No, White Friend—You Weren’t “Embarrassed” by Barack Obama

I remember the day after the Election, a friend of mine who happens to be white, remarked on social media that he “finally wasn’t embarrassed of America and our President.”

I sprained my eyes rolling them and they have never fully recovered.

Since then I’ve heard this sentiment echoed by more white folks than I can count, especially in recent months; supposed relief at once again having a leader who instills pride.

Since I don’t have the time to ask each of the individually, I’ll ask here:

So, you were embarrassed for the past 8 years, huh? 


What exactly were you embarrassed by?

Were you embarrassed by his lone and enduring twenty-five year marriage to a strong woman he’s never ceased to publicly praise, respect, or cherish?

Were you embarrassed by the way he lovingly and sweetly parented and protected his daughters?

Were you embarrassed by his Columbia University degree in Political Science or his graduating magna cum laude from Harvard Law School?

Maybe you were embarrassed by his white American and Black Kenyan parents, or the diversity he was raised in as normal?

Were you embarrassed by his eloquence, his quick wit, his easy humor, his seeming comfort meeting with both world leaders and street cleaners; by his bright smile or his sense of empathy or his steadiness—perhaps by his lack of personal scandals or verbal gaffes or impulsive tirades?

No. Of course you weren’t.

Honestly, I don’t believe you were ever embarrassed. That word implies an association that brings ridicule, one that makes you ashamed by association, and if that’s something you claim to have experienced over the past eight years by having Barack Obama representing you in the world—I’m going to suggest you rethink your word choice.

You weren’t “embarrassed” by Barack Obama.

You were threatened by him.
You were offended by him.
You were challenged by him.
You were enraged by him.

But I don’t believe it had anything to do with his resume or his experience or his character or his conduct in office—because you seem fully proud right now to be associated with a three-time married, serial adulterer and confessed predator; a man whose election and business dealings and relationships are riddled with controversy and malfeasance. You’re perfectly fine being represented by a bullying, vile, obnoxious, genitalia-grabbing, Tweet-ranting, Prime Minister-shoving charlatan who’s managed to offend all our allies and alienate millions of our citizens in a few short months. And you’re okay with him putting on religious faith like a rented, dusty, ill-fitting tuxedo and immediately tossing it in the garbage when he’s finished with it.

None of that you’re embarrassed by? I wonder how that works.

Actually, I’m afraid I have an idea. I hope I’m wrong.

Listen, you’re perfectly within your rights to have disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies or to have taken issue with his tactics. No one’s claiming he was a flawless politician or a perfect human being. But somehow I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about here. I think the thing President Obama did that really upset you, white friend—was having a complexion that was far darker than you were ever comfortable with. I think the President we have now feels much better.

Because objectively speaking, if what’s happening in our country right now doesn’t cause you great shame and doesn’t induce the continual meeting of your palm to your face—I don’t believe embarrassment is ever something you struggle with.

No, if you claimed to be “embarrassed” by Barack Obama but you’re somehow not embarrassed by Donald Trump—I’m going to strongly suggest it was largely a pigmentation issue.

And as an American and a Christian committed to diversity and equality and to the liberty at the heart of this nation—that, embarrasses me.

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1,597 thoughts on “No, White Friend—You Weren’t “Embarrassed” by Barack Obama

  1. This is one of the best commentaries that you have posted. I believe you are completely correct in what you have pointed out.

    • I think it’s his most hateful and divisive post to date. He keeps getting better and better at it. I think he’s been grooming himself to be a liberal democrat politician.

        • It’s not obvious?

          Hello white “friend.” I know you say that you didn’t like Obama because of his policies, but I think you’re a dirty liar. You didn’t like him because he’s a ****er.

          That’s what he effectively said, and I that’s a hateful lie.

          Those are not the words of a Christ-loving pastor. He continues to drive a wedge. It’s always “us vs them.” It’s always vilifying the enemy (which is anyone who is a traditional Christian or who in good faith voted for Trump).

          A real pastor seeks unity. He instead seeks to exploit differences. And not in a very kind way. He’s not satisfied to create his own watered-down, error-laden version of Christianity. He attacks and vilifies those who hold fast to “conservative” (for want of a better word) Christian beliefs and principles, and has turned obedience to God into “bigotry.” I suppose that’s part of his gaining a following, but it’s such a negative and sad way to do it.

          • No, he said if you said you were EMBARASSED by Obama — not if you didn’t agree with his policies. Nice try at deflection “A Catholic Perspective”, but you’re changing what he said. If you weren’t embarassed by him, you don’t have to get your knickers in a twist; he wasn’t talking to you.

              • Are you serious? Hey, white friend, really? That doesn’t scream unity! Let’s put the shoe on the other foot.
                Hey black friend, doesn’t have a very good ring to it does it? Of course the president we have right now is a pig, but the writer isn’t exactly helping the any, to say the least.

                • There are so many things in society that say worse about Black people and you know it. How can our society be upset with folks who refused to be oppressed by hate? When the folks that hold the cards in this country start showing unity, then things will change. The article title is meant to catch your attention. The content speaks to the truth of how some people live. For people to change, you call them out. If it does not pertain to you then don’t get upset.

                  • He’s “calling them out” the same way an angry mob calls out someone they think is guilty of a crime. They are not “calling him out” so that he changes his ways. They are calling him out to lynch him.

                    This post was not for his imaginary white “friends,” but for his followers and those he would like to be his followers.

                    • You are only angry because the article hits you where it counts….right in the guilt.

                      Pray to your god for forgiveness for your dishonesty and put some serious thought into acting like the christian you claim to be.

                    • I an embarrassed that these views get called a Catholic perspective. They do NOT reflect a universal Catholic perspective.! Certainly the Pope says things differently.

                    • I was raised a catholic. So was the Pope. I don’t agree with what you write. I think any pastor, or any human being, has the right to point out hypocrisy, certainly if it’s of this magnitude.
                      Of course few white people admit that they hated Obama because he was black. So they call him “embarassing” ot whatever.
                      The man has a right to point out that is it is strange, to say the least, to be “ambarassed” by a civilized man like Obama and defend a barbarian like Trump.

                    • I strongly suspect A Catholic Perspective isn’t Catholic at all. I strongly suspect it is someone skilled at trolling and spreading false information. The only divisive rhetoric has been the posts of A Catholic Perspective.

                    • You’re a Catholic? Good gawd…. I was raised a Catholic, and the idea of one spewing this kind of hate and garbage is mind-boggling to me. On the other hand, it’s sort of amusing that you’re a “Catholic White Supremacist”. Used to be that that was called a contradiction in terms.

                    • And your and you’re showing us that this article hit you square in the nose. You’re obviously one of those people who was embarrassed by our black president. Injustice Unity will come in this country when Injustice and inequality are no longer a problem. It is not going to magically appear because the right says we should unite after a decade of unprecedented hate and obstructio.

                    • Hi – Interesting how triggered you seem to be. And I pause to reflect on all the differing viewing points being expressed. For me – at the moment – it is a strong title – one though that appears to accurately reflect the actions of those that have behaved the way he shares about. For me – and I wonder how else it could be expressed: it seems to me to be shining a very bright light on something many have shied away from…. Would I have liked something to complete with that helps bring together – yes – and for me, what is shared here is of value. I will keep an eye out for other posts to see if there are other agendas…. My best to All – And a question for you – How could you – in your way of responding – be an example of what you would like the author to have done?

                    • I was raised Catholic and we never READ the bible. We had the missal but it was made up of cherry picked verses. One amazing aha moment for me came when I actually read it Interesting how Jesus called out hypocrites and hypocrisy just as John does here

                    • “He’s “calling them out” the same way an angry mob calls out someone they think is guilty of a crime. ”

                      No, ACP, he is calling them out the same way that Jesus called out the hypocrites amongst his own people. It seems like you may have missed some of His important teachings while focusing on your catechism (the indoctrination that tells you what you “have to ” believe in to be a “good follower”.

                    • And you sound just as angry, and like everything you are calling him out to be. Maybe that’s why what you feel you see in him is SO recognizable to you. Anger but from different sides of the fence. Those same things you say about this writer can just as easily be said about you and what you have written. And throwing in the “N” word as you did, speaks to your heart and spirit. Catholic? Christ like? Jesus approving? hum…. take breath, look in the mirror and pray, the latter we all could use and benefit from. be blessed

                  • True enough, the writer was talking about embarrassment and is correct about being embarrassed by Trump. However, this issue about black and white is getting to extreme. It doesn’t matter anymore what the subject is, it will be turned into “it’s a black hate something or other. In the meantime, everyone is screaming about the whites! What! Didn’t nobody put no silver-spoon in my mouth. I worked hard for everything I got and that ain’t much. I’m just so tired of hearing “white people this and black people that. Can’t you see how the government is trying to get us to hate each other so we will riot and they can come in with their military control? Let’s also learn to not trust the media while they take down the government and support our hatreds. Y’all fallin right into their screw U.S. policies. Y’all better wake up and study some strategies for taking over a country. It sure looks like Trump did.

                    • There is nothing new about the hatred some people have for blacks. Just look at the recent outcomes of the trials where police officers were charged for unjustified killings of blacks. Juries are repeatedly saying that police officers are justified in “fearing for their safety” when dealing with blacks and ultimately they are right to kill them.

                      Has anyone asked under what circumstances will a police officer be held accountable for snuffing the life out of a black person who is either unarmed, running away, or is a 12 year old kid playing with a toy gun? Our country is blatantly showing that the lives of blacks – especially that of black men – is not worth anything. On the same day, our justice system convicted a young lady for encouraging her friend to take his own life over the phone and via text from miles away. A young white male kills himself and his friend gets convicted of manslaughter. A police officer kills an unarmed black man and he is found not guilty. Of course, some will call that “black privilege”…yeah, right!!!!

                    • Stan, you make some excellent points that this nation does need to think about and discuss as the problem it really is. For people to keep discounting the deaths of black Americans as if the police cannot be held responsible in any way is offensive to justice, truth, and human decency.

                      Maybe we need some national standards for the police and people to be expected to follow. I know I have a real problem with an officer telling someone to keep their hands up and hand them some ID. I don’t know about others, but I cannot do both. The law says tell the police you have a gun…so maybe the law needs to train the officer what to do next (which is not to start screaming and shooting). How many people have to die for some effort to be made?

                    • I don’t think “the government “ is trying to get us to hate each other. I think our president is by his attacks on Mexicans, Muslims, women, etc. is creating the division of us (read white) against them.

                  • Good comment I loved President Obama I was glad my mother lived long enough to see him get elected. This is a great article. From day one of his administration the Republican Congress said “we will not work with him and we won’t let him get anything passed.” Sadly he could have done so much more and Trump is taking down anything he accomplished.

                • This is not what the man wrote, nor does it address the context in which he wrote. What’s wrong with you people? There isn’t that much kool around to drink. Yet your perspective of everything is so skewed.

                  Neither the title, nor the quote, nor the context speak what you are saying. Can you not see that?

                  • “you people” appears to be one person who is probably a troll, and likely trying to deflect onto Catholics.

                  • All you need to do is look at his sheep. They are gleefully calling anyone a who doesn’t kiss his butt or praise Obama a “racist.” This is what JP does. Don’t just isolate this particular post. Look at it in the context of the rest of his writings. It’s just another variation of “look at how evil those other people are. Isn’t it wonderful that you’re not like them and so much better and smarter?” And then they run with it. JP makes them feel so good…

                    He’s not at all looking to “correct” the sinner, but is giving his followers a version of the woman caught in adultery scenario, not so that they can forgive the alleged sinner, but to stone them to death.

                    • Dear A Catholic Perspective:

                      I’m going to serve up something worse than what John Pavlovitz posted.

                      Daily, the sacrifices of previous generations are sacrificed. The public school system is starved as monies are transferred from public coffers to for profit businesses which have little accountability. Public health is declining as medical services increasingly are made inaccessible to the working poor. Public works have become a thing of the past.

                      Parasitic corporations who alone have effective political representation receive vast sums under the guise of tax cuts. Taxes are not cut; the burden is merely shifted onto the backs of working people. And while the public is told that there is no money for education, health or rebuilding communities, a bloated military is flooded with unending monies.

                      To ensure complicity with this process, increasingly militarized police are forged into a knife held to the public throat, belying the claim that this arrangement is for our protection. Regimes which refuse public responsibility do not assail the public in such ways. Moreover, loyal citizens do not advocate for such policies as are herein described.

                      When not advocating directly for policies that are fundamentally disloyalty to the United States citizenry, you serve up puerile commentaries as on this page; or you throw up the crime of abortion. You do this with the intention of diverting attention from and consequently blocking discussion of the systematic destruction of our political system.

                      Moreover, you do so with full understanding that these crimes constitute a socio-political attack on United States citizens. You side with those who believe that citizenship ought to be emptied of any effective import. You believe that it is the duty of the masses to bow before you, serve and bless you, and enrich you all the days of their lives.

                      I have news for you. The United States working class has NO investment in this political order. Moreover, nothing you say has relevance to lived reality in the United States. Theologically, this means that your message is a practical denial of Jesus’ incarnation. I suggest that you are an atheist who seeks to hinder the formation of a Christian mind.

                      Many people have named you as a troll. I disagree. But I insist that you are fundamentally disloyal to working class people, that you are committed to the destruction of those people as a class, and that you support all public policies which work to that end. And I say that you are a political enemy of the US working class and a practitioner of economic terrorism against the United States working class.


                    • Isn’t it odd that the “woman caught in adultery” is being accused all by herself? Did she commit this act with someone? Where they at?

                    • Catholic Perspective, I like you. Truly you have the gift of discernment. Please continue with your narratives. I’m not Catholic but your views I would say are a Godly perspective.

                    • Catholic Perspective you are one sad example of a Catholic, a Christian, an adult and human being. You are embarrassment to society. I always find it amazing how some Whites get so offended when your racist behavior is called out. I have more respect for racists folks that say yes I am racist! Not like you who use bible to beat up people and be mean. With all your chatter, you not one time commented the Obamas on one positive thing the writer put in this article, the only thing you along the rest of your racist friends could do is attack the writer for pointing out the good this man has accomplished. If President Obama were White, with 25 year marriage, 2 daughters and scandal free terms, you and your racists friends would not be afraid of him. Leave God out of your conversation because you and the other nay-sayers on this article would not know the love of God if you had it for lunch! Find Jesus, and stop “just” showing up for church! I did not agree with everything President Obama said and did, however, I respect his education, his marriage and his real Christian Walk with God, because like God, he loves people just where they are, not like you and the other nay-sayers who wear your racism as a badge of honor, the saddest part you do it in the name of God.

                    • How can you call yourself a christian? You’re so filled with hate.
                      Face it Obama was President of the United States. If you disagree with some of his choices, that’s your prerogative. But don’t fool yourself, you’re one of those persons who thinks unless someone who looks like you and thinks like you are making the decisions for a nation full of diverse individuals, any choices or decisions they make are wrong. Look inside yourself and see what is the real reason you hate former President Obama. Please be true to yourself.

                    • A Catholic Perspective, I am not a follower of this man, but I know his reasoning is correct. I have family members whom I have called out for this very same thing. Of course they, too, deny that they are “racist”, but that doesn’t make it true. I doubt that you are Catholic, but even if you are, I am pretty sure you are not a “spokes-person” for the majority of Catholics.

                    • ACP: I don’t know what kind of porn you were watching. I never saw ANYBODY kissing Obama’s ass. But compared to the relentless vilification of him by the reactionary media, I guess anybody who gave him credit for being a decent human being with a brain looked as if they were praising him.

                      There was great hope among those of us who were delighted to see the reign of Bush the Dumber end, hope for a return to policies based on something besides welfare for the corporate elites.

                      During 8 years of watching MSNBC or listening to Pacifica, I saw Obama constantly being held to task for being too much like what the rest of the post-Reagan Democratic Party has become: a half-assed Republican.

                      He also encountered monolithic opposition from congressional Republicans, the likes of which NO prior president had ever encountered. Not even Lincoln had such enemies on Capitol Hill marching in lock-step.

                      And the racial part can not be ignored or wished away. No reasonable person would say that anyone who didn’t agree 100% with Obama was ipso facto a racist. It would be reasonable to say that those who harbored such animosity towards him had no rational reason for it. The reactionary media nurtured and stoked that hatred. He steadily received over 10 times more death threats than any other president.

                      And there was that gem of a bumper sticker that said [warning — racial epithet in slogan!] “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012”. That would have been unthinkable before. And yes, that was real —

                      Racism is the only rational explanation for the steadfast enmity towards him. He was a long way from being a “socialist” or a “terrorist” or a Muslim or a non-citizen. Those whose brains were fed by Fox were told otherwise, but it’s been found that those who get their news from that source know less about the facts of current events than those who watch or read no news at all.


                • I’m as white as white can be, and nothing about this post bothered me, because I understood it. The white people who claimed to be embarrassed by President Obama were, almost to a man, not embarrassed by anything he did, but because he was black. He made some errors, as you would expect from EVERY president, but he was dignified and free from scandal. The things people whipped up outrage over were insane. OMG, Michelle has bare arms! Tan suit! Mustard on a hamburger! The occasional round of golf (holy crap, I love how Republicans are now OK with a president who spends more time on the links than in the Oval Office, and spends money like water on recreational travel for himself and his ADULT children). All of the complaints were BS surrogates for “I don’t like having a Black guy in the White House.” Pavlovitz is totally on point. I am MORTIFIED by our current president – I remember feeling embarrassed by GW Bush, but jeez, he was dignified and erudite compared to Trump.

                  • Thank you for that comment, and I am a blue eyed, used to be blonde, white haired lady. I agree one hundred percent. They can deny it till the cows come home, but the truth is the truth, and it hurts sometimes. So be it. This country has made strides but it still has a long way to go and those that have the power right now are taking us backwards. Peace,

                  • Bellydog, I agree with you 100%. You said something I find quite tragic. ” I remember feeling embarrassed by GW Bush, but jeez, he was dignified and erudite compared to Trump.”

                    It’s truly hard for to believe that there could be someone occupying the Oval Office who is less coherent than Bush 2, but available evidence…

                    • This = perfect.

                      I’m Black, and this article spoke to me – the White friends (yup, got ’em!) I have have all been horrified to greater/lesser degrees with Trump, but only a very, very small minority have ever whipped out the “I am not embarrassed by our President for the first time in 8 years” line…and those few, well let’s just say John’s dead right about them.

                      I’m commenting on YOUR comment, because you hit the nail on the head – we were increasingly cringing at Dubya’s gaffes and many of his policies (including the “my bad” war), but Trump makes him look like Obama or FDR…

                      And its not that Trump supporters are “bad” people, but there’s an undercurrent of “phew, glad we’ve got a white guy in there again” in a lot of the offhand comments that’s very telling (i.e. “I’m glad we finally have a pretty First Lady in office again…”).

                      Seeing a lot of truth in 2017, lol

                    • Actually, lots of Trump supporters *are* bad people. *Really* bad people.

                      Look what conservatives foam at the mouth ranting about and what it is they despise about liberals. “Giving away ‘their’ money”, letting “the browns” in, being “perverts” for supporting gay rights, being “godless” for supporting abortion.. On and on.

                      Conservatives today, by and large, are completely void of empathy. And they are increasingly bitter that their white privilege is now inconvenienced by being challenged in social media, As a result we have the “alt right” “backlash”.

                      They externalize *every* thing about their lives they dont like and blame it on “freeloaders” and “lazy browns” and then, ironically, dismiss *every* injustice that has been heaped on black people in the US as something they “need to get over”

                      Really really bad people.

                      MAYBE at election time there were just pathological HRC haters there…. but those *still backing Trump now*?

                      Worst of the worst

                  • Dear Catholic Perspective, I’d like to comment but don’t know where to start. There are just so so many ways I disagree with what you say here.

                  • He was free from scandal?? Lets see the Iran ransom, which he lied about, giving Iran access to 150 billion, stabbed our ally Israel in the back, he targeted right wingers through the IRS, he FISA courts just now say he spied illegally on americans for 8 years, he pardoned chalsea manning 7 years into a 35 year sentence for giving away over 300,000 documents to our enemies. Chelsea Manning should never see the light of day again. He traded away 5 high rankings terrorists in the most baffling move I’ve ever seen for traitor Bergdal. He disrespected our law enforcement. He constantly played the race and victim card. Rather then the opposite, showing what can be done through hard work. He turned our healthcare into a train wreck and a shift to what he wanted the whole time, single payer. He started common core (brainwashing) in our schools. HE WAS NOT JUST AN EMBARRASSMENT, he was disgraceful. He is a snake and doesn’t tell the truth about who he is or what his true motives are. He turned away 1000 cubans bc he decided to change wet foot dry foot law in place for 30 years. Sent those people right back to hell but throws the moral card in our faces if we want stricter vetting from 7 war torn ravaged countries infested w ISIS. Obama was a joke, he was nothing but the Manchurian Candidate. He almost overthrew our country but we woke up just in time.

                  • I liked both George W. Bush and Barack Obama and didn’t feel embarrassed by either. I may have felt embarrassed for a bit by Clinton’s Lewinsky shenanigans, but he was a good president. We’re not always going to agree with our president and people way too quickly divulge into ugly personal attacks. All the above presidents mentioned loved our country and cared about Americans.

                    What we have going on right now is ridiculous. I’ve been embarrassed by Trump’s actions and tweets. I only see boorishness and self-interest. I surely never thought we’d have the President of the United States in juvenile delinquent attack mode on Twitter. I also never thought we’d see such rudeness to foreign allies , some weird allegiance to Putin (of all people!), and such isolationism from our country’s leader.

                    People must be in a special state of denial if they don’t think the birtherism nonsense and many other very disrespectful things Obama (and Michelle) endured weren’t rooted in racism. It’s also hypocritical to champion Trump’s ridiculous behavior while denigrating Obama, who was dignified, well-spoken, and intelligent.

                  • The only way you can possibly understand this post is if you are one of the unfortunates who have had their brain drilled to believe that you are racist by default, simply because of the color of your skin. Another thing that embarrassed me about this president? How he was able to set race relations back in this country by 50 or 60 years, and it was completely intentional. Because that’s how leftists work… I guess I’m more embarrassed by the masses, that they actually fell for it than by this manipulative man we called our “president” for 8 extremely long years. But I’m not going to apologize to anyone for the fact that I am who God made me to be. You can keep your white guilt. I’ve never judged another human being by the color of their skin, and I’ll never let morons convince me that I’m subconsciously someone other than who I know myself to be. Pro life? You’re a racist. Not a militant feminist? You’re a misogynist. You don’t believe that Islamists are just poor, misunderstood victims? Islamophobe. You believe that this nation has the right to protect it’s borders? Xenophobe. I happen to know that the world isn’t so black and white. There are plenty of shades of grey in there. It’s just so childish to believe otherwise.

