Here’s When I’ll Support His Military Parade

So the President has instructed the Pentagon that wants a Military Parade, “like the one of France.”

I’m all for it.

We’ll just need to do a few things first:

Here’s when I’ll support a parade:

When The President stops attacking the FBI, Democratic Leaders, the Free Press, and individual citizens on social media.
When LGBTQ people are allowed to serve the Military (not to mention, marry, adopt, and use the restroom) as they desire.
When every American has access to healthcare.
When the NRA gets less political influence than mothers of children murdered by guns.
When the President apologizes for dodging the draft multiple times.

When Russian sanctions are levied.
When Puerto Rico’s residents all have electricity and food and water.
When the President releases his taxes.
When black athletes can peacefully protest without being vilified by the White House.

When the President stops giving carte blanche to the lunatic fringes of the Christian Right to legislatively weaponize their religion.
When Muslims are not made into terrorist caricatures to leverage fear.
When the President stops Tweeting and golfing and Tweeting and golfing.
When Sarah Sanders stops lying for a living.

When the people who come here fleeing oppression and violence from their Governments, aren’t met with the same from this one.
When racists and Nazis aren’t called “fine people” by the Commander-in-Chief.”
When FoxNews isn’t State TV.
When we spend 18 billion on roads and bridges, and not walls.

When the President stops openly lobbying for a Government shutdown.
When the GOP remembers we’re a nation of immigrants.
When our National Parks aren’t getting subdivided out to contractors.
When the GOP stops thinking women’s autonomy over their own bodies is up for debate.

When our Secretary of Education supports public education.
When the opioid crisis is addressed with appropriate funding and qualified human beings.
When the President’s assault accusers are heard.
When Robert Mueller is allowed to do his job.
When the GOP stops campaigning for sexual predators.

When people of color are allowed to protest freely.
When ICE stops raiding hospital rooms and targeting people on commuter trains.

When the GOP admits that Climate Change is real and that “clean coal” is preposterous.

Only when these things happen, will this President earn the slightest bit of respect and a microscopic fraction of the lofty title he holds and has thus far proven unworthy of—let alone the nonsensical, wasteful, PR stunt, wanna-be Dictator display of phony allegiance that he’s asking for.

As it is, he is a disgrace to this nation, in contempt of its Constitution, a mockery of the Christian faith he claims—and most of all, a clear and present danger to the very men and women of this country who serve its Military; those who are made most vulnerable by his daily recklessness and incompetence.

Sure, I’ll support your ridiculous sham of fake patriotism, Mr President.

You let me know when you’ve taken care of this list and I’ll book a flight and I’ll be in the front row.

Until then…

81 thoughts on “Here’s When I’ll Support His Military Parade

    • OK Pastor Bruce, and all reading this blog… How do we stop this from happening? It sends the WRONG MESSAGE out from American Citizens. I served in the military for 23 years. I am embarrassed and outraged by this mockery of a President (and frankly felt the same when Clinton disrespected the Office and should have been forced to leave office, no matter the good he may have been doing for the country). Is the Pentagon listening, or are they in his pocket after getting a glut of money to wage yet more war on innocent populations? (I appreciate the number to call given by Gloriamarie.) I am speaking out to my Congressmen and women. What else can we do besides talk to each other on blogs and ask COngress to STOP THIS??!!

  1. John, I couldn’t have said it any better myself even if I could! Am reading your book now and can hardly put it down when its time to get to bed. Was raised a Baptist but am now a United Methodist but at a congregation that openly welcomes all. Look forward to the day when we don’t have to spell out welcome to all regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, etc. Welcome to all should mean exactly that!! Thanks for your powerful witness!!

  2. I read in a news article how many billions of dollars would have to be spent to bring about this ridiculous spectacle. It is unconscionable to waste money that could be providing essential services for the sole purpose of further puffing up a person with an already out-sized sense of their importance. It would also advertise for his brand as his preferred route would take it right by one of his hotels.

    I don’t understand how anyone rational could even be considering this.

  3. At least you were honest and admitted that your utopia includes the right to kill the unborn. At least you can cheer about that one. You can celebrate two thousand abortions today. Republicans have not yet succeeded in protecting them from you and your ilk. Why not have your own parade?

    • Dear one trick pony, you do realize that being pro-birth doesn’t mean pro-life and that there are many more life and death issues than the abortions of fetuses due to financial, health, or legal reasons, right? Until you do, you might as well be talking to a wall; something I think I am doing right now right here. I hope I am not.

