You Don’t Get to Support Donald Trump and Be Outraged at Harvey Weinstein

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Based on the stories that continue to surface from women in Hollywood, film producer Harvey Weinstein bears all the markers of a serial predator; a man who for years, appears to have exploited his considerable power and position to take advantage of vulnerable women for his own pleasure. If the allegations and the surfaced recordings prove true, they’re as sickening as it gets; a violation of any measure of human decency and humanity. 

Weinstein is now rightly experiencing the consequences of his allegedly abhorrent behavior. In the wake of the revelations, he was fired from his company, his wife announced she is leaving him, and he’s faced a torrent of social media outrage. This is how we’re supposed to treat predatory behavior. This should be the fallout of exploitation and sexual misconduct. Those who advocate for sexual assault victims should be shouting for Weinstein’s head from the rooftops. 

But there is a sanctimonious choir seeking to add their voices to the film producer’s condemnation right now, who have no right to include themselves: fierce, passionate, steadfast defenders of Donald Trump.

Rewind twelve short months, as video surfaced of the then Presidential candidate saying the most explicit, vile things about women; bragging of forced affections, of sexual advances on married women, of the human spoils of power and fame he reveled in. At the same time, stories of several women surfaced, with accusations of their sexual assault by his hands.

And yet a month later, even with recorded revelations, even with Trump’s own damning words, even with the gathering storm of alleged victims—these same people rewarded him with their vote and with the Presidency of this country—and they remain unapologetic in it. They have relinquished any professed moral high ground. Their weeping and gnashing of teeth is fraudulent; their righteous indignation laughable—especially given their recent and current bedfellow.

Weinstein is now facing the fallout of his alleged behavior as that behavior is coming to light to the general population. He is being retroactively punished for past misconduct (as he should be if these stories prove true). Regardless of whether you believe those decrying it now; those terminating and abandoning him are doing so out of public pressure—they are doing it. The last thing they’d do is campaign for him for public office. No one with scruples would cast their vote for him.

Revelations about Donald Trump surfaced well before the Presidential election, and 62 million Americans armed with this information—summarily responded by elevating him to the highest position of leadership in this country. They chose the “grab them by the p*ssy—move on her like a b*itch” dude. Their vote then nullifies their outrage now.

Men who use their position and their power to violate other human beings are a cancer, and they should be ostracized and exposed and unequivocally damned. This is isn’t about defending Harvey Weinstein or the behavior he is accused of. No one with any sense of decency is doing that. I’m certainly not. The allegations surrounding him are egregious and fully sickening, and they merit condemnation and decisive response. As a person of faith, as a father sure, but also as a human being just seeking to be a productive participant in civilization, the things Weinstein is purported to have done make my blood boil and turn my stomach—but them again that is my reaction to such things wherever I see them.

Supporters of this President don’t get to now loudly call for Weinstein’s head, while simultaneously championing Donald Trump with equal vigor, while choosing to explain away everything in his recent past, while vilifying his alleged victims. They don’t get to claim care for the well-being of Weinstein’s’ accusers, after having placed the lives of hundreds of millions of women and girls in the legislative hands of a man whose character, track record, and body of work show an equally stomach-turning contempt for inherent worth of women. This kind of inconsistent ethic of victim advocacy is the height of hypocrisy.

At this point, based on the accusations and the evidence, Harvey is correctly becoming a pariah in the public eye; a man forever marked by his mistreatment and violence toward women. Right now, given the allegations surrounding him, and his own words—Weinstein has nowhere to go.

His only viable option right now might be to fire off a hasty apology, state his opposition to abortion, his love of handguns, to claim he’s found Jesus—and then run for the Republican nomination. Maybe a few short years from now, 62 million supposed advocates for women, will slap his name on their hats and bumpers, and claim he’s making America great again.

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48 thoughts on “You Don’t Get to Support Donald Trump and Be Outraged at Harvey Weinstein

  1. As Christians we are asked not to judge, but it’s very hard in both their cases. To all women everywhere: I apologise for the insane and hormonal and indeed JUVENILE behaviour of Trump and Weinstein.

