Good People Don’t Defend A Bad Man

At times in this life it can be a challenge to figure out who the bad people are, but sometimes they help you.

Sometimes they do the work for you.

Sometimes with their every vulgar, bitter word from their mouth, they testify to their personal malignancy and they make it easy to identify them.

Generally speaking, there are things that good people do and things good people don’t do.

Good people don’t refer to entire countries as “shitholes”—most notably countries that have given birth to our very humanity; ones that for hundreds of years have been colonized and poached and mined of their riches by powerful white men; countries whose people have been enslaved and sold and forced to come and build your country. 

Good people by any measurement we might use—simply don’t say such things.

Of course good people also don’t say they could grab women by the genitalia, either.
They don’t defend racists and nazis and call them “fine people,” days after murdering a young girl and terrorizing an American city.
They don’t brag about their penis size during debates, or suggest protestors at campaign rallies should be roughed up, or crack jokes about captured war heroes, or make fun of the physically disabled.
They don’t.

Good people don’t tweet anti-Muslim rhetoric in the moments immediately following a bombing in order to bolster a position.
They don’t leave American territories filled with brown skinned people without power for months upon months, after publicly ridiculing their public servants and questioning their people’s resolve.
They don’t erase protections for the water and the air, for the elderly, the terminally ill, the LGBTQ.
They don’t take away healthcare from the sick and the poor without an alternative.
They don’t gouge the working poor and shelter the wealthy.
They don’t abuse their unrivaled platform to Twitter-bait world leaders and to taunt private citizens.

Good people don’t prey upon the vulnerable, they don’t leverage their power to bully dissenters, and they don’t campaign for sexual predators.

But this President is simply not a good human being, and there’s simply no way around this truth.

He is the ugliest personification of the Ugly American, which is why, as long as he is here and as long as he represents this nation, we will be a fractured mess and a global embarrassment. He will be the ever lowering bar of our legacy in the world.

And what is painfully obvious in these moments, isn’t simply that the person alleging to lead this country is a terrible human being—it is that anyone left still defending him, applauding him, justifying him, amening him, probably is too.

At this point, the only reason left to support this President, is that he reflects your hateful heart;he shares your contempt of people of color, your hostility toward outsiders, your ignorant bigotry, your feeling of supremacy.

A white President calling countries filled with people of color shitholes, is so far beyond the pale, so beneath decency, and so blatantly racist that it shouldn’t merit conversation. It should be universally condemned. Humanity should be in agreement in abhorring it.

And yet today (like so many other seemingly rock bottom days in the past twelve months) they will be out there: white people claiming to be good people and Christian people, who will make excuses for him or debate his motives or diminish the damage.

They will dig their heels in to explain away or to defend, what at the end of the day is simply a bad human being saying the things that bad human beings say because their hearts harbor very bad things.

No, good people don’t call countries filled with beautiful, creative, loving men and women shitholes.

And good people don’t defend people who do.

You’re going to have to make a choice here.





364 thoughts on “Good People Don’t Defend A Bad Man

    • There is literally no evidence that he said what is being claimed. He denies it, other Senators who were there corroborate that he didn’t say it. The only person who seems to remember it being said is Dick Durbin, a liar who has a track record of falsehoods regarding private White House meetings … and everything else for that matter. If there is, offer it up for the rest of us please.

  1. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t really Donald Trump…it is us. As long as we don’t deal with the problem of racism in this country, we will continue to have this sad divide. People who feel this way is the reason they voted for Donald Trump…that is the problem that needs to be addressed.

    • This article is powerfully inspiring and true. There are no words to explain the behavior of the man who sits in the highest office of the free world. It is time for people to look into their own hearts to understand why they are continuing to support Trump. Until they search their own hearts and be truthful, this world will never change.

    • Dont believe everything you hear. There is NO proof Trump called it a shit hole…that was said by a democrat. Of course! There is way too much racism in this country but it is actually now towards white, straight people. If you are not gay. bi,, colored, transexual, muslim, you (we) get discriminated against. The times have changed, we are the ones being discriminated against, if we stick up for ourselves, we are called racists, bigots and the like. If you do not believe in what this new society forces us to believe, we are bigots, haters, bad people. Get your heads out of your ass and look at what is really going on in the world. It is almost a crime to be straight and white these days. Maybe we need to stay a straight, white parade so we can be accepted. Cheers.

    • If this guy was around when the founding fathers started tossing ideas around, we wouldn’t have free speech. It’s political correctness trying to define us that caused us to WANT unrestrained common language in the Presidential office.

  2. Thank you for giving voice to the things that need to be said. Bad stuff has to be countered with good stuff. Your stuff is good and frequently shared by the Olafsens. Have been trying to get Luther College as a venue for your words, but so far haven’t heard that your voice will be heard in the Center for Faith and Life in Decorah.

  3. You said what needed to be said, John, in the way it needed to be said. Just when one thinks Trump can’t possibly sink any lower, he comes through. Your words are distressing yet cathartic because you describe Trump and his base perfectly, and because you say what most of us would like to say but simply can’t find the words ourselves.

  4. Your hypocritical guilt trips, Mr. Bill Clinton Defender, will have no effect. First it’s not your place to judge who is good and who is bad and your criterion for making your determination is very corrupted. (For example you vigorously defend violence against the unborn and attack those who defend them as well as sexual debauchery). Second, Trump defenders defend policy primarily. Can you be happy that under Trump black unemployment is at historic lows? Probably that makes you sad because that does not help the Liberal agenda of keeping blacks dependent upon the government…

    • Adolf Hitler did some good things for the German people. So he killed a few million folks along the way. A VW in every garage, bratwursts on every grill and a beer….. Why expect moral behavior from someone who mimics and mocks a palsied cripple on national TV?

      The fact that President Trump got more than a few votes is sad. It is proof that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” is true.

    • My father, myself, son, uncle, (2) nephews and a niece all served in the US military. I say this to give you my bona fides.

      I am embarrassed my Mr. Trump. He is a self-absorbed narcissist.

      And, no, I didn’t vote for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama or Mr. Clinton.

    • The ecomony remains strong because of Obama’s policy
      .Trump hasnt been in long enough for the damage he seeks to show…the reduction in regulations will have their trickle down effect in a few years like it did under bush…
      And let’s remember that Trump and Republicans give to white poor to keep them voting for them…aka..electoral voters…

    • But you ignore his violence against those who are already born, and the fact that abortions went down during the Obama administration.

    • The only reason that black unemployment is at historical lows is the same reason all unemployment is down, Trump is rising President Obama’s coattails still. The unemployment has been falling for eight years. Is Trump responsible for all eight years? No, and neither is he responsible for this year. He has done nothing that would affect this years numbers. The numbers will start being his next year.
      As far as the racism goes, if you can’t see it, that understandable. Count the number of nonwhites at your next friends get together. See if you understand them.

    • I can’t imagine how any thinking being could disagree with what John posted. It is so basic to human decency that responding as you have simply marks you as an ignorant part of everything that is going on in this nightmare regime.
      I encourage you to open your eyes and grow up.

    • Larry, you are one of those people who have dug in their heels. That’s not acceptable to the premise the author wants to make. Just think for a minute.. If it was anyone else who was successfully prosecuting a domestic and foreign policy that veered toward Republican ideals, I would be upset because of my liberal leanings, but at least I would be able to respect a leader who has the courage of their convictions. But Trump lets himself be swayed by anyone he has talked to in the last half-hour, and has insulted every minority group in the nation doing it. It’s not necessary, is it? You tell me. Could you see a scenario where you get your needs taken care of without insulting others? Our country has become polarized beyond belief, and it shouldn’t be necessary. One man has caused that polarization, and not to advance a conservative agenda, but to advance his own personal power. You OK with that? If so, you are part of the problem and there is no hope for this country. You OK with that, too?

    • Weak. There are plenty of respectable politicians that will agree with you want certain conservative matters and will do so eloquently. You’re the exact personification of this argument. Don’t overbook racist mean-spirited things he does on a daily basis to cling on to your agenda. And as far as the affects of the economy… We can still thank Obama for that. In fact, since you brought up Bill Clinton who is the president of 20 years ago, our thrived then po! And trumps stance on abortions? I’m sure he’s paid for at least 25 during his lifetime .

    • You’ve completely missed the point by name calling and not listening. Trump only cares for people/policy/things that will benefit him or his interests in some way… sadly as someone who has respect for all people, I clearly see that is something that Trump doesn’t possess and will. RESPECT.

    • I truly feel sorry for you. Instead of considering what is obviously evil, and saying that you will pressure leaders in your party to responsibly address these obscenities, you make it into a left vs right thing. I’d be glad to have a conversation with on the issues, if your mind is open. I voted for Obama, but I still openly criticized him when he did things that believed were wrong. The same goes for Clinton. I used to take your position on these controversial positions, but the almost universal lack of logic, biblical understanding, and patently partisan rhetoric forced me to rethink things. Someone who calls those who have abortions murderers, and gay people perverts, is not qualified to criticize someone else as judgemental.

    • You are part of the problem, as we say. And you provide a perfect example of the Trump cultist.

      “At this point, the only reason left to support this President, is that he reflects your hateful heart;he shares your contempt of people of color, your hostility toward outsiders, your ignorant bigotry, your feeling of supremacy.”

    • Now you will say, you are not a racist? You don’t consider yourself better than everyone else? Your words say otherwise. Now, let’s see if you stick your racist foot in your mouth.
      As for defending the Unborn, make up your mind! On the one hand, you don’t want women to have abortions than on the other hand you don’t want to be responsible for that child YOU decided should be born! Why should mother and child have help? Not your problem! It is your problem, you made it yours when you denied her, her right to decide otherwise. You can’t have it both ways.

      1. The man is a child rapist (nothing good about that)
      2. The man sexually assault women (nothing good about that)
      3. The man promote hate, (nothing good about that)
      4. The man mokes the disabled (if you a son, a father)in service you have to know (there is nothing good about that)
      5. The man play chicken with our lives, teasing and daring a crazy dictator to bomb us! (nothing good about that)

      So what conclusion should we make about you?
      As I mention at the beginning, let’s see if you stick your foot in it!

