Yes, I Know I’m Angry. I Wish You Were.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your note to let me know you’re worried about me, that you’re concerned about my health—that you’re not sure that I realize I’m coming across as really angry lately.

Your assessment is correct.
I am angry.
I’m sorry.

I can imagine I’m not all that fun to be around right now, and that from time to time my words come across as combative or abrasive. I’m probably more than a bit of a downer lately and I apologize.

You’re going to have to bear with me, as I haven’t been sleeping well for about a year or so. Admittedly I’m not at my best these days, so you’ll need to forgive me. I’m chronically overtired. I’m exhausted from having to give all the sh*ts about people that you’re supposed to be giving—along with my own.

I’m worn out from keeping up on legislation and watching hearings and staying on top of details and remembering deadlines and imploring action—while you go about your day as if such things are an annoyance, is if they are a disruption of your plan, as if the expiration date for my outrage has long come and gone.

I am absolutely burnt out from trying to make my voice loud enough to counteract not only the bad people’s incredible volume—but your deafening silence. Both of these things are doing similar damage right now, sadly.

Believe me, I understand that my activism is a problem for you. Please know that your inactivism is similarly problematic for me. It’s part of the reason I am as angry as I am; because I’m not only having to fight against those who seem furiously bent on hurting people—I’m having to fight against those who don’t seem give enough of a damn that they are doing so, to say anything.

Look, I get it, I really do. It’s difficult to see so much bad news, to fully face the relentless flood of terrible, to try and wrap your brain around seemingly boundless cruelty around you. It’s tiresome to spend so much time with a closed fist. I know it’s even a pain in the rear end to endure the continual rantings of people like me on your news feed and in your timeline and across the dinner table and in the break room.

I’m tired of me too.
I’m sick of the fight too.
I’m sick of the sound of my own voice.

I’d rather not be doing this either.
I’d much rather prefer to just enjoy life, to forget about it all, to only post pictures of puppies and my kids, and to simply ignore all that “political garbage.”
But that is what privilege looks like; to even believe I have such an option, to have the great luxury of living without urgency because I can seemingly shield myself from it all.

That is what the bad people are counting on. They’re counting on good people who are too tired, too apathetic, too selfish, or to oblivious to sustain their outrage. I am not going to give that gift to them.

As long as they’re fully invested in putting people through hell, I’m going to be as invested in pushing back against it.
I think the people I love are worth it.
I think you and the people you love are worth it.
I think people I’ll never meet are worth it.

And that’s the rub here: love will often look a lot like rage, as it fiercely fights on behalf of those who are being attacked. 

So yes, angry is not all that I am, but I am rightly angry.

And it would be really helpful if we could carry the load of outrage right now. 

That would actually be a source of rest and joy and breath.

Friend, if you really want me to be less angry, you might try being a little more angry.

I am angry, friend.

I wish you were angry too.


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190 thoughts on “Yes, I Know I’m Angry. I Wish You Were.

        • Right on John, thank you for helping me understand some of my own anger. Tired of hearing there’s nothing that can be done, so tired.

          USE YOUR VOICE

          that’s what you can do

    • The current administration and their base credit God for putting the POTUS in power. I’m genuinely curious to understand how you feel your shout out to God to support a contrary position makes any difference. Please understand I’m not being inflammatory, I really want to know.

      • YHWH is. What people think, say and shout at the top of their lungs about YHWH does not change YHWH. If you know YHWH, you know what YHWH stands for and how YHWH feels about people and the world. YHWH constantly shows concern for the widows and the orphans, for the sick, for the marginalized and outcast. That is how I know that praying to YHWH will matter.

      • If you really want to know, how’s this: (Rember, sometimes God places a specific leader for judgment and other times He places them there as a blessing. Either way, God is in complete control)
        Romans 13:1 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”
        Daniel 2:21 “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

        • No offense but the “God is in control” concept has to go, regardless of what the Bible says.
          That’s a concept that simply fails, in my opinion along with “everything happens for a reason”. It suggests that tragedy is punishment for “ for living right”. If you want to believe everything from the holocaust to 9/11 to Columbine to Vegas to Parkland is “God controlled”, …..have fun. It is fact and simple common sense that YOU, ME, WE are in control. Us. This universe is set in motion and the dice will fall where they fall. It’s up to us to curtail how they fall, not some thought about celestial blessing dust sprinkles from God. If God is real at all, he/she is probably praying to us to answer HIS/HER prayers for us to be better to one another.

    • The people are not silent. They voted for Trump. What are you angry about? Is it that he has given people some of their money back? That he helped defeat ISIS? Is it that he kept the crook fom becoming pres?
      Is it that he helped all working people increase their net worth thru their 401k’s? Is it that he won’t let other countires take us for a ride anymore? Is it that he is clamping down on gang violence? Is it that he did what every president promised to do when running for pres and then did not do (Israel’s capitol)? Is it that he has brought back over a million jobs in one year? What exactly has he done that has hurt the US?

      • No it is that he has taken away my disabled sons health insurance

        That he has removed my ability to govern my own body with the help of my own physician.
        That he was removed protections for our water and air

        That he has given the richest among us my tax money that would have helped me save for my kids education

        That he has granted some schools the ability to receive massive govt money and pay no taxes on those funds

        That he has ripped apart truley functional families without taking the time to look first

        That he has traumatized my children by using words that no president should use. Nuclear war and shit hole to only name a few. I could list these all day. Why are these things not important to you?

      • What exactly has he done to hurt the US? Only everything, Ray. He’s a wart on the backside of humanity, and it saddens and angers me when people like you swallow whatever Faux News shovels at you. You really need to wean yourself off of GOP propaganda and take a good look around you. Herr Drumpf is only making America great again for the billionaire class. The rest of us can go pound salt.

      • He is incredibly divisive and he is a racist. He either has not read our Constitution, or it means nothing to him. And many of his actions actively undermine its tenets. He derides the greatest threat facing humanity, climate change, and weakens the ability of the whole world to counter it. He is a self serving bully and a vainglorious narcissist. And while he congratulates himself jobs are being lost, health care is being eroded and families of people who are neither drug dealers nor rapists are being torn asunder. This is a man who is quite happy to use the well being of 9 million poor kids as a bargaining chip. He brings shame on our country every day, and the above list is not an exhaustive summary., section nice I haven’t addressed the way in which individual departments of government have been ravaged, our international reputation abroad etc etc etc you did ask 🙂 Best wishes.

        • Every single thing you said here is 100% true. This administration is dismantling decades of regulation and legislation for their own particular agenda. John Pavlovitz is like a voice crying in the wilderness. I am not American, but consider the problems that you face unparalleled in the history of your country. The divisions which this has thrown up may cause irreparable damage to the fabric of society. People like you are desperately needed to hold fast to your impeccable values. May I wish you the strength and courage to do so.

      • You’re guzzling the kool aid; How does he and Ivana having their clothing made overseas, while an American manufacturer in Maine closes half of his shop/lays off 1/2 his workers, Make America Great Again? He doesn’t lead by example, and in fact, spits in American’s faces with his hand in their pocket. Why’s he $5M in the hole on his DC hotel, and not paying the American companies what he owes them? Go ahead, take a big swig & think about it

      • Majority voted against Trump, you are the minority. Even lots of repubs disapprove of him at this point. The rest of ur list is rw talking pts. Ur taxes will go up, this tax plan was more trickle-down with massive cuts for top 1%. He didn’t “bring back” a million jobs, in fact his job growth number is lower than Obama’s last yr and his monthly avg is also lower. I could go on but why bother. He’s hurt the US greatly, our standing in the world, our institutions, he and/or his team may possibly have conspired with Russia, and they are doing NOTHING to stop Russian interference in the future. He encourages dissension and hate. You live in a fantasy world of fox, etc. and you’re not getting real world information.