  2. Ha Ha, nice try at shifting the blame from this Liberal misogynist, supported by the Obamas and the Clintons.

    Yes I do get to be outraged about Weinsteins’s sleazy and probably illegal behavior and I still get to support Trump.

    I was outraged by what Trump said on a RECORDING over 10 years ago. I would not be supporting him now if that behavior were manifesting itself while he is President (as happened with Bill Clinton).

    If a meteor hits a city, you’ll find a way to work Trump into the discussion and use it as an excuse to vilify him.

    I don’t want to be a part of your “smaller table.” You’re all stone throwers and cry babies.

  3. Heavenly Father,

    You are Almighty God. We humble ourselves before You.

    You say, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

    We get on our knees and turn to You to heal our lives and our land. We submit ourselves and our homes to You in entirety.

    We submit the USA to You in entirety. The USA submits to Your authority. We submit our schools, courts, government and military to You.

    We resist the devil:
    • Attacking our children at schools with lies and deceit – lies of evolution, abortion, fornication and homos*e*xual sin.
    • Corrupting politics; we want righteousness not corruption.
    We resist all sin and the devil.

    May Your Kingdom come and may Your will be done.

    In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  4. This blog makes absolutely no sense. I’m no supporter of either of these guys, but your leap here is nothing more than a weak attempt at killing two birds with one stone. If you want to compare Weinstein to Trump by all means draw the comparisons. You however are choosing to use this issue to once again complain about Trump supporters for some odd reason. Unless you specifically point out these hypocritical Trump followers who are lashing out at Weinstein, you are doing nothing more than conjecture for the point of writing a dramatic blog and expressing your hatred of those following Trump. This is as ridiculous as someone writing this same blog and substituting Bill Clinton voters in for Trump voters based on the fact that surely some of those calling for Weinsteins head must have also voted for Bill after the Lewinsky scandal. You’re reaching way too far here to make a weak point John.

  5. It’s not moral outrage. It’s political. Trump supporters are merely gleefully pointing out the fact that, “Look, you liberals are just as bad and nasty as you claim Trump is!”
    That may be, but I’m not attempting to justify Weinstein’s behavior, like you are still doing with Trump, excusing every abhorrent thing he does.

  6. I believe our President has exhibited a different kind of behavior than Weinstein, Ailes/Fox News, etc. and even Clinton. They were part of the nasty little secrets club. Our President, however, was loud and proud his whole adult life, as anyone can check out his words on Radio, Television, Magazines and any other media outlet that allowed him to perform. Trump is more in line, except more extreme, with some rock stars, stars, and athletes. While they might have bragged about their adventures with the opposite sex, many have since shown remorse and embarrassment of their youthful transgressions and excesses.

    Our President shows no such self reflection. I do not understand why people keep acting like the “Access Hollywood” tape was a one time event. There is plenty of evidence that the whole world was Trump’s locker room for 50 years. Just as there is plenty of evidence of Trump’s disastrous work ethic or lack thereof.

    What is it about some men and wealth or power? I love men – my husband happens to be one as are each of my sons and many of my friends. I came in contact with hundreds of men on the job. I can count on one hand the ones that were creepers or jackasses. The majority were good honest hard working men who constantly showed their love and respect for their wives and women in general. They were never ashamed to do so. To me that is what makes a man.

    The real difference in regards to Trump is that he was elected President and he glories in his powers (real and imagined) over others to crush, malign, destroy, and take away rights of the citizens of the country he demeans constantly. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” has never seemed so relevant. That he uses religion and patriotism as props to is despicable.

  7. John, once again you are correct. A person cannot be outraged at Weinstein and still support Trump. The two men are identical in their treatment and views of women. Both men see us as objects, things, not people.

    If anyone dares to utter words of support for Trump, then that person is someone with a serious case of cognitive dissonance. However, I am sure my words will be ignored by people like that because for one, they don’t know what the words “cognitive dissonance” mean and will not know how serious a mental disorder that is.

