Guys, This is Why Women Really Marched

In the days following the Women’s Marches all around the country ( including the largest protest of its kind in our nation’s capitol), I’ve watched a curious and telling response on social media: men pontificating about why women really marched. This has been particularly prevalent in Christians circles, with dudes like self-appointed Jesus-guy guru Dale Partridge, who speculated that women were “confused”, and that the march (like all things for such men), really boiled down to women needing men to “lead them”. Olympic level mansplainer (though he abhors the term) Matt Walsh, took to lecturing women on their methods and proceeded to dismiss and talk down to those who marched—as Jesus would.

These two are symptomatic of the problem we have here, especially in the Church: men telling women why they do what they do and how to do what they do; proving again they are capable of spectacularly missing the point on even a day as ripe with moments of learning for them as it was. They proved that they ultimately believe that the only solution to a women’s problem is a man. It’s this kind of subtle or overt knuckle-dragging misogyny that has characterized organized religion for decades, and reminds us what fragile men who are threatened by women, look like.

I decided to do something Dale, Matt, and lots of these types never think about doing: I asked women why they marched.

Here are just a fraction of the thousands of responses that came in:


I marched or justice, for the poor, for immigrants, for friends who face so much discrimination and hatred because they are seen as different and threatening. I marched for equal rights, and so my nieces can have educations, good jobs, and be respected. – Julie


I marched because personal autonomy is my right, not a privilege bestowed on me by men. – Kim


I marched with 100,000 others in Portland because I disagree with everything the new administration stands for. I support women’s rights to control their own bodies, I believe our environment needs protection and that Native American rights must be respected. To have a president who does not support equal rights for all people, LGBT included, and gets his news from FoxNews and the National Inquirer is anathema to the truth and the faithful leadership our country needs. – Beverly


I marched because 46% of the people who voted cast their vote for a man who thinks he is entitled to grab us by the genitalia, because he is a C-list reality personality and thinks women should be considered human on a case by case basis. – Kathy


I marched for my gay son, Muslim friends, my best friend who is African-American, immigrants and all those marginalized who cannot or are afraid to march themselves. – Bethany


I marched for my son, because I want a world for him to grow in that has not normalized hate and disrespect. I marched for my sisters, nieces, cousins and all the young girls on the verge of womanhood to show them sexism, narcissism, and misogyny won’t stand. I marched for the young daughter of a friend who has faced herculean health issues to show her health care is a right and that people deserve to get help no matter their economic background, sex, or predisposition. I marched for my gay friends, because no loving couple should ever live in fear their loved ones will be torn from their marriage because of fits of homophobia and prejudice. I marched for my husband, a journalist, in a time where freedom of speech is endangered, fake news helped foment a fallacy of belief, and post-truth has become a reality. I marched for the young adopted son of a friend, because no child should ever be terrified that he will be sent away because of the hateful rhetoric of a wall to divide this country. I marched for my Muslim friends, because a difference in religion does not mean a difference in humanity. I marched for my African-American friends, because no one should die at the hands of unchecked authority. I marched because I am a child of immigrants, proud of my heritage, and understand we are a country founded on immigration and blessed with a melting pot of divergent history. I marched for my police and fire family and friends because the drive to protect and serve believed by the majority of them should not be poisoned by the racism and fear mongering spewed by a few. I marched because women’s rights, to our bodies, to our sexuality, to our intellect, to our future, are equal rights. I marched because while we have come so far, we have so very far to go. I marched because silence is acceptance. And as I marched, I carried you with me. – Sue


I marched because Christ directed us to care for the poor and the needy and to share what we have with those less fortunate. I marched for my LGBT son who deserves a world as loving and kind as he is. – Janie


I marched because I have been assaulted and harassed and had no voice to object. Now a man who brags of grabbing women is in the utmost office of our country and my support of him is supposed to just be given; without objection, without a voice? No, I have my voice now and won’t be shamed for standing up to him. – Heather


So my grand daughters will have control of their bodies, so rape and sexual assault is not legitimized, so the poor are not villainized, so Muslims, Jews, and black people are not terrorized, so gay people can live in dignity, so they will know haters are the minority, so they know they will never turn us against each other. – Brenda


I marched because not everyone is as “fortunate” as me. I have had medical coverage my whole life. I’ve never been denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. I’ve had a job (often multiple jobs at once) since I was 15. I make a decent living as a woman and as far as I know, I don’t make less than a male would in my same job. I’ve never been raped or sexually assaulted. I’ve never been in a position where I’ve had to consider abortion or needed Planned Parenthood. I’ve never identified as another gender and been called someone I’m not. I’ve never been pulled over for no other reason than my skin color. I’ve never been denied the right to marry. I’ve never had my child sent to a special school because she’s on an IEP. I’ve never been persecuted because of my religion. I’ve never been publicly mocked for having a disability. – Kari


I marched because I want my granddaughters to have the same opportunities as my grandsons. I want them to have access to an affordable education. I want them to have equal pay and a living wage. I want them to have autonomy over their bodies. I want all to be free to worship as they choose. I want immigrants from all nations to be welcome in America. I want them to have clean water and clean air. I don’t want walls, bigotry, hate. – Teresa


I marched for my ancestors and my children, for my Japanese mother, aunties and uncles, and grandparents who suffered persecution as second-class citizens in this country and could not achieve their dreams. I marched for my daughters, so that their reproductive health care is not controlled by a pseudo-Christian agenda. I marched for my sons, so that they know that in this family, dignity and respect for others, especially the women in their lives, is written in their DNA. – Keiko


I marched or equity and equality for ALL people. Because my faith demands that I stand up for the oppressed, the marginalized and the poor. Because I couldn’t NOT march. – Michelle


I marched for my children. I want them to know I do not support making fun of those less fortunate. I DO support helping others. I marched out of respect for our Constitution. I marched to support those who are afraid due to the color of their skin, their religion, their socioeconomic position. I marched for my grandmothers. I marched to honor their hard work in tirelessly and thanklessly raising a gaggle of children without their own choosing. I honor them and try to speak on their behalf. They mattered. We matter. And NOT because a man gave us his nod of approval, but because we are human, alive, and worthy of a voice with—or without your approval. – Rebecca


I marched because our new President needs to know that we are watching him. I marched because I want for my wife and I to remain legally married. I marched because I don’t want women to die getting back alley abortions or unable to get medical care or birth control. I marched because I black lives matter. I marched because Muslims are people and our nation was founded on religious freedoms. I marched because Americans deserve quality healthcare and a living wage. I marched because I want my nieces to get equal pay for equal work. I marched because I want my son to enjoy national parks and a quality education. And I marched because I want my nieces and nephews and my son to see that it is important for people to stand up and fight for what is right. – Tanya


I marched for women’s right to decide about their bodies and for rights of gay people to live and love freely. – Anne


I marched for those whose rights have been threatened: immigrants, Muslims, and any non-white woman. I marched because when any man grabs, rapes, assaults, or harasses a woman, I see her as my own daughter. I marched because if my daughter shows her shoulders, she may be sent home because a boy can’t control himself and focus. I marched because if women had not marched before me, I would not have the rights that I do. – Missy


I marched because they have to ask, and when some of them do, they are baiting; listening to respond, not listening to understand. – Laura


I marched because it was time for me to move from the armchair to the pavement! – Jo


I marched so because no man has the right to grab me or my daughter by the pussy… I don’t care how much money you have…. and if one of them rapes my daughter than she deserves the right to a safe abortion. – Hannah


I marched for my friends. I have friends and family who are LGBTQ, I have friends who are Muslim, I have friends who are Jewish, I have friends and family who are black, I have friends and family who are Hispanic, I have friends and family who are disabled. I know and love and am moved to compassion for homeless people. I believe black lives matter. I don’t believe our inner cities are rife with bad hombres and horrible “inner city people” carnage. I believe all people deserve to be treated equally, with respect and to have the same rights I do. I have friends who are, or have family members who are, undocumented immigrants. I believe in compassionate immigration and that our system is broken. I do not accept racism and discrimination. I will never normalize it. I will never overlook it. I will continue to fight against it.   – Caryl


I marched as a statement of respect for women and to be part of a movement that will assure my granddaughters and all girls will be treated with justice. I am concerned about anyone/anything that objectifies women. In terms of health care, I’m very frustrated that Planned Parenthood is on the chopping block when its services to women, especially the financially marginalized, are so critical. I marched because women should not have to pay more for health insurance than men, something that might not be protected if the ACA is repealed. I marched so young women will know they have a voice. Pro-life or Pro-choice was not my issue and I respect those on both sides of this issue. But pro-life means much more to me than protecting the unborn. It also means quality education for those children, access to health care for all, addressing food insecurity, protecting social security and Medicare for the elderly…the lives of immigrants, people of all colors and religious beliefs and sexual orientations… of life starts at conception but doesn’t end at birth. For me to say I’m pro-life means I will work to protect life throughout the journey. –Kay


I marched for the equality of humanity. I march for kindness and respect and tolerance. I march because love is love and humans are humans no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. I march because I am a teacher and the future of public education is important to the future of our country and world. I march because science is real. I march because America is beautiful because it’s diverse. – Kelsey


I marched because I’m the granddaughter, daughter and wife of a pastor. I have given my life for the church and I watched as they turned their back on women and didn’t just vote for a sexual deviant but they applauded him. They extolled him and made comments like “It will be good to have God back in the White House”, and meanwhile we still have people walk out of our church when a woman speaks. I marched because I have a daughter that should expect more of men than locker room talk. I marched because I’m the mom of 2 boys that have so much more to give than grabbing and assaulting girls. I marched because I’m a teacher who knows my students deserve better than a billionaire public school hater to lead them. I marched because I’m pro-life. The REAL kind. The kind that not only wants babies born but is willing to sacrifice to make sure those babies are clothed, fed educated and given medical benefits. I marched because I needed to feel like their was hope because I’m so flippin’mad that I had to do something. – Shelia


I marched to support women’s reproductive health and rights, I am also in a same-sex marriage and see this administration waging a war against women and the LGBT Community – Patricia


I marched to wholly and fully reject hate, division, and show in the most visible way that it’s not “business as usual.” We’re not going to accept a platform that wants to legalize hate and bigotry, we’re not going to sit back and quietly accept white supremacists and warmongers in the White House, and we’ll stand up loudly and in mass numbers to firmly reject rolling back the clock on rights people have fought and died for – women’s healthcare, civil rights, religious liberties, immigration, LGBT rights, etc. We have a long way to go but we’ve made tremendous progress and we’re not going to give that up without a loud and long fight. It was showing that Trump and his supporters, along with their losing popular vote, don’t speak for the country and we’re going to make that known at every turn during this administration. – Angie


I marched because the environment must be protected for our children and grandchildren. Because we must protect our precious public lands from being sold to the highest bidder. Because immigrants and people of color must not be marginalized. Because love is love and LGBTQ rights must be protected. Because affordable healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Because women are losing rights that we fought for and won over 40 years ago. Because we don’t get equal pay for equal work. Because we love this magnificent country too much to let a demagogue destroy it. And this: I marched because I believe in protecting the rights of the marginalized. I didn’t march only for my rights – I marched for others. – Danielle


I marched because I am so shocked and appalled at Trump’s behavior in the campaign, his attitude about Americans that are Muslims, of Mexican heritage, those that are gay, lesbian, and transgendered, those that have disabilities, and his comments about women. I marched because I am horrified at his cabinet choices, his disparaging comments about Gold Star families, those who were captured and held as prisoners of war, and rudeness towards those who worked their entire lives on civil rights issues. I marched because the lack of information about his debt is alarming, his flippant attitude towards our diplomats and long-time allies is scary, his comments about scientists concerned with global warming is nuts, his dismissal of Russian hackers and admiration of Putin is scary, and his attitude of having to be the biggest and the best inauguration is off-putting when there are actual problems to tackle. I marched because I was so lucky to have Planned Parenthood to go to when I was a young woman with endometriosis and no insurance. I marched because dismantling the ACA will directly impact my daughter, and therefore my entire family. I marched because I’ve been vocal and active since November, calling elected officials about supporting the ACA, cabinet choices, my thoughts about the ethics committee, and more, and I wanted to be around others who have taken steps and will continue to take steps to push back on policies that hurt others. But most of all, I marched because I want to be able to look at my kids years down the road and say to them I objected to Trump, and the March was just one of the ways I acted on it. – Lynn


I marched because had I been born 16 years earlier than I was, I could not have attended my beloved alma mater, the University of Virginia. I marched because I refuse to attend an Evangelical church because they treat women like second-class citizens and I wouldn’t teach my daughter that she has limits based on her gender. It is my job as her mother to fight to remove the limits we still have so that she can shine however she is meant to shine, regardless of her gender. – Dani


I marched because I am worth equal pay and want to keep the right to say what happens to my body. – Diana


I marched to tell Trump and his rich white cronies that I am raising my children to value humans, the earth, diversity (of gender, race, ability, ethnicity, religion), health care, and civil rights more than $. I marched to say that I won’t allow us to return to the days when women had no choices about family planning. I marched to say that hate and fear are toxic and unwelcome in my America. I marched to show those who are more vulnerable than me that I’m out of my bubble and I stand with them. – Andrea


I marched because silence has never made change. Because dissent is patriotic. Because Hillary win the popular vote by almost 2.9 million votes. Because women of color still don’t have adequate representation, and though I don’t speak for people of color, I stand by them indisputably.

