White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You

Dear White Evangelicals,

I need to tell you something: People have had it with you.

They’re done.

They want nothing to do with you any longer, and here’s why:

They see your hypocrisy, your inconsistency, your incredibly selective mercy, and your thinly veiled supremacy.

For eight years they watched you relentlessly demonize a black President; a man faithfully married for 26 years; a doting father and husband without a hint of moral scandal or the slightest whiff of infidelity.

They watched you deny his personal faith convictions, argue his birthplace, and assail his character—all without cause or evidence. They saw you brandish Scriptures to malign him and use the laziest of racial stereotypes in criticizing him.

And through it all, White Evangelicals—you never once suggested that God placed him where he was,
you never publicly offered prayers for him and his family,
you never welcomed him to your Christian Universities,
you never gave him the benefit of the doubt in any instance,
you never spoke of offering him forgiveness or mercy,
your evangelists never publicly thanked God for his leadership,
your pastors never took to the pulpit to offer solidarity with him,

you never made any effort to affirm his humanity or show the love of Jesus to him in any quantifiable measure.

You violently opposed him at every single turn—without offering a single ounce of the grace you claim as the heart of your faith tradition. You jettisoned Jesus as you dispensed damnation on him.

And yet today, you openly give a “mulligan” to a white Republican man so riddled with depravity, so littered with extramarital affairs, so unapologetically vile, with such a vast resume of moral filth—that the mind boggles.

And the change in you is unmistakable. It has been an astonishing conversion to behold: a being born again.

With him, you suddenly find religion.
With him, you’re now willing to offer full absolution.
With him, all is forgiven without repentance or admission.
With him you’re suddenly able to see some invisible, deeply buried heart.
With him, sin has become unimportant, compassion no longer a requirement.
With him, you see only Providence.

And White Evangelicals, all those people who have had it with you—they see it all clearly.

They recognize the toxic source of your inconsistency.

They see that pigmentation and party are your sole deities.
They see that you aren’t interested in perpetuating the love of God or emulating the heart of Jesus.
They see that you aren’t burdened to love the least, or to be agents of compassion, or to care for your Muslim, gay, African, female, or poor neighbors as yourself.
They see that all you’re really interested in doing, is making a God in your own ivory image and demanding that the world bow down to it.
They recognize this all about white, Republican Jesus—not dark-skinned Jesus of Nazareth.

And I know you don’t realize it, but you’re digging your own grave in these days; the grave of your very faith tradition.

Your willingness to align yourself with cruelty is a costly marriage. Yes, you’ve gained a Supreme Court seat, a few months with the Presidency as a mouthpiece, and the cheap high of temporary power—but you’ve lost a whole lot more.

You’ve lost an audience with millions of wise, decent, good-hearted, faithful people with eyes to see this ugliness.
You’ve lost any moral high ground or spiritual authority with a generation.
You’ve lost any semblance of Christlikeness.

You’ve lost the plot.
And most of all you’ve lost your soul.

I know it’s likely you’ll dismiss these words. The fact that you’ve even made your bed with such malevolence, shows how far gone you are and how insulated you are from the reality in front of you.

But I had to at least try to reach you. It’s what Jesus would do.

Maybe you need to read what he said again—if he still matters to you.

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1,322 thoughts on “White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You

    • John’s a real hero here. Condemning Trump and praising Obama is tough to do in today’s political climate. Taking a stand alone against the President. I pray for the day when the voices of news media, Hollywood, the music industry, sports, etc have the strength to stand with John.

      • Ouch, Cato the Elder, and point taken. Just as sides have been. Yet all the time the Inspired Scriptures have been teaching us to be “no part” of the world – to stay out of its divisive politics and its cruel wars.

        Looking at the hatred and scorn coming from both sides in the recent elections in the USA, and at the hatred and scorn coming from both sides in the Brexit/Bremain vote this side of The Pond, I can only thank our Creator, the God of Abraham, yet again for his perfect advice.

        So please, take no sides, stay out of it. A rescue is on the way – so close now. And how much we, the damaged children of disobedient Adam, need it. What a tragic mess we are all in.

        • So we are to “take no sides”? What did Jesus do? He washed the feet of the prostitute; overturned the tables of the bankers in the temple; loved the poor, healed the sick. Jesus took sides! To be Christ-like, you MUST choose! Which side are YOU on?

          • It was the prostitute who washed Jesus’s feet with her tears and dried his feet with her hair. What Jesus did teach is love, compassion, and not to think ourselves better because of our own self righteousness, but it is only God’s grace that we are saved. Not of our own doing lest anyone boast.

            • Yes. you are correct about the prostitute, but I strongly with your words that we are saved by the grace of God, but not “of our own doing…” On judgement day, we will be looked at by God as to how we showed compassion and goodness and hw we treated our fellow humans and the natural beauty around us.

              • There is only one way we are saved. It is by the belief of Jesus as our savior that died on the cross so that we may be saved. The word of God states that our works are nothing in our salvation. Our works are a showing that we are Christian and striving to be as much like Jesus as we can be even though we know that only Jesus was perfect. The bible says we are saved by faith alone and that is in Jesus as our savior.

                • James 2:14-26 New King James Version (NKJV)
                  Faith Without Works Is Dead
                  14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

                  18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your[a] works, and I will show you my faith by my[b] works. 19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?[c] 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? 22 Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect? 23 And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.”[d] And he was called the friend of God. 24 You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.

                  25 Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way?

                  26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

                • When they say our works are as nothing, it doesn’t mean you can stop doing them. Far from it. You have to keep doing them, even without the thought that you are guaranteeing yourself a place in heaven. You can’t just sit back and think you are all set, because you believe – and even think yourself somehow superior to those who do good. Actually, I think the message is, don’t even worry so much about whether or not you get to heaven. “Consider the lilies of the filed…” You’ll probably be OK, but it’s not in your hands. What is in your hands is the possibility of relieving a little bit of the misery here on earth. Jesus would approve if you did that, while you are here.

                • Saying we will all be ‘Judged by God” in fact describes the cult religion that Christians have evolved to. Jesus did not live like this. He was’t a christian and didn’t believe in religion. He modeled a kinder and gentler world. This evolution of those who presume to act towards he and God’s favor is a construct of mankind as well as a hijacking of all peoples belief in creationism and a supreme power. Christianity is one of the newest religions, an infant in human development.

                • our works are our loving and generous response to the mercy God has shown us. We don’t do them because then Jesus will be proud of us. We do them because it is the only way we can respond to that sort of love.

                  He saved us, and so in response to that love, we love deeply, and we go out to do God’s work in this world.

                • So was Jesus speaking for nothing when he shared the parable of the sheep and the goats. Never forget: Matthew 25:41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’…45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’
                  46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”
                  The Apostle James also tells us that”faith without works is dead” (James 2:17-18). The faith that redeems us COMPELS us to follow, to move, to do, to grow.

                • The Sheep and the Goats
                  31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

                  34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

                  37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

                  40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

                • Why do people try to make Jesus take sides on skin color please stop the insanity Jesus created black Brown yellow red and yes even white because he loves us all the same black Brown or white just get along stop this insanity with skin pigmentation !

                • Oh for crissakes, quit parrroting this infantile nonsense..There is no cosmic sky wizard and his son jeezuz..I guess you evangelical fruitloops didn’t get the memo but this is the 21st century not 3rd century Judea..pfft

                • So, all ya have to do is declare your belief that Jesus died for our sins and be saved?! That is the same mentality and blind faith that allows “Christians” to behave without compassion- with hatred, judgement and cruelty. Jesus tell us to treat each other with love. Love is all that matters. Not your own salvation.

                • Wrong. Jesus said even atheists will be welcome into the kingdom if they are loving and do good by others. Get off your high horse. Your actions on this earth will determine your final place.

                • Well THAT’s really handy. You apparently think you have a special “coupon”. You can hate on all God’s children who are not the same color as you. You can withhold food, medicine and care to suffering children. You can commit serial acts of adultery, you can kill, steal and bear false witness and gleefully break all ten of God’s Commandments. Then you only have to glibly spout the words “I accept Jesus” and you can scoot into heaven? Cool scam. Evangelical behavior shows nothing but sheer sneering contempt for the lessons Jesus taught us all. Do you really think God is that stupid and blind? It appears you hold him in just as much distain. I fear Satan has you turned backwards and is having the last laugh.

                • This is a mute argument because true faith requires works. You actually can have it both ways. How can you say you believe if it doesn’t change you. How can you say you have faith if that faith holds no power over your heart. True faith without works is not even possible.

                • ” It is by the belief of Jesus as our savior that died on the cross so that we may be saved.”

                  If you don’t do what Jesus said, you don’t actually believe in him. You’re just pretending.

                  If you don’t feed the hungry and show compassion for the poor, you don’t believe in Jesus. Your faith is sham.

              • Salvation only comes from Christ. Judgement has nothing to do with your acts of compassion and goodness. Salvation come from belief in Jesus Christ our Savior.

                But to the point, your judgement of others is no less a sin than the sin of the “white evangelical” you condemn.

                • Your actions do not need to be good, only a belief in Jesus will save you? Nice to know people can make it up as they go along.

              • There is no judgment day….there is only looking within, seeing the truth of our own behaviors and taking complete accountibility for who we are. Our Divine Nature helps us hold scared to the truth.

                • Thank you, Lucia. I have difficulty looking to the Bible for wisdom on how to live. It is so chock full of ugliness, killing, reports of God with anger and vengeance. Are we to worship a god such as this? Where did this idea come from? Long ago people needed a supernatural figure to explain why things happened, like rain and famines. So they could use God’s pleasure or punishment. Each of us must be responsible for our behavior, being sure we are showing love and kindness and fairness, not for what benefit there will be for ourselves, but out of the caring we feel for others.

            • Jesus took sides against the money changers. Those who spoke as if they were from the Temple, while their sole purpose was to profit from it. Todays White Evangelicals ARE the money changers. Give us more tax breaks, more tax shelters, move government money and we will prostitute ourselves in front of you.

            • He did, however, address her sin and tell her to sin no more. That is what Pavlovitz seems to be missing. He did not excuse the sin. He forgave it, and demanded it stop.

            • Thank you Terry. The author of this article has done nothing more than paint all “Evangelical” believers with the same broad brush. However, as with all criticism, there are grains of truth. There are many believers who have fallen into the trap of equating the re-making of America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord said that the the gates of Hades will not prevail against the building of his church and that anyone who stands for the Gospel will be persecuted. So here we are. Bless you Terry. I don’t know you, but it seems we are brothers.

              • Our nation is not the embodiment of God. Our Constitution is not God’s word. Modern Christianity (in the U.S.) has come to mean one thing: no abortion, no gun control, and anybody who disagrees is obviously evil. “As you do to the least of these, you also do to me.” Take a long, hard look at modern Conservatism and the Evangelical church … consider whether Jesus would claim those actions as his own. I don’t think so.

                • They did and said same things of Hate and Murder to Martin Luther king Jr but now after his Movement and Legacy for all-inclusion…has changed some things for ethnicities….some now say he was a good man…so the lies and hatred started all over again with Obama….we shall see what good God allowed him to lead this nation for 8yrs with Integrity, fairness and no scandals as he obeyed….certainly Exposed so called Christian leaders hearts….wonder what Jesus thinks of that? Oh I know…He already knew….they just didn’t….Hummmm

          • I agree Melanie – we absolutely need to stand for what is right following the model of Jesus. I also think, like Michelle Obama, when they go low we go high. While standing for what is right – what indeed would Jesus do – we need also to do it with a love your enemy mindset and position and herein is where my struggle is at times explosive. Big passion is both my gift and curse; and taming my tongue is a constant surrender. Standing in the gap right now is a calling – while 45 is denegrating everything that is good, right and moral – what is it that God is calling those of us who are committed to following Him wants us to do. Is this the time that we follow His instructions to the rich young ruler – sell everything, take up our crosses and follow Him. I suspect there are many ways to do that – but it won’t be long before all our social problems are at a crisis pitch if they aren’t already – may I offer the Prison Industrial Complex (the current form of slavery in America as an example). I want to be in a community of people who stand – firmly (like turning over the money changer;s tables), loving like Jesus (I personally have the hardest time with my so called evangelical friends – even more than 45 – although God could easily condemn me to hell for the things I have thought and even said about him – thank you Jesus that your grace covers those confessed sins!) while surrendering all and following Him into whatever area of human service He might lead us/me. I don’t want to fall off this path with Him to either side – and I think that is where community – a community of like minded, authentic, surrendered, committed followers of Jesus – is the best option for staying the course that Jesus has set for us.

          • Only you know this your Jesus Christ you referring to. Definitely not the Christ that died and rose up on the third day. Not the Christ that spoke peace to the storm. It can never be that Christ. The Jesus Christ, the savior must be a stranger to you if you have such belief as you wrote.

          • Jesus told us (his people) to stay out of Politics. Don’t read people ..read the Bible .The office of President of the United States is not a religious position . Barack Obama and HIS CHRISTIAN PASTOR ,Jerimiah Wright has an agenda against the U.S. His pastor said …not God bless America but Goddamn America. Bring out all of the religious beliefs ,not just what you pick .What about Your best president Bill Clinton who was convicted of Rape ,yet you all stood behind him and said ..he’s just human. There are HYPOCRITES that are evangelical white ,there are HYPOCRITES that are BAPTIST black ,their are HYPOCRITES in any group you can name ,but the biggest amount of HYPOCRITES are in the democratic political party.

            • No. The hypicrites ARE the religious RIGHT. Thev two presidents you talked about? While true Christians took the stance of tolerance and forgiveness, YOUR “christians” practically called out for blood.

              Now, when this man, married three times and quite guilty of adultery with two of his wives, gets the praise and support of the same people who passed judgement on Clinton for almost the same thing (I say almost, because Bill and Hillary stayed married and worked through their problem), THAT IS WHEN WE HOLD UP THE MIRROR AND SAY “HYPOCRITE!”
              Take your false christ and crawl back under the rock you came from.

              • No. The hypicrites ARE the religious RIGHT. Thev two presidents you talked about? While true Christians took the stance of tolerance and forgiveness, YOUR “christians” practically called out for blood.

                Now, when this man, married three times and quite guilty of adultery with two of his wives, gets the praise and support of the same people who passed judgement on Clinton for almost the same thing (I say almost, because Bill and Hillary stayed married and worked through their problem), THAT IS WHEN WE HOLD UP THE MIRROR AND SAY “HYPOCRITE!”
                Take your false christ and crawl back under the rock you came from.

            • Check your facts. Obama dropped Jeremiah
              Clinton’s relationship was consensual. Your Republicans have voted against the will and the good of the nation

            • Rene, what do you believe is the real bible? Do you know the history of how it came to be what it is? A group of people (committee) decided as they went through various writings. It is not the word of God, as so many purport it to be. It is so full of contradictions, which is not surprising at all, considering how it was the writing of so many people with differing positions in life. About the only thing we can take as real are the Ten Commandments. The gospels were not written by people who ever saw Jesus Christ. They were written many years later and, naturally, there were mistakes. The gospels do not agree with each other when they report about the same events. The differences are important, not insignificant. If we choose to read this Bible, we can’t pick and choose those sections that say what we like and ignore the rest.

          • I agree. We must take sides and take the side of decency. This fake christianity is a joke even to non believers who used to think they were sincere at least, if mistaken.

          • Amen and I will side with Jesus and these children from Parkland, Florida who are standing up against the NRS and people who support the AR-15 and Assuslt weapon . I applaude their courage and honesty and wisdom from such young people! They have given me hope that we will overcome this horrible time because some of them can vote this year and almost all of them will be able to vote in 2020. So I think our future will be in good hands as soon as we rid our country of trump and his gang of racist evangelical hipocrites!

          • By “take no sides,” I get the impression she means take no worldly sides. As in we are to be the clear-headed in a crazy world that looks, but doesn’t see and hears but doesn’t listen; a world taking sides in a system of false dichotomy because the sides given as choices are both those of evil. I gather from Sue’s comment that she means instead of those sides, choose God, and the narrow way to the strait gate, which makes no allowances for left or right leans (politically or otherwise).

          • well said and right on–he took the side of mercy and compassion–something this new breed of Republican are very low on.

        • ” WE, the damaged children of disobedient Adam”?!? You “Christians” are SICK!!!! If you want to wear a yoke of shame over a book of fairy tales, to prove to an imaginary deity just how subservient you are, that’s your problem, but there is no WE about it.

          • I used to be an evangelical Christian Pentecostal, before that a Baptist. A few years ago I realized that they all believe that 99 percent of humans will go to hell to suffer for eternity. The only “saved” are born-again Christians, especially members of their denomination. So, if God is against Muslims, Buddhists, gays, etc., Christians have no mandate to love these people. You see? That’s why evangelicals act as they do.

            • I don’t believe the author of this piece really understands the basics and or foundational doctrines of the true Christian faith. Let me remind us all that we are in the same boat. None of us are good…..NO…. NOT ONE! True Christians that have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus do not become perfect people (prior to death). At that point, they have merely begun being justified in the eyes of God the father. Then with the help of the Holy Spirit, the process of sanctification begins. That is the process God uses to bring us into a deeper and closer relationship with him. This can be quite a difficult process as he wears down our worldliness which results in us behaving “More Like Jesus.” This process takes a lifetime, literally. Just because people say they are this or that doesn’t mean they actually are! That also doesn’t mean they are not. They may just be young in the faith and don’t have a grasp of what true forgiveness, mercy or grace is yet. Jesus is not the inventor of evil in this world. We are all responsible for our own actions. That’s what makes the grace of God so much more amazing.

              I support President Trump, not for his crassness, political party, or his tweeting craze but for the obvious and tangible results we can see. I can’t remember seeing this kind of change coming from the Whitehouse in my lifetime. It is a crazy time to live. With Obama, I saw death, retraction, and bondage. I never doubted that all authority comes from heaven but that doesn’t mean you have to love their leading ability or character. In the book of Romans, chapter 9, Paul explains that God created Pharaoh for a specific reason.
              “It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy. For Scripture says to Pharaoh: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Therefore God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden. Romans 9: 16-18
              Does that scripture leave any room for me to know who will come to saving faith and who will not? NO! The Pharaoh was the established authority handed down from heaven. Yet God called Moses to lead his people away from that leader.
              Obama was a horrible President for our country. Your right that Jesus ate with the prostitutes, tax collectors, and sinners. He said that he came to heal the sick and raise the dead. Jesus did not come to make bad people good. He came to testify to the truth, restore his honor and in doing so, made dead people alive. His sacrifice made a way for us to return back to the Father. Praise God for his grace.

              People can say they don’t care about the “yoke of shame” but that doesn’t make it go away. The only kinds of people that clearly don’t care about sin or at a minimum any feelings of guilt or shame are sociopaths. Every rational and feeling human I know has that longing type hole in their soul that needs to be filled. Christians find Jesus fills that hole perfectly. They naturally want to tell others. Not because they were told they had to, or they have to in order to fulfill some religious ritual. Out of a true wellspring of love for others and a true desire to help someone else fill that hole they will spread the gospel in hopes you will find God. Do I know who will accept this as their “truth?” I have no idea. It’s not up to me. It’s up to God. I’m just called to spread the Good NEWS!! It might not be the smartest practice to let people form your opinions on others. We are all individuals. All individuals deserve to the right to believe as we ought. I may not agree with your opinions, but I will support your right to express them. I hope you can support my rights as well.

