Martin Luther King Jr. Had a Dream. This Wasn’t it.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t it.

This America, more fractured than ever.
This heart sickness, as insidious as its ever been.
This toxic enmity, still coursing through our veins.
This denial of humanity based on pigmentation.
This argument over the value of black lives.
This American President, the greatest of dividers.
These hateful men and women, applauding and amen-ing him and defending him.
These white children of immigrants, still somehow imaging this place their sole birthright.

These white Evangelicals, still wielding Bible and contempt for people of color simultaneously.
This American church, still the most segregated space in the nation.

The America that Dr King dreamed of is still a place off in the distance.
It is still only an aspiration; a great hope yet realized, a glorious reality not yet stepped into.
It is a beautiful dream still relegated to sleep and the yet to come.
And while these things remain true, we who believe in the dream can’t rest.
We cannot celebrate his life adequately without reminding this nation of (as he said), “the fierce urgency of now.”
This now is more fiercely urgent than its ever been.

White friends, it is a fine thing to contend that you celebrate the man; to post memes and share quotes, but know that these things are easy.
There is no real cost to them and no investment of yourself in them.
They are the cheapest and safest form of activism.
Dr King’s dream was costly.
It was a pearl of greater price.
It was worth his life.
Is it worth ours?

There is much work we need to do today if we want to rightly begin to honor the man and the dream.

We cannot celebrate Martin Luther King’s Jr’s life without fully grieving.
We can’t do it without lamenting Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka and Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell.
We can’t do it while defending the expulsion of immigrants and the denial of refugees.
We can’t do it while waving Confederate flags and worshiping monuments to slavery’s legacy.
We can’t do it without mourning the young black men who still die without cause during traffic stops and officers who face no accountability when they murder them.
We can’t do it while funding border walls and voter ID laws and gerrymandering.
We can’t do it without confronting our racist uncles and xenophobic neighbors; our prejudiced pastors, bigoted bosses, and supremacist Presidents—and the blind spots of these things within ourselves that enable and unknowingly partner with them all.
We can’t do it without seeing the privilege we are both blessed and afflicted with; without fighting to craft something redemptive out of it, without leveraging it in the cause of the Dream, without fashioning it into a shield against the dream-killers.

And we can’t celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s life, honor his memory, mourn his passing, or continue his work, without actively and loudly resisting this President.
We can’t do it without pushing back at the supremacy on display in his Cabinet.
We can’t do it while tolerating legislation that deports dreamers.
We can’t do it while excusing his remarks about shithole countries.
We can’t do it while normalizing the way he dehumanizes Muslims.
We can’t do it while letting him vilify kneeling black NFL players.
We can’t do it while he takes us backward to the days before Dr King and his dream were born.

White friends, this America is not the America Dr. King dreamed of—and until it is, we who share the dream need to steward that dream in such a way that it brings us conflict and discomfort and injury; because his dream requires such things from the privileged.
It requires a price greater than the seconds it takes to compose a Tweet.

Dr King’s dream and his life and so worth celebrating.
They are worth remembering.
They are worth pausing to honor.

But more than that, they are worth living and fighting and dying for.

May we who share his dream, steward it well until it is no longer a dream at all—but the glorious reality of our national daylight.


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58 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr. Had a Dream. This Wasn’t it.

    • Off message once again because this discussion is uncomfortable for you! Nothing will change if we can’t challenge ourselves, our own words ,which do matter or our own values!
      Do you want to have a discussion about Dr King and his dream or merely reply with “snarky” comments? Pull up a seat or leave the table! #thechoiceisyour’s

      • This is called “Whataboutism.” It’s the act of avoiding the topic at hand by bringing up something else.

        We get that you have a very narrow and inconsistent pro-life ethic. You don’t have to keep reminding us.

