I’m Not Shaming Trump Supporters—Trump Supporters Are

Recently someone suggested to me that I “stop shaming” supporters of this President.

The seemingly admirable scolding followed my sharing a news article with the eye-witness account of a group of Neo-Nazi, white supremacists beating an interracial couple at a Tennessee restaurant, after the group’s local “White Lives Matter” rally had to be aborted.

I reminded those currently supporting this President that this very violence is on their hands right now; that it is the putrid fruit of their past vote and of their current advocacy on full, bloody display in that dining room—and it was this contention that earned the stranger’s wrist-slapping to discontinue dispensing shame.

Sorry, but I’m not having it anymore.

I tried that over and over and over during the past twelve months; to reach these people on a human level, to understand them, to build a bridge to them, to reach out and let them know that they were welcome to create something redemptive in response to this jagged ugliness—even if they helped create it.

None of that has worked.
They still proudly wear their MAGA hats.
They still loudly sing his praises.
They still contend he is an actual Christian.
They still applaud his nonsensical, vile, petulant ramblings as simply, “telling it like it is.”
They still pretend he is normal or qualified or admirable.
They still lap up and get drunk on the Fox News Kool-Aid.

And while they do—packs of delusional, white, mouth-breathing, knuckle-draggers walk into restaurants and beat strangers bloody and feel no fear in the process.
They brazenly walk through streets with torches and beat people with pipes and ram their cars into crowds.
They plaster anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist slurs across their social media profiles and workplaces and locker rooms and school hallways, without the slightest apprehension.

And they do it all, because they have been specifically emboldened by a President who has shown that this behavior reflects whatever is left of his heart, that he will not speak out against it, that he in fact applauds it through Cabinet appointments and policy decisions and incendiary Tweets—and because people who support him will find a way to make it appear justified or normal or Constitutional.

And if there’s any shame in this season in the life of America—it is surely this.

I’m through coddling indecency under the guise of ceremonial unity.
I’m over giving sickness a wide berth in the name of some surface level decorum.
I’m done protecting the supposed feelings of people who have shown time and time again, they lack even the most microscopic levels of empathy for those most violated and assailed in this country right now.

Shaming isn’t what’s happening here:

Forcing an adult human being to be responsible for their sickening alliances isn’t shaming them.
Placing specific examples of the cancerous violence they’ve helped release since November isn’t shaming them.
Demanding accountability for their toxic political affiliations isn’t shaming them.

This is establishing ownership.

It’s the clear proclamation, that in the face of the most corrupt, incompetent, reckless, dangerous person to occupy the White House:

Their silence is shameful.
Their enabling is shameful.
Their rationalizing is shameful.
Their normalizing is shameful.
Their chest-thumping is shameful.

Bringing these things up is not shameful—and I’m not going to feel the slightest guilt about it. 

If detailing the way marginalized people are being oppressed because of the color of their skin or their place of origin or their sexual orientation, is labeled by them as “identity politics”—I’ll play.

If them suggesting that the racism, homophobia, and misogyny we currently complain about are all just fantastical straw men we have erected—then I’ll gladly keep building them.  

If showing the clear cause-and-effect between this President and the unprecedented Renaissance of open hatred we’re seeing, is deemed by them to be picking a fight—I’m okay with that.

And if not allowing those still supporting this President to look away from the deformed monster they’ve created and unleashed upon restaurants and town squares and high school fields and suburban neighborhoods; if that is throwing shame—then I’ll gladly throw it and feel no shame at all. 

The woman who issued my reprimand followed-up with a now familiar refrain: “If you shame these people, they’ll never have a moment of clarity, they’ll only dig in their heels and double down. They’ll never be reachable.”

These are adults and they should have seen enough already.
If suggesting that protestors during the campaign be roughed up didn’t do it, 
if the “grab them by the pussy” video didn’t do it,
if appointing Steve Bannon as right-hand man didn’t do it,
if Muslim bans and Mexican walls and ICE raids and Charlottesville didn’t do it,
if the beating of two human beings having dinner didn’t do it—
I’m not sure we can expect change anymore.

We may have to settle for open condemnation, so that those most in danger know that not everyone is okay with any of this.

I’m profoundly, deeply, and unashamedly not okay with any of it.

I’m also through apologizing for suggesting that humanity show up and actually be human.

To stand by and watch it all and to do nothing?

That would be truly shameful.

