To White Guys Looking for Their “Safe Spaces”

In the wake of the brutal election season and its even more incendiary aftermath, it’s been fairly common to hear white, cisgender Christian men feigning incredulity at people looking for “safe spaces” (Their air quotes, not mine.)

The request by historically marginalized communities to have a place where they are not subjected to open bigotry or hateful speech, is often met with thick condescension, various sarcastic insults, and the assertion that no one has ever really had such imaginary luxuries to begin with—so these people should stop complaining.

Many go as far to ask where their safe spaces are, failing to comprehend that as Americans they’ve had a safe space for two hundred and thirty-eight years or so—called America. 

Wherever they’ve placed their feet or voiced their opinions or done their work has been safe for them because that was how it was designed. From day one every bit of the house has been stacked in their favor. Their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, and faith profession have all afforded them every possible advantage and privilege, and exempted them from true marginalization. White, cisgender Christian men asking for a safe space, is akin to  Caucasians asking why there isn’t a “White History Month,” or why we can’t say “White Lives Matter.” They have been the beneficiaries of lopsided importance and unmerited opportunity for so long, that the slightest effort by history to tip the scales toward balance feels like attack. What is in reality only disagreement, seems to them like oppression.

It’s why these men can claim with a straight face that they and their kind had previously suffered for the past 8 years under Barack Obama, and so Liberal minority communities should now understand exactly how they’ve been feeling. It’s why despite the election results, they can contend that they are actually still the marginalized ones whose experience everyone else needs to understand and have sympathy for.

The difference of course, is that whatever “suffering” they’ve perceived to have endured, was done so:
while still having higher wages than their female counterparts,
with a far lower rate of arrest and incarceration than men of color,
with a suicide rate much lower than the LGBTQ community,
with no one opposing their right to marry or control their own bodies,
without being branded as religious extremists,
while still claiming the vast majority in political representation.

In other words, the worst version of a bad day for white, cisgender Christian men looks like a dream to most everyone else. No one questions their sexual activity. their career qualifications, their ability to work and parent, or their right to live in this country. Lots of people would  love to feel that safe for even a few moments—and they deserve to.

White, cisgender Christian men, I say this as one of your own. Most people will never experience the emotional safety you and I have without lifting a finger, because their physical attributes or personal demographics have always prevented it. When frustrated, fearful people ask for safe spaces, they’re not being weak, they’re not whining, and they’re not looking to be coddled. They’re asking for once, to receive the decency and respect that you and I have been gifted with every moment since we’ve shown up on the planet. They’re asking that we consider the shoes they’ve walked in and what it might be like to speak and not be really heard, to work and not be fully compensated, to love and not have it truly acknowledged. They’re asking us for empathy that we’ve rarely had to exercise. 

Because the honest truth is that you and I have always been in safe spaces—simply by being in our own skin. We’ve never once been truly oppressed or marginalized or victims of racism.

Maybe we need to think about that before we contend that we’re suffering or that we ever have suffered. Maybe we need to be careful about trying to equate our experience of discomfort or disagreement with the injustices endured by people of color, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, or women.

Maybe we need to be the ones most loudly advocating for those who still don’t know the safety we’ve lived in every single day of our white, cisgender Christian lives.



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  1. You nailed it again John P! Thank you. The deaf ears will not hear it, but our ears still appreciate the effort.

    • Yes, Rev John!

      We of the chosen with ears to hear and heed your sweet words of wisdom, salute you in your magnificence, O’ Reverend most Reverent. Others are blind and deaf, but not us, O’ Wise one.

      And now to prepare for attack against the naysayers who dare question your Eminence.

      With neon sword, I await.

  2. Like you- John – my caucasian ancestry suggests I’m part of your group. Unlike you- my not/heterosexuality guaranteed that I got targeted early in my life- and lived through 10 years of mental- emotional- physical and spiritual abuse at the hands of my peer group and family- before I was able to escape that situation by removing myself from my parents home at 17- shortly after barely graduating from high school. So it irks me when people of every other color and gender think my skin-tone guaranteed a privileged upbringing. Growing up in a toxic religious and heterosexist environment isn’t privileged- even when everyone else looks like you do.

    I made my way in the world anyway. 20 years later- after continuing social and cultural abuse- I had to heal myself- or I would have died then. All of that experience made me who I am- but none of it should have ever happened. Thank you for speaking out- especially since it’s against your very own group. I’d let you know when we’re all equal- but it won’t happen before I’m dead. And that’s guaranteed. Sad. Really.

    • Same here Bruce. I was able to avoid most of the abuse but I had to be careful not to say or do “the wrong thing”. I told my family nothing and kept the truce, even when my older sister was made to leave after starting to date women. After awhile even I denied it after my boyfriend crush killed himself.

      • That makes me so sad. I will never understand how who you love would make a mother, father etc turn against their children. The only thing I ever wanted for my boys was, that they found someone who made them as happy as their dad and I and that they be themselves and comfortable in their skin. Peace.

  3. Gotta love it when these men ask for “safe places,” as if they expect others to do all the hard of creating these places for them. Not that they really want them anyway. This also goes for people wanting a white history month or a men’s day- which by the way there is one. If they truly want these things they need to get off their butts and put in the hard work necessary to create these things, instead of whining about why others haven’t created what you want.

  4. Those who ride on the backs of others don’t want to get down and walk beside those others; it’s a “demotion”. Which just goes to show how those in privilege really feel about the rest of us: they do not consider us equals in any sense of the word.
    I despise religion. And by “religion”, I mean the man-made hierarchy which has been placed around a spiritual belief system, to the point where the hierarchy (and maintaining it) is more important than the beliefs. Let me repeat: MAN-MADE. And unfortunately, I really do mean “MAN”. Because many, possibly most, of those hierarchies put the males in positions of power. Women are accepted as part of this hierarchy if they keep “in their place”–teaching Sunday School, cooking church suppers, visiting the sick or housebound, and of course, keep house and minding the children when not at church. Anyone else who is “different” is deemed “unworthy” of respect and often judged to be going to Hell–mostly because they are not white, cisgender and male. (They must meet 2 out of 3 at a minimum; 3 out of 3 is required for a passing grade.)
    Unfortunately for these white, cisgender, male Christians, they are dying out as more and more people (of all sorts) believe in and live with diversity. This may account for the vehemence they exhibit. In evolutionary terms, they are failing to adapt and change, with the obvious result of die-off. “Adapt or die”; just two options. This includes the hardcore Fundamentalist or Evangelical folk who prefer sin, guilt, and Hell as their religious themes instead of Love.
    By demanding to maintain their position of privilege, by refusing to respect the inherent basic human rights of anyone “not like them”, they are the losers in this arena. They are turning their backs to a better world, a world that could be more like Jesus’ teachings, a world where love, respect, compassion and caring for each other are the only things that matter.
    They have bought into all the worst stereotypes of masculinity and in doing so, are less than half of what they could be–if they’d give up the machismo, the emotional retardation, the arrogance of believing their own press releases. They are just paper dolls, dolls of white, cisgender, male Christians; no depth to character, no sense of connection to anyone else who doesn’t match their idea of what is “right”. I feel sorry for anyone so stuck in such an unsustainable place. And I do understand why they feel “persecuted”…but that doesn’t make them right.