                    • Why would a man, raised by a white mother and grandparents, who only saw his African father twice in his life, be anti-white? It boggles the mind that anyone could think that. It is the color of his skin that is the source of your and others “embarrassment”. He made mistakes because his is human, but don’t try to put the immigration problem on him, blame the Cheeto-in-Chief. Obama tried to make a pathway to citizenship for DACA youth, who were brought here as children under 16, he actually was responsible for deporting many more undocumented lawbreakers, not innocent prospective immigrants.
                      How was he single-handedly able to ‘set race relations back’? The truth is that the racists have been emboldened by POTUS #45 and his crew of alt-rightist in the White House. They now feel that they can “shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue” and get away with it. BTW, unless you’re totally tone deaf MAGA is a racist dog whistle. America was never so great for minorities, and we don’t want that time back again.

                • hey color blind, how did you obtain the info that our president is a pig?
                  and I don’t need to hear it from any liberals. I already know waht they are about.

                • hey color blind, how did you obtain the info that our president is a pig?
                  and I don’t need to hear it from any liberals. I already know what they are about.

                • There will never be unity. The USA was not built on unity, but yet on the backs of slaves. Until you sit and understand the daily fight blacks go through and get involved whole heartedly, why unite?

                • I’m white, Christian of Irish/German descent. I seen the racism right when the election was over and the Republicans refused to work with the Black President. This is where I am having a lot of problems understanding Televangelists, Preachers and all those politicians claiming Jesus as their savior. I see the problem in so many ways now including the NAV Bible and the White Jesus that came with it.

                  • well you “seen” wrong. The republican party wouldn’t have gone along with this presidents communist policies no matter what color he happened to be. So you truly think that they should have gone along with it simply because of his skin color? That would have been racist in and of itself. But that’s a leftist for you…to claim that this guy deserved to be treated differently because he happened to be black.

                • OMG THIS PC CULTURE IS KILLING US. Can’t we just get past what he said to what he meant? How can America be great when we are such delicate snowflakes we demand to have everything said just so as to not offend our delicate sensitivities?

                • I think if you get all prickly at a gentle challenge, you might want to do a little soul searching. If you are practicing non racism you don’t feel threatened by the honesty.

                • It was important context for the message color blind. Can’t tell other people they’re being “sensitive” if you’re gonna be put off by that.

                • Hey Color Blind your’s not a Black and White thing Obama tired put us into his socialistic world. Taking away the hard work Americans have been doing for centuries. Trump saved us from going down that rabbit hole of no return. God intersected at the right time..

                  • Richard, I have to assume you are a stand-up comic because the notion that President Obama was a “Socialist” who “tired put us into his socialistic world. Taking away the hard work Americans have been doing for centuries” is literally laughable…or profound ignorance of reality.

                • Considering a “Hey, Black friend” title is not what is being discussed: this is complete deflection.

                  You must understand that talking about race is…wait for it…not racist or divisive in and of itself, just as being “colorblind” is not a virtue.

                  Claiming to not see color is 1) just plain lying and 2) promoting the privilege of not needing to understand the implications of “race” in one’s life. You’re essentially saying “Stop complaining about pain. It’s not that bad”, even though you truly have no clue.

                  When you label others as divisive or the oh-so popular “race-baiters”, what you’re doing is solidifying White Power in our country. Unless we discuss and create ways to dismantle multi-generational mechanisms of white supremacy, we will always be inching backwards. These boys are getting brazen these days…

                • It is because more white people screamed that they were embarrassed by Obama than any other color. And it has to do with his color not anything else. Obama was not a perfect President but he was not the unhinged, undignified, uncouth, classless, tactless, childish, current leader of the free world. Trump is in it for the notoriety, fame, recognition, and money. He duped every single voter into thinking he cared about them. He only cared about their vote. He cared about getting the 1% their tax break, about big business and lining his and their pockets and winning at all costs. And as soon as these voters start losing their rights and their healthcare and pay more taxes and realize he said what he said JUST to get you to vote for him the better off you will be. And those of us who could SEE this coming from a mile away will be there to help you and not say “I told you so.” That’s exactly something our President would say and we can’t sink so low.

                • Exactly color blind! I think those of us (at least some of us) who were “embarrassed” during Obama’s presidency were embarrassed at how weak a nation we had become under Obama. We just bent over and accommodated every person of every nationality who came into this country and wanted their local customs and laws recognized, rather than them coming into this country, learning English and infusing themselves into our culture. And I’m sorry, but just as black people say that white people don’t know how they feel until we walk in their shoes; black people don’t know what it’s like to be white and discriminated against in this day and time specifically in the areas of employment. And before anyone responds with anything regarding Native Americans, let me just say that my great, great grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee. Not a fan of Trump’s childishness with his personal insults, but I don’t think hate is any more promoted by him than it has been by those who didn’t vote for him; and I also think that Obama himself was somewhat of a racist because even during the outbreak of white cops killing blacks, it didn’t seem to matter what circumstances surrounded the events, Obama publicly supported the blacks regardless.

                  • Sorry M.W., all you have done is prove your own willful blindness and it is not colorblindness either.

                    I get it that respecting diversity harms you in some fashion but this nation has managed to celebrate Columbus Day (Italians), St. Patrick’s Day (Irish), Cinco de Mayo (Hispanic), Rosh Hashanah, Passover and Chanukkah (Jewish), Easter and Christmas (Christian), Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr – Festival of Fast Breaking (Islam) ALL before Obama was president and so he did not harm you in supporting any ethnic respect for their culture.

                    You are clearly not big on reflection and perspective but they still matter. Black people do not know what it is like to face racism and discrimination? Seriously, you need to read more and post less.

                • I’m sorry but I have to totally disagree with you on this. I have to say, I am a black man, by the way. Something you may have no concept about is how black people have always been told hey black friend (but in a more hateful degrading tone like hey boy or hey ni**a) telling us to accept the status quo and why be so angry about the injustice or indifference you have faced for generations. For example, the confederate flag controversy, the police mistreatment issues or voting rights issues. White people really have no idea what it is like because they don’t know what it is black have had to endure. The amount of racism that president Obama faced in office no other president has ever had to deal with. This article absolutely spoke the truth and as Shakespeare wrote ‘doth protest too much’. People who get offended by generalized comments have something to atone for most of the time.

                • Well, …seeing as how he’s specifically speaking of a white person talking about. A bi-racial president who was endlessly ridiculed by white people, you’re point is pretty invalid.

              • Yes but I’m glad he posted. He makes a good point in that those who were embarrassed by Obama had other reasons. For example women are another minority that keeps its own gender down.

                • ??? Women aren’t classified as a minority. The term is “women AND minorities”. They represent roughly 1/2 of the world’s population. In some countries women are a significant majority. Whether or not women have unequal legal status or are unfairly treated etc, they (as a classification of gender alone) are not categorized as minority. “Minority” is not synonymous with “oppressed group” (etc), though the two often overlap and we tend to mistakenly bestow the term “minority” on the misrepresented and marginalized in general.

                  • Women are certainly in the minority of the 14 member senate team meeting behind closed doors to hammer out a health care policy that McConnel can ram through the senate. 14 white men, with no first hand experience with about 50% of all health care experience. Women are in the minority in far too many positions of power and influence.

            • Nature Girl, Joe/Theo/A Catholic repeatedly bears false witness in this regard by distorting and twisting what people say.

            • Actually, you and John may have a point. I wasn’t ’embarrassed’ by Obama. But, I nver claimed I was.

              ‘Enraged’ might fit, as I am a belieber in the Constitution, and Obama is a very intelligent man with a keen understanding of the Constitution, who violated it numerous times, and fought to change/destroy fundamental aspects of it.

              ‘Bufuddlment’ is another word that applies. As charming as Obama can be, I fail to understand how ‘Christian’ pastors or laymen can be supportive of him when his clear core agenda is globalization. One world government will come. It’s foretold. I fail to understand anyone professing Christianity, yet trying tobhasten that day.

              • Oh I didn’t GOD had a favorite spot on the globe who knew. Everyone on the globe trying to get along, how evil could that be. DAMM THAT OBAMA.

              • So did u graduate magna cum lade from harvard with a constitutional law degree how are you or anyone else gonna say he violated the constitution have u even read the constitution.

                  • And he respectfully accepted those decisions. He never once called for changing or restructuring any part of the judiciary. Your assumptions are dead wrong.

                  • Yep and the Supreme Court also ruled in favor of slavery, they ruled that corporations are people, that money is speech, that even if you have been proven innocent and your trial was flawless we can still put you to death or keep you in prison. Oh yes and the one I think that will bother you the most–that abortion is legal. Oh yeah the Supreme Court, great argument Dan.

                    • …and the St.James Bible says people should have their eyes plucked out. Why would you base a decision on a supreme court decision made a hundred years ago??? Does common sense mean anything to you?

                    • Have you?? Do you think it is necessary to graduate from Harvard to have common sense? Donald Trump has violated the spirit of the oath he took and the constitution. If the resulting action has not been made public at this point should not be interpreted as a denial of fact.

                  • As has trump. From his public statements, it is pretty darn apparent that trump has not read the constitution. All of his reactions to denying constitutional rights is fed to him via his advisors. Check, he has no idea of why we have three branches and the purposes they serve. I am definitely embarrassed every time he opens his mouth.

                  • The Supreme Court has ruled against other Presidents as well. Does that mean they all violated the constitution as well?

                • The Constitution isn’t a difficult to comprehend document. It was specifically intended to be a charter for the farmer and the scholar. Is it your belief that lawyers can’t break the law because they understand it? What ridiculous nonsense. Of course Obama understands the constitution. He simply doesn’t agree with what’s written in it. He said so himself. He complained that the biggest problem with the US Constitution is that it lists what government cannot do to you rather than what government must do for you. As an expert in constitutional law I’m sure Obama is fully aware that this wasn’t an oversight by the founders, it was by design. Obama knew exactly what they were trying to do when writing the constitution. No intelligent man who has read the document could fail to comprehend it. He simply dislikes their conclusions and objectives in writing it. He desires to fundamentally change the nature of the agreement between this government and its citizens. He understands the constitution well, he just doesn’t like it.

                  • But yet the Constitution has been amended/ changed 27 times. Will that be it forever? Different times demand different thinking. I thought that the old adage of “money talks and BS walks” was just a saying until the powers that be classified money as speech. “Nothing is constant but change.”

                    • I think he said any intelligent man can understand it. That sort of eliminates 45. It also sort of eliminates slightly over half the population who are not men.

                    • The ‘so-called’ President has a problem with his concentration; he has trouble reading daily briefings, let alone the Constitution!

                  • And that my friend is what the world lacks the most…. Acceptance of perspectives contrary to their own. Well said!

                  • Dear Travis:

                    You wrote:

                    ‘As an expert in constitutional law I’m sure Obama is fully aware that this wasn’t an oversight by the founders, it was by design.’

                    I reply:

                    Please tell us where you studied constitutional law.


                • Just because he graduated from Harvard law big deal doesn’t mean he didn’t violate the Constitution and yes I have read it and yes he did and tried very hard to do so a number of times maybe you should read the Constitution the president doesn’t have any autority other than commander chief that the Congress doesn’t give him

                    • I stumbled across this racist essay. It’s extremely mobile device unfriendly, can barely repy, forget paragraphs etc. I was critiqued by GloriaMarie who wanted to know when Obama violated the Constitution.
                      I gave her 22 examples so she scolds me on sentence structure and paragraphs lol. GloriaMaria, the writer and most of therepliers are the classic, bigoted, regressive leftists we’ve come to know this election cycle. They live in echo chambers and liberal bubbles, watch CNN and MSNBC and are absolutely petrified of REAL news and real sources of information. When presented with facts they don’t like, their hands go up to their ears and they start singing lalalala…..I can’t hear you. They ignore the new info because it is very uncomfortable and causes them cognitive dissonance. They attack the person supplying the uncomfortable info by criticizing a misspelled word, or negating source or calling them a troll. In the bigoted world of hatred the regressive left lives in everone who disagrees with them, especially if they are intelligent and informed, are “trolls”. You’ll often see comments like, “I’m outta here, too many trolls”. That means the truth and the facts have caused these people severe discomfort. They flee the truth, they have no use for our facts. They retreat back to the safety of their echo chambers and are comforted by the others who dwell there. They love to spout off their opinions but they aren’t willing or able to listen to other points of view. They are the classic definition of bigots. I ask the writer this: what about all the black, brown and yellow people who were embarrassed and disgusted with the treasonous Obama regime? Will you be writing them a separate letter, or is it only white people you hold a particular prejudice towards?

                    • Audrey, my name is neither GloriaMarie or GloriaMaria. Please have the courtesy to address me by my actual name.

                      You made many assertions and then refused to provide evidence. Therefore you must have nothing to offer as proof except your own prejudices.

                      I insert paragraph breaks all the time when using a mobile device. Please learn how to do it. And, yes, grammar is important when one wishes to be taken seriously. As is spelling.

                      One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


                    • Dear Audrey:

                      Actually, it is the fascistic right which proposes a reactionary agenda.

                      The problem with the pseudo-left [which you call ‘liberal,’ etc.] is that it offers no alternative.

                      Personally, I blame socialists for facilitating this problem by not proclaiming a revolutionary socialist program from the rooftops.


                  • wow…you may have read the constitution but you forget to understand what it said….he was not unconstitutional…if you believe he was what do you think our latest president is…he makes the constitution a joke..has already went nuts with his EO’s and has already been stopped by the circuit court…This was a very good article which was written to grab your attention…problem is you made your decision after the first paragraph and did not assimilate the reality of the information….

                • You you don’t hafto be a constitutional scholar to know he violated theconstitution multiple times. That’s a silly thing to say. Facts are facts.

                  • If what you claim are “facts” is info gleaned from Fox, Rush, Alex, Glenn, then they aren’t facts.

                    The assertion that he violated the Constitution is a lie.

                    However, if you can provide proof from reliable sources and not fake news, please do.

                    One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


                    • I shouldn’t hafto provide proof. It’s all out there for anyone who really wants to know. The fact that you are not aware makes you disqualified from leading any kind of defense of the man.
                      1. Invoked executive priveledge during fast and Furious scandal. Government misconduct negates executive priveledge. 2. 23 executive orders on gun control, violating the 2nd ammendment. 3. Executive order bypassing congress on immigration. 4. NDAA – section 1021. Due process rights negated. Violates 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 7th amendments.5. Executive order 13603. Government can seize anything. 6. Executive order 13524. Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies including FBI. 7. Executive order 13636. Infrastructure cybersecurity. Bypassed congress article 1 section 1. 8. Signed into law the establishment of NO free speech zones. Violates 1st amendment. 9. Attempt to tax political contributions. Violates 1st amendment. 10. DOMA law. Directed DOJ to ignore the constitution and separation of powers and not enforce the law. 11. Dodd-Frank. Due process and separation of powers. CFPB writing and interpreting law. Article 1. Section 1. 12. Drone strikes on American citizens. 5th amendment Due Process Rights negated. 13. Bypassed Congress and gave EPA power to advance Cap n Trade. 14. Four executive appointments. Senate not in recess. Ruled unconstitutional by the courts. 15. Appointing Agency czars without advice and consent of senate. Violation article 2, section 2. 16. Took chairmanship of UN security council. Violates section 9. 17. Obamacare mandate. No constitutional authority for congress to force Americans to engage in commerce. 18. Healthcare waivers. No president has dispensing powers. 19. Goes after Arizona for upholding federal law. 10th amendment violation. 20. Chrysler bailout. Violated creditor’s rights, bankruptcy law and takings and due process clauses. 5th amendment violation. 21. Entered war in Libya without Congressional approval. Violates article 1, section 8. Impeachable under article 2, section 4. 22. NSA and FBI tapping directly into servers of 9 internet companies. Violates 4th amendment. 23. DACA and DAPA

                    • Audrey wrote “I shouldn’t hafto provide proof.” Actually, yes, the onus is on you to prove these assertions which read more like fake news than anythign else.

                      And please insert paragraph breaks in between your different points. That is simple correct English grammar.

                      One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


                  • And Trump has it since he took office! He is a friend to Russia(facts) who has helped him! So you don’t care that he is a bigot,racist, anti free speech(fake news). He has been married 3 times and has cheated(Obama married 25 years)! I could go on like disrespectful to others!

                  • but you hafto back up your claim that he “violated the constitution multiple time” where is your source? you made the claim – so make good on it;-)

                  • Please list what violations of the constitution. And if so why did the Republicans let him get away with it? I eagerly await your response.

                    • Okay I am OUTTA HERE. Too many GODDAMN TROLLS.

                      Y’all can go stick your heads back up your asses now.

                • Have you?? Do you think it is necessary to graduate from Harvard to have common sense? Donald Trump has violated the spirit of the oath he took and the constitution. If the resulting action has not been made public at this point should not be interpreted as a denial of fact. Grow up.

                • They’re referring to “all of those” executive orders. Truth is, he signed fewer than any POTUS in recent history. DJT is on track to sign more in his first year than BHO in four years. And, for better or worse, executive orders are Constitutionally legitimate. Many of the people who despise and demonize Obama are unable to admit that their feelings are rooted in racism and anti-intellectualism. Thus, it is not surprising that Trump appeals to them, because he embodies both of those odious “isms”.

                  • Well said, Jim…racism for sure, but anti-intellectualism was more subtle during his presidency and became more evident with the results of this last election.

                  • Not all executive orders are created equal. It isn’t the concept of the executive order that is unconstitutional, it’s what you do with that power that matters. The fact that Obama used the power less often than Bush doesn’t prove that he used it more constitutionally. It’s a foolish misunderstanding of the entire situation.

                    • Oddly enough, Trump’s EOs were not subjected to Congressional approval, which defeats the very purpose of a EO

                    • Here we go with the separate but equal branches of government. Executive orders, as the name suggests, are the prerogative of the Executive Branch. They are not subject to approval by Congress who is the Legislative branch. They pass laws. If they disagree with an Executive Order, they have two courses of action. 1. Pass a law to override it (of course they need a veto proof majority) or 2. Appeal to the 3rd branch of the government in the Court.

                • Well, his administration lost more unanimous votes at the Supreme Court than any other. Half again as many as his immediate predecessor, who is frequently derided for his supposed intellectual inadequacy. That does suggest maybe he and his staff weren’t as intimately familiar with the constitution as many would have you believe.

                  If you’d like a specific example, read up on NLRB vs. Noel Canning. The court held unanimously that President Obama violated the constitution by making recess appointments while Congress remained in session.

                  • Bruton Gaster, that’s really funny! You are apparently unaware that the constitution specifically provides for recess appointments. As to your prior assertion that he “lost more unanimous votes at the SCOTUS, I would have to invite you to provide citations. Also, I would point out that from DAY ONE in 2009, he was battling a unAmerican conspiracy of Republican Congresscritters to obstruct absolutely everything and do their damnedest to make him a one-term president. He stayed calm, he stayed *constitutional* and he fought the good fight on behalf of US. That designation includes you, too, even though you wouldn’t likely lift a finger to help yourself, your family, and your community to achieve the things that would more rapidly fix the mess the Rs made of the economy under GWB. This is not the place for the entire list, but it comes down too one simple fact – and I am telling you this from the perspective of an older, definitely WHITE woman who has seen this government in action since the days of Kennedy. The only reason for all this resistance and hatred is the fact that the man’s skin is too dark for your tastes. That is a character flaw that you have to deal with. You and your ilk should be ashamed. Despite the hateful behavior you all visited upon us, you failed. He succeeded.

                    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

                    • Touche and totally true. Obama was an awesome president facing so many adversities. Haters are going to hate. Don’t engage them does no good.

                    • OK. Let’s start from the top. Of course the president is allowed to make recess appointments. The catch is, congress has to be in recess. It’s right there in the title. Since congress was in session when President Obama made his appointments to the NLRB, he had no authority to make them. Hence, the 9-0 decision he violated the constitution by SCOTUS. Don’t know why your angry at me over it. I didn’t write the ruling. If you have issues with it, take it up with any of the Supreme Court justices. I suggest starting with Kagan or Sotomayor.

                      Yep. The GOP set out to make President Obama a one termer. Just like every opposition party in history. What do you think the dems clear number one goal is right now? You know full well it is to make sure Trump isn’t reelected. Stop pretending your side is any different. You don’t want Trump to be any more successful than Rush Limbaugh wanted Obama to be. Incidentally, the GOP had no ability to obstruct anything to begin with. It was only after the American public took away congress from the president were they able to stop his agenda. Seems to me if the country wanted what President Obama was offering, we wouldn’t have given the house, and eventually the senate, to the other side.

                      As for what I’ve done to help my family and my community, for almost 21 years now I have been an active duty member of the US Armed Forces. None of my seven deployments were strictly for the protection of white people. If I hated President Obama because he was black, I wouldn’t have voluntarily remained to take orders from him for eight years. I’ve missed births and birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. I think by any definition, I’ve done, and continue to do, my part.

                  • “But he didn’t get unanimous votes from the Supreme Court supporting his actions” is not a reliable indicator of anything, except increasing polarization of this country.

                    There’s a reason that the Republicans were so anxious to (illegally) block Obama’s Supreme Court appointment, you know. They knew (as I’m sure you know, but are pretending to ignore) that the political composition of the Court does make a difference to the decisions handed down.
                    And, certainly, the Supreme Court has made bad decisions in the past (Dred Scott comes to mind).

                    I’ve lived for a long time (never mind how many years), but I can’t remember ANY time in my life when a sitting president has encountered so much opposition and defiance, based not on what he did or stood for, but on determination to make him fail.

                    If you can’t or won’t acknowledge that this was the GOP’s overriding goal during his administration, than you’re not likely to come to any honest or realistic conclusions about his administration.

                    Incidentally, if the GOP thought Obama (with his constitutional law expertise) was unfit to understand constitutional law, why are they now supporting a political neophyte with zero understanding of constitutional checks and balances?

                    • Thank you Olivia for bringing up the GOP’s roll during President Obama’s terms. I do agree that many people were threatened by his race, but by far polarization of the two parties was the biggest culprit in all this. Unfortunately partisanship has only gotten worse.

