved ahead.

        We are not seeing that today… What we are witnessing now stems from the “everybody gets a trophy” mentality. We have taken on this type of behavior that will bring us to the brink of civilian collapse even we don’t get a handle on ourselves. Instead of finding ways to create this type of destruction why not put our energy into things that are more constructive instead?

        dust off the boots and get back in the game. Could you even begin to imagine if the losing team of the Superbowl acted this way? They would be the laughing stock of the NFL.

        We are becoming the laughing stock of the world, but George Soros is loving every minute of it. Keep it up in honor of him….You will make him so PROUD!

        Don’t forget, pride comes before the fall…………………….

        • Kelly said: “How come we cannot come together with opposing views and discuss the issues rationally?”

          Because Trump is nuts and the Kingdom of God is at stake in all this. You remember don’t you:

          “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

          Trump is a Satanic stumbling block set in front of the Kingdom of God in an attempt to trip it so God’s will will cannot be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

        • Kelly, we should never come together over someone who is encourages violence and bigotry on the one hand and then pretends he is not a bigot on the other hand. Trump contradicts himself and speaks out of both sides of his mouth. It is a FACT.

          Trump is fooling people. There are those of us who see through Trump. Don’t fall for the man. Trump caused this anxiety and division in people by using his public platform to plant ideas in their minds and stir up hostilities. And people are doing violent things in Trumps name. His name is being used by both sides to do destructive acts of violence.

          There were many peaceful protesters and then there were those who resorted to violence. I hold Trump accountable for that.

          It is well documented that there were Trump supporters harassing and destroying people’s property in neighbourhoods all over the States. Trumps fingerprints are all over the chaos being created in the US. Don’t believe in Trump. Don’t believe in a man. Hold him accountable. He must be questioned and challenged as it is your right in the US Constitution to do so.

          Trump is not God’s man. Don’t believe it. We don’t have to believe in Trump. We can be suspicious of Trump. Trump is a man. He is not God’s chosen man. He is simply a man who is a leader of a nation who is supposed to be held accountable by the people of the nation.

          Not everyone needs to listen to Trump. It is Trump who needs to listen to the views of everyone.

        • Again, after reading John’s words you know his point of view. Views that are the opposite of yours. John, along with everyone who want to listen to his voice go to him. He does not go into your home unless you invite him. And then you proceed to tell everyone how you disagree with what their views are, how hateful they are. Their must be thousands of other sites that are out there where you can happily and joyfully agree with. Again, I don’t understand your choice to spend your time on this site. Is that what fills you with joy?

    • It is beyond repair at this point. I swear satan has his hands all over this, there is no other explanation to the deception that is playing out in living color. Like Jesus said, “some will get it but many will not!” I believe time will tell. The light will be shown upon this disgraceful deceit that is BLINDING so many yet they cannot see it. We are being inundated with a deception that is so EVIL, so many are being led astray down a dark slippery slope that it’s turning into an avalance almost to the point of no return. It not only saddens me as a believer, it boggles my brain. This election has had a tremendous impact on our humanity–I have witnessed it divide friends and families alike, the likes of something I have never seen before. This could very well be the beginning of the end. When has an election ever gone to these lengths before? Resorting to name-calling, bashing others with a different point of view!!! People can be so UGLY when they get squeezed! We NEED to get right people but of course, I can only make certain I get right, the rest is up to you!!!!

      • Kelly, the only deception is Trump. He is a manipulator and a showman who has used people. I feel bad for those who are divided and I see people being deceived but in this case those who believe in Trump are the ones deceived. Don’t believe in Trump- he is only a man who must be held accountable for every word he says and every action he takes in office, by the people for the people.

  6. Thank you John P for another wonderful post. I always get something positive out of your words (like it’s okay to be a snowflake, and I have myself been called one by a Trump supporter).
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Thank you, John P, for speaking the truth and braving the many voices that have succumbed to the evil that is the walking cheeto and the entire GOP.

    Already people in red states who voted GOP are crying out against the hideous designs of the GOP. I pity them because the GOP was at least honest about the evil they would do, unlike the walking cheeto who only said what people wanted to hear because his Narcissistic Personality Disorder demanded the adulation.

  8. No, Joe Catholic, that only happens when I read your replies. Now, if you would just take your troll-speak and go somewhere else….

  9. Good question Joe. People have been fighting over that for a long time, and I am referring to the many dead gnostic s who were classifed as heretics and killed. Or the many wars in Europe between Catholics and Protestants and then Protestants against Protestants. In more recent times, the murder of Mormans by Christians.
    Here is a question for you Joe—do you work? You know, have a job? I ask because you are on this site constantly, every day posting more than anyone else. Where do you find the time? Or, are you like has been suggested, a troll? Only here to rile up the waters so to speak. You never agree with John P, so why follow his post?

        • it really doesn’t matter….your opinion, like mine and for that matter others, are assigned little if any relative value – unless of course your approved for gender reassignment…lol

          • Joe Catholic –
            Don’t get me wrong – I have more respect for those here who challenge your positions than those who flame you and then walk away….

            IMO, UNTIL your abortion argument is fully developed – you will fail to persuade those who view abortion as a solution to the wide range of medical and social circumstances surrounding pregnancy and the decision to terminate.

            Additionally, I think the use of abortion as a “last means” of birth control is and remains your central issue.

            However, and if this is correct, this position loses traction in the minutia and nuances.

            In part, it is the omission or perhaps avoidance of a woman’s psychology, religious beliefs and life circumstances that diminishes the “right to life” argument.

            • Fair enough….I still support your attempts to persuade as strongly as I support those who would disagree with your position….
              Quickly, I’m not sure if Christians are “easy pickins”….in my experience, a religious labels are often misleading.
              Just my two cents.

            • Why not promote birth control so there wouldn’t be any babies to be killed by abortion?
              If one saw that sex education and readily available birth control was available for those who needed it and wanted it the abortion numbers would go way down. But no, you don’t want to stop abortion enough to go that route do you? So just how concerned are you really about the aborted children?

        • Look in the mirror and your question will be answered. Give it a rest, man. You are tedious and, yes, you do the most posting here and I don’t believe you have a job because if you do, you are cheating your company out of valuable time best spent in the workplace. Let me spare you the time it would take so say “abortion” in whatever context you will certainly choose.

          • lolalola, so happy to meet you.

            One of the things I like about John P using a very short title for his post is that in my email notifications of new comments, I can see who is posting and delete the trolls without ever reading them.

            While it can be amusing to watch them twist around their lack of information and try to present it as truth, on the whole, it is better for me to avoid reading them as they are merely occasions for sin. It’s a shame that in their efforts to convince us how holy they are because of their righteous views, that all they really accomplish is leading good people into sin.

  10. John P: this is wonderful, truthful and insightful. I feel like getting a plastic snowflake (aren’t they beautiful?) and wearing it on my hat, coat, sweater, etc. I’m so paroud to be a part of something so unique, powerful and special. Thank you for this.

  11. No Joe, I do not believe you are interested in a discussion on issues brought up by John P. I have read your posts for some time now, and you do the exact things you say your detractors do. And I ask again, why do follow this site? You never agree with John P. And your responses are getting predictable and boring. I have Catholic friends and we manage to find many things we can agree on, so we concentrate on them, not our differences. That might be something you should consider.

    • “… predictable and boring”. So true. I’m paraphrasing Joe Biden during a presidential debate when he said whenever Guiliani said a sentence it contained a noun a verb and 911. Whenever Joe says anything it contains a noun a verb and abortion. He’s putting us to sleep with his incessant harping…

    • Grumpy and everyone else. Please notice something. What is everyone talking about right here—right now? They are talking about Joe Catholic and not about John’s main post or the kingdom of God. Joe Catholic specializes in disruption of existing order and subject matter. It would not surprise me to learn that Joe and certain other trolls here are part of formally established church groups whose specific purpose is to go on-line as representatives of their church to fight and disrupt what they define as apostasy in cyber space. Some of them probably even call it “my ministry” because the church has created the group as a ministry group. These groups probably even have names such as the “Possum Trot IFB Internet Warriors. The best thing to do to end the disruption is to ignore the trolls and get back on topic.

  12. Hey, great idea. Why don’t we all get a snowflake and wear it proudly? There’s power in numbers and we snowflakes can cause an avalanche of resistance to this group of men who want to take us back 50 years.

  13. I am a Christian and I do not see how you can support DJT because he’s against abortion. They seem to be against everything healthcare, ss, Medicare. Please besides meddling in people’s business. What are they for? They too have been in office for 8 years? What have they done besides oppose things that would help people? If you are so hot on abortion do you take people in, doesn’t that person have to live with what they’ve done? Do you know any gay people? Do have any clue how hard it is to ‘come out’ knowing that your own family could reject you? Is that your job on the earth, to pray, show the love of Jesus or be a legalist? Please tell me what earthly good Republicans are. I will continue to pray for leadership and that you will open your eyes. That you will have some empathy for others. You better pray for DJT cause we all are going to need it, against his deceitfulness.

    • The actual truth is, he is in favor of abortion. He lies about his stand because it gets votes. He wanted marla to abort Tiffany and there have been at least two other women for whose abortions he paid for.

      All you have to do is google it.

