Why I Oppose Donald Trump

We’re now seven months into Donald Trump’s Presidency and I’m aware that some of you take great issue with my pointed critiques of the man, his body of work, and his supporters—because you’re sure to tell me this at every turn.

You might troll me on Twitter or leave me scathing blog comments or send me impassioned emails or pull me aside to quietly share your concerns at church or family gatherings.

You may feel I’m being provocative or incendiary or unnecessarily stirring the pot; that I’m being irresponsible with my influence, betraying my calling as a pastor, or failing to be a good American.

I’ve spent thousands of words in recent months trying to reply to such suggestions and to reveal my heart—and at this point I’m not sure there are any combination of words that will be satisfactory for you.

If you haven’t yet privately felt or publicly expressed outrage at what Donald Trump is doing to our Government, the way he is targeting the poor and marginalized, or his unfitness for this job—you probably shouldn’t bother asking me why I’m opposing him. You won’t understand my reply, no matter how carefully I craft my words or how intent I am in helping you understand.

At this point there are fundamental differences between us. The things that outrage us are simply not compatible, and probably never will be. I know I can’t change that. I can’t force your eyes to see what mine see, or your heart to be burdened for the things that burden mine, or your stomach to turn at what currently turns mine. You own your eyes and your heart and your stomach—and your response to the world. That’s your responsibility and your right and truly none of my business—but I’m surely not going to stop calling out what I see or temper my disgust simply because it bothers you. 

That would miss the point entirely.
My opposition is not about you and it’s about more than Donald Trump—it’s about me.
It’s about my personal convictions as a father, husband, friend, Christian, pastor, American, and a participant in humanity.
It’s about the things that keep me up at night and boil my blood and cause me to grieve.

In the presence of injustice, I believe silence is participation, and these days I am witnessing more of it than I can bear—and so I speak;
not to piss you off, but so I can sleep at night,
not to insult you, but so I’m able to look myself in the mirror,
not to make trouble, but because my kids deserve a father they can be proud of,
not to be divisive, but to keep the peace within my own head,
not to manufacture venom or dispense vitriol—but so on my last day on the planet I can say that I did the best I could with the time I had and the voice I was given, and the great privilege I had to be healthy and loved and able to speak.
That’s all any of us can do with their lives: try and make them matter.

I understand that from where you sit my current words may be angry or unhelpful or causing harm. I know this, because from where I sit, your current lack of any words are doing the same thing—and rather than badgering you into caring (which is an impossibility) I’ll just care as much as I do and make that as clear and loud as I can.

I won’t do this to persuade or argue with you.
I’ll do it because others may hear me and may be encouraged that they’re not alone,
because hurting people may find comfort and healing in my words,
because those who feel invisible might know someone sees them,
because those hanging by the thinnest of threads may use my words to hold on a bit longer.

And honestly if you think this is just about this one man, I’m not sure I can’t convince you otherwise—but it isn’t.
Yes, it’s certainly about him, but it’s about much more than that.
It’s about banning Muslims and silencing the Press and neglecting refugees.
It’s about the hatred of strong women and the devaluing of young men of color and the victimizing of Transgender people.
It’s about those not protecting our environment and not caring for our most vulnerable and not believing all people are equal.
It’s about the NRA’s gun lust and the Religious Right’s sick hypocrisy and the GOP’s male whiteness and FoxNews’ recklessness.
It’s about the systems that create men like him, politicians that co-sign them, pastors who perpetuate them, and adults who seem fine with them.
It’s about American children and Syrian children and North Korean children; about black children and gay children and disabled children.

I’m a Christian, and my faith compels me to fight for the things I fight for. I trust if you are a person of faith, the same is true for you and so I really don’t have to explain it. Yes, my tradition tells me to love my enemies and pray for those who curse me—but it also tells me to love the least. I’m not willing to kill the latter aspiration on the altar of the former. I can’t coddle people doing harm in the name of tolerance.

I’m not an angry person which you may sometimes suggest. I live much of this life with great joy and hope and humor—but I am angered when those made in the image of God are treated with less regard than they deserve. I’m probably not going to apologize for being passionate about people.

Chances are this won’t be the last time I speak about this man or the ways in which so many tangential evils are manifesting themselves right now, and it won’t be the last time you question the motives or ferocity or frequency of my critiques. I’ll likely refer you to these words, so long as they remain true.

Again this isn’t about you—or even this man. I don’t speak to offend you or alienate you. I speak to pushback against the things that make me sick to my stomach. I speak because of the things that offend me. I speak because we all are responsible to try and leave the planet better than when we arrived—and this is how I’m trying to do that.

May you find causes and people that are worth your passion, your time, and your voice, and may you use them well.


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  1. obiously , YOU dont know the bible

    God , Holy God , Calls us to support, stand with , keep those in authority in check.
    If we were to impeach every one we did not agree with , we would have a Godless society of Godless, Greedy, Selfish Self Seaking leaders
    Total Anarchy
    This Why God Wants Accountability
    So the minority dont lead the majority straight to Hell .
    That is Right To hell and Damnation with a Happy Smile and Very happy disposition.
    We All just want our own rebellious way .
    My way or the highway.
    Selfish, Selfseeking, society who thinks only of evil and getting what they want.

      • Hate to deflate your ego but I never heard of you.
        So much hate. Trump has been in office 200 days and you lay at his feet and charge him guilty for society’s problems. You are so naive to make this statement.
        Where have you been for the last 8 years that you didn’t notice the last president almost destroying our country. Think about that. Of all people you, a minister, need to examine your heart to see if God is there. Praying Christians put Trump into office you should know that, and who God annoints I will follow as opposed to following blind godless politicians and president who depend on their own wisdom. Anyone who does not acknowledge God is evil already. Only thing you should hate is sin.

        • So, If this is God’s country, and blessed by God, I have to assume that God also placed Obama into the Presidency. Or did God take a 8 year hiatus? And, just for clarification, how did Obama destroy the country? Rescuing the country from the Great Recession, cutting the unemployment rate from 10% to 4.7% over six years? Saving the U.S. auto industry? Dropping the veteran homeless rate by 50 percent and increasing VA spending by double? Supporting veterans through a $78 billion tuition assistance GI bill? Ending the war in Iraq and ordered for the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden?

          Gee, truly a horrible man. Trump totally is better with his accomplishment of… ?

        • I’m sorry Bonnie, but God didn’t put Trump in office. Wicked men and ignorant voters did. Some praying Christians voted in a man who does not represent Christ or follow one iota of His teachings. Other Christians all over the world prayed with all their might that this wicked man and his cadre of sycophants and evil-doers would not get anywhere near the halls of power. Are you telling me that God told them no? There is nothing in the Bible or any other scripture that obligates the faithful to submit to a wicked leader, least of all one to occasionally says words that refer to His word.

          • Georgie Anne— Deb Burdick here — I m THRILLED learn here that you are not a Trump supporter. I’ve wrongly assumed that you were because of your political affiliation. I should have learned by now to never assume anything —-I hope all is well with you. Mike & I send you love —

        • I just love it when someone says, “Think about that for awaile!” I don’t know anyone personally that says that because I tend toward people of intelligence, conscious, and who have already thought about that, since it is always preceded by a ridiculously simplistic statement that only the simple minded think is of new value to those who have actually passed “thinking about that” long before the conversation. Please never listen or read Fox News; you must know they are the acknowledged leader in lying or leaving important facts out. Rachel Maddox comprehensively and with great detail to research would be great for you. She is on MSNBC. Good luck in you life under Trump. Oh, by the way, lest you forget what America was like under George W. Bush, praise God we had the level-headedness, intelligence, and role model of Obama.

