So Trump Supporter, What Do You Love Most About Him?

So, I see you’re still supporting Donald Trump. 

Look, I know you have your reasons (and there are so many to choose from), but thought maybe you could narrow it down a bit and just give me one biggie.

Tell me what you love the most about him, as I’m genuinely curious:

Is it that he’s trying to take away healthcare from 24 million Americans including the sickest and most vulnerable?
Is it that he’s removing fundamental protections for our air and water?

Is it that his first Tweet after the deadly London terrorist attacks was to hawk his anti-Muslim Travel Bans?
Is it that he and his Secretary of Education want to defund public schools?
Is it that he was an uneducated, ill-mannered, global laughing-stock at the NATO Summit?
Is it that he shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro for a photo-op there like an insecure bully?
Is it that he sold 12 million dollars of weapons to a country he accused days earlier of funding terrorism?
Is it that he is repeatedly trying to ban Muslims from countries whose citizens haven’t committed a single act of terror on American soil in 40 years?

Is it that he wants to steamroll Native American sacred lands in order to run oil lines?
Is it that he removed protections for LGBTQ people at work and in school?

Is it that he likely fired FBI Director James Comey for looking into Russian interference in the US election?
Is it that he publicly threatened the former Director in advance of his public testimony on the matter?
Is that he is under federal investigation for obstruction of justice?
Is it that he wants to take away disability benefits from the elderly?
Is it that he exited the global Paris Climate Agreement, seemingly because it contained the word Paris in it, and not Pittsburgh.
Is it that he attacked the mayor and London, the American media and judiciary via Twitter, and is quickly alienating our greatest allies??

Is it that he speaks so respectfully of and to women?
Is it that his budget proposal contained a 2 trillion-dollar math error?
Is it that he is fatally allergic to the truth regarding the election numbers, well-known figures of speech, his 100 day resume?

Is it that his senior advisor is a fake news-generating White Supremacist who has said he admires Satan?
Is it that he regularly publicly berates the Judiciary protecting our Constitution?
Is it that he attacks our Free Press whenever it criticizes him?
Is it that he fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for upholding our legal system with integrity?
Is it that he publicly accused President Obama of wire tapping him, without the slightest shred of evidence?

Is it that his EPA Chief disagrees with Science?
Is it that he wants to eliminate funding for PBS and NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts?
Is it that he canceled whale and sea turtle protections?
Is it that he is earning the ridicule of foreign leaders?
Is it that he Tweets more often and incoherently than your ninth grader?

Now, I know you’re not supporting him simply because you voted for him and you have to save face now—even while seeing how inept, unqualified, unhinged, and terrible he is.
I know you’re not doing it just because that’s what FoxNews tells you to do—and you always do what FoxNews tells you to do.
I know you’re not just sticking with him because you hated President Obama and Hillary Clinton so much that you voted simply out of spite and are now digging your heels in despite his failures.
I know that you can’t share his contempt for Muslims and women and the LGBTQ community and the poor.
And I know you aren’t doubling down in support because you approve of the misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and racism associated with him and his Cabinet.

It surely can’t be any of those things.
That would be really stupid.

Obviously the list of reasons to love Donald Trump is nearly endless, but if you’d tell me what you love most about him and why you’re still supporting him, I’d love to hear it.

Maybe I can understand.

Maybe I can learn to love him as much as you do.

Maybe not.


425 thoughts on “So Trump Supporter, What Do You Love Most About Him?

  1. Audri wrote, “Now write a post to about how, if they supported him and now they are unhappy with him, they should stand up and say that they don’t support him.”

    He’s already written that one.

    • I hate to break up this party by getting serious but the folks who are sticking with Trump voted for him to get rid of Roe vs Wade and to crack down on LBGTQ rights, especially marriage. Trump has appointed judges that are likely to do that, and to his hard core supporters, that’s more important than all the other stuff.
      Of course I, as well as most of you, do not place the rights of the unborn above the rights of the born and do not believe that secular law should do “god’s work.”

