To She Who Persists

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.
– A small, scared man named Mitch

Senator Elizabeth Warren was not the first like her to stand where she stood, she was simply the latest.

She was yet another in the near infinite chain of strong, intelligent, capable women, having to shout to be heard above the hissing, frantic noise of insecure men in her midst, all desperate to silence her. She was both making history and yet sadly repeating it. 

Yes, she was doing something heroic, something extraordinary and yet unremarkable too, as billions of women make such defiant stands each day. They may not do it in the blinding glare of the entire watching world, but their courage is no less breathtaking, their resilience no less planet-altering. It happens in the unadorned beauty of their ordinary days, without fanfare or bombast or applause. It happens in the quiet and the laborious and the unremarkable. It happens in cubicles and classrooms and churches and board rooms: women persisting—and gloriously so.

Most of them will never be trending or have their signal boosted by the world or be known by name, but their lives are sending powerful seismic ripples into the world in these very moments, and as the father of a young daughter just beginning to discover who she is and who she can be—I am grateful.

Thankfully, my life has been filled with women who have persisted despite warning and explanation; leaders and pastors and friends and co-workers who chose to define themselves, rather than be defined by the media or the world or a chorus of small, scared men not unlike those cowards who badgered Senator Warren. These women have taught me and challenged me and shaped me—and one of the most persistent of them, raised me. I have had the great blessing to be married to a beautifully persisting woman for the past two decades. This front row seat to such courage has made me a better human being, I’m sure of it.

The irony of a woman being silenced by men while speaking the words of another woman ( and one of color) was thick in that room—especially given the staggering misogyny of our new President and the fact that the majority of Americans had chosen a woman named Hillary over him to lead us in these days. I grieved over the nation we could be working toward and the lessons my daughter could be learning, while being reminded that women have been pushing back and pulling us forward for a long time now—and they haven’t needed permission or blessing. Maybe that is the real lesson.

Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Susan B. Anthony, Emily Dickinson, Hellen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Katharine Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Billie Holiday, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Bree Newsome, Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sally Yates… The glorious parade of persistence marches on.

They persist in marriages where their true voices are not yet fully embraced.
They persist in dusty churches still reluctant to make space for their gifts.
They persist in workplaces still overpopulated by men threatened by their presence.
They persist in places on the planet where they are seen and treated as less-than.
They persist despite a million reasons not to, after being given a warning and an explanation—and knowing these things are not good enough reason to stop.

After watching Elizabeth Warren make her brave stand on the floor of the Senate, I walked into my daughter’s room and looked at her engulfed in a swirling pile of blankets and stuffed animals. I pushed her hair back from her face and smiled. I pray that she will grow to be such a woman; a woman who will not be shouted down or tamed or defined by anyone. I pray that she will find her voice and that she will use it in whatever way her furiously wild heart compels her too.

And I know that when she does, she too will face the cowards and the bullies and the choruses of insecure men (and sometimes even a voice inside her head) telling her she needs to be quiet and sit down and not cause trouble.

And I hope when that happens, she will stand defiantly undeterred and with dignity; warning and explanation be damned—and she will persist.


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419 thoughts on “To She Who Persists

  1. Warren is great at what she does but I disagree that women have to shout to be heard. We have many examples of women who came up the ranks the same way men did and have enjoyed the same career. If I told you 20 years ago that South Carolina would elect a woman Governor, would you have believed it? When you say that women have to do twice the work to get anywhere, you are playing the victim card and that never gets us anywhere. Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected because she wasn’t heard….she didn’t get elected because she was heard and too many people didn’t like what they were hearing!

    • I hate to dismiss your comment as “mansplaining,” but boy when the shoe fits…..Tell you what, spend a few months in a woman’s shoes and then tell us a woman doesn’t “have to shout to be heard.” There are far fewer women who “came up the ranks the way men did” – because women have been thrown obstacles and experienced headwinds that the men didn’t face. Additionally, women have been less likely to receive the helping hand that men have received, but the women who have received it and have taken it face backlash for accepting it “the way men did.” Stating the observable isn’t “playing the victim card.” Maybe it is that chip on your shoulder that prevents you from seeing it how much harder women work due to the invisible forces pushing against their progress.
      This article isn’t about Clinton. This article is about Warren and the misogyny she faced on the senate floor. This week. In 2017.

    • Peter, Hello! Women are victims! LIFE IS NOT ABOUT PLAYING CARDS. Wake up and read the words. Abuse of women is all around you. Instead of making one side wrong, get up & get active to support women, so we don’t need to shout to defend us all. Read my book, “Thrashed.” I have an IQ way over 100, & suffer consequences, yes, as a victim, of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and constant harassment for having a great figure & face. I am not playing a victim card- I am stating facts, about my life, about life as a female. I must say again, Peter- Hello! wake up! We want respect, equal pay, justice, freedom, and equal access to power. I do not lay down as a victim. I stand with my bruises, with my broken bones & scars to face you, as Elizabeth faced Mitch-who-should-be-impeached! And I will not lay down to be further victimized, so you Peter, can just STOP it. Stop playing cards and get real.

    • I remain convinced that the men who hate women, wish to hold them back in life, or want to find ways to punish them are little boys who have unresolved psychological issues with their mothers and the way their mothers treated them when they were growing up. I could be talked out of it—but not easily.

    • Was this comment from a man? Of course. He doesn’t get it. It shouldn’t be extraordinary that a women was governor. It’s extraordinary that it took a couple of hundred years.

      • Yes, that is exactly what is extraordinary about it. And here in the USA we women have been voting for less than one hundred years. That’s pretty extraordinary too when we should have had the right to vote from the very beginning of this country.

      • ROTFLMHO

        Oh charles, you potty mouthed man, I do love you. Not that you were being potty-mouthed above. “Vagina” is a body part. If they can say “penis” on TV now, why not vagina?

        The other day I was posting something in my FB group, Celebrate What Christians Have in Common. It was a quote from St. John Climacus. My spellchecker wanted desperately to change it to “comics, clinics” or (wait for it) “clitoris,” another body part.

        As I thought it was hysterically funny, I posted it to my timeline on FB. After all, I’ve shared that my spellchecker wanted to change “nun” to “gun” and “prayer” to “player” and people thought that was really funny and they made all sorts of jokes.

        Not a single response. It’s just a body part. It’s the same part that would be a penis if I had the right chromosomes. So what’s wrong with naming it?

        And while I am being a nasty, uppity woman who persists, why is menstruation still spoken of in coy terms as if it is dirty or something to be ashamed of? Healthy women’s bodies menstruate. If we didn’t there’d be no more babies. So let’s talk honestly about it.

        I’ve seen Pepto Bismol commercials that were rather graphic, after all.

        • How about the Carl’s Jr. ads. Nothing sells a hamburger like a beautiful woman in a bikini taking a huge bite of a hamburger that no where near looks like what you get in real life.

          Thanks for all the websites Gloriamarie! You are fast.

          • Carl’s Jr ads are abusive to women in that they sexually objectify us and their target audience is adolescent males.

            You are welcome.

            • That is from Andrew Puzder , Secretary of Labor Nominee. Fortune magazine quotes him as saying “Ugly girls don’t sell hamburgers”

          • Actually Joanne. You are right. When you actually get those huge burgers at Hardees, they don’t look anything like those the models are chomping on. They have to show a burger that is about to burst out of its seams like the ladies are about to burst out of their seams. And now the Hardees guy is going to be working for Trump. I guess lies in advertising fit right in with Trump lies. I haven’t read the article yet, just saw it a minute ago, where the news media is saying Trump told 19 specific lies to the American people this week. That may be a record even for him.

            • It’s funny that they must be doing okay with their commercials that they have no desire to appeal to women. Go figure. I like hamburgers but I do not eat fast food.

              A lot of commercials make no sense to me but they must work or you would stop seeing them.

              • “I like hamburgers but I do not eat fast food.”

                As anyone can tell you the Cheeseburger Deluxe platter served by any American diner is far superior to the fast food burger.

  2. John – thank you for sharing your anger, disappointment, and wisdom.

    Like you my life has been shaped by the courage, strength, vision, and simple tenacity of the woman I have been privileged to know – my great grandmother, my grandmothers, my very special aunt Joan, my mother, my wife, my stepdaughters, my co-workers, rabbis, priests, nuns, teachers, and now, most of all my 5 granddaughters. How I see and interact with the world is a result of the lessons they have taught me.

    I cannot remember, even with all the daily terribleness spewed forth by Lord Cheeto and his regime, a time, recently, when I was as angry as I was when I saw the disrespect shown Senator Warren by Mitch McDonnell, and the other scared little men who joined him in demanding the censure of Senator Warren for daring to speak truth to their white male privilege and power.

    Thank you John for yet another powerful reminder of what real courage looks like. Thank you for reminding me of the responsibility I have to stand with Senator Warren, and every woman who daily speaks truth to power, as a way to honor and thank the women in my life who have taught me what it means to be human, humane, compassionate, just, tenacious, and whole.