    Secondly, they won’t care because all support Trump see a reflection of themselves in him and because they see themselves in him, they won’t care that what they are looking at is authoritarianism, bigotry, denial of climate change, destroying families, destruction of the planet and God’s creation, discrimination, fascism, global warming, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, nonpartisanship, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favour of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, treason, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia. They won’t care that they are looking at evil.

    Of course, they also see a reflection of themselves when they read John P’ words. They don’t like that reflection because they do see that evil and they quickly thrust it under the rug of denial.

    One way to fight the evil that is Trump and the GOP is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.

  8. AMEN on that!!! But you know what they are going to say. Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Trump are different. President Trump is the “Anointed One” of the Lord. The new Cyrus. A Holy and Special vessel set aside by the Lord to do his unique will and save Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism by restoring us to the great heights of power and glory we held in the early 20th century when we controlled America. When we said “jump” back then, America jumped. When we said “sit down” back then, people sat down. When we said “shut up,” people shut up. We want our precious and greatly deserved power back—and Mr. Trump is going to get it for us. And boy oh boy, are we ever going to come down hard on all you liberals, progressives, and apostate Christians.

    Dream on fundie idiots!!! President Trump was put into the White House to bring shame and discredit on Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism–=as part of God’s plan to destroy your corrupt, lie-filled fundie belief system and reform the American church for the 21st century. Enjoy Trump while you can—because he will be gone from office via impeachment and trial in the U.S. Senate or by resignation. Robert Mueller already has his number, and the charges will be coming soon. Bob Corker and the other Republicans in the U.S. Senate see Trump for what he really is—a clear and present danger to the United States of America that MUST be removed from office soon—that is if we avoid or survive World War III.

  9. John, you don’t get to play Dodge ball when it comes to liberal sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein and Hugh Hefner. Neither one of them is Worth anything, and Hefner is in eternity regretting his perverted choices. Even as one who DID NOT vote for President Trump, he is nowhere near the pervert that Hefner was, and nowhere the woman abuser that Weinstein and Bill Clinton is, present tense. Why haven’t we heard from the liberal talking heads about these perverts? I just learned that Harvey Weinstein is on suicide watch. Hillary and Barack took his money, but will they give it back?

  10. So who are these Trump voters who are criticizing Weinstein? What tack are they taking? You rail against them without giving any specifics. I think your rant would be more effective if you could show us how some people work out these apparently contradictory positions.

  11. John, thank you once again for cutting to the heart of this whole sordid matter. As always, the hypocrisy of conservatives and Republicans is mind-boggling, but never more so than now. And thank you for being such an eloquent voice for so many of us. You’re a rare gem.

  12. It’s ironic that almost all the stories about Trump would come out just months before the election, yet happened years before. I’ll bet that if he wasn’t President a lot of people wouldn’t even care. I know that I don’t care at all about Mr. Weinstein and his situation. If he’s done something that’s against the law, then he should be held accountable for what he’s done and possibly make restitution. I’m trusting in the system and those who are in charge to do what is right for those who need justice. I’m willing to do my part when called to do so.

    If justice is what we all seek, we must then all be on the same page and be willing to call out what needs to be called out, even if it happens to someone whom we admire. You can’t have it both ways.

    I have no doubt that our President has had some questionable encounters with women in the past, but you must remember that there were two candidates in the running for office of president. Even though one may have had questionable encounters with women, the other has not shown herself to be a saint in the least. Lest not we forget the list of people who ended up dead who had close personal business dealings with the Clinton’s. Lest not we forget Benghazi and the questionable circumstances that surround that event. Lest not we forget the Clinton Foundation and its dealings.

    As dreadful as sexual harassment is, murder and high treason carry the greater punishment in our courts. Let’s not forget that.

    If you are crying out for justice Mr. Pavlovitz, then let’s have it. Let’s have it for everyone to the same degree.

  13. Eh, not really, when the person Trump was running against was the enabler-in-chief of worse behavior than either Trump or Weinstein is accused of, not to mention a supporter of her closest aide’s husband, who has actually been convicted of far worse behavior than all three! We can rest assured that had Hillary been elected, none of this would’ve ever come out, so we who elected him did all of Weinstein’s putative future victims a favor.

