Good People Don’t Defend A Bad Man

At times in this life it can be a challenge to figure out who the bad people are, but sometimes they help you.

Sometimes they do the work for you.

Sometimes with their every vulgar, bitter word from their mouth, they testify to their personal malignancy and they make it easy to identify them.

Generally speaking, there are things that good people do and things good people don’t do.

Good people don’t refer to entire countries as “shitholes”—most notably countries that have given birth to our very humanity; ones that for hundreds of years have been colonized and poached and mined of their riches by powerful white men; countries whose people have been enslaved and sold and forced to come and build your country. 

Good people by any measurement we might use—simply don’t say such things.

Of course good people also don’t say they could grab women by the genitalia, either.
They don’t defend racists and nazis and call them “fine people,” days after murdering a young girl and terrorizing an American city.
They don’t brag about their penis size during debates, or suggest protestors at campaign rallies should be roughed up, or crack jokes about captured war heroes, or make fun of the physically disabled.
They don’t.

Good people don’t tweet anti-Muslim rhetoric in the moments immediately following a bombing in order to bolster a position.
They don’t leave American territories filled with brown skinned people without power for months upon months, after publicly ridiculing their public servants and questioning their people’s resolve.
They don’t erase protections for the water and the air, for the elderly, the terminally ill, the LGBTQ.
They don’t take away healthcare from the sick and the poor without an alternative.
They don’t gouge the working poor and shelter the wealthy.
They don’t abuse their unrivaled platform to Twitter-bait world leaders and to taunt private citizens.

Good people don’t prey upon the vulnerable, they don’t leverage their power to bully dissenters, and they don’t campaign for sexual predators.

But this President is not a good human being, and there’s simply no way around this truth.

He is the ugliest personification of the Ugly American, which is why, as long as he is here and as long as he represents this nation, we will be a fractured mess and a global embarrassment. He will be the ever lowering bar of our legacy in the world.

And what is painfully obvious in these moments, isn’t simply that the person alleging to lead this country is a terrible human being—it is that anyone left still defending him, applauding him, justifying him, amening him, probably is too.

At this point, the only reason left to support this President, is that he reflects your hateful heart; he shares your contempt of people of color, your hostility toward outsiders, your ignorant bigotry, your feeling of supremacy.

A white President calling countries filled with people of color shitholes, is so far beyond the pale, so beneath decency, and so blatantly racist that it shouldn’t merit conversation. It should be universally condemned. Humanity should be in agreement in abhorring it.

And yet today (like so many other seemingly rock bottom days in the past twelve months) they will be out there: white people claiming to be good people and Christian people, who will make excuses for him or debate his motives or diminish the damage.

They will dig their heels in to explain away or to defend, what at the end of the day is simply a bad human being saying the things that bad human beings say because their hearts harbor very bad things.

No, good people don’t call countries filled with beautiful, creative, loving men and women shitholes.

And good people don’t defend people who do.

You’re going to have to make a choice here.


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834 thoughts on “Good People Don’t Defend A Bad Man

      • What do the Clintons, or anyone else, have to do with this? Why do Trump’s supporters always deflect back to a Clinton or President Obama when you’re trying to justify whatever heinous thing he’s done or said THIS time? Is it because you know you can’t defend it or him on anything approaching legitimacy? The good news is there’s still some decency in you if you can recognize this, even if it’s on a level so deep you can’t consciously acknowledge it. Please actively strive to see the truth before You lose it completely.

        • It is the hypocrisy behind it. Yes Trump is a bad man but those who stand on a platform preaching how bad it is to support this bad man know full well they supported someone shady just 12 months ago is by definition a hypocrite. She is bad for other reasons but bad none the less. Just one example…she is on record victim shaming “everyone” who accused her husband of rape or sexual misconduct and yet no one wants to talk about this. ewwwww

          • Is supporting a platform that advocates for the murder of over half a million unborn children each year what a “good person” should do? Hypocrite.

            • I would think the ” least of these ” would be unborn children. Our Savior at one time was a “fetus” in his Mother’s womb. Where would we be if he had been murdered at that stage of life? We would have no hope.

              • all due respect, and I do respect the unborn, but this had to play out. Abortion is always the trump card for republicans to get the vote that puts them over the top. After that its very seldom brought up. Would you abandon a child after you brought it lnto this world?

              • There would be no phony “Christians;” no Evangelicals; no Christian Wars; no Crusades; no Spanish Inquisition; no rules made by man, based on a, highly questionable, book written aeons ago; no one forcing their religious beliefs down our throats; more than likely, no religions that followed, or preceded Christianity. It would be a better world all around. HEAVEN!

              • IF that was the case, then God is an idiot, because why would he pick someone who would abort the savior? Unless you’re saying that mere pregnant woman has more power than your precious God?

                And if you believe that it was because abortion wasn’t invented then? Bull. Women have had ways since the beginning of time to cause miscarriages. The problem is how safe were the methods for the mother. Those who claim to be prolife (in reality, you’re not prolife, you’re profetus and stop pretending otherwise) know this. What you are really saying is, “Go ahead and get an abortion, we just want it to kill you, too.”

              • Abortion was commonplace in the Middle East 2,000 years ago, yet Jesus never said a single word about it. The books of the Old Testament are of one accord: The soul enters the body with the first breath. Not a minute before. There is no biblical basis for “birtherism” or claiming that abortion takes a human life. Believe differently, if you choose to, but don’t blame it on the Bible.
                Now, may we get back to THIS article?

            • There is no point in ever bringing up abortion unless you’re personally involved. Those who believe in the right to choose will continue to do so and those that disagree with it will do so. There is no point bringing the debate up, especially in a discussion that is not about abortion.

              • It’s the ACTIONS, beliefs, the policies, of a person that qualify them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ people. Those who enjoy quoting their bibles all the time, must know that their religion reduces everything to “Good” and “Evil,” so, there is precedent for this argument. In this NeoCon world of Evangelicals, and other Christians, who don’t practice what their bibles preach, (only want others to practice what THEY cherry-pick from their bibles for them), in my opinion, qualify as bad people, because they are defending a person, who has done SO many bad things, yet isn’t contrite; who never asks for forgiveness; or never, even, apologizes to anybody, for anything, EVER. Defending those behaviors, and supporting THAT type of person, is so wrong, in my book! And in your Book!

              • Agreed, if we could only stay focused on the subject. Always, always people turn to what they hate (Obama, Clinton’s, abortion, etc.). We can’t continue to live with all this hate. I’m sure Putin is loving it when he sees how divided we the people are. We can’t let him win!

            • Well put. Thank you. The definition of “Good people” is very one-sided here. The author’s entire diatribe is fatally flawed in that he uses simplification and bias to reduce a human being to a “bad person,” both the president and his followers. That’s not what a “good person” does, as I see it.

              • Yes, the article is objectively biased. But then again, everything ever written has some form of bias or another.

                In fact, you used the term “diatribe” in your comment. Diatribe means “a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.” This is clearly a word that conveys a sense of bias — of being “one-sided”; yet it still doesn’t inherently detract from your core argument, it simply reveals your attitude toward your subject matter. Similarly, the author’s arguments do not fall apart by using a “good or bad” approach. Because as human beings, we by default only have one single viewpoint.

                Nevertheless, I think the more useful way to look at the author’s message would be to simply ask the question, is our democratically elected president a “good person”? Now, regardless of the answer, should we accept anything less than a “good person” in a president?

                More of a philosophical question, really, but that’s what I got out the article.

            • If they’re not born yet, they’re not children. They’re fetuses that cannot sustain themselves outside of the womb. This idea that conservatives, and mostly male conservatives, want to legislate MY body when (speaking of hypocrisy) they are supposedly the party of hands-off government really takes the cake.

            • An unwanted pregnancy is UNWANTED. Why is this terribly hard to understand? Republicans want to ban abortion and birth control in order to once again relegate women to being chained to the stove, awash in a never-ending sea of kids until her body simply cannot produce any more. Republicans are only concerned with controlling women, but don’t give a toss for the child once it’s born. Thank you, but no thank you.

              • OH My!

                I am pro life.
                If mom wants to ‘abort’, ‘get rid of’ to offer choices in the care of her child and she’ll never have to see this little person again.

                She wont have to be tied to a stove.

                The child perhaps cloud be adopted to a couple who would love and care.

                I personnaly know of families who had to
                Go overseas to adopt.

                I know petsonnally of a woman taking in foster babies to make ready for

                Keep an open mind.

                My point .. a woman has a choice. In some cases of abuse, etcm

                • So part of the issue with the “just put the kids up for adoption” argument is that our foster system is already way over crowded and we have too many kids living in group homes or on the streets. Most kids put up for adoption never get adopted.

            • Supporting MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT 14th Amendment my body is mine, not yours. And anything inside my body is mine not yours. You keep your murdering guns and bombs, and take away food from the elderly and call yourself pro-life take a seat. I AM A PATRIOT AND THIS IS MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

            • The children and adults that are alive now matter more than some fetus. President Trump is harming the children and adults that are alive now. Heck he even has instituted policies that harm fetuses by lowering the amount of money available for pre-natal care.

              If you really cared about fetuses you would support Universal Health Care that fully covered every aspect of pre-natal care.

            • The Democratic Party platform does not advocate for the murder of children. It advocates for the mother’s right to decide what happens to her own body, which was also decided to be legal by the supreme court. No Democrat want’s people to get abortions and they try to provide other options, but ultimately leave the decision to the woman, her family, and her religious beliefs.

          • Why don’t you address Trump’s actions and leave everybody else out of it. HRC is not the POTUS, nevermind what she’s doing now or did before.

          • You are assuming everyone who can see what a train wreck Trump is was a Hillary supporter. You would be incredibly wrong about this supposition.

              • Wow. Thats’s false, and stupid, and reductive and misleading, and glib– all in like 9 words. Butthurt much that your corporate schills lost the election because she’s so cold and corrupt? Lol.

            • Thank you!!! Someone finally said it. I was NOT a Hillary supporter but anytime you say anything about this guy the deflect of her is thrown in our faces. This man is not a good human being and these so called Christians that back him are just as bad if not worse.

          • We talked about it ad nauseum and he was impeached. Trump is an evil, ugly soul. Period. He is a narcissist who loves money and women and doesn’t care who he hurts to get both those things. I’m 60 years old. I’ve lived through many presidencies and I know what I know. Yes, politics is a dirty, ugly game, but Donald Trump is a dirty, ugly human being. I see it, I hear it, I know it. His behavior makes it abundantly clear who he is because he is a bad tree.
            Matthew 7:18 – Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
            You need to truly reflect. Jesus hated religious hypocrisy and that is what many evangelicals are guilty of today in their defense and support of Donald Trump.

          • I never defend his awful actions but I certainly come across people who have defended Hillary’s racist, homophobic, sexist comments but they’re good people? Just curious? PS i shared a video of these comments coming straight out of her mouth and received hundreds of defensive comments at the time. I don’t defend bad people I just expect consistency and true morality (not political “morality”). 😉

            • I think a lot of people get mad because when you compare the two people she is at least stable and can speak well and is mild mannered. So it feels nicer. It’s just human nature. He’s very rough and very easy to hate because he is so vulgar

          • Can you spell W R O N G.
            Not that Hillary isn’t a sleaze ball but your assumption of only two candidates and your willingness to, yet again, pick the lesser evil.
            Many other candidates were on the ballot and 1 was on every ballot.

          • And she is not our president, nor has she ever been. An important distinction. Don’t assume just because someone doesn’t support Trump that they supported her. There were other candidates unless you weren’t paying attention and missed it.

          • Trump is vile.
            Clinton was an idiot.
            Why would anyone assume that because I know trump is a bad person, that I supported Bill Clinton.

          • That’s because she isn’t the one in power right now. President Trump is. While I certainly agree that the Clintons are shady af and I see your point, THEY ARE NOT IN POWER. Right now we need to be talking about what President Trump and his administration is doing and holding them accountable because THEY ARE THE ONES IN POWER.

            Does that clear it up for you? I tried to type slowly and use small words. Hope that helps.

          • She’s not our president. She is not representing us. She’s part of the past as are so many others who have behaved poorly. Let the conversation be about the present. Please someone tell me something positive about Trump. Really, I just want to know what he is doing well or what people think he is doing well. I never hear talk of positive things he does, even on Fox News where the focus is on him, but it is always about defending. If they think he is so great, let’s hear what it is that is so outstanding. I want to hear things that are good for all
            Americans, not things that benefit the wealthy and anyone who is straight, white or male.

            Homestly, I want to understand why he is good for America and all of our citizens.

          • Excuse me Steven, but why are you assuming that everyone against Trump supported Clinton? I did not vote for either one, but I wanted to exercise my right to vote, so I voted for a random person, just so I wouldn’t have to choose between two people I did not want.

        • “Why do Trump’s supporters always deflect back to a Clinton or President Obama when you’re trying to justify whatever heinous thing he’s done or said THIS time? Is it because you know you can’t defend it or him on anything approaching legitimacy? ”

          Yes, of course: you’ve got the perfect answer to your own question. Trump backers behave like children in elementary school. “What you did is very, very naughty!” says teacher “- well Joe there he did far worse and you said nuthin’!” answers brat.

          The intellectual level of the Trump-defence is appalling, like all the rest about Trump.

          • I don’t concede he’s a “bad man” but even if I did, it is very relevant that Clinton is a “bad woman,” since we only could choose between two bad people, and if your gal had won, you’d be defending her and calling her badness good.

            • Sir, you remark is, in my opinion, nothing more and nothing less than an example of false equivalency. Hillary Clinton, (who I did not support or vote for), is just a for sale politician who had to many close ties to major Wall Street banks. Nothing extraordinary about that in the current coin operated Congress. Donald J. Trump, however, is an entirely different case. ‘Bad Man’ does not even begin to describe this depraved individual. He was, is and will always remain a liar, thief, con man, sexual predator, serial adulterer, a racist and quite plausibly may be a traitor. Aided by the far right propaganda machine and the Russian Intelligence Service he managed to sell a bag of magic beans to you and those like you and eke out a electoral college win. He wasn’t ‘elected’, he was declared the winner. And now? Now he, his clan of grifters and a Cabinet jam packed with some of the most amoral people alive today are stealing all of us blind.
              From what I can tell, most of the people here worship the idea of a higher power and that we humans can aspire to be better people. You, and those like you who still support this heinous individual clearly worship wealth and power. ‘Deplorable’ is probably the nicest word I can think of to describe you.

              • I’m with you Terry. See my comment just below yours. Trump is creating a Kleptocracy… just like his Buddy Putin has. Although… I also was worried about Hillary’s relationship to the banks (having gone to D.C. in October 2011 to spend a week on Freedom Square protesting against Obama’s failure to go after the banks), but bottom line… she cares about the little guy, the kids, and our Democracy. All of those scandals were soooo Bogus! I’ve sat on committees with and watched her for years. My daughters were furious with me for not supporting her against Bernie, but I certainly supported heer after she won the primary.

            • “since we only could choose between two bad people”

              Patently false. And choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. Be ashamed.

            • OMG… Larry. You know Hillary Clinton? No? Yes? Well I do and I want you to know that she is one of the good people in this world. She has dedicated her life to public service. She has made a HUGE difference in the lives of many, many children and of tons of women. Does she make mistakes? Of course, she is human. But you know what… when she realizes it, she apologizes it and tries to do better next time. What she doesn’t do is lie for money… she doesn’t create vindictive untruths for the sole purpose of hurting someone who doesn’t agree with her or who she thinks does adore her… she doesn’t cheat people who do work for her… she is NOT a racist, NOT a bigot, NOT xenophobic. She is a good Methodist girl who loves her family and rather than going to work for the big bucks (which she certainly could have with her credentials), she went to work for non-profits and did internships of public service. She fell in love and married Bill Clinton. She supported her husband… and since I have no idea how old you are… I will tell you that the whole world saw how devastated she was when she finally learned that her husband was lying to her (and the world) and that he had actually been screwing around behind her back. Christians now condemn her for staying with the father of her daughter. That I will never understand. So what else? Benghazi, travel gate, emails have all been investigated to death by people who would have given their right arm to “get her” because so many lies had been made up about her and promoted on FOX news that people believed she was guilty. Well, guess what… all of those millions of dollars were wasted. She has spend hundreds of hours testifying in the hearings on these totally BOGUS investigations, which, if you recall… Trey Gowdy even admitted were for the sole purpose of making sure she didn’t win her election. Hillary Clinton (even before you had ever heard of her) was inspiring young women lawyers like me with her tireless work in the American Bar Association. She single-handedly changed the face of that organization from an exclusive club for old white men to one of the most diverse leadership groups of any Board of directors you will ever see. But then if you are, like Trump, a racist, sexist, xenophobic bigot, you wouldn’t think that an accomplishment. She has also been instrumental in guaranteeing that poor children actually have health care and have a chance to improve their lives. What has Trump ever done for anyone other than his own pocketbook and himself. He is the most dishonest, selfish, mean and hate-filled human being I have ever observed. He knows nothing about our government, our judicial system, our foreign policy, our relationships with other countries, the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Civil Rights, or our Economy and how it works. He is a true idiot and sadly …. is so self -absorbed and narcissistic that he does not believe he needs to. He has already destroyed our international reputation as the world’s leader on human rights and the primary economic leader of the world, but don’t worry about that….Communist China has taken over that leadership role, so we’re in good hands, right? He has bad-mouthed and disrespected and made up flat out lies about our country’s long-standing institutions and intelligence agencies… further destroying our international credibility. And by appointing all of his billionaire buddies who either don’t know anything about the Agencies he has appointed them to run OR are out to destroy the Agencies they are appointed to run… he is destroying years of progress and protections that our society has developed with absolute abandon! He said he would and it is now obvious that he was serious when he said it … he thinks we need to destroy everything in our system and start over again. If he is allowed to stay in office he will totally destroy our Democracy.

              • Thank you, Kay. You said everything I know to be true about Hillary Clinton and the “far-right conspiracy” that has been hell-bent to smear and destroy her for almost 30 years. Trump is indeed the horrible human being you described and worse. I’ve lived in NYC since mid-70s and his schemes, lawsuits and mafia ties are public knowledge. I am terrified of what he is capable of doing next….anything to save his butt.

              • Kay,
                You hit the nail right squarely on the head. Your comment is completely spot-on. I am glad to see that there are more of us out there who get it. Some will never see the whole big picture and sadly enough they are often the ones shouting the most loudly.

              • Perfectly said Kay! And even more whole heartedly agreed on since the February 14,2018 Florida High School Massacre! Trump is a womanizing, dishonest, racist who is incapable of loving anyone but himself!

            • The important distintion, however, he is not anyone’s president now. Trump is, and that’s all our problem, whether we voted for him, or not.

        • Because when Obama stated that “Libya is a s***hole country” nobody batted an eye. There is NO proof that President Trump actually made the statement, we’re taking the word of a democrat that IS a known liar and that same democrat stated that those countries are a hellhole, but you don’t see the Press up in smoke on that one either. Stop dividing the country, report what REALLY is going on and leave out your opinions.

        • It is because no other president has ever been ridiculed or scrutinized the way Trump has been since his first day in office. All others have gotten a pass for their heinous behavior! This guy cant breathe with out being abused. Enough already! HE IS THE PRESIDENT! Too bad! I dont believe in all this PC garbage either. Everyone is offended over EVERYTHING! Im so done!!!! Let the guy do his job and then we will finally make some progress! He is actually doing great things-if you could take a minute to look at the actual issues instead of all the nonsense! LOVE Trump!!

          • Seriously? Where were you the entire 8 years Obama was in office? Conservatives never shut up about the “horrible” things the Obamas did… like protecting the environment, supporting national parks, encouraging children to eat healthier meals at school, and ridiculous BS like the “disrespect” of wearing a tan suit or a sleeveless dress. (None of which brought any harm to ANYONE, by the way. Can’t say that about 45’s policies, which only seek to dismantle human rights and social services.) Hypocrites.

            • Amen. It’s like completely different realities. Scripture teaches us that the devil is the “father of lies”. Comments like Nicole’s demonstrate that the devil is a very effective opponent.

            • Fox News has actual news stories condemning Obama because he asked for Dijon mustard on a burger. I think it was Sean Hannity who covered it too but I’m not 100% sure

          • I’m angry that Trump represents the personality of this country. He doesn’t even know the words to the star spangled banner. He should go to a VA hospital and see the cost of our freedom. Why would anyone vote for Trump when he can’t even tell you what the Republican core values are. If you voted for Trump and don’t know the core values of the Republican Party without looking them up, you should be ashamed.
            Thanks for making America look like an A-hole.

