To Hell With Your Hatred, Donald Trump

Hell is a terrible place, Donald Trump.

It is a place where horrible things belong; where ugly, vile, sickening stuff should go and never escape from. 

It is a place where the violent and the predatory and the evil things of this world should spend their days.

Hell is where hateful stuff should call home.

It is not a place for underfed children or for terrified parents or for sick people or for those already on the margins.

Hell is not a place for those seeking refuge, for those needing help, for those already hard pressed against the great adversity of this world.

Hell is not a place where the poor should spend their childhoods or Transgender teenagers should spend their days or the elderly should live out their remaining years.

Hell is not a place where people should be forced to reside, simply because of their gender or pigmentation or orientation or nation of origin.

Yet, you have been manufacturing such a place here for such people here and now.

You have been willingly putting good, loving, faithful, decent human beings through hell on this earth.

You and those who think and believe and legislate like you and hell-bringers.

And we’re rightly disgusted by it all.

We’re done with it.

We’re through with the sickness you are spreading, and as non-partisan, religious and nonreligious, beautifully diverse amalgamation of humanity—we’re saying to hell with it all:

To hell with your border wall.
To hell with your travel bans.
To hell with your Dreamer harassment.
To hell with your ACA sabotage.
To hell with your Government shutdown ransoming.
To hell with your ICE raids.
To hell with your Muslim caricatures.
To hell with your nazi-coddling.
To hell with your sh*thole contempt.
To hell with your nonsensical Tweet rants.
To hell with your country club escapes.
To hell with your ugly words.
To hell with your phony Patriotism.
To hell with your fake religion.
To hell with your fear-peddling.
To hell with your divisiveness.
To hell with your supremacy.
To hell with your misogyny.
To hell with your hatred.
This is not who we are.
We are not hell-makers for other people.

We aren’t going to be defined by the pain we manufacture for one another, by the people we exclude, by the burdens we pile on the already burdened.

We’re going to be defined by the compassion we show, the help we give, the table we expand, the walls we destroy, the outsiders we welcome, the beauty we exchange, the peace we make, the huddled masses we embrace.
We’re going to be defined by a love you seem incapable of and hostile to.
To hell with your hateful version of America, Donald Trump.
We’re not having it.



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74 thoughts on “To Hell With Your Hatred, Donald Trump

  1. John tells it like it us, and I agree with the many people here who say he puts into words what we’re all thinking. Many people are seeing that conservative white evangelical religion cooperates with evil and is morally defective. Fortunately evangelicals make up only 17 percent of the American population now, down from 23 percent ten years ago. And young people overwhelmingly reject conservative Christianity. The younger they are, the more they reject it. There is hope.

  2. I am surprised to see that you haven’t included “transphobia” or “homophobia” alongisde your “islamophobia” complaints. After all, what is a leftist “christian” without denouncing everything christian and loving every sin that christianity has taught us to reject?

    The leftist christian must start every statement of his (apologies for assuming your gender identity) life with “as a christian” because if he did not, everyone, including himself, would assume he is an atheist with nothing but contempt for our Lord and Savior.

    So enjoy your sodomy, your heresy, your worship of Muhammad, lust and disgrace while you can, because although this earth’s cowardly cretins in charge will gladly praise you for being “inspiring” and “brave” for condemning a man that has been condemned by literally every popular media demagogue and privileged rich upper-class celebrity that they can pay for, you’ll find the Lord’s judgement to be a little more… Egalitarian.

    • Yeah and JESUS ate and conversed with the tax collectors, the woman of the street and such others, and told you not to judge, and told the those “good jews” about those they turned their back on in judgment and spoke of about the parable of the good “good Samaritan”, and said “before you take a speck from another’s eye first remove the log from your own” you judgemental jerk that JESUS himself spoke against (read the red text bible and see for yourself). You’re quoting the old testament that JESUS himself said is defunct when he said: “I give you a New Testament”. So you’re off on so many levels, first of all, being judgmental when Jesus himself told you not to be so. Maybe you should READ the Bible rather than having people spoon feed it to you in “bible studies” and learn what it actually says.

  3. You are full of hate.

    It literally flows from every word you write. Meanwhile one of Trump’s go to lines is “Regardless of your skin color we all bleed the same red blood of American Patriots”. While the left preaches division and hatred, Trump is up there speaking love. And he’s aggressive, yes. He’s hostile at times to those lying and maligning him, yes. But he’s not hateful, not in the slightest.

    You though, you’re a pompous misinformed racist who wants all the social justice points he can get, to hell with the fact that it further divides the country, to hell with the fact it screws our national security and risks our quality of life. You just want what you want regardless of the consequences and you will say or do anything to make it happen. Despicable and you should be ashamed of who you’ve become, your parents should be ashamed that they raised you this way, your grandparents should be ashamed that such a hateful individual came from their loins.

    Learn to love, only then will your opinion have meaning.

  4. How can you read all this insanity, and still keep going?

    I’m at my limit. I just don’t have enough field training to read so much insanity, and keep going.

    You might want to turn off commenting.

  5. How many buildings has Donald Trump burned down since his election? How many people did he kill in Chicago this month? Maybe hate existed before Donald Trump. Maybe it was a hateful mob that called for the release of a murderer and the crucifixion of Jesus. Was that Trump’s fault?
    And who says hate is wrong? I remember reading somewhere “Hate that which is evil.” Maybe that’s what Trump is doing.

  6. This guy has provided a list of all the reasons I/we voted for him. Because most of America is fed up with the pacifists, freaks, touchy feely wimps, tree huggers and Liberal idiots that have been destroying the basic premises on which this country was founded. Your ignorance has allowed a non-citizen Muslim to hold our highest office of government. As a result our country has been infiltrated by the Muslim brotherhood terrorists and you assholes are kowtowing to them so that you don’t offend them. Well suck it up buttercup cause we’re not gonna take it anymore!

    • WHO was this “non-citizen Muslim” that has held our highest office of government???? Who? Who? Who? I don’t remember that BUT I do know who’s there now – a Bully Man-Child who supports people like you, a KKK White Supremacist, hater of women & their rights, against environment controls, against healthcare (I guess you won’t be able to get some mental therapy for your problems), and the list goes on with the destruction to our safety NOT from Muslims but from within. Look at who actually has been responsible for all of the mass shootings…they were WHITE AMERICANS. That Man-Child has given those and people like you permission to be violent against USA & other citizens. You ignorant putz.

    • “Non citizen?” WHo was that non citizen who held office? You do know that a Muslim can be president, right?

  7. Wowwwwww!!!! You people are so sick! You must be in some twilight zone or hell of your own. So much hate spewing from
    your cold cold hearts. Your comments are unacceptable in today’s reality and you are so lost, Rush, Raymer, Hector, you
    own some baaad karma. Wake up before it’s too late. Find the light, find your heart!

  8. Donald Trump’s HAS done good for this country. He is NOT a nazi-coddler. He is a Christian and Christianity is NOT fake. The wall he built is so that we can take care of OUR homeless, OUR military and vets, OUR foster care children, get us jobs, get the drug smugglers and illegal terrorists out of OUR country. Donald Trump is a good person. He is doing good and making America great again.

  9. I am no lover of the current president, however, I do not support this post except as I interpret it as a way of condemning behavior, and not people. Pavlovitz is condemning policies and behavior that are contrary to the ethos of the constitution and the reason the Founding Parents left Europe and came to the West to enjoy freedom, to practice, live and do what they wanted without someone forcing them to do something they did not. Trump’s policies are contrary to the spirit of the United States, and it is that that is being relegated to hell.

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