Of Course Donald Trump Isn’t a Christian

Enough is enough.

Even in the early days of the Presidential campaign it was a ludicrous idea: that Donald Trump was now a Christian; that he’d miraculously “found Jesus” right at the time he needed to pull in millions of Evangelical voters. Never mind that his life showed an open contempt for most of the things the Jesus of the Gospels lived and preached: humility, generosity, respect, empathy, kindness, peace.

The high profile-evangelists in his corner assured their rightly alarmed flocks, that behind the scenes Donnie was changed man, a “baby Christian” who’d now seen the light and was making his way down the narrow road of faith to lead us all to the Promised Land (where curiously America was first and everyone was white.)

Sure, he was on his third marriage and was heard on video boasting of his infidelity to his current wife. Yes, he said he could grab a woman by the genitalia. Yes, he advocated that protesters at his rallies be “roughed up.” Sure, he made fun of a disabled man. Certainly, he talked about walling off Mexicans and banning Muslims and taking away healthcare—but Donnie loved Jesus now, so all should be well with our souls.

The opportunistic religious leaders began publicly framing the vile, profane, relentlessly offensive Trump as a flawed, imperfect tool of God‚ and American church folk raised on a faith of fear and conditioned to believe they are perpetually in danger—began buying it. Little by little, it became okay, even sensible to call Donald Trump a Christian. (Talk about a miracle.)

And for someone who has served as a pastor for twenty years, the transformation was astounding and disheartening to witness. Millions of fundamentalists who’d previously spent their days parsing out Bible verses to condemn the LGBTQ community, Muslims, entertainers, Atheists, Democrats, suddenly became a people of Grace. They got really liberal with the Scriptures. They lectured those of us who questioned it all “not to judge lest we be judged”, and heaped shame upon us for bringing up example after example of the man’s hypocrisy, because “God looks at the heart” and how dare we assess another’s professed faith. (Somehow these things were never in play over the eight years they spent daily crucifying Barack Obama, but perhaps the issue there was one not of religion, but of pigmentation.)

But this far into Donald Trump’s tenure, Christians need to speak the truth that sets them free: Donald Trump is not a Christian. He can do every ceremonial, photo-op Bible Study he wants.

Yes, he may have shown up in a church during the campaign (looking as comfortable as a cow in a slaughterhouse), and he may have given some lip service prayer to one of his preacher pals while golfing, and he may have bamboozled scores of Christians already dying to believe it so they could make peace with their vote—but he is not a man following Jesus.

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus speaks these words:

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”  Mt 5:15-20

Jesus says that we can judge people. We should evaluate the things we can see. We can measure devotion to God by what is manifested outwardly. We look at the “fruit”.

What is the fruit of Donald Trump’s life, of his marriages, his business dealings, his campaign, of his Presidency? 

What is the fruit of eliminating healthcare for tens of millions of poor people?
What is the fruit of tear-gassing refugees and separating their families?
What is the fruit of walling off Mexico and demanding they pay for the gesture?
What is the fruit of driving an oil pipeline through sacred Native American land?
What is the fruit of filling your Cabinet with billionaires?

What is the fruit of demonizing and banning Muslims?
What is the fruit of appointing a white supremacist to the highest level of government?

It’s rotten fruit, that’s what it is.

It’s exactly the kind of greedy, bloated, bitter, violent, self-centered, myopic existence that Jesus spent his life calling us to reject. So no, I don’t know the President’s heart or his inner confession of faith, but I have eyes and they see no love or benevolence or compassion—and that does matter to Jesus.

Christians need to stop insisting that Donald Trump is a Christian if they really care at all about people coming to know Christ. If that is the greatest burden on their hearts, using this man is tantamount to spiritual treason. It is a perversion of the Gospels that provides such a dissonance to the bystander, as to make Christ all but invisible. Until he says or does anything that remotely resembling him, we need to stop using him and Jesus in the same breath because it distorts Jesus by association.

Christian, you can continue to support this man, but don’t say you’re doing it because he is a man of God, a follower of Jesus, someone striving for Christlikeness. The putrid, stinking fruit of his life—says otherwise. 

Jesus matters to me. The words he said matter to me. The life he calls us to live matters. Incarnating this Jesus in people’s lives matters to me. This is why that word Christian still matters. I am also a person of Grace, but I also live in a reality where the stuff we do is connected to what we believe.

I don’t know Donald Trump. He may actually believe he is a Christian. He may be so surrounded by sycophants and religious yes-men that no one is giving him the hard words about the kind of gentle, loving, sacrificial life Jesus called his people to live. If that’s the case I hope that he, like Saul will have a moment where his eyes are opened and he sees the goodness he might do with the power and influence at his disposal—and he is changed. But right now, using him as a symbol of the Christian faith is catastrophic for people looking on.

Christian, you might be tempted to argue with me or attack my position, and you would be welcome to, but I’d first suggest you go and read the Sermon on the Mount, spend some time in reflection and prayer—and then look with fresh eyes and tell me where you see Jesus in this man’s life and why you’re okay claiming it as your own.






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1,339 thoughts on “Of Course Donald Trump Isn’t a Christian

  1. I know that ur “information” is not true, because from wat I’ve heard Donald Trump is a good person. He build the wall for a reason and he did things 4 a reason

  2. It’s not Trump that is ruining the reputation of Christianity (he obviously is not a Christian). His followers, the American Fundamentalist Christians … these are the people that are taking modern Christianity down the path of hatred and bigotry. We can’t blame all of this on Trump (it seems as though he is suffering from mental illness. Surely his facade of “Christianity” is a scam trying to fool the AFCs …

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  5. A pastor questioning if some one is a Christian? Did he question any other candidates or past presidents being a Christian, does he question anyone who is giving his church money if they are a true Christian (for any reason) ? Wow is this Pastor squeaky clean and sits next to Jesus? If you do not like Trump that’s ok for what ever reason you may have (do like how he speaks, do not like his policies,hair etc etc whatever) but attack a person belief ????????? Hey John Pavlovitz maybe stop the posting and go back to the basics of the Bible. Not going to his church!