          • The hate on this article is absolutely disgusting. These holier than thou Trump haters kill me. Unbelievable! The hate on here actually makes me sick.

        • No, it’s because the main stream media helped to cover up all the vile and evil things the Clintons and Obama did, but they are so full of hatred for President Trump that they pick apart everything the man says or does. He could find the cure for cancer and they still would find something to bad mouth him about. As far as his alleged comment about those “shit-hole” countries, he was not referring to the people per se, he was referring to the way their government is run.

        • Amen! trump supporters need to own the abomination he is and stop blaming his vile, fetid, evil heart on everyone and everything else. He’s the POS he is because he chose to verify so.

        • You’re absolutely right they immediately deflect to Obama or the Clintons because they can’t justify what Donald Trump has done or is doing, and I hope on some level they know it’s wrong

        • the opposite of whataboutism….is tolerance of hypocrisy. But after all, Alinsky counseled ‘situational ethics’. For all your mewling, the left has no moral high-ground, and the debate will be conducted on that basis forthwith.

        • Don’t deflect. It’s being pointed out that you have had ample time to examine the crimes and corruption of both Obama and Clinton – long before Trump was ever inaugurated. Many of the same criticisms you have leveled at Trump could be leveled at both of them – some of which are true of all three of them.

          But you didn’t have a problem with that. Your morals and principles only came alive after Obama left office and Clinton lost the election.

          You are a political propagandist, not a man of God.

          • Well put. Emotionalism attracts like-minded emotionalists. I find this “warning to author-identified ‘bad people’” as an angry condemnation of all those who disagree with the author’s point of view, not an admonition for “stray believers” to reexamine their view and see things differently. It reminds of a quote by C.S. Lewis in his 1948 book “God in the Dock: Essays on Theology:”

            “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

            Such broadstroked condemnation of other Christians, and non-Christians as well, as I read above is, as I see it, a form of “kindness [that] stings with intolerable insult.” written for “the approval of [one’s] own conscience ” which “make[s] a Hell of earth” rather than working to makes things “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

            Lewis was, and is, right, and based on most of the comments, emotionalism attracts like-minded emotionalists. It seems to me that what we need within the Christian community, and elsewhere, is rational persuasion based upon more than just personal opinions, as opposed to broad, sweeping condemnatory generalizations based upon personal opinions based upon interpretive views of events, which is what I was quite disappointed to find here.

        • John, it’s not “deflection”. And it isn’t even about the Harvey Weinstein Clinton Crime Cartel. It’s about exposing blatant hypocrisy, and a blog that is selective when it comes to speaking truth to power – or whatever you choose to pose as.

          You lack both morals and principles. Where do we find your blog posts excoriating Obama/Clinton? Particularly for doing pretty much the same thing that you now criticize Trump for – some of which is quite true, incidentally.

          You’re silent. You’re silent about corruption, perjury before Congress and the American people, and allowing Hezbollah to raise a billion dollars a year, flooding cocaine into the US.

          It’s not deflection to point out you’re a propagandist, not somebody who can claim to equally apply standards to all.

          • Rick. That Youth-Pastor John wins followers by using withering accusatory & (very) repetitive rants is kind of fascinating. Like a train wreck. Is there any power behind his Leftist New-Age ‘Bigger Table’ Movement? Time will tell. (I use the term New-Age because of his merit-based mantra, ‘just be good!’).

            I find a contrast in God’s Ministries. The Servants work quietly, kindly, unassumingly, withholding judgment, and they certainly never, ever, ridicule or mock sinners that God puts in their path, –as we know we are one and the same.

        • Then why didn’t you right an article like this about Hillary when she was running for President?
          Good people also don’t let Americans die in Benghazi. Good people probably don’t use their power to stick cigars in young interns. Good people don’t give millions to the Muslim Brotherhood that abuse women and have declared a terrorist holy war on anyone that doesn’t agree with them. And you know there’s more. Good people don’t support people that break laws with private servers and lies to dupe the American people.
          Where is/was your article about those bad people?

        • All these, boil down to our motives. People try hard to read motives which I believe only God has the ability to do so.

          Here’s a quote from the book Acts of the Apostles Chapter 30:

          No matter how high the profession, he whose heart is not filled with love for God and his fellow men is not a true disciple of Christ. Though he should possess great faith and have power even to work miracles, yet without love his faith would be worthless. He might display great liberality; but should he, from some other motive than genuine love, bestow all his goods to feed the poor, the act would not commend him to the favor of God. In his zeal he might even meet a martyr’s death, yet if not actuated by love, he would be regarded by God as a deluded enthusiast or an ambitious hypocrite.
          AA 318.2

          “Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up.” The purest joy springs from the deepest humiliation. The strongest and noblest characters are built on the foundation of patience, love, and submission to God’s will. AA 319.1

          Charity “doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil.” Christ-like love places the most favorable construction on the motives and acts of others. It does not needlessly expose their faults; it does not listen eagerly to unfavorable reports, but seeks rather to bring to mind the good qualities of others.

          Book: Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 30 pages 319.2

          • I’m really curious. You who quotes scripture. What do you think God would say to those that stand by and let a man slowly put more and more people into poverty? You are standing by and letting this happen. What do you believe God would say to those that condemn all but white males? You are letting this happen. What do you believe God would say to those that support those that only favor the wealthy? You are doing this. What do you believe God would say to those that are willing to “dance with the devil” to achieve their own goals. You are doing this. Love is not the issue or perhaps it is. If loving those that cannot protect themselves and trying to protect them from a man that would harm them is a sin, then I am a sinner. But what are you? What is Trump? And you protect him.

        • Not V, but what does Trump’s conduct have to do with anything, if it’s well within well-established norms that haven’t been criticised in the past? IN any case democrats routinely slander the ‘bitter clingers’ of ‘flyover country’ so all we’re doing here is forming orders of Battle. Oh and yall don’t have the high ground….Squad Up!

      • I think that’s a good point. There are too many shady things that go with these powerful people. The Clinton 2016 campaign was not something most people wanted. Trump was worse, in my view, but she was no winner.
        How do we give our country better choices. Trump is a disaster and Clinton may have been a disaster, too.

        What matters now is that Trump is a terrible human being in charge of our country.

      • I agree, how come no uproar about the billions the Clintons have stolen from Haiti? How come they can’t rebuild what has become a shithole. Airbb can send all the people they want, they will see the resort side of these places…..they won’t be allowed to see the rest. And talking about it is the first step in fixing it. Trump talking crap with Billy Bush is not even close to the molestation of younger women esp. interns under his care IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Perhaps if the left hadn’t gone pronoun nuts, pro killing live birth babies… pro terrorist, open border nut jobs, Trump wouldn’t have been elected. The people are mad and not taking it any more! Stop already, he is crude but he has done a good job. I know I just got my hours back, stripped away by the affordable care act. Words can’t hurt you and if you would quit trying to catch him in a mistake and start reporting stories you might just find he has America’s best interest at heart, which is what matters to us low income americans

        • cindy.

          thanks for your important counter-point voice. I’m so glad you are getting more hours at work. The ACA created many more problems than it solved. The millennials paid a very steep price, having to cobble together their income by taking (3) part time jobs. It was a huge source of anxiety for them, as their bosses pulled their puppet strings.

          I wish the Left would realize that Average Americans are not stupid, and that Average Americans are Conservative.

      • Yes of course, we have. And we have looked at who the Obamas are (and did), and we even looked at who the Bushes are (and did), who the Nixon weres (and did), and all the way back to the Washingtons.

        And we’ve found that Trump is the worst scum that was ever elected POTUS, by far.

        • Not many agree with you – how did you find that? In one year he did more good things for the country than the Traitor-in-Chief did in eight! Scum? How’s so? You are delusional in your hate. Get real! Watch this one from CNN – your most trusted network!

        • “What about Hillary” is the last refuge of people who have nothing else left to argue with.”

          “Don’t you dare bring up Hillary and what we’re still dealing with from her criminality” is the desperate last bastion of those who have no explanation of why they only developed morals, principles, and standards the day Trump was elected.

          There’s lots to criticize about Trump, both as a person and of some of his policies. LOTS.

          But if the discussion here were restricted to only allowing those who had criticized Obama and Hillary for their personal flaws and policies before Trump came along, few if any of those ranting about Trump would be able to post here. In particular, the phony pastor.

          It’s about pointing out that those happy to practice such blatant hypocrisy and double standards towards different politicians are not to be trusted. Not “whataboutism”.

          And particularly when they lie so much at the same time. After all, if your cause is so just – why do you have to lie to promote it.

          • I think the big difference is the type of politicians Obama and Clinton were compared to trump. People on the left didn’t criticize any corruption from Obama and were able to ignore it Hilary because it wasn’t abnormal. It’s what all politicians do and if they say they don’t they are lying. Trump is very different. He’s vulgar and crass and very unpredictable while also seeming to be corrupt as well which is scary. It’s easier to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

      • EXACTLY!!!! They can’t seem to get over not winning this election! Twist twist twist everything TRUMP does! It’s rather entertaining and just shows how ignorant and what hypocrites people truly are!!!!

      • Have you? I mean really looked and not depended upon what your pundits of choice and chosen echo-chambers have put out there continuously for decades?

        … and if you have, what’s with the whaddaboutism? Why respond to an post with a statement that perfectly labels yourself as the kind of person the post is talking about? Sad!

      • Because you think the Clintons are bad Trump gets a walk? I sure wish you guys would stop with the Clintons to justify the ups actions. One really has nothing to do with each other.

      • I dont necessarily trust the Clintons but this article is not about them. You are avoiding and or deflecting from the topic. Plus why are people assuming that those saying anything against the Hillary remarks voted for her or her husband? I know i didnt. I do find issue with some of how this article is worded but i don not believe Trump is a good acting man. For all i know he may be an okay guy doing mean things because he’s stupid or narcissistic. Whatever reason he’s not doing good on too many levels.

      • Yes. I have. Whatever “crimes” they have committed pale in comparison to what is going on in our country right now. Let’s put the arguments of who is less evil aside and elect candidates that reflect the best parts of what it means to be human. You know what that means. If you saw a child right in front of you who was being assaulted or was injured and was pleading for help, I am pretty sure you would step up to the plate with others and help. This is where we are most human. We need to take that instinct and unleash it to include those we have yet to meet who are vulnerable and suffering and opt for the changes that speak to our deepest sense of being a good neighbor and living with integrity.

      • But, remember the good that they have done and is provable. If no one disputes or agrees then it is doubtable. There is something called proof in our country and our laws are based on proof and it doesn’t matter if you or I dispute it.
        All journalists are trained to be truthful whether they follow that path or become sellouts, or even bow to their bosses whims.

      • Why do Trumpsters or the GOP pull the Clinton card when ever 45 is discussed. There is little comparison between the two. But even if there is, the fact that you and others with your line of thinking give this guy a pass is simply incredible. His actions and what comes out of his mouth, which ultimately is coming from his heart is deplorable!

      • Yes I have. Just because someone makes an accusation against a person doesn’t make it true. If they actually did any of the things they’re accused of they would have been foubd guilty. God knows they’ve been investigated more than any President and Secretary of State/Presedential Nominee in thebhistiry of our country. They’ve spent billlions of we taxpayers money trying to convict them of everything under the sun. Yes, Bill Clinton likes the ladies, as do most of the other politicians. He did what most of you men would do when offered a head job…he said yes. When confronted he lied just like most men would do. The question remaining from that whole mess is this: “Just why would a woman save a dress with jizz all over it unless that was the evidence she was paid to get by someone really desparate to bring him down?”

      • I think its hilarious that more than a year into this presidency we are talking about the previous candidate. Listen & listen carefully : Hillary didn’t win, Obama is gone and Lincoln is dead.

      • There is no comparison on all levels. Compare their resumes point by point. Compare what they have worked to achieve point by point. Compare what they value. And, to argue on behalf of someone by pointing fingers at another demonstrates loud and clear that you find nothing about Trump to defend.

      • That has ZERO to do with this article. Since you bring it up though, since when does one piece of shit, make up for another? No matter who else might be a bad person, we are discussing Trump here. Two wrongs don’t make a right. What are you, in preschool?

      • Hey there “V”, yet another not so brilliant attempt at deflection. Even the most not so quick minded would be capable of seeing that the Clinton’s are decent, normal, intelligent, politically coherent humans. There is not, and never will be any decent comparison that can be made between Trump and just about anyone else in the political arena. But, hey……what about those emails????? Move on for God’s sake.

      • Why is that the automatic defense of this man? Who the Clintons are and whether they are bad or good are irrelevant issues. They are not our sitting president. It’s time to stop referring to them in defense of Donald Trump.

      • Yes. We can talk about that. But the subject at hand is DT. So please try to stay on subject. BTW, two wrongs don’t make a right. I learned that when I was 5.

    • There is literally no evidence that he said what is being claimed. He denies it, other Senators who were there corroborate that he didn’t say it. The only person who seems to remember it being said is Dick Durbin, a liar who has a track record of falsehoods regarding private White House meetings … and everything else for that matter. If there is, offer it up for the rest of us please.

          • Larry, the man writing the article you shared received the Prosperity Foundation’s 2013 Andrew Breitbart Award. His articles reflect those that you would find on the Breitbart site. Very few people condone anything that involves white supremacists. That site spreads hate and racism. Need I say more?

            • Yeah, you do need to say more. Your argument boils down to ‘I don’t like them, therefore they’re wrong’. Is life really that simple? Ar you an epistemic nihilist? A solipsist?
              In any case your haste to/ taste for slander undermines logic and underwrites ‘therapy llamas’ and ‘safe spaces’.

        • Oh, and YOU are being an adult? You spread your hate being one-sided liberal with a mission. You are obsessed with words (that might not even be true words said), but you avoid the truth. I don’t know who you are and I don’t care, really. The only thing I know – you are a bias, hateful, lying liberal who hates our President! SHAME ON YOU!

            • Oh, please… don’t make me laugh… You, people, lived through eight years of the most traitorous, lying, destructive presidency in the history of our country without seeing and/or understanding a thing. You forgot the meaning of the word “truth” and your eyes got blind by the color of the face of the man who laughed in your faces being fully informed about your stupidity. What do you want besides not wanting our CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED President to fulfill his promises and his duties? Gosh, you’re sickening!

          • That is the whole problem, he is our president. He is really just a reflection of misguided and misinformed voters, yes the alternative was not great this election. But with that said, we wouldn’t have a president that other countries don’t even want to come visit. People in the UK we’re happy when he cancelled his visit. They are our closest ally….

            Think about that, think about the damage he is doing. This is beyond politics at this point, he is lowering our standing in the world. This kind of damage is going to take decades to mend.

            If you honestly believe that Trump is conducting himself in a manner that reflects well on his station than you’re not paying attention well enough, or your biases allow you to ignore it.

            Go ahead and call me liberal or progressive or whatever. It does not change any facts whatsoever. If we judge the president on his actions, as we should; he is not performing well. He still hasn’t been able to fill needed positions in government, why? Because people don’t want to work for this administration. Presidents in the past have had issues filling positions for a few months, Trump has had over a year…. He has taken over 110 vacation days, 91 of which were him playing on his golf course. Of most recent doing so on MLK day! Presidents normally perform some kind of service honoring Martin Luther King Jr. With all the recent controversy over his thoughts on people of color, don’t you think this would be a good opportunity to show he isn’t racist as a lot of people are saying. Again I have to ask does this reflect well on his current job performance as president.

            Feel free to debate what I’m saying, but remember saying what past presidents have done isn’t going to be counter argument to what I’ve stated above.

            • >Feel free to debate what I’m saying

              Well, consider my freedom felt. First up,This is why leftists are seen as pearl-clutching limpwrists. No, really,Europe has been sneering at america for decades, and we’re still the most powerful country in the world. But you wanna conduct geopolitics on the basis of ‘what will the neighbors think?’The shithole comment didn’t make or break the visit. At the same time, Trump has more supporters in England than the rest of W.Europe combined. So the relationship still stands. Besides, soft-power-esp for a superpower- isn’t about being ‘nice’, it’s about being reliable, an honest broker, a restrained actor. Not like mr Obomber, who was on literal autopilot throught his term (drones). Lowering our standing pshhh gimme a brake, immigrants don’t wanna assimilate and foreigners already hate us (partly our fault, partly envy) and/or take advantage. Trump’s right when he says they’re laughing at us.

              ” He still hasn’t been able to fill needed positions”
              Who says what positions need filled, moreso than the Executive himself? This is what draining the swamp looks like-not just cutting fraud, but sheer waste as well. If he DID want to fill thos positions, he could have-govt jobs are SUPER comfy, he’d have found takers. Oh and some of it is the extraordinary grandstanding by the likes of Warren, Harris, Booker etc during Senate hearings. That kinda filibustering eats up whole calendars, mang!

              As for his ‘vacations’, do you not think a man of means, besieged as he is by leaks, might feel more comfortable on his own properties? As a supporter, I can assure you Trump is on the job; this isn’t some college course with ‘mandatory attendance’, the off-the-record stuff means more than any clock-punching. Hey know what’s so great about golf courses, for a polarizing figure? No wiretaps, and people speak softly when you hold a big stick.

              >”a good opportunity to show he isn’t racist”, as if his detractors will just take his word for it. ‘oh well I thought he was a racist, but he picked trash off a nearby MLK blvd, so he’s an allright guy’. Listen to yourself. How bout them black unemployment figures? They’d have praised Obama for those, but Trump gets no regards, no respect, no reach-arounds, and no vaseline!

              The thing about past presidents, is that trump-haters were around for them, and ignored similar situations. This alinskyite ‘situational ethics’ is, ah, deplorable. Certainly disingenuous, and pushes more people to alternative media, as they wonder what else has been expediently swept under the rug in the past (and MSM lies more by omission than commission!).

            • It’s difficult to “argue” with someone who’s brainwashed as much as you are – and it is not hard to be brainwashed – 95% of media, “intellectuals”, observants, even “professional” specialists in areas of politics, economy, etc,… here and abroad, are AGAINST Trump! They are so much against Trump, they would do and say anything to destroy his administration, his agenda, him personally, and everything/anything he says and does. But steel, let’s try: 1″..he’s not performing well…not able to fill needed positions in government”. And even more laughable statement: “Presidents in the past have had issues filling positions for a few months”. Every statement of yours shows how ill-informed and illogical you are: Every position needs to be APPROVED by the Congress/Senate. Hearings MUST be scheduled by the Congress/Senate. I hope you understand that Democrats in the Congress, who LOST horribly and unexpectedly at the election day, are not in a hurry to commit to those hearings… I hope you can imagine that they would do whatever in their power to postpone these hearings and later to do whatever possible not to APPROVE candidates proposed by a NEW PRESIDENT! Right? Besides, when witnessing the process, the accusations, the hate toward a candidate showed by the press and democratic representatives during those hearings.. how many, do you believe, would like to go through the process? Not many, but those who agreed, they are the best because they decided to SERVE THE PEOPLE, not to get privileges that these positions offered. It’s hard for you to understand, Chris, right? “Trump takes a lot of vacations? Playing golf?” Trump is one of the most HARD-WORKING President in the history of our country: he works 17 hours a day. He sleeps only 5. Not like our previous one, who was the laziest president of the recent time: he even didn’t want to have daily intelligence briefings (oh, who cares about them, right?). He is a racist! Where did you get this? Oh… media tells you that! Do you know that Donald Trump all his life was helping black communities: he’s a recipient of Ellis Island Award, he sued Palm Beach County in Florida for not allowing BLACKS AND JEWS to be members of his Golf Club … and WON!; that for years Trump was helping (and being praised) by black leaders, like Jessi Jackson: ? All these show the real character of Trump, show what he DOES, not what he SAYS… but you prefer to listen to FAKE MEDIA and feel embarrassed by words (true to the core by the way) instead of educating yourself of the reality. You don’t surprise me – you UPSET me. Stop being brainless, start educating yourself.

            • BUT you have to know by now that Trump is not a normal person. He has deep flaws in his personality, no compassion, lies and then swears to the lies or totally denies what he said. That is not normal behavior for anyone.

          • Yeah Inga, you’re so right: we are one-sided liberals with a mission. Our mission is to save the Constitution, the independence of the judiciary, the freedom of the press, the support of science, the separation of government from religion, all these things that, throughout history, made America great and made it a model and beacon to the world, from Trump’s ongoing agenda of destroying them.

            …AND the dignity of the presidency.

            And you’re right again: when I see what Trump, his backers and his enablers are doing to this country, I HATE them, because I HATE the enemies of America, and even more when they are enemies of the interior. Of Putin you expect that he will try to destroy everything that makes this country great, and you could almost forgive him for doing so (and recognize that he is doing it very skillfully and effectively). But when Americans do it, they are particularly hateful, because they are TRAITORS to their own country.