  1. Thanks again John for sharing the feelings that we, like you, have but are not as articulate in the way we express them. I plan to keep being angry, unapologetically so, because I can see what is happening and what will happen if these things continue. I tire of the lies of those who prophesy that it is well and God has somehow ordained the starvation and death of so many that will ensue because of continued poverty and lack of affordable health care. I will not close my eyes to the truth nor will I lie to others. Thanks again.

  2. I have written the very same letter before John, man, almost identical! I have, or have a blog, and I did a lot of writing on it, VERY angry writing. Mine makes yours look tamed.

    I went too far, you have not John, imo. But important to point out is that whether you’ve presented your anger properly is not the real issue, what’s most important is how are you doing with it all. For me, I had to back off, 24 years of environmental activism, the last 10 on climate change finally put me to such a state of anger it was making me ill.

    I know how hard it is to watch people living their happy little lives with not enough time to write their congressman, or so entrenched in materialism they can’t even reduce their consumption a tiny bit. There are countless reasons to be angry just on the lack of anger alone. BUT, gotta you take care of you, deal with that anger John, but only if it’s bringing you too far down. You can’t avoid it bringing you down, just how far it brings you down is what matters. For me it was too far, I had to back off.

  3. I am with you, my love of humanity deems I be angry, only I refuse to apologize. Keep making the noise that I can’t. Keep using you’re bully pulpit for all of us who don’t have the platform, we are walking beside you. Peace and Love,

    • How are you doing with your love of humanity in the womb? Or are you siding with the abortionists instead?

      Peace and love to everyone, including innocent life in the womb.

      • I truly hope you aren’t supporting Trump under a pro-life stance. Trump is not pro-life. He doesn’t have a care about any life other than his own. Life is not so black and white and it’s the hope of our nation that Trump supporters will see the light.

      • I will expend my efforts trying to make sure that babies who are already here get food and medical care. A child not yet born never has to suffer the pain of one who is not loved and wanted.

      • Yet once that life is born our gov’t feels justified in yanking all forms of social and health support. That is not pro-life, it is pro-birth.

      • How about dead mothers, you are evidently ok with that? Casting stones and judging others; I guess you just pick & choose which parts of your Bible to follow.

      • Ah the great question to which I ask how are you doing protecting and nurturing those babies after they are born?

        No one wants to kill an unborn child, sadly choices are few when men won’t take responsibility for their own offspring, women continue to be underpaid and cannot support that child, healthcare is a disaster, birth control is not universally and freely available for 12-40 year olds, child support is not upheld, and childcare services are lacking.

        But hey, let’s spend more on Wars and guns – that will protect all these babies. Take your self righteous pro life sentiments and use them to advocate for sensible ways to help women.

  4. Pastor John:

    You have every right to your activism. My observation over these months is that you are unsure of yourself. Only you can make decisions about how you spend your day, not your friends or family.

    We are in disagreement, yet your anger does not bother me. Personally, I’ve never seen ‘rage’ that is love. There is only one instance when Jesus showed a type of ‘rage’, for maybe [10 min] at the most. That was when he saw uninvited hypocrites selling stuff in his own home. I know you see the whole world as your ‘home’, –but Jesus did not. He knew (because he arranged it) ‘who’ is running this World. The enemy of God. Satan.

    [Since ours is a ‘spiritual battle’, we do not fight against flesh & blood. Note: Good News, the spiritual battle is already won! Bringing more people to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ & serving the brethren is gravy –your suggestion that I need to get ‘angry’ about it is wrong. ]

    ‘Serving’ God’s people does not include shouting, haranguing, name-calling, ridicule, sarcasm, threats, anger or rage. Serving God is organized, calm, productive, positive, hospitable, friendly, patient, joyous & impossible w/o Him.

    • I don’t know who you are but you are amazing. I love your calm and well thought response to this. Instead of being “angry” and creating hostility, you are encouraging peace which is exactly what “those” who are getting “angry” are trying to accomplish. God be with you always.

    • I agree. I am not happy with today’s current status, but I believe my God is in control as he always has been and will be. I still have peace and joy in knowing this, His good will overcome evil just as he says in his word. I pray for our country every day, and I’m not just setting back and doing nothing, but I will not let anger and hate prevail in my life . This doesn’t show love for all humanity,

      • How easy is it for you to love and pray for good things for the people that aggravate you everyday…the ones who cut you off in traffic, the ones who mess up your orders at the store, the ones doing the very things so many people are angry about. Anger, the emotion, is a valid feeling. To truly imitate the Christ one must constantly work on letting the anger pass and then praying for improvement in those peoples lives. It is not easy and not a copout if you really work at it. Think about what would happen if all of those who are angry prayed for the betterment of those causing the anger.

    • I think the ones I am most angry with are folks like you. I assume from your letter that you are a Christian and most likely an Evangelical. According to news reports, 82 percent of Evangelicals voted for Trump and a high percentage of them continue to support him and his continued actions destroying our nation. Don’t quote Bible verses to me and tell me to “grin and bear it.” If anyone should be furious, it should be you. We have evil in the White House, the people’s “home.” Trump and his cohorts in crime are the modern-day traders that are selling their wares in our holy place. What would Jesus do? You quoted chapter and verse. It’s your obligation to let your rage out and turn over a few tables. RAGE!

    • Do you truly not see the irony in using this example from the bible?! This is exactly what is happening in the White House. “There is only one instance when Jesus showed a type of ‘rage’, for maybe [10 min] at the most. That was when he saw uninvited hypocrites selling stuff in his own home.” The Trump administration is full of ‘hypocrites’ selling God fearing people on lies so that he can gain more power and make more money. Trump has been revealed as the leader of the very swamp he promised to drain, but his followers continue to follow him blindly.

    • If all this is true, why in any realm, Earthly or Heavenly, would you support a man like Donald Trump, directly or indirectly? He is not, as a leader, “organized, calm, productive, positive, hospitable, friendly, patient, joyous.” He is none of the things to which you so proudly profess to aspire. He sows anger and hate. Why would you (in your privilege, not speak out against these things? Why would you not speak out in support of those who have no voice?

  5. Thank you for once again commenting on EXACTLY where I am needing encouragement. If Trumpies make me want to renounce my faith, you are one of the reasons I hold on to it.

  6. Our church Wednesday morning Bible group is reading and discussing your book, and you have inspired us with every chapter! Our conversation touches on some of the anger and frustration you feel; you are not alone!

  7. John, keep up the good work and know that we are not silent. We are writing postcards, calling congressional representatives, and emailing congress every day. I did get a form letter back from the President, so I know my letters reached the White House staff. I’ve even marched in two protest rallies. I’m not sure what else I can do, but will continue to organize friends and fight the fight.

  8. Hey, John–How come I can’t open your URL [not authorized]. Net neutrality died that fast?

    Or does one need a key….?

    FWIW — You say what I try to find ways to say that will be heard (lost me a pastorate in July ’15 — “We want Bible seermons, not anti-white supremacist rants….”) If you let me in, I promise to keep spreading word of you. Actually, I’ll keep doing that without URL access. ~revgreg

  9. I hear you loud and clear. I am so tired of being angry all the time. It is exhausting and the onslaught never stops. And in the state I live in contacting my representatives is like beating my head against the wall as I know it makes no difference to them but I’ve got to do something

  10. When is bad stuff your burden to carry, and when is it God’s? You think it’s bad now; what do you think it was like during Jesus’ life? Do you see him railing against all the burdens of society, or do you see him loving and healing and teaching and getting on with Kingdom priorities? Think about it.

