The United States of Embarrassment

I was driving around last Summer listening to the BBC, when news about the Brexit vote came down. I can remember thinking, “Wow, did they blow it. How could so many voters be so lazy, myopic, and uninformed? I hope they enjoy that mess!” 

(To all my brothers and sisters across the pond, my apology is in the mail.) 

Over the course of a few hours on November 8th, the vast majority of Americans moved from pride to abject humiliation; exchanging a hand on the heart for a face in the palm. We spent a few horrible days in stunned sadness—and most of the rest of the time since, alternating between rage and embarrassment.

You see, an overwhelming majority of us understand how ridiculous this all is. We see every bumbling, reckless, dishonest thing this Administration is doing. We know how thoroughly batsh*t crazy the President’s behavior is, and we’re well aware that he has absolutely no business running a street corner hot dog cart—let alone the Land of the Free and home of the Brave.

We still get outside news here (for now at least). We read the papers from all over the world. We see what you’re saying about us. We hear the jokes. We know that we’re a global laughing-stock. Occasionally we even find spots to laugh along with you just to retain our paper-thin tether to sanity—but for most of the time we’re red-faced and beside ourselves, because we’re living as a punchline and it isn’t funny.
Every day seems to deepen the severity and magnitude of our never-ending national facepalm.

That’s because this year has put many of us in a precarious position that we’ve never been in our entire lives: we’re now ashamed of our homeland.

No, not of the ideas of Liberty and Equality that are our very heartbeat, not the tremendous sacrifice that’s been offered by past generations in order to protect us, not the noble Constitution that forms the very bedrock of our nation, not the things we’ve done together to this point to craft a country open and welcoming to the entire world.

But we are embarrassed of this President and of his Cabinet, and we’re embarrassed to live in America as they represent it in the world. We’re ashamed that they are speaking for us, serving as our ambassadors, being our surrogates—because we know it all reflects terribly on us and alters the way people see us. They’re the old, weird uncle, rambling on at the family outing; becoming belligerent, picking fights with strangers, and keeping us always on edge with the fear of the inappropriate actions we know are surely coming. It’s exhausting to try to live, work, and study while holding your breath and hiding your face.

So many things are now shame-triggers: the mention of the President’s name, the very sight of him; the flag, the eagle, the word America. Hearing those first few words of our National Anthem, “Oh say, can you see…” are cause for mourning, because right now it’s very difficult to see those things we should still proudly hail.

Perhaps the only true comfort we’ve found in these days has been the solidarity of like-hearted men and women who are equally humiliated; the affinity we have discovered together—like arm-locked victims seeing one another through a terrible disaster. If misery loves company then the majority is certainly finding such terrible, head-hiding company now. 

So yes, we are united here in our great embarrassment; young and old, black and white, men and women, red state and blue state, straight and gay. We are greatly ashamed of the America that the world is experiencing—and no we’re not leaving, even if those loud and angry few who are not embarrassed would prefer we did. That’s not how this works.

We are staying to push back, to advocate for one another, to repair what is being damaged. We are staying to be the dignified and rational response to the most undignified and irrational behavior by those in our leadership. We are staying because we know that our nation is better than those who have commandeered it and made it into the present planetary joke that it is.

We’re shaking our collective heads here in the Land of the Freaked-out and the Home of the Facepalm, trying to make America great again—and we will.






194 thoughts on “The United States of Embarrassment

  1. I am traveling to Ireland this summer and am looking forward to seeing their reactions to us. I know my friends in London think we screwed up big time

    • Hi Tom. We did screw up BIG TIME. The only question now is how much of a price the American people will end up paying for the folly—and just how angry if the Kingdom of Heaven going to get with the Kingdom of Trump. Take health care away from 22, 000,000 people, mostly poor people, lightning has to strike somewhere because it violates something with which Jesus himself personally identified in Matthew 25:31-46.

    • Agreed. How about we even dare to make America better than it has ever been. Because we can’t point to a time when it was truly great or good for all. We’ve come close but we can do better.

      • Indeed, John DOES speak for the vast majority. As evidence, I posit YOU…who say you disagree with him yet are embarrassed to be identified as doing so.

        • Of the Americans, who bothered to vote, yes, the majority voted for Hillary, something those who voted for evil like to forget in favor of the lies they prefer to believe.

          At least one of those who post as Anonymous is a troll and at least one of the Anonymouses is someone worth reading.

          I wish the latter would choose a different designation and post with a different quilt square. It’s what I would like, you will choose as seems best to you, but due to the troll, I usually refuse to read anything posted by an anonymous.

          • The majority of people who voted did not vote for Hillary. 48% is not a majority. To quote you from an earlier post, “please don’t lie.”

          • You are in error regarding the election. No one received a majority. Not Clinton, or Trump. It is a mistake to say otherwise.

            Hillary received a plurality. It is not a distinction without a difference.

            • If you would please read what I wrote more carefully, you will notice that I very specifically said “Of the Americans, who bothered to vote, yes, the majority voted for Hillary, something those who voted for evil like to forget in favor of the lies they prefer to believe.”

              I did not say anything that could be construed to say she won a majority. Only that the majority of those who bothered to vote, voted for her.

              Please read carefully before finding fault because if you are looking for something which to find fault, you will and that is just such a tedious lifestyle choice.

              • You are still wrong. She received 48% of the vote. That means 52% voted against her. The majority of people who voted did so for someone other than Hillary.

                • She received the majority of the vote against Trump. That is the context, please learn to read attentitvely.

                  When a person wins the popular vote, it means more people voted for that person. Basic middle school English.

                  • Now you’re being deceitful. Hillary won a “plurality” and not a “majority.” Of those who voted, most did NOT vote for Hillary. She received more votes than Trump. That is conceded, but it is not yet conceded how many of those votes were illegal. At any rate, Hillary does not represent the majority, and the blogger here is incorrect in presuming he is speaking for the majority. He is speaking for the extremists on the Left only. Many who voted against Trump are not hysterical about the Trump victory and are willing to give him a chance as all good Americans should do.

                  • Your claim was a majority of voters voted for Hillary. This is patently untrue. You said nothing of Trump. You said she received a majority, not that she got more votes than Trump. The two statements are not synonymous. Now you are attempting to rewrite what you said, and mocking my level of education to distract from the fact that you made a fool of yourself. Unfortunately for you, there is no edit comment function, so it’s all laid out above for all to see.