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106 thoughts on “I’m Not Shaming Trump Supporters—Trump Supporters Are

  1. Thank YOU John
    I am truly supportive and what he is changing
    Going from welfare , liberal mentality
    to Work fare mentality
    He cannot speak or communicate properly and wonder why he make s the decision he makes
    But He support Jesus Christ, The bible, Gods Holy people who truly believe. supports isreal, and will keep us on a track of Jobs
    Where the others , kept putting us on the track of welfare, social dependance, entitlement , THE World owes me mentality
    This not of God,
    God, The bible states very clearly that we must support what is good, Work for what we get , save for what we want, tithe in obedience to Him, God, Jesus Christ
    this is why I Support Trump
    If you want something else , then read the old testament and see How God Judged the nations as thier hearts left God, and forgot who is God , who truly is thier Provider
    Trust God, Worship only God, Lean not on what you see, can feel, can grasp, or what the world of lies, cheets, thieves, tell us , in the name of thier own end, selfish ambition.
    Repent for the kingdom of God is at the Door and will Pass Judgement on sinful Man.
    Peace comes in a Right relationship

  2. Thanks so much for this. I keep thinking that “reason” will work, that “see what’s happening now” should work to change people, but it isn’t happening. And now I’m thinking about Jesus and the money-changers in the temple, and the “white-washed sepulcher” and the “woe to you”s that we never, ever hear sermons about. Thank you.

    • I so wish Mary, that I could disagree with you. I wish I could believe that people will see through him, and see what he is doing to this country, and see that it is not sustainable…that we will fall, all of us together. That there will be, besides the oligarchs, no chosen who come out on top. But I’ve come to the conclusion, as have you and John, that for whatever reason, this is just not to be.

      I had a friend (note the tense), who I always thought was a good person. I sure learned different about her, as her truth came out during the election. We got into an online exchange, and we went back and forth with me providing clear evidence and facts to disputes claims she was making about Sec. Clinton, President Obama, and of course calling her attention to who Trump really was. In the end, after a long list of verifiable citations about Trump’s dishonesty in business and lack of moral character, she finally just said…”I don’t care, I’m voting for him.” When she could no longer mount a defense, no longer create Gordian Knots of failed logic, she admitted to her true motivation…she just didn’t care.

      It is the “I don’t care,” that has really become the rallying cry for these people. They don’t care what Trump and his corrupt cabal do. They don’t care about other people who are hurt by his policies, least of all those who aren’t white. They don’t care about science and facts, and they apparently don’t care about the future of the planet, as it might inconvenience them. They don’t care what is the truth. They don’t care what is Christian. They just don’t care.

      Once we’ve reached that point, there is no point in trying to have a civil discussion. When the other side just doesn’t care about facts or truth…when we can’t stipulate that the earth is round, and the universe governed by certain immutable laws, there is just no discussion that will lead to a resolution.

  3. I wouldn’t say you are shaming Trump supporters, but you certainly put forth a very one sided view of everything you write on. If anyone on the right end of the political spectrum, or upper right quadrant I suppose would be more accurate, does anything negative you are all over it. When someone leaning left does anything vile, you still manage to use it as a platform to degrade those on the right with cries of hypocrisy. What is truly sad is that you fail to see your own hypocrisy in what you are doing. None of us are anywhere near perfect but for some reason you seem to think yourself awfully close. You will probably disagree vehemently, but I urge you to take a long look in the mirror and pay close attention to the condescending tone you take with any who don’t follow your view of the world before denying it, at least to yourself.

  4. Wonder where the Bible quoting Trump supporters are on this one? No one is going to try and drag out the old justifications for slavery or racial segregation??

  5. YES! They are shaming THEMSELVES. They are only angry because we hold up a mirror to their XINO hypocrisy.

    What we are doing is holding them accountable, something they are so effing proud of when they are pointing out the speck in their brother’s eye.

  6. Trump 2020!

    What about your support of abortion, pastor? Trump is not in favor of Planned unParenthood murdering babies.

    Am I shaming you and the liberal pro-aborts?


    • Joe Catholic,
      You’re certsinly not shaming me!
      Trump plays to his audience. He says what they want to hear. Whether he is against abortion, I don’t really know, but he has made it clear he has no problem with lying, threatenng anyone who disagrees with him, treating people as disposable (all of a sudden he doen’t really know Jared Kushner very well. Sees him in the hallway and says hi),threatening to take away licenses from networks who disagree with him or tell the truth (I guess free speech only applies to him), he obviously has no problems with divorce (and since you’re quoting the Bible, may I remind you Jesus had something to say about this), Jesus also had something to say about posessions- I believe it was something like this-if you have 2 coats, give the 2nd one away(sounds like an entitlement to me), and I don’t believe Jesus meant to give it to your millionaire cronies. And for your infomation Joe Catholic, if you do your research, you will discover that the Catholic Church used to allow abortions up until quickening, which occurs around 20-22 weeks.

