When Christians Defend Predators

There’s a story in the Bible about one of Jesus’ beloved students named Peter, who publicly denies ever knowing him. Jesus has been arrested and is facing death at the hands of the Romans—and Peter, fearing for his own life distances himself when questioned.

“I do not know the man!” he insists three times.

It is a sin of separation based on Peter not wanting to be associated with him.

Yet as ugly as followers of Jesus creating distance from him is, it’s a far more vile act, when in depravity they claim proximity; when they stand proudly in the world and commit the greatest of atrocities upon humanity—and contend that Jesus consents to it all.

It’s hard to imagine a greater illustration of Christians losing the plot than when they defend predators. There are few bastardizations of the life and the message of Jesus, as complete and grievous as taking the side of rapists and pedophiles and genitalia grabbers—but this is where we are now. With the Evangelicals embracing Donald Trump and rallying to the defense of Roy Moore, this is what we’re watching in America: the least of these being thrown to the wolves by the supposed shepherds. We are watching organized Christianity betray its namesake.

In dog-and-pony, Bible-waving press conferences, in Scripture-affixed social media endorsements, and in pulpit-pounding Sunday sermons, we’re seeing professed people of Jesus willfully protecting the monsters, heaping shame on the accusers, ascribing virtue to their offenders—and passing it all off as redemptive, as something of God. 

And because of this filth now parading in his name, Jesus has left the damn building—and good, decent people of faith are rightly following him out. In these days, the Evangelical Church is proving itself to be the truest danger to the most vulnerable. It has now become the very insidious evil he so pushed back against while his feet were on the planet. 

I don’t know how to understand the mind of a man or woman who attempts to profess devotion to Jesus while simultaneously defending a molester—and I’m not sure I want to. That’s a darker place than I think I can go without losing hope or sanity. I can’t imagine how a human being can so horribly distort the “love the least,” “blessed are the peacemakers” message of Christ, enough to stand on a wooden or social media platform—and knowingly bless a man who rapes, patently excuse violence to a child, or passionately campaign for a predator. It’s all about stomach-turning as it gets.

As a disheartened and embarrassed follower of Jesus, I can only openly grieve these things. All I can do is to denounce such wanton twisting of the Gospel to those still willing to listen, and stand with the victimized and the wounded and the vulnerable—because I know that this is where Jesus would be.

There’s a sickness here that we need to name and condemn. Regardless of the Bible verses they drop or the high-profile ministries they wield or how sanctified they try to sound—when Christians defend predators they deny Jesus and they sell off their souls.

It’s really as simple as that. 


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109 thoughts on “When Christians Defend Predators

  1. So is this defense or change
    is the person who becomes born again, changed life, new beginning forgiven or lifetime of prosecution by the media or public.
    As a child i spoke, commit acts of childhood, and do things kid s do.
    As a adult , am I the same person.
    God Forgives , If YOU repent, change, turn from
    The Key is a Born Again Experience from the Holy father who forgives all sin.
    I see the news media go After people who have changed, truned from , repented , and it always seems like the new s isnot concerned with who you are now , Just REVENGE, and what they can get in NEWS coverage.
    Becareful that YOU dont Become judge and jury and take the judgement upon your self.
    God, Holy God has spoken clearly in the Holy scriptures for all who truly want to know , see , the truth.
    Reaping and Sowing
    God Forgives , But you or anyone else still have to take responsibility for the Reaping of the sin commited.
    God is Just , and Law is Law, Now he God is forgiving , but mankind is not so loving , and forgiving.
    Christians , True Christians are Commanded to Forgive one another , Teach Truth, Lead People to righteous living, and give s structure for this in the bible.
    NO more witch Hunts, More exposing with Truth and scriptural References that give God the Credit, Put God at the top, not mankind.
    We , if we are to recieve forgiveness for OUR sin, must truly forgive others , Love other with pure motives , not selfish , not gainful, Just pure Hearts
    Godlyness is Holiness in all we do.
    Jesus Christ is the Teacher , Payment for sin. Not me, you, or any other person here.

    • You are a sick individual if you think your God casually expunges sin, just because you confess it.

      You are the problem – the uneducated, blind follower who believes that all they have to do is confess their sins and they will be forgiven, instead of being a learned human being who know not to do such things in the first place.

      You would do well to take stock of your own existence and explore why you think someone other than you should be approving or absolving your actions.

    • People in this world are still accountable for their sin, the consequences. The Lord forgives but sin will come to the light, the Lord will expose us. When it does we should own it and humbly accept the the consequences of it. Good forgives but he doesn’t Shield us from the consequences of it, see King David or Moses.

    • Both of these men were adults. Trump was 59 or 60 when he made the comment of grabbing women by the genitals. Moore was a 32 year old attorney. Moore had a proclivity for young, untouched girls. I don’t imagine that at 32 years old he was a virgin, but he felt a right to their innocent, pure bodies These were not youthful indiscretions for these men. They also remain defiant and unrepentant. The only ones talking about forgiveness and change are the “christian” apologists these men have forges alliances with. They know the “christian” reich is fiercely loyal and seeking power after all the fear mongering from the right. They have also personally, verbally, and sometimes threatened their accusers. It seems that you are okay with what they have done. The hearts of these men are far from God, and your acceptance of their vile acts does not change that.

