If You Voted for Donald Trump, You Owe My Children an Apology

If you voted for Donald Trump, you owe my children an apology.

You owe them an apology for making them grow up with a hateful, incompetent, petulant, predatory monster as their President.

For placing their safety in the hands of an impulsive child, who trolls world leaders with nuclear weapons and wields our military like an insecure coward brandishes a gun at a party.

For unleashing the fierce tide of bullying, racism, bigotry, and homophobia they have to see in their classrooms and ball fields and neighborhoods—because the man you chose has repeatedly encouraged and legislated it.

For making them do “shooter drills” at school, because you’ve sanctioned a man who is fully in bed with the NRA, who removes barriers to mentally ill people getting guns, and who does nothing to prevent military weapon proliferation.

For the terrifying images of a crowd of emboldened, violent, torch wielding Nazis terrorizing a town—and of a President who coddled them afterward.

For the inexplicable disconnect they see in a man claiming to be Christian—while being so devoid of anything remotely resembling Jesus.

You owe my daughter an apology for excusing his reprehensible words about women when voting for him; for ignoring the multiple accusations of sexual assault against him, for placing a man with such clear disregard for her at the highest level of leadership in the country she calls home.

You owe my son an apology for taking someone with a lifetime resume of filth and misogyny, and asking him to look up to that man as a leader; for rewarding the very sexist, ignorant, repugnant behavior we implore him never to engage in or abide in those around him.

You’ve let my children down by thrusting them into an America that is far less secure, less compassionate, less decent, more fractured, and more violent than it was a year ago—and because that truth alters children immersed in it.

But lest you think this is just about me, about my family, about my children—be assured it is not.

Yes, you’ve surely failed my children with your vote, and more so with the way you’ve doubled down on the toxicity released over the past year—but you don’t owe an apology to them alone.

You owe your children an apology too.

They too are inheriting this jagged, hateful, angry nation you’ve co-created with your vote. They too are reminded every day by their President, that honesty and integrity and empathy and kindness are of little value; that going low gets the intoxicating applause of the crowd and the affection of the ignorant.

They too will have their personalities, their priorities, their sense of safety, and their very identities formed in the crucible of this scalding hatred Donald Trump presides over and continually cultivates.

If your children one day become ill, they too will have a difficult time affording care or staying alive without going broke.

They too will have to breathe the air and drink the water and reside on the planet that this President leaves to rot.

They too will be saturated in the enmity and the callousness of this country—and make no mistake it will change who they are. It will change the way they perceive truth and the way they respect differences and the way they value people’s bodies and well-being. 

And not just my children and not just your children.

You owe an apology to every child who has to spend their formative years in an America that is defined by:
fear of the other,
an epidemic of cruelty,
a poverty of decency,
a deadly allergy to facts,
a Christianity of coercion and malice,
a defiant resistance to diversity.

You owe an apology to every young woman growing up in an America where celebrity preachers vilify assault victims and defend predators, where accusers are tried and offenders elected.

You owe an apology to every young man who forms his identity in a culture where men can do whatever they want to women and they will rarely be held accountable; where gentleness is a liability and brutality an asset.

Yes, this horrible stuff existed long before this year, but it’s never had such a powerful and uncontested cheerleader with such an ability to ratify it all—and that’s something that’s on you and that you’ll have to own. That’s just how it is.

So yes, you can puff out your chest online, and posture and boast all you want.
You can cling to the fading lie that you’ve won anything here, or that you’ve somehow struck a blow for America or Jesus or patriotism.
You can tell me to suck it up and to let it go and to f*ck off—which I’m now quite used to.
But at the end of the day you’ve simply let a lot of people down:

My children.
Your children.
The children of this country and the planet.

They all have lost because you were irresponsible with one of the greatest responsibilities you’ve ever had in their lifetime, and now they have to live with the terrible fallout—and you owe them all an apology.

I’m well aware of what your likely response to all this will be. I don’t imagine an apology will be forthcoming—so I’ll apologize to them on your behalf.

