You Can’t Love Both Trump and America


Really, friend—take off the big red hat and retire it.

That whole MAGA nonsense has reached its expiration date. 
All your flag-waving histrionics and your hand-wringing anthem outrage have proven to be nothing but fake news.
All that America First chest-bumping and God Bless America showy piety you’ve spent the past five years peddling, looks largely ridiculous at this point.

You have been fully exposed.

When a sitting President stands alongside a murderous dictator and declares to trust that man more than American Intelligence, more than our public servants across the aisle, more than our nation’s Press—he’s stepped out into the stark light of day and revealed himself.

When he is more willing to meet with one of our greatest adversaries; a man guilty of poisonings and murders for hire and war crimes—than with American troops on the ground or Democrats in the House or shooting victims here at home—he’s declared who he is.

And when you refuse to name it all as treasonous, when you choose to remain silent, when you pretend you don’t see it—you declare who you are.

We see it. The world sees it.

Oh sure, we expected as much all along. Throughout the campaign we could see that with each passing day you’d started to sell off your soul in tiny little parcels. It was sickening to behold.

With every vile word about women you excused, with every act of thuggery you overlooked, with every bit of race-bait you gobbled up, with every hate crime you turned away from, with every vicious Tweet you normalized—you gradually lost the plot.

Lots of things kept falling to the wayside in you, along the way to his “Making America Great Again”: decency, compassion, honesty, goodness.

When we brought these things to your attention, you tried to wrap it all in Old Glory apple pie and fireworks—but we had a hunch that all that past greatness you said you wanted to get back to was really just whiteness. 

We thought it was just racism and nationalism.
We figured it was Islamophobia and misogyny.
We suspected it was weaponized religion.

We imagined it was homophobia and privilege.
We knew it was blind hatred of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

That was all bad enough.

We never dreamed that in your lust for Supreme Court seats, women’s rights rollbacks, NRA contributions, and for some feeling of retribution against the world or Barack Obama—that you’d do this.

We never thought you’d ratify sedition. Honestly, that’s been a shock.

But it’s clear now. We know what we’re dealing with. When you side with the Kremlin, you’ve sorta said all you have to say, haven’t you? There’s no gray area there, no red, white and blue veneer of patriotism that can make this right, no star-spangled distraction to parade in front of it all.

Millions of Americans died to protect us from the very sickness Donald Trump is willingly getting into bed with—and the fact that you don’t give a damn about it makes you reckless and irresponsible, and yeah it makes you a traitor-by-association.

If you’re okay with what’s happened during the campaign and with the election, with what’s unfolding right now, you may as well swap those Stars and Stripes for a hammer and sickle because that’s where we are now. Trade that MAGA hat for an ushanka because it’s a more fitting covering.

You may as well come clean now, friend.
Tell us you just want the Republican power grab.
Tell us you want Roe V Wade overturned.
Tell us you want a white Evangelical theocracy.
Tell us you just wanted to win at any cost. 

Tell us you just really don’t like brown and black people.
Trust me, we’ll believe you.

Just don’t say you love Donald Trump and America anymore.

Today has made it perfectly clear:

One of those things simply isn’t true.

Sadly, I think I know which one.




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45 thoughts on “You Can’t Love Both Trump and America

  1. Trump is the worst President we have ever had. He has sold his soul to Russia and Putin while ignoring the needs of his country and our Democracy. He has sold out NATO and our allies in Europe and the United Kingdom as he sucked up to the dictator Putin. Those Republicans that still support him have also sold out our country, our Democracy and our Allies.

  2. This is a fantastic piece, however the pop-up ads make it difficult to read and stay on track. Too important of an issue to cover with capitalist subliminal messaging

  3. Amen and amen again, John. I, like you and so many other Americans, am sickened by what transpired on Monday. If the people who hold power won’t act decisively, and soon, we’ll be a Russian satellite state. One article I just read quoted many present and former members of the intelligence community as saying that Trump is behaving more and more like a controlled spy. Frightening.

  4. What a load of crap! Another fringe liberal loon that calls for instant decisions of guilty until proven innocent. Your version of free speech is speech that you only agree with. You can’t virtually guarantee that the largest country in the world with around 40% of the worlds’ nuclear warheads will be peaceful with the USA and her citizens that are guarded with around 50% of the worlds’ nuclear warheads by not trying to have a better relationship with their president, Vladimir Putin! Where was all this outrage over Obama and HRC’s attempt to have a Russian reset? Why no outrage over the outright lie by Obama when he famously told then candidate Donald Trump that Donald Trump’s talking about rigging elections and that the Russians could NOT and were NOT attempting to rig our election and he advised , then candidate Trump, to “quit his whining” and worry about his campaign to win the Presidency???
    Your hypocrisy is running out of every hole in your body!

  5. I am far from a forensic security expert , but I do have an expired certification in it. So let me break it down in simplistic terms, data transfer rates on the emails from the wikileaks dumps was 59 megs a second. In other words, not a wan download. Local area and most likely a USB drive.

    The FBI never got physical control of the servers. They had third party (Crowdstrike) image the servers and give that to the FBI. Probably not even admissible in court. And, in case you are wondering, the images can be manipulated before they got to the FBI. You may want to investigate the connections between, Clinton, DNC, Crowdstrike, Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie, or not.

    Finally, I seldom agree with Mcafee, but I have to agree with him on this. The bread crumbs left by the professional ‘FSB’ hackers were so big that they would have made Hansel and Gretel jealous.

    I’ll keep my red hat and my head held high. You feel free to keep yours buried in the sand.

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  8. Just look at that photo and the look on Putin’s face! He is smitten! Trump thinks by going face to face with these dictators he is proving that he is “tough”. That may work in business but in diplomacy, you are very careful who you meet with and why. There are ALWAYS pre-merting agreements or you will be played. Trump is to arrogant to see his own weaknesses. Pompeo is on his way to an ulcer no doubt.

  9. You are becoming that which you allegedly despise. Yes, man. You! But, o.k. You are not making the world a better place. You are feeding a personal problem. There is so much in this glorious world to write about and know that doesn’t involve President Trump. At this point, you should probably thank him. His “awfulness” is making you click bait and $. I know you won’t print these comments. You ain’t the first time I seen this. And you re-tweet this stuff. Gosh golly….. You think you know the answer to it all. Well I can tell you one thing…. I would love to move you to Nassau Bahamas and see how you roll. Or Kingston….. And no little one…. not a “mission” visit. You gats to stay.

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