Let the Record Show

Let the record show that I did not consent to this.

Let it show that I did not vote for this man, that he did not represent me, that I did not believe he was deserving of being here, that I grieved his ascension.

Let History record my objection to him, to the ways he humiliated women and vilified Muslims and threatened protestors and disregarded people of color.

Let it record my repulsion at his tremendous cruelty, his lack of compassion, his contempt for dissension, his absence of simple decency.

Let witnesses mark down my disgust at the way he boasted of infidelity, at how he ridiculed a disabled reporter, at the way he attacked female opponents for their appearance, at the way he marginalized immigrants.

Let it be remembered that I did not look the other way when women accused him of assault, when the reality of his Russian alliances came to light, when he refused to share his tax records—though large portions of the American media and its people chose to.  

Let it be remembered that I did not buy into the fear that he perpetuated of those with brown skin or hijabs or foreign birthplaces. 

Let the record show that I looked on with disbelief as he spent countless early morning and middle-of-the-night hours following the election on social media, broadcasting a steady stream of petulant, insecure, incoherent messages instead of preparing to do a job he was ill-equipped for and seemingly not all that interested in.

Let the record show that I watched him assemble a Cabinet of billionaires and bigots, of people woefully unqualified to steward our children, our safety, our healthcare, our financial stability—and that I was horrified by it all.

Let it be remembered that my faith would not allow me to fall in line behind this man while so many professed religious people did; that I saw nothing resembling Jesus in him, and that to declare him Christian would have been to toss aside everything I grew up believing faith in Christ manifested in a life.  

Let History record my grieving at the racism and bigotry and homophobia that characterized his campaign, marked his supporters, and is evident in his assembling Administration.

Let it be known that I was one of the more than 65 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton; who understood that though not perfect, she was an intelligent, experienced, passionate public servant with the temperament, commitment, and qualifications to lead and lead well. 

Let the record show that I greatly lamented the day of his inauguration, and that I promised to join together with other good people to loudly resist and oppose every unscrupulous, dangerous, unjust and dishonest act this new Administration engages in. 

History has been littered with horrible people who did terrible things with power, because too many good people remained silent. And since my fear is that we are surely entering one of those periods in our story, I wanted to make sure that I was recorded for posterity:

I do not believe this man’s actions are normal.
I do not believe he is emotionally stable.

I do not believe he cares about the full, beautiful diversity of America.
I do not believe he respects women.
I do not believe he is pro-life other than his own.
I do not believe the sick and the poor and the hurting matter to him in the slightest.

I do not believe he is a man of faith or integrity or nobility.
I do not believe his concern is for anything outside his reflection in the mirror.

I believe he is a danger to our children.
I believe he is a threat to our safety.
I believe he is careless with our people.
I believe he is reckless with his power.
I believe America is less secure, less diverse, less compassionate, and less decent under his leadership.

And if I prove to be wrong, it will be one of the most joyful errors of my life. I will own these words and if necessary, willingly and gladly admit my misjudgment because it will mean that America is a better and stronger nation, and the world a more peaceful place.

But right now I don’t see that happening. 

Right now I am worried for my country, concerned for our planet, scared for the future of my children, and greatly saddened that 62 million Americans seem okay with all of this.

Let the record show that I was not okay with it.

Not at all.


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1,667 thoughts on “Let the Record Show

        • (Let the record show you are a dumb ass and all that stuff you printed is all lies I guess you only listened to CNN do your research.

            • Hi, it’s me, Anonymous again. Let the record show that I’ve reconsidered, and my previous statements were pretty dumb. I was completely and totally wrong.

              • If you cant stand up with your John Handcock, your not standing but cowering in a corner. I beleive Trump is under qualified to the point of harm for our nation and I am not anonymus. I stood when my country called. I stand by my own words. If you have something to say its your right, thats what I fought for, but stand bravely by your point or its dull and your opinion should matter.

            • Thank you for putting the TRUTH on record.
              You speak for me as well as all the good people who are horrified by the truths here.

              • You don’t have to write “the truths here.” If they are truths here, they are truths everywhere. There are no alternate truths.

            • You speak the awful truths of what is now to come.
              Thank you for writing this to say how so many of us feel now. It’s terrifying.

          • How brave of you to call someone a dumbass anonymously and mindlessly repeat unsubstantiated claims against CNN….as if we needed their reporting to be concerned about this presidency.

            • Let it be know, as of today he is the president. Like it or not. He was elected by the United States under the rules set forth by our constitution. I didn’t agree with the politics of out last president, but I accepted the results of the election. I didn’t go out cry, or protest, or riot. So suck it up and deal with it like we did.

                • Yes, and if we had acted like the boo birds today at the inauguration parade, we would have all been called racist because all YOU can see is the color if his skin.

                • Yes ! He whined ,cried, played golf and not much more for 8 years, unless you count how he helped the Iranians with a plane load of cash so they can finance their world wide terrorism and crimes against humanity.

                  • Dont forget the millions of tax dollars that he spent on vacations, the lies he told about OBAMACARE, and the racial divide he caused allowing fake news. Let the record show that I am standing up for OUR president. The voice of the majority has ruled snowflakes.

                    • My, my – you Republicans certainly do have short memories. You people never gave an inch to a basically good and decent man for every minute of the last 8 years. You whined, cried, flung vile racial slurs around the landscape and fought even the smallest things Barack Obama tried to do. And now, after the spectacle of the last 8 years, we who find Trump equally as abhorrent as you found Obama are just supposed to meekly shut up and watch as the country goes down the toilet? No! And if you don’t like it, let’s just remember who started it 8 years ago. We’re going to give you back every bit of what you gave us, so “suck it up, Buttercup”. What goes around comes around. I want to be counted as one of those who tried desperately to rescue this nation from utter disaster.

                    • You are a special kind of stupid if you think Trump will come close to doing any of the good work that Obama has done. Obama is not given the recognition he deserves because he is black. Now the white supremacists have the office, and they are better? They are the dregs of the swamp Trump swore he would get rid of. If you don’t see that you are the most unenlightened person I’ve ever met.

                    • Good One Lou, can you believe that the chump supporters are that stupid, many still believe that not born here crap, this nitwit is saying how many vacations were taken by Obama, hey ninny, the orange scumbag has already spent on his last two weeks vacations what Obama spent in a year, you people truly do live under a rock somewhere no wonder they call you repukes scumbags.

                    • Just wondering how you feel about the expenses for Trump’s 23 days golfing during trips to Mar-A-Lago, Virginia and New Jersey during his first 4 months? Back in April Trump’s expenses had already reached $21 million. That is $21 million for 3 MONTHS. Compare that to the $97 million total for 8 YEARS for President Obama.

                    • I fear for my country right now but it isn’t because someone was elected President. It’s because so many are unable to talk to one another without throwing epithets. That so many lump ‘everyone’ into ‘you people’ and that they don’t listen when someone has a different view than their own. THAT’s what frightens me. That so many people in this country are so determined to be right that they can no longer be logical.

                  • I am sure that the oil purchases financed more of their activities than any other source. So unless you gave up petroleum products then you are also culpable.

                  • All I saw was a bunch of people in pussie head gear protesting yesterday.. YEP… That drove them messege home.. Seriously.. He also helped Hillary with the weaponry care/of Saudi to ISIS.. Dropped more bombs than WWI, WWII, and Vietnam combined..

                  • Want to talk about playing golf? Trump has played every weekend, and his golf trips have already cost more than Obama’s vacations in his entire first YEAR of presidency.

                    • what Obama did was halt their progress in creating a nuclear weapon you nitwit, giving them that money is peanuts to the money they have so don’t be creating your bullshit repuke propoganda like you pukes and your leaders always do, this Cheetos Head scum is the worse thing that has come along in our great country and the scum has turned all of you pukes in what we call you now the new American communists, us democrats are the patriots now you pukes are the traitors because that’s what the orange scum is and if you back him than so are you.

                  • President Obama was humiliated as no other president has been. The caricatures, the name calling, the lack of respect for the office of the president, the list is long! Congress holding the country hostage, politics over the greater good.America was already great! Trump stands for an autocratic government and a controlled media. I’m sure you can think of several countries that are rules like that. We have absolutely no checks and balances within our government now.
                    President Obama made me feel safe and he always called for us to live up to higher standards. He tried to bring out the best in America. I don’t see any of this with Trump.

                  • Mike! At first I thought you were serious. I was about to point out that Trump’s vacations and away weekends are outpacing Obama’s by mile as is his time on the golf course. I didn’t get that you were being sarcastic until the part about Obama not getting anything done. Hilarious! Clever way to point out that Trump has gotten literally nothing done. You should add something about how the Obamas used the office for personal gain and to bulk up the family business or how they tried to get people to believe that Trump wasn’t born in the USA. Or how they tried to make the country scared of brown people! Or how Obama talked about his presidency in terms of “ratings” and how he picked dangerous fights with South Korea.

                  • Unfortunately, that makes Pence #46, and I’m not sure “Make America Christian Again” will be better than “Make America Great Again.”

                • Totally denigrating our President Barack Obama, who for 8 year as president never even had a hint of scandal in his administration, Now look what we have, the biggest con artist and buffoon that ever lived!

              • What the hell are you talking about, suck it up like “we” did? Maybe you didn’t spend the last 8 years bitching about Obama, but millions of your fellow Republicans certainly did from day one of his presidency, including Trump.

                  • @KLW I was responding to a criticism of the article which was approximately the same length as my comment. How does that warrant writing an entire column like John in order to be “taken seriously?” And while we’re on the subject, where are your thoughtful, well-articulated comments which I should take seriously?

                • Bitching is not the same as rioting. Surely you aren’t condoning this behavior as anything better than what Trump has said or done in the past. Even convicts are given a second chance so why can’t you hold judgement until he either proves or disproves your concerns?

                  • Agree with your point. I want to give him a chance. His success is our success. Understand that people are protesting against what he has said. His statements have lacked civility and have offended common sense and decency. I think that you would be offended by some of his statements if you are honest. What causes protests are disagreements with statements and policies which I think a majority of people object to a large percentage of his statements. Those that object to nothing are ignoring reality or irrationally defending everything. Worse yet, I hear from supporters constantly, “well he isn’t going to do most of what he says.” They are hoping that he lied to them. Do you not see what is wrong about?

              • I look at Hillary and Bill and I know I voted correctly.
                The liberal left media could not sway me. Be prepared for the media’s constant biased coverage of the president for the next four years.
                In the mean time be prepared for the media to harp on the electoral collage vs. the popular vote. Remember if it’s the popular vote all president’s would either be from California or New York.

              • Let the recorder show David hit the mail on the head. Let the record show we’ve all felt like we didn’t get what we wanted at some point in our lives and still survived. Let the record show Obama hated my people: the Jews. Let the record show the American people have spoken. If you’re going to protest “Not my president” leave the country. Nuff said

                • How was Obama anti-Jew?! He is a HUGE supporter of the State of Israel… keep your Fakakta ignorance to yourself. Read a newspaper! Oh wait all news is fake… (how many like faith persons are in the media?) all liars? #gettotemple

                  • Obama just threw US tax payers money at Israel, and called that support. (always a deceit).

                    His ideology was a foil to Israel at every step.

                    There is no such thing as a 2 state solution. Islam wants to gobble up Israel, and Obama only gave Green Lights to Israel’s enemies.

                    Subbing & boycotting Netanyahu every chance he got. Obama fancied himself the peace maker in the Israeli/’Palestinian’ conflict.

                    Only Jesus can bring peace to the region. But that real & lasting solution is completely off Obama’s radar.

                • Unbelievable that you think Obama “hated” your people, the “jews”, but this new president STUDIES and reveres Hitler and you would support HIM instead. Let the record show that “losing” is not what this is about and we all know how to step aside for 4 years to allow other ideas, with the security of knowing that our balance comes from a house and senate, and supreme court (that traditionally ruled on law not made it, but with Trumps threats, that balance will die too) and that balance adds debate and hopefully justice to every issue, and that balance was died in November though evil doings of outsiders and the voter fraud buy republican governors and elections offices that sought to reduce and deny the American public from access to voting, and the horrible significance is being realized this past month with the securing of a billionaire class in government seeking to take down everything that protects our people and our environment. No balance will be there for 4 years without taking it to the streets so I hope you are getting ready to HEAR OUR VOICES. It is our Constitutional right ,and all that may be itself reduced as he has all the attorneys to pay for the bludgeoning of protestors at his rallies and doesn’t support free speech but rather the dictatorship is setting into place. You will be held to responsibility for your actions in all of this, and happy you “joined” the record. We were out in the millions yesterday and that is now part of the RECORD too.

                  • And let me add those millions were PEACEFUL marchers who talked about human rights and values and laws. Those millions had no arrests, no fights and flag burning, just to be clear.

                  • Just to be clear: the millions who marched yesterday had NO arrests, NO flag burning, NO violence. But I think THAT is what scares the other side most. We are reasonable conscientious people who actually largely out number you, and we will have our day and our say.. It is our country too.

                    • Really, is that what you think, he and Hitler are no different and I live here also I also meet him years ago and he is as much a tyrant as Hitler and putin, you were bamboozled by the orange scumbag.