    • YOU cannot see Truth, God opens, Closes the eyes of people who hate him by preventing them from seeing truth. Dont ever take God for a Fool , He has judged mankind all thru out history and will continue to judge the hearts of mankind. NO matter what , who , why you believe or disbelieve. God is NO Fool. If we , you, I are a mere grain of sand in time and we die, pass on , What is after , If nothing then you have no purpose to achieve other than to get all you can get, do all you can do for your selfish motives, and achieve all the lust you can . Because YOU are as the grass of the field , and will be no more after you die.
      God is NO Fool. and History shows this. He is , and always will be even after I, You, we die and pass away.
      It is by faith , only Faith you even can believe or have an sense of trust that thier is something afterwards.
      God has Judged societies for thousands of years and again, man in his rebellion, selfish will , does his own thing, goes his own way , and then in his bitterness , Blames someone else, does not want to be responsible for his own actions, thoughts, will to do whatever
      Choose YOU this day whom you will serve , God or Money, Idols, self, religeon , Who will it be.

  5. Anyone that has been “other” in their lives whether by gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, etc. will understand what you say is truth. Good luck piercing the void of privilege but please keep on trying.

  6. I’m old but haven’t lived under a rock, or with my head in the sand. That being said, I had to google the definition of “cisgender”.

  7. This is a similar rallying cry to those who overthrew the monarchy during the French Revolution.

    The horrible mistake made by the underclass was to think they had a right to denigrate and destroy thier oppressors.

    This kind of rhetoric is not peace but a war cry.

    • Sally Jane, that may be your most misguided post yet, and it is a hotly contested field. No one is talking about “overthrow” ala French Revolution! It is a horrible mistake to think that most will even admit much less give up that white-male-Christian privilege, but asking them to at least consider it exists is not saying we have any “right to denigrate and destroy” them!


      • Sara ha ! I am trying to chill. Thanks

        I have this conversation with my brother every once and awhile.

        We still disagree.

        We still love each other.

        Because we don’t resort to maligning, insulting, mocking or injuring each other.

    • Sally Jane do you not see how condescending it is to label John’s accurate description of some peoples legitimate feelings as rhetoric? As someone who was not born either male or white I can tell you that while I understand that all people suffer it is quite different when your suffering is caused be the judgement of others who assume things about you purely based on the color of your skin, your skin or your religion or lack of religion.

    • I would strongly suggest that you study the French revolution, Sally (I have … and have a certification with honors on the matter). You could not be more wrong about what caused the event. Starvation, coupled with heavy taxation to support the “lifestyles of the rich and famous,” were the primary causes of the event. You’ve pretty much flipped it on its head in what I can only describe as wishful thinking on your part.

      The 1 percenters should count themselves grateful that the Occupy movement never found its Maximilien Robespierre … because otherwise there would have been blood on the streets.

      Pastor Pavlovitz is bang-on with this post: those who benefit most from privilege are least likely to see it.

      • Sharon that was the point I was making. I would suggest a good historical narrative with supporting footnotes would be Christopher Hibberts., The Days of the French Revolution.

          • Well Sharon admired if the Occupy Wall Street had a charismatic angry leader like Robespierre there would have been blood on the streets.

            Galvanizing angry (vengeful ) people is a scary thing. Because anyone can be denounced in that kind of atmosphere.

              • Agreed!!!! I can’t watch Trump campaign videos they makes me cringe and feel nauseous.

                And I am concerned that JP And others on this blog are starting to respond with the same level of hateful rhetoric towards them.

                The moral outrage gets turned up a notch every time he writes a post and I think that is what is causing me to be cautious about the stereotypes that are being presented here.

                • Sally, I understand that you believe that and if we are that fragmented, you might be right, but if you have spent time on Facebook or other public forums you would know that he is not near the same level of hateful rhetoric towards them. That is simply a fact.

                  If you put down the radar gun and read the comments, other than the regulars who argue with each other daily, most of the posts are people thanking him for sharing and articulating their pain, anger, isolation and exclusion. Surely you see a place for such outlets and discussions for people who feel that zealots are riding rough shod over them claiming a God they do not seem to serve?

                  If this passes for dangerous rhetoric in your world, I pray you never hear Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Steven Anderson, Roger Jimenez, “Brother Ross” Jackson, Greg Locke, or the guy Donald Trump supposedly listened to just hours before being sworn in, Robert Jeffress. I think you overestimate what is going on here for a reason.

                  • Sandi, you just helped me probe the point I am making.

                    All those people you mentioned are not the people I think of when John Pavlovitz writes about Conservative christians ….and therein lies the problem with generalizations.

                    So are you saying these are the people John Pavlovitz is talking about ?

                    • No Sally Jane, those are the people peddling hate to the Christian Right that John Pavlovitz is talking about. They are far more vitriolic, hateful, shameful and loud than you seem to think John is.

                      And with that I really am done with this act you are playing.

                    • The people you mentioned are not representative of the Christian Right. They are controversial and don’t have big followings. They are lightweights and I agree hateful. They don’t influence mainstream conservative Christianity.

    • If a group is being oppressed to the point where they they have no freedom, no opportunity, and no safety under the ruling class law, they have every right to fight back. To suggest that the oppressed shut up, quit complaining and just “accept” their circumstances so that we don’t “upset” the oppressors, is just mind-boggling. It’s unbelievable.

    • I agree. Well, except about this blog entry being a rallying cry. Or similar to anything about the French Revolution. Or being about the underclass denigrating anyone. Or being anything other than a search for peace. Why must a request for the privileged to acknowledge their privileged position be considered an attack? This is not a zero sum game. Greater respect and equality for the historically abused does not require less equality and respect for the white, male, cisgender people. If this blog is going to be looked at as an analogy to the French Revolution, I would say that it is telling the King that it is heartless and, in fact, ridiculous for him to say he is wounded and is entitled to levy a special extra tax on the poor so he can eat more cake, as a response to his starving subjects being so nasty and unfair to him as to starve and ask for a fair opportunity to support their families. The King must always feel superior. It’s all about him.

