I’m Not Sorry for Resisting This President

A lot can change in a few months.

In the moments following the election, Donald Trump supporters simply beamed, basking in the warm, orange glow of their apparent victory and awaiting America’s returning greatness. They were boastful and loud—and everywhere.

“He will fix this!” they insisted, and instructed us all to give him a chance and fall in line, and revel in our national victory; one they were going to generously allow us to share in. Trump was the Savior, he was the change that was necessary, he would be the hero we so desperately needed. “You’ll see!” they crowed.

But very quickly, something else happened: As their Messiah of Supposed Greatness became even more wildly erratic than he’d been during the campaign, as he blustered and stumbled and Tweeted, as he began gutting the departments of Education, Environmental Protection, and Labor—they grew silent and then simply disappeared.

While millions of us took to the streets and called our elected officials and attended town halls and exposed every transgression on social media and entered into the fray—they became invisible.

As we actively intervened on behalf of not only our children but their children, they retreated to their relatively sheltered lives already in progress, heading to a safe bunker of privilege to escape the approaching storm.

However, as the weeks have gone by they’ve returned with a new tactic: shame.

The party line has changed now. Donald Trump isn’t failing—we’ve been causing him to fail. This mess is largely our fault.

Apparently the millions of us who are outraged right now are the real problem here.

It isn’t that we have a President who:

likely colluded with Russia to steal an election,
rants on Twitter like a jilted middle school crush,
holds “rallies” three months after his Inauguration,
spends 39 percent of his time on a golf course,
lacks a basic understanding of how Government functions,
shows full disregard for its checks and balances,
has caused an exodus from the State Department,
called a female Senator a racial slur at an NRA event,

bullies the Press on a daily basis,
slanders Federal Judges who uphold the Law,
surrounds himself with White Supremacists and millionaires,

embarrasses himself in the presence other world leaders,
claims he was wiretapped by a former President,
wonders why we had a Civil War,
thinks dead Historical figures are still alive,
governs solely by Executive Order and bullying,
is hell-bent on taking away healthcare from sick people,
lobbies publicly for a Government shutdown,
says the Constitution is hindering him,
allows his daughter to create policy and play First Lady.

None of these things are preventing Donald Trump from leading us to the Promised Land of Greatness; not his incompetence, ignorance, impulsiveness, cruelty, or contempt for all but the wealthiest and the whitest among us. That can’t be it.

It’s those of us who are opposing him. We’re the villains in the story.

And if that’s the narrative they’d like to write, then I’ll gladly don a black hat and be the bad guy.

If being the bad guy here means:
giving a damn about more than just myself,
pushing back against the leaders of my faith tradition,
flooding my social media profile with facts,
braving awkward family gatherings or friendship friction,

and opposing every single horrible thing this Presidency does—
I will fully embrace this badness.

I’m not apologizing for my disgust at what the mockery this man is making of our nation.
I’m not apologizing for demanding that everyone gets equal access to the American Dream.
I’m not apologizing for calling out an Evangelical Christianity who has sold its soul.
I’m not apologizing for naming racism and anti-Semitism, bigotry, and misogyny, wherever I see it: in my family, my church, my neighborhood, my Government.
I’m not apologizing for being profoundly pissed off that our President is the least qualified, least decent, least noble man to hold this lofty position.

So friend, you may as well save your guilt and your scoldings and your condescension—and your questions about my motivations, my patriotism, my faith convictions, or any other shame-throwing you have in mind. It’s all wasted energy.

I’m not going to fight with you, because the truth, even if you choose not to see it—is that I’m fighting for you too.

I know why I push back, why I defy, why I resist.

I do it because not everyone is being represented in this version of America. 

I do it because equality and diversity and decency matter.

I do it because my personal faith compels me to.

I do it because sometimes Love requires a raised voice.

I do it because those who disagree with me aren’t the enemy.

I do it because this is the only childhood my kids will ever have.

I do it because my children are worth fighting for, and so are yours.

And no—I’m not sorry for any of it.




238 thoughts on “I’m Not Sorry for Resisting This President

  1. Thank you.

    If it weren’t for a few voices like yours I would think I had nothing in common with Christians at all. Having been one my whole life up to this point.

    While I still fit the bill in terms of theological beliefs, I don’t fit the bill in terms of current cultural demonstrations of what a Christian is. I’ve realized I don’t have nearly as much in common with them as I’d thought. Christ isn’t a unifying element we have in common, but a name that’s invoked to making the ugly and profane appear sacred. I want nothing to do with that.

    No doubt the usual stalkers will appear here to vilify whatever the writer says. They’re self-professed Christians, too, and do their full part to drive people out of and away from Christianity.

    • God Calls Us as Born Again Christians to Take a Stand , Stand Firm , Stand for Truth, Preach the word of truth, Jesus Christ Savior for all mankind who will recieve Him and Believe, Trust, Put thier lives, hearts and belief s in Him. to preach the word in season and out as Christian Believers who Follow Jesus Christ NO Matter What the Cost.
      OUR Reward is in Heaven with a Relationship with God , Holy God, Just God, Pure God thru Jesus Christ who by way of the cross , shed his blood so we, i , you would not have to Work your way to heaven by good works, deeds that lead to death, and beliefs that have not eternal value.
      NOT Trolls, Not Villians, But Preachers of The Truth. True Gospel of Jesus Christ .
      NO Other Way to heaven but by Jesus Christ

    • The ignorance of your post is; he was elected. He is our President. It’s obvious he is performing and doing good things. I suggest, for you to prove your sick mind. Just wait and watch. If u are right he will fail. If he is right u should shut up. I close my case

      • Joseph. A. Alfredo, The ignorance of your post is while he was elected, if not hacked by the Russians into being elected, He is our President. It’s obvious he is performing and doing evil things. And he spends more time playing golf than actually doing the job.

        • He does not consider himself to be the President of all Americans and I certainly do not consider him to be mine.

          Can you name one positive thing he has done or even attempted? Lie to yourself all you want but spare me from having to listen to yours. The constant lies of the orange shitgibbon and the minions in his maladministration are more than enough for me to take.

      • Well look at the firestorm he created for himself by firing Comey ? And don’t think for a moment that he will complete his first four years in office he WILL BE impeached long before that even comes close

      • Um, Joe Alfredo, what is it like in your world? “He is performing and doing good things”. What exactly are those “good” things. Please, we would all love to know.

      • LOL…oh, he is certainly putting on a performance. Unfortunately, it’s not one any sane person wants to pay to see. And yet, pay we will. Water will become undrinkable; air unbreatheable; equal pay for equal work, gone; Neo-Naziism will return; racism, sexism, etc will become rampant again; health care? don’t even go there; the beautiful and sweeping grandeur of state parks being sold of to private owners to rape the landscape; protected species being hunted as babies; and women’s rights over their own bodies taken away. Need I go on? All brought to you by this lying, cheating, ignorant, misogynistic pretender to the throne. He hasn’t done a good thing yet and before long he’ll have us in a war with N. Korea. The sooner he is gone the better off this country will be. Take off your blinders.

    • Thank You. It is difficult to want to call myself a Christian when I see such extremism and hate in people and churches that call themselves Christian. I feel less alone reading this. And Hope. (Hang On, Pain Ends). God bless us ALL.

    • Would Christ prefer Clinton promoting a Sodom & Gomorrah lifestyle with support of infant murder? I’m not saying Trump is without his faults, but what is it you want?

      • Dan you are so out of touch with reality? First of all Jesus could care less about the comment you just made and in Fact you are promoting the Sodom & Gomorrah. If you read the scripture you will see it was about Love, kindness, Compassion and helping one another; in the text you are referring! People were self centered, caring only for their own pleasure. Had nothing to do with two people of the same sex loving each other!! Here is a little suggestion… take out your bible… If you own one? If not I am sure the local Library can assist! Read it for your self. In the true original version (KJV) There is not one scripture that actually called out Homosexuality or speaks of a loving Homosexual relationship as being sin. It does however speak about Adultery and Fornication which would apply to both Heterosexual and Homosexual relationships. Until now the Homosexual had no choice in committing such acts because it was illegal to marry!! Jesus looks at the heart of man toward him. He sees neither male or female in the sense that we do. Paul preferred that we all be single but stated it is better to marry than to burn! I believe it is also stated that Jesus is no respecter of persons!! In his eyes Sin is Sin. He said, In the last days, even the elect would be deceived and Ignorance would not be an excuse, when we stand before Him! Educate yourself dude… so when you stand before Him you’re ignorance will not be an issue! Lean not to your own understanding! Seeking diligently through fasting and prayer and asking Him for wisdom and understanding! IJS

        • Hi. I didn’t mention homosexuality in my comment at all. That was you. Please pay attention to what you’re doing instead of calling me uneducated.

          • Abortions are *medical procedures* that are sometimes necessary. The. End. In your world, abortions will not stop — they will just become more dangerous. If your wife was faced with losing her own life or the life of the baby, you would really want to prevent doctors from saving her life? Even if we will never see eye-to-eye on that topic, however, you are really willing to risk the fate of the entire country + world on that one single cause? How many deaths are caused by pollution? By climate change? By hatred and racism? Did God not entrust us to care for this world? You know that most church leaders wanted to add environmentalism to the Republican platform before paid campaigns came in and swayed just enough of them, right?

    • I’m reminded almost daily of Ghandi’s observation: I like your Christ very much. I do not like your Christian”

  2. AMEN 4! Spot on John Pavlovitz! Thank you for being that sane voice in what seems to be the wilderness of denial, false narrative and faux Christianity we are all muddling through.

    • “Faux Christianity”= not voting for Hillary, not voting for pro-choicers, not wanting socialism, believing two men having sex with each other is wrong, etc. etc.

      “Real Christianity”= being a Liberal Democrat, loving abortionists, and accepting any kind of deviant sexual activity so long as it is “consensual.”

      • Still wrong Anonymous! “Faux Christianity”= voting for Trump.

        not voting for pro-choicers, not wanting socialism, believing two men having sex with each other is wrong, etc. etc.

        “Real Christianity”= not claiming every safety net is the road to socialism, believing how or with whom other people have sex is not your business, never putting politics over the teachings of Christ, and trying to create a better world where abortions are no longer chosen,

        Try it!

        • That’s all well and good – but you are assuming I believe what you believe.

          Got bad news for you there. Most don’t. We just are silent and not trying to force our way to be your way.

          Just because something is legal doesn’t mean you have to do it.

          • THIS is being “silent and not trying to force our way to be your way”? I’d hate to see what your comments would look like if you were speaking up.

            • Spot on Leslie, this ridiculous trolling and defaming is really some kind of mental illness IMO. It is the internet equivalent of knocking on our doors to proselytize.

              There are millions of blogs, there are thousands of blogs by clergy or the religious minded; who on this earth sets out to troll, attack, derail and demean the ones they disagree with?

              It does add to the “hit” count for advertising sales and book deals so it helps John P in the end, but it is sick.

          • No Anonymous, I am not assuming you believe what I believe. Though I think it is more than a little sick to visit and comment on a blog you disagree with.

            • They do it for their daily recommended dose of persecution to feed their complex that they are the true Christ-followers.