Then, I’ll spend every day living that apology.

I’ll remind my children your children and all children, that there are lots of adults who still believe that people are inherently valuable and stunningly beautiful—that not all adults fear brown people and gay people and foreigners and immigrants.

I’ll remind them that there are still people committed to the truth and to equality, and the richness found in diversity.

I’ll do my best to make them feel safe and loved and hopeful here, even on the days that I don’t.

I’ll even teach them to forgive people who fail and hurt them, because I know how difficult that it is right now.

And I’ll remind them that even when bad people are rewarded, doing the right thing is still the thing most worth doing.

I’ll teach them that when hatred seems the most treasured currency, that love is still worth more than gold.

I’m just sorry that they have to live with something (and someone) far less than they deserve—and they didn’t have to.


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76 thoughts on “If You Voted for Donald Trump, You Owe My Children an Apology

  1. I feel the same way about your vote for Hillary and what She stands for but I don’t have a pulpit to spread constant negativity. Why supposedly intelligent people are taken in by her is beyond many of us! You preach spreading love and unity – do it instead of dividing!

  2. Excellent writing, John Pavlovitz. I take issue with only one point, and that’s the implication that mentally ill people might be responsible for the domestic terrorism/mass shootings we are seeing these days. Mentally ill people are much more likely to turn the gun on themselves than they are to shoot others. Certainly, I oppose permitting mentally ill people to have guns–but I oppose permitting bullies, thugs, misogynists, homophobics, racists, Nazis, criminals, and other hate-filled, violence-prone individuals to have guns as well. What makes our society so much more violent, say, than Canada, our neighbor to the north? We need to look at many layers of questions with respect to continuing to unleash such weapons on the public. Obviously questions for another post and not your primary topic here. Thank you!

  3. This has to be one of my absolute favorite blogs by John. It is clear, unobstructed truth. And yes, the trolling will begin. Because the very ones who will be pissed off at the eloquent, yet necessarily harsh truth here will be loath to admit they screwed our country and world over, by electing one of the least qualified sociopaths to the office of POTUS.

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  5. this has to be a parody? lol.

    You would have written the same tripe if Kasich, Bush, or Cruz had won.
    That’s the problem with calling everyone a monster – pretty soon no one is.

  6. At least he didn’t take bribe money from countries that kill gays and non-compliant women or have the IRS target conservatives or have the NSA spy on us or allow Black Panthers to hold billy clubs at election sites, or be the main reason 5 Dallas cops died or lie about Doctors or let out vets die in horrible hospitals or abandon his Ambassador or…o nevermind,your children prayerfully will reject your hate.

  7. Thank you, John. I’ve been worried about this country since Trump was elected. I also think an apology should be given by anyone who didn’t vote, or voted for a third party. I’m to the left of Bernie and have hugged as many trees as Stein but I worked for Hillary through the primary and the general election. Those people who were upset because they didn’t get the one they they wanted in the primary are just as guilty for all of the evil Trump has brought on this nation and this world. Hillary and Bernie voted the same in the legislature 98% of the time and yet they would rather have this maniac and chief than vote for someone who didn’t exactly match their personal beliefs. Great article, man.

  8. Thank you! Your posts always give me hope that there are sane people in the world. That there are true Christians out there trying hard to be a voice of reason and truth. It is refreshing to see someone that talks of the things that Jesus taught, not the ridiculous b.s. that is laughingly refered as Christianity these days. I admit, I am still searching for my truths, but what these people are doing to this country and faith, is beyond awful.

  9. Is there going to be an apology for calling folks fascists, Nazis, or even worse? In front of their own children …

    An apology for attacking the children of said supporters for simply being the offspring of that person?

    Of there being a ‘Resistance’ before there was even a regime?

    An apology for believing every improbably lie because it fit your personal narrative while denying the truth which dispelled those lies?