    • At 20 minutes she was given a warning about the pertinent rule; impugning a senator with outside material is disallowed. She went on another 30 minutes, blatantly ignoring her given options to present material against Sessions.

      I wouldn’t advise our daughters to indiscriminately break the rules. It could land them in Principal’s office, court, or jail.

        • I would add that none of us women would be able to do much else than be the little woman, barefoot and pregnant if all the women before us were afraid of going to jail. Peace

        • She’s a former drug addict who found self-discipline through Christian fundamentalist legalism and rule keeping. This is why she is responding in this way. For girls who are just by nature sassy and rebellious and channel that in wrong directions, this is really pretty good advice from Leslie—up to a point. Thanks Leslie!!!

          • Charles… my friend. when you write about me as a undisciplined, ‘former drug addict’ that’s just not me. [I don’t have anything against addicts.] Truth is, I’ve never taken drugs or smoked cigarettes, not even with my hippie friends in the 70’s in California where I grew up or in the early 80s when I frequented punk bars in Hollywood. [I’m more of the life-long healthy-type of person. Sierra Club Hiking, fishing, sailboat racing, golf, snow skiing, dog walker, gym type. ]

            Unlike what you say about me, I’ve always had plenty of self-discipline, [even before I was Born Again]. I had a 3.5 GPA in HS, & 3.4 GPA in college. [Played on the volleyball team & basketball team.] I’m an accomplished cellist, played in symphony orchestras for 20+ years & i have a degree in Fine Art/ & Graphic Arts. I’ve owned 2 businesses, (Graphic Arts studio & Art Galley) I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve worked in Tokyo (4 years) as an editor at Translation Agency…. blah, blah. I have a long – happy marriage. I don’t drink alcohol, and I’m NOT an alcoholic. I’ve never been arrested. I’ve had one speeding ticket in the past 45 years. [Was going 58mph in 50 mile zone in Iowa, in 1992. ] I do a lot of ministry with homeless, addicts offering friendship, bible study, prayer, food, shelter, clothing. I’m not African American, I’m a WASP. My husband is West Indian, from London, an international businessman. We have two handsome, talented sons, that run their own sports business. I teach an exercise class, in my home, for Seniors with limited mobility. I’m just a very average person. nothing noteworthy. [ I do remember what you shared about yourself a while back. ] So now, we’re even. 🙂

            While no one would call me undisciplined, or an addict, (except you) I have numerous weaknesses & struggles in my life that I continue to work on. With Gods help. Love to you charles, Will you forgive me? –L.

            • Oh. I apologize then Leslie. I thought that you had communicated that information to me and that you were African_American in an earlier post a number of months back. Maybe it was from someone else, and I just thought it was you because of the way these multiple posts are “stepped down” here on John P.’s blog. On numerous occasions in the past, I found that I was reading a post from or replying to a post from one person—and it was really another person. I wish WordPress had a better way of presenting responses so this is less likely to happen. Thanks for correcting me on that. Have a nice weekend.

            • Wow sounds like you lived a full life and have done so many grand things. How exciting! You do not sound anywhere near average.

      • You don’t appear to have daughters, you have two boys. Granted, boys of color, so their lives come with a warning label as well, just different than for girls. But, sometimes landing in the principal’s office, court, or jail is what this country needs to hear the many women shouted down by the men too scared to allow them to speak.

        I saw in an online article yesterday, that later in the hearing, a man was allowed to read the entire letter by CS King that Elizabeth was shut down for reading. I hope that is true, but she see the double standard if it is.

    • Joe Catholic, let’s TALK about disrespect for a President. For 8 long years, you people showered President Obama with slander, disrespect, lies and all manner of outrages. Whatever policies of his you may have disagreed with, he was a decent and honorable man who conducted himself and the nation’s business with grace and style. The current “so-called” President is none of those things, and he’s damaged the country more in 3 weeks than most Presidents have done in 3 years! Respect has to be earned, and he hasn’t earned any.

  3. As the son of a mother who would get along famously with Senator Warren (no one could tell her anything; no one), I have for many years respected driven women unafraid to speak truth to power.

    You go, Ms Warren!

  4. Thank you for a sensitive assessment of the plight of women today. I would only add that, sadly, among those male voices “telling her she to be quiet and sit down” are female voices saying the same thing. Only when women stand up for and encourage one another will we achieve equality.

  5. Thank you John for this timely assessment. To me it says so much about a man who respects his wife as a person and speaks so lovingly of his child.

  6. Once again you hit the nail on the head. I was fortunate to grow up with strong woman as an example and married to a man who is not frightened by a strong woman but I know that isn’t so in a lot of cases. Once again some men and some woman unfortunately, think that their power comes in the control they have. I would disagree. Your true power comes with letting go and letting be. Thank you for all the young women out there who need to hear this and to all the old woman like myself who need to be reminded that the fight continues. Had hoped we would be further along by now. We shall persist.

  7. It was a disgrace to her Native American ancestry too.

    She of course should have been allowed to play the race card and smear a good fellow Senator who went after the KKK.

  8. Can I have permission to make bumper stickers of this (?):

    “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.
    – A small, scared man named Mitch (”

    Oh…my goodness… you never fail to make our day! ??

  9. I am a white Evangelical Christian male, and have been EC as long as I can remember about making a choice. (We can leave the constructions of “white” and “male” for another day.)

    I am puzzled by people who get offended by women or gays or black or Hispanic or Native Americans speaking out, strongly, about things that concern them.

    It does me no harm to listen. I might learn something. And for my own selfish reasons I want everyone to contribute because it makes for a more interesting, richer life for me.

    Should Sessions have been confirmed? Personally, I think not.

    But aside from that, should people we elect to represent us speak out about things that are wrong?


    Should there be a double-standard of shutting down women and elevating men in speaking and leading?

    Absolutely not.

    We are poorer when we shut down people like Elizabeth Warren or Coretta Scott King. They are providing us, all of us, with valuable insight, reason, and passion that we lack because we are comfortable and ignorant and satisfied.

    Maybe, just maybe, by listening to people who rock the boat we can keep the boat from going over the cataracts.

  10. Thank you, John P. Thank you. I especially appreciate that you, a man, grasp what we women have to put up with and I appreciate your commitment to create a world where your daughter and son will not have to put up with it.

    “A small, scared man named Mitch” Sadly, they are not just named Mitch. We have men in positions of authority who are just plain terrified of powerful women.

    Followers of Jesus ought to be leading the way, demonstrating what egalitarianism looks like because Jesus was egalitarian in His treatment of women when He walked the earth. Paul was clearly egalitarian. Says so high wide and wonderful in Galatians.

    • J. Bruce Wilcox, Yes, All Too Sadly, there are those women who have been brainwashed and accept, evangelize for, and participate in second-class citizenship.

      Then there are women such as Sr. Joan Chittister, RC nun, prophet, feminist, in love with God.

    • “Why do women remain unequal? Because of men. AND women.”

      J. Bruce Wilcox makes a very good point here; there are women out there who, whether they realize it or not, are complicit in keeping other women “the weaker sex” when we all know DAMN well that it is the strength of women that makes the world go around .

      • Perhaps you have heard of the Women Aglow Movement, it preaches that women are subserviant to their husbands. Nice concept. Not!!!!!!!!! Have had that movement thrown in my face a time or two, by women, who by the way had the most mealymouthed spouses ever. Peace

        • David, youre so assuming. I was raised by a liberated woman . My mom went to GW Law School in 1948 (where she met my Dad), she earned 2 other college degrees (& went to night school while she raised us.) She rode a motorcycle to class. My mom had a long career as Speech Pathologist, and her hobby was racing sailboats, of which she won numerous ocean Regattas (against men), with me as her crew, and sometimes I skippered the boat. She was an equal partner in her marriage to my Dad, and he appreciated her independence and courage. The only fault she had, was , she made it all look easy. She is my inspiration every day. My husband appreciates those same qualities that I inherited from my mother. I enjoy my liberated life, very, very much. No complaints. Ever.

          • Then thank the women who went ahead of you and broke the rules. I am old enough to have known some of them and they were extraordinary.

            • Kathleen. thanks for reply.
              My Mom didn’t see herself as a law / rule breaker. She took her bumps and bruises. She had fortitude. She had self respect. Maybe it was innate. Or maybe it was God given. Her own mother, didn’t consider herself a rule breaker either, when she attended college in 1913. (she was born -1893-, in the woods in a cabin in Minnesota among her Ojibwa tribe members) . She got a job in the Dept of Interior in DC, and met her husband there ( a white man). She was a world traveler, and her husband stayed home and took care of the kids during her excursions to Europe & Israel. She had a 40 year career, and had housekeeper & a nanny. I guess, I just am lucky that I come from a long line of Liberated Women, and don’t know what it feels like to be downtrodden. My other Grandmother, b 1893, college graduate, was a syndicated columnist, had a long career as a cook book writer (Betina’s Best) she had her own radio program, was head dietician for D.C. schools, and ran a summer Tea House on top of a mountain in Estes Park.