      • Not ment to insult but to challenge to seek out , read out, tell outright , and to see the whole truth. cover to cover
        Not my way , but proven in scripture.
        I have met so many pastors who get caught up in the club, the group, the comrade that they forget, forgot what they were there for.
        leadership to Christ, Jesus Christ, payment for sin , all sin, process to holiness.
        God is a jealous God and will have no replacements , idols, beliefs, views, people, places, or things .
        God is the only reason to have pastors , leadership of the people to a holy walk to and with God
        I commend you for your undertaking is that of the most judged , Even the scriptures say that in timothy, and Thessalonians about the discipline and burden a pastor must incur.
        not me, not you, But Holy God, onward and upward to the cross. Salvation of the world thru the holy gospel of jesus christ

      • Sorry John you’re just a bloviater full of hate for a man who at least stated his pro life stance unlike Obama who was pro death and show me where Trump is against gay children show me gay children define that. Sounds to me like you’re just another snowflake hiding behind a so called pastors robe.

        • Michael, you might want to at least consider that “man who at least stated his pro life stance” is also a proven liar of Biblical proportion. Don’t be taking his “stances” to any bank. Just sayin’

          I do not think Obama is “pro death” and I know I am not, but I think we are pro-woman and the freedom, liberty and personal privacy to make your own decisions about reproduction. Many are more pro-birth, than pro life because they want birth to be forced but reproductive care, opportunity and support for women and children is a cost too high many claim.

          • That’s a very sad excuse for intentionally ending the life of a human creature with a beating heart and brainwaves, besides the fact that it is disingenuous, as you would not side with the unborn in those cases where there is no economic inconvenience.

            For you “incubation” is a disease (if you want it to be) and can be ended without thought or compassion for the victim.

            You are morally culpable for the injustice of abortion.

            • Joe Catholic, you can call it an “excuse” all you like but that is not what it is. Unless your belief in your Catholic church is a very sad excuse for intentionally supporting policies and “leaders” who harm people (and maybe it is).

              I happen to believe in the ideals America was founded on. Liberty, freedom and personal privacy matter more to me than enforcing a morality that causes me to encroach in such an deeply personal way on another female. It is the same principle with the LGBTQ. It is not my business and not my place to tell them anything, force anything on them or against them. That is not how a free nation operates.

              As sad as it is when the choice is made to end the potential “life of a human creature with a beating heart and brainwaves,” it is not my choice to make for anyone else. That is not how freedom works.

              I “side” with the female who faces the decision and I support whatever decision she makes. Siding with the fetus as a matter of the force of law puts me in opposition to my own beliefs. It would be rank hypocrisy.

              No, incubation is not “a disease” but it is a choice that only the female in that situation should decide. No matter how hard you try, there is more than one life at stake, and my compassion is for the one who will not go straight to Jesus.

              You are morally culpable for supporting Trump and it does not seem to faze you no matter how dishonest, vile, ignorant or harmful he is. I live with my decision to support a female’s right to choose with full knowledge of what that means.

      • Well said, John. I always find your posts thoughtful, frequently inspirational, deeply introspective, and extremely well reasoned. Thank you.

    • My question for you on supporting those in authority is whether or not Christians in the USSR were required to support Josef Stalin, whether or not Christians in Iraq were required to support Saddam Hussein, and whether or not Christians in Italy were required to support Mussolini.

      • Don’t leave out Christian supporting Hitler’s genocide, or the genocide of American Indians. It’s hard to understand based on Jesus’s teachings and examples. I have so many “Christian” friends filled with hostile feelings unleashed by Trump fever.

    • Contrary. It’s because WE as all true Christians should; selfLESSLY love and care for the less fortunate. NOT blindly follow and support a bullying self centered egomaniac whom is the antithesis of Gods teachings.

      Thank you John for your heartfelt, thoughtful, empathetic words. They most certainly give me solace in knowing I’m not alone. Truly the loving God I know would never condone such behavior as we are seeing in this so called President. So the so called Christians that say otherwise are whom I’m praying for.

    • Dear chistopher freeman:

      Obviously, you DO know your Bible! I’m sure that none of the verses which you cite in your rambling screeds [such as all of the many texts you cited in your current response] have ever occurred to another participant on Mr. Pavlovitz’ forum.

      Have you ever wondered how it is that everyone around you gets it wrong with unerring consistency, while your Biblical instincts are invariably correct?

      What would we do without your smugly implicit, pretended spiritual superiority, sanctimonious platitudes, and PROFOUND political benedictions!

      You must be so holy – I can’t guess how others stand to live around you!


    • In addition, you are rebelling against the website rules to discuss rather than sermonize or list long strings of Bible verses and Bible verse parts. If you want to discuss, follow the rules and write in complete sentences that make up paragraphs. If you hate rebellion and love rules and accountability, try beginning by working on yourself.

    • Christopher Freeman you think the same way the Pharisees did during Jesus time on earth. They wanted to force their way on the people. Jesus used love. He shared truth in a way that drew people not repel them. You need to go back and read the Bible and decide what lessons you will follow.

      • He also said “Go and sin no more,” which is a convenient part of “What Jesus would have done” that people often leave out today when they are trying to justify their sinful behavior as righteous. Just because SOME of the Pharisee’s that Jesus came across during his ministry were corrupted and wanted to take Jesus down, doesn’t mean they ALL were. Jesus himself was a devout Jew who obeyed the laws perfectly. He most certainly came to seek and save the lost and downtrodden. He forgave and accepted a person for who they were, but then through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are expected to daily die to sin (Romans 6) and set ourselves a part from the non-believers of this world by the renewing and transforming of our minds. (Romans 12:2)

        • But Jesus did not identify the sin in the story you reference. We may presume He was referring to her adultery, but that is not stated by Jesus or anyone else in the narrative. And where was the man involved in this? It takes two to commit this type of sin….which was a contract violation more than anything else.

          • I think I know what Jesus was writing in the sand about. According to Jewish law, whenever someone was caught in adultery, both the man and the woman would be brought to the Nicanor temple gates and accused. If witnesses, at least two in number, could be gathered to confirm that adultery had indeed been committed, then there was a certain ceremony that would be done in order to bring judgment. However, in this instance they only brought the woman. This was a violation of the Oral Law of God.

            Secondly, according to Jeremiah 17:13, the priest was required to then stoop down and write the law that had been broken, along with the names of the accused, in the dust of the floor of the Temple, which Jesus did in the sand since there was no trial in the Temple but a summary stoning of the woman. By writing in the sand, Jesus showed these accusers that THEY were not keeping the law, but He would anyway. The Scribes and Pharisees just say she was caught in the act. We do not know who the witnesses were, if there were any. In fact, he could not write her name and her sin in the sand since it is not proven that she was guilty of anything because there was no trial so the only names he could write down were the accusers.

    • Yes indeed. Our 45th President “thinks only of evil and getting what he wants.” That’s why I stand firmly in agreement with Pavlovitz’s words here. But in a way, I’m glad you posted this. When I was part of a conservative church, many people there spoke just like you did here. That’s why I left. And I have found freedom and empowerment as a result of my decision.

    • To Christopher Freeman, the very scenario you describe is exactly what’s happening right now! The minority of America’s population voted for Donald Trump and he and most of the GOP are leading us straight to hell and damnation. We are well on our way to total anarchy and your description of the selfish, self seeking society is a perfect description of those who still support the tyrant who sits in the Oval Office. Please open your eyes and see the truth.