                    • Many of us were there, some right there. Some there as dedicated historians. Some were children, others adults, some fought, some died. We have eyes to see, brains to think. We disagree with you

                • The electoral college has spoken. The people voted for Hillary by a margin of 3 million last time I read about it. This was an historical margin! So your statement is fault.

                • Obama hates “your people, the Jews?” Really? During the Obama Presidency the U.S. provided more military support funding to Israel than any other American administration in history. I suggest you do your homework before making such “alternative truth” statements.

                • Conservative Girl, how do you figure Obama hated the Jewish people? I don’t recall any Jewish community centers getting multiple bomb threats over the last eight years, as there have been just yesterday. The people who hate Jews are the people who voted for Trumpty Dumpty. You’d do well to direct your gaze to some of your voting companions…..

              • God bless you. I did not vote for him or Hilary. I’m scared but I’m Not rioting Not burning cars not throwing rocks at police officers. I’m saying a few prayers for you jerks. None of you respect anyone not even the American Flag.

              • David:

                Disagreeing with someone’s politics is not the issue. I disagreed with Bush’s politics. This is not the same.

                The person now running our country is an ill-informed (and unwilling to become informed,) unprepared, morally-compromised, narcissistic bully with gifts in the art of vengeance & humiliation, who behaves like an emotionally disturbed child.

                It’s not about politics, it’s about the disturbed individual now running our country.

                  • Hillary was experienced leader with the monkey of the party on her back since she began her life in the public eye. You won’t agreed to this because you have been part of it, but it was always about demonizing a strong woman in government and in this case, Russiawasd parcel and the “great denier” only just now…3 months later is beginning to admit, but of course he somehow knows didn’t have any impact. Like the FBI didn’t have any impact. With the republicans, it is about winning at any cost, and I won’t deny Democrats have the same mind set. We just would not run and hide from truths…nor would we seek to do things that hurt our fellow man.

                • @Linda by calling our President names am I to assume that you are a Psychologist and that President Donald J Trump is your patient and you are violating HIPPA by releasing his medical diagnosis in a public forum? I would like to get a respose please and than you.

              • Exactly……. All the rude crude comments are putting such a negative energy into this country grow up Trump haters. We as a Country are responsible to help make this country a better place instead of crying a and being angry out your energy into working on making this Country want it was!!!!!!!!

              • Exactly. Quit your dam whining!! You may just see a real president with change for the better! Guessing that’s what you are afraid of!!

              • @ David If you did not agree with President Obama’s politics, you had every right to make your opinions known just as John has done here. You had every right to go out and peacefully protest (though agreeably not to riot, but nowhere in this post is that action encouraged or condoned). You had every right to call, email, write, or visit your representatives – we have three branches of government for a reason. I would be curious to know what actions you took to make your objections known. If all you did was “suck it up and deal with it”, then in my opinion I do not believe you fulfilled your duty as a citizen of this democracy and should be careful about how loudly you complain about his politics.

                Regarding your statement “as of today he is the president. Like it or not.” – acceptance and liking are not mutually exclusive. I can accept that Donald Trump is President without liking it. However, if I don’t like it and stand by and do no more than “suck it up and deal with it” what can I say about myself as a democratic citizen? Have I not cheated myself, others that believe as I do, and most importantly those whom I fear may be harmed by the politics and policies with which I disagree (who in many cases and for a variety of reasons may not be able to stand up for themselves)?

                We are extremely fortunate to have protected freedom of speech in this country, and we should be using it to have meaningful and respectful conversations about the politics, policies, and actions we support or disagree with. The future – and not just the long term future, but the very near, even immediate, future – of our country depends on it.

              • So many people would gladly suck it up or put it to rest. But is hard when it keeps getting worst. Suck up this inexperienced cabinet ? To suck up this twits insulting people? The first pages to be removed out of the government website were the – gay rights page and the environment preservation . Suck that up too???????? And he hasn’t even start. What did you have to suck up in the past 8 years?

              • You are one person and just because you didn’t protest or riot does not mean that conservatives did not do it .. because a lot did .. I’m all for respecting whatever president is in house but both sides need to practice what they preach

                • I guess you miss his post about why he felt and believes then way he does about Mr Donald. Please take the time to read because he does a very good job of explaining in detail why he feels and thinks the way he does about what is happening in this country. I think he wrote it two or one days ago. Please take the time. We are not cry babies we are concerned citizens, human being that care deeply about ALL people in America. He is NOT MY PRESIDENT and he will never be nor will Mike Pence just in case. He spewed HATRED AND EXCLUSION. He made it OK to Hate and to show it in whatever way one chooses. Citizens who don’t fix white and male are being harassed, violated and harm since his campaign of HATE AND EXCLUSION. And like John said he hopes he is wrong. He will openly admit he was wrong. But he fears he is not. So do I. I truly don’t understand why people go on blogs when they know before hand they do not and will not agree and write comments, especially in the matter they are written which is often laced with hate and ugliness which serves no one especially our country.

              • Screw you David. Don’t try to tell me how to be an American. Just because you didn’t have the backbone to be an American and practice democracy doesn’t mean I have to submit to an idiot.

              • Well said! My thoughts exactly. .. now he knows how all of us “62 Million voters” felt when Obama came into office. . . and you are right, we did not take to the streets and media to outcry and riot and stay in denial that a new president had been elected. We prayed for the best, even after we saw the devastation that BO was leaving our country in each and every day he went further into his presidency. BO left our country practically defenseless as he depleted our military and when each and every crisis arose, he and his family chose to look the other way and go “on vacation”. .. he was a smooth talker with a dark agenda . . . he was and still is a snake in the grass. . .

              • As an American who fought for this country I don’t have to deal with anything that I feel is not right for my country, it’s actually an abomination having this lying orange scum as a leader who was also helped getting elected by the russians the crooked FBI etc. my protest against this scum is not about being a cry baby that tag belongs to it, I protest his election because of many reasons and the thing getting elected in a crooked way is just one of many reasons, I suggest you suck it up and let us real Americans express our deep concern for our country, and by the way I claim you republicans are the new American communist party.

              • Accepting him as president elected is one thing. Agreeing wit his awfully wrong decisions is another.
                Oh and by the way, just because he was elected does not mean that freedom of speech was erased from the constitution. Please don’t tell me he was able to get there this fast.

              • There’s no comparing Trump to other presidents or even presidential candidates. No U.S. president in recent history has invoked international outcry like Trump. There were protests on very continent January 21st. That should speak volumes.

                • Lol, I love how these dumb ass repukes still love to use terms like snowflakes, it’s suppose to make us liberals feel like we are the weaker or let’s use another term less ballsy when their orange scum leader dodged the draft 5 times by having his scum father aquire false medical statements saying his coward son has foot spurs which was a lie, so in reality who really is the snowflake here, I rest my case.

              • It was easy for you to suck it up because you disagreed with his political views. It’s impossible to suck it up when the person elected is doing harm to sooooo many. It will take decades to recover from the damage that is being inflicted on our children, the environment, our elderly. Even our endangered species are not safe anymore. This is a tragedy

              • Frankly, the first half of your statement is being investigated currently, and the second half simply isn’t true. Republicans didn’t accept Obama for one second, and instead fought him tooth and nail on every issue, and often without any consideration for what was actually best for the country.

                Standing by idly when one disagrees with a president is not what anyone should do… it’s not how this nation was born, developed, or grew strong. However, it’s how the greatest atrocities and misuses of power in human history have been allowed. Apparently you’ve made your choice. Hopefully your children and grandchildren don’t have to “suck it up” as a result.

              • That logic is terrifying. Bad people make it to the highest levels of power sometimes – history is littered with example of their gross abuses. Just because he is president, does not mean, oh, well, I guess we just have to put up with him. He is not supposed to be there, because he is totally and woefully unqualified in both experience and temperment, and when that happens, people are obligated to resist. THAT is democracy.

                • Let the record show that many includeng members of Congress cried by committing to not work with him and do whatever they could to make him 1 term president. It was quite obvious that certain people including Congress did not like the fact he was black. Now as far as Trump I will tell you what I tell people all the time – this was NOT AND IS NOT your typical presidency. This man lies more than he tells the truth and he doesn’t give a damn. If him and congress get their way on healthcare children, the disabled (I have two who are) the elderly and those who voted for him will be hurt in ways we cannot imagine. So I don’t consider myself crying over Trump but scare as hell and unwilling to just sit back and see what happens.

              • Let it be known that Republicans in the House and Senate changed their own rules because they never accepted Obama as president.

            • These are opinions. They may be his or they may reflect his bosses (which is usually the case with liberals) but, either way, they are opinions. But he is a dumbass for feeling the need to share his record, and being arrogant enough to think we give a shit. So…there’s that.

              • Philip M. So freedom of speech only applies when it happens to coincide with your opinion? How is it arrogant to speak your mind or to articulate how one feels? If that were the case then by your logic we can pretty much burn all fiction books, articles and any other piece of literary work besides peer reviewed scholarly articles – so you advocate for sensorship, how American of you. Further, have you read your presidents twitter page? It is littered with his unstable and unsolicited opinions on an array of topics. He ran his entire campaign on said ludicrous opinions. Yet someone that you don’t agree with is arrogant for writing theirs? I call that hypocrisy sir, something your camp seems to be very good at. Ignoring logic and playing the fool as an evasion tactic also seem to be part of your team uniform as well, so while I’m sure this all makes perfect sense to you and your band of buffoons I look forward to your blatantly ignorant reply.

            • Leslie, shut up and go home and tell your comments to your self. You Democrats are being mean. Stop blocking traffic and accept that trump is your president. Please accept the truth and work for the future.



          • let the record show that every supporter of the Orange cheeto who attacks others who are intelligent and informed enough to understand how sick and dangerous that narcissistic sociopath is, will never ever admit the truth no matter how obvious and clear, when it’s right before their eyes.

            • Right on Sandy, exactly my thoughts. The sad part is it seems his supporters have basically given him carte blanche no questions asked. Not a republic, but rather a monarchy out of the middle ages. Which means devolution.

            • If you stood I felt by while obama shredded the constitution and circumvented the congress to impose his will, your complaint now means less than nothing, asshat

              • I have to wonder what John’s rant on Obama would sound like…considering what damage Barry did to our county in his 8 years…and whether it matters to John and his minions that the country voted the way it’s always done…ELECTORAL VOTES, NOT the popular vote…and elected Trump over “more of the same” Hillary. Could that factor in even the slightest when he condemns Trump before the man even steps foot in to the White House? If we treated Obama like they’re now treating Trump…when he was elected…we’d all be considered racists!
                The media would be up in arms all the time…Trump can hold his own. He’ll hopefully prove all you lefties wrong…I hope I live long enough to see it happen.

                  • OMG I went to the site and while the list may be correct. it is all a joke. the lobbyist part is my favorite. all Obama did was cahnege a few words like may no longer meet at the capital. so what do they do? lobbyist literally meet across the street. so you see all he did is go up to the chaulk board like a know it all and act like he was doing great things. he inherited 2 wars we are now in 7. he inherited 10 trillion in debt we are now in 20 trillion. Obama has seduced all you who believe his rock star status.

                  • Wait aren’t those facts? Remember those. One of the worst tyrants in history also made up his own reality. Remember him? He was also very popular in his country when he rose to power. He also silenced the media when it tried to record facts. Controlling information with his false reality Led to great propaganda. Remember. We are not sore losers. we just remember and it is so clear it is happening again. We remember and are saying just don’t stand by and let it happen again like the German people did. We always ask why didn’t they say or do something? We will say and do something.

                    • Oh so you remember when Obama came to power. He immediately started silencing dissent and whistle blowers. You literally just described every political authority in history.

                  • Along with his best accomplishment. One of the lowest growth percentages in presidential history while increasing our debt to over 20 trillion.

                    • Gee, I wonder if that had something to do with the massive recession he inherited from the last Republican administration.

                • Actually people said the same about Obama and we did call them racists, because they were. Now we have racists, bigots, misogynists and homophobes there. Truth hurts.

                  • Anonymous, the entitled class wrongly believes that ‘It doesn’t affect you until it effects you’ & Republicans are so busy buying the argument that everything is theirs so they dont see racism is a cancer that affects everyone.

                    8 years ago Faux News, Rush, Coulter, Hannity, the tea party, the Republicans and a bunch of hateful monsters birthed a movement which is now personified in trump and your party based on the color of on mans skin. It has ravaged your party with your silent permission…your vote. You say you don’t support hate, liberals dont support or vote for it. Good God fearing Republicans shouldn’t have either. Take note: these people INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO trump have no love for you, your family or mine. They will suck up every dime of the tax dollars you pay and convince you that that same money is a handout. They will take your tax dollars and give them to the wealthy who will then help themselves to it and send your cousins job overseas as thanks. Your taxes are welfare for the wealthy and you dont see it. Do yourself a favor & stop believing the same people who tell you not to trust in government. They REALLY mean it.

                    Ps…Liberals are not your enemy sir. Your representatives are!!! Good luck.