    • Then explain why the three male senators who read the same letter after her were not explained to, warned or censured? She received special treatment, alright, the “egotestical”, self-righteous kind that is borne of insecurity, smallness and fear of a woman who will not bow.

  11. I gotta remember to keep filling in my name and email address AND to tick the box to subscribe to comments. I wish the box appeared above the huge “post comment”m button.

  12. McConnell’s statement should become a watchword for women, along with “uppity” and “nasty.” Embrace the intentional negative epitaphs. “Yes, you have that exactly right; you can threaten all you want, because I’m an “uppity” and “nasty” woman who will indeed persist for that which is right.”

  13. There are some days, some moments when I want to hug my mom in heaven more than others. To say “Thanks, mom. For all you persistently were.” After reading your post, my heart ached that I could not hug her at that very moment. If I were only a fraction of the woman she was… but I will lamely persist to be so. Thank you for your thoughts JP.

  14. Thank you for your encouraging words. I have become a fan and introduced you to many friends and family members. Keep fighting for us, John. You give me hope.

  15. Here are some other names of women in history that could be added to the list: Barbara Jordan, Alice Paul, Diane Nash, Virginia Durr, Mary Magdalene, Florence Nightingale, Queen Victoria, Mother Jones, Emily Tubman, and many other women who persisted and refused to be degraded in such a way.

  16. John,
    Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. As I think back over my own life I realize that for me those times to “persist” come when I’m really pissed. There was the time many years ago when I was a single mother that the ruling men of the company for which I was then working decided that I was going to take the place of the switchboard operator while she was on vacation for six weeks. I had said that I wasn’t going to do it when it first came up but weeks passed. Finally, within weeks of her leaving I asked my direct boss what was going on and he told me “they” were going to force me to do it. Two hours later my letter of resignation had been handed in and I was walking out the gate. It worked out (long story) and the company had to hire another person to take my regular job as a reproduction typist and hire a Kelly girl for the switchboard.

    Then there was the time just a couple of years ago when I got fed up with the lifestyle that my husband, who has dementia, and I were living because of family neglect and we came up to Oregon where our youngest child lives and bought a house, went back home, put our house on the market, then informed our three older children that we were moving, and within a month were back in Oregon.

    Yes, we just regular women can and sometimes must take a stand and at times it certainly feels like you are all alone and nobody understands. Then someone like Senator Warren happens in our world and you realize, yes, it’s necessary to take the small steps we “regular” women take each day that eventually allow women like Senator Warren to be in a position to take the “big” steps that push the boundaries of our women’s world out a little further and a little further and a little further.

    Thank you again for speaking and encouraging us to continue to “persist.” WE WILL!

  17. THANK you John for your thoughtful writing. Our world is a better place when we all respect one another, and work together to understand and hear all the different voices – AND there are MANY men whom I have encountered over my 62 years who are very threatened by a strong, forceful woman. AND those who try to silence us , or anyone who has a differing opinion than theirs, are only creating the feeling that we need to be louder than ever.

  18. As I often feel reading your blogs, John, you strike at the heart of injustice with lucid, valiant words.

    My mother was married three times to sexist men who expected her to cook their meals, clean their dirty laundry, raise their children, and over-perform in bed. Oh, and, not to forget optics, attend church on Sundays in heels, pearls, and a pious demeanor. For her all-encompassing role, she was beaten, ignored, verbally abused, and denied alimony when she could no longer oblige and pander.

    I’m ashamed to see much of this same Alpha male mentality of the 50s and 60s persist today as if social progress never happened. I loudly applaud Sen. Elizabeth Warren for standing up to the likes of McConnell and others of his posse. She’s doing what my mother couldn’t – for fear of threats and warnings, of being thrown into the streets with nothing for her or her children.

    When I saw Warren read King’s letter, I remembered and felt my mother’s pain and shame. I always wanted her to stand up against the many husbands who demeaned her, dismissed her, and threatened her with expulsion. Small, scared men who can only feel superior by demeaning and threatening those around them.

    Warren is tutoring the current generation of young women to never be afraid, to always stand up and speak out, especially if it’s a man trying to hold them back with warnings. Men can cook their own meals, wash their own dirty laundry, raise their own children, and learn that their own satisfaction isn’t all that matters in bed.

    Like many millions of Americans, I hate to see what’s happening to our country under the Trump administration. However, all of their exposed sexism, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, etc. – is causing every American to decide what they really stand for. I’m optimistic that justice will prevail because people like Elizabeth Warren and those who stand with her will continue to persist. And persist. And persist. And persist. I stand with them to persist.

    Justice never comes fast enough or as comprehensive as we would like. However, those who live by threats, die by threats. And warnings, like threats, are but empty shells shot by smug, fear-ridden people who appear to wield big guns. Like Goliath.

    Let’s be like David.

    • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Richard’s mom}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Richard}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      I am so sorry to read your mother’s experience. Too many women today still endure such heinous treatment. Thank you for sharing her story.

      Thank you for growing up to be a better man than were your examples in early life.

    • I like that. Lived through the 50’s and 60′ and had hoped we would be further along now, but Thank you for reminding me to keep on. Peace,

  19. And then we have women like Kellyanne Conway. This woman who professes to be a good Catholic who takes money for lying and spreading falsehoods. Now she has added to her resume by being a shill for Trump products while receiving taxpayer money. She was then praised by President Trump. To me she is a waste of airtime and an insult to women who work with integrity. In other words she takes money to screw over the public.

    She is excellent at her job if her job is never answering a question and robotically repeating propaganda talking points.

    I worked for almost 50 years and never had a boss that would expect such behavior from a woman or a man.

    To me Ms. Conway is the same as a woman who lies about a rape, abuses her children, turns her back on her children, abuses her husband, commits adultery or breaks any number of laws and commandments. Woman like her make it that much harder for the rest of us to be taken seriously.

    • WORD!!!

      And if it weren’t for us nasty, uppity women who persist, women like she would still be barefoot and in the kitchen.

        • Evidently, you are illiterate or you would be able to read that my name is Gloriamarie, not Gloria.

          And it is “like she” because the unsaid but implied verb is “is” and the intrantsitive verb of being takes the predicate nominative voice on either side.

          It is only the ignorant who ignored their English teachers who would use “her” with a verb of being.

    • She was on Fox News – her and the President’s safe place. My point was she proclaims her Catholicism while taking taxpayer money to lie. To me that is using God’s name in vain and bearing false witness. But for you, as long as she is anti-abortion that wipes out all other sins.

      In a way I almost feel sorry for her. How many times has she tried to explain away what Trump says and then an hour after she speaks he turns around and says the opposite.

      It was one thing when Trump paid her, but now she is on the taxpayer’s dime. She has sold her soul. No wonder she looks so drawn.
      She is hardly picked on. She chews up questions and spits out word salad.

      • Joe, you are an intelligent man and you know those questions are insulting. I do not deserve to be insulted. I will answer your questions because I have seen good in you and I hold on to that thread.

        I respect every man and woman until their words or actions cause me to lose that respect. I have no prejudice against any religion or belief nor to I ever bring up those topics first ever.

        If someone choses to share that they are a devout Catholic I would watch my language and assume she was a loving and giving person. I would assume she would not lie, steal, commit adultery or harm me.

        I respect every woman so much that I would never expect my voice to overrule her voice about her own body. I would respect that it is her life and her story. I would also expect the same respect back. A handful of my friends have shared the fact of their abortion with me after the fact. I do not know why they told me but I would never share their information. It is not my business.

        • Thank you for your apology and yes you can be quite charming at times. I would miss our cordial exchanges if they stopped.

          On the other hand when you put everyone who does not agree with you in the same basket – you are doing the exact same thing you accuse everyone else of doing.

          You are a man of such strong faith. Why use such weak arguments?

          I think you admiring her behavior is more politically motivated or because of political bias. Words are the tools of her trade. She knows exactly what she is saying. She often uses the same trick you do by picking out a word out of a comment and turning it into a talking point.

          She does not misspeak. She is excellent at her job.

          “Bowling Green Massacre”

          Peace, Love, and Happiness

    • –I took it as a defensive throw away remark. Obviously, she’s not actively promoting Nordstroms dept store. I think she was probably put out a bit, by all the Ivanka bashing. And she is a fast talker, too automatic sometimes.

      No one is running out to buy Ivanka’s line because kellyanne mentioned it. No harm. No foul.

  20. Some women in this world have already arrived. Some women are young and “GOING PLACES” in this world. One of my favorite young women in the American Christian community is professional writer and editor April Kelsey. I will not live to see it because I am an old man, but this woman is destined to do something GREAT in American Christianity over the next 60 years—something that will be remembered positively in American history and church history. Keep your eyes on her young women. She is going places, and you can go places too:

  21. Betsy DeVos persisted….
    Yet another, “in the near infinite chain of strong, intelligent, capable women, having to shout to be heard above the hissing, frantic noise of insecure men in her midst, all desperate to silence her”.

