The Black Community in Alabama Saved Us From White Evangelicals

As news of Doug Jones’ victory came in last night I initially rejoiced.

Watching one of the reddest places in America turn blue, and seeing voters there reject one of the most reprehensible candidates in recent memory certainly seemed like cause for celebration. It felt in that moment like a victory for the nation, for the state of Alabama, and for the Resistance movement pushing back for a year against the bigotry of this Administration and badly needing confirmation that our efforts were bearing fruit.

Trump was Tweet silent and reportedly furious.
Steve Bannon was all dressed up for a nazi afterparty that never happened.
Roy Moore was quoting Psalm 40 and blaming the horse he rode in on.
Equality, Diversity, and Justice had won the day.
A bit of light was breaking through.
There was reason for dancing again.
I joined in that dancing.

Then I looked at the numbers, and the party was quickly over:

68 percent of white voters chose Roy Moore.
96 percent of black voters chose Doug Jones.

63 percent of white women voted for Roy Moore.
98 percent of black women voted for Jones.

80 percent of self identified White Evangelicals voted for Roy Moore.

In other words, black voters saved us all from white Evangelicals. By simply voting their consciences, in ways that may not have intended, they did something redemptive for all of us. 

They almost singlehandedly spared us from a vile, hateful monster of a man—inexplicably, one that white Bible-thumping, God-is-love-ing, family valuing, professed followers of Jesus overwhelmingly embraced—again.

Just as they’d done in November of 2016, 81 percent of caucasian born-again Christians stepped into a voting booth and affirmed a man whose racism, homophobia, misogyny, and contempt for people of color was on full display in the weeks that led them there.

Excuse my language—but what the hell, white Evangelicals?

Alabama just gave you a chance to course correct from the God-awful decision you made a year ago.
You had a golden opportunity to stand in solidarity with marginalized people and to remind them that this is where Jesus would be.
You received an early Christmas gift in the form of an openly racist, brazenly homo/transphobic, historically predatory candidate—who you could and should have opposed as a no-brainer.

And to it all you said, “No thanks, we’re good.”

With his almost cartoony, nonsensical buffoonery, Roy Moore lobbed you all up a softball to at least ceremonially denounced bigotry—and 81 percent of you struck out swinging.

And you wonder why the Church is shrinking.
You wonder why people are fleeing organized Christianity in droves.
You wonder why more and more Americans see the term Evangelical as something devoid of Jesus and more akin to terrorism.

There will be all sorts of rationalizations proffered today and in the coming weeks; ways Bible Belt Christians will justify their vote, excuses evangelists and pastors will make, sermons about a perverse culture, conversations about whether people believed Roy Moore’s accusers—all in an effort to escape the obvious: White Evangelical Christianity in America is horribly broken and it may not be fixable. It is an exclusionary, divisive, deeply racist presence in a nation that wants and needs an expression of religion that doesn’t further divide an already terribly fractured people.

Those of us who are white and come from a Christian tradition, need to admit that White Evangelicalism is now the thing most antithetical to the message of Jesus.
We need to openly lament and condemn the supremacy embedded in it because the Jesus of the Gospels did.
We need to oppose it because it is now the very Roman Empire that Christ spent his days on the planet pushing back against.

Yes, Alabama is reason for celebration, but it isn’t only that.
It is an occasion to grieve the racism that still infects the blood stream of the White Evangelical Church.
It is a moment to lament how the message of Christ drifted in 2,000 years, from radical love for the poor and marginalized—into a haven for gun-waving bigots on horseback.
It is a moment to deeply express gratitude to the black community at large for affirming the things White Evangelicals should, but simply refuse to: compassion, equality, diversity, justice.

Alabama shouldn’t even have been this close, given the overt racism on display and the ugliness of the candidate.

Sadly, far too many white people still haven’t figured out that diversity is this country’s greatest asset—and that for Christians it should be a flat-out non negotiable.

Perhaps the most startling graphic in the Washington Post’s breakdown was this one:

White born-again Christians—and everyone else.

Everyone else seems to get it.

Everyone else seems to have this “love your neighbor as yourself” thing down.

Everyone else seems to realize how much White Evangelicals have lost the plot.

As a white Christian living and serving in the Bible Belt, someone who is trying to excavate Jesus from the ugly stuff he has been buried in, today I gladly stand alongside Everyone Else.

Thank you to the black community for representing Everyone Else—when white Evangelicals again refused to.