      And he is against so many other things any Christian would believe in, it is a scandal to have voted for him if one is a Christian. The entire GOP intends evil.

  14. John, you missed the entire point because you forget there was a word before ‘snowflake’. It was ‘special’.

    The point was everyone was crying out to be a ‘Special Snowflake’ except the only recognition they wanted and respected was for their derivation of ‘special’.

    Two good examples:
    ‘Die Cis(gender) Scum’
    ‘All I want for Christmas is White Genocide’.

    In both cases ‘Special Snowflakes’ felt it was okay to tell another segment of the population to die/drop dead … and the prevailing political and media opinion was OKAY with this.
    The excuses were varied ~ they didn’t REALLY mean it … or they were drawing attention to larger issues … or it was satire.

    The problem was some cisgender folks didn’t find the humor in being told the world would be better off without them.
    Certain White people weren’t okay with a college associate professor urging society toward the extermination of ANY people because of their skin color. Certainly his follow up ~ the murder of all the Whites in Haiti after the Haitian Revolution was the best thing to ever happen to that nation ~ didn’t help the matter.

    Was the transgender individual who told the cis-world to drop dead banned from Twitter? Nope. Not even close.
    Was the associate professor at Drexel fired? Nope and several media sources have rallied to his cause.

    So, its not the ‘snowflake’, it is the ‘special’ and this belief the rest of us have to take their ‘special’ being rammed in other people’s faces. It is one set of values being ‘protected’ and encouraged while another is actively attacked and denigrated. It has been the blatant double-standard.

    People aren’t upset with the ‘snowflakes’. That would be something called American Exceptionalism ~ the ideal the individual through their exertions, intellect and effort can triumph in our society ~ is as about traditional an American value as there is. The ideal of the ‘Special Snowflake’ is that you don’t have to strive, or succeed, to achieve recognition ~ everybody gets a prize. How’s that working out for us? Really?

    As a final twist on the bizarre … for Christianity to prosper in this Land, it requires, among other things, a relatively decentralized government. Historically and as the modern world shows us, where government takes over charitable services, God is not welcome. Socialism in all its form has no love of others and only allies of convenience. It doesn’t need people of faith. In fact, it finds them to be contrary to the goals of coordinated government – divided loyalties. Large governments with vast social bureaucracies don’t don’t need, or want, doctrines of faith to guide them. They already have a ‘faith’ and a set of values to go by and they don’t contain a spot for a ‘Higher Power’.

    The problem is paying your taxes is always easier than doing the actual acts of charity. Confronting one’s prosperity and another’s poverty is easily avoided in the same way. Pay your taxes and forget about it. Pay your taxes and let the elected officials hash out who gets what. Pay your taxes and then complain about the inequality which exists … because it is so much easier than accepting we have passed the burden on to an unfeeling, unthinking entity called ‘Government’.

    God never gave ‘Government’ a soul. He reserved that right and burden for us, his Children.

    • James – I’m afraid your post is much to sophisticated for most and of course the commentator who dabbles in Marxist propaganda.

    • Dear James Dosher:

      Yet again, Stalin’s hideous legacy is equated with ‘socialism.’

      It’s odd that whereas ‘socialism in all its form has no love of others and only allies of convenience,’ that the Socialist Equality Program at least addresses social issues [i.e., the so-called ‘allies of convenience’].

      45 … The loss of a job means the loss of self-esteem and social connection, immense psychological distress, along with the elimination of health care coverage, the destruction of life savings, and vulnerability to poverty and homelessness for oneself and one’s family.

      46. Millions of Americans confront this desperate situation. What was once considered unacceptable in the US is now proclaimed the “new normal.” The official unemployment rate is close to 10 percent, while real unemployment is much higher.

      47. Chronic unemployment is robbing an entire younger generation of its future. Sixty percent of college students are graduating with no offer of a job…

      48. An emergency public works program must be launched immediately to provide employment for all. There is plenty of work to do—rebuilding schools, hospitals, public housing, roads, mass transportation, water and sewage systems, communications networks and other public facilities, and improving the conditions of life for working people.

      49. Against mass unemployment, layoffs and workplace shutdowns, the working class must defend unconditionally the right to a job. Every worker who is laid off and all those entering the workforce must be guaranteed paid job training and employment.

      50. Wages have been under attack for decades. The dismantling of industry has wiped out “middle-class” manufacturing jobs, with decent wages, benefits and job security… Mass unemployment is deliberately used to drive down labor costs and boost profits.

      52. For decades, credit cards, second mortgages and other forms of debt have concealed the decline of living standards. The same big banks bailed out with public funds are tightening the screws on working people. To ensure economic security, there must be immediate debt relief for the millions of Americans who work as virtual indentured servants to giant financial institutions. This should include reducing debt payments to affordable levels and abolishing usurious interest rates, bank fees and overdraft fees.

      Capitalist parties love others so deeply that they use this rhetoric all over the place …

      • gdd

        “Yet again, Stalin’s hideous legacy is equated with ‘socialism.’”

        (Amen) and …
        Absolutely on both counts. My point is Capitalism is the ‘clearer’ enemy to fight because it is naked in its goals. One problem is Capitalism is made exceptional in its philanthropy while Socialism takes the contribution of its citizenry for granted.

        Capitalism often rewards greed more often than toil. Socialism rewards not at all ~ instead telling its citizenry they should expect things to be a certain way.

        Capitalism rewards struggle. Socialism tells you the government will do the struggling for you.

        And there in the second half, as the saying goes, lies the rub.

        Christ does not reward those who sit back, expecting a reward as their just due, or those who send others to do the struggling in their stead. Christ rewards toil, whether it is rewarded in this life, or not. He rewards those who sacrifice whether or nor it is noticed. He sees.

        Neither Capitalism nor Socialism is inherently evil ~ it is how we implement such practices in our lives. The problem in my eyes is Socialism is more seductive because it sounds SO much nicer. It promises to take care of the helpless, defenseless and gives a voice to the voiceless. Yet, in doing so we, as individuals, give up a portion of our agency.

        I guess, at my core, I am a perverse soul. The ‘easy’ bothers me. I come to John’s page because many of his entries ‘bother’ me in my beliefs and I am a strong adherent that beliefs unchallenged are valueless. We are made stronger by hearing dissent. We are made stronger by going beyond our comfort zones. We are made stronger by listening to tales beyond our own experiences.

        I have read several commentators here who have given me serious “soul-food” for thought. I should say ‘thank you’ more often.

        Thank you.

        • Some great thoughts. You might not be as polished a writer as JP, and your appeals to emotion might not be as potent, but you are a better thinker and your analysis digs deeper. I am an outsider watching the American conversation, but I wonder if this flawed billionaire might do more to protect the manufacturing sector than a host of Dems spouting “workers of the world, unite” platitudes have done in the last few decades. If Trump follows through on the protectionism that he has said will be his policy, places like Detroit and Cleveland might have jobs again, and the gap between CEO and guy on the floor might lessen.

          • Thank you, John. When I write for real I have TWO editors. 😀 What country to you hail from? From my experience, Europeans find American politics confusing because of a) Christian fundamentalism and b) both the Republican and Democratic Parties are basically Centrist Parties spending hundreds of millions of dollars to see what flavor of centrist will be in control every two to four years. An open and honest ‘Socialist’, or ‘National Front’ Party would scare the snot out of the average American voter.

        • Dear James Dosher:

          Capitalism doesn’t reward struggle so much as create it. It privatizes profit and socializes suffering. Socialism organizes production on the bases of the need of all, not the greed of the few.

          When you say ‘socialism tells you the government will do the struggling for you,’ I hear a well-deserved critique NOT of socialism, but of STATE-RUN Capitalism. I have said any number of times that state-run capitalism is all the failure the right proclaims it to be, and largely for those reasons.

          ‘Christ does not reward those who sit back, expecting a reward as their just due, or those who send others to do the struggling in their stead. Christ rewards toil, whether it is rewarded in this life, or not. He rewards those who sacrifice whether or nor it is noticed. He sees.’

          This is alien both to my view of political economy and of theology. My theology of labor is rooted in the cultural mandate of the Genesis prologue. Aside from extrapolating and commenting on a general principle [which seems arbitrary], I really have no idea how to reply to this.

          ‘Socialism is more seductive because it sounds SO much nicer. It promises to take care of the helpless, defenseless and gives a voice to the voiceless. Yet, in doing so we, as individuals, give up a portion of our agency.’

          ‘Nice’ or ‘easy’ isn’t a concern here. Rather, the dictates of the god MARKET rob individuals of efficacious agency in society. The working class can assume responsibility for its well-being only as society is organized on socialist principles.

          • gdd, I consider myself a student of history – always learning, never satisfied. Can you provide me examples of a socialist enterprise then which was not socialist-capitalism? I’ve looked over communism, syndicalism and anarchistic-syndicalism (the last two mostly from the heated perspective of the Spanish Civil War ~ so not the very best environment for success).

            • Dear James Dosher:

              Clearly not!

              The historian that you are, already you isolated the reason for this in alluding to the betrayal of the Second International.

              • Ugh. gdd, we should take this to another forum. Any suggestions? I will provide you with my e-mail if you wish.