              “God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers.”
              Matt 5:11
              Living New Testament

          • What people do is between them and God….you can’t legislate morality………and prolife doesn’t just mean protecting the unborn……it also means not taking healthcare away from those that need it most, it’s raising the minimum wage, it’s providing affordable housing, it’s not just making sure the rich get massive tax breaks, it’s protecting the environment so that our kids will have an unpolluted earth, it’s respecting and celebrating diversity……..it is not this survival of the fittest attitude that is the prevasive in this country now……

      • Please stop with the straw man arguments. Nowhere in the post did John talk about who is Christian and who is not. And as far as I can see, voting for a serial adulterer who is unrepentant about any of it, who bragged about grabbing women by the genetals at the same time he had a pregnant wife, a boaster, a bragger, and to top it all off, a man who has never actually been opposed to LGBT marriage so that you you can “get ” a Supreme Court justice who will give your religion more of the secular power over others that it craves. Who has sold their soul, exactly?

        • This has always been my policy, Patty. Although there is one of the anonymous that seems worth talking to and I have begged that person to adopt some sort of identity in order be distinguished from all of the other anonymous who are trolls

      • Why, exactly, are you Anonymous? If you hold firmly in your beliefs, why not show your name? I am seeing cowardice here laced with hatred. Very sad

    • Yes~agreed, Sandi! John and the thoughtful, caring, and rational folks here give one hope. It is our calling to fight against evil, esp for our children, planet, and fellow human beings.

  3. Donald J Trump could run over a grandmother in a car stolen from a disabled veteran with an impaled baby on the back seat on his way to drowning a litter of puppies – and his supporters would be just fine.

    As the soulful Mr. Michael McDonald sang, ‘What a fool believes, no wise man has the power to reason away, what seems to be is always better than nothing at all’

    No amount of evidence, reason or logic will convince supporters of The Current Occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue until they can see that The Emperor Has No Clothes.

    • Sadly, you are correct. They didn’t care that he bragged about sexually assaulting women, just to name one thing out of a list of many — which means they tacitly approve of such behavior. They figure as long as it isn’t them being raped, it doesn’t matter.

      They don’t understand how badly they’ve been duped. Luckily for them, while we’re out there fighting for *their* rights, too. Because, one day, they will realize that they were being raped after all.

      • And those who voted for Clinton voted for chasing skirts in the White House, right? Or could it have been because they preferred his policies?

        If you listen carefully to that 10 year old recording of a private conversation that was maliciously released in order to throw the election to Hillary, you will see that although the speech is crude and unacceptable, he did not actually say he did those things. And it didn’t make Crooked Hillary appear any less crooked.

        Regardless, what does that have to do with his policies? He’s appointed a good Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia. A promise kept. Not bad for the first 100 days.

        But please don’t say we were “raped” by Trump. That’s not only vicious and crude, but it is insulting to rape victims.

  4. This reflects my voice and state of mind SPOT ON! I couldn’t have expressed it better myself, and I appreciate knowing that there is at least one other rational Christian on the planet. God bless, dear sir!

  5. Hillary didn’t win. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Some facts instead of lies to support your anti-Trumpism would be a refreshing change.

    I’m not sorry you’re a sore-loser who can’t get over your leftwing agenda not prevailing, but I am sorry a pastor can’t focus on what is good and spiritual instead of making a religion out of hating Trump and leading other people to do likewise. It’s disgraceful.

    • Poor pitiful yet another Anonymous! John P won’t post what I want… Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

      John P uses facts instead of lies to resist the damage that is Trump and like so many, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

      A “refreshing change” would be you trolls and haters finding a blog you can support and cheer instead of this sick crashing you do here.

      You are all clearly sore-winners who can’t defend the vileness of Trump, point out any progress, “winning” or greatness coming back, so you whine about someone else’s “agenda” and “a pastor” who won’t cater to your needs and narrative. You’re disgraceful!

      • Missed some of the back & forth~wonder why people who disagree with what John says even hang out here? (Reminds me of someone else….) I have no need to follow 45- supporter blogs or those that go against my principals. And I don’t need to be “lead”. The mortifying goings on over the past 3 months & my faith are why I agree with John .

        • Cathy, that is our question also. Why come to a blog you do not agree with? What kind of people do that? Trolls.

          • What’s wrong with discussion? That’s what comments are for. No one would have a reason to talk if everyone thought the same.

            • Dan, those who come here to vilify John P, and those who support him are not coming to “discuss” jack snap and you know it. Stop trolling.

        • I am coming to the conclusion that it is pathological. Nothing else makes any sense. As you say, I wouldn’t go to a 45 supporter blog, I know they aren’t going to change my mind and I certainly to have any hopes of changing theirs, they live in a bubble. Peace,

          • Maybe conservatives who come here don’t want to be in a “bubble” and don’t mind interacting with those in the liberal hate-Trump bubble.

            You can’t say PRESIDENT TRUMP, huh?

            Do you think Jesus wants you to call him “45”? Don’t bother answering. You guys in the liberal bubble–even those of you who call yourselves Christians–have all kinds of reasons of why it is good and noble to demonize Trump and those who voted for him.

          • Do you see the irony of accusing people of “living in a bubble” if they disagree with you? It sounds to me that you want this site to be a bubble for yourself where only people that share your opinion can speak.

        • Cathy,

          Pastor John gossips about us (conservatives that voted Republican) behind our backs, every day, and it merits a response.

          We also love pastor John’s idea of a ‘Bigger Table’.

      • Where is your proof Trump colluded with Russia and how did that help him win? Your guru continues to preach this yet offers no proof?

        Trump spends 39% of his time on the golf course? Really? Can you back up your spiritual director’s claim about that? And if he did, why wouldn’t you think that’s a good thing? Wouldn’t you want this evil orange monster to spend as much time as possible away from the Oval Office?

        Trump surrounds himself with White Supremacists and millionaires? Who are the White Supremacists and why are they so labeled? What white supremacist policies are they perusing? Regarding millionaires–that’s a little bit hypocritical isn’t it? How can one not be surrounded by them in government? It’s wrong if a cabinet member or adviser is independently wealthy and doesn’t need his government job? Isn’t that better than people with nothing coming into government and then leaving as millionaires, like Harry Reed and his ilk?

        Trump thinks dead historical figures are still alive? Which ones?

        Why is it good that the pope of your church plays the race card so often? What Trump policies are benefiting only the “whitest among us”?

        How can anyone of at least average intelligence eagerly lap up this gobbledygook as if they are prophetic words? The only explanation is that they like that Trump and his supporters are scapegoated. They like that Trump is made into a demon. They like feeling superior. It’s also a sick way to have a little fun and diversion.

        How does anti-Trumpism help you get closer to God? How does whining about Trump and “faux Christians” who voted for him please Jesus? What must someone who voted for Trump need to do to find salvation and be brought back into the fold of “real” Christians. While you’re at it, you might as well define what a real Christian is.

    • Anonymous; do you have any idea of what is going on and the idiotic stunts #45 is pulling? Do you not read/watch/listen to the news? FYI…the man you support is the cause for great concern among the sane leaders throughout the world.

    • Dear Anonymous:

      1] You truly ought to outgrow the ‘sore-loserism’ line.

      2] Socioeconomic conditions ARE moral issues [Micah 6:8].

      Did you honestly now know these things?


      • “Socioeconomic conditions ARE moral issues [Micah 6:8].”

        They are also spiritual issues as the conquest of Israel and Judah attest.

        • Dear Gloriamarie Amalfitano:

          Yeah, I meant ‘spiritual.’ But you’re right.

          Thank you for putting it better than I did.


          • Ah, but Socioeconomic conditions are also moral issues. I see no conflict between moral and spiritual.

    • 1. Violations of ethics and conflict-of-interest laws. I am a database administrator, and every year I have to take ethics training at work; many government employees aren’t even allowed to sell their child’s Girl Scout cookies at work, yet the Trumps can take every opportunity to enrich themselves
      2. Collusion with a foreign government
      3. Nepotism
      4. Appointments of unqualified people to agencies with the intent to destroy them
      5. Building a kleptocracy of, for and by billionaires
      6. Alienating allies (Canada, Mexico, Europe) and provocation of a dysfunctional, sociopathic regime in North Korea.
      7. Targeting NON-Christians, NON-straights and NON-whites, fostering and encouraging Aryan Nationalism
      8. Sheer mendacity
      9. Fostering environmental destruction for the sake of profit.
      10. Savage vindictiveness against prior administration

      Others can feel free to add more……

    • I keep waiting for a FAUXtus supporter to provide us with facts … let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m not holding my breath.

      In case you missed the memo, the only reason that the FAUXtus is occupying the Oval Office is an anomaly of the Electoral College. HRC won the popular vote by a fairly good chunk of change.

      I feel very sorry for you, because one day you will wake up and realize how badly you were conned.

      • And if Hillary had won the electoral vote and lost the popular vote (as George Soros predicted would happen), you would have felt sorry for Donald Trump?

        It’s time to stop whining about the Electoral Collage. That’s the system we have and that’s what Trump campaigned to win. You don’t know that he wouldn’t have won the overall popular vote had he not gone after it.

  6. Amen, John. I appreciate your speaking the truth in love. You have values and value. Our children deserve a better country and world to live in.
    I am encouraged today and will continue to resist as a church refugee.

  7. There is a completely different dynamic going on where I live in the Portland, Oregon area. Despite Portland’s motto of “Keep Portland Weird,” and despite its reputation for being very liberal and inclusive, and especially for being gay friendly, Oregon is mostly rural and filled with Trump supporters who comment all-too-frequently on Facebook posts from the local Portland TV stations. They LOVE what Trump has done, feel that he is a huge success so far. They cite Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court as exhibit #1, even though this was a shameful gift from Mitch McConnell. McConnell stole a Supreme Court seat from an eminently qualified candidate and then changed the Senate rules, which was the only way he could jam the extreme-right-wing Gorsuch down the throats of the American people, who must now suffer Gorsuch’s “Constitutionalist” (read: “Big Business always wins over human beings”) viewpoint for the next 30 years, probably. They crow over how strong Donald Trump has made the USA look, by lobbing missiles at Syria in response to Syria’s government (probably, although no investigation was done to prove it) bombing civilians and children with Sarin gas. They either don’t know or don’t care that Trump himself precipitated the Sarin attack, by changing US policy drastically two days before the attack and announcing that the US would leave Syria to sort out its government on its own and was no longer interested in intervening. They say Trump was strong in this, where Obama was weak, by setting a “red line” and then not enforcing it. They don’t know, or don’t care, that when Obama came to Congress to request military action in Syrian, Congress said “no.” They don’t care that Trump’s action was illegal, because only Congress has the authority to approve acts of war, and Trump only consulted a piece of chocolate cake. They don’t know, apparently, that the attack on Syria made America less safe, not more safe, from terrorists. They think that Trump’s intent to trash the environment will mean more jobs. They don’t apparently realize that it will simply mean more profits for the business owners, at the cost of injuries and suffering for the workers, if indeed any more jobs do materialize. When I and others complain about Trump’s wasteful spending on all the weekends playing golf and making a personal fortune at Mar-a-Lago, the response is: “He’s working. How much work did Obama do in Hawaii?” Everything Trump’s supporters love about what he has “accomplished” so far are, to me and everyone else in the resistance, all appalling failures showing how quickly an amoral, greedy, ignorant tyrant can compromise the integrity of the Constitution and everything good that this country has been accomplishing over centuries of hard work. I agree that resistance is our only hope to preserve what is good in our nation. Trump supporters tend to call it “butt-hurt” or “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” They are wrong. It is Patriotism. The Resistance is trying to save the nation. But I only see a tiny minority of Trump voters who now see what a threat he is to the US and to the world. The vast majority are, I fear, still out there cheering him on, guffawing to the “snowflakes” that “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” I wonder if they will change their tune when the big items– health care and tax reform– don’t help them. Trump supporters don’t apparently know that if the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) goes away, health care costs will go up. They themselves, or family members or friends, will have needless suffering, or die, because of the lack of decent affordable health care. And why? So Paul Ryan’s rich backers, and Trump’s friends, will get a multi-million dollar tax break. And if tax reform goes through in the way Trump intends, the poor and middle class will likely see their taxes stay the same, go up, or maybe go down a little, but Trump will save billions in tax costs for himself and his friends. And this will greatly expand the national debt and the deficit. Perhaps then the Trump supporters may finally realize that they have been played by a liar/salesman/businessman who only wanted to become president in order to improve his personal bottom line and publicize his brand. It’s really sad that they were duped by such a bad liar/salesman/businessman, but I don’t see many of them owning up to it yet, unfortunately. I see a country more divided than ever.