  2. John, did you really expect a bunch of fools to suddenly and inexplicably realize they made a mistake? Did you expect them to admit to their error even if they DID realize they had screwed up? Does Trump do that? In the immortal words of John Boehner: “Hell No!” Trump and his supporters are cast from the same mold. People like this do not think in logical or rational terms – these are emotional thinkers – they do not use their brain to think with. They rely upon purely visceral perceptions of reality and direct physical feedback, as in; tastes good, hurt bad, God, Devil, bright, dark, and each of these inputs modified by all the emotional colorings attached to the inculcated learning so common to mediocrity. Racism is learned at daddy’s knee and momma’s kitchen table. These sorts of intellectually stunted people MUST lie to themselves if their psyche is to remain intact. They react to emotional stimuli, not intellectual stimuli, i.e. they do not watch read books, watch PBS, or National Geographic unless the programming is related to Duck Carving, primitive Appalachian pottery, Hillbilly Blood, or Honey Boo Boo. Science, Theoretical conceptualization, empirical logic challenges their emotion based belief systems, and are anathema to them the way Judaism was anathema to the inquisition. Their reality is limited to their physical reach, their physical senses, their primary emotional channels. While the THINKING element of the nation’s population was demoralized and disheartened by the course of the recent Presidential race, THEY were enthralled! They connected with the Trump on a primitive ‘Me Grunt – You Grunt’ level that bordered on a bestial blood-sharing. His rallies were virtual festivals of muzzle licking and crotch sniffing, replete with all demonstrations of territoriality, teeth baring, hierarchical pecking order setting, and ritualistic blood-letting and violence we would expect from a pack of mad dogs. Our mistake was in not going right over and shooting the whole lot of rabid plague carriers. Well congratulations to those who sat on the side-lines; you gave the tin-hatters their day in the sun and YOU CAN’T BLAME ANYONE BUT YOURSELVES! You don’t kick a dog for licking itself in public – it doesn’t know any better!

  3. Maybe God chose Trump BECAUSE he is flawed. God chooses flawed people to do His work. Noah was a drunk. Jacob (Israel) was a trickster. Isaac was a sissy. Solomon nearly bankrupted Israel. David was an adulterer and a murderer. Jeremiah was clinically depressed. Jonah ran from God. Levi (Matthew) was a loan shark. Saul (Paul) actually persecuted Christians. Maybe God chose Trump because……Nah. Just kidding. Trump is a fantastical douche canoe with narcissistic personality disorder. God didn’t choose him. The electoral college did….mainly because of the shifting economic tides in the rust belt. The working poor and underemployed people there to whom he ingeniously pandered wishfully (and perhaps understandably) thought a multimillionaire businessman could shake things up in the stagnant cesspool of the petty, juvenile, obstructionist partisan politics characteristic of the US government. But that has yet to be seen…

    • Matthew wrote “Maybe God chose Trump BECAUSE he is flawed.”

      Yes, true, God uses flawed people all the time. However, this is not the case here. Trump is not so much flawed as he has demonstrably embraced evil. Hos evil is manifested by his commitment to authoritarianism, bigotry, bisexuality phobia, discrimination, fascism, gynophobia, homophobia, intolerance of that which is different, intolerance of those who are different from one’s self, intolerance of those who disagree with one’s self, intolerance of an informed disagreement, isolationism, misogyny, prejudice, racism, rape, sexual assault/molestation, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

      • I don’t think you read my post all the way,, Gloriamarie. I’m right on board with ya… I didn’t think “fantastical douche canoe with narcissistic personality disorder” was being too subtle. Perhaps it was. I was being satirical. God has nothing to do with trump.

  4. Trump’s recent premature Cuban policy announcement shows how stupid and outdated Trump (and his advisors) truly are.

    ” While anti-Castro conservatives hailed Trump’s partial roll-back of President Barack Obama’s detente, a number of other GOP lawmakers, particularly from farm states, criticized the change as misguided and isolationist. They urged him to ease barriers with Havana that will boost trade and create jobs in both countries.”

    1) “Trump’s policy may put U.S. national security at risk as strategic competitors move to fill the vacuum the uncoupling could create….Further U.S. disengagement opens up opportunities for countries like Iran, Russia, North Korea and China to gain influence on an island 90 miles off our coast,” Crawford said.

