If Missing Black Girls Were White House Tweets

10 black girls have reportedly gone missing in the past week in Washington, DC, with 38 open cases in the area involving young women of color—but it’s only now through the #missingdcgirls Twitter campaign that any of this news has reached the national consciousness. Most news organizations seem to have missed the story completely, and so have many of us who call this country home. Not surprisingly we’ve all been too busy here (among other things carefully monitoring and reporting on the social media ramblings of our current President) to pay much attention. The mainstream media, knowing both our appetites and our attention spans, has been giving us exactly what it believes we want and can handle: short, colorful cartoons consisting of empty calories. Donald Trump is a fount of such disposable diversion.

As a result, instead of hearing about the individual girls who’ve gone missing, the local community gatherings held in response, or stories about the rise of sex trafficking in the nation’s capitol—we’re given regular coverage of the inane nonsense continually pouring from Trump’s Twitter account: about his daughter’s business, his celebrity detractors, his wild conspiracy theories about wiretaps. While distraught families of color not far from the White House are waiting for the rest of the country to pay attention to the crisis they’re walking though, we’re being distracted by the perpetual folly of our Court Jester-in-Chief. 

And while I can’t comprehend the anger this must instill in the loved ones of these girls, I suppose to the black community such apathy and indifference is commonplace. I imagine the alarming disparity in media coverage and national interest is nothing new to parents of children of color. The disappearance of their daughters and the shootings of their sons don’t seem to move the needle unless they are accompanied by looting or violence or bombast; something sexy to steal our precious bandwidth. They don’t draw the attention of white politicians or clergy unless there are chips to be cashed-in, soap boxes to be stepped upon, fears to be leveraged. The slowness of our national attention to this story feels like another symptom of our inability to show with any consistency, that black lives really do matter.

Over the past 24 hours there have reports that these disappearances are being exaggerated or incorrectly categorized, with some possibly being runaways—but that isn’t the heart of the issue. Whether or not the situation in DC turns out to be as extraordinary as it appears with regard to the sheer number of cases of missing girls of color, this is a fresh reminder that when it comes to what generates buzz or breaks our collective hearts—all lives are still not created equal.

I certainly wish we in America cared more about news that was truly news, and that we paid attention to many things they way we do to Donald Trump’s Tweets. But more than that, I wish what is happening in DC would naturally merit our shared urgency, our mutual outrage, our corporate burden. I wish we as a nation could find affinity in the universal love all families have for their children, and that we could fully embrace the inherent worth of black daughters who go missing and black sons who get shot.

This is the America I’m praying we become.









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  1. John P, I had no idea this was happening. I am distressed to read it. Sonce I love so far away, all I can do is offer my prayers for the children, their families, the authorities and the perpetrators.

    Although, I confess there are times when I feel like saying or hearing “I’ll pray for you” is code for “I really don’t want to get involved.” However when I pray for someone, I often think the biggest beneficiary of my prayers is myself because prayer changes me when I put myself in the other person’s shoes and hold that person in my mind as together we enter the Presence.

    But the most urgent question is: what can we do to find the missing girls and what can we do to protect black children from being crime victims in our nation’s capitol and anywhere else?

    Thank you for writing this.

  2. So many tragedies that deserve our prayers. As a parent I cannot even imagine the terror and heartbreak. I am humbled by those parents.

  3. Let’s also not forget about the 14 year old girl raped by an illegal immigrant.

    Nobody said a peep about that either.

    • You notice, of course, that Joe ACP does not provide any evidence for his assertion from any reputable media source.

      I googled it and the only place it is being reported are the various fake news sites.

      • Thanks, Gloriamarie, I appreciate the info.
        Perhaps the comment was not meant the way I took it but it was like the others don’t matter as much but this one because it was an immigrant that did it mattered more. I don’t think he has heard a word many women in particular on this site have said. I hate that anyone is raped. There are a lot of us who were abused as children so this comment I take as insulting. Also I would not rub his face in the Catholic Churches sins when it comes to abuse because I know it was not him that did it. I abhor what happened and then how it was covered up. I hope that Joe was one of those that stood with the abused and not the abusers, as so many did. Peace,

        • Kathleen B, I also took Joe ACP to be saying that a white girl was raped by an undocumented worker and that he considered that more important than several missing black girls.

          Are you really all that surprised that he has ignored what women say here?

          As usual, it is his SOP to attempt to detract the conversation from what John writes about to something on his own agenda. This story he tried it with is a lie. No reputable news source mentions it.

          Yes, rape is terrible. I know so from first-hand experience. My worst fear is that missing black girls are being raped or trafficked. I have already posted some actions we can take somewhere in the comments.