                My first encounter with “the Left” was in college studying the Hungarian Revolution of 1918/19. Later I did research into the reasons the revolutions of 1848 failed including the roles trade unions and guilds played. Most recently I’ve been looking at the intersection of Jeffersonian Democracy, Individual Anarchism and, of all things, pantheism.

                • Dear James Dosher:

                  Your mention of socialist nations rushing into WWI was a clear allusion to the betrayal of the Second International. If you don’t care for the answer, why did you postulate the question?

                  But you are correct in indicating that this conversation really has no relation to this post. The thing is — I defended a line similar to what you take for many years. I’m not proud of that, but I admit it.

                  Moreover, this is one of the few faith-related forums that interests me. If you want to discuss political economy, you can always follow wsws.org


                  • Aak! I had a complete brain misfire concerning the evolution of the Second International and the resulting Third / Comintern. Sorry about that.

                    I had to look over my notes to see how Libertarianism and Syndicalism twist back on one another. We tend to think of one as Right and the other as Left yet they actually share a lot of common ground. Ugh.

                    Bookmarked the site.

                    Thank you.

                    • Dear James Dosher:

                      Not to worry. We’re all idiots sometime. The other day, you took your turn. Tomorrow will be my turn.


      • I apologize. As a direct answer to your follow-up points:

        45) A political theory argument would be ‘why is this the government’s job? While we can banter about what the real economic recovery has been, we are in neither a recession nor depression. Extreme governmental measures are not called for.

        46) I totally agree. I think we should address what jobs the current and future generations will be getting and the societal costs of what those economies will be like. “High Paying” factory jobs means plenty of automation. Other such careers mean steep competition with IT and financial markets around the Globe. “Low paying” jobs … mean a work force requiring more assistance and a weaker, more vulnerable tax base. Most Americans don’t want to have this discussion.

        47) That raises two questions – A) what are we training our next generation for and B) precisely what college degrees are we letting kids graduate with? More to the question ~ are we properly educating our college kids on what their prospective careers opportunities and pay will be like? Some job uncertainty can be explained by a fluctuating market, but 60%? Some young adults have unrealistic expectations on what they are paying for when approaching their degrees.

        48) Emergency Work Program … no. We didn’t vote that way in November, that’s for sure. A more realistic approach would be focused infrastructure projects with, hopefully, some Federal loan backing for municipal and state projects. Personally I vote for nearly every bond referendum my County and Town propose because it outlines both were the money is going to be spent and how much my taxes are going to go up to pay off the bonds.

        I would hope the government would provide a household cost for the amount each would bear for doing the repairs, replacements and improvements along with the projected costs of NOT doing the above repairs, replacements and improvements. Buildings do fall apart, bridges to collapse and power grids do shut down. More people need to be made aware of their infrastructures impending mortality.

        49) On this we are in total DISAGREEMENT. If Management and Capital are unable to negotiate with Labor, the system breaks down. Look at Venezuela. State-owned businesses are required to keep on employees … so they have stopped hiring. Without the incentive to compete, time and time again, the labor pools stops being competitive. You cannot operate in the global marketplace like this.

        Capital won’t invest, or re-invest in new equipment and expanded operations.
        Management can’t manage if they don’t have some discretion to hire, fire, reward and promote.
        Labor won’t work at a level which allows them to keep their jobs in an otherwise equal relationship.
        History bears all of this out.

        50) It would help if the US adopted more competitive trade practices. We let the Japanese do it to us in the 1970’s and 80’s. The Little Tigers in the 90’s and China since the 1990’s ~ manipulating currency exchanges to make their products cheaper in foreign markets. In the 90’s, American Labor proved it could be competitive Globally and lured some jobs back … but NAFTA hasn’t been the UAW friend … and we haven’t gained the massive amount of ground lost.

        FYI, repeatedly the US laborer has proven to be the most productive on the planet in amount of product produced per hour worked. We still have a problem getting good paying jobs back.

        What you propose is lots of tax dollars spent … and where would that come from? Businesses going out of business? Trump has promised to go after the ones sending jobs overseas. I’m not sure how that will actually work though.

        51) ?

        52) The government stepping in because people overspent on their credit cards? Even for ‘valid’ reasons such as healthcare and loss of employment … I’m sure American Express and Master Card would be thrilled. I’m not sure under what authority the US government would make them forgive the debt while not getting payed off themselves.

        Then, how do you separate the ‘bad choices’ from the ‘stupid choices’? Some folks buy homes they cannot afford … and now they want my tax dollars to pay for their mistake … why? When and where do we start holding people accountable for themselves?

        FYI ~ Working Class doesn’t cut it. I’m not a fan of Class Warfare. It is a good excuse for people to not get ahead in life because they suddenly might go from being a ‘peon’ to ‘jeffe’ by dint of earning an MBA.

        What too many people either forget, or ignore, is Capitalists take a great deal of risks too. Most of them are small business owners. They take out the loans and put for their sweat equity to build up a business. Why should they make their first, second and third employees partners when they weren’t there at the start, nor shared the financial risks with the banks? IMHO, they shouldn’t.

        Nope. The small business owner should be good to their employees because it is the smart thing to do. They owe it to their employees on a morale-level to be fair ~ and that means firing a worker who is holding the company back too. Should they keep on an employee who is dragging down the entire company and could make everyone unemployed? No.

        This is my view on things anyway.

        • Dear James Dosher:

          I wasn’t seeking discussion on the items listed.

          My intent was to show that the SEP acknowledges the ‘lived reality’ of social existence of millions. But your reply shows clearly how Capitalism regards that lived reality. I couldn’t have done better myself.

        • What? Me? No … not in particular this very second. I’m more concerned as a parent for what the future holds for my two kids. My Son has gotten some blow-back for being a White Trump supporter (he’s in the 8th grade and they had a mock election) and my Daughter has gotten some minor flack for being openly bi-sexual (she’s in the 10th). It gets even “better” in that some of the trouble has come from teachers as well.

          Since the majority of posters here have the “anti-LGTBQ” trolls neatly corralled, I feel free to address subjects dealing with ‘Whiteness’ and ‘guy-stuff’ . Trust me, if you were picking on women and/or the LGBTQ community, I’d be coming at you with both barrels.

          If this has to do with the White Genocide comment … please consider the White High School student put into a coma this Fall for posting to his Facebook page his pro-Blue Lives Matter stance by several Black former students of that High School.

          What is far less reported is a few days later, the White student’s Black friends finding the Black students [who did still go to their HS] who facilitated the attack on said White Student and, during lunch, beating their asses because what mattered to them was Friendship, not Race.

          We also have the far more recent young 18 year old White male kidnapped and tortured by three 18 year old Black people and a 24 year old Black women with the clear racist nature of that assault.

          Now, am I terrified for my children, my wife and myself? No. I am also not ignoring the political climate I live in and the misguided hate floating around either.

  15. Dear John:

    I like the analogy, but I’m missing the application. I read: We will not tolerate elected officials whose allegiances are not with all those they represent. I get the elected misrepresentation bit, what does ‘not tolerate’ mean? How or in what way will we ‘not tolerate’ said officials?

    After Sept 11, 2001, the state initiated so-called ‘wars of the 21st century. Under this rubric, we invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and more. Military planners actively strategize for the use of low-yield, nuclear weapons in war. The drive to authoritarianism is sweeping not only the US but also Europe and our Allies in the Pacific.

    We just had an election. It proffered the two, most detested candidates in US history. Did we learn not one, solitary lesson from this experience that we seriously believe that official cynicism vanish in 2020 or in 2024?

    What means this fierce and loving ‘avalanche,’ and of what does it consist? Are we discussing general insurrection under the imagery of meteorology? Do we speak of countless acts of random kindness linked to social Pollyannaism?

    Is this really an answer to the utterly determined drive to bring us to war with China or Russia or both?

    It isn’t enough to say that ‘this is demonic.’ We simply must have political solutions to current crises.

    Scarcely could the state be less relevant. That is why domestic surveillance, militarized police, incessant propaganda, dry run lock-downs and political attacks on the population are now routine practices.

    However duly elected the state, it is necessary to say that this is NOT a free society with no more problems that a good election can fix; we are a fascistic society covered by a few, threadbare pieces of democratic fabric.

    God’s people are supposed to be a people of the truth.

    If they can’t acknowledge what we all see and know to be true, how can we be the people of God?

  16. John P: Seriously, can you start a movement where all the marchers for women on Washington and other cities can wear a snowflake? You have the ears of tens of thousands. A snowflake on a button or a plastic snowflake similar to the one on your picture? I’m just a 74 yr. old grandma who is scared sh..less of this new administration. Not for me but for my children and grandchildren and the future of the planet. It can cause an avalanche of resistance to what is coming. Think about it. I want to march and proudly wear a snowflake . Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Joe. Women are afraid of the Pro-Republican Religious Right’s powerful desire and intent to revolutionize American society and culture by sending women back to the subserviant condition they were in circa 1953. They are more than 50 percent of the American population, they outnumber Catholic women, and they are not going to be sent back. You can rant and rage about birth control and abortion all you want, but in the end it will make no difference whatsoever here in the United States. American women are not going to give in; they are not going back to go back to 1953. Anyone who tries to make them will most assuredly die trying to make them. You know why Joe? Tell him ladies:

      “When momma ain’t happy—ain’t nobody gonna be happy.”

