No, It’s Not You. This is Crazy.

I know what you’re thinking.

I know you feel something breaking inside lately; an invisible fracture that only you’re fully aware of.

I know the way you walk away from conversations with people you once relied on for wisdom and clarity and compassion, doubting your own sanity because you no longer recognize those things in them.

I know the way you feel internally estranged from the friends, coworkers, family members, and neighbors you used to find affinity with—and you wonder if you’re losing your mind.

I understand how you stare at the perpetual parade of horrible scrolling past you, from the second you wake up prematurely in the early morning until the stretched out nighttime moments you try unsuccessfully to fall asleep—and how you question the grip you have on reality.

I know the disbelief you feel in the presence of loved ones and ministers and leaders who now seem to be speaking some strange foreign tongue that you can’t make any sense of.

I hear the nagging question you ask inside your head a few hundred times a day: “Is it me, or has a huge portion of this country lost its mind?”

It isn’t you.

You’re quite fine, and this is of course both good and terrible news—because of what it says about you and about the place you find yourself.

The fact that you see how wrong this all is, means your faculties are intact, your mind is fully right, and your heart is working properly. It’s all confirmation that you still have a soul doing what souls are supposed to do: keeping you deeply human in profoundly inhumane times.

This is why you need to hold tightly to that soul because it is more rare and valuable than ever.
It’s why you need to embrace this holy unrest in the center of your belly; because it is the greatest weapon against the present epidemic of apathy.
It’s why you can’t allow your right mind to make peace with such abject madness.

If enough time passes, an otherwise healthy person can start to get used to sickness. They can slowly begin to convince themselves that almost any horrifying, toxic, painful, twisted reality is acceptable.
Little by little they can gradually allow themselves to acclimate to the nightmare, to come to see it as normal.
Either that, or they determine that they’re actually out of their minds and they collapse inside.

This is a reminder that this is not at all normal and that you are right to feel this disorientation.

I need you to hear this, friend:
You’re okay.
You’re not alone and you’re not crazy.
You’re also in good company.

Right now there is a massive army of similarly walking wounded sharing this place with you; fellow exhausted souls who realize that none of this makes any sense—people concluding that for their health, they will need to create distance from people they once allowed close proximity.
There are millions of good people out here still looking to be the kind of people the world needs; those committed to doing no harm, burdened to bring something decent where it is missing.

There are many of us who see clearly:

This President is not well.
He is not normal.
His behavior and his words and his demeanor are all unhinged, dangerous, and wholly unworthy of his lofty position.
We can see that this is a bastardization of humanity, a rebellion against goodness, a mutiny against sanity.

We can see that those sanctioning and defending and co-signing it are equally unwell, equally disconnected from anything benevolent, similarly propelled by fear and greed and bitterness.

And that’s why we need to keep resisting it.

You need to push back against the madness that tries to convince you that you’ve gone mad.

You need to press on, because in days when hatred is normalized, goodness matters.

In times when truth and news are pliable, truth-tellers are worth more than gold.

You’re not upside down right now, friend—a good portion of the world is.

But be greatly encouraged.

Loving resistance is a world-turner.


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119 thoughts on “No, It’s Not You. This is Crazy.

  1. Thank you for this. I live in a red state. I used to be a kind person–I now find myself screaming at my Senators and Congresswoman over the phone. Do something!! I know I’m not alone-I belong to several groups of progressive like minded individuals but this constant assault from our government has indeed left me feeling like one of the walking wounding.

    • I keep saying that too, “I used to be a nicer person. A kind person. I used to care.” Now? I just dont care if they all die from infections from shooting themselves in their foot and not being able to access healthcare. I dont care that they will lose their access to affordable foods. I just dont care anymore. Being a progressive in a red State is torturous.

    • You “used” to be kind? But because of Trump you’re not kind? True kindness doesn’t depend upon circumstances or who is president. It’s easy to be kind if thing are going your way.

      • He’s replying regarding the nasty cruelty that’s part of Trump’s primary agenda, and how all decent people with a soul reject it. It’s not hard to understand, Joe.

  2. I so needed to read these words this morning, you convey exactly how I have been feeling. I am so tired and I know I am not alone in feeling this way but you are able to put into words what so many are going through. Thank you.