              • You saw death and bondage with a president that worked to try and guarantee rights and dignity for marginalized people, but don’t see it at all in a president who eagerly chose the largest non-nuclear bomb we have to drop in a civilian area?

                Who has stepped up raids of vulnerable people who are even now in bondage in secret, inaccessible detention centres, in which people die miserably from lack of proper care?

                You don’t see death and bondage in the man who sent American citizens away to be killed in countries they lawfully fled?

                You don’t see death and bondage in a president who historically agitated for falsely accused young men to be killed by the state or imprisoned for life even after it was proven they were falsely accused?

                If you don’t see the death and pestilence that wraps itself around Donald Trump, you need to remove the beam in your eye.

              • You are the one who does not understand, and who doesn’t want to admit his biases regarding true Christianity. You cannot name WHY you think President Obama was a horrible President, yet you are quite transparently racist. You support Trump, who is truly evil (ask his THIRD wife that he cheats on), and gloss over his evilness because you get more money from his tax breaks. You suffer nothing, and you don’t care if anyone else does. YOU are not a Christian….YOU are a FAKE christian. You have no empathy, no charity, no human kindness in your soul, and you certainly are not earning your place in Heaven, and all of your God Help Me’s will not work until you have developed the Beatitudes!

              • All of that long paragraph you just wrote is exactly what John is talking about. It is people like you who hated Obama because you are racist it is people like you that love Donald Trump who is racist. The noose is tightening around you Trumpsters necks and slowly but surely you are becoming irrelevant and I guess you have to get your last words in before the platform is kicked out from under you. There is a special place in hell for you although you are earthly no good hell maybe too good for you. The change is coming( not to your liking ) and there’s nothing you can say or do to stop it. The trump titanic is going down and there are no more life boats!

              • Jonathan,

                The world tells us that the Government is upon his shoulders. So Yes he is aware of all the things going on in this world. However to say Jesus Put Trump where he is a false belief. God gave man a will to do as he pleases! That is what placed Trump in the White House! I have a few questions for you?

                1. How does Abortion infringe on your right to be a Christian? IF you believe it is wrong, then don’t have one.
                2. How does homosexuality infringe on your right to be a Christian? If it is against your belief, then don’t marry the same sex!
                3. How can you support a man that in then very basis of the root of all evil? 4.He is Haughty in spirit
                5.Greed rules him,
                6.He is a Liar and a Thief,
                7. An Adulterer
                8. Fornicator,
                9. Spews nothing but vile garbage from his mouth toward woman or men that he dislikes (Speaks Untruths).
                10. He is a Deceiver
                11. Back Biter
                12. Gossip
                13. Whoremonger
                14. He lacks respect
                15. Lacks Discipline
                16. Lacks Character
                17. Certainly his word is not his Bond as the word tells us it should be?
                18. Prejudice against anyone but the white race.

                So he has none of the attributes of Jesus Christ, yet somehow Christians all over this land; worship him as if he is some sort of God. Why?

                Let me explain, The word tells us that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks! That mouth has never once said anything would bring Glory and Honor to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ! Why? Because he believe he doesn’t need him and that he is above all this Religious foolishness. However he is keen enough to understand that if he wants to retain his base he must use Bringing God back to America!
                He simply has a Dictator Mentality and knows what it takes to get the masses to follow him!

                Now let get to the bottom of why the follow, shall we? They follow because their hearts are not pure with God as they would like you to believe. They follow because deep down inside of that heart it was never melted, molded nor shaped by God. It was the sheep following the wolves in sheep’s clothing, (Riding the preachers coat-tail to heaven) so what ever they say, the masses follow!

                Greed and deceit has taken over the Church, as much as it has Donald J. Trump! It’s a message that many need to hear but have been lulled to sleep because the bitterness and hatred was never removed from the depths of their souls. There is as much wickedness and strife going on in the Church as there is in this world! They have lost their vision.

                It is what do I want, What makes me happy and whatever that is because; Its my perception, Then it is fact and everyone else must want to have it too! I am not quite sure who your God is , But he is not the same one I know and love! Because he tells us that He came to this world to Love and to Heal, and Spoke The words Himself. He did not come to Condemn, but to save!
                What happed to the Samaritan’s Heart that God’s people are supposed to have. What happened to being a reflection of his Love, Grace and His Mercies? Because if we lack that for our fellow man, He will not extend it to us! He said many will come in my name saying Lord, Lord, Have we not healed the sick and cast out Demons in thy name? and he will say depart from me, I never knew you, ye worker of iniquity!
                His word tell us too that many will come in His name; that are not of Him! So I am sorry; but anyone that supports this kind of trash and garbage (Trump) has totally missed the mark! Remove the blinders, and I pray that you are awaked before it’s too late! But Above all else… Please stop Lying on Jesus, saying this is his will!! This is man’s doing with the free will that God gave them! This man that wrote this page is trying to awaken others, However they have ears but will not hear and eyes that will not see! Repent, fall on your face and humble yourself before him and he will heal our land! It’s HIs promise!

              • So, Jonathon, you’re saying that you’re fine with having a president who cheats with his wife with a prostitute four months after his wife gives birth, defrauds students, stiffs contractors, and constantly berates people because you’re seeing results? What results are you seeing? I’ve seen a lot of innocent people deported, a child who was detained at an airport (with one of trump’s aides actually saying it would be naive to trust an immigrant child just because he was five years old!). I’ve seen a tax plan passed that benefited the rich and corporations.
                You may have political differences with Obama, you may have different opinions, but that does not mean that he was a “horrible president.” That’s a subjective view at best.
                I’ve heard that evangelicals believe that we get to heaven through grace rather than through deeds. If that means to evangelicals that their deeds don’t matter, that they can be cruel to others and it’s okay as long as they give Jesus some lip service, I’m not so sure Heaven is the place for decent human beings.
                Jesus said “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.” He also said one of our two greatest commandments is to love one another.
                When He talked about needing to go through Him, he didn’t mean giving lip service. He meant heeding his words.
                Maybe I’m wrong. But I have more respect for people who’d rather risk going to hell to do the right thing than those who are so afraid of hell or so hell-bent on getting into Heaven that they don’t care who gets hurt. That’s not Christianity, that’s cowardice.

                • I’m seeing something totally opposite.from this administration I see nothing good nor honest. all morals are out the door.! no shame. the secrecy. the constant breaking of norms, rules and the constitution also the law. it’s scary that a vulgar man like Trump people find hope in. taking all safety nets. dividing people. really you felt Obama suppressed you? what he didn’t make hate talk OK? is that the oppression? open your eyes people. look at what Trump does not what he say’s. the only God in this administration is the worldly God named Satan. just look at Trump’s works. he has 1200 law suits I don’t know how
                  many are pending. sexual assaults, affairs, money laundering, lies, oh the never ending lies. obstruction of justice and lord only knows what else. also I checked out Trump’s web page after the shooting and went to all the accounts where they were more concerned over their loss of guns than the children. went to their accounts and out of the 21, only one was real. heck he was probably a troll. i think our country needs to come together. start being Godly instead of hateful and greedy. I did pray! the good lord told me to tell others to call your reps and make sure we have paper ballots and pencil. our voting machines have been hacked. they’re not even working on them!! also register blue voters. a rogue blue wave is coming! lets save our democracy!

                • And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven.. But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
                  __ Matthew 8:11

              • Jonathan St. James, You have no true conception of what Christianity is, nor how to behave within it. You idolize a “president” who stole the election, a serial adulterer, a child rapist, a business cheater, who wants all of his “subjects” to either applaud him or else they are traitors, and who thinks acting like a wannabe dictator is how a president should act. You vilify a truly great president, Obama, who turned the economy around, and never, ever had even a HINT of scandal attached to himself nor his family. He has had only ONE wife, and YOUR “hero” has had three, and has cheated on all of them. 5 children by 3 women, none of whom he has raised and only cares when they are old enough to work for him. Oh, except the oldest daughter with whom he has a rather “strange” relationship….have you seen all the pictures? Now your “hero” wants a huge expensive mammoth military parade and he will use it to glorify himself! You need some REAL Christian education, and “born again” isn’t it!

              • You, my friend, are a Money Changer. Where or where was your love from President Obama, where was your common faith with him. I feel so sad for you, it is pitiful. You are with the wife cheaters are with the wife beaters. All in the name of money. Sad, and pathetic.

              • Sorry you think life was bad during Obama’s term’s and you imply that it was has fault because it wasn’t. You forget that on the night of Obama’s victory, the white Republicans all declared that they would make him a one term president, and they would vote down everything that OBAMA wanted to do for the country. So don’t come with your hypocracy, you love an adulterous man, who even said he would do his daughter, how Sick is that? During the election, they openly put him down. They who hated the Mormons prior, changed and decided that they were Christian’s, just to get a white man in office, so don’t be the hypocrite here, Trump is evil, he is a narcissist and he follows Putin, yes Putin is his leader and if you follow Trump then you follow you fake and phony hypocrites quit trying to pretend you follow Christ because you don’t you follow Trump and he will bring not only the country but the world down. President Obama was a good man he was faithful to his wife loved his children and loved his country he could have done a lot for us had he been allowed to.

              • In my honest opinion you have no clue what you’re talking about…if Jesus death on that cross wasn’t good enough to redeem me from the law of sin & death and cleanse me from ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS…then it was all in vain…

              • Ah the old ‘you don’t have to be good to be chosen’ lie. Get out of here – you’re no Christian – you are a ‘christian’ – a right wing blowhard who just uses the religion as a flag of convenience so you can try to tell stupid people what to do and let’s have some truth here when you say ‘Obama was a horrible president’ and then given absolutely no reason for this assertion you might as well have said ‘I’m white trash racist scum’. So you’re the stupid one, trying to tell us what the real meaning of Christianity is and I can you one thing for sure – you’re are wrong and NO real Christian would support a greedy, lying, twisted, hateful scumbucket like Trump and you ain’t no Christian

              • With all your scripture quoting do you have any tangible evidence that President Obama was bad for the country. Oh you generation of vipers, how can you , being evil , speak good things.? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Mat 12:34
                A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. 35. Now which President does verse 35 represent? Obama or Trump. Many of the world judged Obama by the color of his skin and not the content of his character. Because truly he was a man of impeccable character( not perfect, but with a great moral compass) the article was on point. The majority of white evangelicals never once offered prayers for Pres. Obama, they didn’t have anything nice to say about him. I believe President Trump is the mirror for many white evangelicals that consider themselves followers of Jesus.

              • False false false!!!!!! Do you not heard about all these murder, children being kidnapped and killed, Trafficking. AND WHO IS THE PRESIDENT?

              • All of that & all you really admitted is that you are one one of the racists that saw “death” with a faithful, God fearing black president & are willing to overlook a bigoted racist because he’s white & Republican. Hiding it behind a liturgical essasy doesn’t change the original thesis statement. Which exposes you as an ignorant fake.

              • You just verified every word Mr. Pavlovitz wrote. You are so blinded by your ugly, ugly, ugly prejudice you cannot, even now, when directly confronted with it, recognize the crass reality.
                Pres Trump is an abomination. He is sin personified. He is the lowest, grossest, most profoundly unqualified person to ever set foot anywhere near that White House.
                Pres Obama was, in no imaginable stretch of the imagination, a “horrible president.” Your problem is that he “horrified” YOU right down to your blackened, shriveled, thoroughly UN-Christian soul, and I’ll bet all of us know why.
                Your posting is an insult to everything you claim to follow in your religion, and you simply cannot see it. You lace your revolting prejudices in between Bible quotes and professions of religious faith and piety. This grotesque shocking level of hypocrisy is exactly what the original posting is all about.
                Shame on you. You disgust me.

              • Please clarify how you saw death in Former Pres. Obama. Did he kill or cause someone/group/population to die? Please provide this information and documented proof when and where he was a horrible President. Thank you.

              • 1 Corinthians 13:1. Eloquence, words aplenty – but where’s the ᾰ̓γᾰ́πη? Before the Orange One became POTUS he already established a bad name in Scotland (a country where he never had any authority and I hope he never does) by coveting other people’s land and bullying them into vacating it so that he could construct a golf course. He was even prepared to cut off a 92-year-old widow’s water supply, and this has been going on for over a year. I was immediately reminded of the episode in 1 Kings 21 concerning Ahab, Jezebel and Naboth’s vineyard. In other words, your precious Donald Trump despises those are vulnerable and he’s enraged by anyone who gets in his way. He proved that well before he ran for office. Now that he’s in charge of your country he wants to do the same thing all over again. If it suits him he’s prepared to bulldoze his way through the rule of law, as he has amply demonstrated at Standing Rock. The reservation clashes with his business interests in the Dakota Access Pipeline. But then maybe the Sioux are no more than **Injuns** in your book and unworthy of consideration as recipients of Divine love. You have overlooked the point that supporting the disadvantaged and the vulnerable is NOT a business opportunity! It is a moral imperative which is endorsed by Scripture and should be enshrined in the articles of government. Even Thomas Coram realised that in 18th century London, when he noticed something that he and everyone else had been ignoring: dead babies abandoned on the street. You see, creating a society where everyone was cared for didn’t fit in with people’s business interests, and this was omitted from the establishment’s idea of what constituted Christianity.

              • Anyone that read what you wrote will assume that you are a Christian. I assume you are.
                We are saved by grace and not by works.

                What I however saw in your write up is the trace of racism and supremacy of the white!

                How can Trump be good for America and Obama bad?
                Obama is a Christian and a better Christian that Trump will ever be! If we are to even pontificate about who a Christian is, Trump is not a Christian! I pray he will meet with the saving grace of Christ. Personally I doubt this.

                In terms of actual work done as Presidents, nothing Trump has done could have resulted in any positive indices right now. All he has done is to reverse all the policies of the black man before him. All the economy growth, etc are trends that started during the Obama administration.

                If you refer to the Jerusalem issue and many more that American Christians are clapping for, they are mostly not well thought out decisions that will not solve the problem it intends to solve.
                Trump has indeed brought changes to the Whitehouse : women abusers like himself, racists like himself, corruption just like his fake business, disrespect, etc. These are all he has brought to the Whitehouse.
                If indeed you found hope in such a man, it tells about your values and character.
                Importantly, the so called evangelicals in the USA are hypocrites. They are not believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Even though the Lord qualifies the called, yet it is amongst you that there are pedophiles, rapists, prostitution racketeers, etc.

                Indeed, there is no Love in the hearts of the so called Christians, USA evangelicals: only hatred.
                I will continue to pray that you people will remove the scales in your eyes first.
                If you clap for Trump, a vile, a racist, a white supremacist, a dirty old man who has no Christian values but because he is reversing the policies of the black man and attacking immigrants, you are not better than him.

              • Jonathan St James. You leave me speechless with your preaching at people and then you go even lower with the support of Trump and viewing Obama as bringing death and bondage. You, sir, show your true colours with that stance and it isn’t pathetic.

                I was raised fundamentalist evangelical and I cannot stomach it anymore. Your type is one of the main reasons why. Sanctimonious lecturing know it all. My faith is still strong, but I have to completely leave my church background.

              • Jonathan,
                You are exactly the sort of ugly Republican white ChristianIST that Mr. Pavlovitz was targeting. You see Obama carrying out Christ’s message to minister to the least of us and you see bondage???

                You see Trump, the very embodiment of rich, uncaring, lazy, patrician that Jesus warned about, a man who has literally done less than nothing to prepare himself for the Presidency and less than nothing good for the country, and you see “tangible results” ??? What are those results? That white people are bullying brown people? That the rich are getting an even huger tax cut while the rest of us and the federal budget get the shaft?

                You are an ugly, NON-Christian, Christianist, Jonathan St. James.

              • God gives discernment to those who ask. He will open your spirIf you are unable to recognize evil when you see it, heaven help you when the antichrist comes on the scene.

                • God gives discernment to those who ask. He will open your spiritual eyes. If you are unable to recognize evil when you see it, heaven help you when the antichrist comes on the scene.

              • Your rights are not supported. If you malign people and separate families and put people in concentration centers. There is absolutely nothing Christian in that. And you can believe what you want, but an egomanical womanizer who won’t address issues killing our children doesn’t deserve to be in the oval office

              • What in the heck are you talking about? What results can we see? Families being broken apart? Citizens who supposedly have free speech being visited by the Secret Service because they oppose 45? Unwillingness to help the poor? Unwillingness to give a hand up? You must see something no one else does! I don’t see a man growing in faith, I see a hypocrite who is helping himself first and his family and cronies second. He is NOT helping the misguided ones who lauded him.

              • Wow. You just completely proved the author’s point in your complete dismissal of reality. Facts: ONE SIDE IS HYPOCRITICAL TO THE EXTREME.

                Refusing to deal with this honestly IS part of their problem. And apparently yours as well.

            • Where does Jesus say he or his Father are against the groups you just mentioned? You call yourself born again. I don’t think it worked as if your born again your washed clean of your sins and prejudices

            • There weren’t all these different religions in Jesus ‘s time but he taught us to love and help all our neighbors even the prostitute, the crippled, lame, blind, lepers, and he cast out evil spirits in people. He said love our neighbors not hate them!

        • We don’t have the luxury to stay out of the world’s “politics and cruel wars”. We are the Hands of God and it’s up to us to bring God to the world. God’s not going to wave a magic wand to fix the world. WE are the Hands to get God’d will done. Just sayin’,,,

        • To suggest that the ‘hatred’ is balanced, or equally deserved or undeserved, is disingenuous. We had a good man, and that so enraged some hateful people, that they elected an evil man. My disdain for him spans decades, and is based on personal interaction. #45 earned this. He’s spent his life earning this.

        • Staying out of it is the same as condoning it. God did not say to condone the sinful ways of others. He did not say to ignore the lost. He did not say to close your eyes to the evil around you. He did not say to turn your back on your neighbor. We are the rescue, as we are meant to be. The brave will take a stand. The complacent will blame others for the lack of a solution.

        • Sue, the major issue with your kind of mindset (and this isn’t an attack. I just mean your mindset that there’s blame on both sides) is that there’s only hate coming from one side. There is clear racial bias and a courtship of white supremacy in Trumps White House. Several cabinet members have even given white power solutes in pictures with the president. A quick google search would show you just that. We as Christians cant just pray against the enemy, we have to actively resist.

        • Thanks, Sue, for your perspective. It’s too easy to hate one another. Too easy to not see the eschatological cataclysm on the horizon.

          • Exactly! It’s disheartening to see people accused of “hatred” every time they/we speak out against harmful behavior. Especially if there’s some anger there. There’s nothing wrong with taking “sides” when one side is being hurtful. And right now, our country is being damaged by an unfit (to put it mildly) leader. And all those who support him, including those evangelicals who support him, are helping to prop up this scary situation. Hard to believe anyone could find anything remotely Christian about Trump or his “leadership.”

        • Thank you. I agree with you. The writer of this article is actually doing the very same thing she is condemning in accusing and condemning the so called “white evangelists “.