    Oh wait….some women are more equal than others….hmm…..

          • She paid for a job to further her beliefs – to blur the line between church and state. She wants voucher schools or for-profit schools, even though they do not always result in a better education.

            Of course she goes along with getting rid of those nasty unions and those overpaid overeducated teachers. What I wonder about it those who claim to want to make our country great again are the ones who do their best to lower wages for certain careers and not others. Who decides who is overpaid?

            Who decides what jobs deserve higher or lower wages?

            She is not Catholic Joe. She wants to push her religious beliefs and along with Neurocore “brain performance centers I would think would that would be enough to scare every parent.

            It just makes me think of the pictures of Hitler youth – all dressed alike, same expressions on their face, even their hair parted on the same side.

            I know you hated your tax money going to public schools. Didn’t Catholics used to think that Amway was a cult? Which is worse?

            • Well, I hate my tax dollars going to any religious school or outfit and if you were ever at an Amway meeting it sure seemed like a cult. So maybe the Catholics were half right. It was one of stranger experiences my husband and I got dragged to. They were kind of scary.

              • There’s a lotta things I hate tax dollars going to… the bloated DOD budget; continuing to spend trillions on a jet that will never fly because the design was flawed from the get go; anything that allows any sort of discrimination; federal prisons; West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy (although 100% in favor of tax dollars going to support Star Fleet Academy), is there an academy for the Marines?

                Seems like the programs for destruction are much more heavily finded than the programs for creation, construction, health, housing, food.

                However, public schools should certainly be heavily and equitably funded with our tax dollars. Children are the future of this country.

                If people want to send their kids to private schools, though, no tax dollars should go there. Let the tuition fund the private schools. Can’t afford it now? Then send your kids to public schools.

                Some of us went to public schools and graduated summa cum laude from colleges, universities, graduate schools.

                • You don’t pay any taxes. You receive tax dollars. You shouldn’t say “our” tax dollars. Hard working people who want the best schools for their children should have some relief and should not have to pay for both public and private schools. Have some consideration for those who support you please.

              • I don’t want my taxes to go to anything religion related. Churches already do not pay taxes into the system now they want tax money paid to them. That doesn’t make a a lot of sense.

                It is kind of like President Trump who brags about not having to pay taxes and yet we are giving him free room and board in a big white house while spending millions protecting him and his family while they travel around doing business to put money back in Trump’s pocket.

                A lot of times vouchers have just ended of helping the ones who were already paying for private school by paying less out of their pocket.

                For poorer people, they still do not have the spare cash that they would need to make up the difference of a private school.

                One of my grandsons does attend a charter school – the rest are in public school.

                • You are so right about the voucher system. I live in a state that has vouchers and the only people who use them are the ones who were already in those schools. So we the tax payer are helping those people who already could afford a private education. This has been documented, even the people who want the voucher system admit it but they say that this gives them freedom. Well, I for one am angry that my tax dollars are going to religious and private schools. If I chose to send my children to a private school I should pay for it. They are pillaging public education because they don’t think the masses need to be as educated as them and theirs. I have watched as they have taken resources away from public education. Can you tell, pet peeve. By the way, my children and grandchildren went to public schools and have degrees from college. Public school should be an asset that we continue to invest in and improve. That is for all the teachers in my family who deserved a living wage.

            • Oh I only saw Christian, but I am guessing that means to you that she is anti-abortion. Everyone else is not allowed to call themselves Christian.

              She was a Republican mega-donor and will be continuing what she has been doing only with acces to divert tax money.
              If you feel that she is so pure of heart there is nothing I else I can say.

              No one said anything about throwing more money at teachers. Do you feel their education is worth nothing or that anyone who can follow a script can be a teacher?

              Yes Unions do protect bad teachers sometimes but if you have ever worked for someone else, there are plenty of people out there who are not “good” workers who keep their jobs for a multitude of reasons.

              Sorry you do not have to answer any questions. I have relatives who are teachers who work very hard and do not have any leftist or Godless brainwashing skills. But I am just trying to not step on land mines here and it has been a long day. Peace

              • Thank you, Joanne.
                That is from me on behalf of all my sisters and aunts etc who taught in public schools, and did great jobs. You have far more patience than I have.

              • Joanne, I am grateful for all you do here. Sadly, he never answers any question out to him and only responds with more accusations.

      • yes, I saw the Huffington Post article…..funny, how money is never a problem when it lines the pockets of those you support….

    • The problem with Betsey isn’t her gender. It’s her complete and total lack of qualifications, not to mention a shaky grip on reality. NOT her gender.

      • Gloriamarie, You are so correct. By the way, I feel the same way about most of the men who have been nominated, they are short on qualifications and ethics. Peace,

          • If being a retired four star with 40 years in the military doesn’t qualify Secretary Mattis to run the Defense Department, what does? You should be glad he’s where he is, as he’s no Trump puppet or apologist. It’s not for no reason he was confirmed 98 to 1.

            John Kelly spent 40 years defending the country as well, and lost a son to the same cause. What else does he need to do qualify himself for Secretary of Homeland Security?

            Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation, has already been a cabinet secretary, having run the Labor Department for eight years. She was also Undersecretary of Transportation, prior to being Labor Secretary. She was confirmed 93-6, which would suggest the majority of democratic senators find her qualified.

            You obviously cannot stand Jeff Sessions, but he, like previous Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was a US Attorney. Unlike Lynch, though, he was also a state attorney general, and a senator. If he’s unqualified, so was she.

            I wasn’t a Trump supporter, even in the general (I was a Kasich guy), but claiming none of his cabinet secretaries are qualified for their jobs is not true in the slightest.

      • oh my… appears your opinion has been rejected – cabinet post confirmed…but let’s be clear…your not interested in merit or qualifications – you have only one position….”resist”…..isn’t that right?

        • Ahem!! It’s Gloriamarie, only the one capital letter and no spaces, please.

          Walt might not think Mickey and Donal should but I am none too sure about Eisner.

  22. So why did McConnell pursue Rule 19 in this instance?

    His office said that every time a senator has been warned in recent years that they are pushing the limits, they have stopped what they’re doing. Warren, by contrast, pushed ahead despite the warning — something that essentially has never happened recently, the office said.

    And why were other Democratic senators — all of them male, as Warren’s supporters noted — able to read the King letter the next day without facing an invocation of Rule 19? Such comments would have been fair game, but no one who was on the floor at the time decided to call them on it. And Rule 19 cannot be invoked retroactively.

    Does what Warren did represent an unusually low threshold for the use of Rule 19?

    Scholars say it does, though it’s not entirely unprecedented.

    Warren’s case set “an extremely low bar, because she was reading a public document that had already been recorded in the Congressional Record,” Koger said.

    The fact that Warren was reading a public document also caught Smith’s eye, though he cited a 1950 case in which the late Sen. Estes Kefauver, D-Tenn., was called out for “reading a newspaper article.” Kefauver observed that, in reading the article, he was not “personally castigating” his colleague but instead was “reading the words of someone else.”

    The senators let the matter drop, but Smith said it could be considered a precedent for calling a senator to order for reading the words of others.

    Would anyone get the same protections as Sessions did?

    No. Rule 19 bars senators impugning other senators. Sessions may have been a cabinet nominee, but he was still a sitting senator. Another cabinet nominee who wasn’t a senator would not have received the protections Sessions did.

  23. You know, John and fans, you have the major media on your side. You have academia overwhelmingly on your side. You have numerous major corporations on your side. You have the TV, movies, and publishing industries on your side. You have the great majority of the government bureaucracy on your side. On some issues, like immigration, you even have many elected Republicans on your side.

    Now, I think we can reasonably say that the world is on your side. Funny thing about that, though: Jesus clearly said that the world will hate his disciples. Indeed, James says whoever wishes to be a friend of the world is an enemy of God. Does this not give you pause?

  24. Perhaps this commentary deserves closer examination….

    Warren is portrayed as a brave woman – when in reality – bravery never encapsulates demeaning the character of another individual, much less a colleague.

    Why does John P pervert this matter into some gender inequality tripe?
    Perhaps, John depends on women being ignorant or disinterested in partisan politics to be insulted by his insinuation or maybe pandering pays the bills?

    And what should the reader make of John’s critical generalizations of men?
    It’s just to easy – blame evil men – they’re the reason why your life sucks. John seems content to avoid the truth – the struggle in life is not between the sexes – it’s the struggle to remain vital, to be life giving catalysts that sustain and nurture each other. Perfection in humanity is an illusion.

    But what about all the other women who have contributed to humanity, science, religion, medicine, politics and the arts?
    Defining women in political terms is insulting as well. But if you look closer, women are not monolithic nor are they static….they’re a critical part of humanity and evolution.

    Arguably, it’s an “us vs them” commentary …. sad.

      • I wonder – why does John P. avoid defending women from actual oppression such as mandated hijab, honor killings and female genital mutilation–all of which happen right here in America, no less.