      • Don’t forget there is a woman who claims she was 13, a child when she says Trump sexually abused her. Why will America not listen to her?

    • St. Philip Neri, an Italian priest in the late Middle Ages, was a confessor and people went to him for confession. He was famous for his apt “penances,” and once time a gossiper was told as her penance to take a down pillow and empty it from her roof…and the collect all the feathers. She came to realize that her particular sin rippled out with its consequences. I believe all sins (yours and mine) have consequences, however forgiven at heart by God. Sometimes those consequences (like a tsunami that rises form an undersea earthquake) seem far removed from the source. Some–like murder–they are immediate. and sometimes the human and divine overlap–and sometimes contradict. (I recall the executed woman who had become something of an authentic evangelist) In my opinion, the absolute amorality of the current President will have far-reaching ripples that will affect people for hundreds of years–badly.

    • You, my friend, have missed the point. This whole “I’m a Christian now and Jesus forgave me” is a ruse! They are only saying it for more money and power. You can get away with murder these days for saying “Jesus forgave me, I’m a Christian now. Wake up!

    • Save us this sermon. Trump has not changed, acted as if he needs to change, nor does he want to change. Same for Roy Moore. Yet the Christians continue to support and claim that these men are Christians. They are not.

  2. And the other Point is
    What is a preditor:
    Definition is : current , present ,
    person after another,
    person who persues another,
    person who goes after another,
    person who is persistently following
    when We all get honest with ourselves we see truth
    Let all who have no Sin cast the 1st stone
    Let all who have a no sin in past be the judge, jury, person to take revenge.
    God is Just, Holy, and in charge , even if man thinks he is.
    With out God , Holiness , Accountability
    All will Sin, willingly or unwillingly
    The Bible is real clear :
    Judge Your own heart, life, actions, thoughts 1st , then you will have room to see the Truth, sin, devastation , and why, what causes it.

  3. This is all the more offensive when coupled with the way they routinely assail, assault, and disparage LGBT people — especially Transgender people — claiming that WE are perverts and predators.

    They embrace rapists and pedophiles (as long as they are Republicans!) while all we get is the shallow, insincere, and downright offensive, “Hate the sin, love the sinner crap”, when the truth is that they HATE us!

  4. You still don’t get that no matter what failings a particular politician may have or is alleged to have, the support is for the policies and not for their sins. No matter what bad things you say Trump did, it doesn’t make Hillary’s immoral policies any more acceptable to the true Christian.

      • Jesus was executed by the Roman governor (crucifixion was reserved to Rome–stoning was the Jewish method). His sense of morality, his advocacy of equality, his emphasis on the dignity of non-Roman citizens–all led to his execution by the state. It is not that religion and state are separate or intertwined–it is the morality and principles of religion which need to be applied by the state in order to govern wisely and for the General Welfare.

    • Jesus said that bad people produce bad fruit. That is because anything they do will inevitably be tainted or corrupted by their personal wickedness. A wicked man–like Trump—will inevitably be the crafter and supporter of wicked policies. With few exceptions, Republican policies tend to be wicked. I see Trump as a wicked man who supports (and will craft) wicked policies. I see Republicans as people who are both consciously and unconsciously wicked because of the things they support and the ways in which they think. Feel free to visit my blog any time and learn a lot more at the following safe link:


    • Oh please, there is no such thing as a True Christian, and frankly Christians that believe that are only too happy to ignore the facts about Trump to gain the only thing they ever cared about, and that is power and dominance.

    • The “lets separate the policy from the man” argument falls apart when we point out how you fake Moore supporting Christians have, in the recent past, argued exactly the opposite when its a candidate you do not like for other reasons. Then if they “sinned” its open season on their character. They want to prop up Evangelical hegemony, then its “all is forgiven.” In other words, this argument belies your hypocrisy.

    • Why is the moral right so concerned about what happens in, what should be, PERSONAL lives? The choice of taking care of a child and who they love should not be illegal. To me, the evangelical agenda is as repulsive as those of ISIS.

      I see that once the child is born, that is all that matters. It is born. The policies coming out of our government decries the need of healthcare, food, and education for the babies who grow to be adults. If you want to abolish abortion, have a way to make the child’s life worth having. If you care about a child’s life, then provide ALL those children with the same opportunities as those given to others.

      However, that goes against the Republican agenda. Do you see the problem?