    • So are you ready to vouch for the argument that Trump is a Christian? Taking into account the things he’s said and done through his long life and the priorities of his that they reveal?

      • Yes. Without a doubt. As a Christian, it is my duty to stand by a fellow believer in both good times and bad, when they are strong in the faith and when they falter and to remind them when they have strayed as well as give thanks for their salvation.

        Being imperfect, I don’t expect perfection in others. We should strive toward a perfect state and we have the ‘road map’, but we should also assume others may take a different path than the one He has laid out for us.

        I believe President Donald Trump is a Christian. I believe is is a poor Christian in how he embraces traditional Christian values and teachings ~ refer to the above imperfections ~ but rejecting him utterly as one of the Faithful? That is not my place.

        If the bizarre of the bizarre happened tomorrow and President Trump called me and asked me, Christian to Christian, for some spiritual advice, or to pray with him, I would not turn him away.

        How could I and be true to Christ and his Message?

        • Fair enough, that’s a good answer. However, I must ask you: what does it take for a person to earn from you this confidence, good will and brotherhood? merely their word alone that they are Christian? Didn’t Jesus say to be vigilant about wolves among the sheep? Or that it is by their fruit that we’d know his true followers? Also, one last question, more focused on Trump: don’t you find suspect that after a life of ignoring his alleged spirituality, it came to be some sort of big thing precisely at the moment where he was vying for votes?

          • “Fair enough, that’s a good answer. However, I must ask you: what does it take for a person to earn from you this confidence, good will and brotherhood?”

            Nothing. In fact, they don’t even have to be Christian. The Message is for me and deals with my conduct toward my fellow humans, not their treatment of me. I would treat an Atheist, or Taoist in the same manner.

            “merely their word alone that they are Christian?”

            As we both know most likely know, there are Christians we wouldn’t trust to babysit my kids for one night and Muslims we could trust to be their God-parents ~ and yes, I know, that includes a promise to raise them in MY faith.

            “Didn’t Jesus say to be vigilant about wolves among the sheep?”

            Correct. No charity is limitless. While Jesus Christ gave everything, even his very life, He does not demand that of all his followers. We are allowed frugality and vigilance – even cautiousness around what we don’t know.

            If anything, we shouldn’t toss all our resources away today because tomorrow might provide even greater challenges.

            “Or that it is by their fruit that we’d know his true followers?”

            As a student of History, I know for part of early Christian history, we were our own worst enemy. A person embracing Christianity does not drive evil from their hearts. It does not close their ears to poisonous doctrine.

            I also know several non-Christian sects and societies have very strong rules about hospitality and charity which we, as Christians, could learn from. I think, in this, Christ reminding us to extend courtesy to ‘the Stranger’ because they can be much more like us than our initial prejudice might whisper to us.

            *Also, one last question, more focused on Trump: don’t you find suspect that after a life of ignoring his alleged spirituality, it came to be some sort of big thing precisely at the moment where he was vying for votes?*

            Two possible answers:

            I) President Trump’s spirituality is a sham – conjured to rally Christian voters to his banner. While this would still leave 45 as a ‘VERY POOR’ Christian, it wouldn’t make him a non-Christian. Not only was he raised in the Christian faith, it is the only spirituality he knows so, as he approaches things such as sins and forgiveness, the Christian model will be the one he uses.

            II) President Trump’s spirituality is conjured yet has substance. I think it didn’t start out as a decisive factor in his life yet, as the campaign staggered forth and he had to “meet and greet” religious leaders, it evolved. The stress had to be incredible and, quite frankly, the odds were long.

            Furthermore, he is a 70 year old man willingly taking on one of the worst jobs on the planet. Everyone knows the US Presidency ages you badly (look at then-President Elect Obama in 2008 and President Obama in 2017 as he was leaving office) so Trump has to understand this is basically the end for him.

            Facing both his herculean burden ahead and the dimming twilight of his years, examining his neglected spirituality makes sense. The problem would be the reality he has gotten away with so much in his life, is used to getting his own way and too few in his close circle are willing remind him of his Christian duty.

            A further complication is that through most of past 8 years, few questioned the Obama family’s religious convictions, church attendance and spirituality. Holding up the Trump family to any such scrutiny will suffer due to claims of partisan bias and feeding into a political agenda.

            IMO, too few will be worrying about the fate of Donald J. Trump’s soul … which is a pity. They think he is a ‘lost cause’, ‘irredeemable’ and a personification of evil. I don’t recall Jesus ever saying “It’s okay to give up on ‘this guy’ because s/he’s screwed up so many times in the past.” If so, please let me know.

            • Thank you for your thoughtful answer.

              First, I must clarify that I am not arguing (on the grounds of an alleged lack of Christianity) that we must treat Trump poorly. Our attitude and thoughts about him must be based solely on his deeds (fruits). I am not arguing that Trump is not Christian as a “proof” of him being evil or a reason to dislike him (I have many other reasons). In other words, “Trump is not a Christian” is all there is to this argument.

              Why is it an important thing to make clear? Because if Trump is not a Christian, then he lied to all of us. He used you, his Christian voters, cynically. And that’s the thing we’re supposed to look out for and not allow. You agree that we must be cautious, and Jesus’s warning strongly implies that there will be those who seek to take advantage of us. In fact, his warning makes vigilance not only allowed, but encouraged or demanded from us.