        I wonder, is giving a woman, 26 public lashes with a cane for having premarital sex LESS worthy of a commentary than Elizabeth Warren being censured by the Senate?

        Perhaps, it’s time to take off the vagina costumes and remove the safety pins.

        Where is the outrage and condemnation? I wonder…..

  25. John –

    Totally agree with the thought but, though it may not roll off the tongue as smoothly, it should be:”To Her Who Persists”, to be gramatically correct.

    Joe Sheahan

    • I agree with you …. most here are forgiving of spelling and grammatical errors….good thing to….my fingers don’t spell as well as they use too.

    • –Joe S… are you sure? I thought ‘her’ showed possession. i.e., Her sweater, Her job. Her car. But Im no English major. In the UK, using ‘She’ is an insult. You are supposed to use the persons Name. ‘She’ is used for animals.

      • There are two kinds of grammar – “prescriptive”, which prescribes how people *should* speak, and “descriptive”, which describes how people actually *do* speak.

        So in terms of descriptive grammar, it is correct to say “to she who….” and of course in the formal, “to her who….”

        I will borrow from a poster here…..”this kind of stuff will give an aspirin a headache”.

  26. Can just one of you explain why the rules do not apply to Senator Warren? Can you give me an actual reason, or is it just because she’s on your side so she gets to ignore the rules, much like former president Obama did?

  27. I wonder – why does John P. avoid defending women from actual oppression such as mandated hijab, honor killings and female genital mutilation–all of which happen right here in America, no less.

    I wonder, is giving a woman, 26 public lashes with a cane for having premarital sex LESS worthy of a commentary than Elizabeth Warren being censured by the Senate?

    Perhaps, it’s time to take off the vagina costumes and remove the safety pins.

    Where is the outrage and condemnation? I wonder…..

      • Gloriamarie –
        26 times you have replied with this short video – has it occurred to you – and I suspect it has – this is akin to you putting your hands over your ears and screaming….”I don’t won’t to hear anymore”?

        • Well, it’s like this, and I am happy you asked, Look at what the people posted to whom I’ve replied? They are all on and on about their single issue like broken records and I thought, “Well, why not be a broken record and demonstrate what it is like to be on the receiving end of a broken record?”

          Please note, it is only those who post in a disrespectful and invalidating manner, insulting John, insulting those who disagree with them that get the broken record treatment.

          Again, thank you for asking.

          • Gloriamarie Amalfitano, what “single issue” am I “on and on about”? I think I’ve posted on several issues here, but if you think I’m obsessing on a single one, I’m curious to hear what that is. Could you tell me?

            What “single issue” do I endlessly prattle on about here, Gloriamarie Amalfitano?

            • Just look back over everythign you’ve written in response to this blog. Your single issue is that EW was wrong and MM was right. You have ignored everything asked of you even simple questions such as “If she wasn’t silenced because of her gender, then how come Democratic senators of the male persuasion were allowed to read the exact same letter and get away with it?”

              Besides, since many of us are convinced you are Benny/Joe/Lone/one of the Anymouses, your single issue is very well-known but you may be allowing one of your other personas handle that for you.

              • Seeing that I don’t even know who “EW” and “MM” are, your response makes no sense to me. Would you like to clarify that?

                And the question about the male senators was not addressed to me, so try again.

                You’re really quite bad at this, G.A. Perhaps it’s because you’re not speaking the truth.

                  • Considering the number of Pavlovitz’s posts I’ve commented on, and that neither of those two has come up in any of them, this could hardly be described as a single issue that I rattle “on and on about”. Just more evidence that G.A. works based on feelings rather than actual thought.

                    • feelings – yes….not everyone masters their emotions.
                      The more you observe, the more convinced you may become – you’re not interacting with just emotions.

          • Gloriamarie,
            I see. This seems childish to me but then again I don’t take myself so seriously to be offended by another person disagreeing with me in either civil or uncivil discourse.

            Regardless, I think people who visit and take time to express an opinion – yes, even the ones that you judge invalidate or disagree with your opinion or John P’s. are necessary for a healthy blog.

            Keep in mind, there are hundreds of other blogs they can choose to frequent.
            Yet, if it is your intent and desire to have a blog where everyone agrees with you – why don’t you just come out and say so?

  28. I don’t know what is more depressing:

    Sen. Warren reaching back to something written 30 years ago to attack a fellow Senator and Cabinet nominee today who she has known … for 4 years, or …

    … her ignoring the warnings concerning the Rules of the Senate EVERY OTHER MEMBER – MALE AND FEMALE – were expected to obey … or …

    … her male colleagues then attempting to cloak themselves in her attempted martyrdom by repeating some of the same actions the next day. They weren’t stopped because all their actions were painfully obvious political ploy and a waste of the Senate’s time.

    Folks, they weren’t ignored because they were men. They were ignored because their efforts to exact the same punishment were blatantly obvious and transparent obstructionism.

    She persisted?

    It did not look that way to me. To me, it look like a US Senator broke the rules and was punished according. Undoubtedly, throughout history women have had to persist against oppression, injustice and the threats of violence, violation and death. Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor Feb. 7th wasn’t one of them. She is a freaking US SENATOR to begin with. It is tough to become more politically powerful in the US than that.

    Secondly, the rule wasn’t in place to silence women. Rule 19 was created before there were even women in the Senate. The rule is in place to stop Senators from launching personal attacks against one another. Thirdly, she had to be aware of Rule 19, aware she was warned to stop and aware of what the punishment could be for continuously violating the Senate rules … and she decided to continue on anyway.

    Sen. Warren wasn’t picked upon because she was a ‘woman persisting’.

    She was silenced because she knowingly violated the rules any and every Senator is expected to follow. In virtually every other instance where Rule 19 has reared its ugly head, either the ‘offended’ Senator has decided to not respond, or the instigator has been warned to top ~ AND THEY STOPPED.

    Btw, what happens if she had ignored the warnings and there had been no repercussions? What happens if Senators feel free to talk as long as they want about whatever they want? What happens to the business of the Senate? What behavior would be out of bounds? By all means, look up some of the chaos grips of the parliaments around the globe.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren wasn’t marching on Selma. She was driving 67 in a 55 and, having earlier been issued a Warning Ticket, received a Moving Violation. She knew the Speed Limit, knew she was speeding and knew that on most occasions, she could get away with it. This time, she got the WT then decided to go on and speed anyway … and you are blaming the System for her getting ticketed because she was a woman?

    Better yet, the post goes on to demonize men for upholding the Rule of Law when the law was in no way gender biased.

    “… the hissing, frantic noise of insecure men in her midst, all desperate to silence her.” When in fact it is only two men. One is calling her on her violation of the rules. The second one, in his role as parliamentarian, confirms her violation of the rules and admonishes her to stop. She ignores them both …
    … should women in power positions ignore all men because they are all just irate little boys who have nothing worthy to contribute ~ you know, ignoring them solely because of their gender?

    After all, it would be completely wrong to say this:
    “An crone-like, wrinkly, overly-made-up, bossy, post-menopausal Elizabeth Warren whined, bitched and complained today from the floor of the Senate today …” {I ran this passed my wife for effect}

    Shouldn’t we consider Gender Equality to be holding everyone to the same standard?

    Best of all, what did this accomplish? Another cycle of predictable outrage. Another story for the media to run with. Does anyone think a single opinion was changed by this conspicuous display of political brinkmanship?

    What I don’t think most posters here understand is while such actions inspire people like John, they are also strengthening support for President Trump. This is growing our already dangerous levels of political polarization, folks.

    • And yet, Mr. Dosher, when Democrats of the male persuasion read the exact same letter the following day, no one called Rule 19 on them. So if we were going to cry out for gender equality, then Rule 19 would have bashed those men, as well as Sen. Warren.

      There is one and only one blindingly obvious difference between the Democratic Senators allowed to read the letter and Senator Warren. You are an intelligent man, so I trust you to figure it out.

      Worked hard yesterday to straighten out my study after the carpet installation, paid for it with back and left shoulder spasms all night and all day today.

      Free seeds for trees. Now that’s faith, planting a tree you will never see grow to full height. At least, I wouldn’t. But what a way to care for God’s creation by planting trees.

      • I thought answered that. I’ll “mansplain” it for ya, Little Lady. 😉 {Please don’t take that seriously}

        When the male Democratic Party Senators did it, it was an obvious play at following Sen. Warren into Liberal Media acclaim and nothing more. This was a stampede to attempt to break basic rules of the System.

        I mean, they didn’t even bother trying anything original. I’m sure in his career, Sen. Session has accumulated his own fair share of denigrating commentary. To me, it appears Sen. McConnell saw what they were doing and decided to let them be petulant and the best way to do that was to sit back and do nothing.

        At which point Rule 19 didn’t come into play because this wasn’t a matter of insulting Sen. Sessions, as Sen. Warren clearly meant to do. It was a matter of the male Democrats trying to be martyrs and he robbed them of the opportunity. Those men were in no way equals of Sen. Warren. She, at least, made a stand – even if it was a bad stand, in my opinion, as it was a stand against civil and orderly discourse on the Senate floor. Those men were pathetic copycats.