I marched for so many reasons, I can’t list them all here. But it’s worth looking into if you really think we just wanted to make noise for no reason. – Chelcie


I marched because JESUS gave me my marching orders in Matthew 25:35-45. I will march against hate and all who claim to represent Christ but are really just taking his name in vain! As ordained clergy and a pastor I heard my calling despite my church. I want all people, male and female, to be able to hear the call of God for whatever they are meant to be! – Tracie


I marched for the women still treated like the perpetrator when trying to bring justice to their rapist.

I marched for the women who will never see justice come.

I marched because in 2016 a rapist literally caught in the act can be sentenced to 6 months and only serve 3 for “good behavior”.

I marched because as much as we’ve fought so far, sexual abuse and rape culture is still rampant and accepted and we’ve still got a long way to go.

I marched for the parents who have lost their son due to police brutality.

I marched for the 12-year-old boys still being treated like adult criminals simply because their skin is black or brown.

I marched for the single moms crying because they can’t provide for their kids, questioning whether to get a second or third job and if that would even be feasible.

I marched for the women told they are irrational, overbearing, or even abusive when they ask to be treated with equal respect in the workplace and expect not to be sexually harassed.

I marched for the men who still think being violent and domineering is the only true “masculinity”, and for the women who accept and enable those mindsets.

I marched for the women still believing their dreams and life goals are irrelevant and that being a woman means they have to be a wife and mother and nothing else. – Joanna


I marched because equality hurts no one. I will march for minorities, for rape victims whose offenders walk free, for my LGBTQ friends/family, for affordable healthcare for all, for the environment, for women to have the right to control our own bodies, but mostly, for the future of our children. They deserve better. Shawna


I marched because I am a white, educated woman whose mother came here as a WWII refugee. My Lithuanian grandparents were so grateful for the life they had here, and my grandmother voted in every election until she died. Everyone should have the opportunities that my mother and subsequently I, have had. Trump and his minions scare the crap out of me. I think this is the test of our generation, and I’m determined not to go quietly. – Donna


I marched because:

You are not equal. Even if you feel like you are. You still make less than a man for doing the same work. You make less as a CEO, as an athlete, as an actress, as a doctor. You make less in government, in the tech industry, in healthcare.

You still don’t have full rights over your own body. Men are still debating over your uterus. Over your prenatal care. Over your choices.

You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs.

You still have to carry mace when walking alone at night. You still have to prove to the court why you were drunk on the night you were raped. You still have to justify your behavior when a man forces himself on you.

You still don’t have paid (or even unpaid) maternity leave. You still have to go back to work while your body is broken. While you silently suffer from postpartum depression.

You still have to fight to breastfeed in public. You still have to prove to other women it’s your right to do so. You still offend others with your breasts.

You are still objectified. You are still catcalled. You are still sexualized. You are still told you’re too skinny or you’re too fat. You’re still told you’re too old or too young. You’re applauded when you “age gracefully.” You’re still told men age “better.” You’re still told to dress like a lady. You are still judged on your outfit instead of what’s in your head. What brand bag you have still matters more than your college degree.

You are still being abused by your husband, by your boyfriend. You’re still being murdered by your partners. Being beaten by your soulmate.

You are still worse off if you are a woman of color, a gay woman, a transgender woman. You are still harassed, belittled, dehumanized.

Your daughters are still told they are beautiful before they are told they are smart. Your daughters are still told to behave even though “boys will be boys.” Your daughters are still told boys pull hair or pinch them because they like them.

You are not equal. Your daughters are not equal. You are still systemically oppressed. – Jennifer


I marched because of Brock Turner. And every other rapist that gets off with a slap on the wrist. And because of our politicians have so narrowly defined rape that they aren’t technically rapists. – Leigh


I marched because I personally, have been lucky enough to not be a victim of anything relating to my gender (that I’m aware of). I have however, seen and felt the stifling of women’s voices in church. I marched for other women of any age who are embarrassed, fearful or ashamed to voice their beliefs and concerns. My sign said “Christian Feminist . . . is not an oxymoron.” I chose that phrase in an attempt to show other women in my church community that they are free to speak up as well. – Laura


I marched for all the victims of sexual assault, of which I am one. I marched because we’ve come too far to be turned back 100 years. I marched because no government should be allowed to tell us what to do with our bodies, men and women alike. i marched for the mothers and children bathing themselves in brown water while the government refuses to give them clean water to drink. i marched because brown skin doesn’t make you a terrorist. i marched because of double standards. I marched because i believe in the constitution, every. single. word of it—not only for our citizens, but for every human being. Human rights aren’t determined by where you are born. – Bobbie


I marched to show my children that in the face of hate and cruelty they must speak loudly for justice.

I march because I know this country can be safer and calmer with reasonable gun laws like universal background checks. Because women in the United States are 11 times more likely to be murdered with guns than women in other high-income countries, and when a gun is in the home during domestic violence American women are 500 times more likely to be killed. Gun violence is a women’s issue.

I march because Black Lives Matter and despite the first line in our founding document, we are not living equally. I will use my ears to hear an experience that I do not know, and my voice to affirm, because white silence is violence.

I march because I will not allow homophobic and transphobic men to take anything away from vulnerable LGBTQ kids or committed adults. I will not be silent as suicides spike in states with so-called ‘bathroom bills’. If people were actually concerned about women and girls being molested, they wouldn’t have voted for a sexual assaulting predator.

I march because disabled Americans deserve full respect with their own voices added to our national conversation, not mockery by the highest power in our government. And disabled children deserve the same quality education as my children, and that is such a fundamental human right that it should not be a decision left up to states.

I march because our earth is more important than profits and I will allow my environmentalist son’s voice to yell through me into these ever-warming winds to save these finite resources for him and another thousand generations of humans and all of his beloved creatures.

I march because I am fiercely proud of the wave of democracy our country brought to the world and the freedoms protected by the First Amendment. I consider a vote for a speech-threatening fascist to be unpatriotic and I will use my voice and dollars to fight for a free press.

I march because all of the steps I will be taking in D.C. will be just the start of my resistance. This has not been normal here. It is not normal. It will not be normal. – Erin


I marched for many reasons and the main one being the 2 amazing sets of eyes that belong to my girls (13,10). I told them we were marching in the snow and cold temps to unite with thousands of other women and men across the world to speak up for those that can’t speak as loudly for themselves. That while we wouldn’t agree with everyone we marched with or every sign we saw that we would with most and we wanted them to feel seen and heard. With all of my being I believe Jesus would have been marching with us.

I desire my girls to not even know there are ceilings to shatter because they have already been shattered– I desire healthcare for all who want it including my 14-year-old son who was born with a pre-existing condition, I desire our earth to be cared for, and I desire for our voices to be heard that we will not quietly stand by as hatred and yuck are spewed out from the highest of leadership in our country. Not on our watch! – Camille


Guys (Christian and otherwise), here’s an idea: Ask women why they marched. Don’t tell them why they marched. Every single one of them knows explicitly why. This is a golden moment for we who claim to be real men, to be silent, to sit down—and to listen.


If you marched, please add why you marched in the comments below.

Also, to hear more stories, see #WhyIMarch, #WhyIWalk, or visit my Facebook page to see the undress of responses not included above.







171 thoughts on “Guys, This is Why Women Really Marched

    • Regarding your 2nd paragraph, not going to happen until JP turns from his sins and truly places his faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Right now, social/political/theological liberalism is his “lord.” Just read his blogs on hell and the Bible. Pray for JP.

        • It’s one thing to dislike what Trump has done as well as his attitude but the Biblical AND Pastoral approach is to PRAY for our President. Christians need to approach politics and all things biblically.

          Hating Trump and/or his supporters is a waste of time and energy. However, to answer your question, it would not surprise me if a Trump presidency is “hell” for JP since Trump does not agree with JP politically.

          • Although JP is deceived, he believes what he is posting and I do not think it is click bait. Did you read his blog about Rob Bell 2+ years ago? JP shares similar theology to the likes of Bell and McLaren- Denial of the atonement, low value of God’s Word, focus on the temporal over the eternal, and promotion of solving problems through government.

            Notice there is nothing posted from JP about sin or a need for a savior?

            • John P believes that all people are basically “good” and with that viewpoint, there is no great need for a savior. So then just what do you do with Jesus? You turn him into a spokes model for your social agenda and call it “love”. And if there are those who disagree with you on that agenda, you get to blast and bombard them with insults about them not being loving or caring or being a Christian.

            • Edward- I agree completely. It is unfortunate that it appears “Liberal Christianity” has redefined love as accepting everything other people do. If you do not accept all their actions you are unloving. If you are offensive then you are unloving. That does not exactly equate to Biblical love.

        • Declan, put a sock in it. You have no insight whatsoever into women or women’s problems or the injustices they suffer every day. Just be still.

      • Thanks Mr. Five Percenter. I guess you are going to tell us next that the Christian faith is “nothing else but evangelism” and that Hell is the greatest evangelistic device ever invented. Can you say: “evangelistic?” Great!!! Now you know at least one long word. You fundies seem to think that if you use it enough times people will think you are smart. Problem is—other people know whole bunches of other long words. Right Joe?

    • Could you please provide, in verifiable facts, there is a heaven, a hell, and what qualifies as sin? Oh, and if you cannot, please do us all a favor and begin closing your mouth and hands… thank you.

        • …For JP & followers, Jesus was tortured, & crucified for no reason.

          Which is illogical on its face.

          Who would send their Son to be slaughtered for no reason?

          The Progressive Christians deny there is such thing as evil (because Man is ‘good’).

            • Most sensible thing you’ve said so far. There’s is no need to be a Christian, or of any other religion. God doesn’t exist. The bible is just a book that’s been written and rewritten, to suit the powerful at the time, to keep people, usually women, under control.

          • Leslie. Wrong again!!! Where do you come up with this crap? You would probably define my church as Progressive—and we do not believe any of these things you are accusing us of. Go get an education about what nonfundie Christians believe before you start throwing around lies and baseless accusations. I at least know what you fundies believe because I bother to read about it.

          • There was a reason Jesus was tortured and crucified. The creator would send his son. I am a progressive and I see evil everyday. You should get to know some progressives. Obviously. We do not all fit in the one box you try to place us in, Just as I am sure not all those who like to call themselves conservatives are the same.

