Christian Nationalism and Other Heresies

God doesn’t bless America.

That’s not how this works.

I’m sorry to break it to you, Bible Belt Christians—but that’s just how it is.

I know this kinda wrecks the convenient narrative you’ve been working for the past 60 or so years (and hitting especially hard the past eighteen months), but honestly that nasty bit of heresy has done enough damage already and it needs to go. It’s straight-up of the devil.

I’m not sure where you’re getting your taglines and hat slogans from, but I know it isn’t from the Bible. I know it isn’t from your coveted and regularly trotted out John 3:16:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

God loved the world.
God is in the world-loving business—not the America-blessing business.

You remember the world, don’t you; that massive, spinning sphere of 7.6 billion disparate human beings: brown people, Muslims, LGBTQ folks, Atheists, shithole countries—and lots and lots of non-English speaking, non-Americans?

Check out the Old and New Testaments again.
Read through the Gospels a few times.
Use any translation you’d like:
No America First.
No Making America Great Again (or at all.)
No flags or national anthems to pledge allegiance to.

A few other bits of news from the Scriptures:
Jesus was born in the Middle East.
He didn’t speak English.
He wasn’t white.
He wasn’t Southern Baptist.

He wasn’t a Republican.
Heck, he wasn’t even Christian.

Jesus was a Rabbi who spent his days as an itinerant street preacher, living off the generosity of strangers and speaking in parables about a new “Kingdom of God:'” a radical way of living where the poor were cared for, the oppressed freed, and the outcasts welcomed in. 

Jesus came to usher in a countercultural kind of interdependent community, in direct opposition to the power-wielding Roman Empire he stepped into. It was a diverse, barrier-breaking, border-transcending, nation-defying movement of generosity and mutual affection. It had nothing to do with blessing a Government or building an army—or creating a gated community of white folks in North America two thousand years in the future.

To claim that America was at all the point of the Gospels is flat-out heresy.
To assume any God-ordained supremacy based on religion, nation of origin, pigmentation, orientation, or native tongue—is a perversion of the work of Jesus and idolatry of the worst kind. 

I’m sorry to break all this bad news to you. I understand the actual words of the Gospel are problematic, given the story you’re selling to those whose fear you’re leveraging in America right now.

It’s almost impossible to claim devotion to the Jesus of the Scriptures, while refusing refugees, expelling immigrants, vilifying brown people, worshiping political power, guarding borders, and neglecting the poor—which is exactly the point.

As long as you continue to conflate God and America, you’re going to be whitewashing the Good News, shrinking God into your own image, and bastardizing the message of Jesus in ways that can only be described as fully and violently heretical.

If your God is America—you need a bigger God.


56 thoughts on “Christian Nationalism and Other Heresies

  1. “Jesus came to usher in a countercultural kind of interdependent community, in direct opposition to the power-wielding Roman Empire he stepped into. It was a diverse, barrier-breaking, border-transcending, nation-defying movement of generosity and mutual affection. ”

    You have reduced Christ to being a community organizer. He was God in the Flesh, and he came to save sinners from damnation.

  2. Pretty sure that when Jesus walked the earth, He looked more like Saddam Hussein than Brad Pitt.

    Christian nationalism has veered so far from the Gospel that I don’t think heresy is a strong enough word. I think the word we need to use is apostasy. Anyone who has embraced Christian nationalism, who supports the Republican Party in any manner, who considers Trump to be what this country needs has blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.

    Everything we know about the proposed budget supports this because it is not based on any Biblical principles but upon evil.

    Evil must be resisted. One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.

  3. Not all Christians read the bible. The ones who do are the ones who are on the streets caring for their fellow man.
    The ones that think that Donald Trump is fulfilling a prophesy only read the parts of the bible that support their narrative.

  4. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been saying this for a long time only not so eloquently, you do it so well. Thank you so much and Bless you. Please don’t stop telling the truth. Peace and Love to you,

    • We are all gods in the flesh except Jesus had many more lifetimes and much more experience and advanced abilities. It is disgusting how man has twisted his message. Get out of the religious cults and step into reality. Religion is the word of man.

