Things Trump-Supporting Christians Can Pray About In Church This Sunday

If you’re a professed Christian currently still supporting this President and Administration, and you’re on your way to church on Sunday—here are a few things you might talk with God about, as you stand shoulder to shoulder in a room filled with other supposed followers of Jesus, singing, raising your hands skyward, and imagining yourself righteous:

Pray about the tens of millions of sick, elderly, and poor who are slowly being suffocated, as your President sabotages the Affordable Care Act; literally taking life-giving, life-saving care from those least able to procure it; sacrificing the health and healing of human beings simply to destroy Barack Obama’s legacy

Pray about the people of color in this country who watched torch-bearing racists march through a city, terrorize clergy, beat people with pipes, and kill a young woman, with little more than a slap on the wrist from your President—while he relentlessly crusades on social media against black ESPN reporters and kneeling football players who he called “sons of bitches”.

Pray about Muslim families in America who daily face the insults and isolation and violence, simply because their faith tradition has been vilified by your President; that they have been fashioned into a convenient enemy in order to leverage the irrational fears of those who are easily baited, and made to be pariahs in the place they rightfully call home.

Pray about those murdered in Parkland—and about the fact that your President continues to suck at the teat of the NRA, to oppose any sensible gun control measures, and to insure that the next massacre will not be far behind.

Pray about the LGBTQ men and women, and for their brothers, sisters, parents, spouses, and best friends, who are being pushed deeper toward marginalization, further from safety, and ever closer to depression, self-harm, and suicide because this President is aligning himself with those most responsible for their persecution.

Pray about the millions of women whose healthcare, access to birth control, and protection against assault are being chipped away by a President who has proven over and over again that he has contempt for women.

Pray about victims of sexual assault, who have to be reminded every day by his presence and his party, that predators often are rewarded for their unthinkable behavior with unmerited position and undeserved riches.

Pray about the hundreds of terrified migrant children still wondering what happened to their parents and siblings and families, and for the distraught parents still separated from their daughters and sons.

Pray about the dreamers and the immigrants; those with dark skin, those for whom English may be a second language, those for whom America may have been an adopted home or a place of refuge or the desire of their desperate parent’s heart—those who are made to feel unwelcome or threatened or unwanted because of this Presidency’s malice and vitriol.

Pray about the millions of beautiful, intelligent, loving people living, creating, and raising families in those places he has called “shithole countries”—and how this discounts, insults them, and diminishes them.

And yes, pray about this President.

Ask God specifically how his life and body of work align with the Jesus you’ve known all your life; the one you find hope and joy in, the one you read about in the Gospels, the one whose voice you recognize as peacemaker, forgiver, lover, healer, helper.

Ask God if his vile words about women, his cruelty toward those suffering, his vicious social media tirades, his neglect of hurricane victims, his siphoning of funding from public school students and healthcare from cancer patients—if any of it feels at all like the Jesus who talked of loving the least, of caring for the poor, of loving their neighbors as they love God, of the last being first, of the righteous turning their cheeks, of the meek inheriting the earth, of the good Samaritan showing mercy.

Ask Jesus if this President is someone worth a follower of Christ emulating, celebrating, empowering, amen-ing—if he is someone living in that image.

Ask Jesus about saying that the way we treat the lowest and the vulnerable is the way we treat him—and how this President is treating him.

Ask Jesus what the world is specifically learning about his heart for the world, his character, his compassion, his gentleness by the man you elevated to our highest human platform.

Ask Jesus about the kind of world he was trying to usher in when his feet were on the planet—and how this President is doing anything to make it a reality in these days.

And if you can walk out of that worship gathering into another Sunday afternoon, completely unchanged and without sensing the slightest conflict between Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Donald Trump of DC, and without a trace of discomfort at the disconnect between your inner convictions and his tangible actions—pray for yourself, because you have clearly lost the plot of the one who brought the world a Good News that is now completely inaudible in these days because of this man and because of a Church that refuses to stand against him.