    • So as long as the ends appear to justify the means, you will continue to support this malevolent deranged human. The cumulative damage done to this country is being noticed and is having an effect. Check the polls. Watch the election results. Most American’s know a good person from a bad one. Sorry you don’t.

    • Immediately bring up a Clinton and personally attack the author. Why am I not surprised?

      Low unemployment is thanks to Obama if anyone, but actually governments don’t have that much to do with the economy and unemployment other than the public sector. Anything a government does takes years to affect the team economy.

    • So Joe. You are Larry this week? Who will you be next week?

      You are one to talk about judging people as good and bad. People like you all over this country have made a cottage industry out of doing just that for the past 37 years. There was a time when Americans were just fellow Americans—but that ended when you guys stood up and declared, “Anyone who does not think and behave exactly like me is an enemy of God, and any enemy of God is an enemy of mine.” Suddenly, there was no such thing as neighbors who loved each other as they loved themselves—and just disagreed a little on politics and religion. There were just people who declared themselves to be the sole righteous group of
      people left on Earth and those they declared to be enemies of God. Now that’s recipe for human brotherhood if I ever saw one. The fault rests with your ilk because you started it. People like me are going to finish it for you.

    • Larry, your convenient moral relativism “not your place to defend who is good…” speaks for itself.

      It’s 2018, Trump is in Office Clinton was the 90s! BTW Monica was consensual. The 16+ speaking against Trump were not!

      We understand it’s very difficult for an adult to admit a mistake to others. The courageous find a way to do it!

    • Dear Larry. It is every human beings right, and duty, to speak up for those who cannot defend themselves. You seek to defend a person whose actions and agenda is indefenceable.

    • Blah, blah, blah. Try REALLY reading this again openly. Pay attention while reading. Then you can really make s determination of what kind of person you are. I know looking in a mirror can be difficult for some, but it can’t be avoided forever.

    • agree….. i don’t call the people who supported one of the most corrupt organizations…HC.. wicked… just because they have the opinion ( while i can’t understand why) that they would support her. I do agree… that Our current ( duly elected) president…is far from a shining example of a statesmen.. i wish those who counsel him..could find a squelch button… often.. and yet… considering our options.. i DO think good things will be done for America. I think that with his “team” we are in better shape, than we would be if the Clinton and B.O … America apologist were still in charge ( altho…they are fighting desperately…to act as if they are…and have some of their “moles” still in place. By all means, you have the right to be indignant…at some comments… but as the previous commenter stated..Hypocrisy is rampant. THANKFULLY ,,, my being “judged good ” or not…is not dependant on P.C. correctness..or public opinion…My Judge… is he who was the only perfect being.. and your judge as well… that job is above ALL our abilities and pay grades. shalom

    • It’s ALL of our duties to judge the Good and the bad, and to try to influence others to always stay on the good side. At this point, most people who voted for this narcissistic, petulant, egotistical, and addle-brained POS are just trying to save face and refuse to take exception with his actions and words because it means they were wrong to vote for him in the first place!

    • “Trump defenders defend policy primarily”…spoken like a true trump apologist. Lies on top of lies on top of lies. There is no defending this racist “president” unless, of course, you are also a racist. You are fooling no one.

    • We benefit from lower unemployment numbers today largley because of former President Obama’s policies. As for the current occupant of the White House, his overt racism hurts everyone, especially those whom he targets, but also all Americans.

    • How shiny do you think Ronald Reagan’s city on the hill looks now that we have a childish self-centered victim promoting it against anyone else’s higher standards ?

    • Violence against the unborn who cannot yet experience that violence (or experience anything, in fact), is not violence. Violence against the unborn who can experience that violence is tragic, but is almost always a last resort to prevent greater violence to another. Sometimes hard decisions must be made.

      I have never seen Pastor Pavlovitz defend sexual debauchery. This article itself makes clear that he is not someone who would defend sexual immorality.

    • This isn’t about Bill Clinton. He will have to answer for his own sins. This conversation is about Donald J. Trump. Wake up!

    • Larry, Larry, you are so blinded by your hate. Your statements are false!! Obama’s administration put this country on solid footing!!! Yes the Clinton’s are bad people, end will pay for their sins!!

    • Larry, look at what you have said. Mr. Pavlovitz has not defended Bill Clinton, our country is enjoying its 87 consecutive month of growth, unemployment is at a low. It might serve you well to stop the sweeping generalizations and look at the issues. I have found that we are a mix of Liberal and Conservative values, it isn’t just one issue that defines us. You have proven what he is saying.

    • A great deflection, Larry. Completely off the point. Deflecting seems to be the refined talent of the administration. There seem to be few other qualities.

    • When does the Statute of Clinton Blaming Limitations run out? Trumpites can never argue an issue on its own merits. Always have to fall back to blaming Hillary, Bill or Barak.

    • Another racist sycophant. All of you, your days are numbered. When the rancid pile of sewage you admire goes down, you’re all going with him.

    • For gods sake go home and listen to yourself before you embarrass your family by speaking without thinking. Pray for enlightenment.

    • When one leans to a certain angle all the time, and can’t see the other side of the triangle, it’s going to be that view and that view all of the time. Following any social media which has its algorithms skewed to give you your bias, you will stay at that angle and that angle only. I can’t see our brother here changing any time now or in the near future. It’s the continual repetition of all of the anti-Trump rhetoric from 2016. So much of it has been debunked but, no, it has to be repeated. Sure, Trump is not a perfect man and has his idiosyncrasies. So anti-Trumpers just love to pick on those and amplify it. Just one year in and the economy is showing recovery that’s amazing actually and many many more positives. I hope the left-leaning angle collapses and the other side becomes starkly clear and some repentance can be forthcoming.

    • I knew some jackass was going to come along and say something negative in response to all the true comments that were made in this article. It is people like you that keep this world so jacked up sometimes it’s best if you just shut up and stop making things worse.

    • Thank you Larry,, the defender. Typical defender, always trying to prove that 2 wrongs make a right. Trump is crude, rough, ignorant of history, classless. I want my president to be better than that. In my opinion he embarrasses America. In your opinion he is just fine for our children to emulate. As an old person I pray for a wise, kind, gentle, moral, strong, articulate, knowledgeable, person to lead our country. Someone who our children and the World can be proud of. Not someone who acts like a child needing discipline. ( well, he/she did it, so I can do it, too…he’s a cheater, so it’s okay for me, too) Why not emulate the good, instead of making excuses for emulating the bad qualities.

    • Larry, with all due respect, a couple corrections are in order here. First, you state that the writer’s criterion for determining what is good and bad is corrupt and try to justify it with a straw man argument. I did not read anywhere that he vigorously defended the unborn and attacked those that defend them or talked about sexual debauchery. Next, you have been misled if you think Trump actually had anything to do with lower unemployment levels among blacks. Facts do not lie and simple research will show that those unemployment levels started to decline while Obama was still in office and continued before Trump ever became President. But it is interesting that you find it necessary to end your comment by making it a racial issue, saying that it is a liberal agenda to keep blacks dependent on the government. But I understand, none of trump supporters are racist, right?

    • Larry sorry but you are an idiot. Reality is economic numbers are changed by policies made well before Trump came into office. Stop giving trump credit for the previous administrations. Just making an assumption here but you are probably a racist too. Why only point out Black employment numbers? Let’s start with this Larry. 1st – I am a republican fiscally. I grew up in a conservative military household where all members of my family wee required to give service. So let’s save the Liberal bullshit. Let’s look at your post closely: 1. Every human is allowed to determine whom they deem Bad or Good people. Also Trump has done nothing but prove he is a horrible human. Agree with the original poster. Larry anyone that would talk about people the way he does is not only unprofessional but to use terms you might understand “White Trash” I hope you can show me your medals defending this country because I have many Yellow and Red ribbons in my family. BTW – I own a gun, I literally cringe at all the taxes I pay. But the difference between me and you is that I have a soul and an education which allows me to see how incredibly bad this guy is. Furthermore, Let’s be honest Trump supporters do not support policy. They support hate. I agree that we need to be fiscally responsible. Are you in the top 5% If not you short term gains will do nothing for you and only hurt your children and grandchildren. Secretly, I hope you did not breed. You are so misinformed to think these short term gains will do anything. It is a ploy to get undereducated people to keep supporting his outright support of only the wealthy. Also I will add I am a strategist for a living and see past the immediate short term small literally nothing gain that will result in a recession due to wealthy tax cuts. Unless you are a genius that can prove trickle down economics work…when no other economic professional has since Regan. The economic benefit is 100% going to benefit the top 5% . Please tell me where is anything he has done (where he can actually take credit for) has benefited the whole? You are another blind follower that is not educated enough to make statements like you do. FOX news is not factual, please read the bill and look at who really benefits.

  5. Thank you for your almost daily reminders of this beast. I mean this in a good way and in all sincerity. I don’t want to “get used” to the garbage spewing from the White House. I’ve been worried that if he is removed from office there would be fighting in the streets between both sides of our country. I don’t want to be lulled into a state of not caring. Keep up the good work brother!

    • State of not caring? That’s what you had for the last eight years: Traitor-in-Chief betrayed everyone here. ObamaCare is a disaster, ISIS were murdering innocent people; Iran was paid billions to be able to create a nuclear bomb; there was a war going on on our policemen and women who were murdered by gangsters; the same gangsters were invited to OUR White House… but you didn’t care about all this, right? Liberals are sick people. You live in the world of fantasy, but real life is passing by without you even noticing… Poor, poor people. We have now someone in the WHouse who loves this country and cares about its people, but for you, it doesn’t mean anything.

  6. They also don’t bomb a country day after day to cover up an extramarital affair and delay impending impeachment. They don’t manipulate their own people into divisiveness in order to control them. They don’t pass laws to keep the oppressed down and dupe them into believing that he is their savior. They don’t apologize to people who have murdered their countrymen. We could go on and on. There is no “good” man. God says that in His Word. You might want to pick the book up and read.