    • “during Jesus’ life. . .do you see him railing against all the burdens of society, . . .?” Umm, yes. You brood of vipers! You whitewashed tombs! etc.

    • Mel,
      “Do you see [Jesus] railing against all the burdens of society?”

      Actually, yes: Jesus railed against the Pharisees: “Whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones”, “The blind leading the blind”, “Straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel”, “Hypocrites”, “You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are”, “Nest of vipers”. And see the parable of the vineyard, where he compares the religious rulers to murderous tenants.

  11. Anger in and of itself is neither good nor bad. What makes anger one or the other begins with what we are angry about and ends with what we do with that anger. If we are angry at injustice, at the things that angered Jesus, at attitudes and actions that oppress and damage others, then we have started well. This kind of anger may be just the motivation we need to act in bringing an end to injustice and, concommitantly, bringing the kingdom to life (Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, ON EARTH…) The prophets of the Old Testament were sometimes angry. Jesus and the apostle Paul were sometimes angry. Let us be angry at the right things, and let’s allow that anger to move us to action.

    John — I appreciate you putting words to the anger some of us feel, helping to understand our own anger, and maybe striking a match, lighting a fire in us that can be a light to the world.

    My only caution — don’t let anger consume you.

    Love your work brother

  12. You have expressed perfectly how I feel these days. I’ve lost friends, and some of my relatives avoid me. They think I’m crazy and everything will be fine; they tell me to try not to think about it so much. Every morning my anger and sadness are the first things I think about when I wake up. I just don’t understand why everyone isn’t angry and screaming to the rafters.

  13. Thank you for this. Lately, I have doubted myself, worried that I would bore people, annoy them. Even people who agree with me. I needed this and I pledge to continue to stand with you, to fight and rage and act. I hope it helps, just a little. Your voice is heard, it matters, and you renewed me today.

  14. It is hard not to be angry these days. Anger seems to come from a lot of people (including Christians, and often myself) on all sides of the political spectrum.

    I think maybe at times like these it is important to follow these wise words from this pastor with some very valuable insight:

    “Christian, at the end of every day it’s helpful to rewind through the preceding hours and carefully sift through our interactions, whether in person and on social media and ask what those words and those conversations are most marked by:

    Is the life I am living worth aspiring to; my countenance, my manner, my default condition?
    In any measurable way, does my faith in Christ make me different than those without it?
    Does the sum total of my seconds radiate the kindness and humility and forgiveness of Jesus or something far colder, harder, and angrier than that?
    Is my life perpetuating Jesus’ life or not?”
    — John Pavlovitz (from

  15. Who says I’m not angry? You’re not the only one, and you’re not the only one speaking up and speaking out. Truthfully, you sound more self-righteous than angry.

  16. Thanx for being angry and doing something about it. As an Asian-American woman who has suffered racism and sexual harassment/abuse, I’m glad you’re angry. I wish more people were, especially those who have the power and privilege to do something about it and be heard. Even someone telling you to stop being angry means they’ve heard you. So, please continue doing what you’re doing. And, yes it’s exhausting, frustrating – all those things – and all essential if we’re going to have a society that cares about not only themselves, but others.

  17. John, don’t lose your anger. As long as we can channel our emotions into action, and to share and join with others, there’s nothing wrong. I have several friends who have given in to despair. Anger is better as long it become productive and not destructive. Jesus became angry. If we don’t allow ourselves the same path we are limiting God and ourselves.

  18. Yep. Eventually they will accuse you of being a murderer in the making—like they did me. Odd thing though, I have never killed anyone and have no plans to ever kill anyone. Somehow, people seem to think that “passion for a cause” is always a bad thing. But hey, they don’t call it the “Passion of Jesus Christ” for nothing. He had a cause, he had passion for it, and he saw it through to: “It is finished.”

    People are beginning to wake up all across this country. Magazine articles are showing up where people talk about how they are “ashamed to be an evangelical.” The most recent article was in “Christianity Today,” the BIG TIME evangelical publication where the major lights of current-day evangelicalism were just today lamenting their association with Donald Trump and Roy Moore—and how much destruction it has wrought on the word “evangelical” and how they wished they could find a new term to call themselves so they would no longer be associated with Trump, Moore, and Republican politics in the public mind.

    I have news for them. They made the conscious choice to align themselves with evil. They made that bed—and now they are going to have to lie in it until the putrification of it consumes them with fire—just like in the last of the three visions that Jesus gave me. The first two came true, and now the third vision is coming true before our very eyes.

    • Charlie, the more I read John’s blogs and your replies, the more you both remind me of Saul before his “true” personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ!! He also was very angry, but for the wrong cause, until his eyes were opened to the One who does not just love but IS Love.
      “He who says he is in the light, and hates his brother, is in darkness until now. He who loves his brother abides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him. But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.”
      I John 2:9‭-‬11 NKJV

    • Where the Protestants went wrong was in accepting artificial birth control. It opened to floodgates to the evil of abortion and the abortion culture we are living int today. But they deserve some credit for at least seeing half the picture–the grave evil of destroying innocent life in the womb.

      How does someone who calls himself a Christian not see that as a form of murder?

  19. thank you for posting. this is amazing and is very true. totally aligned with whats often on my mind: the point that our apathy (and all those adjectives in between) is what evil counts on. thank you for letting in the light in your own life, and you can count on the fact that you are not alone in the fight!!! just never lose this drive to speak the truth. speak and act. we multiply.

  20. John, I understand but only you can know your motivation and reason for your anger and what steps you are taking to create change.
    Remember there are approximately the same number of people who feel we are going the wrong direction as those who feel all is well in the land of the free and home of the brave.
    So let’s take a lesson from the bible and it’s many fables, stories and myths. Moses went up the mountain and god wrote a few commandments for Moses to share with his people. Well old Moses got down the mountain and saw the people were all messed up so he, Moses started screaming and yelling and cursing and took out his rage on the newly minted stones with the sacred commandments. Then he had to trudge back up the mountain to get a replacement set of commandments. Then their mean and revengeful god told Moses because he had been a bad boy he wouldn’t get to go to the promised land. The lesson here, channel anger into productive and healthy action to change what one doesn’t like.
    We all know that what happens is never to us or about us but we wierd humans take it personally and ruin our health by over processing what is into unhealthy reactions that cannot ever have good outcomes. (A good place here is to observe the four agreements)
    I challenge you, John, and anyone else who doesn’t like what is happening to focus all the energy of anger into action with purpose, creating a bandwagon we all can get behind and create change. That is what I want to become part of!
    I can in no way believe in or support unfocused anger and vitriol because it does not provide a stepping stone toward the change needed.
    I would say no one is any more disgusted with our current political situation than I, yet I will live a peaceful life with joy and thanksgiving because I/we are designed to live joyfully and when we do not we end up with health problems and mental issues. unable to be peaceful in our own skin.

  21. Thanks again John for saying how I feel. As painful as this year has been I would rather have the pain rather than be complacent. I’ve written some people off but there are some people – like family (they’ve thought I’m a little weird all my life anyway) there’s not a darned thing I can do except keep laying out what is happening, etc. My husband died 5 years ago Dec 1. We both voted for president Obama and we both shed tears of joy. We both have been students of comparative religions all our lives but we also discussed history and politics – we were and I’m not ever going to be complacent! I do not know what he would have done about all of this had he not died.