      • Joe, I live in Indiana and can attest to the VP-elect’s desire to control women and our bodies. Trump has said all along that he plans to turn foreign and domestic policy over to his VP so he could concentrate on “making America great again”, which he never defined. Thus we must look at Pence and what his policies toward women are.
        Pence signed into a law a bill that, in addition to restricting who may obtain an abortion (which I’m sure you would approve of), it declared that “all fetal remains” must be cremated or buried. This included women who lost a fetus from natural or accidental causes. In other words, a poor, uninsured woman who had a miscarriage who required medical attention to insure no “fetal remains” remained inside her would not only be faced a medical bill that equals half-to-all her yearly income (or more) now is also faced with additional and immediate out-of-pocket expenses that NO insurance covers, locking her into a cycle of debt that she will likely never escape from. Pence is also a “lapsed Catholic”, in that he was raised Catholic but now ascribes to Dominionism, which holds that is it their duty to hasten Armageddon and set up a theocratic government which follows “God’s Law”, but only as they interpret that law, which I assure you, is NOT in line with Catholic doctrine. Many, in fact, believe the Roman Catholic Church to be the literal “Whore of Babylon”. Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are also followers of this doctrine. In spite of your agreement with their position on abortion, these people are not Catholicism’s friend.

        • I agree with you ami. To me Pence is almost as scary as Trump but in a different way. Besides he really does want to go back 50 years back where the little women knew their place and not even allowed to get credit in her own name. Anyway besides that he is a believer in conversion therapy and wanted taxpayers to pay for it. A little bit of prayer throw in a little conversion therapy and we can all pretend that being gay is a hoax. If that works why don’t they try it on actual evil people, a little prayer, a little therapy, presto chango we won’t need jails or the police ever. Besides, he stands by while Trump lies, has a bromance with Putin, etc. etc. He is the picture of someone who has sold their soul for power and wealth to me. Of course, I believe that about most Republicans “the party of family values”.

    • perhaps you can tell us – “what is coming”?
      Clearly you are serious, so surely you have something that provides you with this insight into the future….or is just a “feeling”?

      • We all need to understand this:
        When Trump or Paul Ryan say they want to replace the ACA with “Health Savings Accounts” (HSAs), they are also saying they want to replace Obamacare or Medicare or Medicaid with YOU paying for your healthcare.
        That means YOU pay for chemotherapy…
        YOU pay for all surgeries and hospitalization… YOU pay for all your family’s doctor visits, urgent care, ER visits, and prescription drugs out-of-our-pocket.
        A Health Savings Account is just a tax-free way for you to save up money to pay for your own medical bills. So if you are paying off college loans, or saving for a house down-payment, or simply living paycheck to paycheck, guess what — a Health Savings Account does you no good, because you have no discretionary funds to deposit into it. And even if you manage to save five grand or ten grand in an HSA, that could all get wiped out in one hospital visit for you or a family member. Then you are back to square zero again. Even if you can supplement your HSA with affordable health insurance, you will be eating away at money that you should be investing for your retirement or your kids’ college tuition.
        Only the top 3-5% of Americans can save enough for retirement, college AND their own out-of-pocket medical expenses. Therefore, the tax benefits of HSA’s only help those people. Please call your Congress member to protest this.

        • Exactly, Gloriamarie, they expect the unwashed masses to work for low wages, pay for their own insurance, and save for their retirement and be thankful they get what they get. The screams when someone talks about a minimum wage increase stop immediately when some CEO gets a million dollar pay raise or bonus. Do you think the Board of Directors will pay for it or the investors?No, that is what trickles down.

          • What I find the most terrifying, Joanne, is that people seem to have no idea what horrible things they voted for when they voted for the GOP candidates.

            And that they remain 100% committed to their ignorance.

          • Here’s an article you might like, Joanne”

            “How Much Do We Need Obamacare? Take a Sad Tour of GoFundMe”

            For some reason, I can’t get it to open so I can’t give you the URL. I am sorry, but you will have to google it.

            About CEOs and their salaries… I know from decades in the American business world that CEOs don’t earn those outrageous salaries. The people who actually do the work are never paid what they deserve. The receptionist is one f the most important people in a company but is always paid the least and yet who has more responsibility for the first impression?

            CEOs and other management are greedy people who abuse their employees.

            We see that in the walking cheeto. He has companies in twelve countries. When his new hotel opened in DC the rooms contain nothing made in the USA. If he were really sincere about creating jobs in the USA, that hotel would have been furnished with USA made goods, he’d close his overseas factories and bring those jobs here. But he is a liar and will reward only the wealthy, no matter how they earn it. Or where.

            • Again Joe, then you voted for the right team. That’s exactly one of the things that is on the Republican to do list. See, a reason to feel joy.

            • Dear Joanne Musto:

              Elsewhere, I’ve pointed out already that this is a class based attack on working people. This isn’t a working-class position. This line is an ownership/investment/banking-finance class attack on minimum wage. The intent is to remove the minimum wage. If the bourgeois had its way, the masses would be reduced to day laborers, and ‘jobs’ would go to whoever was sufficiently desperate to work for least.

          • You do understand the dangers of unrestrained Capitalism, don’t you?

            As an example ~ you are self-employed. There are a host of regulations which stop larger companies from coming in, doing what you do for far-below market prices simply to drive you out of business so that they can create a monopoly then charge whatever they wish.

            In the same way we have a 40-hour work week (don’t laugh), Child Labor Laws and guaranteed (again, don’t laugh) overtime and holiday pay, Workmen’s Compensation and some sort of Retirement/Pension plan (if you are lucky).

            Once upon a time in the US Steel industry, workers put in 12 hour shifts, 6 1/2 days a week and their life expectancy was 6 months. That’s not time on the job – that was time it was before a workplace accident KILLED you. There was no compensation for the worker’s family either.

            Why did things change? Labor Unions had a big hand in it, but a health dose of fear of a Communist Revolution helped as well. Also, the Federal government became more powerful and capable of dealing with the large corporations.

            The Capitalists decided to give up some of their wealth so they could keep the majority of it.

            That lesson holds true today. Better, safer working conditions make happier, more productive workers. Profit-sharing and production-bases bonuses also help an employee identify with their company and work for its success. While retention means a higher salary through sectional raises, the company profits from workers becoming comfortable within their corporate culture.

            Capital, Management and Labor do not have to be adversarial. In the end, they want the same thing ~ to get ahead. The failure of any one can cause the entire enterprise to suffer, or even collapse. All three lose out.

            In turn, if Labor pulls its weight, Management coordinates successfully and Capital supplies the necessary resources, they can afford to reward Labor accordingly. Workers with high pay and great benefits tend to stick around and keep the wheels of industry turning. You also get a reputation of hiring the best and paying the best ~ a cycle of positive reinforcement.

            I wish more businesses would remember this as well.

            • Not really. We know worker safety and productivity drops after 8 hours. Things like fatigue and attentiveness. We also know a business would gladly cover 400 work hours with 8 employees instead of 10 even though 10 are more productive – making the company more competitive – and safer – because in your business model, the business wouldn’t be responsible for workers getting hurt on the job, right? Also, ten workers are better for the community economy than the slightly higher-earning 8 (because they AREN’T getting that pesky time and a half).

              We tried zero regulations on businesses and guess what? They behaved BADLY.

              What did businesses do about Labor Unions when the government sat back? Closed factories, or employed strike-breakers. Why? It was cheaper to break the unions than pay higher wages. Governments had to step in because the alternative was REVOLUTION ~ such as the Soviet Union.

              Mind you, I don’t trust Labor Unions either. I was a Teamster for several years. Their rank and file were some great guys and gals. Their mid and upper management were a gang of crooks.

              They sent us into a strike with a bankrupt Strike Fund … as I was single and had some money saved up, I gave my pittance for walking the picket line to those who had families, but I quit after the strike was over. It has left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

              Basically, a Union is a corporation which makes money off the contracts of the workers it supposedly represents. It spends the workers’ dues largely without their input, or approval … so they can be just as venal and corrupt as any other enterprise. It is NOT a noble endeavor.

              What this taught me was trade unions were no more capable of saving the working class than the corporations, or governments. They were institutions staffed by human beings, thus flawed because human groups tend to prioritize their group’s leadership’s over everything else. It was up to the individual to take responsibility for their own agency, for supporting their community and for determining the direction their society was taking. No shirking the blame. Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin: Democracy is an ugly form of government. The only problem is all the others are much, much worse.

              As for Minimum Wage … ugh. Some level of MW has to exist. I think $15 is a mistake mainly from reading about what happens where it is introduced, or what one company plans to do if it becomes the National Standard.

              The corporation, McDonalds, is planning to up its automation so it needs fewer workers per franchise. They can afford to do it and in the long term, considering things like the increased wages and other benefits, it makes sense for them.

              In smaller businesses, they usually reduce hours and lower the quality of their merchandise ~ because they can’t pass on too much of the cost on to the consumer.

              What is more worrisome is the ‘trickle-up’ effect ~ if the new ‘starting wage is $15 when it used to be $12, then how much of a raise does everyone else get? It is highly insulting to leave your senior employees at the same pay amount as the new people so …

              And, if a job is pegged at MW+10 ~ then what? How many raises does an employee lose as their pay ‘rises’ to adjust to the new MW? How much can various employers afford to do this?

