A Snowflake Manifesto

Snowflakes are fragile, temporary, inconsequential little things.

They are delicate and brittle and quite harmless—on their own.

But when they begin to attach to other snowflakes, they become stronger, more powerful.
They become dangerous.
They become a force of freakin’ nature. 

Trump lovers like to call his detractors “snowflakes”, as if their feelings are a liability, their passions a reason for embarrassment, their grief a sign of weakness. (The attempted slur is especially ironic, given the absolute historic white fragility of the President, whose Twitter feed rings like the petulant cries of a perpetually offended middle schooler—but that is neither here nor there.)


Is that all you got?

I’ll take it.

As a guy who grew-up in Central New York, I spent my entire childhood watching lake-effect snow systems roll in and in the blink of any eye, quickly blanket everything in shimmering, frozen white. I marveled at their ferocity.

I’ve seen snow storms paralyze cities.
I’ve seen them shut down entire parts of the country.

I’ve seen them derail and disrupt everything.
Snow storms alter the landscape.
They stop traffic.
They wreak havoc.

No, one snowflake isn’t likely to make an impact—but I’m betting tens of millions can.

I imagine that the shared strength of that many snowflakes is something to be reckoned with. In fact I’m certain that it is. I’ve already seen it happening in these days; millions of good, compassionate, intelligent people connecting their individual, jagged, beauty into a glorious and forceful response to the hateful environment around them.

Right now a massive, diverse collection of Americans of every faith perspective, every political persuasion, and every walk of life is assembling, and this is why hope isn’t hard to come by these days—because I can feel the weather changing by the minute.

The current climate of bigotry and bullying will not stand, because we will alter it. We will change the weather:

We will not allow people to be vilified for their religious traditions.
We will not tolerate the civil rights of any group to be removed.
We will not be divided along lines of color, gender, religion, orientation, or politics.

We will not accept the physically and mentally ill to be left without healthcare.
We will not allow people of color to be discarded by those sworn to protect them.
We will not allow women to be devalued or overlooked with regard to pay, opportunity, or safety.

We will not tolerate elected officials whose allegiances are not with all those they represent.

This is simply the truth. This is the storm that’s gathering. This is the forecast for this nation.

So yes, feel free to call us snowflakes simply because we care deeply, because we feel fully, because we lament the bitterness we’re witnessing. We will gladly wear that title. We’ll revel in it as we gather together.

Because trust me, the coming days will be defined not by the hatred in this land, but by the fierce and loving avalanche that comes against it.

Hang on tight and gird your loins, Donald—winter is coming.

And so is  November 2020.






262 thoughts on “A Snowflake Manifesto

  1. The metaphor of the snowflake isn’t very original (many raindrops make a flood, many candles banish the dark, and all that) but it’s an apt one that we need to be reminded of.

    But we can’t leave it at a poetic analogy…we need to turn it into action. We need to report on and remind each other of the “snowflake actions” that will make a difference during our four-year struggle to rid our nation of this orange pestilence. And, I’m talking about actions over and above what we would be doing (or ought to be doing) no matter who was elected. We’ll continue to be kind to others whom we don’t know, do volunteer work, and give to our charities but, again, we’d be doing that if we had a sane occupant in the WH . But what are those “snow flake actions” that, in and of themselves are small and might seem to be inconsequential but, together, make a blizzard of resistance?

    I can think of several…call your legislators frequently about issues that matter to us. And don’t forget your state legislators. Write letters to the editor. Find good information and pass it on. Find inspiring writing and pass it on. Donate $3 to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center or whoever. Join the Social Action Committee at your church. What are some other ideas?

    (Something that DOESN’T work is engaging with the trolls here and elsewhere. Legislators, even those who oppose us, care what we think. The trolls don’t. They’re here for one reason…to distract us from being snowflakes. Feed hungry kids but don’t feed the trolls.)

  2. No, we liberals ARE NOT tolerant. Get that out of your minds. Quit asking.

    I see that a popular meme here (and elsewhere) among the right wingers is “I thought you liberals were supposed to be so tolerant?” You’re wrong and whoever told you that is mistaken.

    We’re not at all tolerant of racists and their black-hearted racism. We’re not at all tolerant of those who express hatred of gay and transgender men, women, and young people and who seek to suppress them and to increase their suffering. We want nothing to do with those who despise and want nothing to do with people of other religions, other nationalities, other lifestyles, other backgrounds. We won’t seek common ground with hatred. We desire no communion with those who blame sick and hungry kids for being sick and hungry.

