At This Point, I Don’t Care Why You Still Support This President

I care deeply about people.

My efficacy and usefulness as a pastor and caregiver (and as a decent member of humanity), is predicated on knowing how people’s hearts work, the way they think, how they respond to fear, what motivates and hurts them. Understanding human beings is my life’s work. It is the work of every one of us striving for empathy regardless of profession or placement.

There are times though, when people’s actions are so profoundly damaging to others, that asking why isn’t the most pressing question; moments when to belabor that question would be irresponsible to those at risk. When you come upon someone in the street inflicting violence on another human being, your first priority is to provide care for the injured, to protect others by moving them out of harm’s way, and to stop the violent act in progress. Only then is seeking to understand the motivations of the aggressor helpful. Only then do you ask, “Why would someone do this?” In the middle of the fray, when people are in danger—there isn’t time.

People are in danger, in these moments.

Right now I’m not interested in knowing why those who still support this President do so, not because they don’t matter or I don’t see their worth or because their stories are of no interest to me—but simply because other people’s lives and families and personal safety are in the balance—and those people merit my attention and urgency. The Jesus of my faith tradition was a shepherd. Yes he cared for the sheep, but he had to pushback hard against the wolves of the world to do it.

Talking to embittered people right now and trying to understand their motivations may help explain the rationale for their destructive choices, but it does nothing to protect those affected by their choices, those who don’t have the luxury of waiting around for an answer, those who don’t have the privilege of time.

And so in these moments, rather than trying to understand why someone would possibly advocate to take away a sick person’s healthcare—I am going to fight on behalf of the sick person and demand that all people be cared for under the laws of this land.

Rather than asking why someone would want to take away an LGBTQ person’s right to marry or why they’d want to make them feel unwelcome in their church or to feel threatened in a bathroom—I’m going to loudly affirm their right to love and worship and urinate as they desire.

Instead of trying crack the complex code that drives someone to persecute peaceful Muslims simply for pursuing their chosen faith tradition—I’m going to stand with Muslims and declare their inherent worth and the beauty of their spirituality.

Rather than trying to help you process why saying “Black lives matter” is such a hardship to you and the implications of your refusal—I’m going to go ahead and tell you that they matter to me.

And so it isn’t that I don’t respect those doing these things, or that their hearts and their fears and their motivations and hurts don’t matter—believe me they do. It’s just that right now, there are more urgent needs: rescuing imperiled people from the fruit of their bad decisions and the fallout of their malicious choices.

In these moments, I’m not really interested in whatever toxic cocktail of bad theology, fear, life experience, nationalism, and personality that have created their responses—as I am helping people who are made vulnerable by their responses. I’d like to uncover and care for the heart of the bully, but in this hour I need to defend the bodies and souls of the bullied.

So with all due respect, if you’re still supporting this hateful, reckless, malignant President, and still applauding and blessing the actions that cause incredible harm to millions of Americans—I’m not particularly interested in figuring out why you’re doing that today. One day I will, but right now I’d rather make sure people don’t die because they get cancer, or commit suicide because they feel unloved, or are forced from a country they love and deserve to live in. 

Yes, if you support this President and the sickness he’s spreading I’d really like to one day understand you, but on behalf of those so endangered because of them—first I want to stop the bleeding.

78 thoughts on “At This Point, I Don’t Care Why You Still Support This President

  1. You can count me in as one who is starting to lean towards emigrating. Being a transwoman, I lost all sense of safety and security in this country. Being a veteran of 8 years in the U SAF, not only have I shown my love for this country, but I have earned my inalienable rights that many deny me now. This administration wants to erase my entire existence.. think on that cisgenger folk.. they will come for me first, can you be far behind?

    • Sabrina Daphne Catlin, first of all, thank you for your service.

      Secondly, I am sickened by what I read about trans folk in the military. Just sickened. Can’t we just grow up.

      Sometimes I wonder who they will come for first, LGBT with T at the top of their list or people such as I, disabled, handicapped, impoverished, just a drain on resources…

      • I don’t support anything he’s doing …. and I don’t want to see any immigrants or anyone hurt by some of his crazy ideas. Health care is a necessity for everyone. My daughter could die without Medicaid and this all scares it ****** out of me.

        • {{{{{{{{{{{Marsha L. Hentzel}}}}}}}}}}}

          Yes, your daughter could die, I daresay I would, as would many millions in the USA.

          Fortunately, as of yesterday, it seems as if the latest version of their ungodly healthcare bill won’t even come to a vote.

          But I daresay that will not stop them from wasting even more of taxpayer money to try to come up with something that is not called Obamacare. Of course, it is only called that because the opponent’s of the ACA tried to insult it by calling it that but Obama fooled them and embraced the term.

      • Where can Sabrina go? That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. I and my classmates have looked at emigrating to Canada, the UK, Ireland, or Australia. Although I could live well in South Africa, my wife would be petrified. Finland is a possibility.

        In the end I would rather make my stand here, the USA, my home. I can’t really abandon those who need my help, no matter how meager my help is.

        • Robin wrote, “In the end I would rather make my stand here, the USA, my home. I can’t really abandon those who need my help, no matter how meager my help is.”

          Although I am sure you see it as the only real option, IMO you are courageous to take this stand.

  2. You get my loudest, biggest AMEN. This is where I am at and I appreciate the company. The harm that has and will be inflicted must be taken care of and not allowed to continue, then we can treat those doing the harm. We don’t get a do over so we had better get it right and protect those with a bulls eye on their back. I don’t think we will be first asked, “Well, did you try to understand the bully?”. I think we will be asked first, “Did you take care of those who were being bullied and mistreated, you know, the least of my children?”. I want to be able to answer the second question with, “Yes, of course”.
    Peace and Love,

    • I agree with you and John …. I wonder where Trump is going with everything he does! And his “make America great again” I’m not sure about….. America has a lot of headaches and problems. But some European countries are getting more terrorist attacks. I sure don’t want to see that happen here. I, and many of you have children and grandchildren. I want this country safe for all …..