              You seem like a person with a really good heart, always striving to think the best of others, and I respect that a lot. But that’s the kind of people whom liars, con men and manipulators precisely target, knowing that they are unlikely to be suspicious, questioning or judgemental. But Jesus didn’t want us to be targets of unscrupulous people because of our good heart! So He exhorts us to not only be “meek as doves” but also, “wise as serpents” in the same sentence.

              What such and other Bible passages seem to be saying is that while we owe other human beings things as compassion, mercy, respect, fairness and decency, they are not owed our /trust/. Trust is, in fact, something that we must be discerning when giving, especially when it’s to associate ourselves with others, let alone place them in positions of leadership.

              Remember that it is very easy to claim with your lips that Jesus is the Lord. But believing it in your heart, by necessity brings repentance and willingness to change, even if it’s slowly to actually occur. All things that Trump hasn’t shown. In fact, one of thhe defining traits of Trump’s personality is pride. So you argue, ok, maybe he’s just a very poor Christian and I hhave to say yeah, he apparently has been that for 70 years. How much more do we need to give him to show fruits? And if that’s actually true, why put him in a position of leadership? (which by the way, has only served to increase even more his prideful arrogance.)

              Wheter Trump is not a Christian or just such a bad Christian as to hardly make a difference is almost moot. The fact remains that he overplayed that in order to gain the vote of a significant percentage of the American population. Any arguments that you may raise about heightened spiritual needs due to the challenges he was experiencing are defeated by the fact that no change or intention of change has been shown whatsoever. Do you not think that if he were looking for spiritual aid, you’d hear about the ministers counselling him or his attending church regularly or the so?

              All the measurable evidence points to his spirituality to be null, which is in and out of itself, not an issue. The choice has been given to every human to believe what they will. But when they pretend otherwise in order to manipulate the people of God? It is not alright.

              • {I apologize, Pylgrim, for the quality of this response. I took my sleeping medication before seeing your response and have become a bit woozy as I’ve been writing it. I pray it remains coherent.}

                I think an important personal distinction needs to be made. I am a Republican. I am NOT a Christian Conservative, Christian Republican, or Christian voter. It is not how I define my role as citizen.

                I am a life-long Republican yet the most surefire way for any Republican candidate for any office to lose my support is to suggest s/he is the “Christian Alternative”. I DESPISE the so-called religious wing of my party. I do accept any Republican candidate has to court them somewhat to get elected. That is the reality of our current political landscape.

                Quite frankly, I imagine if God really wants me to support a candidate, HE will find another way to let me know besides just ‘taking their word for it’.

                I could best (and still rather poorly) be described as a Libertarian-Republican, or a Nixon-Republican.


                At my core, I believe we are stronger as a Nation when we put more Rights, Liberties and Responsibilities in the hands of our citizenry.

                I believe in a strong military because the world remains a dangerous place.

                I believe in a Department of Education because we need an educated citizenry to both maintain our Democratic Republic politically, socially, economically and militarily.

                I am Pro-Choice because, while there are several strong religious arguments on the Pro-Life side, we are not a religious State – we are a secular one. There is no secular argument I accept which could deny a woman control of any part of her body.

                I believe that power corrupts. A large, powerful government will inevitably slide toward tyranny. People consistently vote their passions more often than their enlightened self-interest. Therefore I feel the necessity for the States to have some power to resist the Federal Authority and for entities within each State to resist their own Capital. In the same way, I feel the necessity of smaller States to check the power of the larger States … as we have recently witnessed.


                All that rolls back to what I expect from God, Christianity, a person of Faith and our political elite. The godliness of any person seeking high office is automatically suspect => because they are seeking high office. Not guilty, but suspect.

                As an example: President Bill Clinton was, on a interpersonal level, a DOG. He definitely slept around on his wife. When this was exposed, I felt sympathy for his wife and daughter ~ this was their family drama being dragged onto the National state.

                The scandal did NOT stop me from voting for Bill in 1996. His inability to keep his pecker in his pants didn’t bother me. His ability to overrun a Republican Congress and pass significant legislation, on the other hand, did impress me; enough to make me vote Democrat.

                He was doing the job the American public had elected him to do and that, more than his party affiliation, or infidelity, mattered to me. We needed an effective President. WJC was effective. Box checked.

                From a Trump perspective, I look at the fortune he has made, how he has dealt with his bankruptcies and what I can find out about current and former business partners. I know he is not an active church-goer.

                As for Pride … yep, but he ran for US President, for Pete’s Sake! That has to be a healthy bit of ego attached to that ambition.

                I think he uses his fame as a show-boater as a distraction these days. He makes a primitive social gaff, everyone in the MSM concentrates on it and then he has his team do something else. Not every time. He certainly makes blunders. I simply argue there has elements of a mouse hunt upon occasion.


                As for Trump and his 70 years … there is one factor which is often over-looked and that is his relationship with his children. It is far too easy for children born into that lifestyle to make a hash of their lives.

                Trump may not have been a stellar father and much credit, he admits, goes to the mothers, but the fact he remains close to all his children and all but one, the one in Middle School, has graduated college (and not Trump U. either).

                I have watched him around his children and grandchildren, especially when they are ‘off focus’ and they appear rather close to one another. I mark that as a positive character indicator.


                Finally, I do think it is important we consider who we did and didn’t vote for last November. We did NOT vote for the career politician who had vastly superior credentials for the job. Hands down, Sec. Clinton was the better person for the job.