      • I am well-aware that there are many injustices and we should oppose them all. Why do you not only not oppose the grave injustice of abortion, but support it?

        I’m not a “one trick pony” but this is the pony, or I should say the “elephant” in the living room of the “compassionate” progressives and liberals. They preach compassion yet stop tens of thousands of beating hearts every month. It’s hard to take your compassion routine or your pleas for justice seriously while you embrace this injustice which has claimed millions of innocent lives.

    • Larry

      Republicans have not yet succeeded in protecting the unborn, because they don’t really care about them. If they did, they would be tackling the causes of abortion, not pursuing a futile attempt to reverse Roe v. Wade, which is not likely to happen; and even if it did, would probably not be effective.

    • You missed your parade last week. Trump, Pence, and Ryan all speaking. Trump keeps talking about babies ripped from the womb at 9 months. I think doctors call it a C-section. Paul “Forcible Rape” Ryan said he cared about women until he didn’t. Pence is just an old white bigot who repeats, ignores, and excuses Trump’s lies and behavior towards women all while pretending to be religious. It is what happens when dudes pretend to know women’s issues. I wonder how guys would feel if a group of congresswomen discussed “men’s issues” and wanted to legislate all men’s penises. There has only been one virgin birth – the rest had help. I wonder if anyone brought up how America is the winner in the maternity death race. Yea for mothers!!!! Trump loves winners.

    • If I’m not mistaken, John believes, as I do, that the government has no business legislating against a woman’s right to have autonomy over her body, including the right to terminate a pregnancy. Such decisions should be a matter between a woman, her doctor and God – certainly NOT the government.
      What follows is my own personal opinions:
      It is an absolute fact that any law that prohibits abortion will not stop a woman from terminating her pregnancy. Instead, the result will be that women will be forced to go to some back-ally hacks who will often kill or maime the women. Whenever that occurs, their deaths or injuries will be on YOUR hands.
      I believe, very strongly, that you and. all others who consider yourselves pro-life, are actually just pro-birth. You don’t seem too concerned about the conditions into which the baby will be born.
      Admittedly, I have been unable to get past your belief that a woman should be forced to give birth to a baby for which she hasn’t the means or resources to properly care for that child. And because the political party that you likely support is intent on stopping, or severe limiting, the funding for the very important programs that serve as a safety net for those who choose not to terminate their pregnancy, raises the question of “How do you expect to provide for the child?”. I’m not aware of a solution being developed by the pro-birth movement to this very reaI problem.If you have such a solution, I ask you to respond with the details by replying to this post. Thank you.

    • Try researching the reasons why women need access to abortion.

      And try to remember you worship a God that killed men women and children including the unborn and ordered his followers rape and murder as well. Geezuz did you ever actually read the book?

      The hypocrisy of pro-lifers is staggering.

    • I guess you would rather the babies be born, grow into little human beings and then be killed with the guns the Republicans insist we all should own. Why dont I ever see any of you anti-women idiots screaming about gun control? Those lives don’t matter? Oh, yeah, I forgot. You only want the babies born. Then it is inconvenient to house, clothe, feed and educate them and provide health care. What a piece of work you are. Until and unless you can give birth, shut the hell up and mind your penis. Ill take care of my uterus.

      • Since for some strange reason in your world a man cannot speak in defense of the unborn, half of which are females, then listen to what this woman had to say about it (Mother Teresa):

        By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems. And, by abortion, that father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. The father is likely to put other women into the same trouble. So abortion just leads to more abortion. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.

        Many people are very, very concerned with the children of India, with the children of Africa where quite a few die of hunger, and so on. Many people are also concerned about all the violence in this great country of the United States. These concerns are very good. But often these same people are not concerned with the millions who are being killed by the deliberate decision of their own mothers. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today — abortion which brings people to such blindness.

        And for this I appeal in India and I appeal everywhere — “Let us bring the child back.” The child is God’s gift to the family. Each child is created in the special image and likeness of God for greater things — to love and to be loved. In this year of the family we must bring the child back to the center of our care and concern. This is the only way that our world can survive because our children are the only hope for the future. As older people are called to God, only their children can take their places.

        But what does God say to us? He says: “Even if a mother could forget her child, I will not forget you. I have carved you in the palm of my hand.” We are carved in the palm of His hand; that unborn child has been carved in the hand of God from conception and is called by God to love and loved, not only now in this life, but forever. God can never forget us.

