White Christian Friend, I Hear Your Silence.

When people are pressed up against nightmares in the daylight—words are powerful, but they can’t hold a candle to silence.

Silence can be a far more brutal weapon in doing them damage.

White Christian friend, I want you to know that I hear yours right now.

I’ve heard it since November 9th, 2016, actually.

Since that day, I’ve witnessed your steady and staggering lack of volume—while the world has been turned upside down for so many people.

As refugee families were stranded at the airport,
as marching Nazis were coddled by the President,
as protections for the land and the water were erased,
as healthcare was sabotaged in the middle of the night—
I’ve scanned your face and your social media profile for any evidence of outrage, any semblance of compassion, and urgency whatsoever.
I’ve leaned in and held my breath, waiting to hear you speak some opposition or voice any disgust.
Every day I’ve looked for a tipping point in your heart, when you would finally break your silence and speak.


Nothing about predatory Alabama Senators.
Nothing about 18 billion dollar border walls.
Nothing about sexual assault accusations against the President.
Nothing about ICE raids in hospital rooms.
Nothing about Evangelical preachers defending discrimination.
Nothing about Tweet taunts of North Korea.
Nothing about the expulsion of Dreamers.
Nothing about Medicaid erosion.
Nothing about tearful airport family goodbyes.

Nothing about shithole countries comments by the leader of the Free World.

It’s as if a little over a year ago you vanished, as if you you’ve become a practical ghost: here, but having no tangible effect on the planet, other than your silence and disappearance.

I’m not sure if you’re embarrassed and hiding, or secretly jubilant, or frozen with fear, but in a way none of that matters. The result is the same: you have declared yourself a conscientious objector in the war for other people’s well-being. You’ve barricaded yourself in the bunker of your privilege and you think no one notices.

I do.

I notice because I know you.
I’ve sat alongside you in church.
I’ve heard the religion you profess.
I know the faith you claim in a dark-skinned Jesus who lived among the marginalized and the poor.
I know how many weeks you spent on mission trips in those supposed “shithole countries,” being humbled and blessed by those beautiful people.
I know how moved you claimed to be at the thought of young women being trafficked: the faceless #MeToos thousands of miles away.
I know how willingly you recited that God so loved the world—a world far bigger than America.
I know how often you read the stories of foreigners finding welcoming, of Jesus turned away at the inn, of angels being entertained in the guise of needy strangers.
I know how many times you’ve heard Jesus’ call to love the least; those forgotten and oppressed and pushed to the margins.
I know how diametrically opposite this America is to that message.

And I know that despite your complete Monday through Saturday silence—that you’ll be really loud come this Sunday.

This Sunday, you’ll again find yourself in a room (probably filled with other white Christians), and you’ll raise your hands skyward and bellow loudly and shout your amens.
You’ll be boisterous in claiming to bear witness to a non-Christian, Middle Eastern Jesus, who calls you to be transformative salt and light in toxic, dark places;
who demands you be a visible expression of compassion, love, mercy, and justice;
who compels you to mercy for the wayward and vulnerable.
In that room for that hour, your voice will be booming, your declarations unmistakable, your convictions clear.

Which is why your silence right now is such a sin of omission—because you should know better; because you say you know Jesus, because you claim to seek his heart; because you claim you desire to walk so close behind him in this life, as to be covered by his dust.

Because if this is all true, then right now you should be the loudest of voices, the one screaming from the rooftops, the one flipping over tables; the one braving the slings and arrows of the bigots and the predators and the moneylenders and the bullies.

Your activism should be involuntary right now, instead of invisible. 

I imagine you think that when this nightmare is over and things find some sense of order, that you’ll be off the hook, that no one will remember your silence—but you would be wrong.

I’ll remember just how quiet you were, just how little outrage you expressed, just how many times you could have been the Good Samaritan—but turned your head and walked to the other side of the street; leaving someone bleeding and someone else to tend to their wounds.

Jesus will remember it too.

White Christian friend, I don’t care what you do on Sunday for an hour in a building.

That’s the easiest time and place to have convictions.

That is a paper tiger faith; one that has no real teeth and no true power.

It is the greatest of empty religious performances.

Fortunately there are plenty of people of faith out there who are speaking, who are stepping into the fray, who are naming and opposing this ugliness—but not enough of us. I keep hoping you’ll join us.

I’ve been waiting for a year here outside that building and that hour on Sunday, for you to break your silence and loudly resist all that is so terrible.

I won’t hold my breath any longer, while you hold your tongue.

Just know that I hear you.



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  1. And then there is that other silence, White Christian friend: the complete absence of anyone asking for “the hope that is within you”.

  2. This is so spot on! My anger, my lack of compassion and my irritability all goes back to my inability to speak my truth around all of this. Raised to love my country, be in awe of my President is all gone now~~I feel like my village has been invaded, and my family raped, tortured and thrown away. If I am participating in the human family that my God has given me that is what has happened~~God open my mouth and put a light to my words!

  3. Well, hear me. I’ve risked alienation of family members and friends, but I will still speak up. I’m sickened by DJT and his assault on values and peoples I hold dear. I’m weary of the continued attacks on people with darker hues of color and those that are other. It is wrong, it is hurtful and it is sinful. I’m weary of of a President with no impulse control. I’m weary.