      • Please keep in mind that neither did Clinton win a majority of the popular vote (not that it is relevant because campaigning was not done to that end).

  2. Be Careful not to forget the Ten commandments and the past , what happened to the generations who left god out, and did it thier way.
    Judgement , Gods Judgement for Sin.
    Change, Turn Around , Repair the evil ways of thinking so God can Be God

    • Have you paid attention to the 10 Commandments? Five deal with our relationship to God. Five deal with our relationships with each other. Jesus quoted Torah when He said: Hear O Israel, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength. This is the first and great commandment. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. On these two hand all the law and the prophets. Read closely and look at what Trump represents and what most right wing religious folk represent. A far cry from both….just sayin’.

      • where is the I agree button, or like button
        I agree with this. but god is at work with each one of us to bring us, lead us , teach us different things at different times in our lives.
        as we learn to trust and obey , follow and believe in him, his word, his commandments
        we see , open our eyes, have a deeper committed relationship with him , in spite of what is around us. Free Will Allow s this
        Free will to make good or bad decisions and suffer or reep rewards from those decisions.
        As a child of God we see so many things and get to see the hand of Gods handiwork as we follow him .
        this is great Thought , and gives us, you and me the opportunity to see many views and perspectives from other pt of view .
        does not mean i agree or you agree , but that God is at work in each others lives differently

    • I didn’t know God had a problem being God—and He needs man so He can be God? What kind of God is that?

      I know. I know.

      Clean God. Holy God. God of all who come. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    • Uh… chistopher freeman, do you not know that our God is a B-G god? That judgment is not spelled with two e’s? That their is not “i before e”? That words after a comma, unless a proper name, are not capitalized? That, if you are functionally illiterate, it is highly unlikely you can properly discern the nuances of the Bible? And, most of all: we need do nothing for God to be God. God IS God, no matter what we do or don’t do.

    • “Preach the Gospel at all times. Sometimes use words” attributed to St. Francis of Assisi.

      Attributed to Gloriamarie Amalfitano, “Be the Gospel, live the Gospel, don’t just tell the Gospel because no one will believe that you know the Gospel when it is not expressed in a life of compassion, generosity, gentleness, kindness, and respect.”

  3. I also speak out against Trump and the Christian church that support him because I am compelled to. What he is doing it not normal. The unwritten norms and limitations for the President are being dismantled one by one. I know my community of diverse friends are in potential danger by those who support him. Must I wait until he does something really horrible to us before speaking out? I think that it would be too late by then. I will never accept Trump as a normal president and what is going on is normal.

    • Robin, I am pretty certain Twitter-in-Chief feels much too constrained by the Constitution.

      As for pardoning himself, could we have a more blatant confession of guilt?

      • Dear Gloriamarie Amalfitano:

        Unless I’m much mistaken, our glorious Bonapartist presides not only above both parties, but over the Constitution itself.

        Increasingly, he rules through the military and militarized police by which he surrounds himself, while appealing to the most backward and reactionary social layer found in every community.


        • gdd wrote, “Increasingly, he rules through the military and militarized police by which he surrounds himself, while appealing to the most backward and reactionary social layer found in every community.”

          Well, he has inadvertently admitted to collusion with Russia, wanted to pardon himself which means he is guilty of something, obstructs justice, wants to end free speech, repeal civil rights’ amendments.

          The U S Constitution means nothing to him.

    • Trump will not destroy you, you will do that yourself. Wrong is not right and right is not wrong. Hide and watch as Trump
      does the right thing. The godless evil politician and their followers try hard to sink him but what God annoints he protects.

  4. I think it’s our duty to speak out against injustice and support you in your effort to speak the truth to lies. To remain silent is not an option with The Donald’s affronts to decency. Continue to speak out. I am not offended, but encouraged.

  5. Thank you John for your honest and heart felt response. I pray for our spiritual leaders daily and it is refreshing to see God answering my prayers. Please continue to support our Father’s work and continue with the calling He has given you. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your message. Thank you.

  6. Greetings from Scotland dear Brother. You are one of the bravest men on the Planet just now and it is no accident that you are here at this moment in time. Spirit works in wondrous ways indeed, and it may well be that Donald has been sent to waken us from from our complacent collusion of the subtle injustices and resultant mindsets that became the norm before his inevitable election. There is nothing subtle about his skewed values and egotistic behaviour, and therefor no excuse to accommodate his excesses, or what lead up to them, in his role of “Leader” of the Free World. His Scottish forebears are fair birling in their graves at the behaviour of this wayward son, and we welcome any wise words that will waken him to his latent humanity. Please keep them coming. A’ho!
    Celtic Blessings in Abundance….Maggi Grandmother of the Burning Hearth <3 <3 <3

      • I am a Human Being first Charles and, incidentally, this time round, I was born on that beautiful part of the Planet called Scotland. Having spent many years teaching in Africa, witnessing the ugly side of nationalism, largely in response to British colonialism, I find difficulty identifying with any man-made nation over another with their artificial borders. If all the ‘Scots’ around the Planet came ‘home’ there would be standing room only on these shores. So, I ask myself, how many of you Scots emigrants, who will proudly bear your Clan name and attend your Highland Games clad in your Tartans, vote for someone like Donald and all he stands for? I live by that ancient and sacred Celtic Rule of Hospitality that ‘welcomes in the stranger and makes a friend’! ….And you will ayeways find a jellie piece at ma Glesca door Charles! …..But is that Sacred Rule still adhered to in your Caledonian Communities? And do they honour those indigenous Clans who were there before them?
        If so, I would be honoured to accept your invitation and meet you ‘ben the hoose’!

  7. John, people get upset with you because you preach the Gospel truth. You preach what Jesus taught. You repeat what He said. He was not popular with the religious authorities of his day either because he highlighted their own blindness to human need and suffering.
    Those who are upset with you only hear the Hebrew Scriptures preached, which is fine for historical context, but which is not applicable in the same terms it was thousands of years ago when they were written. Christians are not held accountable for not being observant. Many who cherry pick portions have no idea of some of the really nasty stuff there is in those books.
    Those who are upset with you only hear certain parts of Paul, or what gets attributed to Paul, preached. They forget that Paul was speaking to distinct and individual churches that were trying to survive in hostile pagan cities and towns.
    You preach Jesus’ Gospel truth. You preach about how when we ignore those who are hungry, thirsty, homeless, sick and imprisoned, we also ignore Jesus. (For those in need of a reference, see Matthew 25 toward the end of the chapter.) You preach about Jesus hanging out with the marginalized of His society, the riffraff of His day….those who weren’t so neat and tidy and easy to be around in a religious setting.
    I’m most disturbed by the sheer meanness and nastiness of Trump and his followers. Being mean and nasty isn’t a Christian virtue. Yet every time I turn around Trump et al are trying to be even more mean! I’m disgusted with my own Senator David Purdue’s mean spirited immigration quota proposals. He seems to forget that the hospitality industry in many parts of the country had problems filling jobs in resorts and similar locations. He seems to have forgotten the millions of dollars of crops that rotted in the fields of South Georgia a few years ago because migrant labor stayed away out of fear. No one was trying to take away American jobs….”Americans” would not even apply for this work! Hypocrisy is rampant in this administration.
    Keep preaching Jesus! John you are on the right track. Hold those of us who profess to follow Jesus accountable for the way we treat other children of God. Keep the spirit of the Wild Goose alive my friend. You are doing the work of our Saviour and don’t let those who do not know what that work really is get you down. It’s their problem…..not yours. Hearts of stone have trouble hearing the Gospel. Hearts of love, like yours, soak it up!