        • There are hundreds of books on unicorns and leprechauns, does that make them real? Look at how many religions there are, are all of their “gods” real? All “heaven” and “hell” iterations are real because it is in print or stories passed down from generation to generation? That makes it real? There is no savior, and if you are looking for Donald or someone else to be that savior, I hope your “god” can save you from Donald and his actions…

          • H- First, I’d like to know what you believe?
            Please see my comments below pertaining to biblical verses that prove it’s accuracy:

            1. Isaiah 66:8- Prophecy fulfilled when Israel reformed as a nation on May 14, 1948

            2. Ezekiel 30:5- Libya is referenced specifically by name. They did not reform as a country until the 20th century.

            3. Ezekiel 38 & 39- Gog and Magog are prophesied to invade Israel. This regions are modern day Russia and Iran. There are high tensions between both nations and Israel.

            4. Revelation 11:9- The entire world will see the death of the 2 witnesses. How? Smart phones, tablets, etc. The entire world seeing a monumental event like this would have been impossible going back to the 90s.

            5. Revelation 13:1-7- A one world government with one man possessing absolute power would have been unheard of in the 1st century. Look at the world now? We’re moving towards globalism!

            6. II Thessalonians 2:3-4- Prophesy of the rebuilt Temple. Do you follow any news from Israel? They are preparing the rebuild the Temple. It will happen.

            Finally, please look at your computer, clothes, TV, car, etc. What do they all have in common. They were created. Our universe, much like the items I mentioned, were intently created by God. Nothing produces nothing.

            The God of the universe loves you more than you can comprehend and that is why he sent Jesus, his son, to pay the penalty we deserve because of our sins. If we turn from our sins (i.e. repent) and place our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior we have eternal life.

            My apologies for the length. Have a great day!

          • If money is real, then Santa is real, unicorns are real, Jesus is real, hell is real, the biblical apocalypse is real.

            Belief drives action.

            I marched because of the risk of Sharia law, which is in practice remarkably very similar to the Chistian law being preached from the State House. Once religion-based laws are normalized, democracy is done. We will no longer govern with the focus on the practical, objecive needs of the people, but with swords of “righteousness” instead of swords of riteous deeds as the biblical greek more accurately translates.

            I marched every step with a prayer for Christian literacy. The patriarchy’s “truths” are crucifying Jesus a second time, with all the *self-fulfilling* prophecies in tow.

            I marched because my faith has me convinced it doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s not dead, yet.

            I expect to get burned for this.

        • H is talking about objective empirical evidence, freed from passion, like in a laboratory science experiment. They cannot do that “H” because they have no such evidence—and neither does anyone else. That is why it is called “faith.”

        • Valhalla. Vikings believed in it enough to fight and die for it. To have centuries of their children raised to believe in it. Yet it’s not around anymore. Belief is a wonderful thing. We look for reasons that we need to be good, that we need to work together, and to be kind to one another, then we fight and kill each other because of our righteousness about our system of doing things. As the planet gets smaller through better communication, and we learn, through science, which sticks to facts and data, that most of our fairy tales were lovely to get us through the day, but have no more truth to them than the Earth is flat or Zeus throwing thunderbolts down. Heaven and hell are constructs that rich people made sure were put in place to keep you in your place. Jesus believed in no such thing. They are additions of the Romans from the 700s. He taught peace and love and charity and tolerance to those of his faith who lacked them, and, ironically, all of those who go on about Christian heaven and hell are right back where Jesus would have been embarrassed to know them. We don’t need a dogma to be good and kind to one another. Toss the Bible, and focus on what you can do to make the world a better place just because it needs to be one, and you need to be a better person,. Jesus would smile on that idea, truly.

    • Get a life !
      You don’t care about anyone other than yourself! This pretending Bs about how sooo concerned you are about the unborn makes no sense other than it makes you feel like the better person…..Your church doesn’t even allow birth control…..Please give us all a break .
      Let God be love.

      • Then believe what you believe. Live your life that way. What if I, for example, thought you had no business being a Catholic? That your faith was impacting millions of people’s rights to live their lives because it is constantly trying to tell others who don’t believe as you do what to do. That I was perhaps, furious that, over the centuries, it was used by kings and popes to exploit the poor and aggregate wealth? That it represents more of the Roman system, all of which was about control, than the six hundred years of Christian faith that preceded it, and that it should be disbanded? There are people of equally good faith and person who see that the coming world is going to be more and more automated with 8B people and growing living better and longer, and Christians, but Catholics in particular are all about getting more humans on the planet, but I hear precious little from you all on the subject of what to do with all of these lives you want to create when they’re here, or how the Church is using its billions in land holdings and treasure to feed or clothe the poor that already don’t have much opportunity to just survive. What if someone said to you that, in that light, you’re having a “love the kitten, but ignore the cat in the shelter moment?”

        You would be outraged. All of the points, just as your own, are wholly true and valid. Those issues are real, and equally valid.

        The point is, that your beliefs guide you in one way, and others have equally valid points of their own. So, don’t get an abortion. Counsel your family to do the same. It’s a free country to say you don’t like them.

        Don’t YOU see, though, the irony of your position, and how you can offend others by parading the notion that YOUR beliefs can, just as easily, stomp on someone else who does not share your world view about conception?

        Further, I would add that you should give a lot of THINK to your position, which was built by a church in need of membership millennia ago in a world with about 7B fewer people in it.

    • I see Joe Catholic is gone today—replaced by “Lone Catholic.” Same troll, different name. If you doubt me, count how many posts he has on here today. I counted 31. 31 Posts! Who has time for that many. Most people have jobs, families, responsibilities. They might squeeze in a quick peek before going to bed at night, but they do NOT comment 31 times on one post. And he (or she, but I suspect he) only wants to sow discord. In my world, his kind are called “Turds.”

    • How do you know what he’s doing? You only know what he’s writing. I think writing against Trump is one of the most Christian things to do right now.

    • How do you know what he’s doing? You only know what he’s writing. I think writing against Trump is one of the most Christian things to do right now.

    • It always astounds me how self-proclaimed Christians decide how other Christians should do their Christianity. It’s almost like you don’t know your Bible.

      You know, that book with Jesus in it. That social justice Jesus. Surely you’re familiar with that guy, the one who was so bold to disregard social mores and speak with the woman at the well (for starters.)

      Yet when other Christians follow that example, you would discredit them… for actually following Jesus example.


  1. Thank you for being this voice, John, and thank you for providing this forum for our voices. I have spent most of my adult life committed to the Church in all its flavors (my family and I were members of a wide range of churches from Charismatic to Baptist to Bible). Even in those days I was committed to diversity of belief and each church was an important part of our faith. But in the last 15 years I have watched the visible, very loud church become ugly and threatening. I didnt march on Saturday because of work commitments–but I supported the march, and would have marched, because my once beloved Church has claimed that God anointed a man (and even claimed his salvation) who brags about grabbing a woman sexually and then blows it off as “locker room talk”. As if “locker room talk” is acceptable and not a measure of the man’s character. Of all the very many things this man has said (and there were many) that were ugly and cruel and actual lies, I am appalled that men that I looked up to, James Dobson, Franklin Graham, are not standing up for me, my daughters and my granddaughters. These “men of the church” do not speak for me, and they don’t have any authority over me. I would have marched to say that. Donald Trump is not God’s anointed. The rain did not fall on his inauguration as some kind of blessing.

  2. Yes! I admit to having cringed when openly called ‘Christian’ because I had done something compassionate. I know say that if the behavior we are seeing is Christian, I am out. On the other side, some Christians are calling them out. Is it time to bring back the slogan ( I never liked) of ‘What would Jesus do?’ When I heard the comment about rain being a blessing, my first thought was ‘it falls on the just AND the unjust’.

          • Dear The Lone Catholic:

            In Donald Trump, YHWH handed Christagelical Evanjihadists a political Chernobyl as punishment for their blasphemous invocations of his sacred Name over past decades.

            Blessing or cursing — you decide.

          • Chasing interns? They won’t run. They’re silenced by their perception of his power.

            He’s chasing oil. Putin’s oil. Why do you think the former CEO of Exxon is secretary of State and the Environmental protection Agency has been ordered not to publish *anything?* Please watch as US aid goes to Russia for drilling technology. This will make America rich again… at least a few of us.

    • Educate yourself. Fascism nearly destroyed civilization in the 40s. Just what do you think God will accomplish with Trump and his cronies? In case you haven’t noticed, business is their god and greed their religion. Paul Ryan admires Ayn Rand’s books. Read up on her and her philosophy of objectivism.

  3. It was my understanding from a Catholic radio program I listened to that pro-life marchers were not welcome. I am heartened to see that there were indeed pro-life people in attendance. I completely agree with them. As far as I am concerned, pro-choice (abortion) advocates just muddy the waters. I agree with everything else. Every time DT opens his mouth or a tweet is reported, I feel sick.

    • The Lone Catholic, everyone was welcome. Not every group was welcome to sponsor, but that affected a wide range of organizations (including some that focus on making abortion illegal). One of the things this march did was bring people with different perspectives about abortion together to protest an administration that worries them for many reasons. When they came together, they found humans — people rather than caricatures — and began a dialog. Many social media forums I’m on now feature discussions between people with different beliefs about abortion’s legality, but they’re finding common ground on tackling the things that can reduce unplanned pregnancy (and, by default, abortion). It’s exciting to see this work building.

    • “Besides that, Trump is already doing good things for the economy.”

      Sure, cutting taxes that fund the efforts of the EPA is great for the short-term economy. Not so good if you’d like to actually be healthy as you celebrate your business’s future success.

      Treating the health effects of pollution ultimately costs much more than any returns we’re experiencing today. We all pay in one form or another. And now, we pay it back with interest.

      • Not to mention that getting rid of the EPA means nbo regulations. Big short-term profits in exchange for taking the planet beyond its ability to sustain human life? I call that evil because it is turning our backs on the creation of which we are stewards.

      • The EPA has all its paychecks signed by our GOVT, therefore, they are beholden to which ever Administration is in power.

        Their unwieldly, militant, money grubbing control on average Americans is coming to an abrupt end today.

        A farmer in my community (Santa Barbara) wants to build housing for his 600 migrant workers (on his own dime. ) A small 3 acre parcel on his own land. After paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees & fines for ‘perceived’ infractions… all building is halted because of a salamander habitat may be disrupted. (no one has seen the salamander). Furthermore, the Farmer was told that his men could not have outdoor lights for evening soccer games, because…it would disturb the wildlife on his OWN property. In the meantime (years) he has had to put up his workers in local hotels. At huge expense.

        THIS is typical EPA. There are a million same stories across our country. Anyone that has wealth, is coerced, and made to pay extortionist fees, $100k+. Private citizens are expected to pay, & pay, & pay….and still get nothing built. It’s complete highway robbery. Just because one has money, doesnt give the EPA the right to drain you dry. Thousands & thousands of enterprising people just give up, rather than take on that fight.

        Why is a salamander or a Manzanita shrub more important than a human being?

        • I’ll wager you that the facility for migrant workers this guy wants to build is not much better than the slums of Rio de Janeiro and the workers would end up living in appalling and unsanitary conditions.

          The salamander is not necessarily more important than humans—but God did create the salamander.—and it is ultimately his salamander—not mine or yours. In addition, you have to view the salamander not as an individual creature but as part of a larger ecosystem that God created. If you start removing certain creatures in the way you are talking about and keep on doing it, ecosystems die—and when ecosystems die—people will die. Environmental science is not about hugging trees, druids worship, and hugging some Earth Mother. Just like medicine and industrial safety, it is about saving human lives because this tiny spaceship Earth floats around in a huge and hostile universe filled with things deadly to human beings like radiation, fast-moving asteroids, and all other sorts of random and dangerous things. If spaceship Earth dies, all of us humans die. It is just like driving across the Sahara Desert. If your vehicle breaks down and you have no means of calling for help, no water, and no food—you are screwed Leslie.

          You have to balance taking care of our spaceship to save lives with meeting the other needs of people.