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113 thoughts on “Things Trump-Supporting Christians Can Pray About In Church This Sunday

  1. Just sharing my daily blog to share it:

    The Good News for the Day, October 16, 2017
    Monday of the Twenty-eighth Week of Ordinary Time (467)
    When still more people were gathered as a crowd, Jesus addressed them, “This common culture is an evil one; it is looking for something significant but nothing significant will it be given, except the sign of Jonah. Just as Jonah shaped a significant change to the Ninevites, so will This Human Child affect this common culture. In the final analysis, the Queen of the South will rise alongside the males of this culture—and she will convict them, because coming from the ends of the earth, she heard the wisdom of Solomon, and—Notice! there is some greater thing than Solomon here. At the judgment the males of Nineveh will arise alongside this culture and condemn it, because, when Jonah preached there, they repented, and there is some greater thing than Jonah here.” (Luke 11)
    The word for “culture” here is often translated as “generation” (genea). What Jesus is referring to is the change that waking up to the Kingdom of God—the Realm of What Is Right—means: your arrival at re-birth, your child-like wonder and appreciation of creation, your discovery of being Alive, becoming free from the womb of other people’s ideas and assumptions.
    You hear the Word of God, and notice how enslaved—how confined, and ho obedient—you have been to human values, to false gods, to the absence of love. You and I, growing up, absorbed the “common culture” around us. Now we see and hear New Values—forgiveness rather than vindictiveness, joy rather than anger, patience rather than snappy instincts, love rather than self-centeredness, and so on. You become a student rather than a master, a child rather than a lord, a compassionate friend to all those folks around you who seems so troubled, mad, addicted, hasty, overwhelmed and peace-less.
    You hear and see the need to repent—daily—and the joy such discovery and growth bring to you. You find the wisdom in the sunset, the charm of a falling yellow leaf, the beauty in the eyes of the aged. You are free of This World’s values; you have engaged yourself with the culture of God, the seed ever growing up from the dirt. Your inside peace stays—a “new culture.”
    ng my daily blog to celebrate sharing views:

  2. “Pray about the millions of women whose healthcare, access to birth control…”

    Sorry, Catholics cannot support the use of “birth control” as its use is intrinsically evil.

    But for those who believe in using it… is it really all that hard to get?

    Also, men who promote birth control do so for their own selfish reasons and not because they care about women.

    • People who oppose birth control want to increase the abortion rate. Without abortions, what will they have to ‘whatabout’ about to distract from their sociopathy.

  3. Thank you…I will pray for this President…thats what the bible says to do…you laid it out so…hmmm, well you laid it out. Im curious, did you ask Christians to pray for our past President Obama? If so can you send me the “prayer list?” I would appreciate that.
    Cordially, a Supporter of Christ Jesus of the Bible.

    • I will not be praying for President Trump because he and his ways are of Satan—and he is a profoundly evil man—and he was put into office by people who have been greatly deceived by Satan—Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals. Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States, and he needs to be peacefully and legally removed from office. I often write to Senators Corker and Alexander to point out these things and to urge them to quit tolerating his crazy antics and use the Senatorial power under the U.S. Constitution to remove him from office. I am being heard—notice recent negative comments about Trump by Corker and his statement that many other Republican Senators feel the same way about Trump behind closed doors. When Robert Mueller is finished, Trump will be indicted for crimes and will be removed from office by both Republican and Democrat Senators—and no—Mike Pence is okay as President because he is at least not in need of mental health treatment and does not present a clear and present danger to the United States like Trump does.

      • Did you change your mind that he has a mental disorder? Now he’s “evil”?

        What about our pending annihilation? According to your previous time table that ought to be within 6 months. Let me know please if you’ve made any revisions. It’s hard to find a good bomb shelter contractor, though I’ll continue to look…if I’m not too late.

      • I can’t stand Trump, but Jesus tell us to pray for all and to make intercession. I think you display the same sickening type of behaviour as Trump’s supporters; you’re just progressive. I have come to see no difference between angry evangelicals and angry progressive Christians. Basically cut from the same clothl

  4. “Pray about the millions of women whose healthcare, access to birth control…”

    Catholics can’t pray for birth control, since it’s use is intrinsically evil, although NFP and abstinence are both very effective, and are free. I do remember a time in my own life before becoming a Catholic when my wife and I didn’t know any better and did use birth control, and I remember it was very cheap. How is access being “denied”? Or are you of the belief that if it isn’t “free” then it’s not accessible?