    • I agree with you, Kathy. I cannot believe people are still supporting this man and I speak out whenever I can. I know I’ve offended some people in my world, and that’s okay. I’m 78 years old and I don’t care so much for myself, but I’m very concerned for my children and grandchildren and what is going to happen to them. Someone in my family cautioned me about offending other family members. If we can’t disagree and remain friends, that’s awful! Trump disgusts me in more ways than I can possibly list here and still people cheer him on. His lack of ethics and morals is being seen and mocked all over America. ENOUGH! I will cheer on the students who are going to rally against this. Someone has to do SOMETHING!

  4. You have my most heartfelt Thank you ever. I would like to add that I was somewhat encouraged the the Bd of Bishops of the United Methodist Church came out with a no nonsense letter that gave no quarter to the man in the White House for the comments made this past week. Was disappointed that they didn’t ask that this letter be read from every UM pulpit this weekend. It is a start though. Please, Please continue making all those silent “christians” uncomfortable. Peace and Love to you as you continue.

      • United Methodist Bishops condemn President Trump’s “offensive” remarks against immigrants

        WASHINGTON, D.C. – We are appalled by the offensive, disgusting words attributed to President Donald Trump who is said to have referred to immigrants from African countries and Haiti, and the countries themselves, in an insulting and derogative manner. According to various media accounts, President Trump made the remarks during a White House discussion with lawmakers on immigration.

        As reported, President Trump’s words are not only offensive and harmful, they are racist.

        We call upon all Christians, especially United Methodists, to condemn this characterization and further call for President Trump to apologize.

        As United Methodists, we cherish our brothers and sisters from all parts of the world and we believe that God loves all creation regardless of where they live or where they come from. As leaders of our global United Methodist Church, we are sickened by such uncouth language from the leader of a nation that was founded by immigrants and serves as a beacon to the world’s “huddled masses longing to be free.”

        Thousands of our clergy, laity and other highly skilled, productive citizens are from places President Trump has defamed with his comments. The fact that he also insists the United States should consider more immigrants from Europe and Asia demonstrates the racist character of his comments. This is a direct contradiction of God’s love for all people. Further, these comments on the eve of celebrating Martin Luther King Day belies Dr. Kings’ witness and the United States on-going battle against racism.

        We just celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, whose parents during his infancy, had to flee to Africa to escape from the wrath of King Herod. Millions of immigrants across the globe are running away from such despicable and life-threatening events. Hence, we have the Christian duty to be supportive of them as they flee political, cultural and social dangers in their native homes.

        We will not stand by and allow our brothers and sisters to be maligned in such a crude manner. We call on all United Methodists, all people of faith, and the political leadership of the United States to speak up and speak against such demeaning and racist comments.

        Christ reminds us that it is by love that they will know that we are Christians. Let’s demonstrate that love for all of God’s people by saying no to racism; no to discrimination and no to bigotry.

        Bishop Bruce R. Ough
        President – Council of Bishops

        Personally I think this is a good start. Peace,

        • Thank you seems too little to express the fullness of my heart as I read Bishop Ough’s letter. The silence has been deafening and I couldn’t understand it. I questioned, did they all agree with dt and his racist and degrading comments? How could Christian’s align themselves with the thing’s that this President is fostering? The hatred at other’s. His lack of compassion for the poor and less fortunate of our citizen’s. His willingness to make cuts to programs to feed our hungry, especially our children. My heart has been heavy with sorrow with each new attack on those in need of our comfort and care, while giving massive benefits to large corporations and the wealthy. I wonder, how can a Christian do these things?

          So I thank you again for this letter. I pray that it will be the beginning of other Christian leaders speaking out so that the silence doesn’t continue to be so profound,

  5. Anyone who claims to be a Christian and remains silent and doesn’t speak out against all the evils embraced by this administration and the GOP, in general, is not really a follower of Jesus because this administration and the GOP, in general, have rejected half the Gospel.

    The witness of the prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures makes it clear that the nations of Israel and Judah, the people and kings of the nations of Judah and Israel had a duty and a responsibility to care for the sick, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, provide what those in need require, welcome the stranger, and basically to make sure that everyone had enough so they could thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive.

    Or else, and we all know that the people and kings of Israel and Judah ignored the prophets God sent to them, continued in their selfishness with devastating results. Their countries were destroyed.

    Jesus says the exact same thing to the people and politicians of the world and the people and politicians of the USA are also supposed to pay attention to Jesus when they claim to follow Him.

    Jesus tells the Christians of the world and the USA that they have a duty and a responsibility to care for the sick, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, provide what those in need require, welcome the stranger, and basically to make sure that everyone had enough so they could thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive. Or else.

    Jesus also tells us in Matthew 25 what that “or else” is. “I never knew you,” he tells those who ignored their duty and responsibility to care for the sick, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, provide what those in need require, welcome the stranger, and basically to make sure that everyone had enough so they could thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive.

    Elsewhere in the Christian Scriptures, we are told what the results are when we ignore the words of Jesus, specifically Mark 3:28-29. “Truly I tell you, people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter, 29 but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.”

    While I would never say that the Democrats are as pure as the driven snow, indeed they are far far from it, at least they do recognize that we Americans have a duty and responsibility to care for the sick, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, provide what those in need require, welcome the stranger, and basically to make sure that everyone had enough so they could thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive. Or else.

    Sadly, the Americanized version of evangelical Christianity has watered down the Gospel so that it is only an issue of personal, individual salvation which Jesus never spoke about. The thing we readers of English overlook is that English is a language which (irresponsibly in my opinion) fails to distinguish between the singular and the plural use of “you.” Thus we read the Scriptures and choose to ignore that, just as the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures did, Jesus to talks about a community, salvation as a community, the community’s duty and responsibility to care for the sick, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, provide what those in need require, welcome the stranger, and basically to make sure that everyone had enough so they could thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive and in turn become wealthy enough so they too could be part of making sure that everyone had enough to thrive.