    Yet even then the adult thing to do would be to apologize for one’s wrong-doings … and you will get no apology from me because Hillary Clinton remains the 2nd best choice even now.

    Would we have a new Supreme Court Justice even now as she kept nominating Liberal judges this Senate would not confirm?

    Would we be in a shooting war with Russia over Syria … after creating the ‘No Fly’ Zone as she promised to do? You know ~ the actual World War III?

    Do you doubt for a second this nation would be even more divided ~ though you would hear about this less in the media and more on the internet? And do you think this level of ‘Resistance’ would make a Hillary Era internet safer, or less safe, for all of us?

    So ‘no’, no apology from me to your children. I voted for what I believe to be the better future for all of us ~ for all of our children. We didn’t have the best choices, so I did the best with what I was given. I will not apologize for participating in the democratic part of this Democratic Republic. I most likely never will.

  10. Thank you for saying what alot of Christians are afraid to say. I go to a church surrounded by his supporters (even the leadership out right supporting him saying he’s a good Christian man). My daughter is bullied at school for not supporting him. Thank you pastor I wish I lived close to your church it would be an honor to be a member of your flock and to learn and grow with you as my pastor.

  11. So powerful and true. I had not realized the effect on children until you so eloquently pointed it out. I hope people appreciate your thoughts and words or at the very least that it makes them think. Well done John.

  12. Every single word you wrote is true, but it doesn’t go far enough.

    The people who voted for Trump, any RepubliKKKan, any third party candidate, or who didn’t vote at all owe your children and all the children of the world an apology. The evils you describe above impact all of the world’s kids.

    I hope you are not holding your breath, John.

    They also owe apologies to the chronically ill, the disabled, the elderly, the handicapped, and those who live in poverty.

    My prayers have been that the scales will fall from people’s eyes and they will see what they embraced. They have yet to get what they thought they were promised. In fact, they never will.

    Here is what we will all will get, in spades: authoritarianism, bigotry, denial of climate change, destroying families, destruction of the planet and God’s creation, discrimination, fascism, global warming, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, increased gun violence, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, nonpartisanship, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favor of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, treason, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

    The only thing to do is to do what the Founding Mothers and Fathers of our country did: resist the evil. I do so every single day on Facebook at Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, https://www.facebook.com/groups/gloriamariesprogressivepetitions

  13. I’m going to apologize to all the dead babies killed by Planned Parenthood, even though I have never voted for pro-abortion candidates like Clinton and those the so-called progressives support in their twisted sense of compassion for all. I still am part or our abortion culture and need to do more to stop this injustice (without giving condoms to children).

    Think about making such an apology yourself, pastor. Then maybe you might understand why many of us can’t vote for your left-wing darlings who almost without exception are ardent supporters of this holocaust of the unborn.

  14. Hi John… I did not vote 4 Trump… but even if I did… I don’t owe you or your offspring anything… that is the most arrogant thing U have ever said…. grow up chap… just grow up and not be a child…

  15. Well, that was just so well said that my heart is racing at the prospect of getting enough nerve to share it (I live in a very red state, MS). I’m so fed up with the level of anxiety he’s injected into my daily life, forcing me to constantly follow politics as though it’s still the big election year, ever vigilant, ever disappointed, ever fearful. I didn’t like W, especially for his false coercion into the Iraq War, & I was routinely embarrassed for our country when he went off script & birthed a new Bushism or proved some level of incompetence with his analyses, but not liking Bush feels like garden variety antipathy for Republican policies compared to the deep down core disgust & fear I feel. This new world order must stop before it’s irreversible!

  16. I really do for feel for the children. I am with you in this. Keep giving them hope, teaching them truth, guiding their way in love.

  17. While I agree with you about the awfulness of where this country is heading and about the wonderful things you will teach and say to all children – no one should ever have to apologize for voting. If more people voted in the right states things might be different now. Or maybe not. Trump is the face of what of America is right now. He is the symptom. Who will be the cure?