    • That was wrong too. Grow up and stop being a shill to your political party. These behaviors continue because of apologists like yourself.

    • Don’t distract from the issue regarding the executive leader of our country, for now is not the time for divisiveness among the citizenry. What you say is basically true regarding the majority will of Congress comprised of both parties’ special interests, meaning that we must vote wisely. We must join together in a movement to ‘flip’ the House and Senate starting with any of your local, state or federal elections this spring. You know that Trumpf is now at the ‘disgusting’ mark. And you know you wouldn’t like or want a husband/wife/lover/teacher/doctor/childcare worker/nurse/accountant/lawyer/judge/sibing/parent, or child to act this way so what was the purpose of your post?

    • There are no “good” men? Really? Good men and women have core values and respect for all humanity. There are good men and women who make mistakes, have regret and do the next right thing. Over and over. This is life.

    • ” You might want to pick the book up and read.”

      Gotta love when people post things like that assuming the blog author has never read the Bible…

    • Suzanne, I understand the whole “Whataboutism” defense. We all see it everyday. Now what I am about to tell you might possibly turn your entire world completely upside down as it might never have occurred to you before. What if they were BOTH bad? (Insert the sound of head exploding right here) I suppose that would mean we would have to find a completely different argument to defend whichever one we support instead of just criticizing the other side, wouldn’t we?

  7. Another excellent piece and I agree with you completely. Wish I could share it on my FB page but can’t/won’t with that ugly mug on there. Cannot stand to look at that.

  8. Those statements ring true to me .. that was very well written and I understood it well this is not a nice person you can tell ..
    The snickering about women’s genitalia in that caravan that day is laughed off as being oh well all the people who have said he has touched them has never been heard of again really have they it’s just been wiped under the rug everything else is just so true about coloured people and what is happening now the only thing I liked about the action was when the pedophilia was exposed and that was very limited what a shame but then again it is so deep where would you start

  9. To think, there are actually people still in support of him, people who have likely never had a real relationship or even a meaningful conversation with someone who falls outside of their narrow definition of sameness. They’ve likely not visited countries he refers to in demeaning terms. He should have zero supporters right now. Yet…

    I’m thankful that you speak boldly about the hot mess that’s happening.

    • Been married 20 years. 30 years in the military, more than a few trips overseas to predominantly Muslim countries, trying to give them a chance at being a country where little girls are genitally mutilated, homosexuals are slaughtered, and women are chattels.

      Now, given the choice between Clinton and Trump, why should I feel she was the better choice? Because she supports oopsie birth control abortion up to the moment of choice? Because she attempted to attack and destroy every woman who came forward after being raped/sexually assaulted by her husband? Her multiple instances of destroying evidence under subpoena? Lying to Congress under oath?

      I would think – especially after the revelations of the last month – that you could find zero people wanting to argue that Clinton was the better, more moral choice. But as you have both been married longer than me and have seen more countries around the world than I have – feel free to convince me.

  10. there are none righteous , no not one

    all that is good is from God the Father, the Holy spirit control s the heart of true believers

    read : Romans : 3:
    Romans 8: all
    and the Gospel of John :
    if there is any good in mankind it is from a changed heart from a relationship with the father and a accountability to Jesus Christ for the outcome

    Many false religeons, Godless Leaders, Godless people who have selfish motives
    But God is , and aways in control of them and he will make mankind stand in judgement for thier actions, thoughts , motives

    salvation is only by faith
    Works by trust , belief
    and out ward circumstances from a life of sowing & reaping and other s actions of thier wrong or right lives
    The old testiment is there for us to learn what not to do and how to obey God
    Ten commandments to protect us from leaving God and going astray

  11. One of the fundamental principles of the Protestant Reformation was the idea that people should examine everything for themselves, and not rely on a church leader to think for them. The people who blindly voted for trump, without examining his deeds, his words, his behavior, seem to have forgotten that principle.

    • “The people who blindly voted for trump, without examining his deeds, his words, his behavior, seem to have forgotten that principle.”

      Another fundamental principle is not to make assumptions about the motivations of others. Why do you choose to assume those of us who examined the two, and decided that Trump was the lesser of two evils did so “blindly”.

      What about those who chose Clinton instead? Were they blind to her deeds, her words, her behavior – including her criminal behavior? Were they truly blind to the fact she attacked and attempted to destroy every woman who had the courage to come forward after being raped/sexually assaulted by her husband?

      Depending on their faith, were they okay with her support for oopsie birth control or sex selection abortions, right up to the minute of birth? How many faiths condone abortion like that?

      It is not hard to present a false face to others in society today. Nor to indulge in the hypocrisy of not applying the same standards one applies to Trump – a very flawed human being – to both Clinton and Obama. To pretend that they have no history; in fact, history only began the day Trump was elected.

      However, for those of faith, ultimately they will have to explain their lives to God. Including their accusations that those who voted for Trump not only did so blindly, but the measure of Trump’s morality and personal history were somehow or other less than Hillary Clinton’s.

      Good luck with that.

    • That’s because they have no principles. Haven’t you heard? They have laws and obedience to laws—which means they rarely read the New Testament and are as ignorant as a pile of dung—and that is being generous to them.

    • It’s precisely this kind of condescending, snowflake melting stupidity that put him in office. It is possible, that rational people examined Trump, a private citizen, and compared him with Hillary, a career criminal who stands for the mass murder of children, the destruction of Christian morality using the force of government, etc., etc., and decided that Trump was a better choice than Jezebel?

    • The church leader that Protestants rejected is Christ.

      We still have the same dogma and doctrine. Protestantism has a zillion sects each believing something different, and the ultimate Protestants, the “progressives” embrace much evil in the name of Christianity.

      I voted for Trump but not “blindly.” I knew about his sins and flaws, as well as those of his opponent. I voted according to policy, and not for a Sunday school teacher (not that his opponent qualified or that either).

  12. Sadly, the GOP and those that voted for them mistakenly consider themselves “good people” while bracing hate, hate-filled acts, and hate-filled words.

    • I voted for him and will again, but don’t consider myself to be good. I know I am a sinner. But I’m not “hate filled.” I see that coming from you guys who are in a rage 24/7 over Trump and his supporters. It’s not good to be that way and can’t be good for your physical or mental health.

  13. Bravo! Very well said, John, and I agree completely. This article deserves to be shared a million times over. Will it be read by “his” supporters and will it start to sink in? Doubtful but we can certainly hope.

  14. And good people don’t stand on the sidelines, like the GOP, and let this go on with out speaking out. The republicans need to speak and the democrats need to speak louder otherwise they are quietly saying they are not good people either

    • Vulgar comments are not warranted in the locker room, nor in public posts. Remember, Jason, you were born from one and your mother probably wouldn’t say it was easy or painless. Unless you meant that we are strong, resilient and life-giving. Yes, maybe that’s what you meant.

    • Pussification? Trump and Republicans don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and help our own citizens. Look at the long months of suffering in Puerto Rico, probably because Trump had his tender feelings hurt. Then talk about “Pussification.”

  15. You said everything I wish I had or could…but I’m surrounded by so many who will make excuses for him that I’m becoming tired and disillusioned. How do I know so many people who think he’s “okay”??? My heart gets heavier every time he opens his mouth. God bless you for the truth your words.

    • It’s time for new friends! Not much you can do about family, though, if that’s part of the problem, except to keep loving them.
      Question – why do you hang out with so many people whose values are not yours? I don’t want to sound judgmental – really just asking. I live in a super-conservative state filled with Trump supporters. And there also are thousands upon thousands of people here who do NOT support him. New friends are out there waiting for you – go make them! Best wishes…..

  16. Good people don’t deliberately vote for a bad person, especially when that bad person showed all his bad qualities and intentions during the presidential campaign. People who vote for that kind of person carry the stench with them which cannot easily be washed off.

  17. Once again, my heartfelt Thanks. I have been saying this for quite awhile now, but I don’t have a platform so Thank you for using your’s to make this very important point. I am ashamed that I share this country and this earth with people who are okay with this man’s behavior and those who cover for him. Please keep up the good work. Peace and Love,

    • I’m ashamed so many in our country are fine and dandy with killing innocent babies waiting to be born, but I pray for them.

      Peace and love for the unborn too, please. They deserve it.

  18. I asked a Trump supporter, “How can you be a Christian, a follower of Christ, and support what Trump says and does? His words and actions are totally against what Christ taught us.” Her response: “You’re wrong.” I explained that I was asking a question, not stating an opinion, and she said, “You’re wrong, Hillary was a liar and a criminal.” I think that’s what we will get from those who blindly follow Trump. His followers make as much sense as he does.

    • Your question is loaded and flawed.

      For example, you could have been a Christian and supporter of Bill Clinton without carousing with young interns or supporting that behavior. I would presume you supported him for his policies and not to validate his immoral lifestyle.

      Whatever are Trump’s sins are for God to judge. I didn’t vote for that. I voted for his policies.

      Besides that, Hillary is pro-abortion. How can a Christian support baby-killing?

  19. John you forgot why a huge portion of people support him….greed $$$. Jesus weeps. Keep fighting the good fight. You speak for all of us.

    • “Jesus weeps”…and the alternative, a career criminal who advocates for evil, literally, everything that Jesus would abhor, at every chance she gets, that’s what you would prefer?

  20. Sir, I loved what you’ve written – It’s the words I’ve been trying to find. I lost both brothers and my father to Trump. I’ve not been able to reconcile this loss and what it means and did to me.

    Thank you- E

  21. Good people, especially pastors, don’t play games with words in order to play politics and advance a liberal agenda instead of the teachings of Jesus.

    But do progressives even know the difference between good and bad? They say it’s good to destroy life in the womb and bad to oppose abortionist killers. That it’s good for two men to sexually join themselves and bad that Christians who who are true to their faith see it as the evil that it is. That it’s good for the State to control as much of the economy as possible, and that free enterprise and keeping your hard-earned dollars is bad.

