50 Reasons to Keep Going, Fighting, Loving, Resisting

Some days the fight overwhelms all of us. It is exhausting work to pushback against injustice when there seems such an abundance of it. 

Here are a few reasons why the fight is worth it. Choose one, or five, or fifty—and remember why you do what you do.

1) Because your children deserve a beautiful life.
2) Because of the Transgender teen who shouldn’t have to wait all day to use the rest room in peace.
3) Because of the child whose “free lunch” will be his only.
4) Because this rapidly warming planet is solely our responsibility.
5) Because special needs children are not burdens.
6) Because sexual assault victims are still terrified to come forward.
7) Because electing a professed predator has made that idea far more terrifying.
8) Because public schools are our bedrock and public school teachers are superheroes.
9) Because my neighbor’s children deserve a beautiful life.
10) Because a white supremacist doesn’t belong in the White House.
11) Because The right thing is still the right thing, even if it is the more difficult thing.
12) Because black lives still matter.
13) Because he ridiculed a disabled person.
14) Because Muslims aren’t responsible for the IS any more than Christians are for the KKK.
15) Because of the third grade girl who believes she could be President—and will.
16) Because right now, refugees are treated as urgent safety threats, but guns are not.
17) Because we still haven’t seen his taxes.

18) Because some people are hanging by thinnest thread—and today you can be that thread.
19) Because lawmakers with guaranteed healthcare shouldn’t be able to take it away from anyone.
20) Because the coral reefs are dying.
21) Because young black men still fear the police.
22) Because people are making money from incarcerating other people.
23) Because the people incarcerated are largely brown-skinned.
24) Because compassion is a dying art—and you still practice it.
25) Because women’s bodies should be their jurisdiction.
26) Because our Government is currently pepper spraying mothers, so it can run oil lines through the graves of their ancestors.
27) Because the oceans are rising.
28) Because refugees are always fleeing a more violent, less safe life than those who are receiving them.
29) Because millions of people died so that every American could vote and speak and love freely—and going backwards is not an option.
30) Because no one chooses their gender identity or sexual orientation. No one.
31) Because children of color deserve a beautiful life.
32) Because the separation between Church and State is critical—and eroding. 
33) Because he said he could grab women by the pussy—and some people are more offended by the fact I printed it, than by the fact that he said it.
34) Because honey bees are dying.
35) Because a gay middle schooler feels alone, and he needs you to remind him that he isn’t.
36) Because Muslim-American children deserve a beautiful life.
37) Because he tweets more often and less coherently than a ninth grader—and it’s dangerous.

38) Because every adult should be entitled to marry the adult they love.
39) Because 65 million people voted for her.
40) Because Native American burial lands and Jewish cemeteries and Islamic Mosques are as sacred a Baptist churches.
41) Because Russia was involved.
42) Because we are a nation created as haven from tyranny, not a sanctuary for it.
43) Because LGBTQ children deserve a beautiful life.
44) Because religious freedom should not be solely for Christians.
45) Because people should be equally free from religion too.
46) Because America is already f*ckin’ great.
47) Because a stranger’s children deserve a beautiful life.
48) Because the world is in trouble.
49) Because you are the kind of person a troubled world needs.
50) Because love always has the last word—and you will help speak it.

There are certainly many more reasons that could be added to this list. What are yours? What matters enough to move you? Hold those things tightly today in your heart and let them give hope and strength and resolve. 

I know you’re tired. Those who aren’t, probably aren’t paying attention or don’t care to be burdened. 

It’s good to rest, but it’s not an option to retire. There is simply too much work to do and too few people who give a damn. You give a damn—and that makes you perfect for such a time as this.

Keep going. Keep fighting. Keep loving. Keep resisting.

Be encouraged.

112 thoughts on “50 Reasons to Keep Going, Fighting, Loving, Resisting

    • Charles,
      Read your blog, right on. By the way, this has been going on for a long, long time. I have a side comment, when my husband got out of the navy and went back to college, his stepfather, a SBC, talked him into going to Bluefield College. He was taught there that the South won the war and a lot of other stuff contrary to history, also the concept of once saved always saved. Needless to say, we headed north to a Methodist college the next year. So I get it, they will teach false stuff, to keep the paeans in their place. Peace…….

      • Kathleen, THANK YOU for being another person who both says that this has been going on for a long, long time. AND also for appreciating that Charles wrote the blog post. Charles, THANK YOU for your list.

        I would also add to your list, that FOR ME, a reason to keep fighting and even “step up” my game IN the fight is that so many others have also joined in this fight and I want to be sure that I’m part of that solidarity.

        Also, as a Black Male, I acknowledge the privileges that my “maleness” has in the world….and work to change and equalize that.

        Love and THANK YOU both!

    • I would add, Because hate is not option, and one my grandmother always said, Because two wrongs do not make a right.

      Thank you for voicing an alternative voice to all the hate that is being spewed by main stream religion. I left my church because of it. I am starting to find a new family in my local Unitarian Church.

  1. I choose them all. Thank you for reminding us what is at stake here. Please keep these coming, they are saving my sanity, and that’s not easy to do for an old lady. Peace!!! Resist!!!!

    • Anonymous, I really wish you would post as something other than “anonymous.” Some of the people who post as “anonymous” are pernicious, vicious trolls and so I skip anything written by an anonymous, just as I skip reading the stuff the other trolls write.

      But if John’s words resonate within you, then I do want to read what you write. But as long as you post as “anonymous, ” I won’t. Perhaps you could adopt an identity such as “John P. fan” or something like that that would clue me in that you are someone I want to read.

      Thank you for considering this.

      • Gloria, I accidentally posted anonymous after my version of John’s blogs quit automatically including my name.
        I now have to add my name any time I post anything.

        • Ellis, first of all, please do not address me as Gloria. That is not my name.

          And, yes, I too often have to add my name for the same reason. I guess if that is the worst inconvenience I experience, I can consider myself blessed.

          And, there, I have to be sure and post my name to this, otherwise I’ll end up posting as anonymous and wouldn’t that be ironic?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and for ALWAYS saying what many are afraid to!!!! May the love of Jesus Christ continue to be yours…God bless

  3. God is love. Jesus tells us to love God with every fiber of our being. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as God loves us.

    These fifty reasons and Charles’ fifty-first are ways to love God with all of our heart, strength, might, and soul. All of them. They are ways to love our neighbor as ourselves as God loves us.

    Thank you, John P. These words are straight from the Holy Spirit. She speaks through you.

  4. Jesus Christ our lord and Savior to all who believe and Follow Him Said the Greatest Commandment is to Love Your God with all of your heart and the second is equally the same to love your fellow man, woman , children as your self(neighbor ) When you consider this in all your endeavers you will put other s above yourself , thinking of thier best , thier good , and loving them as yourself. this will accoumplish this. 1 Cor. 13 spells this out . some time it is hard to see the Truth or the False Doctrine in the midst of false doctrine.
    Follow Truth and God will open doors as you look to Him for your peace , santity, safety, solace in life .

    • They ALL reflect doctrine- and choices for the world-liberal and Progressive policies are constructed from doctrines, and their consequences? Matthew 7:16-By Their fruits, ye shall know them.

  5. You.
    You are my reason to keep going, fighting, loving, and resisting.

    If you, dear reader, just read this comment… Yes, You means You.

    You are my reason.
    And I can’t think of any better.

  6. It’s okay if you disagree, Joe Catholic. It’s fine if you think that all that’s going on is an “It’s not fair!” complaint. Next time, though, please omit the sarcasm. Perhaps it helps you to feel powerful as you click the Post Comment button, but that rush is transitory and doesn’t help you to persuade anyone to your view.

