I’m Not Sorry for Resisting This President

A lot can change in a year.

In the moments following the election, Donald Trump supporters simply beamed, basking in the warm, orange glow of their apparent victory and awaiting America’s returning greatness. They were boastful and loud—and everywhere.

“He will fix this!” they insisted, and instructed us all to give him a chance and fall in line, and revel in our national victory; one they were going to generously allow us to share in. Trump was the Savior, he was the change that was necessary, he would be the hero we so desperately needed. “You’ll see!” they crowed.

But very quickly, something else happened: As their Messiah of Supposed Greatness became even more wildly erratic than he’d been during the campaign, as he blustered and stumbled and Tweeted, as he began gutting the departments of Education, Environmental Protection, and Labor—they grew silent and then simply disappeared.

While millions of us took to the streets and called our elected officials and attended town halls and exposed every transgression on social media and entered into the fray—they became invisible.

As we actively intervened on behalf of not only our children but their children, they retreated to their relatively sheltered lives already in progress, heading to a safe bunker of privilege to escape the approaching storm.

However, as the weeks and months and years have gone by they’ve returned with a new tactic: shame.

The party line has changed now. Donald Trump isn’t failing—we’ve been causing him to fail. This mess is largely our fault.

Apparently the millions of us who are outraged right now are the real problem here.

It isn’t that we have a President who:

likely colluded with Russia to steal an election,
rants on Twitter like a jilted middle school crush,
holds “rallies” nearly two years after his Inauguration,
spends 39 percent of his time on a golf course,
lacks a basic understanding of how Government functions,
shows full disregard for its checks and balances,
has caused an exodus from the State Department,
called a female Senator a racial slur at an NRA event,

bullies the Press on a daily basis,
slanders Federal Judges who uphold the Law,
surrounds himself with White Supremacists and millionaires,

embarrasses himself in the presence other world leaders,
claims he was wiretapped by a former President,
wonders why we had a Civil War,
thinks dead Historical figures are still alive,
governs solely by Executive Order and bullying,
is hell-bent on taking away healthcare from sick people,
lobbies publicly for a Government shutdown,
says the Constitution is hindering him,
allows his daughter to create policy and play First Lady
puts immigrant children ripped from their parents in cages.

None of these things are preventing Donald Trump from leading us to the Promised Land of Greatness; not his incompetence, ignorance, impulsiveness, cruelty, or contempt for all but the wealthiest and the whitest among us. That can’t be it.

It’s those of us who are opposing him. We’re the villains in the story.

And if that’s the narrative they’d like to write, then I’ll gladly don a black hat and be the bad guy.

If being the bad guy here means:
giving a damn about more than just myself,
pushing back against the leaders of my faith tradition,
flooding my social media profile with facts,
braving awkward family gatherings or friendship friction,

and opposing every single horrible thing this Presidency does—
I will fully embrace this badness.

I’m not apologizing for my disgust at the mockery this man is making of our nation.
I’m not apologizing for demanding that everyone gets equal access to the American Dream.
I’m not apologizing for calling out an Evangelical Christianity who has sold its soul.
I’m not apologizing for naming racism and anti-Semitism, bigotry, and misogyny, wherever I see it: in my family, my church, my neighborhood, my Government.
I’m not apologizing for being profoundly pissed off that our President is the least qualified, least decent, least noble person to hold this lofty position.
I’m not apologizing for giving the sh*ts you should be giving about it all.

So friend, you may as well save your guilt and your scoldings and your condescension—and your questions about my motivations, my patriotism, my faith convictions, or any other shame-throwing you have in mind. It’s all wasted energy.

I’m not going to fight with you, because the truth, even if you choose not to see it—is that I’m fighting for you too.

I know why I push back, why I defy, why I resist.

I do it because not everyone is being represented in this version of America. 

I do it because equality and diversity and decency matter.

I do it because my personal faith compels me to.

I do it because sometimes Love requires a raised voice.

I do it because those who disagree with me aren’t the enemy.

I do it because this is the only childhood my kids will ever have.

I do it because my children are worth fighting for, and so are yours.

And no—I’m not sorry for any of it.

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247 thoughts on “I’m Not Sorry for Resisting This President

  1. Dear John Pavlovitz and Readers:


    ‘May Day, the day of the international working class, saw mass marches and protests on every continent, as well as scattered strikes, as workers sought to demonstrate their opposition to the policies of right-wing governments and their solidarity with their class brothers and sisters around the world.’