  3. Thank you for going to the “heart” of the matter. We have to
    stand against the fear and anger with acts of love, compassion
    and care giving.

    Your words and actions are truly a guiding light in a time of
    growing darkness. Let us focus on the Light and not that

    • I sure agree with you Gale and thank you John for your honest and faith in what’s truly important. I have a daughter who would die without Medicaid. She had a brain injury at 18 months in a hospital when her heart stopped for a while. All this insurance mess seems to be on hold for now and I’m praying it stays this way.

  4. Excellent point, John. When people come to a hospital for something that could be treated at a urgent care clinic they often become frustrated with the wait as others get seen first. They might become demanding, angry, and even livid. They feel the system is unfair because it is not “first-come, first-serve”. These people don’t understand what “triage” is, a system of allocating resources to those that need them the worst. It doesn’t mean the rest are “less than”. It means that they can wait while others cannot.

    What you are doing here is instead “triage”, treating those that cannot wait for relieve while ignoring others. You don’t want to ignore others but people in real danger should get our immediate attention. In doing so you should tune these Trump supporters out to deal with the “task at hand”, and so should we.

    • Triage is an excellent analogy. As Trump news dominates the headlines everyday, I’ve begun to think about not reading it, but it’s difficult. I’ll start to “triage” the headlines.

  5. All you’re really saying to us (who support Trump) is a variation on the “Do you still beat your wife?” fallacy.

    It would be like me saying to you that I don’t understand why you supported a greedy abortion-loving candidate like Hillary Clinton.

    The problem is in your premise, which is debatable.

    • Joe Catholic, you go right to the heart of the problem, don’t you? You immediately go right to abortion and skipped the whole ‘human rights’ thing for millions of humans, gay, handicapped, mentally ill, hungry or poor. You know, all those things Jesus talked about. Suffer the little children to come to Me. I don’t believe He meant to starve them or let them die from illnesses that can be cured.

        • I can’t believe you didn’t get the point. It wasn’t about “abortion.” It was about defining your position for you, and then criticizing you for how I defined you or for how I defined someone you supported.

          In other words, I was forcing a debatable premise.

          SIMILAR to, “Are you still a nasty old man who beats his children?”

          Get it?

          But now you’ve introduced another logical fallacy. To care about one thing does not mean to not care about the other thing. If all I did was harp about the dangers of smoking, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about the dangers of overeating.

            • I would argue differently on that. He harps on it because his experience has taught him that it is an intractable issue that is most likely to generate conflict and hard feelings—and he loves to feed on the negative emotions that flow from the center of the conflict. Well, anyway, that is my chief working hypothesis right now—subject to future change if facts warrant.

              • Charles wrote, “most likely to generate conflict and hard feelings—and he loves to feed on the negative emotions that flow from the center of the conflict. ”

                No reason for it to be a working theory when it is the plain truth he told us a while back. He told us that among hsi nreaons for being here is to destroy John P’s blog and to bait people because he enjoys upsetting them.

                Add that to his worship of the current occupant of the Oval Office not matter what depths of idiotic nonsense he falls to, I would think that Joe Catholic would have so little credibility here that no one would ever read him.

          • Well Joe, I can tell you with assurance, that Donald Trump cares about absolutely NOTHING but himsel. Not you, not me, not the unborn, not the born but sick or starving, not the persecuted, not those that this society has marginalized. He cares not a whit about ANY of those, so Hillary Clinton would have been an improvement over him of many magnitudes. Even if she supports a woman’s control over her body.

            • Jeff Chastain, you might be interested to read this article I came across today. I am ***appalled*** at the depths of the man’s selfishness. Especially when I remember how harshly he criticized Obama for it and promised that if he were elected he wouldn’t take the time off to play golf.

              “Wounded vets, Olympic hopefuls will be blocked from Potomac river training each time Trump golfs”


              • Are you serious? I live in South Florida. Obama used to fly into my small town and shut down the interstate and waterways when he flew in for golf. Boating was shut down. Roads were shut down. No future PGA golfers were allowed to use the course while the president was on it. No public business or speeches, just golf. Fine. But for you to single out this president for the same thing is so hypocritical. And this blogger is a Pharisee… To label all Trump voters as a nazi supporter is libelous. The grand dads of those KKK members all voted Democrat, so by your reasoning LBJ and FDR must have been sympathetic to white supremacy. Just because some idiots voted for Trump doesn’t mean we all sympathize with their racist ideology… kind of like how we shouldn’t assume all democrats are anti-Semites because some Democrats wave Death to Israel signs… I have seen Nothing but Anti-racist speech from Fellow Trump supporters, but I can truly only speak for myself.

      • Jesus Christ is Lord! I agree. The true debate is do you support the progressive liberal agenda (Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Sanders, Warren, etc.) or a conservative constitutional agenda. I support the conservative constitutional agenda. Do you prefer the eight years of Obama and Biden or our current President and Vice President. I support President Trump and Vice President Pence.