    White Christian friends whose silence we hear, you might as well start spelling it as “evangelikkkal KKKhristinity” because you are guilty of never being known by Jesus and of the apostasy, He mentions in Mark 3:28-29.

    • Gloria, please stop with the false piety! You’re so full of CRAP! The Democratic party is an evil, God hating, and Christ rejecting party!

      They think killing innocent babies is okay in the name of a “woman’s right to choose”. They think it’s fine for one man to rip apart the anus of another man, and call it “equality”.

      Anyone who is a part of this evil ideaology, IS NOT A CHRISTIAN! So please stop with your nonsense. And you wonder why you’re alone in life??

      • “The Democratic party is an evil, God hating, and Christ rejecting party!”

        Sorry, no.

        ‘They think it’s fine for one man to rip apart the anus of another man, and call it “equality”.’

        What the what?

        “And you wonder why you’re alone in life??”

        Stay classy!

        • BTS! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Thank you Baby Geebus! I needed that laugh this glorious Monday morn. I’m not a Democrat, however, I am a religious hating, and Christ rejecting person! I don’t give two cents for your god, your christ or your beliefs. You and your ilk are like gum in a Walmart parking lot. Either way it ends up on the curb and good morally decent folk walk away knowing they have left behind a sticky gooey pain in the butt mess. I believe the Law of Man guides this Great Country and not your silly superstitious nonsense.

        • Do you know the definition of “classy”. A representation of the Ignorance and Apathy in Our Country that has put a DemiGod in the Oval Office.

      • You proved my point with my comment below: “What you failed to mention is that: guns, gays, abortion and the whole theology of “deserved righteousness=blessings from God” matter more to white Evangelical Christians in America.”

        Jesus weeps for how the White Evangelical Church treats the poor, hungry, homeless, sick and oppressed…

        And if abortion is wrong and a sin, God is “big enough” to handle the soul of the fetus. And you realize that many straight couples practice anal sex (44% ) also, don’t you?

      • Dear Black Trump Supporter,

        First of all, my name is not “Gloria.”

        Secondly, I feel so very sorry for you. You have such anger and pain in your words.

        If you are so intent on preserving life, then you need to abandon Trump and the GOP because they care very little for the lives you which to save from abortion.

        if they did, they would not be intent on destroying the ACA which provides contraception so women are not forced into pregnancy but have a choice about what happens to their bodies.

        If they did, neo-natal care, pediatric care, nourishing food through WIC and SNAP would not be under attack.

        If they did, cancer treatments would be paid for. If they did, they would abolish the death penalty, and renounce war.

        Your Trump is playing chicken with N. Korea over that “nuclear button” when neither of them actually have a button.

        I really don’t understand how anyone who can claim to follow Jesus can embrace a political party that has so turned its back on the teachings of Jesus.

        I really don’t understand how you can call yourself “Black Trump Supporter” when he has made it clear he despises all non-white people. It really doesn’t seem to me to be in your best interests to be a Republican.

        If you want to preserve life, then you need to abandon the political party that has embraced as normative authoritarianism, bigotry, denial of climate change, destroying families, destruction of the planet and God’s creation, discrimination, fascism, global warming, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, increased gun violence, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, nonpartisanship, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favor of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, treason, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

        None of those things are consistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      • Conservative Christian: Tell Me Again About How You’re “Pro-Family”?
        A hallmark of being a conservative Christian is supposedly being “anti-choice”.

        In the age of Trump and “nuke em’ all,” we of course know that the modern concept of being anti-choice is a total farce– right along with the second hallmark of being a conservative Christian:

        The claim of being “pro-family.”

        Now, I think it’s important to note that “pro-family” never *really* meant pro-family to begin with– it was just a fancy dog whistle for “anti-gay,” and all of us in the Religious Right knew that. But for those who still use the term and think it actually means what the words say at face-value, tell me again how this “pro-family” thing works?

        Because when I look at the daily news stories, I’m seriously confused how Trump and the policies advocated by the Religious Right, specifically around immigration, are anything but anti-family.

        The other day I asked, “Is Trump still anti-choice if he gets us all killed?” and today I have a similar question:

        Are you still pro-family if you’re actively breaking up perfectly good ones?

        A case in point is the Garcia family, who was ripped apart this week when Jorge Garcia was deported back to Mexico. Jorge had been brought to the United States when he was just 10 years old, through no choice of his own– he was just a kid. He grew up in America, went to school in America, got a job and paid taxes in America, and eventually built a family in America. He even spent many years trying to do the “right thing” by getting legal status in the United States.

        Even though he’d spent many years, and reportedly $125,000 attempting to fix his legal status, he was ordered for deportation several years ago– but was given a stay of deportation under the Obama administration. However, this year that stay was taken from him; his family was notified that Trump wanted everyone out, and that he’d have to leave the country the day after Thanksgiving. He was given a brief reprieve– told he could stay and have one last Christmas with his family– but after a tearful goodbye Jorge has now been taken from his family and returned to a country he hasn’t lived in since he was 10 years old.

        Deporting him from the United States didn’t make us safer– he hadn’t as much as even had a traffic ticket.

        Deporting him from the United States didn’t save us money– he worked, paid taxes, and now his wife will have to figure out how to make ends meet without a working spouse. In fact, she quite likely may even need to seek public assistance moving forward.