    In fact, I have another request: Examine your reasons for reading Pavlovitz’s posts. Really, why would you read and comment on them if you think he’s just a cry baby? If getting me to comment was your goal, congratulations, you got what you wanted – but only this time. If you post more vitriol, I’ll ignore you.

    • I think most of us have come to that conclusion. You can’t keep beating people up and then think they are going to somehow think you are reasonable. Most people run away. Sad………….

    • Dear Joe – your expectations are misplaced!

      Your “tiredness” – is the price you pay – thinking your efforts to communicate will change the minds of ideologues, mental degenerates, heretics, psychopaths and social parasites.

      Perhaps, asking yourself, “why” do I read and post here would makes sense?
      Of course, its your call but there is another perspective you may consider – John P panders, he has no solutions to real problems, his blog followers are like bleeping sheep – BUT here you can observe and and begin to understand how fear, anger and powerlessness drives the tormented mind.

      Do yourself a favor and don’t take yourself or others very seriously – keep a clear head and a stout heart….remember – it’s all about “feelings” here and course, who’s the bigger victim.

    • Joe Catholic ,
      My problem with your comments is that you call yourself Joe Catholic and are giving a bad name to all of us Catholics who follow the new covenant of the gospel and follow the direction of our Pope. You are really not a Joe Catholic because most of today’s Catholics do not identify with your ultra conservatism, though we do try to love you nonetheless.

      • Thank you for your reply Joe,
        I am a very devoted Catholic who has a devotion to Mary, and adhere to all of the Catholic tradition. I call myself very pro life. I am a retired physician who did a lot of obstetrics. I worked hard to talk everyone I could out of having abortions. I showed them ultrasounds even as long as 25 years ago and that changed peoples minds. However I think the most pro-life stance is really to vote Democratic. Democratic administration’s would result in a reduced number of abortions This is because of the social programs that would support those that had an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore democratic administrations are more pro life than Republican administrations. Finally, I cannot understand how you could support someone like President Trump who is so against what Christ preached in the beatitudes and in Matthew 25.

        • Hey! What the … When did Joe C. become the voice of the Catholic church? How did the happen? Where were we? I’m confused. Did he replace our liberal pope? Do we adhere to his message? If so, someone help us all.

        • Joe, many of my more liberal Catholic friends have compassion for the unborn. They do not believe abortion is good. They know that abortion rates will decrease if they vote Democrat. Isn’t it right that we should have a reduced rate of abortion if you believe abortion is bad? To vote for Trump would go against what I think Christ is calling us to be. We are called to be compassionate and caring, we are called to care for the underprivileged and the refugee. Trump has no compassion. He has no love for anybody but himself.

          • Jim Merrill,

            I want to thank you for your words. I am 69 years old and was with the Catholic Church for 35 of those years – half my life. I lost faith with the church or maybe I never had the faith. I grew up in a small town and the 1 Catholic Church was central to, I am sure, the largest percentage of the town.

            Our public school was across the street and every Wednesday they would let us out early to walk across the street to attend Cathechism classes which was taught by the Nuns of the parish.
            60 years ago was another time.

            There are parts of the church I dearly miss. My friends and relatives are still Catholics and we get along fine. I admire their faith.

            I also admire Joe C.’s faith. He never strays from his belief. I am one of those who can carry on a civil conversation with him on most occasions. A man who has a self-deprecating sense of humor cannot be all bad. I enjoy humor.

            Joe and I both know we are never going to change the other’s mind, but we can still find common ground even if it is but a little patch.

            I find all the people here fascinating because they each have their own beliefs. I have learned many things. And yes, people do get on each other’s nerves. I have had comment regret often. I am working on that.

            • Joe, I have on numerous occasions. I still cannot change who I am.

              I have told you before some of my reasons. I believe in birth control and I think it is a sin for the Pope to go to poor countries to preach no birth control. I feel compassion for women in regards to the control of their bodies, their choices.

              I do not see that any adult does not have the right to love or marry any other consenting adult. I will not lie on a piece of paper just so I can receive communion.

              You probably won’t like this but 2 of my family, both women, chose to get a divorce. They both felt extremely guilty. One won’t even go to her regular church. They both spoke to different priests about their guilt. Both priests told them not to let anything come between them and God, not the church, not dogma, not other people, nothing.

              I wish a priest would have said that to me years ago.

              • Joanne

                I agree with your frustration. As Catholics we must pray and then let the Holy Spirit lead us to a moral decision re birth control and other controversial issues.

                My problem with the formal dogmatic position of my beloved church on birth control is that it forces conservative Catholics to be hypocritical. They say that Catholics shouldn’t use birth control and then they use the rhythm method. The rhythm method is birth control! No birth control would be not having anything interfere with the timing of lovemaking. But they teach that method of controlling pregnancy rates and that IS birth control! So good Catholics can still have vasectomies and tubals. As long as they have had the number of children they feel
                God through the Holy Spirit, has told them is enough

        • Thank you, Jim Merrill, for being a RC who grasps the essential heart of the matter. While far far far from perfect, the Democrats seem to care more for the people Jesus tells us to care about.

          You wrote, “Finally, I cannot understand how you could support someone like President Trump who is so against what Christ preached in the beatitudes and in Matthew 25.”

          In my opinion after over fifty years in the mental health services, Joe Catholic has a pathological and perverted obsession with women’s bodies that is unseemly in the extreme. He will tell you the sole reason he voted for the one who shall not be named is because JC believes, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that that man is against abortion.

          Joe Catholic doesn’t care about the evil that the GOP has embraced. He denies that authoritarianism, bigotry, fascism, gynophobia, homophobia, isolationism, misogony, racism, rape, sexual assault and molestation, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia are evil.

          Also, he has told us he gets a very great deal of enjoyment from riling people up. He enjoys upsetting people. That tells me all I need to know.

            • Indeed, Jim, he does. He embodies everything that drove me away from the RCC. You might be interested to know that he is a convert, he is dismissive of the current Pope. Well, I am sure you as well as I know what they say about converts to Roman Catholicism.

              Sadly, he seems to have only absorbed the dogma and skipped the great mystical treasury. His reading in Catholicism seems to be limited to the Cathechism, which he will quote in lengthy posts that I don’t think any of us read.

              I’ve never seen anything from any of the primary sources and when I offered some, he mocked them. So I can’t be bothered to read what he writes. And I warn you, he will probably post about me in quite hate-filled, hateful terms because he failed to bribe me. His gifts came with strings and I failed to be a puppet on those strings. I failed his theological litmus test of a checklist. I don’t do what he thinks I should do. I really think he has zero respect for any woman, he never listens to the ones here except to denigrate us. And worse.

              • Even though we are called to love, it is so hard to love that kind of person. I admire you for battling him though I think I will step away and leave it up to you.

            • No, Joe — you give the human species a BAD NAME. So go find your little club that will affirm you in all your grotesque denial of Christ and humanity and stick with them. And leave the rest of us alone — You do DAMAGE, Joe, to your own soul. I pity you.