          Before you joined this group, Joe ACP defended the pedophile priests by claiming the abuse of children by priests never happened. However the Pople disagrees with him and wants it to stop.

          But again the issue before us today are those missing girls and what we can do to get the DC police take it seriously.

        • Rape is rape, it doesn’t matter what race does it, not being racist, but it seems as if white men get a slap on hand, even when convicted. Let me say some white do more than anyone one else.

          • Brock Turner served three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. White university athletes have a very bad track record on rapes as well. But the headlines don’t say “white, legal citizen rapes girl.” Race and status are only screamed when it’s a non-white in order to fuel bigotry and divisiveness.

    • Actually No! I watched FOX theee times in the last three days. My intent was to see what they are saying about trump and Russia and each time literally while the investigation is going on, I see them talking about that rape and not these missing children… or Russia … except to suggest we should become friendly with Russia I did hear that. Seriously bringing up other atrocities does not negate another atrocity. Besides the sad thing about the way they did talk about that story was only for the agenda of talking about illegal immigrants I heard little compassion for the poor girl.

      • There was no rape of a fourteen-year-old girl by an undocumented worker except in the minds of those who give us fake news. The fake news sources are telling a lie, as they always do, to distract attention from real issues, such as missing black children.

        I am personally offended thst you have not one word of sympathy and compassion, Joe ACP, for the kidnap victims and their families.

    • That got more coverage in a short amount of time…and the WH tweeted about it.

      One tragedy vs many more missing girls.

      All lives matter? Give me a break.
      Also, no outrage at the man who wanted to go to NYC and kill black men.

      • Talk radio is only aka for another source for fake news. Joe ACP, you seem to be content to have girls of color kidnapped because all you want to talk about is the fake news story of a non-existent girl who was not raped by the non-existent undocumented worker.

        Yoy have demonstrated over and over that you have a pathological and unseemly obsession with women’s bodies and very little compassion for hurting people.

  4. The awful thing is that when we are dealing with girls of color, the law enforcement community has a habit of dragging its feet. As a woman on a TV show I once saw said, “If she’s white, make it right. If she’s black, put her in the back.”

    And until we face this unpleasant truth we won’t get anywhere.

  5. My heart is heavy. My son was telling me about this and I had noticed that media didn’t seem to think it had much value which ticked me off. Thank you for highlighting this. Every child no matter color should have equal worth. Maybe in another lifetime that will happen. Or perhaps when more families have members who are brown. Peace, Love, and Resist.

  6. More coverage/attention is needed for issues like this as opposed to all the unnecessary coverage for Kim Kardashian’s France robbery.

    Can’t imagine what the parents are going through.

  7. Here is action we can take:

    100 Disruptions: #MissingDCgirls

    Over the last three weeks, at least 14 black and Latinx teenagers have disappeared from the Washington, D.C. area. If not for the heroic #FindOurKids campaign Twitter user @BlackMarvelGirl launched, we might never have heard about the #missingDCgirls.1

    This is just the latest episode in a nationwide epidemic of underreporting when it comes to missing Black and Brown children.2

    As we fight to protect press freedom, we must also hold our journalists to high standards of equity in coverage. Reporters shouldn’t participate in the oppression of people.

    From the focus on young blonde victims known as “Missing White Woman Syndrome”3 to racist framing and language in crime reporting,4 distorted and biased media coverage destroys communities of color5 while feeding white supremacist radicalization.6

    Today’s action is to join the fight by sharing these excellent resources created by our friends at Race Forward. Both reports explain specific practices for editors, journalists and others who control media narratives to alternately avoid and adopt:

    • Race Reporting Guide
    • Best Practices for Journalists Reporting on Police Killings

    Share these tools with your local newsrooms and ask for a commitment to unbiased reporting.

    Race Reporting Guide

  8. I would just like to speak to this issue on behalf of the conservative white America in Gallatin, Tennessee, where I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s:

    Negro (not the word used but close) life is not worth very much in these here parts. But because they are alive, just barely, we keep them all herded together across the railroad tracks in the Blythe Street neighborhood and in the downtown neighborhood east of South Water Street. Now the problem with these little missing negro girls is that nits grow into lice (adult negroes), and if there is one thing we don’t need more of around here, it’s adult negroes.