81 thoughts on “The Black Community in Alabama Saved Us From White Evangelicals

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  1. When Evangelical Christians are the only Christians mentioned in polls, they are given a lock on the Christian “brand”. Pew reports that Evangelicals are 26% of the USA population while other Protestants and Catholics are 38%. In Alabama there’s a good chance that 80% of the “Everyone Else” would identify as Christian, too. As long as the major media outlets ignore those other Christians they are missing the story of 38% of the voters and reinforcing the evangelical message. And sending people away from Christianity. Despite all the great blogs like this, we can’t crack the code to get media to change their reporting on the diversity of Christian beliefs and actions. Any ideas?

    • I doubt it. The media’s agenda is to make all Christians look like intolerant bigots. Just like some people’s agenda is to make all evangelicals look like intolerant bigots.

    • No. The news media focuses on the fundies and conservative evangelicals—as if no other Christians exist—because their behavior is so bizarre and unChrist-like. In a word, they are too much “fun” for the news media to resist because they are like bowling pins. Some fundie action or behavior is highlighted so the media can have the fun of rolling its bowling ball (named “Look at these Idiots”) at the pins and knocking them down like bowling pins. Unfortunately, as you say, that media focus on the fundies leads a vast number of uneducated people to believe that all Christians are “hopeless nutballs” just like the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are.

      I think the new media will continue to do this because they see the whole bizarre fundie enterprise as the true danger to the nation and authentic Christianity that it REALLY IS. Therefore, I doubt that they will stop. They see making fun of them in the media as a public service—and it is really. I think we nonfundie Christians need to find ways to differentiate ourselves from the fundies in the public mind—and say: “All that fundie BS is not us. The fundies do not speak for us. We are not them.” That is one reason I created the “Flee from Christian Fundamentalism” blog at the following safe link:

      One of its purposes is to highlight the great dangers posed to the United States and to the Christian faith by Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism, and it draws a line in the sand to show how we are different from the fundies and that you do not have to be crazy and half insane to be a Christian.

  2. The Battle is not Black, white, orange, or other
    It is Spiritual
    Wrong Values
    NOT Repenting of sin , willfull disobedience to the Holy spirit
    All the other issues are a smoke screen to confuse you all , so you forget what is really going on here.
    Jesus Christ, Salvation, Ministering to saints
    That is the mission
    nothing else

    all other issues will fail , as mankind in his own wisdom is failing.
    Successfull with Money , Failing with God
    False hoods to lead to distruction , that s what is going on here, John

    • Because America is a freedom of religion country there is no place for personal religion in politics. You have to be considerate of those who values aren’t you’re but because they are American are just as deserving of respect, protection, equality and everything that comes with being a citizen of this country. Being a Christian or even believing their is a God was not and is not a requirement. Those who are religion know better than anyone that determining yourself righteous enough to determine others road to salvation should be left up to God and not man. Just making sure your own place in paradise is secured is all the work you need. I find a lot of Christians lacking in their trust in God, because they determine themselves judge in jury against others as if God is not good enough to do that for them when the time comes. If you stick to watching your own sins and not worry about others the world would be a better place. To much sin is done in the name of religion.

    • I was in the minority of white, female Alabamians who voted for Doug Jones and my husband literally had to drive me to the poll after I had major surgery. I was afraid to even watch the returns because Alabama has broken my heart so many times before. Then around 9:30, one of my friends called me and screamed, “we won! we won!” While there is a lot of work to do in this state, I was proud we did the right thing this time.

  3. This evil posing as “Evangelical/Christian” is exactly why I don’t identify as Christian anymore (among other reasons)! They have hijacked what it means to be “of or like Christ” and twisted into a perverse New World religion (exactly what they have historically preached against happening). They have become the “blind sheep” the Bible talks about, being misled by the current ilk of political, self-enriching evangelists in the world today. They say many of us who don’t espouse to their traditional slant on Christianity will be surprised when we knock on Heaven’s gates. Well, I guess we will have a “surprise-off” competition when we all get there!!

    • Paul. Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism ARE NOT traditional, orthodox Christianity as in the 1st century A.D. That is a lie that the fundies like to pass around. All you have to do is look at the 2,000-year history of the Christian faith and Christian theology to understand that simple fact.