    • There is no debating with Jesus on this one. He tended the suffering first. He called us to go and do likewise. He was involved in healing ministry – and told us to do the same. He condemned those wealthy pharisees who laid heavy burdens of the law, guilt and shame on those who were poor, widowed, sick and imprisoned – and told us to do the same. Read his first sermon text from Isaiah – as it is quoted in Luke 4:14-30. The premise here is that Pres Trump and the republican leadership is for the building private prisons – and guaranteeing percentages of beds filled to the stockholders. The same folks are toughening laws and requiring prison sentences for deeds that were once misdemeanors. Because of the unfairness in the way that laws are applied, those prison beds will be filled with racial minority groups. The same republican leaders are gutting rather than repairing the affordable care act – and many will be sickened and many will die because of this wicked decision. Public Schools will suffer – and so will the poorest citizens, because the President and his Secretary of Education – want the public schools destroyed. The environment is suffering – and this president and his minions are working to undo all of the progress on cleaning up our water, air and landfills. The same republican leaders are working to erase the gains in freedom and equality made by the glbt community. All of this persecution is happening in the Congress and White House. And the persecutors are crying that they are the victims because they aren’t free to exercise their prejudice against lgbt people. Please, Joe Catholic – this is not a debate. These are facts: McConnell, Ryan and Trump – and all of the cabinet choices are making decisions that further aggrandize the wealthiest – while further marginalizing the poor. Jesus wouldn’t have it then -and he won’t have it now. John Pavlovich’s word to us today (unlike the agenda of the president and the republican leadership) follows directly in line with John the Baptist, Mary (re-read her song in Luke 1:46-55), Jesus and all of the Prophets before him.

      • The fact is that a relatively free market and capitalism is why our country is so prosperous and why our poor have amenities that kings did not, not very long ago. Jesus did not say that we must be Socialists or that we had to back every big tax big spend government program. I believe in the long run that we are all better off by letting the economy work and keeping the government out as much as possible.

        I can also state as a “fact” that small government and lower taxes are better for us all as you have stated your anti-free-market approach is what Jesus would want as a “fact.”

        The real “fact” is that these things are all open to debate and discussion and that you are conflating your liberal politics with religion. Jesus did not say I must be a liberal Democrat.

        • “Joe Catholic,” I suppose I should be grateful that you burn in neon.

          It is not at all true that credit for “why our poor have amenities that kings did not, not very long ago” belongs to “a relatively free market and capitalism.” Not even a little bit. Neither is that proven to be why our massively indebted “country is so prosperous.” Our poor are not mainly destitute and beggars in the street because we have been a nation that believes in taking care of people to some extent and we have created the safety nets for that purpose. Imperfect as it is, it is because we see us all as part of the fabric of this nation and have been willing to fund help to those in need.

          Jesus said we must be loving, caring, helpful and worshipful.
          He told us that over and over and over. No, he did not say “be Socialists” but he also did not say “be Right-Wingers.”

          If you were paying attention, Jesus used his time, talents and gifts to help people and he did not just limit that to the human ability he had in the flesh. Jesus the man did not bring anyone back from illness, deformity, torment, prostitution, or death, Jesus the God did. So for you or anyone else to claim we should only do what we as an individual can do for others is ludicrous. NO ONE HAS SAID that you have “to back every big tax big spend government program” except you when you whine.

          You do not have any concept of small government and lower taxes as that has not been any of our life experience, much less a “fact” we can prove. The boom in this nation was CLEARLY when taxes were at their very highest.

          The statistics for those in more socialist nations prove any of us who are not wealthy are not better off with our capitalistic system.

          None of us are “conflating” our liberal politics with religion and more than you have your conservative politics with religion you utter hypocrite! Jesus did not say you must be a liberal Democrat, but Jesus also did not say you must be a conservative Republican. Jesus said to get the job done.

    • Hillary Clinton supported choice-not abortion. A point you obviously cannot grasp. Also you and others continue to disparage Clinton as being greedy yet you completely negate the pernicious manner in which Donald Trump and his family achieved their wealth. Please provide verifiable independent documentation that Hillary Clinton supports “abortion” and the egregious manner in which she obtained her wealth. The myth that the Russians put out about the Clinton Foundation has been thoroughly debunked so that is not acceptable as proof.

      The Bible doesn’t speak about abortion specifically so your position is not supported by scripture. Think about this: how many times had God sent warriors into areas to destroy the enemy-men, women and children. Considering birth control was not a consideration as people were told to be fruitful and multiply I’m sure some of the women that were killed were pregnant. How do you reconcile that?

      Here’s is a scripture quote that recommends an abortion remedy for a man who thinks a child is wife is carrying may not be his:

      Numbers 5:22-27
      22 May this water that brings a curse enter your body so that your abdomen swells or your womb miscarries.” “ ‘Then the woman is to say, “Amen. So be it.”
      23 “ ‘The priest is to write these curses on a scroll and then wash them off into the bitter water.
      24 He shall make the woman drink the bitter water that brings a curse, and this water that brings a curse and causes bitter suffering will enter her.
      25 The priest is to take from her hands the grain offering for jealousy, wave it before the LORD and bring it to the altar.
      26 The priest is then to take a handful of the grain offering as a memorial offering and burn it on the altar; after that, he is to have the woman drink the water.
      27 If she has made herself impure and been unfaithful to her husband, this will be the result: When she is made to drink the water that brings a curse and causes bitter suffering, it will enter her, her abdomen will swell and her womb will miscarry, and she will become a curse.

      Whether she is impure (cheated) on her husband or not, if she miscarries and back than there were many herbs that caused miscarriages, she’s lost the pregnancy. It’s not only an abortion, but a forced abortion. On top of that, if she didn’t cheat on hubby but miscarried, she now lives with the stigma. That’s if the potion doesn’t kill her. To me this is like charging a woman with being a witch and her punishment is to be thrown into the river with a large boulder around her feet. In the eyes of the ones judging her, if she floats she’s a witch and they burn her at the stake. If she doesn’t float she drowns. Either way-the woman is dead.