      • I agree with the cause of the #Resistance However as with every human endeavour there is a risk of going overboard to the point of vilifying the other side.

        When we create enemies and monsters it makes it easier to fight, insult, mock and injure them. That is the way of the world. I think Jesus is calling us out of that.

            • Wasn’t there a time when he talked about God and stuff like that instead of scapegoating Trump and condemning him and those like me who voted for him to a Hell he doesn’t believe in?

            • Hey Charles, actually if you read the accurate historical accounts Marie Antoinette did not say “Let them eat cake” or “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote the phrase in his book “Confessions” when Marie Antoinette was 9 years old and living in Austria. Then 50 years after the French Revolution Alphonse Karr linked the phrase to Marie Antoinette… a kind of re-writing of history using a catch-phrase for anti-royal readers. I guess fake news has been going on since the beginning of mankind.

    • I’m curious, Sally Jane, and am not baiting you or anything—Can you explain the tie-in to the French Revolution? I love history and would be intrigued to understand if a parallel exists.

      Also, to whose rhetoric do you refer?


            • Lol. If only Charles and Gloriamarie would believe that.

              I am Patrick Luscri, aka the Uber Doofus and don’t care who knows it :D.

              • Just because you claim to be Patrick Luscri does not mean that you are not Joe Catholic. Joe goes by many alias names, and he is just the kind of creep that would insert his real name as an ego action while claiming to be someone else. He is all about his personal ego and what he can get away with doing to the many “fools” (in his mind) who visit this blog.

                Bottom line Patrick: Whether you are Joe Catholic or Patrick Luscri— I do not like you. I Christian love you enough to take you to the hospital if you have a freshly broken leg, and I would sit with you while alone in your hospital room 2,000 miles from home. I still do not have to like your personality.

                • Well, I know one way to prove it to you, but am not sure even then you would believe me.

                  As far as your not liking me, Charles, it’s okay. As for my personality, you’ve only seen one sliver of it—the know-it-all, black & white part with passion mixed in, with which I suspect you can relate, if you’re honest.

                  But no worries, man—the dislike is mutual. However, I admit that I don’t know you—how could I—we’ve never met, and a blog discussion is no way to get to know anyone. Especially one on a blog as charged as this one.

                  I’m glad you would love me enough to take me to the ER and stay with me. I’d do the same for you.

                  I don’t know nearly enough about you or your personality to genuinely dislike it or you.

                  Will you admit the same for mine an me?

                    • Thanks.

                      I’m willing to extend an olive branch to Charles—as long as he can accept that I’m not Joe Catholic. :D.

                  • Okay. I am willing to admit that you might not be Joe Catholic. Any dislike I have for you really hinges on whether you are Joe Catholic in disguise. No Joe Catholic—no dislike. You were nice enough to introduce yourself by sharing your Linked In profile, and you were nice enough to offer me a ride to the hospital. I will reciprocate by sharing my Linked In profile with you at the following safe link:


                    Wanna kiss?

                    • Charles,

                      Also, I didn’t share my Linkedin profile with you … or with anyone else here—is your reply above directed toward me—Patrick?

                  • I would do the same for each of you, even mean and verbally abusive Charles who desperately needs some lessons from Inspector Clouseau. So far he is batting zero.

                  • Oh. I forgot. Sorry. I looked you up on Linked In this afternoon when you stated your real name. I have been remodeling my son’s upstairs bathroom, and I was tired enough to collapse and sore as Jerry Falwell in Hell. That is why I temporarily thought you sent your Linked In page to me. Have a good day.

    • I happen to agree with Sally’s observation. Where is equity or even justice when the oppressed become the oppressors? What I’m hearing from the comments is “off with their heads!”. In truth, I need the enlightened privileged, to use their privilege to lift me up, rather than me rising on the backs of their privileged, dead bodies.

      • You likely believed in trickle-down econimics. Folks are still waiting for anything but disdain to trickle down.

          • You might want to read the Wikipedia article on supply side economics—better known as Reaganomics. Most professional economists think it is bullshit comparable to conspiracy theories and UFO abductions.

          • well anon, since trickle down DOES NOT work how about we abandon it and return to what does work which, to borrow the parlance, is trickle up.

            IE put money in the hands of the poor and the middle class and they will spend it and the money will eventually trickle its way up.

            This would be the economic system that we had from 1947 to time period when the economic growth of the middle class and the poor was higher than the rich.

            • oh forgot the part where taxes on those at the top were high enough to force them to 1: not swallow all the wealth and 2: actually disgorge what they had

              • Why shouldn’t they “swallow” the wealth they earned? By what right to you make a claim on their assets that you wish to “disgorge”?

                Where do you draw that line anyway? At what income level? And how much net worth do they get to hold onto?

            • If you let the economy work, and if the government doesn’t get too greedy and scoop out so much of the fruits of production for itself and its cronies, wealth will naturally and fairly be “distributed.”

              I encourage you to read Thomas Sowell for starters.

              • I encourage you to read Adam Smith, the father of the free market ideology because even he knew that the government has to restrain the greed that knows no bounds. Business always scoops out as much of the “fruits of production for itself and its cronies” first, even using the government they pay for to make laws to assist, long before the government takes taxes. You have fallen for a line and you are blaming the wrong people. But, no surprise there.

    • There were many different French groups that fought oppression throughout the last few hundred years. There were workers parties (unions), anarchists, democratic socialists; all fighting for basic equality and human rights against the bourgeoisie ruling class. Today, in America, we have a very real problem with white privilege and a predominantly racist/classist system. It’s not a problem for whites obviously, but for the rest of the non straight white males that call this home, their struggles are very real. I am aware of my privilege as a SWM and I choose to use my voice to fight for equality and stand up to those who seek to normalize this resurgence of ultra right wing, nationalist/racist/sexist agenda.
      We will not let these hateful views be normalized or give these people a legitimate platform to spew their hate speech. So called “Alt-Right” publications like Breitbart and “Think tanks” like the New Century Foundation are nothing more than White Power propaganda and must be rebuked by anyone who is not anti-semitic/racist.

  8. As a heterosexual, white male, I can say that the main people who have ever oppressed me are… heterosexual, white males.

  9. Wonderful post. My small town newspaper frequently prints letters to the editor from Christians complaining that they are the ones being oppressed. That sends me over the edge. Thank you for so eloquently
    giving voice to those that really experience a 2nd class existence with every obstacle thrown in their way merely because of who they are, their gender, religion or who they love.

    • those Christians are an example of “Those who have lived their entire lives safely ensconced in privilege and power will come to see others clamoring for equality as oppression.”

      • There is a Christian woman in the NW who lost her home and business because she would not participate in an immoral marriage. That’s mean spirited vengeful persecution.