    This is just more phony outrage. Another excuse to say that Trump is evil and to shame those who support his policies, as if their guilt trip will turn us from conservatives to liberals. And as usual, the race card has been played to the hilt. That’s where liberals draw much of their power. In creating and exploiting racial divisions.

    And as far as Pastor John is concerned, it’s very sad that he’s no longer a pastor but is a demagogue, exploiting Trump to gain a following.

    I pray that you come back home to the Catholic Church John. You’re without a rudder and can’t see the Truth and are spreading hatred. You are giving people an excuse to hate by vilifying Trump. How many more posts will it take until you begin lashing out at the rest of us as you do Trump?

    • “How many more posts will it take until you begin lashing out at the rest of us as you do Trump?”

      The fact that you don’t realize that John has already done that in this post is just proof positive that the blinders you wear, which you refer to as a “rudder” and “the Catholic Church”, are firmly fixed.

    • What is your spin on the use of the term “shithole”? I’m curious.
      You can always create a diversion from the subject at hand by comparing and contrasting the levels of sin being commited by people not even relevant to the situation but how about for once taking an honest look at what is really going on here.
      Some people are real big on judging. Some not so much.
      When he calls some countries “shitholes” what is he really saying? I’m asking because it seems that his supporters are much better at interpreting his words than he is.
      What shall we call his words “colorful colloquialisms”?

    • When did we see you hungry and not feed you? When did we see you thirsty and not give you a drink? When did we see you naked and not clothe you? When did we see you in prison and not visit you?

      And Jesus replied : ‘In so far as you have not done these things for the least of my brothers, you have not done them for me’.

      Your entire argument seems to be a long list of reasons why you should be allowed to not help the least of your brothers, and why fighting your perceived enemies is more important. Enemies Jesus commanded you to love and turn the other cheek to.

      It’s amazing how you can call yourself a Christian while downplaying the single most important orders of Christ. Orders so important that in revelations it is prophesied that those orders, and those alone, will be used by Jesus to separate the righteous from the damned. And nowhere does it say you have to help all of them yourself, there is no Prohibition on using the government to help more than you alone could reach. And unless you can help as many yourself as your taxes in the government can(impossible since you cannot run a deficit to maintain the assistance in a bad year) that logically becomes a demand of God to use the government in this way. There are no undeserving recipients. Jesus will judge your overall for him by how you cared for those you thought most unworthy of your help “the least of my brothers”.
      There is no Christian religion that disavow a revelations. Perhaps it’s time you read it? And the sermon on the mountain as well.
      And what is true of people is also true of countries (what is a country except a group of people?). So Jesus’s answer to Trump is pretty clear. Norwegians do not need your assistance, Haitians do. You may think Haiti is a shit hole but that only makes your Christian obligation to assist Haitians greater. It makes them the least of his brothers.

      The American religious right insists that America is a Christian nation whenever that justifies enforcing Christian morality on people that do not share it. I do not agree with that assessment but if you are going to claim it and vote based on it then at the very least you must demand that America as a country acts according to Christ’s definition of righteousness :in charity to the least of his brothers, with love for its neighbors (especially the one due South) and even with love for its enemies. That it opens its doors and hearts to the needy the way Christ demanded in revelations.

    • It is not a matter of conservative policies, you dolt. You are worshipping a despicable person in trump. You have been so conned by this horrible, tiny excuse for a human being. This emperor of yours is wearing no clothes! Have your conservative beliefs, but please, dump this disgusting, embarrassing, idiot and find a dignified leader. Then we can talk.

    • You can pretend it is about policy. What you really want is control. If you are opposed to abortion then avoid having one. If you are opposed to same sex marriage, them don’t marry the same sex. You and your religious belief do not hold power over other people. Some 14 year old need not have a baby she is unable to afford or ill equipped to raise. Two men in love care nothing about you. Let them mind their business and marriage without your input. I am not bothered by your religion. Enjoy it. However, it’s yours. If everyone else winds up in hell you can say, “I told you so,” because with your hateful heart you will be there to see.

    • Alfonso, I posted this earlier on another comment –

      When one leans to a certain angle all the time, and can’t see the other side of the triangle, it’s going to be that view and that view all of the time. Following any social media which has its algorithms skewed to give you your bias, you will stay at that angle and that angle only. I can’t see our brother here changing any time now or in the near future. It’s the continual repetition of all of the anti-Trump rhetoric from 2016. So much of it has been debunked but, no, it has to be repeated. Sure, Trump is not a perfect man and has his idiosyncrasies. So anti-Trumpers just love to pick on those and amplify it. Just one year in and the economy is showing recovery that’s amazing actually and many many more positives. I hope the left-leaning angle collapses and the other side becomes starkly clear and some repentance can be forthcoming.

    • You say pastors do not play games with words, etc. How about the words used here: “Apart from the vocabulary attributed to him, President Trump is right on target in his sentiment,” Robert Jeffress, the evangelical pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas and a presidential adviser, told CBN News.

  22. Thank you Mr. Pavlovitz for expressing in such a clear and eloquent way what is, today on my heart……and the hearts of all good people. Your insight merits a national audience. I hope you will consider sending this to one or all national publications. Every American would then benefit as I have from your clarity and insight. In a relatively short span of time our country and our world have become dangerous to inhabit………emotionally, psychologically and physically. Parents, grandparents and teachers across the country would, I’m sure be relieved to find in your words a way to talk to our children and to answer there questions. Please feel free to respond to my email address if you like. My husband and I have both submitted OpEd and guest columns to The NY Times. My husband had a column published in the Washington Post about the plight of the Native American Holy Lands facing destruction by mining,etc. Either of us would be glad to give you the contact information needed to have this printed for a national audience.
    Thank you again for your wonderful words and your extraordinary good heart and spirit.

  23. “Good people don’t refer to entire countries as “shitholes””

    If only that was what this president meant.
    Some specific down-on-their-luck countries could accurately, if not politely, be described as very bad places to be. Countries plagued with civil wars, or devastated by natural disasters. There are places on the planet where it’s better not to go, at least not without some strong logistics, military or otherwise. That’s the point 45’s aficionados are trying to defend.

    But good people don’t need to ask why countries with more relaxed climates find themselves facing the arrival of people – human beings – fleeing such “shitholes”.
    Especially good people whose close ancestors settled in the US, attracted by the American Dream, after fleeing themselves some “shithole” country.

    The president was clearly making no distinction between the “shithole” countries and their inhabitants.
    He was clearly making no distinction between truly “shitholes” countries in deep trouble, and countries which, while not being economic powerhouses like the Great America, manage to get by, in their own corner of the world, thank you very much.
    The president was not making a political or socioeconomic statement.
    He was making a racist assertion.

  24. 1) Wish I could be surprised.
    2) I am unable to comprehend how otherwise intelligent friends are able to defend the individual who currently holds the office of president.

  25. What galls me is not just the coarse language (he may deny specific words with incredible deniability), words that flow from a hate-filled heart, it’s the attitude and the policy positions that 45 is touting, which he does not deny that are the real issue. The purported rhetorical question has a simple answer that should be on the lips of any of those Evangelical leaders who boast of such influential access to him for over a year now. “Why should we allow people from such [fill in the blank] countries?” Because, our savior considers each one of them precious … enough to die for them. He doesn’t care where they came from! Who are we to close our doors to them … because of where they came from?

  26. I agree we must hold our leaders to a higher standing. Good leadership shows examples of greatness, they do not degrade denounce or ridicule to get what they want.

  27. The power of truth! John Pavlovitz, Thank you for clarifying the difference between good and bad, it seems that elected people in Congress as well as a number of Trump devitees needed to have that explained to them. Europe and the rest of the workd is waiting for you to remove the bad and let the good back into America….

  28. It’s about time The United States of America sees trump for what he is! Surely we are all powerful against this satanic individual! Stand up and be counted…he is the terrorist of this country!

  29. Not that I’m a baseball fan, but you’ve hit another out of the park, Mr. P. Like you, I expect a flurry of defensiveness from “Christians,” libertarians, and wanna be billionaires, but this is just one more instance of going too far. We’ll watch it pass, I fear, and have another before the week is out.

    • What is being reported on CNN is the truth. Your problem is that you are susceptible to Trumps lies. Here is what Trump is doing, and you people are so ignorant that you have become blind as well:

  30. Just FWIW, The Ugly American was a book about a man who was physically ugly, but was a good person. It’s often been used in the opposite sense—someone who is rich and attractive and American, but is an awful person. Most people get the reference, but don’t know it’s not what the book really was about.

    • I’m not sure what book you are referring to. I know there is a best-selling book by that title about American foreign policy in Southeast Asia. In every context I’ve seen it used the phrase refers to American behavior that is ugly toward non-Americans, and it seems to be universally understood to mean this. I’ve never heard of a book that turns this meaning inside-out. When was it written?

  31. ‘No, good people don’t call countries filled with beautiful, creative, loving men and women shitholes.’

    And you just called the USA a s***hole, you POS! How dare you!

  32. The country that produced dreams promised by The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that followed has also produced a talking sewer. President Lamprey Lips. (Compare photos of the two and you’ll see.) It’s important to remember that bullies are not stronger than the rest of us; they’re just more vulgar, and ugly. And we don’t have to put up with it. It’s our country to care for and keep, and we shouldn’t let them have it.

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  34. Weeeeeell, golly … maybe there are in fact some good people who nonetheless do defend such a bad man.

    At least, that’s what I try to tell myself whenever I’m trying to convince myself that just over a third of my fellow Americans can’t all be bad people. 😦

    • You might want to check your facts sir … the “third” you refer to is not that of your fellow Americans, it is of the people who voted for him.

      A third of those still express public support for him (polls) … a third of those voters are all that is left of Cult45.

    • I can understand that a third of America voted for this stain of a human being. There are many many people out there who do not feel that they have been served well by current society and who were only too happy to throw a spanner in the works. Sadly (for them and for the rest of us) the spanner is disintegrating and people are going to be hurt by the shrapnel for quite some time to come. I know lots of Trump voters who now regret their choice. I only hope it’s not too late for our republic.