                  • No GOP was afraid Obama wold make recess appointment on Merrick Garland. Put your beer down and think clearly for a change.

                  • 1.Clinton was the first to be published smoking a “Joint” big deal!
                    2. Bullshit no supporting evidence
                    3. What? I have a SS# from the state I lived in when I was 12 not the state I was born in
                    4.totally incorrect George W. was president when the credit was President when the decision was made.
                    5. UH What?? Lincoln,FDR, Washington. Jefferson,Jackson,JFK,Reagan,Bush I, Bush II. If your going to post a rant you should learn your history.

                    I could go on but it’s a waste of time. GO TRUMPSTER!!

                • Dear TruthBeTold:

                  How does one uphold the constitution while declaring that any of your Presidential decisions are not subject to judicial review?

                  Jest askin…


                  • Do you know how the seperation of powers works? Judical reviews are for acts of congress in the passage of laws Presidential decrees /”memo’s” are not laws How many of Trumps have been reviewed by the courts except for the Constitutional vioating one AKA the muslim ban have been reviewed by any court?

                    • Dear Derek:

                      ‘…except for the Constitutional vioating one AKA the muslim ban.

                      And guess what! That was precisely the antecedent condition which I intended to reference.

                      As an aside, I’m no longer particularly interested in how our glorious constitution is supposed to work. This has something to do with the assumption that whose who live here DO ‘constitute’ the US of A.


              • why don’t you sit down and actually read the Bible where it describes what a true Christian is and tell me in what way does your president meet the definition or you as a matter of fact. Then take a long hard look at what your present president is doing to your so called belief in the constitution and with a straight face, tell me WHO is actually destroying the very fiber of said constitution. If you actually believe that Trump is more pure and actually cares about you then you continue following his word and directions and when he continues taking us to a darker place,,it will be because of you and others like you that will help bring Christianity and America to their knees.

              • Please tell us how Obama violated the Constitution numerous times.
                I’m interested in hearing your perspective.
                Facts, not opinion, please.

              • Le Willis, you’re using several vague buzzwords there, and they’re a bit confusing.

                Would you mind explaining what the term “globalization” means to you? The dictionary defines it as “the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets.” In that sense, ALL U.S. Presidents, past and present, have been globalists. Certainly Trump has taken advantage of globalization to enrich himself. So why are you suggesting that Obama (who isn’t a businessman) was more focused on globalization than Trump is?

                I’m also intrigued by your accusation that Obama is pushing for “one world government,” when it’s Trump, not Obama, who is suspected of colluding with a hostile foreign nation in secrecy, before and after the election.

                I’m also intrigued by your assertion that Christians should be opposed to politicians who (according to you) support an increasingly integrated global economy. I don’t believe there is any record of Jesus speaking up against foreign trade, or, indeed expressing an opinion on which political party to support. Jesus spoke up against hypocrisy, greed and intolerance many times. He wasn’t too keen on divorce and remarriage, either. So suppose you tell us, using scriptural quotes and without resorting to buzzwords or glittering generalities, why you believe Jesus would approve of Trump’s behavior, ethics and management style more than Obama’s.

              • “Actually, you and John may have a point. I wasn’t ’embarrassed’ by Obama. But, I nver claimed I was.”

                You were “never embarrassed by Obama” but on the other hand, “you never claimed you were”? That statement reveals a lot about you. Do you ever stop to read what you write?

                “Enraged’ might fit, as I am a belieber in the Constitution, and Obama is a very intelligent man with a keen understanding of the Constitution, who violated it numerous times, and fought to change/destroy fundamental aspects of it.”

                Really? Care to elaborate? Or are you one of those people who “cry wolf” about the Constituion but really never know what they’re talking about?

                I think that he didn’t violate the Constitution as much as he offended your sensibilities, which was the point of his essay. You doth protest too much, methinks. Again, your statement reveals a lot about you.

                “‘Bufuddlment’ is another word that applies. As charming as Obama can be, I fail to understand how ‘Christian’ pastors or laymen can be supportive of him when his clear core agenda is globalization.”
                You mean like Jesus would have wanted? You know, the reason why followers of Jesus (Yeshua, was his ACTUAL name, BTW) consider themselves “the body of Christ”?
                You’re not doing well here, pal.

                “One world government will come. It’s foretold. I fail to understand anyone professing Christianity, yet trying tobhasten that day.”
                Just as I thought. Listen pal, you need to get a grip, take your meds and stay off forums where sane, grown people congregate. I might suggest you amble over to Breitbart or InfoWars for like minded people of your ilk. “Birds of a feather”, I say.

              • Christians are pro life !!!! And WHAT DID you do for our country!!!! O Obama gave Iran billions of dollars !!!

                • If someone is claiming to be “pro-life,” they need to be in the forefront of organizations supporting the worth of persons at all stages of life, not just the pre-born. 45 doesn’t get to claim to be pro-life yet engage in attacks on women, children, immigrants, refugees, the poor, the sick, the disabled and the elderly. That’s not being “pro-life,” its being pro-birth. There is a big difference.

                • Karen, many many many Christians are pro-CHOICE, which is not to say they are also pro-abortion, merely pro-CHOICE.

                  Something else about Christians… we are not supposed to bear false withness against someone as you do with your fallacious claim that Obama gave billions of dollars to Iran. I have no idea what is your news source, but that story was debunked quite some time ago.

                  “Rumors and accusations flew about a January 2016 payout to Iran, which coincided with a carefully negotiated prisoner exchange.”


                • Karen Dorbayan: “Obama gave Iran billions of dollars!!!” It’s always a little bit more complicated than what Trump et al would like it to be, but if you do your research you will find the truth. Way back in 1979, the Shah of Iran gave the United States $400 million for weapons. Then the Revolution happened and the delivery was never made. Iran submitted a claim to a Tribunal at the Hague to get their money back in 1981. The tribunal started working through a long list of claims, starting with those filed by individuals (including 4,700 claims against Iran by Americans). Finally, this year, the U.S. and Iran agreed on a settlement that the U.S. would give back to Iran its $400 million plus $1.8 billion in interest. On the same day, Iran released four prisoners. Two different actions that occurred through two different channels.

                  Now, given the complexities of the truth, how do you feel about your current president, who reduced all of it down to “Obama gave away billions!” ?

                  • Since you are probably commenting to a Fox news devotee it won’t make any difference. Somehow the truth doesn’t seem to matter to them. Peace,

              • I grew up in an evangelical household, father a minister, family very very Republican and conservative. I asked my sister last year why the Right said Obama was the worst president in history. I know she spends her days listening to right-wing talk radio. She could not answer me. I asked if it was because he’s black. NO ANSWER. It’s pretty clear to me. Thanks, Jon.

              • I challenge you to specify exactly how Obama violated the Constitution. I challenge you to state exactly how he tried to “destroy” the Constitution.

                • Well I do remember the republicans saying that the ACA individual mandate was unconstitutional. That said, they proposed the same idea as part of the HAA back in 2007 – I believe.

              • I’d love to know how Obama tried to “destroy” the Constitution. I hear you conservatives say that all the time. Examples please! And what’s this nonsense about Obama trying to create a one-world government? How paranoid and delusional can you be?

              • “Obama is a very intelligent man with a keen understanding of the Constitution, who violated it numerous times, and fought to change/destroy fundamental aspects of it.”
                Please be specific. In what ways did President Obama do this? I suspect that this is another typical case of Foxindoctrination.

              • Le Willis wrote – “I fail to understand anyone professing Christianity, yet trying to hasten that day.”

                Why? The end will only be bad if you are a good person.

                In any event, if you paid attention to the Bible, you’d realize a lot more has to happen before the end, and the Bible does not say all of it is bad, or that you should avoid all of it. Jesus very clearly states what you “should” do – and that’s what matters.

                More to the point, economic globalization is a good thing. (And, I’m anti-abortion and pro-Second Amendment, but I’m not ignorant – sometimes the liberals are right too). People who want isolationist policies are ignorant of history. People who want to squeeze other countries are not aware of how this hurts developing countries.

                And, ironically, but not surprisingly, Trump has now agreed to globalization. He’s no longer against NAFTA. It’s not surprising because he’s really a New York liberal, his conservative supporters haven’t figured that out yet. In this case though, he’s right. There are only a few cases where countries are taking advantage of the U.S.. In most cases, it’s the reverse. It’s also not surprising because he has real estate in several countries. He just finally got “Trump” trademarked in China. (Funny how that was in the courts in China for years, and it just was ruled in Trump’s favor almost immediately after he was elected).

                “America First” is not a Christian slogan either. It should be “Do the right thing.” Sometimes the right thing involves either cost or risk. Again, ironically, it’s the liberals who are not being cowards, and are willing to allow a 1 in 750,000 chance that a refugee will murder a few Americans so that thousands of innocent people won’t die. It’s the conservatives who aren’t acting like Christians in this case too.

                Otherwise, I agree. Obama was for Abortion and for other undesirable things. He was, however, far, far, better than the insecure bumbling bully we have in office now – a man who falsely accused Obama of being a Muslim, being born in Kenya, and later that Obama bugged Trump tower.

                Watch the 2011 documentary, “You’ve Been Trumped.” Read the book, “The Truth About Trump.” Check out Trump’s divorce from Ivanka – and I don’t mean the rape allocation that she withdrew – the rest that was not withdrawn is almost as troubling. One thing wrong with America that people who don’t do research, and often these people choose what to believe based on their agenda, instead of facing inconvenient truths. The truth will set you free.

                • lol, my contant rewording got me in troubls – I meant, “The end will only be bad if you are a BAD person.”

                  • I have not posted here before but I just wanted to say thank you. It is very rare to see someone be so willing to look at both sides of this political mess and be willing to consider *everything*. I may not agree with a few of your things, but it’s not about whether I do. That you read, (obviously) researched, and came to your own conclusions and are willing to admit them is a beautiful thing.

                    So many people are so afraid to look outside their set of beliefs and consider something new or different and that makes it so difficult to accomplish anything. So, thanks. 🙂

                • Dear technoway:

                  More to the point, economic globalization is a good thing.

                  The nation state and economic globalization are a contradictory state of affairs. In a globalized economy, the nation state can no more compete than feudalism could measure up against an emerging Capitalist system.

                  Earlier, it was feudalism that had to be supplanted. And it was. We don’t even perceive enough of the former system to grasp the extent of the success of the revolution against it.

                  What do you suppose needs to be supplanted today?


              • You’re going to stand on the shoulders of every Imperial power on this side of the planet (you know, the almost entirely Christian-in-one-form-or-another West) , and complain about ‘globalization’?


              • I don’t know that Obama was obsessed with globalization but neither do I understand how stident nationalism is a Christian value.

              • So, uhm, your argument against forming stronger bonds between nations, which have the very real potential of reducing wars and conflicts in which actual people die, is that an interpretation of a prophecy in a 2000 year old book that you believe in says that’s a sign of the end of the world. All while possibly ignoring nuclear proliferation or global warming which have much more potential as being, y’know, actual world enders.

                Seriously, when people ask me why I think religion is actually harmful, this is why.

                • Simone, I hear you. IMO, it is not what the Bible says that is the problem, but the self-serving way in which it has been and continues to be interpreted.

                  As for religion, I think the same thing is true. It is not that a religion is harmful, but the way people choose to practice it. We see examples here on this blog on a daily basis.

                  One can’t help but notice the many voices of those who are disillusioned by their experiences in various churches in the USA. Hard not to be, really, if one is a critical thinker. Herd not to be when one is a caring, compassionate, tender person.

Refuge is offered in the Facebook group ”Celebrate What Christians Have in Common” where a daily buffet is spread of Asceticism and art, cartoons and quotes, comics and contemplation, memes and meditations, music and musings, photographs and prayers, just about anything that is one of the many voices from the many flavors of Christianity.

                  There is one discipline required of all who join: one must not utter a negative word because this space is a refuge, a respite, a place of peace and quiet. If one chooses to engage in discussion one may only write about one can affirm in the selection. No arguments, no vitriolic words, no spammers and trolls will be tolerated,

Please come and celebrate what Christians have in common and let us together remember our faith is based upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and not the actions and choices of frail, sinful human beings.


                • Dear Simone:

                  I’d like you to know that this religious believer lauds your post.

                  My terminology for conditions under which the potential for conflict/war is assuaged is called ‘the kingdom of God.’

                  It happens that many confessing ‘Christians’ commit to working against Biblical teaching concerning the kingdom of God.


              • I’m baffled by this reply. I do agree that Obama is an intelligent man who knows the constitution well. But I have never understood the charge that he violated or tried to dismantle it. In his second term, he passed a number of executive orders, some of which could legitimately be challenged. But that doesn’t violate the constitution, that just puts something in place until there can be judicial review. If the courts rule such an action unconstitutional, it goes away. Obama never once challenged this process. There’s the old canard that he was out to abolish the 2nd amendment, but that’s a patently false conspiracy theory.

                By contrast, Trump has challenged the process of judicial review and even threatened to break up the 9th circuit court because he doesn’t like some of its decisions. An assault on judicial independence is an assault on Article 1 of the Constitution.

                Trump has expressed a desire to “open up” the liable laws so he can sue journalists who say unfavorable things. He has spoken against protestors and suggested crackdowns on those who assemble to protest him or who privately speak against him. An assault on the freedoms of the press, free speech, and the freedom to assemble is an assault on the 1st amendment.

                Trump shows ignorance of and disdain for the Constitution. Can you demonstrate that Obama did worse? Or even as bad? If not, your claim that this is why you like Trump better is false.

                Obama clearly wanted peace between nations and greater cooperation in ending problems like climate change, poverty, and hunger. This is all in accordance with his Christian faith and the ethic of Jesus summarized in the parable of the sheep and the goats.

                I know that there are many Christians who are obsessed with Revelation (or, more precisely, the interpretation some preachers have put on those mysterious passages). Hundreds and hundreds of interpreters since the writing of the Revelation have claimed to know when the endtime was coming, who the Antichrist was, etc. From Irenaus to Cardinal Benno in the 11th century to John Calvin to William Miller to Hal Lindsay and Tim LaHaye they all have two things in common. 1) they have all used Revelation to “prove” that the end was coming in their lifetime and that their political adversaries were the forces of the Antichrist and 2) they have all been completely wrong. The end time did not come and, looking back, their accusations of others were mean-spirited and false.

                I don’t understand how Christians can, in good conscience, take the politically motivated interpretations of this mysterious book over the clear command of christ to feed the hungry, shelter the stranger, defend the helpless, and to love our neighbors (and no, we do not get to pick and choose who is our neighbor and who we can vilify and exclude. the parable of the Good Samaritan makes that very clear).

                • Dear MWB:

                  A number of points could be made, but I will limit my remarks to three at this time.

                  1] While some of President Obama’s decisions are ‘Constitutional’ issues [such as extra-judicial killing of citizens], I question whether President Trump has sufficient grasp of Constitutional principles to make any meaningful affirmation of the Constitution.

                  2] John Calvin did not believe that he was living in the ‘end’ was coming in his lifetime. Calvin wrote commentaries on other Biblical books but not Revelation for that reason.

                  3] Your concluding paragraph sums what I believe to be the intent of God’s revelation in Christ. So I can’t understand this phenomena either; but increasingly, I’m of the opinion that by getting this wrong, we show that we are in a pre-converted condition and are untouched by Jesus’ message.



              • Im confused by tour fear of one government when it been the goal if the United States for the past 60 years to establish democracy in every country in the world. One World Government is the goal as long as it is the US government, right?

              • While I agree with much of the sentiment of the author about that which *should* cause embarrassment, but does not, I’m not quite convinced that Obama detractors were focused singularly on race.

                Al Gore was also despised, and despised because he appeared too intellectual and lofty; Clinton’s were despised, going thru numerous investigations.

                So we have not only color to consider in the contempt, but also party affiliation. Had Obama run under a Republican ticket, would he have rec’d the same amount of contempt?

                We have the Larry Elders, the Ben Carson’s, the idiot Sheriff David Clarke, none of whom receive any condemnation from Trump supporters despite being black. But the are Republican.

                So while I think for some segment of the Republican party race played into it, I don’t quite see it as a singular issue separate from party and education.

                And what most Trump supporters seem to listen to is Fox News, who frames every position with pejoritives, ridicule, and hate mongering. So it really is why did Fox News, who molds the thinking of their followers, despise him so much? Because he was black? Because he was smarter than most of them? Because he overcame obstacles… bi-racial, poverty, single parent…. to reach heights they could not achieve despite having advantages?

                I do agree that I too fail to see how those who were so critical of Obama, can support the current office holder. I fail to see how anyone can continue to support this administration.

              • How did Obama, a Constitutional scholar, “violate” the Constitution? Seems the Supreme Court would have intervened, no?

              • Because Christianity isn’t globalist? Bwaaaaahahahahaha!
                Honestly, being a Christian goes against being an American. I don’t understand how anyone could want to join the most criminals organization on the planet

              • If you are a believer in the constitution and were enraged with how Obama violated it, get ready for a whole new level of anger: Have you read the news lately? We’ve got a new president who is violating the constitution daily with the help of his family members, and so far he’s getting a free pass.

              • Really..our prez now acts like the Antichrist… he has drawn out all the bigots and scared people in America..but what these people don’t understand is that this man only cares about himself and his immediate family !

              • OK, now I’m confused – how did “globalization” get pivoted as opposed by “Christianity” – one is economic and civic, the other is theological. It’s when we start to mix these concepts, when things go off the rails for societies.

                • Raene, that is God’s honest truth.

                  “It’s when we start to mix these concepts, when things go off the rails for societies.”

                  Hasn’t history taught us this over and over and over and over?

            • he did nothing for 8 yrs. Money to Iran, red line on Syria, depleted military. I could go on and on . Not to mention spying on Americans illegally giving pardons to proven terrorists

              • Mark, elsewhere in these comments, I have provided a link fo snopes which proves what a lie it is that you claim Obama gave money to Iran.

                As for depleting the military… Could a military that is largest than the next 30 countries combined ever be depleted enough? Talk about bloat.

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


            • Do you disagree with Trump? Are you embarrassed by him being your president and the leader of th free world? I guess your a man hating sexist… see? The logic d oesnt mesh… personally I was embarrassed by obama… he. Was obnoxious.. he had no backbone… he had no ability to take responsibility… and he has driven a wedge in this country that won’t heal before my lifetime…. I’m also embarased by trump… he is and inept nation with no ability to censor his thoughts…. but please go ahead and tell me how I’m racist…

              • Otto, there is only one response to your bigotry, prejudice, and racism

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


            • No, his conduct on the world stage, was an embarrassment, to this country. Apologizing to our enemies, and to people who received righteous retribution, for their attacks, on our homeland. He degraded our credit rating & doubled the national debt. He set back race relations more than 30 years. It’s not about his marriage, his race, or even his upbringing, it’s about his conduct, in office. To suggest otherwise, is a racist, divisive argument, and the product of a hateful heart.

              • “No, his conduct on the world stage, was an embarrassment, to this country. Apologizing to our enemies, and to people who received righteous retribution, for their attacks, on our homeland.”

                Perhaps you have forgotten Matthew 5:9:
                “Blessed are the peacemakers,
                for they will be called children of God.” ~ Jesus of Nazareth

            • The problem here is that Obama’s policies and actions were embarrassing. I have no quarrel with the man on a personal level, but the apologetic tours, releasing of confirmed terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (most of which have returned to combat by the way), paying $1.7 billion to Iran who is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and reducing the sentence on a confirmed traitor, Chelsea Manning, because it was the popular thing to do on account of the fact that Chelsea had opted to change gender. Each of these occurrences, even without being stacked upon one another, are an affront to the American people. By these actions President Obama made each and every person in the United States less safe. These are the actions that we are embarrassed by.

            • Obama was terrible for America – never pursued a united country – always emphasized divisiveness instead. It was embarrassing that he consistently apologized for being American – Good Riddance to a habitual liar and a horrible president.

              • Bryce, I guess you don’t like the reflection of yourself that you see in the mirror of John P’s words.

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


            • Good catch NatureGirl. A Catholic, if that’s what you got from this piece, you should really do some self analysis. Not only did you re-interpret it in an unnecessarily nasty, ugly way, but you misrepresented what he wrote. Why? You’re hearing what you want to hear because you can’t deal with the actual truth of the message.

            • I was embarrassed to have one of the worse presidents in US history. Our economy was at its worse during Obamas reign and is still suffering from it. And if you can’t see that or want to disagree your just an idiot.

            • That’s right, Nature Girl. My thoughts exactly! He did not say anything about disagreeing with policies. If people were not guilty of what John so accurately pointed out, they would not be so defensive. I wonder if they were so concerned about being unified when Obama was president? Probably not!

            • I will only say this: Obama was a good human being. He ‘s a good father, a good husband, and a man a learned to trust. He never lost my trust. Trump isn’t a good human being, and cares about nothing but money and his own family. I expect, and demand to be represented by a human being.

            • No twisted girl he said it was the wrong word but it is the right word with all the hatred that was spewed by the DNC and obuma! Might wanna read the post again!

            • i am MUCH more embarrassed by any hardcore ‘catholic’ than ive ever been of any embarrassing individual, even that punk obama, oops, i meant Sotero. Born in hawaii too… not embarrassed but i guess envious of the ability to bullshit EVERYONE carte blanche and PULL IT OFF!! gotta give it up to him, but catholics, they are some WHACK MFers!

          • Please pull your head out of the sand. tRump hates everyone but straight white males. Don’t believe me? Just pay attention to what he say and does.

            • And Hillary is a champion of women and children, caring for all, and standing for the poor. ROFLOL

              Sorry, it’s just I know there are people ignorant enough to nelieve that. And they’re ignorant enough to believe you. Trump can’t identify with the poor or LGBT, because he isn’t. But to go from lack of identifying with to hate is projection of ingorance based fear.

              • Please learn to evaluate Donald Trump without invoking a Clinton. Until then, stop calling other people ignorant, pot. Also, since when do you have to be part of a group to empathize with it? Your president is a bumbling, ungraceful, uncouth, and very possibly corrupt beyond comprehension, but keep loudly backing him up so that we can all plainly see who is bereft of the kind of stuff that make “good works” part of the fabric of your life.

              • Actually she has been for 25 years.That’s what and who she has fought for but keep spewing the false RW narrative.