        Forcing nuns to and Catholic organizations to hand out contraception is also persecution and oppression.

        Our culture and especially liberal politics is oppressive towards Christians. (Real Christians that is. I’m not referring to those who claim to be Christians but rip out stuff from the Bible that they don’t like or would make them unpopular).

        • When you have to rely on lies to make your point, you have made no point. Tell us, if you are paid to provide flowers, cake or photos for a wedding between Muslims does that constitute an endorsement of Islam? Would providing flowers, cake or photos for an Atheist couple endorse Atheism? If they are adulterers? If they are fornicators? If they have stolen? If they are criminals?

          And as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story” is that the Christian Right empire “stepped up” to defend them for free, the Christian Right donated money and helped make them all “celebrity causes” too. So the complicity in the discrimination goes deep into the Christian Right. They see only the Christian judges as “victims” while the people being discriminated against and their pain is ignored.

          “Good day!”

          • The pizza place in Indiana ended up getting one million dollars from the Joe Catholics of this world. I wouldn’t shed any tears for them. Suddenly it has become a way to make easy money, say like Jerry Falwell and his selling hatred.

            • I’m referring to the lady who would not take part in a same-sex marriage reception.

              What is the definition of “hate”?

              It seems to be any expression of common sense or anything that ruffles the feathers of an extreme leftwinger.

  10. Pastor John: Why cisgender white CHRISTIAN men? Are you suggesting this doesn’t apply to white cisgender NON-CHRISTIAN men?

    • Non-Christians who belong to other faiths face various kinds of day-to-day discrimination of which many Christians are not aware. An inability to get holy days off from work, or breaks during the day to pray. An inability to get jobs at all because of dress or grooming or other requirements of their faith. People who will not rent or sell property to them.

      But I can see how non-Christians who are secular would not face the same discrimination, if that’s what you are referring to.

    • Jack, we Christians are about 70% of the population. We white males have, historically, held the power political and otherwise. For better or worse the country has danced to our tune for 200+ years.

      While what he said applies to others to some degree at applies to us most of all pretty much all the time.

    • Privilege is a matter of degree. As white, cisgender, female raised in a Baptist home, I have privilege over non-white and non-Christian minorities. As a person with a graduate degree, I have privilege over those with less education (not an inherent privilege but one nonetheless).

  11. i don’t think we can post memes here, so I will just quote the text of an appropriate one:

    ****”When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression”****

  12. Excellent John. I am afraid that the people who need to hear it though are deafened by those things they have invested their hubris [the type of pride God condemns] in.

  13. Very soon, white christian cisgender men will be a minority. Presto change-o. Problem solved. But it does make you wonder, which group will rise to the privileged class?

    • So, you are taking the Iraq Sunni position that 5 Sunnis are always better at everything than 100 Shiite dogs, and like cream, they will automatically rise to dominate the majority Shiite nation.

      The Museum Director mentioned in my post below asked me one day: “Charles. You don’t seriously think that any black spade person is more intelligent than you are—do you?” My answer: “Well, I could not really say for sure because most white people are not as smart as me either.” Never fall into a trap laid by a racist.

  14. Dear John Pavlovitz:

    As 100 years ago, the whole world is transformed before us into a great, power keg. Any one of myriad conflicts and flashpoints risks setting off a chain of events that will lead to war which will likely result in thermonuclear holocaust in which hundreds of thousands if not many millions will die in hours.

    When this comes, there will be no discussion [we have no further need to comment, there is nothing more to say]. North Korea, China, Syria and Russia, the Horn of Africa — the danger of world war is at this moment, immense.

    In the face of this — what do you do, John Pavlovitz? You give us identity issues — skin color, gender, sexual orientation, waqge discrepancy, and more. And that, John Pavlovitz, is why no less than those you censure — are a true reactionary.


      • Dear Patrick:

        My ongoing grievance with Mr. Pavlovitz’ blog is that while I affirm the many positions he takes, John does not acknowledge the class basis of these attacks. In other words, he addresses symptoms but avoids cause astutely.

        The problem is that the symptoms become distractions from the cause which lies largely with our for-profit system of Capitalist political economy.

        Both parties support that system and by appealing to their respective ‘issues,’ both parties posture as the true representative of the working class [90%]. In reality, only the working class can be its own voice and representative. But that never comes to light in John’s writing. Meanwhile, the class attacks deepen and the threat of world war and thermonuclear holocaust rises exponentially.


  15. John, bless you for everything you say. It’s ludicrous that white males, active Christians or not, are whining that they’re being oppressed. It might do them more than a little bit of good to actually experience a bit of oppression. Never happen, but it’s a nice fantasy.

  16. John P. I agree with your article today. I am a white, heterosexual, Christian male who grew up for the first 18 years of my life in abject poverty. You have never really lived until you have boiled water in pots on the kitchen stove to take a bath because your house has no hot, running water—or gone down the street at 3:00 a.m. to knock on a neighbors door for emergency help with your “insulin shock” dad because you have no telephone.

    I escaped from this poverty because I was white and smart at school work. The first real job I had after graduating from high school was at a large city museum where the Museum Director made it openly and vocally clear to me that he hated “n*ggers.”

  17. Once again you got it right. Problem that I see is that the people who need this message will have a million and one reasons why you are just wrong. The good thing with putting this out there is to remind people who are open, that with privilege comes responsibility, That is what I was taught, to whom much is given, much will be expected. Some folks have forgotten that and a reminder is good for all of us. I am a white woman and don’t have all the privileges of my male counterpart but have a lot more than everyone else. It helps to be reminded. Thank you, Peace

  18. Once again I agree with the conclusions of this post:

    “Maybe we need to be the ones most loudly advocating for those who still don’t know the safety we’ve lived in every single day of our white, cisgender Christian lives.”

    For those who have been given much… much is expected.

    • “For those who have been given much… much is expected.”

      It never occurred to me until I read this post that as a straight white male I’m like Spiderman!

    • I do see the privilege but would it be wrong to consider that many straight white men did step up and gave much because much was expected of them? How many died so that black men could be free? How many died in the world wars defending our liberty? Can we celebrate and be grateful for their contributions?

      Regarding this “safe space” business. Is that real? It never occurred to me to seek one out.

      • Hey maroon, hiding in anonymity and attacking people IS a “safe space” so you not only sought one, you continue to use it daily.

        • I’m happy you are a Buggs Bunny fan like me.

          We have so much in common it’s scary.

          I never attack people I interact with on a board, btw. I attack their ideas if necessary, and strive to do so with civility. If I wanted a safe space I’d go to a board that’s a conservative echo chamber. (Though that would be difficult to find since conservatives tend to be open to listening to voices of dissension–liberals, not so much).