                Yet we elected a NON-politician. Not just in the General Election, but through a grueling Primary before that. This was more than Trump populism and nifty catchphrases. This was a critical rejection of what has been perceived of as ‘The Establishment’.

                The Republicans helped by turning on Trump, left, front and sideways. Clinton really appeared to be a shoe-in almost all the way thru.

                48% didn’t even bother to vote in one of the most contentious election in modern history.

                Now, if Trump wasn’t the Christian choice, why didn’t the vote on Nov. 8th show this? As in, where as the Christian backlash against a definitively non-Christian President?

                If Trump truly was a racist, why did he win more Minority votes than McCain and Romney? If he was truly a misogynistic threat, how did he win the White female vote?

                If the GOP is so ‘out of touch’ why have they retained control of both houses of Congress including gaining the most overall votes for the House of Representatives ~ the closest we get to democratic representation?

                • I have a couple of thoughts on your last series of questions around “why”.

                  When people are oppressed, as women and minority voters are, there are always those who will stand with the oppressors believing that their support of their oppressors will somehow lift them out of oppression.

                  At the same time, they were being so overwhelmed with lies and propaganda that even intelligent people believed the positioning of Trump as the lesser of two evils.

                  There was a substantial Christian backlash, but it was for the most part polite and considered and that doesn’t get picked up by the media. And according to the law, churches themselves could not speak out or risk losing their charitable status.

                  • Ms. Bush, there is the miasma of what is considered “political” speech versus social commentary, which is allowed within a religious organization. I think we know for a fact religious figures on both sides of the divide have spoken out on multiple occasion. I feel it is safer to err on the side of Religious Liberty. Yeah, we get some real jack-a**es, but we also get our fair share of Pastor Pavlovitz’s too.


                    As for the media in the last election … five of the six largest visual media outlets were HEAVILY in favor of Sec. Clinton – ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC & NBC versus Fox. You need do nothing more than watch the faces of their anchors as they cover Election Night coverage.

                    Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo were also in her corner. They don’t even bother hiding their bias anymore.

                    I’m pretty sure the top ten print media outlets were supporting her side as well.

                    Yes ~ Trump received more coverage and it was universally BAD.

                    Do we want to go over all the violence at Trump rallies – directed AT Trump supporters?

                    Trump mocking the crippled reporter? Wholly debunked. Trump had done the precise same actions previously to describe opponents being … indecisive ~ not handicapped.


                    As for propaganda …
                    Trump didn’t make the FBI reopen the Clinton investigation.

                    If Trump’s victory was truly the work of the Russian government, I imagine President Obama would have done something about it in the 10 weeks leading up to Trump’s inauguration. It has become evident the Federal government was monitoring his communications.


                    Beyond the continuing assault on Abortion Rights, what rights of women are being attacked? How are minorities and other marginalized groups being persecuted? If you mean ‘undocumented’ aliens … where was this outrage when President Obama was deporting more people than any other President in history? Furthermore – they are in this country ILLEGALLY. That is still against the law. Until the law changes, they are CRIMINALS and should be deported IMHO.

                    Freezing Syrian immigration … for 120 days? It was never a permanent ban and multiple Presidents had done the precise same thing before.

                    Worse, we have had 5 years to do something about the Syrian Civil War and have not. Why haven’t we made it so the Syrians can live in relative safety in their homeland? That should have been our goal and long before now. Instead we are arguing about how many we should take in while millions remain behind in misery and will continue to live in misery because we lack the political will to end this crisis.

                    By all means, what have we done to end the Syrian Civil War … or the Libyan Civil War, or the one in Yemen … not another Gulf War, but putting together some sort of local coalition to suppress the chaos? How about making Syria safe for the Syrians? Why hasn’t that been a priority?

                    I could go on, but I’m being reminded I’ve got a real world family to take care of.

                    Peace be with you.

                    • Please note that I am not related to your former presidents and that, in fact, we do not share a last name. My poor mother (RIP), her name was Barbara. For 33 years people called her Barbara Brush. Then came Bush the first with his wife Barbara and suddenly, nobody could get my mother’s name right, even people who had known her forever.

                      I would like to make a slight correction to what you wrote in reply: “what rights of women are being attacked? How are minorities and other marginalized groups being persecuted?” I didn’t use the words “attacked” or “persecuted”. I used “oppressed”. It’s a lot sneakier and harder to nail down. Yes, some of it happens boldly in public, but much of it is buried in societal norms, policy, and micro aggressions.

                      I wasn’t talking about “illegal aliens”, more truthfully known as refugees, and neither was I talking about Syria. And I’m not sure how you got there from what I wrote. It was interesting though!

                    • The uncomfortable truth that we are faced with here is this: EVERYONE who is not white, male, and heterosexual is oppressed in one way or another. And until we face this fact in ALL its aspects we will not make progress.

                    • Ms. BRUSH, I deeply apologize for that mistake. Normally I actually “copy & paste” the name … I was sloppy.

                      As for societal oppression … that is a societal issue, not governmental. I do know more minorities are entering colleges than ever before. Women have dominated colleges since 2000 and continue to do so at an increasing rate. A college education is the clearest road to economic advancement.

                      The economic power of every minority group, save two, is increasing ~ Black and White men. Black men haven’t quite recovered from the economic shock of 2008. White men’s declining share makes sense since they have historically had the most.

                      Micro-aggressions … the problem there is who defines what is what and to what level things escalate. I have been told saying “Hello Miss” is a micro-aggression because of its ‘implied gender expression’ – I kid you not.

                      Calling a transgender person a ‘homosexual’ is a micro-aggression, but I can see why some folks get confused – especially if the transgender person is straight.