    • MargieM, I am afraid that their disconnect will allow them to defend Trump even when his “winning” kicks them in the wallet, heart or whatever their vulnerable spot is. He has become an icon for his base and there is no getting through. They cannot see what he is or what he is doing for telling themselves it is all good.

      • Such as this kick in a vulnerable spot and I am willing to guess that Jimmy Kimmel makes more money than anyone here:

        Jimmy Kimmel Offers Heartfelt Plea For Infants’ Health Care

        immy Kimmel on Monday night offered a heartfelt story about his newborn’s birth and health complications. He took the opportunity to point to the ongoing health care debate.

        “If your baby is going to die and it doesn’t have to, it shouldn’t matter how much money you make. I think that’s something that if you’re a Republican, Democrat, or something else we all agree on that right?” he said in his tearful monologue.

        This comes after the House last week tried to rally votes around a second health care bill that, according to health care experts, “could effectively make coverage completely unaffordable to people with preexisting conditions.”

        “Before 2014, if you were born with congenital heart disease like my son was, there was a good chance you’d never be able to get health insurance because you had a preexisting condition,” Kimmel said. “… And if your parents didn’t have medical insurance you might not live long enough to even get denied because of a preexisting condition.”

        Watch below. https://sojo.net/articles/jimmy-kimmel-offers-heartfelt-plea-infants-health-care

      • I agree, Sandi. I haven’t seen anything like this in my lifetime and I am scared for our immediate future.

        My “Trump’s victory is our salvation” friends went from “rah-rah” to silence. Now they are starting to blame the Democrats, liberals, and any other group denigrated during Trump’s campaign for him not being able to get stuff done because of the Constitutional checks and balances, almost as if they forgot how the Federal Government works.

        The step after that is to find a scapegoat, which Trump has given his followers groups of people to punish. Believe me, Trump likes punishing people. In fact, he is bigly huge into punishment for “bad guys”. I’m dreading the day the American version of the Reichstag fire happens so Trump can claim “emergency powers”.

        We need to organise and resist now. I believe the lives of millions may be on the line in the near future.

        • Robin, you’re absolutely right about a present-day version of the Reichstag fire. I’m waiting for that to happen – and dreading the clampdown that will surely follow. I honestly don’t see how we can survive this first year, let alone the remaining three.

        • Robin, I hate to admit you are right, but I have a dreadful feeling that you are. There is an exec order that is supposedly coming against the LGBTQ community on Thursday, like the Mike Pence RFRA law. I see them usurping power little by little. Perhaps that is why I have Martin Niemoller on the brain lately. Peace and love,

          • Trump Expected to Sign Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order

            by david badash
            May 02, 2017 4:48 PM
            ‘The Language Is Very, Very Strong’
            President Donald Trump is expected to sign an anti-LGBT “religious freedom executive order on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer. Some believe Vice President Mike Pence, in partnership with anti-gay hate groups, is behind the push for him to sign it this week.

            Politico first reported the scheduling of the signing, noting it “would represent a major triumph for Vice President Mike Pence—whose push for religious-freedom legislation backfired mightily when he served as governor of Indiana—and his allies in the conservative movement.”

            The White House is planning on having the president sign it during Thursday’s gathering of national faith leaders and “family friendly” Christian organizations, according to sources in the administration who tell NCRM that the language of the Executive Order remains essentially unchanged from the draft leaked last February to The Nation magazine.

            The language of the original executive order drew national outrage, especially among the LGBT community and equality supporters. It could gut President Barack Obama’s executive orders prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination among federal contractors, which employ millions of workers across the U.S.

            The Nation’s Sarah Posner, who originally reported on the leaked draft earlier this year, described it as seeking “to create wholesale exemptions for people and organizations who claim religious or moral objections to same-sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion, and trans identity,” and noted it “seeks to curtail women’s access to contraception and abortion through the Affordable Care Act.”

            Read more about this illegal Executive Order here: http://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/davidbadash/trump_to_sign_anti_lgbt_religious_freedom_executive_order?utm_campaign=td_05_02_17&utm_medium=email&utm_source=thenewcivilrightsmovement

  8. John, I love every word you wrote. We just know the trolls are going to come out in force.

    The fact of the matter is that the administration is in chaos because none of them seem to be familiar with the tenets of the Constitution. They are unqualified for their positions.

    And let’s NOT forget how many times the Grifter-In-Chief has gone to play golf. He blasted Obama for the occasional golf weekend promised that were he elected, he wouldn’t take time off to play golf, proving, yet again, as if we needed it, that whenever words come out of his mouth, he is lying.

  9. Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been an Incredible Success…For Climate Change Deniers
    “I don’t think the environmental story has been adequately told.”

    Environmentalists were braced for President Donald Trump’s first 100 days. They expected the executive orders. They expected Congress to pass a flurry of bills rolling back agency regulations. But even the most seasoned veterans of green wars didn’t quite anticipate the scale and scope of Trump’s all-out attack on the environment.

    Now, activists like Erich Pica, Friends of the Earth president with 20 years of experience in the environmental movement, use the word “unprecedented,” a lot.

    Yet the sheer sweep and effectiveness of Trump’s achievements in undermining decades of progress in this issue has sometimes been obscured by the frenzied news cycles of the last 100 days, with a failed Affordable Care Act repeal, a confirmed Supreme Court nominee, the thwarted Muslim travel ban, his Russia scandal, and more.

    “He’s done so many things simultaneously that I don’t think the environmental story has been adequately told,” Pica says. “I don’t think there’s been that one moment yet where a lot of people were impacted at one time.” But “collectively, he’s in the process of perpetuating one of the most devastating attacks on our environmental laws.”


  10. The first 100 days
    President Trump’s top priorities include rolling back protections to workers’ wages, health, and safety
    Report • By Celine McNicholas, Heidi Shierholz, Josh Bivens, and Daniel Costa • April 27, 2017

    April 29, 2017, marks the 100th day of Donald Trump’s presidency. During his first 100 days in office, President Trump has talked often about improving the lives of people who “work hard and play by the rules.” But looking beyond the president’s rhetoric and examining his actions during this time reveals a different set of priorities. During his first 100 days, President Trump has rolled back worker protections and outlined a fiscal year 2018 budget that would dramatically cut funding for the agencies that safeguard workers’ rights, wages, and safety. He has also advanced nominees to key posts—even to the Supreme Court—who are hostile to policies that boost wages, enhance workers’ bargaining power, and protect worker safety. This report evaluates President Trump’s actions during his first 100 days and analyzes their impact on this nation’s workers and our economy.

    President Trump has blocked and delayed regulations that protect workers
    In his first few days as president, Trump issued a series of executive orders and memoranda directing agencies to limit and repeal regulations. As a result of these directives, agencies have delayed implementation of numerous regulations that would have provided benefits to workers, and many of these regulations are likely to be rescinded. In addition, Trump has signed a dozen Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions blocking specific rules—a third of which provided workers with much-needed protections.1

    Day 15. Trump ensures workers will lose billions in retirement savings.

    On February 3, 2017, Trump issued a memorandum directing the Department of Labor (DOL) to review the Fiduciary Duty Rule.2 As a result of this memorandum, DOL delayed implementation of the rule from April 10, 2017, to June 9, 2017.3 The fiduciary rule simply requires financial advisers to provide what most clients likely believe they are already receiving—advice about their retirement plans free from conflicts of interest.4 “Conflicted” advice leads to lower investment returns, causing real losses—an estimated $17 billion a year5—for the clients who are victimized. The rule would prohibit common practices such as steering clients toward investments that pay the adviser a commission but provide the client a lower rate of return. The rule simply requires that investment advisers act in their clients’ best interests.

    The delay is a thinly veiled attempt by the Trump administration to weaken or rescind the rule, siding with Wall Street over typical American families. But the delay alone will be enormously expensive to retirement savers—and not just during the period of the delay. As DOL itself notes, the losses that retirement savers experience from being steered toward higher-cost investment products during the delay “would not be recovered, and would continue to compound, as the accumulated losses would have reduced the asset base that is available later for reinvestment or spending.”6 Every seven days the rule’s implementation is delayed will cost retirement savers $431 million over the next 30 years. All told, the proposed 60-day delay will cost workers saving for retirement $3.7 billion over the next 30 years.7

    Day 41. Trump DOL’s delay of beryllium rule puts workers at continued risk of illness.

    On March 1, 2017, the Trump DOL announced a proposed delay in the effective date of a rule limiting workers’ exposure to beryllium in the workplace.8 On March 21, 2017, the day the rule was previously scheduled to take effect, DOL announced that it would delay the effective date to May 20, 2017.9 OSHA had issued the rule to prevent chronic beryllium disease (a lung disease) and lung cancer in workers by reducing permissible exposure to beryllium and beryllium compounds.10

    The Trump administration’s delay in implementation of this rule will lead to more workers being exposed to unsafe levels of beryllium compounds. The rule protected workers in several industries including construction and shipyards. Approximately 62,000 workers are exposed to beryllium in their workplaces.11

    Day 64. Trump DOL proposes delay to rule protecting mineworkers.

    On March 24, 2017, the Trump DOL proposed a delay in the effective date of a rule designed to improve miners’ safety and health—the “Rule for Examination of Working Places in Metal and Nonmetal Mines.”12 The delay would postpone the effective date from May 23, 2017, to July 24, 2017. The rule required certain mine operators to conduct workplace inspections to identify hazards before work begins in an area, notify miners of hazardous conditions that are not corrected, and record the work sites examined, the adverse conditions found, and the date of each corrective action taken.13

    The Trump administration’s delay of this rule means that miners will continue to work in less safe conditions. Critical workplace examinations will be delayed, exposing miners to potentially hazardous working conditions. From January 2010 through mid-December 2015, 122 miners were killed in 110 accidents at metal and nonmetal mines.14 President Trump’s administration has delayed these critical safety requirements while he continues to talk about bringing back lost jobs in the coal mining industry. Despite Trump’s talk, his actions demonstrate that he is not concerned with ensuring that mining jobs are safe jobs.

    Day 67. Trump rewards contractors who violate labor and employment laws.


  11. You’ve Probably Forgotten Half the Terrible Things Donald Trump Has Already Done to Our Planet
    Climate Desk is here to remind you.

    It’s been an eventful 100 days.

    Since taking office, Donald Trump has done his best to fulfill his campaign promise to roll back environmental regulations and liberate business from what he insists are job-killing, growth-impeding, unnecessary constraints. During a Republican primary debate in Michigan, he articulated his vision for the Environmental Protection Agency this way: “Department of Environmental Protection. We are going to get rid of it in almost every form. We’re going to have little tidbits left, but we’re going to take a tremendous amount out.”

