If LGBTQ People Were Handguns

It’s a real shame LGBTQ people aren’t handguns.

If LGBTQ people were handguns, this President would treat them with kid gloves. He’d be ever so careful with his words so as not to offend them. He’d exercise the rarest of restraint, to avoid angering those who love them; couching his words in every moment, being the closest thing to decent that he ever is.

If LGBTQ people were handguns, Republican leadership would passionately protect them. They’d go to bat for them and talk around the truth for them and legislate every possible way to make their existence easier. They’d bend every rule of law to ensure their safety. They’d forever lobby for their innocence and extol their virtue and steamroll any efforts to control them. 

If LGBTQ people were handguns, Evangelicals would warmly embrace them; they’d justify their worth using the Bible, they’d demand respect for them from their pulpits. Celebrity evangelists would leverage their social media platforms and their local congregations to prove how much Jesus approves of them. LGBTQ people would feel loved around the people of Jesus and welcomed in their gatherings if they were handguns.

If LGBTQ people were handguns, FoxNews would never stop celebrating them. Their endless parade of pundits and would-be experts would come and heap effusive praise upon them; they’d relentlessly attack the brazen celebrities who dared speak out against them, they’d tell those who questioned the harm they were doing—that they were fighting the wrong battles.

If LGBTQ people were handguns, an army of rabid Twitter warriors would descend to come to their defense, shouting down with great passion, any suggestion that they were a danger. They’d advocate for them, flaunt their allegiance to them, they’d speak their admiration loudly for them.

If LGBTQ people were handguns, the flag-wavers would demand they be treated with dignity, they’d protest in the streets that they’re inalienable rights be honored, they’d remind us all that those who served and died for this country—died for them. They’d gather for rallies and walk with them down city streets and they’d openly profess their love for them. LGBTQ people would be fully welcomed in the American story if they were handguns. 

If LGBTQ people were handguns, they’d be treated with dignity. They’d be made to feel treasured. They’d be adored by the people of Jesus. People would allow them around their children from an early age. They’d never have to be in fear or be marginalized or feel threatened, because those in the highest levels of Church and Government would demand they never did.

Unfortunately, LGBTQ people are not handguns they’re only flesh and blood, beautiful, never to be repeated human beings—and so these things are all still a long way off.
They’ll need to wait to be advocated for by our President.
They’ll need to wait to have their worth legislated.

They’ll need to wait for megachurch pastors to risk losing their congregations over them.
They need to wait for the good ol’ boys and the Bible thumpers to openly support them.
They’ll need to wait to be given the simple dignity and respect that now eludes them.

It’s a real shame LGBTQ people aren’t handguns.

More of us would probably give a damn about them right now.

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36 thoughts on “If LGBTQ People Were Handguns

  1. You nailed it! Jesus commanded us to love….and he provided for no exceptions. Maybe some day that message will get through some thick skulls.

  2. John, as a student of human behavior science, I’ve found that those individuals who yell the loudest & most often against LGBTQ are the ones who have indulged in LGBTQ behavior themselves. They have at least experimented in some form of behavior that is different from the norm. Before one disagrees with an idea, he/she had to have agreed to it. And vice/versa. It’s a shame that they’re treated with so much mendacity, as though they’re not humans. I happen to agree with you in this article. Please keep speaking out on these subjects. I thank God for you. Much love to you & your family.

  3. Mr. Pavlovitz

    To me, this is absolutely the best post you have ever written! I wish this could be broadcasted across America.

    With the latest assault by the Justice Department of rolling back workplace protection of transgender employees, the hits keep coming faster.

    President proclaimed himself to be a friend of the LGBTQ. I can’t imagine what would happen if he was their enemy.

    I can still remember the uproar caused by the evangelicals when Kim Davis came under fire for refusing to do the job she swore she would do. So using God will save you from losing your job even when you do not do your job, but being transgender can not save your job even when you are doing your job.

  4. You are bearing false witness against a political group. What a shameful thing and yes i am part of the group that comes under lgtb.

    • I ask myself the same question every time I see Trump and his supporters maligned by the media and the anti-Trumpsters here. I ask myself whey those who are so vocal about accepting others AND their serious sins are so adamant about destroying inconvenient life. You’ve got lots of blood on your own hands, dude.

      Accepting your sins or mine is not to love you or me.