    • My sentiments exactly! I often feel so alone. Reading this helps me know I have friends out there. Thank you for your words of hope!

  3. Thanks, John
    You’re so right. This is abnormal. So now it’s time for us to be abnormal, to really give love a chance, to be as ‘foolish’ in our Way of following Jesus as are those who are doing the opposite. I can only keep my sanity if I try each day to really share, not not merely ‘believe’ as I’ve been told all my life. If we are really living, sharing with others, we will not only keep our sanity, we will thrive. As did the followers of Jesus, who lived in just as crazy a time as this.

  4. My first impulse was to write “oh my goodness you have no idea how much I needed to read these words today!!” – except that obviously you *really* do. I cannot thank you enough for this reality check. Power to the peacemakers.

  5. Thanks so much John! Reading what you offer is invaluable. It really does help me. On the morning of November 9, 2016 upon waking grabbed my phone to see the election results. I let loose what could be described a primal scream. “It can’t be, it can’t be”! “There’s been a mistake!” These phrases went over and over in my mind. I had taken this day off to literally rejoice with my friends at the fact we had a woman president, that social programs would be expanded. Instead, it was like there was a death in the family. I cried, I’d try to stop thinking about it. I was emotionally exhausted. What will this be, what will this be like? Over these months I’ve looked everywhere for inspiration. I have found some but it could not outweigh this burden. I rarely speak like this because I am a very “un-religious” person but I feel with all the secrets and insanity coming from every side, every angle much has already been and will continue to purge. Hopefully some will be educated with this. But those “interwebs” will still be selling lies. I hope we can push through where we are right now to a new and better tomorrow. Thanks again, John, for being one of those “voices of sanity”. Peace.

  6. It is truly bizarre, this change that some people I know have undergone. Including my own father. The man who once upon a time encouraged me to ask questions and pursue higher education now decries my college degree was “liberal brainwashing”. He’s “for” Trump because the Pope was against him. Yes, he actually, literally said that. Publicly and proudly, he proclaimed that he was for Trump because the Pope was against him, because Mexico was against him. I do not understand. It is not a virtue to blindly follow anyone, much less a 71 year old child who brags about assaulting women because he can. My dad has two daughters and three granddaughters. I just…I can’t. I quit my dad.

  7. Thank you so much John Pavlovitz. I needed to hear this. I feel so alone in my feelings. My family won’t discuss it or if we do, it’s not cordial. Most people avoid it at all costs which makes me feel even worse. I know intellectually I’m right in my thoughts but emotionally I feel handcuffed. I am so glad you share your beautiful words of encoyragement. Godspeed.

    • If advocating for sanity, caring, and safety, if judging people on their character and not their membership in the 1% club, if recognizing the blessing of diversity and the incredible contributions of immigrants to this nation, if treating people decently (not calling names, mocking those less abled, disrespecting women,disrespecting veterans, shoving other heads of state aside to look important, makes me a snowflake so be it. Winter is coming.

    • TXKeith: Please check your grammar. And please refrain from being mean. All polls now show that the biggest support base for Trump is the white, uneducated (except for uber wealthy whites like our Republican politicians who are afraid to do the right thing). So we really are the majority. We just have to keep being kind, speak up to bullies, and keep protesting. Most importantly, WE MUST VOTE.

    • Texas Keith. Not to worry. Trump and his cowboys are headed to new corrals known as Federal Penitentiarys. The indictments yesterday are only the beginning of woes for the Trumpites and their fundie bootlickers.

      • Try not to get your hopes up Charlie. I think you will once again be disappointed and the leftist anti-Trump media will be left with egg on its face.

        Put your time and emotions into finding a good candidate to run against Trump in 2020. A pro-life Democrat would make things very interesting, btw. Are there any Democrat politicians who don’t despise the inconvenient unborn?

    • Ooh, TXKeith, that’s a pretty loveless thing to write. Why are you even reading and commenting on this blog? Just for the pleasure of saying mean things to people who don’t share your views? Not that I’m melting or anything, but, personally, I think snowflakes are beautiful. And enough of them together make a pretty powerful avalanche. Folks in the conservative media should really reconsider the use of the word ‘snowflake’ as an insult. Wishing a long, healthy, and happy life to you, TXKeith, non-snowflake. 🙂

    • So it’s either “resist yourself into an early grave” or resist yourselves into early graves” please choose one or the other. You cannot mix them and sound even remotely intelligent. You’re welcome.