    So now at the 100-day mark, if not mission accomplished, he has certainly gone a long way towards fulfilling that dream.


  12. 100 Days, 100 Ways the Trump Administration Is Harming Women and Families
    By Sunny Frothingham and Shilpa Phadke

    Nearly 100 days into the Trump administration, there has been little talk of concrete policy actions that will help women and families. Despite repeated promises that President Trump and his administration would invest in and empower women, President Trump’s actions have made it clear that he and his team are completely out of touch with the needs of today’s working families.

    From attacking health care and undermining women’s legal rights to elevating out-of-touch, regressive nominees to key positions, President Trump reveals his fundamental lack of understanding of the myriad challenges women face and how they are interrelated. It has only been 100 days, and millions of women are already feeling the negative impacts of the Trump administration and its misguided agenda. Women and families have never had more to lose.


  13. Dear John Pavlovitz,
    I’m confused, you claim you are about love and acceptance but there is such hate and venom in your post. Yes, you say nice things about those that agree with you but tear apart anyone who disagrees. You state that all Christians are bad, except those that reject the fundamental belief of Christianity. I feel when people unify together with hate for someone else, even if it is justified then it only makes more hate and pain. Is it possible for you to build up what you believe in without tearing others apart?

    I can imagine how that life must be difficult for you, you sound like you are in so much pain. To me you sound like a lost and hurting man, searching for something.

    As far as I can see you don’t take the time to understand every angle. I mean nothing is completely black and white. Even the most pious Christian Leader has their reasons.

    As far as the president, my suggestion would be pray. If you truly don’t like his ways pray; speak up for what you would rather but spewing hate filled blogs about your opinions doesn’t help the president and doesn’t honor God. You have in an amazing position, you have the power to ignite hate or love in people. I have found love is more powerful than hate.

    2 Peter 2:10 NASB
    [10] and especially those who indulge the flesh in its corrupt desires and despise authority. Daring, self-willed, they do not tremble when they revile angelic majesties,

    1 Peter 2:13-25 NASB
    [13] Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, [14] or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right. [15] For such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men. [16] Act as free men, and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bondslaves of God. [17] Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king. [18] Servants, be submissive to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and gentle, but also to those who are unreasonable. [19] For this finds favor, if for the sake of conscience toward God a person bears up under sorrows when suffering unjustly. [20] For what credit is there if, when you sin and are harshly treated, you endure it with patience? But if when you do what is right and suffer for it you patiently endure it, this finds favor with God. [21] For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps, [22] WHO committed NO SIN, NOR WAS ANY DECEIT FOUND IN HIS MOUTH; [23] and while being reviled, He did not revile in return; while suffering, He uttered no threats, but kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously; [24] and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed. [25] For you were continually straying like sheep, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls.

    2 Timothy 1:6-8 NASB
    [6] For this reason I remind you to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. [7] For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. [8] Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord or of me His prisoner, but join with me in suffering for the gospel according to the power of God,

    Ephesians 6:10-17 NASB
    [10] Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. [11] Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. [12] For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. [13] Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. [14] Stand firm therefore, having GIRDED YOUR LOINS WITH TRUTH, and HAVING put ON THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, [15] and having shod YOUR FEET WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE; [16] in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. [17] And take the HELMET OF SALVATION, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    Romans 13:1-7 NASB
    [1] Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. [2] Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. [3] For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; [4] for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. [5] Therefore it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath, but also for conscience’ sake. [6] For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing. [7] Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.


    Humility Grace & Mercy

    • HGM, you are clearly unable to see that JohnP is taking on “the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

      Stick to your own blog if you only want to see what agrees with you. No one is forced to come here and read his commentary.

      Like JohnP said: “you may as well save your guilt and your scoldings and your condescension—and your questions about my motivations, my patriotism, my faith convictions, or any other shame-throwing you have in mind. It’s all wasted energy.”

    • Look in the mirror. You are projecting. John doesn’t need me to stand up for him– he’s more than able to do that for himself. But if you see hate in any of his words, you are seeing what is not there and must look within. You quote a lot of Bible verses but you don’t seem to have realized that you are attempting to use them as you accuse John of using his blog. The difference is that John is open and inclusive and positive about what he does, and you spew hatred from behind a fake name, out of some sort of angry, mistaken self-righteousness that apparently gives you permission to judge him. If you see love of people, love of God, love of country, and a determination to work to support all of those things as “hatred,” the problem is not with John. It is with you. I wish you peace, but I fear you will never find it.

      • You are correct, I totally missed John’s love throughout his post about Trump. You are probably right I’m projecting. I have issues with some of Trump’s behavior and saw my self in John’s words but I choose to respect the authority of the Presidency even Trump deserves love just as all God’s creatures do.


        • HGM- Show love to Trump? As he shows love to all God’s creatures? This isn’t a child’s tale, so get real and mature up. He could be a devil’s minion (I actually think he is) and you still talk about respecting his authority? His evil, divisive, racist, cruel, hateful and ignorant authority? No thank you. God gave me a rational mind and a discerning conscience. I don’t respect any authority that stands for cruelty and malicious cowardice. I know right from wrong and he is everything wrong. Nothing about him is respect worthy…God’s creature or otherwise.

          • I had a neighbor who thought Obama was the “anti-Christ.”

            I see now that there are leftwing kooks too.

            And the pastor would have you buy his tinfoilhatism that Trump and “the Russians” stole the election.

            Whatever sells books and gets clicks…

            • And your contribution helps too, so thanks! Anyone who has paid attention knows how Trump was aided by Russian hackers and the fake news they helped plant and Trump supporters helped spread.

              Yes, there are left wing kooks and worse too, but that does not negate that so many in the church and the churches themselves have ignored his hate and sin to embrace and publicly support Trump when they never did so for Obama.

              • The key word is “collusion.” How did Trump collude with the Russians?

                I didn’t support Obama. I didn’t like his policies. I like Trump’s policies. When Obama won, however, I didn’t go through 100 days of wearing sackcloth and heaping ashes upon myself. It was three days tops. Then I got on with life and hoped for the best in spite of the fact I didn’t get my way politically. I wasn’t obsessed by it, like some are with the “Orange Demon” (Pavlovitz’ term–not mine).

                PS The real “collusion” in this election was that the mainstream media was totally in the tank for Hillary Clinton and did whatever it could to demonize Trump. If there were no such media collusion, Trump would have gotten 60% of the vote.

                • As far as I am concerned, Trump “colluded” with the Russians from the time he made a 40 million dollar profit on a home he sold to a Putin pal up to and including when he publicly called on them to keep hacking and look for more on Clinton. Every time he praised and admired Putin in public, and when he mysteriously hires someone he did not know who just happened to have worked for Putin to be his campaign manager, and when he mysteriously found so many people to place in his administration that had ties and connections to Russia.

                  I am not concerned with what you did when Obama was elected or the next nine years but your pal Trump was VERY public and vocal in his vitriol and birther lies. As was the Christian Right Party for the last 9 years, so do stop whining when the favors are returned now that such a vile repulsive man is in the White House.

                  If you think offering opinions on a blog means “obsession” you need to get out more…or talk to the thousands of people who post in the same vein daily.

                  Trump could NEVER “have gotten 60% of the vote” in this nation. He did not win the majority of votes cast and he has yet to get even up to the 46% win he got in the approval polls.

                • Dear Reelect Trump 2020:

                  There was no Russian/Trump connection. No more evidence has been presented for this vicious, McCarthy style attack by the DN Committee on Donald Trump than was presented by Donald Trump’s administration for the claim that Assad used banned munitions on rebel-held Syrian territory.


          • Yes, respect and love even Trump. Love your enemy. This piece of scripture was written during a time when the government was persecuting Christians. The ruler was literally hunting down Christians, putting them on stakes and setting them on fire to light the ruler’s garden walkways. I think if they were called to respect their leaders then so can Christians today. I also believe love makes more difference than hate but you are right God gave us freedom of choice so what you do is ultimately up to you. I hold no judgement only love.


      • Spot on MargieM. There is no peace for people who seek to torment people for daring to speak as they are lead on their own blog.

      • I found this site from a Google search and had no idea it was supposed to be Christian until I got to the comments. I personally am picking up a very hateful vibe from most of the people commenting here. Is this how people are at church?

    • Nothing like a nice Scripture bombardment to soften things up. Do you really think he hasn’t read his Bible? Do you not think he already knows those verses? So what’s the point in ‘reminding’ him? Do you think these magic words will somehow ‘cut him to the heart’, and he does a facepalm and says ‘Oh, look how wrong I have been!’?

      I think you have the wrong end of the tail here. John is not being hate-filled; this is what the fundies call ‘righteous anger’, and what everyone else refers to as being pissed off with injustice. Can you not see that all these things listed that Trump has done are completely, completely, outside just and righteous behaviour? The man is a loose cannon. Right now I’m glad I’m not American, and I sincerely hope one of my relatives over there manages to escape soon…

      • Tony, you just don’t understand! Fundies get this tremendous kick when they think they have outwitted someone by being able to throw prooftexts at them, the more prooftexts, the greater their crown in glory. Because this is proof of how well they know their self-approved English translation of the Bible. Regardless that they know nothing of scripture in the original tongues or how the whole canon or their particular translation came about.

    • Theo, it is fascinating to me that you endlessly equate telling the truth with speaking hate. You when make that accusation. There is not a hateful word in this post. Only John asking people to be accountable, surely a Biblical principle.

      • I have not read Yoder’s book but I will it looks like an interesting read. I get scripture from the Bible- doesn’t really matter what translation, I enjoy using concordances and looking up the original translation in Greek or Hebrew. I believe the Bible should be taken as a whole and then it explains itself. Yes, I believe scripture is relevant always and any decision should be made with God’s word in mind. I enjoy listening to sermons from many denominations and reading books on different faiths and ideals. Thank you for the suggestion.


    • Amen to that. I still can not believe he is a pastor!!
      Who said something about a false teacher preaching to the goats?

      • “Who said something about a false teacher preaching to the goats?”

        Probably someone describing Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., Paula White, or many of the other “Christian ministers” who have sold out to the gods of power and money.

        • Bless you, you made me chuckle and it’s morning, I don’t do mornings well so…………… Peace and Love,

  14. Dear John Pavlovitz:

    Personally, I never liked the ‘messianic’ language whether applied to Democrat or Republican Presidential figures.

    Personally, I’d prefer that you focus on ‘the approaching storm’ [to use your terminology].

    • Dear Anonymous:

      That’s quite an accusation.

      Have you the theological competence to determine this?

      If so, why should we believe that you do?


      • Pavlovitz preaches for abortion, for same sex unions, and against the idea that there is a hell, to name a few.

        Who needs a degree to see the heresy or false teaching in that?

        • Who needs a degree to see the heresy and false teaching in people who claim to follow Christ supporting and cheering on Trump? No one.

        • Dear Reelect Trump 2020:

          Trump preaches war on North Korea and Syria — which in all likelihood is prerequisite for war on China/Russia.

          Why would any orthodox believer support that?


          • An “orthodox believer” had two choices. Why would an “orthodox believer” have supported Clinton?

            Whatever Trump “preaches” is politics and not doctrine. Pavlovitz preaches politics as if it is doctrine.