        The only thing that was accomplished by deporting Jorge Garcia, is that the Trump administration functionally widowed a wife, and functionally orphaned two teenage children.

        So, back to my question Trump-supporting Christian:
        How are you able to lay claim to the title “pro-family” if you’re actively breaking up perfectly good ones?

        I mean, how does that even work? This logic strikes me as being as twisted as an abortion doctor claiming to be anti-choice… it just leaves you scratching your head.

        How can you hold rallies and tell men that the solution to a wide-array of social problems is for them to be more present and engaged with their families, when you just ripped a dad away from one?

        How can you scoff at poverty and crime statistics and say, “The problem is a lack of parenting” when the reason two children will get far less parenting in their teen years is your own immigration policies?

        And how the actual you-know-what can your church hold Orphan Sunday every year when you just functionally orphaned two American kids? How does taking away a loving dad, and creating a situation where a mom will have to work twice as much to survive, show your care and concern for orphans?

        This situation is yet another example of where many of us who have left the Religious Right still hold to many of the original ideals we were taught growing up, even though those who taught us these values have since completely abandoned them.

        I still believe that as Christians, we are called to be “pro-family.” I still believe that the family unit is the foundational unit that forms society, and that families should be nurtured and protected in every reasonable way we can do so.

        And I certainly still believe that the Bible calls us to “defend the cause of the fatherless.”

        But unlike the Religious Right, I still think all this should apply to Mexican families, too.

        unafraid 300Dr. Benjamin L. Corey is a two-time graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and holds his doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also the author of the new book, Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith, which is available wherever good books are sold. http://www.Unafraid-book.com

      • Black Trump Supporter, you could go a long way toward understanding your fellow citizens. Twisting someone else’s beliefs beyond reason doesn’t help your cause.
        Fascinating that you can attack people merely because they see things differently than you, yet you support someone who blatantly breaks every rule Christians hold dear.
        It’s so puzzling that good people accept behavior that’s not only hurtful, but dangerous, as he breaks away from our allies, leaving us friendless in an increasingly dangerous world.

      • It is evident that you have no idea what the sexual practices of gay men are. Please be assured that ripping anuses is not on the menu and even if it were, it is not sexual practices that equality is being sought for, but people.

        Further, that nasty accusation is one that has been aired for decades. It has never been true. It doesn’t become true through repetition. Parroting a falsehood in order to harm other people is in direct contravention of the Ten Commandments. I would suggest that you remove that phrase from usage.

        • Bless you Patricia Brush. I have seen you many times trying to educate so many. You have always done so with gentle wise words. I applaud you. The sad part is I think so many just really do not want to give up their fantasies and obsessions with other peoples private lives which is rather disturbing in its own way. Thank you for your efforts.

          Peace Patricia

      • For the love of God, you need to seek help. You have some very deep issues. How sad that you felt the need to spew such hatred and BS. And on another note… Regarding your ugly comment , “And you wonder why you are alone tonight.” Who are you to be so presumptuous? You are a cruel and evil (yes, EVIL) “human” being.

      • What a sad world you live in.

        I’m beginning to think that if Jesus ever did come back, preaching that stuff about loving your neighbor as yourself, not laying up riches, and feeding the poor, a bunch of so-called christians would kill him again.

    • These are excellent points that needed to be reminded of, Gloriamarie, thank you. It came to my mind that perhaps many of those who are not publicly vocal are precisely “silent” because they are too busy actually carrying out their “duty and responsibility to care for the sick, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, provide what those in need require, welcome the stranger” and generally lifting up and offering fellowship and hope to their brother and sister in need, to have time to get into the public discussion. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are silent. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them,” as Jesus himself told us, may have referred to false prophets, but in reality it works both ways.

  6. John:
    What you failed to mention is that: guns, gays, abortion and the whole theology of “deserved righteousness=blessings from God” matter more to white Evangelical Christians in America.

    Keep up the good fight.

  7. Rejecting the Religious Liberty of Slaveholder Religion

    By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove 1-16-2018

    Marking the 232nd anniversary of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, President Trump proclaimed January 16, 2018, as Religious Freedom Day. An annual presidential act, the text of Trump’s proclamation fashioned himself as a champion of the Constitution’s first amendment.

    “No American — whether a nun, nurse, baker, or business owner — should be forced to choose between the tenants of faith or adherence to the law,” the president said in his statement.

    Many evangelicals may celebrate this act as an symbolic example of Trump’s commitment to the faith community, but I cannot join them. The “freedom” they celebrate today is the religious liberty of the slaveholder.

    This has not always been the case for religious liberty in American public life. Roger Williams, a Baptist who left the Massachusetts Bay Colony to establish Rhode Island, and originator of the idea of separation of church and state, imagined religious liberty as a wall around the garden of faith — there to protect religion against the inevitable overreach of the government. The liberty he championed made room for women like Anne Hutchinson to teach the Bible in her home — a dangerous notion to the state-sponsored church of the time.

    And no one was more influential in Thomas Jefferson’s drafting of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom than Baptist abolitionist John Leland. When he lobbied for the separation of church and state in the Virginia colony, Baptists like him were jailed for preaching without a license from the Church of England. His insistence that the governing authorities of Virginia could not exercise political power to force their convictions on other human beings did, indeed, lay the foundation for religious freedom in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    But Leland’s freedom from the state religion of his day is a far cry from evangelicals using the power of the state to justify refusing to serve LGBTQ patrons or validate same-sex marriage licenses on the basis of their faith. How, then, did religious liberty come to mean nearly the opposite of what its founders intended?