      The American fundies have this tendency to think that the Christian faith started for the very first time with the Protestant Reformation in 1517. Nothing that existed before that— except for the 12 disciples, Paul, and assorted Apostles—were really Christian. More specifically, most of them seem to think that “true” Christianity began when the first Pilgrims stepped off the Mayflower onto Plymouth Rock and more specifically somewhere between 1910 and 1920 when Christian fundamentalism was created as an organized, militant movement in the American Northeast and the states surrounding the Great Lakes.

    • There will come a time when men, women , people will invent there own rebellion and Hate God openly and you will have to take a stand , God is , and will Judge the heart, and all , no exception will have to give account, there will always be and are not many who are anti christ , Hate God , Use the System to put forth thier own agenda.
      God is STill in control and will punish those who are in rebellion . That is why war, and all the atruibutes of war.
      As A Christian I have to stand , Make a statement of Faith , Take a stand for Gods Truth , Combat the Lies, Lie , Wrong Deceptive Lie that the world is creating .
      Choose You this day , YOU have to decide which side you are on , this is a battle of Heaven , only one way
      Either separation from God or Eternal life with the savior.
      With out a spotless , no sin sacrafice there is no payment for sin. that sin is the sin everyone is born with , mankind is corrupt from birth and God has provided Jesus Christ to take the place for YOUR sin. That is Why we must take a stand .

  4. Keep you initial hallelujah…lets feel the moment because it RESTORES US FOR FUTURE WORK. Take joy in this present action.

    Things are changing… AND, yes, those stats are part of the picture.
    But here are other things to consider:

    -Alabama is the crimson-est tide of the crimson-red states
    -Many R s did not vote
    -The many good Rs I know are unbelievable loyal and obedient, even in the face of the facts that prove their loyalty is undeserved. I BELIEVE some of those folks minds are slowly changing
    -It proved that votes DO matter and its worth really working for them
    -It inspired the nation, as did the Virginia elections, that decency and fairness are bubbling up
    -MANY FOLKS, including me, a moderate, liberal, Christian feminist, environmentalist, I can hardly believe what is happening to our used-to-be allies in bi-partisan government, the Republican party. But, wow, NOW …believe it I do, with fear and high concern. And yesterday, I am having faith and hope that democracy can prevent an oligarchy from taking over our country… and can prevent Russia from destroying our Democracy by breaching our media.
    I say, for today, lets feel a bit of Hallelujah.
    God bless your good work, John.

    • I share your sentiments.
      I sat with a group of new found friends watching the returns come in.
      At 9:30 when CNN called it the room erupted. There were tears of jubilation and disbelief. “WE DID IT!
      We flipped this seat. Despite years of republican gerrymandering and voter suppression we did it.
      For Tuesday night and Wednesday we celebrated.
      We’ve got work to do.

  5. Some horrible numbers to swallow. Thank you to Alabamans of color for trying to make Alabama & America great. But, in my opinion,
    this isn’t even about Christianity cuz I’m assuming most of the black population in Alabama is also predominantly Christian. This is about whites making the bad/immoral/misguided/CRAP choice and blacks making the RIGHT choice. period. Altho it does make you wonder what the heck white ‘Christians’ are thinking. If you have a brain in your head, you know Jesus would have voted for Doug Jones!

    • not to discount the whites, whether Christian or not, who made the right choice…thank GOODNESS to everyone who voted for the OBVIOUS RIGHT CHOICE, regardless of party. this was such a no brainer. that’s what’s frustrating about it. how people can make such obviously bad/hurtful/backwards choices based on whatever…party affiliation, religion, race… it’s just been such a frustrating year. and then we get a little cause for celebration, and it is, but still with some bitter lessons. sigh

  6. I think it’s very clear from first trump winning and now their voting for Moore. A 2 term black President was more then they could bear. What is next a black woman President? A Muslim president? A homosexual president? “Make America Great Again” was music to their ears. America was great pre-civil rights when white men ran the country and everyone else knew their place. And white people, especially evangelical white people were like… Morals and ethics be damned, Bible be damned, Jesus be damned we gotta get back in control of this nation . We’re going be the minority in the the next couple of decades.

    • They will be the minority in the next few decades—Praise the Lord!!!! Someone needs to sit them down in the dunce corner and teach them a lesson they will never forget. Maybe them being a minority will help them to finally understand what it is like to be a member of a minority group.