  19. When you think about it, White heterosexual males of the Christian faith are actually a minority in the U.S.; their gender alone makes them a minority. But, if you narrow it down even further, well…the numbers really shrink. Yet, they still hold the bulk of the wealth and power in this country, and such cultural attributes are difficult to change. I’ve often heard White separatists / supremacists declare they want their own White homeland; apparently not realizing there is one: Europe. As a mostly White male myself (Spanish and German), I can be critical. But it’s my Mexican Indian heritage that puts me in the “Minority” group. From an ethnic standpoint, I may be a “minority,” but my life experiences are definitely NOT minor. I don’t know when this racial mess will finally come to an end. I suspect (hope) that, within a century or so, there will be no such divisions. That’s if we don’t drown before then!

  20. I have a brother in law just like this. He has had all the positive things that being white, cisgender and christian can bring but constantly talks about how horrible it is to be white because all the POCs are taking over everything and taking away his rights. And the gays are trying to force themselves down peoples throats because they are actually getting some air time on TV shows now. What whiners. Whar snowflakes. He/ They just refuse to accept that giving freedom, justice, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to others does not take any of those things away from

  21. Are we all suppose to tattoo what we are on our foreheads now? So we know how much to hate one another?

    So let’s see now… I’m white, an American, of European descent, I’m female, I’m gay, I’m retired, I’m an Independant politically, a Methodist Christian, and I prefer cats over dogs. What of all that can you tell by my appearance if we passed each other on the street? because I’m afraid all that won’t fit on my forehead. Could you please let me know how much hate I’m to expect because, if it’s more than I’ve already experienced in my life, I’d really like to see it coming. And please, if you would… Hold a sign in front of you that says “Hate Me” because I really can’t tell by your appearance either. I’m really trying to follow Christ’s example and I’m getting from my fellow Christians that I shouldn’t waste love on others that don’t deserve it. Thanks.

    • Oh, and I failed to mention that I am a sexual assault survivor, my income is less than $45k, I couldn’t quite make my tithe last year, I’m hearing impaired, I have an allergy to codeine, and my favorite color is blue… Just in you needed that to put into your hate configuration software… Might be helpful. Jus’ sayin’.

      • You know Anonymous, the fact remains that none of that stupid, mundane BS you just shared tells us anything about whether you are someone to hate. If you did not understand what he was trying to say, just say so. Tattoos last forever.

        • Sandi, I think again you have shown me that stereotyping fosters an inability to see people or care about their stories.

          I think Trump is not the best person to be President and Pence is an even worse potential President. I think people should resist the policies Trump campaigned on. We agree on that.

          What I don’t agree with is the social activist rhetoric John Pavlovitz packages as christian truth which is turning you against someone like Purple Quilt…. who has said they voted for Hillary and no one in their family did but they have made every effort to remain in a loving relationship with them.

          One of the things Ghandi did was take a stand of nonviolent protest between the British-(the oppressor) and Indian people-( the oppressed). He respected the British people but he said they had no business being in his country.

          Through uncompromising belief in his cause he led his nation to overthrow the oppressor without a bloody war. And today, there is a statue of Ghandi in London’s Parliament Square.

          Ghandi studied Jesus and the New Testament and drew inspiration from the the example of Jesus. He embraced the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

          • Sally Jane, the irony of your judgment as you proclaim we should not judge is interesting.

            This is not my blog. I am not here to show you anything. Personally I think most of you are beyond enlightening because yours is a willful denial not one of ignorance. Why he tries is beyond me.

            Because I argue the inane points someone makes does not mean I am “stereotyping” it means they are demonstrating a stereotype. If they reject everything said here, how is that trying to “see people or care about their stories” either?

            Again you try to normalize Trump by framing our “agreement” is in that he and Pence are just “not the best person to be President” as if this was any other election and he is just like any other candidate and things are just like they always are and we should all just settle down and resist within your acceptable parameters. But this is not normal. He is a vile, unstable, ignorant, vain and dangerous man. His administration is full of incompetent people and the connections to Russia just keep coming. This is the time for people to stand up and rage not quietly “discuss” how the world will end. So no, we do not “agree on that”.

            Who has asked you to or needs you to agree with “the social activist rhetoric John Pavlovitz packages as christian truth”? It is his truth as he sees it and has experienced it and whoever you may be, you have no right to gainsay what he feels.

            I was always “against someone like Purple Quilt” and you because you have both been happy in the status quo of the Christian Right politicizing and now even to the point of militancy as they lock arms with white supremacy and oligarchs. AGAIN, Trump is just the final outcome of not living and worshiping as Jesus said to do.

            I do no care what kind of “loving relationship” you, Purple Quilt or anyone else keeps. That is your decision to make. If there is benefit in loving a Trump supporter, I hope you all find it as the rest of us live in fear of what is coming next from this regime.

            No one here, and certainly not John Pavlovitz has said ANYTHING even remotely condoning of violent protest! And yet you bring it up as if it has been discussed.

            And in case you have not noticed, America has no Gandhi. Gandhi also said, when asked how to naturalize Christianity into India “I would suggest first of all that all of you Christians, missionaries and all begin to live more like Jesus Christ.”

            Sounds a lot like Reverend Pavlovitz to me!

            • Sandi I don’t think loving people is the status quo and I am not the least bit comfortable with Trump as President and I think #theresistence is good.

              I think you made a good point about not normalizing evil but each has good and evil in them and the potential for good and evil.

              Social Justice is not Christianity but it is a worthy vocation. I see JP as a social justice advocate and I love that about him.

              I worked in the nonprofit sector and in politics for many years. I know that sometimes when we work in the field of advocacy we take a hard stand and turn up the heat on the opposition to get people fired up to mobilize them …..and it works ….but there has to be room for reconciliation because after the dust settles you cannot cut off millions of people who God loves just as much as you.

              • Sally, “millions of people who God loves just as much as you” would not have put us in this position. That remains the bottom line. There is a very real problem and too many of those who claim to love God much more than I do (they will be happy to confirm that!), went right along with it.

                They have a choice to make and I am done going along to get along. I call it out so we can confront it. If some need the call to be softer that is their problem.

                • i am not done with Trump voters because not everyone who voted for Trump did so with the belief he would do harm.

                  Not every person is the same ….people are much more complex than that.

                  There are people who have the wrong motive but not every single voter had the same reasons for voting.

                • Why are you arguing with Sally? She sounds like an anti-Trumper to me and solidly in your camp. The only difference is that she’s nice about it.

    • Well yes Anonymous, we are all “really trying to follow Christ’s example” and what we are getting from the Christian Right is that we shouldn’t waste love on others that don’t deserve it. Believe it or not, we find that baffling.