  22. I am so DAMN angry–and like you–angry with people I know and love who seem to think that if they ignore it all we’ll be fine. I’m tired of being called foolish for caring about people I do no know–for wanting more of America–for wanting may country to actually be a friend to the world. Whatever happened to loving one another? When did greed and hate become our nation’s mantra…I want my Country and I want my faith back–I don’t want to apologize for following Jesus because the Jesus I know would be just as angry as I am.

  23. As a black man, I want you to know that you’ve taken the words out of my mouth. Thank you, John. And you can rest, at least for a bit. Because there are many of us, and we’re willing to take up the slack….

  24. John, I’ve been angry too since 8 Nov 2016.

    At first, I was deeply depressed and angry for several months. Now I’m just angry and doing what I can to FIGHT BACK!

    I was a closeted Democrat until recently, now I’m out of the closet to the extent I have volunteered to be a Democratic Precinct Chair in bloody red Texas. I’ll be doing my part to spill Republican political blood. Hopefully, when the political blood is cleaned up, the ground will be blue.

    My anger has given me strength. To keep my strength, I’ve been eating healthy, going to the gym more and getting personal training. I’m doing what I can to continue the fight as I know it will be a long fight to take back my country from the traitorous Republicans.

  25. I AM angry, John, and I’m weary of the anger and the toll it’s taking. So it is more than a little reassuring to know that I’m not alone in this desolate place; that there are thousands just like me; that we’re in it for the long haul; that we don’t quit, won’t quit, can’t quit because quitting just isn’t an option. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us cannot. Thank you for not giving up, giving in or giving out on us. We need you to help us through the desolation…

  26. I needed this post. I needed to hear someone express the same exhaustion, the same bewilderment. Thank you. And, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that any of us feel this way, that we are in a position to respond this way. But here we are. I’m glad we have company.

    • Trump says he likes Jews because they care for money and count more accurately than negroes do. It came out during the campaign last year. Trump fired an African-American accountant and told his staff to find a Jew to replace him.

      He’s eaten up with this nonsense.

  27. John, I just want you to know that I too am often abjectly dismayed by the feelings of ‘tribalism’ that I read into the conversations of my neighbors and family, not all of them of course, but so many. It’s not about helping and caring for anyone, it’s about winning their tribal wars. And yet, I know that they are not cruel people, not really like that in their hearts, I think they are just frightened by that which they do not understand. As are we all. Please keep posting, I believe in the humanity of man and the goodness of our nation. We have in important ways, lost our way. With the help of folks like you, we may find it again. Love.

  28. I only discovered you, John, a few months ago, and you have become a regular part of my day. Yes, I hear you. Yes, I am angry too, and have been fighting for my equilibrium all year. I just opened a new solo show to tour to grassroots, as we have done since 1969, and I am amazed how many folks have commented: “I have all these thoughts banging around in my head, and it felt SO good to hear you come right out and say them. (OK, I know that’s what the Trumpists feel too, but they hog the whole media megaphone.) You can get a taste of this at Whatever, I love you. I love what you say, I love your honest anger, and I wish there were a virtual living-room where we could all sit and grieve and rage and celebrate and hug.

  29. John,
    People have told me that also. And they have said, ” it’s not like you can change anything.”
    So I say to them “if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention”. And so I continue doing everything I can to remind people that none of this is normal!

    • One of my all time favorite linguistic maneuvers is when teenage girls try to talk to older members of the family about sex. They use the word “sax” so they can quickly divert by saying, “Oh, no I said sax–like a saxophone.” Warning to Teenage Girls: “All adults know the maneuver, and you just make yourself look stupid when you try to use it. They all know your needs are driving you crazy at this age.

  30. I identify with this so much! I have family members who tell me to stop watching and reading the news because it makes me angry! They seem to just not care at all about our country and what is happening to it.

  31. John, it takes courage to look at and see what is really going on here, and you are embodying that. It is fatiguing. You look with your heart, and your consciousness and then your integrity tells you that you must push back. It hurts to actually watch what is happening. Many turn away, close their minds and hearts as it is “too much” to bear. Lead on. You are leading the way, and those with courage will follow. Many will desire the comfort of not seeing as then no response ability is required. Hold firm. You are not alone. I am doing the same. I get reinforcements from the fatigue by going on retreat and renewing my energy and commitments from what I receive from God. Is there a way to do this for yourself? Do not fret about the anger. It is the appropriate response to injustice. Jesus made a whip of a cord and overturned tables of the money-makers in the outer court of the temple in Jerusalem. He was angry, justifiable so. So are you. Blessings on you now and always!

  32. I’m angry too and I thank you for your blog and for so eloquently expressing that anger. The question is, does it help to call our congress men, does it help to express our outrage when the majority of congress and our own president don’t even care? They are openly working for corporations and bypassing the will of the people. Our votes don’t really count as they should because of all the gerrymandering! I donate, I make phone calls, and then I stop donating and making phone calls because it looks like the only thing that will make a difference is having a democratic majority in congress! And by that time their scam tax plan will pass, schools will lose more funding, not to mention healthcare, the environment! I’m hopeful, but still the attacks on our democracy are relentless, never ending, and the distractions are so many. And what’s even worse, the people that still believe in this president, over 30%, seem to be impervious to facts or reason.

  33. Truly amazing piece of writing that captured my own feelings so well, so clearly and so passionately. My fist unclenched for a time as I read it.

  34. I am not sure anger is the ONLY solution.

    It seems to me that much of the divide in our country is about not listening, not understanding, not caring for each other. When everyone is shouting at the top of their lungs, can anyone REALLY hear each other?

    Are there ways, as Americans and Christians, to fight hate, oppression, misinformation, hypocrisy, etc. Sure, Jesus flipped tables, but he also showed love, spent time really talking to (not at) people who disagreed with him.

    Engaging with those in our sphere in a respectful way to discuss issues. Raising money, providing care to the poor and struggling. Contacting our representatives and letting them know how we feel. Reading books and trying to understand how things have become this divided.

    I get pissed, too. Every time I see a BS meme or I try and listen to Fox News. But they will know we are Christians by our love, not our strongly worded blog posts. In a world of anger and intractability, wouldn’t the most surprising thing be something totally unexpected?

    • While this is true, you must also remember that the intent of the message is important. We are told to determine if our action serve to build others up or serve as stumbling blocks. Seeing how many are encouraged by this post, I feel that it does serve to build up many and is a good response for an imitator of the Christ.

  35. John, I am so there with you. I have a wonderful son with disabilities. It often rankled when well-intentioned people would exclaim, “I don’t know how you do it!” Inside, I would be thinking, What else am I to do? He is my son and I love him.” A few years ago , I was a guest at my brother’s house when another guest made a disparaging remark about President Obama. To avoid a scene, I simply turned my head away. She noticed, and said for all to hear, “Oh that’s right. I heard Stew’s sister is real political.” I replied that I thought President Obama was a good president, and that was the end of it. Today, I say for all to hear: Too political? What else am I to do? America is my country and I love it. Godspeed, John. You are not alone.

    • Dear Lori. We in the Republican Party and on the Religious Right are so tired of politically correct speech. We are trying to change politically correct speech back to the simple language we once used in this country—a language all Americans plainly understood at one time. I can see that the God-hating liberals have even affected you with their politically correct speech rules. I noticed you said that your son has “disabilities.” We are working for you Lori. We are trying to change it back to what it once was so everyone will be clear when they refer to your son:

      “Your son is a G*dd*mned F*cking Reetard—a Mongoloid Idiot—a Spastic Piece of Crap—A Bundle of Cells That Took a Wrong Left Turn.”