                      Example: a genetically born female – identifies as male – has a gender preference for females. To an uniformed, they would appear to be a female who likes females – homosexual – when, in fact, they are straight/heterosexual as they are a male. Still, understanding how not everyone can pick up this derivation from the norm is clear to me.

                      Then we can go down the road of fat- and skinny-shaming and body-acceptance. Ugh, ugh and double-ugh. Sometimes I feel people have forgotten some folks simply will never like, or accept them – no matter what choices they make. Forcing acceptance feels wrong to me.


                      As for wandering off an a mini-foreign policy rant … foreign affairs is a hobby of mine so I (occasionally) get carried away. Sorry about that.


                      Now to White heterosexual males and oppression. I’m going to come at this from the ‘other side’.

                      … bwahahaha … Mr. Amundsen {I copied and pasted this time, dang it!}, we (straight White males) are the favorite whipping boy for just about everybody. We can be endlessly mocked, ridiculed and vilified without a hint of backlash.

                      Shoot the straight White male President in a music video? Sure. Why not?

                      Portray us as idiotic, child-like adults who stumble from one accident to the next like cursed buffoons? Seen it plenty of times. I expect to see more of it.

                      The sadistic wife-beater, dead-beat parental drunk, pathetic drug addict, homeless vet, cop-petty tyrant, corrupt politician, grabby professor … shall I go on?

                      Virtually every negative social stereotype has its straight White male role model fulfilling it in ads, TV, movies and literature … and no one gives a damn so please don’t lecture me about what other groups go through until more people start giving a crap about what straight White males go through growing up in this environment.

                      I have to raise my Son in this pervasive culture which constantly bombards him with how terrible his forebears were, how horrible his ancestors’ cultural contributions have been both here in the US and around the rest of the freaking Globe, and how his very existence perpetuates the oppression of others.

                      He is constantly confronted with how horrible he is because he is
                      – straight (toxic masculinity)
                      – male (born rapist)
                      – Christian (Evangelicals to the Crusades)
                      – White (… SMH)
                      ~ take your pick.

                      My daughter has more social armor because she is both BI-SEXUAL and a WOMAN. I don’t regret her having more attention given to her, but I’m not going to ignore the obvious bias either – and it is a bias against straight White males.

                      There is no group strictly devoted to us. No, it isn’t the GOP, or the NRA ~ they have their own agendas. It isn’t the freaking KKK, or Nazis – they are fringe-group radical morons. We have nothing to compare to the NAACP, or a plethora of Women’s and LGBTQ+ advocacy groups.

                      The reason for this is very simple. Until recently, straight White men didn’t self-identify. The KKK, while ‘White’, was also anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic ~ all ‘White’ male groups. American Nazis had their own host of ‘White’ enemies too.

                      Being the second largest voting demographic (behind White women), we had so many varied other identities, social agendas and political ideologies, we didn’t bother thinking of ourselves as a Race. It is rather sad this is now becoming an issue as it is really an artificial factor to be exploited rather than something which could be used for a good purpose. Sigh.

                    • James, I just wanted to touch upon your point on straight white males being demonised as of late. I’ll agree that maybe the pendulum has now swung a bit too far and there are definitely lots of people with a revanchist attitude boarding that hate train to vent repressed feelings they were holding back. While I do not condone this backlash I must say that it is not unwarranted. For just too long, the straight white male was THE Campbellian hero of each existing narrative. Women were mere trophies to be attained after saving the day. Other races, cultures and nationalities were represented as either savages in dire need of the transformative touch of our hero, or quaint and exotic peoples holding the secrets and techniques meant to be discovered and mastered by him. And I am not only talking about fictional stories! I’m also talking about the every-day narrative in which media, advertising and just common conversation spoke about the straight white male in ways that portrayed him as strong, intelligent, urbane and righteous, while representation of everybody else fell somewhere in a spectrum ranging between endearing caricatures and harmful stereotypes.

                      Again, I do not condone the sometimes overly hostile backlash but I understand where it comes from and if I may say so, it kind of tickles my funny bone to see how easily some straight white male bristle and complain at being the target of some discrimination and stereotyping through the last decade, unaware of how everybody else in America has been enduring such treatment for well over a century. Apparently, they were not as tough and coolheaded as they painted themselves in ads and entertainment for all those previous decades!

                    • Pylgrim, thank you for this. My ex-husband is extremely capable in the kitchen and has excellent parenting skills. He would get mad every time one of those commercials came on where the doofus husband says, “Honey, where’s the butter?” The stereotype didn’t apply to him, but the stereotype was born out of generations of men who never entered the kitchen for fear that doing so would downgrade their manhood. And of course, not all men.

                      My father’s contribution to housekeeping was lifting his feet while reading the newspaper so that my mom could vacuum that spot. He helped with dinner by napping through the entire preparation, presiding like a king at the table, and disappearing with the newspaper once dessert was finished.

                      I wonder if the people who currently do not appreciate the stereotypes that are being applied to them will have the insight to realise that the stereotypes they place on others are just as grating.

                • I think I could tell from previous posts that you did not vote for Trump because of his alleged Christianity. And that’s ok. I do not subscribe to the belief that all Trump voters are racists, misogynistic, etc. (Though some definitely are.) I do respect the reasons that you had to vote as you did, even if I disagree with the candidate.

                  The problem is that there are some people (a significant percentage) that do vote based on who’s the “Christian candidate”, in the same way, that some people always vote Republican or Democrat. (You can see several of those on other comment threads here.) This article is for those people. When there’s no basis to believe in the spirituality of a leader, one must be careful to give support nilly-willy to those who just pay lip service to Christianity or to topics Christians care for, such as abortion (even though he clearly had previously espoused the opposing belief).