          • Dear A Catholic Perspective:

            If John Pavlovitz paints guilt with too broad a brush, might others proclaim not absolution too generally? In other words, can we genuinely say that no one was embarrassed to have an African American in the Oval Office?

            Personally, I see no problem with discussing race as a basis for embarrassment at the national leadership. I say that because I believe that it has been an issue. But neither do I have a problem discussing other issues. And I would include there not only identity issues, but class issues.

            I suspect that the introduction of ‘class’ to the discussion might be an embarrassment to many.

            As an aside, I have to wonder where those ‘liberal’ Democrats exist. Standing to the right of President Regan does not make one liberal simply because [s]he stands to the left of Attila the Hun.


          • He brought the truth out of darkness. That’s what a good pastor does. He’s not here to make you comfortable with your truth, only to speak it.

            • Dear Kay:

              I find your post amusing [in a good way].

              The other day, John was charged for tickling ears, telling people what they wanted to hear. Today, he’s preaching hate.

              One could wish that the story could be kept straight… 😉


                • Renee, John P has never preached hate.

                  People who fit the description think he does, but they are projecting.

                • Dear Renee:

                  I think Gloriamarie Amalfitano has it right. The thing is — John sometimes says more truth than American ears are prepared to hear. That requires an answer. ‘Preaching hate’ is an easy and always accessible defense for those who took a whipping.

                  It’s a bit like the brat/child taking a whipping for lying and telling the parent for hating them.


          • So says the person with a Re-elect Trump in 2020 avatar. Talk about a triggered snow flake. You call yourself a ‘christian’ but you voted for one of the most un-christian presidential candidates ever. I guess you are completely blind to the un-christian like policies he’s enacting? You didn’t like Obama because he’s black and now you’re being called out on it. Suck it up, buttercup.

            • One of the main reasons I voted for Trump is because I believed he would appoint acceptable Supreme Court Justices, who might be able to work against the injustice of abortion. He seems to have kept his promise. And that applies to race as well, since abortion disproportionately kills black babies. What’s not to like about that if you’re a racist?

              I also believed that we need health care reform and I believe his economic positions were better than those of Hillary.

              I knew he was a man who sinned. I didn’t vote for his sins. I believe Hillary has sinned as well. I wasn’t voting for the best Christian or for a Sunday school teacher.

              • Adam Black, watch your step. He sounds reasonable, but just you wait. We have all fallen down that rabbit hole.

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


              • So you are a one issue responder…and if you really believe one word that TRUMP says then you are totally ignorant to the fact that he will say whatever is expedient in the moment whether he believes it or not.

              • Abortion? Really? So what are you going to do with all the babies that are BORN? Are you going to take care of them? Especially the black ones? Yeah, I went there. If you guys were so pro-life, how come there are still homeless children and kids in foster care? His policies affect poor people and children the most. If you were really ‘pro-life’ you’d be horrified by the new health bill. Have you read it? Go read it and then tell me how you as a ‘christian’ and live with what he’s proposing. Face it, you’re not pro-life… you’re pro-birth. Once the child is born you don’t want to have anything to do with it. “I wasn’t voting for the best Christian or for a Sunday school teacher.” You got that right… You voted for a charlatan who conned you and a lot of other so called ‘christians.’ You got duped.

              • You folks are weird you preach pro-life, but very easy to let these kids starve. No you believe in killing but you want it to be slow and steady. Maybe what you should say is that you are pro-birth, but don’t be a hypocrite and pretend you care about a human life. Else you wouldn’t be so eager to promote the death penalty.

                • I do care about human life. I am pro- life. We don’t “let these kids starve”. That is why, thru our church, (and on my own,) we feed the children, we take care of the poor, the homeless, the working poor. This is what the pro-life folks do. We care about ALL life.

                  • Ms McGinnis I applaud you and your church for the work you do. Unfortunately, you’re a small pebble in a very big pond.
                    Right now, you have a president backed by an entire party who has no problem pulling sex education from schools, trying to put Planned Parenthood out of business, attempting to put birth control out of reach or even made illegal and going out of their way to legislate women’s health care to NOT include ANY kind form of abortion. That, as othe’s have stated, is pro-BIRTH. Not pro-LIFE

                  • Do you also pray in front of abortion clinics so that the mothers might change their minds and the abortionists might not murder their children?

                    Do you even believe abortion is immoral or an injustice?

              • Oh, Catholic….You voted for him because he wasn’t a woman and he wasn’t black. Why don’t you just admit that to yourself and dispense with the baloney?

                • You’re just proving the point that liberals gratuitously call their opponents “racists” at the drop of a hat.

                  I would happily have voted for Ben Carson, btw.

                  • Why Ben Carson? Have you heard his views lately? He feels poverty is controlled by your state of mind, people in public housing have it too easy…. this man was raised in public housing by a single mom who was illiterate, he benefited from public housing. I suppose his mother didn’t have the right state of mind to escape property. I still have his first book which according to his new rhetoric is a book of lies. I would never vote for him. Either he is a liar or suffers from early dementia

                    • He would have been a million times better than Hillary. The point is that it’s a lie that I or many others who are being smeared as racists would not vote for a black man or woman. I will happily vote for a Republican pro-life black woman when I am given that opportunity.

                      Obama is history. JP brings him up to stir the pot and fuel the flames of racial division. He does so for his own benefit.

                • What in the heck does race or gender have to do with it? I am a white woman who votes the the best qualified candidate and would have voted for Condi Rice had she run. She would have been an excellent, qualified candidate. So much better than Hillary.

              • It’s good that you think we need health care reform, but it’s sad we won’t be getting the reform we need. After we (and I’m using the colloquial “we” here, because I DID NOT vote for the Cheeto Bandito) elected trump he fell right into the republican trap. They had already eviscerated Obamacare by allowing big pharma and the medical mafia to renegotiate costs, thereby ruining what was an effective health care plan. And then the “conservative Christians” choice for a “leader” let these well-paid representatives (they make a fortune off the lobbyists, you know) write a plan that takes health care away from those in the lowest third income earners in the US, and these people are the ones who are punished the worst by a tax system written by those same lawmakers. It’s as if the elites of our country feel that if they can starve the poor and then not take care of them when they get sick, they will all die off and the rich people who pay their bills with the little bit that actually trickles down to them won’t be troubled by that rabble they see on the street every day. It is a sad commentary on our country today that a failed TV star originally dismantled the quality of life that every American dreamed of and now another failed TV star is shoveling what is left of that dream into the dump.

              • So how are you feeling about the health-care issue now? Will you and your family have adequate health care or will it go up? Maybe you might be one of those 23 million that won’t be insured?

              • You want to protect black babies? How does trump’s planned destruction the safety net accomplish that?? How d does it celebrate life or Jesus??

              • You don’t get to vote for legislators who routinely try to take food, clothing, and shelter away from LIVING, BREATHING children just because you don’t approve of their parents, and then try to convince us you care about their *unborn* children. No one believes it, and for a very good reason.

                You don’t get to look down your nose at that woman you’re convinced must be a single mother whose kids are dressed reasonably well, because either she can afford to and/or she shops at Goodwill and/or she had friends and family members who buy her children gifts – just like most families – believing her children should be dressed in rags, and insist you cared about her children when they were in the womb.

                You don’t get to tell us that another person’s child isn’t your responsibility, that insurance companies should be able to deny them medical coverage because of “pre-existing” conditions – precisely where were at before the protections offered by the ACA – and insist, “if you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em” but otherwise insist that you have a right to tell that very same person she has no right to legal Abortion if that’s HER choice. You want nothing to do with her or her children nor do you care if her children are being taken of properly but you want to force your religious beliefs down her throat and tell her you have a right to force her to bring a pregnancy to term. You will call her immoral for how many kids she has or how many fathers you think fathered her kids, but elected a President who has had FIVE children with THREE wives.

                Caring about other people’s living, breathing children might cost you a few dollars out of your pocket. Caring about other people’s *unborn* children costs you *nothing*. It’s an easy moral soapbox to stand on because you have nothing at stake. Intelligent people don’t believe you’re sincere – and they shouldn’t because you’re not. If you were truly “pro-life” you would embrace it and work and vote so that children born in this land of abundance don’t have to go without. Instead, you’re a one-issue voter who helped put America in the hands of man to whom Abortion is at the bottom of the list of things he’s ever going to accomplish. He’s too busy trying to pass laws that will make it even more difficult for lower and middle-class Americans to care for their kids.

                • “”Caring about other people’s living, breathing children might cost you a few dollars out of your pocket. Caring about other people’s *unborn* children costs you *nothing*. “”

                  Mike Haas… well said, thank you

                • Thank you, Mike Haas. You clearly understand who A Catholic Perspective is. He has demonstrated over and over again that he doesn’t care whether the pregnant woman gets neonatal care. He has demonstrated over and over that he doesn’t care if the pregnant woman gets adequate nutrition.

                  He has demonstrated over and over that he doesn’t care what happens to that baby after it is born. He doesn’t care if it gets medical care, food, clothing, education.

                  All he cares about us forcing women to give birth.

                  As for homosexuality, he refuses education, facts, history, truth. He ignores everything the current Pope says on the subject. Although I personally don’t think Francis has gone far enough, but he has come further than any other Pope.

              • Nope Abortions rights is the woman’s rights only. Not sexist men by like you. We need abortion laws for the obvious, but we need abortion laws to no longer bring children on this earth that grow up to be lost narrow-minded people like you.

                • All concieved children deserve to be born. It’s not their fault their parents were of the belief that human life is expendable.

                  • “”All concieved children deserve to be born. It’s not their fault their parents were of the belief that human life is expendable””

                    All conceived children deserve to eat, have medical care, and education. it’s not their fault some people believe that food, medical care and education is expendable.

              • Instead of being a one issue voter, try being a good human and think about all living beings!

                Or why not castrate all men who father unwanted children!

                • And don’t forget to punish all those straight people who keep having those gay babies! The hypocrisy is just unbelievable on the Right. I was raised strict Catholic, thank god I recovered!

              • So you completely dismiss the fact that Trump is a proven liar, an adulterer, and everything else John Pavlovitz said with the simple “We’re all sinners” card. Yeah but some people sin a LOT more than others—just sayin’.
                You do realize that Trump’s “health-care” plan will cause 25 million people to lose their health care right? Plus premiums for other people will sky-rocket. How is this compassionate? How is this Christian? And how in good conscience could you vote a man who is an open racist and xenophobe? I would think, as a Black man, that would bother you but apparently not. But I guess he is bigoted towards the right kind of people huh? You know, those pesky Muslims and Hispanics. You really need to re-read your Bible if you think that what Trump is doing is swell.

              • I did not vote for Donald Trump, but when he won the presidency I had to put myself in a position of figuring out why he won: what would compel people to vote for him? I did not think his economic policies would work as I felt they would bankrupt our government. For example, reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% seemed to be too much. I thought looking at our trade deals was a good idea. Making them more fair seems reasonable but Trump seems somewhat naïve when considering the complexities of our economic relationships. Bringing labor jobs back to abandoned factory towns seems a remote possibility but I’ll keep an open mind. I also have never thought that abortion was an issue that we could fight. But it seems clear to me now that that is a possibility. I also thought the replacement of the ACA with a republican plan that provides better, cheaper healthcare was a pipe dream. I hope he can pull all of these things off, I doubt he can.

          • “Those are not the words of a Christ-loving pastor.” You’re right, they’re not. You know whose words they ARE, Catholic Perspective? Yours. You are the only one who said them, and I for one, didn’t infer this message from what Pastor Pavlovitz did say. So own this as your problem, my friend. God bless you.

          • That’s not remotely what he said. He just let you people know that you are not fooling anyone. You are pissed because he called you out. Your indignation is a put on.

          • Let me be 100% clear. It IS “us versus them,” when the “them,” including Trump, support bigotry, racial bias, discrimination against those other than white males, misogyny, discrimination against LBGTQ people, religions other than Christianity…the list goes on and on.

            Just because John is a Pastor does not mean that he should blindly sit by and watch the circus. Instead, he is openly challenging those who support this administration and the beliefs behind it. In fact, he SHOULD challenge it.

            And BTW, my Catholic friends who have a brain and compassion despise Trump. You don’t represent most of them. Even the Pope dislikes him and has spoken out against him. Forget that?

            You’re entitled to your own opinion, but please, for the love of God, stop watching Breibart News and Fox News. This man and his administration will destroy much of what Americans have worked so hard for…if we let him.

            • What do your alleged Catholic friends say about abortion? Are they at least happy that Trump supports pro-life policies?

              The Catholic vote was about 55% for Trump, and I suspect those figures were including those who don’t practice their faith, so Trump support was likely much much higher than that among practicing Catholics.

              • Here we go again… he is off on his pathological and unwholesome obsession with what women do with their very own bodies.

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


                • Virginia Garren,
                  Please do not try to confuse Trump-pets with facts.

                  They will just accuse you of lying, because anything that doesn’t fit in with what they already know cannot be the truth, so it must be a lie.

              • Where do abortions come from, isn’t the root cause fornication and adultry. Sexual sin is the one sin the word of God says to flee from. Why are we not focusing on the root cause rather than the result. The root cause is separation from Christ and blindness. The Supreme Court is not the answer the Supreme Creator and redeemer is the answer. Share the good news of the Gospel and shun controlling people’s outward appearances with laws…show them how to have a change of heart.

                • well pastard,
                  why not be consistent?

                  we don’t have to worry about sin and commandments anymore because the law was nailed to the cross…

                  or those laws were only for jews..

                  you can’t preach that the blessings were transferred to christians, and the burdensome laws were left hanging on the jews…

                  oh, yeah… I know the crap you guys sling

              • 55% according to whose poll? Being Catholic doesn’t entitle Catholics to righteousness, and Trump doesn’t care. No matter our denomination, if someone didn’t vote for him, he could kill them on a crowded street and get away with it. Hey, his words, not mine. To me, pro life should encompass anyone who survived childhood. Respect for all… Trump is a terrible example of this basic right!

              • would you vote for Satan because he used to live in heaven? Yet you voted for a person who has no morals and appears to hate anyone who is not rich. I don’t think color is the big thing with him, I think power and money are his masters. This man uses the ignorance of bigotry to control scared ignorant desperate poor people. These people are like toilet paper, he uses them then tosses them in the trash. Coal miners on Obamacare, white women married to illegal yet contributing members of society with no criminal history:). Remember “I didn’t think he would deport him”…..

              • I for one am catholic and would never have voted for trump. My litmus test was the following: Did he have a clear line of thought on policy issues – no! Did he speak to the issues or point fingers – he pointed fingers. Any crackpot who proposes Obama was not born in this country and doesn’t let it go is an idiot. You can’t be president unless you have been – they check for that crap! I’m a republican and never would have voted for any one of the top 3 republican candidates. And anyone who totally disregards scienctific evidence on global warming, or at least be open to the possibility, should not be POTUS.

          • Conservatism and Christianity are to different things . Don’t get them confused. The is nothing Christ like about the GOP. Take care of the poor , be good to strangers, love thy neighbors . Conservatives wants to keep things the same , that is the meaning.

            • Very good question that demands a honest answer, want for your brother what you want for yourself, or being your brothers keeper not just when it’s convenient.

          • Oh please spare me your righteous indignation. Your boy 45 vilified and disparaged more than any politician in modern times on the campaign trail. He is still doing it now on a world wide basis. I am not sure what person you are looking at when he speaks or what you think you are hearing– but the man has done more to divide people the past 18 months than anyone I’ve been seen or heard before. Its pretty obvious when the pope himself gives him writings on how to basically be a better person about not building walls–if only he would take the time to read them.

            Keep drinking your American catholic koolaid. It’ll be good practice for when he asks you to drink the real stuff to take a hit for the team –Jonestown style.

            • “Your boy 45 vilified and disparaged more than any politician in modern times on the campaign trail. ”

              For example?

              • Sorry not falling into a 45 troll trap. Pretending you need examples of his mysoginy, dog whistles to white supremists, disparaging the entire hispanic population, making fun of the disabled–and on and on–are all well documented examples of how he has divided the country. To say you need further examples only shows either your ignorance or attempts at deflection. Not playing the kellyanne Conway waltz with ya. Bye bye.

              • Do you remember when Trump accused Ted Cruz’s father of associating with Kennedy’s assassin? He has never apologized, either. But it’s OK when he does that to another Republican, who can certainly never be called liberal or anything other than a “traditional Christian”? And it’s not divisive? OK, then!

          • I’m embarrassed to live in the same country with people like you. Conservative Christian is the biggest oxymoron ever created. Your hero is a serial adulterer and a traitor this country and if you still support him then you have no right calling yourself an American or a Christian. Because you defile both by supporting treasonous sexual predator.

          • It may seem like a “hateful lie” to you, but that’s the way it looks to the rest of the world. You should try looking at it from the point of view from which he wrte, and take a good hard look in the mirror! We have seen the enemy, and he is US!

          • I didn’t see anything in there about what you ACTUALLY think Obama did, other than being black. All I saw was you using a word that John did not use in his article.

            • He’s played the race card many times in his blog. I know what he meant. It’s not just in reference to Obama either. He’s constantly implying that anyone who is white and not a pro-abortion liberal like him is a “racist.”

              • Joe/Theo wrote “As a rule Trump supporters are gracious and don’t hold grudges “

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • Tell me, how is obedience to God related to embarrassment of a black president? Perhaps YOUR Jesus said only white men deserve respect, honor, and accolades. You are not a true christian if you point fingers at others with differing beliefs, tenets, and opinions. Not God’s way, but YOURS.

            • And I did that where? I disliked Obama because of his policies. Not because of his “pigmentation.” I don’t see skin color like liberals do. I don’t understand their obsession, but as I stated elsewhere, I think it has to do with assuaging their own guilt, plus it gives them an enemy. John builds a following by giving his followers a common enemy, besides giving them approval for their sins.

          • No one could have voted for Trump ” in good faith”. The conservative Christian church is populated with Pharisees who believe all it takes to be a good Christian is opposing abortion and LGBT rights. Jesus did not seek unity with sinners, and neither should we. Most likely, The real issue you have is that this post hits closer to home than you’re comfortable with.

            • How can it hit “close to home” when Trump had a lily white opponent?

              Yes I did vote in “good faith” and that’s the problem with Pavlovitz and his sycophants is that they have no empathy and refuse to accept that fact that others can have good reasons for not seeing things through their liberal pro-abortion glasses.

              • Joe/Theo wrote “As a rule Trump supporters are gracious and don’t hold grudges “

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


                • Umm, Gloriamarie… speaking of spammers — what do you think you’re doing with your repeated admonitions to join your Facebook group?

                  As to the comments and responses of A Catholic Perspective (who, despite all that’s gone down since the election, is already declaring themselves to be all in for Trump in 2020)… “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

                  • Of course, you choose to ignore my comment at the very beginning of the comments. Fine.

                    I have only one response to make to trolls. Sorry you don’t like it.

                    However, you seem to be in the minority as over twenty people have asked to join my group, citing the stuff they’ve seen here that steels their resolve to fight the hate.

                    One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


                    • I’m happy for you that your spam is successful. It’s still spam.

                      Who said anything about ignoring your comment before the spam? It just wasn’t as noteworthy as seeing the same hustles for your Facebook page again and again and again and again…

                      And it’s not as if your page is the only one doing what you’re doing. Everyone else seems to be able to get follows without spamming the comments sections of others, though.

                  • And guess what? Over 200 people joined so apparently more people are grateful to see it than otherwise.

                    It’s the best response to trolls,I find.

                    One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • Many hateful and racist things have emerged all in the name of religion, Slavery, KKK, ISIS, and the list could go on. It is all about what people believe. and contrary to what most “Christians wold say” How can one as a Christian support a man who spews hate and perceives himself as a demigod? His last speech at NATO was indeed embarrassing as well as his behavior.

          • I just don’t get it! You say you are a Catholic – Well, good for you! And what does being Catholic mean to you? Your “Re-elect Trump – 2020” answers the question – ANYONE who can support a psychopath like Trump, a man of NO character, morals or integrity, a man who lies, hires white supremacists, engages in nepotism, insults and alienates all of our allies, praises the leaders of the Philippines, North Korea, Russia; a small , insecure, language challenged, sexist, racist piece of garbage CANNOT also profess to follow Jesus – Reflect for a moment on His teachings, NONE of which are reflected in this neanderthal or in your comments for that matter
            – Shame on you! And BRAVO, Pastor Pavlovitz for calling the hypocrites out!!

            • Being a Catholic means that I believe everything the Catholic Church teaches and professes regarding faith and morals. I believe that it’s it’s disordered and a serious sin for two people of the same sex to engage in sexual contact. It’s also a serious sin for solitary sexual activity or heterosexual sexual contact outside of marriage. I bring this up because this seems to be a point of difference between progressives and Catholics and other more “conservative” Christians. In other words for the progressive, just about “anything goes” if it feels good and doesn’t hurt anyone (though sin does hurt others, even sin done alone and in secret).

              I also as a Catholic believe it’s an injustice to kill a baby in the womb. I am compelled to vote against this atrocity. I am hoping Trump can help, but I know for certain that Clinton supports it, and therefor as a Catholic she was disqualified (but there were other reasons as well for that).

              On to more “positive” things. I believe as a Catholic that when I receive Holy Communion, I receive the real Body and Blood of Christ, and I encourage non-Catholics who probably believe many misconceptions about the Church (as I once did) that they do themselves a favor and at least look into the Catholic Church with an open mind and leave their prejudices at the door.

              • Sorry, but Clinton is not “pro-abortion,” despite the many attempts by the right wing to classify her that way. She is practicing United Methodist, and the United Methodist stance is that abortion is a last resort, an unfortunate choice among other (but worse) unfortunate choices. If you really oppose abortions, why don’t you support what was done in Colorado, which is to make contraception free to all. Both teen pregnancies and abortions have fallen quite dramatically since that was put into place.

                • A Catholic cannot support the use of contraception. Its use is intrinsically evil. We can blame our abortion culture in part on Protestant churches embracing the use of contraception. Contraception is the twin evil sister of abortion and leads to promiscuity which leads to unwanted pregnancies (because contraception fails) which leads to abortion as a form of “backup contraception.”

                  No, I can’t embrace that approach. How about for starters we all at least preach that it’s an injustice to kill the unborn and not dignify abortion by calling it a “choice”?

                  • When the male species, no matter what religion, decides to keep it in their pants instead of spreading their sperm around with we females before the vows of marriage, you better be ready to support that baby! Mostly, I haven’t seen much of that before or after marriage. So, big guy, start preaching to the “baby daddies” out there. No more abortions, no more welfare Mama’s, no more hungry homeless children.. I hold the male population for seeding the world with hungry children and not feeding them..