      And while we are talking about entitlement, what entitlement are you talking about-healthcare, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid. Be careful what you wish for because unless you are incredibly wealthy, you will most likely need some of these programs before you die.

      I have paid into Social Security and Medicare for 52 years now. And now the wealthy POTUS, his millionare cronies, and the wealthy congressmen think it’s ok to decrease our benefits because they took our money which we paid into Medicare and Social Security and used it for something else and conveniently forgot to pay it back with Interest. If you don’t mind the wealthy taking money that is rightfully yours, fine, but I have a problem with it. And while we’re talking about entitlements, why are the Republicans not saying anything about the fact that Congressmen are entitled to a lifetime salary and lifetime healthcare benefits.
      I think we should get rid of these entitlements, because the are neither earned or deserved, and according to them we cannot afford to find things like that.

      Also, realize those that stand to gain the most from the Republican’s proposed tax bill are not the poor and middle class who elected him, but the wealthy. Yes, and this is supposed to help the middle class because with the tax cuts the wealthy get, they will create jobs and pay their workers better. RIGHT! The Reagan Administration also did this. It was called trickle down economics. The only probem was nothing ever trickled down. Reagan also increased the Nation Debt in spite of promising to balance the budget. Trump’s new tax bill will also increase the national debt.

      We WThere has never been a greater disparity between the haves and the have nots. Somehow, I think Right wing Christians/Catholics should be just as concerned about the poor, the sick, and the elderly as they are about the unborn. Jesus was.

      • We should be concerned about all from conception until death. How does your “perception” of conservatives justify your support of the injustice of abortion?

    • A fetus is not a baby. What you’re really against is women having control over their own bodies and their own sex lives.

    • Joe Catholic are you ashamed of pedophile priests who sexually abuse little boys? There is a separation of church and state in this country and the law says a woman has a right to chose whether she carries a pregnancy to term or not but the law prohibits sexual predators and pedophilia is a crime.

      The only one you are shaming is yourself with your arrogance in presuming to know the heart of god.

    • Dear Bourgeoisie Joe:

      Then, there is Mr. Trump’s pledge to incinerate 25 million North Koreans — every man, every woman, every child and every dog.

      Expect about as many South Koreans to die as well.


      PS: You are no Roman Catholic and no Christian. They are pro-life.

    • Do you know the Bible defines when an individual life begins Joe Catholic? Have you bothered to read it. You don’t have to read too far, it is there in Genesis, Chapter 2 Verse 7. You’re probably a KJV Christain, so I’ll use that translation, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” So life began, according to God, when you take your first breath. Now we can argue the science of this all day, but you would, in the end, claim it is based on your Christian beliefs, except you have formed those beliefs while obviously ignoring that the Bible has to say on the subject of when life begins. Why do you ignore the Bible when establishing your beliefs? I’m seriously curious.

  7. Thank you for saying all of this. I too tried to reach across the divide, to understand and when I could not do that, to at least listen. No more. Absolutely no more. All my effort did was embolden the ones I spoke to. They took my attempts at communication as authentication of their repugnant beliefs. After telling yet another trump supporter that “listening to you does NOT mean I agree with you – it is what two people do when they are communicating” and receiving another “Oh yes it does!”, I quit trying. Those of us who disagree with all the hate being spewed, all the harassment of others, the misogyny, the sheer awfulness of it all must speak up. And vote.

  8. I’m standing on your side. If what I say about someone makes them feel shame, that’s why I damn well said it. They SHOULD feel ashamed when their behavior is hateful. Trust me, the very people you are talking about? Feel NO shame about their racism, misogyny, bigotry, HATE.
    And that is the biggest shame of all.
    And like you, I will NOT be quiet; I WILL speak up and point out hateful behavior. ESPECIALLY, so much especially, when the perpetrators are using the Bible and Jesus as part of their hate. (Oh the irony! Jesus was/is nothing but love. Trust me when I say, he does not know these people, they are not part of his flock. No matter how much they say they are. Actions supersede words any day of the week.)

  9. John P wrote, “Recently someone suggested to me that I “stop shaming” supporters of this President.” If anyone is guilty of shaming the supporters of the current occupant of the Oval Office it is those supporters embarrassing themselves.

    I understand that when one feels shame, one is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to feel it. A common reaction to shame is denial or blaming someone else rather than accepting responsibility for the actions, deeds, and words, that resulted in feeling shame. If someone doesn’t want to feel shame, then change the behavior that results in shame, change the kind of thinking that results in shame. If someone feels shame, it’s because they have done or said something for which feeling shame is a logical consequence.