    • Very well said Bruce Garner. I totally agree with all you and John are saying. I have a lot of friends and family members who voted for Trump and still believe he is good for our country. It hurts my heart that they can’t or won’t see the kind of man he really is.

  8. John, I love you and your words. I am not sure how you know what is rattling around in this old brain of mine, but you do, and you are able to put it into words that I can’t seem to find. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay strong, keep the words coming, Peace and Love,

  9. My first reaction to the title of this piece was “Did John really have to write it because people in their right minds recognize that there is nothing in Trump to admire?” Then I read it, and yes, it needs to be said.

    Trump has demonstrated over and over that he doesn’t care about anyone except himself. He is the head of a party that doesn’t care about anyone except themselves and their fellow 1%ers.

    He has no policies. He rants on twitter, that’s as close to policy as he gets. He campaigned on what amounts to a promise to return the USA to a time when we segregated against everyone who wasn’t white.

    He and the GOP have embraced evil. Any policies coming from this administration are evil. He and his administration wish to destroy the Constitution.

    He and the GOP have embraced authoritarianism, bigotry, destroying families, fascism, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favour of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

    If you support Trump and the GOP, then you also support their evil and by doing so participate in their evil.

    However, I choose to resist them and you. One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


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    Forgot to check the box in my enthusiasm.

    Is there any way to move the notify box about the post box?

    No need to approve this for the blog.

  11. This encourages me. I took it in a way that you didn’t intend, but it still works for me. I’m a person who’s often misunderstood. Even on the simplest things. I commented on a friend’s Facebook post the other day. I was agreeing with their position and offering my own understanding of their topic as encouragement. They saw my comments completely antagonist and personal. They attacked. I used to have a thicker, tougher skin. I thought I still did. Until a couple of years ago. I don’t know if the world changed or I opened my eyes for the first time but in the last 2 years the world is different from before. The worst part of veing misunderstood, especially in written form, is I fancy myself a writer. I’d like to have a book out by the end of the year. But if I can’t express myself in such a way as to get my point across in a simple FB comment or a blog comment, how can I possibly expect to get it across in 300-400 pages? That’s just a lot more room to muddy the waters. Really struggling to see the point in putting my thoughts out there. Even in this comment. Someone will invariably fine a bone of contention and say so. It’s the world we live in. Can’t say I’m a fan of the world anymore.

    • Todd, I am very sorry that you had such an ugly experience. I am disturbed to read this, “But if I can’t express myself in such a way as to get my point across in a simple FB comment or a blog comment, how can I possibly expect to get it across in 300-400 pages?”

      Now, maybe I bring too much of my own stuff to this sentence of yours, but it sounds to me as if you are admitting that you are the one at fault in the FB communication.

      Have you considered that maybe the other person was not reacting to what you actually said but has his or her own issues and so this person completely misread you?

      Something I’ve noticed here in these comments is that there are people who will go out of their way to distort and twist what someone writes.

    • Todd, I am one of those who [mis]interpreted a friend’s supportive comments about one of my FB’s posts as negative comment . . . and replied with indignation. He reiterated his support and when I re-read his original comment (which was, in fact, supportive) I was embarrassed by my first response. All this to say that often it is how the reader perceives a comment rather than how the writer has written the comment that leads to muddy waters. Please write your book; anyone who believes enough in what they have to say to subject themselves to the rigors of writing a book deserves to be “heard.”

  12. Dear John Pavlovitz and Reader:

    I suggest that we turn to the past for perspective on the social crimes and war crimes committed this and previous US administrations. I suggest that civilization’s obligation toward such be weighed to the measure that these words apply equally to our undeclared warfare against nations that have not attacked us, the diversion of moneys from issues of social necessity to endless military build up, and the international refugee crisis.

    You can go to the 50 second mark skip the prolegomena. By the 7 minute mark, you’ll have heard enough to know how such matters OUGHT to be framed.

    Over to Robert H. Jackson

  13. Precisely! And I promise you, though you likely already know, others do hear you and are encouraged that we’re not alone, because we are hurting people who do find comfort and healing in your words, because we are or know those who feel invisible and we too want them to know someone sees them, someone is standing with them.

    I realize ‘they who must tell you (and us) off’ are not going away, not going to agree, not going to shut up, but they will not “win”. We walk in our shoes, we walk in our faith, we will answer for what we say, do, uphold, or protest. So will they. Therein lies the beauty of them going on record, even with a fake name.

  14. Thank you so much for saying these important words John. I’m a Canadian and a Christian who pulls her hair out when I see other Christians (both American and Canadian) endorse Donald Trump. Like you, I have learned that their awakening to the dangers of this man being in power does not depend upon my how eloquently I can articulate the case. It is inconceivable to me that anyone cannot see this man for what he is, and it is heartbreaking to me when Christians endorse him individually and corporately. You have expressed my pain, dismay, and despair, and given me hope that there are others like me who are trying to balance incredulity with grace.

  15. It is comforting to be reminded that I am not alone in my grave concerns for what Donald Trump is doing to our country.

  16. Dear brother, you are not alone in speaking out and speaking up. I have also come to realize that there will always be those whose own world view/belief system will cause them to be angry at words such as these. You’re right; they will never hear the words, never try to understand why you and I would be saying them, never search their own being to consider what is really true and what is just wishful thinking.
    In some way, the current shenanigans in DC have served to expose the cockroaches. We suspected they were there, we’d tried to live with quietly ignoring them for as much as possible; one roach on the kitchen floor is easily dealt with. But when the walls are opened up and we realize that there are literally millions of roaches? It’s time to move. And to speak.
    It was really nice, to be able to speak of America as “the Land of the Free” and a place for opportunity for all folks. It was a pleasant dream, this “melting pot”, a 240+ year old social experiment that seemed to be doing reasonably well…sort of. Now we know that the reality is far different. Knowing the truth, being awake to the actual state of the nation…we can perhaps do something about it.
    Standing up and saying, “This is not right” (“The Emperor has no clothes!”) is an action anyone can take–and many are taking.
    I left the Christian church more than 15 years ago for my own reasons. I am somewhat abashed to say that I am relieved I got out while the getting was good…so to speak. My parents are deeply Fundamental Christians and I refuse to get caught up in discussions with them about religion OR politics. My mother told me, with great intensity, that Billy Graham had “brought” 45 to Jesus and that 45 “is a Christian”. My comment was that he sure wasn’t acting like it. Her answer? “He hasn’t been fed the Word of God (yet).” She is still willing to let That Man get away with behavior that would have gotten me grounded for the rest of my life, haha.
    Like you, all I can do is to keep talking, to keep sharing my words here online in the various venues to which I have access. All I can do is to keep repeating Jesus’ words–and oh the irony of this Tibetan Zen Buddhist doing so, when I never “witnessed” as a Christian. To me, it doesn’t matter if Jesus was/is all the Bible says he was/is. Whether he is part of God, the Son of God, or just a man–his words are about love, compassion, acceptance, kindness–harmony among people. That’s good.
    Part of the reason I love Barack Obama, especially as President, was for the very reason he was also reviled: “He’s a *community organizer*.” I never have seen that as a “bad thing”. We NEED, so desperately need, someone to bring unity back into our community. We need to stop dividing ourselves into smaller and smaller subgroups, each at war with all the others. All that does is shatter the homogeneous community into ineffectual and angry mobs … leaving us very vulnerable to those who seek to take all the good things (even basic human rights) from the rest of us.
    We’re supposed to be smarter than the rest of the animals. I really doubt that… Imagine if every breed of dog suddenly started to hurt or kill any other dog that was not its own breed–and if all of them turned on the dogs that were ill, deformed, old, feral… Mankind would be freaking out and dogs would cease to exist in pretty short order. (And the cats would rule the Earth, but that’s another story for another day.)
    Even if we kept some specific breeds, they would weaken and start having genetic problems due to the lack of diversity and what has been referred to as “hybrid vigor”. What most people think of as extreme ranges of differences (Great Danes/Chihuahuas; Greyhounds/Sheepdogs; Poodles/Terriers) are in the long run, meaningless because any male dog can impregnate any female dog. Sometimes it just takes a stepladder. Or a willing female. Yes, I have heard of Great Dane-Chihuahua puppies…and we have such terms as “chiweenie” (Chihuahua/Dachshund cross) and “labradoodle” (Labrador Retriever and Poodle cross).
    For all the gods’ sakes, if humans can understand that dogs have intersections in their descriptions, can’t they get it that we can, too?
    I think we can–but right now, the differences between Americans has been laid bare, shown to be major points of anger and hate between far too many. Our eyes have been opened to the reality: we are still small tribes, huddling in the dark and murmuring the magic words designed to bring the sun back in the morning.
    We will fear what we do not know–and so many, many Americans do not WANT to know–and they fear it. Being fearful, they hate those to whom they assign the blame for their fear. There is no logic, to this, so logical discussion has no place for them.
    I despair of ever reaching these fearful, hateful people. But like you, I can only keep standing up and talking about love, about acceptance, about community. I stand with you. Please keep standing up, even when it’s hard. Even when it seems like nothing changes. Even when you are exhausted from beating at the doors of their hearts. We do what we must and when our lives require us to be kind, compassionate, loving…we are kind, we are compassionate, we are loving. No matter what. I thank you for being on the side of Truth, and for being on the side of Love. It is my firm belief that Love Will Always Win. It’s just going to take some time.
    Peace and blessings.