  35. As for calling a place a “shithole” — I, for one, got no problem with using that particular term whenever the circumstances truly warrant it. I mean, some places really are, unfortunately, full of nothing but total crap. I’m not talking about places deprived of the many blessing we Americans take for granted, suffering from poverty, oppression or other depredations — no, I mean, places full of shitty people wedded to shoddy thinking that leads to shitty notions and shamefully shitty utterances.

    And if I were to start listing shitholes in today’s world, the first place that comes to my mind right now is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in our nation’s capital.

    Or, to paraphrase a recent comment by his bootlicking toady, Stephen Miller, this was nothing but “a garbage comment from a garbage so-called president.”

  36. When I challenged a coworker today all he could say was his 401K was doing well. So he was OK with trump.

    What profit it a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

    • Mary Kay G., i suggest for the answer to that question…” what profit a man……. ( or woman? ) gain the world and lose .. soul? ” go to the Clinton foundation….
      apparently…they are experts on ” gain” without consequence of morals, ethics or honesty…
      a little less hypocrisy please.
      ( maybe it would be a good idea to lock her up with the foul mouth of those she is so “superior” to.) put them together without benefit of cameras and Hollywood’s “moral compass”? keep them separated from physical approach to each other…but just let them duke it out verbally… could be interesting if it were just the two of them and the Ultimate judge. i understand she could hurl back a bunch of foul language too…with a lot of experience.

  37. I get it. Good people defend a sexual predator like Bill Clinton because “character doesn’t matter” if you’re POTUS. Good people defend sexual predators like Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein for decades. Good people call Americas who have a narrow interpretation of the Bible and are strong supporters of the 2nd amendment “bitter clingers”.
    Good people consider black conservatives “uncle toms” and female conservatives “stupid c*nts.”
    That’s what “good” people do.

  38. Already, Jessie Watters has said that’s simply how regular people in Trump’s base talk. He knows that Fox News Channel viewers will shout ‘Damn right!’ at the TV and feel validated — and that none of them will wonder if, just maybe, the POTUS shouldn’t be saying those things out loud.

    However the ‘man on the street’ may talk, it is the duty of the President (any President) to speak with restraint and forethought. POTUS is the face the United States presents to the world, and that face must be the best.

  39. Pastor – I would like to thank you for raising my opinion of Christians, the real ones, not the xtians as we on the other end of the religious spectrum call them. Your words ring true, even to this Wiccan. I grew up Catholic but left when it seemed to be less about the love of neighbor and more about the condemnation of others. Thank you again.

  40. How long do we have to put up with this terrorist? Our children are getting a hugely awful example to follow, even not counting his approximately 5.6 lies every day.

    My terms to describe his appearance is an orange man with a yellow pancake on his head (which is filled with hate against anything or anyone who doesn’t meet his low class level of inhuman standards). No wonder NY society that he dearly wanted to be accepted by were wise to avoid him; there are rumors about his crassness, that has been unveiled in front of us, they abhor. Definitely “new money” raw with little sense of what behavior is good vs bad, injurious behavior. We elected a very vile person to lead our country, I just cannot wait to have him gone.

  41. The truth in what you’ve written, so right and so simple, is stunning. It needs to be read by every man, woman, even children throughout America and beyond. It is a lesson in gentle but firm righteousness. Thank you.

  42. This article was written by someone who’s never stepped foot in Haiti or Nigeria. And has never been shot at by a Muslim nor knows what Bacha Bazi is…… also written by someone who is a hypocrite who’s defending bad people.

  43. You’re phenomenally expressive and a very eloquent writer.

    And clearly you recognize the actual shithole is the incessant, incendiary, insensitive, and indecent mouth of a shithead.

    I’m enjoying your posts John. I suppose you’re not convincing me of things I’m convinced of, but I’d love to see your message spread as much as possible.

    Let me know if I can help in some way. I help people raise their voice on digital media, though I believe you’re being heard.

  44. “No, good people don’t call countries filled with beautiful, creative, loving men and women shitholes.”

    Where can we go to read your blog post where you similarly excoriated Obama for calling Libya a “shit show” – criticizing and blaming British PM David Cameron for the state of affairs in Libya while doing so? And doing so in public as well – not something allegedly said in a private meeting.

    You DID write a blog about that as well, didn’t you? If not – as a person who claims to be a man of God, why do you find publicly calling a country a “shit show” acceptable, while calling another country a “shit hole” is not? It’s either blatant hypocrisy on your part, or one is indeed acceptable while the other is not, correct?

    Have you finished your blog post on what a bad man Obama is, now that information out of Congressional committees shows Obama forbid law enforcement from shutting down Hezbollah’s cocaine cartel ring? You know – the one that smuggled a billion dollars worth of cocaine into the US every year, spending that billion dollars on acts of terrorism, and killing American and allied soldiers. The cocaine that killed thousands of American drug users.

    I would REALLY like to read your blog post on that – you being a person who claims they say what needs to be said, after all.

    You know, you can BS people – particularly those suffering from hyperactive confirmation bias. But you aren’t going to be able to BS the God who we all ultimately answer to. I would suggest you start working on excuses for your political hypocrisy now, because it’s going to have to be a good one.

  45. Many of us felt we had two bad choices. I felt like I chose the lesser of the two evils. He’s a jerk, she’s a liar and a danger to our government and our military.

  46. The reason the body politic of the US, filled with capitalist political representatives, are weak in the face of this degenerate member of their class, is that ridding themselves of him threatens the institutions of capitalism and this hypocritical idea of the integrity of the office. Trump is doing that, undermining US capitalism and their phony democracy and capitalist institutions. Obama before him massacred plenty of brown skinned people and in the interests of capital. The murderous assault on Yemen, one of the poorest counties in the world being one of them. They all lie, they are all culpable in the plunder if the third world. Trump just happens to be the most degenerate of them. After this latest outburst from this moron they will desperately try to rid themselves of him. But maintaining the phony image and legitimacy of US capitalism is the goal. The war hawk billionaire Oprah is no way out for working people.

  47. Let me understand this. You’re a hypocritical Christian correct? You condemn half the country by saying they’re bad people if we have made a choice to support Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America. What if I told you that preaching this condemnation was the evil? Feeding the hate of the socialist left doesn’t seem Chritianlike. You degrade yourself if you actually believe yourself to be a Christian. You are the evil in the room. We have made a choice to support this man. Please continue to direct your hate at us you only make us stronger.

  48. $10 Australian, I bet he gets re-elected.
    I loved your comments, unfortunately he plays to the merica soul like George W.
    It would be the best $10 I lost.
    I think he got in on the anti hillary and anti establishment vote, unfortunately you have an extremely combative and chosenly ignorant leader.
    The world is starting to believe that every merican is like him and that McCarthyism is alive and well.
    And Yellow journalism is rampant. I wish you the best in educating merica to be a loving tolerant helpful society, good luck.
    Paul Jordan

    • When we stop killing the unborn because of unjust laws, we’ll be a good country again. Those ‘mericans you look down on don’t really like that and we don’t really care what you and your friends think about us.

  49. No contrary arguments from me. Is it just me—-or does Robert Jeffress look more and more like Gomer Pyle with each passing day? Dang—you’re right. There is no need to insult Gomer like that. Well, the “Flee from Christian Fundamentalism” blog is still open for business, and we (me, myself, and I) have a new post up in response to Trump’s “shithole country” moment. I think all of you will like it—-you too John P. Just click on the following safe link:

    • What is it about progressives that they seem to dwell on the negative and their “perception” that so many who are not like them are very bad people and that so much of their focus and energy is on them?

      In the next election you guys will need more than “we hate Trump” to win.

      In the religious realm, you need more than “we hate fundies.” What is have you got that’s positive? How can you help me with my sins and weaknesses? What do you do to help people find Heaven and avoid Hell? I know what you hate? What do you love? (besides abortion and sexual sin)

  50. I already made my choice, last year. I wrote in Mr. Sanders. This… cretin… this sub-human… he’s the president sure. I didn’t vote for that piece of scrap.

  51. I’ve despised Trump from the beginning. I place myself second to no one in my contempt for Trump. I agree with almost all of your list above. And I disagree with Trump’s apparent belief that just because a country is lousy that means the people IN it are lousy and should not be allowed to come here. That’s a bigot talking. But, oddly, I agree with him about the countries themselves. I wouldn’t have used the word he used — I’d have said lousy country or crappy country — but don’t try to tell me there aren’t any lousy countries in the world. Anderson Cooper did this long speech about how strong Haitians have to be to survive in a country where the government does nothing to help them when there’s trouble — well, a country with an incompetent or corrupt or unfeeling government is a crappy country. It’s not that there’s something wrong with the people, but with the leaders, those in power, those creating the conditions under which all must live. To refuse to call a crappy country a crappy country is to fall into the trap that gets libtards and snowflakes called that — all opinions are equal, everyone is beautiful in their own way, nothing is better than anything else, we can tolerate anything but intolerance. NO. We NEED to make judgments so we know how to act. But, again, I DISAGREE that people from lousy countries should not be welcomed here. Ireland was a lousy country (to live in) when my ancestors came to avoid starvation. People don’t leave their homes in the thousands and millions to emigrate because their home countries are great. They leave because they are good people in a lousy country and they come here and make this country better. So I disagree with what Trump meant about the people, but how can we really say he’s wrong about those countries? They are terrible places for ordinary people to live. That’s why people want out.

  52. Good people don’t agree with gay marriage or allow Muslim terrorists to come into our country or pay for all the illegal immigrants or promote abortion either !! Obama was CERTAINLY no saint!! So get off your high horse!

    • This comment right here highlights how Trump got elected, ignorance and fear. I hope you’re just an internet troll, but I’m going to assume you’re not.

      Really, people are bad if they defend gay people, are you kidding me? How about we just live by the golden rule and treat ours how we want to be treated. You probably know people maybe even friends, that are gay and haven’t come out about it. If you were to find one of your friends were gay, would you suddenly think lesser of them for that reason alone? If so that highlights the misgivings of yourself more than them.