    • So you’re ok that there was a 13 yr old girl who as an adult claims trump sexually abused her but the fact he “claims” he is against abortion makes everything else he has done OK in your eyes because of his policies? SERIOUSLY? And the fact he donated to Planned parenthood before he decided to run for president and changed his mind then “claims” he is now against abortion? WOW how simplistic your thinking is. And yes Hillary is pro choice so am I and what that means is I believe I have no right to force my will onto others. NOPE they must make up their own minds. It’s called FREE WILL something GOD GAVE US ALL. It’s what we do with the choices that matters. Of course throwing poor ppl off of insurance is OK with you. SERIOUSLY? SO you’re OK with ppl DYING because they cannot afford insurance and YOU won’t help pay for it. Why is that OK in your eyes? What about throwing ppl off of food stamps? Nope they shouldn’t be on them because they are lazy but most ppl on food stamps are vets, the Elderly and Children but that’s OK kids don’t need to eat. Your just as bad as Hillary if you’re using policy as the reason you believe the ShitHole in Chief is better for this country than Hillary. When North Korea ends up killing people in this country who ya gonna blame? LOOK IN THE MIRROR BECAUSE YOU WILL BE PARTLY TO BLAME!

    • Abortion is ONE single issue. In the grand scheme of things its importance as a problem pales beside the atrocities of war, hunger, child/spousal abuse, genocide, sex slavery, and a score of others.
      I would hate to have to explain to Jesus why with all of the important issues affecting our lives, I chose to vote on a single issue and do nothing to cure the injustices facing the real, live people in the world.
      To me, your self-righteous posturing is shallow and inconsequential.

  5. If only it was as simple as professed “christians” denying Jesus and accepting predators in their profession of “faith”.
    When preachers, teachers, clerics and all manner of people professing to explain “god” or Jesus or whatever name you call it, have for centuries related parable, myth and storytelling as history and the truth of how to know and relate to our natural, inborn spiritual nature, is is any wonder people swallow the perversion of spiritual principles of today?
    You can’t teach a child perversions of living the good life and expect them to know or do anything better as adults.
    So John, just why do you find it shocking that the disorienting and perverse teachings of thousands of years should culminante in what we experience today from the perverted themes of evangelical crap?

  6. And then there is the story of David who, when confronted with his sin, acknowledged it, repented, and accepted the consequences. David is known by all as a “man of God.” It seems we have a “David” to look to as we are confronted with the filth and depravity of those who profess themselves Christian. I don’t know what the outcome of the consequences will be of Al Franken being confronted with his sin, but I will stand behind him as a “man of God” because he acknowledged it, repented, and has accepted what the consequences will be.

    • No, those that do that, are not true Christians. They do not follow what Jesus Christ taught, spoke on, and requested from humanity. He didn’t demand, since God endowed us with free will.

  7. Used to be the cross was the symbol of those who try to love their fellow man . No more.
    Gee, I’m glad I’m not a member of one of those gangs that meets every Sunday.

  8. Nothing can, or needs to be added to this commentary, John. Thank you for your insight, as always. I just hope you’ll allow this comment to stand; lately they never appear and I’m not sure why – I try to be temperate in my remarks.

  9. Please, John, please continue to denounce and stand! You are an eloquent voice for so many of us who hold the same beliefs but do not have the ability or words to express them. I daily thank God for those of you who stand for His word.

  10. Agree, John, especially when it’s women leading the denial. They have been indoctrinated well in their childhoods, no doubt. I am very concerned that this hippocracy is so openly accepted in Congress as well.

  11. I am not a Christian. But, I read your posts often and agree with you. I cannot believe this is where we are….pedophilia being excused and those victimized being demonized. I know there are many who are horrified but we need them to stand against this scourge . Is this going to be the way of what future we have left?

  12. God defend them too. Just like he defend you when u do wrong. He forgive everyone for their since that believe in him and serves him. Everyone does wr.ong Their some that are falsey acuse. If it was your child you would think harder on this matter. Before you open your mouth.

  13. These folks have turned themselves into heirs of the Pharisee legacy–defending the outrageous, attacking the heartfelt and diminishing the healers for the sake of their own prestige and worship of external religion.

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  15. John you are a good man whose faith is a shining example and you have the right ideas…but it is increasingly clear that Christianity is either going to die off as young people reject the outrageous hypocrisy or formally morph into the vile instrument of misogyny, racism, and authoritarianism that these monstrous “Pastors” want.

    I hope you and other good Christians can prevent either of those outcomes. But it seems less and less realistic to expect most religious leaders to actually stand up for what is right.

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  17. Lindsey Graham defended Roy Moore and shat on the legacy of his father. One of Billy Graham’s grandchildren, Boz Tchividjian, is a former child abuse chief prosecutor and now runs an organization dedicated to fighting abuse in Christian organizations. He was horrified at his uncle’s support of Moore and roundly criticized him for it.
    The “religious” right is far more invested in political power, now, than they are in faith (which is a direct contradiction to the Gospels, by the way). They’ve sold their souls for a mess of pottage.

  18. I have one major issue with your story.
    Roy Moore has been accused but not tried or convicted. I find it fascinating in 30+ years of public service that these allegations have never surfaced.
    If he is found guilty then he should resign and be published. If he is found innocent then there should be an investigation and those accusers should be sued and even do jail time.
    One other thing, do you speak this passionate about the issue of abortion?
    The Democratic party is morally bankrupt and has no credit in the bank to talk about any moral issue as they surrendered all sanity years ago.