    Sadly, any honest answer to this question illuminates how the teachings of the Old Testament, and Jesus were and are used by extreme religious arguments to justify a multitude of sins. In the 19th century, when the United States was torn in two by the issue of race-based chattel slavery, the arguments against holding fellow humans in bondage were moral arguments. Abolitionists and their opponents alike knew that they had the moral high ground. Nineteenth-century white theologians had to work very hard to explain why slavery was not only justifiable, but also a good to enslaved people and their masters alike. Their outlandish arguments are recorded in the annals of our nation’s best theological libraries.

    The remainder if this powerful and thought-provoking piece may be read here:


  8. Incredible comments. Spread it far and wide. We Christians that don’t meet the definitions imposed by that group at Sundays hour meeting. Are fighting in the streets and upturning the tables.

  9. Friend, you have challenged me, and I accept. I’ve written about injustices on my blog before, but not nearly enough, I know. You’re right; there need to be a lot more voices crying in the wilderness, including mine. Thank you for the rebuke.

  10. Your eloquence in expressing disappointment and yes, rage, at the silence of “Sunday Morning Christians” is absolutely wonderful. You said it much, much better than I could have and I thank you so much for this piece.

  11. Interesting! Just had this same , a little less eloquent discussion with 2 neighbors . They want it to be all about recipes and pictures and cruises. Silence is just t not an option and we who have privilege
    And opportunities and some Influence, should be protecting those in need not to mention our democracy. ” Our lives begin to end when we are silent about things that matter” MLK

  12. No, I’m not sorry I voted for Trump and your daily rants and guilt trips won’t make pro-lifers, pro-free enterprisers, pro-drain-the-swampers change their tune.

    You don’t hear anything because you’re not listening. You don’t know what we think or believe because you’re telling us what we think and believe.

    “Jesus will remember it too.”

    What does this threat mean? That you’ve decided to believe in Hell? If so, that’s probably a step in the right direction.

    Also, what’s wrong with building a wall? Why do you prefer illegal vs legal immigration?

    • “Also, what’s wrong with building a wall?”

      Other than the fact that it is expensive and won’t work? None, friend. Trump campaigned on the promise that Mexico would pay for it; they won’t. The burden for this folly lies on the shoulders of the American people.

    • Explain to me how “pro life” it is to adopt procedures and pass laws:
      – raising the number of people with no health insurance?
      – giving big tax breaks to the rich and ballooning the deficit?
      – stopping the health insurance program for children?
      – throwing young people out of the only country they’ve ever known?
      – expanding permission to pollute the environment?

      all while filling your own pockets (that would be Trump and Congressional Rs, not you)?

      Nope, anyone who was really in favor of life (as opposed to forcing people to give birth, no matter what that does to them) would show some interest in people who are already here.

    • How is an incredibly expensive wall going to stop illegal immigration, when it mostly occurs by people who fly to the United States on airplanes and overstay their visas?

      • Joyce.

        It’s expensive for our Border Patrol to apprehend 38,000 illegal border crossings each month. A wall / fence /high- tech security measures, would streamline the job and cut costs drastically. [You pay for our Govt to employ 18,000 Border Agents who risk life & limb to protect American citizens and their property. ]

        In the year 2000, Border Patrol apprehended 1.5million illegal border crossers. [More than half of illegal crossers are Mexican, non-English speaking, of which 37% have criminal records in Mexico, and have less than 8th grade education.]

        Almost 5% of USA population is here illegally, at a cost to you of $350 billion per year, for health services, education, social services, and Law Enforcement /court costs. Regardless of how many overstay their Work Visas, and Temp Work, a wall / fence / border security is necessary and fair.

        The ‘wall’ can be built for about $20 billion. [A drop in the bucket, for how much money it will save us.]

        So you see, Mexico will ‘pay for the wall’ …directly & indirectly.

    • I hope we all realise that draining swamps is a bad idea. Swamps have an important ecological purpose in water availability and water cleanliness. Some water treatment plants are putting in swamps to reduce their need for chemical and mechanical intervention. In my city, when new neighbourhoods are being built, they put in swampy settling pools to handle stormwater runoff. That sends less dirty water to the plant and keeps more clean water in the environment where it belongs. It also provides a beautiful habitat bringing more birds and wildlife into people’s daily lives.

    • I don’t know how you define “draining the swamp,” but in case you haven’t noticed, the cabinet is stuffed with insiders bent on rescuing their respective industries from the perils of human decency and sound judgment.

      Secretary of State Tillerson: former head of Exxon Mobil known for his close ties to Putin.

      Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin: Wall Street insider who, as head of OneWest Bank, oversaw the granting of thousands of subprime mortgages – and the resulting home foreclosures.

      Now-departed Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price: Made it his mission to dismantle every program whose aim it is to promote, hmm, health and human services.

      Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Boasts a track record of respect for the Ku Klux Klan, not to mention a penchant for throwing around the N-word in professional settings.

      Then there’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: No understanding of the complexities of public education. Her only “qualification” for the position is that she’s rich — and has given lots of money to the GOP, which outweighs the fact that she happens to be female. Because, as we all know, the only thing women are good for is that they have pussies to grab.