  8. John P, you speak my heart. You speak the heart of all who are on the side of the angels. Current events are showing us that we can choose to be on the side of the angels or we can choose to be on the other side.

    If we are on the side of the angels, we can choose to be part of the solution.

    Or we can choose to contribute to the work of those in opposition to the angels and the entire company of heaven.

  9. Dear John Pavlovitz:

    The country hasn’t lost its mind, but it is profoundly confused and disoriented thanks to continual ruling class attacks on the working class.

    The President may be unwell, but he is still an outstanding example of where a significant layer of the ruling class finds itself.

    If you’re serious about push-back, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and start addressing issues of social class.


  10. My husband and I feel heartbroken every day. We aren’t sure where to go to church any more, we feel disconnected from friends and family who are “his” supporters and are using “his” bullying tactics to make it look like there is something wrong with us.

    I would sure like to find a group of like minded individuals in our community, not sure where to turn. We are so grateful to have your words and advice to get us through our days. We bought your new book, Pastor John, and find so much hope.

    Keep up the good fight and good messages!

    • Look for a Unitarian Universalist church in your area. You’ll find the most intelligent and compassionate people are there.

  11. Thank you for this reminder. Just this morning I read comments by two coworkers wondering whether or not the FBI informant was going to show up dead as a suicide before testifying due to being shot in the BACK of the head four times, a reference to Clinton being responsible for multiple murders. I have learned to turn my thoughts away and repeat several times “keep your eye on the prize.” It helps.

  12. John – I feel like your writings are part of the issue and are exacerbating the issues. Everything is geared towards: 1) nothing is good 2) nothing is right 3) the Christian church is terrible…and so on. Guess what – I’m a Christian and I do NOT believe that the lesbian gay community is damned to hell, are “immoral” or “wrong”. I do NOT believe that the president isn’t “normal” or is “unwell”. There actually is a time that the POTUS needs to be strong, decisive. We can’t always coddle and pacify. We have no idea what he goes through each day to keep us safe. He may not be Miss Manners but we’ve tried that route and it didn’t work. All of this name calling, pointing fingers, etc. doesn’t help anyone. Please remember: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” Whatever your beliefs – this is what works. Show compassion, faith and give hope & love out into the world. It’s simple really. Be still and lead by quiet example. Thanks for listening.

    • It is the president that calls names and finger points and if you can’t seem to see that – you are clearly the type of person that this post is about. Those fake “Christians” that distort scripture to serve themselves not others… god bless and hope you wake up. You will be held accountable. Pray for truth and ask god to grant you the power of intellect and reason.

    • Thank you once again for your wisdom and for keeping us sane in insane times! Truly, you have offered so much love, peace and wisdom in desperate times and I hope you understand how much you are loved and appreciated! Thank you!!!

    • Donald Trump is the most unfit, incompetent man to EVER sit in the Oval Office. He’s a cruel joke on our country. Perhaps you should stop watching Fox “News” for a few minutes. Trump is an absolute disaster, a vile, vengeful and vulgar man – a poor excuse of a human being. He is in this for himself and his family; he does not give a shit about the regular folks in the country. I cannot understand how you could possible rationalize even being allowed through the gates to the White House. I and tens of thousands of Americans LOATHE him and everything for which he stands – and does not stand.

    • Lori Trump is not keeping us safe. I and many many others believe he is doing the exact opposite by his daily actions. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” ~Ben Franklin

    • “Please remember: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” Whatever your beliefs – this is what works. Show compassion, faith and give hope & love out into the world. It’s simple really. Be still and lead by quiet example. Thanks for listening.”

      The above comment is the most Anti-Trump, Anti-GOP statement possible. No person could construct a philosophy that is more diametrically opposed to what the entire conservative movement stands for than the above statement.

    • Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, eh, Lori? I have 68 years of uninterrupted Church participation and am positive beyond a doubt that that morality , decency, and – yes – patriotism are NOT passive pursuits. This is not going to be fixed purely by ‘random acts of kindness’ – nor even a ‘thousand points of light’ , although those simple goods must continue unabated. Those of us who care must Rage AGAINST the Dying Of The Light!