          • {cough} … Charles, it is not the Sahara Desert … it is just the Sahara (which means ‘desert’). 😉 … {cough}

            As for the rest, Environmental Science is easy.

            The air you breath was blown to you from some great distance away so it is up to that person, far away, to make sure that wind doesn’t kill you, or bring down particulates which poison your water and land.

            Your rainwater doesn’t stay on your land. It always flows somewhere else. Even if it seeps into the groundwater thus going beyond your sight, it remains your responsibility. Not only can you not poison yourself, you can’t poison the people down-water from where you are.

            When building any dwelling, you have to determine if the inhabitants will be living downwind of a harmful industrial expulsion.

            You have to make sure your septic and drinking water systems don’t ‘mix’ and your septic system doesn’t poison the ground water. You have to see that the rain runoff from your land doesn’t pick up anything toxic in it and carry those toxins on to others ~ even rivers and oceans.

            Whenever you complain about a regulation, think about how DUMB someone had to be to do the thing the regulation was created to STOP before carrying on with your bitching and moaning.

            I am hardly a fan of government control over our lives. I also think, if given half a chance, people can be blindingly moronic, harmful to themselves and others, and dangerous in their pig-headed insistence they know better. Since these idiots don’t exist in a vacuum and they have the habit of attempting to make portions of the globe uninhabitable … we have these regulations.

            Oh … and I found the salamander. It was tasty.

        • A salamander or a Manzanita shrub aren’t more important than a human being. But in order for human beings to live on this planet, we need something called biodiversity – because without it, we are DEAD. Get it? The whole thing about saving the planet isn’t about the planet, it’s about US. If we don’t save the planet, we are TOAST. Learn some science, would you?

    • And yet the abortion rate dropped during the Obama years to the lowest it has been since 1973. Abortion rates always drop during Demoncrat administrations.

      Rather than the Lone Catholic, you mostly sound like Tonto. Look it up in Spanish.

  4. I’m very proud of the millions of women an even the thousands of men that matched. The common theme here wasn’t for themselves, but for others. That’s what this whole ordeal has been about. Bringing people together. Hillary Clinton stated it all along. “Stronger Together”.
    I’m not buying this BS that Trump is trying to pull off. He is the shiny object…The distraction, while the many other sneaky little sleazeball s do their dirty little deeds. I’m not buying it and get the sense im often the only one that sees through it.
    I don’t want him to fail. Scarlet Johansson quoted it best. ” Mr. President, I did NOT vote for you” but we’re waiting for you to extend a branch. Which let’s face it.. it’s never going to happen.
    I am NOT a fan of Mr. Trump. I still cannot bring myself to call him President, as I did not vote for him.
    Our rights are being stripped right in front of us… We’re allowing it to happen . We have to keep up the momentum. It truly is a matter of life and death. Or should I say…The rich and the poor. The poor looses Everytime.

    • At the moment the GOP is attempting to strip the 1st Amendment of it’s right to peacfully assemble.
      Yesterday, the President signed orders to proceed with pipelines, carrying the dirtiest of materials to refineries in the South. These are all potential horrific despoilers of the land. The voices of the people have been largely ignored: only money and connections matter to the current occupant of the White House.
      Mr. Trump’s dalliance with Mr. Putin, puts us all in danger: Putin is a thug, and a murderer.
      Our President’s fascination and love for his ways, is a betrayl of our very way of life.
      The President’s insistence that the rules do not apply to him, are the mark of an autocratic dictator. The weakness of the Congress aids and abets him.

    • What rights you ask? As an Afro-American the right to promotion based on merit not the color of my skin. The right to an equal education for my children.The right to be able to drive my car and not be pulled over for driving while black. The right to not be afraid every time my son is out late because his dyslexia makes him inarticulate and if he is not quick enough he might be mistaken for a criminal and end up in jail or the morgue, Oh he has never been involved in crime.
      What else? The right to health care which is being stripped away as we speak without a replacement in sight. The right to a clean environment but this right is now being dismantled by executive order to allow the resumption of an oil pipeline and relaxation of environmental restrictions so business benefits with total disregard for the inherent risks to air and water pollution. The right to the benefit of scientific advances because Republicans do not believe in science .
      Have you ever thought that God gave us this earth to have dominion but dominion does not mean to destroy what God in his grace made for us. Guess this or. or health care is not important to you but all Americans should be afraid of what has been unleashed on us.
      If you need to ask that question please reread John’s post with mindfulness.

    • Dear the Lone Catholic:

      I’d be interested in your thoughts on something…

      President Trump filled senior cabinet positions with an unprecedented number of generals, including those assigned to supervisory roles in the military.

      President Trump’s inaugural address invoked ‘absolute loyalty to America’ and represented himself as the embodiment of the American people.

      President Trump twice in that same speech said that ‘America first’ must be the rule henceforth.

      President Trump emphasizes military power as key.

      President Trump is introducing legislation to further expand the already gigantic U.S. military machine.

      President Trump’s inaugural speech denounced ‘Washington politicians’ around him.

      So, TLC [may I call you that?], here is my question:

      What would one do differently in laying the groundwork for a coup?

      Please feel free to be as nebulous as you like.


      • Dear The Lone Catholic:

        You possess the native intelligence to realize that I’m speaking of the unprecedented representation of generalship for senior cabinet positions.

        I really like you to address that question:

        What would one do differently were they laying the groundwork for a coup?


        • Dear The Lone Catholic:

          That condition may not mean much to you. But it matters to me, because it is my thinking that Donald Trump is laying the groundwork for a political coup.


    • ZS: Mr Obama was quite sleazy to secretly slip $230 million tax payer dollars to Jew haters’ slush fund –literally at the last minute.

        • As part of the Jimmy Carter peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, the United States makes annual aid payments to the Israelis and Palestinians—best I can recall. It is a treaty obligation of the United States that goes back to about 1978.

  5. I appreciated this JP. I was moved by the Women’s March. Having raised a strong willed daughter in this day and age who has had to battle discrimination in the work place because she is cute and petite, Being being sexually harassed and held back. It took me off guard and made me angry. I thought our society had moved beyond this ! We still have a long way to go before our society treats everyone fairly.

      • “In a misguided budget-cutting move, the administration is looking to eliminate all 25 grant programs that are managed by the Justice Department’s Office of Violence Against Women.

        This grant money — established by the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and other legislation — offers help to organizations that provide transitional housing assistance and other services for victims of assault.”

        Please feel free to highlight that and search for it. You’ll find the source.

  6. Hi John. As a REAL not/heterosexual male- I’ve been marching for equality for decades. And I’ve pushed on too comfortable women to get up and march as well. Didn’t do any good. So- I guess we can thank the dumpster for finally being so disgusting- so crass- so ignorant- that he has single-handedly activated women to get off their collective asses and do something. Why did we have to hit this bottom for that to happen? You won’t like my answer- and some women intensely dislike me for saying it and pushing their buttons. Oh well.
    Maybe the election is the silver lining in altering this gender dynamic and activating women world-wide to CHANGE. Because being nice will never stop the dumpster. Unfortunately- if the election had gone to that “female” instead- none of this would be happening. But as we know- 53% of white (presumably religious christian) women voted for the dumpster. So there is some serious female to female work that still has to be done- and females are going to have to do that work- because my tendency to gay-mansplain only gets me in trouble- and I’m tired of being bashed by females for having a penis.
    Keep up the good work!

    • So that’s your only issue? Anti-abortion? And you think that excuses all the other issues with Donald Trump? Mocking the crippled, treating women as less than human? Fomenting hatred for those who are different? Jews? Muslims? Brown- and black-skinned people? Those are all OK just because he’s anti-abortion?

      Does not God love ALL his children equally? Isn’t that what Jesus taught us?

      Yes, Mr. Trump is anti-abortion, but he is NOT pro-life. Is it pro-life to deny the treatment needed (abortion) to a woman with a pregnancy that will kill her? Ectopic pregnancy, a baby dead in the womb – those will kill, slowly and painfully. And in almost all cases, the baby would not survive, either. Is that compassion for the unborn? Where’s the “pro-life” in that?

      Is it pro-life to deny health care to a child with a congenital problem that will kill him/her in childhood? Some of those deaths are also slow and painful. Such children are able to get health insurance through the ACA, but will be denied care if it’s repealed. And they will DIE.

      You can say that’s God’s will, but how do you know? Do you claim to have the knowledge of God? Be careful – such a claim is BLASPHEMY!

      Is it pro-life for a child to be born to a poor family that can’t afford to feet him/her and allow it to starve? Is it pro-life to see children in this – seen as the richest country in the world – starve to death or die of injuries simply because they are poor? Or black? Or different in some way? If you think that isn’t happening RIGHT NOW, then you need to take your blinders off.

      If you would deny life-saving treatment or resources to those children, where is your “pro-life” then? Does that not make you complicit in their deaths? Jesus told us to care for the least of us, because that was caring for Him. How does that fit with Mr. Trump’s attitudes?

      A lot of men seem to think that a woman should just keep her pants up if she doesn’t want to get pregnant, but how many men would accept that as a reason to not have sex when HE wants it? Would you? I would bet that most of the men who say that wouldn’t accept it as an excuse. And what if the man forces himself on her? Do you think that’s his right? Is that something Jesus would do?

      Mr. Trump is a megalomaniac. He cares nothing for anyone except himself. I can’t think of anyone who will pull this country further away from Christ. God help us all.

      And thank you, John, for being a voice in the wilderness.

      • Dear Dragonfire:

        Repeatedly, I have identified a consistently pro-life philosophy as one which in addition to protecting pre-born children refuses discretionary for-profit wars.

        I have pointed repeatedly to political shifts that anticipate a third world war which will include inevitably thermonuclear holocaust and the loss of not only of millions but of billions of lives.

        This is not addressed.

        Infanticide is a great moral issue. But the refusal to set this in the broader context of a pro-life philosophy which also includes health care, education, opposition to war and more — that marks an intention to divide and disorient the public with the result that progress on any of these issues becomes impossible.

        The fascistic right carries about a handful of narratives. If one calls for health care or opposition to war as a necessary component of a pro-life position, instantly the narrative changes — socialism doesn’t work, who will pay, etc.

        It’s time to refuse the narrative shell game of reactionary layers of society. It’s also time that the church exorcised that game from its presence.


      • Dragonfire: those that value Life, [like God does] are able to make other right decisions as well. It’s foundational for every important decision in one’s country, state, community, family.

        • Dear leslie m.:

          ‘ those that value Life, [like God does] are able to make other right decisions as well. It’s foundational for every important decision in one’s country, state, community, family.’

          … which is why I keep saying that one cannot support discretionary, for-profit war and be pro-life, however much one opposes abortion.


    • It’s not equality. People have more nerve endings for a whole lot longer *after* they’re born, certainly after the 20-week limit for normal pregnacies. They’re also a whole lot more expensive.

      That’s beside the point, though. If you look at the stats, fewer abortions happen under Democratic presidents. For a truly anti-abortion stance, legislating against it is counter-productive. Women, when allowed to do so, take much better care of their babies than the law does.

  7. Dear John Pavlovitz Reader:

    I’m convinced that ‘pro-life’ means different things. Ditto for ‘women’s issues.’ For example: things are changing in the world with potential to affect the lives of billions of women, children, and pre-born children.

    – German politicians, business leaders and media recognize that the US and Germany are now economic and political rivals.
    – Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs, says that Germany and Europe need a new orientation toward China and Asia.
    – Sections of the German elite [as Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger] which aggressively supported US war policy now plead for a more independent German and Euro-centric defense policy.
    – Notorious German propagandist for war Josef Joffe warned that Trump can ‘wreak terrible damage in four years’ and asks, ‘who would have thought that Europe needs to take the part of the United States to save the liberal world order?’
    – German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier stated that the 20th c. world order is finished.
    – With an eye on German rearmament, conservative ex-Minister of Defense Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg sees it as time to replace the ‘culture of restraint’ with a ‘culture of responsibility.’