  17. I read every word. Thank you for your empassioned expression. I feel exactly the same as you do about some things, some different things, and some things that are in direct opposition. Thankfully, we live in America, or one of us could be dead.

    Thank you for your heart.

  18. I do not see how The Current Occupant Of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue asymptotically approaches anything to do with the message of Yeshua ha- Mashiach, Jesus the Christ?

    The Current Occupant:
    – lies continously
    – shows no concern with anyone outside of his narrow base
    – seeks to enrich his coffers and that of his family’s
    – panders to Aryan Nationalism
    – alienates traditional allies of the United States while fawning over a Russian strongman; he reminds me of Saruman of Isengard trying to rival Sauron of Mordor
    – manifests sociopathic tendencies
    – attracts the worst sorts to his Administration (Spicer, Bannon, Scaramucci, Conway, Manigault, etc, etc, etc), in addition to forming a kleptocracy of, for and by billionaires

    He throws his base a few bones like a Supreme Court justice, draconian immigration policies, bully mentality to keep Those People (progressives, feminists, minorities in their place) – but, like Scar and the hyenas in ‘The Lion King’, he despises them and is just using them – their pain, their anger over their economic plight

    “Pity the nation whose people are sheep,
    and whose shepherds mislead them.
    Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced,
    and whose bigots haunt the airwaves.
    Pity the nation that raises not its voice,
    except to praise conquerors and acclaim the bully as hero
    and aims to rule the world with force and by torture.
    Pity the nation that knows no other language but its own
    and no other culture but its own.
    Pity the nation whose breath is money
    and sleeps the sleep of the too well fed.
    Pity the nation — oh, pity the people who allow their rights to erode
    and their freedoms to be washed away.
    My country, tears of thee, sweet land of liberty.”
    ― Lawrence Ferlinghetti

  19. John, your words truly take my breath away! You speak with conviction and I greatly appreciate how you form your life’s mission around the heart of biblical social justice. I can’t tell you how much your words mean to me. As the son of a union ironworker (who probably died too young because of exposure to chemicals not regulated by anyone), my heart is likewise with the vulnerable. The heart of Jesus was always with those looked down upon by the powerful. Keep speaking up! You are making a difference in lives. I feel greatly supported!

  20. Dear John Pavlovitz,

    You will never be able to please the fundies or make them understand why you do as you do and say as you say about Mr. Trump. They are unable to see the things you see for one major reason. The evil in this world has blinded them to reality. I see in Trump all the same things you see—and it matters to me. These people are blind John. Satan has blinded them or they have blinded themselves—or maybe it is half-and-half—but for whatever reason, they are blind and unable to see Trump as he really is.

    Chiefly, the center of their blindness is their UNSHAKABLE BELIEF that the election of Mr. Trump was a unique and extraordinary MIRACLE that God performed just for them and them alone on November 8, 2016, to show his pleasure with and approval of Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical thoughts and actions. They believe Donald John Trump is the unique, special, and highly exalted ANOINTED ONE OF THE LORD—AN EXCEPTIONALLY HOLY VESSEL SPECIALLY SET ASIDE BY GOD to save the American fundie faith from destruction; win the culture wars for the fundies; institute fundie beliefs as deeply as possible into government and other aspects of American life (the DOMINIONIST DREAM); restore the nation to some perceived historical state of Strength and Holiness that they believe “once was” in our nation; and punish those American men and women they perceive to be “the enemies of God.” In other words, Trump is viewed by the fundies as a GOD-ORDAINED HOLY MAN on a GLORIOUS AND HOLY MESSIANIC MISSION.

    As long as Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals blind themselves with this overarching fantasy and falsehood they have created for themselves out of thin air, they will never be able to see that Donald Trump is an evil man on an evil mission that is doomed to failure—simply because the elements of his mission are actually against God rather than for God.

    They are unable to see that Satan claps heartily and leaps for joy every time Trump opens his mouth or takes his fingers to Twitter.

  21. It IS hard to read some of your posts, John, but they do speak truth.

    The other truth that is revealed in the responses is just how much we have forgotten, or never learned, about what the idea of America’s founding was based on, and how much our national disaffection with government in general has destroyed our common sense about the good that pragmatic governance brings.
    Trump is like a mirrorball – reflecting back exactly what his supporters feel and see. And in spite of rampant evidence of the destruction that is being wrought by those behind the curtains in front of which he so eagerly stands, his supporters stand transfixed by the reflections and awaiting the deliverance from a world that they can no longer tolerate. For them, as long as Trump remains, the hope of a better world persists. Even if it means the end of the American experiment. Even if it means adding to the suffering they already feel. Only when they can live in a world of their design, not the Progressivist one that has dominated for generations, not the real world – messy, secular, nuanced, negotiative, and ever-changing, will Trump’s supporters remove the blinders and look for the next American Messiah – who, conveniently will also claim to know Jesus.
    It’s worldview uber alles, alas.

  22. Thank your for all you write, John. I think you have a gift and am so glad that you share it with us. You make a difference, and encourage all of us to stand up to change the things that keep us awake at night. These are hard times, and your voice is a light in the darkness.

  23. Dear John,

    Thank you for your brilliantly written, eloquent letter. I’m going to share it with my friends on Facebook.

    You are doing and saying exactly what needs to be said right now. Please know that you have made a huge impact on me and the world.