  13. “In times when truth and news are pliable, truth-tellers are worth more than gold.”

    Yes…and thank you for once again speaking truth to power.

  14. Yes, it’s you! You are indeed crazy, unhinged, and not well, if you think that the Clinton’s, Obama, and the FBI are innocent of Russian collision, and that the Clinton’s were paid around $150 million dollars for our nation’s fuel for nuclear weapons.

    You are indeed crazy, unhinged and not well, if you felled for the Russian collusion hoax that was misleading of the American people.,…just to cover for the crooked and lying criminal named Hillary Clinton. I hope they lock her up!

    • I suppose you are unaware that in the 1990s the Russians turned over large amounts of their weapons grade uranium and plutonium to the United States for storage and safekeeping because they did not have a secure place to store it in Russia—basically doing it like you keep your money at your local bank. If the Russians have not withdrawn it, it is still being stored for safekeeping at the Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Russians probably had to pay the U.S. Department of Energy a large money fee to store these weapons grade nuclear materials for them across many years because safe storage requires a lot of human monitoring—which costs money. Might this be the materials you are talking about—and one of your right wing extremist rags has just twisted the story for your consumption—knowing how utterly undiscerning and gullible you fundies are? I have to tell you. It has been my experience that you fundies will jump and grab onto lies quicker than my dog goes for meat treats.

  15. THANK YOU!! At least I know now, I’m not he only one who felt like they were an alien on another planet . Trying to stay sane. Thank you!!

  16. This one made me cry because…well, because… Yes! I am feeling VERY not normal! I needed someone to tell me “Hey, you’re okay.” Needed to be reassured that there are thousands of soul mates out there feeling the very same thing. If ever there was a message I desperately needed to hear right now, it was this one. Thank you, God and thank you, John Pavlovitz.

  17. Thank you. I needed that encouragement just now, and for what may well be a long time to come. It hasn’t been a year, and the country seems to have gone mad. Can no-one see that this president is unfit for office; or, worse, do they see and are aiding him in order to get what they want from him? I suspect the latter, and it frightens me.

    All the racists, bigots, white supremacists, and worse have been encouraged to crawl out from under their rocks and spew propaganda for their causes. There is more hatred and fear and violence in the country than I have seen in many decades, with all its terrible consequences, and I have no hint of when it will fade. Hope and love don’t seem to have much chance, unless I can believe that they will impel like-minded people to vote these divisive, dangerous people out of office at the first opportunity. That hope, I will cling to.

  18. Your words are so encouraging Thank you for helping and sharing the love in your heart in these most difficult times. God bless you.

  19. AMEN to that. BMEN to that. CMEN to that. DMEN to that. FMEN to that. GMEN to that. HMEN to that. IMEN to that. JMEN to that. KMEN to that. LMEN to that. MMEN to that. NMEN to that. OMEN to that. PMEN to that. QMEN to that. RMEN to that. SMEN to that. TMEN to that. UMEN to that. VMEN to that. WMEN to that. XMEN to that. YMEN to that. ZMEN to that.

    Now, So let’s see who we have on our side:

    AMEN (The best quality men who make straights A’s.)

    DMEN (The blue devils at the Duke University School of Divinity.)

    GMEN (Federal law enforcement.)

    KMEN (Cayman Island bankers.)

    OMEN (The prophets.)

    QMEN (The LGBTQ people.)

    SMEN (The men with seminal ideas.)

    TMEN The faculty at the University of Tennessee.

    WMEN (All the women with good hearts.)

    XMEN (The mutant super heroes.)

    YMEN (The population of Yemen.)

    ZMEN (The population of Zanzibar.)

    Not bad. Not bad at all. Good job John P.

    * The word “men” includes women as equal partners.

  20. John, I’m a 77-year-old Episcopalian who absolutely loves your vision and courage to print what you think, feel, and know to be true! I appreciate your writings and they confirm my beliefs, some of which have radically changed from years of Christian and just plain old human living. I am challenged by you, occasionally, but still, end up in your corner. Thank you for being a modern-day prophet.