                    • You know you can split hairs all you want and cause a distraction, like don’t look here, look here at the shiny penny, but what it comes down to is that Hillary Clinton got more, can you say, more votes than the impostor in the White House. He is there because of the Electoral College not because the majority wanted him. But you won’t buy that either because for some reason you have to muddy the waters with a trite argument. All the other people who voted for 3rd party and write ins did not want him either. SHE GOT MORE VOTES THAN HE DID, AND THEY CAN’T FIND WHERE THERE WAS MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD.

                    • You libel me. I said the majority of those who voted. Please learn to read.

                      And you can make all the fuss you want, you k now who in disguise, but the fact is the Cheeto Voldemort lost the popular vote.

                    • Kathleen, I’ve never disputed she got more votes than he did. It would be foolish to, because math. All those third party voters didn’t want her either. The majority didn’t want him, or her. This isn’t hard if you’re not ideologically opposed to reality.

                    • Gloriamarie. There is no such thing as ‘The Popular Vote’ in our Presidential Electoral College Elections. Its like saying the San Diego Padres scored 3 Touchdowns against the Dodgers.

                    • Gloriamarie I didn’t libel you, I quoted you. I am aware, as is clear from my comments above, that you are only talking about people who actually voted. Guess what? You’re still wrong.

                      Lionel spelled it out for you. More people voted for someone other than Hillary Clinton than voted voted for her. 137 million people voted. A bit less than 66 million voted for Hillary. That means more than 71 million people voted against her.

                      You seem to be hung up on middle school English (not even an original insult, since Lionel accused you of not understanding middle school math. Get creative). So let’s define majority. According to Webster, it is defined as a number greater than half. As I showed conclusively above, 66 million is not greater than half of 137 million. Ergo, she did not win the majority of those who voted. It is astonishing that you continue to insist she did. It’s not true, no matter how many knots you twist yourself into trying to explain it away. What you said, and continue to say in the face of overwhelming evidence, is completely, totally, 100% false.

                    • OF THOSE WHO VOTED, Hillary received 48%. She received the most votes. SHE DID NOT RECEIVE A MAJORITY OF THOSE VOTES. To claim a majority OF THOSE WHO VOTED, as specified by Gloriamarie, she would have needed greater than 50%.

                      The majority OF THOSE WHO VOTED, voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton. (Trump as well).

                      Do you get it now?

        • Because he thinks he fools us with these name changes, then sucks some unsuspecting person into a discussion with him and that unsuspecting person suffers. Have seen it repeatedly.

          After all, Joe told us he posts here because he thinks it is fun to upset people, which is what an abuser and a bully also think is fun.

          The safety pin says I will stand up to the abusers and the bullies. If I out the troll for what he is, maybe people will think twice about engaging him. Or not, their choice, but t least they have been warned.

          • Honestly, you are much too caught up in thinking every detractor of JP is Joe.

            You say, “he fools us with these name changes, then sucks some unsuspecting person into a discussion with him and that unsuspecting person suffers. Have seen it repeatedly.”

            But you don’t know that for sure– you are only drawing that conclusion and tormenting yourself.

            Why can’t you let it go?

            • I don’t understand why this is an issue to you. Of course, maybe you haven’t had him tell some really despicable lies about you here in the comments over the months. I have been so honored.

              Anyway, as it happens, I have usually been correct. As I am now.

              • This is Anonymous Susan. Kathy is correct, Gloriamarie. Does it really matter if someone uses Anonymous or goes by anything else? You are dismissive frequently. And prideful. And it is a shame because you have depth and knowledge but the aftertaste, so often, bitters your message. And just a side note, for anyone who goes after Kathy? I’ll be right behind if I catch it. I know her heart. And it most definitely is in the right place.

                • Well, I trully don’;t understand why it is an issue to her. And if that sounds dismissive and oridfeful, well, your interpreataion may not (and isn’t) be based on fascts.

                  Did you even bother to read the rest of what I wrote?

                  I am sorry, but life is too short for me to endure trolls.

                  Why is is that when a woman sticks up for herself, other women tear her down?

                  Why not show some sympathy for the great many lies the trolls have said about me?

                  Instead of acting like trolls yourselves?

                • I would like to interject, what are we doing fighting over this. If Gloriamarie, thinks it’s a troll, let her. I though we all believed in free speech, but ganging up on someone, come on, we can behave better than this. This is the problem everyone has to get snarky, I am not sure why you all have let this get to you. You know she could be right, The world as we know it is going to hell in a handbasket and you are bothered by this? Peace, OK, now you can gang up on me.

                  • Thank you, Kathleen. We had one day this week when no troll posted. It was lovely and we actually discussed the content of John P’s post.

                    Do people really prefer the company of trolls to peace and quiet and the ability to talk over what John P actually wrote?

                    Honestly, I have trolls attacking a great many of my posts. Does this blog really need people who support John P attacking other people who support John P?

                    Where is all this clamor when lies are written about me by the trolls?

                    • I am hoping they just got up on the wrong side of the bed. The only people it helps when we start arguing amongst ourselves are the people who don’t want us here. Stay well, stay sane and don’t let the bastards get you, that is what I tell my sons before I say good bye. Peace………………………..

                    • I agree Gloriamarie, I was enjoying not having Joe around and his mocking hurtful comments so why bring his name(s) up anymore?

                      Why not let it go and move on?

            • Kathy. it seems gloriamarie has found a bullying tactic that she thinks works. i think all her , many, many, too many to count, lines about ‘trolls’ is a waste of blog space, and distracts from the actual topic. Those rabbit trails are more annoying than the actual ‘offense’ of the ‘troll’.

              Especially since John P himself welcomes discourse and dissent and believes that the Truth lies in the middle of both sides’ beliefs.

              John P welcomes everyone to his Table.

              Will you Gloriamaire?

              • Some people are not welcome at the table leslie and from what I understand from the Bible it is those who harm others. Otherwise God is welcoming to the needy, the broken and the different.

                • Kathy, I agree with that. I also believe that there are people who come on this blog with the primary reason being to tell us that we are dead wrong and that we are all going to hell, in the guise of wanting to have a discussion or dialogue. Then they take cheap shots at us. Of course that is their right but I would not go into their church, blog and do likewise because I don’t know who is going to hell, not my decision, not my paygrade, that belongs to God. I am busy working on my own soul. I would die for the right of people to believe what they want and would love to have that reciprocated. So sometimes it is very hard to be welcoming, most of us need to work on that, but when someone is hateful and mean, I personally will pray for them from a distance. Peace………………..

                  • I don’t welcome Joe at all and I have stated that in the past. I would keep him away from the people I love because he would harm them because he thinks it is fun to do.

                    He has been mean and hurtful to Gloriamarie and despicable to many commenters here. And, I hope he doesn’t come back but if we keep mentioning his name we are only perpetuating him. Then what if he does come back just because we keep talking about him?