    [Patrick Martin, for the World Socialist Web Site]

    John is right. The storm is coming.



    • Here in Seattle we had a very quiet May Day

      Yes, there were thousands marching in the streets, but there was no property damage and no injuries to law enforcement. Only 5 people were arrested.

      The anti-Trump folks and the pro-Trump people shared a Peace Joint & Pepsi and marched along side one another, agreeing to disagree. (Recreational pot is legal in WA State!) 🙂

  2. I suspect that the problem that HGM, Joe Catholic and various trolls commenting here have with John is this: they’ve seen how strong the resistance to Trump is becoming, how committed we all are to righting the wrongs that have been inflicted on various segments of America, and most of all, how we aren’t about to sit back silently and let them gloat. They know there’s a day of reckoning coming, and they’re not looking forward to it. They’re scared, and they’re lashing out at the truth-tellers.

    • Yes, Susan, exactly. “They know there’s a day of reckoning coming, and they’re not looking forward to it. They’re scared, and they’re lashing out at the truth-tellers.”

      Not to mention digging themselves deeper into a pit of deceit and lies.

    • We almost had our scary “day of reckoning,” Susan, and thank God we dodged it.

      I don’t think Trump is perfect and don’t agree with everything. I certainly don’t think he is a good example of a Christian man, but that’s not why I voted for him, and that could change. I don’t judge him by some recorded bad words from over ten years ago and I think we could let go of that one.

      I don’t think the “resistance” is strong or intimidating. I think it’s very silly. And in the case of this blog, why is a self-professed Christian pastor identifying his faith with his politics (or his anti-Trumpism)? What is frustrating is that he is so dishonest about it and doesn’t seem to mind twisting the truth, using illogical reasoning, or presenting rumors or opinions as facts in order to disparage the President and Christians who do not see Trump as a religious leader, but as the best of the choices to vote for.

      Trump has been president for 100 days? What “wrongs has he inflicted”?

      I sincerely believe we are in much better hands than if Hillary had won. We really dodged a bullet. I’m not “scared.” I don’t think Trump intends to blow up the world. I’m more worried he will make too many compromises with the Democrats.

      It is simply sad that a Christian blogger, especially a pastor, would be so divisive and separate Christians according to who they voted for (and also by their skin color).

      I don’t see you guys as “truth tellers.” I see you in the same light as the Wicked Witch of the West after she was doused with water. “I’m MELTING….” It’s the dying gasps of a party and elite band (and those who cling to them and identify with them) that had power and control and lost it and can’t believe it. Their immaturity is showing. They are spoiled children who didn’t get the toy they wanted, or kids who could not be good sports about losing a game, so instead they cry about the others “cheating.”

      I like what David Allen posted. There was a parade and Trumpsters and anti-Trumpsters marched together and were friendly with each other. That’s how it should be here, but it’s not, because Pavlovitz incites division and antagonism. He’s led his followers to some kind of mountain top of political purity and they look down on the ignorant and evil ones who are not so smart, sophisticated, or good. He should instead be leading them to humility and love for neighbor and love for “their enemies.”

      • Dear Reelect Trump 2020:

        The United States special prosecution team presented to the Nuremberg tribunal the argument that Nazi Party leaders were to be prosecuted not primarily for their role in WW II, but because they planned, prepared for and initiated war.

        Moreover it was also argued and accepted that this principle was so important as to be universally binding in all times and places. This argument was accepted.

        Wrongs Inflicted by President Donald Trump

        On the basis of above described decisions at Nuremberg, the attacks he initiated on Afghanistan and Syria brought Donald J. Trump into the ranks of the following war criminals: Presidents James Carter, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush and Barak Obama.

        Moreover support for war criminals constitutes one an open supporter of political terrorism. Consider your ways.