  21. Thank you so much. I have needed your words of encouragement and sanity for 8 months now. You have kept me from going Atheist and losing my faith in Christianity, the religion. I will never lose my faith in the Trinity. Please continue to be brave and do the right thing by reminding all of us scared souls! God Bless you!

  22. Thanks for this.
    It is, however, deeply painful to hear “you are not alone” when, in fact, I am. Relationally, physically, emotionally – in the ways that human beings NEED to not feel and be alone – I am. I have tried. I have “reached out.” I have pursued community. Nothing has worked and I can’t take this pain anymore.

  23. Kindness an undervalued and under-cultivated quality in our country today. People are actually being told that kindness is “a weakness” instead of a strength. It is a key contributor to happiness, increases your health, can reduce stress, and a host of other benefits to yourself, with other benefits to others as well. Everyday kindness is so important but many reserve kindness only to those that act, looks, and think like themselves. This stops kindness from spreading and makes the world seem to be upside down when leaders insist on being unkind to the ones being lead. The opposite, cruelty, which is being reinforced by our leadership, is self-defeating in the long run.

  24. Thank you, John! May I share something I wrote at the beginning of the year, just before the inauguration? I was feeling this then! And then the horrific fires just occurred in my beloved Sonoma County in CA. Strange, almost eerie times but we are saying here: “The love in the air is thicker than the smoke.”

    A New Land

    “What is to give light must endure burning.” Victor Frankl

    fires of grief
    burn thru every pore
    every crevice of self
    every belief held tightly
    even of inherent goodness

    beliefs fail us now
    watch as they dissolve
    fly away on the breeze
    ashes in free flight
    no time to bid farewell

    fully awake, eyes wide
    turning toward the east
    the return of light, a new day,
    surrender to who knows what
    gently hold the darkness

    as revealed in outer form
    step forward in terror
    and in trust, asking:
    how can i be of use
    this burning one?

    carry the torch
    of initiated innocence
    stumbling at times
    falling, yet knowing
    the fire will light a way

    beyond a shallow safety
    to a new land where
    the heart of the world
    pulses and sings
    in billions of ears

    somewhere between
    terror and trust runs
    the deeper river
    of resolve, and there
    we will reside, there

    the sun outshines
    the fires of grief
    a prayer rises up
    in a yet unspoken
    language of light

  25. This is so refreshing. Who ever thought that folks would be criticized for being empathetic or companionate? We must recognize this state of mind and support one another.

  26. Thank you, I need these words today. Every day I see my nation being turned into the world I escaped when I was 18. I’d rather die than go back to those times.

  27. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.
    1 Thessalonians 4:16
    Recommended Reading
    Revelation 21:4-5

    The longest verifiable lifespan on record is Jeanne Calment who died in August 1997 at the age of 122 years, 164 days. The youngest person in the top-ten longest-lived people died at the age of 116 years, 45 days. Remarkable, but nothing in comparison with Methuselah who died at the age of 969 (Genesis 5:27).

    • We see Odin and Loki as children in 977 AD, and the events of the first Thor movie take place a little over 1000 years after that. We know, therefore, that Thor is at least a millennium old. Since he looks physically to be in his late 20s or early 30s in the modern MCU, we can assume he has many thousands of years left in his life-span. When you think about it, all of his time with the Avengers is probably functionally meaningless to him.

  28. I appreciate this viewpoint, but if the conversation ends as “he’s crazy” then we don’t get very far. We need to take it a step further and look at ways we live our lives that support this craziness. What products are we buying that support the destruction of our planet? What investments are we making that support concentrated wealth? What changes are we willing to make in our own life that may feel like sacrifices but move the needle towards reducing waste and reaching out to help those less fortunate? Trump didn’t get into power overnight. There are ‘human’ forces of craziness that elected him. I agree that there is an awakening, but let’s not all freeze with a pointed finger.

  29. Thank you John, I’ve been feeling this way since last summer, I was afraid then and more afraid now.
    I told my husband I needed to go see my children one last time because after the election i wasn’t sure of how the world was going. We’re in Az. Right now so we packed up the RV and headed to Ct. stayed until just after Thanksgiving and headed back, got back and was happy due to the way the world was going. It doesn’t seem to get better. It’s a real”y scary America out there right now.
    Thank you again John.