            • Dear Reelect Trump 2020:

              If you deem the 2016 slug-fest a legitimate ‘choice,’ we seriously disagree as to what constitutes an ‘orthodox believer.’

              It’s curious that when Trump ‘reaches’ politics, it isn’t doctrine, but when Pavlovitz preaches politics, it is doctrine. Are you sure that this isn’t about the politics with which you agree?

              The way I had it, the only politics allowed the orthodox believer is the politics of God’s kingdom.

              Now, we have the following:

              Trump’s offer to meet Kim Jong-un is effectively an ultimatum: accept US terms for negotiations or confront the prospect of war.

              The National Guard/Pentagon is holding drills for testing preparation for nuclear attack on the US.

              South Korean election candidates back US war preparations.

              Bowing to US pressure, Japan’s ruling party calls for the military to have defensive weapons.

              As part of advanced preparations for war with North Korea, Trump called President Duterte to the White House for a state visit. Australia is making preparations for war on North Korea. And Canada is making preparations for war on North Korea.

              More could be said, but I’d be interested in hearing from you how any of this reflects the politics of God’s kingdom.

              I’m going to stick out my neck. I’m going to say that what we behold is the very relationship between power, wealth and religion that Saint John the theologian depicted under the imagery of the beast, whore of Babylon, and false prophet.

              I’m going to say that by endorsing the powers/principalities of this world in any time or place, by any name, under any administration or system of governance — we embrace the system of earthly idolatry/blasphemy/authority/power/oppression/injustice/iniquity summed by the beasts mark, and by the designation, ‘the world.’ I affirm that support of any of these terms constitutes demonic worship and sets one against the true faith revealed by God in Jesus Christ. Moreover, I’m going to affirm that support of the political structures as they serve the purposes of War, Famine, Pestilence and Death predicates the national existence of the US on the basis of Satanic worship.

              Again — why would any orthodox believer buy into this?


              • gdd, here’s what I don’t understand…. Why would the whole world go to war against N. Korea?

                • Dear Gloriamarie Amalfitano:

                  The US is demanding that the world go to war, because the ultimate target in the region is not North Korea but China.

                  In the same way, powerful layers of the US ruling class are demanding a tough line by world powers against Syria — because Syria and Iran must be reduced if there is to be any serious assault on Russia.

                  The US criminal regime has been leaning hard on other countries also — India, Sri Lanka and others.

                  Also, the massive ordinance [MOAB] unleashed over Afghanistan was intended to send a message to both China and Russia that the US is prepared to take whatever actions are necessary to impose its will on the region. It’s a case of ‘do business with us on our terms — or else.’

                  The US ruling class is absolutely determined to provoke major military conflicts with China and Russia.

                  The 2016 election was fought over the question of whether war should happen first in China [Trump and some Republicans], or Russia [other Republicans, Democrats and the intelligence/military community].

                  That’s behind the tough talk on Russia [HRC] and accusations of Putin the puppeteer on one hand, versus the tough talk on China on the other.

                  The 2016 election was fought to determine which strategy would be pursued — war of attrition/isolation [China], or to defeat the enemy where strongest [Russia].

                  These war plans have been years in the making. All of it is done behind the backs of the American working class.

                  In the face of rising opposition to more war [in which working people have ZERO interest], the Senate ‘Intelligence’ Committee blamed Russian ‘information warfare’ for social discontent in the US.

                  The stunningly stupid assumption that the US working class needs Russia to tell it that things aren’t going well is a warning that powerful ruling class layers support banning dissent on the pretext that it serves our ‘enemies.’

                  In addition to a massive military buildup abroad, the US criminal ruling class is preparing arguments for criminalizing dissent and repressing expression domestically.

                  Around the world, Capitalism is in crisis. No where does this matter more than in the US. The ‘Russian misinformation’ campaign is an expression of that crisis, and of the fear/isolation of the US ruling criminal class.

                  That is more than you requested, expected or ever wanted. God bless you if you actually made it through this!


                  • Dear gdd,

                    Thank you for that detailed explanation.

                    The reasons seem ludicrous to me especially when we consider what the Korean and Vietnam conflicts ought to have taught us: China has an inexhaustible supply of soldiers. We can’t win against them.

                    • Dear Gloriamarie Amalfitano:

                      Hence the increasingly inclination of US military strategists for first strike nuclear weapons.

                      That’s the rub.

                      Oh, and you are entirely correct — there are no good reasons for pursuing war with China or Russia.

                      But Capitalism’s ongoing crisis leaves the US ruling class with no alternative.

                      That’s the other rub. What we’re doing worldwide is not sustainable. The sooner we come to terms with this and put an end to what we’re doing, the better.


                    • Dear gdd, I do not have your political acumen, but I do know that to pursue the threat of nuclear weapons is COMPLETELY STUPID because one act of violence leads to another act of violence as in a nuclear first strike leads to a second, a third etc until civilization is destroyed.

                      My city is a navy town. We’d be a military target. It is very difficult to take anything this administration does seriously because as soon as that first missile is launched, I’m dead.

                      On the other hand, this knowledge certainly motivates me to honor the Benedictine practice of memento mori somewhat more often in the day than usual.

                    • gdd, your posts are so esoteric, I just try not to read them or respond but I do not think you are correct that anyone wants or is working for WWIII (China/Russia) unless it is the fanatical ‘end of days’ zealots.

                      Capitalism neither demands nor requires it. This nation will have another Civil War before it embraces Socialism (and likely not then either).

                      I worry about the Trump Doctrine (mainly he does not have one) being more isolationist and removing from the UN and building alliances but even if he is nuts, China nor Russia, nor actually Iran and North Korea is looking to be destroyed (they are all enjoying the perks of power).

                      I think you scare up business here because you can, not because you have any hope of creating more Socialists or less Capitalists. You are not a mean or vulgar troll, but you do troll nonetheless.

                    • Sandi. you wrote “I think you scare up business here because you can, not because you have any hope of creating more Socialists or less Capitalists. You are not a mean or vulgar troll, but you do troll nonetheless.”

                      While I agree that gdd’s posts are hard for me to understand as I lack the education in areas he has studied for a long time, he has told us that he is a follower of Jesus and agrees with John P more than he disagrees. I feel he quite often counters the pernicious trolls with some good stuff.

                      We read in Acts that followers of Jesus held all things in common. Somehow that has always sound to me to be among the Biblical roots of the economic system called socialism. I also see those roots in the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures exhorting the king and rich people to redistribute the wealth to those with less.

                      I see gdd, if I understand him at all, attempting to communicate these things to us.

                      Of course, it is entirely possible that I am wrong, as I so often am, and gdd could be trying to convert us into Wobblies.

                    • Dear Gloriamarie Amalfitano:

                      I can’t deny that the prospects you describe are real. And it is precisely because the ruling class/administration is so unhinged that we cannot dismiss those prospects, however unpalatable they are.

                      I don’t know what particular memento mori tokens you employ, but my own preference is for the loaf and the cup. While bespeaking death, it holds out also the promise of life. Those are my thoughts anyway.


                    • Dear Sandi Saunders:

                      Thank you for another insightful post.

                      Beyond the Trotskyist analysis, you see an undergrad background in military/strategic studies.

                      More disturbing than the blatant warmongering by our government is that very thoughtful think tanks openly embrace and discuss the possibility of winning a nuclear conflict. Spying deep into North Korean and Chinese territory, THAAD is a key component against retaliatory action should the US launch a nuclear first strike. China complains bitterly that our recent installation of THAAD in South Korea changes the regional strategic balance of power. And their right.

                      That the US government undertakes such provocations behind the back of the American people is a blatantly criminal.

                      By its very nature, Capitalism MUST access cheap raw materials, cheap labor and markets to survive. It is not otherwise profitable. These are economic dictates, and they work. WAR as standing policy serves that end! An entire generation of Americans has arisen which does not remember a time when we were NOT at war.

                      To its undying credit, THIS generation [I believe] WON’T accept demands that it kill and die to profit the ruling class. The ruling class understands this well. And the reluctance of our youth [God bless and save them all!] is why our regime is implements universal domestic surveillance and attacks social rights ceaselessly. The ruling class knows well that pursuit of another world war will produce inevitably pockets of insurrection.

                      That is why our police are increasingly militarized, why searches become more invasive, why courts work hard to establish precedents for harsh treatment of dissent, and on and on. So yes, your point regarding Civil War is very valid.

                      Wherever it goes, Capitalism creates a great fanfare of wealth, and then strips communities and nations bare. That God created a world of abundance testifies that there MUST be a better way of doing things. Sandi, it was not only our sin that sent Jesus to the cross; he died withstanding the princes, principalities and powers of this age.

                      Would we expect it to be different for those who follow Jesus?


                    • Well gdd, sometimes it is just a horse and not a zebra…

                      Think tanks are supposed to “embrace and discuss the possibility of winning a nuclear conflict” is they want to grasp the concept. Spying is also important when you are dealing with insane regimes, corrupt or inept or banana republics too.

                      Self-preservation is every nation’s right. And mankind has some really bad actors throughout history. The rise of the zealots is not really new. You can call it “provocation” but maybe it is not for that purpose. Also, the American people are blatantly ignorant and uninformed mostly by choice not “criminal” misinformation. You are hardly the only person who ‘knows things’.

                      We do not live in a pure Capitalistic world or nation. Sure it always has thrived on being able to “access cheap raw materials, cheap labor and markets” but it can survive on less, with less by making less profit. That happens and we move on. War in the nuclear age is not going to be about those same things. And while technically an “entire generation of Americans has arisen which does not remember a time when we were NOT at war.” It is also true that war like Vietnam, or WWI or II is not on the same scale at all. These are mere skirmishes in comparison.

                      I do not think that WWI or WWII or Vietnam were wars fought to “kill and die to profit the ruling class”.

                      And this “universal domestic surveillance and attacks social rights ceaselessly” you decry is happening in a time of unbridled freedom, access and knowledge too. I freely admit we have a guiding class but we do not have a “ruling class.”

                      I disagree with your connection to the judicial system either. Police are “increasingly militarized” because someone saw profits in making that happen under “law and order”. I do not agree that searches have become more invasive, when reality used to be they could toss your life and wiretap without warrants. And I fail to see any “harsh treatment of dissent”. The Malheur Refuge perps walked!

                      It is just not true that “Capitalism creates a great fanfare of wealth, and then strips communities and nations bare”. Even in nations that have been exploited, there was some benefit and the global economy that has been created is moving third world nations up.

                      If the Bible is true, Jesus was sent to die on the cross, that was not just a decision we made. His Resurrection is what was “withstanding the princes, principalities and powers of this age.”

                      You are so far in the weeds that all hoofbeats are zebras. IF mankind is as lost as you claim, Socialism cannot offer any help as we passed the point of no return decades ago.

                    • Dear Gloriamarie Amalfitano:

                      Years ago, I prepared a 1 page leaflet outlining the basis of a Christian social vision. In addition to the writings of the prophets [which you mention], this vision is based on creation, the signs of circumcision/baptism, Israel’s civil code, the Sabbath, Exodus, Psalms, Israel’s worship, Jesus high-priestly prayer and significantly shapes the Revelation.

                      I wish I had more insight into the Genesis prologue. Somehow, I feel that the prohibition against the tree in the center of the garden matters for all this. I also believe that whereas the commandment against theft is usually cited in argument against socialism, that the ACTUAL intention was to protect the poor from those who would take what little they had.