        • Do stop whining. The hate involved here is that of ignorance and neglect. Are you like the men he is speaking of? Is that what you are admitting?

          • Evidently, it’s not what I think that’s important to you. And you’re settled and secure in what you do think.

            • True enough, but what is important to me is that you bashers prove your case and so far most of you have just proved him right and yourselves incapable of any self-reflection for yourself, your religion or your actions.

              • I’ve tried to fit myself into a label but I do not fit so neatly. I suspect I’m not the only one.

                What I am saying is JPs formula is not so neat either. The privileged are thoughtless. And the oppressed all to often use oppression to justify thoughtlessness in return. Because I have been on the receiving end of bashing often, and because I don’t care to be like them, I try to be conscious of the fact that there’s a person, God’s person, behind the “formula”.

                As for me, if I don’t risk relationship, even with the “white, cisgender male”, I may be doing more harm than good. I haven’t given one the opportunity to show me their heart.

                • What exactly is it that you think John P is asking of you? If you do not want to think or be challenged, why are you even here? You people really are a deeply frustrating lot. You can question him, bash him, deny him, reject him, but you sure cannot refute him. Pretending things are not as he sees and experiences them because you have not also seen and experienced them the same way is so closed-minded. Is your attendance here forced?

                    • if you go back and read Purple Quilt’s comments, you will see that she voted for Hillary and she likes John Pavlovitz.

                    • Sally Jane, you are working from a bias too. That is why you are working so hard to play zen but spread guilt.

                    • I am taking a stand for unconditional love and for grace which makes room for all he believer and unbeliever, the sinner and the saint.

                  • You don’t think loving and caring for another, beyond appearance, is challenging?

                    Sandi, if JP didn’t challenge me in some way, I would not have followed his blog for over a year. And there is nothing in stone that says I have to blindly follow everything he writes. I do have a mind and heart of my own. And I refuse to lump people together and not take into consideration that people, all people, have lives… Lived out good and bad. In joy and sorrow.

                    Now if you want to idolize JP, you are more than welcome. I will not but I will continue to read and enjoy his posts. There is a recovery saying, “Take what you like (that enriches you) and leave the rest”.
                    So I will.

                    You have been quite ugly and I see that I have not added to your pleasure for the day, and for that I apologize. We do not have to respond to one another in the future.

                    My name is Susan btw. I hope we can agree that we both love and are led by the Lord.

                    • Susan, when did I say that I thought “loving and caring for another, beyond appearance” is not challenging? You don’t think removing people I considered friends, people I am related to is challenging?

                      Again, no one is asking you, or anyone else to “blindly follow everything he writes” or agree with the rest of us either. We have minds and hearts of our own too and daily here people push that aside and act like this one little voice in the Christian Right dominated nation is going to end mankind.

                      No one has asked you to “lump people together” or not consider they “have lives”. Why do you think we have?

                      I do not “idolize JP” because I disagreed with your post.

                      Why am I the only one who has “been quite ugly”? Why would I “agree that we both love and are led by the Lord” when you asked, “Where is equity or even justice when the oppressed become the oppressors?” Who here is trying to become the oppressor? Who said “off with their heads!”? Who has advocated for “rising on the backs of their privileged, dead bodies”?

                      Why would I “agree that we both love and are led by the Lord” when you asked, “Are we all suppose to tattoo what we are on our foreheads now? So we know how much to hate one another?” You KNOW that is not what he is about.

                      What you still refuse to see is that WE are getting from our fellow Christians that we shouldn’t waste love on others that don’t deserve it and we are fighting that message.

                      And when I responded to those comments you claim you got MY hate?

                      No one’s “formula” is neat or easy, but the truth is that Christians have gone into the Republican circus and dragged Jesus there too and we object and we are fighting back. We will not all do that in the same way, but it still needs doing.

                      Who has not been on the receiving end of bashing? That is the nature of offering an opinion. John is a lone voice and look at what he gets for daring to challenge the entrenched.

                  • Thank you Sandi, JP is speaking his truth, I am speaking my truth, you are speaking your truth, I have learned a lot by the first and the last. If someone else is truth is different it doesn’t change ours it just add to the story. If people would speak theirs without the need of putting down everyone else’s we all might learn more. Peace,

              • Sandi, you said, “you bashers prove your case and …incapable of any self-reflection for yourself, your religion or your actions.”

                How is Purple Quilt bashing anyone?

                ….As a Hillary supporter who did not vote for Trump they show considerable self reflection by not hating or cutting off their family members and by not lumping all conservatives into one basket….who may or may no have voted for Trump.

                • I have been reading Purple Quilts comments did you know she is a Hillary supporter and that she likes John Pavlovitz?

                    • Keeping score? I was trying to say that I paid attention to what Purple Quilt said about their life and experience

                    • And I am trying to tell you that who she voted for and how she keeps her friendships regardless, has no bearing on the points she made that I responded to.

                    • It does have a bearing because all you had to do was acknowledge her experience rather than say it was mundane BS.

                      This is what stereotyping and generalizationhas done to your heart.

                    • Sigh yeah, Sandi, I don’t know if that came out the way I intended but I was shocked you said Purple Quilt’s experience was mundane BS. It wasn’t fair was it?

                      I do respect you and appreciate your passion for social justice… but at what cost?

                      People are not collateral damage.

                    • Sally, if you take it out of context I sound like a monster, but that is your point.

                      She was talking about what her “identifying” tattoo was going to be and I called all that, “stupid, mundane BS” rather than any kind of identifier for hate or evil which was the issue of “who to hate”.

                      Serial killers lead normal looking lives too, not a fan. Pat Robertson lives a pretty good looking life…not a fan. Joel Osteen lives a spectacular life…not a fan. I live a stupid, mundane BS life too, and I love it, but that does not inform anyone much about who I am.

                • Sally Jane, is it a lifelong habit to argue issue not in evidence? NO ONE has said that you, or Purple Quilt or anyone else should hate or cut off their family or friends for supporting Trump. The fact that some of us could not stand the hate, hostility, lies and defense of such a vile person is a personal choice not one anyone has pushed.

                  And no one has lumped all conservatives into one basket. The issues are about the Christian Right getting into bed with the Republican Political Party to the extent that supposedly Godly people supported the monster known as Trump simply because of his politics and those he promised to hurt. If you all can get around that reality to keep friends and family, go for it. Why does that stop you from admitting their full-throated support is sickening to the rest of us? Would Jesus be a Republican in your mind? Should the church be wrapped up in politics to the point of supporting hurting people in your mind?

                  You keep twisting the issue so you can argue we are wrong. But it is not going to work.