    If they feel shame because their love of authoritarianism has been exposed, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their bigotry, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their denial of climate change, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of they support destroying families, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their destruction of the planet and God’s creation, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their discrimination, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their fascism, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their encouragement of global warming, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their gynophobia, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their mistreatment of the poor, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their homophobia, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their intolerance of a difference of opinion, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their
    intolerance of people that are different, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their Islamaphobia, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their kleptocracy, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their misogyny, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their nonpartisanship, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their approval of police brutality, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their prejudice, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their racism, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of they favor rape, by shaming the victim, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of they are in favor of sexual assault by shaming the victim and continuing to support the current occupant of the Oval Office who boasts about his mistreatment of women, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of they are in favor of sexual harassment by shaming the victim and continuing to support the current occupant of the Oval Office who boasts about his mistreatment of women, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of they in favor of sexual molestation by shaming the victim and continuing to support the current occupant of the Oval Office who boasts about his mistreatment of women, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of they support those who commit treason, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their transgenderphobia, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their white supremacy, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    If they feel shame because of their xenophobia, shame is the appropriate emotion to feel.

    Such are the values of the current occupant of the Oval Office and a great many Republicans. However a person spins support for them, one is participating in these shameful things.

    Anger and fear are two emotions people use to cover up their feelings of shame. The bottom line is this: a person feels shame because the person acts and thinks in shameful ways and chooses to be shame-filled. If John P or I bring into the light that which causes the shame, we are not shaming you, we are showing you how you have shamed yourself.

    The Good News is that God loves us, no matter who we are or what we do. The Holy Spirit offers to heal, if we are willing to accept Her gift.

  10. Arguing with a Trump supporter is like playing chess with a pidgeon: How well you play is irrelevant; the pidgeon continues to defecate on the board and strut as though it had already won.

  11. Mr. Pavlovitz, Wow, your passion is glorious!

    While I admit I am an authority on nothing but my own life what I see in your post is fighting hate with hate, and contempt with contempt. Change the words around and it could have had the same meaning of words uttered by our President only not so eloquently unless read from a teleprompter.

    While this President and his ilk may be the ugly face of America today he did not invent prejudice or inequality or any of the ugly in America throughout history – ask the American Indian, or black people, or women, or the LGBTQ, or the Japanese, or the Hispanics, or the Muslims, etc. etc. etc. This country has always had an ugly side. Neither side has ever erased the ugly.

    It may make you feel good to blame everyone who did not vote for Hillary. I for one, am not looking at blood on my hands for bad deeds or accepting responsibility for the ugly committed by any Democratic President I voted for or the rest of America during their terms. Are you? No one owes an apology to you or me. If they have sinned their sins are their own. If they believe in a God their sins are between them and their God.

    Over 40% of eligible voters did not vote. That means that approximately 65% of eligible voters did not vote for Hillary. You are raging against most of America. That is the opposite of loving your neighbor. I would really like to know what would appease you.

    The Republicans in Congress have the only power to do anything. Mike Pence would not make things better for many of the marginalized.

    Do you want everyone to be engulfed in anger and hate and always playing the blame game for the next three years? I would think that is not a great thing for anyone’s spiritual life or mental health. Hope is a good thing. Standing up for others and doing what you believe is right is a good thing. Believing in yourself and your fellow man is a good thing. Setting a good example is a good thing. Many people feel that God is a good thing.

    I was saddened by your post. Maybe I see absolutes in your words that are not there. I imagine someone will let me know.

    • The Republicans fight dirty. As for me I am sick of the Democrats not even bringing a knife to a gunfight — the Democrats bring a friggin prayer book.

    • “While this President and his ilk may be the ugly face of America today he did not invent prejudice or inequality or any of the ugly in America throughout history – ask the American Indian, or black people, or women, or the LGBTQ, or the Japanese, or the Hispanics, or the Muslims, etc. etc. etc. This country has always had an ugly side.”

      This is the first and only President who knowingly, willingly, proactively PROMOTES all that is the ugly face of America. He brings out the worst in his followers: their hatred for others. No leader of this country has EVER behaved with the utter disdain for our Constitution that he he has.

      Since when is it not okay to be angry about injustice or abuse? Those are appropriate things to be angry about. When someone does something wrong it is absolutely right to blame her or him. And some behavior is deserving of contempt. Expressing one’s anger is not the same as hating someone or spreading hate. I think you’re confused about that.

    • “While this President and his ilk may be the ugly face of America today he did not invent prejudice or inequality or any of the ugly in America throughout history…” On this point, Joanne Musto, I agree with you. However, while this President didn’t invent prejudice and inequality, he has fed it. He has given it quarter and attempted to normalize it. That is not acceptable. It is, in fact, shameful.