  24. Thank you. Sometimes I think all Christians are in the service of evil. Then I hear your voice saying Christian things and I know that at least one Christian does his best to be Christlike. The Republicans have taken Christianity and turned it into a vile dogma that perpetuates hatred, fear and evil. It’s good to know that not all Christians have bought their beliefs. Keep up the good work

  25. I was raised in first a Southern Baptist, then Conservative Baptist, church. I have not attended services for many, many (many) years. But if you lived near me I would want to go. Your viewpoint is so much more eloquent than I could ever put into words, but I agree with you 100% and am so happy to see someone “of the faith” express these concerns.

    Thank you.

  26. Have you ever heard or read about morphodite? I used to know such a person. Used to travel with a circus many years ago. Actually it is called Hermaphrodite. It means intersex.
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersex. Transgender?

    • Dear Gracie Gragg:

      Yes. I have heard about this. And as we were required to do more years ago than I’ll admit, I’ve even used the word in a sentence.


      If God made Adam and Eve rather than Adam and Steve, who made hermaphrodites?


    • A transgender person is not an intersex person, if that’s your question. One’s gender is one’s internal sense of maleness or femaleness. An intersex person is one who possesses reproductive characteristics that are not exclusively male or female. These can be physically manifested or in the individual’s chromosomes. These are two independent characteristics of an individual, and easily confused.

  27. John, God has called you as a prophet to call our nation back to the ways that God wants us to follow. I can’t think of any prophet in the Jewish Bible who was not persecuted for their message. Those of us who can’t articulate our feelings as well as you do need you to continue speaking out and calling us back to God.

  28. Thank you so much for writing. I think about your words throughout my week. You are a light shining in the darkness, frankly, and I thank God that there are people as moral and passionate and courageous as you, standing up for what is right. I have my little platform on FB but I only have 600 to 700 friends and most of the time I can’t tell if more than just a handful are reading my impassioned pleas for social justice or civility or saving our environment or any of the things I care so deeply about. I am glad that your words are reaching so many many more people. We need more people like you to stand up and stand out against the anti American, anti Christian ( what I see as christian imperatives to love one another and take care of the vulnerable) and anti women, anti immigrant wave of bullies and abusers. God bless you and your work.

  29. U know…
    Maybe I’ll get back to you. I have read and appreciate your work. I’ve referred several friends to you.
    Be well, stay strong, be kind.

  30. Eloquent, beautiful and definitely very much heart-felt. Thank you for sharing yourself so openly. That takes great courage because it opens not only oneself to repercussions but also impacts those who are attached to and with us. But if your critics deem you to be a bleeding heart liberal, you have just opened your chest to show us all that your heart is not merely bleeding, it is hemorrhaging from wounds that are deep and continue to be inflicted far too often. The saddest part is that the wounds in those for whom you advocate are even deeper.

  31. Thank you so very much for todays message. You give me hope and help me to realize that I am not alone in my own discernment of truth and justice. Thank you for your courage and fortitude to stand for that which stems from love and understanding of truth and justice for all of humanity!
    I too experience the gut wrenching pain of my heart and soul as I watch the deceit and injustices which are engulfing our political system during this time. So very many others are blind and niave as to the evils that are running rampant in our government. This is not so different as the way in which Hitler was able to deceive others into believing that his actions were of right and just causes. This is what frightens me on a daily basis. I pray that our society wakes up and sees what is really going on right before our eyes and that the others who are blind awaken to the truth of love.
    Once again, Thank you Pastor!!!!

  32. Thank you John for sharing your pain. I share it with you. Your words brought tears to my eyes because I see what you see. I grieve for the same losses, injustices, hypocrasies. And i know deep down, we are millions. Even though we cant see what the future holds, we must keep fighting for love and justice. Because silence in the face of such evil is death to our spirits. We were born into this time for a reason.

  33. From “In the presence of injustice …” to “hold on a bit longer,” this is as fine a credo as any I can imagine.
    Thank you. Again.

  34. Thank you so much for posting a positive blog for those of us who did not vote for Trump. Many of my friends are very worried about the way our country is going. It does not seem Christian in any way. I do not understand the support he gets from the Evangelical community. I was a Southern Baptist’s preacher’s daughter. I was very well educated in the teachings of the Bible. I belong to an Episcopal church with liberal views and an outstanding outreach to the poor, sick, homeless, and broken people in our city. What happened to WWJD? I have no understanding of the mega churches. Thank you for giving us your point of view.

  35. All I can say right now is “Thank you.” Today I read that some Trump supporters are calling for a civil war if he is impeached, and I felt my stomach churn. I believe we are truly witnessing the incarnation of evil.

    Katherine Anne Pytleski, M.div.

  36. Love you for your compassion and heartfelt convictions John – without this kind of feeling and warmth there would be little hope left for humanity

    • You want facts? Read the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, the Independent, Der Spiegel, listen to NPR. You’ll get all the facts you could ever desire.

      Or lots of facts here, I invite you to join

      One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


  37. John, This is the first time I have had the courage to comment on your writings. I follow you every day you post and most of the time I fully agree with what you are saying. Keep saying what you need to say and let the others say what they say. I for one will continue to read your column because most of the time you are spot-on in your assessments of current issues.

  38. I agree with much of what you say about Trump and haven’t always greed with your posture towards Trump voters but I am beginning to understand better as I continue to read what you have to say. So thanks John Pavlovitz for saying what is on your heart and mind.

    I came across this quote and immediately thought of you.

    “We are not to simply bandage the wounds of the victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself”
    — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  39. Thank you, John. Once again you utter words that resonate in my heart. I, too, speak out against the evil of this administration because silence is complicit, and I refuse to be complicit in face of evil and the destruction of American liberty.

  40. John, sometimes I feel very alone in my evangelical church. Thank you for saying the words that bring me strength in knowing that I am not alone in this battle against lies, hatred, and injustice!

  41. I definitely support the President of the United States, that’s for sure. He has been in office just barely seven months, and given the attacks that he has endured, he has not done bad at all, and has even seen a historical record with the stock market, etc. As I understand God’s instructions in several passages of Scripture, then I’m obligated to submit to the authority placed over me, and to pray diligently for our civic and governmental leadership, as they serve God’s purposes, though they’re flawed individuals. I see no place where God let’s me off the hook in this regard, so I choose to obey. I support Donald Trump and wish him well and much success as our nation’s 45th President!

    • Eliquis Crawford wrote, “I definitely support the President of the United States, that’s for sure.”

      He hasn’t endured attacks so much as he has acted in an abusive, bullying, childish, irresponsible, lazy, lying, selfish, treasonous manner while committing emolument and obstruction of justice. He is a laughing stock the whole world over and his approval rating is dropping daily. Even members of his own party are distancing themselves from him.

      For example, who here can pass this proposed test?

      Find Out If President Trump Would Let You Immigrate to America
      Lisa Marie Segarra,David Johnson
      Aug 07, 2017
      President Donald Trump announced his support last week for a new “merit-based” immigration bill that would screen visa applicants using a point system.
      The Republican-backed proposal, which would significantly reduce the number of people allowed to legally immigrate to America, would weigh each person’s age, education, English ability, job offer salary, investments and even whether the person has an Olympic medal. The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act, or RAISE Act, favors people between the ages of 26 and 30 with a doctorate, high English proficiency and a job offer with a high salary. Applicants would need at least 30 points to be eligible to apply for a visa under the proposal, and the fastest way to get there is to have received a Nobel Prize or comparable international award, which gives applicants a head start of 25 points. Applicants with the highest number of points would go to the front of the line to receive visas.
      The bill, introduced by Republican Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton, has failed to gain traction beyond the President’s endorsement and is unlikely to pass Congress. But if Trump had his way and it became law, here’s how you would fare if you were trying to immigrate to the U.S. under the restrictions:
      Would You Qualify for Legal Immigration to the U.S.?
      Answer the following questions to find out.