    Men who push birth control as if they care about women do not fool me. Their compassion and their thinking come from below their belts.

    • When men are held as uniformly responsible for the consequences of their fertility as women have been since the dawn of time, then and only then will they have earned the legitimate right to any say in what women do with the result of their shared fertility. Full stop.

  5. Trump voters believe him because he says what they want to hear. We now have parallel news feeds both feeding what news to whichever group is their base. If someone speaks their truth about an issue that affects them they are hounded to death by one of the two groups, usually the one feeding disinformation to the populace and usually through the lens of those in power.

    Jesus spoke truth to power, and price the ultimate price. Yet the lessons in the Gospel from what Jesus said is interpreted by only one point of view, that of white straight males of power. Therefore their is no way these Trump voters will consider the above unless or until it hurts them directly. We will see this happen before his second year is done.

  6. So Many times in life we depend on others to solve our crisis in our lives and then when they dont perform to our expectations we get upset.
    When in fact we trust, seek , tell , depend on the wrong person, people, ones to meet our needs.
    Trump is not the end all in the process
    he is just like obama another figurehead who is playing out thier hand the the game of politics
    They only can do soooooo much
    The real issue is who , why, what we or you and I trust in.
    Seeking out a loving God , on our knee’s in humility,
    Hands held High when we see his provision in our lives.
    As the bible says he , God is the one who provides for his people.
    So if YOUR not seeing the provision. Better look at the real reason why.
    Maybe YOU trust in man, mans system, mans provision.
    NOT God
    That is Right , YOUR not seeking who is the real Provider.
    Then YOU expect, Demand, Force Gods Hand at an instant , like a Genie , commanding your own way , Demanding instant gratification, expecting a miracle from one whom you do not seek until crisis.
    Well wonder no more
    God is not a genie , not like the one in politics who you demand answers, results, immediate relief .
    Seek ye 1st the kingdom of heaven , God , His righteousneous , Read the Bible, Pray Constantly , Ask in humility, lowliness, unselfishly with Gods best in the picture. NOT your own way , view
    God is Real , only if you allow Him in.
    HE stands at the Door all your life and waits for you to ask him in. Let him Be God of YOUR life .
    YOU have to agree to let him IN.
    He , God , Jesus Christ does not force anyone.
    All Disaster of life is to keep us, mankind seeking him, calling out on his provision, on his grace, on his forgiveness, on his holiness, on his way of life .

  7. And pray for voters to elect Democrats because it seems like well intentioned Republicans are unable to make a difference in Congress under the current President.

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  10. John… it is arrogant of you to try and impute prayer topics onto people you don’t know…yes, self righteous and arrogant. While I did not vote for President Trump, our depraved society in America has been a slow fade from Carter to Trump. And you are just NOW wanting people to pray according to your view. I agree with a previous typer who said you are atheist and politically left.

  11. Dear John Pavlovitz and Reader:

    Despite systematic cover-up of the true scale of Maria’s devastation, the extent of this stroke is coming to light and will continue to do so.

    Eliza Barclay contends that the actual deaths may be 10x what is being reported.

    Often at odds with the press, Mr. Trump has spoken openly of revoking broadcasting licenses. It becomes clearer to ever more people that the bourgeoisie press simply isn’t to be believed.


  12. I hear you and the numerous citizens who passionately believe all of this. However I am saddened by the lack of understanding how this, and posts like it, only widen the gap, continue to faction sort, and cause more harm than good. I am saddened that you end this with a basic ‘you need to be this, or you are that’ mentality. The old adage, you are either with me or you are against me. That is incredibly limiting and leaves no room for healthy discussion and growth. You have a platform. Please be responsible with it and educate yourself to the diverse viewpoints in this world, HEAR – truly hear to understand all sides, and then if you still feel the need to dehumanize the president and his supporters, increase political & religious sorting, and continue to proliferate your limited view, well, the next person that needs to be prayed for is you.