  30. Thank you. Somehow, you always seem to write just the essay that makes it possible to pick myself up and keep fighting. I needed it. Hope is a terrible, wonderful thing. Knowing it’s not just me and a handful of friends feeling outraged at the crap tornado in the oval office and his minions screwing everything up, is a relief. I was finding it hard to breathe. Easier now.


  32. Oh, god, thank you. I didn’t know how much I really needed to hear this til I read it and found tears running down my face.

  33. Oh, god, thank you. I didn’t know how much I really needed to hear this til I read it and found tears running down my face. I have been separated from my whole family in this insane maelstrom.

    • Your family won’t forgive you for voting for Hillary? They really should overlook your leftist politics and treat you as part of the family.

  34. Thank you, John, for these comforting words. A lot of us do feel like “walking wounded” these days. But we won’t be cowed into submission to the dark forces. It may get tough sometimes, but we will persevere. We will stand up to the darkness. We will do our best to restore sanity to a world of madness.

  35. We are resisting with good people, thoughtful plans and actions. Not just whining. But it is all so sad to be dealing with such cruelty, greed and narcissism. So much harm being done. But as Obama has said, we have lived through terrible times before now and made it. I have to believe we can this time too.

  36. John,
    Thank you, brother, for your wisdom and counsel this morning. Probably the only way I will sleep better is to ignore the news, but feel inspired that I am OK and not alone. I am a humanist but believe that I share your values and life philosophies and acknowledge that I follow your words as one of my three “ministers”. Ours is an intellectual and emotional connection that is based in the unmitigated belief in the human soul. Is it not true that we identify only a different source for that faith? Or that in the Grand Scheme of Life, it doesn’t really matter what the source is? And that the very essence of our humanity is the continuous search for definition of the human soul, and its manifestation in our existence? How more powerful “Loving Resistance” would be when a voice like yours would specifically address how we could strengthen the bonds that exist among those of Faith and Different Faiths, as well as of No Faith.

  37. I am fortunate to only have a very few friends that support this administration, and we have agreed to not discuss it. Most of my GOP friends saw the light before the election and chose not to vote for this loser. They too foresaw this nightmare. This does help me! But I am still fearful of the society his administration is creating. The poor examples being set for our children and grandchildren. It keeps me awake at night. My stomach is always tied in knots. Its great to know I’m on the right side of this “story”, but we are still being held hostage by this loser and his minions. They entire agenda is to create chaos and destroy our country. Sadly, they are doing a great job of that! What will be left when we rid ourselves of the garbage? How do we repair the social dynamics? What can we do if they get more judges on the Supreme Court?

    • If Trump appoints another anti-abortion judge, we just might overturn Roe v Wade which could be the beginning of criminalizing abortion, at least in some states, and the beginning of stopping the grave injustice of murdering the unborn.

  38. And where were you when Obama did worse? Muslim brotherhood in the Whitehouse. Racial division at an all time high. Highest national debt. Lowest employment. Where were you then? Hanging on O’s every word because you are most definitely insane.

    • Literally nothing you say or believe about Obama is true. You have been brainwashed into a right wing cult (Cult45). Facts and reason no longer have any effect on you. You need to be deprogrammed. I hope some day you get it.

    • We were in this universe where literally none of what you said was true. Any interpretation of the stock market, the unemployment rate or virtually any other metric was improved under Obama. Unemployment was north of 9% when he took office and below 5 when he left, for instance. The stock market tripled. And throughout it all, he actually knew and cared what his legislation would do, treated his opponents with respect, and seemed to actually want what was best for the nation.

  39. We in Australia are stunned and appalled at what is happening over there with you guys, and wonder how Americans let this happen! Our country too appears to have been hijacked; our government practices human rights abuses, flouts treaties, imprisoning refugees indefinitely. You may be familiar with what is happening on Manus Island and Nauru. As for Trump and the US, I posted this on Facebook:

    This is bullshit what is happening in America! Americans whether you are in the US or abroad, and Aussies in the US, don’t stand idly by while democracy is being dismantled and a nuclear holocaust risked by a couple of aged toddlers aided by Twitter. Shut Twitter down! Speak to your senators, get involved, say NO!
    Speak up! We are all brothers and sisters! All one family!
    For heaven’s sake, let intelligence and love come forth, and bring calm, not conflict.
    Write your own cry from the heart or copy and paste this, let us all cry out “NO!”