  1. Great Concept, Great Idea.
    Not realistic
    Mankind is Human, Stained with Sin. Different from each other , different in how raised. Different from what is right, and what is wrong
    Some see Right as Im ok , Your ok
    some see right as my way
    some see right as what thier gu ru tells them with no idea what that is or what that entitles
    Just mindless obedience , to death for a cause that just follow.
    Well John, Friends
    Their is a truth that does make mankind Equal and that is We All have to Be Accountable to a Higher Power , not something we make up so other s will follow
    there is a way that seems right to mankind, and that way leads to death and distruction
    Yes that s right . Godless Indignation , Selfish Selfrighteousness, A Skewed , twisted sense of right and wrong.
    Jesus Christ Came to set mankind Free, But many use this as a way to Gain, To aquire Wealth , to Gain Followers , And to Gain the Good Life Here on earth.
    Well Jesus also Said , Away from me YOU BROOD of Vipers, Snakes , liers, cheets, thieves in the church.
    With out a clear vision and purpose to Follow God, Holyness, Purity, Love, Kindness, Humility , Servant tude of Jesus Christ , We , YOU , I would be not different .
    With out Jesus to change the heart , they are all the same .
    Godless , who like to look Good, Seem Good, Do thier own thing, in the name of what ever they choose to call it.
    This not about black, white, muslum, buda, mohamad
    This is about Rebellion From God
    Rebellion from Holiness
    Thou Shalt Not have NO other God
    NOT mohamad, buda, yogi, gu ru, idols, people of any kind
    no other

    • Me Freeman
      Your message is intolerant and demanding. The human race is not
      bound to your narrow idea of a theocracy.
      BTW… learn to spell and edit.

      • Martha,
        The intolerance you speak of is your’s to claim. Mr. Freeman is only dispersing the message found within the Bible itself. There is no personal gain for him in this message. God does demand that we examine ourselves and judge ourselves against the righteousness that is found in the Bible, and not that of anyone else. If there is any intolerance to be spoken of, it’s your’s of the truth that is found within the Bible itself. And yes, once we see what it demands of ourselves, those that can stomach the change, accept the reality of their situation and change for the better, those that can’t or won’t, cry to cruelty and unfairness.

        • taken literally the Bible says that it is an abomination to eat seafood or shellfish. So Mr. Speaker Edward, about intolerance, do you eat shrimp or lobster, clams, scallops, or oysters? If you have then you or your kind will not be tolerated and should be stoned. And to many, that Pro Life does not include being supportive to animal species and the environment, all life is created by God and is sacred. The basic value for all life is not just tolerating but accepting life in all its forms. That includes everything from coyotes to whales. Unfortunately the white privileged males don’t accept that sort of pro life.

  2. “We can’t do it without confronting … the blind spots within ourselves that enable them all.” This is the hardest work of all. It is so easy to see what others are doing to kill Dr. King’s dream; it is far harder to look deep within ourselves and understand and claim what it is that we do — maybe it’s just being silent — that allows the dream killers to flourish.
    Thank you, John, for not allowing us to become complacent with ourselves because we see such egregious words and actions by others. It is up to each one of us to keep the dream of Dr. King alive.

  3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was one of my heroes and I wept when he was murdered. He has remained one of my heroes all my life, exemplifying that we need to do the right thing no matter how much it costs us personally.

    As a white person, it doesn’t cost me as much as it does a person of color. As a white person, I can always hide behind being white and close my eyes, heart, and mind to the ugliness that is happening in the USA.

    Thing is, as a Christian, no matter how white I am, I don’t have that option because my Lord did not hide behind His Jewishness and close his eyes, heart, and mind to the ugliness that was happening in Israel in His day.

    Sadly though, sometime in the middle of the nineteenth century some selfish people perverted the Gospel and turned into a gig of only personal salvation, making it a matter of the individual and Jesus. That was never the Gospel message. Not even the Reformers taught that the Gospel was a matter of individual salvation. It is something that happens within community.

    Jesus is pretty clear what that community looks like. It is a community where ALL are fed, ALL are clothed, ALL receive medical care, ALL have their needs met. Jesus is pretty clear that ALL means everyone, not the chosen few, not the select, but all.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr made us aware that ALL meant all human beings, not just white ones.

    If you claim to love Jesus, then you cannot be a Trump supporter or a Republican because they have rejected the Gospel message of the community being ALL of us. They only want the community to be rich white people. Their message appeals to white people who also want to be rich and don’t want people of color and the poor to share in the wealth.

    I very much fear that anyone in the GOP who has claimed Jesus as Lord has failed to understand the community aspects of the Gospel to such an extent that they have turned their backs on it. I very much fear that anyone on the GOP or anyone who voted for them has committed blasphemy, embraced apostasy and are guilty o the sin of the Holy Spirit. As it says in Matthew 25, Jesus will say “I never knew you.”

    Sounds cold and harsh, I know, but the truth will set you free even though coming out of denial hurts and causes suffering. In the end, it will be worth it. Please allow the light o the Holy Spirit to pierce the darkness and allow the truth to set you free.