      If you voted for Trump based on the belief that he is anti-abortion, according to white house insiders Trump doesn’t care. Rogue Potus wrote on his blog that when abortion was discussed Trump’s response was: It doesn’t affect me so why should I care if it exists?

    • “Joe Catholic,” as usual, this is just not about you. Why you cannot muster the decency to walk away from a blog, a pastor, a conversation and a community that you do not support is a sickness I cannot fathom but I call is messed up.

      I can assure you that those who have put up with you and your obsession with this blog are just not going to ever care about your self-righteous zeal for the force of law being used against females or any other justification you come up with to explain your support of someone we see as a monster.

      Yet, you keep coming back, keep trying to justify yourself, your obsession and your choice. LET IT GO!

  6. John Pavlovitz. I understand. However, just in case you circle back around to it, the reason people here in East Tennessee still ride the Trump train is because:

    “Trump is just like me—bat ____ crazy—and he has my best interests at heart.”

    This is a weird calculus done without numbers. Trying to understand it will just make your head hurt.

    Just remember that Jesus is coming back at 2:37 p.m. today, and because of that, you can forget everything else Jesus and the New Testament says. All that matters now is how many souls you can “get saved” before the small hand is on the 2 and the big hand is on the 37 this afternoon. Besides, Jesus never really meant all that stuff he says in the New Testament, and some of it is just too hard to take seriously. Jesus knew that. Therefore, we should all just ignore the parts we do not like and do whatever we please. Then we will all be good followers of Jesus.

    I have to quit now and go wait on a hillside until Jesus comes to rupture me out of here this afternoon.

  7. Dear John, and others,

    I find the photograph you selected poignant because I see women dressed as she every single day in my neighborhood.

    My particular section of the City in which I live has a plaque in its center, stating that from its very beginning, it was designed to be a neighborhood of mixed cultures. It has been a palce where refugees have been settling for decades. For the past thirty-two years, we have a huge Inter-Cultural Fair in April so we can learn more and more about each other.

    I cherish diversity. I cherish every aspect of God’s Creation in believing it is our human responsibility to protect it because we only have it as a loan. We lease Creation from God on behalf of future generations.

    “So with all due respect, if you’re still supporting this hateful, reckless, malignant President, and still applauding and blessing the actions that cause incredible harm to millions of Americans—I’m not particularly interested in figuring out why you’re doing that today. One day I will, but right now I’d rather make sure people don’t die because they get cancer, or commit suicide because they feel unloved, or are forced from a country they love and deserve to live in. ”

    I am 100% committed to the exact same thing. I do it at Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, all are invited, pleasebe sure to answer the screening question:

    • Gloriamarie. Women like her are crawling all over East Tennessee too, and all of them are wearing their cheddars—or maybe its their provolone. (I was up all night and am a bit punchy with humor right now.) But seriously, as crazy and hyper-Trump conservative as most East Tennessee people are right now, I never hear of any anti-Muslim hate incidents in my area—or at least I cannot recall any right now. I would expect them in an area like mine, but they always seem to occur in some corner of another guy’s state. Then again, it may be that our local conservatives just wear themselves out with lots of hate speech against Muslims in the comments sections at the ends of the articles on the Knoxville News-Sentinel website ( and on local conservative talk radio, you know, the conservative working man’s Harvard University of the air waves. After a full day of digesting newly created fake news and wearing out their voices and typing fingers with hate, they are all too tired to douse a Muslim woman with gas and pull out their Zippo or burn down a mosque.

      • We’ve had anti-Muslim crimes here. I remember one occasion in particular when people painted the most disgusting stuff all over the local mosque and tons of people from all over the gamut of the City came out to help repaint it.

        Love triumphs over hate and phobia every single day.

      • Charles, I am pretty sure TN was one of the first states to pass a “no Sharia” law and I know there was backlash against a Mosque in Murfeesboro. Trump country is never cool with Muslims. I will not be grateful if they have not been moved to murder yet.

  8. Dear John Pavlovitz:

    ‘I am going to fight on behalf of the sick person and demand that all people be cared for under the laws of this land.’

    Agreeing wholeheartedly with this sentiment, I would point out that Attorney General Jeff Sessions very hypocritically uses similar language saying:

    ‘we will use every tool we have to stop criminals from exploiting vulnerable people and stealing our hard-earned tax dollars’

    We should divert billions in response to the opioid epidemic. Instead we slash billions from the medical sector. Sessions’ cynicism and unbounded hypocrisy are evident in that he supports the ‘health care’ plan now working through Congress.

    Blame doctors and nurses or talk about protecting ‘vulnerable people’ all he wants, Sessions himself worsens the opioid epidemic as his political cocktail of curtailed access to addiction treatment plus a DoJ crackdown forces addicts to switch from pill mill painkillers to more dangerous alternatives as heroin or fentanyl.

    Sessions’ DoJ just charged 412 people in a health care fraud crackdown. The crackdown intends to soothe public anger and distract attention. The focus on doctors and health clinics soothes public anger over the government’s refusal to act on the opioid epidemic. And it distracts attention from the main culprits in the drug crisis—pharmaceutical companies such as Purdue Pharma and Insys. They misleadingly marketed opioid painkillers to doctors, and drug distributors such as McKesson and Cardinal, which flooded communities with opioids in collaboration with pill mills.

    It’s said that the prejudices of the mighty are the laws of the lowly. So I read ‘under the laws of this land’ knowing that prejudices change, so do the laws. Right here in the Buckeye state, one low-level public servant proposes that after two overdose rescues, no ambulance should be dispatched for a third call. Why? That affects the city budget.