      The test may be found here: http://time.com/4887574/trump-raise-act-immigration/

    • Did you actually hear (i.e. listen to) Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts? If you did and you still support him, I truly feel sorry for you. Would you have supported Hitler if you had been a German? Your “logic” indicates that you would have because the Bible tells you to support the “authority placed over” you. Really. Jesus weeps.

  42. It is rather encouraging to read your blog, and to know that there are many, many Americans ready to stand tall against this insanity. Thank you so much from distant Sicily.

  43. Oh, I want in on this…

    I oppose Trump because of his action in taking the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement. (Actually, I oppose him for many things, but I wanted to just pick one.)

    The climate targets for the U.S. weren’t unfair – we set them!

    By pulling out, we’ve lost considerable leverage on the world stage. Also, unsurprisingly, no renegotiation is forthcoming.

    People are judged by what they do, not by what they say. Trump’s actions demonstrate that taking care of the environment is not something he values.

    • Friendly Guy, we have already gone past the Earth’s ability to restore itself. We have to make drastic changes NOW and this present, evil administration would rather dismiss concerns as they worship at the altar of the god of their idolatry: personal wealth.

      Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report
      By LISA FRIEDMANAUG. 7, 2017

      WASHINGTON — The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years, according to a sweeping federal climate change report awaiting approval by the Trump administration.

      The draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies, which has not yet been made public, concludes that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change right now. It directly contradicts claims by President Trump and members of his cabinet who say that the human contribution to climate change is uncertain, and that the ability to predict the effects is limited.

      “Evidence for a changing climate abounds, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans,” a draft of the report states. A copy of it was obtained by The New York Times.

      The authors note that thousands of studies, conducted by tens of thousands of scientists, have documented climate changes on land and in the air. “Many lines of evidence demonstrate that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse (heat-trapping) gases, are primarily responsible for recent observed climate change,” they wrote.

      The report was completed this year and is a special science section of the National Climate Assessment, which is congressionally mandated every four years. The National Academy of Sciences has signed off on the draft report, and the authors are awaiting permission from the Trump administration to release it.

      One government scientist who worked on the report, Katharine Hayhoe, a professor of political science at Texas Tech University, called the conclusions among “the most comprehensive climate science reports” to be published. Another scientist involved in the process, who spoke to The New York Times on the condition of anonymity, said he and others were concerned that it would be suppressed.

      A link to this troubling document may be found here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/07/climate/climate-change-drastic-warming-trump.html?emc=edit_na_20170807&nl=breaking-news&nlid=18604707&ref=cta&_r=1

  44. Thank you. I come from a Republican family, and I live in a Republican community in a Republican state. Your writing helps keep me sane and connected to God. You, and those who leave comments of support, remind me I’m not alone. There are other Christians like me!

    • Luna Relea, no, you are not alone. There are many of us who will look truth smack in the face and not hide from it. I invite you to another place where you will find many Christians working on the side of the angels to promote social justice.

      One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.


  45. Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.
    Romans 13:7
    The Problem with a arrogant society is No respect, entitled to no end, and the belief that everything should be in agreement with them.
    Well thats not what it takes to run a country.
    you cannot always have it your way
    YOU are not the most important thing in the universe. and Gods love will not protect you from your own self or your wrong choices in life .
    YOou have to decide to be humble, serve one another in love , honor and respect.
    That is a choice.
    YOU will not get everything you want.
    Respect , Honor, Love pass it on
    Teach one another to have it.
    Tell others about it. and take a stand for it.
    God is disciplined and structured and haphazard carefree disrespect wont be tolarated by god,
    The price of Freedom is Respect for other s , not agreement

    • Interesting Biblical quotes since your own president has stiffed more people he’s employed than anyone could ever fully document; filed bankruptcy on more than one occasion and taken advantage of it’s loopholes to write off millions of tax dollars; and freely spent money on himself/his campaign purportedly earmarked for his “charitable” foundations.

  46. John, you truly are a light in the gathering darkness. I’m beginning to despair that the damage that Trump and the GOP are bringing to America will be reversible. But, like you, I take consolation in the belief that when I come to the end of my days on Earth, I’ll be able to say that I fought the good fight in my own small way. And I’ll be able to be at peace. Thank you for being in this time and place – you’re more needed and appreciated than you may ever know.

  47. John,

    I know you know this, but I still think it’s important to say again – you are not alone Brother. Keep being a voice crying out against oppression. You are not alone! There are others trying to make a difference within their own sphere right along with you. Keep up the good fight!

  48. Sometimes courage means standing still. Don’t turn to avoid seeing the reality around you. Don’t look away or run away. Don’t try to change the subject, leave the room, pretend you didn’t hear the question, or claim it is not your responsibility. As difficult as the issue may be, as complex and even painful, face it, even if facing it is all that you feel you can do at the moment. Just stand still and look your life in the eye. That alone takes courage. It is a first step. What comes next you can decide with the Spirit, but at least for now you know the lay of the land. Courage is the honesty to see what is actually there.

    Bishop Steven Charleston, The Episcopal Church

  49. I have a conservative mindset. It is just there, but I sense you are a sincere Christian too, and so with varying viewpoints, I accept you as a brother. And, with that, I open my self up to the searchlight of the Holy Spirit and say: “Deliver me from the sins that so easily beset me, according to what You alone see in me, and reveal them to me. When revealed, cause me to confess them to You for forgiveness and cleansing. As I read and ingest Your Word, renew my mind so that I would walk according to Your Will. Transform my heart to be like Yours, and let me see between the clean and the unclean. Touch my mind, will and emotions so that in those places that are contrary to who You are, I might be changed and aligned to Your Will. In Jesus’ precious Will and Name I pray. Amen.”
    Thank you for presenting an alternative viewpoint that I can seek the Lord about, brother.

    • Thank you Patti and Robin for showing each other respect. I try to hold a tension between both conservative / status quo and liberal / progressive ideologies. I think we need to consider both in order to grow, invent, learn, build, protect and renew our society– so that the Kingdom of God may come.

  50. I hope you don’t mind hearing from a non-christian on your post. I read your words, thoughtfully and thoroughly and on many points I agree with you wholeheartedly. On others, not so much. I agree that President Trump is in many respects seemingly ill suited to the job he has been appointed to. His stances on Women, the LGBT community and the environment are not shared by me. I firmly believe we are killing this planet on a daily basis and it is not only foolhardy to believe otherwise, but dangerous. I believe women and the LGBT community are entitled to the same rights as anyone else.

    Here’s where we differ and why. I believe the number one reason above all others that he won is because of his stance on immigration, and on this point, I do agree with him. Let me explain why. I and I believe many others as well, are afraid of Muslims and I have yet to see one thing or read one story to make me feel differently. It is not that I believe they are all terrorists, but then how do you know? It’s not like they wear a stamp on their foreheads announcing their intentions. And I have to question, if all of these refugees are in fact just innocent victims, then why aren’t the muslim countries taking them all in. Wouldn’t you think they would be more comfortable in an environment more likened to their homeland? One that shares more commonly their beliefs? To be honest, I am not so much afraid for myself, as I am for my granddaughter. I tremble at the thought of her being raised in a society that has so little respect for females. And I am quite sure that others such as yourself that would love to open the doors wide and just let them all in, are convinced otherwise. But I also bet you would never have imagined that something like 9/11 could happen in this country either. As for the non-musims wanting to come here, again, it is not that I don’t sympathize with them, but we have enough of our own who need taking care of, that we need to focus on for at least a while, until this country can get back on its feet again.