    • What about the black unborn baby? Why do white liberals have no compassion or concern for them? MLK did. So does his niece who preaches against the grave injustice of destroying black lives in the womb.

      • Larry, who is really Joe Catholic kying to us about his identity once again despite promises to cease changing his alias wrote “What about the black unborn baby? Why do white liberals have no compassion or concern for them? ”

        Completely irrelevant to anythign except your diseased obsession with having control over women’s bodies.

        One of these days you might stick to the actual subject matter and surprise us instead of dragging your nasty red herrings, attemtpt to distract the conversation to where you want it to go.

        You are a very boring one-issue person.

      • Larry, your comment contains a fallacy. The statement that white liberals have no compassion or concern for black unborn babies contains not a single grain of truth. It is a statement whose sole purpose is to diminish, mislead, and divide. It is an odd response to a message that speaks of Jesus’ command to care for and include everyone.

      • Black fetuses do not matter to the White House because the people who work at the CDC can’t even use the word “fetus.” Double Plus Ungood.

    • Gloria, think very carefully before you post. A tick in a ballot box does not constitute blasphemy. Indeed, democracy such as we have in the West, is a caricature of true government. If you are truly a Christ-follower, you would know that a political bias has nothing to do with one’s salvation. Unfortunately, in the States, you have so interwoven politics with faith that you come to these arrogant judgments. Read the Bible a few more times and you’ll see what I mean.

      • acto1963 wrote “Gloria, think very carefully before you post. ” If you are going to address me, please be polite enough and address me by my actual name.

        Again, if you are goiung to address me, please have the courtesy to read what6 I wrote . You say “A tick in a ballot box does not constitute blasphemy.” I never said that. I said “support for the GOP.” That is not just voting for them, that is also agreeing with their commitment to authoritarianism, bigotry, denial of climate change, destroying families, destruction of the planet and God’s creation, discrimination, fascism, global warming, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, increased gun violence, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, nonpartisanship, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favor of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, treason, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

        ” Read the Bible a few more times and you’ll see what I mean.” I think you are the one who has selectively read the Bible, omitting the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures, Matthew 5-7, Matthew 25.

        If anyone supports the GOP and their evil policies, they have turned their backs on Jesus. Jesus says so in Matt 25.

        • “Intolerance of a different opinion”……this wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t so sad and blind. Come on Gloria, you’ve just tarred everyone that doesn’t subscribe to your set of opinions as evil. You couldn’t spell it out more clearly if you tried. The reason I refer you to the Word of God is that your focus should be on the One who truly saves. He has outlasted Rome, Greece, the Byzantines, Hitler, etc,etc and He will outlast the American Empire. Our trust should be in Him and our lives should reflect His love for all humanity and at the same time spell out all sin for what it is. In your list of things you think that GOPers should improve in, you’ve included sins that Jesus was very clear about, sins that separate people from a Father’s love and heart. He said, “If you love me, obey my commandments”. Obedience to the Lord is the highest calling of any Christian. Where most of the supporters of this blog go wrong is their belief that we have a progressive understanding of what constitutes sin. The real prophets out there have always been speaking out against it and will never receive the applause of declared atheists and wiccans, such as we’ve seen in these pages. Heaven help us when the world applauds the church for seeing things its way. We have a duty to speak loudly against that trend, if we truly follow Jesus. It’s not a popularity contest; it’s a fight for truth and love.

          • Obedience to the Lord is not the highest calling for a Christian. Learning how to LOVE is the highest calling for a Christian—and no—I am not starting with fundie buckets of urine like you—at least not tonight.

            • Obedience to the Lord means loving, just showing love in the way of Christ, not the world. John Lennon’ s vision of love was not what Jesus was talking about. Obedience to the Lord means a host of other things as well, like caring for the poor and your neighbour, visiting the sick, using kind and appropriate language. Take a leaf out of His book Charles.

              • Please provide a single example of how John Lennon’s vision of love and Jesus’s were different. I know of no such example.

      • If you will read your Bible, you will find out that the Christian faith is not ALL ABOUT GETTING A FIRE INSURANCE POLICY—-blithering idiot!!!

        • You have such a kind delivery, Charles. One thing I’ve noticed in this site is the ad hominem attacks on people and vile language that accompanies these attacks. That usually displays weakness in a debate. My reading of the Bible, many, many times, has led to 30 years of service in the church to those less fortunate. Most assuredly, I like the fact that I have Christ’s “insurance policy” but His love has inspired me and my family to follow in His footsteps as best we can. Apart from your attacking -blog stuff, what are you doing??