      On to your second point Muslim terrorist, again ignorance and fear. Just like bigots make up the minority of Christians, terrorist make up a mass minority of Muslims. If we’re going to go by this logic, we might as well block the whole world. There is always going to be small minority of
      people that will hate the US for one thing or the other, but we cannot submit to fearing whole ethnicities and religions just because we fear a minority. This thinking only dimishes us as people and as a country. Remember we’re a nation of immigrants, we wouldn’t of become who we are otherwise. This giant melting pot we call the United States of America, is the greatest nation in the world for that reason. To want to strangle immigration, is to also to want to stop great minds and hard workers from wanting create a better life for themselves here. That in turn will lower our standing with the world and also our ability to call this place “the greatest country in the world”.

      As a final note, if we want to obtain the American dream, truly. We can only do it with a open mind and a open heart.

  53. I’m incredibly grateful to you for eloquently summarizing my feelings of contempt for this man we have to call President. What an isolating feeling to be astounded and horrified by his racist remarks and yet see that little or nothing is done to counter him.
    Thank you for your words. You give me hope and a sense of community.

  54. Mr Pavlovitz,
    Thank you for voicing, so simpjly and succinctly, what many millions of us are thinking. My heart hurts when I realize that our children and grandchildren are seeing such evidence of bad behavior at the very pinacle of power in our nation.
    Keep writing truth.

  55. New International Version
    that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.
    Some Has to Be the bad guy to set standard s for the safety of Gods People
    and the USA
    YOUR Freedom is dependant of Standards, laws, and some one looking out for you while YOU are with out a clue of what is really going on in the world thru the false religeons
    Trump has that responsibility and there are rules in place to safeguard that .

    Read at Bible Gateway
    Read all of 2 Corinthians 5


    From Earth to Eternity
    January 13, 2018

    But Abraham said, “Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted and you are tormented.”
    Luke 16:25

    • Weinstein visited Obama in the WH 13+ times, and was thrilled when his daughter Malia got a chance to work for Harvey Weinstein as an Intern when she was 18. Weinstein hosted many fundraisers for Obama whom he called ‘The Paul Newman of Presidents’. Obama’s first reaction to the Weinstein accusations was ‘silence’.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right, but such hypocrisy blows holes in Progressive’s ‘mock-horror’.

  57. well said. This covers it all. The president is a disgrace and a racist. We must only hope that with investigation he will be stopped … The people who still defend him should be ashamed. He is a dangerous and common vulgar bigot!!!

  58. Shirley Miles…makes you wonder what was said in the meeting before you Democratic picked up on the word “Shithole!”….And with No recording of the meeting we are supposed to believe Democrats without Question….Right !

    • Actually. Two prominent Republicans who were in that meeting, one being Senator Graham, corroborated the statement for the whole world after the meeting. There is no doubt whatsoever that he said it when both Republicans and Democrats who were in the meeting report it. The rest are just denials by Republicans who were there and have chosen to lie to save “God’s Anointed One” from a sewer that was once called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  59. Wow…..that was VERY well written. My dad raised us with this life lesson….there are two things you don’t talk about in public, politics and religion. I have always followed this rule. So, the fact that I’m commenting on this article is a big deal (to me anyway)! My question is….how on earth could one of his supporters debate or turn what has been said above? It’s all documented happenings! It’s not “fake news”. It’s in writing, on video, and in text!!! I have never lived my day to day life scared that something is going to happen to us. I have always felt that no matter who the president was (right or left) that they had our best interests at heart. For the first time in my life I don’t feel safe and I’m scared. The feeling I have is not one of “make America great again”.

    • You are right to be scared. President Trump and our country are creeping ever closer to a situation our American founders tried hard to prevent when they framed our American constitutional government in the late 18th century. Pray for God to remove Trump from office before the fateful day you fear—and they feared— finally comes.

  60. I just can’t get over this. This was beyond anything I have ever imagined a president doing. It would be one thing for Trump to have friends who are white supremacists, or family members that went to KKK rallies, but to be elected president, and then say those things is using no sense of decorum at all. It was one of the most openly and obviously racist things he could have said.

  61. How is s—–hole any more offensive than thousands of women screaming F—-Trump outside the White House and wearing P—-y Hats? The language and actions of those women was very derogatory and offensive. They also discriminated against pro-life organizations by not letting them participate. TV coverage on that March in DC and similar marches around the country had to heavily edited because the FDA would not have allowed the language and images on posters shown on TV. So the general public never saw the vile pure hatred.

  62. You are so right on here, John! Hillary would never talk about Haiti like that, especially after the beautiful $3,000,000 wedding that Haiti threw for her daughter, Chelsea!!! Words are one thing…I can’t stand the words that Trump often uses…but actions (or lack of actions) are another. Just sayin…

    • Hillary’s foul-mouth tirades are well documented. She had people scrambling with her wicked tongue, which included lots of derogatory name calling, like ‘hillbilly’, ‘trailer-trash’, ‘red-neck’, etc. .

      Somehow, the Clintons have made $230M since Bill left the Presidency. (her Sec of State salary was: $190k, Bill’s salary was also $190k.) Bill earns up to $1million per speech.

      President GW Bush has made $15M from speeches since he left office.

    • J.C. exactly…. there are a lot of “good” and
      “bad” people in both camps… actions do speak louder than words… unless…of is a “commentator” hoping to impress the gullible… with words. 🙂

  63. We all have to CONTINUE to make a choice here. When there actually is a debatable choice, there is the chance tha facts will change minds one way or the other. Here, there is only one logical change, and that is for his remnant of supporters to change. The rest of us continue to be appalled and ashamed of our country’s choice.

  64. This is a very powerful & profound statement about a person looking to glorify himself @ all cost to humanity!! I embrace our freedom & will not lose the platform to speak out against racism & what America stands for throughout history!!

  65. Pastor, I made that choice a very long time ago. While I can never claim to be Christian, I have always hated the bullies who pretended that they were. What they did to me, I saw them do to others and no one bothered to stop them. Perhaps it makes me a bad person to want to burn every physical example of the twisted ideals this crowd has to the ground. But I accept that possibility, knowing I am at least telling the truth about who I am. Can they claim the same?

  66. Keep on going, most of what you say is blatenty untrue. Where I am right now there are many from some of those countries and they agree with the President. He just tells the truth, sometimes in a not good way but it is the truth, he said nothing about the people, just the country. Why don’t you write about the good things he has done, one of them being the lowest unemployment rate ever for black people, he is not a racist!!!

  67. Any so called “Christians” that still support a man like President Trump better seriously question their religious, moral & ethical beliefs. They cannot possibly call themselves Christian if they support and defend a man like Trump who is without any moral or ethical standards and is so very clearly a racist.

  68. At the same time pastors showed up, the previous 8 years on various televangelist programs and could not find even a good word to say about their federal leader. They even used dog whistles as part of promoting their christian values. There are too many examples to point out. But one stands out where David Jeremiah was on John Ankerberg several times during the “kenyan reign”, pointing out that during this socialist time the economy was sure to collapse, that the government was taking away freedoms and cash was king. Suddenly this “preacher” was an economist. But all he did was spread fear about the n*gger leader. Glad I did the opposite. No tithing for you false propheteers !!

  69. You don’t even know me yet you call me a bad person. As far as I’m concerned your a bad person for making such an assumption about people you have never met.

  70. When left with only two choices of which both are, corrupt and willing to swindle, cheat,and lie sometimes good people have to choose the lesser evil and pray for the best. Vaneered evil is worse then blatant evil.

  71. This is really well written! The capitalization and punctuation is terrible. Please fix that. “Style is the dress of thought,” and editing is the equivalent of ironing one’s shirt and shining one’s shoes.

  72. Bad people?
    You mean serial rapist Bill Clinton?
    Enabler ” wife ” corrupt Haiti Hillary?
    Nobel Prize ” winner ” Hussein Obama?
    Oh, sorry, they are the GOOD Americans,
    and Indonesian Kenyan, whatever…

  73. Obama calling Libya a “shit show” was ok because of the color of his skin??? Sounds like the definition of a “racist”, has more to do with WHO is saying it, rather than what is said.

  74. Although I applaud this post, and agree with most all stated….I think you may have missed one point…. per “anyone left still defending him, applauding him, justifying him, amening him, probably is too.” I think adding that many of the politicians defending him may also be looking at protecting their political life. I certainly don’t believe that all the republicans office holders that are taking up from him actually are “bad people”. I hope they are just terribly conflicted, and making choices not for the best of our country, but for their political lives. Although that does not make them “good people”, I hope not all are actually bad people.

    And I’d hate to believe that the ordinary citizens of this country who still support him, hundreds of which I call friend and family, are “bad people”. It seems to me that they are so anti democrat, and Clinton haters, that they refuse to admit his election was a mistake. I pray every day that more and more of them come to the realization that this man is not fit to lead our country.

    • Do you recall the old Quaker Oats commercial from Golden Age of television, “Give it to Mikey. He’ll eat anything.!!!” The republicans in Congress are defending Trump—no matter what—because they made a rare discovery three weeks ago. Donald Trump is so unhappy and disengaged from his job as President that he will sign any bill Congress puts under his nose. That is pretty rare. Even John F. Kennedy got a lot of grief from his all Democrat Congress 1961-1963. Trump is just like Mikey and the oatmeal. Hell sign anything—and the Republicans in Congress are not going to sneeze at a deal this rare. If you are getting Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare help in your old age—you are in danger right now.

  75. Thank you. As an American serving in a country of color as a missionary….as the outsider….as the person with the accent …I am terribly aware of how insensitive our country is. It is embarrassing to always tell people that I didn’t vote for him and do not share his values or opinions. Thank you for being eloquent enough to say what many of us feel.

  76. You well know that President Trump was not referring to the people in those places so much as to the miasma of corruption, crime, violence and cultural brokenness that follows. You surely understand that our great nation can absorb only so much neediness at a time before a great vacuum of want and demand swallows the whole. Why then shouldn’t we accept more immigrants from cultures that have fostered moral living, positive work ethics, peaceful problem solving within themselves, solid education….? Charity doesn’t dictate our own ruin! May I suggest that that John Pavlovitz try to see Mr. Trump’s presidency in a more balanced light? Who of us doesn’t articulate what we don’t intend for public consumption? Or more to the point – Mr Trump is not a double-speak, polished, lying politician. That’s kind of refreshing in it’s own way – flaws and all.