                    It’s like leslie said above– much of the ‘troll talking’ is waste of time and distracting and in some cases causes us to relive the insults.

                    I like much of what Gloriamarie has to say. Even Susan said Gloriamarie has depth and knowledge. So I am not trying to attack Gloriamarie my only question from the beginning of this thread is

                    keep bringing up his name(s)?

                    • This is me this time Kathy. The real deal and you are unfairly misrepresenting me.

                      I did not bully Gloriamarie who is the real bully of this place who attacks anyone who disagrees with the blog host and does her “troll” routine with them.

                      Would I have answered her pleas for help if I were a “bully”? I sent stuff to her that she needed and expected nothing in return but the very next day she called me a “troll” and lied about my having multiple handles. That’s not normal. She didn’t even try to treat my like a real person. I hope you don’t send her something too because I think she’s scamming us.

                      Is the reason you vilify me is because you don’t like my strong beliefs about abortion and homosexuality? Because if you didn’t vilify me, you would have to consider them and perhaps you see them as threatening? I honestly don’t get it.

                      Your friend Charles has said, “Listen b*tch” to Leslie at least two times. Leslie is always civil and kindly. Did she deserve that? Where was your reprimand for him and his abusiveness? Why is this bully invited to your “table”?

                      I do not hurt people. I do not enjoy hurting people and would not think it to be “fun.” That is a total lie. I said I had fun posting here. There’ s nothing wrong with that. I enjoy discussions and debates. Why would you twist that into something evil?

                      I have been disinvited from contributing to this forum by the blog host. It’s easy to get around his ban, but I don’t intend to make that a habit and am just finishing up some business. I don’t think it’s fair, but it’s his board and he doesn’t have to be fair. If he doesn’t like the color of my religion, he can make this a club that excludes my kind. Right now I’m an illegal immigrant who scaled the wall, but I’ll be deported again soon enough and would rather go away voluntarily. Besides that, I don’t have the luxury of not needing to work, and I’m self-employed and was letting this board eat into my productive time.

                      I have seen you to be one of the more reasonable ones here. You’re not mean and hateful like so many of them, but now I don’t know what to think. It was very disappointing and hurtful to see those comments against me.

                      I do appreciate that you were at least reasonable regarding the accusations from the tinfoil hat types who saw “Joe” in just about every poster who disagreed with JP. I credit you for having some common sense about it.

                      You were right to challenge Gloriamarie about her obsession with me, but it’s sad that you eventually kowtowed to her. She is totally wrong that I have multiple handles, and I don’t know if she really believes it herself, and it’s just part of her schtick. Charles is also all over that idea, but he’s the same guy who predicts the world is coming to an end very soon, so I wonder why anyone sees him as credible.

                      Adios to Joanne and Leslie. You two are genuinely nice and kind-hearted. There might be some others who frequent this board, but I can’t think of any at the moment and they are the exceptions.

                      All my precious posts have been deleted! They were like my children. So much intellectual property down the drain. I was going to compile them and write a book. Oh well…back to the salt mines…

                    • From the Shadows–

                      In fact I have told Charles in the past how I feel about his swearing and treatment of other christians he disagrees with and he hasn’t listened to me which is his prerogative– I don’t keep bringing it up every time with him because he already knows how I feel.

                      You did bully Gloriamarie– over many blogs with mean and insulting comments– especially towards her faith and you have made it your mission statement to disrupt John Pavlovitz’s blog and the commenters. You have mocked people and said you thought was fun so I am not lying about that.

                      If you feel vilified by what I said then your own behaviour and words are vilifying you because that is all I am commenting on.

                      If you feel mistreated in any way by anyone it is because you participated in the mistreatment.

                      I don’t know who to believe about the multiple handles but I really can’t get caught up in that mess.

                      I have already told you multiple times I don’t agree with abortion and have voted against it in the past. So this has nothing to do with beliefs or opinions considering there are things we agree on.

                      It is how you treat vulnerable people that bothers me. This is why I apologized to Gloriamarie, because I should have known better than to give her a hard time when I know her life, health and financial situation is much worse off than mine.

            • Kathy. With all due respect—you know I love you—I think Gloriamarie is more right on this subject than you might think. I think Lionel Hutz and the newly arrived Mary MacGiven are both Joe Catholic because they show up out of the blue right in the middle of a string of posts where Joe is talking to himself. I suspect we will next be hearing from Mary MacTaken and Lionel Putz.

              • Love you as well Charles!

                … and figured you would say as much. Ha!

                I just don’t know and don’t care who is behind the new names and don’t want to endlessly speculate or assume something.

                You said, in your opinion Gloriamarie is “more right” when actually she is guessing and does not know, unless she knows something we don’t.

                The way I think about it — through understanding what words mean and how they are used– I find it difficult to agree that someone can be “more right” than the other. Are you saying that I am right too? Can Gloriamrie and I both be right? Instead I think the space in between right or wrong is wisdom.

                That is how I logically process this whole troll/anonymous issue.

                In conclusion you and Gloriamarie have a hypothesis about it– but what is the wise thing to do in this case? Or even the compassionate thing?

                I am glad for this discussion because maybe it will lead to more understanding, eventually.

                Have a good day, my friend 🙂

              • Charles, thank you. I am beginning to feel as if Kathy and others are trolling me.

                I don’t understand why it is a problem for them to have Benny/Joe/Lone etc outed when he shows up as his MO is to change his identity frequently and we have caught him having conversations with someone under one identity while quoting things he said under a different identity.

                He is also one of the anonymouses, I am convinced, which is why I read nothing posted by anyone “anonymous” even when they are on our “side.”

                • Don’t worry Gloriamarie, I am not trolling you. I asked a simple question and expressed a desire to not have to hear Joe’s name come up anymore.

                  You are giving him way too much power and presence in this blog, that’s all.

                  all my best, In Christ’s love I leave you in peace.

                  Have a good rest of the day.

                  • No, Kathy, had you actually said what you just said, your reasons would have been clear but instead you and Susan both attacked me and in my book, that makes you little better than the Entirely Too Many trolls.

                    If you simply don’t wish to see his name, why ask me why I am outing him? A question begs an answer, you got one, and then went on the attack.

                    • If you feel I attacked you– then I humbly apologize.

                      It was not my intention at all. I have feeling to and I am tired of hearing Joe’s name.

                      I can’t change how you feel no matter what I say. So, for what it’s worth, I am sorry I said anything at all.

                      It’s all I can do at this point.

                      Okay, I have to focus on other things, take care.