    So…no, we’re NOT tolerant at all. Remember that.

    (If some see this as my bending my own maxim against engaging the trolls…I understand. It won’t happen often.)

  3. They may not be out to get any of those you mentioned but they sure don’t want any money going to help them either! There is more than one way to “get” someone! No imagining this at all as we are seeing it everyday in the policies that are being pushed through. We are seeing it in how DJT has treated those who have worked for him over the years and will continue to do so.

    Yes, you may melt us snowflakes but that means we will only be the water needed to help others to grow!

    • No hatred of man if anything it is the opposite and not a one way street like your agenda.
      If you really cared so much about the unborn and abortions you would be for birth control but that is not what a “good Catholic” does is it?
      Let me ask you if you even consider non-Catholics Christians? I know I was taught they were not!

      If you want to be pro-birth that is fine but as I said, if YOU do not want to make sure that child and the mother is taken care of if needed do not call yourself Pro-life! You are only Pro-birth so don’t take the title of the real Pro-life people

    • Joe, that is right. He remembers their genetic makeup. And, as Creator he knows how to bring to life something from nothing and bring back to life that which was lost.

      Let the dead bury the dead.

      Pay attention to the snowflakes in your care- who are currently living. Don’t despise them or beat them up with your words.

      May, God bless you.

      • Joe, I know what the accepted meaning of ‘let the dead bury the dead’ is, but because Jesus was not wasteful in anything he said, there is another understood message in that saying. One of moving forward and letting go of things we cannot change.

        I think you have been presumptuous towards me and others on this blog who have told you they either hate abortion or are against abortion…. but we know we cannot fight every single battle in this life.

        I support you in your “cause” but I do not support your harassment and condemnation of others. Just because you are an obsessed pro-lifer who is compelled to antagonize everyone who is not as dogmatic about it as you- does not mean everyone else doesn’t care.

        In fact it makes you the callous one! Callous to the heartache others feel about it.

        • I am of the same mind as you Faith,

          “Bad evangelism says: I’m right, you’re wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.”

          – Timothy Keller

        • I am of the same mind as you Faith:

          “Bad evangelism says: I’m right, you’re wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.”

          – Timothy Keller

          • “Bad evangelism says: I’m right, you’re wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.”

            You mean like Pavlovitz constantly does to conservatives?

            • Perhaps, no one is perfect, but that doesn’t stop you from being mean and ridiculous does it ? No, in fact John Pavlovitz is your excuse to say whatever gross and lame thing you want to anyone.

              Well good for you. Pat yourself on the back and have nice day.

              • Ah, please tell me what I have said that is “ridiculous” and/or “gross”. Direct quote, please.

            • I don’t agree with everything Pavlovitz says or how he says it but I am glad he is. Same with you Zak, I am glad you are speaking here. It makes it easier to see that Pavlovitz has a point and a purpose.

    • Joe, you appear seriously un-well. Obsessive folks such as yourself (and I know obsessive) scare me because any good that you and others like you try to do is undone by the obsessiveness. People tune you out and you lose your voice. Many things bear repeating and being forefront but you are definitely a detriment to your cause, at this point and here. I am anti-abortion and pro life. And even I don’t care to listen to you any longer. You’re ineffective, sir.

  4. “white fragility”

    Please take your kafkatrapping male bovine excrement and insert it into an inconvenient nether orifice.

  5. Why is that when it comes to responses on this blog, the most hideous words are used by the conservatives? The nastiest, the ugliest words are used by those who hate what John P writes. These vile vulgarities are used by people claiming to be Christians who spew filth at John P for not being a Christian.

    Please re-read what Jesus and James say about what comes out of a mouth of a person or the misuse of the tongue. Which can be applied to the misuse of one’s fingers when typing.

    • Gloriamarie that is not entirely correct. There are liberals and progressives and others of various persuasions who have made vulgar remarks in the comments. We have to stop making a list of who is the best person or christian on this blog, we will never win that comparison battle.

        • Gloriamarie, I’m glad to see someone here has their priorities straight. I mean, all John did was describe hundreds of millions of people he’s never met as vile, irredeemable racists and how did Zadock respond? With very rude words. It’s inexcusable. People like him shouldn’t even be allowed to speak on the internet. I’m glad in Europe they do things right and punish people like Zanog with huge fines.

            • Like Gloria, I was referring to the small-minded irrational troll Zagok the Deplorable who appears to be completely unaware that people who don’t agree with him have feelings too. Why?