  14. Well John welcome to the party. Women have experienced this treatment by men for centuries and for many we have accepted it as a way of life. Trump is just one of countless men who have misused their gender or position to marginalize and abuse women. I voted for Trump bacause I hoped it would shake up our legislators and on religious grounds related to abortion. I am not proud that I voted for a man of such questionable behavior, but frankly it is hard to find a decent male in politics today. Ego is a big motivator to enter politics and other power jobs which leads to them using their positon to exploit others.

  15. So let’s grant you your position that those who supported Trump cannot speak out against Harvey Weinstein. I propose to you that Hillary Clinton supporters do not get to speak out either due to her history. If you will recall, Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, and he had an affair in the Oval Office. Hillary stood by and not only knew that these things happened, she verbally attacked and maligned many of these women while “standing by her man”. Again, I am not arguing against your statements about Trump. I just think you are forgetting that Hillary is not clean in all of this either.

  16. This is one of the most irrational articles I have ever read. You are relating President Trumps “comments”, to multiple women who have come out and accused Weinstein of rape and molestation. Please tell me how those are the same? Then you have the audacity to tell me how I have no right to support my President and also be outraged by Weinstein. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are so out of touch with reality. First off…I will never support a predator…nor will I accuse a person of being a predator until they are judged by our judicial system and proven guilty.
    By the way…I was outraged by President Trumps comments AND I’m outraged by Weinstein actions. Hollywood has a deep-seated issue with sexual molestation. Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, etc.
    “Men who use their position and their power to violate other human beings are a cancer” So….I assume you do not and have never supported Bill Clinton, or his wife Hillary Clinton?

  17. I just have to add something here since we are talking about inappropriate behavior. – something that has stayed with me since last year. At the Republican Convention after kissing his wife on each cheek and holding her by her upper arms, Trump went to his daughter and greeted her by putting his hand either side of her hips and left them there.

    I may be vanilla but I am not a prude. If that act bothers no one else, that just amazes me. Men, if you do not get it, is that the way you greet your daughters? All dads I have seen give a full body hug with arms all the way around the back.

    Men, imagine yourself at 35 or any age and your dear old mom greets you with her hands on your hips – and leaves them there – sort of like parenthesis for your man parts.

    I think that whole thing is cringe worthy and has a ick factor off the charts. I cannot get that image out of my head. That whole family is inappropriate. He hasn’t done it in public since that I have noticed. Maybe one his handlers told him if he does it again someone might actually want to arrest him for being a pervert. Of course if he can shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose a vote what is a little perversion by rich guys. In America we make them President.

    I honestly have not seen the tenderness or adoration between our President and his wife that we have witnessed in other Presidents and their wives. He did shake her hand once though.

  18. In your own words: Men who use their position and their power to violate other human beings are a cancer, and they should be ostracized and exposed and unequivocally damned.
    I agree wholeheartedly. I’m just very confused because I was outraged when President Bill Clinton took advantage of Monica Lewinsky, while as President, in the Oval office. At the time I had friends tell me it did not reflect on his presidency. Again, I am just so confused…there is no consistency…it’s all political…including your comments. Very very sad.

  19. And what of Bill Clinton? He ridiculously engaged in sexual harassment and his wife later made it impossible for at least one of those women to lead a productive life in this country. Those in glass houses should not throw stones.

  20. If you think the two situations are even close to the same you don’t have the right to own a blog… dumbest thing I ever forced myself to read… three minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

  21. Hey asshat, you doint get to tell us what we can or can’t do, you don’t get to dictate who we support, you’re a hypocrite and your opinions are irrelevant and you have zero credibility! You limp wristed liberals love Willy Clinton, the lecherous pig who raped several women and seduced interns, making him far worse than Trump, Cosby or Weinstein! And you also seem to forget the allegations against the President were either retracted ir proven to be false so kindly take your typical liberal hypocrisy and shove it firmly up your ass.