    • This commentary has nothing to do with the Democratic Party, abortion or Hillary Clinton it is all about being the light in this world that Jesus commanded us to be.

    • 1, this is not a court of law. As in any issue, you choose to believe the side that you perceive to be the most credible. 2, This did not only recently surface for those who knew him. Schools, malls, colleagues, and local police all knew to keep a lookout for him. 3, It surfaced now because a reporter went looking for it. The women knew, as they knew then, that a powerful man would usually be believed before a teenage girl. You have validated their beliefs. Now, with so many women finding the courage to speak out, they did also. 4, Even Moore’s friends don’t deny it. They say it may be a little unusual, but there is nothing wrong with it. And they point out what they think is an age difference in Mary and Joseph as proof it is all good.

    • How could you have lived this long and not known why women didn’t speak out 30 years ago. Could it be you live in a bit of a bubble yourself? Odd you would be fascinated.

      There are plenty of morally bankrupt people on all sides of politics, but that you distinguish between them explains why you are clueless as to why women didn’t speak out until years after the fact.

      Quoted: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-truth-about-christianity-and-abortion_us_58f52ed7e4b048372700dab5
      Throughout the history of the early church into the middle-ages, there is little to no mention of abortion as a topic of great alarm – from the days of the Old Testament until modern history. Hence, there is no case to be made for a definitive Christian stance throughout history on the spiritual or moral aspects of abortion. Arguably, three of the most prominent authorities on Christian doctrine and teachings historically would be the Apostle Paul, St. Augustine in the 5th century and St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century, and compared to Christian leaders today, these figures are mostly silent on the topic. Traditionally the Church was “tolerant” on abortion before the third trimester, from the time of the early church until the late 19th century.”………………

      For pete sakes, you believe in a God that took the lives of men women and children, and also ordered the killing of men women and children and that would include pregnant women. So spare us the bible bs. The church has yet to repent of the hideous things they have done through out history, and even today they continue to see those that don’t share their believes as part of the OTHER.

      As much as I feel compassion for the author of this blog, and wish he didn’t struggle with the contradictions of his religion, I see Christians in general having little room to talk about abuses, or abortion or anything else, when they have allowed the Christian Right to gain the kind of power that they have finally gotten under Trump, a man that has no problem using their ugly agenda to satisfy his own personal agenda.

      The Christian politicians that kiss Trump’s butt know that if they cross him he will go liberal in a heart beat, and he won’t be any more concerned about how it looks than when he lies to your face as a supporter.

      And Moore is the same kind of politician, his faith is the last thing he’s worried about. It’s power and control that Moore is into just like Trump.

  19. I have found your voice to be long overdue in many matters over the last couple of years, and often look forward to reading your blog. As I read this post however, something occurred to me, you made it sound like this is the first departure from the instructions of Jesus and the Bible made by evangelical Christians, when in reality it is far from it. In fact, I think it is accurate to say that far too many evangelicals split from the path of Jesus long ago, and like any divergent paths, the more time passes, the further away you get from the path you left.
    I am a Jew from MD who moved to TN at age 11, that was 1979. I had never encountered any disparaging sentiment about Jews in MD, and had certainly never been verbally attacked before, but was hit hard over the head with it regularly from the moment I got to TN. From the clique-ish behavior of the all-evangelical little league baseball team that benched me all year and caused me never to play baseball again, to the barrage of snarky and insulting jokes about Jews coming from my Christian school mates, to the harshly judgmental proselytizing I’ve been subject to hundreds of times over the years, it was apparent to me even at age 11 that the words of evangelicals were far removed from their deeds.
    How could those who were so quick to remind me that Jesus instructed us not to judge, be so harshly judgmental towards everyone in the world but the people in their own group?
    How could those who claim the Bible was meant to be taken literally, always have a ready excuse when they need something not to be literal, and how is it that it just happens those exceptions perfectly accommodate their existing biases and prejudices?
    How could a group that argued passionately for posting the Ten Commandments everywhere follow so few of them in their own lives?
    How can they be so forgiving of the worst sins when committed by their peers while claiming everyone else’s lesser sins are unforgivable?
    I am now 50, I still live in TN, and I had seen few signs that things had improved until Trump came along, and a split in the evangelical community became apparent. I am grateful for voices such as yours, which are willing to call out the problems. I’ve tried repeatedly over the years to get evangelicals to listen to me about the chasm between their words and their deeds, only to be told that as a non-Christian, I was simply unable to grasp the message of Jesus. In other words, they always found excuses not to hear me or turn a critical eye on themselves.
    So while I am glad to read your words, I am hoping you recognize the phenomenon I speak of, because it is painfully apparent to those of us who have been at the receiving end of the evangelical community’s judgement, blind spots, and glaring double standards over the years, that they didn’t spontaneously arrive here, so far from their proclaimed sacred path of supposed paramount import. No, it has been years of moving in the wrong direction, of putting political expediency and desire for power and control above acting as instructed by their self-proclaimed Savior, that has led to this place.
    Keep up the good work. Keep being a voice for good!