  5. Hello John, The Christian Greek Scriptures teach us to be “no part” of the world – to stay out of its divisive politics and its cruel wars. So how can there be such a thing as “Christian Nationalism”?

    We are to be obedient citizens of whatever human government we live under, for as long as our Creator, the God of Abraham, permits human government.

    But this must be a relative obedience in that when God’s law and man’s law conflict, then God’s law must come first.

    We have the example of the Apostles who, when ordered by the religious authorities to stop doing the preaching work that Jesus left for his followers to do, refused saying “we must obey God as ruler rather than men” (Acts 5:27-29)

    And what do the Inspired Scriptures warn about all the kingdoms of the world?

  6. Yes! I used to prefer to say “God blesses America”, because it recognizes that we’re already receiving that blessing and should be thankful more than feeling needy and having to ask. But that still implies that we are blessed more than others, that we are and they aren’t so much. That Dad likes us best. And that, as you point out, still misses the point. To paraphrase Rahm, “It’s The World, Stupid!”

  7. thank you, John, for your commentary. it is so refreshing to hear these truths & know I’m not alone.
    do you have any idea of a church in South Jersey I could attend? I live in Ocean City & had been attending First Pres, but the pastor who used to be my friend is a dt supporter & I just can’t listen to him or take communion there anymore.
    thank you so much for your web site.

    Thank you a million times over. I am continually gobsmacked at the number of self-proclaimed “Christians” whose theology seems entirely rooted in the Old Testament, and who seem to not have internalized one single word of Jesus’ teachings. It is a puzzlement.

    Again, many thanks for stating so forcefully and eloquently what I have been saying in my own less articulate way for as long as I can remember.

  9. Amen! I had a disagreement about displaying the flag next to the cross in our church last Sunday. Do come here to worship Jesus who died on the cross or the flag?

    • Good for you, John Hubbard! When I objected to a military procession in a church I used to frequent, they looked at me like I was a devil-traitor. “Separation of state and religion!” I protested to no affect.

      That was after 9/11, when Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq and everyone was blinded by Super-patriotism.

      At least I had more room to sit in the pew after that. Ha!

  10. Just as any society where mankind is concerned
    there will always be deception
    Man has this need to Be like , or Replacement for True God
    NO one can ever be , But He, She , mankind thinks they are
    But :
    YOU Reap what you sow, More than , Later than and the reward of .
    God is Just
    Man is unjust
    God is Structured and does not change so you cannot manupulate Him with your ways
    God Punish’s Rebellion , Sin, Anti God ways of worshiping False Gods
    So He Rewards those who digilently trust , obey, follow, lean on him thru the Holy Bible
    Those who put thier trust in Jesus Christ and Turn away from worldly lust, passions, pleasures that lead to death
    That is My God.
    Not some thing you create, dream up, make so you can accept him.
    Jesus Christ does not change for no one, no body , not even his own
    God is only able to see people thru the blood shed for sin, all sin , my sin , your sin.
    But you have to turn from , trust in , obey Him
    NO other way ,but thru Jesus Christ , the sin offering to cover sin.
    Truth, Obedience, Trust
    God is Holy and no one can see God unless the blood of the lamb , jesus christ covers the sin , so we are acceptable to him.

  11. Folks. This post by Mr. Pavlovitz is excellent. Here are a few important points:

    (1) There have been two songs entitled “God Bless America.” The first and most obscure one was written in 1834 by Robert Montgomery Bird. I would think the Trumpites would love this version because of the following line in the song:

    “And find no son of hers a slave”

    Sons of America in Bird’s mind were white males only. In this song, he chooses to define the millions of black slaves in the United States in 1834 as not being sons of the United States. In that sense, this is clearly a racist song.

    (2) The most famous version of the song “God Bless America” was written by American songwriter Irving Berlin in 1918 and later made famous by American singer Kate Smith in the run up to World War II and during the war years.