        • Hey Joe Catholic? Have you ever HAD to have an abortion? I mean that, literally … the HAVE TO HAVE part. I am a Protestant clergy woman who ten years ago discovered, joyfully, that I was pregnant. And then discovered at 20 weeks along that my baby had Trisomy 18, a fatal genetic disorder. In other words, Joe, I discovered that everything that COULD go wrong with a baby, had gone wrong with mine (I won’t go into the unpleasant details here, because frankly, I don’t think you could stomach them … althoug h I had to). So I asked the docs: Is my baby suffering? Because what I realized — either my baby was suffering horribly or he couldn’t feel anything at all. Their response was a shrug. But as a mother, I couldn’t just content myself with a well-meaning shrug-off. I knew that my baby could in fact be suffering horribly — and so, at 22 weeks, I chose to end the preganancy, out of COMPASSION — you know, that quality that’s the opposite of smartass sarcasm? I gave birth to a dead son. Boy, wasn’t that just …. completely devastating? For me? For my husband? So Joe — let me tell you this: Next time you wrap yourself in the adolescent emotional device of sarcasm, perhaps you can recall that there are those of us who actually SUFFERED, actually experienced loss, and still suffer to this day — and your pathetic, SARCASTIC comments bear all the intellectual weight of a twelve-year – old. Yeah, who is the emotional hysteric here, Joe? That’s all your argument s sustain — a pathetic and immature emotionalism/sentimentalism that has nothing to do with those of us who have actually borne the terrible burdens that you so stupidly dismiss as immoral . Why don’t you leave JP alone and find another liberal to stalk with your sad stupidity?

          • As the wife of clergy, I so welcome your comments. I am so sorry for what you went through but glad you had choices. Thanks for explaining what shouldn’t need explaining. Peace……………..

    • Jack: Joe C. is only 10 yrs. old. He doesn’t know how to respond without responding without vitriol so you probably should ignore him. Maybe someday he’ll grow up.

    • Joe, the answer is no – the sarcasm doesn’t help to make the point. It only spawns discord. We are a polarized society and most often are unable to talk with one another. If we drop the sarcasm – as you have in your reply to me – communication and perhaps even connection are possible.

      • So many of the great spiritual teachers, starting in the Hebrew Scriptures, have told us that ridicule and sarcasm only cause harm and on someone boastful and prideful see merit in it. I refer people to Proverbs, to Jesus (it is not what goes into a person’s mouth that defiles but what comes out, i.e. words), the letters of James, and Peter, so many of the Sayings of the Desert Christians, St John Cassian, St. Benedict, any of the great spiritual directors, I could go on and on.

        It takes true humility to make one’s point without descending into sarcasm. It’s why the Obamas say that “when they go low, we go high.”

        The many trolls on this blog prefer sarcasm because abuse and bullying is all they know. It is tragic.

  7. 16) Because right now, refugees are treated as urgent safety threats, but guns are not.

    Well, at least the guns won’t cut off your head if you refuse to join their religion.

    (Speaks to redirecting the actual threat versus the perceived threat. (inanimate objects (percieved threat) versus real people who act on beliefs (actual threat)))

    • Inanimate objects that children pick up and shoot themselves or someone else every week. 2 days ago a man with a gun just shot 2 Indian Nationals while yelling racial epithets.

      At the CPAC convention the NRA CEO said Democratic protesters literally hate everything American stands for. They want revenge. He also lumped the left with the media. “With all the threats facing American today, your right to protect yourself and your family may be more relevant and urgently needed than ever before.”

      I guess they need to sell more guns to protect against those liberals. Just what this country needs. What a piece of trash to say those things at this time just to sell more guns.

      Has everyone gone crazy?

      Our oldest son has been a policeman for 21 years. He carries his weapon everywhere. Policemen get shot. They are not magic.

    • Amen! That has been one of the most important things to fight for all my life. I am so tired of “good enough” for people with little means.

        • As far as education is concerned I think every child deserves a first class education. If we don’t educate people we will slide into 3rd world status. You asked about good enough. I am not sure you will understand where I am coming from, but as the wife of a minister, for 40 years, this would happen in different scenarios. Someone has a washer, perhaps not all of the cycles work, so they replace it and give the old one to the church to be installed in the parsonage because it is “good enough”. That happens over and over, like people giving to a food bank their old stuff because it is good enough. Perhaps if we treasured people instead of making them feel like second class citizens we just might get a different outcome.

          • Respectfully, I think I understand your sentiment.

            However, to equate an inanimate object with education is a stretch for me but in fairness to your feelings and the subject at hand -and hopefully I’ve understood correctly – fighting for good education for all – is noble, necessary and I agree.

            My confusion remains with – how do YOU “measure” – good enough?

            Please recall the distinction here – those with means and those without….public education policy has and continues to limit this socioeconomic characteristic.

            I guess I’m mistaken in my understanding of “your life time fight” and what that really means. I sincerely apologize and mean no ill will.

            • I didn’t expect anyone who doesn’t know me to understand. As for education, I was one of the fortunate, who came from an impoverished background that got a public education second to none. You would have to go far and wide to find even a private school with better qualifications. Everyone went to this school, poor and wealthy. We were treated with dignity and expected to learn. That is what I would like all children to have. Instead they mess with the curriculum so they can teach their brand of religion. They are dumbing down science so when something needs to be done it won’t be by someone is educated in the public schools unless they have parents that see to it that their children get what is missing. By the way, I have no problems pay property tax so that our educational system is the best. I learned things in high school that my grandson got in college. So I think in my humble opinion that we are going backwards. And I think that that is intentional, keep the masses in their place.

      • I guess, I’m confused….how much do you think you should pay in educational taxes?
        You can refer to your property tax statement for the breakdown. The law requires municipalities to identify specific taxes you have to pay.

        Are you paying too little – too much – in education taxes?

        Is this your measure or are you talking about something else?

    • Not a business huh?
      Then you support, teachers not being compelled to surrender a portion of their pay check to the NEA or other sanctified union.
      Or, perhaps you are livid….that the price of text books are inflated over 1000%.
      Or, perhaps you are hopping mad, students are allowed to graduate from high school and can’t pass 6th grade math.
      Or, perhaps you are angry because education administrators are not held accountable while pulling in obscene levels of pay.
      Or, perhaps you can’t sleep at night knowing – parents instinctively want the best for their children and pull them out of failing schools.
      Or, perhaps your feelings are hurt because being poor or wealthy makes little difference when the child is undisciplined in a learning environment.
      Or perhaps you just don’t like the fact, schools ARE factories, mandated by law, and in many localities for many parent(s) – just tax subsidized babysitters.

    • I know you don’t like unions or public education but:

      I do not know your work history but plenty of private companies have lousy employees who are able to keep their jobs for a number of reasons. Nothing to do with unions.

      On a previous post you called teachers liberal brainwashers while defending Betsy DeVos who literally owns “brain performance centers”. Disingenuous argument at best.

      If we are getting tax money back I want mine back for the expenses of following Trump on his golf weekends to promote his properties. Even if it is .0000000001 cents I overpaid. At least I pay personal taxes.

      • But look what good you did, you might have helped pay for a school that a child who was in the foster system could go to. That child would thank you. I thank you.

        • nope….foster parents pay educational taxes regardless – just like couples who have no children.
          While certain taxpayers may “feel” this is unfair….educational referendums are always voted on in general elections (that means they can pass or fail). Of course it then administered by state and local governments….whether they does this efficiently or effectively is another subject.

          The actual tax rate. specific to education is determined by a combination of factors – “one” and typically the largest (income is another example) of course is property value – this simply means – the rich pay more. It is just another variation of the “means testing” concept.

          So, the good news is – in most but not all states – once you’ve reached retirement age (~65)….you are exempt from certain taxes….Florida comes to mind though there are others.

          • I don’t understand your point.

            I was just trying to say that his taxes that did not go to his own children’s education didn’t go to waste – the money might have gone to a school where a child who did not have parents attended. A silly point, but I guess I am tired.

            • I see your point and do not agree with Joe’s opinion here.

              His decision for his children is similar to those families, with means, who send their children to private schools….their property taxes still include “educational” taxes.