      By your logic, slavery would be OK today, because today’s Americans didn’t invent it. Prior to this election, the behaviors we have seen…the anti-semitism, the racism, and to an increasing extent homophobia, when expressed in public, were treated as unacceptable behaviors. That doesn’t mean people still don’t hold those views, but it was a step on the road to stamping out those views. That has been stood on its head, and the people with those views are now emboldened by this President, and that, like it or not, is shameful.

  12. John, I fear for you and your family. The things you are saying here are putting a target on your back.

    I know that what you’re saying is true. You would not be the first man to die a martyr for the truth. I don’t want to see that happen.

    Maybe I watch too much Blindspot or Madam Secretary or some other CIA, FBI, terrorist programs on TV. IDK. Maybe we find out that JFK was murdered by a secret neo nazis organization rooted in Washington! (I do have an over active imagination, I know 😄)

    I don’t care whether you post this or not. I just want you to be careful. Words have power. But so do guns.

  13. “Packs of delusional , white, knuckle draggers “…what the hell does that mean? Are you even serious that many, perhaps a majority, of good everyday white citenzry is the problem… what if someone is white ( through no fault of his or her own ) and just happens to not agree with ideas proposed by Democrats… 😁 …you claim to be non political in your blogging, but you are such a Democratic shill, it should be embarrassing to you!.. You know John, after Mueller gets done, both parties will be scorched because they broke the law!.. What will you say then?… please.. no more Hillary Clinton praise and send it up to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…

    • It’s not really a Democrat vs Republican thing. It’s a Trump vs everyone else thing. The Democratic Party is far from perfect and they have done many things that are worthy of scrutiny. But this is about the corruption and incompetence that Trump and his supporters seem to champion. If you can look at Trump with all of his many red flags and still think he’s the appropriate person to lead the country, then you deserve every bit of criticism Pavlovitz throws your way.

      Regarding your last point, I personally wouldn’t have any issue if Mueller’s investigation brought forth terrible misdeeds by people of both parties. Bring the truth to light and let’s go from there. Again, it’s not about politics. It’s about whether you choose to ignore the malfeasance that comes from people in power (of all stripes) on a daily basis.

  14. I go back to Nazi Germany. The vast majority of the population were complicit in the Holocaust by their very inaction against an evil regime. Does living in a democracy give people the right to be uninformed and disengaged? Yes. But they do so at their own peril. I wish they understood that.

  15. Agreed! Thank you. You have given me a moment of clarity. How anyone can condone the violent action we have seen, and then to blame those victims of the violence or equating the groups is most egregious.

  16. None of my Trump-supporting friends has changed their minds.

    Some are still as strident, still spewing falsehoods from the right-wing media.

    Some have gone silent.

    But none of them have repented.

    All of them are white.

    Honestly, I’m ashamed of them, because *most* of them call themselves “Christians” and have been part of my life for decades telling me of Christ.

    Now they cannot back away from their grievous sin.

    They have spent so long thinking they were on the right moral path (with occasional slips of a cigarette or a curse word) that they don’t know how to repent, much less recognize sin.

    I’m ashamed of them for abandoning the truth-claims of the faith.

    But any journey of repentance has to start with them.

    I’m out working with those who are outside the kingdom.

    Those in the kingdom need to take account of their lives.

  17. I am a trump supporter and I have no shame. Although I love so much of what you write about, I guess we just disagree on “Donald Trump”. But that’s what makes our country great, we get to disagree and it’s ok.

  18. No, I gave up on them quite a while back. If they were stupid and bigoted enough to rationalize Trump as anyone they wanted to represent them, then eff ’em. There are truly no positives in any venue to attribute to Trump and the list of negatives of him and the Christian fascists he hangs out with is impressively long, possibly without parallel in contemporary leadership. My only thoughts towards Trump supporters now are “I wonder if their pain could be made entertaining somehow,” because they’ve inflicted a great evil on all of us and it will be years–if ever!–for the rest of us to clean up their mess.

    Or, to say it differently: one of my oldest friends asked me in January if I had any friends who’d voted for Trump. I said “Not any more, no.”

    • What is the greatest evil I as a Trump supporter have inflicted on you?

      In what way are you suffering now that you wouldn’t have suffered under Madame President? (And I don’t mean whining about losing).

  19. Thank you.
    Thank you for so clearly saying what I’ve been trying to say for months.

    I am tired of continually pointing out the clear and obvious correlations between this Administration and the rise of open hate – the ‘it’s okay, he said we were good people’ response.
    I am tired of the ignorance and blindness and flat-out stupidity of people who still think “God chose our President” when it has been obvious and is becoming documented that Putin chose this president…
    But no matter how tired I get – I won’t stop educating, shaming and explaining.