                  In other words, the article’s goal is not so much to criticise Trump but to exhort Christians to be more discerning. When I was younger, I used to wonder with bafflement how the scenario depicted in Revelations about the Anti-Christ could be possible. How could it be possible that the people of the world, and especially the Christians allowed the rise of such a figure even with those very warnings in the Bible! Today, I wonder no more. I have seen my brothers and sisters /cheerfully/ supporting a candidate whose very public life is antithetical to Christ’s teachings just because he said that he was Christian and made some vague promises about topics that concern them. (btw, not saying nor believing that Trump is the Anti-Christ, merely that his success reveals an uncomfortable truth about the body of Christ.)

                  As for your questions on why Trump succeeded with minorities and women in spite of the valid accusations of racism and misogynism, well, I have partly answered that. Some people always vote Republican and/or “Christian”. I’ve spoken with people like that and when confronted with clear racist, misogynistic or bafflingly untrue remarks by Trump, they choose to dismiss the evidence as “fake news” or whatever in order to avoid the uncomfortable cognitive dissonance of realising that their “auto”-vote placed a man that perhaps they cannot in all good conscience endorse in the office. Some other were simply taken by the populist, boisterous promises he made to combat issues that he himself had previously exaggerated, to begin with. Christians were definitely not the only group he played. To poor, disenfranchised rustbelt blue-collar workers he showed himself as a “man of the people” in spite of being a born-billionaire who has lived in indulgence and excess throughout his life and whose never, ever has shown to care a bit for anybody other than Trump. And so on.

                  Nevertheless, I really don’t want to make this a post about Trump (we can debate him in particular later on, if you so wish). Just making sure that you understand that the point of my first comment was about the necessity of Christians to be diligent and vigilant before throwing their lot with someone only because of professed beliefs.

            • Everyone is free to accept or deny the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus. Mr. Trump has openly rejected the Gift of Salvation – he has freely stated he doesn’t need it because he has “never done anything wrong” .

              President Obama professed his faith long before he became POTUS, How is it that you don’t know any of these things??🤔

        • Unrepentant is the correct term, not imperfect . It sounds like you could use some time with the Word-the Gospel of John is a good place to start-the third book of the New Testament .

    • He is questioning the veracity of the claim that Trump is “christian” because Trump does not reflect or live the values of a christian person. His lifestyle, his words, his policies, his choices are ANTITHETICAL to the life and teachings of Jesus. In fact, he does not reflect the values or teachings of ANY of the worlds major religions.

    • You obviously did not really hear what John was saying. He bases his assessment of Trump on his actions not his hair color and all the irrelevant things you listed. He’s correct in his evaluation to the tee. Trump is the most unchristian patron of your religion without question. His actions are a reflection of his soul and so far he’s caused more pain and harm to millions of people. If that’s Christian behavior count me out.
      I’m a catholic but respect all denominations. I have to say he’s made a mockery of your beliefs and I would run, not walk, from any form of Evangelical beliefs knowing this man is being lauded as a “God”. I have lost all respect for anyone who condones this man’s actions and supports a racist bigot who spreads his hate across this country and has made a mockery of the United States and Christianity.
      John has written one of the best evaluations of trump that I have ever read and believe he is an excellent example of what Christians stand for. If you think people will be drawn to your flock while you embrace this evil, your wrong.

    • How will the lost ever recieve salvation if we can’t I’d the lost? Trump has stated plainly that he “doesn’t need forgiveness because he hasn’t done anything wrong” why don’t you believe him ? What good is it to deny Trump’s own truth?

    • he didn’t need to question other presidents..they didnt cheat on all their wives and have unprotected sex with porn stars and prostitutes. Nor did they offer to pay peoples fines to commit acts of violence against others. They also didn’t have pedophilia accusations and weren’t convicted con men.. Also the other presidents lived their lives as Christians and not as atheists or anti- christians…

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  7. “Never mind that his life showed an open contempt for most of the things the Jesus of the Gospels lived and preached: humility, generosity, respect, empathy, kindness, peace.”

    Surely you must realize that there is a huge body of people calling themselves Christians in this country that likewise show an open contempt for these principles. The policies of the Republican part at large (Pre-Donald) show an open contempt for most of the things Jesus lived and preached. Sadly, republican politicians cherry pick a handful of issues to take a ‘Good Christian’ stance on like abortion, and just do as they please with the rest:
    -Who said we should have to pay taxes? Tax cuts for everyone!
    -Who said we should love our neighbors? Build that wall!
    -Who said we should be good stewards of the earth? God gave us dominion, drill baby drill!

    On top of all of that, Christians in this country have long been living and acting as though the worst sin possible is the one they’re not doing, so is it really so surprising many were willing to see Donald Trump as a flawed man with good and even Godly intentions?

  8. It’s really scary that you think it’s okay to publicly bash the President of the United States. Respect the fact that he was chosen as our leader. The bible commands us to do this and it clearly outlines the consequences for those who don’t: Romans 13:1-2: “1- Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2- Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.” As a Pastor, there is even deeper consequences for this: Jeremiah 23:1-2: “1- ‘Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture!’ declares the Lord. 2- Therefore this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says to the shepherds who tend my people: ‘Because you have scattered my flock and driven them away and have not bestowed care on them, I will bestow punishment on you for the evil you have done,’ declares the Lord.”