    • Melissa,
      Nicely said. I believe the gap will continue to widen until the TRUTH and only the TRUTH is spoken and discussed. The one TRUTH is contained in the Bible, but we as humans continue to ignore it. God has put his master plan for us and the world in place for his reasons, and I think it is wrong to try and change his plan.
      Christian Seeking the ONE truth in a world of mis-truths…

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  14. Thank you, John. A relative sent me this beautiful piece of writing. I forwarded it to others who can understand what you have said. I think we preach to the choir for the most part, but there is always hope that some (even some on here) will see what is happening to our faith and our country, and that they will make the change. We’re in deep trouble. Keep these posts coming.

  15. John, you have Capitalized on everything that Trump has ever said, done out of hatred, That doesn’t have any place at my Bigger Table. But I can HONESTLY say, I FORGIVE HIM. I didn’t vote for him and I know that many people are looking at hindsight at the moment. But until he is Impeached, convicted, or steps down, He is the President. Maybe not the President we all wanted, whoever that was. But the one who holds the Office. You may NOT RESPECT the Man, but you should RESPECT THE OFFICE.
    And why you and your church followers are asking Jesus to see all the EVIL of these days, Like he doesn’t already know. You need to ask for FORGIVENESS YOURSELF. We DO NOT JUDGE, It is Not OUR PLACE to Judge.. yet you have made a Mockery of announcing each step that Pres Trump has attempted and somehow he feels that they are Truths. We are not to make judgements on others. And Although I know you are speaking from the Heart, You are not speaking from the HEART that GOD intended you to have. You are speaking with emotional turmoil, and every night I say a little Prayer for FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, and HUMANITY for Pres Trump. How about Praying with me on this one?

  16. If they were capable of praying, thinking, analyzing or caring in that level they wouldn’t be DJT supporters or Republicons.

    Alas, they see the world in a more simplistic I-me-mine way. Some are incapable of processing the world on a compassionate reality based level because they were never taught how. Some know how but find it so difficult they avoid it, like someone who always had trouble with reading and prefers situations where reading isn’t required.

    Then there are some who know exactly what is going on but have made the deliberate, selfish choice, refusing to love their neighbor and refusing to love their brother whom they *have* seen.

    In turn I refuse to acknowledge them with the honorable title of Christian, until they start living up to the Greatest Commandment.

  17. It was JESUS/YESHUA who said to “PRAY for your enemies and to LOVE your neighbor…it was JESUS/YESHUA who taught us to SEEK FIRST the kingdom of God, and it was JESUS/YESHUA who taught us how to pray, “FATHER GOD, ALMIGHTY ONE IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME, YOUR KINGDOM COME YOUR WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!

  18. You’re delusional. All this Trump hating has turned you mad… not very Christ-like. .. I’d be curious to know if you pray ( I have a hunch that you don’t for some reason)

  19. Wow… I think many of you have missed the important issue here. Thou shall not judge. It is up to Jesus to make these final judgements, not us humans. Can he without sin judge others… Another point that I believe the bible teaches us all is that God has a Master plan in place on this world and QUIT worring and arguing about how you plan to change his plan. That is not our purpose here. Our purpose is to learn enough and dedicate ourselves to God as his servant, and let the rest of the world unfold according to his plan. One example is he tells us there will be poor amoung us always. Maybe due to their disobedience ???. If all of you want to try and changes god plan, good luck. I wonder if it is disobedient to work against gods master plan for the world ?? I wonder if someone will lose their salvation tring to change his plan ??? Anything done on this earth can cause disagreement, discontent, anger, wars, killings, etc mostly because we believe we have a duty to try and change gods plan… Christians walk like christ, did you ever see christ have these kind of discussions, and judge people (Harlots, prostitutes, etc). Please think about what you say, it may be causing the exact opposite of what you are intending to do.
    Truth Searching Christian…

  20. So apparently Trump has not done 1 single thing right? :*(
    I praise God that Hillary Clinton is not President and therefore my son’s Commander in Chief.
    Thanks for adding a Prayer request for our Military that puts them selves in harms way so that you have the “right” to say these things.
    Oh wait, you didn’t :*(

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