                    • YES! My daughter is about to go to court because her daughter’s daddy has hardly provided any support to their 6 yr old daughter. She didn’t even try to get back child support but he still didn’t even want to pay even the minimum without forcing them to go to court. She doesn’t want him to become homeless although for the last 4 of the 6 years SHE and the child have been essentially homeless (we, her parents, have been supporting them).. They were not married but were in a long term relationship and did have plans to get married in the future.. He figured he wasn’t ready to be a daddy and left it all up to her. I’m hoping the judge throws the book at him for not taking the minimum deal and makes him pay back child support as well. If they would make the MAN more responsible in these pregnancies, there would be a lot less… Maybe once a male becomes pubescent age, they should be required to provide their DNA… Any child born with that male’s DNA would be automatically supported by the male (not the mother)… Special allowances can be made if they are married and/or living together.

                    • Are you kidding me? Women should be held accountable for this too. As a woman, I take full responsibility for whether or not to bring a child into the world. If I don’t want a child I can keep my legs together. That is the choice I will make.

          • Hmm this post must have struck your nail exactly on the head. I’m partially white, the other part Native American, and nowhere did any of this offend me. It speaks volumes that you are offended. Oh yeah, I’m a godless atheist.

          • Just curious: how could any Christian “in good faith” vote for a man who built his entire campaign on name-calling, vilification and exclusion? That’s not the Christ I was taught about as a child. Maybe it’s some other Christ?

          • You POS redneck. When and where in this post did he use an epithet?he used the word pigmentation. Thats you using the word n***er.

          • You have a good point. So does the author of this post. Could you possibly give us some of the specific reasons you disliked Obama’s Presidency? aSeriously. Without the usual “he’s a gay Muslim terrorist” or “he was a tyrant.” I can give you page after page of specific reasons why Trump is a disaster for America, and that’s without even mentioning Russia.

          • “Jesus was not brought down by atheism and anarchy. He was brought down by law and order allied with religion., which is always a deadly mix. Beware of those that claim to know the mind of God and are prepared to use force, if necessary, to make others conform. Beware those who cannot tell God’s will from their own.” -Barbara Brown Taylor

          • Replying to “A Catholic Perspective”: Your avatar and responses suggest you are a Catholic Trump supporter. Great! I’ve been wanting to find someone like you to ask them a few questions.

            First, as a Catholic, how do you support a man who have been through three wives? I don’t mean how do you forgive them as a person, or pray for the success of their current marriage, but how do you support him as someone who should be in a position of power? If a minister of the cloth is exposed as an adulterer, then (provided they actually repent) it’s OK to forgive them, but you’d never allow them back into any position where they can be tempted again. So how is Trump OK?

            Second, many Trump supporters have used phrases like “traditional Christian” to describe themselves. What does that mean, exactly? I mean, if asked I would probably say that I’m a “traditional Christian”. But I don’t think we mean the same thing, so I’m curious what you mean. Y’see, people like Philip Yancey – someone else who I’d describe as a “traditional Christian” – are baffled that people (who claim to be people of faith) have supported Donald Trump, who clearly isn’t.

            I have more questions, but I’m just asking those two so far.

            • I was voting for President and not for a pastor or spiritual director. I know he had three wives and I believe that that is a serious sin, but I don’t know if he has resolved that. Perhaps he has. That’s between him and God. Why should his personal sins make me want to become a Democrat and support policies I don’t like and strongly oppose? Would you select a brain surgeon who was squeaky clean but who lost half is patients, or one who was a rouge but never lost anyone?

              Sure it would be fantastic if Trump could also be a spiritual leader of sorts, but that’s not his job and I don’t see how the alternative was any better.

              Regarding a “traditional Christian”. I would define that as a person who believes in the Truth of the scriptures and has not twisted their meaning in such a way that would allow for a Christian man to make love to another man. I also believe it would mean respect for all life from conception until natural death, which means no killing babies in the womb by abortion or killing adults by euthanasia. I believe it means that marriage should be bond until death. And once again, I realize that Trump doesn’t necessarily live up to what a “traditional Christian” should be in his personal life, but his policies are more in alignment than those of Clinton. Many traditional Christians outside of Catholicism, however, would not agree that it’s masturbation or using contraception is a serious sin, or that the Pope is the head of the Church etc., and even though they might not like Catholics or their beliefs, I still feel that I have much more in common with them than with the progressives, who seem to be just making stuff up to satisfy their whims and desires.

              • I think my understanding is a little different. I believe that it is the character of a person that is important. “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (that’s Luke 6:45, for those keeping score).

                If a person’s character is flawed, then their decisions will be also.

                [For those secular listeners in the audience, you can get this from secular sources also, BTW. “You want to know how to paint a perfect painting? It’s easy. Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally.” (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.)]

                As for the idea of a “traditional Christian”, try this on for size:
                “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need.” (Acts 4: 32-35).

                Yes? No? There were no needy persons among them? This is just after the passage were “stretching out their hands to heal the sick” (v30). What price universal healthcare now?

                • DJW: Most certainly dark-hearted people can make righteous decisions and do right actions. Obviously. It happens every day. Trump managed a huge spiritual victory on his Saudi & Israel visit.

                  (no one is righteous, not one.)

                • Hillary Clinton was not of sterling character.

                  Those Christians voluntarily shared their resources within the laws of the land. Because they did that it does not mean that Christians must accept every inefficient liberal program that takes money from people and supports a greedy bureaucracy.

                • David Jaques-Watson, I like your perspective.

                  I would add that the character we have is a matter of choice. Sure, there is the old nature vs nurture debate but I contend that once we are old enough to know better, we are responsible for the choices we make, the habits we choose to develop, and the character traits that we decide to adopt.

          • Joe/Theo wrote “As a rule Trump supporters are gracious and don’t hold grudges “

            All trolls will receive the same response:

            One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • And you as a faithful and practicing Catholic (right?) because you must identify yourself as such….being Christian …you support a lying adulterer ,who would do your own mother if he had the chance, doesn’t read but watches TV to get his news,offends everyone of our allies and is in cahoots with the Kremlin…..this is the man you as a good Catholic support? OH PALEZZZEEE!

            • My mother is 91.

              I don’t support Trump’s previous sins. (I don’t support yours or mine either).

              I didn’t vote for who was the most moral candidate, though I think Trump wins that contest too, but rather for policies I thought were most just and best for our country.

              • Your mother is 91? I am surprised you are still alive because your the best argument I have ever seen for filicide. The spell checker wants me to change that word to “fungicide.” Who am I to argue Ted? Back to the drawing board.

                • Lovely to see such an expression of Christian love and charity, Charles. It seems like “A Catholic Perspective” made his/her case without attacking anyone else. Geez, the self-righteousness of Obama/Hillary supporters is nauseating, and I say this as an Independent who decisively did NOT vote for Trump. But then, those of us who disagreed with Obama just couldn’t handle his skin color, of course. Honestly, folks, keep this argument going for the next two years and the Dems will likely be an even smaller minority on the national scene than they currently are.

          • You mean as opposed to the unifying kindness of Donald Trump? Or do you prefer a pastor like Pat Robertson who calls down fire and brimstone on everyone who disagrees with him. John Pavlovitz is one of the most thoughtful, critically thinking, literate writers I’ve read in a long time. As for “traditional Christian” I’d love to hear your definition. Being a Christian is not going to church on Sunday or having a pancake breakfast. Being a Christian is caring for your neighbors as yourself; offering a hand up to the poor and downtrodden; remembering that caring for a life does not cease at birth, it is a lifelong proposition. John Pavlovitz holds a mirror up to allow us to better see ourselves. It isn’t always pleasant but it’s a necessary process. Obama, for my money, was one of the best presidents we’ve ever had. Trump is bar none the worst. Don’t claim to be a Christian and then tout your love of the Trump as previously described in the above piece. He is precisely the embodiment of those that Jesus chased out of the temple. I note that you are Catholic; the Pope seems to have embraced Christianity as taught by Christ. Have you learned nothing from him?

          • A real pastor confront the people when he thinks they are wrong. John I said really pastotoring. You are just uncomfortable with what he believes to be the truth.

            Remember Jesus wasn’t about unity either.

            • Christopher, Jesus was ALL about Unity. It was his greatest desire that his Children would be in Unity in the Holy Spirit. So we expect pastor John to bring unity in the brethren, not division. But the only thing that unifies is Christ Jesus. It’s up to us to be in alignment & agreement with Christ. Shoulder to shoulder with the brethren, facing Jesus as our Shepherd. More Jesus, less Progressives / Conservatives.

          • Trump is an embarrassment to this country, the rest of the world is laughing at us for electing such a liar and a cheat

            Very sad what we have become

            • Incorrect. Leftists across the world are embarrassed by the US (just as they always are), and conservatives are admiring and wishing that had someone as candid as Trump. It’s the same as it ever was.

              • Is it to be “embarrassed” to acknowledge that the USA is imperfect? It is a human institution, Joe, and so you must know it will, therefore, be imperfect. That is being much more candid than the pathological liar occupying the Oval Office could ever be.

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


                • Who’s Joe? Today is my first time at this blog. I didn’t know it existed until an SJW friend of mine linked it to my social media page.

              • “….and conservatives are admiring and wishing that had someone as candid as Trump.”
                Candid? Trump? Are you really that ignorant? You call his mountain of lies candid?
                Well Mr. Pavlovitz, you sure stirred up a lot of ignorant people with this one. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone refer to trump as candid. The defense of him by some people is almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad/pathetic.

                • Magginkat, did I trigger you? Hilarious. I’m not even conservative, and I’m NOT Joe (whoever that is). Further proof of how off-the-deep-end progressives have become. Oh well, I guess they’ll learn in November of 2019.

          • This article was simple and profound. I was raised Catholic and attended private catholic school through high school. I have since denounced Catholicism and organized religion as a whole, as I find it to at the root of the crisis of consciousness this nation suffers from. So called Christians are more consumed with the dogma of their faith rather than being Christ like in their actions and thinking towards their fellow man. You would rather follow a book than live as your Christ did…love one another…love thy neighbor as thyself…what you do to least of your brothers you do unto me…” simple. Jesus’ ministry was about love, compassion and inclusion
            This “kind of stuff”…is what needs to acknowledged in order for healing and transformation to occur. Systematic Institutional Racism is so deeply wired into the American tapestry, the very people this ‘belief’ system benefits are the ones that will have the greatest impact to annihilate it. Silence & inaction is what keeps this disease of racism festering. Truth can be uncomfortable and agitating to those in opposition to it, but nothing can be transformed until it is faced. Passivity & placating has never impacted transformation and ushered in new paradigms. America is a racist country and people of color continue to be marginalized, and suffer while passive observers defend the status quo by refusing to acknowledge and be a voice for equality …”this kind of stuff” is a reality for a large segment of the population.
            Disruption of ideologies that give power to racism, sexism, classism and all the other isms this country suffers from does not give a shit about your comfort level of receiving truth. Be a voice and agency for transformation or sit down in observation allowing your silence to give permission to it. Singing “kumbaya” and hash tagging #prayfor fill in the blank has yet to bring about equality. Love has many expressions including being a force of disruption! Get over thyselves and Rise Up!

            • What an exhausting and defeatist view of the world. No, America is not a particularly racist country, and no “people of color” are “marginalized” except if they choose to adopt that victim mentality that #44 so persistently exploited for political gain. This article and this mentality have grown weary to a large number of Americans after eight years, and #45’s election is the logical result. The best bet that the Left has at becoming a viable opposition party at the midterms–and I seriously hope they achieve this, because the GOP needs a good opposition–is to jettison the identity politics, which have reached such a fever pitch that the insanity at places like Evergreen State University are likely to eventually become commonplace. So sad. The positive characteristics of Obama’s leadership, while not considerable, are still there, and they deserve a better legacy than screaming children in academia. We centrists remain hopeful that “a change is gonna come” and common sense will prevail to help temper the extremes of Trump and the Regressive Left.

          • He is stating a true fact. We as Christians need to accept that the color of President Obama’s skin was not acceptable to many even though he is well educated and was a great President. Had not the GOP Congress been so uncooperative, much more could have been accomplished….,., Now their hatred is trying to destroy all the good programs he put into effect. Yes I’m white, 76 years old..

            • What an exhausting and defeatist view of the world. No, America is not a particularly racist country, and no “people of color” are “marginalized” except if they choose to adopt that victim mentality that #44 so persistently exploited for political gain. This article and this mentality have grown weary to a large number of Americans after eight years, and #45’s election is the logical result. The best bet that the Left has at becoming a viable opposition party at the midterms–and I seriously hope they achieve this, because the GOP needs a good opposition–is to jettison the identity politics, which have reached such a fever pitch that the insanity at places like Evergreen State University are likely to eventually become commonplace. So sad. The positive characteristics of Obama’s leadership, while not considerable, are still there, and they deserve a better legacy than screaming children in academia. We centrists remain hopeful that “a change is gonna come” and common sense will prevail to help temper the extremes of Trump and the Regressive Left.

          • Wow you spoke of Christ then used the N word. Funny how its ALWAYS been that way. If you feel convicted you ask YOURSELF. why? Peace be with you.

          • Like all those pastors who preach against loving our neighbors? Like the ones who advocate conversion therapy? Or the pastors who now want to be able to tell you for whom you should vote from the pulpit but still keep their tax exempt status? The most conservative pastors, in my experience, preach very little about unity. It is “us versus them,” my friend – “us the saved, us the immortal, us the ones who are good enough to be followers of Jesus,” versus “them the heathens, or those of other religions, or unrepentant sinners.” Don’t get on a high horse about unity if you’re advocating “conservative” or “traditional” values.

          • You know “A Catholic Perspective” he never once brought religion into this so why do you? If you support the man in the White House right now, then you are no more christian that the beets in my garden.

          • “A real pastor seeks unity. ” Not in the way you mean. A pastor proclaims truth. No matter how much it vexes you. A pastor calls you to account for your actions. A pastor challenges you. A real pastor seeks unity with God, and encourages you to do the same. That means changing you, not coddling you.

          • With all due respect. A ” Real Pastor/Christian) is called to not only unify but to correct(reprove, rebuke).Jesus himself said that he didn’t come to bring peace but a sword. In fact what this gentleman did is no different than what Jesus did to the hypocritical Pharisees. He called out their hypocrisy and pointed people to the kingdom of God. The fact is many in “White America” have been hypocrites and you and I both know that was the authors point! THere are going to be many liberals as well as conservatives busting hell wide open because their hearts are wicked. They think they know Jesus but he does not know them.

            The only way a person can have “Unity” is first people have to repent. They must acknowledge what they have done is wrong. If someone does not call it out then how can they know? IN fact that is one of the things a preacher is called to do- Call out Sin and lead people to repentance and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
            I was no fan of many President Obamas policies however the author is 100% correct. I saw how many “Christians” acted when Obama was in office and many don’t have the same disdain as they did as now that Trump is in office. To not acknowledge this, is to be either blind or someone who is so full of pride that they don’t want to see it.
            My final words to those that are full of pride is to repent because the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

          • I am curious Catholic Perspective, what conservative Christian values and principles and obedience to God convinced you Trump was your man? Are you trying to say that if I didn’t vote for Trump then I am not a Christian.

            So, let me get this straight, if I didn’t vote for Trump because he belittled POW’s, mocked the disabled, degraded women, promoted violence at his rallies, bullied and used name calling as an everyday occurrence, believed women deserved to be sexually assaulted because he is a celebrity, and thought his personal Vietnam was avoiding getting venereal disease from sleeping with so many women while men his age were dying serving their country means that I am not a Christian, well then, I don’t want your Christianity.

            This man said, “I have never asked for forgiveness because I don’t believe I have done anything that I need to ask for forgiveness.” Is that part of you values and principles?

            What is your values and principles? Is it taking food away from children, or healthcare away from the poor and those with pre-existing conditions? Perhaps it is destroying the world that God gave us by favoring ending environmental protections or allowing fracking and drilling in our parks and public lands.

            Are your values OK with allowing wolves, bears, pups and cubs to be killed from aircraft or gassed in their dens while they are sleeping.

            Are your values focused on government unjustly targeting people of different races or sexual preferences and making them feel less than human.

            Oh I know, your in favor of government telling woman that they should have a baby that is not wanted so after the baby is born you can condemn her for needing help to raise that child.

            How are these your values and principles? How are these obedient to the teachings of Jesus Christ?

            • Nancy,

              I will take you at your word that you voted for Hillary for your own good reasons and in good faith. Can you return the favor?

              I do believe in helping the poor and I do think we need to help others in need with their health issues. That doesn’t mean I have to accept all Democrat big government solutions.

              I don’t know what wolves and bears have to do with anything. But personally I have a very soft spot regarding animals, and would be a vegetarian if I could handle it. I was one years ago for a year and a half, but I don’t think it was healthy for me. I do at least refrain from eating mammal meat and only eat meat from chickens, turkeys and fish. I don’t like the idea of shooting those animals, but there might be good reasons for it. I especially am opposed to the idea of killing animals for “sport.” But I think it’s many many times worse to kill innocent human beings in the womb, and the blog host would call me a misogynist for taking that compassionate position. (Also remember that since we are discussing race that abortion targets a disproportionate number of black babies, and is a great friend of racists who like it that way because it keeps the black population in check. So you pro-choicers are in bed with real racists).

              Trump has committed sins. It’s between him and God to work that out so that he can save his soul and enter eternal paradise. Meanwhile, his earthy responsibility is to be president. I’m more concerned now as far as the good of our country is concerned about his policies and not his sins from many years ago.

              I do think we need to help women who keep their babies. There are many private organizations as well that will help. We also need to bestow a moral value on the fetus, and not dehumanize it or call it a “choice.” It’s a human being that deserves to live.

              • Dear Mr Trump 2020. I read your comments and I am reminded of what LBJ said.

                “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

              • , are living in a bubble of your own making. The fact that you don’t know what wildlife has to do with your president, then you need start reading! Stop watching Faux news.

          • Sometimes one must tear up the foundation in order to build a more sound building. Jesus once said, “Think not that I came to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Did this make Jesus hateful? No. In order to correct error, the error must be exposed first. It is uncomfortable and embarrassing, but to be free of the error is enlightenment.

          • You’re wrong. Look at the name, for one – and, since you’re clearly dumber than the smartphone which you likely tote, let me point you in the direction of a link which will show the author’s face. Dumbass. Religion – the opiate of the (unwashed) masses. Forgive them, Aliens, for they know not what they do.



          • Seriously? Liberals and democrats promote an “us v. them” environment? Conservatives, who by the way vowed not to allow Obama to achieve any success during his presidency, have promoted a divisiveness in this country that seems irreparable. Our current president has supported antagonism toward women, religious and racial minorities, persons with disabilities. He has shown disdain for the poor and disadvantaged. He has promoted policies that harm our economy and our planet. He has shown support to tyrants and world thugs. What exactly do you find appealing in this man?

          • “…those who hold fast to “conservative” (for want of a better word) Christian beliefs and principles, and has turned obedience to God into “bigotry.”
            Are you seriously saying that Trump holds fast to Christian beliefs and principles and us obedient to God?
            After a lifetime of such poisonous rhetoric, I am recovering from the ravages of the Roman Catholic cult.

          • Read the article next time before you post vitriol. And sorry the last president was black. Clearly, that bothers you.

          • What? “anyone who is a traditional Christian or who in good faith voted for Trump.” ??? Trump is all about money, greed, self-aggrandizement, hate, falsehoods, stinginess, bullying, lying, and feeling sorry for himself if he doesn’t get good “ratings.” I was raised Catholic and none of those things are “Christian values”….whatever are you talking about ? You are not making sense

            • He knows he is not making sense. Joe Catholic is just a troll who feeds on the emotional energy associated with conflict. If we all loved one another, he would shrivel up and die from starvation.

            • You were raised Catholic, yet you lost all of your Catholic common sense. Why did you leave the faith?

              Anyway, I have a pastor. Trump is not my pastor. He was elected to do a job. You have sins and flaws too. Does that mean you can’t do your work or profession? You did ABC ten years ago and therefore you should be fired?

              Trump was elected to do a job. His flaws and sins can be overlooked, as you would have overlooked the many flaws and sins of Hillary Clinton.

          • Um, there is so much to vilify and absolutely nothing to defend, honey. Please promptly remove your head from your ass.

          • Oh, please, as a white woman? The only thing I see is someone who is eloquent..we had a great president with Barack Obama…we now have a grifter, a conman, but that feels great cuz he’s a white man of a certain age(think OLD)…and he’s backed by white supremists so that’s even better.

          • The first time Obama ran for the presidency, student told me her grandmother sad if Obama won the world come to an end. A group of students were all discussing Obama in terms of his race derisively. All the students or white and and Christian and got their ideas from a source of comfort and love, their home. This post is poignant. It is realistic. It challenges christians and their beliefs. As a pastor the poster has done exactly what Jesus would do. He challenge the twisted thinking of people who oppose Obama simply because of his race. These people do exist.

            • What do you think about him challenging people who are addicted to their sins and whose souls are in danger of damnation?

              Such as those who were involved in an abortion or are contemplating one? Or those involved in an immoral sexual relationship? Or calling those involved in a same sex unions to chastity?

              All he is really doing is challenging his followers to toss rocks at those who have the nerve to see things differently.

              • Joe/Theo wrote “As a rule Trump supporters are gracious and don’t hold grudges “

                One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • I don’t think you read what was written. If you try it again, perhaps you’ll see the message become clearer.

            I was never embarrassed by President Obama but I’ve been nothing but embarrassed since January 20 of this year. And I suspect YOU are embarrassed by 45, and in your embarrassment and anger, you lash out at others. Because you certainly can’t defend him and be honest at the same time. He makes sure of that every time he opens his mouth.

          • I don’t think you read the article! Trump had divided this country and if you cannot see that through the bottom of your Koolaid stained glass, put it down and step away. Your “Christ” could member be my Christ.

            • Many of us suspect he never reads more than the headline and the first sentence or two. You may notice he never quotes John P to prove the assertions Joe makes about John. He just hurls ugly accusations and expects the rest of us to agree with him.

              One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • Mr Trump 2020: You are not embarrassed by a fraudulent, lying, grifting, racist, three-times married, gential-grabbing, scandal ridden charlatan president?