    2)“ …the ability of Americans to travel freely to Cuba is not in the best interests of the United States or the Cuban people…. a get tough policy hurts everyday Cubans whose livelihoods are increasingly rooted in travel and tourism.”

    3) “…will hurt the United States economically, making it harder for our nation’s farmers to access new markets and cutting the knees out from under our travel and manufacturing industries.”

    4) “Republicans have warned that rolling back U.S. Cuba policy could threaten new bilateral agreements with Havana to combat human trafficking, illicit drugs and cyber crimes.”

    5) “It would be more effective to continue an open line of communication and working relationship with a government in need of democratic assistance, instead of shutting them out,” Boozman said. “Through this approach, we not only trade goods, but ideas.”

    — Richard Lardner, Associated Press

    What an ignorant, ill-planned, near sighted, isolating idea.

    However, Trump is already backpedaling .

    • Thank you for that. I think he was playing to the old cuban americans. The younger ones have been urging detente. This shows that the man is living in a different time, in a different universe. It should be troubling to everyone, that the man is so out of touch. It won’t be because I am firmly convinced that the man has a list of everything Obama did and his main goal is to erase Obama’s presidency by getting rid of everything he did, good or bad. There don’t seem to be any adults who can control him at all. So he will destroy the planet, we are quickly losing our window of opportunity to turn back the tide, and probably put our security from others at greater risk. I hope you all are happy, because as we go down we won’t forget who got us here. Instead of worrying about your children and grandchildren’s future, you are behaving unchristian and ragging on Sandi, (and you all know who you are). Not talking about you, Beamer. Just thought I would take this opportunity to question who these people think they are, behaving badly, coming to a place where they know we, most of us, believe differently, have no respect for that, and then say well since we are such misbegotten souls, they need to pray for us. Just be honest, God does not like liars, you came here to make trouble, throw our beliefs in our face and then tell us how superior you are to us. Thank you for allowing me my rant. I am now going to step away from the keys, Sandi, please keep up the good work. Peace and Love,

  5. How refreshing to read civilized arguments in proper English for once. No insults, no name-calling. Thank you!

  6. The conversation has become distinctly religious in nature and rather toxic. Since I am not a Christian, I thought perhaps I could bring it around to the original issue without any “I’m a good Christian, you’re not” in the comments.

    John has set up the question in a way that cannot be answered. Obviously none of the items he listed are going to be “loved” by Trump supporters. He would have done better to ask the question without providing those answers, then had a separate section listing the reasons under the topic of “Why I Do Not Love Trump.” As it is, the post is unlikely to get any useful or educational answers. Also, taking the “So,” out of the title would make the post much more likely to attract Trump supporters.

    From all I’ve seen, read and heard, a great deal of why people support Trump is that they hated Obama, so they love the fact that Trump is dismantling the Obama administration’s progressive policies one by one, no matter the cost to the present or the future. Trump – and his most rabid followers – don’t care if an Obama commitment, rule, regulation or executive order was wonderful for the country and its citizens and for the world. If Obama did it, it MUST be undone. And that’s about all he has accomplished so far, except for antagonizing our most important allies and making himself a laughingstock all over the world.

    • I totally agree with the last paragraph. I was talking with my grandson about something that was being rolled back and he said Why would he do that. I told him and I truly believe this, that he has set out to erase Obama from the history books. He can’t but he sure is going to give it the old college try and in the meantime destroy everything around us. If you look at his life he is destructive, like the little kid who leaves turmoil and broken toys behind and could care less. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he has a list of all the things that can be attributed to Obama.

    • Trump supporters understand the true nature of “chiggers.” Sure, you can get cooties from directly touching them. However, the most important thing to remember about “chiggers” is that they are like radioactive contamination. Touch a chair that is radioactively contaminated and then go to the bathroom for a squat. Your unwashed hand will transfer that contamination to your toilet paper. In turn, the toilet paper will transfer that radioactive contamination to your A-hole. That is how “chigger” cooties work.