    • Gloriamarie said:

      Sadly though, sometime in the middle of the nineteenth century some selfish people perverted the Gospel and turned into a gig of only personal salvation, making it a matter of the individual and Jesus. That was never the Gospel message. Not even the Reformers taught that the Gospel was a matter of individual salvation. It is something that happens within community.

      This is false. To assimilate the Gospel to a large group who do reach out to those in need is NOT the Gospel of the Bible. While that is a message that is taught, it is not the Gospel. The only attribute of the cross that can be attributed to a large group of people is that Christ died for the whole world. That does not mean that the whole world accepts Christ. This type of thinking is wrong.

      To say that the Gospel must be a part of a community or a community effort is nothing more than coercion. Coercion to conform to whatever is on the agenda of those who organize such rubbish. The True Gospel of Christ is never about coercion, it is about the redemption of the individual. Personal redemption to God himself through his Son, Jesus Christ. There can be a group or community of believers (church) that participate in feeding of the hungry or doing good works for those that are in need, but the act(s) they perform do not save them from their sins. It is rather, an outward condition of their heart in relation to what God has done for them with regard to the individual(s) eternal soul.

      While participating in a community type gospel may make the participant feel like they have the favor of God on their side, the Bible is clear in that good works does NOT save the individual, much less the group or community involved in such activities. The difference is that one person does good works hoping to avoid damnation, while the other works from the position of having a joyful heart in that they were saved from damnation putting effort towards the will of Christ.

      • Mister E, Thank you for addressing me by my actual name. Some people here have not had that courtesy.

        As I read your reply, I find I feel as is you read something different than what I wrote. Perhaps if I share a little of my background with you, you might better understand where I am coming from.

        I can read the New Testament in the Koine Greek. That is the basis of some of my comments. Koine is a language that distinguishes between a singular and a plural “you” which English does not. Latin, which I can also read, is a language that does this too.

        Additionally, I have a Bachelor and Master degree in Theological studies. I have spent decades reading the Greek and Latin Fathers and Doctors of the Church and countless other Christian writers, ancient, medieval, from the Renaissance and Reformation, and modern.

        So that’s my background. Reading the documents, it is clear that community is addressed because the “you” is always plural. Salvation is communal and it is also individual. It is very striking that it is not until the middle of the nineteenth century that there are writers who start talking about salvation as if it were only a private individual matter. The worst form of this is the “prosperity gospel,” which is so off-base that it is actually heresy. Speaking from ah historical point of view.

        Another change is the shift from a both/and mentality to an either/or mentality. I oversimplify for purposes of brevity.

        If you are interested, there is a wonderful book, about 62 pages, so I guess it is a large pamphlet called “To the Fathers They Shall Go: Wealth and Poverty in Early Christian Thought by Clive Barrett. It is hard to find LOL

        However, I have a pdf of it and should you or anyone else care to read it, private message me on FB, giving me your email address and I will email it to you. It is out of copyright, I am assured by the seminary librarian who provided me with the pdf.

        It is also post in the files of the following two groups:

        Celebrate What Christians Have in Common,

        Gloriamarie’s Progress Stuff,

        You and anyone else are welcome to join one or both of those groups and see the other fascinating reads in the files.

        In the files of Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, there is also the beginning of a study of The Social Justice Bible Challenge. Welcome to look at that also,

          • Mister E wrote, “I think you got jipped on your “education” Quite interesting that when I respond to you with evidence, facts, history, and logic, that you respond with an insult.

            When you do that, what you actually communicate is that you yourself have no evidence, facts, history, and logic with which to counter mine. What you actually communicate is that you prefer your denial and prejudice to evidence, facts, history, and logic which is a pity.

            You were invited to read for yourself evidence, facts, history, and logic that would support my assertions and yet, instead, you chose to insult. You demean yourself and no one else.

  4. My heart, mind and soul cry for what is happening here in the states and continues in other countries. I’m in my 60s and just don’t understand why all this hate is still here. We have come forward very slowly in past decades and now we are slamming backwards at a speed that is beyond my comprehension.

    • Ginny. Do you remember that guy in your high school class? The teacher called on him to orally read the third paragraph on page 333 in his textbook. He swallowed hard and gave it a try, but he read really slowly and stumbled over every third word—not knowing how to pronounce the word or what it meant. Changes in technology—particularly computer technology— have cut millions of Americans just like him out of work and are continuing to do so. Others just like him have had their former jobs sent overseas—and they are never coming back again.