  22. To pass moderation censorship:
    Hey John, you don’t get to tell us what we can or can’t do, you don’t get to dictate who we support! especially considering the fact that you’re a hypocrite which make your opinions irrelevant and giving you zero credibility! You limp wrist liberals love Willy Clinton, the lecherous pig who raped several women and seduced interns, making him far worse than Trump, Cosby or Weinstein! You also seem to forget or are choosing to ignore that the allegations against the President were either retracted or proven to be false and I would suggest you spend more time being seen and not heard, mmmkay? Thanks so much.

  23. By that logic you don’t get to be outraged and be a Clinton supporter, or need I remind you about the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski debacle.

    Trump might have said some things, but Clinton actually DID it. So kindly take your hypocritical nature, and kindly stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. (Oh I forgot, that doesn’t count when it’s “your guy”)

  24. The person running against Trump is married to a serial predator. Everyone knew what he was doing – and in the White house. Why does he get a pass? By the way, I am no fan of Trump, just wonder why Wily Willie remains unscathed after all accusations regarding his behaviour.

  25. It’s the hypocrisy Trump supporters are most outraged by, that so many of these very same Hollywood people decrying Trump knew about one of their own doing the same thing but

  26. The two women who spoke against Trump were found to be lying. Your not telling the truth on this. Do I believe he was a rich, arrogant playboy who beaded multiple women? Yes. But it doesn’t seem to be who he is now. But let’s not talk about JFK, Bill Clinton and Hillary (who did nothing but publicly support, defend him).

  27. We Catholics who practice and practiced our faith were not happy with Obama and his support of abortion or his pushing of contraception, however, we were not obsessed with him and he was not the basis of our belief system.

    For a pastor, you don’t seem to talk much about Jesus and love of neighbor (unless they are gay), but instead focus on hating one man and possibly also his supporters.

    We prayed for Obama and that his heart might be changed, but he was very far from being a focus of our attention, which was on our own sins. You might think about that, your own sins, the sins of your followers, and what you need to do to make it to Heaven and to avoid Hell. Hating Trump will not get you there.

  28. The logical fallacy of false equivalency is lost on John P. Trump did not associate himself with an industry that preached to us about women’s rights and claimed they were champions of equality for woman while hiding and enabling this predator. The outrage displayed by Trump supporters is at the hypocrites of the Hollywood left (and ‘persons of faith’ like him, really what or whose faith?) who hid for decades years of abuse and openly praised Weinstein – calling him God while condemning Trump for alleged similar actions.

    Trump voters knew the accusations against him were politically timed, weak and untenable and blown out of proportion by the press. They recognize he’s human and never presented himself as a saint with the moral posturing typical of many liberals. They don’t need your sanctimonious bile and unsupported accusations. Trump voters recognize hypocrisy and are right to be angry.

  29. Apparently everyone connected to Hollywood knew about Harvey Weinstein’s “problem” with his “sexual addiction”. The world-be actresses who tried to tell people about it were either threatened, paid off, or shamed into silence. The established actresses didn’t want to lose their careers. The celebrity journalists didn’t want to lose access to celebrity’s dirt. Weinstein was that powerful in Hollywood.

    It is the same story over and over again. Men like that are rarely taken to task for their rapes and when they do they either escape justice, or even get elected to high offices, while the women and men victims pay the price. You would think a man doing this would not have the support of millions but you would be wrong.

    The only hope we have is to teach our sons that men and women are equal, that women need to be treated with respect, and her consent is always vital.

  30. 1. Donald Trump is a pig.
    2. Harvey Weinstein is a pig.
    3. Trump supporters/conservatives who are morally outraged by Weinstein’s rape allegations and sexual harassment but give Trump a pass on his decades of misogyny and sexual harassment are hypocrites.
    4. However, as much as I stridently agree with the content of this blog, the logical framework by which you deployed it is the embodiment of the Tu Quoque fallacy…..e.g……

    Dad in Beastie Boys Fight for Your Right Party: you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes; It’s bad for you.
    Ad-Rock/Mike D: But you smoke 2 packs a day. How can it be bad for you?