  20. Leftists have lost power, and I get it –it hurts.

    However, Americans (i.e., racial minorities, LGBT, women) are actually more concerned with Prosperity, Safety & Freedom, & not as concerned with Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, as you would have us believe (that’s why blue Democrats in Mich, Wisc, Penn voted Trump).

    Today, Americans are encouraged by:
    –Improved economy
    –Unemployment is down
    –Trade deficit is improving
    –Renegotiation of NAFTA & other bad trade deals
    –Veteran’s Admin significant reform
    –Conservative Judges appointed
    –Border enforcement is allowed
    –Illegal violent criminals are deported
    –ISIS is diminished

    [Contrary to what is put forth here, a significant portion of minorities / LGBT / women are Pro-capitalist, Pro-Christian, and Pro-Constitution, but are stigmatized, and told to shut up by the Left. It’s good to look around, do some research. There are important Conservative Voices coming from those ‘trampled victim’ groups. And what they have to say is worth listening to. ]

    • You’re delusional if you think Trump cares about or will deliver on any of those promises in economics, trade, foreign policy, border enforcement. Those were all hollow words, and you fell for it.

      When you say “prosperity, safety, and freedom” you need a _huuuge_ asterisk specifying *” for white Christians only…”.

    • leslie m., for someone who has spoken in, shall I say, less than a charitable tone, to those of us who have a different relationship with God than you do, it amazes me how you speak in such glowing terms about someone who has told you he does not involve himself with God regarding his actions. He said he has never sinned. He has never said he looks forward to being with God.

      When you look through your Trump adoring rose colored glasses do you see a Godly man, an honest man, a caring and compassionate individual? Do you hold him up as a man you would like your sons to

      If things are so magically awesome from just the presence of our President for the last year, why do CEO’s, corporations and wall street have such a dire need to receive, once again, a windfall bonus added to their “get out of jail free cards”? Why does the debt and the margin between the have and the have nots need to be increased? Why can’t common sense gun control issues be discussed if things are so much better?

  21. John ,the world and this America we are now shamefully experiencing must fall in line with the truths you share. To stand silent in the face of such inhumane and dangerous disgrace is indeed shameful.
    thanks for all you do

  22. I kind of look at it like this. By the time Robert Mueller III is finished exposing the various criminal sins of Trump and his associates, few of them will be left standing. I think the next indictment will be for—no—let’s do it like the old Star Trek episode:

    “I am for you Donald Trump, Jr.”


    “I am for you Jared Kushner (and your little blow-up doll too.)”

    And last but not least:

    “I am for you President Trump (and your little Tweet Box too).”

    I have the two appropriate Bible verses for these indictments listed on my blog at the following safe link:


  23. Well said sir. This……this….whatever it is challenges us all to the very core. Your politics or money or social status are left meaningless and irrelevant in the face of this intentional and overt threat to humanity itself. We are all called to choose a side, and I for one will not sit passively by and allow that choice to be made for me. I applaud your ability to articulate the situation, and the heart that motivates it.

  24. You are so right, John. I’m beginning to be afraid, however, that if things continue as they are now – open condemnation is going to turn into open warfare out of necessity. The Trump supporters will not listen to reason, to common sense and above all, to facts. We may have to have another civil war to pound some sense into them. I certainly hope not, but I’m not too sanguine about the prospects.

  25. Hi John,

    I enjoyed the post and I say the following from a place of love not conflict.

    What is this post calling on us to do?

    If the folks you speak about can not be empathised with or understood, and shaming keeps their heels in the ground – how do we stand a hope of change? Some of these folks need to be brought on side if we are to remove Trump and figures like him across the world.

    What are your calls to action to the people ready to build a better world? Your piece seems to be void of hope for those people, that they can not be forgiven or changed. I say this from a non-partisan position and as someone from the UK looking in at American politics. The ripples of anger and violence are causing waves in my country like yours. I am looking to your posts for calls to action about what we can do, not what we already know. We are angry and so many of us are unashamed of our disgust for what is happening to the world. Perhaps that is not what you are trying to achieve and are putting anger to paper.

    I believe our work must involve working with those who voted for violence and walls and hate – as well as those who felt ignored and voted out of protest, or just wanted a job to feed their loved ones, because no job ever came to them when they voted blue. I say this not because of any faith – but pragmatically we can not change the world without changing minds to work with us. I believe empathy is the answer.

    How do we practice empathy without losing our integrity to our cause? How do we listen and work with others who voted to deport our loved ones? And if the answer is – you don’t – you build movements around them, ignore them, wait for older racist voters to die – how does that make us win liberal policies in government when it takes majorities to win? Even if we manage to build a just world against “theirs”, with this divisive language our world will still produce “others” to be banished against our purity.