    I don’t think President Obama was the worst President we ever had, but even you have to see that we are more divided now racially, then since the civil rights movement. How could I believe in a man who would disrespect our military on one hand and then attend the funeral of a thug on the other. How could I support a woman who clearly had a hand in the massacre of innocent American’s and then could so cavalierly dismiss it as something of little consequence.

    In a perfect world, we would all care about each other, watch out for each other. But let’s face it this world is so far from perfect, that it’s borderline mayhem. People are losing their livelihoods just because they don’t want to bake a cake for a certain type of person. And while I do support the LGBT community, I can’t support that. At best, it’s childish, at worst, it’s despicable. Whatever happened to sticks and stones? Live and let live? I am tired of being made to feel guilty for my Southern pride. I am tired of being made to feel less because I am not of the Christian faith. I am tired of being made to feel lazy because I get food stamps due to a disability. I am tired of worrying about my grandchildren being bullied into suicide because other kids parents don’t teach their children basic decency anymore. I am tired of crying over innocent creatures whose environments are being destroyed on a daily basis, or who are deemed to be a nuisance, or because some sick and evil person enjoys getting their jollies out of torturing them. I am tired of people looking the other way as someone is raped, beaten, murdered. I am tired of guns, nuclear weapons, pollution, crime, little men with big egos, religions who think they are the only ones who count, companies who get rich off the dying, and the list goes on.

    There’s an old saying that charity begins at home, and I just think that the United States of America needs to be practicing this for a while. I am not saying forever. But shouldn’t we clean up our own act first, before we go taking on the world and all its problems. And by no means do I mean turning a blind eye to the world around us, but maybe just setting an example of how to take care of ourselves. Who knows, we could start a trend.

    At any rate, thank you for listening to an old woman who worships a different god, worries about her grandchildren’s future and would like to see the world through rose colored glasses just once before her time here is up.

    • I think Trump was successful in linking terrorism with Muslims, where in fact true terrorist acts have been committed by non-Muslims, Dylann Roof, for example, and linking undocumented immigrants, I will explain why I use that term, from Mexico and Central America with crime. The fears of the people different than his base was all he needed to gain traction in the election.

      The reason I used “undocumented immigrants” because immigrants who come here illegally can LEGALLY apply for asylum and have a right to stay in this country until that process is complete or asylum is granted. I have heard ICE is trying to skirt around this law and may be illegally sending asylum seekers from Mexico and Central America back before their hearings, but confirmation is difficult to find one way or the other.

    • Charlotte, “in a perfect world” folks would not bring their bias into every equation and make ludicrous, broad brush attacks on others.

      Muslims have been in this nation for over a century. Most have assimilated, worked, married, raised families and started businesses just like the rest of us do. Most just want the freedom to worship that Christians, Jews and others want and the same right not to be harassed for their religious beliefs just as folks like you want the right not to be hassled for your lack of same.

      On the whole. you and your granddaughter are much more likely to be hurt by a red-blooded, white American than any immigrant, refugee or Muslim. That is just a fact. Do not let your bias make you say stupid things.

      Sure, you can see that bakers should not have to serve “the gays” but what about when they do not want to serve “the blacks” or “the Muslims” or “the Christians?” Do you really see no problem with refusing business service based on religious beliefs? Can Muslim businesses refuse to serve Christians? Can Jewish businesses refuse to serve Atheists? Where does this slippery slope end?

      If you are “tired of being made to feel guilty,” “tired of being made to feel less,” “tired of being made to feel lazy,” and “tired of worrying” then maybe you need to examine why all of that is put onto you? How innocent can you be if you are so besieged? Could you be wrong?

  51. Because of the feelings you’ve shared regarding President Trump, I’m interested to know your reaction to the following April 4, 2007 Kim Clement prophetic word: (By the way, I didn’t vote for him.)

    “This that shall take place shall be the most unusual thing, a transfiguration, a going into the marketplace, if you wish, into the news media.

    Where Time Magazine will have no choice but to say what I want them to say. Newsweek what I want to say. The View what I want to say.

    Trump shall become a trumpet, says the Lord. Trump shall become a trumpet says the Lord. I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet and Bill Gates to open the gate of a financial realm for the church says the Lord.

    For God said, I will not forget 911. I will not forget what took place that day, and I will not forget the gatekeeper that watched over New York, who will once again stand and watch over this nation, says the spirit of God.

    It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering my name. But God said when he enters into the office, he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit for I shall fill him with my Spirit when he goes into office and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land.

    There will be a praying president not a religious one. For I will fool the people, says the Lord. I will fool the people yes, I will. God says, the one that is chosen shall go in and they shall go in and they shall say, “He has hot blood.”

    For the spirit of God says, yes, he may have hot blood, but he will bring the walls of protection on this country in a greater way and the economy of this country shall change rapidly, says the Lord of Hosts.

    Listen to the word of the Lord. God says, I will put at your helm for two terms a president that will pray but he will not be a praying president when he starts.

    I will put him in office and then I will baptize him with the Holy Spirit and my powers, says the Lord of hosts.”

  52. Just want to thank you, John, for expressing the things I believe, and much more eloquently than I ever could. As a recovering homophobe and drug addict, I’ve only recently been truly aware of life, especially how my words and actions can affect, and hurt, other people. When I read your posts I realize I have a long way to go, but I’m sure I’m on the right road. You’re a good man.

    • Steve, you are prove that miracles can happen. Addiction to drugs and hate must have been the fight of your life. I know many who failed in both. It is good to know you are clean of that.

  53. Thank you for writing so eloquently about the feelings I have too. On a day like today, when I feel so discouraged by the hate, I know that I am not alone. I know that I too must continue to speak out.

  54. I really didn’t have to read the story, another copy/paste of everything else you’ve written. I don’t like Donald Trump, didn’t support him, etc. But I know you wouldn’t like Donald Trump if he cured cancer, and that means this starts from a political perspective. Can you refer me to your articles condemning the previous president for his race baiting and anti-police rhetoric? Crickets. If you won’t call our both sides then you are just another hypocrit.

  55. I wondered where everyone else was that feel as I do. I cried the day he won the election. He is a narcissist. In some ways I feel this is the dark being brought to light. I watch as Republicans which I’ve always been, men we elected to stand up for what we believe disown him when he was losing and nose up his butt becaus he won. It’s clear they are more concerned about there own position then whay it stands for. Paul Ryan comes to mind. It’s so obvious that Trump is a self indulging Narcissistic with an ego that couldn’t allow God guide him.. If you can’t see it you don’t want to.
    Here is my question?? How do we get him out of the people’s house that he has called a dump and send him back to his golden castle.
    Where is that agenda and how do I sign up. America made a mistake and we need to correct it. How do we the people call for his impeachment or resignation. It’s never happened before. Maybe Mueller will find how Russia invaded and got him elected. I’m so done talking about it. How, Who knows how to put action behind words. I like Rex Tillerson but he’s trying to find his way out. Nicki Hailey has done an awesome job. Next he’s going to get us in a war of nonsense. Let him send his boys first. We know the problem, What is the Solution???

    • Run a good candidate against him in 2020. Hint: It would be nice if he or she had some compassion for the unborn. That would be a tremendous advantage in garnering the Christian vote. Many Christians cannot support the injustice done to them.

      Meanwhile, calm down and stop wringing your hands and get on with your life. We made a huge mistake in 2008 as well and we somehow survived it.

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