    Now, that’s why you have not heard much about these missing little negro girls. In the course of everyday white life around these here parts, while we daily mourn losing the genteel graces of the Old South and struggle to find a new way for Old Dixie to rise again, we cannot be concerned with small things like the loss of 10 negro girls. Truth is, now that Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society has been passed, chances are those 10 girls will be pregnant by 14 and raising their children on welfare and food stamps. You are not talking about 10 little negro girls that are going to grow up and accomplish something or make our culture better. They are always going to be a drag on it—and worst of all—a drag whose only purpose in life is to breed and make more negroes that will be costly and hard to handle one day. So, if these 10 negro girls got abducted and are going to end up dead like so many abducted children do, well don’t you see it child? That’s God’s love and mercy shining down on white society here in Sumner County. So, of course, we need to be quiet about their being missing.

    Mr. Pavlovitz? More blackberry cobbler and ice-cream? There’s plenty more where that came from. “Jemima!!! Bring our nice Mr. Pavlovitz another bowl of today’s dessert.”

    • Charles, it is tragic that I believe you are actually reporting the real situation. I wish I could chalk it up to sarcasm, but I can’t.


      • I live in Hendersonville TN just down the road….he’s not kidding. There are people like that….and it is a pretty good description…..not that I agree.

        • Hey Karen. I was not saying that I feel that way–mostly just talking for a town that I lived in age 1 -18 and despise to this very day. I could not wait to get out of Gallatin—and when I finally did—I discovered that the rest of the world was a place where I could live free and breathe easy. When I was a kid K-12, the principal of Gallatin Senior High School used to stand in front of student assemblies in the auditorium, like the Pharisee in the Temple, and talk about how glad he was that the students at our high school were not like the students and their depraved parents in Hendersonville, etc. I never took it seriously—thank God.

  9. Even here in the north, when a young Black girl goes missing, rarely do you hear about it, aside from a 10 second blurb on a newscast, wedged between news about a Starbucks opening and a K-Mart closing.

    On the other hand, typically, when a young White girl goes missing, every law enforcement apparatus springs into action. Amber Alerts are issued, news conferences are held, searches are organized.

    Case in point: A Hispanic woman my wife once worked with had a daughter go missing. The daughter was 14. The police were so utterly apathetic toward her, “well, if you hear anything, call us, we don’t have much to go on, sorry. Maybe she just ran away.”

    About a week later, her neighbor’s white daughter disappeared. Immediately, an Amber Alert went out, they sent her photo out to all the nearby police departments, it was a full response.

    They found the white girl. It turns out she ran away with a 22 year old guy, who turned out to know where the Hispanic girl was (with his 23 year old buddy).

    The police did nothing to go get the Hispanic girl. Nothing.

    The racial division has to end!

    • Caitlyn Anne, the systemic racism is horrible, sickening, and it is simply astonishing to me that there are not more voices raised against.
      I’m inventing a new hashtag, or at least I think I am.


    • Amen, as an old lady I had hoped we would be further along but I fear it was all a mirage. This breaks my heart. Anyone of these girls could be my niece and because her mother is white she would probably get better attention and the is not right either. All children’s lives should matter equally. Me thinks we have a lot more work to do. Peace, Love and Resist

  10. Sadly our nation has a long and tragic history of looking the other way when poverty, violence, trafficking, drugs, gangs and domestic abuse run rampant in black communities and panic like there is an epidemic when any of it hits white communities.

    There is likely no statistic that is not worse for a black community, no matter where it is, but DC is international enough to be like NYC in the drug and trafficking world.

    That these missing girls is not on the nightly news is a failure of our society as is the rape of a 14 year old (alleged immigrant) high school student by other immigrant students (1 illegal immigrant but a minor) is blared by right-wing media as “proof” of the problem with immigrants for political purposes. (As if American students never rape anyone?)

    The difference being made here is classic and it is chronic. It is also a true and real tragedy that God sees our indifference to as a nation. And he sees that every day that dawns. I pray daily that God has mercy or that the Bible is wrong, because Hell will be a very, very large place and Heaven, not so much.


  11. [Jan-March 2017 ] there were 501 juveniles that went missing in DC area. (mostly girls).

    478 of them were found quickly, or fairly quickly. They were unharmed, they had walked away voluntarily. I’m praying those 23 that are missing will not grieve their families any longer, and they will pick up the phone and call their loved ones, their pastor, or their teacher, and let them know they are ok.

    One teen missing, is one too many.

    [Of the 478 young people that returned home, none were found to be involved in human trafficking.]