      • Let’s talk about the subject and not so much petty name calling and quibbling about semantics and “Oh yeah”s and “So there”s.
        I know this stuff is frustrating to people on either side but
        nobody is getting anywhere with this kind of posting.

        • Except there are really one or two subjects this person wants to discuss and he is well trained in sucking people in and then there is the same old same old every single day because no one outs him for the pernicious troll that he is.Maybe if he is outed people will cease to engage him.

    • Thank you! That is exactly how I feel. The fact is, the majority of folks in this country were sick to death of the moral cesspool that Obama had made of us and were delighted when Trump took over. All of the nay-sayers and whiners who won’t give Trump a chance (God forbid PRAY for him!) were the same folks telling everyone to give Obama a chance in 2008. We did. He blew it! Now it’s time to drain the swamp, and storm into the Kingdom of darkness and wipe it out!

        • Gloriamarie, Thank you for my second out loud laugh of the day. I thought it you said it. Peace be with you, I have you in my prayers.

            • She has been there but I will add a couple of extras. It is not easy. Just know that there are a lot of us who are figuratively holding your hand. Peace………….

              • I wish I could feel it. Had the bad news about mom on Mon. Then was slammed with the news that my car needs almost $2500 of work… I don’t have any money.

                I can’t afford the hndicapped access bus because it charges $5 one way and all the places I have to go woud cost over $200 a month which I don’t have. It surprises me but it is cheaper to buy gas, pay car insurance and registration because all that is way way was less than one third of $2400 which is what it would cost me per year on the handicapped access bus.

      • Dear Mark:

        Again, I want to know on what basis you claim that the majority of folk [folk being a plural form] were ‘delighted’ when Trump took over.

        54% did not vote. About 4% voted Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Constitutionalist or Independent. The remainder was split between the Democrat/Republican faction.

        On what basis do you say that the ‘majority’ were ‘delighted?

        Like all living Presidents before him, President Obama is a War Criminal. But there, the question is where the Republican Party opposed Obama’s wars? Obama extended the wars of President Bush. And President Bush continued the war crimes of his predecessor. And this progresses back 25 years. We have had a quarter century of unbroken warfare. So where did you or your party ever critique US war crimes policies?

        Lastly Mark, have you considered that President Trump already drained the swamp — and at the bottom, he found the biggest predators and made them his Cabinet?


    • Dear Anonymous:

      If you are proud of President Trump and his Cabinet, you do not speak for nor are you part of ‘the vast majority.’

      54% of eligible voters did not vote.
      4% voted Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Constitutionalist, Independent, etc.
      Split the remainder equally and you have about 1 in 5 who supports Trump.

      That does not fit my definition of a ‘vast majority.’


    • So proud that you posted anonymously.
      What specifically are you so proud of?
      The stupid bit, the lying bit, or the rapey bit. Which impressed you most?

  2. John, some comforting words for you in your time of grief…

    Romans 13:1-5

    Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

    2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

    3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:

    4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

    5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.

    • The genicide of indians and theft of land was legal slavery was legal the Holocaust was legal jim crow laws were legal the lynching of black people and their allies was legal.

    • As with most things the Bible does not speak with one voice about this issue, and Paul’s words are here up for interpretation (along with, perhaps, updating into modern rather than Elizabethan English).

      Here’s another point of view…This is Peter and John, who have been arrested for speaking about Jesus, then freed by an angel, and back in the Temple speaking the next day, in conversation with the high priest and temple authorities:

      “When they had brought them, they had them stand before the council. The high priest questioned them, saying, ‘We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name, yet here you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and you are determined to bring this man’s blood on us.’ But Peter and the apostles answered, ‘We must obey God rather than any human authority.'”

      It is possible for even rulers appointed by God to go astray and begin to rule unjustly. When that happens, we have a choice to make.

    • Dear Edward:

      To revsharkie’s words, I would add that Ro 13 can also be read beside Re 13. That’s rather solemn perspective on the believer’s relationship to earthly power!

      Ro 13 [and Peter’s mirror passage] notwithstanding, there isn’t that much Biblical support for imperial theology.


  3. That is the only thing that keeps me going: knowing that most Americans are as horrified as I am, and that we are actively working to turn this ship around. If I didn’t have that…. it would be completely hopeless.

  4. In addition to 100% agree with this, I am also ashamed of my fellow citizens who chose to vote for evil by voting GOP or for a third party. I am also ashamed to those who were too apathetic to vote and allowed this evil into office. I am ashamed to see people still gloating that evil won, particularly when they tell me they are Christians. I am ashamed that people who claim to be Christians don’t recognize evil when it slaps them upside the head.

    Trolls are gonna be all over this post. <>

    • Well, you know what Jesus said:

      “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

      Basically, Jesus is saying that it is impossible to deceive those who are his real, one, only, and true followers. Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals spend their entire lives in a state of being deceived—and the fact that they elected Trump is just one more proof of it among many others. I am not going to make that argument here, but if a person wanted to do that, it could be used as prima facie evidence that the fundies are not and never have been any variety of Christian.

      Maybe we should make that a litmus test for “true” Christianity like the fundies have done with abortion and homosexuality. Never mind that Jesus said nothing himself about either of those subjects in the red words of the New Testament. However, He does indeed address the subject of how it is impossible to deceive any real and true Christian.

      Here is how the New Christian Litmus Test would go, patterning it after PRECISELY the way Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals treat the people they hate:

      “You voted for Donald Trump!!! Ewwwww!!!! And you dare to call yourself a Christian????!!!! No person who voted for Donald Trump could ever be a “true” Christian!!!! Get away from!!!! I separate myself from you!!!!”

      • Charles, I am sure I will get beat up for this, but thank you and thank you for making me laugh out loud. Appreciate you, Peace………..

      • Charles, my friend, that you for that laugh. I needed it because I am having a horrible day.

        I am being trolled by people I thought were on John’s side.

        I have had bad news about my 1995 Saturn with less than 86,000 miles and the repairs it needs, the least of which is a new battery because the present battery tests as dead. But asking me to find $177 to pay fir that is ike asking me to find $177 million.

        Is there a charity I wonder to help poor people pay costly car repairs because the battery is the tip of the iceberg.

        Just got back from an appoint with mom and her PA. Mom is 92 and while I know we are on a countdown, it has suddenly sped up and I am sitting here trying to absorb that in addition to the macular degeneration I know about, mom is also in heart failure, has diabetic neuropathy, and third stage kidney disease.

        I am just reeling with all these shocks.