    • Well let me give advice for those Whites who fear becoming the minority. Being a minority isn’t a bad thing, being treated like you aren’t and American because you’re a minority is. The good thing for you is once you become the minority, those who were minorities will never treat you like we have been treated, because we will always remember how it felt. Just think of the transition of America finally becoming what it should have been from day ones when Whites became neighbors with the Native Americans, before they got greedy.

    • God will Judge the Heart, and all who hate him, jesus christ,
      There is still Time , Time to Repent, Time to change, Time to get the Forgiveness
      Even to Death , Jesus Christ The savior to the world for sin , Gave all a chance to repent, turn to , change thier mind and recieve the forgiveness for sin.
      God is and always will be waiting for YOU
      untill Death , you still have that chance to be saved
      untill death you can make that decision.
      Today , for tommorrow you die in your sin.
      Today is the day for forgiveness, acceptance by a Holy , Loving God, A God who Does not commit the evil that mankind does.
      God just steps out of the way , when mankind is in rebellion.
      Mankind recieves What he, YOU have sown,
      Reaping and Sowing.
      Not Gods fault
      YOURs , Take responsibility for what you do. and what you are doing.

  7. Thank you 4 your blogs of complete truth that you send out. Thank you for your stand. Thank you for giving us all words, (that mostly fall on deaf ears) that might somehow, break through that barrier of loved ones what the Trump Administration is doing to us as a country and as humans that come so far ahead of what he’s now, tearing apart!
    But I want to share something with you, that after long conversations with my daughter-in-law, who voted for Trump, shared with me. It brought a whole new light to the reasons why Christians are still supporting Trump. My family or not, ignorant or, uneducated they’ve been raised in loving homes that have taught against all that’s going on right now. So it has been completely shocking to me first of all that they voted for Trump and then now, to continue supporting this, hatred, bigotry and racism, was too much for me and I had to bring it to the table and find out how they could possibly still support him???
    This is an article she sent me this,  saying, 
     “This article describes perfectly how Michael and I feel towards Trump and his presidency and the link to Bible prophecy”

    Does the ‘Cyrus prophecy’ help explain evangelical support for Donald Trump?James S Gordon

    “Donald Trump is anointed by God,” my Indianapolis Uber driver confided. I’d asked why she had Trump/Pence stickers on her rear bumper. It was the day before the presidential election and I would have asked anyone, but I was particularly interested because she was a decorous, middle-aged black woman.

    “Well,” she’d begun, “I’m a Christian and I’m very much against abortion, and I don’t approve of same-sex marriage either. And, Mr Trump has said he’ll appoint supreme court justices who agree.”

    I told her I understood. Still, I wondered how she could support someone so greedy and self-aggrandizing, so profane and offensive to women and minorities, someone who seemed so “un-Christian”.

    “Yessss,” she responded slowly. “You’re right. But he doesn’t have to be a Christian to be part of God’s plan. Our minister says he’s come to tear down the corrupt order just as Nebuchadnezzar did.” And just as the pagan Nebuchadnezzar had the prophet Daniel to counsel him, “Mr Trump has godly men around him. Governor Pence, Jerry Falwell Jr, Mike Huckabee.”

    Did her whole congregation believe this, and who were they? “Oh yes,” she said. “We all do. And we’re multicultural, too. Black and white and Hispanic. Although,” she added, as I was getting out of the cab, “There are also many who believe that Mr Trump is not Nebuchadnezzar but a Cyrus.” Nebuchadnezzar, I remembered, had destroyed the first temple in Jerusalem, forcing the Jews into the Babylonian captivity.

    Cyrus, the pagan Persian king who was called “the Great”, had conquered Babylon in 539 BC, freed the Jews, and returned them to Jerusalem where they would rebuild the temple. He might not have been one of God’s people, the thinking among some Christians goes, but he still served God’s plans”. The whole article is worth reading it’s a conspiracy that I had never heard of before.

    I’m  not even sure now, what to say or, do with this kind of crazy??? I would love some input….HELP!!