      • Trump2020, this is the hypocrisy that we rail about. We’re not allowed to hold the vile things that Trump said 10 years ago against him, yet YOU can hold something that Bill Clinton did some 20 years ago against his wife? I’d say it’s way past time that you people let go of that one. And by all means, let’s have a little discussion about who mixes politics and religion. Your side started that one about the time that Bill Clinton started his first term. We’re just following your sterling example on that matter. And as far as spoiled children who didn’t get their way, the right did nothing but piss and moan for 8 solid years – to say nothing of the mountain of disrespect shown the President at that time. Again, you led the way on that one. All that said, I was no fan of HRC, but at least she’s an adult who knows how to behave, and she actually has some humanity, and cares about people in general. Unlike Trumplethinskin, who has the attention span and manners of a two-year-old (and I apologize for insulting that age group with the comparison). And the choice of Gorsuch is an absolute disaster for anyone in this country with an ounce of humanity. If you think that he, Trump and the dickish Republican party are going to “make America great again”, you’re sorely lacking any ounce of humanity.

        • I agree that those who voted for Clinton should not suddenly have become Republicans just because he couldn’t keep his zipper up. Also, it’s a lot worse to be carousing while President, than saying naughty things to another guy as an entertainer and businessman (not that I condone it). Anyway, yes let’s let go of both these items and judge according to how they governed and are governing.

          What I mean by mixing politics and religion is that JP tends to see Christianity as being identical to liberal leftwing policies and therefore anyone who is a Republican is some kind of heretic. We may have criticized Obama, but I don’t remember taking it to the extreme of excommunicating Obama voters and supporters. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this blog especially by someone in a Christian leadership position of horribly berating and denigrating the president day in and day out, and often extending that vilification to Trump supporters. And in doing so he uses twisted logic and outright lies.

          I’ll leave it at this except I would like to know why Gorsuch is an “absolute disaster.” In his previous position I believe he was voted in unanimously by Republicans and Democrats. He’s extremely qualified. What’s so “inhuman” about this appointment?

          • You might have a leg to stand on if the unChristian Right had not been mixing politics and religion for over 30 years.

            John tends to see Christianity as being identical to the teaching of Jesus Christ. That does sometimes happen to be very much like “liberal leftwing policies” but that does not negate the fact of where the passion to care for the needy, rescue the suffering, help the imprisoned, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, welcome the immigrant, care for the sick, comes from. That comes from Christ.

            So yes, anyone who claims to be Christian and supports Trump or Republican hate and harm is some kind of heretic.

            If you do not remember your friends and leaders “taking it to the extreme” with Obama and his family, you are not being honest. But no one has been “excommunicating” anyone. You must lead a sheltered life if you have never seen the blogs that attack liberal Christians, attacked Obama, attacked safety nets, attacked programs and policies to help people, attacked immigrants, attacked refugees, attacked the LGBTQ community and are STILL attacking all of them. They are now even attacking John P. I think you have a problem with honesty or comprehension, one of the two.

            BTW, after Gorsuch “was voted in unanimously by Republicans and Democrats” he went on to serve as a puppet to industry and power, not the people. That may be your idea of a good justice, it is not mine.

            • Sandi.

              “One of the most pervasive political visions of our time is the vision of Progressives as compassionate and conservatives as less caring. ” — Thomas Sowell, economist.

              Here are the facts:

              Conservatives out-give & out-volunteer Progressives by 30%.

              The top 10 ‘Red’ states donate 3.5% of their income to charity (& they earn less).

              The top 10 ‘Blue’ states donate 1.9% of their income to charity.

              Conservatives would give even more if their taxes were lowered a little bit. Conservatives believe in Freedom. Freedom to choose where our charitable dollars land. That’s why we prefer the Govt not becoming unwieldy, like it is now. [So much wasteful spending, on social programs that have little or no effect for the money spent.] Americans know better how to spend their extra money. Conservatives LOVE to give, to feed the homeless, care for sick, visit the prisoners, help the children, widows, single parents & elderly.

              NYT staff writer Nicholas Kristof calls his own party; ‘Bleeding Heart Tightwads’ in his op/ed piece with same title.

              • No leslie m, those are opinions, as actual giving and charity is hard to document. When you base your facts on tax returns or self-reporting, they are not the whole picture. Like the widow’s mite, many liberals, like myself, do not take a tax deduction for our charity so there is no measure kept.

                If you remove the charitable giving that goes to their churches the picture is not “Conservatives out-give” either.

                I freely admit that religious people, liberal and conservative out give and out volunteer the secular liberals or conservatives, but that is not what you are claiming.

                It stands to reason that people who believe charity should handle all the need would give more money to charity but that is not the whole of the story either.

                If you give to a charity that is fine, but that does not mean that all need is met, not by a mile. Even with the private and taxpayer giving, there is still need and THAT is the crux of the problem.