  31. Actually you don’t get to hand Harvey off to republicans. They have issues yeah but this complete denial of these issues existing in demoncrats is why trump won. Can’t look at your own shit can you? I wonder why all of Hillary’s friends have sex issues with minors and attacking young women and trying to move young children around. & btw trump is her friend. Maybe it’s b/c birds of a feather… SO NO their vote does not nullify shit. When looking at 2 perverts running you factor in other stuff like which is the bigger warmonger or con & surely you can’t still think her foundation does any actual good. (Psst it’s just a front for laundering money & selling guns and getting Monsanto in the door of poor developing nations)…. And you must have noticed how she salivates when thinking of killing (we came we saw he died hahahaha, – Hillary, It take 4 min from when I say so to nuke the world, Clinton). Next time don’t run a corrupt as F warmongering snake & don’t block access to debates to third parties & we won’t be forced to use a sad clown gameshow host con to stop them. This is a waste of time. Using your energy to somehow try and pawn this guy off on the other side. They both are gross but actions btw are worse then words. Meanwhile the democratic leadership in their infinite wisdom of learning how to cheat better just moved California way up on the primary schedule b/c once they cheat there it’s in the bag- they will NOT let another Bernie through. Also do you hear ANY talk of making ballot hack proof ? any talk of paper countable ballots? a paper trail that can be verified? what eves. get over yourself and your stupid reasons of equating all stump voters as morons maybe you are the idiot who can’t see the bigger picture…

  32. Sorry, this to me is the childish equivalent of ” But he started it!”
    When the alternative was Hillary ( Stand By Your Man) Clinton?
    All of the above and yes, Trump’s trash also – NOT acceptable in any civilized society!

  33. Who are you to judge anyone? President Trump is a human being just like you. He has said stupid things and been sorry for them. Since when are you his judge and jury. We voted. He won. Don’t be a damn fool. Who do you want running this country, Hillary? Wake up who ever you are. We’re all reaping the benefits of all Trump’s pluses so stop complaining. Thousands of new jobs, stock market at it’s highest in decades, coal miners back to work. So many good thing are happening, but no one wants to give Trump the credit. Wake up!!

  34. So the fact that Trump’s comments were about consent – and Weinstein did not wait not ask for consent – doesn’t matter? Remember in Trump’s taped conversation his first story was trying to get a married woman to sleep with him and he said “I failed” because she didn’t consent. Then he states that because he was “a rich celebrity women LET me do whatever I want”. Everything he said in that taped private conversation explicitly stated that the women had the authority to consent. And that was what made it so threatening to Liberals, the fact that strong, beautiful and intelligent women do make the choice to pursue and accept advances from sexually aggressive males. There is a VERY big difference between being a sexual person and a sexual predator. Our President is NOT a predator. Harvey Weinstein IS a predator. You need to get over your anti-woman bias that states that women can only be victims and not have autonomy or make those types of choices; especially when Hollywood and many writers have money off of the discussion of that popular million-dollar 3 movie franchise over women swooning over a very sexually aggressive blond haired, blue eyed billionaire who had them sign slave contracts.

  35. And you don’t get to support Harvey and be outraged by Trump. Both men have sinned. Some people change and give up their evil ways too. There is something called forgiveness. When someone is in the process of changing, it can take years. But people manage to change all the time-consuming not everyone, but many. Let’s give them both a chance to prove they are leaving their pasts behind and will become better men. He that has not sinned, let him cast the first stone. The media is in the business of destroying lives. Don’t get sucked in.

  36. I’m a Democrat but how can you not objectively look at what you have written to notice how shamelessly biased it is. Nearly everyone in Hollywood is a Liberal. Everyone knew yet did nothing but sounded off on Trump. That’s where all the irony is in this story. When I see someone twist the issue so far off base it makes me empathize why our party has the fake news label. Can’t blame everything on others. This is 100% Hollywood self-reflection time not anything to do with the manipulated version of the issue here. Come on now, this is embarrassing to us.

  37. Kind of like “you don’t get to support Bill Clinton and Hillary’s TARGETED DESTRUCTION of the accusers and be outraged at Trump” . But then the media is used to picking winners and losers.

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