          • Attacks and vilifies those who hold fast to conservative beliefs, overturned religious laws, gained a following for doing so. Sounds like another “pastor” I have read about.

            • Ward Pallotta, I trust the “other pastor” you’ve read about is Jesus. May I express the hope that you have more than read about Him?

              One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • It”s even if you choose to dress it up how ever you want to. You tell me one thing in the name of Christmas what Dump is doing that makes you believe his about Christian values. I’LL WAIT……….

          • There’s no such thing as voting for trump in good faith. The man is a monster, morally bankrupt, and unfit to be in civil society. Politics aside, no decent person could have voted for him based on his character.

            • Chris, there’s a study out there that demonstrates that it is exactly Trump’s character that got him votes. People see themselves in Trump and, when they see his authoritarianism, bigotry, bisexuality phobia, fascism, gynophobia, homophobia, intolerance of an informed disagreement, isolationism, misogyny, prejudice, racism, rape, sexual assault/molestation, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia, they see themselves in Trump and the GOP.

              One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • Actually, the poster never used the word *****r in his post. You were the one who said that. Shows us exactly where your heart is….but you call yourself a Christian! I call BS!

          • Are you serious , yes you are and that’s the hilarity of your response. You are offended because he said “hey white friend ” because you know he is talking to people like you. You support a man who bragged about being able to shoot a person dead on 5th Ave and NOT loose one supporter! You just shrug your shoulders at that statement, you support a man who said that he is able to go in the dressing room of his miss universe pagent while the women are nearly naked and that doesn’t phase you huh, just once again shrug your shoulders. You support a man who bragged about being able to grab women by their pussies or tell his supporters to rough up people and he would pay for their legal fees, just shrugging those shoulders huh, shoves a prime minister out the way to get in front of the group…these actions you embrace, support, have no issue with and all the while knowing if Obama had did or said JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS, you and others like you would be enraged and fox news would have been lambasting Obama in a continual news cycle. This story is for people EXACTLY LIKE YOU and his assements was spot on. Looking forward to your response….

            • Darell, it is a sheer delight to me to see so many people commenting here and calling A Catholic Perspective out. He has gone to more extreme lengths than ever.

              One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


          • As many have pointed out, you completely ignore the premise of the post…he specifically excluded those who simply disagreed with President Obama’s policies. I felt compelled to respond though, because of your chosen moniker. You are a perfect example of why I left the Church. I grew up in the Catholic Church. I took from my Catholic upbringing that we should always look out for those less fortunate than ourselves…the least of our brothers. The two priests that presided over my church were shining examples of kindness, generosity, and humility. Their teachings had a profound influence on my life and are one of the primary reasons I have chosen to be a Public Defender for my entire legal career. Somewhere along the way, trickle down economics, Ayn Rand, and Donald Trump became perfectly acceptable to those who professed to follow the same faith. You literally seem to suggest in your post that supporting a “conservative” agenda is “obedience to God” and you have the temerity to accuse this writer of divisiveness. Incidentally, if you think Mr. Trump’s recent budget proposal reflects the will of God, you really need to re-read his best selling book.

            • William Miller, I want to thank you for your service to the poor, the mistreated, the under-represented in your career as a Public Defender.

              One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


            • You received the Body and Blood of Jesus at Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Reconciliation among many many other graces and you left the Catholic Church because some Catholics don’t vote for liberal Democrats? Or some Catholics say things that offend your politics?

              Why would you turn your back on a Treasure because of what some other Catholics say. Your story doesn’t add up.

              • Catholic,

                Just stop you are embarrassing yourself. You are getting desperate and that is why you are making ad hominem attacks. You are a wolf in sheeps clothing which can be found in Matthew 7:15. You write and write yet you say nothing which lets the rest of us know you lack wisdom which makes you a fool. Be slow to speak and quick to listen.

          • And this line of reasoning is but one of many good reasons to cherish the separation of church and state. Viewing the world, and worse, making policy and decisions , through the tainted filters of religion is simply bad policy.

          • Sounds to me like he hit a sore spot with you. Maybe, perhaps you were one of those who immediately proclaimed embarrassment? Maybe there is too much truth in what this Christ loving pastor is saying? And maybe the way to unify people is to call them out for their bigotry and embarrass them into pulling their heads out of their posteriors and taking a look around.

          • That’s your take away from this article? Your prejudice is showing, because believe it or not you just described donald trump….not the author of this eloquent commentary. smh….you sir, embarrass me.

          • no, sir, sometimes a pastor preaches unity and sometimes his duty is to point out where we should improve. I see that your ‘logo’ is ‘re-elect trump’ and I wonder why? you complain about division but that is exactly what mr. trump has done. what has he done that makes you proud or makes America better? he has divided your country from almost every other country in the world. he has sewn hate into a garment too many people are willing to wear. I have seen his hateful rhetoric drift north into my country and we have been both stunned by it and ashamed of the people who shout it.

          • I think Jesus would disagree with you. Matthew 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

          • I lived in the Deep South for 4 years nod while a total i saw was exactly what this gentleman wrote of. I firmly believe that it was a pigmentation issue.
            The elected president now I am very embarrassed by. As is the rest of the world. I am not condemning your remarks as you have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine.

          • Are you suggesting that Donald Trump is a better Christian than Barack Obama? We must have very different definitions of Christian.

            • It’s hard for me to accept that Barak Obama is a Christian after hearing him praise Roe v Wade without speaking one word of support or compassion for the millions killed by it.

          • Holy garbanzo beans, Catholic Perspective, you just showed us your true nature. You did not answer his questions, you just attacked the messenger. I am tired of the “holier-than-thous” crying, “You cannot be a true Christian if you point out my bigotry.” I get it. You don’t want to look at what you say from a different vantage point because you are blinded by your own righteousness. President Obama is a great example of Christian values while Trump is a fraud Christian. Trump declares his Christian values when it suits his purpose and for as long as he needs it. He thinks a religious belief is like joining the Rotary Club or a country club. Look at what Jesus said and did and measure it against Trump and what he stands for. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t get your point about “conservative values.” Maybe Jesus preached that the rich should be richer, that the poor should be made more miserable. Maybe Jesus charged exorbitant fees for his healing? Maybe Jesus thought people should not be given help although He technically served meals on wheels (remember the bread loaves and fish?) You voted in good faith for Trump in spite of all the information about him and his churlish behavior. When you say a pastor should seek “unity” it seems to be code for “agree with me.” The author is pro Christian values and you should be as well instead of twisting your beliefs to justify your vote for Trump.

          • Well, you’re clearly not a pastor yourself. “Watered-down and error-laden” Christianity? Guess you’re one of those Bible thumpers who believes in the inerrant word of God as written in the Bible, but only in those chapters and verses they feel like obeying. They completely miss the part where Jesus conspicuously says nothing, for example, about the need or the right for “good Christians” to refuse service to gays.

            But that’s probably the type of Christianity you believe is “inerrant” and “not watered down” and “error-free.”

            Talk about straining my eyes rolling them…

          • I’m embarrassed by your interpretation of this article. There’s no telling how you interpret the Bible to fit your narrow,l, obviously biased views!!!!

          • WOW…. you need to calm down… He most definitely was referring to Obama’s race and let’s be honest, a large portion of our population never have Obama the chance to lead because of his skin tone. It is this same population that think Trump is our savior. It is this ignorance that he his pointing out. Justly so. We had a great president for 8 years who governed not flawlessly but fairly. No scandal and no embarrassment. Hopefully history will be just when we compare the stark differences between his presidency and that of our current president.

          • I believe you have taken the entire commentary out of context! He only stated factual information that so happens to be true. He did not offend anyone by his truthfulness. It’s amazing that SO CALLED CONSERVATIVES rely or claim to be Christian, however their actions state otherwise. The mere fact so many conservatives say that people who speak out against 45 is going against Gods will or not Christian like! I say get over yourself…. 45 is the true representation of a Glorified THUG who told his supporters exactly who he was! You say he is a Christian. I see him as a Serial spouse, multiple baby-daddy, gential grabbing, tax-dodging, LYING, Misogynistic, No-bill paying, Bullying Sexual Predator.

          • If you claim to have been embarrassed by President Obama, but are NOT embarrassed by the Total Embarrassment now occupying the White House – then yes, that’s EXACTLY why.

          • Who are you to preach Christianity. Why are you even on this site. Your reply screams divisiveness. Go away troll. Go away.

          • You’re an embarrassment to Catholics and Christians. You and your ‘conservative’ beliefs are no different to Isis. Just because you aren’t at war doesn’t mean you’re not as oppressive, bigoted and hateful. You just happen to have the political power to do it without using guns or knives.

          • I think you may be “reading things” into his post that aren’t there. Asssumptions! My took was we all should become introspective and check our own heart….more “judge not, least ye be judged!”

          • I grew up in an evangelical household, father a minister, family very very Republican and conservative. I asked my sister last year why the Right said Obama was the worst president in history. I know she spends her days listening to right-wing talk radio. She could not answer me. I asked if it was because he’s black. NO ANSWER. It’s pretty clear to me. Thanks, Jon.

          • Hello white “friend.” I know you say that you didn’t like Obama because of his policies, but I think you’re a dirty liar. You didn’t like him because he’s a ****er.

            Catholic perspective? That is EXACTLY why he was hated. I spent many a beautiful southern evening explaining to freinds that I didn’t think the rants against Obama has to do with color.. but more because he was a relative unknown.. a newby. Then, little by little, I realized I was wrong.. that was EXACTLY what the problem was. And he wasn’t “just” black… he was smart, well-spoken, passionate AND confident. Yes, uppity. There you have it… “uppity. ” A vile truth, yet true all the same.

          • Dear “Catholic”, Either you live in a different county than I do, or you read a different article than the one written here. You are projecting, big time.

          • I totally agree with your response. My liberal daughter believes that I didn’t like Obama’s presidency was because he is black, half black, half white, etc. that is the farthest from my reasoning. It was absolutely not because of the color of anyone’s skin. It was the color of a heart not centered on God. But if you ‘didn’t like Obama as president, it certainly MUST have been a RACIAL thing. Wrong!

          • The example of the life of Christ portrays a leader, who, in every opportunity did His best to drive a wedge between the Pharisees and His followers. I don’t know which Christ you study and believe in, but the one whose stories are told in the red parts of Bible give a clear view of a rebellious trouble maker who was hung from the cross for his social activism against the rulers of the day.

          • Thank you. Poor military policies, ridiculous debt, exploding social dependency roles, all accompanied by superior social graces does not make a great President.

          • Gay getting married, that bugs people about Obama.Also mandating healthcare ruffled a few feathers. PLenty of people were embarrassed to be exposed as greedy conservatives as well. Blackness wasn’t all that, but the racists just hated him .

          • By your analysis I assume you think the same of Franklin Graham. After all, Mr. Obama was bringing Muslim ideas and law to our country and persecuting Christians. It was God’s work that Trump was elected after all. In this case the right Reverend Graham seeks to divide along religious lines. Just so happens that religion has quite a few people of darker pigmented skin. Do you suppose he is also growing a following?

            I do not know this author very well, but some folks say they are not embarrassed anymore and by what reason is a worthwhile question. I have suspected it is similarly that he was cosmopolitan, very well educated, and also darkly pigmented.

            Don’t get me wrong, I wish Christians would return to the teaching of Christ. Sadly, at the moment they are adhering to the cultural teachings of which Trump is the symptom.

          • A real pastor seeks unity? Have you mentioned this to Jerry Falwell Jr, or Tony Perkins or Franklin Graham or Pat Robertson or all those other millionaire preachers of hate and division?

            If you’re embarrassed at a President who was the most admired man in the world for his entire presidency then maybe you should check your values system.

          • Let’s understand each other here, ACP. I don’t want “unity” with you or with anyone else, singly or together, who put this contemptible embarrassment in office. You saw who he is and what he was, and in your shallow, smug “obedience to God” you rammed the beam into your own eye by supporting a lying adulterous sounding brass. You don’t want compromise or consensus. You want a fascist who will impose your parochial small-mindedness on the nation, regardless of democracy. You want unity in that form–do as I say. Well, no. You’re a poor spokesman for your church and an enemy to defeat in the state. And your anger and fear here give me hope. You ought to be angry and afraid, because you’re losing.

          • Oh dear…you missed the point of this message completely. Are you trying to say that tRump is a “Christian”? If this is your idea of Christianity, I want NO part of it.

          • I think you are way off. Only my thought which won’t your way of thinking whatsoever. But your thoughts about this piece by JOHN PAVLOVITZ seem to be at odds more by what you think of him rather that what you think about what he said.

          • Disliking Obama because of his policies would be just like anyone disliking policies, any time. Perfectly normal, understandable, etc. But what John points out is the number of white people who specifically say they were “embarrassed” by Obama. Which is kind of obvious if you read the piece, or even just the title. Since Obama (whether you agree with his policies or not) was not actually an embarrassment to the country, and the current President (whether you agree with his policies or not) often is, Pavlovitz concludes that if you’re “embarrassed” by the guy who wasn’t embarrassing, but not embarrassed by the guy who is, then either policy is not what upset you, or “embarrassed” isn’t the right word, or both. This is not “us vs. them”. When Jesus called out the Pharisees for hypocrisy, was that fostering an unacceptable “us vs. them” mentality? John isn’t vilifying conservatives, here (or elsewhere). I have never seen him insult George Will or John Kasich. He’s calling out hypocrisy. Hypocrisy of those who claim to be Christian, but don’t appear to adhere to Christ’s teachings. Christians who may know stories in the Bible, but fail to see how they apply to their own lives. Is the story of the Good Samaritan fundamentally changed if the person that the Samaritan helps is a Syrian refugee? No, it is not. They why do these Christians eschew that lesson? I don’t recall the part of the Bible where Jesus claims to sexually assault women, either. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t be on board with that. The people that worship at the temple of Trump aren’t adhering to any Christian principles espoused by Jesus. And Christians, real Christians, didn’t call Obama “mongrel” or “monkey”. But many so-called Christians did.

          • You seem to have missed a great deal of what he talked about , “You didn’t like him because he’s a ****er.” That’s exactly what he is saying and that happens to be so true, however, the fact that you are wearing that red baseball cap tells me a lot about you and your frame of reference. Trust me the dog whistle was not “Make America Great Again. ” You sir don’t understand that “Great” was code. America was great until 45 and “Cult 45”

          • So when Jesus spoke ill of Ceaser he was being divisive?

            When an American Pastor talks ill of gays he is seeking unity?

            Satan talks out both sides if his mout… just like you did.

          • He saw unity in Obama and he sees divisiveness in Trump. He is in fact right. The American public is generally duplicitous on this us issue.

          • The best way to encourage people to ignore the truth and continue in a comfort zone that encourages racism and sexism is to call the person who is spouting the truth not to divide but to challenge the inner moral compass is to simply call then a budding liberal politician. Then you can ignore everything they say.

          • Hateful, yes. True? Yes also. The use of the word “Muslim” used as a pejorative by so many on social media is simply a stand-in for people who are too chickenshit to use the word they really want to say.

          • You’ve GOT to be kidding!! That post was honest, well written, true, and far and away nothing like the bigotry and fear mongering under the flag of false righteousness heard regularly these days from sub par intelligence which is more widespread than ever before believed it could be. Just ask the Trumpettes who voted for that fool and are now regretting it. And there are a LOT!

          • Thank you for speaking actual reality. Obama WBA huge a do a appointment. At least to those who who ascribed super powers to him. For those that actually listened actually an did questioned why do why so little husband actual past was hidden, not so much.

          • Well said, my disdain for Obama was lined with embarrassment for his apathy when it came to Islamic Extremists continuing their assault on innocent civilians. His belief that we needed to live in a Socialist Society with the institution of Obama Care. He failed as the first Black POTUS on many levels with regards to Race, you would have to blind to believe we are not more divided on this incredibly divisive issue after his 8 years. No one made Michelle Obama make the statement ” for the first time I am proud of America ” , she did that on her own. The list of Obama embarrassing moments is very long and quite obvious or we would have elected Hillary, instead we elected Donald. What is so painfully obvious the Left can’t see is this simple fact. To date our POTUS has made great strides in putting Americans first. The previous POTUS spent inordinate amounts of time, money, effort and stupidity on apologies for 43’s approach to the worst Terror Attack to hit today’s Globe, yet here this moron sits and continues to try and divide us over race, please….

          • He’s talking specifically about people being “embarrassed” by President Obama. Perhaps you missed that nuance. Note the paragraph that discusses disagreeing with him or his policies. What about his policies was “embarrassing”? I’m white- and even I know that what certain bigots hated was this erudite, compassionate, accomplished Negro-tho not the word they used- having the nerve to think he should be President.

          • You say that a “real pastor seeks unity”. Does a real pastor seek unity at the expense of truth-telling? Does a *real* pastor seek unity at the expense of justice? Does a *real* pastor seek unity at the expense of love? Or is a *real* pastor’s responsibility to judge and vilify?

            You seem to be of the view that Pavolvitz’s responsibility is to sit quietly by while ugliness roams freely rather than call it out. I would like to point out that a whole lot of that went on during slavery; during the Civil Rights era; during the genocide of Native Americans and today, it continues as unarmed people – Black, White and Native – are killed by the police.
            Jesus was a man who turned over tables in the synagogue. If you don’t like that aspect of Christianity that’s fine, but that’s who Jesus was.

            Many White churches never spoke up against White supremacy, enslavement, brutality, lynching. None of that. Are you saying that *unity* trumps morality?

            Your discomfort with Pavlovitz’s words would seem to say more about you than about him. Ask yourself why you’re OK with the p*ssy grabber, the liar, the bully, the adulterer than Obama. Ask yourself why ANYONE would be.

            The truth is out there. You might want to seek it out. Or not.

          • I have no idea how come to those conclusions from his post. I think you need to go back and read it again, carefully.

          • No. Just no. He calls out people that say they are Christians but do not live by any Christian or conservative values. Being white does not make someone more Christian especially in the absence of any Christ-like behavior. Since when did loyal, humble educated and hard working become evil and adulterous, mal-informed, narcissistic and entitled become the new standard for conservatives who preach religion? If you stay silent for a white sinner but demonize someone because of their race, you may need to sit with the kids at Bible school.

          • This “A Catholic Perspective” guy happens to be former President Obama’s very bitter half-brother, Malik Obama. Google him before he changes his profile picture. And he’s no Catholic; he’s a Muslim. Why doesn’t he have the guts to claim his faith? He was used and abused (willingly) left right and center by the Republicans during the campaigns to speak ill of his brother, did it on national TV too, even defended Pepe the frog, a white supremacists’ symbol. Can’t make this stuff up. Malik Obama and Trump- birds of a feather flocking together from bushes continents apart. See the power of a common enemy! There you have it.

            Of course Pavlovitz is right. American tribalism strutted its fanged feathers like a peacock from a nightmare in 2016. Trump’s non-white supporters either identified a common enemy (like Malik here), or held similar beliefs in exclusivity. For example, there were a handful Muslims and immigrants who voted for trump believing that he will keep all “bad Muslims” and “bad hombres” out of their good America which they had had the fortune to come into on time (like a greedy sibling locking the others out of the kitchen). It’s as hateful as racism. In real cases following the elections, a Muslim family had their loved ones returned to Syria at the airport, and a Hispanic guy who created a successful business and jobs for Americans was deported. Both had voted for Trump because they believed they themselves were part of the “exclusive” America, only to get a rude shock that they were really not part of Trump’s “great” American. All the justification about supporting Trump because of conservative policy is an attempt at hiding the hideous racist or hateful instinct one already knows they have. Even the poor rural white electorate who had been neglected by the system voted along racist lines. When it comes to survival of any species, the tribe instinct still takes over like nothing ever has. And the only way to overcome this is through politics and policies of corporation.

          • As a Christian, I have to ask those that voted for Trump how and why you think he best represents you? His affairs, his divorces, his views on minorities, his care for the less fortunate, his despicable habit of not paying his debts, the way he suddenly became a man of God for the votes? Which is it? Please don’t counter by pointing out H’s shortcomings as that is not an answer.

          • You my friend…sound absolutely retarded. I bet you HATED Malcolm X. Can’t stand Minister Farrakhan… and never understood Marcus Garvey or Nat Turner. It’s sad that people with your mind state still exists… smh
            #hermancain #bencarson #stepandfetch


          • I would call those “Christian” principles, as in hypocritical. Explain how you “Christians” can vilify Obama yet welcome 45 with open arms, a man who is “a three-time married, serial adulterer and confessed predator; a man whose election and business dealings and relationships are riddled with controversy and malfeasance. You’re perfectly fine being represented by a bullying, obnoxious, genitalia-grabbing, Tweet-ranting, Prime Minister-shoving charlatan who’s managed to offended all our allies in a few short months.”

            Care to explain that???

          • How could voting for Trump be in any way construed as “obedience to God?” That is the mystery of this election. Everythintg said in the original letter is true. If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, please don’t mis-characterize the letter – or yourself.

          • You put words in the man’s mouth, ascribe motive and intent he may have never have meant; then condemn him for having said it.

            Maybe it’s because you have the Catholic perspective and do not share a reverence for God’s word that you cannot see the beam protruding.

            But to ridicule a man for wearing a dress, because drees wearing men are an anomaly, despite the fact that the man has only worn trousers is… vindictive, ludicrous, and or/ wrong.

            • Practicing Catholics have a great reverence for God’s word. We hear four excerpts from God’s Holy Word every Sunday, during the Liturgy of the Word.

              Who said anything about someone wearing a dress?

              And for those who mistakenly think my avatar is me–it’s not. I’m not black and not an “Uncle Tom,” as someone implied because he thinks black people cannot think for themselves and must always be liberal Democrats. That is an image of Malik Obama, who I am proud of and who I am proud to say is a fellow Trump supporter who wants the best for our country.

              • So predictable, “A catholic Perspective.” I knew you were going to remove the avatar after I called you out, and deny you were Malik Obama. But you are. You say you’re white, and of all the avatars you chose Malik Obama? Really?? That villager with several wives who sold his brother’s handwritten memoirs, tweeted a fake Kenyan birth certificate claiming to be Barack Obama’s, failed in politics in his birth country, Kenya… That Malik is who you’re proud of? And why did you remove the avatar if you’re proud of him as you claim? There’s something about thought-prints that is as true as fingerprints, and yours are the same everywhere you post, no matter the forum, even on TV and among Kenyans. You forget there are people who know you like the bLack of our hands. You’ve been too bitter, too driven by greed and personal gain to make objective arguments.