              That sounds like an invitation to inflation to me.

              • I respect your views regarding some Unions. As everything in life there always good and bad and humans have always proved this to be so from the top of the food chain to the bottom. I worked for the Electrical Apprenticeship under the Apprenticeship Committee – half Management, half labor. The men I worked with were good honorable honorable men. Their working hours were rarely 8 hours a week-usually more like 10 – 14. They were paid a set wage – the opposite of what they fought for for the members. They provided an excellent 5 year apprenticeship program. The apprentices worked during the day getting on the job training while providing employers with lower cost help and went to classes at night while earning college credits. Unlike for a lot of for profit trade schools, they only paid for their books. All missed classes had to be made up with equal time. Unlike trade schools they stayed employed after graduation and certification. With a construction union less capable electricians were the first to go on a big job or turned around immediately. If you were good you worked more. The employers had access to more employees when they were busy and didn’t have to pay employees costs when a smaller workforce was needed. And of course we had unhappy members who unlike you moved on to find something else, but complained endlessly but never, ever failed to cash their check that someone else negotiated for them. There was also many checks and balances, regulations, audits by the assorted state, federal, trust regulations along with audits and forms. I know this because I was the office manager and again was impressed with all the honorable men I worked for and with on both sides. And yes there was always a few that get the ickmeter moving.

                • Thank you, Ms. Musto. If you don’t mind, I would like to use elements of this in a story. Though what I write tends to wander off into the realms of espionage, if not downright fantasy, I like to ground things in reality … and sneak in a bit of an education for my readers in the process. I caught the week/day thing.

                  Strangely enough, the father of the protagonist in my second series of books worked as an electrician / lineman for 26 years ~ IBEW – Local 9. I mis-identified his employer as Illinois Power & Light.

            • Dear James Dosher:

              I”m not interested in well-regulated Capitalism, ‘reformism,’ liberalism or any other failed form of opportunism.

              The separation of ownership and operation of the means of production pit classes in unsolvable contradiction.

              In times of economic growth, a few concessions [such as you name] can be thrown to working people. But when the economy contracts, resources become scarce and dear, and the competition of rivals hound productive systems, those hard-won concessions must be taken back.

              Today’s ‘competition’ means that the company survives which most efficiently squeezes the most surplus value from workers.

              There is no resolving Capitalism’s integral contradictions.

              The now obsolete nation-state can no more compete with globalized production in a world of transnational superpower conglomerates than a feudal economy could compete with assembly-line production.

              The nation-state is failing utterly to compete on the international scene. Attempts to reaffirm nationalism will only heighten the attacks on working class people.

              The premise that Babylon/Rome/America CAN be ‘restored’ [made great] again is nonsense. And even if it WERE possible, why would we want it?

              • Ha! That is why nationalistic leaders often need to evoke God, or Allah. After all, it took Benito Mussolini to make peace with the Pope. And it isn’t just classic religions either. The stampede of Socialist parties rushing to support their nations at the start of WWI comes to mind.

                IMHO, if my ‘side’ needs God’s help, we are more screwed than I want to contemplate.

                In my storytelling governments are, at best, blindly indifferent, and usually much worse. People working for them can be quite helpful and it isn’t like government service renders one wicked … just – I guess I best expressed it as this ~ “Government is what happens when people stop thinking for themselves.”

                • I am responding to your other post. It didn’t have a reply button on it. Of course! How fun! I am an avid reader of fiction. Mystery and Thrillers are my favorites. Maybe somehow you can tell me your pen name so after it is published I can add it to my library. Are you James M. Dosher, author of Nanites?

                  • Yep. That’s me. I started writing Nanites back in 2010 and the politics unfold from that time frame. It includes ‘good’ government, ‘bad’ government and brings up the Japanese internment in WWII (as the story unfolds in LA).

                    Some of my other work is ‘erotic’ fiction ~ so beware.

                    I also need to finish book 4 … dang it.

                • I just downloaded Nanites Awakenings I. It is next on my reading list. Please don’t laugh but I am so happy to have actually sort of exchanged words with an actual 5 star author! I admire such a wonderful talent. And about the other…you can’t scare me.

                  • To be fair to my “5 Star” rating, I developed a fan base publishing on a free sight under a pseudonym for a few years. As my style improved I asked for and received a good deal of feedback which helped me mature as an author.

                    By the time someone offered to publish some of my work for actual $, I had a microscopic following who decided to both buy my tales and offer up their reviews. I swear, I have never asked for either. Considering all the drek they had to wade through over the years … I feel honored by their dedication.

                • I just finished your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and gave it 5 stars on Amazon. I will be ordering Book 2.

                  Cali is my hero. Who do you think. – maybe Emily Blunt for the movie?

                  I love your writing style. The wit and the touch of snark are so enjoyable. There is no superfluous wordiness.

                  I am an avid reader of fiction purely for pleasure. I have never read a book with such imagination. It certainly kept my interest even though the subject matter was different than I usually read.

                  I don’t know if I am going to commit some awful act of fan faux pas but the only problem I saw was the – I guess you call it editing. I have no idea how the words in your computer get downloaded to my reader.

                  But I feel that even the slightest flaw diminishes your art. Your talent deserves so much more.

                  Again you have a new fan. You do not have a page in Amazon for me to follow so I will have to remember to keep checking for the new book you are currently writing.

                  • Ms. Musto, thank you very much. Part of my ‘talent’ comes from being able to bounce ideas off my wife who is an endless source of ‘what about this’ and ‘what about that’.

                    I’d never given it much thought, but Emily Blunt would be perfect for the role.

                    As for editing … yeah … I screwed up. In my later works (I started Nanites back in 2010) my only editor was myself and partially my wife, Megan. When I showed this piece to the guy offering to publish another story, he offered to put it forth. He’s not a professional either ~ just a dedicated reader.

                    I really like writing Cali. As a person, she’s pretty happy with her life, doing most of what she wants and being happy about it. When her life alters and she suddenly has the power to help others she does so because she can and ‘not helping’ simply isn’t in her. No demons drive her. No guilt. Just basic, common decency.

                    And, of course, this causes her no end of grief.

                    Again, thank you for your kind review.

                  • James, normally, this site autofills the ID boxes if you have signed up to receive alerts, but lately, I have been needing to fill in my ID with each reply.

                  • Thank you, Ms. Brush. My home router has been acting wonkie, so I wasn’t sure.

                    And sure enough … name and e-mail is empty … dang it. Now I’ll have to remember to sign my name after each post. How will I be able to carry on? 🙁

        • I agree. My dad made nothing more than minimum wage all of his work life. He was the working poor. It took nearly every dime of his pay to support us—with no frills—and a lot of doing without for everyone. They might have been able to put $1.00 per month in an HSA. My dad died at 74 from pancreatic cancer. If he had begun putting his $1.00 per month in an HSA at age 16, his HSA contributions across his entire work life would have only been $696. If you plug that into an inflation calculator for my dad to account for investment interest from 1927 to 1986 (the year he died), his total HSA savings the day pancreatic cancer arrived would have been only $4,384. That amount would not even pay the deductible on a modern health insurance policy for a single stay in the hospital for a single health issue. Would that pay for pancreatic cancer hospitalization and treatment? No. The cost would be way over $100,000 at the very least.

          Paul Ryan and the Republicans know this when they talk about HSAs—and what’s more—they do not care about people like my dad. They are people who have become wealthy in their adult lives, and they work exclusively for economically wealthy people such as medical doctors, lawyers, and business owners. When they say—you can have an HSA instead of Obamacare, they are talking exclusively to people who an HSA would actually help because they can afford to contribute tons, and tons, and tons of money to it across their long, wealthy, and well-fed lives. Paul Ryan and the Republican Party do not give a winged sh*t about the healthcare of the average American, the worker on the factory floor, the coal miner, or the 45,000,000 Americans living in poverty in the United States—many of them hardworking 40 hours + overtime people like my dad).

          I hope you folks who have read this post understand how evil, empty, and cynical Paul Ryan’s HSA proposals are. This is just the type of Satanic deceit I would expect from a Roman Catholic in name only (RCINO) who worships at the feet of Russian atheist philosopher Ayn Rand—by his own verbal admission and pride. Wake up people!!!!

          • It occurs to me that when Paul Ryn has killed off everyone but the billionaires, there will be no one left to collect the trash, fix the potholes, work in hotels, etc.

            • Oh, come on folks! Somehow the poor didn’t spontaneously drop dead for the first 220 years of this country without having subsidized healthcare.

              Besides, do you know what city trash collectors and street repair crews make? It ain’t chump change.

              As for working in a hotel … it isn’t precisely figuring out rocket telemetry at NASA, now is it?

              Finally, we know what happens when a society prioritizes healthcare by means other than financial status ~ everyone gets rather crappy service. Everything past a GP puts you on a long waiting list, or do we need to hear yet another story about a Canadian who had to come to the US to see a specialist because had they waited for Canada’s top flight Universal Healthcare to get to them … they would have died?

              Training a physician cost money. Up-to-date medical equipment costs money. Training top shelf hospital staff costs money. Who pays? The poor cannot pay, so … so the rich are going to pay?