            So shame on YOU, destroyer of America!

            • Obama allows Hezbollah to run a billion dollars in cocaine into the US for years, a billion dollars funding the murder of Americans and others by terrorists, cocaine killing America at home.

              Obama gives Iran billions to fund their nuclear weapons and ICBM programs, letting criminals critical to Iranian nuclear weapon development go free.

              Obama does nothing after being advised Russia is corrupting the US uranium industry and attempting to meddle in the US election

              Ed says that’s Obama and him, the REAL Americans defending America from menace. And those who don’t agree with how Ed and Obama think you defend America from menace, are foul-hearted, racists, xenophobes, supremacists, ignorant bigots.

              With champions of America like Obama, Hillary, and Ed, America does not need enemies.


            • Ugh it’s SO cringey when lliberals protest their patriotism. Isn’t this the party of the ‘living document’ school of constitutional dialectics? The party of ‘fundamental transformation’? Stop it, man, we were racist for criticising Obama for similar reasons (his rule by EO, for example). Whatever you say about America’s ideals, it wasn’t founded by SJWs, and the leftist thought-police don’t represent, uphold or even sincerely admire those ideals.

            • Ed, Your post is so silly, first, I’ve decided not to reply to it, but… I changed my mind. You are A HATEFUL man, Ed. Many liberals are full of hate simply because their believes are based on fairy-tales and when fairy-tales meet with reality, they are crushed with a loud noise… and you, liberals, can’t believe it and can’t accept it. Your fairy-tailed vision of world, that has been proven again and again of being false and unworkable, is the only thing you know: you care for things that when they happened, they would make you hysterically scream “fire”, but until that happens, you aggressively defend them; you are blind and deaf to anything that doesn’t support this version of your world, and you’re using any methods to defend your behavior and your traitorous ideas. And now… let’s talk about the nonsense you wrote: 1. “Our mission is to save the Constitution” – did you do a thing when our Constitution was broken: like when Obama gave Iran billions without even informing the Congress? (do you know that it is Congress that appropriate money, not a president?); when he said that he has no Constitutional rights to do anything about our immigration law (REPEATED this statement 22 TIMES) and… did it later (DACA?); when he broke the law by making Americans PAY for the services pushed on them by government (ObamaCare); do you remember “Fast and Furious” operation, when Obama Administration sold weapons to drug cartels in Mexico? When he ordered IRS to scrutinize organizations based on their political beliefs (TeaParty)… I can go on and on, but now it’s time to ask you ONE QUESTION: One example of President Trump breaking the law? ONE! What do you mean “independence of Judiciary”? Are you talking again about Obama somehow making our Judges in the Supreme Court to call the PENALTIES for the ObamaCare the TAXES? Again, I can go and go… but read this list of all the traitorous, unconstitutional actions made by Obama, and after that… give me ONE EXAMPLE of what unlawful actions has been done by President Trump. And PLEASE, do not use Putin’s name in any connection with Trump – it’s Hillary and DNC who paid Russians, were in connection with Russians, and were paid BY RUSSIANS. Soon, all the truth will be in open and I hope everyone who betrayed our country, REALLY betrayed it, will be named and punished. Stop humiliating yourself.. you sound silly and stupid.

              • All I can say, Ed, is to please, please, please continue to randomly capitalize words and make everything one big paragraph. It is definitely the way to get your points across.

      • It’s all over the news.
        GOP who were there say he didn’t say that word but that the word sounded more to them like “shithouse” … countries.

        Lindsey Graham has not walked back from condemnation of what he heard.

        You are on the fool’s mission when you single out Dick Durbin.

      • Senator Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina) was there in the meeting. He says he heard “Sh*thole countries” out of Trump directly—and Graham is not backing down. That is good enough for me Joe. Now grow up and use one name.

      • And yet we are also talking about Donald Trump, who also has an extremely recent track record of falsehoods even without the “private White House meetings”. As in literally lying to the public about easily disprovable things.

        Also the “other Senators who were there” were all Republican hard-liners who were presumably only present for the purpose of intimidation (only two senators had a real, official reason to be present) — if I am incorrect about this, let me know.

        As for calling Dick Durbin a liar with a track record… I’d like to here more about that. I mean, I personally don’t know much about him specifically, but the common factor here seems to be Trump, seeing as he has previously made very public statements not that far from “shithole countries”. Compare that to “Ban of Muslims” and talking about “Really good people” in reference to White Supremacists, and you can’t help but find it entirely reasonable.

        • When did Trump “ban Muslims”? It was a ban on the countries that are most likely to bring terrorism here. The term “ban Muslims” was NEVER used. What’s wrong with wanting to protect our country? All liberals do is twist,,, twist everything to fit your agenda… stop lying.

        • “As for calling Dick Durbin a liar with a track record… I’d like to here more about that. I mean, I personally don’t know much about him specifically, but the common factor here seems to be Trump, seeing as he has previously made very public statements not that far from “shithole countries”.”

          Glad to help you with that Ian – do you need a link to Obama calling Libya a “shit show” as well? In public, not a private meeting?

          From Politico (I hope we can agree they aren’t some sort of right wing media outlet that outrages the Phoney Pastor):
          “The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Sen. Dick Durbin, said in a Facebook post that a House Republican leader told off President Barack Obama during a negotiation meeting, and that GOP leaders are so disrespectful it’s practically impossible to have a conversation with them.

          But Wednesday afternoon, both the White House and House speaker’s office denied his claims.

          “In a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you,’” Durbin wrote in a post on his Facebook page over the weekend.

          However, both the White House and the House speaker’s office denied Durbin’s account of events.

          Asked about the post in the White House daily briefing, press secretary Jay Carney said he checked with a participant of the meeting in question.

          “I looked into this and spoke with somebody who was in that meeting and it did not happen,” Carney said. ”

          So… are we outraged at Trump because known liar Durbin now claims he said in private what apparently wasn’t outrageous when Obama said essentially the same thing?

          Or do we have a special set of rules where, if Obama or Clinton does something, it’s cool – but if Trump does it, then we need to run around flapping our outrage flags?

          I gather this really doesn’t change anything for you, because you’re from the camp where anyone who doesn’t support destroying America to aid the Democrat/regressive progressive cause is a “hard liner”.

          One more link for you that the Phony Pastor isn’t going to blog about – while claiming he’s saying things that need to be said:

        • All politicians lie every once in a while. It comes with the territory. Trump is the only politician I have ever seen that tells lies continually and pathologically—lies that are easily refuted by incontrovertible evidence. Worst of all, he repeats the same lies over and over—as if he really thinks the Goebbels BIG LIE technique works on everyone. It does not. It works only on the brains of English fools and those who desperately want or need to hear a lie to keep their fraudulent worldview intact—namely Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and the people often referred to as the “right wing extremist nutjobs.”

          • See, now you have wrapped up trump-hatred in your own estimate ov your intelligence.You will never compromise, because anything not to your liking is pandering to disreputable, deplorable rednecks.

            p.s, if I were to shame Goebbels,in the spirit of TRUTH, I must warn you:
            If you hate your president, you must keep your president.

      • Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham say he said it. The other two GOP Senators say he said shithouse. Nice try explaining away and justifying buddy.

      • Does it really matter if he said one particular thing or antoher? His actions speak to his inbilty to lead this country with the same integrity and leadership that we should expect from a global leader. He is a greedy, self serving, smug bastard who is inept when it comes to doing anything that doesn’t serve his own self interest. I just hope the republicans can do better with their next candidate.

        • > I just hope the republicans can do better with their next candidate.

          why? It’s not like you’ll vote for them. Remember, yall said a lot of the same stuff bout Bush-a man I detest btw. Just all this wolf-crying is getting desultory.

          • I personally would have voted for Jeb bush in 2016! Over Hilary! I’m a left leaning independent btw not a Democrat.

      • Dick Durbin, “a liar”???

        To be compared, I suppose, to Trump, the greatest truth-teller in the history of mankind?

        And you’ve erased Lindsay Graham from the story, may I wonder why?

        • In response to those who do not understand (or can not understand) why so many of us VOTED and still SUPPORT our President, let me ask you and your friends: why you DO NOT support the President who cares for our country and us, the American People? What and who do you support, people? Men who go around the world criticizing us for… BEING US? Men who support our enemies, brake our Constitution, lie to us, destroy our economy…? Men who speak nice but think evil? What’s wrong with you, people? Look around: the economy is booming, market creates miracles, people have more money in their pockets, the country fights for law and order… but most importantly, we slowly but surely changing the wrongs done by POLITICIANS with RIGHTS done by businesses and people.. and all this with constant screams, lies, accusations, and open hate! Nothing will stop the progress – you’d better understand that. Real progress, not the progress of fake ideas and unrealistic fairy-taled hopes. Believe me, you all are up for a BIG SURPRISE!

      • He most certainly said it and there are very credible people that were there and heard him say it. ALL Trump does is LIE and spew hate.

        • No, actually all you haters are doing a fine job of spewing hate yourselves. Day in Day out since November of 2016. It never ends. Get a life. It going to be a very very long 7 years!

      • That is absolutley all lies. We have videos of him saying it and we have proof on his Twitter. In fact, there is an organization that holds onto every Tweet he has ever sent out, erased or not. Want to try that little lie again, or would you prefer to crawl back to Russia?

      • By evidence, I assume you mean an audio or video recording. It was a closed meeting. The only evidence has to come from those who witnessed it. Dick Durbin is not a liar just because he is a Democrat or because he called Trump out. Senator Graham verified Durbin’s claim, even if he refused to state it outright.

        It’s also very telling that the White House did not deny it initially. They couldn’t until they had time to get to the Republicans that had been in the meeting. As for the ones now claiming he didn’t say it, first they refused to discuss it, then they said they didn’t recall, now they’re saying it didn’t happen. Are you truly so gullible you don’t see the capriciousness and insincerity in this? If on the slight chance they truly didn’t hear him say it, remember that they claimed not to remember a meeting that had happened less than 24 hour prior to the question. If their memories are that bad, why should anyone believe their recollection now? (More importantly, why are they being trusted with such an important job?)

        The final and most important point is: Trump lies CONSTANTLY, even about trivial things. He has no problem whatsoever lying about something that has earned him worldwide scorn. If you deny the fact that he is a compulsive liar, there is truly no point in you trying to engage with anyone that says anything negative about Trump. You will believe everything he says, regardless of how outlandish or unlikely, and always make excuses for his reprehensible behavior.

        • “The final and most important point is: Trump lies CONSTANTLY, even about trivial things. He has no problem whatsoever lying about something that has earned him worldwide scorn. ”

          Trump is a deeply flawed human and a flawed human being as well. What’s missing here is context – this sudden rediscovery of concern about lying by a large segment of the population. Would his lies be more acceptable if they weren’t trivial lies, but were Obama size lies as well?

          “If you like your plan you can keep your plan. The average family will save $2500”.

          “Benghazi was because of a bad YouTube video.”

          “It was only a few rogue IRS agents targeting conservative groups”.

          “Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong”.

          “I didn’t know that Secretary of State Clinton had a private email server until I read about it in the news”.

          Shall I go on?

          Now – even though the Phoney Pastor who claims to speak truth to power was silent on all of that – those lies are among the many who were told by Obama. Without even getting into Clinton lies.

          The issue here (for me at least), is why the sudden outrage by the Phoney Pastor about the fact that Trump does indeed lie, but complete and utter silence – never mind a lack of outrage – over the last nine years of Obama and Clinton lies.

          On a blog run by a phony who claims to be a Christian, why are the lies, deception, and corruption (and calling Libya “a shit show”), so insignificant as to not require comment? But Trump doing the same things – a hell of a lot less in most cases – and the phony pastor and the acolytes are suddenly unhinged.

          It’s quite possible to debate policy, results, and outcomes, you know. But it’s not possible to have a discussion with, or trust, dishonest people who absolutely refuse to apply the same standards, morals, and principles to ALL. You can’t have an intelligent discussion with people who only have morals and principles when it’s politically advantageous.

          • Yeah Rick. The Anti-Christ will also be “just a deeply flawed human.” It is true Rick. A stroll through the sea of souls like you would scarcely get my feet wet—and that’s being generous on my part.

        • “The final and most important point is: Trump lies CONSTANTLY, even about trivial things. ”

          If Trump said the earth is a sphere, I’d start believing it is flat.

    • Wow the hypocrisy of this post not only can be cut with a knife but would require a chainsaw. Try removing the logs on your own eyes before criticizing someone else’s mote.

  1. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t really Donald Trump…it is us. As long as we don’t deal with the problem of racism in this country, we will continue to have this sad divide. People who feel this way is the reason they voted for Donald Trump…that is the problem that needs to be addressed.

    • This article is powerfully inspiring and true. There are no words to explain the behavior of the man who sits in the highest office of the free world. It is time for people to look into their own hearts to understand why they are continuing to support Trump. Until they search their own hearts and be truthful, this world will never change.

    • Dont believe everything you hear. There is NO proof Trump called it a shit hole…that was said by a democrat. Of course! There is way too much racism in this country but it is actually now towards white, straight people. If you are not gay. bi,, colored, transexual, muslim, you (we) get discriminated against. The times have changed, we are the ones being discriminated against, if we stick up for ourselves, we are called racists, bigots and the like. If you do not believe in what this new society forces us to believe, we are bigots, haters, bad people. Get your heads out of your ass and look at what is really going on in the world. It is almost a crime to be straight and white these days. Maybe we need to stay a straight, white parade so we can be accepted. Cheers.

      • Unbelievable. “If you are not gay, bi, transsexual, Muslim you (we) get discriminated against…” Your word choices, your sentiment…You are exactly what this article is about, with absolutely no transparency. Cheers.

        • In fact, this “Susan” is EXACTLY what John’s article is about, and we should thank her (?) for coming out and exposing herself to us. Trump voters are people convinced that, in today’s America, if you are white and straight you are discriminated against. And when the slave-owners were deprived of their slaves back in 1865, well, they moaned too at how unfair it was, and how discriminated they were now.

          Appalling ignorance and pettiness.

          • Apallingignorance is acting like nothing has changed since 1865. White people have become nihilists on race, because no appeasement is enough, 50 years since civil rights, and victim groups (and the attendant chips on their shoulders) have only metastasized. I’m a black conservative, aware of how blacks are treated in other countries and I hope white American conservatives become a TENTH as bad as they’re painted. Maybe then blacks wouldn’t be used as stalking horses for NGO sinecures and welfare-statism fuelled by Howard Zinn/ Alinsky brainwashing agitprop.

      • Oh my, Susan… You just made a fool of yourself with your cringe-worthy comments. Go back and re-read what you wrote: 100% ignorant.

        • Charles, did you ever get paid for the rifle and ammunition you supplied that Black Lives Matter/Black Panthers racist with, that he used to murder those five police officers in Dallas?

          You were at least smart enough to get paid before he died in the subsequent shootout, didn’t you?

          • I am still waiting for a refund on the 20 years of Republican investigations into the Clintons. They wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payer money. Maybe they should have let someone who knows what they are doing handle all those grievances instead of wasting time and money on years of their dog and pony shows filled with faux outrage while preening for the cameras.

          • Rick, he did not die in a shootout. It’s great, though, Rick, how you don’t let the fact that you don’t know what the F you are talking about prevent you from participating in the fun.

      • You R wrong.Doesn’t Lindsey mean anything.You should know he’s a republican.Also the two liars that said he didn’t say it have now decided he said shithouse.Oh, that’s so much better than shithole isn’t it.Get real and listen with a more open mind.If he said it,he said it.You own your opinion of what was said
        Just don’t deny it, if you think it’s okay to say own it.

      • What are you talking about. This is exactly why the trumpers are so difficult. They simply make stuff up! There is no prejudice against straight white people. Just people who make up stuff because they don’t know who to blame for their misery. Just because you’re unhappy and mad and angry doesn’t mean people are racist… it just means that you need to blame others for your own problems. Grow the f up!

      • What are you even talking about? Straight people are not being discriminated, at least not in a sense where anyone needs to care. There are many more bigger and more pressing matters that need to be addressed. I suggest you move out of whatever bubble you are in and join the rest of us in reality.

        • > at least not in a sense where anyone needs to care.

          oh, yoire not being dismissive, just ‘realistic’. When feminists consider basic courtship rituals to be part of the ‘patriarchy’ and equate Weinstein with American masculinity, that goes beyond mere tolerance of gays.

      • Really, Susan? You’re discriminated against because you’re white, heterosexual, Christian–a member of every power group except “male”? I see. So, since you’re discriminated against, please tell me: who is the employer who refused to hire you because you’re white? where did you apply for housing, only to be rejected because you’re heterosexual? when did you suffer obscenities being screamed at you in public, because you’re Christian?

        Don’t bother answering. NONE of that ever happened to you. Because, in fact, you are a member of every power group (except male), and as such you are NOT discriminated against–you are FAVORED.

        • Because, in fact, you are a member of every power group (except male), and as such you are NOT discriminated against–you are FAVORED.”

          Yeah, because we’re supposed to believe that there are no government employment programs that favor minorities.

          And because Molly wants us to believe that if Susan applies to Harvard or any other university partially funded by taxpayers, she’ll have exactly the same chance of being accepted as a minority.

          But Molly is wrong. Susan WILL be discriminated against in all kinds of areas in the federal government – or “not favoured as much” as somebody of a different skin color, if you prefer. We like to call it “affirmative action”, because it sounds better than “discrimination”.

          Molly should read the book “Almost Black”, which details the racial discrimination against whites – and East Indians and Orientals – by universities, in favor of blacks. And now that’s back in SCOTUS – this time, brought by a block of Oriental petitioners. And the universities are sweating…

      • The problem is liberals and Democrats who instead of working together to make our country strong, prosperous, and save play games, spread hate, and divide the country. They are racists simply because they constantly bring the race into anything. Sickening!

        • By working together and making our country strong—you mean that people like John P. and I should sell out 100 percent to all the right wing, extremist, nutjob things people like you believe in. No way!!! Go sit on a hillside and wait for Jesus to come back. The rest of us are going to by-pass all you people and get on with our lives and rebuilding our country.

          • you know, not all conservatives are religious. We all, however, do believe in American exceptionalism, and find it exceptionally cringey when liberals feign patriotism. Like, all that flag shit used to be so…cornpone, leave it to beaver right? Spare us.

        • Quit pointing fingers at a party like it describes every single view people have. With that said his actions lead people to their conclusions.

          His current polling shows approval in the 30s and disapproval in the 50s. With numbers like that it isn’t only liberals who think he is doing a bad job.

        • “They are racists simply because they constantly bring the race into anything. Sickening!”

          Stupid ! First of all, we don’t constantly bring the race into anything. Trump’s constant undermining of 1. Truth (greatest liar in the history of mankind) 2. independence of the judiciary (under constant threat) 3. freedom of the press (under constant attack) 4. international leadership of the United States (it didn’t take him more than 3 months to kill it) have nothing to do with race and nobody brings up race in those issues: they are just the implementation his agenda of destroying everything that ever made America great.

          And for the rest, we DO bring up race and discrimination against minorities (or majorities, like women) when there ARE issues of discrimination. The difference between you and us: we address these issues and fight these discriminations; you are very happy with them. YOU are the racist.

          So, you know what? f…. you! The time of tolerance is over.

          • There was a time when liberals were tolerant of IDEOLOGICAL diversity? When they didn’t caricature BUsh, Reagan, Newt etc as anti-constitutional racist morons? Don’t flatter yourself.

    • If this guy was around when the founding fathers started tossing ideas around, we wouldn’t have free speech. It’s political correctness trying to define us that caused us to WANT unrestrained common language in the Presidential office.

      • The political correctness you decry was simply the truth and good manners defining you “exactly as you are.” It may make you feel good to tell a mother that her Downs syndrome child is a “Mongolid idiot” or an “F-bombing retard.” But your bad manners in using such language in front of said mother shows you up to be the grunting “knuckle walkers” that most of you actually are in real life.

      • No. We are saying that Trump is deplorable—which is why you voted for him—and that makes you deplorable because you value Trump as much as Trump values his own sorry carcass.

        • I wonder what it makes all of those who voted for Obama…..haters of Christians, haters of America, haters of the white race, haters of decency and the betterment of America as a country. There have been bad decisions made on both sides because they are both human. Trump has been under attack since before he took office and His record shows he has already done more for the American people than the previous president did In The 8 years he was in office. It amazes me how common people can’t see the truth. Deplorable? It doesn’t make trump voters deplorable just makes us Americans with different opinions than some and as Americans I do believe we have that right. My forefathers fought for that right and you all probably had forefathers who fought for it As well. What it appears to me is that the leftist liberals are the ones hating and are acting deplorable because you simply cannot accept that your choice did not win. Get over it and ride it out……we have for the past 8 years and the majority of the American people have not acted like spoiled brat children who don’t know how to accept defeat with dignity and act accordingly. Trump is our commander in chief……if you don’t like him so much……move. You have that right!