    – Poland relives to the 1930s strategy of navigating between greater powers.
    – Rzeczpospolita, Poland’s leading conservative newspaper, weighs the need to ally with Germany rather than the US.

    – France’s right wing Presidential candidate Fillon described Trump as a threat to Europe.
    – An independent Paris/Berlin military alliance is proposed.
    – Fillon proposes lessening greenback superiority by making the Euro an international reserve currency.
    – Fillon calls for closer ties between Germany, France and Russia.
    – European powers are moving rapidly toward economic and military conflict with Washington.

    – The Trump administration is directly challenging China’s control over the islets off its shores.
    – China’s state-owned ‘Global Times’ previously announced that any attempt to bar China’s access to these islets requires ‘large-scale war;’ it counseled former Exxon-Mobil CEO/Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to ‘bone up on nuclear power strategies.’
    – China seeks to increase influence among US allies.

    Donald Trump’s elevation signals two things:

    1] The final collapse of the post WW II era of alliances and relations.
    2] A return to ‘beggar thy neighbor’ policies that produced WW II.

    We are on the road to world war III.
    This issue affects all women.
    Yet peace advocacy is disassociated from women’s issues.

    This much is clear: it’s shaping up to be quite a week.

    And it’s only Wednesday.


  8. Pastor John, thank you for this. I marched for all of the reasons above – from the right to make health care decisions for myself, for those who are marginalized, and my family members and friends who were victims of assault themselves, sexual and physical. I marched because I believe all of us are equal and because there is no reason for anyone to live in fear – any kind of fear. I wish more men, even men in my family, were as good as you are.

  9. Thank you for speaking out, John. I love your blog. I am one of MILLIONS of women AND men who marched. I did witness people marching for all kinds of causes, including pro-life people, at our rally. It was a very peaceful gathering and so inspiring to see everyone come together to fight hate, bigotry, racism, sexism, intolerance, the denial of science and the attempted dismantling of the Affordable Health Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid, among other things. There were thousands of people present outside the Indiana Statehouse. Unfortunately, we had two male Indiana lawmakers who made inflammatory statements about women on social media after the rally. I am calling their offices to voice my concerns, but I have no hope that they will be reprimanded in any way. However, I will not be deterred. I will only step up my efforts and continue to march and peacefully protest in the face of ignorance, arrogance and bullying.

  10. Thank you for showing that there is a large community of women and men who believe that it is not only speaking the words of Jesus but living them also. I’m not sure where we are heading but it is nice to know that there are like minded people in the boat with you. Spent all my life in the church, as a preachers wife, unfortunately most churches are the biggest offenders of women’s rights. It is refreshing to hear a man in the church say the same things my husband believes, which caused him grief with the powers that be. That makes two of you and that’s a start.

  11. Thanks John, this post will be re-posted. The reasons to march are well stated by these and many others not yet heard from. I would have marched in Kansas City had my wife been able to do so.

    Now I urge all who are troubled by the drastic measures this administration is and will be foisting upon America to do what needs to be done! Griping about the issues doesn’t solve the issues but getting busy contacting elected congress people will start the process through relentless email, text, letters and phone calls plus attending every gathering of elected people from local to federal.
    Go out and do something!

  12. In response to Lone Catholic: You are right. I am sure many Trump voters have cute and petite daughters. Trump has some very cute and petite daughters. Difference is, he wants to date them (ewwwww!) and has made crude remarks about their body parts.

    • My 5’0″ daughter is a force to be reckoned with and some men are threatened by her. She is smart and doing well despite it all. Her partner is a confident young man who is her equal.

      Lone Catholic is ignorant and a busybody just like it says in 1 Peter 4:15. He should leave people alone.

      We have stories to tell and all he wants to do is dismiss and goad people.

      • Joe, we’re on to you aka Declan Garret, etc. Aren’t you tired of talking to yourself? But then again, who would else do you have to talk to?

    • A policy-specific discussion isn’t possible yet, since the administration is new, and the policy work isn’t fully underway. We can, however, get a sense of where the administration and GOP-led Congress will go directionally, based on the party’s platform, Trump’s stated positions and his Cabinet nominees’ positions. At a high level, we can expect the following:

      * Abolishing equal pay protections;
      * Expiring of the Violence Against Women Act;
      * ACA cancellations — these disproportionately affect women and minorities;
      * No minimum wage increases;
      * Extensive-to-full bans on abortion and contraception (both of which increase abortion rates and maternal mortality):
      * Medicare and Medicaid funding limitations;
      * Reduced education funding;
      * Reduced environmental protections;
      * Pro-corporate and pro-banking tax and financial policies (6 Goldman Sachs members in his Cabinet);
      * One policy position already established is Trump’s executive order to end funding for lower loan rates for first-time home buyers.

      It also is important to emphasize that the tone an administration sets can be at least as powerful as the policies it pushes. In the case of this administration, Trump not only campaigned on misogyny, racism, xenophobia, nationalism, and an appeal toward fear and the worst of humanity, his comments, behavior and choices of advisers pushed a culture that was unsafe and unwelcoming to, well, anyone who wasn’t part of a narrowly acceptable group. Hate crimes increased dramatically following the election, and that continues. Many people feel frightened, and those feelings are valid. Perhaps his policies will show a different character; however, when given chance upon chance upon chance to include, validate and appreciate others, Trump has chosen to double-down on separation. That many church leaders and members supported all of this remains very painful for a number of us.

  13. Sorry to burst John’s bubble, but the women marched because they’re still angry that their girl, Hillary, got her butt spanked in the recent election. None of these women have had their “rights” taken from them, it is the left’s way of stirring up trouble because that’s who they are! And then to have the likes of immoral women like Madonna, Ashley Judd, and Miley Cyrus to represent them is totally laughable! Madonna and Miley are whores to say the least, so they can’t possibly be interested in anything moral.

      • Seriously, That Other Jean, he does prove John’s point. Also, that comment about butt spanking leads me to believe he is one to slap women around. I say that because in my experience the only people who make comments like that are people who either already hit women or want to hit us.

    • Hilary was not my “girl”. I voted for Bernie. I marched because there are people like you who do not understand Jesus’ message, who care more about their male dominance than about the well-being of the people of the world, including the women who you exploit and dominate. Your stance is clear from your language. Calling Hilary a “girl” and suggesting that she “got her butt spanked” shows you to be a dominating violent abuser at heart.

    • Not so Jared. I marched for all the reasons other women marched.
      Hilary had nothing to do with my reasons. And pointing fingers at immoral people? Please. There are many MEN in the current administration that I would say are pretty immoral. Women are as immoral as the men they slept with. It is not just a one sided thing.

  14. John, thank you for listening and providing a platform for the voice of the Feminine Face of God who shines through these beloved witnesses who marched on behalf of all of us.
    Women and men are created in the image of God and are equally loved and valued for their unique characteristics. When we come together, in balance, we can get a glimpse of God who encompasses both the masculine and feminine. For too long, fundamentalist Christianity has been out of balance which has resulted in teaching a one-sided, half-empty message about the very nature of God! The forces of darkness want to keep us ignorant about who God is!
    It is my prayer that the power of the Divine Feminine is deeply experienced by all of us as we stand against these forces of darkness working through our newly elected leaders.
    If we can begin to grasp the depth of this loss of the feminine side of God, it will lead to an understanding that degrading the earth goes hand in hand with degrading women.

    • It has been my conviction for the last 20 years that the Holy Spirit is feminine. Almost all of the words used to describe that Spirit are feminine/feminine attributes. I’ve been called a heretic and a blasphemer for this conviction. It’s nice to see that there are others who also believe that God must encompass both male and female. It only makes sense for the idea to occur to make humans have gender, rather than be asexual, in first place that God encompasses all genders rather than being without gender at all.

      • A. Nonymous, It says right there in Genesis 1:22 that God made humanity in God’s image: male and female. So how anyone could call you a heretic, I don’t understand.

        Besides, in Hebrew the word for spirit is a feminine word. In koine, it is gender neutral.

        I have been referring to God as Mother/Father for a long time as well as referring to the Holy Spirit in feminine terms. Jesus, since Jesus incarnated as a man, I do call Jesus He.

  15. I marched because as an older, disabled, LGBT woman, married to the woman I love, I fear for my health insurance and my marriage. I marched because the America I grew up in and believe in is vanishing before my eyes. I marched because I believe that all people, men and women, regardless of color or creed, deserve to be heard, to be honored. I marched because we can only create change as a group, and I want to be part of that change. I marched because I needed to know that I am not alone.

  16. Hope you are being funny. A wave of racist rhetoric fueled by the campaign has made it open season on people who are different. It may be difficult for you to see but there is a trickle down effect from that.

  17. There were a lot of good reasons why people participated in the March. So, I want to thank those that sponsored the March including George Soros and various Islamic groups, like the ones sponsored by Linda Sarour, which promote the Islamic enslavement of women. A word of advice, though. Be careful with what you wish for because you just might get it.

  18. Thank you, {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{john P}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Thank you for proving you are a man who understands.

    I didn’t march because I am physically unable but I did march in spirit because it never should have come to this that such a loathsome person took the Oath of Office.

    I marched in spirit as a voice for the voiceless. I marched in spirit because I am sick to death of people deliberately choosing to misread the New Testament in a way that makes women second-class citizens too stupid to know our own minds, what’s best for our own lives, and our own bodies.

    I marched in spirit to protest naming to the Cabinet a man who thinks Satan is admirable because Satan is powerful. Which is wrong on so many levels.

    I marched in spirit because I am sick to death of the Republican party’s manipulation and fearmongering, their con artistry and their gaslighting.

    I proudly wear a brooch of safety pins with a little cross attached to let people that there are followers of Jesus who actually do follow Jesus.

    To Dale Partridge, Matt Walsh, and especially to the various trolls of this blog who want use to believe they are Christians, I say this to you “Religion is one of the safest places to hide from God.” Richard Rohr.

  19. I marched for all the reasons listed above. My husband marched with me as did many husbands. Among my piano students there were at least four whole families who marched together, and one family where the mother and my two students flew 3000 miles to Washington to march there. I marched because I wanted to make a statement that my feet are on the ground ready to stand up against oppression in all the many forms poking their heads up in the Trump Administration. I will keep on marching!

  20. I marched for love. Love for the earth. Love for women. I marched because all people deserve clean air and water, food that is nourishing and easily accessible, for medical care and healing, for the right to decide what that medical care is, for the right to say no, for autonomy for all, for the right to a living wage, to love whom I choose, for my Muslim, black, Jewish, Mexican and all my friends of colour, to worship as I choose as a Pagan and for everyone who couldn’t or didn’t think it was necessary because they will, they will. Kat

  21. One of the other reasons I marched in spirit is because as an adult I am a woman, not a child and expect to be addressed as an adult and not a child. I am a woman, not a girl.

    Let us continue to march. Please sign the petition.

    Petition by Kayla Santosuosso

    To be delivered to

    We stand in solidarity with Linda Sarsour against bigoted right-wing smears attacking her for helping organize the Women’s March—the most successful mass protest in recent history.
    There are currently 20,709 signatures. NEW goal – We need 25,000 signatures!
    PETITION BACKGROUND Linda Sarsour is an extraordinary leader, a selfless organizer, and a fierce advocate for justice for everyday people. Alt-right fanatics and Trump supporters are using lies and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories to distract from the largest protest of a president in US history—the Women’s March, which Linda co-organized.

    I’ve worked with Linda for years on protecting civil rights and holding police and politicians accountable. I know that right now marching with her means making a long-term commitment to resisting this new administration and the hate that’s come in with it. That’s what signing this pledge is about.

    Linda’s been targeted by these bigots before—we know she’ll be alright, God-willing. But let’s let her know how many people have her back.