              In my opinion, his perspective goes something like this…..well, I never used the fire department and I want my taxes back…..

              Of course, this is silly but in the realm of public services….this is the crux of the argument for educational vouchers (credits) and so on.
              Be Well.

    • The really serious business of a democratic nation should never be done by the market place. Education, planning/sustaining for defense, health care, medical care, pharmaceutical care–basic retirements, environmental care, care for the elderly and special needs. There need to be fixed and fair standards for these, such as a mandatory living wages for all people who are working. I’d appreciate i’d be happy to see comments about this.

      • Having been a part of the mental health services community, I want to put in a plug for the Fine Arts.

        Seems to me the really serious business of a democratic nation is that which causes people to thrive because in the long run, that is what will make the nation thrive.

        One way people thrive is when they are well-rounded and not just one dimensional. I find the idea of the end of liberal arts education tragic because not only did it expose people to all sorts of things, expanding their horizons and interests, it also teaches people how to teach themselves, how to find the correct information, and how to be critical thinkers.

        I suspect one reason the GOP is against liberal arts education is because well-educated people see through their lies, red herrings, to the true issues that face our country.

        We need everything you mentioned, Major, and the things I mentioned, if the USA is to be a healthy functional nation instead of what it has become.

  8. Yes, John P. You hit another home run with this post. Keep resisting. Keep going. Your voice is needed.

    I admire your ability to ignore the trolls and forge ahead with your beliefs and teachings. There are many more of us than them and we look forward to what you feel needs to be said.

    Thank you!

  9. Excellent post again John P. I hope everyone across the country will keep up the pressure on Trump. CNN investigative reporting is getting closer and closer to finding out what really happened with Trump, the Russians, and the election—and why the Russians have Trump in their back pocket. The Trump administration is now growing into overdrive to stonewall like Nixon did in 1973 during the Watergate scandal. The goal of the national Trump resistance from coast to coast should be nothing less that the constitutional and fully legal overthrow of the President of the United States through impeachment and a U.S. Senate trial for high crimes and misdemeanors. The American news media and American citizens of good sense and conscience should all be united and working toward that goal. Something is rotten in the state of Trumpmark, and the FBI and other federal agencies are going to be closing in on what that rotten thing is soon. This is why Trump and his henchmen are so desperate to stop information leaks—and silence and intimidate the FBI.

    • Charles, the pressure will continue and until this man is stopped in his tracks, it will continue.

      Silence the press? I never thought I would live long enough to see the leader of the free world attempt that.

      He lies and his supporters don’t care.

      Where are the jobs? Where are his factories? Are they here? Nope. Are they coming here soon? Nope.

      Anybody getting a bigger pay check? Nope.

      Anybody worried about their health care being taken away? Yep. Is he worried about his health care? Nope.

      Is the water and the air going to be c leaner? Nope.

      The politicians not going to do anything. They’re fat cats who only worry about their incomes and jobs so it’s up to the people to stop them from their damaging agenda. RESIST! For the sake of the future.

    • LOL….good luck with your “high crimes and misdemeanors”…. but in the mean time…..here’s a few goodies and there’s more to come…..

      • Signed a Presidential Memorandum ordering the United States to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and agreement.
      • Hosted the CEO of Intel to announce Intel’s plan to invest $7 billion in a United States factory that will create 10,000 American jobs.
      • Signed a Presidential Memorandum to clear roadblocks to construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.
      • Signed a Presidential Memorandum declaring that the Dakota Access Pipeline serves the national interest and initiating the process to complete construction.
      • Signed a Presidential Memorandum ordering that all new pipeline construction and repair work use materials and equipment from the United States.
      • Signed legislation, House Joint Resolution 38, to block the burdensome “Stream Protection Rule” from causing further harm to the coal industry.
      • Signed legislation, House Joint Resolution 41, to eliminate a costly regulation that threatened to put domestic extraction companies and their employees at an unfair disadvantage.
      • After negotiations with Lockheed Martin, President Trump saved Americans $700 million on a new batch of F-35 fighters.
      • Secretary of Defense Mattis has ordered a cost-cutting review of Boeing’s next-generation Air Force One fleet, after President Trump was able to cap the cost at millions below that which was agreed to by the Obama administration.
      • Signed an Executive Order to enhance the safety and security of the United States by, among other things, constructing a wall on the southern border.
      • Signed an Executive Order to make sure Federal immigration laws are faithfully enforced throughout the country and that Americans’ tax dollars do not go to jurisdictions that obstruct the enforcement of immigration laws.
      • Signed an Executive Order that directs the Attorney General to develop a strategy to more effectively prosecute people who engage in crimes against law enforcement officers.
      • Signed an Executive Order that establishes a task force, led by the new Attorney General, to reduce crime and restore public safety in communities across America.
      • Signed an Executive Order that re-focuses the Federal Government’s energy and resources on dismantling transnational criminal organizations, such as drug cartels.
      • Signed an Executive Order instructing Federal agencies “to minimize the burden” of the Affordable Care Act.
      • Required that for every new Federal regulation, two existing regulations be eliminated.
      • Directed the Commerce Department to streamline Federal permitting processes for domestic manufacturing and to reduce regulatory burdens on domestic manufacturers.
      • Signed an Executive Order expediting the environmental review and approval processes for domestic infrastructure projects.
      • Under President Trump’s leadership, the Department of the Treasury sanctioned 25 entities and individuals involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program.
      • President Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the Secretary of Defense to work with other cabinet members to develop a plan to defeat ISIS.
      • President Trump has called or met with more than 30 foreign leaders.
      • President Trump signed an Executive Order establishing new ethics commitments for all Executive branch appointees, putting in place a five-year lobbying ban and a permanent ban on lobbying for foreign governments, so appointees serve the American people instead of their own interests.
      • President Trump put in place a hiring freeze for Federal civilian employees to stop the growth of a bloated government.
      • President Trump nominated Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court because of his consistent record defending the Constitution.
      • President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched the United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.

      • What? You think getting some things done is going to protect him from getting kicked out of office? Get real. If he has committed a crime (or more likely various counts of crime), he is going to do some time outside of his office. Even Howard Baker Jr. was in favor of getting rid of Nixon when he saw what he had actually done. You recall? “What did the President know and when did he know it?” Howard got the answer to his question. We are just getting into Trump’s mess with Russia. Its just like geology. All it takes is pressure and time. What was done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops.

        How’s your job going?

        • Charles….you may be right…..it is very clear, Trump has a lot of political enemies, some of his own making.
          Yet, nothing speaks louder than achievement and success.
          If I may be so bold…..”we” will just have to wait and observe the consequences of “time and pressure”. Funny how some people are more equal than others….wouldn’t you agree?

          Work never ends….but it’s the weekend and I get to catch up on correspondence, a little reading and perhaps some college hoops. BTW, reviewed your page a couple weeks ago – good job on the rework….I bet it was a pain to complete.
          Be Well.

        • Last I heard, emolument is a high crime and misdemeanor. Nepotism is against the law, although hot a high crime and misdemeanor.

          How many more laws does the rapist, sexual assaulter, and molester have to break before people see the blatantly obvious evil of the man and the GOP?

      • Dear Anonymous:

        Have you noticed that these items unfailingly support the acquisition of wealth by the ultra-wealthy bourgeois class?

         Nothing on America’s addiction epidemic.
         Nothing on recent anti-immigrant assassinations.
         Nothing on the layoff of Detroit GM workers.
         Nothing on the closure of 130 J.C. Penny stores.
         Nothing on 10s of thousands of CA evacuees.
         Nothing on the coming wars on Iraq and Syria.