                • You did treat Obama badly when he became president. He was doubted and judged before he set foot in the Whitehouse. It works the same
                  All the way around. I would hope that we
                  Could hold all to a standard high enough that nobody, least of all the minority would feel like they don’t matter. Big human picture! This is what will make a difference!

                • Agreed! Apparently, those against Trump are ill informed of the last 8 years of debt and lies by a Muslin who ruined our country and turned our citizens against each other. Racist Traitor is out the “House” Finally!

                  • Sorry, guys, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this comment. It was some bigoted nonsense, and I need to take a long look in the mirror.

                  • It’s really quite something that almost all Trump supporters are incapable of spelling. No, really, its striking. No wonder they doubt the truth, since they are unable to understand the basics of how consonants and vowels work together, how could they be expected to read big words like “bigot” or ” anti-Semitic” or “incompetent”. Here, I have some words about Trump you will probably understand… dickhead, idiot and asshole. Is that better?

                    • If you’re going to criticize another person for spelling errors, then you really ought not to misspell words yourself, nor mess-up your grammar/punctuation either.

                • The right DID in fact treat Obama like that. For 8 long years they ranted, they raved, they indulged their credulity to the highest degree by eagerly swallowing any and all manner of fictitious sludge their right wingnut luminaries could barf up and passed around viral emails from fake news sites that chummed up the most idiotic and ridiculous claims…..and you believed it! Half of you don’t know the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing. Many of you still believe, without the slightest shred of evidence to back it up, that Trump won the popular vote – even after that false claim was debunked thoroughly and multiple times. You questioned the legitimacy of his citizenship even after it was proven MULTIPLE TIMES, called his wife an “ape in heals”, impugned what you (stupidly) imagined his religious faith to be, and just generally behaved like petulant children for 8 years. Much of the Right has displayed the maturity and mentality of a semi-literate schoolyard bully for the past 8 years, and NOW you want everyone who sees what Trump really is to just “move on”????? Not exactly the brightest bulbs in the box, are ya now? How does Trump not deserve the same “respect” you showed Obama for the past 8 years? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i39IqeS8-4&t=15s

                  I didn’t vote for Obama either time he ran, nor did I vote for Hillary. Considering the absolute mess Obama inherited from *his* predecessor, I think he did about the best anyone could under the circumstances. Mr. Trump is inheriting an economy and country that are in much better shape than Obama did and yet he conned the majority of his supporters into believing the country is on the verge of collapse. And like good little sheep, you got right in line. Perfect? Not in the least. But do you honestly think that Trump, and the billionaire cronies he’s trying to stack his cabinet with, actually give a damn about Joe and Janie Six Pack? Really? Do you seriously think Trump wants to make America great for people like you? Cuz if you do, hey, I’ve got some prime ocean front property in central Kansas to sell you. Because, apparently, you’ll believe anything.

                  • Give him a chance ! If you look into his background, you will find that Pres Trump has a large heart ! Do you know how many times he has helped out the “little guys” ? Yes he has a big mouth! And Obama , well let’s not go there ! But I do believe that ” Heavenly Father has a purpose for him in office”! What ever the reason be!

                    • The very use of the term “Little guys” is extremely OFFENSIVE! If he ‘helped’ a “little guy” there was profit in it for him! Not concern for his fellow man.. The presidency is his biggest get rich scheme and he doesn’t give a rat’s behind about “helping” anyone else! A leopard cannot change his spots!!!

                    • As far as being a Christian is concerned, the Holy Bible tells us in Hebrews 13:17 “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.”
                      So by God’s word, those of you protesting and complining are going against God. God asks us to pray for our leaders. I will obey my God. Will you?

                • Go Go Granny – I love your response to all this hatred towards a man who hasn’t even had a chance to show people what he ‘really’ is like.
                  Imagine if people were brought before courts and judged by some silly things or words said years previous?!
                  At least he has said he supports Israel and that to me speaks FAR louder of the man’s character than Obama’s. He even sent Kerry all the way over here to New Zealand to make sure our government did its bit to get the UN resolution passed AGAINST Israel. VERY upset about this!
                  I very much like the NEW US representative to the UN (Nikki Haley) – what am amazing WOMAN – the governor of South Carolina (whose Sikh parents emigrated from INDIA).
                  And when this gentleman says Mr Trump has, ‘assemble a Cabinet of billionaires and bigots, people woefully unqualified to steward our children, our safety, our healthcare, our financial stability’. What a joke!
                  I’m sure he has not met them and yet again makes a broad and damming judgement of them all!
                  I understand that Mike Pence is a Christian man, the now, Vice President! And he and many others have had congressional experience. He was Governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017. He served as the chairman of the House Republican Conference, etc, etc. I see that as having plenty of experience to run the country and serve the people. Upon becoming Governor of Indiana in January 2013, Pence initiated the largest tax cut in Indiana’s history, pushed for more funding for education initiatives, and continued to INCREASE the state’s budget surplus. He’s no fool!
                  Give them a chance and then make your judgements!

                  • To say that he hasn’t had a chance when he has appointed nothing but bigots and billionaires into his cabinet is insane. Do you for one minute think the men he has assigned to positions of power give a shit about you? They got rich exploiting you. Please look into who they are and what they have done… who they have stepped on and who they continue to step on. Wake up…. and ask your Heavenly Father to guide you to the truth.

                  • This will be quick because it’s late and I have to work. In his first day of office he took away a housing provision that benefitted low income and the middle class in being able to purchase a home. HE IS NOT A MAN OF OR FOR THE PEOPLE EXCEPT THE VERY RICH. May the peace of God be with you!

                • The Republicans DID treat Obama like this from day 1 of his presidency! They did everything right from the beginning to undermine and de-legitimize him. Do you not recall any of this?

                • So they protest,. Nice people wrecking other peoples properties. Great way to show Trump followers what the others think about their fellow Americans.

              • Bullshit!! The GOP fought Obama tooth and nail every step of the way to discredit him, so if you think he was the cause of any of YOUR problems, you have only yourself and your supported GOP morons to thank!

              • Hey Norm, you sound as you have been either watching the rerun of “cheers” or your spend a lot of time there drinking ” Norm”

              • Enlighten us all please Norm how any of what you are saying is based on actual events vs what Bill and Rush had been telling you with their brand of entertainment news? Your rhetoric speaks only to your emotional intelligence sir, reverting to childish name calling and crude humor to further accentuate a misguided and delusional point. The joke is on you friend, you are the punchline of Trumps aweful joke on the ilinformed, you just don’t know it yet. Before you see the error in your choices, your wallet will feel it at the gas pump, your body will feel it from the carcinogens you ingest, your paycheck will feel it in taxes, your bank account will feel it from higher prices, and your children, whom will feel it the most, will be the ones that suffer from your arrogance and idiocy.

              • He did what was legally his right to do because the Republicans were stonewalling any kind of action like they promised to do from the minute he was elected!

            • Let the record show that as you claim to dispise, disagree with, and possibly hate a man for allegedly being sexist, racist, and calling people names…….wait– didn’t you just call him an Orange Cheeto? I guess you’re not that different than the person you mock. Rise above if you’re going to stand on a pedestal.

            • And Sandy, please let the record state how hypocritical you are about all of that. What is right in front of our eyes? Do you know what is in someone’s heart? nope, you have no idea, but you go ahead and call names. Let the record show that you are a bigot yourself. You think you are better than the rest of us, you know better than the rest of us and you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a awful lot of very good, intelligent people that voted for him that don’t think the way you do, but you’re the tolerant one right?

            • The “Orange Cheeto” distinction is entirely unnecessary. A Cheeto is orange by is nature. Cheeto will do fine. #MAGA #ilikecheetos

            • Let it show that if we can survive 8 years of a sack of monkey crap, we can do anything! I personally think that one comment about being Christian and wanting killery as a president tells me you don’t know what a Christian is all about! She would kill babies at 36 weeks, started her lying cheating, murdering ways all the way back to watergate where she was fired because of her ethics!

            • Don’t insult the intelligence of the ones who actually are informed. Cite some facts which can actually be backed up. Just because you herd it on the MSM far from makes it a fact. State some FACTS…. by which your basing this rhetoric on … just for the record the definition of the word “fact” as described by Webster.

            • Sort of like some people did Obama. If anyone attempted to criticize him one was automatically called a racist. I didn’t like Obama nor did I vote for him, but I remember sitting in a room of 30 African-American senior high students as we watched his first inauguration and being moved to tears at their joy, hope, and excitement for the future. So I waited for his hope and change that never came. I gave up on him 2 years into his presidency. At least I tried. You people haven’t even tried.

          • Hey mr anonymous I agree with John he states all truths. You have either had your head buried in the sand or up your ass to believe that anything John has said is a lie. I feel sorry for you. You will get what you wished for and I don’t think it will be good.

          • EXACTLY!! The world is ending….NOT. No arguments that Trump is not a perfect person, and actually rude at times. But he hit a cord with the middle class that hasn’t been heard for some time. Washington politics WILL change. LET THE RECORD SHOW THAT BEGINING TODAY.

            • When Mr Trump said, ‘it s time to be compassionate toward Americans’. That made sense to average, struggling, Americans.

              Compassion and Generosity are wonderful qualities that USA has, but Obama’s compassion was misplaced –traitors, illegals & jihadists.

              It had to stop somewhere.

              • I really don’t have the words when someone such as yourself talks about Obama in that way and that Trump has compassion. Maybe if you research all the small business he hurt by not paying or paying less than the agreed about you must see what John is talking about. Your words of “traitors, illegals & jihadists” sound like either Fox News or an AM radio show.

                Why are you even on his posts? Do you get his posts? If you do why not follow him anymore? Block him if he shows up on one of your social media sites. Your comment only serves as a way for you to vent toward those who are concern about this DARK period we have entered in America. Go be with those who see the world as you do and maybe ever now and then listen, read or watch something different! As hard as it is I do so that I can learn.

                  • Sharon: be honest,

                    Why was Obama more concerned about an American’s youtube video disparaging Muhammad (we’ll find him & jail him!), than he was about Ambassador Steven’s murderer that walked in plain sight the next day? Why would he let the FBI investigate Benghazi Consulate premises for 3 weeks?

                    Why did Obama trade a disgraced Army deserter for [5 ] murdering Islamic jihadists?

                    Why did Obama pardon American enemy traitor Chelsea Manning after serving only 7 years of a 35 year sentence?

                    Why did Obama call the Ft Hood murdering Islamic jihadist a ‘disgruntled worker’?

                    Why did Obama command our Border Patrol to release all invaders they captured into American cities? (33% which have criminal records in their home countries) .

          • And how do YOU know they are lies??? Oh right, because you get your information from the MEDIA just like everyone . you don’t knowTrump peronally, so you dont have room to judge what’s true and what’s falsehood.

            • Do some research on the man before you open your mouth and sound like an idiot….He’s not perfect…but he has done more good and has been more successful than Obama….and certainly more than Hillary. Trump got more positive things accomplished for this country before he was sworn in than Obama actually accomplished in 8 years…..he is doing the job for free…because he loves this country..unlike Obama who just lined his own pockets and took 300 million dollars worth of vacations in 8 years, not to mention his “wife” who had a staff of more than 30 when other REAL First Ladies only had a staff of 3 to 6…..all they did was rob the American people……give Trump a chance and stop believing all the talking points that are spoon fed to you

              • I think it is you who needs to do their research. Maybe you need to change your source. This man is sharing his thoughts, beliefs and feelings and they from his HEART and he speaks for me and many many others. I never once saw Trump show compassion. He told a specific group of people that it was OK to HATE. He knew what group of Americans to focus on and how to win them over with HATE! Please check the Southern Law Poverty Center for stats on what has happened to women, minorities and non-Christians since his campaign. They have been around for about 40 years give or take. This is what they do and they are good at it. Please check them out. PS. You may win over a few trolls but other than that you really should stay with your own and we will all wait and see.

            • Yes he can because Mr. Donald’s words and actions speak volumes! I really don’t understand how ANYONE could believe someone who says that they are the ONLY ONE who can fix America. That’s Logic 101! And personally I believe we have been moving in the direction that is best for all Americans. Yes it may be to slow for some but we have been on the road to recovery. May Peace be with you!

              PS: I don’t watch the news because I don’t use cable.


            • It has generally been my experience that anyone that cannot construct a single complete sentence probably can’t think for themselves either.

            • So I’m quite sure I’m not the only one wanting to know where this clip of him saying he wanted to screw his daughter ? Or are you one of those bright ones who herd him say if she wasn’t his daughter he’d hit on her. I can see how a non English speaking person clueless to our language might be lost on lost in language. So how then would you attempt to decipher a corporations taxes bigger than a Los Angeles phone book.??? Ok Nevermind

          • Let the record show that placing blame on one person is hardly fair. I did not vote for Trump. I have no love for Trump at all and have, throughout the election, threatened to move out of the country if he won. I make no excuses for his behavior, you would have to be blind to not see how terribly he acts. Presidential elections take the work of MANY people. The Republican Party selected Trump. So shouldn’t they take part of the blame? What about all the people who supported Trump? But what good is throwing blame around going to do? Protesting won’t get him out of office. That energy would do a lot better if it was directed somewhere else. Insulting peoples intelligence will help even less. Who gets the right to insult someones intelligence or tell someone that they are right or they are wrong in their opinion?