    (3) Irving Berlin was actually a Jewish guy whose real name was Israel Baline. If anything, this song is fundamentally Jewish rather than fundamentally Christian—and I am about to tell you why. It is not at all surprising that a Jewish person would write a song like this one.

    (4) Christian theologians have long noted that the Jewish God of the Old Testament was a “God of nations,” specifically the Jewish nation of Israel through his unique covenant with that nation as his official covenant nation. If you read through the Old Testament, you quickly see that God deals with Israel as a nation and as a “nation people.” It is always the God of the Israeli nation against all the pagan nations. God deals with Israel almost exclusively on the “nation level.” Irving Berlin, as a Jewish person, is merely reflecting this Old Testament perspective on nations that he was taught as part of his uniquely Jewish upbringing. This was all because God had a formal, nation-level covenant with Israel. God Bless America is fundamentally a Jewish song—not a Christian song.

    Hand-in-hand, Christian theologians note that the New Testament covenant leaves this “God of Nations” notion in the Old Testament behind. It plainly ditches it. The New Testament orientation of God is on the spiritual condition of the “individual person,” not on the spiritual condition of nations. Indeed, Jesus specifically predicts the end of the Jewish nation, which actually happens for 2,000 years, beginning in 72 A.D., when Rome sacks Jerusalem and Israel ceases to exist as a nation—as Jesus predicted. God’s orientation clearly changes to a focus on the spiritual condition of the individual person—not on the spiritual condition or well-being of individual nations. The notion that God watches over and looks after individual nations goes away in the New Testament and is not at all a Christian concept, perspective, or worldview.

    (5) Right now, in the year 2018, we are still in the New Testament time of grace where God’s primary focus is on the Individual person rather than on nations. Nowhere in the Old Testament or New Testament does God establish a formal or informal covenant relationship with the United States of America—as a nation. Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals can fantasize about it and dream up wild imaginings—but strictly as a Biblical matter—it is not there anywhere in the Bible. Nowhere, inside the Bible or outside of it, does God say that the United States of America is his special covenant nation or his pet spiritual nation.

    Once again, this post by John Pavlovitz is right on the money theologically. This is why I do not like and never have liked American flag displays and other patriotic BS in church services on or around the Fourth of July. For the past 242 years, Americans have wrongly conflated the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Jesus Christ with a man-made god known as the United States of America. Conflating the two diminishes human reverence for God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit—and as God makes clear in the Bible—we are to have no other Gods before him. You know: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is One God.” He is not One God conflated with anything—He is One, Separate, and Distinct from all other things at all times. Therefore, John Pavlovitz is absolutely right. The Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical attempt to conflate the United States of America with the God of the Bible is an extremely wicked form of idolatry.

    Perhaps President Donald J. Trump arrived on the scene as a curse from God on the United States for its long run of idolatry rather than as a blessing. Only time will tell. I recall to this day how all you fundies swore up and down that President George W. Bush was, and I quote, “the Lord’s Anointed One—a Special Vessel Set Aside to do the Lord’s unique work in this world.” Well guess what? Almost none of you were saying that or believing that after your sons and daughters started coming home in boxes from a mess in Iraq that is still gong on nearly 20 years later—with no clear end in sight. I wonder what you will be saying about Trump being God’s anointed one when your boys and girls are coming home from North Korea by the 100.000’s in boxes—and several American cities no longer exist. Will you call that a blessing of God on the American nation in a time and place when God deals with individual people rather than nations? Idiots!!!

    • Good points, Charles, but it seems equally possible to read the lyrics of the Bird song as meaning that no one in America should be a slave. To my copyeditor brain, the line looks ambiguous and does not clearly say that slaves cannot be Americans.