  77. Good people ARE defending Trump. That is what bothers me the most about all this. What can we say or do to help them see? How far is he going to have to go for them to finally turn on him?

    • Jesus had the answer to your question:

      For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. Abraham saith unto him, “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.” And he said, “Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.” And he said unto him, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

      Short Answer: “Most are so blind they are unreachable at this point.”

  78. These days, I keep thinking about the first two lines of a hymn I remember from the Episcopal hymnal: “Once to every man and nation, Comes the moment to decide, In the strife of truth with falsehood, For the good or evil side.” It’s a very appropriate hymn for the present moment.

    Keep telling the truth, John.

  79. The heartbreaker is that the people you are writing to are so warped in insight and spirit that they believe thay are good and that it is you who is evil. No amount of rightous shaming opens their eyes. Your powerful message falls on deaf ears; it strengetens their resolve.

    Overcoming this horrifying reality is the defining challenge, how to successfully reach them, and open their eyes and hearts. Against all odds of succeeding, this remains the singular challenge deserving of our committed efforts. This resolve is our only hope of successfully advancing our dreams of a humane and ever-tolerant culture. We will constantly fall short, but we must never stop trying, least we ourselves become monsters.

  80. I’m an MS I/O Psych student and wrote a paper last spring on authoritarian allegiant types and factors. The reasons you provided should include the fear of the unknown or of chaos, also spoken about at length by Dr. Jordan Peterson. (I can send you the paper if you like – it’s mediocre but there are a few references which may elucidate your thinking further.) Some people – Enneagram type 6 notably – simply cannot handle losing allegiance to the state or party or frame of reference. I haven’t read your book but am fundamentally intrigued. Hopefully I can make time for it soon. 🙂

    • The problem, as I see it, is that Trump and the people who follow him thrive on chaos rather than run from it. You might want to look a little closer at that aspect of it. I am glad you are trying to find deeper insight into what makes the “Wicked Warlock of the West” tick.

  81. The first time I heard this man speak on some TV show I despised him. His utter disregard for the female of our species, his incredible bragging about his successes, with no mention of his failures, his glee at getting every last dollar of his taxes written off told me just what kind of a man he was. I couldn’t even imagine that he would one day become the President of our country. The problem in our country is that the only people who watch MSNBC and CNN are those of use who already know what kind of man he is. Everyone else watches FOX news with the most incredible bunch of liars and enablers who are deliberately driving a wedge between the those viewers. I don’t know what is going to become of our country with 3 more years of this person, but I do say this, the Democratic party had better begin putting candidates out there who have the ability to stand up to this man and call him a liar to his face in any debates. Unfortunately I believe he is likely to have a complete meltdown at some point (when the Mueller report comes out?) and lets hope there is a sane person on the other end of the RED button when it happens!

  82. You claim to live out the red letters. Hogwash. You are saying exactly what you are denouncing . Hypocrite and judge. You have every right to your opinion. Others have a right to theirs, and just because it goes against your belief does not make them a bad person. It’s rhetoric like yours that divides this country.

    • Dear KB. Please click on my name above and begin reading. John P.—and I—have people like you nailed. A great tribulation time is coming to you—not because you are righteous—but because you and your ilk are doing great evil in this world by both commission and omission. You have hitched your fortunes and your futures to Trump because you are spiritually blind. Trump is a millstone. God will throw him into the sea soon—and those tethered to him will drown with him in the darkest depths of the sea. This is your last warning.

  83. I dunno if any of those generalizations are true… I think many of the things you use to define “good people” are more like character traits someone blunt or outspoken may possess. I don’t think it’s that simple to define good and bad, though I agree Trump does some things that make it difficult to defend him… I’m not for or against him.. I don’t really care that much.

  84. Whoa… where did you come from John Pavlovitz? Your words made my heart sing, my eyes tear and my lips tremble. Thank you for saying what does indeed need to be said. I’m bookmarking your website. Stay strong. Spread the word people.

    • I can’t be bothered by the likes of this toxic person… Nothing Good in him and Nothing Good will ever come of him.. Abomination.. Prayers to our Nation…United We Stand!🙏❤️🇺🇸
      See it Trump..Twitter this! Amen!

  85. That was a pretty sanctimonious bit of nonsense right there.

    I don’t even like trump, but I am so bored by all the pearl clutching and weakness. Real men would tell trump to “f*ck off” if they didn’t like what he said. They wouldn’t go through all this melodramatic word count overages.

    Those countries are shitholes. Just like parts of Chicago, Cleveland, and Youngstown are shitholes. Their govts are corrupt, and the reason all those ppl want to come here is NOT because their countries are awesome.

    But all the ppl whining about trump being a meany pants wouldn’t even consider dirtying their hands to protect those people in an actual real way or make their countries better.

    Dude, I don’t even know you, but you are very obviously one of those ppl who believe they can change the world ranting on the internet. Nope! You have to actually leave your desk and go out there and DO something.

    Check this out tho. Guy doesn’t like trump, at all. But he’s from Nigeria. This is his take. Which actually counts more than yours or mine.

    • This is my take on what you just said—from Steve Jobs and Margaret Mead:

      “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

  86. Excellent. But to get under the radar of Trump-supporting friends and family so they would possible read it, the headline and photo needs to be neutral.

  87. Good people don’t defend their husbands after they rape women and then threaten the women that were raped.

    Good people don’t make wild, general assumptions about half of the American voters and then call them hate filled racists and bigots. Or deplorables.

    Smart people learn from their mistakes, such as how demonizing half the voting population didn’t work in the last election, maybe trying that strategy again is not the best move.

    Do me a favor. Don’t learn from your mistakes. Keep posting utter garbage like this. There is no better way to ensure a Trump victory in 2020.

    • I am sure John P. will take your advice—but I would lay you odds that that Trump will die from stress, resign from office, or be forced to leave office because of various crimes he has committed that will be brought to light. In other words, he will not be able to run for office again in 2020. Robert Mueller and the FBI are going to take Trump down and probably send him to prison. That is my prediction.

  88. I have to say that the path to Trump’s presidency are the people who have preceeded him. The presidencies, congresses and bureaucracies who have waged imperialist wars on third world counties, who have overturned democracies, who have administered the racist policies that have created an underclass without hope, who have exploited the environment so badly that climate change will make large parts of the earth uninhabitable for humans. Mr Trump is just the most recent actor. What will happen eventually is that this process will lead to the destruction of the democratic experiment of the USA. Hopefully, you don’t destroy the rest of us as well.

  89. John,
    You said exactly everything I feel and think about this situation! Thank you for continuing to stand up for what is right and voicing it to others!
    How so many can be so blind to one man’s wickedness is a constant mind boggling puzzle!

  90. And who are you, Mr. Pavlovitz, to judge anyone? Who gave you this right? Because your “understanding” (quite primitive, BTW) of what’s good and what’s bad, is NOT mine just like it isn’t of many other sane Americans. Let me ask you a question: Did “good people” (in your understanding of that quality) defended a man who betrayed our friends and supported our enemies – WHO DID THAT, not just talked about that? Did they defend a politician who stole money from people in one of that “sh.thole” countries instead of helping them? Did those “good people” defend people from the FBI who lied to us? Or did these “good people” defended our Attorney General when she lied to us and broke the law? So, you see, Mr. Pavlovitz, we have a different understanding of what is good and what is bad, so shut the hell up and don’t give your advises to people who think, keep them to those who have no brain to think with.

  91. Thats why I never defended Obama…when he called Libya a shitstorm…not good. Or people who disagree with him…teabaggers…not good. Good people dont do this.

  92. I am not a bad person because I support what President Trump is doing for my country and I will not be intimidated into dropping my support by trying to insult my intelligence.

    If the writer, and all like him, would spend just 10% of their time and intellect on positive statements instead of anti Trump statements, the country would be a far better place.

    • Hi Richard. You too may click on my name above and read to your heart’s content. You need it. Robert Mueller and the FBI are going to take Trump down—and probably send him to prison. That is my prediction. Trump is sweating worse than Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane right now, and it is only going to get worse—much worse. The Mueller investigation is many months further along than anything the media is reporting. If Trump has committed crimes, they already know what those crimes are by now because the investigation is so advanced. Most likely, they are now entering the stage of gathering enough evidence to make their court cases against Trump airtight. Witnesses and documents are singing like canaries and stool pigeons in secret. You just wait and see what comes out of this in the end. Those are my predictions.

  93. You sir are much worse than Mr. Trump with your lies, mistruths, contentious, fault finding, twisting ways. You should be ashamed for writing such filth and trying to manipulate the public as you have based on rancor & hate. I dare you to keep this comment and others that disagree with you on your page and allow the public’s opinions to be spoken & heard. You cannot destroy the character of someone, especially the President of America without expecting backlash & repercussions with people willing & ready to defend him and the truth.

    • Hi Sid. Click on my name above. I plan to keep my blog up and running just like John P. will. The things John P. is speaking about are true. You are just too spiritually blind to see the truth in what he writes—and worst of all—you do not want to see any truth that contradicts the evil place where your own heart resides. However, a time is coming that will burn like an oven—and the splinters will catch on fire as the fall to Earth—and they will be totally consumed when they hit the ground.

  94. So, Mr. Pavlovitz, what’s happened to my reply? Why did you erase it? Truth HURTS? BTW, how your “good people” defended Bill Clinton who did you know what in the Oval Office? You liked him, right? Hypocrite you are. I am saving my replies to you and will publish them under the Headline: How John Pavlovitz Deals With Responses He Doesn’t Like Because They Are Truth (and he is not that smart to respond to them). Nothing to say?

    • Dear Daughter of Ambassador Zorin. Your previous comment was not deleted. All comments on his blog are routed to a moderation file where he takes a look at them before allowing them to be posted. That means they temporarily disappear from the location where you first posted them. Be patient and any comments you make will reappear.