    We won’t let them spread their alternative facts and attack someone based on their religion. We march with, you, Linda—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


  22. Because I have read history books and dictators say all the right things to the most desperate people to get elected. I march because I was not offered jobs because I had children, or was pregnant. I was declined short term disability insurance because I had the pre-existing condition of pregnancy. I was reprimanded as a supervisor for “acting like a man” (being too bossy for a woman, although I was the boss). I’ve been paid less, shut out of roles in my church, been raped, molested as a young girl, suffered from anorexia… I believe abortion is the last option, but I still think it needs to be an option. Birth control is the first option, but if we can’t get it or can’t afford it, we move back to the dark ages. And that is just my privilege as a white woman. All of my friends of color, poor, and LGBTQ need protection, safety in my footsteps. We people elect governments to work for us, not for the corporations who seem most intent on grabbing every precious piece of the US. If I don’t march, I despair. Even with marching, it just bring solidarity to the horror.

    • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Julie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I am sorry for what you have endured. Thank you for marching for those excellent reasons.

    • Julie. I am in sympathy with you overall. However, I have worked as both an ordinary Joe and as the manager of a corporate research group in my company. I am an old guy now, semi-retired, but I saw a lot of this in the early 1980s when more and more women were first being promoted to managerial positions—and I did not like what I saw—and to be quite honest about it—if you had worked for me and done this—I would have fired you on the spot.

      Many women newly promoted to managerial positions in the early 1980s seemed to feel that they could not “be themselves” in their new managerial jobs. They had a “mental template” based on their own personal perceptions of male managers. So, the mantra seemed to be: “I need to look and act like a strong man when I am managing.” These women managers with a “male mental template” seemed to think that male management consisted of constantly behaving like a distant, mean, cruel, and utter asshole with their employees—even the employees who were doing their jobs right and with excellence. I worked for one of these newly minted female managers for several weeks in the early 1980s—and it was the pits—not because she was a woman—but because of the way she was misbehaving in the workplace and trying to look like this “faux male manager template” she had in her had.

      A close female friend of mine worked for another one of these newly minted female managers of the early 1980s, and she spent most of her days at work nearly in tears because of the way her female manager was mistreating her—and again she was an excellent employee with a long history of doing high quality work. She finally got so tired of the “faux male” abuse from this newly minted female manager that she arranged to transfer to another division at Lockheed.

      My Point: I love women managers who are good ones. The best manager I ever worked for was a woman. Women—please just be YOURSELVES if you are promoted to a management job. No one is expecting anything more from you than a man these days. You do not have to chase some “faux male manager” template to be thought of as a good manager. You can be a firm manager in a polite way when a situation requires it—but being mean and cruel is not part of good management (male or female). If you work for me and I see you consistently doing that with the employees who work for you, you will be cleaning your desk out by 5:00 p.m.—and it will happen so fast your head will swim.

      Got the picture Julie?

  23. I have just two things to add to this discussion—and I hope John P. will not hit the moderation button because these two things are “telling” about the current plight of women in certain church contexts:

    1) The son of a fundamentalist Baptist preacher in Indiana, who was my boss at work, once asked me a question. The question was:

    “Anatomically, what are the useless and unnecessary outer folds of flesh that surround the female vagina called?”

    Answer: A woman

    2) A few years ago, I was doing some archaeological research that involved an old house and cemetery in my area. The owner was a Southern Baptist preacher. I dropped by to see them one afternoon and to ask some research-related questions about the house and adjacent cemetery. The preacher was way off down the hill on his riding mower, and his wife was doing some exterior work on the house. She was closer to where I was, so I decided to ask her my questions. She was young and pretty—but to be quite honest about it—she came across as a wife so thoroughly submitted to her husband and so “Stepford wife” that she had effectively rendered herself into a “nonentity” apart from her husband. This was her answer to ever question I asked about the house and adjacent cemetery:

    “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask my husband?”

    After about 10 questions, I wanted to ask her if she was still alive—but I knew the answer would be:

    “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask my husband.”

    It was not just her words—it was also the body language that screamed out: “I no longer exist.”

    These are two reasons women were marching.

  24. I certainly liked this article more than others I’ve read on Mr. Pavlovitz’s blog. The entries bought up many good points. Sadly, they salted them with persistent lies and propaganda attacks from the campaign which have since proven false and with either false, or misleading information.

    This is always going to be a problem with any ‘Big Tent’ approach ~ you give fuel to your detractors when you invite as many people along to support what your goals when they have goals and agendas of their own as well.


    “I marched for the men who still think being violent and domineering is the only true “masculinity”, and for the women who accept and enable those mindsets.”

    * How about since we aren’t letting men tell women why they are marching, we don’t let women define what it is to be a ‘man’ and ‘masculinity’? It makes you sound hypocritical.

    “I marched for the women still believing their dreams and life goals are irrelevant and that being a woman means they have to be a wife and mother and nothing else. – Joanna”

    * But this is a self-esteem and self-confidence issue, not one our current President can really do much about. Besides … women are in power positions in every walk of life. They are in every profession from Supreme Court Justice, to self-made billionaire, to astronaut and beyond. Sure, Hillary Clinton ‘barely’ lost our Presidential race, but just across the Pond, Theresa May became the UK’s SECOND FEMALE Prime Minister …

    “I marched because: You are not equal.”

    *Yes, you are. More women vote than men. You are denied no legal protection nor any governmental, or private, office. You go to college more than men, earning more degrees. You are now making more money fresh out of college than men. You are favored in divorce and child custody based solely based on your gender.

    “Even if you feel like you are.”

    No, you really are equal. Now I’m going to go into the kitchen and make us some sandwiches … please carry on.

    “You still make less than a man for doing the same work.”

    *[Sigh] Proven to be false multiple times. Lifetime earnings for women are less than men, but this has to do with women historically choosing career paths which pay less [buck up ~ men take careers most likely to get them killed on the job], working fewer overtime hours, asking for fewer raises and taking more family leave.

    If US companies could truly pay women less for the same work, they would be firing men hand-over-fist [or is that Hanover Fiste?] and replacing them with cheaper, female employees.

    “You make less as a CEO, as an athlete, as an actress, as a doctor. You make less in government, in the tech industry, in healthcare.”

    CEO’s are paid on track record, the size of the company they control and how healthy it is. The more female CEO’s we have, the more we see they are being just as overpaid as the guys.

    Athletes are paid according to the profitability of their sport which includes product endorsements and ticket sales. The average female professional athlete is paid less because of the above. Female athletes tend to have less brand recognition and longevity than their male counterparts. For a variety of reasons, men and women like buying men’s sports gear, but only women buy women’s sports team gear.

    If you consider how much better the US Women’s Soccer Team is than our Men’s … yet they have a far harder time setting their swag and filling stadiums despite them being far more globally competitive.

    Actresses … A) their pay imbalance is Hollywood’s fault, those uber-liberal mavens. As is all too often it is ‘equality’, just not in my backyard. B) do we really want to argue about who gets paid the most millions? The SAG makes sure everyone gets ‘Union Minimum. C) a better focus would be female producers and directors as opposed to actresses as plenty of actress now possess high pay and great longevity.

    I am unaware of any institution, or agency which pays their techies differently based on gender. They are under-represented … even given their equal access to the educational systems which would allow them to graduate in the STEM fields. The nation with the best STEM turnout for women is … Bangladesh. The lowest ~ Norway.

    Healthcare … is mainly due to female doctors being more likely to become GP’s while males dominate the higher-paying specialties. Women aren’t barred from these areas. They simply don’t go into them in the same numbers as guys.

    “You still don’t have full rights over your own body. Men are still debating over your uterus. Over your prenatal care. Over your choices.”

    Yay! I agree with her here. Men, and women, should stop debating over what individual women do with their reproductive processes. It would be nice if she consulted a caring partner who is the other half of the fetus within her, but in the end, it is going to be her offspring to support and nurture while the rest of us wander off to do other things.

    “You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs.”

    * What? This would be the point you would demand ‘special’ treatment because of your gender, not out of any demand for equality. These are commercially available items and are taxed as such. Equality means you don’t get special treatment, not that you get something for free, or less, merely because men don’t use a particular item.

    “You still have to carry mace when walking alone at night.”

    True ~ women are more likely to be raped if attacked alone at night. Men are more likely to be MURDERED. Marching won’t change the behavior of predators.

    “You still have to prove to the court why you were drunk on the night you were raped.”

    No. If you and the man prove you were both drunk, he’s automatically ‘the rapist’ and you are automatically the victim despite the reality women can be just as sexually aggressive as men. Likewise, courts and juries are far more likely to believe a woman over a man. Better still, your past behavior is often protected by Rape Shield Laws while his past is an open book.

    When men are accused, their names are plastered everywhere. Rape Shield laws work to hide the names of his accuser.

    While things like Rape Shield laws encourage victims to step forward and go through the grueling process of a sexual assault/rape trial, the current atmosphere pillories the man before a jury can even be seated. Even if found innocent later, his reputation is ruined. Thanks to the internet, his ordeal never goes away.

    Innocent until proven guilty? Not here. ‘Better to let a hundred guilt go free than send one innocent to prison’? Not here. The small yet damning cases of false allegations and wrongful convictions point to the reality that this is an area where men are ‘less’ equal than women.

    “You still have to justify your behavior when a man forces himself on you.”

    Since when? Seriously, since when? If this happens publicly, the offender is likely to get stomped on by any number of male bystanders.
    Men know ‘hitting’ on a drunk chick is wrong and carries serious legal consequences. It is common knowledge today.
    No sane guy believes “well, she was dressed for it …” Men sitting on juries have affirmed this.

    “You still don’t have paid (or even unpaid) maternity leave.”

    * Depends on who you work for plus, does your husband / spouse / partner get it while you don’t? If you are seeking a Federal mandate on Maternity leave, please examine the economic impact it will have ~ especially on small businesses. If you think this should be a government program … okay. We are in the midst of a struggle trying to decide if we, as a Nation, want a Welfare Nanny State, or a callous, ‘no-frills’, ‘hands-off’ Lean Government which doesn’t incentivize its citizens to have children and build families which would, in turn, build a stronger society, or so it could be hoped.

    “You still have to go back to work while your body is broken. While you silently suffer from postpartum depression.”

    * A bit dramatic here. Both my wife and I suffered postpartum depression when our daughter was born. Yes, men can get it too and yes, I know in extreme cases it can lead to suicides and even new mothers killing their infants ~ in extreme cases.

    The hard reality is women have had to continue on like this for centuries and done so admirably. I don’t know where you come from, but in my neck of the woods, pregnant women and mothers with infants get extra attention and care. As a community we know they are going through a lot and do our best to support them. Whether it is a simple smile and a nod ~ good vibes ~ or pulling down a high item from a shelf, carrying their groceries and helping them load their cars, or letting them go first in line. Tiny little things to make their tough lives a bit easier.

    If you think you are broken, inside, or out, seek a specialist. They know what to do and multiple things which can help. In the past 50 years tons of progress has been made in these fields.

    If you think Society has to pick you up and carry you along solely because of postpartum depression … I’m unsure how that is a stand for equality.

    “You still have to fight to breastfeed in public.”

    * I’m all for it. Women have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years before ‘we’ were fully being who we are today. It is a totally natural thing.

    “You still have to prove to other women it’s your right to do so.”

    * Because you aren’t a monolithic bloc? Shouldn’t you appreciate the diversity a little more? At least use their antics for comedic relief.

    “You still offend others with your breasts.”

    * You can ‘still offend’ others with any numerous body parts. As a general rule, we should work at being less offended about most things.

    “You are still objectified.”

    * As are men. Witness Chris Hemsworth in the latest Ghostbusters film. Why exactly is this a problem? They aren’t vilifying folks.

    “You are still catcalled.”

    * So … for you to feel ‘safe’, you would restrict the free speech of others? For that matter, why are you giving an ounce of consideration to what those morons are saying? Why? If a few ‘cat calls’ is the best they can do, they aren’t worth your time. You can do so much better with someone who is more honest, courageous and polite. Screw the bastards ~ figuratively speaking.