          • Can you not see the Emperor Has No Clothes?
            Mindless lemmings or brainwashed cult members – following him off to the Dark Ages, regressing all the truly awesome progress achieved… smh

          • Thank you. I am so tired of these children pretending they are so scared. That is not it at all. They are sore losers period. And they cannot stand it that conservative Americans are tired of their social experiments in American and ready to get back to real adult issues. Like making a living, making health care reform actually fair, keeping illegals from breaking the law and entering into our country undocumented, etc etc etc.

            • Congress tried addressing all those things for the past 8 years but the GOP said at the time Obama was elected that they’d make sure he failed and they refused to consider any legislation. Wouldn’t even hold hearings for a SCOTUS judge. Haven’t bothered in 8 years to come up with a proposal for health care. It was the most do-nothing congress in history.

              • That is a lie, there were several republican health care plans and there is a new one. Also he controlled both house for first two years and his own party wouldn’t pass his legislation. Why would they allow another judge appointed right before transition that they know will legislate from the bench?

          • Posted as anonymous. Lmao. What is the truth as you see it? Trump has already back peddled on half of what he said to convince you to vote for him. He has admitted to molesting women and casually walking in on teens dressing rooms. Everything in this article is FACT. maybe YOU should try a news source other than Breitbart and the rest of the “alt-right” news. Oh, FYI… Alt-right equals white supremecy.

          • You sound exactly like a Shill. How much did tRump pay you to be just like him? Thoughtless, mindless, cowardly, anonymous you… blahblahblahblah. Your comment about “research” is almost laughable, but more like the typical ignoramous repeating a response I’ve seen hundreds of times on FB. Facts don’t interest you, but heresay is a favorite.

          • No, this is not from CNN. These are about things said straight from Trump. No one had to report anything about him. He provided plenty of incriminating material himself.

          • Let the record show. You have been suckered. Someone who is truly great does not have to keep telling people he is great. It just shows. Let big business take over the country. That’s on you.

          • Thank you, you are absolutely correct. I can’t believe how many people I thought were open minded and somewhat intelligent actually believe all these lies told about Trump. Get over it! He won so give him a chance to do what he hopes to accomplish.

            • Really with all the air time trump got from his speeches when he incited violence, lied about knowing who David duke was, bragged about molesting women, etc. That was him in his own voice. That was enough for me not to vote for him. No one lied to me. I listed to Trump himself and decided he was incapable of being a decent President.

          • When your health insurance dissolves into nothingness and your job goes into the toilet and you are even more poor than you clearly are now then, idiot, u may rethink your comment.

          • Let the record show YOU are the dumb ass with your run-on sentences and open-ended punctuation. Apparently you have no access to TV, internet or newspapers. Your lack of education explains your dumb ass comment.

            • Sooo,
              Just where the heck have all you critical people been!!!
              Sexual affairs by how many Presidents?!!! Is that not. Statement about their demeaning females!!!
              Oh, geez sorry.. I guess what JFK and Bill Clinton did was better than what we have now….go figure…

          • Why do you feel the needs to post this anonymously, coward!!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!! Just as you are!!! If you didn’t like this post , all you had to do was ignore it!!! Instead you need to call him read it and criticize him and call him a dumbass!!! It’s called freedom of speech!!!

          • Amen!!!!! They just DO NOT GET that those 62 million Trump supporters DO NOT see things the way the writer does…if we did, we wouldn’t have voted for him!!!!!!!

          • Yeah you would be annonymous asshole no balls just like your orange face scumbag nitwit, and let’s get this right everything this guy said is absolutely true there is no lies or propoganda anywhere in his statement, you on the other hand are full of crap, everything about your new scumbag leader is a lie, so let’s start to break it down, let’s see you try and disprove anything he said by facts not opinions and I will prove it by providing facts so let’s go to war and let’s use facts as ammunition, and last you new repukes make me sick you are what is called now the new American communists.

          • Your capacity is limited if you cannot at least identify with even 1 aspect of what John has said. One does not need the media to show/prove who this man is. What is “dumb” is that we ask more of our children than of this man who now holds our lives in the balance.

          • So you do hold the entire truth about this man? You were there with him when all these things happened so you are fully confident he did not do any of them and that these are all lies from CNN. Dumbass you say? Please, time will tell who the dumbass is here. Good luck with “your” president and don’t complain when the country is falling apart because of him.

          • Let the record show that you believe that people can’t ever change or be forgiven for past mistakes.
            Let the record show that you are an imbecile.
            Let the record show that you a bigot.

          • I received most of my facts on Trump from the BBC, one of the most respected and revered news agencies in the world, and those facts are mirrored here. I guess you only do your research on Breitbart.

          • I guess you post as Anonymous because you’re a scared little man who also wears a white sheet over your face when you go out to play with your other bigoted buddies, huh?

          • All of Trump’s actions have been clearly and publicly documented. Denying them because you don’t like them doesn’t change reality.

          • A lot of verbal diarrheal ignorance being spewed about on both sides of this very divisive thread.

            If you’re upset about Trump. Don’t try and reason with the other side… they have their “beliefs” and opinions. So be it. Freedom is great. Same goes for Trump supporters, the other side has their opinions as well… kind of like a-holes… we all have them one way or another.

            Take action get involved. If you don’t like Trump:

            If you like Trump, well, no one is forcing you to read anti-Trump messages, and last I checked, Donald wasn’t asking for any help defending himself from internet trolls and “fake news”. He spews his own rhetoric and opinion primarily on @potus now. So ho concentrate on that.

          • And how do you do yours? I mean since you obviously are in the know and have the answers….only FOX is that the intelligent way to get well rounded news?

          • Let the record show that those who make comments which differ and use words like “dumb ass” while hiding behind anonymity ARE COWARDS

          • And you too should listen to CNN to get facts. I’m guessing you watch Fox which is own by two foreigners and who have done nothing but air lies, fake news stories and propaganda to divide our country and they count on that you will never watch CNN or any other reliable network to get real news.

            • There was a time I would have agreed with you about the credibility of CNN, but those days are past. I know Fox News is a cliche. I know when I watch RT news, or Al Jazeera, what their slant will be.

              To me the low ebb was the commentator on CNN after the last round of WikiLeaks came out, looking at the camera and informing the audience they were not to look at the information – only journalists could look at it and they would get back to us on what the information was really all about … in the Day and Age of the Internet … no.

              I mean, if you hated the Clintons, you got your daily dose of dirt from Breitbart. That was what Breitbart did. It was their thing. You could assume every story about the Clintons was in the worst possible light, omitting key points, ect.

              When I was getting the precise same story from Salon and Buzzfeed on CNN … that was when I knew something was wrong. CNN stopped trying to be impartial. Then they stopped even trying to appear impartial.

              So again, “No” … CNN let everyone down.

              Watch Election Night coverage on CNN, The Young Turks and MSNBC and you will see the same facial expressions of dismay and disbelief as the results come in.

              Honestly, their behavior made me miss John Stewart so much … and he was a freaking entertainer, not a newsman.

              And, if for some reason you are of the opinion that CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC news shouldn’t have been impartial … you are making the best case for Fox News there is. If the media becomes nothing more than a propaganda wing for a major political party … we are where we are today.

          • Let the Record Show that I think this post is the complete opposite of what you are saying. I re-read John’s thoughtfully & well said post. I did not see in there anywhere he called anyone a name or a dumbass. Maybe you did not read all of it when he says as we all do that he HOPES he is wrong & would be Joyful if he is. I think someone else needs to do some research from a reputable source & educate yourself on issues. Dumbass is not a policy or a research position. It is plainly ignorance & hate.

          • Thanks for calling ugly names and showing all the unsavory republicans truth. Good job changing people. John, you are an amazing man

          • I think we all need to worry more about why he likes the coverage he’s getting on MSNBC and so on, and dislikes CNN so vehemently. I know vehemently has a lot of syllables, and his constituents posting negative things here might have to look the word up, but you know. Educated nasty woman here.

            Let the record show…I’m very worried and scared for the future of our country.

          • I hear ya. What I cannot understand are the people who follow him, and their idiotic statements. Everything they say shows how uneducated they are, but even more frightening, how apathetic they are to those who are less fortunate. These people are as hateful and racist as he is. It’s nice to see everything that I have been feeling written down by someone else. Thank you so much for speaking out.

            • Let the record show Michael Bors that this current president is like none other in our history. He lies almost every time he opens his mouth. He is taking us backwards instead of moving this country ahead. So we will keep protesting in as many many different forms as we can because we care about you and the other millions like you. Trump doesn’t and his actions speak louder than his lies.

          • And let the record show that you are an idiot who only listens to FOX news and can’t see beyond the end of your nose. Everything that John has said is true.

          • Wow…just so you know name calling doesn’t change the fact of the kind of person the President is..it only tells us who you are.

            • “I still stand in amazement at how many refuse to accept and pray for the man God has placed in office. I know the bible says in numerous places that All authority in heaven and ON EARTH has been placed there by God.
              Read Romans 13:1-7”

              That might sit better in my stomach if it were not for the OBVIOUS FACT that the people in the TRUMP camp are the same people who spent EIGHT SOLID YEARS PAINTING POTUS OBAMA AS THE ANTICHRIST!!!

              I have spent fifty-four years on this planet and I have NEVER SEEN such HYPOCRITES as this latest crop of GOP traitors.

          • Those of us who agree have done our research, and from many sources including FOX and Brietbart and all the talking heads and pundits on both side . Unfortunately I have to agree with John. The rest of the world including Asia, Africa, and Europe too is concerned. The US is loosing its global influence which will effect us in trade and therefor our economic well being. Trumps America first isolationist tendencies , including pulling out of the Paris agreement will hurt us economically as well as socially. I have travelled extensively last few years and can see it already. I have done my research and continue eery day. Thats why i am worried.

          • Let the record show that you are unable to use proper grammar, and that seems to be a huge underlying theme with all uneducated Trump supporters.

          • And let the written statement of “Anonymous” show s/he cares only for his/her racist opinion. Your “dumb ass” remark shows the bankruptcy of your intellect. People resort to name calling when they have nothing else to stand on.

          • At least he has the guts to use his own name and own his words. You, on the other hand are like a a scorpion, lying in ambush to eject your poison on an unsuspecting world, only to crawl back beneath the rock under which you live.,

          • You listened to Breitbart and Fox? I ema fake news? Notice how John did not use one nasty word to describe his feelings and notice how you had to use negative words to express you. The difference between good and bad is clear, decency and indecency, wise and dumb. May you be guided and may you be a face to make this world a better place, not one of hate and anger. Amen.

        • That is because you both share a common denominator aside from lunacy. It’s arrogance. Arrogance for thinking anyone gives a shit about your “record.” My $.02 … for posterity of course.

          • How so very convenient for you to hind behind “Anonymous” and call people names. You are definitely a Trump supporter.

          • This is not about losing! This is about the man that is now leading this country. He is not normal nor was this a normal election. I have never in my 62 years see anything so ugly, hateful and scary in my entire life. I am sorry you felt compelled to say those two words. May peace be with your soul.

        • both donald and hillary are evil, but hillarys are mostly hidden from the public, while donald shouts it out publicly. i didn’t vote for the lesser of two evils, i voted with my conscience (independent) too many people vote for one of the big parties, and unless people change their voting habits, we will forever be stuck in this quagmier.

          • WRONG !!!! The orange scum is crooked and evil, and his evil is dangerous and nothing to prove he shows his evil and his lies every day, as far as Hillary, that’s a republican made accusation on her, she went on two panels answering questions didn’t hide anything actually she made mince meat out of those republicans that were trying to grill her, as far as the scums evil, he shouts it and hides his paperwork like his taxes anyway it’s all gonna catch up with him.

          • I see nothing mean in this article. I read a heartfelt grieving over this very dark hour in America’s history. If you want to see what mean looks like, view some of Trump’s tweets.

        • I don’t understand why someone reads this if they don’t agree with it. Go read the garbage produced by the right wing nuts if you don’t like what this webpage says.

        • Terrible article because it talks about a terrible mistake America just made. But history shows us its not going to end well for him so heres hoping we can recover from this nightmare in 3 years because he wont finish the length of his full term 🙂


        • I believe every administration since the 50’s or earlier has been involved in some way with population control. Have you looked up lately? It’s been going on for a very long time. Yes, it is a very scary time to live when you are constantly reminded of the powers there are trying to destroy us. I put my faith in God.

        • 1. your caps lock is on

          2. what is this, “everything” you have worked so hard for?

          3. keep drinking the kool-aid.

          4. your city and state government have more of a direct impact on your life

          5. when you say, “never in your life have you been more scared” what do you actually think is going to happen to you and how sheltered has your life been?

      • Get over it. He is MY president & ALL Ameticans president. Sit back & take As breath & see what he can do. Give him a chance to show you, then down the road you can decide. I know most if you will not do that , ,so be quiet & pull yourself together.