  12. Funny how the suggestion of “systemic racism” FAILS when a closer inspection of the total number of cases referenced here in this essay and the article referenced is examined more closely.
    Funny how John P fails to mention how those documented cases of kidnapping of “girls of color” involved kidnappers of color.
    Funny how the make up of the District of Colombia’s elected officials and its Metropolitan Public Safety Department is not mentioned. Must be a color and gender discrepancy John P’s myopic narrative just can’t resolve.
    Oh my…..but of course the kidnapping of any child, regardless of color is reprehensible – perhaps John P should do a little research on the demographics of DC, before intimating “a racial bias” exists and must then be the cause for or the reason attention is not elevated…..
    I suspect if I’m patient – Al Sharpton will chime in and blame all this on the Jews.
    My money is on John P twisting himself into a knot – its gotta be those nasty evangelical Christians….

    • Hey. A-hole. It does not matter who (color-wise or religion-wise) abducted the little girls. The fact remains that a number of girls went missing, they were all African-American girls, and hardly anyone cares because they ARE African-American.

      However, if you need something to feed on, you can feed on this—probably the most famous black on white murder in the United States of the early 21st century. You can really pump yourself up on this, and I would encourage you to read the hundreds of other stories on-line about this murder for various sordid details:


    • The Wikipedia article does not do this murder justice because it glosses over many of the bizarre details of this murder. For example, and you are going to love this, the various acts of crime committed repeatedly across a long stretch of hours were physically exhausting to the assailants. Consequently, they were in need of special services to keep up their energy levels, remain properly hydrated, clean blood and other bodily fluids off their clothes, and other such things. Vanessa Coleman was brought into the house from some outside source to cook for the assailants, make sure they had enough to drink, wash clothes, etc. so the assailants were all properly supplied across the crime period. Can you imagine that? Phone call: “We need you to pack up your things and get on over to our house to be our rape and murder maid throughout the next 24 hours.” Can you imagine someone responding positively to a call like that? Well, apparently she did.

  13. The more I read John’s writings, the more I’m convinced that he is full of it! So, as a Black man let me address this issue that he attempted to address, but let me do it with genuine insights and not pretension.

    As it relates to the 10 young Black girls missing, the main stream media has NOT even mentioned it! And if they have, they haven’t here on the west coast.

    I have been amused the entire tenure of Barack Obama’s presidency, as I have listened to liberal White people pretend to be so in love with the Black community……out of “White guilt”.

    Amazingly, John wants to kiss the liberal establishment’s backside, so he writes out of “concern” for 10 little Black girls gone missing, and has even managed to blame the new President for their plight.

    What did Obama do for the Black community in eight miserable years of his presidency? ANSWER – not a Damn thing! There are more Blacks on food stamps, section 8, welfare, and other Government entitlement programs as a result of his tenure in the White House.

    Let me say a word to the liberal Whites on this blog: there are thousands upon thousands Black people that know that liberal Whites are full of crap when it comes to their supposedly interest in the well being of the Black community. Many of us left the “Plantation” many years aog! And many of us like myself, have never been on the Plantation cause I could see through the nonsense from and early age.

    Every single day in this country, Black men are killing other Black men over nonsense, and in Chicago, Obama’s home, they kill for sport…..but NOBODY seems to know what to do…..nor do they give a damn! Rham Emmanuel is the Mayor, and he has done absolutely NOTHING!

    There was a Black young girl raped by thugs lasst week, and while they were raping her, it was on Facebook Live for all to see, and we haven’t heard much about that from the mainstream media. Where’s the love and concern for that BLACK GIRL?

    Where’s the concern for the millions of Black babies that have been aborted through the evil agency of Planned Parenthood? There are more Black babies murdered in the womb in the state of New York than there are born! Where’s the outcry? Where’s the terrorist organization called “Black Lives Matter?”

    Where have they been doing the weekly massacre in places like Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Baltimore, Ferguson, Compton, and Detroit?

    I would ask that people like John and his followers to please spare us with the fake platitudes and concerns that you purport to have for the Black community.

    Now, for the record, as a Black man, I see the problems in the Black community as the responsibility of the Black community! Yes, there maybe a role for state and federal forces to play, but Black people must take responsibility for their destiny, and stop depending on the Government to bail them out!

    Black men need to use their amazing gifts and talents to lead their families that way Black men did back in the days of my Father and Grandfathers. They need to stop blaming the White man for their ills, and start living their lives with the understanding that no one can stop them from achieving success except them! I don’t need the White man to do a damn thing for me, except to treat with me with the same respect and dignity that any other human being deserves to be treated. My advice to Black people: leave the Plantation of the Democratic Party, and stop listening to the nonsense that they spout.