      When I was growing in Tennessee, various relatives and other adults would say: “Get that penny out of your mouth—now!!!” They would also say: “Don’t touch that!!!!” These orders would then be followed immediately by this:

      “That penny could have been touched by a dirty, low-down, rotten, lying, good-for-nothing chigger.”

      This was the standard, everyday, southern definition of ALL the chiggers in my community. So, as you can see, it was not just the chigger himself/herself that was bad. While still alive or even just dead, the community had to live with the awful contamination left behind in the wake of living or dead chigger—the things that had been touched by the chigger—anything the chigger might have used as a beverage glass—anything the chigger might have worn. You had to worry about the awful cootie contamination the living or dead chigger left behind—and how to cleanse it, fumigate it, or quarantine it so “clean, fine, decent, upstanding, God-fearing white people would not be sullied by the chigger contamination.”

      That is precisely what is going on with the Obama legacy right now. It was not enough that the chigger, his wife chigger, the mom-in-law chigger, and the two daughter chiggers were finally gone from the White House. No siree!!!. It is now necessary for Republicans and other conservatives to cleanse America of anything and everything that President Chigger touched. If President Chigger opened relations with Cuba—got to cleanse it from existence so America will no longer be contaminated with his Chigger cooties. Everything he did must be cleansed from existence so we can say one day:

      “Well, it is rumored in the history books that our lily white nation once elected an African-American President—but we can find no evidence of it in things done. Knowing how chigger cooties contaminate everything, you would think that at least some cooties would be left behind as evidence. Either we never had a black President or somebody cleaned the evidence of it away so thoroughly that no one can confirm or deny that it actually happened. So, after all, I guess our country has always had white Presidents.”

      Then Mitch McConnell and all of his buddies would say:

      “Well, what you have to understand is that we Republicans on Capitol Hill don’t feel that way about President Chigger and his cooties. But what you have to understand is that our constituents do—and they are holding our feet to the fire to erase all traces of this dirty, low-down, rotten, lying, good-for-nothing chigger and the chigger cootie legacy he left behind. If we go against the racist jingo faction in our coalition government, we could get voted out in the next election. We gotta throw some red meat to all the racists in our constituency—so we can stay here In Washington and do the work of Jesus.”

      • Sadly this northerner agrees with you. I am convinced and have been for a while. Probably won’t live long enough to find out about the list of things that they have but I will bet that my grandson will find out about them having a list of anything Obama touched and checking them off as they erase it.

  7. One thing for certain, you absolutely hate him. You should get that checked before you or someone reading this does something aggressive or your health suffers:
    Because the scientific literature demonstrated the connection between anger, hostility and aggressiveness and various health risks from coronary heart diseases, diabetes to bulimic behaviors and road accidents, the intervention should not be limited to medication, but it should also involve a psychological help that should insist on ways of dealing with anger without exposing the person to any kind of risk for his health or wellbeing.

  8. Here’s some really good reasons why no one should ever trust any of the GOP.

    “A Republican voter data firm likely exposed your personal information for days — and you don’t have much recourse”

    To any nefarious hackers looking for data that could be used to sway elections or steal Americans’ identities, the file compiled by a GOP digital firm called Deep Root Analytics offered all manner of possibilities.

    There in one place was detailed personal information about almost every voter in America. It was a collection of some 9.5 billion data points that helped the firm assess not only how those Americans would probably vote, but their projected political preferences. In some cases, the data collectors had scoured voters’ histories on Reddit, the social media platform, and well-informed predictions were made about where each voter would stand on issues as personal as abortion and stem cell research.

    It’s the kind of sensitive information that, if a bank or a big-box retailer or almost any other corporation had failed to protect it, would have triggered major trouble with regulators. But there it sat on the Internet, without so much as a password to guard it, for 12 days.

    Luckily for the Republican Party and its contractor, a cybersecurity consultant with a firm in Mountain View, Calif., came across the treasure-trove of political data this month, not a foreign agent. There is no indication that the database had been tapped by any other unauthorized parties while it was unprotected.

    But the exposure of the data, which some are describing as the largest leak of voter information in history, is a jolting reminder of how deeply the political parties are probing into the lives of voters and how vulnerable the information they are compiling is to theft.