      Now Lori. Isn’t that so much better? Doesn’t that make life so much easier to understand for everyone? This is the Trump Administration, the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Religious Right working for you and your son every day of the week. Hang in there with us Lori because many more corrections of politically correct language are on the way to make your life and the lives of so many other Americans better.

  36. I’m a bad person for not agreeing with your opinion???? I guess that makes you a bad person for not agreeing with mine. But God loves us both even though we are both bad people. Please stop judging people for not agreeing with you. It’s not right.

    • No Larry. You are an abomination before the Lord because you voted for Trump—the abomination of desolation sitting in the place where he should not. That is much worse than just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill sinner like John Pavlovitz. You will recall that gay people are also an abomination before the Lord—and that makes them much worse than just ordinary, run-of-the-mill sinners. Everyone on the Religious right says so. The Bible also says that it is an abomination to sit at a table and eat your food with Gentiles. I sure hope you have not done any of that lately—cuz if you have—yooze got the double-whammy!!!

    • Not all opinions are equal. Sometimes one opinion is good and its opposite is bad. Holding a bad opinion doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person (and John Pavlovitz never called you that), but the opinion remains bad.

  37. I could have written these words myself, although probably not as effectively! Thank you for pulling my thoughts out of my head and putting them in writing to share with others. Keep on keeping on! Your anger is indeed righteous. When enough people wake up to the fact that we are interconnected and need each other and get over their entitled sense of “rugged individualism” we will begin to see progress in our world.

    • Rugged individualism is so misunderstood by God-hating liberals. When your daddy offers you a free $1,000,000 and you go invest it rather than spend it. That is rugged individualism. When daddy calls his old golfing buddy and asks him if he’ll give you your first professional job, even though you flunked out of college and are a lazy twit—well—rugged individualism is when you say, “Yes daddy. Thanks so much. Now let me sleep until noon.”

      Building up a local pest control empire. Rugged individualism. Give me a break. The laughter is killing me!!!!

  38. Thank you for putting all of this into words for me. Thank you thank you! Interestingly, I defined my anger as passion yesterday, and once again I was asked to let it go. I was reminded I couldn’t do anything about it. I said, yes I can. I am making noise, I am making a lot of noise. And I will continue to make noise, calls, donations, posts, and participate in marches.
    Thank you.

  39. These very thoughts have been swirling in my head for some time. I used to post pictures of my dog & my kids. Now I am consumed with anxiety, rage & hopelessness, waiting till the next pressor or his next daily embarrassment (sometimes hourly). Thank you for so eloquently putting into words exactly how I feel! Your words have been my beacon of hope in this awful awful year. Thank you John!

    • Hold on to your hat Tracy. Rumor has it that Trump may be about to give himself the Christmas gift of demanding that the Assistant Director of the FBI fire Robert Mueller—and if he refuses—fire him and the current FBI Director too. I think the salient question has been well stated by God-hating liberal journalists:

      “If Trump has done nothing wrong, what is he so afraid of that he would take extreme actions like this. It has always been said by American conservatives that an innocent man has nothing to fear under the American system of justice.”

  40. Sharing this everywhere. Everyone who is tired of fighting or tired of witnessing the fight needs to read this. Once again, thank you.

  41. As I was taking signs out of the back of my vehicle for the weekly ‘Vigil for Democracy’ protest that some of us are holding in my small town, someone approached and asked if I were ‘from around here’ (yes, I live half a mile away) and ‘why are you protesting.’ I replied ‘Because I still can… and because, well, what else can I do?’ ‘The election was a year ago, why can’t you let it go and give him a chance,’ was the response. No. I can’t give hate a chance. I can’ t just watch all the good that so many have fought for be dismantled and sit passively by. Silence is assent – I can’t be silent

  42. It is very helpful to let everyone know just how angry you are. In fact, I hear that Donald Trump will VETO the tax bill if your Very Outraged Tweet receives 1m RTs! Thank the Lord for online activism!

  43. What you have written here is exactly how I feel right now. It is as if you’ve penned my soul on this page. But we must fight on! For me it’s the Women’s March in January. #resist

  44. Sure we’re angry. But are angry ((enough)) ? We keep doing rallies and going home, but it seems like democracy is dying. Maybe its time we took over the Berlin Wall, with Gandhi/King style nonviolence and just stayed however long it takes? Can the ballot box save us? 40+ years of undermining the electorate’s education; Now control of the message through the end of net neutrality; Endless spending through Citizen’s United; Direct attacks to suppress voting turnout; The way to turn all that around is via constitutional amendments and in most places that means constitutional conventions. How do we pick delegates? According to gerrymandered district lines. So any convention will be padded by the party with the biggest entrenched position through gerrymandering. Can we count on that party to change those rules, which so benefit them? Of course not! So I don’t see a way to effect meaningful change, other than through a nonviolent uprising of sustained noncooperation. If the ballot box can’t save us, what is Plan B? If it involves torching cars and breaking windows or even swearing at police count me out. But I could march on the Salt Works if the masses rise up to do so. Government’s ultimate authority, after all, rests with the people. The guys who wrote the Constitution knew this, even if the current crop of oligarchs has forgotten.

    If you’re slightly less angry now, John, my work here is… well not done, but you know what I mean.

  45. I resist and rant whenever possible, and at least once a day and yell “WHY ISN’T EVERYONE AS MAD AS I AM?! I’m so happy to find I’m not the only one. My current motto: Yeah, yeah, we all hate anger – but this is as good a time for it as any.

  46. The next step after depression is anger. If I stayed depressed, I would be weak and ineffective, so I prefer to be angry. This administration is stealing our rights, our livelihoods, our intentions to be kind and fair, our status as a world leader and the beautiful, physical aspect of our country. I’m mad as hell.

    • DP:

      Anger is a cause of depression & anger wreaks havoc on the body’s biochemistry which leads to ill health, not to mention, broken relationships.

      ‘Compassion & Relationship w/ Him’ was the motivation of all Jesus did. His ‘anger’ lasted but a moment. [Obviously, his anger in the Temple didn’t move & doesn’t move everyone to repent & turn to Him, otherwise this World would be different than it is. ]

      Jesus’ concern is not with this World, he has something far more magnanimous to offer –eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Those that have an ear, listen to Him.

      Meanwhile, Satan enjoys all the accusatory spite.

  47. John, this is going to be a very long fight. It doesn’t mean we don’t care. It doesn’t mean we are hurting over the pain being inflicted on those least able to cope. Yes, I’m getting tired of talking at three members of Congress who don’t hear a word I say. But, I’m trying to pace myself for the long haul. John, take care of yourself. There is always going to be a crisis brewing until we overturn this President and Congress. Take some rest when you can.

  48. John,
    I enthusiastically agree with you! The fear I have is that the more I (we) implore others to care AND participate, the more they will shy away. It is incomprehensible and disgusting to me that so many continue to listen to, follow, and defend trump. I too am angry, tired, anxious, and exhausted. I will continue to fight and demand that others get involved. I will spend every extra moment going door to door in Grand Rapids registering people to vote (providing forms, pens, pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes). As exhausted as we are, we will continue to stay informed, stay involved, and keep fighting. Keep up the great work! We appreciate you and all you do!

  49. Thank you for your care and commitment and passion and your voice. Please know you’re not alone and at least some of us are trying to fight as you are. Some days it feels much more like jousting with windmills. But as a sympathetic minister once said to my mom as she tried to make needed systemic changes to the Christian Ed program, “Consider yourself in good company. You know the prophets were frequently stoned for their message.”