      • Joe,

        I pray always for a time when there will be better options than abortion except in extreme cases. A law that only serves to demonize women will not wash the blood off anyone hands including yours.

        Even making birth control harder to access is only going to increase deaths, mother and child, increase the number of children slipping through the cracks of a broken system, increase the number of children raised by people who have no business near a child, etc. You can tell yourself it won’t but that is not what history tells us.

        Pregnancy related deaths are increasing in this country. Texas has the highest number of pregnancy related deaths, not just in the US, but in the entire developed world. In Texas it is 35.8 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. In Japan it is 5 and in Poland it is 3.

        How does such a thing happen in this country? How many women have to die before it before it becomes an issue? Something is wrong.

        For myself I would never think that my voice should overrule another’s voice on their own body. I wouldn’t even do that to my husband.

        I respect your beliefs. I respect your Church.

        I just cannot reconcile the fact the a Pope or other missionaries will go to a third world country and preach no birth control. Women are raped consistently and children and adults die from starvation and disease daily. How can anyone not want to do something to help and not make it worse? I cannot believe God wants babies to die so horrendously or values a mother’s life less than her child.

        I also do not understand why men who do not know a woman’s body, who have never touched a woman’s body, who have never loved a woman as a wife made themselves the authorities on women’s bodies and sexual matters. Sex was a gift from God to married couples. Gifts shouldn’t come with so many caveats. It is kind of like giving you something with one hand and holding on to it with the other. That is not a gift. That resembles a carrot and a stick.

        Peace Joe

    • Because loving, accepting, inviting, welcoming, encouraging, tending, healing and feeding are the narrow path.

      Hating, judging, comdemning, and dismissing are the broader, easier path. And everybody does it… It’s the way of the world. So it must be okay.

      It is said very few people actually “get” Christ’s heart and teachings. A very many receive Him but want to hang on to themselves, their old competitive, hating and despising ways, so they revert back to legalism with the false assumption they are saved. They find themselves in twice the hell they were in when they started.

      He’s called us to do the uneasy work of loving and inviting and receiving when it’s hard. To remember where we’ve come from… we’re all flawed and forgiven; every one. But there’s hope for all. Called to be salt and light and point the Way… by being living proof rather than dead talkers.

      Because they’ve fogotten Who they follow. They’ve made Him to the likeness of their hatred.

      I’d rather sit next to a help-seeking, door-knocking, heroin-hazed prostitute wearing daisy dukes and 9 inch heels in church on a Sunday morning than some Christians I know. I’d run to her in a second… because we’d have much more in common.

      Because they’veve forgotten that healing and renewal start within. With His compassion and mercy. They think salvation starts with their “you should” instead of fearless “how are you?”

      Should I go on? I don’t know who to feel more sorry for.

        • I love you too Charles. I miss your silly self. You do keep me smiling and chuckling.

          I know JP is going to tire of me soon. I’ll likely be disinvited. My evangelical self is showing. But hey, I’ma loving evangelical Hillary voter and that has to count for something, right?

          I’m afraid I don’t do Heaven and earth well. I’m getting more and more impatient for His coming. Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel lonely? I want to go Home. It seems the worse the earth feels, the more I fill up… As if I could almost just loosen my grip and let go. I don’t do patience endurance well…

          I was remarking to someone just yesterday that everyone is in need these days. Either materially or emotionally or spiritually. I tend here and have to let something go there. I feel inadequate all around.

          Well, I hope you and your family are well. Let’s dine together one day… We’ll come dressed and lift our glasses to the King!

  5. John, I just read “No, Conservative Christians, God Doesn’t Send Mass Shootings” Someone named CKratzer is taking credit for it- it was forwarded by “The Christian Left” On the page many of your letters were offered and attributed to CKratzer. Thought you ought to know.

  6. Speaking of LGBTQ people (and other ordinary Americans for that matter), the Trump regime and the U.S. Department of Injustice issued a policy statement today that, in effect, supports the right of business owners and organizational leaders to discriminate against LGBTQ Americans and Straight Americans based on religion and the religious person’s perception of their “sin condition.” They are calling it a stand on behalf of religious freedom for religious people (Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and conservative Roman Catholics). However, anyone with half a brain knows that this announcement and policy is REALLY about passing out a “free license” to discriminate against and persecute LGBTQ Americans, American women who use contraception in family planning, and assorted sinners. However, you LGBTQ people, fertile women, and ordinary American sinners DO NOT have to just sit and take this abuse. There are some things you can do to fight this. I summarize those things on my blog at the following safe link:


    Don’t take this lying down people. This is religious bigotry and hatred at its vilest. Fight back!!!