    The Deep Root incident is the latest in a series of such problems with political data, the most infamous being the case of the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee. As cybersecurity experts sound an increasingly loud alarm about the potential consequences, the lapses keep happening — often with nobody held accountable for them.

    “This is a catalog of human lives, with intrinsic details,” said Mike Baukes, CEO of UpGuard, the firm that came across the file during a routine scan of cloud systems.

    There rest of the article may be read here:

  9. Christians Across the Political Spectrum Oppose Cuts to the Poor in Trump’s Budget
    By Jim Wallis 6-20-2017

    Tomorrow, for the first time since the start of the Trump administration, leaders from Christian families across the theological and political spectrum will speak with one voice — to oppose budget cuts that would harm vulnerable people and devastate families living in poverty.

    We will be making this joint statement under the banner of the Circle of Protection, a broad coalition of leaders from all the families of U.S. Christianity that was founded in 2011 in service of the biblical mandate to protect poor and vulnerable people. While individual members of the Circle have raised their voices in opposition to harmful budget cuts and legislation that the Trump administration and Congress have proposed — notably many of us came together for a powerful prayerful event outside the Capitol Building in late March for just such a purpose —this will be the first time that the entire Circle is making such a joint statement.

    Please read more here:

  10. When Christians Love Political Power More Than People

    By Stephen Mattson 6-20-2017
    … the devil took him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. “I will give it all to you,” he said, “if you will kneel down and worship me. (Matt. 4:8)

    The idea of having power is so enticing that of all the theoretical options to destroy Christ, Satan chose the promise of ruling the world as his best and final temptation of Jesus in the desert. It was ultimately a futile attempt, but given the biblical narratives displaying humanity’s addictive desire for earthly kingdoms, their bloodlust for military victories, quests for political dominance, and insatiable greed for wealth, it’s unsurprising that it’s through these manifestations that Christianity is most vulnerable to ruin.

    The rest may be read here:

  11. This conversation has been an interesting one to read. However, I think most people are making it too complicated, even Mr. Pavlovitz. There is one very simple answer as to why those who still support Trump continue to follow and love him… On the surface (and I only say on the surface because I think it is impossible to determine what he actually believes about anything) he HATES the same people they do.

    As a wise character once said, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to HATE…” This country has always been good at creating fear of “others”. Trump managed to fan that fear into full blown HATE of multiple groups and then because on a national stage he gave that HATE a voice he emboldened those that shared in that fear and HATE to also bring their fear and HATE out in public. Migrant farm workers are not taking jobs from Americans, but millions of Americans think they are. Manufacturing jobs are not being eliminated because they are being off-shored, but millions of Americans now think they are. Coal mining jobs are not going away because the industry is growing, but now millions of Americans think they are. This country is not less safe today than it was 20 years ago, but millions of Americans now think that it is. The sanctity of marriage is not on the decline because two people of the same sex love each other, but millions of Americans think that it is. The country is not worse off financially than it was in 2008, but amazingly millions of Americans think that it is. These fictions allow people to hate those they fear, Mexicans, “big business”, the EPA, Muslims, gays, blacks (and specifically a black President), and Wall Street (while interestingly enough Trump continues to hand control of the country over to them).

    The current President continues to be supported because he continues to demonstrate that he HATES the same people his supporters think are responsible for their current situation. A Virginia coal miner supports him because he HATES the EPA who he is sure killed the coal industry with regulations, not the fact that consumption of coal has been declining for the last 4 decades. A rust belt auto worker supports him because he HATES Mexico and “big business” who he thinks took his job, not the technology automation that made his job irrelevant or the unrealistic salaries autoworkers were being paid that made them a financial liability. The Evangelical “Christian” supports him because he HATES “the gays” that are attacking their religion with their sin, rather than following their own religion’s teachings to love everyone. And on and on and on it goes…

    None of that policy stuff matters to them. They don’t care that the repeal of the ACA is going to cause them personal issues as long as Trump gets rid of all that Obama stuff. They don’t care that when you deport everyone that is planned that they are going to have to pay $10 for a head of lettuce if they can even find one because no American is going to fill the job as a migrant farm worker. They don’t care that he is alienating ever ally we have because we are America and we don’t need them anyway since they are all just sponging off us.