                If you want charity to meet all need, 3.5% of your income is not going to get that done and neither is giving 30% more than “Progressives.”

                Has conservative giving gone up every time taxes were lowered?

                If conservatives believed in freedom to choose, they would by natural logic support a woman’s right to choose abortion. They don’t. If conservatives believed in charity, they would believe in our tax dollars going to charity. HOW the charity is accomplished is not nearly as important as that it IS accomplished, but not to conservatives. So no, you do not believe in freedom and you do not believe in charity, you believe in both, only on your terms.

                A government of 300 million people is going to be “unwieldy” even if no charity was involved at all.

                If conservatives “LOVE to give, to feed the homeless, care for sick, visit the prisoners, help the children, widows, single parents & elderly” it would require much more than just that 30% more than you calculate we give AND there would be little need left, but show me the conservative run programs that feed the homeless, care for sick, visit the prisoners, help the children, widows, single parents & elderly in any numbers and then we will discuss it.


                • Sandi, my opinion on the subject of conservatives out-giving progressives is that it is an excuse for conservatives to pay themselves on their backs for the good they do.

                  Thing is, they don’t give enough to meet the needs. If conservatives really believed in charitable giving, they would not drive luxury cars, send their kids to private schools. They would shop in the thrift stores for clothing and household items. They would do these things because in that manner they could give more.

                  Also, they would not make excuses for whom or where they give. They would only see need. They wouldn’t insist in theological litmus tests or theological checklists. They would give with no strings attached or the expectation of a reward of some kind.

                  They wouldn’t encourage the lavish lifestyles of teleevangelists They wouldn’t support anything except a complete redistribution of the wealth so that there would no longer be any poverty anywhere in the world.

                  A mere %$50 billion could make a massive amount of difference and the conservatives have that to spare in spades. As do liberals.

                  How to Spend $50 Billion to Make the World a Better Place

          • Come on 2020 – you and I both know that he’s been chosen solely for the purpose of being a rubber stamp for the right-wing element of the court. Merrick Garland was also an eminently qualified jurist who SHOULD have been confirmed last year – except that the petulant, conniving GOP refused to even talk to him, so determined were they to give one last middle finger to Pres. Obama. I would love to be wrong on this, but I very much doubt that you’ll ever see Gorsuch stand up for the left on any cases involving religion, family planning, LGBTQ rights, etc. His sole purpose in being on the court is to tilt it rightward for the next 20-30 years – and set progress back double that many years, if not even farther back. It’s a great appointment for white, Bible-thumping cisgender men, but not very many other folks.

          • My Dear, Dear Reelect Trump 2020:

            I’ve see it times beyond recall. The instant one steps outside the bipartisan, bourgeois petty-bourgeois narrative, dialogue comes to a crashing halt. I’m left gaping and wondering — is that it? Is that all the ‘fight’ you’ve got?

            How is it that when I make far graver accusations – naming all living Presidents, Vice Presidents, Attorney Generals, Secretaries of State and of War [‘Defense’] and Chairpersons of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as war criminals, you decline to answer, opting instead to recycle legends about carousing naughty Presidential narratives? Why IS that?

            While you search your memory to recall whether or not ‘you’ [however ‘you’ is defined] referenced ‘Obammunism’ or whether Obama was declared to be the antichrist [a decidedly religious motif if I recall correctly] or not – the REAL issues [never discussed in the ’16 campaigning] are HIDDEN from view:

            — The Pentagon’s drive to WW III
            — The ongoing assault on civil liberties
            — The emerging worker ‘pauper’ class

            And do you know, Reelect Trump 2020 – that’s the point. The point is to use partisan bickering to divert attention from our ongoing collapse while the ruling class rapes the nation of every last farthing – while it’s there to be had. Isn’t it.

            Thank-you for showcasing Democrat Party complicity in Mr. Gorsuch’ confirmation; I think it’s really neat when people inadvertently let slip shared, bipartisan betrayal of the American people.

            As for Justice Gorsuch’ qualifications, these are impeccable. The issue is that he has not indicted the above named war criminals on the basis of the provisions of the Nuremberg tribunal as I detailed earlier.