  12. P.S. I am giving some consideration to shutting down the “Flee from Christian Fundamentalism” blog. You may read about that at the following safe link and register your opinion on it one way or the other via the following safe link. I will weigh what you have to say in making my final decision. Just click on the following safe link:

  13. Extremely well written. This needs to go viral! John you continue to hit the nail on the head. Professed “Christian right” want nothing to do with caring for the poor. Our fake POTUS actually believes cutting food stamps for a box of food is righteous giving in the bogus infrastructure bill. Insanity prevails as our most vulnerable suffer more every day.

  14. Now you are talking , John.

    In the words (paraphrased) of Harry Truman – give em’ hell John.

    It is time to fix the stupid “christian” mess.

  15. The way they rationalize it, is to take Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD”, and presume America is the one that fits this
    the most. All the blessings promised the ‘righteous’ nation then fall to us (including the spoils of conquest and slavery), and also the curses, which are then blamed on others; the “ungodly” within the nation, or foreign influence (brought in by the ‘ungodly’).
    This is how they have been able to turn the Gospel into a self-involved political philosophy, even while criticizing the “self-involvement” of other belief systems.

  16. One of my FB friends ( a Southern Republican) posted that is (article) was a misguided rant, not sure how she came up with that because it seem pretty straight on to me, especially in light of these Evangelical Christians and their “preachings” of late or i n how they see this president as God’s Chosen One to lead America. Especially when the only place I see him leading us is straight down the crapper.

    Seems to me you have tried to open the eyes of people and show them where these evangelicals are turning things around and getting it all wrong. I have definitely noticed then are not following the teachings of Christ, but doing the exact opposite. And of course, Mr Trump, (the farthest from a Christian I know of (along with Paul Ryan) is eating it all up and using their misguided teachings (?) to his advantage.

    If the Democratic party doesn’t get out there and turn things around, or at least get things going in the right direction before 2020, all I can say is God. please, save us all from this Hell on Earth that is being created right before our eyes. The madness must be stopped.

  17. Please excuse me. I need to add one other thought here. John Pavlovitz said:

    “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    God loved the world.
    God is in the world-loving business—not the America-blessing business.”

    The English word “world” is another Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical (fundie) code word. It does not mean to them what you and John Pavlovitz think it means. It means something else to the fundies in that unique “secret handshake” language of theirs.

    To the average person, the word “world” means the planet Earth itself and everything that exists in the atmospheric sky above it, on its surface, and under its surface. In fundie code language, the word “world” means something entirely different. In fundie-speak, the word “world” means the planet-wide net (like a fishing net) of evil humans beings who have not been saved by Jesus the unique fundie way and all the evil works that are the physical and spiritual manifestations (fruits) of all those evil persons. Thus, under that fundie definition, a robin, a deer, a piece of biotite mineral, a molecule of oxygen, and James Dobson are not part of the world—they may be in it—but they are not part of it—and thus are outside of the definition of the word “world.” Consequently, in the fundie mind, John 3:16 is saying that God so loved all of the sinful and unsaved people who are the many corner tie nodes in this planet-wide net of evil, and he came to save them—and thus by so doing—also to do away with their evil fruits so that eventually no such evil fruits will rest upon the Earth.

    You have to understand the fundie “code language” to understand the fundies and how they think—in the rare moments when they do think. Thinking is actually not permissible in the fundie worldview because all human thoughts and the connections between them are “part of man’s understanding.” Here is one of the absolutely essential scriptures for all fundies:

    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).”

    The fundies read this as a command from God to entirely deactivate the thinking and reasoning parts of their brains (what little they have), set their brains on record only for what “preacher” says, and become a ZOMBIE FOR JESUS. Why? Anything that comes from human thought and reasoning cannot be trusted because it is “leaning to your own understanding.” This is why the fundies reject almost all intellectualism—especially with regard to the Bible and Christian faith. Thinking and reasoning tend toward evil, and they are thus part of “the world.”

    Shaking your head in amazement? You should be. This kind of utter bullshit is piled high and deep in the unique little man-made (not God-made) sphere called “Fundieland.”