    • Remind them that Jesus was a Good Jew, as are virtually everyone in the Bible. They can’t justify being anti-Semitic while worshiping a Jew as their Lord and Savior, their “Christianity” is false. I too grew up in Maryland and had manyJewish friends. I am in a Barbershop Quartet with Jewish Friends. Sorry about the Cretins in Tennessee as Jesus said, they know not what they do. BTW, I have no longer considered myself a Christian for the very reasons that John points out.

    • Well said Allan. I’m so sorry you have been so badly treated by those who claim to follow JESUS. I am very grateful that you still are able to listen to Truth when it’s spoken. I pray you will see more & more clearly genuine Believers, apart from those who are just enemies of CHRIST. God bless you. Have a peaceful, joy-filled Christmas season.

  20. What about INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? you all seem to have convicted Moore and Trump without a trial. Are they guilty? Maybe but maybe not. Wait until all the facts are in and there is absolute proof one way or another before starting a lynching mob. As Christ said – the first one without sin to cast the first stone. If you have never sinned in your life – and white lies are still lies and sin – then you can convict without a trial But until then, people are innocent until proved in a court guilty – not proved by the court of public opinion, or proved by the media, or proved by someone’s comment, etc.

    • And yet you were willing to give Bill Clinton a pass at not only sexual misconduct but having an adulterous affair while in the white house. The epitome of hypocrisy.

      • There’s a big difference between sexual activity between consenting adults and sexual abuse of a child. If you can’t recognize that then you need to change your glasses.

    • Trump and Moore lynched themselves long ago in the Court of Public Opinion. There is no need to prosecute, convict, and lynch a man who is doing it all by himself and to himself.

  21. Well said, John! I am a female United Methodist minister, CPE supervisor and hospital chaplain of 38 years. I, too, am angry and tired of this distortion of the gospel. We need to keep fighting for intersectional justice – equality and justice for all women, LGBTQ people, people of color, the poor and the oppressed in any way. I appreciate your voice in the resistance movement.
    Michele Shields

  22. One would like to take Jesus by the hand and gently pull him to some other place, a nice meadow of flowers, to spare him these sights. But I suppose he saw it coming. He did warn about these things. And there people that who will ask: “Did we not call on your name?” And he will say: I don’t know you.

  23. How is anyone supposed to understand why any religion or belief would think it is right to treat one human different than another – to treat them as less deserving of the same rights that they have based simply on their color, gender, sexual orientation or nationality. This country has perpetuated this noxious behavior from the beginning.

    I have become jaded. If you tell me about how religious you are or how smart you are I will always believe the opposite. All your words mean nothing to me. I look at how you live your life, if you are a liar, and how you treat other people.

    The thing that is so frustrating is that the deck is sometimes stacked and many never have face consequences – not in this life anyway.


  24. I lived this first hand. My mother thought my dad molesting me was no problem and she went to church every Sunday and even opened a so called family spiritual center!

  25. I agree with you in some ways, but I have to say, the accountability has to go both ways. Like it or not, Bill Clinton did more than just “grope” (None of it is right), but “liberal Christians” would defend him by stating, “His personal life has nothing to do with his professional life.” Liberals opened the door that they now want to shut.

  26. A friend of mine with “victim witness program” helped a boy who was molested from age 11 to 16 by a local minister and finally spoke up. The family was looked down upon from there congregation. The boy now 6′ tall in court gets looked at like he’s so big, how could such a thing happen and the jury says not guilty. The predator cheers “yahoo!”. However, now, more kids come forward and next time in court they have a photo of boy as an 11 yr old and others, with the others. They get him. …………..This false high almighty image of these ministers or people in power is a sad reality. So many beautiful people of this awesome God created world suffering has to stop. When and how can we turn this plight in the other direction.

  27. John Pavlovitz, Bravo to you!!! As a therapist for 23 yrs for victims of these heinous crimes, I sat in witness of their enduring pain from wounds that would not heal. These monsters hiding in church robes and otherwise, are the darkest beings of all. I’m glad to see you put the message out so clearly. Grateful to you!!

  28. It is both amazing and tragic. These people desperately want to take the United States back to the 1950s, which they falsely perceive as some sort of idyllic dream world. Yet, they fail to realize that the fundie and evangelical Christians of that era would support neither of these two men that the modern fundies have fallen in love with so much. I grew up with those people, and the Christians of that era would have been horrified by Trump and that “thing” down in Alabama—and they would not have voted for them in that time and place.

    Yet, enough people did vote for Trump, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the people of “Alabacky” will vote in a winning majority for the “thing.” It is the nature of people in Alabama to follow demagogues like George Corley Wallace—men who are willing to support and exploit the worst ignorance and worst basest instincts of humanity to obtain political power. Trump just exploited them. The trouble with the “thing” is that he subscribes to those worst ignorances and basest instincts himself—and exploits them. The day the “thing” takes an oath of office in Washington, D.C. will be one of the saddest days in American history—and I think Mitch McConnell and the other major Republicans up there already know that—and are dreading it.

