Gun-Defending Adults, Stop Harassing Our Children

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A little child will lead them all.

For the past few days I’ve been seeing superheroes.

Superheroes like Emma Gonzalez, a teenager standing in the middle of unthinkable grief, speaking the boldest, most courageous truth to a country starved for it and to leaders willfully resistant to own it.

In days that should be filled with college preparations, prom planning, and the glorious wide openness of her senior year, she has become the prophetic voice of shared outrage at our national failure. 

She shouldn’t have to be this at her young age.
She shouldn’t need to be the one rousing us from our collective sleep and asking us to be decent.
She shouldn’t have to be defending herself from the callous Tweets of a soulless President and from the very lawmakers charged with protecting her.
She shouldn’t need to be teaching adults how to be human.

But thank God she is.

And Emma is in good company. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and those standing in solidarity with them, have been catalyzed into action by nightmares no young person or anyone outside of a war zone for that matter, should understand.

They are leading us in these days; demanding that we see them, insisting that we look in the mirror, imploring us not to devalue the lives of their fallen friends by doing nothing—again.

And what is simply beyond comprehension, is that there are people arguing with and attacking these young people.

There are supposed adults, telling Emma and those standing with her, that their anger is misplaced, that their cause is the wrong one, that they don’t understand the complexities of the issues.
There are politicians figuratively patting them on the head and continuing to rake in the blood money they’ve made such peace with.
And our children aren’t having it.

Teenagers have a really low tolerance for bullshit, which is why they are speaking with such clarity and conviction right now.
It’s why they mince no words and reject every bit of verbal gymnastics about the 2nd Amendment, and about liberty, and about guns not killing people.
It’s why they unapologetically raise a strident middle finger to the sinful sham of “thoughts and prayers,” because they know that the friends and teachers they lost deserve a heck of a lot more than that.

Gun-Loving Adults, these young people know what they’re talking about. They shouldn’t, but they do.
They’ve seen horrors that you and I have never seen; the kind we pray every day our children never see.
They’ve been put through hell, and you don’t get to tell them why they’re wrong.
This isn’t the time to tell us why you love your guns, or to share anecdotal stories about people stopping crimes with AR-15s, or to offer condescension to these teenagers, as if you understand something they don’t.
This is the time to shut your mouth and yield the floor to them.
This is the time to have some reverence, because you are the in presence of heroic young people.

High School students who’ve lost their friends are telling you this country is upside down.
They’re telling you we have a gun problem.
They’re telling you that these politicians and the NRA are responsible for that problem.

They’re telling you that they are fighting for their lives and that you’re fighting on the wrong side.

Stop trolling them.
Stop harassing them.
Stop victimizing them.
Stop verbally assaulting them.

Be quiet and listen to them.

92 thoughts on “Gun-Defending Adults, Stop Harassing Our Children

  1. Perhaps I am misinterpreting the contentious gun rights law, but I don’t believe so. Never have I heard a complete public explanation of, or argumentation around, the 2nd Amendment in its proper context with the U.S. Constitution’s Article One that covers the why and how of a well regulated Militia as applied to our early Army and the Navy—something pertinent to then, not now.

    As I read it, the Amendment’s purpose for citizens’ owning guns, aside for hunting food and immediate personal protection, was that a “well regulated Militia” drawn from the citizenry was, at the time, all that was available to maintain order inside the homeland. The 2nd Amendment was added later because the Founding Fathers realized that the critical detail of where to get a Militia had been neglected in Article One. The 2nd Amendment almost qualifies as an historical afterthought. But, clearly in Article One, developing and maintaining that Militia was still placed under State and Government control by Congressional and Constitutional edict — not left to the future and, willy-nilly, to the Johnny-come-lately weapons industry, its NRA lobby and sovereign-nation, drills-in-the-hills yahoos (male and female) who haven’t outgrown their pubescent hormonal surges.

    Today, huge law enforcement and military structures fulfill the descriptor of “a well regulated Militia.” From local, county, and state police to state National Guards and the Border Patrol and an alphabet-soup of government law enforcement entities from the FBI to ICE and DEA, plus the Pentagon’s Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard are devoted to both our internal and external safety.