    • Charlie your website is AMAZING! I appreciate you for taking the time that you have to unravel all of the fundie nonsense and bullshit. I cannot wait to read through all of it.

  18. Your message has the same intent as the message Jesus gave to the Pharisees. It was not any better received than yours has been by those who are stuck in the ways of privilege.

  19. Thank you for writing this. I believe in this message whole heartedly- knowing that “God so loved the WORLD” is a message I was taught from an early age – I am a person with a love for all people with a heart like Jesus. I have had a.hard time with this administration as I don’t see them presenting love or compassion for all people in the world. Not only is this against what I have been raised with but it clearly goes against what was written in the Bible. We in the US are not superior- we are all immigrants -and if we are to be like Jesus we must have a heart like Jesus – as God gave us His only son so that we all could have the opportunity of redemption!

  20. WOWEE!!! As usual, John hit the nail right on the head. Outstanding blog.
    I believe that somehow I became unsubscribed to this blog. I look forward to reading John’s message each day. Because I didn’t receive a daily email for 4 or 5 days, I accessed the website and re-subscribed. Like magic, I received an email today. Such a powerful message which I posted on Facebook, as I do very often. I would like to know if there’s a way to access John’s past blogs? If there is, I shall appreciate the instructions. Thanks.

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  22. We follow each other on Twitter. I didn’t know you were here. I’m glad, more to read.
    The article above is Priceless!! I thank you! Kudos for getting the right words on the keyboard.
    Keep up the good work my brother and hopefully friend.
    Robin White

  23. It has always hit me as odd how many American Christians think that Biblical prophecies are about the USA, other than those that include “the nations”. Hackles rise when I mention that patriotism is not a Biblical concept. Obeying the laws of the land, unless they contradict God’s laws, praying for our leaders–yes, but patriotism, especially the jingoistic sort many evangelicals exhibit–not Biblical. I have lived most of my adult life outside the USA. This has afforded me the ability to see the forest as well as the trees, to see how much of American Christian thought is not Christian, just American. Living in a third world country, I learned that any pet doctrine, if it doesn’t fit here, it doesn’t really fit there either. If not Biblical, that is, the “rightly divided” sort, it doesn’t fit anywhere except in the itching ears of the spiritually deaf.

    • Ain’t choo heared? God ditched Israel as his unique covenant nation way back in 72 A.D. He got lonely over the next 1,700 years for a new covenant nation. Along about July 4, 1776, God was finally just so lonely for a new special nation that He couldn’t take it anymore, so he created the United States of America as his NEW unique covenant nation. The USA thus became the “New Israel.”

      Some fundies actually believe this bullsh*t. Back in the middle 1980s, I had to endure a Sunday school class where this idea was expounded upon by the person teaching the class that day. This Sunday School class was in a huge Southern Baptist Convention church (about 2,000 members) led buy a head pastor with a very serious Ph.D. from a university in Washington state. You would not believe some of the tripe I learned in some of those Sunday school classes—one of them being that the book titled “Holy Bible” is “God himself.” The teacher was reading John 1:1 all wrong.

  24. The problem with the schismatic churches is that they do not have the fullness of the Truth and do not have an infallible guide to teach them. They have only the Holy Scriptures to guide them, and they interpret them in their own ways, leading to much error, and many different denominations. However they mean well and still have much of the Truth. Certainly the “Progressives” are not their answer or example. That would be like the blind leading the near-sighted.

    The fullness of the Christian faith subsists in the Catholic Church and there only.

    • Larry, Larry, all Believers since mankind was created, have Jesus Christ, they have the Father, and they have The Holy Spirit.

      How does one become a believer today? Confess Jesus Christ/The God of the Bible, as LORD. How did one become a believer before Jesus? Confess GOD the Father of the Bible as LORD. FAITH SAVES, not rituals or sacrifices (which are symbols only, that can quickly become an idol).

      How do we know? Because Jesus/God said it and He cannot lie.