    However, it is a good thing for Democrats and Mainline Christians that the “thing” will be going to Washington, D.C. Indeed, I think it is part of God’s plan—one he told me about—to shame the fundies and American conservatives—and basically—to destroy every last ounce of integrity they might have left in front of the American people—a plan to shame them into the depths of the abyss—a plan to bring them to their knees to repent, destroy their political power, and usher in a New Christian Reformation for the 21st century and beyond.

    God is just setting up the bowling pins right now—and the bowling bowl is coming—a hard-rolling bowling ball with enormous speed and a mean spin on it. You just wait and see!!! They are doomed!!!

    • Was it God who told you about the nuclear annihilation that is soon to come, or was that your own idea?

      There are many “things” in government service, btw. Many of them just have not been outed yet. But think of Democrat Darling Teddy who killed a young woman and yet was reelected many times….

  29. these are a couple of comments I made to a post that one of your readers poste of your blog…

    Bob Nolan. Capital punishment for rape, including publicly broadcast executions, would move things forward. Ya think? Meanwhile, do not vote for persons whom you are convinced are sexual creeps.

    Bob Nolan I’ve now read four blogs by Pavlovitz. I’m out of the evangelical circle, myself. But I’m less inclined to waste my energy attacking them, as though all evangelicals think and behave the same way. He seems more pissed at evangelicals than he is at predators. If Pavlovitz met Jesus– whom he seems to have figured out — I’m not sure he’d like Him. For me, Pavlovitz comes off as religious as the religious people he hates.

  30. Once Upon A Time, Evangelicals followed in the footsteps of Jesus, but the continued practice of Conditional Love led them astray; they rejected the Unconditional Love that died on the cross. The most regretable break has come in this time of “apocalypse” as Jesus is pulling aside the veil and the goats are separating themselves from tthe sheep. In 2016, Evangelical “leaders” began to look for Anti-Christ(ian) Mercenaries to carry out some rather nefarious plans to oppress the poor and the marginalized. They have taken up the mantle of the Pharisees in an attempt to force a particular POV of Belief(s) rather than continue struggling in a dynamic Relationship with Jesus.

  31. It’s really quite simple. John writes, “There’s a sickness here that we need to name and condemn. Regardless of the Bible verses they drop or the high-profile ministries they wield or how sanctified they try to sound—when Christians defend predators they deny Jesus and they sell off their souls.”

    How can they defend such people? On the basis that they are not Democrats. Now, I would be the last person to ever say that Democrats or people on the left are perfect people, better Christians, haven’t taken bribes, I mean campaign contributions, from big spenders.

    But it is undeniable that Democrats do have more concern for those deemed “less than” by Republicans, such as children, disabled, elderly, handicapped, impoverished, non-rich, non-white among USians.

    Whereas Republicans have openly embraced such evils as authoritarianism, bigotry, denial of climate change, destroying families, destruction of the planet and God’s creation, discrimination, fascism, global warming, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, increased gun violence, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, nonpartisanship, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favor of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, treason, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia which are all of them contrary to the Gospel.

    So for someone who claims to be a Christian to defend sexual predators because the creep is a RepubliKKKan is to embrace at best heresy and at worst, apostasy, which is life without God in it. People can do all sorts of evil in the name of Jesus and Jesus response is “I never knew you.”

    • Would you be in favor of removing predator Al Franken and replacing him with a Republican? I think you would put your pro-abortion, pro-big-government cause ahead of the moral failings of your instruments for your cause, as you did with sexual harasser Bill Clinton.

    • Aw, come on … surely you can come up with a few more evils to add to your list of social justice warrior curses. Or just cut to the chase and say that everything bad about the human condition is because of people who don’t share your cultural Marxism.

      Your fanaticism dressed up as piety is pretty scary.

  32. You wrote, “when Christians defend predators they deny Jesus and they sell off their souls. It’s really as simple as that. ”

    I agree that there are Christians who do defend or choose to overlook the sexual sins of politicians and they are wrong to do this. However, I am not sure this issue is as simple as you suggest it is.

    How strong is your condemnation for the past sins of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s efforts to defend him and attack his accusers?

    If I read between the lines of what you are writing, you are saying don’t support Republican candidates because they are sexual predators or protect them and don’t be an Evangelical because they defend sexual predators.

    One can find examples of conservative sexual predators and and Evangelicals defending them, so there is some truth in what you have said. However, the recent Hollywood scandal and Bill Clinton’s past shows that it is not just conservatives that are sexual predators or are willing to overlook sexual sins. All sin and hypocrisy deserves to be exposed.

    Politicians who strive to get to the top in any major party are power hungry and deeply flawed individuals. They have different narratives but all put on a show to appeal to their respective bases. The reality is that they are not sincere and far from spiritually pure.

    Personally, I have given up on politicians and even democracy itself. I instead put my faith in Jesus. I am focused on spreading the Gospel by treating individuals I encounter well according to their individual needs (love) and speaking the spiritual truth they need to hear whenever I have the opportunity.