      • And yet, here you are, “a self-professed Christian” managing to identify his faith with his politics (your support of Trump). And while castigating someone and claiming how “frustrating” it “is that he is so dishonest about it” you were dishonest and didn’t “seem to mind twisting the truth, using illogical reasoning, or presenting rumors or opinions as facts in order to disparage” Clinton or her supporters. But I am sure you will deny being that big hypocrite!

        For the record, Trump did say on the tape that he did actually do those things, he even said, “they will let you”.

        We did not see Obama as a religious leader, but that did not stop many of your ilk from claiming we thought he was “our Messiah.”

        It is simply that you cannot stand any Christian or follower of Christ blogger, who will not agree with your version; because you have yet to denounce any of the religious leaders who shilled for Trump and who are very “divisive and separate Christians according to who they voted for (and also by their skin color).”

        We do not care how you see us, we “don’t see you guys as “truth tellers” either. So what?

        You can hope we are melting, but daily we get reasons to keep resisting and keep fighting the faux Christians and the faux leaders. We are just as good “sports” as the unChristian Right Party has been the last 20 years.

        You are not our friends, and we know it. TRUMP is who “incites division and antagonism.” He had the choice, over and over to be the president for all Americans, and he refuses. You go get some humility and love for your neighbors and then you can lecture us on getting some.

        • Sandi,

          “You go get some humility and love for your neighbors and then you can lecture us on getting some.”

          Since you are arguing with Joe Catholic/Theo, how likely is it that he is going to develop humility and love for his neighbors when he has so clearly demonstrated he has neither nor does he want either?

      • Time traveler says, Comrade Donnie’s spiritual children marched in Charlottesville VA. They killed only one person!
        “Fine people on both sides.”

  3. The man I admire most in history is Martin Luther King. He had a powerful message and help to change society and spoke that message with love and peace no matter how much hate was shown to him. All I did was suggest John lead with love.

    • HGM, over and over and over in the Bible, Jesus calls out the church and the law givers and the “so-called” righteous. Was Jesus kind when He cleared the Temple. Was He kind in Matthew 23 to the teachers and the Pharisees?

      For those of us who see the harm in Trump and in the Christian Right Party, John P absolutely IS speaking in love and with love because he is calling out the wrong and laying a conviction on it that we agree with. No one is forced to come here or read it, much less reply, critique or live by it.

      • No one is forced to do anything here. I want to share my opinion and what God puts on my heart. Why don’t I have as much right to share my opinion and comments as anyone else? Is a little debate really such a bad thing? I always learned debate was a good way to look at things deeper and understand them better. If John’s teachings hold up to scrutiny then there is no threat to some kind hearted debating

        • She tells everyone who doesn’t agree with her or who doesn’t worship JP to shut up and go away. It’s good that you’re not letting her intimidate you. You have good things to say.

          • No Joe, I tell anyone who rebukes and demeans John P or his supporters that I think you are all disturbed to even come here and engage anyone. It is sick, it is trolling and it is ridiculous.

            If indeed you were a humble Christian, you would be able to express your opinion and leave John P and the rest of us alone, but few of you are ever content to do that.

            My assessment stands. Trolls.

            • Having a different opinion is not the definition of a troll. Why do you feel the need to try to silence everyone that disagrees?

              • Dan, I did not say that having a different opinion was the definition of a troll. Nor did I say or imply that I wanted to silence everyone that disagrees. Do you have some problem with perception of the written word, or are you just trying to be dishonest?

                • I’m not the least bit dishonest ever. My honest opinion is that you conduct yourself the way a child would.

        • HGM, if you find that God puts attacking the blog host on your heart maybe you need to reconsider if that is really God or your own hubris.

          Even if that is something God lays on your heart, why does sharing your opinion mean attacking or dismissing anyone?

          What is your connection to “Just Another Sinner”?

          Do you have the right to attack your host anywhere else you go? Is that ever good manners or decent?

          You may well believe what you offer is “debate” but that is not how it is coming across. Those who support John P share his passion and his perspective and your comments are not going to be welcomed.

          I do not look at or participate on any site where I disagree with the host. I do not understand such a motivation. I detest all that many people stand for and perpetuate but I do not visit their page and attack their POV.

          Why you think you have brought a “deeper” point, ” kind hearted debating” or anything to “understand them better” is beyond me. Your disagreement or comments rebuking him has no bearing on whether “John’s teachings hold up to scrutiny.” You are “no threat”, you are instead a pest. That is the whole essence of being a troll.