    If just loving enough was the cure how did things get so bad that this odious unqualified man beat out all the others running against him. If any other Republican won we would still have these policies that are so overwhelmingly hurtful to average Americans.

    The difference between Trump and other Republicans is that he wants to erect an enormous phallic symbol to his greatness. It will be even “more bigly” than his name in gold 40 feet high. Like any tomcat he will leave this country with his stench which will be impossible to hide or get rid of. Most Americans do not want this and it is such an irresponsible drain on the taxpayer. He is doing this while he and his Republican congress are doing everything to erase Obama’s policies. He knows no one will be able to erase his wall – his giant middle finger to all those who see him who he is and a permanent reminder of his awfulness. His wall will forever show the world America’s arrogance, rejection of all others and pathetic need for “whiteness”. Making birth control harder to access will not guarantee more white babies just more put in harm’s way.

    The Republican congress keeps getting rewarded for not doing their job. This tax cut is, once again, their homage to their mega wealthy donors. Wealthy people to not create jobs – they hide their money or buy more houses or go on more vacations. Corporations have been sitting on their money for years punishing America for wanting a portion of their worth. They could have used that money to educate Americans so they wouldn’t have to whine about not finding adequate help. Every windfall they have received has gone to bonuses. Each time Republicans promise more jobs all we get is a recession.

    Because the Republicans refused to do their job for the lasts 6 years, they are now filling life time judicial positions with their extremists. You would think that the law is the law is the law. Evidently not.

    We know they weren’t doing their jobs because they, in reality, had no alternative to Obamacare or any idea beyond added bonuses to the “get out of jail free cards” of the mega wealthy with their so called tax reform. They have wasted tax payer money for 6 years.

    Surely guns and putting women’s bodies under government control is not enough reason to keep going down this black hole. It is no longer believable that Republicans care about debt, money management or even a smaller government. I am speaking as a person who has actually had to live on a budget for decades. With gerrymandering at the state level they will always have their finger on the scale to tip it their way. We have allowed them to separate and demean all the minorities and then accuse others of identity politics.

    We need to find and elect people who will do their job for ALL Americans. Our children, our grandchildren and their children are our future. We must do our best for them. Anything less is unforgiveable and will destroy this country. The biggest problem is that we are all human and humans aren’t always perfect.

  18. I wonder if future historians of the ancient American civilization will one day consider that we had a President that they are tempted to call Catrumpgula? Who knows?

    However, I have a new post on my blog today that dovetails beautifully with this new main blog post by John Pavlovitz. You must be some kind of prophet John.

    Many Americans wonder how Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and other American conservatives could have voted for a Presidential candidate characterized by all the sinful filth that John P. has so adeptly listed above in his main post. The results from some new research at Harvard University and Northeastern University has hit the bull’s eye on why the fundies and other American conservatives think the way they do in pulling the voting booth lever for a man like Trump. In fact, it explains a lot of things about how they think and process information. Take a look at this John Pavlovitz. All you other readers take a look at this too. This is nothing short of amazing—yet it is true—based on the results of this new research. Just click on the following safe link, which aptly lays open the roots of fundie spiritually blindness—and really—all spiritual blindness in this world:


    Wow!!! That is just amazing !!! Do you folks finally understand it now? This is why the so-called “Christian elect” elected Trump, and this is why Trump could shoot an innocent bystander in Times Square—and his fundie base would still cling to him as tightly as a deer tick. Delusional—you betcha!!!

    The fundies would say:

    “You jist don’t understand thuh thingza Gawd.”

    I would say:

    “No. But I understand the things of just plain nuts—and you guys are clearly doing nutty stuff in the name of Jesus. Electing Trump was one of them—and your fundie religious system is going to fully reap the evil and corruption you sowed in Trump’s name. But Just remember. While you fundies may be nutty as a fruitcake—Jesus is not: “He knows who you are, and He saw what you did in that voting booth last November.” His season is coming up in a few days, and he eats fruitcakes like you for lunch.