    At some point, you must face the reality that helping people necessitates a budget that serves the public. And under our system of political economy, the wealthy and powerful will always veto whatever progressive measures are purposed. In the mean time and in every sphere, life is irresistibly relocated in a medievalist direction. Such is our ‘great’ future.

    Will you address the class privilege which drives this process?


  9. I discovered your page in the aftermath of the election, and your eloquent words are a light in this rather dim (in a number of ways) time. This piece is no exception. Thank you, and I look forward to reading your book.

  10. John, have you considered that just as you don’t care why people still support President Donald Trump, there are people that don’t give a damn that you don’t care why they support the President, therefore, all of you are even?

    • Donald Trump is President? I will have to look more closely to see if there are any clues that would suggest that. So far, I have not seen any. Maybe I’ll ask my Welsh corgi and see if he has seen any.

      • Let me correct Douglas’ misspelling of the President’s name.

        “John, have you considered that just as you don’t care why people still support President Steve Bannon, there are people that don’t give a damn that you don’t care why they support the President, therefore, all of you are even?”

    • People still support Donald Trump because they are stupid programmable meat puppets and they hate liberalism, POC and the LBGT more than they love their country.

      • Mr. Mix …

        Liberalism ~ Classical, or Modern Liberalism?

        POC ~ we don’t love anyone anymore, or any less, than anyone else because of their melanin level. Some of us are kind of curious why you love one group more than another as such thinking is basically racism and discriminatory. I certainly have never hated a POC because of their ‘C’.

        I know more people who voted FOR then-Senator Obama in 2008 BECAUSE he was a POC than anyone who voted FOR Candidate Trump in 2016 because they HATED any POC.

        LGBT ~ Candidate Trump showed stronger support for the LGBTQI+ community in his 2016 campaign than then-Senator Obama showed in his 2008 campaign … but hey … keep trying to sell the narrative. Don’t let the truth stop you.

        Mind you, your side’s hunger to impeach Trump and make VP Pence our next President makes little sense as Pence has a much harsher view than any sane person when it comes to the LGBTQI+ community … but again, whatever.

        Love of Country ~ the reality of the situation is Americans are so definitively divided on what they think America is and what America should be … it is tough to believe we all live in the same Nation anymore.

  11. Fortunately, we have elections every four years.

    Setting aside all the rancour, I just don’t see how this administration has done anything much to help people.

    Honestly, it’s all negativity: wall, bans, cuts to medicare.

    When President Trump was elected, he pledged to govern for all Americans. Even the non-rich ones.

    So, why doesn’t congress and the President actually do something?

    • Tsk tsk, Friendly Guy who wrote “Fortunately, we have elections every four years.”

      We have elections for a new President and Vice-President every four years. We actually have elections every two years. Please don’t tell me you are one of the registered voters who fail to vote in the mid-terms?

      Historically, conservatives get out and vote in every single election while we progressives are often too lazy, as far as I can tell, to bother.

      Which is something conservatives do right and we progressives do very wrong.

      “So, why doesn’t congress and the President actually do something?”

      I think because they figured out if they actually enact the hateful things they claim to want to enact, they have figured out that they might not get reelected.

    • Basically, it is because the ancient words WE THE PEOPLE are dead in Washington, D.C. In my opinion, things changed sometime in 1963. After that, the government established by Washington, Jefferson, Madison, etc. in 1776 was hijacked by American forces unfriendly to the everyday people of the United States. They own the government and run it while giving the people a deceptive thin veneer that makes it look like the people really have a say in their own affairs—falsely—when the reality is that they do not—some alternative force OWN US, predate on us, and does with us whatever they please—and WE THE PEOPLE have little or no recourse in the matter.

      And no, I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I do not read any of that garbage. However, it is clear that something behind the scenes is as rotten as anything in the state of Denmark (see Hamlet)—we will find out what it is one day—and we will be stunned and amazed at what was really going on behind the scenes.

      One possibility (among many) is that we were actually contacted on the sly by intelligent life on another planet—life far more advanced than us—and in exchange for certain technologies and knowledge they have—we agreed to let them take over and guide the further development of our civilization past several critical road signs that have caused thousands of other intelligent species in the universe that they know about to go extinct. The only problem is that these aliens, who did not develop as mammals, share none of our curliness, religious sensibilities, emotions, and senses or right vs. wrong—meaning they are pragmatic, heartless. cruel, and cold in the ways they go about getting things done behind the scenes—all things necessary to save or species.

    • This administration doesn’t get anything done for the people,
      because they don’t care about the “people”. They only care
      about themselves, staying in power and lining their pockets.

      Amazing how a “delusional, narcissist” can convince the
      “little people” that he cares about them. They are so desperate
      for a “strong man” (i.e., think Hitler) to “save” them, they are
      willing to follow him to the “ends of the earth”. Unfortunately,
      we may all be swept up in their march to the “ends”.

  12. I am still amazed, every single day, that people honor this President, that people actually think he cares about someone, anyone other than himself. How do I see this person – I hate calling him a man – so differently than others do? He is the opposite of what I consider a man to be. His ego, along with his major overcompensation issues, surely signal a major noteworthy “shortcoming” among many shortcomings.

    I see a cancer that spreads daily. His family, his administration – it keeps oozing outward infecting our country, its norms, its principals. Do they tell their children to look up to this person – to want to be like him? Do they not understand that he tells lies – that he is a bully? He couldn’t even fire Comey like a man. How does a man who loves his wife not see how he regards women? How does one believe anything that comes out of his mouth? When have any of his words not been what he thinks you want to hear instead of really “telling it like it is”?