                      In other words, we have too often subverted God’s word to opposite meanings. What I wish is that we could reclaim what God intended in a vision where there was enough for all. For me, that requires a socialist vision. I wish I could find a simple way to show how a socialist social system more closely parallels the vision of society called the Kingdom of God.

                      One more thing: don’t sell yourself short. You have a good mind, and you have good thoughts on many things. Best of all, I believe that you are in-tune spiritually.


                    • Dear gdd, thank you, I know I have a good mind, LOL, it just works very differently from yours. At a guess, I would say we are opposites in the Myers-Briggs.

                      You wrote “Years ago, I prepared a 1 page leaflet outlining the basis of a Christian social vision. In addition to the writings of the prophets [which you mention], this vision is based on creation, the signs of circumcision/baptism, Israel’s civil code, the Sabbath, Exodus, Psalms, Israel’s worship, Jesus high-priestly prayer and significantly shapes the Revelation.”

                      I notice you left out the Early Church. If you can find a short, but informative pamphlet exists which details the Early Church’s commitment to social justice. “To the Fathers They Shall Go” by Clive Barrett. It’s a publication of the Jubilee Group.

                      I don’t know if this address still works: The Jubilee Group, St. Clement’s House, Sirdar Rd, London W11

                      They have several other publications. One I’d like to find is “Till All Be Held in Common”: Christians and Common Ownership by several contributors.

                    • Dear Sandi Saunders:

                      We face no conceptual struggle but facts on the ground that shift the strategic balance of power. And again, China ‘gets’ what THADD means. They’re right. And my spying didn’t reference corrupt/insane regimes but ‘universal domestic surveillance’ and ongoing attacks on social rights here at home. So I’m setting aside those objections.

                      Our ongoing, undeclared wars for regime change, coups and occupations concern neither defense nor self-preservation [which we routinely deny others]; rather, this asserts US imperialism reaching for worldwide hegemony.

                      You don’t see corporate owned media misleading the public. This cedes the right to the ruling class to define definitions, shape issues and set the vision/narrative by which you ‘see’ and interpret the world. Unless you embrace socialism, you – like the Democrat Party – will shift ever farther right.

                      To say that Capitalism ‘can survive on less, with less by making less profit’ needs qualification. This is possible in times of economic expansion. But when the economy shrinks, that dictum fails. And despite boasts of ‘recovery,’ the US economy is barely growing. And the working class knows it.

                      Marx added class and economic analysis to the understanding of war. He was right. You cannot do serious work by blaming WW I on a system of entangling alliances [which we imitate with disturbing similarity], or WW II on German grievances over the WW I settlement plus a mad-man from Austria known as Hitler.

                      WW II was fought to make the world safe for Benz, Thyssen, Krupp, I.G. Farben, Deutsche Bank, and other great German corporations. Yes, bad actors happen; but WW II didn’t happen because the contemptible Austrian housepainter could deliver a rabble-rousing speech. Nor do our Presidents happen without American bourgeois backing.

                      The sole escape for nations the imperial USA threatens is to allow access to US corporations and the US military on terms acceptable to them. The US ruling class was infuriated by the Russian and Chinese Revolutions as this denied them access to Asia’s vast resources. WW III most assuredly WILL be fought over economic interest.

                      Whether or not we believe that our youths kill and are killed in the material interests of the wealthy, these dynamics have, do and will continue to play out on the world stage until the working class worldwide unites and ends it.

                      You speak of unbridled freedom at a time when the US and Russia discusses carving up Syria, the FBI director threatens Julian Assange and Wikileaks, and the DoJ refuses to act in reference to Alton Sterling’s murder.

                      In every case brought before the Supreme Court, the Obama Justice Department sided with the police. In case after case, it refused to bring civil rights charges, including the case of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. The admin also worked with state and local politicians and police forces to suppress mass opposition to police violence.

                      Again, Donald Trump and Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions denounce popular protest against police violence. No pretense is made of federal oversight of local police forces. They promise ‘law and order.’ However, the decision not to bring civil rights charges in the Sterling case follows the pattern set by the Obama administration of whitewashing police killings.

                      The militarization of police relates to police departments hiring former military police, to the Obama admin provision of military equipment to police departments, and joint military/police operations for which cities actually compete, and more. As the working class repudiates public ideology, police become the first and last response to protest.

                      Capital HAS and IS abandoning the US. And whole communities HAVE been decimated when their one large employer moved overseas. In what sense do third world nations ‘move up?’ Who benefits from Capitalist exploitation but Capitalist exploiters? Far from benefitting the global economy, the global economy is in crisis, and it’s driving us to war.

                      I don’t see how we can defend refugees while concurring with the wars that make refugees, or protest the murder of Brown or Sterling while proclaiming unbridled freedom. And without a consistently socialist perspective, I honestly don’t see how we can resolve such contradictions. Without this analysis, what separates me from the status quo?

                      Refusal to recognize ongoing attacks of on civil liberties or to recognize ruling class interest in said attacks may point to a decision to ally with the ruling class. At this point, socialism is surely relevant. Like the gospel, class analysis will either make us converts, or it will CONFIRM us deeper in the way we SHOULDN’T want to go.

                      The point of referencing Jesus’ death and resurrection was to say that just as our Lord confronted the powers and principalities of this age, so those who follow Jesus are bound by his example to do the same. But what is far more apparent, I suspect, is that we buy into the very powers Jesus died to expose/humiliate. Hence, ‘the mess we’re in.’


                    • gdd, it is beyond clear that you and I are not on the same wavelength much less the same side. I thought I ’tilted at windmills’ but you are a man on a rolling wheel that has no destination, no basis in reality and no chance of becoming more than long, boring posts to folks who mostly do not even understand what you are saying.

                      Your conspiracies and malevolence create a world no one could want to save, not even God. And your “solutions” are beyond unrealistic. What part of PEOPLE VOTED FOR TRUMP is it that you are missing in this march to inform and inspire? That was rhetorical, I give up!

                    • Dear Sandi Saunders:

                      Dear Sandi Saunders:

                      But why was Trump elevated – misogyny and Russian interference?

                      Trump’s election resulted from widespread economic hardship in the working class and popular opposition to the pro-corporate policies of the Democratic Party. That is neither esoteric nor conspiratorial.

                      A Democratic Party commissioned poll conducted by ‘Priorities USA’ into the causes of Senator Clinton’s defeat confirms a picture of a working class under tremendous financial strain, that is increasingly disillusioned by both parties, and that is deeply opposed to cuts in social programs such as health care.

                      Reported in the Washington Post by columnist Greg Sargent, the poll indicates that as worker economic position deteriorated [and will do so], those polled said that the Democratic Party stands for the 1% and the status quo. The electorate/political system disconnect recalls that of the Third Estate to the Estates-General on the eve of 1789.

                      Across decades, the rich/poor chasm widened. In that time, the Democrats abandoned even the pretense of appealing to working class voters with a social reform program. Increasingly tied to Wall Street/military-intelligence agencies, and increasingly unpopular in the working class, the Democratic Party tried to build a broader electoral base in the privileged upper-middle class, where the politics of race, gender and sexual preference dominate. It abandoned the working class.

                      So the US working class detests Hillary Clinton NOT because of her gender, but because she embodies everything rotten about American capitalism. Clinton is detested because she represents the growing perception of a Democratic Party as the most naked representative of the banks and corporations.

                      Senator Clinton’s defeat resulted from mass abstention by workers [of which I am proudly one] in key, industrial cities such as Cleveland, Detroit and Milwaukee. Both parties profoundly misinterpret our emerging opposition to official politics from the political Left. If you want to know that the working class wants, read the Helen Keller article.

                      Despite the nay-saying, the Socialist Equality Party platform is there to say. Every time I quote from it, people ‘amen’ it.

                      Beneath the feet of the US bourgeoisie, the ground is shaking. The working class knows that this is NOT their political system, that it has ZERO representation in it, and that they don’t need it. Soon, it will discover the alternative.

                      Are you ready?


                  • Dear Gloriamarie Amalfitano:

                    Church history isn’t my strength, but I’ll ask a close friend who is much better at this than I am.


      • Fair questions. I test what John proclaims against what the Bible says. It does not match up.

        I’m sure someone more qualified such as John MacArthur would agree.

  15. This blog is one of the few things that gets me through the madness of the world. By some glitch, I had to refresh the page, and when I did, it read “you are banned”. My heart sank. I’ve not left a comment, so I couldn’t imagine how I’d be banned. Thankfully, here I am. Phew! And this, like so many posts really resonates with me. Perhaps there is some anger, and some hatred of behaviors. But the message is so much more important. I’d so much rather focus on the message than any perceived slights. And now is really not the time to be polite. The anger is justified. And honestly, whenever someone says you should pray, I just can’t with them. The insinuation in that statement alone is enough to put me off. I’m so grateful for someone really speaking out.

    • Cassandra E, glad to have you here.

      As for that glitch, on youtube somewhere there is a hysterically funny British bit about an IT guy telling people all day long that the way to fix whatever is wrong with their computers by turning them off and on. I wish I knew how to find it again.

      Oh! I just searched again and here it is. Enjoy

      • I love this! My husband and I say this to each other whenever we have some sort of a problem. Thank you.

        • You are very welcome. My best friend sent it to me one day when I was having All Sorts of problems with my laptop. I followed the advice in the video and that fixed things.

          How? I’ve no idea. To computer is an arcane gnosis the mysteries of which have yet to be vouchsafed unto me.

  16. Dear John Pavlovitz and Readers:


    ‘May Day, the day of the international working class, saw mass marches and protests on every continent, as well as scattered strikes, as workers sought to demonstrate their opposition to the policies of right-wing governments and their solidarity with their class brothers and sisters around the world.’

    [Patrick Martin, for the World Socialist Web Site]

    John is right. The storm is coming.



    • Here in Seattle we had a very quiet May Day

      Yes, there were thousands marching in the streets, but there was no property damage and no injuries to law enforcement. Only 5 people were arrested.

      The anti-Trump folks and the pro-Trump people shared a Peace Joint & Pepsi and marched along side one another, agreeing to disagree. (Recreational pot is legal in WA State!) 🙂

  17. I suspect that the problem that HGM, Joe Catholic and various trolls commenting here have with John is this: they’ve seen how strong the resistance to Trump is becoming, how committed we all are to righting the wrongs that have been inflicted on various segments of America, and most of all, how we aren’t about to sit back silently and let them gloat. They know there’s a day of reckoning coming, and they’re not looking forward to it. They’re scared, and they’re lashing out at the truth-tellers.

    • Yes, Susan, exactly. “They know there’s a day of reckoning coming, and they’re not looking forward to it. They’re scared, and they’re lashing out at the truth-tellers.”

      Not to mention digging themselves deeper into a pit of deceit and lies.

    • We almost had our scary “day of reckoning,” Susan, and thank God we dodged it.

      I don’t think Trump is perfect and don’t agree with everything. I certainly don’t think he is a good example of a Christian man, but that’s not why I voted for him, and that could change. I don’t judge him by some recorded bad words from over ten years ago and I think we could let go of that one.

      I don’t think the “resistance” is strong or intimidating. I think it’s very silly. And in the case of this blog, why is a self-professed Christian pastor identifying his faith with his politics (or his anti-Trumpism)? What is frustrating is that he is so dishonest about it and doesn’t seem to mind twisting the truth, using illogical reasoning, or presenting rumors or opinions as facts in order to disparage the President and Christians who do not see Trump as a religious leader, but as the best of the choices to vote for.