          • How many ‘she’s’ do you know called John?
            One thing I have noticed in the comments coming from these desperately deluded believers….their cognitive skills resemble those of 9th graders at best. Both grammar and spelling are generally appalling and most of their arguments are similar to Trumps, ie. non-sensical and mostly constitute ‘alternative facts ‘….. a term, by the way, no one had even heard of before this ignorant ape entered our lives.
            One thing I have learnt over the years whilst trying to debate reasonably with believers of fairies, sky-daddy’s and other childhood myths is that you are pretty well off to a dead start given that the believer insists on quoting from a book of complete guff in the first place.

          • So pointing out hypocrisy is hypocritical.

            of course it is…if you’re trying to never address your own hypocrisy. Stay Christian/classy.

        • There are times when you have to take a side.

          By your account, Christians shouldn’t have involved themselves in Nazi politics of Germany. (and many didn’t) To sit by while your neighbors were dragged away never to be seen from again.

          While I openly admit now is not then, I use the absurdity of the extreme to shine a light on how “avoiding the world” is not always the Christian thing to do. If it was, Moses would never have set his people free and Jesus would never have stood up to the money changers and the Roman authority.

        • The ‘Christians’ have taken a side, and it’s an ugly one.

          I’ve been in churches from catholic to pentecostal.

          The ‘both sides’ comment in your words reminds me of our “leader’s” comments after the Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

          And the “rescue” sounds like you’re one of the evangelicals welcoming a nuclear strike or WW3 because you think the End Times are coming.

          Yes, I see you.


        • Yes, it is true you have three possible positions. Apathy, fight for equality and justice , or participate in hate and prejudice. You must decide who you are. Jesus definitely took sides. He lived for tolerance, kindness and acceptance and spoke out against injustice.

        • So, you are still comfortable living in the fantasy world of flat earth mythology? That has no place in the modern world. We are responsible!

        • Sue, I suppose then there is no need to save, be frugal, take good care of yourself, teach your children to be scientifically literate so they can prepare for the future? Is that your position? Let Christ take the wheel? Nothing matters because this terrible world will soon end? I feel sorry for you and especially your children. It’s child abuse.

        • You are ABSOLUTELY correct, my B.I.B.L.E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) explains to the believer that we cannot and should not be “lukewarm”. We must choose a side…hot or cold, NOT both. These so called Evangelicals (and other groups who feel superior because of their white skin) have pure hatred in their hearts and have for centuries, in my opinion. Seriously, skin color makes you better than another? Anywho…the universe is sick and tired of white men destroying and raping the world of its resources “in the name of God. Jesus, let your will be done on Earth.

        • ” A rescue is on the way – so close now. ”
          The reestablishment of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel is a prerequisite to “The End Times” aka Armageddon.

        • How did you so spectacularly miss the message in this article?

          IT’S RACIAL HYPOCRISY, PEOPLE. Please don’t deflect from the subject.

        • No, Jesus picked a side. He sides with the common people, the sinners, the outcast, the oppressed. That is the side Jesus is on. If you don’t pick a side then who will fight for those that Jesus chose?

      • It is in evangelical circles and in red state America where Trump is popular. Our country is more polarized than it has been in generations. Very few in the faith community are standing against Trump and calling out the hypocrisy. Most have sold their souls for political power.

        • In August 2017, there was the Thousand Minister March for Justice. More than 3,000 clergy participated. From the Washington Post: “From Protestant preachers to Jewish cantors to Catholic nuns, religious leaders of a range of faiths demonstrated in the nation’s capital for racial justice, criticizing the silence of some within their own ranks on the subject of white supremacy and questioning the morality of Trump administration policies.” So some are standing up to the injustices and policies of Trump.

        • Says someone who clearly lacks reading comprehension. You miss the part where he sourced ALL of the one-sided hypocrisy? or are you going to blame HIM for THEIR malevolence? Classic projection.

      • He’s condemning hypocritical Christians, it’s right there in the freakin title of the article. Maybe if you actually read or comprehended what you read you would realize that, or maybe it’s hitting a bit too close to home? I don’t know you, so it’s impossible to say.

        • He condemned ALL white evangelicals…his statements are all inclusive and for that reason are bigoted. It is no better than condemning ALL White Democrats, etc…. I am white evangelical and these statements do not apply to me or many that I know. Call out hypocrites….Jesus did that…but please do not lump “all” into a group.

          • Phooey: you know what he is saying. You know he is not talking about you. Why do you enjoy getting all worked up about yourself?

          • His statement is broad, I agree, but like we’ve heard applied to the millions of innocent Muslims in this country – and worldwide for that matter – why don’t good evangelicals do more to show they are opposed to the president?

          • Well said Tom. I find this happens also in political circles and I am tired of people putting words in my mouth but then this is social media so to be expected and probably should just ignore and put it into perspective.

      • These people are so fortunate that they can speak truth to “power” and roll around in their Trump hate. It takes real courage to stand up against this monster, who lets people keep more of their money, and respects the laws of this nation. We who support him are vile deplorable people.

        • “We who support him are vile deplorable people.”
          According to my Real Bible®, you know, the one with Real Jesus? Not Republican Fake Evangelical Republican Jesus?

          Yes, you are vile, deplorable, despicable, vermin. All of us sinners are. But, the problem with your ilk is that you are completely unrepentant. Like your spiritually-absent “leader”, you are so right and so perfect, “why should [you] ask for forgiveness”? You “aren’t making mistakes”, right?

          You can act foolish all you want and ask God for forgiveness. Your problem is He will see what’s in your hateful, unrepentant heart and likely will not forgive you. That’s sad.

        • He lets people keep more of their money TEMPORARILY (and not ALL people, btw). He lets corporates keep more of the money PERMANENTLY. Corporations are NOT people. Not so sure about his “respecting” of the laws of this nation.

          Those who support him… cannot possibly be as dumb as they appear so I offer they are blinded by pretty words – pretty words that change with every shift of the wind.

        • Yes, you are a moron. He helps RICH people keep more of their money, wants to eliminate programs that help the less fortunate. For you Government is the evil because it takes your money. To quote Yoda: “The shadow of Greed, that is”.

        • Respect for laws? Really, Trump…following the law? I guess that’s why he’s been in court so many times after screwing people. Or in bankruptcy court…Trump and Laws? Ethics? Give me a break. But this article wasn’t about Trump – it was about those Evangelicals who are all about the Law, and how many times Trump will get a mulligans for breaking those Laws in the Old Testament and the New. Keep your money in your pocket, sir – for what is a man to gain the entire world and lose his soul.

        • he doesnt let people keep more of their money he gave massive tax cuts to the 1% and corporate america, he has no respect for the laws of this nation that can be seen by the 4000 lawsuits he had before being elected as well as the 126 lawsuits since he has been elected. He colluded with the russians and has been profiting of his presidency which is a spit in the face to the taxpayers footing the bill

        • I agree you are vile and deplorable people, who like Judas sold your souls for $30 peices of silver. May God have mercy on your souls.

        • Yes, we know you are deplorable people. Personally I’m happy christianity has finally lost it’s moral high ground. So please keep it up, so you can bring this religious nonsense crumbling down.

        • What you can’t seem to understand is calling out hypocrisy is not hateful. It is what it is. The things that evangelicals would tolerate in one man they tolerate with Trump. For what 20 pieces of silver?

        • He is a monster. Yeah, he lets rich people keep more of their money while a working class secretary gets a four-cent-per-hour raise. Wow. He deports hard-working immigrants who were working through the system and taking every action possible to do things the right way. He cheats on his gorgeous young wife with a porn star four months after she gives birth. He stiffs contractors, cheats students, peeks into the dressing rooms of teen beauty pageant contestants, and makes up mean-spirited nicknames for people who oppose him. And that’s just a short list. If your idea of sarcasm is to call a monster a monster, you need to get better at it.

      • White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You: I find your statement(s) to be toxic and holier-than-thou, The Kingdom of GOD or his church has never been a social program, there will be no social programmers in heaven, for that matter my friend there will not be any democrat and republican in heaven nor is there a heaven for just white, black, yellow and brown people, the blood of Jesus covers a lot of things but it doesn’t cover unbelief or a belief that ALL roads led to heaven, your statement on White Evangelicals or not so long ago we were called holy rollers by the world and liberal main stream church, there is something to be said for the HOLY GHOST and the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, for without the Blood of Jesus there is no Remission of Sin, so let me say this to you at this point you know your Book right?, so we should have a quick review
        (Hebrews 4:12 -The word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
        Jeremiah 17:5 Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. shall be like a shrub in the desert, And shall not see when good comes, But shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, In a salt land which is not inhabited .
        We can complete this read with the balance of Jeremiah 17, John; you’re a smart guy, (right). Your comment(s) on white, Republican Jesus – not dark-skinned Jesus of Nazareth.
        They see that you aren’t burdened to love the least, or to be agents of compassion, or to care for your Muslim, gay, African, female, or poor neighbors as yourself. (Get on with your Bad self) Really.
        White Evangelicals demonizing Obama, John you may want to check yourself here, most Americas parted ways with Obama behind apologizing to the world for America. Please read below

        (A common theme that runs through President Obama’s statements is the idea the United States must atone for its past policies, whether it is America’s application of the war against Islamist terrorism or its overall foreign policy. At the core of this message is the concept that the U.S. is a flawed nation that must seek redemption by apologizing for its past “sins.”
        On several occasions, President Obama has sought to apologize for the actions of his own country when addressing a foreign audience–including seven of the 10 apologies listed below. The President has already apologized for his country to nearly 3 billion people across Europe, the Muslim world, and the Americas.
        The Obama Administration’s strategy of unconditional engagement with America’s enemies combined with a relentless penchant for apology-making is a dangerous recipe for failure. The overall effect of this approach has been to weaken American power on the world stage rather than strengthen it.)

        The last time look at a dollar bill it still states IN GOD WE TRUST not in Obama we trust, we are a nation that still supports Israel (remember what GOD said to Israel I’ll bless them that bless you and I’ll curse them that curse you…. What side of the street are you on? Obama is the guy that blasted the Crusades against Muslim expansion in the 11th century; his statement was we have blood on our hands; he Obama took GOD out of the process as do most of the social left religious reformers in regards to the Old & New Testament, we know who Muslims are, and who they came from (Abraham) and we know what GOD told Abraham in regards to this people and we know what the issue will be in the last days

        • I am a member of “most Americans.” On what peer-reviewed study do you base your “parted ways with Obama”, twice elected despite every dirty trick in the Republican book of hate? And likely vote tampering? You can deny to yourself that they have studied nothing but evil for around 40 years now, but I have watched them and have seen the disease incubated, then spread far and wide. We stand before the One True Judge of us, and He is watching.

          You don’t speak for me. Your scripture word salad doesn’t address directly your as-of-yet unexplained devotion to a *KNOWN* sexual predator/rapist/adulterous lying/stealing/cheating/coveting/using His Holy Name in vain/graven image worshiping/child of the Father of Lies. Why do you “evangelicals” twist yourselves into every known pretzel shape to justify this obviously evil man?

          I have the “distinguishing between spirits” gift mentioned in one of the Two Corinthians. I have detected evil spirits and false teachers. I once came upon an infamous man much like Mr. Trump. My soul was alarmed at the hateful, lying, adulterous man as I passed by him. I know for certain the sins he has committed and how he has planted Satan’s lies around the world, and continues to feed and nurture them.

          Mr. Trump is possessed to an extreme. I cannot tell as much from video as I could being near him. But demons are in his mind, heart, and they use his tongue to spread evil.

          But, he is not as much of a concern as the “ear-tickling teachers” so many have fallen under. Paul wrote to Timothy in his second letter, chapter 4:

          New King James Version (NKJV)

          Preach the Word

          4 I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom: 2 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. 3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. 5 But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

          My mission and ministry is to alert others to those who are evil and teach evil to others. I have also seen and have been in the loving presence of angels. The difference is like night and day to me.

          Right now, there are those who have indeed “turn[ed] their ears away from the truth, and [have] turned aside to fables”.
          If that sounds ridiculous or unbelievable to you, you should prayerfully submit to serious self-examination, then seek Him in prayer that He may reopen your blind eyes and clear your clogged ears to restore truth in you.

          As Paul stated, “the Lord Jesus Christ, will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom.” How? Our Savior told us all exactly how in Matthew 25:31-46. “He will sit on the throne of His glory.” with all nations before Him. Then separate them, to His right and His left. After inviting the “blessed of His Father” to inherit the kingdom prepared for them,

          41 “Then He will also say to those on the left hand, ‘Depart from Me, you cursed, into the **everlasting fire** prepared for the devil and his angels: 42 for I was hungry and you gave Me no food; I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink; 43 I was a stranger and you did not take Me in, naked and you did not clothe Me, sick and in prison and you did not visit Me.’

          44 “Then they also will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to You?’ 45 Then He will answer them, saying, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.’ 46 And these will go away into **everlasting punishment**, but the righteous into eternal life.”

          By His Holy measure as to the treatment of “the least of these”, how can you possibly believe men who assist the greedy while trampling the needy? You cannot and be a follower of Jesus Christ, because He Himself said so! Quote the entire Bible from cover to cover, and you will fail until you dedicate yourself to His prophesy of Judgement Day. Will you be a sheep, or a goat?

          Follow those who love wisdom, not wisdumb. May the peace of the Lord be with you! Amen.

        • And the penny says ” E Pluribus Unum”

          You are still supporting a man who in his personal and professional life, is everything you should be shunning.

          Shame on you.

        • You sad, misguided, deplorable moron. You are EXACTLY the point of this excellent diatribe that perfectly illustrates the disconnect between your kind and those with the grace and intelligence to reliase that America is nothing but a self-serving bully that needs to be cleansed from within. And what better place to start than at the core of it’s delusional God-fearing ignorants such as yourself and your despicable ilk.

        • I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but the OLD TESTAMENT is the book of the Jews. It is the NEW TESTAMENT that is the book of Christianity. The Old Testament was ONLY included because the romans would NOT accept Christianity as a religion if it was new, so the Christians made the claim that they were the the TRUE Jews, with the new Jewish Savior. If you had studied anything at all about your religion you would know that. In the tumultuous years after the death of Jesus, there were hundreds of forms of christianity. It wasn’t until the Council of Nicea that the official creed of the Church was formed. The final form of the Bible wasn’t decided until 2-3 hundred years later.

        • And you dare call out someone for “holier than thou ” statements. That’s rich.

          In God we trust was put on our money in 1952. It was NOT a principle put forth by our founders and our Constitution clearly delineates a line between church and state. It you church-christian fanatics want to have a voice in government, let churches pay taxes like the rest of us. Until them, keep your faith to yourself. You only embarrass your self and your god with your condescending preaching. Zip it.

          You’re still supporting a sexual serial cheating pig, racist and xenophobic hater of “God’s children” if they are not white enough to suit. And if you’re ever truly honest with yourself and your god, your contempt for Obama has nothing to do with your litany of complaints and everything to do with the color of his skin.

        • Why is it that so many Christians never seem to reference the words of Christ, only the words of the Old Testament or Paul? It’s a curiosity. As far as your point about apologies for our nation’s past behavior…I know many people take pride in the concept of American exceptionalism. It is embodied in Ronald Reagan’s speech referencing the City on a hill sermon by John Winthrop in 1630. But people conveniently forget the closing lines of that sermon: “But if our hearts shall turn away so that we will not obey, but shall be seduced and worship other Gods our pleasures, and profits, and serve them, it is propounded unto us this day, we shall surely perish out of the good Land…”. I would suggest that when our nation is governed only by large corporations and the very wealthy, we have indeed come to serve our pleasures and profits. And so maybe the actions taken by our nation on behalf of the wealthy do deserve apologies. Do we as a nation serve the Prince of Peace or the prince of war?

        • Wow, you said a lot! After reading your whole thread, you totally contradicted your faith & self. Read through what you wrote again & you will be ashamed of yourself. May God hold court in your heart!!

          • Evilgelicals supported a known pedophile while attacking the character of his victims.
            Evilgelicals support a creature
            that has zero faith in a higher power, that is morally reprehensible and lacks zero compassion for others.
            Silence is complicity.

        • If you really believe all that why did you not pray for President Obama. Why did Evangelicals not pray? Why did you not support him through prayer. Regardless of race or status he was your brother in Christ. Trump never professed the Lord, never not once. What you said you value in life, try to emulate daily and look for in a leader you yourself denied when the leader was not white but a highly intelligent thoughtful and strategic thinker . He was not perfect but he had a heart full of compassion and he recognized that America was not always right in their treatment of other nations and the people of those nations. Without giving you. History lesson, surely you must know that many things our nation did was wrong going back to slavery and even before that. See, what you fail to recognize is that many nations and their people and even the vast majority of Americans saw great hope in Obama’s presidency. Few see that in trump. But I’m remain hopeful because God can use anything even the current administration proven liars over and over again. If God can use a horses ass, Donald would be the perfect choice b

        • I can think of very few things that are more Biblically mandated, and necessary for God’s blessing on a nation than repentance for the sins committed by said nation. Your comments serve to corroborate the reality that we have elevated political ideologies above scriptural authority. Who told us (at least Christians) that it was suddenly ok to be ruled by self-preservation, disregard for the pain of others, (ESPECIALLY when caused by our own economical expansion), and pride above all else? Not OUR supposed authority.
          I have served this country my whole life, as a child who sacrificed as my dad was gone for extended periods, then as a soldier myself, and now as a wife who has sent my husband to combat multiple times. It feels to be terribly in vain, the way I have seen our own service used as a weapon against other Americans who speak out for the SAME VALUES we thought we were serving for, and see parts of America that reflect the heart of Jesus for others, be trampled by louder voices with bigger numbers. (Louder because, let’s face it “minority” means there’s a bigger group with lots more people in it)

          A couple years ago, I probably would have Written your comment myself, (I did not once vote for President Obama, actually) But I have since come to be heartbroken, awakened, and repentant by the hypocrisy and distance from true Biblical guidance, that I have come to recognize in the stances that we have taken as the church, and that this article has simply used the contrast of our response to two different people to depict.

        • It took you way to many words to show just how stupid you are. We see right through you and we laugh at your attempt to be superior. I take comfort in knowing that when I get to Heaven, I surely won’t see you there.

        • You are lost. You are hung up in the old testement passing judgement on everyone else but where judgement is warranted and that is you. Christ already fulfilled the law according to your own bible so you can not use the old testimony to justify your hatefulness and oppression of your fellow human beings if you believe equality and equity of opportunity is socialist you do not know the Lord you claim is your Lord and savior . You will say to him Lord, Lord and he will say unto you “Deoart from me, I never knew You”. Just because white evangelicals throw Thr name of Jesus around means nothing. He said their will be those who come in my name but they are not of me. He is talking about you.

        • I’m a “Whitey”, who sees more of God’s teachings in Obama’s policies and behavior, by far, than in this moral less , unethical narcissist in office now. No one has elevated Obama over God. But he’s certainly a follower of God’s teachings. It shows in everything he has said and done, or tried to do. Open your eyes, and you’ll have a hard time seeing any evidence of that in Trump’s behavior and policies. Trump is trampling over anyone of color, as well as anyone who diagrees with him. He has removed any policy that protects the people as fast as he could, and does the bidding of the wealthy, enriching himselves. He pretends to be for the people, but he’s the wolf in sheared sheep’s clothing .

        • “love love Trump love God love love God love love blah blah blah love God Trump blah”. But when the topic turns to Obama or Muslims, suddenly there’s not much “love” sophistry anymore.