          • I disagree with your comments for the following reasons:
            1) the writer is talking to those white people who were embarrassed by President Obama, not those who disagreed with his politics, actions or inactions.
            2) the writer is directing his comments to those people who say that a thrice married adulterer and sexual predator seemingly embroiled in controversy and lies from the first day in office, his wife who has nude pics on the internet, his big-game murdering sons, a daughter and son-in-law that are advising him without approval from congress-themselves embroiled in scandals, an administration that thinks nothing of angering our allies yet cozies up to dictators and oligarchs, and cabinet members who range from incompetent to treasonous, who literally pushes another head of state out of the way-somehow they’re not embarrassed by THAT behavior.
            3) Pastors and other religious figures are supposed to help guide us to be better human beings-sometimes that means forcing your eyes open at injustice and showing you the ugliness that humans can wreak.
            I have no problem with people being dissatisfied with Obama because their politics are different, but to say he was personally embarrassing and to say Trump is not is a false statement.

          • Yeah, because a pastor isn’t supposed to challenge you and the way you think. Or the way you act. Because, you know, Christ never challenged his followers.

            Or oh, did you forget about that?

            Sometimes, a leader has to step up. Sometimes, a leader has to be the one to say, “The money changers in the temple will not stand”.

            Of course, like so many today, it sounds like the difference between calling yourself “Christian” and actually being “Christlike” might be too big of a cross to bare.

          • A real pastor seeks unity but Trumps campaign was the most divisive campaign in our history. He took off against Mexicans, then he went after ALL Muslims, he pandered to the Blacks in an incredibly condescending way. He called Syrian refugees terrorists yet not one Syrian refugee has become a terrorist while some white guy in Portland murders two people while he was ranting against a woman wearing head covering. He’s not a terrorist because he’s white. He’s really a Christian terrorist, even to his name.

            • Just yesterday my husband and I had the same conversation. If you are white, well, you must have mental issues, anyone else they are a terrorist. The double standard is so blatant. Peace,

          • Catholic Perspective: There was always your type on the plantation that loved “Massa” more than himself, and would support “Massa” no matter what he did to the other slaves. African-Americans are 2nd Class Citizens in their country. YOU, Sir, are an embarrassment to my race. You are just like that HNIC, Trump’s appointee to oversee housing, who thinks that the slaves booked tickets on the Slave Ship to come to America for a better life. He is an educated fool. You, like the rest of African-Americans who support​ the current administration, are suffering from “Mental Slavery”. You are a pathetic bunch!!!

            • I’m not black. That’s a picture of President Obama’s brother, Malik.

              I’m proud that he’s a Trump supporter and has the courage to think for himself and not be a “Liberal Democrat” because that’s what Democrats say black people are supposed to be.

          • I believe you misunderstood his remark. HE wasn’t embarrassed by President Obama. He’s saying that the reader is/was and is not by Trump.
            Obviously, for any thinking person, the reverse is true…which is what he said.

            Trump embarrasses me on a daily basis. Obama never did.

          • We all get that you don’t want people knowing you’re a racist. But NO ONE is fooled. Look at every single measurable outcome of Obama’s Presidency. The stock market went up…. WAAAAAAAAAAAY up. Unemployment went down. SERIOUSLY down. No new wars. That’s zero. Body bags being brought back to the country every week, down to virtually zero when he left office. People insured? That number was up too.

            Your pathetic attempts to shield yourself behind flimsy excuses about non-measurable ‘policy’ is pure BS. You’re a racist. Probably a misogynist too. And worse, a coward about it, pretending that you’re some kind of ‘Christian’. Again, nobody is fooled. Even those around you who take food and shelter from you know in their hearts what an awful person you are.

          • The real problem people like yourself have with this commentary is that it forces white America to take a look at itself in the mirror,plain and simple.

          • My goodness, what part of Donald Trump made “good Christians” vote for him? The man shows no actual Christian values at all. What “good faith” were you using to vote him in?

          • I am white, I am female , I am a Christian and I did NOT vote for Donald Trump!!!!!! I was proud of President Obama ….

          • From a “Catholic perspective,” it must be said that Barack Obama was much closer to the vision of Pope Francis than the current president is. The difference between the photos of the Pope’s visit to the White House in 2015 with smiles all around and DT’s visit to the Vatican last week with the Pope cringing tells the whole story.

            It is not a lie that many Americans were uneasy with Obama because of his color. This is verifiable and true, whether we like to face it or not.

            No one has a corner on what constitutes authentic Christianity, but it is certainly not true that Jesus himself promoted unity above everything else. That would be a seriously watered-down version of Christian tradition. Jesus preached above all the Reign of God, and this usually gained him strong opposition, from both the powerful and even the powerless. He was anything but a “conservative,” religiously or socially.

            One thing Jesus certainly did was call things by their real name. Let’s stop trying to pretend that white racism is not deeply embedded in U.S. culture. There is no way around this; the way forward begins by acknowledging an ugly and painful reality. There will be conflict, of course, as we have seen in New Orleans recently with the removal of racist symbols from public places.

          • Donald Trump does not embody my OG those things for which you just critiqued this man for? Donald Trump priomotes didn’t diversity? You got to be kidding me. Adultery holding Christian views. Man please!

          • You’re high and I refuse to believe you a black man. If you are, you are misguided, blind and delusional. It’s not my intention to be offensive, but interpretation of what was said here, leads me to believe that you are with joking or just flat out lack the ability to comprehend or think reasonable andmor ratioanally. Wake up and smell the horse crap Hack 45 is feeding you. Or keep consuming it, but as you do so stay away from people because not only does your opinion and level of understandInfo stinks, but you wreaks of hack 45’s unwashed hands.

          • Hi Brother or Sister. I believe and submit to Christ as I assume you do too based upon your screen name. I was just wondering which Christian value was considered most important when voting for Mr. Trump?

          • Wowsa! You know we have a racism problem and a hate problem in America. We are divided because of White Christian Conservative Beliefs!! This is exactly why Jesus and I did not follow socially contolled religion! Your God may not be others God, therefore Christians insist that their God is the only God! I call Bull Shit!

          • “He attacks and vilifies those who hold fast to “conservative” (for want of a better word) Christian beliefs and principles, and has turned obedience to God into “bigotry.”
            And you just proved his point.

          • A Catholic perspective, since you seem to read Pavolitz in order to have something to complain abt, may i suggest you turn to scripture? Check out what a rabble rouser Jesus was.

          • Do you deny that President Obama was the object of racially-motivated disrespect (to put it mildly)?
            Maybe one of John’s reasons for calling out the racism revealed during Obama’s presidency the way he does is to inspire some people to examine their souls and do some healing.

          • Let’s see. First off you sound like a liberal propaganda broken record, definitely not a man of God.

            Maybe I’m not embarrassed by Obama. Maybe I’m embarrassed by:
            • Reporters and authors like you who divide and spread hate in the name of Obama.
            • a US “President,” the “leader” of the free world, bowing down to a leader of another country
            • The abhorrent non-action of a US “President” and his admin took allowing a US ambassador and US navy seals to be tortured and murdered while he watched
            • A US “President” inciting riots and violence in support of criminals against law abiding American citizens and police officers, all who have (or had if they are dead now) American families.
            • A US “President” putting ILLegals before American citizens
            • Seeing all the criminals exonerated by the US “President” now killing American citizens and going back to the ISIS troops to kill more people around the world.
            • The separation and division the US “President” created in America between different races
            • The US “President” never, ever helping the black community at all but made them more dependent (it must’ve been his white racist side that did that according to your theories)
            • [That] he encouraged and hid treason within his admin
            • [That] he racked up more debt than all 43 presidencies before him
            • [That] unemployment was at its highest
            • That he knowingly scammed the American people into an admitted scam health care plan
            • [That] etc., etc., etc…….
            Yes, the embarrassment WAS about his policies. It’s not about a president’s family or his personal life when he has work to do for all of America which is exactly what Trump is doing. (That was obvious when white and black liberals voted Clinton back in after knowing he was literally a sexual predator and rapist. I’d love to read your take on him. Oh, that’s right, liberal MSM never portrayed him that way and you all sucked it up so you probably wrote nothing. He was your hero, first black president, remember?)

            No, I wasn’t
            threatened by him. (but threatened by the throngs of criminals he allowed into or country ILLegally)
            offended by him. (But Offended by his lack of care for America. Knowing he deceived Americans giving them certain things in the name of politics, votes and agendas – his and his rich cronies)
            challenged by him. (Never)
            enraged by him. (Enraged by his blatant dislike of America and Americans)

            This white person wants a president who works for America not just for his ego, golf, photo ops, Hollywood parties (while Americans and others around the world were being murdered) like Obama.
            He who has not sinned should throw the first stone. I guess you missed that “verse” in the bible.

            I guess you missed all the black people who said they were embarrassed by Obama. They don’t show that on liberal MSM. Liberal MSM coddled Obama as if he were any infant who needed to be protected. They crucify Trump with lies and fake stories every second of the day and people like you eat it up like robots and show their hypocrisy. That’s what you see because you don’t seem to broaden your horizons. I see that just by your rhetoric.
            You are part of the Obama et al sheeple crew and you used the word white to cause a stir. I’m Embarrassed by you.

          • The time to seek unity was 2008-2016 – unity behind someone with good ideas who was trying to do things thadt were good for all of us, or at least 99.9%. The author of this piece was right on target. When Obama critics were asked questions that focused on the policies themselves, they overwhelming approved. What they disapproved of was a black man succeeding.

          • Did u vote for Obama? Obviously not! Did u vote for the greedy …can’t get enough money even if it means making the poor and middle class poorer? Are u a multi millionaire? If u don’t say yes to all of the above…u have a twisted mind and do not educate yourself to what is happening in this country with this man who u call president and the lengths he will go to and feed off the “uneducated people” that he depended on to vote for him. Wake up and look where this country is headed with him and his greedy cronies Sir!!!!

          • Exactly what Fruits of the Spirit has Mr Trump exhibitef.? Watering down the Gospel. SMH. A real Pastor speaks truth. Mr. Trump speaks endlessly about his own victomhood rather than governing. His lack of goverance is on view every day. He hasn’t a clue how to behave as the leader of the Free World or how to effectively lead. Bluster is not leading. He’s an imposter. Time will tell. So far all he’s done is deconstruct every agency and fill the Swamp.

          • I suggest you pick up your bible and read the entire thing if you think in any way Conservative beliefs are Christian. That has always been the problem Conservative Christians have always picked up the bible looked at a few versus and ignored the rest of the book. They are having bible study discussing what Jesus meant by this word or that, inspecting it with a microscope, they should have should have been looking at the whole picture. There pastors have been leading people astray for so long it is refreshing to see pastors that actually embrace Christ’s teachings.

          • You sir, are so full of sh*t that it must be oozing from you eyes. You are what’s wrong with this country. Your racism, hatred, bigotry, is too disgusting for words. This is not a white man’s country & never will be. It’s a shame that the republican party stood by & allowed this hateful, unqualified person to be installed in the Oval Office. I can only hope that somewhere in that party there will be enough people who hate what this bigot is doing…. and hate it so much that they will do whatever is necessary to get rid of him.

          • By your logic, if you witness a murder, you shouldn’t say anything about it because murder is against one of the Ten Commandments and if you say anything against murder you’re being “divisive” and insufficiently Christian.

          • A Catholic Perspective, your protests simply strengthen this commentary. He does not question anything other than the use of the word “embarrassed”, yet you choose to bring much more to the table. It seems to suggest you represent exactly the person mentioned here. That is sad indeed.

          • I can’t understand how voting for trump and being a Christian can possibly makes sense . It’s not about policy, it about being a human being. Christ did not teach us to treat each other with disrespect. He didn’t teach us to lie and bully each other. He taught us to take care of each other and that we would be judged by how we treated the “least of us”. We can disagree on policy until the cows come home because it creates growth in both sides but this man has created an atmosphere of mean spirited anger. He’s just not a decent man.

          • A “real pastor” isn’t afraid to speak up against hate, ignorance, prejudice, apathy, and injustice, even if it offends people who think pastors should be all (and only) about “unity.”

            Jesus, after all, wasn’t exactly promoting “unity” when He drove the moneylenders out of the temple. He was merely doing what needed to be done, and in so doing He ruffled some feathers. Religious leadership isn’t about being a namby-pamby who constantly seeks approval. It never has been.

          • How fascinating that “A Catholic Perspective” and now “Open minded Thinker” use the same grammatical structures and idioms in their writing styles… “Open minded” Not even close.. and thinker?!? only if you consider the transfer of propaganda from the party elite to the comments section…divisive and hateful? Nope… I’m sorry but that seems to be your (collective) purview… also hypocrisy… (look it up)… I agree with the article… your refusal to acknowledge the baseline truth is very telling… especially when you keep trotting out the same old disproven crap that was used during Obama’s time in office. But hey… keep on polishing up the turd that is currently in office… no matter how “shiny” you think he is, the smell remains the same.

            • Taran McEwen, you are correct. They are the same person. Joe/Theo has several different aliases and he has conversations with himself. He has pretended to be a woman in the past.

              He has three obsessions: idolization of Trump; homosexuality, and a particularly unwholesome fascination with what women do with their bodies.

              He has told us in the past that he enjoys upsetting people. The longer we stand up to him, the more repulsive are his responses and he will not hesitate to attack in an ad hominem manner.

              When John P wrote a piece about rape, a number of us, bioth women and men, shared our stories of rape and sexual assault and Joe/Theo had no compassion, empathy or sympathy.

              He never answers questions. When asked for evidence to back up an assertion he has made he provides fake news sources and refuses to even look at rebuttals that contain facts from accredited news sources.

              OTOH, the sheer volume of his posts under his many aliases certainly do increase the number of hits John P’s blog receives.

          • you really need to try and read the article again. You are wayyyyyy of course. You are trying to add more to it than what he said. You are trying to use hateful words YOU would use to describe what he said. Nice Try.

          • You call yourself a Christian, but you denigrate others such as Obama, and support a man who is hateful, lies daily on Twitter, is making the poor poorer, picking on seniors by cutting their Medicare and Meals on Wheels, picking on innocent children-taking away their lunches, dissolving the special ed funding…..what is Christian about this? Where is the value here? Do not try to hide behind the facade of being a Christian. If you support Trump you are not a true Christian.

          • NO – your problem is you cannot handle the truth. IT IS REALITY! HE IS NOT CREATING DIVISION but instead making people look into a mirror and into their HEARTS! EXACTLY what JESUS DID! Jesus did not tell people what they wanted to hear – NO – HE CALLED PEOPLE OUT ON THEIR CRAP!!!! VERY EFFECTIVELY and it ANGERED people (the Pharisees, the Jewish leaders and others) because it hit a little close to home. I say PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I think a “real” pastor encourages folks to look at hard truths. Helps others to see things they don’t necessarily want to see.

          • Conservative like “grabbing the pzzzzz.” This is not about liberal/conservative. If you read comments to articles on the web, you often see Obama blamed for ridiculous things. The subject is even changed to talk about him and blame him. I didn’t vote for Obama but I wonder why people hate him so badly. There’s not enough room here but I can gladly point you to hate speech on Obama.

          • You know, it’s really sad that that’s all you got from this commentary. He never said any of that but clearly, that’s what you are thinking.

          • What I read was that he was speaking to those that were “embarrassed ” for the last 8 years, not those that simply disagreed with his policies; in fact he explicitly stated that. There are some that felt he was a horrible person/president and some that respected him as a person, but simply didn’t agree with his policies. So often we read our own agendas into the words of others instead of just reading the message written and taking it for what it actually says.

          • I think you have hit the nail on the head here A Catholic Perspective. As much as I love John’s writings from a few years ago when he walks down this unpleasant political path and smears poor, old and white working class Christians, who have every right to vote as they see fit and not feel at all embarrassed in voting for Trump, he becomes quite intolerant and even a bigot. A bigot (according to the Oxford dictionary) is someone who is so ‘obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief or opinion’ that he comes to loathe those of a different church, party, belief or opinion. And that begs the question who really are the bigots and the anti-democrats in the USA today.

            • If you think that John P “smears poor, old and white working class Christians” when he is, in fact, explicitly addressing his comments to those who were embarrassed by Obama, then one might be forgiven for thinking that you, Dave, were one who was embarrassed by Obama and that you are one of the people who needs to profit from John P’s words.

          • The “Christians” and “conservatives” you speak so lovingly of are the ones responsible for hate and gun violence. That does not ring true with what I learned as a catholic since not one of us can judge another – that responsibility goes to god.

          • “A real pastor seeks unity”??? Did not our “Pastor in Chief” Jesus say in Mt 10:30 “I came not to bring peace (unity), but a sword (discord)?. And, in Luke 12: 49-53 “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace (unity) on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division.” His message so disturbed the conservatives of his day that they conspired to put him to death. Brought them temporary peace and unity, but Christianity has been rife with dissension and turmoil ever since. The present Trump/Pence/evangelical/Russian cabal leading to an American Christian Theocracy promises more of the same in the future.

          • Amen.

            He’s just like the snowflakes who can’t see political disagreement as disagreement.

            it can’t be that you are embarrassed that his first major act was to go to terrorist supporting Muslim countries and apologize for …America.

            No, you couldn’t possible be embarrassed that his political mentor is a self admitted terrorist,

            It’s not embarrassing that his wife took a newly created job as VP of Diversity paying $350K+ when he was elected Senator (using dirty tricks) and as soon as she left, the Chicago bank eliminated the position.

            It’s not embarrassing that a convicted felon helped him buy his home, bought the lot next him and sold him a piece of it below market. And Obama assumed he just deserved it.

            It’s not embarrassing that his promise to close GITMO on his “first day in office” is still standing, just like GITMO.

            It’s not embarrassing that this “Magna Cum Laude”, has paid millions in legal fees to keep his college records sealed, his admission records hidden from view.


            And I expect Hillary’s self implosion was because of chauvinism.

          • Think about it this way… he is holding up a mirror. If the reflection is troublesome than it is on the person in the mirror to deal with. He is hardly being divisive. If the truth hurts, well… And while we are on the topic of ‘divisive’, let’s talk about how our president has failed to call out hate against minorities since he’s been president. That would go a LONG way to helping to heal some of the divisiveness in this country. Yet, he needs to escalate a non-terror attack in the Philippines before he even knew the situation, while he went days without condemning what happened in Portland. This president’s actions show exactly where he stands…he only dog whistles to his base and has absolutely no desire to reach across the aisle or the country. He does not represent us all if he denies science. I continually befuddles me that Christians are against the science of climate change. They cannot simultaneous believe that God created it all and then believe that man is not having an effect on destroying what God created. AND PLEASE, I’m so over the stupid that declares that God will fix it if it is that big of a deal. No, this pastor hit it on the head. Truth is a painful thing. This WH continuously manipulates the truth so that the base has to either plainly ignore it or contort themselves into something that does look ugly when faced with that mirror.

          • Didn’t do well in confirmation, eh?

            For if you had, you would know a pastor represents Christ, the Law, and the Gospel.

            First, the LAW convicts – points out our sin, rubs it in our face until we cry for mercy and CONFESS and REPENT.

            Then the Gospel brings that mercy, that saving GRACE, the forgiveness, the absolution, the washing in the Blood of Christ.

            And Christ, Himself, said in Matt. 10 and Luke 12 that He was bringing DISunity, not unity.

            And as a servant of Christ, the pastor too is to convict the sinner of their sin until the sinner confesses and repents and AFTER the sinner confesses and repents to offer absolution.

            None of this “unity” stuff — for that only comes on bended knee and heart as we confess and repent and become one in Christ and His Love — which He then DEMANDS we show to ALL – no exceptions.

          • When your faith infringes on the rights of others in the ways they live their lives it is bigotry. What others do with their lives are no concern of anyone else yet Christians are constantly trying to push their failure on everyone. This is the land of the few. You don’t want to be criticized for your beliefs then don’t criticize others for theirs. Now you have someone in the White House pandering to you not because he actually believe what you believe but because he wants you to like him and vote for him. When he no longer needs you he will no longer stand up for your beliefs. For crying out loud, the man is not welcome in childhood church. He’s not a Christian, he’s as fake as they come. He is an embarrassment to the United States and the Presidency.

          • A pastor’s job is not to create unity.

            It never has been and it never will be.

            A pastor’s job is to lead the flock based on the Word of God, condemning evil and upraising the righteous.

            If a pastor stands by and allows sin be ignored, then he’s not doing his job.

            He even points out this isn’t about policy. You can disagree with someone’s policy but not be embarrased by them. And you can be embarrased by them while agreeing with their policy.

            The Catholic’s twisting of the difference between “disagreement” and “embarrasment” is a classic dodge and weave for distraction: Oh look! Here’s a twist on what he said so the entire message must be bunk.

            If YOU want unity, you should start with listening, quoting correctly, not taking things purposefully out of context, not blaming someone for making you uncomfortable, and reaching out to learn about people with different views…but hey, maybe you think real unity is over-rated.

          • My uncles did call President Obama a n*gger. Shamefully, I kept quiet. I deferred to my mom because it’s her family. I didn’t want to make waves. She’d scolded them through the years, even before Obama took office. They never listened. Didn’t care. Black people are n*ggers in their eyes.

            One of my uncles told my dad and I a “joke,” while we sat around the pool at his grand-daughter’s birthday. He said,” It used to be that white people would sip our mint juleps, while sitting on our front porches watching the black folks working in the fields. Now, the black folks drink their Crown Royal, while sitting on their front porches watching the white folks go off to work.” Considering the occasion, as always, we said nothing… just stared.

            My uncles are so-called God-fearing, Christian, middle-class white Republican men who worked hard their entire lives. They own their homes and paid their taxes. All are of retirement age now. Two were born and raised in Florida, though one has long lived in Georgia. One, the one who shared that cute little missive and married my aunt, was born and raised in New York.

            They’re normal-looking fellows. They don’t have confederate flags hanging in the front yards or bumper stickers on their bumpers. They don’t use racist language in public. They, along with my aunts and cousins, do not consider themselves to be racist. They don’t HATE black people. They don’t HATE Mexicans. Though, they might actually hate Muslims… but I suppose they think that’s okay because Muslims are not Christians.

            So, forgive me, if I question white, Christian Republicans who say they want to Make America Great Again… and claim they’re not racist – not when I have racist, Trump-supporters in my own family. I’m not assuming these folks exist. They’re family members!