    • Dear Karen,
      Your experience and the article here are the most chilling and clear explanation I have for what might be going on with some good people I know. God help us.
      The rapid fire cultural changes that I so stand for are seen as evil by some… and I wonder if all the big issues we face: planet degradation, overpopulation, human and planet rights -are neatly compartmentalized to be seen – in a simpler way- as God‘s punishment … instead of the complicated ownership and responsibility on our part to deal with the problems and save our planet and species.
      I think one way I can face the strange and distructive explanations you share here by, I’m guessing, good people is to say I don’t believe Jesus intended anything but loving actions towards all humanity and life .
      He would love the homosexual and he would help vulnaerable women gain control of their bodies through birth control education… why do I/we think that? Because that is the most loving thing to do… and that was his second greatest commandment. That is how he lived.
      I think there are opportunities to take that stand and speak lovingly and directly, to the cab driver, the daughter in law: here is a solution written with the pen of love.
      It’s all we can do… and then act, with faith, in our daily lives, as such.
      In the meantime, God have mercy on us living in such destructive,, judgemental times.

    • Make sure you tell the whole truth of the story
      God Judged him , and his children , and his throne
      God will judge all who rebel and openly hate HIM , God is always waiting for a repentant heart to come back .
      He wants YOU All Back

  8. Despite the fact that God is love and perfect love casts out all fear, white evangelicals and fundamentalists, recently lumped together as fundagelicals, are fear-filled people. They are terrified of anyone who isn’t them, no matter how horrible that person might be.

    They have crafted a version of Americanized white Christianity that allows them to easily identify members of their tribe. Some African-Americans, such as Ben Carson, have been brainwashed into thinking of themselves as part of that group, too.

    The thing is, they don’t seem to care a thing about anyone’s personal foibles unless they are talking the personal foibles of a Democrat. If the person is a Republican, that person can do no wrong in the eyes of the Americanized Christian fundagelicals.

    At this point in the history of the USA, to vote Republican is to vote for the following evils: authoritarianism, bigotry, denial of climate change, destroying families, destruction of the planet and God’s creation, discrimination, fascism, global warming, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, increased gun violence, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, nonpartisanship, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favor of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, treason, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

    Sadly they are in denial that they are voting for these things because all they recognize is a member of their tribe.

    Instead of concentrating on them, let’s concentrate on all those who did not vote for Moore, let’s celebrate those who did not, let’s make the numbers and statistics in AL prophetic voices for the 2018 mid-terms. Let’s continue to show the USA and the world that registered voters of the USA repent of their deeds or lack of in 11/16.

    I personally will continue to raise my voice, to educate people about what the Bible really says. Over at Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff on Facebook, some of us are studying the Social Justice Bible Challenge, edited by Marek P. Zabriskie. Please come and join us and be sure to answer the screening questioning.

    • Moore was a poor candidate (like Hillary Clinton was).

      The voters were caught between a rock and a hard place. Vote for someone who is weird and who did very weird things 40 years ago, or vote for a more normal person who supports very immoral policies.

      It was a very unfair situation, and the pro-aborts and big-government liberals won this round.

    • What I see is Black Racism here, Lbgt Racism , and the pot calling the kettle black.
      Glass House’s throwing rocks and expecting other s not to react.
      The truth is Mankind is wicked, all mankind, all people
      with out a changed heart , subject to Jesus Christ , Gods Truth , they all just try to get thier own agenda .

  9. I’ve finally separated, at least in my mind, heart and vocabulary, “Evangelicals” and “Christians” as two separate religions. It seems only fair to the people who genuinely follow the teachings of the Christ to not have to share the name with people so determined to ignore everything He ever said, taught or did.

  10. “They almost singlehandedly spared us from a vile, hateful monster of a man—inexplicably, one that white Bible-thumping, God-is-love-ing, family valuing, professed followers of Jesus overwhelmingly embraced—again.”
    And for the record, “they” in this sentence are predominantly church-going African-American Christians, true evangelicals, whose strong family values brought them to the polls in their own righteous indignation. They were just, you know, representing a great time in Alabama history when families actually take care of one another.

  11. One mitigating factor you (possibly) did not consider. MANY evangelicals stayed home, and did not vote for either candidate. They do not appear in the tally, but they also deserve a share (albeit a much smaller one) in Jones’ victory. The lack of enthusiasm of “conservatives of conscience” is merely an inference based on turnout, but likely a valid inference. So hooray for the apathy of those who might have voted for Moore but didn’t.

    • You’re right.

      The numbers show that conservative voters showed up in dramatically lower numbers than they did for Richard Shelby in 2010 and Sessions in 2008. Black women pushed Jones over the top, but that’s not the whole story. If Republicans had turned out as they did for previous election, the black vote wouldn’t have been enough.

  12. First, you’re welcome. Secondly, thank you for researching the numbers and writing this article. Feel good that Black women are finally getting some appreciation.