      • Let the record show that this post has elicited a bunch of remarks about someone you know very little about, and NOTHING of his record in office, since he has just started. What the record DOES show is that Americans are fed up with career politicians, political correctness, and pronouncements made by people who have done little or nothing to serve their country and their fellow man.

      • I agree completely! Let us be wrong and I will gladly admit it. Right now, it does not feel right or ok and we have to take a stand on that and have our voices heard.

      • Let talk about facts since everyone can agree on facts; If there was other choices Trump wouldnt be the President, but he over Hillary is a better choice even if you are going in blind to his policies. With Hillary, she already has a track record.. Not a presidential record, but a record nonetheless. Let me see, supplying Saudis with weaponry for ISIS which resulted in many innocent children and women dying (women power/protecting the weak yaay?).. pay to play with most money coming from donors who have human right issues? (Yet all these women parade yesterday like Trump was the biggest human rights violator). Scheming to overthrow an Elected Ukrainian Govt. and instigating a war with Russia (proof and Fact check available) with the help of George Soros whom by the way funded 50 groups marching down DC yesterday, and who also funded groups that were rioting after the election loss, who also funded for “illegal immigrants” to come in to he USA and vote fraudulently. Oh and those Protesters Trump Thumped and threw out? Yes you guessed it, paid by the democratic party to shit disturb other convention no named Hillary.. All can be backed up.. Obama has been given a nobel peace prize before any results for being the first black president, if you can prove otherwise of any thing hes has done prior that deserves a “Nobel” then I will shut up. This black man since day one of his administration dropped more bombs and have been in a war everyday till he left office.. and for good measure just the other day dropped more bombs.. a day before the inauguration. You can combine WW1, 2 and Vietnam together and would still fall way short of how much Obama has laid devastation during his Presidency. So before we skewer a President who have yet to prove many wrong (he may prove wrong as well if he is a total dick). Why don’t we let his record speak for itself when there is actually something on record to backup the claims many have of how dangerous and racist, and vile Trump is. FAIR? God knows Obama was celebrated for worse things. And BTW.. If Hillary will be the face of womens rights and be the one to break that so called glass ceiling, I suggest she doesnt turn a blind eye to that husband of hers who repeatedly shames her publicly by openly showcasing his vices.. Before you receive respect you have to respect yourself and Hillary needs to kick the nutsack before she get anything else. Trump says believes not starting a war with Russia is a good thing, is this a statement of a tyrant? Do you disagree with that statement? Im not American, I wouldnt want nukes flying over Canada on its way to the USA…

      • And what facts do you have to prove otherwise? These are all facts that he demonstrated to everyone. No one is making this stuff up.

      • Keep your mind available and your eyes open. Your intuition will be found to be wrong. I am very hopeful that this new direction will enrich your life. Be ready to notice.

      • Let the record show that you lefty liberals are the biggest bunch of bitches on the planet. And the world would be so much better if you were wiped off the face of the earth.

      • I like how you wrote “out” rather than “our”. Freudian slip, or the universe speaking? He will NEVER be MY President, he will be “out” in a matter of months. Maybe we all will be.

        • Thank you, Deb, As Trump scares them, Hillary frightened me, but I would of accept Hillary as my President if she would have won. That is the difference between some Dem and Rep.

          • No, that’s the difference between not voting for a viable candidate with whom you did not agree, and not voting for a narcissistic blowhard whom you absolutely cannot abide under any circumstances.

              • Being part of the “tolerant left” doesn’t mean one must “tolerate” any and all behaviors and ideologies. Bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, bullying, etc., should be called out and condemned, not “tolerated.” Wouldn’t you agree?

                • “xenophobia” You must be talking about “illegal” aliens. Noone cares whether or not people come here, but care about “how”. They need to do it legally so there is a running record of them. This way criminals aren’t deported 10x for violent crimes only to return to sanctuary cities.

                  Bigotry is the irony the left has yet to learn. They are by-and-far the biggest “bigots” of any class. Anyone not agreeing with them must be part of some sort of hate class.

                  Misogyny: The word used by any man questioning anything about a woman; but somehow misandry is ok these days.

                  Bullying… you people have little knowledge of real bullying. Someone pops your balloon and you fall to your face screaming and crying like you’ve been stabbed in the heart.

                  I am all for calling bad things out, but only if it is a just and righteous call out (aka non-hypocritical). That and you all REALLY need to learn what those things you are “calling out” really are.

                • Wendy, how long has it been since your sexual reassignment? Did you quit the meds too early? A for sure sign of quitting too early is the exact behavior you are exhibiting; incessant name calling, beligerance, intolerance and stupidity in general. Yep that pretty well nail it Wendy. Or is it now Wendel?

          • Exactly. Almost get the impression of some child who didn’t get his way and now is pouting. I mean I didn’t vote for Trump either but the crybaby attitude I’m seeing is incredible. You know just because the man or women you voted for wasn’t elected we are still Americans and need to be a lot more mature than this. Don’t forget Hillary was terrible as well (in different ways) and scary in her own right. So grow up and be an American and get over it.

            • “Grow up and be an American”, umm protesting what we so passionately feel is wrong, is an American right. It is American and to hold that ideal is “grown up”.

                • Andrew!

                  No! Being a grown up is standing for your ethics and your morals! Until and unless he changes his blatant immoral attitude towards others and grows some kind of ethics it wouldn’t be grown up at all to go along with it just because he won that position! It is the weaker person who buckles under those who are willing to go along with him no matter what!

                  Trust me if he wasn’t so blatant about the stuff he has done, feels he has the right to do because of his riches, being a “star”, we would reluctantly accept his being elected! He still continues to do these very same things and with a vengeance!

                  We will support America and those in it but we will not just follow along blindly because others are willing to and think we are being whiners or babies if we don’t!

                  Your choice if you don’t have the backbone to stand up for your beliefs and choose to follow like a lamb to the altar! Some of us chose not to compromise our ethics or our morals but will do what we can to support America but not Trump.

                  Only when and if he changes will I and many others back him but it will always be with one eye open!

                  Your choice is your choice ours will remain ours!

                  • Wow! You sound just like my second grade teacher, Sister Susan! The reason division will not stop is because Trump’s approval rated has plummeted to 40% and because Trump built his campaign on division.

                  • THANK YOU EJ…Please teach what “adulting” truly is! I have NO idea why the trumpters thought we would just roll over and say …oh well…? We are NOT you. We are going to fight him every step of the way. Its not being a sore loser. Its being a responsible American. The MAJORITY of this nation is against him and he will know that EVERY day of his fake presidency. SOOOOOO if that’s not something Trumpters can deal with…”Get over it”. We have only just begun

                    • His presidency is not fake he won the electoral college that’s how our election system works majority of votes on a national level does not count
                      And remember we are a country of states not only the high population liberal city’s

                  • Growing up is also about knowing how to pick and choose your battles and knowing when your actions are truly beneficial and when they are just misfocused energy spent on ranting about your disappointment and frustration. If you want to make a real difference, don’t sped your time venting and crying on the internet. Go spend your time at local shelters and soup kitchens, volunteer your time with the less fortunate, the abused and abandoned. Don’t sit at your desk and spew political garbage out thinking that your voice will be heard among the throngs of people who just want to go about their lives without being pestered or having a political rant thrown at them. Go be the change you want to see in the world. Don’t just write about how you “didn’t consent to this!” If you didn’t consent to this then why the hell are you here? You know how it works here, if you don’t like it there are plenty ofnother places you can go once you pass through their immigration laws.

                    If you’re already out there doing that, taking care of your fellow human beings great! Keep it up! Set the example and make sure you’re doing so without spreading political rhetoric, because that shouldn’t be your focus.

                    I’m sorry you’re disheartened, I’m sorry you’re angry, but now is the time to step up and be an adult and accept that for now, this is how it is and make the best of it by doing the best you can to make a positive difference where you can.

                    • Oh come on. That was a beautifully written piece. It helped me make a bit more sense of the utter despair I’ve been feeling by calling out the confusing multitude of reasons for feeling that way. I’ll bet it helped lots of John’s readers in a similar way, and will help people speak more intelligently about these many assaults. The confusion is disabling, and helping make sense of it all is the beauty of this brief, succinct, angry piece.

                      JP you just gave a bunch of unsolicited, self-righteous advice. You suggested John’s time had been wasted in writing a thoughtful, valiant essay. What you write sounds sophomoric and facile, and I call foul. Get yourself activated in the way you choose, and don’t stand in the way of those who write rather than your pre-approved list of activist activities. As long as you’re throwing advise around, “JP,” I’ll toss you this piece: Get Over Yourself. Sob being such a judgemental negative prick. How’s that in easy language?

                      Thanks, John, for a strong and timely essay.

                    • No, I am comparing his morals to what Christ taught!

                      Don’t say that it shouldn’t be part of politics as you are either a Christian or you are not and I think it should be very much a part of your politics and all decisions you are making in life.
                      Also since this is a Christian blog it very much pertains to it.

                  • Right on EJ! We should not stop our discourse regarding concerns about Trump just because he won. He has people believing the media can’t be trusted but of course his tweets should be believed. His Trump News website lists the rotten, lying news organizations that can’t be trusted. The way he expects Americans to blindly follow him is scary. It reminds me of how Cuba or North Korea would put out state news controlled by the government. Americans are blessed with a free Press and we have the right and the brains to form our own opinions. If some of us are scared, don’t tell us to get over it because Trump won. Take time to have rational discourse with us; we may each have valid info the other doesn’t know. Perhaps Americans can someday be less polarized if we respectfully disagree without blaming each other and calling each other lefties and wing nuts.

                  • Funny – a presidential term is only four years. You might want to educate yourself a little.
                    He will have to be re-elected, it’s not just a given

                  • Looking at your list you just described Bill Clinton. But you forgot to 119 dead people in his wake. If you’re ok with Hillary then you must have voted for him. Amazing everyone can overlook her lies abou Benghazi by blaming a video and say so to a mother standing at her sons casket. If she lied to her face she’d have no problem lying to the rest of us.

                    • I tried not to comment, I really did. But whenever I see someone mention Benghazi I want to howl at the moon.

                      The Republican Convention used a broken hearted mother of a hero to shoot a torpedo at their opponent.

                      Then when the Mr. Kahn spoke at the Democratic Convention, now President Trump, couldn’t even summon up the pretense of empathy for them.

                      Are we supposed to believe that those deaths are any more horrific, any more of a tragedy than the hundreds of thousands of heroes who have lost their lives fighting in a war.

                      Even Bush claims the Iraq Invastion was a mistake. A mistake!!!!!!

                      I always respected President Bush as a man. I prefer to think he was led by Cheney, Rove, etc. I think has he has stayed away from the spotlight, because as a man with a soul, he must sometimes have nightmaries of all the beautiful souls of those who lost their lives or whose lives were forever changed by a mistake.

                • Its not about teams. Are you a 5th grader. Its about right and wrong. And you dont have to except hate to lead our country. He has made sexist, childish, and disrespectful comments about women, minorities, journalist, businesses, our President. No president in history and acted like such a hateful child. If you insult women, minorities, you can lead a country filled by them because you cant honeslty represent all people. Its not about hilary v. Donald. Is that the clear majority oppose him both in the US and every single nation in the world not named Russia.

                  But dumb it down to teams child.

                  • If you believe other presidents have not made racist, mysogist, hateful comments and acted like hateful children you ain’t keeping up with current events. Sorry to inform you we are all weak and subject to our own worst temptations. Obama constantly lied, Clinton lied and arguably raped women. What you got to say about those guys?

                • And regardless of your personal opinion, he was elected President and you should be more respectful of him. You don’t have to like him or agree with his politics, but he will be the leader of this country and deserves the support of the American people.

                  • Agree with you totally. I just can’t believe how people are doing. My gosh grow up! He won! That means most are for him! Act like responsible adults. Support your new President. Yes, he is yours. If you live here, then he is your president.

                    • He is not my President, and I am a grown-up. FYI – respect for him, for anyone, must be earned. An “Office” does not earn you respect. Money and riches can bring power, and we all know what they say about power – “…power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…” That only breeds great fear, exactly like it has been doing throughout this election cycle. Fear is not respect, it is only fear. But it can save lives by turning it into anger from the pain, turn it into courage and bravery by a people who will no longer “tolerate” being beaten down.

                  • More respectful? Like in the way that trump is really respectful to people right? I mean he’s set the standard for what that looks like… Paragon of gracious speech, never taking revenge…

                    • And the sad part is, after Hitlery betrayed this country some of you still respect that POS, if any other person would’ve done what she has, we never would’ve seen the light of day ever again!!!! But needless to say, voice all of ur opinions, go to ur crying rooms, nothing is going to change, Trump IS the next President of the ever beautiful USA. Hopefully he will bring the much needed change this country needs after our last 8 years of wrong doing. I don’t declare myself dem or rep, I declare that I will ALWAYS vote for whom I think will be the best leader for this country, after all, it is my right, and yours. Here’s to 4 years of him being better than the last POS! Hell, the only way it could’ve been worse is if SHE won!!!