    Who actually can believe someone who constantly uses the words best, greatest, only winning is acceptable, only I can do this? That is sales talk, not truth.

    I honestly try to find good in every one. Why can’t I find one honorable thing about our President? I don’t care if he does anything wonderful, I can’t get past the person he is. I wouldn’t let him past my door – he already takes up too much space in my mind.

    John is strong enough to get past this and go on to do better things. I am stuck.

    Of course I haven’t been able to see much good in the Republicans and their policies so far either.

  13. “Talking to embittered people right now and trying to understand their motivations may help explain the rationale for their destructive choices, but it does nothing to protect those affected by their choices, those who don’t have the luxury of waiting around for an answer, those who don’t have the privilege of time.

    And so in these moments, rather than trying to understand why, ”

    Very apt though probably not in the way the author intended.

    More accurately, after eight long years of President Obama, there were millions upon millions of ordinary, everyday Americans who could no longer afford the ‘luxury’ of waiting around for ‘Hope & Change’ and who weren’t having any of their needs ‘answered’.

    I don’t recall you ever truly wanting to understand their motivations as you had already made up your mind about what motivated Trump voters.

    Have you ever cared about the damage done to those who suffered because of YOUR choices? Somehow I doubt it. Having consistently demonized and dehumanized {your side constantly calling us all racist, misogynistic bigots} ‘Those People’ {White / Male / Christian / Conservative / Republicans (pick any two, or more)}, it is easy to dismiss our views as extremist, callous and regressive without a backward glance … or no glance at all.

    “I Don’t Care Why You Still Support This President” …

    I can’t honestly recall you ever caring, Pastor John. Today is no different.

  14. John P, I think you have a gift. it is almost amazing how you apparently talk to so many people at one time, saying the exact same thing yet each can hear as they like. It is a gift. And sometimes the responses are just hilarious.

    James Dosher, you are such a victim. I feel your pain at this bad man daring not to see how you suffer for your support of Trump and the circus you helped bring to town.

    I hope someday scientists will study why people visit, participate in and even seem obsessed with a blog they do not agree with, support or even seem to like. It amazes me every day. Is life so long, boring and empty for some that this is a ‘thing’?

  15. Mr. Dosher, You seem very embittered also and I am sorry for that. I admit I do not see the horribleness of the Obama Presidency that you see. I do remember the obstruction, the constant chorus of boos for everything Obama did, the endless “Committees” that wasted tax payer money yet never proved anything, the constant flow of memes and words denigrating the Obama family, etc.

    May I ask if you think President George W. Bush’s Presidency was a success? Was your life better at the end?

    Is the current Presidency what you wanted for this country? Is Donald Trump’s, the man, behavior you admire? Did every norm in this country deserve to be tromped on? Can you imagine what would have happened if Obama had said or acted as Trump does, or even if either of the Bush’s did?

    I think you are an honorable and talented man. Your posts show your love for your wife and children. Yet I remember the scorn and distain you showed in your critique on the women’s march. You could not even see that hundreds of thousands of women, men and the marginalized saw something in Trump you could or would not see. They saw it in his words and actions during his whole adult life. I still do not believe you are an uncaring person. I do see love and kindness in you even though that piece made quite a lasting impression on me.

    Peace Mr. Dosher

    • Ms. Musto, thank you for your kind consideration.

      I do not think I am a bitter man though I have taken your words to heart and am attempting to be more introspective on this matter.

      I do think people want to look back on the Obama Presidency with rose-colored glasses. Our economic recovery was anemic. Race relations are far, far worse. Identity politics have hardened battle lines.

      I don’t give the Tea Party a pass, but I have to compare how President Obama handled them versus how President Clinton handled the Newt Gingrich’s ‘Contract On America’. Scandals and useless committees aside, Clinton kicked those Obstructionist Republicans’ asses. He showed deft leadership in tough times.

      President Obama did not and that, to me, was clearly a lack of leadership. The World is in worse shape as well – and foreign policy is one of the places a President has the most effect.


      ‘W’s Presidency was a disaster.

      A Cardinal Rule of fighting a War ~ raise taxes!

      By attempting appease domestic concerns, ramping up our Homeland Security Department and fight 2+ wars … Bush II failed to make any of the tough choices which needed to be made and he still got screwed when the Home Bubble burst. President Clinton demolished our National Deficit and Bush II ballooned it.

      He also mismanaged the Wars at numerous turns. It was too often a case of listening to the sources which told him what he wanted to hear. Embracing the Neo-Con political delusion was our National Disaster.

      In his defense, going to war wasn’t what President Bush signed up for in the slightest. Without the attacks of 9/11, we’d have never gone to Iraq, no matter how much any Neo-Con felt it was ‘unfinished’ business. Congress wouldn’t have supported it.

      Yet, we got 9/11 and from that catastrophe, things kept piling on. Congress and the Nation were in the mood to fight and so we got to go back to Iraq after all. Should we have gone? Saddam Hussein was a freaking animal. His sons were worse, if that was possible.


      The Women’s March was a demonstration against the Trump Presidency before we had anything to judge the actual Presidency by … so it was based mainly on anti-Trump propaganda spewed forth by the Press and a taped, man-to-man private conversation from ten years earlier.

      Was there any proof Trump was truly misogynistic? Nope. All those sexual harassment cases evaporated right after the election too. Yet we got this massive protest march … so yeah, I didn’t see this as anything particularly pro-Woman – it was pro-Democratic Party. I felt pretty confident in that assessment due to the high number of women who voted for Trump, including (as I often state) more White Women voting for Trump than Clinton.