      I mean, look at Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta: As a US Attorney in Florida, he agreed to a backroom deal with billionaire financier Jeff Epstein to hush up accusations of Epstein’s sexual misconduct with underage girls. (Let’s not forget that, during confirmation hearings, he refused to commit to upholding a new Labor Department ruling requiring financial advisors to put clients’ interests first when giving financial advice.)

      Now we come to the anti-environment team. Energy Secretary Rick Perry: Climate change denier who in 2012 proposed to eliminate the very agency he now heads. Sits on the board of Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the embattled Dakota Access Pipeline.

      Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke: Boasts a track record of seeing public lands as fair game for corporate entities to mine, drill, clear-cut, and otherwise devastate. And he’s making good on his promise to bring back the good ol’ days of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which devastated the Gulf Coast and the livelihoods of thousands who depended on fishing. Buh-bye, wildlife in Alaska’s Arctic Wildlife Refuge, now open to drilling.

      EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: Active skeptic of climate change who has long touted the benefits of dismantling the EPA. He came in already spearheading efforts to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, aimed at getting coal-fired plants to reduce their harmful emissions. Buh-bye, public health. Buh-bye, ozone layer.

      Now that I think about it, I’m beginning to understand what he (and you, I think) mean by “draining the swamp.”

      It was so he could fill it in with a cesspool.

  13. White liberal friends, I hear your silence about our booming economy, especially black unemployment at historic lows.

    Here’s a side of Donald Trump that needs to be seen by the Trump haters, and those who listen to them:

    • Leaving aside the question of whether these are a continuation of the previous administration, are these reasons enough to endure the racist, sexist, anti-intellectual buffoon who is devaluing our country in the eyes of the world? Asking for a friend.

    • Economy and employment situation is multiply determined and Trump’s effect is debated among economists. What is not debatable is that he is uninformed and will resists being informed. His reactions are to attack critics and play to his base and to do so impetetiously. Cares for himself foremost.

    • Larry. It might be good news that Pastor John is going back to his Catholic roots, as he is being hosted by ‘Knights of Columbus’ at ‘The Bigger Table’ meeting on Feb 17, in Pottstown, PA.

    • The silent ones only love black people when their employment is at historic lows—and they can claim responsibility for something that is not their own work—meaning they do not give a sh*t about black employment except when they can gain advantage from it. It must be a math thing—-proportionality—like when silent white people are at historic lows—-as in one of the most low-down conditions of spirituality in human history.

      • That’s funny.

        You think white liberals care about black unemployment? They push government programs that keep blacks poor. The left does not have much to offer the black community except more poverty, crime, and victimhood.

      • If libs care so much about the poor and underprivileged, why are they notoriously so cheap when it comes to giving to charities..until they decide to run for office? Conservatives have been proven time and again to be much more generous in their giving. I guess libs figure the government should do their giving for them? Just sayin…

      • It’s funny that you white liberals are so unhappy with lower black unemployment. The black politicians didn’t like it very much either. So many long faces on the Democrat side during Trump’s SOTU speech.

        High black unemployment is to your advantage and you have no incentive to improve their lot. The worse they do, the more you can use them as political pawns.

    • This is the dumbest, pathetic advertisement i’ve EVER seen. And I am 69 years old. Words are cheap. Action are what matters. His actions are so horrible, he makes me ill.

    • The black unemployment rate has NOTHING to do with any policies that Trump has enacted or has not enacted. Nothing 45’s hs done in the past year has helped the black unemployment rate it was already trending in this direction but as usual 45’s supporters want to take credit for things that were already there when he got into office.

  14. That “White Christian Friend” is no friend at all. He/she is a fake,phony,fraud. I’m sure there are people who aren’t in Church who resist and protest and are better than that the hypocritical “friend.”

  15. Thank you, John Pavlovitz. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s as if you crawled into my mind and heart and wrote my thoughts and feelings, and so much more eloquently than I ever could. Thank you.

  16. Yeah, Larry? Tell about how he’s “The best friend the LGBT community has ever had” because his evil pseudo-Christian buddies in FRC have almost got a policy up in HHS that would make it legal for a paramedic to refuse to treat me on “religious grounds”.

    That’s anarchy, and sure as s*** no “Christian”.

    Also, have you asked you many black friends how happy they are with Trump? Just asking.

  17. A LOTS of us are saying PLENTY. On social media, at work, at the bar. PLEASE let us know where else we could make our voices heard. Because apparently, what we’re doing isn’t enough.

    • I thank you Pamela for speaking out. I appreciate it and please continue reaching your friends. I just wish more of mine would. So so so so much silence, and I live in an extremely religious community.

    • Hahahahah- “At the BAR”. What is complicit silence is talking to others who feel the same way, at work, Christian at a bar. Not being complicit is going out of your *comfort zone*, and taking ACTION. This is exactly the silence he is talking about. Go to church on Sun, and pat yourself on the back for the rush of endorphins you receive from seeing friends of same ilk, cute children, or the sermon. Go back home as if everything is normal. “I don’t want to talk about the POC”, or they’re not my concern. This is why this religion will die. Humans do not revere Christ’s words and concerns. They believe they themselves are God. The responses I’m seeing building arguments against this blog, are to me, a retired RN of 34 yrs, absolutely sickening, & tells me one hasn’t walked one mile in someone else’s shoes, EVER. Nor do they ever think, this could happen to me. As an RN, I’ve seen just how quickly it could be you! My God, when did people get so mean? Making Christ political? Volunteering for the suffering poor is action. To me, those arguing here, are not followers of Christ. They are brain disordered by media, trigger words (Hillary!!! Benghazi!!), brain washing. No compassion. How very tragic for our nation, and for our world.