                  • The American people should “be more respectful of him” but he does not need to be more respectful to the people who make up this country he represents?

                  • Thank You. Sure is a lot of hot air and venom being spread. Please keep in mind that anything you say insulted about 1/2 of the population. Give them a chance

                • I think we call that not standing up for what you believe in..taking the easy way out.
                  I am not for fighting against his presidency. I am for fighting the horrible unforgivable things he said while running. They were despicable and deplorable comments.

                • Jesus! Would you stop with the winning and losing business! This isn’t what this about-my “team” losing and not getting a trophy. It’s about the welfare and stewardship of this COUNTRY being given into the hands of manifestly ill-equipped individual. Have you no sense of patriotism or respect for the office of the Presidency? It’s you who needs to grow up and move beyond the playground!

                • This is not a game where there is a winner and a loser. People are not upset that Hilary lost…. we are upset that Trump was elected It wouldn’t matter who he defeated because After the election he has to run a country! This is not sour grapes. This is genuine fear and concern. It’s not that people voted for Trump , hoping for change but that they truly believe a man who has shown little regard for anyone other than the 1 percent, has any intention of following through with his campaign promises. When someone shows you who they really are, you should believe them the first time. As for throwing temper tantrums, or passively aggressively hiding behind a computer…. look to your new president… he is setting the example.

                • Growing up is to call out the cheaters and stand up for what you believe to be fair and just if the game was not played with fairly and with integrity. It is our duty as a free democracy to demand justice in ALL games played.

                • This isn’t a grade school soccer game. This is our lives, our country, our planet, our future. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about standing up for what is right and decent and American. I stand with John. I stand with America. I stand with the resistance.

                • It’s not about one “team” vs. another. It is about the fate of our nation as a whole. We are not asking for a trophy. All we want is a nation of equality. Trump is completely unfit to run our country.

              • But not by blocking roadways and streets that other Americans have a right to use. And not by damaging property that other Americans own. Protest all you want just do it where non protesting pedestrians and vehicle operators can continue on their way without delay

              • Well put Lloyd. Everyone who is protesting this president-elect and is “not supporting him” is not supporting America It is Un-American to say such things. Americans support this country through the good AND the bad. The difficult times and the good times. How about rooting for this man to be a success? How about wishing him well. Don’t we all deserve a second chance to do the right thing? Sure, he has issues, but for the betterment of this country – SUPPORT HIM AND HELP HIM BE GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY! We have no other choice at this point and it’s in our best interests to do everything we can to make him successful. Show the world we aren’t an embarrassment. Let’s join together like we did a 911 and make this world a better place by being unified with what we have been dealt. The hand is ugly, but it’s not unmanageable. Even Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from this country. Not saying it’s right, but Trump is not the only one who has strong opinions about how to keep this country safe, and OH not to mention JFK and his womanizing – you think that was any different? It just wasn’t as public because of social media. Get a grip AMERICA – do the right thing and support our country which is more in need of our support than ever!!!!

                • Saying protesting, in unAmerican, is ludicrous!

                  This country was born, on the wings of protest!

                  Imagine how much different, a world we might have, if the citizens of Nazi Germany, had truly mounted protests!

                  • suhse. Why would you want to protest against: better schools, better jobs, increased wealth, lowering debt, replenished military, free speech, sovereign borders, less crime, better law enforcement, better environmental mgt, improved social services, etc?

                • Everyone who is supporting America is not necessarily supporting this administration. The irony of this accusation coming from the right–that now that they are in charge, we all need to just shut up and get on board, is rich. The majority will–just as the GOP called for against Obama–fight for the principles of this great nation, and stand against injustice. We will exercise our first amendment rights. To even suggest that speaking out against the US president is somehow “anti-American,” or “unfair,” is to show a lack of understanding of our constitution and our history, which supports honorable dissent as a right. We have the right to peaceful assembly–even in the streets. And I would say we have a moral obligation to non-violent civil disobedience should our constitutional rights be infringed.

                • In follow up to this statement, all the name calling and “read a history book” shows that you are not reading with the intent to hear. You are reading with the intent to blast. I didn’t say that protesting is un-american, I said that not supporting our country is Un-American. The only way to support is to get involved, make a difference. Stop shirking your responsibilities and call your representative. Stop saying that “you didn’t vote for him” Well, so what? A lot of us didn’t vote for a lot of presidents. The sky has not fallen yet, and it won’t fall with this presidency. Do your duty and get out there and make a change. BTW – the person saying “throwing tea over board” that was at least a reputable response and not having kids in the streets burning things. Not burning limos, not picking on every little UNIMPORTANT detail. Let’s focus on unity, focus on your concern specifically – if you are worried about abortion, then lobby for abortion, if you are worried about Gay rights, then LOBBY FOR THEM. Stop writing that you aren’t a part of this country,, and you don’t support it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Either get involved or GET OUT!

              • Hey, tell those guys who threw a huge party in the 1700’s to grow up and get over it and stop throwing fits and tossing tea overboard in Boston Harbor, it’s SO UNAMERICAN OMG.

                This isn’t a sports team. It’s lives, liberty, freedoms, health and safety. Go read a history book.

              • That’s not protesting that’s name calling and fear mongering that is equal to or worse than anything our President elect has said or that you perceived he said. That hurts your credibility.

            • …and now we have children in the street starting fires in DC, shouting profanities at Trump’s presidency.

              Reminds me of how ISIS uses kids for their cause.

              • Funny… reminds me of protests against an unjust war… reminds me of protests against Jim Crow… I wish they would shut Washington down for a day with their protests. The best thing about his election is that it might motivate some decent but heretofore passive people to get off their duffs and fight for what is right– and baby, HE ain’t right, lol.

                  • Unfortunately, it represents the America we HAVE become.. We all like to hide in our homes and pass judgement, but the plain and simple fact is that this IS America (simply shown by those who voted). now get out there, make a difference and get involved. Change what has become reality for so many.

              • Reminds me of that time they hung a fake Obama in a noose and set it on fire to protest his inauguration.

                But all of the “libtards” need to quit whining and just deal with it. Just like all of the people who didn’t vote for Obama dealt with it. ????????????

            • It’s important for your own understanding to know that people are protesting NOT because their candidate didn’t win, but because the man who did win is despicable. Americans have the right to protest, as I trust you remember from your high school studies of the United States Constitution.

            • It’s not a “crybaby attitude.” The fact is this man is a danger. In the modern era this is the first president to be elected by the White Nationalists of our country. As Social Security, Medicare and the ACA are all stripped away, as we start shedding jobs and the republicans ratchet up attacks against raising wages and unions and defunding public education and any type of common good you’ll see that we aren’t just bad losers but able to see the writing on the wall.

              That the only thing this man will have left is turning us against one another. It was clear from his rallies filled with white supporters chanting “build the wall, build the wall” and his placement of Bannon in the White House that soon those things we used to call “dog whistles” will be full throated attacks blaming, brown, black, muslim and jewish people for the ills wraught by the Republican party.

              The question is will you still think we are all “crybabies” when it starts to go down.

              In the news today, the list of organizations they want to defund in the first week including the national endowment of the arts and the national endowment of the humanties. But he did get approval for a flyover of 20 military planes and has promised military parades in major US cities.

              I’m not a crybaby. I’m awake. We are living in 1933 Germany. This isn’t about policy differences. This is about installing a madman as an authoritarian leader.

            • Thank You for sharing, I’m so sick of the left. Poor sportsmanship. I think it’s disgraceful behaviour and is sending our young adults and children the wrong message.

              • Are you the devil’s advocate on here?

                The message being sent to the young adults and children by electing a man who is so empty of any kind of a moral bone in his body and who bragged and laughed about the immoral and vulgar things he did and also stated he had a right to do, without any kind of shame? Just what kind of message was that? Not one I would ever want to send to any one let alone young people of any age! If that is the kind of messages you want to send you can and will live with that choice! Sadly so will many others and especially women and girls!

                • Let me see if I got this straight. You would have rather had a pathological lying, criminal parasite, who compromised our national security, and who cares more about her own power and wealth over our country’s best interests? Let’s also toss in she has people “offed” for daring to spill the beans on her and Bill. Yeah, she sure would be a fine example to our young adults and kiddies!!

              • I just don’t understand how speaking out against hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism, and corruption is sending the wrong message, but all of those things are not seen as themselves sending the wrong message. I don’t understand.

              • Ok that’s rich. The right are worse than babies they are a vindictive bunch. They stamp their feet and yell until they get their way. I will never understand how some one can be pro life and be so self righteous in their beliefs and condemn and judge those that don’t share thier opinion. And in the next breath be ok with stripping healthcare from adults that are alive for real at that moment. There are a lot of people that will die. So having the common sense to see one side is greedy and confused and blinded by (in this case) the dark doesn’t make someone. Crybaby. In fact I have heard nastier things about Obama during this election year. Even today. Bitching about something 8 years later seems like more of a sore loser/spoiled rotten child/ with a tendency to be a stalker and go on shooting rampages than any thing I have seen from the left.
                The left is concerned for the safety and integrity of our country while having compassion and justice for all indivisible as a nation under god of thier choosing.
                I’m not concerned just because any one party is in office I’m concerned someone is taking the oath that has not taken any of it seriously as it pertains to anyone but himself and his pocket book and his ego. The world is in shock and they have no party affiliation. Except that of not getting nuked after some accidental twitter remark.

                • Actually you are wrong that the right do not care about people. They just do it with their own money. The left is forever giving and righteous, until they run out of other people’s money.

              • A large percent of Republicans can not see past the nose on their face when it comes to Donald Trump because he is a Republican. So when they see the wrongs he does to America they become a retardican and defend them. No office to those born with mental disorders, its to those that choose it.

            • I puked for 8 years over Obama who had NO qualifications. You can go in your corner shut up and puke for 4/8 years. Andrew is right grow up you are dribbling nonsense.

              • President Obama was a US Senator, extensive community service and a Harvard University graduate. Had 79 percent favorable rating when he was elected and 82 percent after 8 years.
                Trump has no political experience, no public service and no military service.
                Some how he managed to graduate from Worton school of business without learning to spell or to form a complete sentence or thought.
                Educate yourself when it comes to qualifications.

                • In fact, his degree from the University of Pennsylvania was an undergrad degree. He may have taken some courses at Wharton but he did not attend its grad school for an advanced degree.

              • No qualifications? You’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid too long. Just WHAT qualifications does Mr. Trump have? h that’s right, he’s got a good brain…

            • Some who have voted for Trump like to tell Hillary supporters, of which I am one, to “get over it”!
              We are not sore losers who are pouting like children. We are adults who are scared of what is going to happen to our country. Our President-Elect is a person who has zero political experience and is not capable of leading our country.

            • Crybaby? One might cry because they didn’t get the same toy as a sibling. This is the free nation we are talking about and we are about to let a blind man take the wheel.

            • Very apparent that Russian propaganda maligning Hilary has gotten to you. Hilary has worked her ass off for this country!!! I will not get over it! Trump is a disgusting pig!!! He takes credit for the rising sun! I am so tired of Trumpanzees!!!

            • Andrew, when someone in a position of power comments on how well you look “dropping to your knees” maybe you’ll understand. Maybe when you work with and know people with physical challenges, you’ll understand how reprehensible his mocking at a rally was. Hillary was not a perfect candidate, but at least she has the tact and ability to do the job. In effect, we now have the equivalent of a Kardasheian running our country. But you just think I’m pouting. I’m actually praying he doesn’t get us killed by one of his early morning tweets dissing a leader of a country with nuclear access. Oh wait……those leaders have more self control.

            • You have totally missed the point. If you could think this through you might understand we are way past worrying about politics and parties. We are concerned about many things; one of those being our freedom.

            • I didn’t vote for either one yet I am hoping and praying Trump will be a good president, yes it scares me who he has chosen to be in his cabinet, however he is the next one, for however long he is in the office. As Americans we need to support the president and by this with Trump I mean to help him to be a good if not great president, to speak up and not with childish name calling

            • So MLK was a crybaby too? Only true Americans see injustice and do something about it. And don’t lay down like a coward and hope everything turns out ok. Wtf is wrong with all of your people yelling crybaby. I don’t get it?! Are we in elementary school? Does anyone remember Trump and his protests re:Obama and the birther lie?? How soon they forget.

            • Some of us have sense. We are NOT crybabies but this man is going to be dangerous. His cabinet picks have ALL been questionable and/or not experienced nor up to task. I don’t think I need to bring up his Tweets. I surely do NOT want any more wars or another RECESSION. A man who refuses to show his tax returns reeks of suspicion. While it has been said (and by his own words) that he hasn’t paid tax or strikingly little but has NO PROBLEM with using tax monies to pay for the MILLIONS of dollars to provide security so that he can stay in NYC while the POTUS belongs in the White House. This man has NO realistic ideas on foreign policy. He has spoken negitively about NATO AND has already provoked China. Our enemies will take advantage of HIS weaknesses.
              I WILL GLADLY ADMIT THAT I AM WRONG should he actually become the leader the USA needs.

            • This isn’t about “getting our way”. This is about having a dangerous sociopath in office. This is about losing our country.