                  • Can we please just drop this? Between the three of us? It’s getting nowhere. No one is hearing one another.

                    I’m done.

                  • Okay as a reader of JPs blog when he say the Christian Right I immediately think of the friends I know and his description does not depict them. So my point all along has been that the generalization is being pointed at innocent people …even though it is intended for those who fit the description …who I suspect are a minority, not the majority.

                    It is not a slight on JP or you but an observation that when you meet a conservative Christian don’t judge and label them before you get to know them.

                    I am open to discussing this further if it is needed. But I am taking a break now.

                    • Do you speak out when they call us Lefty, Libtards, athiest, snowflakes etc. You get the idea. I think we should all be adult enough to know who he is talking about. I know some cons christians who did not vote for the present admin. I know JP is not talking about them, he is talking about those who wear these really big crosses and then voted for one of the most evil admin we have ever had in this country. I know he is not lumping them all together, so would seem like this is a made up argument just to knock the author. Anyway that is how this all seems to me. And I am not a JP worshiper. I like what he says and am glad that someone has stepped in and said them.

                    • Sally, it is more than apparent that you neither understand what the Christian Right is or who that involves. If you have conservative Christian friends who serve the Lord as Jesus said, do not bring their politics into church and Jesus into their politics to berate, discriminate or rebuke others, then they are not the Christian Right.

                      What you need to “think of” is things like the Robert Grant advocacy group Christian Voice, Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, Ed McAteer’s Religious Roundtable Council, James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation and Heritage Foundation, Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. Then think of Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, and the outrageous hate-filled preachers all over YouTube and the internet. THAT is the Christian Right and they are working hard to deeply infiltrate and inculcate Christians.

                      When I meet ANYONE, I give them ample room to show themselves to me before I decide or label.

                    • Kathleen yes I do speak out against those who call liberals “libtards” my brother called me a snowflake and a libtard and we had a conversation about it and he won’t do it again.

                      You see it does no good to call people out by responding to an insult with an insult.

                      And I believe that is what Jesus taught.

                    • Hey I take the libtard, my point is if the shoe fits wear if not ignore it. We all know who he is talking about, he is not, in my opinion, talking about all and I repeat all conservative christians. I know the one’s he is talking about, and I find the position that they have put all the rest of us in is for me, unforgivable. They are going to be complicit in destroying our planet, our lives and most important of all , my grandsons lives. So if calling them out is unchristian I will wear it. That is pretty much what I think all of us are saying. If Joe wants to lump me together with liberals, I know what I am doesn’t matter. This is bigger than tags, this is our planet, our way of life, so if a little generalization gets people up in arms to fight this admin and everything they represent, so be it. And by the way anyone who didn’t take the time to vote is as complicit as those who voted for this admin. I also think that Jesus is not unhappy with my attitude. I tried to have conversations and all they want to do is justify themselves. So be it, I don’t need it. The planet and I don’t have the time. Peace,

                    • OK Sally, do tell us how to respond to people who say hurtful, stupid, dishonest things repeatedly? Please?

                    • Sandi, I agree there needs to be changes in the church everywhere.

                      I went to an evangelical church and the pastor loved to play Focus on the Family videos.

                      Trust me not everyone in that church appreciated those videos.

                      churches are not neatly put together with everyone agreeing with everything being said. The sad thing is when people who are more liberal are pushed out. The church loses a valuable perspective.

                      I think God likes diversity of thought because we need the strength of tradition with the growth that progressives initiate.

                    • Sally, I absolutely agree that “God likes diversity of thought because we need the strength of tradition with the growth that progressives initiate”. God made the diversity so it has to be for a purpose. It is easier to unite if we are all alike. Reaching out is hard. Allowing for growth and space is hard. Accepting things you do not fully understand is hard.

                      If the church cannot change, it will only continue to decline.

                    • She understands that the “Christian right” are people who have good intentions. She understands that God loves everyone and wants all of us to find Salvation. She understands that it’s not her place to separate the sheep from the goats. She knows that in order to do that she would have to be able to see a person’s heart, but only God can do that. She understands that’s it’s wrong to demonize and denigrate others who see things differently.

                      I could go on and on. I really admire her style and her empathy, even though I disagree with the positions she’s taken.

                    • “I know some cons christians who did not vote for the present admin. I know JP is not talking about them, he is talking about those who wear these really big crosses and then voted for one of the most evil admin we have ever had in this country. ”

                      Wow did Kathy ever miss the point! She can sympathize with conservatives so long as they don’t agree with choosing the same candidate her extreme left wing liberal politics led her to choose.

                      We don’t believe we voted for evil, K. We believe we voted AGAINST it. But we don’t hold it against you for making a bad choice (like you guys with TDS do).

                    • Oh and because you don’t believe you “voted for evil” and believe you “voted AGAINST it” all should be forgiven and go back to normal friendship? And still you deny how the Christian Right held it against us for the last 9 years? Incredible!

                    • Kathleen, I agree, I think Jesus understands and empathizes with your attitude because of all the spiritual abuse you and your husband suffered.

                      And, I agree with JP…. the hurt, fear and anger we feel is not the end of it. Love does win in the end.

                      I guess we have to keep putting our best foot forward.

                      Peace to you.

                    • Sandi, you said, “OK Sally, do tell us how to respond to people who say hurtful, stupid, dishonest things repeatedly? Please?”

                      I think you are an awesome person from what I have read so far. I have enjoyed a lot of what you have written in the comment section. Things get heated around here so sometimes we express our frustration. I get that.

                      I think in some cases when it is obvious the person is baiting you, then you leave it alone. Charles has suggested that before.

                      I am trying very hard to be peaceable and fair in my comments but I know I haven’t been perfect. But I am trying.

                      I think the church is those called out by God to follow the example of Christ… the church is you and me and I believe Joe and others who call Jesus Lord. We may seem far apart at times but I think much of that is shadow boxing.

                      Essentially it comes down to what Charles said and what Patrick agreed to, ” I love you enough to take you to the hospital if you have a freshly broken leg, and I would sit with you while alone in your hospital room 2,000 miles from home” I think any person who would do that is exemplifying love and everything falls away.

                      okay, peace, and have a good day

                    • And a shout out to Joe, I am really quite amazed that you get me even though I am a liberal 😉

      • I didn’t have a choice about being white but do have a choice to love beyond my whiteness. I do have a choice, to value others, even cisgender white males. And I choose love rather than this Resistance hate-mongering. I do have a choice to reach a bitter further. I won’t bother to explain or prove why I have no biases. I don’t take anything for granted. But it’s apparent that because I’m a lover and not a fighter and that I don’t always agree with JP, that I don’t fit here with the Liberals. I don’t fit with the Conservatives because I voted for HRC and hoped for better for this country. I don’t fit with Fundamentalists because I don’t think they draw people to Christ with their scare and exclusion tactics and doctrine worship. I don’t fit with Progressives because I love my church family and worshiping God and I believe in Christ’s action of love on the cross. My whole point to my original comment was to look past someone’s appearance to their heart; even if there’s a past hurt to stop at their whiteness. But that got twisted and distorted to somewhere I never intended. Amazing.