  50. John, might you be struggling with your orientation? Many gay men struggle with anger issues. Do you need to be more transparent about your orientation? It is a thought!


  51. John,
    I feel exactly the same way. I post, I yell, I volunteer, I march, and yes, I swear like a sailor at what is happening to our country, our institutions, our health and well being. I’ve told myself a hundred to to just stop and give yourself some relief. I can’t. We are at the most horiffic crossroads our country may have ever known; an attack from within. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your insight. The struggle continues and we mst fight on. Unfortunately, a fight, literally, it what it may come down to. If I have to die to perserve our institutions and our constitution, then so be it. I will try the honorable approach first, but the opposition hseems to have no semblance of honor. Please continue your good work and wish us alla safe passage. Peace my friend…

  52. I am really thankful for you, John. I, too, have been feeling the same, especially when dealing with my fellow Christians. Of my 191 Facebook friends, I can count the responses I get on the articles I post on one hand. I had to switch to Twitter to find that there are others out there as horrified by what is happening as I am. I started following intelligent investigative reporters and news outlets, as well as like-minded individuals willing to speak out, strategize and organize to try to make a difference. It is through all of their posts and reports I am gaining hope and direction. Please keep posting; your lone voice is like fresh, clean air.
    Cheri Patton

  53. i didn’t see the box to check for follow-up comments to come to my email when I posted moments ago, so I am amending my previous comment to add it. Thanks,
    Cheri Patton

  54. People may not engage with your posts, but that doesn’t mean they are not active. Also, some people who do not engage with your (much needed) posts might be those losing the battle and suffering from a type of PTSD, not among the privileged. The struggle is real, Facebook is an illusion.

  55. This sums up exactly how I feel. Thank you for saying it in such a kind way. The problem I am facing is an An Ugly Angry group of mostly white men. How can I meet them head on and stand up to their abuse of power and be lovely at the same time? This is quite the dilemma…

  56. Amen x a billion. The privilege is staggering. I guess I’m grateful to see that now, but DAMN. I’ve struggled all year to stop being angry with God, too, to no avail.

  57. I appreciate your voice and look forward to your posts which help me feel less alone in my deep distress. I struggle to change the things I can and accept what I cannot; however, the wisdom to know the difference eludes me. Your posts help me discern the difference. Thank you.

  58. Perfect!
    I’m borrowing this (will credit you for it) to post when I’m accused of “being angry” — which happens frequently these days.

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  60. I think John needs to take a break from his rantings and his fighting, quit being so superior to the people he claims to love and find some love in his heart somewhere. He needs to take care of himself. Why is he so eager to say that he hurts more than someone else, that he’s fighting harder than someone else, that other people are just going along with their life and ignoring what’s going on in the world. I for one, don’t believe that’s true at all. There are millions of fighters in this country pushing against Trump and doing it the best way they can. Just because he doesn’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

  61. Hum. I know this person ( figuratively) and because I see it first hand I can only say, if this person is unable to Center because he/she can’t stomach their own happiness in light of the world’s injustices, they might want to take their friends concerns more to heart. If he /she is unable to cope with some of life’s common problems, can’t accept that they can’t change everything, that they can’t save everyone, not everyone gets it and seemingly lacks the ability to cope with what they do have the power to influence, in light of what they may not and is unable to discern the difference, they might want to take their friend’s concern more to heart.
    It’s similar to the first rule of care giving. You must first take care of yourself so that you can effectively take care of others.

  62. John, I am an American who lives overseas. I send emails constantly. my Republican rep doesn’t care what I have to say but I still bombard him with emails. Now he has an opponent in 2018. I will donate. There is hope. A hope in the darkness.

  63. I’m here for Every. Single. Word. Of. This. Thank you. I’m angry too and I’m glad to know that we are sharing that load. Not enough of us are.

  64. Dear John,
    I have started reading Bigger Table, you’ve put into words so much of what I have been feeling and have suspected for a long time. Keep up the great work many of us are starting to listen.

  65. I wish I had the words to say the things you say John! I feel like you are our Chanukkah miracle…. Our Judah Macabee to the horrible evil trump. Your writing transcends religion and speaks to light and goodness. The anger is palpable BECAUSE it is driven by love – you are so right!!!

  66. In church today, my conservative unMethodist pastor wandered through the book of Matthew trying to prove that if we don’t believe in the literal Virgin Birth we aren’t Christians, and somehow my hand pushed the pages of my Bible back a couple of chapters to Zephaniah 3:1-4 “Doom, obstinate one, the defiled one, the violent city. She listened to no voice; she accepted no discipline. She didn’t trust in the Lord, nor did she draw near to her God. The princes in her midst are roaring lions. Her judges are wolves of the evening; they leave nothing for the morning. Her prophets are reckless, men of treachery. Her priests pollute that which is holy; they do violence to the Instruction.” (CEB) You are not alone in your anger. The anger of the Prophets who call for repentance and proclaim the justice of our God is in your voice. But do take care of yourself. God loves you.

  67. I started jumping up and down and screaming in July 2016, when I started to put 2+2 together about the Russians. Everyone studiously ignored me. The election happened, and I increased the volume, “SEE, I TOLD YOU THE RUSSIANS WERE STEALING OUR ELECTION!” No response. Weeks of tortured analysis and fingerpointing–it’s Hillary’s fault, no, it’s Bernie’s fault, and why didn’t more people come out and vote? And, don’t you think maybe you should take a little break from all this politics, we’re a little worried about how you seem kind of overwrought? NO, DAMMIT, THE RUSSIANS HAVE OVERTHROWN THE GOVERNMENT, AND THE FATE OF THE FREE WORLD IS AT STAKE!!!
    Don’t give up, keep on working, posting, prodding, inciting. We need you, and the righteous anger, to cleanse the temple of our democracy of the corrupt moneychangers. “I am that gadfly which God has attached to the state, and all day long and in all places am always fastening upon you, arousing and persuading and reproaching you. You will not easily find another like me, and therefore I would advise you to spare me.” Socrates
    I’m with you, John Pavlovitz!

  68. Oh sir, you are SO not alone!! I haven’t had a decent stomach for a year. Every night I lay my head down and pray AGAIN for this nightmare to end. I argue my “friends” to death, I scream at every new toddleresque thing this government does in comment and call. I support candidates that get it. I’ve never been so disappointed in American intelligence in my life. I thought it was there all along but I know now that it’s a rare occurrence to see an average person on the street that has even a rudimentary understanding of how this government works and just how vulnerable it is to collapse. They know NO history nor do they want to. College students don’t know who won the Civil War or where it was fought. Global exposure to other cultures was supposed to bring us together. Instead it has shaken everyone’s Mayberry fantasy and they can’t handle it. Schools and churches simply have to start over. We can’t change a closed mind but we can teach a new generation what should have been taught before, kindness, generosity, acceptance of those different from you. Teach them what happens when walls are built, when groups are targeted, the results of complacency. Teach them to be the change they want.

  69. Thank you John for articulating what has been racing through my mind. I am Canadian and concerned about what is happening in the US and the building up of extreme right wing thinking in other parts of the world as well. It is also spilling into Canada. Keep up the vigilance. You are not alone.

  70. I have dealt with many forms of anger including the one of which you articulated.

    You have made some noteworthy expressions.

    With all due respect I must share some of my opinions concerning what you and many respondents wrote.

    First may I say what you write is pellucid. Most of the respondents agree with your particular anger. I fully get it. Some bring god and or jesus into the mix. This I find ridiculous . But that’s me. I get that too. That is a topic, perhaps, for another time?