      Do I admire President Donald Trump’s behavior? No. He should give Twitter a rest. He can be mean-spirited and vindictive. No doubt. I also knew I wasn’t electing a polished diplomat, or a polite speaker. That’s not Trump and never has been.

      I elected him for results and that question can best be answered in three years, not after the First 100 Days, or the first six months.

      Please also understand I voted for President Bill Clinton in 1996 AFTER I knew he was morally-flawed. I don’t vote for Saints. I won’t vote for the Devil either, but I will vote for the person I think will be the most effective.

      What is often overlooked when people gloat over how ‘ineffective’ Trump has been to date is the reality that had Sec. Clinton won instead of Trump, she would still be facing the same Republican Congress Trump has right now.


      As a student of history, I have long been fascinated with the movement of normally sedate political bodies toward extremism. There have been ‘White’ Terrors to match ‘Red’ Terrors. No ideology is immune.

      I dislike it when people toss terms like Nazi and fascism around because both are really VERY dangerous. People too often don’t understand perfectly normal, educated societies stampeded off cliffs in directions they could have never imagined two years earlier. It doesn’t take as much as people might think.

      On the other hand, people need to know what not to confuse for the real thing because of ‘watcher fatigue’.

      If someone called me a racist in 2007, I would have been worried. Today ~ ‘Meh’.

      In 2000 I trusted sources such as the ACLU and the SPLC. Not anymore. Their definition of ‘Hate Group’ has become so muddled with their political identities as to be virtually worthless in determining which groups are actually dangerous and which ones merely hold opinions those groups don’t like.

      Since I am a Social Libertine and politically (mostly) Libertarian, I am one of the people most likely to end up in a concentration camp in a fascist society. I adore personal freedom for both myself and others and am not quiet about this fact. I use my real name for a reason – I abhor an environment of fear and censorship.

      I’m also very likely to end up in a Communist gulag, or being clubbed down by one of those fun-loving Antifa thugs. Even though I’m not a fascist of any kind … but because in the current political climate it has become ‘okay’ to lump me in as a fascist and beat me up accordingly.

      For the time being I certainly hope I’m being overly dramatic.

      Peace, Ms. Musto

      • Mr. Dosher – Thank you for your response. I had to look up Libertarian. I like freedoms too. But in my humble opinion “depending on the kindness of strangers” seems a big fanciful. In a quest to appease their hunger for money and power, how many actually follow self imposed rules? Even with the laws we have people stomp on them continually and that goes from the thug on the street to huge corporations. I guess I do not have your confidence in everyone playing nice. But with only a quick read I admit you are much more knowledgeable in that area.

        No matter how many times you repeatedly blame the so-called “locker room” conversation and anti-Trump press for others calling him sexist or unethical it simply does not make it true. There are 50 years of interviews, magazines, tv shows, and recordings – actual Trump words and actions which speak to the type of person he is.

        As a few months shy of turning 70 please give me credit for having fact based opinions. I spent decades working with men. I honor and respect so many men. I consider myself a reasonably capable judge of what behavior makes an honorable and ethical man or woman.

        If you think he actually cares about anything to do with LGTBQ issues I see no evidence of him caring one whit about anyone or anything that does not concern the universe that is himself. In my opinion anything and anyone will be thrown under the bus in a minute because of one of his whims.

        We do agree on George Bush’s presidency although I like to blame the bad things on Cheney and his ilk. I do see goodness in George W. Can you agree that compared to the pile of manure that Obama was handed when he became President he did hand Trump a bouquet of roses, although some may have been bent and drooping?

        Peace Mr. Dosher and thank you for our conversations.

  16. “they entered into a covenant to seek the LORD God of their fathers with all their heart and with all their soul” 2 Chronicles 15:19


    Do you know the Word of God says the USA is in great danger?
    • What would captivity of the USA look like? Israel was taken into captivity because of false gods and other sins that the USA tolerates. (Deuteronomy 8:19).
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    The USA is tolerating sins that provoke the Lord (Exodus 32).

    Even though Muslims deny God has a Son, the Democrat party almost selected a Muslim chair, Keith Ellison. The GOP chose a Mormon chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel. Mormons think Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer.

    Our lives and nation are at stake. That is why God has sent me to save the USA.

    By Donating now you make the greatest impact for the nation to serve the one true God.

    What the USA Must Do to Be Protected

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    For the USA, God has called me to have the USA reaffirm covenant. This is done by agreeing:

    1. The USA’s God is the LORD and Americans are His people
    2. We seek God with all our heart and soul
    3. We obey the Holy Bible, personally and as a nation
    4. Like our founders, the USA has no king but King Jesus
    5. We are to make disciples of the USA, restoring Christianity in schools
    6. We are to repent of everything against Jesus Christ
    7. We must restore the cross and receive forgiveness of the USA’s sins by the blood of Jesus Christ
    True God will not have any False Gods in His True House and will cast all demons, devils, and those who reject the Truth into the lake of Fire for Eternity.
    Preach to the Migrants , Train for our True ways of life
    Love the Foreigners
    But Stay True to Christianity
    One Way, Not False ways
    STAND For Truth

      • Pastor John, absolutely!

        A ‘Muslim’ Nation with even a Single Christian striving in Jesus’ name is as much a ‘Christian’ Nation as the United States every will be, or ever has been. Devotion is never a matter of bodies, but the passion of the soul.

        We shouldn’t strive to make this a Christian Nation. We should strive to make this a Nation Jesus would feel welcome in. There is a difference.


      • Yes, America was indeed founded upon a Judeo-Christian foundation. That is a fact. God does indeed bless nations. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!” (Psa. 33:12)

        “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

        “And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing”. (Genesis 12:2)

        “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. ” (Psa. 2:8)

        There are many others, and there are those that gives a warning to Nations that “forgets God” or reject Him.