        Carpet installation … ouch! That’s heavy work. I only rate installing attic installation to be a worse home project.

        Arbor Day is a wonderful thing. I’ve also recently come across project to revitalize the Wild Areas of Central and Eastern Europe.

        • Carpet installation should only be done in an empty home. This business of packing/unpacking stuff is not for the handicapped. However the rental assistance people would have deemed my carpet a safety hazard in several places so I am glad it was done now because if I flunked my coming inspection, there would have been only 2 weeks allowed for the abatement.

          No, you didn’t explain (or mansplain) anything. She was stopped. They were not. No attempt was made to stop them.

          Huge difference.

          I left out the URL to get the free seeds for trees. Now there’s persistence, planting trees for the benefit of future generations. And even though they are in the UK, they are sending me seeds.

      • Gloriamarie, As a tree hugger, thanks for mentioning planting trees, I keep trying to replace as many as I can as they cut them down, and I know I won’t see them grow up but my grandsons will, so if anyone else gets on the bandwagon, way to go……..Peace

        • It’s a way to persist and resist and it will be food for the environment to have more trees converting the bad air into good air.

          Given the unqualified idiots who are being given the power to destroy the planet, we need to do what comes our way to prevent it. One way is planting trees and it’s free.

          here’s the link again:

          • Gloriamarie,
            Thank you from the mother of an environmental engineer. I figure I must have done something right. Anyway, I live in a woods and keep planting as fast as I can.

            • I am curious to see what kinds of seed I will receive. I would suspect the seeds are meant for a UK climate which I certainly don’t have here. But I could go up into the mountains and plant them.

              Hooray for an environmental engineer in the family.

          • ‘TreePeople’ use to be one of my clients in Santa Monica. An ambitious group. I liked their ‘grass-roots’ style. (pun intended.) Andy Lipkis is the founder.

    • I don’t agree with your observations but that is my problem. The question is haven’t we been hearing name calling pretty consistently lately. Is it only when they are in a certain place that it is not allowed?

      Also it would be pretty damn wonderful if they made a rule that our President refrain from calling anybody and everyone a name. My God when is anyone going to make him grow up instead of excusing every ridiculous thing he does by saying he just tells it like it is. Is there no bar low enough?

      • I don’t understand why all right thinking people who use twitter have failed to report HWSNBN for abuse of his account.

        This business of only talking to people who agree with one… That started with Reagan and the Bushes. I remember W saying quite clearly “We’ll talk to anyone as long as they agree with us.” Or something to that effect. I paraphrase.

        The categorizing, demonizing, labeling, stereotyping is the Right’s invention. Instead of discussing opposing points of view, they gaslight.

        Meaningful dialog between differing opinions can only be done from a place of mutual respect. People who go into attack mode and hurl accusations are not people who offer a differeing opinion in a respectful and validating manner.

        Dysfunction trickles down and when the highest offices in the country are staffed by immature people, unqualified people, people with severe psychological issues, all we are going to see, until we start impeaching people, is severe dysfunction.

        • Meaningful dialog between differing opinions can only be done from a place of mutual respect. People who go into attack mode and hurl accusations are not people who offer a differeing opinion in a respectful and validating manner.

          Right. And the left has always been so very welcome of differing opinions. Just ask Milo Yiannopoulos!

          The hypocrisy is just stunning here.

          • Actually, it worse than hypocrisy… characteristic (and there are others) – is the demand for “group think”.
            If you’ve ever had the misfortune of interacting with a sect or member of a sect – the similarities are striking.
            And as you can see here from time to time – and this is a common trait – any dissension or challenge to the “orthodoxy” must be marginalized and eliminated.
            Saul Alinsky did an excellent job outlining the mechanics for this as applied to large groups and certainly in politics.

        • Ms. Amalfitano … wow, that wouldn’t want to be a job I’d like to be saddled with.

          {At some Twitter office}
          Boss: “So … it seems you banned the account of one Donald J. Trump …’
          Me: {looks over my records} “It would seem so, Sir. He registered a new recorded number of complaints and after reviewing about a 10th of them …”
          Boss: “You do realize Donald Trump is President of the United States, don’t you?”
          Me: “Huh? What? No Sir. I didn’t! I don’t get out much.”
          Boss: “Well, before every Twitter facility in the United States gets raided by ICE, reinstate him … oh, and then you are FIRED!”
          Me: “Ugh.”

      • Ms. Musto, do any of us want to rate our interpersonal conversations by what President Trump says, or how he says it? Ugh.

        Just kidding. As Father Francis Mulcahy might say, “let the jocularity fly!”

        As for what the media is focusing on, I found the front line battles around ICE raids this week to be much more interesting and morally intriguing.

        • Well you dismissed that rant easy enough.

          On another thread you mentioned how much money Obama made during his Presidency. I will assume you were impressed because a lot of the money was from his book sales.

          So I am thinking when President Trump shares his tax returns we might be able to see how much his worth multiplies during his Presidency. You know, just for shits and giggles. He has “written” a lot of books too.

          • now that would be interesting…..unfortunately, there is no law that stipulates any person running for President must reveal his tax returns to the public. Kinda like college transcripts…if you know what I mean.

          • I believe the President’s salary is something the Constitution addresses and Congress argue over when it establishes a budget. Much of the expenses of the WH are paid for by taxpayers. Remember in that movie with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening, he couldn’t even buy flowers for the woman he loved because his credit cards were locked up back home?

            I seem to recall reading in the WAPO that HWSNBN was in debt to the tune of 31.5 billion dollars.

            Isn’t that illegal?

            In this day, a person who withholds tax records (and his audit is over and he did promise to make them public when the audit was finished) and runs for public office can only be withholding because of the content.

            Something illegal, perhaps even impeachable is being hidden.

            • As to President Trump’s wealth ~ the issue is one of how we value real estate – especially commercial real estate. Such property usually has three values: how much is the current tax value, how much it can be developed into and how much you would sell it for.

              As an example: if you own farm land increasingly surrounded by luxury home development, you want to pay the value of the land before the surrounding homes went in and jacked up the price of land they are sitting on. This works for you if you want to keep farming.

              Then there is the value of what you could make from the land if you chopped it up into suitable lots and built your own luxury homes on it. This is a value you could take to the bank for a loan to develop the land.

              Finally, there is the value some developer will pay you for it, which is somewhere between the previous two values.

              To make it more complicated, let us say on one side I have small lot, first time buyer homes and on the other, luxury lots. What is the land worth and how is that determined?

              Then you add in how municipalities, counties, states and various national governments’ zone land, or restrict its use and development. Even ‘expecting’ ordinances to change soon can rapidly alter the value of real estate.

              A fine example of that would be the fallout from President Obama’s December creation of new Park Lands and how screwed tons of people living in those areas now are … because any hope of developing those lands for profit have evaporated so things like small businesses in those adjacent towns aren’t going to be able to expand, create new jobs, ect. In fact, with so much of the land now totally off limits, you can imagine how their property values have plummeted.

              Now, let’s say on December 1st, you knew a bipartisan bill was being developed to make some of that dual-use. Your store which would have outfitted anglers, hunters and hikers looked solid. The morning after Obama’s little bombshell … your property value was rapidly circling the toilet. Whoops. Welcome to the perils of real estate investment.

              Trump has often owned ‘undeveloped’ property for years, keeping is value depressed until the financial and regional political climates are to his profit. He could have also been keeping his ownership in certain things a tightly guarded secret knowing the value of adjoining properties would escalate if they knew he was buying up local properties. Yeah, I know. The heartaches and pains of being a billionaire. Give me an eyedropper and I’ll weep a tear.

              So, determining in a given year the precise value of what ‘The Donald’ owns could be tough. Why he hasn’t released his Tax Returns from past years … not sure … and it is a pity as it is a rather valid point lost in the current day-to-day political furor.

              • Mr. Dosher, you wrote “Why he hasn’t released his Tax Returns from past years … not sure … and it is a pity as it is a rather valid point lost in the current day-to-day political furor..”

                I believe I read not too long ago that HWSNBN is $31.5 billion in debt, so that may be why the tx returns have not been released as they betray something impeachable and even this Congress would be forced to act or they all would be in violation fo their oaths of office.

          • Ooooohhhh … you clearly never migrate over to the Right-wing blogs, Ms. Musto, or you would have heard a 1,001 tales of the Obama Book Conspiracies. Lordy … Lordy …

            The basic gist: they imply {wink, wink, nudge, nudge} there was this plan to make Obama President back in 2006 – the FIX was in, the electronic ballot boxes stuffed .. yadda … yadda … so basically the American public (read democratic voters) are lining up to pay President Obama twice. Once for being President and a second time as an author … when, had he not been elected President, he would have made money at neither.

