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To Hell With Your Hatred, Donald Trump

Hell is a terrible place, Donald Trump.

It is a place where horrible things belong; where ugly, vile, sickening stuff should go and never escape from. 

It is a place where the violent and the predatory and the evil things of this world should spend their days.

Hell is where hateful stuff should call home.

It is not a place for underfed children or for terrified parents or for sick people or for those already on the margins.

Hell is not a place for those seeking refuge, for those needing help, for those already hard pressed against the great adversity of this world.

Hell is not a place where the poor should spend their childhoods or Transgender teenagers should spend their days or the elderly should live out their remaining years.

Hell is not a place where people should be forced to reside, simply because of their gender or pigmentation or orientation or nation of origin.

Yet, you have been manufacturing such a place here for such people here and now.

You have been willingly putting good, loving, faithful, decent human beings through hell on this earth.

You and those who think and believe and legislate like you and hell-bringers.

And we’re rightly disgusted by it all.

We’re done with it.

We’re through with the sickness you are spreading, and as non-partisan, religious and nonreligious, beautifully diverse amalgamation of humanity—we’re saying to hell with it all:

To hell with your border wall.
To hell with your travel bans.
To hell with your Dreamer harassment.
To hell with your ACA sabotage.
To hell with your Government shutdown ransoming.
To hell with your ICE raids.
To hell with your Muslim caricatures.
To hell with your nazi-coddling.
To hell with your sh*thole contempt.
To hell with your nonsensical Tweet rants.
To hell with your country club escapes.
To hell with your ugly words.
To hell with your phony Patriotism.
To hell with your fake religion.
To hell with your fear-peddling.
To hell with your divisiveness.
To hell with your supremacy.
To hell with your misogyny.
To hell with your hatred.
This is not who we are.
We are not hell-makers for other people.

We aren’t going to be defined by the pain we manufacture for one another, by the people we exclude, by the burdens we pile on the already burdened.

We’re going to be defined by the compassion we show, the help we give, the table we expand, the walls we destroy, the outsiders we welcome, the beauty we exchange, the peace we make, the huddled masses we embrace.
We’re going to be defined by a love you seem incapable of and hostile to.
To hell with your hateful version of America, Donald Trump.
We’re not having it.



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