    Anger is personal very personal. It is like peeling an onion. I don’t think any of us have exactly the same anger as another. We all have it. Some forms are good and can result in positive change as you point out. Others can emotionally eat you up. You know, like the work it takes to be angry. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” But with a goal such as you have in sight the chances of that happening to you are minimal.

    Now let me say you can neither tell people what to do nor not what to do. Well, maybe you can and did in your post. But you can’t! That would like being told by your opposition that you should think and act like them and consequently agreeing with them. See my point?

    As far as I am concerned the best way, for me, to explain or teach people of my preference is teaching by example. There are many ways to do this.

    I am glad people carry placards and march for just causes. I do not participate in such actions. My reason for not doing the marching thing is that I don’t wear my politics (or anything else) on my sleeve. No signs, no bumper stickers, no pins and no editorials, these are not for me. I am much too private for that. While you may think this to be inverted I am in your camp. I think we need people like you and me as well as others with their own idiosyncratic approach. Lockstep is for “them” and hopefully the cause of their demise.

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  72. Dear John,
    I for one am not I’m tired of you.
    I am not sick of the fight.
    I am sick of the sound of your voice.
    I’d much rather you keep doing this.
    I’d also much rather that you enjoy life.
    You CAN do both.
    Take it from someone who has been involved in activism in many ways for decades.

    My activism has evolved over the decades from struggling in the streets to under the table subversion, grass roots work, policy-monitoring and advocacy. I have seen good friends, good people, burn out, drop out, nod out, or check out. There’s WAY too much work for me to take any of those roads. So I persist. And that means I HAVE to take responsibility for doing what it takes to persist, and for avoiding what doing what will take me down one of those roads.
    And that means enjoying my life. You see, I only have the one.
    So, I have come to understand that the most important word in an activist’s vocabulary is the word, “no.”
    No, as in, “No, I will not take up more work on top of what I am already doing. Yes, your cause is both just and important. And I am only one person, and I am already stretched. Yes, I agree that I am much better at organizing, writing, networking than you are. I wasn’t always. I had to learn. So, I learned. And now it is your turn.”
    See, John, that is how we keep up the fight without buckling under the strain. We teach those who want to be activists and we let THEM do the work. We watch them struggle, and we resist the (very strong) temptation to jump in and do it for them. After all, we made our own mistakes.
    When I had to struggle to let go, I realized how much ego I had in the struggle. Not good for the struggle, not good for me. Not good for the people I love.
    Here I was railing against the heartlessness of “the man,” while being too busy for people who I loved. When you look too long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you. I couldn’t keep doing that. So, I had to change.
    By all means, keep the struggle going, my friend. But when you find that you are burning out, angry, tired all/most of the time, that’s a sign that you are not fighting effectively. You need better tactics.
    You need kung-fu, judo, aikido, not fisticuffs.
    Make no mistake, I WANT you to keep fighting. But at the risk of sounding like a bad corporate motivational poster, I want to encourage you to fight smarter, not harder.
    You cannot, CANNOT, solve all the world’s problems. Pick your fights, and focus. One successful movement has a ripple effect, both practically and motivationally. There are others who want what you want. Find them, teach them. But if what they see from your example is that to be an activist you must drain your life of all that makes it worth living, the good people will drift away, and you’ll only be heard by the fanatics. I don’t care what side they’re on, fanatics are the ruination of ANY movement.
    By all means, stay angry. Anger is what has lead to every significant social change in history. But recognize the difference between the raging conflagration and the steadily enduring passion. The former flares brightly and hotly, but is not sustainable. It’s not stronger, it’s only costlier, inefficient. Did you see the first Avengers movie John? His friends want to know Bruce banner’s secret for keeping the Hulk under control. Later in the movie when they tell him, it’s time to get angry, he smiles and says, “That’s my secret; I’m ALWAYS angry.” Then he turns green and kicks some alien ass. I liked that because I identified with it. Too many people fear that if they have peace in their lives, if they enjoy their lives, and are present with the people they love they’ll lose their anger, their fire, their effectiveness.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. When you can immerse yourself in that which makes life worth living, you have something worth fighting for. You can’t ever believe that you’ll enjoy that when the fight is over. You MUST enjoy it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    So, I hope you find a way to stop being sick of yourself, the fight, your voice. I hope you’ll find a way to understand that giving yourself a break does not equal giving up. And no matter how hard you are working, you must give yourself a break every day, and enjoy your life, and relish the privilege that lets you do so. Not exploit, but appreciate that privilege. Our privilege means we are closer to the centres of power than others. We can only use that privilege to their advantage if we haven’t abdicated our responsibility to do what allows us to persist. And persist we must.
    You see, I think you and the people you love are worth it. I think people I’ll never meet are worth it. And that is why I will NEVER let this work burn me out. Because then the evil bastards win.
    Wishing you peace and healing as the sun renews and our calendar flips a page.
    All power to the people.

    • Ufrick ~ I found your reply incredibly helpful!! I know you were replying to John but as a “fledgling” activist myself I find my focus too often scattered (as EVERY cause seems so important) so that at times I feel spread too thin & ineffective. I feel ‘marches’ & speaking out are important but there has to be a more effective way to enact change, Any suggestions?? 🙂 Reading material?? Thank you to you and all who keep fight on.

  73. Hello. I have just discovered your writings by way of this post. It has resonated deep in me and has given me a sense of relief. I have been frozen in fear, anger and grief for several years now due to the horrors of our political landscape. I am British and an artist but have been unable to be creative for some time now. My middle class family and colleagues patronise me and tell me that I worry too much and that I can’t change anything whilst they check each day how much their home has increased in market value whilst I fret. I can now show them this and prove to the men that I am a sane person and that they should reconsider their goals.

  74. To my Christian Brethren- The trump folks are pharisees plain and simple. Jesus Christ fought against the Pharisees and called them out. We need to do the same. There are way too many christians espousing hate right now. The righteous folks in Alabama who were going to vote Roy Moore- they are Pharisees. The evangelicals who voted Trump- they are Pharisees. These jerks who say that Jesus was a business man who was concerned with profits- are Pharisees.
    Jesus is LOVE- Full stop. So you can love God and Jesus or support Trump, BUT NOT BOTH> Trump is evil- God is love- your choice!

  75. Wow
    All that hurt , anger, wrong priorities and YOU still dont call upon the one who can save your soul.
    the one and only who can really give peace in the midst of the storm and lasting Hope
    Better to cry out with nothing , have nothing , live with out anything than to die with out Jesus Christ and a restored relationship
    Peace only comes thru giving up your right to control, manipulate, cooorse other s , and trust, believe, follow Jesus Christ as you one and only savior.
    YOU and all rebels around and with you will perish
    For what?
    For who :
    Eternity or pleasure of the moment
    Rememeber You make your own bed and decisions you make determing the lasting effect .
    Sowing and Reaping
    no exceptions
    God has said to the forth generation
    He is not a liar , He God is Truth , lasting Truth

  76. Gods Holy Word is Correct in stating that :
    Christians, True believers in Jesus Christ are to Be Angry at Sin: Love People , Hate Sin
    Clearly states : Sin NOT
    Change , Turn Around, Do what is in accordance with Scripture
    follow Truth, Not man
    Not the Religeon of the day
    Dont Lust , LOVE one another with truth, standards, self control, meekness, humility , serving one another for the Gospel
    Not MONEY
    NOT exposure
    NOT love ,and acceptance of others
    But in odedience to God, the Father , who was born to be the sin atonement for Sin.
    ONLY to those who would cry out and accept him as the only way, only one, only gift who can take away sin. past, guilt, shame, all that holds you back .
    Gods Love , Jesus Christ

  77. We’ve got to change the way we communicate – we can’t just be angry, and express that. We can no longer just criticize, or deride, and that’s it. We’ve got to rediscover communication. Both with people on “our side” of the political debate – but with others on the “other side” of the political debate. Refuse to give into animosity / rivalry / retribution / animosity / apathy. So, people are tired of seeing you angry all the time? People are tired of others trying to “scare” them into caring? Clear your mind of negativity – get to the root of what you’re trying to express. So the “other side” is tired of us grouping them all together as bigots, racists, etc.? Try a different approach. Read up on the psychology behind the memes / propaganda being passed around. Discontinue communicating like that. When you see others still using memes/propaganda, break it down for them in words THEY can understand. Anger and fear are never effective means for positive ends – perhaps the feelings of negativity are compounded by feelings of being ineffective? And now we see how we make things worse. Want to make a difference? TRY A DIFFERENT APPROACH.