    As long as we all HATE the same people none of that matters. And as long as it continues to be acceptable for me to voice my hate in public none of that other stuff matters.

    Trump is the personification of all the hate the GOP has used the last 10 years to divide this country, and as long as he gives that HATE a voice on national TV, on Twitter and anywhere else, they will continue to support him… The saddest part of this is they don’t realize he hates them as well…

    • Andy Atencio , that was the best, most truth-filled, and spot on commentary that has ever broken my heart! You are speaking nothing but the truth. They do know that Trump is not capable of fixing anything, but they are okay with that because he is not a hated Democrat, liberal, or any ethnic group they cannot abide. They will never be honest enough to tell the truth, so we have to.

      Remember the movie, “The Green Mile,” this was my favorite line because it is a universal truth. John Coffey: “He kill them wi’ their love. Wi’ their love fo’ each other. That’s how it is, every day, all over the world.”

    • Thank you, I totally agree. It makes me sad that the hatred is so fierce that they would hurt themselves and their loved ones, but it is true. I told my husband after someone said, “wait till he starts taking things away from them, then they will come to their senses” that it wouldn’t happen because they hate the “other” and if it means getting rid of the “other” so be it. Peace,

    • Andy Atencio, Yes, I have to say I agree with you.

      But when they face the consequences of their hate, will they stop hating?

      • I fight hate and injustice every single day.

        One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t believe they will… when it comes right down to it hate is really all they have that can’t be taken away from them. They will gladly sacrifice themselves to rid the world of what they hate. When you look at them they just cheered their leader at a rally where he touted solar energy and saving Mexico money as a good thing, after months of tearing apart anyone associated with either idea. They cheered as he introduced members of his cabinet from Goldman Sachs after he spent months blaming them for everything that was wrong with America and claiming they owned Clinton. They cheered when he said he didn’t want to put “poor people” in charge of things, even though THEY ARE THE POOR PEOPLE!

        They don’t understand what they are losing and they honestly don’t care… Just so long as he keeps fueling the hate.

        • Andy wrote, “They don’t understand what they are losing and they honestly don’t care… Just so long as he keeps fueling the hate.”

          Yes, I think you are correct. Trump lies, they cheer. He reverses his lies, they cheer. He says something that contradicts what he said before, they cheer.

          As long as he expresses his hate, they will cheer because it gives them permission, they mistakenly think, to express and act on their own hate.

    • Well said, Andy. This will be the fatal flaw for humanity, the unreasoning and pig-headed hate for “the other”. With our society becoming more authoritarian, essentially an OBEY OR BE KILLED mentality, the two together is a deadly combination when a small group of people can end the world.

      • I am 100% convinced that the hate of the other is based on fear of the other. The other is not part of my tribe, group, family, community, demographic, whatever.

        That list of evil I have posted is, I believe fear-based.

        It is a tragic thing that Christians have embraced fear to this degree. The New Testament talks about a “spirit of fear” and if I were the kind of person who believed in it, I’d say too many Christians are possessed by demons of fear and exorcism is required.

        But I don’t believe in demons, now that we understand the human body, medicine, mental health, and science better

      • Robin,
        When you look back on the falls of most civilizations they typically come because “advanced” society feels the need to assimilate the less advanced, the “others”, in their midst. In almost every case this is done in part as a religious battle and almost always ends with the “advanced” society destroying itself of being destroyed because the “others” they picked a fight with finally have had enough and rise up against them. You are correct that it could very well be the downfall of our society, but not of humanity. The reason is there will always be a group that feels they are more “advanced” and there always be a group of “others” for them the hate… It is a story as old as Genisis.

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  13. I’ll leave you a response to some of your questions that I can answer.

    Because you obviously need some education.
    Is it that he’s trying to take away healthcare from 24 million Americans including the sickest and most vulnerable?

    Those people were on the Obamacare Bronze tier plan that didn’t provide any actual coverage and only got it because otherwise they’d be penalized in taxes.