              A very serious question: why should the rich pay? What have they done so WRONG to have their livelihoods taken from them by the government ~ their possessions ~ the fruits of their labors whisked away?

              Is a pediatric surgeon more valuable to society than a person whose best is remembering to say ‘do you want fries with that?’ We certainly don’t pay them the same. Do they get the same medical care? If there can be only one heart transplant, who gets it? The doctor, or the fast food operator? Do we leave it up to a random number, or placement on a list?

              Or, do we say ‘life can be unfair’, ‘people are NOT equal’ and ‘some are more valuable than others’ and do what is best for society? While my example is extreme, the impetus for Universal Healthcare is that every patient is equal … and they are not.

              Our current, flawed system places greater value on the $ in someone’s bank account. This is somewhat balanced by the number of Children’s Hospitals. Still, the belief we put forth is people our society values more will be paid more and have better access to superior healthcare thus be more likely to live longer and survive accidental mishaps and misfortunes. Let me make it perfectly clear ~ I know the current system is UNFAIR.

              The problem is EVERY SYSTEM will be unfair. A system in which we pretend everyone is equal is unfair to those our society actually needs more and have invested more in.

              Obamacare doesn’t do this? Repealing it won’t be the equivalent of the Poverty Stricken’s Black Death either. 😉

            • It would be to some of the people here. Just wait until we reach that threshold where nearly all of us have been replaced by machines in the workplace. That is when the sh*t is really going to hit the fan. Star Trek civilization—here we come.

        • Republicans don’t want single payer Govt Health Care. So we are not going to ‘replace’ it with Govt Healthcare . That’s the whole point.

          Americans should not be forced to buy anything. That is un American. Medical Insurance is a ‘Service’, not a ‘Tax.’ (I already know auto insurance is required.)

          Health care will still be Free/low cost for certain individuals that qualify for Govt subsidized Free/low cost Healthcare programs. I’m all for Govt Safety net for those that need it.

          It’s wrong to force citizens to buy Health Insurance. [plus, it leads to sub-par coverage, and sub-par services.]

          In 10 years, Our family has paid out $150k for health insurance. That does not include co-pays, Rx, or Dental. Because of Obamacare dismal success, all of our private insurance premiums, & deductibles just went up $4k more/ per year, and I notice that our quality of care has gone down. (because the business costs, that Obama handed to us, are passed onto the consumer, which is where they belong.)

          People go into business to make money. Not break even. Thanks a lot Mr Obama.

          • Leslie, I can understand not wanting to be forced to do something. Does that mean you would rather have no insurance or pick a different insurance company at your own expense. I really don’t understand how Obamacare works.

            • No. It means she would rather rich people have health insurance because they deserve it—and see to it that nonwealthy people have no health insurance because they do not deserve it. It’s all about money, who has it, and who does not. When Jesus sets her on fire for her beliefs, she’ll understand then.

          • Your comments about government-provided healthcare is disingenuous at best and flat out wrong at worst. The government already provides healthcare insurance to every senior citizen in this country through the Medicare program. Are you saying that nobody should be forced to pay into the Medicare program? We have many years of experience of what life without Medicare is like and that horrible experience is exactly why Medicare was created. When you say that government shouldn’t force anybody to buy anything, you speak as though there is an objective law or Commandment that supports your claim. In a Democratic Republic, government can do whatever the people want government to do. You obviously don’t understand the idea of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Even the Constitution is not a fixed objective document , as it had been amended many times and has the ability to. E amended an infinite number of times. Therefore, your claim that government cannot or should not force anyone to buy anything is simply just your opinion and not an objective truth. Your claim about government provided health insurance leading to inferior healthcare outcomes is absolutely contrary to all medical evidence. Not only does the vastly inefficient U.S. healthcare system provide for spending ($9,500 per annum per capita) that is almost twice as much as the country which spends the 2nd most on healthcare (Norway at $5,400 annually per capita), but the U.S. system routinely provides worse medical outcomes than countries with single-payer healthcare systems (which group is comprised by every other developed country in the world), such that the World Health Organization ranks the U.S. healthcare system at #37 in the world. For all the money that the U.S. spends on healthcare, we have the worst infant mortality rate of any developed country and the lowest average life expectancy. Given that the U.S. spends so much more on healthcare than any country in the world, one would expect the U.S. population to be the healthiest and long-lived population on the face of the Earth, but that is not nearly the case. The idea that healthcare is a fundamental right is a precept that has been accepted long ago by every other developed country on the planet. I ask you the same question that my Father used to pose to me when my opinion ran countered to that which was otherwise accepted by the rest of the world: “What narcissism allows you to think you are absolutely right in your think and the rest of the world is absolutely wrong?”

        • I have to pay for all of that now with Obamacare..my insurance covers nothing. I pay $900.00 a month for affordable healthcare that does not cover basic visits and prescriptions…I have had to dip into my husbands 401k to pay medical bills that my affordable healthcare does not cover. My Mom is a diabetic and her affordable healthcare does not allow her to fill her 4 injection pens needed in a month for her shots…she cannot afford the $850.00 it would cost her out of pocket for the extra injection pen, so she goes without. I am glad that Obamacare has helped those that have so badly needed healthcare, but I and many people I know are not in that group, for us it has made our healthcare worse. My husband needs back surgery and has been declined, so he lives in pain. I never meet my horrendous deductible, and the deductibles on my prescriptions are insane. If I have to pay $900.00 a month just for myself, I should at least have decent coverage…my son was declined insurance. He is Autistic, so not sure where the pre-exsisting condition helps him. He is repeatedly denied any type of government assitance….I am sorry that so many are worried about the changes to the healthcare …but there are those of us that have nnot faired so well under the affordable healthcare and would like to see some changes made. Everyone sits on this blog and fights and belittles those who do not share the same views about politics, but no one knows someone elses life, story or circumstances. Those that faired well under Obama supported Hillary, and those that did not fair well supported Trump. Maybe if the republicans and democrats could come together and work together things might change and get better, but the one side is right and one side is wrong approach form both sides solves nothing for anyone. It is fine to sit back and say that all Trump supporters are evil, and speak of starting a resistence, but along the way will promoting this resistence and intolorence of the new President elect and his cabinet members there will be those you will hurt, because there is no way to create the chaos and resistence that you all speak of and not hurt people, and some of those may be people you care about. It is funny because not the blog host or any of those who agree with him, have spoken up for the poor disabled boy who was kidnapped beaten and tortured, by 4 very nasty people. Does what he went through not matter since he was a Trump supporter?? This is what chaos and resistence brings….I would not want to be a part of that.

          • I am truly sorry that the compromised version of the ACA is so very hard for you and yours. But please understand that is not Obama’s fault. Obama wanted the single payer system and the GOP would have nothing to do with that because it would not enrich their Big Pharma buddies as much.

            If we research the history of the ACA, which is really Romneycare in MA, we would see that the plan originally proposed by Obama was much more equitable.

            So everything that is wrong with the ACA was the fault of the GOP whose purpose was simple to thwart anything Obama wanted.

            • Sad too because they will all continue to work against each other rather than with each other….it is so annoying that the democrats squash every idea the republicans have and the republicans squash every idea the democrats have…none of them want to try and come together for the better of the people.

            • When the Senate first passed the ACA the president’s party had a Filibuster proof majority. The republicans could wail til they were blue in the face, and many did, and it was all a waste of oxygen, because they didn’t have the votes to do anything about it. The reason we didn’t end up with single payer is because the president couldn’t get enough of his fellow dems to go along with him. Eventually, what they did pass was so unpopular that MA, one of the bluest states in the country, elected a republican to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat just to try to stop it. How can you blame anything on the GOP if they were completely powerless to stop anything? The dems could have passed amnesty for illegal immigrants, an assault weapons ban, cap and trade, or a host of other bills and they would have met with no congressional opposition, because their republican counterparts were reduced to being powerless bystanders by the 2008 election.

              You like to point out that everything you post is factual (though your recent claims regarding the stock market betray that claim as less than true) and those of us who don’t ascribe to Mr. Pavlovitz’ beliefs are spreading lies. Well, here’s a chance to prove me wrong. What in my post here is untrue? How, using facts not feelings, can bad legislation be blamed on a party that didn’t provide even a single vote for it, while at the same time lacking the ability to filibuster it?

              Fire away.

              • Thank you Bruton Gaster!!!!! So tired of hearing that everything is al the republicans fault, and the democrats are so perfect. I truly do wish they would all work together, but sadly I do not see that happening. No matter your complaint on this blog if it is not a complaint against the republicans you are wrong…very sad.

                • Can’t stand Ted Cruz, personally, but if he manages to get the term limits amendment through congress he will be my hero. So much more would get done if people weren’t in congress just to stay in congress.

          • It sounds like you signed up for the wrong Obamacare insurance policy out of the many different policies offered. Your situation makes no sense at all to me based on my Obamacare coverage. You need to go back and look at the offered plans again—and select a new one during the next enrollment period. I have experienced nothing like what you have described.