        • On the battery, see if there is a local community action office in the San Diego area. Many of them have programs to help get people from welfare to work. One of the most indispensable tools for holding down a job is a functioning car, and the battery is often the big bugaboo. Some of these offices know how to get batteries for peoples cars at low to no charge. I just got a shock too. A family member needs therapy to the tune of maybe $250 per week, and I am going to have to pay it.

      • Jesus is not at all happy when you guys vote for baby-killers.

        Remember that Jesus was a fetus and an embryo too. Let’s thank God that Mary did not have the same contempt for the unborn that you and the Left does.

        The real “embarrassment” of America, or should I say “disgrace,” is our abortion culture. Maybe the godless don’t know any better, but what kind of a Christian supports and votes for this abomination?

        Yeah, if you make a guess THIS TIME, you might be right.

        And please stop being a hypocrite. You’re the guy who calls a woman “b**tch” for disagreeing with you.

    • I don’t know how they DARE call themselves Christians when they don’t have any decency or compassion in their bones. Christ would be groaning in anguish.

    • “I am also ashamed of my fellow citizens who chose to vote for evil by voting GOP or for a third party.”

      Wait! Ms. Amalfitano, you are ashamed of folks who voted for the Green Party, or the Libertarians? Does it occur to you had the Democratic National Committee not so obviously boned Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters, those two (Third) parties wouldn’t have enjoyed as much success? That by being deceitful and embracing the beneficiary of that deceit, the DNC reaped what it sowed?

      I truly believe had the DNC run an honest and fair primary, Hillary would have still won ~ Bernie is way off in Left field after all while Hillary appealed to the Moderates and the Moderate-Left. She certainly had tons more money.

      Having beat Bernie fair & square [with all those yummy Super Delegates], there would have been no controversy for those Leftist die-hards to cling to. In turn, I suspect it would have sucked much of the impetus away from the Green Party, increased the youth vote in Hillary’s favor, and made less Republicans desperate to vote for Trump … over Cthulhu, or Robot-Santa. There go all those Swing States and Hillary becomes our 45th President … with a Republican-controlled Congress.

      But that isn’t what happened. The DNC did cheat and lie, they were caught at it and now Donald Trump is our President because what they did was wrong and some folks felt like holding them accountable for it.

      Of course, that still doesn’t totally explain Donald Trump getting more votes than any other Republican Presidential candidate in history … but that’s a story for another time.

  5. I feel like a broken record, but once again you have put into words that which is in my broken heart. I would agree with Sarah Frazier, who commented that maybe we should be striving to make America good again. I like that better than the great, which has been dragged through the mud. Please keep this coming, because this has become the place that I have found like minded souls and if I ignore those who want to condemn me for how I think and believe, my safe place. Peace…………….

  6. Life keeps throwing us surprises. We never know what we will wake up to. When they are good surprises, we are delighted, but when they are bad, we are caught off guard. It is easy to be overwhelmed when the unexpected is waiting for you around the corner. But we have a few surprises up our spiritual sleeve as well. Even if the situation turns grim, we have a little back-up plan called faith. We are not helpless. We are not victims of chance. We can rely on one rock solid reality: the love of God. Nothing is more certain. Nothing is stronger. Because of that, as an old song says, we are secure from all alarms.
    –Steven Charleston

  7. What’s embarrassing is how badly some people just don’t get what’s happening politically in the world…or they get it and they choose to be divisive instead.

    • I notice you have the same quilt square as Benny/Joe/Lone, et al.

      Yes, it is embarrassing when people chose divisiveness by voting for the evil that is the GOP. It’s also embarrassing when people close their ears to John P’s healing words.

      But then, the people who close their ears to John P’s words are also the divisive people who turned their backs on the Gospel by voting for evil.

      • Gloriamarie, this is definitely not Joe.

        chicagoja has been commenting on this blog longer than you and does not share all Joe’s views.

        Gloriamarie I am starting to realize you have a vendetta against Joe and you see him everywhere.

        • I didn’t say it was. Please read again. I only said I noticed.

          I know that chicaoja has been here a wile and is a troll.

          Actually, Joe has the vendetta against me.

          But then, maybe **you** are Joe, Kathy. Coz you sure are acting like him. But maybe when as many lies about you have been written to this blog, you might understand that I might wish to spare others the same fate.

          • so why bring up his name(s) anymore when he is not here?

            Why can’t you let it go and move on? That is all I am trying to say.

            • Actually, it’s fairly simple… see….gloria is afraid but more importantly, suffers both real and imaginary, emotional pain.

              Her reactions to others here who have different opinions are driven in large part by her littered past of rejections from both individuals and institutions.

              You see, for gloria….this blog is her reality; without the messiness and challenges of real everyday human interaction.

              You could say – it’s her safe space in part because John P purposefully avoids engaging her.

              As such, when others disagree with her or express astonishment with her illogical assumptions – she “feels” threatened….but it’s even more insidious than that.

              You see, these real or imaginary threats, feed her real pathology….they affirm and validate her strong delusion –
              that her posts and of course, replies – are more than just words … but most have value and therefore must be accepted by anyone who reads them.

              And this is why she “can’t let it go and move on”…..

              • Wow, that was pretty low.

                Thomas Merton once said, “Our idea of God tells us more about ourselves than it tells us about Him.”

                That also holds true for our interactions with others and just about everything else in life. How we treat others speaks more loudly about us than the opinions we shout about them..

            • Kathy. Joe is bullying Gloriamarie just as surely as a bully on the playground at school. Even the Apostle Paul says that every Christian person has their breaking point—and beyond that—they are potentially justified in defending themselves by more extreme means. You will recall that Paul wanted to cut off the penises of the men who were deceiving the Galatians. I think he meant it, or he would of not have said it so vigorously—and he believed it was just punishment for what they were doing.

              I know you believe that Jesus wants you to ALWAYS turn the other cheek. However, I do not think Jesus put that and similar sayings out as an invitation to be a perpetual doormat for every persistent abuser that wants to bully another person day and night for weeks, months, or years—like Joe Catholic is doing to Gloriamarie.

              My BIG PROBLEM is that John Pavlovitz writes main blog posts about Trump being a bully and other people being bullies—and how something should be done about it—and then he turns right around and refuses to protect the people here from bullies like Joe Catholic in an environment where John Pavlovitz has total control and the full ability to do so.

              John Pavlovitz. Yes, I know you are busy, but this concerns me. You have my e-mail address. What in Heaven’s name are you thinking to allow such abuse to go on like this. Do you think your beloved, deceased dad would stand still for this? I very much doubt it.

              • Charles, did you read my comment above before you made this comment?

                I said,

                “I don’t welcome Joe at all and I have stated that in the past. I would keep him away from the people I love because he would harm them because he thinks it is fun to do.