        There were many Christian Founding Fathers! Some were Bible College and Seminary Professors, and there were even some in the Pastorate. Amazingly, our country has never been questioned about her legacy prior to Barack Obama came on board. He was the worst mistake our Country has ever made in terms of selecting a President, and to think that we did it for no other reason than that he was a mixed race man whom we called “Black”. What a joke he turned out to be!

    • Christopher. Do you have an address and contact information to which the readers here could send a donation? Could you please supply that if you wish to receive donations? Thanks!!!

      Well, if what you said above is true—and you did mention donations above in your text—so it would only make common sense to have an address to which people could send donations. Make sense? It does to me.

  17. “Instead of trying crack the complex code that drives someone to persecute peaceful Muslims simply for pursuing their chosen faith tradition—I’m going to stand with Muslims and declare their inherent worth and the beauty of their spirituality.”

    That’s the problem JP — you are assuming that conservatives just want to “persecute peaceful Muslims.” That isn’t the case and I’m sure you know that. Conservatives have no problem with peaceful Muslims. They have a problem with those that want to use terrorism to destroy us.

    “Rather than trying to help you process why saying “Black lives matter” is such a hardship to you and the implications of your refusal—I’m going to go ahead and tell you that they matter to me.”

    I’m glad that black lives matter to you — hopefully, ALL black lives matter to you because the organization that purports to care about black lives actually only care about CERTAIN black lives.

    They protest and riot when a black person is killed by the police, but they do not care about the fact that most black Americans are killed by other black Americans. If Black Lives Matter really wanted to save black lives, they would also focus on the real issue that is killing black people every day. Conservatives see this and that is why they, and I, reject Black Lives Matter — not because we believe that black lives don’t matter.

    You can’t hope to understand anyone if you’re only going to make faulty assumptions about people’s motivations. But, as you have admitted, you’re not interested in understanding those with whom you disagree — judging by your previous posts, you never really were.

    • Jeff, I am a Black man, born in America, and I detest the Black Lives Matter evil movement! The people involved ought to be classified as domestic terrorists! They don’t give a hoot about Black lives……until one of the thugs are killed by the police. What about all of the Black lives that are being senselessly murdered and killed every single week in the inner cities of our country? What about the millions of innocent Black babies that are ripped from their Mothers wombs every single day by the demonic empire known as “Planned Parenthood”. In the state of New York, there are more Black babies murdered in the womb than there are born! BLM is full of cow manure without a doubt. I try hard not to pay them a bit of attention!

    • Jeff. One more thing. Conservatives like you may not hate and want to harm peaceful Muslims. I can understand that. The problem is that most intelligent and intellectually discriminating observers seem to forget that the so-called “conservative movement” contains a vast mob of…

      Well, let me explain. I have lived here in Tennessee all my life, and I am also a social scientist—which means observing ordinary people on the street is part of my business.

      We have vast mobs of people here with only one circuit in their brains:

      Me Like Meat and Taters
      Toilet Visit

      My dad was one of them. Unlike you and me, there is not a lot of high-level brain activity going on in these peoples’ heads.

      Here is what happens. A radical Islamic terrorist blows up a bakery in Paris. You say: “These Islamic terrorists are the scum of the Earth.” Yes. I would agree with you. I know what you are saying, and I know you do not hate peaceful Muslims.

      The problem is when you say:

      “These Islamic terrorists are the scum of the Earth.”

      The meat and taters guy—born with with fewer brain circuits than you—HEARS in his head something completely different:

      “Him say Muslim Bad. Me hate Muslim. Me want kill Muslim.”

      (Just like Mongol in “Blazing Saddles.”)

      Here in Tennessee we have thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of these “meat and taters” people with far fewer brain circuits in their heads than you do. You could close your eyes at any selected point on a map, fire a sawed-off shotgun, and be guaranteed to hit at least 10 of them.

      I think my point here is that thinking conservatives like you do not take sufficient stock of the audiences you are often talking to—and when you do not—the people in these audiences are going to think you said things you were not really saying—because that is how their heads work. Maybe you guys could start taking better stock of these audiences and get them to hear what you are ACTUALLY SAYING rather than what their minimal brain circuitry is turning it into—which is something different from what you are really saying.

      Ever thought about that?

  18. I am so sick of all these fruitless arguments. As John says, who cares why. Stop the finger pointing and spewing hyperbole. Why does it have to be us vs them all the time? Conservative vs progressive? Left vs Right? The baby and the bathwater? In my experience, life is not nearly so black and white, but all sorts of shades in between. The devil is always in the details. An idea may be good (medical insurance for everyone) but the way it’s implemented may not work for everyone – the insured, the doctors, the hospitals, the insurance companies etc. What happened to compromise? What happened to taking care of the majority. Is compromise a dirty word? Or does everyone have to have it “my way, yesterday and half price”? That’s not realistic. Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship/partnership/marriage knows that fighting doesn’t solve anything, it just makes the parties more angry.
    I am sick and tired of being angry with the POTUS, with politics, with the 1% getting richer, the 99% getting poorer and FAKE NEWS! I don’t know how to tell what’s real anymore. I now believe 90 – 100% of everything I read/see/hear is a lie, or grossly exaggerated. And OMG the finger pointing and whining is just disgusting. Can everyone please grow up a little, and find some common ground to work with? I don’t want anyone to feel marginalized, I want everyone to have freedom to express themselves, but all this chronic baiting and bashing is pointless and gross! Thank you John, I also don’t care why right now.

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