          • We are not riding anything out. We are going to legally send your beloved President to prison or legally remove him from office before his first term is over. Count on it!!! He is what American intelligence experts call “a clear and present danger to the United States.”

          • “His record shows he has already done more for the American people than the previous president did In The 8 years he was in office”
            Lynne, please cite sources in the future. I’ll do this one for you.
            1 ( )

        • So what about those that voted for Hillary, women that not only stood by Bill after his numerous wrongdoings but actively went after anyone that dared to tell the truth. We had two poor choices with the better of the two in my opinion now the president.

          • There you go with the crazy comments again. Who cares about Hillary? He either isn’t going to get that far (aka scandals are going to get him) also He’ll be 74 by the time his second term comes up. He isn’t exactly keeping his body up to shape…

      • You have PLENTY of choices! Who designated Trump for candidate in the Republican primary? NOT the Democrats!

        And, among all the candidates, YOU chose the worst scum in the history of the United States, a man and a program arch-bent on destroying everything that ever made America great.

    • Yes, and people who voted for Clinton and Obama instead voted that way because they wanted more of the racism that led to the murder of five Dallas police officers by a black racist who told police before he was killed that he hated whites and wanted to kill them, right?

      They voted for Obama because he showed he had the right stuff by attending Jeremiah Wright’s church for two decades, showing up faithfully to get a weekly dose of anti-Semitic and racist comments from Wright’s pulpit?

      The people that voted against Trump – that’s the kind of racism and hate they were voting for, right?

      That’s the flip side of the comments you made. And it’s why it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with people like you, who presume people voted as they did because they’re racists.

      And, sadly amusingly, it’s people like you who Trump can point to and say “These are the people who made you decide to vote for people like me, and they’re still out there telling the world if you don’t agree with them, then you’re a racist”.

    • Wow the hypocrisy of this post not only can be cut with a knife but would require a chainsaw. Try removing the logs on your own eyes before criticizing someone else’s mote.
      He has cut black employment to its lowest rate in decades. You are a fool who believes Racist, Democrat Propaganda that has kept blacks at poverty level for decades. Buy a used brain somewhere. Yours is defective.

  2. Thank you for giving voice to the things that need to be said. Bad stuff has to be countered with good stuff. Your stuff is good and frequently shared by the Olafsens. Have been trying to get Luther College as a venue for your words, but so far haven’t heard that your voice will be heard in the Center for Faith and Life in Decorah.

  3. You said what needed to be said, John, in the way it needed to be said. Just when one thinks Trump can’t possibly sink any lower, he comes through. Your words are distressing yet cathartic because you describe Trump and his base perfectly, and because you say what most of us would like to say but simply can’t find the words ourselves.

    • You know what’s really distressing? Trump and his supporters perfectly describe shithole countries, and the same people who sneer at ‘bitter clingers’ wring their hands over foreigners who are of no benefit to their struggling so-called ‘fellow citizens’

    • Wow the hypocrisy of this post not only can be cut with a knife but would require a chainsaw. Try removing the logs on your own eyes before criticizing someone else’s mote.

  4. Your hypocritical guilt trips, Mr. Bill Clinton Defender, will have no effect. First it’s not your place to judge who is good and who is bad and your criterion for making your determination is very corrupted. (For example you vigorously defend violence against the unborn and attack those who defend them as well as sexual debauchery). Second, Trump defenders defend policy primarily. Can you be happy that under Trump black unemployment is at historic lows? Probably that makes you sad because that does not help the Liberal agenda of keeping blacks dependent upon the government…

    • Adolf Hitler did some good things for the German people. So he killed a few million folks along the way. A VW in every garage, bratwursts on every grill and a beer….. Why expect moral behavior from someone who mimics and mocks a palsied cripple on national TV?

      The fact that President Trump got more than a few votes is sad. It is proof that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” is true.

    • My father, myself, son, uncle, (2) nephews and a niece all served in the US military. I say this to give you my bona fides.

      I am embarrassed my Mr. Trump. He is a self-absorbed narcissist.

      And, no, I didn’t vote for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama or Mr. Clinton.

    • The ecomony remains strong because of Obama’s policy
      .Trump hasnt been in long enough for the damage he seeks to show…the reduction in regulations will have their trickle down effect in a few years like it did under bush…
      And let’s remember that Trump and Republicans give to white poor to keep them voting for them…aka..electoral voters…

      • “The ecomony remains strong because of Obama’s policy”

        Obama was the first American president in about the last 150 years to not have one single year with GDP growth of at least 3.0%. Not one single year – economically, the worst performing president ever. He averaged a dismal 2.1% GDP growth over his presidency.

        In 2016, his last year, he posted 1.6% GDP growth.

        If you think that’s a record of “strong economic growth”, you’re dreaming in Technicolor, have no concept of economics, or have been drinking far too much Democrat Kool-Aid.

        • Absolutely stupid comment, Rick.

          1. Compare US growth in the Obama years to growth in other OECD countries.

          2. The fact that the Bush administration created the WORST economic crisis since 1929 is not a consideration? Why don’t you compare the growth in the Obama years to the growth from 1930 to 1938?

          3. Are you aware that based on 100, 10 represents a growth of 10 %, but THE SAME 10 represents a growth of only 9,1 %, on the basis of 110, and again the SAME 10 represents a growth of only 8.3% on the basis of 120? The rate of growth decreases naturally with growth, you know?

          No, how would you know these things. People like you aren’t interested by knowledge, you are interested in making points to defend the indefensible

          • Absolutely retarded reply, Ed – you get the award for sophomoric sophistry for today. I’m assumed that you spend a few hours each day practicing to get that good.

            You kind of remind me of Paul Krugman, brilliant Democrat economist, who gave a dire warning before the election that the economy would never recover. Or that other brilliant Democrat, Mark Cuban, who said the stock market would crash if Trump were elected. And you’re doing as well as they did.

            But, to your sophistry:

            1. You want to compare US growth under Obama to other OECD countries instead of to all previous presidents, why? Because he’s the all time loser president when it comes to economic failure, that’s why. Gotta go run and find an excuse outside of the country.

            2. Having started with “I don’t wanna be forced to compare Obama’s GDP growth (2.1% average, 1.6% his last year) to previous American presidents”, what do you do next?

            THAT’S RIGHT – you promptly start talking about the economy of George Bush. Without any comparisons to the OECD of Bush’s day. Where did the OECD disappear to – in just one line?

            I see what you tried to do their Ed. OECD for Obama, no OECD for Bush. Two different standards of comparison – whoa! Never seen that before!

            I’m gonna guess you’re of the camp that wants to claim the CRA, with Barney Frank chanting to all who would listen that those mortgages and loans, derivatives (normally a high risk investment), etc. were “covered by the full faith and credit of the US”… that had nothing to do with the economic collapse during Bush, right? Even after Bush warned back around 2002 that continued lending like that was unsustainable?

            Now Ed… let’s see if you can recover from getting caught using the two standards hypocrisy model so favored by the false prophet here and yourself.

            Tell us the year where previous federal tax cuts resulted in a reduction of federal taxes collected by government. Under JFK, Clinton, Bush… whoever.

            People like you are hypocritical political demagogues, Ed. And you aren’t even particularly good at it.

            But there’s more good news today (no, not talking about the new investigations into Clinton’s criminality and the Obama/Clinton/Mueller UraniumOne corruption):

            “Apple on Wednesday made a slew of announcements about its investment in and contribution to the U.S. economy in part because of the new tax law.

            The headline from Apple is that it will make a $350 billion “contribution” to the U.S. economy over the next five years, although it’s unclear exactly how the company came to that number.

            The company also promised to create 20,000 new jobs and open a new campus.

            It said it expects to pay about $38 billion in taxes for the horde of cash it plans to bring back to the United States. This implies it will repatriate virtually all of its $250 billion in overseas cash.”


          • The DalyWire is more truthful than CNN/MSNBC that most of your friends are quoting here. I don’t remember them once apologizing for wrong/lying/bias info as FAKERS had to do. If you believe in what CNN “reports”, you believe in propaganda fed to you by AmericanPravda members.

        • Of course they’re going to say that after the tax reform…. But in the long term that tax reform is going to hike up taxes for the middle class, it has a time limit of 10 years. It will also leave a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit… It has be made up somewhere…. We’re trading a few thousands dollars we’re getting now. For the way more we’ll lose in the future.

          • There are other things going on. Corporations will come back. There will be growth. Stifling regulations have been removed.

            Economic growth will take care of your perceived shortfall. It’s not a sum zero game.

          • Chris, you’re right the cuts have a time limit of 10 years. You do know that’s because this had to be done under reconciliation, right? To make them permanent, you’d have to get the necessary majority, which would include Democrats. And unless I’m wrong, not a single Democrat voted even for just ten years.

            And Republican leaders, contrary to republican core beliefs, seem no more concerned by ever increasing debt than Democrats. So yes, the debt continues.

            As far as what we’re supposedly going to lose under this, can you name one year where a federal tax cut resulted in less taxes being collected by the federal government?

            Debt spending and tax cuts/tax revenue are not dependent on each other – nothing compels government to overspend, overtax, or to do anything other than what every American family aims at… a balanced budget.

            BTW, no doubt you’ve been following this quit closely for the last week or so I assume:

            “Apple on Wednesday made a slew of announcements about its investment in and contribution to the U.S. economy in part because of the new tax law.

            The headline from Apple is that it will make a $350 billion “contribution” to the U.S. economy over the next five years, although it’s unclear exactly how the company came to that number.

            The company also promised to create 20,000 new jobs and open a new campus.

            It said it expects to pay about $38 billion in taxes for the horde of cash it plans to bring back to the United States. This implies it will repatriate virtually all of its $250 billion in overseas cash.”

          • Chris, do you know why there is 10 years limit? Because dembocrats didn’t vote for it. To be able to make this law permanent, the Congress needed 60 votes and dems did not vote. Educate yorself.

      • Just keep denying reality… geez. You prefer lies to truth. Facts speak volumes, your desperation to disavow facts is depraved. Had Hitlary been elected we’d be doomed. But you sheep would gladly have headed over that cliff.

    • But you ignore his violence against those who are already born, and the fact that abortions went down during the Obama administration.

      • Do you think it’s good when abortions go down? They’ll go down much further when it’s illegal.

        Obama doesn’t care about the inconvenient unborn. He praised Roe v Wade.

    • The only reason that black unemployment is at historical lows is the same reason all unemployment is down, Trump is rising President Obama’s coattails still. The unemployment has been falling for eight years. Is Trump responsible for all eight years? No, and neither is he responsible for this year. He has done nothing that would affect this years numbers. The numbers will start being his next year.
      As far as the racism goes, if you can’t see it, that understandable. Count the number of nonwhites at your next friends get together. See if you understand them.

      • Ah, that’s why we need all these non-white immigrants; so that whites can befriend them and fall over each other in demonstrating ‘tolerance’.

    • I can’t imagine how any thinking being could disagree with what John posted. It is so basic to human decency that responding as you have simply marks you as an ignorant part of everything that is going on in this nightmare regime.
      I encourage you to open your eyes and grow up.

      • Remember, the group called “By Any Means Necessary’ is a LIBERAL group, essentially subsidised by California’s education budget (one of their rioting radicals is a PRESCHOOL TEACHER). Now, liberals have been unapologetically utilitarian in the past (look at California arguing States’ rights-of all arguments!- for marijuana.)
        All your Godwinian reductio ad hitleriam tactics means nothing.

    • Larry, you are one of those people who have dug in their heels. That’s not acceptable to the premise the author wants to make. Just think for a minute.. If it was anyone else who was successfully prosecuting a domestic and foreign policy that veered toward Republican ideals, I would be upset because of my liberal leanings, but at least I would be able to respect a leader who has the courage of their convictions. But Trump lets himself be swayed by anyone he has talked to in the last half-hour, and has insulted every minority group in the nation doing it. It’s not necessary, is it? You tell me. Could you see a scenario where you get your needs taken care of without insulting others? Our country has become polarized beyond belief, and it shouldn’t be necessary. One man has caused that polarization, and not to advance a conservative agenda, but to advance his own personal power. You OK with that? If so, you are part of the problem and there is no hope for this country. You OK with that, too?

      • > One man has caused that polarization.

        FALSE! Reagan spoke of culture wars. Obama spoke of ‘bitter clingers’ and ‘tea-baggers’. Are you a conservative? I am and Trump is ABSOLUTELY winning on conservative policies? Liberals and their fake sympathy trigger me, like when someone says ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’. Like, F— YOU! And have a nice day.

    • Weak. There are plenty of respectable politicians that will agree with you want certain conservative matters and will do so eloquently. You’re the exact personification of this argument. Don’t overbook racist mean-spirited things he does on a daily basis to cling on to your agenda. And as far as the affects of the economy… We can still thank Obama for that. In fact, since you brought up Bill Clinton who is the president of 20 years ago, our thrived then po! And trumps stance on abortions? I’m sure he’s paid for at least 25 during his lifetime .

      • Yes I am well aware of the fact that Trump was a sinner. As was Hillary and her husband. As am I.

        I hope if I ever run for office I won’t be disqualified because of my sins, but that I will win or lose based on policies I support and oppose.

        • What policies does he support and oppose? Because it seems to change on a daily basis. He will say one thing in an interview and blast something completely different on tweeter.

          People with counter arguments are acting like this presidents behavior is somehow normal. If this time in 2016 we saw Obama doing half of what Trump is doing you would be yelling for impeachment and you know it. You need to take a good hard look inside and decide if this president has your best interest at heart. If you’re not a part of the top 1% or name isn’t Donald Trump he doesn’t.

          • Obama had a complicit press. Trump has an antagonistic press that is willing to blow up any comment to keep the outrage going. Just like the blog host whose life is no longer being a preacher but in hating and promoting hatred of our President. Very sad.

            • The White House has told us repeatedly that every one of Trump’s words, inane utterances and sometimes libelous tweets are Presidential Statements. Would you scream if we were to ignore what he says? I, for one would love some peace and quiet from this man who insists he be the center of attention every single day.

    • You’ve completely missed the point by name calling and not listening. Trump only cares for people/policy/things that will benefit him or his interests in some way… sadly as someone who has respect for all people, I clearly see that is something that Trump doesn’t possess and will. RESPECT.

      • Well, since you are so informed as to Trump’s motives, what next? A remote IQ test? Another psych test at a distance? Based on his spooky actions, no doubt.

        As for respect, this isn’t new-since the book ‘what the hell is the matter with Kansas’, (and anything done by michael moore) liberals have wondered why flyover country votes against its own interests. I mean, it’s not like it’s filled with inbred trailer trash idiots, is it? The liberal playbook is thinner than their veneer of concern. Respect, indeed.

    • I truly feel sorry for you. Instead of considering what is obviously evil, and saying that you will pressure leaders in your party to responsibly address these obscenities, you make it into a left vs right thing. I’d be glad to have a conversation with on the issues, if your mind is open. I voted for Obama, but I still openly criticized him when he did things that believed were wrong. The same goes for Clinton. I used to take your position on these controversial positions, but the almost universal lack of logic, biblical understanding, and patently partisan rhetoric forced me to rethink things. Someone who calls those who have abortions murderers, and gay people perverts, is not qualified to criticize someone else as judgemental.

    • You are part of the problem, as we say. And you provide a perfect example of the Trump cultist.

      “At this point, the only reason left to support this President, is that he reflects your hateful heart;he shares your contempt of people of color, your hostility toward outsiders, your ignorant bigotry, your feeling of supremacy.”

    • Now you will say, you are not a racist? You don’t consider yourself better than everyone else? Your words say otherwise. Now, let’s see if you stick your racist foot in your mouth.
      As for defending the Unborn, make up your mind! On the one hand, you don’t want women to have abortions than on the other hand you don’t want to be responsible for that child YOU decided should be born! Why should mother and child have help? Not your problem! It is your problem, you made it yours when you denied her, her right to decide otherwise. You can’t have it both ways.

      1. The man is a child rapist (nothing good about that)
      2. The man sexually assault women (nothing good about that)
      3. The man promote hate, (nothing good about that)
      4. The man mokes the disabled (if you a son, a father)in service you have to know (there is nothing good about that)
      5. The man play chicken with our lives, teasing and daring a crazy dictator to bomb us! (nothing good about that)

      So what conclusion should we make about you?
      As I mention at the beginning, let’s see if you stick your foot in it!

      • Linda Gonzales: you are a completely brainwashed person with no logic, no knowledge of anything that’s really going on in our country. And a hateful one. Just remember one thing: you and your comrades lost in the last election. You’re going to lose and lose again and again because you and your leaders are unproductive, divisive, and hateful. America woke up. Enough of this nonsense based on lies and destructions.

        • Multiple comments on this thread, by you. All of them out in left field. I cannot, in fact, even understand some of your thoughts. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that English is not your first language. But seriously, not seriously…what are “lies and destructions”? Clearly, your thoughts are “unproductive, divisive, and hateful”. Honestly, YOU and your ilk are exactly why we are in this “shithole” period in this country’s history. History will not be kind.

          • David, it’s you and your ilk only who believe we’re in the “shithole” period, most Americans know that we are bringing our country back to what it once was: the country for hard-working people, small government, and law and order. But you don’t know how to think for yourself being so outraged and full of hate. Laughable. Can’t understand what I write? Your problem.

        • Inga. No one woke up. It was just a few votes in a precious few precincts in three states that elected Trump. He fell behind in the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes and would have lost by that much if we elected presidents by popular vote. Trump’s base is only about 30 percent of voters—and even that amount is eroding. He has disgusted the other 70 percent of voters so much that they would not elect Trump as dog catcher in the next election. You are the ne who needs to wake up. You may begin by reading the 200+ posts on my blog and looking at yourself in the full-length mirror it offers up to you. The safe link is:


          • Yes people woke up. If we had a real press and not one that is an arm of the Democrat party, he would have won by a landslide.

            I don’t think his base is “eroding,” btw. And now with the booming Trump economy, he’s going to gain support.

          • This is really something out of this world: “was just a few votes”? Are you kidding me? Of the 3,112 counties for which there is county-level data, 2,728 shifted toward the GOP, 383 shifted Democratic, and 1—Barrow County, Georgia—stayed exactly the same. 2,728 counties voted for Trump! Good “few votes”! You, people, have no shame, really. 3,000,000 votes came from two places: CA and NY! That’s it: two places with no voters ID requirements and with driver licenses given to illegals! No Trump base is eroding – stop fooling yourself. People live better, the economy is growing, bonuses are giving, salaries are rasing… stop believing that Americans are stupid – we are not. You? I don’t know…

        • What policies does he support and oppose? Because it seems to change on a daily basis. He will say one thing in an interview and blast something completely different on tweeter.

          People with counter arguments are acting like this presidents behavior is somehow normal. If this time in 2016 we saw Obama doing half of what Trump is doing you would be yelling for impeachment and you know it. You need to take a good hard look inside and decide if this president has your best interest at heart. If you’re not a part of the top 1% or name isn’t Donald Trump he doesn’t.

        • Inga-Keep up the fight! Trump has shown-once and for all-who stands where. between activist judges and RINO traitors, between Russiagate and ‘states’ rights’ (mariuana and sanctuary cities only), we can see the road ahead.

    • So as long as the ends appear to justify the means, you will continue to support this malevolent deranged human. The cumulative damage done to this country is being noticed and is having an effect. Check the polls. Watch the election results. Most American’s know a good person from a bad one. Sorry you don’t.

    • Immediately bring up a Clinton and personally attack the author. Why am I not surprised?

      Low unemployment is thanks to Obama if anyone, but actually governments don’t have that much to do with the economy and unemployment other than the public sector. Anything a government does takes years to affect the team economy.

        • I majored in economics. Thus, I have indeed educated myself. Now, here’s a fact: each year’s budget is the work of the preceding year’s president. We can’t comment on year 2018 yet because it’s only January. Year 2017’s budget was worked up by year 2016’s president, which was Obama. Ergo, all those rosy economic statistics praised in the article you linked to are the results of Obama’s policies. I don’t know why the economists aren’t acknowledging that fact, unless it’s because they have no education in political science to go along with their education in economics.

          Fortunately, I remember my course in Political Science 101 (a.k.a. American government) very well. Rest assured, Inga, if you take the time to research whether what I’ve told you is true, you’ll find that I’ve given you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… Unlike Trump, who doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.