                He has been mean and hurtful to Gloriamarie and despicable to many commenters here. And, I hope he doesn’t come back but if we keep mentioning his name we are only perpetuating him. Then what if he does come back just because we keep talking about him?”

                No, I am not a door mat and don’t think we should ALWAYS turn the other cheek. I have defended people in my life from bullies, in actuality, that is my reputation.

                At the same time we can’t go on acting like victims every time someone “sounds like” Joe comes along in the comments. Wounds take time to heal and sometimes we have to remove ourselves form the situation so that we can heal and calm down– then come back revitalized and with a clear mind.

                • I was not trying to hurt John P. I offer my apologies if I did, but John needs to learn good boundary establishment and maintenance. One day some fundie is going to jerk the rug right out from under him when they try to take over whatever church he eventually establishes. Fundies are already forming organizations designed to mount hostile takeovers of other people’s churches.

                  It is really pretty simple. you just sneak in false fundie church members who play along for a while. Spark some controversy when they have a majority of votes via new members. Suddenly, the pastor is voted out, the fundies stay and push the other members out via apostasy accusations and treating people like sh*t. Monday morning comes and what was the Open Arms of Grace Church has suddenly been renamed “Possum Guts IFB Church.”

                  The sign out front has a strip across the top that says:

                  Biblical, Independent, Premillenial, Fundamental

                  and on the marquis

                  Stupid People Welcome

                  “Look Maw!!!! That’s the church for us!!!!!”

                • I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I’m totally with Ms. Amalfitano here. Bringing his father into it was low. Even for you. Not even those of us who disagree with almost everything he says would ever even think of saying anything like that.

              • Charles, I, too, have wondered if John P could do more to protect us from this bully. I hope he’s trying.

                No one is suggesting that John should delete all opposing views. Heck, they start conversations but I believe (as someone suggested) that Joe is either a child or is seriously ill.

  8. The U.S. has been great AND lousy. And, while we are definitely, by the opinions of millions, both nationally and globally, in a Really lousy stage (courtesy of the electoral college), we [that is, the lovers of righteousness, kindness, fairness and good stewardship] now have the opportunity to Really shine. I argue that we are doing exactly that. Millions of people have activated themselves out of complacency and into life beyond themselves. They are doing this everyday by writing on Facebook like John Pavolitz, they are writing to legislators and company leaders to right the wrongs already committed, as well as quash the impending wrongs salivating at the door. We AREN’T going away!!!! And so, THIS IS OUR GREATNESS!! Press On John!! Your voice is needed and it’s not in vain!!

    • I agree with you, have not signed so many petitions and got out of my comfort zone in all of my 75 years. I am ashamed that it took this, although I have never failed to vote, my grandmother used to tell how hard she fought to be able to vote, so always felt I owed it to all the women who went before. But this is different. Peace……….Resist…………Love

  9. I spent 5 weeks in Ireland and Spain last Nov/Dec. visiting friends and family. It’s more than “just” disbelief that Americans could vote in someone like Trump, it’s absolute fear. Without exception, everyone I spoke to, even people I met in passing, brought up Trump and their fear of what would happen. We didn’t initiate it; they did. And this was before he moved into the White House. My daughter and son-in-law have gone to sleep talking about the situation, have had scary political dreams for the first time in their lives and wake up with it on their mind. There is disbelief and incredulity. Maybe we Europeans have been somewhat naive but deep down we did believe in America being the Land of the Free. Sadly, no more!

    • I must admit my experience has been rather different. My European friends are conflicted – part in disbelief ~ agreed. Others though were wondering how much farther we would slip into what they saw as disorder.

      By that they meant after the euphoria of President Obama’s election, they felt as if the whole world began spiraling out of control and we, as the US, were providing no leadership whatsoever. They saw chaos in our cities. Since 2008, the global situation economically and security-wise hadn’t improved like they hoped it would.

      What they are really concerned about is the rise of true Right-wing parties in their countries and they fear a ‘Trump’ effect either putting these “people” in power, or more likely, making it so no governing coalition can function properly ~ so things will continue to get worse.

      Also, they worry about Russia. Russia took Crimea … and we did NOTHING – not really. Now they have been fighting for over 18 months in Ukraine and Putin is still at it and still strong in Russia. Sure, the Russian economy is hurting, but we haven’t stopped him in any meaningful way.

      Now, in Eastern Europe, a few are seeing the rise of pro-Russian parties as well. What are they to do? Romania … has problems.

      From my friends’ point of view, President Obama’s two terms have been a severe disappointment. After Bush II, they had high hopes and now … Africa is a mess, the Middle East is a mess and rest of the globe isn’t much better. They are not looking to us to solve all their problems, but us being reliable for a change would be nice.

      Their leadership has told them they need to learn to live with terrorism.

      My normally super-liberal SD friend doesn’t want to live like Israel. She doesn’t think she deserves to and she wants the attacks to stop. She also don’t want racist, bigoted anti-Semites taking over either. She is worried ~ just not about Trump – at least not in that fashion.

      My English friends were either pro-Brexit, or are coming around … which I wasn’t sure I’d ever see.

      My Aussies – one a die-hard Labour voter yet worried about things getting too polarized in her backyard. The other ~ he thinks it is ‘about time’.

  10. Piety is not demonstrated exclusively in the contemplative life or in ritual observance. It is essentially active and radiant, creating happiness and inspiring goodness in [people]. This is a principle that is well established in Islamic doctrine.

    — Ali Merad in Christian Hermit in an Islamic World by Ali Merad

  11. John Pavlovitz is a politically obsessed embarrassment to real pastors like John MacArthur, Gabe Hughes, and Matt Chandler to name a few. Only a heretical church would name John as a pastor. Oh, wait….

    • Here Are Some Things We Should Give-up For Lent
      March 3, 2017 by John O’Keefe

      Let’s start with a question: What are you giving-up for Lent?
      Not growing-up in the church, I stood on the outside, viewing Lent with very different eyes, confused on how people celebrated this thing they called, the Lenten Season. Looking back, as a confused pre-teen, I saw Lent as a time when those who attended church would give things up, as some kind of badge of honor. They would give-up things like coffee, chocolate, cussing, and over eating. It always seemed to me, Lent was a time where people gave-up something they felt made them look good [‘I can’t, I gave that up for Lent’], but by giving it up, it benefits only themselves – or, it was something they felt was easy to give-up. They would give-up only those things they felt they could go without for the 40 days of Lent, there was no desire for a long-term commitment; they never gave things up forever. I remember one friend’s family would hold a ‘End of Lent Party’ where people from their church would gather together on the last day of Lent, and partake in all the things they gave-up for Lent. My friend thought it was the coolest thing every, because his Mom always gave-up chocolate for Lent, so after Lent the house was filled with tons of chocolate.
      As I moved along in my faith journey, I’m always reminded of this when I hear people talk about Lent. This got me thinking of some What Ifs:
      What if, we saw Lent as a time to make a dramatic change in our lives?
      What if, we saw giving-up something that would not only help us, but would benefit the world we live in?
      What if, we truly looked deep into who we are, and made a true, and lasting change?
      While trying to answer those question, here’s a list of things, I believe, we should give-up for Lent:
      Blaming Others
      Marginalizing Others
      Feeling Inferior
      I’m sure you can think of others.