    • It doesn’t matter President Barack Obama was called worse.

      Trump has to show take the criticism like everyone else.

      He is a man not immune to accountability for his words and actions.

      • Joe
        You and Trump get back what you dish out. I am pretty sure Jesus has no interest in defending your personal gripes. You have planted those seeds yourself. Enjoy reaping your reward.

    • Why is that when it comes to responses on this blog, the most hideous words are used by the conservatives?

      Gee, do you think it might be because we’re tired of his constant baseless, disgusting slanders of us? Do you think that might, possibly have something to do with it?

  6. You don’t repay evil with evil.

    I don’t buy being fed up. This “nastiness” isn’t new. For eight years I watched this nastiness on Fox News, watched it invade the church I used to attend, and the self righteous political voices who loved to make up slurs for those different or called others libtards…sneering as they turned up their nose.
    I have a lot of problems with the Conservative movement because it’s more politically based than Jesus based….unless we all believe White Jesus owned a gun, was a Republican, ran around saying gays suck and carries a flag.

    • No fed up this nastiness is not new…sadly the nastiness is from both sides. Both sides want to think they are right no matter what the cost…if you are a Republican you think gays suck, you are a bigot and racist, and you have your gun and flag mounted on your truck…
      If your a Democrat you are a baby killing gay loving libtard…
      Yep, what a great world we live in…lots of love and understanding by both sides. I am fed up with all of it…the name calling the hate, the anger, and all of the crap. I cannot see promoting that hate and anger, and that is what the blog host and a majority of his followers do…yes there are those of us nasty Republicans who throw it right back…as I said the crap comes from both sides. But…are you suggesting that we all should believe that Jesus condones Gay Marriage, and Abortion?? Myself personally….I don’t involve myself in someone elses choices on how they live their life, I don’t shove my beliefs down someone’s throat who believes differently than me. We all have the right to believe and live as we choose, but imagine how offended you were at the word libtard??? Why are we not supposed to be offended at being repeatdly called racist, bigots, homophobes, xenaphobes, and any other phobe out there? So no you don’t repay evil with evil, but you don’t have to sit back either and let people define you as something you are not. I may be a Republican, but I do not own a gun, I have gay friends whom I love like family, I believe abortion is a womens choice and I Thank God it is not a choice I ever had to make because I have someone very close to me who had to make that choice and it haunts her 45 years later, and I don’t carry or have a confederate flag…I did not agree with Obama, but hey guess what that does not make me a racist….I did not agree with alot that Bush did either….or several presidents before him…so if it were a Black thing I am guessing I would have agreed with the white presidents no matter weather I liked what they were doing or not. Nnot all of us who did not like Obama are racists…some of us just plain did not like his policies….so yeah alot of are just plain fed up with the whole racist card.

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  10. I agree wholeheartedly that we who oppose this New Regime will fight back and resist with every fiber of our being. BUT … if we truly want change we need to get BOTH Republucans and Democrats out. Both are broken and corrupt. Sure, right now democrats look like gold compared to the rust and tarnish of republucans, but they’re only a band-aid to the problems that face this country. If we TRULY want to get an America that can take care of her people we have to eradicate both parties. It’s time for a new party – one that truly does have the best interest of EVERY citizen as well as the world first and foremost in mind – the Green Party. We need to vote out Republicans AND Democrats. Until we do, this cycle will continue to rear its ugly head.

    We’ve been doing it 2-Party for how long? We can keep doing it and hoping for a different outcome but then we’d just be proving Einstein’s definition of insanity. Let’s stop the madness and completely reinvent the wheel because *this* one is beyond repair.

  11. John Pavlovitz is a democratic hack masquerading as a christian. In other words, John Pavlovitz is trolling christianity. He is an embarrasssment to anything christian, and Mr Pavlovitz seems to be well aware of it.

  12. I know conservatives choose to use the term snowflake as an insult but I find it a bit humorous and ironic since I see the term as a compliment. Snowflakes are uniquely and intrinsically and wonderfully designed by God. They are each made with great care and extremely beautiful. The pity is some never take the time to see the beauty or to appreciate the value of its uniqueness. Kind of like people. We are ALL uniquely and intrinsically and wonderfully designed by God and yet some fail to see the beauty of others and too many fail to value the differences we each offer. Instead those who don’t appreciate uniqueness or value diversity choose to hate and insult the beauty of what God has taken great care to create and offer unto us.

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