            • I do agree with Andrew. Stop thinking only of yourself and how you feel. Bless your heart. If you really are concerned about our country and the people, you would stop whining and get behind our new president and work to make America great again. So you didn’t get your way. It is not about you. Grow up!

            • I hope our country has the strength to get over it. I stand behind the election results but will keep watch as we go forward to ensure a better future for all. If Trump fails we all fail. Whether you voted for him or not.

            • Wow! You sound just like my second grade teacher, Sister Susan! The reason division will not stop is because Trump’s approval rated has plummeted to 40% and because Trump built his campaign on division.

            • Yes, it does doesn’t it! However, that means those of us that refuse to accept a man who is so blatantly immoral and very proud of it are supposed to toe the line according to your own blindness. Not going to happen!

              You see that is what this is about! It is not about party at all! It is about looking at the truth no matter how hard that is to do and realizing this has put us in a very dangerous position in this world!

              I find it mind boggling that when it is the other way around your idea about, just get over it and support the President goes out the window!

              We have had 8 years of the Republicans trying to destroy whatever Obama tried to do for this country and the people in it! They did not try to hide their disdain or their hatred of this man! It did not matter if what he was trying to do was good for the country or not! It was their mission to see that he failed! Their hatred had nothing to do with his morals but only the party and way too often because he was a black man! Yet, way too many on the right are now telling us to quit whining and get over it because their man is now in and they expect us to do what they refused to do!

              Blindly following a man who has no morals, has no respect for females, no respect for anyone that dares to stand up to him in anyway, has cheated laborers and contractors over and over, and the list could go on and on, is supposed to be grown up and American? That is where the division has come in!

              Being grown up and American is to stand on the very principles this country was built on and seeing that those very principles are not destroyed by people like you!

              You want us to get over it! To do so would mean we would have to throw out everything that makes us who we are and believe in! That we would have to say, “Oh yes, I am a Christian but I am going to accept and follow a man who is anything but Christian because others have told me to!”

              If you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay with who you are that is your problem!

              • Anonymous your response is RIDICULOUS ! EJ is absolutely correct !!.. Nasty Republicans who have not ever given a damn about anything but more $$$$$ in their own pockets !.. and ‘ now it’s the OTHER side’ crap is pure crap.. Obama a completely decent intelligent caring human being and never reacted to threats of every kind against him and his family, versus this sexual predator lying piece of crap ! who is the exact opposite in every way !! WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS !! you people make God weep !

          • That unintelligent VILE VULGAR Rapist and Sexual Predator SHOULD SCARE YOU ! To say Hillary frightens you is the sign of an idiot moron, I hope you can GAIN some intelligence !

                • Joyce….amen. Yes. Agree 100%. Get over it. Next thing you know people are being drug from their homes and improsoned. But the “nice good” people look the other way because they don’t like conflict.
                  Maybe worse than the zealots. That’s what MLK said in his day. At least you know where you stand. Even if they’re vile and atrocious while expressing their “thoughts”.

                • Exactly Joyce, we don’t wait for Trump and Republicans to take American’s rights away.. History has shown how that happens. and the uneducated Sheepled Trump idiots OBVIOUSLY didn’t learn that lesson in school or church the way they SHOULD HAVE !

              • I’ve done a LOT to make this country better, EDUCATE people how STUPID and uneducated Republicans are ! and spread TRUTH to them and pound the pavement for our GOOD DEMOCRATS !!

            • Trump is actually none of those things. They ate all BS accusations and have proven to be so… I’m so sick of the crying and the whining… get some real hard factual evidence of rape… and if you are blind to the Clinton’s history of corruption and murder then you deserve a Hilary controlling you. Do a little research on just how many people associated with the Clinton’s over the years “committed suicide”…. all of which were carried out in the exact same way over and over and over… sounds like someone wanted people out of their affairs that threatened them….

          • Huge difference between trump and HRC; the comparison is really invalid! In my long life, I’ve always supported our presidents, whether or not I voted for them. It’s impossible to do that with trump. Never in history was there been a president so totally devoid of integrity, intellect, dignity, and care for the citizens of this great nation.

          • No. Not as Hillary scared you. Hillary didn’t boast about sexually assaulting people. Hillary didn’t have people chanting “build the wall, build the wall.” Hillary didn’t attempt to say that Bush or Trump weren’t American. That you can’t see the difference, don’t understand the difference is problematic.

            The difference is that the things you were worried about with Hillary were largely made up fictions by a fevered group of enemies. The things that you will come to learn about Trump if you don’t already know them is that he only cares about enriching himself and no others. That’s it. There is nothing there for the American people. That this doesn’t worry you in the least is stunning.

          • No, you most likely would not have accepted it, just like you most likely bashed Obama for the past 8 years. No one gave him a chance. How’s it feel now?

          • No. that is the difference between JT and HC. Her temperament and campaign didn’t inspire hatred and dramatic divisiveness. Had she won, republicans wouldn’t have to worry about her in the same ways dems worry about him. I’m not good with words, do you know what I mean?

          • Oh yes. The Republicans welcomed Obama with welcome arms. Trump started the insane “birther” momentum. And for a year the GOP refused to as much as hold confirmation hearings on an eminently fair and knowledgeable Supreme Court nominee. They tried to thwart every attempt Obama made to make this country a better place for all. You would have done even worse had Clinton one.

          • Let the records show that these people who are acting like spoiled brats are a shameful disgrace to our country and need to get over it and yes like it or not I would have accepted KILLERY and never acted like some of these shamefull people are acting. And I DO NOT LIKE KILLERY

            • Nona you’re an ignorant person. They’re
              Expressing an opinion and all you do is call them childish names. I hope karma comes swiftly for you. It always does.

          • srae*****
            The proper usage of grammer in your sentence should read as follows ” I would have accepted Hillary as my President if she had won; or I would h
            ave accepted Hillary as my President, had she ç won.”
            My points are two fold; this is the type of grammer I consistency see on University Resumes or on a Curriculum Vitae for openings I may have and, they display extremely unprofessional errors. Case point of topic; our Education system in the County is at the bottom of the totem pole and has handed over poorly or grammatically undereducated students at all levels and even at Master and PhD level graduate Resumes I receive. This has been going on for the past eight years. Judging from the errors you made, you are younger than I. Please take no offense, as I am trying to make a point. I didn’t vote for either candidate this election and this was the first time in my life I did not do so and it was simply because with my training and University studies and overall education, I knew neither were of the two were ethically, morally or mentally qualified to hold the position as POTUS. Neither one would or will do anything significant for our country’s Educational system. Nor do I feel Beverly DeVos as Secretary of Education is the candidate capable of holding the title. I emailed a letter to those in my District just yesterday, to express my concern over her appointment. As far as this election has gone, I feel our parties, both red or blue have let us down, but we really have nobody to blame but ourselves and those who were already in office before this campaign begin. Oh course, one of those is guilty of her own incomprehensible actions and was the Democratic Nominee. We have a long 4 or 8 years ahead of us and we can either work together for the betterment of our country or continue as it has been for the past 8 yrs. I can’t complain because my vote was wasted, but I wasn’t going to vote for either one. My morals would not allow me to do so. I often told my children, if you play alone, time passes slowly. If you play together time flies and you achieve the goals you have set for your that much quicker. So metaphorically speaking, if we work together we achieve more. We just need to look deep in our hearts and do what it takes to make this country be respected again. We need to look at our needs first in my opinion. If we can overcome this, we can rise above and make this nation what it used to be. Remember the metaphor I gave. May God bless and help us all.
            Judging by your name, I am assuming you may be worried Bebe may not get his way this next 4yrs or 8yrs. Finally, somebody to set him straight after all these years. I think that would be the icing on the cake especially if both sides work on solving peace in Israel and Palestine. That would need to come from mandating or supplying little to no funds to Israel and demanding Israel repay the money we have handed out so freely to them over the years.
            I do hope we can become United, again.
            Good evening. Tomorrow will be bittersweet because of the fear of the unknown.
            Good night????

            • Other than DeVos’s first name is Betsy (not Beverly) and the fact that I feel that HRC was very qualified to lead this country–morally, mentally, historically and ethically–I am in total agreement with your comments. I supported Bernie throughout the primaries but there was no way I wasn’t going to vote for her had he lost.

          • Agree Deb and Srae, I felt the same way about Obama the past 4 years! I did not vote for him either time but gave him a chance the first four years! Hillary petrified me, my Family actually discussed what we would do if she won. But I would not have acted like s spoiled child!

          • Agreed, Srae. I voted for trump because I couldn’t fathom having Hillary in office and the future of our country or the world in her hands. If she had won, I would have been saddened and worried, but I would support our government in any way possible to help her make the right choices for our nation, not divide myself from the rest of my neighbors and cause hate amongst my friends. This is wrong and un-American. I am not sad for my country because of who our President is, I am upset with the people who are dividing this country because they didn’t “win”.

          • It’s would have or would’ve not “would of”. Maybe you need to read more. If you had, you might have learned that anything you feared or believed about Hillary was actually true about the Candy Corn crybaby with records and recording to prove it.

          • This is NOT about Trump being accepted as President. That is of no consequence. It’s about going on record to say that he is NOT normal. His beliefs, his stance and his disgusting and vile demeanor against Americans are NOT what the majority of this nation stands for or voted for. He won, (but not without cheating of course)….we all know that and have to suffer that to be so. BUT we will not roll over and play dead while he runs our culture and reputation in the ground. Enough snowflakes create a storm…watch for it…Starting Saturday baby…we are putting this nation on its ear! America is great already. We will make it respectable again.

          • It’s not the same thing. It’s not really a party thing for most people I don’t think. It’s Trump as person and his temprament that scares people. He’s impulsive and vindictive. And an egomanic. All very scary qualities in a person with any sort of power over others.

          • No, you MORON…I am a staunch Democrat..and I could have accepted (even though been disappointed with) almost any other Republican. Donald Trump is a sub-human little boy monster, and too many of us out here are afraid for our country. It is so sad that mostly Un-educated people voted for this UN-president…Personally, I think education allows people to make better more informed, choices…..Please try actual THINKING once in a while, if you are capable….

        • You sound like a Dem to me, tell me how great Hillary is. The reason why there is so much division is because of the past eight years, when I hear someone say not my President I feel sorry for them.

          • Hillary Clinton is a criminal. She used multiple illegal email servers, she compromised classified information, and her activities over the past several decades led to the deaths of dozens of people. Trump exaggerated the actions of someone, not sure it was a reporter. I served during the cold war, did you ? The cold war was about world domination by a communist society – Muslim extremists are after the same thing, they want to dominate the world, kill non-believers, and have no respect for life. They want to establish and rule thru a world-wide caliphate – you ready for that ? Mr. Trump is no angel, do you have specific facts as to his alleged actions ? Why did all these women come forward, accuse him of improper behavior – where are they now ? If criminal behavior took place where is the evidence ? Why aren’t lawyers / prosecutors pursuing trials and convictions ? Since Trump was elected fair and square, numerous companies have changed their strategies , they are growing and hiring – that did not happen under Obama. Even though Hillary Clinton may have received the popular vote, research why the Electoral College was created. Hillary got most of her votes in specific areas – this is why the Electoral College was established, to prevent a vote overwash in one area that killed votes in other areas – spread the wealth as it were. We endured 8 years of the worst president in my lifetime. The grief we are seeing from anti-Trump people is unprecedented – we did not behave like that while obama was president. If you don’t like what’s happened, pack your bags, leave our country, your freedom, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

            • Obama is the worst president ever? Because granting people the right to marry whom they love is wrong? Because offering healthcare to those who could not have gotten ornate is wrong? Because giving women reproductive rights is wrong? These are all great things bettering our country. Electing a man with no political experience is madness. I had to have 3 years experience for an entry level job, yet an idiot can run the country. I have accepted presidents I did not vote for in the past because at least they had experience and knowledge in their field even if their views did not align with my my own. This man is terrifying and will ruin everything Obama, the best president in history, worked so hard to get for us.

              • The first three statements prove every point.

                Yes, they are wrong. Homosexuality is still wrong, even if the culture has lost its mind.

                Yes, ruining healthcare for 250 million Americans is wrong, in order to just give it for free to 11 million.

                And who are we kidding. Planned Parenthood is not just about giving out birth control. That has been proven over and over. They are about killing babies, particularly black babies. It’s been proven. And yes, murder is wrong.

            • Who are you trying to kid saying that people like you did not “behave like that” while Obama was President? You all NEVER got over the fact that an African American was elected and YOU people are the ones who started the “divide” in America because you hated him from day one!

              • Obama was a shitty president. People’s dislike of him has nothing to do with his skin color, and everything to do with his arrogance, his racial divivsiness, and his inability to lead. Don’t be so clueless. You are either extremely naive, or stupid, if you actually believe all the democrat propaganda that’s been spewed over the last 8 years. Do you actually think Obama got elected without the white vote? That’s a tool the left uses to create hate and fear. They are the true fearmongers. This article showcases how they used fear to try an win the election. Multitudes of lies were made against Trump, and the left gobbled them up, like they were starving. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it just makes you look foolish.