    • Anger is the emotion that tells us we have something that we need to attend to. That something we need to attend to is alerting the world to the modern day EVIL that goes by the names “Christian fundamentalist” and Conservative Evangelical—so people can avoid them—-and come unfettered and without fear to the authentic Jesus Christ of the New Testament.

      Nuff Said.

  78. Anger is a natural response to injustice. It is fuel for action to stand against injustice and to speak one’s truth. POTUS has removed heating subsides for the poor midwestern families who count on those to keep warm in the bitter cold of the midwest. Millions of dollars has been removed from healthcare for the disadvantaged. Funding for meal on wheels has been cut out. The tax breaks are only temporary and in a few years middle class people and the disadvantaged will be paying more in taxes while corporations tax cuts are permanent at the cost of more than a trillion dollars in deficit which again will follow on the middle class to pay and on cuts to services to continue tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. Students who had debt repayment breaks by no or low interest rates have had those breaks removed and they will be burdened by debt for decades so they will not be able to afford to buy a home, and their children will grow up in an impoverished situation. Harm is being done to the environment from the removal of EPA safeguards and restrictions on pollutants in the soil and water. Meanwhile, POTUS is in a conflict of interest daily by making money hand over fist by having his “office” at Maro Lago, and requiring foreign dignitaries and their security to pay him to stay there. He was supposed to divest himself of his business interests, but his sons have them all and he can cash funds out at any time. On top of this, he uses foul and demeaning language towards citizens and countries of colour. All of this issues are clearly ones to take a stand against and if anger fuels that and motivates that then that is good.

  79. John,
    I don’t know if you read the comments on your page or not (if I had a blog I’m not sure I would ~ they go down some pretty crazy rabbit holes!) but in case you do I’d like you to know you are not a lone voice in the wilderness. There is a momentum building (slowly to be sure) but I feel there are a growing number of voices speaking up. I am still hopeful that the volume will continue to grow to drown out the evil, the ignorant & the greedy. Please don’t despair. And keep shouting out ~ there are many more voices that are in unison with you!!

    • I agree and I also have your back. You have the courage to call out in a public forum the insidiousness of hypocrisy. I remember that Jesus did the same with the Pharisees and John the Baptist did the same with the general population. Will it bring about a change of heart? That is up to the free will conscience of each individual and is not motive for what is or is not said. A voice calling out in the wilderness of what is going on in America, yes you are that.

    • John, I only recently “found” your words of wisdom. You cannot imagine how much you have helped me in surviving this horrible nightmare we are living through. I’m 71 years old and, although born after WW II, have many recollections about what my parents lived through during the war. I feel we are headed in the same direction as the world was in the 1930s when Hitler began the horrific deeds of the Nazi. Trump is following the same path and Evangelicals here seem completely brainwashed! I pray every day for our country and our democracy. It’s very existence is being severely threatened. So, Yes, I am VERY angry! We need millions more to be angry. Maybe our anger will spread and cause others to do something – anything – to save this country. I have called, emailed, and written my congressman and senators until I could scream! My anger is all that keeps me continuing to speak out! Like you, sometimes I am totally exhausted and discouraged. My faith tells me that God helps those who help themselves. I try to live by that in choosing to help, in some small way, to save our democracy. Please keep inspiring us all! We need you to see us through this! Thank you for all your writings!

  80. I don’t get you people. Seems like when in doubt, spout out some God-talk. The essay was about anger…. And needing to express it. Needing others to express it as well. To help each other get through the hard times by communicating, not remaining silent. It’s too damn easy to stay silent & let another feel alone. You need people to respond, not some unseen man with a beard sitting on a cloud… Stop staring at your phone, look up and connect with somebody! Serious times call for serious measures. Speak up or listen. Then speak up! Just don’t be mean. There are plenty enough of those types, so please don’t become another one. Bye4Now……

  81. What this president has given us is a reminder that we the people get the government that we choose. To choose wisely, we have to participate by voting, by educating ourselves on the issues, and even by participating in elections. The gift of this current set of political actors is the wake up call that we the people have been asleep. We are waking up now. The true legacy will be accountability in the polls and changes to government at all levels. We let this happen. The good news is that we can change it too. Vote. Donate. Run for Office.

  82. Hi John,

    I’ve been angry for a year. Since my 33-year-old son, Mark Baumer, was killed. He was a poet/activist, who was walking across America, raising awareness about climate change and raising funds for an activist group he was a member of. Just Google “Mark Baumer poet” for the story. He was hit and killed by a woman driving an SUV. He was walking in the paved breakdown lane, against traffic, wearing a fluorescent vest. The driver left her lane and hit him in the middle of the shoulder.

    While walking through the Bible Belt, he regularly had Xians stop and offer him shoes (he was walking barefoot), or food he didn’t eat (he was a plant-based vegan). They thought he was homeless. He wasn’t. He was a graduate of an Ivy League college. I’m guessing the people who don’t get your anger have stopped reading at this point.

    I’m angry because of all the people who felt it was their right to “inflict” their prayers on me and Mark’s mom. Because they’re so insensitive to two people who’ve had their world turned upside down due to the death of our son, a death that has no meaning, whatsoever. No amount of faux religiosity, or empty words from God people will ever change that. What might actually help, Sunday-only religious types are incapable of delivering. These people love Trump, however.

    If you read some comments on YouTube, for the last two videos Mark posted on Day 99 and Day 100 of his walk, many of the commenters blame him for his own death, and some are pretty f*cking cruel. Like the cruelty that motivates a voter to inflict a tin-pot dictator posing as president on the rest of us. There were 62 million of those, so not an insignificant number.

    Some person who never met Mark, a different type of Xian, showed up on my Facebook page, and offered a message of simple compassion and Christ-like empathy. It was this person who linked me to your writing and work. I’m impressed. This from someone who “washed out” of Bible College 30 years ago because the pastor, Jack Hyles, was a major league fraud. So have almost every other God person I’ve met ever since.

    Tragedy and the associated grief my wife and I will always be forced to soldier through changes you. You no longer have the capacity for the usual BS and genuine social pathology of most of the people who inhabit the planet, at least this sector of it (the U.S.) you are forced to share.

    Keep on lifting up a standard of what people should be like if they must name the name of Jesus.

    I will continue telling others about you and your message. Mark would have been intrigued by a pastor who actually modeled the message of Jesus. Because while Mark didn’t consider himself a Xian, he lived a life of love and compassion towards others that was Christ-like.

    Hope I’ve been able to make my point, but I’m guessing that people simply hear what they want to hear. I know you know that better than anyone, John.

    -Jim Baumer

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