      Certainly, you cannot believe that a ritual of drinking blood & eating flesh matters to God. In fact, God forbade it since mankind was created in his image. Many times he makes it clear sacrifice or religion is not what he wants. It’s wrong to tell people that.

      God looks for a circumcised heart (aka ‘faith’), nothing else. [You know I still like/love you brother.]

      The thief on the cross never drank Jesus’ blood, and he was never water baptized, he simply ‘believed’ that Jesus was who He said he was.

  25. What exactly do you desire? Globalization? One World Government? You make a mockery of John 3:16. Here are some fitting scriptures: Isaiah 5:20,21 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent In their own sight!

  26. While America is not God nor do most of the people claim to be Christian. That tide has clearly turned.

    There is one truth remaining and that is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean everyone who speaks is right or accurate or speaking the truth. Perhaps some speak only their flavor or perceived truth.

    I’d like to believe that anyone speaking would at least be informed or intelligent enough to know the facts before the speak.

    Ok I will get to the real point at least my point.

    You use the reference of Christ and what he stood for in relationship to people and not just some but all people.

    Christ, God’s son the creator of all things through spoken words came to save a world. This world . Not to embrace it in its rejection of who he is but to save us, all of us from ourselves. To change us from our rejection of Him and His word. He died on a brutal Roman cross to destroy the power of sin and death. To free us all from the power that sin has over us. The sin that divides us and makes us hate.

    Christ came to free us from this and so we can learn to love. His love does not leave us as we are but changes us. So we to can be like Him and love. He never expected us to embrace the power of sin and death.
    His expectations are that we turn our back on what we want and what we demand and what we think is best and deny ourselves, abandon ourself and become like him.

    Too many people demand their rights. According to Christ our rights are two fold. To accept him and his forgiveness and abandon our selfishness ways and take on his nature and love. The alternative is to remain as we are, demand our way and perpetuate the nature of and the power of sin and death.

    Christ never embraces sin. He loves us all equally and transforms our hearts minds and nature to become as He is. The question is are we willing to give in or behave sinfully? Let God make the world great again- may it start with me. Many people don’t want to change. Some do. They cannot do it alone.

  27. Well, here we go again. Another shooting, lives lost. Trump issues the same old Republican tweet of thoughts and prayers. We know he didn’t actually write it because it has been sent before. I doubt if it was an illegal immigrant because twitter man would have been right on that. Of course the shooter’s name doesn’t exactly scream Anglo-Saxon so maybe he can work with that. We’ll see what Ted Cruz does.

    So, I am so sorry for those who lost their loved ones today. I am so sorry that all those students, teachers, and personnel will relive this horror for a long time. I cannot imagine your pain.

    If this was done by an illegal immigrant or even someone from a shit hole country. those of you whose hearts were broken today would be invited to a rally or speech to be used as props for Trump’s wall to show your pain and sorrow for all to see. The crowd would chant “build that wall”.

    But alas, if you can’t be used by Trump that way, in a few weeks another horror will make this horror disappear. Many will shout more guns, we need more guns. There were 3000 students who attend that school. Exactly how many good guys with guns would we need to protect that many students? You want teachers with guns – so is their duty to get your child to safety or leave them to their own devices to hunt down the shooter?

    Besides the cost and the fact that Trump’s wall is another unnecessary debt for our children’s children to pay, his idiotic wall leaves us here on the same side with weapons of mass destruction and mass murderers. It won’t even keep drugs out.

    Instead of going all in on the tax cut, it would have been nice to tackle our infrastructure. We all know it is failing and old and needs repairs. What good will all your new money do you if we lose electricity or our roads crumble. If everything is going to have a toll does that mean the guy who drives to his $10 an hour job pays the same as the guy who goes to his $300 an hour job? One more thing the rich and the poor share – the cost of food, gas and now maybe commute costs. Again we will be trading a lower federal tax for a higher state tax. When wages go up so does the price of goods because no one is going to cut their profit margin. Next comes inflation. Remember when home loans were at 16 or 17%?