  19. I’m sorry your child has such a cuck of a parent. I am sorry your child will grow up feeling they need to be handed everything. I am sorry your child is more of a man than you.

  20. I’m sorry defeat is this hard for you. Calm your tits and help us ale America great again. Or move to North Korea. I don’t care. No one owes you anything you hyperventilating assnugget.

  21. You’re welcome! Thanks to Trump, you won’t have to be purged in the alternate future commie regime for being too white or too male! You get to grow up in a democratic republic instead of a totalitarian distopia! There will be enough food to eat, because capitalism will still reign supreme! G’night, ya little cunts, and grow up smarter than your retard parents!

  22. I did not vote for Donald Trump and don’t want him in office. Our Congress and Senate (the whole “government” of America needs replacing …. No every single one as some as trying to do the right thing but it’s like the little boy trying to keep the huge dam from breaking with one tiny finger.
    We need at least one new party if not two !!

  23. In all of life we have options including how we integrate God in our lives.
    We can Practice the absence of God or we can practice the Presence of God.
    It is next to impossible to practice the Presence of God when we are in a state of fear, angst, hate or complaining.
    We can however fully realize the Presence of God by dwelling on what is right, true and lovely. We can use those powerful motivations to change our world, to focus on what is possible , what makes life better and what creates heaven on earth.
    So, what will be your decision, wallow in absence or delight in Presence in the Now Present moment?
    As has been said; it is impossible to love and hate at the same time!

  24. No apologies or regrets from this Trump voter.😉
    Get over yourself, it’s been a year, you’ll get your chance to try to change it in 2020.
    You are just making a fool of yourself with this BS article and looking liken an obstructionist brat who still can’t deal with not getting your way.
    I hate to break it to you, but people do not owe it to you to vote the way you expect.
    Trump voters don’t feel any guilt over their votes and are not going to apologize to anyone for it.
    Oh, and all of those bad things kids you mention that kids are dealing with today, were going on well before Trumps election. Grab a clue.
    You can blame us all you want, but it is this type of sanctimony that landed a man you hate in the White House.
    It is actually YOUR children
    for whom I feel sorry, not because of the President, but because of the ignorant, self entitled example you are setting for them.
    You can feel free to keep lecturing and screaming out as many insults as you want, and it will be nothing but sheer entertainment.
    The sour grapes you guys have been dishing out for the last year have been so delectably sweet, so by all means, keep them coming!😆
    All the while, we supporters of President Trump will happily sit back, laughing and waving at you with the one digit salute as we continue to celebrate making America great again! 🤣

  25. I’m sorry your dad is so delusionally angry, even if his heart is in the right place.

    I hope you will learn to think for yourselves, and always be objective. Do not base your opinions on what feels good, as much as what you know is actually right.

    If you don’t know what is right, always explore every angle that you can find. Don’t fall for for the “right” vs. “left”, “Republican” vs. “Democrat” traps.

    Always be skeptical when someone tries to tell you someone else is “evil.” Question them. Ask them to provide verifiable facts that led them to such a dramatic conclusion.

  26. I live in Australia and visit Arizona often to see my best friend and I know the hurt and sadness they feel and also the shame, I feel for them when fake news is the truth and the news is a lie it’s not normal but becomes normalized and the line between becomes blurred.

  27. I recently signed up with you as I liked some things you had to say. Your recent “owe your children an apology” was deal breaker for me. I do NOT owe your children OR ANYBODY an apology. Clearly you dislike Trump and act like so many. Talk about Peace and Harmony and Equality and everybody deserves the same. BS. BS BS. You are the one spreading hate, disrepect, negativity and like most liberal elitist, if peope don’t seee it your way, they are bad people. Wrong. You are. Enjoy in your head your Blog. I’m unsubscribing.