  13. Yes, bravo… whatever it took; I hope those who voted for Moore are paying attention. Our country must be inclusive, or it will fail!

  14. Thank you so much for putting reality into words, once again. And thank you for making the bright distinction between the adulterated white evangelical movement and the actual evangelical movement- which focuses on helping the less fortunate; Rev. William Barber and Sis. Simone Campbell come to mind.


  15. Great points John. I think part of the problem is single issue voters. I’m not evangelical, I’m catholic, however, I know many people who will only vote Republican because of their “pro-life” stand. When I ask them how taking away people’s health insurance is pro-life they just stare at me. It doesn’t help when rogue bishops say you’ll go to hell if you don’t vote pro-life…..I’m not sure how you deal with such single minded people but it is something the Democrats need to figure out. They are losing a lot of traditional Dem voters on this issue.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. The abortion issue played a large part in the election of Trump and still seems to be the determinative issue for evangelical Christians, even given the disaster that Trump has made of the presidency, and even given the fact that Trump’s endorsed Republican candidate in Alabama was appallingly unfit. Roy Moore failed to follow court orders to separate church and state and get a 10 Commandments statue removed from the state courthouse. He failed to follow a Supreme Court determination that it violates the Constitution to deny same sex marriage (he told judges to continue to refuse to perform same sex marriages after the ruling was made.) And he apparently preyed on teenage girls when he was in his late 20s and early 30s. But the men and women who vote for Moore apparently did not care what sort of world a baby might face with someone so unfit in power. All they cared about is that this was the candidate who would force as many children as possible to be born into such an appalling world.

    • Over 2,000 babies are unjustly KILLED every day by abortionists. We Catholics are supposed to revere and protect life from conception until death. Because you disagree with Republican politics regarding government control of the health industry does not justify support of abortion. This “single issue” is a dwarfed by the others combined.

  16. “Diversity is this country’s greatest asset.” Yes! It’s non-negotiable.
    “Everyone else seems to get it… I gladly stand alongside Everyone Else” with you John.

  17. All I can say is “Thank God” that despicable Moore was defeated and “Thank You!” to everyone who voted for Jones. The dividing line between Evangelical “Christians” and the rest of us is growing increasingly clear. How anyone who voted for Moore dares to claim he/she is a Christian is completely baffling. Their values, such as they are, don’t match anything I’ve been taught as a Christian.

  18. Everyone. John’s sentiments were mine exactly. I was watching the returns come in on CNN, and near the end when it became obvious that Doug Jones was going to win, they announced that the African-American vote was the key factor that won the election for Jones. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and said: “Once again, black Americans have saved this country from an awful mistake and an even more awful future path.”

    Coming from a white guy that who was born and raised in the American South (and has lived here all of his life), I would just like to take this moment to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to every member of the African-American community in Alabama and throughout the rest of this American nation. You literally SAVED AMERICA. I hope all white Americans and African-Americans who have not been blinded by Satan (like white evangelical America has been) can join hands together now (as true brothers and sisters) in the days, weeks, months, and years to come to transform this entire American nation into a place of Christ-like love and brotherhood where no person—black, red, yellow, pink, purple, etc. is discriminated against, held down, or pulled over by the cops for no good reason. The full opportunity this country affords should be open to everyone, and no person or group should be held down by racism, ethnic hatred, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or any other factor outside the content of one’s own character.

    I also hope that ALL African-Americans can see from this election that when you band together you do have SIGNIFICANT POWER and that you can use that power anytime you wish to help change America into the America that it should be for yourselves and everyone else. If that power can change Alabama in 2017—in the midst of a despicable national resurgence of racism and hate brought on by some white Americans and many white fundie/evangelical Americans—that same power can change this country for good.

    And let me tell you something African-American brothers and sisters–and this is a truth—your final liberation is at hand. I work as a social scientist, and I want to tell you something. Most of the widespread and virulent hate that has held you down was in the hearts of white Americans born between 1910 and 1945. Those people have largely gone to their graves. They passed some of that hate onto a much smaller percentage of their Baby Boomer children who were born between 1945 and about 1964. The Baby Boomers who hate you make up only about 30 percent of Americans today. Like their hero Donald Trump, who is one of them, they seem like a larger group than they really are only because they are boisterous and loud blabbermouths like Trump. They make noise far in excess of their actual numbers. Here is the key thing black America. The Baby Boomer generation is poised on the edge of its final graves and about to fall into them. Just look at their ages (60s and 70s). When that 30 percent dies off from natural causes—which will be soon—your final liberation—the one you have longed for since 1965—will be at hand.