  7. Nice metaphor about the LGBTQ and guns, John. I browse your blog daily. I enjoy most essays that bite with sarcasm. Deeply rooted childhood lessons on total depravity have left their measure of jade on my soul. My favorite? Strangers forming a human chain to save a stranded motorist during Harvey in Houston. No committee meetings, just immediate action to rescue a stranger.

  8. These are People who Jesus Christ Died For and has paid the price for thier sin, yours, Mine.
    There are No exceptions with mankind.
    The Choice is Yours , Repent , Change , Run From those who lead you to sin, and rebellion from God
    or Take the consequences Yourself.
    Except a person be born again they cannot see the kingdom of heaven . Change, reborn , fleshly to spiritual.
    This means Washing off the old and putting on the new life.
    Changing ones life so it follows Gods ways, Holy Ways, the way of life that does not seek the passion of the flesh. or the self gratification of the flesh.
    That is right , YOU can only see heaven when YOU have decide for yourself , not others , You have decided NO matter what the cost to follow, trust, believe in the one and only savior , Jesus Christ , Gods Son who Died for all.
    This is not about lbgt or any other movement
    This is About YOUR eternal future.
    God states clearly thru out history, the bible , and many other manuscripts how you should live.
    YOU have to deny worldly passions, fleshly desires, mans ways of thinking and follow God.
    Cry out to God to open your eyes, Follow the Bible , Seek out Truth, stay away from people who would lead you to hell thru thier actions and false ideologies
    Seek Holyness and a new life , a new family , and new way of living.

    • You write holier than thou. I am Christian, believe in God the Father,His Son dief for mine and your sins. Jesus commanded ‘love your neighbor ‘. I will keep you in prayer.

  9. The lgbtq are a threat to christian dominance, period, and they will never be protected by a bible that clearly doesn’t respect them either.

    To respect the lgbtq would mean that the church also has to revisit it’s treatment of women and minorities and it’s not going to do that either, because the bible doesn’t evolve and they too threaten the power and authority of the church.

    • The way I see it, LGBTQ people themselves are not a threat to Christian dominance. Some church leaders are using the existence of LGBTQ people to generate fear among their followers and then, from that fear, generate cash. It’s a tale as old as time.

      As for the Bible disrespecting LGBTQ people, it doesn’t mention LGBTQ people although perhaps there may be some veiled references, even those don’t say anything disrespectful. If you are finding disrespect in your Bible, your copy may be a bad translation.

      I am in wholehearted agreement with your last paragraph. My further thought on what you said is that power and authority should not represent the church; prayer, belief, thoughtfulness, and caring for others (ALL others) should.

  10. After finding out that about 14% of LGBT’s actually support Trump and Pence, I have decided that nobody deserves my trust. I have never been so betrayed in all my life.

    • Taylor, I’ve been following US politics since Carter and I have found that about 30% of the people I talked to would vote for a wet stick if it that stick was from the “right” party. 14% support of Trump from any group means an unpopularity that is amazing.

    • I hear what you are saying Taylor, but if I were you, I would not kick myself with it or be too concerned. A similarly small percentage of people will line up at the voting booth to vote for the candidate they know will institute economic policies that will result in them losing their jobs. Indeed, if you were to take a random survey of 1,000 people and ask them the one question” “Should I shoot my beautiful, healthy puppy that I just bought for $500?” I would bet that 5 percent would say “yes” and 14 percent would say “I don’t know.” My point: There are a lot more really strange and not-too-bright people out on the American landscape than you might think, and you cannot allow their aberrations to get you down or run your life. Be of good cheer. Jesus knows who they are, and he has overcome both them and their bizarro worlds.

    • Being gay doesn’t mean you can’t be totally naive and even prejudiced and down right ignorant and doesn’t mean you can’t vote against your own interests, like many Christians do, even if they aren’t rabid social conservative evangelicals. Gays that supported Trump and accused Clinton of flip flopping on gay marriage to suit her political aims, didn’t understand that Trump was more than capable of doing the same.