    I have no answers, and I am say all of this with a genuine curiosity about what I can do to bring the world we are both seeking, to become a reality. I am an ally looking to you and your followers for guidance.


  26. Mr. Pavlovitz, I agree with you, people must wake up
    and take action. It seems our greatest institutions are
    being decimated, day by day.
    What if congress refuses to act? I wonder if the military
    could root them out?

  27. You are the type of guy that someone will eventually introduce your face to their fist. When you spew the hate you do, there will be problems. I don’t advocate such things, but they are certainly an understandable outcome.

  28. Right on. Trump supporters should be shamed every time he shames our country. In every age our grandchildren ask “What were you doing while (Hitler, McCarthy, Nixon, Bush, Reagan, Pol Pot, etc.) was committing this attrocity?” “How did you speak out or fight back when we sent 60,000 to their death in Vietnam, or Reagan let 300,000 die needlessly of aids, or Pol Pot exterminated Cambodia, or Bush invaded the wrong country after 911?” How do we answer our children/grandchildren. I know what I’ll say, and I won’t let half of America off the hook either.

  29. “I tried that over and over and over during the past twelve months; to reach these people on a human level, to understand them, to build a bridge to them, to reach out and let them know that they were welcome to create something redemptive in response to this jagged ugliness—even if they helped create it.”


    The hell you did.

    It was one insult and snide condescending remark after another. It would have been more honest and respectable had you just come out like Hillary and called them “deplorables.”

    See, in your “bridge building” what you failed to attempt was to understand why some people don’t see things through the eyes of extreme left-wing liberalism, and that they don’t believe that they support “jagged ugliness,” and that that’s just coming at them with a chip on your shoulder and not really any genuine attempt to empathize or build a bridge. Try harder and try to really build a bridge next time. Implying that they’re the KKK and knuckle-draggers who hate women and kittens makes it difficult to see your alleged overtures as genuine.

    You might also take it upon yourself to explain to them what was so great about crooked-Hillary, and how they should have been anxious to support her in spite of her cheating, greed, and support of unjust policies.

    • Mister Catholic…I would like to know what is so great and loving and HOLY about treating transgender people like CRAP…as Trump and those who support him have!!

      I am still a human being and it is time I was treated as one!

    • “Crooked Hillary” (good job parroting those talking points. I’m guessing your a Fox News Watcher) is a lifelong Methodist.
      Source: http://www.factcheck.org/2016/06/we-know-plenty-about-clintons-religion/

      DT conveniently found God in August 2016 when he correctly surmised that pretending to be a Christian would help scoop up a few more votes by gullible people who will look past a lifetime of pride and avarice as long as they have that (R) by their name.
      Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/06/trump-born-again/489269/

      If you want to actually know Hillary’s thoughts on Christ and Christianity, rather than just repeating whatever Alex Jones or Sean Hannity told you, why not read one of her books? She has written several that you can choose from.

      And hey, if you’re NOT a racist, bigot, or Klan member, why are you so eager to defend someone who is openly regarded as their champion? Maybe you should ask yourself why you have such a knee-jerk reaction to the word “liberal”? Liberals want you to have healthcare. Liberals want to make the air cleaner so that you and yours can enjoy life on your planet. Liberals want poor people to have a living wage. Liberals want peace.

      Frankly, Liberals sound far more Christ-like than your president right now. Or you, to be honest.

      • So long as Liberalism embraces the injustice of abortion, I cannot see it as “Christ-like,” but either as extremely ignorant or evil.

        • John,

          I am with you 100% on this. With most (not all) Trumpsters I have encountered, trying to argue logically is useless, because there is no way to establish a commonly-agreed-on reality. I just hope that enough people who are in the middle see the madness for what it really is and run his ass out on a rail.

        • Joe Catholic, liberalism is evil and ignorants? Well ,it takes one to know one. And trying to argue with a Trump supporter is like trying to teach a pig to sing – it wastes our time and annoys the pig.

    • You’re delusional (and have been drinking the Fox kool-aid) if you think anything John presents is “extreme left-wing liberalism”. Everything that Clinton has been accused of, Trump has really done and worse. What you’re really saying is “I support cheeting, greed, and injustice when it’s on my ‘side’.”

    • Your comments would be meaningful if they had some substance and factual disagreement with the author’s points. You seem hung-up or process. If you disagree with the author specifically address some of the points he has made with facts. Otherwise, you comments are meaningless.

  30. Thank you, John, you speak truth. Once again, I am proud to know you. But could you please also include TRANSPHOBIA in your writings?