        The list could continue. But the point is clear. The only thing that happens is for the wealthy. The translation is simple:

        Government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy.

        This isn’t sustainable.

        The state knows we’re heading toward collapse.

        That’s why the ubiquitous domestic surveillance while arming to the teeth.

        Capitalism and the ruling class has precisely nothing to offer that society needs. It can resolve not one crisis, not a solitary social contradiction.


        • Good post JDD, and insightful. Even Hitler and Mussolini were signing papers promising the world, while making plans to destroy it.
          I can agree with the president on a number of issues:
          -All NATO Nations to pay 2% GNP ASAP.
          I do not agree with his comments about not supporting NATO, Europe in the event of a Russian incursion or attack.
          That is just another plum for Putin. We need to dust off the old “Reforger” exercises, and do them again for the foreseeable future. Do one in the early summer, one in the depth of winter. Re-establish the old material bases, depleted by both Presidents Bush.
          –His plan to standardize concealed weapons permits (only to extremely vetted persons) across state lines in intelligent, money and time saving ways. Competent, responsible people, men and women, have saved lives, including recently, police lives. Should we be more careful about who may carry or use a firearm? YES. We ought to force the NRA to stop its propaganda attacks on the Federal Government (“Jack-booted thugs” according to that chickenhawk draft dodger, Wayne LaPierre.(Unfortunately, this might broach the First Amendment. Question: is there a right to destroy the government which supports and defends the Consitution, and the well being of the American people? I believe they could accomplish far more by emphasizing positive aspects of owning guns, and by continuing their great classes on firearm safety.
          –As long as it is legitimate, I support his actions to speed environmental studies pursuant to infrastructure development, repair, replacement, and maintenance. The GOP has blocked all of this for decades. The proviso here is that the studies need to be done by engineering and environmental professionals only. No hack jobs like the pipeline recently. Will he do it? Probably not, as he cares more for himself, and his financial world that the welfare of the United States. Sorry to say.

          • I read Wayne LaPierre’s speech at the CPAC convention. It was beyond the pale. I have no respect for that man. All that to sell more guns because he can not use “fill in any Democrats name” is coming to take your guns”. He should be ashamed.

  10. You sir are an insult to the human race. Check out your facts before you make fun of a very real problem. The bees are dying because of all the fossil fuel that is putting polution in the air besides all the insecticides and herbacides. He plans on closing down the EPA so it will just worse, not better. And believe me you will feel the effects the same as those bees you mock. They have decreased significantly, so make your stupid jokes because you show everyone what jerk you are. The memory of my grandmother stopped me from using a different word.

  11. 1) They do. Your unwillingness to see that others wish the same thing is so sad.

    4) Idiotic in its simplicity. Take into account the Earth’s systems are highly complex and respond and react to a variety of stimuli.

    6) What? Why? Why would they be more afraid now than on November 8th? Seriously. Sexual assault laws have not changed. The opinion of this Nation toward sexual assault has not changed. The only thing which has changed is the hysteria which would assume somehow, for some reason, the police force of this country have been transformed by this election without a single bit of evidence suggesting they have.

    7) Well, we didn’t elect “a professed predator” and if you think Trump’s locker room talk equates to actual sexual assault you might want to consider all the charges brought against him which have evaporated since the election and how much of a hatchet job was done on him.

    10) Thank goodness a white supremacist isn’t in the White House.

    13) It has been proven time and time again he DID NOT ridicule the disabled journalist.

    14) Because a vastly larger number of Muslims approve of ISIS/ISIL, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and their actions than Christians approve of the KKK.

    21) Because young black men are still committing 3x the violent crimes and some people don’t seem to want to take that into account.

    23) Refer to 21.

    26) Mother are protesting, not listening to instructions, getting sprayed and it isn’t over the bones, graves, or anything else of their ancestors.

    28) Wrong. Most refugees are ‘fleeing’ for purely economic reasons.

    29) Because millions of people died so that every American could vote and speak and love freely—and going backwards is not an option. But apparently negating the electoral process is?

    31) Deserve?

    32) Says the person preaching from the pulpit.

    33) By all means, let’s joke about cutting a guy’s nuts off. Wait ~ that’s already been done too.

    39) Because 65 million people voted for her … which means nothing if you happen to live in a fully functioning US Democratic Republic.

    40) By all means, clearly demarcate said burial sites … and know we move Christian, Muslim and every other flavor of faith’s final resting places too.

    41) In releasing the TRUTH. No released documents were altered. Apparently the Truth is your enemy.

    42) I’m looking at some tyranny right now.

    44) It isn’t. No one is saying it is. Correction ~ you are saying it is because it fits your perverse agenda. By all means point to the stacks of dead American Jewish, Muslim and Atheist bodies. I can point you at the stack of dead American homosexuals, marathon runners, office partiers, servicemen … By all means, keep pretending Muslim-Americans are not killing their fellow Americans because of their religious beliefs. You may call them ‘not Muslims’, or ‘bad Muslims’. They do not care. The can and will keep coming.

    45) Only you seem to be saying they aren’t. I don’t recall anyone promoting a State Religion.

    46) Perhaps to your way of thinking. Others disagree.

    47) Here you are with ‘deserve’ again. People deserve a chance. They deserve to know life can be tough and it owes them nothing. Nothing is guaranteed. Others may have it better, or worse, than you, but that it’s not an excuse. Appreciate your advantages and good fortune. Be the Masters and Mistresses of your own Destiny. Be thankful and to your own heart be true.

    48) Because, after 8 years of President Obama, the world is in trouble. {I had to edit that for ya.}

    49) Because you are the kind of person a troubled world needs ~ Yep. Considering the type of folks (Liberals) who have led us to the mess we are in as of November 8th and still won’t let go, we have to keep fighting to get our Nation back.

    50) Because love always has the last word—and you will help speak it.

    Indeed. I love you, but I cannot let you win. You remain consistently blind to the political realities of this Nation, the cost of your morality and the fact your path leads us all to ruin. In the end, we won’t be saving anyone. We won’t even be able to save ourselves.

  12. So even though bees were disappearing in alarming ways and at alarming rates, their population never actually saw a significant decline. The number of honeybee colonies peaked in 1989, at 3.5 million colonies; in 2008, two years after CCD was first characterized, that number dipped to 2.4 million, the worst year for honeybee populations in recorded history. Since their lowest point, honeybee populations in the U.S. have climbed at a modest pace and now stand at 2.7 million colonies.

    So if the bees are all right, why don’t we think they are? Why are we constantly lamenting their demise or building large-scale nature-based art in their honor? For one thing, the story of thousands of bees vanishing from the Earth was inherently more fascinating than, say, this one, which explains that reasonable and largely bureaucratic measurements helped stymie the decline.


    Phew! This is one worry that can be scratched off the list. Even if Trump does have an evil anti-bee policy, the bees are stronger! Trump won’t win this one!

  13. 13) Because he ridiculed a disabled person.

    One of the things I hate about the Pav is that he doesn’t mind repeating a lie, so long as it serves his leftwing agenda.


    Catholics 4 Trump posted four videos – one of which dates back to 2005 – in which Trump impersonates everyone from Sen. Ted Cruz to The Donald himself with the same, flailing mannerisms and goofy speech.

    At a February rally in South Carolina, Trump deployed the impression style to mock Cruz’s answer to a question about waterboarding that was posed during an earlier debate. With a panicked look on his face and his hands flapping about, Trump stammered “Oh, I don’t wanna talk about it!”

    Trump also used the arm-thrashing act when making fun of himself during an interview with Larry King in 2005; when imitating a bank president in October; and when mocking an Army general at the same November speech in which he made the original Kovaleski comments.