            • I have gotten off Obamacare, and enrolled in regular ins through the marketplace will startJanuary 15th…my deductibles have gone down…coverage still not great, but at least next year I will not owe $3500.00 in income taxes for having Obamacare. Did you owe anything in income taxes because of Obamacare?? I know several people that were on it and got pounded in their taxes. My Mom was told she made $750.00 more than was allowed for the year and she owed $4200.00 last year. Another friend of mine got off of it for the same reason, she owed $2800.00 last year in income taxes. We got a letter prior to tax time stating what we would possibly be owing when we filed our taxes, not sure how that helps anyone if you have to owe all that money at the end of the year??? It seem to work really well for some and not so well for others, not sure why it is that way either. But, I am paying the same monthy rate off Obamacare, and I will not owe taxes next year on top of it…so I figure that is a savings in itself:)

      • As a Sissy, I’m Not Excited About Trump’s America
        January 8, 2017 by John O’Keefe 2

        I’ll say this, Trump doesn’t scare me, or frighten me [I will admit that my lack of fear comes from, besides my faith, my White, Heterosexual, Male Privilege]. While this privilege does afford me the ability not to fear Trump, I tend not to look at life with fear; I’ve a deep seeded faith that excludes fear of what might happen. But I’ll admit, I’m not looking forward to an American under Trump, and a Republican leadership. I can see why so many people fear “Trump’s America.” I wonder about the future of democracy under Trump, as the “CEO of America.” While my faith teaches me not to fear, I still need to speak out against what I believe will destroy the very fabric of this Country, the very fabric of our democracy, the very fabric of human decency, the very fabric of our faith.

        Why? Because, and this is just my point of view, neither Trump, or the Republicans, have anything to offer except division, and submission of the people. What they claim to offer are simply unrealistic, empty promises, with no real substance designed to help those in need. When thinking in terms of Trump, all he claims to offer us is Trump – and the Republicans are only interested in reversing everything President Obama has accomplished over 8 years; when they speak of “repeal, replace” they have nothing to replace what they desire to repeal. So, as far as sheep go, the Republicans are running after Trump, getting ready to bring about an America that is out of touch with the world around us. Here is why I think an America under Trump and the Republicans is something I’m not looking forward to. Let me see if I can explain this in relationship to my Faith Journey.

        Nostalgia is Over Rated:

        The Idea of “Making America Great Again,” for me, is code for “bring us back to the 1940-50’s” – When America was White, and people of color, and women, knew their place. It is a phrase, when I hear it, that brings us back to a time when those who spoke-up against the government were tagged as insurrectionists, rebels, troublemakers, and were sent to prison because of their “unamerican” activities. It starts with insults, bullying, and open rejection, then quickly moves to violence by their followers. In their twisted views of how we should be, freedom is curtailed, self-expression is standing against the leadership, and standing against the leadership is evil. But my faith tells me that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Divine. No person is considered less, and no person is considered more – everyone is equal. So, any government, or people, who speak against another because of race, ethnic background, national origin, sexuality, or citizen status is not expressing equality.

        The Gang’s All Here

        When it comes to Trump, the Republicans, and those he has selected for his Cabinet, it’s not just the bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and bullying that causes me concern; it is his ability to bring that out in his followers; it’s, in his silence his supported receive approval for some of their horrid actions. Their actions, in connection to the silence of Trump, and the Republican Leadership, gives others permission to be bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and bullies. On some level, this is good news. WHAT, how can that be good news? Yes, it’s good at some point. Without striving to paint their supporters with a wide brush, we now know that bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and bullying have always been just under the skin of many people. So, while living such a life is not acceptable, we now know that a great many people live with those feelings; some out in the open, while others try to hide it under their coats – but I’m of the mind that if you are unwilling to speak out against it, you support it. Living in a Trump’s America has shown us how many people have his twisted views of humanity.

        The Long Con

        The con is set, the marks have been identified, shills are coming into place, and the scam will soon be unfolding. This long con will be unfolding over the next four years. Part of this long con involves redefining what he said during the elections, to something very different. Let’s take “The Wall” for an example. He continually stated that “Mexico would pay for the wall” – yet, resent statements concerning the building of the wall is that American taxes will now pay for the wall, and Mexico will pay us back – WHAT?

        Another twist to the long con will be felt by the LGBTQA Community.

        Over the past Trump has professed support for the “LGBTQ” community. But, when one looks deeper, and as of late, you will find that he opposes nationwide marriage equality, and he has pledge [to his Republican Party friends] to nominate “antigay judges” to the Supreme Court. The seed of his standing against LGBTQA rights should’ve been seen with his choice of Pence, and the anti-LGBTQA platform of the Republican Party in general, not to mention his Cabinet selections.

        Still another twist can be found in his relationship with Science, Education, and even faith.

        His selection of people who are anti-science, anti-education, and even anti-faith, have caused me great concern. The idea that “their feelings” on any subject can counter the education, and experience of experts in any given field of study is astounding. I read a post recently that said, something like, “Your Google search does not trump my education, and experience.” I love the play on words.

        Hate Cannot Win

        Hate cannot win, it’s just that simple. We cannot be paralyzed by fear, we must stand for Love. Hate has always been a part of the American Culture; it’s human nature. That’s just a reality we all must face. For love to win, we need to identify hate, and those who spread hate in our culture. We tend to hate things, people, and change, when we see them as different from who we are, or who we think we should be. Trump will not change that, but he will magnify it. His racist, anti-immigrant, homophobic rhetoric has empowered white nationalist groups, encouraging a rise in hate crimes, and bullying in schools – all under the misguided idea that America has become too soft, and we need to fix this “sissy nation.” For me, love must win. Love must be our guiding rule, love must be something we seek to live by, and understand. If we allow hate to win, we will spend decades striving to bring love to the forefront of our world. If seeing love, and acceptance, as being qualities of a “sissy” – I’ll take that, I’m a sissy. I can accept that label, because if saying love win makes me a sissy, Jesus was a big sissy.


        • Another reason the people who fell for the whole make America great thing was jobs. They can remember the manufacturing jobs where 2 or 3 generations all worked for decades at the same plant. Where they got a liveable wage 8 hours work for 8 hours pay and where the little lady could stay at home. See, the thing is these were mostly Union jobs. Now for the past 20 years or so Unions have been shrinking because to a Republican Union is a dirty word. How dare workers think they should have a voice. Meanwhile, for decades jobs have been disappearing. Let’s talk about Nike, who for decades has had a horrible human rights record overseas. When they first moved they probably started paying their workers overseas maybe a $1.00 a day instead of maybe $7.00 an hour. Has the cost of Nikes ever gone down? Of course not. But they have paid Michael Jordan millions to promote their brand and put the rest in their pocket. The last time I checked Nike was paying their workers $136.00 a month. Those jobs are not coming back. Other jobs have been lost to automation. If Trump has to make deals with every company by putting jobs on the taxpayers shoulders what good is that? Republicans, with their gerrymandering and so called voter rights bills have pretty much guaranteed themselves a majority in almost every state. Some states are almost bankrupt because of course is the first thing is to cut taxes which always benefits the higher income more than the lower income taxpayer. Then they do what they can to bust the Unions so people will accept lower wages. All the while necessary goods and services are costing more and more. Everyone has to eat but the wealthy pay a much, much lower percentage of their income than the have nots. And so it goes, prices will always be going higher for less product. Everyone can see this at the grocery store where packages cost more but are half empty. And with each recession the lower middle class people who lose their jobs will, of course, accept lower wages. And then, of course, there is whole turning everything into a for-profit enterprise, schools, road, etc. America as I see it.

          • We are getting too far from the lessons learned as a result of the Great Depression and thus are recreating the events that will lead to another one.

            I read an article today that the walking cheeto is fine with 13 million jobs going to China.

  17. John, Thank you for your words. Snowflakes are beautiful. Hope is beautiful.
    I guess I never checked this sight so early before. I am starting my day when others are still up from yesterday. But really, so much anger and derision on Sunday, the Lords Day? You can’t give him one day? Again why waste so much of your precious time on a site you have such contempt for? John doesn’t go to you, you make that choice to come here. Does your relationship with God make you so unhappy that you go looking for people to disparage? Does your God tell you this is what he wants? How sad. And Joe, I keep making the mistake of believing that you are a man of your word, that with the glimpses of humor you show that you have goodness in your soul. Now, I question whether you are really a Catholic at all. I think you need to speak to a priest about how you present yourself as a spokesman of the church. I was with the church half my life and have lifelong friends who I admire so much and never have heard them speak with such venom. Your behavior makes you look small and petty and you do a disservice to the majority of Catholics, to my friends, my family. You keep saying a sin is a sin is a sin, yet you speak ad nauseam about only one and brush off the other 9 when it suits your agenda. I feel sorry for your wife whom you never speak of while you continue to disparage women and their concerns. I need to learn to ignore you like I do with all the other jackals, but like I said, there seems to be a kernel of humanity in you. Where is the joy and peace your relationship with God should bring you? I guess I need to go back and read John’s words again so my day will be brighter.

  18. The metaphor of the snowflake isn’t very original (many raindrops make a flood, many candles banish the dark, and all that) but it’s an apt one that we need to be reminded of.

    But we can’t leave it at a poetic analogy…we need to turn it into action. We need to report on and remind each other of the “snowflake actions” that will make a difference during our four-year struggle to rid our nation of this orange pestilence. And, I’m talking about actions over and above what we would be doing (or ought to be doing) no matter who was elected. We’ll continue to be kind to others whom we don’t know, do volunteer work, and give to our charities but, again, we’d be doing that if we had a sane occupant in the WH . But what are those “snow flake actions” that, in and of themselves are small and might seem to be inconsequential but, together, make a blizzard of resistance?