          That’s exactly the kind of hypocrisy the author of this blog is condemning. You look at other white people like you or with similar beliefs and swell with love, which you mistakenly attribute to be divine and self-righteously pat yourself in the back for being such an anointed and loving saint filled with the Holy Ghost; then, you justify the hatred, mistrust and fear you feel towards anybody else with God knows what kind of superstitions, lies, or self-serving interpretations of the scriptures to allow yourself a pass on obeying the ‘greatest commandment’ when it comes to them.

        • I agree – the Kingdom that Jesus wanted his followers to earn is in heaven. And they earned it through good deeds. The Kindom that White Evangelicals want is on earth and they get it by electing an immoral man president and getting tax cuts. White Evangelicals are the money changers.

        • Just like Jesus said: “Do whatever it takes to look strong. Do not acknowledge the sins you have committed against others, for that makes you look weak, which is an offense to my eyes. For those who humble themselves, those who give comfort to the wronged and to the oppressed shall receive my curse and shall burn in hell, while those who defend their wrongdoing, and enable and laud wrongdoing by others, have earned their place beside me in heaven. For surely the weak shall perish while the vain, the arrogant, the greedy, the adulterous, the larcenous, the murderous, the despoilers of the planet, shall inherit My Kingdom.”

        • Trump and his administration are just plain crooked and ungodly. if you can’t see that just check out his works. ask yourself would Jesus do that? what impresses you? his 95% lying ratio?or grab them by the what? cheating not only his wife but his country. if you can’t smell something is foul you should really read more. he’s a crooked vulgar racist . if you can’t see that, you might be one too. when asked who he admired, he stated Saddam, Kim and Putin. you’d think that should of set off some alarm bells in all our heads. or mocking the handicapped. sweet huh? Obama’s world wide approval rating is way higher than dirty Don’s or the Don I should say. Trump is looking out for Trump and the rich who’ve bought a set. then the hedge fund guys that wouldn’t like him very much. he was right! they don’t like him they love him and are all in his cabinet. i could go on fifty years of his unethical dealings. Agent Orange is a traitor. this is fascism. he’s a demagogue narcissistic pompous ass. all these programs cut and he’s outspending Obama three to one! an honest man doesn’t act like him. the only time he speaks is when it’s a dictation. he loves his rallies and propaganda. gee, that sounds familiar. ya I think it was Adolf. wake up! FASCISM MUST GO! also separation from church and state. read your constitution.

      • Lol you have got to be kidding. Everywhere I look all I see is Hagen for president Trump. No acknowledgement of any of the good that is done. It takes no guts at all to pile on.

        • And what is all this “good” that he has done? Wait! Let me answer for you because I have heard the exact same propaganda-indoctrinated response over and over from people like you:

          The stock market!!! (even though now it took a big hit and most of the growth experienced during 2017 can easily be traced as part of the curve of 8 years of continuous growth under Obama.) The tax reform!!!! (even though it overwhelmingly favored multibillionaire corporations and individuals, while giving an appeasing pittance to the middle class and cutting social programs from the poor.) Conservative judges!! (who may stand on a few issues that Christians care for while having had a documented history of discrimination against the marginalized–belying their professed Christianity.) Jerusalem capital of Israel!!!! (which was never a mandate from God, and in fact, has a good chance of destabilizing the peace in Israel that we’re actually instructed to pray for).

          It is amusing that you talk about “piling on” when you all act as drones of a hive mind.

      • Oh, I get it, sarcasm. Why have a conversation about facts or the merits of an argument when make ad hominem insults about the author?

        Quit abusing the good name of an ancient philosopher with such intellectual laziness.

      • Cato, the article is true, I would not expect you to understand. The use President Obama as an example is how trump begins many of his speeches or talks. He always reminds America of what the past administration has not done, while trying to dismantle every accomplishment made. I find your viewpoint troubling on many levels. Your screen name gives the illusion that you are a person of faith. The question is faith in who or what. Love for the oppressed was and relief for the poor was the mission of Jesus Christ. Now the GOP and it’s moral standing has shown itself to have abandoned their moral stance. Your defense of trump and the hate he is spreading is very telling. .. Go ahead the bible does tell us that in the last days even the elect will be deceived.

        • Lie! You are backing away from the scripture which speaks of the brother with the fault that you who know what is right should address the issue.
          Lie! Number two… we must pray for our leaders not stay out of what’s happening… you yourself are a liar for turning the scriptures around. God will not hold you guiltless.

          • Who is this brother with the fault? Trump? He has not given a single smidgen of proof that he’s a Christian other than claiming he was one during election times.

            Also, the Bible does instruct to pray for our leaders… not to unconditionally follow them (as long as we like them) nor give them “mulligans” or any of the sort.

            Did you pray this much for Obama? Did you defend him this fiercely?

      • I don’t think the point of this is to condemn Trump. The point is to condemn people who define themselves as “values voters” have abandoned their values – if they were ever really important to them to begin with. Your sarcasm misses the mark.

        • Jesus condemned the Pharisees as “…whitened sepulchres filled with dead men’s bones and all uncleanness…” A sepulchre is a marble or stone tomb, built to stand separately instead of just being hewn out of the dirt of the hillside, like most tombs were in those days…A wealthy person’s family members from several generations could be housed in one place…After all the carvings and fancy scrollwork and inscriptions were completed, the outside walls were washed clean and painted white…Jesus was saying that these supposedly holy hypocrites were like their tombs, all white and clean on the outside, but full of rotting corpses , filth and foul smells – their sins…

          And Jesus was right…The Franklin Grahams & Pat Robertsons of the world present themselves as white & clean & sinless outwardly while their insides are filled with ugliness, filth and depravity, rotted through with sin…By condoning the sinful deeds of the Pretender-In-Chief, and refusing to recognize his evil, they make themselves a complicit party to it…This man is not blessed by God, and God will not be mocked…He will be driven out where there will be wailing, weeping & gnashing of teeth…

          You Trump followers better see to the saving of your souls, for soon your souls will be required of you…

      • #1) He’s talking about evangelicals. Not Trump.

        #2) The basis for your complaint is that other people have noticed Trumps vile nature? And it’s not fair?

      • This guy is a week-kneed hackney bullshit spiritualist cow-towing for empire and his self-aggrandizement. Like, he won’t mention how Obama deported more immigrants during his tenure than any US president in history. Nor will he tell you about the bombs dropped every eighty seconds during the Obama reign, nor how he carried through GW’s vision to the end regarding the domestic surveillance program. He doesn’t mention any of that because, you know, Trump is a mean guy. This guy is just a coward pimp of the Democratic party without any moral backbone to keep him walking upright.

        • Keith, first of all, it’s weak-kneed. Regarding bomb-drops, in June 2017, the number was 4,848 — 1,600 more bombs than were dropped in any one month under President Barack Obama since the anti-ISIS campaign started three years prior.

          I guess the author failed to mention that, too, eh?

          Regarding deportations, between Trump taking office on January 20, 2017 and March 13, 2017, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 21,362 undocumented immigrants and deported 54,741 people. Compared to the same period in 2016, this marks both an increase and a decrease. Under Trump, arrests are up by 33 percent, but deportations are down by 1.2 percent.

        • This isn’t about Obama dipshit. READ again. It’s very clearly about the idiot evangelical hypocrites who insist on demonising Obama’s character (let’s leave policy out of your distorted argument) because he is BLACK and they cannot get their tiny little minds around the fact that he has more moral fiber, intelligence and compassion than they will ever be able to comprehend for the simple reason that their belief system is incompatible with their vile history, a history Obama rightly attempted to atone for. He was absolutely right in trying to start from a better place rather than do what Republicans and gutless evangelicals resort to; sweeping the past under the rug. Trump, on the other hand, is promising a return to a simplistic culture the ‘dawn of stupid’ can understand. When he promises to build a wall, this resonates with the idiot electorate as they literally understand what use a wall serves as they all have one! If any intelligence were to be afforded this monstrous liar-in-chief, it would be his ability to recognise the extreme gullibility of a large chunk of the American population. Win win.

        • This wasnt about Trump or Obama its about how people who claim to have values have since thrown the to the wind. Its about the hypocracy of white evangelicals and the hatred they spread so no need to go on the trump offensive try reading the entire article next time.

      • How is that courageous. Open eason has been declared on Trump! Everyone seems to hate him. What’s courageous these days is to defend him. No one seems to be willing to do that.

        • if maybe there was something to defend then maybe but so far there hasnt been anything. It hasnt been declared open season on trump he brought it all to himself by his actions and comments and lack of productivity all in the face of ensueing scandal

          • He’s done plenty to defend. Unfortunately you’re not willing to recognize the good, but you are willing to blame him every chance you get. Not that this will change your mindset.

            • What is sad is you defend him for racist behavior, cheating on his wife with a prostitute. Putting money over values.

              It is your inability to criticize Trump that is on trial here.

      • A lot of them do stand with him. The majority of Americans stand with him. If only this corrupt administration could find their way, many of whom are Evangelicals. They are the ones who have the power to get rid of him. We can help by voting Dem in the 2018 primaries, regardless of political affiliation.

      • Looks like you’re doing what you condem in others. Smh….typical liberal. You left out that Obama incited more racism, further dividing our country. I voted for Obama twice, prayed for him, as most all “Evangelics” do for every president. Are you pray8ng for president Trump? You should be! You’ve failed to praise all that Trump has already accomplished in one year. Stop spreading hate and pray for our leaders in charge of our great nation!

        • Obama “incited more racism” – by being African American. In no other administration (including this one) has the opposition leadership plainly stated on the record “Job #1 is to make this President a one-term president” (that failed, btw). Obstructionism for eight years – I truly would love to have seen what Obama could REALLY have done had the opposition party worked WITH him. This, and this alone, is what “further divided our country”.

          Lest ye jump on the proverbial high horse now, I am neither Rep or Dem or Ind. I have no party affiliation. I vote for whatever candidate best aligns with my personal beliefs and goals.

          Both parties are garbage at this point. The only “party line” I will be voting along come the mid-terms (and every election after until the “swamp” is actually drained) is the Incumbent party: if you’re an incumbent I will be voting you out.

          We need a gov’t of the People, by the People, and for the People – lest we as a Republic perish from the Earth.

          • Just curious, please explain the manner in which Obama incited racism. Was it he simple appearance? Was it that he was not a white male? He never referred to a race of people as rapists, murderers or stated that they come from sh*tholes. How did he further divide the country? Please provide examples. I guess I missed that part. If you truly believe racism did not exist prior to Obama taking office then you were not paying attention, or had the privilege of not experiencing racism.

      • I’m Jewish, so maybe my comment here doesn’t matter. But I honestly can not believe someone is so closed minded as to demand acceptance of Obama in order to stay in Grace in your mind. Obama the pecemaker? Obama took our soldiers to kill and die in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Cameroon, Sirya, Libiya, and more. So when you say God bless the peacemakers, I don’t think you mean Obama. On the other hand, Trump has kept us out of war. Even with the tricky N Korea situation. So if you want to bless peacemakers, then bless Trump. As a woman, and as Jew, and as a bisexual, I am glad for Trump. I have seen what Muslim immigration has done in London. I know gay people and jews there don’t go to many areas. I am sorry if this offends you, but it is no less true for all that. The original dark skinned Jesus was one of ours. Not a black, but a Semite. And as a fellow Semite, I feel Obama has spat in my face, and not just because of the anti Semites he entertained at the White House like Farakkan. Its not so nice when people think you should die just because you are Jewish, and it is a very common concept in the Muslim world.

        • @Martine, you have every right to speak here, Jewish or otherwise. It’s called Free Speech and is a foundation of this Republic.

          The author is not demanding acceptance of Obama – the author is pointing out the hypocrisy of our current situation: self-proclaimed “Christians” damned Obama – “a man faithfully married for 26 years; a doting father and husband without a hint of moral scandal or the slightest whiff of infidelity. They watched you deny his personal faith convictions, argue his birthplace, and assail his character—all without cause or evidence. They saw you brandish Scriptures to malign him and use the laziest of racial stereotypes in criticizing him.”

          Every word of that is true.

          The hypocrisy is how the same “christians” line up rank and file behind Trump who is none of those things. He is not faithful, he is a liar, and he has no character.

          As a bisexual woman I’d expect you to be appalled at the rollback of LGBT protections Trump and Pence advocate and implement. As to war, you’re aware that Trump has dropped more bombs in any given month under Obama – and the wars you cite weren’t started by Obama, they were started years prior under George W Bush. North Korea? North Korea is a spoiled little child with a very dangerous weapon. Engaging with like rhetoric is NOT the way to peace as proven by every single POTUS before Trump. We’re the closest to an outright war with North Korea than ever before in recent times under this Administration and I’m sorry you don’t recognize that.

          I don’t live in London; I cannot speak to what you infer around Muslims and what they’ve purportedly “done to London” – but I can tell you from my personal experience, EXTREMISTS exist in ALL walks of life. The OKC bombing here in the States wasn’t perpetrated by a Muslim, it was by good ol’ American white boys. Sandy Hook and Columbine shootings weren’t perpetrated by Muslims, it was by white American kids. Blindly labeling an entire group of people by the actions of extremists is wrong – but is especially disappointing coming from someone of a religion who was persecuted to such extremes just for being who they are.

        • Martine… seems you’ve been asleep at the wheel or simply on a mind altering substance. You have your facts BACKWARDS!
          WAKE UP ! Or get rehab 🙄

      • Maybe you forgot about Obama supporting Abortion until delivery and Trumps public exceptance of GOD, and Obama watching christians beheaded by ISIL, and any serious attempt to stop it in your equation

        • “He publicly claimed to be Christian, precisely during election time, despite the fact that his whole life has been a show of decadence, depravity, selfishness, cruelty and abandon! That means that I must believe him and defend him with my life! (Also, he hates the same brown people I hate! Hallelujah!)”

      • I appreciate a witty, sarcastic barb that skewers a hypocrite, as much as the next person, but I don’t think this qualifies. Sure, a lot of folk are speaking out against the President, but how would someone who agrees with them be a “hero”? Perhaps by sacrificing a prominent sporting career to make point about social justice? Just a thought.

      • Oh, you’re so droll, Cato.
        See, the reason all those groups (and John) vilify that orange pustule is because he’s villainous. He’s a liar and morally bankrupt. Your crawling in his crotch fits because your religion is based around the lie of moral superiority while living the most wretched and debased lifestyles. You pick and choose scriptures and lie about the contents of your own “holy” books to suit your ends. You eat shellfish but damn queers while molesting your children and beating your wives. You shamed and raped and kidnapped and murdered millions of people over the centuries in he name of your “loving father.” Your beliefs are abhorrent. Full stop.

        Maybe you should pray for some humanity and humility and the ability to do some self observed critical thinking; something I know you lazy over-entitled Xians struggle with.

        But, “with god all things are possible,” right?

      • They wont. At least not while their idol is money rather than God, their goal is power rather than service and their focus is self rather than mankind. Whoever they are, their souls are as dark as these days are. One is a direct reflection of the other. But the darkness we live in now isnt the darkest yet. So there is still time to welcome in the light and savior. Of course only God knows their final fate and of course I hope that they choose light while they still have a choice. But I think time for that is just about up. The guy in the White House is merely shining a light on and feeding the monsters that are already there.

      • “I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.” – Billy Graham
        Parade, Feb. 1, 1981

      • Obama is a toxic as well. Wait until the entirety of the Truth unfolds … we will all have PTSD and be half poisoned too. My plan is to leave this country of my birth. It is a beyond repair. Testing is going on as we speak USAF in Western U.S. will begin GPS blackouts to prepare for Korea. Just began…

      • Cato, you missed the entire point and premise of this presentation. John is highlighting the fact that Christian leaders maligned Obama, without cause and before even taking office, but welcomes and anoints Trump at every turn regardless of his many indiscretions as if he is infallible. John is not defending Obama and bashing Trump, he is simply using his two eyes to see blatant hypocrisy and racism coming from self-proclaimed Christians.

        • Obama is pro-abortion. Trump is anti-abortion. Most Christians see the need to legally protect innocent life in the womb. Regardless of their personal character, Obama chose the low road and Trump the high road. Obama took a morally indefensible position regarding the unjust extermination of life in the womb.

          That’s really what it boils down to. It’s not about race or any of those other red herrings.

      • This article is just another, “They opposed B.O. because his skin’s a bit darker than theirs is” diatribe. Patriots, regardless of our faith, opposed 9/10 of Obama’s policies because he has been an avowed enemy of our republic for 30+ years. Melanin has nothing to do with treason. I, for one have voted twice for Alan Keyes, a presidential candidate who has two black parents.

      • News media, like Fox News? Hollywood? Like Trump and Reagan were apart of?Music industry? Like how Christian conservatives treated the Dixie Chicks after they spoke out against Bush? LOL. You don’t sound like an elder, but an hypocritical child who is trying to protect a man who hasn’t lived like a Christian for a day in his life! But he is a white male and so I’m sure that is all that matters – which was the point of the article.

      • Cato guy, you’re evidently immersed in today’s so-called “Conservative” (actually, venomously radical) bubble. In the world around me, Obama is IN, Trump is despised. John Pavlovitz says, and very well, what just about anyone who’s looking can agree with. Suggest you get out while you’re still sane. Or stay only to help.

      • I understand what it means…more division of the Body & nation. I understand what it meant when Obama was elected, & I bitterly wept for my nation because it meant we were not repentant & did not yet cry out to God to return, so we received 8 years of hardship until we did. I prayed for him although I could see he was dragging our citizens to the pit & freedoms from His Church every time another God ordained abomination was legalized, or depravity celebrated as a right. I prayed for his safety, for him to repent of his sin, to receive Christ & be saved, for wisdom, & all the blesssings Christ died for him to have because my Bible tells me to so we can live in peace as Believers & so he wouldn’t go to hell & so I could continue to preach the Gospel outwardly & not from underground, or a concentration camp.

        I was a great sinner given mercy & took the free gift Jesus offers to all through repentance, humility & thanksgiving. Our previous President did not & it was evident in his actions. However, our current President DID! He has humbled himself, repented, given thanks to my God, prays & asks for our prayers continually. But what does he get instead? Lies from the media 24/7, every single word, action , & deed examined, right down to how many scoops of ice cream he has, or mental fitness because he had dry mouth once!

        Alternately, Obama could do no wrong, & if he was called out, or asked about something he said, did, or ill decision made, the plug was pulled, voices silenced, arrests made! That is communism not a democracy.

        I did not want Trump as President because I was looking through man’s eyes, not God’s. I repented many times for that. I’ve also thanked God for the GREAT MERCY He’s given America, because we would have been done for certain if he had not.

        We all fall short, it’s what we choose to do afterwards that determines if my trust is in God or not.

        So I pray fervently for this man because witches cast spells & incantations upon him continually, media falsely accuse & attempt to crucify him constantly, evil corrupt men & woman are trying to assassinate, impeach &/or derail him, all political parties attempt to obstruct & refuse to accept his appointees to assist him do his job, & if that weren’t enough, his closest friends betray him. But, to top it off, Soros, who has taken down many a nation, pours his billions into violent hate groups to further divide & conquer our beloved America.

        Did I understand correctly?