    It can be seen on the videos on this page that he made similar motions regarding other people, and note that this reporter with the disability did not make spastic movements, so he couldn’t have been mocking that:


    • How about we say he mocked a reporter who happened to be disabled? Either way he mocked a disabled reporter. If he didn’t mock everyone and act like a 14 year old thin skinned bully maybe he would be more respected by many more.

      If you want to believe he knows more about ISIS than the Generals, that he talked to a top cop who knew how to stop crime in a week, that he knew unnamed sources that told him Obama’s birth certificate was a fake, that 3 million people committed fraud by voting, that his inauguration had a million people, that he won by the biggest margin in years and on and on and on that is fine.

      You see a hero. I see an empty man. If he does good for this country that still doesn’t change my view of the man that I see.

      If you want to believe that Obama was evil and for the last 7 years led us to the brink of disaster it is all good.

      Just try to understand that not everyone sees the same thing as you and that doesn’t make either of us wrong, just different. I hope it never comes to a time that we are not allowed to have different views. Is that what you want?

      I will be long gone by the time history judges these times so I will pray for my grandchildren and their children.

  14. “High crimes and misdemeanors”…… lol…..and the noose tightens –
    Huma Abedin, has agreed to accept immunity from prosecution in exchange for all the dirt about “pay-to-play” deals with foreign governments made while Hillary was serving as U.S. Secretary of State.
    Funny how the immunity doesn’t include her pervert husband.

  15. And some more good news…..

    A military judge won’t throw out charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy against Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

  16. “James: I didn’t even read this. You bore me. Wake up, babycakes.”

    This pretty much sums up why the ‘Resistance’ is going nowhere. It preaches to the precise same people who believe what you believed last year without giving an ounce of credence to even the possibility any of those in the opposition have addressable issues.

    I repeat … ‘I didn’t even read this.’

    Meanwhile …

    My 8th grade Son was called out by a teacher for his pro-Trump views. He and a long-time friend had a calm discussion between classes which the teacher overheard. Only after class started was this then brought it up. The subject at the time was English. My Son sat there and took his lumps in silence. He knows better. He came home and was righteously furious then.

    My 10th grade Daughter has had three of her four teachers stop class to lecture them on the evils of a Trump Presidency. One, her German teacher, does so regularly. I’m no sure what that has to do with teaching students the German language. She is afraid to speak her mind even in her after-school groups the atmosphere has become so toxic.

    Several members of the LGBTQ club were pressured into a presentation on the benefits of Islam by the German teacher … because everyone knows how much Muslims love the Gays. They stopped talking on Twitter for fear of having their conversations ‘found out’ ~ not sure by who. Just the fear of being called Islamophobic. Instead, in this day and age, they had to do their talking in private … congrats, ya’ll. The bi, gay and trans kids at he school are afraid – of you. They are afraid of the evangelicals too. Last year they lost one of theirs when his parents took him out of school when he came out about being gay – took his younger brother as well.

    I didn’t bring this up earlier because I have a load of respect for teachers as a profession. My maternal Grandfather and Grandmother were both educators and I spent most of my summers with them growing up. They taught me the joy of reading.

    These ones … I let it pass because I have been warned by friends in the profession today the whole apparatus is rotten with teachers like this. Most are good, hard working and decent. Then politics comes up and all bets are off.


    Of course, the idea you are the threatened political group is laughable.

    ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC all spout your narrative. Virtually every national periodical ~ditto.
    Virtually every major newspaper in every major city ~ ditto.
    Do we want to go down the long list of web-based media?
    The millionaires and billionaires in your court? Wall Street is on your side, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, btw.
    The near-infinite number of celebrities?
    The constant number of protests anywhere and everywhere over anything whatsoever … with minimal blow back.
    Shall we discuss the attitudes toward political equality on college campuses today? Left – good. Right – riot.

    Oh yeah … you have it sooooo bad.

    Mothers in the way of the pipeline … which was approved some time ago? They clearly knew they were breaking the law, did so anyway … so shouldn’t suffer the consequences? No.

    Families being broken up and members deported … because they are here ILLEGALLY? Ignore President Obama deporting more people than any other President, or the last flurry of raids being organized under his administration, not Trump’s … just ignore that REALITY.

    You seem happy to enforce some laws, but not others. Funny how that works.


    Wake up? I suppose so. The reality seems to be if a person isn’t 100% on board with your cause, then they had better be 100% against you. Is that what you are looking for?

    That is becoming the viewpoint of everyone stuck in the middle too. Your ‘take no prisoners’ approach is working – for the Right. It is so sad to see any forum where anyone tries to moderate. Your gang is on them like a pack of rabid weasels … for trying to moderate.

    By all means ~ double-down on your hatred. That is exactly what it is, your excuses be damned. Love has left you for greener pastures … because love listens. Love doesn’t have to agree, but love listens … and this is where you are all failing.

    • rhut roo…..well James, you were forewarned…..
      So the question you have to ask yourself is this – do you continue to attempt civil discourse and debate or will you choose to call the blatant hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and lame rationalizations for what they really are?

      Oh and by the way – there is no resistance.
      It’s all about social parasites and how to normalize of degeneracy through identity politics.

        • By all means. I’m an adult and have been called far worse by people I hold in much lower esteem. If ‘babycakes’ is what does it for her, or whomever that Anonymous is, so be it.

    • You wold think that if the media was so liberal as you suggest that liberals would be glued to their every word and cheering them on. The fact of the matter is that most liberals have just as much dislike for mainstream media as conservatives have. Liberals can point to a countless number events that the mainstream media hardly covers, if at all, Liberals, I believe, get their news from a wider spectrum of sources than do conservatives. Certainly more true when it comes to reading international sources.

  17. Let’s see – item 16…..so much for that….
    On Wednesday Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy issued a memo to his state’s authorities, telling them to ignore federal law regarding illegal immigrants.
    Malloy declared Connecticut a sanctuary state.
    On Friday a previously deported illegal alien murdered his girlfriend and kidnapped her six year-old daughter.

    • How can this go wrong?

      Crimes against women? Domestic violence … murder … one stabbed to death, the mother, and another in critical condition ~ crickets.
      A young female child (6 years old) kidnapped by her father, the murderer ~ crickets.

      Washington Post? WSJ? NY Times. Chicago Tribune ~ where are you? Where is your front page outrage? Your bombastic editorial? Anything? Wait! Sorry; found it … way, way back …


      This story has all the media armor it needs:
      The most likely political target – a Democratic lawmaker.
      (Had it been a Republican, or better yet, our ‘beloved’ President?)

      The person most responsible for the crimes: an illegal immigrant.
      (Why, or why couldn’t it have been a White Supremacist? Please, oh Press Gods, please.)

      The crime: Brown on Brown.
      (Couldn’t it have been White on Brown, or White on Black? A White Police Officer gunning down any flavor of non-White would have been even better.)

      No story here. Move along. Move along.


      {I have to wonder how long the domestic violence escalated before the murder. How long, as the woman and child suffered, no one did anything because he was here illegally and friends & neighbors didn’t want to break up the family? That is how it works. You are so afraid about exposing one crime ~ their undocumented status ~ you slowly permit more and more crimes of a different nature.

      I have to believe Bridgeport Conn. has facilities to deal with domestic violence. They have trained their law enforcement and emergency room folks to deal with it as well. People were so busy, stumbling over themselves to protect the rights of Mr. Hernandez, they have ensured Aylin Sofia will grow up without a Mother, or a Father, and may end up in El Salvador if that is where her next of kin live. Just wonderful.}

  18. Thank you yet again, John P. for your encouraging and much-needed words. Everything you say is well worth fighting for and I am blessed to know so many people of bravery and integrity who are part of the resistance with me. Truly we stand together. I am right there with you and will never give up!