    I don’t believe that our Constitution supports the potential chaos of self-styled gun-toters acting independently as saviors of democracy and personal freedom in our republic. I don’t believe that I am in error to think that those preaching the 2nd Amendment are ignorant of – or ignoring — its place appended to Article One. It seems their present-day position of insisting on the right to support and protect their gun ownership and to carry weapons, concealed or not, registered or not, is based on a completely wrong-headed, if not illegal position in their interpretation and argumentation of the Constitution. I believe it to be wise and logical to revisit Article One to include it on the necessary and logical platform for a redefining discussion based on our Constitution’s first principles.

  2. I’m sorry John but you almost had me, I thought you might be the real deal. How can anyone ever take you seriously. You speak alot about love but I notice your love isn’t for everyone. I hear your silence on people of color in Chicago who die every week … be their voice John, I hear that same silence on every law enforcement officer murdered…… be their voice John, I hear the same silence for the millions of babies brutally murdered in the womb each year…… be their voice John, I hear your silence when undocumented immigrants who repeatedly return and then kill US citizens….. be their voice.It just seems you only advocate for the lives of those who may hit the like button on your posts or buy a T-shirt. Sorry John I just don’t see a whole Jesus. As a Christian you don’t get to choose to care about only lives that advance your political agenda

    • Mark what do you do to give a voice to the least of these? Matthew 25-35-40. Do you adopt to help the unborn? Do you visit the prisoner? Do you care for the addict or mentally ill? Do you take in strangers or immigrants? Do you love the orphan, the poor and the widow? If so, how? I voted for Trump for one reason: to stop abortion. But I don’t see that happening because Trump cares very little about abortion. Trump cares about votes and his ego. Everyone in Trumps life is either a trophy or a pawn. That’s it!

    • That’s because you are an idiot who feeds on the poison Kool-Aid put out by FOX news and the right wing extremist nut jobs who run the Republican Party.

  3. Can my granddaughter write to her. I am behind this very brave and articulate young people. My grand is only 5 years old and is so frightened now to start kindergarten in September. And if truth be told I am not sure I am so sure I am so secure in sending her. I don’t think these people in charge really know the damage that is done and on how many levels every day. Any one over the age of 60 in the government should be ashamed of themselves for trying to stop these you people who lived through this and who are the future just like we were. Thank you

  4. We finally have a President who will do things. Nothing has been done to prevent school shootings up until this point. I have every confidence Trump will be pushing for greater protection. There will be metal detectors and armed guards and armed teachers and vigilant parents and volunteers.

    • But, could it be that Trump is contributing to the problem? The Parkland shooter was a Trump supporter.

  5. Are mass shootings every few months and the yearly gun-related carnage the price we must pay for our freedom? Is this something we just must accept because we have the Second Amendment?

  6. “This isn’t the time to tell us why you love your guns, or to share anecdotal stories about people stopping crimes with AR-15s, or to offer condescension to these teenagers, as if you understand something they don’t.

    This is the time to shut your mouth and yield the floor to them.
    This is the time to have some reverence, because you are the in presence of heroic young people.”

    It’s time for liberals and the leftwing media to round them up, put them on CNN, and exploit them to the hilt as a means to hurt Trump and the Republicans.

    The are pawns of the political left.

    • Larry if any one is exploiting its Fox News. CNN gives them a voice. Fox News tries to silence that voice. I saw Tucker Carlson exploit a kid to prove CNN changed his questions. CNN is certainly not perfect and also loves ratings but Tucker put this kid on the spot pressuring him to support his narrative. It was appalling. It’s one thing to achieve ratings through letting the kids speak their minds. It’s quite another to achieve ratings by shaming them.

  7. I remember just a few days after the shootings Tucker Carlson basically used an obviously disturbed kid for TV ratings and to relieve his pride. Tucker did not care about what this kid had gone through. The reason for the interview was to put the kid on the spot to prove that CNN changed the boys question during the CNN Q&A special. I was appalled! I’m sure Fox News was behind it but Tucker cared very little about what the kid was going through.