    • This is not necessarily journalism. This is one pastor speaking his mind on his blog under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The right wing extremist nutjobs and their string pullers at Fox News, the known most lying news network on TV, have never done or said anything divisive I suppose. Go get yourself a brain somewhere lady.

  95. I am so sorry to have heard your country demeaned and fouled by the shameful man who somehow became the President. I know many, many people who, along with me, will work as hard as we can to get him removed.

  96. Thank you for putting this in the exact words lots of us have been thinking of saying but unfortunately we don’t have the wonderful skill with words you have!

  97. Hmmm…no. While I agree with everything you said about Trump, this reminds me of a push survey because it leaves only one conclusion when there are obviously others out there. Not everyone has the God given judgement, education, background, and peer group to make the same conclusions you do. Everyone I have spoken to that supports Trump is frustrated. Frustrated that they work hard and have nothing to show for it. Frustrated that things are happening so fast in the world that they no longer feel safe. We need to build more bridges, not more walls (pun intended). Just sayin’

    • How sad to take a song that brought a people out of oppression and turn it now into a return to a different kind of oppression, of division. Your prayers won’t be answered because you are invoking disunity, even anarchy. Listen to this speech delivered in June 2017 –

  98. So extremely well said. Forward this to every newspaper and/or magazine you can reach, as well as every single on-line outlet (Slate, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Vox, Salon, Mother Jones, etc.) Pass it on!

  99. Generally I have things to say but in this case I simply could not have said it better myself. The only question now is who will speak and who will remain complicit.

    • Well, you got at least one thing right. He is a cheap traveling evangelist—in the best sense of the term. Trump is the one who is screwing up these friendships all over country—and wrecking marriages—and tearing families apart. If any sensible Republican (like John Kasich or Bob Corker) were in the White House, I do not think any of this would be happening.

  100. I refuse to defend President Trump. You said, ” A white President calling countries filled with people of color shitholes is so … blatantly racist.” I came across this reference in my reading “…privately, he calls Libya a “shit show,” in part because it’s subsequently become an ISIS haven—one that he has already targeted with air strikes.” Libya is a beleagured war-torn African country whose population is 97% Islamic and a home to terrorists. (President Obama interview by Jeffrey Goldberg, March 11, 2016 and published in The Atlantic.) To parallel your color reference, why can a black President refer to Libya as a “shit show” with no political or moral repercussions? On another topic, everyone is painfully aware of President Trump’s feud with the media, though he doesn’t usually curse at them via twitter. Retired veteran ABC reporter, Ann Compton recalled when the President went on a “profanity-laced” tirade during an off-the-record meeting with journalists. Apparently, he thought the press was making too much of scandals that he did not think were scandals. She was, however, referring to President Obama (reported by Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times, December 8, 2014). My point is to demonstrate inconsistencies and prejudices in tone and tolerance, not of the men in question, but of their supporters and detractors. Be careful when casting stones.

  101. Thank you for your amazing insights and your honesty, sir. You are helping many of us to stay sane in this sad time of craziness.

    • You are a blessing, John. Your words do give one hope in ‘this sad time of craziness.’ (Well-put, Elizabeth) I’m thankful for the thoughtful community here that reminds us that 45 & what he represents is not normal, not ok, and so goes against any faith teachings.

  102. This is my response to a post where john lewis calls Donald Trump a racist! Since all the info I have listed can be found on the internet, it’s not too hard to find!

    Since lewis is black I would think knowledgeable people would assume I meant on his race record! Trump was given awards by numerous black groups for various things he has done! Trump stood in a group with Ali, Rosa Parks, and a few other famous people, all given humanitarian awards from the Ellis Island group . Trump allowed a black female squatter to live in his building rent free after he found out about her and, I believe, finally gave her a job! There was Jennifer Hudson,the black female singer who, when all her family was murdered, Trump let stay for free in one of his buildings with, I believe, security he provided! I know there are many other times Trump has stood for blacks so I do think it unfair to call him a racist! As for the military, well, we all know barry’s registration card was faked, as was his SSI card, and he never served! But all of that is history now and can’t be changed! So each has a history record to live with!

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  104. John, Over the years I have found my political leanings move from left to right to now smack dab in the middle. It has allowed me to look at our political leaders objectively. Each President prior to this one has flaws that others from the opposite political leaning would deem makes them evil. Though the points you make are in deed damning to this President’s character, I don’t believe he is evil. The difference between Trump and others is that he his ego is so large that he doesn’t let his staff coordinate responses, responds off the cuff without thinking about his response and has the inability to empathize. These three flaws exacerbate his others and allow commentators to analyze deeper and make assumptions.

    Power often brings out the worst in people and negative character trait’s come to the surface. Though Trump may seem like an unlikeable person ( and I am not a big fan) his administration has had some some positive affects on the country. They just seemed to be outweighed by his flaws he is so willing to show the world.

    Lastly, proud to see a Bee provide such passion and positivity to the world.

  105. I can’t say I like him at all BUT I think it’s a mistake to focus on ‘him’ as being the bad person when we really ought to be focusing on the country he represents. His presidency is a reflection of his country and we should use it to be honest about the USA’s failings, not his.

  106. DT’s inner adult is missing and his words of inner child and super ego tap into those with the same imbalance. The supporters of DT with a fragmented psyche and dominant inner child will never believe DT is wrong as the inner child always believes the super ego of a leader/parent and his super ego taps into those who are none other than judgemental and hypocritical ne’er do wells. So he is playing on the minds of the childish adults and the narcissists. We do have to radically accept that is the way he is. He will not change. We must not react or get hooked but we must rise above this and get him out of office.

  107. Good people don’t–and did not–vote for this man. You can be many things if you voted for Trump but good isn’t one of them. Fool maybe, racist maybe, rich and unconcerned, god-fearing ignorant, regretful maybe but way too late. Good? Sorry, not possible

  108. You know, the sad thing is that I’ve discovered some good people DO support Trump. What they do is compartmentalize. They ignore everything bad about him and just pay attention to whatever it is they like (usually tax cuts for the rich or cutting social programs for poor people or killing Obamacare). Or they just scream BECAUSE HILLARY and put their fingers in their ears and sing “lalalalala”.

  109. If you are going to judge Trump and his followers, then start judging yourself by the word of God….but only if you truly are a Christian, which I seriously doubt!

    “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails….”
    1 Corinthians 13:4‭-‬8 NIV

  110. I see you didn’t approve my earlier post “I can’t say I like him at all BUT I think it’s a mistake to focus on ‘him’ as being the bad person when we really ought to be focusing on the country he represents. His presidency is a reflection of his country and we should use it to be honest about the USA’s failings, not his.” which kind of proves my point.

  111. Don’t campaign for sexual predators? Let me guess, this “writer” probably voted for both Clintons who are very clear sociopaths?

    This guy isn’t smart enough to know the difference between good and bad. He’s too easily fooled by speeches instead of actions.

  112. Maybe you should come down from your pedestal and check to see if you have a plank in your own eye? I understand there are many things to dislike about the president, as there have been with every other president. So many of his critics, produce and perform some of the most vulgar, profanity laden, violent filled, sex filled movies and tv shows ever seen. Most of his critics are fine slandering him, cussing at and about him, the list could go on and on. Many seem to be ok with the fact that former presidents and candidates, as well as other politicians have lied, cheated, committed adultery, etc. As I said I understand the dislike, but any rational being can look at the facts and see that he is fighting a media bias like no other president has. He is working in a very corrupt environment that didn’t get that way beginning with him. I think everyone would be better served to pray and pray diligently for our elected officials–all of them.

  113. Thank you for speaking the truth. Jesus warned us that in the latter days, many would be deceived. For at least the last 40 years, the Church has aligned itself with political power. Instead of influencing the world, the world has changed it. Trump is undoubtedly the most reprehensible figure to ever hold office, but he is just a symptom of the bottom feeding philosophy that has wormed its way into the body of Christ.

    Neither political party represents God’s will. When we blindly defend the indefensible, we cease being salt and light, and become perhaps the most odious of things. The church in America has lost its way, and seriously needs to repent. If it doesn’t turn around soon, write Ichabod above the door, because whatever blessing of God’s presence that has been here, will depart. The reason the church died in Germany, was not because of “liberalism”. It died because the church largely looked the other way, or supported the nazi regime. The American church is following in their footsteps.

    If, 40 years ago, the Church had aligned itself with the Democratic party, and supported it, empowering it while ignoring its abuses, it would have been bad. Instead, it married itself to the other party. If Jesus were around today, I think He might say “It’s harder for a Republican to enter the Kingdom of God, than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.”

  114. Apparently Trump’s comments were distorted by lying Dick Durbin.

    Hmm…he did something similar a few years ago regarding Obama and was caught in the lie.

    How low will you guys go to smear Trump?

  115. My Aunt posted this on her FB wall yesterday. I read it. I reread it. And I reread it again. It was so powerful and said so much of what I attempted to say on my own FB post, a few days back. I quoted it to childhood friend who had posted something in defense of Trump. Things went back and forth, and well, to make a long story short, I think I was unfriended tonight. But you know what? I think I may be okay with that. I retweeted your post, Mr. Pavlovitz and will be sharing it on my own FB wall tomorrow. I know! I’m so techno savvy. Thank you for your words. Thank you for insight on why there are so many blind Trump followers out there, who continue to defend the indefensible. And thank you, for being one of the good guys.

  116. Excellent post John!

    I was shocked by President Trump’s words. Of course, he now denies them, but I no longer believe anything he says. I suspect that Trump’s views will be abhorrent to most open-minded people.

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  118. Thank you for words of truth. As the pastor of a church that is filled with TPS, Dreamers, African and Asian refugees and immigrants of various status, it is truly heartbreaking to watch the burden upon their shoulders get heavier each day. Once again this past Sunday I had to stand in front of this glorious mix of God’s beautiful creation and assure them they are loved and we stand together in the face of this evil. We wept together. I am weary of this and your words keep me sane as I seek ways to lead as the gospel demands. Thank you.

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