  18. Ok, so I’m going to Hell, or something, if I don’t post ad nauseum about DJT and tidbits on my FB page? Are you absolutely sure about that?

  19. Father forgive me for the times I have not spoken out. May the love I have for you help me to be bold and brave against all injustice and stand firm in your authority, for your glory. Amen

  20. With all due respect, Mr. Pavlovitz, your articles are about left-wing partisan politics, with a little Jesus thrown in to try and justify your positions, sometimes by warping what our Lord actually taught and said. Further, from what I have read, if I am a white conservative Christian, I am the problem in your mind. Well, I am. Further, I did not vote for Trump due to his lack of character. It is the same reason I refused to vote for Hillary. I do not heap scorn on family, friends, and strangers that voted for either though. Indeed I try to listen to them, share my thoughts, and respond civilly with love. It is up to each of us to listen, accept or reject Christ AND what he ACTUALLY taught was good and righteous and what was sinful, all the while still loving the sinner and hating the sin. And we are ALL sinners.

    Yes, I am embarrassed by President Trump quite often. Yes I am embarrassed by any of our elected representatives when they spew hate or foolishness, and I say so. That said, despite many of the negatives of Trump, his economic policies have also been a boon to many of the poor and middle class. His policies are helping those Americans that are the “least of our brothers and sisters”. At least in that regard, this boor of a president has actually done something of use instead of being eloquent and merely have good but ineffectual or actually damaging intentions like President Obama did.

    Perhaps if we all spent a little more time studying Jesus and be a little less quick to condemn or demonize those among us that are different in belief as “others” we might better be able to usher in the kingdom of God, sir.

    My prayers are with you.

    • As the deportations start and innocent children are thrown away once again. I will be there to tell them the Readers digest version of your post. When there is pain and suffering, especially at the hands of politicians, there is something wrong!

  21. It seems like I should have something profound to say at the end of such a good main post by John P.. However, I do not. Thirty percent of Americans (give or take a few) have been blinded to the evil of both Trump and the evil things he is doing (as well as the good things he is not doing).

    I heard this afternoon that Trump is now looking forward to talking to Robert Mueller and his staff of lawyers and accountants. This is a very foolish position for him to take—and it is likely just a temporary lie like so much else he says. I was thinking about the perfect theme music for the Mueller Team just this morning, and it clearly expresses what Trump is walking into:

  22. The only thing I pray that would be silent is sarcasm, it serves no purpose. I can say that BC I often use it to shut people down. Saying what I mean makes me walk through the anger and then I have a better starting point, not just bitterness. So, Betty your response sounds like something I used to do and actually still do. It is never a good outcome. Going for substantive arguments in a charitable way helps my voice to be heard. Otherwise, people look at the post Betty and say damn, that Betty is much smarter than that.

  23. The problem is that our White Christian Friend love it. They may be a bit embarrassed to publicly yell “hallelujah”, but from what I see, they enjoy every moment of this administration.

    • Beware of lumping people together. I am Christian and do not feel the way you describe. It might be more accurate to say, “some Christians.” Personally, I am embarrassed by those who let their religion come into the political arena at all as Christians, we are all supposed to be about God’s business. Make no mistake, anyone who uses their religion as a platform is USING the those who they are targeting.

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  25. Galatians 6:7-8
    John , Friends Saints who truly follow Jesus Christ As thier master, savior, Gods son, Sent for mans sin , to save the wretch we are .
    Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

    Read at Bible Gateway
    Read all of Galatians 6

    Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica
    NIV Zondervan Study Bible
    All Man, Not just some
    Never Elevate others to a supreme role as the are fallible and can fall from grace , just like you and me . we are all the same , except one thing , that is the choices we make , the paths we choose to take.

  26. WHAT IF GOD ACTUALLY PUT TRUMP IN THE PRESIDENCY!! Gasp. Consider reading ” The Trump Prophecies”. GOD (He is real and still GOD) woke the author in 2011 and told him Trump would be president…..Perhaps we can ‘hang in there’ and watch what GOD can accomplish (HE has been able to speak through an ‘ASS’) and STOP the petty, self-righteous bantering.

  27. John, what an articulate, heartfelt post. As powerful a plea as it is, I’m afraid that 1) these folks are studiously avoiding any medium they don’t believe supports their reality, and 2) they are so blinded by their beliefs that, even if it hits them in the face, they can no longer abide the truth. I hope I’m wrong…

  28. I was glad when I read at the end where you mentioned not all Christians are like what you described. I am one who has been speaking out and stepping into the fray. I have also been confronted by a few who disagree with what I say. I will never think it is OK DT was elected, and continue to hope he is impeached soon.

    I am thankful to be a Christian, and do not like it when people assume things about me because of that.

  29. Why not encourage Mexico to become our 51st state?

    And I don’t know one Republican or one Democrat who espouses to all that their elected officials do in office. Just because one votes a certain way doesn’t mean they are “for or against” abortion, for instance.

    Our current POTUS says some really stupid things, and that is what most alarms me. He doesn’t seem genuine in any way. But…I could be wrong. AND…I do pray for him as God has instructed me to do.

    Eliminate campaign donations, repayment of “favors” and the involvement of corporations in our governing and make it of, by and for the people again.

    I have always understood that Christians are not meant to judge others.

    Some of us are silent due to our humility, but we do continue to love and do what we can for all people Sometimes it is only prayer from the sidelines of a war we are very confused by.