            • I’m a desert storm vet. I don’t think of DT as a patriot yet. IF YOU look at his record of waivers to service, you might think as I do.
              ” fair and square” is niece or not seeing the obvious.

              Company policy changes? We’ll see. Many were making these changes already. We’ll soon see.

            • Every part of your statement is wrong or incorrect. First Hillary used one private email server, not several and none were illegal, they were just against protocol. Her actions never led to the death of dozens of people. The Republicans defund rd our embassies which led to Benghazi. The Middle East and Isis issue was created by GWB. He made fun of a disabled reporter and mocked him. Everyone knows that when you talk that way and hit your hand against your chest you are calling someone retarded. If you served during the Cold War why are you so okay with your Cheeto Jesus being helped by the Russians. Why are you okay with their interference in our election? Why are you okay with Cheeto Mussolini being so cozy with Putin, the former head of the KGB? As far as jobs Chump hasn’t even taken office yet and his actions will most likely lead to a net loss of jobs. Obama created 15 million jobs in the last 8 years, that’s roughly 20k jobs a day or 2.5 carrier deals per day. You clearly don’t know your facts. As far as all the women a lot of them complained or filed suit before he even ran for president, look it up. His ex wife said he raped her decades ago. One of the women is still around and just filed suit against him this week. So you wanna know where they went? They’re still around. The electoral college was created to protect slave owners and if you don’t want just a few states determining election than why are you okay with 3 states with small populations deciding it? Is it because your guy won? He only beat her by less than 100k votes in 3 states, to say she only got votes from certain states is false. In the states that won the election for him he barely squeaked out a win. Obama is leaving with an incredibly high approval rating. So nothing about you saying the dislike about him or him being the worst president is all false, by approval rating and fact. You know what’s unprecedented? So many idiots like you siding with the communists against their own country. Electing a moron with zero experience. Allowing the Russians to determine the outcome of our election. That is unprecedented. He was not elected “fair and square”. Lastly, stop telling people to leave if they don’t like it. There is nothing more unamerican than telling your fellow citizens to leave if they don’t like it. You didn’t leave during Obama and we’re not going anywhere you fool. You cried for 8 years and blamed everything on Obama so just wait for us to blame everything on the idiot elect until the time that he is “unpresidented”.

            • Every part of your statement is wrong or incorrect. First Hillary used one private email server, not several and none were illegal, they were just against protocol. Her actions never led to the death of dozens of people. The Republicans defund rd our embassies which led to Benghazi. The Middle East and Isis issue was created by GWB. He made fun of a disabled reporter and mocked him. Everyone knows that when you talk that way and hit your hand against your chest you are calling someone retarded. If you served during the Cold War why are you so okay with your Cheeto Jesus being helped by the Russians. Why are you okay with their interference in our election? Why are you okay with Cheeto Mussolini being so cozy with Putin, the former head of the KGB? As far as jobs Chump hasn’t even taken office yet and his actions will most likely lead to a net loss of jobs. Obama created 15 million jobs in the last 8 years, that’s roughly 20k jobs a day or 2.5 carrier deals per day. You clearly don’t know your facts. As far as all the women a lot of them complained or filed suit before he even ran for president, look it up. His ex wife said he raped her decades ago. One of the women is still around and just filed suit against him this week. So you wanna know where they went? They’re still around. The electoral college was created to protect slave owners and if you don’t want just a few states determining election than why are you okay with 3 states with small populations deciding it? Is it because your guy won? He only beat her by less than 100k votes in 3 states, to say she only got votes from certain states is false. In the states that won the election for him he barely squeaked out a win. Obama is leaving with an incredibly high approval rating. So nothing about you saying the dislike about him or him being the worst president is all false, by approval rating and fact. You know what’s unprecedented? So many idiots like you siding with the communists against their own country. Electing a moron with zero experience. Allowing the Russians to determine the outcome of our election. That is unprecedented. He was not elected “fair and square”. Lastly, stop telling people to leave if they don’t like it. There is nothing more unamerican than telling your fellow citizens to leave if they don’t like it. You didn’t leave during Obama and we’re not going anywhere, you fool. You cried for 8 years and blamed everything on Obama so just wait for us to blame everything on the idiot elect until the time that he is “unpresidented”.

          • I feel sorry for the people that are still supporting every insane move he makes because guess what. Unless you’re a billionaire he’s not going to do shit for you. Hasn’t he proved he lies? Good luck. At least we aren’t naive

        • Lol whether you like it or not and whether you chooses to say it or not, he IS your president, unless you leave. Liberals will never allow themselves to admit when he does something that SHOULD bring us together. The only people standing in the way of unity are the liberals who keep saying they will never unify or be tolerant of him. You are all guilty of everything you accuse him of being. Youre intolerant and bigoted. How do you call a man that is married to an immigrant, a XENOPHOBE? LOL! Youre all so delusional its scary. And so many of the things you hate him for are not even true but you refuse to branch out any further than your biased and ADMITTEDLY FALSE news stations. Keep carrying all that hate inside you, the rest of us are happy and moving toward a better country FOR ALL AMERICANS.

        • You can say that all you want, Thomas…however, unless you live outside the borders of this great nation, he IS your President. Eight years ago, we elected the first black President. Now, I wasn’t happy with him, however…I gave him a chance and kept that hole between my chin and nose closed, which is what you should do…or get packing.

        • So you’re moving out of the country today?
          If not, his is indeed your president.
          I’m so sick of this childish “NOT MINE” BS. Just because you didn’t get your way, doesn’t mean that Trump is not “your” president.
          Grow up.
          Not everyone gets to win every time. That is ridiculously childish.

        • Get the hell over it. He is OUR PRESIDENT. I hated Obama yet I recognized he was still our President. Get over it you whiny snowflake.

        • Are you moving out of the country? Good luck, most countries including our neighbors to the north and south have a much tougher immigration policy than we do. Try making a run across the border into Mexico and see what happens. If you’re not moving from the country, then he is your president for the next 4 years- just like Hillary would have been my president. I don’t agree with her policies- just as I didn’t agree with Obama’s but I respect this great country – I’m smart enough to realize that it isn’t perfect but there are way, way worse places I could live and I respect the lives of the men and women, both past and present that have sacrificed and died for me and you to be able to have different opinions and agree to disagree.

      • Until he loses interest and quits because being president is too hard and takes up all his twitter time and is way, way more than a series of rallies in front of swooning fans.

      • Thank you, Deb, As Trump scares them, Hillary frightened me, but I would of accept Hillary as my President if she would have won. That is the difference between some Dem and Rep.

        • No the difference is that Hillary Clinton is certainly flawed, but not a preening, narcissistic sociopath who suggests making lists of American citizens based on their religion. She at the very least is a conventional politician who respects the office and our institutions. Donald Trump is installing a cabinet that reflects his business interests, not the American people. What is it going to take for you guys to realize he is not on your side either. He’s not on ANYONE’S side except his own, and he’s willing to throw all of you under the bus for his own personal gain.

          Hillary lost. We’re not talking about installing her as president. As you’ll see if you bothered reading, at this point we’d be willing to take almost ANY Republican instead of Donald Trump. (the only exception might be Sarah Palin)

          • Oh well. Doesn’t much matter what you’d be willing to accept. That is what the election decided. There aren’t really any further negotiations because you aren’t happy with the results. Your “I voted” sticker will have to serve as your bandaid. Or trophy.

      • Yours maybe, but never mine. You may be alright with the vile things Donny Boy has done and said, not only throughout his campaign, but throughout his entire life, but those of us who were, and are, repulsed by his vulgar way of life, do not, and will never, claim him. Get over it.

        • I know people that lost their insurance because of Obamacare they can’t afford the deductibles now they’re too high our debt is so high that it would take a hundred years to pay it off if we started now with everybody paying fifty thousand a year the last eight years has been a disaster with Clinton in there would have been a disaster too no better when Obama got in there I didn’t see protest and crying and all kind of misdeeds going on like there is no you’ll give the man a chance and see what he can do and if he doesn’t do it we’ll put him out I hope he does good that’s what I said about Obama to when he got in there the first time I hope he does we need good so hope he does don’t hope he messes up like some people are hoping that’s stupid is a lot of people out here that need a lot of good things done for them and maybe he’ll do it we’ll see God bless you all

        • lol, evidently you did not study up on Hillary, way worse then Trump, and then to top it off, most people don’t care how bad Hillary is. So for all those people that say “Not My Presient”, Move…. because we are going to make America Great Again…. with you or without you.

          • When was it great? What era? When we had separate water fountains? When woman made$.65 to every $1 a man made? We have been steadily moving forward as a nation. I don’t think it has ever been any better than now. What does that slogan even mean? Make America Better?

            • Um, in case you hadn’t noticed since Obama we have been more racially divided than we had been in decades… we have far more issues sterling from racial hatred than before he was in office and that’s for damn sure. Obama tore this country in two.

              • NOPE! The people who couldn’t stand the fact that a “black man” was in the White House did and a Democrat at that!

                The same people that declared they would do whatever needed to see he was only one term and that nothing he tried to do would get done!

                The same people on here that keep claiming they are such fine people because “they” wouldn’t do anything like what the other side are doing! The same people who only see purity when they look in their mirrors and have to tear down others to feel good about themselves!

                The very people who have themselves so high up on their pedestals that common sense can never reach them! Keep believing your imaginary self-image if it makes you happy even though it is not true!

                People like you are what divided this country not Obama!

              • That is a barefaced lie. This country is largely built on the back of racism and for you to say that “Obama caused racial division” is delusional on your part, and he did “tear this country in two”. What he DID was become the first African American President, and there are those who will never be okay with it. One thing I have noticed is the fact that when this country got away with lynching black men and raping black girls and women, burning crosses on their lawns, letting dogs loose as well as drenching them with fire hoses that was fine too, not to mention the bombing of a church in Birmingham, AL that took the lIves of four ltitle black girls..but when those people were being persecuted and began to stand up to the brutality..all hell broke loose because we weren’t supposed to fight back. The first ‘racial divide’ took place in this country before black people arrived here..it began with the Native Americans (remember them)?
                I’ll tell you this though..this is not 1850 and sure as hell isn’t 1950.

            • Great is when I could afford to pay for college as I went and not get buried in an avalanche of student loans. Great is when someone could get an entry level respectible paying job for $15/ hour job with no higher education, impossible now as those jobs require a 4 year degree. Great when my employer could offer a decent healthcare package that cost me less than $30/month and I could go to almost any provider. Great when I could buy a home for $60,000 and now it’s $300,000. Great when the government wasn’t printing money with no tangible collateral. Great when the most common words of store merchandise weren’t “Made in China”. Great when prescriptions couldn’t bankrupt you. Great when the seed industry wasn’t injecting animal DNA in to vegetable seeds. Great when farmers couldn’t get sued for having the neighbor’s GMO crops drift into their field. Great when parents could make health choices for their children without fear of the children being removed from the home for endangerment. Great when regulations and laws were based on sensible reasons and not created for corporate interests. Great before journalists and news outlets weren’t owned by corporations. Great when government was smaller and people actually got involved in meetings, legislation, and effecting change instead of writing unresearched, parroted online rants while hidden behind a screen and thinking they are doing something meaningful.

        • He is OUR AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Respect is deserved no matter if it is a Dem or Rep. If you want to speak vile, where were you when Billy boy was getting blow jobs in the OVAL OFFICE and Hillary harassed Monica not Bill. And that was the other choice for President??? Who lies, condones cheating, allows Americans to die in Benghazi and cover it up. To destroy phones and computers with confidential information on the server. I didn’t like Obama either but I gave him a chance and had an open mind. Not once but twice.

          • Respect is earned. He needs to earn this country’s respect. I am not a Trump supporter, but I pray that he can get it together for the sake of our country. I have never, ever wanted to be proven wrong about something in my life like I do this!

          • Hillary is not what we’re discussing here. Why do you all keep deflecting? We don’t want to install her into the presidency. We are merely opposed to this cretin who you have the temerity to support, but unable to, since all you can muster is invective against a woman who has already conceded.

            • That’s fair and all that is requested. Base opinions on his actions as a president, not speculation of what might be.
              I think back to my younger years, and the iresponsible friends getting pregnant while in high school or shortly after, thinking, “They are partiers,don’t want to work, not ready for parenthood, those kids are going to be so neglected.” But ya know what, those people stepped up their game and did just fine as parents.

          • Now who’s vile? I’m tired of thinking “hypocrite!” Every time
            One of you zealots speak. It’s exhausting and childish. Billy boy could get a thousand blow jobs and he would still be a better president any day of the week.

        • Interesting how many of his followers really got a kick out of his vulgarity and his sarcastic remarks, like how he’d “like to kill the press” because those things are how their minds work also.

      • That’s right Deb! Let the record show-the people fighting against this are SORE LOSERS…They don’t care about our country…they care about their feelings being hurt because thy didn’t get their way.

        • Why does it matter what religion One is or isn’t? Politics in America is supposed to be secular…remember?! Church is separate from the State. So it should be. Fundamentalists of all stripes become corrupt when in power. People who do not want Trump are those who want a kind, intelligent leader.