      Gays also didn’t see that the Christian Right owns Trump no matter what he thinks personally. They also thought Pence would evolve. Apparently they didn’t bother looking in to Pence’s christian right affiliation and his background on gays.

      I mean come on people, the christian right’s agenda against gays isn’t a secret, even the christian right knew enough to keep it under wraps as much as possible until they had the power to achieve their goals.

      Now they have the power and we gave it to them.

      All we had to do as Americans was to pay attention to all aspects of politics and religion to know a major storm was coming. but we are too busy living our lives, while politicians lied to our faces and that still didn’t motivate us to pay attention. Many of us were so sure Clinton would win we didn’t even bother to vote. A decision that has consequences that will be felt for years after Trump is out of office.

      Look to see what is going on behind every distraction the president creates. And find a new set back for the lgbtq community. Not to mention set backs for every other Group the Christian Right seeks to dominate.

      When Trump couldn’t even say lgbtq with out difficulty you should have known he didn’t give a rat’s A$$ about them.

      Meet the LGBTQ Voters Who Backed Trump

      Those gays that voted for Trump should be quite sick to their stomachs about now. Some had a wait and see attitude not knowing that the appointments to the supreme court in this country would bury all hope for them for decades to come. That’s if they aren’t still in denial.


      This article does a very good job of explaining what the american voter has to look forward too.


      During his campaign, Trump offered conservative evangelicals a deal: help him take the White House and he would make them more politically powerful than ever before. They took the deal, urged voters to overlook his glaring character flaws, and helped put him in office. Trump’s conservative Christian cheerleaders have told him repeatedly that he is on a divine mission and that God intervened in the election. Religious right leaders upheld their end of the deal and delivered an overwhelming majority of white evangelical votes to Trump. Now he’s upholding his end by giving them more than they might have expected even from a President Pence.

      I used to have so much hope for this country. I spent long hours trying to convince people how important a vote is, not just in a general election but in mid terms. I tried to warn people about the Christian Right and it’s decades long fight for political power and dominance.

      But no one paid attention thinking the christian right was just a bunch of oddballs that would never gain power in this country. Even posted links to the christian rights own words and still few took them seriously.

      They took advantage of that apathy and filled seats in every state with hard right social conservative evangelicals.

      We ignored them even when they said antiquated and hideous things right from there positions of power and still thought they were the minority in government.

      They took advantage of our naivete and won big time.

      I’m old, the christian right can’t take anything from me, and I won’t see the worst of what they have planned for this country. But i feel for the young that still have no idea who they are, and don’t have a clue that they are running this country right now. NOT TRUMP.

  11. This is NOT a question of power , control, or any other thing other than sin, rebellion, truth, Gods Holiness.
    Treat ( NOT)
    Sin ( Yes)
    God is Holy and cannot dwell with Sin.
    Watch out that you dont get in the way of Gods Judgement on sin, and rebellion against Him by mankind .
    Fear God , NOT man
    Keep His Commands and live in peace
    Disobey and suffer Consequences

  12. I think that the current uproar against policies perceived as supporting the LGBTQ communitiy by christians is the unfortunate result of a complacent idea that a good citizen is a necessarily christian citizen, or at least one with christian beliefs. Jesus said that if his kingdom were of this world, his followers would fight (against the policy that allowed him to be arrested), but since it was not so, they would not. The state should not be shackled by obligation to christianity, or any religion for that matter. The state’s only obligation is to the citizens of the state, irrespective of who they are.

    Am I a christian? Strongly and unapologetically. Do I believe that the LGBTQ community are in right standing with God? No. But that isn’t remarkable. I also do not believe that abusers of women and wife beaters are in right standing with God. Will I denounce the acts? Absolutely. How will I treat them? I hope to get to the point where I would love them as absolutely as Christ loved me while I was in sin and he died for me. Do I believe that there is deliverance for them? YES. Do I believe that deliverance can be found in policies that discriminate against them, and limit their basic human rights? ABSOLUTELY NOT. There is salvation in no other place except the name of Christ. WE CANNOT LEGISLATE RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    The responsibility of the state is to protect ALL its citizens, regardless of colour or sexuality or religious ideology or lack of. If we christians forget that the LGBTQ community are also human beings, in sin, yet worthy of respect and love, then we might not have an accurate picture of what exactly Christ saved us from and how he did it. You do not cut off a person’s nose, then give him a rose to smell.

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