    “You are still sexualized.”

    * Yep. Men are too. It is a human thing. For some reason, the brain keeps hinting that we might want to reproduce. This doesn’t mean we should, merely the impulse exists.

    By all means, lets endorse oppressing and suppressing those impulses and desires … because that NEVER comes back to bite us in the ass … or we keep such things out in the open where we can track them and judge for ourselves what we do, and don’t, like.

    “You are still told you’re too skinny or you’re too fat.”

    * Well, are you? Do you have an eating disorder? Are you an un-diagnosed diabetic? Are you in danger of a stroke, or heart attack? FFS! People can be too fat, or too skinny, ya know? Being 500 lbs. and 5′ 2″ is UNHEALTHY and someone who loves you should tell you.

    Again, this is also a male issue. Boys get fat- and skinny-shamed too. Shall we revisit all the derogatory remarks aimed Governor Chris Christie’s way over his weight?

    While no person, or body-type, is universally attractive, selling too-skinny, or obese women as the ‘New Sexy’ is wrong because those body-types come with their own sets of health issues women without eating and weight disorders shouldn’t have to deal with. We can eat better and exercise more. It is simply easier to smash a scale with a hammer and blame the media for selling ‘false’ physiques. We, as a people, can do better. We opt not to.

    “You’re still told you’re too old or too young.”

    * For what precisely? My Great-Aunt was ‘too old’ to drive when she was 96. She was in a collision and had no idea why she was even in the car.

    Some people are too young as well. My daughter is too young for a job. She’s 15. This summer, when she turns 16, she wants to get a part-time job and with her dedication, she undoubtedly will get one.

    “You’re applauded when you “age gracefully.”

    * As opposed to people recoiling in horror when you approach? Seriously now, you are complaining over a compliment. By all means, keep being so easily offended.

    “You’re still told men age “better.”

    *What? Really now? Right off the bat I’m thinking of two women who belie that statement: Helen Mirren and Judy Dench … Who does this woman listen to?

    “You’re still told to dress like a lady.”

    * No … by all means dress like a whore, cracker-jack sailor, or an Amazon Princess … and being told to dress like a lady is bad because … what is wrong with being a ‘Lady’? We have all kinds of ladies from ‘Ladies of the Night’ to ‘First Ladies’ to ‘Lady Pioneers’.

    Why do I have the feeling she thinks being called a ‘lady’ is an insult?

    “You are still judged on your outfit instead of what’s in your head.”

    * Until telepathy is perfected, looking at your outfit is a better indicator of who and what you are than futile attempts at mind-reading. Of course people are judged on how they are dressed.

    I’m sure when they roll you into the Delivery Room and your OBGYN steps up in a hockey mask, bloody butcher’s apron and elbow length opera gloves … your confidence levels will just shoot through the roof … because you WON’T judge him on how he’s dressed …

    In the same way people will judge you on how you speak ~ accent, words used and speech patterns.

    They cannot read your mind, so how can they judge you? Crikey!

    “What brand bag you have still matters more than your college degree.”

    * To who? Oh, come on … what vapid crowd does this?

    A woman needs a good lawyer. Two female barristers walk into the room. One is from Columbia Law School, but has a handbag from Sears. The other is from Duluth Correspondence Night Law School, but has a Versace bag. Does the woman want to spend the next ten years in prison dreaming about her lawyer’s cool leather, or breathe fresh air and know why the Columbia graduate doesn’t feel the need to waste her money on purses?

    “You are still being abused by your husband, by your boyfriend.”

    * Or wife, or girlfriend. Domestic violence knows no gender though it is gender specific in its execution. If the police show up and both are bloody ~ even if the woman admits to starting the fight ~ the man is taken away in handcuffs. How’s that for equality?

    “You’re still being murdered by your partners. Being beaten by your soulmate.”

    * As above. It would have been so easy for her to make this a domestic violence issue, not a women’s issue, but she didn’t. Worse, domestic violence BY women against men and children is on the rise and very few people seem to care. Men have never had a monopoly on violence and in the 21st century, the shame of being ‘beaten by a girl’ is fading to the point more and more girl-on-guy assaults are being reported.

    The violence should stop – period.

    “You are still worse off if you are a woman of color, a gay woman, a transgender woman.”

    * Ugh … and here we have some of that big tent ugliness. The greatest threat to a transgender woman is … a Black man. The ones least likely to report domestic violence? Black women. The reasoning behind this is ‘The System’ is stacked against Black men so reporting their violence against transgender and Black women only further victimizes ~ the MEN …

    “You are still harassed, belittled, dehumanized.”

    * Yes, to an extent most of us, as in humanity, are. What was the march doing to address any of that though? It wasn’t because there is no systemic societal, or governmental harassment of women.
    Okay, what does belittling entail? Isn’t this more of a human interaction issue … and again … did the march do a damn thing to address basic human kindness? I didn’t see that.
    Dehumanized … again is a word with a broad, rather vague meaning. The government isn’t reducing the citizen status of women.

    “Your daughters are still told they are beautiful before they are told they are smart.”

    * This is projecting. For at least a generation our society has focused on sending girls to college. They make up the clear majority of college students now. They are being told they are smart and they are succeeding.

    Is anyone bothering to call their sons smart and / or handsome? They need the boost. They are failing in record numbers now. They are committing suicide in record numbers. They are showing record number of eating disorders as well.

    Shall we compare the programs designed to encourage female enrollment in higher education compared to those directed at their male counterparts? It is an nasty picture and horribly unbalanced … and no one cares.

    “Your daughters are still told to behave even though “boys will be boys.”
    * Oh, come on. We won’t even let ‘boys be boys’ anymore. If your daughter is told to behave, she probably should – as should your son. This fantasy realm where we expect children and young adults to be judged by different rules isn’t here. If either child acts out, we know it is wrong and punish accordingly.

    The one place I know there is a difference is in Dress Codes. It is usually on the girls who are cited for violating it. That comes from educators fear over the hyper-sexualization of our youth. Dress Codes are Dress Codes, but I’m not sure how a young lady coming to school with a shirt with spaghetti straps is going to bring about the moral decay of our Nation.

    “Your daughters are still told boys pull hair, or pinch them because they like them.”

    * No. That’s assault, or sexual assault. If they like someone they text them, write them a note, or ~ God forbid ~ go up and talk with them. Kids do violate other children’s physical boundaries, they know it is wrong and they are punished for it. Confusion and low impulse control are not acceptable excuses.

    “You are not equal. Your daughters are not equal. You are still systemically oppressed. – Jennifer”

    * I showed this to my daughter and we talked about ‘systemic oppression’. I asked her to identify it in her life. Nothing came up.
    My wife’s critique of Jennifer was … less flattering. She’s pretty much a ‘No-Nonsense’ ~ ‘Shoots from the Hip’ kind of gal.

    “I marched because of Brock Turner. And every other rapist that gets off with a slap on the wrist.”

    * By all means, demean a Criminal Justice System you haven’t bothered to understand. The parole officer made the sentencing recommendation to the judge. Yes – the person with PROFESSIONAL experience dealing with convicts and ex-convicts calculated what punishment would be meted out based on things like
    ~ the violence of the act (none),
    ~ the chance of recidivism (the odds of him committing another crime in his life),
    ~ the strength of his support network (his family would be taking him in and supporting him (again, so he wouldn’t revert to a criminal lifestyle … which he wasn’t living) and …
    ~ the over-crowding in the California Corrections System. There are restrictions on how many people they can stick in there so he had to decide to keep future bed space open for violent felons so California didn’t have to give early release to convicts they highly suspected would revert to a life of violent crime – you know, defend the lives of his fellow Californians.

    Brock Turner’s life is effectively over. Even out of prison, this event will follow him until he dies. His community will met out its own punishment every time he looks into their eyes because he will always be Brock the Rapist.

    So, by all means, what would it would have accomplished to put Brock Turner behind bars for 7 years?

    If you want him to be physically abused by the other inmates, you are a worse monster than he. He did what he did as a drunken mistake. You would wish pain on him in a sober, deliberate manner.

    Not a damn thing happening to Brock in prison for those seven years would help his victim. She needs healing. Precisely what does the howls of the mob for vengeance accomplish except make the mob feel better?

    You want ‘justice’? You got it. This is what the justice looks like when it operates outside some Ivory Tower. Brock only served a few months. After that, other convicts occupied his cot. These were people the penal system deemed more dangerous to the people of California. It is the job of the people making those calls to take into account all factors.

    Brock wasn’t found innocent.
    It wasn’t “she went to a frat party, so what did she expect?”
    It wasn’t “well, she got wasted and walked off with a strange guy”.
    When two total strangers saw what Brock was doing, they went to both stop him and rescue her. Those two men knew what he was doing was WRONG.

    The laws in California about consent are very clear and they were enforced. Some of the initial charges were dropped (when it was discovered no penal penetration occurred), but the DA went forward with the case. The prosecutor never wavered. The jury saw through all the defense obfuscations. A guilty verdict was handed down. Then, as in EVERY OTHER CASE, the judge had to determine the proper sentence. He used the normal, proper procedure.

    Somehow you, and hundreds of thousands of others, can’t seem to understand nothing UNJUST was done. It wasn’t the sentence I would have preferred. I hate rape and rapists. I do understand the system doesn’t work to satisfy my hates and biases, or yours. It does the best it can within the laws which direct it.

    And this is what happened.

    “And because of our politicians have so narrowly defined rape that they aren’t technically rapists. – Leigh”

    * As opposed to certain feminists who equate ‘rape’ to an attempted kiss?

    As opposed to being told ‘the victim never lies’.

    As opposed to being told ‘we need to protect the rights of the victim even if it means violating the rights of the accused’?

    Normally they use the term ‘rapist’ instead of ‘accused’ so there is no doubt the whole ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle has been short-circuited.

    As opposed to starting the discussion with ‘all men are predators’ …

    If ‘our politicians had so narrowly defined rape that they weren’t technically rapists’ we wouldn’t be suffering through the legal aftershocks of so many spectacular false accusations. The catastrophe is, in the rush to prove how victim-sympathetic we could be, we started accepting everything the victim told us and automatically began vilifying the accused.

    The congenial guy you’ve known for 5 years getting a bit tipsy at the office party and patting your butt once became the equivalent of the guy who kidnapped, imprisoned and raped a 21 year old woman in his basement for 3 years.

    … did you really expect others, men in particular, to accept this? We understood what the tipsy guy did was wrong, but we also thought calling him a rapist was NUCLEAR ESCALATION. In our eyes, he was nothing like the kidnapper and the fact you refused to see that bothered us. The end results were predictable. We stopped trusting you. Not just men, but your fellow women.

    Leigh ~ Reality Check: for the past 15 years it has been women and women’s advocates who have been defining what rape is, not some evil cabal of rapist politicians. Women have controlled the debate on Rape Culture. The term itself is yours and implies we live in a ‘culture’ which permits and promotes rape.

    In 2016, a man who talked about grabbing pussies and slapping asses ran for President of the US. You were outraged … and we DID NOT CARE. We did not care because we no longer trusted your outrage because you had been outraged so many times before over things we no longer accepted to be … worthy of outrage.

    We decided we didn’t live in a rape culture. We had strong rape laws and they were stringently enforced. Sure, Brock Turner got less than a year, but the system arrested, tried and convicted him, didn’t it? Police officers are getting arrested for sexually assaulting women ~ and getting serious jail time. No one is immune (unless you are filthy, stinking rich which is its own problem).

    If anything, the whole affair around Brock Turner was proof we didn’t live in a Rape Culture. No one thought what he did was ‘okay’, or ‘forgivable’ except his Dad. California had multiple laws to cover all sorts of illegal sexual contact. Brock didn’t need to even put anything in her to face serious time. Bystanders thought he was wrong. So did the police and prosecutor. So did the jury. So did the judge.