  30. To all Liberal White People:

    Please stop pretending to love Black people! Your policies is designed to keep Black people dependent upon the Government. It is a plantation mentality, and contrary to what you think, many Blacks reject the claims of understanding and compassion by the Democratic party and other far left ideology. I wouldn’t be a damn Democrat if my life literally depended on it!

  31. Dear Black Trump Supporter

    How can you address “ALL” in such a way? And how can you, an individual black person, speak for “Blacks” everywhere? I don’t recall an election of anyone to that position. You have a right to YOUR opinion, but you are just ONE person. You don’t know MY heart or what I think. Nor do you know my skin color as I sit here and respond to you. How much attention will you give me based on MY culture or skin color? Will you listen to me if I say I am Black? Caucasian? Asian? Native American? Mexican? I’d be really interested in knowing your socio-economic situation because it really does have bearing on a person’s opinions. How is it that you feel qualified to speak for any Blacks beyond yourself? How do you know what is in the heart of ANYONE beyond yourself? How can you lump ALL together? Isn’t that a huge stereotype, much as “all blacks are ________” ….fill in the blank? There simply is no such thing as “ALL” when referring to opinions or feelings or political leanings. Ultimately, we all come to our understandings of things based on personal experiences.

    FYI ~ Just because I am liberal in some ways does not automatically make me a Democrat. I do not know how ANYONE can espouse to any party mentality in its entirety. In my opinion, there are contradictions rampant throughout both the Dem and Rep factions that make that impossible.

    It is my belief that if it weren’t for “liberals,” slavery would never have ended in this country. There are those among the far right whom would continue it today and even believe blacks to be inferior human beings. (Note I don’t say “race” as we are all ONE race — human. It is just a difference of pigment, people.) There MAY be some democrat KKK enthusiasts, but I really don’t think so. It is my thought that true Liberals have compassion and care for ALL people regardless of their skin color or culture. Liberals may not have a complete understanding of people who are different from them, but at least they TRY, and I, for one, truly DO care. I cannot speak for others, but I know that I don’t hate you based on your skin color. To take that further… I actually have Christian love for you. However, not knowing you personally…and yet seeing how you communicate here…I doubt we’d ever be friends. Not because of your color or your support of a political party that does not care about Blacks as a rule, but because you seem to be so angry and misguided as to think ugly things about anyone who doesn’t think as you do and your way to deal with them is to assume a role of Black Spokesperson, hurl insults and rattle a saber in hate.

    I pity you for having to endure such anger. I really do not know that it can ever truly help ANYONE.

    And I do care about you as a human being. Whether you believe it or like it or not.

  32. Obviously there are people like this, Mr. Pavlovitz, yet your position and words are dangerous and bear a false testimony to Christ.
    I too, am Christian who is concerned with the example of our president. However, I don’t equate political opinions with following Christ.
    You have conflated being a Christian and being a Progressive Democrat.
    If you truly believe that only Progressive democrats are Christians, you need to assess your values and who or what you actually believe in.
    I hear your pride and arrogance that your opinions are 100% correct and anyone who disagrees is always wrong.
    I only mean offense if it can draw you close to Christ, and if not, then please forgive me.
    These words I am typing right now are not my own. They are the words of a brother in Christ who is concerned that people are too quick to judge, too quick to label those that EVEN SEEM to be silent (even if they aren’t in the other parts of their lives) as racists and evil.
    We are all sinful, and to take such a ridiculously high ground against others is a mistake. Have grace for one another. Have love. Don’t bring accusations made from your assumptions.

    • The moral high ground is calling out evil in the Trump administration/ the GOP (and the Democrats also)….otherwise for followers of Christ, it is the sin of omission… There is nothing in the Democratic Party’s platform/stances on the issues is against my moral compass/my faith. I can’t say the same for the GOP’s Platform/stances on the issues….

      • Your a Christian and you are good to go with Planned Parenthood legally killing the unborn? You can’t at least give Trump credit for being on the side of the unborn instead of being against them, as are almost all Democrats?

  33. Thank you, John. As an ex-Christian from the Left, this needs to be said. Of course, I doubt they will listen since they have been silent since they gave the whole country the middle finger back in Nov-2016
    – and then disappeared (as you say).

  34. The Christian who solely puts their trust in God doesn’t have to go out in the streets causing an uproar about what they don’t like about our government. Paul said to the church in Rome, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore, whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgement.” (Romans 13:1-2) That passage continues on talking about how we are to be in subjection to our government. What should we take from this? God is in control. No matter if Trump, Hillary, or Bernie is in the Oval Office. I, as a Christian, take comfort in that fact.

  35. I raised this question on my Facebook page, largely attempting to reach out to family. I asked everyone why some say that they especially hate lying, per extensive Biblical teachings on lying, yet are now remaining silent, since our POTUS #45 is well documented, by the Washington Post for instance, as making public falsehoods some 5.6 times a day. My very dear sibling responded with: “I base my ‘no comment’ on Matthew 7:5, John 8:7, and Proverbs 26:4”, and “That paper is untrustworthy.” I said: “In no way is using the Bible to ‘Attack the Source’ answering the question!” The next day I asked: “If the 81% of Evangelical Christians who voted for POTUS #45 came “clean” today, and spoke up, could we stop this ‘train wreck’?” My sibling’s response was merely the zipped mouth emoji. Heartbreaking to me. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. I’ve now posted it on my Facebook page. Will my Christian family read it? Doubtful. Will they respond? Highly unlikely. These times are heavily revising my view of many who claim faith.

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