            George Soros … the Illuminati … the New World Order … Oprah … take your pick who is behind it all. Great fodder for science fiction and espionage thrillers. A bit harder to swallow if you aren’t a tad bit drunk, high, or off your meds.

            {Were you implying I dismissed a previous statement of yours, or that my M*A*SH reference saved us all a few billion electrons?}

            • No I was calling my rant a rant and you wouldn’t even give me a yea that Trump guy sure has a way with words.

              Then Anonymous felt the need to throw a lame counterpunch with I am guessing a reference to Obama’s college transcripts because ???

              Then I had to read Joe accuse millions of teachers of being leftist Godless brainwashers. And, well I have friends and family who are teachers.

              Mr. Dosher you saved me from howling at the moon tonight. Thank you. I am in your debt.

              • Ms. Musto, The Lone Catholic hasn’t agreed with me so far this blog post, so consider us karmically even.

                As for President Trump and public speaking … how to put this … he isn’t one. He has catch-words and jingles. In his defense, most Americans who did vote for him did so knowing he wasn’t a politician so a lack of public speaking acumen is to be expected.

                Our former President was an excellent public speaker, as was Slick Willy. Both Roosevelts were pretty good too … but again, they had the training.

                The fact the public (over 62 million) voted for someone with NO political experience remains an issue neither side of the aisle appears willing to dissect and yet I feel it is a critical symptom of what has gone wrong in our political system.

                Hillary winning the popular vote isn’t as relevant because we remain a Republic plus she didn’t win over 50% of the votes cast, much less half of registered voters over all. Trump didn’t have a mandate. Neither did she.

                3.5 million who voted for President Obama in 2008 did not bother to show up for Hillary in 2016. That’s ‘okay’ because they didn’t bother to show up for him in 2012 either.

                2 million more voted for Trump than Romney … who was vastly more qualified. Romney earned roughly 1 million more than McCain. That’s right ~ over the past two Presidential elections it has been the Republicans who have been coming out in greater and greater numbers, not the Democrats ~ which leads me back to thinking something is wrong with the system.

                More people voted for Republicans in the House of Representative than Democrats in 2016 …

                The Russians didn’t give him the election. Neither did the FBI.

                He didn’t buy it. Hillary spent more money.

                In a reversal of the normal state of affairs, it was the Republican house which was in disorder leading up to the election while the majority of Democrats lined up behind their candidate.

                Yeah know … it really revolves around those 5.5 million. Did 2 million really decide to embrace a message of evil? Did 3.5 million when constantly bombarded with Trump’s campaign promises simply stop caring? In the Hearts and Minds of the American populace a battle was fought, lost, or won ~ depending on your position.

                It is one thing to call our current President ‘The Evil Blond Cheeto’ {TEBC for Ms. Amalfitano}, but his election is more a symptom of a larger distress and I remain unconvinced attacking him and everything he does is the pathway to what ails us.

                Worse, there seems to be this ‘Grail’-like fascination if the Left can simply keep stopping Trump at every turn things will get better.

                Why would anyone possibly believe this? Are you worried about those 62 million who did vote for him? Do you understand that, having won the election and they are then denied their victory, they will have also lost faith in the process … and not in a good way?

                Put it like this; if the Right has won the election and the Left somehow grinds down that victory to nothing, do you think the winner will be the Left? No. It will be the voices farther and farther on the Right.

                It will be the voices which are crying forth from the vile dankness of hate saying this Democratic Republic does not work, it does not stand for ‘them’ and, even if ‘they’ stand together and succeed, their victories will be stolen away.

                Who profits?

                • Well as far as I can see no one profits. I certainly have no answers.

                  But can you see this from another view. 8 years of watching everything Obama did critized to the point everything he did was taking this country to the gates of hell. 20 years of demonizing the Clintons. Millions of tax payer money spent on “committees” going after them. Why aren’t they in jail if they deserve to be there?

                  Then this President who won. Every other President, regardless of party, has shown some sort of effort of trying to reach out to bring this country together.

                  Trump revels in his disdain for anyone who disagrees with him. He disparages this country and the people in it constantly while he cannot say one bad thing about Russia.

                  Yet are we supposed to be quiet and sit here while he craps on every single norm and rubs our faces in it.

                  The pendulum has swung farther to the right than I ever remember. The Republicans want their agenda to pass.

                  Bush I’s recession hurt my husband and I badly. We had to almost start over in our 50’s although we were able to keep our home.

                  We weathered the Bush II’s recession and now our home is paid for.

                  If there is another recession and I lose my small pension, we have no more time to crawl back.
                  I am frightened. Twice I have seen tax cuts that decrease the income of the government and it has never worked like they thought it would.

                  Would you have us just shut our mouths. Was your mouth closed during Obama’s years?

                  Anyway this was silly. There is no need to respond. Just another of my rants.

                  • I am with you on this. The next thing they have their greedy eyes on is our Social Security and Medicare and not just for the baby boomers either, they are looking to slash the benefits of those who are already on them. And they wonder why we rant.

                    • Thank you Kathleen. I always have rant regret because I know it will just bring more hammering on our heads. Yet I fail to stop myself.

                      I have always tried to see and hear views that differ from mine. But I have learned to stay away from the comment section of most news articles. Mostly it reads like this – All libtards should douse themselves with gasoline and set themselves on fire. Or – Why don’t old people just die. Then we could keep more of our money.

                      Where does one go from there? Ha

                      Anyway Peace and I hope your weekend goes well.

                    • While I have not heard anything about it recently, I read that a Republican Representative introduced a bill into the House to reduce the Social Security benefits of 70% of **current** recipients by 27%.

                      And they wonder why I use the word “evil.”

                  • {{{{{{{{{{Joanne}}}}}}} I think you expressed yourself brilliantly, as you usually do.

                    I don’t consider it a rant when it is actually facts.

                  • Ms. Musto, your ‘rants’ are intelligent demands for explanations and empathy to what you and assuredly millions of others have gone through ~ so basically you suck at mindless, frothing ranting. 😉

                    What the Republicans in the 2009 Congress did was wrong in that their protests didn’t help the American political process.

                    Then we have the crossroads. While it is normal for the Party in the White House to lose ground in Congress during the midterm elections, the United States got the Tea Party.

                    But, to me, this is the HUGE difference. The opposition showed its power in the ability to rouse the electorate, not in street protest after street protest.

                    To me, the Democrats seem terrified the Republicans will do in the 115th Congress what they did in the 111th ~ basically having everything their way.

                    Then there is the mainstream calls (and lack of condemnation) for President Trump’s assassination. Saying various Right-wing nuts said it about President Obama is hollow … unless you agree with their underlying premise which states “if I don’t get what I want at the ballot box, I’ll get it from the barrel of a gun.”

                    That’s okay though, right? He’s not ‘your President’. He’s not even a person – he is a Cheeto. Heck, he doesn’t even deserved to be named. Shall we dehumanize him further?

                    So he dehumanizes others? He isn’t us. We are who we are and will be judged on that in the same way he will be judged on who he is.

                    If you are feeling righteous in your resistance, you are not alone. Others have felt righteous in their resistance too. Eric Starvo Galt was feeling pretty righteous back in March of 1968 too.

                    Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was in a hot, cramped motel room. He stepped out on his porch to get a breathe of fresh, free air… and to someone else, giving him that little was too much. A breathe of free air … Martin Luther King Jr. died because he wished to breath free and for someone else, he would rather see him dead than free.

                    • Huh, I thought I was pretty good at ranting. I will just add it to the long list of other things I suck at.

                      Got it on paragraphs 2 -3. 4th paragraph – protests – I have to say I obviously suck at reading people some times because l was certainly surprised at your venomous mocking of those at the women’s march.

                      5th Paragraph – yes I am very afraid because as I have, as explained, been affected by those same policies. From my viewpoint it is the definition of crazy to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

                      Surely they aren’t crazy, so there must be a reason that escapes me why this will be the 4th repeat of the same plan. Obviously something there is working for someone – just not people like me.

                      The rest of the paragraphs were lost on me – Assassination? I am a lover not a fighter.

                      So I ask . What would you have us do here. Never speak of things we disagree with. I thought you said you spoke many times against Obama’s policies. Besides if we did not speak our minds what would all of you do with your time if you could not come here just to tell us how wrong we are. It has to be entertaining for you.

                      Anyway thank you for always sharing your thoughts with me. I do appreciate the time you take with me and my endless questions.

                • –Trump won the Presidency by a 20 pt margin. That’s significant by anyones standards.

                  Hillary won 20 states.
                  Trump won 30 states.

                  Progressives still don’t realize there is no such thing as ‘Popular Vote’.

                  On Nov 8, we had [51] elections across the country, and Trump won 31 vs 20.

              • {{{{{{{{{{{{{Joanne}}}}}}}}}} Don’t read the trolls. They try to suck us in and then wham, they take aim and go for the kill.

      • Speaking of “kind, loving, and compassionate”, did you see Charlie’s wonderful tribute to me in the last post? If not, I’ll have to quote it for you.