    What Rape Culture? Neither the Society nor its Government embraced, or sought to conceal the act. The rape was treated as the crime it was.

    I absolutely agree the number of false allegations is very small. The problem is it does happen, too many on one side don’t want to acknowledge it which allows to other side to magnify those miniscule numbers.

    And to clarify my position, I HATE both sides. I hate Rapists and I hate 3rd Wave Feminist who would define every man as a potential rapist. You are both horrible people and you do a wonderful job aiding and abetting one another.

    Man … this has been a long one …

      • Ms. Amalfitano ~ for several reasons:

        Some truly cool people hang out here.

        I learn things. I’ll often spend hours going over other responses in my head and trying to wrap my mind around the mindset of the poster.

        Not only do I not only believe I am not always right, I believe there is often more than one right answer to a dilemma. We as individuals and citizens are facing problems which we have spent decades grappling with and there doesn’t seem to be a true cure in sight. Why is that? I will never find the answer if I stop looking and the solution is definitely not in the mirror.

        Ms. Mutso, thanks.

        Rape Culture has as many male advocates as female, and they are strongest in academia and the media.
        In a way I was reminded of a BLM rally in suburban Long Island … roughly 100 White folk and 2 Black … and can you guess who the rude, obnoxious ones were? Two guesses who they weren’t?

        The thing was, when Roe v. Wade came down, allowing abortions in cases of rape made perfect sense. Rape was a horrific, established crime … or so we thought. Suddenly, we had (mostly men) trying to redefine what rape was in a thinly veiled attempt to stop abortions.

        The opened the flood gates, but the water was already rising. It has been rising because when battered, bloody and humiliated women stepped forward anyway and were then told they were ‘asking for it’ because of how they behaved, dressed, or who they hung out with … the People revolted.

        Before Rape Shield laws, defense attorney’s could get any accuser on the stand and tear her story, background and/or moral character apart in order to confuse a jury. Nothing was off limits. In comparison, the accused did’t have to testify at all.

        Like the rest of the American Criminal process, it was skewed in favor of the ‘rapist’ vs. his victim.

        Yet, when the pendulum began to shift, in order to protect the victim, we decided to start trampling on the rights of the accused. We certainly had decades upon decades of horror stories to inspire us. We created crisis centers, re-trained our police and hospitals and things got better.

        Then we have …
        #1 first … which belongs with the Creationists and Flat-Earthers. Who even thinks this way these days? I don’t want to put Mr. Atkins in a room of pregnant women who have been raped. I want to put him in a room with couples who have struggled over a decade to have a kid, trying all sorts of methods … only to have him blithely declare a woman’s body decides whether, or not, she gets pregnant (an exaggeration, I know).

        #2 …
        “So, Mr. Ryan, every man robbed at gunpoint who didn’t get pumped full of lead … didn’t really get robbed? They WILLINGLY gave up their wallets, watches and phones? Because they didn’t fight back?”

        As my Grandmother told me, “Idiocy knows no race, gender, wealth, or calling. You can find it in anyone’s home.”

        As for false accusations … with people trying to define then redefine rape, a culture of entitlement and the absence of anyone willing to make an apology and really mean it ~> I have not only damaged this person, I have damaged their trust in our society and made them feel unsafe when they should feel welcome and accepted instead.

        And, in a closing note …
        “Jay-walking? Jay-walking? Aaakkk! I thought you said he was a Jayhawker! I used to hate those guys … growing up … in Smallville …”

        • I woke up earlier this morning to see your misspelling of my name. I was delighte!

          I refuse to believe you would call any woman a mutt especially one whose face you have never seen.

          So I will take it as your kind way of calling me Ms. Nutso. I love it and if I knew how I might change my name on these posts when some people’s comments make me want to howl at the moon.

          But please feel free to call me Ms. Nutso – I take it as a compliment, it is so much better than being labeled a mass murderer of the unborn.

          On a serious note the two men I mentioned before are married – to women. If their words made their way to the public, I shudder to think what other opinions are included under the title of “Women’s Health Issues”. Maybe Trump can come up with a catchier name.

    • James you wrote “The entries brought up many good points.” One sentence but so much better than describing them all as self-righteous and arrogant. I will take it and cherish it.

      I, of course, have one bone to pick. “Women have controlled the debate on Rape Culture”. Really, what could women possibly contribute when taxpayers have a whole group of people, mostly men, who spend hours talking and discussing women’s bodies and rapes and such things. We even have 2 notable authorities on rape and a woman’s body.

      In the #2 spot we have Paul Ryan’s “Forcible Rape” which translated means Forcible Forced Unwanted Sexual Intercourse. The opposite of that might be Unforcible Forced Unwanted Sexual Intercourse. He looks youngish, he should be cooler.

      #1 and my personal favorite Todd Akin who came up with the “Legitimate Rape”. You know, the one that rarely results in pregnancy because woman have this magical power to deflect pregnancy inducing sperm while they are being legitimately raped. I guess they lose that power while they are illegitimately raped.

      But I do agree with you about women who make false accusations. They should be arrested. They do such a disservice to true victims, making it even harder to report a rape and harder to be believed. No mercy for them.

      When I read your post it was like watching Superman pick up a little tiny man, swing him around and around, throw him against a building, and as he sliding down the building blowing him to smithereens with your laser eyes all because he was jaywalking. Awesome.

  25. I marched because some of the people who commented on this post needs to get educated – fast – and marching gets people to notice.

    I marched because silence isn’t an option

    I marched because numbers count (LOVE that so many people showed up all over the WORLD!!!) and I needed to be counted on the ‘right side of history’

    I marched because my 2 sons are proud of me for marching and representing them also.

    I marched because I cannot fathom a world where this President* and his ‘administration’ represents the USA, as we cannot have sunk that low in our morals and our standards.

    I marched because LOVE TRUMPS HATE!!!

    It still surprises me to hear some men speak in such ugly terms – it’s no wonder we have ‘issues’.

    • Joe please stop pretending that Trumps” words in that van were a one off. His whole adult life was tv interviews, radio interviews, magazine interviews, and newspaper interviews. His claim to fame, besides being wealthy, was his sexual exploits, his grading women by their faces or bodies, his own personal Vietnam was avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, and on and on and on.

      The sight of seeing his daughter sitting by her Dad during such interviews with that eerie little laugh is disturbing in so many ways.

      As for the van, he was going to another interview. He knew he had a mike attached to him. If he didn’t think there was a possibility of the mike being on that was on him. This was not his first rodeo. He was 60 years old.

      If you cannot empathize with any woman who feels an enormous “ick” factor with his behavior, with his bravado, with his pettiness, his outrageous lies, that is on you.

      Maybe he will do good things. Maybe you would have liked a different face for representing your policies.

      Maybe you should hug your wife extra hard today because if you are married she must be a woman you respect.

    • “It still surprises me to hear some men speak in such ugly terms – it’s no wonder we have ‘issues’.”

      This saddens me also. What saddens me more are the women who buy into this nonsense that we women are second class citizens,

      Many of us marched (I did so in spirit) because women are created in the image and likeness of God. Not just men.

      • Not only that, female is mentioned last in the ascending order of creation in Genesis 1.
        Real men have no objections and recognize that “feminine ” qualities are necessary.

  26. Here’s what I heard: “Sit down and shut up, men. Women are speaking.”

    No thanks, John. The concept of “Equal rights” protects my right to object to a lot of the values, worldviews, demands, and entitlements printed in those posts.

    Who are you trying to kid? That was an anti-trump, anti-conservative march in every way, shape, and form. Not to mention anti-christian in many ways. I have no intention of sitting back and letting those folks–male or female–impose their beliefs on this nation.

    • We had conservative men and women at my march in a red town. I didn’t see any anti Trump signs. I’m sure there were a few. It was s big march. Most signs were positive.
      So obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about, and the women and men who marched do.

  27. Another big Thank you to John P for a great presentation of ideas directly from some of the women marching. Oh, and you have at least one troll following you. He posted 31 times (out of 139 total comments). 31! Normal people do not have that kind of time. They have lives. Familes. Jobs. Kids. This Lone Catholic guy must do it for a living. (Don’t be shocked, there are groups who pay people to monitor web sights and then try and cause discord). Keep up the good work John P, you are needed now more than ever.

  28. Jesus would have been proud if all these women were marching for the same beliefs he had….basically what women were marching for. These so-called men of God (ministers) have gotten way off course of what Jesus stood and died for.

  29. It would be nice if all these perfect people in the comments who know everything would get off the net and help others. Clearly none of you understand Jesus and what He stood for and I recommend reading your Bible. Thank you Mr. Pavlovitz for sharing your wisdom with us even though you know the hateful are ready to pounce on everything and support a hateful demagogue. am very thankful for your relationship with God and your willingness to share His wisdom. God bless!

  30. “Follower of Jesus” and “Gloriamarie”, I am with you. I have always found that those who find it necessary to attack the efforts of loving and insightful individuals are, in truth, the ones most in need of God’s healing.

    Thank you, John. Keep it up.

    “Lone Catholic”. Your comments are neither loving or insightful. Or productive. Or have anything to do with the Word of God, despite your attempt to hide behind a religious moniker. I am truly sorry that you are so unhappy inside, but do you think you could take your childish behavior elsewhere? Your need to interrupt the genuinely thoughtful interchange taking place here is disruptive – that’s not what adults do, “Lone..”

    If you really believe in the things that you say, why don’t you start your own blog and do something productive? We know the answer to that, don’t we?

    no need to hide here

    • Edward Marshall, thank you for the support. No need to put Gloriamarie in quotation marks. It is my real name. I am not one to hide behind aliases.

  31. Lone Catholic… If you truly believe JP is a false teacher, then the less time you engage with him, the better it is for your soul.

    Wishing you blessing, peace and joy.

  32. I marched because I’m a sexual assault survivor, and I think it’s disgusting that a man who bragged about sexual assault on tape is being defended by his supporters, people who call themselves Christians but are all too willing to turn a blind eye to racism, misogyny and sexual assault. I marched because this man has been endorsed by the KKK and Nazis. I marched because I have three little part Latina nieces who are going to grow up watching a president who mocks them for their gender and ethnicity. I marched because I’m absolutely sick of the American church being blind to all issues except how quickly they can get a Supreme Court Justice that they want for a lifetime appointment – in the meantime ignoring hurting people who really need help. I marched because I’m tired of rape culture, I’m tired of men telling me what to think and how to feel and I’m not going to be silent anymore. You wanted a war? You’ve got a war. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re going to keep marching.

  33. So very sad to see such hurtful comments among people who are supposed to be Christian. Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden is light. LOVE everyone…seems pretty easy to me. Why do we humans have to complicate everything?

  34. When in high school, my mom had a friend who was interred with her family for being of Japanese descent. While my mom knew the reasons given, she never understood. I don’t either. I found this friend a few months after she died. So I marched for my mom and her friend, and all those divided from their homes and loved ones because of bigotry.
    I marched because i can and others can’t. I marched to give them a voice. Because I care and haven’t done enough.

  35. I marched with several pro life women in my women’s march on Washington group, and I am pro all life, and do not subscribe to either the republican or democrat position. We also marched with pro choice, a trans woman and her wife, and parents with an autistic son. We found we actually agree about abortion. Our voices were heard.

    So you see we have been speaking for ourselves on here about the women’s march that encompassed human life in all its forms and don’t need a man to mansplain with alternative facts. Kindly take your unnecessary outrage elsewhere.
    If any of us marched in that other march, you’ll find us perfectly capable of saying so. If we didn’t march in it, then that was our choice. And none of your business

  36. I marched in Washington DC because:
    I believe in a FAIR and INCLUSIVE USA.
    I believe in EQUALITY.
    I believe Women’s Rights are HUMAN RIGHTS.
    I HAVE HOPE for a better future for my children and grandchildren.

    And I think that “Y’ALL” means EVERYONE.

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