      • “John’s a real hero here. Condemning Trump and praising Obama is tough to do in today’s political climate. Taking a stand alone against the President.”

        You’re joking, right? Two-thirds of Americans and nearly the entire world outside the United States loves Obama and hates Trump.

    • It’s crazy how this racist, unkind, lier, hater of good, philandering Buffoon in the White House gets a forever pass from so many people. If our children behaved as he does they would be eternally grounded! I stay confused 🤷‍♂️

      • Yes, I spent 30 years guiding elementary school children to be kind and caring people, to be a friend to others, to tell and honor truth, and to love learning! None of which our leader exemplifies or values!

        • I appreciate what you have done or your students. I was fortunate to attend small schools in a small town where everyone knew everyone…which meant the teachers really knew our parents. We behaved ourselves because there was good communication between them!

      • He pisses of liberals. Miserable, angry, afraid conservative scum want to bring liberals down to their level, regardless of the cost.

      • Speaking of crazy racist buffoons, how about John himself? I’d like for him to point out where in the Bible Jesus said it was a sin to be white….because that seems to be the central theme in EVERYTHING that John writes about.

      • A forever pass from so many people? Are you kidding me? Have you watched the news lately? All they do is bash Trump for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING he does or TRIES to do.!!!!! I have never seen so many haters go after a President for such a long period of time as they do now. I stand confused about how much hatred is in people’s hearts towards another human being.

          • Makes you wonder where Brenda has been the last 9 years. I know I had to listen to hateful comments toward President Obama for 8+ years…………and she is whining about one year of Trump? What a snowflake…..right?

          • The leftist media, which is all of it except for Fox, gave him a pass. They were not relentless in negative reporting on Obama day after day as they are with Trump. They were not trying to take Obama out as they are trying to do with Trump.

      • What makes #Trump a racist. that phrase came from disturbed Obama. And the 16 year plot the he and Hillary planned to destroy the constitution and continue to decieve and destroy America.

        Notice that Trumps way is making America Great again for USA Citezens. And every world leader has agreed with #Trump, (Davos) World stock markets are up in a huge way. Doing the correct thing especially since they still haven’t found trump to be a liar, and pathetic. Just because the liberals and the Democrats were told hillary would win, doesn’t make it true.
        Donald was indeed chosen by America on a voting system that was rigged for hillary. And then we find out that America showed up and voted #Trump.

        • Patriotic American Christian (whose acronym is PAC, ironically enough), the American People didn’t actually vote for Trump. By almost 3 million votes the Popular vote went to the other candidate. However, as I’m sure you remember from elementary school, the Popular vote does not elect the POTUS/VPOTUS – the Electoral College does. This is where he won the election.

          There’s ZERO proof that the election was rigged for anyone.

          Trump has yet to pass any actual economic legislation so the economy you so gleefully enjoy is actually still riding on the coattails of the last administration – the administration that brought us back from the brink of a second Great Depression and brought the Market back from ~6k to ~20 before handing off to the current one. As the current Administration hasn’t actually done anything economically we continue to see growth of a further ~6k.

          As to your opening paragraph, well, I think Aldi has a sale on tin foil this weekend. Stock up.

          • but there is proof the dnc rigged the primary for Hillary to be the nominee so why is it hard to believe they tried to rig the presidential election as well?

            and why are we, white evangelical Christians, not allowed to like Trump the President while not agreeing with his actions as a man. He stands up for our religious freedoms and his policies are beneficial for the country. not to mention constitutional. Obama’s administration forced us to purchase healthcare, which is not constitutional. not to mention that as president he lied to the people about the healthcare reform, costs would go down, we’d be able to keep our current doctors, etc.

            so again, why are we not allowed to support someone who politically fights for us, even though we may not agree with his actions as a person before getting into politics?

            and for comparison, it would be ok for us to support Hillary? even though her actions are vile as well. I mean, who cares about a couple of military men who died in Benghazi trying to save people right?

        • Working a Social Worker and Teacher for 25 years I have learned one thing that holds true, “You cannot win an arguement with a crazy person or a fool.”
          If jesus came back today the “Christians” would be the ones to kill him is time.

      • Look at what Pres. Trump has accomplished in just 12 months! Obama was the worst Pres. this country EVER had ( even worst than that peanut farmer……Carter )

    • I have suggested, at least once…and will do so again, that anyone who considers hin/herself a Christian needs to read the Sermon On The Mount, in Matthew, every day, until they “get it”. Forget Revelation; read Matthew. If you can live your life by the words of that sermon, you won’t have to worry about the “Rapture”…you’ll be leading a Christian life.

    • If so many are thinking this, then we are in trouble as a nation. When did it become OK to demonize an entire section of the population based upon skin color and religion? You people who are thinking this is OK if it is done against white Christians are just as bad, if not worse, than the people you are demonizing. Not only are you a racist and a bigot, but you are also a hypocrite. You complain about Trump’s morality, but what was the alternative? A national security risk who should be in prison with a record of corruption spanning four decades and who attacked in the press the women her husband assaulted, or the senile socialist pornographer, whose wife is also accused of criminal corruption? Nice choices. Since they are all morally bankrupt, I assume people picked the one who would not let this country go any further down the leftist toilet.

    • I think if Jesus read this post, He would hear every last bit of your rage and sorrow and emotion and say, “come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest…for I am gentle and humble I heart.” Well He would do something just perfect for you that I don’t know how to describe because I am most certainly not Him. I am a Christ follower and my heart breaks at your post. There’s truth in it, there’s some misunderstanding (as we humans tend to do), there’s rage. But I hear a good heart for Justice, something Jesus loves.

      • While I am just 1/2 way through this mess of comments, I think your comment Natalie is about the most profound.

        This showed up in FB and has become as uncivilized as Trump’s tweets. Calling people morons or racists or uncaring, or liars.

        How does that help us feed the folks that are hungry? Gain a living wage for those that are doing two jobs to make ends meet. Keep us at peace and safe. Spread the word of the Gospel – which is good stuff even if you don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus. It doesn’t.

        John – as a spiritual leader – is your goal to incite hate?

        Look at this thread. If that was your goal, well done good and faithful servant.

        signed – Tom: A white, Obama-loving, Trump -critical Christian.

    • John,
      It is hard to know where to start but let’s begin with the fact that the majority of what you posted has no basis in fact but is an op-ed for people for Obama. It wasn’t the black Obama people didn’t like it was the white half. If you can do it, so can I. For 8 years Obama held black men in record high unemployment, increased the welfare lines by the millions, and created the lowest workforce participation in 40 years. At every opportunity he polarized America based on race and he actively promoted lies like hands up don’t shoot. He lied about keeping your doctor, he lied about the cause of Benghazi, he allowed bias in the IRS, he sold guns to the drug cartels, he facilitated the rise of ISIS, he against national policy paid ransome for hostages, he traded war criminals for a traitor, and he provided Iran a path to nuclear weapons. Those are facts and that is just the beginning of the list. Snowflake, you are just drinking the kool-aide!!!

    • This is amazing. I’m so greatful for ministers like yourself. As a woman that has called herself a Christian most of my life, I was beginning to resent my own brothers and sisters as I cannot stomach the hate and intolerance of all that is not white and money riddled; their obvious cruel souls that mock the disabled, dismis a womans right to have their bodies treated with respect, and enjoy ripping families apart. In fact, I don’t feel comfortable and have not been attending my own church due to the hypocrisy it has become since Trump threw his hat in the ring. I’ve recenly thought and said some of the very things in your article to my own pastor and was met with Scripture that wasn’t even relevant to the situation but it was robotically rehearsed to me as a means of justifying all the atrocities of this administration. People have begun to worship the idol he has made himself to be. The hypocrisy has to stop lest we set the poorest example of “WWJD” in recent history. You give me hope that not all of the spiritual leaders in this country have fallen into that trap. Thank you.

    • I’ve always said that the problems we have today in our system are not due to the politicians but the people who vote them into office. Political party has become more important to voters than our country which is very troublesome.

    • Marcus Haas Well isn’t this precious! None of the people who are loving this racist anti-Christian post attend Evangelical Churches. If they do, they do not attend all Evangelical Churches. How would they know about what is said in Evangelical Churches? The only thing they know is what is “Posted” on markedly Anti-Christian news media being said by said white (Who is being RACIST now?) evangelicals. Based on leading questions, and the miracle of video editing, the Media has the ability to make anyone look like a foul sample of humanity. So the Anit-Christian News media paints anyone who claims a life of faith to be a racist bigot if they mention a single word other than praise of President Obama.
      It use to be that anyone who spoke a word criticizing President Obama’s policies and action was called racist. This is just a little twist on that adding a person’s faith heritage as a discriptive qualifier of their accused racism.
      Any Christian who was not aghast at many of those policies, historical stands on said policies, and the propensity to change stands on issues important to all evangelical Christians, is probably not a true evangelical Christian.
      The writer of this post is comparing past personal moral failures in the personal life of the current President (in his own private life), with policy initiatives of the former President that effected the whole culture of our nation. Seems an unfair comparison.

    • Well I had already written something here to be posted, but you did away with it & you will probably do the same to this. I sure wish you had left what I wrote. I am a Christian, but I don’t know what kind of preacher you are. I would not want to sit in your congregation. You do not teach or preach exactly what the Bible says. The Bible says
      Judge not least ye be judged. God is the Judge & Jury. Also, you who
      have not sinned cast the first stone. Well you are casting a stone in
      your writings as I see it here. We have all sinned & come short of the Glory of God. I shared other things from the Bible too. I am going to stop here because you did not see fit to post what I wrote before. I suggest you listen to some other great Preachers who
      believe the Bible to be the inerrant word of God & that is what I believe. I pray you will read the Bible more & let it soak in your head sir. Remember, you do not know what is really in someone’s
      heart or whether they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior or not. Once you are saved does not mean you won’t sin in someway again. That is why we ask God everyday to forgive us our sins because we may have said or done some little thing we wish we had not done. I am praying for our President everyday & so should you & everyone else. I am going to pray for you too John Pavlovitz.
      I pray for our Country that it will be great again & also the safety of
      our President & Vice President. God Bless America & God bless our
      Military. I will see if you delete this one too.

      • One of John’s points is this: did you pray for the safety of our President and Vice President and for our country when Obama was president? Or when George W. Bush was President? Did you believe that whomever was in the White House was there because God is Sovereign over all, so God has put each person that was in the White House there, regardless of what party you are in? If yes, then carry on! If no, why not? If God calls us to pray for our leaders, shouldn’t we pray for whomever that is? (and yes, I do pray for both Trump and Pence). If God is sovereign and Trump being in the White House proves it, why doesn’t God’s sovereign nature extend to whomever has been in the White House?

    • Full of generalities and holier than thou absurdities. Not to be respected nor accepted as an intellectual discourse. Worthless observations and statements.

    • That sounds exactly what the progressive liberals are doing to our current President. The hypocracy if this man and his ilk is beyond words… How about praying for our current president instead of vilifying him for a change…

    • John, I salute you. Well said. Now it’s for them to search themselves, which some have and are unable to face their own personal convictions.
      Cudos to you!

    • I used to be an evangelical Christian Pentecostal, before that a Baptist. A few years ago I realized that they all believe that 99 percent of humans will go to hell to suffer for eternity. The only “saved” are born-again Christians, especially members of their denomination. So, if God is against Muslims, Buddhists, gays, etc., Christians have no mandate to love these people. You see? That’s why evangelicals act as they do.

      • It is a pity the issue of homosexuality and abortion has tilt the scales for the Evangelicals or Pharisees as it were. Leading them to support Trump believing that Obama and the Godless Democrats was wrong or off the cards.

    • It is a pity the issue of homosexuality and abortion has tilt the scales for the Evangelicals or Pharisees as it were. Leading them to support Trump believing that Obama and the Godless Democrats.

    • Well I have read your article, and personally I think that everybody has their favorites and we are unwilling for the most part, and unable to see any good out of someone else because we seldom find truth and will being within our own selves. The truth will come out soon about your precious first black president, and by the way I am block and I think that he, Obama was the worst president that United States had ever had. But like I said we are all entitled to our own opinions, and that does not necearily mean its fact

    • Probably the best and most well thought out article I’ve ever read! Talk about exposing hypocrisy of which the white evangelicals have made an art form of.

    • I can’t seem to find where I can make my own comment after getting to this blog via FB. And so, I am posting under your comment, Noelle ~ hope you do not mind and forgive me if you do. Just want to say that not “all” Evangelicals did and are doing what John Pavlovitz states. I pray that what he has written will not fuel the hatred that non-believers have towards believers since I do not think it is not totally accurate.

    • Amen….this is why I think of and refer to myself as a Christ follower instead of a Christian. I don’t want to lumped in with White Evangelicals. They have done more to turn people away from Christ and Christianity than Satan himself. As the hymn reminds us “they will know we are Christians by our love”. All I see in the evangelical movement is hate; hate of the poor, hate of the “other”, hate of Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, refugees, , Immigrants, hate of religious beliefs other than theirs, hate of the LBGT community, diversity, you name it.

      Thank you, John, for putting my feelings into words.

    • Well, I will say this was well written. Also I do not label myself as an evangelical. However, I do recognize undeniable evil when I see it. To this day I see evil in bothe the Obama’s. But they are not alone.
      I’ll not go into a debate except to refute one statement made in your blog. You stated that evangelicals never thought that Obama was placed in office by God, (my paraphrase). There is little doubt in my mind that BHO was not placed in the WH by God. I feel strongly that God gave this country a modern day Nebuchadnezzar for the same reason the evil ruler was used eons ago. This country has become a cesspool of immortality and turned away from God. So yes, BHO was definitely chosen for a purpose. Nothing whatsoever takes place on this planet with out the divine order of God.

  1. Michael Steele, former RNC Chairman, adds his “amen” to your post. To the religious right he says: “I have a very simple admonition at this point; just shut the hell up and don’t ever preach to me about anything ever again. I don’t want to hear it.” He adds: “After telling me how to live my life, who to love, what to believe, what not to believe, what to do and what not to do and now you sit back and the prostitutes don’t matter? The grabbing the you-know-what doesn’t matter? The outright behavior and lies don’t matter? Just shut up.”

    • Thank you so much for this post! I pastor a church called The Refuge and I have been crying out to people to see this. If we claim a Messiah , a leader, a rabbi, who called himself ‘the prince of peace’ , why then are his followers people of viiolemce and war. This is truly the spirit of anti-Christ at work. If Jesus came back today he would be crucified again by white evangelicals.

      • In Jesus’ time they were called Pharisee’s. I have believed for along time the Evangelical’s are very much the modern day version of this pious, legalistic religious group.

        • Probably true…….sadly. Man just never seems to learn. This state of lawlessness is not solely relegated to whites. Lawlessness comes in every color.

      • I think about this too how Jesus could have been crucified or Martin Luther King Jr could have been murdered. WHITE EVANGELICALs remind me too much of Nazi Germany, and those who allowed the Holocaust to happen.
        Boggles my mind. I’m a wasp – white protestant- and proud that I campaigned for President Obama for both elections. History shows the pendulum swings wide in opposite directions. So I guess a Trump presidency is to be expected, unfortunately.

        • Are you aware that almost 2+million Christians also were murdered in the holacaust due to their efforts in helping Jews escape the mad Nazis? White does not equate to Nazis. Another fact, Nazis are atheists?
          Granted there are more than plenty of Pharisees walking in and out of our churches today but there are also some very loving and dedicated true Christ believers on this planet. They too come in all colors.
          Folks, we simply must stop this madness of “which color matters most”.
          It matters not whether who is or who isn’t atheist or believer. Truth is there really is a god……The God of Creation and of all things. HE is not looking at color; HE is looking at hearts.

      • You are correct Matthew. All they are about are power, greed or both with their evilness. Thank Goodness that Pastor Pavlovitz wrote this, because this is spreading fast.

    • Don’t liberals do the same thing with people they disagree with? Bill Clinton’s shaky moral character didn’t seem to upset too many democrats.

  2. Thank you for this post. I am often saddened by the unloving current attitudes of many of my fellow Christians, including most of my friends and family, and this post perfectly encapsulates the reason. We have to remember Matthew 22:36-40, in which Jesus himself said the two greatest commandments are to love God and one another. Too often, I feel, we are not following that instruction.

      • Sadly untrue.

        No true Scotsman fallacy (again).

        The ability to ignore inconvenient facts that don’t fit the narrative you want to hear is *central* to faith, and it’s why even well-intentioned religion is ultimately doomed to fall prey to demagoguery. Without rational thinking and rigorous focus on facts, all that’s left is magical thinking, even when it leads to compassion – rare in modern xtianity imho – or the reflexive spitfire hate that is far more common and visible.

        • Meh. I see your “no true Scotsman fallacy” and I’ll raise you one. Ignoring facts is not just a religious thing. It’s a human thing. Check out Haidt’s book “The Righteous Mind.” We all do it.

          The same is true for compassion, a virtue that is sorely lacking in all circles these days. Instead of attacking religion, how about following your advice and showing a little more compassion for the religious folk?

        • This article is very biased and judgemental. There is a difference in giving a judgement and being judgemental. This is generalizing and compartmentalizing people of faith and treating our president with disregard. I am not white, but the president who was black got no less respect based on his color. I will not throw the baby with the bath water, will you?

        • A Scotsman is someone who is Scottish by birth. He has not chosen to be Scottish – he may not even want to be Scottish – but he has no control over that. A Christian is a Christian by choice; called, he can choose to answer or to turn away. Further, a person can choose to call himself a Christian and claim no one can prove he is not. It is a fallacy to apply the “no true Scotsman” fallacy to being Christian – or not.

        • Umm you’re in the wrong place to discuss the validity of religion. Yes yes we know you’re an atheist and have a prejudice and hatred towards religion. But you’re bringing up an argument that isn’t remotely the point of the author. Please, take your drivel elsewhere.

        • Dear Meh,
          You are assuming that religion renders people irrational, but didn’t you read this article? Didn’t you read the comments of those agreeing with this article? The ability to remember, discern, and identify gross hypocrisy is not irrational; it’s based on facts and logic. Your attribution of magical thinking to religious people is lazy and makes invalid assumptions.
          Yours truly,
          An atheist who likes honest, progressive religious people.

      • I registered republican back around 1982, because I had a life changing spiritual experience. I was tricked by the churches and media into thinking the way they programmed me to think. Then, in 2007, I began to learn ,study, and play music; at the same time I unplugged from churches . I only kept faithful to my person relations with God , and began listening to radio Pacifica Radio that is paid for and run by people, not commercials or big corporate money. Within a year, I saw my mentality and beliefs and understandings radically change. I feel bewildered at how so many I personally know, who are spiritual, are so ate up with stupid blindness about how fooled they are in standing for Trump. Lord have mercy on us all

    • I do wish that he had not taken the shortcut of ‘Christians’ when what the title and first part indicate are ‘Evangelical Christians’. I am truly sick of being lumped in with people I truly have very little, if anything in common with.

      • Here’s your chance to be Christ-like and offer forgiveness and compassion to someone who did something you don’t particularly like.

        • turner, here’s YOUR chance to be Christ-like and offer forgiveness and compassion to someone who did something you don’t particularly like.

          Also, Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple. And we can have compassion for people who have sold their souls to a demon.