            In fact, a couple years ago at another family function at park I was sitting with my youngest cousins on the playground. My one cousin, a little spitfire who’s never met a stranger, refused to go play with this adorably, cutely dressed, bi-racial girl playing near us. (I was trying to talk to the older cousin and shoo the Little Miss Spitfire away, so I could talk to her older sister.) Her older sister said to me plainly, “She won’t play with her.” Huh? Spitfire would play with a stop sign!! There is no one Little Miss Spitfire won’t befriend… or so I thought. It did not occur to me until later what happened – the little girl was biracial… she had dark skin and frizzy hair.

            So, no one tell me racism doesn’t exist. It exists. It never stopped existing. And, it continues to be passed down from generation to generation. I think what people like my uncles loved so much about Trump was that, by now they know it’s not PC to be overtly racist against black people, they could be proudly and openly racist against Mexicans, under the guise of calling out illegal aliens, and against Muslims, under the guise of national security. But make no mistake… racism played an ENORMOUS role in Trump being elected president.

            For the first time ever, I spoke out about politics this last election… but you can guess where that got me. I’m not the black sheep of my extended family. I’m the liberal. Sadly, I know I contributed to the continuing racism that plague certain parts of my family because I remained quiet all these years. Their sin is my sin.

            My apologies for ranting and raving. I have no place to share my thoughts. I’m from a Republican family. I live in a Republican community in a Republican state. As a liberal, registered Independent, my views are not appreciated and not wanted. My very Christianity is called into questions because, of course, Muslim-loving, liberals can’t be Christians. I’m tired, people. Really tired. May God have mercy on America.

            • Thank you for sharing Luna Relea, I know you are speaking truth because I have lived it too, as have many others here. Feel welcome to come here and discuss things, many of us do feel your same pain and this blog, John’s writing, and the community building here is helpful. Not perfect, but helpful.

          • If you were embarrassed by Obama, but are not embarrassed by Trump, then you can answer John’s questions – what caused you embarrassment with Obama? What makes you proud of Trump? Because from the outside, (speaking as an Obama supporter who is embarrassed by Trump), what John says rings very true. Help us understand your thoughts if we are mistaken.

          • A “real” pastor doesn’t hold back when he/she sees wrong doing and sees hatred in all its most disgusting forms. A “real” pastor would be living as Jesus lived…..speaking up for the poor and the marginalized, caring for the sick (health care), and throwing the money changers out of the church.

          • And you are going to say that Trump ever showed Christian values? What you dont like about this article is it shows you for what you are.

          • For many of us, the problem with Trump isn’t about conservative policies vs liberal ones as much as it is about basic tenets of human decency and social justice. You simply cannot argue that Trump has brought dignity to the office or that our place in the world has improved under his watch or that he’s even been able to staff the government despite having majorities in all branches of government.

          • The sad thing is, you don’t answer one single point he made, and you label this “a Catholic perspective.” Those who voted for 45 *say* they are making America great – but those who have been elected have effectively raped and pillaged everything about that was good and right about this country, and rejoiced in it. Congratulations on getting a “Catholic perspective” on the presidency. How you can stand idly by and not be marching in the streets against this is beyond me.

          • dear catholic . your group has or should have a chip on your shoulders , ever since the spanish came to the Americas, your opinion derives from your ancestors and being a christian and a REPUGNANT IS A BAD conbination….sorry…

          • The words aren’t shameful lies; they are uncomfortable truths, and you show just how uncomfortable by your response. It may not be something you want to do, but you need to take a cold, hard look at your political beliefs and decide how they square with your religious convictions. At least one of them is out of balance.

          • These conservative Christian politicians you vote for spew the same venom. Anyone can say he’s a Christian, but is he really walking & acting in faith? Based on what one seen from “Christian” politicians & their policies…. they’re going to hell!

          • @A Catholic Perspective: He did not “vilify those who hold Christian beliefs” as you claim. He called out white people who say Obama embarrassed them. If you are not embarrassed by Obama, then he’s not even talking to you. Did you even read and comprehend the words? Or just get butt hurt because he rightly pointed out that Trump is a global embarrassment to the whole world?

          • If you listen to Donnie Drumpf – you will hear division. The White privilege is alive and well. Might be best if you get out and talk to more people. Keep Christ out of this – the points are clear. White people and their decision to be embarrassed by a former, stable, Black president vs a White man who is clearly unstable and perverted in many ways.

          • Your perspective is exactly why we have a strip-club owner sitting in the position of POTUS today.

            You lack the ability to see past your fears, open your mind, and comprehend because you are offended by what you don’t understand, or because you know the message is directed toward you, yourself.

          • Spoken like a true brainwashed TRUMP supporter. Nothing he does would ever affect you. Would love to see you leave your daughter or sister with him alone.

          • But, I’m sure, you, you know, as a “good” Christian, will turn the other cheek and forgive, riiiiight?

            *cough* hypocrite *cough*

          • Wait a minute, here! Are you seriously claiming that a Christian should have voted for Trump??? Exactly what Christian values does he possess? He is an adulterer, a sexual predator and a dishonest businessman. He encouraged his wives to be immodest, and his followers to use violence against those who are against him. I, as a Christian, cannot support him. I only pray that we find a good, honest candidate in the near future.

          • I thought the bible says the truth will set you free. Why not just admit this? Why is this post divisive? Anytime whites are called on their racist attitudes etc some respond this this type of rhetoric using terms like race baiting? Why you judge or hate people for only having more melanin than you is that not race baiting?

          • It’s really funny he you so called Christians get upset when the truth is told. God said I. His word to exhort, correct and exalt with all long-suffering you can’t always get angry because you don’t like that truth. I admonish you point out one thing that is not true.

          • Dear Catholic Perspective Friend, I am afraid you have left the Catholic Church and joined the sect of Americhristians (I hope you have read Pastor Pavlovitz’ post on that subject). From the Americhristian persepective, your comment makes sense. Christian it is not. An embarrassing it is, for alltruely freedom, faith, hope, and charity loving and practicing Americans and Non-Americans on these shores and everywhere else on this planet Earth. May God lead to to light and insight and puncture your hardened heart, so that you may be reconciled with him and us. We welcome you.

          • So to get this straight, you support Trump in “good Faith and Conservative values”? Those being Adultery, Lying , Cheating, Pride, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, all of which he continues to exhibit on a regular basis? What Values do you support please be specific because I am quite confused. And before you say ProLife as if that is your only voting platform consider that he is working diligently to remove healthcare and headstart from children in the foster system who depend for their very lives on that care. So then you are pro birth not pro life. Consider also that he is working diligently to destroy the planet we all call home in the name of Greed… wait is that the virtue or the real conservative value you cherish and hold dear?

          • You, sir, seem to be projecting your faults onto the author. You seem like the divisive one. Christians should understand bigotry, racism, lack of love for the common citizen and the environment, the put down of the disabled, the downtrodden (think Native American and disabled reporters), lying, cheating, self-serving, crony-supporting, foul-mouthed, misogynistic, philandering is not true Christianity at all, but it is the man whom you voted into office. The president whom you appear to support is the most divisive president EVER! He has broken all of the Ten Commandments. How do you justify that??? I am embarrassed for you and by your Christian double-speak!

          • It’s ironic that you title your reaction to this article “A Catholic Perspective” and then go on to say a true Christian pastor should be inclusive. And this statement is ironic too: “anyone who is a traditional Christian or who in good faith voted for Trump.” Trump’s agenda and behavior are so far from traditional Christian values, it’s laughable. I’d like to see a traditional Christian spell out their “good faith” intentions in voting for Trump without, within a few sentences, talking about enemies and hate.

          • From a “Catholic Perspective” I don’t you mention one thing about all the hateful rants from pastors against Obama, including one who used Psalm 109:8 as his text. He identified the problem with pinpoint precision and your response confirms everything this pastor said. This has nothing to do with conservative values. I hold many of those same values. It has to do with looking into the mirror and seeing the ugly image of truth reflected back to many white Americans.

          • I’m honestly tempted to agree. I’m sure some of the hatred leveled at Obama was based in racism, but for the most part I expect that it was simply the fact that he’s a Democrat. Pundits like this guy -liberal AND conservative – thrive on demonizing the opposing party. Blind partisan readers like you eat it up, even the stuff that’s against you. Rage just tastes so sweet, doesn’t it?

          • A “Catholic Perspective” is to agree that he has a right to his own opinion and that you respect that. A “Catholic Perspective” is to politely say that you have your own opinion and hopefully he respects that as well. Read your post and see if you can figure out why I disagree with your comments and find it ironic coming from a “Catholic Perspective”. But you are entitled to your own opinion. And I respect that.

          • Catholic,
            Reread above article without your preconceived idea of what it says. You must have been one of those “embarrassed” by President Obama. Please tell me you feel stronger embarrassment due to our current administration. We can only hope…

          • No, what you’re saying is that the God You serve is a bigot! To embrace any philosophy (not a Christian one!) that describes exclusion of anyone, or taunts global leaders as weak, or makes a mockery of diplomacy, preferring war to rational discourse or discussion, is not talking about a Christian view of this country, but a worldview steeped in greed and villainy. Do you think you’re gonna survive unscathed? Do you think the policies targeting people of color or those on the bottom rungs of this economy will be the only ones affected? Au contraire, mon ami! Watch how fast your face falls when your children are terrified of bombs being dropped on their heads, or the friends or family members with cancer who can no longer afford the basics because their health coverage no longer covers their treatment? Well, go on, Miss White Lady, live in that bubble that exempts you from the true realities of Life! Here’s hoping that you never experience the horror and violence of a day like Charlottesville — but no, you wouldn’t! Your whiteness keep you safe! But here’s a fear for you: There are more people of color in the world than there are white people! Sleep well — sweet dreams — duck n cover!!!

          • I cannot believe any genuine Christian could vote for a man so blatantly in opposition to the teaching of Jesus “in good faith.”

            Name one Christian virtue that Donald Trump actually represents with his life. Just one.

          • If you think traditional Christians, or anyone who is a legitimate Christian at all, voted for trump…you are mislead. A real Christian would never vote for someone so divisive and hateful and dishonest. I could go on, but you get the point. Conservative vs. liberal has nothing to do with it – it’s the simple fact that many of the tenants of that “conservative” philosophy you speak of are simply not Christian. They are judgy and mean and bigoted. Wake up. You are wrong on this one.

          • No, he’s simply voicing a perspective you are incapable of voicing. Apparently, you can’t appreciate his point-of-view because you can’t see from his (or any other) viewpoint. He has done some serious introspection. He has examined himself from inside out, and found he has lacked empathy and due consideration in the past.
            Can you say that “Catholic Perspective”?
            Facts and truths will always separate those that stand on the precarious footing and turbulent grounds of fear, acceptance, ignorance, emotional insecurity, prejudices, cultural hegemony, and outright denial.

          • Jesus did not come to
            Comfort the comfortable. He came to change our attitudes and behaviors.

            Good pastors know this and try to follow his teachings and do

            This blog post is good preaching.

          • Uh, no, A Catholic Perspective. He’s not “attacking” and “vilifying” “those who hold fast to ‘conservative’ Christian beliefs and principles.” He explicitly says, “you’re perfectly within your rights to have disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies or to have taken issue with his tactics.” He’s criticizing people who claim to be embarrassed by Obama. And if those people are racist, shouldn’t we all call them out?

            • rwcupp, I have no problem with people being “called out” if their opposition to Obama is motivated by racism, but only if there is some actual *evidence* for it. Articles like these (and there are many) simply assert the “fact” that people opposed Obama due to his race, as if it is a foregone conclusion.

              • No, he does not “simply assert” that people who are embarrassed by Obama are racist. He argues that they have no reason to be embarrassed by Obama because Obama hasn’t done anything that is truly embarrassing. That’s the point he’s making by listing all the things about him that people wouldn’t ordinarily find embarrassing. Are there any objections to Pavlovitz’s piece that DON’T twist his words?

          • I would like to know where all the Christians were during the 7-8 years of Birther fiasco? Where where they when the Republicans decided on day one that they were not going to cooperate with his and they were going to make him a one term president? Where were they when Governor Christ was ruined because he gave a guy hug when the president went down to FL? Where were they when the ACA could have been fixed to solve the problems it presents over 7 years of a campaign to repeal and replace? Please – I have white friends who posted things like watermelons on the WH lawn while he was campaigning. I could like a multitude of things that are so similar to that rubbish. To try and say that this article is divisive is like saying President Trump has been faithful. Why have so many managed to ignore him constant ability to project the negative on others for the same things he does? Example: Trashing the CEO’s after leaving by saying they manufacture all their goods overseas so they are really concerned with our economic issues. That turns the focus on them while he and Ivanka continue to manufacture their products overseas. President Obama wasn’t perfect but he was presidential. The anti-Obama folks complained for 8 years regarding his golfing, his vacations and that he read from a teleprompter. President Trump has cost the tax payers more money for his weekends, he has golfs more often than Obama did and when forced to stick to a speech that isn’t in campaign mode he reads from the teleprompter like he’s a robot. I am white. I grew up in Detroit. I taught for 30 years in a suburb of Detroit that went from all white to multicultural and I loved each and every one of my students. I have believed from the beginning that the naysayers were not happy that a Black man was in the WH. Those who deny are the divisive ones

          • To A Catholic Perspective: I am just reading this now, on this very sad day when trump rescinded DACA , (in a very cowardly way, I might add). I was raised and baptized Catholic, but I sure don’t see your perspective. John Pavlovitz has hit many an emotional chord with me since November 9, 2016. That is when I first happen to come across his writings. His essays resonant with me on many levels. I feel very sorry for you, that you cannot see the truth in what he says. I will pray that you will open your heart and your mind.

            • Daisy, you’ve just illustrated one of the fundamental problems which renders contemporary progressivism intellectually bankrupt. You are emoting, not reasoning, and this is at the heart of Pavlovitz’ writings. His column does not stand up to scrutiny, but it appeals to the emotions of liberal-minded readers.

            • conservative Catholic. hmmm. May I ask you the same question that I ask evangelical conservatives? Here goes… So, given your politics, how do you worship the Liberal Hippie Jesus? How does that line up in your brain? If they scanned your brain, wouldn’t it look like a Picasso painting? There’s crazy and there’s “guano” crazy. Truly, the Money works in mysterious ways….

          • That is the word of a Christian pastor telling people hard truths they don’t want to hear. Funny, sound a lot like what someone called Jesus Christ did.

          • Christ loving pastors do not have to sugar coat everything to make you feel good. Jesus certainly didn’t.

            Get behind me Satan.
            Tossing tables in the temple.
            You are right in what you are saying you don’t have a husband you’ve had four (I think it was four).

            Christ was bold, fearless, and said hard things.

            • Well put. Jesus embodied compassion and unconditional love, but he was also a rebel and an iconoclast who bowled over the hypocrites with wisdom and power. He, in today’s parlance, was not a wuss.

          • Trump is the antithesis of Christian values. How anyone can continue to support a malignant narcissist masquerading as president, is beyond me. I pity you.

          • Sorry, how could ANYONE “in good faith” vote for Trump? His record of personal and business dealings is so far from living Christian values, and has nothing to do with being conservative. John is spot on, and I call bulls**t on your “Catholic,” Mormon, Baptist, or other perspective. Some heavily religious states elected a creepy and indecent human being to be the president.
            A man who allowed a commenter to call his own daughter a “nice piece of ass” and then said he’d date her “if she weren’t my daughter.” And that’s just one small example. We would never tolerate those attitudes and comments in our pastor, or principal, or childcare provider… and yet much of this country still supports and even finds Trump admirable? Shameful. Resist.

          • In any comparison of character traits between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Obama will trump the current President. John explains the differences very clearly and accurately. If you can’t see that, you do need to refresh your definitions and priorities. As a Christian myself, I am totally embarrassed that the current idiot defines himself as a Christian. Christ taught us to love one another – even our enemies. I see no evidence of any love or grace in this President -except to his cronies (other white middle-aged males). A real President seeks unity not division as this one has done since the outset. A real President practices diplomacy because they realize that America is not the only country on this planet. If anything you Americans should be embarrassed by your current President. But now that you have made your bed – you must lie in it.

          • I think you should change your interweblical name. Maybe call yourself a Franciscan Perspective? I highly doubt that you are a Jesuit! After all, I’ve never met a Jesuit who was anti black people, but the Franciscans? I was stunned to find out how much they hate blacks, even the priests! My point is that I highly doubt your views represent the entirety of Catholicism.

          • You’re grasping at straws in order to try to make a point about an imaginary issue. Have you ever heard a black friend say he was embarrassed by of Obama?

          • wait, how was a vote for Trump “obedience to God”? I don’t remember seeing Trump’s name anywhere in the Bible. I do, however, remember seeing love thy neighbor, feed the hungry, comfort the hurt… none of which is exemplified in Mr. Trump’s dealings with others.

          • To “A Catholic Perspective” – Find me ONE instance in the past year where YOUR guy has unified ANYTHING or ANYBODY. Youre as big of an idiot as you sound!

          • Pharisee.

            You are a Pharisee.

            This perfectly spells out the issue. The fact of Obama’s election brought out the undercover racism. And, it’s not “Christian” to pretend that doesn’t exist.

            Faking unity has been done long enough, but unless disunity is called out and confronted, there can’t be unity.

            You’re just silencing another voice calling in the wilderness.

        • George Henry Fleming, pay no attention to that troll behind the curtain. A Catholic Perspective is one of his/her numerous aliases. Apparently, John got uncomfortably close to the truth in this excellent analysis.

          • Hi Susan. I think this Memorial Day weekend will be looked back upon by history as the weekend when the nation as a whole began to turn against the orange Cheetoh. This holiday is a time of national introspection and reflection. The insults hurled at Angela Merkel, a Christian and German pastor’s daughter, today crossed the line of no return. He insulted our NATO allies too and basically showed himself to be the the idiot a-hole that he actually is. He is the man the Bible talks about negatively as being unstable in all his ways. Even his wife will not hold hands with him—and all these insults that he hurls out appear to be unrelated to any sort of well-thought geopolitical strategy our tactics. Fortunately for all Americans, the news media, particularly CNN, and the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. have grabbed his nuts, and they are about to yank them hard.

          • I am, as a Catholic, highly insulted by A Catholic Perspective as though he speaks for all Catholics. Pope Francis would not agree with him.

            • Kathryn Damron, many of us here are well aware that A Catholic Perspective, as he is calling himself at the moment, represents a minority view even among RCs in the USA.

              He presents himself as an extremist incapable of answering direct questions, unwilling to receive evidence, facts, history, and truth.

              As a matter of fact, I don’t think he recognizes the authority of Pope Francis I, an admirable person. A Catholic Perspective used to posts “Benny,” in honor of his favorite Pope, the former Nazi.

              One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


            • Actually, Pope Francis would agree. Have you not been listening to the Pope and his messages. Those who call themselves devout Catholics and still support trump are full of hate. Trump vilifies all the catholic religion is against. So please explain, how as Catholics, you can support a man who has not only been married 3x, but has adultery? How do you support a man who degrades women the way he publicly does? How do you support a man who is so blantenly racist against those who are not white & rich? How do you continue to support a man who wants to remove programs designed to help those most vulnurble in our commintties? How do you call yourself a Christian with Christian beliefs if you support a man who lives by the devil? Just curious. I am not catholic but live in a high catholic community. I have never experienced so much hate and disdain as I have experienced from those who say they live by the teachings of the bible. Really, I was taught by the same bible and my teachings taught me to love thy neighbor!! Please help me understand, how you support such a hate-filed bigot? Thank you

              • I don’t accept your premise that President Trump is a hate filled bigot.

                I also could not ever vote for a presidential candidate who would strengthen instead of weaken abortion rights, which is a grave injustice and has murdered millions.

                I also happen to think Trump’s economic policies are better, and am tired of the usual lies from the Left that people will starve and Republicans want old people to die. They pull that trick every election, but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

                The point is that we can have an honest disagreement about political issues and if we are gracious can allow that those who think differently and who voted differently did so in good faith and with good intentions. I can do that for your, but you can’t do that for me. I haven’t yet figured out why you and those like you are so intolerant and incapable of empathy, but it’s obvious to me that something is wrong or something is missing.

                • Quit trying to hide behind a Christianity premise of abortions. You people make me sick. You pretend you are Christian and then use the reason for being a conservative is because of abortions. What a joke. Why don’t you worry about the millions of babies that will die because of no health care….oh wait, I forgot, one of Rumps minions said no one died of health care. You are not a Christian.

                • Many “Liberals” are pro life too. It’s fake Christianity that’s the bane of this post. No where in scripture in either OT or NT does the term conservative values exist. Being pro-life and anti-abortion only isn’t christian what about those that are hungry, naked, homeless. The widow the orphan. This aren’t right or left issues or just party affiliations . This post address matters of the heart of whites core values and the farce of supremacy. The Bible tells is that each man should examine their own heart. Unfortunately in so many churches reaping what you sow isn’t preached. Hating people that God created isn’t preached. Nor is judgement for such isn’t preached

            • Could you please cite a specific comment I made that was an insult?

              Are you a practicing Catholic?

              Do you believe that all practicing Catholics were obliged to vote for Hillary Clinton?

              How should a practicing Catholic vote in taking the injustice of abortion into consideration?

            • As am I. I am a neophyte, just baptized last Easter Vigil, and I was horrified by A Catholic Perspective’s post. I almost wondered what I’d gotten myself into, lol. Thanks for reassuring me that I’m not crazy! 😊

        • You know what I have a problem with, when someone points out the obvious it always comes back as that person being a racist. Yet what the person is writing is so true. So you A Catholic Perspective take your racism somewhere else. It’s really obvious you are one of the ones the writer is speaking on because you is taking it personally.

          • Lois, that quotation was something the person posting as A Catholic Perspective (at least for today) said that yesterday. I made note of the comment because he is the least gracious person among the trolls who post here and he has demonstrated on several occasions that he does, in fact, nurse his grudges.

        • really, every day I see Libetards, snowflakes, and these same gracious people saying that Liberals should be shot and any time a Liberal stands up to them then we get “Oh look at the Tolerante Liberal who is threatening us” Maybe you are one of the rare trump supporters who is trying to be friendly with others, but you are in the minority. Don’t belive me, read Briebart (the now offcial news source of trump) or Alex Jones and then tell me that trump supporters are a friendly lot.

          • Joe/Theo wrote “As a rule Trump supporters are gracious and don’t hold grudges “

            My only response to trolls is this: One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.