    • Please stop quoting the scripture self-servingly. Didn’t Jesus warn against wolves among the sheep and the need to be vigilant against false leaders and those who, professing being of Him, actually seek to fool the people of God? The part of the scripture about not rebelling against the authority is, in fact, being upheld because the author is not inciting people to rebellion or even disagreement. What you call “bashing” is merely an honest contrast of Trump’s life and deeds against everything the Bible stands for. I don’t see you trying to dispute any of those arguments, so you have to disingenuously resort to make a call to protect that man from criticism on principle.

      Do you forget that the Anti-Christ will be a prominent leader? If your position that authority must be blindly, unquestioningly respected and followed were true, you’d find yourself first on the line to receive his mark because, heaven forbid, doing otherwise would be “rebellious”.

      • If we are talking about discerning the presence of the Anti-Christ and deciding whether or not to recieve the mark of the beast, we all have bigger problems and this entire conversation about how to behave in a biblical manner in politically polarizing times is pointless. You seriously need to go read your bible. That is all I am suggesting. Familiarize yourself with the great tribulation. And explore the examples of how godly people behave towards leadership in addition to the apostles and prophets instructions on the subject.

        • You act as though what is being discussed is a man of God, an undisputable leader and servant whose faith profession is being put in doubt because some peccadilloes of his were unearthed. Let me remind you that we are talking about a man who for over 7 decades has lived in excess and a narcissistic cult of his own person, which he has arrogantly made very public. A man who has never shied from humiliating, mocking or outright attempting to destroy the poor, the sick and the stranger for his own profit or amusement. A man who has never in his long life done anything truly altruistic, compassionate or selfless. We are not talking about vague degrees of “biblical behaviour” in the indulgently excusing “politically polarizing” times, we are talking about a whole life boastfully lived completely antithetically to everything Christianism stands for and a sudden, baseless and opportunistic claim of Christianhood during a time where doing so provided him with huge benefits.

    • This is American, if someone is a total psychopath moron we are not required to bow to him because he stole a title.
      If you wish to worship the Child-Rapist-in-Chief like the god he thinks he is that is your business, but don’t expect me to.

  9. you are the most hypocritical “Christian” and pastor I have ever seen, and when you talk of “false prophets” you need to look in the mirror and shut up. The scary part is, you don’t even see it, and you have way to many people that agree with you. You can’t have it both ways, either you are going to love and forgive all sinners, or you’re not.

    Hypocrite, Hypocrite, Hypocrite.

    • Where is he saying anything about not loving sinners? We are encouraged to love sinners, but not to call them “Christian” when they are patently not, especially if they are claiming they are just to grab votes. The fact that you lash this hard at someone offering valid criticism means that you don’t even realise how hypocritical you look when you chant “hypocrite” like that.

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  11. I served under 5 presidents, not all of whom I liked. However, to level the playing field, the good pastor might give up his tax exempt status, the hypocrisy of preaching politics and disrespect for the office of the President. In return you might find a better footing for a reasonable dialogue. It’s pretty clear at this point that a lot of Americans were simply tired of government force feeding them. Nit picking and whining doesn’t improve the position of those that can’t seem to quit crying.

    • What are you talking about? How is the blog’s argument not reasonable? Its main point is “Trump is evidently not Christian in spite of his claims, the only ever existing ‘evidence’ of his Christianity.” How is that ‘disrespectful’? How is it ‘whining’? You talk about reason but your own post doesn’t provide a single argument to counteract his, merely a holier-than-thou reproach and a couple veiled insults.

      C’mon, argue with me with reason. Show me how this post is a lie and some sort of disrespectful slander against our ‘honourable’ (heh, as if in 70 years he has done a single thing that could be mistaken as “honour’) president.

    • Unless things are radically different where you live, pastors are not tax exempt, religious organisations are. A pastor can say what they want about politics when they are not speaking in the name of their church.

  12. As a fellow pastor, i think you are making a huge mistake focusing on politics no matter what side you are on. The Roman Emperor was far worse than Trump and Jesus never said a word about him. His focus was on religious leaders like us. You would be well served to just focus on the Gospel and ditch this silly stuff. Its contrary to the example Jesus set for us

    • The small difference is that the Roman Emperor didn’t claim to be Christian in order to gain the support of the Christian masses. Though, interestingly enough, another Roman Emperor, Constantine, much later would do exactly that. And we all know how that worked.

      On the other hand, Jesus did criticise very harshly the religious authorities of his time, so if Trump wants to claim to be Christian, he for sure should be ready to be measured accordingly.

      • To quote Joe Davis: As a fellow pastor, i think you are making a huge mistake focusing on politics no matter what side you are on. The Roman Emperor was far worse than Trump and Jesus never said a word about him. His focus was on religious leaders like us. You would be well served to just focus on

        You’d have a valid point if not for two facts.

        1: Trump claims to be a Christian, despite the least Christian behavior of any President we’ve had, and has absolutely no problem in the fact that
        2: right wing Christians..especially evangelical Protestants dearly love mixing religion, politics and government. They are perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to Trump’s abject failings as both a Christian and a human being if provides them political power and control of the government.

        So, Mr. Davis, let us know when you get the Christian right wing to quit running around acting like, to be blunt, the Christian version of Iran’s ayatollah’s.

        Then your statement will have validity. Until then..well this is the field that the Christian right wing chooses to operate on, this is the game they choose to play. We can’t and shouldn’t just abandon the field to them…the country can’t afford it.

  13. I’m a little concerned that your definition of “Christian” is heavily weighted on the support of socialist policies (such as mass, unfettered immigration and socialized healthcare).

    Unfortunately, history has shown us that Socialism has brought the greatest amount of human suffering throughout history… to Christians, Jews, Muslims, and everyone in between.