  19. The legal process is at fault, and is not color blind. Moreover, the usual White/White collar criminal rarely does prison time.
    Per percentage of population, a person of color is killed by authorities, 5 times the rate Whites are.

  20. 51) Because bees are people too.
    52) Because she wants us to.
    53) Because inconvenient fetuses don’t deserve to live.
    54) Because white people suck.
    55) Because of his orange hair.
    56) Because of his orange skin.
    57) Because everybody deserves to have a soft mattress.
    58) Because oil is dirty and evil.
    59) Because she won the popular vote.
    60) Because the election was rigged.
    61) Because of voter fraud.
    62) Because we can’t let the stupid rednecks win.
    63) Because there are not enough white people in prison.
    64) Because of clean water.
    65) Because of clean air.
    66) Because my neighbor deserves health insurance.
    67) Because brown skinned people deserve to live.
    68) Because orange skinned people don’t deserve to live.
    69) Because he has too much money.
    70) Because there are billionaires in his cabinet.
    71) Because we cried when he won.
    72) Because of the ozone layer.
    73) Because we must stop killing the planet.
    74) Because of China.
    75) Because a good education is very important.
    76) Because this country needs more Muslims.
    78) Because the police kill too many brown skinned people in self-defense.
    79) Because Jesus is a Liberal Democrat.
    80) Because we need more abortionists.
    81) Because gay people should not be tossed off rooftops.
    82) Because there are too many guns.
    83) Because terrorists don’t kill that many people.
    84) Because private religious schools should be discouraged.
    85) Because the sky really is falling.
    86) Because bad teachers deserve to be paid.
    87) Because of fairness.
    88) Because everybody deserves to feel beautiful and special.
    89) Because ten years ago he said something naughty to Billy Bush that we must never forgive or forget.
    90) Because Meryl Streep is with us.
    91) Because we are pro-life for all (with the exception of course for the inconvenient fetus).
    92) Because the government is too small.
    93) Because they want to starve your children.
    94) Because everybody deserves to vote regardless of skin color or citizenship.
    95) Because of separation of church and state.
    96) Because liberal Democrats are the only true Christians.
    97) Because women are people too.
    98) Because the KKK is running our country now.
    99) Because he wants to blow up the world.
    100) Because it isn’t fair. It just is not fair. She was supposed to win. She was going to be the first woman president. The polls said she was going to win in a landslide. We were expecting it. We wanted to be stronger together. We knew that orange clown didn’t have a chance. We were giving each other fist bumps and enjoying getting in their faces and saying “Madam President” to the racist Trumpsters. In our minds we were already living in the utopia of a second Clinton presidency. But it didn’t happen. Russia and Comey took it away from her. The uneducated white slobs in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan betrayed her. It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair.

    • Bwhahahaha …

      101) Because only the votes of the Illuminati Council should count.
      102) Because we couldn’t decide on who the “Lesser of Two Evils” was and Bernie was no longer the Nuclear Option.
      103) Because we wanted to impress upon our children and co-workers why they should be more careful with their e-mails and Twitter accounts because you never know when Russian hackers and Wiki-Leaks will come back to haunt you.
      104) Because we wanted to impress upon everybody the internet is FOREVER.
      105) Because we wanted Middle & High School students to discover what the Electoral College was and how it worked.
      106) Because we wanted Middle & High School students to understand what geniuses our Founding Fathers were for creating the Electoral College … unless you lived in California … then it simply sucks to be you.
      107) We needed to remind California it doesn’t rule over the other 49 States. Florida and Ohio do.
      108) Republicans needed to be reminded to look in the direction of Pennsylvania and say “Thank you” for saving our Union.
      109) We needed to be reminded the person who spent more money per vote – LOST, suggesting the American Democracy is still not (totally) for sale ($18.24 vs $9.60).
      110) We need to be reminded the center of Power as well as Inertia, remains on Capital Hill, where seat retention is terrifyingly easy (re-election is close to 90%) and there are no term limits (the longest serving Rep. is John Conyers at 52 years and longest serving Senator is Patrick Leahy at 42 years).

      • James, Really you and Joe need to take your act on the road. It is hilarious! Oh, but you missed CPAC. Maybe next year. Every one of John’s readers who has seen the light and are ready to realize everything we think is wrong and the right is really RIGHT raise your hands. Anyone, anyone? Good job guys – sarcasm always leads to civil and meaningful discourse.

  21. BREAKING: CNN Just Uncovered a MASSIVE White House Scandal. IMPEACH.
    Another week, another horrifying Trump scandal that must result in impeachment. CNN discovered that many of Donald Trump’s cabinet and staff paid their way to their governmental positions.

    CNN received the information through a Freedom of Information Act request, and its contents damage what little integrity and ethics of the Trump Administration had left. We knew that the entire group was corrupt, and this proves it.

    The report showed that Trump’s transition team raised more than 6.5 million dollars, and most of it came after the elections. We’ll give you one guess as to the largest contributors.

    Yes, you are right, many of the largest contributors became members of the Trump cabinet and staff or received favors from the ethics-challenged Trump. This proves that money is the only driving factor for Trump and his cronies.

    One of those who paid for her position was WWE’s Linda McMahon. She and her family contributed the maximum amount of $5,000 to the Trump campaign, but that was not all.

    According to reports, McMahon donated up to six million dollars to Trump’s super-PAC and to his foundation. For her large contributions, the unqualified Linda McMahon is now the head of the Small Business Administration.

    Another large contributor to Trump and the Republican Party got a cabinet position. During questioning in her confirmation hearings, America learned that Betsy DeVos and her family donated over 200 million dollars to the Republican Party.

    DeVos also gave the maximum donation allowed by law to the Trump campaign, as did her family. DeVos is now the Secretary of Education.

    This appointment received much publicity due to DeVos’ obvious lack of qualifications for the position. During her confirmation hearings, she was unable to answer questions on the basic educational issues.

    DeVos also plagiarized parts of her testimony during confirmation hearings. She used sections of a press release from President Obama’s justice and education departments.

    In spite of all this, Congress confirmed DeVos as education secretary. The vote was 50-50, with Vice President Pence breaking the tie with his vote.

    Our new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, also got into the greed and money-grabbing. Sessions recently rescinded an Obama-era plan to end federal use of for-profit prisons.

    Would it surprise anyone to know that Sessions has ties to the private prison systems? I didn’t think so.

    In fact, The CEO Group, which is one of the largest for-profit prison firms in the USA, donated $125,000 to the Trump campaign. They will reap the benefits for which they paid.

    There are other firms that donated and will receive favors. Trump received donations from groups such as the American Coalition Clean Coal Electricity, Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, and Independent Community Bankers of America.

    All of these firms will benefit from Trump’s plans to deregulate industries. The coal industry just profited after Trump signed a bill that allows coal firms to dump coal ash in streams and waterways as well as an order that relaxes clean air and water standards.

    This report from CNN should disgust every American. Trump used donations and wealth instead of qualifications to staff cabinet positions and agencies that will decide policy in the future. These self-serving, unqualified individuals will make decisions that will benefit them and their past companies or interests.

    Trump already instituted many regulations that hurt the environment, the economy, and the working man and woman. This group of billionaires and career politicians who purchased their positions will cause further harm to the middle-class and America by their selfish greed and desire for money.

    Trump’s involvement in the pay-for-position scheme is despicable. Saddling this country with unqualified, greedy leaders must result in his impeachment.