    I can think of several…call your legislators frequently about issues that matter to us. And don’t forget your state legislators. Write letters to the editor. Find good information and pass it on. Find inspiring writing and pass it on. Donate $3 to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center or whoever. Join the Social Action Committee at your church. What are some other ideas?

    (Something that DOESN’T work is engaging with the trolls here and elsewhere. Legislators, even those who oppose us, care what we think. The trolls don’t. They’re here for one reason…to distract us from being snowflakes. Feed hungry kids but don’t feed the trolls.)

  19. No, we liberals ARE NOT tolerant. Get that out of your minds. Quit asking.

    I see that a popular meme here (and elsewhere) among the right wingers is “I thought you liberals were supposed to be so tolerant?” You’re wrong and whoever told you that is mistaken.

    We’re not at all tolerant of racists and their black-hearted racism. We’re not at all tolerant of those who express hatred of gay and transgender men, women, and young people and who seek to suppress them and to increase their suffering. We want nothing to do with those who despise and want nothing to do with people of other religions, other nationalities, other lifestyles, other backgrounds. We won’t seek common ground with hatred. We desire no communion with those who blame sick and hungry kids for being sick and hungry.

    So…no, we’re NOT tolerant at all. Remember that.

    (If some see this as my bending my own maxim against engaging the trolls…I understand. It won’t happen often.)

  20. They may not be out to get any of those you mentioned but they sure don’t want any money going to help them either! There is more than one way to “get” someone! No imagining this at all as we are seeing it everyday in the policies that are being pushed through. We are seeing it in how DJT has treated those who have worked for him over the years and will continue to do so.

    Yes, you may melt us snowflakes but that means we will only be the water needed to help others to grow!

    • No hatred of man if anything it is the opposite and not a one way street like your agenda.
      If you really cared so much about the unborn and abortions you would be for birth control but that is not what a “good Catholic” does is it?
      Let me ask you if you even consider non-Catholics Christians? I know I was taught they were not!

      If you want to be pro-birth that is fine but as I said, if YOU do not want to make sure that child and the mother is taken care of if needed do not call yourself Pro-life! You are only Pro-birth so don’t take the title of the real Pro-life people

    • Joe, that is right. He remembers their genetic makeup. And, as Creator he knows how to bring to life something from nothing and bring back to life that which was lost.

      Let the dead bury the dead.

      Pay attention to the snowflakes in your care- who are currently living. Don’t despise them or beat them up with your words.

      May, God bless you.

      • Joe, I know what the accepted meaning of ‘let the dead bury the dead’ is, but because Jesus was not wasteful in anything he said, there is another understood message in that saying. One of moving forward and letting go of things we cannot change.

        I think you have been presumptuous towards me and others on this blog who have told you they either hate abortion or are against abortion…. but we know we cannot fight every single battle in this life.

        I support you in your “cause” but I do not support your harassment and condemnation of others. Just because you are an obsessed pro-lifer who is compelled to antagonize everyone who is not as dogmatic about it as you- does not mean everyone else doesn’t care.

        In fact it makes you the callous one! Callous to the heartache others feel about it.

        • I am of the same mind as you Faith,

          “Bad evangelism says: I’m right, you’re wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.”

          – Timothy Keller

        • I am of the same mind as you Faith:

          “Bad evangelism says: I’m right, you’re wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.”

          – Timothy Keller

          • “Bad evangelism says: I’m right, you’re wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.”

            You mean like Pavlovitz constantly does to conservatives?

            • Perhaps, no one is perfect, but that doesn’t stop you from being mean and ridiculous does it ? No, in fact John Pavlovitz is your excuse to say whatever gross and lame thing you want to anyone.

              Well good for you. Pat yourself on the back and have nice day.

            • I don’t agree with everything Pavlovitz says or how he says it but I am glad he is. Same with you Zak, I am glad you are speaking here. It makes it easier to see that Pavlovitz has a point and a purpose.

    • Joe, you appear seriously un-well. Obsessive folks such as yourself (and I know obsessive) scare me because any good that you and others like you try to do is undone by the obsessiveness. People tune you out and you lose your voice. Many things bear repeating and being forefront but you are definitely a detriment to your cause, at this point and here. I am anti-abortion and pro life. And even I don’t care to listen to you any longer. You’re ineffective, sir.

  21. “white fragility”

    Please take your kafkatrapping male bovine excrement and insert it into an inconvenient nether orifice.

  22. Why is that when it comes to responses on this blog, the most hideous words are used by the conservatives? The nastiest, the ugliest words are used by those who hate what John P writes. These vile vulgarities are used by people claiming to be Christians who spew filth at John P for not being a Christian.

    Please re-read what Jesus and James say about what comes out of a mouth of a person or the misuse of the tongue. Which can be applied to the misuse of one’s fingers when typing.

    • Gloriamarie that is not entirely correct. There are liberals and progressives and others of various persuasions who have made vulgar remarks in the comments. We have to stop making a list of who is the best person or christian on this blog, we will never win that comparison battle.

        • Gloriamarie, I’m glad to see someone here has their priorities straight. I mean, all John did was describe hundreds of millions of people he’s never met as vile, irredeemable racists and how did Zadock respond? With very rude words. It’s inexcusable. People like him shouldn’t even be allowed to speak on the internet. I’m glad in Europe they do things right and punish people like Zanog with huge fines.

    • It doesn’t matter President Barack Obama was called worse.

      Trump has to show take the criticism like everyone else.

      He is a man not immune to accountability for his words and actions.

      • Joe
        You and Trump get back what you dish out. I am pretty sure Jesus has no interest in defending your personal gripes. You have planted those seeds yourself. Enjoy reaping your reward.

    • Why is that when it comes to responses on this blog, the most hideous words are used by the conservatives?

      Gee, do you think it might be because we’re tired of his constant baseless, disgusting slanders of us? Do you think that might, possibly have something to do with it?

  23. You don’t repay evil with evil.

    I don’t buy being fed up. This “nastiness” isn’t new. For eight years I watched this nastiness on Fox News, watched it invade the church I used to attend, and the self righteous political voices who loved to make up slurs for those different or called others libtards…sneering as they turned up their nose.
    I have a lot of problems with the Conservative movement because it’s more politically based than Jesus based….unless we all believe White Jesus owned a gun, was a Republican, ran around saying gays suck and carries a flag.

    • No fed up this nastiness is not new…sadly the nastiness is from both sides. Both sides want to think they are right no matter what the cost…if you are a Republican you think gays suck, you are a bigot and racist, and you have your gun and flag mounted on your truck…
      If your a Democrat you are a baby killing gay loving libtard…
      Yep, what a great world we live in…lots of love and understanding by both sides. I am fed up with all of it…the name calling the hate, the anger, and all of the crap. I cannot see promoting that hate and anger, and that is what the blog host and a majority of his followers do…yes there are those of us nasty Republicans who throw it right back…as I said the crap comes from both sides. But…are you suggesting that we all should believe that Jesus condones Gay Marriage, and Abortion?? Myself personally….I don’t involve myself in someone elses choices on how they live their life, I don’t shove my beliefs down someone’s throat who believes differently than me. We all have the right to believe and live as we choose, but imagine how offended you were at the word libtard??? Why are we not supposed to be offended at being repeatdly called racist, bigots, homophobes, xenaphobes, and any other phobe out there? So no you don’t repay evil with evil, but you don’t have to sit back either and let people define you as something you are not. I may be a Republican, but I do not own a gun, I have gay friends whom I love like family, I believe abortion is a womens choice and I Thank God it is not a choice I ever had to make because I have someone very close to me who had to make that choice and it haunts her 45 years later, and I don’t carry or have a confederate flag…I did not agree with Obama, but hey guess what that does not make me a racist….I did not agree with alot that Bush did either….or several presidents before him…so if it were a Black thing I am guessing I would have agreed with the white presidents no matter weather I liked what they were doing or not. Nnot all of us who did not like Obama are racists…some of us just plain did not like his policies….so yeah alot of are just plain fed up with the whole racist card.

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  27. I agree wholeheartedly that we who oppose this New Regime will fight back and resist with every fiber of our being. BUT … if we truly want change we need to get BOTH Republucans and Democrats out. Both are broken and corrupt. Sure, right now democrats look like gold compared to the rust and tarnish of republucans, but they’re only a band-aid to the problems that face this country. If we TRULY want to get an America that can take care of her people we have to eradicate both parties. It’s time for a new party – one that truly does have the best interest of EVERY citizen as well as the world first and foremost in mind – the Green Party. We need to vote out Republicans AND Democrats. Until we do, this cycle will continue to rear its ugly head.

    We’ve been doing it 2-Party for how long? We can keep doing it and hoping for a different outcome but then we’d just be proving Einstein’s definition of insanity. Let’s stop the madness and completely reinvent the wheel because *this* one is beyond repair.

  28. John Pavlovitz is a democratic hack masquerading as a christian. In other words, John Pavlovitz is trolling christianity. He is an embarrasssment to anything christian, and Mr Pavlovitz seems to be well aware of it.

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