        • Waste forgiveness on unrepentant, evildoers who must know better but do not care at all who they hurt and shoo away from the real gospel? Why?

          I will pray they will turn away from their sinful hatred, and once they denounce what they have been doing, help them. For now they see not and hear not because they serve Satan.

        • You mean like wha Jesus did in the temple when he drove them out… and more? If He was here today He’d write Icibad all over the doors of these hypocritical religious institutions!

          • I agree. Jesus would not spend much time in today’s churches. This is very sad for me as I am a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, John the Baptist and ultimately Yeshua, the true Messiah. I do not attend any Christian Church. But I do believe in the Word of God Yehovah and His Son, Yeshua. Big difference.

      • Exactly. Way to generalize millions of people. You’re looking at a very small population of Christians and acting like it’s a widespread issue. Please don’t ever be a journalist…because your facts are so misguided.

        • Well according to exit polls, 80-81% of people identifying themselves as white, evangelicals voted for him. That is hardly a small population of Christians.

        • Actually, evangelical Christians are the largest segment of the Christian population in the US. They are also the only one experiencing growth.

        • It is a widespread issue—widespread enough to elect Trump to the highest office in the land. And the generalization is similar to Trump’s own policies that generalize all Muslims as terrorists. I personally know of 6 people who have left the Christian church because of the cruelty and hypocrisy of the “religious” right. Although some continue to believe in God, they feel that attending church these days totally destroys any hope of attaining the inner “peace that passeth all understanding.”

        • No. Over 81% of white evangelicals voted for and still support Trump. That’s more than any other presidential candidate in our lifetime.

          Over 81%. And they’re proud, arrogant, self-righteous, and indignant about it. They’re the same people who defended a known child molester and pedophile and supported him for the Senate, unapologetically. They’re the same 81% of evangelical Christians who hate gay people but gossip daily about their neighbors. They’re the same people who don’t want Americans to have universal healthcare because they’re “not gonna pay for someone else’s medicine. “They’re the same people who are gleefully watching while ICE rips families apart via Trump’s immigration bullying .

          Over 81 % of white evangelicals. But it’s cute how you’re irate because John called them out on their bullshit. They alone are the reasons that people are leaving Christianity. Church doors are locking forever and these people are the reason why. They don’t show any kindness or love or Jesus. They represent bigotry and ignorance and hate. They’ve waged a war against anyone who isn’t a white Christian. They’ve waged wars against education and healthcare. They’ve been embraced sexual assault and misogyny and rape and pedophilia.

          Jesus woukd hate them.

          • Jesus would not hate them…If God is pure love, he could have no hate in him, or he could not be God…Jesus would feel intense sadness for them, but not hate…It’s the other guy, the one that got kicked out of heaven, who creates hate…

        • Whereas you Deplorables are kind, caring, open and willing to help nearly a million DACA members shuffle out of the only country they know. You accept and forgive a man that 19 women attest sexually attacked them, a man who paid a sexual performer for her services months after his child was born, a man who labels other nations as “sh******s”, a man who wants to send more of your children—but not his—off to die in our country’s longest war. And I could go on and on. Please lady, get a life.

        • Ashlynn, it is a widespread issue. Trump won 53% of white women. According to Pew Research, 1 in 4 Americans are Evangelical. Among white people, that jumps to 30%. Stunning, isn’t it, that Trump’s approval rating hovers just about around 30%?

          The facts here may be inconvenient and unpleasant, but they are certainly not misguided. They are dead on. This is a massive part of the population.

        • Actually, he quite clearly states “Evangekical Christians,” which is an absolute majority of christians in many areas, even entire states. And it has been an enormous problem since the first extramarital sex scandles of Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Baker broke back in the late 80s. And they trod on mighty thin moral ice for years before that: “God appeared before me, 400 ft. tall and told me that if you don’t help me raise ten million dollars by tonight he’s going to call me home!” — “Rev.” J. Swaggart.

        • Super confused by these indignant comments. The title of the article is literally ‘White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You’ not ‘White Christians’

        • Many Evangelicals leaders have been guilty of this. They are the first line of representation for this group. Have you personally heard any one of them speak inappropriately? If you have and support your faith, YOU are obligated to have spoken/speak out. Have you/will you speak in Jesus’ behalf? What would Jesus say? Well, do you have anything to say? We’ll be watching.

        • If the shoe fits wear it. Jimmy Carter lives his religion. Too many, not all Evangelicals, do not. That any Evangelicals are not living up to their/your faith you should try to correct it, not deny it. Trump is our leader–Thou shall not lie, hate, commit adultry, etc. For him to do these things and be supported reflects upon your lack of commitment to your faith and our values in this country.

        • Wrong. Christians back Trump in overwhelming numbers. My mother-in-law went so far as to say that he was placed as president by God himself. Completely unaware that if you actually read the bible he’s a dead ringer for the antichrist.

        • Now you have a tiny glimpse into what it feels like to be a Muslim, an immigrant, or a racial minority in this country today.

          And to this, this was only a blog post that bothered you so – imagine if it were the President condemning you!

        • Ashlynn and Lisa, if you are more concerned about how offended YOU are than what Trump is doing to this country, then you are absolutely part of the problem.

          • Actually it is. Someone above said that evangelicals compose 25% of the population. If 80 % of that 25% voted for Trump that makes a mere 20% of the population voted for Trump which is about the same as polls report. Of course this is taking into consideration the majority of the population that either voted for third parties or didn’t vote at all considering the ruling elites gave us the two most disliked candidates (Trump AND Clinton) in the history of the country. BTW, throwing in my two cents worth (old pennies from the 1940s I guess since they say e pluribus unum in lieu of In God We Trust on them) I agree with those who paint Trump as a lying, adulterous, thieving, scumbag. Sorry evangelicals but you’ve been had. Unfortunately, just like with Dubya, you just don’t realize it yet.

        • Ashlynn, even if as you put it , he is generalizing, then where are the evangelicals who see the hypocrisy? Why are they not speaking out? How could they let their faith be hijacked by the religious right in such a way? Pat Robertson vilified Michelle Obama for having bare arms but called Milania Trumps nude photos art….not only her arms were bare, her whole body was! It is inequities like this that others see. Furthermore, as a Christian, the Bible instructs, us not to be a stumbling block to our brothers. Who want s to come to Jesus if our behavior speaks of hypocrisy, racism, hate and lies. no one would see that as a philosophy they wish to emulate. We will have effectively become a stumbling block to Christianity by emulating behavior that does not demonstrate love towards our brothers. If your not part of the group that the author speaks of then you must be a Christian that speaks out against such behavior. Stand up and show the love of Jesus Christ. it should be shared equally not based on race, political affiliation or socio-economic background.

        • Absolutely true. To imply here that Christians never prayed for Obam a- and to state that is if that is an absolute – is willfully dishonest . And gullible people fall victim to thta . To say that Pres Obama had not a whiff of scandal is also willfully dishonest. To say that disagreeing with policies that were flawed and doomed to failure because they violate basic tenants of truth and human nature , and therefore the way things work in the real world -as racist , is racist in itself. To state that we can not or could not disagree with Pres Obama , simply because we can’t disagree with someone of color is Racist. Many of your opening assumptions about how ” White Evangelicals ” treated President Obama , are flawed.

        • You are the misguided one. Truth hurts those that cannot recognize it. It is a widespread issue because people like you can’t stand to listen to anything outside your tiny-minded echo chamber

        • Some of the things written here are true- much of it is not. The writer seems as driven by anger as the evangelicals he attacks (another angry writer goes wild on a blog). And a ton of exaggeration. That’s the downside of the net: everyone can vent and call it “factual” – even when it’s not. And the world is not through with evangelicals: indeed, we are just getting started. And many of – millions of us – love this world passionately, give til it hurts, and fight everyday to create a better America. You should know better than to put every evangelical in the same basket.

        • Wow, so wrong! The spirit of anti-Christ was in Obama, the worst President in history. And color has nothing to do with it, for me.
          He caused racial problems to go backwards, if anything.
          In a nutshell, there are way too many
          things he did to ruin and destroy the USA.

          • You cant give an example just parroting faux entertainment.He got elected twice and the racists come out and its his fault.So the black ppl that are discriminated against and complain and they are the problem.You silly ppl are ridiculous. You cant see that black ppl are not robbing you taking your family land and draining your acct.The country is rich vs poor not blk vs white. so you have poor ppl siding with the rich to screw over other poor ppl because you are silly enough to believe they will give you some of their money.

        • I would say christians in general would turn their backs on a gay relative. To me if your God is all loving and doesn’t make mistakes, why can’t you all except them?

        • Unfortunately, writer is not off base. In the States the evangelicals or religious fanatics are not a small population. If so the likes of media mogul Pat Robertson wouldn’t exist. The red states are monopolized by such distortions of Chritianity. So they are not as small of a population as you may perceive. They are a mass of influence as trump sitting in the Oval office has proven. Also keep in mind that in world religions studies it is proven that more bloodshed and colonization has been in the name of Christianity than any other religion yet we in the States have branded Muslims as the religion of evils. I believe we are getting a mirror of our long tainted religious reflections in our faces. I know We can do better, but we have to start by looking inward at what we are doing to enable such. Besides, most people in this millennial times barely live or have a firm understanding of what their religious identity truly stands for. That’s why more people are converting to spiritualism and Buddhist practices like meditation has been at an all time high. It’s the most practical and less fear & judgemental teachings.

        • He’s clearly talking about a certain group of evangelicals. He is specific with the types of things well published and posted from this particular demographic within evangelicals who are the same very people who expressed nothing but hatred before and now are all good. He’s a great writer by the way and is already doing what you suggest he never do.

        • Have you watched the news? If it’s not common then they fooling a lot of people! If it’s not true prove it? Because it looks like hate cloaked in religion

      • You’re sick of being lumped together with evangelicals? I don’t blame you.
        But imagine how every peace loving Muslim must feel when they’re “lumped in” with Islamic fringe radicals.

      • Sadly, we are lumped in. I use to have people ask if I was a Christian because of the way I treated everyone. Now people tell me I can’t be a Christian because of that same behavior. To most people, christias is a hatefilled hypocrite. They don’t limit it to evangelical or any other division. It’s all the same to them. We can change it but we need to start acting and showing them there’s a big difference between being a Christian by name or church habit and being a Follower of Christ.

      • I would like to agree, but have witnessed to many Non Evangelical Christians doing the same hateful garbage. Catholic priests in sermon telling parishioners they would go to hell if they did not vote Republican. Baptists arent Evangelical and I live in Topeka, ground zero for the Westboro Baptist zealots. Throughout the last two thousand years, Christianity has been responsible for the ugliest most brutal crap people have done to not only Non-Christians, but to other Christians, all while thumping on soms bible, quoting memorized text verbatim at the unlucky victims. The most cruel, hateful vile acts backed up with some well chosen Bible verses to prove their righteousness. And it is still being done today. If Christianity had any validity there would be only one Christian religion, instead of hundreds of different sects, all claiming they are the only Right True Way. Christians kill one another over who are better Christians. Hell, they can’t even agree which Chapters belong in the bible! You want to hear people talking with hate about someone? Listen to Lutherans talk about Catholics. I could go on, but I won’t.

      • Where?

        The only time he used the word Christian in the article was referring to “Christian Universities” and the reference that they didn’t invite Obama in as a speaker.

      • Well if so-called real Christians would start standing up to these hypocrites, maybe us others wouldn’t lump you all together. And I’m talking about not just recently with trump but evangelicals have been forming the debate for a long time!

      • I understand where you are coming from on this. Once you start to read the article, it becomes clear. It is a beautifully well written article and there was so much to be said. He nailed that. This last year has been exhausting. It’s hard to keep up with the never ending parade of vile behavior.

      • THANK YOU !!!!
        It’s the soul, not the skin color. When I feel the soul is kind and loving, I love that person, and support them, no matter the color of their skin.
        As John points out, Jesus told us to love one another. I’m working on the unkind but it’s difficult. I’m praying for new leadership that can help our country love again.

    • Here’s the situation. John’s article is using a simple tactic of overgeneralization and oversimplification of current public issues and then throwing “Trump is immoral” over all of it to bury any chance for counterargument (he’s also probably moderating the comments too, because I have yet to have seen one negative comment so far) let’s take for example his comment that we do not care/love the poor if we support Trump. First, he’s definitely overgeneralizing, but more importantly, look at the oversimplification. Caring for the poor? There are a million ways to do so. Personally, I think the government should not legislate to care for the poor. That is the job of private charity. Trump’s policies would tend toward this viewpoint. The author would hold the opposing viewpoint (I infer here). Just because we disagree on how to care for the poor does not mean that either I or he hates the poor. If anything, forced altruism through social policies (theft on a government scale) is more immoral. But I digress. Be careful to break this entire article down and see the points that are valid and those that are not . A skilled debater like Ben Shapiro could take John’s article apart. But I’m neither that skilled nor do I have that kind of time.
      *also, Carthage should be destroyed.

      • Cato,
        Yeah, no. Here is the actual situation…

        You are selecting one minor point in this essay….charity and the care of the least of society as a public or private responsibility…. and blowing it up in an effort to distract from the larger point made.
        I.e., that evangelicals in the US spent eight years demeaning and lying about Barack Obama, a man with one wife and a valid, authentic US birth certificate, who is not recorded on tape bragging about sexually assaulting random women. And that they then embraced this fornicating, adulterous, racist, unserious, lying, film-flam man. A carnival barker and seller of snake oil who seems to be the hand-puppet of a foreign power.

        Suddenly sin, not peccadilloes but mortal, condemned-to-the-fires-of-eternal-damnation SIN does not matter to the Franklin Grahams of the world. As long as they retain their tax-exempt status and receive a nifty 55% tax cut, it’s OK that he raw-dogged a porn star while his third wife was still recovering from pumping out his fifth child. And still fine and dandy that he then paid off the porn star with campaign funds donated by people like you.

        That’s what you’re defending. It is this hypocrisy the author decries and it’s pretty plain to all. You can’t polish this turd.

      • “Taking care of the poor” is exactly how we keep the poor down forever. I want my government to develop policies that will assist people in helping themselves to overcome poverty. Your version of charity is demeaning and sets up a power structure that allows you to feel good about yourself without addressing the root cause of the problem. We can’t rely on your partisan benevolence which judgmentally decides who is worthy and who isn’t worthy of your help.

        • Well, the government has been cutting assistance to the poor for decades now yet poverty is growing. Where are all these private organizations to help them?

      • The need to legislate care for the poor arises out of the attitudes of those who object to it. The private charities which are willing to administer to ALL poor, regardless of skin color, health status (HIV positive, drug addict, etc.) and religious affiliation are extremely few, while the organizations which proclaim affiliation with Christ, but are focused on accumulating wealth and political power for themselves while using very little to help the poor, are many. The attitudes of most of those who object to any of their tax money going to care for the poor is NOT “I don’t want to pay taxes for this because I contribute to my church and my church takes care of all the poor in my community” but “I don’t want to pay taxes for this because it’s someone else’s responsibility to care for those people”.

      • So, what you’re saying is, you “love” the poor, but you don’t want your tax dollars wasted on lazy layabouts sponging off the state. Where do you get the idea that caring for the poor is the job of private charities? Is it because then you can use your donation as a tax write-off? While I agree, you aren’t able to tear his argument to shreds, it feels to me like you’re pretty much defining what he’s arguing against in the first place.

      • But the poor are not getting help, and privare charity is inadequate and poorly organized. Government has a role to play in addressing the systemic inequalities that make it so hard forhardworking people to get out of poverty.

      • If people and private charities would actually care for all of the people in real need, then there would be no need for government to step in to fill the gap. Obviously they don’t, so the government must help. You whine about “forced altruism” being “more immoral” than so called Christians doing nothing! When you support a political party or person who wants to cut all social programs that help those in need and demonizes those people as “takers”, then you have little moral ground to preach from. Jesus was quite clear on your duty to those in need, but he never said anything against any government programs to help those people.

      • The Pharisees also considered themselves to be above reproach. Way to go, changing the subject and caring more about excusing your behavior.

      • The libertarian (putting it kindly) belief that charity will care for the poor was proven false across the world long ago, which is why we have government assistance for the poor and aged today. “Theft” by government is part of the social contract accepted by most people but rejected by libertarian hobbyists like you.

      • So, your reply to the article is that it should be ignored because the correct debating rules aren’t followed. And that people should look only to their own communities for aid — disregarding that the communities might be as impoverished and desperate.

        You have a soul of dried, dead leaves.

      • Private charity as a model for caring for the poor has been tried in America. It was the main means of providing a safety net until the 1930’s. It was a failure; millions of sick, elderly, and children were condemned to poverty. That’s how Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid came to be. Private charity has a place – as a supplement.

      • I greatly disagree with this and find it a morally bankrupt approach to the issue of how to address the poor. You’re basically saying it is upon us to be compassionate enough to care for people who fall through the cracks of our society rather than work towards a society that doesn’t have those cracks to begin with. Besides which, religious charities are one of the biggest scams on the planet.

        Claiming that social programs or building an infrastructure with which no person would need to go hungry, unclothed, unhealthy, or unsheltered is “forced altruism” and theft is turning a blind eye to the needs of your common man because you want the opportunity to have more than others. Capitalism in and of itself is immoral because it not only allows for poverty, it is built around the suffering of those who can’t succeed.

      • Trump very obviously doesn’t believe in private charity, because he doesn’t exercise it. His “foundation” exists just to support himself, even in pathetic ways like paying for his son’s Boy Scout membership. The man makes huge promises to donate charitably, then doesn’t follow through unless the media hounds him about it for months and months. (For example, he still hasn’t donated to help Puerto Rico.) He’s even crashed a charity event, taking a seat meant for top-level donors, for no obvious reason except his narcissism! Sure, one can suggest those actions are forgivable, but doesn’t forgiveness require contrition, something that’s totally beyond him?

      • OK then let’s put aside his small reference to the poor and any other political topics – let’s just look at ‘morality’ (for lack of a better term). Are you arguing that evangelicals would have remained silent if a tape had come out where Obama bragged about grabbing women by the P, if there were strong evidence of him paying to cover up an affair he had with a porn star while his wife was caring for their baby, if he was thrice married with a history of multiple extra-marital affairs, if he was constantly self-aggrandizing without a hint of humble modesty, if his entire life was centered around the acquisition of ever great sums of money (often at the expense of workers who went unpaid and/or investors left holding the bag while he walked away with millions)…

        Can you honestly say Obama would have gotten a free pass from Evangelicals on ANY of that, much less all of it?

      • LMAO that you think Ben Shapiro is skilled at debating. He literally straw mans his opponent into oblivion and then delivers some smug, trite quip as a “final blow” – but he really just spouts total nonsense.

      • 1. The poor, work & work.

        2. The rich, exploit the poor.

        3. The soldier, protects both.

        4. The taxpayer, pays for all the three.

        5. The wanderer, rests for all the four.

        6. The drunk, drinks for all the five.

        7. The banker, robs all the six.

        8. The lawyer, misleads all the seven.

        9. The doctor, kills all the eight.

        10. The undertaker, buries all the nine.

        11. The politician lives happily on account of all the ten.

      • Interesting how you side-step the intended point. Overgeneralizing? Oversimplification? The writer is spot on…as is Michael Steele, who collectively knows more about the hypocrisy unveiled by “a large number of evangelical leaders and their followers.” Don’t miss the point of this article, Cato. Your argument is weak at best, with a narrow-minded focus on a couple of issues that are a fraction of what this man’s followers choose to forgive, forget or turn a blind eye to. .. all of which would be considered unforgivable sins had they been committed by the black man. And the reference to his predecessor and how so-called Christians disavowed or ignored him is also spot on.