      Trump has been president for 100 days? What “wrongs has he inflicted”?

      I sincerely believe we are in much better hands than if Hillary had won. We really dodged a bullet. I’m not “scared.” I don’t think Trump intends to blow up the world. I’m more worried he will make too many compromises with the Democrats.

      It is simply sad that a Christian blogger, especially a pastor, would be so divisive and separate Christians according to who they voted for (and also by their skin color).

      I don’t see you guys as “truth tellers.” I see you in the same light as the Wicked Witch of the West after she was doused with water. “I’m MELTING….” It’s the dying gasps of a party and elite band (and those who cling to them and identify with them) that had power and control and lost it and can’t believe it. Their immaturity is showing. They are spoiled children who didn’t get the toy they wanted, or kids who could not be good sports about losing a game, so instead they cry about the others “cheating.”

      I like what David Allen posted. There was a parade and Trumpsters and anti-Trumpsters marched together and were friendly with each other. That’s how it should be here, but it’s not, because Pavlovitz incites division and antagonism. He’s led his followers to some kind of mountain top of political purity and they look down on the ignorant and evil ones who are not so smart, sophisticated, or good. He should instead be leading them to humility and love for neighbor and love for “their enemies.”

      • Dear Reelect Trump 2020:

        The United States special prosecution team presented to the Nuremberg tribunal the argument that Nazi Party leaders were to be prosecuted not primarily for their role in WW II, but because they planned, prepared for and initiated war.

        Moreover it was also argued and accepted that this principle was so important as to be universally binding in all times and places. This argument was accepted.

        Wrongs Inflicted by President Donald Trump

        On the basis of above described decisions at Nuremberg, the attacks he initiated on Afghanistan and Syria brought Donald J. Trump into the ranks of the following war criminals: Presidents James Carter, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush and Barak Obama.

        Moreover support for war criminals constitutes one an open supporter of political terrorism. Consider your ways.


      • Trump2020, this is the hypocrisy that we rail about. We’re not allowed to hold the vile things that Trump said 10 years ago against him, yet YOU can hold something that Bill Clinton did some 20 years ago against his wife? I’d say it’s way past time that you people let go of that one. And by all means, let’s have a little discussion about who mixes politics and religion. Your side started that one about the time that Bill Clinton started his first term. We’re just following your sterling example on that matter. And as far as spoiled children who didn’t get their way, the right did nothing but piss and moan for 8 solid years – to say nothing of the mountain of disrespect shown the President at that time. Again, you led the way on that one. All that said, I was no fan of HRC, but at least she’s an adult who knows how to behave, and she actually has some humanity, and cares about people in general. Unlike Trumplethinskin, who has the attention span and manners of a two-year-old (and I apologize for insulting that age group with the comparison). And the choice of Gorsuch is an absolute disaster for anyone in this country with an ounce of humanity. If you think that he, Trump and the dickish Republican party are going to “make America great again”, you’re sorely lacking any ounce of humanity.

        • I agree that those who voted for Clinton should not suddenly have become Republicans just because he couldn’t keep his zipper up. Also, it’s a lot worse to be carousing while President, than saying naughty things to another guy as an entertainer and businessman (not that I condone it). Anyway, yes let’s let go of both these items and judge according to how they governed and are governing.

          What I mean by mixing politics and religion is that JP tends to see Christianity as being identical to liberal leftwing policies and therefore anyone who is a Republican is some kind of heretic. We may have criticized Obama, but I don’t remember taking it to the extreme of excommunicating Obama voters and supporters. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this blog especially by someone in a Christian leadership position of horribly berating and denigrating the president day in and day out, and often extending that vilification to Trump supporters. And in doing so he uses twisted logic and outright lies.

          I’ll leave it at this except I would like to know why Gorsuch is an “absolute disaster.” In his previous position I believe he was voted in unanimously by Republicans and Democrats. He’s extremely qualified. What’s so “inhuman” about this appointment?

          • You might have a leg to stand on if the unChristian Right had not been mixing politics and religion for over 30 years.

            John tends to see Christianity as being identical to the teaching of Jesus Christ. That does sometimes happen to be very much like “liberal leftwing policies” but that does not negate the fact of where the passion to care for the needy, rescue the suffering, help the imprisoned, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, welcome the immigrant, care for the sick, comes from. That comes from Christ.

            So yes, anyone who claims to be Christian and supports Trump or Republican hate and harm is some kind of heretic.

            If you do not remember your friends and leaders “taking it to the extreme” with Obama and his family, you are not being honest. But no one has been “excommunicating” anyone. You must lead a sheltered life if you have never seen the blogs that attack liberal Christians, attacked Obama, attacked safety nets, attacked programs and policies to help people, attacked immigrants, attacked refugees, attacked the LGBTQ community and are STILL attacking all of them. They are now even attacking John P. I think you have a problem with honesty or comprehension, one of the two.

            BTW, after Gorsuch “was voted in unanimously by Republicans and Democrats” he went on to serve as a puppet to industry and power, not the people. That may be your idea of a good justice, it is not mine.

            • Sandi.

              “One of the most pervasive political visions of our time is the vision of Progressives as compassionate and conservatives as less caring. ” — Thomas Sowell, economist.

              Here are the facts:

              Conservatives out-give & out-volunteer Progressives by 30%.

              The top 10 ‘Red’ states donate 3.5% of their income to charity (& they earn less).

              The top 10 ‘Blue’ states donate 1.9% of their income to charity.

              Conservatives would give even more if their taxes were lowered a little bit. Conservatives believe in Freedom. Freedom to choose where our charitable dollars land. That’s why we prefer the Govt not becoming unwieldy, like it is now. [So much wasteful spending, on social programs that have little or no effect for the money spent.] Americans know better how to spend their extra money. Conservatives LOVE to give, to feed the homeless, care for sick, visit the prisoners, help the children, widows, single parents & elderly.

              NYT staff writer Nicholas Kristof calls his own party; ‘Bleeding Heart Tightwads’ in his op/ed piece with same title.

              • No leslie m, those are opinions, as actual giving and charity is hard to document. When you base your facts on tax returns or self-reporting, they are not the whole picture. Like the widow’s mite, many liberals, like myself, do not take a tax deduction for our charity so there is no measure kept.

                If you remove the charitable giving that goes to their churches the picture is not “Conservatives out-give” either.

                I freely admit that religious people, liberal and conservative out give and out volunteer the secular liberals or conservatives, but that is not what you are claiming.

                It stands to reason that people who believe charity should handle all the need would give more money to charity but that is not the whole of the story either.

                If you give to a charity that is fine, but that does not mean that all need is met, not by a mile. Even with the private and taxpayer giving, there is still need and THAT is the crux of the problem.

                If you want charity to meet all need, 3.5% of your income is not going to get that done and neither is giving 30% more than “Progressives.”

                Has conservative giving gone up every time taxes were lowered?

                If conservatives believed in freedom to choose, they would by natural logic support a woman’s right to choose abortion. They don’t. If conservatives believed in charity, they would believe in our tax dollars going to charity. HOW the charity is accomplished is not nearly as important as that it IS accomplished, but not to conservatives. So no, you do not believe in freedom and you do not believe in charity, you believe in both, only on your terms.

                A government of 300 million people is going to be “unwieldy” even if no charity was involved at all.

                If conservatives “LOVE to give, to feed the homeless, care for sick, visit the prisoners, help the children, widows, single parents & elderly” it would require much more than just that 30% more than you calculate we give AND there would be little need left, but show me the conservative run programs that feed the homeless, care for sick, visit the prisoners, help the children, widows, single parents & elderly in any numbers and then we will discuss it.


                • Sandi, my opinion on the subject of conservatives out-giving progressives is that it is an excuse for conservatives to pay themselves on their backs for the good they do.

                  Thing is, they don’t give enough to meet the needs. If conservatives really believed in charitable giving, they would not drive luxury cars, send their kids to private schools. They would shop in the thrift stores for clothing and household items. They would do these things because in that manner they could give more.

                  Also, they would not make excuses for whom or where they give. They would only see need. They wouldn’t insist in theological litmus tests or theological checklists. They would give with no strings attached or the expectation of a reward of some kind.

                  They wouldn’t encourage the lavish lifestyles of teleevangelists They wouldn’t support anything except a complete redistribution of the wealth so that there would no longer be any poverty anywhere in the world.

                  A mere %$50 billion could make a massive amount of difference and the conservatives have that to spare in spades. As do liberals.

                  How to Spend $50 Billion to Make the World a Better Place

          • Come on 2020 – you and I both know that he’s been chosen solely for the purpose of being a rubber stamp for the right-wing element of the court. Merrick Garland was also an eminently qualified jurist who SHOULD have been confirmed last year – except that the petulant, conniving GOP refused to even talk to him, so determined were they to give one last middle finger to Pres. Obama. I would love to be wrong on this, but I very much doubt that you’ll ever see Gorsuch stand up for the left on any cases involving religion, family planning, LGBTQ rights, etc. His sole purpose in being on the court is to tilt it rightward for the next 20-30 years – and set progress back double that many years, if not even farther back. It’s a great appointment for white, Bible-thumping cisgender men, but not very many other folks.

          • My Dear, Dear Reelect Trump 2020:

            I’ve see it times beyond recall. The instant one steps outside the bipartisan, bourgeois petty-bourgeois narrative, dialogue comes to a crashing halt. I’m left gaping and wondering — is that it? Is that all the ‘fight’ you’ve got?

            How is it that when I make far graver accusations – naming all living Presidents, Vice Presidents, Attorney Generals, Secretaries of State and of War [‘Defense’] and Chairpersons of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as war criminals, you decline to answer, opting instead to recycle legends about carousing naughty Presidential narratives? Why IS that?

            While you search your memory to recall whether or not ‘you’ [however ‘you’ is defined] referenced ‘Obammunism’ or whether Obama was declared to be the antichrist [a decidedly religious motif if I recall correctly] or not – the REAL issues [never discussed in the ’16 campaigning] are HIDDEN from view:

            — The Pentagon’s drive to WW III
            — The ongoing assault on civil liberties
            — The emerging worker ‘pauper’ class

            And do you know, Reelect Trump 2020 – that’s the point. The point is to use partisan bickering to divert attention from our ongoing collapse while the ruling class rapes the nation of every last farthing – while it’s there to be had. Isn’t it.

            Thank-you for showcasing Democrat Party complicity in Mr. Gorsuch’ confirmation; I think it’s really neat when people inadvertently let slip shared, bipartisan betrayal of the American people.

            As for Justice Gorsuch’ qualifications, these are impeccable. The issue is that he has not indicted the above named war criminals on the basis of the provisions of the Nuremberg tribunal as I detailed earlier.


      • And yet, here you are, “a self-professed Christian” managing to identify his faith with his politics (your support of Trump). And while castigating someone and claiming how “frustrating” it “is that he is so dishonest about it” you were dishonest and didn’t “seem to mind twisting the truth, using illogical reasoning, or presenting rumors or opinions as facts in order to disparage” Clinton or her supporters. But I am sure you will deny being that big hypocrite!

        For the record, Trump did say on the tape that he did actually do those things, he even said, “they will let you”.

        We did not see Obama as a religious leader, but that did not stop many of your ilk from claiming we thought he was “our Messiah.”

        It is simply that you cannot stand any Christian or follower of Christ blogger, who will not agree with your version; because you have yet to denounce any of the religious leaders who shilled for Trump and who are very “divisive and separate Christians according to who they voted for (and also by their skin color).”