          • Brava, Sandi. Pride is the first sin.

            It was Pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. – St. Augustine

  4. HGM, now you change your parameters and claim he has to “see into the hearts of man” …but in a way he can. Whether you like it or not, supporting and defending a man like Trump and the policies he stands for and what the Christian Right Party has been pushing, you can indeed see their hearts and what is in them. You can see the heart of anyone if you look at what they are fighting for (or against).

    Trump has desecrated honesty, integrity, the Constitution, our laws and decency. I suppose we should be grateful he has not done it in the “two Corinthians” church.

    This is John’s blog and again, whether you like it or not, he can condemn, praise or post commentary as he sees fit. You cannot hide in anonymity and claim the integrity to rebuke him. He is telling the truth.

    • Sure Just Another, let’s do “be clear here” under no rubric is John P, his supporters, or any other host expected to “really afford that privilege for those that disagree it’s content.”

      It is sheer hubris for you to feel it is your place to assume those here need any help or are so stupid they will be “misguided”.

      And not for nothing but claiming you “are not here to rebuke the main commentators on this blog” but then calling our host “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” is deeply contradictory.

      You have a blog, a new one, go tend it and stop trying to usurp this one.

      • The Sin of Pride is said by some to the the foremost of the Seven Deadly Sins. Hubris is the gateway through all other sin enters the mortal soul.

        What it is

        Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

  5. Once again, it’s as if you’re inside my head and heart, speaking the words I’m feeling. And often saying, but also sometimes hesitant to say too loudly.

    I’m not a particularly religious person but I find your voice to be the one I search for the most often to help me when I need to know I’m not alone in how I feel. Not by a long shot.

    • Terri Cruce, there are many here who feel as John P does. However, beware of the trolls.

      • Beware of Deception , Mans way of thinking and the view points of the world that tickle the ears but are as far from godlyness as you can get.
        There is a way that seems right to mankind and that way is eternal Death.

  6. I’m open for ideas but I can see no advantage whatsoever in being a Christian. If you are and happy stay where you are. I just think waste of time.

  7. I haven’t read all the comments–not up for the many trolls I know you have here–but I would add one thing. He embarrasses this country and the office with our allies, but he admires and welcomes murderous dictators.

    • Just like Obama , he has to negotiate with the world at bay. Trust God, Believe in Jesus Christ for the peace to pass all understanding.
      This too will pass as God is in control and will Judge the hearts and Thoughts, actions of mankind.

    • Meredith W., I agree. Which is why I am surprised he wants to nuke N. Korea. One could be forgiven for thinking that Kim Jong un would be greeted as a long lost brother or something.

  8. All I have to say is, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Doesn’t need anything else. Peace, Love, Resist and Persist.

  9. Right on my good man! Thank you for writing these they say exactly what I think . I am with you 100% I want to have a better world for our children and I will love in any way I can and I will fight Trumps platform of hate any way I can. A follower of Christ, Mary Couling

  10. Many Times in life we, i , you see things in a certain view point and because of the hardness of the heart , the cares of life, the ego, Pride, and arrogance we as people tend to be biased to that pt.
    Rebellion is as the SIN of witchcraft in the bible . and the Pride of Life is as Great Deterance to seeing TRUTH.
    I , YOU , We dont always like what is best for us as people.
    YOU see God , The only, Mighty, Holy God is at work for our best.
    Trump may no always say, do, think like we want him to or even see things like We, I, YOU want him to .
    But Make NO mistake , Don’t Be Deceived By others, Mans wisdom , the folly of the World .
    God has Put Him There.
    It is Very important to see past OUR own viewpoint and see the Godly Intent or Things God is Doing in the Hearts, Minds, Souls of mankind.
    Trust God thru Jesus Christ , not what you see, who you see , or the buzz around you .
    The ideologies of this generation will not , NOT Bring about the kingdom of God.
    Accountability to God, Thru a Relationship to Jesus Christ Will.
    Peace Comes From a Clear Conscience , not thru false sense of meditation or quietness in our own world.
    Temp fixes don’t fix problems they just delay the consequences .
    Repent, Change, Turn YOUR hearts to God , Pray with out ceasing, Trust in the one who can save the soul, deliver you over to your self or Satan for death. Eternal Death , Spiritual Death.