    Please don’t confuse moral positions for political ones… people with Conservative positions have very well grounded, very ethical, and very moral reasoning behind their opinions. We don’t support Socialized healthcare not because we want people to go without coverage… but because we KNOW that government control of healthcare leads to the worst level of care for everyone.

    Before you start throwing stones based on politics, I suggest you also revisit history to learn what has provided be most benefit to people through history… and don’t assume that someone who differs from you politically is any less of a Christian than you are. Such self-absorption, elitism, and narcissism is decidedly UN-Christian.

    • Friend, you have fallen for the trap of our modern, neo-conservative, hyper-capitalist philosophy: to equate the evils brought by the mishandling and abuse of power in all-socialist governments with the social policies that lie at their core. We have been trained to knee-jerk react at the slightest whiff of social conscience like “Public healthcare/education/welfare!? I can see you there trying to bring about the ruin of our democracy, Stalin!” However, many countries in the world such as Canada, France, Australia and many others have proven that it is possible to enact social-sensitive policies, increasing everybody’s overall prosperity without falling into the pitfall of authoritarian socialism.

      World politics aside, though, your main concern should be following the words of Jesus when he warns us to be among the people who “I was hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.” Social justice and aid to those weaker and in need have always been the among the main tenets of Christ’s teachings. Why do you try to dismiss them as socialist talk?

  14. At what point during the previous administration did you call for the church to stop calling the President a Christian? How much killing did it take? How many refutations of the Sermon on the Mount occurred before you arrived at that conclusion? Or did you not feel compelled to level the same charge with previous presidents? If not, why?

    • You may be better informed than I… how many of the presidents from previous administrations did, during their election campaign period, suddenly and vehemently claim Christianity despite a long life lived in public and flagrant disregard, if not contempt, of Jesus’s teachings?

      If you can show me some evidence of such transparent grab at the Christian vote in most of the previous POTUSes’ campaigns, I am willing to be convinced that Trump’s case was not a particularly shameless one and agree with you on the lack of merit of this article.

      • The timing of the profession is irrelevant although it could be said that Obama also had a sudden profession of faith at the start of his political career in Chicago. Again, this is irrelevant. The topic at hand is, as John said, when should we stop calling the President a Christian due to persistent unChristlike behavior? Obama and Bush certainly violated the Sermon on the Mount, to use John’s example, repeatedly. Or do you believe Obama and his presidency reflected the Sermon on the Mount?

        • What you are failing to notice is that this article didn’t come out of the blue. The author didn’t just woke up feeling like this would be a nice day to promote stopping calling Trump Christian. This is a several months old article written as a /reaction/ to Trump having been recently elected, in no insignificant part thanks to the vote of conservative Christians, a vote he aggressively procured with little else but claims about his own Christianity.

          Second, if you read carefully, this article is not really about Trump-bashing. Who cares if Trump is not Christian, really? He wouldn’t be the first non-Christian president and probably not the first to pretend to be Christian in order to gain the Christian vote.This article is addressed at his Christian voters who blindly took the word of a man whose life has been entirely antithetical to the tenets of Christianism as truth. People so desperate to “vote Christian” that they’d vote for him who most convincingly professed Christianism regardless of the savagely anti-Christian philosophies in his political platform and personal life.

          Lastly, let us acknowledge the point of your comments for the sake of the argument. Let us say that this writer was remiss at attacking Obama’s alleged lack of Christianity which I’m guessing you’re trying to pass as proof of the writer’s agenda. Ok. Shame on him, tsk-tsk et al. However… does it mean that because he failed to point out the failings of a previous president, he’s now forever disqualified to point out the faults of present and future ones? Regardless of the validity of that implied claim, it constitutes no proof that his present arguments are fallacious. In other words, do you realize that your argument of contention is not that the article is incorrect but rather that it is irrelevant because the previous president did it first?

          Very well, then. If so, for the sake of the argument, I’ll agree with you that Obama was not a Christian. Are you ready, then, to agree with me (and the writer) that Trump is not a Christian either?

      • We probably needed to stop calling him a Christian when he had a teenage American citizen, Awlaki, assassinated overseas, right? Or when he began his secret kill list? Or when men, women, and children began to be murdered by his drone strikes? Or did these reflect Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount?

  15. Could not agree more!!! You can’t trust Jesus to make the decision. He has failed too many times. Just think of letting that dude go on the cross. That guy was probably a distant cousin of Trump. I demand immediately that a commission be set up to decide who is a Christian. We have social media, plus millions of years of evolution as to what mankind needs. Where has Jesus been. Yes my good friend JP, we can make that call much better. Jesus, your fired! You are not the judge

    • Wait, are you saying that Jesus himself confirmed Trump’s Christianity and endorsed his presidency? Quick, show me evidence of this and I’ll immediately convert to your cult of our saintly, pure and righteous God-Emperor Trump!

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  17. Pingback: Esteemed Pastor Explains: “It’s Time We Stop Calling Donald Trump a Christian” | Bluedot Daily

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  20. Mark 12:17

    Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him.

    Romans 13:1
    Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

    God pulls down and puts up.
    And he is faithful to remove anyone if he choses to or use anyone he choses to. Christian or non christian.

  21. So John, You sum it all up by saying lets read the “Sermon on the Mount,” and look at our current President in a new light based upon those 3 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. Well I guess nobody has ever been, or now is, or ever will become a True “Christian” in the light of everything in those 3 Chapters of the Gospel of Matthew…
    Good Thing Jesus Himself didn’t judge people solely on that discourse that He Himself spoke to the disciples on the Mount..
    John 8:7-11

  22. The photo at the top of this article reminds me of a quote someone left in days just before the election in 2016:
    “My momma told me, ‘Never moon a werewolf.’ “

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