          • You’re generally correct that the economy of this year is the economy of the previous year’s president. So I guess we can agree that the last seven years of Obama’s presidency are his economy, not Bush’s correct? You need to fill Ed in on that – he says those years don’t belong to Obama, but to Bush instead.

            What did Obama average in GDP growth over those last seven years that were his, Molly? About 2.1% growth on average? 1.6% growth his last year?

            That would leave him as still being the only US president in over a century to not have GDP growth of 3.0% or better in at least one year of his presidency, correct?

            Now – you being an economist – the reduction in regulatory burden by Trump from the beginning of his presidency has had no effect on the economy this year?

            Glad you had to comment on Trump not knowing the meaning of the truth. Let’s take a moment to apply that standard about lying, shall we?

            Remember when Obama told us that Obamacare would save the average family $2500 a year? Remember “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”?

            Remember Ben Rhodes and Jonathan Gruber, bragging of how they were sent to deceive about health care and Iran? I’m going to call that world class lying when you send paid professionals out to deceive the Congress and the country – how about you?

            Remember when Obama said that the IRS targeting conservative groups was “just a few rogue agents”?

            Remember when Obama said he had no idea Clinton was violating the Espionage Act, using an illegal private email server, until he heard about it in the news? Ever wonder why Putin knew America wouldn’t honor it’s agreement to protect Ukraine in exchange for them giving up their nukes. Remember when Huma Abedin, caught with more emails, said she went and personally gave Obama Clinton’s new email address for his Blackberry every time her email changed?

            Remember when Obama said Clinton did nothing wrong – while she was still under investigation? Think that might be why Comey and Strzok wrote that letter exonerating her three months before they even interviewed her? And three months before Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton, which was when Comey said he decided he had to step into the AG’s shoes and wrote that letter?

            Remember when Obama said Benghazi was all about an insulting YouTube video?

            I think it is a safe bet to say you’ve never been caught bitching about Obama lying about Obamacare, about Iran, about Benghazi, etc. Nor Clinton perjuring herself before oath while testifying to Congress, saying she never sent nor received classified email over her illegal private email server.

            Yeah, Trump’s a liar. But the one saving grace on that is he lies about dumb shit – he doesn’t lie to mislead a country about health care, his Iran deal, Benghazi, etc.


          • Are you an econ grad? An English major coulda toldya, ‘budget’ and ‘policies’ aren’t the same thing-deregulation has a more immediate effect too. Sorry, but Trump isn’t passively enjoying an Obama boom (HA! As if!)

    • So Joe. You are Larry this week? Who will you be next week?

      You are one to talk about judging people as good and bad. People like you all over this country have made a cottage industry out of doing just that for the past 37 years. There was a time when Americans were just fellow Americans—but that ended when you guys stood up and declared, “Anyone who does not think and behave exactly like me is an enemy of God, and any enemy of God is an enemy of mine.” Suddenly, there was no such thing as neighbors who loved each other as they loved themselves—and just disagreed a little on politics and religion. There were just people who declared themselves to be the sole righteous group of
      people left on Earth and those they declared to be enemies of God. Now that’s recipe for human brotherhood if I ever saw one. The fault rests with your ilk because you started it. People like me are going to finish it for you.

      • Well, Charles, if “Larry” is “Joe Catholic,” then it is just another one of his lies as he promised he would stick with “Joe Catholic” and cease with the aliases. But then, look who he considers worth voting for. Just following the example of the Liar-In-Chief who has been caught in over 2000 lies in a year, averaging a little over 5 a day.

          • Charles wrote “It’s Joe. He is back to using multiple names again.”

            How sad. He had promised he would cease to use multiple identities and stick to only one. This is just another piece of evidence that he is not a credible person. A trustworthy person would not lie about his name as “Larry” does.

            As he is just going to go on and on with his unseemly obsession with controlling what women do with their bodies, I suggest you and I ignore his existence. All he will do is attempt to deflect every conversation to his usual red herring.

            • The seemly “obsession” is with the victims of abortion. I understand your obsession with the termination of inconvenient pregnancies, but not your callous and cold-hearted attitude toward those you exterminate.

      • Seriously Charles, this again. On what universe does it matter who Larry is? Do you know who each and every person who posts here is? That is no different than those who obsess about what other consenting adults do in the bedroom. I always thought you were an awful friend when you fed Gloriamarie’s obsession. Do you want another “listgate” debacle? Maybe it is your obsession. If Larry is Joe, do you think Joe was banned by John? Are you calling John a fake and a liar when he says everyone is welcome at his table? Wouldn’t it seem to be a petty bias to block someone who has never cursed, singled out someone for months, printed libelous accusations or wished death on someone while posting the words of others to do so here?

        Peace Charles – there will always be someone you can rebut with your wise words. Why descend into pettiness? It is beneath you.

    • Larry, your convenient moral relativism “not your place to defend who is good…” speaks for itself.

      It’s 2018, Trump is in Office Clinton was the 90s! BTW Monica was consensual. The 16+ speaking against Trump were not!

      We understand it’s very difficult for an adult to admit a mistake to others. The courageous find a way to do it!

      • Oh silly, the obvios alternative is to give the govt control over 1/6 of the economy, otherwise you’re just a heartless deplorable bigot.

        Did I miss anything?

    • Dear Larry. It is every human beings right, and duty, to speak up for those who cannot defend themselves. You seek to defend a person whose actions and agenda is indefenceable.

    • Blah, blah, blah. Try REALLY reading this again openly. Pay attention while reading. Then you can really make s determination of what kind of person you are. I know looking in a mirror can be difficult for some, but it can’t be avoided forever.

    • agree….. i don’t call the people who supported one of the most corrupt organizations…HC.. wicked… just because they have the opinion ( while i can’t understand why) that they would support her. I do agree… that Our current ( duly elected) president…is far from a shining example of a statesmen.. i wish those who counsel him..could find a squelch button… often.. and yet… considering our options.. i DO think good things will be done for America. I think that with his “team” we are in better shape, than we would be if the Clinton and B.O … America apologist were still in charge ( altho…they are fighting desperately…to act as if they are…and have some of their “moles” still in place. By all means, you have the right to be indignant…at some comments… but as the previous commenter stated..Hypocrisy is rampant. THANKFULLY ,,, my being “judged good ” or not…is not dependant on P.C. correctness..or public opinion…My Judge… is he who was the only perfect being.. and your judge as well… that job is above ALL our abilities and pay grades. shalom

    • It’s ALL of our duties to judge the Good and the bad, and to try to influence others to always stay on the good side. At this point, most people who voted for this narcissistic, petulant, egotistical, and addle-brained POS are just trying to save face and refuse to take exception with his actions and words because it means they were wrong to vote for him in the first place!

    • “Trump defenders defend policy primarily”…spoken like a true trump apologist. Lies on top of lies on top of lies. There is no defending this racist “president” unless, of course, you are also a racist. You are fooling no one.

    • We benefit from lower unemployment numbers today largley because of former President Obama’s policies. As for the current occupant of the White House, his overt racism hurts everyone, especially those whom he targets, but also all Americans.

      • Obama didn’t cut taxes and regulations. Obama policies didn’t bring Apple billions back to the US. The economy is bouncing back for real because there is confidence in current policies.

        Can you cite any policies that are “racist”? You can play the race card if you like and say that building a wall keeps out the “brown people,” but the purpose is to thwart illegal entry. If that’s not what you’re referring to, then please list those racist policies I’m allegedly supporting.

    • How shiny do you think Ronald Reagan’s city on the hill looks now that we have a childish self-centered victim promoting it against anyone else’s higher standards ?

    • Violence against the unborn who cannot yet experience that violence (or experience anything, in fact), is not violence. Violence against the unborn who can experience that violence is tragic, but is almost always a last resort to prevent greater violence to another. Sometimes hard decisions must be made.

      I have never seen Pastor Pavlovitz defend sexual debauchery. This article itself makes clear that he is not someone who would defend sexual immorality.

      • He has his own set of worldly beliefs regarding sexual morality that are contrary to those of the Bible and the Church which gave us the Bible in its present form.

        • And Trump’s personal Vietnam was not contracting STD’s. Maybe that was before . This is now. He must be living the Commandments every single day the way he collects mulligans he so righteously deserves. Is that your feelings also? Different strokes for different folks. There is no lie or behavior that cannot be excused, repeated or ignored – it just depends on who you are. Is adultery, telling thousands of proven lies, bullying, slandering, libelous tweeting approved behavior by your God or ok because he put more money in your pocket?

          I know people give you a bad time here, but you are not exactly a good poster child for your God. I like mine better. He is not impressed by arrogance or praying in the corners of the streets. He is absolute and loves all his children.

      • There are two ways to defend sexual debauchery – or any other kind of immoral and/or unchristian conduct.

        The first is to actively hide it, or give voice in support of it.

        The second is to see it, but make a deliberate decision to stay silent, because you support the man, the policy, the political party, whatever.

        And this false prophet and false pastor has remained silent on the Obamas and Clintons doing the exact same things that he now excoriates Trump for supposedly doing. Along with a few other things of their own.

        There is no shortage of things Trump can be criticized for, many of which are valid and worthwhile. But when you keep your trap shut about Obama/Clinton for the last nine years, and then suddenly discover your morals and principles after the inauguration of Trump, you’re not a moral compass. You’re not even a pastor, particularly one who claims they say what needs to be said.

        You’re just a political demagogue, and this country already has too many of them on both sides.

        One set of morals and one set of principles, please. Apply them equally to all, or be called out for being the false face that you are.

    • This isn’t about Bill Clinton. He will have to answer for his own sins. This conversation is about Donald J. Trump. Wake up!

      • And why is there only “a conversation” when the conversation is Trump? No need for “a conversation” for the eight years prior to that? Nothing happening among our political leaders that a pious pastor, with the mission to say what needed to be said, during that time?

        Advocacy for abortion up to the moment of birth? Attacking devout Christians for refusing to participate in a homosexual wedding? Nothing at all?

        The point is, if you want to be accepted as a pastor, as a moral compass, as an impartial purveyor of opinion, you have to be honest and trustworthy. You have to be seen as having a uniform set of morals and principles, applying those to all people and all issues uniformly.

        John Pavlovitz is none of that. Few of his supporters here are that. They are blatant political demagogues instead, and it is difficult to believe they actually are people of faith, rather then the white version of Jeremiah Wright or Al Sharpton.

        Nobody needs to be told Donald Trump is both a flawed person and a flawed politician. There are problems with many of his policies. But so are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – they have done (and in some cases continue to do) many of the things that this article accuses Trump of doing.

        So over the history of this false prophet’s blog and posts, where do we go to read his criticisms of the words and actions of both Clinton and Obama over the last nine years? Even just one? Surely this false prophet didn’t just find his faith and found this website on the day of Trump’s inauguration?

        But there isn’t one, is there? Because this man and his mission are about politics – not about faith and Christianity. In reality, he really is just the white version of Al Sharpton – a political hustler.

        • What about ?? But that DOESNT
          ‘T change the facts of this president’s behaviour…… and your support of that behaviour.

        • Again with the under playing of Trump’s behavior. He doesn’t have a few issues, he has many. His actions and demeanor reflect poorly on our country.

          I’ll say this as plainly as possible, Donald Trump does not care about you…. He cares about getting attention and making as much money as possible.

        • Rick.

          Ironically, ‘all’ are not welcome at JP’s ‘Bigger Table’ like he says they are. In fact, he seems to ‘oust’ more people from his Table, than are allowed to stay.

          Meanwhile, guests at the ‘Bigger Table’ struggle to keep up with the dizzingly array of grievances.

          Whew, it’s tiring!

    • Larry, Larry, you are so blinded by your hate. Your statements are false!! Obama’s administration put this country on solid footing!!! Yes the Clinton’s are bad people, end will pay for their sins!!

      • “Obama’s administration put this country on solid footing!!!”


        First president, Republican or Democrat, in at least 150 years to not have one single year where GDP grew by at least 3%. Averaged a dismal 2.1% over his eight years, 1.6% in has last. GDP for last year was north of 3.0% and counting; final numbers still not in.

        The record increase in debt – aided and abetted by the Republicans who allowed him to do that – somehow or other put America on better footing?

        You believe the country was less divided, rather than more divided after Obama? Many will laugh if that is your assertion.

        And then there’s stuff like this – how did this make America “more solid”?

        • This country became divided when Mr. Spray Tan started telling angry people what they wanted to hear. Be honest when you say we shouldn’t be divided you mean to say, think like me because I’m right.

          Almost no one 18 to 34 supports Trump, luckily we’re the largest generation now. Hopefully it shows in the upcoming elections this year for congressmen.

    • Larry, look at what you have said. Mr. Pavlovitz has not defended Bill Clinton, our country is enjoying its 87 consecutive month of growth, unemployment is at a low. It might serve you well to stop the sweeping generalizations and look at the issues. I have found that we are a mix of Liberal and Conservative values, it isn’t just one issue that defines us. You have proven what he is saying.

      • You are correct sir – we are dealing with the here and now.

        If this false prophet and his acolytes – who are more about political agendas than faith – really are about “the here and now”, where were they the eight years before Trump? Did history and their use of the internet only begin on the day of Trump’s inauguration? Did this false prophet only find his faith and his calling to “say things that need to be said” on the day of the inauguration?

        It is hard to take people seriously or have respect for their opinions, when they don’t develop morals and principles until they don’t like the results of an election.

        And there is all that other “here and now” that is going on concurrently. Has the false prophet written about Clinton following the revelations by the former DNC chair that she fixed the primary against Sanders – and then used the DNC as a money laundering machine to finance her election campaign? Has he written anything about Obama prohibiting the DEA shutting down a billion dollar a year Hezbollah drug cartel, running cocaine into the US? All because he wanted his Iran legacy? Hezbollah uses that money on foreign battlefields and for terrorism. Aside from other nations, how many American men died in the Middle East thanks to that money Obama allowed Hezbollah to make running drugs into the US? How many Americans died here at home, a direct result of those Hezbollah drugs that Obama allowed them to run into this country.

        That’s “here and now”. But you won’t see this false prophet and his acolytes touching their keyboards to blog or post about that or any of the other information now coming out as a result of investigations and FOIA requests.

    • A great deflection, Larry. Completely off the point. Deflecting seems to be the refined talent of the administration. There seem to be few other qualities.

    • When does the Statute of Clinton Blaming Limitations run out? Trumpites can never argue an issue on its own merits. Always have to fall back to blaming Hillary, Bill or Barak.

      • It’s to make the point that one can overlook personal failings while supporting public policies. Many liberals turned a blind eye towards Clinton’s personal misbehavior because they approved of his policies. Likewise with Trump.

        Trump has given us a conservative Justice, removed stifling regulations, put in place an economic policy that’s going to benefit us all, is not cowering before our enemies, etc. There is much to be thankful for.

        Just look at what people are able to overlook regarding MLK. He said good beautiful and inspirational things, while being a reverend and cheating on his wife right and left.

      • And members of the Harvey Weinstein branch of the Clinton and Obama fan club always have to try and claim nobody has any right to point out their hypocrisy. Because otherwise they’d have to explain why they kept their cakeholes shut and smiled while those two did much of what they’re now accusing Trump of (some of those accusations also being true). And worse.

        The very idea that this column is based on “merits”, rather than visceral hatred is about the only amusing thing about the whole piece. In fact, the primary reason regressive progressives are keeping the hysteria dial turned up past 10 is because they’re unable to discuss policies and issues – and their merits.

        And the havoc of Obama and Clinton is hardly in the past, including those within the bureaucracy that enabled them to do much of that. Many of them are still there. Like revelations from last week, for example – we are still dealing with the ongoing affects of this:

        • Think you forgot a president in the middle there. I could ask you the same questions about Bush. But I won’t because the past doesn’t matter, the fact is we have a president in office that shouldn’t be there and likely doesn’t want to be there. I’ll talk policy all day. Trump can’t even fill key government positions. His policies change at random, even within the same day. He doesn’t know what he is doing, if white house staffers weren’t baby sitting him he would be 10 times as lost.

    • Another racist sycophant. All of you, your days are numbered. When the rancid pile of sewage you admire goes down, you’re all going with him.

      • Another rabid neo-communist from the Harvey Weinstein branch of the rape culture Clinton Crime Cartel. Not unlike the one who murdered five police officers in Dallas. Or the one who tried to murder several dozen Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice.

        You know they’re afraid is the best they can manage is “racist”, “mysogenist”, “big meanie”. Because they’re screwed when it comes to discussing policy, and they don’t have any of their own.

        • You just equated murderers with people whose politics you disagree with, and yet you whine about those same people using words like “racist” and “misogynist”? Jeeze. You’re thin-skinned and hypocritical, in addition to wrong.

          • Um, any time a ‘gun nut’ or ‘domestic terrorist’ farts all us conservatives have to disavow. How bout you disavow the violent racists in BLM? Thin skinned? Yall can dish the nukes, but can’t take the fallout.

        • Why are trying to use policy as a defense? Trump isn’t capable of doing effective policy, he either sabotages himself on tweeter or the courts step in.

    • For gods sake go home and listen to yourself before you embarrass your family by speaking without thinking. Pray for enlightenment.

      • For God’s sake…. try to come up with something more adult than that sophomoric comment. What is it about Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton that has had you fawning over them for years, anyways?

        Why are you so blindly supportive of a president with an eight year track record of a reign of error? What are you most proud of? Forbidding the DEA from shutting down a Hezbollah drug cartel that smuggled a billion dollars worth of cocaine into the US each year? A billion used to fund Hezbollah terrorist activities that killed Americans among others? A billion dollars worth of cocaine that killed many Americans right here at home?

        And you babble about others “praying for enlightenment”. Grow up, get some rest, get out of the house, and look around you.

    • When one leans to a certain angle all the time, and can’t see the other side of the triangle, it’s going to be that view and that view all of the time. Following any social media which has its algorithms skewed to give you your bias, you will stay at that angle and that angle only. I can’t see our brother here changing any time now or in the near future. It’s the continual repetition of all of the anti-Trump rhetoric from 2016. So much of it has been debunked but, no, it has to be repeated. Sure, Trump is not a perfect man and has his idiosyncrasies. So anti-Trumpers just love to pick on those and amplify it. Just one year in and the economy is showing recovery that’s amazing actually and many many more positives. I hope the left-leaning angle collapses and the other side becomes starkly clear and some repentance can be forthcoming.

    • I knew some jackass was going to come along and say something negative in response to all the true comments that were made in this article. It is people like you that keep this world so jacked up sometimes it’s best if you just shut up and stop making things worse.

      • It was inevitable some witless woman, bitter because she lost her chance to be Bill Clinton’s next female humidor for his cigars, would fly into a rage because somebody questioned the hypocrisy of this article.

        It’s people like that, so in love with the Harvey Weinstein rape culture Clinton Crime Cartel, that help create a country of polar opposites. You know they were watching their TV’s, cheering as another bitter Democrat loser attempted to slaughter Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice.

        If only they would do what they tell others to do – just shut those holes in the middle of their face that spew so much fecal matter that it makes the holes at the other end of their bodies jealous.

    • Thank you Larry,, the defender. Typical defender, always trying to prove that 2 wrongs make a right. Trump is crude, rough, ignorant of history, classless. I want my president to be better than that. In my opinion he embarrasses America. In your opinion he is just fine for our children to emulate. As an old person I pray for a wise, kind, gentle, moral, strong, articulate, knowledgeable, person to lead our country. Someone who our children and the World can be proud of. Not someone who acts like a child needing discipline. ( well, he/she did it, so I can do it, too…he’s a cheater, so it’s okay for me, too) Why not emulate the good, instead of making excuses for emulating the bad qualities.

      • I go to Church every day. I don’t say that to brag but say that because of gratitude that I have such a privilege and to make the point that I am striving as best I can for personal sanctity. That doesn’t mean, however, that all I have to do business with or vote for are on the same page as I am. One thing that I MUST vote against is abortion. That’s not negotiable. Find a liberal candidate who does not support this injustice and he or she will have my attention. Meanwhile, Republicans are the only game in town, besides the fact that they are better about many other issues. It would be a huge sin for me to materially participate in an abortion, which includes voting for its continuance.

        Trump is flawed. Hillary is flawed. Your brain surgeon, if God forbid you ever need one is flawed. We have to do the best we can with the imperfect people we have to deal with. Your Sunday school teacher who dabbled in medicine in college would not be the right person to remove a brain tumor. He personal holiness would not necessarily mean she is a skilled surgeon.

        I din’t vote for Trump’s sins. I voted for imperfect but much better policies than those of his opponent.