      • Virginia Woolf’s 136th birthday


        “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me, and by ‘whatever you did,’ I mean only through private donations, charities, and foundations. I don’t want any poor people helped with public money.” (Matthew 25:40, 45, NIV)

        There, I fixed the Bible for you.

      • Cato the Elder: I used to teach rhetorical analysis. I’m here to tell you he DOES have a number of cringe-worthy generalizationswithout corroborating evidence. If we say unsupported generalities are at best half true, then you see about where his manifesto leaves us. Although neither Evangelical nor a member of any political party, I do see some heart-felt opinions that resonate with me.
        1) One is that “Evangelical Christians” as a political force do not necessarily represent the Christianity reflected in the Gospels. At one point that may have been true, but it is no longer necessarily the case.
        2) Another is that people who do not handle new ideas or uncomfortable info well tend to cling even tighter to their closely held beliefs , including emotionally confusing religion, politics, tradition, & custom . Not everyone is able to separate analytical thought from strong feelings. Most of us have to consciously separate the two, I would guess, when thinking about something that makes us feel angry, disgusted, insecure, distressed, or panicky.
        3) It is, however, quite legitimate to express one’s anger, disgust, etc, if done respectfully and with qualifiers like “perhaps”, “seems”, “some”, “several”, “reported”, widely believed, etc.
        4) I wish he had politely addressed his remarks to Evangelical Christians by suggesting that they clean up their own ranks who have lost sight of The Master’s teachings/example/ commandments. They need to see the fear at work. All of us need to recognize people’s fears as legitimate—and respectfully address them. They don’t have to be cloaked in religion to be expressed. Ever felt like your world was caving in? Then you know how some people feel at present.

      • If you thought you were a Christian you need to reread your Bible, you missed learning most of it. Your response was not what reflects being a Christian is all about. Your response is EXACTLY what Evangelicals are guilty of. Your only out is to correct your behavior and ask God for forgiveness. Or you are NOT a Christian.

      • Actually it *is* the government’s duty to legislate for the poor! Not to abdicate one of it’s most important functions (to protect the vulnerable) to charities alone.

      • If private charity could take care of all the poor’s needs there wouldn’t have been the need for the government to help in the first place.

        Also when there is an economic downturn private charity takes a hit.

        You want to pretend that your ideal world is the real world..that in an ideal world private charity is enough. Sorry, it’s not. Your idea would bankrupt private charities inside a month.

        And sorry, your side does hate the poor. There’s no other reasonable conclusion to make when your party fellates the 1% with a 2 trillion dollar tax cut and then slashes programs that help the poor to pay for that 2 trillion dollar deficit.

        Your party, child, stole our money and gave it to the 1% with that tax cut.

        • Over the last 40 years the top few have swallowed 95% of all income growth. Has there been a massive increase in charity to provide help to the poor as a result? No.

          your idea, cato, would have people dying in the streets.

          Don’t call yourself Christian, you’re not.

          • Your ideas have people by the millions dying in the abortion mills.

            BTW, middle class women abort a third of their pregnancies. You can’t excuse them with your poverty routine. (Even Mother Teresa didn’t use poverty as an excuse).

            So can we at least protect those innocent human beings by law? They have mothers and fathers who could care for them and have no excuse for killing them.

            Aren’t you that pro-abortion pro-contracption “catholic” who hates rich people?

            • What I see is a group that wants to protect the unborn but as soon as they are born they’re on their own. How many children live in poverty with severe food insecurity in this richest country in the world? At least 25%. What about healthcare for those who will be born with severe birth defects? Are you good evangelicals willing to pay for their healthcare the rest of their lives (which in many cases amount to merely breathing with the help of a machine and being fed through a tube?)

      • You’re a fool. Leave it up to private charity and our country turns into a cesspool. People have the ability to donate to charity right now and in conjunction with government assistance it still isn’t enough. What happens when the assistance goes away. Just like all the other moron Trumpers you failed to address the entire topic of this article, which is that Trump supporters are morally bankrupt. Deflect, deflect, deflect.

      • If individuals cared for the poor, the government wouldn’t have to step in and do it for them. Even poor people deserve dignity. They shouldn’t have to constantly ask for help to have their most basic needs met.

        Humans are overwhelmingly generous, but it’s much harder for individuals to keep giving at the pace that’s needed without incentive. The governments over every first world nation on earth does this. Why one earth would we want to be more like a third-world nation?

      • No, sir. It’s not generalization. With your kind of argument, you would have your lunch and dinner taken with no leftovers in the Oxford University Debating Union

      • Cato, I appreciate the latter comment because many missed the earlier sarcastic posting. There are many ways to make life better for the poor. Thankfully more poor are working now. That is the good life. If a man will not work, if he can, he should not eat. 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

      • Amen! This is a wide swath broad brush smear of people as if they were all the same solely because of their faith. Many of us respect the office of the POTUS regardless who holds it or whether we agree with them wholeheartedly or not. I find it ironic that so many that profess to study or know the Bible fail to grasp that all things have been foretold prior to us now watching them unfold in our current everyday lives. This here is just another asinine pandering to the gullible never-Trump sect.

      • You (and all “small government” types) do realize that the government, when it is working, is the FUNCTION and WILL of…….wait for it…..the people. The citizens. We don’t need 100% agreement in a society to be governed fairly. If most of us agree that paying taxes should go to helping those who can’t help themselves, then that is what shall be. It’s called living in a society. Some things you won’t agree with. Forced altruism? Who suggested that? Keeping mentally ill, disabled, and other less fortunate people off the streets, in reality helps everyone. The job of “private charity”? Hehe. There’s no legal requirement that a charity must spend its donations on its services. And who pays someone to connect those who need it with those charities? Government programs and services are regulated to attempt to meet the needs of those in need. Private charities have no such regulations. Just admit that you actually just don’t want to acknowledge how extensive suffering is. Admit that you really believe that SOMEONE ELSE’S charity to those in need can erase the problem, and you or whoever else doesn’t want to get involved in helping your fellow human just doesn’t have to if they just don’t want to. Nice way to not contribute to the whole of society. You can leave and go live on your private island anytime, bye! Won’t miss ya.

      • This always confuses me: That the government should have no agency when it comes to mitigating poverty; that this should be the sole domain of Charity. For Christians, that is not a biblical statement. Throughout the scriptures, the Prophets routinely delivered God’s displeasure and judgement on the people AND the government for neglecting the less fortunate. So, I am confused how some Christians can adopt this viewpoint. I have to challenge the presumption that you do care about the poor, if you have issues with the most effective way ( we currently have ) of delivering help to them. What I am saying is no surprise to you (or at least it shouldn’t be)- charity at large is not able to shoulder the burden. I don’t know if you work in a charitable field like I do, but the need is far greater than the amount of people willing or able to provide for it, which is why the overwhelming majority of Charitable organizations must also seek government funding. I submit that we all have a right to our opinions. If you don’t the government to use resources to help the poor, then I understand that. If you do care about the poor, I would challenge you to take that level of care higher. And most of all I would ask that you please, don’t attempt to dress this opinion in some moral cover, because the very book and faith which would serve as that foundation is not on your side. I know that’s not the main point of this article, but I definitely think whenever I see a Christian (forgive me if you don’t identify as Christian- it was an assumption on my part) make this argument, it should be corrected.

      • I agree! When Obama was elected I was not seen making mass hysteria, burning things and crying about it! We as a Christian family struggled all 8 years of his presidency and trust me when I say the lord heard many prays those years! I NEVER wish the man I’ll will, nor his family! I NEVER condemned him for his behavior or wished him a trip to hell! For one, that’s not my job, that is God’s job when judgement comes. And those 8 years were years the lord had lessons for me. Lessons that I could have only gone through during Obama’s tenure. To say we are not compassionate, well is just not correct either. If your talking about illegal immigrants, well coming from a home with a mother and grandparents who came to this country with legal papers and then spent 10 years to become citizens, I personally don’t think any other country would be giving amnesty to 1.3 million illegal immigrants. And it has been said by many refugees of Syria that they want to stay in their own country and just have help fixing it! Why is it the job of JUST the US to invite all people from other countries? Where’s the compassion for unborn children? Where’s the compassion for Veterans? And I have not lost my soul, my souls is where it belongs! My boys are growing up respecting authority and loving the lord so I don’t get where you say “this generation”. Is this the same generation who cried after trump won the election? Who insisted on safe spaces? The same generation who call anyone who voted for trump, racists/sexist/xenophobs/homophobs/ hateful bigots/ deplorable no bodies? Is this the same generation who want to segregat university so the white students don’t interact with the black? Is this the generation who want to take down statues because the history offends them? Is this the same generation who cheered on a 4 time deportee after being freed from killing a woman on a peer in California and bad mouthed the family who lost their daughter because of this illegal immigrants!? See to Love God is to accept the sin in the world! There is sin in Obama and sin in Trump. It is not my job to judge those sins, it’s not your job either! And yet here you are judging people you don’t know, have probably never met! And your description above had more in common with this generation you speak of then my fellow Christians and I! One might quote scripture by saying

        Matthew 7:3-5
        “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

        • As far as the refugees from Syria are concerned it is our government’s foreign policy of regime change and bombing the crap out of Syria in order to get rid of Bashar Assad and replace him with a U.S. friendly puppet that has created all of those refugees. We are directly responsible for the loss of their homes in Syria which directly makes us responsible for taking care of them.

      • Here is an ad hominy for you. That is the biggest pile of conservative crap I have read in a long time. If all the poor people on government programs had to depend on private charity, 90 percent of them would starve and die. Get a life!!!

        • I don’t think so. For some, but not all, dependence upon government destroys the will to do for oneself. A large percentage of those would find ways. There are goods and services they could exchange for dollars instead of just being on the receiving end. If there is money in the economy to pay them to do nothing then there is money to pay them to do something, and if they do something they are better off and so are we. Government programs have in many cased created a dependent class of people.

      • Sadly you are mistaken. Every study, measure, research and empiric experience have found out that the “private charity” that you task solving poverty with is entirely inefficient and insufficient to do so. Often, the best it can provide is mere band-aids for an ailment that is continuously worsening, if any relevant impact at all. In fact, such belief is more often used by people who out of the smallness of their heart, need an excuse to both protect their own interests while feeling self-righteous doing so. This is the people who insist to believe that poverty is a direct result of laziness, godlessness or vice, being completely blind to the impact that circumstance, background, and even chance have on those less privileged.

        No, the only way to effectively eradicate poverty is via consistent, educated and institutionalized society-wide effort where everybody chips in even if they don’t feel like or have personal reasons to believe that they shouldn’t–an erroneous, arrogant thinking fruit of their own misinterpreted good fortune: unbeknownst to them a mere turn of chance, calamity or even foul play could place them or their loved ones in a situation where they could benefit from the government-endorsed welfare protection that they so angrily would decry while it was their turn to made help others going through a rough phase.

      • Jesus never said taking care of the poor is a private matter. It’s EVERYONE’S job. I see you’re selecting your facts as well.
        And, there is no counterargument to “Trump is immoral.” He is. It’s been proven. This is not who we should have as a leader. Get over it and try to find someone worthy.

      • Industrialization, urbanization, globalization, nation-building, democratization, modernization, population, and technology have led to a civilization where private charity simply isn’t enough and doesn’t work. Certainly religion-based help for the poor is a good thing. But church-based giving was more viable in the days of small villages and pre-industrial agricultural habits. It’s also dependent on a lot more unconditional generosity than we currently see. So, if private individuals, churches, and other charity-minded folks really want to help the poor in this day and age — it has been demonstrated time and again — that we must work within the system. That is, we must influence (lobby, if you will) government (which is supposed to represent us) to adopt policies that are in keeping with those charitable motives. That doesn’t mean we stop personal giving. Heavens no! But personal giving isn’t doing the job — especially when the greediest and least charitable among us have absolutely mastered the art of lobbying government, and have developed a system where the average person’s taxes are transferred into the pockets of the most wealthy.

      • I would suggest you read the Bible where Jesus says that whatever you do to the least of these you do to me. For example knowingly supporting a policy (or supporting a congress person that does) that takes health care away from 25 million people would be a fine example of sin Jesus is referring to. A practicing Christian who would knowingly be ok with hurting large groups of people either directly or indirectly is the height of hypocrisy that John refers to. So it’s irrelevant whether generalities are used in this article. Just look at the GOP platform and compare it to Jesus teaching and you will find plenty of examples.

      • Excuse me: You may think you are a good person. You might treat your family well, work hard to care for your kids, believe in God, and so on. BUT if you look the other way while someone speaks vileness, abuses people, brags about sexually abusing women, works to undermine the welfare of people who are worse off than he is, gives a free pass to hatred and racial superiority — if you ignore all that and instead defend the man who does those things, I’m sorry, but in my book you don’t get to call yourself a good person, no matter what you think of yourself.

      • Your position makes no sense. Perhaps you need to take a course in the study of the Bible before commenting on something you clearly don’t understand. It would be nice if our communities would step up and care for others. Much is done but much more is needed. The world is not equitable and social programs are needed. These programs could be better implemented but to say they are not needed is morally wrong! What do you do to help the poor? Perhaps we need to learn just how many tax payers contribute beyond paying taxes for these programs. I venture to say that many are too busy or don’t have the extra resources to do much.

      • If John is moderating the comments, it is not for disagreement. He gets crucified in the comments here on a daily basis.

      • So – generalizations aside (which, BTW, are valuable in social discourse, and the conceit that there are exceptions is, of course, implied), the gist of the article is valid. The Evangelical Right is guilty as charged of applying situational ethics when it comes to Trump. They are basically working off the idea that “the ends justify the means”; and coming from a group who traditionally prides itself in its moral absolutism it exposes them for whom they are.


        Morals? Cheapened and easily discarded. Bankrupt.
        Christ-like? My ass.

        They should be ashamed.

      • You miss the point completely — you have in power a completely amoral person– period…. all the things they condemned Obama to being when he factually wasn’t, while they see divinity in a man who is everything they have previously condemned. It’s a simple point. He isn’t condemning everyone who voted for Trump to not liking the poor. He’s pointing out the inherent hypocrisy in claiming you represent and speak the word of G-d while wholly doing the opposite of what G-d preached.

      • Thank you for a thoughtful, balanced response to this self righteous rhetoric. His writing is not helpful. If one doesnt like Trump say so. Broad brushes don’t paint pretty pictures and in the process get paint all over the one slinging it around. In other words let’s work on the log in our own eye before attempting to remove something from our neighbor’s.

      • NO!

        His policies do not lend toward the support of the poor as the recent tax cut strongly discourages those who are not wealthy from filing the long form, thus forgoing deductions that incentivize charitable giving at-large.

        Just FYI

        Carry on.

        • Very well said Joanne! The Republican Party and their pseudochristian sidekicks should go down in Webster’s Dictionary as the party of hypocrites. They claim to support “family values” yet they do everything in their power to take aid we all pay for away from needy families. The dirty little secret they don’t want to acknowledge is rather than the families who need food stamps and other government assistance being lazy unemployed drunks and drug addicts most are working people, many who work more than one job who thanks to deregulation, trade agreements, union busting, and slave wages cannot afford to feed their families. Food assistance helps Walmart more than individual people. Walmart pays non-livable wages and so their employees have to rely on food assistance to make up the shortage. That means we the taxpayers are indirectly subsidizing the second richest family in the world because they are too greedy to pay a living wage. So this is the party of Christ. They support cutting taxes for the rich creating an additional five trillion added to the debt so they cut programs to help the sick, disabled, and elderly to make up the shortfall. How Christ like…steal from the sick and poor to give more to those who already have so much they couldn’t spend their fortune in a thousand lifetimes of gluttony. Yeah, I’m sure Jesus would approve.

      • Yes, we do disagree. Private nonprofits for the homeless, food banks etc, struggle every day to meet the needs in their communities and, by their own admisdion fall short. That is even with food stamps, HUD, etc being available.
        The well being of citizens is exactly what govt should be taking care of. Most modern democracies recognize this.

      • You need to write from your heart and not your head. love and compassion are the cornerstones of faith and both are sickeningly lacking in the Trump administration, Arguing about the perceived oversimplification of the article misses the point.

      • Please give me a break. I honestly want to take your response apart, but I don’t have the time. I just want to point out a very important fact. Caring for the poor does not have alternate definition; that you care for the poor you wish to care for is not what Jesus meant by love your neighbor so sorry but caring for the poor in your own way is an out and as a Christian I refuse to let that misconception be another thing we get dragged for.
        You see the thing about helping the poor is there are no exceptions. You don’t get to help just the poor you like. The Bible asked what makes us different from the Pharisees if we only love those we know. You are either letting fear be your guide or you truly haven’t understood what Christ mean by love your neighbor.
        Am going to stop here because I hate paraphrasing the bible and for me to clearly educate you on this matter this post will end up being much longer than it already is.
        I pray the love of God will open your eyes to true love that Christ spoke of!
        Have a blessed day!

      • Cato the Elder, I whole-heartedly agree with you! Forced social altruism never works. People give more if they do it VOLUNTARILY. This is done most effieciently through private organizations and local churches. Governments are slow to move because they are filled with bureaucracy and all sorts of nasty people with their own agendas constently competing against one another. That’s why most of thier programs have, and always will be, highly inefficient. Many conservatives (including conservative Christians) believe the best way to help people is NOT to force people to depend on an inefficient gov’t. Just because we DISAGREE with most liberals (even liberal Christians) about how BEST to go about helping people does not mean we don’t CARE about helping them! And, by the way, just because I’m a conservative, caucasian Christian doesn’t mean I’m a Trump fan. And if Evangelical Christians were willing to give every Republican politician a “mulligan,” then WHY did Alabama NOT elect Roy Moore? Many white Evangelicals just sat that one out, willing to allow the opposing party’s candidate to be elected by simply not voting (much to the shock of Liberals)?

        Yeesh! Enough with the reductive stereotypes that make scapegoats out of a certain group of people who share a certain faith and ethnicity and blaming them for all our nation’s woe’s — you know who else did stuff like that? I’ll give you a hint, his last name starts with an “H” and ends with an “r” and he killed lot’s of people.

        And one more thing I’d like to leave you all with. A warning of sorts… beware when people start lumping everyone into groups based on religion and ethnicity, blaming them for all thier problems. It’s not long before that blame turns to hate and hate into action. Many Athiests and Agnostics like to point to history and all the people who have been oppressed and killed in the name of religion — and point to religion as the problem. However, these types of attrocities are not limited to movements that are done in the name of “religion.” History is riddled with the bones of those who were massacred by the hand of secular regimes and dictators, as well. They have done just as much, if not more damage to the human race. Here a short list of famous leaders of Athiest regimes who killed lots of people, in case you’d like to educate yourself: Napoleon Bonaparte, Than Shwe, Kim Jong Il, Benito Mussolini, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot,
        Joseph Stalin.