    Is it that his first Tweet after the deadly London terrorist attacks was to hawk his failed Travel Bans?

    Except that they weren’t failed, they were very much legal and constitutional, and were upheld by the Supreme Court in an 8-0 ruling.

    Is it that he was an uneducated, ill-mannered, global laughing-stock at the NATO Summit?

    The only laughing stock were the leaders who tout diversity working when their countries are falling apart due to the refugee crisis.

    Is it that he is repeatedly trying to ban Muslims from countries whose citizens haven’t committed a single act of terror on American soil in 40 years?

    Your boy Obama listed those countries as dangerous. Plus how much do we know about those countries? Do you go there? Are they friendly? The answers are “very little, no and no”

    Is it that he likely fired FBI Director James Comey for looking into Russian interference in the US election?

    The same James Comey that betrayed both sides of the political spectrum and new revelations have come out that indicate he was going to ignore Hillary’s crimes before drafting his memo and lied under oath, therefore necessitating his removal from office?

    Is that he is under federal investigation for obstruction of justice?

    He’s not.

    Is it that he exited the global Paris Climate Agreement, seemingly because it contained the word Paris in it, and not Pittsburgh.

    It was an agreement that the Senate never signed off on, would have hampered American industries and would have done nothing to stop the Global Warming that you cry about.

    Is it that he attacked the mayor and London, the American media and judiciary via Twitter, and is quickly alienating our greatest allies??

    I assume you mean “mayor of London”, the one who has gone on record to state “Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a major city”? As for attacking the judiciary, Obama did it as well and did so while Obamacare was being worked on, to the point that Supreme Court Justices were being denounced in a State of the Union Address and the ones that were there were shaking their heads negative, disagreeing with Obama’s attacks.

    Is it that he is fatally allergic to the truth regarding the election numbers,

    New information has come out that at least 7 California counties have more registered voters who voted than there are legal voting citizens.

    Is it that he regularly publicly berates the Judiciary protecting our Constitution?

    In that link, you link the 9th circuit court, which is the most over-turned court in the country, which unconstitutionally blocked the power of the President, who has the ONLY legal authority, under the Constitution, to restrict travel. This was given to the President by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States. So you MAY want to think twice before trying that one.

    Is it that he attacks our Free Press whenever it criticizes him?

    Better than Obama, who wiretapped the Associated Press phone-lines and threatened a Fox News Reporter with the Espionage Act.

    Is it that he fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for upholding our legal system with integrity?

    Again, it was 100% legal and constitutional for Trump to restrict travel to or from anywhere. Since there’s nothing illegal or unconstitutional about it, Sally Yates was supposed to uphold her boss’s orders. She thumbed her nose at him, the Constitution and the American people and got rightly fired.

    Is it that he publicly accused President Obama of wire tapping him, without the slightest shred of evidence?

    The Washington Post specifically used “Wiretap” in an article before Trump said that. On top of that, Obama spied on EVERYONE, so to say “he didn’t wiretap Trump” is to be both ignorant of reality and denying the truth.

    Is it that he is earning the ridicule of foreign leaders?

    Why should I care? They should be more worried about the s***-holes their countries are turning into rather than ours. Notice how the Polish leaders speak highly of Trump and their country is the best one in Europe right now?

    So there’s some of my answers for you.

    I know you’ll ignore them.

    But it’s a way for you to understand.

  14. I would sincerely like to know – WHY did you publish this article?

    Totally sincerely – what here truly needed to be said that hasn’t already been said, and why?

    I’m not attacking, not looking for a debate, not looking for a political skirmish. I just want to know what you had in mind when you wrote and published this article, if you feel like replying.

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  17. Render onto Cesar what is Cesar, render onto God what is Gods..

    I care not what this man can do for me in the world I care only what he can do for my Father..

    And he dose noting that I can see…..

  18. I love the fact that he pisses you off and you spend all day pissing and moaning about him. You never see all the good he actually does because you are too busy caught up in your little bubble, crying and whining ‘poor me’. Constantly posting negativity! Never taking time to spend with your families. How seriously sad lives you must lead.

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