        The beautiful gift God has given our congregation is to fight abortion by adoption. We have already, from our house in Calcutta, over 3,000 children adoption. And I can’t tell you what joy, what love, what peace those children have brought into those families. It has been a real gift of God for them and for us. I remember one of the little ones was very sick, so I sent for the father and the mother and I asked them: “Please give me back the sick child. I will give you a healthy one.” And the father looked at me and said, “Mother Teresa, take my life first than take the child.” So beautiful to see it — so much love, so much joy that little one has brought into that family. So pray for us that we continue this beautiful gift. And also I offer you — our Sisters are here — anybody who doesn’t want the child, please give it to me. I want the child.

        I will tell you something beautiful. We are fighting abortion by adoption – by care of the mother and adoption for her baby. We have saved thousands of lives.

  4. I completely agree. He wants to make the USA Trumpstate, and it is all about a SHOW! We are not N Korea, we are founded on values of love, inclusivity, welcome, dialogue and hope. This charade is nothing but a smoke screen for his dysfunctional leadership!

    • This is all about Trump. Trump wants to find everything Obama did and undo it all, regardless of who that hurts. That includes: peace agreements with Iran, peace talks with North Korea, funding of the International Space Station, protects for LGBTQ and racial minorities, support for cannabis legalization among the states, funding of sciences in general, support for alternative sources, mitigation of rapidly increasing CO2 and Methane levels in our atmosphere, support for higher education, etc. Trump is out to destroy all of that and create programs that pump up his ego.

      I don’t know if our Republic, as we know it today, can survive 3 more years of this, let alone 7 more years.

    • Joe (not) Progressive,

      Just as you would not support a pro-choice parade, or (I guess) a gay pride one. So your characterizing those of us as children for declining to support Trump’s latest folly actually makes you the immature one here.

  5. Thank you, it sums up my feelings exactly. I suspect he envisions something along the lines of North Korean exhibitionism and their mad dictator. Actually Kim and DT have much in common. Please keep up the good work. Peace and Love,

  6. This comprehensive list states in detail all that is wrong with this president and with his polices. A military parade, by all accounts, would cost millions of dollars to pull off; money that could be used to address many of the items on this list, NOT to glorify and raging egomaniac who doesn’t deserve the praise he constantly seeks.

    Insecure people do and say really ridiculous things to mask that insecurity. We’re seeing this personified on a daily basis.

  7. If any reader finds anything to disagree with in this essay, then that reader is in urgent need of a psychiatric care because John has told the truth and to disagree is a symptom of such a severe cognitive dissonance that anyone who disagrees is deep into psychosis.

    • Anyone who is not a radical left-wing pro-abort who thinks it’s a sin if men sexually join their bodies needs counseling, huh? You live in a morally upside-down world, don’t you?

  8. Call 703-571-3343 it is the number to Dept. of Defense. Call any time and push#5. Tell them you are an American citizen and you do not support 45’s military parade.

  9. Folks. I do not support this parade that Trump wants. It will look like the annual May Day parade in the old Soviet Union and like Kim Jong Un’s silly parades. George Washington would vomit at the idea of doing this. The retired Admiral and General on CNN lat night were roundly opposed to it. So was Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley at the University of Texas. This is just crazy and makes our country look like a dictatorship run by a madman.

    John’s list items were all excellent things to take care of before any such parade—but list or no list—the whole idea of this parade is both silly and profoundly unAmerican. I would prefer that our enemies come in first contact with our military equipment on the battlefield rather than get a sneak peek at it in a parade. Such sneak peeks often reveal things to enemies that we would rather that they not know—and it even helps them to develop means to copy or counter them. American secrets and capabilities should not be on public display for our enemies.

  10. HEAR HEAR!

    America doesn’t have the money for infrastructure, education, healthcare, medical & scientific research, natural disaster prep & relief, meals-on-wheels, paying our soldiers more than 1/3 of what the insubordinate parasitic servants in CONgress get paid, or even helping our veterans but it has millions of dollars to spend on wasteful Hitler & Kim Jong-Un (or any tyrant in history) inspired desires of a wannabe dictator that is draft dodger Dotard Trump aka Cadet Bone-spurs . . . & people wonder why America is going even deeper into debt.

  11. I would add, afford CHIP is in place, when allAmericans can afford prescriptions, when all Americans can have affordable healthcare. Just to add a few.