        Come on everyone, let’s just be honest and keep things real here. Let’s learn from history and not fall for these Fascist narratives (from both the Left AND the Right) that try to turn us all against one another!

      • Excuse me but how the advice of the Old Testament regarding a nation’s life and government – Israel – regarding how to treat the poor , refugee, widow, alien be of no relevance to any other government that purports to stand on the platform of the same . This is a standard of greatness especially a government of the people , by the people and FOR THE PEOPLE, that is founded on liberty and justice FOR ALL.

    • Correction. These evangelicals are not Christians! Please refrain from using that term when referring to them. Thanks.

    • How can you say these things and not see yourself as a hypocrite. You are “hating” on people who may very well be true believers. Or even if they aren’t believers does that justify such vilification? Ranting against “evangelicals” only makes you look good; it certainly doesn’t honor Christ.

    • @ Eric B.
      John included. Because, I thought when a brother had lost his way, we were supposed to pray for him …..not declare that we were “through with him…”

  3. While I basically agree with your analysis, I am not sure about your conclusion. Around here (suburban Indianapolis), those churches seem to continue to thrive. Many swallow the “fake news” allegations and support the president.

    • Pastor M.

      You don’t agree with the conclusion? Here’s the conclusion. maybe the fake christists who believe in their version of superiority are REALLY right. maybe they will go to THEIR HEAVEN. Then. if that is what “GOD” wants… then count me out. i’ll deal with the heat, and the pain and whatever else “HELL/Purgatory” has for me. I would NEVER want to go to a place with those types of people. Somehow though, i highly doubt any of these “christians” will actually make it into the 144,000 that are going to be saved.

          • Hello George and Kate.

            I am a Jehovah’s Witness. The Inspired Scriptures assure us that many will be saved – millions? billions? – we don’t know. But many.

            However, they tell us that only 144,000 are taken to heaven. Isn’t the hope for most of us to “inherit the earth” and to live forever upon it?

          • No, it isn’t. 144,000 will go to heaven – millions of the ‘great flock’ will be saved to a paradise Earth. Those who go to heaven go to rule as Kings and Priests alongside Jesus, over Earth, which is why he called them ‘brothers’.

        • Probably referring to the Bible passages in Revelation 7:1-4–144,000 from the tribes of Israel are marked with God’s seal, 12,000 from each tribe.

        • In Revelation chapter 7:1 John heard of 144,000 (12,000 each from twelve different Israelite tribes) servants of God who had been sealed on their foreheads. They were thus obviously redeemed people.
          Again, in Revelation 14:1, John saw the Lamb on Mount Zion. With him were 144,000, sealed with the Father’s name upon their foreheads. This great multitude had been “purchased out of the earth,” and they were said to be the “first-fruits unto God and unto the Lamb.”

        • the teaching is that 144,000 were chosen/ “the anointed” and will reside in Heaven with God. The rest of us, assuming we haven’t known and rejected Jehovah, will be resurrected and have another chance on Earth in “the new kingdom” which will be a paradise.

        • The 144,000 is from Revelations. So, if you take Revelations literally, then both of the following must be true:
          1. Only 144,000 people will be saved at the end of days
          2. You are an utter lunatic

        • Revelation 7:4 King James Version
          “And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.”

      • Numbers saved are only found during the Jewish dispensation, (according to Jews. ) According to Paul, there is no number. It’s not rooms in a big house, those are numbered too… in Judaism.

        it’s as the stars in the sky and sands on the shore… there is no number of saved in the Body of Christ, according to Paul. However, there is a number for the 12 tribes of Israel. W/all due respect, if you don’t know the difference, then you may not understand your identity in the Body of Christ. You would be trying to live in Grace by walking in the law, and many Christians are doing just that. Ugly bursting wine skins are everywhere; starting w/me.

        (The Puritans thought there was a number too, and decided before people were dead who was not going to heaven-ugly stuff)

      • Well Patricia, its simple. In our glorious 2 party system in America. You get to choose. You have
        person A. Questionable morals. Supports murdering babies.
        person B. Terrible morals. Says no to murdering babies.
        Easy choice in my book. Now to take a page out of the author of this article’s article. You must be pro murder if you’re anti Trump! See how that generalization works? It’s terrible logic, but it makes for some sensational articles on the internet.

        • so your stance who you vote for as president is based off ONE belief ???…..No wonder we are in the mess we are in. Have he outlawed “killing babies” or is it still legal on the books?…Did George Bush Promise the same thing? its AMAZING what people will over look to prove a stupid Point. We vote for a leader based on SEVERAL FACTORS not just ONE or TWO thats important to YOU….you dont pick a Leader like you would a Personal Chef, and this is what makes America today the laughing stock of th world! Arrogant Americans ony Concerned with Themselves and a few core beliefs but on everything else that effects everyone you could care less. I dont care about a president who is “not for killing babies”…but for EVERYTHING ELSE disgusting who takes pride in having a base of racist far right wingers….who is the source of NATIONAL division and has made NO effort to be a bridge builder instead a bridge burner. its Americans like You that are the cause of the crap we suffer today. Please learn how to vote for a leader other than things YOU care about.

        • Exactly. The right to life of unborn babies is the reason I could never support pro-abortion proponents like Obama and Clinton. Why, on the list of the poor and helpless for whom we must show love, are unborn babies not included? Nothing Donald Trump has said or does compares in awfulness with abortion.

        • Cato the Elder,
          Abortion is no more rare in places where it is outlawed. If you believe that abortion is murder, then you should be doing everything in your power to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Funny how white evangelicals are against birth control too.

        • Cato, you are asserting that aborting a fetus is the same as killing a baby. Nowhere in the scriptures are the two equated. Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:13-16 are insufficient textual proof for such a claim. To read these as proof texts to oppose abortion really **is** straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.

          I’m old enough to remember a time (the 1970s) when abortion wasn’t a Protestant issue. It was up to the individual conscience.

          Abortion only became a Protestant issue as a direct result of Ronald Reagan’s electoral campaign in 1980. He was keen to secure the Catholic vote, so he made sure it was on the Republican campaigning agenda. Because he embraced the anti-abortion cause, so did his groupies in the Evangelical camp.

        • Funny but I see this argument used on a regular basis over the internet anytimr a self-proclaimed presumably fundamentalst encounters a “libtard” that has anything negative to say about Trump.

          The rest of us are not amused; and yes that mindset are very vocal and they are thr spokespeople for fundamentalism to the rest of the world…and by default for many outside the flock, Christianity.

          Thats a tough way to win soul

        • Ironic you said “you get to choose” when you are so clearly anti-choice. It’s almost like you only want to give people choices when you personally agree with them. Then again, evangelical hypocrisy is the entire point of this article…thanks for proving the point!

        • If you actually believe that Trump is pro-life then you are completely delusional. Trump just used that platform to get votes from evangelicals who put the unborn before the born. They are pro-birth not pro-life. If they were truly pro-life then they would speak out against all the horrible things trump and the GOP are doing to this country, they would stand up for social injustice, but they (evangelicals) remain silent. Silence=complicity. I get why so many pro-birth evangelicals voted for trump but what I don’t get is why they stay silent on all the other crap he says and does. I believe that God is using trump to expose the hypocrisy within the American white evangelical church.

        • Cato – for someone asking others to analyze an argument, your argument here is quite weak and intellectually lazy.

          The argument around abortion is so much more nuanced than you’ve just made it to be. You should be embarrassed at the intellectual laziness of this post.

        • I understand how a single-issue voter (their single-issue being abortion) would feel forced to vote for whomever ran as a Republican.

          There were plenty of other Republicans. It didn’t have to be the hate-mongering, amoral reality T.V. star.

          But it wasn’t anyone else in the end. So, sure, single-issue abortion voters had to swallow a vote for Trump. I get it.

          But this should not stop them from now condemning the actions and policies the man displays which run counter to what Christ taught.

          The hypocrisy didn’t begin and end in the voting booth. It continues, daily.

        • So your ONLY criteria on who to support is “murdering babies.” Not murdering adults (by sending undocumented back to places they will be killed… see just one of many examples here: http://wgntv.com/2017/09/21/wife-told-judge-husband-would-be-murdered-if-deported-and-he-was/

          Not providing healthcare for poor children so they don’t die. Not providing food (food stamps) for hungry children. Not preventing soldiers from dying in needless battles. Not protecting all of us from poison in our air and water.

          OK, I get it. You are a single issue voter. But it never ceases to amaze me how “pro-life” doesn’t apply once there is an actual baby. Maybe you are “pro-birth” only?

        • Cato, you’re freaking ridiculous in a thousand ways. He was pro-abortion, and now he just lies about it. And you lie for him.

          No one who speeds toward war like Trump does is pro-life and you know it.

        • Check out the statistics on abortions during conservative regimes and in conservative states. Perhaps because they promote birth control and sex education there are less abortions under Presidents who support a woman’s right to choose and more abortions under Presidents who seek to limit access to abortions. So are you really looking for less abortions or are you just looking for legal restrictions?
          Can you call yourself pro-life if you don’t support programs that feed and educate babies from underprivileged families? Look at the statistics . Legal restrictions don’t reduce the number of “baby murders” as much as access to birth control and sex education.

        • Trump claims to have slept with a vast number of women. Your position has to be that none of them got pregnant. You also must believe that those who did get pregnant could depend on his generosity in helping them raise their children. Further, you must believe that he never demanded that his mistresses get an abortion and that he did not strong-arm those any who refused. It goes with saying that men who slept around the way he did, pay for lots of abortion.

        • Technically, person a supports the option to murder babies, and person b would say that he doesn’t support it in order to get votes.

        • actually your comparison is a little off, cato.

          Person B in your example is a member of a party that 1: hates abortion but has no problem with 2: babies, and the rest of us, dying through lack of adequate food, shelter, income and health care. In fact that same party has no problem with greedy rich people like..oh..health insurance company CEO’s deciding to murder people to pad their bonuses.

          Curious, Cato, how you want the government to act to stop abortion..but not act to stop homelessness, malnutrition, lack of adequate health care, etc.

          In fact the second the baby is born you and yours stop giving a rats ass about its life.

          Oh and btw..considering Trump’s long history of being the fat ugly version of Hugh Hefner..it’s a safe bet he’s paid for some abortions.

          • How about making abortion illegal as our Catholic Bishops say it should be, since, duh, it kills people. Same as making murder illegal. Your utopia of cradle to grave government care for everyone is a separate issue, and falls under the category of “prudential judgment,” not that there are not already many programs in place to help the poor.

            But since you are a compassionate liberal (with other peoples’ money of course) why doesn’t that compassion extend to the unborn? How come you’re ok with Planned unParenthood knocking them off? You do realize that many who abort could raise their children or put them up for adoption don’t you?

        • Like you said it’s simple so I choose to support people that believe in a choice, Although I personally don’t agree with it.
          God gives all of us choice, and I choose not to elect a man who thinks I’m dumb enough to believe his lies.

        • Just admit you’re a one-issue voter and don’t give a flying f*** about anyone else in our country and the consequences of your terrible judgment.

        • That is a misguided and completely wrong-headed assumption of what the pro-choice side is about. It’s about NOT controlling women’s bodies for them. Not turning over their bodies to an agency to govern on their behalf. We’re tired of men telling us what to do.

          Pro-choice Americans, many of them are Christians by the way, believe the way to significantly reduce abortions is to significantly reduce unwanted pregnancies. You cannot abort that which does not exist.

          Just because someone doesn’t want to give the government the right to legislate their uterus, doesn’t mean they’re for killing babies. That is ignorant at best, wilfully stupid at worst.

          Outlawing abortion will not eliminate then now any more than it did before Roe v. Wade. The single best way to bring that number as close to zero as possible is to educate, educate, educate, then ensure access to cheap or free effective birth control. Yes, nothing is foolproof, but since most women who become unintentionally pregnant carry their pregnancies to term, the number of abortions in this country will be at historically low levels.

          But instead, evangelicals leaders try to legislate their backwards beliefs on the rest of America while having affairs and then urging their mistresses to have abortions. The hypocrisy pretty much negates anything they have to say. I can’t take a single one of them seriously.

          • If something is illegal, there will be less of it. Guaranteed. Besides that, the law acts as a conscience and a teacher. Our law and culture have devalued the fetus. New laws will give it a moral worth and the shame of destroying it will return.

            • If something is illegal there will less of it? Like keeping drugs illegal means there will be less drug use? Kids can get drugs easier than alcohol in shool. Portugal who has decriminalizrdall drug has experienced a drop in addiction, crime, disease, and unemployment as has Switzerland and the City of Vancouver who have legalized heroin. Alcohol use in the U.S. dropped with the repeal of Prohibition as did the presence of organized crime. You cannot legislate morality or your morality at least successfully because others my disagree with your belirfs.

        • Exactly Cato! This article was so biassed it is hard to know where to start.

          Obama was not opposed (on any large scale) because of the pigment of his skin. He was opposed because he tried to force his leftist views on Christians.

          True, he didn’t have any affairs that we know of, but that doesn’t make him moral. Supporting baby killing, confusing children about their gender, and fueling race riots is certainly not moral.

        • Not babies. Fetuses. Your own Bible makes the distinction. Not once in either testament is it stated that life begins with conception. There are, however hundreds of references to life beginning with the “first breath”

        • Now some body is talking about murdering babies and you all want to charge that to Obama’s Presidency, well let me say that white supremacist have been killing babies before Obama became president,and how about the blacks and Indians adults and you all have kill under the voice of Christianity,Jesus Came To Seek and save that which was lost ,Jesus died for the homosexuals, the prostitutes,the adulterer ,He Ask The Father To forgive them for they know not what they have done,but you evangelicals think you are greater than Jesus,how can you win Souls for the kingdom if you have no love and no compassion,We Must Hate All Sin But love the sinner,just like Jesus.Pastor John please keep up the work of the kingdom,ADC

        • A fetus is not a baby. It’s science, you should check it out. It’s what they used to make whatever device you typed your wrong opinion into so it appeared here. Gosh darn, those pesky scientists! It’s so not fair that a fact is real whether I want it to be or not.

        • Did you really write the words “Supports murdering babies” to describe a presidential candidate, and then go on to state the author has used “terrible logic” to create a sensation? He he.

        • Oh, so you’re with #45 because you don’t like the idea of women having control over their bodies. You want to keep your thumb firmly on women and see them being second class citizens.

          Either you are A: A man with serious issues about women

          B: A woman who has a particular thing she believes in and wants to force every woman into that roll. “I think being a Mommy is awesome, so you should too.”

          Thanks for attempting to shove everyone in your neat little black and white boxes. Congratulations, you’re part of the problem.

          • I think that a mommy not killing her little baby before it is born is awesome and I think all mommies should think like that. That’s just common sense and common decency. If she hates being a mommy she can give her baby to someone who would appreciate it.

        • Murdering babies?!? Are you by any chance talking about abortion?
          If so, then boy do you ever have it backwards!
          The pro-choice movement does more to reduce abortions and protect babies than the so-called “pro-life” people ever will.
          Pro-choice people promote more and better sex education and birth control options so we won’t have unwanted pregnancies in the first place — haven’t you ever heard the saying ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’?
          Compared that to politicians supported by the “pro-life” (I have to keep putting that in quotes because that term is a monstrous lie). They just say don’t have sex. It doesn’t work, but the “pro-life” folks don’t care enough about ending abortion to try something that might actually work. Hey, I don’t think teenagers should be having sex, but ending abortion is important enough to me that I would gladly give every teenager a lifetime supply of birth control.
          And that’s not even to mention what happens to babies AFTER they are born. The same people who claim to be “pro-life” support politicians and laws that keep babies in life-threatening poverty. When you make it all but impossible for those babies to get adequate food, shelter, and health care, guess what? They DIE, at much higher rates than others. If you failed to support easy measures that would have kept those children alive, what other way can it be described but to say that YOU SUPPORTED MURDERING BABIES.
          You’re either blind or a hypocrite, or both.
          It’s as simple as that.

        • Now who’s oversimplifying? No one, no one wants to kill babies. What a horrible thing to say. But there are those of us who do not believe that your religious believes should be imposed on their lives. If you’re so concerned about babies, please go out and adopt as many of them as you can. Do something about it instead of complaining And pointing your finger at women. Donald Trump has, I’m sure, paid for more than one important in his life. He’s a nasty man and he was pro-choice until it became inconvenient.

        • Murdering babies? What are you talking about?

          Oh, wait! You must be talking about the numerous overseas undeclared warlike actions by the US military.

          (The only reason Carthage was destroyed was to make room for the hegemony of Rome. Always a good reason for despite and ethnic cleansing, I suppose…)

        • You hit the nail right on the head, Cato. The Christians in my family only care that republicans are pro-life. Thus, they believe all dems are horrible people and will never listen to one.

        • Yeah, but don’t those murdered babies go straight to heaven? Sounds merciful compared to having to live in a country with either choice A or B in charge! Isn’t the population high enough?

        • And yet most likely because of the increase of social safety net programs under the Obama administration, the number of abortions decreased. Legislation is not going to work. What is needed to stop murdering babies is a change of culture. That doesn’t happen by force.

        • I think it’s interesting that when you say the other side murders babies. But your side neglects to help those same babies once they’re born.
          Children Health Insurance Program – no funding
          Dreamers-Send them back
          Child molestation & rape victims-Don’t believe or call them liers
          Food stamp programs-cut funding.

        • Why do ONLY unborn babies count? What about once they ARE born? What about the people of the Carribean with no water or electricity. What about seniors who stand to lose Medicare and social security? What about people, including little children fleeing countries committing genocide? Why no concern unless the child is in a woman’s womb?

        • this is for Cato the Elder. how many adopted children do you have? 2, 4, 6? You want to “save unborn lives” but most of you don’t want to hear anything about them after they’re born. If you are not part of the solution, than you are part of the problem. Adopt, Foster Care – love them and help them to grow up in a stable environment. Or let the woman having the baby make her own choice. After all, it really doesn’t concern you

        • The President does not control whether abortion is permitted or not – it is a lame excuse for supporting an immoral tyrant who is totally unqualified to lead this country.

        • says no to murdering babies. You mean like when he tried to pressure Marla Maples into having an abortion? When he was adamantly pro-choice and changed his stance to cater to his base? He speaks from both sides of his mouth. He imho is not a Christian. He’s not a decent, moral person (which you don’t have to be a Christian to be).

        • So your entire view of Christianity comes down to making abortion illegal.

          Thereby offering an excellent example of what the author was saying.

          • Not me. But no Christian in his right mind or who has a conscience should be supporting this crime against humanity. It’s not that it’s my only thing, but that it’s so important to the Left. Abortion has become their sacrament. And they literally sacrifice human beings at the altars of the abortion mills. Wake up!

            • No, that’s what you believe, what you/need/ to believe in order to keep your fuelling your hatred and your political bias. Abortion is but ONE of the many social justice causes that liberals care for. Education, equality, non-discrimination, shared, just wealth, compassion, and a swath of other values that any non-politically-biased Christian would be proud to strive towards are at the core of many of the things that liberals fight for. But you intently squint your eyes until all you can see is abortion and then you can fall back to chant “murderers murderers” while supporting the white candidate that stands for your benefit and against the benefit of millions.

              If you were truly a Christian you;d know that nowhere in the Bible there’s a