    Anyone who actually lives on a budget knows you pay your bills first and then if any is left over maybe you can spend money on a vacation. You do not throw yourselves a big expensive party and then try to keep the lights on and food on the table with what is left.

    After 2 years blaming Obama for the disastrous debt while forgetting the mess he was handed by his Republican predecessor, we are now in a bigger mess. If Trump gets us into a war we most certainly will be a 3rd world country. Where would the money come from? Years ago, during and after Vietnam, they used to say war was good for the economy. That has been proven wrong by Iraq.

    Things Trump and Republicans can not and/or refuse to protect this country from:

    Our gun culture – more guns than any other country owned by a minority of the country.

    Constant intrusion by the Russians to disrupt our country.

    Constant lies coming from this Administration, beginning with how many have been caught in their lies about meeting with Russians? Why so many lies?

    Protection of our most secret documents and knowledge because his family and friends couldn’t be bothered with silly things like a security clearance.

    Basic respect for women even those who speak out against Republicans bad behavior.

    Basic decent behavior and norms followed by this President’s every predecessor.

    Ballooning debt on the back of the next generations as far as the eye can see.

    Stop the Republican policies from punching down on those with the least wealth and power while blaming them for all the wrongs in this country.

    Make even the wealthy face consequences for laws that they break or when they abuse their power and wealth to exploit others.

    For 2 years I honestly have tried to ask questions, to try to have informative conversations, and tried to understand why all of you idolize Trump.

    Not today and maybe not tomorrow. I am just going to pray for the strength not to hate.

  28. thanks, john. right on target as usual. except for the “hat” speech typo 🙂 i could go for more hat speech and less hate speech! 🙂

  29. Come on, John, lighten up. I continue to sing “God Bless America” not because I am always proud of what happens in America, but because I seek God’s blessings on my country in the same way I pray for blessings on my children, on my church, on my friends, on the ministries I am involved in. I also ask blessings upon the disadvantaged people I work with in the Rescue Mission I am a part of. And when I am convicted because of my lack of agape love I also pray God’s blessings on those persons I usually don’t like.

    Almost all the people in our land are advantaged in one way or another. Some, of course, more than others. Most of us take this for granted; we assume it is because we are smarter or better looking or whatever. Time to repent. And when we have repented let us confess to our God that the reason grace and blessing have been bestowed upon us is a mystery. Our response is to commit ourselves to lives of service and in efforts to bring about justice in the world. I would suggest starting by setting a goal of 30% of our income given back to God for the benefit of others.

    What I do object to is the continual criticism and degrading of persons we do not like and the trashing of causes we do not agree with.

  30. I believe your voice can and will mark a turning point in our journey to wwake up this country to the true vision of Jesus and God. We have to be more verbal and more visible. But, we also need to be willing to walk into the ‘lion’s den’, and confront those people who are in charge. We need to get political, if only to get them out of power. I would never advocate violence, but even Jesus saw the necessity to act, when he turned over the tables in the temple. I follow you and support you. If we stand up and make ourselves heard, I think we will find that more people want the same thing. God bless you, Pastor

  31. God loves you, John, but He can take only so much. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    “God will only be mocked for so long and He will only allow His people to be mocked for so long. Then, He acts. Welcome the fear of the Lord into this nation.” – Dutch Sheets

    “But they mocked God’s messengers, despised his words and scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the LORD was aroused against his people and there was no remedy.” (2 Chronicles 36:16; NIV)

  32. As an atheist who was brought up in the Christian tradition, I still “believe” that if we followed what Jesus actually taught (and not the Pauline theology that developed later) the world would be a better place. But then, most major world religions have similar teachings: feed the hungry, love your neighbor, care for the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, don’t judge others who may be or think differently, seek justice. It still all boils down to the golden rule. Or better stated, it boils down to which of the 2 golden rules you adhere to. The one that says “treat everyone the way you want to be treated”; the other, which is so prevalent today, especially in the political system, “those with the gold make the rules”.

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