    Let me tell you how I know. I am a white Baby Boomer who had children very late in life. My two Millennial Generation children do not have a shred of racism in them—and neither do their friends of the same generation. Your African-American children will grow up with them. Oh, there may be a rare racist straggler here and there in the Millennial Generation, but for the most part your black children will not experience the race hatred that you did from that 30 percent of whites that you did as a black Baby Boomer. Final liberation is at hand in the Millennial Generation and in the generations to come. Mark my word.


    • One Senator makes or breaks America?

      I think you’re putting far too much importance on this unfortunate anomaly.

      Since you think you’re so concerned about black people, please see what you can do about Planned Parenthood disproportionately targeting and eliminating black babies. Margaret Sanger’s racist dream should not be yours and you should not be supporting her unjust methods.

      • Agreed.

        And while he’s at it, maybe he should look at the welfare policies that have contributed to the destruction of black families which drove many black Americans into poverty. It also might be good to tell the left to stop pushing a narrative of victimhood that only serves to keep blacks poor.

        It also might be a good idea to stop trying to convince blacks and other minorities that most white people are racist bigots who are trying to keep them down. Oh, and maybe we should try to convince Black Lives Matter that black-on-black crime is more of a threat than racist cops — maybe they should focus on both if they really believe that black lives matter.

        I won’t hold my breath.

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  20. Thank you for this post. I am a white woman from Alabama, a Democrat and I stand with Everyone Else. I wholeheartedly agree — Black voters saved our great State and by voting their consciences, truly did something redemptive for all of us. Tuesday’s election and the understanding of who propelled Doug Jones to victory has stuck me very profoundly. It is vital that we, as members of this great collective known as Everyone Else, carry this momentum forward to make lasting and needed change inclusive of racial, gender, economic and social justice for all.

    Blue and Proud!

  21. Imagine two candidates are running. One is evil, but his policies are good and he will support good things and good causes. One is good in his personal life, but will support evil policies.

    Which one do you choose?

    I would go for the former, since his personal evil would affect far less people than the evil policies of the good man.

    • An evil man is unlikely to support good policies. I think you have a false set-up to begin with. Maybe your real problem is that you see good as being evil and evil as being good.

      • Yes I see abortion as evil. You see it as good.

        Will I go to Hell because I don’t like you guys killing babies in the womb and because I vote against it?

        Please demonstrate how I can look at a dismembered fetus or embryo and see that as something good, and having compassion for the victim as being evil.

  22. As a Unitarian who lives in Birmingham, AL, I fit in your category of loving all people. Recently talked with an evangelical at my gym who shocked me with her reasoning for voting for Moore – voted for Trump also. The prophets forecasted both votes. She also said that my lesbian daughter and other gay friends could pray the gay away. We did not even get to the subject of abortion… Thanks for being a breath of fresh air.

    • I know Trump and Moore were aforementioned in religious text too, they were called “antichrist”. lol, see these are the same people that deemed Obama was the antichrist, yet can’t explain why he has been the only president since the seventies that had remained scandal free for 8 years. Wouldn’t it make more sense that the scandal free president who try to unite and give equality to all so that they may experience a full American dream life could be one of the prophets or did they cancel him out completely because his skin is brown. It didn’t matter to them that his mother was White and he was raised by his White grandmother, so he could empathized with the hardships of both poor blacks and poor whites.

      • Scandal free? I don’t think so.

        Fast and Furious
        IRS targeting conservative groups
        Conducting surveillance on journalists who weren’t loyal to him.
        Suppressing a DEA investigation into Hezbollah’s growth into an international crime syndicate
        State department email scandal
        Veteran’s Affairs waiting list fiasco
        NSA PRISM surveillance
        Uranium One
        Lying about ransom payments made to Iran
        Lying about Obamacare
        Refusing to prosecute black panthers intimidating voters
        Assassination of Anwar Al Awlaki without due process
        Commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence

        Obama wasn’t as perfect as the media wants us to believe. Just because they didn’t report much on these events doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

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  24. I did not vote, course I am in TX, I have to shake my head at the political way Moore was brought down by all the woman that came out supposedly. All it was is that the Senate did not want a man of God in office. This nation needs God and everyone wants to turn their away from God. Doug Jones does not have the nation’s best interest at heart.