    My advice to liberal White people: stop pacifying Black people! Stop seeing yourselves as the rescuer of Blacks. They are well capable of doing anything they put their minds to. I”m proud to say that I am an American man who happens to be 100% pur Black! I’m not mixed race like Obama; both of my parents are full bloodied Black people, and they taught my siblings and I very well, and that is why we have achieve success in life. Our connection with Almighty God through His son,Jesus Christ, is the difference and we are glad about it.

    • The American Civil war ended 152 years ago. Why then do so overwhelmingly many American blacks remain in poverty and terrible social conditions? With the possible exception of Native Americans, every other American minority group (like say the Jews) does so much better than the African-American community. Any ideas. Jesus ain’t the answer to everything. Sometimes a guy just has to take a piss instead of asking Jesus to squeeze it for him.

    • I see your complaints with liberals that they have done nothing to help. Then you say stop rescuing Black people, that they should be responsible for themselves. How would you like to see that addressed? I agree that each one of us should be responsible for our own behavior – that applies to everyone – nothing to do with race, religion, etc. What would encourage that? How should the issues in Chicago etc. be addressed? I appreciate your comments. Peace

      • In the month of January 2017 alone, the city of Chicago experienced 40+ gun-related homicides; most of whom were young non-White men. I know the circumstances are varied. But the national media has actually given more coverage of the 6 or 7 transgendered females (?) who have been murdered since the first of the year. There have been candle-light vigils (much like when a White female disappears), marches, calls-for-action, etc. But nothing for Chicago, outside of individual neighborhoods.

        • Reacting to your (?). We now use the word “transgender” instead of the past tense because being transgender is an ongoing characteristic. Even when has person has fully transitioned, they are still transgender.

          • I really don’t care. Some 40 (mostly male) people were murdered in Chicago in one month, and you’re concerned about my usage of tenses? Seriously? I’m still pissed off that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was expanded a few years ago to include lesbian and trans women, while – again – ignoring children and men. So the handful of lesbian and trans women who are victims of domestic violence or hate crimes also now get special treatment. But the rest of us have to deal with the same tried, pathetic laws that don’t truly protect us. So, if a man becomes a woman, that means he’s upgraded and therefore, is now more valuable than if he/she/it kept a penis on their body?

            I know, as a 50-something Hispanic male, my life isn’t considered as valuable as any female. So, if I disappeared or turned up dead, the police won’t do a goddamned thing to find out what happened.

            • While I agree with you that as an Hispanic male, your life isn’t considered as valuable as a white male, it is also true that the largest deomographic who are crime victims are women. So resent all you like, but meanwhile the walking cheeto occupant wants to gut the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

              Are you content now?

              • I’m sure I despise Donald Trump as much as you do. But, with the exception of sexual assault, males comprise the bulk of crime victims. It’s amazing, though, that some women demand to be treated as equals to men in business, politics, etc., yet want to be put in the same category as infants and children when it comes to their health and welfare. Violence is violence is violence. It really doesn’t matter what the attributes of victims and perpetrators are (or it shouldn’t). The U.S. is an incredibly violent nation, and we seem to have become inoculated against it.


                FYI, I voted for Jill Stein. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have failed the American people.

  14. Of course the national media hasn’t paid much attention to the fact 10 Black girls have gone missing in Washington, D.C. recently. Come on now! Is anyone here seriously surprised? They’re NOT White! That’s the key factor. A person who turns up dead under suspicious circumstances or goes missing has to be White AND female in order for it to make the national news.

    Consider the adult White “super-mom” who went missing last year during a jog through her California neighborhood. Miraculously she turned up alive. But the amount of media attention paid to her from the national front was amazing. I had to wonder how many other people (non-White, male, etc.) went missing on that same day and hardly anyone knew about it, except for family and friends.

    Aside from producing the largest number of serial killers, serial rapists and serial pedophiles, the U.S. has the dubious distinction of having the largest number of people reported missing every year – upwards of 300,000. Thus, amidst all the chafe, the media and law enforcement has to select what they consider the most important cases. Obviously, Caucasians with vaginas take center stage.

  15. Many times in our society the Ungodly commit grave sins against humanity . as they do not know God , They think they do. and they believe that everything that mankind or woman kind does is Just ok, acceptable or even with no consequence .
    Yes God is an Angry , Jealous God and will punish the ungodly. The problem is that many sins are commited against God and thought that they can repent or change later . But you do not know when your life will be asked of you and you will suffer Judgement. LUKE chapter 14 and 15 tells us that this is not so. and God Forgives but is Just and will not hold back against those who hate God, and doo Evil.
    Watch out that YOU do not commit an abomination against God and Think there is no Price to pay. YOU must Repent, Change, Turn From and Refrain from Lust, Passion, depravity and all kinds of Evil that takes your heart from God.

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