        • Joe said he goes to church everyday too. In fact, you and Joe are the only two people I have ever known that “go to church every day>” I wonder if that means something?

      • Yeah, well if you’re so quick to wring your hands and beat you’re chest, all you’ll ever get are pre-packaged, sterilized, focus-grouped empty suits, more beholden to the Swamp than you.

    • Larry, with all due respect, a couple corrections are in order here. First, you state that the writer’s criterion for determining what is good and bad is corrupt and try to justify it with a straw man argument. I did not read anywhere that he vigorously defended the unborn and attacked those that defend them or talked about sexual debauchery. Next, you have been misled if you think Trump actually had anything to do with lower unemployment levels among blacks. Facts do not lie and simple research will show that those unemployment levels started to decline while Obama was still in office and continued before Trump ever became President. But it is interesting that you find it necessary to end your comment by making it a racial issue, saying that it is a liberal agenda to keep blacks dependent on the government. But I understand, none of trump supporters are racist, right?

    • Larry sorry but you are an idiot. Reality is economic numbers are changed by policies made well before Trump came into office. Stop giving trump credit for the previous administrations. Just making an assumption here but you are probably a racist too. Why only point out Black employment numbers? Let’s start with this Larry. 1st – I am a republican fiscally. I grew up in a conservative military household where all members of my family wee required to give service. So let’s save the Liberal bullshit. Let’s look at your post closely: 1. Every human is allowed to determine whom they deem Bad or Good people. Also Trump has done nothing but prove he is a horrible human. Agree with the original poster. Larry anyone that would talk about people the way he does is not only unprofessional but to use terms you might understand “White Trash” I hope you can show me your medals defending this country because I have many Yellow and Red ribbons in my family. BTW – I own a gun, I literally cringe at all the taxes I pay. But the difference between me and you is that I have a soul and an education which allows me to see how incredibly bad this guy is. Furthermore, Let’s be honest Trump supporters do not support policy. They support hate. I agree that we need to be fiscally responsible. Are you in the top 5% If not you short term gains will do nothing for you and only hurt your children and grandchildren. Secretly, I hope you did not breed. You are so misinformed to think these short term gains will do anything. It is a ploy to get undereducated people to keep supporting his outright support of only the wealthy. Also I will add I am a strategist for a living and see past the immediate short term small literally nothing gain that will result in a recession due to wealthy tax cuts. Unless you are a genius that can prove trickle down economics work…when no other economic professional has since Regan. The economic benefit is 100% going to benefit the top 5% . Please tell me where is anything he has done (where he can actually take credit for) has benefited the whole? You are another blind follower that is not educated enough to make statements like you do. FOX news is not factual, please read the bill and look at who really benefits.

      • There is so much ignorance in this comment that it is difficult to know where to begin, but certainly it’s not worth wasting a whole evening attempting to address them all. Particularly on somebody who writes “I hope you don’t breed” – while they post with all the intelligence of somebody who was culled from their family’s inbreeding program.

        Let’s start with dressing yourself in the clothes of your family, their politics, their military service. That’s probably the alternate line to saying “I have some friends who are black”. I don’t care how many medals others in your family earned – the only ones which count are the ones YOU earned. Not what I suspect are the better Americans in your family – what YOU earned. That’s the only thing that counts with those who HAVE served in the military.

        So if you want to pull the “show me your medals” crap, do it – I’ll compare my 30 years in the military, medals, and discharge to what YOU did in your military service. Not your uncle’s – YOURS. Let’s see ’em. You will not be the first dirtbag to try and ride the coattails of better men and women who had the misfortune to be related to you.

        So much, and so little time…

        Let’s just pick the supposed ignorance of others on economics, shall we? I did my minor in economics; I never once saw the school of “trickle down economics” in any of my texts. We’re all aware that’s a favorite line for Democrat political demagogues who can never tax enough to buy votes with, but as you’re a self professed professional strategist, clearly you have read a lot on this. What economics text did you find the most helpful to understanding this – I’d like to check a copy out of the university library.

        Here’s a hint for you: The “trickle-down” theory cannot be found in even the most voluminous scholarly encyclopedias of economic theories — including J.A. Schumpeter’s monumental “History of Economic Analysis,” more than a thousand pages long and printed in very small type.

        So you really don’t know jack about ANY theories of economics. You’re just someone claiming to be fiscally Republican (while crying about letting those who do pay taxes keep more of their money), busily parroting Democrat demagoguery.

        Let’s also add as an aside that it is amusing to watch regressive progressive neo-communists attack “trickle down economics” as wasteful when it’s leaving people with their money – but sound, strategic policy when it’s the government taking that money and “trickling it down” (after running it through layers of government) as they pick winners and losers. The same government that can’t even avoid going deeper into debt, much less balance a budget.

        “The economic benefit is 100% going to benefit the top 5%”????

        Are you on drugs, or do you just say whatever comes through your mind from Pelosi, Shumer, et al? Can we at least start by being fair and admitting you can’t give the bottom 48% or so who pay NO taxes a tax cut? You do realize you can’t pay any less than zero, right?

        All those companies (Ford, Wal-Mart, etc) announcing employees bonuses, wage increases – out of their tax savings, not profits – are you going to claim they aren’t actually benefiting due to those tax cuts? Are those employees actually part of that top 5% you’re so obsessed with? They just don’t know it?

        A final thought on the taxation you clearly know nothing about other than to parrot what Democrats are repeating as talking points. John Maynard Keynes – anything but from the right – said in 1933, “Taxation may be so high as to defeat its object, that in the long run, a reduction of the tax rate “ill run a better chance, than an increase, of balancing the budget.”

        One final point on this gem of yours: ” FOX news is not factual, please read the bill and look at who really benefits.”

        First, it’s a certainty that you haven’t read the bill yourself. I doubt you’re capable of understanding it, but you at least should.

        That aside, do you know the two things Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Mary Mapes, Thomas Frank, Brian Ross, et al have in common? First, they were were all news broadcasters fired or suspended by major networks for broadcasting false news stories to their audiences. Know what the second thing was? No, of course you don’t.

        Let me tell you: Not a single one one of them worked for FOX. They worked for CNN, CBS, NBC, – all the networks but FOX.

        I just wonder which one of them you get your “news” from.

        • {I just wonder which one of them you get your “news” from.}

          I decided to investigate whence YOU get your news from, Rick.

          If you’re as well-educated as you claim, no doubt you are familiar with “plagiarism.” No doubt you are also aware that it’s a dishonest and dishonorable thing to do.

          So, how about you stop plagiarizing from Thomas Sowell? (see — our friend Rick has been copying whole paragraphs from Sowell, without having the integrity to credit Sowell; our friend Rick would like us all to be very impressed with how well he writes, and/or how brilliantly he repudiates “trickle-down economics.” Shame on our friend Rick. It’s Sowell who writes well and who argues brilliantly, not Rick.)

          Now that the record has been set straight, let’s say the magic words Rick apparently longs to hear. The term “trickle-down economics” was created to describe the theory behind Ronald Reagan’s economic proposals, which were based on something known as “supply side economics.” (I leave it to those interested in economics to Google/Bing/whatever for more information.) So, yes, it’s true: you will not find a “trickle-down economics” theory in any economics textbook. But you WILL find “supply side economics,” which “trickle-down” is meant to describe for non-economists. The idea is basically that if you tweak the economy to favor the “producers” (owners of capital–think “business owners”), there will be an increase in production, which will end up putting more money in the pockets of “labor.” Or, in other words, if your economic policies put more money in the pockets of the rich, the rich will expand their businesses, which will require hiring more employees and maybe paying more, thus the money will “trickle down” to workers.

          There you go, Rick. Now you can quit bellyaching about the term “trickle-down economics”…and you can also quit plagiarizing Sowell. Be a good lad, now, and run along and let the adults talk in peace, eh?

        • Actually David Stockman, who was Ronald Reagan’s budget director said “Supply-side is trickle-down theory.”

          About those bonuses – AT&T “bonus” was negotiated with the Union before the tax bill. Do you believe that they are handing out bonuses with money they already had or money they do not have yet? I wonder how many others are just putting on a show by praising the heavens for their gift of the windfall added to their “get out of jail card” that has no end date. What is one bonus? Do you really think the money for those bonuses and raises just appeared?

          I am retired so all the imaginary jobs in the world are not going to help me. They sure would have been nice during Bush I’s recession when my husband lost his job and my hours were cut back. No one wanted to hire a 50 year old man when there were so many 30 year olds looking for a job. My Pension took a beating during Bush II’s recession. Higher medical costs and higher taxes down the road are what is going to break us. I worked from age 16 to 65. No one is going to hire a 70 year old with bent and twisted fingers who can barely hold a pencil. Some day you might be unable to work also.

          PS You are offended by the “breeding” thing, yet you posted the “cigar” thing. You seem to be no less biased than anyone else. Also, it is possible to rebut without questioning one’s intelligence or wondering if they are on drugs. Name calling and trying to debase someone are a weak man’s tools. If you feel your argument is solid, why resort to that? Just saying….

          • Did you give the same lecture on ad hominum to the person I was responding to? Did you give the same lecture to any of the other anti-Trump people slinging crap at people who disagreed with them?

            I know you didn’t – you just saved your lecture for those on the other side of the political isle. Just like the Phony Pastor here who only has morals and values where Trump and his actions are concerned, otherwise absent when it comes to obama and Clinton.

            To quote you: “Just sayin'”…

            As to why… well Joanne, I’ve never liked bullies, of either the physical or Internet kind. Maybe it’s those decades in the military, but I decided that ignoring them just encourages them. They need a real or a virtual punch in the mouth instead. So if somebody wants to throw trash at others about “breeding”, I’m more than happy to to give them the response they’ve indicated they deserve. If they want to have an unemotional debate instead, then they can have that as well.

            You appear to be willing to have an unemotional, civil discussion, so you will get the same in return. I even assume you won’t be a hypocrite and only chide those you oppose about ad hominum after this.

            So, to the meat of your post. I really don’t care about a quote that goes back to the Democrat “trickle down” talking point of Reagan’s time. Want me to find somebody from the same time, from the Reagan camp, who said completely the opposite? I can easily do so if you agree to concede once I do so. Fair enough? Because Strickman also said that the picture of what Democrats painted and then called “trickle down economics” was nothing like what they were doing, and had nothing to do with supply side economics.

            So again, I’ll invite you as well to name me an economics text that includes “trickle down” theory that Democrats were trying (and failing) to defeat Reagan with.

            Can you name one?

            And no, supply side economics does not look anything like the strawman “trickle down” story that Democrats continue to push 30 years later. And what some Republicans push as supply side economics, when they try to tie corporate welfare to supply side economics is BS as well.

            Let’s try this instead: name one year where a cut in federal taxes was accompanied by a drop in the amount of taxes collected by the federal government. Supply side tools are reductions in taxes in regulatory burden – it it doesn’t work, then you shouldn’t have a problem with finding a year where federal tax cuts resulted on diminished tax revenue.

            Can you name a year?

            “Do you really think the money for those bonuses and raises just appeared?”

            No, I think it appeared in large part because of the tax cuts. And I think that because those companies said so. That seems pretty simple – their press releases said so.

            Why do you believe otherwise? Do you think those raises, those bonuses, that money returned to the US, those vehicle factories returning to the US, appeared just because of something else? Do you think that those companies are lying in those press releases, part of a deep, dark conspiracy to support Trump when they say those bonuses and raises are in large part due to tax reform? Wal-Mart is lying? Chrysler is lying? Apple is lying?

            What is so terrible about today’s news?

            “Apple on Wednesday made a slew of announcements about its investment in and contribution to the U.S. economy in part because of the new tax law.

            The headline from Apple is that it will make a $350 billion “contribution” to the U.S. economy over the next five years, although it’s unclear exactly how the company came to that number.

            The company also promised to create 20,000 new jobs and open a new campus.”


            It said it expects to pay about $38 billion in taxes for the horde of cash it plans to bring back to the United States. This implies it will repatriate virtually all of its $250 billion in overseas cash.”

            Now that was pretty civilized without any name calling, wasn’t it? Pity the Phony Pastor can’t do the same.

            • Actually I have expressed those my feelings to a few people on both sides, and even Mr. Pavlovitz. I am 70 years old and have raised 4 sons to not be liars, bullies, or braggarts. They are now in their 40’s. They have their faults but are not liars, bullies or braggarts. I have never changed my feelings on what makes a man or woman a decent human being. I respect everyone until they give me a reason not to.

              As I have said numerous times – I am only an authority on my own life. What I related happened. After beginning his Presidency with a good economy handed to him by Clinton, Bush II came in – initiated a tax cut and paid many a $600 refund. It was supposed to go back into the economy – most people put it into a savings account. Then the hurricane happened. Then the war initiated by a lie, created chaos, and killed or maimed thousands of American heroes. Oops no money = the great recession.

              I realize life is not meant to be fair. A guy on the street boosts a $30,000 car and goes to jail. We bail out banks because they are “too big to fail” and they made unwise investments. They take the money, give their CEO’s raises and give to their investors. Wells Fargo steals millions from their customers and – no one goes to jail. Greedy wall street plays games and tipped the country into a horrible recession. Corporations walk away with their employees pensions and …. nothing.

              I have never or will never have a “portfolio”. I am a simple old lady who has always lived simply and on a strict budget. I too want my taxes to be spent wisely. I also think sending in people who have no idea what they are doing just to slash and burn is irresponsible and shows poor judgement and absolutely no business sense, unless the idea is to destroy everything. I try to never lie and if I do misspeak I do and have apologized.

              Why do recessions happen when Republicans are in power? Obama was handed a big pile of mushy stinking poop. Trump was handed a sturdy foundation to build on. Wall Street’s eyes lit up with the promise of bigger rewards added to their “get of our jail free” card.

              After always screaming about the deficit when a Democrat is in power – are you now okay with it growing when Republicans have total power?

              Again I have always said I prefer when power is more balanced. I do not think either side has all the answers or the moral high ground.

              Peace Sir

        • Damn, Rick, when someone uses borrowed plumes to pray against your procreation, are they even worth responding to? Good facts, I saved the new ones in my sticky notes. But still, pearls before swine (and the swine….ARE LEGION).

      • No, Sad for your lack of Education, it’s not we who don’t have enough education (take it from one with a Ph.D.) – it’s you who have no common sense. Obama almost destroyed our economy, added more to our debts than all the previous presidents combined; he was the only president in recent history that never top 3% in annual GDP; the unemployment (the real one) was above the sky; more people were on food stamps than ever before… and you are talking about some mysterious “economic numbers” made before Trump. You are an idiot who watches (and believes) whatever is told on CNN ad whatever haters like Pavlovitz are telling you. You are hilarious.

          • I would add that if she actually has a Ph.D., her doctoral committee needs to be fired for professional malpractice. None of the Ph.D. people I know would be caught dead watching FOX News.

          • You uld be surprised how many external ‘mainstream’ sources the Daily Wire cites, but since you’re a ‘drive-by liberal’ as Rush Limbaugh(!) would say, you’d rather spray the messenger than analyse the message. If you’re such an adult, just skim Shapiro’s article, find a lie or non-sequitur. Or just accept that the people you sneer at won’t just take your word for it.

    • Stupid! Trump parrott! Why don’t you look at the figures, you ass! Black unemployment was ALREAY at a historic low in September 2016. 2017 is just continuing a trend initiated under Obama’s presidency!

      And how come, when he spent all his campaign VILLIFYING the statistics of the Labor bureau and calling them FAKE (because they showed unemployment at historic lows), now all of a sudden Trumpie is trumpetting about them and calling them “true”?

      But we know… When the sun shines Trump clamors it’s thanks to him (thanks to him a year without airplane accidents!!! There are no pits to which he won’t stoop)… and when it’s raining he blames it on Obama!

      Of course it is our place to judge who is good and who is bad. This judgement informs our every day behaviors as well as our votes. And frankly, judgement on Trump is an easy call… and the rest of the world judges him just like we do : you Trump backers are VERY isolated you know, and if I were you I’d be asking myself hard questions… but the characteristic of Trump-backers is that they’d rather avoid any hard questions… that’s why they’re Trump backers.

      And don’t make us laugh with your”point” with abortion. First, you are ATTACKING THE US CONSTITUTION, since Roe vs Wade is, LIKE IT OR NOT, now part of the US constitution, as with any decision of the Supreme Court. But you wouldn’t care, Trump and Trumpists have it on their agenda to destroy the US consitution. Second, you are attacking science, which was the foundation of Roe vs Wade – but you wouldn’t care, since Trump and Trumpists have it on their agenda to destroy science and impose on the United States Christian Shariah law! And third, again and again Trumpists respond to criticism by deflecting and deflecting and deflecting (“Trump is bad? Oh yeah!?? Well what about abortion? What about child abuse? What about cancer? what about poverty? what about….), which shows again and again that they basically have NOTHING to say in favor of their idol. And of course! Rake your brain as hard as you may, there’s nothing you will find in favor of Trump!

      You people are indeed appalling deplorables. But the time of tolerance is now over.

  5. Thank you for your almost daily reminders of this beast. I mean this in a good way and in all sincerity. I don’t want to “get used” to the garbage spewing from the White House. I’ve been worried that if he is removed from office there would be fighting in the streets between both sides of our country. I don’t want to be lulled into a state of not caring. Keep up the good work brother!

    • State of not caring? That’s what you had for the last eight years: Traitor-in-Chief betrayed everyone here. ObamaCare is a disaster, ISIS were murdering innocent people; Iran was paid billions to be able to create a nuclear bomb; there was a war going on on our policemen and women who were murdered by gangsters; the same gangsters were invited to OUR White House… but you didn’t care about all this, right? Liberals are sick people. You live in the world of fantasy, but real life is passing by without you even noticing… Poor, poor people. We have now someone in the WHouse who loves this country and cares about its people, but for you, it doesn’t mean anything.

      • Inga-I’m really feeling your style,maybe because I had an ex whose childhood nickname was Inga (here’s hopin ur a girl) anyway the only valid criticism you’re gonna find here is that trump praises the economic stats he distrusted as a candidate. Everything else is ‘Le Orange Drumpf lol haha’ 101, and some hand-wringing at mean words used in private (remember, Liberals call the South/ BIBle/Rust/Farm-Belt much worse than a ‘shithole’. Trump didn’t invent the word)

  6. They also don’t bomb a country day after day to cover up an extramarital affair and delay impending impeachment. They don’t manipulate their own people into divisiveness in order to control them. They don’t pass laws to keep the oppressed down and dupe them into believing that he is their savior. They don’t apologize to people who have murdered their countrymen. We could go on and on. There is no “good” man. God says that in His Word. You might want to pick the book up and read.

    • That was wrong too. Grow up and stop being a shill to your political party. These behaviors continue because of apologists like yourself.

        • Inga it seems our economy is more important to you than the fact that this country is on spiritual
          life support due to a failure of moral leadership and poverty of integrity. So while you continue to push your mantra about an economy that could change rapidly this country’s heart and soul are being destroyed. It seems Trump’s supporters don’t hold him accountable for anything and remain willfully ignorant that in fact Trump’s presidency is an unmitigated disaster for the majority of this country. I repeat the MAJORITY of this country. One last thing Inga your rhetoric and demeanor do not endear you to anyone. PHD does not give you the right to demean others and negate reality. Mostly, what you don’t seem to realize is in order to insult us we must first value your opinion.

          • You can repeat, but I’d rather hear you EXPLAIN how trump is a disaster. The country has survived mean words in the Oval office before.

    • Don’t distract from the issue regarding the executive leader of our country, for now is not the time for divisiveness among the citizenry. What you say is basically true regarding the majority will of Congress comprised of both parties’ special interests, meaning that we must vote wisely. We must join together in a movement to ‘flip’ the House and Senate starting with any of your local, state or federal elections this spring. You know that Trumpf is now at the ‘disgusting’ mark. And you know you wouldn’t like or want a husband/wife/lover/teacher/doctor/childcare worker/nurse/accountant/lawyer/judge/sibing/parent, or child to act this way so what was the purpose of your post?

    • There are no “good” men? Really? Good men and women have core values and respect for all humanity. There are good men and women who make mistakes, have regret and do the next right thing. Over and over. This is life.

    • ” You might want to pick the book up and read.”

      Gotta love when people post things like that assuming the blog author has never read the Bible…

      • One has to hand it to you John – when it comes to somebody doing cleanup, attempting to mask the blatant hypocrisy of this piece of abject political demagoguery, you are remarkably consistent. Like the guy who used to come behind the circus animals with his bucket and big scoop shovel.