  28. You owe your kids an apology for lying to them and making them fear a future that exists only in the hysterical gibberish you call a brain.
    Why are you deliberately terrifying your children for no reason other than you are a fool who believes every nonsensical word that is spoon-fed to you by the mainstream media?
    You, my friend, are an unfit parent

  29. Pastor thank you for putting in words the moaning and groaning of my heart and soul😞 we’ll continue to pray and wait that the unseen mighty hand of God moves and takes this darkness away

  30. You’ve said many things well before, but this one nails it. As a Canadian I am not as directly touched by your leader’s persona and actions. It is indeed unfortunate that his abnormality has to be explained to children. I’ve seen him mock the disabled. I’ve heard him criticize a woman’s appearance to justify his lack of interest. I’ve heard him lie repeatedly to convince others to follow his personal agenda. I am tired of his defenders excusing his actions by verbally assaulting and accusing others. This can only teach children that all behaviors are acceptable if you can find someone else that has done something similar or worse. I never thought I’d still be hearing about Hillary a year after the election, as if her past perceived wrong doing justifies any and all of his indiscretions. These are not the lessons to teach children. In the long run, living the apology may be better than getting one. Now that’s a good lesson!

  31. Thank you for writing this. My husband and I, amongst many others, share the same sentiment. We have an 18 month old toddler and a 10 week old infant. We apologized to both of them when Trump was elected president even though we did not vote for him.

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  33. What a load of crap!!! Obama was the dip shit that caused all of this division among the people in the country. You bunch of crybabies need to sit down and shut up and let a REAL president do his job…

  34. “Says a being who highly likely voted for Hillary Clinton, the candidate who all the evidence points to having stolen the nomination from Bernie Sanders, who is married to someone who makes Trump look like an angelic nerd in comparison, where Hillary has ongoing scandals, acts of incompetence and dishonesty going back decades where she is responsible for such clear corrupt acts of nepotism like Travelgate and stood by while the horrendous “Waco, TX Siege”, occurred, 51 days of terror that ended in the lives of over 70 Americans, killed by their government. How can people be so blind like the author of the above article?

  35. If you voted for obama or crooked hillary, YOU owe everyone an apology for destroying this country, and attempting to complete the job by putting corrupt criminals in office who were attempting to undermine the Constitution of the United States, and place the dictatorship controlled UN in control of the US.

  36. Get over yourself, it’s been a year, you’ll get your chance to try to change it in 2020.
    This BS article is just making a fool of you and leaving you looking like an obstructionist brat who still can’t deal with not getting your way.
    These atrocities you children are now facing, were a problem long before Trump’s election.
    I hate to break it to you, but people do not owe it to you to vote the way you expect.
    Trump voters don’t feel any guilt over their votes and are not going to apologize to anyone for it.
    You can blame them all you want, but it is this type of sanctimony that landed a man you hate in the White House.
    I actually do feel badly for your children, not because of the President, but because of the ignorant, self entitled example you are setting for them.
    You can feel free to keep lecturing and screaming out as many insults as you want, and it will be nothing but sheer entertainment.
    The sour grapes you guys have been dishing out for the last year have been so delectably sweet, so by all means, keep them coming!😆
    All the while, we supporters of President Trump will happily sit back, laughing and waving at you with the one digit salute as we continue to celebrate making America great again! 🤣

  37. Go blow it out your ass you sanctimonious twit. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a criminal. I would have voted for anybody other than her. Maybe you’re okay with the systemic selling of the United States for personal gain I’m not. Oh by the way none of the things that you said about Trump reflect reality only the narrative that’s dreamt up in your mind and in the minds of every MSM journalist out there. Your side lost an election now shut up and deal with it.
    Where in the massive screed of crap that you spewed do you explain that you would have to apologize to your daughter for the actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton who’s slut shamed people who her husband raped.

  38. I was reading your post and once again, a virus warning came on. This happened a few months ago and again today. I think you have hackers who are attacking people who read your posts! I am not a computer expert but I think you need someone who can ward off these hackers.

  39. Whoever you are you’re deranged. Furthermore, it seems to me that you have nothing else better to do then chastise people it must be due to your own incompetence to do anything really significant in your own pathetic life.