      • I like that, I have to say I understand the writers frame of mind. I was never taught to give up something during Lent, I was taught that we expand our good deeds for Lent. I had friends who had to give up stuff and it never made sense to me. Grandpa used to say help someone and then when lents over keep helping because that is what it is all about. My grandfather came from a group that back when they had the laws about travel on the Sabbath and working, they believed that your way of keeping the Sabbath holy was to do good deeds for the less fortunate. His great grandfather became a cobbler so that on Sunday he would go around and repair shoes for people who couldn’t afford it. They put him in jail numerous times. He just kept doing it. Peace……………

        • I have long been puzzled by the idea that someone would give up something for Lent only to resume it on Easter. Especially when one gives up things that aren’t good for one in the first place. Why not use Lent to work on giving up something that is a harmful habit, for instance? Or a pet sin? And then done take it up again on Easter.

      • Hatred of Donald Trump.
        Hatred of those who voted for Donald Trump.
        Whining about losing the election.
        Making fun of people because of the color of their skin.
        Calling people bigots because they are not Democrats.
        Calling people homophobes because they believe in the Bible.
        Calling people misogynists because they don’t like babies being killed.
        Obsession with Donald Trump.
        Being mean to people because they are conservatives.
        Posting on blogs.
        Complaining about personal problems.

    • Well guess what Tim (who may be Joe again), I think John MacArthur, Gabe Hughes, and Matt Chandler are an embarrassment to the real, authentic, orthodox Christian faith of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd centuries B.C.—and now. Come on over to my blog for a visit at the following safe link:

    • I am truly sorry Gloriamarie and I hope I didn’t stress you out too much.

      I wanted to reason with you about this. One thing you have to consider is most people reading the blog don’t know anything about what we are talking about, right?

      and Gloriamarie — you don’t know IF it is him you are calling out at all — you only suspect it.

      And, if you say someone is Joe when they are not actually Joe then you will lose credibility with those people because they know who they really are. Does that makes sense?


    Of course, Jeff Sessions has been caught lying to the Senate as he did know that Russia was hacking the election. So I guess we can say that there is evidence of voter fraud on the part of the Cheeto Voldemort.

      • I see…so you didn’t call the police and report someone was making your read blog posts……go back to your NAMBA magazine.

  13. Hey, guys … If you think John is a legit “voice in the wilderness,” Ask him what he thinks about the authenticity of the scriptures. Ask him if he thinks that EVEN the New Testament’s words are God’s words written through Paul and others. Ask him why he’s so angry about the outcome of the election. Ask him about God’s sovereignty. IF he gives you his answers, weigh them against scripture, against the Holy Spirit’s voice and against what you know to be true about God’s character. You may be surprised. In my view, John is simply another in a long line of “teachers” who unwitting repeat the ancient lying question—”Did God really say …?”

  14. Yes, it appears the progressive bourgeois here or perhaps more accurately – “gloria’s cult of my feelings are hurt” have achieved a new level of despicable hypocritical fascism.

    But, let’s be perfectly clear why Joe was and is demonized….
    Joe was rarely vulgar, stood firm opposing abortion, defended the Catholic Church and argued for conservative values and principles…….

    Yes, Joe is dangerous. Joe was mean. Joe can’t be tolerated. Joe must be eliminated, Joe is the enemy. Joe threatens our make believe blog universe. Joe’s telling the truth……OMG, off with his head!

    Joe – if your out there…..and I hope you are…..
    I don’t always agree with you.

    But, defending your (or for that matter -anyone) the right to express an opinion is more important than the LIE – they have a right, NOT to be offended.

    Don’t be intimated by the blogging psychopaths and their intellectual and emotional insecurities.

  15. I am reminded of a parable about some early television broadcasts in the Soviet Union and the leadership talking over what should, and shouldn’t, be censored. One leaders, seeing an anti-Vietnam War protest, gleefully wanted it to be shown to the Russian masses because he believed it highlighted the downfall of US civil society and the rise of the Working Class.

    The Chief Political Officer, an Old Bolsheviks, shook his head and said, “No.”

    “Why?” the younger member asked.

    “Because if they see the Americans protest, they will want the freedom to protest too,” he warned his comrades. “They will want that freedom and if they get that freedom … what will they ask for next?”

    The lesson being: what better proof Trump is nothing like what his detractors claim than what is going on right here? What about all the protests, marches, articles, attacks on the internet, radio, television and print? People are free to voice their concerns everywhere. No one is being marginalized. You are all getting a voice and a vote.

    Our Democratic Republic continues to function. The government goes about its business. Agencies follow their directives, courts apply justice and politicians do whatever it is politicians do.

    And people protest and complain because we remain a Free Society, not a Tyranny of any kind.

    And you prove it yet again today with this flowering of dissent.

    How the functioning of a Free Society embarrasses and/or humiliates any of you ~ is on you, not me and not on a multitude of other Americans we see this as our Society functioning as it should.

    We had an election. Some people lost while others won. We said good-bye to the old team and (some of us) welcomed in the new team ~ as it should be. As it has for over 200 years through wars, a Civil War plus numerous amendments and shifts in power both geographically and ideologically without a violent seizure of power, or junta unlike far too many other Nations.

    By all means, keep rejoicing in your dissent. We affirmed your right to do so last November. It is wonderful to see we chose well. 😉

    Peace be with you all.

  16. First off, you are not “an overwhelming majority” the overwhelming majority of the American public voted for this man and voted for change. We may be embarrassed by your inability to put away your childish ways, and do something what will affect those in and around your life. We may be embarrassed by the fact that we haven’t followed our laws for a long time, and now someone is asking us to follow our laws, laws that have been on the books for years.

    Maybe we’re embarrassed that you think that the Russian government can affect our elections in such a way that America would vote for this man.

    Maybe we’re embarrassed that if we don’t agree with every little point view or opinion, you resort to name calling and dialogue stops.