        There is no doubt that some of what this false prophet says about Trump is completely accurate. Trump is a deeply flawed person, and a deeply flawed politician. But there is a lot of it that is flat out lies and Democrat BS and talking points. It is political demagoguery – nor a man of faith reminding people of standards, while adhering to standards himself.

        And it is not “deflection” to point out that this false prophet and his acolytes including yourself have been remarkably silent over the previous eight years, when many of the same criticisms being leveled at Trump could be made against Obama. But no, it was all good then. Nothing to see here folks, move along now.

        To put it in simple terms, it’s as if John Pavlovitz had been having sex with his mother for the last eight years – and now that his mother is gone, is now beating the walls in anger at anyone having sex with their mothers.

        If you want to be taken seriously as a pastor, as an opinion writer, as somebody who wants to function as a moral compass, you need to have and apply consistent morals and principles. To everyone. Not different values and morals depending on the political label on the person or policy in question.

        • {If you want to be taken seriously as a pastor, as an opinion writer, as somebody who wants to function as a moral compass, you need to have and apply consistent morals and principles.}

          Says the guy who’s been committing plagiarism all over the comments. And who is, for some reason, obsessed with the notion of dudes having sex with their mothers. (Oedipus complex much, Rick?)

          • Says Molly, the woman upset because Clinton lost and with it her chance to be the next vagina serving as Bill Clinton’s cigar humidor in the White House…

            Crack whore much, Molly?

    • Suzanne, I understand the whole “Whataboutism” defense. We all see it everyday. Now what I am about to tell you might possibly turn your entire world completely upside down as it might never have occurred to you before. What if they were BOTH bad? (Insert the sound of head exploding right here) I suppose that would mean we would have to find a completely different argument to defend whichever one we support instead of just criticizing the other side, wouldn’t we?

      • With all due respect, even though you afforded me none, I think you are protecting your guru because he tickles your ears with everything you want to hear. The guy is leading people astray. Be careful.

      • The excuse that “it’s whataboutism” is invariably used by those working desperately to hide their hypocrisy. But it marks them like a brand.

        Now, if the false prophet here, or Paul, Larry, or any of the others can show where the false prophet or any of them were earlier criticizing and condemning Obama/Clinton’s ethical and moral lapses, shortcomings (particularly the ones they’re now attacking Trump for), then I stand corrected.

        The fact is, while some of their accusations thrown at Trump are accurate, many of those exact same accusations and criticisms could have been leveled at Obama. And Clinton.

        But this false prophet said nothing about Obama’s failings and amoral behavior. Nor Clinton’s. The faint stirrings of some semblance of morality and principle only occurred when he didn’t get the president he wanted. And then suddenly, he is filled with outrage. As are his acolytes.

        There are many failings and shortcomings that Trump has, many policies I disagree with. I’d be welcome to discuss them with anybody who shows they actually have principles, rather than the hypocrisy of the regressive progressives who are amoral in their support of Clinton and Obama and couldn’t utter a word of criticism.

        I expect it will be a very short conversation. Particularly with the false prophet, doing the devil’s work.

        • YES! The hypocrites don’t getit; we’re not talking bout Obama for Obama’s sake, but as a foil for the false prophet’s feigned outrage

  7. Another excellent piece and I agree with you completely. Wish I could share it on my FB page but can’t/won’t with that ugly mug on there. Cannot stand to look at that.

  8. Those statements ring true to me .. that was very well written and I understood it well this is not a nice person you can tell ..
    The snickering about women’s genitalia in that caravan that day is laughed off as being oh well all the people who have said he has touched them has never been heard of again really have they it’s just been wiped under the rug everything else is just so true about coloured people and what is happening now the only thing I liked about the action was when the pedophilia was exposed and that was very limited what a shame but then again it is so deep where would you start

    • If you’re so worried about pedophilia, look at the HUNDREDS of arrests made under Trump-FAR more than Obama. Fact is, everyone who has long-term involvement in child rescuing that I’ve seen interviewed certaily approves of Trump. And what do you think of the DNC festooning itself with creeps? Weinstein, Epstein, the Podestas etc. Disempowering these folks is pure gravy.

  9. To think, there are actually people still in support of him, people who have likely never had a real relationship or even a meaningful conversation with someone who falls outside of their narrow definition of sameness. They’ve likely not visited countries he refers to in demeaning terms. He should have zero supporters right now. Yet…

    I’m thankful that you speak boldly about the hot mess that’s happening.

    • Been married 20 years. 30 years in the military, more than a few trips overseas to predominantly Muslim countries, trying to give them a chance at being a country where little girls are genitally mutilated, homosexuals are slaughtered, and women are chattels.

      Now, given the choice between Clinton and Trump, why should I feel she was the better choice? Because she supports oopsie birth control abortion up to the moment of choice? Because she attempted to attack and destroy every woman who came forward after being raped/sexually assaulted by her husband? Her multiple instances of destroying evidence under subpoena? Lying to Congress under oath?

      I would think – especially after the revelations of the last month – that you could find zero people wanting to argue that Clinton was the better, more moral choice. But as you have both been married longer than me and have seen more countries around the world than I have – feel free to convince me.

      • Rick. — not to mention Hillary’s bizarrely cavalier attitude and Obama’s ‘gotta-go meet J-Lo in Vegas’ during the Benghazi siege. So weird.

        But nothing is weirder than Hillary’s relationship with (3-paycheck) Huma Abedin, whose parents founded (Muslim Brotherhood connected) Sharia Law Journal, ‘Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs’ and whose Jewish husband is in prison for sex crimes with a minor while babysitting their 4-year old son.

        Americans did not want that (or hand-stabber John Podesta) in the White House.

          • I’m not aware that somebody said more Americans voted for Trump than Clinton. If somebody did say that, they’re wrong.

            But if they said Trump won more counties than Clinton by an overwhelming majority, they were right. Clinton only won about 490 counties nationwide, compared with about 2,630 for President-elect Donald Trump, correct?

            What’s that, Joanne? Something like five times as many? Feel free to correct my statement if my math is wrong.

            Maybe they said more states, Joanne? Well, Trump won states than Clinton by about a 3-2 ratio, correct? Again, feel free to correct my statement if my math is wrong.

            Most importantly of all, Trump won the Electoral College – the only vote that counts, and as a result, the vote presidential candidates campaign to win. And he slaughtered Clinton there as well – 302 to 232… about a 3 – 2 margin again.

            Clinton got her ass kicked.

            Now, it might interest you to know that, where the popular vote is concerned, there was another guy who became president with far less of the popular vote than Trump had. Guy named Lincoln.

            What’s that

            If they said

            • Read leslie m’s last sentence. She did not say states or counties – she said Americans. I just suggested she reword her statement.

          • I’d love to INFORM you on that number: 3 million more votes came ONLY from two cities (not even states): New York and Los Angeles. Let me also inform you that in those two cities there are no requirements for voter IDs and that driving licenses are giving to illegals (and there are millions of illegals in those places) who can freely vote with these driver licenses. Democrats who are in charge in those two cities categorically denied the request to check the lists of their voters. Do you need more explanations?

            • Inga, Inga why are you so mad? Maybe it is all the Trumpsplaining that is wearing you out. You should be happy – everything is going your way. Did Mr. Pavlovitz invade your house with his blog?

              I was going to let this go but maybe it will calm you down. Did you know that in 2004 George W. Bush won the electoral votes and the popular vote and he lost both New York and California? And, that is not even the first time that has happened.

              Doesn’t it make more sense that Hillary’s popular vote margin was greater in a number of states that she won and Trump’s popular vote margin was smaller in a number of states he won. Check it out – state by state. The numbers from every state resulted in the totals. Google is your friend.

              I was just helping leslee make her statement a true statement. She shares her critiques here all the time.

              You should be celebrating the glory of Trump with your like minded friends. You need a respite. No one ever changes anyone’s mind here no matter how obnoxious you come across. We all have the right to our opinions. Many even have real data to back up our words.

      • I doubt seriously that you are open to any facts that could convince you of anything. On your claim that HRC “attacked and destroy every woman after being raped/sexually assaulted by her husband”, I suggest you read the links below at the bottom. I am no defender of the Clintons. I have no way of knowing what happened with any of these accusations, but had I known them in ’92 and ’96, it would have swayed me to not vote for him ( and I didn’t in ’96 ). Before the ’16 election, it was known that there was an accusation of rape of a 13 yo against Trump, which also included an eyewitness. Did that influence your choice? I don’t know what Mrs Clinton knew, or if her reaction was anything other than what any wife would do or not, but it’s a stretch to say what you do.

        To your repetition of Trump’s lie that HRC lied to the FBI, it’s simply not supported by any evidence- only Trump’s fever dream.

        The 2016 election was a lousy choice. Neither candidate was acceptable, but of the two, Clinton is sane, intelligent, experienced, and politically inclined enough to not destroy the country. Trump has none of those qualities. Both are morally bankrupt, but Trump wallows in his depravity. I don’t blame anyone for voting for this moral reprobate of a man-child, but I do condemn those who continue to defend him. There is NO valid defense of this man.

        I respect and voted for Obama, but I publicly criticized him, when he did things my functioning conscience told me were wrong. Had he, HRC, or anyone had done a tenth of the things that Trump has done, I would be the first to call for impeachment, because I don’t let politics short-circuit my soul.

        • You doubt anything will change my mind – on the blog of a hysterical hypocrite who could find nothing worth writing about over the last nine years concerning Clinton or Obama?

          Let’s start with this:
          “Clinton is sane, intelligent, experienced, and politically inclined enough to not destroy the country.”

          What’s intelligent about knowingly sending classified emails over an unsecured means for four years. The FBI – before further editing the exoneration letter they wrote THREE MONTHS before interviewing her – said at least five foreign nations almost certainly intercepted those emails. Not a few people have wondered how Putin knew the US wouldn’t honor our treaty to protect Ukraine if they gave up their nukes. Not a few people have wondered how Assad knew Obama wouldn’t follow through on his “red lines in the sand”.

          So what was intelligent about the Libyan, Syrian, Yemen, etc. “democracy projects”? How did that turn out, both for us and the Middle East? What was intelligent about the Russian Reset, that saw Russia have warm water ports and military bases in the Middle East for the first time? How was that intelligent?

          No problems with perjuring yourself before Congress – which you can watch on CSPAN?

          No problems with violating the Espionage Act for four straight years? Intelligent enough to run the country, but not intelligent enough to understand what classification markings mean?

          No problems with destroying 30,000+ pieces of evidence after they were subpoenaed by the FBI. Is that “politically experienced”, because she got away with that once before, when her husband was president and it was her assistants that went to jail instead?

          No problems with telling her daughter (who doesn’t have a security clearance) during the Benghazi attack that it’s under attack by terrorists? Not sending help? And then, days later, standing beside the caskets of the dead, telling their families and the American people that it was because of a bad YouTube video? Is that political experience at work?

          Is taking $250 MILLION dollars from foreign nations, while Secretary of State representing our country in negotiations with those nations, more evidence of being “politically inclined”? Or a sign of 30 years of previous experience?

          Sane? Perhaps. Criminally insane? More than possible – since we’re all playing Internet psychiatrist these days and doing Internet diagnosis.

          Was taking control of the DNC, using it to fix the primary against Sanders, and then using it to launder money from the Clinton Foundation through to spend on her campaign more political experience? Was it intelligent – right up until Donna Brazile wrote that book saying what Clinton had done?

          There’s a reason most in the military held their noses and voted for Trump rather than Clinton (I’m guessing there’s no trips to the Middle East in your personal history).

          And there’s a reason regressive progressives and Democrats want to pretend history began the day Trump was inaugurated and talk about personalities rather than policies.

          • John is nothing like you claim. Most of what you say about Clinton is wrong, or overstated. Give me one topic, and we can debate it, if you are willing to admit you are wrong, when presented with evidence. I never liked Clinton, but if you are honest, and look at Trump, you will see that he is far more dangerous. Pick ONE instance you want to discuss, and we can discuss it. I won’t be opposed to admitting that HRC was a horrible candidate, with little moral foundation. If she had been elected, I would have not defended her against valid criticism. Most of what you say is not valid.

            “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

            “I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

            “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.

            “My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body.”

            “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.”

            “The point is, you can never be too greedy.”

            “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

            “I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.”

            “My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault.”

            “I know words, I have the best words. I have the best, but there is no better word than stupid.”

            “I think I am actually humble. I think I’m much more humble than you would understand.”

            “Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?”

            ~ Donald J Trump

          • Rick, it useless to talk to liberals – they have no common sense. They are emotional, instead of being thoughtful, they prefer lies that go along with their beliefs instead of trying, just trying, to understand the truth; they are blind and deaf. And the most horrific things – and laughable really – is that they blame others for their silliness. Did I say that they are mostly ugly in their responses? No facts, just repetitions of what they were told to say? Sickening…

            • Inga, common sense, logic, and truth are the only things which I want to guide my thinking. I have changed my views on many topics over the years, when I have found new evidence. Please, provide some real evidence. Life would be so much easier for me if I were a conservative. I have money, most of my friends are conservatives, most of my fellow Christians are as well. I’d love to be conservative, but I’ve yet to find more than a few conservative “policies” that are grounded in fact, or basic human decency.

              I don’t listen to or read sources which I know to have a liberal bias. I spend time researching issues and thinking about them. Can you say the same?

              I will offer the same challenge to you that I gave to Rick: pick one single topic that you believe makes me “Silly” or “Sickening”. Let’s discuss that one topic, without muddying the waters with buckshot. We will both cite our sources. I will try to do it without insulting you or calling you names.

              You and I walk out of the house and one of us says “it’s a dark, cold, and rainy night”, and the other says “what a beautiful, sunny, and cloudless noon.” If I’m wrong; if I’m delusional; if I’m ignorant, illogical, or evil, I’d like to know that and change. I’d genuinely like to understand why the two of us have an entirely different view of things, when there is documented information to inform us. Is there such a thing as “alternative facts”? I don’t believe so, but I’m listening.

      • Serious question – to what revelations of the last month are you referring? Don’t worry, this isn’t trolling, I’m sincerely asking. Thanks in advance. – JN

        • Trying to follow this blog is about impossible, but here’s just one to start with.

          So, Hezbollah – Army of God. Perpetrators of the Beruit Marine barracks bombing. Running a billion dollars of cocaine into the US every year – and Obama prevented shutting them down. A billion dollars worth of terrorism, some of which killed Americans overseas, cocaine which killed Americans at home.

          Isn’t there just an eensy-teensy wee bit of concern to be had about that? Well, Trump has ordered that the investigation be started again – bad Trump! But, having been overseas and having had to deal with these evil thugs, better late than never.

          That should be a start.

          • Rick, you probably assume that I’m some mindless liberal, simply because I think Trump is horrible. ALL politicians should be held accountable. No one should be above the law. I voted for Obama both times, but was also vocally critical when he did things I believed were wrong. To be fair, I’ve been voting since 1976, and there hasn’t been a single president who was perfect. I think some genuinely desired to do the right thing, and some didn’t.

            Since this Project Cassandra report didn’t come out until December 2017, it wasn’t something that we could have researched or confronted, when Obama was president. I read your link, and Politico is a reputable, unbiased source of news- whether they criticize Obama or Trump. I don’t know the full details, but on the surface it doesn’t look good. I doubt that it was in any way illegal, but is a bit fishy. I do know that political negotiations sometimes require prioritizing, but I would have wanted this to be investigated, if it had been revealed when he was president.

            In the same manner, I’d like investigations into Trump’s business dealings with a company that was laundering money for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. I’d like his long established business dealings with the mob ( New Jersey, Italian, and Russian ) to be investigated. If HRC had been elected, I’d want legitimate allegations against her to be investigated.

            What I don’t want for any of them is for spurious, entirely partisan, and completely disproven things to be reported as fact. I don’t see a comparison between the things ( mostly false ) that are said about Obama, and the things said against Trump, but every politician should be required to be transparent, and accountable. Currently, neither transparent or accountability are required of any of them. The best way to fix that is to get big, corporate money out of politics, fix our electoral system, and have term limits.

  10. there are none righteous , no not one

    all that is good is from God the Father, the Holy spirit control s the heart of true believers

    read : Romans : 3:
    Romans 8: all
    and the Gospel of John :
    if there is any good in mankind it is from a changed heart from a relationship with the father and a accountability to Jesus Christ for the outcome

    Many false religeons, Godless Leaders, Godless people who have selfish motives
    But God is , and aways in control of them and he will make mankind stand in judgement for thier actions, thoughts , motives

    salvation is only by faith
    Works by trust , belief
    and out ward circumstances from a life of sowing & reaping and other s actions of thier wrong or right lives
    The old testiment is there for us to learn what not to do and how to obey God
    Ten commandments to protect us from leaving God and going astray

  11. One of the fundamental principles of the Protestant Reformation was the idea that people should examine everything for themselves, and not rely on a church leader to think for them. The people who blindly voted for trump, without examining his deeds, his words, his behavior, seem to have forgotten that principle.

    • “The people who blindly voted for trump, without examining his deeds, his words, his behavior, seem to have forgotten that principle.”

      Another fundamental principle is not to make assumptions about the motivations of others. Why do you choose to assume those of us who examined the two, and decided that Trump was the lesser of two evils did so “blindly”.

      What about those who chose Clinton instead? Were they blind to her deeds, her words, her behavior – including her criminal behavior? Were they truly blind to the fact she attacked and attempted to destroy every woman who had the courage to come forward after being raped/sexually assaulted by her husband?

      Depending on their faith, were they okay with her support for oopsie birth control or sex selection abortions, right up to the minute of birth? How many faiths condone abortion like that?

      It is not hard to present a false face to others in society today. Nor to indulge in the hypocrisy of not applying the same standards one applies to Trump – a very flawed human being – to both Clinton and Obama. To pretend that they have no history; in fact, history only began the day Trump was elected.

      However, for those of faith, ultimately they will have to explain their lives to God. Including their accusations that those who voted for Trump not only did so blindly, but the measure of Trump’s morality and personal history were somehow or other less than Hillary Clinton’s.

      Good luck with that.

      • Voltaire once said his only prayer was ‘Lord please make mine enemies ridiculous’. The people who act like voting for Trump is at odds with the fine Protestant tradition of principled conscientiousness…

        Prolly believe Hildabeast is a Methodist! Ridiculous ain’t the half of it.
        Rick, stop trying, these people are your moral superiors, and all your inbred self should do is hear and obey.

    • That’s because they have no principles. Haven’t you heard? They have laws and obedience to laws—which means they rarely read the New Testament and are as ignorant as a pile of dung—and that is being generous to them.

    • It’s precisely this kind of condescending, snowflake melting stupidity that put him in office. It is possible, that rational people examined Trump, a private citizen, and compared him with Hillary, a career criminal who stands for the mass murder of children, the destruction of Christian morality using the force of government, etc., etc., and decided that Trump was a better choice than Jezebel?

      • {It’s precisely this kind of condescending, snowflake melting stupidity}

        “Snowflake” as an insult comes from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Fight Club.” Did you know that Chuck Palahniuk is gay? And did you know that the novel is basically a spoof of macho bullshit?

        Which is hysterically funny, because macho homophobic conservatives are using an insult derived from a gay feminist.

    • The church leader that Protestants rejected is Christ.

      We still have the same dogma and doctrine. Protestantism has a zillion sects each believing something different, and the ultimate Protestants, the “progressives” embrace much evil in the name of Christianity.

      I voted for Trump but not “blindly.” I knew about his sins and flaws, as well as those of his opponent. I voted according to policy, and not for a Sunday school teacher (not that his opponent qualified or that either).

    • No, Cathy, you are incorrect when you say “One of the fundamental principles of the Protestant Reformation was the idea that people should examine everything for themselves.” One of the fundamental principles of the Protestant Reformation was the idea that ****educated**** people capable of critical thinking and informed logical reasoning skills should examine everything for themselves.

  12. Sadly, the GOP and those that voted for them mistakenly consider themselves “good people” while bracing hate, hate-filled acts, and hate-filled words.

      • While you prat on and on about saving fetuses, you only prove you have very little concern for making sure those who are already live thrive. But then, Joe, such was always your childish, one issue opinion. What a pity you lie to us by now calling yourself “Larry.” You really can’t fool those of us who have been here longer than you. We will always catch your pseudonyms.

        • So why do you support killing fetuses? Why aren’t you including them in your quest for the government to take care of everyone? Why do you leave them out?

          Why would you think God likes that Planned Parenthood is stopping millions of beating hearts? Or that those of us praying that they stop are bad people for opposing this injustice?

    • I voted for him and will again, but don’t consider myself to be good. I know I am a sinner. But I’m not “hate filled.” I see that coming from you guys who are in a rage 24/7 over Trump and his supporters. It’s not good to be that way and can’t be good for your physical or mental health.