    I am tired, as a twenty years out transwoman…of always being forgotten while we are the group arguably most harmed so far by this Administration!

    More policy inimical to our interests has been done than towards any other group!

    We have the recinding of the bathroom guidance, the trans military ban, and now Sessions’ Justice Department emphatically claiming Title VII does not cover us…in direct conflict with other court rulings and even the EEOC….and now we got possibly two slots opening on RROC that could turn that agency…once on our side…against us!

    I dare you to find any other group of marginalized humans…that have had more hateful action taken against them…yet all I hear about are all the other groups…and NEVER ONCE do I hear TRANS mentioned. I’m tired. I am hurting. I am afraid. I am alone.

    It does not feel good.

  31. Did anyone read this article about FOX News by Justin Peters. I am absolutely amazed that he looked at Fox News “messaging” so closely and missed one of the biggest messages of all:

    “Blonde pu**y is good. Get as much of it as possible.”

    How could anyone watch Fox News and miss that—especially in light of all the recent revelations about many of its guiding male executives and feature anchors? You tell me.

  32. BRAVO! You are not alone…I stand with you against tyrranny, bullying, racism, and hate!

    I’ll Stand with You

    Revolution is in the air, I can
    I can smell it upon the breeze,
    And I’ll stand with you and fight this war ‘til
    I’m felled upon my knees!

    I’m too crippled to fight, too young to die,
    And much too brave to run,
    But you can bet I will have your back as
    Long as I have my gun!

    As long as there’s breath in these old lungs, and
    I can still see to shoot,
    I’ll stand with you on this sacred ground, right
    Next to you, boot to boot!

    With you, my brother, and you my sis, I’ll
    Fight to the bloody end,
    I haven’t got much, but I’ll have your back –
    On that, you can depend!

    When we see them come up over the hill
    We’ll give a rebel yell.
    And when we’re done with those dirty dogs, they’ll
    Think it more fun in hell!

    No, I won’t run and I won’t weep when I
    Hear their warrior’s cry.
    I’ll raise my gun and try to shoot straight, and
    Keep shooting ‘til I die!

    I’ll stand with you and fire my gun, and
    Wield my Viking sword,
    ‘Til we kill them, or they kill me, and send
    My last breath to the Lord!

    Yes, I’ll stand with you and fire my gun,
    Peck ‘em off one by one.
    I cannot do much, but I’ll fight with you
    Until our fighting’s done!

    © 2015 The Poet Darkling™

  33. Thank you so much. Well said and exactly correct. Recently, I’ve been embarrassed to say I am a Christian.

    Sending love your way.

    • So don’t. Join me. I am a Jesusian. NOT a Christian.

      Christianity has been completely hijacked by everything Jesus stood against…until everything that was once valued by Christianity….is no more.

      Christianity has become a morally bankrupt tradition. Time those of us who truly believe Jesus’ message of peace, love, joy, mercy, and hope…joined together and left these so-called Christians in the hell they have created for themselves…and into which they attempt to drag the rest of us.

      I, for one, am not going without a fight.

  34. Congratulations. I was beginning to be uncomfortable hearing that someone was Christian – there seemed to be so few of them with any true Christianity in their souls.
    Your post was profound and eloquent. I look forward to following your blog in the future.
    Thank you for saying “stuff that needs to be said.”

    • That is because they do not.

      They have God and Jesus in their HEADS….not in their hearts.

      There can be no rooom in their black hearts for God or jesus…with all the hate they have there….as evidenced by the way they treat ANYONE different from themselves.

      I am but one small marginalized group…in my case transgender…who have been horribly treated.

      The blacks, the disabled, the Muslim, women, the Dreamers…have all seen the ugliness and suffered from it. Just as we in the transgender community have.

  35. God bless you, and thank you so much for this post! Thank you for speaking my truth, thank you for your courage, and thank you for helping me feel that I am not alone.

  36. Thank you. It’s well past time that good, and, decent people start calling out Trump supporters for the Fascists that they are.

    I know it is a harsh word, but it is accurate, too.

  37. The kingdom of heaven is for everyone. I do not judge, I plead. I do not condemn, I show the path of righteousness. The kingdom of heaven is for everyone, it is for the poor and the poor in spirit, even for Trump. I do not shame, I forgive, and if I cannot find the strength to do so today, God forgives all.

  38. This article is compelling. Much of the divisions in this country are just coming to a head under Trump. Trump is the logical conclusion to the way this country has been going for nearly 30 years. The income distribution imbalance has made this situation much worse and it will get ever worse than now if the leadership in this country is aloud to pass things like their health care and tax proposals. Trump does not care about anyone reading this, your or me. He only cares about himself and other wealthy individuals. He is a danger to all of us!

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