    • The good news is that Nancy Pelosi made Paul Ryan pay through the nose for D votes to pass the latest budget. This includes funding CHIP for a decade (yes, 10 years). DACA and proper access still to accomplish, however. Rs won’t vote for those.

  12. This is so right and fabulous., and this should be distributed to every household in the U.S.A. and in every Country really., to show that there are “real” people who care about their Country.
    Thank you John once again for a well thought out and relevant blog.,
    as we care too, as to what happens to our Neighbours and Friends South of the Border.
    Bob and Lloyd
    Vancouver, B.C.

  13. John this is an excellent blog. Wouldn’t it be sweet if your entire list was mandated before such fascist frivolity took place? We have a pseudo POTUS tantrumming about what he sees and wants in other countries. So reminiscent of the 2nd graders I worked with as a counselor. This country is lost in so many ways.

  14. Ballooning debt, Trump’s wall – an irresponsible use of tax payer money to pay for a symbolic erection to himself that will be forever scar on our countryside, and now a military parade. Trump has told you he is the king of debt. He has always used and spent other people’s money. I hate debt and I hate waste. As I said before I wouldn’t trust Trump or the Republicans with the change in my granddaughter’s piggy bank.

    The American Revolutionary Soldiers used, muskets, pistols, rifles, long rifles, knives, bayonets, tomahawks, axes, swords, sabres. pole arms and cannons. If we are celebrating July 4th, wouldn’t that be a lot cheaper than wasting money on one more thing for Trump to take credit for with his nose jutting into the air. Bullies are the emptiest of barrels. And Trump is also the king of hyperbole in words and props.

    Again in 2016 there was an article about the Department of Defense that stated that they are the only department that has never completed an audit. They lost track of and estimated 7 trillion dollars over 2 decades. They have been promising an audit since 1990. Supposedly it will come some time this year conveniently after this congress issues its budget.

    We all want to feel safe, but blindly throwing money at the same place over and over again without asking for an accounting is irresponsible to the American people and especially those willing to give their lives for this country. Money never seems to trickle down to the boots on the ground soldiers. One lost hero is one too many. How many troops were sent to Iraq with ineffective body armor? How many of our returning heroes are without homes or adequate support. America and their soldiers deserve better.

    I wouldn’t cross the street to watch Trump get credit for what heroes actually do.

  15. I am sure you are God Fearing man and wise in many ways.;never the less may I suggest that the position you have been led to may be clouding your judgement in such a way as to impede your capacity to hear from the Holy Spirit. May I encourage you prior to writing again to seek the Lords face To see if He desires to soften your spirit and give you more light. I will covenant with you to pray to that end, Bill Robertson A follower of the King,

    • William. Only fundies are “led to” believe something because a person tells them what is right to believe and some idiot says, “Duh-h-h-h-h-h. All right. I’ll believe just what you say George. You know why George? It’s because your smart George. I’m not smart like you are George. Anything you say George.”

      John believes what he believes as a result of what the Apostle Paul recommends—that being “working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

  16. I think that it would be very nice if the money that was going to be spent on a military extravaganza to make Trump feel important, that the money would be spent on our homeless veterans (you know, the one’s who volunteered to serve this nation). Spend the money on VA hospitals. Let’s honor those who actually served (not Cadet Bone Spurs).

  17. ***SLAM DUNK!!!*** This deserves a *SERIOUS* thumbs up. For real because I don’t believe what I’m seeing. Right now, I gotta to honestly ask, “WTF happened to christianity?!?!”

  18. “The servant of the Lord must not participate in quarrels, but must be kind to everyone [even-tempered, preserving peace, and he must be], skilled in teaching, patient and tolerant when wronged. He must correct those who are in opposition with courtesy and gentleness in the hope that God may grant that they will repent and be led to the knowledge of the truth [accurately understanding and welcoming it… ”
    2 TIMOTHY 2:24‭-‬25 AMP

    • J.C.,

      I’m guessing that you disagree with John P’s opinion, but are instead trying to put him in the wrong by tone-policing him with some out-of-context Bible-bashing. But how about the OT prophets railing against the corruption and oppression of their rulers, or indeed Jesus attacking the Pharisees in very strong language, in verses you are no doubt familiar with?

      Dishonestly deploying a rationale that you don’t apply consistently is a fallacy I call “back-to-front reasoning”.

  19. I agree with everything you have said. I am 75 years old and this president is the most unfeeling person who has no compassion and who shows signs of racism. I am Afro-American with a very mixed heritage due to slavery in this country. The blight of racism will never have a chance to go away with this president in office, who encourages acts of racism. Thank you so much, Pastor John.