        We do not care how you see us, we “don’t see you guys as “truth tellers” either. So what?

        You can hope we are melting, but daily we get reasons to keep resisting and keep fighting the faux Christians and the faux leaders. We are just as good “sports” as the unChristian Right Party has been the last 20 years.

        You are not our friends, and we know it. TRUMP is who “incites division and antagonism.” He had the choice, over and over to be the president for all Americans, and he refuses. You go get some humility and love for your neighbors and then you can lecture us on getting some.

        • Sandi,

          “You go get some humility and love for your neighbors and then you can lecture us on getting some.”

          Since you are arguing with Joe Catholic/Theo, how likely is it that he is going to develop humility and love for his neighbors when he has so clearly demonstrated he has neither nor does he want either?

  18. The man I admire most in history is Martin Luther King. He had a powerful message and help to change society and spoke that message with love and peace no matter how much hate was shown to him. All I did was suggest John lead with love.

    • HGM, over and over and over in the Bible, Jesus calls out the church and the law givers and the “so-called” righteous. Was Jesus kind when He cleared the Temple. Was He kind in Matthew 23 to the teachers and the Pharisees?

      For those of us who see the harm in Trump and in the Christian Right Party, John P absolutely IS speaking in love and with love because he is calling out the wrong and laying a conviction on it that we agree with. No one is forced to come here or read it, much less reply, critique or live by it.

      • No one is forced to do anything here. I want to share my opinion and what God puts on my heart. Why don’t I have as much right to share my opinion and comments as anyone else? Is a little debate really such a bad thing? I always learned debate was a good way to look at things deeper and understand them better. If John’s teachings hold up to scrutiny then there is no threat to some kind hearted debating

        • She tells everyone who doesn’t agree with her or who doesn’t worship JP to shut up and go away. It’s good that you’re not letting her intimidate you. You have good things to say.

          • No Joe, I tell anyone who rebukes and demeans John P or his supporters that I think you are all disturbed to even come here and engage anyone. It is sick, it is trolling and it is ridiculous.

            If indeed you were a humble Christian, you would be able to express your opinion and leave John P and the rest of us alone, but few of you are ever content to do that.

            My assessment stands. Trolls.

            • Having a different opinion is not the definition of a troll. Why do you feel the need to try to silence everyone that disagrees?

              • Dan, I did not say that having a different opinion was the definition of a troll. Nor did I say or imply that I wanted to silence everyone that disagrees. Do you have some problem with perception of the written word, or are you just trying to be dishonest?

        • HGM, if you find that God puts attacking the blog host on your heart maybe you need to reconsider if that is really God or your own hubris.

          Even if that is something God lays on your heart, why does sharing your opinion mean attacking or dismissing anyone?

          What is your connection to “Just Another Sinner”?

          Do you have the right to attack your host anywhere else you go? Is that ever good manners or decent?

          You may well believe what you offer is “debate” but that is not how it is coming across. Those who support John P share his passion and his perspective and your comments are not going to be welcomed.

          I do not look at or participate on any site where I disagree with the host. I do not understand such a motivation. I detest all that many people stand for and perpetuate but I do not visit their page and attack their POV.

          Why you think you have brought a “deeper” point, ” kind hearted debating” or anything to “understand them better” is beyond me. Your disagreement or comments rebuking him has no bearing on whether “John’s teachings hold up to scrutiny.” You are “no threat”, you are instead a pest. That is the whole essence of being a troll.

          • Brava, Sandi. Pride is the first sin.

            It was Pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. – St. Augustine

  19. HGM, now you change your parameters and claim he has to “see into the hearts of man” …but in a way he can. Whether you like it or not, supporting and defending a man like Trump and the policies he stands for and what the Christian Right Party has been pushing, you can indeed see their hearts and what is in them. You can see the heart of anyone if you look at what they are fighting for (or against).

    Trump has desecrated honesty, integrity, the Constitution, our laws and decency. I suppose we should be grateful he has not done it in the “two Corinthians” church.

    This is John’s blog and again, whether you like it or not, he can condemn, praise or post commentary as he sees fit. You cannot hide in anonymity and claim the integrity to rebuke him. He is telling the truth.

    • Sure Just Another, let’s do “be clear here” under no rubric is John P, his supporters, or any other host expected to “really afford that privilege for those that disagree it’s content.”

      It is sheer hubris for you to feel it is your place to assume those here need any help or are so stupid they will be “misguided”.

      And not for nothing but claiming you “are not here to rebuke the main commentators on this blog” but then calling our host “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” is deeply contradictory.

      You have a blog, a new one, go tend it and stop trying to usurp this one.

      • The Sin of Pride is said by some to the the foremost of the Seven Deadly Sins. Hubris is the gateway through all other sin enters the mortal soul.

        What it is

        Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

  20. Once again, it’s as if you’re inside my head and heart, speaking the words I’m feeling. And often saying, but also sometimes hesitant to say too loudly.

    I’m not a particularly religious person but I find your voice to be the one I search for the most often to help me when I need to know I’m not alone in how I feel. Not by a long shot.

      • Beware of Deception , Mans way of thinking and the view points of the world that tickle the ears but are as far from godlyness as you can get.
        There is a way that seems right to mankind and that way is eternal Death.

  21. I’m open for ideas but I can see no advantage whatsoever in being a Christian. If you are and happy stay where you are. I just think waste of time.

  22. I haven’t read all the comments–not up for the many trolls I know you have here–but I would add one thing. He embarrasses this country and the office with our allies, but he admires and welcomes murderous dictators.

    • Just like Obama , he has to negotiate with the world at bay. Trust God, Believe in Jesus Christ for the peace to pass all understanding.
      This too will pass as God is in control and will Judge the hearts and Thoughts, actions of mankind.

    • Meredith W., I agree. Which is why I am surprised he wants to nuke N. Korea. One could be forgiven for thinking that Kim Jong un would be greeted as a long lost brother or something.

  23. All I have to say is, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Doesn’t need anything else. Peace, Love, Resist and Persist.

  24. Right on my good man! Thank you for writing these they say exactly what I think . I am with you 100% I want to have a better world for our children and I will love in any way I can and I will fight Trumps platform of hate any way I can. A follower of Christ, Mary Couling

  25. Many Times in life we, i , you see things in a certain view point and because of the hardness of the heart , the cares of life, the ego, Pride, and arrogance we as people tend to be biased to that pt.
    Rebellion is as the SIN of witchcraft in the bible . and the Pride of Life is as Great Deterance to seeing TRUTH.
    I , YOU , We dont always like what is best for us as people.
    YOU see God , The only, Mighty, Holy God is at work for our best.
    Trump may no always say, do, think like we want him to or even see things like We, I, YOU want him to .
    But Make NO mistake , Don’t Be Deceived By others, Mans wisdom , the folly of the World .
    God has Put Him There.
    It is Very important to see past OUR own viewpoint and see the Godly Intent or Things God is Doing in the Hearts, Minds, Souls of mankind.
    Trust God thru Jesus Christ , not what you see, who you see , or the buzz around you .
    The ideologies of this generation will not , NOT Bring about the kingdom of God.
    Accountability to God, Thru a Relationship to Jesus Christ Will.
    Peace Comes From a Clear Conscience , not thru false sense of meditation or quietness in our own world.
    Temp fixes don’t fix problems they just delay the consequences .
    Repent, Change, Turn YOUR hearts to God , Pray with out ceasing, Trust in the one who can save the soul, deliver you over to your self or Satan for death. Eternal Death , Spiritual Death.

    • Christopher, I can see you are trying your best to explain and warn people– it shows you care about people. And that is a good thing. There is a reason you are told not to trust the world or other people outside your church and not to miss a Sunday service. There is a reason you are told to memorize verses in the Bible and not have your own thoughts– because if you question anything you will find out the truth that the church needs you more than you need it. Church organizations need numbers, bodies, money to keep going. I know that sounds cynical because we need fellowship with other believes for encouragement and to be corrected from time to time and we need to help people in need especially our brothers and sisters but not not at the cost of damaging someone’s faith.

      Religious organizations all over the world and political/social/cultural groups everywhere intend to keep people primed and ready to resist anything anyone says which is contrary to the script they have written. No one is a programmable robot.

      We are created by God to ask questions, to ponder over what the bible says and to observe the world around us– to have a soft heart, a considerate mind and graceful attitude towards others — this is what helps us to know God and to grow together. No one id perfect so we top it all off with forgiveness.

      We can observe the world around us, understand it and love it as Jesus does– and that includes interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds, nations and faith groups. The Bible is a guide, a history book, poems and ancient wisdom– not a slogan.

      I wish you well on your journey– seep your eyes on Jesus, God bless.

      • sorry for the spelling mistakes I wrote quickly 🙂

        keep your eyes on Jesus, Christopher, I wish you the best.

  26. I just looked up Theodore Seebers. He doesn’t seem like a very nice person, please stop calling me that. Do you keep calling me him because I’m overweight also? That’s very mean, I’ve been working on it but child birth (and to be honest so does bipolar) reaps havok on the body. I told you before that I am a woman by my birth and my choice I think it’s very, very, very disrespectful that you keep referring to me as as man. Stop taking away my right to be a woman.

    Humility Grace Mercy

  27. Great article. But I think it could have used just a couple more embedded ads in between the article. There just weren’t enough of the them. Like three more would have been perfect.

    • Manny, instead of making snarky comments, take responsibility for yourself and install an ad blocker.

  28. So many good comments here..JOHN, YOU ARE MY HERO., I read your posts daily., and have yet to find one comma that is not in place., one compassionate word that is not heartfelt., and not a single word of nonsensical hatred toward anyone who calls you all of the names that wouldn’t come out of most Christians mouth. Thank your for RESISTING., THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU., AND ALLOWING HOLY SPIRIT TO WORK IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU.. There is a day of reckoning coming and those who follow this Devil., will need to answer. In the meantime., we must protect each other., our families., and especially our Children who have minds that can so easily be swayed by all of the Negative hateful rhetoric being spewed out by the faker in the White House and his Minions.

  29. I just love a good fight between believers in myths. It makes my secular, atheist heart swell. You sold your souls and voted for a man who wouldn’t know a verse from the Book of Jewish Fairy Tales from Brietbart News. “But her emails.” No, it was never about her “emails,” it was about HER emails. Besides, there’s this: https://rollingwheelie.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/2426/

  30. I will never believe in the ugliness of the faith-based insanity I have been taught Christianity means my whole life by the example of the vast, vast majority I have known who say they are Christian. The scant handful of good decent nonjudgmental caring folks who didn’t limit their concerns to fellow church-goers and also say they are Christians are simply the aberrant ones to me. I will never agree to dismantle the Constitution to satisfy the Christian persecution complex demanding that if everyone is free to follow their own religion in the US rather than being forced to follow Christian religious rules after those are made the law of the land then that’s denying the Christians their freedom of religion, and I will always stand fast against those who would remake this country into a Nazi ideal of white heterosexual Christian misogynistic far right fascism. I guess that means you are one of that scant handful of “Christians” I can disagree with on some things -such as religion itself, and whom I know disagrees with me as well, and still stand shoulder to shoulder with in a fight for this Constitutional democracy with rights/freedoms/responsibilities for all. And THAT standing together to defend the rights of all, and later working together to find solutions to differences we can all live with, is what makes America America, and what makes it great. Thank you, sir, for being in this fight too.

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