    • Christopher, I can see you are trying your best to explain and warn people– it shows you care about people. And that is a good thing. There is a reason you are told not to trust the world or other people outside your church and not to miss a Sunday service. There is a reason you are told to memorize verses in the Bible and not have your own thoughts– because if you question anything you will find out the truth that the church needs you more than you need it. Church organizations need numbers, bodies, money to keep going. I know that sounds cynical because we need fellowship with other believes for encouragement and to be corrected from time to time and we need to help people in need especially our brothers and sisters but not not at the cost of damaging someone’s faith.

      Religious organizations all over the world and political/social/cultural groups everywhere intend to keep people primed and ready to resist anything anyone says which is contrary to the script they have written. No one is a programmable robot.

      We are created by God to ask questions, to ponder over what the bible says and to observe the world around us– to have a soft heart, a considerate mind and graceful attitude towards others — this is what helps us to know God and to grow together. No one id perfect so we top it all off with forgiveness.

      We can observe the world around us, understand it and love it as Jesus does– and that includes interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds, nations and faith groups. The Bible is a guide, a history book, poems and ancient wisdom– not a slogan.

      I wish you well on your journey– seep your eyes on Jesus, God bless.

      • sorry for the spelling mistakes I wrote quickly 🙂

        keep your eyes on Jesus, Christopher, I wish you the best.

  11. I just looked up Theodore Seebers. He doesn’t seem like a very nice person, please stop calling me that. Do you keep calling me him because I’m overweight also? That’s very mean, I’ve been working on it but child birth (and to be honest so does bipolar) reaps havok on the body. I told you before that I am a woman by my birth and my choice I think it’s very, very, very disrespectful that you keep referring to me as as man. Stop taking away my right to be a woman.

    Humility Grace Mercy

  12. Great article. But I think it could have used just a couple more embedded ads in between the article. There just weren’t enough of the them. Like three more would have been perfect.

    • Manny, instead of making snarky comments, take responsibility for yourself and install an ad blocker.

  13. So many good comments here..JOHN, YOU ARE MY HERO., I read your posts daily., and have yet to find one comma that is not in place., one compassionate word that is not heartfelt., and not a single word of nonsensical hatred toward anyone who calls you all of the names that wouldn’t come out of most Christians mouth. Thank your for RESISTING., THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU., AND ALLOWING HOLY SPIRIT TO WORK IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU.. There is a day of reckoning coming and those who follow this Devil., will need to answer. In the meantime., we must protect each other., our families., and especially our Children who have minds that can so easily be swayed by all of the Negative hateful rhetoric being spewed out by the faker in the White House and his Minions.

  14. I just love a good fight between believers in myths. It makes my secular, atheist heart swell. You sold your souls and voted for a man who wouldn’t know a verse from the Book of Jewish Fairy Tales from Brietbart News. “But her emails.” No, it was never about her “emails,” it was about HER emails. Besides, there’s this: https://rollingwheelie.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/2426/

  15. I will never believe in the ugliness of the faith-based insanity I have been taught Christianity means my whole life by the example of the vast, vast majority I have known who say they are Christian. The scant handful of good decent nonjudgmental caring folks who didn’t limit their concerns to fellow church-goers and also say they are Christians are simply the aberrant ones to me. I will never agree to dismantle the Constitution to satisfy the Christian persecution complex demanding that if everyone is free to follow their own religion in the US rather than being forced to follow Christian religious rules after those are made the law of the land then that’s denying the Christians their freedom of religion, and I will always stand fast against those who would remake this country into a Nazi ideal of white heterosexual Christian misogynistic far right fascism. I guess that means you are one of that scant handful of “Christians” I can disagree with on some things -such as religion itself, and whom I know disagrees with me as well, and still stand shoulder to shoulder with in a fight for this Constitutional democracy with rights/freedoms/responsibilities for all. And THAT standing together to defend the rights of all, and later working together to find solutions to differences we can all live with, is what makes America America, and what makes it great. Thank you, sir, for being in this fight too.

  16. My children are worth fighting for, as well as their children, your children, and yes, tRUMP supporter’s children. The mother the earth and all the flora, fauna, also.
    I can’t understand how people can cling to such a miserable, despicable ‘person’. The people supporting and encouraging him must be so filled with fear, they cling to some slim hope they were right. They need to wake up, but if they don’t, I will carry my share forward, until we make it right again. I hope? In my lifetime.

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