    If you agree that this pay-for-position scheme should result in Trump’s impeachment, please share this article on Facebook.


    • Plutocracy, militarism, greed……led by an incompetent largely un-educated man who beleives money is everything…..who is getting away with just about as many lies and broken promises as one could even count…….This is in no sense funny.

      • Amen, the problem is that not all news is reporting on the truth, if people watch, say Fox, they never get the truth. I have been very disappointed in how all this is reported. It’s like investigative journalism died and was replaced with people who go along to get along. Than they spend all the time talking about some stupid tweet the man sends out instead of the important stuff going on in the background. Can anyone say coup. Just saying

      • Plutocracy … by all means, of all the business-folks he has dealt with in the past 40 years, how many are now in White House positions? Yes, he has kept trusted people close, but he has also brought in strangers who are experts on the subjects at hand ~ in the same way he never ‘played architect, or engineer’ while building any of his hotels. It just so happens you don’t like the philosophy of some of his experts.

        Militarism … because we are NOT establishing a No-Fly Zone over Syria which would have put us on a collision course with Russia? As Sec. Clinton promised she would do …
        The raid in Yemen was designed under the Obama Admin, but was held off for the New Moon. Trump approved it, trusting the experts who had planned it. The leader in the field, understanding the enemy on the ground had been tipped off, decided, with the understanding he was supported from the Top, went in anyway ~ Trump trusting the expert to do their damn job ~ and the force went in. People died. Trump was at the airport to ‘welcome’ the body of the dead SEAL team member too ~ his responsibility.

        Beyond that, what militarism? You are correct in that he doesn’t understand the military. His response is to bring in people who do and to put his trust in the planners in the Pentagon to do the best job they can do with the understanding the Buck Stops With Him.

        Greed … as a businessman? Yeah. Big surprise there. As President ~ POTUS … have we had the time to see what kind of President he can be, or has the media been attacking him from Nov. 9th and never stopped?

        It has barely been a month.

        Incompetent … billionaire?

        Largely uneducated? By whose standards? Gosh, he isn’t a lawyer and doesn’t possess a PhD. Part of the election process was a large enough segment of the US voting populace rejecting the ‘typical politician’.

        Money is everything? That would kind of negate the multiple children, marriages and stabs at celebrity then, now would it? It wouldn’t touch his run for the presidency … if ‘money was everything’.

        Lies? Oh yeah … and add to that him being one of the worst public speakers to ever sit in the Oval Office.

        Broken Promises? Are you kidding? The problem the majority of his opponents appear to have is him KEEPING his campaign promises, or most of them. He said he’d do various things and he’s either done them, or attempted to do them with the major exception being Obamacare. Compared to virtually every other President, he couldn’t be more honest in his intentions.

        This is in no sense funny? I disagree. At times, this hysteria is darkly amusing.

    • I “love” this source. Here are some more gems from learnprogress.org:

      Except nothing has been leaked.

      Except no troops have actually put on the streets.

      Except no press agency has been shut down, or even physically, violently attacked.

      Then we have this:

      Here is learnprogress.org’s List of Demands:

      1. Abolish the Electoral College.
      The Electoral College was created to give more power to slave states by lowering the value of each individual vote in the right circumstances. Defending and protecting racist political figures like Donald Trump was the goal.
      Abolish the Electoral College, institute a direct vote for the presidency, and achieve actual democracy.

      {LIE: The Electoral College was created to help defend the power of the smaller states against the larger ones. In 1790, Massachusetts had the largest Free White Male population at 119,000. Virginia had almost as many (110,000) but then got another 194,650 for her nearly 292,000 slaves. The smallest state, vote-wise, was Rhode Island [16K], followed by the slave-owning Delaware [effectively 17.56K] and Georgia [32.5K] The Electoral College gave Rhode Island, a State with almost no slaves, power to resist Virginia. Still, they invoke ‘slavery’ as they virtue-signal in a vain attempt to deny this is merely butt-hurt over Hillary losing.}

      2. Free College Education for All.
      The powerful use ignorance to control the masses. This is why Donald Trump did well with uneducated voters. To set the people free, they must be educated.
      Provide a free college education for all individuals in America, regardless of age or legal status.

      {Okay … who is constantly griping about the poor quality of minority education … then are now griping about the uneducated status of Trump voters when over 80% of minorities voted for Sec. Clinton?}

      3. Universal Healthcare for All.

      {A: Because it works so well in so many other countries where generalized healthcare is better, but specialized treatment is much worse.}

      {B: By all means, I’m sure you are looking at Canada while the rest of us are looking at Cuba and Venezuela.}

      4. Ban All Semi-Automatic Death Machines.

      {‘Death Machines’? WTF? I’ll go out on a limb here and guess they are refusing to use the word ‘guns’. They apparently don’t understand what ‘semi-automatic’ means. It means when you pull the trigger, the action of the bullet firing chambers the next round. That’s it. No stream of bullets. One pull = one bullet. I know plenty of people who can shoot faster with a revolver … which is not considered ‘semi-automatic’. By all means ~ to read a Chicago paper for one week and see how well banning ‘death machines’ is working for them before you take this ‘demand’ nation-wide.}

      5. Ban Racial Profiling by Police.

      {Profiling solely on race is against the law. Profiling with race as a given characteristic is not and should not be. If in a given area 80% of all drug deals are done by purple-skinned folks, the police should profile drug pushers based on them having purple skin. If 80% are females, profile females. If 80% have facial tattoos, profile people with facial tattoos. Non-law enforcement people telling law enforcement how to do their jobs has led to violent up-ticks in crime – just ask Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis … or Detroit whenever.}

      6. Double Taxes on Billionaires.

      {Why? Seriously, why? What have they done wrong so that you would punish them for being successful? They already pay taxes at a graduated rate.}

      {Oh … wait – this is Class-warfare. Check.}

      7. Ban All Inheritance Over $1 Billion.

      {Again ~ why? Why can’t anyone leave their children as much, or as little, of their good fortune as they wish? The assumption being everything they have you have already taxed. Why do you, as the government (I guess) get to steal it? Why do they need that much? That’s not your problem – you are not their family, you greedy, sleazy Socialist jackals.}

      8. Immediate Citizenship for All Non-Felon Undocumented Workers.

      {Because you really want to thumb your noses at all those Documented Workers who obeyed the rules, followed the processes and did what this Nation asked? That is what you are doing. If they are facing persecution in their homeland, there is a process for that. If they are economic migrants, there is a process for that. Having failed to follow the law … it isn’t like they didn’t know they were violating our immigration laws. They willingly and with malice broke US law. Why do they get a pass?}

      {Answer: If granted citizenship they will vote Democrat ~ DUH! How is this not ‘buying votes’?}

      9. Tax Religious Organizations.

      {Sweet ~ especially on this site. We should start with any religious organization supporting the Sanctuary Movement. Let’s not stop here though. Let’s license media organizations too. We can send people to the People’s Republic of China to study under their Religious, Media and Internet Watchdogs to see how it is done.}

      {Or, we could figure we don’t tax religious organization because we appreciate their ability to stand against our government in times of trial.}

  22. My reasons:
    –Because we cannot allow this fight to be won by those who insist that what love requires us is support for a politician and an administration whose heartbeat is hatred, anger, and a sheer lust for power.
    –Because 81 percent of evangelicals supported a candidate who embodies these very qualities–a massive failure to be like Christ which I cannot and will not tolerate.

  23. John,I’m having issues with wordpress.com security, so I can’t reblog . I really appreciated this , and shared it on my twitter/ Facebook/ Google/Pinterest pages. I hope they get their hacking issues solved because they may be the reason my computer is acting funny.

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