        • Susan, you “fit” wherever your comments tell people you are. You can pretend to be a victim whose words were “twisted and distorted” if that makes you feel better, but you typed the words.

          No one has asked or urged you to not “love beyond [your] whiteness”. No one has asked or urged you to not “value others, even cisgender white males”. No one has asked you to be a part of “this Resistance hate-mongering” you see.

          Say what you want and blame me as you like, but nothing I said to you was because you posted as “a lover and not a fighter” or because you “don’t always agree with JP”. Not one word.

          Clearly something got lost in translation.

          • “Oh and because you don’t believe you “voted for evil” and believe you “voted AGAINST it” all should be forgiven and go back to normal friendship? And still you deny how the Christian Right held it against us for the last 9 years? Incredible!”

            Yes, that’s what I believe. And no, even though I was unhappy with Obama, I didn’t have an attitude that led me to demonize and shun those who voted for him. I thought they were misguided but I didn’t hold it against them, and I didn’t feel anything at all coming from the right towards those who voted for him like the rage I’m feeling from the left.

            • Well then, let’s just shut this puppy down because if Joe Catholic has been nothing but kind to Obama and us “baby killers” the last 9 years and Trump is going to “Make America Great Again”. what could we possibly have to talk about? I am convinced and reassured as never before.

            • I wish this blog had a “block user” filter because I am so sick and tired of the trolls who come here.

              I do not go to Christian Right sites and antagonize them. I never even visit such blogs. I do not go to any right-wing sites and argue with them either. I get it, we all run into it on public forums like news sites, etc. But “Joe Catholic”, Patrick, multiple “Anonymous” and others make the effort to come to John’s blog just to confront, demean, antagonize and berate. It causes arguments but it ruins conversation and actual communication. They do it on purpose too. These are not good people. They just are not.

              • Ain’t that the truth. When I first found this site, I would voice my opinion, not go after anyone, just my opinion and then people get nasty. I wish they would grow up.

                • Of course I really feel that way Patrick. I came here for what felt was balm to my wounded soul and I encountered the same thing that is on public forums…trolls who have to shout down, denigrate, rebuke and insult…because they can. I hate that always, but I hate it most on blogs. Do you allow it on yours?

                  Let me tell you a little of “my story”. When I was 6 I was skinny, poor and ugly…then I had to get “coke bottle” glasses so I could see, which made me look like a sad little freak. Back then elementary age children rode the bus with high-school kids and I was apparently irresistible to the bullies. If I was not crying on the ride to or from school, they could not enjoy their day.

                  So I did what any scrawny little girl who was braver than she was smart would do…I stood up to it. What I did not know then was that they loved that even more. They would escalate until the driver intervened or I was crying, but one or the other was going to happen.

                  To this day, I am that little girl all over again when I encounter a bully trying to beat down, shout down or rebuke someone. That is why I do not go to Christian Right sites and “tell my truth”, that is why I do not go to right-wing blogs or media to “challenge their narrative”.

                  I prefer sites where you can block the posters you do not want to see because I cannot ignore bullying and trolling. I have tried, it does not work for me. I fight fire with fire, and they will complain about my fire but never acknowledge their own.

                  I do not understand the impetus to come onto someone else’s blog and behave like that. It does not make any kind of sense to me.

                  I know you think your rebuttals are important, but they are not. They are not what we come here for. If they were what we wanted, we would visit your blog.

                  • Other than the coke bottle glasses, the rest fits. My friend Mary had the glasses. Boy do I know what you are talking about and I feel the same way. My grandson used to have the little kid who was bullied sit with him on the bus as their protector. He never told us but one of these kids came up and shared one day. Wish someone like that had been around when I was a kid. Bullying is evil. Peace,

              • Try just ignoring the people you call “trolls.”

                There are no rules or moderators here. There’s no sign that says particular groups of people must stay out.

                If it were my blog, nobody would be allowed to make post after post advertising their own blog. Neither would I allow cursing, obscene language, or personal attacks.

                But it’s not my blog, so I have no say and I have to accept that I can’t have my way here. I think you need to accept that too.

                However, I’m surprised that you want want to shut down those who disagree with you (who you refer to as “trolls”) because you seem to thrive on being combative and smacking people down.

                • Joe, I cannot help what you do not understand about the feature, anymore than I can help that Morticians are good at their job but that does not mean they like to see people die.

  22. Why couldn’t we take some of the wealth from the white guy. I propose a tax of 10% called a white balance tax to level the playing field. They have too much and it should be taxed and given to others.

    • lol…..finally…..someone speaks the truth and reveals the true motivation hidden behind the crass attitudes and “oh, I’m victim too” mentality……follow the money…….

    • Instead of being a RACIST Bigot to the other side, why not stop being a racist against whites, discrimination from the others , and do things equally, Don’t Hide behind anonymous and try to steal , take, destroy from attitudes of wrong doing.
      Try building, helping, getting involved, EQUAL Tax for all , same standards for all.
      REmove the Race card on Applications, documents, , Remove the age card , Then see what really is Truth.
      God does not discrimate, see’s not color, see’s no race. JUST THE WICKED HEART OF MAN

  23. Sally Jane,

    Thank you for engaging in genuine discussion here. Your patience, even-keeled civility, and common sense are refreshing! You seem to truly want to follow Christ’s words; and I appreciate that.

  24. As a Patriot, White boy, Caucausion, what ever , the most Importantly , Born Again Christian Belivever in Jesus Christ the only begotton son of God , Given as a payment for the sin, rebellion of mankind to a world who seeks selfish lust, selfish will , self centered values that perish, decay, rust, get stolen by others, get destroyed in the fire .
    I Don’t Hide , I shout JOY , Peace , Forgiveness for the King, The Prince, The Truth shall return in the clouds , the moment of time , like a thief in the night, God will come back for Truth Believers .
    Today is the day of salvation , Today is the day we, I , YOU , shall prepare your hearts for the coming. Thru the cleansing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Salvation that comes by the opening of EYES to see Clearly , Jesus Christ. The Changing of Lives to a Pure , Holy, God Centered Life.
    God is at your door , and YOU have to DECIDE where you want to spend Eternity. ONE LIFE WILL SOON BE PAST, ONLY WHAT IS Done for Christ will last .

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