    • Of course it’s not that simple. How do the sins in Moore’s distant Democrat past make the immoral policies of his opponent acceptable? They should elect him and then investigate him and remove him if necessary, and not hand this seat to the Dems.

  33. John,
    Thank you so much for this. I struggle everyday trying to comprehend what is going on. Christians who put profit before people, who deny the life of Christ or twist scripture to support their corrupt thinking. I never thought I would live to see “Christians” in the U.S. support a pedophile. I grieve with you. And I continue to pray.

  34. It is just bizarre to watch so called pastors and even so called Christian legislators twist themselves into pretzels to defend Roy Moore from naming Jesus and Mary to voting for him even if he is guilty. What horrific skeletons must be in their closets. Talk about a war on religion. This is one sickening dirty bomb. Obviously if you are one of them no act involving these “Christians” has a hard limit. The only sin they can see is a person who does not claim to be their kind of Christian or conservative. It is obviously ok that their behavior belies the words they call themselves. I think some “religions” are the main reason for people being disordered. Scary

  35. So if we defended and supported Hillary,who defended and supported her husband, who was accused many times of rape, and sexual misconduct, and even paid off one of his accusers, and then went on to commit such acts while in the oval office, are we not still supporting and defending a sexual predator? Not sure I understand why one is worse than the other.
    I know it was not Bill running for office, but if Hillary stood by and supported her husband’s actions does that not make her just as bad, and approving of those actions? She also claims to be a Christian…so if we were to support her and put her in office with her husband why would that be any different?

  36. here is a poem I wrote expressing my rage at the “christians” who defend these predators:

    Don’t talk to me about your morality
    Your spiritual superiority!

    Don’t talk to me about your prayerful hope
    Your perversion of a scripture quote!

    Don’t talk to me about your love of life
    At conception but not beyond that light!

    Don’t talk to me about your (empty) faith
    your phony belief in “what’s at stake”

    Don’t talk to me about your philosophy
    Your apostasy, your apocalypse


    Don’t talk to me about your self-righteous pose
    When Fox & friends is all you know

    Don’t talk to me about what your God says —

    oh, “christian”

    just don’t talk to me

  37. It figures there’s a whole lot of finger pointing being done by a certain faction…instead of accepting responsibility, they’re looking at someone else’s actions…get this straight once and for all: Defending a child molester of any sort is indefensible. In other cases, there is some doubt as to consent. A CHILD IS UNABLE TO CONSENT. The very rumor of a child being touched by an adult is enough to turn me against that person. You point fingers and forget about the many men who have molested and raped children…isn’t there something about the speck in your brother’s eye and the plank in your own? Every time you point a finger, you look more and more ridiculous trying to defend these perverts.

  38. I was raised Christian, and it never made sense to me. No matter what you do, just say sorry, and then it’s all right. There is no personal responsibility. God can forgive anything so it doesn’t matter. I’ve gotten to the point that I try to avoid anybody who starts talking about their Christian faith. They’re so often toxic, and I feel justified in doing my best to avoid them.

  39. After reading the article and all of the comments I am struck by the similarities of tone rather than the differences in opinion. Shame on us all. We are convinced of our own righteousness.

    • Yes… we humans will judge other people by their worst infractions…yet only judge ourselves by our best intentions… think about that!… and when a person describes themselves as good and decent, I call out arrogance and hypocrisy!….I will let you decide and guess who this might be….

  40. After reading your article and the majority of comments that follow, it seems that your purpose is to encourage bitterness and hatred in those who follow you. Maybe that is how you intend to get people to buy your book but I don’t see how teaching hate is intended to bring people closer to God. Your blog seems to be a good example why we don’t mix politics with the Gospel. Politics teaches bitterness, hate, and revenge while we should all be teaching grace, love, and forgiveness.

  41. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody
    else experiencing problems with your blog. It seems like some of the
    text within your posts are running off the screen.
    Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to
    them as well? This might be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen previously.


  42. I have been following Pavlovitz’s posts for about 3yrs now and have never commented, but After seeing this ongoing endorsement of horrible behavior I feel compelled to speak out as I’ve done on my own FB Page.

    I’m from the South, Religious – attend a liberal community based church, Registered but NOT loyal GOP – I quit drinking the KoolAid in early 1990’s after seeing Reagan’s corruption and immorality – I actually voted for Perot and independents.