    A president venting on Twitter in the wee small hours is really talking in his sleep. What if his Twitter account was closed? Cannot Jack Dorsey muzzle Trump?

    • Mr. Blake, I understand your dismay and disgust at Trump’s tweets, but I can’t agree with you that Twitter should shut him down. Since what goes on in his mind seems to come straight out his typing fingers, I think his tweets give a pretty good idea what he’s thinking, and what he wants to do. I–and I suspect, a lot of other people–would rather be forewarned than taken by surprise. Those warnings give us some time to gather the knowledge and support to oppose whatever his latest harmful idea might be.

    • Some of us think differently than those way out on the left who lost their power in Washington and have subsequently also lost their minds over an election they thought was in the bag.

      Just watch this blog as an example. 24 hours anti-Trump, and from a preacher. But he’s a leftwinger and politics seemingly is their religion.

    • Joe,

      Great message and I will copy and re-paste it. The only worry I have is that we are already too far down the road to make a difference.

  40. Please do a piece on the need to speak up for what is right, even in difficult situation. Maybe you could include how Jesus wants us to. I have so many people to share an article like that with.

  41. Somehow this piece made things click for me. See, I have a couple “invisible illnesses.” Fibromyalgia and Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, PTSD and other co-morbid bonus gifts. Essentially, I live a life of pain. The pain levels vary, but without opiods (which, if I’ve taken a dozen in the past 5 years I’d be surprised) my pain level never goes below a 3. My norm is a 6 or 7. And over time, you get used to it. It still hurts like hell, but you ignore it and act as if a 6 is a 2. Take your meds because they do help a little. And reduce stress. To nothing if you can. Long enough at nothing and the average level may go down to a 4 or 5 for a while. And you start wondering if maybe, somehow, you’ve gotten better. Maybe you were blowing a tiny thing into a huge problem. Maybe you really CAN work and make enough money to stop living below poverty level and start using that fancy Bachelor’s degree you got over a decade ago. Maybe, just maybe, the voices in your head that say you’re just lazy are correct.

    Until you go to work. And 6 weeks later they are letting you go, because you know what… you didn’t have the cognative function, the physical staying power, the stress tolerance to do a receptionist job when you know you have a 145 IQ and the degree to make much higher figures.

    Your brain was playing tricks on you. Making you question what you know is true. Making you wonder how you could possibly be right about yourself when everything else, everyone else is arguing against it. You just got so used to the sickness, it became such a normal state of things that you started insisting that you couldn’t possibly really be sick. What you are is normal. The way our world is is the new normal. But don’t imagine that that normal is acceptable. It isn’t. Because if and when a cure comes around, you may be so accepting of this abnormal normal that you don’t take the cure.

  42. “Only people with hope will struggle. The people who are hopeless are grist for the fascist⁺ mill. Because they have no hope, they have nothing to build on. If people are in trouble, if people are suffering and exploited and want to get out from under the heel of oppression, if they have hope that it can be done, if they can see a path that leads to a solution, a path that makes sense to them and is consistent with their beliefs and their experience, then they’ll move.

    “But it must be a path that they’ve started clearing. They’ve got to know the direction in which they are going and have a general idea of the kind of society they’d like to have. If they don’t have hope, they don’t even look for a path. They look for somebody else to do it for them.” ~~Myles Horton in The Long Haul (1990) With thanks to Terecita Fln Grnwood

    ⁺ Perhaps “Fascist” is overly dramatic. If that’s what you believe, then I withdraw it lest it get in the way of the rest of the message. Apologies all around.

  43. Historically, this is how terrorists & tyrants work. They rely on unpredictability, on continually creating chaos, altering routine, robbing their targets of safety, stability & MENTAL REST UNTIL THEY RELENT. RESIST !!

  44. Thank you!!! Wonderful words-we all need that…this last year has been excruciating…….he’s a mad man and he doesn’t let us forget it for a moment- a constant reminder of the pain……… beats us down emotionally- it’s hard to stay asleep; it’s hard to concentrate and people who are trumpies no longer make sense and cease to be trusted friends……that in itself is a sorrowful realization…..but now you identify friends and distinguish them from “people you know”………..

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