      These people have no hope and no work. They thought Trump was going to be their Messiah who would lead them to the economic promised land. That is not happening, and it is not going to happen. Instead, well-off people like me with two college degrees, savings, and a huge mansion are getting all of the gold from Trump—not them.

      The problem is much deeper than the fixes Democrats and Republicans have offered to help these people. The Democrats say the answer is to retrain them to use high technology. The problem is that their low IQs make them incapable of learning it—just like they were unable to learn how to read well. The Republicans hold out false promises of new jobs for stupid people that are never going to come from trickle-down supply side economics—simply because the whole notion of it is a pseudoeconomic fraud like a conspiracy theory or god’s from outer space. Most legitimate economists in American universities pretty much agree that the whole concept of trickle-down supply side economics is a fraud used by Republicans to get votes.

      That is the central problem. What does American society and culture do with millions upon millions upon millions of low IQ people that the society and culture no longer wants or needs because it has evolved far beyond any need for what little they have to offer.

      There is an answer to it—but it will not come easy or quickly. The answer is the world of Star Trek. Robots and other automated systems provide most of the goods and services the society and culture needs. This frees people up from the need to work. The money made from the labor of the machines is evenly distributed throughout the society so every person has a guaranteed income without ever having to word. Because people no longer have to work to earn a living, their entire week is free time to do what they like. Most people choose to pursue interests that are oriented toward self-improvement or improvement of the culture and advancing mankind forward into the future.

      • It’s funny that that “high IQ” voters sit out the mid terms and hand the elections over to the Republicans so often. Why do smart people stay home and dumb people vote?

        Maybe you could learn something from us low-IQers.

        But your economic theory is very flawed. As machines do more of the labor, there is always room for services at higher levels.

  5. God created people in al shades, based on how much sun the area where they lived got. Then, He came to earth in the middle of the brown-skinned area so no area could claim superiority.

    • Historically, it would be more accurate to say that Jesus came to Earth in a place that was the crossroads of the known ancient world in that hemisphere of the Earth—a place where people of all races, ethnicities, blah, blah, blah would be walking the trade routes (or sailing them) and would be bound to interacts with each other—a perfect environment for most of mankind to recognize itself as really being ONE HUMANITY.

  6. As always, thank you for your insight. And with the election of the first black man to be president I thought we were on our way to realizing his dream. I’ve always known there is still prejudice in our country but this past year we were almost drowning in other people hateful and nastiness. It’s apparently going to take some time. I can’t say if I think it will happen in my life time but I wish it would.

    • It will happen when white people are far outnumbered by black, yellow, red, brown, and purple people in this country—and the white people figure out that no one is interested in oppressing them.

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  8. Thank you Donald Trump for inspiring confidence in our economy and bringing Black unemployment to an historic low.

    I don’t think white liberals are very happy about that, but they’re not happy about anything these days.

    • Oh yes we are Joe. It’s 60,000,000 dead feti and all players working hard to make it 100,000,000—just so they can p*ss you off and watch you twist in the wind Joe.

    • Those unemployment figures have been dropping for several years now. Care to explain how it’s only DT who gets credit, for things that started before he took office? Before he even decided to run?

      • That’s how it works. The President gets the credit or the blame for the economy.

        But this is Trump’s economy and not Obama’s. He reduced costly and inhibiting regulations, cut taxes which brings back corporations, and overall inspires confidence in the economy and confidence to invest.

        Meanwhile the lefties want to focus on whether he said a bad word. The create something to be outraged about every day. It must be exhausting to be a Trump-hater.

  9. Thank you John Pavlovitz for expressing the anger, resentment, and sorrow I feel on this day (and everyday this past year) dedicated to celebrate the life and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, so eloquently.

    As I posted One River Foundation’s tribute to Dr. King on our FB page, I wept for the insult and damage this president, his lackeys, his administration, his attorney general, and his white supremacist supporters have heaped upon America, American ideals, and the vision of America Dr. King inspired us to fight for even to the point of risking our freedom and our life.

    No, this is not Dr. King;s dream. “The America that Dr King dreamed of is still a place off in the distance. It is still only an aspiration; a great hope yet unrealized, a glorious reality not yet stepped into.” And, because the dream is still off in the distance it is now up to us, those who believe in Dr. King;s dream, to pick up the torch he left burning for us, and carry it, and all Americans, regardless of race, ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual identity, and country of origin to the mountain top so that we can truly become the shining city on the hill, so we can make his dream, our dream, a reality.