    Maybe we’re embarrassed by your conduct and not our homeland.

    • Sorry, but what you claim is just as untrue as what Gloriamarie claimed above about Hillary. The majority of Americans did not vote for Trump. Not even a plurality did. He won the electoral college, and a majority of states, but not voters. I’m not arguing he’s illegitimate, like some here do. Everyone knew the rules ahead of time. He was elected just as 43 of the 44 men who preceded him were, by winning the EC. No majority, though.

      • Since the simplest definition of “majority” in any dictionary is “the greater number” then the majority of those who bothered to vote voted for Hillary. She won the popular vote. Because she received the most votes, i.e. ,the greater number of votes, i.e. the majority of votes.

        A failure to understand the simplest possible definition of “majority” reveals how people could fail to use their critical thinking skills and cast their votes for the Cheeto Voldemort.

        • Gloriamarie, You will never convince him because he knows what he knows and to hell with the facts they just get in the way. That is how they can justify their votes. I wonder if they will ever really understand what they have done, probably not until they lose some to the things that they hold dear. And they will, because the top one percent want what ever they have. I think perhaps it’s a losing battle to try to make sense out of the senseless. I do appreciate your trying. Peace…………..

          • Thanks, Kathleen. I daresay you are correct. I wonder, though, what causes the blindness to the truth?

            Is it a lack of intellectual acuity that prevents one from accepting evidence, facts, and truth?

            Is it that the evidence, facts, and truth contradict and challenge the bigotry and prejudice?

            Or is it a combination of both? Because I don;t think I have ever in my life seen more people committed to cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

            The present administration desires to destroy the USA as we know it and people are choosing to blindly cooperate. I guess it’s a cognitive dissonance and I simply have to accept that because cognitive dissonance is rooted in unreason and there is no making sense of that which is fundamentally unreasonable.

            • Truth… I also think it is much easier to blame everyone else than look inward and by denying the truth you don’t have to look inward, it’s everyone else who is a bit different, not me.

        • That’s not the definition of majority. You continuing to insist it is suggests you have a learning disability. Any reasonable person reading your sad diatribe against reality will reach the same conclusion.

      • And a greater number voted against Mr. Trump than voted against Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump won a majority of the real estate, not the people. The majority despised him, but sadly by an entirely too slim a margin last November. I feel sure the percentage of those who despise Mr. Trump has grown since November.

    • If the “overwhelming majority” of those who had bothered to vote, had voted for him, then he would have won the popular vote which he did not. Facts are facts.

      The majority of those who bothered to vote, i.e., the greater number, voted for Hillary.

  17. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of our beautiful country. Our country is us. Our country is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our country is a Republic, governed by Rule of Law.

    I do feel deep concern for our country and I think we are in trouble. It is obvious that the individual that holds the office of president exhibits some deeply disturbing behaviors that his supporters just seem to gloss over. He has been found to have had illegal business dealings: forced to close Trump University and pay $25 million to avoid prosecution, cannot account for $900 million of OTHER people’s money in his failed casino financing, has admitted to sexual assault on more than one occasion. These are FACTS. He’s on video, it’s in the public records of at least three government agencies. His appointments, with a couple of exceptions, have been horrendous. I am stunned that people could have voted for this person.

    I am not a Democrat, although I think Hillary Clinton was an infinitely better choice because of her experience. There were a couple of Republican candidates that were far more qualified than the person who won. And I don’t think he is horribly unqualified because he is a Republican, nor do I have sour grapes because Clinton didn’t win. The election was simply a matter of choice between an individual who is obviously mentally ill and seriously lacking integrity and, literally, anyone else.

    I am not embarrassed or ashamed for the United States of America. This collective mistake we’ve made has been a long time coming. In truth, Congress has been letting us down for so many years playing their stupid power politics and not getting anything done, one party or the other, and THAT has left us in the lurch and at odds with one another. That is how we wound up separated and angry and incapable of making good choices in our leadership.

    I can’t be ashamed of our country because it’s ill. It’s like one gigantic pimple. The current president is like the pus at the top, but the infection is deep in the tissue below. The only reason the pus could have gotten there in the first place is because we, the infected tissue below allowed it.

    It is going to be difficult, and I understand why we are all pissed off at each other. I have no right to tell anyone else how they should be or when they need to get there. But at some point, we are going to need to get together and make some better choices that work for everyone and we are surely not going to be able to do that until we’re finished with our anger.

    So, I pray for us all. I pray that we can love or, at least, respect and get along with one another. I pray that we will be able to realize that no one gets to have it all their way. I pray that we will heal. Hopefully, not too far down the road. I pray for YOU, and then, I pray for me. Amen.

    • Our politics are polarized because our American universal church is polarized—and vice versa.

      And it all goes back to American secular culture and a falsehood parents say to small kids that are too young to understand. I heard it when I was a child:

      “Sandra. Never forget. There are only two kinds of people in the world. Those who work for everything they get and those who want to take it all away from you.”

  18. I work in the international sector. A colleague from Munich was working out of our Los Angeles office a few weeks ago. I asked him, what are your clients in Europe saying about all this? You all must think we’re idiots. “No. We’re scared.”

  19. I grew up in a military family, was in the Army myself, and my only sibling was killed in Viet Nam. I have no great admiration for John McCain’s policies, but when the president said that McCain was “not a hero” and that he “liked people who weren’t caught” – I thought, wow- this arse will never be elected. When he denigrated the parents of a Muslim soldier who was killed, I thought, wow- this arse will never be elected. Today, I saw a photograph of him in a military cap and jacket. In all honesty, my stomach flipped over and I became nauseous. His selection as the representative of our nation breaks my heart.

  20. I have no doubt we will get through this. But lets be careful what we wish for. We don’t want America to be anything “again”. With this kind of underlying thinking going on, were we ever “great”? Were we ever even “good”? I want to believe so but this has thrown us all in a spin and I feel like I don’t even know who I share a country with. We need to learn from the past and not try to get back to a place that we aren’t even sure existed. Lets just make America stronger, wiser, more aware, more educated. Let’s make America kinder. And let’s get some damn laws in place to stop things like mass brainwashing by phony media!!! First and foremost!

  21. Not all ‘Brexiters’ were ‘ lazy, myopic, and uninformed’. Just the media. Two groups of academics (for eg.), ‘Accountants for Brexit’ and ‘Historians for Brexit’ were very, soberly, informed and interesting. I do get a bit annoyed that people who wanted out are judged to be stupid 🙁 there were plenty of reasons to leave, but we should have left in the early 90s. That’s when the referendum should have been. It’s too late to do so now, bad timing.

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