  13. Bravo! Very well said, John, and I agree completely. This article deserves to be shared a million times over. Will it be read by “his” supporters and will it start to sink in? Doubtful but we can certainly hope.

  14. And good people don’t stand on the sidelines, like the GOP, and let this go on with out speaking out. The republicans need to speak and the democrats need to speak louder otherwise they are quietly saying they are not good people either

    • Sidelines? RNC/GOPe are his biggest adversaries! Besides, Democrats do enough ethnic grandstanding for both parties and the whole Western Hemisphere (which is rapidly coming hire) to boot!

    • Vulgar comments are not warranted in the locker room, nor in public posts. Remember, Jason, you were born from one and your mother probably wouldn’t say it was easy or painless. Unless you meant that we are strong, resilient and life-giving. Yes, maybe that’s what you meant.

    • Pussification? Trump and Republicans don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and help our own citizens. Look at the long months of suffering in Puerto Rico, probably because Trump had his tender feelings hurt. Then talk about “Pussification.”

    • Jason, when you write “pussification of America at its best” you not only prove you are crass and vulgur, you also demonstrate that you are sexist and are probably one of those who refuse to listen to a woman when she tells you “no” and then claim she never said “no” in the first place.

      • Yikes Jason. You crossed the line. Gloria is calling you a rapist now. But don’t feel bad about that. She does that to almost every man who says something she doesn’t like.

  15. You said everything I wish I had or could…but I’m surrounded by so many who will make excuses for him that I’m becoming tired and disillusioned. How do I know so many people who think he’s “okay”??? My heart gets heavier every time he opens his mouth. God bless you for the truth your words.

    • It’s time for new friends! Not much you can do about family, though, if that’s part of the problem, except to keep loving them.
      Question – why do you hang out with so many people whose values are not yours? I don’t want to sound judgmental – really just asking. I live in a super-conservative state filled with Trump supporters. And there also are thousands upon thousands of people here who do NOT support him. New friends are out there waiting for you – go make them! Best wishes…..

  16. Good people don’t deliberately vote for a bad person, especially when that bad person showed all his bad qualities and intentions during the presidential campaign. People who vote for that kind of person carry the stench with them which cannot easily be washed off.

      • But…is he wrong? If Haiti isn’t, as of today, a shithole country (for whatever reason-imperialism, corruption etc ad nauseam), then nothing is. Adam, do you care to share your opinion on the average Red state?

  17. Once again, my heartfelt Thanks. I have been saying this for quite awhile now, but I don’t have a platform so Thank you for using your’s to make this very important point. I am ashamed that I share this country and this earth with people who are okay with this man’s behavior and those who cover for him. Please keep up the good work. Peace and Love,

    • I’m ashamed so many in our country are fine and dandy with killing innocent babies waiting to be born, but I pray for them.

      Peace and love for the unborn too, please. They deserve it.

      • Yeah. It’s pretty amazing that a guy can just change his name—and by so doing—-get fed all of the energy of strife and high emotion that he most loves to feed upon. You must be full as a tick by now Joe.

    • Other than applause for the cchoir and disdain for the heretics, do you have any reason we should take your comments as having merit?

  18. I asked a Trump supporter, “How can you be a Christian, a follower of Christ, and support what Trump says and does? His words and actions are totally against what Christ taught us.” Her response: “You’re wrong.” I explained that I was asking a question, not stating an opinion, and she said, “You’re wrong, Hillary was a liar and a criminal.” I think that’s what we will get from those who blindly follow Trump. His followers make as much sense as he does.

    • Your question is loaded and flawed.

      For example, you could have been a Christian and supporter of Bill Clinton without carousing with young interns or supporting that behavior. I would presume you supported him for his policies and not to validate his immoral lifestyle.

      Whatever are Trump’s sins are for God to judge. I didn’t vote for that. I voted for his policies.

      Besides that, Hillary is pro-abortion. How can a Christian support baby-killing?

      • I would say how can a “Christian” support a lying, bragging and bullying man-child who brags about the “size” of his button which isn’t really a button but a certain death sentence for billions of innocents who have brain activity and a beating heart?

        How can a “Christian” not realize that humans make decisions of life and death for others every single day? Policeman kill people – sometimes they make a mistake. Juries decide life or death – sometimes they make a mistake. Drug companies, car manufacturers, tobacco companies and a lot of employers make life or death decisions for others every single day mostly because of how it affects their bank accounts. Our own Congress decided that gun stocks are okay. They literally agreed that those Americans (including children and pregnant women) who lost their lives in the past and in the future by being mowed down by another American are less important than the minority of people who own the majority of guns.

        Have you ever heard a so called pro-lifer saying – I am going to vote for the person who wants to make the foster system or child’s protective service better? Of course not. Children who fall through the cracks have a harder time becoming well adjusted adults. We are literally raising more future problems.

        So why single out women? Why not scream out for better options than abortion? People in Alabama said they didn’t care if Roy Moore was guilty of sexual harassment, he was better than a pro-choice opponent. Does that sound like anyone who favors life? Do they not realize that a lot of babies born end up being women who have a functioning brain and a beating heart who grow up to be sexually harassed?

        The US has the highest childbirth mortality rate in the developed world with Texas having the highest individual state rate. Why is this happening? Hospitals are getting better at saving gunshot victims but worse at saving mothers after childbirth. Why do you not scream about that? Is it because you agree with our President that women are just “a piece of ass” or should be rated by the number system on how worthwhile their lives are?

  19. John you forgot why a huge portion of people support him….greed $$$. Jesus weeps. Keep fighting the good fight. You speak for all of us.

    • “Jesus weeps”…and the alternative, a career criminal who advocates for evil, literally, everything that Jesus would abhor, at every chance she gets, that’s what you would prefer?

  20. Sir, I loved what you’ve written – It’s the words I’ve been trying to find. I lost both brothers and my father to Trump. I’ve not been able to reconcile this loss and what it means and did to me.

    Thank you- E

    • Oh please, you didn’t lose them-you kicked them out! Like many hillary voters. If you can’t see the cynical emotional appeals in this article… I mean you’re prolly a socialist to begin with.

    • You lost your brothers and father to Trump?

      Did they disown you for voting for Hillary Clinton?

      Or are you the typical intolerant liberal who refuses to understand how anyone could vote against crooked-Hillary or vote to drain the swamp? And you hold a political difference against your own family?

  21. Good people, especially pastors, don’t play games with words in order to play politics and advance a liberal agenda instead of the teachings of Jesus.

    But do progressives even know the difference between good and bad? They say it’s good to destroy life in the womb and bad to oppose abortionist killers. That it’s good for two men to sexually join themselves and bad that Christians who who are true to their faith see it as the evil that it is. That it’s good for the State to control as much of the economy as possible, and that free enterprise and keeping your hard-earned dollars is bad.

    This is just more phony outrage. Another excuse to say that Trump is evil and to shame those who support his policies, as if their guilt trip will turn us from conservatives to liberals. And as usual, the race card has been played to the hilt. That’s where liberals draw much of their power. In creating and exploiting racial divisions.

    And as far as Pastor John is concerned, it’s very sad that he’s no longer a pastor but is a demagogue, exploiting Trump to gain a following.

    I pray that you come back home to the Catholic Church John. You’re without a rudder and can’t see the Truth and are spreading hatred. You are giving people an excuse to hate by vilifying Trump. How many more posts will it take until you begin lashing out at the rest of us as you do Trump?

    • “How many more posts will it take until you begin lashing out at the rest of us as you do Trump?”

      The fact that you don’t realize that John has already done that in this post is just proof positive that the blinders you wear, which you refer to as a “rudder” and “the Catholic Church”, are firmly fixed.

    • What is your spin on the use of the term “shithole”? I’m curious.
      You can always create a diversion from the subject at hand by comparing and contrasting the levels of sin being commited by people not even relevant to the situation but how about for once taking an honest look at what is really going on here.
      Some people are real big on judging. Some not so much.
      When he calls some countries “shitholes” what is he really saying? I’m asking because it seems that his supporters are much better at interpreting his words than he is.
      What shall we call his words “colorful colloquialisms”?

      • My take is that IF he said it, it was in a moment of exasperation in dealing with lefties who wanted their way and who would not compromise. It wasn’t meant to be policy or to be broadcast, but why let a scandal go to waste if you can create one, especially if it can undermine the President, so Dicky took the low road.

        Some parents have told their children, “I’m gonna kill you for doing that,” but they didn’t kill them and didn’t intend to. Context is key. But the bloghost and the left are very deft at taking things out of context.

      • They’re not ‘his words’. Jeez, leftists from Jon Stewart to Michael Moore portray Red states like that with cavalier aplomb. But the hand-wringing is for non-whites only. So much for white privilege.

        And what is there to spin? Some guy calles shitholes, shitholes and you schoolmarms are demanding an explanation? SJWs have no moral high-ground, just a naked grab for power by situational ethics and banning doubleplusungood thoughts.

    • When did we see you hungry and not feed you? When did we see you thirsty and not give you a drink? When did we see you naked and not clothe you? When did we see you in prison and not visit you?

      And Jesus replied : ‘In so far as you have not done these things for the least of my brothers, you have not done them for me’.

      Your entire argument seems to be a long list of reasons why you should be allowed to not help the least of your brothers, and why fighting your perceived enemies is more important. Enemies Jesus commanded you to love and turn the other cheek to.

      It’s amazing how you can call yourself a Christian while downplaying the single most important orders of Christ. Orders so important that in revelations it is prophesied that those orders, and those alone, will be used by Jesus to separate the righteous from the damned. And nowhere does it say you have to help all of them yourself, there is no Prohibition on using the government to help more than you alone could reach. And unless you can help as many yourself as your taxes in the government can(impossible since you cannot run a deficit to maintain the assistance in a bad year) that logically becomes a demand of God to use the government in this way. There are no undeserving recipients. Jesus will judge your overall for him by how you cared for those you thought most unworthy of your help “the least of my brothers”.
      There is no Christian religion that disavow a revelations. Perhaps it’s time you read it? And the sermon on the mountain as well.
      And what is true of people is also true of countries (what is a country except a group of people?). So Jesus’s answer to Trump is pretty clear. Norwegians do not need your assistance, Haitians do. You may think Haiti is a shit hole but that only makes your Christian obligation to assist Haitians greater. It makes them the least of his brothers.

      The American religious right insists that America is a Christian nation whenever that justifies enforcing Christian morality on people that do not share it. I do not agree with that assessment but if you are going to claim it and vote based on it then at the very least you must demand that America as a country acts according to Christ’s definition of righteousness :in charity to the least of his brothers, with love for its neighbors (especially the one due South) and even with love for its enemies. That it opens its doors and hearts to the needy the way Christ demanded in revelations.

      • Hahaha I’m not a Christian but do Christians still fall for this hustle? Sure, Jesus would like for you to sell everything and follow him, but he’ll settle for a tithe. So Trump says that this flood of immigrants don’t benefit America, and you say we have an obligation to take them in because ‘muh piety’. Huh? Only monks take a vow of poverty, prosperity isn’t ‘unChristian’. Gaaaah buncha purse-lipped pearl-clutchers.

        Besides, with Christians like you, I don’t want inane biblical exegesis setting national policy-church and state, as your socialist friends will no doubt agree.

    • It is not a matter of conservative policies, you dolt. You are worshipping a despicable person in trump. You have been so conned by this horrible, tiny excuse for a human being. This emperor of yours is wearing no clothes! Have your conservative beliefs, but please, dump this disgusting, embarrassing, idiot and find a dignified leader. Then we can talk.

      • I’ve been called a dolt two times in one week!

        I’m on the verge of having my feelings hurt.

        You need to realize that the liberal mainstream media hates Trump as well as does the elite and entrenched in Washington. You’re going to hear the worst from them and they will on a daily basis gin up hatred for him as does the blog host. You guys don’t want to know anything about the good that’s going on.

      • HEy, that’s God-Emperor to you, lady! (Since blasphemy is probably frowned upon on this Christian (HA!) blog, I should prolly clarify that ‘GodEmperor’ is a term of endearment adopted from Warhammer 40k)
        Besides EVERY conservative is slandered as a racist, war-moron-ger etc. Other than a TOTAL sellout cuckservative like Mccain or Rubio, there’s no ‘respectable’ republican who is up to your oh-so-superior moral sentiments. Nextt you’re gonna tell us that we’re traitors for voting in a Russian agent, and True Patriotism lives on the Left (HA!)

    • You can pretend it is about policy. What you really want is control. If you are opposed to abortion then avoid having one. If you are opposed to same sex marriage, them don’t marry the same sex. You and your religious belief do not hold power over other people. Some 14 year old need not have a baby she is unable to afford or ill equipped to raise. Two men in love care nothing about you. Let them mind their business and marriage without your input. I am not bothered by your religion. Enjoy it. However, it’s yours. If everyone else winds up in hell you can say, “I told you so,” because with your hateful heart you will be there to see.

      • But what about the baby killed by the abortion?

        What about the victims of abortion? Why not protect them from an unjust death? Why not allow them the same privilege our mothers gave us?

      • “What you really want is control… you and your religious belief do not hold power over other people. Some 14 year old need not have a baby she is unable to afford or ill equipped to raise. Two men in love care nothing about you. Let them mind their business and marriage without your input.”

        I suppose that’s supposed to be the comedy spot for the day. Even for agnostics like myself.

        Those with religious beliefs are about control – but government forcing devout Christians to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual wedding is not.

        Let them have their oopsy birth control or “we wanted a boy” abortions without your input. Except, by God, you better pay taxes to pay for that oopsy birth control or sex selection abortion.

        And your input baking that cake better be up to standard as well.

        And these are the moral compasses who want to pontificate about the control others supposedly want, and the supposed hatred others hold.

        How many Christian faiths support abortion to the last minute, abortion to get rid of a girl baby in hopes of having a boy instead, BTW?

        This false prophet and his acolytes are supposedly of the Christian faith, aren’t they?

        • Damn straight! You ever heard the phrase ‘march thru the institutions’. The Frankfurt school, or something. They’ve taken the media, academia, entertainment….of course they’ve had their gunsights on the church. This false prophet is both Marxist and anti-christian, if that’s not a tautology.

    • Alfonso, I posted this earlier on another comment –

      When one leans to a certain angle all the time, and can’t see the other side of the triangle, it’s going to be that view and that view all of the time. Following any social media which has its algorithms skewed to give you your bias, you will stay at that angle and that angle only. I can’t see our brother here changing any time now or in the near future. It’s the continual repetition of all of the anti-Trump rhetoric from 2016. So much of it has been debunked but, no, it has to be repeated. Sure, Trump is not a perfect man and has his idiosyncrasies. So anti-Trumpers just love to pick on those and amplify it. Just one year in and the economy is showing recovery that’s amazing actually and many many more positives. I hope the left-leaning angle collapses and the other side becomes starkly clear and some repentance can be forthcoming.

    • You say pastors do not play games with words, etc. How about the words used here: “Apart from the vocabulary attributed to him, President Trump is right on target in his sentiment,” Robert Jeffress, the evangelical pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas and a presidential adviser, told CBN News.

    • Please don’t make it sound as if the Catholic Church endorses such flawed and inherently unchristian individual… the priests that I know abhor everything he stands for. Even the Pope made it clear that his racism is unacceptable.

      • Yeah enjoy your marxist liberation–theologist pro-muslim Pope. Catholics like you are why MARYland and Massachusets are…well, nuff sed. But related to the word under discussion

  22. Thank you Mr. Pavlovitz for expressing in such a clear and eloquent way what is, today on my heart……and the hearts of all good people. Your insight merits a national audience. I hope you will consider sending this to one or all national publications. Every American would then benefit as I have from your clarity and insight. In a relatively short span of time our country and our world have become dangerous to inhabit………emotionally, psychologically and physically. Parents, grandparents and teachers across the country would, I’m sure be relieved to find in your words a way to talk to our children and to answer there questions. Please feel free to respond to my email address if you like. My husband and I have both submitted OpEd and guest columns to The NY Times. My husband had a column published in the Washington Post about the plight of the Native American Holy Lands facing destruction by mining,etc. Either of us would be glad to give you the contact information needed to have this printed for a national audience.
    Thank you again for your wonderful words and your extraordinary good heart and spirit.

  23. “Good people don’t refer to entire countries as “shitholes””

    If only that was what this president meant.
    Some specific down-on-their-luck countries could accurately, if not politely, be described as very bad places to be. Countries plagued with civil wars, or devastated by natural disasters. There are places on the planet where it’s better not to go, at least not without some strong logistics, military or otherwise. That’s the point 45’s aficionados are trying to defend.

    But good people don’t need to ask why countries with more relaxed climates find themselves facing the arrival of people – human beings – fleeing such “shitholes”.
    Especially good people whose close ancestors settled in the US, attracted by the American Dream, after fleeing themselves some “shithole” country.

    The president was clearly making no distinction between the “shithole” countries and their inhabitants.
    He was clearly making no distinction between truly “shitholes” countries in deep trouble, and countries which, while not being economic powerhouses like the Great America, manage to get by, in their own corner of the world, thank you very much.
    The president was not making a political or socioeconomic statement.
    He was making a racist assertion.

    • What? The phrasing WAS the distinction. ‘From shithole countries’ needs no further elaboration. It’s the paranoid left and their dog-whistle fantasies. The left will be the first to tell us that non-white shitholes are that way because of slavery, colonialism etc. But if you just mention the bare fact that they ARE shitholes, that’s somehow racist? And when one of my ancestors fled their Potato-European shithole….there was no welfare state.

  24. 1) Wish I could be surprised.
    2) I am unable to comprehend how otherwise intelligent friends are able to defend the individual who currently holds the office of president.

    • Maybe they are not nearly as intelligent as you think they are. The National Lampoon poem Deteriorata says it best of the people who support Trump:

      “A stroll through the sea of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet.”

      • Ultimately it’s not a question of the intellect but of the will.

        I’m not saying conservatives are perfect or don’t sin, but at least they know the difference between right and wrong (in general).

        Liberals not only don’t know the difference, but promote and encourage grotesque evils. Also, they tend to be selfish and greedy and vote to get free stuff.

  25. What galls me is not just the coarse language (he may deny specific words with incredible deniability), words that flow from a hate-filled heart, it’s the attitude and the policy positions that 45 is touting, which he does not deny that are the real issue. The purported rhetorical question has a simple answer that should be on the lips of any of those Evangelical leaders who boast of such influential access to him for over a year now. “Why should we allow people from such [fill in the blank] countries?” Because, our savior considers each one of them precious … enough to die for them. He doesn’t care where they came from! Who are we to close our doors to them … because of where they came from?

      • YOu guys are both SAD! as potus would say. I commented much in the same vein to one AJ Venter above you, because I still can’t believe Christians are falling for the mortification hustle.
        Sure, Jesus would like for you to sell everything and follow him, but he’ll settle for a tithe. So Trump says that this flood of immigrants don’t benefit America, and you say we have an obligation to take them in because ‘muh piety’. Huh? Only monks take a vow of poverty, prosperity isn’t ‘unChristian’. Gaaaah buncha purse-lipped pearl-clutchers. it’s like when SJW baristas with college debt vote pro-immigrant.

        Besides, with Christians like you, I don’t want inane biblical exegesis setting national policy-church and state, as your socialist friends will no doubt agree.

  26. I agree we must hold our leaders to a higher standing. Good leadership shows examples of greatness, they do not degrade denounce or ridicule to get what they want.

    • How bout we hold our leaders to the SAME ‘standing’ (sic). No-one’s said trump is wrong, or that his reference to shitholes is incomptehensible, nope this is just a chance for some phine pholks and phaggots to validate each other in a hand-wringing-over-the-minorities session. But his words hold more weight than the horrors inflicted on these same brown people by past presidents? The neglect and disparaging of ‘flyover country’? look, if we give you some ‘human rights’ award like Arafat or something, will you shut up?

  27. The power of truth! John Pavlovitz, Thank you for clarifying the difference between good and bad, it seems that elected people in Congress as well as a number of Trump devitees needed to have that explained to them. Europe and the rest of the workd is waiting for you to remove the bad and let the good back into America….

  28. It’s about time The United States of America sees trump for what he is! Surely we are all powerful against this satanic individual! Stand up and be counted…he is the terrorist of this country!

  29. Not that I’m a baseball fan, but you’ve hit another out of the park, Mr. P. Like you, I expect a flurry of defensiveness from “Christians,” libertarians, and wanna be billionaires, but this is just one more instance of going too far. We’ll watch it pass, I fear, and have another before the week is out.