  20. tRump got 5 military deferments for bone spurs that have never been mentioned in any of his 2 medicals that were made public. tRump has profaned the Office of the President of the United States and destroyed it’s integrity possibly beyond repair on the world state. As a draft dodger he profanes every military women or man who has served. He has profaned every servicemen or woman who have lost their lives in the line of duty. He profanes every veteran who struggles with the aftermath of the challenges they encountered as a result of serving their country. He profanes America by wanting a disgusting display of fascism like the man who he continues to pick fights with Kim Jong-un. He honors the man whose book he kept in a drawer next to his bed: Hitler. He wants to be like his BFF-Putin.

  21. “You will taste my Mercy.”
    “Today you will see that My strength never fails you. For many days you have felt that your progress was so slow, but from today forward, you will soar swiftly like an eagle in the sky. But I am asking one thing of you today, that you would learn to forgive, even as I have forgiven you. The gift I give to you that will make you fly, is the gift of forgiveness. Freely take this gift and give it away. I have died for all and forgiven My enemies, even praying for those who pierced Me.

    You will find in heaven many people that will surprise you, for in their later years I came to them with this gift and they received Me as their Redeemer, the One who took away their sin. Now today you will extend a hand of mercy to those who have pierced you, those who have brought pain into your life. For as you forgive you will fly.

    You will taste the gift of mercy as never before, but only as you give this gift of mercy to others. I will take that dark veil away from your heart and you will begin to see others in the light of grace, the beautiful light of mercy. Even as I have freely forgiven the most vile offender, I call you to walk with Me and find that My strength will not fail you– the strength to forgive. This is the new ministry I am calling you to embrace. You will need My grace to accept this calling but it will bring life into your soul, for My life will cause you to overflow with great love expressed as you forgive.

    Today you will have opportunities to say the words that I once spoke and My servant Stephen also spoke, “Father, forgive them.” As you release this forgiveness I will release the pain from your heart and you not feel it again. My grace will wash and cleanse and empower you to forgive and forgive and forgive, until you no longer keep records of wrongs against you.

    Even as I cooked breakfast for the one who denied Me three times, you will show mercy. Today you will learn that My strength will never fail you, for you will taste the sweetness of My mercy.”
    – Brian Simmons

    Psalm 34:8-9 The Passion Translation:
    “Drink deeply of the pleasures of this God.
    Experience for yourself the joyous mercies he gives
    to all who turn to hide themselves in him.
    Worship in awe and wonder,
    all you who’ve been made holy!
    For all who fear him will feast with plenty.”

    • Let me get this straight. Peter denied some guy named Brian Simmons three times—so Brian cooked breakfast for Peter three times? I guess there really is a free lunch…uh…breakfast in this world.

      Just go out and find Brian Simmons, deny him three times, and you’ll get three free breakfasts out of it. What a deal!!! Denny’s is sure to be jealous!!!

  22. If the Libs and Progressives and Trump-Haters are going to be whining about this parade, then that’s a good sign I ought to support it.

  23. John, as a Christian how do you want us to react to all the sinful things going on in the world. There are standereds the Bible and Jesus want us to follow. If anything goes against these standards, are we suppose to be silent? We go in front of a Judge if we break any laws and we pay for our transgressions. A lot of people don’t know the laws of this land and and the Bible, and don’t care and do as they please. Don’t you Think if we are supposed to love our brother we would inform them of Jesus’s teachings and tell them what is sinful.
    Matt. 18:15 Jesus said, “ If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you.”
    Matt. 15:19. Jesus said, “ Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultry, fornications ,theft, false testimony, slander. These are what defile a person; but eating with unwashed hands does not defile them.
    Christians have a right to voice our views as you do.

    • You seem to imply that John isn’t a Christian. I hope I have misinterpreted you. If not, that indicates that you are trotting out that old, stale, and offensive meme that only those who agree with you are Christian. I totally reject that.

  24. Does anyone else notice that the only women Trump has believed and even used as political props are the ones that accused Bill Clinton? Every woman that has accused a Republican is a liar and ruining innocent lives. I know, it’s just Trump being Trump. I don’t know how anyone would say he disrespects women.

    I read another great analogy yesterday.

    Conservatives punch downward blaming the least powerful for all the bad things. Liberals punch upward at the ones who actually hold the wealth and power to do bad things.

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