  10. This President and the American President: both require lower case ‘p’.

    Its: Both cases today require the apostrophe, as in it’s.

    Use that editor/proofreader to clean up errors and make things more readable.

  11. I have a nightmare and it’s coming true.
    A nightmare of xenophobia,bigotry,racism,tax scams,and health care cuts. A nightmare of bullying,egomania,deportation,and walls.
    A nightmare of endless golf and scary tweets.
    A nightmare of a man in orange that makes us see red.

  12. MLK Jr is an American hero and someone to honor.

    That he was a serial adulterer, committed plagiarism in his dissertation, hired prostitutes, had communist influences & had a child with his mistress that he supported financially (all documented in FBI reports & corroborated by Mrs. Kennedy’s private letters) does not diminish his accomplishments as a Civil Rights Leader.

    That MLK Jr experienced no conversion, did not believe in the Virgin Birth or Jesus’ bodily resurrection does not negate his Ministry of ‘serving mankind’.

    … It’s curious that he’s not being held to the same standard that Pastor John sets for others.

    • George. King never denied the resurrection. If you read on to the end of that famous M.L. King letter, which you are quoting totally out of context, you will come to the part where he later repented of that unbelief—which he first stated when he was only a 13-year-old kid.

      What’s the matter George? I’ll tell you. Your two-bit, racist pig slip is showing.

      • Charles, can you at least try and exercise some self control and stop your degrading labelling ? It does you and your thoughts no good and reflects badly on your character, which shows great intolerance for those not sharing your views. Please, tone it down and stick to an articulate defence of your world view.

  13. Who knows, maybe the President will change course and do the right thing on immigration.

    In the meantime, I find myself agreeing with the sentiment of the fine American who tweeted the following:

    “The poverty of an aspiring immigrant’s nation of origin is as irrelevant as their race. The sentiment attributed to POTUS is inconsistent w/ America’s history and antithetical to American values. May our memory of Dr. King buoy our hope for unity, greatness, & ‘charity for all,'”

    • I think this incident was unfairly taken out of context of the situation. We also need to accept immigrants across the board and not cherry pick those who we think we can join our dependent classes so we can count on them to vote Democrat.

  14. From Ann Coulter:

    One thing no liberal will ever turn down is the opportunity to get a standing ovation for accusing someone else of racism.

    Liberals have gotten a free ride for too long on using phony claims of “racism” to promote policies that hurt black people but help themselves. It’s like spoiling a kid; by the time he’s 15, it’s impossible to get him to clean his room.

    The virtue signalers have been out in force lately, putting in museum-quality performances ever since receiving an unsubstantiated report about Trump’s alleged “s—hole countries” comment in a private meeting.

    At least all the raging sanctimony is based on a solid source: the claims of one guy with a track record of making up things said in private meetings.

    Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is the only person accusing Trump of referring to Haiti and African nations as “s—hole countries.” Four people at the meeting deny it.

    Headline on Politico: “Durbin Confirms Trump’s “S—hole Remarks During Meeting”

    Wow, so he not only leaked the remarks — he confirmed them!

    Just a few years ago, both the Obama White House and Republican House leaders denied Durbin’s claim that a Republican congressman had said to President Obama, “I cannot even stand to look at you.”

    The four people who deny that Trump used the word “s—hole” are Trump himself, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.). They have been required to retract nothing about the meeting. None of them have a history of being contradicted by both Republicans and Democrats over claims they made about a private conversation.


    When it comes to Trump, our media have thrown the rulebook out the window. They make it up as they go along.

    The virtue signalers are so proud of their anger, tears and profanity over Trump’s alleged remark, they’ve taken to complimenting one another about their own performances:

    You were awesome!

    No, YOU were awesome!

    Meanwhile, I can’t help but notice that there are some great openings for their kids at Haitian public schools in Brooklyn. We’d love to — really — but we’ve already made other arrangements (after pulling strings, waiting four years and paying tens of thousands of dollars to make sure their kids never go to school with blacks or immigrants).

  15. This dream is realized with certain people in certain situations, where the amount of melanin in their skin means nothing and character means everything. It is happening, but nowhere near enough places. It is happening with people but not nowhere near enough.

    Now it looks like that small progress is threatened. I have no more words for this.

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