      • I’m no fan of the man. His tweeting habit is, to put it charitably, irritating. When is he going to stop? Seriously. Let it go, man. You are POTUS. Then I thought about it from his perspective. If the playbook I ran for the last eighteen months had gotten me elected president, would I switch to a different one? Doubt it. We generally only change what we’re doing when it’s not working. He hasn’t yet seen any reason to believe angry tweets are ineffective, and until he does, sadly, I imagine he’ll keep at it.

    • JD.. –excellent points. It’s already been proven. The more identity politics is parlayed by Progressives , the more Americans move toward the middle – right.

      ‘Identity Politics’, ‘Victimhood Olympic Competition’, ‘Oppression Chic’, are irrelevant to average , non-Governmental worker Americans. (are there any left?)

    • The reason you only see one side of John Pavlovitz is because you chose to only look at one side of him. Human beings are diverse and the church is catholic not RCC. All believers comprise the communion of the saints.

      • OMG. If this is the Anonymous I think it is. I don’t know what you are trying to say. So I am going to guess.

        I called it my rant because I WAS ranting. I called it on myself. Not every word someone utters is a dart or a nail you need to hammer unless doing it just floats your boat.

  29. As much as I wish I didn’t believe this, I have to say that I think that just maybe John himself is a feminist ……and possibly GAY! He sure does seem like he is gay or that he came out of the gay ifestyle!

    • It could be that he’s bisexual and has a male lover on the side.

      If this is true and it comes out, his popularity here will skyrocket.

      • Joe, I have heard middle schoolers use it as an insult, so some people seems to think it is an inuslt. Some of us know better.

        • Gloriamarie,
          That is the truth, my 55 year old son had a middleschool teacher call him gay, he is not but it wouldn’t have mattered, this teacher meant it as a slur and taught a whole classroom to use it as a slur. We made him apologize in front of the class but I doubt that it helped change impressionable minds. When we throw out these slurs we are telling young people it’s ok. It is not.

          • Kathleen, I have thought for a very long time that it is a very great pity that we don’t take Jesus seriously when he tells it is not what we consume that defiles but what comes out of our mouths. We say horrible things and impressionable minds, soak it up.

            Many impressionable minds soaked up the spew that came out of HWSNBN’s mouth and look at the mess we have now.

            • Gloriamarie,
              Amen, my grandmother used to say be careful what comes out of your mouth because you also consume with it. Made an impression on me. That was 70+ yrs ago.

    • And here’s another name I’ll ignore when I see it in email. Why would a man have to be gay in order to be a feminist? Why can’t a heterosexual male be a feminist? St. Paul was a feminist. Gal 3:28 proves it.

      Not that there is anything wrong with being gay or lesbian, it’s that in this context the word “gay” is being used as an insult.

      And clearly used as such by someone who is still buying the LIE that homosexuality is a choice, a lifestyle when people are born that way, exactly as it delighted God to create them.

        • Learned it from an evangelical professor at my evangelical seminary. He told us we can’t begin to understand Paul until we accept that Paul was egalitarian.

      • And here’s another name I’ll ignore when I see it in email. Why would a man have to be gay in order to be a feminist? Why can’t a heterosexual male be a feminist?

        Because feminists hate straight males, particularly white ones.

        St. Paul was a feminist. Gal 3:28 proves it.

        Cease your damned lies.

        • What an ignoramous you are, Zaklog. I’m a feminist, I was married, I worshiped my husband’s penis, it made me feel so good. Feminists love men who are also feminists. Men who give every indication of being abusers, bullies, and possibly, rapists, those kind of men, nope. They are why we became feminists. Even the men who became feminists did so because of men who are abusers, bullies, and possibly rapists.

          How do we identify them? They ignore the boundaries a woman sets or when she says “No. Don’t.” As you do.

          Gal 3:28 is what it is. Deal with it.

  30. Good job nontrolls. Keep up the good work of ignoring the trolls. I really like that thing Gloriamarie is doing with the song video. It is like static on an AM radio station.

  31. Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc would not be happy to be on a list including Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. Rather, change that list to include Edith Stein, Catherine of Siena, Hildegard of Bingen, Alice von Hildebrand, Mother Angelica, Frances Xavier Cabrini, Theresa of Avila, Clare of Assisi, Bernadette Soubirous, Anne Catherine Emmerich, and the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as thousands of heroic women who did not disobey God’s laws to achieve great things.

    • ruth. yeah, following God’s Laws, not breaking them, is honorable and something for our daughters to emulate. I don’t understand the romantic notions of rule breaker! law breaker! that John P is promoting. To me, Madonna (the other one) & Ashley Judd’s message of ‘Nasty Woman’ was completely spiritless.

  32. The Paradoxical Commandments

    People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
    Love them anyway.

    If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
    Do good anyway.

    If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies.
    Succeed anyway.

    The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
    Do good anyway.

    Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
    Be honest and frank anyway.

    The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
    Think big anyway.

    People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
    Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

    What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
    Build anyway.

    People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
    Help people anyway.

    Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
    Give the world the best you have anyway.

    by Dr. Keith Kent
    — a version of this same list is often attributed to Mother Theresa

    have a peaceable day everyone

  33. Thank you, John, for your post on persistence and the female gender. I am amazed that there could be anything but praise for you post. Just goes to show you that we have a lot more persistence to go to get past all the resistance – and often the worst offenders are females against females. BTW why is it that when a man stands up for women he is called Gay? And why do people call people Gay like there is something wrong with being Gay? What year are we living in?

  34. “A song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem.
    A psalm of David.
    How wonderful and pleasant it is
    when brothers and sisters
    live together in harmony!”

  35. For any non-troll who might be interested, I have a really new and really good post about “Biblical Inerrancy” up on my blog entitled “Flee from Christian Fundamentalism.” You may read it at the following link:

    When you read the article, be sure to click on the safe link to the article by Christian blogger Zack Hunt—who does a very good job of ripping “Biblical Inerrancy” to shreds. Just so you will know, the United Methodist Church (second largest protestant denomination in the United States) and most other mainline American Christian denominations agree that “Biblical Inerrancy” is bullsh*t. This “Little Precious” is mostly found in assorted Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical churches. Even the Southern Baptist Convention did not believe in “Biblical Inerrancy” until the fundie faction that took over the SBC in 1979 finally wrote it into SBC denominational beliefs booklet (The Baptist Faith and Message) circa 1999—and only then over the kicking and screaming of numerous former SBC pastors, administrators, seminary professors, missionaries, and church members. Talk about a new kid on the block unique to American Christianity!!! What a piece of crap!!!

    • –speaking in general, it boggles the mind, why someone would try so hard to prove that Gods’ Word is not True and announce it to others with such glee. ( reminds me of a little fellow that said, ‘did God really say?…’)

      Arrogance and faithlessness. Not exactly qualities that a humble servant would exhibit.

      • This is why I asked Charles to declare if he was a Christian….on one hand he says he is (please recall his lengthy and articulate post addressing this) but on the other he revels in attacking the very thing and those – he claims to be….

        So, Charles – in fairness to you – there are a lot of Christian denominations out there – some more orthodox or esoteric than others… you subscribe to a specific theological brand?

        If not, and you’re simply pointing out the literal, figurative, historical and theological questions or inconsistencies – I can respect that….

        However, if you are motivated by more nefarious reasons….or you have not resolved your personal matters of faith – then I sincerely hope you find answers worthy of your introspection and skepticism.

        Given my own set questions, regardless of doctrine or brand – I will look for your observations – perhaps your insight will open a new path of discovery for me.

  36. Courage and persistence. Oh yes. Lizzy, and a long legacy of strong women behind her and yet to come, making the world a better place because they persist. Because they have found their own voice, and will not be silenced, will not stand down.

    Just to be clear, though – the majority of Americans did not choose him over her for the presidency – that is a fallacy. Only 26% of Americans chose him. The screwed up system did all the rest of the damage that we will be paying for until he is impeached. But he will be impeached, and his enabler cronies will be kicked to the curb also. History will not be kind about this either. It’s just a matter of time.

  37. Helen Reddy sang it strong and she sang it loud:

    I Am Woman

    I am woman, hear me roar
    In numbers too big to ignore
    And I know too much to go back an’ pretend
    ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before
    And I’ve been down there on the floor
    No one’s ever gonna keep me down again

    Oh yes I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can do anything
    I am strong (strong)
    I am invincible (invincible)
    I am woman

    You can bend but never break me
    ‘Cause it only serves to make me
    More determined to achieve my final goal
    And I come back even stronger
    Not a novice any longer
    ‘Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul

    Oh yes I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can do anything
    I am strong (strong)

  38. The one-upmanship on this blog proves we are very capable of fighting each other toe to toe– and reminds me of the alley cats I observe through my window seat. Although, I may agree with Gloriamarie’s position over Zaklog the Great– not one of you are helping me understand grace or love. I think we are lost.

    I have to got do my laundry now and visit with my mom– hope you find something beneficial to do in this day. Have a good one dear people of the blogosphere !

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