    I do not owe your children an apology for nothing. If anything you owe me an apology for putting this rhetoric with no concrete evidence of anything to back up your constant rant.

  40. Pastor John, I think you and I can agree that we should love our neighbor as ourselves: not just the neighbor that looks like us, or thinks just like us, or votes just like us, or even acts just like us — rather we should love ALL of our neighbors. We should also, because of that love through Christ, not condone, let alone excuse, what He tells us is sinful behavior, sir.

    Trump is boorish and brutish in his behavior quite often. There are many assertions that you make against him and his behavior with which I agree are true. And there are many which are new-age “Christianity” wrapped up in leftist-politically-embellished hyperbole. Further, I suspect you know this when you write it.

    Do you think that Hillary would truly have been better than Trump, were she to have been elected our president? Do you think her support for her predatory husband and her personal attempts towards the destruction of the “bimbos” that Bill Clinton preyed upon make her a better person than Trump on this matter?

    Do you think her militant support for the unfettered access to abortion in killing the very definition of the “least of these” innocent humans square her with God’s plan of life?

    Do you think her callous disregard for the safety and security of Americans, such as those left to die in Benghazi, and those jeopardized by her use of unsecured channels to conduct highly classified State Department business makes her worthy of being our president?

    Do you think that her personal corruption in search of obtaining greater wealth and power by selling access to world leaders and businessmen via her Clinton Foundation makes her worthy of leading our nation? If that Clinton Foundation were truly about charity, where is this organization and all of its millions of assets now that the campaign is over?

    Do you think her collusion with the Russians in the Uranium One deal and in working behind the scenes with the DNC to disenfranchise her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, means she would care any more for any American that might disagree with her than what President Trump does?

    I know many good Christians that voted for President Trump; people that have spent their lives and treasure helping the least of our brothers and sisters. They may very well owe everyone an apology, but then so too do those that voted for Mrs. Clinton likewise owe our nation an apology, if that is your standard.

    Frankly, we were faced with a choice between two evils for president. Your politicizing this and shaming those that voted differently than you and the demon you chose is so sadly misplaced, Pastor John.

    As for me, while I can respect people of good conscience prayerfully deciding to vote for Trump or Clinton, I could not jump that hurdle and live with myself for having voted for either and therefore I voted for neither of them.

    Shouldn’t we work to bring people back together and find those things in common in Christ that we can do as brothers and sisters to make this a more loving world? Or should we choose the path to castigate others for voting for one evil over another evil?

    I think we should try to live as the best examples of the body of Christ, who strengthens us, by doing what is right so as to inspire our children, family, and friends; and not for our own glory but rather because it is pleasing to God that we live so. Siding with a presidential candidate that dismisses half of the nation as “deplorables” simply because they disagree with her is not how we come together as the body of Christ. Further shaming those same people for their vote, when a vote for Clinton would have been just as egregious and pernicious as a vote for Trump is something that one would think a pastor would know better than doing, sir.

    While I am sinful and imperfect, and yes even hypocritical at times, I am going to strive to work with people different from me whenever I can possibly find that common ground for the betterment of our nation and our world. I think that is what our Lord would want us to do.

    My prayers are with you, Pastor John.

  41. This is completely stupid. The last eight years of Democrat destruction is what caused the problems you are crying about.
    How about you apologize to MY children and grandchildren for the Muslim invasion that is leaving them a hated minority?
    How about you apologize for the massive debt caused by Democrats?
    Or how about you just crawl back into the slime you came out of?

  42. Hey asshole you owe me an apology for Obama and for being alive. Everything you have said here is bullshit. The only problem in this world are progressive liberal pussies such as yourself.

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  44. John, you are living, breathing proof that God is still speaking. I cannot fully express how much I appreciate your wading into the rushing river on our behalf. I pray for your protection, physically, emotionally and spiritually, every day. You are one of my lifelines, so it’s not as altruistic as it sounds. 😉

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