    I’m convinced that the typical GOP voter today – is so uneducated and brainwashed by Fox News and the megapreachers that if videos surfaced of bad behavior they would still deny it happened or drop their “go to” Soros & Clinton & abortion bombs – bottom line they were given Satan and voted for him and viciously and personally attacked anyone who disagrees. I personally have been trolled by no less than 50 Trumpanzees including many family members who have screamed & cursed at me and went so far as to disinvite me to events. Thankfully I live far away and don’t have that much interaction with them. I have NEVER made negative or derogatory comments / replies on others FB pages. I have informed others of my zero tolerance policy towards this and eventually had to block a number of people due to ongoing harassment (25 + hateful, untrue, personal, and profanity laced comments). I generally don’t like calling people names but when the majority of the group follows a similar pattern of behavior there’s nothing left to say. Sounds like some of the Trolls who lash out at Pavlovitz (one of my “Christian” cousins despises him and Sojourners – funny thing she doesn’t attend church nor is she involved community volunteerism / charity)

    Modern Evangelical & Republican history is based on racism, hatred, and discrimination. After 1964 Civil Rights all the “Dixiecrats” switched to Republican Party and many moved their kids to private “religious” schools to avoid desegregation (it hasn’t stopped – hence we have school vouchers hidden under code of choice and Betsy Devos trying to gut public education). The Dixiecrats / GOP have tried endlessly to subvert or overturn Civil Rights & Johnson Amendment since 1965.

    Welfare queen language emerged under Nixon and became ingrained under Reagan (racially based and incorrect assumption that inner city blacks are responsible for the national debt) – while totally ignoring the fact that white Americans have collected more than half the welfare – look at the amount collected over last 40yrs in WV/PA/KY/OH – former coal areas that are basically 99% white.

    Let’s not forget the hatred towards Catholics and Jews (Jewish people were segregated in the South similar to African Americans). As a child I actually heard preachers say that the Jews killed Jesus. I find it equally unbelievable that the Evangelicals think he was the 1st Christian – one of them – not a Jewish Rabbi. Funny thing that the strongest supporters of Israel don’t like Jews – go figure.

    Other groups that have been systematically attacked by GOP include women – led by Phyllis Schafley, when all that women wanted was Equal Rights – same pay & opportunities as men (notably the GOP hates Title IX too)

    After Women the next GOP target was Abortion – but they completely ignore the fact that a GOP dominated Supreme Court actually made it legal! The GOP has tried to limit access to birth control and sex education which are the best ways to prevent abortions.

    Following Abortion the GOP began championing gay bashing culminating in Indiana (Pence) & NC amending their constitutions to allow “Religious Freedom” – making discrimination legal. States like NC issue “Privilege Licenses” to do business / commerce – which means you have to treat all customers equally – can you imagine the chaos if this behavior becomes the norm and we revert back to a time when Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, and others all hated each other and could choose who they would do business with – I saw a parody / joke on FB with someone trying to check out a grocery store – customer had to go to 6 different lines because of Shellfish, Pork, Meat on Friday, etc – ALL Sincerely Held Religious beliefs. These laws were enacted in revenge for Marriage Equality. The laws were advertised by their sponsors spewing the hatred and lies that gays are responsible for rape & molestation when in reality more than 95% of sex crimes involve straight men!

    As a financial conservative, I’ve been concerned with the financial immorality – the worship of money – including endorsing lying, cheating, stealing, bribery, and murder (endless wars for oil) to get more $$. If someone says we as a nation aren’t greedy or worship money – they have forgotten Lifestyles of Rich and Famous and the celebrity status of Trump. Many people have blindly followed him believing that money is going to fall out of the sky and solve their problems. Many Americans have made irresponsible decisions – look around at tens of millions of Credit Card, Auto / Student / Home / Personal Loans that are either delinquent or in outright default.

    The real truth of National debt is the ridiculous tax cuts and corrupt military & wars where Reagan and the Bushes ran up a combined $12 Trillion in debt. I’m a finance guy and I never learned in any Accounting or MBA courses that if you have credit card debt that you make the minimum payment, continue to charge things, and increase the debt limit. I find it interesting that people with only a high school degree think that they know more about economics, finance, and accounting than someone who works in the finance field – and believe me I’ve been told that on many occasions.

    In closing Keep Up the Good Work Pastor Pavlovitz. I hope I opened some minds, eyes, and hearts to what has and is really going on in this country…

  43. “All I can do is to denounce such wanton twisting of the Gospel to those still willing to listen, and stand with the victimized and the wounded and the vulnerable—because I know that this is where Jesus would be.”
    That’s not just where Jesus would be, John. That’s where he is.

    • “That’s where He is”–HOW MUCH I agree. Faith sees Jesus alive now. Not what would Jesus do? But What does Jesus d? Faith is not interested in hypotheticals–not the Gospel as a history textbook to be tested on–but a pattern here and now for the spirit of Jesus to emerge in what I do for the will of our Father-Creator.

  44. The United States Government is a business….not a Christian Charity. It is designed to maintain a civilized society and provide an infrastructure for society to live in. We are free to take our own path and excel in whichever endeavor we choose. The Government is designed to make money to support the infrastructure. Jesus Christ never once said for the Government to do anything. He never told them to feed the world, clothe the world, provide housing, an education or medical treatment. He commanded His disciples to to go out and MAKE DISCCIPLES OF ALL THE NATION’S. That is the responsibility of a Christian….not the Government. If a Christian man or woman is in a position within the Government then their influence is beneficial in the actions taken by the government. Donald Trump, whether or not he is born again or just “thinks” there is a God, is responsible for being a good business man not a Pastor.

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