  8. Marjory Stoneman Douglass was an environmental activist , how appropriate that the students in her namesake school are becoming activists for their generation.
    District of Columbia v Hellen in 2008. Decision contained the comments that 2A does not mean unlimited access to arms.
    No one has done anything because the NRA has the ear of presidents and politicians nationwide, just look up their NRA ratings.
    Obama did try and do something after Newtown, but his efforts were voted down in April 2013 by Congress, no doubt with influence of the NRA and gun manufacturers.
    If you’re going to call out the “Left”, and continue to label anyone who exercises their 1st Amendment Rights, Leftist or Liberals, or worse, like it’s a dirty word, you have no business calling yourself a Christian, or even a human being (Larry).
    Drunk driving, Abortion, and Drug Abuse are all “choices”, getting killed at school is not.
    These kids have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness , an inalienable right, given by our Declaration of Independence.
    “All men are created equal”, so their voices are equal to yours.
    So, instead if looking at them as kids, and others as Leftist, how about you see them as Human Beings.

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  11. We’ve listened, and what we’ve heard is indoctrinated potty mouthed kids spouting incendiary slanderous rhetoric at their media and school indoctrinator demonized targets. This billingsgate has been amplified by media megaphones while their fellow students who have weathered the indoctrination and refuse to kowtow to the Approved Narrative are ignored.. And you want us to reward them with careful attention to their relentlessly ignorant rants.

    Sorry, kids. Throw monkey poo, get monkey poo-ed. Live and learn. And stop bullying your classmates who don’t toe your ideological line.

  12. This pastor is an idiot !!
    The March for our lives rally was a day long temper tantrum and it was hijacked by the left for gun control they are being exploited and manipulated by the left… and no I’m not going to listen to a bunch of political puppets telling me what I should / shouldn’t have.. when Hogg, Gonzales and kasky and others stepped into the political ring they brought the heat of criticism and ridicule on themselves!!.

  13. A fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his own mind (Prov 18:2)

    You advocate for fools. That makes you worse than a fool.

  14. A month ago they were eating Tide Pods
    Now they’re snorting condoms. This somehow indicates they’re intelligent enough to dictate to us who can own a gun? @johnpavlovitz , you’re off your meds.

  15. They are being treated like adults because they want to be heard like adults. We will continue to call them out for their complete and total ignorance and we will do the same with you.

  16. I am a adult, these children know nothing about the history, have no life experience to speak of , and 1 of them is a confessed bully. So I can say with Christian confidence, and a combat veteran, I will fight to my last breath to keep ALL my Constitutional Rights! That includes the 2nd Amendment.

  17. I am saddened to read this thread. It contains no reference to the failure of existing laws and institutions; county, state and federal. If the people staffing these organizations had done their job, none of this would have happened. They are endowed with the legal authority to perform their jobs, they had the information they needed to act. It is sad also that no one mentions their first failure, they did not minister to the shooter.
    More laws are not going to improve things. Parkland students certainly are not happy with the new environment imposed on their school. Laws are enforced by people, and people are fallen. They will fail. Sadly, the redundancy all of the laws and institutions (people) in place at Parkland failed catastrophically.
    This is the case in other similar events as well. Why don’t people vested with the ability and given the mandate to help those in need step in and minister to those who words and behaviors scream for help?

  18. Pastor!

    BS and “middle fingers”? Really? Is this how you preach God’s word and how you conduct yourself: sober minded, respectable (1 Tim. 3:2)? Even if you’re angry, there’s no call for a foul mouthed, intemperate leader. It shows a lack of judgment and limited thinking. God’s people deserve better and those who seek God need a brighter light.

    An examination of your advice portrays not biblical counsel, but foolishness. How can you call yourself a biblical thinker and apply that millennial scripture to us and follow that by telling people to subject themselves to these intemperate, foul mouthed, unreasoned bullies?

    It’s a shame you’re more interested in signaling your virtue than teaching people how to respond biblically to tragedy. Because, it’s a biblical response that leads to Godly comfort and that Godly comfort will lead to true freedom. Please repent.

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