    • First of all—no one is impressed because you live in Texas. Get over it. The rest of the nation does not swoon when the word “Texas” is mentioned. If Roy Moore is a man of God, then you must be a cherry Popsicle. Good grief!!!

  25. Hey John, Not sure if something is wrong with your website or not. Looks like it to me. Tried viewing it in two different browsers and it looks like this. My apologies if that is how it is set up. 😉

    • Okay, as soon as I hit submit for that comment the page changed to a normal looking blog. Happy to email a screen shot to you of how it looks when I come here from the internet or your FB link.

      • You need to download the “Adguard” program to your computer. It is available on-line—I think free of charge, That will fix whatever is happening with your computer when you visit John’s blog. I used to experience what you are experiencing. Adguard made all of it go away immediately— the difference is like day from night.

  26. Notice Roy Moore’s inability to concede his defeat. It is part of a widespread fundie phenomenon known as “an inability to face facts.” He is still waiting for a miracle from God that is not going to come. One of this days, the fundies are finally going to wake up and see that Satan has blinded them—and that they dwell in his corner—unbeknownst to them.

  27. Thank you, John, for your post today. I am disgusted by the stats of my fellow white women who voted for that animal. I’m disgusted by white people who defend it, who say, “Not me,” or who try to feebly argue that they were voting “pro-life.” Moore was thrown off the bench, not once but twice, for violating the law. He thinks gays should be put to death and that women shouldn’t hold public office. To my fellow white people: STFU and start listening. It IS about us. We DO need to hear what people of color and minorities are saying. We need to hold space for the pain that we caused, that we allow to cause, and for the damage our privilege inflicts on innocents around us. We need to be ashamed of ourselves, but more, we need to act. We cannot support people such as Moore. We cannot support child molesters. We cannot support religious extremists. We cannot support homophobes. Racists. We can no longer sit by while this happens, while the minority communities scramble to preserve the country that we love. This has to stop. And if you identify as an Evangelical? Get away from me. YOU are the problem. I am tired of sugar-coating it. If you disagree with these religious freaks, then change what you’re doing because right now? You’re tarred with the same brush. I’m telling you frankly: you scare me. You scare the ever loving shit outta me, and outta a lot of my friends and fellow citizens. Knock.It.Off.

    And to the women who voted for Roy Moore? Each and every single one of you is a gender traitor and I am deeply, enragedly ashamed of you.

    • What do we call those who vote for abortion and against the unborn? Fetus-traitors? Baby-traitors?

      It’s a lot more complex than you make it out to be. There were some good reasons to have voted for Moore regardless of his distant past.

      • Give me a break you are against abortion, yet the Republican party is also against plan parenthood supplying feminine health care, and the needed birth control to prevent the pregnancies you don’t want them to abort. Wouldn’t make sense to push preventive care than to play holy after the fact?
        Your party is also against taking care of and providing homes, healthcare, and parental tax credits to the familes fostering or adopting those children that weren’t aborted. So where are you then? How many children have you adopted into your home to help that cause. Prolife doesn’t stop with the fetus. You have to be responsible for the life you save too. So until you and your righteous hypocritical party step up to help the child poverty we have which is the higher than ALL other countries, then who are you to call others out of their names?

        • Abortion is objectively evil

          You defend it on the basis of what you think those who oppose it believe or do. That’s actually irrelevant.

          If I oppose slavery but won’t help support a slave, does that mean I have no right to oppose such an objective evil?

          The fact is, however, that those who oppose the injustice of killing little inconvenient babies, a disproportionate number of them being black, courtesy of your white liberal friends, are not against “born” human life, and there are many ways that they support it.

          But what about rich ladies or couples who can easily support their child? Would you agree that at least those people should not be allowed to kill their inconvenient child?

          I don’t expect you to answer that question, but if you do, I think I know the answer: “My body my choice, etc. etc.” You don’t care at all about the unborn or that abortion stops a beating heart–not if that human being is inconvenient.

    • Newsflash: Hmm…wonder why that is? Could it be because the Republicans treat Black people like an afterthought. You think we are to stupid to know what Roy Moore meant when he said, “today we have a problem after “new rights” were created in 1965”. The year that Blacks were allowed to vote. So why would Black want to support a party who long to “Make America Great Again” by going back to the days of Jim Crow Laws?

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